6/30/2014 - Behold an infinite loop of magic fingers making pretzels for eternity

6/30/2014 - So Here's Will Smith's Wonderfully Bizarre Cameo In Winter's Tale

6/30/2014 - Who Would Win A Knife Fight, Salem's Puritan Minister Or Its Witches?

6/30/2014 - If Captain America actually represented the USA, he'd be embarrassing

6/30/2014 - The Drone & the Drone

6/30/2014 - Please Add Sharknadoes To The Problems Plaguing The NYC Subway System

6/30/2014 - True Blood Makes Every Character's Crotch Explode

6/30/2014 - Here's what it's like to plummet down the world's tallest water slide

6/30/2014 - Leftovers: Stream the First Episode of HBO's New Show About the Rapture

6/30/2014 - The Best Mecha Kaiju Ever. That Is All.

6/30/2014 - An Astonishing Global Map of Marvel Character Origins

6/30/2014 - The Real-Life Animal Inspirations Behind Movie Monsters

6/30/2014 - Amazing sculptures reveal hidden temples and castles inside of rocks

6/30/2014 - Check Out Some Exclusive Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Concept Art!

6/30/2014 - Foster the People's New Video Is Psychedelically Delicious

6/30/2014 - You Can Swim In a Secret Pool in the Mojave Desert, If You Can Find It

6/30/2014 - The Bricks That Built This Tower Were Grown From Fungus

6/30/2014 - The Future of Emperor Penguins Is in Doubt

6/30/2014 - Community Is Getting That Sixth Season After All

6/30/2014 - Flying Car Company: China Desperately Needs Flying Cars

6/30/2014 - These Soviet Concept Vehicles Are Clearly From An Alternate Universe

6/30/2014 - Runes Solve Mystery of 1,100-Year-Old Viking Amulet

6/30/2014 - Community Will Get a Sixth Season After All (On Yahoo!)

6/30/2014 - What Everyone's Getting Wrong About Facebook's "Creepy" Study

6/30/2014 - The Leftovers Isn't About To Explain The Rapture—Or Anything Else

6/30/2014 - What Was The Golden Age Of Television Science Fiction and Fantasy?

6/30/2014 - The Weird Pattern On this Girl's Eyeball Is From an Airbag

6/30/2014 - Bryan Singer Reveals The World's Tiniest X-Men: Apocalypse Preview

6/30/2014 - The Exact Moment When We Gave Up On Falling Skies Ever Making Sense

6/30/2014 - A 20-Sided Pocket Art Director Gives You Free Design Advice

6/30/2014 - This Camera Films at the Speed of Light

6/30/2014 - What If the Assassination Of Franz Ferdinand Had Been Liveblogged?

6/30/2014 - ​First-Aid: How To Treat Fireworks Related Burns And Injuries

6/30/2014 - Turkish Shepherds Use "Plug-and-Play Donkeys" To Get Online

6/30/2014 - Penny Dreadful's Season Finale Leaves Us With a Zillion Questions

6/30/2014 - Manhattan TV Series Is Set In The City That Built The Atomic Bomb

6/30/2014 - VapeXhale Cloud Evo Review: Putting the Zen Back in Home Vaporizing

6/30/2014 - Even H.R. Giger's Private Polaroids Are Dripping With Alien Sexiness

6/30/2014 - The Troubling History Behind the Best Design of the Year

6/30/2014 - Is the Government Responsible For Sheltering You From Nukes?

6/30/2014 - New Evidence: Climate Change Is Disrupting U.S. Military Operations

6/30/2014 - This snowflake zoomed in 50,000 times looks like a mutant alien virus

6/30/2014 - "Destruction Supervisor" On Transformers And Pacific Rim: Best Job Ever

6/30/2014 - Yo, Hodor App Is Very Hodor

6/30/2014 - Australian Government Edits Climate Change Out of Environment Website

6/30/2014 - Barbie's Dream Hearse Available To Rent For Barbie's Funeral

6/30/2014 - Honda's first personal jet is a tiny flying wonder

6/30/2014 - This Isn't a Fright Wig. It's How GE's MRI Scanner Sees Your Brain

6/30/2014 - New Supercooling Technique Extends Shelf Life Of Transplant Organs

6/30/2014 - Photos of Orange County, Calif., When Oranges Actually Grew There

6/30/2014 - Stuxnet-Like Malware From Russia Is Attacking U.S. Power Plants

6/30/2014 - Why Don't Electrons Just Fall Into the Nucleus of an Atom?

6/30/2014 - The 10 Maddest of the Mad Science Projects Funded by DARPA

6/30/2014 - A Simple Experiment Could Change Our Understanding of Quantum Reality

6/30/2014 - Halt and Catch Fire Episode 5: Who Run the World? Girls

6/30/2014 - More Than Two-Thirds of American Youth Don't Qualify for the Military

6/30/2014 - DC's New Batman Comics Take Gotham To A Whole New Level Of Craziness

6/30/2014 - I can't wait to see these cool racers flying over Earth's oceans

6/30/2014 - The Beautiful Process of Turning Quartz Into Lab Glass at 3,000 Degrees

6/30/2014 - Deals: Legend of Korra, Ice and Fire Prequels, Neverwhere, Criterion

6/30/2014 - How Would Alien Astronomers Find Earth?

6/30/2014 - Deals: Customizable Bluetooth Speaker, $40 Puma Shoes, Logitech Combo

6/30/2014 - The 20 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tomorrow

6/30/2014 - United Is Using Its Planes To Track Butterflies and Birds From Above

6/30/2014 - Want To Make A Fractal By Accident? Play The Chaos Game

6/30/2014 - This Week's TV: What's Worse Than A Town-Covering Dome? A Magnetic Dome

6/30/2014 - The Plan to Build a Floating Beach That Travels Around NYC's Shores

6/30/2014 - First Look At The Six Big Heroes Of Big Hero 6

6/30/2014 - This Agricultural Roomba Is a Robotic Pooper Scooper for Dairy Farms

6/30/2014 - A Sneak Peek at the Cyberpunk Fantasy World of Shadowrun Online

6/30/2014 - Ask These Special Effects Artists How They Create Movie Monsters!

6/30/2014 - A Water Filter You Won't Be Ashamed to Leave on the Dinner Table

6/30/2014 - The Competition Is Fierce For This Year's Best Wildlife Photographer

6/30/2014 - Where Do Satellites Go To Die?

6/30/2014 - Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Score Is Entirely Made Of Ape Puns

6/30/2014 - ​Spy Ravens Once Roamed The Sky

6/30/2014 - The 7 Best-Designed Objects of the Year

6/30/2014 - What Book's Artwork Added The Most To The Story?

6/30/2014 - Top five misconceptions about evolution according to science

6/30/2014 - Artist draws incredible illustrations with no prior sketching whatsoever

6/30/2014 - Enjoy A Bottle Of Jupiter With These Planet-Inspired Microbrews

6/30/2014 - Help Reading Rainbow And Have Star Trek Actors Read You Stories

6/30/2014 - Serious Security Threat Lurks on 10 Percent of Android Phones

6/30/2014 - How To Recover Old Versions and Deleted Files in Dropbox

6/30/2014 - 4 Parking Garages That You Wouldn't Mind Getting Lost In

6/30/2014 - George R.R. Martin Previews Winds of Winter! Plus More Star Wars Rumors

6/30/2014 - This Golf Ball-Sized Magnet Creates Three Metric Tons of Force

6/30/2014 - Falling crane misses fortunate pedestrian by a few inches

6/30/2014 - Economy Airplane Seats of the Future Will Be More Like First Class

6/30/2014 - You Can Now Buy the Super-Private Blackphone for $630

6/30/2014 - The best way to put on your pants without using your hands

6/30/2014 - Here's The Strain Poster FX Had to Take Down

6/30/2014 - Boston Is Getting Solar-Powered Smart Benches in Its Parks

6/30/2014 - Crazy downhill city bike competition looks like a suicidal race

6/30/2014 - Researcher: Facebook Psychology Study Breached Ethical Guidelines

6/30/2014 - How Chilies Can Be Used to Treat Pain

6/30/2014 - Authors Convinced To Cosplay As Their Favorite Fictional Characters

6/30/2014 - The Last Ship Takes a Stand, Declares "Terrorists Are Bad."

6/30/2014 - All the Drugs From Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Visualized

6/30/2014 - A Disturbing Mind Trick to Make You "Confess" During Interrogations

6/30/2014 - Things Are Getting Real On the Jurassic World Set

6/29/2014 - Drone Month at AudioMo

6/29/2014 - NASA's Flying Saucer Test Flight A Success

6/29/2014 - Luckiest guy in the world avoids death by stray demolition rock

6/29/2014 - A Successful First Flight for of the Saucer Test Vehicle over Hawaii

6/29/2014 - This Is A Good Time To Catch Up On American Horror Story

6/29/2014 - Neil Gaiman's Video Game Is Coming July 15th!

6/29/2014 - Shania Twain: You're Still The One

6/29/2014 - How To Cook A Steak Over A Campfire

6/29/2014 - We're Not Dead Yet, Says BlackBerry, Launching a "Fact Check" Portal

6/29/2014 - John Constantine Won't Be Smoking On TV

6/29/2014 - Microsoft's Cross-Platform Smartwatch Might Be Here In October

6/29/2014 - Check Out This Three-Page Preview of Warren Ellis' Supreme: Blue Rose

6/29/2014 - This Is The Most Earth-Like Planet Discovered Yet

6/29/2014 - Facebook Doesn't Think Manipulating Users' Emotions Is A Big Deal

6/29/2014 - Clever Minimalist Movie Posters Made From Card Stock

6/29/2014 - Google, Not Device Makers, Will Control Android Wear, Auto and TV UI

6/29/2014 - Have You Ever Realized You Were In a Dream?

6/29/2014 - Recursive Book Cover Is Recursive

6/29/2014 - Yale Offers A Course That's Cross-Listed Between Physics & Theatre Arts

6/29/2014 - Reworking "Radiophonic Satie"

6/28/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Infinite Jest

6/28/2014 - The Aloof Blackjack Player Who Created Our Digital World

6/28/2014 - Question: What Is The Best Kind Of Fire?

6/28/2014 - Stop Telling People To 'Cheer Up'

6/28/2014 - Tennis: Origins

6/28/2014 - What it Takes to Shoot Jaw-Dropping Photos Inside Giant Caves

6/28/2014 - Most People's Concept of Net Neutrality Hasn't Existed for Years

6/28/2014 - Proof That Some Infinities Are Bigger Than Others

6/28/2014 - Is Kellog The Secret Mastermind Of Continuum?

6/28/2014 - This Weird Morphing Skin Could Make Future Vehicles Super Aerodynamic

6/28/2014 - And Now, A Lyre Made From A Human Skull

6/28/2014 - Awww, the Little Google Maps Guy Is Wearing His Soccer Gear

6/28/2014 - Wooden Chariots Unearthed At 4000-Year-Old Burial Site In Georgia

6/28/2014 - Today, France Is Still Cleaning Up Hundred-Year-Old Bombs From WWI

6/28/2014 - Watch NASA's Flying Saucer Test Flight Live, Right Here, Right Now

6/28/2014 - Aereo, Smartwatches That Don't Suck, HDR Ruining Photography, and More

6/28/2014 - Thank Aang, Korra Returns With A Clear Goal And Some Promising Villains

6/28/2014 - Watch NASA Test Its Rocket-Powered "Flying Saucer" Live On io9!

6/28/2014 - Pinball, Swords, Bad Air: What's Not Ruining Our Cities This Week

6/28/2014 - Prescription Drug Advertisements Looked A Lot Cooler In the 1970s

6/28/2014 - Why Is Everything Spherical?

6/28/2014 - How to Break Your Smartphone Addiction

6/28/2014 - Liquid Sculptures Highlight the Beauty in Fluid Dynamics

6/28/2014 - Facebook Experimented on Random Users to Study Newsfeed Emotions

6/28/2014 - Aereo Will Shut Down Service at 11:30 AM EST Today

6/28/2014 - If Einstein Had Never Been Born, Would We Still Have Nuclear Weapons?

6/28/2014 - Export Facebook Events to Your Default Calendar App

6/28/2014 - It's Friday Night, And We've Met Our Quota Of Drone Kills.

6/28/2014 - Lumpy Space Princess Writes Awful Fan-Fiction, And It's Fantastic

6/28/2014 - This machine erases entire trees out of existence in seconds

6/28/2014 - This liquid burger probably has more calories than a real burger

6/27/2014 - Psychologists Find that Nice People Are More Likely to Hurt You

6/27/2014 - The world's largest firework fills the sky with hundreds of explosions

6/27/2014 - A Spine-Tingling Short About An Alien Encounter In The Age Of iPhones

6/27/2014 - This pile of trash is actually a realistic portrait

6/27/2014 - Dominion Shows You What An Angel Funeral Sex Party Looks Like

6/27/2014 - That Time Some of the Greatest Minds in Comedy Got to Talking

6/27/2014 - Can Embassies Be Secure Without Looking Like Scary Bunkers?

6/27/2014 - Tangents: Visualizing Reich, Seinfeld x Conet, Tortoise Nostalgia, …

6/27/2014 - Here's a wonderful new animation from a Disney animation legend

6/27/2014 - Magic: the Gathering Summer Set Preview: Meet the Chief Engineer

6/27/2014 - What We Want From Star Trek 3

6/27/2014 - Steampunk's Weirdest Tales Are Finally Available As Ebooks!

6/27/2014 - Grimes' New Song Is A Solid Contender For Song Of Summer

6/27/2014 - These Blueprints Expose The Innards Of Your Favorite Fictional Robots

6/27/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

6/27/2014 - Anderson's Studio 360 and Schaefer's Soundcheck Praise Disquiet Junto Tracks

6/27/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

6/27/2014 - Netflix Gets Into The Anime Licensing Game With Knights Of Sidonia

6/27/2014 - Transformers VFX Guru Explains Why Building CGI Bots Is Getting Harder

6/27/2014 - Fact Check: Are These Horror Films Really "Based On Actual Events"?

6/27/2014 - Could We Travel To Another Galaxy Using Hypervelocity Stars?

6/27/2014 - How To Clean a Fleshlight (Yes, You Need To Clean Your Fleshlight)

6/27/2014 - What Teachers Are Telling Kids About Climate Change

6/27/2014 - A Puncture-Proof Emergency Blanket That Folds Up Smaller Than a Wallet

6/27/2014 - Which DVDs Should We Marathon This Weekend?

6/27/2014 - Using Yeast DNA To Unlock a Better Beer

6/27/2014 - Here's What a Lighting Storm Looks Like From Space

6/27/2014 - Crowdfund A Book Of New Little Nemo Comics By More Than 100 Creators

6/27/2014 - Guardians of the Galaxy-style trailer makes the Star Wars prequels good

6/27/2014 - Is Congress About to Reduce Funding for Bioterrorism Vaccines?

6/27/2014 - A Simple Wristband That Controls Every Gadget In Your House

6/27/2014 - ​Defiance's Nolan Investigates The Case Of The Terrorist's Pinata

6/27/2014 - It's a GIF Party and I'll Transform If I Want To

6/27/2014 - Old Daily Show Clips Mocking Camera Phones and Texting Are Hilarious

6/27/2014 - New Doctor Who Teaser Shows The Doctor's Brand New Identity Crisis

6/27/2014 - Why Going to Other Planets Could Save the Earth

6/27/2014 - New Trailer Makes Jupiter Ascending Look Like 18 Space Operas In One

6/27/2014 - Candid Videos Of Astronauts Being Dorks In Space Are Just Adorable

6/27/2014 - Should I Create A Parent-Friendly Instagram Account?

6/27/2014 - Tiny Angry Seahorses Growl When Grabbed

6/27/2014 - Snowpiercer's Crazy Train Is The Summer's Most Exciting Ride

6/27/2014 - This PVC Pouch Folds Up Like Origami To Protect Precious Things

6/27/2014 - Masters Of Sex Season 2 Trailer Heats Up The Science

6/27/2014 - Meet Onionshare, the File Sharing App the Next Snowden Will Use

6/27/2014 - Why Apple Won't Miss Aperture, and Neither Should You

6/27/2014 - Behind the Scenes Photos of Metropolis with Robots and Stuff

6/27/2014 - How We Could Find Aliens By Looking For Their Pollution

6/27/2014 - How Each Of The Great Powers Helped Start the First World War

6/27/2014 - Using the Oculus Rift to Find Your Next Car

6/27/2014 - The Intelligence Community Finally Released a Transparency Report

6/27/2014 - A Closer Look At I Origins, The New Film From Another Earth's Director

6/27/2014 - The Aereo Ruling Is Already Being Used Against Other Smart TV Tech

6/27/2014 - 11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Eat

6/27/2014 - 100 tons of TNT, one really cool explosion shock wave

6/27/2014 - Apple Is Killing Aperture, Its Once Great Photo Editing Software

6/27/2014 - Deals: Das Keyboard, Sony Storage, 30 Free Android Apps, Cast Iron

6/27/2014 - An Oculus-Powered Tour of Yale Made Me Want to Go Back to School

6/27/2014 - Director Bob Orci Says Trek 3 Will Boldly Return To Classic TV Style

6/27/2014 - This 200,000-ton titan is now the largest oil rig in the world

6/27/2014 - How an Ancient Mountain Range Made NYC's Skyscrapers Possible

6/27/2014 - In Transformers 4, Michael Bay Urges You To Smash The Patriarchy

6/27/2014 - This Intelligent Road Marking System Would Revolutionize Driving

6/27/2014 - This Armored 4x4 Is a Warthog for the Modern Day Super Soldier

6/27/2014 - Watch The Rapture In The First Leftovers Clips

6/27/2014 - Great Game of Thrones Soccer Uniforms Prove We Need A Westeros World Cup

6/27/2014 - Timelapses of New Zealand Are Stunning Science

6/27/2014 - Google's Design Mastermind Explains the Future of Android

6/27/2014 - A 1969 Camaro Z/28 Reborn as an Incredibly Detailed Slot Car Track

6/27/2014 - Fleshlight Finally Made An iPad Case That You Can Have Sex With

6/27/2014 - HDR Is Ruining Your Photos

6/27/2014 - Action films can't get any more ridiculous/awesome than this

6/27/2014 - Here's How Long It Takes To Binge-Watch The Best Animated Shows

6/27/2014 - ReWalk Bionic Suits Can Finally Be Sold in the US

6/27/2014 - Archaeologists Uncover A Trove Of Rare Inca Calculating Devices

6/27/2014 - The Race to Save Your Car's Dashboard

6/27/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Kaleidoscopes

6/27/2014 - How to Stream Broadcast TV To Your Computer Now That Aereo's Gone

6/27/2014 - Can You Feel Something If You Don't Have a Word For It?

