7/31/2016 - A Data Scientist Crunched the Numbers to Find the Most Heavy Metal Word in the English Language

7/31/2016 - Uber Reportedly Will Invest $500 Million Into Mapping the World

7/31/2016 - Jill Stein Deletes Tweet That Says 'There's No Evidence That Autism Is Caused By Vaccines'

7/31/2016 - From Azathoth to Zann: Scare Kids to Sleep With Free Mythos ABC Book

7/31/2016 - No, Niantic Isn't Making a Harry Potter Version of Pokémon Go

7/31/2016 - Worrying About Money Is Tough on Wallets and Wrinkles

7/31/2016 - Netflix's Stranger Things Characters Get Animated in Adorable Flipbook

7/31/2016 - It's Good Those Pesky Infinity Stones Won't Be in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

7/31/2016 - Cursed Child's Been Out Less Than a Day and There Are Already So Many Feelings

7/31/2016 - Warner Bros. Targets Streaming Subreddit Over Piracy, Fails

7/31/2016 - Uncharted Writer Joe Carnahan Wants Naughty Dog's Help on Film

7/31/2016 - Olympic Athletes Are Complaining They Can't Play Pokémon Go And It's So Sad

7/31/2016 - J.K. Rowling Says Harry Potter is Done After Cursed Child

7/31/2016 - How This Man Survived a 25,000-Foot Jump Without a Parachute

7/31/2016 - Syfy's Van Helsing Trailer is Basically The Walking Dead With Vampires

7/30/2016 - This Machine Hopes To Make Engineering Pharmaceuticals More Portable

7/30/2016 - Jared Leto Loves Atlas Shrugged, Because Of Course He Does

7/30/2016 - Apple Wants to Bring Its Beef With Samsung to the Supreme Court

7/30/2016 - Open Channel: What Job Would You Have in Harry Potter's World?

7/30/2016 - Kanye West Tweets Out Hot Tech Gossip

7/30/2016 - The Olympic Torch Is Borderline Indestructible 

7/30/2016 - Why Instagram's Plans to Combat Online Harassment Won't Work on Twitter

7/30/2016 - Tarantino's Suicide Squad is the Greatest Team-Up We'll Never See

7/30/2016 - At Least 16 Dead After Hot Air Balloon Crashes in Texas (Updated)

7/30/2016 - It's Official: Game of Thrones Ends After Season 8 [Updated]

7/30/2016 - Watch A Robot Possibly Discover Weird Shit on The Ocean Floor

7/30/2016 - HBO's Westworld Finally Gets a Release Date

7/30/2016 - Take a Look at Tessa Thompson's Sweet Thor: Ragnarok Sword

7/30/2016 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself an Apple Photos Master

7/30/2016 - Kiefer Sutherland Confirms New Flatliners is Actually a Sequel

7/30/2016 - This Photo Editing Software Hopes To Make Your Selfies Look More Attractive

7/30/2016 - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book Comes Out Tonight And Everyone's Freaking Out

7/30/2016 - Turns Out Killer Croc Wasn't Suicide Squad's First-Choice Monster

7/29/2016 - You Can Watch 8 Minutes Of That Cheesy Mr. Robot Horror Film Online

7/29/2016 - A New Yahoo AI Can Detect Online Abuse, But Automation Isn't the Answer

7/29/2016 - Early Animals Could've Caused Earth's First Mass Extinction Simply By Existing

7/29/2016 - Get Your Math Geek On with This A Capella Hamilton Parody

7/29/2016 - The Next Avengers Movie Is Called Infinity War, But We Don't Know About the One After That

7/29/2016 - These Are the Four Stages of Your Brain on Math

7/29/2016 - Guy Builds a Crazy Bellows Using Only Primitive Technology

7/29/2016 - Benedict Cumberbatch Says a Journey From Fact to Faith Is at the Heart of Doctor Strange

7/29/2016 - Here Are the Different Fight Scene Styles Used in the Bourne Movies

7/29/2016 - Doughnut-Flavored Soda Will Make Your Dentist Very Rich

7/29/2016 - The Chanels Are Back and Bitchy as Ever in This New Scream Queens Promo

7/29/2016 - Report: The Clinton Campaign Also Got Hacked [Updated] 

7/29/2016 - The Horrifying Reason Siberia Is Dealing With an Anthrax Outbreak

7/29/2016 - Bluetooth Has Finally Outsold Wired Headphones

7/29/2016 - Lava Spilling Over a Cliff Looks Like Hot Candy

7/29/2016 - Everything We Can Piece Together About Apple's Mysterious Car Project

7/29/2016 - The Uncharted Movie Is Once Again Being Charted With a Brand New Writer

7/29/2016 - Watch a Katana Bend When It Hits Liquid

7/29/2016 - Astronaut Academy, a.k.a. 'Harry Potter in Space,' Gets Optioned for TV and Film

7/29/2016 - Tom Holland Hints at How Captain America: Civil War Affects Spider-Man Homecoming

7/29/2016 - Surprise, More Russian Athletes Banned From Rio Olympics For Doping

7/29/2016 - io9 Review: The Killing Joke Movie Is Stuck in the Worst Parts of the Past

7/29/2016 - Watch a Guy Chop Down a Tree and Make a Longbow Out of It

7/29/2016 - Watching Toothbrushes Melt Is So Incredibly Satisfying

7/29/2016 - Agents of SHIELD Alum Adrianne Palicki Joins Seth MacFarlane's Scifi Comedy Show

7/29/2016 - CEO of Soylent Charged For Building Trash-Filled 'Experimental Living Facility' in LA

7/29/2016 - A French Court Has Officially Deemed Luc Besson's Lockout a Rip-Off of Escape From New York

7/29/2016 - These Deep Trenches on Mars Aren't What We Thought They Were

7/29/2016 - Marvel Has a New, Different Explanation for How Its TV and Movies Are 'All Connected'

7/29/2016 - Solar Capture Technique Turns CO2 Into Burnable Fuel

7/29/2016 - iPhone 7 Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know [UPDATED]

7/29/2016 - Awkwardly Embrace Life With the Gif Party

7/29/2016 - What Happened to WikiLeaks? 

7/29/2016 - Walking on a Lego-Covered Treadmill Might Be the Most Painful Thing Ever

7/29/2016 - An Enormous Deep Sea 'Desert' Is Teeming With New Forms of Life

7/29/2016 - Build Your Own Fighting Robot Without Any Electronics Skills

7/29/2016 - This DIY Mini NES Console Is What Nintendo Should Have Made

7/29/2016 - Humanity Finally Travels to Mars in Ron Howard's New Half-Scifi, Half-Documentary TV Series

7/29/2016 - This Overhead Wire Electric Car Thing-a-Ma-Jig Was Way Ahead of Its Time

7/29/2016 - This Tiny Router Will Kill All Your Wi-Fi Deadspots

7/29/2016 - All 58 Stephen King Movie and TV Series Adaptations, Ranked 

7/29/2016 - Florida Governor Says Mosquitoes Are Spreading Zika in This Miami Neighborhood

7/29/2016 - Sony Pictures Sued Over Hack (Again)

7/29/2016 - Barack Obama Does Not Approve of the Suicide Squad

7/29/2016 - Larry the Lobster Rescued From Restaurant, Dies Getting Shipped to Aquarium

7/29/2016 - Everything We Know About Thanos in the Marvel Universe, According to Thor

7/29/2016 - A New Michael Crichton Novel, About Paleontology's 'Bone Wars', Will Be Published

7/29/2016 - How to Make Your Windows Look Any Way You Want

7/29/2016 - Watch SpaceX Fire a Recovered Falcon 9 Booster

7/29/2016 - I Fell in Love With the Worst Computer Money Can Buy

7/29/2016 - Another Familiar Face Could Be Joining Marvel's Defenders

7/29/2016 - The World's Longest Whip Crack Puts Indiana Jones to Shame

7/28/2016 - Hillary Clinton Believes in Science 

7/28/2016 - Nothing Matters, So Why Not Watch This Live Stream of a Flower Doing Nothing Before It Blooms

7/28/2016 - My Amazon Echo Refused to Tell Me About Amazon's Profits

7/28/2016 - Solar Power Could Be Coming Soon to Chernobyl

7/28/2016 - Lately, Science Has Been Having A Lot Of Fun With Hydrogels

7/28/2016 - Phantasm: Restored and Phantasm: Ravager Finally Have Release Dates

7/28/2016 - Microsoft to Lay Off 2,850 People

7/28/2016 - English Bulldogs Have Reached a Genetic Dead End

7/28/2016 - Chris Evans May Take a Captain America Break to Play a Modern-Day Dr. Jekyll

7/28/2016 - A Space Traveler Misses Earth Too Much, Too Late in This Poignant Short Film

7/28/2016 - Disney Wants to Track Park Visitors By Secretly Photographing Their Shoes Like a Creep

7/28/2016 - Internet-Connected Pet Feeder Goes Offline, Pets Probably Very Hungry

7/28/2016 - The World's Fastest Rocket Just Launched a Secret Spy Satellite

7/28/2016 - In All Seriousness, Was the Suicide Squad Set an Actual Circle of Hell?

7/28/2016 - The 10 Worst Superpowers to Have in Real Life

7/28/2016 - Supergirl's Man of Steel Has Finally Suited Up

7/28/2016 - Wayward Pines Should Absolutely Not Get a Third Season

7/28/2016 - Watch a Punchcutter Painstakingly Carve Out a Single Letter

7/28/2016 - An Artist Creates a Renaissance-Style Portrait With Just String

7/28/2016 - I'm Going to Shoot So Many Buffalo Playing This Oregon Trail Card Game

7/28/2016 - Star Trek Beyond Concept Art Shows Off Starships and Stunning Alien Vistas

7/28/2016 - Meet the Guys Who Cracked Pokémon Go Wide Open

7/28/2016 - James Gunn Explains Why Ego Is Star-Lord's Father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

7/28/2016 - Destroy Your Phone: Judge Says Political Robocalls Protected Under First Amendment

7/28/2016 - How to Watch Tonight's Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower 

7/28/2016 - RIP Jerry Doyle, Babylon 5's Mr. Garibaldi

7/28/2016 - Make Your Subway Commute a Nightmare With a 3D Printer Backpack

7/28/2016 - The Company Behind Matt Damon's Great Wall Is Making Big Moves in America

7/28/2016 - 5 Reasons You Should Update to Windows 10 If You Haven't Already

7/28/2016 - There's Another Surprise DC Superhero in Suicide Squad

7/28/2016 - Zombies Make Hellish Travel Companions in the South Korean Horror Film Train to Busan

7/28/2016 - Christophe Gans' Beauty and the Beast Is the Most Beautiful Thing We've Seen In Ages

7/28/2016 - Cancer Has Been a Deadly Problem For Longer Than We Thought

7/28/2016 - How Different Camera Lenses Can Make You Look Fatter

7/28/2016 - Greg Pak's New Comic Takes on a Very Wild West of Chinese Cowboys, Mexican Empires, and Magic Gold

7/28/2016 - The Rocketeer Is Finally Getting a Sequel, and With an Awesome New Twist

7/28/2016 - This Will Be the Only Vending Machine Left After the Robot Apocalypse

7/28/2016 - How That Crazy Cylinder Illusion Works

7/28/2016 - Supergirl's Coming to Arrow, Flash, and Legends for Their Next Crossover Event

7/28/2016 - America Has Never Seen a Hot Weather Outlook Like This

7/28/2016 - This Is How You Quickly Plop an Olympic Swimming Pool Into a Basketball Stadium

7/28/2016 - How to Make Your Own Creepy Human Lego Minifig Mask

7/28/2016 - Why Did This Lake Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

7/28/2016 - Aftermath's Chuck Wendig on Killer Droids, Unkillable Characters, and Helping Create the Star Wars Universe

7/28/2016 - Watch a Raging Flood Devour an Entire Suspension Bridge

7/28/2016 - The Year's Best Astronomy Photos Will Take You to Another Dimension

7/28/2016 - First Look at The Great Wall, a Movie About Matt Damon Fighting Monsters on the Great Wall of China

7/28/2016 - The Origin of Mr. Robot Is Totally Whack

7/28/2016 - Mark Zuckerberg Made $3.4 Billion Yesterday, What Did You Do?

7/28/2016 - Is the Apple Watch's Crown Dial Coming to the iPhone and iPad?

7/28/2016 - Why America Beat the Russians at Building the Internet

7/28/2016 - You're Going to Have to Wait Until at Least 2018 for the Next Seasons of Jessica Jones and Daredevil

7/28/2016 - The Terrifying Reason This Star Flickers Every Two Minutes

7/28/2016 - How to Copy and Paste Like a Boss

7/28/2016 - Space Threw Something at California Last Night [Update]

7/28/2016 - Major Rumors About Rogue One and Suicide Squad, Denied

7/28/2016 - Apollo Astronauts Are Five Times More Likely to Die of Heart Problems

7/28/2016 - This Is the Guy Who Sang the Original Pokémon Theme Song

7/28/2016 - HoloLens Hack Fools the Brain Into Fixing Itself

7/27/2016 - The Gray Wolf Is The Only True King in The North

7/27/2016 - Twitter, Depressingly, Tries to Be Snapchat

7/27/2016 - Your Next Cocktail Could Defy Gravity With the Levitating CUP

7/27/2016 - Ancient Egyptians Could've Been Fat and Lazy Too

7/27/2016 - Redditors Gift Trump Up to $530 in Worthless Reddit Gold During His AMA

7/27/2016 - Mission Hopes To Find the 'Goldilocks Zone' in Our Closest Galactic Neighbor

7/27/2016 - 'Google' Puts Forth Its Anti-Vaping Agenda [Updated]

7/27/2016 - American Horror Story's Sixth Season Teasers Give Off Major Texas Chainsaw Vibes

7/27/2016 - Will President Trump Take Over the @POTUS Twitter Name?

