8/31/2014 - You Can Stream a Crazy Amount of Good Kung Fu on Netflix Right Now

8/31/2014 - The Spellbinding Mathematical GIFs Of Dave Whyte

8/31/2014 - So Ryan Adams' New Punk Rock EP Is Actually Pretty Good

8/31/2014 - Scientists Empirically Discover the Best Cheese for Pizza

8/31/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

8/31/2014 - Gorgeous Deep-Sea Footage Of 'An Unusually Large' Dumbo Octopus

8/31/2014 - The Long, Strange History of the Kung Fu Fighting Melody

8/31/2014 - Watch The First Trailer for '60s Science Fiction Musical Bang Bang Baby

8/31/2014 - What Do Smartphones Need That They Don’t Already Have?

8/31/2014 - Watch This Guy Desperately Try to Save His Dying, Water-Bound Drone

8/31/2014 - The Personality Test That's All About Hand Gestures

8/31/2014 - Watch Karen Gillan Shave Her Head For Her Guardians of the Galaxy Role

8/31/2014 - Rain, Architecture, Budweiser: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

8/31/2014 - World's Largest Public Archive of SF And Fantasy Receives $3.5-Million

8/31/2014 - This New 4D Batman Theme Park Ride Looks Like a Giant Nope-Coaster

8/31/2014 - More Rumors Point To Apple Turning Your iPhone Into a Digital Wallet

8/31/2014 - Behold, A Rocket-Powered Motorcycle From The Early 20th Century

8/31/2014 - The Tick Is Being Revived, With Patrick Warburton To Star

8/31/2014 - An Empty Spacesuit Is Full of Possibilities

8/31/2014 - This App Lets You Create Custom Shoes With Your Own Photos

8/31/2014 - Read A Lost Chapter From Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

8/31/2014 - You May Finally Be Able to Buy a OnePlus One Smartphone in October

8/31/2014 - Take a Birds-Eye Tour of Apple's Huge Spaceship Campus

8/30/2014 - ​What's So Bad About Hating The Daleks, Anyway?

8/30/2014 - Why You Can't Stop Getting Online Ads For Stuff You Already Bought

8/30/2014 - Top Engineer and Futurist: Tomorrow's Robots Might Mercy-Kill Mankind

8/30/2014 - Here's Your Adorable First Look At Pixar's Upcoming Short

8/30/2014 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Now The Highest Grossing Movie Of 2014

8/30/2014 - Report: Apple "Considering" iWatch Prices Up to $400

8/30/2014 - NASA Will Reformat Mars Rover's Flash Memory From 125 Million Miles Away

8/30/2014 - Astronomers Discover A Planetary Impact Outside Our Own Solar System

8/30/2014 - 11 Reasons Email Is the Worst

8/30/2014 - Animal Dating Profiles Are Unexpectedly Adorable

8/30/2014 - Airline Seats, iPhone 6, Viral Hoaxes, How We Watch Porn, and More

8/30/2014 - You Can Now Access All Of Richard Feynman's Physics Lectures For Free

8/30/2014 - Here's How Anatomically Impossible That Spider-Woman #1 Cover Is (NSFW?)

8/30/2014 - Do You Really Want To Live Forever?

8/30/2014 - There Is A Tiny Donald Glover Easter Egg Hidden In Amazing Spider-Man

8/30/2014 - 6 Simple Things Google's Self-Driving Car Still Can't Handle

8/30/2014 - What Time is It in the Universe?

8/30/2014 - NASA Sets A 2018 Launch Date For The Rocket That Will Take Us To Mars

8/30/2014 - The Moon Landing Went Far Better Than the Practice Landing

8/30/2014 - Awesome Home-Built Elysium Exoskeleton Lifts 170 Pounds Like Nothing

8/30/2014 - Good Life-Advice From Maryam Mirzakhani

8/30/2014 - World's Most Badass GoPro Doesn't Even Blink at Up-Close Rocket Testing

8/30/2014 - This beautiful starry sky is a cave full of glowworms in New Zealand

8/30/2014 - Happy 30th Birthday to Discovery, NASA's Greatest Space Shuttle

8/30/2014 - These hyperrealistic paintings of lips are so erotic they should be NSFW

8/30/2014 - I think I can eat 12 of these pintxo burgers for breakfast right now

8/29/2014 - Good night, New Zealand

8/29/2014 - Here's What Happens To Your Beer Can After You Recycle It

8/29/2014 - The Arctic is such a gorgeously pure wonderland

8/29/2014 - Rubber Swine Turns Anything Smashable Into a Piggy Bank

8/29/2014 - Watch ants work together beautifully to bring food home

8/29/2014 - Guy vacuums a subway floor and eats dinner off of it in gross out ad

8/29/2014 - How Pabst Brought a 136-Year-Old Beer Back From the Dead

8/29/2014 - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Decides To Follow The Way Of The Samurai

8/29/2014 - Are We Having Fun Yet? Binge on Party Down All Holiday Weekend Long

8/29/2014 - Could Israel's Orbital Tugboat Rescue Europe's Galileo Satellites?

8/29/2014 - This Could Be The Most Underrated Benefit Of 3D-Printing

8/29/2014 - We Want Fun and You Better Believe it

8/29/2014 - As Above, So Below Has Spirit, But It's Digging In The Wrong Place

8/29/2014 - Jimmy Olsen Actually Finds Superman Pretty Annoying

8/29/2014 - These Dutch Safety Posters Are Beautiful—But Utterly Disturbing

8/29/2014 - There's a Wind-Catching Sail Hidden Inside This Stand-Up Paddle

8/29/2014 - The LEGO Movie Directors Are Rebooting The Greatest American Hero

8/29/2014 - Be Good To Each Other, Folks. Because This Could Happen.

8/29/2014 - California Officials Say People Are Stealing Water Under the Cover of Night

8/29/2014 - If You Could Take Just One Item Back In Time, What Would It Be?

8/29/2014 - The GIF Guide To Pigeons And The Animals That Eat Them

8/29/2014 - These Fish Look Like They're Casting Spells

8/29/2014 - This Tiny Audio Mixer Would Let You Turn Smartphones Into Turntables

8/29/2014 - ​The Defiance Season 2 Finale Defiantly Kicked Some Ass

8/29/2014 - A Rad Mini Grappling Gun You Can Make Out of Desk Clutter

8/29/2014 - What Happens When You Try To 3D Print A Rocket Engine?

8/29/2014 - This Flat-Pack Water Bottle Can Squeeze Inside a Laptop Bag

8/29/2014 - Darkness and Whimsy: The Art of Fairy Tale Game Woolfe

8/29/2014 - America's first roller coaster began as a railway for transporting coal

8/29/2014 - The Navy Built Its Own Indoor Ocean to Test Ships

8/29/2014 - You Can Use A Vibrator To Give Yourself Powerful Body Illusions

8/29/2014 - 80% of Americans took a week's vacation in 1976. Just 56% will in 2014.

8/29/2014 - Why Aren't We Fully Monitoring These Active Volcanoes in the U.S.?

8/29/2014 - Crash & Learn: The most important life rule in one beautiful short

8/29/2014 - The most extreme marathon deserves an extremely cool ad like this one

8/29/2014 - Russia Responds To Canada's Sarcastic Geography Lesson

8/29/2014 - Why Ikea's Mostly Computer Generated Catalog Will Soon Be the Norm

8/29/2014 - A rock so fantastically beautiful that it's hard to believe is real

8/29/2014 - An Interactive Map Lets You See Photos Of Earth Tweeted By Astronauts

8/29/2014 - Fargo, Double Walking Dead Limited Editions, Robot Vacuums [Deals]

8/29/2014 - Expand Your Android, Make a Robot Clean Your House, SodaStream [Deals]

8/29/2014 - Recovered ISIS Laptop Reveals Terror Group's Bio-Warfare Plans

8/29/2014 - ​The 12 Most Obnoxious Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

8/29/2014 - Newly Announced Super-Earth May Be The Closest Exoplanet Discovered Yet

8/29/2014 - What If Christopher Nolan Had Directed The Incredibles?

8/29/2014 - The Best of the FCC's 1.1 Million Net Neutrality Comments

8/29/2014 - The Dark Knight version of The Incredibles

8/29/2014 - The Akira Motorcycle Is Real And We Rode It

8/29/2014 - Report: Apple Won't Ship Its iWatch Until 2015

8/29/2014 - Blink and You'll Miss This Leaked Video of the Galaxy Note 4

8/29/2014 - The New Alienware Area-51 Is the Weirdest Gaming PC I’ve Ever Seen

8/29/2014 - The Congress Is Your New Favorite Acid Trip

8/29/2014 - The Secret German Scheme To Invade America Before The First World War

8/29/2014 - Amazon Redesigns Its Login Page For the First Time In Decades

8/29/2014 - io9 Newsstand: Best Stories for the Week of August 25 - 30

8/29/2014 - This Robotic Bridge Inspector Was Originally a Disney Camera-Bot

8/29/2014 - Where To Sell Your Old iPhone For the Most Money

8/29/2014 - Watch Old People Freak Out Trying Oculus Rift For the First Time

8/29/2014 - Microsoft Is Officially Killing MSN Messenger Once and For All

8/29/2014 - It's legal to label foods with trans fats as containing none

8/29/2014 - Behold, A Fresh Collection of Free-to-Use Satellite Images

8/29/2014 - A Bizarre 1937 Corporate Songbook Sings the Praises of All-Glorious IBM

8/29/2014 - Every Single Edgar Wright Close-Up Shot In One Video

8/29/2014 - You Can't Buy These Underwater Iron Man Thrusters Without Gov't Approval

8/29/2014 - A Porn Sound Guy Shows Us the True Meaning of Happiness

8/29/2014 - Iceland Moves To Red Alert After Small Volcanic Eruption [Updated]

8/29/2014 - Walking Around With a Giant 1200mm Lens Is Sure to Draw a Crowd

8/29/2014 - Rival Coffee Cup Makers Have Already Cracked Keurig's DRM

8/29/2014 - We're Throwing You An End Of Summer GIF Party!

8/29/2014 - A Replacement Seat That Easily Turns a Toilet Into a Bidet

8/29/2014 - Paratroopers miraculously survive after terrifying midair collision

8/29/2014 - ​We're All In It Together: Cosplay With EFF Over Labor Day Weekend

8/29/2014 - Hayao Miyazaki Earns A Well-Deserved Lifetime Achievement Oscar

8/29/2014 - Every Ikea Catalog Cover Since 1951

8/29/2014 - An App Can Tell If Addicts Are Faking Withdrawal Tremors To Get a Fix

8/29/2014 - Is Marvel Finalizing a Deal for Its New Doctor Strange?

8/29/2014 - This Oculus Rift game on a real rollercoaster must be a crazy experience

8/29/2014 - You Can Now Record Xbox One Gameplay Clips With SmartGlass

8/29/2014 - The Weirdest, Angriest, and Most Heartfelt Comments on Net Neutrality

8/29/2014 - Samsung Is Getting Nokia's Here For Navigation

8/29/2014 - These Philippe Starck Bicycle Helmets Look Too Good to Wear

8/29/2014 - Video: Unmanned F-16 jet dodges a live missile for the first time

8/29/2014 - Loud TV Ads Will Get Even Quieter Next Year

8/29/2014 - Good morning, Hong Kong

8/29/2014 - ISIS Militants Use the Same Drones as Ordinary Folks

8/29/2014 - This Biodegradable Plastic Is Made From Corn Husks And Rice Stems

8/29/2014 - Artist Imagines the Tiny People Who Make Animals Possible

8/29/2014 - Texting Don't Make You Bad Writer

8/29/2014 - Keywords Are Going To Make Facebook Search on Mobile a Lot Better

8/29/2014 - Report: This Is Why LG Software Sucks

8/29/2014 - Pixlr, a Great Online Photo Editor, Is Now Free on the Desktop

8/29/2014 - Beautiful Space-Themed Bedding Sets for Astonomy Lovers

8/29/2014 - Amazon 4K Streaming Is Coming in October – to Samsung TVs Only

8/29/2014 - Good night, Vienna

8/29/2014 - All the close-up shots used in all Edgar Wright's movies

8/29/2014 - Are We Getting a New Avengers Line-Up at the End of Age of Ultron?

8/28/2014 - This gross glob is actually thousands of larvae swarming together

8/28/2014 - Bárðarbunga Briefly Burbles With A Midnight Fissure Eruption

8/28/2014 - Ruin your childhood memories with everything wrong with Toy Story

8/28/2014 - This is not an awesome scene from a science fiction movie set in space

8/28/2014 - This Is Your Brain On Coffee

8/28/2014 - Amazing photo shows lightning striking an airliner flying in a rainbow

8/28/2014 - Why This Bestselling Author Decided To Start Self-Publishing

8/28/2014 - Girl dancing with 30 hula hoops looks like she's about to get teleported

8/28/2014 - People in the U.S. Fear War More Than Economic Downturn

8/28/2014 - Barry Allen Feels Under The Weather (Wizard) In New Flash Trailer

8/28/2014 - New Evidence Suggests The Arctic's First Settlers Died In Isolation

8/28/2014 - Heads Up: Falling Skies Has Gotten Pretty Watchable Again

8/28/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Medieval Mech

8/28/2014 - This Hilarious, Brilliantly Edited Tribute To Film Noir Is a Classic

8/28/2014 - What's the Real Difference Between Brown and White Eggs?

8/28/2014 - Tripping Senior Citizens—for Science

8/28/2014 - Should Superhero Movies Just Skip The Origin Stories?

8/28/2014 - I'm Ashamed I Forgot How Freaking Great Tenacious D Is

8/28/2014 - The Strangest Hot-Air Balloons To Ever Grace The Skies

8/28/2014 - A single clothing company consumes 1% of the world's cotton

8/28/2014 - Which Science Fiction Or Fantasy Book Do You Wish Went On Forever?

8/28/2014 - Nod TV Show Is Set In World Where Humanity Loses The Ability To Sleep

8/28/2014 - Meet The Man Who Grows Eyes

8/28/2014 - Project Wing: Google's Secret Delivery Drone Program (Update: Video)

8/28/2014 - A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to the Internet

8/28/2014 - This Stanley Thermos Packs Everything You Need To Make Coffee

8/28/2014 - Here's What Happens When White People Move Into Your Neighborhood

8/28/2014 - What Makes Even The Devil Hate Hell? The Bureaucracy

8/28/2014 - New Seventh Son Trailer Channels A Willow Vibe

8/28/2014 - Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes™ have no pumpkin in them [Updated]

8/28/2014 - A Beautiful Nordic Coffee Machine That's Pre-Approved for Snobs

8/28/2014 - Supercut: Morgan Freeman Explains Absolutely Everything

8/28/2014 - Geek Guys: This Is Exactly How You Hassle Geek Girls, So Stop It

8/28/2014 - This Slim Engagement Ring Case Slips Right Into Your Back Pocket

8/28/2014 - First Clip From Pixar's Singing Volcano Short Is Immensely Charming

8/28/2014 - Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Clothing Will Protect Cyclists From Road Rash

8/28/2014 - Doctors Implanted a 3D-Printed Vertebra for the First Time

8/28/2014 - Switzerland Puts Secret Bacteria in Cheese to Catch Knockoffs

8/28/2014 - Batman V. Superman May Be More Insanely Depressing Than We Suspected

8/28/2014 - Scientists Have Found an Algorithm That Could Turn Us All Into Sheeple

8/28/2014 - A Maid In A Creepy Gothic Manor Witnesses A Grisly Crime—Or Does She?

8/28/2014 - ​The Best Spring-Loaded Running Shoes

8/28/2014 - Space, Science, and Speculation at Dragon Con

8/28/2014 - LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy Is Making Music Out of Tennis

8/28/2014 - Eight of the world's prettiest women merged into one (perfect?) being

8/28/2014 - Dice Furniture Changes Form and Function When You Roll It

8/28/2014 - Scientists Found An Algorithm To Turn All Of Us Into Sheeple

8/28/2014 - A Comic About Learning To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin—With A Twist

8/28/2014 - Our First Glimpse Of A Galaxy In Its Earliest Stage Of Construction

8/28/2014 - What's the Perfect Smartphone Screen Size?

8/28/2014 - American Horror Story Cast Pic Has Angela Bassett As A 3-Breasted Lady

8/28/2014 - Louisiana Is Losing An Entire Football Field Of Land Every Hour

8/28/2014 - I Flew Like a Bird Using Oculus Rift

8/28/2014 - 10 Times When Comics And Movies Sexualized Male Superheroes

8/28/2014 - Ivy-Covered Extension Cables Disguise Your Unsightly Tangled Power Cords

8/28/2014 - The Largest Scale Model Of Our Solar System Is In Sweden

8/28/2014 - This Truck Shakes the Ground So Hard It Can Simulate Earthquakes

8/28/2014 - Cosplayers Fight for Online Anonymity and Privacy During Dragon Con

8/28/2014 - Cool photo of an amphibious assault vehicle launched from its mothership

8/28/2014 - Be the Envy of the Breakroom, 4K Upgrades, AirPlay Receiver [Deals]

8/28/2014 - How Snarf-Ra Invalidated Every ThunderCats Episode Ever

8/28/2014 - How To Use Dropbox's New Pro Tools

8/28/2014 - How NYC Would Respond to an Actual Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Attack

8/28/2014 - Louisiana loses a football field of land every hour to the ocean

8/28/2014 - British Police Investigate A Programmer Developing A Nuclear War Game

8/28/2014 - This Cork Pot Holder Secretly Serves As a Ping Pong Net For After Dinner

8/28/2014 - What Lit Up The Universe? Astronomers May Be On The Brink Of An Answer

8/28/2014 - Apple's iPhone Event Will Be Sept 9th (And We'll Be There)

8/28/2014 - How An App Helped Me (And 20,000 Other Women) Get Pregnant

8/28/2014 - States That Legalize Medical Marijuana See Fewer Painkiller Overdoses

8/28/2014 - A Simple Trick to Protect Your PIN From Thieves With Thermal Cameras

8/28/2014 - Is Dyson About To Unveil A Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Computer Vision?

8/28/2014 - Blue Vampires With Guns Rejoice, Underworld Is Getting A Total Reboot

8/28/2014 - Apple Now Has a Design Patent for Its Giant Glass Cube

8/28/2014 - Cool Texas Megachurch Explains How Predator Drones Are Just Like God

8/28/2014 - App Turns Your Phone's Camera Into a Jaundice-Detecting Pediatrician

8/28/2014 - The U.S. Southwest Could Soon Experience Decades-Long "Megadroughts"

8/28/2014 - A Squirt of Flame Forms a Fiery Jellyfish in Microgravity

8/28/2014 - There's a Miniature Ocean Trapped Inside This Kitchen Island

8/28/2014 - Leap Motion Wants to Bring Your Hands Into Virtual Reality

8/28/2014 - Dyson Teases Upcoming Secret Project (It's Probably a Robot Vacuum)

8/28/2014 - What Fashions Surprised You By Coming Back?

