2/28/2017 - 360° Video of Goose in Love With Car Shows Why All Local News Should Be 360°

2/28/2017 - In the Latest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer, Star-Lord Meets His Dad

2/28/2017 - The Bitch is Back in the New Alien: Covenant Trailer

2/28/2017 - YouTube Jumps Into the Cordcutter Game With YouTube TV

2/28/2017 - The Rebel Alliance Begins In a New Clip From Star Wars Rebels

2/28/2017 - Hootsuite CEO 'Apologizes' After Telling Reporter to Call 1-800-EAT-DICK

2/28/2017 - Trolls, a Movie I Keep Forgetting Exists, Is Getting a Sequel

2/28/2017 - Watch Batman Pose As Every Other Character In Injustice

2/28/2017 - Billionaire Uber CEO Yells at Bankrupt Driver: 'Some People Don’t Like to Take Responsibility' [Update]

2/28/2017 - David Boreanaz Is So Done With Buffy, So Please Stop Asking Him About It

2/28/2017 - Bread Starts Screwing the Environment Before It's a Loaf

2/28/2017 - Supergirl Does Not Want to Open the Pandora's Box of Alternate Flash and Arrow Heroes

2/28/2017 - Trump Is Rolling Back a Key Obama Rule Protecting US Waters

2/28/2017 - 10 Scifi Curse Words for All Occasions 

2/28/2017 - Static Shock TV Series Finally Returns to DVD on March 28

2/28/2017 - How One Little Amazon Error Can Destroy the Internet

2/28/2017 - Marvel Just Cast Black Bolt in Inhumans

2/28/2017 - Amazon Just Broke the Internet

2/28/2017 - The Latest Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown Reveals So Many Digital Cumberbatches

2/28/2017 - Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: What to Believe [Updated]

2/28/2017 - So, What the Hell Is Star Wars: Rivals?

2/28/2017 - Xbox's New Gaming Subscription Is Just What the Struggling Console Needed

2/28/2017 - Lego's Next Fan-Designed Set Celebrates the Women of NASA

2/28/2017 - Why Do Giant People Die So Young?

2/28/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Marvel's Iron Fist Before His Netflix TV Debut

2/28/2017 - This Laser Reconstruction of a Four-Winged Dinosaur Is Incredible

2/28/2017 - The 4 Best Apps for Recording Calls on Your Phone

2/28/2017 - Google Shames Microsoft For Not Fixing Windows 10 Browser Bug

2/28/2017 - Supergirl Has a Mon-El Problem

2/28/2017 - Snowpiercer 's Bong Joon-Ho Tells a Very Modern Fairy Tale in the First Trailer for Okja

2/28/2017 - The Prospects for Life on TRAPPIST-1 Keep Getting Better

2/28/2017 - Another Former Agents of SHIELD Star Might Be Returning to the Show

2/28/2017 - This WSJ iPhone 8 Rumor Is Absolutely Insane

2/27/2017 - Ordering Your Steak Well-Done Like a Baby Is Also Dumb for Health Reasons

2/27/2017 - A Man Faces a Peaceful End in Beautifully Animated Short Precipicio

2/27/2017 - Tourists Kill Bahamas' Swimming Pigs Because We Can't Have Anything Nice

2/27/2017 - Bill Gates Made a David S. Pumpkins Video and I Want to Die

2/27/2017 - Former Google Engineer Blasts Company's HR Practices After Sexual Harassment Revelation

2/27/2017 - Thrawn's Office on Star Wars Rebels Was Full of Easter Eggs (UPDATED)

2/27/2017 - Leaked Audio: Trump Cares About Food Safety But Only If the Food Is Foreign

2/27/2017 - Humans Cause Most of America's Wildfires

2/27/2017 - The New Plan to Stop Internet Piracy Is Just the Old One on Steroids

2/27/2017 - Genetically Engineered Super Pigs Could Make Your Bacon Better

2/27/2017 - Trump's Plan to Expand the Military Sucks

2/27/2017 - These Are the World's Most Dangerous Superbugs

2/27/2017 - Disney Finally Gives Us a Glimpse of Josh Gad Singing 'Gaston' in Beauty and the Beast

2/27/2017 - Prominent YouTubers Find Great Anti-Semitic Hill to Die on

2/27/2017 - SpaceX Wants to Fly Two Bourgies Around the Moon Next Year

2/27/2017 - Overhyped 'Miracle' Metal Hydrogen Miraculously ‘Disappears'

2/27/2017 - Boston Dynamics' Newest Robot Moves Like a Donkey on Rollerblades

2/27/2017 - South Korea Is Basically Making Officially Licensed Power Rangers Fan Fiction

2/27/2017 - The Nostalgia Tech Trend Is Bad 

2/27/2017 - Our 13 All-Time Favorite Bill Paxton Performances

2/27/2017 - Russia's Mysterious Cyber Treason Case Just Got Even Sketchier

2/27/2017 - Enormous Mudslide Devastates New Zealand Marine Reserve

2/27/2017 - The Return of Samurai Jack Is Everything You Wanted, and So Much More

2/27/2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Builds Tension for Its Trailer and Then Ruins It Completely

2/27/2017 - Trump Is Very Wrong About Clean Coal

2/27/2017 - One of Batman: The Animated Series' Best Episodes Comes to Life in This Card Game

2/27/2017 - Samsung Proudly Declares Its One-Year-Old Phone Incredible [Updated]

2/27/2017 - We Love the Final Trailer for Kong: Skull Island So Much, We Want to Marry It

2/27/2017 - Everything You Can (and Can't) Do With the New Nokia 3310

2/27/2017 - The Latest Cars 3 Trailer Still Has Us Asking Disconcerting Questions About the Reality of the Cars Universe

2/27/2017 - Japanese Schoolkids Train to Be the Next Avengers in Marvel's Newest Anime

2/27/2017 - Scientists: We Shouldn't Bring Back Extinct Species

2/27/2017 - Black Holes May Be Way More Murderous Than We Realized

2/27/2017 - Alienware Proves That Laptop Size Doesn't Have to Matter

2/27/2017 - Get Out Is a Horror Movie Only a Black Person Could Have Made

2/27/2017 - Lenovo's Miix 320 Is an Insanely Cheap Windows Laptop 

2/27/2017 - On The Walking Dead, Eugene May Be the Luckiest Man in the Zombie Apocalypse

2/27/2017 - Riding a Logging Machine Like a Rodeo Bull Is the New Definition of Terror

2/27/2017 - This Deep-Sea Jellyfish Is Beyond Belief

2/27/2017 - Adam Savage Geeks Out Over Ghost in the Shell's Robot Geishas

2/27/2017 - How to Buy a Smart TV That Won't Make Your House Sad

2/27/2017 - First Look at Bright, the Police Drama Starring Will Smith, Orcs, and Magic

2/27/2017 - Could Another Marvel Superhero Be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

2/27/2017 - Photoshop Contest: Oscars Fuck-up Edition

2/27/2017 - Who the Hell Is Going to Buy Sony's Weird Android Projector?

2/27/2017 - Sony Really, Really Wants You to Care About Camera Phones 

2/26/2017 - Report: Trump to Announce Massive EPA Cuts

2/26/2017 - Suicide Squad Is Now an Oscar-Winning Movie

2/26/2017 - Storm Chasers Unite to Give Bill Paxton an Epic Tribute

2/26/2017 - Butch Hartman Draws Deadpool Invading Disney... and Our Hearts

2/26/2017 - Scott Pruitt Is Dead Wrong About Public Perception of the EPA

2/26/2017 - Game of Thrones Actor and Britain's Tallest Man Neil Fingleton Dies at 36

2/26/2017 - Open Channel: Let's Dish About the Oscars!

2/26/2017 - Samsung's Latest Surface-Style Laptops Look So Nice You Might Forget the Exploding Phones

2/26/2017 - Nokia Calls Attention to Itself by Relaunching Obsolete 3310 Dumb Phone

2/26/2017 - SciFi Short Film Project Shows How Amazon's Drones Will Destroy Us All

2/26/2017 - A War Is On to Destroy the Fall Armyworm in Africa

2/26/2017 - Facebook’s Day at CPAC, the Right Wing Nightmare Circus

2/26/2017 - Bill Paxton Dies at 61 After Surgery Complications

2/26/2017 - Leaked Image Shows Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2's Kurt Russell In All His Bearded Glory

2/26/2017 - LG G6 First Impressions: Back to the Basics

2/25/2017 - ZeniMax Asks Court to Halt Oculus Sales Completely

2/25/2017 - Gareth Edwards Used VR to Direct Rogue One's Digital Scenes

2/25/2017 - You'll Never See 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' the Same Way After This Video

2/25/2017 - Batman v Superman 'Wins' Big at Razzie Awards

2/25/2017 - Marvel Games Won't Be Tied to MCU, Which Is the Best Decision They Could Make

2/25/2017 - Doctor Who Teaser Shows New Companion Is Cool With Dying for the Doctor, and She Might

2/25/2017 - Google's Project Ara Was Going to Offer a Tardigrade Aquarium Module

2/25/2017 - Patrick Stewart Is Retiring From X-Men

2/24/2017 - Creepy Critters Befriend a Lonely Princess in Adorable Animated Short Dark Dark Woods

2/24/2017 - Gerard Butler, the God of Egypt Himself, Will Produce A Darker Shade of Magic

2/24/2017 - New Handmaid's Tale Featurette Underscores How Eerily Timely the Story Really Is

2/24/2017 - Why Supergirl Wasn't a Big Part of the CW's DC Crossover Event Last Year

2/24/2017 - We Were Wrong About How the Asteroid Apocalypse Will Go Down

2/24/2017 - I'm Pretty Sure Powerless Is a Sequel to Gotham

2/24/2017 - Just Let This Little Girl's Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Costume Win Every Contest

2/24/2017 - What on Earth Is Marvel Teasing With This Mysterious Hulk/Wolverine Image?

