11/30/2017 - There's Some Serious Star Wars Toy Photography in This Unofficial Last Jedi Art Exhibition

11/30/2017 - Margot Robbie Says She's Working on Her Own Separate Harley Quinn Solo Movie 

11/30/2017 - New Casting for Netflix's Umbrella Academy Hints at Significant Departures From the Comic

11/30/2017 - The White House Has a Vermin Problem

11/30/2017 - Turn Your Kayak Into a Science Lab That Plays Trippy Music 

11/30/2017 - 6,000 Convictions Tied to Chemist Who 'Smoked Crack Every Day' to Be Thrown Out

11/30/2017 - New Senate Bill Includes Jail Time for Executives Who Conceal Data Breaches

11/30/2017 - White House Says Homeland Security Advisor Is 'Keeping an Eye' on Bitcoin

11/30/2017 - Stephen Amell Is the Reason Arrow Finally Got to Name Drop Batman This Season

11/30/2017 - Hayley Atwell Returns as Peggy Carter in an Adorable Avengers: Secret Wars Clip

11/30/2017 - Photoshop Contest: Improve Thanos' Avengers: Infinity War Look

11/30/2017 - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak Are Earth's Worst Wedding Guests

11/30/2017 - These Maps Show Our Dramatically Changing View of Earth's Interior 

11/30/2017 - 73 Questions Vogue Should Have Asked Michael B. Jordan About Black Panther

11/30/2017 - Patty Jenkins Gives Us a Glimpse at Her Plans for Wonder Woman 2

11/30/2017 - Asshole Causes Emergency Landing After Naming Wi-Fi Network 'Bomb On Board'

11/30/2017 - NOAA’s New Satellite Sent Back Its First Data and It's Super Pretty

11/30/2017 - Here Are All of Marvel's Upcoming Comic Book Events, Despite Their Promise to Stop

11/30/2017 - There's a Very Good Reason to Believe Black Panther Will Reveal Infinity War's Soul Stone

11/30/2017 - For the First Time in Decades, a Drug for Migraines Shows Promise

11/30/2017 - All-Star Voice Actor Cast From AnimaniacsBatman, and X-Men Cartoons Teaming Up for New Show

11/30/2017 - Study Says Most Redditors Won't Read This Story Before Voting on It

11/30/2017 - The Official Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Continues to Be Bullshit

11/30/2017 - Watch David Lynch Direct One of Twin Peaks' Scariest Moments

11/30/2017 - Unconscious Patient With 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattoo Causes Ethical Conundrum at Hospital

11/30/2017 - You Should Look at The Moon

11/30/2017 - Google Home Finally Smart Enough to Do Two Things at Once

11/30/2017 - Chicago Mayor Actually Wants Elon Musk To Drill a Tunnel Under The City

11/30/2017 - The Orville's 13 Funniest and Most Surprising Moments (So Far)

11/30/2017 - How the Genetics of Skin Color Challenges Antiquated Ideas About Race

11/30/2017 - Cloudflare CEO on Policing Nazis Online: We Never Considered 'People Could Just Be Really Evil'

11/30/2017 - What Crisis on Earth-X Got Right That Justice League Didn't

11/30/2017 - Electrician Used Greasy Junk Food Bags to Hide His GPS Location and Skip Work

11/30/2017 - Wind Farms Can Now Produce More Electricity Than Coal Plants In Texas

11/30/2017 - Here's Your First Angelic Look at Jon Hamm in Good Omens

11/30/2017 - Google’s New App Stops Your Android Phone From Sucking Up Too Much Data

11/30/2017 - China’s ‘Monkey King’ Dark Matter Satellite Has Produced Some Unusual Results

11/30/2017 - Technology Is Helping Keep the Peace Between Herders and Lions in Africa

11/30/2017 - Homeland Security Thinks DJI Is Using Its Drones to Spy on America

11/30/2017 - The IRS Has Come Knocking at Bitcoin's Door

11/30/2017 - Andy Serkis Says Supreme Leader Snoke Isn't Necessarily What You Think He Is

11/30/2017 - What's to Come on the CW/DC Universe's Midseason Finales

11/30/2017 - Everything Draining Your Smartphone's Battery and How to Stop It

11/30/2017 - We Regret to Inform You the White House's Solution to the Opioid Crisis Is Kellyanne Conway

11/29/2017 - Here Is the Legendary Twitter Employee Behind the Brief Purge of Trump's Account

11/29/2017 - This 25th Anniversary Spawn Art Show Is Kind of Terrifying

11/29/2017 - A Vice Short Story About a Viral Ghost Is Becoming a Movie

11/29/2017 - Trader Joe's Swears It's Not Dealing Those Drugs From Riverdale 

11/29/2017 - Jeff Bezos Is Tragically No Longer Worth $100 Billion

11/29/2017 - Report: American Gods Showrunners Are Leaving the Hit Show [UPDATE]

11/29/2017 - The Live-Action Detective Pikachu Movie Is Close to Casting Its Female Lead, Continues to Be Actually Happening

11/29/2017 - Comcast Changed Its Net Neutrality Pledge the Day After the FCC Moved to Kill the Open Web [UPDATED]

11/29/2017 - The Rat Race Gets a Literal Interpretation in This All-Too-Relatable Animated Short

11/29/2017 - People Are Getting Robocalls About Their "Derogatory" Trump Posts [Updated]

11/29/2017 - Viagra Will Soon Be Available Over the Counter in the UK

11/29/2017 - Trump Okays New Arctic Oil Exploration In Latest Middle Finger to Obama

11/29/2017 - Caught Again, Facebook Is (Still) Very Sorry for Letting Advertisers Exclude Black and Latino Users

11/29/2017 - The Mystery of Rey's Parentage Extends to the Star Wars Filmmakers 

11/29/2017 - A Computer Error Let Every American Airlines Pilot Take Christmas Off and Now Who’s Gonna Fly Us Home [Updated]

11/29/2017 - Flash and Supergirl Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg Fired in Wake of Sexual Harassment Allegations

11/29/2017 - Trump’s NOAA Nominee's Climate Views Might Be the Best We Get Out of This Administration

11/29/2017 - What Actually Happens the Day Net Neutrality Is Repealed

11/29/2017 - Uber Admits 2.7 Million UK Users Affected by Data Breach

11/29/2017 - Uber Says Whistleblower Was Extorting the Company

11/29/2017 - A Popular Vitamin for Women Is Skewing Medical Tests

11/29/2017 - The Most Delightful Moments From Crisis on Earth-X Part 3 and 4

11/29/2017 - Where Did the Term 'Desktop Computer' Come From?

11/29/2017 - The Smallest Flamingo on Earth Is Struggling to Survive

11/29/2017 - How to Fix That Very Bad Security Bug in macOS

11/29/2017 - It's Still Taking Too Long For Americans With HIV to Get Diagnosed

11/29/2017 - Disney's Live-Action Mulan Finds Its Lead Actress

11/29/2017 - Two Incredible New Quantum Machines Have Made Actual Science Discoveries

11/29/2017 - When a Furby and Alexa Love Each Other Very Much, This Intelligent Talking Furball Is the Result

11/29/2017 - The Disturbing Video Retweeted by President Trump Is Not What It Seems [Updated]

11/29/2017 - All the Hints and Details Hidden in Avengers: Infinity War's Cosmically Gigantic Trailer

11/29/2017 - The Supreme Court Case That Could Decide the Future of Privacy Is Happening Right Now

11/29/2017 - Daisy Ridley Doesn't Want to Play Rey After Star Wars: Episode IX

11/29/2017 - Guillermo del Toro Wishes He'd Taken Over Universal's Monster Movies (and So Do We)

11/29/2017 - Latest Black Mirror Trailer Takes Black Panther's Letitia Wright to a Creepy Museum

11/29/2017 - This Captain Phasma-Themed Nissan Maxima is the Next Best Thing to a Star Destroyer

11/29/2017 - Here Is Snapchat's ‘Disruptive’ New Redesign

11/29/2017 - Razer's Powerhouse Phone for Gamers Is Delightfully Different

11/29/2017 - Genetically Engineering Yourself Sounds Like a Horrible Idea—But This Guy Is Doing It Anyway

11/29/2017 - George R.R. Martin Confirms Syfy Is Adapting Nightflyers 

11/29/2017 - Super Volcanoes Are a Bigger Threat Than We Thought—But Don't Freak Out

11/29/2017 - Andy Rubin Takes Leave of Absence From Essential Amid Report of ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ at Google [Updated]

11/29/2017 - World's Deepest-Living Fish Found Five Miles Beneath the Sea Surface

11/29/2017 - More Rumors About the Identity of Captain Marvel's Cosmic Villain

11/29/2017 - Holy Crap, the First Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Is Here 

11/29/2017 - What Kind of Sorcery Lets People Swim In This Sand-Filled Hot Tub?

11/29/2017 - Facebook May Soon Demand a Selfie if It Detects Suspicious Activity on Your Account

11/28/2017 - As North Korea Tests Longer-Range ICBMs, Hawaii Reactivates Nuclear Warning System

11/28/2017 - Study: Vast Majority of Google Play Apps Are Covertly Tracking Users

11/28/2017 - This Time-Lapse Video of Disneyland Transforming for the Holidays Is Truly Magical

11/28/2017 - DNA Evidence Shows Yeti Was Local Himalayan Bears All Along

11/28/2017 - The '90s X-Men Cartoon's Sixth Season Sounds Like It Would Have Been a Blast

11/28/2017 - FCC Chair Says Twitter and YouTube's Political Biases Are the Real Threat to an Open Internet

11/28/2017 - Sounds Like Ant-Man and the Wasp May Have a Major Impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

11/28/2017 - The Deepest Fish Ever Captured Is So Ugly I Want to Throw It Back in the Sea

11/28/2017 - Batman's Alfred Gets the (Fake) Trailer That Gotham Deserves

11/28/2017 - The Great Barrier Reef May Be More Resilient Than We Thought

11/28/2017 - Watch These Daredevil Wingsuit Flyers Land in a Flying Plane

11/28/2017 - Man Pleads Guilty In Massive Yahoo Hack

11/28/2017 - Google Decides Android Users Deserve Full Beers

11/28/2017 - Fantastic Beasts 2 Director Offers a Truly Gross Defense for Casting Johnny Depp

11/28/2017 - We Need a National Revenge Porn Law, But This Bill Is Flawed

11/28/2017 - Dark Matter Is Not Dead

11/28/2017 - Marvel's New Editor-in-Chief Just Admitted That He Used a Pseudonym Years Ago to Pretend to Be Japanese [Update]

11/28/2017 - There's a Massive Security Vulnerability in the New macOS

11/28/2017 - Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water Is a Beautiful Love Story Where the Story Doesn't Matter

11/28/2017 - How to Switch Browsers Without Losing Everything

11/28/2017 - Amnesty Wants Shell Execs Behind Bars for Alleged Nigerian Human Rights Abuses

11/28/2017 - The EPA's Clean Power Plan Hearing Is a Reminder It Doesn't Care What You Think

11/28/2017 - What's on the Ground in The Jetsons?

11/28/2017 - Scooby Doo's Daphne and Velma Are Getting Their Own Live-Action Flick

11/28/2017 - Waymo Trade Secret Trial Delayed After Uber Accused of Sneakily Withholding Evidence

11/28/2017 - The Modern Doctor Who Episodes That Never Got Made

11/28/2017 - A Ghost Ship Carrying 8 'Skeletonized' Bodies Washed Up in Japan—and It's Not the First Time

11/28/2017 - Lego Enters the Grid With This Fantastic Tron Lightcycle Set

11/28/2017 - Bitcoin Hits $10,000 Because Ceilings Are Just a Construct, Man

11/28/2017 - Earth’s Heaviest Organism Could Be Eaten to Death…By Deer

11/28/2017 - Watch These Toys Get Annihilated During a 120 MPH Crash Test

11/28/2017 - Can We Talk About Kickstarter's New Squishy, Podgy Blob?