8/28/2014 - 10 of History's Deadliest Construction Projects

8/28/2014 - Economist Uses Lego Bricks To Show The Ugly Truth Of Social Mobility

8/28/2014 - These Are the 25 Most Popular Spotify Playlists

8/28/2014 - A Replacement Cap That Turns Your Water Bottle Into a Super Soaker

8/28/2014 - This May Be The First Look At Fantastic Four's New Doctor Doom

8/28/2014 - Report: Apple Might Finally Embrace NFC With iPhone 6

8/28/2014 - Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Is Also Your Morning Cup Of Pesticide

8/28/2014 - 7 Tips For Less Terrible Smartphone Photos

8/28/2014 - David Fincher's new ads for the Gap are wonderfully weird

8/28/2014 - 8 of the World's Coolest Skyscrapers Rendered Like 1980s Futurist Art

8/28/2014 - When Will The Walking Dead Address Daryl's Sexuality?

8/28/2014 - TNT-Coated Carbon Nanotubes Could Generate Future Electricity

8/28/2014 - Ikea instructions to build horror characters

8/28/2014 - The world's toughest bike race is absolutely crazy

8/28/2014 - Look at These Images From the First Public High-Res Imaging Satellite

8/28/2014 - These Fascinating New Nanobots Seek Out And Destroy Cancerous Tumors

8/28/2014 - How We Could Cool Quantum Computers

8/28/2014 - Everyone's Relationship on Witches of East End Is FUCKED

8/28/2014 - Good morning, Stockholm

8/28/2014 - Camera mounted inside fireworks captures head spinning video

8/28/2014 - This Crazy Ping Pong Table Houses a 2,800W Sound System

8/28/2014 - This Is What Your Average Instagram Picture Looks Like

8/28/2014 - The Whole "Magpies Like Shiny Objects" Thing Is Vicious Bird Slander

8/28/2014 - Schrödinger's Cat, Caught on Camera

8/28/2014 - UN Climate Report: Large-Scale Climate Shifts Are Inevitable

8/28/2014 - Hackers Steal Gigabytes of Customer Data From JPMorgan And Other Banks

8/28/2014 - Behold: Wonder Woman With a Lightsaber on a Two-Headed Unicorn

8/28/2014 - Microsoft Purges 1,500 Fake Apps From the Windows Store

8/28/2014 - Olympus E-PL7: Great Imaging Guts, Now With a Slick Selfie Redesign

8/28/2014 - A Fan Video That Celebrates Marvel's Quieter Moments

8/27/2014 - These walking fish raised out of water on land help explain evolution

8/27/2014 - NASA Approves Construction of the World's Most Powerful Rocket

8/27/2014 - Adam West's Batman: The Animated Series Character Gets His Own Fan Film

8/27/2014 - Good night, Los Angeles

8/27/2014 - Samsung Gear S: Finally(?) a Smartwatch That Can Make Phone Calls

8/27/2014 - The beauty and scary power of Mother Nature in one GIF

8/27/2014 - Watch Out Moto 360, There's Another Gorgeous Android Wear Watch

8/27/2014 - The Quickest Way To Pick Cherries Is With a Giant Vibrator

8/27/2014 - This guy is driving a batcycle around Japan in a perfect Batman costume

8/27/2014 - This $10.8 Million Crowdfunded Cooler Better Be Awesome

8/27/2014 - In Late Summer, the Alien Ships Gather Their Rare Flowers in Fog

8/27/2014 - The World's Tiniest 3G Modem is Barely Bigger Than a Penny

8/27/2014 - Reminder: J.J. Abrams' Superman: Flyby Would Have Been Insane

8/27/2014 - Civilization Proves History Documentaries Used to Be Way Better

8/27/2014 - Why Do We Draw Stars With Pointed Arms?

8/27/2014 - NASA gives the go-ahead to the world's most powerful rocket

8/27/2014 - These Water Balloons Are Having More Fun Than You

8/27/2014 - Why We Still Want To See Superhero Movies That Make Us Laugh

8/27/2014 - Keeping Bike Shares Running Smoothly Requires Seriously Complex Math

8/27/2014 - Chinese Government Tries to Quell Unrest with an Animated Princess

8/27/2014 - A Song That Sounds Like Vacation

8/27/2014 - ADHD's Animated Tribute To Studio Ghibli Is Surprisingly Touching

8/27/2014 - In the Future, Your Clothes Will Be Cleaned By Schools Of Robotic Fish

8/27/2014 - Behold These Incredible Artworks Grown from a Rice Field in Japan

8/27/2014 - Physicists Have A Simple Answer For How Egyptians Built The Pyramids

8/27/2014 - This is the coolest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, period.

8/27/2014 - Scented Duct Tape For Half-Assed Repairs That At Least Smell Good

8/27/2014 - There Are Bugs Dying in Your Pores and Leaking Poop On Your Face

8/27/2014 - The Mystery of Death Valley's "Sailing Stones" Is Finally Solved

8/27/2014 - Horns Trailer Shows Daniel Radcliffe Utilizing His New Demonic Powers

8/27/2014 - Vintage Shark Illustrations Are Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous

8/27/2014 - Will We Ever Have a "Star Wars Moment" in Pop Culture Again?

8/27/2014 - This Portable Hot Tub Makes Any Camping Trip a Luxurious Affair

8/27/2014 - Scientists find water clouds outside the solar system for the first time

8/27/2014 - Twitter Finally Lets You See Just How Few People Are Faving Your Tweets

8/27/2014 - Clever Chairs Stack Horizontally So You Don't Need To Lift a Thing

8/27/2014 - The Moon smells like spent gunpowder

8/27/2014 - Whoa, This Guy 3D-Printed His Very Own Concrete Castle

8/27/2014 - Now We Know What Makes White Dwarf Stars Go Supernova

8/27/2014 - An Early Look at XKCD's Upcoming What If? Book

8/27/2014 - This Street Performer Has Mastered One of the Greatest Illusions

8/27/2014 - The Ingenious Way the Ancient Egyptians Should Have Built the Pyramids

8/27/2014 - With Question Bedtime, MC Frontalot Gives Us a Concept Album

8/27/2014 - Facebook Really Wants You to Stop Being Pissed About Messenger

8/27/2014 - Check Out The First Footage From Pixar's New Film Set In The Human Mind

8/27/2014 - Milwaukee Wants to Turn Foreclosed Homes Into Part of Its Sewer System

8/27/2014 - Pure Joy: Watch Guardians of the Galaxy Actors Reenact the Groot Dance

8/27/2014 - Americans Clearly Don't Understand How Deadly HPV Is

8/27/2014 - Get Excited and Make Things with SCIENCE!

8/27/2014 - Can Elephants Dance To The Rhythm of a Violin?

8/27/2014 - Trailer For The Pyramid Attempts To Resurrect The Mummy Monster Genre

8/27/2014 - If Evil Were a Puzzle, It Would Look Like This X-Shaped Rubik's Cube

8/27/2014 - ​Driving the World's Most Iconic Roadster on America's Greatest Road

8/27/2014 - Newly-Analyzed Maps Reveal Exact Locations of Historic Events

8/27/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Trains

8/27/2014 - ​No, water doesn't drain backwards when you cross the equator

8/27/2014 - Cloud Storage Showdown: Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and More Compared

8/27/2014 - Report: Apple Will Announce Its Watch at the Sept. 9th iPhone Event

8/27/2014 - The City Pipes and Stairways That Get Left Behind and Lead to Nowhere

8/27/2014 - Has Warner Bros. Decreed The DC Movie Universe Should Be Joke Free?

8/27/2014 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 9/10 to Discuss The Bees

8/27/2014 - The Evolution of ATM Skimmers

8/27/2014 - Control Your Living Room with Your Phone, Three-Year Mouse [Deals]

8/27/2014 - The Breaking Bad Barrel is Back, Marvel Cinematic Universe [Deals]

8/27/2014 - 7 Deadly Sins Of Talking About Pop Culture

8/27/2014 - A Chart Showing The History Of Ebola Outbreaks In The World

8/27/2014 - ​The Pentagon Made A Graphic Novel To Unveil Its Proposed Stealth Tank

8/27/2014 - NASA Crams Six Months Of Earth's Surface Activity Into A 6-Second Clip

8/27/2014 - Samsung's Triple-Headed Micro USB Cable Charges Three Gadgets At Once

8/27/2014 - The Biblical Whore Of Babylon Must Prevent A Second Demonic Apocalypse

8/27/2014 - Jon Stewart Is Totally Confused About the Internet of Things

8/27/2014 - A Historic Experiment Shows Why We Might Not Want to Debate Fanatics

8/27/2014 - Standalone Kinect For Xbox One Is $150, Coming in October

8/27/2014 - Is It Too Much To Ask That Reporters Understand Evolution?

8/27/2014 - NASA Is Tearing Down One of the Last Vestiges of Its Shuttle Program

8/27/2014 - This Megaphone Works Like a Sniper Rifle to Target a Single Listener

8/27/2014 - The Vyper Hands-On: This Vibrating Foam Roller Is Freaking Incredible

8/27/2014 - Will We Ever Forgive George Lucas?

8/27/2014 - Why Your Voice Sounds Different Inside Your Head

8/27/2014 - First Trailer For Bigfoot Horror Movie Stars A Super Pissed Bigfoot

8/27/2014 - Rally drivers escape from car on fire in terrifying video

8/27/2014 - Forget Hot Air: Disney Parade Floats Could Soon Fly Under Drone Power

8/27/2014 - The Bublcam: Live 360-Degree Video With No Blind Spots

8/27/2014 - Indian Woman Kills Leopard In Epic Fight To The Death

8/27/2014 - Toshiba's New Robovac Uses Three Times the Sensors for Less Collisions

8/27/2014 - What Is Science?

8/27/2014 - Magic bookcase makes itself in neat stop-motion video

8/27/2014 - You Can Now Get 1TB of Dropbox Pro Storage For Just $10 a Month

8/27/2014 - This May Be The Most Ludicrous Star Wars Action Figure Ever

8/27/2014 - Massive Buckyball cube video is so satisfying it gives me goosebumps

8/27/2014 - 10 Incredibly Dangerous Banned Toys

8/27/2014 - Which DC Comics Characters Are Hinted at In the New Flash Poster?

8/27/2014 - Amazing photo of the Milky Way over Yellowstone's alien hot springs

8/27/2014 - Ikea Is Betting Big on These Six Small Tech Companies

8/27/2014 - Time Warner Cable's Internet Has Broken Nationwide

8/27/2014 - These Sun-Tracking Devices Pipe Real Sunlight Into Shadowy Buildings

8/27/2014 - New brain-twisting mathematical GIFs so pretty I want to lick them

8/27/2014 - Ghostbusters honest trailer shows how ridiculously awesome this movie is

8/27/2014 - A New Kind of Chip Could Make Wearables Last Way Longer on a Charge

8/27/2014 - The Latest Version Of Chrome Finally Fixes How Fonts Look on Windows

8/27/2014 - Microsoft: Your Surface Is Not Overheating. But We'll Fix It Anyway

8/27/2014 - Drink Any Beer Like It's ​Octoberfest With This Stein-Style Can Holder

8/27/2014 - The Next Da Vinci Code Movie Is On Its Way

8/27/2014 - Social Media Users Unlikely to Disagree With Consensus, Online and Off

8/27/2014 - This Is the World's First 8 TB Hard Drive

8/27/2014 - Why Are Stars Star-Shaped?

8/27/2014 - These Cartoon Versions of TV Detectives Are Spot-On

8/27/2014 - With This Library Cake, You Can Literally Eat Yourself Some Knowledge

8/27/2014 - Clever ads piece together trash to make fun of people who litter

8/27/2014 - This Man 3D Printed an Entire Castle

8/27/2014 - Full-Screen Ads and Pre-Roll Videos Are Coming to iOS Apps

8/27/2014 - Violinist Discovers That Elephants Dance to Bach

8/26/2014 - Guy slices up flying fruit with a katana like a real life Fruit Ninja

8/26/2014 - Watching this Video Feels Like Landing on Mars at Breakneck Speed

8/26/2014 - Video: Israel's Iron Dome intercepting 15 rockets at once

8/26/2014 - Jet skiing through a canyon looks a lot like podracing in Star Wars

8/26/2014 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Art Shows The Kick-Ass Gamora We Could Have Had

8/26/2014 - The First High School Show That Showed Us It Was Okay to Be Different

8/26/2014 - Read In the Tub? The Waterproof Kobo Aura H2O Is For You

8/26/2014 - Doctors Say Schools Should Start Later In The Day

8/26/2014 - Why The Maze Runner Celebrates Friendship Instead Of Romance

8/26/2014 - Severed snake heads can bite up to an hour after decapitation

8/26/2014 - HP Recalls 6 Million Laptop Power Cords Because They Might Catch On Fire

8/26/2014 - Watch This Cloud Of Rusty Balls Shape-Shift Into an Airborne Labyrinth

8/26/2014 - Operators Tweak That Handsome Furs Magic Into Synth Heaven

8/26/2014 - See The Earliest Illustration of Shelley's Frankenstein For Yourself

8/26/2014 - Rich People Are Trucking Their Own Water Into Drought-Ridden California

8/26/2014 - These Secret Artistic Masterpieces Were Hidden Beneath Other Paintings

8/26/2014 - How To Perfectly Locate Your Router, Using Physics

8/26/2014 - ​It's Time To Get Serious About Exploring Uranus. (Stop Snickering!)

8/26/2014 - The London Times Is Blasting Reporters With Typewriter Sound Effects

8/26/2014 - Future Painkillers Might Be Made From Yeast, Not Poppies

8/26/2014 - What's Your Favorite Story That Started As A Joke And Became Serious?

8/26/2014 - A Wooden Hammock Looks Incredibly Classy (and Maybe a Little Pinchy)

8/26/2014 - Lois Lane Is Finally Getting Her Own YA Novel

8/26/2014 - ​Oh My @#$% The '60s Batman Has A Giant Bat-Robot

8/26/2014 - A Photograph Of The Future, Taken 100 Years Ago

8/26/2014 - This Titanium Card Is the Ultimate Do-It-All Wallet

8/26/2014 - Great Performances That Helped Prove Comic-Book Movies Could Be Art

8/26/2014 - Report: Gigantic 12.9-inch iPads Are Coming Next Year

8/26/2014 - Researchers Isolate A Gut Microbe That Combats Food Allergies

8/26/2014 - Display Owner Info on Your Android Device in Case It Gets Lost

8/26/2014 - Second City's Leak of the "iPhone 6" Is Perfect

8/26/2014 - This Mysterious Film About A Man And A Bear Has A Heartbreaking Ending

8/26/2014 - How As Above, So Below Shot A Horror Film In The Actual Paris Catacombs

8/26/2014 - 6 More Viral Photos That Are Total Lies

8/26/2014 - New Game Of Thrones VFX Reel Shows How The World Of Westeros Is Made

8/26/2014 - Watch John Malkovich play a vampire in this funny French commercial

8/26/2014 - Facebook Needs a Real Mute Button

8/26/2014 - Physicists Want To Know If We're All Actually Living in a Hologram

8/26/2014 - Thousands Of Wasps Take Over The Spare Bedroom In UK Home

8/26/2014 - The iPad Education Revolution Stalls Out

8/26/2014 - The Most Majestic Fairy Sculptures We've Seen Are Made Out Of Insects

8/26/2014 - Jurassic World Immortalizes The Late Richard Attenborough Perfectly

8/26/2014 - 11 Clever Ways Cities Are Taking Advantage of Public Space

8/26/2014 - Can You See The Shapes Hiding In These Clouds?

8/26/2014 - This Strange Phenomenon Allows Scientists To Control People's Daydreams

8/26/2014 - ​These Medieval Insects Might Give You The Creepy Crawlies

8/26/2014 - The World's First Handheld DNA Amplifier Is a Genetics Lab In a Box

8/26/2014 - Why Radio Should Never Have Worked (Even Though It Does)

8/26/2014 - The Ultimate Breakdown of How People Watch Porn Online

8/26/2014 - 100 Discounted Audiobooks, Futurama, Locke and Key, Hot Lunch [Deals]

8/26/2014 - Save on Gift Cards, Steam Your Clothes, Warm Your Lunch [Deals]

8/26/2014 - There's a Giant Green Roof Hidden Above NYC's Biggest Convention Center

8/26/2014 - Instagram Hyperlapse Hands On: Video Simplified and Stabilized

8/26/2014 - The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques From Medieval Europe

8/26/2014 - Cheap Airplane Seats Shouldn't Recline at All

8/26/2014 - Weird Microscopic Structure Found In Martian Meteorite

8/26/2014 - Leaked iPhone 6 Guide Appears to Confirm Announce Date, Other Details

8/26/2014 - The Herd Mentality Of The Anti-Vaxxer Movement

8/26/2014 - Weird Al's Game Of Thrones Parody Was The Highlight Of the Emmys

8/26/2014 - Jump Safely from Burning Buildings Wearing This Window Escape Pack

8/26/2014 - What Crowdfunded Project Has Screwed You Over the Hardest?

8/26/2014 - Concept Art Shows The Live-Action TMNT Could Have Been Much Creepier

8/26/2014 - Instagram's New App Creates Nifty Hyperlapse Videos With Your Phone

8/26/2014 - You'll Never Need a Second Person To Use This Tiny Laser Measure

8/26/2014 - The Overgrown, Disused Railway That Still Runs Around Paris

8/26/2014 - James Dashner Is Here To Answer Your Questions About The Maze Runner!

8/26/2014 - DJ Matthew Dear Sampled Thousands of GE Machines to Make This Banger

8/26/2014 - Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson morphed into one person

8/26/2014 - Good God, Someone's Selling a 99-Pack of Beer

8/26/2014 - Donald Glover Is The Perfect Miles Morales On Ultimate Spider-Man

8/26/2014 - 7 Glimpses into Android's Beautiful Future

8/26/2014 - The mesmerizing traffic of the Panama Canal in a fascinating time lapse

8/26/2014 - What From Your Youth Are You Most Nostalgic For?

8/26/2014 - Citizen Science Helped Us Understand More About The Adorable Olinguito

8/26/2014 - Evernote's New Desk Organizers Keep Your Physical Stuff Tidy Too

8/26/2014 - A Google Image Search Bug Is Flooding Results With a Russian Car Crash

8/26/2014 - Build Your Own Adorably Tiny Arcade Cabinet With This DIY Kit

8/26/2014 - This Personality Test Is Creative Writing In Disguise

8/26/2014 - Candles That Light Themselves Mean No Match-Hunting on Birthdays

8/26/2014 - 9 Failed Designs That Would Have Changed Times Square Forever

8/26/2014 - What Does A Major Potential Guest Star Tell Us About Captain America 3?