2/24/2017 - Cloudbleed Is a Problem But It Gets Worse

2/24/2017 - Cress Williams Will Be the Star of CW's Black Lightning Show

2/24/2017 - FCC Picks Worst Day Possible to Block Rules Protecting Personal Info [Update]

2/24/2017 - A Brief History of Uber and Google's Very Complicated Relationship

2/24/2017 - This Duckling Debate Shows How Science Really Gets Done

2/24/2017 - Please Don't 'Glue' Your Vagina Shut During Your Period 

2/24/2017 - How The Man in the High Castle Brought Hitler's Future Germany to Life

2/24/2017 - Kentucky Police Remove Punisher Logo From Cop Cars After People Rightfully Point Out He's a Murderer

2/24/2017 - An Alarmingly Early Spring is Sweeping Across the Southern United States

2/24/2017 - This Week's Big New Exoplanet Discovery Is Becoming Science Nerd Fanfic

2/24/2017 - Bitcoin Refuses to Just Die Already

2/24/2017 - How to Make Trump Less of a Dick, With Science

2/24/2017 - Hot Toys' Rocket Raccoon Comes With a Blaster That's Almost Bigger Than He Is

2/24/2017 - Chickenshit Scott Pruitt Is Never Going to Stand Up to the Fossil Fuel Industry

2/24/2017 - As Clone Conspiracy Ends, the Fates of Two Major Spider-Man Villains Are Revealed

2/24/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Cloudbleed, the Latest Internet Security Disaster

2/24/2017 - Samurai Jack Wanted to Show a Dog's Butthole, but Adult Swim Said 'Nope'

2/24/2017 - Scientists Are Creating a Genetic Chainsaw to Hack Superbug DNA to Bits

2/24/2017 - Start the Weekend Off on a Happy Note With the Gif Party

2/24/2017 - The Chemical That Killed Kim Jong-un's Half-Brother Is Horrifying

2/24/2017 - The Expanse, a Show That Started as an Online RPG, Is Getting Its Own Board Game

2/24/2017 - Change Your Passwords. Now. 

2/24/2017 - Updates on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Uncharted, and More

2/24/2017 - Crowdfunding Is the Only Way Americans Know How to Mourn After Engineer Is Killed by Terrorist

2/24/2017 - Apple 'Looking Into' Exploding iPhone 7 After Smoking Hot Video Goes Viral

2/23/2017 - The Inevitable Beauty and the Beast Hot Topic Collection Is Here

2/23/2017 - Timelapse Footage of Sweating Fingerprints Ready to Smear Your Smartphone

2/23/2017 - The Amazon Echo Now Has 10,000 Mostly Useless 'Skills'

2/23/2017 - Twitter's New Abuse Filter Works Great, If Your Name Is Mike Pence

2/23/2017 - The Director of Captain Fantastic Is Making a Film About Solving a Murder in a Virtual City

2/23/2017 - The Mind Behind Dusk City Outlaws Tells Us About the Intricacies of Tabletop Game Design

2/23/2017 - These Newly Discovered Frogs Are Adorable and Already in Peril

2/23/2017 - Here's the Latest on All 17 (and Counting) Possible Upcoming DC Movies

2/23/2017 - A Colonization Mission Goes Horribly Wrong In This First Look at the English Translation of Siberia 56

2/23/2017 - FCC Decides Consumers Don't Need Net Neutrality Transparency

2/23/2017 - The Lego Batman Movie Director Will Bring Nightwing to the Big Screen

2/23/2017 - Bots on Wikipedia Wage Edit Wars Between Themselves That Last For Years

2/23/2017 - Does the Large Hadron Collider Actually Disprove Ghosts?

2/23/2017 - Nuclear Bunker With ‘Thousands’ of Weed Plants Not as Cool as It Sounds

2/23/2017 - Slo-Mo Video Reveals Batteries Become Tiny Missiles When You Light Them on Fire

2/23/2017 - The Expanse's Executive Producer Tells Us Everything That Made Last Night's Big Moment Work

2/23/2017 - That Crumpled Candy Wrapper Remembers What You Did

2/23/2017 - Matt Reeves Is Officially Directing the Next Batman Movie

2/23/2017 - The Pluto System Is Officially the Underworld Realm Now

2/23/2017 - Reflecting on 100 Issues of Astro City With Writer Kurt Busiek

2/23/2017 - Group That Takes Money From Tech Industry Complains That Tech Coverage Is Too Negative

2/23/2017 - Google Blacklists Natural News, the Web's Leading Authority on DIY Ebola Vaccines

2/23/2017 - Creepy Teardown Reveals What's Inside a Robot Designed to Spy on Nature

2/23/2017 - American Gods Arrives on TV This April

2/23/2017 - Why Does the Power of the Flu Shot Change Each Year?

2/23/2017 - Hugh Jackman Would Keep Playing Wolverine if He Could Join the Avengers

2/23/2017 - Treasure Trove of Internal Apple Memos Discovered in Thrift Store

2/23/2017 - Beautifully Detailed T-Rex Bust Was Created Using the Dinosaur Molds from Jurassic Park

2/23/2017 - Should Anyone Own the Most Powerful Gene Editing Technology Ever Invented?

2/23/2017 - Sounds Like Voltron: Legendary Defender Will Be Around For a Good While Yet

2/23/2017 - Watch an Ambush of Tigers Rip a Drone Out of the Sky and Then Eat It

2/23/2017 - Superman's Totally Ready to Be an Evil Dictator Again in the New Injustice 2 Story Trailer

2/23/2017 - Distorted Map Shows Each Country Forced Into Its Time Zone

2/23/2017 - A Wild New 3D Display Uses Lasers and Bubbles to Create Images You Can Walk Around

2/23/2017 - Legion Delves Deep Into David's Mind, and What It Finds Is Terrifying

2/23/2017 - Gorgeous Aerial Footage Makes Me Want to Spend All My Money on a Jetpack

2/23/2017 - Mass Effect: Andromeda's Combat Will Let You Mess Aliens Up Just About Any Way You Want

2/23/2017 - How to Create a Minimalist Desktop to Be Proud Of

2/23/2017 - 10 Tips to Improve Your Mental Math Ability

2/23/2017 - More Behind-the-Scenes Rumors About Deadpool 2

2/23/2017 - Bullshit Artist Dr. Oz Is Doing an Episode About Fake News

2/23/2017 - Pope Tweet Slams Retweet Culture, Receives Thousands of Retweets [Updates]

2/23/2017 - You've Got to Watch This Four Minute Prologue to Alien: Covenant

2/22/2017 - The Hunt For the Next Exoplanet Could Be in the Hands of EVE Online Players

2/22/2017 - Congressman Uses the Old Nukes-Hidden-in-Marijuana Excuse for Stricter Borders

2/22/2017 - The X-Force Movie May Have a New Writer: Joe Carnahan

2/22/2017 - A Cheeky Short That Melds Space Travel, Stanley Kubrick, and One Very Sly Piece of Fruit

2/22/2017 - What Fitbit Paid for Pebble Is Undeniably Sad

2/22/2017 - A New Movie Is Being Described as 'Underwater Armageddon' and We Can't Wait

2/22/2017 - Bruce Wayne's Dumb Cousin Dresses Up as Robin in Powerless Clip

2/22/2017 - An Exciting Discovery May Be Lurking in This Voyager Photo of Saturn

2/22/2017 - 9 Under-the-Radar Movies We Loved, and What Their Directors Are Doing Next

2/22/2017 - All of Wonder Woman's Crazy History in One Comic Collection

2/22/2017 - Hey, Wanna Talk About Who's the Best Fighter in the Batman Family?

2/22/2017 - The First Clip From Samurai Jack Season Five Features a Lot of Bug Carnage

2/22/2017 - Reminder: Amazon Treats Its Employees Like Shit

2/22/2017 - Facebook Sponsors CPAC, Which Sucks And Is Bad

2/22/2017 - The Rogue One Blu-ray Is Filled With Features, But Somehow No Deleted Scenes

2/22/2017 - Robotics Researchers Discovered a Better Way For Insects to Walk

2/22/2017 - What The Expanse Can Teach Us About How Life in Space Will Change Our Bodies

2/22/2017 - Air Force Says It Never Pursued Contracts With Theranos Directly

2/22/2017 - Dramatic Satellite Photo Shows an 'Atmospheric River' Drenching California

2/22/2017 - Is a Two-Headed Snake One Snake or Two Snakes?

2/22/2017 - Captain America: Civil War Is Captured Perfectly in This Insanely Epic New Poster

2/22/2017 - You Can Game on This Super Cheap Laptop, But It Won't Be Pretty

2/22/2017 - Congressional Leaders Just Took a Stand Against Anti-Vaxxers

2/22/2017 - Horizon: Zero Dawn Is a Beautiful Video Game About How Mankind Will Pretty Much End Itself

2/22/2017 - Comcast's New Gigabit Service Isn't the Internet of the Future You've Been Waiting For

2/22/2017 - How to Build an Alarm Clock That Can Only Be Silenced by a Nerf Dart

2/22/2017 - Jamie Chung Will Play Teleporting Mutant Blink in Matt Nix's X-Men Show

2/22/2017 - These Seven Earth-Sized Exoplanets Have Everyone Freaking Out Over Alien Life

2/22/2017 - Your Guide to Steve Rogers' Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Evil Year

2/22/2017 - You Don't Need to Freak Out About the Olive Oil Apocalypse

2/22/2017 - Scientists Add 50,000 Seeds to Arctic Doomsday Vault Because Everything Is Awful

2/22/2017 - Everyone Is Killing Themselves in the Latest Trailer for the Afterlife Drama The Discovery

2/22/2017 - Instagram Releases Self-Improvement Tool for the Worst People You Follow

2/22/2017 - The Vision, 2016's Best Comic, Is Getting a Director's Cut Edition

2/22/2017 - Agents of SHIELD Delivered a Hell of a Great Episode Last Night and Brought Back an Old Friend, Too

2/22/2017 - Turn Doodles Into Furry Cat Monsters With Machine Learning Algorithm

2/22/2017 - Everything That Aftermath: Empire's End Reveals About the New Star Wars Universe

2/22/2017 - Apple Devises Brilliant Name for Fabled Spaceship Campus

2/22/2017 - Barry Allen Gutpunching a Gorilla Was the Most Majestic Thing The Flash Has Ever Done

2/22/2017 - 10 Photoshop Tricks to Fix Your Worst Photos

2/22/2017 - This Iron Fist Featurette Explains a Lot More About the Show Than the Trailers Did

2/22/2017 - Drone Footage of a Draining Dam Looks Like Flying Into a Black Hole

2/22/2017 - The New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Has a Premiere Date, a Cast Photo, and My Heart

2/22/2017 - Yet Another Long-Absent Character Could Be Returning to Game of Thrones

2/22/2017 - Christians Are Mad the Pope Is Still Subtweeting President Trump

2/22/2017 - Texas Turns to Chemical Warfare to Bring ‘Feral Hog Apocalypse'

2/21/2017 - South Koreans May Soon Live to Be 90, But Our Short, Violent Grandkids Won't

2/21/2017 - The New Chewbacca Pens a Heartfelt Letter to Star Wars Fans

2/21/2017 - All These Archer: Dreamland Promos Will Make You Even More Impatient For the New Season

2/21/2017 - The International Mission to Get Bao Bao the Panda Laid

2/21/2017 - Jay Z Is Tech's Hot New Investment Whiz Kid

2/21/2017 - What Can We Do About Donald Trump's Unsecured Smartphone?

