7/31/2014 - ​Is It Right To Hunt A Lion?

7/31/2014 - Back In 1937, People Worried That Science Fiction Was Going Downhill

7/31/2014 - You Can Now Launch Your Dead Pets Into Space

7/31/2014 - Setting a fedora hat on fire is apparently one of the steps to make it

7/31/2014 - Medieval Manuscripts Depict A Terrifying Tale Of The Walking Dead

7/31/2014 - Howard the Duck Terrified Me As a Kid

7/31/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Boy And His BigDog

7/31/2014 - 888,246 Handmade Poppies Surround the Tower of London to Commemorate WWI

7/31/2014 - This Is Probably The Weirdest Binary Star System Ever Discovered

7/31/2014 - A Book of Tweets By People Claiming They're Working on Their Novels

7/31/2014 - Why Are Sinkholes Round?

7/31/2014 - Legal Marijuana Has Become A Food Safety Issue

7/31/2014 - The Real Reason Why Joss Whedon Named His Space Western Show Firefly

7/31/2014 - Chance the Rapper's Cover of the Theme to Arthur Will Make You Smile

7/31/2014 - Why do so many people choose to be insensitive happy ignorants?

7/31/2014 - Watch these lunatics water ski barefoot towed by a freaking airplane

7/31/2014 - We Just Found the Most Distant Lensing Galaxy Ever

7/31/2014 - North Korea's Modern Architecture, Designs From An Alternate Universe

7/31/2014 - What's the Generic Word For Skype? Videophone? Video Chat?

7/31/2014 - Bill Nye Explains Why The Search For Alien Life Could End On Europa

7/31/2014 - How To Portion Pasta When You're As Hungry As a T-Rex

7/31/2014 - Michael Keaton's Birdman Movie Is Much Darker Than We Anticipated!

7/31/2014 - What's The Greatest "F*@% Yeah" Moment Of All Time?

7/31/2014 - Star Wars: Rebels Is The Return To The Empire We've Been Waiting For

7/31/2014 - Check Out The Brain On LeBron James

7/31/2014 - Scientists Made This Entire Mouse Transparent Using Detergent

7/31/2014 - 7 Conservative Alternatives to the Internet's Most Popular Sites

7/31/2014 - A Beautifully Convincing Reason To Use a Pencil Again

7/31/2014 - Massive Collection of Ancient Amber Finally Gives Up Its Secrets

7/31/2014 - Universal's Monstrous Cinematic Universe Will Begin With The Mummy

7/31/2014 - Why Everybody Wants to Buy T-Mobile

7/31/2014 - Why Del Toro Told The Crimson Peak Cast To Keep Secrets From Each Other

7/31/2014 - The size of this stunning explosion at an air show defies belief

7/31/2014 - The Tortured History Of Earth's First 500 Million Years

7/31/2014 - Our First Ever Look At The Surface Of The Moon

7/31/2014 - What Madness Does Marvel Have In Store For Squirrel Girl?

7/31/2014 - How Soviet psychiatrists found the secret of cinema magic

7/31/2014 - The 2020 Mars Rover Has Awesome Toys

7/31/2014 - Inside the Radical Redesign of the Country's Largest Retailer: USPS

7/31/2014 - Fun New Harry Potter Covers Look Like Concept Art For A Cartoon Series

7/31/2014 - Project Almanac's Recipe For Character-Driven Time Travel Stories

7/31/2014 - All The Weirdest Secrets You Never Knew About The Making Of Slither

7/31/2014 - Dad Builds Kids a NASA Simulator That Would Make Chris Hadfield Jealous

7/31/2014 - Less time separates us from T-Rex than T-Rex from Stegosaurus

7/31/2014 - A Panoply Of Machine-Animal Hybrids

7/31/2014 - This Working Steam Engine Is the Size of an Apartment Block

7/31/2014 - Could There Really Be Fossils From Earth On The Moon?

7/31/2014 - Did The Viper See His Shocking Game Of Thrones Moment Coming? We Asked.

7/31/2014 - There Are Cells Inside Teeth That Can Turn Back Into Stem Cells

7/31/2014 - Russia's Space Agency Is Helping Geckos Get It On In Microgravity

7/31/2014 - Why Would Evolution Favor These Insane Adaptations?

7/31/2014 - The World's Fastest Network Lets You Download a Movie In .2 Milliseconds

7/31/2014 - The Cast Promises The Strain Is Only Going To Get Crazier And Grosser

7/31/2014 - Deals: Sin City Comics, Comic Art Books, Tomb Raider, Free Apps

7/31/2014 - How Hollywood Just Saved Motion Picture Film From Death

7/31/2014 - Los Angeles Is Fighting the UCLA Flood with a Giant Inflatable Pipe Plug

7/31/2014 - How Times Square Works

7/31/2014 - First Into The Woods Teaser Trailer Is Dark, Epic And Devoid Of Singing

7/31/2014 - 12 Sequels That Completely Change How You View The Original Story

7/31/2014 - The Russian Gecko Sex Satellite Now Has Its Very Own Poster

7/31/2014 - One day drones will cast the skies and we'll need this guy to fix it

7/31/2014 - Deals: The Best Rechargeables, $100 in Free Android Apps, Mac Upgrades

7/31/2014 - NASA Will Make Oxygen From CO2 On the Surface of Mars

7/31/2014 - A Flashlight That's Powered By the Sun (Or Your Strength)

7/31/2014 - CIA Admits It Snooped On Senate Computers

7/31/2014 - Ask A Geologist About Sinkholes

7/31/2014 - ​In Kentucky, Taxpayers Will Keep A New Noah's Ark Theme Park Afloat

7/31/2014 - First Teaser For Syfy's Answer To The Walking Dead, Z Nation

7/31/2014 - Here's Our Best Look Yet At Rosetta's "Rubber Ducky" Comet

7/31/2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy looks even more fun in Lego

7/31/2014 - This Whale of a Flying Boat Used to Fight Nazis, Now It Fights Fires

7/31/2014 - The Most Accurate Model Yet Of Jupiter's Bizarre Magnetic Field

7/31/2014 - The Common Facebook Scams You Should Never Click On

7/31/2014 - Europeans didn't introduce alcohol to Native Americans

7/31/2014 - Ask A Geologist Whatever You Want About Sinkholes!

7/31/2014 - Step Inside the Restoration of the Original Boeing 747

7/31/2014 - 1997 Explains "How To Cybersex" In Glorious, NSFW Instructional Video

7/31/2014 - A Telescoping Flashlight Lamp Is the Perfect Camping Companion

7/31/2014 - NASA's New Spacecraft Will Have A Star Trek-Like Cockpit

7/31/2014 - These baseball trick shots using drifting cars are pretty nuts

7/31/2014 - The Tiniest Propeller Ever Can Sneak Between Cells

7/31/2014 - SpongeBob SquarePants: The Live-Action Movie Is Kind Of Creepy

7/31/2014 - Microwaving Light Bulbs Is Genuinely Useful (And Entertaining)

7/31/2014 - A Plan To Turn Your Local Parking Garage Into Your Local Playground

7/31/2014 - What Natural Wonders Should We All See In Our Lifetimes?

7/31/2014 - Watch Vin Diesel Proclaim "I Am Groot" In A Variety Of Languages

7/31/2014 - How To Protect Your Data Before Your Phone Gets Stolen

7/31/2014 - This Single Sofa Becomes a Full Living Room Set In Seconds

7/31/2014 - This Cloud Looks So Much Like A Penis It's Not Even Funny

7/31/2014 - Just How Badly Is Janet Van Dyne Treated In Marvel's Ant-Man Movie?

7/31/2014 - 24 Must-Read Books About Space Travel

7/31/2014 - Pixar-worthy animated short shows how unpredictable love is

7/31/2014 - New Oculus Rift Teardown: This Thing Pushes Its Guts to the Max

7/31/2014 - Runtastic Orbit Hands-On: A Fitness Tracker With a Few New Tricks

7/31/2014 - This Is What the Costa Concordia Rescue Looked Like From Space

7/31/2014 - Why Snot Is Green and Yellow

7/31/2014 - Slated for Destruction, an Android Bonnie and Clyde Begin Their Story

7/31/2014 - The Best Free Android Apps in Amazon's New Two-Day Giveaway

7/31/2014 - Internet.org Is Giving Developing Countries Free Data For Many Sites

7/31/2014 - The surprising reason why this guy runs two hours every day

7/31/2014 - The Directors and Star Explain the Heart and Soul of The Boxtrolls

7/31/2014 - These Microshutters Will Power NASA's Telescopes of the Future

7/31/2014 - The Moon Is Actually Shaped Like a Lemon

7/31/2014 - USB Has a Fundamental Security Flaw That You Can't Detect

7/31/2014 - Adventure Tested: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 3400 Backpack

7/31/2014 - Shazam For Mac Brings Automatic Song and TV Show ID to Desktops

7/31/2014 - Intricate Cityscapes Made of Food

7/31/2014 - And Now, The Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer in LEGO

7/30/2014 - Watch the Seasonal Beat of Earth With This Satellite Zoetrope

7/30/2014 - Long-Term Couples Develop Interconnected Memory Systems

7/30/2014 - Pinky And The Brain Have Finally Reached Their Breaking Point

7/30/2014 - Surfing a never ending wave is like being stuck in a blender of fun

7/30/2014 - Comic-Con Wrap-Up: The Shiniest Things We Saw In San Diego!

7/30/2014 - The Most Charming Alien Invasion You'll Ever Witness

7/30/2014 - Guy jumps off a building, slides down a roof and lands on stairs for fun

7/30/2014 - Into The Woods Images Show Disney's Very Different Movie Recreation

7/30/2014 - An Inside Look At How Two Authors Collaborated To Write A Book

7/30/2014 - In Jeff Vandermeer's Authority, Even the Desk Jobs are Weird

7/30/2014 - This Danish Punk Band Just Went Country…And That’s A Good Thing

7/30/2014 - The Plan to Save Bluefin Tuna By Using Science to Farm It On Land

7/30/2014 - How Soon Could Grant Ward Find Redemption On Agents Of SHIELD?

7/30/2014 - The nerdiest Lotto result ever just happened: 9 10 11 12 13 37

7/30/2014 - These Were Lovely Towns, Until The Waters Came And Covered Them Up

7/30/2014 - Holy Mary Martin! NBC Casts A Woman As Peter Pan For Its Live Musical

7/30/2014 - This Clever Transforming House Has Three Rotating Rooms

7/30/2014 - A Squeezable "Glass" Water Bottle That Won't Collect Tastes or Smells

7/30/2014 - The closest thing on Earth to the Battlestar Galactica's flight deck

7/30/2014 - Danish Archaeologists Find Four Human Pelvic Bones Attached To A Stick

7/30/2014 - This 1D Graphene Switches from Conductor to Insulator When It Stretches

7/30/2014 - ​Meet The 29-Year-Old Woman Sailing Around The World Solo

7/30/2014 - Scientists reveal new vision of Earth 4 billion years ago

7/30/2014 - Who Started As A Love Interest, But Then Became A Fully Fledged Hero?

7/30/2014 - Being a Kitchen Timer Is R2-D2's Latest Side Job

7/30/2014 - What Happens To Sunlight As It Filters Through The Ocean?

7/30/2014 - The Iliad's Best Murders And Murderers, In One Amazing Infographic

7/30/2014 - Bad News: Scientists Have Measured 16-Foot Waves In The Arctic Ocean

7/30/2014 - V2 Pro Vaporizer Review: A Marvelous Magnetic Vape Pen

7/30/2014 - The Men of Orphan Black Celebrate Season 2's Best Death with a Duet

7/30/2014 - Rotating Rooms Let You Redesign This House Whenever You Feel Like It

7/30/2014 - I wish I could live long enough to see these future cities in real life

7/30/2014 - A Brief History of Sending Animals to Space

7/30/2014 - How A 1980s Walkman Changed Guardians of the Galaxy Completely

7/30/2014 - Food of the Future: Just Freeze-Dry It All!

7/30/2014 - This Ice Cream Changes Color When You Lick It

7/30/2014 - Behold, "The Space Robot Equivalent Of An Owl Pellet"

7/30/2014 - The Business Behind Fake Hollywood Money

7/30/2014 - What Secrets Are Hidden In The Wildlings' Costumes On Game Of Thrones?

7/30/2014 - One Super Common Bacteria Is Wasting Labs Millions in Research Money

7/30/2014 - How an Atomic Clock Was Used to Record a House-Sized Instrument

7/30/2014 - Gorgeous New Interstellar Trailer Shows Chris Nolan's Alien Worlds

7/30/2014 - The Radical Plan To Phase Out Earth's Predatory Species

7/30/2014 - What It's Like to Attend Apple Genius Finishing School

7/30/2014 - How To Cook With Lava: A Video Tutorial

7/30/2014 - Turn Your iPhone Charger Into a Portable Backup Battery

7/30/2014 - 11 of the Most Beautiful and Dramatic Drone Videos, Shot By You

7/30/2014 - BitTorrent Bleep: The P2P Plan to Make the World's Most Secure Chat

7/30/2014 - The 5 Best Things You Can Buy From Amazon's 3D Printing Store

7/30/2014 - The "Kardashian Index" Measures Whether Scientists Deserve Their Fame

7/30/2014 - The 13 Greatest Science Fiction Comedies Of All Time

7/30/2014 - Deals: Pacific Rim CE, Battle Royale Complete, Predator Collection

7/30/2014 - The NSA Patented Tech That Will Catch You Swapping Sim Cards

7/30/2014 - Insane Star Wars Rumor Du Jour: Wrestler To Play Vader in Ep. VII

7/30/2014 - ​Boy Scouts: Gays Aren't Pedophiles, But We Still Won't Let Them Lead

7/30/2014 - Mysterious Sinkholes Are Forming Near the Site of This Rising Supertall

7/30/2014 - A Better First Aid Kit That Makes Suggestions and Knows What's Missing

7/30/2014 - Looks Like Samsung's Working on a Round Smartwatch Too

7/30/2014 - Deals: 7200RPM External, Gadget Chargers, Vacuum Wine Saver, Fire Safepow

7/30/2014 - Ask Ford's Top Automotive Interior Designer Anything You Want

7/30/2014 - Night At The Museum 3 Heads To London Because, Hey, Why Not?

7/30/2014 - Three Uses For Spotify That Don't Involve Music

7/30/2014 - How Much Energy Would You Need To Replicate Elsa's Powers In Frozen?

7/30/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Farmer's Market

7/30/2014 - Scientist invents math trick to slice bagel into two entangled halves

7/30/2014 - Author Melissa Marr Is Here To Answer Questions About Wicked Lovely!

7/30/2014 - The Weird, Eerie World of China's Knockoff Cities

7/30/2014 - ​It's Been A Bad Week For Strong Female Characters

7/30/2014 - ​It's a Miracle WWI US Naval Destroyers Managed to Hit Anything at All

7/30/2014 - When Los Angeles Was Test-Bombed, They Decided To Throw A Party

7/30/2014 - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Has One of the Best Displays Yet

7/30/2014 - A Nest of Copper Foam Lets This Tiny PC Run Silently Without Fans

7/30/2014 - How Ford's Top Interior Designer Puts the Future in the Front Seat

7/30/2014 - A Shonen-Flavored Webcomic About Monsters Made Of Negative Emotions

7/30/2014 - Talking Motorcycles With The Checkered Flag

7/30/2014 - Animated GIFs Have Finally Invaded Street Art

7/30/2014 - Every Martha Stewart Tweet About Drones

7/30/2014 - A Map Of The U.S., If There Had Never Been A Mexican-American War

7/30/2014 - Sprint's New Facebook-Only Data Plan Is a Sad Internet Future

7/30/2014 - Which Of Today's Technologies Will Most Mystify Future Generations?

7/30/2014 - These Maniacs Cooked Steak With Molten Lava and Lightning

7/30/2014 - The Awesome Sight Of 14,465 Pounds Of Freight Being Lifted Into Space

7/30/2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy Review: Shut Up and Go See It

7/30/2014 - Attack on Tor Has Likely Stripped Users of Anonymity

7/30/2014 - Square's New Reader Works With the Smart Credit Cards of the Future

7/30/2014 - 5 Smart Playlists That Make iTunes Worth Using

7/30/2014 - The Lifespan Of All Of Doctor Who's Doctors, By Screentime

7/30/2014 - You Can Now Get Totally Free Talk, Text, and Data on an iPad

7/30/2014 - Movidius' New Vision Processor Could Make Future Smartphone Cameras Dope

7/30/2014 - 12 Monkeys, Once Upon a Time, and Arrow Cast Some Familiar Names!

7/30/2014 - Music-less Turn Down for What video is even creepier and more hilarious

7/30/2014 - The Evolution of Your Desk, Visualized

7/30/2014 - Every pop culture icon ever mashed up Terry Gilliam style

7/30/2014 - ​Vizio Sound Stand Review: Cheap TV Sound That's Not Worth It

7/30/2014 - This Cat Does Not Want to Be Outside

7/30/2014 - Why Songs Get Stuck in Your Head (and How to Stop It)

7/30/2014 - Forget What Your Teacher Said: Mass and Weight Are the Same

7/30/2014 - This is how New York would look submerged in a gigantic latte

7/30/2014 - A New Adaptive Material Could Halve the Cost of Solar Power

7/30/2014 - Facebook Is Killing Off Its Gift Service Altogether

7/30/2014 - Messages From Your Old Abandoned Computer, Which Has Achieved AI

7/30/2014 - These freaky talking heads will be in your nightmares tonight

7/30/2014 - The New Senate USA FREEDOM Act: A Step Towards Surveillance Reform?

7/30/2014 - Amazon Pleads With Hachette to Cut E-Book Prices

7/30/2014 - A New Version of Windows Phone 8.1 Is Coming and It's Bringing Folders

7/30/2014 - First Outlander Clip Showcases Its Very Capable Female Lead

7/30/2014 - This skier must be a wizard or use anti-gravity skis

7/30/2014 - Marvel at Our Favorite TV Shows and Movies As Children's Books

7/29/2014 - Giant goliath fish punks a fisherman and then steals his fish and gun

7/29/2014 - Original Brazil Trailer Promises A Charming Film About "Taking a Stand"

7/29/2014 - Those Siberian holes might as well be the eye sockets of giant monsters

7/29/2014 - Behold The Official Deadpool Movie Test Footage In Hi-Res Here!

7/29/2014 - A Charming Alphabet Series Explores the ABCs of Rocket Science

7/29/2014 - Martha Stewart Uses Her Drone to Shoot Her 153-Acre Farm, Just Like Us

7/29/2014 - A Dragonriders Of Pern Movie May Finally Happen!

7/29/2014 - Fred Gambino's Cosmic Artworks Will Restore Your Sense Of Wonder

7/29/2014 - OKCupid's Experiments Are Like a 2014 Version of This Old Romcom

7/29/2014 - Could This New Competition Replace The Turing Test?