8/26/2014 - Xerox's Robot Printer Brings Your Documents Right To You

8/26/2014 - New Oculus Rift game allows you to train like a real Jedi

8/26/2014 - The World Health Organization Wants to Ban E-Cigarettes Indoors

8/26/2014 - ​Blue Mo-Fi Review: Great-Sounding Headphones That Aren't Quite Great

8/26/2014 - This Beautiful Knife Is Handmade by Bicycle Builders

8/26/2014 - The Man Who Grew Eyes From Scratch

8/26/2014 - Slow motion video captures people's faces as they get hit with tasers

8/26/2014 - These New Glasses Could Make Augmented Reality Practical

8/26/2014 - Pilot takes off from car road in the Alps to do some crazy acrobatics

8/26/2014 - Microsoft Just Slashed $100 Off the Price of the Surface 2

8/26/2014 - Let Adorable Children Teach You How to Pronounce Pterosaur Names

8/26/2014 - This Is Where Rosetta's Lander May Touch Down on Its Comet

8/26/2014 - Curiosity's Wheels Are Falling Apart (And How We Can Solve It)

8/26/2014 - The G3 Stylus: A Lower-Spec G3, With a Stylus

8/26/2014 - Ballmer Binged on The Good Wife to Cheer Himself on Leaving Microsoft

8/26/2014 - A OnePlus One Just Blew Up In Its Owner's Rear Pocket

8/26/2014 - Photographer Creates Time Lapses of Landmarks in Single Photos

8/26/2014 - GoPro Finally Has a Dedicated Dog Mount

8/26/2014 - Here's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Without Any Visual Effects

8/26/2014 - Could Virtual Reality Seem Real Enough To Kill You?

8/26/2014 - Fujifilm X30: Fuji's Tiny Retro Cam Gets a Real Electronic Viewfinder

8/26/2014 - California Governor Signs Smartphone Kill Switch Into Law

8/26/2014 - Here's what famous buildings look like from day to night in one photo

8/26/2014 - How To Dodge A Bullet Ant 12 Stories Up — In The Rainforest Canopy

8/26/2014 - Paris is even more beautiful through the viewfinder of a vintage camera

8/26/2014 - On Outlander, Claire's 20th Century Science Beats 18th Century Religion

8/25/2014 - True Blood Dies As It Lived—With A Lot Of What The Fuck

8/25/2014 - 7 things you maybe didn't know about Guardians of the Galaxy

8/25/2014 - Why You Should Read The Terms And Conditions On A Wish-Granting Laptop

8/25/2014 - Lock In Is One Of John Scalzi's Most Accessible (And Relevant) Novels

8/25/2014 - The Comedy That Should Win At Tonight's Emmys (But Won't)

8/25/2014 - Captain America should use these throwing ninja star shield weapons

8/25/2014 - A Protective Suit That Lets You Stand Inside A Fireworks Display

8/25/2014 - Who's Afraid Of The Daleks?

8/25/2014 - A Gadget That Stops Seats From Reclining Caused a Plane-Diverting Fight

8/25/2014 - Everybody survived this crazy crash that flipped a speedboat in the air

8/25/2014 - The Perfect Song for Driving Through the Night

8/25/2014 - And Your Newest Rumored Dr. Strange Is...

8/25/2014 - Someone Boiled Their GoPro To Film an Egg Being Poached

8/25/2014 - Proof That Timothy Zahn's New Book Soulminder Is His Creepiest Work Yet

8/25/2014 - A Guide to the Golden Age of Corporate Logo Design

8/25/2014 - A Gut Microbe Could Be the Key to Stopping Peanut Allergies

8/25/2014 - Centuries-Old Drawings of Europe's Greatest Sea Monsters

8/25/2014 - This Clever Image Search Could Change The Way You Find Pictures Online

8/25/2014 - XKCD Reveals Which Wikipedia Titles You Can Sing To The TMNT Theme Song

8/25/2014 - The NSA Made Its Own Google to Help Share Your Data with Cops

8/25/2014 - Croatia Really Does Not Want Cersei To Get Naked In Game Of Thrones

8/25/2014 - What Movie Did You Dislike, Until Someone Explained It To You?

8/25/2014 - The First College in the U.S. to Open Without Any Books in its Library

8/25/2014 - Just Six Months After the Olympics, Sochi Looks Like a Ghost Town

8/25/2014 - Amazing 1960s Predictions About Satellites, Email, and the Internet

8/25/2014 - ​The Race Begins To Find A Landing Site On Rosetta's Comet

8/25/2014 - Even Before The Rapture, No One On The Leftovers Was Particularly Happy

8/25/2014 - Why Everyone Wanted to Buy Twitch

8/25/2014 - Yep, Amazon's Buying Twitch for $970 Million

8/25/2014 - Watch How an Emmy Statuette Comes to Life

8/25/2014 - How To Rescue Doctor Who's Most Shamefully Underused Companion

8/25/2014 - Heroic Firefighters Save An Injured Koala By Using Mouth-to-Mouth

8/25/2014 - First Ant-Man Easter Egg Spotted!

8/25/2014 - Why Ikea Is Ditching Giant Parking Lots

8/25/2014 - HBO Making Shutter Island Series With Martin Scorsese Back To Direct

8/25/2014 - How Much Innuendo Do Kids Understand?

8/25/2014 - The Movie and TV Release Calendar, August 25 Update

8/25/2014 - The Somber History Behind These Wild-Looking Cube Houses

8/25/2014 - The Future of Telescopes Is Looking Bigger and Brighter Than Ever

8/25/2014 - Why Does Your Food Cost So Much?

8/25/2014 - Walking Dead Showrunner Writing "Romantic" Omen Sequel Series

8/25/2014 - Secrets of the Manhattan Project Leaked 1500 Times During World War II

8/25/2014 - Insane Video Takes You Inside the Cockpit of a Blue Angels Jet

8/25/2014 - ​You Can Take This Tiny Crane With You Anywhere

8/25/2014 - ​The Strain Finally Had A WTF Moment And It Was Worth The Wait

8/25/2014 - It's Ridiculous To Say Science Fiction Books Aren't Based On Real Life

8/25/2014 - Facebook Is Finally Cracking Down on Upworthy-Style Clickbait

8/25/2014 - Report: Amazon's Trying to Buy Twitch Out From Under Google

8/25/2014 - Royal Caribbean's New Cruise Ship Is One Gigantic Floating Gadget

8/25/2014 - ​7 Reasons Batman Needs to Shut Arkham Asylum Down Forever

8/25/2014 - Motorola's Phone-Unlocking Keyfob Might Be Getting Way More Useful

8/25/2014 - New Pots and Pans, Rock Out While You Work Out, Free Lastpass [Deals]

8/25/2014 - Bond, Civ: Beyond Earth, Godzilla vs. The Criterion Collection [Deals]

8/25/2014 - American Heart Association Is OK with E-Cigs But Only as a Last Resort

8/25/2014 - What's The Best Way To Deal With A Haunted House? Give It A Makeover

8/25/2014 - Matt Novak's Public PGP Key

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8/25/2014 - This Week's TV: Can Peter Capaldi's Doctor Make Us Fear Daleks Again?

8/25/2014 - This Is The Most Detailed Map of Neptune's Moon Triton

8/25/2014 - Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs Is a Damn Good Idea

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8/25/2014 - What Problems Most Demand Science's Attention Right Now?

8/25/2014 - The Nexus 6 Could Be the Nexus X Because of Blade Runner

8/25/2014 - Three Uses For Google Drive That Don't Involve Docs, Sheets, or Slides

8/25/2014 - The "Lady Macbeth Effect" Explains Why Bad People Wash Too Much

8/25/2014 - Physicists Use Lasers to Chill the World's Coldest Molecules

8/25/2014 - Check Out An Exclusive Clip From The Hit Anime Movie Patema Inverted

8/25/2014 - China says new supersonic sub would reach San Francisco in 100 minutes

8/25/2014 - Why FireChat's Latest Update Is a Big Deal

8/25/2014 - The Curveball Illusion Makes You Sure Your Computer is Pranking You

8/25/2014 - Watch a Dad's Righteous Special Effects Turn His Kid Into an Action Hero

8/25/2014 - Fitness Tracker Data Shows Who the Bay Area Earthquake Woke Up

8/25/2014 - Watch The ISS Fly Through An Aurora

8/25/2014 - Gorgeous renders look like alien planets or Minecraft worlds

8/25/2014 - Teens go bananas and take scariest selfie ever atop 1135-foot skyscraper

8/25/2014 - 7 New Materials That Could Change How Our Buildings Act

8/25/2014 - Another Crazy Star Wars Rumor! Plus Did The Stand Movie Find Its Star?

8/25/2014 - You'd Never Spot This Razor-Thin ATM Skimmer

8/25/2014 - Terrifying video shows the lung capacity of smokers vs nonsmokers

8/25/2014 - Amazing video shows hundreds of pelicans diving into a feeding frenzy

8/25/2014 - There Are Huge Plumes of Methane Leaking From the Atlantic Floor

8/25/2014 - Short film shows the dangers of a computer that makes wishes come true

8/25/2014 - Scientists Just Grew a Whole Organ Inside an Animal For the First Time

8/25/2014 - These Lamps Are a Sleek Modern Take on Industrial Lighting

8/25/2014 - A sneak peek into the guts of the new European Space Shuttle

8/25/2014 - Wingsuit guy flies so close to trees he probably got twigs in his pants

8/25/2014 - What You Really Use Your Smartphone For

8/25/2014 - U.S. Open Ball Boys Will Be Wearing Smart, Connected Shirts

8/25/2014 - Robo Brain Is Google For Robots

8/25/2014 - The First 4K OLED TV You Can Buy Will Cost $11,000

8/25/2014 - A Simple Guide to Choosing Which Messaging Service to Use

8/25/2014 - China Wants Its Own Homegrown OS To Replace Windows And Android

8/25/2014 - Scientists Had a 10-Second Warning Before The Napa Quake Hit

8/25/2014 - Geology of the Napa Valley Earthquake

8/24/2014 - Flying Lotus: You're Dead

8/24/2014 - Actor And Director Richard Attenborough Has Died At 90

8/24/2014 - Disney Princesses In Battle Armor: This Weekend's Best Cosplay

8/24/2014 - How Skype Translator Learns Language from Social Media

8/24/2014 - Richard Attenborough Dies at 90. Let's All Watch Jurassic Park.

8/24/2014 - What Apps Do You Download First on a New Smartphone?

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8/24/2014 - The Master Illustrators Who Create The Onion's Hilarious Parallel World

8/24/2014 - Oregon Supreme Court Rules Animals Can Be Considered Victims

8/24/2014 - Two New Sony Gadgets Leak in Promo Image Before IFA

8/24/2014 - This Is The Mating Dance Of The Greater Sage-Grouse, An Imperiled Bird

8/24/2014 - Water Slides, Preservation, Ebola: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

8/24/2014 - 'Lemon Meringue Pie' Could Be Android's Most Delicious Branding Yet

8/24/2014 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Reclaims Pole Position At The Box Office

8/24/2014 - Microsoft May Take On Chromecast With Its Own Dongle Device

8/24/2014 - This Video Shows You Why Your Coffee Stain Forms a Ring

8/24/2014 - Watch A 21-Minute Behind-The-Scenes Preview Of Gotham

8/24/2014 - Northrop Grumman Shows Off Its Experimental Spaceplane Concept

8/24/2014 - Google Partners With Rockchip to Power Project Ara

8/24/2014 - A New Leak Shows LG's Next Smartwatch Will Be Round

8/23/2014 - Peter Capaldi Is Already Carrying Doctor Who On His Amazing Shoulders

8/23/2014 - This Mooring Tool Is Next-Level Design Sorcery

8/23/2014 - Kinder: Finally, Tinder for Kids

8/23/2014 - The Ultra-Laborious Way the FBI Matched Fingerprints to Paper Files

8/23/2014 - Kickball Ice Cream Maker Ensures You Earned That Tasty Dessert

8/23/2014 - This Little Girl's Reaction To A Rocket Launch Will Make Your Week

8/23/2014 - This Is What It's Like To Race A Macaw

8/23/2014 - California's Drought Is So Bad, Its Mountains Rose Half an Inch

8/23/2014 - Disney Has Developed An Algorithm That Can Turn Any Object Into A Top

8/23/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

8/23/2014 - Microsoft DeLorean Kills Streaming Game Lag By Predicting Your Next Move

8/23/2014 - In The Book 3 Season Finale, Korra Finally Becomes Legendary

8/23/2014 - Ferguson, Facebook, Failed Smartwatches, and More

8/23/2014 - How The Zebra Got Its Stripes, With Alan Turing

8/23/2014 - Why Iceland's Volcano (Probably) Won't Be a Travel Headache

8/23/2014 - Roadside Lightsaber Draws Attention of Bomb Disposal Operator

8/23/2014 - The First Official Dancing Groot Toy Has Arrived!

8/23/2014 - FXX's Wrong Aspect Ratio Is Ruining the Fantastic Simpsons Marathon

8/23/2014 - This Batman Branding Iron Is The Worst Great Idea We've Seen All Week

8/23/2014 - Take Control of Your Connection With These Wi-Fi Management Apps

8/23/2014 - Icelandic Scientists Mobilize Monitoring For Uneasy Volcano

8/23/2014 - Swimming Manta Rays Look Like Sci-Fi Underwater Space Ships

8/23/2014 - Another Great Way to Prove Moon Hoax Conspiracy Theorists Wrong

8/23/2014 - Watching this guy draw a dragon makes my brain go into trance mode

8/22/2014 - A SpaceX Rocket Test Just Went Explosively Awry

8/22/2014 - Here's a 4K time lapse of a spaceship burning up in the atmosphere

8/22/2014 - These Are the Silliest Star Trek Reenactments We've Seen in Ages

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8/22/2014 - True Facts About Marsupials, Nature's Cutest Animals With Three Vaginas

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8/22/2014 - Should Cities Have Zoning For Drones?

8/22/2014 - Will California's Drought Cause a Honey Shortage?

8/22/2014 - A Female Sherlock Holmes Solves Demonic Cases In A Retrofuturistic City

8/22/2014 - Four of These Clamps Will Turn Almost Anything Into a Table

8/22/2014 - What Is the Best Justification for a Plot Twist That You've Ever Seen?

8/22/2014 - Vapshot Mini Review: Vaping Alcohol Is One Hell of a Fun Gimmick

8/22/2014 - The Destruction Of A Spacecraft In A High-Definition Timelapse

8/22/2014 - These Confusing PSAs Reveal Even Superheroes Shouldn't Drink And Drive

8/22/2014 - Yikes, Everything About The Babadook Movie Scares Us

8/22/2014 - Pizza Science is the Tastiest Science

8/22/2014 - A Medical Student Fears Liberia Is "Destined For Extinction"

8/22/2014 - ​People Are Dying All Over The Place In Two Explosive Defiance Episodes

8/22/2014 - Istanbul Is Demolishing Three Skyscrapers to Preserve Its Iconic Skyline

8/22/2014 - Meet the Company Google Just Bought To Design Its Future

8/22/2014 - Two Rare Snow Leopard Cubs Just Made Their Debut At The Bronx Zoo

8/22/2014 - If I Stay Will Make You Cry, But Don't Expect To Actually Feel Anything

8/22/2014 - Check Your Credit Cards: That Target Hack Is Running Wild

8/22/2014 - Monday Is Your Chance To Visit Any National Park In America For Free

8/22/2014 - This Insane Stealth Attack Boat Is Begging to Be Part of the Navy

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8/22/2014 - The Woodpecker's Guide to Avoiding Head Injuries

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8/22/2014 - This Was The First Human X-Ray Ever Taken

8/22/2014 - Panasonic Lumix GH4 Review: 4K For the Rest of Us

8/22/2014 - Google Cardboard's Cheap VR Can Work With iPhones Too

8/22/2014 - Long-Lost Jim Henson Animation Turns Jazz Music Into Something Visual

8/22/2014 - Sin City 2 Goes Straight to Hell

8/22/2014 - Hackers Just Proved That Secret Isn't Really Secret

8/22/2014 - Young Ones' Waterless World Is So Freaking Bleak It's Making Us Thirsty

8/22/2014 - The Prius of Planes Could One Day Replace Helicopters and Jump Jets

8/22/2014 - The Extra Step You Need to Take Before You Sell Your Android Device

8/22/2014 - Scientists Pulled Hydrogen From Water Using an AAA Battery

8/22/2014 - I Really Hope Samsung's VR Headset Doesn't Look This Doofy

8/22/2014 - These Are the Brave and Fluffy Cats Who Served in World War I

8/22/2014 - 50 Things Cortana Can Do Right Now (Compared To Siri and Google Now)

8/22/2014 - The Biggest Gaming News from Gen Con 2014

8/22/2014 - Why NASA Launched One of the Blackest Materials Ever Made Into Space

8/22/2014 - Welcome Back, GIF Party

8/22/2014 - Here's What Sin City Looks Like Before They Add Any Special Effects

8/22/2014 - Remembering the Designer Who Made Our Cities More Colorful

8/22/2014 - See A Potato Create The Universe In The Life After #3 Comic Preview

8/22/2014 - This champagne glass is shaped after Kate Moss' left breast (NSFW)

8/22/2014 - Snowshoes For Texas? The Most Bizarre Things The Pentagon Gave Police

8/22/2014 - Scientists Are Building a Tomato That Grows 24 Hours a Day

8/22/2014 - Watch the remote-controlled flight of a cyborg moth

8/22/2014 - 9 Images of How Kids Played Before Modern Playgrounds Existed

8/22/2014 - Catch Up On Batman v Superman, The Ring 3, Resident Evil 6 And Avatar 2

8/22/2014 - How the Hell Does Quantum Mechanics Work Anyway?

8/22/2014 - F-16s flying over Greenland look like snowspeeders over Hoth

8/22/2014 - Google's Testing Self-Driving Cars In a Matrix-Style Simulation

8/22/2014 - This video of the evolution of Nike shoes since 1971 is pretty damn cool

8/22/2014 - Reuters: iPhone 6 Display Redesign Could Limit Availability

8/22/2014 - White House Cybersecurity Leader: Technical Know-How's a Distraction

8/22/2014 - Bad Guys Can Make Your Phone Automatically Dial Expensive Numbers

8/22/2014 - Deliciously explosive tropical fruits

8/22/2014 - One of the best live medleys in the history of rock 'n' roll

8/22/2014 - A Guide To Surviving Your First Burning Man

8/22/2014 - This Sneaker Is an Homage to an Eames Chair

8/22/2014 - The Modern-Day Loop of Infinite Self-Distraction

8/22/2014 - Google's Voice Search App Will Now Understand Five Languages At Once

8/22/2014 - Into The Amazon: What To Do When Attacked By A Poo Bat

8/22/2014 - Twitter Might Start Attaching Promoted Media To Your Hashtags

8/22/2014 - Seeing F1 cars race in thermal vision is so freaking cool

8/22/2014 - Here Are The First Images Of The Moto X+1

8/21/2014 - Video replaces the sounds in Game of Thrones with old video game sounds

8/21/2014 - How an alien race may transform barren worlds into living paradises

8/21/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Rafting Through Strange Waters

8/21/2014 - The Journalistic Exploits of Mr. Poon… Er, Jane Doe... I Mean, Fletch

8/21/2014 - The British Library Unveils a New Show Devoted to Gothic Literature

8/21/2014 - How Good Is A Shark's Eyesight?

