3/31/2014 - A Fascinating Timepiece, Engineered to Look Like Deep Space Nine

3/31/2014 - The Greatest Flying Motorcycle Scene You Will Ever Be Proud To Witness

3/31/2014 - Planet Cakes!

3/31/2014 - Extraordinary picture: Three dragon storms sweeping the US

3/31/2014 - New Pink Panther Film Will Put That Cartoon Panther In The Real World

3/31/2014 - Neat statistical graphics help you choose your next TV series binge

3/31/2014 - Uh, Why Is This Satellite Image Of The U.S. Glowing Red?

3/31/2014 - Just Another Stunning Photograph of Auroras From Space

3/31/2014 - Holy crap, Krispy Kreme is making pie donuts

3/31/2014 - The Intensity of a Noon Rainstorm in San Francisco

3/31/2014 - When a Garbage Pail Looks Like the Samhain Logo

3/31/2014 - We Can't Stop Staring At The Tongue Of The Ocean

3/31/2014 - A Flaming Lips Album Syncs With Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz

3/31/2014 - Believe Needs To Quit It With The Happy Endings

3/31/2014 - How Baseball's First Major League Night Game Got Its Lights

3/31/2014 - The quickest way to peel an apple

3/31/2014 - Black Moon's Insomnia Epidemic Is The Most Unsettling Apocalypse Of All

3/31/2014 - Shakespeare Came Up With A Theoretical Physics Term 350 Years Early

3/31/2014 - Can Galactic Empires Exist Without Faster-Than-Light Travel?

3/31/2014 - The Pirate Bay's Oldest Torrent Is Turning 10 And It's... A Recipe Book

3/31/2014 - How Mexico's Drug Cartels Are Driving Up the Price of Limes

3/31/2014 - A Dystopian Romance Where Single People Become Animals

3/31/2014 - A Man Got into a Firefight with a Robot in Pennsylvania

3/31/2014 - The Human Heart May Not Be Able to Handle the Trip to Mars

3/31/2014 - Enjoy These Clever Miniature Sculptures Made From Old Clock Parts

3/31/2014 - An LED Lamp That Floats Like a Sheet of Translucent Paper

3/31/2014 - OKCupid Website Blocks Firefox Because of Mozilla CEO's Anti-Gay Beliefs

3/31/2014 - This Is Why You Feel Pain

3/31/2014 - Incredible video of a Syrian airplane shooting straight at a cameraman

3/31/2014 - Captain America's Catch-Up List Is Different In Different Countries

3/31/2014 - Why Use the Fine China When You Have These Awesome Planetary Plates?

3/31/2014 - Protests Heat Up Against the Guggenheim's New Museum in Abu Dhabi

3/31/2014 - The Math Genius Who Invented His Own Language

3/31/2014 - What's The Best Season (Not Series) Finale Of All Time?

3/31/2014 - The More Resurrection Focuses On Emotion Instead Of Plot, The Better

3/31/2014 - A Collection Of Nine Flipbooks Celebrating Disney's Greatest Animators

3/31/2014 - Stop Everything and Look at the Greatest Science Cake Ever

3/31/2014 - Victorinox Tested This Durable Watch By Driving a 64-Ton Tank Over It

3/31/2014 - Take A Better Look At The DC Villain Who Made A Surprise Arrow Cameo

3/31/2014 - The US Grows the Most Productive Plants in the World, Says NASA

3/31/2014 - 13 Unexpected Sources of Energy that Could Save the World

3/31/2014 - Scientists Make Bricks With Sludge Filtered From Arsenic-Laced Water

3/31/2014 - Would You Drink A Beer Made From Kudzu?

3/31/2014 - This Elephant Playing With A Ball Will Just Melt Your Heart

3/31/2014 - The NSA's Been Spying on Every Single Call, Text, and Email in Iraq

3/31/2014 - Who Designed the Hamburger Icon?

3/31/2014 - Why Is Monster Erotica So Popular Anyway?

3/31/2014 - Did Microbes Cause The Earth's Most Devastating Mass Extinction?

3/31/2014 - Tongue of the Ocean

3/31/2014 - Magnetic Building Blocks That Interact With Touchscreen Tablet Apps

3/31/2014 - Gravity, Land Before Time Tridecology, Veronica Mars [Deals]

3/31/2014 - The Team That Made Frozen Is Sticking Together For Another Movie

3/31/2014 - The entire Game of Thrones told in 9 minutes

3/31/2014 - You Can Finally Use Moto Maker For Your Republic Wireless Moto X

3/31/2014 - The Most Stunning and Hilarious Cosplay From Emerald City Comic-Con

3/31/2014 - Can a State-Controlled Media Be More Truthful Than An Independent One?

3/31/2014 - Tesla's Model S Lock Can Be Opened With a Basic Hack

3/31/2014 - Daredevil crosses 170-foot-high aqueduct on unicycle, falls midway

3/31/2014 - Aerospikes: the Inside-Out Rocket Engines

3/31/2014 - Hearts Weaken, Shrink And Become Spherical In Space

3/31/2014 - Watch This Short Animated Horror Film, Written By Dave Eggers

3/31/2014 - Breaking out of the Snowball Earth

3/31/2014 - Switching Fonts May Not Save the Government Millions After All

3/31/2014 - $20 Bluetooth Speakers, 4K Samsung Monitor, Tablet Cases [Deals]

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3/31/2014 - Japan Ordered To Stop Killing Antarctic Whales For "Science"

3/31/2014 - Under Armour's Clutchfit Shoes Conform to the Shape of Your Movement

3/31/2014 - Real Apollo 11 Training Photos Look Like Prep For a Fake Moon Landing

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3/31/2014 - Listen to John Frusciante's Latest Album Right Now via Satellite

3/31/2014 - Hearts Weaken, Shrink And Become Spherical In Space

3/31/2014 - In Cosmos, The Only Thing More Important Than Evidence Is Imagination

3/31/2014 - The Fossilized Machines Humans Will Leave Behind

3/31/2014 - This Week's TV: Continuum And Game Of Thrones Return!

3/31/2014 - Anthropomorphic Animals Make It Harder To Learn Science

3/31/2014 - Solar-Powered Umbrella Automatically Inflates When the Sun Shines

3/31/2014 - You Can Pre-Order Samsung's New $700 4K Monitor Right Now [Update]

3/31/2014 - This Super-Sized Cargo Plane Carries NASA's Biggest Loads

3/31/2014 - This Calculator Tells You How Much Money Your Time Is Really Worth

3/31/2014 - Dive-Bombing Hawks Force Florida Library-Goers to Cower Under Umbrellas

3/31/2014 - How Daft Punk's bad english made Get Lucky a hit

3/31/2014 - ​The Walking Dead Finale Was Brutal, Shocking And Heartbreaking

3/31/2014 - Why Is My Laptop On?

3/31/2014 - South Carolina and the Mammoth

3/31/2014 - Philips Says "Screw It," Turns Entire Ceilings Into Giant Lights

3/31/2014 - Who First Got You interested In Science?

3/31/2014 - The Best Smartphone Display (It's Not Who You Think)

3/31/2014 - Supercut of Heroes Getting Geared Up Will Make You Want to Kick Ass

3/31/2014 - You Can Finally Fulfill Your Fantasy of Sleeping Inside a 747 Engine

3/31/2014 - Why Don't We Live On A White Earth?

3/31/2014 - The Apes Are Terrifying In This Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes TV Spot

3/31/2014 - Heartwarming Harness Lets Wheelchair-Bound Kids Walk Alongside an Adult

3/31/2014 - These Crumbling Industrial Silos Hide Beautiful New Spaces

3/31/2014 - Watch Three Bald Eagle Chicks Grow on Catalina Island's EagleCam

3/31/2014 - Major Star Wars 7 Casting Hints. And Could Green Lantern Get Rebooted?

3/31/2014 - How Dropbox Knows When You're Sharing Copyrighted Files

3/31/2014 - This Is What It Looks Like When Liquid Simultaneously Freezes and Boils

3/31/2014 - Computers Are Only Great Because of the People Behind Them

3/31/2014 - A Stunning Picture of the Very Large Telescope (Oh, and the Milky Way)

3/31/2014 - New UN Climate Report: Change Is 'Severe, Pervasive, and Irreversible'

3/31/2014 - The New HTC One Has a High Performance Mode Just For Benchmarks

3/31/2014 - Should Everyone Be Able to Code?

3/31/2014 - The Science of the Slapshot: Stanley Cup Slo-Mo Physics

3/31/2014 - A Simple Flowchart to Work Out If You Should Take a Selfie

3/31/2014 - Olympus SH-1: High End Image Stabilization in a Point and Shoot

3/31/2014 - Climate Change: still happening, still a problem

3/30/2014 - Famine and Water Riots Are Coming, Warns New Intergovernmental Report

3/30/2014 - A Fleet Of Castles At Sea

3/30/2014 - Discuss Tonight's Walking Dead Season Finale!

3/30/2014 - Aliens' Power Loader Was Way More Massive in Syd Mead's Concept Art

3/30/2014 - Original Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Cast Reunites For One Show

3/30/2014 - Jim Gaffigan's Mr Universe: Dad Humor That's Actually Funny

3/30/2014 - Researchers Make Infrared-Invisible Tank That Looks Like It's From Tron

3/30/2014 - Steve Wozniak Surprises Girl with Mac Delivery, Happy Girl Freaks Out

3/30/2014 - India's Most Intriguing New Film Is Like Sliding Doors With Gangsters

3/30/2014 - Will A Boomerang Return To Its Thrower In Zero Gravity?

3/30/2014 - Researchers make an infrared-invisible tank that looks from Tron

3/30/2014 - Here's What a 9.2 Earthquake Can Do to a City

3/30/2014 - Beyonce: Grown Woman

3/30/2014 - Original Star Trek II: Wrath Of Khan VFX Storyboards Are A Visual Feast

3/30/2014 - A Television Show About The World's First Cafe For Wild Birds

3/30/2014 - Boomerangs in Space

3/30/2014 - What Would The Muppets Look Like As Humans?

3/30/2014 - Science of the Fiery Dust Devil Spawned by a Controlled Burn

3/30/2014 - Apple's Worldwide Retail Takeover In One GIF

3/30/2014 - Isaac Hempstead-Wright's Hope For Bran Stark: "I Hope He Goes Evil"

3/30/2014 - Who Do You Hate-Follow On Instagram?

3/30/2014 - A Realistic Video of What You'd See Flying Through Deep Space

3/30/2014 - Now You Can Experience The Original ElfQuest In All Its Shiny Wonder

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3/30/2014 - Don't Buy Plane Tickets on the Weekend If You Want a Good Deal

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3/30/2014 - Is This The Self-Portrait Of The Future?

3/30/2014 - This Week in Space

3/30/2014 - Why California's Drought Is Good News for Gold Prospectors

3/30/2014 - Scientists create sensor for night vision contact lenses

3/30/2014 - Watch Magnetic Tape Fall Like Water In This Hypnotic Video

3/30/2014 - Infographic Reveals How Tourism Has Changed Over 150 Years

3/30/2014 - Maritime Maps by the Harbour

3/30/2014 - A Globe Can Help You Understand How Space Can Be Curved

3/30/2014 - How 3D Printing Will Create On-Demand Swarms of Disposable Drones

3/30/2014 - Facebook Ditched a Fancy Redesign Because Your Computer Sucks

3/30/2014 - Vintage Science Illustrations Get Animated In This Trippy Music Video

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3/30/2014 - What It's Like to Taste Frozen Food for a Living

3/30/2014 - That Time the Whac-A-Mole Inventor Accidentally Blew Up His Warehouse

3/30/2014 - I can't believe how fast this amazing two-legged dog runs

3/30/2014 - Sydney looks like the perfect city in this beautiful miniature video

3/29/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Pin It

3/29/2014 - Check Out These Tits (The Birds, That Is)

3/29/2014 - The Inside Story of the Crazy Rocket Research at Jet Propulsion Labs

3/29/2014 - Amazing Cyberpunk Beer Commercial By The Makers Of Ghost In The Shell

3/29/2014 - Hearing Trick Convinces People Their Arms Are Made of Stone

3/29/2014 - Earth Hour: a perfect time to stargaze!

3/29/2014 - Amazing Martin Luther King, Jr. Portrait Made From 4,200 Rubik's Cubes

3/29/2014 - These Bioluminescent Deep-Sea Mermaids Are Utterly Terrifying

3/29/2014 - Darth Vader Will Run For President of Ukraine

3/29/2014 - What Happens When A Robot Outlives The Humans It Was Built To Love?

3/29/2014 - The Obvious Question Is Where Helix Will Go After This Finale

3/29/2014 - Make A Pineapple Daquiri To Extract DNA From Strawberries

3/29/2014 - What's Your Favorite Movie or TV Plot That Would Be Obsolete Today?

3/29/2014 - Shake, Rattle, and Roll in Los Angeles

3/29/2014 - These Graphs Show Precisely When Your Favorite TV Show Went Downhill

3/29/2014 - How's your Emergency Response plan looking?

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3/29/2014 - How to Make Your Very Own Supercut

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3/29/2014 - Morning Music for Spacecraft

3/29/2014 - One World Trade Security Official Resigns After Daredevil Break-Ins

3/29/2014 - Manga Creator Osamu Tezuka's Newly Discovered Sexy Mouse Art

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3/29/2014 - The Cabal Attacks On Avengers Assemble And A Nod to Heinlein On Hulk

3/29/2014 - Devastated Family Loses Everything They'd Saved on Their DVR

3/29/2014 - Behold the Majesty of a Supernova's Triple Halo Explosion

3/29/2014 - That Time When Blake From Blake's 7 Was Enslaved By An Evil Matriarchy

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3/28/2014 - The Cast Of Twin Peaks Drawn In The Style Of The Simpsons

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3/28/2014 - Most Beautiful Items: March 21 - 28, 2014

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3/28/2014 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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3/28/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

3/28/2014 - Microsoft Will Leave Email Snooping Up to the Authorities Now

3/28/2014 - The Lick Observatory's Newest Telescope Is an Exoplanet Hunting Robot

3/28/2014 - Just Flick This Clock's Simple Face Switch To Activate Its Alarm

3/28/2014 - Biologists Have Built An Artificial Chromosome From Scratch

3/28/2014 - This cool pad and pen lets you sketch in 3D using augmented reality

3/28/2014 - These Brand New Bitters Bring Biodiversity to Your Cocktail

3/28/2014 - What Surprise Cameo Made You Fall Out Of Your Chair?

3/28/2014 - Shot-for-Shot Cardboard Recreation of Jurassic Park's Epic T-Rex Chase

3/28/2014 - Taco Bell's "Breakfast Phone" Comes With Free Tacos, Angry Creditors

3/28/2014 - This Week in Time Capsules: Florida Sends a Taser to 2064

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3/28/2014 - io9 March Madness Championship Game: Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings!

3/28/2014 - Take a Look at the First Successfully Transplanted, 3D-Printed Skull

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3/28/2014 - The Single Worst Type of Selfie

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3/28/2014 - Creepy Robot Looks Like Your Friends, Knows What You're Thinking

3/28/2014 - New amazing experiment opens door to record dreams

3/28/2014 - The World's Smallest Sandcastles, Each Etched On A Single Grain Of Sand

3/28/2014 - Amazing Ancient Viking Sun Compass Even Worked After Sunset

3/28/2014 - How to Get People to Accept Unfairness

3/28/2014 - ​The Egyptian Gods' 8 Biggest Dick Moves

3/28/2014 - Concrete-Dissolving Bacteria Are Destroying Our Nation's Sewers

3/28/2014 - Bobak Ferdowsi is the Geek of the Week!

3/28/2014 - The Purge 2 trailer asks: Can you murder away your sadness?

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3/28/2014 - Eliza Dushku Stars In a Web Series About Developing A Cure For War

3/28/2014 - Why Asimov's Three Laws Of Robotics Can't Protect Us

3/28/2014 - Here Is Comet Siding Spring's Dual Jets And Glowing Coma

3/28/2014 - BlackBerry Death Rattle: We're Bringing Back the Bold

3/28/2014 - Comet Siding Spring Is Headed Towards Mars

3/28/2014 - Ring of Thieves Pulls Off Huge Luggage Heist At LAX

3/28/2014 - This fluff ball is a vicious beast that eats fish larger than itself

3/28/2014 - Roku Streaming Stick Review: A $50 Wonder and Your TV's New Best Pal

3/28/2014 - Oceanviewer

3/28/2014 - Sanitizer-Dispensing Door Handles Ensure Hospital Staff Stay Clean

3/28/2014 - 28 rare cutaway illustrations of classic cars

3/28/2014 - Scientists Can Reconstruct Faces by Reading Your Mind

3/28/2014 - Fin Whales Produce An Impressive Amount of Pee

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3/28/2014 - Life Before the Internet Was Just Plain Boring

3/28/2014 - The complete map to Earth's deepest cave—7,208 feet deep, 8 miles long

3/28/2014 - I really love this little animation

3/28/2014 - The incredible moment in which a deaf woman hears for the first time

3/28/2014 - I can't have enough of these incredible fly-by Hubble videos

3/28/2014 - Three Awesome New Hues That Will Light Up Your Living Room

3/28/2014 - This Brilliant Coming-of-Age Space Opera Will Leave You Breathless

3/27/2014 - I don't know why I like this short so much

3/27/2014 - We Saw Godzilla Footage That Reveals Why Bryan Cranston Is So Pissed

3/27/2014 - UFO in Chile Said to be the Size of Two Soccer Stadiums

3/27/2014 - Make Music from Haiku at the End of the World

3/27/2014 - These useful everyday objects turned annoying are pretty hilarious

3/27/2014 - The Into The Storm Trailer Has FIRE TORNADOES

3/27/2014 - A Time-lapse of Every Winter Storm That Hit This Year

3/27/2014 - Science gets closer to artificial life with first synthetic chromosome

3/27/2014 - This Floating Generator Could One Day Power Your City

3/27/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The King Has Been Found

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3/27/2014 - Why Are We So Fascinated By Zombies?

