8/31/2018 - Watch Batman: The Animated Series' Opening Titles, Remastered in Glorious High-Definition

8/31/2018 - California Gives ISPs the Finger, Passes a Robust Bill to Restore Net Neutrality 

8/31/2018 - The Short That Inspired Kin Is a Complicated Exploration of Being Black and the Symbolic Power of Guns

8/31/2018 - FCC Criticized for Surrendering Power to Punish Verizon After Firefighters Got Throttled During Wildfire

8/31/2018 - An Amazing Japanese Take on C-3PO, and More of the Loveliest Toys of the Week

8/31/2018 - Dreamy Dads and Conspiracy Theorists Are What Make This Week's Best New Comics So Good

8/31/2018 - Pottery Barn Is Going to Bankrupt Harry Potter Fans Wanting to Redecorate Like Hogwarts

8/31/2018 - Google Reportedly Bought Your Banking Data in Secret, and That's Not Even the Bad News

8/31/2018 - New Research Sheds Light on How Opium Poppies Evolved Their Powerful Painkillers

8/31/2018 - La Boriqueña Has Raised $150,000 for Puerto Rico and She's Not About to Stop

8/31/2018 - Apple Is Making All Apps Include a Privacy Policy

8/31/2018 - Alan Tudyk Takes a New Villainous Turn as Doom Patrol's Mr. Nobody

8/31/2018 - A Gene Editing Study in Dogs Shows Promise in Treating a Deadly Form of Muscular Dystrophy

8/31/2018 - Directors' Cuts Won't Save You

8/31/2018 - Greek Farmer Discovers 3,400 Year-Old Tomb Beneath His Olive Grove

8/31/2018 - Meet the Canadians in Oil Country Opposing a Huge Pipeline Project

8/31/2018 - 5 Things I Learned as BuzzFeed Quizzes' Unofficial Fact-Checker

8/31/2018 - This Is Our Best Look Yet at Saturn’s Aurora

8/31/2018 - Eminem and Venom, Together at Last

8/31/2018 - Judge Orders Couple to Hand Over GoFundMe Money Intended for Homeless Man

8/31/2018 - Waning Martian Dust Storm Could Herald the Return of NASA’s Opportunity Rover

8/31/2018 - Look At This Wacky Smartphone Watch

8/31/2018 - The Most Powerful Storm of 2018 Is Headed Toward Japan

8/31/2018 - The Best Way to Apply Sunscreen to Your Face, Revealed by a UV Camera

8/31/2018 - 47,000 Detroit Students Can't Drink Their School Water Because of Lead and Copper

8/31/2018 - The Predator's Final Trailer Is Fun, Dumb, and Full of Blood

8/31/2018 - U.S. Government Claims China Using LinkedIn to Recruit Spies in America

8/31/2018 - Wild Rumors About a Diablo Show Coming to Netflix

8/31/2018 - Chelsea Manning to Appear in Sydney via Video Feed From Los Angeles After Visa Trouble

8/30/2018 - An Unlucky-in-Love Man Resorts to Time Travel in This Short Rom-Com, CTRL Z

8/30/2018 - Luke Cage Is Fighting an Enemy More People Need to Know About

8/30/2018 - Good News, You'll Be Able to Get Drunk at Disney's New Star Wars Land

8/30/2018 - The Small Press Expo Is Supporting Indie Creators Facing a Multimillion Dollar Defamation Lawsuit

8/30/2018 - California Is Now Inches Away From Restoring Net Neutrality

8/30/2018 - Google’s Notchless Pixel 3 Seemingly Revealed In Yet Another Big Leak

8/30/2018 - Physicists Just Made the Most Precise Measurement Ever of Gravity's Strength

8/30/2018 - Wesley Snipes Has Been Talking About Those 'New' Blade Projects for a While Now

8/30/2018 - After Trump Rants, Top GOP Senator Asks FTC to Re-Open Google Antitrust Probe

