1/31/2015 - The Army Just Open-Sourced Its Security Software 

1/31/2015 - The Tobacco Smoke Enema: A Dubious 18C Method For Reviving The Drowned

1/31/2015 - Moroccan Meteorite May Be a 4.4-Billion-Year-Old Chunk of Martian Crust

1/31/2015 - How to Watch Super Bowl XLIX Online 

1/31/2015 - What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ordered From the Internet? 

1/31/2015 - Read Roald Dahl's Powerful Pro-Vaccination Letter (From 1988)

1/31/2015 - Google Earth Pro Is Now Available for Free

1/31/2015 - A Friendly Reminder: Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous 

1/31/2015 - 12 Monkeys' Heroes Both Do The Unforgivable, But We Still Root For Them

1/31/2015 - Snapchat's First Webseries Is Exactly as Terrible as You'd Expect 

1/31/2015 - Shaun Of The Dead Outtake Features Simon Pegg As John Lennon

1/31/2015 - This Is The Clearest, Sharpest Video Of Lightning Seen From Space

1/31/2015 - Magic Leap Ripped Off Those Awesome UI Concepts

1/31/2015 - Planet Earth In Infrared, At 4k Resolution

1/31/2015 - The Pirate Bay Is Back 

1/31/2015 - If You Want a 100% Sunny Wedding Day You Can Pay $150k to Explode Clouds

1/31/2015 - Google's 3D-Scanning Project Tango Just Got a Little More Real

1/31/2015 - The Case Against DRM Needs to Be Made Now

1/31/2015 - Here's why Drive was such a spectacular looking movie

1/31/2015 - This Is The Funniest Tweet We've Read This Week

1/30/2015 - This anti-bullet wall can stop bullets from penetrating and ricocheting

1/30/2015 - Check Out Crash Course Astronomy, A New YouTube Series From Phil Plait

1/30/2015 - The Vampire Diaries Can Still Go Straight For The Heartstrings Sometimes

1/30/2015 - "Dragon" Dinosaur Was 50 Feet Long, Had Most Epic Neck Ever 

1/30/2015 - Secret message found in WW2 bullet tells the story of some stupid Nazis

1/30/2015 - Fire Fighters of the Future Race to Save Their City

1/30/2015 - Step Inside Your Isolation Pod, Worker Drone, and Be Free

1/30/2015 - Watch a super hydrophobic knife cut through a water droplet

1/30/2015 - Why English Changes More Slowly Today Than It Did A Thousand Years Ago

1/30/2015 - More Comcast Customers Report Name Changes to "Whore" and "Dummy" 

1/30/2015 - On This Week's Archer, It's A Bloody Great Sterling And Pam Road Trip

1/30/2015 - This Alien Comedy Is India's Biggest Movie Of All Time

1/30/2015 - There's Actually a Legitimate Reason Why L.A.'s Skyline Is So Ugly

1/30/2015 - A Jacket With Its Own Laugh Track Makes You Terrifying

1/30/2015 - These Light Painting Videos Look Like Classic Video Games On Speed

1/30/2015 - What Piece of Technology Has Literally Saved Your Life? 

1/30/2015 - Game Of Thrones Season 5 Photos Reveal New Characters And Storylines

1/30/2015 - io9 Newsstand: Best stories for the Week of January 25 - 31

1/30/2015 - When You Lose Weight, Where Does The Fat Actually Go?

1/30/2015 - It's Official: That Much-Hyped Big Bang Discovery Was Literally All Dust

1/30/2015 - Martin Starr Is Trapped In Slow-Motion In This Great Short Film

1/30/2015 - Modern Conveniences Make This Retro Flashlight New Again

1/30/2015 - After Billions in Subsidies, The Final Verizon FiOS Map Is Bleak as Hell

1/30/2015 - This Scientific Paper Proves That Nature Never Stops Weirding Us Out

1/30/2015 - To boldly go where someone can make this model properly

1/30/2015 - The Muppets Visited The Empire Strikes Back Set, And It Was Wonderful

1/30/2015 - The Exact Moment When Freddy Krueger Stopped Being Scary

1/30/2015 - Ice cream extends life, ice cream expands consciousness

1/30/2015 - Robots Are Now Learning How To Cook By Watching YouTube Videos

1/30/2015 - Beware: Porn-Based Malware Is Sweeping Across Facebook

1/30/2015 - The Future of GIFs Is Killing What Makes Them So Great

1/30/2015 - A fascinating view into one of the most violent years in NYC's history

1/30/2015 - Nominate Your Favorite Works And People For The 2015 Hugo Awards

1/30/2015 - The Winds Of Winter Will Not Blow in 2015

1/30/2015 - Obama's Precision Medicine Plan Sounds Great—Unless It's an IT Nightmare

1/30/2015 - The Real Reason Why US Adaptations Of British TV Shows Rarely Succeed

1/30/2015 - What's Better For Hiking? Boots vs Trail Runners vs Approach Shoes

1/30/2015 - What Causes Rigor Mortis?

1/30/2015 - 6 Supermaterials That Could Change Our World 

1/30/2015 - What's Better For Hiking? Boots vs Trail Runners vs Approach Shoes

1/30/2015 - An Exclusive Preview Of Helix's New Big Bad Virus 

1/30/2015 - Cute miniature kitchen allows you to cook tiny breakfast on tiny pans

1/30/2015 - F-35 gets turned into popsicle by giant fridge

1/30/2015 - A Tiny Moon Putters Away From Asteroid During Near-Earth Encounter

1/30/2015 - This Weird Video Installation Shows How Cosmic Dung Beetles Really Are

1/30/2015 - Paper Books Will Never Die

1/30/2015 - How Americans Changed The Way Japanese People Ate Sushi

1/30/2015 - Google Now Is About to Get Even Better With Info From Other Apps

1/30/2015 - How Obama Will Spend The $215 Million Pledged To Precision Medicine

1/30/2015 - Good News: Verizon Will Finally Let You Turn Off Tracking "Supercookie"

1/30/2015 - I'm pretty sure this has already happened in a secret lab somewhere

1/30/2015 - Chicks Might Map Numbers From Left To Right – Just Like Us!

1/30/2015 - Where Is Philae, And When Will It Wake Up?

1/30/2015 - The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger May Not Happen

1/30/2015 - That Time Soviet Russia Sent Dogs Into Space

1/30/2015 - This micro Lego train station is the happiest place on Earth

1/30/2015 - The Best of Brian Barrett: Sponsored By The Veil As Gear 

1/30/2015 - Change Video Thumbnails in Windows for a Neater Media Library

1/30/2015 - Lexus Is Using Drifting RC Car Stunts To Convince You To Buy a Car

1/30/2015 - Crowdfund The Fight For Space, Preserving Sci-Fi Classics, And More!

1/30/2015 - 20 Weird, Insane And Extremely Disturbing Barbie Dolls

1/30/2015 - Timeline shows the potential future of Russia's next-gen fighter jet

1/30/2015 - If Iron Man Wore a Watch It Would Look Exactly Like This

1/30/2015 - ​Learn "What Every Girl Should Know" From Margaret Sanger

1/30/2015 - Plan Your Next Trip To Mordor With This Google Map Of Middle-Earth 

1/30/2015 - Feds Caught the Silk Road Mastermind With... A Google Search

1/30/2015 - Project Almanac Proves It's Possible For A Movie To Be TOO Self-Aware

1/30/2015 - What Languages Will We Speak In The Future? Ask Your Questions Now

1/30/2015 - An Exhaustive Guide to Will Ferrell Twitter Accounts

1/30/2015 - The Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer Is Here And OMG—Update! NOW IN HD

1/30/2015 - Plan C: America's Nuclear Doomsday Plan to Declare Martial Law

1/30/2015 - Neat new image sequence of Rosetta's lander descending to the comet

1/30/2015 - Exclusive Clip From Alien Outpost Turns Everyone Into A Soldier

1/30/2015 - Square-Enix's Iron Man Isn't As Crazy As You'd Expect, But It Is Badass

1/30/2015 - New Technique Reverses Aging By Decades In Cultured Human Cells

1/30/2015 - How the Hell Are These Popular Spying Apps Not Illegal?

1/30/2015 - Specially-Developed Plastic Runners Let This Sled Slide On Sand

1/30/2015 - ​How Chemistry Transforms Crackers Into Apple Pie

1/30/2015 - The FAA Says It's Banning Drones at the Super Bowl Because of 9/11

1/30/2015 - Come On In, GIFs! We're Throwing You A Party.

1/30/2015 - Here's When We'll Get Star Wars: Episodes VIII And IX

1/30/2015 - How to fry to perfection according to Michelin-star chef Raymond Blanc

1/30/2015 - Iceland Is Rising Out of the Water

1/30/2015 - Great Odin's Raven! Nerf Made a Foam Version Of Thor's Mjölnir Hammer

1/30/2015 - Create GIFs Like It's Nothing With Imgur's New Tool

1/30/2015 - The First-Ever Footage Of An African Golden Cat Attacking Prey

1/30/2015 - Cyanogen Wants to Take Android From Google, and Microsoft May Help

1/30/2015 - Our First Fleeting Glimpse Of Jurassic World's New Dinosaur!

1/30/2015 - The Tim Burton-Era Batmobile Is the Best iPhone 6 Case

1/30/2015 - You Can Now Buy A Life-Size Replica Of A Batman Returns Penguin Commando

1/30/2015 - Look Around the UK's Newest Aircraft Carrier

1/30/2015 - The Midnight Guardian of the Serene Seas

1/30/2015 - A Simple Flowchart to Help You Decide If You Should Vaccinate Your Child

1/30/2015 - 9 high definition photos of the 9 world's tallest skycrapers right now

1/30/2015 - Jay-Z Is Taking on Spotify By Buying Aspiro For $56m

1/30/2015 - The Theft and Half-Century Journey of Einstein’s Brain

1/30/2015 - An Odd Hypothesis About Bubbles Could Finally Lead to Nuclear Fusion

1/30/2015 - Anonymized Credit Card Data Really Isn't Very Anonymous

1/30/2015 - Scientists Have Made a Möbius Strip Out of Light for the First Time

1/30/2015 - Beautiful New Photo of the Mouth of the Beast Nebula

1/29/2015 - Watch a man ice climb a frozen Niagara Falls for the first time ever

1/29/2015 - There Are Five Other Countries Hidden In This Norwegian Flag

1/29/2015 - Here's the difference between fun visual storytelling and boring movies

1/29/2015 - Riding A Rock Through Geologic Processes Explores The Rock Cycle

1/29/2015 - Outcast Seriously Looks Like The Ultimate Nic Cage Movie

1/29/2015 - Drug Dealers Are Using Nokia Dumbphones To Stay Ahead Of "The Feds"

1/29/2015 - Slow motion explosion of an orange is like seeing a supernova on Earth

1/29/2015 - This Fleet Of Micro-Satellites Will Use GPS To Predict The Weather

1/29/2015 - Incredibly Rare And Mysterious Deep-Sea Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore 

1/29/2015 - These Balloonists Just Broke A Decades-Old Distance Record

1/29/2015 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Fish Among The Trees

1/29/2015 - Inside the Bunker Where Soviets Kept Their Secret Stash of Nukes 

1/29/2015 - Vibrating Wand Makes Your Guitar Sound Like a Different Instrument 

1/29/2015 - The Dark Time Travel Paradox At The Heart Of Back To The Future

1/29/2015 - The FAA's Drone Ban at the Super Bowl Is Absurd

1/29/2015 - Hunting Ducks from a Folding Kayak

1/29/2015 - Hunting Ducks from a Folding Kayak

1/29/2015 - America Likes Science. It Does Not Like Scientists' Findings.

1/29/2015 - Have We Hit Peak Food? 

1/29/2015 - The Gorgeous View From a Delivery Drone Over Hong Kong 

1/29/2015 - A Near-Collision Stretched This Galaxy Like A "Taffy Pull"

1/29/2015 - Suddenly, The 100 Turns Into Planet Of The Apes

1/29/2015 - ​Tell Us About Your First Internet Community

1/29/2015 - Jurassic World and Avengers Lego games announced

1/29/2015 - Samsung NX1 Review: A Mirrorless Camera Packing Heat But Lacking Glass

1/29/2015 - The Forgotten 13th Avenue That New York City Built and Then Destroyed 

1/29/2015 - Another Marvel Superheroine Just Got Added To The Jessica Jones Show

1/29/2015 - The Science Fiction Books That Every Computer Scientist Should Check Out

1/29/2015 - Watch the guts of a DSLR camera in action at 10,000 frames per second

1/29/2015 - Farmer Uses Flying Drone, Careful Feed-Truck Driving To Create "Cow Art"

1/29/2015 - Moby Whisk Is a Great (Egg) White (Mixing) Whale For Your Kitchen

1/29/2015 - Funko Are Starting A Marvel Subscription - But It's Not All Good News

1/29/2015 - Watch a Rotten Orange Full of Fireworks Explode at 62,000 FPS

1/29/2015 - Soooo Barbie Is A Superhero Now

1/29/2015 - A Stunning 3D Cross-Section Of Greenland's Ice Sheet

1/29/2015 - Cecil B. DeMille Kept a Wolf and Guns To Defend Against Edison's Thugs

1/29/2015 - In 2000, The X-Men Movie Pranked Congress

1/29/2015 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

1/29/2015 - Dell Is Back

1/29/2015 - J.K. Rowling's Hand-Written Outline For Harry Potter Book 5 Is Amazing

1/29/2015 - When You Overcook Eggs, You Turn Them Into Chemical Weapons

1/29/2015 - I Totally Want This Camera Bag That Looks Like a Normal Bag

1/29/2015 - The Insane Camera Rig Being Used to Shoot 360-Degree Oculus Porn

1/29/2015 - Dish DVR Lets You Skip the Football And Watch Nothing But Super Bowl Ads

1/29/2015 - These Dice Celebrate Every Critical Hit With Flashing Lights

1/29/2015 - Rare Fox Spotted In Yosemite For The First Time In Nearly 100 Years

1/29/2015 - Shooting Challenge: Coffee

1/29/2015 - Ted 2 Trailer Is Disgusting And We Feel Bad For Laughing At It 

1/29/2015 - This Bonkers Short About A Spider-Legged Alien Has A Brilliant Ending

1/29/2015 - It Was Dumb To Drive Into A Desert Race With Crappy Rentals, I Now Know

1/29/2015 - The Galaxy S6 Could Be (Almost) Free of Annoying Bloatware

1/29/2015 - Why Do Birds Have ZW Sex Chromosomes Instead Of XY?

1/29/2015 - The Truth About Books, Money, Awards (And Not Quitting Your Day Job)

1/29/2015 - A Game Where You Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions Is Madness

1/29/2015 - The world's largest ice fishing competition looks pretty freaking nuts

1/29/2015 - What Is "the Cloud" — and Where Is It?

1/29/2015 - How Your Smartphone's GPS Uses Quantum Mechanics To Locate You

1/29/2015 - 11 Ways The Future Could Turn Out Differently Than You Expect

1/29/2015 - Meet The Parasitic Worm That's Killing Giant Pandas

1/29/2015 - At Last, This Revenge Porn Kingpin Has Been Stopped

1/29/2015 - Suitcase Stuffed With Human Remains Found On San Francisco Sidewalk

1/29/2015 - Yes, Hot Toys' Thanos Comes With His Giant Floaty Rock Throne

1/29/2015 - Terminator: Genisys Still Looks Way Better Than It Has Any Right To

1/29/2015 - Take a Look Inside the Secret Google X Life Sciences Lab

1/29/2015 - How It Would Look If Other Types Of Stars Were Close As The Sun

1/29/2015 - Faxpapers: A Lost 1930s Technology That Delivered Newspapers via Radio

1/29/2015 - In Suburban Gothic, Seeing Ghosts Isn't As Scary As Talking To Your Dad

1/29/2015 - The FCC Just Redefined Broadband So Expect Faster Internet

1/29/2015 - Let's Only Talk About The End Of Last Night's Arrow

1/29/2015 - Check Out The Flash TV Show's New Trickster 

1/29/2015 - The First Self-Charging Smart Bracelet Is Obscenely Expensive

1/29/2015 - New Magic CCG Expansion Fate Reforged Returns To An Era Of Dragons

1/29/2015 - Spotify Is Killing It, and That's a Good Thing

1/29/2015 - This Brilliant Tyler Stout Alien Poster Is Going On Sale Friday

1/29/2015 - These demolition experts are back to clear space in your Lego city

1/29/2015 - Megacities Are Growing So Fast We Need Satellites To Study Them

1/29/2015 - Beautiful new photo of the mysterious Mouth of the Beast nebula

1/29/2015 - Early Humans May Have Interbred With Neanderthals 55,000 Years Ago

1/29/2015 - SpongeBob SquarePants Is the Herald of Our À La Carte TV Future

1/29/2015 - Limitless Will Be Turned Into A Police Procedural For TV

1/29/2015 - A Thanos Figure That Finally Does Marvel's Greatest Villain Justice

1/29/2015 - Farmer makes living drawings using cows, a drone and a truck

1/29/2015 - What Book Simply Has To Be Read In One Sitting?

1/29/2015 - Final Jupiter Ascending Trailer Is A Mini-Version Of The Entire Movie

1/29/2015 - Skip the Microwave, the Popcorn Monsoon Makes Snacking a Spectacle

1/29/2015 - What You Wear Can Actually Change Your Mental Abilities

1/29/2015 - The Lego Helicarrier Is Real, And It Looks INCREDIBLE

1/29/2015 - You Can Order Sony's $1280 Walkman Today, But Don't

1/29/2015 - What Does Marvel Have Planned For Vision Beyond Age Of Ultron

1/29/2015 - Watching this octopus tractor mowing a roadside ditch is hypnotizing

1/29/2015 - The Lego SHIELD Helicarrier is real and amazing

1/29/2015 - Spectacular Sun halo display captured in video in the Austrian Alps

1/29/2015 - Your Coding Style Is Like a Digital Fingerprint

1/29/2015 - Execs: There's A Reason We Keep Making Sequels

1/29/2015 - This Flexible Skin Patch Could Use Friction to Power Your Wearables

1/29/2015 - Sharp New Image of Galaxy M 82 Reveals Its Dead Supernovae

1/29/2015 - A Team of Archeologists May Have Found the Body of Cervantes

1/29/2015 - How Will the Ebola Epidemic End?

1/29/2015 - Djokovic plays an insane tennis match against a M1 Abrams tank

1/29/2015 - How Computers Handle Negative Numbers (and Sometimes Get It Wrong)

1/29/2015 - Four Rockets Fired Into An Aurora

1/29/2015 - Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android Looks Like Acompli and That's Good

1/29/2015 - Flyover drone footage of Auschwitz concentration camp

1/29/2015 - Short film: We're so obsessed with our phones that we're missing life

1/29/2015 - Kevin Spacey Will Star In Barry Sonnenfeld's Next Movie. As a Cat.

