1/31/2017 - Angry Octopus Intimidates Cameraman By Blowing Itself Up Like a Giant Balloon

1/31/2017 - Guess What Science Guy Owns 'About 500' Bow Ties

1/31/2017 - Seeing the Explosion Inside a See Through Engine Shows You How Engines Work

1/31/2017 - The Screenwriter of Arrival Is Working on a New Scifi Film

1/31/2017 - Two Guys Shooting Huge Ass Fireworks at Each Other Somehow Don't Kill Each Other

1/31/2017 - Leaked Video Reveals New Boston Dynamics Robot That Can Perform Amazing Stunts on Two Wheels

1/31/2017 - The Long-Awaited Live-Action Rats of NIMH Movie Has Found Its Director

1/31/2017 - New Report Details Scary Vulnerabilities in Popular Printers

1/31/2017 - Trump Decides the Cyber Will Be Fixed Another Day

1/31/2017 - This Goth Chicken Doesn't Conform to Your Perfect Chicken Society

1/31/2017 - There's a Duet in the Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Called 'Superfriends' Because These Shows Are Adorable

1/31/2017 - An Actual Blacksmith Explains Why You Should Strike While the Iron Is Hot

1/31/2017 - These Days Everyone Needs a Soundproof Cardboard Box to Scream in

1/31/2017 - The Aquaman Movie Adds Literally the Only Villain It Could Add: Black Manta

1/31/2017 - DC's Latest Hanna-Barbera Comic Will Reimagine Snagglepuss as a 'Gay, Southern Gothic Playwright' [UPDATED]

1/31/2017 - Trump's 'Extreme Vetting' for US Visitors Could Involve Social Media Posts and Browser Histories

1/31/2017 - 12 Moments That Defined Peter Capaldi's Run on Doctor Who 

1/31/2017 - 12 Ways to Build Your Own Retro Game Machine

1/31/2017 - The Science of Snot Is Even Grosser Than You Think

1/31/2017 - Lando Calrissian Ponders a Very Important Baby Gift in This Excerpt From Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End

1/31/2017 - We Finally Know How These Exoplanets Get So Freakishly Big

1/31/2017 - Slo-Mo Footage of a Mouse Trap Decapitating a Hot Dog Will Make Your Entire Body Recoil

1/31/2017 - Sam Altman Is a Coward

1/31/2017 - A New Star Trek: Discovery Teaser Reveals Sets, Costumes, Ships and a Captain's Chair

1/31/2017 - What’s Your Favorite Barbara Gordon Moment?

1/31/2017 - Some Dipshit Thought it Was a Good Idea to Put a Shirt on a Dolphin

1/31/2017 - The Fellowship of the Ring Is Still Ready to Take on a Cave Troll

1/31/2017 - What on Earth Is Netflix's 'Special Interest' Category?

1/31/2017 - This Year's GLAAD Award Nominations for Outstanding Comic Prove at Least a Few Things Are Getting Better

1/31/2017 - Sesame Street Trump Is a Nightmare You Can't Unsee

1/31/2017 - This 500-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature Boggles the Imagination

1/31/2017 - Looks Like Gotham Is Finally Going Full Supervillain

1/31/2017 - These Dinosaur Bones Have a Little Meat On Them

1/31/2017 - An Insurance Company Just Filed to Trademark the Name 'Trumpcare'

1/31/2017 - It's Finally Easy to Watch Other Space, the Best Scifi Comedy You've Never Seen

1/31/2017 - The FDA Is Cracking Down On Rogue Genetic Engineers

1/31/2017 - Where Jerome Can Go Next After Gotham's Winter Finale

1/31/2017 - First Genetic Results From Scott Kelly's Year In Space Reveal DNA Mysteries

1/31/2017 - Playmobil's New Ghostbusters Toys Are So Great You'll Wish You Had a Childhood Do-Over

1/31/2017 - IBM's Statement on the Muslim Ban Is Embarrassingly Weak For a Company That Collaborated With the Nazis

1/31/2017 - Lyft Beats Uber for First Time in App Store, But Under Capitalism All Choice Is Meaningless

1/30/2017 - Fitness App CEO Speaks Out Against Trump: 'CREENOM Y RU'

1/30/2017 - The Final Beauty and the Beast Trailer Is the Best One Yet

1/30/2017 - Watch a Skier Almost Hit People on a Ski Lift While Doing a Double Backflip

1/30/2017 - Elon Musk on Digging Big-Ass Tunnel: 'We Have No Idea What We’re Doing'

1/30/2017 - Ben Affleck Will Not Direct the Batman Solo Film

1/30/2017 - The Lego Batman Movie's Bane Figure Is Totally Awesome

1/30/2017 - I Love These Clouds That Airplane Wings Make on Takeoff and Landing

1/30/2017 - The Paradox of Humanizing Star Wars' Stormtroopers

1/30/2017 - At-Home Fertility Test Turns Your Smartphone Into World's Squirmiest Sea-Monkey Tank

1/30/2017 - We'll Return to The Good Place for a Second Season

1/30/2017 - You Aren't Living in a Hologram, Even if You Wish You Were

1/30/2017 - The Curious Case of Wedge Antilles In Rogue One

1/30/2017 - Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who

1/30/2017 - This Blade Runner Fan Film Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

1/30/2017 - A Vast and Spooky Void Is Influencing the Milky Way

1/30/2017 - Marvel and ABC Have Found Their Cloak and Dagger

1/30/2017 - Strapping a GoPro on a Sword Is the Best Way to Watch a Watermelon Get Slaughtered

1/30/2017 - These Storyboards Reveal Another Alternate Ending to Jurassic Park (UPDATED)

1/30/2017 - Silicon Valley Security Officers Protecting Facebook and Others Unionize

1/30/2017 - These Ultra Close-Up Images of Saturn's Rings Are Mind-Blowing

1/30/2017 - The Supergirl TV Series Should Introduce Batwoman Immediately

1/30/2017 - Studio Ghibli's New TV Series Is Pretty, Pleasant, and Punishingly Slow

1/30/2017 - You Are Related to a Horrible Assless Creature

1/30/2017 - The Eventual Highlander Remake Will Combine Stories From Across the Franchise

1/30/2017 - This Condom for Your AirPods Is Totally Unnecessary

1/30/2017 - Two Astronauts Grow to Hate the Shit Out of Each Other in Beyond the Edge

1/30/2017 - PETA Wants Fictional Space Vikings From the Year 40,000 to Stop Wearing Fur

1/30/2017 - Someone Brought a Bird Army on a Flight and Everyone Seems Pretty Chill About It

1/30/2017 - Hugh Jackman Says When He First Started Playing Wolverine, He Sucked

1/30/2017 - Slo-Mo Footage of an Exploding Football Is Better Than the Super Bowl

1/30/2017 - The Last Jedi Now Has a Hilarious Unofficial Theme Song by Mountain Goats' John Darnielle

1/30/2017 - Batman: The Animated Series' Intro Gets a Fantastic Lego Remake

1/30/2017 - The Earth Is Farting on the Moon

1/30/2017 - Stranger Things Star Rallies 'Freaks and Outcasts' in Stirring SAG Award Speech

1/30/2017 - God Save Me From Young, Sexy William Shakespeare and His New TV Show

1/30/2017 - Try Not to Lose Your Lunch on This Bonkers Never-Ending Slip 'N Slide

1/30/2017 - One DC Comics Villain May Not Be In Justice League After All

1/30/2017 - Hackers Shut Down The Key Card Machine In This Hotel Until a Bitcoin Ransom Was Paid [Corrected]

1/30/2017 - How To Get All Your Fitness Tracking Data in One Place

1/30/2017 - Trump's Immigration Ban Is Already Harming Scientists

1/30/2017 - Australian Teen Denied Visa For Space Camp in US Because His Parents Are From Iran

1/29/2017 - Delta Becomes Second Airline in a Week to Ground US Flights Over Computer 'Issues'

1/29/2017 - Why Is the Judicial Branch Missing From WhiteHouse.Gov? [Update: It's Back]

1/29/2017 - Elon Musk Wants Your Help With Suggesting Immigration Changes to Trump

1/29/2017 - An Artist Not Only Makes Beautiful Work, But Gives Them the Best Titles

1/29/2017 - Even the Cast Has Trouble Explaining Legion in a New Video

1/29/2017 - Corpse of Weasel Killed by Large Hadron Collider Displayed in Twisted Museum Exhibition 

1/29/2017 - What's Your Favorite Quote From Science Fiction?

1/29/2017 - As #DeleteUber Trends, Lyft Pledges $1 Million to ACLU

1/29/2017 - It's Officially Easier to Count the Marvel Characters Who Aren't in Infinity War

1/28/2017 - Uber's CEO Praises the 'Magic of America' in Toothless Statement on Immigration Ban

1/28/2017 - All-Corn Diet Turns Hamsters Into Cannibals Who Eat Their Young

1/28/2017 - John Hurt's 8 Most Memorable Scifi and Fantasy Movie Roles

1/28/2017 - Report: CCTV System in Washington, DC Was Hacked Before Inauguration

1/28/2017 - James Cameron Has More Praise for Ridley Scott Than He Does for the Alien Franchise

1/28/2017 - A Heartbreaking Short Film About a Monkey Who Dreams of Space

1/28/2017 - Twitter Releases FBI's Potentially Unconstitutional Requests

1/28/2017 - A Quick Reminder That The Expanse Has Some of the Most Badass Female Characters on TV

1/27/2017 - RIP to Veteran Actor John Hurt, Star of Alien and So Many Other Films We Love

1/27/2017 - The Number of People You Can Fit in the World's Biggest Buildings Is Staggering

1/27/2017 - When You Buy This Princess Leia Portrait, Proceeds Go to Animal Welfare

1/27/2017 - Check Out All the Movies That La La Land References

1/27/2017 - Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown to Star in Godzilla 2

1/27/2017 - Flying Cretaceous Monster Ate Dinosaurs For Breakfast

1/27/2017 - The Art That Helped Make Big Trouble in Little China a Cult Classic Masterpiece

1/27/2017 - Fish Pee On Each Other to Show Who's Boss

1/27/2017 - Compare All the Different Hill Valleys in Back to the Future

1/27/2017 - Watch Football Stars Get Bombed by Ball-Dropping Drones

1/27/2017 - I Bet You Didn't Know There Were This Many Ways to Fear a CGI Baby

1/27/2017 - This Statue of Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot and Rocket Is Completely Precious

1/27/2017 - Incredible Animations Show Real Exoplanets Orbiting Their Stars

1/27/2017 - The FBI's Colossal Failure Investigating GamerGate

1/27/2017 - Cut Footage From Kingsman: The Secret Service Will Be Used in the Sequel

1/27/2017 - A Freak Mumps Outbreak Strikes Washington State

1/27/2017 - NASA Just Launched a Stunning Tribute to the Apollo 1 Disaster

1/27/2017 - The Power Rangers Shows That Never Were

1/27/2017 - Dating App Creates Service for People Who Are Too Lazy to Make Dates

1/27/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg Decides He Won't Sue Hundreds of Hawaiians to Secure His Property

1/27/2017 - Please Stop Remaking The Wizard of Oz

1/27/2017 - Peter Thiel Won't Say If He's Bankrolling Lawsuit Against Techdirt

1/27/2017 - Snowfall in California Went a Long Way to Helping the State's Drought  

1/27/2017 - This Legion Art Installation Will Blow Your Damned Mind

1/27/2017 - These Ikea Beach Chairs Keep Slicing Off People's Fingertips

1/27/2017 - Everything Trump Fucked Up in Science and Technology This Week

1/27/2017 - What the Hell Is the Opening Crawl for The Last Jedi Going to Be?