11/28/2017 - The Most Delightful Moments From Crisis on Earth-X Part 1 and 2

11/28/2017 - Report: Sensitive US Army Intelligence Data Was Stored Online Without a Password

11/28/2017 - Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi in His Korg Mo-Cap Suit Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

11/28/2017 - Watch Amputee Monkeys Control Robotic Arms by Changing Brains

11/28/2017 - Google Has Figured Out a Way to Detect When Strangers Are Sneaking a Peek at Your Phone

11/28/2017 - These Hyper-Realistic Squishy CG Heads Are Really Freaking Me Out

11/28/2017 - Ser Davos Seaworth Offers Some Real Talk on Arya

11/28/2017 - Watch a Blacksmith Turn Old Batteries Into a Beautifully-Detailed Knife

11/28/2017 - YouTube's Creepy Kid Problem Was Worse Than We Thought

11/28/2017 - More Details on Kate Winslet's Mysterious Avatar 2 Character

11/28/2017 - DOJ Indicts Three Chinese Nationals For Allegedly Hacking Siemens, Trimble, and Moody's

11/27/2017 - Plex Has Now Added Commercial-Cutting to Its Cordcutting DVR Service

11/27/2017 - Anxious White House Mulls Banning Staff From Using Personal Cell Phones

11/27/2017 - The Post-Apocalypse Is a Little Less Bleak When You Have a Beloved Game of Thrones Star on Your Side

11/27/2017 - The Unverified Yet Believably Silly Reason Why Henry Cavill Couldn't Shave His 'Stache for Justice League

11/27/2017 - The Women of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Come Together in One Glorious Photo

11/27/2017 - Study Estimates That Pokémon GO Has Caused More Than 100,000 Traffic Accidents

11/27/2017 - The Newest Batman Video Game Is One of the Best Explorations of the Joker in Years

11/27/2017 - The Justice League Gay Porn Parody Has Something the Real Movie Lacks (Besides Graphic Sex)

11/27/2017 - Congress Pressures Uber for New Details On the Data Breach It Kept Secret For Over a Year

11/27/2017 - Here's Why Scientists Cloned the First Cloned Dog

11/27/2017 - You Can Finally Buy a Copy of the Voyager Golden Record, Gold Plating Not Included

11/27/2017 - The White House's Christmas Decor Looks Straight Out of a Horror Film

11/27/2017 - Apparently the Zack Snyder Justice League Cut Fans Have Been Petitioning for Doesn't Exist

11/27/2017 - Draw Your Next Artistic Masterpiece With Air Pollution

11/27/2017 - Marvel's Runaways Has a Very Weird Connection to Doctor Strange

11/27/2017 - Federal Student Aid Website Leaves Personal and Financial Info of Millions Vulnerable to Identity Thieves [Updated]

11/27/2017 - What Bali’s Volcanic Eruptions Could Mean for the Climate

11/27/2017 - All the Garbage I Had to Sit Through Before I Watched Coco

11/27/2017 - Watch Thieves Hack Keyless Entry to Steal a Mercedes in Less Than a Minute

11/27/2017 - Facebook Expands Self-Harm Prevention Program That Monitors Users’ ‘Thoughts of Suicide’

11/27/2017 - Sen. Chuck Schumer Wants the FTC to 'Take a Serious Look' at DNA Testing Companies

11/27/2017 - 5 Things to Know About Tencent, the Chinese Internet Giant That's Worth More Than Facebook Now

11/27/2017 - Tumblr Founder David Karp Steps Down

11/27/2017 - Mark Hamill Regrets Maiming That Wampa in The Empire Strikes Back

11/27/2017 - Here's Where Each of Dark Nights: Metal's Evil Batmen Came From

11/27/2017 - Mexico Just Created a Marine Reserve the Size of Michigan

11/27/2017 - Like You Have Anything Better to Do Than Watch Someone Spend 66 Hours Assembling a Chainmail Shirt

11/27/2017 - Thanos' Latest Ally Is a Wacky Cosmic Version of Ghost Rider

11/27/2017 - That 'Town Crier' Who Made the Royal Engagement Announcement Is Totally Fake

11/27/2017 - This Could Be the First Look at Altered Carbon, Netflix's Very Expensive New Scifi Series

11/27/2017 - How Mollusk DNA Could Reveal the Future of Antarctica's Most Vulnerable Ice Sheet

11/27/2017 - Morgan Will Be the One to Bridge the Gap Between Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead 

11/27/2017 - If You Love Retro Gaming, the SN30 Pro Is the Only Gamepad You'll Ever Need

11/27/2017 - An Asteroid Will Pass Near Earth Next Month But No, You Don't Have to Worry

11/27/2017 - Hold Up, the New Jumanji Movie Is Actually... Good? 

11/27/2017 - Drone Pilot Drops 'Anti-Media' Leaflets Over NFL Games, Fails to Send Message

11/27/2017 - The Walking Dead Took a Breather and Rick Immediately Did Something Idiotic

11/27/2017 - I Can't Believe There's Not a Single Collision in This Massive Swarm of Birds

11/27/2017 - Updates on Star Wars: The Last JediBlack Mirror, Crisis on Earth-X, and More 

11/26/2017 - The Deep Space Nine Documentary is Delayed as Adam Nimoy Steps Down as Director

11/26/2017 - Report: FBI Failed to Warn U.S. Officials Targeted by Russia's Fancy Bear Hackers

11/26/2017 - Over 75,000 Evacuated in Bali as Mount Agung Spews Gigantic Clouds of Ash

11/26/2017 - James Cameron Talks Developing the Avatar Sequels and the Uncertain Future of His Franchises

11/26/2017 - Here's Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke, Which Raises the Question: Who Wore It Better?

11/26/2017 - Bitcoin Blows Past $9,000

11/26/2017 - Blade Runner 2049 Director Opens Up About the Film's Treatment of Women

11/26/2017 - Watch Daisy Ridley Give An Interview While Building a Lego Millennium Falcon

11/25/2017 - Welp, Looks Like Imgur Has Also Been Hacked

11/25/2017 - Watch the First Seventeen Minutes of the Agents of SHIELD Season Five Premiere

11/25/2017 - Jeff Bezos Is Now Allegedly Worth $100 Billion

11/25/2017 - Explore Avatar: The Last Airbender's Mastery of Backstory With This Video

11/25/2017 - Parenting is Hard In New Black Mirror Season Four Trailer

11/25/2017 - Flat Earth Researcher Told He Can't Blast Himself Into the Sky at 500 MPH on Public Lands

11/25/2017 - Watch This Video on The Brilliant Page Design of Art Spiegelman's Maus

11/25/2017 - Your Dark Side Shrine Needs This Burnt Darth Vader Helmet Replica

11/25/2017 - Samsung's Bixby Button and Google's Assistant Squeeze Are Different Flavors of the Same Screw Up

11/24/2017 - Remember That Time Joe Manganiello Got Beat Up by Spider-Man?

11/24/2017 - No, Sarah Sanders Didn't Steal a Thanksgiving Pie Photo From PBS

11/24/2017 - Neither Killer Santa Nor Helpful Dude Can Best the Final Girl in This Funny Horror Short

11/24/2017 - Stunning Aerosol Visualization Accidentally Captures the Ferocity of This Year’s Hurricane Season

11/24/2017 - 5 Shopping-Mall Horror Tales That Are Almost as Terrifying as Black Friday

11/24/2017 - Houseflies Are More Capable of Spreading Disease Than We Realized

11/24/2017 - The Most Absurd Transformers Crossover Ever, and More Toys We're Thankful for This Week

11/24/2017 - Farming May Have Caused These Birds to Become Darker

11/24/2017 - Doctor Who's Resurrection of 'Shada' Works So Much Better Than It Should

11/24/2017 - Can You Find the Perfectly Camouflaged Snow Leopard Hidden on This Mountainside?

11/24/2017 - Uber’s New CEO Was Told About the Company's Massive Data Breach Months Ago

11/24/2017 - Sesame Street's Parody of Stranger Things Is Better Than the Original

11/24/2017 - Watching This Exterminator Remove a Gigantic Hornet's Nest Sent My Heart Racing

11/24/2017 - Two Months After Maria, Life on Puerto Rico's Southeast Coast Is Far From Normal

11/24/2017 - Gifts for Kids Who Are Just Starting to Love Superheroes

11/24/2017 - NASA's New Titanium Airless Tires Are Nearly Indestructible

11/24/2017 - GoPro's Hero6 Is Still the King of Action Cameras

11/24/2017 - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return Is Coming Back For a Second Season

11/24/2017 - Gifts Your Parents Would Never Buy the Ten-Year-Old You

11/24/2017 - Hundreds of Perfectly-Choreographed Printers Are the Real Stars of This Fun Music Video 

11/24/2017 - 4 Simple Rules for Giving Your New Gadget a Long Life

11/24/2017 - You Shouldn't Believe Those Joss Whedon Batgirl Rumors

11/24/2017 - A Forgotten Underwater Sound Experiment Almost Changed How We Measure Global Warming

11/24/2017 - If You Transplant a Human Head, Where Do You Get the Body?

11/23/2017 - Tom Baker's Message For Doctor Who's Anniversary Is a Perfect Reminder of How Delightful Tom Baker Is

11/23/2017 - Dolly the Sheep Didn’t Die Prematurely Because She Was a Clone

11/23/2017 - How Did You Get Into Star Wars?

11/23/2017 - Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be Ex 

11/23/2017 - This Photo Exhibit Captures Standing Rock's Striking Beauty

11/23/2017 - Everyone's Excited to Punch Nazis In the Latest Trailer for Crisis on Earth-X

11/23/2017 - This Double-Handed Glove Lets You Hold Four Beers Instead of Just Two

11/23/2017 - New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Footage Features Shocking, Unadulterated Porg Violence

11/23/2017 - Gifts for People Looking for New Ways to Escape This Hellish Reality

11/23/2017 - Yep, It's Still Not a Good Idea to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

11/23/2017 - Like the Original, Blade Runner 2049 Is Scifi Film Noir at Its Finest

11/23/2017 - Lenovo's Yoga 720 Is a Lot of Laptop for Not a Lot of Money

11/23/2017 - Two NASA Science Planes Are Capturing Some Glorious Images of Antarctica

11/23/2017 - This Is the Only Black Friday Deal I Care About

11/23/2017 - Turn Your Leftover Halloween Candy Into a Giant Turkey Lollipop and Win Thanksgiving

11/23/2017 - This Brilliant Peelable Paint Is a Screen Protector For Every Surface In Your Home

11/23/2017 - After Justice League, Henry Cavill Is Excited to Play the Superman of the Comics

11/23/2017 - National Science Foundation Envisions the Future of Thanksgiving Dinner

11/23/2017 - Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys Is Being Turned Into a Radio Drama

11/23/2017 - The Best Apps and Browser Extensions to Supercharge Your Online Shopping

11/23/2017 - After the Water Crisis, Thanksgiving In Flint Is About Healing

11/23/2017 - Tesla Should Consider Building This Car Powered By a Giant Mouse Trap

11/23/2017 - The FTC May Be Looking Into Tripadvisor After It Deleted Reviews Alleging Rape, Suspicious Deaths

11/22/2017 - Search For Lost Argentine Submarine ARA San Juan Hits 'Critical Phase' as Air Supply May Run Out

11/22/2017 - YouTube Says It Will Crack Down on All Those Creepy Videos Targeted at or Featuring Kids

11/22/2017 - Your Christmas Decorations Can't Compete With the Light-Up Millennium Falcon on This Family's Roof

11/22/2017 - The End Credits Scene of Justice League Has Been Bugging Me

11/22/2017 - Smallfoot Trailer Shows That Bigfoot Isn't the Only Terrifying Legend Around

11/22/2017 - Batman: The Animated Series Nearly Had a Black Canary/Catwoman Teamup

