3/31/2017 - This Collection of Weird Shorts Is Just the Thing to Lead You Into Your Weekend

3/31/2017 - The Creature From the Black Lagoon Remake Has Emerged From the Murky Depths With a Screenwriter

3/31/2017 - Report: EPA Investigates EPA Head Scott Pruitt For His Climate-Denying Bullshit 

3/31/2017 - io9 Roundtable: How Ghost in the Shell Fumbles Race and Identity

3/31/2017 - You Have No Idea How Mysterious Whale Vaginas Are

3/31/2017 - Is Blue Origin's Tourist Capsule Sexier Than SpaceX's?

3/31/2017 - Sweet Christmas, Marvel's Bringing Back Digital Redeem Codes

3/31/2017 - Orlando Bloom Is Looking Very Crusty in New Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Footage

3/31/2017 - What Legion Should Do in Season Two

3/31/2017 - Report: The Handmaid's Tale Graphic Novel Is Coming

3/31/2017 - Here's Why the Displays in New Phones Are So Weird and Wide

3/31/2017 - Cops Just Got One Step Closer to Killing Americans by Drone

3/31/2017 - Jonathan Coulton Fights 'Nicey-Nice Fascism' with Text Adventure Music Video and Graphic Novel

3/31/2017 - One Day Photoshop Might Let You Instantly Copy Another Photo's Style

3/31/2017 - Watch This Industrious Badger Bury an Entire Cow by Itself

3/31/2017 - A Gorgeous Aliens Motion Tracker, and More of Our Favorite Toys of the Week

3/31/2017 - Doctor Who's New Companion Is Gay

3/31/2017 - Twitter Addresses Nazi Egg Problem by Making Nazis Look Like Something Else

3/31/2017 - Rainn Wilson Is Going to Bring Harry Mudd to Star Trek: Discovery

3/31/2017 - Finally, an Answer to Why You Keep Getting UTIs After Sex

3/31/2017 - Oh My God, Look at Saturn's North Pole [Updated]

3/31/2017 - Feast Your Eyes on All the Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming Out in April

3/31/2017 - It's Time to Throw a Gif Party

3/31/2017 - Hoverboard Maker Reportedly Sues J.Lo for Failure to Influence

3/31/2017 - Japanese Fleet Slaughters 333 Whales in the Name of ‘Science’

3/31/2017 - In The Discovery, Life After Death Is Real, But Everything Else Is Uncertain

3/31/2017 - iOS 10.3 Won't Robocall 911 Anymore

3/31/2017 - Treasury Secretary Apologizes For Asking You to Watch Lego Batman

3/31/2017 - The First Lego Set for the Wonder Woman Movie Gives Us a Gigantic God of War

3/31/2017 - What is this Toxic Chemical Scott Pruitt Wants to Keep in Your Food?

3/31/2017 - Warner Bros. May Have Trouble Exorcising a $900 Million Lawsuit Over The Conjuring

3/31/2017 - How to Drink Wine the Right Way, According to Science

3/31/2017 - The LG G6 Is Too Damn Simple

3/31/2017 - How to Hide Online Better Than the Director of the FBI

3/31/2017 - New Details on the Comics That Will Inspire the Batgirl Movie

3/31/2017 - How Not to Protect Your Privacy Online

3/31/2017 - 9 More Horrific April Fools' Day Pranks of the 19th Century

3/31/2017 - The Destruction of This 200-Ton Boulder Proves That Humans Will Not Be Intimidated By Stupid Rocks

3/30/2017 - This Insane Blu-ray Box Set Just Might Be the Ultimate 1980s B-Movie Horror Collection

3/30/2017 - Video Essay Breaks Down the Faux Feminism of 'Lady Lands' in Classic Scifi

3/30/2017 - Looks Like Deadpool Is Getting Ready to Kill the Marvel Universe (Again)

3/30/2017 - Our Greatest Geological Discovery Is This Chocolate Boulder With Edible Candy Geodes Inside

3/30/2017 - The Team Behind Shin Godzilla's VFX Made a New Monster to Promote Tourism... For a Body of Water

3/30/2017 - 360-Degree Video Puts 4,200 Falling Dominoes All Around You

3/30/2017 - Elon Musk’s Cryptic Art Suggests Unicorn Fart-Powered Teslas

3/30/2017 - New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia Loved Comics So Much

3/30/2017 - Freaky Experiment Allows Tadpoles to See Out of Eyes Implanted on Their Tails

3/30/2017 - Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Out at Facebook

3/30/2017 - There's a Scene in Alien: Covenant That Shows Destruction on a Whole New Horrific Level

3/30/2017 - FCC Takes a Hatchet to Program Providing Broadband Internet for the Poor

3/30/2017 - Ghost in the Shell Delivers a Beautiful but Ultimately Empty Adaptation of an Anime Classic

3/30/2017 - This Is Almost Certainly James Comey’s Twitter Account

3/30/2017 - Watch SpaceX Launch a Re-Used Rocket into Space for the First Time Ever

3/30/2017 - Every Amusement Park Should Have 100 MPH Bumper Cars

3/30/2017 - The New War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer Sets Up the Future We All Know Is Coming

3/30/2017 - The Robots of the Future May Be Controlled By Magnetic Fields

3/30/2017 - Science March Appoints Three Public Faces Amidst Mounting Controversy

3/30/2017 - You Won't Believe What Jared Kushner Does to His MacBook

3/30/2017 - The American Gods Title Sequence Is a Trippy Neon Nightmare

3/30/2017 - When It's Cold Outside, Is it Better To Stand, Walk, or Run to Keep Warm?

3/30/2017 - Twitter Just Ruined Twitter

3/30/2017 - The X-Men's Bright Future Begins in a New Home

3/30/2017 - The Game Is On in This Incredible Game of Thrones Season Seven Promo

3/30/2017 - Joss Whedon Is Set to Direct a Standalone Batgirl Movie

3/30/2017 - Oh Great, Now Bluetooth Speakers Are Exploding

3/30/2017 - Marlee Matlin Dishes on Being a Witch With the Power of Clickbait on The Magicians

3/30/2017 - This Backwards-Orbiting Asteroid Has Been Flirting With Death For a Million Years

3/30/2017 - These Fish Inject Predators With Opioid Venom and That's Not Even the Coolest Part

3/30/2017 - It's the Guardians vs. Thanos in the First Trailer for Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy Game

3/30/2017 - 5 Uses for Gmail Beyond Sending Boring Old Regular Emails

3/30/2017 - Creator Joel Hodgson on the Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the Hidden Beauty of Bad Movies

3/30/2017 - Astronaut Peggy Whitson Just Shattered a Spacewalking Record

3/30/2017 - Dancers Instantly Swap Freaky Face Masks Using a Face-Tracking Projector

3/30/2017 - David Becomes the True King on Legion's Epic Season Finale

3/30/2017 - Military Officials Say We Need to Prepare for Space War

3/30/2017 - Classical Music Pairs Surprisingly Well With Footage of Candy Melting and Unmelting

3/30/2017 - The Hunt for Undiscovered Drugs at the Bottom of the Sea

3/30/2017 - Superman Isn't the Only Bad Guy in Injustice 2

3/30/2017 - This Tyrannosaur Used a 'Sixth Sense' to Hunt Its Prey

3/30/2017 - More Details on a Mysterious Landmark in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

3/30/2017 - Here Are The Jobs NASA Can't Fill Because of Trump's Stupid Hiring Freeze

3/30/2017 - Australia Hit by Real Life Sharknado

3/30/2017 - No, The Daily Show Didn't Get Hacked

3/29/2017 - Uber Is Trying to Keep Its Court Battle With Google Out of the Public Eye

3/29/2017 - Let's Dive Into the Villain's Big Move on Legion's Season Finale

3/29/2017 - New Footage from Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman Hits All the Right Notes

3/29/2017 - A Man Confronts the Perils of Perfection in This Clever Dystopian Short

3/29/2017 - Jeff Bezos Had a Good Ass Day

3/29/2017 - These New Photos of the Buffy Cast Look Like a Goth High School Reunion

3/29/2017 - Here's the First Look at the TV Version of Black Lightning

3/29/2017 - Big Trouble in Little China: The Game Looks Fan-Freaking-Tastic

3/29/2017 - If You're Lost You Can Look—But You Won't Find It, Time After Time (Because It Just Got Canceled)

3/29/2017 - Is Tony Stark the World's Worst Re-Gifter?

3/29/2017 - $1000 Reward if You Know Who Stole Death Valley's Missing Fossils

3/29/2017 - Villagers Find Missing Man's Corpse in Belly of Enormous Snake

3/29/2017 - The European Space Agency Will Send Its First Mars Rover to One of These Two Mysterious Sites

3/29/2017 - Deadpool 2's Potential Cables, Ranked

3/29/2017 - Today's Congressional Hearing on Climate Change Was a Colossal Train Wreck

3/29/2017 - A Squishy Robotic Octopus Tentacle Might Not Actually Be Nightmare Fuel

3/29/2017 - Black Magic Becomes One of the Stages of Grief in New Trailer for A Dark Song

3/29/2017 - 10 Banned, Censored, and Controversial Movies That Are Now Cult Classics

3/29/2017 - Trump's Plan to Slash the NIH Budget Won’t Just Hurt Scientists—It Will Hurt Everyone

3/29/2017 - New Short for Pixar's Coco Is as Cute as a Dog With(out) a Bone

3/29/2017 - A '90s Version of Snapchat Would Have Been a Whole Lot Less Confusing

3/29/2017 - Does the New Samsung Galaxy Explode?

3/29/2017 - The Handmaid's Tale Continues with an Audiobook 'Radio Drama' from Margaret Atwood

3/29/2017 - How to Hide Your Browsing History From Your Snooping ISP

3/29/2017 - The First It Teaser Is Here, and Pennywise Looks Scary as Hell

3/29/2017 - This Elusive Giant Octopus Snacks on Giant Jellies

3/29/2017 - Jem and the Holograms Comic Finally Does What the Show Never Dared

3/29/2017 - Uranus Smells Like Farts

3/29/2017 - The US Is Ceding the Energy Industry of the Future to China

3/29/2017 - Don't Expect Peter Parker and Mary Jane to Get Married in Marvel's Comics Anytime Soon

3/29/2017 - The First Footage of Alex Garland's Annihilation Looks Absolutely Mesmerizing

3/29/2017 - 9 Things to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Bixby

3/29/2017 - We Saw Ten Minutes of Alexander Payne's Surprising Scifi Film Downsizing

3/29/2017 - Britain Releases Futuristic New Pound Coin Just in Time For Brexit

3/29/2017 - I Would Eat This Ham and Cheese Bust of Vin Diesel Fast and Furiously

3/29/2017 - Trump's Social Media Crony Claims Our Dear Leader Is Tweeting From an iPhone

3/29/2017 - How to Get the Windows 10 Creators Update Early

3/29/2017 - Elephant Herd Rescued After Harrowing Ordeal in Mud Trap

3/29/2017 - Saturn's Weirdest Moon Is Full of Electric Sand

3/29/2017 - Let the New Valerian Trailer Shove a Crazy Vision of Space Action Into Your Brain

3/29/2017 - The Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Just Got a Very Long, Backwards Title

3/29/2017 - The Plan to Bring a Little Bit of Venus Back to Earth

3/29/2017 - Black Panther Confirms an Important Cast Member

3/29/2017 - Windows Creators Update Is Full of Neat Tricks You'll Never Use

3/29/2017 - North Korean Defector Describes the Shock of Adjusting to a Society With Advanced Technology

3/29/2017 - The Wonderboom Is a Great Little $100 Bluetooth Speaker With a Familiar Face

3/29/2017 - LastPass Exploit Shows That Last Password You Made Probably Wasn't Your Last

