5/31/2017 - Senator: EpiPen Manufacturer Ripped Off the US Government for $1.27 Billion

5/31/2017 - Customer Microwaves Urine at 7-Eleven, Microwave Explodes

5/31/2017 - A Man-Wolf Rediscovers His Human Side in This Gorgeously Animated Tale

5/31/2017 - It Sounds Like Even the Bumblebee Spinoff Movie Won't Focus on the Transformers

5/31/2017 - Paul Allen Shows Off the World's Largest Airplane for the First Time

5/31/2017 - How Fantastic Beasts' Newt Scamander Represents a Rare Kind of Movie Hero

5/31/2017 - New York Drivers Say Uber Still Owes Them Millions More

5/31/2017 - It’s Way Past Time For Wonder Woman to Headline Her Own Video Game

5/31/2017 - The Newest New Mutant Cast Member Is Stranger Things' Charlie Heaton

5/31/2017 - What Today's Kangaroo Fighters Can Learn From the Great Emu War of 1932

5/31/2017 - A Whole New Version of Frank Miller's Sin City Is Coming to TV 

5/31/2017 - A Brief List of Male Directors Who Got the Big Break Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins Finally Received

5/31/2017 - Odette Annable Will Play Supergirl's Next Big Bad, Reign

5/31/2017 - Hibernating Aliens Could Explain the Great Silence

5/31/2017 - Wonder Woman Has Been Banned in Lebanon Over Gal Gadot's Casting

5/31/2017 - Hackers Leak Cosmetic Surgery Patient Photos After Obscene Ransom Demands Denied

5/31/2017 - How Have I Lived My Whole Life Without an Extra Pair of Robot Arms?

5/31/2017 - Animated Trailer Gives Thor: Ragnarok the Epic Song It Deserves

5/31/2017 - Why Prairie Voles Cuddle The Shit Out Of Their Partners

5/31/2017 - Be the Saddest Guy in the Office With Amazon's Embarrassing 'Covfefe' Swag

5/31/2017 - This Bong Vape Is Not Only Ridiculous, It’s Smooth as Hell

5/31/2017 - The First Time Batman and Superman Met Wonder Woman Was Downright Adorable

5/31/2017 - On The Handmaid’s Tale, Gilead’s Morality Is Exposed as a Perverted Lie

5/31/2017 - Hong Kong Looks Beautifully Uncanny When Seen From the Sky

5/31/2017 - NASA Can't Wait To Plunge Itself Straight Into The Sun

5/31/2017 - US Military Releases Video of Yesterday's Successful Missile Destruction Test

5/31/2017 - The New Wizarding World of Harry Potter Light Show at Universal Studios Looks Spectacular

5/31/2017 - Cops Think This Tijuana Biker Gang Hacked Into and Stole Over 100 Jeeps

5/31/2017 - A Wild Origin Story For Saturn’s Most Mysterious Moon

5/31/2017 - A Plasma Cutter Makes Solid Steel Melt Like Butter

5/31/2017 - Space-Mutated Bacteria Could Be Bad News For Humans

5/31/2017 - How Do We Know Black Holes Are Really Holes?

5/31/2017 - You're Not on Mushrooms, This Animated Fidget Spinner Brings Super Mario to Life

5/31/2017 - Janelle Monáe is Coming to Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Anthology Series

5/31/2017 - This Wonder Woman Featurette Is 13 Minutes of Pure Joy

5/31/2017 - Top Defense Contractor Left Sensitive Pentagon Files on Amazon Server With No Password [Updated]

5/31/2017 - Kitesurfer Hopping From Pond to Pond Is Proof Humans Really Were Meant to Fly

5/31/2017 - Watching an Underground Water Pipe Explode Is Like Seeing the Earth Fart

5/31/2017 - How American Healthcare Is Failing Transgender Patients

5/31/2017 - We Know Exactly When Gotham's Version of Harley Quinn Will Show Up

5/31/2017 - President Trump Pretends Like He Meant to Tweet 'Covfefe'

5/30/2017 - Intelligence Officials Disturbed by Trump's Attempts to Get World Leaders to Call His Personal Cellphone

5/30/2017 - Twitch Users Are Playing the Stock Market With $50K of One Dude's Money

5/30/2017 - Godzilla vs. Kong Just Landed an Unexpected but Inspired Choice as Its Director

5/30/2017 - Tune Into the First Episode of Creepy Animated Web Series Ghost Radio

5/30/2017 - Watch 95 Weird, Wondrous Minutes of Star Wars Found Footage Through the Decades

5/30/2017 - Sean Spicer Was Weirdly Unprepared to Talk About Trump's Favorite Subject: Fake News

5/30/2017 - Don't Let That Global Warming Sleep Study Keep You Up at Night

5/30/2017 - In Stephanie Barros' Fantasma, Death and Lucha Libre Are the Ultimate Superpowers

5/30/2017 - Wonder Woman Writer Is Glad He Changed Diana's Origin Because World War I Is So Relevant Right Now

5/30/2017 - The Hardest Word to Spell in Wisconsin Is 'Wisconsin'

5/30/2017 - Cult Cartoon Favorite Animaniacs Could Be Staging a Comeback

5/30/2017 - This Teen Is Restoring the Showbiz Pizza Robots That Creeped You Out As a Kid

5/30/2017 - Here's What It Looks Like to Get Attacked by a Bear

5/30/2017 - Meet American Gods' Vulcan, an Old God Turned New

5/30/2017 - Fans of Cheap Drugs and Printer Ink Just Won Big in the Supreme Court

5/30/2017 - What TV Show or Movie From Your Childhood Do You Actually Want Resurrected?

5/30/2017 - Stranger Things' Eleven Auditioned For X-23 In Logan

5/30/2017 - What You Need to Know About  Max-Q, Nvidia's Plan to Make Gaming Laptops That Aren't Monstrosities

5/30/2017 - Lucifer Really Shouldn't Be as Good as It Is

5/30/2017 - You Will Never Get Any Work Done on This Amazingly Distracting Ninja Turtles Origins Desk

5/30/2017 - How to Watch the First Sean Spicer Briefing Since the Start of Trump's Global Cuck Tour

5/30/2017 - CRISPR May Not Be Nearly as Precise as We Thought

5/30/2017 - Steven Universe Just Got Dark in the Best Way Possible

5/30/2017 - This Freaky Frog Is So Transparent You Can See Its Internal Organs

5/30/2017 - Intel Will Sell a Crazy 18-Core Processor for $2,000 Because Why Not

5/30/2017 - Get the Full Guardians of the Galaxy—Mission: Breakout Experience Right Here

5/30/2017 - This Look at Jupiter's Rings From the Inside Is Breathtaking

5/30/2017 - The Creator of Akira Hated the Anime Movie Adaptation When He First Saw It

5/30/2017 - Ten iMessage Apps Actually Worth Installing

5/30/2017 - Here's Our First Look at Android Creator Andy Rubin's Super Hyped Secret Mystery Smartphone

5/30/2017 - Marvel's Next Comic Event Venomizes the Marvel Universe

5/30/2017 - Let Germany's Robopriest Offer You Guidance and Protection 

5/30/2017 - Sticking a Camera Under a Faucet Feels Like Hurtling Down a Hypnotic Water Tunnel

5/30/2017 - NASA's Lunar Orbiter Survived an Impact With a Tiny Meteor

5/30/2017 - North Korea's Latest Tablet Computer Has a Catchy Name: iPad

5/30/2017 - Here's a Snake Vomiting a Live Snake

5/30/2017 - Slo-Mo Footage Reveals Exactly How a Giant Firework Shell Goes Kaboom

5/30/2017 - Ukraine Just Tweeted a Simpsons GIF at Russia Because 2017 Is Weird As Hell

5/30/2017 - The Surprising Place Aquaman Sits on the DCEU Timeline

5/30/2017 - Kim Dotcom Says FBI File About Seth Rich Is Fake, But He Won't Delete It From Twitter

5/30/2017 - The Wonder Woman Movie Is Even Better Than You Hoped It Would Be

5/29/2017 - Lovecraftian Horror Has Never Looked More Adorable Than It Does in This Animated Short

5/29/2017 - Security Firm Discovers Link Between WannaCry Ransomware and Southern China

5/29/2017 - In Injustice 2, the Joker's Crowbar Means Nothing to Jason Todd

5/29/2017 - Neill Blomkamp's Next Project Teases New Horrors and an Alien Invasion

5/29/2017 - A Brand New Cut of Spider-Man 3 Mysteriously Appeared Online—and Then Vanished—This Weekend

5/29/2017 - Not Even Disneyland Can Escape Marvel's Love of Teasers

5/29/2017 - Is Alkaline Water Just a Way of Making Expensive Pee?

5/29/2017 - Mystery of the Flickering Red Lights in the White House Grips the Internet

5/29/2017 - Shit Is Starting to Get Real Goddamn Magical on American Gods

5/29/2017 - Injustice 2 Is Surprisingly at Its Best When It Forgets It's an Injustice Sequel

5/29/2017 - E.T.'s Climactic Bike Ride Is Like an Arthouse Film Without John Williams's Score

5/29/2017 - Doctor Who Just Pulled Off a Barnstorming Cliffhanger

5/29/2017 - How to Build a Smart Home Where Everything Might Actually Work

5/29/2017 - How Do Non-human Animals Experience Hunger?

5/29/2017 - Our Best Look Yet at the Major Villain of the Wonder Woman Movie

5/28/2017 - White House Seriously Considering Banning Laptops on All International Flights to the US

5/28/2017 - Inventive Sculpture Brings Mars Attacks! to the Planet of the Apes

5/28/2017 - Study Identifies the Likely Genetic Mutation Responsible for Smooshed-Faced Dogs

5/28/2017 - Relive Every Major Game of Thrones Death in This Clever Hand-Drawn Montage

5/28/2017 - Researchers Discover a Method That Could Triple Our Screen Resolutions

5/28/2017 - Teaser Trailer Released for Unbelievably Cool Voldemort Fan Film

5/28/2017 - Indie Game Emily Is Away Too Celebrates the Wild West of Early Social Media

5/28/2017 - Lines Snaked Through Entire Park for Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Debut

5/28/2017 - The Best Stuff to Do On the Google Homepage That Isn't Googling

5/28/2017 - Sorry Folks, Luke and Leia's The Last Jedi Reunion Is Still a Mystery

5/28/2017 - President Trump's Translation Earpiece is Just Really Small

5/27/2017 - It's Only the End of the World in the Spoilery Doctor Who Discussion Thread

5/27/2017 - Travis Kalanick Loses His Mother in a Tragic Boating Accident

5/27/2017 - Harvard A Capella Group Honors John Williams With Medley of His Best Scores

5/27/2017 - A Third of America's Bee Colonies Died Last Year and That's 'Good News'?