1/27/2017 - Why McDonald's Big Mac Sauce Tastes Like Ketchup

1/27/2017 - An Inside Look at Comic Book Legend Geof Darrow's Stunning New Art Book

1/27/2017 - Lost Japanese Spacecraft Has Made a Key Measurement on Rosetta's Comet

1/27/2017 - Crazyhead Takes the Buffy Recipe and Makes It Dirtier and Hornier

1/27/2017 - Oh Yes, Apple Just Filed a Patent for a Sick Vape

1/27/2017 - Nerf's Colossal New Gun Blasts 100 Rounds at 70 MPH

1/27/2017 - Did Scientists Actually Turn Hydrogen Into a Metal?

1/27/2017 - Say Goodbye to the Week With the Gif Party

1/27/2017 - New Spider-Man: Homecoming Toys Give Us Our Best Look Yet at Peter Parker's Crappy Homemade Suit

1/27/2017 - Stuff This Windbreaker With Leaves or Newspapers and It Becomes a Warm Emergency Parka

1/27/2017 - USB-C Power Meter Helps You Spot Counterfeit Accessories Before They Fry Your Gadgets

1/27/2017 - A Familiar Villain Is Returning for Black Panther

1/27/2017 - How to Put the Google Pixel's Best Features on Your Phone

1/27/2017 - Museum Finds Real Human Skull in 150-Year-Old Taxidermy Display

1/26/2017 - Making a Pair of Prescription Eyeglasses From Scratch Is So Damn Hard

1/26/2017 - Report: Donald Trump Contacted National Park Chief to Personally Complain About Rude Tweet

1/26/2017 - Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Showdown in This Magical Poster

1/26/2017 - This Butter Factory Sure Looks Like Heaven

1/26/2017 - There's Room for Yet Another Vampire TV Show if Ridley Scott Is Producing It

1/26/2017 - Your Rogue One Faves Are Getting More Backstory In Two New Star Wars YA Novels

1/26/2017 - This Is Quite Possibly the Ugliest Bug Ever Found Trapped in Amber

1/26/2017 - Lego Batman Explains Why He Got His Own Movie: It's Because He's Awesome

1/26/2017 - America's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Got Approved

1/26/2017 - At Least George R.R. Martin Will Publish One A Song of Ice and Fire Story This Year

1/26/2017 - The Secret History of the First Cat in Space

1/26/2017 - Mulan, Disney's Often-Forgotten Princess, Gets an Absolutely Perfect Tribute

1/26/2017 - Things Are Going Insanely Well for Elon Musk Since Trump Got Elected

1/26/2017 - The Uncertain Future of HIV Treatment After the Affordable Care Act

1/26/2017 - Watch This Cheeky Robot Trick a CAPTCHA Into Thinking It's Not a Robot

1/26/2017 - Steven Universe Is Returning to a Weekly Run Next Month

1/26/2017 - Oh God, Verizon Wants to Buy Charter Now?

1/26/2017 - The Tone and Timeline of Deadpool 2 Will Set a Precedent for Future X-Movies

1/26/2017 - Clever Teen Turns His Locker Into a Soda Machine

1/26/2017 - How Civil War II Turned Captain Marvel Into a Supervillain

1/26/2017 - A Groundbreaking Gene-Editing Therapy Eliminated Cancer in Two Infants

1/26/2017 - The Greatest Acting Challenge Is Pretending Not to Be Thrilled to Drive on Mars

1/26/2017 - Why Your Acid Trips Last So Very, Very Long

1/26/2017 - On Riverdale, the CW's Addictive Archie Soap, Friendship Is Magic

1/26/2017 - Amazon Sells Out of 1984 as America Decides to Read a Goddamn Book for Once [Update]

1/26/2017 - What the US Can Learn From Canada's Battle With an Anti-Science Government

1/26/2017 - Latest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Gives Best Look Yet at New Aliens, Enemies

1/26/2017 - Human-Pig Chimeras Suggest a Long Road to Organ Farming

1/26/2017 - Over-the-Top Cinematography Makes Tiny Skateboard Tricks Look Like the Coolest Sport Ever

1/26/2017 - The NSA Has Found a New Way to Categorically Deny FOIA Requests

1/26/2017 - What If Star Wars Was Resolved Without War?

1/26/2017 - Alien Planets Have No Respect for Their Moons

1/26/2017 - Doomsday Clock Moves 30 Seconds Closer to Midnight and We're All Going to Die

1/26/2017 - The Avengers Are Getting a Big New Video Game Series From the Makers of Tomb Raider

1/26/2017 - Sean Spicer Just Tweeted Something That Looks an Awful Lot Like a Password

1/26/2017 - Product Safety Agency Launches Facebook Page, a Subversive Act in the Age of Trump

1/26/2017 - Civil War Is Coming to the Avengers Animated Series, Too

1/26/2017 - Salt Water Is All You Need to Power This Lamp for 80 Hours

1/26/2017 - Why Did Scientists Wait Until Trump to Run for Office?

1/26/2017 - The New X-Men TV Show Will Feature Some Familiar Mutant Heroes

1/26/2017 - 5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home's Wi-Fi

1/25/2017 - University Very, Very Sorry It Gave Lab Students 'Easily Fatal' Doses of Caffeine

1/25/2017 - We All Need This Cute Animal 'Tweet-Off' Right Now

1/25/2017 - Making a Flip Book of a GIF of a Guy Flipping Through a Flip Book of Another GIF Is Genius

1/25/2017 - When You Search ‘Asshole’ on Twitter, President Trump’s Profile Is the First Result [Updated]

1/25/2017 - Restoring a Rusty Butcher's Knife Found in the Trash Back to a Sparkly Blade Is Damn Nice

1/25/2017 - Hopefully, the Third Time Is the Charm for DC's Flash Movie

1/25/2017 - Rush Hour at One of the World's Busiest Airports Means a Never-Ending Line of Airplanes

1/25/2017 - The Team Behind Stranger Things and Arrival Will Adapt Larry Niven's Inconstant Moon

1/25/2017 - New Measurements of the Universe Expanding Tell a Confusing Story

1/25/2017 - Your Two Favorite Things, Pop Culture and Food, Are Joining Up for an Art Show

1/25/2017 - Gotham's Gearing Up for a Totally Batshit Version of a Batman/Joker Showdown

1/25/2017 - President Trump Reportedly Still Using His Favorite Unsecured Cellphone [Updated]

1/25/2017 - A Brief Chat With Elon Musk About Climate Change, Rex Tillerson, and Donald Trump [Update]

1/25/2017 - A New Clip From A Cure For Wellness Reminds Us That Hallways and Accents Are Scary

1/25/2017 - NASA's New Astronaut Suits Are Straight Out of 2001: A Space Odyssey

1/25/2017 - Your Guide to Cable, Marvel Comics' Living Embodiment of Time-Travel Nonsense

1/25/2017 - Trump Staffers Are Reportedly Using Private Email Accounts

1/25/2017 - Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

1/25/2017 - Michael Bay Is Making a 'Sci-Fun' Dystopia Movie Based on Trump and Words Have Lost All Meaning

1/25/2017 - Bryan Singer's Idea of Taking a Break From the X-Men Is Directing the New X-Men TV Show

1/25/2017 - 7 Lies You Shouldn't Tell the People Fixing Your Computer

1/25/2017 - A Wind Turbine With Flapping Wings Might Be Quieter and Safer For Birds

1/25/2017 - Suddenly, Legends of Tomorrow Is DC's Best (and Most Fun) TV show

1/25/2017 - The Kid From Room Is the Latest and Weirdest Addition to the Predator Cast

1/25/2017 - Why Scientists Are Planning Their Own March on Washington [Update: March Date Announced]

1/25/2017 - Ridiculous Rat-Grown Mouse Organ Transplant Cures Diabetic Mice

1/25/2017 - A Hammock for Your Car Gives You a Cheap Home If the Apocalypse Ever Comes

1/25/2017 - The Score From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Sounds as Good as Its Pop Songs

1/25/2017 - Is the Department of Defense Subtweeting Trump? [Updated]

1/25/2017 - This Newborn Seal Will Get You Through Your Garbage Day

1/25/2017 - Josh Gad, Man of the People, Grills Daisy Ridley About The Last Jedi

1/25/2017 - Diabolical Parasite Grows Inside Baby Wasps and Eats Their Brains to Escape

1/25/2017 - The NES Classic Is So Much Better With a Wireless Controller

1/25/2017 - Flint's Drinking Water Is Getting Safer, But the Crisis Isn’t Over

1/25/2017 - As Civil War II Ends, Steve Rogers Lays Out His Plan to Make America Great Again

1/25/2017 - That Photo of Trump in the Oval Office Is Totally Fake

1/25/2017 - What Do You Think the Average Person Knows About Your Favorite Character?

1/25/2017 - Trump's Pipeline Orders Trample Years of Environmental Progress

1/25/2017 - Watch Red Hot Steel Face Off Against a Frozen Lake

1/25/2017 - This Tiny Coin Contains a Microscopic Archive of 1,000 Different Languages

1/25/2017 - Russia Arrests Top Kaspersky Hacking Investigator for Treason

1/25/2017 - New Zealand Could Have Been Part of the United States

1/25/2017 - Trump Has Lots of Options for Inflicting 'Consequences' on the Press

1/25/2017 - Intriguing New Hints for Jon Snow's Next Quest on Game of Thrones

1/25/2017 - Why 466-Million-Year-Old Meteorites Are Still Raining Down on Earth

1/25/2017 - How to Painlessly Run Windows on Your Mac

1/24/2017 - Insecure Scientists Build 1000-Watt 'Super Laser' 10 Times Stronger Than Stupid Regular Lasers

1/24/2017 - 75-Year-Old Texas Woman Flies Through Tornado in Bathtub, Lands in Woods Unharmed

1/24/2017 - Holy Crap, This Passenger Train Totally Obliterated a FedEx Truck

1/24/2017 - Which One of These Climate Change Tweets Will the Trump Administration Delete First?

1/24/2017 - These Gorgeous Planetary Vistas Are Real Models, Not CGI Magic

1/24/2017 - Watch the World's First Double Backflip on a Snowmobile

1/24/2017 - Elon Musk, a 'Team' Player, Tweets Support For Rex Tillerson [Just Stop Tweeting]

1/24/2017 - Matt Nix's X-Men TV Show Is Officially Happening

1/24/2017 - You've Been Wrong About Where the Death Star Trench Was for Your Entire Life

1/24/2017 - Australian Zoo Wants You to Catch Deadly Venomous Spiders 

1/24/2017 - The Leftovers Announces Its Final Season With Appropriately Apocalyptic Teasers

1/24/2017 - Why Space Fanatics Are Freaking Out About SpaceX's Next Launch

1/24/2017 - Scenes from Shrek Side-By-Side With Scenes of the Movies Shrek Makes Fun Of

1/24/2017 - A Look Back at Star Trek: Nemesis, the Film That Killed a Franchise

1/24/2017 - Apple's Night Shift Is Finally Coming to macOS

1/24/2017 - National Parks Service Can't Stop Serving Trump Shade on Twitter [Update]

1/24/2017 - J.Y. Yang's New Silkpunk Novellas Have Some of the Most Gorgeous Covers We've Ever Seen

1/24/2017 - Three Puppies Rescued After Deadly Italian Avalanche 

1/24/2017 - So It's True: Apple Is Releasing Its Own 'Find My AirPods' 

1/24/2017 - You Can Make a Wooden Soccer Ball With Some Masterful Carpentry

1/24/2017 - Director Rian Johnson Had to Wait Until This Morning to Complete The Last Jedi's Opening Crawl

1/24/2017 - Why It Matters That Human Poker Pros Are Getting Trounced By an AI

1/24/2017 - DC's Deplorables Go Job Hunting

1/24/2017 - SOG's New Multitool Pens Are Mightier Than Swords

1/24/2017 - Split Is a Better Movie When You've Been Spoiled

1/24/2017 - What's the Speed of Dark?