11/22/2017 - Scientist Sleuths Used DNA to Track Spread of Superbug

11/22/2017 - Jude Law May Star Opposite Brie Larson in Captain Marvel (UPDATED)

11/22/2017 - Only 'Magic' Can Help Post-Disaster Haiti Prepare for U.S. Deportees

11/22/2017 - This New Rick and Morty Short Will Actually Make You Cry

11/22/2017 - These Dutch Art Projects Make Climate Adaptation Beautiful

11/22/2017 - ICE Rebrands Its AI-Enhanced 'Extreme Vetting' Plan as 'Visa Lifecycle Vetting'

11/22/2017 - The Switch to Outdoor LED Lighting Has Completely Backfired

11/22/2017 - How to Fix American Horror Story Now That It's Finally Free of Cult

11/22/2017 - Confirmed: Lightning Causes Nuclear Reactions in the Sky

11/22/2017 - First Brief Look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Showcases the Cutest Deadly Carnivore Ever

11/22/2017 - DC's Doomsday Clock Boldly Pushes the Watchmen Into an Even Grimmer, More Nihilistic Future

11/22/2017 - Ghost Particles Detected on Far Side of Earth Bolsters Crucial Physics Theory

11/22/2017 - Here's the FCC's Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

11/22/2017 - The FDA Is Not Cool With Selling DIY Gene Therapies

11/22/2017 - Facebook Plans to Tell Users Which Russian Accounts They Followed

11/22/2017 - Andy Serkis Offers Hints About Snoke's Past in The Last Jedi

11/22/2017 - Here's What the CIA Thought of Australia's Anti-Communist Prime Minister, Robert Menzies

11/22/2017 - FCC Won't Help Uncover Identity Theft in Net Neutrality Comments, Says New York's Top Prosecutor

11/22/2017 - LA Traffic Looks Like Your Arteries Will After Thanksgiving

11/22/2017 - The Department of Defense Is Developing Plants That Are Spies

11/22/2017 - Mexico Just Auctioned Off the Cheapest Solar Project in the World

11/22/2017 - Betty & Veronica: Vixens' Writer on Reimagining Riverdale's Queen Bees as a Feminist Biker Gang

11/22/2017 - 30 Years Later, the Max Headroom TV Hackers Remain at Large

11/22/2017 - Filling a Turkey With Molten Aluminum Is a Terrible Way to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner

11/22/2017 - Ben Affleck Even Makes Playing With Justice League Figures a Miserable Experience

11/22/2017 - One of the Most Famous Movie Robots of All Time Just Sold for $5.4 Million

11/22/2017 - This May Be Why So Many Bats Are Getting Killed By Wind Turbines

11/22/2017 - Blade Runner 2049 Director Is Still Wrapping His Head Around Why It Underperformed

11/22/2017 - I Let an $800 Alexa Robot Creep Around My House Like a Tiny, Mechanical Zombie

11/22/2017 - New Game of Thrones Rumors Set the Stage for A Major Battle to Come

11/22/2017 - Cassini Swan Song Image of Saturn Left Me Speechless

11/21/2017 - Russia Allegedly Threatens Retaliation Against Google if It Lowers RT or Sputnik's Search Rankings

11/21/2017 - Julian Assange Tries to Save Net Neutrality With Rambling Appeal to Trump's Paranoia

11/21/2017 - Belgian Gaming Commission Decides Battlefront II-Style Loot Boxes Are Gambling, Wants Them Banned

11/21/2017 - Watch Boba Fett Actor Daniel Logan Use a Real Life Boba Fett Flamethrower

11/21/2017 - The World Needs More What We Do in the Shadows Fan Art Like This

11/21/2017 - Aquaman Won't Use the Same Techniques as Justice League For Talking Underwater

11/21/2017 - Uber Paid Hackers $100,000 to Cover Up Data Breach Affecting 57 Million Accounts

11/21/2017 - Stan Against Evil's Finale Unleashes Alternate Realities, Bloodthirsty Witches, and Stripper Jokes

11/21/2017 - Report: Herpes Researcher Funded by Peter Thiel First Performed Sketchy Trials at Holiday Inn

11/21/2017 - Vine's Co-Founder Is Very Concerned About Salad

11/21/2017 - This Stranger Things Fan Film Shows the Upside Down as an International Threat

11/21/2017 - The New Kick-Ass Comic Is Being Joined by an Ongoing Hit-Girl Series

11/21/2017 - British Water Companies Are Searching for Leaks With Divining Rods and I'm So Angry I Could Cry

11/21/2017 - Disney Executive John Lasseter Taking Leave of Absence After Reports of Misconduct  (UPDATED)

11/21/2017 - One of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 End-Credits Scenes Was Even Funnier on the Page

11/21/2017 - Facebook Still Lets Landlords Discriminate by Race and Disability in Apartment Ads

11/21/2017 - Even Scientists Were Blown Away by These Weird Sea Creatures They Found

11/21/2017 - These New Magic: The Gathering Cards Are Nuts, Literally

11/21/2017 - Today's Cryptocurrency Gaffe: Hacker Makes Off With $30 Million in Tether 

11/21/2017 - Teens in Outer Space Become the Ultimate Star-Crossed Lovers in This Poignant Short

11/21/2017 - Republicans Finally Set a Date to Kill Net Neutrality

11/21/2017 - Avatar 2's Cast Learned to Hold Their Breaths for Extended Periods to Film Underwater Performance Capture

11/21/2017 - I'm Completely Hypnotized by These Strutting Randomly-Generated Monsters

11/21/2017 - My Adventure With an 11-Year-Old Thinkpad

11/21/2017 - Skype Removed From Apple's App Store in China

11/21/2017 - Hand Sanitizer Alters the Results of Breathalyzer Tests in New Experiment

11/21/2017 - Fake Movie Poster of the Justice League Murdering Marvel Characters Was Used for Real in China

11/21/2017 - Could the Personalized Medicine Revolution Actually Slow Innovation? 

11/21/2017 - Climate Change May Be the Reason Trump Was Born in America [Updated]

11/21/2017 - Male Humpback Dolphins Gather Gifts to Get Laid

11/21/2017 - Iranian Man Charged in HBO Hack Allegedly Wanted $6 Million in Bitcoin to Stop Leaks

11/21/2017 - Your Android Phone Has Been Sending Location Data to Google, Even If You Opted Out

11/21/2017 - Stranger Things Gets Its Own Sweet-as-Eggos '80s Jam

11/21/2017 - The Gifted Just Remembered That Its Two Most Important Characters Are Also Its Least Interesting

11/21/2017 - Beneath Antarctica's Sea Ice, Scientists Discover a Rapidly Changing World

11/21/2017 - Foxconn Reportedly Used Illegal Student Labor to Manufacture iPhone Xs

11/21/2017 - Silly String Was Originally Designed to Be an Instant Spray-on Cast For Broken Bones

11/21/2017 - Water Isn't Actually Flowing on Mars, Suggests New Result

11/21/2017 - Marvel's Adding 'Post-Credits' Scenes to Its Comics, Despite the Fact That's Totally Not How Comics Work

11/21/2017 - We Tested iPhone Fast-Charging and You Should Definitely Upgrade Your Charger

11/21/2017 - A New Ant-Man & The Wasp Set Picture Teases a Major Reunion

11/20/2017 - Initial Coin Offering-Backed Startup Confido Goes Dark After Getting $374,000 From Investors

11/20/2017 - Uh, This Flat Earther's Homemade Manned Rocket Launch Does Not Sound Totally Advisable

11/20/2017 - A New Trinity of Wholesome Heroes Is Coming to DC Comics

11/20/2017 - Someone Forgot to Give Stan Lee a Hat

11/20/2017 - A New Harley Quinn Animated Series Is Coming to DC's Streaming Service

11/20/2017 - A Spine-Tingling New Book Collects Artist Brian Coldrick's Single-Panel Ghost Stories

11/20/2017 - Want To See a Guardians of the Galaxy-Themed Marching Band Performance? Of Course You Do

11/20/2017 - Eager to Host More Classified Data, Amazon Launches New 'Secret' Cloud Region for US Intelligence

11/20/2017 - Justice Department Sues AT&T Over Time Warner Merger Despite Charges of Political Motivation

11/20/2017 - Dear Once Upon a Time: Please Stop With the Magical Rape

11/20/2017 - A/S/L? Oregon Wants to Celebrate a 'Day of Cyber' With You

11/20/2017 - Indulge Your Existential Dread 24/7 With This Real-Time Global Warming Clock

11/20/2017 - Wow, the Gambit Movie Might Actually Cast Someone Other Than Channing Tatum

11/20/2017 - Come Join The Punisher's Book Club

11/20/2017 - The Global Climate Community Finally Has a Plan to Address Agriculture

11/20/2017 - The Magicians Season Three Trailer Reveals a High Seas Quest for Magic and Hope

11/20/2017 - McMaster Reportedly Told Oracle CEO That Trump Has Intelligence of a 'Kindergartner'

11/20/2017 - Ridiculously Waterproof Fly Survives Dives Into Toxic Lakes

11/20/2017 - The First Trailer for the DC/CW's Crisis on Earth-X Shows Justice League How It's Done

11/20/2017 - Now That Keystone XL Could Go Forward, Let's Talk About That Oil Spill a Bit More

11/20/2017 - The First Known Interstellar Asteroid Looks Incredibly Weird 

11/20/2017 - This Outdated Law Makes CRISPR Illegal in Canada—and That’s Hurting Science

11/20/2017 - Apple Criticized for Not Investigating App Developer Who Faked Her Cancer

11/20/2017 - In Once and Future Queen, Arthurian Legend Gets a Modern Twist—and You Can Read the First Issue, Here for Free

11/20/2017 - This Guy Is Living My Fantasy of Flying Like a Bird

11/20/2017 - These Are the Most Detailed Maps of Antarctica's Bedrock Yet

11/20/2017 - All the Ways Justice League Sets Up the Future of DC Movies

11/20/2017 - Flashlight Apps Snuck Malware Into Google's Play Store, Targeting Bank Accounts

11/20/2017 - Apple Received a Warrant for the Sutherland Springs Shooter's iPhone Data

11/20/2017 - Why Uber Just Ordered a Buttload of Volvos

11/20/2017 - In the Extended Trailer for Agents of SHIELD's Next Season, Mack Gets Even More Genre Savvy

11/20/2017 - Ancient Cave Art Depicts Oldest Evidence of Dogs Wearing Leashes

11/20/2017 - DJI Rewarded Bug Bounty Discovery With Legal Threats, Developer Claims

11/20/2017 - Watch This Perfectly-Timed Bus Block a Livestream of the Georgia Dome, Right as it Implodes

11/20/2017 - Fantastic Beasts Producer Says Jude Law Was Cast as Dumbledore Because of That 'Twinkle In His Eye'

11/20/2017 - The Last of the Iron Lungs

11/20/2017 - Alt-Earth Nazis Invade the Flash's Wedding in Our Giant First Look at the New DC/CW Crossover

11/20/2017 - The Best Bluetooth Speaker Now Works With Alexa and It's Amazing

11/20/2017 - Lord and Miller on Their Han Solo Movie Exit: 'Sometimes People Break Up'

11/20/2017 - This Mind-Bending Archer Fires Arrows That Change Direction in Mid-Air

11/20/2017 - Antioxidants Will Not Stop You From Dying

11/20/2017 - The Walking Dead Just Delivered Its Best Episode in Ages

11/20/2017 - YouTube's Craziest Inventor Built a Giant Sword-Launching Slingshot

11/20/2017 - Updates on The Last Jedi, VenomStar Trek: Discovery, and More

11/20/2017 - Salting Roads Saves Lives, But Also Takes a Major Environmental Toll

11/20/2017 - The OnePlus 5T Is a Very Damn Good Phone for a Reasonable Price

11/20/2017 - How Do Animals Recognize Each Other?