8/30/2018 - Why Health Officials Are Afraid the Ebola Outbreak in the Congo Could Get Way Worse

8/30/2018 - Here Are All the Interesting Smartphones Announced at IFA 2018

8/30/2018 - Don't Tell People Coffee Causes Cancer, FDA Warns California

8/30/2018 - Apple’s Next Smartphones and Watch Allegedly Revealed in New Leak

8/30/2018 - The Weird History Behind Darth Vader's Castle

8/30/2018 - The New Lenovo Yoga Book's Second E-Ink Display Is a Refreshingly Neat Idea

8/30/2018 - Netgear Stuffed Alexa and a Harman Kardon Speaker Into a Wifi Router For Some Reason

8/30/2018 - Indigenous Activists Just Scored a Massive Victory in Canadian Pipeline Battle

8/30/2018 - Lenovo's Slickest 2-in-1 Ditches Its Famous Hinge For Two Hidden Tricks

8/30/2018 - All the New and Returning Shows Coming to TV This Fall

8/30/2018 - Lenovo Wades into the Smarthome Gold Rush with Some Very Cheap and Convenient Gadgets

8/30/2018 - Experimental Drug Offers a 'Glimmer of Hope' for People With a Devastating Form of Multiple Sclerosis

8/30/2018 - Sony Can Keep Its Plastic Dog, This Robotic Raptor Is My New Perfect Pet

8/30/2018 - Google Assistant Is Actually Bilingual Now

8/30/2018 - Apple Finally Announces the Day It Will Announce the New iPhone

8/30/2018 - Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski Wants to Focus on Entertainment, Not Politics

8/30/2018 - Sennheiser's New Momentum True Wireless Earbuds Look Like a Pricey Good Time

8/30/2018 - Facebook Sorry for Deleting Holocaust Education Post Over Photo of Nude, Starving Jewish Children

8/30/2018 - California Is Set to Leave Dirty Electricity Behind Entirely

8/30/2018 - Black Holes Might Temporarily Bring Dead Stars Back to Life

8/30/2018 - Small Oxygen Leak Detected on the International Space Station

8/30/2018 - How a Battle to Build the Best Weather Model Impacts Everyone on Earth

8/30/2018 - This Giant Fan-Made Tabletop Game Puts 33 Players in the Middle of Aegon's Conquest

8/30/2018 - New Research Takes Us One Step Closer to a Bionic Eye

8/30/2018 - Air Pollution Could Be Costing the Solar Industry Billions: Study

8/30/2018 - The Physical Security Key That Keeps Google Employees From Getting Phished Is Now Available

8/30/2018 - DC Universe Launches September 15—But Titans Won't Arrive Until a Month Later

8/30/2018 - Scandinavian Reindeer Herders Need Help After Disastrous Summer of Fire

8/30/2018 - Anti-Semitic Vandalism Lists New York as 'Jewtropolis' on Snapchat, CitiBike, and More [Updated]

8/30/2018 - Even More Star Wars: Episode IX Casting Rumors

8/30/2018 - Why Your Brain Can't Let Go of a Grudge

8/30/2018 - HTC's U12+ Looks Like an Awkward, Budget Hybrid of an iPhone X and a Pixel 2

8/30/2018 - President Trump Accuses NBC News of 'Fudging' Famous Interview About Comey Firing

8/30/2018 - Sony's Awesome Noise-Cancelling Headphones Now Cancel More Noise

8/30/2018 - Garmin's New Fitness Tracker Has a 'Body Battery' Feature That Tells You When You're Too Tired to Exercise

8/30/2018 - Marvel At This Drivable Bugatti Chiron Built From a Million Pieces of Lego Technic and 2,304 Electric Toy Motors

8/30/2018 - The Very Best Bluetooth Speaker Gets a Slick Redesign with the UE Boom 3

