6/30/2017 - Women Open Up To The New York Times About Silicon Valley's Sexual Harassment Problem

6/30/2017 - A Look Inside the Art Behind the Earliest Days of Steven Universe

6/30/2017 - Let This Video Remind You How PG Movies Messed You Up as a Kid

6/30/2017 - One of Supergirl's Best Stories Just Flubbed the Finish

6/30/2017 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Is NOT Taking a Page From Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (CORRECTED)

6/30/2017 - Explore the World of Valerian With Gorgeous Concept Art and 360-Degree Imagery

6/30/2017 - You'll Only Catch Okja's Best Joke If You Speak Both English and Korean

6/30/2017 - Watch the Origin Story for the Killer Music Box at the Center of Wish Upon

6/30/2017 - Here Are All the Must-Read Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Arriving in July

6/30/2017 - New German Law Forces Facebook To Remove Hate Speech or Pay Over $50 Million

6/30/2017 - Athlete Poop Won't Improve Your Athletic Performance

6/30/2017 - The Aliens Paul Reiser Figure You've Been Waiting For, and the Rest of the Awesome Toys We Saw This Week

6/30/2017 - This Catchy Song Was Made by Sampling the Most Canadian Things Possible

6/30/2017 - IBM Is Clueless About AI Risks

6/30/2017 - My Mad Descent Into the Hellish Void That Is Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 

6/30/2017 - Bummer: Giant Asteroids Not An Immediate Threat

6/30/2017 - How Okja Made Us Care So Damn Much About a CG Superpig

6/30/2017 - Why I Will Always Love Doctor Who's Cybermen

6/30/2017 - James Marsters' Patrick Stewart Obsession Made Him Blow a Star Trek Audition

6/30/2017 - I'm Glad Microsoft Cancelled This Surface Mini

6/30/2017 - Wonder Woman Is Now the DCEU's Most Successful Movie in the US

6/30/2017 - This Dance Video Is Seriously Freaking Me Out

6/30/2017 - The Armed Response Trailer Will Make You Miss Big Budget Wesley Snipes Action Movies

6/30/2017 - Conversations with God: Pablo Schreiber Talks About Becoming American Gods' Giant Asshole Leprechaun

6/30/2017 - The Fourth of July Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule, With Links For Cordcutters

6/30/2017 - New Doctor Who Set Pictures Tease a Fateful Return

6/30/2017 - Here Are Some of the Worst Fireworks-Related Injuries Ever Recorded

6/30/2017 - Alex Jones Has a Perfectly Normal Chat About All the Slave Children Who Are Sent to Mars

6/30/2017 - Iran Hit 129 Degrees Yesterday, Breaking Asia's Heat Record For June

6/29/2017 - Rick and Morty Season 3 Gets a New Trailer and Release Date

6/29/2017 - You Do Not Want Your Picture Taken By the Camera in Polaroid 

6/29/2017 - Trump's Election Fraud Commission Asked States to Send Sensitive Voter Information Over Insecure Email

6/29/2017 - Even John Simm Was Miffed By the Early Announcement of His Doctor Who Return

6/29/2017 - Batman and the Shadow's Destinies Are Becoming More Intertwined Than Ever Before

6/29/2017 - Crime Group Behind 'Petya' Ransomware Resurfaces to Distance Itself From This Week's Global Cyberattacks

6/29/2017 - Guy Who Worked on the iPhone Shows Off Some Clunky Prototypes 

6/29/2017 - Ron Howard's Feet and Unquenchable Thirst Revealed in Shocking Han Solo Set Photo

6/29/2017 - Music Festival Confetti Cannons Might Be Our Only Surefire Defense Against Drones

6/29/2017 - Why Are We Not Talking About How Much Fun Wynonna Earp Is?

6/29/2017 - McMansion Hell is Back Online, Will Not Comply With Zillow's Demands [Update: Zillow Will Not Sue]

6/29/2017 - Watch a Simulated Asteroid Hit the Atmosphere at 45,000 Miles Per Hour

6/29/2017 - Exclusive: Elon Musk Explains Lusty Floor Tweets

6/29/2017 - Netflix Finds It in Its Heart to Give the Sense8 Fans What They Want

6/29/2017 - Enormous Genetic Study Will Help Scientists Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease

6/29/2017 - Ratatouille's Best Scene Proves That, Sometimes, Live-Action Just Can't Surpass Animation

6/29/2017 - The Best Part of Netflix's First Death Note Trailer Is Willem Dafoe's Creepy Death God

6/29/2017 - Saturn’s Hexagonal Storm Is Pure Chaotic Beauty In New Cassini Images

6/29/2017 - Airbnb to Launch Luxury Tier for the Super Rich and No, You’re Not Invited

6/29/2017 - All the Glimpses Into the World of Attilan (and Beyond) We Saw in the Inhumans Trailer

6/29/2017 - How Will We Stop Hackers From Invading Our Brains Once We’re Cyborgs?

6/29/2017 - Here's the First Buzz on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

6/29/2017 - We Regret to Inform You That Fidget Spinners Are Now Exploding

6/29/2017 - Twin Peaks Is the Most David Lynch Thing Ever, and We Are Damn Lucky to Have It

6/29/2017 - Here's What Causes Those Car-Swallowing Sinkholes to Form

6/29/2017 - Chucky Is the Most Terrifying Therapy Doll Ever in the Trailer for Cult of Chucky (UPDATED)

6/29/2017 - The iPhone Forever Changed How We Read Takes on the Internet

6/29/2017 - Game of Thrones' Most Beloved Relationship Was Totally Improvised

6/29/2017 - Can Gecko Feet Help Us Clean Up Space Junk?

6/29/2017 - Do Not Be Alarmed By NASA’s Eerie Artificial Clouds

6/29/2017 - Lego's Justice League Sets Reveal the Film's Villains, and More of Batman's Wonderful Toys

6/29/2017 - Genre-Blending Genius Edgar Wright Talks Ant-Man, Baby Driver and Grand Theft Auto

6/29/2017 - A Deadly Brain-Invading Worm Is Disturbingly Widespread in Florida

6/29/2017 - The NES30 Pro Is the Perfect Portable Controller for the Nintendo Switch

6/29/2017 - If Michelangelo Made Mistakes They'd Look Like This Liquid Paper Masterpiece

6/29/2017 - This Real Life Iron Man Is Only a Superhero on Laundry Day

6/29/2017 - Can You Identify Every Character in These Special 30th Anniversary Star Trek: The Next Generation Posters?

6/29/2017 - Building This Massive Gladiator Hulk Totally Justifies Buying All These Thor: Ragnarok Figures

6/29/2017 - What the Hell is Happening Here?

6/29/2017 - Jumanji's First Trailer Is Here and No One Is Happy to Be Playing This Game

6/29/2017 - The First Inhumans Trailer is Here and It Looks...Terrible

6/29/2017 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Proves How Good Skipping the Origin Story Can Be

6/29/2017 - Milo Yiannopoulos’s Dangerous New Book Isn’t Even Worth Hating

6/29/2017 - Could James Bond Become the Next Big Shared Universe?

6/29/2017 - A Delaware-Sized Iceberg Is Tearing Off Antarctica Right Now [Updated]

6/29/2017 - This is What an ISIS Drone Workshop Looks Like

6/29/2017 - Peter Thiel Described as 'Great Ambassador' For New Zealand Despite Secret Citizenship

6/29/2017 - Canon Might Finally Fix All the Problems With Its Cheapest Full Frame Camera

6/28/2017 - The TSA Messed With the Wrong 20-Pound Lobster and Its Owner Is Pissed

6/28/2017 - US Lifts Airline Laptop Ban In Exchange For 'Intensive Security Measures'

6/28/2017 - Alan Moore's Weird Noir Anthology Series Show Pieces Is Coming to Shudder

6/28/2017 - Researchers Think They Can Use Twitter to Spot Riots Before Police

6/28/2017 - Tinder Keeps Swiping Right on New Ways to Take Your Money

6/28/2017 - The Clue Comic Delightfully Smashes the Fourth Wall to Pieces

6/28/2017 - Wildlife Officials Assure Citizens That Alleged Lake Shark Threat Isn’t Real [Updated]

6/28/2017 - Uber Reveals $120 Million Bonus Dispute Between Fired Engineer and Google

6/28/2017 - The Most Important Thing in the Universe to Star-Lord Was Almost a Darth Vader Figure

6/28/2017 - Witness Spider-Man's Origin Story (Again) in Marvel's New Cartoon Series

6/28/2017 - The Era of Chaos-Inducing Ransomware Is Here and It's Scary as Hell

6/28/2017 - Eerily Accurate Facial Reconstructions Are Allowing the Dead to Speak

6/28/2017 - It Turns Out Selling Ugly $50,000 Smartphones Is Actually a Bad Business Model

6/28/2017 - Batman's Greatest Adversary Isn't the Joker, It's Elmer Fudd

6/28/2017 - Incredible New Observation Shows Supermassive Black Holes Orbiting Each Other

6/28/2017 - Leaked Manual Reveals How CIA Can Track Windows Users by Gauging Wi-Fi Signal 

6/28/2017 - Creepy, Crawly, Unlikely Scifi Film The Untamed Now Has a Freaky First Trailer

6/28/2017 - Leaked Facebook Rules Reveal Why It Won't Protect Black Children From Hate Speech

6/28/2017 - 6 Things the US Government Is Doing That Supervillains Have Also Done

6/28/2017 - A Fax Machine and a Photocopier Walk Into a Bar: The Hasselblad X1D

6/28/2017 - New Evidence of an Ancient Neolithic Skull Cult Proves Humans Have Always Been Metal

6/28/2017 - How Spider-Man: Homecoming Balanced Peter Parker's Legacy and Tony Stark's Influence

6/28/2017 - Samsung Wants to Sell Refurbished Note 7s With the Silliest Possible Name

6/28/2017 - iZombie's Season Finale Obliterated the Status Quo and Made Next Season a Must-Watch

6/28/2017 - How a Chlorine 'Freak Accident' in a Pool Hospitalized Five Kids

6/28/2017 - Scientists Push Back Against Controversial Paper Claiming a Limit To Human Lifespans

6/28/2017 - Steve Rogers Reveals a Shocking Secret Weapon in the Newest Issue of Secret Empire

6/28/2017 - Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying 'Internet Taxes,' Which Aren't a Thing

6/28/2017 - Screwing In This Lightbulb Turns Your Entire Desk Into a Touchscreen Smartphone

6/28/2017 - Not a Parody: Watch Rob Lowe and His Sons Investigate the Paranormal in the Lowe Files Trailer

6/28/2017 - Geek Actually Isn't Just Sex and the City for Nerds, It's a Tribute to Real Friendship

6/28/2017 - Boaty McBoatface Has Returned From Its Inaugural Mission With a Trove of Data

6/28/2017 - Here's Your Requisite 'Shows the Whole Damn Thing' War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer 

6/28/2017 - British Badass Gets Thrown 20 Feet By a Runaway Bus, Brushes Himself Off and Walks Away

6/28/2017 - Our First Look at Iron Man's New Avengers: Infinity War Armor

6/27/2017 - EPA Head Met With CEO of Dow Before Rejecting Ban on Dow's Toxic Pesticide

6/27/2017 - Watch Rufio's Origin Story in This Fan Film Starring the Original Hook Actor

6/27/2017 - It's Already Clear That the SNES Classic Just Isn't Worth the Trouble

6/27/2017 - A Look Inside the Definitive Book on Bringing The Dark Crystal to Life

6/27/2017 - What Happens to Wolves When They're Raised Like Dogs?