5/27/2017 - Arrow Star Stephen Amell Flies Through American Ninja Warrior Course

5/27/2017 - The Inside of a Beatboxer's Throat is a Disgusting Display of Anatomical Gymnastics

5/27/2017 - How to Abandon iOS and Switch to Android

5/27/2017 - Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials 'Equel' Gets a Title, New Hero, and Excerpt

5/27/2017 - Gunman at Phoenix Comicon, Claiming To Be The Punisher, Targeted Jason David Frank

5/27/2017 - British Airways Grounds Flights Following Global IT Problems [Updated]

5/27/2017 - The Wizarding World Theme Park Is the Best Harry Potter Anything Since the Books

5/27/2017 - There Are 'Thousands' of Bugs Making Pacemakers Vulnerable to Hackers

5/26/2017 - The Hulk's Bed in Thor: Ragnarok Is Truly Incredible

5/26/2017 - Mind-Controlled Computer Retrains Stroke Victims' Brains to Help Them Move Again

5/26/2017 - Spider-Man: Homecoming's Spider-Drone Is Now a Real Thing, and More Fantastic Toys of the Week

5/26/2017 - Five ‘Fun’ Board Games About Real Disasters to Remind You We’re Completely Doomed

5/26/2017 - Russian University Lovingly Erects Giant Concrete Monument to Peer Review

5/26/2017 - Trump's Pointless, Racist Anti-Immigration Hotline Is Outing Domestic Violence Survivors to Their Abusers 

5/26/2017 - I Have One Question for Elon Musk

5/26/2017 - You May Not Care About Avatar, But Its New Theme Park Is a Glimpse Into Disney's Future

5/26/2017 - The Trump Organization Was Reportedly Hit by Overseas Hackers, Triggering an FBI Probe 

5/26/2017 - Bryan Fuller Still Has Hope Hannibal Will Get a Fourth Season, and Knows Exactly What It'll Be About

5/26/2017 - This Monkey Crime Ring Will Hold Your Shit Ransom

5/26/2017 - Turns Out Joss Whedon Has Been Working on Justice League for Quite Some Time

5/26/2017 - Peter Jackson Releases Some Intriguing Concept Art for His Mortal Engines Film

5/26/2017 - This Futuristic Shape-Changing Pasta Was Inspired by Star Wars

5/26/2017 - Carrie Fisher Slapped Oscar Isaac So Many Times on the Set of The Last Jedi

5/26/2017 - Male Tortoises Mysteriously Stop Boning

5/26/2017 - Battle of the TV Boxes: Android vs Apple vs Amazon vs Roku

5/26/2017 - We Chatted With the World's Coolest Astronaut About Inspiring Kids and Sending Dogs to Space

5/26/2017 - Game of Thrones' Final Season Is Going to Be Very, Very Short, Like Arya

5/26/2017 - Mark Hamill Has a Big Issue With Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi

5/26/2017 - If Someone Tries to Steal Your Car, Don't Jump On the Hood

5/25/2017 - Trump Team's Go-To Vetting Process Was 'A Quick Google Search'

5/25/2017 - Injustice 2 Almost Had a Version of Static, Milestone Media's Awesome Electric Superhero 

5/25/2017 - Cordcutting Hits an All-Time High as Cable TV Reaches New Lows in Popularity

5/25/2017 - A Sanitation Worker Learns Why You Should Never Cross a Raccoon in This Surreal Comedy Short

5/25/2017 - io9 Is Proud to Present the Poe Dameron Scale, the Ultimate Star Wars Name-Ranking System

5/25/2017 - Scenes From Mark Zuckerberg's First Big Stump Speech

5/25/2017 - Florida Republican Who Teamed Up With Guccifer 2.0 Says Secretly Working With Russia Is NBD

5/25/2017 - Mexican Politician Says He Meant to Use #Campaignhashtag as His Campaign Hashtag

5/25/2017 - Valiant High Is Exactly How Publishers Should Get New Readers Into Their Books

5/25/2017 - Watch Every Non-Eleven Stranger Things Kid Rock Out on Lip Sync Battle

5/25/2017 - NOAA Predicts More Hurricanes Than Usual This Year

5/25/2017 - Sony's Black Cat/Silver Sable Movie Might Have a New Name and a New Director

5/25/2017 - What's the Best Order to Watch All the Star Wars Movies Now?!

5/25/2017 - Good Deal Alert: RadioShack Is Selling Its Musty Old Clipboards for Only 50 Cents

5/25/2017 - Geoffrey Rush Reflects on More Than a Decade of Piracy on the Caribbean 

5/25/2017 - Harvard's Student Paper Is Drunk and Taking Potshots at Mark Zuckerberg [Updated]

5/25/2017 - American Gods Teaser Shows Gillian Anderson as David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust

5/25/2017 - NASA's Juno Mission Just Dropped Its First Huge Pile of Results

5/25/2017 - Republican Senators Reportedly Using a Bogus Argument to Convince Trump to Exit the Paris Agreement

5/25/2017 - io9's Best and Most Essential Star Wars Posts

5/25/2017 - Captain Marvel Gets an Unexpected Tie-In to MCU's Ant-Man

5/25/2017 - How Sneaky Hackers Altered Stolen Emails to Attack Putin's Critics

5/25/2017 - Uber and Lyft to Relaunch in Austin After Regulation Spat

5/25/2017 - GTA V Isn't Built to Remake Terminator 2, But Here We Are Anyway

5/25/2017 - Arrow's Fifth Season Went Out With a Bang

5/25/2017 - The First Full Trailer for Batman and Harley Quinn Marks a Return to Classic DC Animated Style

5/25/2017 - Key Crazy: Inside the Wonderful World of Keyboard Fanatics

5/25/2017 - Texas Wants You to Hunt Feral Hogs From Hot Air Balloons

5/25/2017 - An AI Is Now the Best Player of Humanity's Most Complicated Game 

5/25/2017 - A Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening Is Predictably Upsetting Dumb-Ass Sexists

5/25/2017 - Coordinated Boa Attacks Are a Horror You Didn’t Know Existed

5/25/2017 - Guess What the One App on Trump’s Phone Is

5/25/2017 - Final Fantasy Designer Turns the Joker Into a Half-Robot Madman

5/25/2017 - It Took Four Years of Lying on a Riverbed for a Photographer to Capture This Shot

5/25/2017 - Rocket Lab's Adorable Rocket Just Blasted Into Space For the First Time

5/25/2017 - Here’s What Happened When Computers Tried Naming Metal Bands

5/25/2017 - Deadpool 2 Casts a Villain, But Who Is It?

5/25/2017 - Adorable New Elfin Toad Is Straight Out of Middle-Earth

5/25/2017 - Trump's Awkward Photo with Pope Francis Becomes a Horror Movie Meme

5/25/2017 - The New Guardians of the Galaxy Ride Exists in Its Own Unique Marvel Universe 

5/25/2017 - Happy 40th Anniversary Star Wars

5/24/2017 - A Look Inside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Totally Radical Pizza Cookbook

5/24/2017 - Injustice 2 Is a Master Class on How to Do Fan Service Right

5/24/2017 - Here's the First Look at Netflix's Castlevania Show, Coming in July

5/24/2017 - This Isn't Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber Anymore. It's Rey's.

5/24/2017 - Racist Star Trek Fans Decry Discovery's Diversity, Revealing They Know Nothing About Star Trek

5/24/2017 - Are Our Terrible Genetic Privacy Laws Hurting Science?

5/24/2017 - Why Do We Want Robots to Destroy Us So Badly?

5/24/2017 - Check Out These Incredibly High Resolution Maps of the Ocean Floor

5/24/2017 - Tesla's HR Head is Out Amidst Complaints Over Discrimination and Unsafe Working Conditions

5/24/2017 - All the Hints of the War to Come in Game of Thrones' New Trailer

5/24/2017 - This Scifi Horror Short Contains One of the Creepiest Space Monsters We've Ever Seen 

5/24/2017 - We Have So Many Questions About What the Hell Is Happening in Twin Peaks: The Return

5/24/2017 - Nine Days With an Absurd $9,000 Gaming Laptop

5/24/2017 - This Is the Most Complex Video of a Real Cell Ever Made

5/24/2017 - The New Game of Thrones Trailer Is Here, and Everyone Is Doomed

5/24/2017 - Where Does The Flash Go Next After That Season Finale?

5/24/2017 - Let These Mind-Blowing Galaxy Simulations Melt Your Face Off

5/24/2017 - DJI's New $500 Drone Looks an Awful Lot Like Everybody Else's Cheap Drone

5/24/2017 - Spider-Man's Civil War Video Diary Is Just Adorable and Other New Homecoming Revelations

5/24/2017 - Everything in the World Is Bad Except for These Whales Blowing Rainbows

5/24/2017 - Beetle Genitals Are Undergoing an Insane Evolutionary Arms Race

5/24/2017 - The Handmaid's Tale Takes Its First Major Departure From the Book, and It's Excellent

5/24/2017 - Oh God Paul Ryan Just Discovered GIFs

5/24/2017 - Watch a Beautiful Lego Porsche 911 Crash and Explode Into a Million Little Pieces

5/24/2017 - New The Last Jedi Info Includes Our First Look at Laura Dern and Benecio Del Toro's Characters

5/24/2017 - A Fistful of Nuts Won't Cure Your Colon Cancer

5/24/2017 - Sphero's New Lightning McQueen Makes Me Excited For the Future of Robotic Toys

5/24/2017 - Trump Will Almost Certainly Break His Promise to Read the Pope's 192-Page Letter On Climate Change

5/24/2017 - The Latest Valerian Trailer is a Neon-Streaked, Action-Packed Journey to Save the Universe

5/24/2017 - The Most Mysterious TRAPPIST-1 Planet Finally Reveals Some Secrets

5/24/2017 - The Next X-Men Movie Could Take the Franchise to Space

5/24/2017 - Lecture at Los Alamos in 1992: 'The End of the Soviet Union is the End of Who We Thought We Were'

5/24/2017 - New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Turns Tony Stark Into Peter Parker's Overprotective Dad (Updated)

5/24/2017 - Pope Francis Didn't Look Happy to Meet President Trump, But Technology Can Fix That

5/24/2017 - Subtitles Open You Up to Hackers When Using Popular Media Players

5/23/2017 - This Tesla Coil Guitar Amp Would Make Spinal Tap Weep With Envy

5/23/2017 - Comcast Sics Its Legal Goons on Net Neutrality Advocates 

5/23/2017 - Doug Liman Will Not Direct the Justice League Dark Movie After All

5/23/2017 - Looking Back at Moonraker's Insane Attempt to Turn James Bond Into Star Wars

5/23/2017 - The Wild Reason Whales Got So Freakishly Big

5/23/2017 - For One Issue Only, James Bond's Moneypenny Gets Her Own Comic Book

5/23/2017 - Senator Demands Answers After ICE Uses 'Stingray' to Arrest Immigrant

5/23/2017 - Trump Proposes Thanking Farmers Who Voted For Him By Taking Their Money

5/23/2017 - Oopsie! Uber Just Noticed It Forgot to Pay Drivers Millions of Dollars

5/23/2017 - Trump Promised 'Really Clean Coal,' Suggests Obliterating Funding For Clean Coal Research

5/23/2017 - Sean Hannity Tweets Out Ludicrous Seth Rich Conspiracy From Kim Dotcom [Updated]

5/23/2017 - Every Show Should Handle Sex Like American Gods

5/23/2017 - Synthetic Meat Spat Shows That Ethical Meat Doesn't Mean Peaceful Meat

5/23/2017 - Trump Wants to Slash Funding for Birth Defect Research as States Brace for Zika Season

5/23/2017 - Watch a Rogue Drone Crash Into the Crowd at an MLB Game

5/23/2017 - Battle Against Controversial NSA Surveillance Program Gets New Life

5/23/2017 - Amazon Is Adapting Teenage Assassin Movie Hanna Into a Series

5/23/2017 - Why Is DC Comics Doing a Better Job of Celebrating Jack Kirby's 100th Birthday Than Marvel?

5/23/2017 - This Is Why Reddit Can't Have Nice Things

5/23/2017 - Cartoon Network's New DC Super Hero Girls Series Will Take Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman to High School

5/23/2017 - President Trump Lands in Rome, Gets Rejected by Melania Again

5/23/2017 - What Villain Is in the Evil Space Manger From the Supergirl Finale?