1/24/2017 - Nerf's New Blasters Shoot Tiny Foam Cars Instead of Darts

1/24/2017 - Jeez, This Justice League Dark Clip Is Grim

1/24/2017 - How to Securely Send Snail Mail the CIA Way

1/24/2017 - An Oral History of Homestar Runner, the Internet's Favorite Cartoon

1/24/2017 - Two Galaxies Got Into a Fight and the Result Was Breathtaking

1/24/2017 - Milwaukee Made a Handheld Dustbuster That Won't Choke on Workshop Debris

1/24/2017 - The FDA's Newly Proposed GMO Rules Are Nonsense

1/24/2017 - This Mini-MRI Scanner For Newborns is Ridiculously Cute

1/24/2017 - Here's the 800 or So Toys Funko Announced Yesterday

1/24/2017 - Peter Thiel Gains New Zealand Citizenship as Tech Elites Prep for Doomsday

1/24/2017 - Charter Spectrum Tweeted Out Some Spectacularly Awful Security Advice

1/24/2017 - Trump's Attorney General Pick Wants to Give Cops Encryption Backdoors

1/24/2017 - USDA Ordered to Stop Talking to Public [Update: Order Rescinded]

1/24/2017 - The Godzilla Sequel Has Found Its Director

1/24/2017 - Pouring Water on a Magic Marker Stick Figure Magically Brings It to Life

1/24/2017 - All Arrival and No Deadpool: The Oscar Nominations Are Here (Updated)

1/24/2017 - These Five Teams Will Duke It Out for $20 Million in a Race to the Moon

1/24/2017 - How to Stop Social Media From Taking Over Your Life

1/24/2017 - Julian Assange Says Chelsea Manning Was Granted Clemency to Make Assange Look Like a Liar

1/24/2017 - Seeing the Seasons Pass in Norway Is Just So Good

1/24/2017 - Trump Administration Freezes All EPA Grants, Forbids Staffers From Talking to the Public

1/23/2017 - Feeding a Toucan Froot Loops Is Probably a Bad Idea

1/23/2017 - Watch How Fossils Get Cleaned and Prepared

1/23/2017 - Watching Random Things Get Done to This CGI Human Head Gets Really Weird Really Quickly

1/23/2017 - The Predator Just Added an Expanse Star to Its Ever-Growing Cast

1/23/2017 - The Gorgeous Silhouette Shots of One of the Best Cinematographers of All Time

1/23/2017 - Why Does Every Shared Universe Have an Awful Name?

1/23/2017 - Here's Why Some Scientists Refuse to Just 'Stick to Science'

1/23/2017 - FTC Says This Smartphone Breathalyzer Is Actually a Bunch of Bullshit

1/23/2017 - Five Years Later, Google Finally Remembers Google Voice Exists

1/23/2017 - Trump Appoints Anti-Regulation Net Neutrality Enemy to Head FCC

1/23/2017 - Batman Is Teaming Up With One of His Biggest Comic Book Inspirations For a New Miniseries

1/23/2017 - The Most Advanced Weather Satellite Yet Just Dropped Its First Amazing Images

1/23/2017 - How Much Would It Cost to Rebuild the Spanish White House Website That Trump Killed?

1/23/2017 - Voltron: Legendary Defender's Second Season Takes a Step Into a Bigger, Better Universe

1/23/2017 - Some Guy Figured Out How to Delete Any Video on Facebook

1/23/2017 - The Surprising Way Jet Lag Impacts Major League Baseball Games

1/23/2017 - How to Unearth Embarrassing Tweets by Your Enemies

1/23/2017 - Someone From The Walking Dead Is Lying (Again)

1/23/2017 - Foxconn Might Build a US Factory But That Doesn't Mean iPhones Will Get Made Here

1/23/2017 - New Teaser for Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Focuses on Over-the-Top Action

1/23/2017 - How Failed Planets May Have Shaped the Earth

1/23/2017 - Bill Gates Warns That Damage Caused By Bioterrorism Could Be 'Very, Very Huge'

1/23/2017 - The Next Judge Dredd Comic Sounds Mad Max As Hell

1/23/2017 - Status Updates on All the Major Movies and TV Shows Stuck in Hollywood Limbo

1/23/2017 - Wikihow Turned Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé White to Explain 'How to Become A Congressman' [UPDATED]

1/23/2017 - Scientists Just Melted a Solid Below Its Freezing Point

1/23/2017 - The Supergirl/Flash Musical Episode Has Found Its Music Meister

1/23/2017 - How to Build a Lifesize RoboCop ED-209 Costume You'll Want to Wear All Year Round

1/23/2017 - Star Wars: Episode VIII Is Now Star Wars: The Last Jedi

1/23/2017 - Congratulations to Superhero, Scifi, and Fantasy Movies for Dominating the 2017 Razzies

1/23/2017 - Wolf-Sized Otters Prowled the World Six Million Years Ago

1/23/2017 - Yes, the Eerie Carl Sagan Prediction That's Going Viral Is Real

1/23/2017 - Samurai Jack Is Back on March 11

1/23/2017 - How Pickles Got Caught Up in the Latest Health Fad

1/23/2017 - Star Wars: Rebels Offers Another Big Knights of the Old Republic Connection

1/23/2017 - Tidal and Sprint Create the Saddest Business Partnership Ever

1/23/2017 - Watch The Ring Girl Crawl Out of an Electronics Store TV to Terrify Shoppers

1/23/2017 - Try to Watch This Maddening Animation Without Getting Incredibly Frustrated

1/23/2017 - The First Black Panther Set Pictures Confirm the Return of Another Civil War Character

1/23/2017 - Sierra Nevada Recalls Beer in 36 States Over Concerns About Broken Glass

1/23/2017 - WikiLeaks Tweets Ad for Pickup Truck, Raising Questions About Whether Julian Assange Fucks Cars

1/22/2017 - Report: Your Mean Tweets Upset Donald Trump on His Special Day

1/22/2017 - Samsung Finally Releases Note 7 Disaster Autopsy

1/22/2017 - Wikileaks Suddenly Wants to Vet This 'Donald Trump’ Guy

1/22/2017 - Woody Harrelson Confirms He's Playing Han Solo's Mentor in New Star Wars Film

1/22/2017 - Neko Atsume Could Seriously Be The First Good Video Game Movie

1/22/2017 - Doctor Who Quote About 'Alternative Facts' Sounds Awfully Relatable 40 Years Later

1/22/2017 - Custom High-Speed Camera Films 'Sonic Boom' of Light for the First Time 

1/22/2017 - Ah, So That's Why Leia Was at the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One

1/22/2017 - Australia to Replace Passports With Biometric Tech

1/22/2017 - Power Rangers Trailers Get Morphed Into Original Intro

1/22/2017 - Meet the Man to Blame for Comic Sans

1/22/2017 - Suicide Squad Director Wishes Joker Had Been the Bad Guy

1/21/2017 - Trump Addresses the CIA, Guess What He Didn't Talk About

1/21/2017 - VR SciFi Flick Lawnmower Man Gets Series Reboot in Actual Virtual Reality

1/21/2017 - Twitter Apologizes for Making People Follow Donald Trump Against Their Will

1/21/2017 - Trump Deletes Misspelled Tweet, Which May Be Illegal [Updated]

1/21/2017 - Kristen Stewart Co-Authored Research Paper About Artificial Intelligence

1/21/2017 - Massive Twitter Bot Army Exposed by Its Obsession With Star Wars

1/21/2017 - Women's March Protesters Salute Rebel Hero Princess Leia

1/21/2017 - ABC Orders SciFi Pilot That Rips Off a South Park Episode

1/20/2017 - Watch the Lucasfilm Story Group Point Out Several Obscure Rogue One Easter Eggs

1/20/2017 - National Park Service Banned From Tweeting After Anti-Trump Retweets [Updated]

1/20/2017 - The Terminator Will Be Back Thanks to James Cameron and Tim Miller

1/20/2017 - Cats Acting Out Scenes from Star Wars and Other Movies Is Really Fantastic

1/20/2017 - Lucifer Just Cast a Former Galavant Star as God

1/20/2017 - This Raptor Puppet Is a Cute Little Terror That Seems Alive

1/20/2017 - Travelers Reminds Us to Never Trust Anybody Who Shows Up from the Future

1/20/2017 - At the Last Minute, Trump Asks Nuclear Safety Administrator to Stick Around After All

1/20/2017 - Scientists Are Searching For Life On This Nearby Exoplanet

1/20/2017 - A New Witchblade TV Show Is in the Works at NBC

1/20/2017 - The White House's New Approach to Climate Change: Who Gives a Shit? 

1/20/2017 - Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy, the Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Has Settled

1/20/2017 - Can You Brew Beer On the Moon?

1/20/2017 - National Park Service Owns Trump on Twitter One Last Time [Updated]

1/20/2017 - WB May Be Making Its Most Insane DC Movie Decision Yet

1/20/2017 - Wild Ape Learns to Use Saw and Quickly Becomes Competitive Dick

1/20/2017 - Comparing the Classic Archie Characters to Their Twisted Riverdale Counterparts

1/20/2017 - Trump's White House Is Already Tearing Up Obama's Websites

1/20/2017 - The Fascinating Secret Origin of 'Abracadabra'

1/20/2017 - Everyone You Want to Sing in the Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Will Sing

1/20/2017 - How to Make the iPhone's Touch ID Work With Gloves

1/20/2017 - It's a Do-or-Die Fight to Recharge in Animated Short Power Hungry

1/20/2017 - How Long Until Sea Level Rise Prevents an Inauguration From Happening in DC?

1/20/2017 - Be a Fashionable MacGyver With a Multi-Tool Hidden in Your Belt Buckle

1/20/2017 - J.K. Rowling Dashes Your Hopes and Dreams of a Cursed Child Movie Trilogy

1/20/2017 - Ten Survivors Pulled From Italian Hotel Following Devastating Avalanche (Updating)

1/20/2017 - The Good Place Finale Went to Hell, But Not in the Way You'd Expect

1/20/2017 - Donald Trump Is @POTUS, But His Cover Photo Is From Obama’s Inauguration [Updated]

1/20/2017 - Ötzi the Iceman Was Making Prosciutto Over 5,000 Years Ago

1/20/2017 - A Packable Adventure Backpack That Can Comfortably Carry Loads of Weight

1/20/2017 - Killing Ground Looks Like a Brutal Twist on the Camping Trip Horror Genre

1/20/2017 - NASA's Goddard Director Explains What Really Matters In 2016's Extraordinary Temperature Data

1/20/2017 - M. Night Shyamalan Explains the Truly Shocking Twist Ending of Split

1/20/2017 - Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Bringing The Crew Back to Marvel

1/20/2017 - Seeing the Northern Lights at 35,000 Feet Is the Best Reason to Fly to Iceland

1/20/2017 - A Toaster Just for Bacon Will Make Every Meal So Much Better

1/20/2017 - Cassini Just Gave us A Rare Look at Saturn's 'Wavemaker' Moon

1/20/2017 - I Watched Neil deGrasse Tyson Take On a Science Skeptic

1/20/2017 - Samsung Will Blame Battery Size for Note 7 Explosions

1/20/2017 - DC Announces an Injustice 2 Comic, Continuing the Best Evil Superman Story Ever

1/20/2017 - Glorious New NASA Video Imagines a Landing on Pluto

1/20/2017 - Don't Get Too Excited About That Hellboy 3 Talk Just Yet

1/20/2017 - How to Upgrade Your Computer's Login Screen

1/20/2017 - Trump's Age of Ignorance Threatens Humanity

1/20/2017 - How to Watch President Trump's Inauguration, No Cable Required (But Bring Your Own Booze)

