5/31/2014 - A Motion-Stabilized Cloverfield Is Awesomely Unwatchable

5/31/2014 - NASA Observes A Solar Explosion In Unprecedented Detail

5/31/2014 - Dear and the Headlights: I Just Do

5/31/2014 - This Blade Runner Art Show Will Hold You Over Until the Sequel

5/31/2014 - Get Ready: Netflix To Stream Sherlock Season 3 Beginning Monday

5/31/2014 - What the Synapses in Your Brain Actually Look Like

5/31/2014 - Pizza Slice Pizza Plates Are a Classier Way To Serve Pizza Pie

5/31/2014 - Crabeater Seals Look Like They Have Buzzsaws For Teeth

5/31/2014 - The Forgotten History Of CGI

5/31/2014 - Do You Ever Snoop on Friends' Phones?

5/31/2014 - The New D&D Adventures Will Include All the Dragons

5/31/2014 - Google's Stealthy Logo Update, Beats by Apple, Pink Slime, and More

5/31/2014 - One Man's Crazy Quest To Build a Tiny House on the Moon

5/31/2014 - What If Ayn Rand Had Written Harry Potter?

5/31/2014 - Tauntaun Butcher Chart Is Your Definitive Guide To Reptomammalian Meat

5/31/2014 - How to Stream Anything from Android to AirPlay

5/31/2014 - Astronaut Reid Wiseman's Tweets From Space Are Making Me So Happy

5/31/2014 - NASA's Art Contest For Kids Yields Results Impressive and Adorable

5/31/2014 - Who's Making The Most Questionable Decisions On Continuum?

5/31/2014 - San Francisco's Sights Reflected Upside-Down In Perfectly Clear Puddles

5/31/2014 - Was Apple's Futuristic HQ Inspired By A 1960s-era San Francisco Motel?

5/31/2014 - Super Rare Footage of the World's Fastest Whale

5/31/2014 - Before It Returns, Check Out These Game of Thrones Character Paintings

5/31/2014 - Test Your Spelling Mettle Against The Washington Post

5/31/2014 - Beaver Dam Causes Russian Road to Collapse

5/31/2014 - This Is the End of After Midnight

5/31/2014 - Nocturnal Transmissions: What Are You Up To?

5/30/2014 - Spectacular image of a double rainbow looks like a magic portal

5/30/2014 - This white guy got plastic surgery to look more like a Korean guy

5/30/2014 - Secret underground vault contains all Lego sets in history

5/30/2014 - Poor Spider-Man Just Wants To Be In Movies With The Avengers

5/30/2014 - This is how I imagined the aliens would come to Earth when I was a kid

5/30/2014 - Beyond Neptune, It Sure Is Crowded With Icy Objects

5/30/2014 - Little kid falls asleep in his toy car and ends up driving in circles

5/30/2014 - An Amazing Version Of Star Wars Made From Everything That Inspired It

5/30/2014 - How Often Men And Women Masturbate, By Age

5/30/2014 - Now THIS Is How You Tell A Disney Villain's Side Of The Story

5/30/2014 - Watch Yann Tiersen Perform A Concert on France's Foggy, Rocky Shore

5/30/2014 - Rat Poison Manufacturer Will Change Recipe; Wildlife and Pets Rejoice

5/30/2014 - Man is stuck in South Korea after his kid doodled all over his passport

5/30/2014 - Dogs Are Now At Risk From Super Bacteria, Too

5/30/2014 - Only Soccer Stars Can Protect Us From Aliens In This Short Film

5/30/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

5/30/2014 - Song Of The Sea Trailer Sets The Perfect Tone For Epic Folklore

5/30/2014 - Nine Scientists Awarded Prestigious Kavli Prizes

5/30/2014 - What Child Character Deserves Their Own Grown-Up Movie?

5/30/2014 - A MIDI Joystick Is Definitely the Best Way To Play Music

5/30/2014 - A Handmade Horse Bike Will Be Your Gorgeous Lifelong Steed

5/30/2014 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Disquiet.com/Forums

5/30/2014 - Crowdfund A Musical Fantasy Web Series And A Play About Jack Kirby

5/30/2014 - Can YouTube Help Doctors Study the Science of Faceplanting?

5/30/2014 - How England's Yeast Vault Saved a Brewery After a Disastrous Flood

5/30/2014 - An Artist Is Raising Money To Build A Quaint Little House On The Moon

5/30/2014 - Vaccine Refusal Has Helped Drive U.S. Measles Cases To A 20-Year High

5/30/2014 - A Very Specific List of Things That Are Ruining My Google Alerts

5/30/2014 - Finally, Transformers Products More Absurd Than Michael Bay's Movies

5/30/2014 - Was This Plastic Helmet the 1940s' Solution to Smog?

5/30/2014 - An Alarm Clock App That Wakes Skiers Earlier For Freshly Fallen Snow

5/30/2014 - New NASA video shows a massive Sun explosion like never before

5/30/2014 - Josh Brolin Cast As Thanos In Guardians of the Galaxy

5/30/2014 - The Cartographer Who Created The Map Of Gotham City

5/30/2014 - The Weirdest And Silliest Virtual Reality Sex Scenes Of All Time [NSFW]

5/30/2014 - This Device Records The Music Made By Flapping Insect Wings

5/30/2014 - Infrared Imagery Cuts through Smoke to See the Funny River Fire

5/30/2014 - Getting Outdoors From New York Just Got Easier

5/30/2014 - Meet The Three Directors Who May Take Edgar Wright's Place On Ant-Man

5/30/2014 - Man Gets Struck By Lightning—And Films The Whole Thing

5/30/2014 - ​Honda's MotoGP Replica Really Will Be A MotoGP Bike For The Street

5/30/2014 - How to Hack a Car and Control It From 1500 Miles Away

5/30/2014 - The House Science Committee Declares The IPCC Report Is Not Science

5/30/2014 - How Verizon Tricks You Into Paying for the Privilege to Pay More

5/30/2014 - 11 of the Weirdest Videos on YouTube

5/30/2014 - Amateurs demolish 100-foot tower using power tool, almost get crushed

5/30/2014 - Criterion Collection Sale, All 23 Bond Films, A Drone to Call Your Own

5/30/2014 - An iPad-Controlled Drum Machine That Plays Whatever You've Got

5/30/2014 - In an Experimental Park, a Wild Species Comes Back from Extinction

5/30/2014 - Douglas Adams' Guide To Interspecies Sex Getting Published At Last

5/30/2014 - Surprise! There's A Baby In This Tiny Predator Costume!

5/30/2014 - Tangents: Data Immersion, the Tuning of the Internet, Superloops, ...

5/30/2014 - What the Hell Are Tachyons?

5/30/2014 - A Rain of Grasshoppers in New Mexico

5/30/2014 - The Best GoPro, Synology NAS, Criterion Collection Sale, Parrot Drone

5/30/2014 - Magnetic Cello Comes With No Strings Attached

5/30/2014 - The Next Crewed Spacecraft Will Be Able to Land Anywhere

5/30/2014 - This Case Transforms the Space Around Your iPhone Into a Trackpad

5/30/2014 - This Book Trailer Will Leave You Craving Scott Westerfeld's Afterworlds

5/30/2014 - How to Take Eye-Popping Pictures of Tiny Bugs

5/30/2014 - 14 Characters Who Prove There Are Way Too Many Cains, Kanes, Etc.

5/30/2014 - Japanese bar turns passed out drunk people into living billboards

5/30/2014 - I Cheated On My Road Bike With A Commuter (And I Liked It)

5/30/2014 - A Map Of Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

5/30/2014 - How to Edit Videos In Your Browser With YouTube's Built-in App

5/30/2014 - The Origin Story of a Theoretical Physicist

5/30/2014 - The Newest Dragon Ball Z Movie Is Coming To The U.S. In August

5/30/2014 - North Korea Invented a Gatorade That's Made From Fungus

5/30/2014 - This Farmer Is Trying to Save Chickens "Rejected" By Big Poultry

5/30/2014 - New Method of Quantum Teleportation Could Bring Us a Quantum Internet

5/30/2014 - Maleficent Isn't A Good Movie, But I Love It Anyway

5/30/2014 - How SpaceX Dragon V2 dramatically changes space travel in one image

5/30/2014 - Two lions having sex interrupt interview about lions having sex

5/30/2014 - New Planet Of The Apes Trailer Shows The Apes' New Home

5/30/2014 - America's Most Important Spy Plane That Isn't an SR-71 Blackbird

5/30/2014 - God Does Not Want Nic Cage In The First Left Behind Trailer

5/30/2014 - The First Cheap 3D Printed Food Is Delicious Nursing Home Mush

5/30/2014 - What Countries Are Due East And West Of The Americas?

5/30/2014 - An Ode to the Decaying Playgrounds That Pepper America's Lawns

5/30/2014 - Report: Oculus Is Helping Samsung With Its Own VR Headset

5/30/2014 - iOS 8 Concept Shows Just How Useful Widgets and Live Tiles Would Be

5/30/2014 - These Glow-in-the-Dark Curtains Put the Northern Lights On Your Windows

5/30/2014 - It's Friday! Here Comes Your GIF Party

5/30/2014 - What's the Most Expensive Thing You Can Find on Amazon?

5/30/2014 - Morgan Freeman's unboxing video from Se7en is dark humor at its best

5/30/2014 - Adult women react to seeing their own vagina for the first time

5/30/2014 - Watch Live Data Streams On Tron: Legacy's Awesome Encom Display

5/30/2014 - A Little Fancy Math Could Make Mobile Networks Five Times Faster

5/30/2014 - Rumor Patrol: A New Walking Dead Character, And Ant-Man's New Director

5/30/2014 - 9-year-old skater tries 75 times before landing an aerial trick

5/30/2014 - A New Wireless Router Lets You Trade Facebook Check-Ins For Free Wi-Fi

5/30/2014 - Virgin Galactic Is Finally Cleared for U.S. Take-Off

5/30/2014 - ​New Bill Threatens to Stop FCC Treating Broadband as a Utility

5/30/2014 - Neil deGrasse Tyson explains weather and climate change for dummies

5/30/2014 - Watch LeVar Burton Explain How Double Rainbows Form

5/30/2014 - Science explains why fried bacon smells so freaking good

5/30/2014 - Is This the Back of the iPhone 6?

5/30/2014 - This Prosthetic Is Designed Especially For Rock Climbers

5/30/2014 - Report: Microsoft Working on Smartwatch That Plays With iOS and Android

5/30/2014 - Star Wars Macarons Prove the Force is Delicious

5/30/2014 - Exactly How the NSA Violates International Human Rights

5/30/2014 - Who Was Guilty of Misconduct During Gaius Baltar's Trial?

5/30/2014 - Get Ready for Cirque du Soleil's Take on Avatar

5/30/2014 - There's a pool hidden underneath this yard of grass

5/30/2014 - The new SpaceX Dragon V2: Everything you need to know

5/30/2014 - Nocturnal Transmissions: What'll Get You to Try Any Piece of Fiction?

5/30/2014 - A Tale of Babe Rainbows and Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forests

5/29/2014 - Mess with the Meter of a 1918 New Orleans Jazz Record

5/29/2014 - This couple's wedding may have been the geekiest wedding ever

5/29/2014 - $10 million yacht tips over on its maiden voyage

5/29/2014 - This shark likes to be pet like a dog

5/29/2014 - Scientists Tackle the "Faceplanting" Phenomenon

5/29/2014 - Abrams, Get This One-Man Star Wars Band In Episode VII, STAT

5/29/2014 - Roland Emmerich Is Rebooting Stargate With A New Movie Trilogy

5/29/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Night The Aliens Got Wasted

5/29/2014 - Watch a new Mac Pro full of C4 explosive blowing up in slow motion

5/29/2014 - Tons More Mira Grant Coming Our Way!

5/29/2014 - Two Ways of Dealing with the Apocalypse

5/29/2014 - A Shape-Shifting Colander You Can Get Excited About

5/29/2014 - A Container That Also Assembles Its Own Contents

5/29/2014 - These Auditory Illusions Are Absolutely Bewildering

5/29/2014 - Night-flight for the Morpheus Lander is Gorgeous

5/29/2014 - Led Zeppelin vs The Beatles: Whole Lotta Helter Skelter

5/29/2014 - This Terrifying Robo-Raptor Will Hunt You Down at 29 MPH

5/29/2014 - We Can't Stop Grinning At This Animation About A Delusional Stegosaurus

5/29/2014 - It Took 30 Artists To Redo Ghost In The Shell's Opening In Live Action

5/29/2014 - NASA's Lost Satellite Just Made Its First Contact With Earth in 17 Years

5/29/2014 - Behold the Weird Glory of Airplanes Driving on Roads

5/29/2014 - The 100 Makes An "Arrow To The Knee" Joke

5/29/2014 - Here's How a 1984 Macintosh Tutorial Taught People to Use a Mouse

5/29/2014 - ​How To Find The Perfect LED Flashlight

5/29/2014 - Hundreds of "Hidden" Paintings Discovered at Angkor Wat

5/29/2014 - Everything You Need To Know About Dark Horse Comics' Project Black Sky

5/29/2014 - Maps of Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

5/29/2014 - Penguins Of Madagascar Switch Meant To Assure Box-Office Success

5/29/2014 - An Algorithm Revealed 200 Lost Paintings on Angkor Wat's Ancient Walls

5/29/2014 - The National Park Service Doesn't Know Its Coyotes

5/29/2014 - The First Real Look Android Wear In Action on a Smartwatch

5/29/2014 - What's The Most Bleak And Misanthropic Series Of All Time?

5/29/2014 - An LED Wand Turns Your Wine Bottles Into Lamps Without Flame

5/29/2014 - The 1970s Spacecraft is Ours Again!

5/29/2014 - Introducing HeroX -- A Way To Crowdfund Your Very Own X-Prize

5/29/2014 - James McAvoy Won't Do Star Trek Impressions For Patrick Stewart

5/29/2014 - Replacement Caps Upcycle Coke Bottles Into Water Guns and More

5/29/2014 - The Bones of A Mythical Japanese Water Demon Are Going On Display

5/29/2014 - Report: Amazon's Streaming Music Service Will Only Have Older Tunes

5/29/2014 - The Sentence Structure Of Dothraki, Diagrammed

5/29/2014 - Well, The First U.S. Trailer For Snowpiercer Looks Awesome, At Least

5/29/2014 - A Comprehensive Look into the Future of Smartphone Screen Sizes

5/29/2014 - Your Ears Can Be Fooled With Illusions As Easily As Your Eyes

5/29/2014 - Wonder Woman Costume Designs We'd Love To See On The Big Screen

5/29/2014 - This Prototype Catamaran Lets You Cruise the Sea on Suspension Stilts

5/29/2014 - Report: Apple's Home Automation System May Be Simpler Than You'd Hope

5/29/2014 - See the Towering Future of San Francisco’s Skyline In a 3D-Printed Model

5/29/2014 - A Tent For Your Tiny Crossover

5/29/2014 - Why Isn't the Guy Who Designed Beats Going to Work For Apple, Too?

5/29/2014 - Here's What A Day Off Looks Like From Aboard the ISS

5/29/2014 - Ask a Bike Planner How to Make Your City More Cyclist-Friendly

5/29/2014 - The new SpaceX Dragon V2

5/29/2014 - Classic Doctor Who, Eureka Complete Collection, Huge ThinkGeek Sale

5/29/2014 - Can a "Cityhenge" Happen in Your City at Sunset?

5/29/2014 - SpaceX Dragon 2 Unveiling Tonight

5/29/2014 - Click and Grow Smart Farm Review: Idiot-Proof Indoor Farming

5/29/2014 - All Of Pixar's Short Films, Ranked

5/29/2014 - Why Agnosticism Probably Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

5/29/2014 - In Defense of Pink Slime

5/29/2014 - Aether Cone Review: A Little Speaker With Some Big Ambitions

5/29/2014 - Do You Feel Like You're Not Sleeping, Even When You Are?

5/29/2014 - The Book of Life Trailer Is So Beautiful It Will Give You Goosebumps

5/29/2014 - Video Game Characters Die Hilarious Deaths In Gashlycrumb Tinies Style

5/29/2014 - Retina iPad Mini Deal, 14" Chromebook, $100 off Verizon Phones, Fitbit

5/29/2014 - Urban downhill racing is not for the faint of heart

5/29/2014 - Scientists Solved the Mystery of Why Rechargeable Batteries Go Bad

5/29/2014 - 529 Garage: Crowd-Connected Bike Security for the Modern Rider

5/29/2014 - 10 TV Season Finales That Were Still Being Written At The Last Minute

5/29/2014 - How the iCloud "Hack" Holds iOS Devices Hostage

5/29/2014 - SpaceX Unveils Its First Crewed Spacecraft Tonight – Watch It Live!

5/29/2014 - How Droga5 Put Motorola's Moto E Through The Slo-Mo Freefall Paces

5/29/2014 - Want To Sell Your Stuff At A Convention? Read This Comic First

5/29/2014 - Hackers Created a Fake News Site to Friend US Officials on Facebook

5/29/2014 - Desert house looks like Mars outpost outside and Game of Thrones inside

5/29/2014 - ​​H.G. Wells' Remarkable Scientific Article About Evolution On Mars

5/29/2014 - Guy invents machine to shoot 12-feet flames from his wrists

5/29/2014 - Earth To Echo Trailer Finally Reveals Its Adorable Alien Invader

5/29/2014 - You Can Check Your YouTube Stream Quality From Home Now

5/29/2014 - Insane man flies through a narrow gap between two buildings

5/29/2014 - Ask All Your Questions About Synthetic Biology!

5/29/2014 - An Overdue Reactor That Could Be the Key to Our Fusion Revolution

5/29/2014 - Independence Day 2 Still Happening, But Getting A Rewrite

5/29/2014 - Now We Can Watch Crystals Grow an Atom At a Time

5/29/2014 - The Willis Tower's 103rd Floor Glass Skydeck Cracked Last Night

5/29/2014 - Before the Palm, the Pepper Was Southern California's Most Iconic Tree

5/29/2014 - Most Doctors Would Refuse Their Own Aggressive End-Of-life Treatments

5/29/2014 - 9/11 Museum Gift Shop Removes One Tacky Item Following Outrage

5/29/2014 - Camelopardalids over Joshua Trees

5/29/2014 - Making pollen disappear by setting it on fire looks like a magic trick

5/29/2014 - The Director Of Jurassic World Reveals The Movie's Real Plot

5/29/2014 - TweetDeck Tips and Tricks To Master All Things Twitter

5/29/2014 - Watch A Drone Deliver A Pizza To A Skyscraper In Mumbai

5/29/2014 - You Can Now Buy Bitcoin Mining Hardware From Walmart

5/29/2014 - Google's Self-Driving Car Is the Future We Need

5/29/2014 - What Are The Scientific Landmarks That We All Need To Visit?