7/29/2014 - Dire Straits Sold Tons of CDs Because They Were Pimping the New Format

7/29/2014 - Someone Needs To Make All These Fake Movies For Real

7/29/2014 - A Redesigned Zoo Where Humans Stay Hidden Could Be Better For Animals

7/29/2014 - Joe Abercombie's Half A King Is A Coming-Of-Age Tale Soaked In Blood

7/29/2014 - Here's Why Comic Con 2014 Was Actually Great For Comics

7/29/2014 - This Redesigned Airplane Cabin Would Give You More Room For Everything

7/29/2014 - ​Recreation of Richard III's Skeleton Shows Why He Was Called an Imp

7/29/2014 - Netflix Is Also Shelling Out to AT&T For Better Streaming

7/29/2014 - Why is the speed of darkness faster than the speed of light?

7/29/2014 - Incredible Transforming Apartments Turn Tiny Rooms Into Spacious Homes

7/29/2014 - What Museums Will Look Like After the Apocalypse

7/29/2014 - Outstanding Game of Thrones Make-Up Inspired By Each House

7/29/2014 - Sherlock Holmes And The Doctor Team Up In An Inevitable Wholock Musical

7/29/2014 - The Worst Badvertising and Best Radvertising of Comic-Con 2014

7/29/2014 - Scientists reveal the secrets of mysterious ship found under 9/11 ruins

7/29/2014 - This Rubik's Cube Fridge Will Forever Be Unsolved

7/29/2014 - Instagram's Snapchat Rival, Bolt, Just Launched In 3 Non-US Countries

7/29/2014 - The U.S. Economy Is A Casualty Of NSA Surveillance Programs

7/29/2014 - Idiocracy Is a Cruel Movie and You Should Be Ashamed For Liking It

7/29/2014 - Which Character Was Supposed To Be Badass, But Ended Up Being Just Ass?

7/29/2014 - The Claws Of This Cyborg Scorpion Can Be Controlled Remotely

7/29/2014 - The Moon Might Be Littered With Fossils From Ancient Earth

7/29/2014 - If you forget about all its terrible crap, Russia doesn't seem that bad

7/29/2014 - This Is What The Inside of a Shark Fin Looks Like

7/29/2014 - ​All the Greatest Comics News From This Year's Comic-Con

7/29/2014 - Your Chance to Help Make a 70-Foot Car Juggling Robot a Reality Is Here

7/29/2014 - A Charming Webcomic Love Story About A Mermaid And A Sailor's Tattoos

7/29/2014 - ​Can These Sunglasses Make You Happy?

7/29/2014 - How a Mysterious Body Part Called Fascia Is Challenging Medicine

7/29/2014 - Seagulls will not blow up if they eat Alka-Seltzer

7/29/2014 - Can Architecture Perform Miracles? The Quest to Make Gaudi a Saint

7/29/2014 - This Kid Took Apart a Microwave to Create an Insane (and Stupid) Weapon

7/29/2014 - The Onion Profiles a New Kindle That Brags About Your Taste in Books

7/29/2014 - A Winged Cat Helps Explain The Principle Of Evolutionary Trade-Offs

7/29/2014 - 6 F@nTa$ti) Photos of Glitch Art

7/29/2014 - The Game-Changing Discovery of Synthetic Urine

7/29/2014 - Watch the Surprisingly Creepy Process of Making Blood Red Paper

7/29/2014 - The Queen Of The Greek Gods Seeks Therapy, With Uma Thurman As Hera

7/29/2014 - ​Performance Food: Bison Liver Pate

7/29/2014 - 9 Well-Meaning Public Health Policies That Went Terribly Wrong

7/29/2014 - A Robovac That Watches the Ceiling To Keep Track of Where It's Cleaned

7/29/2014 - Deals: Tiny-but-Powerful Speaker, LG G3, Gaming Gear, Hunger Games

7/29/2014 - Deals: Ghostbusters Remastered in 4K, The Hunger Games for $2, Pacific Rim

7/29/2014 - Fighter jet pilot takes badass selfie worthy of a sci-fi nightmare

7/29/2014 - These Incredible Clocks Were Built By a Single Designer Over 35 Years

7/29/2014 - What Would An Eclipse Look Like From Right Next To The Sun?

7/29/2014 - Cocoa farmers trying chocolate for the first time is a must watch

7/29/2014 - Get Lost In A Brand-New Trailer For The Maze Runner

7/29/2014 - Why Russia Was Studying Space Lizard Sex In the First Place

7/29/2014 - All Blood Donation Centers Should Be This Shade of Red

7/29/2014 - How the "10 Percent of Our Brains" Myth Started (And Why It's Wrong)

7/29/2014 - Why Bran And Arya No Longer Want To Be Rescued On Game Of Thrones

7/29/2014 - Banish Bruised Fruit By Floating It In This Webbed Elastic Bowl

7/29/2014 - What If Batman Recruited A Bear To Be Robin?

7/29/2014 - China's Building the World's Biggest Sea Plane

7/29/2014 - This is how they remove crashed airplanes off an aircraft carrier deck

7/29/2014 - Facebook's App Strategy Is Bad News For Anyone Who Uses Apps

7/29/2014 - How This ISS Fireball Revealed a New Type of Cool, Invisible Flame

7/29/2014 - Over 100 Geysers On Enceladus May Be Spouting Water Onto Its Surface

7/29/2014 - The First Man-Made Biological Leaf Turns Light and Water Into Oxygen

7/29/2014 - Use Your Smartphone To Improve Your Sleep

7/29/2014 - NASA's Opportunity Rover Just Smashed The Off-World Driving Record

7/29/2014 - Spotify Just Added a Surprisingly Exciting Equalizer to Its iOS App

7/29/2014 - The Photoshop Party Is Here To Save The Movies From Themselves

7/29/2014 - Popcorn Time's "Netflix for Torrents" Will Play Nice With AirPlay

7/29/2014 - Do Rats On Drugs Listen To Miles Davis? Depends.

7/29/2014 - 5 Bikes Designed To Survive the Big Cities of the Future

7/29/2014 - Martin Scorsese drew this storyboard for a roman epic film at age 11

7/29/2014 - Guy Builds Giant Spirograph, Takes Chalk Art To the Next Level

7/29/2014 - You May Not Have to Wait 30 Years For The Next Mad Max Movie

7/29/2014 - Facebook Makes All Users Switch to the Standalone Messaging App

7/29/2014 - A 'Fake ID' Flaw in Android Leaves Millions of Phones Vulnerable

7/29/2014 - Nvidia Shield Tablet Review: A Gaming Beast, But So Much More

7/29/2014 - Are There Star Wars and Avengers Characters We Don't Know About Yet?

7/29/2014 - Report: Microsoft's Got a Selfie Phone (Bad!) and a Premium Lumia (Good!)

7/29/2014 - Skydivers land on lake and slide all the way to the shore

7/29/2014 - Epson's New Smart Glasses Provide Pilots with Smart HUDs

7/29/2014 - Opportunity Rover's Record-Breaking Mars Drive, Mapped

7/29/2014 - Chris Pratt Stops an Interview to Show Off His French-Braiding Skills

7/29/2014 - This rescue of kayakers trapped in a cave freaks the hell out of me

7/29/2014 - Are Smart Drugs Really That Smart?

7/29/2014 - Report: A Windows Phone HTC One Is Headed for Verizon

7/29/2014 - Dystopian future drawings feel like a Terry Gilliam movie storyboard

7/29/2014 - LG's 105-Inch 4K TV Costs a Breathtaking $120,000

7/29/2014 - New Retina MacBook Pros: Faster Chips, More Memory, Slightly Cheaper

7/29/2014 - Witches of East End Is All About Creepy Supernatural Sex This Season

7/29/2014 - Hacks Stole Data From Companies That Built Israel's Main Defense System

7/29/2014 - Gorgeous short seems like 3D animation but it's made with styrofoam

7/29/2014 - Don't watch this if you don't want to freak out about your life choices

7/29/2014 - This Is Microsoft's New Raspberry Pi-Style Tiny Windows PC

7/29/2014 - Scientist invents ice cream that changes color as you lick it

7/29/2014 - Spectacular kung fu goal is pure soccer magic

7/29/2014 - New King Kong Movie Skull Island Gets Ready For 2016

7/29/2014 - How come some ice cream sandwiches don't melt in the blazing sun?

7/29/2014 - Orphan Black Should Just Use This As Its Season 3 Poster

7/28/2014 - Truck shoots out neat smoke rings of fire as its engine explodes

7/28/2014 - Amuse Yourself with This Vintage Pseudoscience Personality Test

7/28/2014 - True Blood Finally Resurrects The Monster Inside Vampire Bill

7/28/2014 - This Danish School Teaches Through LARPing... And It Works

7/28/2014 - 11 real cakes that look like fast food

7/28/2014 - X-Rays From the Universe Are Simply Stunning

7/28/2014 - The Self-Perpetuating, Globe-Circling, High-Speed Train from Snowpiercer

7/28/2014 - The Tattered, Haunting Remains of Abandoned Airports

7/28/2014 - World Map Reveals How Countries Are Divided Between Cat And Dog Lovers

7/28/2014 - The Vintage Videogames That You Still Want To Play

7/28/2014 - Crazy weapon combines all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weapons

7/28/2014 - Who's The Greatest Hero Who Wins Using Brains Instead Of Violence?

7/28/2014 - The Female Backing Vocal That Made “Gimme Shelter” A Haunting Classic

7/28/2014 - ​Things Are Picking Up — And Falling Off — On The Strain

7/28/2014 - Two Strangers See Numbers Above Everyone's Heads—But What Do They Mean?

7/28/2014 - This Chart Makes It Obvious Why Planetary Colonization Will Be Tough

7/28/2014 - 43 Eye-Popping Trailer Screenshots Reveal Tons About Max Mad: Fury Road

7/28/2014 - The most abused Social Security number of all time is 078-05-1120

7/28/2014 - Posters of Famous Patents Put Other People's Great Ideas On Your Wall

7/28/2014 - Quentin Tarantino's Science Fiction Movie Could Be Seriously Weird

7/28/2014 - Take a sneak peek at The Simpsons vs Family Guy crossover episode

7/28/2014 - Pollution Made It To The South Pole Before The First Explorers Did

7/28/2014 - ​How To Be Your Own Goddamn Doctor

7/28/2014 - Paul Bettany Explains How The Avengers Will React To Meeting The Vision

7/28/2014 - Avengers: Age of Ultron is one awesome robot apocalypse clusterfuck

7/28/2014 - A Weekender Duffel Bag That Can Handle Your Sleeping Bag and Tent Too

7/28/2014 - NYC's smallest private plot of land isn't much bigger than a pizza slice

7/28/2014 - All The Best 2014 Comic-Con Cosplay We Haven't Shown You (Yet)

7/28/2014 - Earth As Seen From the Orbit Of Mars

7/28/2014 - Make Your Gingerbread People Dance With These Posable Cookie Cutters

7/28/2014 - Nearly 750,000 U.S. Weapons Are Unaccounted For In Afghanistan

7/28/2014 - Last Night's Leftovers Was More Brutal Than Anything On Game Of Thrones

7/28/2014 - No One Knows What's Causing These Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space

7/28/2014 - The Experiment That Makes People Face Up to Their Moral Hypocrisy

7/28/2014 - It's All-Out War In The First Trailer For Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies

7/28/2014 - Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Leaks Tease 7-Inch Devices

7/28/2014 - Michel Gondry Tells Us What It's Like to Build Movie Dreams Without CGI

7/28/2014 - The Biggest Winners And Losers Of Comic-Con 2014!

7/28/2014 - The new Hobbit movie teaser trailer looks great

7/28/2014 - Watch the 1969 Pitch That Convinced AT&T To Adopt Its Iconic Logo

7/28/2014 - Borg Cube Mini-Fridge: Freezistance Is Futile

7/28/2014 - hitchBOT's Epic 3,800 Mile Journey Across Canada Has Officially Begun

7/28/2014 - Using the WokMon to Achieve Expert-Level Chinese Food at Home

7/28/2014 - An Awkward and Uncomfortable Masters of Sex Gets Everything Wrong

7/28/2014 - Door Handle Sticky Notes Ensure Nothing Gets Forgotten When You Leave

7/28/2014 - ​Polaris Slingshot: Can Three Wheels Make A Better Roadster?

7/28/2014 - Insane boy leaps off 5-story building to land in pool several feet away

7/28/2014 - Discover Weyland-Yutani's Darkest Secrets In This Alien Book Excerpt!

7/28/2014 - Watch The Entire First World War Unfold In Less Than Six Minutes

7/28/2014 - White Castle served spaghetti when burger meat was rationed during WWII

7/28/2014 - Sin City 2 Red Band Trailer Reveals Lady Gaga's Role

7/28/2014 - Senate Abortion Hearing Reveals Junk Science Behind Women's Health Laws

7/28/2014 - An Ingredient Measuring Machine Is Like Insurance For Baking

7/28/2014 - We'll Never Be Able To Collect Data This In-Depth On Lemurs Ever Again

7/28/2014 - Not Just Comcast: 19 Stories From Call Center Hell

7/28/2014 - Deals: Target Sitewide Deal, 2TB with Smartphone Access, Chromecast

7/28/2014 - Deals: Lord of the Rings Extended, Filler Bunny, Kingdom Hearts

7/28/2014 - OKCupid: We Experiment On You, Deal With It

7/28/2014 - Fed Wiretappers Can't Keep Up With All These New Chat Apps

7/28/2014 - Share the Best Drone Video You've Ever Shot (And Tell Us How You Did It)

7/28/2014 - Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Other's Butts?

7/28/2014 - A Twisted Mobius Chair Provides an Infinite Place To Sit

7/28/2014 - The Fire Phone's So Pricey Because It Costs Amazon a Ton to Build

7/28/2014 - Would You Notice A Massive Increase In Police Presence?

7/28/2014 - This SoundCloud App Plays Only Your Favorite Artists' Favorite Songs

7/28/2014 - This Week's TV: It's Sharktopus Vs. Pteracuda Vs. A Second Sharknado!

7/28/2014 - 20,400 Tons of Deliveries Later, the Pilotless K-Max Is Coming Home

7/28/2014 - Uber Passenger Ratings Should Be Public

7/28/2014 - Ask the Inventor of This Year's Greatest Summer Fun Invention Anything

7/28/2014 - Holy crap, the new Mad Max looks absolutely amazing

7/28/2014 - This car is the closest thing you will ever feel to be Batman and Robin

7/28/2014 - Russia Wants to Expose Tor for Fun and Profit

7/28/2014 - Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Movie Test Footage Is Heartbreakingly Perfect

7/28/2014 - I Floated 1,000 Feet Above NYC In the MetLife Blimp

7/28/2014 - "Colossally Poor Timing" of Asteroid Caused Dinosaur Extinction

7/28/2014 - How the world looks to a car wheel

7/28/2014 - NPR One Is an Infinite, Personalized Stream of Awesome Radio Stories

7/28/2014 - Elephants Might Be Able To Self-Medicate To Induce Labor

7/28/2014 - Hilton's Going to Make Hotel Room Keys Obsolete

7/28/2014 - Holy @#$%, If The Evil Dead TV Show Happens It'll Star Bruce Campbell!

7/28/2014 - This is what your stomach does to a cheeseburger before digesting it

7/28/2014 - What One Item Would You Want To Bring Along With You In Space?

7/28/2014 - John Oliver Reminds Us How Badly We Take Care of Our Nukes

7/28/2014 - The New Machine That Could Be Making the iPhone 6's Sapphire Screen

7/28/2014 - Play Spacewar!, The Pentagon-Funded Video Game From 1962

7/28/2014 - Doubling Up LCDs in VR Headsets Can Quadruple Their Pixel Density

7/28/2014 - 12 Rare Flintstones Production Shots From the Golden Age of Animation

7/28/2014 - The Agents of SHIELD Are Joining The Official Marvel Comics Universe

7/28/2014 - An App That Dims Your Phone So That Other Concertgoers Won't Hate You

7/28/2014 - 5 Essential Add-Ons For Dropbox

7/28/2014 - Could Benedict Cumberbatch Really Return as Khan in Star Trek 3?

7/28/2014 - Turning a Wall Into an Android "Touchscreen" With a Pocket Projector

7/28/2014 - This Guy Taped a GoPro To His Car Wheel And It Looks Hypnotic

7/28/2014 - The Future of Grilled Cheese Delivery Is Crispy, Gooey, and Delicious

7/28/2014 - How a desert cat uses its super ears to hunt birds in mid-flight

7/28/2014 - Amazon Now Has a Create-Your-Own 3D-Printing Store

7/28/2014 - These Light Paintings Show How Wi-Fi Swirls and Shifts Around You

7/28/2014 - This Mexican beauty is the perfect burger brunch to cure a hangover

7/28/2014 - Is Cannibalism Unhealthy or Just Awful?

7/28/2014 - A New Pure Lithium Battery Could Double Your Phone's Life

7/28/2014 - Two new mysterious giant holes found in Siberia, scientists puzzled

7/28/2014 - Watson's First Consumer Role: Helping Military Vets Become Civilians

7/28/2014 - Report: Apple Is Buying Talk-Radio App Swell For $30 Million

7/28/2014 - First Mockingjay Trailer Shows Off Julianne Moore As President Coin

7/28/2014 - Someone Finally Built the Ultimate Urban Bike

7/27/2014 - Brand New Avengers 2 Props Reveal Ultron Mark One

7/27/2014 - Propaganda Posters From The Dawn Of Star Wars' Galactic Empire

7/27/2014 - The Battered Bastards of Baseball Is the Best Netflix Original Yet

7/27/2014 - This Could Be the Greatest Advance in Water Balloon Technology Ever

7/27/2014 - What Was The Most Exciting Surprise Or Biggest Letdown Of Comic-Con?

7/27/2014 - Watch What Happens When You Dip a Cheeseburger in Acid

7/27/2014 - Report: Amazon's Taking Square Head-On

7/27/2014 - Secret Tunnels in Warfare Are Less of a Threat Than You Think

7/27/2014 - Do You Search Differently Since Snowden?

7/27/2014 - Supernatural Shows Us Dean's Demonic Rampage, And It's Awesome

7/27/2014 - We Are So Ready for The Kilt to Drop on Ron D. Moore's Outlander Series

7/27/2014 - Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay Day 4: Everything Is Awesome

7/27/2014 - Poor Doors, Hot Trains, Old Ads: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

7/27/2014 - Cable Snaps on 60 MPH Amusement Park Ride

7/27/2014 - What Turned This River in China into a Blood-Red Mess?