7/27/2016 - Watch a Huge Swarm of Machines Pave a Road in Russia

7/27/2016 - How Much You Need to Exercise to Make Up For Sitting All Day

7/27/2016 - A Horror Series Inspired By Creepy Movie Wolf Creek Will Air Just in Time for Halloween

7/27/2016 - Netflix's Reason for Not Saving Agent Carter Was 'Business'

7/27/2016 - A Crazy New Species of Beaked Whale Has Been Discovered in the Pacific

7/27/2016 - Black Mirror Season 3 Will Premiere Sooner Than We'd Thought

7/27/2016 - Captain Kid Cleverly Explores One of Superhero Comics’ Oldest Fantasies

7/27/2016 - Marvel’s Other Hulk Isn’t Feeling Too Awesome Right Now, Either

7/27/2016 - Why Your Phone Battery Dies When It Still Has Juice

7/27/2016 - This Incredible Collection of 400 Vintage Boomboxes Is Up For Sale

7/27/2016 - What the US Will Look Like When Your Poor Kids Get Old

7/27/2016 - The Gunk Inside Our Noses Is Being Used to Produce the Next Great Antibiotic

7/27/2016 - Jared Leto Has a Fucking Ridiculous Idea for How the Joker Would Do an Interview

7/27/2016 - Surfing Without a Surfboard Looks Totally Silly

7/27/2016 - Hacking a Celebrity's Phone in the 1930s Was Actually Similar to Today

7/27/2016 - You Won’t Believe How Much Weight a Shopping Cart Can Hold

7/27/2016 - Will Smith Made the Best Possible Choice During Suicide Squad Filming

7/27/2016 - Badass New Dragon Ants Remind Us Nature Is Cooler Than Fantasy

7/27/2016 - Legendary Is Turning Time-Twisting Game Series Life Is Strange Into a Digital Series

7/27/2016 - A Human Lego Minifigure Is All Your Nightmares Come True

7/27/2016 - The Main Reason Batman v Superman Sucked Isn't What You Think It Is

7/27/2016 - Researchers Just Solved One of the Big Paradoxes About Jupiter's Atmosphere

7/27/2016 - The Dinosaur That Left This Record-Setting Footprint Was an Absolute Beast

7/27/2016 - James McAvoy Plays a Terrifying Bad Guy in New M. Night Shyamalan Trailer

7/27/2016 - Marvel’s Newest Hulk Isn’t Feeling Totally Awesome Right Now

7/27/2016 - The Walking Dead Comic Nearly Ended a Lot Sooner Than Anyone Expected

7/27/2016 - Donald Trump Just Asked Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton's Emails

7/27/2016 - Archer Live! Is Even Funnier Than the Animated Show 

7/27/2016 - Man Learns the Hard Way That Selling Meth on a Dating App Is a Bad Idea 

7/27/2016 - How Will We Know It's Really Trump Doing His Reddit AMA Tonight?

7/27/2016 - Divers Just Found a Sweet Tub of Cheese in a 17th-Century Shipwreck

7/27/2016 - This Batman Figure Is Wonderfully Gross

7/27/2016 - Oh Great, We're Naming Our Children After Pokémon Now

7/27/2016 - Catch Up on the History of Classic Games Once Nintendo's Tiny NES Is Out

7/27/2016 - This Robotic Crawler Helps Babies at Risk for Cerebral Palsy 

7/27/2016 - The 16 Most Horrible Alternate Realities

7/27/2016 - Virtual 3D Oil Painting Perfectly Simulates How the Brush, Paint, and Canvas Interact

7/27/2016 - How to Get Extra Space on Any USB Drive

7/27/2016 - Here's the Best Way to Erase a Hard Drive

7/27/2016 - This Internet-Connected Furby Tried to Ruin My Life

7/27/2016 - Sometimes, A Comic-Book Cover Is Too Good

7/27/2016 - Rich People Get Free* Houses in Silicon Valley

7/27/2016 - Scientists Discover Mysterious Purple Blob at the Bottom of the Ocean

7/27/2016 - Stranger Things, Side-By-Side With Every Excellent Film It Borrows From

7/27/2016 - Dyson’s First Robovac Sucks Up All Your Dirt and Cash

7/27/2016 - Microsoft Made the Easiest Photo App in the Universe

7/27/2016 - More Details on Why the Vulture Is Spider-Man: Homecoming's Big Villain

7/27/2016 - Lockheed Built a Blimp-Crawling Robot That Finds and Fixes Leaks

7/27/2016 - New Simulation Extends Possible Crash Site of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

7/27/2016 - Here's a New Reason Bees Are Dying At an Alarming Rate

7/26/2016 - I, Robot Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman Will Adapt Asimov's The Caves of Steel

7/26/2016 - Watch Water Pour Upward at the Hoover Dam

7/26/2016 - 10 Ways to Survive the Agony of the Internet Until November

7/26/2016 - Tim Cook Can't Pronounce Pokémon [Updated]

7/26/2016 - Oprah Is the First Big Name to Join the Cast of Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle In Time

7/26/2016 - Crazy Make Up Transforms a Woman's Face Into Pikachu

7/26/2016 - This Tea Will Get You High

7/26/2016 - Watch the Teaser for the 'World's First A.I. Co-Written Feature' 

7/26/2016 - Man in the High Castle's DJ Qualls Thought He'd Be Fired On His First Day on Set

7/26/2016 - No, Amazon, You Did Not Do This Right

7/26/2016 - Apple's Original Programming Isn't Very Original

7/26/2016 - Banging a Ghost Is a Terrible Idea, and the Lace Crater Trailer Will Show You Why

7/26/2016 - Olympics Committee Says Non-Sponsors Are Banned From Tweeting About the Olympics

7/26/2016 - Why a Shrink Ray Would Also Be a Death Ray

7/26/2016 - Blackberry Gives Up

7/26/2016 - Amazing Spider Silk Continues to Surprise Scientists

7/26/2016 - Awesome Star Wars Fan Film Imagines an Empire That Never Stopped Fighting After Return of the Jedi

7/26/2016 - Why The New Version of The Tick Is Going to Be So Different

7/26/2016 - Craftsman's New Toolboxes Can Be Unlocked With a Smartphone

7/26/2016 - How Does Maritime Law Actually Work?

7/26/2016 - The Reason Blaine Had a Mute Minion in iZombie

7/26/2016 - Our First Look at the Next DC Animated Movie, Justice League Dark

7/26/2016 - Could This Edgelord Kryptonian Be Lurking in Supergirl's Pod?

7/26/2016 - We'll Always Be Able to Catch Pokémon at Fukushima

7/26/2016 - Clones Age Normally, So Relax

7/26/2016 - There's Something Very Strange Surrounding This Galaxy

7/26/2016 - A Film Company Pleads Guilty to Breaking Harrison Ford's Leg

7/26/2016 - This Teddy Roosevelt Quote About Liberals and Conservatives Is Fake

7/26/2016 - The New Nintendo Console Sounds Absurd

7/26/2016 - Researchers Just Figured Out a New Way to Keep Apples Fresh for Weeks

7/26/2016 - Millions of Wireless Keyboards Can Let Hackers See What You're Typing 

7/26/2016 - How Doctor Strange Brought Ghost Rider to Agents of SHIELD

7/26/2016 - The EPA Has Finally Realized Jet Exhaust Is Bad for the Planet

7/26/2016 - Facebook Is Building Apartments Anyone Can Rent—But There's a Huge Catch

7/26/2016 - The Biggest Winners and Baddest Losers of San Diego Comic-Con 2016

7/26/2016 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Kindle Master

7/26/2016 - I Must Own These Daft Punk Figures With Light-Up LED Helmets

7/26/2016 - The White House Finally Has a Plan For Dealing With Hacker Disasters

7/26/2016 - Dance Reminds Zombie of Who He Used to Be in This Short Film 

7/26/2016 - Ancient Campfires May Have Unleashed Humanity’s Top Bacterial Killer

7/26/2016 - Visual Proof That America's Weather Has Gone Completely Insane

7/26/2016 - There's An Enormous Blob of Gas Spinning Around Our Galaxy

7/26/2016 - Something Is Erasing the Craters on Ceres

7/26/2016 - In Defense of Alien 3, Which Actually Doesn't Suck

7/26/2016 - This Nike Shoebox Is Actually a Secret Safe

7/26/2016 - Ray Kurzweil Is Talking Bullshit Again

7/26/2016 - The Group That Hacked Mark Zuckerberg Is Now Going After News Sites

7/26/2016 - The BBC Wants to Bring Back Time Commanders

7/26/2016 - A Perfect Vape for People Who Know Nothing About Vaping

7/26/2016 - The New BTTF II Marty Figure Is the Cheapest Way to Get Nike's Futuristic Sneakers

7/26/2016 - Most Americans Fear a Future of Designer Babies and Brain Chips

7/26/2016 - Does Disney Have Plans for a Whole Han Solo Prequel Trilogy?

7/26/2016 - This Crawling, Climbing Worm Bot Is a Never-Ending Night at the Club

7/26/2016 - Clark Gregg Hints at a Possible Agents of SHIELD Crossover With Another Marvel Show

7/26/2016 - Traveling With a See-Through Suitcase Will Force You to Pack Neatly

7/25/2016 - First American to Receive Double Hand Transplant Wants Them Removed

7/25/2016 - Solar Impulse Becomes First Plane to Go Around the World Without Fuel

7/25/2016 - China Gets Transformed Into a Moving Painting in This Cool Side-by-Side Video

7/25/2016 - As Punishment For Stealing Bitcoin, Man Must Teach Police About Bitcoin

7/25/2016 - A Chameleon Redefines Gluttony in This Adorably Gross Animated Short

7/25/2016 - Watch Silicone Get Happily Poured Over Lego Bricks

7/25/2016 - The Expanse Producers Promise an Action-Packed Second Season That's Filled With Forward Momentum

7/25/2016 - Here’s a Bolt of Lightning Striking the Empire State Building

7/25/2016 - Samira Wiley Has Joined the Cast of The Handmaid's Tale

7/25/2016 - What Makes the American Dirk Gently TV Series Stand Out From the British Version

7/25/2016 - Meet the New Ravagers of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

7/25/2016 - The Star Wars Comic Has Given Us Some Worryingly Efficient Stormtroopers

7/25/2016 - Making a 400-Year-Old Sword Using Ancient Techniques Is Pretty Damn Hard

7/25/2016 - Crushing 17 LCD Screens With a Steamroller Looks Satisfying as Hell 

7/25/2016 - Neither Charlie Hunnam Nor His Abs Will Return For Pacific Rim 2

7/25/2016 - How a Powerful Obesity Gene Helped Samoans Conquer the South Pacific

7/25/2016 - Unshackle Yourself From Baskin Robbins With the Best Ice Cream Makers

7/25/2016 - All the News, Trailers, and Everything Else Comic-Con 2016 Had to Offer

7/25/2016 - Sigourney Weaver and Bill Paxton Reflect on Aliens' Most-Quotable Lines

7/25/2016 - The Best and Worst Stuff in the New Ikea Catalog

7/25/2016 - Watch How Special Effects Made Game of Thrones' Season Finale an Explosive Masterpiece

7/25/2016 - Chadwick Boseman Explains Why the Black Panther Is Not the Magical Negro of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

7/25/2016 - Scientists Are Closer Than Ever to Growing a Tomato That Ripens But Doesn't Rot

7/25/2016 - Learn All About the History of Rockets in Just Four Minutes

7/25/2016 - This Atmospheric Time Capsule Could Change Earth's History

7/25/2016 - Civil War II Ends With Two Heroes Making a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Decision

7/25/2016 - Facebook Admits It Blocked Links to Wikileaks DNC Emails

7/25/2016 - What Is This Weird Bend in Saturn’s Rings?

7/25/2016 - Teens Explain the Horrors of Sexting

7/25/2016 - Siberia's Sprawling Sawdust Dump Fire Will Burn For Years

7/25/2016 - Everything the Discovery Can Tell Us About the New Star Trek Show

7/25/2016 - 12 More Viral Images That Are Totally Fake

7/25/2016 - 10 Facebook Bots Actually Worth Chatting With

7/25/2016 - Sad Yahoo Sale Confirms That Marissa Mayer Failed

7/25/2016 - Lestat Is Going to Atlantis in Anne Rice's Next Vampire Book

7/25/2016 - The Most Incredible Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con, Day Four

7/25/2016 - You Can Now Use Your Wireless Controllers With the Original Super Nintendo

7/25/2016 - Thousands Forced to Evacuate as California’s Sand Fire Continues to Spread

7/25/2016 - The Moto G4 Is a Phone Caught Between Cheapness and Greatness

7/25/2016 - New York City Subway Faces Its Biggest Service Disruption in History

7/25/2016 - This Guy Set Every Generation of iPhone on Fire With Gasoline

7/25/2016 - Everything Is Going Very, Very Poorly for Sherlock in Season 4

7/25/2016 - Tor Concludes Appelbaum Investigation, Will Release New Sexual Harassment Guidelines

7/25/2016 - New Zealand Is Killing Off Its Predators

7/25/2016 - Windows 10 Anniversary Update Proves Why PCs Aren’t Dead

7/25/2016 - Which Other DC Character Could Jim Gordon Evolve Into on Gotham?

7/25/2016 - Marissa Mayer Says She's 'Planning to Stay' at Yahoo

7/25/2016 - Hillary Clinton Just Released a Truly Joyless Mobile Game

7/25/2016 - Nintendo's Stock Plummets Because It's Not Making Enough Money Off of Pokémon Go

7/24/2016 - Top Republican Lawmaker in Illinois Resigns Over 'Cyber Security Issues'

7/24/2016 - Verizon to Buy Yahoo For Chump Change

7/24/2016 - Amazing Job Opportunity: Be Hillary's Security Engineer!

7/24/2016 - Joss Whedon Wants to Direct a Black Widow Movie, But Should He?

7/24/2016 - Maybe It's Time To Actually Digitize That NASA Viking Data

7/24/2016 - Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Is Just the Beginning of Its Marvel Plans

7/24/2016 - Lucifer Meets His Most Fearsome Adversary Yet in this First Peek at Season Two

7/24/2016 - Now You Can Make Your Selfies More Interesting With Prisma On Android

7/24/2016 - A California Brush Fire Made The L.A. Sky Look Like It Was The End of Days 

7/24/2016 - Superman Went Incognito to Get Suicide Squad Star Will Smith's Autograph

7/24/2016 - Turns Out Ezra Miller's Flash Has Excellent Taste in TV

7/24/2016 - DNA Resolves 80-Year-Old Mystery Behind Belgian King's Death 

7/24/2016 - We Saw a Glimpse of Thor: Ragnarok, But Learning What Thor Did During Civil War Was Even Better

7/24/2016 - Use This Predictive Text Generator To Write The Best Internet Fanfiction 

7/24/2016 - Suicide Squad Finally Gives Us a Glimpse of Harley Quinn's Classic Outfit

7/24/2016 - Rogue One Writer Signs On For TV Adaptation Of Sinatoro

7/24/2016 - The Most Amazing Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con, Day Three

7/24/2016 - There Will Be No Blanket Ban on Russian Athletes at the Rio Olympics

7/24/2016 - Ash vs Evil Dead's Second Season Wastes No Time in Unleashing Blood and Monsters

7/24/2016 - James Cameron Thinks Neill Blomkamp's Aliens Sequel Script Is 'Gangbusters'

7/24/2016 - The Second Season of Ash vs Evil Dead Will Contain Ash's Craziest Fight Scene Ever

7/24/2016 - The Vampire Diaries Has Been Sucked Dry, Ends Next Season

7/24/2016 - We've Seen the First Footage From Spider-Man: Homecoming, Featuring the Vulture

7/23/2016 - The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming to Netflix (Updated!)

7/23/2016 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Reveals Who Star-Lord's Dad Is, and It's Stupendous (Updated!)