6/27/2017 - Mozilla Employee Denied Entry to the United States

6/27/2017 - Edgar Wright Hasn't Seen, and Won't Be Watching, Ant-Man

6/27/2017 - Iron Maiden's Eddie Is Getting His Own Comic This Summer 

6/27/2017 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tells Press to Watch CNN 'Exposé' She Knows Might be Bogus [Updated]

6/27/2017 - Who Created the Fake Donald Trump Time Cover Hanging Up at His Golf Courses?

6/27/2017 - Star Wars Is All the Same Nowadays, and It's Becoming a Problem

6/27/2017 - Witness the Moment Supergirl Arrives in the World of Injustice 

6/27/2017 - This Thumbnail-Sized Spider Shoots an 80-Foot-Long Web Bridge to Cross Rivers

6/27/2017 - Iron Fist Nearly Made a Game of Thrones Character Just Disappear

6/27/2017 - Ransomware Victims Unable to Decrypt Files After Email Provider Shuts Down Attackers' Inbox

6/27/2017 - Reminder: Wave Pools Are Filthy Pits of Despair

6/27/2017 - Why Do So Many Black Superheroes Have Electricity Powers?

6/27/2017 - Yahoo Wants You to Pay for an Ad-Free Version of Its Notoriously Hacked Email Service

6/27/2017 - We Asked Corey Taylor to Listen to the Internet's Best and Worst Slipknot Mashups

6/27/2017 - Watch a New Trailer for Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny, Which Premieres July 3

6/27/2017 - Someone's Trying to Adapt Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series Again

6/27/2017 - Alexa, You Are a Goddamn Prude

6/27/2017 - North Korea's New Smartphone Looks an Awful Lot Like an iPhone

6/27/2017 - We May Eventually Find Out How the Battle of New York Changed Peter Parker

6/27/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About 'Cleganebowl,' Game of Thrones' Most Hyped Fan Theory

6/27/2017 - Elevators of the Future Will Move Sideways Without a Single Cable

6/27/2017 - This Story About Killer Whales Eating Great White Sharks Is Basically a Horror Movie Now

6/27/2017 - Conversations with God: Orlando Jones on Being the Trickster Who Tells Hard Truths

6/27/2017 - Another Ransomware Attack Is Rapidly Spreading Across Europe

6/27/2017 - The Anatomy of a Motherboard

6/27/2017 - A Staggering Amount of Fish Is Wasted Each Year (updated)

6/27/2017 - Some Dick Destroyed Norway's Beloved Troll Penis Rock

6/27/2017 - Scientists Use Ancient DNA to Identify Bizarre Species That Baffled Darwin

6/27/2017 - Asus Zephyrus Review: Has the Age of Powerful and Convenient Gaming Laptops Finally Arrived?

6/27/2017 - This Gorgeous 8-bit Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Was Made On a Vintage Apple IIc

6/27/2017 - Welcome to the Town That Is Trying to Cure Aging

6/27/2017 - Is Warner Bros. Really Considering a Live-Action Adaptation of Superman: Red Son?

6/27/2017 - The Best Place to View the Total Solar Eclipse This Summer, According to Science

6/27/2017 - The Number of Dollar Store Items The Richest Person In Every State Can Buy

6/27/2017 - Google Slapped With Record $2.7 Billion Fine in Europe For Manipulating Shopping Results

6/26/2017 - Top EPA Official 'Bullied' Scientist to Change Testimony About Dismissed Scientists

6/26/2017 - Investor Jitters and 4Chan Hoax Knock $4 Billion Off the Value of Ethereum Cryptocurrency

6/26/2017 - These New Wizard of Oz Posters Are Trippy as Hell

6/26/2017 - Zillow Sends Cease and Desist Letter to McMansion Hell, the Architectural Criticism Blog We Need Right Now [Updated]

6/26/2017 - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Just Met the Cast of X-Men: Dark Phoenix

6/26/2017 - Measuring Tape in Augmented Reality Is Way More Exciting Than It Should Be

6/26/2017 - A Familiar Scifi Set-Up Gets a Killer Twist in Short Film They Will All Die in Space

6/26/2017 - Without Chrono Trigger, the SNES Classic Is Just a Fancy Brick

6/26/2017 - The Senate Health Bill Really Is as Bad as You Imagined

6/26/2017 - A Third Conjuring Is in the Works, and It's Unlikely To Be Set In a Haunted House

6/26/2017 - NASA: You Could Probably Make Wine In Space

6/26/2017 - William Gibson's 'Hinterlands' Is Becoming a Multimedia Animated Franchise

6/26/2017 - These Finches Have a Brilliant Strategy For Fighting Off Ticks

6/26/2017 - How to Install the iOS 11 Public Beta (If You Dare)

6/26/2017 - More Than Two Years After It Was Announced, the Greatest Action Figure Ever Is Finally Shipping (Soon)

6/26/2017 - Scientists Have Finally Figured Out Why Chimps Are So Damn Strong

6/26/2017 - This Is My Harry Potter Gateway Story, What's Yours?

6/26/2017 - Oscar Mayer Made a Drone to Rain Hot Dogs Down on Humanity

6/26/2017 - The Far-Right Alliance Is Over

6/26/2017 - Facebook Wants Kids in Juvenile Detention to Get Internet Access

6/26/2017 - Tom Holland Confirms That Peter Parker Appeared in Iron Man 2 (UPDATED)

6/26/2017 - Kevin Feige Confirms That Miles Morales Exists Somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

6/26/2017 - Transformers: The Last Knight: The Spoiler FAQ

6/26/2017 - How Hogwarts Crushed All Other Fantasy Schools Under Its Heel

6/26/2017 - Super Nintendo Classic Edition Arrives September 29th With 21 Games [Updated]

6/26/2017 - What Sorcery Keeps This Giant Ball Floating on a Tiny Stream of Water?

6/26/2017 - The Amazon Echo Show Is the Best Dumb Smart Machine in My Home

6/26/2017 - If Batman and Superman Were Pokémon Trainers, Who Would Win In a Battle?

6/26/2017 - Report: Lucasfilm Was So Concerned About Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo Performance It Brought in an Acting Coach

6/26/2017 - Walt Disney's Hand-Drawn Map of Disneyland Just Sold for a Bonkers Price

6/26/2017 - Jesus, the Opening of Preacher Season Two Was Completely Bananas

6/26/2017 - The Impacts of Deep Ocean Mining Will 'Last Forever,' Scientists Warn

6/26/2017 - Do Insects Enjoy Sex?

6/26/2017 - Spain Is Digging Up Salvador Dalí's Body Because the World Is a Surreal Nightmare

6/26/2017 - Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Has Been Valued at a Whopping $42 Billion

6/26/2017 - This Could Be the Most Detailed Image of a Distant Star Yet

6/26/2017 - Doctor Who Reminds Us Why the Cybermen Will Always Be Its Scariest Enemies

6/26/2017 - War for the Planet of the Apes Is One of the Best—and Bleakest—Summer Blockbusters Ever

6/26/2017 - More Clarifications About Both Venom and Silver and Black's Place in the Marvel Movieverse

6/26/2017 - Disney Says President Trump Will Speak at the Hall of Presidents, Contradicting Earlier Reports [Updated]

6/26/2017 - President Trump Has Deleted 22 Tweets Since Taking Office

6/25/2017 - Take a Detailed Look at Every Tiny Aspect of the Silicon Valley Credits Sequence

6/25/2017 - How One Man Overcame Blindness and Started an Audiobook Show for New Scifi and Fantasy

6/25/2017 - Watch SpaceX Outdo Itself With Second Successful Launch and Landing in 48 Hours [Updated]

6/25/2017 - Hot New Cryptocoin Exchange Pledges to Pay Back Losses Following Flash Crash

6/25/2017 - The Next Spider-Man Film Will Be the Civil War of Marvel's Phase Four

6/25/2017 - Unboxing the Mystery That Is the 'Klingon Jedi' Action Figure

6/25/2017 - Trump Confirms That He Said the Mean Healthcare Bill Is 'Mean'

6/25/2017 - Get Psyched for Game of Thrones Season 7 All Over Again with Epic Trailer Mashup

6/24/2017 - We Have Got to Talk About That Jaw-Dropping Doctor Who Cliffhanger

6/24/2017 - Several States in the US Allow the Same Cladding That Turned Grenfell Tower Into a Time Bomb

6/24/2017 - Bill Pullman Didn't Bother Watching Star Wars Before Appearing in Spaceballs

6/24/2017 - Zuckerberg's Campaign Tour 2020 Pulls Over to Explain What a Truckstop Is

6/24/2017 - Self-Described Mad Max Protégé Arrested for Cruising on ATV with Sawed-Off Shotgun

6/24/2017 - The World's Ugliest Dog Competition Winner Was Only, Like, the Fourth Ugliest Dog

6/24/2017 - Toy Story Consultant Shares the Super Depressing Story of Andy's Dad [Updated]

6/24/2017 - Leak of Windows 10 Source Code Raises Security Concerns

6/24/2017 - Wonder Woman Actor Says Chief Is Actually a Demi-God

6/23/2017 - The First Reactions to Spider-Man: Homecoming Are Finally Here

6/23/2017 - Justice Department Tries to Take Microsoft Email Warrant Fight to Supreme Court

6/23/2017 - Health Insurance Giant Agrees to Record $115 Million Payout Over Data Breach

6/23/2017 - Tommy Lee Jones and Brad Pitt Are Teaming Up For a Space-Set, Pseudo-Apocalypse Now 

6/23/2017 - This Animated Short Illustrates What Happens When You Take Minimalism to an Extreme

6/23/2017 - Windows 10 S Doesn't Appear to Be as Invulnerable to Ransomware as Microsoft Claims

6/23/2017 - Uranus Is Even Freakier Than We Thought

6/23/2017 - Sexually Active Old People Seem to Be Smarter

6/23/2017 - When Dazzler Comes to X-Men: Dark Phoenix, She Better Not Be Played By Taylor Swift

6/23/2017 - Saga's Lying Cat Finally Gets an Action Figure, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

6/23/2017 - Yahoo Shutters That $30 Million App It Bought From a Teen

6/23/2017 - Evolution Will No Longer Be Taught in Turkish Schools

6/23/2017 - Elmer Fudd Hunting Batman Through the Streets of Gotham is Terrifying and Amazing

6/23/2017 - Apple Unveils World's Least Portable Laptop

6/23/2017 - Someone Is Lying About Whether Blade Runner 2049 Will Tell Us If Deckard's a Replicant or Not

6/23/2017 - Cersei Got the Biggest Upgrade from Page to Screen on Game of Thrones

6/23/2017 - The Dumbo Octopus Is Eight Cute Legs of Stone Cold Murder

6/23/2017 - The Preacher Team Explains How Season One Was All About Getting You Ready for Season Two

6/23/2017 - Google Says It Will Stop Scanning Your Emails to Serve Ads

6/23/2017 - Sir Ian McKellen Has Some Valid Complaints About His Magneto Costume

6/23/2017 - SpaceX Fans: This Is Your Super Bowl Weekend

6/23/2017 - Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker Reunite in This First Look Inside the New, Reimagined Robotech Comic

6/23/2017 - Obama Authorized Cyberstrikes Against Russia Through Secret Program That Continues Under Trump

6/23/2017 - Which Avenger Is Going to Die in Infinity War?