5/23/2017 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Will Remind You Why You Love (and Hate) These Movies

5/23/2017 - In The Last Jedi, Is Finn Wearing Poe's Outfit from The Force Awakens?

5/23/2017 - It's Alarmingly Easy to Hack the Samsung Galaxy S8's Iris Scanner

5/23/2017 - Get Your First Look at Mr. World, American Gods' Creepy Villain-in-Chief

5/23/2017 - How to Use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant From a Computer

5/23/2017 - Australian Climate Expert Says Pain-in-the-Ass America Should Just Ditch the Paris Agreement Already

5/23/2017 - The Women of Supergirl Show Off Their Footwear in Bizarre Wonder Woman Tie-In

5/23/2017 - Google's AlphaGo Handily Beats Teen World Champion in First Match

5/23/2017 - All the Details That Make Logan's Frozen Time Fight Scene So Great

5/23/2017 - The Entire Marvel Universe Teams Up to Fight Kang in First Trailer for Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

5/23/2017 - Apple Reveals It Received at Least One Secret FBI Request For User Data

5/23/2017 - Watch a Mortified Demolition Crew Accidentally Tear Down the Wrong Building

5/23/2017 - Sir Roger Moore, Who Portrayed James Bond as a Playful Superspy, Dead at 89

5/23/2017 - Samsung's Latest Surface Clone Is a Disappointing Flop

5/23/2017 - It's Time to Guess Wildly at the 'Major New Character' Coming to Avengers: Infinity War

5/23/2017 - That Horrible 'Spider Bite' On Your Arm Could Be Anthrax

5/23/2017 - Tell Me This New Planetary Object Isn’t A Doughnut

5/23/2017 - Microsoft's New Surface Pro Might Fix Its Loudest Problem

5/23/2017 - Cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Takes Over Vanity Fair and It's Glorious

5/23/2017 - Neo-Nazi Who Allegedly Threatened to Bomb Infrastructure Arrested with Explosives in Florida

5/23/2017 - InfoWars Would Like You to Stop Making Fun of Trump's Totally Normal Orb Photo

5/23/2017 - Watch Words Beautifully Express Their Own Meaning on an Old Typewriter

5/22/2017 - Court: Getting Naked to Protest TSA Isn't Protected Speech

5/22/2017 - Trump Official Met with Palmer Luckey, Chuck Johnson to Discuss the Wall, For Some Reason [Updated]

5/22/2017 - Bill Pullman's Independence Day Commencement Address May Be the Best of the Season

5/22/2017 - Disney's Live-Action Pinocchio May Now Be Directed by Oscar Winner Sam Mendes

5/22/2017 - Transgender Creator of Assigned Male Webcomic Facing Death Threats From Online Trolls

5/22/2017 - Police Confirm 19 Dead, 50 Injured in Incident at Manchester Arena [Updating]

5/22/2017 - The Mist Looks Surprisingly Timely for a Show About a Monstrous Cloud

5/22/2017 - According to Mel Brooks, the New Star Wars 'Explosion' Could Make Spaceballs 2 a Reality

5/22/2017 - Zack Snyder Leaves Justice League After Family Tragedy

5/22/2017 - DC Is Introducing a Weird New Multiverse in Dark Nights: Metal

5/22/2017 - A New Behind-the-Scenes Preacher Video Shows Off New Orleans and Even More of the Saint of Killers

5/22/2017 - PayPal Beats Up on Sad Sack Pandora Over New Logo

5/22/2017 - Michelle Gomez on Doctor Who's Latest Twist for Missy

5/22/2017 - Scientists Engineered Bacteria to Make Picture of Super Mario

5/22/2017 - A New UFO Documentary Suggests Marilyn Monroe Was Killed Because She Knew About Aliens

5/22/2017 - Pennsylvania's New Body Camera Policy Would Allow Officers Unrestricted Access to Film in Homes

5/22/2017 - We're One Step Closer to Breeding Animals (and Humans) In Space

5/22/2017 - Microsoft Reportedly Wants to Use DNA for Cloud Data Storage

5/22/2017 - The American Gods TV Series Fixes One of the Book’s Biggest Problems

5/22/2017 - Disgraced Cheating Site Ashley Madison Claims It Has Millions of Users That Totally Aren’t Bots This Time

5/22/2017 - New Game of Thrones Season Seven Photos Reveal Where Daenerys and Arya Are Headed

5/22/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Michael Flynn Invoking the Fifth Amendment 

5/22/2017 - Logan Almost Opened With a Direct Adaptation of a Major Old Man Logan Scene

5/22/2017 - Bride of Frankenstein Will Be the Next Monster Movie in Universal's 'Dark Universe'

5/22/2017 - How to Watch Trump's Press Conference After His Insane Comments About Israel, No Cable Required

5/22/2017 - Have Gravitational Waves Scarred the Fabric of Spacetime?

5/22/2017 - Twin Peaks Has Evolved, But It's Still as Surreal, Ominous, and Wonderful as Ever

5/22/2017 - Tom Holland Will Play Young Nathan Drake in the Uncharted Movie

5/22/2017 - DJI Will Cripple Your Drone if You Don't Register It on the Company's Website

5/22/2017 - Defense Stocks Hit All-Time Highs After Trump Sells $110 Billion in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

5/22/2017 - This Week's Doctor Who Highlighted the Best and the Worst of the Steven Moffat Era

5/22/2017 - The Fyre Festival Is Still a Damn Mess, and Now the FBI Is Involved 

5/22/2017 - The Rock Shows Off the Only Power You Need to Be a Superhero

5/22/2017 - Han Solo Movie Set Pics Reveal a New Suit and New Rides

5/22/2017 - The Best Apps for Hearing the News Before Anyone Else

5/22/2017 - Melania Swats Away Donald's Hand In Latest Viral Misery From Trumpland

5/22/2017 - Israeli Politician Takes Awkward Selfie With Trump While Netanyahu Tries To Push Him Away

5/21/2017 - Trump Mind-Melds With the Saudis Over Glowing Orb

5/21/2017 - Writer Says Dead Men Tell No Tales Had a Female Villain... Until Johnny Depp Made Them Change It

5/21/2017 - Busted Movie-Ransoming Pirates Show There May Not Be a Lot of Money in This Racket

5/21/2017 - Report: Resident Evil Is Getting a Six-Movie Reboot

5/21/2017 - Big Game Hunter Crushed to Death by Elephant 

5/21/2017 - Bill Maher Stupidly Blames Superheroes for Trump

5/21/2017 - FCC Refuses to Release Evidence of the 'DDoS Attack' on Its Website

5/21/2017 - Dwayne Johnson 'Announces' Presidential Run on Saturday Night Live, and I'm Just, Like, Nope

5/21/2017 - io9 Co-Founder Charlie Jane Anders Wins Best Novel at This Year's Nebula Awards

5/20/2017 - Discover the Truth in the Spoiler-Filled Doctor Who Discussion Thread

5/20/2017 - This Game of Thrones Fan Film May Be the Only Prequel We Need

5/20/2017 - Chelsea Manning Is Using Social Media Like It's the Good Ol' Days

5/20/2017 - The New Fear the Walking Dead Teaser Sure Is... Something

5/20/2017 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Reteam With James Cameron for the Next Terminator Movie

5/20/2017 - The Doomsday Vault Isn't Flooded But We're All Still Going to Die

5/20/2017 - Someone Is Trying to Scrub Trump's Name From the Wikipedia Page of Lieberman's Law Firm

5/20/2017 - Do Not Watch These Two New Wonder Woman Clips, Because They Are Too Awesome

5/20/2017 - Hugh Jackman Didn't Know Wolverines Were Real Animals Until After He Started Shooting X-Men

5/19/2017 - What Should Sony Name Their No Spider-Man Marvel Universe?

5/19/2017 - The Shining Joins Universal's Halloween Horror Nights to Terrify Visitors Forever and Ever and Ever...

5/19/2017 - So George Romero's Next Of the Dead Movie Is Basically About Zombie NASCAR 

5/19/2017 - In WannaCry's Wake, a New Rapidly Spreading Ransomware Attack Appeared Today

5/19/2017 - If This Orchestral Version of the '60s Spider-Man Theme Isn't in Homecoming, It Goddamn Should Be

5/19/2017 - That 'Alien Megastructure' Star Is Freaking Out Again [Updated]

5/19/2017 - The Most Sensitive Dark Matter Detector Releases Its First Results

5/19/2017 - 12 Monkeys' Amanda Schull on the New Season, Giving Birth to the Villain, and '80s Fashion

5/19/2017 - Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See

5/19/2017 - 'World’s Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won’t Kill You

5/19/2017 - Mickey Mouse Becomes a Transformer, and the Rest of the Coolest Toys We Saw This Week

5/19/2017 - Federal Agents Are Now Using ‘Stingrays’ to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants

5/19/2017 - Alien's Ripley Is My Favorite Action Hero Ever

5/19/2017 - A 'Superbug' Fungus Is Spreading Across the US

5/19/2017 - All the Dangerous Things You Shouldn't Be Doing With Your Fidget Spinners

5/19/2017 - The Venom Movie Has Chosen Its Star/Symbiote Host: Tom Hardy

5/19/2017 - Doctor Who's Michelle Gomez on 'The End of an Era' for Missy

5/19/2017 - This Cyclops Goat Is Good

5/19/2017 - The First Video of Disney World's New Avatar Ride Looks Fantastic

5/19/2017 - This Is How Miserable IBM Voice Recognition Probably Was in the '80s

5/19/2017 - The Black Lightning Series Won't Be Part of the Arrowverse, and That's a Big Mistake

5/19/2017 - Flat Earthers Won't Believe This News on Antarctica’s Climate

5/19/2017 - I'm Afraid to Ask The Internet to Name This New Moon

5/19/2017 - Rogue One Prequel Comic to Show How Cassian and K-2SO First Met

5/19/2017 - We Got Prince's FBI File

5/19/2017 - Google's Coolest Tech Is Getting Harder and Harder to See

5/19/2017 - The First AI-Generated Paint Names Include 'Homestar Brown' and 'Stanky Bean'

5/19/2017 - Duck Me, Ducktales Has Added Lin-Manuel Miranda as Gizmoduck

5/19/2017 - 'Panda' Porpoise Could Be Extinct In Months

5/19/2017 - Sad, Sick Idiot Anthony Weiner to Plead Guilty to Sexting 15-Year-Old Girl

5/19/2017 - Uber Threatens to Dump Engineer Accused of Stealing Trade Secrets From Waymo

5/19/2017 - This Batman Joke Was Months in the Making, and the Payoff Was Totally Worth It

5/19/2017 - The Survivors of the Coming Apocalypse Just Wanna Have Fun

5/19/2017 - More Hints of Luke Skywalker's Journey in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5/19/2017 - The CIA Runs 'Shark Tank' Competitions Internally For New Tech Ideas

5/19/2017 - Julian Assange Rape Investigation Dropped by Swedish Prosecutors Over Technicality

5/18/2017 - The First Reactions for Wonder Woman Are Spectacular

5/18/2017 - Carrie Brownstein Will Direct Fairy Godmother, a Movie That Suddenly Just Got Way Cooler

5/18/2017 - Marvel Trolled Fans to Keep a Major Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Plot Twist Secret

5/18/2017 - The Biggest Android News Came Nearly a Week Before I/O

5/18/2017 - Here's How Much Bubble Wrap You Need To Wrap A Giant Whale Heart

5/18/2017 - Will Your Summer Be Uncomfortably Hot?