7/27/2014 - Ichabod is Snarky About the Banking Industry in New Sleepy Hollow Clip

7/27/2014 - Report: The Next Nexus Phone Might Be a Gigantic Moto

7/27/2014 - These Insects Build Carapaces of Gold and Pearl

7/27/2014 - Place Your Bets on This Thrilling Roomba Knife Fight

7/27/2014 - Here's the First Mad Max Trailer, and It Will Make You a Believer

7/27/2014 - Book Of Life Is The First Movie To Honor—Not Steal From—Day Of The Dead

7/27/2014 - Phew! Russians Regain Control of Rogue Lizard-Sex Satellite

7/27/2014 - Humanity's Last Hope Is Running Out Of Breath In The Movie Air

7/27/2014 - The Ways Modern Secret Societies Use the Internet to Hide in Plain Sight

7/27/2014 - First Impressions: Harvey Bullock Steals Gotham From Jim Gordon

7/27/2014 - The World's Biggest Tiny Domino Setup Must Have Been Maddening to Make

7/27/2014 - Ascension: An Alternate History About a Planned Community in Space

7/27/2014 - A Smart Headband That Keeps Your Kids Safe (and Forever Alone)

7/27/2014 - You Know What Today Needs? Slime.

7/27/2014 - We Know The Team's New Identities On Person Of Interest

7/27/2014 - Brian K. Vaughan And Fiona Staples Reveal What's Ahead For Saga

7/27/2014 - This ATM That Plays Doom Would Make Trips to the Bank So Much Better

7/27/2014 - All The Arrow, Flash, Gotham & Constantine News and Trailers

7/26/2014 - Avengers: Age of Ultron Footage Shatters Our Worlds And Blows Our Minds

7/26/2014 - Sneaking Into the Science Training for New S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents

7/26/2014 - The Government's Secret Plan For a Military Moon Base

7/26/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: 1-800-Adopt-A-Dude

7/26/2014 - A Tantalizing Tidbit of Science Trivia

7/26/2014 - Blitzen Trapper: American Goldwing

7/26/2014 - Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay, Day 3: Getting Crazier and More Amazing

7/26/2014 - Beer Pong Ball Washer Solves Every Undergrad's Worst Nightmare

7/26/2014 - Pit Filled With Thousands Of Ice Age Bones Will Be Opened To Scientists

7/26/2014 - Everything You Need To Know About Marvel's New Star Wars Comics

7/26/2014 - Turns Out The Boxtrolls Is Funnier Than We Expected

7/26/2014 - What's Your Favorite Gadget to Aimlessly Fool Around With?

7/26/2014 - Having Fun With The Equation of Time

7/26/2014 - Cult Favorite Comic Locke & Key to Become a Movie Trilogy

7/26/2014 - Guillermo Del Toro Showed Us Why Crimson Peak May Be His Creepiest Film

7/26/2014 - The Pirate Bay Is Now Mobile-Optimized, If That's Something You Want

7/26/2014 - Ready to Move Animals Around the Planet for "Aggressive Conservation"?

7/26/2014 - Marvel's Already Making A Guardians Of The Galaxy Cartoon Series

7/26/2014 - We Saw Mind-Blowing Orc-On-Human Violence In The First Warcraft Footage

7/26/2014 - Holy Shit, We Just Saw A Teaser For A New King Kong Movie!

7/26/2014 - Here Are the Winners of the 2014 Eisner Awards

7/26/2014 - The Godzilla Sequel Will Feature Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah!

7/26/2014 - Internet Freedom's Poster Child Is Dangerous, Douchey, and Out of Prison

7/26/2014 - We've Observed Mars for Decades, But Still Have No Big Theories

7/26/2014 - Jupiter Ascending Comic-Con Footage Sealed The Deal: This Movie Rocks

7/26/2014 - We Saw Huge, Insane Battles in the Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies Teaser

7/26/2014 - Silicon Valley's Algorithm Expert Wrote the Paper on Tip-to-Tip Jerking

7/26/2014 - Here Are The First Wolf Pups in the Cascade Mountains Since The 1940s

7/26/2014 - First Mad Max Clips Are Brutal. Does Max Actually Get Broken This Time?

7/26/2014 - Tatiana Maslany Receives The Coolest Fan-Made Orphan Black Gift EVER

7/26/2014 - How the Rise of Refrigeration is Transforming China

7/26/2014 - Banned Buckyballs, Getting Your Sex Tape Off the Internet, and More

7/26/2014 - Exclusive Ghost In The Shell Mondo Poster Reveal!

7/26/2014 - Our First Glimpse of Batman V. Superman Includes the New Wonder Woman

7/26/2014 - Why Was The World's Biggest Church Built In Côte d'Ivoire?

7/26/2014 - First Look At The New Leprechaun, Who Looks Nothing Like A Leprechaun

7/26/2014 - Baby Rufio Cosplay Validates The Entire Concept Of Procreation

7/26/2014 - 5 Easy Ways to Reorganize Your Kitchen Like a Master Chef

7/26/2014 - Complete Avengers: Age Of Ultron Comic-Con Poster Is Your New Wallpaper

7/26/2014 - The Funniest Question Asked At Comic-Con's Walking Dead Panel

7/26/2014 - Watch The HI-SEAS Crew Emerge From Its 120-Day Simulated Mars Mission

7/26/2014 - The World's Largest HD LED Display Takes Over Jacksonville

7/26/2014 - ​Tatiana Maslany Cares More About Orphan Black Fans Than Emmys

7/26/2014 - How a Blind Photographer Practices His Art

7/26/2014 - James Gunn Will Write And Direct Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

7/26/2014 - Job Applicants Admit More to a Computer Avatar, Says U.S. Gov't Study

7/26/2014 - Another Strike For M. Night: First Impression Of Wayward Pines

7/26/2014 - New Trailer Shows Arrow Season 3 Is Going To Be Dark And DC-Riffic

7/26/2014 - UV-Powered Blood Test Could Make Universal Cancer Detection Possible

7/26/2014 - Everything We Learned About Agent Carter at Comic-Con

7/26/2014 - First Impressions: Intruders Is So, So Weird

7/26/2014 - NASA Advocates for Mars Mission to a Packed Room at Comic-Con

7/26/2014 - The pizza tank in action firing 14-inch pies

7/26/2014 - Watch All The Best Moments From Comic-Con's Game Of Thrones Panel

7/26/2014 - In Kevin Smith's Creepy Tusk Trailer, Justin Long Turns Into a Walrus

7/25/2014 - Clever crow knows exactly how to solve different puzzles to get food

7/25/2014 - The Best Kind of Math Is Edible, Chocolate Math

7/25/2014 - World map created by plotting out each terrorist attack since 1970

7/25/2014 - Finally, A Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes Crossover Is Coming

7/25/2014 - That Time Steve Coogan Saved A Small Radio Station Under Siege

7/25/2014 - Agents of SHIELD Announces New Characters

7/25/2014 - The Devil's Inside Harry Potter In The First Full-Length Horns Trailer

7/25/2014 - Why Do E-Books Cost What They Do?

7/25/2014 - Scientifically accurate Sonic the Hedgehog is so funny yet so gross

7/25/2014 - The Mysterious Molecular Structures Found in City Layouts

7/25/2014 - Banks, Master of Sexy Pool Party Songs, May Be Our Next Great Pop Diva

7/25/2014 - WB May Tap Oscar-Winning Argo Screenwriter For Justice League Script

7/25/2014 - Plastic Homes from the Days When Plastic Was the Future

7/25/2014 - New Trailer For Outlander Mixes Time Travel and Polite British Sex

7/25/2014 - High Levels of Insecticide Found in Iowa Streams

7/25/2014 - Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog Prefers Poop To Speed

7/25/2014 - This Conceptual Skyscraper Rises Like A Giant Coil

7/25/2014 - What's bigger: 1/3 pound burgers or 1/4 pound burgers?

7/25/2014 - The Webb Space Telescope's sunshield is complete and it looks amazing

7/25/2014 - Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay Day 2: The Reckoning

7/25/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

7/25/2014 - ​io9 Newsstand: Best Short Stories for the Week of July 21 - 26

7/25/2014 - The Penis Propaganda That Warned WWII-Era Soldiers of Venereal Disease

7/25/2014 - We May Have Just Discovered the Most Common Virus in Humans

7/25/2014 - Game of Thrones blooper reel is more fun to watch than the actual show

7/25/2014 - How Wildlife Decline Leads to Slavery and Terrorism

7/25/2014 - Meet The New Cast Members Of Game Of Thrones Season Five

7/25/2014 - Creators of The Legend of Korra Explain the Show's Not-Cancellation

7/25/2014 - Walking Dead Season 5 Starts At Terminus, But Heads Back To The Comics

7/25/2014 - Everything There Is to Know About Beer's Most Important Ingredient

7/25/2014 - Lightning can be heard halfway around the world via radio

7/25/2014 - Even White Walkers Screw Up In The Game Of Thrones Blooper Reel

7/25/2014 - English giant fart machine is so loud they heard it in France

7/25/2014 - Airplane passenger captures cool shot of lightning striking the ground

7/25/2014 - We've Seen The First Hunger Games: Mockingjay Footage

7/25/2014 - How 3D Printing Is Making Better Movie Monsters

7/25/2014 - Sam Raimi Announces He's Working On An Evil Dead TV Series

7/25/2014 - The Lunar Surface As You've Never Seen It Before

7/25/2014 - These Scarves Are Printed With the Outlines of Cities Aglow at Night

7/25/2014 - This New Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Goes Seriously Dark

7/25/2014 - Declassified: The Government's Secret Plan For a Military Moon Base

7/25/2014 - Batman Gets Weird When Artists Redesign His Cape and Cowl

7/25/2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015: Full Deck-Building, But At What Cost?

7/25/2014 - Bad Cell Phone Calls Could Actually Be Tracked to Detect Rainfall

7/25/2014 - Game Of Thrones' Maisie Williams May Star In The Last Of Us Movie

7/25/2014 - What Do You Want Gizmodo To Do More Of?

7/25/2014 - Lucy Tells the Greatest Superhero Origin Story Ever

7/25/2014 - A Trip On the Hybrid Crane-Boats That Pull Wreckage from NYC Harbor

7/25/2014 - The Webb Telescope's New Sunshield Is SPF 1,000,000

7/25/2014 - A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair

7/25/2014 - Everything You Need To Know About The Amazing Batman '66 Blu-Ray/DVDs

7/25/2014 - The WarGames Remake Will Feature New Adversaries

7/25/2014 - Unlocking Your Phone Is About To Be Legal Again

7/25/2014 - ​How And Why To Take Your Smartphone Camping

7/25/2014 - This Dreamy Drone Tour Shows the Rebirth of Downtown Los Angeles

7/25/2014 - Bad News for Verizon's Heavy Data Users: You'll Be Throttled This Fall

7/25/2014 - Google Wants to Create a Map of What a Healthy Human Body Looks Like

7/25/2014 - Project Almanac Gets Found-Footage Time Travel Right

7/25/2014 - Your Right To Be Forgotten Beats Google's Right to Remember

7/25/2014 - Patent Trolling Is Worse Than Any Other Time in History

7/25/2014 - Deals: Marvel Cinematic Universe, 75 Years of Batman, Munchkin

7/25/2014 - At Comic-Con? Put On Your Mask for the Surveillance Camera Network

7/25/2014 - Watch Jack Black Face Off Against Goosebumps' Slappy The Dummy

7/25/2014 - 21 Books That Changed Science Fiction And Fantasy Forever

7/25/2014 - How to Keep Dozens of Tabs Open Without Exhausting Your Browser

7/25/2014 - Never Stay In a Hotel With Crappy Wi-Fi Thanks to This Useful Site

7/25/2014 - Here's The First (Tiny) Look At The Vision In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

7/25/2014 - California pays prisoners $2 per day to fight wildfires

7/25/2014 - Creator Reveals Penny Dreadful's Origins And The Horrors Yet To Come

7/25/2014 - The Watch That Walked On the Moon Gets an Anniversary Upgrade

7/25/2014 - Deals: Nespresso Pixie, Stick-On Whiteboards, Galaxy Camera

7/25/2014 - The Amazon Fire Phone's Headphones Are What All Cheap Earbuds Should Be

7/25/2014 - Brett Ratner's Hercules Is A Lie. Don't Fall For It.

7/25/2014 - Over 90% Of Human DNA May Be Completely Worthless

7/25/2014 - This Tank Thinks It's a Beach-Storming Hovercraft

7/25/2014 - A Russian Lizard Sex Satellite Is Out of Control in Orbit

7/25/2014 - HP and Chubby Checker Finish Fight Over "Chubby Checker" Penis-Size App

7/25/2014 - In the Galaxy of Star Wars: Rebels, Some View the Empire as Good Guys

7/25/2014 - ​How an Obscure 2nd Century Christian Heresy Influenced Snowpiercer

7/25/2014 - This is how a bombing run looks through a B-52's bomb bay doors

7/25/2014 - We Put the Waterproof Kindle Through Hell

7/25/2014 - Enjoy a Great White Russian With This Shark Tumbler and Shot Glass

7/25/2014 - I can't believe how much work went into this incredible title sequence

7/25/2014 - Humans Have Caused 322 Animal Extinctions in the Past 500 Years

7/25/2014 - Your GIF Party Has Returned. Come On In!

7/25/2014 - Here's Colbert's Complete Elon Musk Interview From Last Night

7/25/2014 - The Most Accurate Vader Costume Ever

7/25/2014 - Russia Has Lost Contact With Its Gecko Sex Satellite

7/25/2014 - Amazon Fire Phone Teardown: So Many Cameras in Such a Small Space

7/25/2014 - New Documentary Trailer Shows Nic Cage's Weird Superman Lives In Action

7/25/2014 - Even the MLB Is Opposed to Internet Fast Lanes

7/25/2014 - How Will Fantastic Four Be Different from Other Comic Book Movies?

7/25/2014 - The 5 Massive New Telescopes That Will Change Astronomy Forever

7/25/2014 - Why You Should Never Use Pixelation To Hide Sensitive Text

7/25/2014 - Watch water doing crazy stuff on hydrophobic surfaces

7/25/2014 - Shop window displays that should be in a museum

7/25/2014 - River in China mysteriously turns blood-red overnight

7/25/2014 - Baseball team is so bad it had to install robots to cheer up human fans

7/25/2014 - Lois Lowry Explains How The Giver Movie Improves On Her Book

7/25/2014 - Samsung's Gear VR Headset Plans Outed by Leaked Official Companion App

7/25/2014 - The evolution of video game controllers in 16 cool photos

7/25/2014 - The prettiest science experiments of the year according to Princeton

7/25/2014 - Is This One of the Most Innovative Buildings of the Year?

7/25/2014 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Is a Mix of Endearing and Infuriating

7/25/2014 - These beige bars somehow turn into frozen fish sticks

7/25/2014 - Missile launch looks like hilarious fail until you see what happens next

7/24/2014 - Awesome kid snuck into 50 music festivals to make this super fun movie

7/24/2014 - The 1970s Spacecraft Is Doing Science Again!

7/24/2014 - Firefly's Whole Cast Will Reunite for Firefly Online

7/24/2014 - Christopher Nolan Shows Us Interstellar's Mind-Warping Alien Planet

7/24/2014 - Poop-powered flamethrower can shoot out gigantic 30-foot flames

7/24/2014 - Community Cast and Crew Reveal Season 6 Secrets

7/24/2014 - Here's Tina Fey & Rachel Dratch In a Great, Odd 1999 Two-Woman Show

7/24/2014 - The First Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer Looks Into The NSFW Future

7/24/2014 - A Closer Look at the Comet We'll Be Meeting Soon

7/24/2014 - Peter Dinklage And His Mullet Talk Trash In Strange Pixels Viral

7/24/2014 - Batman's New Cowl Is The Perfect Palette For Photoshop Horrors

7/24/2014 - We Watched Big Hero 6's Adorable Robot Baymax Explain Puberty

7/24/2014 - Turn Your Dumb Selfie Into a Textable Emoji, Annoy and Delight Your Pals

7/24/2014 - There are No Words for the World's Weirdest Street Dancer

7/24/2014 - Mayfly Birth Is The Stuff of Nightmares

7/24/2014 - Benedict Cumberbatch Trolls Comic-Con With A Dr. Strange Joke

7/24/2014 - First Trailer For Ridley Scott's Halo Movie, Nightfall

7/24/2014 - Tylenol No More Effective Than Placebo in Treatment of Back Pain

7/24/2014 - Ikea used East German prison labor in the 1980s to keep prices low

7/24/2014 - Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay: The First 24 Hours

7/24/2014 - Landmark Buildings That Were Never Supposed to Last This Long

7/24/2014 - Wet Computing Could Put a Terabyte in a Tablespoon

7/24/2014 - Report: Google Is Buying Twitch for $1 Billion

7/24/2014 - Comcast Employees Spill How Hellish Life Is on Their End of the Phone

7/24/2014 - You Can Finally Download DRM-Free Comic Book Backups From Comixology

7/24/2014 - An Argument for More Biologically Accurate Emoji

7/24/2014 - We Only Just Discovered This Super Common Virus That's Likely Inside You

7/24/2014 - Skip the Gnome and Put a Fallen AT-AT On Your Lawn

7/24/2014 - A High Intensity Video Light Lets Your GoPro See In the Dark

7/24/2014 - Check Out Mark Hamill's Real Jedi Beard For Star Wars: Episode VII

7/24/2014 - Why Is This Zoo Giving Acupuncture to a Lion?

7/24/2014 - 10 Clever Bets You'll (Almost) Never Lose

7/24/2014 - Here's the Trailer For the First Halo Show

7/24/2014 - How To Live Out Of Your Truck In The Woods

7/24/2014 - Someone At Congress Got Banned From Wikipedia for Trolling

7/24/2014 - Your Sperm Velocity Has Been Measured and Found Wanting

7/24/2014 - We've Seen Jack Black as R.L. Stine in the Goosebumps Movie!

7/24/2014 - New Evidence Suggests Tyrannosaurs Hunted In Packs

7/24/2014 - Report: Facebook and Uber Want You to Call a Ride From Messenger

7/24/2014 - The fastest cruise missile in the world launching underwater

7/24/2014 - This Final Fantasy-Style, Redesigned Action Figure Of Batman Is Madness

7/24/2014 - Syfy App Turns Your Entire Living Room Into Sharknado Central

7/24/2014 - Drought Is Parching The United States From Underground, Too

7/24/2014 - Researchers Test A Prototype Of An Alien-Hunting Robotic Ice Drill

7/24/2014 - Plants Are Actually Kind of Evil

7/24/2014 - The All-American Expo That Invaded Cold War Russia

7/24/2014 - NASA Made An Underground Water Map To See Just How Bad The Drought Is

7/24/2014 - Here's The Life-Sized TMNT Pizza Thrower In Pizza-Throwing Action

7/24/2014 - Watch Jimmy Kimmel Trick People Into Thinking a $20 Casio Is the iWatch

7/24/2014 - Nickelodeon Yanks Legend Of Korra Off TV, Shoves It Online

7/24/2014 - A Display-Tweaking Algorithm Could Let You Ditch Glasses and Contacts

7/24/2014 - ​12 Of The Craziest Characters Created By Jack "King" Kirby

7/24/2014 - Using goTenna's Pocket Antenna to Send Texts Without Cell Service

7/24/2014 - What the far future of space mining could look like

7/24/2014 - How Would Christianity Deal with Extraterrestrial Life?