7/23/2016 - It's Official: Brie Larson Is Captain Marvel

7/23/2016 - The Second Doctor Strange Trailer Finally Shows Us Some Real Magic

7/23/2016 - Marvel Reveals Who the Villain Will Be in The Black Panther Movie

7/23/2016 - A Manic Private Investigator Barges Into Elijah Wood's Life in This Dirk Gently Sneak Peek

7/23/2016 - The Flash Season 3 Trailer Reveals How Badly Barry Messed Up Reality (It's a Lot)

7/23/2016 - The Legion of Doom Will Menace the Legends of Tomorrow in Season Two

7/23/2016 - Star Trek: Discovery Officially Takes Place in the Prime Universe

7/23/2016 - You Have Not Been Exposed to Joker Gas, The Lego Batman Movie Trailer Is Just That Funny

7/23/2016 - FX's Mutant TV Spin-Off Legion May Be Crazy, But It's Definitely Fascinating

7/23/2016 - The Legends of the Hidden Temple Film Looks Like a Treasure Trove of '90s Nickelodeon Nostalgia

7/23/2016 - The Inhumans and X-Men Are Finally Going to War

7/23/2016 - The New Star Trek TV Show Has a Title and a Starship: Discovery

7/23/2016 - Guy Ritchie Debuts His King Arthur Movie, Emphasis on the Guy

7/23/2016 - And Now, Presenting Gillian Anderson as Marilyn Monroe for American Gods

7/23/2016 - This New Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer Is Heavy on the Beasts

7/23/2016 - Vapes Are Banned At the Democratic Convention, Welcome to Hillary's America

7/23/2016 - The Next Season of the Avengers Cartoon Stars Ms. Marvel, Jane Foster's Thor, and More

7/23/2016 - Researchers Look At Ancient Poop To Discover The History of Infectious Diseases

7/23/2016 - Kong: Skull Island Looks Like the Apocalypse Now of Giant Monster Movies

7/23/2016 - The Latest Suicide Squad Trailer Brings on the Bad Guys, and Then Brings the Noise

7/23/2016 - The Justice League Join Forces for Their First Team Photo and Movie Footage

7/23/2016 - The First Wonder Woman Trailer Is Even Better Than We Could Have Imagined

7/23/2016 - The Next Episode of Preacher Features the Character Everybody’s Been Waiting For

7/23/2016 - Arrow Is Adding One of DC's Weirdest Vigilantes for Season Five

7/23/2016 - Sound Art Shows You What Musical Notes Actually Look Like

7/23/2016 - Army of Darkness Will Be Part of Ash vs. Evil Dead's Second Season

7/23/2016 - Somebody Tested How a Centipede Moves Because Of Course They Did

7/23/2016 - Someone Needs to Let Invader Zim Creator Jhonen Vasquez Make a TMNT Cartoon Immediately

7/23/2016 - The Killing Joke Movie Is a Disaster, Right Down to Its Comic-Con Panel

7/23/2016 - Check Out the Hulk's Gladiatorial Armor From Thor: Ragnarok 

7/23/2016 - Science Gets to the Bottom Of Neptune's Weird 'Wobbles'

7/23/2016 - Why Orphan Black Is Ending With Season Five 

7/23/2016 - Neil Gaiman Could Not Be Happier With the American Gods TV Series

7/23/2016 - Here Are Your 2016 Eisner Award Winners

7/23/2016 - Praise Pazuzu, The Exorcist TV Show Is Actually Scary

7/23/2016 - The Most Spectacular Cosplay of Comic-Con 2016, Day Two

7/23/2016 - Why Do Humpback Whales Protect Other Species from Killer Whales?

7/23/2016 - Sleepy Hollow Casts Ichabod's New Scully, Er, Partner

7/23/2016 - Movie Review: Blair Witch Is the Amazing Sequel You Never Knew You Needed

7/23/2016 - My God, It's the Unbeatable Squirrel-Barrowman

7/23/2016 - Star Wars: Aftermath Author Teases Jakku Battle for Trilogy's End

7/23/2016 - Surprise, The Woods Is Actually A Blair Witch Sequel

7/22/2016 - Kickass Torrents Clones Are Going to Keep Appearing, Aren't They?

7/22/2016 - Counterpoint: Powerless Has Laughs and Some Serious Comic Knowledge, Too

7/22/2016 - Movie Review: Sausage Party Is Not What You're Expecting, and in the Best Possible Way

7/22/2016 - These Are The Programs ISIS Uses To Remain Anonymous Online

7/22/2016 - Teenage Girls, Dominatrixes, and Other Brains That Will Be Eaten in iZombie's Third Season

7/22/2016 - NASA Will Put Rocket Raccoon And Groot On Its New Mission Patch 

7/22/2016 - Seeing Friction Welding in Slow Motion Is Like Watching Stars Form

7/22/2016 - This Orphan Black Blooper Reel Shows the Mistake Tatiana Maslany Must Make All the Time

7/22/2016 - These Game of Thrones Stars Picked Who They Want to Rule Westeros

7/22/2016 - What's the Difference Between a $5000 Guitar and a $150 Guitar?

7/22/2016 - Here's Your First Look at the American Gods TV Series

7/22/2016 - Ghost Rider Is Coming to Agents of SHIELD 

7/22/2016 - Kristin Chenoweth Will Play Easter in American Gods

7/22/2016 - Game of Thrones Has a Blooper Reel and a Much-Too-Early Look at Next Season

7/22/2016 - What the Hell Is This Freaky Mutant Google's AI Made?

7/22/2016 - Can You Guess What Movie This Is by Just Watching the Most Generic Scenes?

7/22/2016 - The Walking Dead Cast Can't Talk About the Future, But They Can Throw Glitter at Each Other

7/22/2016 - Overwatch Is Getting Its Own Graphic Novel Next Year

7/22/2016 - Why This Drop of Liquor Looks Like a Galaxy

7/22/2016 - This Retractable Backpack Brings Your Camera to You

7/22/2016 - A Look at the New Star Wars Toys Coming Our Way, From Rebels to Rogue One

7/22/2016 - A Colorado Town Has No Reason To Freak Out About THC in its Water [Updated]

7/22/2016 - Wonder Woman's Pissed Off in the New Trailer for Injustice 2

7/22/2016 - The Walking Dead's New Trailer Has Kingdoms, Tigers, Zombies, and Zero Clues About Who Died

7/22/2016 - NYC Looks Like an Amazing Acid Trip in This Stunning Video

7/22/2016 - Acclaimed Author Roxane Gay Is Writing a New Black Panther Spinoff Comic

7/22/2016 - Fear the Walking Dead Heads South of the Border in a Giant Season Two Trailer

7/22/2016 - Swarm of Bees Attempts to Consume Pickup Truck

7/22/2016 - Checking In on the Weirdo Superhero Comics DC Is Doing With My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way

7/22/2016 - Marvel's Netflix Shows Are Finally Getting Action Figures, Including Jessica Jones

7/22/2016 - Gross Algae Bloom Engulfs a Lake Full of Human Shit

7/22/2016 - Why You Should Always Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

7/22/2016 - Mr. Robot's Cast Hints at the Shocking Surprises to Come in Season Two

7/22/2016 - WikiLeaks Just Published Tons of Credit Card and Social Security Numbers

7/22/2016 - Dick Dastardly and Muttley Will Be Post-Apocalyptic Death Racers In Garth Ennis' New DC Comic

7/22/2016 - How Sansa's Development Is Mirrored in Her Fashion Throughout Game of Thrones

7/22/2016 - An Enormous Green Blob Just Bubbled Out of a Storm Drain in Utah

7/22/2016 - A Closer Look at Hasbro's New Marvel Toys—Yes, Including Kamala Khan

7/22/2016 - Brilliant iPhone Case Makes It Way Easier to Catch Pokémon

7/22/2016 - This Is What Rio Looks Like on the Eve of the Olympics 

7/22/2016 - A Group of Astronauts Is Living Under the Sea for Two Weeks to Experience Life on Mars

7/22/2016 - The Wonder Woman Movie Has a Fantastic New Poster and an Even Better Tagline

7/22/2016 - Darth Vader Does Not Look Happy in the First Teaser for His Star Wars VR Story

7/22/2016 - The Fan-Made Sonic Game That Won't Die

7/22/2016 - The Single Day Heat Record for the Eastern Hemisphere Has Just Been Shattered

7/22/2016 - The Summer of 2016 Is An Angsty Middle Schooler's Shitty Dystopian Fiction

7/22/2016 - The Classic '90s Cartoon Batman Is Teaming Up With the Ninja Turtles for a New Comic

7/22/2016 - The Most Fabulous Cosplay of Comic-Con 2016, Day One

7/22/2016 - No, a Lemon Can’t Actually Start Fires and Here’s Why

7/22/2016 - For the Love of God Upgrade to Windows 10 Before You Have to Pay $120

7/22/2016 - This Milk Lasts Up to Nine Weeks Without Spoiling

7/22/2016 - The 'Real' Ahsoka Tano Wore an Ahsoka Dress Made Out of Lego to Comic-Con

7/22/2016 - Grab Your Tricorders and d20s, Because Star Trek Is Returning to RPGs

7/22/2016 - Engineer Discovers Something Amazing in Da Vinci's 'Irrelevant Scribbles'

7/22/2016 - A Single Text Can Give Hackers Access to Your iPhone

7/22/2016 - Funimation Will Bring Shin Godzilla to the U.S. This Year

7/22/2016 - You Can Now 3D-Print One of Watchmaking's Modern Mechanical Marvels

7/22/2016 - The Best Smartphone For Every Need

7/22/2016 - All the Ways Marvel's Defenders Will Set Themselves Apart From the Avengers

7/22/2016 - Helpful Tips For Not Dying While Playing Pokémon Go

7/22/2016 - We'll Have to Wait Longer for That Apple Car Than We Thought

7/22/2016 - These Deadly Underground Methane Bubbles Look Deceptively Fun

7/22/2016 - Police Want to 3D Print a Dead Man's Fingers to Unlock His Phone

7/21/2016 - Why Pizza Is Objectively the Best Food Ever, Don't Judge Me

7/21/2016 - Watch the Crazy Amount of Work It Takes to Pack a Parachute

7/21/2016 - Can Harry Potter Affect This Presidential Election? 

7/21/2016 - See Danny Rand's Horrible, Horrible Life in the First Iron Fist Footage

7/21/2016 - The First Trailer for Marvel's Defenders Is Meaningless and You'll Love It Anyway 

7/21/2016 - Luke Cage Kicks Major Ass in a New Trailer for Marvel’s Black Superhero Show

7/21/2016 - A Japan/Nazi Cold War Comes to The Man in the High Castle's Second Season

7/21/2016 - So That's How the Inside of the Millennium Falcon Is Laid Out

7/21/2016 - How a Gutenberg Printing Press Actually Works

7/21/2016 - Mysterious Dark Matter Remains Maddeningly Elusive

7/21/2016 - The First Trailer for Justice League Action Is All About the Action

7/21/2016 - There's a Reasonable Explanation For Why This Sloth Won't Move

7/21/2016 - Voltron: Legendary Defender Returns for Season Two Later This Year

7/21/2016 - The MacGyver Reboot Really, Really Hopes the Original MacGyver Might Stop By

7/21/2016 - The New Power Rangers' Power Coins Are Basically Just Big Rocks

7/21/2016 - The History of Antarctica Is Actually a Really Fun Tale About Dinosaurs, Penguins, and Warm Weather

7/21/2016 - Librarians Find Time Capsule From 1962, Eat Food Inside For Some Reason

7/21/2016 - Luc Besson's Scifi Epic Valerian Looks Like The Fifth Element to the Fifth Power

7/21/2016 - Which Doctor Strange Toy Has the Weirdest Hairdo?

7/21/2016 - Someone Already Made a Kickass Torrents Clone

7/21/2016 - Oliver Stone Warns that Pokémon Go Could Lead to Totalitarianism

7/21/2016 - NASA's Curiosity Rover Just Took a Step Towards Autonomy 

7/21/2016 - Tim Curry Makes a Special Appearance in the New Trailer For The Rocky Horror Picture Show

7/21/2016 - Image Comics' Deadly Class Is Coming to TV, Courtesy of the Russo Brothers

7/21/2016 - Lego Batman Calls His New Batmobile the Speedwagon

7/21/2016 - What Happens When You Get a Perfect Score on Pac-Man Will Blow Your Mind

7/21/2016 - 50 Artists Commemorate 50 Years of Star Trek in This Amazing Art Exhibit

7/21/2016 - Verizon to Data Hogs: Pay Up or We’ll Cut You (Off)

7/21/2016 - Animated Batman Has a Lot of Conflicting Feelings About This Toy Collection of His Expressions

7/21/2016 - This is Where the Rosetta Spacecraft Is Going to Die

7/21/2016 - Why the Metric System Is So Important

7/21/2016 - This Segway Scooter Is What the Hoverboard Should Have Been

7/21/2016 - We Have Achieved the Technology to Keep Stan Lee Attending Comic-Con for All Eternity

7/21/2016 - Your Desk Deserves This Six-Inch Tall Working Arcade

7/21/2016 - The New Power Rangers Movie Uniforms Work Way Better as Action Figures

7/21/2016 - The Incredibly Wrong Reason Americans Waste So Much Food

7/21/2016 - We've Been Wrong About Lichen For 150 Years

7/21/2016 - African Honey-Hunters Communicate With These Wild Birds To Find Hives

7/21/2016 - The Creators of Idiocracy Won't Be Making Anti-Trump Ads Like They Promised

7/21/2016 - The Walking Dead Invites Comic-Con Attendees to Come Get Bludgeoned to Death With a Bat

7/21/2016 - Apple’s Health Experiment Is Riddled With Privacy Problems [UPDATED]

7/21/2016 - We’ll Only Have a Year to Prepare For a Cataclysmic Super-Eruption

7/21/2016 - Rejoice, Kamala Khan Is Finally Getting a Ms. Marvel Action Figure

7/21/2016 - Simple Lines Explain Why Your Brain Loves Great Cinematography

7/21/2016 - These Awesome New Books Chronicle the World of Masters of the Universe

7/21/2016 - This Is What Humans Would Look Like If They Evolved to Survive Car Crashes

7/21/2016 - That Homeless Person You Just Helped Might Actually Be a Robot

7/21/2016 - The Transformers: Combiner Wars Cartoon Has Its First, Mind-Bogglingly Cool Trailer

7/21/2016 - This Bouncy Siberian Soil Is a Troubling Sign For Our Planet

7/21/2016 - The Colossal Screwups That Got the Alleged Kickass Torrents Owner Busted

7/21/2016 - Our First Look at Amazon's Reboot of The Tick

7/21/2016 - Building Your Own Air Hockey Table Is Surprisingly Easy

7/21/2016 - In Suicide Squad, the Joker's Sock Game Is as Sick as He Is

7/21/2016 - Nextwave Is an Official Part of Marvel's 'All-New, All-Different' Universe

7/21/2016 - Imagine Coming Face-to-Face With This Horrifying ‘Megaraptor’

7/21/2016 - Which Time Travel TV Show Remake Should You Watch, Time After Time or Frequency?