6/23/2017 - This Space Museum in Central Kansas Was Worth the 20 Hour Drive

6/23/2017 - All the Best Ways to Back Up Your Data

6/23/2017 - A New Variety of Poppy Seed Won't Make Drug Tests Think You're an Addict

6/23/2017 - I Found a 15-inch Laptop That's Not a Total Pain 

6/23/2017 - Guy Who Wrote That 'You and I Collide' Song Sings Parody About the Large Hadron Collider

6/23/2017 - Harry Potter Is Technically the Second Wizard in His Family With That Name

6/23/2017 - Newly Declassified Documents Show Nazis Plotted to Destroy Panama Canal

6/23/2017 - This Endless Montage of Tunnels Somehow Makes Nightmarish Commutes Look Beautiful

6/23/2017 - Okja Is a Masterfully Told Story Which Will Haunt You for Days

6/23/2017 - Four Terrifying Ways Space Can Kill You

6/23/2017 - Legend of Korra's Pro-Bending Sport Is Being Turned Into a Board Game

6/23/2017 - This Is the Last Word on Coconut Oil

6/23/2017 - The Bumblebee Spinoff Could Bring Back Some Classic Transformers Designs

6/23/2017 - Supplement Wildly Unreliable, Despite FDA Regulations

6/22/2017 - The Sexless Rubbermen Are Back, and They're Hungry

6/22/2017 - He-Man and Barbie Star in a New Mattel Art Tribute Show

6/22/2017 - Ancient Manufacturing Technique Exposed Indigenous Peoples to Dangerous Toxins

6/22/2017 - Black-Market Brain Surgery Goes So Wrong (and Yet So Right) in Scifi Short Exchangers

6/22/2017 - Ron Howard Is Classy and Optimistic In His First Public Han Solo Comments

6/22/2017 - Smash Mouth Retweeted an Anime Porn Nazi

6/22/2017 - Comcast Accused of Sabotaging Small ISP Owner's Business By Destroying His Cables

6/22/2017 - The New Rocko's Modern Life Special Will Bring Back the Original Cast

6/22/2017 - A Mysterious Mars-Sized Object Could Be Hiding at the Edge of Our Solar System

6/22/2017 - Controversial New Gravitational Waves Paper Shows Science Happening In Real Time [Updated]

6/22/2017 - The Government Says It Wasted Millions of Dollars Dressing the Afghan Army in Proprietary Camouflage

6/22/2017 - Star Trek: Discovery Boldly Goes Where No Star Trek Show Has Gone Before by Giving Away Teams Armor

6/22/2017 - After Philando Castile's Death, Investigators Tried to Secretly Get Access to Diamond Reynolds' Facebook and Phone Records

6/22/2017 - 1,000 Sad Uber Employees Reportedly Sign Petition Demanding Terrible CEO Return

6/22/2017 - If The Mist Can Pull Off Everything It Sets Up, It'll Be Amazing

6/22/2017 - In Secret Empire, Women Are Leading the Resistance Against Hydra's Fascism

6/22/2017 - Facebook Unveils New Buzzwords

6/22/2017 - Which Creature Is Most Likely to Cause the Next Catastrophic Pandemic?

6/22/2017 - Here's What We Want From the CW's DC Superhero Shows Next Season

6/22/2017 - The Shape of a Bird’s Egg Can Tell You Something Totally Unexpected

6/22/2017 - A Beachcomber Makes an Apocalyptic Blunder in This Beautifully Animated Short

6/22/2017 - This Super Pretty Vibrator Is Basically a Stress Ball for My Vagina

6/22/2017 - Amazon's Cheap 4K TVs Are Good Enough for Almost Anyone

6/22/2017 - Garbage-Fed Seagulls Are Spoiling Our Lakes and Reservoirs With Their Poop

6/22/2017 - Of Course Jeff Goldblum Provides the Tagline for Jurassic World 2's Title Reveal

6/22/2017 - Five Things You Might Not Know From 'The Secret History of the iPhone'

6/22/2017 - The Russia Hack Truther Has Logged On

6/22/2017 - Wonder Woman and the Tasmanian Devil Make For an Epic Greek Myth

6/22/2017 - Guy Builds a Self-Powered Driving Potato That Turns Out to Be a Better Pet Than a Cat

6/22/2017 - Ron Howard Will Direct the Han Solo Movie

6/22/2017 - Scientists Solve Ancient 'Bright Night' Mystery With Satellite Data

6/22/2017 - What Are the Best and Worst Movie-Related Songs?

6/22/2017 - Playing Super Mario Bros. in Real Life Is How Video Games Will Finally Get You Off Your Ass

6/22/2017 - NASA Calls Bullshit on Goop's $120 'Bio-Frequency Healing' Sticker Packs [Updated]

6/22/2017 - Why a Single Infinity War Set Picture Has Everyone Pondering Tony Stark's Future

6/22/2017 - I Can't Wait to Play This Nintendo Switch Battery

6/22/2017 - Robot Journalist Accidentally Reports on Earthquake from 1925

6/22/2017 - Confederate Group Fights For Possession of Time Capsule Found in Monument to Losers

6/22/2017 - Jack Ma Predicts People Will Work Just 16 Hours Per Week by 2047

6/22/2017 - Mylan Sells Asthma Treatments While It Quietly Invests in Coal 

6/21/2017 - BBC News Program Experiences the Most Awkward Glitch

6/21/2017 - With New Context, These Old Quotes About the Han Solo Movie Speak Volumes

6/21/2017 - It Looks Like the Senate's Health Bill Is Almost as Vile as the House Bill

6/21/2017 - A Rookie Teacher Fights the Forces of Evil in Winning Comedy Horror Short The Sub

6/21/2017 - This Groundbreaking Comics Shop Owner Wants To Help Writers and Artists Break Into the Industry

6/21/2017 - The Predator Set Was a Bug-Filled Hell for the Naked

6/21/2017 - You Need Food and Water in Order to Live

6/21/2017 - Paragliding at the Bottom of a Narrow Canyon Is Scarier Than Any Roller Coaster on Earth

6/21/2017 - Ultimates 2 Is Turning Galactus and Ego the Living Planet Into Cosmic Superheroes

6/21/2017 - Physicists Think They Know How to Stop Your Rolly Suitcase From Tipping Over

6/21/2017 - This Snack Machine Conspiracy Is the Greatest Operation in CIA History

6/21/2017 - Jason Isaacs Looks So Uncomfortable in His Star Trek: Discovery Uniform

6/21/2017 - Breaking Down All the Secrets and Surprises of the New Game of Thrones Trailer

6/21/2017 - How Does X-Men's Charles Xavier Leave His Own House?

6/21/2017 - Trump's Vote 'Rigging' Claims Delayed Warning of Russian Cyberattacks, Former DHS Chief Says

6/21/2017 - You Could Almost Live Inside Lego's Massive New Ninjago City Set

6/21/2017 - The Star of Star Wars: Battlefront II Saw Both Death Stars Explode

6/21/2017 - We Just Got a Rare Look at Our New Overlord, the Flapjack Octopus

6/21/2017 - This Stunning Medieval Longsword Was Just Pulled From a Polish Bog

6/21/2017 - Syfy's Ghoulish Blood Drive Embraces Grindhouse a Little Too Enthusiastically

6/21/2017 - The Very Best Wireless Earbuds for Active People

6/21/2017 - The Hunt for Gravitational Waves Is Officially Headed to Space

6/21/2017 - The Newest Game of Thrones Trailer Suggests Our Hopes and Fears Are All True

6/21/2017 - Uranus Might Finally Get a Visitor After All These Years

6/21/2017 - Here Are the Jaw-Dropping Battles (and Brienne's Badass Training) From the Latest Game of Thrones Featurette

6/21/2017 - Girl Scouts Can Soon Earn Cybersecurity Badges Because Girls Want to Hack Stuff, Not Get Bullied Online

6/21/2017 - Sony's Spider-Man Movie-verse Will Feature Carnage, and May Include Kraven and Mysterio Films

6/21/2017 - The Chemistry of Olive Oil Will Make You an Instant Food Snob

6/21/2017 - Driverless Bus Goes on Rolling Rampage in Brooklyn

6/21/2017 - It's So Hot in Arizona Right Now, Puppy Feet Are Frying

6/21/2017 - The Mighty Thor Just Introduced Yet Another New Thor

6/21/2017 - 12 Tools and Apps That Make Working From Home Easier

6/21/2017 - This Is One of the Coolest Shots of the Mars Curiosity Rover We've Ever Seen

6/21/2017 - New Blade Runner 2049 Footage Sees Rick Deckard Taken 'Home'

6/21/2017 - A $400 Smart Tea Machine Gave This Brit an Existential Crisis

6/21/2017 - A Totally Wild Rumor About the Next Fantastic Four Film

6/21/2017 - This 3,000-Year-Old Prosthetic Wooden Toe is More Incredible Than We Thought

6/21/2017 - Scientists Propose a New Way to Test How Space Radiation Will Fry You

6/21/2017 - 12 People Who Could Replace Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

6/21/2017 - Travis Kalanick Has Resigned His Role As Uber CEO

6/20/2017 - Ron Howard Is the Reported Frontrunner to Take Over the Han Solo Film (UPDATED)

6/20/2017 - Facebook Struggles in Legal Fight to Keep the Oculus Rift on Shelves

6/20/2017 - Watch George Takei, Stephen Hawking, Bill Nye, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson Argue Over Who Had the Best Futurama Cameo

6/20/2017 - EPA Set to Eliminate Over 1,200 Employees By September

6/20/2017 - The New Annabelle: Creation Trailer Offers a Reminder That Orphans Shouldn't Play With Haunted Dolls 

6/20/2017 - Damon Lindelof's Bringing a Watchmen Series to HBO

6/20/2017 - The Han Solo Standalone Film Has Suddenly Lost Its Directors

6/20/2017 - Mountain Lions Are Terrified of Humans—and That’s a Problem

6/20/2017 - Transformers: The Last Knight Is Over-Stuffed and Completely Insane

6/20/2017 - Senator Probes Top US Defense Contractor Over Leaked Data Tied to Pentagon Project

6/20/2017 - The New Kingsman Comic Sequel Will Delve Into Both Sides of Eggsy's Spy-Life

6/20/2017 - Whole Foods Employees Must Be Shitting Their Pants Right Now

6/20/2017 - Howard the Duck's Lea Thompson Declares Herself 'The First Queen of Marvel'

6/20/2017 - I'm Sick of the Damn Toe

6/20/2017 - Greg Pak Will Uncover John Wick's Origin Story in a New Comic Series

6/20/2017 - Scientists Used CRISPR to Reverse Huntington's Disease in Mice

6/20/2017 - Lionfish Are Eating Fish We Didn't Even Know Existed

6/20/2017 - The CW Is Planning a Supernatural Spinoff That's Basically 'Supernatural, But With Women'

6/20/2017 - New Calculation Could Spell Trouble For a Popular Theory of the Universe's Origin

6/20/2017 - Before You Hit 'Submit,' This Company Has Already Logged Your Personal Data

6/20/2017 - The Biggest Problem With The Handmaid's Tale Is How It Ignores Race

6/20/2017 - Is it Possible to Stimulate Deep Inside Our Brains Without Implanting Hardware?