1/20/2017 - Donald Trump Reportedly Forced to Give Up Beloved Tweeting Machine

1/19/2017 - Uber to Pay Out $20 Million After Promising Drivers 'Exaggerated' Wages

1/19/2017 - 10 of the Most Gorgeous Uses of Color in Film

1/19/2017 - There Are So Many Other Creatures in These Kong: Skull Island TV Spots

1/19/2017 - Biking Through Portals Like This Would Be So Freaking Sick

1/19/2017 - Miguel Ferrer's Albert Rosenfield Will Always Be the Best Twin Peaks Character

1/19/2017 - A Promising New Method For Cleaning Up the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

1/19/2017 - Anne Hathaway Plays a City-Crushing Kaiju in the First Trailer for Colossal

1/19/2017 - A Quick Animated History of Why We Use the Numbers We Use

1/19/2017 - Those X-Men Comics In the Logan Trailer Were Made Just for the Movie

1/19/2017 - No, You Should Not Put Jade Eggs in Your Vagina Because Gwyneth Paltrow Tells You To

1/19/2017 - You Could Make Money By Contributing Money to This Horror Anthology

1/19/2017 - Air-Powered Robotic Sleeve Wraps Around Your Heart to Keep It Pumping

1/19/2017 - Wisconsin Cows Go Hungry After Their Meal of Skittles Spills All Over the Highway

1/19/2017 - Dwayne Johnson's Shazam Villain Is Getting His Own DC Solo Film

1/19/2017 - The Ten Most Horrifying Things Trump Has Said About Climate Change

1/19/2017 - Our First Look at DC's Long Awaited Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Animated Movie

1/19/2017 - Trump Is Launching a War on Science—These People Are Fighting Back

1/19/2017 - Facebook Threw a Swanky Inauguration Party With Garbage Website The Daily Caller

1/19/2017 - This Is Why You Didn't See a Photo of Mark Zuckerberg at Court This Week

1/19/2017 - How Star Wars Should Handle Carrie Fisher's Death

1/19/2017 - Shiro May Have Met His Fate in This Exclusive Clip From Voltron: Legendary Defender 

1/19/2017 - Five Major Cancer Studies Are Proving Difficult to Reproduce

1/19/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg Sues Dead People

1/19/2017 - A Monster Solar Storm Could Cost the US $40 Billion Daily

1/19/2017 - The Latest Annoying Sound Showing Up in Every Dang Movie Trailer

1/19/2017 - Rick Perry Jokes About Proposed Renewable Energy Cuts: Maybe Trump Will Forget Like I Did

1/19/2017 - This Might Be the Cthulhu Video Game of Our Nightmares, Er, Dreams

1/19/2017 - The Original iPhone Is Dead

1/19/2017 - The Star Wars Special Editions Remain a Crucial Milestone 20 Years Later

1/19/2017 - If Its First 40 Minutes Are Any Indication, Logan Is Both Depressing and Fantastic

1/19/2017 - What You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch's Garbage Graphics

1/19/2017 - Watch the Seconds Blink By on This Freaky Eyelash Clock

1/19/2017 - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens TV Miniseries Arrives on Amazon Next Year

1/19/2017 - Breathtaking New Video Footage of the Ocean's Uncharted Depths

1/19/2017 - Wolverine's Clone Reads X-Men Comics in This Great, Final Logan Trailer

1/19/2017 - Where Powerless Fits Into the DC Multiverse

1/19/2017 - It's Finally Morphin' Time In the Latest Power Rangers Trailer

1/19/2017 - Dozens Missing After Horrific Avalanche Engulfs Italian Hotel

1/19/2017 - How To Maximize Your Laptop's Battery Life

1/19/2017 - RT Gets Banned From Facebook Until After Trump's Inauguration [Update: Facebook Lifted The Ban]

1/18/2017 - Idiot Tasked With Maintaining America's Nukes Surprised to Learn What His Job Is [Updated]

1/18/2017 - Drug Maker Who Jacked Up Cost of Baby Medicine 85,000 Percent Still Isn't Sorry

1/18/2017 - Big Dairy Pays Out Big Bucks to Milk Lovers Over Alleged Conspiracy to Kill 500,000 Cows

1/18/2017 - A Lone Astronaut Reaches Out to Earth's Last Refugees in Space

1/18/2017 - This Never-Ending Parade of Snow Plows Is Easily the Best Way to Clear Snowy Roads

1/18/2017 - Walking on the Roads of Argentina Looks Awesome

1/18/2017 - A Fairy Tale Bleeds Into Reality in the Eerie Trailer for American Fable

1/18/2017 - Palmer Luckey's First Day Back in the Spotlight Was Not Fun

1/18/2017 - An Appreciation of That Weird Football Scene in Starship Troopers

1/18/2017 - New American Airlines Fare Doesn't Let You Bring Overhead Baggage

1/18/2017 - Sun Spots Are More Terrifying Than Ever in New Close-Up Photos

1/18/2017 - This Is as Close as Disney's Going to Get to Confirming the Pixar Connection Theory

1/18/2017 - Scientists Feed Cows Onions to Make Them Stop Farting So Much Methane

1/18/2017 - Turning the Totally Random Things That Kids Think Into Animation Is Silly Fun

1/18/2017 - Patrick Stewart is Shit and Other News From Sony's Upcoming Animation Slate

1/18/2017 - This SpaceX Rocket Landing Looks Downright Divine

1/18/2017 - Marvel Wants You to Love Captain Marvel Again

1/18/2017 - Senator Urges Trump Not to Let Nuclear Security Agency Go Leaderless

1/18/2017 - A Fleet of European Satellites Is Experiencing a Very Odd Problem

1/18/2017 - The Star Wars Prequels Have Never Looked as Good as On These Posters

1/18/2017 - What the Hell Happened to Mozilla and Firefox?

1/18/2017 - 2016's New Temperature Record Proves Climate Change Is Moving Disturbingly Fast

1/18/2017 - What Is Donald Trump Doodling?

1/18/2017 - Scott Pruitt's EPA Confirmation Hearing Was a Surreal Nightmare [UPDATED]

1/18/2017 - 27 Possible Future American Horror Story Storylines, Ranked

1/18/2017 - This Robotic Exoskeleton Saves the Human Body Precious Energy

1/18/2017 - CBS Imbecile Just Fanned the Pizzagate Flames for No Reason [Update]

1/18/2017 - This UV-Light Controlled Adhesive Could Help Ordinary Humans Become Spiderman

1/18/2017 - Miles Morales Will Headline Sony's Animated Spider-Man Film

1/18/2017 - Star Trek: Discovery Casts Spock's Father and Pushes Back the Premiere Date Again

1/18/2017 - Government Abruptly Kills Proposed Vaping Ban in National Parks but Won't Explain Why

1/18/2017 - The Only Thing Missing From This Delightful Lego Version of Super Mario Bros. Is a Tiny Plumber

1/18/2017 - We Finally Know What’s Causing Namibia's Mysterious Fairy Circles

1/18/2017 - Charles Stross on Why Scifi Matters More When the Future Looks So Dangerous

1/18/2017 - Your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper Is Going to Be a Movie

1/18/2017 - The Identity of the Power Rangers Comic's New Evil Ranger Has Been Revealed

1/18/2017 - Watch a Reinforced Steel Rod Break Like a Weak Little Twig

1/18/2017 - Julian Assange Backpedals on Extradition Promise in Record Time

1/18/2017 - Palmer Watch Day 117: It's Over

1/18/2017 - The Trailer for The Discovery Is Very Messed Up in a Very Good Way

1/18/2017 - DC and Marvel Both Shake Up Their Digital Comics Plans

1/18/2017 - Something Silent But Deadly Is Killing Galaxies

1/18/2017 - Warner Bros. Has Its Eye on a Live-Action Attack on Titan Movie Series

1/18/2017 - Woody Harrelson Is an Unlovable Loser in The First Trailer for Wilson

1/18/2017 - This Pocket-Sized Synth Uses Dial-up Internet Tricks to Share Sounds and Songs

1/18/2017 - Do We Need an International Body to Regulate Genetic Engineering?

1/18/2017 - When to Expect the Arrival of Gotham's Proto-Harley Quinn

1/18/2017 - How to Switch From a Mac to a Windows PC Without Losing Your Data

1/18/2017 - Your Smartphone Becomes the Grillmaster With This New Wi-fi BBQ

1/18/2017 - Japanese Toilet Makers Agree to Simplify Control Buttons for Confused Foreigners

1/17/2017 - Moth With Scaly Head and Weird Dick Named in Honor of Donald Trump

1/17/2017 - For-Profit College Says Former Admin Demanded $200,000 to Reset School Password

1/17/2017 - Learning About Animal Genitalia Is Really Fascinating Stuff

1/17/2017 - Julian Assange Doubles Down on Dumbass Promise to Turn Himself In

1/17/2017 - Check Out the Evolution of the US Dollar Bill

1/17/2017 - Phantasm Fiends Will Need This Killer Six-Disc Blu-ray Set

1/17/2017 - Watch Batman Shave In the Justice League Dark Movie Because DC Believes You'll Watch Batman Do Anything

1/17/2017 - How Would We Even Make First Contact with Aliens?

1/17/2017 - The Author of The Martian Is Making an Astronaut TV Show

1/17/2017 - Silly Putty Exiting a Shotgun Looks Just Like a Tiny Dildo

1/17/2017 - Stan Lee's British Superpowered Show Is Actually Coming to the U.S.

1/17/2017 - 'Daddy, Can You Tell Me More About the Superheroes?'

1/17/2017 - A Black Female Astrophysicist Explains Why Hidden Figures Isn't Just About History

1/17/2017 - Paul Dini Is Writing Harley Quinn Comics Again

1/17/2017 - Obama Will Let Chelsea Manning Out of Jail in May

1/17/2017 - The Most Beautiful Shots in Disney Movies

1/17/2017 - Scientists Can Now Sequence DNA With a Smartphone

1/17/2017 - The CIA Just Dumped 12 Million Declassified Pages of Documents Online

1/17/2017 - Marvel's Rogue One Comic Adaptation Will Include Material Not Seen in the Movie

1/17/2017 - Pizzagaters Invent Dumb New Conspiracy to Bolster Their Already Ridiculous Claims

1/17/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg Gets Testy in Oculus Lawsuit Grilling 

1/17/2017 - ABC Orders a Southern Gothic Pilot Loaded With Reba

1/17/2017 - Man Loses Seven Teeth After E-Cigarette Explodes in His Face

1/17/2017 - The Very Cool Character Detail In All of Steven Universe's Music

1/17/2017 - How Living Near the Starvation Point Can Extend Lifespan

1/17/2017 - There Will Never Be a Better Scary-Clown Movie Title Than Clowntergeist 

1/17/2017 - Hollywood's Secret Republicans of the 1950s 

1/17/2017 - Drew Barrymore Devours Flesh in the Trailer For Santa Clarita Diet

1/17/2017 - A Fight Over a Sacred Mountaintop Will Shape the Future of Astronomy

1/17/2017 - Let's Speculate Wildly About the Latest Rumored Game of Thrones Return

1/17/2017 - Watching a Computer Identify Objects in a Movie Trailer Is Entertaining as Hell  

1/17/2017 - A Bulky iPhone Case With a Built-in Charger and Cord Just Might Be Brilliant

1/17/2017 - The First Trailer for Season Two of Into The Badlands Promises More Bloody Brutal Combat

1/17/2017 - Dunking an Aluminum Baseball Bat in This Chemical Makes It Soft and Squishy