6/27/2014 - Great PSA starts with dildo fight, ends up in the most surprising way

6/27/2014 - The aerial photography of Bernhard Lang

6/27/2014 - What To Expect From Game of Thrones, True Blood, and The Walking Dead!

6/27/2014 - 7 Corporate Twitter Accounts That Are Actually Not Terrible

6/27/2014 - The Best Free Android Apps in Amazon's Two-Day Giveaway

6/27/2014 - How to make a hit pop song in four easy steps

6/27/2014 - New Software Automatically Edits Out Boring Parts of a Video

6/27/2014 - This Is What Solar Panels Used to Look Like

6/27/2014 - Building woven by robot overlords could have been made by aliens

6/27/2014 - Could We Ever Power a Laptop By Recovering Energy From Typing?

6/27/2014 - The Ornithologist Who Created Our Color Names

6/27/2014 - Why the Moon Looks Bigger on the Horizon

6/27/2014 - YouTube Is Finally Serving Video at 60 Frames Per Second

6/27/2014 - The Childlike Joy of Comics Rendered In Felt

6/27/2014 - Chromecast Now Pairs With Phones Using Simple Ultrasonic Pulses

6/27/2014 - New Senate Bill Could Help You Unlock Your Phone

6/27/2014 - ​Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Motorcycle Safety Gear

6/27/2014 - Woman photoshopped to fit the definition of beauty in 25 countries

6/27/2014 - Should Paint Ads Really Remind Us So Much of Highlander?

6/26/2014 - Create a Composition by Altering an Ongoing Loop

6/26/2014 - This map shows where the most famous Marvel characters are from

6/26/2014 - Pacific Rim 2 Is Coming In April 2017!

6/26/2014 - Rejected Edge Of Tomorrow Alien Designs Include Some Nightmare Fuel

6/26/2014 - Lovely, Creepy Necklaces Made from Insects Caught in Amber

6/26/2014 - If You Want to Understand Cities in the 21st Century, Read This Essay

6/26/2014 - The world's largest gathering of snakes looks like a slithering sea

6/26/2014 - The best way to peel a whole bucket of potatoes in seconds

6/26/2014 - The Darkest, Strangest, Creepiest, British-est Comedy Series of All Time

6/26/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Shark Isle

6/26/2014 - A Hose That Can Transport Magnetic Fields Across Any Distance

6/26/2014 - There's a Plan to Breed Bald Chickens That Can Survive Global Warming

6/26/2014 - The Science Fiction And Fantasy Scenes We Can't Get Out Of Our Heads

6/26/2014 - Watch Plastic Ocean Junk Become a Pair of Wild Multi-Colored Sneakers

6/26/2014 - Aubrey Plaza Goes Full Zombie In The First Trailer For Life After Beth

6/26/2014 - Scientists Swapped a Toxic Chemical in Solar Cells For a Tofu Ingredient

6/26/2014 - This Strange Wind Pattern Let Us Dodge A Terrible Hurricane Season

6/26/2014 - This 80s Version of the Game of Thrones Theme Is Totally Radical

6/26/2014 - Here's What Our Space Junk Looks Like After It's Crashed Back To Earth

6/26/2014 - 4 Things You Need to Know If the Police Try To Search Your Phone

6/26/2014 - Gorgeous Animations Reveal The Sea of Water Vapor In Our Atmosphere

6/26/2014 - Project Tango Hands-On: Computer Vision Is So Much Cooler Than You Think

6/26/2014 - Should Google Be Allowed to Mine Your Health Care Data?

6/26/2014 - Into The Storm Trailer Tries To Steal Twister's Thunder

6/26/2014 - What Rots Your Brain More? The Internet or Television?

6/26/2014 - Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making a Comeback As a Tablet Case

6/26/2014 - The Entire History Of Westeros Told Through More Than A Dozen Maps

6/26/2014 - The Uncanny Valley of Old Futurism

6/26/2014 - Here's What Annoys Climate Change Scientists the Most

6/26/2014 - The Internet's Own Boy: Why Aaron Swartz's Story Matters More Than Ever

6/26/2014 - The Designers Behind Beats Are Making Surfboards, Too

6/26/2014 - Fighter jet loses front landing gear, lands vertically on padded stool

6/26/2014 - What Are The Actual Greatest Moments In Science Fiction And Fantasy?

6/26/2014 - This is the largest movable machine in the world

6/26/2014 - Swatch's Sistem51 Will Finally Be Available In the US on July 1

6/26/2014 - DARPA's Robotics Challenge Finals Just Got A Whole Lot Harder

6/26/2014 - Brazil's Soccer Team Has Smart Gatorade Bottles That Track Hydration

6/26/2014 - This 1980s-Style Game Of Thrones Intro Is Wonderfully Cheesetastic

6/26/2014 - The Man With a Plan To Build a 70-Foot Car-Juggling Robot

6/26/2014 - Researchers Discover New Miniature Mammals in New Guinea

6/26/2014 - Totally Brilliant Movies That The Studio Tried To Bury

6/26/2014 - Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a Review

6/26/2014 - Why a Chunk of Cardboard Might Be the Biggest Thing at Google I/O

6/26/2014 - Antarctica is actually an amazingly colorful place

6/26/2014 - What Happens to the Animals Who Are Used to Treat People in Therapy?

6/26/2014 - What Happens to the Animals Who Are Used to Treat People in Therapy

6/26/2014 - A Tiny Mountable Power Bar Fixes Your Outlet's Most Annoying Flaws

6/26/2014 - Did A Medieval Mathematician Predict The Discovery Of America?

6/26/2014 - See For Yourself Why Sarah Lotz's The Three Is Our New Crack

6/26/2014 - Kristin Chenoweth Looks Delightfully Campy As Descendants' Maleficent

6/26/2014 - Ugh Fine, I'm Buying a Moto 360

6/26/2014 - What Happens to the Animals Who Are Used to Treat People in Therapy?

6/26/2014 - 17 Works of Art That Will Hang In George Lucas's New Museum

6/26/2014 - This Simple Story About A Sheepherder And A UFO Will Stay With You

6/26/2014 - You Can Already Buy a Pre-Made Google Cardboard Headset Right Here

6/26/2014 - I Think I Just Saw the Future, in This House

6/26/2014 - Concept Art Gives Us Our First Look At Ron Howard's Troubled Dark Tower

6/26/2014 - Test Your Origami Skills With this Intricate Metal Apollo Lunar Lander

6/26/2014 - The Typo That Destroyed a NASA Rocket

6/26/2014 - ​The 20 Most WTF Magical Items in Dungeons & Dragons

6/26/2014 - 80s Game of Thrones remake is even funnier with new disco theme song

6/26/2014 - "OK Google" Now Works From Anywhere On Your Android Phone

6/26/2014 - Deals: Fitbit One, Wiper Blades, JBL Sound Bar, Bowflex Dumbbells

6/26/2014 - All These Brilliant Objects Were Designed By No One In Particular

6/26/2014 - Behold The Many Chapped Lips Of Mad Max: Fury Road's Mutant Army

6/26/2014 - How the most poisonous fish on Earth can kill humans

6/26/2014 - A Dog Cage With Crumple Zones Protects Your Pup During a Car Accident

6/26/2014 - Now This Is How Characters From a Live-Action Avatar Movie Should Look

6/26/2014 - A Map of How Much Better US Air Quality Has Gotten in the Last Decade

6/26/2014 - There's No Threat This Foxhound Can't Intercept--Not Even the SR-71

6/26/2014 - Captain Blackadder And Private Baldrick Actually Served In WWI

6/26/2014 - Netflix first original anime series looks Robotech-level awesome

6/26/2014 - Everything Google Didn't Highlight At I/O

6/26/2014 - Inside the Giant Data Center Hidden In the Middle of Manhattan

6/26/2014 - Discovery Of Oldest Human Poop Exposes The Original Paleo Diet

6/26/2014 - Physics Comics from the Golden Age

6/26/2014 - Why There's an Electric Blue Lake in the Middle of the Utah Desert

6/26/2014 - The Beautifully Grotesque World Of Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain

6/26/2014 - A Field Guide To Understanding The Many Possible Colors Of Your Urine

6/26/2014 - These Lights Can Recreate the Weather Above Your House Inside

6/26/2014 - Hyundai Is Working on a Car That Slows Down When It Sees Speed Cameras

6/26/2014 - Find Out Which Country Your State's Quality Of Life Is Closest To

6/26/2014 - Edible Wrappers Just Solved the Only Bad Thing About Cupcakes

6/26/2014 - Bear Falls Through Skylight Into Party, Then Eats All The Cupcakes

6/26/2014 - Japan's Live-Action Lupin the 3rd Movie Is Just Perfect

6/26/2014 - Three Uses For Snapchat That Don't Involve Sexting

6/26/2014 - 10 Graceful Posters Immortalizing the World's Air Traffic Control Towers

6/26/2014 - Is Shredder Hiding A Huge Secret In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

6/26/2014 - The Long-Neglected 16GB iPod Touch Gets a Camera And a Price Cut

6/26/2014 - Everyone Should Get to Travel in a Giant Mechanical Elephant Like This

6/26/2014 - Mathematician explains how a zombie virus would spread around the world

6/26/2014 - The beautiful surreal worlds of Erik Johansson

6/26/2014 - These Shelves Are Like a Shape-Sorter Toy For Grown-Ups

6/26/2014 - How to Choose a Public Toilet Using Math

6/26/2014 - Gremlins Nearly Had Monkeys in Costumes

6/26/2014 - This Might Be Adidas's First Google Fit-Specific Device

6/26/2014 - Cellphones, Then and Now

6/26/2014 - When Villains Sing the 80s

6/26/2014 - A Beautiful Lampshade Carved from Solid Granite

6/26/2014 - This Bag Inflates to Keep Your Gadgets Safe

6/26/2014 - Entertainment Tonight Has Figured Out the Secret to Guardians Marketing

6/26/2014 - Uruguay Claims the Luis Suárez Soccer Bite Is a Photoshop Hoax

6/26/2014 - Warehouse 13's Final Gag Reel Makes Us Miss It All Over Again

6/26/2014 - Seeing a nuclear reactor start up is cooler than my sci-fi dreams

6/26/2014 - Nikon D810: Subtle Improvements For One of the Baddest DSLRs Around

6/25/2014 - Incredibly realistic 3D renders of fighter planes

6/25/2014 - This video proves how hard it is to focus for an entire 3 minutes now

6/25/2014 - Now That Summer Has Come To Gotham, Batman Dons His Skimpier Suit

6/25/2014 - Do You Have A Short Attention Span? This Video Knows The Answer Is Yes

6/25/2014 - Here's liquid nitrogen turning into solid nitrogen in an extreme vacuum

6/25/2014 - Why The Higgs Boson Should Have Crushed the Universe

6/25/2014 - What if Your Dream Home Had a View of an Oil Derrick?

6/25/2014 - L.A. Glows Red in This Photo From the International Space Station

6/25/2014 - Android Auto Hands-On: An Automotive Life-Saver for Android Users

6/25/2014 - Was 1984 The Best Year Ever For Summer Movies?

6/25/2014 - Four Asshole Magical Girls Must Stop The Rise Of King Arthur

6/25/2014 - These Augmented Reality Specs Can Turn a Regular Joe into James Bond

6/25/2014 - How Comics Readers Finally Got To See Magneto's Face

6/25/2014 - The Three By Sarah Lotz Could Be This Summer's Most Engrossing Thriller

6/25/2014 - Android TV Hands-On: This Is How Smart TVs Won't Be So Darn Dumb

6/25/2014 - Ann Leckie Refused To Change Ancillary Justice's Unusual Pronouns

6/25/2014 - Ginuwine: When Doves Cry (Prince Cover)

6/25/2014 - Soviet Accident Prevention Posters Depict A Dozen Gruesome Ways To Die

6/25/2014 - Ben Kingsley Will Voice Bagheera In Disney's Live-Action Jungle Book

6/25/2014 - Why Wasn't This 1960s Fantastic Four TV Show A Real Thing?

6/25/2014 - Trippy Animated GIFs Bring Contemporary Architecture To Life

6/25/2014 - Watch a Paralyzed Man Move His Hand With the Power of Thought

6/25/2014 - No, That Twist In The Flash Pilot Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

6/25/2014 - How this couple ended up with the most dramatic wedding pictures ever

6/25/2014 - Who's Got The Worst Daddy Issues In Science Fiction, Fantasy Or Comics?

6/25/2014 - This Potentially Habitable Super-Earth Is Just 16 Light Years Away

6/25/2014 - Moto 360 Hands-On: This Smartwatch Will Make You Swoon

6/25/2014 - LG G Watch Hands-On: A Smartwatch That Feels Like a Watch

6/25/2014 - An Anatomical Chocolate Skull For Sweet-Toothed Cannibals

6/25/2014 - Watch Japan's Creepy Android Newscaster Deliver The Day's Top Stories

6/25/2014 - Bong Joon-ho Explains Why Snowpiercer's Violence Is So "Explosive"

6/25/2014 - What Material Design Means For the Future of Android

6/25/2014 - If The Lion King Was An Accurate Science Documentary

6/25/2014 - The Anti-Vaxxers Just Suffered A Major Legal Defeat

6/25/2014 - Samsung Gear Live Hands-On: Turns Out Smartwatches Could Be Great

6/25/2014 - NASA Will Send Your Messages To Aliens Into Outer Space

6/25/2014 - Morgan Freeman Talks To io9 About The Potential For A Zombie Plague

6/25/2014 - Google Cardboard Turns Your Android Into a DIY Virtual Reality Headset

6/25/2014 - Transformers 4 Actors Explain Why Michael Bay Hit Them With A Broom

6/25/2014 - Deals: $150 Chromebook, Logitech Gear, Gunnars, Fandango Voucher

6/25/2014 - This Nifty Tool Turns Google Street View Into a Graffiti Time Machine

6/25/2014 - One of Russia's Last Remaining Early-Warning Satellites Just Died

6/25/2014 - The only known white humpback whale in the world resurfaces

6/25/2014 - Project Greenlight Is Back, But Only For Directors?

6/25/2014 - Somehow That Episode VII Table Read Photo Is Even Better In Lego Form

6/25/2014 - 10 Stunning Shots Of The Solstice

6/25/2014 - The Victorians Used To Use Uranium To Make Glowing Glassware

6/25/2014 - Google Wants to Keep Track of Your Vitals with Google Fit

6/25/2014 - Why Believing In Astrology Is Not As Harmless As You Think

6/25/2014 - A Refurbished Bus Will Bring Showers to the Homeless in San Francisco

6/25/2014 - Behold Tom Hardy's Codpiece and Charlize Theron's Robot Arm In Mad Max

6/25/2014 - Google Is Going to Bring Android Apps to Chrome(books)

6/25/2014 - Chromecast Is Getting a Slew of Awesome New Features

6/25/2014 - The Flawed Experiment That "Proved" Stress Is Good For You

6/25/2014 - Google's Getting Its Own Android-Powered Game Consoles

6/25/2014 - Comic Book Artist Neal Adams Is Here To Answer Your Questions!

6/25/2014 - Android TV: Google's Bajillionth Attempt to Take Over Your Living Room

6/25/2014 - I want to go around the world in this awesome hydrofoil clipper

6/25/2014 - 12 Low-Budget Robot Movies That Are Better Than Transformers

6/25/2014 - Android Auto Turns Your Car's Dashboard Into a Mobile Device

6/25/2014 - You Can Pre-Order the First Android Wear Devices Today

6/25/2014 - How To Boil Water With A Rock

6/25/2014 - 9 Highlights From Today's Supreme Court Cell Phone Privacy Decision

6/25/2014 - New Gotham Posters Are Great Except For Poison Ivy's Terrible New Name

6/25/2014 - Google's Project Volta Fights Dying Smartphone Batteries With Science

6/25/2014 - Google's New Look for Android Is Leaking Out Onto the Web Too

6/25/2014 - Google's Project Tango Will Power Augmented Reality Shopping

6/25/2014 - Android L Release Preview: Everything You Need to Know

6/25/2014 - ​When Game Of Thrones Runs Out Of Book Material, What's Next?!