3/27/2014 - Crows Understand a Fundamental Part of Logical Reasoning

3/27/2014 - Mysterious unidentified flying object photographed over Texas

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3/27/2014 - The Failed Publisher That Gave Us I, Robot And Arthur C. Clarke

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3/27/2014 - You must watch this amazing guy playing Star Wars on a pipe organ

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3/27/2014 - Report: Amazon's Planning a Free Streaming Service For Original Shows

3/27/2014 - The Fantastic Alien Worlds of Concept Artist Christian Lorenz Scheurer

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3/27/2014 - The fantastic worlds and alien cities of Christian Lorenz Scheurer

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3/27/2014 - Icebridge & the Polar Bear

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3/27/2014 - The Latest Mining Boom? Plants That Eat Metal And Scrub The Soil Clean

3/27/2014 - Are You An Endurance Athlete? Prepare To Have Your Day Ruined.

3/27/2014 - Western Digital Crams Two-Disk RAID Into Portable Thunderbolt Drive

3/27/2014 - A Closer Look At The Evil Virus That Kills Humanity In The Last Ship

3/27/2014 - All the winter storms of 2014 in one NASA time-lapse video

3/27/2014 - Happy Lévy Day!​

3/27/2014 - The Largest Earthquake In U.S. History Happened 50 Years Ago Today

3/27/2014 - Rosetta Just Took Its First Glimpse of Its Destination Comet

3/27/2014 - A Whale Has Crushed The Record For Length And Depth Of An Ocean Dive

3/27/2014 - Reaper Drones Might Add Dual-Mode Brimstone Missiles to Their Arsenal

3/27/2014 - The most amazing Hubble videos yet

3/27/2014 - Scientists Have Created Bio-Rocket Fuel

3/27/2014 - Here's The First Trailer For Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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3/27/2014 - These Cartoon Drawings Are Actual Pencil Cases

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3/27/2014 - The Newest Winds Of Winter Chapter Is Here And It's Messed Up

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3/27/2014 - Watching a 150 Mouse Trap Chain Reaction In Super Slo-Mo Is Magical

3/27/2014 - This Smart Attachment Makes Judge Dredd's Lawgiver Gun a Reality

3/27/2014 - Watching 24 Hours of Someone's Heartbeat Is Weirdly Mesmerizing

3/27/2014 - Samsung Factory Carbon Dioxide Leak Kills Worker

3/27/2014 - This Map Shows All the Antineutrinos Spewed Out By Nuclear Plants

3/27/2014 - Science Videos Have Improved So Much Since the 90s

3/27/2014 - Chamber Ensemble Stasis

3/27/2014 - Videoclip without music makes Michael Jackson look like a sex offender

3/27/2014 - ODeck Error

3/27/2014 - There's Something Fishy About This Guy's Hands

3/26/2014 - Neat trick instantly turns happy songs into sad songs and vice versa

3/26/2014 - Awesome dad turns son into superhero using amazing special effects

3/26/2014 - This time lapse of fireflies is art in motion

3/26/2014 - Can You Name All 43 Cartoons In This Amazing Theme Song Mash-Up?

3/26/2014 - An ode to Dark Skies

3/26/2014 - Holy wow, the full length trailer for Jupiter Ascending is incredible

3/26/2014 - How much money would it cost to be Captain America?

3/26/2014 - Twitter's Losing Sight of What Makes It So Great

3/26/2014 - Jupiter Ascending Trailer Brings Back The Love Of Sexy Space Fantasy

3/26/2014 - Chris Nolan Built Giant, Practical Spaceship Interiors For Interstellar

3/26/2014 - What Makes You Watch, And Then Re-watch, A Television Show?

3/26/2014 - A Somber Webcomic Story About A New Mother Who Happens To Be A Vampire

3/26/2014 - Instagram Photos Give A Rare Look At Life Inside North Korea

3/26/2014 - Is This Weird Little Blob The Future Of Bottled Water?

3/26/2014 - Video: How NASA will assemble and launch its new manned space fleet

3/26/2014 - Supernatural Shows Why Good People Stay Silent In The Face Of Evil

3/26/2014 - Aromatic Forks Let You Mix Random Smells With Your Food

3/26/2014 - Father-Daughter Prospecting Team Encounters A Bandit On An Alien World

3/26/2014 - 6,000 Used CDs Never Looked So Pretty

3/26/2014 - How We Won the War on Dungeons & Dragons

3/26/2014 - Russia Now Commands A Dolphin Army

3/26/2014 - Tim Powers' The Anubis Gates Is Becoming A Stage Play!

3/26/2014 - Man in kayak hooks 11-foot hammerhead shark, gets towed for 12 miles

3/26/2014 - How Engineers Are Moving An Entire Town Two Miles Away

3/26/2014 - The Futuristic Liquid Nitrogen Machine That Makes Ice Cream To Order

3/26/2014 - Twitter Now Lets You Tag People in Tweets Without Using Any Characters

3/26/2014 - Which Sequel Is Actually Better Than The Original?

3/26/2014 - Real Wood Covers Make Every One of These Field Notes Notebooks Unique

3/26/2014 - The $150 Acer Chromebook is Back in Stock on Amazon

3/26/2014 - Energy Drink Sales Are Insane, But They Won't Crush Coffee. Here's Why.

3/26/2014 - Patrick Stewart Beams Down To Join Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos

3/26/2014 - If You Have a Dog, You Can't Miss This Gadget Guide for the Spring

3/26/2014 - Why 18th Century Biologists Made Copulating Frogs Wear Tiny Pants

3/26/2014 - Escape the Devastation of Future Earth on a Luxurious Space Mayflower

3/26/2014 - A Treat-Dispensing Box Teaches Your Dog To Put Away Its Toys

3/26/2014 - Great Unsung Science Fiction Authors That Everybody Should Read

3/26/2014 - Meet our newest neighbour, VP113

3/26/2014 - This Super Clever Lift Assists Cyclists Up Steep City Hills

3/26/2014 - An ode to Dark Skies

3/26/2014 - Remember Inside UFO 54-40, the Unwinnable "Choose Your Own Adventure"?

3/26/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Straight Up

3/26/2014 - Astronomers found a minor planet with a ring system like Saturn's

3/26/2014 - Cate Blanchett Blew Our Minds As Cinderella's Evil Stepmother

3/26/2014 - Watch This Scary Amazing Talk About How Parasites Control the World

3/26/2014 - This GoPro Video of Strangers High Fiving Will Put You in a Good Mood

3/26/2014 - Madman catalogs every single real-world car used in The Simpsons

3/26/2014 - Newly discovered dwarf planet orbits the Sun once every 4,000 years

3/26/2014 - These Are the Loneliest Houses In Chicago

3/26/2014 - Thanks to Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Will Sell Just One Copy of Its Secret Album

3/26/2014 - Follow a Photographer As He Explores a Decaying Abandoned Prison

3/26/2014 - Amy Acker Joins Agents Of SHIELD And The Blue Thing's Been Identified

3/26/2014 - Dragon Tattoo, Terminator, LOTR, and X-Men Anthologies [Deals]

3/26/2014 - The Pickleback burger is the perfect thing to eat with whiskey

3/26/2014 - This Is What It's Like to See the World as a Fly or a Chameleon

3/26/2014 - The Tallest Wind Turbine Ever Will Float Above Alaska

3/26/2014 - This is what all the signs and symbols at the airport runway mean

3/26/2014 - What Sunsets Painted Centuries Ago Reveal About Global Air Pollution

3/26/2014 - 10 Of The World's Most Dangerous Toxic Ghost Towns

3/26/2014 - This Playground Is Designed To Challenge Kids As They Grow

3/26/2014 - BOGO HTC One M8s, Roku 3, iTunes Gift Cards, $150 Chromebook [Deals]

3/26/2014 - io9 March Madness Final Four: Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings!

3/26/2014 - Soyuz Thruster Malfunction Has ISS Crew Running Two Days Late

3/26/2014 - Doctors Are About to Start Human Trials for Suspended Animation

3/26/2014 - Air Pollution Killed 7 Million People in 2012

3/26/2014 - Hazard, Risk, and the Steelhead (Oso) Landslide in Washington

3/26/2014 - The Unlikely Fate of NYC's Last Floating Church

3/26/2014 - The best kitchen prank is putting a human head in a jar inside a fridge

3/26/2014 - A Solution To Stephen Hawking's Black Hole Paradox

3/26/2014 - There's No Crust Too Thick For a Pizza Ax

3/26/2014 - Another insanely cool F-16 pilot selfie makes me jealous

3/26/2014 - Thank God Emails Don't Happen Out Loud in Real Life

3/26/2014 - Insane Rumor Of The Day: Bradley Cooper To Be The New Indiana Jones

3/26/2014 - This $100+ Million Penthouse Will Be NYC's Priciest Apartment Ever

3/26/2014 - Do Horrible Events Give Us Flashbulb Memories?

3/26/2014 - Super Gross Close-Up Of Spider-Man's New Green Goblin Is Super Gross

3/26/2014 - This Deep Diving Robosub Could Find the Remnants of Flight 370

3/26/2014 - How Open Is Your City? Check This Census of Civic Data

3/26/2014 - ​Could The Star Wars Sequels Be Worse Than The Prequels? Absolutely.

3/26/2014 - Waterproof Gear for Your Adventures This Spring and Summer

3/26/2014 - Bombogenesis

3/26/2014 - 24 Hour Surveillance Is Just Fine When the Cameras Are This Adorable

3/26/2014 - Both Halves Of A Giant Sea Turtle Fossil Found 160 Years Apart

3/26/2014 - Watch a Woman Get a New 3D-Printed Skull

3/26/2014 - Why Facebook buying Oculus is awesome news for all of you

3/26/2014 - The Million Dollar Homepage Still Exists, But a Fifth of It's Dead

3/26/2014 - Schwarzenegger Reveals New Terminator Secrets And Why His Cyborg Ages

3/26/2014 - First Video of Chicago Airport Train Derailing and Going Up a Stairwell

3/26/2014 - How Do Pandas Eat So Much Bamboo?

3/26/2014 - V-Moda XS Headphones Review: Indestructible Cans With Runway Looks

3/26/2014 - First Looks: Avengers 2's Ultron And Doctor Who's New Sonic Screwdriver

3/26/2014 - The New 16 Lego Simpsons Minifigs Are Awesome And I Want Them All

3/26/2014 - What a Hellish Mess a Rocket Launch Can Be!

3/26/2014 - You Can Spend the Night in This Television Antenna Above Prague

3/26/2014 - Minecraft VR is the First Casualty of Facebook's Oculus Rift Buyout

3/26/2014 - New HTC One Teardown: This Is Why the Warranty Is So Good

3/26/2014 - How a 2005 Steve Jobs Ultimatum Turned Into the iPhone We Know

3/26/2014 - You Can Buy the New HTC One on Google Play Right Now

3/26/2014 - Apple's Trying To Make iOS Emojis More Racially Diverse

3/26/2014 - You Can Now Download the Original Source Code for MS-DOS for Free

3/26/2014 - Would you like to jump from low Earth orbit using this awesome suit?

3/26/2014 - Watch a large ship getting deformed from the inside in a heavy storm

3/26/2014 - This real-life photo of Marge Simpson will haunt your dreams forever

3/26/2014 - Mike Mignola's Otherworldly Concept Art For Disney's Atlantis

3/26/2014 - Imagine plunging into Earth's atmosphere using this re-entry spacesuit

3/26/2014 - How to Find a Time-Traveling Laser Cat Stuck in the 1990s

3/25/2014 - No matter how many times I see this happen, it still leaves me in awe

3/25/2014 - Let's Have More Lady Knight Designs Like These!

3/25/2014 - This Amazing Flexible Heart Cover Could Replace Pacemakers For Good

3/25/2014 - Spend The Evening Learning About The Making Of Your Favorite Movies

3/25/2014 - I want this floating house in the forest so badly

3/25/2014 - Facebook Could Give You the Oculus Rift You Always Wanted

3/25/2014 - Take The Northbound Whale Bus Uptown

3/25/2014 - Tomorrow People Shows Why You Should Never Let The Villain Monologue

3/25/2014 - This Zombie Cologne May Just Save Us All

3/25/2014 - A Trippy Remix Of Wisdom From The OG Jedi Master

3/25/2014 - How Does A Word Make It Into The Dictionary?

3/25/2014 - Facebook is Buying Oculus Because It Needs a Sci-Fi Toy

3/25/2014 - Get Lost Inside This Seriously Hypnotic Spinning Clay Art

3/25/2014 - It Seems More and More Certain That We Live in a Multiverse

3/25/2014 - Facebook Chases Virtual Reality, the Perennial Dream of the Retrofuture

3/25/2014 - Scarlett Johansson Becomes Superpowered And Kills Everyone, In Lucy

3/25/2014 - The Genius Who Killed Himself Trying to Become Immortal

3/25/2014 - Centuries Ago, Legendary Painters Made These Revealing Selfies

3/25/2014 - A New Geo-Tagged Storytelling Site Might Be The Ultimate Travel Tool

3/25/2014 - Brain-Buzzing Thinking Cap Can Make You Smarter or Dumber

3/25/2014 - Should Science Fiction Writers Ignore Advice To "Write What You Know"?

3/25/2014 - A Clampable Lantern That Stays Perched Wherever You Need Light

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3/25/2014 - It's the Number We Were Wondering About on Person of Interest

3/25/2014 - Facebook Is Buying Oculus VR, The Incredible Future of Virtual Reality

3/25/2014 - Video: Dramatic rescue of man trapped in raging 5 alarm fire

3/25/2014 - A Pregnant Babysitter Faces A Boogeyman Who Eats Children's Eyes

3/25/2014 - Forget the Mystery -- Resurrection's All About Closure

3/25/2014 - Tying Yourself to a Quadcopter Is the Most Awesome Way to Lose a Tooth

3/25/2014 - These Silk Scarves Are Patterned With Real Raindrops

3/25/2014 - Star-Crossed Suffers From The CW's "Terrible Love Triangle" Disease

3/25/2014 - Exclusive Final Member Clip Reveals The Penis That Started It All

3/25/2014 - Depth Maps Hidden in Google Street View Create Flickering Ghost-Cities

3/25/2014 - Why Hasn't Hollywood Made a Movie About This Myth Yet?

3/25/2014 - The Psychological Effect That Explains Why You Suck at Parties

3/25/2014 - This Is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want To Buy

3/25/2014 - It's Launch-Day (Update: and it didn't go as planned.)

3/25/2014 - Game of Thrones music video is made of auto-tuned might and magic

3/25/2014 - The Perfect Generic Commercial for a Tech/Science Company

3/25/2014 - This Synthetic Mother of Pearl Is Ten Times Tougher Than Ceramics

3/25/2014 - The Onion's Useless App Pitch Is Perfect

3/25/2014 - A Quick And Dirty Refresher Course On Game Of Thrones' First 3 Years

3/25/2014 - Every Brand Video You've Ever Seen in One Sweeping Parody

3/25/2014 - I want to glide down the Great Wall of China like this guy

3/25/2014 - This 'Electric Book Reader' of 1927 Was The Future of Speed Reading

3/25/2014 - How Global Warming Is Dissolving Sea Life (And What We Can Do About It)

3/25/2014 - First Images from a New Satellite That Measures Rain and Snowfall

3/25/2014 - How The "Open A Bottle Of Wine With Your Shoe" Trick Works

3/25/2014 - Huge ThinkGeek Sale, All Three Bioshocks, Twilight Zone [Deals]

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3/25/2014 - Lytro Cameras over 50% off, DIY Ice Cream, ThinkGeek [Deals]

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3/25/2014 - Nvidia's Got a New Next-Gen GPU and $3,000 Graphics Card

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3/25/2014 - The Rock Hints That He's Still Playing DC's Badass Bounty Hunter, Lobo

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3/25/2014 - This Synthetic Seaweed Stops Deadly Algae Blooms Before They Start

3/25/2014 - The Greatest Rendition Of The Hobbit's "Misty Mountains Cold" Ever

3/25/2014 - The Insanely Expensive F-35 Is Delayed Again, Now Because of Software

3/25/2014 - How Reckless Golfing Almost Burned This City to the Ground

3/25/2014 - Tornado of burning debris looks like the beginning of the apocalypse

3/25/2014 - HTC Will Fix Your Busted Screen For Free in the First Six Months

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3/25/2014 - Your Bones Don't Shatter Because They're Full of Goo

3/25/2014 - Jim Henson's Creature Shop Brings You the Joy of Monster Making

3/25/2014 - Sumatra Has Been On Fire for Over a Month

3/25/2014 - A City by City Guide to America's Filthy Porn Searches

3/25/2014 - Why Does Finger Tenting Look So Sinister?