1/17/2017 - The F-35 Amazingly Has Even More Problems Than We Thought

1/17/2017 - It Only Costs $400 to Build Your Own Cell Phone Network

1/17/2017 - This Great Doctor Strange Figure Is on Fire (Not Literally)

1/17/2017 - Um, This Wasp Species Has an Ant Head For a Butt

1/17/2017 - This Sweet DIY Wall Mount Will Hide Your Annoying Power Cables

1/17/2017 - Antarctic Crack Forces Temporary Evacuation of Scientific Research Station

1/17/2017 - Rogue One Music Syncs Up Perfectly With Star Wars’ 'Imperial March'

1/17/2017 - Injustice 2 Will Have DC's Biggest Heroes Be Even More Awful to Each Other

1/17/2017 - Yet Another Unexpected Character Is Returning to The Flash

1/17/2017 - Popcorn Looks Even More Delicious in Super Slow Motion

1/17/2017 - Catch Up on the Explosive $2 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook Before Zuck Takes the Stand

1/17/2017 - How To Save an Old Laptop By Installing This Free OS

1/16/2017 - Kill Your Idols With Cuteness

1/16/2017 - If You Liked Suicide Squad, You’ll Love The Young Pope

1/16/2017 - Eugene Cernan, the Last Human on the Moon, Has Passed Away

1/16/2017 - Artist Proves Stranger Things Already Has Ideal Star Wars Origins Cast

1/16/2017 - Zebra Shark Has Babies Without a Male After Years of Isolation

1/16/2017 - Watch GoT's 'The Mountain' Hurl Another Washing Machine in the Name of Glory

1/16/2017 - Pre-Peeled, Pre-Halved Avocados Are the Worst Example of Wasteful Packaging Yet

1/16/2017 - Scientists Develop Lithium-Ion Battery That Doesn't Burst Into Flames

1/16/2017 - A Mind-Boggling Carbon Deposit Was Just Discovered in the Congo

1/16/2017 - A Girl Tests the Limits of Her Humanity in Post-Apocalyptic Coming-of-Age Tale The Edge

1/16/2017 - The World's Greatest Billiards Shot Spanned Two Floors and Nine Pool Tables

1/16/2017 - Marvel at This Bagpipe-Playing Robot, and Then Cringe at the Music it Plays

1/16/2017 - Top Samsung Exec Faces Arrest in Massive Corruption Scandal

1/16/2017 - Comedy Central Adds Blue Alien to Late-Night with The Gorburger Show

1/16/2017 - An Enormous Atmospheric Anomaly Has Been Spotted On Venus

1/16/2017 - TVs in the 1920s Had Bottle Cap-Sized Screens, With Just 30 Lines of Resolution

1/16/2017 - These Stunning New Covers for SciFi Classics Will Make You Want to Re-Read Them All

1/16/2017 - The Nvidia Shield Might Be the Best Set-Top Box You Can Buy Right Now

1/16/2017 - NASA's New App is 'The Sims' in Space, With Plants

1/16/2017 - Lighting 200,000 Sparklers at Once Creates an Incredibly Satisfying Inferno

1/16/2017 - 4 Computer Security Threats You Might Not Be Protecting Against

1/15/2017 - Donald Trump on Using Twitter as President: 'Bing Bing Bing'

1/15/2017 - Dumbass Convicted Over Pride Parade Drone Crash That Knocked Woman Out Cold

1/15/2017 - TV's Jughead Won't Be Canon, Will Want Sex

1/15/2017 - After Government Threatens Fines, Facebook Will Test Out Fake News Filtering in Germany

1/15/2017 - Mark Hamill Returns as the Joker to Mock Donald Trump's Tweets [Updated]

1/15/2017 - That Sushi May Contain a Tract-Invading Parasitic Tapeworm

1/15/2017 - Felicity Jones Name-Drops Star Wars, Like, a Lot During SNL Monologue

1/15/2017 - Scottish Newspaper Previews Trump Inauguration as an Episode of Twilight Zone

1/15/2017 - Study Finds E-Waste in Asia Has Increased at a Staggering Pace

1/15/2017 - Star Wars Sadists Can Finally Enjoy Watching Chewie Rip Unkar Plutt's Arm Off

1/15/2017 - Why Did Trump's Top FDA Pick Delete All His Tweets?

1/15/2017 - HBO Holds Game of Thrones Season 8 Renewal in Hopes of More Episodes

1/15/2017 - Rep. John Lewis' Graphic Novel Skyrockets After Trump Twitter Storm

1/15/2017 - James Cameron Making Docu-Series About Evolution of Science Fiction

1/14/2017 - Former DirecTV Spokesman Rob Lowe Calls Out DirecTV for Being Shitty

1/14/2017 - It's Okay, Penguin, Daddy's Back

1/14/2017 - Hero Coder Adapts 'Portal' for the Apple II

1/14/2017 - NBC's Powerless Breaks the Canon With a Stupid Wayne Cousin

1/14/2017 - Chinese Tech Giant's Office Party Featured Humiliating Simulated Blowjobs 

1/14/2017 - The Tangled TV Movie Actually Looks Pretty Damn Cute

1/14/2017 - The Genius Who Lived in a Storage Locker for $200 a Month Was Evicted

1/14/2017 - Listen in Awe to the First Taste of the Logan Score

1/14/2017 - We'd Like This Life-Sized Version of Lego Batman's Batmobile to Be an Official Set Immediately, Please

1/14/2017 - Watch SpaceX Launch a Rocket For the First Time in Months [Updated]

1/13/2017 - This Scary-Ass Worm Snatches the Souls of Fish Straight From Its Hole in the Ground

1/13/2017 - It's Friday the 13th, So Here Are a Bunch of Jason Voorhees Posters

1/13/2017 - Freak Bird Flu Outbreak Prompts NYC to Quarantine All 500 Shelter Cats

1/13/2017 - Trump Meets With Scientist Who Compared Plight of Carbon Dioxide to That of 'Jews Under Hitler'

1/13/2017 - Here’s What It Takes to Get Banned From the Freest Free Speech Site

1/13/2017 - Drummers Bang on Old Particle Accelerator Parts to Make Dope Beats

1/13/2017 - Agent Cooper Makes His Return in Latest Twin Peaks Teaser

1/13/2017 - Viruses May Be Responsible For Life As We Know It

1/13/2017 - Here's What You're Wearing to the Opening Night of the New Power Rangers Movie

1/13/2017 - Traveling Around Alaska on a Train Is Totally Gorgeous

1/13/2017 - Proof That the Creators of Batman: The Animated Series Knew What They Were Doing From the Start

1/13/2017 - NASA's Supercomputers Reveal the Incredible Turbulence Produced By a Drone

1/13/2017 - Net Neutrality's Champion Offers One Last Plea

1/13/2017 - Se7en’s Iconic Ending Only Happened Because of a Lucky Accident

1/13/2017 - Playing Nintendo Switch Feels New and Classic at the Same Time

1/13/2017 - An Artist Is Turning Donald Trump Quotes Into Classic Comic Book Covers

1/13/2017 - Watch an Astronaut's First Spacewalk [Updated]

1/13/2017 - Disney's Tower of Terror Movie Is Bad, But Not as Bad as You'd Think

1/13/2017 - How a Genius Lived in a Storage Locker for $200 a Month

1/13/2017 - Donald Duck Seems Furious About These Fabulous New Duck Tales Figures

1/13/2017 - You Can Get a Weed Leaf Decal for Literally Any Gadget, So I Did

1/13/2017 - Cable's Backstory Is Too Ridiculous Even for Deadpool 2

1/13/2017 - Winter Sucks for This Fox Frozen in a Solid Block of Ice

1/13/2017 - RIP William Peter Blatty, Author of The Exorcist

1/13/2017 - Watching a Rattlesnake Attack in Super Slow-Mo Will Mess You Up

1/13/2017 - The New Nintendo Switch Lets You Milk a Virtual Cow, For Some Reason

1/13/2017 - Superman Is Getting a New Outfit That Is Basically the Same Outfit, But Better

1/13/2017 - An Exclusive Excerpt From the Sequel to The Girl With All The Gifts

1/13/2017 - Deadpool's 'For Your Consideration' Oscars Video Focuses on the Chimichangas and Assless Chaps, of Course

1/13/2017 - The Pilot Who Crashed a Drone Into the Space Needle Could Face Charges

1/13/2017 - The Complete Works of “Weird Al” Yankovic Will Come in a Delightful Fake Accordion

1/13/2017 - Defeat Your Enemies and Claim Your Prize With This Week's Gif Party

1/13/2017 - Humans Are Literally Made of Stardust After All

1/13/2017 - 'Fire Hazard' Electric Skateboards Recalled After Two Boards Spew Smoke 

1/13/2017 - Snapchat's Latest Feature Will Make Your Parents Very Happy

1/13/2017 - A Series of Unfortunate Events Is Good But Depressing as Hell

1/13/2017 - This Is the First Footage Ever Captured of the Ruby Seadragon in the Wild

1/13/2017 - This Is Why You Shouldn't Tailgate a Cloud of Smoke

1/13/2017 - Hail Satan, Flight 666 Lands Safely in HEL on Friday the 13th

1/13/2017 - A New Fertility Technique Could Make 'Designer Babies' a Reality

1/13/2017 - 5 Reasons to Give Microsoft's New Browser Another Chance

1/13/2017 - There's No Security Backdoor in WhatsApp, Despite Reports

1/13/2017 - Some Familiar Faces Will Return for Deadpool 2

1/13/2017 - Scientists Made Something Colder Than Ever Thought Possible

1/13/2017 - The Real Star of Nintendo's Big Switch Event Was a Mysterious Squid Expert

1/12/2017 - Nintendo Switch: Everything You Need to Know About the Ambitious Shape-Shifting Console

1/12/2017 - The Website of Donald Trump's Cyber Security Advisor Is Insecure as Hell

1/12/2017 - Watch an Artist Turn Scrap Metal Into Animal Sculptures

1/12/2017 - How to Watch Nintendo's Big Switch Launch Event

1/12/2017 - Follow Gandalf's Journey in These Stunning New Lord of the Rings Posters

1/12/2017 - Magic and Reality Are Blurred in the New Trailer for Sleight

1/12/2017 - What It's Like to Get Caught in an Avalanche

1/12/2017 - The Kindred Graphic Novel Should Be Everyone’s Introduction to Octavia Butler

1/12/2017 - A Superbug Resistant to 26 Antibiotics Has Killed a Woman in Nevada

1/12/2017 - Here Are the Insane Weapons the TSA Confiscated in 2016

1/12/2017 - Ebay Is Finally Doing Something About Counterfeit Goods

1/12/2017 - Report: Disney Is Negotiating With Carrie Fisher's Estate for More Leia (UPDATED)

1/12/2017 - We're Finally Going to Learn How Much Exxon Knew About Climate Change

1/12/2017 - Stop Saying That Nutella Causes Cancer

1/12/2017 - Batman and the Flash Are Teaming Up to Uncover DC Rebirth's Watchmen Mystery

1/12/2017 - 25 Unbeatable Moments From The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

1/12/2017 - Russian Propaganda Channel RT Mysteriously Cut Into C-SPAN's Web Feed [Updated]

1/12/2017 - Netflix’s Travelers Has the Most Ethically Messed-Up Time Travel I’ve Ever Seen

1/12/2017 - The Crazy Craftsmanship That Goes Into Making an NBA Championship Ring

1/12/2017 - Spectacular Light Display in Northern Ontario Looks Like an Alien Encounter

1/12/2017 - American Horror Story Just Got Renewed Through Season Nine [Updated]

1/12/2017 - We Were Wrong About the Moon's Age

1/12/2017 - Way More People Will Now Have Access to the NSA's Raw, Unfiltered Data

1/12/2017 - If Apple's Video Plan Is Really This Half-Assed, It Will Be a Disaster