5/18/2017 - Mera's Outfit in Aquaman Is Mermaid-y as Hell (UPDATED)

5/18/2017 - Uber Doesn’t Want You to See This Document About Its Vast Data Surveillance System

5/18/2017 - Adventure Time and Regular Show Will Cross Over in Their Own Comic

5/18/2017 - The Appalling Cost of Women's Health Care Under the American Health Care Act

5/18/2017 - Can a Pill Make You More Moral?

5/18/2017 - Could a Facehugger Implant an Alien in Your Butt?

5/18/2017 - Latest Trailer for The Mummy Confirms That Tom Cruise Will Have Monster-Fighting Superpowers

5/18/2017 - The Mad King of Juice: Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero

5/18/2017 - Goodbye and Good Riddance to Voat, Reddit's Gross Clone

5/18/2017 - In the First Look at CW's Black Lightning, a Retired Hero Returns to Kick Some Ass

5/18/2017 - Which Astronaut Recently Got Fired From NASA for $1,600 in Fake Taxi Receipts?

5/18/2017 - The First Trailer for Netflix's Fantasy Film Okja Is All About Heartbreak and Evil Corporations

5/18/2017 - A New Look at Proxima b's Potential Climate Offers Hope for Future Colonists

5/18/2017 - Supernatural Is Crossing Over With Scooby Doo Next Season

5/18/2017 - Shameless FCC Votes to Charge Ahead on Plan to Kill the Open Internet

5/18/2017 - Surprisea Dark Crystal Prequel Series Is Coming to Netflix

5/18/2017 - Hell Yeah, Mace Windu Is Getting His Own Comic Book

5/18/2017 - Cold War Nuclear Explosions Freakishly Impacted Space Weather

5/18/2017 - Twitter's Genius Tracking Methods Have Discovered That I Am Deeply Into Dads

5/18/2017 - Stanley Kubrick Almost Moved to Australia Before Dr. Strangelove Because He Was Worried About Nukes

5/18/2017 - Everything the Discovery Trailer Tells Us About the Future of Star Trek's Past

5/18/2017 - AI-Powered Software Makes It Incredibly Easy to Colorize Black and White Photos

5/18/2017 - Even More Rumors About the Next Director of The Flash Movie

5/18/2017 - All the Crazy Shit We Learned About the Trump Regime While You Were Asleep

5/18/2017 - Chris Cornell's Last Tweet Shows Just How Surprising His Death Was Last Night at 52

5/18/2017 - Preschoolers Hospitalized After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong

5/17/2017 - Companies Are Creating So Much Data, It Has to Be Shipped in Trucks

5/17/2017 - There Are No Plans in Place, But Kevin Feige Would Love the X-Men to Meet the Avengers

5/17/2017 - Top GOP Lawmakers Were Secretly Recorded Saying They Think Putin Pays Trump

5/17/2017 - A Time-Travel Experiment Works All Too Well in Scifi Short The Constant

5/17/2017 - Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars With a Mashup of Bonkers Footage From Throughout the Years 

5/17/2017 - Check Out Nathan Fillion's Meta Tony Stark Cameo That Was Cut From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

5/17/2017 - The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Is Here to Boldly Go to Beautiful New Worlds

5/17/2017 - This Post About Dog Pee Will Change Your Life

5/17/2017 - Stranger Things' Shawn Levy Is Making an Alien Invasion Drama

5/17/2017 - The Best and Worst of Google I/O 2017

5/17/2017 - The Thing Injustice 2 Gets Right About Harley Quinn That Suicide Squad Got Wrong

5/17/2017 - Everything New About Android From Google I/O

5/17/2017 - Citing Trump Tweet, Senate Panel Demands Any Recordings of Comey in White House

5/17/2017 - Read the Entire First Chapter of Charles Stross' New Laundry Files Novel, The Delirium Brief, Right Here

5/17/2017 - SpaceX to Perform Its Most Heartwarming Mission Yet

5/17/2017 - Google Photos Provides a Friendly Reminder That Google Owns You

5/17/2017 - Google's Plan to Make Assistant Actually Useful

5/17/2017 - All the Cool New Stuff Google Home Can Do

5/17/2017 - Are Vitamin Supplements Killing Our Gut Bacteria?

5/17/2017 - Baby Orangutans Rely on Their Mothers' Milk For Almost a Decade

5/17/2017 - Marvel's Secret Empire Has Revealed Its Big Secret

5/17/2017 - US Senate Can Now Officially Use Signal For Encrypted Chats

5/17/2017 - Ridley Scott Will Curate a Night of New Science Fiction Programming for TNT

5/17/2017 - Any Half-Decent Hacker Could Break Into Mar-a-Lago. We Tested It.

5/17/2017 - King Kong Is Coming to Broadway as a Musical

5/17/2017 - Google Just Dropped Some of Its Patent Claims Against Uber

5/17/2017 - China and India Are Surpassing the Climate Goals the US Can't Be Bothered to Meet

5/17/2017 - Alien Only Ever Needed One Sequel 

5/17/2017 - Good News, Everyone! Futurama Lives on, This Time as a Mobile RPG

5/17/2017 - How to Watch Trump's Speech Today in the Middle of His Administration's Complete and Total Meltdown, No Cable Required

5/17/2017 - Adorable Carbon Fiber Rocket Is Finally Ready to Launch

5/17/2017 - Superman Managed to Retcon His Romance With Wonder Woman Out of Existence

5/17/2017 - How Much Force Could a T.Rex Bite Deliver?

5/17/2017 - Chelsea Manning Free After Seven Years in Military Prison

5/17/2017 - A Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics Could Turn Your T-Shirts Into Amazing Speakers

5/17/2017 - The Handmaid's Tale Flips the Script to Show the Women Behind the Misogyny

5/17/2017 - Terrifying Looking T.Rex Ants Actually Total Wimps

5/17/2017 - The Latest Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Is All Explosions and Madness

5/17/2017 - We Crashed a Few Drones to Find the Best Folding Drone

5/17/2017 - Why You Probably Shouldn't Believe the Latest Justice League Rumors

5/17/2017 - The First Picture From Star Trek: Discovery Explores Strange New Worlds

5/17/2017 - Putin Offers to Give Congress Transcripts of Russia's Chat With Trump in the Oval Office

5/17/2017 - What's the Emoji For Treason?

5/16/2017 - 'Molecular Condoms' Could Be the Best Form of Birth Control Yet

5/16/2017 - Who Needs Marvel's Inhumans When We've Got This Funky Inhumans Cartoon From the '70s?

5/16/2017 - Trump's Bodyguard Leaks the Defense Secretary's Phone Number 'the Old-Fashioned Way'

5/16/2017 - Jordan Peele's Next Project Is a Terrifying Lovecraftian Story About Race in 1950s America

5/16/2017 - Why This Man Is Risking Jail by Refusing to Surrender Passwords at a London Airport [Updated]

5/16/2017 - Matthew Vaughn, Robert Zemeckis, and Sam Raimi Have All Entered The Flash Movie's Potential-Director Roulette

5/16/2017 - Here Is the Porn Video That Played in DC's Union Station Last Night [NSFW]

5/16/2017 - In ABC's First Trailer For The Crossing, Mysterious Migrants From a Future War Land in 2017 America

5/16/2017 - You Will Feel Unclean Watching This Video of Bee Sex

5/16/2017 - If The Last Jedi Really Has the Biggest Reveal in Star Wars History, What Could It Be?

5/16/2017 - Fly on a Treadmill Uncovers Potential Hearing Aid Problem

5/16/2017 - World's Worst Website Goes Down (Again)

5/16/2017 - T.J. Miller Basically Plays Boba Fett in Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One

5/16/2017 - Adorable Tadpoles Become Hungry Murder Machines When Dad Goes Away

5/16/2017 - Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans Will Air Friday Nights But Let's Not Panic Yet

5/16/2017 - What's Happening With Me

5/16/2017 - The Complete Guide to Dumping Google

5/16/2017 - The 15 Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Noir Films

5/16/2017 - Plants Can Tell Time Way Better Than You Can

5/16/2017 - Tiny, Incredibly Sad Voice: 'Hey, Instagram Has Selfie Filters, Too!'

5/16/2017 - ABC Is Staging a Bizarre Little Mermaid Musical Spectacular This Fall

5/16/2017 - Our Grandkids May Be Born From 3D-Printed Ovaries

5/16/2017 - These Beloved Penguins May Be Doomed

5/16/2017 - Building a Flamethrower Skateboard Makes All Your Tricks Infinitely More Impressive

5/16/2017 - This Logan Noir Trailer Is a Straight-Up Johnny Cash Music Video

5/16/2017 - Here's How to Watch Today's Press Briefing About Trump's Leaks to the Russians

5/16/2017 - We Might Not Be Getting Those Six Power Rangers Sequels After All

5/16/2017 - Over 560 Million Passwords Discovered in Anonymous Online Database

5/16/2017 - It Sure Looks Like the FCC’s Anti-Net Neutrality Bot Problem Got Worse

5/16/2017 - PBS Is Streaming Every Episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood on Twitch

5/16/2017 - Incredible First Person Footage of a Real Spacewalk Will Leave You Speechless

5/16/2017 - All It Took Was Cat Grant's Return to Make Supergirl the Best Again

5/16/2017 - The Most Interesting Part of Apple's New $5 Billion Campus Is a Pizza Box

5/16/2017 - The Intel Trump Reportedly Gave the Russians Was Beyond Top Secret

5/16/2017 - The Final Trailer For War for the Planet of the Apes Does Not Skimp on the War

5/16/2017 - The DCEU Could Introduce Black Adam a Lot Sooner Than We Think

5/16/2017 - The Past Week Will Probably Get an Entire Wing in the Future Donald J. Trump Presidential Library

5/16/2017 - Watch David Fincher Direct an Animatronic Bishop in Alien 3

5/15/2017 - Lawsuit: VR Company Had a 'Kink Room,' Pressured Female Employees to 'Microdose'

5/15/2017 - Let's Hope Fox's Paranormal Comedy Ghosted Ends Up Being Funnier Than Its First Trailer

5/15/2017 - Report: New Pirates of the Caribbean Being Held for Ransom by Internet Pirates

5/15/2017 - Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa's Next Comic Brings Together a Boy and His Giant Robot

5/15/2017 - The First Trailer for Seth MacFarlane's Star Trek Spoof The Orville Looks Perfect

5/15/2017 - Concerns Swell That Trump Will Pick a Total Lackey for FBI Director

5/15/2017 - Scientists Finally Measure the Strength of the Bonds That Hold Together Water

5/15/2017 - Trump Reportedly Shared Highly Classified Info With Russian Officials at the White House

5/15/2017 - We All Live On Trash Island

5/15/2017 - How Does a 110-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Still Have Its Skin?

5/15/2017 - The Tron: Legacy Daft Punk Soundtrack Goes Perfectly With the Trippy Effects of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

5/15/2017 - The Team Behind the New Star Trek Comic on Bringing The Next Generation (and a Buff Picard) to the Mirror Universe

5/15/2017 - The Mummy Unleashes the First Peek at Russell Crowe's Mr. Hyde

5/15/2017 - This Simple Smartphone App May Just Trick People Into Thinking You Don’t Suck at Graffiti

5/15/2017 - Everything the Trailer for the X-Men Show The Gifted Tells Us About Its Mutant Heroes

5/15/2017 - Your Umbrella May Be Getting an Upgrade Thanks to Ladybug Wings

5/15/2017 - The Purge TV Show Will Not Actually Be About the Purge

5/15/2017 - What Happened to the Amazing HoloLens Future We Were Promised?