8/21/2014 - The Real Talent Behind Iggy's "Fancy" and Icona Pop's "I Love It"

8/21/2014 - What Was a Truly Original Story Idea That Degenerated into Clichés?

8/21/2014 - These Tiny Stickers Want To Connect Your Belongings To the Internet

8/21/2014 - A Comedy About A Nuclear Engineer Shot In A Real Cold War Missile Silo

8/21/2014 - Steven Spielberg Is Developing A Minority Report TV Series

8/21/2014 - The Stark Beauty Of The World's Tallest Unoccupied Buildings

8/21/2014 - See an Entire Muddy River Bed Transplanted Inside an Art Museum

8/21/2014 - When 18th Century Scientists Got Everybody Wasted on Nitrous Oxide

8/21/2014 - No, the first baby born under anaesthesia wasn't named Anaesthesia

8/21/2014 - Why Is It So Damn Hard to Balance a Pencil on Your Fingertip?

8/21/2014 - Watching a Solar-Powered Marble Machine Will Clear Your Addled Brain

8/21/2014 - Creepy Cosplay That's As Horrifying As Anything We See In The Movies

8/21/2014 - Why This Company Wants To Build Data Centers Next To Gas Storage Sites

8/21/2014 - Leprechaun: Origins Monster Is Not A Leprechaun, May Be A Large Lizard

8/21/2014 - XKCD's Creator Explains What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Spinning

8/21/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Crazy Things You See In Clouds

8/21/2014 - How Lizard Tails Could Help Scientists Study Human Limb Regeneration

8/21/2014 - NASA Releases Doves Into Orbit To Stalk The Planet

8/21/2014 - ​More Than 100(!) Awesome Comics To Watch Out For This Fall

8/21/2014 - The Princess Bride Makes For An Inconceivably Creepy Horror Flick

8/21/2014 - Comcast Will Let You Stream Cable To Your Dorm Room Over Wi-Fi

8/21/2014 - Geronimo! First Work-Safe Look At The New X-Rated Doctor Who Spoof

8/21/2014 - Just What's In A Tube Of Red Lipstick?

8/21/2014 - Mad genius invents steel safe suit to stand inside a fireworks display

8/21/2014 - A Smart Transforming Hanger Will Double the Capacity of Your Closet

8/21/2014 - This Machine Destroys Seeds of Nasty Mutant Weeds In the Combine

8/21/2014 - What Do Animals Really Dream About?

8/21/2014 - What Do Animals Dream About?

8/21/2014 - Marijuana Legalization Could Keep Democrats In Control Of The Senate

8/21/2014 - ​The $1.5 Million Indiegogo Smartwatch Horror Story

8/21/2014 - Read About Video Games, Cook Awesome Things, Preorder Fable [Deals]

8/21/2014 - The 10 Dark, Gritty Rules of Dystopian Science Fiction

8/21/2014 - Annabelle Trailer Suggests—Maybe Don't Fill Your Home With Creepy Dolls

8/21/2014 - Elephants, monkeys, and the Holy Spirit can't claim copyright in the US

8/21/2014 - Report: Apple Will Begin Making a Jewelry-Classified Gadget This Month

8/21/2014 - Free Movie Tickets with Xbox Credit, Kitchen Gadgets, SSDs [Deals]

8/21/2014 - Ask A Marine Biologist All Your Questions About The Lives Of Sharks!

8/21/2014 - Sprint's New Unlimited Plan Only Costs $60

8/21/2014 - You Can Get Free Unlimited Data If You Convert Friends to T-Mobile

8/21/2014 - These screen graphics are so cool they transport you directly to 3014

8/21/2014 - Set a Video as Your Desktop Wallpaper With VLC

8/21/2014 - This Film Could Help You Understand How Some People Experience Autism

8/21/2014 - Addictive App Lets You Compose And Arrange Music With Shapes

8/21/2014 - Everything You Need to Know about the 5th Edition D&D Player's Handbook

8/21/2014 - What Android Fragmentation Looks Like

8/21/2014 - The Latest Humble Book Bundle Includes Bujold, Gaiman And Harrison

8/21/2014 - Of Course the First Object Ever Recovered From Orbit Was for Spying

8/21/2014 - The NSA Is Scaring People Away From Tor

8/21/2014 - Which Lucky State Will Get a Useless $4 Billion Defense System?

8/21/2014 - We'll Never Be Tired of Auroras From Space

8/21/2014 - Why Your Next Smartphone May Not Cost a Fortune

8/21/2014 - Evangeline Lilly's Hairdo For Ant-Man Is So Perfect For Wasp It Hurts

8/21/2014 - Space station cosmonauts find life in the vacuum of space

8/21/2014 - Tesla Owners Will Be Able to Start Their Cars With Only an iPhone

8/21/2014 - First Look At Peter Bishop's Untold Adventure, From Before Fringe

8/21/2014 - Ikea Showrooms Are Being Listed on Australian Airbnb

8/21/2014 - What Technological innovations Changed Life For The Worse?

8/21/2014 - This Pair of Bionic Pants Is a Chair That You Wear

8/21/2014 - How Brad Pitt And Blade Runner Helped Looper Get Made

8/21/2014 - 7 Smart New Inventions That We Should Have Had All Along

8/21/2014 - Apple Patent Helps Find Your Car Even When You Can't Get a Signal

8/21/2014 - Everything You Need To Know About Lemuria, The Lost Continent Of Lemurs

8/21/2014 - Explore the Star-Crossesd Spotify Users Listening to Songs In Sync

8/21/2014 - What's The Biggest Obstacle To Making The Sandman Movie?

8/21/2014 - Short film tells the weird story of a missing nuclear missile

8/21/2014 - Cool history of evolution turns lifeforms into robots

8/21/2014 - Cargo Ships Arriving at the ISS Are Guided In Using a Plastic Ruler

8/21/2014 - Someone Built a Fully Functioning 1KB Hard Drive Inside Minecraft

8/21/2014 - The futuristic jets, humans, and Star Wars designs of Stephen Chang

8/21/2014 - New bacon-in-everything restaurant looks deadly delicious

8/21/2014 - BAE Wants to Make Airplanes With Skin That Feels Its Surroundings

8/21/2014 - A New Attack Secretly Binds Malware to Legitimate Software Downloads

8/21/2014 - SoundCloud is Getting Ads

8/21/2014 - Toyota's New Cars Will Have a Nexus 7 Built Right Into the Dashboard

8/21/2014 - The Earth's Ozone Layer Is Still Being Chewed Apart

8/21/2014 - Jaime King Took an Uber To the Hospital to Give Birth

8/21/2014 - Report: 30 Percent Of All Mobile Spam Is Sent Through iMessage

8/21/2014 - Hackers May Have Stolen Credit Card Data From 51 UPS Stores In The US

8/21/2014 - Twitter's New BotMaker Cut Spam On The Network By 40 Percent

8/21/2014 - What is the massive green oceanic glow that surrounds Bangkok at night?

8/20/2014 - If You Don't Understand Why People Love Erotic Fanfic, Watch This Now

8/20/2014 - Giant goliath fish swallows a shark whole in just one bite

8/20/2014 - These guys are so strong that they can walk invisible walls in the air

8/20/2014 - Genetically Altered Pig-Heart Survives More Than A Year Inside Baboon

8/20/2014 - Here's the Curiosity Rover Before and After Two Years on Mars

8/20/2014 - Possibly the Greatest Cargo Container Architecture We've Ever Seen

8/20/2014 - Hey Hey Hey What Is Going On Here? Saved By the Bell Is 25 Years Old

8/20/2014 - The Best Part Of The LEGO Ghostbusters Remake Is The Simpsons Cameo

8/20/2014 - To All The Ice Bucket Haters, Here's Why The Challenge Matters

8/20/2014 - Why We're Nowhere Near Reaching "Peak Zombie"

8/20/2014 - Is It Okay To Pee In The Ocean?

8/20/2014 - The Weirdest Album From 1964 Was From A Sleep-Talking Lyricist

8/20/2014 - Uber Officially Opens Its API In a Bid To Be Everywhere

8/20/2014 - This Read-Along Version Of The Thing Is The Best Bedtime Story Ever

8/20/2014 - ​How To Find The Perfect Tent

8/20/2014 - Which Character Is A Hero To Us, But A War Criminal To The Other Side?

8/20/2014 - Are Americans Becoming Less Isolationist?

8/20/2014 - Scientists Hack Cryptography Keys By Simply Touching a Laptop

8/20/2014 - Watch This Goliath Fish Take Down A Shark In One Swift Move

8/20/2014 - The First Automata Trailer Is Finally Out and It Looks Spectacular

8/20/2014 - io9's Official Back To School List of Must Read Books

8/20/2014 - These Aerial Beach Photos Were Shot While Dangling from a Helicopter

8/20/2014 - Now Hiring A Science Editorial Fellow

8/20/2014 - Automata Trailer Shows Off A Robot Action Movie That Gets Robots Right

8/20/2014 - io9 Is Hiring: We're Looking For A Few Good Researchers!

8/20/2014 - Netflix Hack Lets You Browse Movies In 3D With Oculus Rift

8/20/2014 - This Dangerous-Looking Dog Tag Is Actually a Handy Multi-Tool

8/20/2014 - Lego's Amazing New HQ Is Finally Underway (And You Can Build Your Own)

8/20/2014 - Stop Pretending There's a Line Dividing Politics and Tech

8/20/2014 - Virtually no one starts smoking after age 26

8/20/2014 - The Ultimate Tour Of The DC Universe And Grant Morrison's Multiversity

8/20/2014 - New Photos Highlight One Of Our Galaxy's Grandest Star Factories

8/20/2014 - Our Hot, Bright Cities Are Spawning Gigantic Spiders

8/20/2014 - Alzheimer's Patients Will Be Injected With the Blood of Young People

8/20/2014 - A Rare Chunk Of Giant Asteroid Vesta Has Been Stolen

8/20/2014 - How Twitter Could Beat the Trolls, And Why It Won’t

8/20/2014 - Genius Makeup Artist Transforms Her Lips Into Cartoon Characters

8/20/2014 - This Crazy Jellyfish Has No Tentacles, But Its Sting Is Nasty

8/20/2014 - 39 Photos Of Your Amazing Summer Vacations

8/20/2014 - This 1965 Soviet Documentary About Lunar Colonization Is Astounding

8/20/2014 - Send Almost Anything To Your Phone With Pushbullet

8/20/2014 - This Is What Gentrification Really Is

8/20/2014 - Whoa, This Film About Alan Rickman Stalking A Girl Has A Bizarre Ending

8/20/2014 - An Asteroid With Active Volcanoes Once Wandered the Early Universe

8/20/2014 - Author M.R. Carey Is Here To Talk About The Girl With All The Gifts!

8/20/2014 - Check Out Spider-Woman #1, Starring Spider-Woman's Ass

8/20/2014 - How the BBC uses tiny cameras to capture incredible wildlife images

8/20/2014 - How Antiperspirant Works (And Who It Might Hurt)

8/20/2014 - ​The Largest Alligator Ever Caught

8/20/2014 - Skype Just Fixed the Single Most Annoying Thing About Notifications

8/20/2014 - Top 10 Most Ridiculously Overcomplicated Doctor Who Villain Schemes

8/20/2014 - Here's What It Looks Like When You Throw Out the Garbage in Space

8/20/2014 - A Plant that Survives by Stealing Genetic Material

8/20/2014 - Upgrade to SSDs, 10TB of Storage, Save on iPad Airs [Deals]

8/20/2014 - Humble HarperCollins, Criterion Blu-rays, Neverwhere [Deals]

8/20/2014 - It's Shockingly Easy to Hide Guns and Bombs From Backscatter Scanners

8/20/2014 - ​Is The Age Of The Superhero Team-Up Movie Upon Us?

8/20/2014 - A Brilliant Device That Completely Reinvents Crutches

8/20/2014 - ABC Is Making An Astronaut Comedy Show Inspired By Chris Hadfield

8/20/2014 - Will Autonomous Cars Kill the Traffic Light?

8/20/2014 - An Anti-Evolution Bill In Ohio Almost Included A Ban On Aristotle

8/20/2014 - Vine Now Lets You Upload Old Videos from Your Camera Roll

8/20/2014 - This Webcomic Profile Of Canada's Royalty Is Fake—But Still Fascinating

8/20/2014 - Less than two percent of the Hiroshima bomb's uranium actually detonated

8/20/2014 - This Passive Exoskeleton Makes 36 Pounds Feel Like Nothing

8/20/2014 - Did You Know There Are Tests For Sarcasm Detection?

8/20/2014 - This short with Alan Rickman just destroyed one of my childhood memories

8/20/2014 - New Crystal Clear Solar Cells Could Power Your Smartphone One Day

8/20/2014 - J.K. Rowling's New Story Goes Behind The Cauldron With A Potter Pop Star

8/20/2014 - Another Volcano Is Rumbling Under The Ice In Iceland

8/20/2014 - And now just some pizzas coming out of an oven again and again and again

8/20/2014 - CSI: Cyber Is Already Perfect When the First Episode Is "Kidnapping 2.0"

8/20/2014 - Why We Still Have Bezels (But May Not For Long)

8/20/2014 - We Don't Know How Many Americans Are Killed Each Year By The Police

8/20/2014 - Guardians Concept Art Shows Rocket Could Have Looked Way More Grizzled

8/20/2014 - Halt and Catch Fire Not Halted, Not on Fire, Will Be Back Next Year

8/20/2014 - How Much Sleep Does Your City Get?

8/20/2014 - ZTE's Cheap, Unlocked Smartphone Has Camera Cred To Spare

8/20/2014 - The Secret Origin Of The Godawful '90s Fantastic Four Movie Revealed

8/20/2014 - Nook Reborn As a $180 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Update: Hands On)

8/20/2014 - The beautiful animated 3D watercolors of Aaron Becker

8/20/2014 - Does This Set Photo Mean Yet Another Hero Is In Batman V. Superman?

8/20/2014 - ​7 Crazy Bikes That Almost Changed Cycling Forever

8/20/2014 - The Horrors of Unpoppable Bubble Wrap

8/20/2014 - The Easiest Way to Understand How Bad California's Drought Really Is

8/20/2014 - How Tornadoes Form

8/20/2014 - This is what a full meal looks like in the world's best restaurant

8/20/2014 - This Pen Is Beautiful Enough to Make Me Want to Write in Ink

8/20/2014 - Google Patents a Less Obvious Tech-on-the-Inside Version of Glass

8/20/2014 - A car crash has never looked as beautiful as in this music video

8/20/2014 - Beautiful Images of Astronauts Releasing Nanosatellites Into Space

8/20/2014 - How We Can Build Better Cities

8/20/2014 - The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Was Hacked 3 Times in 3 Years

8/20/2014 - PayPal Just Made In-App Impulse Buying Way, Way Easier

8/20/2014 - Uber Now Has a Same-Day Delivery Service in D.C.

8/20/2014 - Twitter Will Remove Images Of The Deceased At The Request Of Family

8/20/2014 - Parallels Desktop 10 Makes Running Windows on a Mac Less Annoying

8/19/2014 - Snapchat Is About To Become A Service For "Disappearing News"

8/19/2014 - The Ships Gathered to Debate Their Next Move

8/19/2014 - Girl transforms her mouth into cute famous characters with just makeup

8/19/2014 - 8-bit video game version of Sin City could have been 4-bit

8/19/2014 - HTC's New One M8 Is Actually Coming To Verizon and AT&T

8/19/2014 - Why Saturday Night Live Is Still So Funny After Almost 40 Years

8/19/2014 - Watch A Facial Tracking Projection Turn This Woman Into A Cyborg

8/19/2014 - Motorcyclist crashes, flips and sticks a perfect landing on a car's roof

8/19/2014 - Are We On The Verge Of A Space Opera Resurgence?

8/19/2014 - Clockwork Cylons? Looks Like Battlestar Galactica Just Got Steampunked

8/19/2014 - Haim's New Sally Jessy Raphael-Style Video Is Pitch Perfect

8/19/2014 - Sharp Aquos Crystal Hands On: No Bezel, All Beauty

8/19/2014 - How Long Will CDs Actually Last?

8/19/2014 - How an 80s Book for Kids Predicted Today's Spy Satellites and Cyberwars

8/19/2014 - Twitter's Officially Filling Your Timeline With People You Don't Follow

8/19/2014 - Hive-Inspired Buildings Would Be Comfy Homes For Gigantic Bee Monsters

8/19/2014 - Hacking Into Traffic Lights With a Plain Old Laptop Is Scary Simple

8/19/2014 - When You're Being Chased By A Zombie, You Don't Want To Be Put On Hold

8/19/2014 - Superman Lives Documentary Trailer Reveals The Mad Tim Burton Superman

8/19/2014 - America's Century-Old Love Affair With the Automobile In a Single Image

8/19/2014 - Good News For Eye Worms! The Strain Renewed For Season 2

8/19/2014 - What Is the One Movie You Absolutely Must See in a Theater?