5/29/2014 - A Keurig Machine For Tortillas. Repeat: A KEURIG MACHINE FOR TORTILLAS

5/29/2014 - The Next Cosmos Is Poised To Be The Most Controversial Yet

5/29/2014 - Incredibly enough, nobody died in this fiery car crash explosion

5/29/2014 - 31 Air Traffic Control Towers With Surprising Charm

5/29/2014 - The Many Easter Eggs Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past Revealed

5/29/2014 - Confirmed: John Wesley Shipp Will Play The Flash's Father!

5/29/2014 - Beats Solo2: A New Day, Same Beats By Dre

5/29/2014 - Boring automaker hypnotizes customers to make them like their cars

5/29/2014 - This Inflatable Tent Makes the Car Part of the Canopy

5/29/2014 - Verizon Claims Public Utility Status on Broadband For Government Perks

5/29/2014 - This Chinese farmer is recycling suitcases into electric scooters

5/29/2014 - Could You Get Drunk By Drinking a Drunk Person's Blood?

5/29/2014 - How a Slave Had to Build the Freedom Statue in Washington DC

5/29/2014 - Watch a Biplane Fly Through the Arc de Triomphe. In 1919.

5/29/2014 - How Much Time the World Spends Looking at Screens, Visualized

5/29/2014 - San Francisco Is Using GPS-Tagged Bikes to Bait Thieves

5/29/2014 - If You Drink Milk and Don't Get Sick, You're a Mutant

5/29/2014 - Man Keeps His Home Safe With a Dragon Hedge

5/29/2014 - Hulu Is in Talks to Revive Community!

5/29/2014 - Korean War memorial is a historical photoshop horror

5/29/2014 - Isa Looks Way More Ambitious Than Your Average Syfy Movie

5/29/2014 - Nocturnal Transmissions: What Are You Watching?

5/29/2014 - This Must Be What Watching Acid Punk on Acid Looks Like (NSFW)

5/29/2014 - At Last We Have a Technology That Can Stop Volcanoes

5/28/2014 - We Want To See More Fairy Tales Like This One

5/28/2014 - One of Pixar's Most Talented Composers Will Score Inside Out

5/28/2014 - Edward Snowden Wants to Know If He's Hurt You

5/28/2014 - Hey, Aspiring Khals And Khaleesis, Here's Dothraki For Beginners

5/28/2014 - I want to eat these burger pop-tarts forever

5/28/2014 - The very first E.T. designs would have scarred every kid's brain forever

5/28/2014 - Did This Martian Volcano Once Host Life?

5/28/2014 - Tor.Com Starts Its Own Book Imprint!

5/28/2014 - ​Confessions Of A Former Young Earth Creationist

5/28/2014 - The Perfect Place To Put Futurama's "Shut Up And Take My Money" Picture

5/28/2014 - One Million Pounds of Plate Glass Went Into This Incredible Maze

5/28/2014 - Operation Avalanche Focuses On The CIA's Role In The Space Race

5/28/2014 - Lex Luthor's Wealth Compared To The Real World's Richest People

5/28/2014 - With Defenders, Will McIntosh Goes Big

5/28/2014 - 3D Printing an Entire Chair Is Easy When It's One Big Puzzle

5/28/2014 - Even In The 1900s, Humans Were Obsessed With Photos Of Dogs In Clothes

5/28/2014 - Amazing Reef Fish Glow in the Dark But Remain Invisible to Predators

5/28/2014 - THC May Help Protect Your Brain Against the Ravages of Meth

5/28/2014 - Apple Just Hired the Two Smartest Music Moguls of Our Time

5/28/2014 - These Are NASA's (Ugly) New Astronaut Shoes

5/28/2014 - The Moment That Was Cut From The Temple Of Doom For Being Too Gruesome

5/28/2014 - "Even Though That Made No Sense Whatsoever, I Still Totally Loved It"

5/28/2014 - Coral Creeps Up Island Slopes to Stay at the Surface

5/28/2014 - Watch a Meteor Explode in Joshua Tree's Night Sky

5/28/2014 - A Tiny, Breathing Lung Made of Cancer Cells That Helps Test Chemo Drugs

5/28/2014 - How to Get Hit in the Head With a Drone

5/28/2014 - PETA Tries To Pretend Dairy Products Have Something To Do With Autism

5/28/2014 - Netflix's Deal With Sony Shows They Care About Animation

5/28/2014 - Have Scientists Solved The Mystery Of Phantom Limb Pain?

5/28/2014 - Is the Future of Condoms Literally Just the Tip?

5/28/2014 - Rumor: Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Outfit Will Include Pants And A Jacket

5/28/2014 - What's In Store For Your Favorite Game Of Thrones Characters Next Year?

5/28/2014 - These Plantable Pencils Grow Fresh Herbs From Your Failed Lit Ambitions

5/28/2014 - Pink Floyd’s New Video Gives Spaceflight The Soundtrack It Deserves

5/28/2014 - Beats by Apple Makes Monster's Big Mistake Even Bigger

5/28/2014 - 10 Books That Could Change the Way You Understand Modern Cities

5/28/2014 - Apple Is Officially Buying Beats for $3 Billion

5/28/2014 - Burning Oil on Ice Doesn't Work as Hoped

5/28/2014 - A Simple Blast of Laser Could Help Your Teeth Grow Back

5/28/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Circles

5/28/2014 - This Bizarre Looking Device Lets You Draw How Your Eyes Actually See

5/28/2014 - Scientists think there may be a wormhole in the center of our galaxy

5/28/2014 - Help Build Hollywood's Science Fiction Museum

5/28/2014 - This Supercooling Fridge Chills Food To Sub-Zero Without Freezing It

5/28/2014 - Surreal Photos Of Disembodied Android Faces Are Horrifying

5/28/2014 - How to Pull Off the Perfect Bank Heist

5/28/2014 - Stephen Hawking's Formula For England's World Cup Success

5/28/2014 - How Forty Acres of Desert Appeared in the Middle of Maine

5/28/2014 - The John Carter Sequel We're Never Getting Would've Been "Awesome"

5/28/2014 - X-Men Everything, Name-Your-Price Ebooks, Keyboard from the Future

5/28/2014 - New Method for Spray-On Graphene Makes the Supermaterial Even Stronger

5/28/2014 - Everything You Never Knew About The Making Of Escape From New York

5/28/2014 - ​Dogs And Sidecars, A Match Made In Motorcycle Heaven

5/28/2014 - Watch Massimo Vignelli Read a Few of the Hundreds of Letters He Received

5/28/2014 - Samsung Wants to Be the Central Platform for All Wearables

5/28/2014 - These psychedelic cupcakes are not photoshopped

5/28/2014 - CNN Needlessly Terrifies Thousands By Publishing Asteroid Hoax

5/28/2014 - The Evolution of Google's Iconic Logo

5/28/2014 - Selective Perception Is What Makes People Fight About TV

5/28/2014 - The Moon's Internet Connection Is Probably Faster than Yours

5/28/2014 - $70 Moto G Sans-Contract, Laser Keyboard, Bargain Bluetooth Headphones

5/28/2014 - It Only Takes One Bozo To Kill Your Cloud Data

5/28/2014 - The Pentagon Wants to Tackle Climate Change -- But Congress Forbids It

5/28/2014 - See The Merry Afterlife From Guillermo Del Toro's Day Of The Dead Movie

5/28/2014 - Eureka! A Whisper-Quiet Wind Turbine Based On Archimedes' Screw

5/28/2014 - Mondo Predator Poster Exclusive Pits The Alien Warrior Against A Snake

5/28/2014 - The Future of Apple Computing Was Almost Turned Sideways

5/28/2014 - Everything In The First Teaser For The Strain Is Terrifying

5/28/2014 - This prediction for Humanity's next 40,000 years is worth fighting for

5/28/2014 - How Disney Built Maleficent's Expansive Fantasy Kingdom

5/28/2014 - Intel Will Let You 3D-Print Your Own Robot This Year

5/28/2014 - An Animated Map Of The Last 160 Years Of Carbon Emissions Worldwide

5/28/2014 - How to Fight Fires With Decommissioned Jet Engines Strapped to a Tank

5/28/2014 - Could You Get Drunk By Drinking The Blood Of A Drunk Person?

5/28/2014 - College Student Discovers a Second Ebay Security Flaw

5/28/2014 - Guy jumps over huge gap to hang 490-feet above London with one hand

5/28/2014 - What Childhood Toys Have You Held On To?

5/28/2014 - This Is How Light Travels Through the Layers of The Sun

5/28/2014 - Amazon's Hit List: Which Books Are Screwed, and By How Much

5/28/2014 - ​Dear Woman-Hating Comic Store Employees: Eat A Bowl Of Shit

5/28/2014 - The Leap Motion Controller Is About to Get a Whole Lot Better

5/28/2014 - Video captures storm chaser getting hit by lightning

5/28/2014 - Buzz saw flies across New York sidewalk, cuts woman on the leg

5/28/2014 - This Bike Started Life As a Wheelchair

5/28/2014 - The Scientist Who Predicted Humans Would Evolve Into A Race Of Cyclops

5/28/2014 - Turn Gmail Into an RSS Reader With IFTTT

5/28/2014 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Just How Wealthy Bill Gates Is

5/28/2014 - LeVar Burton Enlists the Internet To Help Resurrect Reading Rainbow

5/28/2014 - A Timer Cap For Water Bottles Reminds You to Hydrate Every Hour

5/28/2014 - Broadcom's New Chip Will Let Your Phone Use Any Wireless Charger

5/28/2014 - Ghost in the Shell animation intro turned into live action

5/28/2014 - Just How Acrobatic Is Daisy Ridley's New Star Wars Character?

5/28/2014 - These Redesigned MLB Stadium Logos Are Better Than the Real Thing

5/28/2014 - How scientists are trying to unlock the secrets of wildfires

5/28/2014 - NYPD to Carry Life-Saving Antidote Kits for Heroin Overdoses

5/28/2014 - What If All the Saturn V Rockets Launched at the Same Time?

5/28/2014 - What's Your Favorite Non-Amazon Place to Buy Books?

5/28/2014 - Retired man sculpts hedge into a 100-foot-long dragon

5/28/2014 - This abandoned town is a giant playground for trials bikers

5/28/2014 - How One Man’s Love of Urine Led to the Discovery of Phosphorus

5/28/2014 - Sci-fi film shows the agony of a soldier's first mission in one close up

5/28/2014 - Amazon Admits It's Screwing With Hachette—and Will Until It Gets Its Way

5/28/2014 - The FTC Wants to Save You From Data Brokers That Sell Your Secrets

5/28/2014 - This 2-Minute Video Explains Vertigo

5/28/2014 - Sergey Brin: I Shouldn't Have Worked on Google+ As I'm Not Very Social

5/28/2014 - Report: China Wants Its Banks to Stop Using IBM Servers

5/28/2014 - Who Wins When Marvel Characters Go Up Against Their DC Counterparts?

5/28/2014 - A Complete Primer for All the Species of Cats

5/28/2014 - ​Why Google's Self-Driving Car Will Fail

5/28/2014 - The Death of Film Is Felt Hardest In the City Built on Kodak's Reign

5/28/2014 - Johnny Depp Is in Talks to Play Houdini as a Holmes/Indiana Jones Mix

5/28/2014 - Little kid dresses up in a mini Predator costume

5/28/2014 - Why Does the Pursuit of Perfection Always Ends in Fascism? (NSFW)

5/28/2014 - Nocturnal Transmissions: What's Your Irrational Pet Peeve for Fiction?

5/27/2014 - Marvel's New Daredevil Is Charlie Cox

5/27/2014 - That's No Lightning. It's A Love Letter!

5/27/2014 - Killer Concept Art For X-Men: Days Of Future Past's Sentinels

5/27/2014 - True Detective Season 2 Location And Plot Details Revealed!

5/27/2014 - When otters play piano they compose horror movie scores

5/27/2014 - Skype to Launch Star Trek-Style, Real-Time Language Translator

5/27/2014 - Most American comedy movies suck and here's why

5/27/2014 - Will Michael Bay Direct A Neon Genesis Evangelion Adaptation?

5/27/2014 - Did Friendship Help Our Ancestors Evolve?

5/27/2014 - Was That Just a Gamma Ray Burst in Andromeda?! (Updated: No, but still cool.)

5/27/2014 - An 8-Bit Donnie Darko game is just as dark and good as the movie

5/27/2014 - Mysterious Miniatures from Funabashi

5/27/2014 - Why Everyone Is Obsessed With This Academic Book on Economics

5/27/2014 - Watch Donkey-Headed Catherine Deneuve Bake A Magic Cake in Donkey Skin

5/27/2014 - Mark Wahlberg Says Transformers: Age Of Extinction Is "More Realistic"

5/27/2014 - Dextre Installs a New Camera on the Canadarm, Poses for a Selfie

5/27/2014 - Did Dinosaur Dilophosaurus Really Have Feathers?

5/27/2014 - World's Tallest Waterslide Opens For Test Rides—Immediately Shuts Down

5/27/2014 - These Meteorites Were Caught on Film as They Blazed to Earth

5/27/2014 - A wall of fog invades the Golden Gate bridge at sunrise

5/27/2014 - Edward Snowden Claims He Was a Spy in Interview (Update: Video)

5/27/2014 - Bizarre Soviet-Era Theory About New State of Matter Is Actually Right

5/27/2014 - The BBC Seriously Considered Cancelling Doctor Who When Tennant Left

5/27/2014 - How Mad Men-Era Americans Imagined the World Would Look In 1970

5/27/2014 - How More Bike Parking Could Make Cities Better For Everyone

5/27/2014 - This Box Transforms A 200-Square-Foot Room Into A Comfortable Apartment

5/27/2014 - Mad guys laugh instead of fleeing as a tornado comes to destroy them

5/27/2014 - Forget Coolers and Store Your Beer In this Underground Elevator

5/27/2014 - Should People Without Licenses Be Allowed To 'Drive' Autonomous Cars?

5/27/2014 - Let's Hope The First Phone Call From Mars Isn't To Someone's Wife

5/27/2014 - What Will Happen When All Paris Traffic Slows To 19 Miles Per Hour?

5/27/2014 - What Genre Movie Made You Leave the Theater or Shut Off the TV?

5/27/2014 - Kitchen Moon Dust is a Silky Sandpile for Landlocked Playtime

5/27/2014 - Spiked Godzilla Hoodie Lets You Live Out Your Destructive Fantasies

5/27/2014 - These Inflatable Godzilla Costumes Are Both Brilliant And Terrifying

5/27/2014 - The Surreal Sight of Skyscrapers Encased in Colored Fabric

5/27/2014 - Video of the first dog in the world to fly on a wingsuit

5/27/2014 - A Car Seat With Retractable Stroller Wheels Frees Up Trunk Space

5/27/2014 - A Visualization Of Popular Opening Chess Moves Over Time

5/27/2014 - Who Designed the Weather Icons?

5/27/2014 - Anime Fans Explain What They Hate About Live-Action Adaptations

5/27/2014 - Wiley's First Camping Trip

5/27/2014 - The Best Campsite In Big Sur

5/27/2014 - ​So You Want To Go Camping For The Very First Time

5/27/2014 - How Can a Movie Series Bounce Back From "Franchise Fatigue"?

5/27/2014 - There's an Electric Skateboard For Commuters Hiding Inside this Backpack

5/27/2014 - 10 Revealing Photos Of Skin

5/27/2014 - Mercury, The Madman, and the Drunken Celestial

5/27/2014 - Watch Seven Years' Worth Of Meteor Showers Condensed Into Two Minutes

5/27/2014 - That Time a Commercial Aircraft Ran Out of Fuel Mid-Flight

5/27/2014 - Exoplanets Close to Earth's Size Are Surprisingly Common

5/27/2014 - I never thought fishing with dynamite worked like this

5/27/2014 - Meet the Busiest Citi Bike in All of New York City

5/27/2014 - The Chinese Comic Book Version of Star Wars Is Dazzling, Baffling

5/27/2014 - $5 Blu-ray Blowout, Alien Anthology, 20% off Video Games

5/27/2014 - MIT Breakthrough Makes Tiny Apartments Feel Three Times Bigger

5/27/2014 - LG G3 Hands-On: Glorious Hardware, With Software That's Actually Usable

5/27/2014 - Facebook Is Going to Stop Forcing You to Overshare

5/27/2014 - The Only Way 2001 Can Be Improved: Make H. Jon Benjamin Voice HAL 9000

5/27/2014 - Why Tomorrow's Conservatives Will Reject The Death Penalty

5/27/2014 - RIP Massimo Vignelli: The Iconic Designer Who Shaped a Century

5/27/2014 - Self-Surgery: The Correct Way to do Human Experimentation

5/27/2014 - This Amputee Turtle's Prosthetic Fins Are Modeled On Fighter Jet Wings

5/27/2014 - Unbelievable Display Technology Uses Levitating Particles as Pixels

5/27/2014 - SSDs of All Sizes, the Skillet You Deserve, $70 Off-Contract Moto G

5/27/2014 - ​12 Of The Most Game-Changing TV Episodes Ever

5/27/2014 - Paolo Bacigalupi's Next Novel Will Focus on the Future of Water

5/27/2014 - Hackers Are Using Find My iPhone to Hold iOS Devices for Ransom

5/27/2014 - LG G3: A Bigger, Burlier Smartphone Workhorse

5/27/2014 - Here's What We Know About Pixar's Next Movie, Set Inside The Human Mind

5/27/2014 - Hugh Jackman Answers All Your Super Spoilery X-Men Questions

5/27/2014 - The Eerie Abandoned Railway That Could Become Philly's Next Park

5/27/2014 - From Footprints to the Feet that Made Them

5/27/2014 - The El Niño Cycle, Explained In Charts

5/27/2014 - Surface Pro 3 Review: The Greatest Laptop-Tablet Hybrid You Don't Need

5/27/2014 - Reading Glasses With a Built-In Secret Neck Strap

5/27/2014 - O Canada, Why Are You Still Muzzling Science Journalists?

5/27/2014 - Singapore looks like Blade Runner in this hyper-lapse video

5/27/2014 - Hacker Turned FBI Informant Sabu Sentenced to One Year Probation

5/27/2014 - Now This Is The Updated Power Rangers Series We Deserve

5/27/2014 - Decorate Your Temple of Doom With a Monkey Head Bowl Full of Fake Brains

5/27/2014 - A Human Experimenter Was Vice-President Of The American Cancer Society

5/27/2014 - What Causes the Smell After It Rains?

5/27/2014 - The Science Of Why Bacon Smells So Goddamn Good

5/27/2014 - NASA's Space Rats Are Checking Into This Swanky New Rodent Hotel

5/27/2014 - The Syndrome That Makes People Lie About How Many Legs Are On A Dog

5/27/2014 - Trailer For Stanislaw Lem's The Congress Explains The Beautiful Madness

5/27/2014 - What Was The First Scientific Question You Ever Asked?