6/25/2014 - Severed Mafia Toes Battle The Severed Finger Yakuza In This WTF Short

6/25/2014 - This magic land is not a game or a movie but a real place on Earth

6/25/2014 - Watch How OK Go Made Their Latest One-Take Optical Illusion Video

6/25/2014 - The Most Important Mathematician You've Never Heard Of

6/25/2014 - X-Rays in Perseus May Be the Signature of Dark Matter

6/25/2014 - Supreme Court: Cops Can't Search Your Phone Without a Warrant

6/25/2014 - First Hunger Games: Mockingjay Teaser Has An Upsetting Surprise For You

6/25/2014 - Soon Your Local Library Could Let You Borrow the Internet

6/25/2014 - This Is What Space Debris Can Do To Kevlar Shielding

6/25/2014 - Wise mad man gives you the best life advice you will ever get

6/25/2014 - The Monstrumologist Books Headed To The Big Screen

6/25/2014 - Aereo Down: Supreme Court Kills the Cord-Cutter's Dream

6/25/2014 - Conductive Foam Darts Turn Your iPad Into a Shooting Gallery

6/25/2014 - Google I/O Wishlist: What We Want (And What We'll Get)

6/25/2014 - Citronella Ink Helps This Clever Newspaper Keep Mosquitoes At Bay

6/25/2014 - Space Tourism Company Shatters High-Altitude Parafoil Flight Record

6/25/2014 - Watch Google's I/O Keynote Right Here, Right Now

6/25/2014 - 10 Hidden Details in Your City and What They Mean

6/25/2014 - Who's Bigger Than Thanos In Guardians? And Is Tom Cruise In Star Wars?

6/25/2014 - Would You Use Facebook For Your Work Chats?

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6/25/2014 - Use These Stickers to Show How You're Conserving Water

6/25/2014 - How Scientists Are Finding New Ways to Treat Pain

6/25/2014 - WSJ: Google Is Going to Announce an Android TV Set-Top Box at I/O

6/25/2014 - With This Giant Trampoline, Wales Is Officially My Summer Vacation

6/25/2014 - Whitney Cummings Offers Advice About Your Tinder Pics

6/25/2014 - Google Glass Hardware Just Got a Spec Bump

6/25/2014 - Every single airplane crossing the North Atlantic in a 24-hour period

6/25/2014 - MGM Is Still Trying to Reboot WarGames

6/25/2014 - Magic fabric doesn't catch fire after being doused with molten aluminum

6/25/2014 - Spider-Man's Upside Down Kiss Is Vastly Improved By Adding a Dog

6/24/2014 - This video explainer makes a very convincing argument to eat bugs

6/24/2014 - World's first android newscasters are here to replace cable news hosts

6/24/2014 - Did This Ancient Civilization Avoid War for 2,000 Years?

6/24/2014 - You Must Watch This Stop-Motion Short, If Only For The Handcrafted Sets

6/24/2014 - O Brother, This Was the First Movie to Use All-Digital Color Grading

6/24/2014 - Hilariously honest trailer makes fun of everyone who liked Forrest Gump

6/24/2014 - NASA detects mysterious signal ​240 million light years away from Earth

6/24/2014 - A Crescent Moon Above a Darkened Planet

6/24/2014 - Pop Quiz! Space Shuttle History

6/24/2014 - Bobby Womack: Across 110th Street

6/24/2014 - Bart Is Kaneda In The Perfect Akira/Simpsons Couch Gag

6/24/2014 - This is why you shouldn't take people's Facebook lives seriously

6/24/2014 - I Want To Live In These Incredibly Detailed Scenes Made of Paper

6/24/2014 - Jurassic World Set Visit Reveals The Jurassic Park Of The Future

6/24/2014 - A Simple Design Improvement Keeps Your Glasses' Arms Safe From Harm

6/24/2014 - A Candle-Powered Speaker Keeps Playing Even When the Power's Out

6/24/2014 - Scenes From The World's Northernmost Big City—A Polluted Hell On Earth

6/24/2014 - In Kick, A Bollywood Superhero Rides A Motorcycle AND A Bicycle

6/24/2014 - This Might Be the Worst Idea for an iPhone Case Ever

6/24/2014 - Scientists discover new material that makes objects invisible to touch

6/24/2014 - Iron Man 3's Shane Black Is Somehow Rebooting The Predator Franchise

6/24/2014 - These Alien Landscapes Are Actually Coal Mining Pits From Above

6/24/2014 - "They Had To Keep Reinventing This Character Until They Got It Perfect"

6/24/2014 - I would gladly pay real money for this fake retro Kill Bill game

6/24/2014 - A Vader Suitcase Can Even Squeeze Into a TIE Fighter's Overhead Bins

6/24/2014 - Why Don't More Cities Have E-Bike Shares?

6/24/2014 - Scientist Offers $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Disprove Climate Change

6/24/2014 - Are We At The Dawn Of A Golden Age Of Comic Book TV Shows?

6/24/2014 - A Super-Sensitive Bomb-Sniffing Chip Could Be the Future of Security

6/24/2014 - This Is How NASA Could Have Rescued Astronauts Stranded In Space

6/24/2014 - This 1960s Computerized Desk Was Supposed to Make Classrooms Extinct

6/24/2014 - The Oculus Rift Just Took a Big Step Towards Not Looking So Damn Goofy

6/24/2014 - Is This Who Nathan Fillion Is Playing In Guardians Of The Galaxy?

6/24/2014 - A Mutant Cocaine-Eating Enzyme Could Cure Addiction and Overdoses

6/24/2014 - This Comic-Con Exclusive Features Classic Transformers At Their Cutest

6/24/2014 - Hulu Won't Be Resurrecting Community

6/24/2014 - Airbus's X3 Prototype Uses Three Rotors to Break Airspeed Records

6/24/2014 - One Weird Trick For Cutting Down Your Novel

6/24/2014 - This Spotify Tool Makes a Playlist From Your Favorite Band's Last Show

6/24/2014 - Strap A Go-Pro Onto A Polar Bear And Get The Most Amazing Footage Ever

6/24/2014 - The FAA Will Not Allow Delivery Drones (For Now)

6/24/2014 - Beautiful calligraphy video may cause pleasure overdrive

6/24/2014 - The Painstaking Work That Went Into Empire Strikes Back's AT-AT Scenes

6/24/2014 - Is Second Life About to Become a Ghost World?

6/24/2014 - I want to eat the Bill Murray burger every day for the rest of eternity

6/24/2014 - Adventure Tested: Argo 8x8 ATV

6/24/2014 - It's Freakishly Easy To Steal Phone PINs With Google Glass

6/24/2014 - How We Deliberately Used Radiation to Eradicate a Species

6/24/2014 - How Dolby Vision Works, and How It Could Revolutionize TVs Forever

6/24/2014 - Android's Next Named Release (Lollipop?) Will Be Announced at Google I/O

6/24/2014 - Did Decorations Make This Ancient King Think He Was A Cow?

6/24/2014 - Science Fiction Does Something Way Better Than Predict The Future

6/24/2014 - The Most Fun Zombie Movie We've Seen In Ages Was Made By High Schoolers

6/24/2014 - A Real-Time Look At How Much We Spend on Stuff

6/24/2014 - The 7 Deadliest Fashion Trends Of All Time

6/24/2014 - The Biggest Misunderstanding in the Net Neutrality Debate

6/24/2014 - You Can Now Chat Between iOS and Android Even Without Reception

6/24/2014 - Aerial Photos of Coal Mining Pits Are Sublime and Terrifying

6/24/2014 - Win Six(!) FOURSEVENS LED Flashlights

6/24/2014 - Zombies, Livestream, and Shazam: Meet Google Glass' Newest Apps

6/24/2014 - The Most Powerful Anime Robot Of All Time Has Been Chosen

6/24/2014 - Deals: $70 Mouse with $50 in Steam Credit, Tri-Clad Skillet, $830 iMac

6/24/2014 - A Fridge That Gives You Retro Style Without the Giant Energy Bill

6/24/2014 - This Exquisite Timelapse Of The Natural World Is An Instant Classic

6/24/2014 - Suburban Gothic Is Scooby Doo In The 'Burbs, Starring Everyone You Love

6/24/2014 - What's the Weirdest Computer Mouse You've Ever Seen?

6/24/2014 - New Ninja Turtles trailer shows Shredder in action for the first time

6/24/2014 - A History of Our Obsession with the Disease Apocalypse

6/24/2014 - Why has Curiosity slowed down its course during its first Mars year?

6/24/2014 - These Mesmerizing GIFs Are Visual Proof That Math Can Be Cool

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6/24/2014 - Could Clicking On Familiar Faces Eventually Replace Passwords?

6/24/2014 - This Super Simple Tourniquet Will Save a Soldier's Life in 25 Seconds

6/24/2014 - The Queen Visited The Game Of Thrones Set And Trolled The Planet

6/24/2014 - New Software Can Spot Rare Genetic Diseases From Family Photographs

6/24/2014 - Sony Action Cam AS100V Review: GoPro Finally Has Some Competition

6/24/2014 - The Coldest White Dwarf Ever Discovered Is An Earth-Sized Diamond

6/24/2014 - Tell Us What You're Reading Now!

6/24/2014 - Robotic Forklift Valet Doesn't Even Need To See Inside Your Messy Car

6/24/2014 - The Clever Reason Flag Emoji Count as Two Characters in Twitter

6/24/2014 - Are Lemons Fast Or Slow?

6/24/2014 - ABC News Hits Apple TV With Live Streams and Exclusive Content

6/24/2014 - A Decent Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-Ray Is Finally Coming, But...

6/24/2014 - Create Gmail Filters As You Go For Inbox Nirvana

6/24/2014 - The Best Tablet Display Isn't On an iPad

6/24/2014 - Dracula Untold Trailer Makes Dracula The Misunderstood Good Guy

6/24/2014 - The 8 Coolest New Tricks Your Nest Can Do

6/24/2014 - I never thought that a pipe making machine could be so relaxing to watch

6/24/2014 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S Review: Good Lord, That Display

6/24/2014 - Character Hints For Captain America 3, Batman v. Superman, and Arrow!

6/24/2014 - Get inside the weird mind of the X-Men garage gadget inventor

6/24/2014 - Strangers slap each other's faces in hilariously awkward video

6/24/2014 - iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Gets an Easy Video Tutorial

6/24/2014 - The Beijing Zoo Opened A Virtual "Online Zoo"

6/24/2014 - How the Aged Vacuum Tube Could Save Moore's Law

6/24/2014 - Soundhawk's Smart Listening System Aims to Make Hearing Aids Cool

6/24/2014 - That Time J.M. Barrie Founded A Truly Atrocious Cricket Club

6/24/2014 - Where the Dollar Sign Comes From

6/24/2014 - Daniel Radcliffe Wants to Be Ben Affleck's Robin

6/24/2014 - Insane skater jumps subway tracks in NYC

6/24/2014 - Short film shows why a world without secrets would end up badly

6/24/2014 - This New Nanomaterial Can Withstand Forces 160,000 Times Its Weight

6/24/2014 - How Computer Memory Really Works

6/24/2014 - The First Look at Syfy's 12 Monkeys Is Appropriately Weird

6/24/2014 - Metal milling machine video will put anyone into a hypnotic trance

6/24/2014 - Nokia's Updated Android Phone Takes Two SIMs for $135

6/24/2014 - Bloomberg: Larger iPhones Go Into Production July, Ship September

6/24/2014 - Timelapses of Solar Puffing Are Gently Mesmerizing

6/24/2014 - Gorgeous GIF Captures the Sun Puffing Plasma

6/24/2014 - What gives paper money its actual value?

6/24/2014 - Nest's New Developer Program Will Connect All Your Gadgets In One Place

6/24/2014 - The Last Ship's Premiere Is Every Sci-Fi Action Cliché. And That's Fine

6/23/2014 - NASA space rover drives on the underside of the ice

6/23/2014 - Nick Offerman Is An All-Powerful Narrator In This Meta Western Comedy

6/23/2014 - The Salem Torture Scene That We Really Didn't Need To See

6/23/2014 - What the biggest companies are from each state in the US

6/23/2014 - The Earth looks flat in this photo taken from space

6/23/2014 - Funko's Comic-Con Ghostbusters Figures Are Super (Disgustingly) Cute

6/23/2014 - Happy World Giraffe Day!

6/23/2014 - Analyzing Alaska's Totally Harmless Megathrust Earthquake

6/23/2014 - Relive Lady Mary's Hell With Downton Abbey Season Four on Amazon Prime

6/23/2014 - We've Discovered the Fossilized Remains of a Griffin

6/23/2014 - Which actor would be the best—or the worst—Batman?

6/23/2014 - Futuristic Technology Makes Piping-Hot Pancakes On A Stick

6/23/2014 - 3D-Weaving Turns a Single Thread Into Shoe Soles and Stab-Proof Vests

6/23/2014 - How French Gained, Lost, And Then Regained the Word for "Penguin"

6/23/2014 - Behind-The-Scenes Look At Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Is Stunning

6/23/2014 - The Antidote to a Lifetime of Overplaying Semi-Charmed Life

6/23/2014 - Wimbledon Hired A Hawk To Scare The Pigeons Away

6/23/2014 - Real-Life Animals We Want To See As Gigantic Movie Monsters

6/23/2014 - This Beautiful Watch Is Actually a Fitness Tracker

6/23/2014 - This App Hides a Panic Button in Your Calculator

6/23/2014 - Satellite Images Show the Heat Wave That's Broiling India and Tibet

6/23/2014 - This Story Was So Incredible I Took a Pilgrimage to the Places In It

6/23/2014 - Yes! You Can Buy a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

6/23/2014 - Take a Wingtip Ride Aboard Russia's Baddest Supersonic Jet

6/23/2014 - Falling Skies Shows What Happens After The Humans Have Lost The War

6/23/2014 - 3D Imaging Could Solve the Mystery of China's Terracotta Army

6/23/2014 - Why Brad Pitt's Nonprofit Is Building Homes for Native American Tribes

6/23/2014 - Four Ways Chemistry Has Made Sex Better

6/23/2014 - True Blood: This Is The End, Let's Kill All Our Friends, The End

6/23/2014 - Forget the Table, All You Need For a Foosball Game Are These Erasers

6/23/2014 - Canada's Boycott Of The Russian Space Agency Could Cost It Millions

6/23/2014 - ​Penny Dreadful Races to the Season Finale with a Sleepover

6/23/2014 - Halt and Catch Fire Episode Four: Donna Is Here to Solve Everything

6/23/2014 - The Biggest Thing That Yo Got Right Is Hiring Its Hackers

6/23/2014 - Our Google I/O 2014 Liveblog Starts Right Now

6/23/2014 - How Orphan Black Filmed That Big Multi-Clone Scene From The Finale

6/23/2014 - Google's Getting Ready to Sell You Domain Names

6/23/2014 - Slingshot's Designers Say You're Using It Wrong

6/23/2014 - Why a "Sense of Impending Doom" Is an Actual Medical Symptom

6/23/2014 - How LED Flashlights Are Designed And Manufactured

6/23/2014 - Wooden Vases Show Pencils Have Other Artistic Uses Than Just Drawings

6/23/2014 - Our Drones Are Crashing At An Alarming Rate

6/23/2014 - A Clinic In San Antonio Gave Women Fake Birth Control

6/23/2014 - There's Finally a Jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1

6/23/2014 - Inside the Disaster Housing NYC Is Testing For City Emergencies

6/23/2014 - Are High Energy Neutrinos from Outer Space Really a Big Deal?

6/23/2014 - A Double Red Rainbow at Sunset

6/23/2014 - Rare 1980s UFO Abductee Interview Is a Slice of Fringe Science History

6/23/2014 - The ISS Is Getting an X-Ray Machine That Works in Space

6/23/2014 - Every national anthem in the world mixed into one single song

6/23/2014 - Tracking Brooklyn's Rapid-Fire Gentrification With Google Street View

6/23/2014 - Report: The Genius Behind the iPod Is Now In Charge of Google Hardware (UPDATE)

6/23/2014 - The Craziest Scientific Theory About What Causes Flu Pandemics

6/23/2014 - Harrison Ford's Injury May Have Completely Screwed Up Episode VII

6/23/2014 - A Fighter Jet's Flares Fire Off in a Shower of Sparks

6/23/2014 - A Map Showing Lightning Strikes Around The World In Real Time

6/23/2014 - A Power-Packed Charger That Gives Your Phone Two Extra Lives For Just $15

6/23/2014 - Here's What Yesterday's Successful Missile Defense Test Really Means

6/23/2014 - GE Designed a Compact Kitchen Just For Super-Tiny Apartments

6/23/2014 - 31 Essential Science Fiction Terms And Where They Came From

6/23/2014 - American Workers Are Getting Screwed

6/23/2014 - The Best Way Shop For a Camera Online: Look for Its Crappiest Pictures

6/23/2014 - Deals: Tablets Galore, Cheap Monoprice Gadgets, $15 Amazon Gift Card

6/23/2014 - A Mesmerizing Site That Tracks and Displays Real-Time Lightning Strikes

6/23/2014 - io9 Book Club Reminder: Meeting 7/7 to Discuss The Memory Garden

6/23/2014 - Things Could Be Far Worse Than Ben Affleck As Batman

6/23/2014 - Here's A Survey To Determine How Much People Lie In Surveys

6/23/2014 - Okay Fine, the 3Doodler Can Do At Least One Cool Thing

6/23/2014 - This Week's TV: A Girl Gets Mind Control Powers. What Could Go Wrong?