1/12/2017 - For the Love of All That Is Holy, Do Not Watch Monster Trucks Sober

1/12/2017 - The Nintendo Switch Rumors We Hope Are True

1/12/2017 - Palmer Watch: Day 111

1/12/2017 - Please Let the Hook For Marvel's Defenders Series Be Daredevil's Giant Literal Plot Hole

1/12/2017 - Report: Green Lantern Corps Movie Signs Writers, Will Be 'Lethal Weapon in Space'

1/12/2017 - An Exhaustive Explanation of the Best Nerf Dart to Reach For in Battle

1/12/2017 - A Series of Unfortunate Events' Theme Song Implores You to Not Watch the Show

1/12/2017 - 4chan Declares 'War' on ISIS

1/12/2017 - Two Trailers for Raw Expose Different Sides of This Gruesome, Amazing Movie

1/12/2017 - Trump Takes Credit For New Amazon Jobs, Forgets He Called the Company a 'Big Tax Shelter'

1/12/2017 - A Dumb Chair Ruined Mahershala Ali's Game of Thrones Audition

1/12/2017 - Scientists Create Mind-Controlled Hunting Zombie Mice

1/12/2017 - The World's Largest Shark Had a Fatal Appetite For Dwarf Whales

1/12/2017 - 20 So-Bad-They're-Great Movies You Can Use to Fight the Winter Blues

1/12/2017 - Google's Round Ping Pong Table Is a Seriously Lame Fake-Ass Office Perk

1/12/2017 - This Motorcycle With Snowmobile Tracks Is the Most Overkill Way to Crush Your Winter Commute

1/12/2017 - Our Heartless Milky Way Is Stealing Stars From Other Galaxies

1/12/2017 - Exceptionally Rare Photograph of Lincoln's First Inauguration Will Go on Display Today

1/12/2017 - George R.R. Martin Thinks Winds of Winter Will Be Out This Year: 2017 Edition

1/12/2017 - An Accident Leaves a Boy With Techno-Superpowers in Netflix's iBoy

1/12/2017 - Perfect Classical Music Mashup Merges 52 Famous Songs Into One Amazing Track

1/12/2017 - New Details May Reveal the Main Cast of Marvel's Inhumans TV Series

1/12/2017 - Noted Tech Genius Rudy Giuliani to Form Trump's Cybersecurity Team

1/12/2017 - How to Make Any Video Play Perfectly on Your Smartphone

1/12/2017 - Some Vampire Bats Have Started Biting Humans (and It's Probably Our Fault)

1/11/2017 - FCC Commissioner Vows to Ignore Staff's 'Serious Concerns' About Net Neutrality and AT&T

1/11/2017 - The Patterns That Come Out When Bubbles Freeze Are So Cool

1/11/2017 - How the Special Effects of Silent Films Were Done

1/11/2017 - Disney May Have Found Its Next Santa Claus: Anna Kendrick

1/11/2017 - Peter Dinklage in Talks to Join the Next Two Avengers Movies

1/11/2017 - 11 Head-Exploding Quotes From Peter Thiel's Bonkers New York Times Interview

1/11/2017 - Best of Luck to Once Upon a Time as It Prepares to Cast Tiger Lily

1/11/2017 - This Quiz Tells You How Many Fucks You Give

1/11/2017 - This Video Seems to Show Alternate Death Scenes for Rogue One Characters 

1/11/2017 - Trump: The Drug Industry Is 'Getting Away With Murder'

1/11/2017 - Is the Google Moonshot Dead?

1/11/2017 - Damn, Apple Is Losing a Lot of People [Updated]

1/11/2017 - Our Sun May Have Snatched Planet 9 From Outside the Solar System

1/11/2017 - 10 Discworld Quotes You'll Desperately Need for the Next Four Years 

1/11/2017 - Will Smith Won't Star in Tim Burton's Dumbo (UPDATED)

1/11/2017 - Watch a Furby Cry Tears of Smoke While It Burns to Hell From the Inside

1/11/2017 - This Stop-Motion Animated Film Looks as Beautiful as It Does Heartbreaking

1/11/2017 - The White House Wants Scientists to Explore Geoengineering

1/11/2017 - Your Appendix May Not Be as Useless as You Think

1/11/2017 - Putting Together Rogue One's Ending Was an Epic Balancing Act 

1/11/2017 - Kohler's New Showerhead Simulates a Rainstorm for Rich People Who Won't Touch Rain

1/11/2017 - Brian Michael Bendis Is Bringing The Defenders Back for Marvel Comics

1/11/2017 - What the Hell Is HDR?

1/11/2017 - What's Up With This Mysterious New Scifi Movie Trailer?

1/11/2017 - Monkeys Grieve When Their Robot Friend Dies

1/11/2017 - This Guy Gifted Trump a Golden Shower Years Ago

1/11/2017 - Woody Harrelson Has Officially Joined the Han Solo Film

1/11/2017 - Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ Moon Looks Spooky as Hell in New Cassini Photo

1/11/2017 - This Unbreakable Racing Drone Is Perfect For Terrible Pilots

1/11/2017 - 4Chan Claim About Inventing Trump Pissgate Report Is Complete Bullshit [Update]

1/11/2017 - All-Female Horror Anthology XX Looks Scary in All the Best Ways

1/11/2017 - NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Just Hit a Critical Milestone

1/11/2017 - How to Watch Donald Trump's First Press Conference Since July, No Cable Required

1/11/2017 - New Trailer for Russia's Guardians Sets Explosions and Punches to Classical Music

1/11/2017 - Airlines Don't Have to Warn You About Explodey Galaxy Note 7s

1/11/2017 - Two More Heroes Are Showing Up in Avengers: Infinity War 

1/11/2017 - Adorable Kitchen Tool Turns Radishes Into Super Mario Power-ups

1/11/2017 - How to Make Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Do Whatever You Want

1/11/2017 - Penthouse Offers $1 Million For a Trump Piss Tape

1/10/2017 - Ebay's Founder Is Giving Away $10 Million to Support AI That Is Good and Not Evil

1/10/2017 - These Magical Sculptures Look Like Animations But They're Actually Real Objects

1/10/2017 - After Population Plunge, Once Common Bumble Bee Officially Listed as Endangered

1/10/2017 - Aliens Fans Will Drool Over This Replica M56 Smart Gun

1/10/2017 - 9 Fun Tricks You Can Do With Static Electricity

1/10/2017 - A 'Graveyard of Red Fabric' Went Into the Creation of Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation

1/10/2017 - George Lucas' Museum is Officially Coming to Los Angeles

1/10/2017 - Grown-Ass Dogs Don’t Care About Your Stupid Baby Talk

1/10/2017 - Russia Proposes Cigarette Ban For Anyone Born After 2015

1/10/2017 - Look at These Weird Clouds

1/10/2017 - If You Want to See Moana in a Quiet Theater, Go Before January 27

1/10/2017 - Cypress Hill Is Blowing Up NatGeo's Instagram

1/10/2017 - Legion Might Have Capes, Will Not Have a 'Big Fight'

1/10/2017 - This Magical Spray Can Modify a Plant's Genes

1/10/2017 - The Best Underwater Photographs of 2016 Are Out of This World

1/10/2017 - A Brief History of Ben Affleck's Conflicted Feelings About Directing a Batman Movie

1/10/2017 - Who Does Elon Musk Play as in Overwatch? [Now We Know]

1/10/2017 - Watch an Artist Sculpt Wonderfully Wacky Sculptures

1/10/2017 - New Apple Patent Shows How That Edge-to-Edge Display Could Work

1/10/2017 - The James Bond Comic Has a New Mission, Courtesy of Green Arrow's Ben Percy

1/10/2017 - Snow Monkey Fucks Deer

1/10/2017 - When The Walking Dead Returns, Rick and His Crew Will Prepare for War

1/10/2017 - Trump Just Asked an Anti-Vaxxer to Chair a Commission on 'Vaccine Safety'

1/10/2017 - Autofill on Chrome and Safari Can Give Hackers Access to Your Credit Card Info [UPDATED]

1/10/2017 - Trump's Lawyer Says Untrue Tweets Were Hyperbolic, Gets Libel Suit Thrown Out

1/10/2017 - First Details on The Dark Star Trilogy, Author Marlon James' 'African Game of Thrones'

1/10/2017 - Watching Robots Stuck in Repetitive, Mundane Tasks Is Stressing Me Out

1/10/2017 - The Problem With Treating Gun Violence Like a Virus

1/10/2017 - All the Fabulous New Comics Kicking Off 2017

1/10/2017 - This May Be the Best Explanation Yet For That Mysterious ‘Alien Megastructure’

1/10/2017 - Um, Deadpool Could Actually Get a Best Picture Oscar Nomination

1/10/2017 - This Story About Feral Cats Eating KFC Only Gets Weirder

1/10/2017 - What's Causing These Eerie Spinning Ice Discs?

1/10/2017 - Director Rian Johnson Keeps Revealing Clues About Star Wars: Episode VIII

1/10/2017 - That Gif of Meryl Streep Mocking a Disabled Person Is Totally Fake

1/10/2017 - How to Make an Edible TRON Pie That Actually Glows

1/10/2017 - The Silliest Life Model Decoy Stories in Marvel Comics History

1/10/2017 - Watch Fighter Jets Poop a Swarm of Tiny, Screaming Drones  

1/10/2017 - Let the Mellifluous Tones of Patrick Warburton Explain A Series of Unfortunate Events for You

1/10/2017 - New Features Turn This Classic Toy Synthesizer Into a Modern Instrument

1/10/2017 - Norway Is Killing FM Radio Tomorrow

1/10/2017 - Brilliant Scientists Are Compiling a Database of Farting Animals

1/10/2017 - Monopoly Will Let the Internet Vote to Replace All of the Board Game's Classic Tokens

1/10/2017 - You Can’t Block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook [Updated]

1/10/2017 - Something Weird's Happening With the Cast of Pacific Rim 2

1/10/2017 - This Human-Powered Paper Centrifuge Is Pure Genius

1/10/2017 - Watching David Bowie Argue With an Interviewer About the Future of the Internet Is Beautiful

1/10/2017 - 8 Ways to Stop Your Web Browser From Crippling Your Computer

1/9/2017 - Joe Biden to Start His Own Cancer Initiative After Leaving Office

1/9/2017 - Congressman Vows to Block 'Death With Dignity' Law in City He Doesn't Even Represent

1/9/2017 - Watch the Colors of the Four Seasons Get Recreated with Microscopic Footage

1/9/2017 - Thankfully, the New Cars 3 Trailer Is Lighter Than the Last One

1/9/2017 - A Child Discovers Her Reality Is Not What it Seems in Suspenseful Short Reset 

1/9/2017 - Very Good Horse Demonstrates How to Operate a Rubber Chicken

1/9/2017 - Being Stuck Inside This Laser-Filled Room Would Be a Great Place to Lose Your Mind

1/9/2017 - Another Day, Another Motherfucking Snake Found on a Motherfucking Plane

1/9/2017 - A Studio Ghibli-Produced TV Show Is Coming to Amazon Prime Later This Month

1/9/2017 - Marissa Mayer Will Resign From Yahoo’s Board, Yahoo to Get a New Dumb Name

1/9/2017 - Green Lantern Really Regrets Turning Up to Work in New Justice League Dark Clip

1/9/2017 - 'Finder For AirPods' App Mysteriously Disappears From App Store Without Much Explanation From Apple

1/9/2017 - Have We Entered the Era of the $100 Genome?