8/19/2014 - A Bluetooth Padlock That Keeps Your Valuables Secure Anywhere You Go

8/19/2014 - These Chickens Are Our First Line of Defense Against West Nile Virus

8/19/2014 - BitTorrent's Science Fiction Series Looks Like an American Apparel Ad

8/19/2014 - The Coolest Games, Art and Cosplay We Saw at Gen Con 2014

8/19/2014 - Ferguson Police Will Finally Get the One Device They Really Need

8/19/2014 - Google's Autonomous Car Is Programmed to Speed Because It's Safer

8/19/2014 - Here's Your Scientific Excuse to Drink a Beer This Evening

8/19/2014 - The Bizarre History of X-Ray Records and Early Music Piracy

8/19/2014 - The Rock Can't Decide Whether To Play Shazam Or Black Adam

8/19/2014 - The World's Biggest Cargo Ship Carrying Over 17,000 Crates, NBD

8/19/2014 - Need More Rocket And Groot? Here's a Ton of Fan Art to Warm Your Heart

8/19/2014 - How This Designer Tracks Every Single Aspect of His Life

8/19/2014 - Adrianne Palicki Joins Agents of SHIELD As Mockingbird

8/19/2014 - These Trippy Cross-Section Portraits Were Made Without Photoshop

8/19/2014 - Disturbing False Memory Experiment Has Long-Lasting Effects

8/19/2014 - Into The Amazon: Boats, Breakfast And Blowguns

8/19/2014 - The Physical Effect that Creates Tiny Electrical Storms in Your Body

8/19/2014 - Facebook's Rose-Colored News Feed

8/19/2014 - Benedict Cumberbatch Will Voice Shere Khan In Andy Serkis' Jungle Book

8/19/2014 - How the World's Largest Solar Plant Wants To Fix Its Fried Bird Problem

8/19/2014 - This Is Some Of The Most Wonderful Ghost-Story Writing I've Ever Seen

8/19/2014 - ​Seven Tips for Adapting Anne Rice's Vampire Novels for Film (Again)

8/19/2014 - Desolation of Smaug Extended, Young Frankenstein [Deals]

8/19/2014 - Ditch Your Headphone Cable, SONOS PLAY:1, Endangered Plasma [Deals]

8/19/2014 - Nutella consumes 25 percent of the world's hazelnut crop

8/19/2014 - Mailbox for Mac Arrives In Beta Today To Redeem Your Email

8/19/2014 - The Lifespan Of A CD Is Shorter Than We Thought

8/19/2014 - Sharp's Gloriously Thin-Bezeled Aquos Smartphone Is Coming to Sprint

8/19/2014 - The Beef Jerky-Potato Chip Hybrid Is Real, and We Taste-Tested It

8/19/2014 - The "Satanic Law Firm" Movie Devil's Advocate Is Becoming A TV Show

8/19/2014 - D​id Harry Potter Influence The Political Views of Millennials?

8/19/2014 - Behold, The First Picture Of Paul Rudd As Ant-Man

8/19/2014 - Google's Awesome 360-Panorama Photo Sphere App Comes to iOS

8/19/2014 - The U.S. uses ankle monitors to track immigrant mothers

8/19/2014 - What If Deadpool And Harley Quinn Had Children?

8/19/2014 - I wish these magically animated drawing journals existed in real life

8/19/2014 - The Hue's New Lights Glow Warm White at Half the Price

8/19/2014 - ​Africa's First Indigenous Aircraft Will Compete With Surveillance UAVs

8/19/2014 - Pixar's The Good Dinosaur Is Being Entirely Reworked Top To Bottom

8/19/2014 - This Spacecraft Spine Will Support An Entire Telescope

8/19/2014 - Why I'm Excited For DC Comics' Massive New Movie Plans

8/19/2014 - Inside the Wild UI Design of Guardians of the Galaxy

8/19/2014 - Hands On: HTC's Best Android Phone Is Now Verizon's Best Windows Phone

8/19/2014 - A New Movie Puts the Inner Lives of Smartphones in Sad, Sharp Relief

8/19/2014 - It's Official: Windows-Powered HTC One M8 Comes to Verizon for $100

8/19/2014 - All States Should Adopt Delaware's Sweeping New Digital Inheritance Law

8/19/2014 - What Are You Reading?

8/19/2014 - Ancient Roman Tech Cache Shows How Horror Movies Would Really Play Out

8/19/2014 - Oh God, A Startup Is Snapchatting the News

8/19/2014 - Rabbit Lets You Watch Videos With Friends, No Matter Where They Are

8/19/2014 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Wikipedia Master

8/19/2014 - 50 Years Of U.S. Political Polarization In One Gif

8/19/2014 - This classic beauty is one of the most powerful electric cars ever made

8/19/2014 - Time-lapse shows how it feels to be drunk at the local fair

8/19/2014 - 6 Cool New Objects From One of Modern Design's Oldest Powerhouses

8/19/2014 - Why Is A Major Batman Villain Going To Be Arrow's New Big Bad?

8/19/2014 - Crystal clear photo of the fiery reentry and destruction of a spaceship

8/19/2014 - Project Tango Tablet Teardown: Everything You Need For Handheld 3D

8/19/2014 - How You Really Use Spotify and iTunes

8/19/2014 - What would happen if pilots were jerks racing airplanes at the runway

8/19/2014 - Samsung's New Bluetooth Speaker Looks Awfully Familiar

8/19/2014 - NASA Wants You to Sift Through Its Astronauts' Photos

8/19/2014 - This Simple Chip Could Turn All Your Clothes Into Activity Trackerssho

8/19/2014 - Your House On Mars Could Look Like This

8/19/2014 - How dating can really suck

8/19/2014 - How to Fix a Wobbly Table Using Math

8/19/2014 - DIY Diagnosis: How One Woman Uncovered Her Own Genetic Flaw

8/19/2014 - Banks Now Know Who You Are From How You Type

8/19/2014 - How to Read Text in Binary

8/19/2014 - 10 of the best improvised scenes in movie history

8/19/2014 - The XBOX One's Official Reddit App Lets You Upvote With Your Voice

8/19/2014 - Meet Roku TV: The TV Set With Your Favorite Streaming Platform Inside

8/18/2014 - DARPA Wants To Make Tanks Sleeker, Faster — And Deadlier

8/18/2014 - A beautiful ode to one of the world's most delicious and versatile foods

8/18/2014 - True Blood's Second To Last Episode Remembers Great Love And Weird Sex

8/18/2014 - Every death scene from Quentin Tarantino's movies

8/18/2014 - A Beautifully Animated Myth About The Tree That All Fish Come From

8/18/2014 - Erupting Volcanoes Seen From Space

8/18/2014 - Watch two lunatics base jump off a rooftop bar in the middle of London

8/18/2014 - These Bhutanese Postal Stamps Play Like Real Vinyl Records

8/18/2014 - Have You Ever Wondered How Replicants Are Made in Blade Runner?

8/18/2014 - ​Chinese Government Fans the Flames of the Ebola Zombie Rumors

8/18/2014 - All The Best Insider Secrets From Our Jobs

8/18/2014 - Ballmer Yelled His Email Address at Ballmeriffic Clippers Event

8/18/2014 - Diplo: Sarah

8/18/2014 - At Last, We May Understand What Causes Hangovers

8/18/2014 - Giant Alligator Literally Broke The Scale When Biologists Weighed It

8/18/2014 - Now You Can Truly Appreciate the Size of Comet Churymov-Gerasimenko

8/18/2014 - What If Michael Bay Directed Pixar's Up?

8/18/2014 - Report: YouTube Music Key Will Bring Offline Playback for $10 a Month

8/18/2014 - The Show That Warned Us Enemy of the State Was a Documentary

8/18/2014 - First English Trailer For Ghibli's The Tale Of Princess Kaguya

8/18/2014 - The Bird Who Can Mimic Laser Guns and Camera Shutters

8/18/2014 - Interactive Charts Show Where People In Each US State Were Born

8/18/2014 - ​The Strain's Vampire Apocalypse Hasn't Been Postponed, It's Just Slow

8/18/2014 - This Color-Changing Camouflage Is Inspired by Octopus Skin

8/18/2014 - Who's The Greatest Fictional Scientist Of All Time?

8/18/2014 - This LED Flashlight Is Powered by Spherical Solar Cells

8/18/2014 - Watch Charles and Ray Eames Debut Their Most Famous Chair On TV In 1956

8/18/2014 - Why Did Plants Evolve These Weird and Horrific Flowers?

8/18/2014 - MIT Explains How To Turn an Old Car Battery Into a Working Solar Cell

8/18/2014 - The Leftovers Reveals The True Purpose Behind Its Most Interesting Cult

8/18/2014 - Want to Get Rid of an Invasive Species? Try Eating Them.

8/18/2014 - The Space Station Has The Most Beautiful Garbage Day

8/18/2014 - HP's Stream 14 Is a $200 Windows-Powered Chromebook Competitor

8/18/2014 - John Young: Astronaut, Smuggler, Moon-Addict

8/18/2014 - Why the Military Is Pinning Its Hopes on Google's Modular Phone

8/18/2014 - Poop Foam Causes Massive Explosions

8/18/2014 - NASA and The Corned Beef Incident

8/18/2014 - Aphex Twin Is Teasing His New Album on the Deep Web

8/18/2014 - Scientific Error Delayed the Search for Alien Life

8/18/2014 - Google Wants Your Children...To Be Safe on the Web

8/18/2014 - Does Poverty Lead to Sleep Addiction?

8/18/2014 - Atari arcade games inspired the original Apple mouse

8/18/2014 - ​Sony RX100 III Review: The Best Pocket Point-and-Shoot (For a Price)

8/18/2014 - ​13 More Of The Most Pointless Action Figures Ever Made

8/18/2014 - It's Not Just The Arctic Ice That's Thinning -- It's The Snow Too

8/18/2014 - Hell Yeah, Sharlto Copley Will Lead The Powers TV Series

8/18/2014 - How Hollywood Figured Out A Way To Make Texting In Movies Look Less Dumb

8/18/2014 - PR workers outnumber journalists 5 to 1 in the US

8/18/2014 - Jump Start Your Car, Your Phone, and Your Morning Routine [Deals]

8/18/2014 - The Walking Dead Season 4, Hugo Winners, Oz Collection [Deals]

8/18/2014 - The Coldest Case: Using DNA to Identify Century-Old Remains

8/18/2014 - Watch How Bolivia Built the World's Longest Urban Cable Car System

8/18/2014 - Science Fiction And Fantasy Books That Will Change Your Life This Fall

8/18/2014 - This Microscopic Footage Shows What Happens When A Jellyfish Stings You

8/18/2014 - The Spread Eagle burger looks so yummy it makes me spread my mouth wide

8/18/2014 - Why Chinese Hackers Stole 4.5 Million US Hospital Records

8/18/2014 - The First Angiogram Patient Nearly Died Of Terror

8/18/2014 - Photographing The Most Challenging Mountains On Earth

8/18/2014 - This Week's TV: A Doctor Who Alum Stars In The Year's Weirdest New Show

8/18/2014 - This Electron Gun Turns Titanium Powder Into Turbine Blades For Planes

8/18/2014 - This Freshwater Crocodile Doesn't Eat The Way We Thought It Did

8/18/2014 - GIFYouTube Lets You Turn YouTube Clips Into GIFs in Seconds

8/18/2014 - Making GIFs From YouTube Videos Has Never Been Easier

8/18/2014 - This lightning photo is so amazing that I thought it was fake

8/18/2014 - Solar Power Company Wants to Make Up For Frying Birds By Neutering Cats

8/18/2014 - Emmert's Law Proves That Your Mind Forces You To See What It Expects

8/18/2014 - Sharp's New Phones Have So Little Bezel It's Ridiculous

8/18/2014 - Can Authors Be Wrong About The Adaptations Of Their Own Books?

8/18/2014 - John Oliver On Ferguson: No, You Don't Need That Tank

8/18/2014 - Tell Us The Best Behind-The-Scenes Facts From Your Job

8/18/2014 - The Blob Was Based On A True Story

8/18/2014 - The evolution of film opening titles

8/18/2014 - New Ad Campaign Targets Medical Marijuana As A Date Rape Drug

8/18/2014 - Make Siri Better By Telling Her All About Your Relationships

8/18/2014 - Morpholio Board Lets You Redecorate a Room Right From Your iPad

8/18/2014 - Meet The Star Of The Prometheus Sequel Comic

8/18/2014 - What All the Metal From a Single Mine Would Look Like As a Giant Orb

8/18/2014 - What Is Han Solo Wearing (And Captaining) In Star Wars Episode VII?

8/18/2014 - The Sounds Around You Could Soon Charge Your Phone's Battery

8/18/2014 - Cool animated baby care guide makes a great case against having them

8/18/2014 - How Cities Sleep, Visualized

8/18/2014 - This Beetle Has a Thin Coating Whiter Than Anything Humans Can Make

8/18/2014 - The strange and beautiful sensuality of Chet Faker's Gold

8/18/2014 - Witches of East End Ruined a Fun Romp By Dealing Badly With Assault

8/18/2014 - How to Do Hyperlapse Photography on a Budget

8/18/2014 - Watch Cancer Cells Scurrying Over The Surface Of A Microchip

8/18/2014 - The present and future of the US Navy's aircraft force in one GIF

8/18/2014 - This Camera Will Flag You as a Suicide Bomber If You Seem Stressed Out

8/18/2014 - If an Octopus Can Paint This Well, Why Isn't He Making 8 Works At Once?

8/18/2014 - How to Safely Use Your Phone at a Protest

8/18/2014 - This Is What a Jellyfish Sting Looks Like in Microscopic Slow Motion

8/18/2014 - Xiaomi's Next OS Is the Most Shameless iOS Rip-Off You Will Ever See

8/18/2014 - Syfy's Childhood's End Adaptation Gets Closer and Closer to Happening

8/18/2014 - Watch How "Electronic Makeup" Completely Transforms This Model's Face

8/18/2014 - John McAfee Wants You To Stop Using Google

8/18/2014 - Sony A5100: Sony's Super Tiny Mirrorless Camera Gets Faster Autofocus

8/18/2014 - Dear Outlander: Your Actors Are Good Enough, Ditch the Voiceover

8/17/2014 - Trash Talk Bassist Destroys a Drone With a Beer and That's Pretty Punk

8/17/2014 - What Movie Would You Want To Watch on the Oculus Rift?

8/17/2014 - This May Be The Most Convincing Sunscreen Advertisement We've Ever Seen

8/17/2014 - Set Your Alarm: Venus and Jupiter Will Light Up the Pre-Dawn Sky

8/17/2014 - Twitter Tests Turning Favorites Into Retweets, Frustration Ensues

8/17/2014 - All The Most Exciting Moments From The 2014 Hugo Awards!

8/17/2014 - This Hyperactive Acid Trip Is Actually Birdsong Visualized

8/17/2014 - The Terrible Things That Happen When You Like Everything on Facebook

8/17/2014 - Watch the 2014 Hugo Awards Live, Right Now!

8/17/2014 - Best Buy's Website Prices Moto 360 at $250

8/17/2014 - An Incredible Close-Up View Of One Of The World's Most Venomous Spiders

8/17/2014 - The Century-Old Urban Policy That Divides St. Louis

8/17/2014 - These Are All The Places That Curiosity Didn't Land On Mars

8/17/2014 - Godzilla Delivers His Best 'I Am Batman'

8/17/2014 - How to Donate Your Body to Science

8/17/2014 - Watch The Buffy Parody Series So Bad It Never Aired. Until Now.

8/17/2014 - Surveys Can Make People Go Extreme

8/17/2014 - How Do You Know You're Real?

8/17/2014 - A Sneaky Mom App Locks Smartphones and Is an Angsty Teen's Nightmare

8/17/2014 - This Is What The Rattlesnake "Combat Dance" Looks Like

8/17/2014 - How a 3D-Printed Wind Turbine Could Power Your Gadgets

8/17/2014 - Two Maps Look at Police Buildup and Twitter Fallout From Ferguson

8/17/2014 - Apple's New Lightning Cables Could Be Reversible on Both Ends

8/16/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: I Did Nothing This Weekend

8/16/2014 - Watch Ian McKellen Be Bitchy in PBS' Wonderfully Cruel 'Vicious'

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8/16/2014 - The Robots Are Coming For Your Job

8/16/2014 - The Chainsmokers: Kanye

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8/16/2014 - Sorry, But the FAA Has Decided Your 'Uber for Planes' Idea Can't Fly

8/16/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

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8/16/2014 - 'Text Neck' Is The Latest Health Craze That's Going to Injure You

8/16/2014 - Everybody Gets To Be A Hero On This Week's Legend Of Korra

8/16/2014 - Riding Sharks, Counterfeiting $100 Bills, Crashing Drones, and More

8/16/2014 - TV And Film Still Don't Know How To Depict Texting (Or The Internet)

8/16/2014 - Unraveling Billions of Years of History Hidden In A Rock

8/16/2014 - Simon, The Original Smartphone, Turns 20 Today

8/16/2014 - You Guys, Somebody Made LEGO Out Of Chocolate

8/16/2014 - Facebook Is Testing a 'Satire' Label for Stories from 'The Onion'

8/16/2014 - SeaWorld Hopes You Forget About 'Blackfish' With These Shiny New Tanks

8/16/2014 - Apple Admits It's Storing Users' Data on Servers Based in China

8/16/2014 - This Worm is Truly, Deeply Terrifying

8/16/2014 - The weirdest aircraft I've ever seen

8/15/2014 - The gigantic futuristic metropolis of Halo 5

8/15/2014 - The new stormtrooper helmets for Star Wars Episode VII

8/15/2014 - CDC Accidentally Ships Deadly Virus, Hopes No One Will Notice

8/15/2014 - This Fan-Made Doctor Who Opening Is So Awesome Stephen Moffat Stole It

8/15/2014 - New comet photo shows fascinating textures and landscapes

8/15/2014 - The Absurd Joy Of Waterslides Is Captured In These Perfectly Timed Shots

8/15/2014 - Here's What It Looks Like When Cities Get Out of Control

8/15/2014 - The Z-Boys Turned Skateboarding From Niche Hobby Into Badass Artform

8/15/2014 - Behold, A Sphere Made Of Binder Clips

8/15/2014 - Outlander Has Been Renewed For A Second Season!

8/15/2014 - This Fireworks Show Is a 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Exploding

8/15/2014 - A Brief History Of The First Robots To Appear In Fiction

8/15/2014 - This Timelapse Was Derailed By An Inquisitive Marmot

8/15/2014 - Big K.R.I.T. - Mount Olympus

8/15/2014 - Into The Woods Movie Cuts More Songs, Clears Up Rumors

8/15/2014 - The Best Science Fiction Books, According To Real-Life Scientists

8/15/2014 - Researcher Examines The Real Biology Of Captain America And The Hulk

8/15/2014 - Why Didn't These Triceratops Sneakers Exist When We Were Kids?

8/15/2014 - The Newest Weapon in the Fight Against Land Mines Could Be...Plants

8/15/2014 - 'Butt' is an actual unit of measurement

8/15/2014 - A Simple Ceramic Watch Born From Dieter Rams' Design Philosophy

8/15/2014 - Who's The Most Versatile Creator In Science Fiction And Fantasy?

8/15/2014 - The US Once Poisoned Alcohol Supplies to Scare People Away From Drinking

8/15/2014 - Only 1 in 4 Nevada residents were born there, the lowest of any state

8/15/2014 - Racing To Build Ikea Furniture Is a Guaranteed Relationship Destroyer

8/15/2014 - These Swirly Light Paintings Look Like a Flash-Forward to the Rapture

8/15/2014 - These Swirly Light Paintings Look Like a Flash-Forward to the Rapture

8/15/2014 - Magical Butter MB2 Review: Your One Stop Edible Cannabis Shop

8/15/2014 - NASA Is Developing Origami Solar Panels

8/15/2014 - Could You Solve Enough Puzzles To Make It Out Of This Locked Room?