1/28/2015 - Here's the surprisingly old school way that an NFL football is made

1/28/2015 - This Gleaming Monolith May Spawn the Next Space Shuttle

1/28/2015 - How Did Edgar Allan Poe Manage To Describe The Big Bang In 1848?

1/28/2015 - This 500k piece diorama of the CU-Boulder campus is amazing

1/28/2015 - Finally, High-Tech Help Has Arrived For The Artistically Challenged

1/28/2015 - These amazing photos are not special effects from a sci-fi film

1/28/2015 - ​Chocolate was once considered a powerful cure-all drug 

1/28/2015 - A Memory From The Future That Never Was

1/28/2015 - When Will We Stop Discovering Dinosaurs?

1/28/2015 - Someone Built AdBlock For the Real World 

1/28/2015 - Why Riddick Wasn't The Real Hero Of Pitch Black 

1/28/2015 - The future of humanity in one photo

1/28/2015 - Brick Bowl promises to deliver some great Lego commercials

1/28/2015 - Gravity Ghost is Gorgeous, Graceful, And Enchantingly Fun

1/28/2015 - Comcast Changed Customer's Name to "Asshole Brown" But Is Totally Sorry

1/28/2015 - What's the Most Embarrassing Viral Hoax You've Ever Been Fooled By? 

1/28/2015 - This may be one of the grossest-looking foods ever but tastes delicious

1/28/2015 - What Real-Life Places Would Look Like With Futuristic Technology

1/28/2015 - Why Is My Digital Assistant So Creepy?

1/28/2015 - Watch The Jaw-Dropping Construction Of The World's Largest Candy Carpet

1/28/2015 - This is Officially The Best Unofficial Unit Of Measurement

1/28/2015 - The Silk Road Trial Lawyers Are Fighting Over Emoticons :0

1/28/2015 - How breathing marks every single second of our lives

1/28/2015 - Remember When Fax Machines Were the High-Tech Future?

1/28/2015 - Holy Crap, This Jaw-Dropping Star Destroyer Is Over Three Feet Long

1/28/2015 - Eggs Shaped Like Golf Balls Mean It's Finally OK To Play With Your Food

1/28/2015 - A Day Of Remembrance For Lives Lost In the Pursuit Of Space

1/28/2015 - Lego Pirates preview images on Lego.com

1/28/2015 - Two Cyclones Dance On The Indian Ocean

1/28/2015 - The US Military Had One Hell of a Time Getting Gear Out of Afghanistan

1/28/2015 - Nearly Everyone In This Alaska Town Lives In A Single Building

1/28/2015 - New Technique Allows Bioengineers To "Reprogram" Genetic Code

1/28/2015 - This Greek island is the perfect paradise—and supervillain hideout

1/28/2015 - Aquaman Won't Be Blond In The Movies, EVERYBODY PANIC

1/28/2015 - 5 Parts of New York That Are Built On Garbage

1/28/2015 - The Difference Between A Great Twist And A Mediocre Twist

1/28/2015 - Bill Gates: Digital Currency Can Help the Poor, But Not Bitcoin

1/28/2015 - Exclusive First Footage: GoPro's Buttery Smooth High-Def Slow Motion

1/28/2015 - How "Second Sound" Helps the Large Hadron Collider Work

1/28/2015 - Marvel At The Lost World Of "Supermarket Spaceships" 

1/28/2015 - This Spider Catches Prey With a Web of Electrically Charged Silk 

1/28/2015 - We're in a Technology Arms Race with Bears for Our Food

1/28/2015 - Why, Exactly, Does The Sun Turn Green?

1/28/2015 - We're in a Technological Arms Race with Bears for Our Food

1/28/2015 - A Brilliant Dark Knight Tumbler Model, Complete With Batman To Drive It

1/28/2015 - Why "Spotify For Books" May Not Be The Future Of Publishing. (Yet.)

1/28/2015 - Anthropologists Have Mapped All 61 Tattoos On Ötzi The Iceman

1/28/2015 - Deepak Chopra Has the Worst Avatar Ever on Twitter

1/28/2015 - How The Amount of Meat We Eat Changed In The Last 40 Years, Charted​

1/28/2015 - Best dad prize awarded for this transforming Lego building station

1/28/2015 - Finally, Transition Lens Glasses That Aren't Total Dorkdom 

1/28/2015 - (Mock) Mars Mission Comes to (Mock) Tragic End Thanks to (Real) Fire

1/28/2015 - The Flash Used A Formerly Lame Villain To Make A Nearly Perfect Episode

1/28/2015 - An Animated Remake Of One Of The Year's Most Heartbreaking Webcomics

1/28/2015 - How Research Scientists Get Free Illegal Drugs from the Government 

1/28/2015 - This Spider-Man Suit Is Actually A Beautiful Love Letter To Peter Parker

1/28/2015 - 10 Horror-Movie Sidekicks Who Are More Memorable Than The Hero

1/28/2015 - An Inflatable Planetarium Where You Can Climb Into the Night Sky 

1/28/2015 - Some Of Galileo's Body Parts Had Quite An Adventure After He Died

1/28/2015 - Facebook Wants You to Know It Loves Free Speech (Except When It Doesn't)

1/28/2015 - How to make a laser-guided blowgun using household objects

1/28/2015 - This Is The Greatest View Of Dwarf Planet Ceres We Have Ever Seen

1/28/2015 - ​The Pros And Cons Of Making Fantastic Four A Straight Scifi Film

1/28/2015 - On The Failed Forecast For The NYC Busted Blizzard

1/28/2015 - Burn It All Down: A Guide to Neo-Luddism

1/28/2015 - What The World Would Look Like If Countries Were Scaled By Population

1/28/2015 - On Agent Carter, Howard Stark Makes Tony Look Like A Stand-Up Guy

1/28/2015 - Parks and Rec's Fake Future Facebook Is Disconcertingly Plausible

1/28/2015 - Two Adorable Lego Dinobots Transform Into Even More Adorable Lego Dinos

1/28/2015 - A Webcomic About A Witch Learning To Bake Without Magic—With Recipes!

1/28/2015 - Turbo Kid Trailer Reveals A Post-Apocalyptic 1997, And It's Awesome

1/28/2015 - So That's What All Those Fuzzy Yellow Balls In Space Were

1/28/2015 - It's Not the Megatron Figure You Remember, But It's Still Pretty Great

1/28/2015 - What Was The Least Convenient Technology Ever Invented?

1/28/2015 - Guess How Many Explosions Are In The First Transformers Movie?

1/28/2015 - These Dominoes Are Stuffed With Actual Cold Hard Shredded Cash

1/28/2015 - Maker of Drone That Crashed at White House Will Block Flights Over DC

1/28/2015 - Identify Songs Without Shazam by Using Google Now

1/28/2015 - Inflatable Stickies Make Building Robots as Easy as Arts and Crafts

1/28/2015 - This Big-Toothed Fossil May Represent A Primitive New Human Species

1/28/2015 - This Ingenious Coffee Mug Grants You The Power Of The Infinity Gauntlet

1/28/2015 - Angry Teens Make Snapchat Their Bitch

1/28/2015 - New Rumors About Ghostbusters' Villain and Independence Day 2's Hero

1/28/2015 - One of The Most Unexplored Areas on Earth Looks Stunning From Space

1/28/2015 - This is the new menu of the world's best restaurant

1/28/2015 - Canadian Spies Monitor Millions of International File Downloads Daily

1/28/2015 - This ad explains why unicorns disappeared

1/28/2015 - How the Pencil Sharpener Was Invented

1/28/2015 - Airbnb offers a luxury cable car 9,000 feet above the French Alps

1/28/2015 - The Smallest Game of Chess Takes Up Just 487 Bytes

1/28/2015 - Nick Jonas Joins the Super-Eclectic Scream Queens Cast

1/28/2015 - This Is the Main Cast of Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs Biopic

1/28/2015 - New Linux Bug Could Cause "a Lot of Collateral Damage on the Internet"

1/28/2015 - The Most Deadly And Disgusting Liquors In Science Fiction And Fantasy

1/28/2015 - Dogs Could Love Frolicking In Snow Simply Because It's New

1/28/2015 - Super close up images of common objects are beautifully alien

1/28/2015 - This winter village style train station adds to an impressive display

1/27/2015 - Can you recognize these upcoming movies from just a simple icon drawing?

1/27/2015 - Watch the First Two Installments of Haphead, a VR Gamer Dystopia

1/27/2015 - The 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair images show all the amazing upcoming Lego

1/27/2015 - The Futuristic Steam Train of Our Dreams

1/27/2015 - Danger 5's Parody Of 1980s High School Movies Is Both Absurd And Spot-On

1/27/2015 - ​Opera Founder's Fancy New Web Browser Won't Even Need A Mouse

1/27/2015 - Watch a drone shoot fireworks at people from the drone's point of view

1/27/2015 - Remembering The Legacy Of "Badlands" Killers Starkweather and Fugate

1/27/2015 - This Glorious Gallery Highlights A Myriad Optical Delights

1/27/2015 - Terrifying Medical Instruments Found on Blackbeard's Sunken Ship

1/27/2015 - Can You Guess The Subjects Of These Extreme Close-Up Photographs?

1/27/2015 - As The Landscape Beneath It Shifted, The One City Became Two

1/27/2015 - A Clip That Shows Why The Originals Is Amazing PhD Dissertation Fodder

1/27/2015 - Insanely Beautiful Photos From Jupiter Ascending Took Us By Surprise

1/27/2015 - One Of Our Most Popular Special Effects Originally Came From Anime

1/27/2015 - Incandescent Bulbs, 135 Years Ago and Today

1/27/2015 - You'll Waste Hours Watching the Time Tick By On this Nixie Tube Clock

1/27/2015 - What's the Most Broke-Ass Piece of Technology You Still Use Every Day?

1/27/2015 - How To Photograph An Exploding Star

1/27/2015 - Inventor of the Laser Dies

1/27/2015 - A Guide To Visual Symmetry In Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange

1/27/2015 - Kill La Kill Is Coming To Toonami, Everybody Get Naked And Party

1/27/2015 - More than Half of Americans Have No Idea What a Bitcoin Is

1/27/2015 - Big Hero 6 Deleted Scene Shows Something You Should Never Do To Your Cat

1/27/2015 - Thor Battles Thor In An All-Out Thor-War In This Week's Comics

1/27/2015 - Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Ship in April

1/27/2015 - New Malware Can Bring Down Drones Mid-Flight

1/27/2015 - Inverted Skyscrapers Hang Like Glowing Stalactites From Your LED Bulbs

1/27/2015 - FCC Finally Lays Down the Law: Hotels Can't Block Wi-Fi 

1/27/2015 - Get To Know The Uber-Inspiring Woman Dubbed "The Superhero's Shrink"

1/27/2015 - We've Officially Entered a New Age For Mega-Airports 

1/27/2015 - Here Is Your All-Female Ghostbusters Cast (Probably)

1/27/2015 - This Gigantic Landslide In Northern India Can Be Seen From Space

1/27/2015 - The Long, Arduous Plan to Lay a Trans-Arctic Internet Cable 

1/27/2015 - John Deere's New Ride-On Mower Is One of the First To Have Airless Tires

1/27/2015 - 8 Cities That Have Their Own Distinctive Fonts 

1/27/2015 - The Medical Condition Invented By Listerine

1/27/2015 - Reading App Permissions Aloud Can Make You Realize How Scary They Are

1/27/2015 - The Craziest Secrets Of Marvel's Original Secret Wars Comics

1/27/2015 - A Basic Guide To Cheap Outdoors Gear For Broke Adventurers

1/27/2015 - Man Claims Boat Collision Proves Existence Of Loch Ness Monster

1/27/2015 - How Not to Be Wrong When You're Talking About Smartphone Displays

1/27/2015 - Disney Wants Chris Pratt For Indiana Jones, SOLD

1/27/2015 - Tuesday Game Room: Excelsior Line Edition

1/27/2015 - What The Hell Went Wrong With This Season Of American Horror Story?

1/27/2015 - Brain Stimulation Induces Feelings Of Extreme Thirst In Mice

1/27/2015 - Guy Who Crashed Drone Into White House Lawn Was a Drunk Govt Employee

1/27/2015 - The future of SpaceX rockets looks so freaking awesome in this new video

1/27/2015 - A Closer Look At The New Fantastic Four In Action

1/27/2015 - A Dead Man Convinces An Angel To Bring Him Back For A One-Night Stand

1/27/2015 - Apple Pay Is Coming to Thousands of Vending Machine and Parking Meters

1/27/2015 - 36 Tantalizing Photos Of Textures

1/27/2015 - Here's Why Small Black Holes Are More Dangerous Than Big Ones

1/27/2015 - Wearable Tech In 1922 Was a Radio Inside Your Top Hat

1/27/2015 - Sleepy Hollow Really, Really Wants You to Come Back

1/27/2015 - This Chris Evans Captain America Figure Could Not Be More Perfect

1/27/2015 - Science And Art Need Each Other, And Here's Why

1/27/2015 - High-Speed Cameras Reveal Why Sodium Explodes in Water

1/27/2015 - 10 Valuable Life Lessons We've Learned From Disney Villains

1/27/2015 - Dell XPS 13 Review (2015): The Windows Laptop To Beat

1/27/2015 - Striking images of the first war that felt like a video game

1/27/2015 - How Your Connected Devices Could Get You Fired or Ruin Your Credit

1/27/2015 - This Is How You Unboil An Egg

1/27/2015 - This “Super Saturn” Has An Enormous Ring System And Maybe Even Exomoons

1/27/2015 - There's an Awesome Tiny Apartment Hidden Inside This 100-Year-Old Turret

1/27/2015 - Marvel Has A Serious Problem Merchandising Its Female Characters

1/27/2015 - Pushbullet Is a Fantastic App Every Phone Should Have

1/27/2015 - Can You Guess What This Image Tests For?

1/27/2015 - Jim Gordon Isn't The Hero Gotham Needs, Just The Idiot It Deserves

1/27/2015 - A Giant Foam Ravage Is The Ultimate Transformers Kitchen Accessory

1/27/2015 - Freakishly Old System Of Planets Hint At Ancient Alien Civilizations

1/27/2015 - Which Religions Are Prepared to Accept Life in Space?

1/27/2015 - The GoBots Might Be Getting Their Own New Movie Or TV Show

1/27/2015 - Feds Are Spying on Millions of Cars With License Plate Readers

1/27/2015 - The Many Haunting Forms of Snow and Ice 

1/27/2015 - 7 Sites That Help You Choose What to Watch Next

1/27/2015 - What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

1/27/2015 - Twitter Adds Video Support So You Can Watch Ads, Err, Message Friends

1/27/2015 - How One Man Accidentally Forged An Ancient Archaeological Artifact

1/27/2015 - 6 great photography tips from one of the world's best photojournalists

1/27/2015 - The Best Pet Ever Is a Life-Size Version of Ravage From Transformers

1/27/2015 - The Fantastic Four Trailer Is Here, And It's Not At All What We Expected

1/27/2015 - A Hologram of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Floats Above This Watch

1/27/2015 - Shotaro Ishinomori's A Link To The Past Manga Is Getting A Reprint

1/27/2015 - Hints From Terminator Genisys' Big Fight And A Key Game Of Thrones Scene

1/27/2015 - Batteries Made With Bulletproof Kevlar Fibers May Never Explode

1/27/2015 - Why Do Radio Signals Travel Farther at Night Than in the Day?

1/27/2015 - Good morning, Berlin

1/27/2015 - This Twitter Bot Creates Beautifully Abstract Images Out of Your Tweets

1/27/2015 - Watch This Reflected Laser Pulse's Entire Flight Path at 20bn FPS

1/27/2015 - Star Wars and Jurassic Park trailers animated in cool neon lights

1/27/2015 - Ten Years of Research Has Produced the Piano of the Future

1/27/2015 - How Radical 70s Scientists Tried to Change the World

1/27/2015 - Judge the Depth of Snow By Looking at Passing Dogs 

1/27/2015 - Lifetime's Clan of the Cave Bear Has Its Star

1/27/2015 - This Is What a Blood Clot Looks Like Close-Up

1/27/2015 - Jon Pertwee's TARDIS Is Looking Much The Worse For Wear

1/27/2015 - Lizard Squad Claims to Take Down Facebook, Instagram (Update: No They Didn't)

1/27/2015 - With the Blizzard Comes These Star-Shaped Snowflakes

1/27/2015 - Here's a super fun video of the best sword fights in film history

1/26/2015 - First Glimpse Of Fantastic Four Costumes Reveals A "Cronenberg-ian" Look

1/26/2015 - This Star Model Is Based On Nothing But Shadows

1/26/2015 - A Brief History Of Emergency Alerts On Your Phone

1/26/2015 - Keanu Reeves couldn't kick in The Matrix--and six other factoids

1/26/2015 - Turns Out Apple Pay Can't Solve Credit Card Fraud

1/26/2015 - A Floating Artificial Reef Would Let You Walk Down Into the Ocean Deep

1/26/2015 - They Most Definitely Did Not Come In Peace

1/26/2015 - KFC's Double Down hot dog is a sausage wrapped in a fried chicken bun

1/26/2015 - Christina Ricci's Lizzie Borden Is Back (And So Is Her Axe)

1/26/2015 - Watch People Freak Out at Their First Taste of Virtual Reality Porn

1/26/2015 - This Is Why The X-Files Never Became A Franchise

1/26/2015 - Here Is EFF's Master Plan for Ending Global Mass Surveillance

1/26/2015 - Lego personal hygiene tools for giants

1/26/2015 - Tiny Moon Dive-Bombs Asteroid During Near-Earth Flyby

1/26/2015 - You Can Remotely Control This LED Camping Lantern With a Smartphone

1/26/2015 - This Is Probably The Most Beautiful Doctor Who Artwork Ever Created

1/26/2015 - The Idea For The Polaroid Camera Was Sparked By An Impatient 3-year Old

1/26/2015 - Tween Girl Suspected In Heist Of 117-Carat Diamond Necklace

1/26/2015 - The Dead Come Back, But Not As Zombies In A&E's The Returned Trailer

1/26/2015 - The New TI-84 Has Battery Life That Will Make Your Phone Cry

1/26/2015 - Here's Why Alfred Calls Bruce Wayne "Master Bruce"

1/26/2015 - Giant Circular Panorama Recreates The Hell of Fire-bombed Dresden

1/26/2015 - Even In 19th Century Japan, People Loved To See Cats Doing Human Things

1/26/2015 - How Comcast's Political Machine Is Manipulating (And Impersonating) You

1/26/2015 - Did Gotham Just Invent The Worst Supervillain Name In History? (Yes!)