6/20/2017 - Star Trek: Discovery Reveals Sonequa Martin-Green's Connection to the Vulcans

6/20/2017 - Uber Finally Introduces Tipping After Driver Backlash

6/20/2017 - Video That Putin Shows Oliver Stone of Russians Fighting ISIS is Totally Fake [Updated]

6/20/2017 - The OnePlus 5 Is the New Android iPhone Ripoff—in a Very Good Way

6/20/2017 - Diversity Comes to Barbie's Boyfriend Ken, Complete With a Man Bun

6/20/2017 - Why Six HIV Experts Just Resigned From Trump's AIDS Advisory Council

6/20/2017 - American Gods' Jesus Shows What Happens When a God Becomes Too Popular

6/20/2017 - One of the Best Batman Movies Ever Made Is Finally Coming to Blu-Ray

6/20/2017 - South Korean Company Agrees to Pay Hackers $1 Million Bitcoin Ransom to Unlock Its Files

6/20/2017 - Blink and You'll Miss These Lightning Fast, Blood-Thirsty Sumo Bots Fighting

6/20/2017 - Dad Regrets Buying Kids Something More Interesting Than He Is

6/20/2017 - Watching a Banana Slug Munch a Bunch of Salad Greens Will Soothe Your Soul

6/20/2017 - Dracula Will Be the Next TV Show From the Creators of Sherlock

6/20/2017 - Rotting Wildebeest Carcasses Are a Force of Nature in the Serengeti

6/20/2017 - Mixing Oil, Paint, and Soap Looks Like Flying Over a Distant Alien World

6/20/2017 - Archie Reveals the Victim of Its Tragic 'Over the Edge' Storyline

6/20/2017 - John Simm's New Doctor Who Costume Is Stylish as Hell

6/20/2017 - Some Good News on Coral Reefs for a Change

6/20/2017 - Watch These Impossibly Precise Japanese School Kids Set a New Jump Rope World Record

6/20/2017 - Spider-Man's Ridiculous Spider-Mobile Returns as Hot Wheels' Comic-Con Exclusive

6/20/2017 - More New Details on the Bumblebee Spinoff

6/20/2017 - The High Schoolers Hunting for the Universe's Secrets

6/20/2017 - This Was the Futuristic Robot Chauffeur of 1911

6/20/2017 - Huge Collection of Nazi Artifacts Discovered Inside Secret Room in Argentina

6/19/2017 - In a Rare Moment of Self-Doubt, Steve Jobs Wanted a Back Button on the iPhone

6/19/2017 - If You Ordered a Rare Indian Root Online, It's Probably Just a Dried Lizard Penis

6/19/2017 - Which Tech Industry Leaders Ditched the White House Tech Summit Today?

6/19/2017 - Just Try Not to White-Knuckle Your Way Through This Unbelievably Tense Short Horror Film

6/19/2017 - In Black Panther & The Crew, Hydra’s Getting Into the Most Nefarious Business of All: Gentrification

6/19/2017 - The Official Reason for Star Trek: Discovery's Many Delays: World Building Is Hard

6/19/2017 - Yes, The Dark Tower Movie Is a Sequel to the Books

6/19/2017 - New Super-Man Is Reimagining the Trinity's Origin Stories In The Coolest Way

6/19/2017 - Mark Wahlberg Is Probably Done With the Transformers Movies

6/19/2017 - Supreme Court Rules Sex Offenders Can't Be Barred from Social Media

6/19/2017 - Injustice's Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Might Be a Couple

6/19/2017 - Unseen Photos of Mount St. Helens Eruption Uncovered From Forgotten Camera

6/19/2017 - I Ventured to the Most Radioactive Spot in Town With This Super High-Tech Radiation Camera

6/19/2017 - More Details Surface About Carrie Fisher's Death

6/19/2017 - How a Company You’ve Never Heard of Sends You Letters about Your Medical Condition

6/19/2017 - Gail Simone Is Teaming Up Wonder Woman and Conan the Barbarian For a New Comic

6/19/2017 - Stranger Things Gets Some Suitably Retro Action Figures

6/19/2017 - The Southwest US Is About to Get Torched by a Brutal Heat Wave

6/19/2017 - Reality Loser, Rick Perry, Says CO2 Doesn't Cause Global Warming 

6/19/2017 - NASA Finds 10 More Planets Humanity Might Be Able to Ruin Next

6/19/2017 - Colin Trevorrow Had The Last Jedi Team Shoot Something for Episode IX, But What?

6/19/2017 - Star Trek: Discovery Begins September 24

6/19/2017 - Killer Tsunami in Greenland Possibly Triggered by Landslide

6/19/2017 - This Is An Animal, Not a Penis

6/19/2017 - A Neural Network Turned a Book of Flowers Into Shockingly Lovely Dinosaur Art

6/19/2017 - New Valerian Featurette Shows How Luc Besson Makes the Space Crazy Happen

6/19/2017 - What If the Earth Suddenly Turned Flat?

6/19/2017 - Ethiopian Coffee Is Screwed Unless We Do Something About It

6/19/2017 - How Cats Conquered Humans Thousands of Years Ago

6/19/2017 - On Doctor Who, Bill Potts Has Finally Become the Doctor's Equal

6/19/2017 - How Many 'Focus' T-Shirts Does Pinterest President Tim Kendall Own?

6/19/2017 - Adorable Kitten Mysteriously Appears Inside Tesla Bumper

6/19/2017 - American Gods’ Fantastic First Season Ends With Shock and Awe

6/19/2017 - Don't Get Too Excited About That New Man of Steel 2 Rumor

6/19/2017 - GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters

6/19/2017 - America's Top Hypocrites Are Meeting at the Trump White House For Technology Week

6/18/2017 - Conflicts for Trump Officials Show That the Amazon-Whole Foods Merger Should Go Smoothly

6/18/2017 - Open Channel: Who's Your Favorite Fictional Dad? 

6/18/2017 - Why Did an Enormous Chunk of West Antarctica Suddenly Start Melting?

6/18/2017 - If Alexa Was Possessed by Alex Jones, It Would Sound Something Like This

6/18/2017 - Watch Game of Thrones Characters Perform 'I Will Survive'... Even Though Most of Them Won't

6/18/2017 - Study Finds Tech Can Generate Electricity From Urine and Kill Salmonella

6/18/2017 - Did Orphan Black Go Too Far With Its Latest Death? 

6/18/2017 - Horrifying Forest Fires in Portugal Leave at Least 62 People Dead

6/18/2017 - Producer Says Spider-Man: HomecomingVenom, and Silver and Black Will Exist in Same World

6/18/2017 - Gay Kiss Cut From Chinese Version of Alien: Covenant

6/18/2017 - How to Spot and Remove Stalkerware

6/17/2017 - Step into the Light for the Spoiler-Filled Doctor Who Discussion Thread

6/17/2017 - LED Message Fidget Spinner Will Kill Teachers' Brief Tolerance of the Ubiquitous Toy

6/17/2017 - Ryan Reynolds Shares First Peek at Deadpool 2 Filming

6/17/2017 - It's Mary Poppins Meets The Conjuring, as Family Seeks Nanny for Haunted House

6/17/2017 - Just in Time, Amazon Patents Method to Prevent In-store Comparison Shopping

6/17/2017 - Latest Fahrenheit 451 Casting Shows It's Bringing the Book to the YouTube Age

6/17/2017 - Atari's New Console Sounds Like a Bad Idea

6/17/2017 - Be Honest: How Long Did You Survive HBO Nordic's Deadly Game of Thrones Quiz?

6/17/2017 - How to Browse the Web and Leave No Trace

6/17/2017 - Tom Holland Shares His Weirdest Audition... and It Was for Andy Serkis

6/16/2017 - The Stop-Motion Dog Puppets in This Adorable Short Are Simply Fantastic

6/16/2017 - Hearing Kylo Ren Do ASMR Is a Good Way to Scare the Crap Out of Yourself

6/16/2017 - DC Just Posted an Unaired Powerless Episode Starring Adam West

6/16/2017 - The Co-Creator of Westworld Just Dropped an Early Season Two Clue

6/16/2017 - Slowly Slicing Through a Log Reveals an Alien World

6/16/2017 - Watch a Kid Become a Ghostbuster for a Day With Dan Aykroyd's Help

6/16/2017 - This Study is Forcing Scientists to Rethink the Human Genome

6/16/2017 - TSA Reminds Passengers That Ninja Stars Are Not Fidget Spinners

6/16/2017 - Breathe Into a Paper Bag While This Real-Life Spider-Man Climbs a 29-Story Hotel

6/16/2017 - What Type of Story Are You a Total Sucker For?

6/16/2017 - This is What Happens When You Teach an AI to Name Guinea Pigs

6/16/2017 - Listen to a Heroic Sampling From the Spider-Man: Homecoming Score

6/16/2017 - Scientists Find Genetic Mutation That Could Increase the Male Lifespan

6/16/2017 - Casual Friday Schwarzenegger, X-Men Deadpool, and All the Best Toys of the Week

6/16/2017 - The New iPad Pro Is Incredible, But Not Worth the Upgrade

6/16/2017 - Take a Peek at Marvel's Odd Team-Up with Kinda-Fictional Scifi Band Starset

6/16/2017 - Here's What the Next Alien Prequel Needs to Do (and What It Needs to Avoid)

6/16/2017 - Hell Yes, Glenn Close Is a Vengeful Zombie in Amazon's Next TV Show

6/16/2017 - Why We Should Look For Alien Megastructures Around Pulsars

6/16/2017 - Help Us Figure Out Who These 16 New Characters Are Going to Be in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

6/16/2017 - There's Something Weird About Cars 3

6/16/2017 - The Bat-Signal Shined In Los Angeles to Honor Adam West

6/16/2017 - This 3D-Printed Contraption Turns Laser Pointers Into Trippy Little Light Shows

6/16/2017 - Leaked Files Show How the CIA Can Hack Your Router to Spy on You

6/16/2017 - Has Jon Snow's True Name Been Revealed? [Update: No It Hasn't]

6/16/2017 - Incredibly Rare Albino Dolphin Spotted in California Being Adorable

6/16/2017 - Facebook 'Bug' Automatically Leaked Moderators' Identities to Suspected Terrorists

6/16/2017 - Someone Is Trying to Discredit the Story of Peter Thiel’s Interest in Young Blood

6/16/2017 - Marvin the Martian and the Martian Manhunter Can't Agree Whether Humanity Deserves to Exist

6/16/2017 - Please Calm Down: Coconut Oil Is Fine

6/16/2017 - This Rogue Doctor Wants to Charge Women $100,000 For an Illegal Fertility Treatment

6/16/2017 - Holy Heck: Amazon Is Buying Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion in Cash

6/16/2017 - Mark Hamill Clarifies His Alarming Statement on Luke in The Last Jedi

6/16/2017 - My Uber Boycott Is Finally Paying Off

6/15/2017 - A Robot Falls for a Scarecrow in This Charming Fable About Star-Crossed Love

6/15/2017 - Kevin Smith Is Currently Shooting a Horror Movie Called Killroy Was Here

6/15/2017 - New Trailer for Okja Will Make You Want a Giant Happy Hippo Thing of Your Very Own

6/15/2017 - Archaeologists Uncover Secret Message On Bible-Era Pottery

6/15/2017 - The Nerdiest Debate Ever May Finally Have a Winner

6/15/2017 - Ladies, I Know We're All Wonder Woman, But Don't Put Swords Down Your Dresses

6/15/2017 - Leaked Data Reveals Just How Freaking Expensive It Is to Put Spice Girls and Coldplay Songs in Crappy Movies

6/15/2017 - Watchmen's Iconic Smiley Face Button Almost Didn't Happen

6/15/2017 - Experiment With Chinese Satellite Demonstrates Quantum Weirdness Over Record Distances

6/15/2017 - Walking Around This Interactive Room Is a Nightmarish Drug Trip Without the Drugs

6/15/2017 - 8 Questions We Really Want Answered in The Handmaid's Tale's Second Season

6/15/2017 - This Clever Camera Trick Lets You Photograph the Invisible World Around Us

6/15/2017 - James Gunn Trolling a Fake Kevin Feige Is My Favorite Thing Today

6/15/2017 - Trump to Mayor of 'Drowning' Island: Don't Worry About Sea Level Rise 

6/15/2017 - Which Show Is Crazier: Gotham or Legends of Tomorrow?