8/15/2014 - Pro Hackers Could Be Spying on You Through YouTube

8/15/2014 - The Panama Canal Is 100 Years Old, Just In Time for Its Makeover

8/15/2014 - The Main Villains Of Star Wars: Episode VII May Have Just Been Revealed

8/15/2014 - Behold The Real Photo Nick Frost Took While Shooting Shaun Of The Dead

8/15/2014 - Black Hawk Choppers Are Finally Getting the Digital Cockpits They Need

8/15/2014 - Where I Should Live, According to Math

8/15/2014 - An Airbag Belt Could Help Protect Seniors' Hips From Nasty Falls

8/15/2014 - The Greatest Fake Religion of All Time

8/15/2014 - ​This Season Of Defiance Just Paid Off Big

8/15/2014 - NASA Is Working on Origami Solar Arrays That Unfurl in Space

8/15/2014 - Do Different Kinds Of Alcohol Get You Different Kinds Of Drunk?

8/15/2014 - How I Failed to Become a Drone Pilot

8/15/2014 - Why Science Fiction Is A Natural Home For Ambiguity (Or Is It?)

8/15/2014 - There's A Spelling Error In One Of White House's Most Famous Paintings

8/15/2014 - Pick Up 4TB for Cheap, Full Sized Tablets, Better Selfies [Deals]

8/15/2014 - Warlords of Draenor Collector's Edition, The Winter Soldier [Deals]

8/15/2014 - Highways are Making California's Mountain Lions Inbred and Aggressive

8/15/2014 - ​All 13 Vampire Clans From Vampire: The Masquerade RPG, Ranked

8/15/2014 - The White Stag From Shadow And Bone Gets A Loteria Card Tribute

8/15/2014 - 29 New, Ballmer-Friendly Logos for the LA Clippers

8/15/2014 - Is The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Gay?

8/15/2014 - A Poignant Look at Life in America’s Trailer Parks

8/15/2014 - What Went Wrong With The Giver Movie?

8/15/2014 - The first touch-sensitive LCD basketball court in the world is awesome

8/15/2014 - Comments Are a Little Different Today

8/15/2014 - Why Do Creationists Place So Much Importance On A Prehistoric Mollusk?

8/15/2014 - The Secret US Drone Program that Killed JFK's Eldest Brother

8/15/2014 - 7 Rules for Recording Police

8/15/2014 - Renovo Coupe: The Electric Dream Car For Gasoline-Crazy Gearheads

8/15/2014 - Ask An Expert About The History Of Our Fascination With Robots!

8/15/2014 - This Clever Carpet "Printer" Brushes Pictures Onto Your Rugs

8/15/2014 - Report: Microsoft Will Drop Windows 9 Preview Next Month

8/15/2014 - The Schiller Effect Makes Stone Seem to Light Up Internally

8/15/2014 - 5 Essential Add-Ons That Will Make Your Gmail Great

8/15/2014 - How VFX Made the Guardians of the Galaxy Characters Come to Life

8/15/2014 - io9 Newsstand: Best Stories for the Week of August 11 - 16

8/15/2014 - ​Sharpening Blowgun Darts On Piranha Teeth

8/15/2014 - Cool 3D visualization captures the motion of famous olympic athletes

8/15/2014 - While The GIF Party Is Away, The Trivia Party Will Play

8/15/2014 - TMZ Thinks This Is an iPhone 6, Bless Its Heart

8/15/2014 - Warner Bros. Finally Thinks Of A Better Title For Edge Of Tomorrow

8/15/2014 - Owls are weighed wrapped up in blankets like little bird burritos

8/15/2014 - U.S. Military Veterans Criticize Police Tactics In Ferguson

8/15/2014 - Three Minutes Of Spinning Tops That Are Impossible To Stop Watching

8/15/2014 - How Weird Is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Going to Be?

8/15/2014 - 16 Ways To Use FLIR's Incredibly Fun Predator-Vision iPhone Camera

8/15/2014 - This Is Where Your Electricity Comes From

8/15/2014 - Cheap Solid-State Batteries That Last Twice as Long as Li-On Are Coming

8/15/2014 - Biologist explains the science behind The Hulk and Captain America

8/15/2014 - The Premier League Is Banning Goals Being Posted to Vine and Twitter

8/15/2014 - Real Clean Slate Program Loses Trademark Case Against Dark Knight Rises

8/15/2014 - This Site Automatically Saves Your Favorite Username on New Services

8/15/2014 - The Xbox One Media Player Is Gonna Be Great for Watching Torrents

8/15/2014 - This animation short is so good that they're making it into a full movie

8/15/2014 - NASA Scientists Have Found the First Interstellar Space Particles

8/15/2014 - How Do You Know You're Real?

8/15/2014 - The Man Who Invented Pop-up Ads Is Very, Very Sorry

8/15/2014 - Are These Star Wars Episode VII's New Stormtroopers? [UPDATED]

8/15/2014 - The Gyroscope In Your Smartphone Can Be Easily Used To Spy On You

8/15/2014 - The Shark Family's Weird Cousins That Live in the Deep Water

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8/14/2014 - Uber, AirBnB And Many Other Services Might Accept Bitcoin Soon

8/14/2014 - Are these the 10 best looking movies that have used CGI?

8/14/2014 - Expendables 3 Is Your Ultimate Cure For Frozen Overload

8/14/2014 - Time lapse of an airport makes airplanes look like shooting stars

8/14/2014 - Sundance's Scariest Movie The Babadook Gets A Terrifying New Trailer

8/14/2014 - These GIFs From The Smithsonian Archives Make History Come To Life

8/14/2014 - Interstellar Image Gives A Good Look At Chris Nolan's New World

8/14/2014 - The Brilliant Glassblowers Who Are Crafting Tomorrow's Bongs

8/14/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Pierced Astronaut

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8/14/2014 - BioSport Earbuds: Finally, A Fitness Tracker You Never Have to Charge

8/14/2014 - The Best Answers We've Ever Gotten To Our Questions About Science

8/14/2014 - Bungee jumping in a F1 car seems like a crazy thing to do

8/14/2014 - Extant Piles On The Scifi Tropes

8/14/2014 - Please Don't Let Ariana Grande Protect Us From Killer Aliens

8/14/2014 - Samsung Wants to Control Your Smart Home, Too

8/14/2014 - Microsoft Thought About Renaming Internet Explorer to Escape Its Bad Rep

8/14/2014 - Why Does This Comic Book Hero Appear On So Many New Guinea War Shields?

8/14/2014 - This Sponge Could Help Fill Gaps Where Bone Can't Regrow Itself

8/14/2014 - Under The Dome Recap: Even A Dome Needs An Outlet Sometimes

8/14/2014 - This Elegant Trash Bin Swings Open Without Screws, Gears, or Wires

8/14/2014 - How Much of Iraq Does ISIS Actually Control?

8/14/2014 - Watch The Largest Robotic Swarm In History Take Shape

8/14/2014 - Who's Your Favorite Character Who Went To Insane Lengths For Revenge?

8/14/2014 - A Star Wars Making Of Book That Focuses On Models, Not CG

8/14/2014 - Chris Tucker Voices All Stormtroopers In Next Star Wars Special Edition

8/14/2014 - World Trade Center's $3.57 Million Branding Has an Impossible Job

8/14/2014 - Life After Beth Fails To Inject New Life Into The "Zombie Comedy" Genre

8/14/2014 - The Ultimate Guide to this Fall's Science Fiction and Fantasy TV!

8/14/2014 - A Thousand Tiny Robots Swarming Into Shapes Like Intelligent Insects

8/14/2014 - Here's The First 3D Picture of Rosetta's Comet!

8/14/2014 - These Typefaces Are Tiny Math Puzzles Made by MIT Scientists

8/14/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Summer Vacation

8/14/2014 - Microsoft's Newest Trick Turns Ordinary Cameras Into Baby Kinects

8/14/2014 - Watch The First 8 Minutes Of The Anti-D&D Movie Or Your Soul Is Doomed

8/14/2014 - This Pencil Lamp's Power Cord Leaves Doodles Around Your Home

8/14/2014 - Can Congress Grant Private Companies The Right To Mine Asteroids?

8/14/2014 - This Is What American Police of the Future Were Supposed to Look Like

8/14/2014 - Come Chat with America's Greatest Convicted Counterfeiter

8/14/2014 - How Will Self-Driving Cars Change Teenage Culture?

8/14/2014 - The Secret, Sordid Sex Lives Of Chess Pieces Revealed!

8/14/2014 - The Super-Imaging Satellite That Will Double Google Maps Resolution

8/14/2014 - Why the Ferguson Police Force Looks Like a Military Unit

8/14/2014 - Why The Giver Still Matters

8/14/2014 - The Bizarre Story of How the Original Poster For Jaws Went Missing

8/14/2014 - Daredevil skateboarders descend a curvy road in the Alps at full speed

8/14/2014 - Detroit's Saddest Parking Lot Has a Hopeful Future

8/14/2014 - Exclusive: 50 Cent's SMS Audio Making Headphones That Keep Track of Your Run

8/14/2014 - Two-Headed Dolphin Washes Ashore In Turkey, Current Whereabouts Unknown

8/14/2014 - Charge Three Gadgets at Once in the Car, Grab a PS4 for Cheap [Deals]

8/14/2014 - The Fault In Our Stars Little Infinities, Premium Cowboy Bebop [Deals]

8/14/2014 - 10 Movie Remakes We're Glad Never Happened

8/14/2014 - This Walking Dead S4 Deleted Scene Is Both Insane And Disgusting

8/14/2014 - The Simple Reason We Like Buying Food In Clear Packaging

8/14/2014 - A Plush-Disguised Camera Lets Drivers Keep an Eye On Back-Seat Infants

8/14/2014 - Confused Sharks Keep Trying to Eat Google's Undersea Data Cables

8/14/2014 - Don't Miss This Exclusive Preview Of Dr. Mirage, September's Best Comic

8/14/2014 - What Is the LRAD Sound Cannon?

8/14/2014 - A Genetic Test for Suicide Risk

8/14/2014 - What Tear Gas Does to Its Victims

8/14/2014 - The Fastest Shark In The World Is Also An Incredible High Jumper

8/14/2014 - Don't Worry, It Will Almost Never Be As Bad As You Think

8/14/2014 - Here's A Six-Minute Summary of the Curiosity Rover Mission

8/14/2014 - NASA Released Free 3D-Printable Models Of Its Probes and Spacecraft

8/14/2014 - Giant Chinese Bitcoin Mines Are the Foundation of the Next Economy

8/14/2014 - The First Supercomputer-Designed Wind Farm Is Coming To Mexico

8/14/2014 - What's The Best Answer You Ever Got To A Scientific Question?

8/14/2014 - Block Images and Plug-ins To Speed Up Sluggish Wi-Fi

8/14/2014 - The USS Enterprise Is Being Shut Down

8/14/2014 - Sansa Stark To Play Frankenstein Author In Mary Shelley's Monster

8/14/2014 - What Is Lex Luthor's Evil Scheme in Batman v. Superman?

8/14/2014 - From Bugs Bunny to Wile E. Coyote: The Animation Genius of Chuck Jones

8/14/2014 - Apple Patented a Mouse that Would Vibrate at Your Touch

8/14/2014 - Ultraviolet camera shows why we should always wear sunscreen

8/14/2014 - A British Pilot's Artificial Arm Came Off, Almost Caused Crash Landing

8/14/2014 - One of the Best Cybersecurity Minds on Earth Uses a Pager Not a Phone

8/14/2014 - How Badly Will Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Affect Its Effects Studio?

8/14/2014 - This Is What a Heart Injected With Liquid Metal Looks Like

8/14/2014 - A Forgotten Einstein Model of the Universe Describes the Big Crunch

8/14/2014 - This Panoramic 4K Time-Lapse of Dubai Airport Is Mesmerizing

8/14/2014 - Future Wearables Could Communicate Using Reflected Wi-Fi

8/14/2014 - Watch Zuck Dump a Bucket of Ice Water on His Head (For Charity)

8/14/2014 - Dogs With Flower Crowns Promote Pit Bull Adoption

8/14/2014 - This High-Res Satellite Can Count The Number Of Chickens On Earth

8/14/2014 - Outlander Star Sam Heughan Auditioned for Game of Thrones Seven Times

8/14/2014 - Should E-Cigarettes Be Banned As "Hazardous Materials" On Flights?

8/14/2014 - Adorable dog balances 100 different fruits and vegetables on its head

8/14/2014 - Sharklumbo Is the Detective We Didn't Know We Needed

8/14/2014 - T-Mobile Will Throttle Your Data If You Use Torrents

8/13/2014 - Watch how the creator of Peanuts drew Charlie Brown

8/13/2014 - How a documentary about Eskimos explains our stupid reality TV obsession

8/13/2014 - This mesmerizing machine rolls and unrolls condoms

8/13/2014 - There's a Skate Park In an Old Tunnel Under London, And You Can Visit

8/13/2014 - Apple Is Banning Two Hazardous Chemicals From iPhone Production

8/13/2014 - Lauren Bacall Starred Alongside Groundbreaking Tech In This 1953 Film

8/13/2014 - These Cat Photos Put The Rest Of The Internet's Cat Photos To Shame

8/13/2014 - This Short Film About A Man Made Out Of Balloons Will Make You Weep

8/13/2014 - The REAL Reason Why Superhero Romances Are Always Doomed

8/13/2014 - Double Tap: A Teen Ballad That Reminds You Sometimes Creeping Is Okay

8/13/2014 - The Simpsons' Springfield Made Entirely Out Of Legos!

8/13/2014 - A Common Bacteria Can Be Injected Directly Into Tumors to Fight Cancer

8/13/2014 - What Casting Choice Sounded Terrible At First, But Turned Out Great?

8/13/2014 - Lobsters were once only fed to poor people and prisoners

8/13/2014 - Watch One World Trade Center's Entire Construction In Just Two Minutes

8/13/2014 - Sharks Don't Have Bones, But They Still Fossilize

8/13/2014 - How robots have already taken over our world

8/13/2014 - These Rarely-Seen Godzilla Posters Show You A New Face Of The Monster

8/13/2014 - Every Beer Label In the Country Is Cleared By Just One Guy

8/13/2014 - A Carbon Fiber Stapler Is Definitely More Lustworthy Than a Swingline

8/13/2014 - Use a Remote Control Robot to Roam a Closed Museum Right Now

8/13/2014 - Every Port On The Space Station Is Loaded With Spacecraft

8/13/2014 - The Guardians Of The Galaxy Soundtrack Is The #1 Album In America

8/13/2014 - This Was Actually A Pretty Decent Episode Of Falling Skies

8/13/2014 - This Disposable Space Camera Will Record Its Own Destruction on Re-Entry

8/13/2014 - Snowden: The NSA Accidentally Turned Off Syria's Internet

8/13/2014 - io9 Book Club Is in Session! Let's Discuss The Girl With All the Gifts!

8/13/2014 - The insane workout of a professional breakdancer

8/13/2014 - Sony Desperately Tries To Start Sinister Six Hype With This ASM2 Extra

8/13/2014 - Why Are So Few People Left-Handed?

8/13/2014 - The Best (And Worst) Browser For Your Laptop's Battery Life

8/13/2014 - 21 Super Photos Of The Super Moon

8/13/2014 - Fall Movie Guide: 6 Movies We're Sure Will Rock, Plus 23 Contenders

8/13/2014 - Why People Who Feel Calm Experience Pathological Laughter and Crying

8/13/2014 - Yo Is Dead, Long Live Yo

8/13/2014 - The first audiobooks were invented for blind Americans in the 1930s

8/13/2014 - The Rise and Fall of America's Greatest Convicted Counterfeiter

8/13/2014 - Every Pet Guinea Pig Needs A Pair Of Leather Steampunk Wings

8/13/2014 - Self-Cleaning Cashmere Means Sweater Stains Disappear in the Sun

8/13/2014 - Mathematician Wins Fields Prize for Her Work on Hyberbolic Objects

8/13/2014 - A Chat With the Paleontologist Who Unearthed The World's Biggest T-Rex

8/13/2014 - 18 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Poop

8/13/2014 - Captain America 3 Screenwriter Wants MODOK As The Villain. YES PLEASE.

8/13/2014 - Deals: Popular Streaming Boxes, $40 Smartphone Sans Contract, mStand

8/13/2014 - Deals: Bag of Holding, Home Theater Upgrades, iPads in the Bathroom

8/13/2014 - Salmon Cannon Shoots Fish Over Dams. That's Right—A Fish Cannon

8/13/2014 - Crayfish Can Turn Ordinary Blood Cells Into Neurons

8/13/2014 - It's impossible not to crave cake after watching these videos

8/13/2014 - Why E-Cigarettes Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

8/13/2014 - How Did Hanoi Grow So Big Without Developing Slums?

8/13/2014 - Can The World's Lightest Down Jacket Stand Up To Backcountry Abuse?

8/13/2014 - The Salmon Cannon Will Launch Live Fish Over Dams

8/13/2014 - This Balance Bike Grows As Fast As Your Kids Do

8/13/2014 - Someone Needs To Turn This Delightful Webcomic Into An Animated Series

8/13/2014 - Comcast Spends $110K on FCC Dinner That Was Totally Not Merger-Related

8/13/2014 - This Is The Greatest Karaoke Bar In The World. The End.

8/13/2014 - Sounds of Street View Lets You Listen to Google Maps

8/13/2014 - Here's Why Superhero Movie Romances Suck

8/13/2014 - A Multi-Year Sunny Spell on Titan Ends With Methane Clouds

8/13/2014 - Dinosaurs Can Roam the Earth Again With Righteous Tricera Hi-Top Shoes

8/13/2014 - The making of Futurama 3D is even cooler than the original video

8/13/2014 - Lev Grossman Goes Where Other Coming-Of-Age Books Fear To Go: Adulthood

8/13/2014 - Snowden: The Worst NSA Revelations Are Yet to Come

8/13/2014 - Turn Your Favorite Pen Into a Stylus With This Stretchy Rubber Wrap

8/13/2014 - An Always Charging Flashlight That Could Serve As a Centerpiece

8/13/2014 - What's Your Favorite Obsolete Technological Term That People Still Use?

8/13/2014 - The Ronin Rabbit Returns In This Great Stop-Motion Usagi Yojimbo Short

8/13/2014 - This Temporary Tattoo Is Actually a Battery That's Powered By Your Sweat

8/13/2014 - This Is the Nicest Explanation of How Life Began You'll Ever See

8/13/2014 - Which Characters Will Be in Guillermo del Toro's Justice League Dark?

8/13/2014 - 5 Important Artifacts That Were Lost—And Found—In Museum Storage

8/13/2014 - A Murder Suspect Actually Asked Siri Where to Hide the Body (Updated: Not Quite)

8/13/2014 - F-18 fighter jet jumps into hyperspace

8/13/2014 - The New Fields Medal Winner Was Inspired By a Rubik's Cube

8/13/2014 - This New Technology Will Finally Bring Flexible Displays To Market

8/13/2014 - Why Deer Freeze in Your Headlights

8/13/2014 - This ad is the definition of cool

8/13/2014 - How Many Different Colors Can We See?