2/21/2017 - X-Men Writer Simon Kinberg Rumored to Direct a Dark Phoenix X-Sequel

2/21/2017 - Anti-Mosquito Candles Totally Don't Work

2/21/2017 - Milo Yiannopoulos Proudly Declares Victory After Losing Everything

2/21/2017 - There Is a Knights of the Old Republic Shout-Out in Aftermath: Empire's End That Will Put a Giant Smile on Your Face

2/21/2017 - Donald Trump Has Never Publicly Shaken Hands With a Robot

2/21/2017 - We May Soon Have a Color Wheel for Smell

2/21/2017 - Here Are the 2016 Nebula Award Nominees

2/21/2017 - All These People Are Probably Going to Die in Alien Covenant

2/21/2017 - Game of Thrones' Biggest Asshole Is the First Star of Marvel's Inhumans

2/21/2017 - Spills From Fracking Are Worse Than We Imagined

2/21/2017 - Cocaine Addiction Leads to Buildups of Iron in the Brain

2/21/2017 - Why Daredevil Wanted His Secret Identity Back

2/21/2017 - This 400-Million-Year-Old Worm Monster Is Metal as Hell

2/21/2017 - Obi-Wan Kenobi Suddenly Has a Religious Reason for Lying to Luke About Darth Vader

2/21/2017 - UPS Showcases New Delivery Drone, Fucks Up

2/21/2017 - Watch Alfred Rock Out in The Lego Batman Movie's Big Dance Number

2/21/2017 - Rescuing Government Data From Trump Has Become a National Movement

2/21/2017 - The Millennium Falcon Is Packed in the First Cast Photo From the Han Solo Movie

2/21/2017 - Leaked Sonos PlayBase Actually Has a Chance of Not Sucking

2/21/2017 - Playing Retro Games on These Tiny Arcade Cabinets Is Still More Fun Than on a Smartphone

2/21/2017 - These Futuristic Earbuds Are a Pricey Upgrade to Apple's AirPods

2/21/2017 - The Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Computer Yourself

2/21/2017 - Noted Press Adversary Mark Zuckerberg Shamelessly Panders to Journalists

2/21/2017 - All the Incredible Toys We Saw at New York Toy Fair This Weekend

2/21/2017 - Why This Scientist Is Planning to Take on Washington

2/21/2017 - Guillermo del Toro Finally Admits Hellboy 3 Is Never Ever Happening

2/21/2017 - The Rock Explains Why He Thinks Shazam Villain Black Adam Is a Hero

2/21/2017 - Africa's Elusive Forest Elephants Are Being Poached at a Staggering Rate

2/21/2017 - Canadian Article From 1981 Predicted the Gender Pay Gap Would Disappear by 2017

2/21/2017 - California Will Secede From the United States in the New Comic Calexit

2/21/2017 - Supergirl Just Had a Super Frigid Surprise Cameo

2/21/2017 - More Rumors About the Big Villain of Wonder Woman

2/20/2017 - The President of the United States Owns 3,643 Websites Including IHateTrumpVodka.com

2/20/2017 - Disney Develops a Method for Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room

2/20/2017 - California Braces For Potentially Devastating Floods

2/20/2017 - Adult Swim's Rick and Morty Rickroll Makes Me Want to Burn the Internet

2/20/2017 - Internet Company Snap Is Now Selling Its Spectacles on the Internet

2/20/2017 - Saga's Lying Cat Is the Official Mascot of 2017

2/20/2017 - Cast of The Predator Is Looking 'Beautiful' and Deadly in First Official Photo

2/20/2017 - Latest King Arthur Trailer Is Full of Swords, Prophecies, and Absolute Insanity

2/20/2017 - NASA Scientists Have a Plan to Make Pluto a Planet Again

2/20/2017 - Josh Gad Ambushes Daisy Ridley with the Mother of All Star Wars Spoiler Probes

2/20/2017 - Saudi Arabia Holds Kingdom's First Comic Con

2/20/2017 - The Walking Dead Added Some Kind of Killer Performance Art Group or Something, I Don't Even Know

2/20/2017 - Modding a Porsche 911 to Play Doom Is Absurdly Dangerous

2/19/2017 - Trump's FCC Chair Praises Amazon Prime, Possibly Violating Same Ethics Rules as Kellyanne Conway

2/19/2017 - New York's City-Funded Tech Hub Looks Like a Prison Built by Ikea

2/19/2017 - Ex-Uber Engineer Says the Company Has a Culture of Sexual Harassment

2/19/2017 - ILM Rewrites Time in Latest Doctor Strange Visual Effects Video

2/19/2017 - Some Good News About the Worst Mass Extinction in Earth's History

2/19/2017 - Transformers Monopoly Is a Work of Art You Can Actually Hang on a Wall

2/19/2017 - Pity the Chicken That Laid This Egg Inside an Egg

2/19/2017 - The Most Amazing Marvel Figures Seen at Toy Fair This Year

2/19/2017 - Scientists Protest, Plan to Fight Back Against Trump in Boston

2/19/2017 - Hasbro's 40th Anniversary Star Wars Figures Are an Amazing Throwback

2/19/2017 - First Self-Driving Car Race On a Pro Track Ends With a Crash

2/19/2017 - J. Jonah Jameson Cleans Up the Daily Planet in Hilarious Mash-Up Video

2/19/2017 - This Giant BB-8 Toy That Follows You Like a Puppy Might Be the Ideal Robotic Pet

2/19/2017 - Watch Today's Historic SpaceX Rocket Launch and First-Stage Landing [Updated]

2/18/2017 - Star Wars Rebels Ended With a Bit of a Bombshell This Week

2/18/2017 - Accidental Inbound Missile Warning Scares the Hell Out of American Air Force Personnel 

2/18/2017 - Christian Twitter Users Tell the Pope Why God Believes In Extreme Vetting

2/18/2017 - Grumpy Cat and Garfield Comic Is Either the Worst Idea Ever, or Purrfectly Genius

2/18/2017 - After Pressure, USDA Adds 'a Tiny Fraction' of Animal Abuse Records Back to Website

2/18/2017 - Death of Stalin Gets Reprint for New Movie, Reminds Us Dictators Sucks

2/18/2017 - Life Comes at This Fighting Crab and Octopus Fast

2/18/2017 - I May Have Accidentally Just Adopted a Remarkably Lifelike Robot Baby

2/18/2017 - Why Mine Asteroids When We Can Mine the Deep Sea?

2/18/2017 - US Ambassador Gives 'Make Somalia Great Again' Hat to Somali President Because America Has Become a Parody of Itself

2/18/2017 - This Action Figure Is Our Best Look Yet at Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

2/18/2017 - Lego's New Pirates of the Caribbean Ship Can Open Itself Up Like a Skeleton's Ribcage

2/18/2017 - WGN's Scalped Casts Suicide Squad Alum Alex Meraz as Series Lead

2/17/2017 - Here's a Mysterious Teaser for J.J. Abrams and Stephen King's New Hulu Project, Castle Rock 

2/17/2017 - Watch ILM Turn New York City Into a Giant Twisted Knot for Doctor Strange

2/17/2017 - From Lando to Simba, Donald Glover Was Just Cast in The Lion King [Updated]

2/17/2017 - Samuel L. Jackson Talks the Ending of Split For, You Know, No Reason In Particular

2/17/2017 - Maybe Matt Reeves Won't Direct The Batman After All

2/17/2017 - Jason Segel Is the Only Person Who Can Stop This Guy From Eating Paper Forever

2/17/2017 - Robot Chicken Folks Nab The Worst Villains for New TV Show

2/17/2017 - ILM Will Blow You Away With Digital Breakdown of Rogue One Scarif Battle

2/17/2017 - NASA's Juno Mission Suffers a Frustrating Setback

2/17/2017 - Teacher Suspended After Giving Students Cooking Instructions For Crystal Meth

2/17/2017 - Logan Is Beautiful, Sophisticated, and Still a Kick-Ass Superhero Film

2/17/2017 - No One Is in the Running to Be Doctor Who's Next Doctor Right Now, Dammit 

2/17/2017 - Donald Trump Tours 'Beautiful' Plane He Vowed to Never Fly On

2/17/2017 - Dig Yourself Out for a Trip to the Gif Party

2/17/2017 - New Promo Asks If Power Rangers Are More Like Iron Man or Spider-Man

2/17/2017 - Why Trump's Plan to Bring Back Coal Jobs Makes No Sense

2/17/2017 - Poop May Be the Key to Studying the Most Elusive Animals on Earth

2/17/2017 - This RC Batmobile Has a Real Working Exhaust That Blows Smoke and Our Minds

2/17/2017 - The End Is Coming in More Ways Than One in the New Trailer for HBO's The Leftovers

2/17/2017 - Mass Effect: Andromeda Looks Like It's Giving the Series a Big Combat Upgrade

2/17/2017 - 10 Other Former Teen Idols Who Might as Well Join Riverdale

2/17/2017 - Neil Gaiman's Next Book Will Be the Long-Awaited Sequel to Neverwhere

2/17/2017 - Logan Director Wants to Keep the Wolverine Train Rolling with X-23 Solo Film 

2/17/2017 - Three Ways New EPA Head Scott Pruitt Will Dismantle Environmental Protection

2/17/2017 - Power Company Sends Fire-Spewing Drone to Burn Trash Off High-Voltage Wires

2/17/2017 - Archer Goes Full-On Noir in the First Trailer for Season Eight

2/17/2017 - These Poor Planets Are Why the Internet Shouldn't Be Allowed to Name Things

2/17/2017 - We Have Got to Talk About the Glorious Abs of Marvel's Star-Lord

2/17/2017 - Space Weather Can Alter Electronic Voting Machines

2/17/2017 - The New Star Wars: Aftermath Novel Reveals the Pitiful Fate of Jar Jar Binks

2/17/2017 - Scientists Are Sending a Lethal Pathogen to the Space Station This Weekend

2/17/2017 - In The Institute, James Franco Is a Bad Therapist With a Worse Mustache

2/17/2017 - Spawn Spin-Off Sam & Twitch  Coming to TV With Help From Kevin Smith

2/17/2017 - The Best Alternative OSes You Need to Install Already

2/17/2017 - Tiny Trump Is a Good Meme the President Will Be Very Mature About

2/17/2017 - A New Wave of DC's Bombshells Merch Is Ready to Drop on Your Bank Account 

2/17/2017 - Which Unlimited Data Plan Is the Best? [Updated]

2/17/2017 - 'President Supervillain' Puts Trump's Quotes in Red Skull's Mouth, and It's Disturbingly Perfect

2/17/2017 - The Fantastically Violent Football Board Game Blood Bowl Is Getting Its Own Comic

2/17/2017 - Dramatic Satellite Images Show the Oroville Dam From Drought to Overflow

2/17/2017 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Totally Plural (If You're Bilingual)

2/17/2017 - The Most Bullshit Missions to Mars, Ranked

2/17/2017 - Could Marvel Be Bringing One of Its Oldest Superheroes to Live-Action?