7/21/2016 - There’s Going to Be a Statue Dedicated to Nightwing’s Sweet, Tight Ass

7/21/2016 - This Is One of the Deepest Views Into Space Ever Seen

7/21/2016 - Watch an Artist Spend 90 Hours Drawing a Million Dots to Make a Portrait

7/21/2016 - Mr. Robot Is Experiencing a Major Kernel Panic

7/21/2016 - Final Fantasy Makers Announce Apple Watch Exclusive Game

7/21/2016 - Corn Sweat Will Make the Midwest's Abysmal Heat Wave Even Worse

7/21/2016 - I Entered the X-Men: Apocalypse Escape Room and Lived to Tell the Tale

7/21/2016 - Here's a Leaky Faucet You Can Dance To 

7/21/2016 - The Spirits of the Original Ghostbusters Might Be Trapped Inside These Life-Like Figures

7/21/2016 - People of Earth Is a Weird Little Comedy That You Definitely Shouldn't Miss

7/21/2016 - Which 'Surprise' DC Comics Character Could Be Joining Supergirl Season 2?

7/21/2016 - Moto Z Review: Too Much Gadget, Not Enough Phone

7/21/2016 - How To Check If Someone Else is Using Your Social Media Accounts

7/21/2016 - Programming Pioneer Grace Hopper Explains Nanoseconds With a Piece of Wire

7/21/2016 - RIP: Japan Is Making Its Last-Ever VCR

7/21/2016 - Saudi Clerics Renew Fatwa Against Pokémon Go 

7/21/2016 - Riverdale Turns Archie Comics Into a Teenage Noir Soap Opera, and It's Way Too Much Fun

7/20/2016 - Gravity Falls Fans Get One Last Code to Break and It's a Doozy

7/20/2016 - Watch Classic Video Games Get Recreated in Stop Motion with Random Objects

7/20/2016 - Yet Another Company Is Making Tons of Money Off Pokémon Go

7/20/2016 - Google Is Making Use of Its DeepMind Investment

7/20/2016 - DC Comics' Office Comedy Powerless Isn't Bad as Much as It's Just Kinda There

7/20/2016 - Meet Edrio Two Tubes, Rogue One's Newest Pilot

7/20/2016 - France Is Mad About Microsoft Collecting Windows 10 User Data Without Their Consent

7/20/2016 - Here's the First Image of Lee Majors as Ash vs Evil Dead's Kick-Ass Patriarch

7/20/2016 - Watching the Filming of a Car Chase Scene Is Way More Fun Than Watching the Actual Movie

7/20/2016 - Hot Toys May Have Accidentally Revealed a Crazy Suicide Squad Spoiler

7/20/2016 - Apple Is Getting Sued Over AppleCare+

7/20/2016 - A Child's Nightmares Bleed Into Real Life in the New Before I Wake Trailer

7/20/2016 - Elon Musk Unveils Master Plan, Hints at Trucks and Car-Sharing Network

7/20/2016 - The Government's Latest Fireworks Safety Video Is Horrifying as Hell

7/20/2016 - With Just Three Keys, Keyboard Manages To Make Typing More Complicated

7/20/2016 - A Very Technical First Look at American Gods' Shadow Moon and Laura

7/20/2016 - How the Heck Does This Ball Not Roll Off This Roof?

7/20/2016 - Your Favorite Torrent Site KickassTorrents Goes Offline As Alleged Owner Arrested

7/20/2016 - The Final Divergent Film Has Been Downgraded to a TV Movie

7/20/2016 - Detective Pikachu Will Be the First Live-Action Pokémon Movie

7/20/2016 - The First Trailer for Leonard Nimoy Doc For the Love of Spock Would Make Even a Vulcan Cry

7/20/2016 - Here's a Guy Surfing a Thunderstorm

7/20/2016 - This Crazy Ghostbusters Scene May Have Cost Over a Million Dollars 

7/20/2016 - Watch a Crazy Storm Consume the Skies Above Phoenix

7/20/2016 - This Guy Fell Off a Waterslide and Down A Rocky Cliff But He's Fine, Everything Is Fine

7/20/2016 - Egypt Is Such a Beautiful Rectangle, Man

7/20/2016 - Hot-Wheels Turned an X-Wing Into the Car of Your Dreams for Comic-Con

7/20/2016 - Epic Timelapse Captures an Entire Year on Earth From a Million Miles Away

7/20/2016 - Operation Avalanche Is an Alt-History Docudrama About Faking the Moon Landing

7/20/2016 - FBI Releases File on Australia's Pinko Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam

7/20/2016 - Everything You Need to Know About Rogue One's Awesome 'Space Monkey'

7/20/2016 - Census Data Reveals America's Weird Marriage Habits

7/20/2016 - The Next Version of Gorilla Glass Will Help Your Phone Survive a Five-Foot Fall

7/20/2016 - The 7 Scariest Movie Scenes of All Time

7/20/2016 - The Supernatural TV Series May Be the Only Thing Preventing Our Nation From Tearing Itself Apart

7/20/2016 - A Souped Up NES Clone Ruined My Childhood

7/20/2016 - The Lego Batman Movie's Robin and Joker Aren't Quite What We Were All Expecting

7/20/2016 - Peter Parker and His Spectacular Spider-Robot Make For an Awesome Figure Set

7/20/2016 - Firefox Will Start Aggressively Blocking Pointless Flash

7/20/2016 - LEGO-Like Blocks Let Scientists Custom Build Their Own Tools

7/20/2016 - Neil Gaiman's Interworld Potentially Rescued From Development Hell by Hamilton Producers

7/20/2016 - Dedicated Artist Films Himself Repainting This Clock Every Minute For 12 Hours Straight

7/20/2016 - Miranda Kerr and Snapchat Bro Announce Engagement Using Bitmoji 

7/20/2016 - This Engraving Machine Sounds Like the Future

7/20/2016 - J.J. Abrams Has an Idea for a Star Wars Spin-Off Movie About the Knights of Ren

7/20/2016 - Crazy Detailed Brain Map Finds Nearly a Hundred New Regions

7/20/2016 - These Nearby Earth-Sized Planets Are Looking More and More Habitable

7/20/2016 - Mysterious Moon Scars Could Rewrite Earth's History

7/20/2016 - Here's an Action-Packed Excerpt From C.A. Higgins' New Novel Supernova

7/20/2016 - The 50 Most Common Family Arrangements in America, Visualized 

7/20/2016 - The Greatest Innovation in Travel Lets You Drag Your Suitcase With No Hands

7/20/2016 - Perfectly Synced Side-by-Side Video Compares 1940s Los Angeles to Today

7/20/2016 - All the Interesting Places You'll Go (and the Aliens You'll Blow Up) in No Man's Sky

7/20/2016 - Jeff Bezos Is Dressed as an Alien in His First Vine (WTF JEFF!)

7/20/2016 - Star Wars: Rebels Showrunner Talks Thrawn, Ezra, and the Series' Endgame

7/20/2016 - This Old 'Computer For Grannies' Video Is My New Favorite Movie

7/20/2016 - Facebook Celebrates Forcing 1 Billion of its Existing Users to Download Messenger

7/20/2016 - This Awesome Vintage Astronaut Equipment Is Suprisingly Cheap

7/20/2016 - Follow Gizmodo and io9 on Snapchat at Comic-Con

7/20/2016 - You Don't Need Heightened Senses to Know How Perfect Hot Toys' Daredevil Figure Is

7/20/2016 - Check Out Brooklyn's Big-Ass Captain America Statue

7/20/2016 - DC Comics Just Killed a Superman Character in a Seriously Messed Up Way

7/20/2016 - Acer's Liquid-Cooled Hybrid Packs a Lot of Power for Not a Lot of Money

7/20/2016 - Snapchat Clips Help Convict Two People of Sexually Assaulting a Teenager 

7/20/2016 - Scientific Proof That Melania Trump’s Speech Was Definitely Stolen From Michelle Obama

7/20/2016 - The Best Bike Multi-Tool For Fixing Your Own Bike 

7/20/2016 - This Japanese Trailer for Disney's Moana Has a Real Miyazaki-ness to It

7/20/2016 - This Giant Fire-Breathing Vortex Cannon Is Literally Lit

7/20/2016 - 5 Essential Spotify Add-Ons For Music Addicts

7/20/2016 - This Freaky-Ass Primate Likes to Get Wasted as Much as You Do

7/20/2016 - The Intelligence Spectrum Explained, From Jellyfish to Mozart

7/20/2016 - Life Doesn’t Get Much Worse Than Crashing Into a Cop Car While Playing Pokémon Go

7/20/2016 - The New Batman Movie May Have Decided Where It's Putting the Dark Knight

7/20/2016 - Pokeball USB Charger Ensures You Can Catch Them All Without Your Phone Dying

7/20/2016 - SpaceX's Dragon Spacecraft Has Arrived at the ISS

7/20/2016 - Theranos Customer Sues, Claims Bad Blood Test Caused His Heart Attack

7/20/2016 - Crashing Into the Sun Is Way Harder Than You Think

7/20/2016 - We Can All Be Verified On Twitter Now

7/20/2016 - Twitter Permanently Bans Milo Yiannopoulos

7/19/2016 - Major Indie Music Conglomerate Gets Hacked

7/19/2016 - Rembrandt Probably Traced His Self-Portraits With Mirrors and Lenses

7/19/2016 - The Chronicles of Amber TV Series Could Be the Next Game of Thrones

7/19/2016 - Uber Is Now Watching You More Than It Was Before

7/19/2016 - How Did Hitler Rise to Power?

7/19/2016 - How Futurama Made Math and Science Funny

7/19/2016 - This Dust Devil Must Be Using Dark Magic to Float Things in the Air

7/19/2016 - Just Like That Really Old Movie, Empire Strikes Back

7/19/2016 - What Kind of Scary Creatures Are Hiding Deep in the Ocean?

7/19/2016 - Researchers Just Made a Breakthrough in Growing Crops During a Drought

7/19/2016 - This Year's Record Arctic Melt Is a Problem For Everybody

7/19/2016 - Ebay Is a Waking Nightmare of Amateur Trump Art

7/19/2016 - Get a Closer Look at the Weird Texture of the Power Rangers Movie Uniforms

7/19/2016 - Hundreds Team Up to Figure Out Which Pokémon Go Monsters Are the Strongest

7/19/2016 - Ash Goes Home in the Ash vs Evil Dead Red Band Trailer

7/19/2016 - The Hyperloop Lawsuit Shitshow Just Got More Insane

7/19/2016 - This Huge Rock Explosion Looks More Like a Crazy Ocean Wave

7/19/2016 - Behold the Glory of Elliot in Two New Pete's Dragon Clips

7/19/2016 - Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men Is Coming to the Big Screen

7/19/2016 - Medical Harpoon Reduces Need for Open-Heart Surgery

7/19/2016 - Solarman Is a Sharp Update to a Lame Stan Lee Superhero

7/19/2016 - Playing Operation Is Even More Stressful When It's Hooked Up to a Paintball Gun

7/19/2016 - Everyone Knows the Best Hot Tub Time Machines Are Built From DeLoreans

7/19/2016 - A Massive Crane Collapsed on New York's Tappan Zee Bridge [Updated]

7/19/2016 - Matt Smith Denies Dumb, Made-Up Rumor That He's Returning to Doctor Who

7/19/2016 - Watching These Toys Rhythmically Expand and Collapse Is the Most Relaxing Thing

7/19/2016 - The 12 Most Ridiculous Episodes From the '70s Wonder Woman TV Series

7/19/2016 - This High-Tech Breathalyzer Will Make It Impossible For You to Cheat On Your Rehab

7/19/2016 - North Korea’s Broadcasting Strange Codes on the Radio and Nobody Knows Why

7/19/2016 - The 9 Weirdest Data Storage Devices Ever Created

7/19/2016 - Xena and Ash Are Joining Forces for a Warrior Princess/Army of Darkness Comic Crossover

7/19/2016 - Fire Was the Future of Advertising in 1923

7/19/2016 - The New Batman Game Will Be About Finding Balance Between Bruce Wayne and The Dark Knight

7/19/2016 - Scientists Found Even More of These Crazy-Looking Peacock Spiders

7/19/2016 - Dang, Look at This Huge Whale Shark

7/19/2016 - The New View-Master Deluxe VR Is the Best Cheap VR Headset Available

7/19/2016 - This Live-Action Futurama Fan Film Is Both Incredibly Impressive and Creepy

7/19/2016 - Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald's Begins Tomorrow in Japan: Report

7/19/2016 - Clouds Reveal Features on the Surface of Venus

7/19/2016 - Justice Department Tweet Calls CNN 'Biggest Troll of Them All' [Updated]

7/19/2016 - SpaceX Will Attempt to Land Three Rockets at Once

7/19/2016 - Greenland Just Lost a Trillion Tons of Ice and Nobody Noticed

7/19/2016 - Facebook Is Spending Millions to Lure YouTube and Vine Stars to Facebook Live

7/19/2016 - Japan's New Godzilla Movie Has Another Solemn, Stunning Trailer

7/19/2016 - Why the Army Is Ditching Android for Apple

7/19/2016 - No Walls Were Harmed in the Making of These Lightsaber Hanging Hooks

7/19/2016 - For Some Baffling Reason, This Star Trek Beyond TV Spot Spoils the Big Twist

7/19/2016 - 8 Tricks to Take Better Photos With Your Phone

7/19/2016 - Which Two Star Wars Characters May Make a Strange Cameo in Rogue One?

7/19/2016 - How to Turn Trash Into a Working Hair Dryer

7/19/2016 - Loaded Pokémon Go Accounts Are Selling for Thousands

7/19/2016 - Scientists Are Trying to Figure Out If There's a New Way You Can Get Zika

7/19/2016 - This 3D Printed Robot Moves Using Muscle From a Sea Slug

7/19/2016 - This Super Accurate Thermometer Can Take Your Temperature Without Even Touching Skin

7/19/2016 - Nintendo Is Literally More Valuable Than Sony Because You're All Nerd-Ass Pokémon Go Freaks

7/18/2016 - Twitter Isn't Doing Enough About Leslie Jones' Racist Trolls

7/18/2016 - It's Officially Cool to Be Completely Apathetic About Pokémon Go

7/18/2016 - Seeing Tennis Balls Get Made Is Way More Captivating Than I Ever Thought

7/18/2016 - The Writer of Rogue One Will Pen the Adaptation of Graphic Novel Mouse Guard

7/18/2016 - Seeing a 20,000 Watt Light Bulb Light Up Is Totally Blinding

7/18/2016 - Hillary Clinton Is Heading to the Valiant Comic Universe

7/18/2016 - The Evolution of Joker in Film and TV History

7/18/2016 - 18th Century Pancakes Were Weird and Slightly Racist

7/18/2016 - Netflix Claims Customers Freaked Out Over Price Hike

7/18/2016 - Well, at Least Game of Thrones Season Six Is Coming to DVD and Blu-ray Sooner Than Expected

7/18/2016 - How Floppy Disks Work

7/18/2016 - Yahoo's Latest Earnings Report Basically Confirms That Tumblr Purchase Was a Waste of Money 

7/18/2016 - Since Marvel Won't Make an America Chavez Comic, Meet Image's New Hero, America Vasquez

7/18/2016 - How Will SpaceX Actually Get Us to Mars?