3/28/2017 - Human Poop Found in Coke Cans at Manufacturing Plant 

3/28/2017 - World's Most Useful Robot Prints and Immediately Burns Trump's Tweets

3/28/2017 - A Serial Killer Stumbles Into a Body-Dumping Comedy of Errors in This Horror Short

3/28/2017 - University Threatens Destruction of Millions of Specimens if Museum of Natural History Collection Not Relocated [Updated]

3/28/2017 - High-Tech Humans Explore a Galactic Void in Scifi Indie The Beyond

3/28/2017 - Sony Is Weirdly Questioning Spider-Man's MCU Future After the Homecoming Sequel

3/28/2017 - Watch Kristen Schaal and Jason Ritter Reunite For an Adorable Gravity Falls PSA

3/28/2017 - Congress Just Gave Internet Providers the Green Light to Sell Your Browsing History Without Consent

3/28/2017 - These Flip Flops Are 'Smart' for the Dumbest Possible Reason

3/28/2017 - One Engineer Is Trying to Get IBM to Reckon With Trump

3/28/2017 - Tropical Cyclone Debbie Looked Massive and Furious From the Space Station

3/28/2017 - Please Help Come Up With a Superhero Movie for Aaron Sorkin

3/28/2017 - Uber Puts Tokens in PR Machine, Finally Releases Long-Delayed Diversity Report

3/28/2017 - Rising Sea Levels Could Decimate Southern California Beaches by 2100

3/28/2017 - Robert Rodriguez, Eddie Murphy, and Elton John Are All Working on New Animated Films

3/28/2017 - You Won't Be Able to See Or Hear This 36-Hour Nano-Scale Endurance Race

3/28/2017 - New Pirates of the Caribbean Featurette Confirms a Fan Favorite Theory

3/28/2017 - DNA Is Being Collected to Protect Sex Workers, But It Could Also Be Used Against Them

3/28/2017 - The Original Green Ranger Accidentally Got Himself Kicked Out of the Power Rangers Premiere

3/28/2017 - The Excellent 2009 Wonder Woman Animated Movie Is Getting Re-Released

3/28/2017 - Why SpaceX's Next Rocket Launch Is a Really Big Deal

3/28/2017 - Robots Are Already Replacing Human Workers at an Alarming Rate

3/28/2017 - We Have to Talk About Life's Shocking Ending

3/28/2017 - Johnny Depp Will Play John McAfee in a New Movie, But Will There Be Bath Salts?

3/28/2017 - Every '90s Kid Will Want This Transforming Power Rangers Megazord Lego Set

3/28/2017 - T'Challa Goes Car Surfing in the First Official Picture From Black Panther

3/28/2017 - The First Footage From Jumanji Is Surprisingly Very Fun

3/28/2017 - Scientists Have Created Self-Flowing Liquids That Don't Need Pumps to Move Around

3/28/2017 - Every Easter Egg and Plot Detail Stuffed Into the New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

3/28/2017 - The World's First 'Period' in a Dish Could Revolutionize Reproductive Medicine

3/28/2017 - Trump's Drastic Move to Dismantle the Clean Power Plan Won't Bring Coal Back

3/28/2017 - Houston Is the Next Battleground in the GMO Mosquito War

3/28/2017 - A Ghost Story Looks Like a Poignant Take on What It Means to Be Haunted by Loss

3/28/2017 - Mind-Blowing New Theory Connects Black Holes, Dark Matter, and Gravitational Waves

3/28/2017 - Elon Musk Is Wrong to Think He Can Save the World By Boosting Our Brains

3/28/2017 - The Best Apps for Sending Money, From Least to Most Annoying

3/28/2017 - How I Let Disney Track My Every Move

3/28/2017 - The New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Features So Much Iron Man

3/28/2017 - There Might Be Life in the Live-Action Akira Remake Just Yet

3/28/2017 - A Wild New Hypothesis for How Saturn's Moon Enceladus Got Its Geysers

3/28/2017 - We Have Seen the First Footage From The Dark Tower

3/28/2017 - Trump Official's Lego Batman Joke Will Be Investigated Because Democrats Clearly Want to Lose in 2020

3/27/2017 - 'Immortalized' Stem Cells Could Be the Key to Mass-Produced Artificial Blood 

3/27/2017 - A Side-by-Side Comparison of Movies and the Historical Clips That Inspired Them

3/27/2017 - New It Images Are Here to Add Some Clown Terror to Your Monday Evening 

3/27/2017 - A Mom Comes to Grips With Her Daughter's Destiny in Fantasy Short Goblin Queen 

3/27/2017 - Carrying a Flying Camera Drone Results in Some Beautifully Stabilized Shots

3/27/2017 - Here's Why That Kiss From the Power Rangers Trailer Was Cut From the Film

3/27/2017 - Report: Sad Brexit Loser David Cameron Encouraged London Mayor to Drop Uber Regulations

3/27/2017 - Life’s Scary Space Creature Is a Great New Science-Fiction Monster

3/27/2017 - Americans Have Somehow Helped the Environment Without Even Trying

3/27/2017 - No One Tell This Adorable Little Girl the Truth About Her New Robot Friend

3/27/2017 - Katie Cassidy Is Returning to Arrow—But Not as Black Canary

3/27/2017 - New Up-Close Image of Jupiter Is So Hypnotic It Hurts

3/27/2017 - Mice Have Been Mooching off Humans For an Astoundingly Long Time

3/27/2017 - Jessica Jones Is Teaming Up With Kate Bishop For a New Hawkeye Adventure

3/27/2017 - Discord Has a Child Porn Problem [Updated]

3/27/2017 - Venom Will Be Sony's Attempt to Break Into R-Rated Comic Book Films: Report

3/27/2017 - You Can Download Night Shift For MacOS For Free Right Now

3/27/2017 - Days After London Terror Attack, the UK Government Is Already Going After WhatsApp's Encryption

3/27/2017 - Amazon's Automated Grocery Store Works Great as Long as Nobody Runs or Moves Stuff Around

3/27/2017 - Archie Comics Is Trying to Trademark the Cute Couple Names for Betty and Jughead

3/27/2017 - Here's the First Look at Hollywood's New Version of Tomb Raider Heroine Lara Croft 

3/27/2017 - Someone Built a Working Lego Version of the Red Keep From Game of Thrones' Opening

3/27/2017 - Intel Claims Its Magical New Memory Will Speed Your Computer Up for Cheap

3/27/2017 - For Some Reason, Samsung Might Sell Refurbished Versions of Its Exploding Phones [Updated]

3/27/2017 - Shoppers Fly Down Staircase After 150-Foot Escalator Is Thrown Into Reverse

3/27/2017 - Final Ghost In the Shell Trailer Shows More Hints of a Big Conspiracy

3/27/2017 - New Spider-Man: Homecoming Footage Teases a Major Change to the Spidey Suit

3/27/2017 - The Most NSFW Site For Streaming Every Star Wars Movie Is Pornhub 

3/27/2017 - Retro Rogue One Ad Makes Us Nostalgic For VHS Tapes Again

3/27/2017 - The Godzilla Anime Movie Sounds Like a Totally Wild Scifi Epic

3/27/2017 - We Might Finally Have a Good Way to Predict Dangerous Space Weather

3/27/2017 - A Super Slow Mo Rocket Launch Reveals a Spectacular Fireworks Show

3/27/2017 - Largest-Ever Dinosaur Footprint Found in Australia's Jurassic Park

3/27/2017 - The Walking Dead's Biggest Problem Is Back Again

3/27/2017 - 25,000 Residents Told to Evacuate as Massive Cyclone Threatens Australian Coast

3/27/2017 - Another Familiar Star Wars Vehicle Is Being Updated For The Last Jedi

3/27/2017 - Fitbit Alta HR Is the Best Fitness Tracker for Normal People

3/27/2017 - North Korea Preparing For New Nuclear Tests in April According to Experts

3/27/2017 - What Will Elon Musk and Tim Cook Do For Trump's New 'Office of American Innovation'?

3/26/2017 - LOL, the Treasury Secretary Says Automation of Jobs Is "50-100 More Years" Away

3/26/2017 - Badass German Kids Show Performs Intro in Klingon

3/26/2017 - This Dystopian Riot Control Truck Is the Vehicle of the Future

3/26/2017 - 12-Year-Old's Beauty and the Beast Short Is the Gaston Prequel We've Been Waiting For

3/26/2017 - Scientists Demonstrate Method of Turning Spinach Leaves Into Human Heart Tissue 

3/26/2017 - Mandy Moore Shuts Down 'Morbid' Frozen and Tangled Fan Theory

3/26/2017 - The Bob Ross of Glow-in-the-Dark Drawing

3/26/2017 - Westworld Creators Reveal Which Host Was the First to Use Free Will

3/25/2017 - Supreme Court Printer Cartridge Case Could Be the Citizens United of Products

3/25/2017 - Man in Joker Makeup Charged with Felony for 'Wearing Mask'

3/25/2017 - Report: Uber CEO's Group Trip to Escort Bar Made Female Employee 'Feel Horrible'

3/25/2017 - The Empire Strikes First in the Star Wars Rebels Season Finale

3/25/2017 - Everything Justice League's Trailer Tells Us About Its Story, Heroes, and Villains

3/25/2017 - Gchat Is Dead, You'll Have to Hangout in the Future

3/25/2017 - Justice League Trailer Unites the Team, and World

3/25/2017 - #GOPDnD Has the Best Dungeons & Dragons Game Ever After Trumpcare Failed

3/25/2017 - Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

3/24/2017 - The New Puppet Master Movie Sounds Like a Cult Classic in the Making

3/24/2017 - Robert Rodriguez Is Likely to Direct the Escape From New York Remake 

3/24/2017 - Reminder: The Chair of the House Science Committee Has Almost No Experience With Science 

3/24/2017 - This Two-Hour Video of Behind-the-Scenes Power Rangers Footage is Incredible

3/24/2017 - A Bunch of New Companies Just Pulled Their Google Ads Over Racist Videos

3/24/2017 - Early Ghost in the Shell Designs Hinted at a Bigger, Brighter Future

3/24/2017 - Uranus Is a Wonderland and We Should Go There

3/24/2017 - How Trump's Stooge in Congress Fucked Up His Wiretapping Investigation

3/24/2017 - Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone's Guardians of the Galaxy Characters Could Return to the MCU

3/24/2017 - India and New Zealand Were Wrong to Recognize Rivers as Persons

3/24/2017 - Watch the Life Drain From Sean Spicer as He Defends Trump's Obviously Doomed Health Bill

3/24/2017 - Pizzagate Shooter Pleads Guilty as Online Conspiracy Theory Winds Down [Updated]

3/24/2017 - Why an Asian-American Iron Fist Would Have Genuinely Made for a Better Show

3/24/2017 - AT&T Charges Ahead With Fiber Internet While Google Languishes

3/24/2017 - Prevenge Delivers a Great Horror Story About the Terror of Impending Motherhood

3/24/2017 - Why the Hell Is This Enormous Black Hole Streaking Across Space?