5/15/2017 - The Dystopian Surveillance State Will Be Extremely Convenient 

5/15/2017 - A Controversial Ebola Vaccine May Get Its First Real World Test in Congo

5/15/2017 - Once Upon a Time Gave Us a Happily Ever After, and It Should Have Ended There

5/15/2017 - Swinging From a Paraglider Is a Terrifying Way to See the Swiss Alps

5/15/2017 - The Spoilery Reason Why James Gunn Almost Didn't Come Back for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

5/15/2017 - This Hand-Drawn Alien: Covenant Flipbook Is Better Than the Actual Film

5/15/2017 - Why SpaceX Won't Be Landing Its Rocket Tonight

5/15/2017 - Mother Divine, Leader of a Shady Celibacy Cult, Has a Shockingly Small FBI File

5/15/2017 - How Many Grandmas Were Needed to Make This Epic Cross-Stitched Music Video?

5/15/2017 - Watch Dafne Keen Give Hugh Jackman Bruises in Her Super-Intense Logan Audition

5/15/2017 - The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler Are Back For a Brand New Series of Audio Adventures

5/15/2017 - Google I/O 2017 Is Coming: What to Expect From the Future of Android, Chrome, and More

5/15/2017 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actor Powers Boothe Has Died At 68

5/15/2017 - Doctor Who Just Did One of Its Most Daring Episodes in Ages

5/15/2017 - This Time Lapse Video of the Grand Canyon Will Give You an Existential Crisis

5/15/2017 - On American Gods, Belief Is Starting to Make the Impossible Happen 

5/15/2017 - Superman and Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan Will Clash in Doomsday Clock

5/15/2017 - GRRM Sets the Record Straight About HBO's Five(!) Potential Game of Thrones Spin-Offs

5/15/2017 - One X-Men Star Won't Be Part of the New Mutants Movie After All

5/15/2017 - Fidget Spinners Are Good

5/15/2017 - Trump's Staff Literally Gives Him Fake News That's Printed From the Internet

5/15/2017 - Death Row Inmate Asks For Firing Squad After Multiple Botched Executions in the US

5/15/2017 - North Korea Releases Video of Latest Successful Missile Test

5/15/2017 - First Full Trailer For Bryan Singer's The Gifted Has Links To the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

5/14/2017 - US Government Fears a Monday Explosion of the Ransomware Plague It Helped Create

5/14/2017 - The Coolest Cosplay From Houston Comicpalooza 2017

5/14/2017 - Dim the Lights and Feast Your Eyes on Netflix’s Jughead Hamburger Porn

5/14/2017 - If We Live Another Billion Years, a Lot of Crazy Shit Is Going to Happen

5/14/2017 - Developers of the MP3 Have Officially Killed It

5/14/2017 - NASCAR's Wonder Woman Car Totaled in Fiery Wreck

5/14/2017 - Alcoholism Saves Rick and Morty From a Face Hugger in Alien: Covenant Crossover

5/14/2017 - North Korea Just Had Its Most Successful Missile Launch Yet

5/14/2017 - Marvel's Cancelling Black Panther & The Crew, One of Its Most Important Comics Right Now

5/14/2017 - Frequency and No Tomorrow Get Series-End Epilogues, Including Reveal of Frank's Fate

5/14/2017 - How to Install Lightweight Versions of Your Favorite Apps

5/14/2017 - Guess Who Comes Up When You Google the President of the United States? [Updated]

5/13/2017 - Let's Talk About That Breathtaking Doctor Who Reveal in the Spoiler-Packed Discussion Thread

5/13/2017 - Hackers Behind Massive Ransomware Attack Have Made an Embarrassingly Small Amount of Money

5/13/2017 - Incoming, a Scifi Horror Short, Gives Body Snatchers WiFi

5/13/2017 - Yo Ho, Pirates of the Caribbean Fans, It's Paul McCartney as a Pirate

5/13/2017 - Zachary Levi's Alt-Con Nerd HQ Won't Be at San Diego Comic-Con This Year

5/13/2017 - FCC Chairman Is Laughing at Americans Who Don't Want to Kill the Open Internet

5/13/2017 - NBC's Timeless Travels to a Past Where It Wasn't Cancelled With Surprise Renewal

5/13/2017 - Microsoft's Apps Problem Has Never Been More Dire

5/13/2017 - Grab Your Flamethrowers, Michael Myers Won't Be Immortal in Halloween Reboot

5/13/2017 - Global Ransomware Attack 'Accidentally' Halted But It's Probably Not Over [Updated]

5/13/2017 - King Arthur (Actor) Was Almost on Game of Thrones

5/13/2017 - New Poster Gives a First-ish Look at Okja's Titular Creature

5/13/2017 - We're Ignoring Women Astronauts' Health At Our Peril

5/12/2017 - An Alarming Number of Parents Named Their Sons 'Kylo' Last Year

5/12/2017 - UnReal Estate Brings Popular Culture Locations to Life Through Art

5/12/2017 - Today’s Massive Ransomware Attack Was Mostly Preventable—Here’s How To Avoid It

5/12/2017 - Hell Yes, The Exorcist Is Getting a Second Season

5/12/2017 - Facebook Thinks Saying "Men Are Trash" Is Hate Speech

5/12/2017 - The Director's Cut of Marvel's Vision Is Full of Even More Gorgeous Art

5/12/2017 - Sarah Shahi's Near Future VR Thriller Reverie Is Heading to NBC

5/12/2017 - Here's Everyone Who's Staying and Leaving This Once Upon a Time Madhouse

5/12/2017 - We Asked Jacques Cousteau's Grandson About SpongeBob, The Life Aquatic, and Pooping Underwater

5/12/2017 - Alden Ehrenreich's Han Solo Hair Is So on Point

5/12/2017 - Here Are Some Pillows Sean Spicer Might Scream Into Tonight

5/12/2017 - The Ultimate Cosplayer Built a Working Version of Batman's Grappling Hook Gun

5/12/2017 - Disruptive Undersea Air Gun Blasts Okayed By Trump

5/12/2017 - Steven Universe Sets Out to Forge His Own Destiny

5/12/2017 - A Kid in King Arthur's Court Is the Dumbest Arthurian Legend Ever Told

5/12/2017 - Rose Gold Is the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to Tech and I Will Hear No Arguments

5/12/2017 - Something Wonderful Happens When You Mix Microwaves, Soda, and Wood

5/12/2017 - There's a Massive Ransomware Attack Spreading Globally Right Now [Updated]

5/12/2017 - An Incredibly Cool Mecha Godzilla, and More of the Best Toys We've Seen This Week

5/12/2017 - New Board Game The Captain Is Dead Is All About Surviving a Scifi Horror Scenario

5/12/2017 - More New Rumors About Doctor Who's Next Doctor

5/12/2017 - Hospitals Across England Infected With Ransomware, Leaving Patients Without Care

5/12/2017 - Dunkirk-Style Trailer for 'Battle of the Bastards' Proves How Damn Cinematic Game of Thrones Is

5/12/2017 - Giant Sea Monster Washes On Shore Because World Is Ending

5/12/2017 - Elon Musk's Latest Tunnel Test Feels Like Going Into Hyperspace

5/12/2017 - Media Goes Apeshit After One Guy Gets Sick Off of Sushi

5/12/2017 - What Four Game of Thrones Spin-Offs Could GRRM and HBO Possibly Be Working On?

5/12/2017 - Melissa McCarthy Is Riding the Sean Spicer Podium Outside of CNN Right Now

5/12/2017 - Ursula K. Le Guin’s Scifi Classic Left Hand of Darkness Is Coming to TV

5/12/2017 - Scientists Finally Know What Makes These Weird Glass Droplets So Incredibly Strong

5/12/2017 - New Mister Miracle Comic Will Explore the Tragic Irony of Jack Kirby's Escape Artist Jesus

5/12/2017 - Trump's Lawyer Inspires an Instant Meme, With Few Exceptions

5/12/2017 - This Dolphin Getting Breathalyzed Is All of Us

5/12/2017 - Thirsty Twitter Executive Sees End of Democracy as Great Business Opportunity [Update]

5/12/2017 - Rare Harry Potter Prequel Stolen, J.K. Rowling Pleads for Return

5/12/2017 - El Niño Could Be Ready to Party Again as Soon as This Fall

5/12/2017 - Huge Trove of Confidential Medical Records Discovered on Unsecured Server Accessible to Anyone

5/12/2017 - A Potential Glimpse at the Ships of the Han Solo Movie

5/12/2017 - Watch NASA's Glorious 200th ISS Space Walk Live

5/12/2017 - The Body Is Not a Computer—Stop Thinking of It as One

5/12/2017 - Newly Declassified Document About Spy Satellites on the Space Shuttle Leaves the Sexy Bits To Your Imagination

5/12/2017 - Trump Says He Didn't Know Michael Flynn in 2015, Which Is a Big Fucking Lie

5/11/2017 - Impressive Scifi Short Is About a (Maybe) Alien Who Just Wants To Go Home

5/11/2017 - Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon a Time Are Both Coming Back Next Season, But Powerless Isn't

5/11/2017 - Ghostbusters Has Been Turned Into Shakespeare

5/11/2017 - The Disney Channel's New Musical Is a Teen Romance That Happens To Include Zombies

5/11/2017 - Rosie O'Donnell Says A Former FBI Agent Changed Her Mind About James Comey

5/11/2017 - Report: After a Year of Rumors, Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy Finally Join New Mutants

5/11/2017 - MST3K Robots Pitch New Shows to Netflix, Like Fuller House but With Piles of Bodies

5/11/2017 - The Newest Twin Peaks Trailer Offers Tantalizing Glimpses of Faces and Places Old and New

5/11/2017 - Five Episodes of The Twilight Zone That Are Only Slightly More Horrifying Than Our Current Reality

5/11/2017 - Samsung Dex Comes Heartbreakingly Close to Turning a Phone Into a Full-Blown Computer

5/11/2017 - Watching Foods Deflate and Re-Inflate Has Left Me Starving and Confused

5/11/2017 - Trump Finally Signs Overdue Executive Order About 'The Cyber'

5/11/2017 - American Gods Will Return for a Second Season

5/11/2017 - The New Star Wars Crossover Comic Is Heading to Some Weird Places

5/11/2017 - How Smart Watches Might Actually Improve Your Health

5/11/2017 - President Donald Trump: 'What Is Digital?'