7/18/2016 - How to Watch the Republican National Convention, No Cable Required

7/18/2016 - Doctor Doom's Iron Man Armor Looks Totally Rad

7/18/2016 - Something Major Just Shook Up the Bat-Family

7/18/2016 - This DIY Pokedex Battery Case Is the Pokémon Go Accessory You Have Been Waiting For

7/18/2016 - An Earthquake Swarm Has Taken Over Central California 

7/18/2016 - The Best, Coolest, and Impossible-to-Get Toys and Collectibles of San Diego Comic-Con 2016

7/18/2016 - This Week's Abysmal Heat Wave, Visualized

7/18/2016 - Experts: Kanye and Kim Could Both Be Prosecuted Over Taylor Swift Phone Call

7/18/2016 - Watch Glass Explode in Spectacular Slow Motion

7/18/2016 - We Finally Know How the Real BB-8 Model Works

7/18/2016 - The NFL Will Start Playing With Chip-Equipped Footballs This Summer

7/18/2016 - Hummingbird Flight Is More Amazing Than We Realized

7/18/2016 - Here's a Very Last-Minute Final Preview for Star Trek Beyond

7/18/2016 - San Andreas Earthquakes Can Be Caused by the Moon and Sun

7/18/2016 - The Year's Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories Have Been Determined

7/18/2016 - Obama Wants to Give the British Permission to Read American Emails

7/18/2016 - Snapchat Could Soon Show You Ads Based on What's in Your Snaps

7/18/2016 - The Ghostbusters Team Talks About That Shocking End Credits Scene and Other Secrets

7/18/2016 - HBO Announces the Next Season of Game of Thrones Will Only Have Seven Episodes

7/18/2016 - Getting Up Close With Hot Toys' Amazing The Force Awakens Figures

7/18/2016 - Why Don’t You See Any Stars In Pictures of Saturn?

7/18/2016 - Netflix Gets the International Rights to All the Star Trek TV Series, Including the New One

7/18/2016 - Captain America and Ant-Man Get the Mondo Poster Treatment for Comic-Con

7/18/2016 - Kanye West May Have Broken the Law by Recording Phone Call With Taylor Swift

7/18/2016 - KISS Returns to Comics for a Scifi Epic and Yes, Those Are Totally Giant KISS Robots

7/18/2016 - Record-Setting Hard Drive Writes Information One Atom At a Time

7/18/2016 - New Report Confirms That the Russian Government Ordered Olympic Doping

7/18/2016 - The Most Realistic, Expensive Way to Play Pokémon Go

7/18/2016 - All the News You Missed From This Weekend's Star Wars Celebration Europe

7/18/2016 - Drone Pilot Arrested For Flying Over Wildfire in California

7/18/2016 - SpaceX's Latest Launch-and-Landing Photo Is Rocket-Fueled Glory

7/18/2016 - Ghostbusters Is Absolutely, Definitely Getting a Sequel (Probably)

7/18/2016 - Asshat Jailed After Bragging About High Speed Chase on Facebook

7/18/2016 - Wonder Bread Plus Fire Makes a Miraculous Material

7/18/2016 - Few Americans Will Escape an Awful Heat Wave This Week

7/18/2016 - Amazon CEO/Master Thespian Jeff Bezos Added to the Cast of Star Trek Beyond

7/18/2016 - When CGI Meets Ferrofluid, Things Get Weird

7/18/2016 - Look How Fast This Damn Roomba Can Go

7/18/2016 - Does Lucasfilm Have a Long-Term Star Wars-Style Plan for Indiana Jones?

7/18/2016 - Some Crafty Nerds Got Windows Running on a Chromebook

7/18/2016 - The Best Mobile AR Apps That Aren't Pokémon Go

7/18/2016 - This Video of Boston Dynamics Walking Its Robot Looks Like a Sci-Fi Movie

7/18/2016 - Twitter Was Unusually Fast At Removing Extremist Tweets After Terrorist Attack in Nice

7/18/2016 - SpaceX Just Landed a Rocket At Cape Canaveral

7/17/2016 - Director Gareth Edwards Explains His (New) Hope for Rogue One

7/17/2016 - What Is Dash Rendar's Outrider Doing in the New Star Wars Rebels Trailer? (Update: Never Mind)

7/17/2016 - These Amazing Trompe L'oeil Illusions Bring Drab City Buildings To Life

7/17/2016 - Those Unlicensed Christian Nintendo Games Are Back... On Kickstarter

7/17/2016 - Sounds Like Rogue One and All the Other Star Wars Stories Will Skip the Opening Crawl

7/17/2016 - Culture Plays a Major Role in the Kind of Music We Enjoy 

7/17/2016 - The Right Directors Are Making the Han Solo Movie, and Here's the Proof

7/17/2016 - French Physicists Unravel the Secrets of the Knuckleball  

7/17/2016 - Gotham Is Going All-In With the Court of Owls in Season Three

7/17/2016 - Here's Where to Watch the SpaceX Launch and Landing Tonight

7/17/2016 - Who Is Grand Admiral Thrawn and Why Is His Appearance in Star Wars Rebels So Exciting?

7/17/2016 - These Suicide Squad Character Videos Are Like Getting a Baseball Bat Made of LSD to the Face

7/17/2016 - Hundreds of New Galaxies Detected in First Image From Super Telescope

7/17/2016 - 7 Things We Learned About Star Wars: Episode VIII

7/17/2016 - Meet the New Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich

7/17/2016 - What Are the Odds You'll Meet Your Evil Twin?

7/17/2016 - Darth Vader and David Goyer Team Up for Star Wars' Next VR Project 

7/16/2016 - A Closer Look at Jyn Erso, Rogue One's First Action Figure

7/16/2016 - Fluorescence Is Like A Rave At the Molecular Level

7/16/2016 - You Must See This Supercut of Every Clue About Jon Snow's Origin From Game of Thrones

7/16/2016 - Your Immune System May Be Connected With Your Social Behaviors

7/16/2016 - Rogue One Is Coming to Star Wars: Battlefront, The Force Awakens Still Isn't

7/16/2016 - In Star Wars Rebels' Third Season Premiere, Ezra May Be the Biggest Danger of All

7/16/2016 - Pokémon Go Is All the Rage, But Where's the Science?

7/16/2016 - Has the Workplace Robot Uprising Already Begun?

7/16/2016 - American Gods Casts Dane Cook as Mortal Douchebag

7/16/2016 - Thrawn Isn't the Only Surprise in the Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer

7/16/2016 - Pokémon Go Servers Reportedly Attacked Because It Was Bound to Happen (Updated)

7/16/2016 - Grand Admiral Thrawn Joins Rebels and the New Star Wars Canon

7/16/2016 - Star Wars Rebels Pretty Much Revealed the Fate of Ahsoka Tano

7/16/2016 - Baby Flamingos Are Even Dopier Than Their Parents

7/16/2016 - Get Virtually Schwifty at Comic-Con With Rick and Morty's New VR Game

7/16/2016 - Blade Runner 2 Reveals the Future of Future Los Angeles Is Pretty Grim

7/15/2016 - Get A Closer Look At This Game of Thrones Knightmare--I Mean Robert Strong

7/15/2016 - CNN Türk Turns to Facebook Live as Military Take Over Studio [Updated]

7/15/2016 - Scientists Are One Step Closer to an Invisibility Cloak, But Don't Get Out Your Wands Yet

7/15/2016 - Superfan George R.R. Martin Thinks 'Outlander Was Robbed' of Emmy Noms

7/15/2016 - More Fake Pokémon Go Apps Were Released To Ruin Your Phone

7/15/2016 - The Math Behind the Perfect Climbing Rope

7/15/2016 - Next Star Trek Movie Will See Return of Chris Hemsworth as Kirk's Father, According to J.J. Abrams

7/15/2016 - Tyler Perry's Horror Homage Might Give Slasher Fans Nightmares

7/15/2016 - Here's How Those Big Signs Showing Bus Destinations Are Made

7/15/2016 - Turkey's President Is Giving an Interview via FaceTime in the Middle of a Coup

7/15/2016 - Gareth Edwards Explains Why Rogue One Was Shot Differently From Every Other Star Wars Film

7/15/2016 - The Shiny New (and Old) Stormtroopers of Rogue One

7/15/2016 - It's Time to Hang Out With the Gif Party

7/15/2016 - Watch a Stampede of Pokémon Go Players Descend on Central Park

7/15/2016 - Ecto Sour Is the Drink of the Summer

7/15/2016 - Florida's Slime Coast Is a State-Sponsored Disaster

7/15/2016 - Netflix's 'Flixtapes' Are a Fun Way to Share Lists of Stuff to Watch

7/15/2016 - The New Easy Rawlins Novel Takes a Hard Look at What Racism Does to Black Genius

7/15/2016 - How the Sun Looks When Your Spacecraft Suddenly Does a Back Flip

7/15/2016 - Drawing Eyes on Cow Butts May Ward Off Hungry Lions

7/15/2016 - Star Trek Beyond: Half a Good Star Trek Movie Is Better Than None

7/15/2016 - This Is NASA's New Mars Rover

7/15/2016 - Take a Look at the Awesome Wearable that Will Let You Use the Force on Sphero's BB-8

7/15/2016 - New Multi-Screen Projection Format Aims to Make Star Trek Beyond an Immersive Experience

7/15/2016 - Sweep Everything Off Your Desk and Make Room for This Lego Pizza Hut Machine

7/15/2016 - Truly Stunning Video Flips Hong Kong on Top of Itself

7/15/2016 - Here's One of Many Looks American Gods' Technical Boy Will Have

7/15/2016 - Coffee Table Showing Boba Fett’s Death Really Ties a Room Together

7/15/2016 - An Encryption Commission Is A Waste Of Time

7/15/2016 - Star Wars Celebration Reveals New Rogue One Planets, Secrets, and Footage

7/15/2016 - This Tablet-Toting Military Vest Is Actually a Giant Battery

7/15/2016 - The XKCD Phone 4: Plenty of Headphone Jacks to Go Around

7/15/2016 - Impossibly Rare Nintendo 64 Disk Drive Discovered By Very Lucky Seattle Man

7/15/2016 - The First Poster for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Shows a Battle in Paradise

7/15/2016 - Roland and the Man in Black Look Mighty Sharp in New Images from The Dark Tower

7/15/2016 - This Photo of Thomas Edison's Hands Was Clickbait in 1919

7/15/2016 - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Has a New Droid That Gives Zero Shits

7/15/2016 - That Spicy Green Paste Next to Your Sushi Is Probably Not Wasabi

7/15/2016 - A New Look at The Making of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

7/15/2016 - Door Automatically Locks When It's Time to Wank

7/15/2016 - Jack Burton's Adventures Continue in the Big Trouble in Little China Tabletop Game

7/15/2016 - Five Things to Know About the Incredibly Weird Moto Z Droid

7/15/2016 - 23 Years of Power Rangers Uniforms, Ranked (Part Three)

7/15/2016 - The Zika Epidemic Has Been Given a Three-Year Expiration Date

7/15/2016 - Gorgeous Minimoog Cutaway Poster Hides 28 Electronic Music Pioneers Inside It

7/15/2016 - Hackers Snag $2 Million From ATMs Without Using Credit Card

7/15/2016 - The Lost Boys Is Finally Getting the Sequel it Deserves, Just in Comic Book Form

7/15/2016 - Movie Review: Ghostbusters Isn't Perfect, But It's So Much Fun You Won't Care

7/15/2016 - 3 Uses for a Second Email Address That Don't Involve Spam

7/15/2016 - Groot Is Still Tiny in the First Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Image

7/15/2016 - Mark Hamill Had a Very Different Idea for Luke's Intro in The Force Awakens

7/15/2016 - 3D-Printed Gatling Gun Fires 48 Rubber Bands in Mere Seconds

7/15/2016 - Experience One of the Darkest Places On the US Coast in This Timelapse

7/15/2016 - The Untold Stories of Ahsoka Tano Broke Our Hearts—And Ahsoka's, Too

7/15/2016 - This Insane Caterpillar Infestation Can Be Seen From Space

7/15/2016 - New Research Shows That Opposites Attract, But Only Under One Condition

7/15/2016 - Dean Devlin Explains Why They're Rebooting Stargate and Sidestepping the TV Shows

7/15/2016 - Fascinating Stop-Motion Film Reveals All the Animation Gear You Never See

7/15/2016 - New 3D Map of the Universe Features a Whopping 1.2 Million Galaxies

7/15/2016 - Star Wars Is Adding Some Gorgeous New Ships For Rogue One

7/14/2016 - 70-Year-Old Tolkien Poem To Be Republished, Will Probably Make You Cry

7/14/2016 - This Statue for a Chinese Warrior Is Very Probably the Most Badass Statue Ever

7/14/2016 - Someone Just Made a New Episode of the 1980s He-Man Cartoon

7/14/2016 - How to Make a DIY Dyson Bladeless Fan with a Water Jug and a Plant Vase

7/14/2016 - Game of Thrones and All the Other Nominations You Care About [Updated]

7/14/2016 - Donald Trump Enslaves Helpless Staff to Make Apparent Pokémon Go Parody

7/14/2016 - Step Into the Enterprise by Touring This Incredible Star Trek Set Recreation 

7/14/2016 - A New Tool on the ISS Could Help Us Find Alien Life

7/14/2016 - Lego's Largest Technic Set Can Dig a Moat Around Your Home

7/14/2016 - Power Man and Iron Fist Have the Right Idea About Marvel's Civil War II

7/14/2016 - Hillary Clinton Enslaves Helpless Pokémon In Desperate Attempt To Seize Presidency

7/14/2016 - First Still from the Power Rangers Movie Shows the Yellow Ranger in Trouble

7/14/2016 - The App You've Never Heard of That's Making Your City Better

7/14/2016 - The Futuristic Department Store Robot of 1924 Was Surprisingly Lifelike

7/14/2016 - The Author of His Dark Materials Has Written His First Graphic Novel

7/14/2016 - Can You Find the iPhone on This Freaking Carpet?

7/14/2016 - Perfectly Timed Photos Reveal Just How Intensely Bright a Lightning Strike Is

7/14/2016 - The 10 Ugliest Headphones Ever Made

7/14/2016 - IKEA Recalls Safety Gates For Hurting Children

7/14/2016 - Scientists Just Discovered Something Extraordinary About Iceland’s Huge Volcano Eruption 

7/14/2016 - Watch the First Eight Minutes of Netflix's Spooky Scifi Series Stranger Things Right Now

7/14/2016 - ISIS Will Use Pokémon Go to Murder Innocent Christians and Spawn Demons (Says Radio Host Pastor)

7/14/2016 - New Super-Man Is More Than an Official DC Comics Chinese Knockoff

7/14/2016 - See How Far Your Budget Will Get You in an Uber

7/14/2016 - Bose SoundSport Wireless Users Are Reporting Problems With 'Heavy Sweat' [UPDATE]

7/14/2016 - Hot Toys' New Rey Figure Is More Bewilderingly Perfect Than Usual

7/14/2016 - A Gigantic List of Tech Leaders Just Publicly Slammed Donald Trump

7/14/2016 - The Trailer for This 'Chinese X-Men' Movie Is Both Gorgeous and Totally Bonkers

7/14/2016 - McDonald's No Longer Offering Free Porn

7/14/2016 - This Massive Shipwreck Graveyard Is Way Bigger Than Scientists Thought

7/14/2016 - Finally Somebody Made a Girly Phone to Fit My Pathetic Lady Hands

7/14/2016 - Soccer Darts Looks Even Harder to Play When You're Drunk

7/14/2016 - Here's Your 'First' Official Look at Roland and the Man in Black in The Dark Tower Movie

7/14/2016 - Absurdly Fast Human Catapult Goes From 0 to 125 Miles-Per-Hour in One Second

7/14/2016 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a YouTube Master

7/14/2016 - In the Mr. Robot Premiere, Evil Still Runs the World

7/14/2016 - The New Ghostbusters Didn't Ruin My Childhood Because That's Not How the Progression of Time Works

7/14/2016 - The CDC Will Pay You For Zika-Infected Semen

7/14/2016 - The Vast Majority of Americans Suffer From Road Rage

7/14/2016 - 13 Questions We Want Answered at Star Wars Celebration Europe

7/14/2016 - Nest's Outdoor Camera Lets You Extend the Range of Your Paranoia

7/14/2016 - Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald's Is On, Source Says

7/14/2016 - Why Is Optimus Prime Battling a Dragon in Transformers: The Last Knight?