8/13/2014 - Ben-Hur Remake Wants Tom Hiddleston As Its Star

8/13/2014 - This Stackable Wire Chair Is Beautifully Simple

8/13/2014 - The Worst Hurricanes in Living Memory Across the North-East, Mapped

8/13/2014 - This Adorable Robot Will Help the ISS With Robotic Refuelling

8/13/2014 - Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Android Brains, iPhone-Like Body

8/13/2014 - Amazon's New Mobile Card Reader Brutally Undercuts Square And PayPal

8/13/2014 - This Is The Most Insanely Wonderful Science Fiction Music Video In Ages

8/13/2014 - Trojan Horse Gold Particles Could Finally Treat Brain Tumors

8/13/2014 - Intricate Cardboard Models of Theoretical Flying Machines

8/13/2014 - FBI Facial Recognition Caught a Fugitive on the Run For 14 Years

8/13/2014 - Be Mesmerized by This Gif of Comics Characters Morphing Into Each Other

8/13/2014 - Facebook Will Now Crash 50% Less Often on iOS

8/13/2014 - Here's how much lighting can change the way someone's face looks

8/13/2014 - Pixels rearrange themselves and morph into different works of art

8/13/2014 - Fox Steals Dog's Toy While the Dog Barks Jealously From Inside

8/13/2014 - Why Is Warner Bros. Developing TWO Aquaman Scripts?

8/12/2014 - With A Brand New API, Uber Is About To Be Everywhere

8/12/2014 - Watch The Art In this Gallery Transform When The Lights Go Out

8/12/2014 - Land diving is way scarier than bungee jumping

8/12/2014 - They Came Together: Every Romcom Ever Summed Up In One Perfect Parody

8/12/2014 - In the Middle of the Ancient City, They Found a Carbon Fiber Bridge

8/12/2014 - George Orwell Was Actually Born on This Animal Farm in India

8/12/2014 - Alien Sexuality Should Be More Diverse Than Human Sexuality, Not Less

8/12/2014 - Are Millennials Compatible With U.S. Military Culture?

8/12/2014 - George R.R. Martin Explains Why There's No Gay Sex In His Novels

8/12/2014 - Crank The Volume Of This Old Jam To Boost The Mood On A Crummy Day

8/12/2014 - The VFX Wizard Behind Ghostbusters Explains Why Practical Effects Rock

8/12/2014 - What Happens When You Mix Buffy, Tomb Raider And H.P. Lovecraft?

8/12/2014 - Man Summons Cow Army By Playing "Royals" On His Trombone

8/12/2014 - Photoshop Contest: Give the LA Clippers a New, Ballmer-Friendly Logo

8/12/2014 - Mind-Bending French Posters For Cult Scifi And Horror Movies

8/12/2014 - Guy climbs a building with no equipment like a real life Spider-Man

8/12/2014 - Is This Samsung's Phone-Powered VR Headset?

8/12/2014 - Yep, Star-Lord Is Getting A Brand-New Set Of Daddy Issues In GotG 2

8/12/2014 - A Simple Accessory Turns Your Shopvac Into an Extra Set of Hands

8/12/2014 - Fool's Assassin Is A Triumphant Return To Robin Hobb's Farseer Realm

8/12/2014 - Tip This Robo-Bellhop in Tweets For Delivering Your Room Service

8/12/2014 - How One 1920s Feminist Imagined Our Futuristic High-Tech World

8/12/2014 - Which Science Fiction Or Fantasy Story Is Your Happy Place?

8/12/2014 - KitchenAid's SodaStream Machines Look Transplanted From a Fifties Diner

8/12/2014 - A Counterfeit Ring Behind $77 Million in Fake Bills Finally Got Busted

8/12/2014 - Here's What Your 1.1 Million Comments On Net Neutrality Look Like

8/12/2014 - CIA Analysis Of The War Of 1812 Finds Same Failures That Led To 9/11

8/12/2014 - Learn Real Science Facts About Great White Sharks

8/12/2014 - Where Do You Draw the Line Between the Sky and Space?

8/12/2014 - OnePlus to Women: Send Us Hot Selfies, We'll Let You Buy Our Phone

8/12/2014 - ​I Rode A 20,000lbs Whale Shark

8/12/2014 - How Pittsburgh Airport Will Frack for Gas Under Active Runways

8/12/2014 - Dear Tesla: Bypassing Environmental Laws Is Bad For Everyone

8/12/2014 - ​Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Spoiler FAQ

8/12/2014 - Dancing Groot Is Real! And He Dances!

8/12/2014 - A Fantastic (Fake) Fitness Tracker Tells You What You're Running From

8/12/2014 - Now This Is The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie We Deserve

8/12/2014 - Forensic Meteorologists Solve Crimes You've Never Thought About

8/12/2014 - This Death Star of a Speaker Actually Floats in Midair

8/12/2014 - Forensic Meteorologists Solve Crimes You've Never Thought About

8/12/2014 - Jeff Bridges Explains Why It Took Him 20 Years To Make The Giver

8/12/2014 - This $120 Anti-Gravity Machine Beats All Desk Toys To Date

8/12/2014 - "Fair Trade" Cocaine Is A Thing Now

8/12/2014 - Watch an Ice Cube Crack In Liquid Nitrogen

8/12/2014 - Deals: Travel Router Learns New Tricks, Chromebook with Lifetime 4G

8/12/2014 - Deals: Fringe, Legend of Korra Book 2, Apollo 13, Healthier Popcorn

8/12/2014 - 10 Classic Young Adult Novels That Would Make Amazing Movies

8/12/2014 - Berlin's Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Park Burned Down Over the Weekend

8/12/2014 - Behold The Average Face Of Doctor Who's Doctors

8/12/2014 - The World's First Fully Robotic Telescope Is Hunting for New Earths

8/12/2014 - X-Ray Reveals Real Human Teeth in 300-Year-Old Jesus Statue

8/12/2014 - Americans Have Taken 23 Million Bike Share Rides and No One Has Died

8/12/2014 - Jason Momoa Will Officially Be Aquaman In Batman V. Superman

8/12/2014 - James Dashner Is Here To Answer Your Questions About The Maze Runner!

8/12/2014 - This cyborg arm is the first step to a badass Lego mech suit

8/12/2014 - The Most Badass Sailor Moon Redesigns The Internet Has To Offer

8/12/2014 - First Light for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory

8/12/2014 - The Creators of Siri Are Building a New AI That Programs Itself

8/12/2014 - Nothing On Earth Can Hold Adrien Brody In The Houdini Trailer

8/12/2014 - Being the Boss Means Getting The (Second To) Last Cookie

8/12/2014 - A Spirograph Pancake Machine Makes Breakfast Beautiful

8/12/2014 - What Is the Most Science Fictional Place You've Ever Visited?

8/12/2014 - Confessions of a Colorblind Photographer

8/12/2014 - These Enormous Caverns Below NYC Are Starting To Look Like Train Tunnels

8/12/2014 - The Lightsaber Katana Is An Elegant Weapon For A More Realistic Age

8/12/2014 - The Xbox One Could Soon Stream TV Straight to Your Phone

8/12/2014 - A Computer Has Finally Proven the Answer to a 400-Year-Old Math Problem

8/12/2014 - 11 of the Most Embarrassing Government Websites

8/12/2014 - Which Marvel Project Is Vin Diesel Teasing Now?

8/12/2014 - YMCA music-less video make the Village People look even more ridiculous

8/12/2014 - The Powerful Equations That Explain the Patterns We See in Nature

8/12/2014 - Star Trek Writer's Defense of Diversity in Sci-Fi Is Damn Near Perfect

8/12/2014 - How Air Conditioning Struggled to Make Its Way Into Your Home

8/12/2014 - Watch these guys remove the antenna atop the John Hancock Center

8/12/2014 - Stinky Landfills Might Soon Generate Clean Energy

8/12/2014 - "Blank Is My Middle Name" Is Over 100 Years Old

8/12/2014 - Some Simple Software Could Help Charge Your Phone in Minutes Not Hours

8/12/2014 - Why Fire Hydrants Don’t Freeze and Burst During Winter

8/12/2014 - What Are the Chances of Kick-Ass 3 Coming to the Big Screen?

8/12/2014 - This Is What It's Like to Drive a Car From a Drone's Point of View

8/12/2014 - Report: Apple in Talks With Major Hospitals to Work With HealthKit

8/12/2014 - Google Funds An Undersea Cable to Connect the US to Asia at 60 Tbps

8/12/2014 - With This Look, Facial Recognition Software Won't Be an Issue

8/12/2014 - What's the Most Boring Number?

8/12/2014 - Report: The Next iPad Will Have a New Glare-Free Display

8/12/2014 - Here's What Happens If You Like Everything On Your Facebook Feed

8/12/2014 - Your Daily Happy: Two Red Pandas Playing

8/12/2014 - You Can Now Cast Your Google+ Stream To Your Chromecast

8/11/2014 - True Blood: "Here Is A Hot Dildo On A Stick, Are You Not Entertained?"

8/11/2014 - Let's See Your Best Supermoon Astrophotography

8/11/2014 - A lightsaber katana is the closest we'll get to Star Wars in real life

8/11/2014 - R.I.P. Robin Williams, The Man With A Thousand Characters

8/11/2014 - Two Astronauts Fall In Love A Little More Each Time Their Orbits Meet

8/11/2014 - It Was a Gorgeous Morning in the Cloud Layer Habitat

8/11/2014 - Dogs jumping for treats in slow motion

8/11/2014 - The Technological Decision That Doomed Richard Nixon

8/11/2014 - Pay Tribute to Robin Williams, Whose Comedy Brought Us All Together

8/11/2014 - Cymbals Eat Guitars: Jackson

8/11/2014 - JJ Abrams' Newest Force For Change Tweet Hints At A Major Ep. 7 Spoiler

8/11/2014 - This Is The Last Journey For ESA's Cargo-Carrying Space Tugs

8/11/2014 - This Weird Rainbow Nipple is Actually a Sophisticated Model of a Brain

8/11/2014 - These Otherworldly Halos Turn Our Sun Into The Eye Of Sauron

8/11/2014 - Check Out This H.R. Giger-Inspired Concept Art For The Blake's 7 Reboot

8/11/2014 - Watch The Pilot Episode Of The Knick Now, Just Maybe Not While Eating

8/11/2014 - These animated X-ray GIFs show how the inside of our bodies work

8/11/2014 - Michael Bay Is Pretending To Be Done With The Transformers Movies Again

8/11/2014 - The Calendar Of Movie And TV Releases, August 11 Update

8/11/2014 - Automatic Skyscraper Shades Bend and Fold to Keep You Comfy

8/11/2014 - Annoyed by Fake Shark Documentaries? Here's A Double Helping Of Reality

8/11/2014 - Which Character Has The Coolest Origin Story Of All Time?

8/11/2014 - Vanquish Blank Walls With These Awesomely Detailed Linocuts

8/11/2014 - Join Gizmodo for a Los Angeles Happy Hour Tonight

8/11/2014 - A Small Danish Suburb Is a Lab for the World's Smartest Streetlights

8/11/2014 - Futures, Ranked

8/11/2014 - The Craziest Thing You Can Do On The Leftovers Is Try To Stay Sane

8/11/2014 - Maplecroft Will Be the Best Damn Cthulhu Novel You've Read in Ages

8/11/2014 - The Earth Looks Like A Living Creature In This Amazing NASA Video

8/11/2014 - A Dinosaur Rampages Through Victorian London In New Doctor Who Trailer

8/11/2014 - Watch How Open-Source OpenStreetMap Mapped the Globe In Just 7 Years

8/11/2014 - Proof That We Never Really Know a Bargain When We See One

8/11/2014 - Remote Control Drumming Toy Keeps the Beat Without Any Electronics

8/11/2014 - Shark Week Lied to Scientists to Get Them to Appear in "Documentaries"

8/11/2014 - The World's Largest Natural Gas-Powered Ships Are Almost Ready to Sail

8/11/2014 - Intel's Broadwell Chips Will Make Full-Fledged PCs as Tiny as Tablets

8/11/2014 - Evidence Challenges the "Out of Africa" Timeline of Human Evolution

8/11/2014 - Why You Still Can't Text 911

8/11/2014 - Rejected Saul Bass Posters For The Shining—With Stanley Kubrick's Notes

8/11/2014 - The US Government Has a New Team to Make Sure Its Websites Don't Suck

8/11/2014 - Every single Alfred Hitchcock cameo in one video

8/11/2014 - This Is Why You Constantly Diagnose Yourself Over The Internet

8/11/2014 - The Supermoon Brought On A Plague of Astrozombification

8/11/2014 - Climbing Grand Teton Without A Rope

8/11/2014 - ​Everybody's Got Vampire Issues On The Strain (This Is A Good Thing)

8/11/2014 - The Quest to Find the Worst Piece of Design on Earth

8/11/2014 - Wild Concept Art For The Trippy Final Moments Of Luc Besson's Lucy

8/11/2014 - Everything You Need to Escape from Alcatraz

8/11/2014 - Deals: That Gum You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style

8/11/2014 - Deals: Cheap KitchenAid, Automatic Driving Assistant, iPad Air or Mini

8/11/2014 - 12 Insane Facts About He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

8/11/2014 - New York City's Futuristic Skybridges Are a Thing of the Past

8/11/2014 - These Trippy 1970s TV Ads Warned That The Government Was Spying On You

8/11/2014 - Why Being A LEGO Superhero Is Actually A Pain In The Ass

8/11/2014 - Watching a gecko's pupils contract and dilate is weirdly satisfying

8/11/2014 - Colossal Groot Cosplay Will Stomp Into Your Heart

8/11/2014 - Tricycles Were Never This Much Fun When You Were a Kid

8/11/2014 - These Fish Keep People Awake With Their Weird Mating Calls

8/11/2014 - This Week's TV: Adventure Time Reveals Finn And Jake's Parents' Past

8/11/2014 - The Rise and Fall of the Fireman’s Pole

8/11/2014 - This Canal in the Netherlands Will Soon Be a Water-Purifying Wave Pool

8/11/2014 - The Domestic Cat Genome Has Been Fully Sequenced, and It's Fascinating

8/11/2014 - Windows 9 Might Have Cortana Built Right In

8/11/2014 - A Wheelchair That Gives the Rider Even More Mobility Than Walking

8/11/2014 - Six Clips From The Giver Reveal The YA Dystopia From Your Youth

8/11/2014 - So What Ever Happened to Post-PC?

8/11/2014 - Should We Be Exploring The Oceans Instead Of Space?

8/11/2014 - Disney Developed Software To Revolutionize Macy's Parade Balloons

8/11/2014 - The Real Plant That Sounds Like a Harry Potter Prank

8/11/2014 - How to Hide a Nuclear Missile

8/11/2014 - Has One of Your Teachers Ever Tried to Teach You Fake Science?

8/11/2014 - Leaked Galaxy Note 4 Images Show Off Metal and Pleather

8/11/2014 - Marty McFly Comes Back to The Future To Perform Magic Tricks

8/11/2014 - Use Flickr To Preview the Picture Quality of Your Next Phone or Camera

8/11/2014 - When Will The Last Ever McDonald's Restaurant Close Its Doors?

8/11/2014 - A Farmer's Terrifying DIY Guard-Bot Scares Off Bears with 25,000 Volts

8/11/2014 - Which Female Hero ISN'T Going to Be Dead In Ant-Man?

8/11/2014 - 18 High-Tech Warships From the Future That Rule the Seas Today

8/11/2014 - Alien acid dreams probably look like this

8/11/2014 - Learn the A-to-Z of Space Travel With NASA's Orion Spacecraft

8/11/2014 - Acer Chromebook 13 Hands On: Gaming Guts in a Chromebook Body

8/11/2014 - The NSA Is Funding a Project to Roll All Programming Languages Into One

8/11/2014 - How Digital Security Is Being Inspired By Nature

8/11/2014 - A Very Special Witches of East End: Don't Make Supercocaine With Magic

8/11/2014 - First Footage From Blackmagic's New Modular 4K Camera Is Just Gorgeous

8/11/2014 - Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud of these cardboard flying machines

8/11/2014 - The World's Fastest Camera Can Capture Chemical Reactions in Action

8/11/2014 - Doctors Removed a Tooth Growing Into a Man's Nose

8/11/2014 - Imagine Owning a Magical Universal Converter Box Like This

8/11/2014 - Inside Apple's Secretive University-Style Training School

8/11/2014 - These Game of Thrones House Sigils Are the Cutest

8/11/2014 - Outlander Leaves Us Wanting More. Like Now. Right Now.

8/10/2014 - New Microsoft Project Makes Shakey Timelapse Video Watchable

8/10/2014 - Slip Into the Sweet, Ambient Sounds of Science Fiction

8/10/2014 - Weather Channel Reporter Won't Stop Mispronouncing This Moon's Name

8/10/2014 - Microsoft's Snipp3t App Helps You Virtually Stalk Celebrities

8/10/2014 - Once Again, Yellowstone Is Not Erupting And Killing Us All

8/10/2014 - What Is the Weirdest Gadget You've Ever Seen?

8/10/2014 - Google Boosts Secure Sites in Search Results

8/10/2014 - This Secret Treasure Room May Be The Best Birthday Present Of All Time

8/10/2014 - ISS Astronauts Use Sleeping Pills Unsuited for Hazardous Occupations

8/10/2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy Outpaces Transformers To Set 10-Day Record

8/10/2014 - YouTube Sizes Up to a Higher Resolution for New Mobile Displays

8/10/2014 - Unmanned Drones Landing Autonomously Next to F-18s Is a Very Big Deal

8/10/2014 - Toxic Algae, Razor Blades, Olympics: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

8/10/2014 - Babylon 5 Could Soon Be Rebooted As A Feature Film

8/10/2014 - A New Samsung Galaxy Alpha Image Leaks Full Specs

8/10/2014 - Watch ISEE-3's Lunar Flyby at 1:30pm ET

8/10/2014 - This Yo-Yo World Champ's Skills Are Mesmerizing

8/10/2014 - The Cultural Curse of Knowledge and Movie Spoilers

8/10/2014 - Tonight's Supermoon Will Be the Largest Moon of 2014

8/10/2014 - ISEE-3 Becomes A Spacecraft For All In Today's Lunar Flyby

8/10/2014 - io9 Newsstand: Best Stories for the Week of August 4 - 9

8/10/2014 - Security Experts: Car Hacking Is Real and We Need To Prepare

8/10/2014 - First Satellite To Capture High-Res Public Images Is Ready for Launch

8/10/2014 - Find Everything You Need to Know About Shark Week In This Viewing Guide

8/9/2014 - OKCupid's Human Experiments, Revealed

8/9/2014 - Mesmerizing Anatomical X-Ray GIFs

8/9/2014 - How a Mysterious British DJ Made Me Love the Beach Boys Again

8/9/2014 - This Industrial Paper-Cutter Sounds Like a Star Wars Blaster

8/9/2014 - What Current Technology Still Feels Futuristic to You?