1/9/2017 - A Stellar Explosion Could Be Visible In the Night Sky In 2022

1/9/2017 - Start Planning Your Viewing Party, Twin Peaks Finally Has a Premiere Date

1/9/2017 - Watch These Cats Recap The Expanse Season One, or Better Yet, Just Watch The Expanse

1/9/2017 - Obama Just Published an Article on Clean Energy in a Top Scientific Journal

1/9/2017 - Hero Finds the Bottom of Excel Spreadsheet

1/9/2017 - Why the Patent Battle Over CRISPR Matters (and Why It Doesn’t)

1/9/2017 - How Do You Even Edit an Animation Movie?

1/9/2017 - Here’s How Hidden Figures Surprised Me

1/9/2017 - Mutant Grass Is Terrorizing Oregon

1/9/2017 - All the Coolest Tech From CES 2017

1/9/2017 - The Team Behind Justice League/Power Rangers Tells Us About the Joys of Crossovers (and Giant Mastodons)

1/9/2017 - You Can Buy ‘Vintage Milk’ on Amazon

1/9/2017 - Adding Rebels Ships to Rogue One Was More Than Just an Easter Egg

1/9/2017 - Director of Prestigious Wellness Clinic Is an Anti-Vaxxer 

1/9/2017 - The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in 2017 

1/9/2017 - Ben Reilly Is Returning as the Scarlet Spider And Everything Old Is New Again

1/9/2017 - Two Good Boys Pull a Snowboarder Through a Storm

1/9/2017 - Makers of Prevagen Memory Pills Sued By Government Over Bullshit Claims

1/9/2017 - The Librarians' Lindy Booth on King Arthur, Brain Tumors, and That Vampire Resort

1/9/2017 - There's Something Not Quite Right With This Captain America Hat

1/9/2017 - Trump Is Letting Go the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal [Updated]

1/9/2017 - The Director of Star Wars: Episode VIII Talks Luke's Plans and Rey's Potential

1/9/2017 - Hubble Shows What’s in Store for the Incredible Voyager Probes

1/9/2017 - Some Genius Crammed the Japanese NES Classic Edition Into an Old Game Boy

1/9/2017 - 7 'Get Fit' Tips to Avoid This Year

1/9/2017 - Replying to a Trump Tweet Is a Strange Internet Experience You Should Try

1/9/2017 - Power Rangers VR Experience Gives Us Our Best Actual Look at the Movie Zords

1/9/2017 - First Scientific Account of a Tarantula Eating a Snake Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

1/9/2017 - Where Were You During the Original iPhone Keynote?

1/9/2017 - Watch a Photoshop Master Effortlessly Move This Car to a Beautiful Mountain Setting

1/9/2017 - For a Bizarre Moment, Riverdale Was Almost a Time-Travel Movie Starring Louis C.K.

1/9/2017 - Someone Stole Sweet Prototypes From Razer's CES Booth [Updated]

1/9/2017 - The Best Car Reveal This Week Might Be Playmobil's Gorgeous New Porsche 911 Targa 4S

1/9/2017 - The Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover Has Found Its Villain

1/9/2017 - How To Backup Your Old PC So You Can Finally Throw It Out

1/9/2017 - An RC Toy Looks Like a Hollywood Stunt Car in Super Slow Motion

1/9/2017 - Kremlin Echoes Trump, Calls Hacking Allegations a 'Witch Hunt'

1/9/2017 - After More Than 100 Years, California's Iconic Tunnel Tree Is No More

1/8/2017 - Iranian Porn Filter Breaks the Internet for Innocent Sex Watchers From Russia to Hong Kong

1/8/2017 - A Complete List of This Year's Golden Globes Winners

1/8/2017 - In New Beauty and the Beast Footage, Emma Watson Sings, Meets the Beast and Yearns for More

1/8/2017 - TV Report on Accidental Amazon Orders Triggers Attempted Amazon Orders Across San Diego

1/8/2017 - Martin Shkreli Suspended From Twitter Following Allegations of Harassment [Updated]

1/8/2017 - Justice League Photo Finally Unites the Team

1/8/2017 - Riverdale Is Just The Beginning, Behold the Rise of CW's Archie Empire

1/8/2017 - Rest Easy, The Arrow-Verse Isn't Going Anywhere

1/8/2017 - Tesla to Take Its Biggest Step Toward Fully Autonomous Cars Tomorrow

1/8/2017 - The CW Revives Matt Ryan's Constantine as Animated Series

1/8/2017 - Game Wardens Shoot Deer Named After Bambi Character in Front of Its Owners

1/8/2017 - Batman v Superman Tops Razzies Nominations Shortlist

1/8/2017 - Mark Hamill Is Dubbing Trump's Tweets as the Joker

1/7/2017 - The Latest Star Wars Rebels Didn't Skimp on the Rogue One Connections 

1/7/2017 - DoD Wants to Save the Environment With Bullets That Plant Seeds

1/7/2017 - Let Us Rejoice That Someone Dubbed The Entire Chinese Bootleg of Revenge of the Sith

1/7/2017 - This Collar That Reads Pets' Emotions Is a Tech Travesty

1/7/2017 - First Teaser for The Handmaid's Tale Is Dark, Creepy, and Unforgiving

1/7/2017 - Brave Hero Saves His Comics As SUV Plows Through Comic Book Shop

1/7/2017 - The XBox is an X-Men Inspired Puzzle That Will Melt Your Mind

1/7/2017 - Outrun the Demogorgon with Netflix's New Video Game

1/7/2017 - Nvidia Is Bringing Real Gaming to Macs and It Looks Great

1/7/2017 - This Hack Might Unlock Your NES Classic or Brick It

1/7/2017 - Things Are Looking Dire for Axanar, the Star Trek Fan Film

1/6/2017 - Kick Off Your Weekend With Vin Diesel Skiing in a Jungle 

1/6/2017 - I Am Lusting Over Sony's New Paper-Thin E Ink Watch

1/6/2017 - Lucasfilm's President Had Final Say on Rogue One's CG Characters 

1/6/2017 - Razer's Project Ariana Is the Biggest Gaming Idea We've Seen in a While

1/6/2017 - It Sounds Like the Next Season of Young Justice Will Openly Acknowledge LGBTQ Characters

1/6/2017 - In 2017 the TV Is Just a Fancy Ass Computer Display

1/6/2017 - Watch the Mostly Terrible Things That Happened in 2016 Morph Into Each Other in This 60-Second Animation

1/6/2017 - Marvel Is Already Teasing Its Next Big Comic Event

1/6/2017 - Our Galaxy's Black Hole Could Be Farting Out Planet-Sized Gas Balls

1/6/2017 - So Why Do Action Movies Make Actresses Fight Like This?

1/6/2017 - Incredible New Image Shows the Earth and Moon From Mars

1/6/2017 - Why the Rogue One Trailer's Most Iconic Shot Never Appeared in the Movie

1/6/2017 - This Declassified Report on Russian Hacking Makes Me Want to Die

1/6/2017 - Dear God: Please Save This Poor Soul From the Saddest Booth at CES 2017

1/6/2017 - Trump's Latest Statement on Russian Hacking Cannot Be Written About Rationally

1/6/2017 - The New Death Race Film Comes Out This Month and Hits Very Close to Home

1/6/2017 - These Random Objects Are Organized in a Very Colorful Way

1/6/2017 - Kodak Swears It's Not Giving Up on That Digital Super 8 Camera

1/6/2017 - Run Away From All Your Problems With the Gif Party

1/6/2017 - 5 of the Most Egregious Health Claims From the New Coca-Cola Lawsuit

1/6/2017 - Crossbones Will Not Return to the MCU—But It Was Considered

1/6/2017 - There's Finally a Reason to Buy the Doctor Strange Blu-ray, and It's Thor

1/6/2017 - Theranos Is Getting Rid of Nearly Half of Its Staff

1/6/2017 - Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Tiny Macintosh Computer While it Charges

1/6/2017 - io9's Guide to All the Movies You Give a Damn About in 2017

1/6/2017 - Forgetting a $100,000 Pair of Diamond-Saturated Headphones on a Plane Would Be Heartbreaking

1/6/2017 - Wikileaks Somehow Reached a New Level of Desperate

1/6/2017 - You've Never Seen Anything Like the Polish Mermaid Musical The Lure

1/6/2017 - Emerald City Is So Shallow That It Almost Appears Deep

1/6/2017 - Apocalyptic Image of the Great Lakes Gives New Meaning to ‘Lake-Effect Snow’

1/6/2017 - Polaroid's Tragic CES Booth Is What Happens When a Brand Dies

1/6/2017 - People Keep Finding Coins in Their MacBooks and Nobody Knows Why

1/6/2017 - Hulu and the BBC Are Making a Cop Show Set Five Years Before the Apocalypse

1/6/2017 - The Goofy Darkness of the Underworld Movies

1/6/2017 - Black Holes and Galactic Cluster Combine Into a Giant Cosmic Particle Accelerator

1/6/2017 - Bank Robber Gets Caught After Using ATM Card During Heist

1/6/2017 - Miniature Brain and Skull Found Growing Inside Teen’s Ovary

1/6/2017 - Has Barry Allen Learned Nothing?

1/6/2017 - Our First Look at the Neon Noir World of Duncan Jones' New Movie Mute

1/6/2017 - How to Move Your Photo Library Between Apple Photos and Google Photos

1/6/2017 - A Huge Chunk of Antarctic Ice Is on the Cusp of Breaking Away (Updated)

1/6/2017 - Is This Apple's Click Wheel iPhone Prototype?

1/6/2017 - Thousands of People Are Watching Two Google Homes Argue With Each Other on Twitch

1/6/2017 - Sanrio’s New Character Is a Cute Red Panda That Is Secretly Filled With Rage

1/6/2017 - This Batshit Sports Car Was 3D Printed From Laser-Melted Metal

1/6/2017 - How the East Coast Avoids Dangerous Hurricanes

1/6/2017 - New Ragnarok Details Hint at Dire Times Ahead for Thor

1/5/2017 - Watch a Knife Attached to a Rocket Going 150 MPH Slice The Hell Out of Meat and Fruit

1/5/2017 - Hulu's Live Streaming Service Could Be the Cordcutting Bundle We've Been Waiting For

1/5/2017 - Home Alone Edited with More Blood Seems So Hilariously Demented

1/5/2017 - This Tiny Thermal Printer Turns Anything On Your Phone Into a Sticky Note

1/5/2017 - The Young Nick Fury Is Getting His Own Comic Series

1/5/2017 - Intel's Incredibly Tiny Compute Card Could Make Obsolete Dumb Gadgets Upgradable

1/5/2017 - Mixing Liquids Under a Microscope Creates Wildly Colorful Worlds

1/5/2017 - The Game Boy's Being Brought Back From the Dead With Some Awesome Upgrades

1/5/2017 - Archer Gets Totally Noir in the First Promos For Season Eight

1/5/2017 - Intel's Project Alloy Is What a VR System Should Be

1/5/2017 - B-52 Lands Fine After Engine Falls Off in the Middle of a Goddamn Flight

1/5/2017 - This LG Smart Fridge Has a Windows Brain

1/5/2017 - DC's Office Comedy Powerless Has Way Less Office Comedy Now

1/5/2017 - We Need to Be Inventing More Robots That Serve Humans Delicious Frozen Yogurt

1/5/2017 - Senior Facebook Employee Pleads Not Guilty to Soliciting Sex From 15-Year-Old Girl

1/5/2017 - Balancing the Fantasy and Tragedy of A Monster Calls Took a Lot of Work

1/5/2017 - NASA Animation Offers a Freakishly Accurate Look at This Year's Coast-to-Coast Eclipse

1/5/2017 - What's the Worst Show You Have Seen Every Episode of?