5/11/2017 - The Kingkiller Chronicle's Kvothe Has Never Looked Better Than in These Beautiful Illustrations

5/11/2017 - Your Sense of Smell Is Not as Terrible as You Think

5/11/2017 - Reddit Users Lose Real Money After Meme Currency Bot Dies

5/11/2017 - Superman's Mom Hates to Be Honest, But Justice League Is Worse Than Avengers [Updated]

5/11/2017 - Microsoft's New Mixed Reality Controllers Look Very Familiar

5/11/2017 - Syfy's Plan to Save Itself: Harry Potter, Comic Books, and George R.R. Martin

5/11/2017 - An ISP Shill Group Is Trotting Out Misleading Google Ads About Net Neutrality

5/11/2017 - Ridley Scott Admits Fan Backlash Over Prometheus Influenced Alien: Covenant

5/11/2017 - A Beautiful New Documentary Highlights the Women Who Love Star Wars

5/11/2017 - A Brief History of Trump and TiVo, Which He Called 'One of the Great Inventions of All Time'

5/11/2017 - How to Buy Second-Hand Tech Without Getting Ripped Off

5/11/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About the Inhumans, Marvel's Latest TV Stars

5/11/2017 - Make Your Browser Talk With This Wonderfully Annoying Human Speech Simulator

5/11/2017 - Look at These Weird Ant Babies

5/11/2017 - Game of Thrones' Craziest Stunt Flamebroiled 20 People in a Single Day 

5/11/2017 - Last Night's Arrow Solved a Five-Year-Old Mystery With the World's Most Noncommittal Shrug

5/11/2017 - Apple Doesn't 'Need' to Buy Anything

5/11/2017 - Genius Crabs Use Natural Velcro to Cover Themselves in Camouflage

5/11/2017 - Wonder Woman Could Bring a Classic DC Comics Team to the Big Screen

5/11/2017 - Thirty-Three Famous Physicists Sign Angry Letter About the Origin of the Universe

5/11/2017 - Russia's Flickr Shows Meeting With Trump, While the White House Flickr Has Mike Pence's Rabbit [Updated]

5/11/2017 - Correction: Sean Spicer Wasn't Hiding In the Bushes, He Was Merely 'Among' the Bushes

5/11/2017 - Russian Blogger Sentenced to 3.5 Years in Prison For Playing Pokémon Go in Church

5/11/2017 - American Political Media Is Officially Beyond Parody

5/11/2017 - Did a Russian Photographer Smuggle a Surveillance Device Into the White House?

5/10/2017 - John McCain Shows Signs of Life With Spiteful Vote to Kill Bad Environmental Bill

5/10/2017 - Check Out Fantastic Concept Art of the New Ships in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

5/10/2017 - Early Spotify Was Built on Pirated MP3 Files, New Book Claims

5/10/2017 - What Happens in Vegas Follows You Into the Desert and Tries to Eat You in This New Zombie Trailer

5/10/2017 - All of a Sudden, Time Travel on TV Isn't So Hot Anymore

5/10/2017 - This Alien: Covenant VR Experience Lets You Claw Your Way Out of Your Human Host

5/10/2017 - New Humble Bundle Nabs Some of the Best Nebula Award Winners for Hours of Scifi Obsession

5/10/2017 - That Viral Porn Star Shark Bite Video Is Totally Fake

5/10/2017 - A Giant Asteroid Is Headed to Earth and Somehow That's a Secret in CBS' Salvation

5/10/2017 - Snapchat Debuts New Disappearing Stock Price

5/10/2017 - Can John Oliver’s Pro-Net Neutrality Commenters Compete with Bots?

5/10/2017 - Why Marvel's America Chavez, Who Comes From an Alternate Dimension, Identifies as Latinx

5/10/2017 - The Suspiria Remake Just Added One of Its Most Crucial Collaborators

5/10/2017 - Robots Have Started Teaching Other Robots New Skills

5/10/2017 - One of the World's First Modern Physics Textbooks Just Sold For Over $790,000

5/10/2017 - All Hail the Princess in Her New Unikitty! TV Series

5/10/2017 - A Piece of the Famous Meteorite That Nailed a Person Has Just Been Sold

5/10/2017 - Microsoft’s Latest Workplace Tech Demos Creep Me Out

5/10/2017 - Doctor Doom Is Teaming Up With the Avengers—And Could Join Them for Good

5/10/2017 - Even Director Rian Johnson Loves This 16-Bit Video Game Version of The Last Jedi Trailer

5/10/2017 - This Laser Printer Creates High-Res Color Images Without a Single Drop of Ink

5/10/2017 - Did Amazon Rip Off the Echo Show From a Startup It Invested in?

5/10/2017 - After Firing Lead Investigator, White House Says 'It's Time to Move On' From Russia Investigation

5/10/2017 - An Amazing Hypothesis for Why the Trappist-1 System Hasn't Destroyed Itself

5/10/2017 - Scientists Just Named a Newly-Discovered Dinosaur After a Ghostbusters Character

5/10/2017 - Massive Lava Waves Detected on Jupiter’s Moon Io

5/10/2017 - Judge Dredd Is Getting His Very Own Live-Action TV Show

5/10/2017 - Donald Glover Is Making an Adult, Animated Deadpool TV Show

5/10/2017 - Behold This Treasure Trove of Images From Behind the Scenes of Star Trek's Third Season

5/10/2017 - An Old Satellite Dish Found on Google Maps Is Becoming West Africa's First Radio Telescope

5/10/2017 - Diving Into 1,000 Mouse Traps on a Trampoline Looks Even More Painful in Slo-Mo

5/10/2017 - First Look at The Gifted's Polaris Shows the Government's Still Rounding Up Mutants

5/10/2017 - Everything New Is Terrible in the Latest Cars 3 Trailer

5/10/2017 - The Latest Handmaid's Tale Is About Taking What You Can When There's Nothing Left

5/10/2017 - Neil deGrasse Tyson: I Pulled My Pants Down Too Fast and Fell Down

5/10/2017 - The Newest Cosmic Radio Burst Has Stumped Scientists

5/10/2017 - Sleepy Hollow Has Been Mercifully Decapitated

5/10/2017 - We Finally Figured Out How To Make Realistic CG Mud

5/10/2017 - Is Deadpool 2 Looking to Cast Some Future X-Force Heroes?

5/10/2017 - Fox News Got Trump Elected and Fox News is the Reason He'll Stay in Power

5/10/2017 - Comcast and Charter Just Showed Everyone How to Do Antitrust Violations Right

5/9/2017 - Following Comey's Firing, Lawmakers Call for Independent Russia Investigation [Updated]

5/9/2017 - A Surreal Animated Tale of a Man, a Raft, a Paddle, and a Sarcastic Ghost

5/9/2017 - Donald Trump Just Fired FBI Director James Comey

5/9/2017 - The First Teaser for Bryan Singer's X-Men Show The Gifted Is Here

5/9/2017 - The Co-Creator of iZombie Is So Sure It's Going to Be Renewed That He Changed the Finale

5/9/2017 - Cotton Swabs Send Thousands of Kids to the ER Every Year

5/9/2017 - A Spirited Away Superfan Remixed the Soundtrack With Magical Results

5/9/2017 - Doctors Have Built a Magnetic Robot to Gently Explore Your Colon

5/9/2017 - Somehow, Hitler Riding a T.Rex Isn't Nearly as Amusing as It Used to Be

5/9/2017 - The UAE Drops More Clues About Its Mysterious Plan to Colonize Mars

5/9/2017 - If You Love The Handmaid's Tale, Check Out These 10 Other Works of Feminist Science Fiction

5/9/2017 - Here's How Easy It Is to Get Trump Officials to Click on a Fake Link in Email

5/9/2017 - Antarctica's 'Dragon Skin' Ice Is Incredible

5/9/2017 - The South Korean Presidential Election, as Told Through the Medium of Game of Thrones

5/9/2017 - Extended Space Travel Causes an Inevitable Drop in Physical Fitness

5/9/2017 - Orlando Jones on American Gods' Incredible Mr. Nancy Speech and Racism: 'He’s Just Laying Out What the Fuck It Is'

5/9/2017 - Tunnel Collapses at Nuclear Facility Once Called 'an Underground Chernobyl Waiting to Happen'

5/9/2017 - Americans Are Dying Younger in These 13 Counties

5/9/2017 - Nightwing Will Go After DC's Heroes in New Order, Because Being a Fascist Is Hot Right Now

5/9/2017 - Four Highlights From Yesterday's Senate Hearing on Russia 

5/9/2017 - My Favorite Fancy Lunch Delivery Startup Just Died and I Am Heartbroken

5/9/2017 - So About That Hyped New Study On Cheese Being Great

5/9/2017 - This Synthetic Bone Implant Could Replace Painful Marrow Transplants

5/9/2017 - Turns Out King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Is a Lot Better Than Anyone Expected

5/9/2017 - Will Intelligent Aliens Actually Give a Shit About Us?

5/9/2017 - According to The Last Knight, Transformers Have Been on Earth Forever and Also Fought Nazis

5/9/2017 - This Machine Gun Robot Will Probably Lead the Uprising One Day

5/9/2017 - RIP Stanley Weston, the Man Behind G.I.Joe

5/9/2017 - Lame Grammar Startup Raises Stupid Amount of Money

5/9/2017 - Senator Uses Logan to Perfectly Explain the Future of America's Job Market

5/9/2017 - Celebrated ‘Baby Louie’ Fossil Identified as New Dinosaur Species

5/9/2017 - A Third of New Drugs Hit the Market With Side Effects No One Knew About

5/9/2017 - This Incredibly Catchy Drum and Bass Track Was Made Using Only Video Game Weapon Sounds

5/9/2017 - You Can Listen to 30 Hours of Doctor Who Adventures Right Here

5/9/2017 - Amazon Just Announced the Touchscreen Echo Nobody Asked For

5/9/2017 - Your Favorite Paperweight May Be a Plesiosaur Bone

5/9/2017 - It Took Three Years to Film This Spectacular Timelapse of Hundreds of Blooming Flowers

5/9/2017 - Why FaceApp's Selfie Filters Work So Well and Why They Don't

5/9/2017 - Mountain Biker Narrowly Avoids Getting Mauled by a Bear

5/9/2017 - Jeff Goldblum on Thor: Ragnarok and Dr. Malcolm's Return in Jurassic World 2

5/9/2017 - Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes For Saying All Kids Should Have Health Care

5/9/2017 - President Trump Deletes Every Old Press Release, But The Internet Never Forgets

5/9/2017 - Report: Comey Doesn't Know How to Explain That He Misrepresented Huma Abedin's Emails

5/8/2017 - Weed Microdosing Mice Study Brings Great News, But There's a Catch

5/8/2017 - Hellboy Creator Announces R-Rated Film Reboot, Sans Guillermo del Toro

5/8/2017 - A Museum Visit Takes a Freaky Turn in This Funny Scifi Short

5/8/2017 - Dog Name Database Finally Proves Bernie Would've Won

5/8/2017 - Of Course, Guy Ritchie's Live-Action Aladdin Will Be a Musical

5/8/2017 - The Weird, Dumb Reason April's Bestselling Comic May Not Actually Be April's Bestselling Comic

5/8/2017 - Trump's White House Was Warned About Michael Flynn's Lies: Yates

5/8/2017 - Barry Allen Is His Own Worst Enemy in the Grim Trailer for The Flash's Season Finale

5/8/2017 - Andy Weir's Follow Up to The Martian Is Coming in November

5/8/2017 - FCC Claims It Was Hit by Denial Of Service Attack After John Oliver Segment [Update]

5/8/2017 - All the Mysteries Hidden in the Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

5/8/2017 - FBI Director: 'I Am Not a Tweeter'

5/8/2017 - In Chunri, a Woman Rises Up to Combat Mumbai's Underworld of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery

5/8/2017 - The Creepiest App of the Week Award Goes to Gymder, the 'Instagram/Tinder for Athletes'

5/8/2017 - New Transformers Promos Reveal an Autobot With 'Robot Dementia' and Optimus Prime Embarrassing Himself Beyond Measure

5/8/2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Empire Strikes Back Sure Have a Lot in Common

5/8/2017 - Every Office Should Have Slot Cars Racing Across All the Desks

5/8/2017 - UK Broadcaster Chastised for Airing Gory Alien Scene Immediately After Saturday Cartoons

5/8/2017 - An Aerospace Engineer Turned a Classic Lego Set Into an RC Plane That Actually Flies

5/8/2017 - Over 7,000 Bodies May Be Buried Beneath Mississippi University

5/8/2017 - Everything New We Can Learn From Wonder Woman's Final Trailer

5/8/2017 - Lost Irish Beach Mysteriously Reappears After 33 Years

5/8/2017 - Killer Whales Eat Enormous Great White Shark in South Africa

5/8/2017 - Scientists Figure Out How to Turn Anything Into a Touchscreen Using Conductive Spray Paint

5/8/2017 - So Begins the Alt-Right Purity Spiral

5/8/2017 - The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Is Here and It's Gorgeous

5/8/2017 - New Comic Superb Will Introduce a Hero With Down Syndrome

5/8/2017 - The Mist Looks Like the Show That's Gonna Scare the Hell Out of You This Summer

5/8/2017 - Why Do Some Still Images Trigger Seizures?