5/27/2014 - Google Changed Its Logo This Weekend and You Didn't Even Notice

5/27/2014 - All the Saturn V rockets launching at the same time in a single video

5/27/2014 - How To Make Your Social Media Accounts (Almost) Unhackable

5/27/2014 - This Abandoned Wasteland Was Once America's Largest Mall

5/27/2014 - Real Life Mosquito Tornado Is Far More Terrifying Than Sharknado

5/27/2014 - Lomography's First Instant Camera Uses Real-Life Filters

5/27/2014 - Doctor Who Sings Rocky Horror's "Time Warp" As Fate Always Intended

5/27/2014 - Sydney morphs into a psychedelic wonderland using projected lights

5/27/2014 - Life-Saving App Knows How Much Blood You Lost Just Looking At a Sponge

5/27/2014 - A Soldier's Tintype Photos Of Afghanistan Show The Timelessness Of War

5/27/2014 - 11 Totally Free Images From NYC's Best Museums and Libraries

5/27/2014 - Major Reveals From X-Men: Apocalypse, Fantastic Four, and True Blood!

5/27/2014 - Baltimore's Solar Wheel Pulls in 25 Tons of Harbor Garbage Daily

5/27/2014 - Apple Patent Hints at Plans for LiquidMetal and Sapphire iPhone Chassis

5/27/2014 - I wish all ads were as good as this classic Dirt Devil commercial

5/27/2014 - Samsung Smartwatch Patent Predicts Gesture Control on Your Wrist

5/27/2014 - Reddit Study Reveals How to Ask For Favors Online — and Get Them

5/27/2014 - Projected lights turn shipyard cranes into alien machines

5/27/2014 - This B-52 Bomber Is Now a Network Hub With Wings

5/27/2014 - Maybe Amazon Should Make the Smile on Its Boxes a Little More Honest

5/27/2014 - MH370 Satellite Data Is Now Available For Anyone to Investigate

5/27/2014 - A Netflix Bug Created the Best Movie Mashups

5/27/2014 - Report: Google and Nest Want to Offer Home Surveillance

5/27/2014 - Slow-Mo Video of Ballet Dancers Defies Gravity

5/27/2014 - Gigantic Lego Stay Puft Marshmallow Man faces the Ghostbusters in NYC

5/27/2014 - Nocturnal Transmissions: Let's All Go to the Movies!

5/26/2014 - If Darth Vader had a car, it would be this killer Cadillac concept

5/26/2014 - Flash flood inundates city in just five minutes

5/26/2014 - How You Design Brakes To Stop a 1,000 MPH Car

5/26/2014 - A Videogame Controller Designed To Operate Construction Equipment

5/26/2014 - Does Pure Aluminum Exist In Nature?

5/26/2014 - Veteran tells how killing a young German soldier haunted him for life

5/26/2014 - One Terrible X-Men Coloring Book Inspired A Gallery Of Amazing Art

5/26/2014 - There's a Hero Repairing Chicago's Horrible Potholes With Mosaics

5/26/2014 - Godzilla Stomps Epic Footprints into the Landscape

5/26/2014 - This Bunk Bed Sofa Out-Transforms Even Optimus Prime

5/26/2014 - Now This Is An Epic​ Little Mermaid Chest Tattoo

5/26/2014 - These Futuristic Buildings Reveal the Soviets' Vision for Tomorrow

5/26/2014 - A Zen Garden Is Even More Relaxing When a Robot Does All the Work

5/26/2014 - Edgar Wright's Swiftly Deleted Comment On His Ant-Man Departure

5/26/2014 - Dive into This Digital USS Arizona in the Name of Conservation

5/26/2014 - A Supertask Shows How Particles Can Spontaneously Start Moving

5/26/2014 - 500 feet of detonation cord blow up in slow motion

5/26/2014 - Which Character Would Make The Very Worst Travel Buddy?

5/26/2014 - These Split Beer Glasses Are Perfect for Half-Pints

5/26/2014 - This Robot Gymnast Blooper Reel Is as Hilarious As It Is Adorable

5/26/2014 - Why We Shouldn't Worry About Open Wi-Fi

5/26/2014 - Dissect The Best Minutes Of ​The Empire Strikes Back With Us

5/26/2014 - Humanity Is Now Officially Ready For Suspended Animation

5/26/2014 - We Would Totally Watch A Batman Series Starring The Arkham Bunnies

5/26/2014 - Initial Report: Grand Mesa Landslide

5/26/2014 - Kickstart The Story Of A Young WWI Soldier Looking For His Father

5/26/2014 - In "Resurrection," ​Penny Dreadful Heads To The Zoo

5/26/2014 - Watch a Robo-Crocodile Sneak Around Hippos to Study Their Poop

5/26/2014 - How A Cryptoanalyst Discovered The Identity Of The Man In The Iron Mask

5/26/2014 - Is This Batman's Secret Trick For Disappearing In A Cloud Of Smoke?

5/26/2014 - Mice in the Dragon's Hold

5/26/2014 - How Wind And Water Create The World's Most Beautiful Rock Landscapes

5/26/2014 - The Washington Monument's Moving Shadow Is a Fun Google Maps Easter Egg

5/26/2014 - China tries to make artificial lake, fails and creates desert instead

5/26/2014 - Get Free Massages From 20-Foot Burmese Pythons!

5/26/2014 - New Mummy X-Rays Let You Peer Right Inside Ancient Egyptian Bodies

5/26/2014 - ​8 Ways X-Men Movie Continuity Is Still Irretrievably Fucked

5/26/2014 - An Infant Star Pierces Through Its Birth Cloud

5/26/2014 - Just Another Stunning Nebula 15,000 Light Years Away

5/26/2014 - This Week's TV: Will Wil Wheaton's Geek News Make Us Grin Or Groan?

5/26/2014 - WWII Germany Hunted Tanks with Explosive Goliath Beetles

5/26/2014 - Report: Apple's Turning the iPhone Into a Remote For Your Entire House

5/26/2014 - Look at This Monstrous Moving Machine Illuminated By Starlight

5/26/2014 - Oh My God How Is This Amazing Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer Not Real

5/26/2014 - Sobering Images Show Famous World War I Battle Sites A Century Later

5/26/2014 - All the Best Memorial Day Sales on Gadgets, Clothes, Games, and More

5/26/2014 - Four Edge of Tomorrow Clips Show A Cowardly Tom Cruise Killing Aliens

5/26/2014 - Behind-the-scenes photos reveal the secrets of Mad Men sets

5/26/2014 - This Iconic Parisian Swimming Pool Is Reborn After 25 Years of Neglect

5/26/2014 - An Interactive Chart Of Which Jobs Your College Degree Actually Gets

5/26/2014 - The Hobbit, Game Of Thrones And Dark Knight Make For One Superb Medley

5/26/2014 - Drew Goddard Leaves Daredevil! Plus, The Wildest Star Trek Rumor Yet!

5/26/2014 - Japan to Start Building Giant Ice Wall at Fukushima

5/26/2014 - The Odd Tale of the Hollywood Bison and the Quest to Save It

5/26/2014 - London's Narrowest House Is For Sale

5/26/2014 - Donuts that look like people

5/26/2014 - This Satellite Image Looks Like a Cartoon Landscape

5/26/2014 - When Someone Posts a Screenshot It's Impossible to Ignore a Low Battery

5/26/2014 - HTC One Mini 2 Review: Premium Looks for Smaller Pockets

5/26/2014 - Exactly How Do Macs and PCs Differ?

5/26/2014 - Swallows learn to open automatic doors to create nests inside a parking

5/26/2014 - You're Really, Really Going to Love "Fake! Fake!"

5/25/2014 - Carnival of Space #355

5/25/2014 - Alien Turns 35 Today—You Should Watch It Right Now

5/25/2014 - Watch X-Men: Days Of Future Cats Right This Minute

5/25/2014 - Red's 6K Camera Makes Yemen Look Hauntingly Majestic

5/25/2014 - Learn How They Laid the Transatlantic Cable Back in 1959

5/25/2014 - These Early Potential Versions Of E.T. Are Pretty Freaky

5/25/2014 - Hedgehogs Run A Marathon Every Night

5/25/2014 - Watch a Bunch of Adorable Kids React to an Old Apple Computer

5/25/2014 - What Movie Moments Terrified You Most As A Kid?

5/25/2014 - What Happens When You Strap a GoPro to the World's Largest Paper Plane

5/25/2014 - Using a Lava Flow to Boil Coke and Cook Ravioli

5/25/2014 - The Science—And Neuroscience—Behind Bruce Lee's Amazing One-Inch Punch

5/25/2014 - Sorry, You Won't Be Editing Your Google Results in the US Any Time Soon

5/25/2014 - Beautiful Infrared Astronomy from the Spitzer Space Telescope

5/25/2014 - In the Flesh Asks, "Can A Human-Zombie Relationship Work?"

5/25/2014 - JRR Tolkien Explains Lord Of The Rings In Legendary Recording

5/25/2014 - Share Your Photos of This Weekend's Never-Before-Seen Meteor Shower

5/25/2014 - R.I.P. Donald Levine, The Creator Of GI Joe

5/25/2014 - How a Doctor Is Fighting Cancer With Items Found at Walmart

5/25/2014 - A Tectonic Table for Down-to-Earth Style

5/25/2014 - Edgar Wright's Ant-Man Departure Could Mean Nothing Or Everything

5/25/2014 - This Smog-Gobbling Façade Looks Like It Was Built by Spiderman

5/25/2014 - Has Orphan Black Revealed This Season's True Villain?

5/25/2014 - The US Is Already Turning Back Chinese Hacker-Types at the Border

5/25/2014 - Space This Week

5/24/2014 - An Arcade of Reflection

5/24/2014 - NASA Has Released A Free eBook About Communicating With Aliens

5/24/2014 - Watch a Barn Get Turned to Toothpicks by 164lbs of Tannerite

5/24/2014 - And Now, David Attenborugh Astride a Hungry, Hurdling, Bipedal Shark

5/24/2014 - An Augmented Reality Made With Hand-Drawn Cartoons and an iPhone

5/24/2014 - Hacker Turned FBI Informant Sabu Will Be Sentenced on Tuesday

5/24/2014 - Did You Know NASA Runs a Rock Radio Station?

5/24/2014 - What Would Change If Politicians Wrote Laws Based on Internet Polls?

5/24/2014 - 1914 Coney Island Diorama Is World's Largest Desktop-Printed Sculpture

5/24/2014 - Watch A Captivating Segment On The Baffling Physics Of Wildfires

5/24/2014 - In the Midst of the Cold War, a Pact to Cooperate in Space Was Born

5/24/2014 - Meet the Man Who Makes WWE's Official Championship Belts in His Garage

5/24/2014 - Pot-Smoking Hackers, Amazon's Dirty Tricks, Surface Pro 3, and More

5/24/2014 - On Top of Everything Else, Snakes Can Spray Stink On You

5/24/2014 - Lab Mice Got Really Unhealthy When They Only Ate Powdered Food

5/24/2014 - This Flying Saucer Will be Plummeting Through the Skies Over Hawaii

5/24/2014 - How Big Is The Brain? Here's Some Perspective.

5/24/2014 - How to Become an Astronaut

5/24/2014 - Our New Favorite Twitter Account: Hannibal At The Zoo

5/24/2014 - How Did This Big Ball Of Space Junk Wind Up In Uruguay?

5/24/2014 - How Jules Verne Invented Astronautics

5/24/2014 - Your "Gluten Intolerance" May Actually Be From Something Else in Wheat

5/24/2014 - Using Google Street View to Study the Great Barrier Reef

5/24/2014 - Wild Animals Sneak Onto Laboratory Running Wheels to Exercise

5/24/2014 - Radio Signature of the First Camelopardalids Meteor Shower

5/24/2014 - The Beautiful Stones Created By Layers of Car Paint

5/24/2014 - Descendants Has Cast a Lot of Comedy Veterans as Classic Villains

5/24/2014 - The Most Awesomest Song About Dreamcatchers You'll Hear This Week

5/24/2014 - Nocturnal Transmissions: What Are You Up To?

5/23/2014 - Watch this guy jump over an entire island while kitesurfing

5/23/2014 - Why the moon landings could have never EVER been faked

5/23/2014 - Coyote-Wolf Hybrids Have Invaded Washington, DC

5/23/2014 - Wow, this video makes India look like the most magical place on Earth

5/23/2014 - A Self-Repairing Space Robot on the International Space Station

5/23/2014 - The Giant Insect Robot Had a Hidden Stinger

5/23/2014 - This is how they load missiles on a US Navy ship

5/23/2014 - What Is This Giant, Swirling Hexagon At Saturn's North Pole?

5/23/2014 - This Makes Us Happier Than Ever That Revolution Was Cancelled

5/23/2014 - Get to Know The Painters Who Turn Lettered Signs Into Modern Art

5/23/2014 - Killer Rack May Be The Wrongest Horror Film In The History Of Wrongness

5/23/2014 - Pink Slime Is Back

5/23/2014 - Frozen and Tarzan Theory Proves People Will Believe Anything

5/23/2014 - Twentieth Century Futurism Looks Really Bizarre Now

5/23/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

5/23/2014 - The Bravest Warriors Decide Their Own Fate

5/23/2014 - Every single Nicolas Cage laugh ever compiled in one single video

5/23/2014 - These Unseen Photos From World War I Are Unbelievable

5/23/2014 - Man films terrifying ordeal after falling into 70-foot crevasse

5/23/2014 - This USB-Friendly Flashlight Is So Bright It Hurts—in a Good Way

5/23/2014 - This Weird-Ass Animated Documentary Is Like Creature Comforts For Food

5/23/2014 - Look up! Giraffes Falling from the Sky

5/23/2014 - Blood, Bondage, and Silver Bullets: How To Drink Gothic

5/23/2014 - The Star Trek: The Next Generation Finale, 20 Years Later

5/23/2014 - Scientists Discover Area Of Brain Responsible For Loving Johnny Cash

5/23/2014 - Tonight's Meteor Shower Will Be Like Watching the Jump to Light Speed

5/23/2014 - Read an Excerpt from Karen Healey's Cryonics Thriller While We Run

5/23/2014 - ​How To Find And Purify Drinking Water In The Wilderness

5/23/2014 - How humans have created stories through the ages in a nine-panel strip

5/23/2014 - Herbalizer Vaporizer Review: High Times at a High Price

5/23/2014 - Goblin Emperor Has One Of The Most Lovable Characters We've Met In Ages

5/23/2014 - X-Men: Days of Future Past is a great movie, period

5/23/2014 - Oh Crud, Edgar Wright Is No Longer Directing Ant Man

5/23/2014 - Aerial photo of a sea of people having a picnic in a park

5/23/2014 - Crowdfund Cthulhu Ponies, Sex Toy Comics And Toy Swords That Keep Score

5/23/2014 - Does the Name-Letter Effect Prove That You're Soooo Into Yourself?

5/23/2014 - Watch This: Saving South Sudan

5/23/2014 - A Never-Before-Seen Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight – Here's How To Watch

5/23/2014 - Short-Throw Touchscreen Projector Means There's No Remote To Lose

5/23/2014 - Century-Old Time Capsule Mystery Finally Solved

5/23/2014 - First Doctor Who Season 8 Teaser Trailer Puts The Emphasis On "Tease"

5/23/2014 - Marvel Blu-ray Combo, Free Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic, Steelbooks

5/23/2014 - P Is for Phonogene

5/23/2014 - App turns iPhone into turntable that plays music printed on paper

5/23/2014 - Genetic Manipulation: The First 50,000 Years

5/23/2014 - Cool drawings show the anatomy of Godzilla and all his friends and foes

5/23/2014 - How Darpa's Using the Oculus Rift to Make a Cyberwarfare Battlefield

5/23/2014 - Thom Yorke Demonstrates Why Facial Symmetry Isn't Everything

5/23/2014 - E. Coli and Crossing Signals: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

5/23/2014 - Even More Free Android App Credit, Apple Everything, Surface Pro 3

5/23/2014 - See Philosophical Concepts Explained With Zelda, Mega Man, and Contra

5/23/2014 - How the City Looks When You're Hanging Out of a Helicopter Above It

5/23/2014 - 9 Famous Zombies (That Aren't Actually Zombies)

5/23/2014 - Waste Away Hours At Work Wondering Where This Infinite Corridor Goes

5/23/2014 - Data from the Lunar Orbiter Creates Abstract Moon Art

5/23/2014 - Were Medieval Trials By Combat Like The Ones On Game Of Thrones?

5/23/2014 - New York and London are the cities of the future

5/23/2014 - Morgan Freeman Explains Physics While Sucking On Helium

5/23/2014 - Cosmos On Weed Is Probably The Most Realistic Cosmos Parody Ever

5/23/2014 - Crazy kid crawls across the railway tracks under a running train

5/23/2014 - Flexible LED Studio Lighting That Can Be Rolled Up Like a Blanket

5/23/2014 - This Is The First X-Men Movie To Be A Great Film In Its Own Right

5/23/2014 - Butterfleye Keeps an Eye on Your House For Safety and For Fun

5/23/2014 - A Senate Panel Just Set Aside $100 Million To Build a Putin-Free Rocket

5/23/2014 - Ask Carolyn Porco Anything You Want About Planetary Exploration!

5/23/2014 - American Idol is hilarious when the Bad Lip Reading guys dub it

5/23/2014 - Meet The New Characters Who Will Join Game Of Thrones In Season 5

5/23/2014 - This Hyperspectral Eye in the Sky Gives Police Planes X-Ray Vision

5/23/2014 - The Fermi Paradox: Where the Hell Are the Other Earths?

5/23/2014 - More Evidence That Longevity Depends on Your State of Mind

5/23/2014 - The terrifying view of a slackline walker between hot air balloons

5/23/2014 - Report: Samsung Is Still Working on a Smartwatch That Is Also a Phone

5/23/2014 - The Ring Nebula Stretches Filaments of Gas into the Darkness

5/23/2014 - Frequencies Asks, "What If Physics Determined The Laws Of Attraction?"

5/23/2014 - Why Screenwriter Gary Whitta's Rant Proves He's Perfect For Star Wars

5/23/2014 - The Army Is Redesigning Its Smoke Grenade For the First Time Since WWII

5/23/2014 - Why Do Cycling Startups Use Crappy Bikes in Press Shots?

5/23/2014 - Disney's new Big Hero 6 looks gorgeous

5/23/2014 - Causes of death across all age groups in the United States

5/23/2014 - Report: the NSA Is Recording Nearly Every Phone Call Made in Afghanistan

5/23/2014 - It's GIF Party Time! Come On In!