1/5/2017 - The Most Detailed View of Black Holes in the Universe Will Blow Your Mind

1/5/2017 - Cult of Chucky Will Bring Back the Campy Killer Doll for a Seventh Time

1/5/2017 - Watch This Stump Grinder Basically Vaporize a Tree Stump

1/5/2017 - The CW Is Working on a New Charmed Show 

1/5/2017 - Cadillac's New Car Subscription Service for Rich People Makes Me Hate America

1/5/2017 - I Think I See a Fake Mailman, Out There on the Horizon

1/5/2017 - LG Admits No One Cared About Its Dumb Modular Phone Last Year

1/5/2017 - Watch How ILM Brought Back Tarkin and Leia for Rogue One

1/5/2017 - The Ultimate Guide to 2017's Scifi, Fantasy, and Superhero TV

1/5/2017 - NASA Is Sending a Probe to Explore Jupiter’s Mysterious Trojan Asteroids

1/5/2017 - Honda's New Experimental Motorcycle Can Balance All By Itself Like Magic

1/5/2017 - Adults' Brains Are Built To Recognize Faces Better Than Kids' Brains

1/5/2017 - These Scifi-Looking Incubation Chambers Help Libraries Save Old Newspapers

1/5/2017 - Yes, Rings Is Finally Coming Out, and Here's a New Trailer to Prove It

1/5/2017 - Palmer Watch: Day 104

1/5/2017 - What the Hell Is Going on in Cars 3?

1/5/2017 - Dell Insists Its Canvas 27 Isn't a Microsoft Surface Studio Clone 

1/5/2017 - Dell's New 2-1 Laptop Charges Wirelessly

1/5/2017 - Alt-Right Trolls Use Chicago Kidnapping to Spread Lies About Black Lives Matter [Update]

1/5/2017 - Drew Barrymore's Family Sitcom Has Secretly Been a Zombie Show All Along

1/5/2017 - James Clapper Says That America Needs a New Propaganda Agency to Fight Russia

1/5/2017 - Valiant's Ancient Roman Sensation Britannia Will Return for a New Comic Series

1/5/2017 - Ex-Employee Says Snapchat Fakes Numbers and Wants to Destroy His Reputation

1/5/2017 - There's No Escaping Zarkon in the New Trailer for Voltron: Legendary Defender Season Two

1/5/2017 - 14 Large Posters Bernie Should Have Brought to the Senate Floor Instead of That Trump Tweet

1/5/2017 - These Earbuds Record 3D Audio Using a Classic Technique

1/5/2017 - Four Charged For Facebook Live Torture of Mentally Ill Man [UPDATED]

1/5/2017 - Princess Leia Was Going to Play a Large Role in Star Wars: Episode IX

1/5/2017 - We Were Wrong About Not Feeding Peanuts to Infants

1/5/2017 - This Smart Baby Camera Can See When an Infant Stops Breathing

1/5/2017 - My First Ride in a Self-Driving Car Was Harrowing as Hell

1/5/2017 - The White House Is Officially Worried About a Deadly Asteroid Impact

1/5/2017 - Talia al Ghul Will Hold the Key to the Secrets of Arrow's Mysterious Villain

1/5/2017 - Cramming Three 4K Displays Into One Huge Gaming Laptop Is So Insane That Obviously Razer Did It

1/5/2017 - James Woods Is a Total Addict (for Twitter, Not Cocaine)

1/4/2017 - Nvidia's New Shield TV Supports Google Assistant

1/4/2017 - Sony's New OLED TV Is Both the Screen and the Speaker

1/4/2017 - Nvidia Is Bringing Better Game Streaming to Facebook Live

1/4/2017 - Sony's Gigantic Space Wall Is Actually Hundreds of Tiny LED Tiles

1/4/2017 - Storm Clouds Look Even More Terrifying in Black and White

1/4/2017 - LG's Prototype Displays Are the Future of Staring at TV Screens and Beyond

1/4/2017 - SanDisk's New Memory Card Will Speed Up Apps Not Stored on Your Smartphone

1/4/2017 - 5 of the Best End Credits Scenes of All Time

1/4/2017 - New Details About Guillermo del Toro's New Film Are as Unusual as You'd Expect

1/4/2017 - HTC Vive's New Tracker Turns Every Real World Object Into a VR Toy

1/4/2017 - A New Accessory Makes the MacBook Pro Actually Suitable For Pros

1/4/2017 - Would You?

1/4/2017 - Lush 2D Animated Film Reflections Examines the Many Stages of Heartbreak 

1/4/2017 - This Stabilized Footage of a Drone Flying Up a Mountain Is Pure Gorgeousness

1/4/2017 - Black+Decker's New Robovac Compresses Dirt Into Garbage Discs That Are Easy to Throw Away

1/4/2017 - What the Hell Is Technics Thinking?

1/4/2017 - NASA Is Actually Going to Visit That Insane Metallic World

1/4/2017 - What's Up with Characters Drinking Milk in Movies?

1/4/2017 - This Han Solo Fan Film Is the Next Best Thing While Waiting For the New Star Wars Spinoff

1/4/2017 - Samsung's New Chromebook Knows What You Want to Write Before You Do

1/4/2017 - How Russians Imagined the Year 2017 In 1960

1/4/2017 - Astronomers Pinpointed the Location of Multiple Weird Radio Bursts Beyond Our Galaxy

1/4/2017 - Kubrick’s Game Is The Da Vinci Code Written for Film Nerds

1/4/2017 - Photoshop Contest: What Large Poster Should Bernie Have Brought to the Senate Floor? 

1/4/2017 - This Shiny Connected Toaster Uses Your Smartphone to Remember Your Perfect Toasting Settings

1/4/2017 - Clever Chargers Remind You to Plug in Your Phone Whenever You're Near Them

1/4/2017 - Glide Across the Water Like a Douchebag Swan on the New 'SwagSurf'

1/4/2017 - A New Zombie Classic Is Coming Out Very Soon and You Don't Want To Miss It

1/4/2017 - Bernie Just Printed a Gigantic Trump Tweet and Brought It to the Senate Floor

1/4/2017 - Google’s AlphaGo Is Slaying Unsuspecting Nerds Online

1/4/2017 - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Soundtrack Gets a Dreamy Vinyl Re-Release

1/4/2017 - Internet Legend Slenderman Gets a New Horror Movie and an Even More Horrifying-Looking Doc

1/4/2017 - Asus' Crazy New Phone Takes 92-Megapixel Photos

1/4/2017 - The FDA Finally Tightened Rules for Livestock Antibiotics—But It's Still Not Enough

1/4/2017 - TCL's New Roku TVs Are Some of the Cheapest Sets With HDR 

1/4/2017 - Dear Hollywood: Spiritual Dramas Aren't Just for White People

1/4/2017 - This Blind Skateboarder Uses His Cane to Do Awesome Tricks

1/4/2017 - U.S.Avengers Introduces a Whole New Red Hulk

1/4/2017 - NASA's New X-ray Telescope Will Study the Weirdest Objects in the Universe

1/4/2017 - John Carpenter Is Fighting With Internet Nazis Over His Cult Classic They Live

1/4/2017 - Bizarre Ghost Sharks Evolved From an Even Weirder Species of Ancient Fish

1/4/2017 - The Curved TV Gimmick Might Finally Be Dead

1/4/2017 - The Helicopters Overshadow the Spaceships in This Arrival VFX Video

1/4/2017 - Wendy's Tweets (and Promptly Deletes) a Very Bad Meme [Update: It Gets So Much Worse]

1/4/2017 - Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul Are Getting a Rematch on Star Wars Rebels

1/4/2017 - Just Look How Freaking Thin LG's New OLED TVs Are

1/4/2017 - Breaking: Zordon Will Continue to Look Like a Floating Head In the Power Rangers Movie

1/4/2017 - Improved AI Means LG's New Robovac Goes Around Furniture, But Tells Humans to Move

1/4/2017 - 'Top Tech Guru' Pens Beautiful Fox News Op-Ed Showing Just How Blisteringly Out of Touch Tech Can Be

1/4/2017 - This Bottle Top Launcher Will Probably Injure You Some Day

1/4/2017 - The Rock Understands Shazam's Black Adam Is a Bad Guy, Right?

1/4/2017 - Striking New Maps Show the Beauty of Earth's Shadows

1/4/2017 - Astronomers Discover an Entirely New Kind of Galaxy

1/4/2017 - How to Use Your Chromecast in a Hotel Room

1/4/2017 - This Controversial Genetic Engineering Technology Could Eliminate Malaria

1/4/2017 - Blade Runner 2049 May Bring Back Another Character From the Original Movie

1/4/2017 - Will The Trump Tweet That Starts World War III Have a Typo?

1/4/2017 - LaCie's Fastest Rugged Drive Yet Also Plays Nice With Your USB-C Laptop

1/4/2017 - Fisher-Price Will Battle Childhood Obesity With an Exercise Bike Tablet Holder

1/4/2017 - Garmin's Fēnix 5 Squeezes Satellite Navigation Into a Slim Fitness-Tracking Smartwatch

1/4/2017 - You Can Justify Buying FLIR’s New Professional Smartphone Thermal Camera As a Job Expense

1/4/2017 - This Is the First Action Camera With FLIR Thermal Imaging Built Right In

1/4/2017 - Sarah Palin Says Julian Assange Is Good Now, Recommends Watching Snowden

1/4/2017 - Building Crazy Lego Robots Has Never Been Easier

1/3/2017 - These Are the Only Cables Coming Out of Samsung's New TV

1/3/2017 - There Is Now a Wearable For Babies Before They Are Born

1/3/2017 - These Shoes Let You Feel The Surface You're Walking On in Virtual Reality

1/3/2017 - Cyborg Elmo Wants to Teach Kids to Code, Not Exterminate Humanity

1/3/2017 - A Suggested Itinerary for Mark Zuckerberg's Cross-Country Vision Quest

1/3/2017 - Seeing the Aurora Borealis' Reflection on Water Is So Cool

1/3/2017 - House GOP Passes New Rules to Punish Livestreaming Protests from Congress

1/3/2017 - The Producer of Armageddon and Pirates of the Caribbean Just Signed On To a New Scifi Film

1/3/2017 - D-Link Thinks Big Antennas Are Still the Way to Eliminate Wi-fi Dead Spots

1/3/2017 - Smart 'IQbuds' Promise to Help Filter Out the Sounds Around You

1/3/2017 - L’Oréal’s Smart Hairbrush Knows More About Your Hair Than Your Salon Does

1/3/2017 - Stranded Astronauts Adopt an Elaborate Coping Mechanism in Imaginative Short Scavengers

1/3/2017 - This Two Terabyte Flash Drive Packs More Storage Than a MacBook

1/3/2017 - Just a Bunch of Cool-Ass Slow Motion Shots from Movies

1/3/2017 - Move Over, Netflix, Linksys' New Wi-Fi Router Prioritizes Video Games

1/3/2017 - Brilliant Space Invaders Pack Straps a Miniature Arcade Cabinet to Your Back

1/3/2017 - For The First Time Ever, the Next Super Sentai Series Has Been Made With Input From America

1/3/2017 - New Genetically Engineered Brain Blobs Can Help Us Study Zika

1/3/2017 - Cool Teen Ruins Dad’s Congressional Swearing In Ceremony With Meme [Update: He's Grounded]

1/3/2017 - Woody Harrelson in Early Talks to Be Han Solo's New Mentor: Report

1/3/2017 - Watch This Moth Drive a Scent-Controlled Robot Car Because Anything Is Possible in 2017

1/3/2017 - Oh Jesus, Look at This Snake Eating a Wallaby

1/3/2017 - The Major (and Most Messed-Up) Revelations From the Official Rogue One Guidebook

1/3/2017 - Vincent D'Onofrio Just Really Loves Marvel

1/3/2017 - Pool-Jumping Daredevil Needs New Feet After Gruesome Accident

1/3/2017 - Chemists Explain Why You Probably Shouldn't Bother With Cough Syrup

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