3/25/2014 - The Lonely Process And Lovely Work Of Hong Kong's Neon Craftsmen

3/25/2014 - The New Click & Grow Herb Garden Does Everything But Harvest Itself

3/25/2014 - The Controversial Doctor Who Pioneered the Idea Of "Informed Consent"

3/25/2014 - How Malaria Defeats Our Drugs

3/25/2014 - A History of Movie Trailers Shows How We Got to "In a World..."

3/25/2014 - Finally, Dudes Can Wear An Awesome R2-D2 Swimsuit Too

3/25/2014 - Inflatable Huggable Robots Could Replace Complex Mechanical Automatons

3/25/2014 - Why Doctor Who's Greatest Challenge Could End In Heartbreak

3/25/2014 - 9 Paper Buildings By the Winner of Architecture's Top Prize

3/25/2014 - Tracking the pings from Flight MH370

3/25/2014 - Terrifying video of a man stuck in a cave as it fills with water

3/25/2014 - You Might Have Free Amazon Money Waiting in Your Inbox

3/25/2014 - The World’s First 3D-Printed Kayak Is Adorably Colorful

3/25/2014 - How Testosterone Makes You Hairy

3/25/2014 - Quantum Research Shows D-Wave's Computers Are (Probably) the Real Deal

3/25/2014 - Google Deal With Ray-Ban and Oakley Could (Possibly) Make Glass Cool

3/25/2014 - NYT: Obama Wants to End NSA Bulk Phone Data Collection

3/25/2014 - Malaysia Air Officials: MH370 Is Lost Because Nothing Else Makes Sense

3/25/2014 - On March 31, visit your local U.S. theaters for an evening of science!

3/25/2014 - Poetry-into-Sound

3/25/2014 - I can't believe this twisting plane managed to land in such bad weather

3/25/2014 - Stunning photo of lightning illuminating Earth

3/25/2014 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Ice Cream Crush

3/24/2014 - We Saw The First Ninja Turtles Footage -- And It Changes Their Origin

3/24/2014 - Watch Two Crazy People BASE Jump From One World Trade Center

3/24/2014 - Would people be able to live and work in the world's tallest skyscraper?

3/24/2014 - Here are 10 things that could wipe out life on Earth as we know it

3/24/2014 - A magic pancake stacking robot machine is why technology exists

3/24/2014 - Cosmos episode 3

3/24/2014 - This ridiculous badminton rally shows how impossibly quick humans are

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3/24/2014 - Prometheus 2 Could Feature A Lot More Michael Fassbender. A Lot.

3/24/2014 - 10 Haunting Photos From the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Catastrophe

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3/24/2014 - Chuck Wendig And Sam Sykes Explain "The True Test Of A Writer"

3/24/2014 - Android Smartphones Can Finally Get Predator Vision Too

3/24/2014 - ​The Gender-Flipping Martial Artist Who Created The US Anime Industry

3/24/2014 - More Reasons To Stop Watching Animal Planet

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3/24/2014 - Of Course It Is: American Horror Story 4th Season Titled "Freak Show"

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3/24/2014 - What Happens When Scientists Ask Whether Milk Makes Mucus

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3/24/2014 - On Helix, We Got the Awkwardest Reveal Scene Ever

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3/24/2014 - Avengers 2's Quicksilver Looks Nearly As Goofy As X-Men's Version

3/24/2014 - Clever Photoshop Street Art is "Erasing" London

3/24/2014 - Shigeru Ban Wins the Pritzker Prize, Architecture's Highest Honor

3/24/2014 - Upcoming Genre Movies That Aren't Sequels, Remakes or Reboots

3/24/2014 - It Turns Out the Straight Line Isn't the Most Useful Tetris Piece

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3/24/2014 - Sparking Titanium Golf Clubs Might Be Causing California Wildfires

3/24/2014 - How big is the Universe, explained in a way you will easily understand

3/24/2014 - They're Finally Building the World's New Tallest Tower

3/24/2014 - Someone's Making A Zombie Beer Using Actual Brains

3/24/2014 - The 10 Most Important Theories About Why We Make War

3/24/2014 - The Rare Book That Started the Scientific Racism Craze

3/24/2014 - This App Lets You Chat Even When You Have No Reception

3/24/2014 - Pandemonium Explains Why Computers Will Share Human Biases

3/24/2014 - Vote on the Z-2 Spacesuit Prototype design

3/24/2014 - This Gorgeous Sea Star Larva Is Your Next Desktop Wallpaper

3/24/2014 - Text While Driving In The Bay Area And You Might End Up On A Billboard

3/24/2014 - io9 March Madness Elite Eight: Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones!

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3/24/2014 - These Charming Paintings Celebrate Female Firsts In Space

3/24/2014 - Tiny New Building Inspired By The Textures Of Flowers

3/24/2014 - Why Roller Coaster Loops Are Never Circular

3/24/2014 - Google Now Is Finally Rolling Out to Chrome

3/24/2014 - I love to spy on grizzly bears so close that I can count their teeth

3/24/2014 - It's the 21st Century, So Where's My Monorail to LAX?

3/24/2014 - Titanfall Xbox One Bundle, Lenovo YOGA, Storage Galore [Deals]

3/24/2014 - Can This Art Show Possibly Capture The Full Glory Of Nicolas Cage?

3/24/2014 - You Can Use This Plastic Tape Measure Straight Out of the 3D-Printer

3/24/2014 - Dust Devil Pulls Burning Tumbleweeds Into A Hellish Firenado

3/24/2014 - Community's G.I. Joe Tribute Looks Absolutely Spectacular

3/24/2014 - Vote For The Design Of NASA's Next Spacesuit

3/24/2014 - Why "Critical Density" Could Determine the Fate of the Universe

3/24/2014 - Batman actor pulls fun chain prank using his city's phone books

3/24/2014 - Orion's splashdown test

3/24/2014 - 25 Years After Exxon Valdez, We're Not Ready For the Next Big Spill

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3/24/2014 - E-Cigarette Nicotine Juice Is Poisoning Children

3/24/2014 - Cosmos Chronicles How Knowledge Conquers Fear

3/24/2014 - Finally, a Way to Remove and Reuse Valuable Particles from Wastewater

3/24/2014 - Panasonic's New 15mm f/1.7 Lens Designed by Leica Looks Gorgeous

3/24/2014 - This Week's TV: Season Finales Of Teen Wolf, Helix, and Walking Dead!

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3/24/2014 - Spot Everything Wrong With This Photo of Kanye Taking an iPad Pic

3/24/2014 - Blackmail DDOS Attack Takes Out Major Online Chat Service

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3/24/2014 - What Happens To The Surrounding Stars When One Of Them Goes Supernova?

3/24/2014 - The Crabster Deep Water Drone Gets Its Sea Legs

3/24/2014 - New X-Men trailer shows the awesome Sentinels from the future

3/24/2014 - Is This HTC's New Flagship Phone?

3/24/2014 - Companion to a Supernova

3/24/2014 - Oh God, ​The Walking Dead Is Setting Us Up For a Brutal Season Finale

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3/24/2014 - This Tiny MacGyver Emergency Toolkit Will Get You Out of Any Situation

3/24/2014 - Feast your eyes on these early Soviet spacecraft

3/24/2014 - Check the TV Ratings of Any Show on IMDB Using This Cool Data Viz Tool

3/24/2014 - The Sleep Deprivation Publicity Stunt That Drove One Man Crazy

3/24/2014 - 3D-Printed Adapter Turns Bamboo Skewers Into an Easy-Clean Whisk

3/24/2014 - Hasselblad Camera, Used on the Moon, Sells For Nearly a Million Bucks

3/24/2014 - The Future Is F@#$ed In An All-New X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer

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3/24/2014 - Samsung SD and MicroSD Cards Are Super Cheap Today on Amazon

3/24/2014 - Tons Of Details On Game of Thrones, Including What's Not In The Books!

3/24/2014 - 13 Stunning Shopping Malls From the Dawn of Consumerism

3/24/2014 - When Knowledge Conquered Fear, the NASA version

3/24/2014 - Train Derails at Chicago Airport, Makes It Halfway Up the Stairs

3/24/2014 - MIT's Living E. Coli Materials Could Provide Self-Aware Surfaces

3/24/2014 - This Sleek Chair Doubles as a Sensible Stepladder

3/24/2014 - The Stanford Prison Experiment: Student Torture in the Name of Science

3/24/2014 - Jimmy Carter: I Think the NSA Is Spying on Me

3/24/2014 - Molten Lava Fossilized This Plant Down to Its Single Cells

3/24/2014 - NASA astronomer finds first Earth-sized planet in habitable zone

3/23/2014 - Report: Apple Is Negotating a Streaming TV Deal With Comcast

3/23/2014 - The ISS Has an Instrument Specifically Designed to Study Lightning

3/23/2014 - Is Lightning Producing These Mysterious Gamma Ray Bursts?

3/23/2014 - Le1f: Boom

3/23/2014 - This Gyrating Animatronic Doll Will Haunt Your Dreams

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3/23/2014 - About That Giraffe and the Dying Zoo Worker: Your Questions, Answered

3/23/2014 - Animals Could Help Reveal Why Humans Fall For Illusions

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3/23/2014 - What Is the Laziest Thing You've Ever Ordered From Amazon?

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3/23/2014 - Can Skepticism Blind You to the Truth?

3/23/2014 - Why It's Taking Satellites So Long to Find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

3/23/2014 - Don't Tell Me How to Be Inspired

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3/23/2014 - The Space icon

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3/23/2014 - Cute Field Guide Helps You Remember Bird Calls with Beer, Cheeseburgers

3/23/2014 - That Time Penis Bravado Caused NASA to Change its Condom Sizes

3/23/2014 - A tree so mighty it deforms space itself!

3/23/2014 - Behind-the-Scenes of a Crazy Drone Video Shoot

3/23/2014 - Which is Worse: A Game of Thrones Spoiler, or Detention?

3/23/2014 - Musician Builds a Robotic Instrument That Reads the Tattoo on His Arm

3/23/2014 - Music from Haiku

3/22/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Rust Cohle Explains Time

3/22/2014 - How Bill Nye Became "The Science Guy"

3/22/2014 - Geologic Time: the Star Wars Scale

3/22/2014 - Water On Earth: Floods, Droughts And Prediction

3/22/2014 - Oculus Rift Perfectly Recreates ... The Grocery Store?

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3/22/2014 - It's relative: observing the cosmos

3/22/2014 - How Were You Using the Internet in 1999?

3/22/2014 - Huawei, Once Accused of Spying, Has Been Hacked by NSA Since 2009

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3/22/2014 - The Big Bang, GMOs, How Earth Was Almost Destroyed in 2012, and More

3/22/2014 - Here's The Full D&D Map From This Week's Community

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3/22/2014 - ​The Circus Is Confusing And Upsetting On Grimm, Just Like In Real Life

3/22/2014 - Walking Dead Tribute Beer Is Made With Real Brains, Of Course

3/22/2014 - What Happens When A Walrus Falls Asleep On A Surfacing Submarine?

3/22/2014 - Watch a Motorcycle Helmet Become a Pinstriped Masterpiece in Minutes

3/22/2014 - IBM Will Use Watson To Battle Brain Cancer

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3/22/2014 - NASA Has Recovered 7 "Precious" Particles From The Solar System's Birth

3/22/2014 - The Fascinating Journey of a Blood Donation

3/22/2014 - Microsatellite Art In Orbit

3/22/2014 - Your Nose Is a Super-Machine That Can Detect Over a Trillion Scents

3/22/2014 - Stop What You're Doing and Watch Rick and Morty

3/22/2014 - Chinese Satellite Spots Floating Object in Flight 370 Search

3/22/2014 - The Tree That Was a Storm

3/22/2014 - Watching these dogs confused by a magic trick is hilariously cute

3/22/2014 - This Fevered Dream Is Enough to Give You Night Terrors

3/22/2014 - This Great Horned Owl Is Either Really Stoned Or Defending Its Young

3/21/2014 - Watch a ball breaking glass filmed at 10 million frames per second

3/21/2014 - Male Superheroes And Villains Copy Female Characters' Sexy Poses

3/21/2014 - Wall-E Remade With Kittens Will Literally Kill You With Cuteness

3/21/2014 - Will An Artificial Intelligence Ever Deliver A TED Talk?

3/21/2014 - The best and most influential special effects in recent film history

3/21/2014 - The Best Dim Sum Is In The Chinatown On Level 87

3/21/2014 - Most Beautiful Items: March 14 - 21, 2014

3/21/2014 - Is The Originals finally better than The Vampire Diaries?

3/21/2014 - Why Do Drug Stores Put Soap Under Lock and Key?

3/21/2014 - Why Don't 3D Glasses Work Backwards?

3/21/2014 - Now Available: Roland Synths, Samsung Galaxy S5 & Smartwatch Preorder

3/21/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

3/21/2014 - Now Police Can Reconstruct Your Face From DNA Evidence

3/21/2014 - The House of Tomorrow (1933)

3/21/2014 - 9 Incredible Aerial Pics Of London, Seen From A Police Helicopter

3/21/2014 - These Weapons Are the Largest Ever Made

3/21/2014 - This Super Energy-Efficient House Is Made of Plastic

3/21/2014 - 100 Years of Destroying American Cities on the Silver Screen

3/21/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

3/21/2014 - Salvador Dalí's Famous Elephants Look Even Trippier in Lego Form

3/21/2014 - Jodorowsky's Dune Is A Monument To Divine Madness And Doomed Beauty

3/21/2014 - Make yourself an awesome cake with ice cream sandwiches in five minutes

3/21/2014 - Music for Dental Hygiene

3/21/2014 - What Movie Was the Biggest Ripoff Ever?

3/21/2014 - Hollywood, Sex, and You & Me: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

3/21/2014 - Read An Issue Of The First Academic Journal Devoted To Studying Porn

3/21/2014 - Report: Apple Is Negotiating an On-Demand Music Service Like Spotify

3/21/2014 - This video is so insane that I had to stop watching

3/21/2014 - Embossed Rolling Pins Let Bakers Sign Their Creations

3/21/2014 - Europe's Answer To the Space Shuttle Is Almost Ready For Prime Time

3/21/2014 - Lemming Suicide Is a Myth That Was Perpetuated by Disney

3/21/2014 - The Best Refreshing Beers for the First Weekend of Spring

3/21/2014 - An ode to Aerogel

3/21/2014 - Watch Bill Nye Reminisce About Carl Sagan's College Astronomy Class

3/21/2014 - What to do if your truck runs out of gas and you carry an excavator

3/21/2014 - Suck The Balls Is a Magical Pneumatic Journey Through A Fancy Foyer

3/21/2014 - Packed House for Aphex Twin 33 1/3 Reading

3/21/2014 - A Twelve-Track Sequencer That Plays Analogue Music Boxes

3/21/2014 - Crowdfund Armor For Barbie Dolls And Steve Ditko's Latest Comic

3/21/2014 - The View for the City Lights Staff Bathroom

3/21/2014 - Muppets Most Wanted Is Fun, But Feels Oddly Dated

3/21/2014 - How The Corvette Museum Rescued Its Cars From A Giant Sinkhole

3/21/2014 - Mike Mignola's Favorite Artwork From Hellboy's Last 20 Years

3/21/2014 - How To Piss People Off in a Group Text Message

3/21/2014 - Die winter, die!

3/21/2014 - An LED Lantern Like This Would've Saved Mrs. O'Leary a Lot of Grief

3/21/2014 - First Crazy Look At Hustler's This Ain't Game Of Thrones XXX

3/21/2014 - Now I Want to Nuzzle A Baby Penguin

3/21/2014 - Calm Down, People: Citi Bike Is Gonna Be Just Fine

3/21/2014 - Adhesive Tape Has Some Weird Superpowers

3/21/2014 - This Week in Time Capsules: Teaching Kids About the Cruel March of Time

3/21/2014 - Conduct the Asteroid Redirect Mission from the comfort of your computer

3/21/2014 - io9 March Madness Sweet 16: Star Wars vs. Dune! Buffy vs. Cthulhu!