5/23/2014 - When Amazon Plays Dirty, You Lose

5/23/2014 - How to Get Rid of Your Facebook News Feed

5/23/2014 - Creation Museum To Display Dinosaur That "Proves" Biblical Flood

5/23/2014 - Nerf-Like Foam Headphones Your Kids Won't Instantly Destroy

5/23/2014 - These 7 Bizarre Bus Stops Are All In the Same Tiny Austrian Town

5/23/2014 - Robert Kirkman Says Walking Dead Season 5 "Hits The Ground Running"

5/23/2014 - Lawn Ornaments Help Lemurs Stay Happy and Healthy

5/23/2014 - The Perfect Desk Could Also Be a Regulation Ping-Pong Table

5/23/2014 - U.S. Physics Panel Wants to Build Billion-Dollar, 800-Mile Neutrino Beam

5/23/2014 - Soldier drops grenade, gets saved by his supervisor at the last second

5/23/2014 - Report: Samsung's Working on its Own Oculus Rift Rival

5/23/2014 - Finally, We've Found an Actual Use For Smartwatches

5/23/2014 - Concept Art from the Star Trek Series That Never Was

5/23/2014 - You Can Now Download 400,000 of the Met's Artworks For Free

5/23/2014 - Why Only the Most Intelligent Mammals Make Friends

5/23/2014 - WSJ: Google Developing Project Tango Tablets That Map Their Surroundings

5/23/2014 - Is This Really Jurassic World's Take on the Liability-Laden Theme Park?

5/23/2014 - All Together Now: DIMETRODON IS NOT A DINOSAUR

5/23/2014 - Semi-Transparent Ants Are What They Eat

5/23/2014 - Hearing Morgan Freeman talk on helium is pretty damn hilarious

5/23/2014 - Watch all these dogs run on their dog treadmills in their dog gym

5/23/2014 - io9 Nights: What Are You Watching?

5/23/2014 - And This Is Why We Leave Time Travel to the Professionals

5/22/2014 - Cry Me A Blood River, The 100

5/22/2014 - Cover a 100-Year-Old Blues Song

5/22/2014 - This Map Shows How L.A. Grew Into a 469-Square-Mile City

5/22/2014 - The subway in Brazil looks like a nightmarish ocean of drowning people

5/22/2014 - This Is What David Lynch's Return Of The Jedi Might Have Looked Like

5/22/2014 - Your Favorite Fantastical Cover Artist, Even If You Never Realized It

5/22/2014 - ​Will The 2015 Jeep Renegade Be Any Good Off-Road?

5/22/2014 - An Archeologist Explains Why Looters Are Stealing More Than You Think

5/22/2014 - Gareth Edwards Is Directing The First Stand-Alone Star Wars Film

5/22/2014 - Your Yelp Complaints Are Being Used to Track Food Poisoning in NYC

5/22/2014 - Why Godzilla Kicked Pacific Rim's Ass at the Box Office

5/22/2014 - The most spectacular and destructive atomic bombs in history

5/22/2014 - China Shuts Down Museum Showing Thousands of Fake Artifacts

5/22/2014 - Mars Gets a New Crater, We Find it Within a Day

5/22/2014 - This Undulating Penis Wall Isn't A D&D Monster, But It Should Be

5/22/2014 - What Kind of Bike Do You Ride?

5/22/2014 - Holy Shit, You Guys Are Really Going To Like Edge of Tomorrow

5/22/2014 - This Vacuum Brewer Infuses Your Tea (or Booze) With Almost Anything

5/22/2014 - Ecchi Fan Service Is A Sexist Relic That Needs To Go Away

5/22/2014 - A Global Portrait Mosaiced from Self Portraits

5/22/2014 - This DARPA invention gives soldiers Terminator vision

5/22/2014 - A Sleeping Bag Designed Just For Man's Best Friend

5/22/2014 - Are Black Holes All Shaped Like Doughnuts?

5/22/2014 - Chelyabinsk Meteorite Was Struck By An Asteroid Before Hitting Earth

5/22/2014 - Zoom H5: The Perfect DSLR Audio Sidekick With a Scaled Back Price

5/22/2014 - You Could Literally Kill Someone With This Lego SHIELD Helicarrier

5/22/2014 - The Most Outrageous Fashions of Star Trek: TNG Seasons 4 Through 7

5/22/2014 - Possibly the Worst Misuse of Neuroscience Ever

5/22/2014 - Photoshop Contest: Why Is Edward Snowden Staring Into Our Souls?

5/22/2014 - Video Shows Police Conducting Forensic Tests on a 3D-Printed Gun

5/22/2014 - A Battery-Free, Pocket-Sized CPR Coach Ensures You're Really Helping

5/22/2014 - Alfonso Cuarón Could Direct The Shining Prequel

5/22/2014 - Your Phone Will Break Before These Fortified Charging Cables Do

5/22/2014 - NASA Is Letting Citizens Commandeer a Long-Lost Satellite

5/22/2014 - Congress Asked Some Really Weird Questions at the Alien Life Hearing

5/22/2014 - New Thermal Technology Turns the Entire World into a Touchscreen

5/22/2014 - Fossil Poaching and the Black Market in Dinosaur Bones

5/22/2014 - Free Android App Credit, 1000+ Games On Sale, Mighty Subwoofer

5/22/2014 - Soon You Can Sleep in This Fake Bavarian Castle in the Middle of China

5/22/2014 - This Is The Darkest Place Ever Seen In The Universe

5/22/2014 - A Giant Sinkhole Just Opened Up in the Middle of Manhattan

5/22/2014 - A Woman Replaced Her Soap With a Daily Mist of Bacteria—And It Worked

5/22/2014 - What Science Reveals About The Craft Beer Revolution

5/22/2014 - You can't eat this burger with your hands and that's perfectly fine

5/22/2014 - FCC Incest: Meet the Cable Cronies Who Control Net Neutrality's Future

5/22/2014 - $10 In Free Android Credit, Huge Amazon Game Sale, 4K Samsung, LEDs

5/22/2014 - This Is What It Looks Like When A Mammal Hatches From An Egg

5/22/2014 - Watch Time Evaporate With a Clock That Paints the Hours In Water

5/22/2014 - The 10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World

5/22/2014 - The Best Fake Movies from Netflix's Summary Screw-Ups

5/22/2014 - Cement truck narrowly avoids destroying every car on the highway

5/22/2014 - NASA makes zoomable Earth using 36,422 selfies from all continents

5/22/2014 - Chasing People With a Robot Is the Best Part of the Future

5/22/2014 - Disney's First Trailer For Big Hero 6 Is Wildly Adorable

5/22/2014 - A Sinister First Look At Mark Lawrence's Brand New Fantasy Trilogy

5/22/2014 - NASA Has Discovered the Darkest Shadows in the Galaxy

5/22/2014 - Inside the Color Factory: My Chat With a Photo Colorizer

5/22/2014 - Urban snowboarder jumps from one rooftop to another in this crazy video

5/22/2014 - ​The Military Is Shutting Down Its Weather-Controlling Death Beam

5/22/2014 - MIT Developed a Camouflage Generator That Can Hide Almost Anything

5/22/2014 - South Korea's Magnet-Powered Bullet Train Has Taken Its First Ride

5/22/2014 - What Are The Most Unforgettable Technological Sounds?

5/22/2014 - The Guy Who Invented Computer Passwords Thinks They're a Nightmare

5/22/2014 - Trailer For Roger Ebert's Documentary Life Itself Makes Us Miss Him

5/22/2014 - Osmo Uses Your iPad to Get Your Kids Playing in the Real World

5/22/2014 - How Big Can An Earthquake Get? In 1960, Chile Found Out

5/22/2014 - The Science Of Misheard Song Lyrics

5/22/2014 - Your State's Most Popular Unique Google Search Is Super-Embarrassing

5/22/2014 - Watch this guy walk on the ceiling with his homemade Magneto shoes

5/22/2014 - Nope, Racial Groups Do Not "Genetically Inherit" Behavior

5/22/2014 - The motion capture in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is simply stunning

5/22/2014 - Every Gestural Interface Should Be This Responsive and Snappy

5/22/2014 - This Electric Helmet Looks Goofy But It Zaps Deadly Brain Cancer

5/22/2014 - Brian Eno's New App Turns His Latest Vinyl Into A Dazzling Cityscape

5/22/2014 - The Case Against Antibacterial Soap

5/22/2014 - Can Game Of Thrones Be Explained By Science?

5/22/2014 - Here's the Best Explanation of the Monty Hall Problem Yet

5/22/2014 - 18 Amazing Places You Should Ride Your Bike Before You Die

5/22/2014 - This enormous fog bank looks like a cotton wool tsunami

5/22/2014 - Apple Admits iMessage Screw-Up, Has a Fix Coming... Sometime

5/22/2014 - Matt Smith "Totally Will" Return to Doctor Who As Soon As Possible

5/22/2014 - You Can Now Get Totally Free Voice, Texts, and Data on a Galaxy S4

5/22/2014 - Beautiful Norwegian cliff is a nightmare for those afraid of heights

5/22/2014 - This Is What Life Sounds Like Through a Cochlear Implant

5/22/2014 - Look At Apple's First 1980s Stab at the Smartwatch

5/22/2014 - Try Your Hand at Quantum Computing With Google's Quantum Playground

5/22/2014 - Guy sings on his driveway to introduce himself in new neighborhood

5/22/2014 - Stephen Colbert Tackles the Problem of Experimenting on Only Male Rats

5/22/2014 - Edward Snowden Threw Crypto Parties Before He Blew the Whistle on NSA

5/22/2014 - Forget Card Skimming: Watch Out For ATMs That Want Sex With You

5/22/2014 - Hugh Jackman Wants Wolverine in The Avengers. Which Is Never Happening

5/22/2014 - The Truth About Saccharin and Your Health

5/22/2014 - Report: Apple Is Taking Over a Seven-Building Campus in Sunnyvale

5/22/2014 - Read This If All You Know About Hyenas Came From The Lion King

5/22/2014 - Apple Still Wants to Use Liquidmetal in Its Hardware

5/22/2014 - Great Cosplay Choices: Googly-Eyed Cardboard Dinosaur

5/22/2014 - From Dusk Till Dawn Completely Fractures at the End

5/22/2014 - Spectacular video shows Russian car pushing police car out of the road

5/22/2014 - Incredible space stone seems like it has a nebula trapped inside

5/22/2014 - An Insect Lullaby at Dusk

5/22/2014 - I'm Katharine Trendacosta, io9's New Night Editor. Come Say Hi!

5/22/2014 - What if the Most Interesting Man in the World Was a Head of Cauliflower

5/22/2014 - How Rendezvous with Rama Might Look As A CG Film

5/21/2014 - Trying to cross the street in Vietnam is just crazy

5/21/2014 - Watch This Trailer For The Anti-D&D Movie Dark Dungeons Or Satan Wins

5/21/2014 - Alton Brown shows you how to make your own delicious peanut butter

5/21/2014 - How the heart actually works

5/21/2014 - The Moon Seen from the Space Station is Beyond Breathtaking

5/21/2014 - This Is The Best Smackdown Of Pat Sajak That You'll Read. Ever.

5/21/2014 - Dogs Love Sidecars

5/21/2014 - Watch The Film Godzilla Director Gareth Edwards Made In Just 48 Hours

5/21/2014 - A Free Preview Screening Of This Year's Sundance Rave The Signal

5/21/2014 - The Livestock Of The Future Will Be Insects

5/21/2014 - The curious story of why the Jedi are called Jedi

5/21/2014 - These Sequoia Trees Are Thriving 175 Miles South of Their Natural Range

5/21/2014 - In My Real Children, Two Believable Versions of the 20th Century

5/21/2014 - Science. It Works (Occasionally), Bitches.

5/21/2014 - Sometimes Even A Well-Trained Dragon Runs Away

5/21/2014 - An Interactive Tour Of London's Greatest Scientific Experiments

5/21/2014 - Photographs Of The Signs We'll Need In The Near Future

5/21/2014 - Put Out a Fire By Blowing It Up?!

5/21/2014 - Censored Obama and Biden are f*cking hilarious and disturbing

5/21/2014 - Utterly Disturbing, Century-Old Photos of Meat-Packing Facilities

5/21/2014 - Shooting Challenge: Skin

5/21/2014 - Canadian Man Rescues Baby Moose, Takes It To Tim Hortons

5/21/2014 - This Is the Closest We've Ever Come to Recreating Shark Skin

5/21/2014 - Hawkeye's New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Outfit Looks A Bit Odd

5/21/2014 - It's 6pm—Do You Know Where Your Drone Is?

5/21/2014 - Using Explosives to Put Out Wildfires Is Actually a Great Idea

5/21/2014 - Creating Mutated Versions Of Viruses Not Worth The Risk, Say Scientists

5/21/2014 - What Movie Do You Watch While Falling Asleep?

5/21/2014 - A Coloring Book For Those Who've Mastered Staying Inside the Lines

5/21/2014 - Playing With This Wooden Puzzle Will Chill You Out Immediately

5/21/2014 - One of the First Palaeontologists Wore a Top Hat on the Beach

5/21/2014 - Holy Crap -- These Engineers Are Fighting Bushfires with Explosives

5/21/2014 - It's Official: South Carolina Has a State Fossil

5/21/2014 - ​Can A 6th Gear Fix The 2014 Honda CB1100?

5/21/2014 - A Rocky Season Of Supernatural Comes To A Rock-Solid Conclusion

5/21/2014 - Every Single Mystique Transformation Scene From Every X-Men Movie

5/21/2014 - Designing Future Objects for the Home with Extrapolation Factory

5/21/2014 - 8-year-old Scores a Major Victory Over Creationists in South Carolina

5/21/2014 - Firefly Portable Vaporizer: See the Future of Smoking In Action

5/21/2014 - Nest Is Recalling Over 400k Protect Smoke Alarms

5/21/2014 - Finding, Treating, and Beating the Most Survivable Forms of Cancer

5/21/2014 - A New Optical Illusion Demonstrates How Gullible Our Brains Really Are

5/21/2014 - This is what Game of Thrones would look like if it were a Disney movie

5/21/2014 - This Chart Reveals How Much Your Salary Is Worth In Different Cities

5/21/2014 - Japan Has Turned Horror Icons Freddy And Jason Into Sexy Anime Chicks

5/21/2014 - Chatting with ISEE, the 1970s Spacecraft That's Coming Home

5/21/2014 - Turn an NYC Subway Map Into an Augmented Reality Adventure

5/21/2014 - These Radio Frequency-Blocking Clothes Will Keep You Off The Grid

5/21/2014 - "Loners" Who Can't Stop Joining Teams All The Time

5/21/2014 - The Tiniest Buildings of the Year

5/21/2014 - Best Price Ever for Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Farscape

5/21/2014 - First view of one of the alien creatures from the new Star Wars VII

5/21/2014 - Here's the official logo for the new Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

5/21/2014 - Liftoff Is All The More Beautiful Over Alabaster Sands

5/21/2014 - Reviewing the Science of Godzilla for Plausibility and Imagination

5/21/2014 - What Should We Do with the Online Undead?

5/21/2014 - Ikea's Selling an Electric Bike To Help Get All Those Boxes Home

5/21/2014 - Are Colorized Photos Rewriting History?

5/21/2014 - Grilled ramen cheese sandwich: Like eating mac-n-cheese with your hands

5/21/2014 - ​Build Your Own First Aid Kit, It Might Save Your Life

5/21/2014 - Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Is The New Official Title

5/21/2014 - A Real PS4 Discount, $100 Chromebook, Ice Balls, Battlestar Galactica

5/21/2014 - Astronomers Have Discovered A Way To Identify "Earth-Eating Suns"

5/21/2014 - Quantum Positioning Could Be a Radically New Sub Navigation System

5/21/2014 - Extremely scary video of car driving right across a forest fire

5/21/2014 - Hackers Broke Into a Public Utility Control Room By Guessing a Password

5/21/2014 - How to Pour Wine Without Ever Removing the Cork

5/21/2014 - Thankfully this bear mom was able to save her cub from death by car

5/21/2014 - The 10 Most Shocking Characters That George R.R. Martin Could Kill Off

5/21/2014 - These 3D-Printed Robotic Legs Could Serve As Cheaper Prosthetics

5/21/2014 - Come Play With Microsoft's New Surface Pro 3 at Home of the Future

5/21/2014 - This Short Film Delivers Intense Action, By Showing One Man's Face

5/21/2014 - Man Attacks Car with Sword in Attempt to Slay the Dark Lord Morgoth

5/21/2014 - Photos of Science Experiments are Mysterious and Dazzling

5/21/2014 - Listen to the Appliances of the Future

5/21/2014 - Mother Bear Heroically Saves Cub From Busy Highway

5/21/2014 - Adventure Time's Creator Is Making A Text Adventure Game Over Twitter

5/21/2014 - Beautiful spinning video of New York makes me go both ooooh and barf!

5/21/2014 - Facebook App Adds Shazam-Like Function to Identify Songs and Shows

5/21/2014 - Author Elly Blue Is Here To Answer Questions About Women and Biking

5/21/2014 - This Force Is Strong with Geckos

5/21/2014 - This amazing floating underwater city may become a reality in China

5/21/2014 - How Historians Recovered the Only Surviving Nazi "Flying Pencil"

5/21/2014 - Ask An Entomologist Whatever You Want About Eating Bugs

5/21/2014 - Airbnb Is Giving NY's Attorney General a Load of (Anonymized) User Data

5/21/2014 - Here's The First New Star Wars: Episode VII Alien—And It's Not CG

5/21/2014 - All The Things Michael Bay Cares About More Than Transformers

5/21/2014 - The World Is Running Out of Gold

5/21/2014 - The Simple Joy of 100 Pounds of Magnetic Putty

5/21/2014 - Google Wants to Put Ads on Thermostats (And Everything Else You Own)

5/21/2014 - Pluto's Five Moons Explained In One Cool Video

5/21/2014 - 20 million bees swarm out of a truck in Delaware road accident

5/21/2014 - Self-Driving Cars Will Hit California's Roads in September

5/21/2014 - New Jupiter Ascending Trailer Has A Whole Lotta Space Creatures

5/21/2014 - We Still Don't Know How Static Electricity Works

5/21/2014 - These Are The Most Bad-Ass Women In All Of Animation

5/21/2014 - What Are You Reading?

5/21/2014 - Tour the Home of the Future in 30 Seconds

5/21/2014 - You Need to Change Your Ebay Password Right Now

5/21/2014 - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Reveals The Human Behind the Ape

5/21/2014 - I Exercised Future-Style and You Can Too

5/21/2014 - Amazon Prime Folks Can Watch HBO Shows Starting Today

5/21/2014 - New Trailer For The Last Man On The Moon Is Absolutely Riveting

5/21/2014 - Segway Trike Manages to Defeat the Whole Purpose of Segway

5/21/2014 - 11 Satellite Views of Earth As You've Never Seen It Before

5/21/2014 - What Can We Expect from Game of Thrones' Upcoming Duel?

5/21/2014 - France Spent $20 Billion on Trains That Don't Fit Its Stations

5/21/2014 - So This is What Hedgehog Snoring Sounds Like

5/21/2014 - The best and weirdest PornHub ads that didn't make the cut

5/21/2014 - Paul Smith's Take on the Anglepoise Is a Brilliant Riot of Color

5/21/2014 - Look at Where Antarctica Is Losing Ice Faster Than Ever

5/21/2014 - The Science of Losing Belly Fat

5/21/2014 - French Lab Forced to Close After Losing Thousands of SARS Samples

5/21/2014 - Zigzagging light of unknown origin spotted in Hawaii (Updated)

5/21/2014 - This rotating sphere is a physical animation and not a 3D render

5/21/2014 - You Can Pre-Order a Surface Pro 3 Right Now

5/21/2014 - A GIF of a Vine of a Video of a Flipbook of a GIF of a Video

5/21/2014 - How the NSA Is Transforming Law Enforcement

5/21/2014 - You Could Drive Your Car Onto This Rainbow-Shaped Pier

5/21/2014 - NASA is getting ready to communicate with aliens (Update 4)

5/21/2014 - Why Don't All Metro Buses Transform into Intergalactic Robo-Fighters?