3/24/2017 - The Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Poster Is Perfect

3/24/2017 - Mads Mikkelsen Can't Complain About His 'Super-Iconic' Death in Rogue One

3/24/2017 - Hot Toys' Spectacular 'Homemade' Spider-Man: Homecoming Figure, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

3/24/2017 - Mammals 'Battle' for Greatness in March Madness for Science Nerds

3/24/2017 - Super Spy Nick Fury Jr. Has Got Some Mad Sexy Style

3/24/2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's Kurt Russell Explains How Chris Pratt Is Fulfilling His Legacy

3/24/2017 - The Director of Zombieland Will Bring Valiant's Archer & Armstrong to the Big Screen

3/24/2017 - American Company Recalls a Million Pounds of Cafeteria Chicken

3/24/2017 - Kick Off the Weekend in Style With the Gif Party

3/24/2017 - Please Enjoy Steven Moffat's 1999 Doctor Who Comedy Special

3/24/2017 - Genius Behind Suicide Squad Claims Trump Has 'Perfect Genes' and Doesn't Eat McDonald's

3/24/2017 - 'This Is Some Black Mirror Shit' Is the Perfect Motto for 2017

3/24/2017 - Smart Female Guppies Don’t Wind Up With Losers

3/24/2017 - Marvel Is Resurrecting Wolverine, Bruce Banner, and More in Marvel Generations

3/24/2017 - Trust Me, Living on the Moon Will Be Hell

3/24/2017 - Rediscovered 1920s Home Movies Are the First to Show the White House in Color

3/24/2017 - Don't Get Hit by a Nerf Dart Traveling at Twice the Speed of Sound

3/24/2017 - This Baby Pygmy Hippo Is the Cutest Thing on Planet Earth (No Arguing Please)

3/24/2017 - The Power Rangers Movie Is Already Teasing the Most Obvious Character For Its Sequel

3/24/2017 - Why the Alien From Life Should Actually Scare You

3/23/2017 - A Designer Creates the Most Unusual Virtual Pet Ever in Scifi Short Strange Beasts

3/23/2017 - Technology Terrors Come Alive in First Teaser for Hulu's Scifi Series Dimension 404

3/23/2017 - What the Hell Did Superman Just Do to the DC Comics Universe?

3/23/2017 - Theranos Offers More Worthless Stock to Investors Who Pinky Swear Not to Sue

3/23/2017 - What Do You Want From a Decade and a Half of Star Wars After Episode IX?

3/23/2017 - A Four-Year-Old Boy Used Siri to Save His Unconscious Mother’s Life

3/23/2017 - Game of Thrones Almost Gave Stannis a Much More Remorseful Death Scene

3/23/2017 - You Don’t Wanna Know How a Climate Change-Induced Mass Extinction Can End (Hint: Lizards)

3/23/2017 - Noomi Rapace's New Movie, Rupture, Looks Really Messed Up

3/23/2017 - Google Says Its Job Is to Promote Climate Change Conspiracy Theories

3/23/2017 - Which Movie Franchise Is the Most Screwed Up?

3/23/2017 - The Greatest Scientific Breakthrough of Our Time Is This Drip-Free Wine Bottle

3/23/2017 - The Han Solo Movie Covers Six Formative Years in the Smuggler's Life

3/23/2017 - I Did Not Live Until the Day I Saw The Magicians Sing Les Misérables

3/23/2017 - Get an Even Better Look at the Justice League Ahead of the New Trailer (Updated)

3/23/2017 - Two-Thirds of All Cancer Mutations Are Unavoidable, Scientists Claim

3/23/2017 - The Filmmakers Behind Life Strived to Make a Realistic, Modern Version of Alien

3/23/2017 - Watching These Precisely Crafted Wooden Joints Fit Together Is Deeply Satisfying

3/23/2017 - Important People Decided It Was Time for Some New Clouds

3/23/2017 - Watch the Major Go Into Another Mind in This Exclusive Ghost in the Shell Clip

3/23/2017 - Come Talk to the Comics Artist Who’s Turning iTunes Legalese into a Graphic Novel and Satirizing Donald Trump

3/23/2017 - The Handmaid's Tale Trailer Shows a World Where Fear Breeds Contempt

3/23/2017 - It Sure Looks Like That Viral 'Trump Cat' Site Is a Massive Troll [Updated]

3/23/2017 - Batman v Superman Funder Claims Rotten Tomatoes Is Ruining Movies, Mostly the One He Paid For

3/23/2017 - Voltron Legendary Defender's Creators Look Back at the Original Show and the Timeless Appeal of Giant Robot Lions

3/23/2017 - US Diplomat Was Investigated for Spying as a Kid Because He Kept Writing Boeing Asking for Photos

3/23/2017 - Say Goodbye to Virgin America

3/23/2017 - Smog-Filtering Screens Will Make Our Polluted Future Slightly More Tolerable

3/23/2017 - Insane Light System Blasts the Energy of 10,000 Suns

3/23/2017 - Legion Finally Reveals the Truth About the Monster in David's Head... and His Father, Too

3/23/2017 - The Last Scrap of the North American Ice Sheet Is Melting

3/23/2017 - The Live-Action Mulan May Have Songs After All

3/23/2017 - Supergirl Shows Up to Fight Her Jerk Cousin in Injustice 2

3/23/2017 - Things I Managed to Do With the $250 Computer From Hell

3/23/2017 - 8 Apps That Actually Make the Most of an Android Tablet

3/23/2017 - Pouring Random Liquids Into an Aquarium Is Equal Parts Beautiful and Disgusting

3/23/2017 - A Middle Eastern Airline Is Scorching Trump's Electronics Ban on Twitter

3/23/2017 - We Know the Name of Woody Harrelson's Character in the Han Solo Movie

3/23/2017 - Florida Man Accidentally Destroys at Least 10 Homes While Burning Books

3/23/2017 - EpiPens Recalled For Failing to Work

3/23/2017 - Update: Whoops, the 'Trump Cat' Site We Wrote About Appears to Be a Troll

3/22/2017 - We Have to Talk About Tonight's Crazy Reveals on Legion

3/22/2017 - Prosecutors Say They Are Hacking Over 100 Phones Confiscated at Inauguration Protests

3/22/2017 - Exxon Probably 'Lost' Those Secret Rex Tillerson Emails, They're Figuring It Out

3/22/2017 - A Boy Cares Only for His Pet Scorpion in This Funny and Surprising Animated Short

3/22/2017 - The Directors of Swiss Army Man Are Making a Scifi Movie

3/22/2017 - Next Up For the Spider-Man Movieverse: Black Cat and Silver Sable

3/22/2017 - Google Top Stories Serves Breitbart Bullshit on Climate Science

3/22/2017 - The Next Six Entries in the Power Rangers Movie Franchise Will Be One Big Arc

3/22/2017 - Finally, an Astrophysics Model Even Your Stoner Friend Will Love

3/22/2017 - Disney, Give Me a Gaston Prequel to Beauty and the Beast

3/22/2017 - NASA Experiment Could Solve a Mystery About DNA in Space

3/22/2017 - The 69 New Emoji Candidates, Ranked

3/22/2017 - Colleen Wing Is the Only Hero Iron Fist Needed

3/22/2017 - Astronauts Can See Mount Etna's Crazy Eruption From the Space Station

3/22/2017 - The Lego Ultimate Collectors Series Snowspeeder Returns to Hoth (and Toy Stores) on May 4

3/22/2017 - Amazon Pulls Castalia House Book for Ripping Off John Scalzi Cover [Updated]

3/22/2017 - Try and Watch This Bonkers Spinning Office Chair for More Than Five Seconds Without Puking

3/22/2017 - Everyone Wants Michael Shannon to Play Cable in Deadpool 2

3/22/2017 - Ian McKellen Is Reprising Gandalf (and His Entire Career) in a Solo London Stage Show

3/22/2017 - The Director of Power Rangers Stands Behind His Bold Choices for the Movie

3/22/2017 - The Curiosity Rover's Wheels Aren't Looking So Good

3/22/2017 - Coded 4chan Post Hinted at Westminster Attack a Day in Advance

3/22/2017 - The Brains of Blind People Really Are Wired to Enhance Other Senses

3/22/2017 - Sting Operation Reveals Science's Insane Fake News Problem 

3/22/2017 - The Mystery That Made Thor Unworthy Has Been Revealed

3/22/2017 - Aubrey Plaza Has Been Legion's True Star All Along

3/22/2017 - This Nest Security Flaw Is Remarkably Dumb

3/22/2017 - The First Trailer for the Return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Cheesy in All the Right Ways

3/22/2017 - Yet Another Reason Bees Are Screwed: Your Damn Almonds

3/22/2017 - Trump's Electronics Ban on Airplanes Makes Less Sense Every Day

3/22/2017 - There Was Yet Another Ending Planned for Rogue One and It Was Absolutely Insane

3/22/2017 - LinkedIn Picks a Losing Fight With Fake News [Updated]

3/22/2017 - The Teaser for Netflix's Death Note Adaptation Is the Most Netflix Thing Ever Made

3/22/2017 - Last Night's Flash/Supergirl Musical Was Pure Joy in TV Form

3/22/2017 - Jason Chaffetz Wants to Use Facial Recognition to Track Immigrants

3/22/2017 - 15-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Sexually Assaulted on Facebook Live While 40 People Watched

3/22/2017 - You Can Watch the First Five Minutes of Ghost in the Shell Right Here

3/22/2017 - Game of Thrones Is Getting a Tabletop Miniatures Game... of Thrones

3/22/2017 - Mountain Biking Down an Abandoned Mine Shaft Is a Dimly Lit Descent Into Hell

3/22/2017 - Samsung's New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic

3/22/2017 - We Could Get More Movies From the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Universe

3/22/2017 - North Korea Has a Hard Time Getting One Up

3/22/2017 - Fortune Cites Fake Telegram From McDonald's to President Nixon That Says 'Retire Bitch' 

3/22/2017 - Senator Asks Supreme Court Nominee If He'd Rather Fight 100 Duck-Sized Horses or One Horse-Sized Duck

3/22/2017 - This Video Will Be Very Important One Day

3/21/2017 - New Options for Getting Your Cat High Can Only Be a Good Thing

3/21/2017 - Texas Senate Passes Bill Allowing Doctors to Withhold Information From Pregnant Women

3/21/2017 - So Who Is the Mysterious Clawed Mutant Marvel Is Teasing in X-Men: Blue?

3/21/2017 - A Mother Either Has an Evil Nanny or Is Going Crazy in the New Horror Movie Madre

3/21/2017 - Gab CEO Andrew Torba Is Mad Online

3/21/2017 - Senator Ted Cruz Has Forever Tainted The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

3/21/2017 - Wildfires Have Already Toasted a Staggering Amount of Land in the US This Year

3/21/2017 - The Archie Comic Is Killing Someone Off in a Major New Event

3/21/2017 - Your Favorite Music App Has Higher Quality Audio Than You Think

3/21/2017 - Ted Cruz Graciously Suggests Launching Himself Into Space

3/21/2017 - iZombie's New Trailer Previews What May Be the Show's Best Mystery Yet

3/21/2017 - Here Is a Tweet Venture Capitalist Benedict Evans Just Deleted [Updated]

3/21/2017 - A New Technique Captures Stunning Timelapse Footage of the Smallest Living Things

3/21/2017 - Microsoft Hit With a Bunch of Service Outages, Again [Updated]

3/21/2017 - Here's the Important Stuff That Happens in Iron Fist So You Don't Have to Watch It

3/21/2017 - Wait, Crabs Can Climb Trees?!

3/21/2017 - The Word 'Planet' Is So Important and Such Bullshit

3/21/2017 - Doctor Octopus Is Back With a New Look and a New Allegiance

3/21/2017 - An Asteroid Hunter on What We Need to Do to Prevent Armageddon

3/21/2017 - Can You Figure Out Why Lucasfilm Hates This Photo of Luke Skywalker?

3/21/2017 - Deadly Spider Venom Might Protect Us From Deadly Strokes

3/21/2017 - The Future of Ghostbusters Is Uncertain, But Ivan Reitman Has a Plan

3/21/2017 - Is There a Point to a Princesses Movie Not Done by Disney?