3/21/2014 - Dungeons and Dragons Clue, Mohu Antennas, Nest Protect [Deals]

3/21/2014 - How Not To Piss People Off in a Group Text Message

3/21/2014 - Here's Your First Look At Gotham's Catwoman And Lil' Bruce Wayne

3/21/2014 - The U.S. throws 2 billions pounds of fish back in the ocean a year

3/21/2014 - Military Future-Lasers Could Help Detect Bombs and the Flu

3/21/2014 - Think a Loose Tooth is Bad?

3/21/2014 - Why B.F. Skinner May Have Been The Most Dangerous Psychologist Ever

3/21/2014 - Why the White House Is Spending Millions to Promote Wood Skyscrapers

3/21/2014 - First Deal on Nest Protect, Wireless Charging Pad, Mohu Curve [Deals]

3/21/2014 - A Glitch in the Hubble Telescope Makes Beautiful Modern Art

3/21/2014 - Gravitational waves & inflation in comic-form

3/21/2014 - Humans' Sense of Smell is Far More Precise Than We Thought

3/21/2014 - This Beautifully Simple App Wants to Change How Public Transit Works

3/21/2014 - X-Ray Of A Snake Who Mistook Golf Balls For Delicious Chicken Eggs

3/21/2014 - The 10 Weirdest Marvel Movies That Almost Got Made

3/21/2014 - The Untold History of Ugliness

3/21/2014 - Watch a Japanese Pianist Battle a Holographic Version of Himself

3/21/2014 - New Sensor Could Make Night Vision Contact Lenses A Reality

3/21/2014 - How Spielberg, Lucas, and Kasdan came up with Indiana Jones

3/21/2014 - Interest Acquired: Andy Serkis Will Direct The Jungle Book Movie

3/21/2014 - Someone Invented Uterus Man, And It's Weirder Than You Could Imagine

3/21/2014 - China Offers Smog Insurance for Sight-Seeing Tourists Who Can't See

3/21/2014 - Divergent Is A Ridiculously Fun Story Of Social Engineering Gone Mad

3/21/2014 - The Android Wear Smartwatch Apps We Want the Most

3/21/2014 - Stephen King Art Show Puts All Your Nightmares In One Room

3/21/2014 - These High-Flying Drones Almost Hit Satellite Status

3/21/2014 - NASA's prettiest spaceship yet will take actual photos of alien worlds

3/21/2014 - How To Donate Your Voice To Someone Who Can't Speak

3/21/2014 - The Perfect Shoe Says A Lot About Humanity's Imperfect Evolution

3/21/2014 - Why Do Animals Adopt?

3/21/2014 - Why Meetings Are The Worst Possible Way To Get Things Done

3/21/2014 - Dinner with the greatest view of Earth

3/21/2014 - You Can Finally Buy That Flying Fire-Breathing RC Dragon (For $60,000)

3/21/2014 - This has to be one of the coolest car pranks ever

3/21/2014 - These Eerily Accurate Mugshots Were Created From DNA Alone

3/21/2014 - Fox Announces A "Mystery" Marvel Movie For 2018

3/21/2014 - This Amazing 3D Render Lets You Dive Into a Heroic Battle

3/21/2014 - If You're Going to Buy a Chromebook, Today's the Day to Do It

3/21/2014 - This is how the world’s most iconic monuments look from far away

3/21/2014 - The GIF Party Is Here

3/21/2014 - Amazing Aerogel: Eight Looks at the Ghostly Supermaterial in Action

3/21/2014 - Samyang Introduces New Lenses For Your Wide Angle Pleasure

3/21/2014 - The Evolution Of The Bicycle, Beautifully Animated

3/21/2014 - The Walking Dead's Lizzie And Mika Wrote Their Own Theme Song

3/21/2014 - Watch Fallon and Billy Joel Form a Doo-Wop Group With an iPad App

3/21/2014 - What Bitcoin Would Have Been Like If It Existed in the 90s

3/21/2014 - Just Tap Your Phone On Every Wall and This App Will Draw a Floorplan

3/21/2014 - First Tantalizing Clues About The Storyline For Star Trek 3!

3/21/2014 - 14 Radical Skyscrapers That Are More Than Just Buildings

3/21/2014 - Disordered Hyperuniformity: A Weird New State of Matter in Chicken Eyes

3/21/2014 - This Is the Clearest Infrared Panorama of the Milky Way Ever Captured

3/21/2014 - A Guide to Programming for Non-Programmers

3/21/2014 - Bitcoin Software Fixed to Avoid Another Mt. Gox

3/21/2014 - Turkey Has Banned Twitter

3/21/2014 - How and Why the NSA's Been Hacking Sys Admins Worldwide

3/20/2014 - Mt. Gox Found Over $100 Million In Bitcoin In a Random Wallet

3/20/2014 - The history of movies from 1878 to 2014 in just three minutes

3/20/2014 - A Fantasy Film Noir About A Beautiful Thief Who Steals Ideas

3/20/2014 - Seeing penguins get confused and trip over a rope is hilariously cute

3/20/2014 - What if crash test dummies became sentient right before the car crash?

3/20/2014 - An Interactive Map That Lets You Spin Around The Milky Way Galaxy!

3/20/2014 - The 100 Is Like BSG For Dummies, But We Love It

3/20/2014 - Patton Oswalt Is The Newest Agent Of SHIELD On Agents Of SHIELD

3/20/2014 - Watch one guy sing a Katy Perry song in the style of 20 different bands

3/20/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Stroll Down A Moon Base Promenade

3/20/2014 - Google's Getting Defensive About Glass

3/20/2014 - Kim Harrison Explains Why Westerns And The Fantastical Go Together

3/20/2014 - Chocolate Is Good For You Thanks to Gut Bacteria

3/20/2014 - George R.R. Martin Says Game of Thrones Film Being "Actively Discussed"

3/20/2014 - Smog is Forcing France to Rethink its Love of Diesel

3/20/2014 - The Onion Explains Where All "The Teens" Leaving Facebook Are Going

3/20/2014 - These Salt Mines Look Like Landscapes From Another Planet

3/20/2014 - I can't believe this is not a real forest but a game engine

3/20/2014 - Are These Composite Portraits Whimsical Or Horrifying? [NSFW]

3/20/2014 - Microsoft Snooped on a Blogger's Email to Hunt Down a Windows 8 Leaker (Updated)

3/20/2014 - The World's First LED Inspired This Giant LED Lamp

3/20/2014 - How Much Microsoft Charges the FBI for User Data

3/20/2014 - What Do Animals Sound Like In Different Languages?

3/20/2014 - The First World War Claims Two More Victims

3/20/2014 - This Facial Recognition Software Signals the End of the Security Guard

3/20/2014 - Gorgeous Unused Gravity Posters Almost Represent The Movie TOO Well

3/20/2014 - I Want These Bizarre Prints of Brains and Butterflies On My Walls

3/20/2014 - Black Holes & Flight 370: a call for participation

3/20/2014 - Plants Use Weapons To Compete Against Each Other During Reproduction

3/20/2014 - Insulating Foam Made From Wood Makes Your Log Cabin Warm and Authentic

3/20/2014 - Which Morally Gray Rogue Is Cooler Than Any Hero Or Villain?

3/20/2014 - Of Flies And Men: What Scientists Are Learning About Insect Aggression

3/20/2014 - Holy Crap, This Molting Tarantula Video Is Completely Bonkers

3/20/2014 - Daniel Suarez's Influx Shows The Paranoid Side of Techno-Optimism

3/20/2014 - Scary New Drone Can Hack Your Phone From the Air

3/20/2014 - World's Tiniest Plasma Transistor Can Make Supertough Electronics

3/20/2014 - Jem & The Holograms To Star In Presumably Outrageous Live-Action Movie

3/20/2014 - The awesome spaceship and vehicle concepts of Scott Robertson

3/20/2014 - 1944's Big Screen TV of the Future Wasn't Much Bigger Than a MacBook

3/20/2014 - These Insane Boats Can Go 50MPH in Just Four Inches of Water

3/20/2014 - Which Post-Apocalyptic TV Show Cast Could Survive An Actual Apocalypse?

3/20/2014 - An Inside Tour of San Francisco's Sewage Treatment Plant

3/20/2014 - The colours of a changing landscape

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3/20/2014 - Invisible Cities, Humble Weekly Rhythm Bundle, Final Fantasy [Deals]

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3/20/2014 - The Largest Genome Ever Sequenced Belongs To This Common Pine Tree

3/20/2014 - Why You Should Care About The Plan To Break Up California

3/20/2014 - The Huge Mist Cannons That Keep the Air Clean in NYC's New Tunnels

3/20/2014 - Terrifying GoPro video from tanks in Syria's war zone

3/20/2014 - Every Gmail Message You Send Will Now Be Protected by Encryption

3/20/2014 - The Best Modem, USB Travel Charger, Final Fantasy [Deals]

3/20/2014 - This Awesome 3DS App Adds Realtime Sci-Fi Movie Effects To Your Videos

3/20/2014 - Goodbye, sun!

3/20/2014 - A Near-Disaster Dodged By Orbital Dynamics

3/20/2014 - This Is How DARPA's Robotic VTOL X-Planes Will Dominate The Sky

3/20/2014 - Samsung's Gear Fit Is Coming in April for $200

3/20/2014 - ​The 12 Worst Muppets Ever

3/20/2014 - Happy Spring, Northern Hemisphere!

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3/20/2014 - Plant spores turn into freaky critters when placed on a subwoofer

3/20/2014 - An Insulin Pen Cap That Reminds Diabetics When Their Last Injection Was

3/20/2014 - An Edited, "Family Friendly" Walking Dead Is Coming To A Fox Channel

3/20/2014 - Los Angeles Cops Argue All Cars in L.A. Are Under Investigation

3/20/2014 - The New Kyle Reese Talks Divergent, Terminator And Playing A Psycho

3/20/2014 - Astronomers Think They've Discovered Waves on Titan

3/20/2014 - Steve Rogers' List Of Things He Doesn't Understand In Captain America 2

3/20/2014 - Why Did Lockheed Blow Up Its Own Prototype UAV Bomber?

3/20/2014 - Brooches Made From Classic Books Let You Wear Your Favorite Words

3/20/2014 - Teen Sneaks Past Sleeping Guard to Reach Top of 1 WTC

3/20/2014 - CNN host speculates flight 370 may have been swallowed by a black hole

3/20/2014 - A Massive Solar Superstorm Nearly Blasted The Earth In 2012

3/20/2014 - Running around the world

3/20/2014 - 5 Big New Projects Remaking Cities into Havens for Pedestrians

3/20/2014 - One Map Explaining Why This Winter Wasn't Nearly As Bad As You Thought

3/20/2014 - Fly Through Alaska's Hidden Ice Caves With This Drone Video

3/20/2014 - 25+ Famous People's First Tweets That'll Make You Feel Better About Yours

3/20/2014 - This Incredible Reflective Bike Glows Like A Stop Sign At Night

3/20/2014 - Here's What A Sunset Looks Like From The South Pole

3/20/2014 - Arrow Guides Us Through The Stages of Grief, And Gives Us Deadshot

3/20/2014 - Badass Carmaker Local Motors Might Make Your Next Fridge

3/20/2014 - These Smiley Face Screws Are Wildly Impractical But Utterly Adorable

3/20/2014 - The Powers TV Series Is Moving To PlayStation

3/20/2014 - See Your Entire Browser History In a (Somewhat Terrifying) Favicon Grid

3/20/2014 - A Tequila Sweetener Could Help Reduce Diabetes and Obesity

3/20/2014 - A Tour of The Royal Tenenbaums, Wes Anderson's Only Film Shot in NYC

3/20/2014 - New Glimpses From Terminator: Genesis, Godzilla, And Walking Dead!

3/20/2014 - We Didn't Know How Tire Sounds Are Made Until Now

3/20/2014 - All Hell Breaks Loose In That New Winds of Winter Chapter

3/20/2014 - Crooks Hack Into ATM to Steal Cash (Using a 50-Foot Tunnel)

3/20/2014 - Jupiter's Great Red Spot Looking Like a Swirl of Cream in Your Coffee

3/20/2014 - Is Gluten Actually Bad For You?

3/20/2014 - What Do Coders Mean When They Talk About Bootstrapping?

3/20/2014 - Google and Microsoft Helping the White House Track Climate Change

3/20/2014 - Don't Drop Your Laptop in the Toilet

3/20/2014 - Here's the simplest explanation about the Big Bang discovery in the news

3/20/2014 - A dystopian series about videogames that cause real-world violence

3/20/2014 - I want to stuff my face with these three Lolita burgers

3/20/2014 - Artist speed paints a painting you can't see until the very last second

3/20/2014 - PSA: Momma Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Hobos

3/19/2014 - This video compilation of Christopher Walken dancing is so good

3/19/2014 - This Short Documentary About Sleep Paralysis Plays Like a Horror Movie

3/19/2014 - The winners of the 2014 World Photography Awards

3/19/2014 - Finally, A Movie Based On The Classic Anti-D&D Screed "Dark Dungeons"

3/19/2014 - Mark Hamill Has The "Weirdest, Grossest and Most Bizarre Death Scene"

3/19/2014 - Two beautiful dung beetles in love

3/19/2014 - Watch how scary fast a motorcycle goes during a high speed race

3/19/2014 - IBM Sponsored a Major Hollywood Movie About Computers in 1957

3/19/2014 - Everyone's addicted to killing humans, on Supernatural

3/19/2014 - Look How Much Better The Giver Movie Looks in Black and White

3/19/2014 - What Should Batman's Next Costume Look Like?

3/19/2014 - Can A Dog Really Ride A Motorcycle?

3/19/2014 - How Motorola's Stunning New Smartwatch Was Designed

3/19/2014 - Darwin's Children Drew Pictures on the Origin of Species manuscript

3/19/2014 - Earth to Echo's First Full-Length Trailer Shows How It'll Channel E.T.

3/19/2014 - Here's Why The Sea Snake Should Be Called The Sea Camel

3/19/2014 - Roller Coaster Workers Recreate an Iconic 1932 Photo

3/19/2014 - Imagine Trying To Outrun This 600-Pound "Chicken From Hell"

3/19/2014 - The World's Largest Telescope Is Finally Getting Underway

3/19/2014 - Awesomely fake trick shot video shows you can’t trust anything anymore

3/19/2014 - Bret McKenzie Reveals His Secrets Behind Making the Muppets Sing

3/19/2014 - A Sniping Sprinkler That Only Targets Your Plants When They Need Water

3/19/2014 - The Most Grotesque Humanoid Monsters of the Early Modern Age

3/19/2014 - New Big Bang Evidence Suggests Presence of Alternate Universes

3/19/2014 - A Famously Tiny NYC Apartment Is For Sale For Almost $1 Million

3/19/2014 - Read An Exclusive Chapter From the Novelization of Aronofsky's Noah

3/19/2014 - This Pretty Gel Is a Smart Tag That Changes Color When Food Spoils

3/19/2014 - Look Out For This Dangerously Convincing Apple ID Phishing Scam

3/19/2014 - Who's the most awesome alien race in the entire universe?

3/19/2014 - A Pencil Sharpening Jar That Tracks Your Work Ethic In Wood Shavings

3/19/2014 - This Watch's Spinning Spectacle Is More Distracting Than a Smartphone

3/19/2014 - Why The NSA Is Even Keeping Its Water Bill a Secret

3/19/2014 - Springfield Should Be Ashamed About the State Of Its Public Transit

3/19/2014 - MST3K Returns To TV — Kind Of— Thanks To National Geographic?!

3/19/2014 - The Future of Active Eyewear: An Interview With Oakley's R&D Division

3/19/2014 - For this Astronaut, the Last Night on Earth Has a Different Meaning

3/19/2014 - JRR Tolkien's translation of Beowulf is finally going to be published

3/19/2014 - You Could Learn Art History From These Amazing Manicures

3/19/2014 - The funny faces of professional skiers when they're racing down a slope

3/19/2014 - Beautiful Game of Thrones Posters Lament One Death from Each Episode

3/19/2014 - 10 Clinton-Era Predictions For the Future That Were Pretty Damn Close

3/19/2014 - A Connected Scale That Adjusts Your Recipe If You're Low on Ingredients

3/19/2014 - These Before-And-After Shots Confirm A New Gully Has Formed On Mars!

3/19/2014 - I Didn't Know Garage Doors Could Be This Cool

3/19/2014 - The Soviet Edition of The Hobbit Has the Best Gollum

3/19/2014 - I can't wait to fly through alien worlds with the new Oculus Rift

3/19/2014 - Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy Round Two: Space Opera and Epic Fantasy!

3/19/2014 - South Korean University Now Accepts Gamers as Student Athletes

3/19/2014 - Ukrainian Presidential Estate Included a Private Zoo

3/19/2014 - What's Your Most Garbled Google Voice Transcript?