5/20/2014 - Honest Trailers Remembers How Disappointing X-Men: The Last Stand Was

5/20/2014 - Discover the secretive Pyongyang in this exclusive 22-minute GoPro tour

5/20/2014 - Flying tire crashes into a car on the road out of nowhere

5/20/2014 - Texts From Cephalopods Is Everything You Imagine It Is

5/20/2014 - Animation teaches you all that happened in World War II in 7 minutes

5/20/2014 - Concept Artist Thomas Scholes Has Made GIFs That Show His Whole Process

5/20/2014 - How to Make an Ad for Porn That Isn't Two People F*cking

5/20/2014 - A Free Leyland Kirby Album for 40 Days (and Nights)

5/20/2014 - Daily Dose Of Cute: Little Girl Tries To Hug Bomb Disposal Robot

5/20/2014 - Kevin Smith Swears That Ben Affleck's Batman Suit Is Blue And Grey

5/20/2014 - Eight Different Ways Of Looking At Warehouse 13

5/20/2014 - Here are 7 facts about the X-Men that you might not know

5/20/2014 - A Realtime Map Of The Meteoroids In Earth's Sky

5/20/2014 - Matt Smith Demands That We All Look At His Muscles In Lost River Clip

5/20/2014 - The Most Beguiling Optical Illusions In Public Places

5/20/2014 - Soon, We Will Have Robots That Can Sweat

5/20/2014 - This Is the Very Best Graduation Present Ever

5/20/2014 - "How I Met Your Indian Mother" Is A Love Story As Old As Time

5/20/2014 - Essential Short Story Anthologies That Every Writer Should Read

5/20/2014 - This Developer Is Rebuilding Your Childhood Bedroom For Oculus Rift

5/20/2014 - This Love Machine Was the OKCupid of 1955

5/20/2014 - First Secret Service Trailer Has Badass Spies With Even Better Manners

5/20/2014 - Smoking E-Cigarettes Is A Surprisingly Effective Way To Quit

5/20/2014 - This Company Uses Earth's Magnetic Field To See Inside Buildings

5/20/2014 - What if David Lynch directed The Return of the Jedi?

5/20/2014 - Palaeontologists Next To Dinosaur Bones

5/20/2014 - 120-foot bowling strike is possibly the longest bowling strike ever

5/20/2014 - A Guillotine On a Stick That Lets You Play Caesar With Slugs

5/20/2014 - What Is the Most Terrible Plot Hole in the History of Science Fiction?

5/20/2014 - Scuba diver almost gets swallowed by 49-foot whale

5/20/2014 - The FBI Is Struggling to Hire Hackers Who Don't Smoke Weed (Updated)

5/20/2014 - No, Your Urine Is Not Sterile

5/20/2014 - The Mysterious Disease That Prevents Girls From Growing Older

5/20/2014 - These Adorable “Robot Tortoises” Were the Roombas of 1949

5/20/2014 - They’ll Let Anybody Into the Justice League Nowadays

5/20/2014 - The World's Smallest Nanomotor Spins as Fast as a Jet Engine

5/20/2014 - Can Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald Save The Jem Movie?

5/20/2014 - Flooding in the Balkans Comes with Landmines

5/20/2014 - A Drug That Could Destroy Political Movements

5/20/2014 - On This Day in 1899, The First Speeding Arrest Happened—At 12 mph

5/20/2014 - The Diderot Effect Makes You Want to Consume, Consume, Consume

5/20/2014 - The joy of a girl learning to ride a bike for the first time

5/20/2014 - Chris Foss Designed Spaceships For Guardians of the Galaxy!

5/20/2014 - Scenes from Gizmodo's Home of the Future Opening Night Party

5/20/2014 - Report: The Surface Mini Existed But Microsoft Killed It

5/20/2014 - Why Does the Home of the Future Look So Retro?

5/20/2014 - "Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass" Used to Be Literal

5/20/2014 - Why Do We Make College Graduates Wear Such Dorky Hats?

5/20/2014 - Die Hard 25th Anniversary, Planet of the Apes Collection, Humble

5/20/2014 - A Map of National Landmarks That Are Most Vulnerable to Climate Change

5/20/2014 - The Isaac Asimov Blunder That Led To Three New Gene Wolfe Stories

5/20/2014 - The Least Crossable Streets in America

5/20/2014 - A Map Of Where El Niño Will Strike Around The World

5/20/2014 - Yes I Unfriended You. Don't Take It Personally.

5/20/2014 - Bowie Reveals The Secret Origin Of Ziggy Stardust In This Great Cartoon

5/20/2014 - Wake-Up Lights, Cheap Car Upgrades, 3D Printer, Smartphone Accessories

5/20/2014 - ​Has Honda Finally Aced The Adventure Bike?

5/20/2014 - Minnesota Just Became the First State to Ban Anti-Bacterial Soap

5/20/2014 - I Can't Figure Out Whether This College Study is Sexist or Not

5/20/2014 - The Little Mermaid Isn't The Only Fish That Wants To Live On Land

5/20/2014 - The Ten Most Bizarre Ideas For Using Nuclear Weapons

5/20/2014 - Microsoft Finally Surrendered To the iPad. Good!

5/20/2014 - Are the Spokes in Saturn's Rings Merely an Optical Illusion?

5/20/2014 - The Mysterious Disease Traveling Across the Pacific in the Wind

5/20/2014 - Why Did Thousands of California Fish Suddenly Turn Up Dead?

5/20/2014 - An Adjustable Wrench Keychain Puts a Toolbox In Your Pocket

5/20/2014 - Playing Pranks With Robots: A Real-Time Update From the Future

5/20/2014 - All the Robotic Space Explorers since 1958

5/20/2014 - A Noob’s Tale: Fiddling with My First Modular Synth Rack

5/20/2014 - Breakthrough: Synthetic Meat Made From Stem Cells

5/20/2014 - Surface Pro 3 Hands On: A Laptop Replacement That Just Might Work

5/20/2014 - In the Kitchen, Sometimes the Future is Timeless

5/20/2014 - How the Colorado River Finally Reached the Sea Again

5/20/2014 - Is the New McDonald's Mascot Really Just a Despicable Me Minion?

5/20/2014 - The Plot To Jurassic World Sounds Impressively Ridiculous

5/20/2014 - Shape-Shifting Robots Designed To Build Furniture When You Need It

5/20/2014 - Spitzer's Newest Nebula is a Rorschach Inkblot Test in the Stars

5/20/2014 - What's the Single Weirdest YouTube Video You've Ever Seen?

5/20/2014 - This cool concept will let you escape a fire like a SWAT commando

5/20/2014 - Hugh Jackman: The Ultimate io9 Interview

5/20/2014 - Watch five skydivers in wingsuits soar over NYC in this rare flight

5/20/2014 - How to Choose the Right Bike For You

5/20/2014 - After 15 Years of Study, a New Theory of What Causes Fairy Circles

5/20/2014 - The Surface Pro 3 Has a Big, Beautiful 12-Inch Screen

5/20/2014 - A Trove Of 400,000 Images From The Met That You Can Use For Free

5/20/2014 - Google+ Stories Might Actually Make Photo Albums Beautiful (and Easy)

5/20/2014 - The best optical illusions of 2014 are truly mind-bending stuff

5/20/2014 - Giroptic's Egg-Shaped 360cam Captures Perfect HD Video Spheres

5/20/2014 - Physicists Design A Collider That Turns Light Into Matter

5/20/2014 - A Hammock In a Backpack Is All You Really Need For Camping

5/20/2014 - How Much It Costs the NSA to Store an Entire Country's Phone Calls

5/20/2014 - Watch Snake Venom Turn a Dish of Blood To Jelly In Seconds!

5/20/2014 - Curiosity Took Hundreds of Microbes to Mars—And Many May Still Be Alive

5/20/2014 - It's Time For The Canine Medal Of Honor

5/20/2014 - The First Pics From Disney's First Marvel Movie, Big Hero 6

5/20/2014 - An Incredibly Rare Glimpse of How Disneyland Was Supposed to Look

5/20/2014 - Do We Already Know The Secret Bat-Villain In Batman Vs. Superman?

5/20/2014 - 12 Pieces of Tech That Turned the Tide At Normandy

5/20/2014 - Someone Get This Walk-Anywhere-Forever Treadmill an Oculus Rift ASAP

5/20/2014 - Watch a guy climb a construction crane 997 feet above street level

5/20/2014 - Mosquito Researcher Offers Her Own Arm To Hungry Mosquitoes

5/20/2014 - How You Transport a Baby Mammoth

5/20/2014 - Bitcoin Exchanges Are Being Investigated Over Silk Road Drug Money

5/20/2014 - These Folding Chairs Are Beautifully Practical

5/20/2014 - How Bell Labs Is Reinventing the Future All Over Again

5/20/2014 - How a Rare Medical Condition Could Help Extend All of Our Lives

5/20/2014 - The only thing that can save us from Godzilla is the real Walter White

5/20/2014 - The real Scarface mansion is now for sale in California

5/20/2014 - Venus By Day and Night in a Single Image

5/20/2014 - The Cancer Gene That Lurks Inside All of Us

5/20/2014 - Watching food talking about food is hilarious

5/20/2014 - Ubuntu Just Put the Cloud in This Small, Orange Box

5/20/2014 - Netflix Wants to Replace Its Dumb Content Grid With Tailored Choices

5/20/2014 - A Gathering Beat

5/20/2014 - An Earthgrazer Meteoroid Tracked by a NASA Telescope

5/20/2014 - Take a Magical Mystery Tour Aboard a Psychedelic VW Van

5/19/2014 - Watch This: Mile...Mile And A Half

5/19/2014 - Woman completely transforms her face with make up

5/19/2014 - ​How To Find the Perfect Multitool In Six Easy Steps

5/19/2014 - Here's why Steven Spielberg is such a great director

5/19/2014 - The Most Gloriously Bad Movie I've Seen In Ages

5/19/2014 - What if classic paintings were Photoshopped like today's magazines?

5/19/2014 - The "Dying Merchant" Scene In Game Of Thrones Was Straight From Beckett

5/19/2014 - Scale is Deceptive

5/19/2014 - Science in Game of Thrones: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing

5/19/2014 - Smart targeting rifle destroys a phone one kilometer away

5/19/2014 - Everything You Need to Know About the Dungeons & Dragons Relaunch

5/19/2014 - Watch a massive thunderstorm form in this timelapse

5/19/2014 - Salem Is More Interesting When It Shows The Suffering Of Puritan Women

5/19/2014 - This Was The Nursery of The Future in 1930

5/19/2014 - That Time Hellboy Got "Steampunk" Added To The Dictionary

5/19/2014 - The Rafale really looks like a fighter from the future in these images

5/19/2014 - Watch a 100-pound magnetic putty blob come alive like an alien monster

5/19/2014 - All The Wildest Secrets In The New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

5/19/2014 - Peter Dinklage Sums Up The Entirety Of Game Of Thrones In 45 Seconds

5/19/2014 - A Semi-Scientific Study of Farting in the Workplace

5/19/2014 - A Mesmerizing Globe of Emoji Tweeted Around the World in Real Time

5/19/2014 - Why don't we all have cancer?

5/19/2014 - A Robotic Arm in Space Mixes Brawn and Beauty

5/19/2014 - Microscope Image Or Alien Planet -- Can You Tell The Difference?

5/19/2014 - ​Jon Snow Knows Nothing, Especially About Pompeii

5/19/2014 - This Inception-Inspired Silicon Skyline Is a Delightful Dish Rack

5/19/2014 - Here's the Story Behind Those Lights at Saturn's North Pole

5/19/2014 - Check Out These Fantastic Examples of Sign Language Poetry

5/19/2014 - One Mistake Fooled an Entire Nation About Who Would Be President

5/19/2014 - Fully functional, full size Lego R2-D2

5/19/2014 - Which Character Is Awesome In Both Their DC And Marvel Versions?

5/19/2014 - Leave the Bottles At Home With This Silicone Pocket Pill Holder

5/19/2014 - Primates In Planet Of The Apes Could Take Tips From This Monkey

5/19/2014 - Every Neuron in a Brain Recorded in 3D on a Millisecond Timescale

5/19/2014 - It's Amazing That This Action-Packed Short Film Was Made For Just $9000

5/19/2014 - On Penny Dreadful, It's Not a Party Without a Seance

5/19/2014 - Rio's Olympic Site Looks Even Worse From the Air

5/19/2014 - Using Twitter, Flickr, and More To Crowdsource a Wildlife Timelapse

5/19/2014 - Anki DRIVE Is the Hilariously Fun Future of Weaponized Slot Cars

5/19/2014 - Watch An Enormous Supercell Thunderstorm As It Forms

5/19/2014 - A Self-Sustaining Indoor Garden System Made Me a Summer Fresh Sandwich

5/19/2014 - New International Transformers 4 Trailer Features Way More Transformers

5/19/2014 - Can Your City Be Brought Back from the Dead?

5/19/2014 - Time Warner Cable's Phone Bot Is a Flat Circle

5/19/2014 - That "Drop of Seawater" Photo Was More Than A Bit Misleading

5/19/2014 - Hey Twitter, Please Don't Ruin SoundCloud

5/19/2014 - We're Losing 159 Billion Tons Of Antarctic Ice Per Year

5/19/2014 - Pandemic, Dark Knight Trilogy Collector's Edition, Boy Meets World

5/19/2014 - Anti-Evolution Bills Are Defeated In Missouri

5/19/2014 - Cheap Motion Sensors That Tell You Your Windows and Doors Have Opened

5/19/2014 - In Only 11 Seconds, This Animation Will Leave You Wanting More

5/19/2014 - Report: NSA Is Recording Every Call in the Bahamas—Including Oprah's

5/19/2014 - Are Reality Shows the Milgram Tests of the Future?

5/19/2014 - How Do You Get Inside Godzilla's Head?

5/19/2014 - New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer looks even better than the first

5/19/2014 - Is a Clock With the Hours Stacked Vertically Really Easier to Read?

5/19/2014 - NASA Asked Kids to Draw Our Future And They Drew WALL-E

5/19/2014 - New Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Is Sensational!

5/19/2014 - Read One of The Year's Best Tales: "In Metal, In Bone" By An Owomoyela

5/19/2014 - External Chargers Big and Small, Smart Scale Under $30, 1080p Dashcam

5/19/2014 - This Bizarre Bird Film Creeps Us Out

5/19/2014 - Guess Who's Winning the Money Battle in the War on Net Neutrality

5/19/2014 - The fastest and weirdest Rubik's Cube solutions

5/19/2014 - This armored truck is the perfect schoolbus for the zombie apocalypse

5/19/2014 - 8 Vastly Overqualified Actors Who Played Ridiculous Villains

5/19/2014 - Rising Waters Are Spawning a New Breed of Cyborg Architecture

5/19/2014 - The Tasteless Crap That Fills the 9/11 Museum Gift Shop

5/19/2014 - How A Bad Experiment And Dead Horses Led To Your Morning Shower

5/19/2014 - Reminder: DJs Don't Do Anything Besides Press Play

5/19/2014 - Cosmos Asks If Humanity Has What It Takes To Survive

5/19/2014 - Scientists May Have Figured Out How to Turn Light into Matter

5/19/2014 - These Sennheiser Headphones Live in the Future and on My Head

5/19/2014 - Suave baseball kid wasn't as suave as you thought he was

5/19/2014 - A New Terrifying Ride Drops You Face First At 60 MPH

5/19/2014 - This Week's TV: Say Goodbye To Revolution And Warehouse 13!

5/19/2014 - Here's Every Product We Have in the Home of the Future

5/19/2014 - Chicago's Huge Vertical Farm Glows Under Countless LED Suns

5/19/2014 - Steampunk And Catfish (The Other Kind) Are Now In The Dictionary

5/19/2014 - ​Behold the world's first full-size, functional Lego R2-D2

5/19/2014 - The FBI Just Issued Wanted Posters for 5 Chinese Army Officers

5/19/2014 - Scientists Say They Need Philosophers to Continue Their Research

5/19/2014 - The Science of Removing Graffiti From a Priceless Work of Art

5/19/2014 - This Was The Most Emotionally Intense Game Of Thrones Episode Yet

5/19/2014 - Wind Whipping the White Dunes of Argentina

5/19/2014 - What iOS Looks Like on a 4.7-Inch Display

5/19/2014 - Facebook's Letting You Harass People About Their Relationship Status

5/19/2014 - Red Five May Be Disney's Newest Stand-Alone Star Wars Movie

5/19/2014 - Back to the Future dialog remixed into a love song

5/19/2014 - True Blood's Final Season Trailer Is Missing Vampire Eric!!!

5/19/2014 - Beautiful photos of haunted New Orleans

5/19/2014 - This Tower Of Power Gives You 40 USB Ports For Charging Everything

5/19/2014 - Godzilla Makes A Lot Of Money, Gets Sequel

5/19/2014 - A Built-In Handle Lets You Empty This Sink Strainer With Less Touching

5/19/2014 - What 10,000 Calories Look Like

5/19/2014 - Historic Photos On The Evils Of Alcohol Are Unintentionally Hilarious

5/19/2014 - Watch these hamsters and mice have fun on a turntable

5/19/2014 - 15 of World's Best Urban Bike Infrastructures

5/19/2014 - Tons of News From Avengers 2, Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars!

5/19/2014 - MIT Is Building an Affordable Hologram-at-Home System

5/19/2014 - Antiques Roadshow Needs To Stop Appraising Ivory

5/19/2014 - These Brackets Come With Shelves Included

5/19/2014 - You Can Buy These Original Cupertino Rainbow Apple Signs

5/19/2014 - Flood makes bridge collide with another bridge

5/19/2014 - Smartphone Cameras Can Be Used as Quantum Random Number Generators

5/19/2014 - Hubble Sees High-Speed Dancing Aurora on Saturn

5/19/2014 - This Discreet 3D-Printed Bike Rack Appears to Defy Physics

5/19/2014 - How To Take Your Cat Camping

5/19/2014 - Celebrate 40 Years of the Rubik's Cube By Playing Google's Doodle

5/19/2014 - Report: Google Is Hoping to Buy Twitch For Perhaps as Much as $1Bn

5/19/2014 - Watch a Dead Michael Jackson Perform as a Hologram

5/19/2014 - Insane Russian guys doing acrobatic stunts perched on an electric tower

5/18/2014 - Medieval Kitchens Used a Specially Bred Dog to Turn Roasting Spits

5/18/2014 - Watching the Beautiful, Intricate Handiwork of Scrimshaw

5/18/2014 - The Spaceship Now Housed The Neighborhood's Top Restaurant

5/18/2014 - We Want To Catch All These Pokemon-Shaped Flower Pots

5/18/2014 - AT&T and DirecTV Will Follow the Old Net Neutrality Rules For 3 Years

5/18/2014 - Watching A Creepy Automaton Tear Itself Apart Is Strangely Cathartic

5/18/2014 - Breaking Down Quotable Movie Lines By Grammatical Construction

5/18/2014 - In The Flesh Shows The Hazards Of Making Zombies Second-Class Citizens

5/18/2014 - A Cordless Canister Vac Lets This Robovac Clean More Than Just Floors

5/18/2014 - Dragon Comes Home Bearing the Gift of Scientific Data

5/18/2014 - Come Touch Tomorrow's (Unused!) Sex Toys at the Home of the Future

5/18/2014 - AT&T Is Buying DirecTV for $50 Billion

5/18/2014 - Watch This Table Transform Into Two Totally Different Shapes

5/18/2014 - Physics Of Amazing Spider-Man 2's Visual Effects Is Really Impressive

5/18/2014 - Why Do Mythical Creatures Have Human Tops And Animal Bodies?