11/19/2017 - The New A Wrinkle in Time Trailer Is a Goddamn Gorgeous, Fantastical Adventure

11/19/2017 - Some Instacart Contractors Are Striking in Protest of Allegedly Awful, Sub-Minimum Wage Pay

11/19/2017 - For Mark Hamill, Returning to the Millennium Falcon Was An Emotional Experience

11/19/2017 - No, Facebook Didn't Remove the Ability to Delete Posts—But It Did Hide It From Some Users

11/19/2017 - Damon Lindelof Wants to Adapt Watchmen Because 'We Need Dangerous Shows'

11/19/2017 - Supergirl Shows Off Her Super Singing Chops in Minecraft Ad

11/19/2017 - The Fukushima Cleanup Is Progressing, But at a Painstaking Pace

11/19/2017 - Zack Snyder Fans Petition for the Release of His Cut of Justice League as Deleted Scenes Leak Online

11/19/2017 - In This Saturday Night Live Clip, Batman Might Be A Little Too Tough on Crime

11/18/2017 - Guy in Charge of All the Nukes: Relax, I'm Not Gonna Let Trump Nuke Just Anything

11/18/2017 - Watch NASA Launch Its Shiny New JPSS-1 Weather Satellite

11/18/2017 - This Is The Desktop PC The Borg Would Use, Probably

11/18/2017 - Ben Affleck Stole Some Batarangs From the Justice League Set

11/18/2017 - Pentagon Cache of Over 1.8 Billion Scraped Social Media Posts Left Unsecured on Amazon Server

11/18/2017 - Danny Elfman Does Not Approve of Studios Scrapping Classic Superhero Themes

11/18/2017 - Should You Really Be Keeping a Pet Reptile?

11/18/2017 - The Argentine Navy Is Missing an Attack Submarine With 44 Crew on Board

11/18/2017 - Oh, Thank God: The Incredibles 2 Finally Has a Teaser Trailer

11/18/2017 - In Justice League Parody, Batman Has To Call In the Backups

11/18/2017 - How to Use the Magic Mouse as Apple (Presumably) Intended

11/18/2017 - NASA Figured Out Exactly Which Glaciers Will Drown Your City When They Melt

11/17/2017 - The Cutest Stranger Things Demogorgon, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

11/17/2017 - How The Strain Made Guillermo del Toro's The Shape of Water Possible

11/17/2017 - I Have Questions About Justice League's Mother Boxes

11/17/2017 - Netflix Is Promoting The Punisher With What Looks Like an E-Mail Phishing Scam

11/17/2017 - Farewell, io9, It's Time for Me to Return to My Home Planet

11/17/2017 - Y Combinator Quietly Ends Relationship With Peter Thiel

11/17/2017 - Newly Elected Virginia Democrats Are Already Taking Serious Climate Action

11/17/2017 - The House GOP Tax Bill Is 'Truly Horrifying' For Science Graduate Students

11/17/2017 - This Week's Darth Vader Comic Turned Attack of the Clones' Jedi Librarian Into a Badass

11/17/2017 - Uh, Is This Transformers Toy a Trump Supporter? [Update]

11/17/2017 - Two Teams Have Simultaneously Unearthed Evidence of an Exotic New Particle

11/17/2017 - Could the Whole CRISPR Patent Kerfuffle Have Been Completely Avoided?

11/17/2017 - In This Doctor Who Christmas Special Clip, the First Doctor Hates the New TARDIS So Much

11/17/2017 - Dear Beloved Nerd Actors: No More Hamlets, Please

11/17/2017 - Was It a Good Idea to Beam Our Best Techno to an Alien World?

11/17/2017 - German Regulators Ban Smartwatches for Kids, Urge Parents to Destroy Them 

11/17/2017 - Doctor Strange Wants to Try and Fix One of Secret Empire's Most Horrendous Moments

11/17/2017 - Apple's Diversity Chief Is Leaving After Six Months

11/17/2017 - MoviePass Probably Won't Last, But It's Only Seven Bucks Now

11/17/2017 - Battlefront II Starts With a Fascinating Premise That Becomes an All-Too Familiar Star Wars Story

11/17/2017 - The Team Still Can't Handle Their Weapons in This Funny Clip From Lazer Team 2

11/17/2017 - Wet, Warm, Glorious: I Tried The Atomizing Shower That Wooed Tim Cook

11/17/2017 - Here's an Idea: Let's Never Ever Remake The Crow

11/17/2017 - Astronauts on the Space Station Caught a Fireball Entering Earth's Atmosphere and It's Awesome

11/17/2017 - In Black Mask Studios' The Wilds, the Apocalypse Is Both Haunting and Beautiful

11/17/2017 - Apple Delays HomePod Speaker Release to ‘Early 2018’

11/17/2017 - Disney's Star Wars Lands Are Set on the New Planet of Batuu

11/17/2017 - Marvel Comics Has a New Editor-in-Chief

11/17/2017 - New FCC Regulation Raises Concerns Over Spying TVs and Obsolescence

11/17/2017 - Spoiler: Justice League's Post-Credit Scene Is One Hell of a Tease

11/17/2017 - How to Host a Great Thanksgiving Without Ruining the Planet

11/17/2017 - US Government to Continue Funding Hurricane-Stricken Puerto Rican Telescope

11/17/2017 - The 6 Settings to Change as Soon as You've Set Up Your New Phone

11/17/2017 - I Only Want to Eat Millennium Falcon Waffles For the Rest of My Life

11/17/2017 - The Next Anime Godzilla Movie Is Going to Bring in Godzilla's Giant Robot Doppelganger 

11/17/2017 - This Gigantic Version of Nintendo's Original Handheld Games Needs Two People to Play It

11/17/2017 - Making Justice League's Aquaman Sexy Is the Smartest Thing Warner Bros. and DC Have Ever Done

11/17/2017 - iOS 11 Is Killing Me

11/17/2017 - Head Transplant Doctor Claims First Successful Human Head Transplant...on a Corpse

11/17/2017 - Alaska Natives Are Using Modern Technology to Save Traditional Ice Cellars

11/17/2017 - More Details About a Cameo-Studded Star Wars: The Last Jedi Scene

11/16/2017 - Everything You Need to Know About Tesla's New Electric Semi Truck

11/16/2017 - This Dragon Ball Z Fan Film Is Probably the Best Live-Action Adaptation the Series Is Ever Going to Get

11/16/2017 - That Spill You Keep Seeing Is Not the Keystone XL, But It Still Matters

11/16/2017 - Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad May Star in a Subversive Superhero Movie for Netflix

11/16/2017 - Sounds Like the Flashpoint Movie Might Include Batman as Well As Wonder Woman

11/16/2017 - Watch an Artist Instantly Create a Mirror With Liquid Silver Nitrate

11/16/2017 - The FCC Votes to Abandon Rural and Low-Income Americans

11/16/2017 - New Study Finds 'Nationwide Failure' of Body Camera Policies to Protect Civil Rights

11/16/2017 - Working on Justice League Made Gal Gadot Vomit Repeatedly

11/16/2017 - What Mark Learned

11/16/2017 - Watch a 30-Foot Wolf Pounce on a Helicopter in Rampage's Chaotic First Trailer

11/16/2017 - Boston Dynamics’ ATLAS Robot Is Now a Backflipping Cyborg Supersoldier

11/16/2017 - I Give Up, I Like Nibiru Doomsday Stories Now

11/16/2017 - In Image's Death of Love, a Self-Proclaimed 'Nice Guy' Wages War on Romance

11/16/2017 - Huawei's Mate 10 Pro Is a Valiant Attempt to Slay the iPhone With AI Smarts

11/16/2017 - Revenge Porn Is Finally Criminalized In New York City

11/16/2017 - An Alien Abductee Awkwardly Returns to Earth in Scifi Short Sisters

11/16/2017 - AI Experts Say ICE's Predictive 'Extreme Vetting' Plan Is 'Tailor-Made for Discrimination'

11/16/2017 - Loki Is Marvel's New Sorcerer Supreme, and Not Everyone Thinks That's Bullshit

11/16/2017 - Skip the Switch and Play This Cardboard Version of Super Mario You Can Build Yourself

11/16/2017 - The Republican Tax Bill Is a Shit Sandwich That Includes Arctic Drilling and Rolling Back Obamacare

11/16/2017 - Mysterious New Results Can't Explain Why So Much Antimatter Hits Earth

11/16/2017 - The Long Journey to Make Pixar's Dia de los Muertos Movie Coco

11/16/2017 - Genetically Engineering the Natural World, it Turns Out, Could Be a Disaster 

11/16/2017 - Your Roomba's Also a Half-Decent Nanny

11/16/2017 - In Hotel Transylvania 3, the Monsters Go on Vacation, Because of Course They Do

11/16/2017 - James Franco May Be Joining the X-Men Universe as Multiple Man

11/16/2017 - Periodic Table of Exoplanets Neatly Classifies Over 3,700 Known Worlds

11/16/2017 - New DNS Service Launched by IBM Vows to Keep Your Browsing Habits Secret

11/16/2017 - Sonequa Martin-Green Thinks Discovery's Burnham Will Be Captain Someday... But How? 

11/16/2017 - Your Guide to Steppenwolf, the Villain of Justice League, and DC's Other 'New Gods'

11/16/2017 - Here Are the 3 Biggest Upgrades on the New OnePlus 5T

11/16/2017 - Someone Spent Almost Half a Billion Dollars on a Possibly Inauthentic da Vinci Painting 

11/16/2017 - The Trump Administration’s Justification for Allowing Elephant Trophies Reeks of Bullshit [Updated]

11/16/2017 - The FDA Wants To Bring Cell Therapies to Market Much Faster

11/16/2017 - Amazon's Last Mile

11/16/2017 - Andy Weir's Artemis Has a Phenomenal Setting, But an All-Too-Familiar Story

11/16/2017 - My Brain Refuses to Believe These Are Clouds and Not the Ocean

11/16/2017 - Debut Teaser for A Quiet Place Is Frighteningly Silent

11/16/2017 - Singapore College Enlists Doctor Strange Clone to Promote Mystical Study Habits

11/16/2017 - Fantastic Beasts 2 Has a New Name and a First Look at the Cast

11/16/2017 - Two Months After Maria, Puerto Rico's Rainforest Is Bouncing Back

11/16/2017 - Black Holes Slamming Together Officially 'Routine'

11/16/2017 - Microsoft’s Giant Surface Book 2 Is Very Powerful, Very Fast, Very Pretentious

11/16/2017 - Even More Rumors About Ben Affleck's Future as Batman

11/15/2017 - Twitter Might Be Removing Verification From a Whole Lot of Accounts Soon [Update: Far-Right Purge Begins]

11/15/2017 - Donald Trump's Administration to Reverse Ban on Some African Elephant Trophies [Updated]

11/15/2017 - Daisy Ridley Loves Porgs... Rey, Not So Much

11/15/2017 - Coco Is Already the Highest-Grossing Movie in Mexican History

11/15/2017 - The Original Gimli Has a Theory About Why Amazon Is Rebooting Lord of the Rings

11/15/2017 - Last Night's Legends of Tomorrow Dropped the Biggest Easter Egg You've Ever Seen

11/15/2017 - Does Uber's Fired Self-Driving Car Guru Really Believe This Shit? [UPDATE: Yes]

11/15/2017 - New Details on the Female Kick-Ass Comic, Which Mark Millar Wrote Before His Netflix Deal

11/15/2017 - This Fan-Made Black Panther/ThunderCats Crossover Will Punch You Right in the Nostalgia

11/15/2017 - Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo May Star in a Groundhog Day-Style Action Thriller

11/15/2017 - Hawaiian Airlines Seals New Time Capsule With Over 100 Items for the Year 2079

11/15/2017 - White House Reveals How and When the US Keeps Security Flaws Secret

11/15/2017 - The Batman Who Laughs Is One of DC's Most Gruesome and Shocking Stories About the Dark Knight

11/15/2017 - Decapitated Male Mantis Still Fucks

11/15/2017 - This Is the Best Gaming Controller You Can Buy

11/15/2017 - 20 Years Later, Some Killer Starship Troopers Behind the Scenes Footage Is Now Online

11/15/2017 - What's Left When a National Monument Is Reduced by 90 Percent?