1/26/2015 - Constantine's Second Fiddle Finally Gets A Turn In The Limelight

1/26/2015 - Good News: DC Is Trying To Fix Their Batman: The Animated Series Figures

1/26/2015 - A 3D Model of Microsoft's HoloLens Is the Closest You Can Get For Now

1/26/2015 - Dr. Oz Is Still Full of Shit

1/26/2015 - This Is Why Glowing Jellyfish Proteins Have Revolutionized Medicine

1/26/2015 - Guillotined Head Of "Butcher Of Hannover" Cremated After 89 Years

1/26/2015 - The Forgotten Story of NYC's First Power Grid

1/26/2015 - 8 Musical Instruments That Are So Much Fun They're Practically Toys

1/26/2015 - Lo, The Incredible Artwork of Exodus, Revealed In Before And After Pics

1/26/2015 - Have You Ever Been Catfished or Impersonated Online? 

1/26/2015 - Islamophobic Bus Ads In San Francisco Are Being Defaced With Kamala Khan

1/26/2015 - This Is The Strangest Way We've Ever Seen The Moon Move

1/26/2015 - All the faces of Ultron: The design evolution of the Avengers' archenemy

1/26/2015 - You'll Buy a VR Headset For the Movies, Not the Games

1/26/2015 - A Cold Shock Can Protect Neurons In A Mouse Model Of Alzheimer's Disease

1/26/2015 - This Natural Spermicide Turns Your Tongue Green

1/26/2015 - A Real-Life Nine-Inch Nail Gun Puts Puny Nerf to Shame

1/26/2015 - You Can Now Attend a Protest in Virtual Reality

1/26/2015 - How To Create A Virtual "Body" For Your Uploaded Mind

1/26/2015 - Having Superpowers Probably Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

1/26/2015 - Colleges Stalk Your Facebook To See How They Should Hit You Up for Money

1/26/2015 - We May Finally Be Getting A Live-Action X-Men TV Show

1/26/2015 - ​How To Build A Snow Shelter

1/26/2015 - Holy Crap, David Tennant Cast As Purple Man In Jessica Jones Series

1/26/2015 - Read An Exclusive Chapter Of Catherynne M. Valente's New Fairyland Book!

1/26/2015 - Magnetic Buckyballs In a Blender Create One Terrifying Light Show

1/26/2015 - Someone Stop Me From Buying This Incredible and Useless Telescoping Cane

1/26/2015 - Use These Tips And Never Lose At Rock Paper Scissors Again

1/26/2015 - 10 Weirdest Projects That George Lucas Has Been Involved With

1/26/2015 - The 9 Worst Fake News Sites

1/26/2015 - How We Come to Know Ourselves In the Age of the Quantified Self

1/26/2015 - One Of Two Surviving Star Trek Phasers Is Heading To Auction

1/26/2015 - Some Police Think Google's Waze App Helps Would-Be Cop Killers

1/26/2015 - 10k piece Lego build is a beautiful way to illustrate an ugly practice

1/26/2015 - Captain America: Civil War Just Revealed A New Major Marvel Villain

1/26/2015 - Scientists Can Now Unboil Eggs to Hopefully Make Cancer Drugs Cheaper

1/26/2015 - Experts Say King Tut's Busted Burial Mask May Be Repairable

1/26/2015 - Cuba's Illegal Underground Internet Is Thriving

1/26/2015 - Emma Watson Will Be Belle In Disney's Live-Action Beauty And The Beast

1/26/2015 - Beastie Boys' Fight For Your Rights is even more awkward without music

1/26/2015 - This Week's TV: Felicia Day Returns From The Land Of Oz—And She's Mean

1/26/2015 - CERN Wants Artists and Architects Working Alongside Its Physicists

1/26/2015 - Edgar Wright Just Wrote A Steampunk Movie Sequel To Oliver Twist

1/26/2015 - Finally a Movie Shows How French Electronic Music Is More Than Vocoders

1/26/2015 - This is the best Interstellar  Lego model

1/26/2015 - Scott McCloud's Graphic Novel The Sculptor Is Amazing. See For Yourself!

1/26/2015 - K'NEX's New Build-a-Blaster K-FORCE Line Is Finally Fully Revealed

1/26/2015 - The anime version of Family Matters is way better than the original

1/26/2015 - Beautiful Lonely Railroads Winding Through America's Landscape

1/26/2015 - This Gigantic Alien Toy Is Absolutely Beautiful

1/26/2015 - How The "Nocebo Effect" Can Trick Us Into Actually Dying

1/26/2015 - Millions Of Mutated Mosquitoes Could Be Unleashed In Florida—On Purpose

1/26/2015 - This Is A Photoshop Party, And We're Fixing All The Movies

1/26/2015 - Julia Roberts Is Going To Turn Batkid Into A Movie

1/26/2015 - Sneakers Inspired By Vintage Space Suits Are Back

1/26/2015 - A 16-Foot Elastic Band Powers This Sleek 3D-Printed RC Car

1/26/2015 - A Magician Used The First Pirate Radio Station To Troll A Scientist

1/26/2015 - The Funko Hulkbuster Figure Is Appropriately Plus Sized And Cute

1/26/2015 - Age Of Ultron's Secret Hero Could Be The Key To Marvel's Next Crossover

1/26/2015 - Fun illustrations of a cartoon fighting his creator

1/26/2015 - Sub-Atomic Particles Could Accelerate Themselves

1/26/2015 - This Celestial Show Is So Crowded It Almost Looks Unreal

1/26/2015 - Your Nexus 6's Lack of Fingerprint Sensor Is Apple's Fault

1/26/2015 - How the Piano Was Invented

1/26/2015 - These beautiful music videos should be turned into a video game ASAP

1/26/2015 - ​Sling TV Review: Holy Crap, We've Figured Out Internet Television

1/26/2015 - This Concept Has a Use For Old Modular Phone Parts: A Supercomputer

1/26/2015 - These Adorable Shorts Capture the Epic Myths Parents Tell Children

1/26/2015 - Google Handed Stacks of WikiLeaks Email Straight to the FBI in 2012

1/26/2015 - The First Licensed U.S. Bitcoin Exchange Will Open Today

1/26/2015 - NBC and ABC Have Bible Shows In the Making: Is This The Hot New Trend?

1/26/2015 - Fancy Up Your Home With a Glowing Moon Credenza

1/26/2015 - Luke Evans Has Officially Quit the Crow Remake

1/25/2015 - Meet Rufio

1/25/2015 - A Look at How Mini Helicopters Could Help NASA's Future Rovers

1/25/2015 - Elon Musk Will Guest Star On Tonight's Episode Of The Simpsons

1/25/2015 - What Is Your Favorite Hologram?

1/25/2015 - Here's How To Build Your Own Cloud Chamber To Detect Particles

1/25/2015 - The Pirate Cinema Is Just Endless Torrenting and I Can't Stop Watching

1/25/2015 - Can You Solve This Puzzle Blindfolded?

1/25/2015 - AT&T Made the First Transcontinental Phone Call 100 Years Ago Today

1/25/2015 - An Artist Created a Stop-Motion Short Film Using 1139 Light Paintings

1/25/2015 - Winston Churchill And His 'Black Dog' Of Greatness

1/25/2015 - Why Science Needs Science Journalism

1/25/2015 - The Actual Benefits Of Speaking Two (Or More) Languages

1/25/2015 - Skull Tongs Are a Great DIY Zombie Weapon for the End of Days

1/25/2015 - Birdman Upsets Boyhood, Winning Top Honors At PGA Awards

1/25/2015 - One Missouri Lawmaker Wants To Make Apple Pay Way Less Convenient

1/25/2015 - Cyanogen Wants to Wrestle Android Away From Google

1/25/2015 - NASA's Opportunity Has Now Explored the Martian Surface for 11 Years

1/24/2015 - The Biggest Surprise In Syfy's 12 Monkeys Is The 12 Monkeys Themselves

1/24/2015 - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Is What Spies Really Do

1/24/2015 - It's Looking Like The Jetsons Movie May Actually Happen

1/24/2015 - Hozier: Angel Of Small Death & The Codeine Scene

1/24/2015 - The Onion Lampoons Vaccination Exemption

1/24/2015 - Why You Should Care That The FCC Is Trying To Redefine Broadband

1/24/2015 - Walmart's Vudu-Only Chromecast Knockoff Somehow Wasn't Just a Bad Dream

1/24/2015 - Watch 60 of Cinema's Greatest Duels in One Epic Sword-Fight Supercut

1/24/2015 - Bad Graphic Design Puns For Designer In-Jokes

1/24/2015 - These nearly-invisible sea creatures fill the oceans with stellar beauty

1/24/2015 - Alan Turing's Hidden Manuscripts Are Up For Auction

1/24/2015 - What Ants Can Teach Us About Avoiding Traffic Jams

1/24/2015 - Warner Bros Planning New Animated Jetsons Movie

1/24/2015 - Chimps and gorillas need an Ebola vaccine too 

1/24/2015 - How We Came To Recognize The Sun As The Center Of Our Solar System

1/24/2015 - Flexible Brain Implants Have Arrived

1/24/2015 - This Beautiful Photo Spells Doom For The Sea

1/24/2015 - The 'Star Wars Tipping Point' Is At Hand

1/24/2015 - Someone Is Giving Away This Bike-Powered Star Destroyer On Craigslist

1/24/2015 - The Best Predictor Of Heart Disease Is...Twitter?

1/24/2015 - Norm Breyfogle, The Indelible Batman Artist, Deserves Your Support

1/23/2015 - US Navy to publicly show its railgun for the first time ever

1/23/2015 - An Amazing Opportunity: Get The Very Best Of Charles de Lint For Free!

1/23/2015 - Huffy Letter Written By Titanic Survivor Sells For $12,000

1/23/2015 - Their Solemn Procession

1/23/2015 - Hero Teacher, Banned From Demoing Condom-Use, Demos 'Sock-Use' Instead

1/23/2015 - Disney Totally Changed Its Princesses 25 Years Ago — And No One Noticed

1/23/2015 - Hungarian noodles with bacon fat and sprinkled sugar will kill you fast

1/23/2015 - ​Why Google Is Strong-Arming Artists Into Signing With YouTube Music Key

1/23/2015 - Diederik Stapel Recounts How He Became One Of Science's Biggest Frauds

1/23/2015 - There's Something Horribly, Unspeakably Wrong With Picard's Uniform

1/23/2015 - How Will Cities Change In The Dry, Dry Future?

1/23/2015 - Zoinks! It's the Lego Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion!

1/23/2015 - Windows 10's Coolest Features In 5 Animated GIFs

1/23/2015 - The Most Disturbing Images Of ​Krampus, Santa's Child-Eating Counterpart

1/23/2015 - This Lego king is not long for this world

1/23/2015 - Harley Quinn Sings Total Eclipse Of The Heart With Her Own Batman Lyrics

1/23/2015 - Masterpiece Sticky Notes Let the Mona Lisa Remind You To Get Milk

1/23/2015 - Ben Elton Has A Brand New Novel About Traveling Back To Stop World War I

1/23/2015 - A Walking Dead Spin-Off Character Will Join The Regular Walking Dead

1/23/2015 - This Is The Fish Researchers Found Living Underneath 2,400 Feet Of Ice

1/23/2015 - These Giant-Headed Power Rangers Figures Are Adorable And Awesome

1/23/2015 - A Better Home Brew Kit: Holy Shit, It Tastes Like Beer

1/23/2015 - Venus Express Blasts Out One Last Message From Beyond The Grave

1/23/2015 - On Archer, Sterling Drinks, Drinks, And Checks Off His Bucket List

1/23/2015 - Insect Blood Can Tell Us How To Fight A Vulcan

1/23/2015 - Why Early Wonder Woman Was A Champion Of Feminism... And Bondage

1/23/2015 - I Was There When a GoPro Rig Completely Changed the X Games

1/23/2015 - Researchers Slow The Speed Of Light As It Travels Through A Vacuum

1/23/2015 - A Throwing Star Multitool Will Help Repair All the Damage It Causes

1/23/2015 - The Inside Scoop On The Movie Version Of YA Book Classic House Of Stairs

1/23/2015 - The Ultimate Low Earth Orbit Workspace

1/23/2015 - How An Engineer Outsmarted A Crazy Person With A Fake Inoculation

1/23/2015 - This Is the Vajankle, a Fleshlight Foot You Can Fuck

1/23/2015 - Batroc The Leaper, AoU Iron Man And Spider-Woman Figures Are On The Way!

1/23/2015 - GoFundMe Is a Great Way to Scam People

1/23/2015 - Read The Impressively Shocking Conclusion Of Ivar, Timewalker #1 Here

1/23/2015 - Get ye treasure out, T' new Pirate sets be hitting yonder shelves

1/23/2015 - Trailer For The Original Alien Reimagined As A Steampunk CG Film

1/23/2015 - After Earth Falls, Will Interstellar Space Travel Be Our Salvation?

1/23/2015 - Amazon's Gold Box Forum Is a Beautiful Pocket of Internet Insanity

1/23/2015 - Why Leatherman's Multitool Bracelet Is Beautiful But Useless

1/23/2015 - The Whole Crazy Process Of Creating A TV Show, From Pitch To Pilot

1/23/2015 - 12 Pixar Shorts, House of Cards (Books), and More Deals

1/23/2015 - No, This Isn't Scifi. It's an Actual Spaceplane, Getting Fueled Up.

1/23/2015 - The Many Play Areas Nestled Into New York's Metropolis

1/23/2015 - Extended MacBook Battery Pack, House of Cards Trilogy, and More Deals

1/23/2015 - Nerf's New Blaster Puts Four Spinning Barrels Inside a Spinning Barrel

1/23/2015 - The 10 Greatest Tank Battles In Military History

1/23/2015 - Crowdfund An RPG Set In Ancient Egypt, Apocalyptic Pony Toys And More!

1/23/2015 - SkyMall Bankrupt, Fate Of World's Weird Garden Statue Supply Uncertain

1/23/2015 - Nobody Puts This Robo-Vac In a Corner, Unless They Want It Clean

1/23/2015 - io9 Newsstand: Best Stories of the Week for January 19 - 24

1/23/2015 - A Bolt-Action Flashlight Lets You Lock and Light

1/23/2015 - Star Wars trailer in the style of Avengers: Age of Ultron

1/23/2015 - George Lucas Took A Spotify Playlist And Turned It Into A Fairy Musical

1/23/2015 - I2P: The Super-Anonymous Network That Silk Road Calls Home

1/23/2015 - A Clever Redesign of Delivery Boxes Would Make Them Way Easier To Open

1/23/2015 - Beautiful Map To Middle-Earth Discoverd On Starbucks Cup

1/23/2015 - Can You Laugh Yourself To Death?

1/23/2015 - The NHL Will Use GoPros to Make Hockey Into Awesome Television

1/23/2015 - It's Hard To Believe These Aren't Photographs, But Digital Paintings

1/23/2015 - On Naruto, A Ninja's Weapons Include Fat-Shaming And Pee Rainbows

1/23/2015 - Do You Love Your Kids Enough To Buy Them a $45,000 Gold-Plated Toy Car?

1/23/2015 - How a $12 Million Monet Was Repaired After Some Idiot Punched It 

1/23/2015 - Series 14 collectible Lego mini-figures leaked

1/23/2015 - America Enters Its Darkest Days, as SkyMall Lands in Bankruptcy

1/23/2015 - A crazy apocalyptic vision of the inversion of Earth's magnetic poles

1/23/2015 - The Mystery Of What This Toddler Swallowed Was Quickly Solved

1/23/2015 - Bulletproof Coffee: Debunking the Hot Buttered Hype

1/23/2015 - The GIF Party Doesn't Start Until You Get Here

1/23/2015 - Uber Is Punishing Drivers for Following the Law 

1/23/2015 - Add Extra Stars For Better Gmail Sorting

1/23/2015 - Do You Have A Geographic Tongue?

1/23/2015 - Game Boy Pokemon Mugs, Because Caffeine Is Your Real Champion

1/23/2015 - How to slow cook to perfection according to master chef Raymond Blanc

1/23/2015 - Bud Light Built a Human-Sized Pac-Man Maze For Its Super Bowl Ad

1/23/2015 - What You Can See From the Tallest Observation Decks On Earth

1/23/2015 - X-Men: Apocalypse Finally Casts Young Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Storm!

1/23/2015 - This is the Lego Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

1/23/2015 - The Star Wars/Age Of Ultron Mashup Trailer To End All Mashup Trailers

1/23/2015 - Converse Is Now Wrapping Its Sneakers In Andy Warhol's Art

1/23/2015 - This Video Shows What Earth Would Look Like With Different Suns

1/23/2015 - A Year of Presidential Travel, Mapped

1/23/2015 - Is There Any Real Cheese in Cheese Whiz?

1/23/2015 - Edward Scissorhands Really Could Have Used This Center For His Condition

1/23/2015 - The New Sonos Logo Looks Like Pulsing Sound as You Scroll It

1/23/2015 - New NFL Bad Lip Reading video is freaking hilarious too

1/23/2015 - The Heartbreaking Story Behind Beauty and the Beast's Opening Song

1/23/2015 - Dish Network Violated the 'Do Not Call' Registry 57 Million Times

1/23/2015 - This Greenland Glacier Flows Like Water Around Rock

1/23/2015 - Apogee Groove Is a Thumb Drive-Sized DAC For Your Laptop

1/23/2015 - Valentino's Pre-Fall Collection: My God, It's Full of Stars

1/23/2015 - Mr. Peabody & Sherman Failed Because It Was "Too Clever"

1/23/2015 - This Twisting Skyscraper Is Terrifyingly Clever

1/23/2015 - Inelegant But Effective Start To The Active Learning Geology Experiment

1/22/2015 - China's Newest Apple Store Is A Calligraphy Masterpiece

1/22/2015 - During The Apocalypse, A Man Becomes Addicted To Memories Of His Wife

1/22/2015 - Doomsday Clock Now Three Minutes To Midnight

1/22/2015 - Twitter Now Uses Bing To Translate Weird Foreign Tweets

1/22/2015 - The First Drone Lawsuit Settled For Pennies

1/22/2015 - Jim Rockford Warned Us About Google And Facebook Back In 1978

1/22/2015 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Bad Lady

1/22/2015 - Edge Asks The Intellects: What Do You Think About Machines That Think?