3/19/2014 - Latticework in the Florida Keys

3/19/2014 - The Machine is on the warpath, on Person of Interest

3/19/2014 - Batman Meets True Detective In Amazing Mash-Up

3/19/2014 - Planet Earth, Kindles of all Types, Amazon Prime [Deals]

3/19/2014 - These Amazing Science Books Deserve To Become Documentaries

3/19/2014 - Sadly, Russell Crowe Did Not Get to Screen Noah For the Pope

3/19/2014 - The World's Fastest Model Rocket Car Just Hit 285 mph

3/19/2014 - What happens when you throw four sharks into a giant school of fish

3/19/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Spring

3/19/2014 - On going blind in space

3/19/2014 - The One Thing Apple TV Needs to Take Over Your Living Room

3/19/2014 - Save on Eneloop Rechargeables, $20 Off Kindles, Headphones [Deals]

3/19/2014 - Sundance's Science Fiction Hit The Signal Finally Gets a Trailer

3/19/2014 - If Apple makes this Apple TV, they will win the living room wars

3/19/2014 - This Crazy, Reckless Stunt Will Make You Absolutely Nauseous

3/19/2014 - Quakebot: An Algorithm That Writes the News About Earthquakes

3/19/2014 - 10 Terrible Trailers for Great Movies

3/19/2014 - This Swanky Bomb Shelter Might Be Hidden Somewhere Under an NYC Park

3/19/2014 - What Do You See In This Quantum Mechanics Class' Chalkboard?

3/19/2014 - The $3.2 Million Bulletproof, Diamond-Studded Suit With a Built-In A/C

3/19/2014 - The New Big Bang Evidence Explained With Just A Towel!

3/19/2014 - Pairs of asteroids

3/19/2014 - Latest Game Of Thrones Trailer Reveals New Plots And New Problems

3/19/2014 - Tents Should Have Had Built-in Air Mattresses Since Day One

3/19/2014 - New Evidence Emerges In Support Of Double Asteroid Impact Theory

3/19/2014 - Ivan Reitman Will Not Be Directing Ghostbusters 3

3/19/2014 - The Earth Was Almost Fried Back in 2012

3/19/2014 - Daylight Savings Time Makes You Happier, At Least On Facebook

3/19/2014 - The Experimental Satellite that Gave Us Live International Television

3/19/2014 - ​Who Would Be The Worst Green Lantern In The Universe?

3/19/2014 - Bugs Have Already Evolved Immunity to GMO Corn

3/19/2014 - You Can Buy the Amazing New Oculus Rift Dev Kit for $350

3/19/2014 - A new Game of Thrones trailer that you need to watch because fhqwhgads

3/19/2014 - Translating Physicist to Human

3/19/2014 - Star Wars, SPHERES, & the International Space Station

3/19/2014 - Sony's Firmware Update For A7 and A7r Promises Faster AF, Startup Time

3/19/2014 - Watch the Chinese Air Force bombing the Yellow River to destroy its ice

3/19/2014 - 150 Megapixel Image Sensor Won't Power Your Nikon, Might Save Your Life

3/19/2014 - Woman Develops Remarkable Ability To Draw After Suffering Brain Injury

3/19/2014 - A Double-Filtered Water Bottle That Lights--and Lightens--Your Load

3/19/2014 - First Trailer For The Giver Is Absolutely Filled With Famous People

3/19/2014 - Android Wear Video Walkthrough: It's Got the Basics Down

3/19/2014 - The Final Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Brings On The Bad Guys

3/19/2014 - This Woodworking Robot Used To Build Cars and Trucks

3/19/2014 - Today's Your Last Chance to Get Amazon Prime for $79

3/19/2014 - Quirky's New A/C Unit Smartens Up Your Dumbest Energy Hog

3/19/2014 - Which Jurassic Park Character Will Definitely Be In Jurassic World?

3/19/2014 - The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Costs Less Than a Kindle Paperwhite Today

3/19/2014 - The UK's New 12-Sided £1 Is the "Most Secure Coin in the World"

3/19/2014 - How NYC's Newest Neighborhood Will Float Above an Active Train Yard

3/19/2014 - Running Shoe Technology Won't Reduce Your Risk of Injury

3/19/2014 - Sony's Early Morpheus Prototype Looked Pretty Dumb

3/19/2014 - Killer Dust: Why Is Asbestos Still Killing People?

3/19/2014 - How You Can (Kind of) Change the Past

3/19/2014 - The first 11 minutes of Captain America 2 are a lot of fun—watch here

3/19/2014 - Haha, these super short 3D animations about a tiny world are so cute

3/19/2014 - Could This Be The Silliest "Earthman Hits On Alien Babe" Scene Ever?

3/19/2014 - How to Achieve Enlightenment in the Internet Age

3/18/2014 - Doing a handstand on the edge of a 40-story building is just nuts

3/18/2014 - Samsung NX Mini: A Tiny New Camera System For the Selfie Generation

3/18/2014 - All The Avengers 2 Awesomeness From Tonight's Marvel Special (Updated)

3/18/2014 - This McDonald's burger and fries combo is actually made from cookies

3/18/2014 - Cross-Stitched Microbes Let You Hang Your Favorite Germs on the Wall

3/18/2014 - Project Morpheus: Sony's Oculus Rift VR Competitor Looks Unbelievable

3/18/2014 - If you gave up on Tomorrow People, now's the time to try it again

3/18/2014 - Pluto Rises Over the Mountains of Charon

3/18/2014 - Clever Meat Labels Tell You Which Part of the Animal You're Buying

3/18/2014 - ​The All-New Ghost Rider Has A Need For Speed And A Need For Vengeance

3/18/2014 - Mod Puts Your Paper Notebook Doodles Into the Cloud

3/18/2014 - Every City Should Have This Ingenious "Library of Things"

3/18/2014 - Brandon Sanderson: "We haven't hit what epic fantasy is capable of yet"

3/18/2014 - I never get tired of seeing lunatics flying into this deadly canyon

3/18/2014 - The Secret Link Between Dune, Alien, And Blade Runner

3/18/2014 - This DIY Device Turns Your Table Into a Psychedelic Music Maker

3/18/2014 - Strikingly beautiful pictures show the horrors of the BP oil spill

3/18/2014 - Interactive Moon Map Is The Next Best Thing To Piloting Your Own Lander

3/18/2014 - The Most Astonishing Space-Age Buildings in Africa

3/18/2014 - Explore the Moon’s North Pole With This Gargantuan Photo Mosaic

3/18/2014 - This Random Hookup Justifies Star-Crossed's Existence As a TV Show

3/18/2014 - Should People Be Allowed to Drink and "Drive" Self-Driving Cars?

3/18/2014 - This Icy Blue Tower Will Be New Jersey's Tallest Residential Building

3/18/2014 - This Wooden Birdfeeder Tries To Thwart Squirrels With a High-Wire Act

3/18/2014 - What Is the Most Evil Government in Science Fiction?

3/18/2014 - New Maleficent Trailer Debuts Angelina Jolie's Dragon Form

3/18/2014 - A Robot Was The First To Report On The L.A. Earthquake

3/18/2014 - NY Is Cracking Down on High Frequency Trading Tech That Runs the NYSE

3/18/2014 - It's Official: The Incredibles is Getting a Sequel!

3/18/2014 - Two Reasons That Explain Why We're All Obsessed with Game of Thrones

3/18/2014 - Android Wear Is Just a Google Now Watch (And That's Great)

3/18/2014 - Apple Just Patented a System That Could Put Siri In Charge of Your Home

3/18/2014 - These Architectural Posters Were Printed With Bike Tires And Ink

3/18/2014 - U.S. Mint Artist Uses Digital Sculpting to Model Batman and Darth Maul

3/18/2014 - How The Narwhal Got Its Tusk

3/18/2014 - Even More Reasons To Be Glad Google Isn't a Real Guy

3/18/2014 - Scientists Discover the Key to Making Paint That Never Fades

3/18/2014 - Why Dark Chocolate Is So Damn Good For You

3/18/2014 - Two Technologies that Los Angeles Needs for the Coming Rise in Quakes

3/18/2014 - Neon Lights Make These NYC Water Towers Into Inter-Dimensional Portals

3/18/2014 - Star Trek Actually Got Tractor Beams Right

3/18/2014 - Humble eBook Bundle, Roku 3, Amazon PC Game Sale [Deals]

3/18/2014 - Joker and Harley Quinn's Relationship Summed Up in an Adorable Image

3/18/2014 - The College Kid Who Built a Secret Tunnel Underneath the Berlin Wall

3/18/2014 - Lost Girl's mermaids prove it's not better down where it's wetter

3/18/2014 - A Nick in Time: How Shaving Evolved Over 100,000 Years of History

3/18/2014 - New Safety Lasers For 3D Scanners Won't Burn Your Retinas

3/18/2014 - The Dangerous Origins of Model Rocketry

3/18/2014 - 15 Faked Miniature Photographs

3/18/2014 - A Three-Pound iPhone Case Turns Texting Into a Weirdo Workout

3/18/2014 - The Jungle Book, Now With More Cybernetics!

3/18/2014 - Great Deals on Panasonic Shavers, Logitech Speakers, Roku 3 [Deals]

3/18/2014 - You'll Want to Leave the Lights on While Watching this Horror Short

3/18/2014 - This Five-Bladed Behemoth Is the World's Largest Cargo Ship Propeller

3/18/2014 - What A Supernova Looks Like Just As It's About To Blow

3/18/2014 - The CG Peanuts Movie Looks Better Than You Feared, But Still Not Good

3/18/2014 - A Cardboard Projector That's Perfect For Your Papier Mâché Media Room

3/18/2014 - Animals See Power Lines as Terrifying Bursts of Light

3/18/2014 - Not-so-fuzzy water bears

3/18/2014 - 12 Diagrams That Changed How We Understood Our Solar System

3/18/2014 - Introducing the Paleofuture Book Club

3/18/2014 - Toshiba's New Breathalyzer Diagnoses Diseases, Not Drunks

3/18/2014 - Carl Linnaeus Debunked A Rumored Hydra Corpse

3/18/2014 - Moto 360: This Is Motorola's Slick Android Wear Powered Smartwatch

3/18/2014 - LG's G Watch Will Be One of the First Android-Wear-Powered Wristables

3/18/2014 - A Soft Squeezable Flashlight That's Safe To Keep In Bed

3/18/2014 - Ask the director of Jodorowsky's Dune anything you want!

3/18/2014 - NSA System Can Record an Entire Country's Calls for 30 Days at a Time

3/18/2014 - The Real Experiment That Determines How You Should Split The Check

3/18/2014 - Android Wear: Here Comes the Future of Android Smartwatches

3/18/2014 - The Sensor Array That Made the Big Bang Discovery Possible

3/18/2014 - Intelligence Finally Delivered A Solidly Entertaining Episode

3/18/2014 - The definitive Saturn V cutaway you always wanted on your wall

3/18/2014 - This Is What Superman Sees When He's Flying

3/18/2014 - Even Blindness Couldn't Stop This Photographer From Pursuing Her Art

3/18/2014 - China's Ambitious Plan to Move 100 Million People From Farms to Cities

3/18/2014 - Hilarious slow-motion video turns Neil deGrasse Tyson into a stoner

3/18/2014 - Now you see it, now you don't! Asteroid occults Regulus

3/18/2014 - Scientists Fail To Find A Link Between Saturated Fat And Heart Disease

3/18/2014 - Why the Big Bang Discovery Is Even More Important Than You Think

3/18/2014 - What's Your Favorite Science Photo?

3/18/2014 - Beware of This Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam

3/18/2014 - Has Naive Cynicism Become A Literary Problem?

3/18/2014 - Why Google Killing Google Voice Would Be Fantastic

3/18/2014 - The United States of Coffee Chains

3/18/2014 - This Mobile Sauna Will Warm You Up After Surfing A Snowy Beach

3/18/2014 - Astronomers May Have Spotted Waves On Titan's Seas

3/18/2014 - What The Hell Is Deathlok Wearing On Agents Of SHIELD?

3/18/2014 - Cleaning This Flexible Metal Grater Looks Super Easy

3/18/2014 - 8 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

3/18/2014 - The Star Wars/Marvel Crossover Rumor That's Too Weird To Be True

3/18/2014 - Facebook's Facial Recognition 'Approaching Human-Level Performance'

3/18/2014 - A Touchscreen 'Smart'watch That Doesn't Need a Phone

3/18/2014 - This Was the First Modern Organization Chart

3/18/2014 - Herschel's Largest Survey of Cosmic Dust Is Huge and Beautiful

3/18/2014 - Can Stun Guns Cause Cardiac Arrest?

3/18/2014 - WSJ: Amazon's Streaming Box Will Arrive Next Month

3/18/2014 - Apple Replaces Ageing iPad 2 With 16GB iPad 4

3/18/2014 - This looks like an F-16 flying an inch over a perfectly calm lake

3/18/2014 - Why is the Patent Office So Bad At Reviewing Software Patents?

3/18/2014 - The 1989 B-2 bomber still feels like a plane from the future—or a UFO

3/18/2014 - Is this anti-gravity wheel a magic trick or just cool physics?

3/18/2014 - The way they filmed this car chase scene is absolutely genius

3/18/2014 - Super cute baby dressed up and posed as famous TV show characters

3/18/2014 - This Digital Light Show Will Blow Your Mind to Smithereens

3/17/2014 - Tonic Immobility: Don't Try This At Home

3/17/2014 - Maze Runner trailer throws future boys into a maze from hell

3/17/2014 - Sushi chef makes miniature sushi with a single grain of rice

3/17/2014 - This Scene from the French Version of Buffy Will Make Your Day

3/17/2014 - Hear the shocking difference between 2013 and 2014 F1 racing engines

3/17/2014 - Watch a scuba diver instantly put a shark to sleep with this neat trick

3/17/2014 - Ever Wonder Why People Throw Sneakers Over Power Lines?

3/17/2014 - Believe's Second Episode is a Vast Improvement Over the Pilot

3/17/2014 - Watching These Designer Sweaters Gently Unravel Will Drive You Nuts

3/17/2014 - Create an Apocalypse in Your Hometown, Using Google Maps

3/17/2014 - If You Watch Only One Video About A Detachable Penis, Make It This One

3/17/2014 - American Horror Story is Headed to the Carnival for its Fourth Season

3/17/2014 - How Delivery Drones Could Save Lives in Africa

3/17/2014 - Are zombies drawn to fire like moths to a flame?

3/17/2014 - Bracing for the Next Big Quake With L.A.'s New City Seismologist

3/17/2014 - On Resurrection, The Best "Pastor Plays Video Games" Scene EVER

3/17/2014 - How Europeans Imagined Exotic Animals Centuries Ago, Based on Hearsay

3/17/2014 - The Ecto-1, Mach V, KITT and More, Drawn as Transformers

3/17/2014 - Wes Anderson Is Obsessed With Symmetry: A Supercut

3/17/2014 - BBC America's New Show Looks at "The Real History of Science Fiction"

3/17/2014 - Scientists resurrect the world's oldest plant, a 1,500 year-old moss

3/17/2014 - Happy birthday, Hubble! Time to watch starbirth

3/17/2014 - Read Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity for yourself

3/17/2014 - Is The "Young Adult" Boom Dwindling In Books As Well As Movies?

3/17/2014 - This Electric Motorcycle Has Storage Space Instead of a Gas Tank

3/17/2014 - Physicist rejoices as he learns his Big Bang theory is correct

3/17/2014 - Those Mesmerizing Robot Arms Are Back and Playing With Trains Now

3/17/2014 - 900 Megapixel Portraits Turn the Human Face Into a Crazy Landscape

3/17/2014 - Here's what you can watch if you are lonely for True Detective

3/17/2014 - This is the most ridiculous Bloody Mary ever and I want it all

3/17/2014 - ​Will The Frozen DVD/Blu-ray Release Finally Make The Madness Stop?

3/17/2014 - Clap If You Believe in the Tinkerbell Effect

3/17/2014 - This Treacherous Hanging Staircase Doubles As Shelving and a Desk

3/17/2014 - This Digital Sundial Tracks the Sun Through a Laser-Cut Cube

3/17/2014 - The history of dancing in film in one 246-movie supercut

3/17/2014 - Which Network TV Show Is As Smart As Any Cable Show?

3/17/2014 - Mercury: the Shrunken Planet

3/17/2014 - Poke Out Parts of This Perforated Lamp Shade To Make Your Own Pattern

3/17/2014 - See Jodorowsky's Dune with io9 in San Francisco This Thursday!