11/15/2017 - This NASA Animation Is Like a Van Gogh Painting of Our Recent Hellish Weather

11/15/2017 - J.R.R. Tolkien's Son Resigns as Director of Tolkien Estate, Ending Decades of Tightly Controlled Adaptations

11/15/2017 - Playing SteamVR in Microsoft Mixed Reality Is a Bummer

11/15/2017 - Watch How Hollywood Fakes the Ocean Using Nothing But a Ton of Water and Some Construction Equipment

11/15/2017 - What If We Tried to Feed the Entire World With Organic Food?

11/15/2017 - Thelma's Director Made a Horror Movie to Celebrate All the “Beautiful Freaks” Out There

11/15/2017 - There Are Several New Poe-ments of Footage In These Last Jedi TV Spots

11/15/2017 - At Least 400 Science Articles Cite Nonexistent ‘Phantom’ Study

11/15/2017 - Trump May Inadvertently Protect This Stunning Texas Landscape

11/15/2017 - Amazon's First Whole Foods Deal for Prime Members Is a Coupon With an FAQ

11/15/2017 - 10 Fictional Religions From Movies and TV That Don't Involve Jedi or the Force

11/15/2017 - New Firefox Defaults to Google, Ends Friendship With Yahoo [UPDATED]

11/15/2017 - Watch This Dancer Perform a Flawlessly Choreographed Routine With a Giant Robotic Arm

11/15/2017 - A Superpowered Movie From the Director of Train to Busan Is Coming to Netflix

11/15/2017 - In a Major First, Scientists Edit DNA Within the Human Body

11/15/2017 - Amazon Employees Use Pikachu to Test Automated Grocery Store, Which Is a Weird Thing to Do

11/15/2017 - Apparently No One Cares That Someone in Riverdale Cured Cancer

11/15/2017 - Only the iPhone X Got Animoji, But Could It Work On Other iPhones? [Correction]

11/15/2017 - Watch NASA’s Mars 2020 Parachute Unfurl at Supersonic Speeds

11/15/2017 - New Intergalactic Discovery Could Be Biggest Supernova Ever

11/15/2017 - Martha Wayne Hates Seeing Herself Die Over and Over Again

11/15/2017 - Watch This Neural Network Generate an Infinite Number of Totally Unique Anime Characters

11/15/2017 - Our First Solid Evidence For What Climate Change Did to Hurricane Harvey

11/15/2017 - The First Trailer For Deadpool 2 Is Hidden in a Bizarre Tribute to Bob Ross

11/15/2017 - 12 Useful Web Tools You Didn't Know About

11/15/2017 - Jason Momoa Confirms an Intriguing Link Between Aquaman's Justice League Backstory and Man of Steel

11/15/2017 - Justice League Isn't Great, But It Sets Up Great Things to Come

11/15/2017 - Scientists Discover Nearby Planet That May Have the Best Prospects for Life Yet

11/15/2017 - Cards Against Humanity Sells Out Promotion to Screw Up Donald Trump's Border Wall in First Day

11/14/2017 - Bloomberg Is Starting a '24-Hour Social News Network' Based on Twitter

11/14/2017 - Spider-Man Is Always Outside Your Window With This New Poster

11/14/2017 - Alabama Robocalls Are Allegedly Spreading Twitter-Fueled Roy Moore Conspiracy Theories

11/14/2017 - A New Take-Home Exhibit From the Museum of Science Fiction Celebrates the Women of Scifi

11/14/2017 - Hera Syndulla May Be One of the Best Star Wars Characters Ever

11/14/2017 - Equifax Seized 138 Scammy Lookalike Domains Instead of Just Changing Its Dumb 'Security' Site

11/14/2017 - Uber Lawsuit Lists Actionable Changes Uber Could Make to Prevent Sexual Assault

11/14/2017 - US Virgin Islands Governor Reminds Congress Just How Stressful Post-Hurricane Life Is

11/14/2017 - Russian 'Proof' That the US Is Helping ISIS Is Actually From a Video Game

11/14/2017 - Galaxy Quest TV Show Dives Into Modern Fandom, Where 'Scifi Heroes Are Rock Stars'

11/14/2017 - It's Impossible to Distinguish Night From Day in This Cleverly Layered Timelapse of New York

11/14/2017 - Sean Hannity Settles Keurig Controversy in Dumbest Way Possible

11/14/2017 - An Astronaut Faces His Worst Fears in Impressive Scifi Short Icarus

11/14/2017 - Connecticut Lawsuit Is the First to Claim Elephants as Legal Persons

11/14/2017 - Rotten Tomatoes Will Piss Everyone Off by Delaying Justice League Rating

11/14/2017 - Andy Weir Spent a Year Creating a City on the Moon Before Even He Even Started Writing Artemis

11/14/2017 - California’s Plastic Bag Ban Appears to Be Kicking Some Major Ass

11/14/2017 - Boom Studios' New Labyrinth Comic Will Explore the Goblin King's Origins

11/14/2017 - Super Slo-Mo Footage of Swords Slicing Water Bottles Will Satisfy Your Ninja Fantasies

11/14/2017 - Jeffrey Richelson, FOIA Legend and National Security Expert, Dies at 67

11/14/2017 - Welcome to the Carbonite Freezer, io9's Star Wars Fan Group

11/14/2017 - 1 Crazy Way My Mom Can Share Photos With Me, Her Daughter

11/14/2017 - The Most Essential Episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited

11/14/2017 - Arianna Huffington Ignored Sexual Misconduct at The Huffington Post

11/14/2017 - Fight Hulks and Fix the Plumbing With This Brilliant Thor Mjolnir Hammer Toolbox

11/14/2017 - How Black Market Criminals Are Duping Apple Users Into Surrendering Their iPhones

11/14/2017 - Netflix's The Punisher Is a Brutal Humanization of Frank Castle That Can't Face Its Own Demons

11/14/2017 - Google's Pixel Buds Aren't Even Close to Being Good

11/14/2017 - There Is So Much Weirdness Happening in This Beyond Skyline Clip

11/14/2017 - Court Rules Yelp Must Identify Anonymous User in Defamation Case

11/14/2017 - Could a Rogue State Use Geoengineering to Mess With Hurricanes?

11/14/2017 - Nintendo Is Finally Making Another Super Mario Bros. Movie

11/14/2017 - The Apple Watch Can Accurately Detect Hypertension and Sleep Apnea

11/14/2017 - Last Night's Excellent Supergirl Episode Had a Big Smallville Reference

11/14/2017 - Urban Trees Grow Differently Than Rural Trees

11/14/2017 - It's Hard as Hell to Raise Venture Capital as a Woman

11/14/2017 - The Gifted's Ideas About Power Are Evolving in Painful But Necessary Ways

11/14/2017 - NASA Captures Stunning Close-Up Photos of Antarctica's Massive Iceberg

11/14/2017 - Apple Reportedly Wants a 3D Sensor on the Back of iPhones by 2019

11/14/2017 - Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk Has the Best Clive Barker Story

11/14/2017 - The World’s Largest Solar-Powered Refugee Camp Just Booted Up [Updated]

11/14/2017 - A New Type of Gravitational Wave Could Be Spotted Soon, Claims New Paper

11/14/2017 - HTC Kills Its Google VR Headset

11/14/2017 - A London Theater Is Showing Every Episode of Game of Thrones for Binge-Watchers

11/14/2017 - This Photographer Turned a Grade School Science Experiment Into a Phenomenal Short Film

11/14/2017 - New Study Shows What Would Happen If the US Went Vegan

11/14/2017 - 4 Updates to Mozilla's Overhauled Quantum Firefox

11/14/2017 - Don't Expect Man of Steel 2 Any Time Soon

11/14/2017 - A Million Black Americans Face Health Risks From Living Near Industry

11/14/2017 - The FDA Just Approved a Pill With Sensors in It For the First Time Ever

11/13/2017 - Apple Is Testing a Beta Fix to the iOS 11 Control Center's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Switches

11/13/2017 - Suspicious Account Behind Viral Roy Moore Conspiracy Theory Deletes All of Its Tweets

11/13/2017 - Remember Scarif's Better Days With This Action-Packed Rogue One Poster

11/13/2017 - A Brief History of Ben Affleck Not Being Sure If He'll Continue Being Batman

11/13/2017 - Let's Talk About Bill Gates' Plans to Build A 'Smart Town'

11/13/2017 - Witches Stamp Out a Youth Revolt in the Latest Installment of Web Series Ghost Radio

11/13/2017 - Julian Assange's Secret DMs to Donald Trump Jr. Are Somehow Dumber, Sadder Than You'd Think

11/13/2017 - FBI: Man 'Thought It Would Be Funny' to Shine Laser in Pilot's Eyes, Crashed Car in Chase

11/13/2017 - The Best Use For Microsoft's HoloLens Is Playing a Star Trek: TNG Game That Nearly Killed the Crew

11/13/2017 - Next Generation Telescope Selects First Proposals From Scientific Community

11/13/2017 - Temple of Doom's Sacrifice Scene Is So Much Creepier With Lego Ewoks

11/13/2017 - Apparently, It's Time to Think About Next Year's iPhones Already

11/13/2017 - The US Event at the International Climate Talks Was a Total Train Wreck

11/13/2017 - Resist The Urge to Pet Boston Dynamics’ Newest Robodog

11/13/2017 - Can Scientists Figure Out Where Colliding Black Holes Come From?

11/13/2017 - Everything That Happened in Inhumans, for Those of You Who Wisely Stopped Watching After the Premiere

11/13/2017 - LA Cops Allegedly Film Themselves Planting Cocaine on Suspect With Their Own Body Cams

11/13/2017 - President Trump's Latest Federal Judge Nominee is a Ghost-Hunting Horror Novelist 

11/13/2017 - Blade Runner 2049 Used Amazingly Detailed Miniature Sets to Bring Its Cities to Life

11/13/2017 - Stunning Video Is the First to Show CRISPR Editing DNA in Real Time

11/13/2017 - DC Comics and Warner Bros. Have Fired Editor Eddie Berganza Over Claims of Sexual Harassment

11/13/2017 - Texas Paid Hundreds of Thousands to Spy on Cellphones With Surveillance Planes

11/13/2017 - Disney's Star Tours Ride May Be Making Some Huge Changes

11/13/2017 - Amazon Is Reportedly Bringing Ad-Supported TV to Prime Video [Updated]

11/13/2017 - This Smartwatch Is Powered by Body Heat, and That's Cool as Hell [Updated]

11/13/2017 - Judge Orders Facebook to Redact Info of Anti-Trump Activists Sought by Feds

11/13/2017 - Lyme Disease Is Slowly Spreading Across the US East Coast

11/13/2017 - Amazon's New Lord of The Rings Series Will Feature 'Previously Unexplored Stories'

11/13/2017 - What Is Going on With This Major Star Trek: Discovery Moment?