6/23/2014 - 9 of the Most Expensive Things You Can Find on Amazon

6/23/2014 - The easy scientific method to make foolproof eggs Benedict

6/23/2014 - Watch The 1988 Video WB Made To Prove Tim Burton's Batman Wouldn't Suck

6/23/2014 - How the "Spirit" of Japan Is Helping Build a Better Stealth Fighter

6/23/2014 - One Chart Showing Who Trades With Who In The World

6/23/2014 - David Sedaris Really, Really Loves His Fitbit

6/23/2014 - A Mysterious "Magic Island" Has Appeared On Titan

6/23/2014 - This city from another world is right here on Earth

6/23/2014 - Mysterious "Magic Island" appears on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan

6/23/2014 - How New Yorkers Handle A Possession Problem In Deliver Us From Evil

6/23/2014 - Not Every Familiar Word In A Foreign Language Is Your Friend

6/23/2014 - The Military's Mini X-Ray Camera Can See Through Your Suitcase

6/23/2014 - Watch As The U.S. Population Goes West Over The Last 220 Years

6/23/2014 - Dolby's Crazy Atmos Surround Sound Comes to Your Living Room (Update)

6/23/2014 - This Young Impressionist Is A One-Person Game Of Thrones Cast

6/23/2014 - A Luxurious Mechanical Paper Fan That Cools You Like a Pharaoh

6/23/2014 - How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery the Right Way

6/23/2014 - This U.S. Map Shows the Millions of Streets That Have No Name

6/23/2014 - Computers are now automatically selecting the best embryos for life

6/23/2014 - Is Nathan Fillion Finally Getting Cast As A Marvel Movie Superhero?

6/23/2014 - 8 Tiny Sculptures You Can Only See With an Electron Microscope

6/23/2014 - Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Teardown: If This Thing Breaks, You're Screwed

6/23/2014 - The world's best TV ads of 2013

6/23/2014 - Beware Crooks Stealing Your Card Details at Car Washes

6/23/2014 - Crazy pilot scoops objects off the ground with his airplane's wing tip

6/23/2014 - What Happened to the Flags on the Moon?

6/23/2014 - The Brightest Star in the Sky as You've Never Seen It Before

6/23/2014 - Chicago's New Lamp Posts Will Track Pollution and Count People

6/23/2014 - Neutrality Begins at Home: How Mayors Could Help Save the Internet

6/23/2014 - Silicon Valley Giants Just Handed Out $15M in Prizes to Mathematicians

6/23/2014 - Watch This Guided Tour of Stockholm's Beautiful Subway

6/23/2014 - These are the coolest amateur rockets I've ever seen

6/22/2014 - Spectacular photos of the US Navy's most powerful battleship ever

6/22/2014 - Watching Gordon Ramsay Be an Arrogant Prick Is Delightful

6/22/2014 - All Grown Up, And This One Still Thinks He's A Puppy

6/22/2014 - Jesper Kyd: Earth

6/22/2014 - The National Weather Service Will Use Airplanes As Weather Balloons

6/22/2014 - Pearl Jam Confirms: We Have Reached Peak "Let It Go"

6/22/2014 - Why Twitter GIFs Aren't Actually GIFs

6/22/2014 - Holy Crap, Orphan Black's Season Finale Changes Everything

6/22/2014 - Star Wars Recut Like Guardians Of The Galaxy Is All Kinds of Wonderful

6/22/2014 - Star Wars Now Has a Slick Guardians of the Galaxy-Style Trailer

6/22/2014 - This Reaction Makes an Explosive Chemical Snake

6/22/2014 - Terminator Genisys High Res Photos

6/22/2014 - A Map That Shows Which States Are Xbox One and Which Are PS4

6/22/2014 - This Weekend In 1984 Was An Incredible One For Movies

6/22/2014 - Are You Using Facebook's Slingshot?

6/22/2014 - A Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/Celine Dion Fanvid For The Ages

6/22/2014 - More than Half of Heartbleed-Vulnerable Servers Are Still Exposed

6/22/2014 - A New Mantra, 'Follow the Methane,' May Advance Search For Alien Life

6/22/2014 - Designing a Deca-millennium Warning System

6/22/2014 - Famous characters look more badass with cool beards on them

6/21/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: God's Crazy Monsters

6/21/2014 - Jake Doesn't Handle Being Rich Well On This Week's Adventure Time

6/21/2014 - Watching desperate polar bears searching for ice is truly heartbreaking

6/21/2014 - ISS Astronauts Make the Best Vines, Everyone Else Just Give Up

6/21/2014 - Mayer Hawthorne: Maybe So, Maybe No

6/21/2014 - This 360° Panoramic Time-lapse Of The Night Sky Is Incredible

6/21/2014 - The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

6/21/2014 - Slow-Motion Bullfrogs Look Super Dramatic

6/21/2014 - Spiders Are Adorable And You Know It

6/21/2014 - Baby Got Back + Super Mario Mashup Is a Speedrun of 90s Nostalgia

6/21/2014 - Here's Why You Should Be Excited About The James Webb Space Telescope

6/21/2014 - NASA Engineers Offered Sally Ride 100 Tampons for a 7 Day Space Mission

6/21/2014 - This Might Be Volantis, HTC's 9-Inch Nexus Tablet

6/21/2014 - Scientist Ejected From Classical Music Concert For Trying To Crowd Surf

6/21/2014 - The 1983 Punk Rock Record With a Digital Music Video For a B-Side

6/21/2014 - Grab Pre-apocalyptic Anthology The End is Nigh Today For Just $1.99!

6/21/2014 - Is Continuum Preparing To Hit Another Reset Button?

6/21/2014 - Here's What Earth Looks Like From Space On The Summer Solstice

6/21/2014 - Amazon Phone, Ikea Hacks, Electric Harley-Davidson, and More. Yo.

6/21/2014 - Intruders Gets A Release Date And A Creep-tastic New Trailer

6/21/2014 - It's iPhone 6 Rumor Season: Here's an Alleged Shot of a 5.5-Inch Screen

6/21/2014 - Train Strikes, Airbnb, Homogeneity: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

6/21/2014 - A Massive Crop Circle Appeared Overnight In Italy

6/21/2014 - How to Print From Anywhere

6/21/2014 - We'll Miss The Excellent Young-Adult Imprint, Strange Chemistry

6/21/2014 - Staring At A Computer All Day (Or Night) Totally Does Affect Your Eyes

6/21/2014 - This Could Be Our First Look at Mozilla's Chromecast Competitor

6/21/2014 - Before and After the Southern California Fires

6/21/2014 - Wristbands That Translate Sign Language Into Speech Would Be Awesome

6/21/2014 - A Bobcat Plays With Its Food

6/21/2014 - These DIY Office Supply Weapons Definitely Won't Get You Fired, Nope

6/21/2014 - Finally, Details From J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis' Sense8

6/21/2014 - Fandom Academia: Gender Influences Filk Far Less Than You'd Think

6/21/2014 - Sesame Street's Parody of True Blood Treats Vampires As Grouches

6/21/2014 - A Biologist Debunks the "Bee Saves Its Friend From a Spider" Video

6/20/2014 - The Art of Extinct Animals, as Illustrated in the 1800s

6/20/2014 - Clever video makes movie characters take selfies in famous movie scenes

6/20/2014 - The Perfect SHIELD Shirt For The Secret Hydra Agent In Your Life

6/20/2014 - I can watch this machine spit out and bend metal tubes forever

6/20/2014 - The International Earth & Sky Photo Contest Winners Have Been Announced

6/20/2014 - Nest Just Bought Security Camera Company Dropcam For $555 Million

6/20/2014 - I Am So Tempted to Say that These European Crows Are Racists

6/20/2014 - 15-year-old prodigy girl draws amazingly well and trains falcons too

6/20/2014 - Why We Climb: An Inside Look at the World of Mountaineering

6/20/2014 - That Time Jason Biggs Played the Creator of Bitcoin on TV

6/20/2014 - Crowdfund A Feature-Length Film By The Makers Of Red Vs Blue And More

6/20/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

6/20/2014 - Do Bees Have Hair?

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6/20/2014 - Congress Won't Decommission Nuke Silos, Which Is Dumb And Dangerous

6/20/2014 - These A-10 Warthogs look like perfect miniatures but they are real

6/20/2014 - Invisible Illness: When Sick Animals Pretend To Be Well

6/20/2014 - A Man in a Tiny Booth Wrote a Song About My Whole Life in 30 Minutes

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6/20/2014 - Invisible Illness: When Sick Animals Pretend to Be Well

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6/20/2014 - Tabletop Gaming Deals: Free RPG Day, Paranoia, 10 Years of DriveThru

6/20/2014 - This Mission Plan Could Get NASA To Europa On The Cheap

6/20/2014 - Drones Are Now Banned in Every National Park In America

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6/20/2014 - Who Should Really Decide Net Neutrality's Fate?

6/20/2014 - Everyone Hates Sookie In ​True Blood's Season Premiere Sneak Peek

6/20/2014 - What Would A Tweet-Powered Harley Sound Like?

6/20/2014 - Close-Up Bee Portraits Are A Glimpse Into A Gorgeously Weird World

6/20/2014 - Deals: $15 Amazon Card with $50 Household Purchase, PS4 Discount

6/20/2014 - Chopsticks Made From Rice Are the Perfect Pairing

6/20/2014 - ​Defiance Returns With Great Promise And, Uh, Several Handjobs

6/20/2014 - All 169 Game of Thrones season 4 deaths in one bloody supercut

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6/20/2014 - The weird, wonderful, and sometimes creepy worlds of hobby groups

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6/20/2014 - Neanderthals Got Their Big Brains On Their Own

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6/20/2014 - A Better, More Mathematically-Accurate Method For Cutting A Cake

6/20/2014 - Goku's A God In The First English Trailer For The New Dragonball Z Film

6/20/2014 - Hackers Reverse-Engineer NSA Spying Tools Using Snowden Leaks

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6/20/2014 - Inside Shapeways, the 3D-Printing Factory of the Future

6/20/2014 - We're Throwing You A GIF Party, And Here It Is!

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6/20/2014 - How can anyone take this awesomeness for granted?

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6/19/2014 - Genius guy transforms plastic bottles into super strength plastic rope

6/19/2014 - I totally feel like I'm on drugs when I look at these awesome GIFs

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6/19/2014 - The CIA's Ridiculous Plan To Discredit Bin Laden With Action Figures

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6/19/2014 - For The First Time Since WWII, Global Peace Is On The Decline

6/19/2014 - Photos of L.A.'s Most Famous Streets When They Were Dirt Roads

6/19/2014 - Report: A 2.5-Inch Display Apple Smartwatch Is Coming Soon

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6/19/2014 - Earthquake Early Warning Systems Save Lives. So Why Don't We Have One?

6/19/2014 - Garmin's Approach S6 Is Like Wearing a Golf Coach On Your Wrist

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6/19/2014 - Why Anesthesia Is One of the Greatest Medical Mysteries of Our Time

6/19/2014 - The Story Behind the Universal Icons That Came Long Before Emoji

6/19/2014 - Yo Review: Yo

6/19/2014 - The Sub That Took Russia 20 Years to Build Is Finally Ready

6/19/2014 - Six jets fly in formation while another does barrel rolls around them

6/19/2014 - Is This The First Look At WB's Brand-New Batman Cartoon?

6/19/2014 - When Radio In Every Room Was the Dream of the Future

6/19/2014 - Man Wearing A Suit Of Mentos Falls Into A Tub Of Diet Coke

6/19/2014 - Invisible Beasts Explores the Evolutionary Biology of Imaginary Animals

6/19/2014 - Can Your Multi-Tool Keep Your Pants Up?

6/19/2014 - Guy wearing Mentos suit drops into Diet Coke tank and explodes

6/19/2014 - ​7 Magical Girl Series That Deserve Modern Sailor Moon-Style Remakes

6/19/2014 - Apple TV Could Finally Unlock Its Full Potential This Year

6/19/2014 - Deals: Sony NEX-6, the Best Sub-$1000 Projector, Everything Apple

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6/19/2014 - This Manure-Tossing Monstrosity Can Shred and Spread a Whole Car

6/19/2014 - Apple Maps "Flyover City Tours" May Get You Using Apple Maps in iOS 8

6/19/2014 - How Amazon's Fire Phone Cameras Know Where Your Face Is Even at Night

6/19/2014 - One Woman & Her 17 British Accents Take You On A Verbal Tour Of The UK

6/19/2014 - Maybe It's Time To Build a New Internet

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6/19/2014 - The iPhone's Kill Switch May Actually Be Reducing Theft

6/19/2014 - All The Apes Are Talking In New Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer

6/19/2014 - Three Uses For Incognito Mode That Don't Involve Porn

6/19/2014 - Tons of Rumors About Game of Thrones And Batman v. Superman!

6/19/2014 - 5 Lost Images Found Hidden Beneath Famous Paintings

6/19/2014 - ​What Harley-Davidson's First Electric Motorcycle Means For America's Future

6/19/2014 - Ikea May Let IkeaHackers Live On After All

6/19/2014 - One of These 10 Designs WIll Become an Actual Moto 360 Watch Face

6/19/2014 - First ever 360-degree time-lapse bends space and mind

6/19/2014 - Portland: The City of Sleeping Dragons

6/19/2014 - New Lego Fusion lets you build infinite virtual worlds using real bricks

6/19/2014 - You'd Never Guess This House Was Made Entirely From Trash

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6/19/2014 - Facebook Is Down (Updated: It's Fixed!)

6/19/2014 - How Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Made Overgrown Future Woods in Canada

6/19/2014 - That Cheap New iMac Has Its Memory Soldered in to Stymie Upgrades

6/19/2014 - Marvel Wants Jon Spaihts to Write Doctor Strange

6/19/2014 - I can't stop laughing watching Bowie and Jagger in this music-less clip

6/19/2014 - Holy crap, a supersonic ping pong ball can destroy a ping pong paddle

6/19/2014 - All The Secrets Of The Last Ship's Devastating Plague Apocalypse

6/19/2014 - Scientists discover that spiders kill and eat fish too

6/19/2014 - NASA wants to send a quadcopter drone to Titan

6/18/2014 - Every Game Of Thrones Scene Broken Down By Book, Chapter And Episode

6/18/2014 - T-Mobile Will Let You Stream Music For Free

6/18/2014 - T-Mobile's Now Letting You Test Drive Its Network Before You Switch

6/18/2014 - New Gotham Trailer Showcases The Villains—Including A Brand-New Foe

6/18/2014 - I Was Already Having Kind of a Bad Week, and Then This Happened

6/18/2014 - Christopher Guest's Production Designer On How He Sets A Movie's Mood

6/18/2014 - Fantasy Creatures Play A Roleplaying Game Set In Our Mundane World

6/18/2014 - Movie lines ridiculously edited by TV censors

6/18/2014 - Amazon Fire Phone Hands-On: Great For Amazon, Less For You

6/18/2014 - A Handy Game Of Thrones Phrasebook For Your Trip To Westeros

6/18/2014 - Locating Reclaimed Spacecraft with the Deep Space Network

6/18/2014 - China Is Building Fake Islands to Bolster Its Claim to Disputed Waters

6/18/2014 - These are the alien creatures that secretly lurk under the polar circle

6/18/2014 - Quentin Tarantino Is Making A Django Unchained/Zorro Crossover Comic

6/18/2014 - Every Webpage From the 1995 Movie The Net

6/18/2014 - Gorgeous Amateur Timelapse of Jupiter Re-enacts Voyager Flyby

6/18/2014 - Gold Nanoparticles Are Coming To Melt Your Fat for Liposuction

6/18/2014 - The Stunning Factory Porn Of Aircraft Assembly Lines

6/18/2014 - Only a Long Exposure Photo Can Reveal This Video's Secret Images

6/18/2014 - Did Disneyland's Main Street, USA, Inspire Better Urban Design?

6/18/2014 - Alan Ball Is Working On A True Blood Musical!

6/18/2014 - A Song About Why Schrödinger's Cat Is Actually Kind of Pissed

6/18/2014 - Humans will land on Mars by 2026, says SpaceX Elon Musk

6/18/2014 - Could There Be a Better Way To Enjoy Summer Than On a Grass Hammock?

6/18/2014 - Living in Space Is Like Being Old and Having Type-2 Diabetes

6/18/2014 - What's The Ultimate Television Starship Crew Dream Team?

6/18/2014 - Max Landis Has The Best Idea Yet For The Ghostbusters 3 Movie

6/18/2014 - This Algae Can Switch Its Internal Quantum Computer On And Off

6/18/2014 - Game of Thrones Book Purists, Here's A Finale Scene Remade Just For You

6/18/2014 - I Wore Part of the Army's Real-Life Iron Man Suit

6/18/2014 - First Ever Baby Rhino Born From 10-Year-Old Cryogenically Frozen Sperm

6/18/2014 - There May Be an Ocean's Worth of Water Deep Below the Earth's Surface

6/18/2014 - Here's How One Optimistic Parent From 1989 Imagined 2014

6/18/2014 - Stolen Credit Cards, Drugs, and More Are All Up for Sale on YouTube

6/18/2014 - LG's Glueless Packaging Is Almost as Impressive as the OLED TV Inside

6/18/2014 - How Amazon's Fire Phone Compares to Its Toughest Competition

6/18/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Summer Solstice

6/18/2014 - Caterpillar Metamorphosis Looks Even More Alien When You Speed It Up

6/18/2014 - Photos of NATO fighters intercepting fully armed Russian jets

6/18/2014 - The Webcomic Adventures Of A Victorian Girl Detective Who Sees Ghosts

6/18/2014 - You Can Preorder Amazon's Fire Phone Right Now

6/18/2014 - Spies in the Skies: How Aerial Surveillance Tipped the Balance of WWII

6/18/2014 - ​So You Want To Go Backpacking For The Very First Time

6/18/2014 - The New Heroes TV Show Gets Its First Returning Star

6/18/2014 - The World's Northernmost City Is a Candy-Colored Dreamscape From Above

6/18/2014 - Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective: A 3D Effect That Follows Your Face

6/18/2014 - These Ad Campaigns Are Painful To Behold, And That's The Point

6/18/2014 - Happy 5th Anniversary, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter!

6/18/2014 - Amazon's Fire Phone Is $200 on Contract and Comes With a Year of Prime

6/18/2014 - Disney's Into The Woods Cuts The Best Song From The Whole Damn Show

6/18/2014 - Firefly: Amazon's Fire Phone Can Identify Almost Anything

6/18/2014 - Fire Phone Is Getting Amazon's Awesome 24-7 Video Tech Support

6/18/2014 - Amazon's Fire Phone Comes With Unlimited Photo Storage

6/18/2014 - Are We About to Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier, and Transform Medicine?