2/17/2017 - How to Pick the Right Router to Save Your Internet

2/17/2017 - Giant Batman Robot Reveals Bruce Wayne's Got Iron Man Envy

2/17/2017 - Trump's New Education Secretary Wants More 'Virtual Schools' and Her Agency to Be Destroyed

2/16/2017 - Zuckerberg Cut a Line About Monitoring 'Private Channels' From His Facebook Manifesto

2/16/2017 - Those Looney Tunes/DC Crossover Comics You Didn't Know You Needed Are Coming

2/16/2017 - Futurama's Bender Reads Chuck Tingle Porn, Shiny Metal Asses Likely Get Bitten

2/16/2017 - There's Going to Be a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Comic Book

2/16/2017 - Ben Reilly Will Ditch His Creepy New Scarlet Spider Costume After Just One Story Arc

2/16/2017 - What Happened to Google Fiber?

2/16/2017 - AT&T Launches Unlimited Plan But There's a Big Catch [Updated]

2/16/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg Posts 6,000-Word Status Update About Nothing

2/16/2017 - Watch ILM Completely Digitally Create the Planets of Rogue One 

2/16/2017 - Sam Raimi Might Take On One of Hollywood's Three Bermuda Triangle Movies

2/16/2017 - Michael Peña Will Save His Family, and the World, From an Alien Invasion

2/16/2017 - For Science, Ants Have to Run on This Never-Ending Treadmill From Hell

2/16/2017 - Emma Watson Reveals Why the Villagers Are the Real Monsters in Beauty and the Beast

2/16/2017 - The Anne Hathaway Monster Movie Colossal Now Has an Official Trailer

2/16/2017 - Madman Manages to Build 20-Foot Tall Fire Tornado Without Burning Down His Entire Country

2/16/2017 - Does Something Have to Be Canonical to Be Good?

2/16/2017 - Another Gravitational Wave Detector Will Help Revolutionize Astronomy

2/16/2017 - This Piano-Playing Computer Makes Me Feel Less Lonely But Also Really Weird Inside

2/16/2017 - What The Hell is Marvel's Generations?

2/16/2017 - The Great Wall Is a Historical Fantasy Epic That Is Fantastically and Historically Bad

2/16/2017 - Congressman Compares Trump Administration to Stranger Things, Becomes Legend

2/16/2017 - Monopoly Is Being Gentrified, One Token at a Time

2/16/2017 - Everyone's Smiling When The Dark Knight Joker and Suicide Squad Joker Fight to the Death 

2/16/2017 - These Crazy 'Living' Gloves Glow When You Touch Certain Chemicals

2/16/2017 - Archie Comics Is Going to Start Releasing Marvel Comics, and That's Not as Weird As it Sounds

2/16/2017 - A Deleted Scene Reveals That Moana Once Had Six Older Brothers

2/16/2017 - This 3,000-Year-Old Bronze Age Sword Is Absolutely Incredible

2/16/2017 - Donald Trump Tweeted About Less Than a Quarter of Those 78 'Underreported' Terrorist Attacks

2/16/2017 - On Legion, David May Have Only Traded One Prison for Another

2/16/2017 - The EPA Just Posted a Mirror Website of the One Trump Plans to Censor

2/16/2017 - Planet Nine Just Got An Unexpected New Team of Hunters

2/16/2017 - The Incredible Mystery of Rey's Last Jedi Haircut Solved Thanks to Empty Toy Box

2/16/2017 - Star-Lord and Thor Get Their Own Excellent, Reasonably Priced Role-Play Gear

2/16/2017 - These Wild Robots Will Compete to Explore the Last Frontier on Earth

2/16/2017 - American Horror Story's Next Season Will Be About the Most Terrifying Thing Imaginable: The 2016 Election

2/16/2017 - How to Figure Out What's Slowing Your Computer Down

2/16/2017 - Intriguing New Details About Finn's Role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2/15/2017 - Learn to Love Loading Icons With This Beautiful Stop-Motion Short

2/15/2017 - Watch 104 Satellites Fire Out of a Rocket In Record-Setting Space Mission

2/15/2017 - Tidy Cat Meets Messy Rat in This Adorable Odd-Couple Animation

2/15/2017 - The Winners of NASA's Space Poop Competition Are Full of Good Ideas 

2/15/2017 - This Black Series Poe Dameron Helmet Is Too Small for Adults and It's Super Unfair (UPDATED)

2/15/2017 - Female-Fronted Horror Anthology XX Finds the Dread in Domesticity 

2/15/2017 - No, We Don't Need a Bullshit Vaccine 'Safety Challenge'

2/15/2017 - Warner Bros Has Made the Awful Decision to Approach Mel Gibson to Helm Suicide Squad 2

2/15/2017 - Feds Find Weed-Slinging Catapult Hanging From Mexican Border Wall

2/15/2017 - Dog Foods Recalled Over Concerns of Euthanasia Drug Contamination

2/15/2017 - Somehow Australia's Favorite Song to Bump Uglies to Is Star Wars' 'Cantina Band'

2/15/2017 - Get a Look at Korra and Asami's First Date in the New Legend of Korra Comic

2/15/2017 - The Amount of Oxygen in the Ocean Has Dropped Thanks to Humans

2/15/2017 - Ethan Embry Gets Possessed in the First Trailer for The Devil's Candy

2/15/2017 - Why the Most Controversial 2020 Mars Rover Landing Site Is Also the Most Exciting

2/15/2017 - 10 Things We Desperately Want to See in Philip Pullman's Follow-Up to His Dark Materials

2/15/2017 - Here's Why Today's Decision On Who Invented CRISPR Matters

2/15/2017 - Elon Musk Tweets and Immediately Deletes That 'The Muslim Immigration Ban Is Not Right'

2/15/2017 - Breaking Down the Origins of the Power Rangers Comic's Evil New Ranger

2/15/2017 - Source Code Perfectly Captures the Claustrophobic Horror of Surveillance State Science

2/15/2017 - Logan Clip Teases X-23's Brutal Origins

2/15/2017 - The Sons of Batman and Superman Make a Brilliant Team

2/15/2017 - This Sea Monster News Is Really Messing Me Up

2/15/2017 - YouTube Stars' Defense of PewDiePie Is Bullshit

2/15/2017 - This Summer, Disney Is Getting a Marvel Theme Park Makeover

2/15/2017 - When Will a Black Actor Get to Have Their Deadpool Moment? 

2/15/2017 - This Feature-Length Film About Iran Destroying the US Military Freaks Me Out

2/15/2017 - Discover the Ancient History of Supernatural Cats in an Excerpt From Angel Catbird Vol. 2

2/15/2017 - The Gory Teaser Trailer for The Void Hints at a Truly Terrifying World

2/15/2017 - Lost Essay Reveals Winston Churchill Was Almost Certain Aliens Exist

2/15/2017 - Walking Through This Lamp-Filled Room Is Like Swimming With Jellyfish

2/15/2017 - Despite Deadpool's Success, Fox Still Second-Guessed Logan

2/15/2017 - Report: Sad Yahoo Deal Somehow Gets Even Sadder

2/15/2017 - People Only Want Fossil's Fashion Smartwatches If They're Cheap as Hell

2/15/2017 - Behold, Frankenstein's Star Wars Ships

2/15/2017 - Pioneer’s New Lightning Earbuds Solve an Annoying iPhone Problem

2/15/2017 - While Kids Teach Beauty and the Beast's Belle How to Dance, This Doll Teaches Them How to Code

2/15/2017 - Benedict Cumberbatch Starring in Dystopian Tragedy Because the World Isn't Sad Enough

2/15/2017 - The Arctic Is in Such Bad Shape That Scientists Propose Refreezing It Ourselves

2/15/2017 - Here's a Friendly Reminder That Nothing in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Was Real

2/15/2017 - NASA Is Sending a Game of Thrones-Inspired Robot Into Space

2/15/2017 - Why These 'Revolutionary' '80s Gadgets Totally Failed

2/15/2017 - Agents of SHIELD Dives Into Total LMD Madness

2/15/2017 - After 17 Years, Philip Pullman Announces a Sequel to His Dark Materials

2/15/2017 - An Obscure Fault in Southern California Is More Dangerous Than We Thought

2/15/2017 - How to Secure Your Home From Corporate Snoopers

2/15/2017 - This New Wearable Version of Simon Will Have You Swatting at Your Face

2/15/2017 - Possible New Details About the CW's Newest DC TV Show Black Lightning

2/15/2017 - The Next Pseudoscience Health Craze Is All About Genetics

2/15/2017 - What Happens When That Enormous Antarctic Ice Shelf Finally Breaks?

2/14/2017 - What's Going on With Kellyanne Conway's Twitter Account?

2/14/2017 - DC's Newest Young Animal Series Is a Deep, Deep Jack Kirby Cut

2/14/2017 - Co-Workers Debate Their Gory Fate in New Clip from James Gunn's The Belko Experiment

2/14/2017 - A Fight Was About to Break Out in This Song Cut From Moana

2/14/2017 - Trump's Bullshit Executive Orders Become Even More Bullshit on White House Website

2/14/2017 - Elon Musk to 'Investigate' Tesla's Fremont Plant

2/14/2017 - National Weather Service Data System Went Down During a Blizzard This Week

2/14/2017 - Disney's Live-Action Mulan Has a Female Director, Which Is Good News, But Unfortunately Also News

2/14/2017 - Terry Pratchett Docudrama Back in Black Is Beautiful and Heartbreaking

2/14/2017 - The White House Finally Convinced Me to Start Using a Secure Messaging App

2/14/2017 - Lego Batman Movie Easter Egg Puts the Batcomputer in Your iPhone

2/14/2017 - Mondo's Poster for Arrival Is Simple, Stunning, and Very, Very Sad

2/14/2017 - Sorry, Ben, But You're a Batman Forever Now

2/14/2017 - Watch Some Animals Eat Each Other While They Bone

2/14/2017 - AMC's Humans Is No Westworld, and That's Why It's So Good

2/14/2017 - Peter Parker Is Getting Another 'Back to Basics' Spider-Man Comic

2/14/2017 - The Biggest Heart in the Solar System Has an Incredible Origin Story

2/14/2017 - Reminder: Never Mess With Anyone Who's Been Involved in a Decades-Long Supernatural War

2/14/2017 - An Enormous Exoplanet Is Having a Strange Influence on Its Star

2/14/2017 - I Want to Visit This 145,000-Piece Lego Jurassic Park Roller Coaster

2/14/2017 - Watching Swamp Thing Beat the Crap Out of Damian Wayne in Injustice 2 Is Immensely Satisfying

2/14/2017 - Archie Comics' TV Universe Will Expand Beyond Riverdale

2/14/2017 - Russia's New Missile Violates a Cold War Treaty But We're Sure Trump Will Tell Putin What's What

2/14/2017 - 12 Things You Might Not Know About Big Trouble in Little China

2/14/2017 - Four Months Later, Julian Assange Still Isn't Dead

2/14/2017 - We Love You So Much, We Made You These Valentines

2/14/2017 - What Happens When the Computer That Keeps You Alive Can Also Put You In Jail?