1/22/2015 - Why The Age Of The Kids Adventure Movie Is Over

1/22/2015 - Researchers Engineer 'Kill Switch' To Keep GM Bacteria In Check

1/22/2015 - Adorable Article From 1990 Warned That Marketers Were Buying Your Data

1/22/2015 - When You Can't Tell The Difference Between Science And Science Fiction

1/22/2015 - Pro Tools Is Releasing a Free Version of Its Legendary Audio Software

1/22/2015 - An Unexpected Discovery On The Surface Of Rosetta's Comet

1/22/2015 - The 100 Introduces Us To Its Very Own Version Of Seppuku

1/22/2015 - The First Entirely Plant-Based Plastic Milk Carton Is Now on Shelves

1/22/2015 - The Place Where Bridges Are Grown Instead of Built

1/22/2015 - Maybe Luke And Leia's Mom Didn't Die Of A Dumb Broken Heart After All

1/22/2015 - Watch Jumbo Squid Turn Into Strobe Lights When They Communicate

1/22/2015 - Finally, Some Black Widow Merchandise For Age Of Ultron... Sort Of

1/22/2015 - Which Character Do You Just Wish You Could Give Some Helpful Advice To?

1/22/2015 - Use Ratings Preview For Smarter YouTube Browsing

1/22/2015 - Shooting Challenge: Texture

1/22/2015 - Arrow Is Back And Full Of Delicious Ideas

1/22/2015 - If You Plan On Selling Anything At A Comic Convention, This Is Must-Read

1/22/2015 - Barrett Brown Will Spend 5 Years In Jail for Hacking-Related Offenses

1/22/2015 - How Anti-Vaxxers Ruined Disneyland For Themselves (And Everyone Else)

1/22/2015 - And TV's New Supergirl Is...

1/22/2015 - Report: The Apple Watch Will Only Last 2.5 Hours With "Heavy" Use

1/22/2015 - Attack On Titan Theme Park Built Life-Sized Titans And They're HUNGRY 

1/22/2015 - Every Single Star Trek Lens Flare, Ever

1/22/2015 - Where Have All the Google Play Edition Devices Gone?

1/22/2015 - Show Us Your Handwriting

1/22/2015 - The Hilarious Atomic Robo Is Now A Webcomic. Thank You, Internet Gods.

1/22/2015 - Doctor Who Quotes That Make Hilariously Terrible Pick-Up Lines

1/22/2015 - Confused By The Spider-Verse Comic Event? Here's What You Need To Know

1/22/2015 - Our Favorite Mobile Apps of the Week

1/22/2015 - Can You Shoot a Gun in Space? 

1/22/2015 - This Was the First Instance of Science Changing the Way We Saw Time

1/22/2015 - Another Study Finds E-Cigs May Contain Formaldehyde

1/22/2015 - Khmer Rouge Survivor Says Guards Drank Wine Mixed With Human Organs

1/22/2015 - Parahawking: An Actual Sport That Mixes Paragliding And GIANT BIRDS

1/22/2015 - Why There's Still No Electronic Technology That Can Put You To Sleep

1/22/2015 - ​9 Roman Gods Who Weren't Just Rip Offs Of Greek Gods

1/22/2015 - Cheap Sennheiser Earbuds, New TVs for the Big Game, and More Deals

1/22/2015 - Catch Up on Falling Skies, Ms. Marvel Volume 1, and More Deals

1/22/2015 - ​Is the Innanet RUINING teh English Language??? ¯\(°_o)/¯

1/22/2015 - I Wish This Fan-Made Model Was An Actual Gundam

1/22/2015 - Meet an Icicle Farmer 

1/22/2015 - "Tomb Raiders" Busted With $58 Million In Precious Antiquities

1/22/2015 - What Wasted Food Looks Like All Over The World

1/22/2015 - A Leatherman Bracelet Puts 25 Tools On Your Wrist 

1/22/2015 - How Do Cells Manage To Obey The Laws of Physics?

1/22/2015 - 2014 Was a Record Year for Skyscrapers, and That Could Be Bad News

1/22/2015 - ​Here's A Spider So Awful You'll Wish It Would Only Bite You To Death

1/22/2015 - The Lego Movie video game comes to iOS

1/22/2015 - The Blob Is Getting Another Remake!

1/22/2015 - Mad Scientists in Switzerland Built a Drone That Flies and Walks

1/22/2015 - This Is the Iron Giant Figure We Deserved 16 Years Ago

1/22/2015 - Your Movie Is Not The Goonies. Stop Saying It Is.

1/22/2015 - Robert Valley's Radical 70's Wonder Woman Is Now A Stylish Statue

1/22/2015 - BlackBerry Tries to Guilt Everyone Into Making Apps for Its Platform

1/22/2015 - Pentagon Scolds Air Force for Wasting Nearly $9 Billion on Drones

1/22/2015 - You Can Watch The Wire Remastered in HD on Amazon BUT SHOULD YOU

1/22/2015 - You Can 3D-Print This Green Bay Packers Version of Catan's Robber

1/22/2015 - What's The Greatest Fictional Game Ever?

1/22/2015 - Use Android's Priority Mode So Notifications Don't Wake You Up at Night

1/22/2015 - This Is The Most Optimistic Walking Dead Trailer I've Ever Seen

1/22/2015 - Polar bears can communicate via footprints

1/22/2015 - King Tut's Burial Mask Has Been "Irreversibly Damaged"

1/22/2015 - The Eerie Ruins of 11 Abandoned Hotels

1/22/2015 - Even If Jurassic World Sucks, At Least We Get More T-Rex Toys

1/22/2015 - London Toy Fair Gives A First Look At Thunderbirds' Sweet New Rides

1/22/2015 - Nvidia GTX 960: Maxwell Power For a Reasonable Price

1/22/2015 - Which Major Villain Will The Justice League Need Two Movies to Defeat?

1/22/2015 - This Destructive 3D Printer Is the Closest We've Come to Teleportation

1/22/2015 - An Illustrated Guide to Why Windows 10 Actually Impressed Me

1/22/2015 - Why Snow Is White Even Though Snowflakes Are Clear

1/22/2015 - Scientists Have Worked Out What the Mysterious White Mist On Coffee Is

1/22/2015 - This foam can raise and remove complete concrete slabs from sidewalks

1/22/2015 - Mega Just Launched End-to-End Encrypted Audio and Video Chat

1/22/2015 - Hey, Want to Buy an Exploding James Patterson Book For $294,038?

1/22/2015 - This knife thrower is so bad he almost killed his assistant

1/22/2015 - Spotify for iOS Just Got Some Sweet New Touch and Gesture Features

1/22/2015 - This is the biggest animated GIF ever

1/22/2015 - This Drone Crashed While Trying to Deliver 6lbs of Meth

1/22/2015 - This Year Will Bring Not One, But Two Frankenstein-Based TV Shows 

1/22/2015 - Man turns plastic straws into perfect shrimps to catch cuttlefish

1/22/2015 - This Telescope Is Shooting a Laser Right at the ISS

1/22/2015 - U.S. Senate Agrees Climate Change Is Real, 98 Votes to 1

1/22/2015 - You Can Try the So-Called YouTube Killer, Vessel, Right Now

1/22/2015 - See Comet Lovejoy's Path In This Amazing Composite Photo

1/22/2015 - Bask In The Beauty Of New Stars Bursting Into Life

1/22/2015 - Simon Pegg Will Co-Write the Next Star Trek Movie

1/21/2015 - Terrifying Photos of Ships Battling the Elements

1/21/2015 - A Dramatic Swirling Vortex At Venus's South Pole

1/21/2015 - Yet Another Reason To Pay Attention During Physics Class

1/21/2015 - Farmer's Doorstop Revealed To Be Rare, Important Bronze Age Artifact

1/21/2015 - The City Had Finally Perfected Aerial Public Transit

1/21/2015 - Man Who Claimed to Be The Inventor of the Jetpack Dies

1/21/2015 - A Simple Experiment That (Finally) Explains Just What Gravity Is

1/21/2015 - Japanese craftsman creates perfect sci-fi ship replicas using just paper

1/21/2015 - Why Is Everyone Being Such A Dick To This Robot?

1/21/2015 - How Is A Mathematical Proof Like Frodo's Journey In Lord Of The Rings?

1/21/2015 - The Weeknd's Music Video for Fifty Shades of Grey Is Very Sultry

1/21/2015 - Windows 10's Big Step Back Is Actually a Huge Step Forward 

1/21/2015 - How A French Fashion Helped Beat An 18th-Century Anti-Vaxxer Movement

1/21/2015 - Mad race driver drifting near a cliff on a mountain pass

1/21/2015 - How small is an atom, really? (or how to make your head explode)

1/21/2015 - The Republican SOTU Live-Stream Cut Obama's Remarks On Climate Change

1/21/2015 - Korg's Rebooted Arp Odyssey Is Here, Ready For an Army of Synth Nerds

1/21/2015 - Behold The Remarkable Variety Of Buildings That Stand On Legs

1/21/2015 - Everything Microsoft Announced About Windows 10 Today 

1/21/2015 - E.T.'s Face Appears In Tree Stump

1/21/2015 - How NASA Plans to Explore Mars With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles

1/21/2015 - What Does It Mean When Someone Says "There Is No Such Thing As Cold"?

1/21/2015 - Our Exclusive Preview Of Valiant's Ivar, Timewalker #1 Continues Here!

1/21/2015 - Google Is Striking Deals With Sprint and T-Mobile to Become a Carrier

1/21/2015 - ​Can Microsoft Make Faceputers Happen?

1/21/2015 - How to Drive on Snow and Ice

1/21/2015 - This Clever Modular Gardening Kit Fits 32 Big Tools Into One Small Bag

1/21/2015 - An Even Better Look At DC's Awesome Jae Lee Superhero Figures

1/21/2015 - How to Make Sure Amazon's Recommendations Actually Work

1/21/2015 - Weirdest Shared Movie Universe Yet Includes Brain-Eaters, She-Creature

1/21/2015 - Leading AI Experts Are Gathering To Improve The Turing Test

1/21/2015 - Man, I Cannot Wait to Stream Xbox Games to My Laptop

1/21/2015 - Supernatural Manages To Have The 2 Most Annoying Female Characters On TV

1/21/2015 - Could This Be The Answer To Ceres's Mysterious White Spot?

1/21/2015 - This Huge BMX Park Is Hidden 100 Feet Underground In an Abandoned Mine 

1/21/2015 - How Does Mumps Cause Sterility in Adults?

1/21/2015 - How Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative Will Revolutionize Healthcare

1/21/2015 - Comic Publisher Milestone Media Is Coming Back, And That's Awesome

1/21/2015 - Conan O'Brien Becomes An Animated Archer Character And Battles Mobsters

1/21/2015 - This Excellent Matrix Sentinel Figure Is Entirely 3D Printed

1/21/2015 - These are the best Lego chibi micro-fighters

1/21/2015 - The Gorgeous RPG Shadows of Esteren Gets A Whole New Occult Sourcebook

1/21/2015 - An 86-year-old woman has been living on cruise ships for a decade

1/21/2015 - I find this guy putting pylons on the Golden Gate very unnerving

1/21/2015 - Lego castles aren't always European

1/21/2015 - Here Is Microsoft's Demo of Those Crazy Holodeck Glasses

1/21/2015 - The Secrets Of Highly Efficient Napping

1/21/2015 - Controversial Bigfoot Enthusiast Invites You To Invest In His Search

1/21/2015 - 10 Bizarre and Horrifying Sex Patents (NSFW)

1/21/2015 - HoloLens: Microsoft's Audacious Plan to Make Anywhere a Holodeck

1/21/2015 - With The Return Of Captain Cold, The Flash May Have Hit Its Stride

1/21/2015 - Smart Keyboard That Knows Who's Typing Could Make Passwords Stronger

1/21/2015 - Scientists Recreate a Really Sad Greek Myth With Worms

1/21/2015 - Microsoft Surface Hub: An 84-Inch 4K Do-It-All Display

1/21/2015 - 18 terrifying photos of ships in trouble

1/21/2015 - You'll Soon Be Able to Stream Xbox One Games to Your PC or Tablet

1/21/2015 - Watch Brad Bird Play With Mondo's Iron Giant Figure And Try Not To Cry

1/21/2015 - Terrifying "Living Fossil" Caught Off The Coast Of Australia

1/21/2015 - Microsoft's New Xbox App Brings Game DVR and Chat to Your PC

1/21/2015 - 10 Public Domain Characters That Are Overdue For A Reboot

1/21/2015 - Iconic Travel Surge Protector, Cheap External Storage, and More Deals

1/21/2015 - Microsoft's Spartan Browser Is Here To Save You From Internet Explorer

1/21/2015 - Even As Just A Head, This Lego Smaug Is Spectacular

1/21/2015 - Here's How Windows 10 Apps Will Run Across PCs, Tablets, and Phones

1/21/2015 - Microsoft Office Will Be Free on Windows 10 Phones and Tablets

1/21/2015 - From Lazarus Long To Capt. Jack Harkness: Bisexuality In Science Fiction

1/21/2015 - This Is What Windows 10 Looks Like on a Phone 

1/21/2015 - Some Of The Most Surprising New Products That Came From NASA Research

1/21/2015 - Windows 10 Has Cortana Voice Commands Baked Into Every Cranny

1/21/2015 - The More Mass You Add To Black Holes, The Less Dense They Get

1/21/2015 - Windows 10 Is a Free Upgrade for the First Year

1/21/2015 - Why Marvel's Civil War Movie Shouldn't Be Anything Like The Comic

1/21/2015 - C.J. Cherryh Explains The Key To Creating Terrific Female Characters

1/21/2015 - Watch the Windows 10 Keynote Live

1/21/2015 - This Concept Mouse Has a Whole Computer Inside It

1/21/2015 - You'll Desperately Want To Climb Inside This Aliens Power Loader Figure

1/21/2015 - BlackBerry Classic Review: Good at Being a BlackBerry, and Not Much Else

1/21/2015 - This Aliens Power Loader Is Sadly Not Life Sized, But It Is Massive

1/21/2015 - Oklahoma's Myths Come Out To Play In This Delightful Webcomic Dramedy

1/21/2015 - Watch a Dad's Special Effects Turn Playtime Into Crazy Action Scenes

1/21/2015 - How To Write Perfect Sentences No One Understands

1/21/2015 - These Before and After GIFs Show Just How Fake Ad Photography Can Be

1/21/2015 - These Underwater Mountains Are More Dangerous Than They Look

1/21/2015 - You Can Squeeze These Tiny Synths Into Your Skinniest Jeans

1/21/2015 - Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia

1/21/2015 - What's The Best Way A Mind-Blowing Scientific Fact Was Explained To You?

1/21/2015 - Obama's 2015 State Of The Union Address Peaked At A Grade 10 Level

1/21/2015 - Just How Insane A Body Count Does The Joker Rack Up In Suicide Squad?

1/21/2015 - Nerf's New Modular Blaster Lets You Build Your Weapon of Choice

1/21/2015 - Do The Age Of Ultron Funko Pops Reveal A New Take On The Hulk?

1/21/2015 - You Only Have 24 Hours To Read This Self-Destructing Book

1/21/2015 - Smart Home Security Guard Piper Now Has Night Vision

1/21/2015 - This Is How a Plane Will Navigate Earth Using Solar Power Alone

1/21/2015 - Ad shows how Facebook would've been if it existed in the 90s

1/21/2015 - "TL;DR Jurassic Park" Is Three Minutes of Pure Geeky Plot Dissection

1/21/2015 - How Fat the World Is, Visualized

1/21/2015 - A limited edition of Red Velvet Cake Oreo will arrive on February 2

1/21/2015 - Conan O'Brien gets animated to fight Russian mob with Archer

1/21/2015 - Acer's Tough New Chromebooks Are Built to Survive Your Children

1/21/2015 - The Walking Dead Spinoff Is a Prequel Where the Threat of Zombies Looms

1/21/2015 - HealthCare.gov Sends Personal Data to Dozens of Tracking Websites

1/21/2015 - Bloomberg: Samsung Is Dropping Qualcomm Chips for the Galaxy S6

1/21/2015 - The Solar Dynamics Observatory Has Captured 100 Million Sun Images

1/21/2015 - Star Wars Could Be Genius, Might Cast Tatiana Maslany Or Rooney Mara

1/20/2015 - Obama Dreams of Space, But Where's the Money for a Mars Expedition?

1/20/2015 - The Originals Wields Irony Like A F--ing Straight Razor

1/20/2015 - What Obama Gets Wrong About Cybersecurity

1/20/2015 - New amazing metal is so hydrophobic it makes water bounce like magic

1/20/2015 - This Snail Makes A Venom So Toxic, It Disables Fish Swimming Near It

1/20/2015 - Only The Greatest Airship Pilots Could Reach The Forest Sanctuary

1/20/2015 - NBC Might Make A Live TV Presentation of The Wiz, We Have Thoughts

1/20/2015 - The Greatest Inventions That Everybody Forgets Exist

1/20/2015 - A Closer Look at the Retractable Roof of Atlanta's Bonkers New Stadium

1/20/2015 - What Time Is the Super Bowl Blog Commercial? 

1/20/2015 - Notorious British Serial Killer Still Alive But Probably Going Blind

1/20/2015 - This double engined Lego plane should be in an air show

1/20/2015 - One 19-Year-Old Spent Six Months Making This Intense Animated Battle

1/20/2015 - Rob Lowe Stars In "Witty" British Miniseries About A Comet Apocalypse

1/20/2015 - DEA Used a Woman's Private Photos to Catfish Drug Dealers on Facebook

1/20/2015 - Death-Defying Photos Of Skyscraper Construction Workers Goofing Around

1/20/2015 - Even Animated, Lando Calrissian Is As Smarmy As Ever On Star Wars Rebels

1/20/2015 - Who Will Win the Internet Space Race?

1/20/2015 - Lego Scooby Doo and other new sets announced at London toy fair!!

1/20/2015 - The LEGO Movie Almost Didn't Get To Include Star Wars

1/20/2015 - We Can Now Read What's Written On Rolls Of Papyrus Buried By Vesuvius

1/20/2015 - Marvel Finally Reveals What's Happening With Secret Wars

1/20/2015 - Loch Ness Kitchen Sightings Are Going to Skyrocket

1/20/2015 - There Is A Chance We Could Get Glorious Rainbow Batman Figures

1/20/2015 - Google (and Friends) Just Invested $1 Billion in SpaceX Internet

1/20/2015 - Science Finally Answers: Could Kool-Aid Man Break Through A Brick Wall?

1/20/2015 - And Now, Every Single User Interface In Star Wars: A New Hope 

1/20/2015 - The Best Ways To Honor The 50th Anniversary Of Star Trek

1/20/2015 - Find Out What Google Thinks You Want to See in Ads (And Change It) 

1/20/2015 - Panasonic LX100 Review: A Small Camera So Good At So Many Things

1/20/2015 - When Facts Threaten Our Beliefs, We Resort To Bullshit Rationalizations

1/20/2015 - The Venture Bros. Just. Changed. Everything. (Again.)