7/24/2014 - Sonic Cannons Are Going to Wreck East Coast Ecology in Search of Oil

7/24/2014 - Our Favorite Protest Sign From Comic-Con So Far

7/24/2014 - Watch Guillermo Del Toro Give A Personal Tour Of His Tiny Haunted House

7/24/2014 - 19th century America grew 14,000 varieties of apple. Today we have 90.

7/24/2014 - Watch This Bot With a Broken Leg Learn To Walk Straight Again

7/24/2014 - Deals: Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, Transformers Comics, PS1 RPGs

7/24/2014 - Why Don't Ice Cream Sandwiches Melt?

7/24/2014 - Deals: Your New Soundbar, Custom Bluetooth Speaker, Timbuk2 Sale

7/24/2014 - You Can Actually Buy a Flux Capacitor Car Charger Now

7/24/2014 - Why Can't We Protect Commercial Planes From Attacks?

7/24/2014 - The Very Best Finds On The Floor At Comic-Con 2014

7/24/2014 - This video shows that freaking fish are the closest thing to Alien

7/24/2014 - Mind-twisting short shows that ignorance is bliss

7/24/2014 - The Pre-Holocene Climate Is Returning — And It Won't Be Fun

7/24/2014 - This Super-Efficient Lightbulb Uses Tesla Tech for an Incandescent Glow

7/24/2014 - The True History Of Star Trek Is Finally On Its Way

7/24/2014 - "The device he would use is called a Picturephone..."

7/24/2014 - Have a Chromecast? You Could Get Three Free Months of Unlimited Music

7/24/2014 - Looks Like Instagram Is Working on a Snapchat Rival

7/24/2014 - Science and Entertainment in One Glorious Package

7/24/2014 - Space Junk Is Becoming a Serious Security Threat

7/24/2014 - Behold The Warcraft Movie's Doomhammer, Lion Shield, And Dragon Sword

7/24/2014 - A Brief History of Pi

7/24/2014 - A Surveilliance Drone That Can Fit Inside A Soldier's Pocket

7/24/2014 - There's an Actual Piece of the Wright Flyer Inside Bremont's New Watch

7/24/2014 - What World-Changing Technology Actually Changed Nothing At All?

7/24/2014 - Adam Savage Explains Extensively How He Built His Hellboy Mecha-Glove

7/24/2014 - How Buckyballs Fell Apart

7/24/2014 - Imogen Heap Made Her New Single Using A Running App She Designed

7/24/2014 - Good TV Could Be Making You Eat Too Much

7/24/2014 - The Best Microsoft Word Alternatives That Are Totally Free

7/24/2014 - NASA Has Released Printable 3D Models Of Spacecraft And Planets

7/24/2014 - Google Voice Is One Step Closer To Dying and Becoming Hangouts

7/24/2014 - Batfleck's Bat-Cowl From Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Revealed

7/24/2014 - Which Marvel Villains Could Return in Future Movies?

7/24/2014 - 11 of the Most Absurd Smartphone Cases We Have Ever Seen

7/24/2014 - Piloting a Pacific Rim Jaeger Is the Perfect Oculus Rift Endgame

7/24/2014 - All music festivals should offer these king-size sleeping modules

7/24/2014 - Amazing six-year-old kid roller skates under 39 SUVs

7/24/2014 - Teaser Poster for Jurassic World Has Dystopian Flair

7/24/2014 - Antarctic ice looks so tempting as summer temperatures soar

7/24/2014 - First Impressions: Is The Flash or Constantine 2014's Break-Out Show?

7/24/2014 - Stunning selfie of a lone man facing a terrifying volcano pit

7/24/2014 - This is the coolest object disintegration video I've ever seen

7/23/2014 - Chopping down a super tall tree with a chainsaw looks like a lot of fun

7/23/2014 - Here's a satirical glimpse of Earth's dystopian future

7/23/2014 - A Lego Pirate Is Sacrificed To A Colossal Wave In The Name of Science

7/23/2014 - At Last, an Official Ant-Man Movie Poster!

7/23/2014 - The View of the Space Elevator Is Beautiful From Here

7/23/2014 - How Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Taught Me to Love Technology

7/23/2014 - Google Maps App Now Gives Suggestions Based on Weather and Time of Day

7/23/2014 - The Visual Storytelling In This Short Cartoon Is Oscar-Worthy

7/23/2014 - "The Time to Call for Diversity Is Now" for Arabian Nights Movies

7/23/2014 - This Wonderful Novel Could Be the First Steampunk Tale

7/23/2014 - Tales Of Lab Experiments Gone Horribly Awry

7/23/2014 - The Astonishing Treasures of Underwater Art Galleries

7/23/2014 - Northward: Marble Garden

7/23/2014 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meet 8/5 to Discuss The Girl with All the Gifts

7/23/2014 - This Slick-Looking Map Tells You Where You Can('t) Fly Your Drone

7/23/2014 - Welcome to Comic-Con 2014!

7/23/2014 - A Website That Warps You Back to the Hit Songs of Your Youth

7/23/2014 - The Most Deadly American Landslide Was Strangely Normal

7/23/2014 - The Ice-Diving Robot That Could Look for Alien Life on Jupiter's Moon

7/23/2014 - Drone films the eerie Costa Concordia sailing on its last voyage

7/23/2014 - Report: Apple's Mobile Payment Service Could Be Coming This Fall

7/23/2014 - Orphan Black Is Getting A Comic—But How Will It Work With The Show?

7/23/2014 - How To Scan 50 Miles of Historical Documents Into an Online Archive

7/23/2014 - TV Shows That Are Guaranteed to Freak You Out

7/23/2014 - These Graphic Prints Contain The Text of Your Favorite Books

7/23/2014 - An Automatic Parachute Will Keep You From Being Hit With a Drone

7/23/2014 - First Look At Arrow Sidekick Roy Harper As Arsenal

7/23/2014 - Cyclist films his own road accident, miraculously saves life

7/23/2014 - This 45-Story Slum Could Finally Become a Finished Skyscraper

7/23/2014 - How to Turn An Old Satellite Dish Into a Working Radio Telescope

7/23/2014 - Offshore Wind Farms Are Turning Into Artificial Reefs

7/23/2014 - The Birdwatchers On This Clock Are Trying To Spot a Rare Cuckoo

7/23/2014 - The Most (And Least) Obscure Hit Songs Of The Last 114 Years, Graphed

7/23/2014 - A Japanese soldier had no idea WWII ended—and fought for 29 more years

7/23/2014 - Space station astronaut sees missiles exploding on Gaza and Israel

7/23/2014 - Valve's Crazy Steam Controller Is One Step Closer to Being Normal

7/23/2014 - Huge chocolate mill reveals delicious changing geometry as you shave it

7/23/2014 - No, It's Not Your Imagination -- Your Dog Is Actually Feeling Jealous

7/23/2014 - A 'Nano Vaccine' That Combats Dust Mite Allergies

7/23/2014 - Get A Rocket's View From Falcon 9 as It Lands on the Ocean

7/23/2014 - Congress Basically Admits They Are Reptilians

7/23/2014 - Split-Personality Pulsar Switches From Radio To Gamma-Rays

7/23/2014 - A Brief History of Voyager 1 Not Quite Exiting the Solar System

7/23/2014 - My new favorite Twitter account is @CrimeADay

7/23/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Glitch Art

7/23/2014 - Dogs Feel Jealousy, Raising Questions About Its Evolutionary Origin

7/23/2014 - Smaug Is So Pissed On The First Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies Poster

7/23/2014 - Guy splits bullet in two firing it against a machete, hits two targets

7/23/2014 - Watch This Whale Lift A Kayak Clear Out Of The Water

7/23/2014 - The Untold History of How Autocorrect Came To Be

7/23/2014 - Did Airplanes Evolve the Same Way Birds Did?

7/23/2014 - Making Hot Air Bread Balloons With An Industrial-Strength Blower

7/23/2014 - How Artificial Superintelligence Will Give Birth To Itself

7/23/2014 - Good News! Sitting Won't Kill You After All

7/23/2014 - ​So You Want To Go Spearfishing For The Very First Time

7/23/2014 - Report: Apple's Got a 12-inch MacBook, 4K Desktop in Works

7/23/2014 - How to Use the Infinite Number of Email Addresses Gmail Gives You

7/23/2014 - Augmented Reality Climbing Walls Turn Mountaineering Into a Game

7/23/2014 - Archaeologists Have Found an Unopened, 200-Year-Old Bottle Of Seltzer

7/23/2014 - 13 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Human Birth

7/23/2014 - Sinister Six Defeat Amazing Spider-Man! (Or At Least Their Movie Does)

7/23/2014 - Finally, A Pair of Sunglasses That Will (Hopefully) Never Break

7/23/2014 - What Kinds of Stories Would You Like to See on io9?

7/23/2014 - This is not a Hubble photo of a supernova—it's food

7/23/2014 - You Can Access 15,000 Marvel Comics Right Now For a Buck

7/23/2014 - Chandra Has Been X-Raying the Universe for 15 Years

7/23/2014 - A Triptych That Proves Portrait-Oriented Video Isn't Always Horrible

7/23/2014 - Deals: Free Comics, A Song of Ice and Fire Graphic Novels, Humble

7/23/2014 - A Self-Powered Bike Trailer That Pulls All Of Its Own Weight

7/23/2014 - Oceans May Be Critical For Life To Arise In Habitable Zones

7/23/2014 - I wish I could spend summer in the Mediterranean driving this beauty

7/23/2014 - That Time The CIA Kidnapped A Soviet Spacecraft

7/23/2014 - Pong Was Never Intended For Public Release

7/23/2014 - Deals: Bluetooth on a Budget, $70 802.11ac Router, PC Peripherals

7/23/2014 - America's Next Big Space Launch Rocket Is a Total Beast

7/23/2014 - This Nefarious Webcomic Evildoer Is Every Bond Villain Rolled Into One

7/23/2014 - North Korea Launched a Bizarre New Cooking Website "For Housewives"

7/23/2014 - Tiny Gold Nanomotors Spin 10x Faster Than a Race Car Engine

7/23/2014 - Coolio Is Releasing His Next Song on...PornHub?

7/23/2014 - Hundreds of flying rays is one beautiful nightmare

7/23/2014 - First Look At Neill Blomkamp’s Robot Comedy Chappie

7/23/2014 - ​OS X Yosemite Preview: All the New Features for Your Mac

7/23/2014 - What Does It Mean When Chickens Share Human Beauty Standards?

7/23/2014 - Calvin and Hobbes creator's new comic strips are now for sale

7/23/2014 - ​Is Marvel Getting People Ready For A New Generation of Movie Heroes?

7/23/2014 - Always Be Prepared with This Watch that Hides a Survival Kit

7/23/2014 - Tell Us About The Best Science Experiment You Ever Did!

7/23/2014 - Army Chow Could One Day Be Made With 3D Printers

7/23/2014 - This Box Can Hold an Entire Netflix

7/23/2014 - British Inventor To Aim The World's Largest 'Fart Machine' At France

7/23/2014 - Where's the Straight Line Piece for These Tetris Tater Tots?!

7/23/2014 - 7 Dead Websites That Should Be Brought Back

7/23/2014 - LittleBits Now Lets You Build Your Own DIY Smart Home

7/23/2014 - Gwendoline Christie's Rumored Episode VII Role Is Appropriately Badass

7/23/2014 - Master Mobile Gaming With This Upgraded Bluetooth NES Controller

7/23/2014 - Doctor Who's Dark New Direction. Plus Another Hulk Rumor Debunked!

7/23/2014 - China Is Turning Tiger Bones Into Wine

7/23/2014 - Robert Downey Jr. Not Quite Ready to Give Up Iron Man

7/23/2014 - William Shatner's Not a Fan of Facebook's Celeb App, Mentions

7/23/2014 - Indian company wants to kill Nemo and destroy the Great Barrier Reef

7/23/2014 - Motorola's Digital Tattoo Unlocks the Moto X With a Tap

7/23/2014 - House Guarded By Dragon Gate Can Be Yours For Only 2.4 Million Euros

7/23/2014 - Nightmare porcelain figures for evil grandmas

7/23/2014 - Marvel's Newest Star Wars Comic Book Will Focus on Princess Leia

7/23/2014 - Movie Cats Supercut Is Proof We've Reached Peak Internet

7/22/2014 - Amazing trees produce 40 different types of fruit

7/22/2014 - 8-bit game version of The Avengers would be so much fun to play

7/22/2014 - Amazon Fire Phone Review: A Shaky First Step

7/22/2014 - Here are 10 of the most awesomest movie stunts in film history

7/22/2014 - The Dinosaur Waited Patiently on Its Wing Legs, Ready for Flight

7/22/2014 - All the most amazing supernovas ever photographed

7/22/2014 - The Best Movie About a Racist's Head On a Black Man's Body Ever Made

7/22/2014 - How to Harvest Cherries, Peaches and Almonds, All From the Same Tree

7/22/2014 - This Warehouse Holds All Illegal Wildlife Goods Confiscated In The U.S.

7/22/2014 - Soltero: Communist Love Song

7/22/2014 - Heartbreaking Film Told From The Perspective Of A Man With Alzheimer's

7/22/2014 - Yep, Microsoft Killed the Surface Mini. For Real.

7/22/2014 - DARPA Wants Wants to Fund Research into "Predatory" Bacteria

7/22/2014 - The Bat-Chart of (Nearly) Every Bat-Villain Batman Ever Beat

7/22/2014 - The Sun Emits a Plasma Arc So Big You Could Fit 25 Earths Beneath It

7/22/2014 - Entire Planes Come to Life In The Newest Magic: The Gathering Artwork

7/22/2014 - Elon Musk and Peter Thiel in 2000

7/22/2014 - Cruise Ship Cabins Are Built on an Assembly Line Just Like Cars

7/22/2014 - Trailer For Our New Favorite Space Opera Spoof Is Packed With 1970s Fun

7/22/2014 - How the Best Seinfeld Parody on the Internet Created Seinfeld Emoji

7/22/2014 - Dear God In Heaven, Will Ferrell Is Making A Manimal Movie

7/22/2014 - The Third Machine Age Could Destroy Us

7/22/2014 - That's No Moon or Space Station, Just a Fantastic Death Star Rug

7/22/2014 - Gorgeous Art Nouveau Paintings Advertise The Drugs Of Westeros

7/22/2014 - ​Track The Path Of Any Object Drifting on the Ocean

7/22/2014 - Here's What Thor Will Look Like Now That He's No Longer Thor

7/22/2014 - Space Station 76 Pokes Fun at 1970s Futurism

7/22/2014 - A Nanotech-Powered AIDS-Killing Condom Is Closer than Ever

7/22/2014 - World's Largest Aquatic Insect Found In China

7/22/2014 - Seeing real US Navy SEALs moving underwater is way cooler than any movie

7/22/2014 - How to Get Your Sex Tape Off the Internet

7/22/2014 - I Read This Book Cover To Cover But I Don't Remember A Thing About It

7/22/2014 - Now That It's Upon Us, What Are Your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plans?

7/22/2014 - The Lattice of Tubes Covering This Building Are a Natural AC System

7/22/2014 - This Molecule Can Prove You're a Supertaster (Or a Caffeine Junkie)

7/22/2014 - Is Eating Kosher Seafood Better for the Environment?

7/22/2014 - Skully AR-1 Helmet Hands On: What It's Like To Wear the First HUD Helmet

7/22/2014 - ​How To Build Your Own Altoids Tin Survival Kit

7/22/2014 - James Gunn On The Movies You Must Watch Before Guardians Of The Galaxy

7/22/2014 - Googlers didn't make a 'traitor' cake for a departing co-worker

7/22/2014 - Sixth-Grader May Have Stolen Credit For Marine Biologist's Lionfish Research

7/22/2014 - I Paid $50 for a Tinder Coach and All I Got Was This Sense of Doom

7/22/2014 - The Turtles Are Making Wu Tang References In The Newest TMNT Trailer

7/22/2014 - The Earth Is At the Center of This Watch's Tiny Solar System

7/22/2014 - The World Health Organization Wants to Legalize Sex Work and Drugs

7/22/2014 - The Biggest Man-Made Hole on Earth

7/22/2014 - This Is The Space-Faring Lilo & Stitch Sequel We'd Love To See

7/22/2014 - The Best Makeup Effects from Six Seasons of Face Off

7/22/2014 - A $13 Wearable You'll Actually Want to Wear

7/22/2014 - This Simple Contraption Lets You Make 100 Water Balloons Every Minute

7/22/2014 - How Can Precision Actually Be a Bias?

7/22/2014 - Samsung's 105-Inch Curved UHD TV Only Costs $120,000

7/22/2014 - 5 Failed Robotech Sequels That Could Have Transformed the Franchise

7/22/2014 - Guy builds biggest fart machine ever to fart at France with it

7/22/2014 - Deals: Halloween Comes Early, Walking Dead Comics Humble, Arkham Knight

7/22/2014 - Deals: Budget Action Cams, $250 off MacBook Airs, Tri-Clad Cookware

7/22/2014 - This Tree Is Growing 40 Different Kinds Of Fruit At Once

7/22/2014 - New Nanotech Sensors Could Put Bomb-Sniffing Dogs Out of a Job

7/22/2014 - Congress once considered renaming the US "The United States of Earth"

7/22/2014 - This Gorgeous Ballet Sequence Was Shot Entirely By A Robot

7/22/2014 - The Worst Educational Comic Book Superheroes Ever Created

7/22/2014 - Comcast Internal Memo: That Service Rep From Hell Was Following Orders

7/22/2014 - Pests masterfully turned into grieving widow bugs

7/22/2014 - Which Sherlock Actor Looks Most Like This Police Composite Sketch?

7/22/2014 - Hands On With The World's First HUD Motorcycle Helmet

7/22/2014 - NASA's Moon-Bound Geology Lab that Never Quite Got Off the Ground

7/22/2014 - Making Faster Optical "Cables" Using Nothing But Lasers and Air

7/22/2014 - Star Wars: Rebels Trailer Announces "The Republic Has Fallen"

7/22/2014 - That Predator-Vision iPhone Camera Case Finally Goes on Sale Tomorrow

7/22/2014 - This Comic Reveals The Terrifying Futility Of The First World War

7/22/2014 - LG's 18-Inch Flexible Display in Action Is What the Future Looks Like

7/22/2014 - What Scientific Question Most Piques Your Curiosity?

7/22/2014 - China Seals Off City Of 30,000 People After Man Dies Of Bubonic Plague

7/22/2014 - Amazon Wallet: Gift Card Central For the Everything Store

7/22/2014 - Archive Texts and Call Logs on Android with SMS Backup +

7/22/2014 - Sales Of Animal Body Parts Can Be More Lucrative Than Cocaine

7/22/2014 - How One Man's Blood Donations Saved Over Two Million Lives

7/22/2014 - Injustice And Lies Are The Way To Solve Our Hatred Of Waiting In Line

7/22/2014 - Life-Size Darth Vader Hot Wheels: That's No Hoon

7/22/2014 - Gotham Adds Two Major Villains And Explains Poison Ivy's Dumb New Name

7/22/2014 - 7 Big Ways Cities Have Transformed Themselves for Bikes

7/22/2014 - Did A Game of Thrones Actor Just Confirm A Major Fan Theory?