6/15/2017 - It's About Time for Another Communist Revolution (If You're a Mollusk)

6/15/2017 - I Can't Stop Staring at This Sad Darth Vader Pretzel

6/15/2017 - Uber Sued Over Mishandling the Medical File of a Woman Who Was Raped by Uber Driver

6/15/2017 - A French Artist Says He Received a National ID Card Using a Computer-Generated Headshot

6/15/2017 - One of the Oldest and Rarest G.I. Joe Playsets Is Returning as a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

6/15/2017 - Happy Death Day Looks Like Groundhog Day Meets Scream

6/15/2017 - Russian Rocket Launch Ignites Killer Grass Fire

6/15/2017 - How to Find Almost Anything on YouTube

6/15/2017 - Sony Backs Down on 'Clean Version' Movies, Will Let Directors Opt Out [Updated]

6/15/2017 - So Uh, Is Tim Cook Running for President, Too?

6/15/2017 - The Completely Bananas History of Transformers on Earth, According to the Movies

6/15/2017 - Secret Empire Just Set the Scarlet Witch Back in the Worst Way Imaginable

6/15/2017 - How to Hack Your Car With a Nicer Horn That Won't Instigate Road Rage

6/15/2017 - Head Transplant Scientists Re-Attach Rat Spines, Others Not Convinced

6/15/2017 - This Is the Best Surface Ever Made, But It's Still No Laptop

6/15/2017 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix Is Getting One Thing Extremely Right

6/15/2017 - Sphero's Adorable Spider-Man Toy Has AI Smarts (That Aren't Creepy)

6/15/2017 - I Want This 1923 Prediction For the American City of the Future To Be Real

6/14/2017 - The Pentagon's Silicon Valley Outpost Is Bringing "Robotic Wingmen" to the Battlefield

6/14/2017 - These Are the Colors that Words Make When Used as Hex Code

6/14/2017 - A Dating App Reveals Unexpected Cloning Capabilities in Funny Short Swiped

6/14/2017 - Is It Really Time for Apple to Add Wireless Charging to the iPhone?

6/14/2017 - Batman and Spider-Man Composer Danny Elfman Will Now Score Justice League (UPDATED)

6/14/2017 - An Unknown Tech Company Tried (and Failed) to Stop the NSA's Warrantless Spying

6/14/2017 - Big Trouble in Little China's Loudmouth Hero Makes One Last Stand in New Comic Series Old Man Jack

6/14/2017 - 118-Year-Old Painting Found in Antarctica Was Hidden By Penguin Shit

6/14/2017 - Why Do Sick Bodies Turn Poop Into Diarrhea?

6/14/2017 - The Coolest Gaming Gear Shown Off at E3 2017

6/14/2017 - Secret Empire Turned Ultron Into the Most Sensible Person in Marvel's Comics

6/14/2017 - How Rich Neighbors May Have Factored Into London's Deadly Tower Fire [UPDATED]

6/14/2017 - Adam West's Dark Knight Will Rise Once More in Batman vs. Two-Face

6/14/2017 - Particle Physics Might Make Your Raw Milk Safer to Drink

6/14/2017 - A 15-Piece Orchestra Played Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Than Daft Punk Themselves

6/14/2017 - Jaden Smith Dresses Up as White Batman and Fights Other Fake Superheroes in New Music Video

6/14/2017 - Here's What We Think James Gunn Wants to Retcon in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

6/14/2017 - Mercifully, the New DuckTales Theme Song Is Nearly Identical to the Old One

6/14/2017 - Two-Headed Porpoise Just Wants Love, Validation

6/14/2017 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix Sets Its Main Cast and Creative Team With One Big New Addition

6/14/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About 4K Gaming

6/14/2017 - First Full Trailer for Ferdinand Stars John Cena as the Sensitive Bull from the Classic Children's Book

6/14/2017 - Gene Simmons Wants to Trademark Spider-Man's 'Thwip' Hand Gesture (UPDATE: Now He Doesn't)

6/14/2017 - Octopus-Inspired Materials Could One Day Save Your Life

6/14/2017 - The Conjuring Series Is Getting Yet Another Spin-Off Movie

6/14/2017 - What We Learned From the Pizzagate Shooter’s Latest Court Docs

6/14/2017 - Giant Flying Turkeys Once Roamed Australia Because of Course They Did

6/14/2017 - The Robust Assassin Mythology of John Wick Could Get Its Own TV Show

6/14/2017 - John Lithgow Could Have Been the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman

6/14/2017 - This Artificially Intelligent Robot Composes and Performs Its Own Music

6/14/2017 - On The Handmaid's Tale Finale, the Fall of Gilead Begins With a Dropped Stone

6/14/2017 - The Library of Congress Wants More People to Get Into Webcomics

6/14/2017 - Amazon Erects 79-Foot Cylindrical Shaft in Times Square

6/14/2017 - Fancy Chair Maker Herman Miller Is Making Creepy Software Now

6/14/2017 - Meet Bad Ape, Steve's Zahn's Neurotic, Lonely War for the Planet of the Apes Character

6/14/2017 - Microsoft's AI Just Shattered the Ms. Pac-Man High Score

6/14/2017 - The Transformers Spinoffs Are Sending Bumblebee to the '80s and Other Robots to Ancient Rome

6/14/2017 - Director of Michigan's Health Department Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charge Over Flint Water Crisis (UPDATED)  

6/14/2017 - Good Looks at New Last Jedi Villains, From a Totally Ridiculous Source

6/14/2017 - Congressional Shooting and London Fire Trend on Twitter, Twitter Promotes #HappyDeathDay

6/13/2017 - US Considers Chinese Investment in Artificial Intelligence a National Security Threat

6/13/2017 - Sprint Is Secretly Offering Verizon Customers a Free Year of Service to Switch

6/13/2017 - We Love This Street Fighter/Predator Mash-Up

6/13/2017 - Joel Schumacher Explains How Batman & Robin's Bat-Nipples Came To Be

6/13/2017 - Report: Trump Tells Senators That Trumpcare Is Too 'Mean'

6/13/2017 - Senators Tear Into Jeff Sessions for Refusing to Explain Why He Won't Answer Questions About Trump Under Oath

6/13/2017 - Uber Can't Stop Tripping on Its Own Misogynistic Dick [Updated: He's Out]

6/13/2017 - Batman '66 Met The Legion of Super-Heroes and They Cramped Each Other's Style So Bad

6/13/2017 - Pigeons Are Misunderstood Mermaids

6/13/2017 - US Blames North Korea for Series of DDoS Attacks

6/13/2017 - The Dark, Painful Inspiration Behind the Horror Movie It Comes at Night 

6/13/2017 - Someone Please Tell Microsoft Why People Buy Gaming Consoles

6/13/2017 - Brigsby Bear Is a Weird Movie About a Mysterious TV Show Created for a Single Kid

6/13/2017 - These Freaky Robots Were Built From Drinking Straws and Inspired by Spiders

6/13/2017 - You'll Be Quoting The Fifth Element All Day After Listening to This Catchy Remix

6/13/2017 - This SNES-Style Nintendo Switch Controller Is Designed to Play 32 Years of Games

6/13/2017 - How Much Lubricant Are These Amiibos Using?

6/13/2017 - How Colossal Merged the Personal and the Grand to Create the Perfect Ending

6/13/2017 - Medical Drones Could Beat Ambulances At Saving Cardiac Arrest Patients

6/13/2017 - At the End of the NSFW Fidget Spinner Rainbow: This Guy's Dick

6/13/2017 - Watching a Daredevil Pilot Fly This Low Is Absolutely Terrifying

6/13/2017 - Bike Showdown: Which Easy-to-Build, Low-Maintenance Bike Should You Buy?

6/13/2017 - Guess How Many Deaths There Have Been So Far on Game of Thrones

6/13/2017 - Embattled CEO Travis Kalanick Takes Leave of Absence in Wake of Uber's Sexual Harassment Investigation

6/13/2017 - How to Watch Jeff Sessions Testify, but Remember Not to Laugh At Him or You'll Literally Be Arrested Like That Woman Who Chuckled During His Confirmation Hearing Yeah Remember That Shit It Was Wild

6/13/2017 - Thai Click-Fraud Farm Busted Using Wall of iPhones

6/13/2017 - Finally, a Dating App That Doesn't Allow Talking 

6/13/2017 - Intel Chief Says He Cannot Reveal How Many Americans the NSA Spied On Because He Cannot Count Them All

6/13/2017 - Here's the Problem With the New Mummy 

6/13/2017 - Space Turned This Flatworm Into a Two-Headed Cutie

6/13/2017 - Marissa Mayer Officially Rides Her Zamboni Off Into the Sunset

6/13/2017 - What You Should Know About Mr. Negative, the Villain of Spider-Man's Amazing New Video Game

6/13/2017 - E-Cigarettes Might Be as Bad as the Real Thing

6/13/2017 - This Tiny Dock Finally Makes the Nintendo Switch Truly Portable

6/13/2017 - Russia's Attack on the US Election Was Apparently Much Worse Than We Thought

6/13/2017 - How to Find Free and Safe Public Wi-Fi

6/13/2017 - The Trailer for the Flatliners Remake Enters the World of Competitive Dying 

6/13/2017 - Jupiter Now Has 69 Moons (Nice)

6/13/2017 - Olaf's on the Hunt for Tradition in the Trailer for Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

6/13/2017 - Why Does Dog Poop Smell Bad to Us but Good to Dogs?

6/13/2017 - Can a Biohack Trick Kids Into Eating Healthier?