11/13/2017 - Scientists: Maybe We Should Stop Ruining the Earth

11/13/2017 - Sony's Next Spider-Man Spinoff Film Is About Morbius, the Living Vampire

11/13/2017 - Artificially Intelligent Drones Become Terrifying Killing Machines in Dystopian Short Film

11/13/2017 - Report: Facebook Fact-Checking Is A Sham, According to Facebook Fact-Checkers

11/13/2017 - The World's Carbon Emissions Started Rising Again, In Four Charts

11/13/2017 - Justice League's Commissioner Gordon Is a Badass Marine Veteran

11/13/2017 - Uber Board Members Put Aside Differences to Accept Giant Sack of Investment Cash

11/13/2017 - Man Hilariously Reviews the Annoying Water Machine at His Office

11/13/2017 - Geoff Johns Already Teased a Cool Connection Between the Titans TV Show and Doom Patrol

11/13/2017 - Of Course the Internet Named This Australian Boat 'Ferry McFerryface' [Updated]

11/13/2017 - io9 Breaks Down Star Trek: Discovery's Gripping Mid-Finale and Lorca's True Plans

11/13/2017 - Scientists Propose Downsizing Next Big Particle Collider

11/13/2017 - Ezekiel Has an Extremely Bad Day on a Pretty Darned Good Walking Dead

11/13/2017 - In Puerto Rico, Innovative Solar Projects Aid Kids in Need

11/13/2017 - Congratulations to EA for Posting the Most Hated Comment in Reddit History 

11/13/2017 - 7 Handy Google Assistant Tricks You Didn't Know About

11/13/2017 - 280-Character Tweets Make Tetris Possible on Twitter

11/13/2017 - Caroline Rhea Joined Sabrina the Teenage Witch to Help Get Over a Breakup

11/13/2017 - New EPA Air Pollution Administrator Doesn't Mind More Mercury Emissions

11/13/2017 - When Will We Have Designer Babies?

11/13/2017 - Android Will Finally Show You Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery

11/13/2017 - Last Night's Star Trek: Discovery Was a Great Climax to a Show We Never Got

11/13/2017 - Real-life Thor Builds a Flying Mjolnir Hammer That Returns to Him

11/13/2017 - Updates on Glass, Captain Marvel, Daredevil and More

11/12/2017 - Vietnamese Firm Bkav Claims to Have Beaten Apple Face ID With an Elaborate Mask

11/12/2017 - This Beast Wars Action Figure Does Its Best Character Justice

11/12/2017 - Angry Sean Hannity Fans Are Smashing Keurigs on Twitter Because 2017 Is Dumb as Heck

11/12/2017 - The Cancelled Justice League Mortal Could've Had A Video Game Tie-In Written by Dwayne McDuffie

11/12/2017 - In Its Last Season, Star Wars: Rebels Has Found What It's Been Missing: Focus

11/12/2017 - Very Tired-Sounding John Kelly: Yeah, I Just Ignore Donald Trump's Tweets

11/12/2017 - Here's How They Made Hela's Thor: Ragnarok Headdress

11/12/2017 - LinkedIn Restricts Job-Posting Features in China After Pressure From Authorities

11/12/2017 - Now You Can Buy The Maps From Lev Grossman's The Magicians 

11/11/2017 - DC Comics Has Suspended Editor Eddie Berganza Amidst Allegations of Sexual Harassment

11/11/2017 - Impressively, Jason Momoa Still Knows His Dothraki From Game of Thrones

11/11/2017 - Disneyland Decontaminates Cooling Towers Linked to Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak

11/11/2017 - Justice League's Cinematographer Talks the Film's Lighter Style

11/11/2017 - The Guy Who Oversaw Mt. Gox's Catastrophic Meltdown Could Still Get Very Rich

11/11/2017 - Kenneth Branagh Remembers His Thor As a "Make Or Break" Moment for Marvel

11/11/2017 - The First Trailer for Season Five of Agents of SHIELD is Here, Quipping in Space

11/11/2017 - Donald Trump Denies Ordering DOJ to Stop AT&T and Time Warner Deal Unless They Sell CNN

11/11/2017 - This YouTuber Spent a Month Training Like Batman For One Awesome Fight Scene

11/11/2017 - Don't Let YouTube Babysit Your Children

11/10/2017 - A Stranded Man Stumbles Across a Freaky Haunted Mansion in Surreal Animated Short Macabre

11/10/2017 - Behold Mondo's Failed Pint Glasses and Posters, and Weep at the Pop Culture Art You Can Never Own 

11/10/2017 - Edward James Olmos Considers His One Scene in Coco a Career Highlight 

11/10/2017 - The Mad Scientist Behind That Creepy, Viral, Long-Legged Bear Explains Himself

11/10/2017 - Gotham by Gaslight Trailer Pits the Bat and the Cat Against a Serial Killer

11/10/2017 - Ride-Hailing Service Prominent at SXSW Briefly Exposed Data on as Many as 1 Million Customers

11/10/2017 - Author Tamora Pierce on Straightforward, Inclusive Fantasy

11/10/2017 - Watch a Paramotorist Catch a Paper Airplane While Flying 2,000 Feet in the Air

11/10/2017 - A Hela Figure to Rule Your Desk, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

11/10/2017 - What the New Live-Action Star Wars Show Should Learn From Star Wars Rebels

11/10/2017 - Tribes Across the Midwest Are Gearing up for a Big New Pipeline Battle

11/10/2017 - Researchers Find Grasshopper Stuck in Classic Van Gogh Painting

11/10/2017 - In Daredevil, a Trumpian Wilson Fisk Has Become Mayor of New York City

11/10/2017 - We're the Staff of io9, Let's Chat

11/10/2017 - All the Reasons Why The Exorcist's Second Season Is Even Scarier Than the First

11/10/2017 - Paradise Papers Investigation Shows StubHub Rewarding Large-Scale Scalpers

11/10/2017 - The Heartbreaking Detail You Might've Missed in Stranger Things 2

11/10/2017 - Aborting a Launch of NASA’S Orion Capsule Sounds Absolutely Horrifying

11/10/2017 - Redditors Say Sex Toy App Was Secretly Recording Them

11/10/2017 - We Need to Talk About Industry Funded Nutrition Science

11/10/2017 - Warner Bros Should Turn the Deathstroke Comic Into Its Next TV Show

11/10/2017 - Google Street View Has Reached the Tiny Faroe Islands Thanks to Sheep

11/10/2017 - Report: Marvel and Fox Are Still Considering the Acquisition Deal That Would Bring Characters Back to the MCU

11/10/2017 - The First Reactions to Justice League Have Surfaced, and They're All Over the Place

11/10/2017 - ‘Harmless’ Radioactive Cloud Drifts Over Europe Following Mysterious Nuclear Accident

11/10/2017 - What Star Wars History May Tell Us About Rian Johnson's New Trilogy 

11/10/2017 - A Drone Captured This Hypnotic Timelapse Footage by Flying in Giant Circles 

11/10/2017 - iPhone X Doesn't Work Right in the Cold, Users Say, But Apple Promises to Fix It

11/10/2017 - 5 Things Stranger Things Would Be Missing Without Eight and 'The Lost Sister'

11/10/2017 - Never Underestimate the Challenge of Saving a Critically Endangered Species [Updated]

11/10/2017 - Watch This Incredibly Talented Artist Create a Self-Portrait While Painting Backwards

11/10/2017 - Stand Aside Aquaman, Queen Mera's Getting Her Own Comic Series

11/10/2017 - Jean Grey and the Phoenix Will Lead the X-Men in an New Comic Book Series

11/10/2017 - Gotham Confirms the Return of a Major Villain

11/10/2017 - IBM’s Newest Quantum Computers Are the Most Powerful of Their Kind

11/10/2017 - Sony's Truly Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Are a Vision of the Future

11/10/2017 - Scientists Slam Republican Plan to Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

11/9/2017 - Recovered Zombies Reflect on the Lives They've Lost in Poignant Short Less Than Human

11/9/2017 - The Shape of Water's Latest Trailer Offers Our Best Look at Guillermo del Toro's Newest Monster

11/9/2017 - Disney Will Bring an All-New Marvel Show to Its Streaming Service in 2019

11/9/2017 - DOJ Fires Up New War With Apple Over Encryption 

11/9/2017 - Wonder Woman's Twin Brother Is Yet Another Missed Opportunity to Give Her an Epic Story

11/9/2017 - Rian Johnson Is Developing a New Trilogy of Star Wars Movies 

11/9/2017 - The Director Behind Colossal Is Bringing Time Travel Thriller Comeback to the Big Screen

11/9/2017 - Board Games Are the Hidden Feature of 280-Character Tweets

11/9/2017 - Thor: Ragnarok's Hela Is Marvel's First Queer Icon

11/9/2017 - Dino-Killing Asteroid Struck an Unfortunate Spot, Claim Scientists

11/9/2017 - FEMA Preps 'Air Bridge' to Bring Puerto Rican Hurricane Survivors to New York and Florida

11/9/2017 - Alphabet X's Project Loon Has Provided Internet to 100,000 People in Puerto Rico 

11/9/2017 - It's La Niña Time for the Second Year in a Row

11/9/2017 - The Fungus That Turns Ants Into Zombies Is More Diabolical Than We Realized

11/9/2017 - Hear an Exclusive Preview of Brandon Sanderson's New Fantasy Epic Oathbringer

11/9/2017 - Johnny Depp Probably Won't Be Winning Any Star Wars Trivia Contests

11/9/2017 - After Outrage, Logitech Gives Free Upgrade to Owners of Soon to Be Obsolete Device

11/9/2017 - 'Real Life Iron Man' Sets Record For Fastest Jetpack Flight

11/9/2017 - For Some Reason, the First Deadpool 2 Marketing Push Focuses on Thanksgiving

11/9/2017 - People Are Already Creating Awesome Fan Art of Doctor Who's New Threads

11/9/2017 - The USDA Is Scrapping Terrible, Nonsense GMO Rules

11/9/2017 - Algae Are Making Greenland Darker, and That's Probably a Bad Thing

11/9/2017 - Jedha's Not Doing Too Well After Rogue One

11/9/2017 - North Korea's Apple Obsession Brings New Meaning to the Phrase 'Walled Garden'

11/9/2017 - It Sure Looks Like CBS Just Spoiled Star Trek: Discovery's Midseason Finale

11/9/2017 - Blade of the Immortal Director Takashi Miike: Manga Was 'Salvation for Many Japanese Kids'

11/9/2017 - Even a Novice Hacker Could Breach the Network Hosting Kris Kobach's Bogus Voter Fraud Program

11/9/2017 - The Trailer for Netflix's Dark Feels Like a German Fairytale, With More Time Travel

11/9/2017 - New Brain Technologies Could Lead to Terrifying Invasions of Privacy, Warn Scientists

11/9/2017 - Everything You Should Know Before Seeing Justice League

11/9/2017 - Crested Pigeons Sound the Alarm With Whistling Wings

11/9/2017 - There's a New Push to Bring Solar to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands

11/9/2017 - Twitter Halts All Verifications After Verifying Charlottesville Neo-Nazi Rally Organizer

11/9/2017 - Filmmakers Built a Gigantic Fake Boat at an Airport For Kong: Skull Island's Ocean Scenes

11/9/2017 - It's About Time the Nintendo Switch Got a Real Streaming Video App

11/9/2017 - TripAdvisor Has Added Warnings For Hotels With Reports of Sexual Assault and Other Issues

11/9/2017 - Extinct Giant Otter Ruled With Powerful Jaws

11/9/2017 - Watch This GoPro Experience What It's Like To Be Consumed By Molten Lava

11/9/2017 - The True Star of Inhumans Is Getting His Own Comic Book

11/9/2017 - Uber Needs Obamacare to Work Just as Much as Trump Wants It to Fail

11/9/2017 - Intel Is Finally Working on Proper Graphics Cards

11/9/2017 - 8 Annoying iOS 11 Problems and How to Deal With Them

11/9/2017 - Taika Waititi Has a Fantastic Idea for the First Scene of Thor 4

11/9/2017 - B-Movie Delight Wolfcop's Suitably Silly Sequel Shows Off in the Trailer for Another Wolfcop

11/9/2017 - Former Facebook President Admits It's 'Exploiting a Vulnerability in Human Psychology'

11/9/2017 - This Guy Hacked Together a Glove That Makes Time Appear to Slow Down

11/9/2017 - Our First Look at Samuel L. Jackson's Return to the Unbreakable Universe

11/9/2017 - Doctor Who's New Doctor Has a New Outfit

11/9/2017 - Here's What Snapchat's Desperate Gamble on a Redesign Allegedly Looks Like

11/8/2017 - Logitech Will Be Intentionally Bricking All Harmony Link Units on March 16th, 2018 [Updated]

11/8/2017 - A Lot of People Rushed to Buy This Stranger Things Dino Hoodie [Updated]

11/8/2017 - Report: InfoWars Ran Years-Long Conspiracy to, Uh, Rip Off RT and the Rest of the Media

11/8/2017 - In This Stunningly Bleak Scifi Short, a Survivor Struggles in a Post-Apocalyptic Cityscape

11/8/2017 - The FBI Is Seeking Access to the Sutherland Springs Shooter's iPhone

11/8/2017 - A Video Tribute to Mjolnir, May It Rest in Pieces

11/8/2017 - If You Want to Use Facebook’s Revenge Porn Blocker, An Employee Will Have to Review Your Uncensored Photo

11/8/2017 - Republicans Decided to Talk About a Dramatic Climate Solution Without Addressing the Actual Problem

11/8/2017 - A New Comics Anthology Spotlights High-Tech Noir, Futuristic Felines, and More Scifi Tales of San Francisco

11/8/2017 - Let's All Calm Down and Make Sense of That Antarctic Mantle Plume

11/8/2017 - Artist Transforms Stranger Things Episodes Into Pulp Novels and Atari Games

11/8/2017 - India's Blinding Air Pollution Is Causing Fatal Accidents

11/8/2017 - Read the First Issue of Kid's Crime Thriller 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Here for Free

11/8/2017 - SpaceX Launches Investigation After Rocket-Engine Explodes During Tests (Updated)

11/8/2017 - Ridley Scott Seems to Think the Alien Franchise Doesn't Need an Alien Anymore

11/8/2017 - Cities Need to Look Beyond Their Borders When Fighting Climate Change

11/8/2017 - Just How Fucked Is Snapchat?