5/8/2017 - This New Hubble Image Has Nothing to Do With Guardians of the Galaxy

5/8/2017 - Torchwood Is Getting a Fifth Season—But Only in Audio Form

5/8/2017 - On American Gods, Remembering the Good Old Days Only Makes the Present More Painful

5/8/2017 - Microsoft Screams 'Me Too' With Cortana-Powered Rival to Amazon Echo and Google Home

5/8/2017 - EPA Sacks Advisors Overseeing Scientific Integrity But It's Fine, Everything's Fine

5/8/2017 - Australian Biosecurity Officers Just Destroyed an 'Irreplaceable' Plant Collection

5/8/2017 - Doctor Who Is on One Hell of a Streak Lately

5/8/2017 - John Oliver Pisses Off ISP Vultures With New Net Neutrality Segment

5/8/2017 - Watch What Happens When an Algorithm Tries to Predict the Next Frame 100,000 Times in a Row

5/8/2017 - Star Jennifer Morrison Is as Done With Once Upon a Time as You Probably Are

5/8/2017 - Our First Look at an Important New Ship in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5/8/2017 - The FBI Paid $900,000 to Unlock the San Bernardino Terrorist's iPhone

5/8/2017 - That Viral Video of a Girl Calling Donald Trump a Disgrace is Totally Fake

5/8/2017 - Top Secret Air Force Spaceplane Lands with Sonic Boom After Two Years in Orbit 

5/7/2017 - The Latest It Trailer Shows Nobody Knows What's Lurking in the Sewers of Derry

5/7/2017 - The Final Wonder Woman Trailer Is Epic in Every Single Way

5/7/2017 - Peter Parker's Secret Is Out in the First Spider-Man Homecoming Clip 

5/7/2017 - USA Today Is Pissed That Bots Are Such Big Fans of Its Facebook Page

5/7/2017 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Back to Ruin More Summer Flicks With His Constant Thinking

5/7/2017 - Here's a Thought: Why Not Have Black Bolt Use Real Sign Language on Inhumans?

5/7/2017 - Despite Hacks, Macron Trounces Le Pen in French Presidential Election

5/7/2017 - Rick and Morty Lead Got Super Drunk for Season 3 Taping, and I Feel Tipsy Just Watching It

5/7/2017 - What All of Your Computer's Specs Really Mean

5/7/2017 - Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Gets Title and Return of Emily Blunt

5/7/2017 - Send Your Ashes to Republicans Who Voted to Take Away Your Health Insurance

5/7/2017 - No, Marvel Didn't Promote an Image Calling Jessica Jones an 'Evil Jew'

5/7/2017 - Chris Pine Captains a Hilarious Saturday Night Live

5/7/2017 - Popular Mac App Developers Issue Urgent Malware Warning

5/7/2017 - Alien: Covenant May Be the Biggest Disappointment of the Summer

5/7/2017 - How the Hell Is Steve Rogers, the Supreme Leader of Hydra, Wielding Thor's Hammer?

5/6/2017 - Knock Knock, It's the Spoiler-Filled Doctor Who Discussion Thread

5/6/2017 - One of the Largest Jigsaw Puzzles in the World Made Harder as Video Game Stop Motion

5/6/2017 - Open Channel: What's Your Free Comic Book Day Haul?

5/6/2017 - Remembering The Host, a Scifi Book That Barely Wanted to be Scifi

5/6/2017 - Report: Facebook TV Coming as Early as June, It's Still Not a Media Company

5/6/2017 - Russia's Guardians VFX Reel Shows How the Man Became the Man-Bear

5/6/2017 - Noble Is an Erratic but Promising Start to Catalyst Prime Superhero Series

5/6/2017 - French Presidential Campaign Claims 'Massive Hack' 

5/6/2017 - How to Turn Your Smartphone Into an (Almost) Nintendo Switch

5/6/2017 - I Can't Help but Wonder Why Wonder Woman Is Shilling Weight-Loss Protein Bars

5/6/2017 - What Is Microsoft's Grand Plan for Phones?

5/5/2017 - This Mind-Bending Short Focuses on One Man's Greatest Fear: Symmetry

5/5/2017 - The Director of Attack the Block May Finally Have a Follow-Up

5/5/2017 - Kevin Feige Thinks That Eventually, Marvel TV and Movies Will Cross Over

5/5/2017 - Rocket Raccoon Wrecking Ultron in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Is How Age of Ultron Should've Ended

5/5/2017 - DC Comics Is Starting Its Own Young Readers Imprint

5/5/2017 - Dark Web Child Porn Kingpin Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison

5/5/2017 - Anti-Vaxxers Are Responsible for Minnesota's Horrible Measles Outbreak 

5/5/2017 - Scientists Transplanted a Rat Testicle onto Another Rat's Neck [WARNING: Graphic]

5/5/2017 - What the Hell Is Going on at the FDA With This Fox News Email Saga?

5/5/2017 - Re-Experience the Classic Star Tours Disney Ride in This Amazing 360-Degree Video

5/5/2017 - Let Glorious Jupiter Distract You From Existential Dread

5/5/2017 - Thoughts I Had While Watching Law & Order: SVU's 'Pizzagate' Episode

5/5/2017 - The Face of Terror Is All Too Human in the Horror-Comedy Another Evil

5/5/2017 - Goodnight, Sweet Pup

5/5/2017 - A Deer Was Caught Gnawing on Human Remains and the End Is Nigh

5/5/2017 - 10 Real Laws Straight Out of The Handmaid's Tale

5/5/2017 - We're About to Get a Show About Supernatural Evil Spawned by Online Hatred

5/5/2017 - Scientists Are Turning WiFi Routers Into Creepy Radar Cameras

5/5/2017 - All the Comics You Need to Check Out This Free Comic Book Day

5/5/2017 - Trump 'Wiretap' Truther Rand Paul Now Thinks Obama Spied on Him, Too

5/5/2017 - Skier Captures Awesome Aerial Footage of His Stunts By Just Throwing His GoPro 

5/5/2017 - The Best Version of Princess Leia Gets an Amazing Figure, and More Wonderful Toys of the Week

5/5/2017 - I Hope to God Amazon's New Echo Isn't This Ugly

5/5/2017 - This Cancer-Causing Virus Lies Dormant for Years Before Striking

5/5/2017 - Rick and Morty's Rick Is a Truck Now

5/5/2017 - How the Horrific New Republican Health Care Bill Punishes Women

5/5/2017 - Let's Break Down All Five of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 End-Credits Scenes

5/5/2017 - Because It's Riverdale, Finding Jason Blossom's Murderer Wasn't the Big Reveal of the Night

5/5/2017 - How to Set Up Auto-Respond Texts When You're Driving

5/5/2017 - What Sense8 Season Two Lacks in Mind-Blowing Orgies It Makes Up for in Satisfying Answers

5/5/2017 - Colorado Cop Admits to Faking Body Cam Footage in Felony Weapons Case

5/5/2017 - The Crew of Alien: Covenant Has Some Serious Mommy Issues

5/5/2017 - Swearing May Be Your Best Option When Trying to Open That #$@&%*! Jar

5/5/2017 - Watching Wonder Woman Save Poor, Imperiled Steve Trevor Is So, So Satisfying

5/5/2017 - North Korea Thinks the CIA Hired a Lumberjack to Assassinate Kim Jong Un With Nano Weapons?

5/5/2017 - A Graphene Speaker With No Moving Parts Uses Heat to Produce Sound

5/5/2017 - These Flowers Hold Clues to Spreading Life Beyond Earth

5/5/2017 - What Should Elon Musk Name His Tunneling Machine?

5/5/2017 - The First Inhumans Teaser Hints at the Epic War Brewing Inside the Royal Family

5/5/2017 - Hulu Live TV Is the Best Cordcutter Service Yet, But It Needs Some Work

5/5/2017 - Something Totally Crazy Could Happen to Bumblebee in Transformers: The Last Knight

5/4/2017 - Uber Faces Criminal Probe for 'Greyball' Program

5/4/2017 - This Warhammer 40,000 Animated Short Series Is Unbelievably Gorgeous

5/4/2017 - The Terminator 2 3D Trailer Has Something Much Cooler Going for It Than 3D

5/4/2017 - The State Department Wants 5 Years of Social Media Handles From Refugees Before Entry

5/4/2017 - What the Hell Is Marvel's Inhumans Doing About Medusa's Wig Situation?

5/4/2017 - Scientists Think They Know What’s Behind Those Mysterious Gamma Rays in the Galactic Center

5/4/2017 - Ghouls Celebrate Blood Feast

5/4/2017 - Self-Driving Cars Feel Like Death Traps–Can We Be Convinced Otherwise?

5/4/2017 - New Twin Peaks Teaser Gives Us Our First Real Glimpse of Footage From the Show

5/4/2017 - Adorable New Tarsiers Look Like Stoned Yoda

5/4/2017 - HBO and George R.R. Martin Are Developing Four Game of Thrones Spinoffs

5/4/2017 - So What Actually Survived the Destruction of the Ultimate Marvel Universe?

5/4/2017 - House Republicans Vote to Destroy Health Care for Millions

5/4/2017 - This Brain Scanning Technique Can Measure Your Baby's Pain

5/4/2017 - 'Why Is There Only One Wonder Woman?'

5/4/2017 - Bad Star Wars Tweets, Ranked

5/4/2017 - How to Tell Cool Free Apps From Dangerous Ones

5/4/2017 - Rian Johnson Asked for a Small, Crucial Change to The Force Awakens

5/4/2017 - Silicon Valley Can’t Stop Puking Money All Over Soylent

5/4/2017 - CRISPR Could Transform the Way We Diagnose Disease

5/4/2017 - What Comics Do You Think Should Have Been Nominated for the Eisner Awards?