7/22/2014 - Nvidia Shield Tablet: An Android Tablet With a Game Console Inside

7/22/2014 - iTime: Smartwatch Patent Shows Apple's Broad Ambitions

7/22/2014 - The New Dragon NaturallySpeaking Can Do Almost Anything Your Mouse Can

7/22/2014 - Nothing says summer like these slow melt ice cream time-lapses

7/22/2014 - In the Ultimate in Installation Pieces, Artist Sends Plants Into Space

7/22/2014 - World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens—and you can jump off it

7/22/2014 - WSJ: Apple is Ordering a Huge 80 Million iPhone 6 Handsets for Launch

7/22/2014 - In the Future, Only the Twerkbot Will Dance

7/22/2014 - 10 movie trailers that were actually better than the movie

7/22/2014 - I don't know where buildings start or end in this crazy Hong Kong photo

7/22/2014 - Here's How Starfleet Punishes Those Pesky Prime Directive Violations

7/22/2014 - Celebrating Jean-Félix Picard's Birthday With Geodetic Trivia

7/22/2014 - Watch the Guardians of The Galaxy Meet in this Five Minute Clip

7/21/2014 - EPA: Protecting Our Water, Doing Okay-ish on Kim Kardashian Hollywood

7/21/2014 - Amusement park throws people from 100-foot tower with nothing but a net

7/21/2014 - Supergirl Reacts To Batgirl's New Costume In The Most Adorable Way

7/21/2014 - On True Blood, Everything Is Bloodier In Texas

7/21/2014 - 7 New Yorker Tech Stories That You Can Now Read For Free

7/21/2014 - The New TMNT Movie Rap Song Has Nothing To Do With Vanilla Ice

7/21/2014 - Magician can guess the card you're thinking about through this video

7/21/2014 - Release the Spider Robots!

7/21/2014 - Humans Could Achieve Digital Immortality Within 30 Years

7/21/2014 - Most Wearable Technology Has Been a Commercial Failure, Says Historian

7/21/2014 - ​New Poll Reveals The U.S. Is Number One In Climate Change Denial

7/21/2014 - Even a Small Nuclear Showdown Would Mean Worldwide Disaster

7/21/2014 - Author Mary Rickert Explains Why Stories About Witches Still Rivet Us

7/21/2014 - Artist INSA Imagines a Future Where Graffiti Is Animated Like a Gif

7/21/2014 - Fight Club 2 is coming in 2015

7/21/2014 - For the First Time, We've Found an Exoplanet at the "Frost Line"

7/21/2014 - Northrop Once Built Planes That Were Just Giant Wings

7/21/2014 - Believe It or Not, the World's Fastest-Growing Drone Fleet Is in Japan

7/21/2014 - ​Why Is The Strain So Much More Interested In Assholes Than Vampires?

7/21/2014 - Which Dystopias Are Too Realistic to be Enjoyable?

7/21/2014 - Historical Slang Terms For Having Sex, From 1351 Through Today

7/21/2014 - Why Are Lego Washing Up on the Beaches of Cornwall?

7/21/2014 - Carl Sagan explains why aliens are not visiting us all the time

7/21/2014 - Scientists Can Now Cut HIV Out of Human DNA

7/21/2014 - Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show a Start Menu and a Little More Windows

7/21/2014 - Kangaroos and koalas have three vaginas

7/21/2014 - Fill This Cooler With Icy Water and It Doubles As an Air Conditioner

7/21/2014 - The Right Way to Flip a Coin (And Other Things Going Deep Taught Us)

7/21/2014 - Why Do We Have Blood Types?

7/21/2014 - The Leftovers Celebrates An Unmerry Post-Rapture Christmas

7/21/2014 - What You Need to Know About the Sneakiest New Online Tracking Tool

7/21/2014 - New Super Software Tracks Every Cell in an Organism as It Develops

7/21/2014 - Wow, all these rotating white dots are actually moving in straight lines

7/21/2014 - Simpsons World: Every Simpsons Episode Ever, Online For Free (Sort Of)

7/21/2014 - This Lovely Music Video Is Also a Lesson in How Cells Grow

7/21/2014 - Everything That's Changed in the New iTunes 12.0

7/21/2014 - Good Chocolate, Like Good Steel, Must Be Tempered

7/21/2014 - A never-ending ocean of 4.5 million flowers in Japan

7/21/2014 - 43 states allow tipped employees to be paid less than minimum wage

7/21/2014 - Basement Jaxx Create Booty-Clapping (NSFW?) Twerk Bot

7/21/2014 - What Did Doctors Learn By Scaring Toddlers in the "Risk Room"?

7/21/2014 - Sixth Grader's Science Fair Project Rattles Ecologists

7/21/2014 - iOS 8 Comes With a New App That Teaches You How to Use Your iPhone

7/21/2014 - Here's Woz on a Segway, Filmed By a Drone

7/21/2014 - Elastic Bows Make Gift Wrapping Impossibly Easy

7/21/2014 - Good Lord, The Intruders Trailer Is So Weird

7/21/2014 - Author Mary Rickert Is Here To Talk To You About The Memory Garden!

7/21/2014 - Swag, Vapes, and Econ: My Day at the North American Bitcoin Conference

7/21/2014 - President Harry S. Truman's middle name is just the letter S

7/21/2014 - It's Time to Destroy Corporate Personhood

7/21/2014 - The World Is Your Steam Room With a Material That Turns Sunshine Into Steam

7/21/2014 - The Rock Has Pretty Much Admitted He's Playing Shazam

7/21/2014 - This All-In-One Printer Churns Out Completely Functional Circuit Boards

7/21/2014 - Adventure Tested: Whistle, A Fitness Tracker For Your Dog

7/21/2014 - New 'Quantum Bounce' Theory Explains How Black Holes Become White

7/21/2014 - Gum-Packing Coffee Cup Sleeves Prevent Burns and Bad Breath

7/21/2014 - The Little-Known Story of El Niño And the Mutiny on the Bounty

7/21/2014 - Facebook Adds a Save Button Since There's Too Much Crap on Your News Feed

7/21/2014 - 12 Guardians Of the Galaxy Facts The Movie Won't Tell You

7/21/2014 - Here's the First, Full-Length Trailer for the Alan Turing Biopic

7/21/2014 - Watch A Whole Episode Of Sailor Moon Re-Animated By More Than 250 Fans

7/21/2014 - Benedict Cumberbatch Is Alan Turing In The First Imitation Game Trailer

7/21/2014 - How A Biochemical Invention Of The Mongols Gave Us Sour Cream

7/21/2014 - How the United States can collapse and fall on a Black Friday

7/21/2014 - Anti-Missile Tech Is Being Used to Find Malaria Before it Strikes

7/21/2014 - Deals: Superhero Blu-rays Assemble, BOGO 3DS Games, Adventure Time

7/21/2014 - Deals: Acer Chromebook, Blue Microphones, Gift Cards, Tyrion Lannister

7/21/2014 - Robots with Digital Eyes Could Pick Your Next Peck of Peppers

7/21/2014 - About 200 Americans get leprosy each year. 1/3 get it from armadillos.

7/21/2014 - This Week's TV: Will The Manhattan Project Show Have West Wing's Magic?

7/21/2014 - Live Chat: What Happens When Your Son Has an Illness Unknown to Science

7/21/2014 - Watch the Marines' New Self-Driving Car Navigate a Battlefield

7/21/2014 - Holy crap, check out the awesome new Lego Batman Tumbler!

7/21/2014 - Nike's Free 5.0 Are So Flexible They Can Fit In Extra Tiny Shoeboxes

7/21/2014 - The Writer of Sharknado 2 Answers Your Burning Science Questions

7/21/2014 - Some Naked™ juice contains more sugar than Pepsi

7/21/2014 - Thousands of Lego Pieces Have Been Washing Up On This Beach Since 1997

7/21/2014 - Can You Match Wits With A Child Mathematical Genius?

7/21/2014 - A Simpsons And Futurama Crossover Will Air This November

7/21/2014 - A Dome Packed With 480 Cameras Captures Detailed 3D Images In Motion

7/21/2014 - What Books Are You Reading?

7/21/2014 - Why No One Bothers Putting Apostrophes in "Don't Walk" Signs

7/21/2014 - The ​Government Is Failing More Frequently, And Here's Why

7/21/2014 - J.J. Abrams Reveals Star Wars: Episode VII's Brand New X-Wing

7/21/2014 - The 9 Most Popular Apps No One Uses Anymore

7/21/2014 - I Shot Targets With the Oculus Rift's Coolest New Virtual Gun

7/21/2014 - It's Official: The Justice League Movies Won't Cross Over With Arrow

7/21/2014 - The 2015 Sienna Has a Mic to Help You Shout All the Way to the Back Seat

7/21/2014 - Cool new X-Wing Mark II revealed in new Star Wars VII video

7/21/2014 - This Moroccan style burger looks so good that makes my belly dance

7/21/2014 - Set Reminders in Google Now Just By Searching Text on Your Laptop

7/21/2014 - World's largest—and most gross—aquatic insect discovered in China

7/21/2014 - If The Rumors Are True, Star Wars: Episode VII Is Weirder Than Expected

7/21/2014 - Lonely skater explores eerie Los Angeles empty of any cars

7/21/2014 - Hasbro Won't Mind If You Design (And Sell) Your Own 3D-Printed Toys

7/21/2014 - If The X-Files Had Been Set in College, Not Much Would Have Changed

7/21/2014 - If You Still Care About 3D, the Xbox One is Getting 3D Blu-ray Support

7/21/2014 - On Witches of East End, They Kill Blackmailers With Lightning Fists

7/21/2014 - Slow Jam Muppet Babies Theme Reveals Beaker's Little Known Talent

7/21/2014 - Watch NASA's Full TV Broadcast of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Right Here

7/21/2014 - Neil Patrick Harris Wants to Be on American Horror Story. Please Let Him

7/20/2014 - Try Listening to "Danger Zone" Without Feeling Like a Hero

7/20/2014 - How The Neverending Story Taught Us to Love 80s Synth-Pop

7/20/2014 - Reviews For This "Tengwar Script Men's Lord Prayer Ring" Are Excellent

7/20/2014 - Real-Life Dinosaurs Are Way Scarier Than The Movies

7/20/2014 - Rare photos reveal fascinating views of the Apollo 11 moon landing

7/20/2014 - Bring Forth the Space-Cake!

7/20/2014 - These Photos of Rest Areas Will Make You Want to Take a Road Trip

7/20/2014 - Help Make The LEGO Hubble Space Telescope A Reality

7/20/2014 - The Phones on Air Force One Look Like Iron Man Accessories

7/20/2014 - Andy Griffith Knew Something About Space Travel You Probably Don't

7/20/2014 - Anti-Homeless Laws and @HiddenCash: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

7/20/2014 - This Pacemaker Is Made By Injecting a Virus Right into a Pig's Heart

7/20/2014 - RIAA Bullies Tiny Music Sites That Pay Fees Instead of Make Money

7/20/2014 - Marvel Announces Release Dates Through 2019

7/20/2014 - Beware of This iMessage Spam Campaign Peddling Fake Oakleys

7/20/2014 - Peter Dinklage's Prison Mullet Looks Sublime In First Still From Pixels

7/20/2014 - Read the Apollo 11 Flight Plan in Its 353-Page Entirety

7/20/2014 - Car Dealers Use the "Defense in Depth" Strategy to Wear You Down

7/20/2014 - The Oh-So-Human Stories of This Moment in History

7/20/2014 - Veteran Pickpocket Explains How ATM Skimmers Are Ruining His Craft

7/20/2014 - Watch a Detail-Oriented Man Carve the Eiffel Tower Into a Pencil Tip

7/20/2014 - Why Neil Armstrong Got to Take the First Step on the Moon

7/19/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Ramones Go to Heaven

7/19/2014 - How Do Our Bodies Know Left From Right?

7/19/2014 - This Song's Rhythm Is Inspired by Neil Armstrong's Heartbeat on the Moon

7/19/2014 - Does The Original RickRoll'D Video Still Play For You?

7/19/2014 - Learn How To Talk To Animals

7/19/2014 - Buzz Aldrin: Second Man on the Moon, But First to Take a Space Selfie

7/19/2014 - 8-Bit Pixel Sunglasses Implore Everyone Around You to Deal With It

7/19/2014 - Blood Of 2 Million Babies Found In Indiana Warehouse

7/19/2014 - Is This a Footprint, or Bootprint?

7/19/2014 - Tech Journalist Discovers Feds Had His Credit Card Number For 9 Years

7/19/2014 - Sure Your Job Sucks, But At Least Darth Vader's Not Your Boss

7/19/2014 - Legend Of Korra Tells Two Tales Of Sibling Rivalry

7/19/2014 - Here's The Thing About English

7/19/2014 - Comcast Cancellation Hell, Floating Prisons, Viral Hoaxes, and More

7/19/2014 - Working On My Novel Is Hilarious, Hits A Little Too Close To Home

7/19/2014 - iPhone 6 Screen May Not Be Sapphire, Probably Isn't Bow-And-Arrow-Proof

7/19/2014 - This ISS Experiment Looks Like A Miniature Star Factory

7/19/2014 - How to Save Water (And Not Get Fined) In This Drought

7/19/2014 - Here's How The Six Californias Plan Would Divide The Golden State

7/19/2014 - Spheres of Flame are One of the Surreal Wonders of Living in Orbit

7/19/2014 - Bee-Inspired Bots Skitter and Swarm at NYC's Museum of Mathematics

7/19/2014 - Some Genius Designed A Hamster Wheel For Cats

7/19/2014 - How NASA Would Have Handled a Failed Apollo 11

7/19/2014 - If you fold a paper in half 103 times it'll get as thick as the Universe

7/19/2014 - Optical illusion turns flat letters into 3D calligraphy

7/19/2014 - This Astonishing Book Of Beautiful Fantasy Art Deserves Your Support

7/18/2014 - The Detail In This Hummingbird Photograph Is Unreal

7/18/2014 - Three different accidents in 30 seconds in one intersection in Russia

7/18/2014 - It's Inconceivable These Wonderful Princess Bride Lego Sets Aren't Real

7/18/2014 - "Venomous" vs "Poisonous," Explained With Adorable Talking Animals

7/18/2014 - Fire Was Born Long Before the Sun

7/18/2014 - Man flies so close to cliff that he can high-five guy sitting on the edge

7/18/2014 - UnHung Hero: A Film of, Well, Moderately Small Proportions

7/18/2014 - New Guardians Of The Galaxy Clip Will Make You Fall In Love With Groot

7/18/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

7/18/2014 - Author Kelly Thompson Tells Us Why She Self-Published Her Novels

7/18/2014 - The Hours Gracefully (and Vaguely) Tick By On This Ballet Clock

7/18/2014 - Scotland's Mysterious Petroglyphs Are About to Become Visible Again

7/18/2014 - Evolve Your Music Tastes With This Charles Darwin-Themed Opera

7/18/2014 - A Tweetbot Caught the Russian Gov't Editing Flight MH17 Wikipedia Info

7/18/2014 - Space Invaders Movie Will Make Shooting At Rows Of Pixels Into A Drama

7/18/2014 - There's a Trippy Walk-In Kaleidoscope Hiding In This Shipping Container

7/18/2014 - Get The Ice Puns Ready, The Flash TV Show Has Cast Its Captain Cold

7/18/2014 - These Photos Prove That Neo-Death Stars Are Among Us

7/18/2014 - Bad Movie Fans Rejoice: Netflix Might Get an Incognito Mode

7/18/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

7/18/2014 - The Angels Continue To Be Pricks On ​Dominion

7/18/2014 - The Movie You Really Want to See This Weekend

7/18/2014 - This Tiny, Inexpensive Microchip Can Diagnose Diabetes Instantaneously

7/18/2014 - A Robot That Gives You the Two Extra Fingers You Always Needed

7/18/2014 - I Origins Shows That The Science Vs. Spirituality Debate Is Played Out

7/18/2014 - Religious Kids Are More Likely To Think Magical Protagonists Are Real

7/18/2014 - Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things Is Becoming An Off-Broadway Play

7/18/2014 - This Classic 1970s Speaker Just Got Revamped With Today's Tech

7/18/2014 - How to Drink an IPA, One Hop Flavor at a Time

7/18/2014 - "I Can't Decide If This Movie Is A Work Of Genius Or Just A Mess"

7/18/2014 - The Cute and Sometimes Creepy Creations of the Willy Wonka of Robots

7/18/2014 - ​Mood Indigo Takes You Into a Twee Posthuman World

7/18/2014 - Climate-Denying Physicist Compares Carbon Dioxide to Jews

7/18/2014 - The fantastic worlds of Craig Mullins—one of the best illustrators ever

7/18/2014 - This Robotic Camera Will Make You Feel Like Part of a Ballet Performance

7/18/2014 - The Shining Prequel Will Be Directed By Mark Romanek

7/18/2014 - Could This Lunar Cave Provide Shelter for a Future Moon Colony?

7/18/2014 - LG UB9800 UltraHD TV Review: This Picture's Not Worth the Price

7/18/2014 - [Updated] Marvel's New Avengers Line-Up Contains Less...

7/18/2014 - Projectors Could Turn Your Tiny Apartment Into a Goggle-Less Oculus Rift

7/18/2014 - Why JK Rowling Should Open Harry Potter Up To Other Writers

7/18/2014 - What's the Most Ridiculous Smartphone Case You've Ever Seen?

7/18/2014 - How That Giant Hole in Sibera Could Have Formed

7/18/2014 - Should We Deliberately Edit The Genes Of Wild Animals?

7/18/2014 - Animals Shaped the Evolution of Colorful Fruits

7/18/2014 - Pokémon Shaming Is The New Pet Shaming

7/18/2014 - 10 Actors Who Kept Their Characters Alive In Books After Cancellation

7/18/2014 - Inside the Futuristic Neighborhood Being Built Over a Busy NYC Rail Yard

7/18/2014 - Trying to Control a Future We Never Get Right

7/18/2014 - A Google For iOS Easter Egg Lets You Jumble Up the Logo

7/18/2014 - ​Boy Scouts Made Me The Man I Am Today, Here's How

7/18/2014 - Ball of fire comes alive in space, turns into flaming Tinker Bell

7/18/2014 - ​io9 Newsstand: Best Short Stories for the Week of July 14 - 19

7/18/2014 - Airbus's Electric Airplane Prototype Is Eerily Silent in Flight

7/18/2014 - New Lunar Photos Offer a Stunning 3D Flyby Of The Apollo 11 Site

7/18/2014 - Would You Let An App Monitor Your Mental Health?