2/14/2017 - The Lego Cinematic Universe Is More Layered Than You Realized

2/14/2017 - Facebook Will Helpfully Remind You of All Your Romantic Mistakes Today

2/14/2017 - 44 Very Disrespectful Photoshops of Trump's Canadian Handshake That We in No Way Condone

2/14/2017 - Can You Be Friends With a Bear?

2/14/2017 - The Vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road, With the Eyes of Pixar's Cars 

2/14/2017 - Buy These World War II Spy Gadgets But Don't Tell Anyone

2/14/2017 - Toshiba Is $6.3 Billion in the Hole After Some Terrible Business Decisions

2/14/2017 - Thor Continues Being a Terrible Roommate in the First Look at Team Thor, Part 2

2/14/2017 - The Very Best Apps for Saving Money Effortlessly

2/14/2017 - There's a New Actor Playing R2-D2 in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2/14/2017 - Top Science Organization Cautiously Supports Genetically Engineering Humans

2/14/2017 - Great New Samurai Jack Footage Made Even Better With Bonus Genndy Tartakovsky Beatboxing

2/14/2017 - The Mystery of Lena Luthor's Evilness Continues on Supergirl

2/14/2017 - India Is Poised to Set a New Space Record Tomorrow

2/14/2017 - Apple's First TV Show Looks Like a Cry for Help

2/14/2017 - Magic Leap Ensnared in Lawsuit That Accuses Company of Sexism and Misleading Marketing

2/14/2017 - New Concept Art Shows Off Black Panther's Wakanda and Thor: Ragnarok's Villain Hela

2/14/2017 - Uber Has a Murder Problem

2/14/2017 - Melt Your Brain With a Ride Through This Psychedelic Hot Wheels Track Setup

2/14/2017 - Is There Still a Future for Laurel Lance on Arrow?

2/14/2017 - Stream Practically Anything to an Apple TV With These 5 Apps

2/13/2017 - This Plane Fucks

2/13/2017 - Genius Behind Suicide Squad Now Fifth in Line For the Presidency

2/13/2017 - The Creators of Stranger Things Promise the Show Will End on Their Terms

2/13/2017 - Listen to Stephen Fry and Watchmen's Dave Gibbons Discuss the Art of Sound on Comic Books

2/13/2017 - Looks Like WGN Is Finally Getting Around to Making That DC Comics TV Show

2/13/2017 - Dejected Senators Demand 'Basic' Answers After Yahoo Ghosts Congress

2/13/2017 - An Alien Hunter on the Risks and Rewards of Landing on Europa

2/13/2017 - Deathstroke Is Taking On the Teen Titans Again in The Lazarus Contract

2/13/2017 - Is Donald Trump Becoming Pepe The Frog?

2/13/2017 - 5 Reasons You Might Ditch Google Docs For Dropbox Paper

2/13/2017 - Watch Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth Improv the Doctor Strange End Credits Tag

2/13/2017 - Why All Americans Should Be Worried About the Oroville Dam Crisis

2/13/2017 - People Are Writing Love Letters on Twitter to the Ill-Fated Affordable Care Act

2/13/2017 - The 8 Most Inaccurate Depictions of Mars Ever Put on Film

2/13/2017 - Monkeys Learn to Pass a Classic Test For Self-Awareness

2/13/2017 - You Can Help Make the Next Great Exoplanet Discovery From Your Laptop

2/13/2017 - Watch a Pro Snowboarder Utterly Destroy His Own Front Yard

2/13/2017 - The Lego Batman Movie Gave My Daughter a New Way to Understand the Concept of Family

2/13/2017 - What We Know About Unionization Efforts at Tesla's Fremont Plant

2/13/2017 - Dizzying Video Proves Drone Racing Pilots Have Super-Human Abilities

2/13/2017 - What's the Nerdiest Thing You Keep Obsessive Records About?

2/13/2017 - Praise Hera, Mattel's Wonder Woman Dolls Are Glorious

2/13/2017 - The Most Remote Place on the Planet Contains 'Extraordinary' Levels of Toxic Waste

2/13/2017 - Hey, Maybe the X-Men Movies Should Take a Break

2/13/2017 - Photoshop Contest: Trump's Canadian Handshake

2/13/2017 - Members of Trump's Club Can Just Pose With the President's Nuclear Codes Guy Now

2/13/2017 - A Curious Addition to Rey and Kylo Ren's Official Bios Could Be the Key to Star Wars' Future

2/13/2017 - Is Verizon's Resurrected Unlimited Data Plan a Good Deal? [Updated]

2/13/2017 - Vent Your Frustration and Rage With a Working Lego Whac-a-Mole Game

2/13/2017 - Rio's Olympic Venues Look Like Hell Just Six Months After the Games

2/13/2017 - Marvel and Scarlett Johansson Both Want a Black Widow Movie, Still Don't Do Anything About It

2/13/2017 - It Looks a Whole Lot Like the Next iPhone Will Have Wireless Charging

2/13/2017 - IBM CEO Says the Company 'Does Not Have Politics' While Continuing to Collaborate With the Trump Regime

2/13/2017 - Drone Footage Shows New Destruction at the Syrian World Heritage Site of Palmyra

2/13/2017 - The Best Part of Star Trek Beyond Is Coming to Comics This Week

2/13/2017 - I Think The Walking Dead Is About to Get Good Again and It's About Damn Time

2/13/2017 - This Tiny Paper Organ Deserves Its Own Jam Band

2/13/2017 - A Second Game of Thrones Star May Be Joining the X-Men Movie Universe After All

2/13/2017 - Collapsing, Color-Changing Dominoes Are Like Watching a Rainbow Die

2/13/2017 - The Cyborg Villain Kuze Is Revealed in the New Ghost In The Shell Trailer

2/12/2017 - Report: National Security Advisors 'Struggle' to Form Policy From Trump's Tweets

2/12/2017 - California Town Given One Hour to Evacuate Before Dam Spillway Collapses [Updating]

2/12/2017 - Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plans For $80 a Month

2/12/2017 - The Nokia 3310 Was a Frickin' Tank

2/12/2017 - Match.com Bets That Watching The Walking Dead's Zombies Will Make People Want to Fuck

2/12/2017 - Border Agent Demands NASA Scientist Unlock Phone Before Entering the Country

2/12/2017 - Hot Toys Debuts Suicide Squad Batman Figure, and His Cape Is Fabulous

2/12/2017 - The GOP Just Tweeted a Fake Quote From Abraham Lincoln

2/12/2017 - See the Evolution of Movie Magic With Every Oscar Winner for Visual Effects in History

2/12/2017 - This Star Wars Numbers Book Is So Cute It Makes Me Want To Forget Basic Math

2/12/2017 - Department of Education Quotes Famous Civil Rights Activist, Spells His Name Wrong

2/12/2017 - White House Blocks Listing of Bumble Bee As Endangered Species

2/12/2017 - Even DC Actor Laurence Fishburne Knows Marvel Is Kicking DC's Ass

2/12/2017 - Logan Composer Is Getting His Butt Sued Over Allegedly Stolen Lucifer Theme Song

2/12/2017 - Gigantic Bats Are Dying Upside Down, Making Australia's Heatwave Look Like a Horror Movie

2/11/2017 - This Might Be Our First Look at the Klingons in Star Trek: Discovery

2/11/2017 - Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Remade With Windows XP Sounds Is Delightful

2/11/2017 - Here's the First Look at R.L. Stine's Creeptastic Marvel Comic, Man-Thing

2/11/2017 - Beached Whale Situation Gets Worse With Hundreds More Stranded Ashore

2/11/2017 - Theme Park Auctions Off Old Robots That You're Not Supposed to Have Sex With

2/11/2017 - Google Test Of AI's Killer Instinct Shows We Should Be Very Careful

2/11/2017 - Tom Cruise 'Falls' Into Avengers, Harry Potter, and Tons of Other Movies

2/11/2017 - Paper Accidentally Runs Photo of Alec Baldwin Instead of Donald Trump

2/11/2017 - These Pathetic Tweets Are Just How Our Government Works Now

2/11/2017 - Director Says CGI Will Take a Back Seat to Practical Effects in Blade Runner 2049

2/11/2017 - This Is Reportedly the Magic Leap Prototype and It Has a Long Way to Go

2/11/2017 - This Viral Photo of Steve Bannon Is Totally Fake

2/11/2017 - Rumor Has It Matt Reeves Has Signed on to Direct Next Batman Flick

2/10/2017 - Holy Crap, This Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Will Give You Goosebumps

2/10/2017 - And Now, a Very Funny and Unexpectedly Metal Short About the Moon 

2/10/2017 - What Would Happen If a Black Hole Showed Up in Our Solar System? Hollywood and an Expert Answer

2/10/2017 - Westworld's Thandie Newton May Be Joining the Han Solo Movie

2/10/2017 - If This Really Is Bruce Springsteen's Lost Harry Potter Song, It Is Wickedly Terrible

2/10/2017 - NASA Plans to Drill Into Europa's Crust In Search of Life

2/10/2017 - Last Night's Slut-Shaming Episode Was Everything Good and Bad About Riverdale

2/10/2017 - The New Halloween Will Take Place After the First Two

2/10/2017 - The Director of Thor: Ragnarok Is Making a Stop Motion Film About Michael Jackson's Chimpanzee

2/10/2017 - This Is How Nike's Self-Lacing Sneakers Actually Work

2/10/2017 - Castlevania TV Show Producer: 'Video Games Are Like the Dopest Art Form'

2/10/2017 - Trump FCC Chair's Promise to Expand America's Broadband Is Empty

2/10/2017 - Australia Is Hot as Balls Right Now 

2/10/2017 - Simon Says Comic Tells the Unbelievable Story of a Real-Life Nazi Hunter

2/10/2017 - Can We Charge Batteries With Greenhouse Gases?