3/17/2014 - How Elephant Armies Built the Ancient World

3/17/2014 - Watch this timelapse of the Chicago River as it gets "greened"

3/17/2014 - This WhatsApp Redesign Would Make Facebook's $16 Billion Buy Worth It

3/17/2014 - Twitter Is Reportedly Testing a "Fave People" Timeline...For Your Favs

3/17/2014 - I really wish there were races of these awesome spider mechs

3/17/2014 - You Can't Appreciate These Movies Fully Without A Great Sound System

3/17/2014 - Animated Versions of the First Twelve Doctors Will Capture Your Heart

3/17/2014 - Otter Carnage: Marine Mammal Goes on "Rampage" in Restaurant

3/17/2014 - A Tandem Bike That Shrinks To Accommodate a Single Rider

3/17/2014 - This Wearable Abacus Is Basically the World's Oldest Smart Ring

3/17/2014 - Humans, why can't you think more than 5 minutes beyond the present?

3/17/2014 - The Story Behind Syracuse's Upside-Down Traffic Light

3/17/2014 - These Dream Worlds Are Made From Boring Google Street View Scenes

3/17/2014 - GoPro video shows how it would be to see life through Superman's eyes

3/17/2014 - Darren Aronofsky explains why Noah isn't just for believers

3/17/2014 - Scientists Revive Moss That Was Encased In Ice For 1,500 Years

3/17/2014 - These 700-year-old barrels are filled with human excrement

3/17/2014 - Science Fiction vs. Fantasy: Dystopia, Mad Science and Magic!

3/17/2014 - Firefly Graphic Novels, Star Trek Blu-rays, Frozen, Seinfeld [Deals]

3/17/2014 - Why Cities Need to Stop Commissioning Calatrava's Fish Skeletons

3/17/2014 - Do yourself a favor and read Einstein's paper on special relativity

3/17/2014 - The Man Who Tried to Invent the Like Button in the 1930s

3/17/2014 - They Moved Mountains (And People) To Build L.A.’s Freeways

3/17/2014 - These 10,000-Year-Old Instruments Are Playing Their First Modern Gig

3/17/2014 - New "bionic plants" could replace street lights and cell towers

3/17/2014 - No, corsets did not destroy the health of Victorian women

3/17/2014 - This Beautiful IMDb Redesign Concept Is Long Overdue

3/17/2014 - Watch a mass of stars being born, through the eyes of the Hubble!

3/17/2014 - Paradise Lost could have been the year's most gorgeous Biblical film

3/17/2014 - 20% Off Everything Griffin, Samsung SSDs, SONOS Speakers [Deals]

3/17/2014 - Scientists Use Graphene to Make Bionic, Super-Powered Plants

3/17/2014 - #KissMeImBicep2

3/17/2014 - This Sneaky Trash Can Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

3/17/2014 - Incredible Discovery Provides Evidence for the Big Bang Theory

3/17/2014 - ​Razor Crazy Cart Review: Even More Fun Than It Looks

3/17/2014 - How Would You Rebuild Society After the Apocalypse?

3/17/2014 - Scientists capture first ever signal from the beginning of the Universe

3/17/2014 - Twist people's minds to make them think disgusting words are nice

3/17/2014 - Watch This Phone Screen-Protector Handle a Drill and Knives with Ease

3/17/2014 - 9-year-old kid debates asteroid destruction with Neil deGrasse Tyson

3/17/2014 - Every young Earth creationist needs to watch this episode of Cosmos

3/17/2014 - Astronomers Discover First Direct Proof of the Big Bang Expansion

3/17/2014 - The Woods Around Chernobyl Aren't Decaying

3/17/2014 - This Week's TV: The Suicide Squad is unleashed on Arrow!

3/17/2014 - Huge part of a Delta airliner's wing breaks off at takeoff

3/17/2014 - How NASA's Supercritical Wings Save Airlines Millions Every Year

3/17/2014 - Heal Yourself, Skeletor is the internet's greatest accomplishment

3/17/2014 - Science says go ahead and eat the food you dropped on the floor, maybe

3/17/2014 - Graphene Could Give You Predator-Vision Contact Lenses One Day

3/17/2014 - All the airplanes that have mysteriously vanished since 1948

3/17/2014 - How Biotech Could Make Life in Prison a Living Hell

3/17/2014 - ​The Walking Dead trades cheap scares for a brutal, gut-wrenching shock

3/17/2014 - Aurora over Canada

3/17/2014 - The Government-Surplus Machines Powering a Cutting-Edge Science Museum

3/17/2014 - Even cooler parents actually sing Frozen song perfectly

3/17/2014 - Mercury is our solar system's incredible shrinking planet

3/17/2014 - Report: Apple Healthbook Will Track Your Life Down to Every Breath

3/17/2014 - How the Persian Gulf Is Quietly Building a Railroad Empire

3/17/2014 - The first official "chaos machine" is easy to make

3/17/2014 - A Pregnancy Diary That Grows With an Expectant Mother

3/17/2014 - Scarlett Johansson really picked up random dudes for Under the Skin

3/17/2014 - One Day Your Smartphone's Screen Could Be Used To Test Blood

3/17/2014 - Inside the Homes That 11 Great Architects Designed For Themselves

3/17/2014 - Major scoops for Avengers, Terminator 5, Dr Strange and Game of Thrones

3/17/2014 - You Can Wear This Fabric Wi-Fi Antenna

3/17/2014 - These Chairs Have Two Wildly Different Wood Grains in One

3/17/2014 - Your Brain Forgets Stuff Carefully and on Purpose

3/17/2014 - These Sleek Hangers Swap Hooks for Magnets

3/17/2014 - Jony Ive Talks Design Philosophy, Patent Theft and Apple's Future

3/17/2014 - Any Technology Whose Manual Needs a Manual Is Bad Technology

3/17/2014 - The EU Has Voted in Favour of a Single Universal Mobile Charger

3/17/2014 - Marvel at These 10 Amazing Geological Formations

3/17/2014 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: Forever Young & Beautiful

3/16/2014 - Cosmologists-at-Work

3/16/2014 - Spectacular photo of a woman climbing a vertical rock wall at night

3/16/2014 - Atmospheric re-entry, as seen from the ISS

3/16/2014 - Take a Fascinating Tour Behind the Scenes of The Shining

3/16/2014 - The Megaton Floor Lamp Is Built from a Real Bomb

3/16/2014 - 1001 movies you must watch before you die in one 10-minute video

3/16/2014 - Pillar Point: Dreamin'

3/16/2014 - A Simple Adapter Lets the iPhone Assist in Eye Exams

3/16/2014 - Why Pi is a stupid number and people are dumb to celebrate it

3/16/2014 - Do dogs experience joy? You be the judge.

3/16/2014 - A Fleet of Unpowered Submarines Is About to Plumb the Ocean's Depths

3/16/2014 - The legend of the mathematician and the baker

3/16/2014 - These Solar-Thermal Toilets Are Carbon-Sequestering Charcoal Factories

3/16/2014 - Airbnb: No Thanks for the "XXX Freak Fest" You Brought to My Home (NSFW)

3/16/2014 - This broken hydrant is so powerful it keeps a car floating in the air

3/16/2014 - Overhead Laser Lights That Illuminate With Images and Video

3/16/2014 - There's something strangely satisfying about watching water roll uphill

3/16/2014 - This week in space

3/16/2014 - Flying with a drone into an incredibly huge ice abyss in Alaska

3/16/2014 - Would You Customize Your First Born Child?

3/16/2014 - A digitization project and the tale of a 1928 sperm whale dissection

3/16/2014 - These Autonomous Patrol Cars Keep Watch Over Our Nuclear Stockpiles

3/16/2014 - Explorer's Awards: Apollo 11 engine recovery; SpaceX

3/16/2014 - Soviet Russia's Answer to the Monsanto House of the Future

3/16/2014 - Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson Tell the Planet Pluto How It Is

3/16/2014 - Actually, Haunted Winchester Mystery House Does Not Allow Overnight Stays [Corrected]

3/16/2014 - Today is the 88th anniversary of the first liquid-fueled rocket launch!

3/16/2014 - The Purpose Behind San Francisco's Weirdest Looking Tower

3/16/2014 - A meticulous analysis of celestial accuracy in Goodnight Moon

3/16/2014 - That Time Soviet Russia Built a House Entirely Out of Plastic

3/16/2014 - Have physicists finally detected gravitational waves?

3/16/2014 - NASA's Vomit Comet Trains Astronauts in the Ways of Weightlessness

3/16/2014 - Where in the UK is the world of Harry Potter?

3/16/2014 - New Zealander Changes Name to Longest Allowed by Law, Goes the Distance

3/16/2014 - San Francisco's Iconic Sourdough Is Made from 160-Year-Old Yeast

3/16/2014 - These Incredible Man-Made Highways Are Built Just for Animals

3/16/2014 - Amazing Houdini cat escapes cages by opening locks

3/16/2014 - I want to work and live in these awesome spaceships

3/16/2014 - Can you imagine the day when this is a common scene around Earth?

3/15/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Veronica Mars

3/15/2014 - Atmospheric re-entry, as seen from the ISS

3/15/2014 - Holy crap, these bionic arms look just like Doc Ock's

3/15/2014 - Pyramids from space

3/15/2014 - NASA-Backed Study Says Humanity Is Pretty Much Screwed (Updated)

3/15/2014 - Today's Dose of "Awww": Gorilla Gives Birth in Rare C-Section

3/15/2014 - Guy perfectly sings Frozen's Let It Go as 21 classic Disney characters

3/15/2014 - Watch this impersonator sing "Let it Go" in TWENTY-ONE Disney voices

3/15/2014 - A sobering reminder of the risks inherent to space exploration

3/15/2014 - Boten Anna, the spam-killer!

3/15/2014 - What's Your Proudest Online Accomplishment?

3/15/2014 - A total lack of death from the skies

3/15/2014 - This fascinating auditory illusion transforms normal speech into music

3/15/2014 - Navy Virtual Reality, NiceBooby.Net, Fake UberFacts, and More

3/15/2014 - Lego Robot With a Smartphone Brain Shatters Rubik's Cube World Record

3/15/2014 - Take two minutes to watch this bloody astronaut-on-alien battle

3/15/2014 - Do Want: Handmade Octopus Tentacle Jewelry

3/15/2014 - Shamrock Science Will Help You Get Lucky on St. Patrick's Day

3/15/2014 - Finally, we meet the Darth Vader of Helix

3/15/2014 - What if Helen Mirren had been cast as the 13th Doctor?

3/15/2014 - Train Your Brain to Get Smarter, Faster

3/15/2014 - These optical helmets are like funhouse mirrors for your face

3/15/2014 - The space-time continuum in carpet-format

3/15/2014 - Listen to JH Williams III talk about Sandman in San Francisco tonight!

3/15/2014 - Torrent Site Popcorn Time, Shut Down Yesterday, Is Alive Again

3/15/2014 - Malaysian Prime Minister: Missing Plane Was Deliberately Diverted

3/15/2014 - The Ninja Turtles Revisit the 1980s in an Hour-Long Special

3/15/2014 - Google Play Made it Slightly Harder to Blow Money on In-App Purchases

3/15/2014 - This Lego video might give you an orgasm (and cure you of insomnia)

3/15/2014 - Ball of fire illuminates Earth in unbelievable photo taken from space

3/15/2014 - Stunning Titanfall intro sequence makes me wish there was a full movie

3/15/2014 - Watching adorable dogs kissing for the first ti—ok, that's enough

3/15/2014 - If you want to find me, I'll be drinking 100 feet underground

3/15/2014 - The awesome futuristic vehicle designs of Daniel Simon

3/15/2014 - Why are materialists less happy?

3/15/2014 - Take an Uninhibited Dive into an Artist's Psyche (NSFW: Nudity)

3/14/2014 - I want to drive all these fantastic vehicles through a hundred worlds

3/14/2014 - Yapping in Detail About Ambiguity — Aphex Twin

3/14/2014 - Noise Outta Richmond

3/14/2014 - Seeing a cat walk on a treadmill chasing food basically sums up life

3/14/2014 - This was the first kiss ever filmed—and it was between two women

3/14/2014 - Yep, that's totally Gandalf's sword in Game of Thrones' Iron Throne

3/14/2014 - The diaries of nearly 4,000 World War One soldiers are now online

3/14/2014 - Why The Blair Witch Project Is Still the Scariest Movie Ever

3/14/2014 - Holy crap, this parrot is actually a woman posing in bodypaint

3/14/2014 - "Spider Jerusalem's got nothing on me!": 4 Weird Tales of Future Media

3/14/2014 - Live from Space 8pm EDT

3/14/2014 - It's a Long Way Down to the Surface of Mars

3/14/2014 - Most Beautiful Items: March 7 - 14, 2014

3/14/2014 - Official Weather Forecast for Baltimore is Hilariously Apocalyptic

3/14/2014 - What's the right mix of science and fiction in science fiction?

3/14/2014 - Bored Cats Find Sense of Purpose in Personalized Cat Playgrounds

3/14/2014 - Brazilian astronomers have discovered a "very bright" new comet

3/14/2014 - Would You Go For A Ride On This Massive Slip 'n Slide On A City Street?

3/14/2014 - And Now, Batman Villains drawn as Cartoon Sharks.

3/14/2014 - Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II Turns 20

3/14/2014 - I can't believe that everyone survived these close calls with death

3/14/2014 - Beautifully Designed Olympic Posters from 1896 to Today

3/14/2014 - These incredible close-up photos of eyes are actually pencil drawings

3/14/2014 - First look at the action figures of Michael Bay's TMNT

3/14/2014 - A Self-Charging Robot Vac That Remembers Exactly Where It Left Off

3/14/2014 - This Week in Time Capsules: Skywhales and Schoolkids

3/14/2014 - The world's biggest rope swing jump is 600 feet of pure adrenaline rush

3/14/2014 - Gaming Deals: Born of the Gods, Dwarven Forge, SOI&F RPG & more

3/14/2014 - Watch out: this book is dangerously addictive!

3/14/2014 - US Government Is Finally Giving Up Control of the Internet

3/14/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

3/14/2014 - Smog, Lights, and Measles (Again): What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

3/14/2014 - You don't know what true wilderness is

3/14/2014 - Our brains deliberately make us forget things, to prevent insanity

3/14/2014 - You Wouldn't Like This Hulk When He's… Wet

3/14/2014 - The little girl from The Ring shows up in Wonderland, all grown up!

3/14/2014 - Popcorn Time, the Netflix of Piracy, Has Already Shut Down

3/14/2014 - Photo: Russia deploys armed jets in response to NATO fighters in Poland

3/14/2014 - What's your favorite moment where a hero receives a just reward?

3/14/2014 - Amazing St. Patrick's Day Cocktails: Don't Stoop to Green Beer

3/14/2014 - Goodyear's Newest Blimp Isn't Actually a Blimp

3/14/2014 - Giant Panda Was Infected With Scary Cat Parasite Toxoplasma

3/14/2014 - The Continuum season premiere answers all your most urgent questions

3/14/2014 - J.K. Rowling has released History of the Quidditch World Cup online!

3/14/2014 - This Handy Hack Makes Any Receipt Printer Spit Out the Constitution

3/14/2014 - Valve's Redesigned Steam Controller Looks a Little Less Bizarre

3/14/2014 - Watch a volcano eruption up close, as filmed by a drone!

3/14/2014 - This is a poorly performed magic trick (but you'll fall for it anyway)

3/14/2014 - A Pleated Filter Eliminates the Slow Drip of Purified Water

3/14/2014 - Photo wizard warps reality, invokes interdimensional wormholes on Earth

3/14/2014 - Take a Quadcopter Tour of Alaska's Ice Caves Without Catching a Cold

3/14/2014 - How to Handle Internet Indecision

3/14/2014 - Does your dog's breed really determine its personality?

3/14/2014 - Paris's Smog Has Gotten So Bad, It's Making Public Transportation Free

3/14/2014 - Space-Pi!

3/14/2014 - Watching real strangers kiss for the first time is not pretty

3/14/2014 - The next X-Men Movie will be set in the 80s -- think of the outfits!

3/14/2014 - Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, and Lord of the Rings Trilogies [Deals]

3/14/2014 - Is Google Glass the future of home cooking?

3/14/2014 - CDC warns untreatable gonorrhea could spread like wildfire

3/14/2014 - The new Sailor Moon anime finally has a name, a premiere date and art

3/14/2014 - A Mechanical Doll That Will Crawl All the Way Into Your Nightmares

3/14/2014 - New study suggests humans could become radiation-resistant

3/14/2014 - Science Fiction vs. Fantasy Round One: Space Opera and Epic Fantasy!

3/14/2014 - Counting craters for SCIENCE

3/14/2014 - It Turns Out Cyclists Only Really Need Half a Bike To Get To Work

3/14/2014 - Rock Out and Charge Up, Long Lightning Cables, Parrot AR.Drone [Deals]

3/14/2014 - Where Do You Actually Store All Your Online Stuff?

3/14/2014 - "Attentional blink" causes you to forget what's in front of your eyes

3/14/2014 - Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland is here to answer your questions!