11/8/2017 - This Little Box Can Make Even the Junkiest Laptop a Gaming PC

11/8/2017 - Riverdale's Jughead Is a Shitty Writer

11/8/2017 - Apparently These Sheep Can Recognize Emma Watson and Barack Obama

11/8/2017 - This Week's Squirrel Girl Comic Has One of the Cleverest Stories About Loki You'll Ever Read

11/8/2017 - Coral Bleaching Has Ravaged Half of Hawaii's Reefs

11/8/2017 - Greta Van Susteren Made an App Or Something—Really We Have No Clue What She Is Talking About

11/8/2017 - Google Is Mapping California's Air Pollution in Mesmerizing Detail

11/8/2017 - American Horror Story: Cult Finally Revealed Its Villain's Ridiculous Motivation 

11/8/2017 - The End Credit Scene of Thor: Ragnarok Could Have Been Something Very, Very Different

11/8/2017 - US Air Force Wants to Put Lasers on Fighter Jets By 2021

11/8/2017 - Chadwick Boseman Chose His Black Panther Accent to Make a Point About White Supremacy

11/8/2017 - Remarkable New Supernova Discovery Is Unlike Anything Seen Before

11/8/2017 - Gene Therapy Restores Seven-Year-Old Boy's Skin in 'Major Biomedical Triumph'

11/8/2017 - Equifax and Yahoo Complain They Are Helpless Against State-Sponsored Hacks

11/8/2017 - See How a Slimy Sex Alien Was Created For One of This Year's Sneakiest Scifi Films

11/8/2017 - Thor: Ragnarok's Valkyrie Shows How Far We've Got to Go for LGBTQ Representation on the Big Screen

11/8/2017 - In the New Early Man Trailer, the Stone Age Strikes Back in the Goofiest Way

11/8/2017 - North Atlantic Right Whales Can't Handle More Years Like 2017, Scientists Warn

11/8/2017 - Instagram Stories Now Lets You Post Old Photos Without a Workaround

11/8/2017 - Why You Don't Need an iPhone X—Or Any Other Expensive New Phone

11/8/2017 - Apple's Reportedly Shooting to Have its AR Headset Ready For Manufacture By 2019

11/8/2017 - Poor Guy Accidentally Steals and Then Destroys $300 Million Worth of Ether Cryptocurrency

11/8/2017 - MIT Could Revolutionize Salads With a New Stable Way to Mix Oil and Water

11/8/2017 - Jar Jar Binks' Actor Is Very Happy With His Character's Canonically Miserable Fate

11/8/2017 - Uber Is Still Trying to Do That Flying Car Thing [Updated]

11/8/2017 - Universal's Shared Monster Movie Universe Has Been Put on Hold

11/8/2017 - Watch a Simulated Launch of the Rocket That Will Get Us to Mars and Beyond

11/8/2017 - Surprising Rumors About Which Movie DC's Black Adam Could Show Up in First

11/8/2017 - These Photos of the Atacama Desert Will Make You Feel Like You're on Another Planet

11/7/2017 - Secret Service Agent Who Stole Silk Road Bitcoins Sentenced to Two More Years for Stealing Even More

11/7/2017 - Instagram Is Trying to Get More 'Influencers' to Disclose Their Obvious Product Plugs Are Sponsored

11/7/2017 - Do You Dare Disturb The Thing in the Apartment?

11/7/2017 - The Stunts of Hulu's New Action Comedy Future Man Look Both Goofy and Badass

11/7/2017 - Marvel's Next Major Comic Book Event Features a New Avenger and the Return of a Classic Hero

11/7/2017 - Snapchat Is Redesigning Its App Because It Knows It's Too Hard to Use

11/7/2017 - The FBI Can't Decrypt the Texas Shooter's Phone

11/7/2017 - Wacky Firework Effect Created in Special Quantum Gas

11/7/2017 - How an Artist Brought Harvey Kurtzman's Unfinished Christmas Carol Graphic Novel to Life, Over Half a Century Later

11/7/2017 - Oath Senior Vice President to Staff: 'Go Fuck Yourself' [Updated]

11/7/2017 - The EPA Just Approved Lab-Grown Mosquitoes to Fight Disease

11/7/2017 - Twitter Goes Through With It: You're All Getting 280 Damn Characters

11/7/2017 - Facebook's Latest Bright Idea to Fight Hoaxes Was to Promote Comments That Said 'Fake'

11/7/2017 - What Do You Think Brian Michael Bendis Will Be Writing at DC Comics?

11/7/2017 - Snap Lost a Buttload of Money on Spectacles

11/7/2017 - Severe Air Pollution Has Transformed Delhi Into a 'Gas Chamber'

11/7/2017 - The Magic of Thor: Ragnarok's Strangest Scene Was Created Using Practical Effects

11/7/2017 - Bandage-Like Gadget Could Make Stitches and Staples a Thing of the Past

11/7/2017 - The Surprising New Way Facebook Is Helping Fight Revenge Porn

11/7/2017 - The Giant Foam Suit They Used to Film Okja Is Actually the Best Part of the Movie

11/7/2017 - Handmaid's Tale Actress Thinks Aunt Lydia Was a Scorned Schoolteacher Before Gilead

11/7/2017 - Thousands of Idled, Dirty Railroad Cars Are Littering the American Landscape

11/7/2017 - I Have a Few Questions About This Video of a Woman Stealing From an Uber Driver's Tip Jar [Updated]

11/7/2017 - How a Forgotten DC Comics Story Is Helping Me Write My Favorite Marvel Superhero

11/7/2017 - The Trump Administration Wants to Mine the Grand Canyon Because Why Not

11/7/2017 - Perfect Stranger Things Gives Larry and Balki a New Roommate From the Upside Down

11/7/2017 - 350-Year-Old Map of Australia Restored to Its Former Glory

11/7/2017 - Amazon Echo Dot Vs. Google Home Mini: The Cheap Speaker Showdown

11/7/2017 - Waymo Announces 'Fully Self-Driving Cars Are Here,' Taxi Service Coming

11/7/2017 - The Lasting Magic of Eve's Bayou

11/7/2017 - Google Is Adding Wait Times For Restaurants Because It Follows You Everywhere

11/7/2017 - Mark Millar's First Netflix Comic Is About the Wizards That Live Among Us

11/7/2017 - The US's Biggest, Baddest Eco-Warriors Represent at the Climate Conference

11/7/2017 - A Computer Randomly Generated These Nebulae That Look More Spectacular Than Hubble Images

11/7/2017 - Warm Water Has Existed on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus for Potentially Billions of Years

11/7/2017 - Game of Thrones' Dragons Were Inspired by a Trader Joe's Chicken

11/7/2017 - The FDA Just Made It a Lot Easier for DNA Health Tests to Hit the Market

11/7/2017 - My Eyes Can't Tell Which Direction These Dominoes Are Falling

11/7/2017 - Guillermo Del Toro's Trollhunters Series Is Expanding Into Two New Shows About Wizards and Aliens

11/7/2017 - Twitter Blocked 'Bisexual' Searches Because It Was Using a List of Words Linked to Porn

11/7/2017 - Jason Momoa Basically Confirms Justice League Is a Marvel Movie Now

11/7/2017 - NASA to Deny Distant Rock of a Perfectly Good Name

11/7/2017 - What the Hell Is a Quantum Computer and How Excited Should I Be?

11/7/2017 - Syria Is Entering the Paris Agreement, Leaving the US Alone as an International Embarrassment

11/7/2017 - The Gifted's Mutant Underground Is Starting to Feel a Lot Like the X-Men

11/7/2017 - How Facebook Figures Out Everyone You've Ever Met

11/7/2017 - Brian Michael Bendis Leaves Marvel, Signs Exclusive Deal With DC Comics

11/7/2017 - One of the World’s Most Gourmet Foods Is Threatened by Climate Change

11/7/2017 - Mark Hamill Explains Luke's Morality in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

11/7/2017 - We Need To Be Okay With Self-Driving Cars That Crash, Researchers Say

11/6/2017 - Check Out These FTC Complaints Against Tinder

11/6/2017 - Air Force Failed to Put Sutherland Springs Shooter in FBI Database Preventing Felons From Getting Guns

11/6/2017 - In an Empty Hospital Ward, Only the Ghouls Can Hear You Scream

11/6/2017 - In Animated Short I Am Here, a Cosmic Search for Meaning Leads to a Most Unexpected Place

11/6/2017 - Stranger Things Almost Killed Off One of the Kids

11/6/2017 - Startup Under Federal Scrutiny for Selling Genetic Tests Without Legal Certification

11/6/2017 - Why Buy an iPhone X When You Can Pay Tiffany & Co. $1,000 For a Tin Can?

11/6/2017 - Can Sapphire Crystals Capture Exotic Dark Matter?

11/6/2017 - Wentworth Miller Is Leaving the Arrowverse

11/6/2017 - One of the Secrets Guarding the Secure Internet Is a Wall of Lava Lamps

11/6/2017 - io9 Navigates a Sea of Subplots, and Debates Whether Star Trek: Discovery Is Bingeable

11/6/2017 - Rare Photos From Atmospheric Nuclear Tests of the 1960s

11/6/2017 - Kids Are Suing Alaska's Government for Not Addressing Climate Change

11/6/2017 - WeWork Wants to Teach Kindergartners to Disrupt Shit Up

11/6/2017 - Disney May Buy Fox, Which Could Change Everything About the Marvel Cinematic Universe [UPDATED]

11/6/2017 - The Answers to All Your Burning Thor: Ragnarok Questions (Mostly)

11/6/2017 - Google's Top Suggestion for the Sutherland Springs Killer is a Debunked Antifa Theory

11/6/2017 - This Is the Face of the Shazam! Movie's Billy Batson

11/6/2017 - Coco's Final Trailer Focuses on Love, Family, and Why You Should Never Say No to Tamales

11/6/2017 - Sprint Won't Stop Emailing Customers' Personal Information to This Random Person

11/6/2017 - James Comey Goes Legit on Twitter Just in Time to Promote His New Book

11/6/2017 - The Only Member of the Justice League With a Cool Name Won't Use It in the Movie

11/6/2017 - Nobel-Winning Physicist Worried About 100 Chocolate Coin Wager Over New Particles

11/6/2017 - The Stunning Art Behind 20 Years of Ghost in the Shell Anime

11/6/2017 - Watch an Oil Painting Instantly Lose 200 Years of Grimy Varnish

11/6/2017 - Can Joker Venom Be Real?