5/18/2014 - In the Future, You Can Eat What You Drink Too

5/18/2014 - What Kind Of Ecology Forms Multi-Colored Pus?

5/18/2014 - The FCC Thinks We're All Idiots

5/18/2014 - Congratulations To This Year's Nebula Award Winners!

5/18/2014 - Orphan Black Spills Some Major Secrets About Its Cloning Program

5/18/2014 - Researchers Make a Circuit So Flexible, It Can Wrap Around a Vein

5/18/2014 - Space this Week

5/18/2014 - Gorgeous Photos Show Bears and Wolves Feasting Together on a Dead Whale

5/18/2014 - Crazy Humans Explain Why They Swim Outdoors in Below-Freezing Temps

5/18/2014 - Law And Order: Game of Thrones Is The Procedural We Deserve

5/18/2014 - This Planetarium Watch is Elegant, Impressive, and Expensive

5/18/2014 - These Are the Streets You Want to Avoid When You're Riding Your Bike

5/18/2014 - Report: Facebook Is Building an App to Take On Snapchat (Again)

5/18/2014 - A Semi-Soft Silicone Ladle Would Scoop Out Every Last Drop

5/18/2014 - Here's Our First Look At Gal Gadot On The Batman Vs. Superman Set

5/18/2014 - You Can Now Make an Offer to Buy Dracula's Castle

5/18/2014 - Los Angeles's Celebrity Mountain Lion is Recovering from Rat Poison

5/17/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: Mark Zuckerberg vs. Pat Cassels

5/17/2014 - A Science Fiction Comedy Webseries with Actual Women!

5/17/2014 - Meet the Illustrator Who Drew Kids' Books, Anti-War Posters, and Erotica

5/17/2014 - It Took Decades To Build A Ship To Ferry Them Through The Solar System

5/17/2014 - In Continuum's Dystopian Future, There Are Monsters On Both Sides

5/17/2014 - Cancelled Superhero Cartoons On Days Of Future Past Cover Makes Us Sad

5/17/2014 - Just Like Stupid Humans, Fish Get Cocky When They Drink

5/17/2014 - These Were The First Female Astronauts In Science Fiction

5/17/2014 - Ride Along With a Stunt Bike Superstar With a GoPro Helmet Camera

5/17/2014 - Exploring the Great Outdoors From a Remote Control iPad-bot

5/17/2014 - A-10 Thunderbolt attack jet lands on German highway

5/17/2014 - Languages, George R.R. Martin, the FCC, Porn Copyrights, and More

5/17/2014 - What If The Creepy Video Game Limbo Was Filled With Ghibli Characters?

5/17/2014 - The best Lego Aliens in honor of H.R. Giger

5/17/2014 - Best Transformers Cosplayer Ever Turns From A Robot Into A Rolling Car

5/17/2014 - ​Grimm Goes All Out For Monroe And Rosalee's Big Fat Wesen Wedding

5/17/2014 - LifeLock's Wallet App Will Nuke Your Data Due to Security Concerns

5/17/2014 - Batman And Catwoman Reenact Michelangelo's Creation Of Adam

5/17/2014 - Adorable Animation Illustrates the Flavours of Volcanoes

5/17/2014 - The Ultimate Chart Tracking What Happens To Each Game Of Thrones House

5/17/2014 - Go Back In Time With 1950s Footage of the First Gorilla Born at a Zoo

5/17/2014 - How to Build a Moat to Keep Out the Mongol Horde (and Your Neighbors)

5/17/2014 - Found: Rocket Pressurization System, Slightly Used

5/17/2014 - Baby Predator Is The Most Adorable Little Killer In The Universe

5/17/2014 - Report: AT&T Will Announce DirecTV Purchase Tomorrow

5/17/2014 - These Bones Might Be the Biggest Creature That Ever Walked the Earth

5/17/2014 - Latest Guardians Of The Galaxy Teaser Is All Action—With A Bit Of Heart

5/17/2014 - The Military's Power-Generating Boot Isn't Quite Battlefield Ready

5/17/2014 - Join Us For a Week of Events at the Gizmodo Home of the Future

5/17/2014 - National Aquarium Ponders Moving Dolphins to a Sanctuary

5/17/2014 - How You'll Know When It's Time to Grow Up (NSFW)

5/16/2014 - 10-year time-lapse of the World Trade Center Memorial

5/16/2014 - The Jellyfish Borealis Is The Most Striking Sight In The Alien Sky

5/16/2014 - The X-Men try to save Don Draper in this funny ad

5/16/2014 - Danger Dolls Teaser Has All the Schoolgirls-With-Swords Action You Need

5/16/2014 - Watch a drone fly over the Burj Khalifa and Dubai

5/16/2014 - The Greatest Quotes From Action Movies, Grammatically Diagrammed

5/16/2014 - L.A.'s Wilshire Boulevard From the Air, Then & Now

5/16/2014 - Friday Celebration: Janelle Monae Turns Bullied Kids Into Superheroes

5/16/2014 - Reframe Roundup: This Week's Best Photography Posts

5/16/2014 - Apple and Google Agree to Stop Suing Each Other into Oblivion

5/16/2014 - This guy's Transformers costume actually transforms into a mini car

5/16/2014 - How Predictable Is Evolution?

5/16/2014 - Kishi Bashi: The Ballad of Mr. Steak

5/16/2014 - The Most Basic Message Of The Vampire Diaries: Elena Is The Worst.

5/16/2014 - The Scientifically-Accurate Version Of The Ending Of The Avengers

5/16/2014 - Study of 1.3 Million Kids Reveals Vaccines Aren't Associated with Autism

5/16/2014 - "They Wrote That Cliffhanger Without Any Clue How To Resolve It"

5/16/2014 - Promo Reel For Syfy's Ascension Gets Us Entirely Too Excited

5/16/2014 - An Instant Slide Makes Stairs Even Better Than a Firehouse Pole

5/16/2014 - This Piggy Bank Uses Gravity To Let You Know When You've Saved a Buck

5/16/2014 - New Double Helix Visualization Revises What We Know About DNA

5/16/2014 - NASA wants to send these flying saucers to Mars

5/16/2014 - Crown or Dunce Cap? Starchitects Wear Their Famous Buildings As Hats

5/16/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

5/16/2014 - How Do You Determine the Age of a Footprint?

5/16/2014 - Beringia, the Lost Territory Where Americans Evolved

5/16/2014 - Start Your Own Private Museum With a 3D Printer and This T-Rex Model

5/16/2014 - Unseen Footage Shows President Franklin Roosevelt Walking In 1937

5/16/2014 - Meet The Scariest Inhabitant Of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

5/16/2014 - This Flickering Screen Is Powered by Plant-Eating Bacteria

5/16/2014 - We Ate Beer Lollipops So You Don't Have To

5/16/2014 - Breakfast burger replaces bread with freshly glazed apple fritters

5/16/2014 - Google Maps Now Shows How Steep Your Bike Route Is

5/16/2014 - Ice Cream, Mayors, and Criminals: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

5/16/2014 - The Double Shows Just How Soul-Draining A Terrible Office Job Could Get

5/16/2014 - First Trailer For Monsters 2 Explores A Whole New Quarantine Zone

5/16/2014 - Why Is North Korea So Eager To Join The Effort Against Climate Change?

5/16/2014 - Human-Sensing Fan Only Blows Where There Be People

5/16/2014 - ​How To Shoot A Documentary In A War Zone

5/16/2014 - This Could Have Been The Face Of The New Godzilla

5/16/2014 - ​Is The CW's Reign Secretly A Fantasy Show?

5/16/2014 - This Porn Site Is the Biggest Filer of Copyright Lawsuits in the US

5/16/2014 - Miss CGHUB? Help Crowdfund A New Artists Portfolio Site To Replace It

5/16/2014 - NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Telescope Is Back From The Dead!

5/16/2014 - How to Fight the Battle for Net Neutrality

5/16/2014 - Interstellar may be the first movie that shows realistic warp travel

5/16/2014 - Coolest Dad Ever Cooks Pancakes That Look Like Cephalopods

5/16/2014 - This Is the Bike Tech of the Future (And Soon It Could Be Yours)

5/16/2014 - How We Brewed the Beer of the Future

5/16/2014 - Southern California Fires Demand New Techniques in Fire Science

5/16/2014 - 12 Happy Accidents that Helped Save Science Fiction

5/16/2014 - Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, Green Arrow Vol. 4, Free Amazon Coins

5/16/2014 - An Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band Hides the Tools You'll Need to Escape

5/16/2014 - This Rube Goldberg Device Puts A Human Inside the Machine

5/16/2014 - Godzilla trailer's audio track matches Jurassic Park perfectly

5/16/2014 - This seems like the hardest way to make an animated GIF

5/16/2014 - You Can Wheelie Indoors on the Electric Motorcycle of the Future

5/16/2014 - Adidas Is Letting You Make Instagram Shoes Because Everything's Terrible

5/16/2014 - New Pilots From Regular Show Writers Are Fantastic

5/16/2014 - Even More Free Android App Credit, GoPros, Dashcam, Cosmos

5/16/2014 - The First Full-Length Interstellar Trailer Is Spectacular

5/16/2014 - Vader At The Bat

5/16/2014 - Holy Crap, Trailer For Christopher Nolan's Interstellar Is Thrilling

5/16/2014 - Too Bad About the Boring Humans in this Awesome Godzilla Movie

5/16/2014 - Before Going To Space, Astronauts Had to Survive the Desert

5/16/2014 - How Alleys Are Becoming Pathways to Urban Revitalization

5/16/2014 - This Mechanical Nano-Lance Is One Hundredth the Size of a Human Hair

5/16/2014 - The Path Of The Sun In The Martian Sky Is Shaped Like A Teardrop

5/16/2014 - Think Selfies Are Annoying Now? Wait Until They Invade Our Fairytales

5/16/2014 - The Othello Error Makes You Sure Everyone is Lying

5/16/2014 - This may be the most awesome image of the kids who hang from buildings

5/16/2014 - You Don't Need Talent To Make Pancake Art, Just This Printer

5/16/2014 - Chris Pratt Explains Why Rocket Raccoon Is A Tragic Character

5/16/2014 - Russian Rocket Carrying Hi-Tech Satellite Crashes Minutes After Launch

5/16/2014 - This Furious High-Flying Drone Can Spy Overhead For 15 Hours

5/16/2014 - The SaddleBaby Makes Shoulder Rides Easier, Being a Parent Harder

5/16/2014 - Read The Pentagon's Official Guide To Fighting The Zombie Apocalypse

5/16/2014 - IBM Lab Accidentally Makes New Type of Super-Strong, Recyclable Polymer

5/16/2014 - Dunes Let Us Study One Of The Universe's Fastest Geologic Processes

5/16/2014 - These Are The Surprising Jobs You'll Be Doing By The 2030s

5/16/2014 - Inventor Creates Retractible Wolverine Claws, Has The Best Day Ever

5/16/2014 - An Artist Is Using Augmented Reality To Stage a Guerrilla Show at MoMA

5/16/2014 - We're Having A GIF Party!

5/16/2014 - This Is the Most Fun I've Ever Had Just Sitting in a Chair

5/16/2014 - Norman Foster Explains How 3D Printing Will Transform Architecture

5/16/2014 - Why Do So Many Books About Africa Have the Same Cover Design?

5/16/2014 - A Ball-Tracking Projector Lets You Juggle With Stars and Planets

5/16/2014 - Take a Tour of NYC's Iconic Subway Mosaics

5/16/2014 - Tragic Hunger Games Set Photos, Plus Is Zac Efron A Major Marvel Hero?

5/16/2014 - Jurassic Park Lied to You: T-Rex Had Great Eyesight Really

5/16/2014 - Behold The Most Charmingly Inaccurate Infographic on Sloths

5/16/2014 - This Undulating Desk Top Has Specially Carved Crevices For Your Tech

5/16/2014 - Samsung Has Convinced Heathrow Airport to Create Terminal Galaxy S5

5/16/2014 - Time-lapse video captures the terrifying speed of the San Diego fires

5/16/2014 - Peer Through the Window of a Soyuz Capsule Just Returned to Earth

5/16/2014 - Google Has Most of Your Email, Even If You Don't Use Gmail

5/16/2014 - Diver fends off great white shark in frightening encounter

5/16/2014 - Circle Is a Free and Approachable Bitcoin Bank For Everyday Folks

5/16/2014 - Which Tech Companies Protect Your Data From the Government?

5/16/2014 - The stark difference between the rich and the poor, side by side

5/16/2014 - Inspect the Detailed Geometry of Ships in These High Res Photos

5/16/2014 - The Gray Whale Could Not Be Contained

5/16/2014 - Sony RX100 Mark III: The Point and Shoot Champ Takes It Up a Notch

5/16/2014 - How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of Your Revenge?

5/15/2014 - ​Adventure Tested: Danner Crater Rim GTX Hiking Boots Review

5/15/2014 - The California wildfires and fire tornadoes look like hell on Earth

5/15/2014 - ​America, Why Is Your National Anthem So Goddamn Hard To Sing?

5/15/2014 - A Gear Geek's Guide To Ultralight Backpacking

5/15/2014 - This Animated Film About Elephant Seals Could Have Been Made By Pixar

5/15/2014 - Derive and Thrive: Remix 3 Netlabels This Weekend

5/15/2014 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Great Rock Hand

5/15/2014 - Being gluten free is dumb—and gluten intolerance may not even exist

5/15/2014 - How Comics Can Save Your Life

5/15/2014 - Win An ESEE-6 Survival Knife

5/15/2014 - Popular New Baby Names Of 2013: Vanellope, Kaptain, Tuf, And Kyndle

5/15/2014 - Everyone On The 100 Makes Terrible Decisions, But It Makes For Good TV

5/15/2014 - Turkmenistan's Astonishing Attempt To Build A City Of The Future

5/15/2014 - First Look At Hunger Games: Mockingjay Reveals The Secret District

5/15/2014 - These fully-automatic Wolverine claws are as badass as the real ones

5/15/2014 - This Diver Is Cradling a 12,000-Year-Old Skull in an Underwater Cave

5/15/2014 - A Massive Dose of Measles Virus Wiped Out This Woman's Cancer

5/15/2014 - Earth’s Lightning Ramps Up With The Solar Wind

5/15/2014 - How Survival Knives Are Designed And Manufactured

5/15/2014 - Who's The Coolest Fictional Assassin Of All Time?

5/15/2014 - An Artist Who Uses 3D Scanning To Upgrade Renaissance Sculptures

5/15/2014 - Scientists Finally Understand Shark Skin, Thanks to 3D Printers

5/15/2014 - Fearless guy walks and dances barefoot on a crane in terrifying video

5/15/2014 - When Does Science News Confuse You the Most?

5/15/2014 - You're Always Guaranteed a Seat On the Subway With This Backpack Chair

5/15/2014 - Choose-Your-Own-Adventure With Frumple's Quest And Try Not To Die

5/15/2014 - Chipotle's Putting Essays On Its Cups So You Can Brain Up At Lunch

5/15/2014 - Smart Drugs Could Be Impairing The Brains Of Young People

5/15/2014 - Japanese Drink Company Plans To Put The First Advertisment On The Moon

5/15/2014 - Here's Everything We Had At Home of the Future

5/15/2014 - Girl swimming in a lake full of millions of golden jelly fish

5/15/2014 - The Movies You Must Watch To Understand Godzilla

5/15/2014 - Person Of Interest's Creators Had To Fight For The Show To Include A.I.

5/15/2014 - Hurricanes Are Migrating Closer And Closer To The Earth's Poles

5/15/2014 - This Lock Disables Steering So Your Bike Can't Be Ridden

5/15/2014 - Is It Scientifically Possible for Godzilla to Exist?

5/15/2014 - Colbert Follows In Amazon's Crazy Patent Footsteps and Patents Patents

5/15/2014 - A Snowboard With Headlights Keeps You On the Slopes All Night Long

5/15/2014 - Jupiter's Great Red Spot is mysteriously shrinking in a dramatic way

5/15/2014 - A Creationist Schism Is Tearing Apart A Christian College

5/15/2014 - Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Moonrise Kingdom, Dexter, Starcraft

5/15/2014 - Oh Great, Now the Drought Could Be Causing Earthquakes in California

5/15/2014 - First Images From Veronica Mars Creator's New Show iZombie

5/15/2014 - This 5-Minute Extended Flash Trailer Is The Justice League We Want

5/15/2014 - Why Life Before Anesthesia Made Doctors More Caring

5/15/2014 - Arrow Serves Us Up a Finale Full of Fascinating Mistakes

5/15/2014 - Your Gluten Sensitivity May Be In Your Head

5/15/2014 - Charge Everything In Your Car, Makeshift Camelbak, Free Amazon Coins

5/15/2014 - Japanese Architects Are Uniting to Stop Tokyo's Heinous Olympic Stadium

5/15/2014 - A Round Ping Pong Table With a Spinning Net Makes College Even Harder

5/15/2014 - 10 Comics That Can Help You Understand Mental Illness

5/15/2014 - This Drawing Device Lets You Sketch Like Da Vinci

5/15/2014 - Truck transported on a ropeway going up a 5,400-foot mountain

5/15/2014 - NASA and the Six Million Dollar Man

5/15/2014 - Watch The First Teaser Trailer For Disney's Live Action Cinderella

5/15/2014 - One Man's Insane Plan to Make Oculus Rifts for Chickens

5/15/2014 - You Can Crush Nuts and Rebellions With a Tie Fighter Nutcracker

5/15/2014 - Drive Director's Next Movie Inspired By Water Tank Death Hotel

5/15/2014 - Watch This Net Neutrality PSA From Your Friends at the FCC—or Else

5/15/2014 - Digital projection system puts people into the world of Tron

5/15/2014 - Scientists Discover How Octopuses Avoid Tying Themselves In Knots

5/15/2014 - Skylock Is the Bike Lock of the Future, and It's Awesome

5/15/2014 - Sexy Weather Forecast for Juneau, Alaska

5/15/2014 - This Stealth Submarine Periscope Can Spy Virtually Through the Waves

5/15/2014 - "Surprising" Breakthrough in Multiple Sclerosis Mouse Study

5/15/2014 - Lioness jumps off a cliff to catch an antelope in mid-air

5/15/2014 - Jupiter's Great Red Spot Is Shrinking

5/15/2014 - FCC Is Moving Forward With Its Horrible Plan for an Internet Fast Lane

5/15/2014 - FCC Commissioner: Even My Mom Knows the New Net Neutrality Rules Are Bad

5/15/2014 - When the hell are we getting the heavy spacecraft of Alex Ichim?