3/21/2017 - Google Will Finally Do Something, Anything, About Ads on Racist Videos [Update]

3/21/2017 - I Have Conflicting Feelings on Power Rangers and the First Big-Screen LGBT Superhero

3/21/2017 - Reddit Is Now a Social Network For Exactly Three People [Updated]

3/21/2017 - Brilliant Motion-Tracking Dart Board Guarantees a Bullseye With Every Throw

3/21/2017 - Cosplayers Are Already Figuring Out How to Create Their Own Spider-Man Shutter Eyes

3/21/2017 - You Can Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Game Boy That Sucks

3/21/2017 - A Grand Jury Just Called Tweeting an Animated GIF 'Assault With a Deadly Weapon'

3/21/2017 - Life Is the Next Great Leap Forward for Science Fiction Horror

3/21/2017 - Scientists Observe Freaky Parrot Ritual, Call It Contagious Laughter

3/21/2017 - You Can Get a Red iPhone Now

3/21/2017 - This Time Lapse of Cell Division in a Tadpole Egg Is Freaky and Beautiful

3/21/2017 - Inside the Midwest Wildfires That Burned Cattle Alive

3/21/2017 - More Dire Rumors About the Future of the Terminator Franchise

3/21/2017 - Remember That Adorable Turtle That Had 1,000 Coins Removed From Her Stomach? She's Dead Now.

3/21/2017 - US Bans Electronic Devices on Flights From 8 Muslim Countries in 'Muslim Ban by a Thousand Cuts' [UPDATED]

3/21/2017 - UK Testing Out Drone Army to Beef Up Its Already Insane Surveillance State 

3/20/2017 - Paris Climate Agreement Could Bring a Huge Economic Boom

3/20/2017 - A Doomed Statistician Spends His Last Moments Crunching Some Very Odd Numbers

3/20/2017 - Filmmaker Painstakingly Crafts One of the Best Looks at Mars Ever

3/20/2017 - How Many Chicken McNuggets Are in the Big Chicken?

3/20/2017 - NBC's Midnight, Texas Looks Like Delicious Supernatural Cheese

3/20/2017 - Kid Basically Shits Himself Feeding a Llama

3/20/2017 - The Haunting Face of a Man Who Lived 700 Years Ago

3/20/2017 - The US May Have Banned Electronics on Middle Eastern Flights But Really We Have No Goddamn Clue

3/20/2017 - It's Time to Make Birth Control Accessible Over-the-Counter, For Everyone

3/20/2017 - The Star Wars Rebels Season Finale Is Gonna Be Damn Good

3/20/2017 - No One at Marvel Can Give a Consistent Answer About the Connections Between Its Shows and Movies

3/20/2017 - Rapping Robots Prove at Least One Job Is Safe From the Coming Android Apocalypse

3/20/2017 - AMC's Humans Is Exploring All the Good Robo-Stuff Westworld Ignored

3/20/2017 - FBI Director Forced to Fact-Check Trump's Twitter Bullshit in Real-Time

3/20/2017 - Robert Downey Jr. Will Talk To Animals as the New Doctor Dolittle

3/20/2017 - ITT Tech’s Collapse Might Cost Taxpayers Half a Billion Dollars

3/20/2017 - Watch Kate McKinnon Transform From Jeff Sessions Into a Mermaid in Just Three Minutes

3/20/2017 - Patty and Holtzmann Are Back on the Hunt in a Look Inside the New Ghostbusters Comic

3/20/2017 - Mars Might Have Had a Kickass Big Moon Instead of Two Tiny Crappy Ones 

3/20/2017 - An Alarming Number of Kids Are Getting Their Hands on Opioids

3/20/2017 - The Moments That Made Us Fall in Love With the Mass Effect Video Games

3/20/2017 - Here's What the Original, Far Less Tragic Ending of Rogue One Would Have Been

3/20/2017 - A Flaming Pile of Skulls Is the Perfect Backyard Accessory for 2017

3/20/2017 - FBI Head Says He Has 'No Information' to Support Trump's Bullshit Wiretapping Claim

3/20/2017 - How to Prove to Yourself (or Shaq) the Earth Is Round

3/20/2017 - Watch This Guy Catch a Virtual Reality Ball That Turns Out to Be Real

3/20/2017 - The Power Rangers Movie Doesn't Actually Want to Be a Power Rangers Movie

3/20/2017 - There's Gonna Be a Whole Lot of Batman in DC Comics' Next Big Event

3/20/2017 - These Stars Had the Messiest Divorce in the Galaxy

3/20/2017 - What Happened to Donald Trump's Unsecured Tweet Machine?

3/20/2017 - A New Documentary About the Muppets Shows Why Almost Everyone Loves Them

3/20/2017 - This Poor Cretaceous Damselfly Has Been Waiting 100 Million Years to Get Laid

3/20/2017 - Dreamy Slo-Mo Footage of Dolphins Chasing a Boat Will Make Monday Morning More Manageable

3/20/2017 - Cheetah's Injustice 2 Super-Move Reminds Us a Whole Lot of a Classic Spider-Man Video Game Attack

3/20/2017 - The Walking Dead Did Something I Didn't Think Was Possible

3/20/2017 - This Is Where All of Daft Punk's Impossibly Catchy Samples Come From

3/20/2017 - How to Get on the Internet When Your Internet is Down

3/20/2017 - Think We're Living in a Computer Simulation? Prove It

3/20/2017 - What Are Sylvester Stallone and Michael Rosenbaum Doing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

3/20/2017 - A Senator Is Tweeting at Trump to Set Up National Security Meetings Because Everything Is Broken

3/20/2017 - Jeff Bezos, Aspiring Supervillain, Tests Out Gigantic Robot Suit

3/20/2017 - Trump's Crazy British Spy Scenario Actually Happened Before in 1983

3/19/2017 - Flash and Supergirl Sing About Being Super Best Friends and It's Everything You Ever Wanted

3/19/2017 - Experts Worry as Germany Tests Voice Recognition Software to Screen Refugees

3/19/2017 - Amazon's Legend of Master Legend Pilot Brings Real Life Superhero Down to Earth

3/19/2017 - Some Photos of Earth For Shaq, Who Thinks the Earth is Flat

3/19/2017 - Famed Comic Book Artist Bernie Wrightson Dies at 68

3/19/2017 - Fan Film Makes Me Yearn for a Ms. Marvel Solo Flick

3/19/2017 - Skull Island Director Originally Wanted to Be a Total Dick to Previous Kongs

3/19/2017 - Lockheed Martin Has a Laser for the Army

3/19/2017 - Chuck Berry, the First Rock n' Roller for Aliens, Dies at 90

3/18/2017 - The Producer of Star Wars Rebels on Tonight's Incredible Episode

3/18/2017 - Jackass Who Risked Lives Flying a Balloon Chair Fined $26k 

3/18/2017 - Pixar's Demo Reel From the '80s Is a Trip to the Digital Dark Ages

3/18/2017 - Watch How Tom Cruise Pulled Off Zero-G Plane Stunt for The Mummy

3/18/2017 - Any Live-Action Mulan Without 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' Is Simply a Tragedy

3/18/2017 - Scientists Say This Society Has the Healthiest Hearts on Earth

3/18/2017 - Robb Stark Is a Space Priest in Amazon's Promising Pilot Oasis

3/18/2017 - Russian Bank Says Hackers Are Trying to Make It Look Like Its Servers Are Contacting Trump

3/18/2017 - 'BBC Dad' Interview Gets Inevitable Star Wars Parody

3/17/2017 - A Woman Realizes the Perils of Dating a Time Traveler in This Funny Scifi Short

3/17/2017 - Marvel Would Really, Really Like to Remind You That There's a Ton of X-Men Comics on the Way

3/17/2017 - Twitter User Accused of Sending Journalist Seizure-Inducing GIF: 'Let's See If He Dies'

3/17/2017 - Zelda Fanatic Controls His Dang House With an Ocarina

3/17/2017 - The Makers of The Relationtrip Explain How a Puppet Fits Perfectly Into Their Modern Love Story

3/17/2017 - Rogue One Never Had a Scripted Opening Crawl (UPDATED)

3/17/2017 - YouTube's Restricted Mode Is Hiding Some LGBT Content [Update]

3/17/2017 - Worlds We Love: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hyrule

3/17/2017 - The UK Just Granted the First License to Commercialize Controversial 'Three-Parent' Babies

3/17/2017 - Why the Hell Does the James Webb Space Telescope Look Haunted?

3/17/2017 - Hans Zimmer Quit Superhero Movies Because He Can't Stop Loving Christian Bale's Batman

3/17/2017 - Panicked Secret Service Says It Lost Encrypted Laptop But It's Fine, Everything's Fine

3/17/2017 - An Iron Man Figure That's Basically a Gundam, and This Week's Other Awesome Toys

3/17/2017 - Why Scientists Think This Silly-Ass Bird Can't Stop Looking at Its Reflection

3/17/2017 - Secret Empire Is Giving Us a New Patriot to Fight Back Against Steve Rogers

3/17/2017 - Will Humans Have to Upgrade Their Bodies to Survive on Mars?

3/17/2017 - The Grassroots Campaign to Make Reddit Less Toxic

3/17/2017 - White House Cites Satire Story to Support Trump's Nightmare Budget [Update]

3/17/2017 - It's Friday and the Gif Party's Got Cows

3/17/2017 - Hugo-Winning Author Nnedi Okorafor on How Whitewashing Once Came to Her Book Cover

3/17/2017 - FBI Arrests Man for Allegedly Sending Journalist Seizure-Causing GIF [Updated] 

3/17/2017 - You Don't Really Need an Anti-Virus App Anymore

3/17/2017 - Ridley Scott May Have Just Revealed the Title of the Next Alien Movie

3/17/2017 - Google Wants to Make Your Images Take Up Less Space

3/17/2017 - Mads Mikkelsen Auditioned for Fantastic Four But Walked Out in the Middle of It

3/17/2017 - Marijuanaville Trademark Denied for Similarities to Margaritaville, a 'State of Mind Inspired by Margaritas'

3/17/2017 - Miner Finds Enormous 706-Carat Diamond, Promptly Hands It Over to the Government

3/17/2017 - This Silly Button From Logitech Made My Smart Home Fun Again

3/17/2017 - The First 3D Printed Cheese Was as Bizarre As You’d Expect

3/17/2017 - Clueless Is, Like, Totally Gonna Be a Comic Book

3/17/2017 - America Only Voted for Weird-Ass Birds as Its New Monopoly Tokens

3/17/2017 - This Double Star System Puts 'Double Rainbow' to Shame

3/17/2017 - This $150 Console Gave Me Every Nintendo Game I've Ever Owned in 4K

3/17/2017 - Europe's First Spacecraft to Jupiter Will Be Taking a Crazy Route

3/17/2017 - Why Ego the Living Planet Looks a Lot Like Kurt Russell In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

3/17/2017 - Sean Spicer Reportedly Apologizes to Britain For Talking Shit [Updated: White House Says It Wasn't a Formal Apology Because The Trump White House Can Never Apologize Why Would We Apologize When We Haven't Done Anything Wrong]

3/17/2017 - US Won't Rule Out Preemptive Military Strike Against North Korea

3/17/2017 - Understand Microprocessors By Looking at This Beautiful Blinking 'Megaprocessor'

3/16/2017 - Zoo Sues Producers For 'Traumatizing' Raccoon With An 'Erotic Video' Shoot

3/16/2017 - Warner Bros Is Hoping One of These Five DC Films Will Shoot This Year

3/16/2017 - Netflix's Plan to Change Its Rating System is Troubling

3/16/2017 - The Director of 10 Cloverfield Lane Will Make an Original Film Called Space Race

3/16/2017 - The Latest Trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight Introduces a Badass New Character

3/16/2017 - Sony Just Randomly Announced a Venom Movie Will Be Out Next Year (UPDATED)

3/16/2017 - Destroying NASA's Office of Education Fails Future Scientists

3/16/2017 - Watch Sean Spicer Melt Down as Defending Trump's Wiretap Bullshit Takes Its Inevitable Toll 

3/16/2017 - So What Is Actually Going on With the Flash Movie?