1/20/2015 - The Original Apple Watch Definitely Wasn't Smart

1/20/2015 - Where Are Your Eyes Really Looking When You See This Cute Little Girl?

1/20/2015 - Watch Dye Avoid A Column That Isn't There

1/20/2015 - This video really gives you an idea of how big the Universe is

1/20/2015 - ATLAS, The Pentagon's Humanoid Robot, Just Got A Major Upgrade

1/20/2015 - Tuesday Game Room: The Return Of Games Edition

1/20/2015 - Why have salad or soup with croutons when you can use pizza croutons

1/20/2015 - The Fables Movie Isn't Dead! A Kick-Ass Writer Comes On Board

1/20/2015 - Just the noise of this helicopter crash is terrifying

1/20/2015 - HP's Hybrid Pen-Stylus Is the Best Time I've Had Writing on a Tablet

1/20/2015 - George Lucas Might Move His Vanity Museum From Chicago To LA 

1/20/2015 - Here's What Embroidery Patterns Sound Like Played Through a Music Box

1/20/2015 - Redecorate your Lego house with this fantastic Lego furniture

1/20/2015 - A Brief History Of "Satanic Panic" In The 1980s

1/20/2015 - This App Builds You a Fake Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Voicemails and All

1/20/2015 - Facebook Is Finally Going to Stop Showing You Garbage Hoaxes

1/20/2015 - Sleepy Hollow Has Some Weird, Terrible Ideas About Marriage Counseling

1/20/2015 - This Lego town gives you a nice peek inside

1/20/2015 - iPhone 6 Battery Case for $30, Inflatable Hot Tub, and More Deals

1/20/2015 - 20% Off At the HBO Online Store, Fox Searchlight Films, and More Deals

1/20/2015 - Star Wars duel takes the weird shape lightsaber debate to the limit

1/20/2015 - You Can Finally Build a Robot Army Using Cheap Plastic Drinking Straws

1/20/2015 - The ​11 Most Horrifying Redesigns Of Childhood Classics

1/20/2015 - The Idaho Government Once Forced Beavers to Skydive With WWII Parachutes

1/20/2015 - New nightmare crosswind landing videos will haunt my flights forever

1/20/2015 - No, This Artificially Intelligent Super Mario Is Not Self-Aware

1/20/2015 - Brian Michael Bendis' Powers TV Series Gets A Release Date 

1/20/2015 - A GoPro For Kids Captures How Those Skinned Knees Happened

1/20/2015 - Rare Promo Art For Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman Movie That Never Was

1/20/2015 - Here's What Happened When A Rainmaker Ended Up In Court

1/20/2015 - GE's New Sensor Turns Induction Cooktops Into Compact Sous Vide Machines

1/20/2015 - The photo is actually an oil painting made by a 23-year-old dude

1/20/2015 - A Map Of The Different Ways People Get To Work All Over America

1/20/2015 - The World War Z Movie Sequel Will Start With A "Clean Slate" 

1/20/2015 - The New ATLAS Is Stronger, Faster, Scarier, and Battery-Powered

1/20/2015 - HP's New 12-Inch Tablet Has a Hybrid Pen-Stylus That Writes on Anything

1/20/2015 - 10 Tricks to Make Youself a Firefox Master

1/20/2015 - Gordon Is Through Taking People's @#$% On Gotham

1/20/2015 - Oliver Queen Ditches His Bow For A Lightsaber In This Awesome Fan Edit

1/20/2015 - Cops Have Used a Secret Radar That "Sees" Through Walls for Two Years

1/20/2015 - Watch This Tiny Side Table Transform Into a Full-On Rowing Machine

1/20/2015 - Sony Hackers Used a Zero Day Vulnerability to Break In

1/20/2015 - A Light-Up Status Flag That Tells Co-Workers You're Too Busy To Chat

1/20/2015 - What's The Most Underrated Technology Ever?

1/20/2015 - The First Hobbit Fan-Edit Cuts The Trilogy In Half

1/20/2015 - Astrophysicists Find That Cities Grow Just Like Galaxies 

1/20/2015 - This Video Of Starling Murmurations Is Straight-Up Spectacular

1/20/2015 - They should make a full movie of this cool futuristic warrior

1/20/2015 - New Photos of Sideshow's R2-D2 Figure Will Make Every Jedi Jealous

1/20/2015 - Seek's Smartphone Thermal Camera Can Now Focus On Targets Far, Far Away

1/20/2015 - How Does Edward James Olmos Change Everything For The Agents of SHIELD?

1/20/2015 - Five Avengers, Mushed Into One Superheroic Monstrosity

1/20/2015 - The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2014: We're All Doomed

1/20/2015 - The Wonut may be the best invention ever since the Cronut

1/20/2015 - A Brief History of the Rubber Band

1/20/2015 - Here's a cool best picture nominees mashup to get into the Oscars mood

1/20/2015 - This Is What Seoul and Pyongyang Look Like at Night

1/20/2015 - Here's a Shocking Visualization of the Planet's Rising Temperatures

1/20/2015 - This Is the Dwarf Planet Ceres Spinning on Its Axis

1/20/2015 - The Seedy World of Honey Smuggling (And How Science Is Fighting Back) 

1/20/2015 - Why Does Smoke Cover So Much of South-East Asia?

1/20/2015 - British Spies Hacked the Emails of Journalists All Over the World

1/20/2015 - After This Star Wars Art Challenge, You'll See Vader In a Brand New Way

1/20/2015 - Here's the Deleted Oliver/Felicity Kiss From Arrow's Season 2 Finale

1/20/2015 - This Top-Secret Design Will Get Your Resume Into The Right Hands

1/20/2015 - What Do You See In The Latest Images Of Ceres?

1/20/2015 - Manhole Lego stop motion is a great piece of Sci-Fi.

1/19/2015 - All The Fun Of Disposable Cameras, Without A Trip To the Drugstore

1/19/2015 - The Lego Movie soundtrack to be released as a double LP

1/19/2015 - Get Ready for Haphead, a Series About Gamer Subversives in Dystopia

1/19/2015 - App Developers In Crimea Are Getting Cut Off Thanks To U.S. Sanctions

1/19/2015 - How To Use A Map And Compass

1/19/2015 - Get Another Chance To Buy The OnePlus One Without An Invite Tomorrow

1/19/2015 - He Went In For A Tune-Up And Came Out With A Full Cerebral Upgrade

1/19/2015 - There'll Never Be Another Space TV Show Like Far Out Space Nuts

1/19/2015 - Why Harley Quinn Is Batman's Most Tragic Character

1/19/2015 - Rich Gang: Lifestyle

1/19/2015 - George Lucas Explains Why He's Avoiding All The Force Awakens Details

1/19/2015 - What "Mystery Goo" Is Killing Birds Off San Francisco's Coast?

1/19/2015 - Report: Google's Finalizing a $1 Billion Investment in SpaceX Internet

1/19/2015 - Stephen Mangan Will Play A Pregnant Man For TV Series Birthday

1/19/2015 - Scientists Have Provided Evidence for Optimism... By Shocking Dogs

1/19/2015 - Majestic Animals That Could Go Extinct This Century

1/19/2015 - Lizard Squad Kept Its Hacker-for-Hire Customers' Info in Plain Text

1/19/2015 - Behind the scenes of "behind the scenes at National Geographic"

1/19/2015 - Invite Body Parts To Your Next Dinner With This Horrifying Tableware

1/19/2015 - You Have Until The End Of The Week To Buy These Superhero Hoodies

1/19/2015 - Adorable Desk Lamp Bookmark Sheds Light On the Last Page You Read

1/19/2015 - Celebrate Smekday In Style With This Exclusive Home Concept Art!

1/19/2015 - This Ingestible Microbot Is Powered By Stomach Acid 

1/19/2015 - Every Asteroid That Circled Near Earth This Year

1/19/2015 - Read Valiant's New Hit Comic Ivar, Timewalker #1 Right Here!

1/19/2015 - Meet Twindr, the Twitter/Tinder Mashup You Never Knew You Didn't Need

1/19/2015 - Constantine's Mexican Prison Exorcism Is Great Fun

1/19/2015 - Dell Venue 8 7000 Review: A Terrible Name For an Incredible Tablet 

1/19/2015 - Why Grease Kills The Head On A Beer

1/19/2015 - Avengers: Age of Ultron Lego set leaks and descriptions (spoilers)

1/19/2015 - What Would Really Happen If You Put A Human In A Microwave?

1/19/2015 - Will the New Fleshlight Accessory Burn My Penis Off?

1/19/2015 - Mysterious Game Of Thrones Special Revealed

1/19/2015 - This Lego is ready for the Isle of Man sidecar race

1/19/2015 - U.S. Air Force Releases Thousands of Pages Of Declassified UFO Files

1/19/2015 - Discover House Of Stairs, One Of The Most Underrated YA Dystopias

1/19/2015 - T-Mobile Can't Afford to Keep Doing This Whole "Uncarrier" Thing

1/19/2015 - Underdogs Trailer Brings Fooseball Players To Life To Cheat In Soccer

1/19/2015 - The Flash's Iris West Is The Worst Blogger Ever

1/19/2015 - Do Mysterious Big Cats Prowl The English Countryside?

1/19/2015 - Prepare To Be Insanely Jealous Of This Toddler's Batmobile Stroller

1/19/2015 - R.I.P. Alice K. Turner, Who Made Playboy The Home Of Great Stories

1/19/2015 - Deep-Fried Graphene Could Be the Future of Batteries

1/19/2015 - Minimal Laptop Stand, Cheaper Treadmill Desks, and More Deals

1/19/2015 - Alien and Aliens Remastered, $5 Blu-rays, and More Deals

1/19/2015 - Gaze Into the Future of Scotch Tape With 3M's Amazing New Dispenser

1/19/2015 - Even Drawn Realistically, Pikachu Looks Adorable

1/19/2015 - 10 Rules For Making Better Fantasy Maps

1/19/2015 - Momofuku's David Chang cooks four delicious dishes using instant ramen

1/19/2015 - You've Been Eating These Chemicals In Your Food For Years

1/19/2015 - The Bizarre, Glitchy Glory of Wiggling 3D-Map Disasters

1/19/2015 - Impressive image of Earth surrounded by Saturn's rings

1/19/2015 - A Huge Batch Of Unseen WWII Photos Have Been Discovered And Restored

1/19/2015 - Barcode license plates? Try mass traffic surveillance

1/19/2015 - This Week's TV: The Venture Bros. Are Back! And In Space!

1/19/2015 - The First Watch With a Built-In Speedometer Is Absurdly Wonderful

1/19/2015 - Moog's Gigantic Modular Synthesizers Are Getting a New Lease on Life

1/19/2015 - Constantine Tries To Save His Own TV Show In Bizarre Claymation Short

1/19/2015 - How Product Placement Took Over Science Fiction, From E.T. To Star Trek

1/19/2015 - The Spectacular Sight of Subway Cars Being Dumped Into the Ocean

1/19/2015 - New York Hosts The Vampire Apocalypse In New Trailer For The Strain

1/19/2015 - A Health-Tracking App Analyzed My Blood and Told Me I'm 31 Going on 54

1/19/2015 - This Lego Landspeeder Has Everything But The Droids You're Looking For

1/19/2015 - The First Demonstration Of Self-Propelled Nanobots In A Living Animal

1/19/2015 - Scream Queens Casts A Gleek, A Pop Star And A Werewolf

1/19/2015 - Get Back Notifications You Accidentally Dismissed on Android

1/19/2015 - Oh God They Made Shark's Teeth Into an Actual Saw Blade

1/19/2015 - What Are You Reading?

1/19/2015 - It's Official, Someone Bought NYC's First $100 Million Apartment

1/19/2015 - Why Rescuers Die While Drowning Victims Survive

1/19/2015 - First Peek At Weird Al Yankovic As The Adventure Time Game's Evil Wizard

1/19/2015 - Amazon's Plan to Make Films and Debut Them on Prime Right After Theaters

1/19/2015 - Which Version Of Green Lantern (If Any) Will We Meet In Justice League?

1/19/2015 - Agent Coulson's First Action Figure Is Almost Here, And It Looks Great

1/19/2015 - 37 Rare and Beautiful Images of the NYC Subway in the 1980s

1/19/2015 - I can't stop laughing watching this stupid musicless Knight Rider intro

1/19/2015 - None of these animations use CGI

1/19/2015 - You Can Fire Nerf's New Barrel Blaster As Fast As You Can Reload It

1/19/2015 - Why astronauts eat tortillas explained in one comic

1/19/2015 - Mystery Cosmic Radio Burst Caught in Real-Time For the First Time Ever

1/19/2015 - Thank God, It Sounds Like the Gremlins Reboot Has Been Shelved

1/19/2015 - How the Original Star Wars Trilogy Fooled Everyone With Matte Paintings

1/19/2015 - Paris as a Green and Sustainable Future City Is Even More Beautiful

1/19/2015 - This Chair Is Inspired By the Way Architects Draw Floor Plans

1/19/2015 - Newly discovered pictures show the everyday life of a WWII soldier 

1/19/2015 - The Librarians Finale: Teamwork! 

1/19/2015 - Programmable DNA Glue Can Selectively 3D-Print Natural Materials

1/19/2015 - How Seized Gadgets Fund Electronic Surveillance

1/19/2015 - Bloomberg: HTC M9 With 20MP Camera and First Smartwatch Coming March

1/19/2015 - The NSA Saw Signs That the Sony Hacks Were Coming

1/19/2015 - Bad News: Frank Darabont's Off The Huntsman. But Wait, There's Good News

1/19/2015 - Boo: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Won't Be In X-Men: Apocalypse

1/18/2015 - Here's Sigourney Weaver Test-Firing the Flamethrower From Alien 

1/18/2015 - Waxahatchee: "Air"

1/18/2015 - Magic Leap's Patents Are a Crazy Vision of the Augmented Reality Future

1/18/2015 - What Is on Your Windows 10 Wish List?

1/18/2015 - This Is What Happens When Lava Meets The Sea

1/18/2015 - Report: Apple May Be Creating a Stylus for the Rumored iPad Pro

1/18/2015 - Can You Crack One Of Car Talk's 'Toughest Puzzlers'?

1/18/2015 - Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

1/18/2015 - The Trouble With Star Trek Transporters

1/18/2015 - Humanity Is In The Existential Danger Zone, Study Confirms

1/18/2015 - Maybe a Crowd-Sourced Ambassador to Outer Space Isn't the Best Idea 

1/18/2015 - 80% Of Americans Support Mandatory Labels On Foods Containing DNA. DNA!

1/18/2015 - World Economic Forum Warns About "Global Threat" of IoT Hacking

1/18/2015 - 9 Gadgets (and Other Tech) to Be Excited About in 2015

1/18/2015 - The Ongoing Scientific Legacy of Old But Not Outdated Solar Satellites

1/18/2015 - Fox Wants To Bring Back The X-Files, David Duchovny And Gillian Anderson

1/18/2015 - This Footage of Ukrainian Aftermath Is Why We Need Drone Journalism

1/18/2015 - Leaked Snowden Docs Show That Some Spies Treat Cyberwar as a Punchline

1/18/2015 - Kevin Hart and SNL Shame Terrible Instagramers With a Wall Dungeon

1/17/2015 - Lightning Highlights Beauty In The Storm

1/17/2015 - Watch Original House Of Cards To Better Appreciate Netflix's Version

1/17/2015 - El Goodo: Feel So Fine

1/17/2015 - NSA-Led Panel Says There's No Alternative To NSA Data Collection

1/17/2015 - Only A Time Traveler Could've Predicted Syfy's 12 Monkeys Would Be Good

1/17/2015 - The ISS's Work Station Puts Your Home Office To Shame

1/17/2015 - Akira Kurosawa’s 100 Favorite Films

1/17/2015 - Turkey Is Blackmailing Twitter Into Censorship (Again)

1/17/2015 - Evil Glitterbomb Genius Is Looking To Cash Out

1/17/2015 - This Is How We Watch Movies Now: 95% Of Oscars Films Already Online

1/17/2015 - Watch The First Trailer For Batman vs Robin

1/17/2015 - The Alien-Abduction Plot Line That Could Have Been The Simpsons Movie 2

1/17/2015 - Report: Google Might Buy An Apple Pay Rival

1/17/2015 - This RC Plane Crash Results In The Best Underwater Animal Shots

1/17/2015 - Google Wants To Sell You Concert Tickets Right On The Search Page

1/17/2015 - This Is Elon Musk's Plan To Build A Space Internet

1/17/2015 - Sailor Moon Crystal's Greatest Foe Isn't The Dark Kingdom, It's Pacing

1/16/2015 - Still Not Reading Bitch Planet? Watch The Comic's Grindhouse Trailer

1/16/2015 - Don't Make A Hippo Angry! You Wouldn't Like It When It's Angry!

1/16/2015 - Impressive photo of the F-35 Lightning II with all its weaponry lined up

1/16/2015 - Every X-Men member ever in one video timeline

1/16/2015 - Laura Palmer Will Return To Twin Peaks, Just Like She Said She Would

1/16/2015 - Why The World War Z Book Succeeds Where The Movie Fails

1/16/2015 - An Urban Fantasy Novel That Shows Cities In A Way You've Never Seen

1/16/2015 - There's a Real Robotics Company Called Cyberdyne And Now I'm Scared

1/16/2015 - Here's How Close SpaceX Came To Landing A Rocket On A Barge In The Ocean

1/16/2015 - There's Millions of Dollars Worth of Gold and Silver in Sewage  

1/16/2015 - Yep, 2014 Was The Hottest Year In Recorded History

1/16/2015 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Knows The Meaning Of Life

1/16/2015 - So Many CG Films Look Alike—But This Will Transport You To A Dream World

1/16/2015 - Republican Bills Would Strip the FCC of Its Power to Regulate the Web

1/16/2015 - NYC's Newest Skyscraper Won't Stop Raining Down Hunks of Metal and Rock

1/16/2015 - Artist Paints On Old Photographs And Turns Victorians Into Monsters

1/16/2015 - These Circular Runways Were Designed To Catapult Planes Skyward

1/16/2015 - This Chart Shows The Worst Diseases That Don't Get Enough Research Money

1/16/2015 - On This Week's Archer, Sterling Meets An Old Foe, Becomes A Verb

1/16/2015 - The Weirdest Alcohol Laws in America

1/16/2015 - io9 Newsstand: Favorite Podcasts for January 1 - 16

1/16/2015 - And Now, A Fully Functioning R/C SHIELD Helicarrier

1/16/2015 - This Toaster Turns Tortillas Into Tasty Taco Shells

1/16/2015 - This 3D-Printed Vase Shows Different People's Faces As You Turn It

1/16/2015 - Oculus Rift Could Make Music Software Way Easier to Use

1/16/2015 - The Most Common Misconceptions About Getting Sick, Debunked

1/16/2015 - This Is a Tripod Desk. And Yes, You Need One Too.