3/14/2014 - Laser and Radar Let Researchers Peer Deep Inside Ancient Roman Bridges

3/14/2014 - ​12 Heroes and Villains Who Kicked the Incredible Hulk's Green Ass

3/14/2014 - 9 Albert Einstein Quotes That Are Totally Fake

3/14/2014 - Amazing photos show the SR-71 Blackbird without its paint job

3/14/2014 - The New Kind of DDoS That Could Cripple the Internet

3/14/2014 - The only way to win more oxygen in this game is to kill your opponent

3/14/2014 - The Robots of Tomorrow Aren't So Scary When They're Getting Beat Up

3/14/2014 - Video proof that the jellyfish apocalypse is all but upon us

3/14/2014 - Why You Should Care That Sea Cucumbers Are Going Extinct

3/14/2014 - A Quick Guide to Sounding Smart When You Talk About Energy

3/14/2014 - Get ready to fall in love with Veronica Mars all over again

3/14/2014 - Yes, women can give one another HIV

3/14/2014 - This Absurd Flying Whale Ushered in a New Age of Stealth Technology

3/14/2014 - Scientists create system that shows your brain activity in 3D

3/14/2014 - A complete explanation of the new comment system on io9

3/14/2014 - Five Pieces of Sleep Science You Need to Know

3/14/2014 - The Saga of NiceBooby.Net and NBC's Hilarious Shadow-URL Empire

3/14/2014 - Measles Are Back in New York City Thanks to Anti-Vax Absurdity

3/14/2014 - Russian scientists: We have a "high chance" of cloning a wooly mammoth

3/14/2014 - Kepler is a Planet-Hunting Powerhouse

3/14/2014 - General Electric's "Walking Truck" Was a Cold War AT-AT

3/14/2014 - Trailer for Enormous pushes humans to the bottom of the food chain

3/14/2014 - Visit This House Being 3D Printed in Amsterdam Right Now

3/14/2014 - GIF party on, people, GIF party on.

3/14/2014 - This Atomic Tank survived a nuclear test, then went to war

3/14/2014 - 314 Videos to Celebrate Pi Day JUST KIDDING THAT WOULD TAKE HOURS

3/14/2014 - Black Widow is kicking ass and jiggling boobs in the Avengers anime

3/14/2014 - In-Car Facial Recognition Detects Angry Drivers To Prevent Road Rage

3/14/2014 - Showdown: Will Captain America 3 go up against Batman Vs. Superman?

3/14/2014 - Leaked Controller Suggests Amazon's Set-Top-Box Will Be a Gaming Machine

3/14/2014 - WSJ: Microsoft and Google Are Crushing the Dual-OS Dream

3/14/2014 - The Internet’s Biggest Enemies

3/14/2014 - This Is Where Time Comes From

3/14/2014 - Why the Speed of Ships Is Measured in Knots

3/14/2014 - God Help Us: There's Now a Dedicated Selfie Section in the App Store

3/14/2014 - Microsoft and Barnes & Noble Scaling Back E-Reading Plans

3/14/2014 - What Is Reality, Anwyway?

3/14/2014 - Record a Duet with Yourself, Mediated by a Wall

3/14/2014 - Artist inserts his hilarious monster drawings into real life

3/14/2014 - Watery minerals from the deep, deep Earth

3/14/2014 - Magic floor sinks into the ground to transform into an outdoor pool

3/14/2014 - Predictability: What Your Computer Dreams About in Sleep Mode

3/14/2014 - The third season of Game of Thrones summarized in one epic recap

3/13/2014 - This sci-fi death match in space short is better than Hollywood movies

3/13/2014 - Read this intense, pre-apocalyptic hacker story by Tobias Buckell

3/13/2014 - Robonaut 2 is finally getting its legs delivered, IN SPAAAAACE

3/13/2014 - Watch this girl draw a shockingly perfect picture of the Ellen selfie

3/13/2014 - Why is Bucky's movie contract so much bigger than Captain America's?

3/13/2014 - This Mos Def-Marvin Gaye Mashup Album Is Perfect (and Free)

3/13/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Mechanical Giant's Body Became a Town

3/13/2014 - At 10 years old, Eternal Sunshine is still fresh and timeless

3/13/2014 - An Ode to the Eerie Charm of Convenience Stores At Night

3/13/2014 - A Collapsible Speaker That Might Double As an Emergency Cup

3/13/2014 - This Cheap, Recyclable Passive House Assembles Like Lego

3/13/2014 - This migrane preventing space tiara was just approved by the FDA

3/13/2014 - This App Guarantees You've Always Got a Deck Of Cards On Hand

3/13/2014 - Totally Revolting Birthday Cake Shaped Like "Split-Face" from The Thing

3/13/2014 - A Movie About a Man Who Wishes His Penis Away...and it Becomes a Person

3/13/2014 - These Vintage Postcards Were Invaded By Aliens

3/13/2014 - London Is Building 230 New Towers and 80 Percent of Them Are Housing

3/13/2014 - A 100-Year-Old Emergency Water Supply Put Out A Fire In SF This Week

3/13/2014 - This Clever Contraption Turns Any Table Into a Standing Desk

3/13/2014 - Health Officials Blame Hook Up Apps for Syphilis Spike

3/13/2014 - California just had its warmest winter on record

3/13/2014 - You Can Help This Band Scam Spotify So They Can Go on Tour

3/13/2014 - Most animals can see the flashing and glowing of power lines

3/13/2014 - Which real-life sport is the best choice for scifi/fantasy fans?

3/13/2014 - The 1960s NYC Guidebook That the Czech Secret Police Almost Destroyed

3/13/2014 - Distract Yourself From Winter With the Most Amazing Pools on Earth

3/13/2014 - The Bravest Warriors adorable pet Catbug will rule Starbucks

3/13/2014 - The World's Largest Solar Plant Is Blinding Pilots

3/13/2014 - How to Design the Perfect Subway Map

3/13/2014 - Syfy promises a return to space opera at last, with Ascension

3/13/2014 - I just can't believe how insanely crazy this skier is

3/13/2014 - Get Your Whole Neighborhood Together with Block Party in a Box

3/13/2014 - Why does the "mor" in Voldemort, Mordor, and Morlock sound so sinister?

3/13/2014 - Watching a tortoise having sex is one of the most hilarious things ever

3/13/2014 - Do These Powerlaces Match My Hoverboard?

3/13/2014 - One of this year's loveliest new webcomics has a touch of Ghibli magic

3/13/2014 - In This Year's Iditarod, Sled Dogs Try To Race Without Snow

3/13/2014 - These GIFs Will Make You Nostalgic For Your Favorite NES Games

3/13/2014 - Babies Everywhere! Endangered Lemur Born in Saint Louis

3/13/2014 - Learning the Lost Art of Ice Harvesting in Maine

3/13/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Tilt-shift

3/13/2014 - The physics of curling are actually really fascinating

3/13/2014 - Feast your eyes on these rare aircraft cutaway drawings

3/13/2014 - Constantly Spinning Dials Replace Hands on This Sleek Minimal Watch

3/13/2014 - Stop Pretending You Enjoy Bad Sex

3/13/2014 - The Six Types of Apple Store Genius

3/13/2014 - Veronica Mars the Movie, Two Humble Bundles, Amazon Prime [Deals]

3/13/2014 - Three Adorable, Endangered Tiger Cubs Born at the London Zoo

3/13/2014 - Transcendence footage turns Johnny Depp into a God

3/13/2014 - Architect Repays Fickle Utah Customers With Anonymous Concrete Bunker

3/13/2014 - The most amazing swimming pools on Earth

3/13/2014 - Do You Miss Google's Old School Look?

3/13/2014 - UFO Investigations Manual is a practical guide to close encounters

3/13/2014 - Solar burp

3/13/2014 - Garmin Vivofit Review: Some Good Ideas But Not Quite There

3/13/2014 - Meet the Teams Who Are Building the World's First Medical Tricorder

3/13/2014 - A map of how the WWII bombing of Japan would have impacted the U.S.

3/13/2014 - Bluetooth Driving Assistant, $50 off Most Tablets, Car Tires [Deals]

3/13/2014 - Wow, All Restaurants Should Deliver Meals By Parachute

3/13/2014 - What happens when fantasy novels get scientific?

3/13/2014 - You Can Now Get 1TB of Google Drive Storage For Just $10 a Month

3/13/2014 - G.E. Has Found a Way To Cool a Fridge With Magnets

3/13/2014 - This odd-looking cloaking device could make you invisible to sonar

3/13/2014 - 10 Teen Heroes Who Grew Older With Style

3/13/2014 - An Oklahoma Fox Station "Accidentally" Cut Evolution Out of Cosmos

3/13/2014 - An Inside Peek at China's Ghost City

3/13/2014 - Believe the hype: Titanfall is an incredibly fun game

3/13/2014 - We are very nervous about the new Something Wicked This Way Comes movie

3/13/2014 - California Salmon Will Get a Free Ride to the Ocean—In Tanker Trucks

3/13/2014 - Did Life On Earth As We Know It Come From ‘Geological Life’?

3/13/2014 - Meet Orphan Black's newest clone!

3/13/2014 - Dear Creepers: You Can Buy a Smartphone Pre-Loaded With Spyware Now

3/13/2014 - Oklahoma news channel "accidentally" cuts Cosmos' mention of evolution

3/13/2014 - How the Solar Sail Could Fuel Interplanetary Travel

3/13/2014 - 37 Handsome HDR Photographs

3/13/2014 - The Blue Angels Used to Travel Aboard a Rocket Powered Hercules

3/13/2014 - Video: Supercut of iconic movies' final scenes is the ultimate spoiler

3/13/2014 - Already missing True Detective? Deleted scene examines Rust's love life

3/13/2014 - An Explorers remake is happening. Hey, remember Explorers?

3/13/2014 - I Wore the Navy's Oculus Rift, and It Showed Me the Future of Warfare

3/13/2014 - This awesome image may be found by aliens one day, floating in space

3/13/2014 - Bourbon Tags Along with Shark Researchers for Faster Aging

3/13/2014 - Watch This Harrowing Drone Footage of the Building Collapse in Harlem

3/13/2014 - Why I refuse to watch movies without spoilers

3/13/2014 - This scene from Spider-Man 2 is much more silly than it is amazing

3/13/2014 - This GIF Shows How Impossible It Is to Find a Plane in the Pacific

3/13/2014 - Surprise: Phone Metadata Gives Away The Most Secret of Your Secrets

3/13/2014 - Amazon Prime Is Still the Best Deal in Tech

3/13/2014 - A collection of gorgeous world maps made out of local foods

3/13/2014 - Target Knew About Its Massive Hack—It Just Didn't Do Anything to Stop It

3/13/2014 - Now You Can Take a Run Down the Colorado River Rapids on StreetView

3/13/2014 - Damn if NBC's Constantine doesn't look exactly like John Constantine

3/13/2014 - Coca-Cola Filmed Noisy Filmgoers And Put Them In Fake Movie Trailers

3/13/2014 - 365 Days of Weather in 35 Cities, All in a Single Beautiful Image

3/13/2014 - Is Fantastic Four close to a Dr. Doom? And Doctor Strange a director?

3/13/2014 - Amazon Prime Will Cost $20 More a Year, Starting April 17th

3/13/2014 - Report: First U.S. Windows-Android Dual Boot Phones Will Arrive Spring

3/13/2014 - Rumor: Microsoft Making Windows Phone OS Free for Some Manufacturers

3/13/2014 - Inside the Teenage Brain

3/13/2014 - Watch This Animated Fairy Tale About a Noble Quest to Fix Wi-Fi

3/13/2014 - How Apple Became the Choice of Creatives Everywhere, 30 Years Ago

3/13/2014 - Texture First

3/13/2014 - Nikon 1 V3: A Pricey Mirrorless Camera That Acts Like a Point-and-Shoot

3/13/2014 - This Macabre Claymation Tale Comes with Its Own How-To

3/13/2014 - Steampunk Wind in the Willows illustrations are bursting with charm

3/12/2014 - Awe-inspiring simulation of a flight through the known Universe

3/12/2014 - The hilarious truth of how Oreos are unmade and extracted for materials

3/12/2014 - Dr. Proctor's Fart Powder is basically The Rocketeer but with farting

3/12/2014 - The Most Unsettling Perfume Ads, Including Two Directed by David Lynch

3/12/2014 - XKCD's Randall Munroe is publishing a book of science explainers!

3/12/2014 - Extremely rare albino blue marlin caught on camera for the first time

3/12/2014 - No, Artificial Light Is Not Destroying the Rain Forest (Yet)

3/12/2014 - Jordy Lakiere's fantasy art requires the accompaniment of power chords

3/12/2014 - Watch A Wall Of Hand-Drawn Pics Turn Into A Sweet Animation

3/12/2014 - Watch a physics professor try to use science to control a poltergeist

3/12/2014 - Amazing Satellite Image Cutouts Turn Infrastructure Into Intricate Art

3/12/2014 - Amazing parents' perfect lip-sync to Frozen song

3/12/2014 - Can the fans really make or break a movie?

3/12/2014 - Three Dead Racehorses Are Being Moved to Make Way for L.A. Development

3/12/2014 - The Biggest Hydroelectric Power Stations Ever Built

3/12/2014 - This Map Lets You Find Every Street, Place, and Thing With Your Name

3/12/2014 - Pygmy Tyrannosaurs once ruled the Arctic reaches of Alaska

3/12/2014 - The Golem and the Jinni is a powerful masterpiece of historical fantasy

3/12/2014 - Is This Ride-Sharing Smart Minivan the Future of Self-Driving Cars?

3/12/2014 - A Cloaking Device For Sound Will Make You Invisible To Sonar

3/12/2014 - Rare diamond reveals existence of water deep inside Earth's mantle

3/12/2014 - What's the greatest MacGuffin in science fiction or fantasy?

3/12/2014 - You Haven't Seen Gravity Until You've Seen It in a Weightlessness Tank

3/12/2014 - What if the Enterprise was crewed entirely by misanthropic jerks?

3/12/2014 - Good god, this bloody mutant monster can't be a real spider

3/12/2014 - Explore the Inside of a Fruit Fly Brain in Stunning 3D

3/12/2014 - Scientists Built an Impossibly Small Engine But Don't Know How It Works

3/12/2014 - This was by far the most entertaining Agents of SHIELD yet

3/12/2014 - Some surprising names top the shortlist for Episode VII's Jedi hero

3/12/2014 - Happy 25th Birthday to the Embattled World Wide Web

3/12/2014 - How the hell can some humans hold their breath for 20 minutes?

3/12/2014 - Behold the Scough, the miraculous germ filtering scarf

3/12/2014 - The truth about geeks and cats

3/12/2014 - The Best Way to Age Bourbon May Be Putting It Out to Sea

3/12/2014 - Chase Jarvis Breaks Down His Most Essential Photo Gear For Any Job

3/12/2014 - An Ultra-Flat Air Conditioner That Could Be Mistaken For Artwork

3/12/2014 - The Largest Yellow Star Ever Could Almost Devour the Whole Solar System

3/12/2014 - 2014: The year we programmed a robot to pole-dance... badly

3/12/2014 - The Five-Second Rule Is Now Supported by Actual Scientific Evidence

3/12/2014 - The Epic Tale of the Hero who Fixed his Girlfriend's Grandparents' Wifi

3/12/2014 - The Secret to Holding Your Breath for 20 Minutes

3/12/2014 - Watch as scientists "herd" cells with blasts of electricity

3/12/2014 - The Reason We Yawn Might Actually Be To Cool Down Our Brains

3/12/2014 - These Poor Naive Canadians Thought The Internet Would Be Polite

3/12/2014 - At least Lego Movie 2 is keeping one of the first movie's directors

3/12/2014 - Can You Guess the Internet's Most Popular Sites Without Text or Images?

3/12/2014 - Impressive aerial photo of a massive dust storm devouring Texas

3/12/2014 - This dark Seinfeld supercut shows a New York without any people

3/12/2014 - Get a Sweet $300 Off a Sony A7 or A7r When You Trade In an Old Camera

3/12/2014 - Let's All Take a Sick Day And Skate on This Rad Floating Ramp

3/12/2014 - Red Giant Offers Subscription to Its Video Filters, Tools, and Effects

3/12/2014 - Moss-Covered Table Uses Photosynthesis To Power an FM Radio

3/12/2014 - Only Lovers Left Alive is going to be a Tom Hiddleston GIF goldmine

3/12/2014 - Another artery-destroying burger to drool over: The Full Mounty

3/12/2014 - What's the story, Venus-Glory?

3/12/2014 - Scenes of San Francisco's Urban Life Told Through Illustrated Stories

3/12/2014 - This is the largest yellow hypergiant star ever discovered

3/12/2014 - DC New 52 Volume Ones, Arkham Knight, Lord of the Rings [Deals]

3/12/2014 - io9's March Madness: Science Fiction vs. Fantasy!