3/16/2017 - Here Are All the Science and Technology Initiatives Trump’s Budget Would Decimate

3/16/2017 - The BFFs of Tragedy Girls Are Serial Killers Who Want to Become Internet Famous

3/16/2017 - Google Home Now Includes Unsolicited Ads From Your Friends at Walt Disney Pictures [Update]

3/16/2017 - Final Leftovers Trailer Suggests Kevin Could Be the Reluctant New Messiah

3/16/2017 - Darth Vader Almost Killed Darth Maul Last Season on Star Wars Rebels

3/16/2017 - Who Is SoHo's Mystery Solitaire Master?

3/16/2017 - 12 Monkeys Is Getting a Bizarre Send-Off After Four Seasons

3/16/2017 - Where Is All the Other Live-Action Fantasy?

3/16/2017 - Trump's Proposed Budget Is a Nightmare for Health and Medical Research

3/16/2017 - The True Identity of Legion's Big Bad Has Been Revealed, and Here's What You Need to Know

3/16/2017 - How to Buy Your Personal Domain Name Before Some Dumb Troll Does

3/16/2017 - An Afternoon Spent at IKEA Is Even More Painful When You Weaponize Those Tiny Pencils

3/16/2017 - Scientists Found a New Window Into the Hellish Ancient Earth

3/16/2017 - 9 Nuclear Explosion GIFs That Will Come in Handy During the Trump Era

3/16/2017 - Will.i.am Is Making a Comic With Marvel and It Sounds Totally Wild

3/16/2017 - What the Hell is Going On With This Eyeball?

3/16/2017 - You'll Never Guess Game of Thrones' Most Expensive Death 

3/16/2017 - This Lego Batman Cake Is a Giant, Edible Masterpiece

3/16/2017 - Two Dead After T-Mobile 'Ghost Calls' Flood 911 Center in Texas

3/16/2017 - The Incredible Way Tardigrades Survive Total Dehydration

3/16/2017 - This Ridiculous True Butterfly Crime Story Gets Weirder and Weirder

3/16/2017 - The Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Is Fine, But Also Completely Unnecessary

3/16/2017 - The White House Wants to Gut the Agency That Makes Sure We Don't Live in a Toxic Wasteland 

3/16/2017 - Your Favorite Netflix Shows Might Soon Look Different on Your Phone

3/16/2017 - Samurai Jack Creator on Season 5's Opening: 'VROOOOOOOM BLAMABLAMABLAMABLAM'

3/16/2017 - Sony Patented a Method For Wirelessly Sucking Power From Your Friend's Phone

3/16/2017 - 8 Extensions That Should Make Your Browser a Little More Hacker-Proof

3/16/2017 - Malaria Mosquitos Have a Second 'Nose' Just For Smelling Humans

3/16/2017 - James Woods Sued For Misidentifying Trump Supporter Giving Nazi Salute on Twitter

3/16/2017 - The Brutality of Living in the Stone Age Has Never Been More Adorable Than in Aardman's Early Man

3/16/2017 - For One Glorious Tweet, McDonald's Was Woke

3/16/2017 - Watch a Guy Install Every Version of Windows and Draw Dicks in All of Them

3/16/2017 - Scientists Are Turning Earth Into a Telescope to See a Black Hole

3/16/2017 - Intriguing New Hints About the First Order's Forces in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

3/16/2017 - Our Last Stunning Close-Up of Saturn's 'Death Star Moon' 

3/16/2017 - Why We Should All Be Worried About Congress Eroding Protections Against Genetic Discrimination

3/16/2017 - Snake Tries to Eat a Whole Antelope, Things Go Horribly Wrong

3/15/2017 - Beehive Thefts Explode in New Zealand Because the Bees Can't Catch a Break

3/15/2017 - Tokyo's Giant Gundam Statue Is Dismantled With One Final Tribute

3/15/2017 - Wait, So Killer Croc Lives Right Next To the Batcave in Injustice 2?

3/15/2017 - A Holy Grail of Personal Computing Hits the Auction Block

3/15/2017 - 'Drinkable Sunscreen' Creator Is Getting Sued For Obviously Dangerous Product

3/15/2017 - One of Horror's Most Controversial and Elusive Films Is Now Available for Streaming

3/15/2017 - Humble Bundle Makes It Easy (and Cheap) to Read More Scifi and Fantasy by Women

3/15/2017 - James Gunn Says Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Happen, But Isn't Sure If He'll Direct It

3/15/2017 - Florida Clinic Blinds Three Patients in Botched ‘Clinical Trial’

3/15/2017 - Watch a Speeding Train Blast a Bunch of Commuters With Snow

3/15/2017 - The Transfiguration Might Be the Most Disturbing Horror Movie You See This Year

3/15/2017 - The Magicians Is Becoming the Most Sexually Aware Show on TV

3/15/2017 - The Evil Green Power Ranger Has an Army and They're So Badass

3/15/2017 - Google Street View Won't Let Me Jump Inside This Volcano

3/15/2017 - The Animated Beauty and the Beast Remains a Near-Perfect Masterpiece

3/15/2017 - Watch a Blacksmithing Patriot Forge a Knife Using Beer, Bacon, and French Fries 

3/15/2017 - Here's How Russian Hackers Totally Owned Yahoo's Servers to Spy on Enemies and Make Bank

3/15/2017 - Lucky Humans Just Ate the Very First Lab-Grown Chicken Tenders

3/15/2017 - Distant Galaxies Look Mysteriously Different From Our Own

3/15/2017 - These Belko Experiment Claymation Shorts Are Disgusting in the Best Possible Way

3/15/2017 - In the New Star Trek Comic, the Next Generation Crew Fights in a Federation-less Future

3/15/2017 - Rare Nuclear Test Films Saved, Declassified, and Uploaded to YouTube

3/15/2017 - The New American Gods Trailer Is So Weird and So, So Good

3/15/2017 - America's Doctors: Climate Change is Making People Sick

3/15/2017 - On Anniversary of Fappening Hacker Charges, Sad Jerks Post More Nude Photos

3/15/2017 - Alien Life Could Be Island Hopping Between TRAPPIST-1 Planets

3/15/2017 - This Incredible Serpentor Statue Is the Ultimate Collectible for G.I.Joe Fans

3/15/2017 - Darth Vader's Big Rogue One Scene Barely Made It Into the Film

3/15/2017 - Canada is Finally Getting Its First Spaceport

3/15/2017 - The CIA Is Training Its Officers With D&D-Style Tabletop RPGs

3/15/2017 - Watch a Giant Excavator Battle a Massive Trash Fire

3/15/2017 - Justice Department Charges Four People Linked to Russia in Connection to 2014 Yahoo Hack

3/15/2017 - Somehow the Fate of Superman and Lois Lane Just Got More Insane

3/15/2017 - Some Hackers Figured Out How to Take Control of Any WhatsApp Account

3/15/2017 - The Latest Version of Chrome Will Prevent Tabs From Killing Your Battery Life

3/15/2017 - The Legends of Tomorrow Know How to Distract NASA

3/15/2017 - Zoos Are So Afraid of Poachers They’re Starting to Cut the Horns Off Their Rhinos

3/15/2017 - How to Protect Your PC From Trolls, Hackers and Other Obnoxious Security Threats

3/15/2017 - This Is What Happens When Your Headphones Explode on an Airplane [GRAPHIC]

3/15/2017 - The Gorgeous First Trailer for Pixar's Coco Is Here

3/15/2017 - How Did You End Up With Red Hair?

3/15/2017 - You Might Be Waiting a While to Hear More News About The Batman

3/15/2017 - The Crazy Plan to Restore a Woman's Fertility—and Defy the Limits of Nature

3/15/2017 - The Deadliest Cobras Also Look the Most Terrifying

3/15/2017 - Facebook Pulls Major Boner, Marks InfoWars Articles as 'Spam' Instead of 'Bullshit'

3/15/2017 - Hundreds of Twitter Accounts Hacked with Swastikas Through Third Party App 'Twitter Counter'

3/14/2017 - Warner Bros. Is Considering a Return to The Matrix

3/14/2017 - Artist Uses Her Own Face as an Animated Canvas to Explore Human Evolution

3/14/2017 - A New Fly Remake May Be Buzzing Into Theaters

3/14/2017 - This Doc About One of The Internet's Biggest Pirates Actually Made Me Feel Sorry for the Guy

3/14/2017 - Amid PR Circus Fire, Uber Suddenly Decides to Care About Diversity

3/14/2017 - Reminder: Mike Pence Voted Against Recognizing Pi Day

3/14/2017 - How Guardians of the Galaxy Helped Shape James Gunn's Belko Experiment

3/14/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg Just Rode in a Race Car With Dale Earnhardt Jr. and He Looked SO SCARED

3/14/2017 - In the First Trailer for Voice in the Stone, Emilia Clarke Makes a Spooky House Call 

3/14/2017 - Marvel's Explanation for Jane Foster's Absence in Thor: Ragnarok Has Taken a Turn

3/14/2017 - This Scrolling Storybook Is Also Playing Its Own Fantastic Soundtrack

3/14/2017 - You Will Want NASA's Miniature Alien Rover As Your Personal Sidekick

3/14/2017 - There's Something Weird About This Explanation for Why You Can't Watch Rogue One's Deleted Scenes

3/14/2017 - Here's What’s Actually Going on Inside Your Nintendo Switch

3/14/2017 - MAD Magazine Made the Best Goodnight Moon Parody Yet

3/14/2017 - Hackers Can Now Use Sound Waves to Take Control of Your Smartphone

3/14/2017 - 360-Degree Video of NASA's Powerful Rocket Blast Will Make Your Astronaut Dreams Come True

3/14/2017 - Complex Life May Have Emerged on Earth Much Earlier Than We Thought

3/14/2017 - The New Life Trailer Is Terrifying, Partially Because It Has Spider-Man 3 Footage In It

3/14/2017 - This New Bluetooth Speaker Doubles As a Great Sounding Headphone Amp

3/14/2017 - The Power Rangers Stories You Need to Watch During the Show's Insane 17-Day Online Marathon

3/14/2017 - Meet the Actress Who Had to Don Princess Leia's Buns in Rogue One

3/14/2017 - Is Ted Cruz Psychic or Nah?