1/16/2015 - Ernie Cline Is Writing Another Ready Player One Novel

1/16/2015 - Chuck's Zach Levi Joins Heroes Reborn In Attempt To Make It Watchable

1/16/2015 - The Most Ingeniously Cheapskate Props And Sets From Classic Movies

1/16/2015 - Every State Should Make the Bold Internet Investment New York Just Did

1/16/2015 - Everything You Need To Know About Cyberterrorism In One Chart

1/16/2015 - I Hope Miley Cyrus Made Entirely Out of Emojis Is What I See When I Die

1/16/2015 - Seth Rogen Shares The Films That Inspired His Preacher Series 

1/16/2015 - The Eyes On This 2001 Dave Bowman Figure Will Haunt Your Dreams

1/16/2015 - What Blackhat Gets Right: A Chat With Former Hacker Kevin Poulsen  

1/16/2015 - What If Justice League Meetings Operated Like A Dilbert Comic?

1/16/2015 - Vice Is The Least Subtle Dystopia Ever, And That's Saying Something

1/16/2015 - Game Of Thrones Will Come To IMAX With Glorious, Gorgeous Posters

1/16/2015 - A Fake Vibrating Bar of Soap Promises To Hand-Wash Your Clothes For You

1/16/2015 - Zero Stroke Was A Mental Illness That Affected An Entire Country

1/16/2015 - This Ancient Pigment Could Soon Be Used to See Through Your Skin

1/16/2015 - Could the Kool-Aid Man Really Survive Crashing Through a Brick Wall?

1/16/2015 - Watch seven jets landing in perfect formation

1/16/2015 - 10 Great Novels That Aren't About What You Heard They Were About

1/16/2015 - How To Catch A Freight Train Ride To Freedom

1/16/2015 - Don't Miss The Magical Animated Oscar Nominee Song Of The Sea

1/16/2015 - Arm-Sized Bolts Keep Falling Off London's Cheesegrater Tower 

1/16/2015 - Analog equalizer made with analog brick

1/16/2015 - Biker rides on a wall, crashes, backflips racing down a narrow street

1/16/2015 - Lord of the Rings in Your Pocket, Inside Game of Thrones, More Deals

1/16/2015 - Retina iMacs and a Quirky Riser for Them, Game of Thrones, More Deals

1/16/2015 - Crowdfund Queer Science Fiction, The Cones Of Dunshire And More!

1/16/2015 - What Was Your First Avatar?

1/16/2015 - Man In The High Castle Is Wildly Different From The Book But Still Great

1/16/2015 - 2014 Was the Hottest Year in Earth's Recorded History 

1/16/2015 - The Iron Maiden Was History's Most Brutal Imaginary Torture Device

1/16/2015 - Here Are Some Dummies Giving Jimmy Kimmel Their Passwords on National TV

1/16/2015 - Paddington's Journey To The 21st Century Shows How Cynical We've Gotten

1/16/2015 - 20 Facts About Light To Brighten Your Curiosity

1/16/2015 - All the World's Cows on Treadmills Could Power Six Percent of Earth

1/16/2015 - The White House Says Net Neutrality Laws Aren't Necessary

1/16/2015 - Two Or More Undiscovered Planets Could Be Hiding In Our Solar System

1/16/2015 - You'll Never Guess The Setting For The King Kong Sequel

1/16/2015 - An Exclusive First Look At The Age Of Ultron Minimates!

1/16/2015 - These Drawings Were Made By the Bad Guys In Legend of Zelda

1/16/2015 - Thousands of Fish To Be Freed From Abandoned Mall Fish-Hell

1/16/2015 - 700-Year-Old Cold Case Clue Found in Mummy Poop

1/16/2015 - It's A GIF Party, And We're All Invited!

1/16/2015 - Ray Gun Rulers Make You Actually Want to Solve For Y

1/16/2015 - Japanese Office Attacked By Full-Size Gundam In Insane Prank

1/16/2015 - A cargo of birds weighs nothing when they take flight, and then double

1/16/2015 - Why We Use Meaningless Expressions Like "Huh" And "Really?"

1/16/2015 - Decay and Demolition Inside a Dying Cement Factory

1/16/2015 - A Trading Card Of Batman Pooping Is On Ebay For Thousands Of Dollars

1/16/2015 - The One Vital Element The New Ghostbusters Will Keep From The Original

1/16/2015 - Game Boy Knock-Off Slider Puzzle Is as Retro as Gaming Gets

1/16/2015 - X-Ray Video Reveals How a Hamster Can Stuff So Much Food In Its Cheeks

1/16/2015 - How to roast to perfection according to Michelin-star chef Raymond Blanc

1/16/2015 - A beautiful starling murmuration

1/16/2015 - Police Arrest Another UK Man Over Christmas PSN and Xbox Hacks

1/16/2015 - This is what happens when you launch a rocket under a frozen lake

1/16/2015 - Get a Sneak Peek at The Librarians Finale With Actor John Kim

1/16/2015 - These Badass Korean Soldiers Beat Any Nuclear Sub

1/16/2015 - Crazy acrobat jumps through windows like he's Trinity on The Matrix

1/16/2015 - This New Website Lets You Hire a Hacker in Minutes

1/16/2015 - Spectacular video and images of world's largest lava field in 200 years

1/16/2015 - Who would win in a fight between a dragon and an Apache helicopter?

1/16/2015 - At Least the Critics' Choice Awards Got a Bunch of Things Right

1/16/2015 - Lost Beagle Lander Found Seemingly Intact on Mars, Failure Cause Unknown

1/16/2015 - This Is the Terrifying Beauty of a Suffocated Sea

1/16/2015 - Switch On Guest Mode and Have a Chromecast Party

1/16/2015 - Uber Told to Halt Operations in South Carolina

1/16/2015 - How Not to Pick the Right Tool For the Job

1/16/2015 - Why Star Trek: Voyager Meant The World To Me

1/16/2015 - The insane skills of one of the world's best acrobatic skiers 

1/16/2015 - This Is SpaceX's Rocket Crash-Landing on a Barge

1/16/2015 - Get a First Look at The Returned, The Other Back-From-the-Dead Show

1/15/2015 - Ian McKellen Voices A Short About A Man Who Wants To Love God...Sexually

1/15/2015 - Experiments in Education: Kicking Off A Semester of Active Learning

1/15/2015 - This Short Video Explains How "Animal Chatter" Relates To Human Language

1/15/2015 - High-Speed Video Reveals The Source Of That Incredible After-Rain Smell

1/15/2015 - Data shows human pressure on Earth reaching critical level

1/15/2015 - This Lego build is no burnout 

1/15/2015 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Somewhere Beneath The Sea

1/15/2015 - A "Bullet" Galaxy Is Piercing Through Other Galaxies At Ludicrous Speed

1/15/2015 - Troubling: Poltergeist Remake Is In 3D And "More Of A Kids' Movie"

1/15/2015 - The Mathematical Secret That Changed The Shape Of Fashion

1/15/2015 - This generic news report is absolutely hilarious

1/15/2015 - Return to the moon with this stellar Lego build

1/15/2015 - New Horizons' Historic Pluto Encounter Has Officially Begun

1/15/2015 - Tupac: Changes

1/15/2015 - Scientific Sushi Art Is The Best Sushi Art

1/15/2015 - David Tennant Narrates A Nature Video About A Hamster's Cheeks

1/15/2015 - Celebrate the 10th anniversary of ​Battlestar Galactica with this build

1/15/2015 - How I Shot an Upside-Down Glacier in Antarctica

1/15/2015 - The Most Inspiring Space-Themed Murals From Ex-Soviet Bloc Countries

1/15/2015 - First Footage From Philip K Dick's Man In The High Castle Looks Good 

1/15/2015 - How A Daily 20-Minute Walk Could Save Your Life

1/15/2015 - How I Shot an Upside-Down Glacier in Antarctica

1/15/2015 - The United States, Divided By The Booze They Drink

1/15/2015 - A Drawer Full of Kitchen Tools Is Hiding In This Fake Potted Plant

1/15/2015 - This Predator Figure Looks Like It's Ripped Straight From A Comic Cover

1/15/2015 - North America's Rarest Wolves Are Deemed Endangered...ish

1/15/2015 - Williamsburg Brooklyn Is Getting a Luxury Microtel Because Hipsters

1/15/2015 - A Family in Spain Displayed Three Generations of the "Habsburg Jaw"

1/15/2015 - "Ye Olde" Is Fake Old English (And You're Mispronouncing It Anyway)

1/15/2015 - Why Penn Station Sucks

1/15/2015 - The Suicide Squad Movie Has Lost Its First Member

1/15/2015 - Scientists Discover Two New Species of Lizard on the Black Market

1/15/2015 - How to Stop Data Thieves From Stealing Information Off Your Old Gadgets

1/15/2015 - The Biggest Oscar Snubs Of 2015

1/15/2015 - What's The Point Of A Shared Universe If Not Every Fan Can Access It?

1/15/2015 - Skydio Turns Your Phone Into a Crash-Proof Magic Wand for Flying Drones

1/15/2015 - Amazon's New Series 'The Man In The High Castle' Is Amazing

1/15/2015 - The Time Wes Siler Almost Killed Me

1/15/2015 - Here's What Would Happen If You Asked Ayn Rand To Loan You Money

1/15/2015 - California Would Need A Ridiculous Amount Of Rain To End Its Drought​

1/15/2015 - First Trailer For Syfy's Expanse Has Zero-G Sex, And Hints Of Space War

1/15/2015 - Elon Musk Says He's Building a Hyperloop Test Track

1/15/2015 - HP Omen Review: This Gaming Laptop Does So Much Right

1/15/2015 - Recycling Rare Earth Metals With, Yes, Fish Sperm

1/15/2015 - What The 12 Monkeys Showrunner Learned From Writing For Terminator: SCC

1/15/2015 - Using Social Media Is Less Stressful Than You Think, Say Scientists

1/15/2015 - The '70s Teen Titans Return For More DC Comics' Convergence Craziness

1/15/2015 - Fill the Gap contest aims to put Lego architecture in empty spaces

1/15/2015 - Four Ideas to Fix Beijing's Smog Airpocalypse, And One That Will Work 

1/15/2015 - Google Packs Up Glass Explorer Program, Vows to Try Again

1/15/2015 - YouTube Stars Will Interview Obama After His State of the Union Address

1/15/2015 - The Original Galactica Gets a Preorder Discount, and More Deals

1/15/2015 - The Best 4K Monitor Deal We've Seen, GoPro Bundles, and More Deals

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1/15/2015 - You'll Have To Hurry To Own These Incredible Lord Of The Rings Posters

1/15/2015 - Want To See Where Ray Bradbury Lived For 50 Years? Too Bad.

1/15/2015 - The Best Sex Toy Ever Just Got Kinkier

1/15/2015 - The Truly Brilliant Design History of the Selfie Stick

1/15/2015 - Explore The Chilling Remains Of Berlin's Abandoned School Of Anatomy

1/15/2015 - This Pig May Be A Baby-Killer

1/15/2015 - Say Hello to China's New 11-Barrel Hypersonic Missile Killer

1/15/2015 - The Lego Movie Oscars Snub Is Garbage

1/15/2015 - The Flying Boy Experiment Entertained Audiences By Electrifying a Kid

1/15/2015 - Not Content With Being Ant-Sized, Ant-Man Will Also Come Potato-Sized

1/15/2015 - I Used the New 3DS On a Train and Didn't Want to Throw Up

1/15/2015 - Fran Kranz Takes On Oberyn Martell In The Bloodsucking Bastards

1/15/2015 - He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Is Now He-Who-Must-Be-Added-To-Your-Collection

1/15/2015 - Read the Web Hands-Free with These Automatic Scrolling Tools

1/15/2015 - The 2015 Oscar Nominations Have A Lot Of Good And A Lot Of Bad

1/15/2015 - The Alaskan Town Living Under One Roof

1/15/2015 - Which Real Historical Figure's Life Do You Most Want To See On Screen?

1/15/2015 - Verizon Won't Stop Using the Tracking Cookie That You Can’t Kill

1/15/2015 - This Adidas short film is made of pure visual pleasure

1/15/2015 - Record-Breaking Sperm Storage In Sharks Explains This "Virgin Birth"

1/15/2015 - These Failures Are the Worst Sports Mascots Ever Designed 

1/15/2015 - Michael Keaton's Advice On Beetlejuice 2, And A New Walking Dead Actor

1/15/2015 - This Ode To Batman From A Starlog Contest Winner Is Poetic Genius

1/15/2015 - Calligraphic robot imitates your handwriting using a fountain pen

1/15/2015 - Cree's Cheap New Smart Bulb Is a Long-Lasting LED Dream

1/15/2015 - Mr. Potato Head Finally Fulfills His Jedi Destiny as Luke Frywalker

1/15/2015 - Could We Halt the Ebola Epidemic This Year?

1/15/2015 - The mind-boggling manufacturing process of electronic phone switchers

1/15/2015 - Google Is Already Building Its Driverless Cars in Detroit

1/15/2015 - These Interstellar Cannons Actually Hunt Exoplanets

1/15/2015 - How chefs turn giant blobs of frosting into perfect cakes

1/15/2015 - The CIA Has Cleared Its Own Spies of Snooping on Senate Computers

1/15/2015 - Neat comercial shows how life would be if we had two mouths

1/15/2015 - 3D Printer, Strobe Light: All You Need to Create Zoetrope Sculptures

1/15/2015 - Adobe Lightroom Is Now Available on Android (But Only Phones)

1/15/2015 - Fujifilm X-A2: An Updated Entry-Level Mirrorless For Selfie Lovers

1/15/2015 - Xiaomi Mi Note: A Sleek iPhone 6 Plus Alternative?

1/15/2015 - A Man Tired By Space Exploration Finds an Outlet in This Animated Short

1/15/2015 - Person of Interest Shows Us Why Stephen Hawking Is Worried About AI

1/14/2015 - Are There Any Michael Crichton Books Left To Turn Into Movies Or TV?

1/14/2015 - Prominent Scientists Sign Letter of Warning About AI Risks 

1/14/2015 - Realistic version of Reddit alien mascot is neat and creepy as hell

1/14/2015 - Jock Unveils Sleek, Dreamy Concept Art For Ex Machina  

1/14/2015 - The Dragon Mother Always Carries Her Young Atop Her Snout

1/14/2015 - Danny Boyle Having "Serious" Conversations About 28 Months Later

1/14/2015 - How To Prove A Geometric Formula With A Clementine And A Piece of Paper

1/14/2015 - Cookie-Based Research Suggests Powerful People Are Sloppier Eaters

1/14/2015 - The only way this guy could get closer to liquid lava is showering in it

1/14/2015 - This Is What It's Like To Write Science Fiction Novels In China

1/14/2015 - Here's Why More Schools Should Schedule Recess Before Lunch

1/14/2015 - LCD Soundsystem: "Dance Yrself Clean"

1/14/2015 - Everybody Needs To Read PW Singer's Book On Cybersecurity And Cyberwar

1/14/2015 - This Concept Drone Would Hunt Other Drones Using Bits of String   

1/14/2015 - The Most Ridiculous Spider-Men Yet Just Joined Spider-Verse

1/14/2015 - The Original Power Rangers Cast Reunites For The First Time Ever! [UPDATE]

1/14/2015 - Stare Into the Cold, Dead Eyes Of Your New Thunderbirds

1/14/2015 - Forget Beanbags, Shotguns Could Soon Be Firing Shock Wave Slugs

1/14/2015 - Peek Inside Subterranean Tunnels Deep Beneath Washington, DC

1/14/2015 - Here's What It Looks Like To Fall To Titan From Space

1/14/2015 - Steven Soderbergh Recuts Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey

1/14/2015 - Project Ara Hands-On: Google's Modular Smartphone Sure Is Modular

1/14/2015 - That Time Frank Lloyd Wright Went On What's My Line 

1/14/2015 - Good News: Angry Robot Books Gets Back To Full Speed In A Couple Months

1/14/2015 - A Recipe Book For the Coolest DIY Projects You Never Knew How To Do 

1/14/2015 - What You Need To Know About The Ninth Doctor's Doctor Who Comic Debut

1/14/2015 - Dark Horse's Latest Game Of Thrones Statue Has A Giant Dragon Attached

1/14/2015 - A Door-Bottom Filter Keeps Your Neighbors' Smells Out of Your Apartment

1/14/2015 - Two Weeks Into 2015 And CO2 Levels Are Already Scary

1/14/2015 - "Gun That Won The West" Discovered Hidden In National Park

1/14/2015 - The Indica Review: A Vaporizer Stuck in a Zippo's Body

1/14/2015 - Report: Samsung Is Trying to Buy BlackBerry

1/14/2015 - Don't Waste Your Money on "Brain Training" Schemes

1/14/2015 - Obama's Plan to Loosen Comcast's Stranglehold on Your Internet

1/14/2015 - $1 Million Prize for Scientists Who Can Cure Human Aging 

1/14/2015 - What High-Speed Cameras Can Tell Us About the Smell of Rain 

1/14/2015 - ​Loki's Wager is Why You Can't Win Arguments on the Internet

1/14/2015 - Action-Packed Short Film Would Make An Awesome Zombie Video Game Intro

1/14/2015 - Incredible CT Scans Show What's Happening Inside A Body In Motion

1/14/2015 - Why Frame Rate Matters

1/14/2015 - Sailor Moon Contact Lenses Let You Apply Anime DIRECTLY TO YOUR EYES

1/14/2015 - This Lego scene is cool and calming

1/14/2015 - Get hypnotized with these magic fibonacci zoetrope sculptures

1/14/2015 - The New CISPA Bill Is Literally Exactly the Same as the Last One

1/14/2015 - Robot Chicken Uses A Nintendo Power Glove As The Raddest Animation Tool

1/14/2015 - Mind-Melting Animations Made From 3D-Printed Fibonacci Sculptures 

1/14/2015 - The First Lab-Grown Muscles That Behave Just Like Natural Ones

1/14/2015 - The Buckyball Recall Ends Saturday, Get Your Refund Now

1/14/2015 - The Best Look Yet at Google's Ara Smartphone 

1/14/2015 - 12 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake

1/14/2015 - 8 Logical Fallacies That Fuel Anti-Science Sentiments

1/14/2015 - Transformers 4 Leads The Razzies' Nomination List, Because It's Bad

1/14/2015 - 4K Laptop with Powerful Guts, Discounted iPads, and More Deals

1/14/2015 - Lucy Preorder Discount, The Atopia Chronicles, and More Deals

1/14/2015 - A Rub-On Tattoo for Diabetics Could Mean the End of Finger Pricking 

1/14/2015 - Sift Through Hundreds of Images by Legendary Photographer Robert Frank

1/14/2015 - Bandai's Figuarts Jedi Luke Lets You Pose Him Just Like The ROTJ Poster

1/14/2015 - The Next Season Of Community Will Be Here Sooner Than You Think

1/14/2015 - Proof That We Need A 16-Bit Guardians Of The Galaxy Video Game

1/14/2015 - Don't Trust Your Expensive Autonomous Drone to Always Be Autonomous 

1/14/2015 - This is what famous works of art have to watch forever and ever

1/14/2015 - This Little Red Plane Carries A Full Load Of Science

1/14/2015 - What better way to do the Top Gear Series 22 preview than Lego?