6/18/2014 - This Site Turns Each World Cup Game Into a Graphic Design Smackdown

6/18/2014 - Amazon Fire Phone: An All-Seeing 3D Prime Contender

6/18/2014 - Skydiver saves himself seconds before impact after terrifying fall

6/18/2014 - 10 Pseudo-Science Theories We'd Like to See Retired Forever

6/18/2014 - Shredder's Insane Freddy Krueger Armor Revealed In Official TMNT Image

6/18/2014 - The Wobbling Stairs at This World Cup Stadium Look Ready to Collapse

6/18/2014 - Deals: Transformers Tickets, Roku Mania, Kerbal Space Program

6/18/2014 - You Can Now Share and View GIFs Directly on Twitter

6/18/2014 - An Archaeologist Excavates a Hippie Commune, Preserved in 1969 by Fire

6/18/2014 - How Scientists Will Look Inside Fukushima's Radioactive Cores

6/18/2014 - Deals: Chromebox, Cheap Rokus, SanDisk Storage, Video Game Preorders

6/18/2014 - Color-Changing Suit Shows Injuries That Paralyzed Athletes Can't Feel

6/18/2014 - Elon Musk "Hopeful" First People Can Be Taken To Mars in 10-12 Years

6/18/2014 - Ink and Slide: Hands On With Adobe's New iPad Drawing Tools (Updated)

6/18/2014 - Ask Dothraki's Creator About Inventing Languages For Game Of Thrones!

6/18/2014 - Yelp Now Lets You Message Your Grievances Directly to Businesses

6/18/2014 - Teaching Creationism As Science Now Banned In All UK Public Schools

6/18/2014 - We Are Out Of Ideas: Felix The Cat Returns

6/18/2014 - This Absurd Tilt-Wing Whirly Bird Actually Flew

6/18/2014 - The "Natural" Label On Your Food Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

6/18/2014 - World's northernmost big city is a brutal mosaic of color and pollution

6/18/2014 - Photoshop Mix: Desktop-Lite Photo Editing Lands on the iPad

6/18/2014 - The Best New Feature in Photoshop CC

6/18/2014 - The Math Formula That Determines Whether You Love Or Hate Adaptations

6/18/2014 - The Guy Who Coined Net Neutrality Is Running for Office

6/18/2014 - Porcelain fighters come to life when you crash them against the floor

6/18/2014 - The Best Hacks From the Fan Site Ikea Doesn't Want You To See

6/18/2014 - The Earth is a Weird and Wonderful Place

6/18/2014 - If You Want To Teach Children To Lie, Read Them Pinocchio

6/18/2014 - LG G3 Review: Brains That Finally Keep Up With the Brawn

6/18/2014 - Vancouver School Board Introduces Gender-Neutral Pronouns

6/18/2014 - The Knick Shows The Bloody Beginnings Of NY's Knickerbocker Hospital

6/18/2014 - How To Change Your Default Apps in Android

6/18/2014 - Fleksy Messenger Makes Typing on a Smartwatch Slightly Less Impossible

6/18/2014 - Bitcoin Has Its Own College Bowl Game Because Life Is a Meaningless Void

6/18/2014 - Hell Yes! Miles Morales Is Joining The Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon!

6/18/2014 - Clamp-On Controller Bolsters the iPad Mini's Gaming Prowess

6/18/2014 - 7 Iconic Computers and Consoles Reborn As Lego Microscales

6/18/2014 - What Needs to Happen For Us To Get Hellboy 3? Or Another Hulk Movie?

6/18/2014 - This animatronic human head looks so real that it freaks me out

6/18/2014 - There's a New iMac That's $200 Cheaper

6/18/2014 - ​Amazon's 3D Smartphone: Everything We Think We Know

6/18/2014 - Sharp's Free-Form Display Make Bezels Super-Thin, Screens Any Shape

6/18/2014 - New York's Central Park never looked so beautiful as in these photos

6/18/2014 - There's an Arnold Schwarzenegger Programming Language

6/18/2014 - The Perfect Family Work Surface: Three Desks, One Shelving Unit

6/18/2014 - This is Phil Fish—or why hate makes some celebrities even more famous

6/18/2014 - Dying Sun-Like Stars Contain Molecules Vital For Making Water

6/18/2014 - Brutally honest trailer explains why Transformers 2 sucks so badly

6/18/2014 - Here's What Victorian London Looks Like Invaded By 600 Book Worlds

6/18/2014 - Blackmailers Held Nokia Code to Ransom For Millions of Euros

6/18/2014 - Here's What All Those New Emoji Actually Look Like

6/18/2014 - Photographer Celebrates 40 Years of Making Dioramas Seem Real

6/18/2014 - Here's How How to Train Your Dragon Would Be Immortalized in Tapestry

6/18/2014 - The Amazing Before and After of Jurassic Park's Special Effects

6/17/2014 - These three toys look exactly the same but only one is an actual toy

6/17/2014 - In Cibola Burn, a Space Colony is Torn Apart by Racism from Earth

6/17/2014 - How to Cut a Cake Using Science

6/17/2014 - Here's how to cut a cake perfectly, according to science

6/17/2014 - Lars Van Trier Made A Cartoon When He Was Just 11—And Wow, Is It Creepy

6/17/2014 - How to Grow Food in the Middle of a Desert Using Seawater

6/17/2014 - Warner Bros. Is Developing A Scooby-Doo Reboot

6/17/2014 - Gravity Falls Is Back August 1 With Lots To Look Forward To

6/17/2014 - Relive June 17th, 1994: The Craziest Day in Modern Sports History

6/17/2014 - 20-year-old makes amazing portraits just using colored pencils

6/17/2014 - The Story Behind the Foam That World Cup Refs Use To Stop Cheating

6/17/2014 - The British Government Just Set a Dangerous Precedent for Online Spying

6/17/2014 - "White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria" Is Our New Favorite Suspense Movie

6/17/2014 - Adebisi Shank: Thunder

6/17/2014 - Baroque-Era Drawings Reveal Early Ideas About Evolution

6/17/2014 - Watch This Diamond-Dusted Robot Saw Through Marble Like It’s Hot Butter

6/17/2014 - OK Go's New Music Video Is Made Up Entirely Of Optical Illusions

6/17/2014 - This Isn't a Utopian Vision -- It's Actually What London Is Like Today

6/17/2014 - Is There a Brain Region Associated with a Belief in Social Justice?

6/17/2014 - This App Can Tell If a Soccer Ball Needs Air By Listening To It Bounce

6/17/2014 - The Insane Plan to Build the World's Tallest Towers in a Lake in China

6/17/2014 - A Guide to the FBI's Guide to Twitter Slang

6/17/2014 - The Tomb Of Vlad Dracula May Have Been Found In Italy [updated]

6/17/2014 - Can You Tell Which Is The Real Gundam Toy And Which Is A Mere Illusion?

6/17/2014 - This Honest Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Trailer Is Way Too Kind

6/17/2014 - The More Walkable a City Is, the More Money It Makes

6/17/2014 - This is the most disgusting video I have ever seen

6/17/2014 - Apple Is Happy to Take Your Money if Amazon Won't

6/17/2014 - What would it look like if you could peel a city off Earth's crust?

6/17/2014 - Start a Rebellion In Your Kitchen With an X-wing Knife Holder

6/17/2014 - What Movie Do You Wish Had Made More Money at the Box Office?

6/17/2014 - Adventure Tested: ​Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Review

6/17/2014 - A New Species Of Water Bear Has Been Discovered In Antarctica

6/17/2014 - These Inductive Batteries Keep Your Power Tools Perpetually Charged

6/17/2014 - How Nest Is Already Using All That Data From Its Army of Smoke Alarms

6/17/2014 - These Artificial Diamonds Are the Hardest Stones Ever Made

6/17/2014 - That Time a Lying Factbot Accidentally Told The Truth

6/17/2014 - In Cutezilla, Your City Has Been Destroyed By Giant Adorable Animals

6/17/2014 - Human Genome Tinkering Could Be Our Best Bet to Beat HIV

6/17/2014 - Wyoming Says Teaching Climate Change Would Wreck The State's Economy

6/17/2014 - Facebook Slingshot Hands On: A Less Useful, More Confusing Snapchat

6/17/2014 - Futurism from 1878: A Panoramic Photograph of San Francisco

6/17/2014 - New Resident Evil Movie Is Allegedly The LAST Resident Evil Movie

6/17/2014 - The Impact of El Niño on North America

6/17/2014 - A Look Inside the Amazon Lab Behind Tomorrow's 3D Smartphone

6/17/2014 - This Galactic Mass of Soccer Balls Were Found in Oceans Around the World

6/17/2014 - If Only Modern Infographs Were As Stunning As These 19th-Century Ones

6/17/2014 - The Chemistry Behind That New Car Smell

6/17/2014 - How Defiance Season 2 Plans to Get Its Multimedia Right

6/17/2014 - Live Your Hogwarts Fantasies With Universal Studios' Interactive Wands

6/17/2014 - The Navy Wants to Mount an Anti-UAV Laser on a Hummer--A Hummer!

6/17/2014 - The Truth About Pavlov's Dogs Is Pretty Disturbing

6/17/2014 - Is This Experiment Worth Having Your Testicles Squeezed?

6/17/2014 - iOS 8 Will Make Drawing on Your Devices Way More Intuitive

6/17/2014 - Caesar Speaks In The First Clip From Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

6/17/2014 - Scientists Use a Shadow Network That's 1000x Faster Than Your Internet

6/17/2014 - The Location Of Every Tornado Touchdown In America, Graphed

6/17/2014 - OK Go Proves Again That Eye-Popping Optical Illusions Don't Need CGI

6/17/2014 - Deals: The LEGO Movie, Dragon Ball Z/GT, Video Game Pre-Orders

6/17/2014 - Facebook's Snapchat Competitor Is Finally Here (For Real This Time)

6/17/2014 - The Faded Glory of Dilapidated Modernist Homes

6/17/2014 - Dentists Found a Pain-Free Cavity Fix That Might Actually Work

6/17/2014 - Deals: Nest Protect Returns, Hard Drives, $20 Polarized Sunglasses

6/17/2014 - Ikea's New Glowing Stool Lights a Safe LED Fire Under Your Butt

6/17/2014 - The Famous "Eye of God" Nebula May Actually Be Weeping Tears Of Water

6/17/2014 - Light transforms trees into floating geometric structures

6/17/2014 - Take An Exclusive Peek At The Most Anticipated Scifi Imprint In Years

6/17/2014 - Should You Go to Jail For Making Threats on Facebook?

6/17/2014 - Wyoming Says Teaching Climate Change Would Wreck The State's Economy

6/17/2014 - Incredible video of wild Alaskan brown bear chilling out with a camper

6/17/2014 - Google's About to Ruin YouTube by Squeezing Indie Labels

6/17/2014 - Raytheon's Modular Missile Defense Snaps Together Like Lego Bricks

6/17/2014 - Woman Records Her Own Stroke To Help Doctors Make Diagnosis

6/17/2014 - We Could Watch This Graceful Dragon Animation For Hours

6/17/2014 - Building the Part of Facebook No One Ever Sees

6/17/2014 - Danger Mouse Returns To Television With A Brand New Series!

6/17/2014 - How Bell Labs Almost Put a Videophone in Every Home

6/17/2014 - New Guardians of the Galaxy's trailer reveals new cool scenes

6/17/2014 - The Astounding And Horrific World As Seen Under A Microscope

6/17/2014 - “Radiophonic Satie”

6/17/2014 - Steaklocker Could Let You Dry-Age Delicious Beef Chunks at Home

6/17/2014 - What Is The Best Song About Science?

6/17/2014 - A Bestiary Of Largely Forgotten Medieval Creatures

6/17/2014 - Why Do Some Turtles Have the Option To Breathe Through Their Anuses?

6/17/2014 - China's New Tallest Building Adds a Floor Every 96 Hours

6/17/2014 - The VFX Of How Pretty Much Everyone Died In Game Of Thrones Season 4

6/17/2014 - How to Turn Your Daily Commute Into Something You Actually Enjoy

6/17/2014 - New Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer Looks Really, Really Good

6/17/2014 - The Only Thing More Relaxing Than a Zen Garden Is One Made Of Candy

6/17/2014 - Who Are All These New People In This Avengers 2 Set Video?

6/17/2014 - 17 Pieces of Origami From a Huge New Show About Paper Folding

6/17/2014 - Betamax vs. VHS: How Sony Lost the Original Home Video Format War

6/17/2014 - Why Do We Still Have Pubic Hair?

6/17/2014 - WSJ: AT&T Will Be the Exclusive Carrier For the Amazon Smartphone

6/17/2014 - This video explains why most of us are wasting our lives

6/17/2014 - The BBC Is Testing Facial Recognition to Gauge Viewer Response

6/17/2014 - Garmin's New Upgradeable Navigation App Starts at Just $2

6/17/2014 - Watch the Formerly-Lost Tim Burton Hansel and Gretel In Its Entirety

6/17/2014 - Fukushima's Giant Ice Wall Can't Get Cold Enough to Freeze

6/17/2014 - Why You Should Never Diagnose Yourself Using WebMD

6/17/2014 - Why Being a Person Doesn't Matter If You're Not a Citizen

6/17/2014 - The Science of Building the Perfect Pig

6/17/2014 - I wish all the World Cup matches could be played on these trick mats

6/17/2014 - What the Histogram on Your Camera Actually Tells You

6/17/2014 - How they made the gore effects in the last season of Game of Thrones

6/17/2014 - Imagining Famous Music as New Architectural Designs

6/17/2014 - The Science of Swings Is More Complex Than You Thought

6/17/2014 - Artist Proves that Sound Waves Are Everywhere

6/17/2014 - Twin Tornadoes Devastate Nebraska Town

6/17/2014 - Nest Protect Is Back On the Shelves With a Cheaper Price Tag

6/17/2014 - The designer of the F-16 explains why the F-35 is such a crappy plane

6/17/2014 - Who Knew Saved by the Bell Had the Perfect Edge of Tomorrow Theme Song?

6/16/2014 - Raw video: Massive twin tornadoes touch down simultaneously in Nebraska

6/16/2014 - A map of Game of Thrones if it was set in the USA

6/16/2014 - Puritan Girls Attack In The Most Demented Moment From This Week's Salem

6/16/2014 - Are These The New Villains Of Star Wars: Episode VII?

6/16/2014 - Can fast food restaurants actually make burgers that look like the ads?

6/16/2014 - Breaking Bad Is Now Streaming in 4K on Netflix

6/16/2014 - At Last, a Magical Desk That You Can Share With Your Cat

6/16/2014 - Watch A Brain Parasite Played By Alan Tudyk Explain Gravity

6/16/2014 - Here's why Martin Scorsese is such a fantastic director

6/16/2014 - What Are The Best Examples of Real People Making Fictional Cameos?

6/16/2014 - The Coolest Trampoline On Earth Is Suspended Inside a Huge Cavern

6/16/2014 - Would This Building Make You Want to Eat Bugs?

6/16/2014 - Tupac: Changes

6/16/2014 - "WildLeaks" is like WikiLeaks But For Wildlife Crimes

6/16/2014 - Why Hexagons Are The Best Building Block For Bees and Their Hives

6/16/2014 - This Is Disney's Idea of How to Dress the Kids Of Fairy Tale Villains

6/16/2014 - Terrifying, Century-Old Photographs from Neuroscience Experiments

6/16/2014 - This is what would happen if Earth stopped spinning right now

6/16/2014 - The Origami Wheels on These Robots Change Shape As They Roll

6/16/2014 - Why Washing Raw Chicken Could Be Hazardous To Your Health

6/16/2014 - This Map Reveals Where Our Future Water Wars Will Begin

6/16/2014 - The Surprisingly Accurate Science of the Romantic Comedy

6/16/2014 - Measured and Perceived Shaking from a Vancouver Island Earthquake

6/16/2014 - Real-Time Waste Water Analysis Can Show Who's On What Drugs, and Where

6/16/2014 - How dogs react when a human dog impersonator barks at them

6/16/2014 - The Galaxy S5 (and Other Android Phones) Are Easier to Root Than Ever

6/16/2014 - What Was the Greatest Ending That Wasn't Really an Ending?

6/16/2014 - See The Alternate Opening Of How To Train Your Dragon 2 In Comic Form

6/16/2014 - Tiny Sensors Powered By Passing Cars Could Monitor Our Aging Roads

6/16/2014 - Ocean lifts guy several feet up in the air, smashes him against beach

6/16/2014 - Are We Undergoing a Major Shift in How We Treat Animals?

6/16/2014 - The Mystery Man In Those 445 Photobooth Pics Has Finally Been Identified

6/16/2014 - Everything a Camp Cook Could Need Fits Inside This Nesting Doll Pot

6/16/2014 - Game Of Thrones Director Explains The Finale's Missing Character

6/16/2014 - The Powerpuff Girls Are Back To Save The Day

6/16/2014 - NASA Has Figured Out What Titan Smells Like

6/16/2014 - Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear Has A Pants-Wettingly Terrifying Surprise

6/16/2014 - These Revolutionary Optics Could Make Battlefield Lasers a Reality

6/16/2014 - How I Turned Neil Gaiman Into A Fictional Character For My New Novel

6/16/2014 - The World Cup should be played with 6-foot helium-filled soccer balls

6/16/2014 - The Card Test That Supposedly Revealed Homosexual Tendencies

6/16/2014 - The Mechanics of Making Espresso In Space

6/16/2014 - What's the Best Chef's Knife?