5/4/2017 - The GOP's Healthcare Plan Will Harm the Most Vulnerable Among Us First

5/4/2017 - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Will Open in the US on April 22, 2018

5/4/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About This Week's Massive Phishing Worm

5/4/2017 - Dear Handmaid's Tale: I Can't Believe There's No Butter

5/4/2017 - The Powerhouse of the Cell Could Be Way Hotter Than We Thought

5/4/2017 - Smelly Poo Water Rains Down From New York's Penn Station Roof

5/4/2017 - The Royal Family Unites in the First Look at Marvel's Inhumans TV Show

5/4/2017 - Cassini's Second Grand Finale Dive Might Be Outshining the First One

5/4/2017 - You Can Now Go On Your Own Doctor Who Adventure, Through the Magic of Skype

5/4/2017 - Um, Kim Kardashian? I Think I Found Your New BlackBerry

5/4/2017 - These Environmentalists Say Meat Is Okay Sometimes

5/4/2017 - The Midwest Looks Absolutely Drenched in This New Image From Space

5/4/2017 - Star Wars Characters Sing Smash Mouth's 'All Star' and It's Annoyingly Good

5/4/2017 - We Might Know One of the Pivotal General Leia Scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5/4/2017 - Popular YouTuber Gets Arrested for 'Prank' Removal of Real Stop Signs

5/3/2017 - The Turds Who Voted to Sell Out Your Online Privacy Get Their Faces Plastered on Billboards

5/3/2017 - A Mysterious Box Causes Curiosity and Chaos in This Clever Stop-Motion Short

5/3/2017 - See Summer in Zootopia Through the Eyes of the Film's Director

5/3/2017 - All the Secrets Unlocked by the Dark Tower Trailer

5/3/2017 - WhatsApp Is Down Around the Globe and Nobody Knows Why [Updated]

5/3/2017 - Facebook Adds Reactions to Comments, Panic Attacks to Me

5/3/2017 - Finally, You Can Be Possessed by The Thing in Board Game Form

5/3/2017 - These Ants Do a Lion King-Like Ritual But With Chemicals

5/3/2017 - The New Jean Grey Comic Wants to Show She's More Than Just an X-Man, Love Interest, or Phoenix Host

5/3/2017 - No Visit to Rome Will Ever Be as Spectacular as This Hyperlapse Race Through the City

5/3/2017 - Lunar Colonists May Make Bricks From Moon Dust and Sunlight

5/3/2017 - The Struggle Is Surreal For a Student Who Can't Stay Awake in This Animated Short

5/3/2017 - James Comey Testifies He Got Tummy Troubles Over Swaying the 2016 Election

5/3/2017 - Somehow There Were No Injuries From This Terrifying Plane Crash Caught on Dashcam

5/3/2017 - What the Hell Is This Space Council Mike Pence Is Going to Lead?

5/3/2017 - A Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Spreading Like Crazy [Updated]

5/3/2017 - Apple CEO to World: 😀 [Updated]

5/3/2017 - Captain America Is No Longer a Supervillain, He's a Monster

5/3/2017 - How Two New Rogue One Novels Expand the Star Wars Canon

5/3/2017 - Restaurant Targeted by Racist Harassment After Police Union Spreads Hoax Online

5/3/2017 - FBI's Disturbing Hacking Powers Challenged in Court Over Child Pornography Case

5/3/2017 - Comcast and Verizon’s Sneaky Push to Kill Net Neutrality Is Just Embarrassing

5/3/2017 - Artificial Intelligence Could Prevent the Next Video Game Animation Disaster

5/3/2017 - Meatloaf and Vincent D’Onofrio Are Co-Starring in a Syfy Show Called Ghost Wars

5/3/2017 - Science Reveals the Right Way to Treat a Man O’ War Sting

5/3/2017 - Everything the Defenders Trailer Tells Us About What's Going on in Marvel's New York

5/3/2017 - Farms Could Be Changing the Climate in Ways You'd Never Expect

5/3/2017 - 130 Million at Risk of Fraud After Massive Leak of Indian Biometric System Data

5/3/2017 - The Flash Has Finally Revealed Its Big Villain: Its Own Formula

5/3/2017 - Is Hulu Live TV Worth It Versus All the Rest?

5/3/2017 - Chill Out to This Galaxy-Sized Wave of Hot Gas Swirling Through the Void

5/3/2017 - Here Are a Bunch of People Mark Hamill Freaked Out During 'Force For Change' Promo

5/3/2017 - Wow, Brad Pitt Is Paranoid as Fuck

5/3/2017 - Facebook Will Add 3,000 More People to Watch Murders and Suicides

5/3/2017 - The Handmaid's Tale Gives More Proof That Men Are Monsters

5/3/2017 - The First Look at Hulu's Runaways Is Full of Angsty Teens With Terrible Parents

5/3/2017 - Why the Hell Doesn't the Surface Laptop Have a USB-C Charger?

5/3/2017 - A Second Giant Crack Has Appeared on Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf

5/3/2017 - The Secret to How Hollywood Makes an Actor Vomit Massive Amounts of Blood

5/3/2017 - The Handmaid's Tale Renewed for Season 2

5/3/2017 - Hulu's Live TV Service Is Now Available in Beta With 50 Channels for $40 Per Month

5/3/2017 - New Details on a Wild Chase Scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5/3/2017 - Guy Builds a Terrifying, Gigantic Mouse Trap That Can Pulverize a Coconut

5/3/2017 - Feast Your Eyes On The First Defenders Trailer

5/3/2017 - Two Worlds Collide in the Explosive First Trailer For The Dark Tower

5/2/2017 - Melania Trump's Twitter Just Liked a Tweet About How Much She Hates Her Husband

5/2/2017 - Did Sean Spicer Tweet a Nefarious Bitcoin Address in January?

5/2/2017 - Melissa McCarthy Will Star in Puppet Noir Movie The Happytime Murders

5/2/2017 - In Kill Switch, Dan Stevens Explores What Happens When Parallel Universes Collide

5/2/2017 - If You're Going to Go Gluten Free Don't Be Dumb About It

5/2/2017 - This Gorgeously Animated Neil Gaiman Poem Examines a Disturbingly Modern Problem

5/2/2017 - This Video of Cuttlefish Trying to Bang Will Scar You For Life

5/2/2017 - Here Are Your 2017 Eisner Award Nominees

5/2/2017 - Stunning Blue-Eyed Albino Orangutan Rescued From Captors

5/2/2017 - Marvel Desperately Reassures Fans Captain America Is Still a Hero After Secret Empire Backlash

5/2/2017 - Police Chief Claims He 'Misspoke' After Body Cam Contradicts Account of Black Teen's Killing

5/2/2017 - American Gods Examines the Hidden Cost of Immigrating to the United States

5/2/2017 - Mansplain Happy Hour With This Video On the Science of Whiskey

5/2/2017 - Surface Laptop First Impressions: Microsoft Is Finally Making the Computer It Should Have Made All Along

5/2/2017 - Robin Williams' Last Movie Is Finally Getting a US Release

5/2/2017 - The Ultimate Lawn Ornament Is This Life-Size $75,000 Alien Queen Statue

5/2/2017 - Wesley Snipes Battles Aliens in the Crazy-Looking Scifi Action Film The Recall

5/2/2017 - Chris Pratt Had a Very Bad Idea for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

5/2/2017 - This Artificially Intelligent Speech Generator Can Fake Anyone’s Voice

5/2/2017 - Why On Earth Would You Fast Every Other Day?

5/2/2017 - The Gunslinger and the Man in Black Reveal the First Two Snippets from The Dark Tower

5/2/2017 - This Unbelievable Mr. Nancy Scene Is Why Everyone Needs To Be Watching American Gods

5/2/2017 - Well, We May Have an Answer About Which Side Elektra Will Take in The Defenders

5/2/2017 - Incredible Slo-Mo Footage of the Tiny Lightning Produced When You Crush a Wintergreen Candy

5/2/2017 - The Green Turtle, the First Chinese American Superhero, Is Back in Shadow Hero Comics 

5/2/2017 - This Is Our First 'Sound' From the Creepy Void Inside Saturn's Rings

5/2/2017 - This Crazy Person Loves to Cover His Hand With the World's Grossest Bugs

5/2/2017 - Scientists Want to Grow Your Music-Blasted Ears Some New Parts

5/2/2017 - Surface Laptop Is Microsoft's Shot at a Portable Computer for Everyone

5/2/2017 - This New Dinosaur Looked an Awful Lot Like a Chicken

5/2/2017 - This New Featurette Makes Me Care More About The Mummy More Than Any of the Trailers Did

5/2/2017 - Windows 10 S: What You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Lightweight OS

5/2/2017 - Good News, Logan's Black-and-White Version Will Get a Home Release, Too

5/2/2017 - This Stretchable Sculpture of The Notorious B.I.G. Is Actually Made From Thousands of Sheets of Paper

5/2/2017 - J.K. Rowling Apologizes for Killing Snape and Harry Potter Fandom Promptly Self-Immolates

5/2/2017 - 'An Embarrassment': Scientists React to the NYT's Climate Change Column

5/2/2017 - Our First Fleeting Look at the Villain of Justice League

5/2/2017 - Marvel Joins Comixology's All-You-Can Read Subscription Service

5/2/2017 - Scientists Just Found a Completely New Kind of Symbiotic Relationship

5/2/2017 - China's Shot at Wikipedia Aims to Be a 'Great Wall of Culture'

5/1/2017 - The New Wonder Woman TV Spot Kicks All Kinds of Ass

5/1/2017 - Trump’s Likely Federal Family Planning Pick Is Anti-Contraception, Pro Threesomes With God

5/1/2017 - Someone Has Turned Every Song on Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Into a Star Wars Parody

5/1/2017 - Astronomer Wonders If We've Looked Hard Enough For Signs of Long Extinct Alien Life

5/1/2017 - In Gengoroh Tagame's My Brother's Husband, Love, Loss, and Regret Become Something Beautiful

5/1/2017 - Stranger Things Season 2 Will Have More Horror In It

5/1/2017 - Here's How a Bunch of British Spies Wind Up in Kentucky for Kingsman: The Golden Circle 

5/1/2017 - The First Episode of American Gods Demands a Sacrifice to Reveal Its Magic

5/1/2017 - Donald Trump Suddenly Refuses to Talk About His False Wiretapping Claims

5/1/2017 - 20 Amazing New Scifi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Reading List in May

5/1/2017 - Barrett Brown's Lawyers Still Don't Know Why He Was Abruptly Taken Back to Prison [Update: He's Out]

5/1/2017 - Better Excuses for Avoiding Journalists During Your Company's Massive Sexual Harassment Scandal

5/1/2017 - 5-25-77 Is a Movie About Love for Star Wars...We Think?

5/1/2017 - Internet Gremlin Chuck Johnson's Website Becomes Inaccessible During Neo-Nazi Crowdfund Campaign [Updated]

5/1/2017 - This Wireless Wall Device Will Literally Monitor Your Every Step

5/1/2017 - This Week's Doctor Who Was the Show at Its Very Best

5/1/2017 - Congress Just Rejected Trump's Plans to Slash the NIH Budget

5/1/2017 - Ghost Rider Will Return to Agents of SHIELD 

5/1/2017 - $100 Million Lawsuit Claims Fyre Festival Owners Knew It Was Doomed All Along

5/1/2017 - Facebook Handed Over Data on 'Insecure' and 'Overwhelmed' Teenagers to Advertisers

5/1/2017 - Ridley Scott Says Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 Won't Happen

5/1/2017 - Widely-Reported Study on Fish and Microbeads Might Have Been Faked

5/1/2017 - Trailer for It Comes At Night Promises a Freakishly Quiet End-of-the-World Horror Movie

5/1/2017 - Punk Rock Physics Experiment Is Hunting for a Dark Matter Particle Named After Laundry Detergent

5/1/2017 - Victor LaValle Talks About the Power of Grief in Destroyer, His Modern Comic Book Sequel to the Original Frankenstein

5/1/2017 - Superman Will Fight The Ku Klux Klan In A New Movie Based On 1940s Radio Drama

5/1/2017 - The World's Fastest Camera Shoots Five Trillion Photos Every Second

5/1/2017 - Pacific Rim: Uprising's New Giant Robot Has a Slick Look And a Rad Name

5/1/2017 - The First Music Video From Descendants 2 Brings Us Some Disney-Approved Wickedness

5/1/2017 - SpaceX Just Performed Its Most Mysterious Mission Yet

5/1/2017 - Why These 'Revolutionary' Phones Failed So Hard

5/1/2017 - Dark Phoenix Could Be Searching for a Younger Version of an X-Men Mainstay