5/15/2014 - Got Some Babies? Take a Gander at The NightLight

5/15/2014 - Apocalypse Preppers Are Using Pinterest to Plan for the End of the World

5/15/2014 - Transformers 4 Trailer Tries To Explain The Science Of Transformers

5/15/2014 - Venture Capital Firm Appoints Machine Intelligence As Board Member

5/15/2014 - Where Are You From?

5/15/2014 - A Smartphone Turns These Fast Food Trays Into Tiny Soccer Fields

5/15/2014 - Neat video of bioluminescent footsteps at San Diego beach

5/15/2014 - A Blood Donation Poster That Helps Save Lives and Charges Your Phone

5/15/2014 - The Rosetta Comet Has Developed A Coma

5/15/2014 - The Flash Is Faster Than A Speeding Arrow In His First TV Promo

5/15/2014 - Thousands of Gallons of Crude Oil Spill In Los Angeles

5/15/2014 - What's Next For the Agents of SHIELD? And Is Prometheus 2 On Hold?

5/15/2014 - 20 Crazy Rides From the Dawn of the Bicycle

5/15/2014 - Which Countries Drink the Most If You Ignore Abstainers

5/15/2014 - Hilarious retro game lets you play as Glorious Leader! Kim Jong-un

5/15/2014 - You Can Text 911 In an Emergency Starting Today

5/15/2014 - Never Forget a Photoshop Shortcut Again With This Interactive App

5/15/2014 - Why Can’t You Receive Blood from Someone With a Different Blood Type?

5/15/2014 - Sexologists, trainers, and pornstars create sexercises to boost stamina

5/15/2014 - If You Love Sitting on Stairs, This Is the Sofa For You

5/15/2014 - 20 Day Stranger Shares Your Life With A Random Human Being

5/15/2014 - So Long, Open Web: Mozilla Accepts Closed Source DRM and We All Lose

5/15/2014 - Comcast Reckons All Its Users Will Be Data Capped in 5 Years Time

5/15/2014 - The BMW i8 commercials are as beautiful as the car itself

5/15/2014 - HTC One Mini 2: Like a Small M8, But Not a Small M8

5/15/2014 - Look at the NSA Implanting Backdoors into Intercepted Electronics

5/15/2014 - Can A $1 Cat Food Can Beat A $140 Backpacking Stove?

5/15/2014 - Bike racing is even cooler with anime effects

5/15/2014 - There Are Mechs in These Mountains

5/15/2014 - What a Savages Concert Looks Like Through a Welder's Mask (NSFW)

5/14/2014 - Two skyscrapers joined by a bridge that is a swimming pool

5/14/2014 - Man Gives Himself A Tattoo By Letting 1,000 Bed Bugs Feed On Him

5/14/2014 - What the human body looks like at 100 years old

5/14/2014 - Tyrion's Epic Game Of Thrones Speech Gets A Perfect Alternate Ending

5/14/2014 - First Look At More New Dinobots Of Transformers: Age Of Extinction

5/14/2014 - Last Night's Originals Finale Actually Got Me Teary-Eyed

5/14/2014 - How to make a truly grilled grilled cheese sandwich

5/14/2014 - Santa Ana Winds, Fire Tornados, and the California Fires

5/14/2014 - That Time George W. Bush Lived in Compton

5/14/2014 - The New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That You Can't Afford To Miss

5/14/2014 - A 4-year-old boy recreating fashion poses is just adorable

5/14/2014 - This Ghost Story About A Phantom Limb Will Give You Chills

5/14/2014 - Shooting Baboons With Africa's Last Hunter-Gatherers

5/14/2014 - Real-Life Dr. Zoidberg Cosplay Is Both Terrifying And Terrific

5/14/2014 - This impressive space illustration was made with 100 aerial photos

5/14/2014 - The sad, beautiful, and a bit scary tale of the Phantom Limb

5/14/2014 - These Mirrors Could Give Satellites Their Own Dust-Busting Space Lasers

5/14/2014 - How The TARDIS Got Its Famous Dematerialization Sound

5/14/2014 - Proof that we should put head cameras on every baby

5/14/2014 - A Giant Planet That's Freakishly Far From Its Sun

5/14/2014 - The Debate Over Killer Robots Is A Guy Thing

5/14/2014 - Tivoli's Music System Three Is Portable, Bluetooth, and Beautiful

5/14/2014 - Want To Raise Money On Kickstarter? This Comic Can Help You Get Started

5/14/2014 - 5 Real Life Mouth Weapons More Terrifying Than Godzilla's Atomic Breath

5/14/2014 - The Most Unforgettable Creations of H. R. Giger

5/14/2014 - Streaming Video Junkies Devour Over Half the Traffic on the Internet

5/14/2014 - Science Is Finally Making Glass That Birds Won't Fly Into

5/14/2014 - "They Turned An Epic Villain Into A Weird Forgettable Joke"

5/14/2014 - Compare Your Hop Tech 431 Tasting Notes Here

5/14/2014 - Russia Severs Space-Science Ties With U.S. In A Curt Breakup Tweet

5/14/2014 - Can The Agents of SHIELD Stand For Protecting People Ever Again?

5/14/2014 - Before the Walk of Fame, Lemon Groves Surrounded Hollywood & Vine

5/14/2014 - This Convertible Bike Bag Will Save You From A Sweaty Back

5/14/2014 - I Will Camp Out on This Concrete Bench for All of Home of the Future

5/14/2014 - TNT Hilariously Sums Up Michael Bay's Show The Last Ship In One Word

5/14/2014 - When Will the 9/11 Museum Be Submerged By Rising Sea Levels?

5/14/2014 - Why Bitcoin Miners Are Moving to Tiny Towns in Washington State

5/14/2014 - Is This Aerofex Hoverbike Going on Sale in 2017? Probably Not.

5/14/2014 - 13.7 Billion Years in 45 Seconds

5/14/2014 - Endless Animated Features Make This the Best Amateur Iron Man Suit Yet

5/14/2014 - Person of Interest Shows Us What Techno-Fascism Really Looks Like

5/14/2014 - The Quest TV Competition Turns Fantasy Into Reality Television

5/14/2014 - This Doodle Is Actually Concept Art Of The World's First Space Station

5/14/2014 - Is the US Poised for an E-Bike Revolution?

5/14/2014 - This Could Be A Horrific Year For El Niño

5/14/2014 - We've Started Construction on Our Home of the Future

5/14/2014 - ​Microsoft, Please Don't Give Up on the Future

5/14/2014 - Every Office Needs a Giant Severed Robot Hand Conference Table

5/14/2014 - This Chemical Transforms Lab Animals Into Transparent Works Of Art

5/14/2014 - Want to Write Great Science Fiction? Read Classic Literature

5/14/2014 - This Wall-Mounted Espresso Machine Is Dripping With Good Looks

5/14/2014 - Vicious-Looking "Alien" Fish Defies Classification

5/14/2014 - 136 years of visual effects evolution in a one sensory-overload video

5/14/2014 - Doctor Who Comics Bundle, Doctor Who RISK, MST3K, Dragon Age

5/14/2014 - The Best Way To Transport A Rhino? Upside Down, Tied to a Helicopter

5/14/2014 - This Live-Action Batman: The Animated Series Opening Is Bat-Tastic

5/14/2014 - How To Get Your Xbox Live Gold Membership Refunded

5/14/2014 - The alternate ending for Tyrion's epic angry speech in Game of Thrones

5/14/2014 - A Giant Toolbox That Doubles as a Portable Workbench

5/14/2014 - The Evolution Of The TARDIS Key!

5/14/2014 - The Astronomer Who Wanted to Rearrange the Solar System, Using Nukes

5/14/2014 - Shutterfly Just Congratulated Hundreds of Random Users on Having a Baby

5/14/2014 - A Roku For Everyone, NeatDesk Scanners, $50 Off Your Next Hotel Stay

5/14/2014 - Politician Proposes Hoverboard Lanes For DC By 2015

5/14/2014 - This Is What The Internet Sounds Like

5/14/2014 - 10 Comic Books That Would Make Excellent TV Shows

5/14/2014 - That's Not a Shipwreck, It's a Volcano!

5/14/2014 - The Military's Spending Millions to Build Robots with Morals

5/14/2014 - Microscope video shows how self-healing plastic works

5/14/2014 - Swiss wizards can now create holograms using just chocolate

5/14/2014 - BioLite's BaseCamp Stove Grills Your Food and Charges Your Gadgets

5/14/2014 - Roberto Orci Will Make His Directing Debut With Star Trek 3

5/14/2014 - A Short About A Color-Stealing Villain In The Style Of A Scanner Darkly

5/14/2014 - A Giant Kinetic Installation Made From 48,000 Pieces of K'NEX

5/14/2014 - Half of the US is in Drought

5/14/2014 - Some Guy Created a Holodeck with an Oculus Rift and 3 Kinects

5/14/2014 - Lucid Dreaming Can Be Induced By Zapping Brains With Gamma Waves

5/14/2014 - Harley Quinn Is Even More Fun Dressed As A Real Medieval Court Jester

5/14/2014 - This Cold War Test Bed Irradiated Satellites Before the Soviets Could

5/14/2014 - John Berkey's space art makes me nostalgic for a future that never was

5/14/2014 - Apple Just Put Its App Design Bible On iBooks For Free

5/14/2014 - Half Of The U.S. Is Now In A Drought

5/14/2014 - Why You Can Never, Ever, Ever Make The Biggest Fans Happy

5/14/2014 - Beautiful Landscapes Far, Far Away

5/14/2014 - The Algorithms at the Heart of the New September 11 Memorial Museum

5/14/2014 - Universal's New Harry Potter Gringotts Ride Looks Amazing

5/14/2014 - A Wall-Mounted Computer Chess Game Is Playable Art

5/14/2014 - Corn Grown in Space Caves Could Be the Future of Farming

5/14/2014 - Seed-Filled Caps Turn Plastic Bottles Into Tiny Gardens

5/14/2014 - This Is the World's Oldest Sperm

5/14/2014 - The Ultimate Proof That Keeping Orca Whales In Captivity Is Monstrous

5/14/2014 - Dear Massimo: 12 Designers Who Penned Letters To Their Hero

5/14/2014 - Is Quicksilver the Best Part of X-Men? And Details From Arrow's Finale!

5/14/2014 - Six Months Later, Expedition 39 Safely Returns to Earth

5/14/2014 - Why Your Armpits Smell So Bad

5/14/2014 - Beware of Skimmers on Postal Service Stamp Kiosks

5/14/2014 - The World's Heaviest-Drinking Nations, Ranked

5/14/2014 - These Mice Are Lit Up With Quantum Dots

5/14/2014 - This has to be one of the most revolting things I've ever seen

5/14/2014 - George R. R. Martin Explains Why He Writes Game of Thrones in DOS

5/14/2014 - FCC Reaffirms It's Considering Treating Cable Companies as Utilities

5/14/2014 - Anyone in the U.S. Can Buy Google Glass Now

5/14/2014 - George H.W. and George W. Bush Once Lived in Compton

5/14/2014 - The OMNIS POWERGLOVE Will Turn You Into a Demented Iron Man

5/14/2014 - One Of Doctor Who's Creepiest Stories Is Now On DVD

5/13/2014 - Oh my, motorcyclist just misses crashing into a horse on the road

5/13/2014 - The future of Earth and the end of the Universe visualized

5/13/2014 - This little kid is better at yo-yo than I am at anything

5/13/2014 - When Toothless And Stitch Have Sleepovers, They Dress Up As Each Other

5/13/2014 - Forrest Gump works pretty damn well as an 8-bit video game

5/13/2014 - Europa Crisis: Read The First Chapter Of Jeff Carlson's Frozen Sky 2!

5/13/2014 - Video shows life in Machu Picchu in beautiful 4K detail

5/13/2014 - Why Scientists Won't Talk To The U.S. Government

5/13/2014 - We May Have Solved the Mystery of the Dying Bees

5/13/2014 - Glee Meets Game of Thrones In The New Musical Series Galavant

5/13/2014 - The Whispers Is Officially The New TV Drama We're Most Excited About

5/13/2014 - The Strange, Post-Soviet Architecture of Astana, Kazakhstan

5/13/2014 - Lord Of The Rings Animation Supervisor Defends Importance Of Job

5/13/2014 - The Makers Of Gotham Explain Why They Don't Need Batman

5/13/2014 - Antarctic Ice Sheets Are Collapsing -- But When Will Sea Levels Rise?

5/13/2014 - Will Batman's New Suit Also Include A New Palette?

5/13/2014 - Deep Sea Probe Accidentally Uncovers Unique 'Graveyard' Ecology

5/13/2014 - Why Fake Apple Chargers Totally Suck

5/13/2014 - Someone Finally Designed a Better Disposable Coffee Cup Lid

5/13/2014 - Star-Crossed's Final Episode Ended With A Nearly Perfect Cliffhanger

5/13/2014 - What Actors Do You Want To See More In Genre Movies?

5/13/2014 - Raccoon or Dog? US Government Decides the Fate of Animal Fur

5/13/2014 - Stop In For A Reader Happy Hour At The Gizmodo Home of the Future

5/13/2014 - When Apple Damns Your Texts to iMessage Purgatory

5/13/2014 - Warehouse 13 Finally Proves That Love Is Stronger Than Artifact Magic

5/13/2014 - This is the closest you can get to fly speeder bikes at Endor's forest

5/13/2014 - This Keyboard for Google Glass Is Stupid or Clever or Both—I Can't Tell

5/13/2014 - This Is What Comic Books Looked Like in the Middle Ages

5/13/2014 - Gareth Edwards Explains The Most Important Thing Godzilla MUST Have

5/13/2014 - The Most Common Language In Each US State—Besides English And Spanish

5/13/2014 - This Is Why We Can't Wait for Person of Interest Tonight!

5/13/2014 - US-Russia Tension Threatens GPS System

5/13/2014 - Everyone's the Grillmaster At this BBQ Picnic Table

5/13/2014 - ​Robert Young Pelton On Surviving South Sudan

5/13/2014 - NASA's Next Mars Rover Will Send Samples Back To Earth. Uh, Really?

5/13/2014 - Has Humanity Carved the Earth into Many Islands?

5/13/2014 - ​Archer & Armstrong Is The Best Damn Comic You're Not Reading

5/13/2014 - 2001 Inspired This Table Supported By Toppling Monolith Dominos

5/13/2014 - Guys playing guitar and/or having orgasms in slow motion

5/13/2014 - 15 Years of Virgin Galactic's Failed Space Age Promises

5/13/2014 - Feel Flux Review: A Scientific Toy That Feels Like Magic

5/13/2014 - Behold The Unearthly Delights Of H.R. Giger's Personal Sculpture Garden

5/13/2014 - Robot Bartender Struggles With Asimov's Laws In This Amazing Short Film

5/13/2014 - Why Mysterious UFO-Like Lights Glow in this Norwegian Valley

5/13/2014 - The 9 Most Influential Works of Scientific Racism, Ranked

5/13/2014 - This Bluetooth Buckle Adds Smart Functionality To Mechanical Watches

5/13/2014 - Ancient Mummified Fetus Found in Tiny Egyptian Sarcophagus

5/13/2014 - Please Stop Calling Everything a "Hack"

5/13/2014 - Demon's Souls, Logitech Peripherals, Xbox One Sans Kinect

5/13/2014 - The Most Common Languages Spoken in the U.S. After English and Spanish

5/13/2014 - All The Secrets Of Person Of Interest's Most Charming Privacy Vigilante

5/13/2014 - The Brookings Institution Gave NASA Advice About Extraterrestrial Life

5/13/2014 - Chevy Assembly Line Workers Ride Around on Wall-E-Style Floating Chairs

5/13/2014 - Watch these aircraft avoiding a catastrophe at the very last second

5/13/2014 - It's A Good Time To Be An Animator (In Los Angeles)

5/13/2014 - Microsoft Just Won't Stop Making the Xbox One Worse

5/13/2014 - 10 Photos Of The Last Human Alive

5/13/2014 - Stellar Carnage as Neutron Stars Collide

5/13/2014 - Audio-Technicas, The Littlest GorillaPod, Electric Shaver, LifeProof

5/13/2014 - Today Is Your Last Chance to Watch NASA's Space Oddity Recorded in Space

5/13/2014 - One of the Most Nightmarish Behavioral Tests Ever Devised for Rats

5/13/2014 - The First Flash TV Footage Is Appropriately Lightning Quick

5/13/2014 - You've Been Looking At The Grand Canyon Wrong

5/13/2014 - What Other Companies Could Apple Buy With Its $150 Billion In Cash?

5/13/2014 - ​How To Take Your Dog Camping

5/13/2014 - Someone Drew The Entire Attack On Titan Opening In Pencil

5/13/2014 - Classified ad for old Volvo is as ridiculous as any new car commercial

5/13/2014 - Can That "Pins and Needles" Feeling Result in a Dead Hand?

5/13/2014 - The Founder of Outlier Is Here to Talk About the Best Biking Clothes

5/13/2014 - What If Norman Rockwell Drew The Hulk And The Ninja Turtles?

5/13/2014 - The Army's New Helmet Design Comes with Built-In A/C

5/13/2014 - Here Is The First Image Of Ben Affleck As Batman

5/13/2014 - Which Country Drinks The Most?

5/13/2014 - First Look at the Hot New Batmobile From Batman Vs. Superman

5/13/2014 - NASA shows how neutron stars collide to form black holes

5/13/2014 - Christopher Columbus's Flagship, The Santa Maria, Has Been Found

5/13/2014 - Of Course an Apple Engineer Has an iPhone Business Card

5/13/2014 - A Quadriplegic Racer Will Steer a Stingray With His Head at the Indy 500

5/13/2014 - Koreans now getting plastic surgery to get back to their old faces

5/13/2014 - 10 of the Best Moments From the Early Days of CGI

5/13/2014 - I Have No Idea How The Last Man On Earth Is Going To Be A TV Series

5/13/2014 - The Xbox One Will Be Available Without Kinect for $400

5/13/2014 - The Space Gun Was Conceived 199 Years Ago

5/13/2014 - Xbox Is Finally Dropping the Paywall for Netflix and Streaming Apps

5/13/2014 - Sneak Peek! Observatory Documentary Full of Beautiful Starscapes

5/13/2014 - Russia Will Shut Down All U.S. GPS Stations Within Its Borders (Update)

5/13/2014 - Logitech Peripherals For Everyone In Today's Amazon Gold Box

5/13/2014 - Watch Jimmy Fallon, Neil Young, and Jack White Press a Record On Stage

5/13/2014 - It's Show-And-Tell Time! What Projects Are You Working On?