6/13/2017 - A New Star Wars Video Game May Hold a Last Jedi Secret About Rey

6/13/2017 - North Korean Drone Found in South Korea Was Spying on American Missile Defense System

6/13/2017 - The New Eero Wi-Fi Routers Bring Glorious Minimalism to Mesh Networking

6/13/2017 - Dennis Rodman Travels to North Korea While Promoting PotCoin, the Bitcoin of Weed [Updated]

6/12/2017 - Sick Snail Sucks Down, Suffocates, and Shreds Earthworm With 6,000 Teeth

6/12/2017 - Scott Pruitt Bails on the G7 Climate Talks Just Hours After His Arrival 

6/12/2017 - A Tiny Bird Finds Love on a Badminton Court in This Bittersweet Short

6/12/2017 - DC's Bringing Back Its Bombshells To Explore the Fallout of World War II

6/12/2017 - Best Buy Now Lets You Rent and Try Gadgets Before You Buy Them From Amazon

6/12/2017 - Wrath of Khan Director Nicholas Meyer Says He's Working On a New Star Trek Project

6/12/2017 - Watch Live Tonight as NASA Makes Colorful Fake Clouds [Updated]

6/12/2017 - Black Panther's Costumes Are a Godsend to Black Cosplayers

6/12/2017 - A Third of All Humans Are Now Either Overweight or Obese

6/12/2017 - One of Trump's Tweets Just Helped Sabotage His Travel Ban 

6/12/2017 - If Starship Troopers Was Serious, Its Trailer Would Look Like This

6/12/2017 - Jupiter Is a Swole Grandpa

6/12/2017 - 30 Fidgeting Fingers Look Like a Hypnotic Human Kaleidoscope

6/12/2017 - The Hunger Games Helped a 12-Year-Old Girl Become a Real-Life Hero

6/12/2017 - Please Don't Eat The Oldest Mushroom Fossil

6/12/2017 - Predator Is Brilliant Because It's Rambo, But With an Alien

6/12/2017 - A Controversial Study Is Tearing the CRISPR World Apart

6/12/2017 - The 'COVFEFE Act' Is Necessary Legislation With a Name That Makes Us All Want to Die

6/12/2017 - Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore Admits the Cylons Never Had a Plan at All

6/12/2017 - Baking in Space Is About to Be the Most Delicious Experiment

6/12/2017 - A Corpse and an Asshole Somehow Make for American Gods' Sweetest Episode

6/12/2017 - All the Ways The Mummy Sets Up the Dark Universe of Universal's Monsters

6/12/2017 - This Is How to Start a Fire With a Bag Full of Water

6/12/2017 - How to Watch Sean Spicer's First Briefing Since the Comey Testimony, No Cable Required

6/12/2017 - This Trailer for the Present-Day Midsummer Night's Dream Movie Includes a Man With a Literal Buttface

6/12/2017 - Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemous Facebook Comments in Pakistan [Updated]

6/12/2017 - Ivan Reitman's Got a Ludicrously Optimistic Idea for the Future of Ghostbusters

6/12/2017 - Viral BBC Dad's Kids 'Star' in New Animated Show

6/12/2017 - Hackers Built a Weapon to Trigger Blackouts—and It Could Work Anywhere

6/12/2017 - In the Scifi Short Nano, a Simple App Can Wield Horrifically Dangerous Power

6/12/2017 - This Week, Doctor Who Returned to a Middling Status Quo

6/12/2017 - Classified Intel Trump Told the Russians Was Obtained By Infiltrating ISIS Bombmakers Online

6/12/2017 - Here's How Complicated It Was to Bring Ghost Rider to Agents of SHIELD

6/12/2017 - Swearing Probably Won't Help You Get Over Your Breakup

6/12/2017 - An Imaginative Aerospace Engineer Turned This Classic Lego Space Shuttle Into a Flying Toy

6/12/2017 - A Spider-Man: Homecoming Character Is Hiding a Major Secret

6/11/2017 - Gamers Love Nostalgia, So Someone Is Bringing Back the Original Xbox's Gigantic Controllers [Update]

6/11/2017 - Visualize the World by Imagining It With a Population of 100 People

6/11/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft's Xbox One X 

6/11/2017 - A Brief History of Steven Moffat Saying Why He Never Picked a Female Doctor Who

6/11/2017 - Uber CEO's Future at the Company Hangs in the Balance at Today's Board Meeting

6/11/2017 - Myrcella's 'Sweet' Death on Game of Thrones Was Originally Going to Be So Much Ickier

6/11/2017 - Hackers Are Hijacking Verified Accounts to Spread Fake News

6/11/2017 - Kirk and Crew Join the Star Trek VR Game With 'Let's Play' Cartoon Mashup

6/11/2017 - The Importance of Adam West’s ‘Bright Knight’ Batman

6/10/2017 - Stay Frosty in the Spoiler-Packed Doctor Who Discussion Thread

6/10/2017 - Fall in Love With Discworld All Over Again With Some Amazing Art

6/10/2017 - How Your Mouse Movement Could Be Used to Stop Identity Theft

6/10/2017 - Lawmaker Says He Didn't Mean to Print the Screenshot With the Open Porn Tabs

6/10/2017 - The Story Behind Alias' Infamous Red Wig and What Would Need to Happen for a Reboot

6/10/2017 - The Best macOS High Sierra Features You Probably Haven't Heard of Yet

6/10/2017 - Trump's Social Media Director Broke the Law With a Tweet

6/10/2017 - I'm So Freaking Stoked for Microsoft's Big Xbox Announcement

6/10/2017 - RIP Adam West, TV's Batman

6/10/2017 - Binky Is a Perfect Pacifier App for People Who Can't Stop Looking at Their Phone

6/10/2017 - The Orphan Black Co-Creator Explains Which Clone Would Win in a Fight and Why

6/10/2017 - Everything We Learned From the Black Panther Teaser Trailer

6/9/2017 - The First Black Panther Teaser Trailer is Here and It's Epic as Hell

6/9/2017 - The Killjoys Trailer Proves That Being a Space Bounty Hunter Is the 'Coolest Job in the Universe'

6/9/2017 - You Can Now Buy That Kickass Wonder Woman Poster You Fell in Love With Last Weekend

6/9/2017 - The Actual Skywalker Lightsaber From Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back Is Up for Auction

6/9/2017 - Trump Accuses Comey of Perjury While Dodging Questions About Secret Tapes He Probably Made Up

6/9/2017 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Went Through Seven Lego Death Stars For One Gag 

6/9/2017 - These Female Crabs Store a Shitload of Sperm [Updated With Pictures]

6/9/2017 - The Creepy New Killing Ground Trailer Will Make You Seriously Rethink Ever Going Camping Again

6/9/2017 - Scientists Created Biodegradable Microbeads So Your Face Scrub Won't Pollute Our Oceans

6/9/2017 - If You Have to Watch a Mummy Movie This Weekend, Make It the One From 1999

6/9/2017 - If You Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth, Can You Still Call It a Woolly Mammoth?

6/9/2017 - A Goldfish-Controlled Hammer Is Scarier Than Jaws

6/9/2017 - This Synthetic 'Tongue' Is an Insufferable Whiskey Snob

6/9/2017 - Spectacular New Figures From Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and Overwatch, and Even More Great Toys of the Week

6/9/2017 - Ravens Remember If You Were a Dick to Them

6/9/2017 - I Have Concerns About Tony Stark's Role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, in That I Hate It So Much

6/9/2017 - Neill Blomkamp Explains the Major Problems With His Film Chappie (Updated)

6/9/2017 - Chelsea Manning Talks About Her Decision to Leak in Upcoming 'Nightline' Interview

6/9/2017 - These Ninjak Vs. the Valiant Universe Variant Covers Offer a Glimpse Into Valiant's Cinematic Universe

6/9/2017 - California Vows 'Any and All Legal Action Necessary' to Stop Trump From Touching Its National Monuments  

6/9/2017 - Appeals Court Says Chimps Are Not Legal Persons—Here's Why They're Wrong

6/9/2017 - Postal Apocalypse: Special Mostly Wonder Woman Edition

6/9/2017 - NASA Astronaut Explains How to Drink Space Coffee: 'Suck the Balls'

6/9/2017 - Netflix to Sense8 Fans: Nope, We Aren't Bringing It Back

6/9/2017 - The Tech Industry's Rich Cowards Are Still Advising Trump

6/9/2017 - Scientists Think They've Solved the Mystery of Our Atmosphere's Missing Xenon

6/9/2017 - Artist Creates Amazing Portrait of Batman and Two-Face Using Gunpowder, Sand, and Fire

6/9/2017 - Why Did This Company Let Me Fly a $2 Million Aircraft?

6/9/2017 - The Secret History of the Cat Who Authored a Physics Paper

6/9/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Lord Buckethead, the Spacelord Star of the UK General Election

6/9/2017 - Alphabet Just Unloaded Its Crazy Robots on Japanese Telecom Softbank

6/9/2017 - The First Black Panther Poster Is Appropriately Badass

6/9/2017 - Taylor Swift Returns to Spotify Because She's Rich Enough Now

6/9/2017 - More New Looks at Star Wars: The Last Jedi's First Order Armies

6/8/2017 - The Stranger Things Soundtrack Cassette Contains Potentially Lethal Amounts of '80s Nostalgia

6/8/2017 - The Moon Makes a Perfect Sandwich Filling in This Dreamy Short Film

6/8/2017 - Who Does This Self-Driving Cadillac CT6 Belong To?

6/8/2017 - The Mist TV Show Will Be Like a 'Weird Cousin' to the Movie and the Original Story

6/8/2017 - Jobs Site Accidentally Places Ad on White Nationalist Podcast

6/8/2017 - The Flintstones Comic Is a Darkly Funny Story About the Perils of Late Stage Capitalism

6/8/2017 - Look at This Crazy Brain Cyst

6/8/2017 - Watch Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige Discuss the Legacy of Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie

6/8/2017 - Uber's Self-Driving Unit Gets New Head of Hardware After Levandowski Firing

6/8/2017 - First War for the Planet of the Apes Clip Shows Caesar Taking Pity on His Human Enemies

6/8/2017 - It's Donald Versus a Candle in a New DuckTales Short

6/8/2017 - Newsweek Writer: I'm Not Horny, I'm Just Researching Tentacle Porn for My Wife

6/8/2017 - Evidence of Pangea's Breakup Found in Our Evolutionary History

6/8/2017 - Pufferfish Have Some Very Intricate Sex Rituals

6/8/2017 - Horror Doc Series Primal Screen Examines How Pop Culture Can Scar You for Life

6/8/2017 - This 3,000-Year-Old Copper Mask Is Rewriting South American History

6/8/2017 - Stargate Universe's Series-Ending Cliffhanger Will Finally Get Resolved

6/8/2017 - This Beautiful Short Film Recreates the Moon Landing Using Thousands of NASA Photos

6/8/2017 - The New Shadow of War Trailer Throws a Tolkienesque Kitchen Sink at Middle-Earth

6/8/2017 - Humans Heading to Mars Could Face a Disturbingly High Cancer Risk

6/8/2017 - The Things You Need to Remember About Orphan Black Before the Final Season Begins

6/8/2017 - Can Fetuses Recognize Faces When They're Still in the Womb? [Updated]

6/8/2017 - We've Got More Details About Stranger Things' New Monster

6/8/2017 - Mr. President, Now Is the Time to Tweet

6/8/2017 - The DuckTales Reboot Reveals More of Its Returning Characters, and a Brand-New One

6/8/2017 - Digital Footprints Paint an Eerily Accurate Picture of Europe's Refugees

6/8/2017 - You Probably Don’t Know All the Ways Facebook Tracks You

6/8/2017 - Apple Sure Has Some Weird New Hobbies

6/8/2017 - Breaking: Star Wars Rebels' Ahsoka Has Not Suddenly Transformed Into a Giant Wolf

6/8/2017 - Fired FBI Director James Comey Reports to the Senate About Trump

6/8/2017 - These Are the Ghostbusters Toys We Should Have Gotten 33 Years Ago

6/8/2017 - Brazen Thief Uses Backhoe in Attempted ATM Burglary

6/8/2017 - A Few Wonder Woman Favorites Will Return for Justice League

6/8/2017 - How to Watch James Comey's Testimony About President Trump, No Cable Required

6/7/2017 - Apple's Upgrades to Location and Photo Privacy Features Are Pretty Great

6/7/2017 - Russian Hackers Testing Malware With Britney Spears's Instagram 

6/7/2017 - Scott Pruitt Wants Some Kind of Strange Climate Change Showdown

6/7/2017 - The New Darth Vader Comic Gives Us a Much Better Version of Revenge of the Sith's Infamous "Noooo!"