3/14/2017 - The Amount of Food Spiders Eat Each Year Will Haunt You for the Rest of Your Life

3/14/2017 - 18 Ways to Make Your Online Accounts More Secure

3/14/2017 - Intel Says It's Developing a Genderless AI

3/14/2017 - There's Actually a Reason to Like Gaston in the New Beauty and the Beast

3/14/2017 - Zelda Data Miners Mapped Out the Hundreds of Items and Locations in Breath of the Wild [Update]

3/14/2017 - Trump's Acting FTC Chair Thinks Our Next Big Internet Disaster Might Solve Itself

3/14/2017 - Your Computer Might Become an Expert Lip Reader to Keep Your Data Safe

3/14/2017 - A Bunch of David Bowie Commemorative Stamps Are Falling to Earth (And You Can Win Them)

3/14/2017 - Peer Into the Guts of a Monster Tornado With This Incredible Simulation

3/14/2017 - Alexa Combined With an Animatronic Skull Is a Very Creepy Hack

3/14/2017 - The First Fluorescent Frog Ever Discovered Is Ridiculously Cute

3/14/2017 - US Troops Won't Be Eating the Indestructible Pizza of Their Dreams

3/14/2017 - MormonLeaks Goes to Battle With Mormon Church Over Leaked 'Enemy List'

3/14/2017 - Another Classic Character Will Return for Blade Runner 2049

3/14/2017 - Report: White House's Own Analysis of Trumpcare Is Even More Devastating Than CBO's

3/13/2017 - Indecisive People Rejoice: There's an iPhone Case That's Also an Android Phone

3/13/2017 - A Young Woman Seeks Guidance from Aliens in Poignant Short In the Pines

3/13/2017 - Smart Sex Toy Maker Agrees to Pay Customers $10k Each For Violating Privacy

3/13/2017 - Finn Jones' Latest Dumb Defense of Iron Fist: It's Trump's Fault

3/13/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of a One Percent Black Company, Spoke to Black Students About 'Diversity'

3/13/2017 - Report: Phone Searches at US Border Set to Skyrocket in 2017

3/13/2017 - Atomic Blonde Is a Kick-Ass Super-Spy Movie That's More Dramatic Than it Looks

3/13/2017 - The Republican Health Care Bill Will Cause Millions to Lose Health Care Coverage

3/13/2017 - All the Instruments In This Excellent Rock Band Are Played by Actual Rocks

3/13/2017 - Horizon Zero Dawn Made Me Love Video Games Again

3/13/2017 - Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks Are Better Than Regular Pretzel Sticks

3/13/2017 - The New Trailer for Doctor Who Brings Back Almost Everything and Everyone

3/13/2017 - Should Unvaccinated Kids Be Banned From Daycare?

3/13/2017 - Ridiculous Rich Person Phone Brand Vertu Somehow Continues to Exist

3/13/2017 - Popular YouTuber JonTron Has Some Batshit Crazy Thoughts on Immigration He'd Like to Share [Update]

3/13/2017 - Just Give This Artist and His Hypnotic Animated Business Cards All the Graphic Design Jobs

3/13/2017 - 9 Movies That Wouldn't Exist Without Evil Dead II

3/13/2017 - Scientists Made the Perfect Underwater Glue By Stealing an Idea From Shellfish

3/13/2017 - Warner Bros. Is Looking at Matthew Vaughn to Direct a New Superman Movie

3/13/2017 - Facebook Pinky Swears It Won’t Let Anyone (Other Than Facebook) Surveil You

3/13/2017 - Godzilla's First Anime Movie Is Coming to Netflix

3/13/2017 - This Gorgeous Kong: Skull Island Concept Art Is Fit for a King

3/13/2017 - How to Run Windows on an iPhone, No Jailbreak Required

3/13/2017 - Using Projectors and Fog, This Artist Created the Creepiest Ghost Effect We've Ever Seen

3/13/2017 - All of Marvel's Star Wars Comics, Ranked

3/13/2017 - Netflix Announced A Series of Unfortunate Events' Season Two in an Irritatingly Complicated Way

3/13/2017 - A Wild New Hypothesis for How the First Monster Black Holes Formed

3/13/2017 - Tuesday's Snowstorm Could Turn Into a Weather Bomb, But What Does That Mean?

3/13/2017 - Anime Movie Masterpiece Your Name Finally Has a U.S. Trailer

3/13/2017 - Marissa Mayer Will Fly Away From Yahoo for Good With a $23 Million Golden Parachute

3/13/2017 - The Best Add-ons For Protecting Your Gmail Account

3/13/2017 - It's Official: Game of Thrones' Eighth Season Will Be Just Six Episodes Long

3/13/2017 - Boaty McBoatface Gets Set For Its First Antarctic Expedition

3/13/2017 - The Reason Trains Have Angled Wheels Is Incredibly Clever

3/13/2017 - A New Dungeons & Dragons Companion App Will Help Declutter Your Tabletop Experience

3/13/2017 - Trump Learned How to Thread Tweets, But He Already Screwed It Up

3/13/2017 - The World's Most Wanted Hacker Sounds Like a Goddamn James Bond Villain

3/13/2017 - Intel Jumps Up and Down Shouting 'We're Here Too' With $15.3 Billion Mobileye Acquisition

3/13/2017 - Frank Oz Refuses to Say If He's in The Last Jedi, Hmm, Whatever Could This Mean?

3/13/2017 - Kellyanne Conway: We Can be Watched by 'Microwaves That Turn Into Cameras'

3/13/2017 - Has the Founder of Reddit Ever Used Reddit? 

3/13/2017 - On The Walking Dead, a Single Cantaloupe Ruined Four People's Lives (Seriously)

3/13/2017 - Pumping 20,000 Volts Into a Watermelon Ends as Spectacularly as You'd Hope

3/13/2017 - Old Apple Security Flaws Mean the Nintendo Switch Is One Step Closer to a Jailbreak

3/13/2017 - Ava DuVernay Releases a Giant Pile of Photos From A Wrinkle in Time 

3/13/2017 - The Han Solo Movie Could Feature a Major Star Wars Planet We've Never Seen Before

3/13/2017 - Should a Chimpanzee Be Considered a Person?

3/13/2017 - What Did Sean Spicer Buy at the Apple Store and How Quickly Was It Hacked?

3/12/2017 - American Gods Is Going to Be Your Next Must-Watch Fantasy Show

3/12/2017 - The Oceans Are Getting Warmer Faster Than Anyone Realized

3/12/2017 - 'It's For the Fans' Isn't a Defense, Iron Fist's Finn Jones, It's an Insult

3/12/2017 - This New Illustrated Edition of American Gods Is Simply Heavenly

3/12/2017 - 3D Size Comparison of Everything in the Universe is Awe-Inspiring

3/12/2017 - Ridley Scott Keeps Trying to Revive Gladiator, but He Probably Won't Be a 'Christ Killer'

3/12/2017 - Video Proves There's No Cooler Hive of Scum and Villainy Than Mardi Gras Chewbacchus

3/12/2017 - The Father of the World Wide Web Has Some Worries About His Baby

3/12/2017 - Trump Can't Handle Alien Invasion in SNL's Independence Day Parody 

3/11/2017 - New Wonder Woman Trailer Shows How the Girl Became a Legend

3/11/2017 - Google Has Finally Killed the CAPTCHA

3/11/2017 - Take a Look at the Most Difficult Places to Travel to in the World

3/11/2017 - We’ve Seen At Least One Very Grim Secret at the Heart of Alien: Covenant

3/11/2017 - Logan Almost Featured a Nod to Jean Grey

3/11/2017 - Great Reminder That You Need a Malware Scanner On Your Android Phone

3/11/2017 - Daylight Saving Time Is Like Sex in the Spring

3/11/2017 - Even History Channel Is Doing Comic Book Adaptations with Harlem Hellfighters

3/11/2017 - Mumps Outbreak Spreads Across the Nation

3/11/2017 - A Bunch of Handmaid's Tale Handmaids Are Creeping People Out at SXSW

3/11/2017 - X-Men TV Show About Gifted Teens Is Likely Called, Guess What, Gifted [Updated]

3/10/2017 - Burst Out of the Week With the Gif Party

3/10/2017 - Who on Earth (or Anywhere Else) Could Be Thanos' Henchman in Avengers: Infinity War?

3/10/2017 - Charlize Theron Plays a Cold War Super-Spy in Atomic Blonde

3/10/2017 - What's Scarier Than King Kong? King Kong on Fire

3/10/2017 - A New Wonder Woman Trailer Is Out Tomorrow, But Today We Have This Kick-Ass Tease

3/10/2017 - The Great Barrier Reef Is Suffering Yet Another Mass Bleaching [Update: It Gets Worse]

3/10/2017 - Free Data Isn't Free

3/10/2017 - Here's Our First Glorious View of the TRAPPIST-1 Star System

3/10/2017 - Godzilla vs. Kong, a Movie About Two Monsters Fighting, Somehow Requires Seven Writers

3/10/2017 - PewDiePie Is Still Doing His Dumb Nazi Shtick 

3/10/2017 - Open Channel: What Do You Still Love About Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

3/10/2017 - These 15 Seconds of Next Week's Star Wars Rebels Are the Best Thing You'll See Today

3/10/2017 - Elon Musk Bets His Paycheck 

3/10/2017 - Star Wars' Most Lovable Killer Droids Are Getting Figures, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

3/10/2017 - Last Night's Riverdale Showed Jughead's Nightmare: Classic Archie  

3/10/2017 - Preacher Returns June 19 and Here's Your First Look at Season Two

3/10/2017 - Oh Great, Another Awful Tropical Disease We Have to Worry About

3/10/2017 - Marvel's Next Star Wars Comic Will Explore Anakin Skywalker's Early Days as Darth Vader

3/10/2017 - Are Humpback Whales Plotting to Take Over the World?

3/10/2017 - 7 Animated Children Who Were Supposed to Be Cute But Are Instead Nightmarish Monsters

3/10/2017 - Trump Supporters Get Mad Because They Think The Man in the High Castle's 'Resistance Radio' Is Real

3/10/2017 - What's the Deal With the Arson Lawyer Whose Pants Caught on Fire in Court?

3/10/2017 - Matt Damon Might Have Been Right About Potatoes on Mars

3/10/2017 - Next Week, Twitch Is Livestreaming All 831 Episodes of Power Rangers

3/10/2017 - Drones Built Like Squishy Bugs Won't Break When They Crash

3/10/2017 - Disney Unleashes the New Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack Online

3/10/2017 - The Avatar Sequels Have Been Delayed Yet Again

3/10/2017 - Everything We Know About the Insane Scandal Rocking Samsung and South Korea

3/10/2017 - Explore a New Galaxy of Wonders (and Danger) in the New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer

3/10/2017 - Cruise Ship Smashes Into One of the World’s Most Beautiful Coral Reefs

3/10/2017 - How South Korea’s Fake News Hijacked a Democratic Crisis

3/10/2017 - Is Raw Milk Cheese Dangerous?

3/10/2017 - Learn All About Alien: Covenant's Walter the Android From This Very Unsettling 'Commercial'

3/10/2017 - Australian Farmers Bullied Into Buying $60,000 Worth of Ink Cartridges by Unrelenting Cold Callers 

3/10/2017 - The Best Gear for Upgrading Your Video Game Console

3/10/2017 - Black Widow Will Lead the Resistance Against Steve Rogers in Secret Empire

3/10/2017 - More Details About That New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage

3/10/2017 - Guitar Hero Is Now a Yu-Gi-Oh-Style Card Game For Aspiring DJs

3/10/2017 - Report Shows AT&T Ignores Poor Neighborhoods in Cleveland

3/10/2017 - The Real Story Behind That JFK Quote About Destroying the CIA

3/9/2017 - If You Like Lightspeed Magazine's Short Stories, Do We Have Good News for You

3/9/2017 - NASA Just Found a Lost Spacecraft Orbiting the Moon

3/9/2017 - You Will Not Believe How Bad the Live-Action Little Mermaid Looks (No, Not the Disney One)

3/9/2017 - A T-Rex Is Running a Dungeons & Dragons Game on Twitter, and It's Even More Epic Than It Sounds

3/9/2017 - The Army's New 3D-Printed Grenade Launcher Is Straight Out of Science Fiction

3/9/2017 - 20 Things We Still Love About Buffy the Vampire Slayer 20 Years Later

3/9/2017 - Atlanta's Zazie Beetz Will Play Domino In Deadpool 2

3/9/2017 - Wild New Theory Suggests Radio Bursts Beyond Our Galaxy Are Powering Alien Starships

3/9/2017 - Okay, Be Honest: How Excited Are You for the Avatar Sequels and Theme Park?

3/9/2017 - What the Hell Is the Future of the Wolverine and X-Men Movies Now?