7/14/2016 - Nintendo's New Console Is Just Adorable

7/14/2016 - Quench Your Game of Thrones Withdrawal With the Theme Song Played on 64 Disk Drives

7/14/2016 - Mall Suspends Security Robot After It Clobbered a Toddler

7/14/2016 - Drones Will Drop Vaccine-Covered M&Ms to Save Ferrets

7/14/2016 - Learn How to Make a Powerful Parabolic Mirror That Can Burn Wood

7/14/2016 - Pokemon Go Is About to Overtake Snapchat and Google Maps

7/13/2016 - Mr. Robot Has TV By the Balls! (Also Mr. Robot Is Back)

7/13/2016 - Small Groups of Satellites Are More Accurate Because of Teamwork: Study

7/13/2016 - E.T. Is Technically in Star Wars, So I Guess It Goes in the Star Wars Exhibit

7/13/2016 - Nissan Encourages Drivers Not to Be Morons With Its Autopilot Feature

7/13/2016 - Mantis Shrimp Roll Their Eyes, But For A Good Reason

7/13/2016 - Disney Plans Adaptation of Not-So-Wicked Witch Tale Castle Hangnail

7/13/2016 - This Chinese Title for Ghostbusters May Not Be Real, But It Is Totally Amazing

7/13/2016 - These Fearsome Dinosaurs Had Tiny Arms Just Like T. Rex

7/13/2016 - A Movie Adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child May Be Happening

7/13/2016 - NSFW Animation Shows How Awful It Is to Be Stuck on Earth with Somebody After the Apocalypse

7/13/2016 - Descendants: Wicked World Is Going to Include The Emperor's New Groove in Season Two

7/13/2016 - The Fjords of Norway Are So Pretty That They Seem Magical

7/13/2016 - Our First Look at Lego's Upcoming Adventure Time Set Is Missing a Few Characters

7/13/2016 - This First Peek at The Walking Dead's Next Season Is Just as Insulting as Last Season's Cliffhanger

7/13/2016 - Ezra's Got a New Look and a New Lightsaber In the First Clip from Star Wars Rebels Season 3

7/13/2016 - Meet the Guy Taylor Swift Impersonates to Hide Her Identity

7/13/2016 - This Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Might Be the Most Ridiculous Video Game Ever

7/13/2016 - Why Do We Like the Music That We Like?

7/13/2016 - It's Hard to Believe That These Awesome Star Wars Photographs Are of Action Figures

7/13/2016 - Timelapse Footage of Tornado-Spewing Storms Is a Sneak Peek at the Apocalypse

7/13/2016 - Tesla's Autopilot Driving Mode Is a Legal Nightmare

7/13/2016 - Everything You Need to Know Before Watching Mr. Robot 's Second Season

7/13/2016 - Tor Project Completely Replaces Board After Sexual Assault Scandal

7/13/2016 - Someone Bought Einstein's Smelly Leather Jacket for Nearly $150,000

7/13/2016 - This New A Monster Calls Trailer Is Simply Stunning

7/13/2016 - Astronomers Just Spotted a Water Snow Line Around a Star for the First Time

7/13/2016 - The Tough Job of Giving Wonder Woman a New Origin Story

7/13/2016 - Why Paul Feig Dared to Make the New Ghostbusters Movie

7/13/2016 - This Stroller Charges Your Phone Using Generators in Its Wheels

7/13/2016 - Feds Allow Experimental Cancer Trial to Resume Despite Recent Deaths

7/13/2016 - Stare Into the Extremely Evil Face of It's New Pennywise the Clown 

7/13/2016 - Chair of US Propaganda Arm Booted From Russia

7/13/2016 - Supergirl Has Found Its Maggie Sawyer

7/13/2016 - Federal Judge Won't Accept Incredibly Invasive Cell Phone Tracking

7/13/2016 - Stormtroopers Invaded the Episode VIII Wrap Party, and Then Got Their Groove On

7/13/2016 - This Cattle-Herding Robot Will Put Dogs Out of Work

7/13/2016 - Beer Will Finally Get Nutritional Labels

7/13/2016 - Hyper Little Dog-Bot Might Be the World's First Robot Chihuahua

7/13/2016 - 10 Predictions About the Future That Should Scare the Hell Out of You

7/13/2016 - Rey Finds Luke Skywalker in This Gorgeous Force Awakens Poster

7/13/2016 - My Favorite Comic Strip (and Futurist) of All Time Is Getting a Documentary

7/13/2016 - All 60 New and Returning Comic Series Coming From Marvel This Fall

7/13/2016 - Not Even China Could Save the Warcraft Movie

7/13/2016 - We Finally Know Why Jet Lag Is Much Worse Flying East

7/13/2016 - Samsung Finally Gave Us the Laptop Apple Should Have

7/13/2016 - It Looks Like Pokémon Go Is Pursuing a Partnership With McDonald's

7/13/2016 - Best Battery Packs For Stealing Free Energy From the Sun

7/13/2016 - Marvel Is Killing Off One of Its Oldest Superheroes Today

7/13/2016 - A Brilliant Leaning Mechanism Lets This Lego Wheel Corner Like a Motorcycle

7/13/2016 - Let Samuel L. Jackson Explain Game of Motherfucking Thrones to You

7/13/2016 - Almost 4,000 Feet of String Wind Through This Pointlessly Complicated Pulley Clock 

7/13/2016 - Apple's First TV Show Is Called 'Planet of the Apps' 

7/13/2016 - Another Mysterious New Speedster Is Coming to The Flash

7/13/2016 - NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Has Captured Its First Photo Since Arriving at Jupiter

7/13/2016 - In the Battle of Video Services, Vine Isn't Doing So Well

7/13/2016 - Pokemon Go Maniac Refuses to Go to Hospital After Stabbing So He Can Keep Playing

7/13/2016 - Ashley Madison Embarassingly Tries to Pretend It's Not Sleazy

7/12/2016 - A Man's Model Train Hobby Becomes an Artistic Obsession in This Quirky Short Doc

7/12/2016 - How Much Weight Can a Bench Press Bar Lift Before It Gets Bent Out of Shape?

7/12/2016 - Why Is College So Damn Expensive?

7/12/2016 - Hollywood Is Once Again Chasing a Pokémon Movie, Thanks to Pokémon Go

7/12/2016 - Robot Prisoners Trudge to Freedom in This Quick Hit of Scifi Eye Candy

7/12/2016 - Watch a Bowl Get Carved from Wood Using Traditional Methods 

7/12/2016 - The Ewoks Had a Very Unexpected Job After Return of the Jedi

7/12/2016 - Who Wouldn't Watch a Show Called The Astronaut Instruction Manual?

7/12/2016 - Has Supergirl Just Hired Its Cat Grant Replacement?

7/12/2016 - Co-Founder Hits Hyperloop One With Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Assault, Defamation

7/12/2016 - Al Franken Demands That Pokémon Go Creator Explain Its Data Policies

7/12/2016 - What Superhero Role Would Get Matt Damon to Star in Ben Affleck's Batman Movie?

7/12/2016 - Fox Cancels Hellfire But Adds Another Marvel Mutant Show to Its Roster

7/12/2016 - Check Out This Robot's Funky Walking Style

7/12/2016 - Some Movies Are So Worried About Setting Up a Sequel They Forget to be Good

7/12/2016 - Simon Pegg Has a Canonical Explanation For Why Sulu Is Gay in the New Star Trek Universe

7/12/2016 - The FBI Says Its Malware Isn’t Malware Because the FBI Is Good

7/12/2016 - All the Secrets of the Star Wars Galaxy Revealed in Aftermath: Life Debt

7/12/2016 - This Mind-Bending City Skyline Would Be Fun to Live In

7/12/2016 - Meteorologists Need to Start Talking About Climate Change

7/12/2016 - The Director of Kung Fu Panda 3 Is Making an X-Men Meets The Walking Dead YA Film

7/12/2016 - Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Have Finally Shipped

7/12/2016 - This Never Before Seen Microscopic Deep Sea Footage Is Other Worldly

7/12/2016 - How to Extract Pure Gold From Busted Electronics

7/12/2016 - Thanko's Armpit Air Conditioners Are Better Than Any Amazon Prime Day Deal

7/12/2016 - Comic Books Are More Popular Now Than They've Been in 20 Years

7/12/2016 - Security Robot Pwns Toddler at Stanford Mall: Report [Updated]

7/12/2016 - The Flash TV Show Debuts Wally West as Kid Flash, and He's Not Bad at All

7/12/2016 - Prisma Is a Ludicrous Photo Filter App I Never Knew I Wanted

7/12/2016 - Watch Film Legend Ray Harryhausen's Concept Footage for War of the Worlds

7/12/2016 - Genius Alarm Clock App Wakes You Earlier When Traffic Jams Might Make You Late

7/12/2016 - Pomegranates Yield Promising Anti-Aging Compound

7/12/2016 - This Terminator Statue Is Straight-Up a Bust of a Young, Nude Arnold Schwarzenegger

7/12/2016 - We Now Know What Caused the Curiosity Rover to Glitch Out 

7/12/2016 - Amazon Is Fucking Up Its Own Fake Ass Holiday

7/12/2016 - The Wonder Woman Movie Was Written by Zack Snyder, Allan Heinberg, and Geoff Johns 

7/12/2016 - You'll Probably Lose a Finger, But This Toilet Paper Machine Makes Life So Much Easier

7/12/2016 - Power-up Your Walls With This Super Mario Bros. Level 1-1 Poster Set 

7/12/2016 - The Worst Bargains of Amazon Prime Day [Updated]

7/12/2016 - Get to Know Star Trek Beyond's Big New Bad Guy

7/12/2016 - The First Thermal Imaging Phone Made Me Feel Like Predator

7/12/2016 - What a Radioactive Town Looks Like Five Years After the Humans Left

7/12/2016 - This Is the Deepest View Yet Into the Orion Nebula

7/12/2016 - The Army Wants to Make Body Armor Out of Genetically Engineered Spider Silk

7/12/2016 - Get Medieval on Intruders With This Retractable Fencing

7/12/2016 - 5 Reasons Why Hound Is Better Than Siri and Google Now

7/12/2016 - Save a Ton of Money By Sharing Movies With Google's New Family Library

7/12/2016 - It's Time for Even More Speculation About Negan's Kill on The Walking Dead

7/12/2016 - Ancient Cosmic Explosions May Have Impacted Evolution

7/12/2016 - You Can Thank an April Fool's Joke for Bringing You Pokemon Go

7/12/2016 - Woman With Google Docs Name Has Been Getting Harassing Messages

7/11/2016 - Happy Prime Day Eve!

7/11/2016 - Good News, Melissa Benoist's Supergirl Is Getting an Action Figure. Bad News...

7/11/2016 - Watch a Plane Fall Off an Aircraft Carrier After a Cable Suddenly Snaps

7/11/2016 - Here Are 11 Beautiful Pieces of Star Trek Art, Because Why Not?

7/11/2016 - Pokémon Go Was Never Able To Read Your Email [Updated]

7/11/2016 - Skating on a Glass Skateboard Ends Exactly How You'd Expect It to End

7/11/2016 - David Ayer Made Viola Davis Curse Out a Castmate on the Suicide Squad Set

7/11/2016 - Pitching the Perfect Curveball Takes Just the Right Mix of Skill and Physics

7/11/2016 - This Post Has Nothing to Do With Pokémon Go, I Promise

7/11/2016 - Schoolkids Are Virtually and Literally Terrifying in the Let's Be Evil Trailer

7/11/2016 - How Outlander Made a Show Without Any Surprises So Damn Good

7/11/2016 - Dinosaurs More Likely Cooed Than Roared

7/11/2016 - Black Mirror's Smartphone Dystopia Is Here, Thanks to Pokémon Go

7/11/2016 - Watch a Real Life Version of Aquaman's Trident Get Made

7/11/2016 - The First In-Flight TV Entertainment Sounds Pretty Boring

7/11/2016 - Sega's Rent-A-Hero Movie Is Basically Uber for Superheroes

7/11/2016 - This Tiny Robot Lets You Play God With Huge AI

7/11/2016 - Universal May Have Just Cast a Truly Frightening Frankenstein's Monster

7/11/2016 - DC Comics’ Newest Version of Vigilante Isn’t Another White Person

7/11/2016 - This Moody Kill Bill Vol. 1 Poster Is Bloody Brilliant

7/11/2016 - How Historically Accurate Is Saving Private Ryan?

7/11/2016 - Pokémon Go Is Secretly Teaching Americans the Metric System

7/11/2016 - The Freaky Artificial Muscles on this Human Skeleton Are the Future of Robotics

7/11/2016 - Police Believe Pokémon Go Murder Video Is Hoax [Updates]

7/11/2016 - Oh Hell Yes: Big Trouble in Little China and Escape From New York Are Crossing Over in a New Comic

7/11/2016 - There's a New Dwarf Planet Far Beyond Pluto's Orbit

7/11/2016 - Entrepreneurs Are Offering Uber-Style Rides For Pokémon Go Players

7/11/2016 - The Ghostbusters Franchise May Be 'Endless,' But It's All Still Very Much In Flux

7/11/2016 - Pokémon Go Took This Flagging Tech Mainstream

7/11/2016 - Dan Harmon's RPG Adventures Get Animated in a New HarmonQuest Trailer

7/11/2016 - Watching Wingsuiters Base Jump Off This Steep Mountain Will Make You Terrified of Heights

7/11/2016 - Kids Who Bite Their Nails and Suck Their Thumbs Develop Fewer Allergies

7/11/2016 - Dr. Zaius Fondly Remembers Working With 'Chuck' Heston on Planet of the Apes

7/11/2016 - This Bizarre Galaxy Is Younger on the Inside Than the Outside

7/11/2016 - Dungeons & Dragons Is Heading to Magic: The Gathering's Gothic Land of Innistrad

7/11/2016 - Facebook Sued for $1 Billion Over Palestinian Attacks

7/11/2016 - Best Grandpa Ever Built a Private Miniature Disneyland in His Backyard

7/11/2016 - Here's a New Preview of What Disney's Star Wars Land Will Look Like

7/11/2016 - Here's Van Gogh's Starry Night Recreated with 'DNA Origami'

7/11/2016 - Did You Get Laid Playing Pokémon Go?