7/18/2014 - Deals: 1960s Batman, Jodorowsky's Dune, Mel Brooks, Goat Simulator

7/18/2014 - The Fighter Jet We Could Have Built Instead of the F-35

7/18/2014 - Bioethicists Defend Facebook's Controversial Mood Study

7/18/2014 - After 150 Years, Scientists Finally Know How Barnacle Glue Works

7/18/2014 - Russia's World Cup Is Already Outrageously Expensive

7/18/2014 - Why You Should Be Shooting RAW In One Simple GIF

7/18/2014 - The Purge: Anarchy Is Basically Idiocracy, Starring The Punisher

7/18/2014 - ​A Very Special Defiance Reveals The Dangers Of Space Heroin

7/18/2014 - Aerosol Cake Batter Is Real Now and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same

7/18/2014 - 20 Minutes Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Footage Is Kind Of Adorable

7/18/2014 - Deals: Roku with Free Hulu, SodaStream, Smart Thermostat, Goat Sim

7/18/2014 - Scientists Use World's Largest Laser To Recreate Jupiter's Core

7/18/2014 - Perfect home perched on a cliff is made of dreams of quiet, food and sex

7/18/2014 - io9 Favorite The Girl Who Would Be King Will Be A Movie!

7/18/2014 - Venus Express Isn't Dead Yet

7/18/2014 - Should You Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

7/18/2014 - Congress Wants To Explore Europa To Seek Out New Life —And New Jobs

7/18/2014 - The Mathematician Who Showed How the US Could Be Made A Dictatorship

7/18/2014 - It's Alarmingly Easy for Hackers to Control Your Hotel Room

7/18/2014 - Put On Your Party Hats, GIFs! It's Time To Celebrate.

7/18/2014 - The Best Camera Bag Is One You Put Together Yourself

7/18/2014 - Sculpting With Magnetic Clay Looks Fantastically Weird

7/18/2014 - You'll Never Guess Which Cult Marvel Character Could Be In Guardians!

7/18/2014 - Use Google Now's Location Reminders To Power Through Your To Dos

7/18/2014 - Dozens Of AIDS Researchers Killed In Malaysian Flight MH17 Crash

7/18/2014 - 101 Years of Tour de France Bikes Map the Evolution of Cycling

7/18/2014 - Do We Finally Know the Name of a New Star Wars Character?

7/18/2014 - Pangolins Walk Just Like T. Rex

7/18/2014 - Lunatic leaps on top of moving metro train as it emerges from tunnel

7/18/2014 - Kindle Unlimited Is Here: Read As Much As You Like For $10 a Month

7/18/2014 - New pictures and video show interior detail of the Siberian hole

7/18/2014 - We Were Unprepared When the New Cyclops Arrived

7/18/2014 - MIT Has a Free Photojournalism Course You Should Take

7/18/2014 - Ed Snowden: Sharing Porn Selfies Is All in a Day's Work at the NSA

7/18/2014 - Optical illusion GIFs make classic horror characters three-dimensional

7/18/2014 - Insanely detailed hand-cut illustrations on rice paper

7/18/2014 - How Quantum Mechanics Explains Global Warming

7/18/2014 - Hilariously Useless Comments About Science from the US Supreme Court

7/18/2014 - Google Maps for Mobile Now Lets Cyclists Avoid the Hills

7/18/2014 - Scientists use wireless Oculus Rift to create real life holodeck

7/18/2014 - Listen to a Wiretap of Ukraine Rebels: "We Just Shot Down a Plane"

7/18/2014 - The Science of Penis Size: Does It Really Matter?

7/18/2014 - The amazing system that tested the most powerful rocket engine ever

7/18/2014 - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Fight Over Star Wars, Everybody Wins

7/18/2014 - Paddington Bear's New Voice Is Skyfall's Q

7/17/2014 - Discuss: The laws that bind atoms and galaxies control your feelings too

7/17/2014 - The Future Does Not Have to Look Like the Present

7/17/2014 - This beautiful rainbow insect is actually a wasp

7/17/2014 - Why City-Dwellers Don't Evacuate In Emergencies

7/17/2014 - Mysterious "Fargo On The Moon" Script Has Darren Aronofsky Interested

7/17/2014 - Flying race car narrowly avoids decapitating another pilot

7/17/2014 - Yikes, these animal hybrids are so hilariously terrifying

7/17/2014 - These Are The Longest Words In The English Language, And They're Insane

7/17/2014 - The Greatest Eulogy of All Time For a Broadway Legend

7/17/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Revenge Upon The Closet Monster

7/17/2014 - Electricity-Eating Bacteria Are Real and More Common Than We Thought

7/17/2014 - This Creepy Invasive Plant Is Wreaking Havoc In North America

7/17/2014 - These lunar shoes make you feel like you're walking on the moon

7/17/2014 - What's hiding behind these giant holes on the Moon?

7/17/2014 - How Batman Manages To Keep His Secret Identity Secret

7/17/2014 - How a Cat Poop Parasite Could Help Scientists Beat Cancer

7/17/2014 - MØ's Infectious Electropop Is the Perfect Backyard Barbecue Backdrop

7/17/2014 - Check Out This Incredible Collection of Science Art from OMNI

7/17/2014 - First Screening Of The New Twin Peaks Blu-ray Left Everybody Mystified

7/17/2014 - Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat Are Turning Into Storefronts

7/17/2014 - Why So Many Domesticated Mammals Have Floppy Ears

7/17/2014 - Which Great TV Show Had The Worst First Season?

7/17/2014 - This Chlorine-Free Pool Is Biofiltered and Freaking Beautiful

7/17/2014 - The Freaky Doll From The Conjuring Now Has A Trailer For Her Own Movie

7/17/2014 - Relive The Moon Landings, Even If You Weren't Alive in 1969

7/17/2014 - A Hoodie Made From Speaker Fabric Won't Muffle Your Headphones

7/17/2014 - Sneaking Into This Movie Theater Is Like Escaping The Temple Of Doom

7/17/2014 - How the Internet Is Helping a Father Fight an Illness Unknown to Science

7/17/2014 - Star Wars: Rebels Gets Its Big Bad And Ep. VII Casts A Doctor Who Alum

7/17/2014 - Journey To 1898, When Analgesics Were Advertised With Images of Death

7/17/2014 - This Man Wants to Genetically Engineer Trees to Save the World

7/17/2014 - You No Longer Have to Go to Japan to Buy These Beautiful Blue Toolboxes

7/17/2014 - Star-Lord Is All Kinds Of Funny In Latest Guardians Of The Galaxy Clip

7/17/2014 - Exclusive Horror Story From The Absolutely Chilling Through The Woods

7/17/2014 - A Sneak Peek at Five Brand-New Products In Next Year's Ikea Catalog

7/17/2014 - Non-Comic Book Characters Who Survived Being Killed Off "For Good"

7/17/2014 - Why Google Is So Interested In Kenya's Transit System

7/17/2014 - Predatory Birds Remind Us That Inside, They're 100% Dinosaur

7/17/2014 - Watch The Curiosity Rover Shoot A Martian Rock With A Laser!

7/17/2014 - So Apparently Extant Is Really About Creating A Superior Human Species

7/17/2014 - My Life in Canadian Netflix Hell

7/17/2014 - Is This First TMNT Clip Funny Or The Worst Thing Ever?

7/17/2014 - The new Predator drone cockpit looks like a dream gaming setup

7/17/2014 - Every Centimeter Mark on This Ruler Is Actually a Tiny Embedded Flower

7/17/2014 - Microsoft Is Already Quitting the Movie and TV Business

7/17/2014 - Report: Oculus VR Is Working on Motion Controllers for the Rift

7/17/2014 - True Blood's Baby Vampire Jessica Will Play Daredevil's Love Interest

7/17/2014 - Facebook Now Lets You Buy Things Straight From Your News Feed

7/17/2014 - The Rosetta Spacecraft Is Headed for This Giant, Whirling Rubber Ducky

7/17/2014 - Guillermo del Toro Takes Us Inside His "Kinky" Horror Film Crimson Peak

7/17/2014 - Even More Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes That Need A Nice Long Rest

7/17/2014 - The Powers TV Show Has Found Its Deena Pilgrim

7/17/2014 - These Cemeteries Are All That Remain of Mountains Destroyed by Mining

7/17/2014 - ​The 12 Labors Of Hercules, Ranked

7/17/2014 - MIT Wants To Give Our Hands Two Extra Robot Fingers

7/17/2014 - I Origins Went To Insane Lengths To Get Its Science Right

7/17/2014 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Chromecast Master

7/17/2014 - Some Asshole Is Passing Off a Lost Screengrab as Flight MH17

7/17/2014 - Walter White gets high*

7/17/2014 - This isn't the Malaysia Airlines crash. It's Photoshopped from Lost.

7/17/2014 - Here's an Illustrated Guide to the World's Worst Computer Viruses

7/17/2014 - This Adventure Time/Game Of Thrones Mashup Is Perfectly Cast

7/17/2014 - Deals: Cheaper iPad Minis, Budget Action Cam, Bluetooth Headphones

7/17/2014 - How emojis invaded our lives

7/17/2014 - This Ultralight Electric Wheelchair Folds Up Like a Lawn Chair

7/17/2014 - How New York Could Stop the Comcast-TWC Merger

7/17/2014 - Is Our Solar System Unique In The Universe?

7/17/2014 - 9 Unexpected Outcomes Of Human Cloning

7/17/2014 - B-2 Spirit: America's Best Airplane Since the SR-71

7/17/2014 - Discovery Of 'Electric Bacteria' Hints At The Potential For Alien Life

7/17/2014 - One Website Wants to Track Every Search Result Google Erases by Request

7/17/2014 - This Guy Is Making A 3D-Printed, Steampunk-Inspired Xenomorph Suit

7/17/2014 - Facebook's Newest App Is Just For Celebrities

7/17/2014 - Scientists Are Mapping the Ocean's Plastic Because 99 Percent Is Missing

7/17/2014 - Snapchat's Thinking About Getting Into the Mobile Payment Business

7/17/2014 - A Horde Of Mobula Rays Invades Baja

7/17/2014 - The World's Biggest Picnic Blanket Is Growing in the Swiss Countryside

7/17/2014 - This Is The Closest Thing To A Blade Runner Anime We'll Ever Get

7/17/2014 - Family That Walks On All Fours Not A Product Of 'Reverse Evolution'

7/17/2014 - This is why not everything we call random is actually random

7/17/2014 - A MagSafe Charger for the iPhone Would Be Awesome

7/17/2014 - An Interactive Chart Showing Which Jobs STEM Majors Really End Up In

7/17/2014 - The Messed-Up Experiment Meant To Induce Crippling Guilt In Children

7/17/2014 - Moon Boot Sneakers: Celebrate Apollo 11's Anniversary in High-Top Style

7/17/2014 - Darwin's Entire Library Aboard The HMS Beagle Is Now Available Online

7/17/2014 - 3D-Printed Ice Cream Guarantees the Perfectly Balanced Cone

7/17/2014 - Explore a Water Park Built Inside a Huge German Airship Hangar

7/17/2014 - The First Trailer For Syfy's 12 Monkeys Show Is Its Own Paradox

7/17/2014 - Welp, There Go Your Dreams of Android on a Nokia Phone

7/17/2014 - Marvel Roundup: Hints On Avengers 2, Agents Of SHIELD And Agent Carter!

7/17/2014 - 6 Buildings Competing For the UK's Top Architecture Prize

7/17/2014 - Three Problems That Computers Will Never Be Able to Solve

7/17/2014 - Surfing in the arctic circle is a harsh but beautiful experience

7/17/2014 - A Tent With Built-In LED Lighting Eliminates Midnight Flashlight Hunts

7/17/2014 - Three Origami Animals Live All Too Briefly In This Short Film

7/17/2014 - Watch a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Pull Some Crazy Stunts

7/17/2014 - The New Striker II Is the World's Most Advanced Fighter Pilot Helmet

7/17/2014 - Cool point of view video shows how it looks to climb a huge ship mast

7/17/2014 - Five Things You'll Never See Posted on Social Media

7/17/2014 - The Full Sized Wire Fairy Queen of Trentham Gardens

7/17/2014 - 90 Percent of Wiretaps Are Listening Out For Drug Deals

7/17/2014 - Google Is Now Doing Free Glass Demos

7/17/2014 - New video of mysterious giant Siberian hole filmed by investigation team

7/17/2014 - This Is the Most Detailed Map of Mars's Surface Ever Made

7/17/2014 - Where Did All the Middle Initials Go? To the Intellectuals.

7/17/2014 - We're Going To Need a New Name to Describe This Transforming Cabinet

7/17/2014 - Amazing man climbs a ladder holding a sports bike on top of his head

7/17/2014 - The amazing story of a man who planted a giant forest one tree at a time

7/17/2014 - Your New Captain America Is Sam Wilson

7/17/2014 - Here's an Apache attack helicopter flying away from a monster explosion

7/17/2014 - Could This Be The Most Ludicrous "Alien Seduces Humans" Scene Ever?

7/16/2014 - Scary creatures are hiding inside our washing machines

7/16/2014 - ​Rafting America's Most Difficult River

7/16/2014 - The Heart Of The World

7/16/2014 - Win A Whitewater Rafting Trip In California For You And Your Friends

7/16/2014 - Everything You Need To Know About Game Of Thrones' Biggest Fan Theory

7/16/2014 - Dorky, Snarky Artistic Interpretations of Famous Computer Viruses

7/16/2014 - The Pentagon Takes Its Next Major Step Towards A Reusable Spaceplane

7/16/2014 - Ukrainian Science Fiction Writers Predicted the Russian Invasion

7/16/2014 - Next Generation Telescopes Take Us Closer to Finding Alien Life

7/16/2014 - What is this machine inside a secret underground room under NYC?

7/16/2014 - Imaginary Covers For The Books About Harry Potter's Middle Aged Life

7/16/2014 - The Man Who Planted a Forest Bigger Than Central Park

7/16/2014 - If Fox Buys Warner Bros., Could Batman Team Up With The Movie X-Men?

7/16/2014 - Grandson of Madame Tussaud holding Mussolini's wax head in 1935

7/16/2014 - NASA Is Making Nukes More Expensive

7/16/2014 - One Listen of This Long Track Will Totally Clear Your Mind, Man

7/16/2014 - Could We Drink The Water On Mars?

7/16/2014 - Living lake in Russia is hungry for human bodies and souls

7/16/2014 - Shark Week Doubles Down On Its Lies

7/16/2014 - These Massive Hangars in Orange County Once Housed WWII Airships

7/16/2014 - Former Soviet Mines Are Like Artificially Constructed Pits Of Hell

7/16/2014 - Mondo Reveals Batman: The Animated Series Album Covers!

7/16/2014 - U.S. Remains Key Growth Market for Cigarettes, Despite Graphs Like This

7/16/2014 - Norway's Turning Power Plant Emissions Into Fish Oil

7/16/2014 - Gene Yang Gives Comics' First Asian American Superhero A Superb Origin

7/16/2014 - This Ramen Is Made By a Machine That Takes Up The Length of a Room

7/16/2014 - Chicago Wants To Install Superconducting Cable To End Power Outages

7/16/2014 - Man climbs real-world 5,900-foot Game of Thrones' Wall with no ropes

7/16/2014 - FDA Just Found Even More Vials of Diseases in a Forgotten Storage Room

7/16/2014 - First Trailer For Syfy's 12 Monkeys Shows How It Differs From The Film

7/16/2014 - Watch a 70-Foot Concrete Bridge Survive a Simulated 6.9 Earthquake

7/16/2014 - Mysterious 500 Million-Year-Old Predators Are the Ancestors of Spiders

7/16/2014 - This Social Robot Is Designed to Become Part of Your Family

7/16/2014 - This Is Why It's So Impossible to Quit Comcast

7/16/2014 - The Apollo 11 Launch Wasn't Just Historic, It was Beautiful

7/16/2014 - This Gorgeous Teapot Lets You Watch Your Tea Leaves Brew

7/16/2014 - Ouija Movie Trailer Tricks Kids Into Playing A Board Game

7/16/2014 - Can Network Theory Help Explain Epic Mythology?

7/16/2014 - The Fake Places Cartographers Used to Trap Copyright Thieves

7/16/2014 - Which J.R.R. Tolkien Movie Will Be The Docudrama To Rule Them All?

7/16/2014 - Here's What Happens To Snakes In Microgravity

7/16/2014 - An Alarming Short Film That Will Change The Way You Think About Plastic

7/16/2014 - Which Change To A Character Did Purists Overreact To The Most?

7/16/2014 - Google Wallet Can Now Store Gift Cards and Pester Your Friends for Money

7/16/2014 - In BitTorrent's TV Show, People In The Dystopian Future Use BitTorrent

7/16/2014 - The Great Beer Flood Of 1814

7/16/2014 - A Dramatic 260 Foot Crater Has Mysteriously Appeared In Siberia

7/16/2014 - DARPA'S Turning to Bezos and Branson For Help Building Its Spaceplanes

7/16/2014 - NFL Sunday Ticket Will Be Available Without Satellite Next Season (Updated)

7/16/2014 - I Was Hidden on This Guy’s Hard Drive for Over Six Years

7/16/2014 - Go Check When Your Free Cloud Storage Deals Expire

7/16/2014 - Someone tried to trademark the term "September 11, 2001" on 9/11

7/16/2014 - This Animal Is Almost Impossible to Kill

7/16/2014 - Stunning sci-fi concept sketches are actually 3D renders

7/16/2014 - Usagi Sounds Perfectly Annoying In The New English Dub Of Sailor Moon

7/16/2014 - Victorian Naturalist Dissects A Robot, And The Results Are Creepylovely

7/16/2014 - The Case for Using Shitty Passwords

7/16/2014 - ​If You Want a Glimpse of the Future Food Wars, Look to Hawaii

7/16/2014 - The New Airbnb Logo Is a Sexual Rorschach Test For Our Time

7/16/2014 - Google Street View Cars Find Hundreds of Gas Leaks in Cities

7/16/2014 - Here's the Shiny Cover of William Gibson's New Novel!

7/16/2014 - New Big Hero 6 Trailer Is Surprisingly Dark

7/16/2014 - Humans Have Been Going to the Moon for Almost Half a Century

7/16/2014 - 20 Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes We Never Need To See Again

7/16/2014 - Should Your Family Get Access To Your Online Accounts When You Die?

7/16/2014 - Some really crazy people made the entire Star Wars movie in Minecraft

7/16/2014 - Cheap toys look surprisingly cool through X-rays

7/16/2014 - Deals: Samsung 4K Monitor, $700 MacBook Air, Semi-Smart Outlets

7/16/2014 - First Official Look At Ultron In Avengers 2!

7/16/2014 - Which Animals Can Differentiate Between Languages?

7/16/2014 - Why Tesla's Model 3 Could Be the Most Important Electric Car Ever

7/16/2014 - Meet The Star-Lord In Our Exclusive Guardians Of The Galaxy's Footage

7/16/2014 - This Webcomic Heroine's Only Friend Is A Fungal Destroyer Of Worlds

7/16/2014 - How Cyclists on Fixies Saved California's Mail Service 120 Years Ago

7/16/2014 - Ask An Astrobiologist Whatever You Want About Water On Mars!