6/16/2014 - Match.com Will Use Facial Recognition to Find People Like Your Ex

6/16/2014 - A giant dragon just emerged from the Sun

6/16/2014 - Should The U.S. Unleash Killer Robots In Iraq?

6/16/2014 - Genetically-Modified Orange Bananas Are Ready for Human Testing

6/16/2014 - ​The Many, Many People Who Know Batman's "Secret" Identity

6/16/2014 - Was This The First In-Flight Movie?

6/16/2014 - ​Adventure Tested: Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

6/16/2014 - Head Injuries Actually Went Down In Cities With Bike Share Programs

6/16/2014 - The U.S. Has the Most Expensive, Least Effective Health Care System

6/16/2014 - The F-35 Fleet Was Grounded Again for the Bajillionth Time

6/16/2014 - ​It All Falls Apart This Week on Penny Dreadful

6/16/2014 - The World's Biggest Telescope Is Finally (Really) Complete

6/16/2014 - This Remarkable Palm Tree Couldn't Decide Which Way to Grow

6/16/2014 - How Will We Decide Which Planets To Terraform?

6/16/2014 - Google's Flying Internet Balloons May Actually Be Feasible Next Year

6/16/2014 - NASA's Decisions May Affect The Future Of The U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

6/16/2014 - These Nanoparticle Panels Can Perfectly Mimic the Italian Sky

6/16/2014 - Stephen Hawking Interviewed By John Oliver Is Absolutely Hilarious

6/16/2014 - 10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing

6/16/2014 - A Carabiner Charging Cable Is Always Where You Last Clipped It

6/16/2014 - Deals: Shadow of Mordor, Akira, Attack on Titan, Avatar, Django

6/16/2014 - Yesterday's epic skeleton battle scene in Game of Thrones

6/16/2014 - What It Was Like To Judge That History-Making Turing Test

6/16/2014 - Deals: $250 Off MacBook Airs, $10 Lightning Cable, Solar Phone Charger

6/16/2014 - How Do "Chinese Magic Mirrors" Work?

6/16/2014 - This Origami-Inspired Emergency Shelter Pops Open in Seconds

6/16/2014 - Let's Make Some Hydrogen Gas!

6/16/2014 - I want to spend the summer in this tree house

6/16/2014 - Comic-Con's Exclusive Twilight Zone Toys Revealed!

6/16/2014 - Why Ikea Shutting Down Its Most Popular Fan Site Is a Giant Mistake

6/16/2014 - This Week's TV: True Blood Returns And The Angel Post-Apocalypse Begins

6/16/2014 - Extreme biker rides through the narrowest mountain edge I've ever seen

6/16/2014 - Modern Armor Won't Stand a Chance Against This New Missile Launcher

6/16/2014 - Edge Of Tomorrow Art Reveals Tom Cruise Could Have Been A Transformer

6/16/2014 - Satellites Are Now Cleared to Take Photos at Mailbox-Level Detail

6/16/2014 - It Only Takes This Electric Bus 15 Seconds To Charge At Every Stop

6/16/2014 - The Secret To Making Sense Of Last Night's Game Of Thrones Finale

6/16/2014 - Prometheus Teases the F-Ring of Saturn

6/16/2014 - A Coffee Machine That Works In Space!

6/16/2014 - How SoundCloud Changed Music Forever

6/16/2014 - Massive Lego 'Grand Budapest Hotel' is 50,000 whimsical bricks

6/16/2014 - This Robot Is Going To Hitchhike Across Canada By Itself

6/16/2014 - Use Your Web Browser As a Basic File Viewer

6/16/2014 - Guy replaces Britney Spears with himself in Work Bitch music video

6/16/2014 - A Speaker That Camouflages Itself As a Paper Palm

6/16/2014 - Texas Museum Censors Exhibit on Climate Change

6/16/2014 - So An Uruk-Hai Walked Into A Mall...

6/16/2014 - The ISS Will Get a Custom Espresso Machine With a Few Space-ifications

6/16/2014 - Revealing Doctor Who Photos, Plus See Superspeed From The Flash's POV!

6/16/2014 - A Brief History of Every Official World Cup Ball Since 1930

6/16/2014 - This is the largest and longest 3D street painting in the world

6/16/2014 - Report: OS X Yosemite's Handoff Feature Won't Be Available to All

6/16/2014 - These Wireless Earbuds Charge While They're in Your Pocket

6/16/2014 - Enormous river of ducks flood an entire road

6/16/2014 - How Staring at the Sun Can Make You Sneeze

6/16/2014 - How movies trick us into sympathising with the characters we should hate

6/16/2014 - The Secret Android Patents That Microsoft Forces OEMs to License

6/16/2014 - This Deadly Snake Is Even More Terrifying in Super Slow-Mo

6/16/2014 - We Need a Ubiquitous Share Icon

6/16/2014 - How and Why Your Computer Crashes

6/16/2014 - One User Controls Over Half of Bitcoin Mining—and That's a Security Risk

6/16/2014 - Insane rally driver shows that you only need two wheels to take a curve

6/16/2014 - New beautiful photo reveals the violent birth of a star

6/15/2014 - How Mountain Hardwear Designs The Lightest Nylon Jackets In The World

6/15/2014 - V/H/S Will Bring Your Worst Nightmares To Life

6/15/2014 - The Milky Way Galaxy, As Seen From a 747

6/15/2014 - Smile: Uncle Kracker

6/15/2014 - It's Easy to Infect People With Malware If You Pay Them a Few Cents

6/15/2014 - Tor Is For Everyone: Why You Should Use Tor

6/15/2014 - Read George R. R. Martin's 1963 Letter To Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

6/15/2014 - A Scientific Guide To Surviving Summer

6/15/2014 - How Much More Would You Pay For A Larger iPhone?

6/15/2014 - Carnival of Space #358

6/15/2014 - What Sound Did T. rex Actually Make?

6/15/2014 - Fly Around The World With This Map of Drone-Recorded Videos

6/15/2014 - All Of The Antagonists On Orphan Black Are Baby Crazy

6/15/2014 - This Carbon Fiber Chair Is Lighter Than a Two-Liter Bottle Of Soda

6/15/2014 - Live Action Space Subsite Coming to Conventions This Summer

6/15/2014 - This Nanotube Sponge Can Suck Up Water Straight From The Air

6/15/2014 - In The Flesh's Season Finale Breaks Our Hearts Yet Again

6/15/2014 - Color Visions and Philosophical Zombies

6/15/2014 - Spontaneous Stratification of Sand and Sugar

6/15/2014 - The Steamboy Is A Steam Box... In Your Pocket

6/15/2014 - Cover of Game of Thrones Theme Music Puts The Show's Version To Shame

6/15/2014 - NYT: Apple's Secretive CEO Has a Smartwatch Up His Sleeve

6/15/2014 - Are These Objects Comets or Asteroids?

6/15/2014 - Why Those Little Plastic Microbeads in Your Soap Are So Bad

6/15/2014 - How to Stop Facebook From Using Your Browsing History

6/15/2014 - Is this Dracula's real tomb?

6/15/2014 - A Gorgeous Visualization Of Kepler's Discoveries

6/14/2014 - That Time I OD'd on Pot Drugs and Watched Apocalypse Now Redux

6/14/2014 - Future Islands: Fall From Grace

6/14/2014 - A Flying Saucer Will Not Tear Through Hawaii's Skies (Yet)

6/14/2014 - This Baby May Be The First To Be Born With Its Genome Fully Sequenced

6/14/2014 - Behind the Scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey

6/14/2014 - Uber, Kids Peeing, Donald Trump: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

6/14/2014 - Why Are These Bears Having Oral Sex?

6/14/2014 - A Must-Read Account Of Life After Losing An Arm

6/14/2014 - Rat Queens Is Going To Be A TV Show!

6/14/2014 - This is the Prettiest Visualization of Kepler's Planets Yet!

6/14/2014 - The Bumpy History of Early American Test Pilots

6/14/2014 - This Monstrosity Was Pulled Out Of Someone's Salivary Duct

6/14/2014 - This Movie About the Grandfather of Debunkery Looks Amazing

6/14/2014 - Continuum's Main Time Travel Law Is The Law Of Unintended Consequences

6/14/2014 - The Evils of Microbeads, Facebook Sharing Browsing Data, And More

6/14/2014 - An Ocean On Pluto’s Moon? Scientists Will Keep An Eye Out For Cracks.

6/14/2014 - The First American Rocket Pilot

6/14/2014 - Whooping Cough Is Now a Full-Blown Epidemic in California

6/14/2014 - Can You Figure Out This Parking Lot's Numbering System?

6/14/2014 - How to Turn Your Mobile Device into a Universal Translator

6/14/2014 - This Iguana Comes Running Like A Dog When Its Owner Calls

6/14/2014 - U.S. Government Investigates Recent Worker Deaths at Amazon Facilities

6/14/2014 - Three World Cup Stadiums That Are Actually Good For Brazil

6/14/2014 - In Pixeltrek, Explore the Enterprise in All Its Glory. And Its Toilets.

6/14/2014 - Jason Momoa Reportedly Confirmed to Be Batman v. Superman's Aquaman

6/14/2014 - This Is the New Larger iPhone 6, Claims Reliable Source

6/14/2014 - No Extroverts on Mars, Please

6/14/2014 - This is the cockpit of the supersonic car that will reach 1000MPH

6/14/2014 - Extremely rare image of two B-2 bombers refueling at the same time

6/14/2014 - Jason Crossovers Are the Best Tribute to Friday the 13th

6/13/2014 - Insane slackliner crosses 660-meter gorge without safety, then jumps

6/13/2014 - Happy Father's Day From Game Of Thrones' Crappiest Dads

6/13/2014 - Can You Really Train Cockroaches Like on Orange is the New Black?

6/13/2014 - Young Maleficent Almost Had A Head Of Downy Feathers Instead Of Hair

6/13/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

6/13/2014 - Where Are All The Stories About The Mid-Point Of Space Colonization?

6/13/2014 - The Story Behind the Opening Credits of Bob's Burgers

6/13/2014 - This Is a Movie You Have to Watch Twice to Catch the Important Stuff

6/13/2014 - Being In A Group Can Make People Lose Touch With Their Moral Beliefs

6/13/2014 - Samurai Darth Vader Leads A Slew Of Crazy Japanese Star Wars Toys

6/13/2014 - Holy Crap, These Hydropropulsion Hoverboards Fly Over Water

6/13/2014 - Our Favorite iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

6/13/2014 - Game of Thrones Scribe To Write Magic: The Gathering Movie

6/13/2014 - Masaaki Yuasa Has Turned Adventure Time Into A Wild Spectacle

6/13/2014 - Serve Your Iced Tea With a Side Of Science This Summer

6/13/2014 - Loved True Detective's Six-Minute Tracking Shot? Watch This Horror Film

6/13/2014 - Animals That Doubled Their Expected Lifespan

6/13/2014 - A Pop-Up Toolbox On Wheels Puts All Your Tools In Easy Reach

6/13/2014 - The Marines Are Building An Anti-Drone Weapon—And, Yep, It's A Laser

6/13/2014 - 20 Fun Facts About the Way We Drink, As Told By a Breathalyzer

6/13/2014 - Band Makes Badass Music Video Entirely Out Of Stop-Motion Embroidery

6/13/2014 - How WWI Bombs Shattered Bedrock and Changed the Geology of France

6/13/2014 - How Are You Related To That Stranger On The Bus, or Barack Obama?

6/13/2014 - Two-Factor Authentication Is Ruining My Life and It's All My Fault

6/13/2014 - Congress Funds Plutonium Plant That Every Sane Person Wants Shut Down

6/13/2014 - Why Setting a Crumbling Mansion On Fire Was The Best Way to Demolish It

6/13/2014 - This Machine Can Learn About the World Just by Watching It

6/13/2014 - Here's How All 50 State Flags Would Look As App Icons

6/13/2014 - Archives Reveal What Octavia Butler's Next Books Would Have Been Like

6/13/2014 - An Elephant Researcher Mourns An Elephant Lost to Poachers

6/13/2014 - P.F. Chang's Is Using Stone-Age Credit Card Tech So It Can't Be Hacked

6/13/2014 - Here's How Humanity Falls In Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

6/13/2014 - Sony SmartBand SW10 Review: Swings For the Fences, Misses By a Mile

6/13/2014 - Can You Condition Your Body To Require Less Sleep?

6/13/2014 - Stop Ruining Your Camera With These Tips From Canon

6/13/2014 - We Met on an App Meant for Random Sex: How Do I Explain It to My Mom?

6/13/2014 - This Sleek TV of the Future Predates The Jetsons

6/13/2014 - Hit This Magnetic Bullseye and You'll Never Misplace Your Keys Again

6/13/2014 - Finally, Intelligent Sliding Doors Like The Ones In Star Trek

6/13/2014 - You Know Who Wouldn't Pass The Turing Test? PhD Advisors

6/13/2014 - New "Bionic" Dildo Allows You to Feel Things You Never Felt Before

6/13/2014 - Yep, You Can Pay for College In Bitcoin Now

6/13/2014 - Author James S.A. Corey Is Here To Talk To You About Leviathan Wakes!

6/13/2014 - This Lookout Made of Mirrors Can Hide In Plain Sight

6/13/2014 - World's Oldest Anatomical Model Skull May Be Leonardo Da Vinci's Work

6/13/2014 - Amazing close-up photos capture war planes and birds' majesty in motion

6/13/2014 - What Is Your Favorite Super Soaker?

6/13/2014 - Did the Tradition of Throwing Confetti Start with Sacrificial Rituals?

6/13/2014 - Here's Hoping Home Is More Than Cheap Jokes And Pretty Animation

6/13/2014 - 10 Weirdest Origins Of Classic Science Fiction Sound Effects

6/13/2014 - Deals: Moon and Terminator, Alien, Die Hard, and Max Mad Anthologies

6/13/2014 - Comcast Wants to Put Its Logo On Top of a Beloved NYC Landmark

6/13/2014 - Deals: Big Bluetooth Speaker, SSDs and Hybrid Drives, Beats Music

6/13/2014 - BatDad Returns Just In Time For Father's Day

6/13/2014 - NASA's smell-o-scope experiment sniffs Saturn's moon Titan

6/13/2014 - Here's the 4K IMAX Camera That's Going to Make 3D Movies Awesome Again

6/13/2014 - Bookmark Gmail Searches For Easy Email Reference

6/13/2014 - How To Train Your Dragon 2 Matured Into A Glorious Sequel

6/13/2014 - I Want to Spend All Weekend in This Treehouse Perched Over a Pond

6/13/2014 - This 40-Foot Buzz Saw Hangs From a Helicopter To Trim Trees From the Sky

6/13/2014 - Here Are the Year's Best Photos Taken By the Humble iPhone

6/13/2014 - Aerodynamics of the World Cup's New Ball

6/13/2014 - The Many, Many Ways You Can Crash A Plane Without Ever Realizing It

6/13/2014 - Folding Cardboard Stools Only Make It Look Like You're a Hoarder

6/13/2014 - These Are Some of the Most Amazing iPhone Photos of the Year

6/13/2014 - Audemars Piguet's New Watch Museum Looks Like Frozen Clockwork

6/13/2014 - HBO Explains Why They Failed To Make An American Gods TV Show

6/13/2014 - Lady dances on a tightrope 300 feet above NY without any safety—in 1931!

6/13/2014 - Paddington Bear Is A Disgusting Nightmare In His First Trailer

6/13/2014 - This Water-Powered Jetboard Is Almost The Hoverboard You're Dreaming Of

6/13/2014 - This GIF Party Starts Now!

6/13/2014 - Molecular cooking doesn't seem complicated in these two-minute recipes

6/13/2014 - Researchers Finally Make Automatic Doors As Smart As Star Trek's

6/13/2014 - Watch Astronauts Play Soccer In Zero Gravity

6/13/2014 - George RR Martin Moves From Killing Fictional Characters To Real People

6/13/2014 - Sony Is Working On a Camera Sensor That's Curved Like the Human Eye

6/13/2014 - 9 Crazy 3D Typefaces Made From Everyday Objects

6/13/2014 - How Far Will Jim Gordon Fall on Gotham?

6/13/2014 - Samsung's Smart TVs Just Got a Pretty Sweet App (Finally)

6/13/2014 - Guy waves his hand to stop the attack of a charging elephant

6/13/2014 - Watch The Daily Show Hilariously Troll Six Glassholes Right Here

6/13/2014 - Peer Into the Cockpit of a 1,000 MPH Car

6/13/2014 - What Your Email Signature Really Means

6/13/2014 - Nine-year time-lapse video shows how to make a nuclear fusion reactor

6/13/2014 - The Lego Movie creators make hilarious action movie trailer

6/13/2014 - The FBI Is Auctioning Off Its Seized Silk Road Bitcoins

6/13/2014 - How Two Women Made Your Watch Glow in the Dark

6/13/2014 - Oh, Good. Now People Are Going to Want Attack Lizards

6/13/2014 - A New Xbox Ad Is Turning on Consoles By Accident

6/13/2014 - Finally, a Quiz for International English Accents

6/13/2014 - Report: Google in Talks to Buy Stake in Virgin Galactic

6/13/2014 - The entrance to hell is in the center of Asia and it's terrifying

6/13/2014 - Bill Murray's hilarious costumes in Late Show with David Letterman

6/13/2014 - Guillermo del Toro Won't Direct a Beauty and the Beast Film After All

6/13/2014 - Wow, check out the giant full moon rising

6/13/2014 - In This Art, Nature Battles the Artificial

6/12/2014 - Here's why Frozen sucks

6/12/2014 - Perfect photoshops warp the world into mind-twisting reality

6/12/2014 - Write a Score to Accompany a Short Piece of Text You Wrote a Year Ago Today

6/12/2014 - Economic Downturn Connected to Rise in Depression and Suicide

6/12/2014 - The Big Twist Ending On The 100 Just Saved The 100

6/12/2014 - The Bravest Warriors Matures Into More Than A Funny YouTube Show

6/12/2014 - Revisit Grease in All Its 1950s Summer Lovin' Glory Once Again

6/12/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Behemoth In The Cornfield

6/12/2014 - This Enormous New Icebreaker Ship Is Flat-Out Incredible

6/12/2014 - Mind-controlled Exoskeleton Opens World Cup, But You'd Never Know

6/12/2014 - Extraordinary Photos of Everyday Life in Oak Ridge, the Secret City

6/12/2014 - Pixar Didn't Just Change the World of Film -- It Transformed Business

6/12/2014 - Every Asteroid Discovered Since 1980

6/12/2014 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S: A Shining Screen On a Whole New Body (Update: Hands-On)

6/12/2014 - How Soccer Security Is Creating the Surveillance State

6/12/2014 - Dot-Matrix Printers Were Born To Play Bach

6/12/2014 - What's the Very Best Infodump Scene of All Time?