7/11/2016 - Hamsters Become Talented Self-Portrait Artists While Running on This Wheel

7/11/2016 - How to Stop Your Dang Phone From Ringing in Places It Shouldn't

7/11/2016 - Amazon's New Offices Will Contain Literal Jungle

7/11/2016 - Luggage Made From Recycled Airplane Seats Might Just Be Indestructible

7/11/2016 - Jessica Jones Returns With a New Comic Series This Fall

7/11/2016 - Why Hordes of Moths Crashed the Euro 2016 Final

7/11/2016 - Lego's 4,000-Piece Disney Castle Is Cheaper Than Taking Your Kids to Walt Disney World

7/11/2016 - Even More Absurd Rumors About Peter Capaldi's Future on Doctor Who

7/11/2016 - Pokemon Go Added $7.5 Billion to Nintendo's Value in Two Days 

7/11/2016 - This Battlebot Fight Ends in Flames

7/11/2016 - We Might Be Winning the War Against ISIS, At Least on Social Media

7/11/2016 - Pokemon Go is Already Bigger Than Tinder

7/10/2016 - No, A Man Didn't Cause a Major Car Accident While Playing Pokémon Go

7/10/2016 - Mathematician Explains a Weird Feature of Coin Flips

7/10/2016 - This Is the Photo of the Summer

7/10/2016 - Elon Musk Teases a Secret Tesla 'Master Plan'

7/10/2016 - We Get Our First Look of Sofia Boutella As the Mummy

7/10/2016 - This Guy Used a Drone to Try to Catch Pokémon

7/10/2016 - Water Fleas are the Real Transformers

7/10/2016 - Neanderthals Ate Each Other and Used Their Bones as Tools

7/10/2016 - Armed Robbers Use Pokémon Go To Find 9 Victims

7/10/2016 - Shockingly, Jared Leto Said He Loved Playing the Joker 

7/10/2016 - The Strangest Places Pokémon Go Is Sending its Players [Update]

7/10/2016 - Apollo 11's Source Code Is A Surprisingly Hilarious Artifact Now Online

7/10/2016 - This Video Explains What Happens When Nice Countries Fight

7/10/2016 - Thanks Space For Making These Astronauts Nearsighted 

7/10/2016 - People With Anger Disorder May Have More Trouble Processing Social Cues

7/10/2016 - Dallas Police Reveal Robot Used to Kill Suspect in Cop Shooting

7/9/2016 - Sore Legs Become Pandemic As Pokémon Go Players Accidentally Get Exercise

7/9/2016 - Did You Install This Malicious Pokémon Go App?

7/9/2016 - Climate-Change Think Tank Official Fatally Stabbed in Baltimore

7/9/2016 - A Pinch of Nuclear Forensics Can Change the Way We View Past Blasts

7/9/2016 - Women Sometimes Fake Orgasms to End Coercive Sex

7/9/2016 - Gambit Is Still In The Works Apparently, To Start Filming in 2017

7/9/2016 - The Star Wars Theme Played on Floppy Drives is Glorious

7/9/2016 - Engineers Envision How We Could Grow Drones in Vats

7/9/2016 - Ridiculous Contraption Takes All the Learning Out of Learning the Guitar

7/9/2016 - You Can Contract Fatal Bacteria Just By Sniffing

7/9/2016 - Please, Don't Try Brain Stimulation At Home

7/9/2016 - Uber Makes Riders Take a Moment of Silence for Gun Violence

7/9/2016 - Facebook Will Keep Violent Videos If they 'Raise Awareness'

7/9/2016 - Scientists Find First Instance of Water Clouds Outside Our Solar System

7/8/2016 - Hallmark Has Truly Outdone Itself With This New Star Trek Keepsake Ornament

7/8/2016 - Watch These Dudes Deflect Roman Candle Firework Blasts with a Lightsaber

7/8/2016 - Two Kids Learn the Rules of Their Weird Future in This Experimental Scifi Short

7/8/2016 - Damn, Now Doctor Doom Is Becoming Iron Man Too

7/8/2016 - You and Rihanna Could Totally Geek Out About Star Trek

7/8/2016 - Should Police Use Robots to Kill?

7/8/2016 - The Sheer Force of the Super Typhoon in Taiwan Is Really Scary to See

7/8/2016 - Arya Stark Becomes a Jedi in This Awesome Game of Thrones-Star Wars Mash-Up Art 

7/8/2016 - Nobody Wants to Eat Margarine Anymore

7/8/2016 - Teen Playing Pokémon Go Finds Dead Body Instead: Report

7/8/2016 - The Rise and Fall of Ghostbusters 3

7/8/2016 - If You Bought RAM 15 Years Ago There Could Be Cash in Your Mailbox

7/8/2016 - We Played With a Perfect Replica of Deckard's Gun in Blade Runner

7/8/2016 - The DC CW Universe Has a Bad Case of Barrowmania

7/8/2016 - Watch the Last Scene of Every Pixar Movie

7/8/2016 - Fake Beer Is Just as Bad as You'd Expect

7/8/2016 - Dope's Kiersey Clemons in the Running to Co-Star in The Flash Movie 

7/8/2016 - What We Know About the Bomb Robot Used to Kill the Suspected Dallas Shooter [UPDATE]

7/8/2016 - There's a Secret Message Written Into the Sands of Mars

7/8/2016 - Did This 2010 Episode of Doctor Who Predict Brexit? Not at All, But It's Still Fun to Imagine

7/8/2016 - New Cancer Therapy Leaves Three Dead

7/8/2016 - Learn the True Stories Behind Schlock Masterpieces Like Re-Animator, Robot Jox, Ghoulies, and More

7/8/2016 - Crazy Airplane Flies Under a Biker Doing a Backflip and a Guy Walking on a Tight Rope

7/8/2016 - Genndy Tartakovsky's Luke Cage Comic Is Finally Coming Out

7/8/2016 - Steven Spielberg's Company Will Make the Alien Invasion Drama The Fall

7/8/2016 - Facebook Stands By Technical Glitch Claim, Says Cop Didn't Delete Philando Castile Video

7/8/2016 - The Most Necessary Scifi Movie Spin-Offs of All Time, According to io9 Readers

7/8/2016 - What's Better: Apple Music or Google Play Music?

7/8/2016 - Free Screening in LA: The Back to the Future Documentary About the DeLorean

7/8/2016 - This Is What It Sounds Like When Hulks Cry

7/8/2016 - You've Probably Been to Null Island

7/8/2016 - DC Comics Smashes Its Toys Together for a He-Man/Thundercats Team-up Series

7/8/2016 - The New Ghostbusters Ad-Libbed a Scene to Address Its Haters

7/8/2016 - It’s Going to Be Tougher to Find Drinkable Water on Mars Than We Thought

7/8/2016 - Lift Your Spirits With the Gif Party

7/8/2016 - A Vast Underwater Forest Is Roasting to Death

7/8/2016 - 23 Years of Power Rangers Uniforms, Ranked (Part Two)

7/8/2016 - No, Now This Is Officially the Hottest Earth Has Ever Been [CORRECTION]

7/8/2016 - Sleepy Hollow's Fourth Season Won't Even Be Set in Sleepy Hollow

7/8/2016 - Dallas Police Used a Bomb Robot to Kill Suspect After Shootings

7/8/2016 - Did Pokémon Go Put a Gym in an Actual Graveyard? [Update]

7/8/2016 - Simon Pegg Responds to George Takei: Adding a New Gay Character to Star Trek Would Have Been Worse

7/8/2016 - Facebook Blew It on Messenger Encryption

7/8/2016 - Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Banned From Operating a Lab for Two Years

7/8/2016 - The Walking Dead Season 7 Has Big Plans for Four Familiar Characters

7/8/2016 - Snapchat Sued For Showing Kids Sexually Explicit Content Against Their Will

7/8/2016 - Spotify Wants You to Discover Music From People's Out-Of-Office Emails

7/8/2016 - Charity Finally Discovers Venmo Loophole That Lets Everyone Spam Us

7/8/2016 - Report: Police, Not 'Technical Glitch' to Blame for Removal of Philando Castile Video from Facebook 

7/7/2016 - The Lines in This Trippy Illusion Aren't Actually Moving Around

7/7/2016 - Kiefer Sutherland Is Coming Back for the Flatliners Remake

7/7/2016 - An In-Depth Analysis of Why Game of Thrones' Battle of the Bastards Was So Fantastic

7/7/2016 - George Takei Tried to Convince the Team Behind Star Trek Beyond to Not Make Sulu Gay

7/7/2016 - Russian Special Forces Rations Include Brain Pâté, Among Other Things

7/7/2016 - The Last Desk You'll Ever Need Is About to Get a Price-Hike

7/7/2016 - Why North America Looks the Way it Does

7/7/2016 - The Sole Surviving Print of the Legendary 'Turkish Star Wars' Has Been Found

7/7/2016 - Thor Is Being a God of Mischief on the Ragnarok Set

7/7/2016 - Mr. Robot Just Answered Its Biggest Cliffhanger In a Promo

7/7/2016 - The Man Who Invented Miller Lite Was Suspected of Being a Communist

7/7/2016 - Facebook Blames Removal of Fatal Philando Castile Shooting Video on a 'Technical Glitch'

7/7/2016 - A Completely Unedited Game of Thrones Is Coming to Network TV. What Commercials Should Run With It?

7/7/2016 - Alicia Vikander's Tomb Raider Will Be Released in 2018

7/7/2016 - Florida's Disgusting Algae Bloom Is Now Visible From Space

7/7/2016 - What DC Is Doing Right With the New Versions of Superman and Batman

7/7/2016 - The Original God of Thunder Is Back and Ready to Prove Himself in The Unworthy Thor

7/7/2016 - The Empty Man Movie Adds James Badge Dale as Star, Gets Less Empty

7/7/2016 - Beetles May Hold the Secret to Having Sex With a Super-Long Penis

7/7/2016 - Redditor Gets Old Macintosh From Craigslist, Finds Weird 80s Porn Software [NSFW]

7/7/2016 - Darksaber Teaches Many Lessons About What Not to Do in Star Wars

7/7/2016 - This Cyborg Stingray Is the Coolest Thing You'll See All Day

7/7/2016 - This Planet With Three Suns Shouldn't Even Exist

7/7/2016 - The Ghost in the Shell Movie Doesn't Know Whether Its Main Character Is Japanese or Not

7/7/2016 - The IRS Is Suing Facebook

7/7/2016 - 2016 Will Gain an Extra Second on New Year's Eve

7/7/2016 - Zachary Quinto Will Play a 'Bio-Hacker' in His Return to TV

7/7/2016 - Ex Machina Director Alex Garland's Next Film Is Going to Be Insanely Gorgeous

7/7/2016 - Don't Freak Out Over This Supercut of Horror Movie Jump Scares

7/7/2016 - All '80s Cartoon Heroes and Villains Are Secretly BFFs

7/7/2016 - Hasbro's Comic-Con Marvel Toys Are Down Right Weird (and Awesome)

7/7/2016 - Dating App Bumble Wants To Be the Next LinkedIn

7/7/2016 - Go Download the iOS 10 Public Beta Right Now—If You're a Crazy Person

7/7/2016 - Here’s What We Know About Riri Williams, the 15-Year-Old Black Girl Who’s Going to Be Iron Man

7/7/2016 - Go Download the MacOS Sierra Public Beta Right Now—If You Dare

7/7/2016 - FBI Releases File on Willis Carto, Neo-Nazi Recently Buried at Arlington

7/7/2016 - We Finally Know What's Inside the Crab Nebula

7/7/2016 - Steven Universe Is Finally Doing an All-Musical Episode

7/7/2016 - Sulu Is Gay in Star Trek Beyond and It's Not a Big Deal

7/7/2016 - A Monster Typhoon Is About to Slam Into Taiwan

7/7/2016 - These Windows 10 Apps Are Actually Worth Installing

7/7/2016 - Death of X Will Finally Reveal What the Hell Is Up With Cyclops

7/7/2016 - Don’t Click This

7/7/2016 - Marvel Studios Still Has Cinematic Rights to the Skrulls—Just Not All of Them

7/7/2016 - Curiosity Just Put Itself Into a Precautionary Safe Mode

7/7/2016 - Bryan Cranston Explains How Power Rangers Will Be Very Different From the TV Show

7/7/2016 - This Building Looks Different Every Hour

7/7/2016 - New Data Analysis Suggests Only Six Book Plots Exist

7/7/2016 - Churches Offer Free Wi-Fi to Lure Back Young People

7/6/2016 - NASA Sent Jupiter's Jealous Wife to Check Up on Him and His Satellites

7/6/2016 - Confront Your Darkest Fears and Desires at This Giallo-Themed Art Show

7/6/2016 - Riders of SF's Tech Buses Would Prefer To Keep Their Commutes as Cushy as Possible

7/6/2016 - A Ghostbusters Fan Documentary Hits Netflix Next Week

7/6/2016 - Watch the Exact, Terrifying Moment a Hang Glider Loses Control

7/6/2016 - Open Channel: What Was the Best Comic Book Kiss?

7/6/2016 - You Won't Believe the Shit They Found in Philadelphia's 18th-Century Toilets

7/6/2016 - Watch the Soyuz Launch Three Astronauts to the Space Station Live

7/6/2016 - MST3K Ditches DIY Moon Logo For Streamlined 3D Printed Version

7/6/2016 - The Eventual Aliens Sequel Will Wipe Alien 3 and Resurrection Off the Map

7/6/2016 - Supercut Shows Both Sides of Man Of Steel 's Infamous 'Battle of Metropolis'

7/6/2016 - The Prospects for Alien Life on Titan Keep Getting Better

7/6/2016 - Goats Are More Like Dogs Than We Thought

7/6/2016 - Netflix's 1980s Scifi Throwback Stranger Things Is Must-(Binge-)Watch TV

7/6/2016 - Lightspeed Presents: "Magnifica Angelica Superable" by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz

7/6/2016 - Mr. Bones, Star Wars: Aftermath's Lovably Terrifying Killer Droid, Revealed

7/6/2016 - It's Time to Save the World (Again) in the First Ash vs Evil Dead Season Two Teaser

7/6/2016 - Microsoft Wants 'Bae Interns' to Get 'Lit' at Its Beer Pong Party

7/6/2016 - Feds Call Bullshit on Whole Body Cryotherapy

7/6/2016 - Celebrate Star Trek's 50th Anniversary With a Documentary About Preserving the Enterprise

7/6/2016 - The New Flintstones Comic Has Hipster Cavemen and Postmodern Angst

7/6/2016 - Snapchat Is Ruined

7/6/2016 - Crushing Old Cameras With a Hydraulic Press Is Tragically Fascinating

7/6/2016 - You Can Thank a Mysterious Yeast Mutation for the Invention of Cold Beer

7/6/2016 - Looking Back at Marvel's Wonderfully Weird Comic Adaptation of the First Star Wars Movie

7/6/2016 - Game of Thrones Season Seven May Be Delayed Due to Inclement Weather

7/6/2016 - Octopus Eyes Are Crazier Than We Imagined

7/6/2016 - Greenland Is Building the Perfect Place to Watch the World End

7/6/2016 - This Walking Robot Looks Extremely Drunk

7/6/2016 - CERN Physicists Have Discovered a Batch of New Exotic Particles

7/6/2016 - This Is the Last Thing Japan's Lost Black Hole Satellite Saw Before It Died

7/6/2016 - Can You Name All 185 Movie Monsters on This Crazy Poster?