2/10/2017 - Human Wearing Chimp Suit Chased and Captured During Batshit Zoo Stunt

2/10/2017 - Steve Rogers' Supervillainy Will No Longer Be a Secret In Secret Empire

2/10/2017 - Cut Loose With the Gif Party

2/10/2017 - This Is How Lame You Look Trying to Be Cool Online

2/10/2017 - Everything Star Wars Has Reintroduced From the Old Expanded Universe

2/10/2017 - Will a Radical Plan to Save New Zealand's Birds With Genetic Engineering Work?

2/10/2017 - How to Watch Tonight's Ultra Rare Eclipse and Comet Flyby

2/10/2017 - Airship Maker Vows Giant Flying Ass Will Rise Again

2/10/2017 - The 19 Scifi and Fantasy Movies of Keanu Reeves, Ranked

2/10/2017 - Dodge Is Giving Its New Police Cruiser Some Very RoboCop Upgrades

2/10/2017 - Excessive Radiation Inside Fukushima Fries Clean-up Robot

2/10/2017 - Stranger Things Is Keeping Some of Season Two's Episode Titles Secret and It's Your Fault

2/10/2017 - Report: Facebook Agrees to Independent Audit After Admitting It Screwed Up Its Metrics

2/10/2017 - Lego Batman Has No Shame When It Comes to Promoting His Movie

2/10/2017 - Deep Space 9 Fans Donate $150,000 to Documentary in Less Than a Day

2/10/2017 - This One Weird Face Trick Helps Sailfish Wreck the Shit Out of Prey

2/10/2017 - Hundreds of Whales Are Dead Following a Horrific Mass Stranding in New Zealand

2/10/2017 - There Could Be a Crazy Health Benefit to Eating Stale Bread

2/10/2017 - Samsung's New Chromebook Is a Nearly Perfect Budget Laptop

2/10/2017 - First Peek at the New Giant Robots of Pacific Rim: Uprising

2/10/2017 - Trump's Pick to Oversee Medicare Took Money From Health Contractors While Designing State Health Plans

2/9/2017 - Science Fiction Nightmares Abound in Anthology Film Galaxy of Horrors 

2/9/2017 - Ecuador Can't Wait for Adult Son Julian Assange to Move Out

2/9/2017 - Hulu and Marvel's Runaways Show Has Found Its Supervillain Parents

2/9/2017 - The Halloween Remake Will Come From the Minds Behind Eastbound and Down

2/9/2017 - Relive Your 2000s Music Dreams With This Mashup Maker

2/9/2017 - Here's That Beauty and the Beast/Harry Potter Mashup You Didn't Know You Wanted

2/9/2017 - Snap CEO's Supermodel Fiancée Is Sick of Facebook Stealing Her Man's Ideas

2/9/2017 - You Can Now Open Castle Grayskull, or Your Front Door, Using He-Man's Power Sword

2/9/2017 - Microsoft Is Winning a Battle Against Government Surveillance

2/9/2017 - Elon Musk Responds to Claims of Low Pay, Injuries, and Anti-Union Policies at Tesla Plant [Updates]

2/9/2017 - Psycho Teen Lets People Die Because Wishes Are Cool in Wish Upon Trailer

2/9/2017 - The Guy Who Makes Sure Trump Doesn't Get Hacked No Longer Works at the White House

2/9/2017 - The Sex Addict in Fifty Shades Darker Loved Chronicles of Riddick As a Child

2/9/2017 - Government Ethics Site Keeps Crashing Due to 'Extraordinary' Traffic for Some Reason

2/9/2017 - These Star Wars Soy Sauce Dishes Are Completely Absurd and I Want Them So Bad

2/9/2017 - Quinoa Shouldn't Be a Rich People Food

2/9/2017 - Jeff Bezos Talks to Alexa on the Can

2/9/2017 - What Part of a Character's Origin Story Really Matters?

2/9/2017 - Don't Waste Money on Intel's Top Processor

2/9/2017 - Someone Is Hungry in This Clip From The Girl With All The Gifts

2/9/2017 - World War II Shipwrecks Are Vanishing at a Disturbing Rate

2/9/2017 - Nobody Needs This Silicon Valley-Made Blood Sugar Tracker for 'Wellness' and Lifestyle

2/9/2017 - Dozens of Patients Are Suing a Clinic That Gave Them Fake Alzheimer's Diagnoses

2/9/2017 - Some Asshole Star Just Ripped Apart Halley's Comet's Brother

2/9/2017 - Last Night's Expanse Was More Proof That It's the Best Scifi Show on TV

2/9/2017 - Lev Grossman, Writer of The Magicians, Is Here To Answer Your Questions About Syfy's Hit TV Show

2/9/2017 - New Close-Up Image of Jupiter's South Pole is Mind-Blowingly Beautiful

2/9/2017 - Ben Affleck's Batman Movie May Be Starting Over From Scratch (UPDATED)

2/9/2017 - Scientists Are Building Bee-Like Drones to Fight the Coming Bee-Pocalypse

2/9/2017 - The First Plot Details for Stranger Things Season Two Have Everyone Damaged in Some Way

2/9/2017 - Freakishly Resilient Plants Managed to Survive a 450-Day Ordeal in Outer Space

2/9/2017 - Why Twitter Can't Make Money Off Donald Trump's Insane Tweets

2/9/2017 - Coolio Almost Played Scarecrow in a Schumacher Batman Movie, and We Are Losing Our Damn Minds

2/9/2017 - Why Did an Internet Censorship App Send My Phone to Hardsextube.com?

2/9/2017 - Legion Isn't Just a Good Superhero Show, It's a Great Show, Period

2/9/2017 - A New Deep Space Nine Documentary Reveals What Would Have Happened in Season Eight

2/9/2017 - An Exclusive Look at Some of the New Toys Celebrating Star Wars' 40th Anniversary

2/9/2017 - 5 Cool Skills to Pick Up on a Lunch Break

2/9/2017 - Attaching Razor Blades to a High-Speed Spinning Top Is the Best Worst Idea

2/9/2017 - The Han Solo Movie Is Close to Casting a Very Intriguing New Sidekick

2/9/2017 - One Major Way Eleven Has Changed in Stranger Things Season Two

2/9/2017 - Germany Is Threatening Biohackers With Prison

2/9/2017 - Steve Bannon's Unproduced Movie About Cloning, Nazis, and Walt Disney Sounds Nuts

2/8/2017 - This Narrator's Infectious Intensity Makes Migrating Ants Epic

2/8/2017 - YouTube 'Bug' Has Been Screwing Users' Subscriber Counts

2/8/2017 - Kate McKinnon Will Replace Lily Tomlin as Ms. Frizzle in the New Magic School Bus

2/8/2017 - Oculus' No Good Year Continues With Hundreds of Demo Stations Shutting Down

2/8/2017 - The Director of Disturbing Drama Krisha Has Made an Actual Horror Movie as His Follow-Up

2/8/2017 - Looks Like Tony Stark Has Yet Another New Suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming

2/8/2017 - NASA Has Finally Built a Computer Chip To Survive on Venus

2/8/2017 - Alt-Right Dickheads Bravely Cancel Their Netflix Subscriptions Over 'Dear White People'

2/8/2017 - We're Sorry About This Seriously Bummer Proxima B News

2/8/2017 - Batman v Superman Visual Effects Video Rains Digital Destruction Down on Everyone

2/8/2017 - How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes

2/8/2017 - Winter Is Finally Coming

2/8/2017 - The Star Wars and Doctor Aphra Comics Are Crossing Over

2/8/2017 - Lumberjanes Is Being Turned Into a Children's Novel Series

2/8/2017 - Comcast Isn't Allowed to Say It Has 'America's Fastest Internet' Anymore

2/8/2017 - 5 Ways to Stop Spending So Much on Printing

2/8/2017 - Take a Very Cheap Trip Around the World Using Over 3,300 Google Maps Screenshots

2/8/2017 - Max Landis' Power Rangers Movie Would Have Been Pretty Fantastic

2/8/2017 - America Is Surging Ahead of the Climate Goals Trump's EPA Pick Is Suing to Kill

2/8/2017 - Netflix Has Announced a Castlevania TV Show for 2017

2/8/2017 - TSA Knows Its Racist Profiling Program Doesn't Work

2/8/2017 - What a Nuclear Explosion Can Tell Us About the Formation of the Moon

2/8/2017 - An Innovative New Cancer Therapy Hijacks Bacteria to Fight Tumors

2/8/2017 - The 19 All-Time Weirdest Twin Peaks Moments (So Far)

2/8/2017 - Scary Movie Duo Seeks to Ruin Star Wars with Latest Spoof Film

2/8/2017 - What's Going on Inside Your Keyboard, Explained

2/8/2017 - A Scary New Kind of Malware Is Invading Banks All Over the World

2/8/2017 - Samsung's Battery Factory Caught on Fire Because of Course It Did

2/8/2017 - Deathstroke Looms in the First Trailer for the Next DC Animated Movie, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

2/8/2017 - Lessons From the Sexting App Whose Partyboy CEO Blew Millions Before Burning Out

2/8/2017 - Say Goodbye to Productivity While You Watch This Glowing Pendulum Swing Wildly Around

2/8/2017 - US Customs Won't Tell Me Why It Seized Some Poetry Books

2/8/2017 - American Food Science Is Broken

2/8/2017 - There's a Whole Lot of Ninjas With Giant Robots In the First Trailer for The Lego Ninjago Movie

2/8/2017 - Human Activity May Cause the Bees to Just Give Up 

2/8/2017 - Bill Nye Saves The World With Sex and Fist Bumps in Its First Trailer

2/8/2017 - Iron Fist Unleashes a Badass Colleen Wing Fight Scene to Make You Like It Again

2/8/2017 - George H.W. Bush Wrote a Letter to Donald Trump During the Central Park Jogger Case

2/8/2017 - Bryan Cranston Might Have Confirmed a Major Rumor About the Power Rangers Movie

2/8/2017 - Enormous Pleistocene Landslide Discovered Off the Coast of Australia

2/8/2017 - Dear US Visitors: Homeland Security Would Like Your Passwords, Please

2/8/2017 - You Will Absolutely Wince While Watching Will Arnett Walk Across a Bed of Legos

2/8/2017 - Even More Familiar Faces Who Could Appear in Avengers: Infinity War

2/8/2017 - Massive Genetic Study of North Americans Suggests We Are Even More Diverse Than We Thought

2/7/2017 - Microsoft Kicked in $250,000 for Trump's Big Party Before Speaking Out Against Muslim Ban

2/7/2017 - A Reminder That the Post-Apocalypse Is Never a Good Time to Rely on the Kindness of Strangers

2/7/2017 - If You Bought a Computer When Livestrong Bracelets Were Popular, You Can Probably Get $10

2/7/2017 - RIP Richard Hatch, the Original Apollo and a Tireless Battlestar Galactica Advocate

2/7/2017 - NASA's Rocket Facility in New Orleans Ravaged By Tornadoes

2/7/2017 - We Now Know When Disney's Avatar and Star Wars Theme Parks Will Open

2/7/2017 - Hip Hop and Comics Inspired One of Junot Diaz's Favorite Books of Last Year

2/7/2017 - Important Question: What Do You Think Professor X Does in a Casino?