1/14/2015 - Did Parks And Rec Just Create Skynet? 

1/14/2015 - ​Why Are Superheroes Never Out-Of-Shape?

1/14/2015 - Don't Expect Google's Modular Ara Smartphone Anytime Soon

1/14/2015 - Crowdfunded Open-Source Dildo? Crowdfunded Open-Source Dildo.

1/14/2015 - This Tiny Papercraft Millennium Falcon Belongs In an Art Gallery

1/14/2015 - A fun little short with a perfect twist at the end

1/14/2015 - GE's "Point and Shoot" Microscope Snaps Spectacular Cellular Shots

1/14/2015 - New Chappie Trailer Shows the World Terrified By a Teen Robot

1/14/2015 - This Lego stop motion explains how Canada's new prostitution laws work

1/14/2015 - Everything Agent Carter Does To Fix Her Mess Just Makes It Worse

1/14/2015 - Man Seeking Woman Looks Both Completely Insane And Totally Endearing

1/14/2015 - Use Evernote's Scannable App to Go Paperless in a Snap

1/14/2015 - This Compact Charger Is No Bigger Than Apple's But Powers Two Devices

1/14/2015 - Warning: This Sumptuous, Demon-Filled Webcomic May Break Your Brain

1/14/2015 - This Avengers Tower Play Set Looks Awesome

1/14/2015 - GE's New Fridge Has a Keurig Coffee Machine Built Right Into the Door

1/14/2015 - Guys take off and land planes on a flying Avengers' Helicarrier drone

1/14/2015 - The Chemical That Makes Whale Barf An Aphrodisiac

1/14/2015 - America's Forgotten Wolf Still Lives In North Carolina

1/14/2015 - Watch Google Spill the Latest Details On Its Modular Phone Right Here

1/14/2015 - ISS Crew Evacuated To Russian Side After Ammonia Leak Alarm [UPDATED]

1/14/2015 - Parks and Rec's Vision of 2017 Is Hologram Tablets and a New Facebook

1/14/2015 - Author Cixin Liu Is Here to Answer Your Questions

1/14/2015 - Removal Of Nature Words From Children's Dictionary Sparks Outrage

1/14/2015 - ​Nintendo Fixed The 3DS XL And You'll Be Able To Buy One Next Month

1/14/2015 - Our First Look at Hasbro's Avengers: Age of Ultron Toys

1/14/2015 - To Fix Midtown, You Must First Break Midtown 

1/14/2015 - Amazon Japan Is Selling A Build-Your-Own Mech Starter Kit

1/14/2015 - All The Hints And Clues In The Newest Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer!

1/14/2015 - A Smaller Ceiling Light-Fan Combo Can Squeeze Into the Tiniest of Rooms

1/14/2015 - Ad: Ron Jeremy wants to be a serious filmmaker

1/14/2015 - IBM's Hulking New Mainframe Will Help You... Shop?

1/14/2015 - Mystical Phenomena Haunt Two Women in the Trailer for H. 

1/14/2015 - There's a Potential Ammonia Leak Aboard the ISS (Update: Probably Not)

1/14/2015 - Hyper-realistic paintings look like huge double-exposure photos

1/14/2015 - It's hard to believe this horror short was not filmed with real cameras

1/14/2015 - This is What Orion Looks Like Naked

1/14/2015 - Lumia 435: The Cheapest Lumia Yet Only Costs $80

1/14/2015 - George Lucas Once Planned to Release Star Wars Episode VII This May

1/14/2015 - There's a Security Bug on 60% of Android Phones—And Google Won't Fix It

1/14/2015 - Google Translate Now Rewrites Foreign Signs Before Your Eyes

1/14/2015 - Animator turns Nintendo Power Glove into cool stop-motion film tool

1/14/2015 - This Is Samsung's First Tizen Phone

1/14/2015 - How Do You Tell Someone That They're Dying?

1/14/2015 - The New Illustrated Harry Potter Books Have Glorious Character Portraits

1/14/2015 - Watch this time lapse of a ground up construction of Lego modulars

1/14/2015 - Get Ready: Escape From New York Is Going to Be Remade by Fox

1/14/2015 - How Lego dwarves churn out weapons

1/13/2015 - 8-bit Guardians of the Galaxy game is 2x retro fun

1/13/2015 - The 25th Anniversary Icehotel Features An Ice Movie Theatre

1/13/2015 - Ulbricht Admits To Founding Online Drug Site, Says He's No Drug Dealer

1/13/2015 - Hitting a piñata while ziplining is like a real life video game

1/13/2015 - The Gender-Swapped Queen Kong Is Basically The Most Ridiculous Movie

1/13/2015 - After the Soviets Won the Cold War

1/13/2015 - Obama Wants Us To Have Better Internet

1/13/2015 - Drone video shows how Shanghai looks like a city from the future

1/13/2015 - A Strange Nerve Disorder Causes People to Shed Crocodile Tears

1/13/2015 - Outrage Is a Violent and Blood-Fueled Mob Epic

1/13/2015 - First Kingsman Clip Shows Off The Good Gadgets

1/13/2015 - This Gallery Of Supernatural Fan Art Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Story

1/13/2015 - Who Killed The Black Dahlia? A Look At The Most Compelling Suspect

1/13/2015 - A Derelict Spaceship Builds Itself A Robot Body In Remarkable Short Film

1/13/2015 - The Human Brain Is Lopsided Compared To Other Primates

1/13/2015 - Idris Elba's Making A Superhero Edgar Allan Poe Trilogy; It Sounds Nuts

1/13/2015 - Obama Wants Hacking to Be a Form of Racketeering

1/13/2015 - Lose Yourself In These Photos Of Europe's Most Magnificent Libraries

1/13/2015 - Play A Creepy Choose Your Own Adventure Game On Twitter And Enjoy Dying

1/13/2015 - Here's A Ranking Of Every Thomas Pynchon Novel, From Best To Worst

1/13/2015 - British Library Fights To Preserve Historic Recordings Archive

1/13/2015 - More Details About That Mysterious New Jasper Fforde Novel

1/13/2015 - Look At These Archie Vs. Predator Comic Covers And Weep At Their Glory

1/13/2015 - Hodor, Groot And Chewbacca Have A Chat In This Lego Short

1/13/2015 - Leaked Companion App Spills Details on the Apple Watch

1/13/2015 - Blackhat Allllmost Gets Hacking Right

1/13/2015 - Low Budget TV Shows That Are Better Than Most Huge Blockbuster Series

1/13/2015 - This Video Will Give You Deeper Appreciation Of Blade Runner's Future LA

1/13/2015 - Forget Skynet: How Person Of Interest Depicts A Realistic A.I. Uprising

1/13/2015 - Where Are All The Steam Machines?

1/13/2015 - Kragled Lego bricks make me not understand fashion

1/13/2015 - I Played This Twitter-Based Choose Your Own Adventure and Died a Lot

1/13/2015 - This Interactive Map Could Help Astronomers Solve A 92-Year-Old Mystery

1/13/2015 - The World's Largest Herd of White Deer Lives in New York

1/13/2015 - New Horizons is carrying the ashes of Pluto's discoverer to Pluto 

1/13/2015 - 2015 Is Going To Be A Great Year For Comics, But Not Your Bank Account

1/13/2015 - Would It Have Been Better For Batman V. Superman To Be Split In Two?

1/13/2015 - I don't need this cool Macintosh Neue but bloody hell I want it so badly

1/13/2015 - Watch a High Speed X-Ray of a Snake Sliding Through Sand

1/13/2015 - The Smithsonian's New App Brings Museum Skeletons and Fossils To Life

1/13/2015 - A Special Font to Help Dyslexics? More Like Snake Oil.

1/13/2015 - Exclusive Holly Black Excerpt Reveals Why Changelings Are Always Hungry

1/13/2015 - All the Star Wars: The Force Awakens concept art leaked so far

1/13/2015 - 18 Snowy Photographs That Will Make You Love Winter Again

1/13/2015 - 6 Reasons to Switch to Nokia's HERE Maps

1/13/2015 - A Retro Rug That Only Battles Dirty Shoes, Not Invaders From Space

1/13/2015 - This Horror Movie Takes Place Entirely Online And It's Deeply Disturbing

1/13/2015 - Spike Lee Put His New Joint on Vimeo a Month Before Its Theater Debut

1/13/2015 - 180,000 pieces and 420 hours of work went into the Lego Taliesin West

1/13/2015 - We Can't Stop Watching This Video Of A Chicken That Purrs Like A Cat

1/13/2015 - Why people use Facebook to avoid facing real life

1/13/2015 - Adventure: California's Lost Coast

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1/13/2015 - $26 Bluetooth Earbuds, External Chargers of All Sizes, and More Deals

1/13/2015 - Zero Theorem Preorder Discount, Ghost in the Shell, and More Deals

1/13/2015 - The World's 9 Most Haunted Bodies of Water

1/13/2015 - Verizon Vehicle Will Make Your Dumb Car Smarter

1/13/2015 - Tuesday Game Room: Unity Take 2 Edition

1/13/2015 - Meet the New Cold War, Same As the Old Cold War

1/13/2015 - A Cybernetic Implant That Allows Paralyzed Rats To Walk Again

1/13/2015 - The TV Casting Wonder App AllCast Is Finally Here For iOS

1/13/2015 - Guy spent one year crafting one second of this crazy animation per day

1/13/2015 - This Site Will Send a Glitter Bomb To Your Enemies Anywhere on Earth 

1/13/2015 - These Photos Are More Terrifying Than Most Horror Movies

1/13/2015 - The Remains Of Britain's Missing Lander May Have Been Spotted On Mars

1/13/2015 - Study Shows BPA Replacement Could Be Just as Bad For You as BPA

1/13/2015 - Red-Band Spy Trailer Is Full Of Swearing And Shenanigans 

1/13/2015 - Korea's Black Panther Battle Tank Shoots Parachute Bombs

1/13/2015 - Relax with this time-lapse of a guy making a knife with everyday tools

1/13/2015 - Stephen Hawking on Space Colonization, Villainy, and Predictive Text 

1/13/2015 - Ice-Chomping Blades Make This Snow Blower Fit For a Wampa

1/13/2015 - This Early Computer Was A Christianity Conversion Machine

1/13/2015 - This Miyazaki-Designed Monster Is Now A Fantastic Action Figure

1/13/2015 - Eight Types Of Ice Halos Are Crammed Into One Glorious Winter Photo

1/13/2015 - This Simple Video Makes the Best Case for Printing Your Family Photos 

1/13/2015 - This Fake Famicom Controller Does Everything But Play Video Games

1/13/2015 - Firestorm's Outfit On The Flash Could Possibly Use A Little Work

1/13/2015 - A Galaxy S6 With (Almost) Stock Android Sounds Like a Dream Come True

1/13/2015 - What Book Changed Your Life?

1/13/2015 - The Olympics Are Broken and Boston Can't Fix Them 

1/13/2015 - No matter how you crush cars, it's so satisfying

1/13/2015 - It’s Survival Of The Most Useful When Protecting Species

1/13/2015 - Woody Allen's First Ever Television Series Is an Amazon Prime Exclusive

1/13/2015 - A Tiny Arcade Cabinet That Comes Ready To Play, No Assembly Required

1/13/2015 - The Venture Bros. Return (Finally!) For An Epic Space Adventure

1/13/2015 - This Superman Short Film Has A Gorgeous Art Style 

1/13/2015 - American Architects Pick the 11 Best Buildings of the Year

1/13/2015 - Do We Already Know Who's Stepping Up to Fill Star Wars' Writing Gap?

1/13/2015 - The Nunchuck iPhone Case You Never Knew You Needed Until Just Now

1/13/2015 - Uber Is Sharing Its Data With City Planners

1/13/2015 - UK Prime Minister Wants to Ban Messaging Apps Without Backdoor Access

1/13/2015 - Neat infographic shows brand and model of the most iconic movie glasses

1/13/2015 - Your Computer Understands Your Personality Better Than Your Friends Do

1/13/2015 - This Glowing Orb Is a Chemistry Experiment Aboard the ISS

1/13/2015 - These Cut-Out Style Posters Show the Inspirational Side of Superheroes

1/13/2015 - You Can Trace a Typhoon Through Changes in Ocean Life

1/13/2015 - Why Is It Called Area 51?

1/13/2015 - Bone marrow jam burger could start a revolution on your taste buds

1/13/2015 - More Surveillance Won't Protect Free Speech

1/13/2015 - How to Win Every Game of Dots and Boxes

1/13/2015 - Why tipping should be banned

1/13/2015 - Satellite Image of Clouds Over the Black Sea Will Take Your Breath Away

1/13/2015 - G.I. Joe 3 May Have Its Director. And Is Still Happening, Apparently

1/12/2015 - This Robot Copies A Cuttlefish To Be A Better Swimmer

1/12/2015 - Keep track of your Lego store visits with this cool new passport

1/12/2015 - Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler video is even weirder without music

1/12/2015 - Astronauts Get Belated Christmas Presents, Mustard, and Clean Undies

1/12/2015 - One truly terrifying love story

1/12/2015 - This App Can Tell When You're Being Snooped On

1/12/2015 - New Avengers 2 trailer looks really disturbing (and cool)

1/12/2015 - Who Is Disrobing In the Newest Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer?

1/12/2015 - In Syfy's Next Show, The U.S. Turns Greenland Into A Giant Prison

1/12/2015 - The Big Lebowski says two fucks per minute—and six other movie factoids

1/12/2015 - See David Bowie transform over the years in one animated GIF

1/12/2015 - An Oil Pipeline Is Suspended Above Alaska's Melting Tundra

1/12/2015 - See George Clooney In Peak Lovable Scamp Mode in Out of Sight 

1/12/2015 - A Haunting Animated Documentary About Rediscovery Of An Extinct Insect

1/12/2015 - No, "Poor Man's Copyright" Does Not Exist

1/12/2015 - Penny Dreadful Trailer Has A Lot Of New Monsters And One Big Twist

1/12/2015 - Star Wars Challenges Marvel And DC Heroes In Epic Mash-Up Trailer

1/12/2015 - This Music Video Makes Me Want to Take Karate Classes

1/12/2015 - Why Did This Penny Sell For A Record-Breaking $2.6 Million?

1/12/2015 - Special Agent Dale Cooper Will Return To Twin Peaks 

1/12/2015 - Watch The Astonishing Tribal Dances Of Ivory Coast

1/12/2015 - Find Out How Spademan Gets In Over His Head In The Shovel Ready Sequel

1/12/2015 - Lovecraft Beer Coming to Your Next Kegger At Miskatonic University

1/12/2015 - This Is Why Manatees Need Space Suits

1/12/2015 - There's Poop on the Moon

1/12/2015 - This Lego Warcraft Monster Could Actually Double As A Demonic Lamp

1/12/2015 - What Is A Time Capsule?

1/12/2015 - The World's Smallest Electric Razor Battles 5 O'Clock Shadows Anywhere

1/12/2015 - New Google App Lets You Control Your Computer From Your iPhone or iPad

1/12/2015 - Here's What Ant-Man Looks Like In Action Figure Form

1/12/2015 - The Secret to Superwarm, Breathable Fabric Is a Tiny Amount of Silver

1/12/2015 - How Charlie Hebdo created the cover that made them a terrorist target

1/12/2015 - The U.S. Experiences One of the Worst Flu And Cold Seasons In Years

1/12/2015 - Mind-Blowing Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Watch Out For In 2015

1/12/2015 - Agent Carter's Showrunner Spills What's Next For Our New Favorite Spy

1/12/2015 - This Legal "No Man's Land" Hosted Outlaws For Forty-Five Years

1/12/2015 - The FAA Will Permit Drones for Journalism, Starting With CNN

1/12/2015 - NBC Is Going To Make A Martial Arts Fantasy Show Because Why Not

1/12/2015 - Detective Noir comic is a great promo for this Lego set

1/12/2015 - An Eject Button Makes These Plugs Easier To Remove

1/12/2015 - Wipe Your Feet On This SNES Controller Doormat

1/12/2015 - R.I.P. Brian Clemens, The Brains Behind TV's The Avengers

1/12/2015 - Of Course The First Ant-Man Figure Comes With A Tiny Ant-Man Too

1/12/2015 - How AI Could Ruin Humanity, According to Smart Humans

1/12/2015 - This alien combination of solar phenomena is a real Earth sunrise

1/12/2015 - Ghosts Come Free With Purchase Of This Medieval Castle

1/12/2015 - A New, Cutting-Edge Microscope Technique That Uses Diaper Absorbent

1/12/2015 - Nature's Sneakiest Males, And How They Win Where Alpha Males Fail

1/12/2015 - Gruesome Fairy Tale About A Man Who Removes His Skin For His Girlfriend

1/12/2015 - Juries Of The Future May View Crime Scenes Via "Forensic Holodecks" 

1/12/2015 - Don't Buy What Neil Young Is Selling

1/12/2015 - More swooning over the Lego 24 Hour Race Car

1/12/2015 - Does Your Town Have A Science Fiction Bookstore On Wheels? Austin Does.

1/12/2015 - Watch this Lego RC Baja truck sling grass in true off-road fashion

1/12/2015 - Cowboy Bebop All-Time Low Price, Lord of the Rings, and More Deals

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1/12/2015 - 10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Intellectual Property Law

1/12/2015 - Dragon's Avengers 2 Models Feature Badass Hulkbuster, Petrifying Ultron

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1/12/2015 - Kids Can Control Holograms With Their Minds Using the Force Trainer II

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1/12/2015 - Tinder Around The World

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1/12/2015 - This Week's TV: The Mind-Bending Time Travel Show You Must Watch

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1/12/2015 - The Golden Gate Bridge Gets the Massive Median Mover It Needed

1/12/2015 - Here's A Photo Of Something That Can't Be Photographed

1/12/2015 - First Look At Orphan Black's Creepy New Clone

1/12/2015 - Use Dropbox's Carousel to Keep Old Photos From Cluttering Up Your Phone

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1/12/2015 - An Autopsy On A 700-Year-Old Mummy Confirms He Was Murdered

1/12/2015 - Outward-Arched Curtain Hooks Make Any Shower Feel Gigantic

1/12/2015 - Obama Wants Stricter Data Privacy Laws (That Still Aren't So Strict)

1/12/2015 - Let's Write Some Six-Word Science Fiction!