5/13/2014 - These Eerie Kinetic Sculptures by the Sea Would Also Make Electricity

5/13/2014 - Recently Discovered Big Bang "Smoking Gun" Could Be A Bust

5/13/2014 - Motorola Moto E Hands-On: Surprisingly Good for $150

5/13/2014 - Yep, Channing Tatum Is Definitely Gonna Be Gambit

5/13/2014 - This GIF Shows the Start of Antarctica's Irreversible Ice Sheet Collapse

5/13/2014 - This Fire Retardant Bursts Into Flame When it Touches Aluminum

5/13/2014 - Report: The iPad Will Get Split-Screen Multitasking in iOS 8

5/13/2014 - Canon Announces New Ultra Wide Lenses With Image Stabilization

5/13/2014 - What Most Freaks Out Scholars Who Study The Future Of Humanity?

5/13/2014 - Legendary Alien Artist H.R. Giger Has Died At 74

5/13/2014 - Color-Changing Markers Let You Know When a Hot Drink Has Safely Cooled

5/13/2014 - 8 Bizarre and Painful Highlights From Two Centuries of Beauty Tech

5/13/2014 - Does A Doctor Who Announcement Hint At A Major Villain's Return?

5/13/2014 - Graphene Could Absorb an Unlimited Amount of Heat

5/13/2014 - This is the best gift any man can have*

5/13/2014 - Armless table tennis player will probably beat you using his mouth only

5/13/2014 - When Aluminum Cost More Than Gold

5/13/2014 - Virgin Galactic Might Not Technically Get You Into Space (Updated)

5/13/2014 - Motocross rider misses curve, miraculously survives huge fall

5/13/2014 - Airliner-Drone Near Miss Spurring FAA to Clamp Down on UAVs

5/13/2014 - Mad Men cast star in ads that seem created by Sterling Cooper & Partners

5/13/2014 - The Simplest Explanation of What the World Wide Web Is That You'll See

5/13/2014 - Motorola Adds LTE to the Moto G and Launches Budget Moto E

5/13/2014 - How the FCC Makes Its Rules

5/13/2014 - NASA finds strange dark square hole in the Sun

5/13/2014 - Why Air Pollution Has Always Been a Problem in L.A. (And Always Will Be)

5/13/2014 - Archaeologists may have found the wreck of Columbus' Santa Maria

5/13/2014 - This Robotic Catching Arm Can React In Less Than 500ths Of A Second

5/13/2014 - Once Upon A Time's Season Finale Goes Completely Insane

5/13/2014 - Everything Wrong with Consumerism in 46 Seconds

5/13/2014 - Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Making Of Blake's 7

5/12/2014 - Nnedi Okorafor's Lagoon Shows Just How Messy First Contact Could Get

5/12/2014 - Noah genesis sequence mixes science and religion into a pretty tale

5/12/2014 - In The Tropic of Serpents, a Naturalist Studies Dragons and Politics

5/12/2014 - Hubble is the single most useful science instrument ever created

5/12/2014 - Watch Japanese Children Design New Life Forms

5/12/2014 - Holy crap, a house just exploded live on TV

5/12/2014 - NASA: Unstoppable Antarctic ice collapse to increase global sea levels

5/12/2014 - Handy Charts Show How To Pet Your Animal Friends Safely

5/12/2014 - Road rage driver shows why road rage is so silly by crashing his car

5/12/2014 - On Salem, The Victims Of Witchcraft Are Clearly Asking For It

5/12/2014 - Watch a 20mm anti-tank rifle destroying an Apple iMac in slow motion

5/12/2014 - What If Tyrion Had Chosen Love Over His Family On Game Of Thrones?

5/12/2014 - A Key Reason Why U.S. Politicians Don't Understand Science

5/12/2014 - Shyamalan Reinvents The Prisoner And Hieroglyph Sexes Up Ancient Egypt

5/12/2014 - These Pixelated Pics of NYC Were Taken On A Game Boy

5/12/2014 - Edge of Tomorrow Trailer Finally Explains Why Tom Cruise Keeps Dying

5/12/2014 - DreamWorksTV Is A Perfect Example Of Not Using YouTube Properly

5/12/2014 - Classic Movie Posters Prove that Everything Is Better in Swedish

5/12/2014 - How To Find The Best New Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories

5/12/2014 - Let Sixpoint's Mad Scientists Show You How to Invent a Brand New Beer

5/12/2014 - Woman Beaten to Death After Being Accused of Witchcraft on Facebook

5/12/2014 - Part Machete And Part Big Knife, Is This The Ultimate Survival Blade?

5/12/2014 - The Alien Landscapes In These Photographs Are Actually Just Plastic Bags

5/12/2014 - Ewoks Invade The Arrowcave In This Amazing Arrow/Star WarsMash-Up

5/12/2014 - Ikea Is Turning Its Very First Store Into a Museum

5/12/2014 - Anime Voice Actor And Drama Teacher Marries 16 Year Old Student

5/12/2014 - The Star Wars Characters Who MUST Be In The New Movies

5/12/2014 - Report: AT&T In Talks To Buy DirecTV for $50 Billion

5/12/2014 - Volcano as Garbage Disposal

5/12/2014 - This Lettuce Umbrella Should Count As a Serving of Veggies

5/12/2014 - This is the new helicopter of the President of the United States

5/12/2014 - What's A Frankenstein Gotta Do To Get Some Peace Around Here?

5/12/2014 - Your Old Phone Could Help Eavesdrop on Illegal Rainforest Loggers

5/12/2014 - Black Dog Syndrome Teaches Us a Crucial Lesson About Science

5/12/2014 - See The Toons Who Would Have Appeared In Roger Rabbit's Deleted Funeral

5/12/2014 - The 1940s Plan to Replace Jockeys with Robots

5/12/2014 - Look at These Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from Every Amazing Angle

5/12/2014 - Should Your Driverless Car Kill You to Save Two Other People?

5/12/2014 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Slammed For Dismissing Philosophy As 'Useless'

5/12/2014 - An Intricate Typeface Made Out of History's Greatest Inventions

5/12/2014 - These Magical Landscapes Are Actually Photos of Plastic Bags

5/12/2014 - Researchers Train Computers to Manipulate Human Emotions with Art

5/12/2014 - The Unstoppable Collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

5/12/2014 - Join Us For A Week of Events at the Gizmodo Home of the Future

5/12/2014 - Grove's Bamboo iPad Case Is Typically Nice, Typically Spendy

5/12/2014 - Weeds, The West Wing, He-Man, Homeworld

5/12/2014 - 600-day trip around the world makes me rethink my whole existence

5/12/2014 - ​This Manmade Island Floats On Over 150,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles

5/12/2014 - Watch an LED Light Change Color In Liquid Nitrogen

5/12/2014 - How a Team of Nerds and Artists Uncovered Warhol's Lost Digital Art

5/12/2014 - How 'Hyperpalatable' Foods Could Turn You Into A Food Addict

5/12/2014 - Behold, The First Look At Batman Vs. Superman's New Batmobile

5/12/2014 - The Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Started to Collapse and Nothing Can Stop It

5/12/2014 - The io9 Book Club Is in Session! Let's Talk About Life After Life

5/12/2014 - A Real Keyboard for Your iPad, Chomecast, Fire-Proof Safe

5/12/2014 - The Victorian Gothic Soap Penny Dreadful Has All the Right Moves

5/12/2014 - The Bizarre Failed Weapons That Led to the Stun Gun

5/12/2014 - Terrifying video captures Syrian jet bombing rebel cameraman's position

5/12/2014 - The Last Thing We'd See If Saturn Got Close Enough To Destroy The Earth

5/12/2014 - Can a Smart Lighter Help You Quit Smoking?

5/12/2014 - The ​8 Most Superheroic Jerks In The Marvel Universe

5/12/2014 - Are Nest Thermostats Killing Air Conditioners?

5/12/2014 - A Statistically-Relevant Debate on Climate Change

5/12/2014 - The Pentagon's "Star Wars" Robotic Arm Just Got FDA Approval

5/12/2014 - The New King of High-Sea Helicopters Can Hoist 13 Tons

5/12/2014 - An $8 Million Robot Sub Just Sank 6 Miles to the Bottom of the Sea

5/12/2014 - Cosmos Explains How Michael Faraday Lit Up Our Lives

5/12/2014 - Apparently, Godzilla Is A Fan Of Breaking Bad

5/12/2014 - Scientists Have Induced Lucid Dreaming with Electric Shocks

5/12/2014 - This Week's TV: The Season Finales Of Arrow, Agents Of SHIELD And More!

5/12/2014 - Live-action Akira trailer made by fans is surprisingly cool

5/12/2014 - A Board Game That Has You Guess Ridiculous Internet Search Predictions

5/12/2014 - Watch Darren Aronofsky Mix Science And Religion In One Creation Clip

5/12/2014 - This First Jupiter Ascending Clip Is Bizarre

5/12/2014 - A Rainbow River in Madagascar

5/12/2014 - How To Make Self-Igniting Fire Arrows For Your Next Medieval Siege

5/12/2014 - How Does "Valence" Help Your Brain Distinguish Between Good And Bad?

5/12/2014 - Tyrion Is Among The Least Skilled Players Of The Game Of Thrones

5/12/2014 - A Design Flaw Is Turning the London Shard Hotel Into a Voyeur's Dream

5/12/2014 - 3D-Printed Electric Water Kettle Inspired by Nautilus Shells

5/12/2014 - Why Our Bodies Actually Age

5/12/2014 - Hellholes And Bad Business Cards Abound In First Constantine Clip

5/12/2014 - How Popular Will Your Name Be In The Coming Decades?

5/12/2014 - This Floating Speaker Shows You Soundwaves As It Plays

5/12/2014 - A Giant Elastic Band Could Let You Hide From Your Seatmates in Coach

5/12/2014 - This Is The Closest We'll Ever Get To A Great, Live-Action Akira Movie

5/12/2014 - 8 Simple Products Designed To Make Aging a Little Easier

5/12/2014 - Sequel Watch: Details About Star Wars VII, Mockingjay, And Wolverine 3!

5/12/2014 - A High-Speed Robot Arm That Snatches Objects Out of Mid-Air

5/12/2014 - Did Exploding Whales Just Go Mainstream?

5/12/2014 - This New Gel Could Let Doctors Grow Bone Exactly Where They Need It

5/12/2014 - This Is Possibly, Probably the Moto E

5/12/2014 - Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Exploding Balloons

5/12/2014 - Watch parkour with a pogo stick and other gravity-defying tricks

5/12/2014 - Sci-fi Chinese porcelain plates show giant robots and alien invasions

5/12/2014 - An Elegant Angular Take on an Old Stick Chair

5/12/2014 - Black+Decker's AutoSense Drill Stops Itself When a Screw Is Flush

5/12/2014 - The A to Z of old television series in one neat video

5/12/2014 - LG's G Pad Will Now Come In Every Size You Could Ever Want

5/12/2014 - Tech's So Advanced, Why Don't We Change the Way Smartphones Work?

5/12/2014 - Horrific Medical Procedures That WIll Make You Glad of Modern Medicine

5/12/2014 - Iran unveils bootleg copy of US Sentinel stealth drone

5/12/2014 - Users Didn't Like Mozilla's New-Tab Ads (So It's Trying 'Em Again)

5/12/2014 - Report: FCC to Remove "Fast Lanes" From Net Neutrality Proposal

5/12/2014 - How Star Wars would be if it were a Tarantino film

5/11/2014 - This Week in Space

5/11/2014 - Bill Murray Does His Best Hunter S. Thompson Impression

5/11/2014 - Cool video of nine jet fighters flying in perfect formation

5/11/2014 - Celebrating Mother's Day With The Trinity

5/11/2014 - Watch This Octopus Unscrew The Lid Of A Jar (From Inside The Jar)

5/11/2014 - Linguistic Mysteries: The Origin of "Red Herring" Was A Red Herring

5/11/2014 - Watch Dean Cain Kill A Guy Using A Tiny Bottle Of Contact Lens Spray

5/11/2014 - Meanest wife ever forces husband to sell his 661-lb Lego collection

5/11/2014 - In The Flesh's Zombie Politics Are More Complicated This Season

5/11/2014 - Retweet Your Mom Today

5/11/2014 - EuroScience, the Science in the EuroVision Song Contest

5/11/2014 - Parrot's New Bebop Drone Wants to Be Your Eyes in the Skies

5/11/2014 - These Watercolors Distill Superheroes to Their Very Essence

5/11/2014 - In 1989, the Car of the Future Was Equipped With a Fax Machine

5/11/2014 - The First Trailer for Constantine Looks AMAZING

5/11/2014 - Cruise Ship Plays the Loudest Seven Nation Army You've Ever Heard

5/11/2014 - Here's The First Promo Art (And Synopsis) For The Agent Carter TV Show!

5/11/2014 - SNL Hilariously Nails Mom Chain Emails

5/11/2014 - Make Like Wile E. Coyote With These Adorable Firecracker Lamps

5/11/2014 - Orphan Black Manages To Get Even More Demented—And We Love It

5/11/2014 - Michael Fassbender Confirms Prometheus 2 Is A Go

5/11/2014 - The Futuristic Superhighways of 1964 Had Glow-in-the-Dark Roads

5/11/2014 - How to Calculate Pi with a Shotgun

5/11/2014 - The Ocean Is Crowded With Tiny Little Bits Of Plastic

5/11/2014 - The UN Will Debate the Ethics of Killer Robots This Week

5/11/2014 - The Easy Trick to Drastically Increase the Life of Your Razor Blades

5/11/2014 - Meet the New Language Empires

5/11/2014 - What Mystery Creature Left These 190-Million-Year-Old Footprints?

5/11/2014 - How Underground Fires Helped Shape the Landscape of the American West

5/11/2014 - We've Thrown Microscopic Plastic Confetti Into Every Last Inch of Ocean

5/11/2014 - A Glimpse Of How We’ll Use Our Land In 2051

5/10/2014 - This Week's Top Comedy Video: The Stuff

5/10/2014 - In Defense of GIFs in Science Writing

5/10/2014 - Geeking Out on the 20th Anniversary of Weezer's The Blue Album

5/10/2014 - China's Batty Proposal For an Under-Sea Train to the United States

5/10/2014 - Is this the perfect Asian-inspired burger? Yes, yes it is

5/10/2014 - Disney's Pixelbots Turn a Flat Surface Into a Moving Dot-Matrix Display

5/10/2014 - Everyone Has To Make Sacrifices For The Corporate Future, On Continuum

5/10/2014 - The Original Jurassic Park

5/10/2014 - Artist creates detailed Star Wars mosaics using thousands of staples

5/10/2014 - Police finds priceless Van Gogh taken by Nazis hidden in bank vault

5/10/2014 - FDA Approves First Prosthesis Controlled by Muscle Electrical Signals

5/10/2014 - The New Grimm Regime Is Nothing But Trubel, And That's Awesome

5/10/2014 - This 4K New Zealand Timelapse Transports You to Lord of the Rings Land

5/10/2014 - Get Your Artifacts Identified Today at the Museum of Natural History

5/10/2014 - Mango the Brown Bear Makes Veterinary History at an Israeli Zoo

5/10/2014 - Beats by Apple, Mis-Delivered Drones, Viral Fakes, and More

5/10/2014 - In The Future, Parcel Delivery Is Equal Parts Macabre And Hysterical

5/10/2014 - The Universe Is A Pretty Violent Place

5/10/2014 - Make a DIY 3D "Hologram" Like the One That Brought Tupac Back to Life

5/10/2014 - An Interplanetary Magnetic Dance

5/10/2014 - The Game of Thrones/Wizard of Oz Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted

5/10/2014 - How to Get Your Bike Back After It's Been Stolen

5/10/2014 - Our New Favorite Website: Spurious Correlations

5/10/2014 - A Rare Trip On The Floating Train Yard Of Hudson Harbor

5/10/2014 - Space Junk on an Australian Cattle Station

5/10/2014 - 1980s Architects Wanted a Restaurant On Top of the Williamsburg Bridge

5/10/2014 - This 80 Second Video Shows a Year of Washington Monument Repairs

5/10/2014 - Ukrainian tank goes kamikaze on a road near Crimea

5/10/2014 - The power and perfection of a crocodile in one slow-motion jump

5/10/2014 - This new Simpsons couch gag is most people's life in 40 seconds

5/10/2014 - Kelly Richardson's Beautiful Futuristic Landscapes Hide A Dark Secret

5/9/2014 - Blending movie scenes with real life

5/9/2014 - Square Hole on a Round Sun

5/9/2014 - More than half of the US population lives in this thin border line

5/9/2014 - That Time An Unscrupulous Vixen Hypnotized And Enslaved Superman

5/9/2014 - Finally One Person Does The Right Thing On Vampire Diaries

5/9/2014 - These new skyscraper tilting windows are designed to freak you out

5/9/2014 - How Streaming Video Could Kill The DVD Special Feature -- Or Save It

5/9/2014 - The Green Goblin Could Have Been Terrifying In Amazing Spider-Man 2

5/9/2014 - Fan-Made Trailer For Jim Butcher's Next Dresden Files Book Is Splendid

5/9/2014 - These two animated elephant seals basically explain life on a lazy day

5/9/2014 - The Strange Beauty of Landscape Painting In the Industrial Age

5/9/2014 - The FCC Won't Delay Its Net Neutrality Vote After All

5/9/2014 - News Of Junk DNA's Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

5/9/2014 - The Solar-Powered Fridge of 1937 Made Sunbeams Into Ice Cubes In 2 Hours

5/9/2014 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

5/9/2014 - Fritz Kahn's Whimsical Infographics Turn People Into Contraptions

5/9/2014 - Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

5/9/2014 - Watch Astronauts Practice Drilling an Asteroid Underwater

5/9/2014 - What Are Moms Up to on Twitter?

5/9/2014 - Express Your American Pride with Vintage-Style National Park Posters

5/9/2014 - This Wickedly Fast Running Robot Is Now Commercially Available

5/9/2014 - What Movie Was Way Better Than You Expected?

5/9/2014 - Real Estate Experts Value Goku’s House At Way Over 9,000

5/9/2014 - Is Rio's Olympic Prep Really So Bad That London Might Host Instead?

5/9/2014 - Harry Potter Fans Name Brain-Paralyzing Wasp After Dementors, Natch

5/9/2014 - Illustrations of the Iguana-Toothed Dinosaur

5/9/2014 - Why is Alabama the Only State with an Official Tipple?

5/9/2014 - Two-year-old kid flips out when he watches fireworks for the first time

5/9/2014 - Scientists reveal sneezes are more dangerous than people think

5/9/2014 - Watch London Evolve From Roman Times To Today

5/9/2014 - World’s Slowest Surveillance Cams To Produce a Single Image in 100 Years

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