6/12/2014 - We Only Wish Game Of Thrones' Bloody Duel Could Have Ended Like This

6/12/2014 - This Giant "Straw" Will Suck Vegas's Water From the Desert

6/12/2014 - How Do You Treat Mental Illness in a Bonobo?

6/12/2014 - Report: "Google Fit" Is Coming Soon Because Of Course It Is

6/12/2014 - A Perpetual Slinky Treadmill Might Be Humanity's Greatest Achievement

6/12/2014 - This machine produces edible mist in 200 delicious flavors

6/12/2014 - Why the First Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Found in Food Is a Big Deal

6/12/2014 - The Sleep Schedules Of Some Of History's Greatest Minds

6/12/2014 - The Only Footage We Have Of Arthur Conan Doyle Talking About Sherlock

6/12/2014 - It's Been 150 Years Since the U.S. Was This Politically Polarized

6/12/2014 - A Toiletries Bag Made From a Fire Hose Doesn't Mind Getting Wet

6/12/2014 - No human has seen tonight's full honey moon in almost 100 years

6/12/2014 - ​How To Find The Perfect Pocket Knife

6/12/2014 - The Three Biggest Airlines Just Made Carry-On Sizes Even Smaller

6/12/2014 - If This Is the DC Superhero Movie Schedule Through 2018, It's Insane

6/12/2014 - Michael Keaton's Birdman Movie Is Batshit Insane, In A Good Way

6/12/2014 - Amazon Prime, the Best Deal in Tech, Just Keeps Getting Better

6/12/2014 - Harrison Ford Injures Himself On The Star Wars 7 Set, EVERYBODY PANIC

6/12/2014 - NASA reveals why new World Cup 2014 ball is so much better than 2010's

6/12/2014 - Why the Same Three Typefaces Are Used In Almost Every Airport

6/12/2014 - Science in Fantasy Novels Is More Accurate Than in Science Fiction

6/12/2014 - The Planet's Biggest Water Supply Might Be Hidden 400 Miles Below the US

6/12/2014 - Oh My God, This Is Sarah Paulson's Character For American Horror Story

6/12/2014 - Watch a Mind-Controlled Cyborg Leg Make the World Cup's First Kick

6/12/2014 - Be Prepared For Any Vehicular Emergency With a Gas Can Toolbox

6/12/2014 - In Desperation, Ukraine Separatists Try To Restart a WWII Tank

6/12/2014 - The Problem with "Nature vs. Nurture" When It Comes to Sexuality

6/12/2014 - 100 ways to hit someone on the groin in 80 seconds

6/12/2014 - 11 Vertical Views From Rooftops

6/12/2014 - A History Of Human Civilization, As Told With Toilets

6/12/2014 - An Engineering Approach That Makes Turkey Frying a Bit Less Dangerous

6/12/2014 - Giant Asteroid Zooms Close to Earth, Revealing an Odd Shape

6/12/2014 - A Floating Disc Boat Gives Fishermen 360-Degree Access to Their Prey

6/12/2014 - In Defense of Raccoons

6/12/2014 - Thanks ESEE!

6/12/2014 - Here's How You Pick the "Unpickable" Bike Lock

6/12/2014 - This sauce is so hot that the cook has to wear a gas mask

6/12/2014 - CubeSats Offer Big Science in a Small Box

6/12/2014 - In Defense of Raccoons

6/12/2014 - Anti-conformity Research Led to Freud's Best Sarcastic One-Liner

6/12/2014 - Why Would Any Country Want to Host International Sporting Events?

6/12/2014 - Behold The First Life-Sized Aliens Xenomorph Queen Ever Built

6/12/2014 - Vessyl: A Cup That Uses Molecular Sensors To Track Everything You Drink

6/12/2014 - Ant sperm can swim faster than other sperm because it works as a team

6/12/2014 - Deals: Attack on Titan, Farscape, Roger Rabbit, Mario Kart 8

6/12/2014 - 12 Futuristic Forms of Government That Could One Day Rule the World

6/12/2014 - Skip Ringing the Bell With This Multi-Purpose Door-Breaching Hammer

6/12/2014 - Deals: $5 Phone Cases, the Best Juicer, Half Price Starbucks

6/12/2014 - Why Are Countries Still Using Fake Bomb Detectors?

6/12/2014 - Ha Ha, Jon Snow Can't Cut His Hair Until Game Of Thrones Ends

6/12/2014 - Amazon Prime Music Impressions: Free With Prime! But Not Quite Enough

6/12/2014 - LEGO Movie's Michelangelo And Abraham Lincoln Get A Spinoff Cop Film

6/12/2014 - Meet Griffith Pugh: The Everest Pioneer You've Never Heard Of

6/12/2014 - The Retro-Future Is Littered With Print-Outs

6/12/2014 - Chris Pratt Looks Absurdly Good On The Set Of Jurassic World

6/12/2014 - SOSUS: The US Navy's Long-Range Undersea Ears for Spotting Soviet Subs

6/12/2014 - This is exactly how I imagine the zombie apocalypse hitting Los Angeles

6/12/2014 - World Cup Refs Are Wearing Smartwatches That Alert Them To Goals

6/12/2014 - Exclusive Look Inside Syfy's Post-Apocalyptic Angel Drama Dominion

6/12/2014 - Weird tiny fish has the strongest suction powers in the animal kingdom

6/12/2014 - Rigor Mortis Tries to Reinvent Hopping Vampires for the Modern Age

6/12/2014 - How Yesterday's Huge TweetDeck Vulnerability Happened

6/12/2014 - 7 Siri Tricks You Might Not Know About

6/12/2014 - Can You Recognize Earth's Most Famous Landmarks From 500 Miles Above?

6/12/2014 - Frozen Ant Rafts Could Teach Us How to Make Self-Assembling Robots

6/12/2014 - You Can Finally Buy the Wheelchair Professor X Would Use

6/12/2014 - Boeing's New "Space Taxi" Will Launch Astronauts To Space From US Soil

6/12/2014 - These Five Amazing Houses Just Won Awards For Being Small and Cheap

6/12/2014 - Praise Batman The Redeemer, It's A New Zero Theorem Trailer!

6/12/2014 - Does A New Photo Reveal Who Oscar Isaac Is Playing In Star Wars?

6/12/2014 - Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless: Pricey, Rugged Running Headphones

6/12/2014 - How spiders tune and play their webs like strings on a guitar

6/12/2014 - Facebook Is Now Using Your Browsing History to Target Advertising

6/12/2014 - How Much Physical Activity Do You Really Need?

6/12/2014 - Samsung's Smart Bike Uses Your Phone to Keep You Safe

6/12/2014 - What Is Space, Exactly?

6/12/2014 - Amazon Prime Music: One Million Songs, Free For Prime Subscribers

6/12/2014 - Starbucks Is Installing Wireless Charging in Stores Across the U.S.

6/12/2014 - Why Can't We Have More B-TV?

6/12/2014 - This supercut of cool tough movie guys is a badassery masterclass

6/12/2014 - The 600,000 asteroids that we've discovered so far is one scary view

6/12/2014 - Why Is Toilet Paper Always White?

6/12/2014 - iPad Split-Screen Multitasking Might Work Like This

6/12/2014 - Trailer for Turtle Power Documentary Reminds Us Why We Love the Turtles

6/12/2014 - Amazon's Streaming Music Service Is Here

6/12/2014 - The Skies Are Coming After Those of Us on the Ground

6/12/2014 - Playing soccer in space looks more fun than playing in the World Cup

6/12/2014 - Panasonic FZ1000: A Large-Sensor Super Zoom That Shoots 4K Video

6/12/2014 - Stephen Colbert Addresses the Android Threat

6/11/2014 - Zoom into a microchip video causes brain meltdown in my sorry skull

6/11/2014 - Comedy-Bot Makes You Scream In Terror Long Before It Makes You Laugh

6/11/2014 - Scientists Have Created an "Absolutely Crazy" Deadly Airborne Flu Virus

6/11/2014 - Not everyone sees the same color when they stare at this spinning disk

6/11/2014 - 52 Years Ago 3 Men Escaped From Alcatraz, Let's Watch The Rock Tonight

6/11/2014 - Legends of Cthulhu Brings a Classic '80s Vibe to New Action Figures

6/11/2014 - The Space Station at Night is Totally Creepy

6/11/2014 - Mercury Transit as Seen From Mars

6/11/2014 - A New Webcomic Short Story By A Master Of Fairytale Horror

6/11/2014 - Could El Niño Save California From This Year's Drought?

6/11/2014 - Calvin Harris: Summer

6/11/2014 - Mastodon Music Video Is An Impressive Tale of A Geek Hero's Journey

6/11/2014 - A Latin Poem So Filthy, It Wasn't Translated Until The 20th Century

6/11/2014 - What The Night Sky Would Look Like From Inside A Globular Cluster

6/11/2014 - Legend Of Korra Trailer Reveals More Airbenders—And Old Man Zuko!

6/11/2014 - The World's Biggest TV Can Be Yours for $1.7 Million

6/11/2014 - What's Actually in a Slim Jim

6/11/2014 - The Finest Examples of Art Nouveau Architecture in Central Europe

6/11/2014 - Stabilized video of the accident that almost killed Neil Armstrong

6/11/2014 - Isa Is the One Syfy Movie You Won't Want to Miss

6/11/2014 - Now You Can Do an Ocean Acidification Experiment at Home!

6/11/2014 - Lowe's Is Putting (Kinda Sorta) Holodecks In Some of Its Stores

6/11/2014 - The Curiosity Rover Reveals What Earthlings Have Never Witnessed

6/11/2014 - Sin City 2 Trailer Reveals Its Plot: "Let's All Kill This One Guy"

6/11/2014 - Boston's New "Smart Mass Transit" Gets You To Work Faster—For A Price

6/11/2014 - What Is The Worst Example Of A Show Violating Its Own Rules?

6/11/2014 - Kill Time By Creating Art With an Hourglass Full of Magnetic Sand

6/11/2014 - 11 Machines That Exercise For You, From the Victorian Era to Today

6/11/2014 - Bumblebee attacks spider to defend another bumblebee trapped on her web

6/11/2014 - Anaxar Is Going To Be The Ultimate Star Trek Fan Film

6/11/2014 - Best $20 Special Effect Ever: Make Metal That Tears Like Paper

6/11/2014 - The Barkley Marathons Is The Kobayashi Maru Of Sporting Events

6/11/2014 - Can You Guess Where On Earth These Unearthly Satellite Images Come From?

6/11/2014 - King Star King Looks Like Napalm For Your Brain, In Space

6/11/2014 - Distort Geography in Amusing Ways with This Mercator Map Generator

6/11/2014 - 6 Pets That Were Supposed To Be Man's Best Friend In the Future

6/11/2014 - These Gigantic Architectural Models Are Bigger Than My Apartment

6/11/2014 - The Iguazú Falls overflow in flood of biblical proportions

6/11/2014 - Historical Street View Shows How Detroit Is Turning Into Chernobyl

6/11/2014 - Why Was the Computer Never Patented?

6/11/2014 - Why Is Canada's Wolf Population Splitting Into Two Groups?

6/11/2014 - Best Buy Will Deliver a Dryer for Free But the Power Cord Has a $70 Fee

6/11/2014 - Bic Is Trying To Make a Font Based on All the World's Handwriting

6/11/2014 - Otherworldly Images From National Geographic Traveler's Photo Contest

6/11/2014 - In The Game Of Thrones, You're Either Puff Daddy Or You're Not

6/11/2014 - You Can Pay To Sleep Inside This Giant Robot's Stomach

6/11/2014 - The Boxtrolls Trailers Just Keep Getting Better And Better

6/11/2014 - Why Narcissism Is a Profoundly Misunderstood Psychological Disorder

6/11/2014 - A Tiny Scout-Bot Helps This Four-Legged Robot Find the Safest Path

6/11/2014 - The Magic School Bus Is Back, Bitches

6/11/2014 - ​How Honda's New Airbox Will Give The Africa Twin Dirt Bike Ergonomics

6/11/2014 - Read a White-Knuckle Excerpt from Robogenesis, Sequel to Robopocalypse

6/11/2014 - The FCC Is Trying to Do Something Good For Once(?!)

6/11/2014 - Deals: Persona Q, Northern Exposure, Wall-E, FREE Go the F--k to Sleep

6/11/2014 - Why Earth's Most Abundant Mineral Only Just Got Its Name

6/11/2014 - 10 Real-Life Laws That Regulate The Supernatural World

6/11/2014 - A Stylish Power Strip You Won't Want To Hide Under a Table

6/11/2014 - Beautiful shot of ospreys at Kennedy Space Center

6/11/2014 - Deals: Electric Shavers for Father's Day, $6 In-Ears, Milk Frother

6/11/2014 - How to Build the Best PC 1991 Had to Offer

6/11/2014 - Ask An Expert All Your Questions About El Niño!

6/11/2014 - Keep an Eye on Rooftop Cargo With This Hood-Mounted Rear-View Mirror

6/11/2014 - ​​​​This 3D-Printed Dress Reveals More Skin As You Reveal More Data

6/11/2014 - You Should Log Out of TweetDeck Right Now (Update: All Clear)

6/11/2014 - Otherworldly Images From National Geographic Traveler's Photo Contest

6/11/2014 - What a space city would actually look like in real life

6/11/2014 - Angelina Jolie Was Almost A Sith In Maleficent

6/11/2014 - Sony SmartWatch v. Galaxy Gear 2: Which Smartwatch Screen Is Best?

6/11/2014 - Live-Action Paddington Bear Is Actually Kind Of Terrifying

6/11/2014 - These Japanese Ultra-Luxury Trains Are Penthouses on Rails

6/11/2014 - A Map Explaining What Happened To The Population Booms Of 10 Years Ago

6/11/2014 - This Heater Knows Where You Are and Only Warms the Space You're Using

6/11/2014 - ​Why There's No Goddamn Point In Ever Making An American Akira Movie

6/11/2014 - This is NASA's new concept spaceship for warp drive interstellar travel

6/11/2014 - A Pair of Beautiful Atmospheric Phenomena off the Coast of Mexico

6/11/2014 - How Cuts in the Pentagon Science Budget Will Hurt Basic Research

6/11/2014 - Big Cable Is Tricking Advocacy Groups Into Fighting Net Neutrality

6/11/2014 - Infinite loop marble machines

6/11/2014 - These Are The Most Depressing Jobs In America

6/11/2014 - Coney Island's Newest Roller Coaster Is Narrower Than Most Apartments

6/11/2014 - That Live-Action Star Wars TV Series Was Also About Young Han Solo

6/11/2014 - A 3D-Printed Squeezable Ping-Pong Ball That Won't Dent

6/11/2014 - 24 Digging Machines That Created a World Beneath Our Feet

6/11/2014 - How Long Could The Walking Dead Last? Plus Wild Rumors About Avengers 2

6/11/2014 - HP Invented a New Computer That Could Make Data Centers Obsolete

6/11/2014 - These hand carved ice cubes are the most expensive you can buy

6/11/2014 - It is scary how fast this drain cleaner can dissolve household objects

6/11/2014 - Ford Wants to Make Car Parts Out of Leftover Ketchup

6/11/2014 - Why is this naked guy clinging to an eighth floor air conditioner?

6/11/2014 - The Most Influential People Ever, According to Wikipedia

6/11/2014 - This is how a 3,000-car race would look like if the Earth were the Moon

6/11/2014 - The NYPD's Biggest Gang Raid Was Enabled By a Million Facebook Posts

6/11/2014 - Why Stepping On LEGO Hurts So Much

6/11/2014 - Forget about pets and cartoons and embrace this glorious rabbit burger

6/11/2014 - Should We Think of Hackers as the Internet's Immune System?

6/11/2014 - Will a New Report on China's American Film Fatigue Change Hollywood?

6/11/2014 - Amazon Is Now Playing Hardball With Warner Over the Lego Movie and More

6/11/2014 - Cat-Bird Graph Is the Only Optical Illusion We Need

6/11/2014 - Google Flight Search Can Now Plan a Magical Mystery Tour For You

6/11/2014 - These are the best infinite loop GIFs on the Internet

6/11/2014 - How Jurassic Park changed the way movies are made forever

6/11/2014 - Aurora Borealis Stuns Over Minnesota

6/11/2014 - Hubble captures incredible star explosion in four-year time-lapse video

6/11/2014 - NASA's Orion crew module looks like a liquid metal alien spaceship

6/11/2014 - Two lowriders fight each other in the most ridiculous bouncing battle

6/11/2014 - Score to a Drone Battle

6/11/2014 - And Now: A Talking Bear Wants Californians to Conserve Energy

6/10/2014 - Wire magically untangles itself in water

6/10/2014 - Visit Spain, See Wolves

6/10/2014 - Motorcycle jumps over plane that's flying sideways close to the ground

6/10/2014 - In Defense Of Typos

6/10/2014 - Yes, Humans Are Animals -- So Just Get Over Yourselves, Homo sapiens

6/10/2014 - Gargantuan Ghostbusters Infographic Fills Your Head With Old Ghosts

6/10/2014 - "There's a Bomb on a Bus": Speed and L.A.'s Car Chase Addiction

6/10/2014 - Holy Crap, NASA's Interstellar Spaceship Concept Is Amazing!