8/30/2018 - Samsung's First 8K TV, Which You Probably Can't Afford, Is Coming in September

8/29/2018 - Twitter Briefly Tested a Feature Suggesting Who Users Should Unfollow

8/29/2018 - The X-Files' Mulder and Scully Are Finally Getting the Stunning Barbie Dolls They Deserve

8/29/2018 - Google Calls BS on Trump's Claim It Blacklisted His 2017 and 2018 'State of the Union' Speeches

8/29/2018 - Darkness Falls Across the Land, Michael Jackson's Thriller 3D IMAX Debut Is Close at Hand

8/29/2018 - A Pair of New Last Airbender Books Will Explore the Origins of One of the Most Mysterious Avatars

8/29/2018 - The 'Holy Grail' of Safe Opioids Might Be One Step Closer to Reality

8/29/2018 - The Only Election Security Bill That Matters Picks Up Two New Senate Co-sponsors

8/29/2018 - Insectarium CEO Says $50,000 Bug Heist Was an Inside Job

8/29/2018 - The First Trailer for Riverdale's Third Season Is Sexy and Scary as Hell

8/29/2018 - Alec Baldwin's Thomas Wayne Cheats Death by Quitting Joker Movie Before It Even Films

8/29/2018 - Ancient ‘Monster Galaxy’ Is Forming Stars a Thousand Times Faster Than the Milky Way

8/29/2018 - Five Years Later, Google Express Is No Closer to Beating Amazon

8/29/2018 - Scientists May Have Unlocked the Secret of How Ketamine Treats Depression So Quickly

8/29/2018 - Iron Fist Would Like to Remind You Its Fight Scenes Are Going to Be Way Cooler in Season 2

8/29/2018 - All the Incredible New Comic Series to Cozy Up With This Fall 

8/29/2018 - How My Mean Coworkers Shamed Me Out of Enjoying This Nice Cardboard Standing Desk

8/29/2018 - Ranking Nickelodeon Game Show Final Rounds, From Easy to Torturous

8/29/2018 - New Zealand Penguins Travel 1,500 Miles for Food in Marathon Migration

8/29/2018 - The Secret to Finding an Affordable Dyson

8/29/2018 - Why Is Amazon Scared of Bernie Sanders?

8/29/2018 - Meet the Oddball Heroes of Star Wars Resistance  

8/29/2018 - Physicists Achieve Incredible Electron-Accelerating Feat at Small Scale

8/29/2018 - 9 Movies With AI That Became Self-Aware and Made Humankind Very Sorry

8/29/2018 - California's New Climate Plan Tackles Systemic Racism

8/29/2018 - Artists Heading to Dungeons & Dragons Session Say ICE Detained Them, Would Not Allow Them Entry to U.S.

8/29/2018 - UK Bans Birth Control App Ad Over ‘Misleading’ Claims About Its Accuracy

8/29/2018 - A Fight Over Killing Bobcats Is Raging Across the Midwest

8/29/2018 - Gaze Into the Eyes of a High Definition Garak in the Deep Space Nine Documentary

8/29/2018 - Study Links a Happy, Peaceful Mind to Sweet Dreams

8/29/2018 - Why Your Router Has Two Wifi Bands and How They Work

8/29/2018 - NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft Captures Its First Photo of Ultima Thule, Its Next Target

8/29/2018 - To Kill or to Capture Bigfoot: The Great Cryptozoological Debate

8/29/2018 - Everything We Think We Know About the New iPhone [Updated]

8/29/2018 - 2017 Was a Record Year for STDs in America

8/29/2018 - Updates on Black Adam, the CW Superhero Crossover, and More

8/29/2018 - An Underwater Sculpture in the Maldives Is the Perfect Monument to Climate Change

8/29/2018 - Acer's Latest 14-Inch Swift Is Super Dang Tiny

8/29/2018 - Google's Wear OS Finally Gets the Refresh it Needs, Hints at More to Come