7/6/2016 - Snapchat Introduces New Feature to Remind You That It Actually Saves Everything

7/6/2016 - What the Hell Is Going On With Rey's Hair in Episode VIII That Daisy Ridley Has to Keep It Secret?

7/6/2016 - Here Are the Best Coolers For Summertime Chilling

7/6/2016 - New Ghostbusters Footage Reveals Slimer Has an Unexpected New Friend

7/6/2016 - Magical Device Produces a Constant Supply of Wine

7/6/2016 - How Long Can You Make Eye Contact Before Shit Gets Weird?

7/6/2016 - Sam Tarly Has a Theory About Why Game of Thrones' Gyroscopes Suddenly Appeared in the Show

7/6/2016 - Half a Million Hoverboards Recalled Because of Fire Hazard

7/6/2016 - Why Didn't Gene Roddenberry Get to Make the 'Kirk Fights Jesus' Star Trek Movie We All Deserved?

7/6/2016 - This Ingenious Car From 1923 Turned Into a Boat

7/6/2016 - NASA Kepler Twitter Account Hacked, Tweets Sexy Butt

7/6/2016 - What Are the Guts of a Dartboard Made of?

7/6/2016 - A 15-Year-Old Black Girl Is Going to Replace Tony Stark As Iron Man

7/6/2016 - How to Shoot 360-Degree Photos With Your Smartphone

7/6/2016 - Trump's Favorite Real Estate Will Get Swallowed by the Ocean

7/6/2016 - Yet Another Tesla Crash Blamed on Autopilot Mode

7/6/2016 - Guy Spends Four Years, $50K Building Giant Computer to Play Tetris

7/6/2016 - Barge-Size Noah’s Ark Is a Creationist’s Wet Dream

7/6/2016 - More Luke Skywalker Clues in New Star Wars Episode VIII Set Footage

7/6/2016 - Google's Self-Driving Cars Can Recognize Cyclist Hand Signals

7/6/2016 - Now Scientists Are Teaching a Robot to Hunt Prey

7/5/2016 - NYC's Elegant Storm-Proofing Proposal Will Probably End Up Being a 'Big Dumb Wall'

7/5/2016 - How Champion Eater Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut Scarfed Down 70 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes 

7/5/2016 - A New Rogue One Trailer Is Coming Next Week

7/5/2016 - BearCam Is Back, Bitches

7/5/2016 - The World's Largest Vertical Farm Is Being Built in New Jersey 

7/5/2016 - How Star Trek Is Attempting to Rule Comic-Con 2016

7/5/2016 - The Killing Joke Trailer, Redrawn in the Style of the Original Comic

7/5/2016 - People Describe the First Time They Drank Gatorade in a Highly Inspirational Video

7/5/2016 - Stanley Kubrick's Daughter Has Some Choice Words for Moon Landing Truthers

7/5/2016 - This Adorable Bunny Is Fake

7/5/2016 - Man Arrested for Attacking Google Headquarters With Molotov Cocktails

7/5/2016 - These Spider-Man Posters Live Up to the Word 'Amazing'

7/5/2016 - We're Getting a Lot of Steven Universe Very Soon

7/5/2016 - Netflix and Comcast Resolve Rivalry With Cold Hard Cash

7/5/2016 - What Science Fiction Spin-Off Movies Are You Dying to See?

7/5/2016 - Kevin Smith Has a Plan for Onomatopoeia, If Only Arrow Would Let Him Do It

7/5/2016 - This Trash-Collecting Spacecraft Will Pit Giant Nets Against a Space Harpoon

7/5/2016 - Hyperloop Connecting Helsinki and Stockholm Turns 300-Mile Trip Into 28 Minute Ride

7/5/2016 - Herpes Outbreak Among Australia’s Green Sea Turtles Likely Triggered by Pollution

7/5/2016 - DC’s New KFC Comic Turns Colonel Sanders Into Fried Chicken Jesus

7/5/2016 - Here's an Exclusive Look at Alex Gibney's New Documentary on Government Malware 

7/5/2016 - Netflix Will Soon Stream CW Shows Mere Days After The Finale

7/5/2016 - Eating Garbage Makes Bears Lazy as Hell, Just Like You and Me

7/5/2016 - Uber Drivers Reveal Their Passengers' Darkest Secrets

7/5/2016 - That True Blood Musical Is Apparently Still Happening

7/5/2016 - A Disgusting Green Sludge is Devouring Florida's Coast

7/5/2016 - The TSA Is About to Make Airport Security Less Terrible

7/5/2016 - Marvel's Teen Heroes Are Making Their Own Activist Superteam

7/5/2016 - Movie Review: Once You Get Past the Farting, Swiss Army Man Is a Revelation

7/5/2016 - The Complete List of Movies and TV Shows On Board the International Space Station

7/5/2016 - The Human Race Evolves to Its Inevitable Conclusion in This Eerie Short

7/5/2016 - The Hot Topic Suicide Squad Clothing Line Manages to Somehow Make the Joker Creepier

7/5/2016 - Government-Funded Zika Study to Use Olympic Athletes as Guinea Pigs

7/5/2016 - Hong Kong's Beaches Are Suddenly Covered in Trash and No One Knows Why

7/5/2016 - Why World Hunger Is Going to Fall to Its Lowest Levels Ever This Decade

7/5/2016 - Cult Classic The Warriors Gets TV Remake From Captain America: Civil War Directors

7/5/2016 - These Earbuds Offer a Perfect Fit Without Wings or Gimmicks

7/5/2016 - Spider-Gwen Adds a Fun Twist to the Peter Parker Origin Story

7/5/2016 - A Badass New Theory On the Origin of Mars' Moons 

7/5/2016 - Brooklyn Is Getting a Big-Ass Captain America Statue

7/5/2016 - PBS Caught Faking Fireworks During 'Live' Fourth of July Celebration 

7/5/2016 - FTC Launches Investigation Into Ashley Madison, CEO Says 'Sorry'

7/5/2016 - There Was So, So Much Drinking on the Original Highlander Set

7/5/2016 - This Guy Keeps Getting Killed in Terrorist Attacks

7/5/2016 - RIP Noel Neill, the First Live-Action Lois Lane

7/5/2016 - How To Make Any Android Phone a Nexus

7/5/2016 - Apple Wants to Let You Become an Organ Donor With a New iPhone Feature

7/5/2016 - Snapchat Is About to Be Overrun With Olds

7/5/2016 - Is There Really Hope For More Crossbones in the Marvel Movie Universe?

7/5/2016 - Juno Had a Glorious View During Its Final Approach to Jupiter

7/5/2016 - China Now Punishes News Outlets For Using Social Media 

7/5/2016 - Scientist Wants to Engineer Locusts Into Remote-Controlled Bomb Detectors

7/5/2016 - Google’s Neural Network Is Now Being Used to Fight Blindness

7/4/2016 - How to Watch the Juno Spacecraft Arrive at Jupiter [Update: We Made It!]

7/4/2016 - There Is No Escape From the Funky Wrath of Godzilactus

7/4/2016 - How to Extract Pure Silver From Shitty Fireworks

7/4/2016 - Stephen Amell Says 'Flashpoint' May Affect Arrow, or Not, Who the Hell Knows, Really

7/4/2016 - How Often Does Life Emerge in the Universe?

7/4/2016 - A NASA Scientist Answers Your Questions About Juno Mission to Jupiter

7/4/2016 - Turns Out, Hedgehogs Are At Home in Cities

7/4/2016 - NASA's Juno Mission Is About to Perform Its Most Dangerous Maneuvers 

7/4/2016 - Preacher Finally Gave Us Some Answers, and Then Things Went Absolutely Insane

7/4/2016 - Internet Access Is Now A Basic Human Right

7/4/2016 - Reminder: Jon Snow Is Awesome

7/4/2016 - How Does A Sparkler Work?

7/4/2016 - Why Halley's Comet Has Such a Wacky Orbit

7/4/2016 - 4 Easy Tricks to Make Firefox Run Faster

7/4/2016 - Watch This and Just Try Not to Get Excited About the Return of Samurai Jack

7/4/2016 - How Infant Corpses Became Prized Medical Specimens

7/4/2016 - How Has It Taken Us This Long to Get Peggy Carter as Captain America?

7/4/2016 - Enormous Landslide Detected in Alaska

7/4/2016 - Watch This Video of Microorganisms in a Pac-Man Maze

7/4/2016 - Could Ghost Rider Turn Up on Agents of SHIELD After All?

7/4/2016 - Israeli Minister Calls Facebook a "Monster"

7/4/2016 - Redditor Made Working Pokemon Game Inside Minecraft

7/4/2016 - China Finished Building Its Alien-Hunting Telescope

7/3/2016 - Talk About Anything In the Great Game of Thrones Withdrawal Thread

7/3/2016 - Steven Spielberg's BFG Is Taking a Box Office Beating

7/3/2016 - New Study Busts the Myth That Knights Couldn't Move Well in Armor

7/3/2016 - Ben Affleck Is Well On His Way to Becoming the Most Murderous Movie Batman

7/3/2016 - The Government's Annual Fireworks Safety Video Gets Quiet and Personal

7/3/2016 - Open Channel: What Was the Last Great Movie Theme Song?

7/3/2016 - NASA's Giant Super Balloon Mission is Called Off Early

7/3/2016 - Make MODOK Great Again

7/3/2016 - Attack on Titan Will Finally Return in Spring 2017

7/3/2016 - Are We Set to Get a New Microsoft Surface Device Soon?

7/3/2016 - The Original Starship Enterprise Has Been Restored to Its Former Glory

7/3/2016 - 12 Devices and Apps to Quantify Your Sleep

7/3/2016 - Rejoice, One Punch Man Is Coming to Toonami Really Soon

7/3/2016 - Does Your Name Sound More Masculine or More Feminine?

7/3/2016 - The Producer Behind the Ghost in the Shell Movie Finally Responds to the Casting Controversy

7/2/2016 - Anna Kendrick Is Aware of Squirrel Girl and Willing to Play Her, So Let's Make This Goddamn Happen

7/2/2016 - This Is the First Legend of Korra Action Figure, You Gotta Deal With It

7/2/2016 - Video Shows Off the Relationship Between Dance and Architecture

7/2/2016 - This 'Hourglass' Liquid Battery Runs on Gravity

7/2/2016 - This Concept Art for Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Akira Is Shockingly Cool

7/2/2016 - Refashion An Uzi Into A Doorbell For All Your Post-Apocalyptic Needs

7/2/2016 - The Post-Apocalypse Is One Big Dance-Off in This Mad Max-Inspired Music Video

7/2/2016 - Descend Into Weirdness With the New Blu-ray of Italian Horror Classic Cat in the Brain

7/2/2016 - Sea Lion Pup, Too Pure For This World, Born at National Zoo

7/2/2016 - Five Amazing Facts About NASA's Mission to Jupiter

7/2/2016 - Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Could Link To Future Movies

7/2/2016 - There's Only Minimal Farting On This Swiss Army Man LP

7/2/2016 - Pixar Doesn't Have Any More Sequels Planned After 2019

7/2/2016 - Cancer Survivor Receives Jaw Thanks to New 3D Printing Technique

7/2/2016 - A British Radio Play Is the Better Independence Day Sequel

7/2/2016 - Expect to See New Data From the Kuiper Belt in 2019

7/1/2016 - Entropy Explains How Life Can Come From Randomness

7/1/2016 - You Might Never Need Another Root Canal With This New Kind of Filling

7/1/2016 - What Happens When a 850 Horsepower Truck Races a 10,000 Horsepower Car

7/1/2016 - Where Are Fireworks Legal?

7/1/2016 - Watch the Construction of the Panama Canal Expansion in This Timelapse

7/1/2016 - It Sure Looks Like the Tesla Driver Was Watching Harry Potter Before Fatal Crash

7/1/2016 - The Best Booze You've Never Heard Of Comes From This Secret Science Lab 

7/1/2016 - Team Ash vs Evil Dead Looks Ready to Kick Deadite Ass in This New Season Two Image

7/1/2016 - J.K. Rowling Has Already Written the Second Fantastic Beasts Film

7/1/2016 - People Can't Stop Stealing Thousands of Pounds of Cheese

7/1/2016 - Watch This Wacky Automated Breakfast Machine Make Eggs, Toast, and Tea

7/1/2016 - Lady Liberty Takes Center Stage on This Stunning Poster for Escape From New York 

7/1/2016 - Here's Another Glimpse of Mutant Dan Stevens on the X-Men TV Series Legion

7/1/2016 - Woman Arrested for Plot to Kill Stephen Hawking

7/1/2016 - Bones Teaches Spock About Love in a New Star Trek Beyond Clip

7/1/2016 - Stop Trying to Rescue Wild Animals by Yourself

7/1/2016 - Welcome to the Gif Party

7/1/2016 - The US Senate Will Finally Stop Using Blackberrys

7/1/2016 - WWII Ad Promised That TV Was Just Around the Corner

7/1/2016 - The Dark Tower Set Photos Reveal an Ominous Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black 

7/1/2016 - 10 Facebook Messenger Secrets You Need to Know

7/1/2016 - Why I Don't Use a Baby Monitor

7/1/2016 - Marvel’s Next Avengers Team Is Gonna Be as Patriotic as Fuck

7/1/2016 - Does Playing Loud Music Kill Your Battery Faster?

7/1/2016 - This Mind-Bending Trick Is Actually Two Illusions in One

7/1/2016 - 23 Years of Power Rangers Uniforms, Ranked (Part One)

7/1/2016 - This Slick Camera Brings Polaroid Into the Digital Age

7/1/2016 - Syfy's Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule (With Links for Cordcutters)

7/1/2016 - This 5-Year-Old Scientist Knows More About Tornadoes Than You

7/1/2016 - Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan Is Like The Terminator, But Set in the Jungle and Terrible

7/1/2016 - You Can Now Collar Your Kid To Save Them From Drowning

7/1/2016 - Here Are the Teen Titans Dressed as the Powerpuff Girls, Just Like You've Always Wanted

7/1/2016 - Plants Can Make Some Decisions Better Than Humans

7/1/2016 - Rowers Will Literally Paddle Through Shit at Rio Olympics

7/1/2016 - What Secret Film Are Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg Working On?

7/1/2016 - The Sound of a Spacecraft Entering Jupiter's Magnetic Field Is Nightmare Fuel

7/1/2016 - The Future of 4K Is For Enthusiasts Only

7/1/2016 - Watch This Machine Put Together Sunday Breakfast

7/1/2016 - Facebook Wants to Turn All of Us Into Fundraisers