6/10/2014 - The Worldbuilding in Lockstep Is So Good It Will Make You Giddy

6/10/2014 - NASA's real life Enterprise may take us to other star systems one day

6/10/2014 - This Adventure Time Table Is Approximately An Episode's Worth Of Fun

6/10/2014 - I Had Absolutely No Idea This Classic Song Was Actually a Cover

6/10/2014 - Project Morpheus Hands-On: The Virtual Future Is Very, Very Bright

6/10/2014 - One Last Look at Brooklyn's Disappearing Domino Sugar Refinery

6/10/2014 - Here's NASA's New Design for a Warp Drive Ship

6/10/2014 - This Photo Spoiled The Rocketman Magic Back in 1951

6/10/2014 - You Can Explore These Remote Astronomical Observatories on Street View

6/10/2014 - Why Do We Use The Letter X To Represent The Unknown?

6/10/2014 - Vincent D'Onofrio Is The Kingpin In The Daredevil TV Series

6/10/2014 - A Bizarre WWII-Era Supermaterial Made of Ice Is Making a Comeback

6/10/2014 - Weird Soviet Civil Defense Graphics from the Cold War May Disturb You

6/10/2014 - Star Wars and Skateboarding Were Meant To Be Together

6/10/2014 - I Watched Sony's E3 Experience From a Movie Theater in Alabama

6/10/2014 - Historian Casts Doubt On The Discovery Of Columbus' Flagship

6/10/2014 - What Book Terrified You To The Bone?

6/10/2014 - Recharging This Backup Battery Takes As Little As 15 Minutes

6/10/2014 - Apple Maps Will Soon Remember Where You Parked Your Car

6/10/2014 - This Is the Greatest Bride of Frankenstein Poster Ever

6/10/2014 - Before the Hollywood Sign Found Fame, Others Signs Dotted LA's Hillsides

6/10/2014 - Report: Amazon Is Launching a Service To Help You Find a Babysitter

6/10/2014 - Metropolis Is Cool With All That Super-Murder In Batman V. Superman

6/10/2014 - New Lion King Spin-Off Show Reeks Of Nostalgia-Exploitation

6/10/2014 - This Wireless Keyboard Contraption Brings Your Desktop to Your Lap

6/10/2014 - This Weird Household Machine Was the Future of Voting in 1945

6/10/2014 - How To Train Your Dragon 2 Director Says This Kids' Movie Has Grown Up

6/10/2014 - Here's ​​Why The U.S. Is Worried About A Major Conflict at Sea

6/10/2014 - Stop It With Your Anti-Fast Food Moralizing

6/10/2014 - An Artificial Landmark in the Arctic

6/10/2014 - Honest trailer uncovers the real meaning of The Lion King's songs

6/10/2014 - 20 Beautiful Yosemite App and Icon Concept Designs

6/10/2014 - This is the Winning Entry for a Contest to Explain Colour

6/10/2014 - Here's What How To Train Your Dragon 2 Needs To Be A Hit

6/10/2014 - Bryan Singer May Not Direct X-Men: Apocalypse After All

6/10/2014 - Comcast Wants To Turn Home Routers Into Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

6/10/2014 - sound.tumblr.com

6/10/2014 - NASA releases spectacular X-ray image of an entire spiral galaxy

6/10/2014 - Making Music from "Making Waves Make Waves"

6/10/2014 - Little Known Fact: Staring at Blue Lights Can Burn Out Your Eyes

6/10/2014 - Google Just Bought a Swarm of Satellites To Make Maps Way Better

6/10/2014 - How Historians Are Using Nuclear Fallout to Find Fake Art

6/10/2014 - Higgs Boson Mug Serves Up Two Scoops of Science With Your Coffee

6/10/2014 - Peter Capaldi Wrote The Doctor A Report Card—And It Isn't All Top Marks

6/10/2014 - Proxemics Is the Science of Why You Shouldn't Stand So Close to Me

6/10/2014 - These Giant Solar Flares Erupted From The Sun This Morning

6/10/2014 - Every frame in this stop-motion music video is embroidered

6/10/2014 - The Coolest Paintings From Google's Project to Immortalize Street Art

6/10/2014 - ​10 Stand-Alone Star Wars Movies We Actually Want

6/10/2014 - Deals: Days of Future Past, Cosmos, E3's New Games and Hardware

6/10/2014 - Melting Arctic Ice Is Drastically Changing National Geographic's Atlas

6/10/2014 - Extremely rare photo of two armed F-16s escorting a Boeing Dreamliner

6/10/2014 - Deals: Nest Thermostat Up To $67 Off, Treadmill Desk, LED Flood Lights

6/10/2014 - Your Heart Won't Skip a Beat When You Spill On Fake Keyboard Coasters

6/10/2014 - The First Genital In An Animal Evolved From An Extra Pair Of Legs

6/10/2014 - That Time When People Thought Playing Chess Would Make You Violent

6/10/2014 - How a Better Food Tray Is Saving Virgin Atlantic Millions

6/10/2014 - The NSA Won't Hand Over Data Because It Literally Can't Keep Track of It

6/10/2014 - Man Transforms Gigantic Airplane Into His Home

6/10/2014 - What Happens When Your Sense of Smell Gets Twisted?

6/10/2014 - This British Banshee Is Built to Be Blown Up

6/10/2014 - Game Of Thrones' Gag-Inducing Prosthetics Are Amazing

6/10/2014 - Is There Any Reason to Jailbreak After iOS 8?

6/10/2014 - The Most Extreme Environments Where Alien Life Could Be Found

6/10/2014 - These Night Launch Photos of the Soyuz Are Straight Out of a Movie

6/10/2014 - The FAA Just Approved the United States' First Commercial Drone

6/10/2014 - Andrew Stanton Teases The John Carter Sequel We'll Never See

6/10/2014 - How To Check Facebook Without Going on Facebook

6/10/2014 - The World's Smallest Electric Vehicle Is More Compact Than a Carry-On

6/10/2014 - Giant metal cylinder of unknown origin appears in Siberia

6/10/2014 - ​Developing Nations Deal with Climate Change More Successfully

6/10/2014 - There's a Whole New Type of Stone And It's Made From Our Plastic

6/10/2014 - What Are You Working On?

6/10/2014 - Mac OS X Yosemite Under the Magnifying Glass

6/10/2014 - NASA Spots Wreckage Of Cold-War Era B-29 On Greenland Icesheet

6/10/2014 - This Incredible Pen Lets You Write In Any Color You See

6/10/2014 - You Won't Know What's Real Or What's Fake In This Baffling Printer Ad

6/10/2014 - Details on the Pacific Rim 2 Script, Plus Another Jurassic World Rumor!

6/10/2014 - 7 Buildings That Look Exactly Like What Happens Inside

6/10/2014 - Apple Patent Hints at a Weightlifting Tracker for the iWatch

6/10/2014 - Should A Virile Bear Be Castrated To Give Other Bears A Chance?

6/10/2014 - Report: There's a New Chinese Hacker Army Attacking the U.S.

6/10/2014 - The Honeywell Lyric: This Is the Thermostat the Jetsons Would Own

6/10/2014 - The last look inside Domino's iconic sugar refinery before demolition

6/10/2014 - The Devastating Effects of a Supervolcano Eruption

6/10/2014 - Watching the world's last ocean swimming elephant is a real delight

6/10/2014 - You Can Vote for Man of the Match via Twitter at the World Cup

6/10/2014 - Travel videos get funnier when you add surreal chase scenes like this

6/10/2014 - Unlock the Past: How a 19th Century Lock Pick Changed Security Forever

6/10/2014 - Life's Tough For Main Characters Whose Works Are Named After Others

6/10/2014 - You Can Feel This Touchscreen That's Made of Thin Air

6/10/2014 - Amtrak Plans to Finally Make Its Onboard Wi-Fi Tolerable

6/10/2014 - How Well Do You Know Your Fictional Maps?

6/10/2014 - A Wearable SIM Could Let You Use One Number With Any Device

6/10/2014 - Apple Is Banning Apps That Reward Social Sharing and App Promotion

6/10/2014 - Look at the Weird and Wonderful Worlds That Exist Beyond Neptune

6/10/2014 - In the Future, We Will All Wear Fiber Optic Dresses

6/10/2014 - Sigourney Weaver's In the Avatar Sequels Despite Dying In the First

6/10/2014 - All the many horrible ways that animals can kill you with venom

6/10/2014 - The Worst Thing About Mondays Is That Beauty and the Beast Is Still On

6/9/2014 - The top 10 practical special effects of all time

6/9/2014 - This burger has 17 different types of beef in it

6/9/2014 - Playstation TV Is a Tiny, Streaming Companion for Your PS4

6/9/2014 - People play soccer barefoot with a ball that's on fire

6/9/2014 - Increase Mather Gives Salem The Shot In The Arm It Needed

6/9/2014 - Holy crap, the new Star Wars Battlefront game looks incredible

6/9/2014 - The Entirety Of Game Of Thrones Summed Up In One Perfect Illustration

6/9/2014 - This colorful image disappears completely if you keep staring at it

6/9/2014 - Mike Mills Asks Kids of Silicon Valley Workers About the Future of Tech

6/9/2014 - Fierce Warrior Elf Erotica Makes Nudity Into Something Badass [NSFW]

6/9/2014 - This Map Shows How Often U.S. Couples Are Having Sex To Get Pregnant

6/9/2014 - Flying this Nazi glider from 1938 seems incredibly fun

6/9/2014 - If We're Lucky, There's Going to Be a Clone High Movie

6/9/2014 - How Robert Heinlein Went from Socialist to Right-Wing Libertarian

6/9/2014 - How Should Fictional Universes Deal With Real Wars?

6/9/2014 - ​How Wildfires Are Fought And What You Can Do If One Threatens You

6/9/2014 - Watch the Seattle Symphony Perform "Baby Got Back" with Sir Mix-a-Lot

6/9/2014 - The Memory Garden By Mary Rickert Is A Breathtaking Masterpiece

6/9/2014 - Robert Charles Wilson's Spin Could Be Your Next Favorite TV Series

6/9/2014 - Watch An Out-Of-Control Elevator Climb 31 Floors In 15 Seconds

6/9/2014 - The interior of the V-22 Osprey could have been used in Aliens

6/9/2014 - Illinois Bans the Microbeads in Soap That Are Ruining the Great Lakes

6/9/2014 - Did Somebody Just Explain Magic in a Way That Actually Made Sense?

6/9/2014 - Even Robots Get Really Greedy, Sometimes

6/9/2014 - Guy jumps from speeding truck into 328-foot-deep gorge

6/9/2014 - What If Disney Made An Animated Doctor Who Movie With All 13 Doctors?

6/9/2014 - Why Tall Buildings Make Cities Hotter

6/9/2014 - At East Texas University, Demon Hunting is On the Curriculum

6/9/2014 - Swap Your Boring Moleskine For This Tetromino-Edged Tetris Notebook

6/9/2014 - Have A Kindle of Kittens, and 10 Other Hilarious Names for Animal Groups

6/9/2014 - A Terrifying PSA Scares Moviegoers Into Never Texting and Driving Again

6/9/2014 - This Glistening Steel Armadillo Now Occupies Downtown Paris

6/9/2014 - Did Male Faces Evolve To Take A Punch?

6/9/2014 - This Anime Short Looks Like Something Straight Out Of Studio Ghibli

6/9/2014 - 14-Year-Old Kids "Hack" Into ATM Using Default Security Code

6/9/2014 - Meet The Sentinels Who Almost Appeared In X-Men 2

6/9/2014 - Slingshot, Facebook's Snapchat-Like Competitor, Is Finally Here (Update: Patience!)

6/9/2014 - Developer: There's Code in iOS 8 for Split-Screen Multitasking

6/9/2014 - The Scientist Who Inspired the Count of Monte Cristo

6/9/2014 - Small Town Police Are Getting Leftover War Vehicles and Machine Guns

6/9/2014 - Out-of-control elevator crashes into building roof in terrible accident

6/9/2014 - Dear Diary: Penny Dreadful Pens TV's Most Victorian Letter

6/9/2014 - Sony's A7s Could Be the New Champion of Low Light Cinematography

6/9/2014 - A 3D Printing Pen That Uses UV Light Instead of Dangerous Heat

6/9/2014 - The Chinese Tea Study that the Tea Party Wants to Suppress

6/9/2014 - Animated short shows epic match between soccer stars and cyborgs

6/9/2014 - Nike's World Cup Short Has All The Charm Of A Mini Pixar Movie

6/9/2014 - The Tallest Elevators On Earth Are Being Tested In an Old Mineshaft

6/9/2014 - Here's a Chart to Help You Identify That Strange Light in the Sky

6/9/2014 - Rising Pacific Sea Levels Unearth Remains Of WW2 Soliders

6/9/2014 - No, A Paris Bridge Did Not Collapse Under the Weight of Its Love Locks

6/9/2014 - I Don't Think The Leprechaun Reboot Has Any Idea What A Leprechaun Is

6/9/2014 - Why The Turing Test Is Bullshit

6/9/2014 - This Glass-Bottomed Hotel Room Lets You Sleep With the Fishes

6/9/2014 - The io9 Book Club Is in Session! Let's Talk About Leviathan Wakes!

6/9/2014 - The Time Luke Skywalker Met The Joker, Narrated By Mark Hamill

6/9/2014 - This is why car chases are bound to become obsolete

6/9/2014 - Moscow's Replica of Times Square Looks Startlingly Realistic

6/9/2014 - A Lunar Discovery Reveals The Secret To Building Deflector Shields

6/9/2014 - Deals: Friday Night Lights, $5 Alien Movies, Playstation 4

6/9/2014 - Giraffe-Handler, HVAC Repairman, Astronaut

6/9/2014 - The 10 Cutest Animal Flash Mobs in the World

6/9/2014 - The masterful 360-degree long shot in yesterday's Game of Thrones

6/9/2014 - Cosmos: Even While Darkness Surrounds Us, The Light Is Winning

6/9/2014 - Watch San Francisco's Rapid Gentrification Unfold on Google Street View

6/9/2014 - Deals: Dropcam Dropped Price, Every Kind of SanDisk Storage, WeMo

6/9/2014 - Elon Musk Wants To Make A Flying Car

6/9/2014 - The Leftovers Shows The Sadness Of Day-To-Day Life After The Rapture

6/9/2014 - "One Can Make Up an Evolutionary Explanation for Anything"

6/9/2014 - How To Create An Invisible Rabbit On Someone's Arm

6/9/2014 - How To Brand A Cow Like A Cowboy

6/9/2014 - Scientists Are Making Condoms Out of the Same Material As Your Contacts

6/9/2014 - This Week's TV: The Japanese Adventure Time Episode You Must Watch!

6/9/2014 - The Secret Service Wants A Tool To Detect Sarcasm On Twitter

6/9/2014 - This Depression-Era Hollywood Robot Was Built to Write Screenplays

6/9/2014 - NASA's Prototype ISS Habitat Is an Inflatable Grow House

6/9/2014 - Why Poison Ivy Gets Into Your Blood

6/9/2014 - Don't Watch The Hemlock Grove Season Two Trailer If You're Eating

6/9/2014 - Aging Veterans Are Using Oculus Rift To Fly War Planes Again

6/9/2014 - This Clever Site Tells You If Your Favorite Bar Patio Is Sunny or Shady

6/9/2014 - How artisans in Hong Kong make their beautiful neon signs

6/9/2014 - All The Best Larger-Than-Life Moments In Last Night's Game Of Thrones

6/9/2014 - The Apes Fight A Bear In This New Dawn Of The Planet Of Apes Trailer

6/9/2014 - An Origami Razor Uses the Power of Paper Cuts To Shave

6/9/2014 - What Europe Will Look Like In 2035 If Russian Tabloids Have Their Way

6/9/2014 - A Hidden Feature in iOS 8 Will Stop Marketers From Spying On You

6/9/2014 - How Big a Deal Is Passing the Turing Test?

6/9/2014 - A Size Chart Of The Cold Worlds That Orbit Our Sun Beyond Neptune

6/9/2014 - The World's Tallest Roller Coaster Will Tower 55 Stories Above the Earth

6/9/2014 - New Constantine Trailer Reveals A Surprising DC Superhero Cameo

6/9/2014 - The SteelSeries Sentry Watches Your Eyes to Help You Be Better at Games

6/9/2014 - What's Batman v. Superman's New LexCorp Like? And More Star Wars Rumors

6/9/2014 - The 15 Dirtiest Power Plants In the US

6/9/2014 - Why powdered alcohol is a very bad idea

6/9/2014 - Stock Up on Speedy SanDisk Storage, On Sale Today Only

6/9/2014 - One of the Best Compact iOS Controllers Just Got Supersized

6/9/2014 - Tap and Slide For Easy Keyboard Switching In iOS

6/9/2014 - All you didn't want to know about the ridiculous recycled suitcase bike

6/9/2014 - Scientists: 100 million worlds may have complex alien life in our galaxy

6/8/2014 - Video Game Hedgehog is Faster than Real-Life Hedgehog

6/8/2014 - Bobby Womack and Shirley Brown: Ain't Nothin' Like The Lovin' We Got

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