6/7/2017 - Apple Rolls Out New Feature That Permanently Associates Devices with Apps, Even After Deletion

6/7/2017 - The Second Trailer for Pixar's Coco Reveals the Film's Family-History Themes

6/7/2017 - Marvel's Hulk Is Telling a Painful Story About the Psychological Trauma of Being a Superhero

6/7/2017 - Uber's CEO Searches for Enlightenment in Company Lactation Room

6/7/2017 - A Look Inside the New Scifi Comic Mark Wahlberg Wants to Turn Into a Movie Franchise 

6/7/2017 - I'm Pretty Sure Steve Trevor Lied About His Dick Size in Wonder Woman

6/7/2017 - I Am Irrationally Mad About Wonder Woman's Android Tablet

6/7/2017 - Here's Everyone NASA Felt Was Better Than You

6/7/2017 - Show Us the Coolest Alternate Costumes You've Seen in Injustice 2

6/7/2017 - Scientists Find 100 Million-Year-Old, Nearly Complete Baby Bird Trapped in Amber

6/7/2017 - Stan Lee's Cameo in Doctor Strange Could Have Been a Lot Creepier

6/7/2017 - Classic Board Game Betrayal at House on the Hill Is Heading to the World of Dungeons & Dragons

6/7/2017 - We Can Be Easily Tricked Into Liking Bad Wine

6/7/2017 - The Steamiest Details From James Comey's Prepared Trump Testimony

6/7/2017 - Uber Exec Dismissed After Sharing Rape Victim's Medical Records

6/7/2017 - Scientists Are Now Using AI to Predict Autism in Infants

6/7/2017 - US Intelligence Chiefs Won't Say If Trump Asked Them to Interfere With FBI's Russia Probe

6/7/2017 - Seattle Offers $85K for Artist to Make Graphic Novel About a Power Plant

6/7/2017 - Proposed Trump Budget Would Kill Program That Monitors Debilitating Solar Storms

6/7/2017 - New Mary Poppins Returns Images Give Us a Look at the Original Kids, All Grown Up

6/7/2017 - The Best iOS 11 Features You Probably Haven't Heard of Yet

6/7/2017 - Watching Apple's New Shark Tank-Inspired TV Series Is Like Slowly Dying

6/7/2017 - Iceman's First Solo Series Is a Great Look at the Mess That Is Bobby Drake's Private Life

6/7/2017 - Incredible Discovery Pushes Back Origin of Homo Sapiens By 100,000 Years

6/7/2017 - A Gigantic Six-Foot-Wide Water Balloon Will Instantly Drown Your Victim

6/7/2017 - So Did T. Rex Have Feathers or Not?

6/7/2017 - The Mummy Is Monstrous, Just for All the Wrong Reasons

6/7/2017 - Why the US Air Force Is Teaming Up With SpaceX

6/7/2017 - Why the Hell Isn't Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Already Signed for a Sequel?

6/7/2017 - In the New Black Bolt Comic, the Inhuman King Is Finally Developing a Human Personality

6/7/2017 - Scientists Weigh a Star Using Gravity, Proving Einstein Wrong by Proving Him Right

6/7/2017 - Apple Just Made Its Top Secret iPhone Screen Repair Machine a Little Less Secret

6/7/2017 - Offred Goes Mission: Impossible as The Handmaid's Tale Sets the Stage for a Revolution

6/7/2017 - Count How Many Times You'd Break Your Ankle on This Crazy Steep Downhill Mountain Parkour Run

6/7/2017 - Washington DC Bar Will Give Everyone a Free Drink Every Time Trump Tweets About Comey

6/7/2017 - Etsy's Vaginal Problem [Updated]

6/7/2017 - Your Car's Tires Could Soon Know When Roads Are Wet and Slippery Before You Do

6/7/2017 - New Rumors About Those Justice League Reshoots

6/7/2017 - Six Things Apple's Trying to Kill This Year 

6/7/2017 - Trump Nominates New FBI Chief in a Tweet Because Our Reality Is a Pixelated Nightmare

6/7/2017 - Here's the Pro-Trump Attack Ad That Will Air During James Comey's Testimony

6/7/2017 - Watergate Pales in Comparison to Trump's Assault on American Institutions, Says Former Spy Chief

6/6/2017 - Couple Claims They Ordered Pizza on UberEats But Received... Oh My God What Is That?!

6/6/2017 - Police Crowdsource the Hunt for Stolen Star Trek Trading Cards Exactly as You'd Expect

6/6/2017 - Tech Companies and Activists Set Date for Net Neutrality 'Day of Action'

6/6/2017 - Game of Thrones Decided to Set Even More People on Fire This Season, Because Sure, Why Not

6/6/2017 - Researcher Found Another Twitter Vulnerability That Allowed Tweeting From Any Account

6/6/2017 - Sofia Boutella Had to Lick Tom Cruise Eight Times on the Set of The Mummy

6/6/2017 - Freeform's New Misfits Pilot Has Found Four of Its Five Young Superheroes

6/6/2017 - Free Speech Group Says Trump Violates the First Amendment by Blocking Critics on Twitter

6/6/2017 - Particle Accelerators Are Changing the Way We Look at Ancient Turds

6/6/2017 - Here's the First Look at an Actor Doing Double Duty on American Gods

6/6/2017 - Stunning Timelapse of Rolling Clouds Looks Like Someone Flipped the Ocean Upside Down

6/6/2017 - 4,000 Google Earth Photos Were Edited and Assembled Into This Dizzying Race Across the Earth

6/6/2017 - These Are the Essential Comics to Read After You've Watched Wonder Woman 

6/6/2017 - Uber Has Already Fired More Than 20 Employees While Investigating Harassment [Updated]

6/6/2017 - New Game of Thrones Featurette Has Fresh Glimpses of the Costumes (and Characters) of Season Seven

6/6/2017 - Batman Is Proposing to Catwoman in This Week's Comics

6/6/2017 - Universal Adds Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame to Its Monsterverse, Which Is Very Dumb

6/6/2017 - British Cops Make First Arrest Using Facial Recognition Surveillance Vans

6/6/2017 - When Will the Great Human-Elephant War End?

6/6/2017 - Watch 150 Movie Characters Remind You What Film You're Watching

6/6/2017 - The Best Unannounced Feature on iOS 11 Is Screen Recording

6/6/2017 - American Gods’ Vulcan Is Everything That Scares Me About America

6/6/2017 - NASA Lit a Fire in Space Again Because at This Point Sure Why Not

6/6/2017 - Guys, We Need to Talk About That Insane Gotham Finale

6/6/2017 - Tim Cook Thinks Donald Trump Is 'Wrong'

6/6/2017 - Cowboy Bebop Is Getting an American, Live-Action TV Series

6/6/2017 - This Toy-Stealing Jerk Robot Will Teach Other Bots How to Hold Things

6/6/2017 - Disney XD's New Ant-Man Shorts Are Absolutely Gorgeous

6/6/2017 - I Can't Stop Watching This $35,000 RC Fighter Jet Crash and Burn

6/6/2017 - How Fake Science Saved Lives in Victorian London

6/6/2017 - Another Star Wars Classic is Getting an Update For The Last Jedi

6/6/2017 - Would You Feel Safer If Your Self-Driving Car Could Explain Itself?

6/6/2017 - President Trump is Still Mad Online, Vows to Keep Tweeting

6/6/2017 - Trump Regime Greeted by Middle Fingers in New Zealand After Dumping Climate Accord

6/5/2017 - If We Want Robots to Be Good, We May Need to Destroy Their Self-Confidence

6/5/2017 - Here's How Safari Will Keep Ads From Stalking You Around the Internet

6/5/2017 - Can You Make a Poster Worse Than the Ones for Spider-Man: Homecoming and Transformers: The Last Knight?

6/5/2017 - Sigourney Weaver Pops Up in a Weird New Trailer for Neill Blomkamp's Short Film Project 

6/5/2017 - Apple Busted Misleading Customers in Sting Operation, Lawsuit Claims

6/5/2017 - Federal Contractor Charged With Leaking Classified Documents, Reportedly to The Intercept [Updated]

6/5/2017 - The Man Who Played Legion's Devil With the Yellow Eyes Lived Every Nerd's Dream

6/5/2017 - The Wonder Woman Movie Understands Why Superheroes Exist

6/5/2017 - Uh, Apple, Did You Think This Through?

6/5/2017 - The Coolest Stuff Apple Announced Today at WWDC 2017

6/5/2017 - Here's What a 500-Pound Knife Does to a Used Toyota

6/5/2017 - This $675 Dolce & Gabbana Hoodie and $425 Tee Are For the Most Die-Hard Jurassic Park Fans

6/5/2017 - Apple's New HomePod Looks Fine as Hell

6/5/2017 - You Only Have One Chance to See the Animated Starship Troopers Sequel in Theaters

6/5/2017 - Supreme Court to Rule on Warrantless Access to Cellphone Location Data

6/5/2017 - The Leftovers Ended With the Perfect Balance of Answered and Unanswered Questions

6/5/2017 - iOS 11: All the Cool New Features Coming to Your iPhone and iPad

6/5/2017 - Apple's New iPad Pro Takes a Stride Towards Killing Bezels Good

6/5/2017 - What Was That Mysterious Teaser Trailer Before Wonder Woman?

6/5/2017 - Here Are All of the New Upgrades to Siri

6/5/2017 - Apple Is Getting Serious About AR Way Sooner Than We Were Expecting

6/5/2017 - Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Sex in Space  

6/5/2017 - RIP Peter Sallis, the Voice Behind Wallace & Gromit's Lovable Inventor

6/5/2017 - MacOS High Sierra: The New Features Coming to Your Computer

6/5/2017 - Apple Refreshes the Entire MacBook Lineup, and I'm Pissed

6/5/2017 - American Gods Takes Aim at Jesus, Guns, and the Blood Sacrifices People Make to Feel Powerful

6/5/2017 - iMac Pro Is Apple's New Super-Powered Workhorse

6/5/2017 - Thor Still Feels Left Out on the Set of Avengers: Infinity War

6/5/2017 - Amazon Prime Video Is Coming to Apple TV After Years of Delay

6/5/2017 - The Trailer for Big Trouble in Little China: The Game Has Us Even More Excited to Start Playing It

6/5/2017 - How Deep Was Mars' Ocean?

6/5/2017 - The Latest Teaser for The Mist Warns That Nature Is Out for Revenge

6/5/2017 - The Mind Behind Adventure Time Helped Craft Dungeons & Dragons' Newest Story

6/5/2017 - Drug Company Chairman to America: Go Fuck Yourself

6/5/2017 - The New Season of Fear the Walking Dead Began With a Hell of a Surprise

6/5/2017 - Freaky Fish Dines On Coral Snot With Sloppy Kiss of Death

6/5/2017 - The World’s Largest Privately-Owned Star Wars Collection Has Been Robbed

6/5/2017 - Congressman Calls for Holy War on Muslims on Facebook: 'Kill Them All' [Updated]

6/5/2017 - Rock-Balancing Robots Could Build Our Future Habitats On Mars

6/5/2017 - How to Livestream Apple's WWDC 2017 Keynote, Which You Still Cannot Do in Google Chrome For Some Weird Reason

6/5/2017 - Massive Leak of 10 Million VIN Numbers Could Help Crooks Make Stolen Cars Look Legit

6/5/2017 - This Freakishly Hot Exoplanet Is Totally Screwed

6/5/2017 - Doctor Who Tackles Fake News With a Disappointing Fake-Out of Its Own 

6/5/2017 - There Are Basically TIE Fighters in Transformers: The Last Knight. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

6/5/2017 - Why There's Still Hope for the World's Coral Reefs

6/5/2017 - India Just Launched Its Giant 'Monster' Rocket

6/5/2017 - In the First Seven Sisters Trailer, Monday Goes Missing

6/5/2017 - Can Superhuman Mutants Be Living Among Us?