8/29/2018 - This Sneak Peek at the Adventure Time Final Seasons DVD Is Full of Fanfic and Pancakes

8/29/2018 - Chelsea Manning May Be Banned From Entering Australia: Report

8/29/2018 - Dell's Newly Revamped Inspirons are More Than Just Better Looking Midrange Laptops

8/29/2018 - Acer Predator Thronos: I Want to Sit in This Overkill Computer Battlestation

8/29/2018 - This Smartwatch Is Too Freaking Big [Correction]

8/29/2018 - Astronaut Candidate Is First in 50 Years to Leave Midway Through NASA's Training Program

8/28/2018 - Cool, Looks Like Facebook Has a James Damore Now

8/28/2018 - Dance Practice Gets Very Witchy in This New Suspiria Clip

8/28/2018 - Texas Home CCTV Video Shows Woman in Broken Arm Restraints Ringing Doorbell in Dead of Night 

8/28/2018 - Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland Lands His Next Big Gig: An Animated Series About Alien Refugees

8/28/2018 - Goats Do Not Like Your Grumpy Face

8/28/2018 - Cereal Monsters Battle for Milk, Infinities Mashes Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gaming, and More Tabletop News

8/28/2018 - Rotten Tomatoes Diversifies Its System In Huge Tomatometer Overhaul

8/28/2018 - 40 Years of Lego Minifigures: What's Your All-Time Favorite?

8/28/2018 - Tiny Tunnels Previously Unknown to Scientists Found Between the Skull and Brain

8/28/2018 - Walt Disney World's Union Won the Fight to Raise Their Minimum Wage to $15

8/28/2018 - Facebook Aims to Run All Its Data Centers on Renewable Energy By 2020

8/28/2018 - Intel Rounds Out 8th-Gen With Chips for Super Cheap, Super Thin Laptops

8/28/2018 - Despite Everything, You Can Now Buy 3D-Printed Gun Plans Online

8/28/2018 - The Original Power Rangers Movie Is a Glorious Tribute to '90s Excess

8/28/2018 - Puerto Rican Government’s New Hurricane Maria Death Count Is Nearly 50 Times Higher Than Original

8/28/2018 - A Sex Doll 'Brothel' Is Opening Up In Toronto Next Month

8/28/2018 - Scientists Only Able to Reproduce Results for 13 out of 21 Human Behavior Studies

8/28/2018 - Report: Matt Smith Looks to Be Joining Star Wars: Episode IX

8/28/2018 - All the New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books You Need to Put On Your Radar This Fall

8/28/2018 - Store-Bought Chicken Could Be Causing Urinary Tract Infections

8/28/2018 - Dangerous Chemicals Found in Flint River Water Before the Lead Crisis Started [Updated]

8/28/2018 - To All the Thomas Waynes We've Seen Before

8/28/2018 - Instagram Gets Twitter-Style Verification and a Better Way to Secure Your Account

8/28/2018 - Dangerously Horny Dolphin Ruins Swimming for French Town 

8/28/2018 - Here's How the Pros Fight Wildfires

8/28/2018 - Missouri Officially Defines 'Meat' to Exclude Cultured and Plant-Based Foods

8/28/2018 - Police in Paraguay Discover Their Rifles Have Been Replaced With Toy Replicas

8/28/2018 - Man Accused of Scamming Free Meals Out of Online Dates Charged With 10 Felonies

8/28/2018 - Bucketheads Is a Fan Film That Wants to Give Stormtroopers Their Own Star Wars Story

8/28/2018 - The Dirtiest Fight in Physics Is About the Universe Itself

8/28/2018 - For $400, Bose's First Smart Speaker Better Sound Amazing

8/28/2018 - In Big Win for Good Boys, England Is Banning Shock Collars

8/28/2018 - Stunning Fossils Show Ancient Parasitic Wasps Still Inside Their Unfortunate Hosts