8/9/2014 - You Want A Deadpool Movie? Here's Some Advice.

8/9/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

8/9/2014 - Legend Of Korra Reminds Us Why Korra And Asami Make Such A Great Team

8/9/2014 - NYC District Attorney Seriously Subpoenas Parody Bike Twitter Account

8/9/2014 - A New Chapter In The Amazon/Hachette Battle

8/9/2014 - The Supersonic Nazi Rocket Concept Designed to Bomb Any City in 1 Hour

8/9/2014 - iPhone 6, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Military Smartphones, and More

8/9/2014 - This Wind Map Explains Everything About the Storms Hitting Hawaii

8/9/2014 - Now Your Lost Android Device Can Phone Home

8/9/2014 - Alvin the Deep Sea Submersible is Half a Century Old!

8/9/2014 - Let's Stop Trying To Teach Students Critical Thinking

8/9/2014 - Watch The Sun Slurp Its Own Plasma

8/9/2014 - Just How Bad Is California's Drought? Here's A Scary, 10-Second Answer.

8/9/2014 - Podcasts: Where to Start, What to Listen To, and How to Do It Yourself

8/9/2014 - ​Intruders to Take a Grounded Approach to Body Swapping

8/9/2014 - The Trans-Arctic Internet Cable Project Made Possible by Climate Change

8/9/2014 - Google Lets You Watch Live Data From NASA's Long Lost Satellite

8/9/2014 - Disney Research 3D-Prints Figurines With the Most Lifelike Hair Ever

8/9/2014 - The Sun Spurts Plasma, Only To Slurp It Back Up

8/9/2014 - This may be the most impressive aviation film I've ever seen

8/9/2014 - Extreme close up photo of a living human brain

8/9/2014 - Magician makes dogs freak out with flying sausage trick

8/9/2014 - This guy can control water by shooting vortexes with his mouth

8/8/2014 - Cars exploding in drag races look like they are made out of Jell-O

8/8/2014 - Watch the most delicious movie food scenes in one supercut

8/8/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Black Market Parlor

8/8/2014 - Remember When Bill Murray Starred in Great Movies?

8/8/2014 - Should Environmentalist Politicians Focus Less On Climate Change?

8/8/2014 - Those New Anne Rice Movies Can't Possibly Measure Up To This

8/8/2014 - Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote Film Is Now A Super Meta Modern-Day Movie

8/8/2014 - Most Of What You Need To Know About Planet Earth, In Seven Minutes

8/8/2014 - Get a Rare Peek at Everyday Life In North Korea From a New Timelapse

8/8/2014 - Photos Of Everyday Life In Pripyat Before The Chernobyl Disaster

8/8/2014 - This Japanese Artist Creates a New Diorama Every Day

8/8/2014 - High-Def Video of NASA's Flying Saucer Decelerator Test Is Excellent

8/8/2014 - The Poster Artist Who Helped Define Your Favorite Movies

8/8/2014 - A "Dumpcano" of Trash Erupted in the Arctic and Won't Stop Burning

8/8/2014 - John Lennon wrote "Come Together" for Timothy Leary but pot ruined it

8/8/2014 - New High-Def Video Of NASA's "Flying Saucer" Test Will Blow You Away

8/8/2014 - Disney Can Turn Any 3D-Printed Object Into a Perfectly Spinning Top

8/8/2014 - 11 Origins of Common Drinking Phrases

8/8/2014 - Which Animated Series Must Never Get A Live-Action Movie?

8/8/2014 - "Mr. Organic" died during a TV interview after saying he'd live to 100

8/8/2014 - When Writers Remake Gender, They Create A Better Mirror On Our World

8/8/2014 - A Look At the Sub That Took James Cameron To the Bottom of the Sea

8/8/2014 - Confused Google Street View Driver Ignores Street Signs, Crashes

8/8/2014 - Nova Concept Art Reveals The One Character You Didn't See in GOTG

8/8/2014 - Editor Accidentally Copy-Pastes Facebook Status Into Newspaper Article

8/8/2014 - Sunday Night Will Be An Extraordinary Time For Skygazing

8/8/2014 - Windowless jet makes its fuselage transparent using displays

8/8/2014 - How To Free Up Space On an Android Phone or Tablet

8/8/2014 - Canadian Police Want You To Respond to Sexts With These Insane Replies

8/8/2014 - This Educational TV Show About A Space Station Academy Needs Your Help

8/8/2014 - New video shows NASA's cool Flying Saucer in action at last

8/8/2014 - The New Alienware 13-inch Laptop Promises Pro Gaming Without Backache

8/8/2014 - The Weirdest Stories Where God Is An Actual Character

8/8/2014 - Zack Snyder Calls Into Local Radio Show To Defend The Honor Of Aquaman

8/8/2014 - Should Robotics Companies Help The Workers They Displace?

8/8/2014 - Putting 900 Pounds of Explosives Below an Abandoned Suburb For Science

8/8/2014 - Peter Capaldi Really Is A Pricklier Doctor In These Doctor Who Clips

8/8/2014 - ​This Knife's Sheath Folds To Become Its Handle

8/8/2014 - These Wireless Earbuds Are 3D-Printed To Fit Your Ears (and Style)

8/8/2014 - Reality Check: Most Scientists Never Believed In "Global Cooling"

8/8/2014 - Antiques Roadshow Appraised My 2008 Toshiba TV

8/8/2014 - Deals: Your New Projector, The Air You Want, Chalkboard Paint

8/8/2014 - Deals: The Little Mermaid, Home Theater Upgrades, Xillia 2 CE

8/8/2014 - 10 Alternate Versions Of Characters That Were Better Than The Originals

8/8/2014 - Australia took kangaroos as mascots to World War I

8/8/2014 - Crazy Ivan climbs atop the frozen crane of the 2073-foot Shanghai Tower

8/8/2014 - A Magical Machine Lets You Inject Bananas With Sweet Sweet Fillings

8/8/2014 - This Algorithm Can Change the Season and Weather In Your Photos

8/8/2014 - Who famously said "You don't introduce new products in August"?

8/8/2014 - The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Fails In Every Possible Way

8/8/2014 - Shoelaces That Include Everything You Need To Start an Emergency Fire

8/8/2014 - The World's Most Badass Combine Harvester Will Shuck Your Mind

8/8/2014 - More Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles Movies Are Coming

8/8/2014 - NASA Is Betting on These Five Extraordinary Ideas

8/8/2014 - Orphan Black Creators Reveal [Redacted]'s Injury's Worse Than It Looked

8/8/2014 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review: An NYC Tale That Needs More NYC

8/8/2014 - A See-Through Glass Pot That Definitely Boils While You Watch It

8/8/2014 - Self-Assembling Robots Are Here, And They Are Awesome

8/8/2014 - Grapefruit Could Cause You to Overdose on Prescription Drugs

8/8/2014 - 5 Inspiring Science Projects Designed by Teens

8/8/2014 - A Truly Outrageous Gif Party!

8/8/2014 - Speedo's Crazy Nemesis Fins Borrow Their Design From Humpback Whales

8/8/2014 - Watch music turn vapor into a living and dancing beast

8/8/2014 - Why We Need To Stop Saying Cyberattacks Are An "Existential" Threat

8/8/2014 - A Flippable Frame Lets This Bike Grow With Your Kids

8/8/2014 - This Is How We'll Grow Salad on Mars

8/8/2014 - The Extraordinary Evolution of Scissors

8/8/2014 - Who's Flying The Millennium Falcon In Star Wars Episode VII?

8/8/2014 - The Ebola Outbreak Is Now an 'International Public Health Emergency'

8/8/2014 - Making the poster of The Shining was as intense as the movie itself

8/8/2014 - Just How Many LEGO Movies Is Warner Bros. Making?

8/8/2014 - The Truth About Cholesterol

8/8/2014 - How Your Hotel Room Price and Wi-Fi Speed Are Linked

8/8/2014 - 10 Alternates That Should Have Replaced Their Originals Permanently

8/8/2014 - What would happen if Mad Men's Joan Harris worked in a modern office?

8/8/2014 - Facebook Has Banned Likes-For-Content

8/8/2014 - Everything You Need to Know About Ebola in Four Minutes

8/8/2014 - Yahoo and Google Working Together on Unified Encrypted Email For 2015

8/8/2014 - Everything You Need to Know About the New USA FREEDOM Act

8/8/2014 - Take the Staircase Down to the Clouds to Fetch a Pail of Water

8/8/2014 - Peeking In On A Protostar and A Not-Quite-Star Hiding In Clouds of Chaos

8/8/2014 - Hybrid rocket test looks like dimensional portal sucking reality itself

8/8/2014 - Watch solid flat metal sheets being inflated like water balloons

8/8/2014 - Star Wars Undergoes a Calendar Crisis

8/7/2014 - Guy with superhuman lungs can make a hot water bottle explode

8/7/2014 - Fermenting beer time lapse shows one beautiful breathing sludge monster

8/7/2014 - One Of The Most Wonderful Dance Showdowns In Science Fiction History

8/7/2014 - These unreal burgers may be inedible but I want to eat them all anyway

8/7/2014 - The Hardest-Living Musician With The Most Beautiful Voice

8/7/2014 - How An Architect Who Has Never Left North Korea Imagines The Future

8/7/2014 - How Can Batman Stay An "Urban Legend" In A World of Surveillance?

8/7/2014 - Groot Was Inspired By James Gunn's Dog—That Explains A LOT

8/7/2014 - The Biography Of Christopher Plover From Lev Grossman's Magicians Books

8/7/2014 - This Meta Movie Trailer Is Set to the Absolute Perfect Tune

8/7/2014 - What If Doctor Who Became A Saturday Morning Cartoon?

8/7/2014 - The Desolate State of Athens Olympic Venues 10 Years Later

8/7/2014 - Back In 1909, They Were Already Trying To Define Science Fiction

8/7/2014 - Everyone On Extant Is Improbably Stupid

8/7/2014 - Flower-Shaped Buildings Turn Cities Into Artificial Gardens

8/7/2014 - Microsoft's First Website From 1994 Looks Delightfully Ancient Today

8/7/2014 - Images of Charon Orbiting Pluto Guide A Spacecraft To Its Destination

8/7/2014 - New Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Cover Is Horrifying

8/7/2014 - What Is The Worst Change A Film Adaptation Has Ever Made?

8/7/2014 - Brutus The Three-Legged Croc Enjoys A Sharky Snack

8/7/2014 - Put This Compact Grill On a Stick To Turn a Campfire Into a BBQ

8/7/2014 - The Facebook Messenger App Migration Officially Starts Today

8/7/2014 - And Now, A Giant Turtle Made Of Metal

8/7/2014 - The Chemistry Of Fake Tan Lotion Could Ruin Your Appetite For Bacon

8/7/2014 - Roving Robots Can Look Through Buildings Using Nothing But Wi-Fi

8/7/2014 - See Inside a Living Mouse Brain Thanks to Lasers and Carbon Nanotubes

8/7/2014 - This is one of the best music videos I've seen in years

8/7/2014 - US Navy warships are really starting to look like Star Destroyers

8/7/2014 - How Pigeon Bones Forced Us To Rethink Neanderthal Cognition

8/7/2014 - Pigeon Bones Reveal The Cognitive Sophistication of Neanderthals

8/7/2014 - This Magician Uses Smartphones To Captivate a Distracted Generation

8/7/2014 - ​What's Wrong With Survival Television

8/7/2014 - An Oscar-Nominated Short Film About The World's Unluckiest Undertakers

8/7/2014 - This Origami Robot Assembles Itself and Walks Away In Under Five Minutes

8/7/2014 - Samsung's Robo Vac Chases Lasers Like a Cat To Clean Any Spots It Missed

8/7/2014 - How the Experimental Ebola Serum Is Being Grown Inside Tobacco Plants

8/7/2014 - Why You Always Wake Up Early After A Night Of Drinking

8/7/2014 - The Flash Trailer Shows Barry Allen's Powers In Action

8/7/2014 - American sitcoms with all jokes removed

8/7/2014 - IBM's New Brain-Like Chip Squeezes One Million Neurons Onto a Stamp

8/7/2014 - TMNT Movie Makers Reveal Ninja Turtle Easter Eggs You Should Look For

8/7/2014 - What's The Difference Between Epic Fantasy And Sword-And-Sorcery?

8/7/2014 - Every City Should Give Seniors a Card That Extends the Crosswalk Time

8/7/2014 - Keep Dangerous Animals At Bay With This 950,000V Hiking Stick Stun Gun

8/7/2014 - New Book Of Life Trailer Makes Us Want To Live In The Afterlife

8/7/2014 - Deals: Fox Searchlight Film Set, LED Bulbs, MacBook Storage Expansion

8/7/2014 - Deals: Fox Searchlight 20th Anniversary Collection, MST3K XXX

8/7/2014 - New Apple Patent Shows Off Smartypants "Siri for Mac"

8/7/2014 - 10 Great Novels That Will Make You More Passionate About Science

8/7/2014 - You Can Compress This Water Bottle Into a Tiny Puck When It's Empty

8/7/2014 - Swimming From Alcatraz to Shore With a GoPro on My Head

8/7/2014 - Clickhole or Die: The Fight Over 'Sponsored Content' Is 150 Years Old

8/7/2014 - Vizio Just Recalled 245,000 TVs at Risk for "Tipping Over"

8/7/2014 - Are We There, Yet? The Challenges Of Landing On A Comet

8/7/2014 - This Fake Lens Is Actually a Vacuum That Sucks Dust Out of Your DSLR

8/7/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Super Duper Moon

8/7/2014 - No, Apollo 11 astronauts didn't go through customs after splashdown

8/7/2014 - How Big Data Is Helping Snuff Out California's Wildfire Epidemic

8/7/2014 - A Student Film Suppressed By Anti-Vaxxers Has Finally Been Released

8/7/2014 - Two more summer Lego movies are coming

8/7/2014 - Here's How to Explore the Moon and Mars in Google Maps

8/7/2014 - The Aberration of Starlight Explains Why the Stars "Jump"

8/7/2014 - This Staircase Disappears When Viewed From The Perfect Angle

8/7/2014 - How To Disable Annotations and Pop-Ups on YouTube Videos

8/7/2014 - The Strange, Sad Story of the Army's New Billion-Dollar Camo Pattern

8/7/2014 - Sony's First Curved 4K TV Takes a More Subtle Approach

8/7/2014 - Lee Pace Will Lead The Alien Resistance In Prisoner of War

8/7/2014 - Kanye West Said a Crazy Thing About Drones But Was Also Right

8/7/2014 - Black And White Photos From The First World War, Now In Color

8/7/2014 - How You Fold This Origami Measuring Spoon Determines Its Capacity

8/7/2014 - NFL Now Brings Your Phone More Football Than You Could Ever Handle

8/7/2014 - The Palestine conflict history explained in one absurd animation

8/7/2014 - These Smart, Bendable Bricks Could Build Truly Flexible Robots

8/7/2014 - The Latest Batman V. Superman Rumor Has A Surprising Wonder Woman Twist

8/7/2014 - The 5 Most Impressive Infrastructure Projects of the Year

8/7/2014 - Galaxy Note 4 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

8/7/2014 - Report: Windows 9 Will Ditch the Charms Menu, Add Virtual Desktops

8/7/2014 - Incredibly beautiful windows made from stacked laser-cut paper

8/7/2014 - Edward Snowden Has Been Granted 3 Years of Residency in Russia

8/7/2014 - Snake Insistently Plays Dead, Is a Giant Ham About It

8/7/2014 - Simply Layering Solar Cells Could Make Them as Cheap as Natural Gas

8/7/2014 - Report: Microsoft Wants a Flash New York Store Near the Apple Cube

8/7/2014 - Shooter hits 1000-yard target in world record 9mm hand gun shot

8/7/2014 - With the Sequel Annouced, Sharknado Is Officially an Annual Tradition

8/7/2014 - If You Own Land, How Far Above and Below Do You Own?

8/7/2014 - Pinteresters Can Finally Talk to Each Other

8/7/2014 - Google and Barnes & Noble Are Taking on Amazon at Book Delivery

8/7/2014 - Reminder: The Women of Game of Thrones Can Kill You In All Sorts of Ways

8/7/2014 - Desiccated Plants Spring to Life When Given Water in Timelapse Video

8/7/2014 - Paraglider daredevil swoops right in between two buildings

8/6/2014 - All you need to know about Gaza in one clear animated map

8/6/2014 - Concept Art Of The Alien Race That Was Cut From Guardians Of The Galaxy

8/6/2014 - Hilarious video replaces all the sounds in The Matrix with 8-bit sounds

8/6/2014 - Otherworldly Winners From National Geographic's Traveler Photo Contest

8/6/2014 - Why This Japanese Village Is Full of Creepy Dolls

8/6/2014 - Somebody Crashed a Drone into Yellowstone's Hot Springs

8/6/2014 - Will Bee Disappearances Lead To A Honey Shortage?

8/6/2014 - Full Fathom Five Confirms Max Gladstone As An Author To Watch

8/6/2014 - The Beatles: Birthday

8/6/2014 - No, The Man Tested for Ebola in NYC Does Not Have Ebola

8/6/2014 - Marvel Wins, As DC/WB Moves Batman V. Superman's Release Date

8/6/2014 - Watching a transparent mantis eat is both disgusting and fascinating

8/6/2014 - Charles Yu's Insanely Helpful Advice On "Getting Stuck" While Writing

8/6/2014 - The Power Went Out At This Antarctic Research Station While It Was -67F

8/6/2014 - The Weirdest Micronations That Have Ever Existed

8/6/2014 - Google May Bring Multiple Accounts To Your Smartphone With Android L

8/6/2014 - Disney Is Really Building A Star Wars Theme Park

8/6/2014 - A Side Table For Charging Gadgets That Plugs Right Into the Wall

8/6/2014 - Did Astronauts Returning From the Moon Really Pass Through Customs?

8/6/2014 - Scientists Recover Speech From Silent Video Of A Vibrating Bag of Chips

8/6/2014 - The Greatest Friendships From Science Fiction And Fantasy Television

8/6/2014 - A Genuinely Smart Watch That Puts a Hands-Free Flashlight On Your Wrist

8/6/2014 - See Young Stephen Hawking In Love In The Theory Of Everything Trailer

8/6/2014 - MIT Invented Magnetic Hairs That Can Make Water Flow Uphill

8/6/2014 - Ancient Worms May Have Saved Life on Earth 530 Million Years Ago

8/6/2014 - Who Owns Copyright On A Selfie Taken By A Monkey?

8/6/2014 - Watch the Evolution of Amazon's Kindle Hardware In a Single GIF

8/6/2014 - What Do Extreme Ecosystems Tell Us About The Nature Of Life?

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