3/9/2017 - Can You Help Us Solve a Fun Reddit Mystery? [Update]

3/9/2017 - After Atrocious Live Stream, HBO Finally Confirms Game of Thrones Returns July 16

3/9/2017 - This Maniac Just Crossed the Atlantic on a Goddamn Paddleboard

3/9/2017 - Scientists Store Data on Single Atoms

3/9/2017 - “I’m Thinking About the Hulk’s Farts”

3/9/2017 - Mark Zuckerberg Announces Creation of Female User

3/9/2017 - New Up-Close Images of Saturn's Tiny Moon Prove It's a Dumpling

3/9/2017 - 14 Things to Depress Yourself With After Watching Logan

3/9/2017 - Scientists Just Took a Major Step Toward Creating Synthetic Life

3/9/2017 - Riding a Kayak Down a Mountain in a Ditch Is Scarier Than a Roller Coaster

3/9/2017 - Marvel's Newest X-Team Is the Astonishing X-Men

3/9/2017 - The New Avatar Theme Park Is a Giant Spoiler

3/9/2017 - Every Skywalker Family Reunion Needs This Amazing Death Star Cornhole Game

3/9/2017 - A Women's Health Magazine Just Printed Gwyneth Paltrow’s Terrible Health Advice

3/9/2017 - Sure, What Woman Wouldn't Love the Joker's Face on Her Crotch? 

3/9/2017 - Nice Guy Julian Assange Says WikiLeaks Will Help Tech Companies Deal With the CIA

3/9/2017 - Riverdale's 7 Most Bonkers Moments and Revelations (So Far)

3/9/2017 - Trump's New EPA Head Wants to Debate Global Warming as the World Burns

3/9/2017 - Wild Boars Remain at Radiation-Hit Fukushima as Residents Prepare to Return

3/9/2017 - Thor: Ragnarok Is Basically Planet Hulk Plus a Road Trip Comedy

3/9/2017 - Senator Has a Terrible Analogy About the Internet and Bridges He'd Like You to Hear

3/9/2017 - Twitter's 'Sensitive Accounts' Feature Is Already a Perplexing Mess

3/9/2017 - MIT Students Have Made an Awesome Fan Film About Riri Williams, the New Iron Man

3/9/2017 - Watch Raindrops Launch Swarms of Bacteria Into the Air

3/9/2017 - Superman Tries to Convince Batman of the Benefits of Murder in New Injustice 2 Trailer

3/9/2017 - The New Tech That Could Turn Police Body Cams Into Nightmare Surveillance Tools

3/9/2017 - 5 Things Google Assistant Does Better Than Siri

3/9/2017 - Charlize Theron Is Some Kind of Crazy Car Sorceress in the New Fate of the Furious Trailer

3/9/2017 - Walking RC Flamethrower Is Thomas the Tank Engine Meets Mad Max

3/9/2017 - Can This New Method Locate the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Impact Site With Sound?

3/9/2017 - The Beats X Earbuds Are AirPods For People Who Like to Move

3/9/2017 - An Edible Vaccine For Wild Apes Could Revolutionize the Way We Fight Ebola

3/9/2017 - The One Rumor About Deadpool 2 We Desperately Wished Was Real Has Been Debunked

3/9/2017 - Peter Thiel's Spy Connections Under Scrutiny in New Zealand After Secret Citizenship Revealed

3/8/2017 - Congress Just Ordered NASA to Get Crackin' on Mars and a Ton of Other Things

3/8/2017 - The Azure Window From Game of Thrones Has Been Swallowed by the Sea

3/8/2017 - The Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Poster Tells Us Nothing But It Still Rules

3/8/2017 - Fantagraphics' Pulpy New Superheroes Are Ready to Bust Some Heads

3/8/2017 - This Hololens Gate App Will Make You Experience Vertigo

3/8/2017 - This Beauty and the Beast Art Show Is, Well, Beautiful

3/8/2017 - The Totally Awesome Hulk Is the Weapon X Program's Newest Target

3/8/2017 - A Safety Inspector Begins to Realize How Unsafe She Is in the New Thriller Atomica 

3/8/2017 - Logitech’s Compact Gaming Keyboard Is Still Hulkish But a Joy to Use

3/8/2017 - The Iron Fist TV Series Is Marvel and Netflix's First Big Failure

3/8/2017 - The First Image From Jurassic World 2 Raises Some Dino-Sized Questions

3/8/2017 - My Phone (Still) Knows Where All of New York City's Crimes Are Happening

3/8/2017 - Jeff Goldblum Looks Just as Weird as You Hoped in More New Thor: Ragnarok Photos

3/8/2017 - 21 Movies I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Love

3/8/2017 - This Skatepark Looks Like It Was Designed by M.C. Escher

3/8/2017 - How to Build an Adorable Baby Groot Puppet That Hangs Out on Your Shoulder

3/8/2017 - Are White House Officials Breaking the Law by Using Secret Messaging Apps?

3/8/2017 - Ancient Tooth Plaque Divulges Neanderthal's Surprisingly Diverse Diets

3/8/2017 - Scientists Finally Observed Time Crystals—But What the Hell Are They?

3/8/2017 - School Assignment Leads to Discovery of WWII Plane With Pilot’s Body Still Inside

3/8/2017 - These Are Probably Luke's First Words in The Last Jedi

3/8/2017 - Republicans Actually Named an Obamacare Replacement Bill the 'World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017' and I Think I Might Be Losing My Mind Oh Fuck This Can't Be Real Life 

3/8/2017 - Thor's Got No Hammer and Short Hair in the First Image From Thor: Ragnarok

3/8/2017 - The Real Identity of DC's Mysterious 'Other' Clark Kent Has Finally Been Revealed

3/8/2017 - The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con Controllers Now Work With the Equally Tiny NES Classic Edition

3/8/2017 - The Next Lord of the Rings Video Game Is Full-On Tolkien Fan-Fiction

3/8/2017 - Disaster Thriller Geostorm Will Have the Most Terrifying Climate Change Ever

3/8/2017 - This Mesmerizing Video Shows the Evolution of Animation Over a Century

3/8/2017 - These Black Female Mathematicians Should Be Stars in the Blockbusters of Tomorrow

3/8/2017 - Town's Water Turns Pink In Horrifying Ghostbusters Throwback 

3/8/2017 - Piano-Playing Robot Virtuoso Is the Child Your Parents Always Wanted

3/8/2017 - Why the Women of Gizmodo Are on Strike Today

3/8/2017 - Wonder Woman's Director Teases an Amazing Throwback

3/8/2017 - What Is The Federal Reserve Trying to Hide About Donald Trump's Relationship With Reptilians?

3/8/2017 - How to Stop a Browser Tab From Randomly Blasting Music

3/8/2017 - Republicans Starting to Think the NSA Has Too Much Surveillance Power

3/7/2017 - Here's Why It Smells So Nice After It Rains

3/7/2017 - Get Out Star Daniel Kaluuya Becomes Obsessed With a Giant Fish in Fantasy Short Jonah

3/7/2017 - When Supervillain Make-Up Gets in the Way of Actual Acting

3/7/2017 - The Top British Telly Americans Can Stream Right Now

3/7/2017 - This Is the Most Hellish Movie Theater in America

3/7/2017 - Deadpool Will Star in X-Force, Plus More on the Future of the X-Men Film Universe

3/7/2017 - Blue Origin Reminds Everyone It Has a Big Rocket Too

3/7/2017 - The First Clip From Life Offers a Valuable Lesson: Don't Touch Things in Space

3/7/2017 - Is This the CIA's Most Shocking Hacker Tool Yet??

3/7/2017 - Scientists Have Created the First Artificial Embryo Without Using an Egg or Sperm

3/7/2017 - Jason Momoa Goes From Superhero to Video Game Hero With Just Cause 

3/7/2017 - Google's Algorithm Is Lying to You About Onions and Blaming Me for It 

3/7/2017 - Gorgeous Fan Comic Imagines the Moment Clark Kent Became the Golden Age Superman

3/7/2017 - How to Choose the Right Processor and Motherboard

3/7/2017 - This Animated Short Offers a Stirring Reminder That Birds Are Plotting Against Us 

3/7/2017 - It's Not Just You, Americans Seem to Be Having Less Sex

3/7/2017 - Famous Dropout Mark Zuckerberg Will Get a Harvard Degree After All

3/7/2017 - Nintendo Denies Pulling the Switch's Dock From Its Online Store

3/7/2017 - The Latest Trailer for The Void Is as Creepy as It Is Gross, and It's Really Gross

3/7/2017 - Poachers Killing a Rhino in a Zoo is Some Pretty Dark Shit

3/7/2017 - Music Memorabilia Time Capsule Opened Prematurely, Which Is No Big Deal Because It Happens to a Lot of Guys

3/7/2017 - The First Pictures From the Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Are Here, Please Hold Us

3/7/2017 - The Most Advanced Weather Satellite Has a Mind-Blowing Lightning Mapper

3/7/2017 - Here's Who Jim Broadbent Is (Probably) Playing on Game of Thrones

3/7/2017 - The CIA's Leaked Hacking Code Names Are Silly as Hell

3/7/2017 - How to Build a Massive Cannon Powered By Nothing But Earth's Atmosphere

3/7/2017 - Want to Get Into Tabletop RPGs? Here Are 6 Games to Get You Ready

3/7/2017 - Drought-Stricken Chinese City Proposes Mega Pipeline to Pump Water From Siberia

3/7/2017 - Does a Time Capsule Blasted Into Space Have a Better Chance at Surviving 100 Years? (Updated)

3/7/2017 - Nest Adds a Security Feature It Should Have Had All Along

3/7/2017 - Jason Isaacs Is Star Trek: Discovery's New Captain—But Not Its Star

3/7/2017 - WikiLeaks Just Dumped a Ton of Alleged CIA Hacking Documents

3/7/2017 - Why Magneto's Secret Empire Comic Cover Is Causing Controversy

3/7/2017 - Amazon Agrees to Hand Over Data in Echo Murder Case

3/7/2017 - Humans Can't Stop Breaking Carbon Emissions Records

3/7/2017 - There Were Way More CG Actors in Logan Than You Realized

3/7/2017 - A 3D-Printed, PIN-Protected Door Lock Won't Protect Your Home But it Sure Looks Cool

3/7/2017 - The Dark Web Is Disappearing 

3/7/2017 - Alexa Now Offers Medical Advice, Because Your Hypochondria Wasn't Bad Enough

3/7/2017 - Top Republican Says Poor People Should Stop Buying iPhones, Buy Health Insurance Instead

3/7/2017 - Building the Ikea Bike Is a Pain Worth Suffering Through

3/7/2017 - Could Another Major DC Villain Be in Justice League After All?