2/7/2017 - This Congressman Had the Best Response to the House Science Committee's Attacks On the EPA

2/7/2017 - Marvel Studios Is Perfectly Okay With Its Villain Problem

2/7/2017 - Microscopic Crystals Forming Look Like a Forest Growing Impossibly Fast

2/7/2017 - Republicans Aim to Kill Election Technology Standards Agency

2/7/2017 - More Evidence That Fish Oil Supplements Might Be Useless

2/7/2017 - A Look Inside the Comic World's Tribute to the Man Who Created Akira

2/7/2017 - Facebook Makes Bullshit Claim It Would Take 'Wonder Machine' to Track Hate Speech

2/7/2017 - Google Brain Cleans Up Low-Res Photos by Turning Everyone Into a Glitched Out Monster

2/7/2017 - The Bizarre History of Legion, One of Marvel's Most Powerful Mutants

2/7/2017 - Science Teachers on Why Betsy DeVos Is a 'Monstrous Mistake'

2/7/2017 - Genius Professor Turns His Classroom Into a Giant Pinhole Camera

2/7/2017 - This is How You Fold a Record-Breaking Paper Airplane

2/7/2017 - It Took Over 10,000 Bricks to Make This Wearable Lego Batman Jacket

2/7/2017 - The Fifth and Final Season of Orphan Black Starts in June

2/7/2017 - How to Make an Amazon Dash Button That Gives the ACLU $5 Every Time You See Something Terrible

2/7/2017 - The Scariest Thrill Ride in the World Trades Safety for Sheer Terror

2/7/2017 - 10 Samurai Jack Episodes You Need to Rewatch During Its Massive Online Marathon

2/7/2017 - Meet the Body Hacker Trying to Become a Human Vibrator

2/7/2017 - Building Apple’s New Campus Sounds Like a Damn Nightmare

2/7/2017 - Like Its Star, The Lego Batman Movie Tries Way Too Hard to Be Cool

2/7/2017 - Hawaii’s Epic Lava 'Fire Hose' Has Returned With a Vengeance

2/7/2017 - Scientists Have a Crazy Hunch About Why the Sun Is Spinning Too Slowly

2/7/2017 - This 4K Webcam Will Show Your Every Flaw to Your Fans

2/7/2017 - HP Made a Laptop I Actually Want to Use

2/7/2017 - Danny Rand Discovers He Can't Go Home Again in a Giant New Iron Fist Trailer

2/7/2017 - Missy's Doing a Bit of Housekeeping on the Doctor Who Set

2/7/2017 - Watch Bison Return to a Canadian National Park for the First Time in 140 Years

2/7/2017 - The Heroes of the DC/CW Universe Battle Lego Batman's Biggest Foe: Spelling

2/7/2017 - We Should Definitely Replace the Olympics With These Badass Indoor Skydiving Wind Games

2/7/2017 - Our First Official Look at John Boyega In Pacific Rim: Uprising

2/7/2017 - This Giant Black Hole Set a Record for Longest-Ever Lunch

2/7/2017 - 16 Places to Visit Via Webcam That Are Prettier Than Wherever You Are

2/7/2017 - The Next X-Men Movie May Revisit a Major Comic Book Saga

2/7/2017 - IBM Remains Spineless as 31 More Companies Oppose Trump's Muslim Ban [Updated With a Statement From the Collaborators]

2/7/2017 - This Freaky Gecko Detaches Its Giant Scales to Escape Predators

2/6/2017 - '$100,000' Harambe Cheeto Is Everything Stupid About the Internet

2/6/2017 - Humankind's Last Hope Rocks an Amazing Mullet in This Tech Noir Short 

2/6/2017 - Hacker Claims He Hacked 150,000 Printers to 'Raise Awareness' About Hacking

2/6/2017 - The Friday the 13th Reboot Has Been Delayed Yet Again (UPDATED)

2/6/2017 - TV Maker Vizio to Pay Out Millions After Secretly Collecting Customer Data

2/6/2017 - Reddit Is Finally Fixing its Trump Spam Problem

2/6/2017 - This Tiny Disease-Diagnosing Microchip Only Costs a Cent to Make

2/6/2017 - M. Night Shyamalan Drops New Hints About the Upcoming Split Sequel

2/6/2017 - Hmm... Airbnb's Super Bowl Commercial Sure Looks Familiar

2/6/2017 - Resistance to 'Last Resort' Antibiotics Being Spread to Humans by Flies

2/6/2017 - Let's Read Way Too Much Into the First Stranger Things Season Two Footage

2/6/2017 - In a Deleted Doctor Strange Scene, It's Summon Dormammu or Die

2/6/2017 - How Carnivorous Plants Developed a Thirst for Blood

2/6/2017 - 480-Million-Year-Old Slug Looks Like a Horrifying Mutated Bathmat

2/6/2017 - How a Video Game Chat Client Became the Web’s New Cesspool of Abuse

2/6/2017 - Sony's Making a Killer App Movie With the Worst Title I've Ever Seen

2/6/2017 - Justice League Dark Proves That the World Still Needs Much, Much More of Matt Ryan's Constantine

2/6/2017 - A Wild New Helium Compound Could Rewrite Chemistry Textbooks

2/6/2017 - The Full Trailer for Samurai Jack Season Five Is Dark as Hell

2/6/2017 - There May Be Extraterrestrial Dust On Your Rooftop

2/6/2017 - How Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Hopes to Blow You Away a Second Time

2/6/2017 - Flying Cars Are Still Just Two Years Away, Now Brought to You by Uber™

2/6/2017 - Marvel is Giving Luke Cage a Brand New Ongoing Series

2/6/2017 - Take a Quick Tour of the Mind-Boggling Universe of Mathematics

2/6/2017 - A Japanese Effort to Remove Hazardous Space Junk Has Failed

2/6/2017 - Worst Wildfires in Chile's History Have Left Devastation in Their Wake

2/6/2017 - Star Wars Rebels Should Have Left Wedge Antilles Alone

2/6/2017 - Wolverine Doesn't Need His Claws to Be a Badass in This New Logan Clip

2/6/2017 - Optimus Prime Needs Redemption in Transformers: The Last Knight

2/6/2017 - 96 Companies Just Told Trump Where He Can Shove His Muslim Ban [Updated]

2/5/2017 - 36 Australian Beaches Unsafe for Swimming Due to Human Shit

2/5/2017 - Cops Nab Notorious Hog Outlaw 'Piggy Smalls' After Months on the Run

2/5/2017 - The First Footage From Stranger Things Season 2 Is Perfect; Premieres Halloween

2/5/2017 - Super Bowl Spammers Keep Tricking Google's Top Stories Module [Updates]

2/5/2017 - Florida Republican Proposes Bill to Abolish the EPA

2/5/2017 - Hugh Jackman Brings It in the Logan Super Bowl Spot

2/5/2017 - Captain Jack Is Back In the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Super Bowl Spot

2/5/2017 - Look Out! The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Super Bowl Spot is Here

2/5/2017 - How to Build a Remote Control for a Bulldog 

2/5/2017 - The Creature Is Revealed In the Best Life Trailer Yet

2/5/2017 - There's a Lot of Coffee In This Weird, New Twin Peaks Video

2/5/2017 - Alibaba CEO Warns That 'If Trade Stops, War Starts'

2/5/2017 - We're Kind of Bummed These Aren't Actual Stamps

2/5/2017 - Ninjas Assemble In New Images From The Lego Ninjago Movie

2/5/2017 - It's Probably Time for Your Favorite iPhone Apps and Games to Die

2/4/2017 - The Lego Batman Movie Soundtrack Makes Its Play For the Next 'Everything is Awesome'

2/4/2017 - Life's Super Bowl Spot Proves That In Space, People Can Definitely Hear You Scream

2/4/2017 - Judge Breaks Precedent, Orders Google to Give Foreign Emails to FBI

2/4/2017 - It's Going to Be a Long Time Before We Hear About Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who Replacement

2/4/2017 - A Way to Search for Film Recommendations Without the Trolls Ruining Everything

2/4/2017 - Rocket Raccoon's New Comic Series Is a Scifi Heist Caper

2/4/2017 - Animal Welfare Reports and Abuse Data Wiped From USDA Website

2/4/2017 - Steven Universe Shows How Nothing Can Destroy Family, Not Even Alien Abduction

2/4/2017 - Here's Our First, Tiny Glimpse of Samurai Jack Season 5

2/4/2017 - Trump's New Head of Border Patrol Might Want to Delete This Tweet 

2/3/2017 - What Is It With This Week and Creepy Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Toys?