3/12/2014 - A Whole Year of Taxi Rides in New York City Mapped

3/12/2014 - A visualization showing just how thick air traffic is over Europe

3/12/2014 - Watch This Supercut of Empty Seinfeld Scenes In Which Nothing Happens

3/12/2014 - Scientists Can Now Herd Cells Like Cattle Using Electrical Fields

3/12/2014 - I can't believe this fantastic island is real

3/12/2014 - Surgeons reconstructed this man's face with a 3D printer

3/12/2014 - Welcome to The World's Largest Ghost City: Ordos, China

3/12/2014 - Retina iPad Minis, Aeroponics Starter Kit, Lord of the Rings [Deals]

3/12/2014 - A Gorgeous NES Clone Made From a Solid Block of Aluminum

3/12/2014 - Your pet hamster is the product of incest

3/12/2014 - 10 Hit Movies That The Fans Hated

3/12/2014 - The UN's Map of Drone Strikes Was Built By Architects

3/12/2014 - First descriptions of the new Godzilla monster (that isn't Godzilla)

3/12/2014 - Now You Can Help Search for the Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

3/12/2014 - Iberia from the ISS

3/12/2014 - Why our planet is fucked up in one single picture

3/12/2014 - The Game of Thrones cast on who they think deserves the Iron Throne

3/12/2014 - An Oreo-Making Robot Is Pretty Much Mankind's Greatest Achievement

3/12/2014 - In Defense of Talking Funny

3/12/2014 - Razer's Righteous New Blade Might Be the Best Windows Laptop Yet

3/12/2014 - Nvidia's New Laptop Cards Are Battery-Saving Scorchers

3/12/2014 - 24 Hours of UberFacts: So Many Lies, So Little Time

3/12/2014 - Dark Crystal Wedding Cake! Dark Crystal Wedding Cake!

3/12/2014 - How the Granddaddy of US Recon Planes Is Helping Search for Flight 370

3/12/2014 - In the future we could use plants to mine the Earth for us

3/12/2014 - ​We Have an Irish Whiskey Master Here: Ask Him Whatever You Want

3/12/2014 - Superhero jacket may save your life one day

3/12/2014 - Why do comics always use the same old mythologies?

3/12/2014 - Is There a Drone Flying Around the Harlem Building Collapse? (Updated)

3/12/2014 - Migraine-Blasting Electric Headband Is Coming to The U.S.

3/12/2014 - Curious feet on the Martian soil

3/12/2014 - An Early Look at Ikea's Light, Cheap, and Portable 2014 Collection

3/12/2014 - This GIF translation game will take over your day

3/12/2014 - What Can Crows and Ravens Teach People About Resisting Temptation?

3/12/2014 - This Ad's Amazing Optical Illusion Reveals the Hazards Of Driving

3/12/2014 - A 9,000-year-old "ritual wand" has been discovered in Syria

3/12/2014 - Olympus Patent Imagines Variable Exposure Over Single Photographs

3/12/2014 - The NSA Has Impersonated Facebook To Spread Malware

3/12/2014 - Listening to the Secret Sounds of the Large Hadron Collider

3/12/2014 - Passengers Heat This Battery Bus Shelter By Holding Each Other's Hands

3/12/2014 - Why do rotten foods taste so awful?

3/12/2014 - Captain America's got insanely good buzz, and Gotham gets a logo

3/12/2014 - These Stunning Satellite Images of Cities Were Really Made With Data

3/12/2014 - This Contraption Cuts Vinyl Records From Digital Audio In Real Time

3/12/2014 - How International Human Rights Law Should Be Applied to NSA Spying

3/12/2014 - An Entire Day of All of Europe's Air Travel, Visualized

3/12/2014 - Why Proper Sterlization Procedures Are Used During Lethal Injections

3/12/2014 - Reckon You Can Solve This Million Dollar Math Problem?

3/12/2014 - Not All Online Editors Are Made Equal

3/12/2014 - Tim Berners-Lee: We Need an Online Magna Carta

3/12/2014 - WSJ Reaffirms Rumors That Music Streaming Is Headed to Amazon Prime

3/12/2014 - This Drone Footage of an Erupting Volcano Is Absolutely Nuts

3/12/2014 - ISS Crew-Swap for Expedition 38

3/12/2014 - BBC takes on the history of sci-fi

3/12/2014 - Watch an arrow change directions in this simple water optical illusion

3/12/2014 - The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: I Will Fly

3/11/2014 - You really don't want to watch this guy french kissing a king cobra

3/11/2014 - A music video of The White Stripes without the music is so awkward

3/11/2014 - DreamWorks introduces its new alien characters in a short prequel film

3/11/2014 - Concept Art Sketches for the Clone Wars Stories We Never Saw

3/11/2014 - Star-Crossed finally starts to ask the interesting questions about race

3/11/2014 - The most important scene from last night's Being Human sets up the end

3/11/2014 - Watch Spidey's first meeting with Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip

3/11/2014 - What if Breaking Bad's cast took a grade school science class together?

3/11/2014 - Here are 7 facts about superheroes you probably didn't know

3/11/2014 - Watch Pure Platinum Turn Into a Pricey 3D Portrait

3/11/2014 - She's back. 'Nuff said.

3/11/2014 - Harvard's Hiring a Wikipedian-in-Residence

3/11/2014 - Brian Greene explains string theory to us in just 14 words

3/11/2014 - Take A Ride on a Steampunk Whale

3/11/2014 - Someday You Could Save Your Files With Nothing But a Sticky Note

3/11/2014 - This Table Charges Your Devices By Mimicking Photosynthesis

3/11/2014 - After nearly 400 years, these distorted human bodies remain shocking

3/11/2014 - One Laptop Per Child Isn't Quite Dead Yet

3/11/2014 - The Best Whiskey Stone According to Science

3/11/2014 - Every Known Galaxy in the Universe, As Seen From a Spaceship

3/11/2014 - This map describes the world of George Orwell's 1984—or does it?

3/11/2014 - A "rainbow" made of sulphuric acid appears in the atmosphere of Venus

3/11/2014 - You Can Now 3D Print a Model of Your New House

3/11/2014 - NASA must fast forward the manned use of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft

3/11/2014 - What TV series did you begrudgingly finish even though you hated it?

3/11/2014 - This Helmet Knows When It's Too Damaged To Protect Your Head

3/11/2014 - Why Neil Young's New Pono Music Player Doesn't Make Any Sense

3/11/2014 - How Implants and Prosthetic Limbs Get Recycled and Reused

3/11/2014 - Would you remember a pretty face?

3/11/2014 - These two airliners look like they're about to crash in this lucky shot

3/11/2014 - This Is Definitely the Classiest Portable Barbecue You'll Ever See

3/11/2014 - Nikon Shows You How to Get the Shot In New Tip Videos

3/11/2014 - My novel about a mad scientist and a witch is becoming a real book!

3/11/2014 - Let BookBot Bring You Any of This Library's Two Million Titles

3/11/2014 - The io9 Book Club is in session! Let's talk about Dead Witch Walking.

3/11/2014 - Words of Radiance puts the "epic" back in epic fantasy

3/11/2014 - Origami Master Makes a Life-Size Elephant From a Single Sheet of Paper

3/11/2014 - Why gluten-free foods aren't necessarily healthier

3/11/2014 - Lost Girl's love triangles become polygons when the Wanderer is revealed

3/11/2014 - Space Exploration as Architecture

3/11/2014 - Two-year-old girl loves Cosmos (and space pajamas) so damn much!

3/11/2014 - NYC Is Falling Apart, and That's OK

3/11/2014 - This one man made 134 of the weirdest movies ever

3/11/2014 - A New Flexible Filament Lets You 3D-Print Custom Sneakers

3/11/2014 - These Trippy Rorschach Landscapes Came From NYC Surveillance Cameras

3/11/2014 - Game of Thrones is catching up to George R.R. Martin: "It's alarming."

3/11/2014 - Exclusive reveal of Enemy's optical illusion poster

3/11/2014 - Co-author of stem-cell study 'loses faith' in paper

3/11/2014 - How the World Would Look If Air Were Truly Transparent

3/11/2014 - 7 Utopias that Changed the Future

3/11/2014 - Lemur Takes An Awesome Selfie

3/11/2014 - Ghostly Facades With No Buildings Behind Them

3/11/2014 - NASA and the crew of Star Trek's Enterprise

3/11/2014 - Cut The Cable Cord And Pre-Order The Most Anticipated Games [Deals]

3/11/2014 - Starck's Dog Desk Will Actually Help Kids Do Their Homework

3/11/2014 - Take a closer look at the creepy altar from True Detective's finale

3/11/2014 - This is how they load nuclear cruise missiles on a B-52 Stratofortress

3/11/2014 - Take a Tour Through the Mother of All Airports

3/11/2014 - Man on fire jumps off a 3,900-foot cliff in craziest basejump stunt yet

3/11/2014 - How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

3/11/2014 - Frederik Pohl's "dread-coated" ​Gateway to get a TV series adapatation

3/11/2014 - Mohu Leaf For $26, Nighthawk AC Router, Canon Cameras Galore [Deals]

3/11/2014 - A Rain-Detecting Automatic Pet Door That Keeps Them Inside and Dry

3/11/2014 - Ping pong match between robot and human looks faked

3/11/2014 - Believe is cliché-filled schmaltz—but it isn't hopeless

3/11/2014 - This 1920s Shockwatch Was Like a Taser For Your Wrist

3/11/2014 - Special relativity creates its own optical illusion

3/11/2014 - Los Angeles To Launch Nation's Largest Interactive Urban Trail Network

3/11/2014 - Watch a Pro Table Tennis Player Take Down a Robot Opponent

3/11/2014 - 10am-11am PST: Brian Greene Q&A on string theory

3/11/2014 - New pasta with tomato popsicle may be yummiest or yuckiest thing yet

3/11/2014 - Why Self-Portraits Aren't A Good Idea When You're a Burglar

3/11/2014 - Astronomy and Toast

3/11/2014 - Here is the new TV Flash in all his scarlet glory

3/11/2014 - The Gudjonsson test can discover how suggestible you are

3/11/2014 - I want to buy all these amazing retro-futuristic movie posters

3/11/2014 - Conan Explains Bitcoin Once and For All

3/11/2014 - Senator Feinstein Asserts That the CIA Spied On Senate Computers

3/11/2014 - This life-sized origami elephant was made from a single sheet of paper

3/11/2014 - Incredible New Trading Software Only Lost Money One Day In Four Years

3/11/2014 - Brian Greene is here to answer your questions about string theory!

3/11/2014 - What Is the Resolution of the Human Eye?

3/11/2014 - The Oscar selfie Hollywood doesn't want you to see

3/11/2014 - This is the amazing self-driving car we all need right now

3/11/2014 - The Panama Canal's Newest Gates Are Truly Gargantuan

3/11/2014 - This Black Widow toy may have stolen Scarlett Johansson's soul

3/11/2014 - This Amazing Mechanical Shading System Makes Blinds Beautiful

3/11/2014 - New map reveals the Milky Way's location among the "Council of Giants"

3/11/2014 - The Hitchhiker's Guide text-game got an update!

3/11/2014 - Greatest Pharmacist Ever Prescribes Anti-Monster Spray for 6-Year-Old

3/11/2014 - Report: iOS 8 Is All About Making Maps Better

3/11/2014 - What artifacts of today would you put into a future museum?

3/11/2014 - Looking at Orange Light Is Like Drinking a Cup of Coffee

3/11/2014 - Sorry, But Smart Rings Aren't the Future

3/11/2014 - New Group Chats and Comment Threads Come to Gizmodo

3/11/2014 - Intelligence hands out horrible plot clichés to all its characters

3/11/2014 - The Fascinating, Complex World Of Paralympic Biathlon and Nordic Skiing

3/11/2014 - Noah has a super-awkward family meeting in this new clip

3/11/2014 - High-Speed Proof of an Airbag's Violently Life-Saving Power

3/11/2014 - How will Amazing Spider-Man 2 keep from overloading on villains?

3/11/2014 - These Womb-Like Cathedrals of Color Are Made From Giant Balloons

3/11/2014 - The Science of How Spice Affects Your Body

3/11/2014 - This Beautiful Blur of Color Is a Space Rainbow Over Venus

3/11/2014 - Visualizing How Sorting Algorithms Work Is as Good as Any Art

3/11/2014 - Why Toothpaste Makes Things Taste So Awful

3/11/2014 - This Is What Happens When Your Non-Coding Boss Asks You to Code

3/11/2014 - A Little Intel Cable That Moves Data at a Staggering 800Gbps

3/11/2014 - Brand new Captain America 2 concept art will make you pump your fist

3/11/2014 - The Lonely Astronaut Photoshoot

3/11/2014 - Here are some more impressions of foreign languages that sound so real

3/11/2014 - Once Upon A Time​ asks: What's sex like with a flying monkey?

3/11/2014 - The Most Awesome '70s Exploitation Flick Never Made

3/11/2014 - A powerful new virus is infecting computers in Ukraine

3/10/2014 - This two person golf trick shot is unbelievable

3/10/2014 - Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time is really beautiful

3/10/2014 - A graph showing all the languages whose words invaded English

3/10/2014 - There's no difference in buying a large beer vs a small beer at a game

3/10/2014 - This might not be a good sign

3/10/2014 - Kick ass dad made a giant Aliens power loader costume for his baby

3/10/2014 - The Proper Reading Order for the Star Trek Novels in a Handy Flowchart

3/10/2014 - These flash science fiction stories will keep you up all night

3/10/2014 - A Menagerie of Church Gargoyles Includes Aliens and Astronauts

3/10/2014 - The Alien Baby Powerloader costume has been upgraded, and it is bonkers

3/10/2014 - Mapping San Francisco's Microclimates With Wine Grown in the City

3/10/2014 - These beautiful underwater monsters will haunt your dreams tonight

3/10/2014 - The Ending of Portal 2 Dramatically Rendered as LEGO Bookends

3/10/2014 - This Audi Ski Lodge Is Being Eaten By a Glitch From the Future

3/10/2014 - What Can President Coolidge Teach Us About Sex?

3/10/2014 - What the hell kind of ending was that, True Detective?

3/10/2014 - City-Dwelling Spiders Build Webs That Don't Work

3/10/2014 - Retracted: Study That Found Acid Converts Blood Cells Into Stem Cells

3/10/2014 - Anne Rice to bring Lestat and the Vampire Chronicles back from the dead

3/10/2014 - OMG This Insane Orphan Black Trailer is Blowing Our Minds

3/10/2014 - What's the worst failed attempt to create an awesome new hero?

3/10/2014 - These Gorgeous Screenprints Showcase a City's Most Famous Structures

3/10/2014 - Some astronauts have a hard time adjusting to life back on Earth

3/10/2014 - Scientists Hacked a Blu-Ray Player to Test for Salmonella

3/10/2014 - Ride an Outdoor Elevator to a Walkway in the Sky

3/10/2014 - Peeing in swimming pools isn't just gross—it may also be hazardous

3/10/2014 - Trailer for The Last Ship has every single apocalypse trope, on a boat!

3/10/2014 - Did good weather lead to the greatest land empire of all time?

3/10/2014 - Terrifying collision between airplane and skydiver, everyone survives

3/10/2014 - Americans Are Riding Public Transit In Record-Breaking Numbers

3/10/2014 - Science TV renaissance to continue with I Fucking Love Science show

3/10/2014 - The World's Thinnest LED Is Only 3 Atoms Thick

3/10/2014 - Gigantic Lego St. Pancras Station is 120,000 bricks of brilliant!

3/10/2014 - What Your Favorite Star Trek Says About You

3/10/2014 - How every song in each music genre sounds exactly alike

3/10/2014 - An LED-Covered Drone Traced This Neon Light-Graffiti Through the Sky

3/10/2014 - Frozen, Archer Season 4, Joss Whedon, Cards Against Humanity [Deals]

3/10/2014 - Silently Celebrate Typewriters With This Illustrated Army of Classics

3/10/2014 - A dynamic map beautifully illustrating the USA's territorial history

3/10/2014 - No, "Planet X" does not exist

3/10/2014 - Surveillance must become "too expensive" before we have privacy

3/10/2014 - How cauterizing a wound works and why you should never try it

3/10/2014 - New Interactive Map Explores State of U.S. Solar Power

3/10/2014 - There is a scientific reason why it always rains on weekends

3/10/2014 - Is this hole in the ground our best shot at finding life on Mars?

3/10/2014 - This Stunning Model of Manhattan Is Carved In Solid Marble

3/10/2014 - Which Guardians didn't make the cut for Guardians of the Galaxy?

3/10/2014 - Real military images feel like lost frames from The Empire Strikes Back

3/10/2014 - Anker External Charger, Make Your Speakers Wireless, Titanfall [Deals]

3/10/2014 - Why Elephants Can Recognize Human Voices

3/10/2014 - Play 1984's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text game for free online

3/10/2014 - Watch As Photographer Captures Accidental Art of LA's Graffiti

3/10/2014 - This Town's Hilltop Mirrors Light It Up With Second-Hand Sunshine

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