11/6/2017 - Mammals Literally Came Out of the Dark Once the Dinos Were Gone

11/6/2017 - The Only Way to Get Off the Iron Throne When It's Become Too Much Work Is to Sell It on Craigslist 

11/6/2017 - Twitter User Exploits Loophole to Post 35,000-Character Tweet

11/6/2017 - Forget the Rick-Negan War, a Much Bigger Conflict Is Brewing on The Walking Dead

11/6/2017 - Uber (Belatedly) Commits $5 Million to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Prevention 

11/6/2017 - Broadcom's $105 Billion Bid for Qualcomm Could Be the Biggest Tech Acquisition Ever 

11/6/2017 - Air Pollution Could be Affecting Your Brain Health

11/6/2017 - For the Last Time, Aquaman's Weapon in Justice League Is Not His Trident

11/6/2017 - Amazon's Echo Plus Gets Close to Giving Us the Easy Smart Home We Deserve

11/6/2017 - Incredible Gravitational Technique Reveals Oldest Spiral Galaxy on Record

11/6/2017 - Star Trek: Discovery Riffs on an Original Series Episode With Muddled Results

11/6/2017 - That Viral Photo of President Trump Dumping Fish Food Is Very Misleading

11/6/2017 - Urbanization Is Now One of the Most Dominant Forces of Evolution

11/6/2017 - Krypton Casts a Major Superman Villain

11/5/2017 - Once Again, Google Promoted Disinformation and Propaganda After a Mass Shooting [Updated]

11/5/2017 - Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Billionaire Tech Investor, Arrested on Corruption Charges

11/5/2017 - The Justice League Clips Just Keep on Coming

11/5/2017 - This Loki Clothing Line for Ladies is Incredible

11/5/2017 - Search for 'Bisexual' on Twitter Right Now, and No News, Photos, or Videos Show Up [Updated]

11/5/2017 - In This Animated Short, Modern Employment Is Both Monstrous and Mundane

11/5/2017 - Donald Trump Asked Why 'Samurai' Japan Isn't Shooting Down North Korean Missiles

11/5/2017 - Black Panther Takes on Wolverine in Ambitious Fan Trailer

11/5/2017 - Thor: Ragnarok Originally Had A Silly, John Hughes-Style Flashback

11/4/2017 - Mitch McConnell: Tech Companies Should Help Us Weaponize the Internet Against Russia

11/4/2017 - Batman and Aquaman Are Not Fast Friends in New Justice League Clip

11/4/2017 - The Dreaded T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Is Officially Dead

11/4/2017 - Listen to the Maori-Language Version of The Great Villain Song from Moana

11/4/2017 - Comcast and Verizon Want Ajit Pai's FCC to Block States From Passing Own Internet Laws

11/4/2017 - Red Sonja Is Getting a New Movie

11/4/2017 - Now, Silicon Valley Is Totally Cool With a Bill That Could Ruin the Internet 

11/4/2017 - Explore the Entire Film and TV History of the Mighty Thor With This Video

11/4/2017 - John Boyega is Pretty Sure Finn Isn't Force Sensitive, But He's Not Disappointed

11/4/2017 - Netflix Severs Ties With Kevin Spacey, Effective Immediately

11/3/2017 - Report: Amazon Is Working With Warner Bros. to Make Its Own Lord of the Rings TV Show

11/3/2017 - This Timelapse of the Night Sky Over Old West Ghost Towns Will Leave You Misty Eyed

11/3/2017 - 'By the Sheen of the Foam, I Beheld Two Skelingtons Sitting in Their Coffins'

11/3/2017 - Canada's No-Bullshit Governor General Just Took on Climate Change Deniers, Astrologers

11/3/2017 - Equifax Investigation Clears Execs Who Dumped Stock Before Hack Announcement

11/3/2017 - Someone Mapped Out Every Quantum Leap Scott Bakula Has Ever Done

11/3/2017 - The Trump Administration Versus the Climate Change Report It Just Published

11/3/2017 - Bjork's Reportedly Giving Away Cryptocurrency With Her New Album

11/3/2017 - A Hilariously Animated Hulk Mask, and More of the Most Fun Toys of the Week

11/3/2017 - No, Twitter Did Not Just Ban Porn, Sex Workers, or Pictures of Lingerie

11/3/2017 - Here's What Watching Movies Would've Looked Like on Cellphones 20 Years Ago

11/3/2017 - Here's to the Brave Laika, Who Became the First Doggonaut 60 Years Ago Today

11/3/2017 - Max Is Stranger Things' New Injustice

11/3/2017 - Waymo's Case Against Uber Just Took a Few Blows

11/3/2017 - Bruce Wayne is At His Most Human and Relatable  in Batman: The Devastator 

11/3/2017 - Trollhunters Part 2 Trailer Unites the Heroes and Brings Back a Familiar Voice

11/3/2017 - Every Night I Feel Like These Bizarre CG Humans Made of Collapsing Noodles

11/3/2017 - The Fascinating Link Between Gut Health and Cancer Treatment

11/3/2017 - It Looks Like We're Actually Fixing This Ozone Hole Thing

11/3/2017 - There's One Thing Pixar Had to Add to Make Coco's Skeletons Less Creepy

11/3/2017 - 34 New Features Your Favorite Apps Added That You Didn't Notice

11/3/2017 - Looking Back at Han Solo's Evil Twin, Lando's Wife Hunt, and the Insane Corellian Trilogy Books

11/3/2017 - Nuns Stand With Native Alaskans to Oppose Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

11/3/2017 - Why Is TripAdvisor Removing Rape Warnings From Its Site?

11/3/2017 - I Hate How Much I Love the iPhone X

11/3/2017 - This Captivating Sci-Fi Short Film Was Randomly Generated By a Computer

11/3/2017 - Syfy's Superstition Is a Welcome Change of Pace to the Monster-of-the-Week Genre

11/3/2017 - The New Star Wars AR Game Is Clunky, Cool, Way Too Expensive 

11/3/2017 - Marvel Apocalypses, Ranked

11/3/2017 - An Elaborate Planetary System May Exist Around Our Nearest Star

11/3/2017 - The Only Way to Truly Experience Thor: Ragnarok Is With the Cast Acting It Out Live

11/3/2017 - Why Did Male Mammoths Get Stuck in Traps More Often Than Female Mammoths?

11/3/2017 - The Original Pitch for Stranger Things May Hold Clues About the Show's Future

11/3/2017 - Carrie Fisher is the Reason Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Filled With Space Jewelry

11/3/2017 - Tribes Prepare to Fight Trump's Plan to Shrink a Sacred Monument in Utah

11/3/2017 - Avengers 4 Could Include New Flashbacks to the Very First Avengers

11/3/2017 - A Drought You Probably Haven't Heard About Is Forcing Water Rationing in South Africa

11/3/2017 - This Twitter Account Is Tweeting Images Found on Osama bin Laden's Computer

11/3/2017 - Defective EpiPens Cited in Deaths of at Least 7 Americans So Far in 2017

11/3/2017 - The Xbox One X Is the Perfect Console for Lazy PC Gamers

11/2/2017 - iPhone X Thieves Reportedly Rob $370,000 Worth of Phones From UPS Truck Before Launch Day

11/2/2017 - Stranger Things' Best New Character, Lucas' Sister Erica, Is Coming Back for Season Three

11/2/2017 - Tim Cook Says If You Can Afford Nice Coffee You Can Buy a $1,000 Phone

11/2/2017 - Twitter Employee Nuked Trump's Account for 11 Glorious Minutes [Updated]

11/2/2017 - There Should Be More Bruce Lee Art Shows Like This One

11/2/2017 - A Heartbreaking Reveal in Spectacular Spider-Man Shows That the Webslinger's Greatest Enemy Isn't Just a Punchline

11/2/2017 - Jordan Peele Is Working on a Twilight Zone Reboot for CBS All Access

11/2/2017 - New Discovery Suggests Quarks Can Undergo Explosive Fusion Reactions

11/2/2017 - Sweden Continues to Troll Trump on Climate Change

11/2/2017 - Some People at the Emoji Group Have Had Enough of This Goddamn Poop

11/2/2017 - The Unquotable Trump Uses the U.S. President’s Own Words to Turn Him Into a Comic Book Villain

11/2/2017 - The Orville Has Already Been Renewed for a Second Season

11/2/2017 - NASA’s Next Mars Rover Is Going to Be Seriously Badass

11/2/2017 - In Batman: White Knight, the Joker's Plan to Save Gotham Begins With a Modest Proposal to Harley

11/2/2017 - What's Really Up With Apple Giving Face Data to Developers?

11/2/2017 - Lawsuit Out of East Chicago Reminds Us America's Lead Crisis Isn't Over

11/2/2017 - In the New Downsizing Trailer, Matt Damon Explores the Big Risks of Living Small 

11/2/2017 - There's a Damn Good Chance Your Neighbor Thinks Chemtrails Are Real

11/2/2017 - AMC Threatens Us With 50 More Years of The Walking Dead

11/2/2017 - The Latest Netflix Price Hike Pushed Me Over the Edge

11/2/2017 - Greenland's Bedrock Is Unexpectedly Deep, Which Is Really Bad for Ice Melt

11/2/2017 - Pixar's Coco Is Basically Back to the Future With Dead People Instead of Time Travel

11/2/2017 - The FDA Is Cracking Down on Claims That Weed Cures Cancer

11/2/2017 - Doctor Who Dalek Operator Fired After Hiding Lewd Insult to BBC in Official Magazine

11/2/2017 - MIT Researchers Trick AI Into Thinking 3D-Printed Turtle Is a Rifle [Corrected] 

11/2/2017 - There's a New Species of Orangutan and It's Already in Danger

11/2/2017 - Nnedi Okorafor Remarks on the Past, Present, and Future of Afrofuturism in New TED Talk

11/2/2017 - Report: Trump Organization Has Been Compromised by Hackers for Years

11/2/2017 - Millie Bobby Brown Kept a Vial of Eleven's Nose Blood From Stranger Things

11/2/2017 - The Rocky Mountains Painted With the Colors of Fall Are a Treat For Your Eyes

11/2/2017 - Thousands of Venomous Portuguese Man O’ Wars Wash Ashore in Australia: ‘It Was the Stuff Of Nightmares’

11/2/2017 - So What the Hell Is Ragnarok, Anyway?

11/2/2017 - Pirates Fight Over a Treasure Greater Than Booze in the Stop-Motion Short RUM

11/2/2017 - 10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Pixel 2 Master

11/2/2017 - Hela Was Almost the Villain of Thor: The Dark World

11/2/2017 - NASA Rocket Scientists Carve the Most Incredible Pumpkins 

11/2/2017 - Hundreds of Flashlight Paintings Bring This Skeleton's Night Out to Life

11/2/2017 - DNC Hackers Had a 'Hit List' Chock-Full of Putin Foes

11/2/2017 - Kathleen Kennedy on the Future of Star Wars' Newest Heroes Beyond Episode IX

11/2/2017 - Extreme Athletes Are Braving the Harshest Environments on Earth For Science

11/2/2017 - HTC's New Midrange Phone Proves the Company Isn't Dead Yet

11/2/2017 - US Considers Charges Against at Least 6 Russian Government Officials in 2016 Hack of DNC Emails

11/2/2017 - Stunned Scientists Detect Suspected Hidden Chamber Within Great Pyramid of Giza

11/2/2017 - US Homeland Security Wants Facial Recognition to Identify People in Moving Cars

11/2/2017 - Experts Question Details From the Story of Two Women Stranded at Sea for 5 Months

11/2/2017 - Georgia Attorney General Won't Defend Election Officials in Lawsuit Over Wiped Electoral Server

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