6/5/2017 - Palmer Luckey Is Apparently a Prepper Who Now Wants to Build a Virtual Border Wall for Trump

6/5/2017 - Wonder Woman's Most Fantastic Scene Nearly Didn't Get Made at All

6/5/2017 - The Han Solo Movie Gives Us Our First Look at a New Kind of Stormtrooper

6/5/2017 - President Trump is Awake, Angry, and Tweeting

6/5/2017 - Harvard Kicks Out 10 Incoming Students For Posting Offensive Memes

6/4/2017 - Pirates of the Caribbean Gets Charmingly Recapped by Emojis

6/4/2017 - NASA's Plan to Fill the Sky With Red and Green Clouds Has Been Postponed

6/4/2017 - Celebrate Wonder Woman's Smashing Weekend With These Badass Tribute Posters

6/4/2017 - 32-Bit Apps Aren't Showing Up in the App Store But Don't Panic, Yet

6/4/2017 - Our Apple WWDC Keynote Liveblog Is Right Here

6/4/2017 - In New Avengers: Secret Wars Shorts, Ms. Marvel Explains the Avengers to... Captain America

6/4/2017 - Scientists Demonstrate Ability to Decode Images of Human Faces by Scanning Monkeys' Brains

6/4/2017 - Theresa May Calls for International Regulation of Cyberspace in Wake of Attacks

6/4/2017 - Dan Aykroyd Attacks Ghostbusters Reboot Director

6/4/2017 - HBO Nordic Basically Confirms Return of 'That' Valyrian Steel Dagger

6/3/2017 - Reach Out to the Truth in the Spoiler-Packed Doctor Who Discussion Thread

6/3/2017 - Gaze in Awe at Logan's Beautifully Gruesome Visual Effects

6/3/2017 - FCC Considering Nightmare Rules That Allow Telemarketers to Go Straight to Voicemail

6/3/2017 - Queen Cersei Must Be Jealous She Doesn't Have This Custom Lego Game of Thrones Throne Room

6/3/2017 - Al Gore's Sequel to An Inconvenient Truth Gets Recut for One Very Obvious Reason

6/3/2017 - Amazon Now Has Every Issue of Omni, the Scifi 'Magazine of the Future'

6/3/2017 - Make Your Own Bootleg HoloLens With the Cardboard Holokit

6/3/2017 - Baby Ursula's Descendants 2 Song Is Here to Cast Us All Down Into a Watery Grave

6/3/2017 - Even If the Siri Speaker Sucks You'll Want It

6/3/2017 - Fox News Gets Mad That Wonder Woman Isn't in Her American Apparel Underwear

6/2/2017 - This May Be the Best Art Ever Made To Hang in Your Bathroom

6/2/2017 - It Comes at Night Gouges Out an Intensely Intimate Horror Story From an Unseen Apocalypse

6/2/2017 - Former Trump Spokeswoman Cries Censorship Because She Has No Idea How Twitter Works

6/2/2017 - Spidey Battles Scorpion in the First Footage From the New Spider-Man Cartoon

6/2/2017 - The More Female Dumpling Squids Bone, the Sooner They Die

6/2/2017 - The Most Amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Set, and More Wonderful Toys of the Week

6/2/2017 - Neptune's Rings Are Tragically Underrated

6/2/2017 - Researchers Used Rideshare Service To Test a Stingray-Detecting Device 

6/2/2017 - Remember the Time Lwaxana Troi Beat the Crap Out of Q in a Star Trek Book?

6/2/2017 - Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar on the Show's Fantastic Music and Its New Soundtrack

6/2/2017 - Here's Your First Look at Gotham's Take on Ra's al Ghul

6/2/2017 - Dozens of Cities and States Are Initiating Rogue One, Planning to Independently Rejoin the Paris Agreement 

6/2/2017 - The Tragic Moment Deadpool Crossed a Line From Uncanny Avenger to Hydra Agent

6/2/2017 - 20 T-Rexes Fighting 10,000 Chickens Is All l Ever Wanted in a Jurassic Park Sequel

6/2/2017 - The Ultimate Wonder Woman Analysis, by the Women of io9

6/2/2017 - Scientists Reignite Thirty-Year-Old Debate About Glass With New Calculation

6/2/2017 - You Might Have to Wait An Extra Year For the Final Season of Game of Thrones

6/2/2017 - Steven Universe and Yuri!!! On Ice Came Together at... a Renaissance Faire

6/2/2017 - Narwhals Are Actually Unicorns Of Death

6/2/2017 - How to Watch Today's Sean Spicer Shitshow, With Special Guest Scott Pruitt From the EPA

6/2/2017 - Nike-Funded Study Shows Compression Tights Are Basically Useless

6/2/2017 - NYPD Fails to Convince Court Its Deafening Sound Cannon Is Just a ‘Communication Tool’

6/2/2017 - Was Eddy Cue Yelling at Rihanna During Last Night's NBA Finals? (Probably)

6/2/2017 - What's the Best Way to Binge-Watch the Entire DC/CW Universe?

6/2/2017 - There's Some Confusion as To When a Wonder Woman Sequel Would Be Set

6/2/2017 - Ms. Marvel Steps Up to the Big Leagues in the Avengers: Secret Wars Cartoon

6/2/2017 - Incredible Storm Footage Makes It Look Like the Apocalypse Has Arrived

6/2/2017 - What to Expect From Apple WWDC 2017: iOS, Siri Speaker, MacBooks, and More

6/2/2017 - These GIFs of Endlessly Looping Waves Will Soothe Your Battered Soul

6/2/2017 - Beauty and the Beast Deleted Scene Reveals One Very Unlucky Servant Got Turned Into a Toilet

6/2/2017 - The Moon's South Pole May Be Icier Than We Realized

6/2/2017 - Porm

6/2/2017 - Jesus Christ Makes His Divine Debut on American Gods by Saving Mexican Immigrants

6/2/2017 - Xbox Game Pass Is an Incredible Idea That Falls Flat (For Now)

6/2/2017 - This Unsettling Short Film Showing a Drowning New York City Seems a Lot More Plausible Now

6/2/2017 - When Will Robots Deserve Human Rights?

6/2/2017 - The Flash Might Have Found Its Next Big Bad

6/2/2017 - The Paris Agreement Is Not an Anti-American Conspiracy, You Senseless, Screaming Cheese Grit 

6/2/2017 - Thief Stole Backpack and Wedding Ring From Dying Portland Hero After Terrorist Attack [Update: They Arrested Him]

6/2/2017 - Companies Think President Trump's Withdrawal From the Paris Accord Is Fucking Stupid

6/1/2017 - Tim Cook Sends Memo to Apple Staff Condemning Departure From Paris Agreement

6/1/2017 - What Did Five Woody Woodpecker Dolls Do to Upset David Lynch?

6/1/2017 - The Best Scene in Batman Begins Comes to Life in an Impressive Group Art Show

6/1/2017 - TNT Has Killed the Tales From the Crypt Reboot

6/1/2017 - Workplace App Scrambles to Rescue Users Who Foolishly Used Its Service to Store Passwords

6/1/2017 - Scientists Name Protein After Minions, America's Favorite Movie Characters

6/1/2017 - The New Mutants Movie Has Found Its Sunspot, But Why Are Marvel and Fox Whitewashing Him?

6/1/2017 - This Robotic Exosuit Could Turn You Into a Super Athlete

6/1/2017 - Diamond Toys Unveils Marvelous SDCC-Exclusive Ironheart Sculpture

6/1/2017 - Elon Musk Quits Donald Trump

6/1/2017 - Tesla Fires Female Engineer Who Alleged Sexual Harassment and Wage Discrimination

6/1/2017 - Reminder: The Live-Action Movie Isn't the Only Awesome Wonder Woman Film

6/1/2017 - The Climate Deniers Have Won

6/1/2017 - This Creepy Powerpuff Girls Theory Isn't True, Thank God

6/1/2017 - Of Course the New Star Trek RPG Comes in a Borg Cube Box

6/1/2017 - How Wookieepedia Tackles the Insanely Difficult Task of Chronicling the Entire Star Wars Universe

6/1/2017 - Here's How to Watch President Trump Make An Ass of Himself By Pulling Out of the Climate Agreement

6/1/2017 - SpaceX to Fly a Recycled Spacecraft for the First Time Tonight

6/1/2017 - Watching Lightning Strike a Building in Super Slow Motion Is Freaky as Hell

6/1/2017 - The Goddess Athena Shows Up on Justice League Action to Take Away Wonder Woman and Deliver Sick Burns

6/1/2017 - Netflix Has Cancelled Sense8 After Only Two Seasons

6/1/2017 - Make Your Game of Thrones Knowledge Even More Pretentious With This Harvard Course

6/1/2017 - Hundreds of Giant Seafloor Craters Produced By Explosive Methane Farts

6/1/2017 - Patty Jenkins Wanted Thor 2 To Be a Love Story Influenced by Romeo and Juliet 

6/1/2017 - Here's Where Gorillaz Get All Their Unusual Samples

6/1/2017 - Marvel's Runaways Are Coming Back From the Dead in an All-New Comic Series

6/1/2017 - Protect Yourself Against Ransomware With a Solid Backup System

6/1/2017 - Chloe Grace Moretz Apologizes for Her New Animated Movie's Terrible, Body-Shaming Ad

6/1/2017 - OneLogin Data Breach May Have Revealed Encrypted Data

6/1/2017 - The Latest Preacher Season Two Trailer Is a Whole Lot of Fun

6/1/2017 - Let's Take This iPhone Case All the Way to the Supreme Court

6/1/2017 - Your Summer of Reading Begins With This Epic List of June's New Scifi and Fantasy Books

6/1/2017 - Putin Praises 'Patriotic' Russian Hackers He Definitely Doesn't Know or Employ

6/1/2017 - Vatican Compares Trump to Flat Earthers Over Climate Change

6/1/2017 - Physicists Just Spotted Gravitational Waves Again—So What's Next?

6/1/2017 - This Cyborg Dragonfly Is the Tiniest Drone

6/1/2017 - New Cars 3 Clip Raises Yet Another Disturbing Question About Their Lives

6/1/2017 - Here's What That 'Faceless Fish' Actually Is

6/1/2017 - Plex Just Killed My Cable Box Rental, and It Could Kill Yours Too

6/1/2017 - The Best Fidget Spinner Has an Animated Cat Inside

6/1/2017 - Collapse of Enormous Antarctic Ice Shelf Imminent

6/1/2017 - More Rumors About the Next Monsters Joining Universal's Dark Universe

6/1/2017 - This Song Uses Star Sounds to Blow Your Mind

6/1/2017 - Must-Read of the Morning: Behind the Scenes at Russia's State Propaganda Machine