7/16/2014 - America's Littlest Black Ops Whirlybird Is Armed to the Teeth

7/16/2014 - Japan's Mt. Fuji Volcano In A "Critical State"

7/16/2014 - BlackBerry's Finalllllllllllllllly Getting Its Own Siri-Like Assistant

7/16/2014 - ​I Think Marvel Is Lying To Everybody About The New Female Thor

7/16/2014 - Buzz Aldrin once punched a moon hoaxer in the face

7/16/2014 - Experience Tour de France Mayhem First-Hand From New On-Bike Cameras

7/16/2014 - Amazon's Prepping a "Kindle Unlimited" Subscription Service For Books

7/16/2014 - What Do You Collect?

7/16/2014 - How Brazil Nuts Solved A Mystery About Asteroids

7/16/2014 - The FBI's Worried That Self-Driving Cars Could Be Turned Into Weapons

7/16/2014 - Who's Really to Blame When Netflix Slows Down?

7/16/2014 - This Lego Super Mario Bros aquarium is the coolest aquarium of all time

7/16/2014 - Biologists Have Finally Realized That Animals Don't Live in Flatland

7/16/2014 - The Blazing Fast Evolution of Land Speed Record Cars

7/16/2014 - The Largest Dinosaur Capable Of Flight Had Four Wings

7/16/2014 - Mysterious giant hole suddenly appears in Siberia [Updated]

7/16/2014 - Alternative Universe made with every star from every Disney movie ever

7/16/2014 - Honda's Asimo Robot Gets a Little Bit Better, a Whole Lot Creepier

7/16/2014 - The World's First Family Robot Could Be Like HAL in Your Home

7/16/2014 - First Description Of Avengers 2 Footage! But Who's Andy Serkis Playing?

7/16/2014 - Skydivers land on a Slip 'n Slide after jumping from 5,000 feet

7/16/2014 - How Much Underwear to Pack For Your Trip, Visualized

7/16/2014 - Hero Raccoon Makes Off With 28 Pound Bag of Food

7/16/2014 - These Sunglasses Are Made of... Hemp?

7/16/2014 - This Machine Generates Electricity From Humidity

7/16/2014 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes portraits are scarily human

7/16/2014 - A Carbon Fiber Eames Sofa Combines Amazing Design and Exotic Materials

7/16/2014 - Parasyte Trailer Shows the Horror of Your Body Turning Against You

7/16/2014 - NYT: Chinese Hackers Are Turning Attention to Smaller Federal Agencies

7/16/2014 - Mashup art puts Kaiju into classical paintings

7/16/2014 - Google+ No Longer Require You Use Your Real Name

7/16/2014 - The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Are Terrified of the New Ones

7/16/2014 - This restaurant might have the best bread and butter in the world

7/16/2014 - Amazing photos from NASA's vaults show how they assembled Apollo 11

7/16/2014 - Watching ceramics masters do their work is incredibly soothing

7/16/2014 - Seth Rogan Reveals Preacher's First Song. It's Willie Nelson, Of Course

7/15/2014 - Turns Out Ghost-Hunting Is WAY Less Glamorous In The Suburbs

7/15/2014 - Here's how the wheels of the supersonic car are made

7/15/2014 - Curiosity Rover Finds A Huge Metal Meteorite

7/15/2014 - A Woman Meets 30 Alternate Versions Of Herself. And They're All Better.

7/15/2014 - These giant pipes help keep an entire city safe

7/15/2014 - Sling's New Slingbox Is Better (and Cheaper) Than Ever

7/15/2014 - Now THIS Is a Badass Feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex

7/15/2014 - Watch La Jetée, the Incredible Experiment That Inspired 12 Monkeys

7/15/2014 - Where Are All the Female Science Fiction Heroes in Picture Books?

7/15/2014 - Futurama in photorealistic 3D is absolutely stunning

7/15/2014 - ​How San Francisco's Clean Drinking Water Destroyed The 2nd Yosemite

7/15/2014 - The Biggest Misconceptions About How Movie Novelizations Are Written

7/15/2014 - The World's Most Terrifying Pool Can Simulate Any Wave

7/15/2014 - Real-Life Futurama Is Gorgeous

7/15/2014 - An Aurora Dances in the Latest Vine from Space

7/15/2014 - What Scratched Records Look Like Through a Microscope

7/15/2014 - Scientists Engineered Mutant Worms That Can't Get Drunk

7/15/2014 - Twin Peaks And The Muppets Go Together Weirdly Well

7/15/2014 - These Homemade Tanks Are Tough Enough To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

7/15/2014 - This Is Why I Love Your Selfies

7/15/2014 - A Great Way to Listen to Those Mysterious "Number Stations"

7/15/2014 - L.A. had a mobile traffic court that brought the judge to you

7/15/2014 - Treetop Camera Traps Catch Animals In Their Most Candid Moments

7/15/2014 - Rainbow Brite Is Coming Back To Television

7/15/2014 - Someone Made Wolverine's Claws But With Batarangs And They're AMAZING

7/15/2014 - Joss Whedon Takes His Doodles To The Next Level, Resurrects Wash

7/15/2014 - Science Fiction And Fantasy Comedies That Hit Harder Than Most Dramas

7/15/2014 - Spooky underwater photos reveal Nazi submarine off the coast of Texas

7/15/2014 - An Under-Desk Hammock For Your Feet Is the Best Office Upgrade

7/15/2014 - Apple and IBM Will Make It Easier For Your iPhone to Be Your Work Phone

7/15/2014 - How To Write About Sex Without Being Boring

7/15/2014 - All About Big Hero 6, Disney's First Marvel Superhero Movie

7/15/2014 - An Exquisite Medieval Manuscript Shows Merlin Building Stonehenge

7/15/2014 - See How the First Moon Photos Are Being Recovered In an Old McDonald's

7/15/2014 - The Plan to Store Wind Energy In Giant Underwater Air Bubbles

7/15/2014 - There Is Some Hope That We Aren't Living Inside a Computer Simulation

7/15/2014 - Short Cartoon About An Origami Boat Packs All The Heart Of A Pixar Film

7/15/2014 - Why Potholes Happen (And How to Get Them Fixed)

7/15/2014 - New Power Rangers Movie Gets X-Men: First Class Writers; May Be Good?!

7/15/2014 - Extraordinary photos capture the true spirit of New York City at night

7/15/2014 - Planet Of The Apes Director Reveals What's Next For The Apes

7/15/2014 - Nike's New Baseball Glove Comes Already Broken In

7/15/2014 - Google was originally called BackRub

7/15/2014 - Shame Bathroom Slobs That Don't Wash Their Hands With This DIY Alarm

7/15/2014 - I can't wait to see this awesome Chinese animation movie

7/15/2014 - Be Prepared: Can You Pass The Boy Scout Swimming Merit Badge Test?

7/15/2014 - Sony A7s Review: The New King of Full-Frame Video

7/15/2014 - FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comment Deadline After Responses Crashed It

7/15/2014 - A Sunken Nazi Sub Has Been Discovered Off The Texas Coast

7/15/2014 - The U.S. hasn't had this many breweries in operation since 1870

7/15/2014 - Why Do You Always End Up In The Slowest Line?

7/15/2014 - Why Does Your Apple Turn Brown, and How Can You Stop It?

7/15/2014 - 6 Great Shots From The World Cup

7/15/2014 - There Are 2 Plagues Under The Dome: A Rain of Acid Blood, And Microsoft

7/15/2014 - 5 Quick Ways To Free Up Space In Your Gmail Account

7/15/2014 - Sailor Moon Looks Utterly Badass As A Fantasy RPG Warrior

7/15/2014 - The World's Largest Floating Prison Is In NYC

7/15/2014 - Measure the Width of Your Hair With a Laser Pointer!

7/15/2014 - 20 Comic-Con Exclusive Collectibles Worth Selling Somebody's Soul For

7/15/2014 - Deals: Funimation, Game of Thrones Season 4, Kindle Paperwhite, Akira

7/15/2014 - Old fighter jets always look the best

7/15/2014 - LeapFrog LeapTV: A Wii-Plus-Kinect Mashup For Kids

7/15/2014 - Deals: 15000mAh Anker, Game of Thrones Season 4, Kindle Paperwhite

7/15/2014 - Nest and Friends Are Giving the Internet of Things a Fresh Start

7/15/2014 - 12 More Viral Photos That Are Lying to You

7/15/2014 - Congress Is Still Editing Wikipedia a Lot -- Here's How We Know

7/15/2014 - What's Your Worst Cable Customer Service Horror Story?

7/15/2014 - Impossibly Adorable Glassware Inspired by Winnie the Pooh's Antics

7/15/2014 - The Least Stupid Way to Type On a Smartwatch

7/15/2014 - Marvel's New Thor Is A Woman

7/15/2014 - 75 Years Of Batman's Cowls On A Single Poster

7/15/2014 - Russia's Military Is Getting Killer Wall-E Robot Soldiers in 2018

7/15/2014 - How Game of Thrones Made Last Season's Most Fantastical Fight Look Real

7/15/2014 - Celebrate the Moon Landing With Apollo 11 Astronauts

7/15/2014 - What's Sapphire Glass, and Why Would Apple Want It In Your iPhone?

7/15/2014 - These Insanely Detailed Maps Of Mars Are The Most Accurate Yet

7/15/2014 - Gotham Will Introduce A Potential Joker Each Week

7/15/2014 - Dustpans Should Have Been Designed With Funnels From Day One

7/15/2014 - What's The Difference Between Guilt And Shame?

7/15/2014 - Should Pedophiles Be Allowed To Use Child Sexbots?

7/15/2014 - What Are The Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Your Job?

7/15/2014 - All-New Big Hero 6 Trailer Is Excruciatingly Cute

7/15/2014 - Stephen Colbert Tears Apart Crowdfunding's Dumbest Projects

7/15/2014 - The Supreme Court's Aereo Decision Won't Screw Up Dish (Yet)

7/15/2014 - I wish I had this magical shadows pop up book when I was a kid

7/15/2014 - A Star Trek Phaser TV Remote Is Perfect For Fast Forwarding Enterprise

7/15/2014 - Disney's Big Hero 6 Looks Pixar-Cute and Superhero-Awesome

7/15/2014 - Heart Rate Monitoring Car Seats Keep You From Drifting Off

7/15/2014 - Is The Spectre the Next DC Comics Television Show?

7/15/2014 - These Are the 11 Most Endangered Places In America

7/15/2014 - 600 mountain bikers descend at once down 8,500-foot snow covered course

7/15/2014 - How Priority Bicycles Made a "Maintenance Free" Bike For Under $400

7/15/2014 - German Government Is Using Typewriters to Avoid the NSA's Gaze

7/15/2014 - First Trailer for Reconstruction of William Zero Is So Eerie

7/15/2014 - Report: Microsoft Is Banning Google as a Default Search on New Lumias

7/15/2014 - Google's Smart Contact Lenses Are Going to Become a Real Thing

7/15/2014 - Why Do We Have Blood Types, Anyway?

7/15/2014 - An Amusing Explanation of Why Net Neutrality Is So Serious

7/15/2014 - Animals Made From Unbelievably Intricate Fabric Collages

7/15/2014 - Netflix Has Scrapped Saturday Deliveries (And Nobody Really Noticed)

7/15/2014 - One Man and His Bot Have Written Almost 10% of Wikipedia

7/15/2014 - Meet Vantablack: The World's Darkest Material

7/15/2014 - This is the weirdest engine I have ever seen

7/15/2014 - Just Another Gorgeous and Successful Rocket Launch

7/15/2014 - Video Explains What Graphene Is and Why It's a Magic Material

7/14/2014 - Hercules Trailer Shows John Hurt Knows Just What Kind of Film He's In

7/14/2014 - Nothing says summer more than this giant Slip 'n Slide on a city street

7/14/2014 - This Is How Superhero Rivalries Begin

7/14/2014 - This Century-Old Warship Got a New Dazzle Paint Job To Commemorate WWI

7/14/2014 - It's Completely Absurd How Hard It Is to Cancel Comcast

7/14/2014 - Salem Could Have Been Scarier If It Had Been More Historically Accurate

7/14/2014 - When The TMNT Rap-Battle Their Renaissance Namesakes, Everybody Wins

7/14/2014 - Falling Skies's Villain Conference Is Today's Most Wonderful Cheesefest

7/14/2014 - Watching This Moody Light Show Might Transport You To Another Dimension

7/14/2014 - These badass Wolverine claws would be perfect for Batman's armor

7/14/2014 - Three Ways to Reduce the Ocean's Garbage Gyres (And One Way Not To)

7/14/2014 - Trust Me, Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 Is Actually Worth A Watch

7/14/2014 - Why We Deserve More Bisexual Characters On Television

7/14/2014 - Chris Pratt Was Turned Down For The Roles of James Kirk And Jake Sully

7/14/2014 - Masters of Sex Is Trying to Do Something That's Almost Impossible

7/14/2014 - Horns Trailer Shows Off Daniel Radcliffe's Dark Side

7/14/2014 - Weird Al Is Releasing a Video From His New Album Every Day This Week

7/14/2014 - Journey Underground to These Eye-Poppingly Incredible Old Mines

7/14/2014 - Here's The Best And Worst Of The Last Ship In One Short Video

7/14/2014 - Sensual images of dreamy women are actually incredible oil paintings

7/14/2014 - True Blood Brings Back Everything We Love About This Series

7/14/2014 - What's The Weirdest Comic Book Adaptation Of All Time?

7/14/2014 - io9 Newsstand: Best Short Stories for the Week of July 7 - 12

7/14/2014 - ​A Man Challenges Time Itself To Save His Wife In Comic Epic Ei8ht

7/14/2014 - Watch Footage of an Armed Palestinian Drone Flying Over Gaza

7/14/2014 - ​The Real Reason the Pentagon Has Downgraded the Iran Missile Threat

7/14/2014 - This Movie About Hackers Is Free for 24 Hours Before It Disappears

7/14/2014 - Practice Putting At 3,000 Feet With This Mountaintop Mini-Golf Course

7/14/2014 - There's a Fully Accessorized Picnic Blanket Hiding Inside This Bag

7/14/2014 - How To Distract People Into Accepting Propaganda

7/14/2014 - Microsoft's AI Is On Its Way to Identifying the Whole World

7/14/2014 - The Strange Real-Life Origins Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

7/14/2014 - Bloomberg Terminals Have a Secret Craigslist for Crazy Rich People

7/14/2014 - Game Of Thrones Characters And Their Historical Doppelgangers

7/14/2014 - Your Entire Family Can Waste Away the Summer On This Mega Hammock

7/14/2014 - Does It Matter That The TV Version Of Constantine Is Straight?

7/14/2014 - North America's First Foragers Hunted These Elephant-like Creatures

7/14/2014 - Science Conclusively Determines The Best Kind Of Slapstick

7/14/2014 - See How Much of NYC a Taxi Driver Sees in a Single Day

7/14/2014 - High Speed Footage Reveals The Alien Mechanics of Fish Feeding

7/14/2014 - How Painters Used To Make Pigments With Poisons, Mummies, and Gems

7/14/2014 - The Bone-Chilling Freezer Where 10 Miles of Ancient Ice Are Kept

7/14/2014 - Pentagon Successfully Demonstrates Self-Guiding Sniper Bullets

7/14/2014 - Airbus: Who Needs Real Seats When You Can Straddle Bike Saddles?

7/14/2014 - Explore The Virtual Ruins Of Pittsburgh In Tomorrow And Tomorrow

7/14/2014 - Watch Out Chromebooks: Super Cheap Windows 8 Machines Are Coming

7/14/2014 - The Most Popular Sport in North America 900 Years Ago

7/14/2014 - Explore New York City According to the Music It Inspired

7/14/2014 - Trailer For Dystopian Flick Young Ones Features The Real Robot BigDog

7/14/2014 - An 8,000 Year-old Skull Has Been Found With Preserved Brain Matter

7/14/2014 - Is This Display For Computer Art More Than Just a Screen for GIFs?

7/14/2014 - 1970 Predicts: 25% of Commuters Will Use Flying Machines by 2000

7/14/2014 - The States Where You're Most Likely to Be Wiretapped

7/14/2014 - Last Night's Leftovers Was The Episode We've Been Waiting For

7/14/2014 - Spectacular video of the supermoon from the world's tallest building

7/14/2014 - 779 Marijuana Brand Names In One Infographic

7/14/2014 - Fireworks in reverse look even cooler from a drone

7/14/2014 - Deals: Classic Cosmos, Steve McQueen, PS4 and Xbox One Bundles

7/14/2014 - You Have Until Midnight to Yell at the FCC About Net Neutrality… Sort Of

7/14/2014 - 10 Villains You've Never Heard Of (Who Are Smarter Than Lex Luthor)

7/14/2014 - Deals: Wi-Fi For Any Camera, Sagan's Cosmos, Credit card Knife, Plex

7/14/2014 - No, Smartphones Aren't Going To Kill GoPro

7/14/2014 - Watch the World’s Biggest Wooden Yo-Yo Do a Trick in the Desert

7/14/2014 - Anti-Obamacare Ads Backfired, Says A New Statistical Analysis

7/14/2014 - First Palestinian Drone to Enter Israel Is Promptly Shot Down

7/14/2014 - Mad man in a wingsuit flies through a waterfall

7/14/2014 - This Week's TV: A Lottery Is Held For The Only 100 Embryos In The World

7/14/2014 - Archer & Armstrong Could Be The Next Great Comic Book Movie

7/14/2014 - The U.S.A.'s Floating Special Forces Base Sure Doesn't Look Like One

7/14/2014 - Astronomers Invent New Telescope by Tying Telephoto Lenses Together

7/14/2014 - The Next Record-Breaking Lego Tower Could Be Built By a Lego Machine

7/14/2014 - Freak Hail Storm Ruins A Perfectly Good Day For Russian Beachgoers

7/14/2014 - Insane scooter traffic on a highway ramp in Taiwan

7/14/2014 - The perfect summer house is in a perfect beach in Cádiz, Spain

7/14/2014 - The Secretive Experiments That Could Make Twitter So Much Better

7/14/2014 - Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain Is The Most Aptly Named Show On TV

7/14/2014 - 19 Stunning Photos of The Year's Biggest, Most Beautiful Moon So Far

7/14/2014 - Robot horse gets first taste of real-world action with the US Marines

7/14/2014 - The Self-Checkout Security Checkpoint Passed Its First Big Test

7/14/2014 - Chris Carter Wants To Make 99 Episodes of New Hell Series The After

7/14/2014 - Meet the "Queen of Hysterics" Who Was Freud's Early Muse

7/14/2014 - New Old Spice Mandroid Ads Hilariously Embrace the Uncanny Valley

7/14/2014 - Everything We Spotted In The New Doctor Who Trailer

7/14/2014 - Netflix Enhancer: A Simple Extension to Supercharge Your Streaming

7/14/2014 - New Time-Lapse Video Of Earth From Space Is Your Monday Moment Of Zen

7/14/2014 - What Google Play Looks Like When Material Design Leaks In

7/14/2014 - Science May Have Found a Boron-Based Bucky Ball Replacement

7/14/2014 - Business Cards That Turn Into Mini Bow and Arrows Are Robin-Hood-Ready

7/14/2014 - 9 Forgotten NASA Concepts For Space Stations That Never Flew

7/14/2014 - Game Of Thrones Will Definitely Last At Least Another Three Years

7/14/2014 - The UK Is Getting a Spaceport Too

7/14/2014 - The largest wave ever surfed on a skimboard

7/14/2014 - Witches of East End Makes a Convincing Argument for Nihilism

7/14/2014 - There's a New Material That's So Black You Can't See It

7/14/2014 - A Crash Course in Transistors, Processors and Moore's Law

7/14/2014 - Idiot Tries to Take Selfie While Running With the Bulls

7/14/2014 - Redesigned Raspberry Pi: New Ports, More Power

7/14/2014 - Life of the Apes Revealed in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Concept Art

7/14/2014 - Watch the Costa Concordia Being Refloated Now, Right Here

7/14/2014 - A Chinese Exec Living in Canada Hacked and Sold Secret Warplane Data

7/14/2014 - Fanmade American Horror Story: Freakshow Promo Is a Perfect Match

7/14/2014 - Adventure Tested: Mountain Hardwear Mtn. Speed 32 Sleeping Bag

7/14/2014 - Amazing hail storm on a beach looks like the beginning of the Apocalypse

7/14/2014 - French TV Promos Show Extreme Animal Athletes

7/13/2014 - San Diego Comic-Con Schedules Have Been Posted!