1/12/2015 - Here's Lando Making His Star Wars: Rebels Debut

1/12/2015 - This Cheap 3D-Printed Rolex Would Be Perfect For Spendthrift Giants

1/12/2015 - The Dangers Of The Dust Bowl Included Electrocution By Hug

1/12/2015 - Awesome GIFs of Our Insides Made By GE's Superfast New CT Scanner 

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1/12/2015 - Get The Looks Of Your Favourite TV And Movie Characters With This Site

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1/12/2015 - Disney's Sand-Sketching Robot Turns Beaches Into an Artist's Canvas

1/12/2015 - How Not to Smuggle 94 iPhones Through Chinese Customs

1/12/2015 - Can You Spot 20 Things That Happened on the Internet in 2014?

1/12/2015 - Imagine Your Airplane Getting Buried Under Snow

1/12/2015 - How the Oreo Was Invented

1/12/2015 - Okay, Let's Make Wild Guesses About The Librarians' Biggest Mystery

1/12/2015 - Short film: Why the corporate world is better suited for masochists 

1/12/2015 - Two LG Factory Workers Die in Nitrogen Leak

1/12/2015 - Ancient Japanese technique to make wood buildings is a pleasure to watch

1/12/2015 - Report: The FBI Oversaw the NSA's Email Surveillance 

1/12/2015 - Samsung Galaxy A7: A Thin, Sleek Octo-Core Android

1/12/2015 - Born Under A Bad Sun: Solar Activity Blamed For Much Shorter Lifespans  

1/12/2015 - Watch the House of Cards Season 3 Trailer

1/12/2015 - Batman v. Superman Will Be Only One Film After All

1/12/2015 - Brand New Concept Art of Back to the Future Part II's 2015 Technology

1/11/2015 - You Can Watch So Many Great Classic Films on Amazon Instant Right Now

1/11/2015 - Silver Jews: "Suffering Jukebox"

1/11/2015 - If This Doesn't Sell You On Episode VII's New Lightsaber, Nothing Will

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1/11/2015 - Why California's High-Speed Rail Matters

1/11/2015 - I'm Tired Of Seeing This Charles Darwin Quote Taken Out Of Context

1/11/2015 - Sci-fi Short ReCURSION Is About a Terrible Best Man Using Time Travel

1/11/2015 - This Computer Program Is 'Incapable Of Losing' At Poker

1/11/2015 - 8 Gadgets With the Dumbest Names

1/11/2015 - The Hottest And Coldest Temperatures Allowed By Conventional Physics

1/11/2015 - Samsung Could Make More Windows Phones in 2015

1/11/2015 - Image Comics' 2015 Lineup Looks Excellent

1/11/2015 - Men Who Post Lots of Selfies Show Signs of Psychopathy, Says Study 

1/11/2015 - Marvel Are Now Streaming Two Episodes Of The Japanese Spider-Man Show

1/11/2015 - NFC Payments May Finally Be Heading To Restaurants

1/10/2015 - Wet Hot American Summer Is The Latest Classic To Get A Netflix Reboot

1/10/2015 - These are the most amazing aerial photos of New York ever, period

1/10/2015 - John Mayer: Free Fallin'

1/10/2015 - Check Out The Gigantic Snow Sculptures Made By Three Brothers

1/10/2015 - The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle, Solved

1/10/2015 - Bud Lite Is Building A Life-Size Pacman Arena For The Super Bowl

1/10/2015 - Take A Stroll Through Hobbiton In This Beautiful Gallery

1/10/2015 - Holy Hell, I Had No Idea The LEGO Movie Was So Hard To Make

1/10/2015 - How To Spot Comet Lovejoy With The Naked Eye

1/10/2015 - 'Surviving Together Is All That Matters' In New Walking Dead Trailer

1/10/2015 - Star Wars Spinoff Movie Loses Scriptwriter Gary Whitta

1/10/2015 - A Trailer For The Interview, as Directed By Kim Jong-Un

1/10/2015 - How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Warm This Winter

1/10/2015 - SpaceX Came THIS CLOSE To Sticking Its Historic Landing

1/10/2015 - A Cool Darth Vader Re-Design, Complete With... A Mini-Death Star?

1/10/2015 - Are Bicyclists Jerks, Or Are They Just Being Safe?

1/10/2015 - This Android Tablet Is A Total Surface Ripoff

1/10/2015 - CISPA: The Awful Anti-Privacy Law That Won't Prevent Another Sony Hack

1/10/2015 - A Koala Soaks His Paws After Being Rescued From A Bush Fire

1/10/2015 - Report: Apple Pay May Launch Internationally By March

1/10/2015 - Watch A Crazy Parkour Runner Evade Zombies

1/10/2015 - There Are Now Lego Astronauts Aboard The ISS

1/10/2015 - SpaceX Rocket Makes Crash Landing On A Drone Barge

1/10/2015 - It may sound incredible but the Pillars of Creation don't exist anymore

1/9/2015 - Fascinating break down explains why Taylor Swift songs are so catchy

1/9/2015 - Neat video turns juggler into human black hole

1/9/2015 - Space Shuttle Engines Start Hot Fire Tests For New Space Launch System

1/9/2015 - Incredible Spinal Cord Implant Helps Paralyzed Rats Walk Again

1/9/2015 - This Is What a Quasar Looks Like

1/9/2015 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has Written A Novel About Mycroft Holmes

1/9/2015 - You Can Rent This Modular Pocket PC For $200 a Year

1/9/2015 - First Footage From The Mid-Season Return of Outlander

1/9/2015 - One Way That Beer is Healthier Than Carrot Juice

1/9/2015 - You Don't Really Want To Live In This Shiny Retrofuturistic City

1/9/2015 - This Impact Crater On Mars Is Just Two Years Old


1/9/2015 - Batman V. Superman Might Be Split Into Two Films?

1/9/2015 - Animated Agent Carter's Toughest Mission Yet: Dealing With Sexist Jerks

1/9/2015 - Need A Pick-Me-Up? Check Out These Animals Made Happier By Prosthetics

1/9/2015 - Treasure Trove Of Ancient Coins Found Buried Underneath Farm

1/9/2015 - This Machine Turns Poop Into Drinkable Water

1/9/2015 - Archer Is Back, And We're Cautiously Optimistic About It

1/9/2015 - Our Very Favorite Stuff From CES 2015

1/9/2015 - A Century Later, This Haunting London Murder Remains Unsolved

1/9/2015 - Watch Deleted Scenes From Star Trek:TNG's First Trip To Klingon Capital

1/9/2015 - Hot Sauce Makes Everything Better, Even Beer

1/9/2015 - These Top-Down Back To The Future Posters Are Absolutely Gorgeous

1/9/2015 - Idiot Thieves Stole PINs With an iPod Nano Covered in Duct Tape

1/9/2015 - Looks Like George R.R. Martin Just Shot Down A Huge Fan Theory

1/9/2015 - Arizer Air Review: A Breath of Fresh Vapor

1/9/2015 - New Discovery Channel President Declares "No More Bullsh*t" Policy

1/9/2015 - David Attenborough Just Kicking It With A Flying Swan Is The Best

1/9/2015 - The Bad Dumb World of "Lady-Tech"

1/9/2015 - The Best Science Fiction Books Published As Paperback Originals In 2014

1/9/2015 - What If Doctor Seuss Drew All 13 Doctor Who Incarnations?

1/9/2015 - What It's Like To Live In The World's Lightest Freestanding Tent

1/9/2015 - ​What Turned Sugar-Free Candies Into Super-Laxatives?

1/9/2015 - This Glass Doesn't Know Which Side Of The SHIELD/Hydra Conflict It's On

1/9/2015 - The Scariest Thing Robots Could Do: Start Screwing Up Like Humans

1/9/2015 - This Newly-Discovered Bat Has Fangs That Will Haunt Your Dreams

1/9/2015 - The Extremely Gross Reason Why Limburger Cheese Attracts Mosquitoes

1/9/2015 - Ugh, look at all these chumps using cameras even bigger than iPads

1/9/2015 - Intel's $150 HDMI Stick Turns Any TV Into a Windows Desktop

1/9/2015 - This Spinal Implant Is Letting Paralyzed Rats Walk Again

1/9/2015 - Why Did Japanese People Stop Performing Seppuku?

1/9/2015 - John Landis, Joe Dante And More Horror Legends Join Tales Of Halloween

1/9/2015 - A Robot Fights for His Right to Live in the Latest Chappie Trailer 

1/9/2015 - Baby Aardvark Is the Ultimate Embodiment of "Ugly-Cute"

1/9/2015 - This Trailer For Neill Blomkamp's Chappie Gets Us Right In The Feels

1/9/2015 - An Irreverent Guide To Transhumanism And The Singularity

1/9/2015 - This Entire Website Is One Fascinating And Dead Simple Optical Illusion 

1/9/2015 - I honestly thought this Return of the Jedi scene was real all my life

1/9/2015 - VIZIO 4K Drops Under $1000, 15% off Fitbits, and more Deals

1/9/2015 - TSCC Seasons for $11, Planet of the Apes Classics, and More Deals

1/9/2015 - ​The 12 Best Villain Voices Of All Time

1/9/2015 - Use #Homescreen to Discover New iOS Apps

1/9/2015 - Crowdfund An Exploration Of Lovecraftian Science And More!

1/9/2015 - How To Take Care of Your Headphones the Right Way

1/9/2015 - I Love CES Again

1/9/2015 - Report: Earth's Fossil Fuel Reserves Need To Stay In The Ground

1/9/2015 - The "next Charlie Hebdo cover" that's going viral is fake 

1/9/2015 - One perfect love story

1/9/2015 - NeverWet's Clear Water-Repelling Spray: Less Magic, More Wet

1/9/2015 - Predestination Could Be The Greatest Time Travel Mindf-ck Ever Filmed

1/9/2015 - Crazy guy jumps off radio tower, opens parachute seconds before impact

1/9/2015 - Panda Bear's New Music Video Is The Trippiest Thing You'll See All Day

1/9/2015 - This Aim-Assisted Rifle Is Now Accurate Up to a Mile

1/9/2015 - Wake Up To the Super Mario Bros. Theme With This Alarm Clock

1/9/2015 - The Army's Biggest Tug Boat Can Haul an Entire Aircraft Carrier

1/9/2015 - Spider-Man's Giant Robot Just Became Official Marvel Comics Canon

1/9/2015 - Guillermo Del Toro Is Making A Dark, Victorian Fantasy Series For Amazon

1/9/2015 - Here Are Two Galaxies With Supermassive Black Hole Hearts Colliding

1/9/2015 - Turn Your Fridge Into a Giant Game Boy

1/9/2015 - The Final Fantasy Comic That Never Was

1/9/2015 - An Astonishingly Long Spiral Arm May Encircle The Entire Milky Way

1/9/2015 - High school yearbook photoshops girl's face beyond recognition

1/9/2015 - Let's Make TVs Accurate, Not "Enhanced"

1/9/2015 - Who Would Ever Feed Quarters Into a Flappy Bird Arcade Machine?

1/9/2015 - This GIF Party Is Ready To Dance

1/9/2015 - The B-Movie Knock-Off Of Jurassic World Is Of Course Jurassic City

1/9/2015 - NASA and Nissan Are Building a Self-Driving Car For Cities… and Space

1/9/2015 - Boldly Organize Your Files Where No One Has Organized Before

1/9/2015 - How Treating One Disease Can Unleash Another

1/9/2015 - How animal eyes evolved from tiny holes to extremely complex organs

1/9/2015 - Behold This Giant Statue Of Warcraft's Biggest, Baddest Dragon

1/9/2015 - What Giant Scene Will We see When Game of Thrones Returns April 12th?

1/9/2015 - 9 of the Weirdest Wikipedia Pages We've Ever Seen

1/9/2015 - This Poop Emoji Shirt Is Crap

1/9/2015 - Desperate guy jumps into freezing water to save falling drone

1/9/2015 - Watch thousands of ping pong balls flying launched by mousetraps

1/9/2015 - Government Sources: The U.S. Didn't Hack Back North Korea

1/9/2015 - Netflix Isn't So Sure We'll See AKA Jessica Jones In 2015

1/9/2015 - CISPA Is Being Revived

1/9/2015 - This Was the First Ever Satellite Image of the Entire U.S.

1/9/2015 - In The Voices Trailer, Ryan Reynolds Is Urged Into Murder By His Cat

1/9/2015 - Samsung’s New PCIe SSD Writes at 2.15GBps and Uses Barely Any Power

1/9/2015 - The best films of the 2010s so far ranked in one video

1/9/2015 - This Is a Fresh Scar on Mars's Surface

1/9/2015 - Report: Google Car Insurance Is Imminent

1/9/2015 - RIP Rod Taylor, Star of The Birds and The Time Machine

1/9/2015 - These 48 Cities Are Getting Cheaper Uber Rides

1/9/2015 - Here's a Handy Little Guide to the World's Mythical Creatures

1/9/2015 - Sand Dunes Are Raining Across The Martian Landscape

1/9/2015 - Hilarious photographs recreate Renaissance paintings with junk food

1/8/2015 - Watching dessert get made is totally pornographic

1/8/2015 - Whoa, Studio Ghibli Animator Makes Even A Liquor Commercial Magical 

1/8/2015 - This is what 8-year-old boys do when they're told to slap a girl

1/8/2015 - The Elvis Presley Conspiracy Theory That Just Won't Die

1/8/2015 - More Reasons To Marry Your Best Friend

1/8/2015 - This Modular Smartwatch Could Have As Many Days Of Battery As You Want

1/8/2015 - Concept Art Writing Prompt: Bringing In The Harvest

1/8/2015 - Jane the Virgin Is a Telenovela For People Who Hate Telenovelas

1/8/2015 - Cool SFX: Watch Zooey Deschanel dance with an invisible person

1/8/2015 - A Pair of Black Holes Could Soon Collide And Destroy Their Galaxy

1/8/2015 - These Guys Traversed The Patagonia Logo In Real Life

1/8/2015 - How Do We Deal With The Failings Of Our Science Heroes?

1/8/2015 - Kim Stanley Robinson Wanted To Go Hiking On Mars, So He Wrote Red Mars

1/8/2015 - Why Don't Star Trek's Spaceships Have Seat Belts?

1/8/2015 - The mysterious eye of the cosmos is watching you

1/8/2015 - I Couldn't Have Made It Through CES Without Sheryl Crow

1/8/2015 - NASA'S First Glimpse Inside Eta Carinae Uncovers Surprising Features

1/8/2015 - 11 stunning images of rocket launches

1/8/2015 - Neil deGrasse Tyson's Amazing StarTalk Is Getting Its Own TV Series

1/8/2015 - This Is The First Video Ever Taken Of Rare "Type D" Orcas

1/8/2015 - We Wish These Retrofuturistic Versions Of American Cities Had Come True

1/8/2015 - Can You Beat This Virtually Unbeatable Poker Algorithm? 

1/8/2015 - Classic Paintings, With All The Humans Replaced With Playmobil Toys

1/8/2015 - Avegant's Glyph Could Light The Way to Better Virtual Reality

1/8/2015 - How The LEGO Movie Was Built Brick By Virtual Brick

1/8/2015 - India's Border Patrol Performs Incredible Feats on Motorbikes, Wow

1/8/2015 - How Astro City Helped Breathe New Life Into Superhero Comics

1/8/2015 - What Do Bhopal And Chernobyl Have To Do With Artificial Intelligence?

1/8/2015 - Who's Your Favorite Character From Firefly Or Serenity?

1/8/2015 - Selfie Sticks of CES

1/8/2015 - The Endangered Art of Product Design Sketching, Explained By the Pros 

1/8/2015 - Lego Friends Dolls Subvert Gender Stereotypes With Badass Power Suits

1/8/2015 - We're Dying To Visit This Weird New Museum of Curiosities

1/8/2015 - Weird CES Booths, Ranked

1/8/2015 - You're Immune to This Illusion for Only Two Months in Your Life

1/8/2015 - The most requested photo in the National Archives is of Nixon and Elvis

1/8/2015 - Is It Really Legal To Publish Your Own James Bond Book In Canada Now?

1/8/2015 - If You Threw Cookie Dough at the Sun, How Long Would It Take to Bake?

1/8/2015 - This Space Detective Short Captures The Feel Of Alien As Few Films Do

1/8/2015 - How the First Lump of Plutonium Made on Earth Was Forgotten and Found Again

1/8/2015 - Interview: RZA Wants to Buoy the Music Industry—With a Speaker?

1/8/2015 - We Could Have A Wicked Movie By 2016!

1/8/2015 - Men Can Live 20 Years Longer... But There's A High Cost

1/8/2015 - Edward Snowden Should Talk About Cyberwar More Often

1/8/2015 - Exclusive Vice Clip: Thomas Jane's Answer To The Voight-Kampff Test

1/8/2015 - Did The Next Batman Game Just Get Spoiled By Its Own Special Edition?

1/8/2015 - The Man With the Worst Job at CES

1/8/2015 - The Most Comfortable Outdoors Sleep System I've Found

1/8/2015 - Report: Microsoft's New Browser Will Have Cortana and Stylus Annotation

1/8/2015 - What Would Ghostbusters Look Like As A 1980s Anime? Pretty Damn Fun

1/8/2015 - How Predesination's Sarah Snook Tackled The Weirdest Love Story Ever

1/8/2015 - The Plan to Build a Mega-Manhattan That Failed, Thank God

1/8/2015 - These Are The Science Stories That Will Be Making News In 2015

1/8/2015 - Breakthrough Quantum Hard Drive Holds Data 100 Times Longer

1/8/2015 - An Experiment To Make Pigeons Into Art Critics Doesn't Go Far Enough

1/8/2015 - The Terrifying Resilience Of Fast Food That Refuses To Decompose

1/8/2015 - The Mysterious Origins of 21 Tech Terms

1/8/2015 - Can dogs really understand humans? The scientific answer

1/8/2015 - Humble Comic Bundle, Predator Triple Feature, and More Deals

1/8/2015 - Transform Your Hand Into a Unicorn Whenever and Wherever You Want 

1/8/2015 - Desk-Friendly Space Heater for $13, Windows 2-In-1, and More Deals

1/8/2015 - Top 10 Biggest Design Flaws In The U.S.S. Enterprise

1/8/2015 - The Weekend Wikipedia Went "Brainfuck" Crazy

1/8/2015 - How Corvette Built A Supercar Killer For A Third Of The Price

1/8/2015 - Two Men Become Robots, Cats, and Each Other In This "Face Hacking" Vid

1/8/2015 - Wonderful Surprise! Critics Love The New Paddington Bear Movie

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