2/3/2017 - The Blackcoat's Daughter Looks Like a Solid Entry in the 'Horror at Boarding School' Genre

2/3/2017 - Tony Dow Is Making a Movie About Waiting In Line for Star Wars Movies

2/3/2017 - Trump's New FCC Chair Is Screwing Everything Up as Fast as He Can

2/3/2017 - IMDB Kills Its Message Boards and Nothing of Value Was Lost

2/3/2017 - Why Chewing Sounds Make You Want to Flip a Table

2/3/2017 - In His Mind, Billy Dee Williams Is Always Lando

2/3/2017 - These Pom-Pom Crabs Are Everybody's Super Bowl Mascot

2/3/2017 - A Brief History of Michael Bay Quitting the Transformers Movies

2/3/2017 - Our First Look at Stranger Things Season Two Is Just Gosh Darn Adorable

2/3/2017 - Nazi Sub Portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark Discovered in the North Atlantic

2/3/2017 - Doctors Pull Live Cockroach From Woman's Skull After Complaints of 'Crawling Sensation'

2/3/2017 - NASA's Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft Just Got an Amazing Side-Quest

2/3/2017 - Suspiria Is Just as Terrifying and Fantastic Now as it Was 40 Years Ago

2/3/2017 - Greg Berlanti's Black Lightning TV Show Is Now Officially Coming to the CW

2/3/2017 - Overeating at the Super Bowl Is Bad, World's Least Surprising Study Finds

2/3/2017 - Facebook Users Are Marking Themselves as 'Safe' From Kellyanne Conway's Made-Up Terror Attack

2/3/2017 - Swirling Underwater Fish Tornado Makes Sharknado Look Tame

2/3/2017 - How a Bike With Infinite Gears Changed The Way I Commute

2/3/2017 - Local News Teaches You How to Wish Teens a Fiery Death in Emoji

2/3/2017 - Let It All Out in the Gif Party

2/3/2017 - The 10 Biggest Changes Powerless Made From Its Original Pilot

2/3/2017 - Here's Elon Musk Giving Donald Trump a Stern Talking to About the Muslim Ban

2/3/2017 - Even Climate Change Deniers Want to Pursue Renewable Energy 

2/3/2017 - You Can Now Listen to Ariana Grande and John Legend's Version of the Beauty and The Beast Theme

2/3/2017 - Watch This Star Tragically Die in a Fart Nebula

2/3/2017 - The Detailed, Depressing Reason Deep Space Nine and Voyager May Never Get Full HD Versions

2/3/2017 - Mars' Northern Ice Cap Looks Like a Gigantic Cinnamon Bun

2/3/2017 - Save $700 and Build Your Own Pair of Self-Lacing Sneakers Using Lego

2/3/2017 - A Look at How Batman Has Totally Taken Over One Batfan’s Life

2/3/2017 - Mysterious Brain Disease in Children Tied to a Popular Fruit

2/3/2017 - The Space Between Us Is as Empty as Its Title Suggests

2/3/2017 - How to Build the Ultimate Movie and Music Server

2/3/2017 - 10 Incredible Robots That Are Inspiring Us to Build the First Artificial Human

2/3/2017 - For $400 You Can Own a Flawlessly Detailed Tiny Replica of Seinfeld's Apartment

2/3/2017 - Radiation Levels Are Soaring Inside the Damaged Fukushima Nuclear Plant

2/3/2017 - How to Turn Nerf's Newest Blaster Into a Foam Bullet Fire Hose

2/3/2017 - I Never Thought I'd Be Jealous of This

2/3/2017 - This Deep Sea Monster Attaches Its Head to Its Neck in the Freakiest Way

2/3/2017 - Sir Anthony Hopkins Knows the Transformers' Secrets in New The Last Knight Footage (UPDATED)

2/3/2017 - Message in a Bottle From Britain Washes Up on American Shores But Look We Got Our Own Problems, OK?

2/3/2017 - Riverdale Could Add Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Its Archie Drama

2/3/2017 - How to Take the Best Pictures with a Dual-Lens Camera

2/3/2017 - Who Is Kevin Harrington, the Peter Thiel Associate Who Just Joined the National Security Council Staff?

2/2/2017 - Check Out the Michael Mann Movies That The Dark Knight Totally Borrowed Scenes From

2/2/2017 - Mesmerizing Video Captures What It's Like to Stay Indoors for Too Long

2/2/2017 - A Beautiful Short Which Proves That a Giant Creature From Space Doesn't Require an Action Scene

2/2/2017 - Why Are the Windows on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner So Much Bigger Than Normal Airplanes?

2/2/2017 - The Lego Batman Movie's Bruce Wayne Is Incapable of Keeping His Secret Identity Secret

2/2/2017 - Ursula K. Le Guin Wants Everyone to Know the Huge Difference Between 'Alternative Facts' and Fiction

2/2/2017 - Why Aaron Sorkin's Screenplay for The Social Network Was So Damn Good

2/2/2017 - This Spider-Man: Homecoming Action Figure Is Amazingly Poseable

2/2/2017 - These Scientists Really Want Their Endangered Salamanders Back, You Asshole

2/2/2017 - This Dwarf Planet's Freaky Ice Volcano Might Not Be Alone After All

2/2/2017 - Holy Crap Snapchat Is Losing a Ton of Money

2/2/2017 - Old Phones Will Become Gold Medals for 2020 Games in Tokyo

2/2/2017 - Here Are the Stars of Marvel's Runaways TV Show

2/2/2017 - Wild Pigs Are Taking Over America and Your County Is Next

2/2/2017 - Uber CEO Quits Trump Business Council [Update]

2/2/2017 - Using Superheroes to Explain Spacetime and Evolution to My Six-Year-Old Kid

2/2/2017 - Here's What Happened the Last Time Ben Kenobi and Darth Maul Had a Rematch

2/2/2017 - These 23 Principles Could Help Us Avoid an AI Apocalypse

2/2/2017 - This WWII Booklet Helped Soldiers Translate From American to Australian

2/2/2017 - No One Has Ever Worn a Better Outfit While Being Chased by a Monster Than in Don't Knock Twice 

2/2/2017 - What Was Our Universe Like Before the Big Bang?

2/2/2017 - Samsung Scores That Sweet, Sweet Trump Tweet

2/2/2017 - How Another Star Wars Side Story Could Help Make the Prequels Better

2/2/2017 - Someone Finally Made an Electric Grill That Doesn't Suck

2/2/2017 - Artist Reveals Giant Bat-Creature That Was Going to Be in Batman v Superman and OH MY GOD SOMEONE SAVE US

2/2/2017 - Guy Gets a String of Tattoos Around His Body That Come to Life When He Spins Around

2/2/2017 - The Screenwriter Behind Arrival Is Writing a New Superhero Comic for Valiant

2/2/2017 - A New Method Could Reveal the Stealthiest Black Holes in the Galaxy

2/2/2017 - Drudge Report Stokes Iran Fears With Fake Missile Photo Featuring Jar Jar Binks

2/2/2017 - Climate Change Will Kill the Groundhog Day Groundhog

2/2/2017 - Arrow Finally Brings Out the True Black Canary

2/2/2017 - Watch Adam Savage Give a Nerf Blaster an Impressive Scifi Movie Prop Makeover

2/2/2017 - Silicon Valley Innovators Disrupt Trump Administration by Drafting a Cool Letter

2/2/2017 - Detailed 3D Floor Plans Reveal Everything You Missed While Binge-Watching Your Favorite Shows

2/2/2017 - This Art of Kamala Khan Isn't Just Gorgeous, It's for a Great Cause

2/2/2017 - That Photo of Police Burning Down Tipis in North Dakota Is Totally Fake

2/2/2017 - These Are the 3D Touch Shortcuts For Your iPhone That Are Actually Useful 

2/2/2017 - The New Ghost in the Shell Teaser Feels Like a Cyborg Fever Dream

2/2/2017 - The Science Behind That Stick Figure Doodle Brought to Life With Water

2/2/2017 - Could a Deadpool/Wolverine Crossover Movie Actually Happen?

2/2/2017 - Frog Tongues Finally Explained by 'Reversible' Saliva

2/2/2017 - Individualist Ants Better Their Colonies’ Future by Dreaming Big

2/1/2017 - Report: Counter-Terrorism Program That Works With Facebook Will Refocus Its Efforts Only on Islam

2/1/2017 - Mr. Motors Was My Father's Name, Please, Call Me Tesla

2/1/2017 - 5 Movie Scenes with Genius Camera Movement

2/1/2017 - One of the Weirdest Cult-Movie Franchises Ever Is Getting a Collected Blu-ray Release

2/1/2017 - An Office Worker's Amazing Discovery Promptly Backfires in This Funny Scifi Short

2/1/2017 - Even the Creator of Black Mirror Says This News Story Is 'Straight Out of Black Mirror'

2/1/2017 - Making Things From Old Skateboard Decks Turns Recycling into Art

2/1/2017 - Reddit Says Goodnight to 'Alt-Right' Community [Updates]

2/1/2017 - NYPD Promises Greater Transparency by Buying Thousands of Body Cams With Mystery Funds

2/1/2017 - J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Are Making a World War II Zombie Movie

2/1/2017 - The Story Behind This Astronaut's Viral Photo Is Even Cuter Than His Dogs

2/1/2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's Dancing Groot Toy Looks Like It's Having the Mother of All Existential Crises

2/1/2017 - Denmark's Monster Wind Turbine Just Smashed the 24-Hour Record For Energy Production

2/1/2017 - A Crucial Star Wars Character Has Just Been Revealed For the First Time 

2/1/2017 - The Expanse Is Back, and It's Become Disturbingly Prescient

2/1/2017 - Soothe Yourself With Every Single Oscar Winner for Best Cinematography

2/1/2017 - Watching Every Day in Groundhog Day Play Out at the Same Time Is Maddening

2/1/2017 - Chuck Hank and The San Diego Twins Is the True Heir to Post-Apocalyptic '80s Action Movies

2/1/2017 - ZeniMax Awarded a Half Billion in Lawsuit Against Facebook

2/1/2017 - Who Will Pay $300,000 for Hitler's Bunker Phone?

2/1/2017 - Bruce Wayne Is a Goddamn Monster

2/1/2017 - Lava Gushing Into the Ocean Looks Like Delicious Tropical Punch

2/1/2017 - Even Your Fast Food's Wrapper Is Bad For You

2/1/2017 - Plan a Great Escape With All of the New Scifi and Fantasy Books in February

2/1/2017 - Trump's Supreme Court Pick Could Shape Bioethics for Generations

2/1/2017 - How Astronauts' Brains Are Changed By Spaceflight

2/1/2017 - Greedo Was a Terrible Bounty Hunter Long Before He Tried to Capture Han Solo

2/1/2017 - How an Interstellar Starship Could Actually Explore Alpha Centauri

2/1/2017 - This Week's Justice League Action Will Feature a Swamp Thing/Solomon Grundy Smackdown

2/1/2017 - New York Sues Over Slow Internet Speeds: 'Time Warner Cable Has Been Ripping You Off'

2/1/2017 - The Lego Batman Movie Has So Many Hilarious Bat-Vehicles

2/1/2017 - This New Invisible Gel Robot Is a Stealthy Underwater Predator

2/1/2017 - The Upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire Short Story Is a Tale of Two Targaryens

2/1/2017 - Scientists Make Mutant Cows That Are Resistant to a Devastating Disease

2/1/2017 - Arrival's Denis Villeneuve Is Officially the Latest Director to Attempt a Dune Adaptation

2/1/2017 - 6 Apps to Secure Your Smartphone Better

2/1/2017 - What Major Villain Could Teri Hatcher Be Playing on Supergirl?

2/1/2017 - This Promising New Tool Can Help Us Find Life on Europa

2/1/2017 - Gorgeous Kitty Paw Nebula Image Proves Cats Really Do Belong In Space