7/13/2014 - Orbital's Cargo Run to the Space Station is Picture-Perfect

7/13/2014 - Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Buffy Stunts Is the Ultimate Time Suck

7/13/2014 - An Oxford Rocket Scientist Has Designed A Better Saucepan

7/13/2014 - The Antlers: Hotel

7/13/2014 - How NASA Uses the Full Moon to Calibrate Its Earth-Gazing Satellite

7/13/2014 - A Simple Eye Test Could Accurately Detect Alzheimer's

7/13/2014 - What's the Best Book You've Ever Read About Space Travel?

7/13/2014 - The First Full Trailer For Doctor Who Season 8 Plunges Us Into Darkness

7/13/2014 - Go Inside the Factory That Makes the World's Solar Panels

7/13/2014 - This Awe-Inspiring Stadium Is Now the Biggest Dome Ever Built

7/13/2014 - The Onion's Review Of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Is Pretty On Point

7/13/2014 - Read The Official Synopsis Of The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

7/13/2014 - It's So Hot In Yellowstone That a Road Literally Melted

7/13/2014 - How Far Do Soccer Players Run During a Match?

7/13/2014 - Watch The First Footage From Ronia The Robber's Daughter

7/13/2014 - Show Us Your Photos of Last Night's Glorious Supermoon

7/13/2014 - What Do You Find Out When You Put An Alligator On A Treadmill?

7/13/2014 - Christopher Walken To Play A Tap Dancing Captain Hook In Peter Pan

7/13/2014 - Why the British Don't Refrigerate Eggs

7/13/2014 - Here's Our First Look At Lava, Pixar's Next Animated Short

7/13/2014 - Dad Builds His Son A Damn Impressive Lego Boba Fett Costume

7/13/2014 - New Chrome Plugin Plays Clown Music Every Time You Read About Rob Ford

7/13/2014 - These Underwater Photos Were Taken By a Desktop Scanner

7/13/2014 - Every Episode of South Park Is Streaming for Free on Hulu Right Now

7/13/2014 - I want this delicious burger on a stick in my mouth right now

7/12/2014 - The Onion Reviews Planet of the Apes (NSFW)

7/12/2014 - Modern Photography Would Not Exist Without George Eastman

7/12/2014 - 100 famous bass lines played in one badass mega-medley

7/12/2014 - If Humans Shed So Much Dead Skin, How Are Tattoos Permanent?

7/12/2014 - What's the One Dead Website You Wish You Could Revive?

7/12/2014 - The Story Behind Scanners' Unforgettable Exploding Head Scene

7/12/2014 - A Pack of Zoo Wolves Escapes...Right Into The Polar Bear Enclosure

7/12/2014 - Your Skin Has a Sense of Smell, and Sandalwood Aroma Makes it Heal

7/12/2014 - And The Award For Most Shockingly Straightforward Paper Title Goes To...

7/12/2014 - Riding Along With a Biohazard Crew That Cleans Up NYC Murder Scenes

7/12/2014 - Team Avatar Is Finally Behaving Like A Real Team On Korra

7/12/2014 - Gorgeous Slow-Mo of the Machine-Like Beauty of Honeybees in Flight

7/12/2014 - More Proof That Pregnancy Needn't Be a Hinderance To Cosplay

7/12/2014 - Amazing Facebook Photos, a Cyborg Ear, a Magic Roti Maker, and More

7/12/2014 - Watch As A Black Bear And Her Two Cubs Are Released Into The Wild

7/12/2014 - How Not to Die On the World's Tallest Waterslide (By Someone Who Lived)

7/12/2014 - The Confederacy Almost Had a Helicopter During the Civil War

7/12/2014 - A Quick Guide To Predicting Earthquakes

7/12/2014 - How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life on an Airplane

7/12/2014 - Watch This Guy Try To Recap All The Game of Thrones Books In 2 Minutes

7/12/2014 - Internet Shaming, d20 Style

7/12/2014 - A Quick Guide to Predicting Earthquakes

7/12/2014 - Tonight's Supermoon Will Be Almost as Glorious as Next Month's

7/12/2014 - Self-Guided Bullets That Change Course Midair Are Now Terrifyingly Real

7/12/2014 - The Surprising Science in a Single Drop of Regular Ol' Tap Water

7/12/2014 - Skydiving elephants and other animals doing crazy stunts

7/11/2014 - Golf trick shot activates Rube Goldberg machine to cook hot dogs

7/11/2014 - Jaguar designs windscreen that turns real racing into cool videogame

7/11/2014 - Only the Owls Know the Answer to Your Riddle

7/11/2014 - Thomas Jane Will Play The Hardboiled Space Detective In Syfy's Expanse

7/11/2014 - Does Anyone Really Understand The Angel War In Dominion?

7/11/2014 - Smoke From Canada's Copious Wildfires As Seen From Space

7/11/2014 - A Surprisingly Poignant Short Comic Set In A Side-Scrolling Video Game

7/11/2014 - How they made the most famous exploding head in internet's history

7/11/2014 - How Hemlock Grove Will Top Last Year's Psychotic Werewolf Transformation

7/11/2014 - Tiny Explores One Man's Quest to Live In a Shoebox

7/11/2014 - Politician Explains Why Sodomy Is Causing AIDS Due to "Sperm Enzyme"

7/11/2014 - What Created This Beautiful "Sky Jellyfish" in the Upper Atmosphere?

7/11/2014 - Murders, Tsunamis, Bus Singing: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

7/11/2014 - Sorry UberFacts, Chicago hasn't officially been "deemed a war zone"

7/11/2014 - Massive school of anchovies looks like a hungry giant alien oil blob

7/11/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

7/11/2014 - When a Book Is Set in Your Home City, Does That Enhance the Story?

7/11/2014 - Who Recorded the Best Ever Cover of “Summertime”?

7/11/2014 - These Rarely Seen Maps Turn Earth Into A Land From A Fantasy Novel

7/11/2014 - ​Adventure Tested: DPx Gear HEST/F Pocket Knife

7/11/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

7/11/2014 - Snowpiercer Is Out On Demand Today, Just Weeks After Hitting Theaters

7/11/2014 - This Ad for a Homeless Shelter Turns Into a Mini Homeless Shelter

7/11/2014 - "This Story Throws You In The Deep End -- And That's A Very Good Thing"

7/11/2014 - What If H.R. Giger Had Designed Galactus?

7/11/2014 - This Topographic Calendar Turns Your To-Do List Into an Actual Mountain

7/11/2014 - Dusting the Exterior of Skylab

7/11/2014 - We Went to Scotland To See How Real Scotch Is Born

7/11/2014 - Here's What It Really Means When Astronomers Say "Earth-like Planet"

7/11/2014 - Why The Destruction Of A Blue Supergiant Star Is Unlike Any Other

7/11/2014 - Maps of an Alternate North America That Never Became the United States

7/11/2014 - The Book You Need To Read To Understand The Economics Of Digital Comics

7/11/2014 - Game Of Thrones Meets Teen Wolf? MTV Is Really Putting Shannara On TV!

7/11/2014 - The World's Most Fascinating Places, As Seen In Science Fiction Books

7/11/2014 - Why Medium Format Is So Gorgeous (It's About More Than Resolution)

7/11/2014 - I want to spend summer and my entire life in this awesome house

7/11/2014 - The Constantine TV Show Has Already Had A Major Change Of Direction

7/11/2014 - U-Boats, Spies, and White Magic: The Invention of Wireless Cryptography

7/11/2014 - The Curiosity Rover Has Now Ventured Beyond NASA's 'Safety Zone'

7/11/2014 - Wombat poop is cube-shaped

7/11/2014 - The Remarkable Predictions And Inventions Of Winston Churchill

7/11/2014 - MIT Thinks Lighting Drones Could Be the Perfect Photography Assistants

7/11/2014 - Explore an 80-Room Nazi Bunker Converted Into a Home and Gallery

7/11/2014 - 6 Animals Shaped By Artificial Selection into Beautiful Monsters

7/11/2014 - Build Your Own Jet Engine With This Mesmerizing 3D-Printed Model

7/11/2014 - There Is Already Tons Of Amazing Fan Art Featuring Batgirl's New Costume

7/11/2014 - Flying Cars Are Just Two Years From Reality ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7/11/2014 - Scientists say some farts can help prevent cancer, strokes and dementia

7/11/2014 - True Blood Titles Turned Into Cheers Is Astoundingly Well Done

7/11/2014 - Behold the All Time Best/Worst Movie About the Internet

7/11/2014 - Once, She Was Princess Buttercup. Now, She's Only Fit To Be Digitized.

7/11/2014 - How Vacant World Cup Stadiums Could Be Turned Into Housing

7/11/2014 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Is the Most Upsetting Dystopia of All

7/11/2014 - The only life advice you must always keep in mind

7/11/2014 - The Antares Rocket Launch Will Be Visible July 12 – Here's How To Watch

7/11/2014 - ​How To Make The Outdoors Comfortable And Easy For First Timers

7/11/2014 - See Doctor Who's Tenth And Eleventh Doctors Meet Their New Companions!

7/11/2014 - Watch as Laser Scanners and CNC Millers Restore a Castle's Gargoyles

7/11/2014 - Discovery of WWII photos in a foxhole was just a dumb hoax

7/11/2014 - Amazing cloud waves herald the alien invasion apocalypse

7/11/2014 - Inside San Franciso's Fire Department, Where Ladders Are Made by Hand

7/11/2014 - Deals: Tiny Espresso, Bluetooth Shower Speaker, 128GB MicroSD

7/11/2014 - 253 Behind-The-Scenes Images Show How Alien Came To Life

7/11/2014 - Tracking the Bizarre Edits Congress Makes to Wikipedia

7/11/2014 - These monstrous nightmares are much cooler than Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

7/11/2014 - The Hubble Just Spotted This Odd "Star Bridge" Connecting Two Galaxies

7/11/2014 - The Heat-Distributing Flares On This Pot Make Dinner Cook Even Faster

7/11/2014 - This Girl's Facebook Cover Photos Are Just Fantastic

7/11/2014 - We Toured The Gruesome Set Of Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain

7/11/2014 - A Solar-Powered Ladybug That Might Just Save Global Agriculture

7/11/2014 - ​The Two Organizations Trying to Destroy U.S. Science Education

7/11/2014 - Phil Collins has a collection of Alamo artifacts worth millions

7/11/2014 - Horrifyingly Powerful Mudslide In Japan Tears Down Trees In An Instant

7/11/2014 - The Best Free and Cheap Apps in the App Store Sixth Anniversary Sale

7/11/2014 - NYC Is Getting the Tallest Residential Building On Earth

7/11/2014 - This Snapshot of Coastal Processes in Australia is Lovely and Surreal

7/11/2014 - Vinyl's Upward Surge Continues Because Vinyl Rules

7/11/2014 - Peering Through Objects One Slice At Time Is A Surreal Experience

7/11/2014 - The Government Just Told Thousands of Dead Men to Register for the Draft

7/11/2014 - Morbid Cross-Sectional Cake Is a Delicious Anatomy Lesson

7/11/2014 - This GIF Party Cannot Be Stopped.

7/11/2014 - The Crazy Complex Project to Salvage the Costa Concordia Starts Monday

7/11/2014 - That Brazil-Germany game would have looked the same without Brazil

7/11/2014 - This is How You Literally Feel Other People's Pain

7/11/2014 - 13 of the Weirdest Computer Mice We've Ever Seen

7/11/2014 - You Won't Believe Who's Rumored For Star Wars And Batman V. Superman!

7/11/2014 - Three Uses For Tumblr That Don't Involve Blogging

7/11/2014 - Periodic table alarm clock lets you see atomic numbers at a glance

7/11/2014 - An Evil Alarm Clock That Only Uses the World's Most Annoying Sounds

7/11/2014 - The factors that turn a movie into a cult movie

7/11/2014 - The Lord of the Rings In 90 Seconds Is All About the Walking

7/11/2014 - The World's Offensive Place Names, Mapped

7/11/2014 - China Says the iPhone Is a Security Threat

7/11/2014 - This Summer's Vans Are Made of... Cork?

7/11/2014 - An Augmented Reality Windshield Tells You How to Take a Racing Line

7/11/2014 - Do Not Take Writing Advice from the Worst Muse

7/11/2014 - Bloomberg: SoundCloud Is About to Sign Deals With Record Labels

7/11/2014 - Amazon Is Begging the FAA to Push Drone Tests Beyond Regulations

7/11/2014 - The Dragons Who Hoard Out of Anxiety

7/11/2014 - Here's every Transformers robot fight scene in one video

7/11/2014 - Apparently, the US Navy got itself some cool alien spaceships

7/11/2014 - With Ridley Scott's David, Are We Entering a New Age of Biblical Epics?

7/10/2014 - It Was an Unexpected Sunset

7/10/2014 - Wiley Meets Snow

7/10/2014 - Seeing strangers take off each other's clothes is quite awkward

7/10/2014 - The Movie That H.R. Giger Spent Decades Trying To Make

7/10/2014 - How To Train For Space On Earth

7/10/2014 - Imagining Google as a real person is still so embarrassingly hilarious

7/10/2014 - 10 tricks that famous movie directors use as their trademark

7/10/2014 - Batgirl's New Uniform May Be The Best Damn Superheroine Outfit Ever

7/10/2014 - New and Improved Bird Bath, Now With Extra Coyote!

7/10/2014 - Orphan Black Got Stiffed At The Emmys, But You Should Still Watch It

7/10/2014 - NASA is WAY Too Excited About Its Next Rocket Launch

7/10/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Projection Man

7/10/2014 - Buzz Aldrin Says Mars Is Not A Place For Tourists

7/10/2014 - Each Year, 250 Hikers Have To Be Rescued From the Grand Canyon. Why?

7/10/2014 - Future Islands: In the Fall

7/10/2014 - This Vintage Typewriter Is Actually a Keyboard For Your Tablet

7/10/2014 - What Is Causing the Kidney Stone Epidemic?

7/10/2014 - 13 behind-the-scenes photos from Metropolis

7/10/2014 - Distributed Rocket Science is a Thing Now

7/10/2014 - Planet of the Apes: A Timeline and an Explanation

7/10/2014 - These Steampunk Computers Transport Us To The Victorian Retro Future

7/10/2014 - Scientist find that 80 percent of all light in the Universe is missing

7/10/2014 - This Compact Device Keeps Small Electronics Running on Emergency Power

7/10/2014 - The Science Fiction And Fantasy TV Shows That Had Perfect First Seasons

7/10/2014 - The Mississippi Girl "Cured" of HIV Was Not Actually Cured

7/10/2014 - Why a Once-Hated 1980s Design Movement Is Making a Comeback

7/10/2014 - Thankfully, Extant Isn't All About Halle Berry's Space Pregnancy

7/10/2014 - In 1893, 2.5 million pounds of horse manure filled NYC streets per day

7/10/2014 - The Grisly Truth About Tiny Hamsters And What They Really Eat

7/10/2014 - The First Core i3-Powered Chromebook Is Ready for Preorder

7/10/2014 - Watch a Young Terry Gilliam Explain How He Makes Monty Python Animations

7/10/2014 - A Breakthrough in Our Understanding of How Intelligence Evolves

7/10/2014 - Declassified Memos Debate Naming the Shuttle "Enterprise"

7/10/2014 - Columbia Designed This Camo To Make Anglers Invisible To Fish

7/10/2014 - Twenty Common Sex Myths, Debunked

7/10/2014 - The Rotating Building Where the Offices of the Future Will Be Tested

7/10/2014 - Understanding Chimpanzee Intelligence Can Shed Light On Our Own

7/10/2014 - Star Wars: Rebels' Agent Kallus Is The Ultimate Imperial Officer

7/10/2014 - A robot started writing a Torah today. It will finish in 3 months.

7/10/2014 - The World's Largest LED Hydroponic Farm Used to Be a Sony Factory

7/10/2014 - Rotimatic Hands-On: Yep, The Roti-a-Minute Magic Machine Is Awesome

7/10/2014 - 171 reasons why the Matrix Reloaded was crap

7/10/2014 - After Two Years, Baby "Cured" of HIV Is Showing Detectable Virus Levels

7/10/2014 - Could Snowpiercer Be A Hit Movie In the U.S. After All?

7/10/2014 - The Transformers Trilogy Contains Only 20 Minutes Of Robots Fighting

7/10/2014 - Pound for pound, the fastest land animal is a mite

7/10/2014 - Here Are The Robots That Could Be Exploring Space For Us In The Future

7/10/2014 - 15 Dead Simple IFTTT Recipes That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

7/10/2014 - The Humble Sci-Fi eBook Bundle Is An Amazing Bargain For Book Lovers

7/10/2014 - These Are The Fan Cartoonists That Marvel And DC Should Hire Right Now

7/10/2014 - Declassified Memos Reveal Debate Over Naming the Shuttle "Enterprise"

7/10/2014 - Each of These Images Is Smaller Than the Width of a Human Hair

7/10/2014 - Redheads aren't going extinct because of climate change

7/10/2014 - I'm Not Sure How to Feel About this Neko Case Video About Geeks

7/10/2014 - Genius trailer turns Saving Private Ryan drama into Expendables idiocy

7/10/2014 - Delta Put the Most Useful Ad Ever Inside Uber Cars

7/10/2014 - That "70-year-old traffic jam" is actually just a regular old junk yard

7/10/2014 - Shooting Challenge: The 2014 World Cup

7/10/2014 - ​Honda Just Announced The Best First Motorcycle Ever

7/10/2014 - Everything You Never Knew About The Making Of Last Starfighter

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