3/7/2017 - BBC Tells Facebook About Child Porn on the Network, Facebook Reports BBC to Police

3/7/2017 - This Is Our First Footage of One of the Most Elusive Whales on Earth

3/6/2017 - Nintendo Switch Carved Up By a Waterjet, Keeps on Gaming 

3/6/2017 - Lawyer Pleads Guilty of Extorting $6 Million From Porn Pirates in Elaborate Scam

3/6/2017 - Logan's Forlorn Future Comes to Life in This Stunning Concept Art

3/6/2017 - Brain Surgeon Ben Carson Seems Very Unclear on How Brains Actually Work

3/6/2017 - New Sponge Can Soak Up Insane Amounts of Oil, We'll Probably Need It

3/6/2017 - Cookie Monster Is the Ultimate Snack Buddy in this Video Celebrating 100 Years of Cookies

3/6/2017 - South Korea's Power Rangers Spinoff Show Is Going Above and Beyond

3/6/2017 - Blue Origin Just Teased a Photo of Its Big Ass Rocket's Engine

3/6/2017 - People Are Already Trying to Fix the Nintendo Switch's Dumb Design Issues

3/6/2017 - The Wonder Woman Movie Has a Wild New Take on the Origins of the Amazons

3/6/2017 - Sex Makes Life Better, Study Says

3/6/2017 - FBI Drops All Charges in Child Porn Case to Keep Sketchy Spying Methods Secret

3/6/2017 - Netflix Is Making a Medieval Korean Zombie Show

3/6/2017 - Watching a Master Woodworker Turn a Log Into a Bowl Is the Perfect Way to Relax

3/6/2017 - That Giant Bright Spot on Dwarf Planet Ceres Just Got Even Cooler

3/6/2017 - Nintendo Switch Review: Plays Zelda Great, Doesn't Do Much Else

3/6/2017 - Time After Time May Be Your New Bad TV Obsession

3/6/2017 - Anyone Can Learn Particle Physics With This New Children's Book

3/6/2017 - The Power Rangers Are Awed by a Very Dark Room in the First Movie Clip

3/6/2017 - Don't Freak Out About the New Bird Flu Outbreak (Yet)

3/6/2017 - This Year's Best Science Photos Are So Good They're Basically Art

3/6/2017 - New Mass Effect: Andromeda Teaser Shows the Planets That Might Be Humanity's New Home

3/6/2017 - Doctor Who Is Bringing Back the Original, Hellishly Creepy Cybermen From the '60s

3/6/2017 - Hollywood's Obsession With Robin Hood Continues, This Time With Margot Robbie as Star

3/6/2017 - You Can Shame This Robot With Your Mind When It Screws Up

3/6/2017 - We Have to Talk About the Aftermath of Logan

3/6/2017 - Link Has a Goddamn iPhone

3/6/2017 - Ridley Scott Already Has a Script Ready to Go for the Alien: Covenant Sequel

3/6/2017 - Colored Light Makes This Magical Origami Fold Itself One Step at a Time

3/6/2017 - The Girl With All the Gifts' Racebending Means So Much More in Trump's America

3/6/2017 - There's No Easy Way to 'Jumpstart Your Metabolism'

3/6/2017 - The New York Times Ruined Your Chance to Stay in This Insane Trump Tower Airbnb

3/6/2017 - The Walking Dead Is Screwing With Us Again

3/6/2017 - Fitbit Finally Made A Good Looking Heart Rate Tracker

3/6/2017 - Surgeons Remove 915 Coins From the Belly of a Sea Turtle

3/6/2017 - DARPA’s Brain Chip Implants Could Be the Next Big Mental Health Breakthrough—Or a Total Disaster

3/6/2017 - The Best Gmail Clients For Your Phone That Aren't Gmail

3/6/2017 - Inhumans Set Pictures Give Us Our First Look at Black Bolt and Lockjaw

3/5/2017 - Logan Director Explains Lack of Post-Credits Scene, Though It Should Be Obvious

3/5/2017 - All of That Pollution in Asia Turns Into Smog in the U.S.

3/5/2017 - Here's a Cool Glimpse at How Translators Made Rogue One: Una Historia de Star Wars

3/5/2017 - People Are Worried About Dead Pixels on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Isn't

3/5/2017 - That Viral Story About a Japanese Man Crushed to Death by His Porn Collection is Totally Fake

3/5/2017 - Study Finds Disturbing Conclusion About 'Revenge Porn' But Experts Are Dubious

3/5/2017 - Batman v Superman Cellist Returns for Wonder Woman, and Shares Badass Metal Theme

3/5/2017 - For True Cyber Security, Using a USB Firewall Is Essential

3/5/2017 - Neil Gaiman Journeys to Iceland to Unveil American Gods' Roots in Documentary

3/5/2017 - Father John Misty Sang About Oculus Rift Sex on SNL and I Couldn't Close the Tab Fast Enough

3/4/2017 - Star Wars Rebels Just Had a Moment So Important It Could Have Been an Entire Movie

3/4/2017 - Air Force Leaders Say It's High Time Our Planes Shoot Deadly Lasers

3/4/2017 - Take a Peek Inside Logan's Secret X-Men Comic Book

3/4/2017 - Powerful Video Shows Why Ghost In The Shell Whitewashing Has Real Consequences

3/4/2017 - What Does Trump Mean When He Says Obama Had His ‘Wires Tapped'?

3/4/2017 - A.I. SciFi Short Rise Is Being Turned Into a Movie

3/4/2017 - As CRT Supplies Vanish the Classic Arcade Machine is Virtually Dead

3/4/2017 - Ryan Reynolds Releases That Deadpool Teaser

3/4/2017 - Mark Wahlberg Making SciFi Comic Book in Hopes of Launching Movie Franchise

3/3/2017 - Facebook Finally Rolls Out 'Disputed News' Tag Everyone Will Dispute

3/3/2017 - Clue Comic Will Pay Tribute to the Classic Movie With Three Different Endings

3/3/2017 - Get Out Almost Had a Much Bleaker Ending, According to Director Jordan Peele

3/3/2017 - Ryan Gosling Is Developing a Comic Book Movie About Deep Sea Ghosts

3/3/2017 - Marvel's Giant Teleporting Dog Lockjaw Will Star in Inhumans, and Now We're Really Excited

3/3/2017 - TSA Says Aggressive New Pat-Downs ‘Do Not Mandate' Touching Your Junk

3/3/2017 - Jeff Bezos Wants to Set Up Amazon on the Moon

3/3/2017 - An Alabama Drive-In Won't Be Showing Beauty and the Beast Now That LeFou Is Gay

3/3/2017 - Cleverly Engineered Lego Bat Flaps Its Wings Just Like the Real Thing

3/3/2017 - Antarctic Sea Ice Crashed This Year and Scientists Don't Know Why

3/3/2017 - How Does Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins Compare to the Original?

3/3/2017 - Star Wars Rebels Is Returning for a Fourth Season

3/3/2017 - Uber's Secret App for Tracking Cops Sounds Creepy as Hell

3/3/2017 - What's Going on With Amazon's Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders?

3/3/2017 - This Wild New Supersolid Is Three States of Matter at Once

3/3/2017 - Report: Disney Wants to Reboot Tron With Jared Leto

3/3/2017 - The Wire's Michael K. Williams Joins the Han Solo Movie to Make It Even More Badass

3/3/2017 - Welcome to Toy Aisle, io9's Weekly Round-Up of the Newest Toys and Collectibles

3/3/2017 - Amount of Fraud By State in 2016, Ranked (Sorry, Florida)

3/3/2017 - Interactive Map Shows How Healthy (or Unhealthy) Your Neighborhood Is 

3/3/2017 - Adam Nimoy Would Not Mind If Star Trek Resurrected Spock, Rogue One Style

3/3/2017 - An Alarming Number of Kids Are Getting Sick From Drinking Hand Sanitizers

3/3/2017 - Here's How You'll Explore New Worlds in Mass Effect: Andromeda

3/3/2017 - Be Our Guest for the Gif Party

3/3/2017 - Guy Builds a Portable SNES That's Basically the Switch's Great-Great-Grandfather

3/3/2017 - NASA Spacecraft Avoids Very Embarrassing Collision With Mars' Moon

3/3/2017 - This Single Gram of DNA Contains an Amazon Gift Card, a Virus and an Entire Movie 

3/3/2017 - How Tiny Would Donald Trump's Hands Be If They Were Black Holes?

3/3/2017 - Cult Classic Superhero Comic Mage Is Returning For One Last Series 

3/3/2017 - Japan Forced to Shut Down Two Cameras on Venus Probe

3/3/2017 - Ten Deliberately Stupid Inventions That Are Still Better Than Half of Kickstarter

3/3/2017 - Why These Great Game Consoles Failed Spectacularly

3/3/2017 - Yelp Will Now Help Users Find Gender Neutral Bathrooms

3/3/2017 - Kong Retakes His Throne in the Incredible Skull Island

3/3/2017 - Old Man's AOL Account Hacked

3/3/2017 - The Next Archie Comic Is Going to Turn Jughead Into a Bloodthirsty Werewolf

3/3/2017 - How to Snoop-Proof Any Phone or Tablet

3/3/2017 - Major Casting News for Inhumans, the X-Men TV Show, and More

3/2/2017 - Gundam Wing Is Finally Coming to Blu-ray in the US

3/2/2017 - The Bumblebee Spinoff Movie Just Got an Exciting Director

3/2/2017 - Coming Soon: A Horror Movie Set in the Wonderful World of Oz

3/2/2017 - New Space Weather Warning System Could Buy Astronauts Precious Extra Time

3/2/2017 - Uber Sucks It Up and Finally Goes to the DMV Like Everyone Else

3/2/2017 - Marvel's Newest Event Miniseries Is Pretty Much 'But What if Everyone Was Venom?'

3/2/2017 - Monkey Business: The Highs and Lows of King Kong's 84 Years in Movies

3/2/2017 - Guy Builds Electrified Wolverine Claws Because Sharpened Steel Isn't Dangerous Enough

3/2/2017 - The Word J.K. Rowling Created for One of Her Fantastic Beasts Creatures Will Break Your Face

3/2/2017 - Star Wars Is Poised to Re-Make One of the Expanded Universe's Biggest Mistakes

3/2/2017 - Germany's 'Die Astronautin' Competition Is as Badass as it Sounds

3/2/2017 - There's an Excellent Surprise Waiting for You When You See Logan This Weekend

3/2/2017 - Here Are the Most Incredible Life Forms NOAA Found on Its Latest Deep Sea Dive

3/2/2017 - 10 Movies We Hope MST3K Riffs This Time Around

3/2/2017 - Amazon Says One Engineer's Simple Mistake Brought the Internet Down

3/2/2017 - Will Sickle Cell Be the Next Disease Genetic Engineering Cures?

3/2/2017 - You Can Now Put Windows 98 on Your Wrist, Thank God

3/2/2017 - Gotham's Best Decision Yet Is Hiring Game of Thrones' Alexander Siddig to Play Ra's al Ghul

3/2/2017 - Your Teeth Are Helping Scientists Build Better Airplanes

3/2/2017 - Did You Read This Post Before You Commented?

3/2/2017 - What Are the Chances of Green Lantern Coming to the DC/CW-verse?

3/2/2017 - Why Are These Turkeys Doing This?

3/2/2017 - A Brief History of Filmmakers Explaining Why Video Game Movies Suck

3/2/2017 - The List of Actors Who Were Almost in the First X-Men Movie Is Downright Crazy

3/2/2017 - TSA's Secrecy Is 'Absurd' According to Agency's Own Watchdog

3/2/2017 - You Won't Be Able to Stop Listening to This Remix Made From Harry Potter Sound Effects

3/2/2017 - America Chavez Is Heading to College—to Punch People Throughout History

3/2/2017 - Uber Can’t Even Sign a Goddamn Letter Right

3/2/2017 - Biotech Firm Halts 'Revolutionary' Cancer Treatment After Patient Deaths

3/2/2017 - This First Trailer for the New DuckTales Is Ducking Perfect

3/2/2017 - In the New Star Wars Canon, Thrawn Learned About the Emperor From a Shocking Source

3/2/2017 - Watch a Large Hadron Collider Experiment Get a Major Upgrade

3/2/2017 - Scientists Are Standing Up to Trump Because They've Always Stood Up to Bullshit

3/2/2017 - Legion Just Made Its Case For Being the Most Insane Show on Television

3/2/2017 - New Close-Up Image of Jupiter's Turbulent Region Is Breathtaking

3/2/2017 - Richard Branson Announces New Space Company, Tries Pulling a Reverse Musk™

3/2/2017 - Ads Will Be Even Harder to Escape Now That Posters Can Hijack FM Radio

3/2/2017 - Dr. Fate Is Very Tired of Superman's Fascist Crap in Injustice 2

3/2/2017 - So Is Snapchat's Logo a Dick in a Tissue or What?

3/2/2017 - What You Need to Know About Ryzen, AMD's Shot at an Intel-Killing Chip

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