8/28/2018 - Streaming Gets Slimed as Classic Nickelodeon Shows Head Online

8/28/2018 - Samsung's New External SSD Transfers Data As Fast As it Transfers Money From Your Wallet

8/28/2018 - The Story of the American Inventor Denied a Patent Because He Was a Slave

8/28/2018 - Updates From The Walking Dead, Iron Fist, and More

8/28/2018 - Blue's Yeti Nano Is a Shrunken Down Version of the Popular Podcasting and YouTuber Mic

8/28/2018 - President Trump Accuses Google of Rigging Search Results Against Him, Calls It 'Very Dangerous'

8/28/2018 - Judge Extends Defense Distributed's Ban on Publishing 3D-Printed Gun Plans Online

8/27/2018 - FCC Clears Ajit Pai of Wrongdoing in Sinclair's Failed Takeover of Local News

8/27/2018 - Report: Juul's Manufacturers Knew Teens Were Using Them as Early as 2015

8/27/2018 - Adventure Time's Series Finale Comes With Its Own Soundtrack

8/27/2018 - West Coast Avengers Is the Team-Up Book I Didn't Know I Needed Right Now

8/27/2018 - Alec Baldwin Will Play Batman's Dad in the Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie

8/27/2018 - Gravity Falls Creator Alex Hirsch Has Signed a Netflix Deal

8/27/2018 - Open Channel: Cast Oscar Isaac as Any Character Ever

8/27/2018 - A Friendly Reminder: Netflix Plans to Terrify You With the New Series The Haunting of Hill House

8/27/2018 - Y Combinator Plans to Start Doling Out $60 Million Next Year to Study Universal Basic Income

8/27/2018 - Doomed 19th-Century Arctic Expedition Wasn't Brought Down by Lead Poisoning, Study Finds

8/27/2018 - That Viral Tweet Linking Social App IRL With Sex Trafficking Is False

8/27/2018 - YouTube Will Now Tell You How Much Time You've Spent on YouTube

8/27/2018 - The Solo: A Star Wars Novel Adds an Interesting Twist to That Major Cameo 

8/27/2018 - Our Best Look Yet at Captain Marvel Comes From...a Notebook? 

8/27/2018 - A Genetic Study Using 23andMe Data Finds Link Between Schizophrenia and Cannabis Use

8/27/2018 - Could Rising CO2 Levels Trigger a Nutritional Crisis?

8/27/2018 - Fall Movie Guide: 33 Superhero, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Movies to Look Out For

8/27/2018 - It's Time to Give Up on the iPad Mini

8/27/2018 - New Details Emerge About Disney's Streaming Service, Which Will Have Less (and Cost Less) Than Netflix [Updated]

8/27/2018 - Foxconn's Plant in Wisconsin Could Be Scaled Back Despite President Trump's Promises

8/27/2018 - Facebook Bans Myanmar Leaders, Admits It Was 'Too Slow' to Stop Posts Promoting Genocide

8/27/2018 - Houston Passes ‘Historic’ Flood Reforms on Hurricane Harvey Anniversary

8/27/2018 - A New Visualization Turns Global Warming Into Pop Art

8/27/2018 - Who Is the Most Powerful Supervillain? 

8/27/2018 - Facebook's War on Bullshit Is Not Going Well—We Talked to the Fact Checkers on the Front Lines

8/27/2018 - All of the Totally-Not-Made-Up Hints We Gleaned From This 3-Second Game of Thrones Season 8 Video

8/27/2018 - Apple and Amazon Have the Most Annoying Ongoing Feud in Tech

8/27/2018 - Wild Rumors About a Star Wars Star Joining The Batman

8/27/2018 - First Apple Computer Goes Up For Auction, Expected to Fetch More Than $300,000

8/26/2018 - Sleep Science, DIY Submarines, and Infectious Kissing Bugs: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/26/2018 - Dude Who Tried to Shake Down Mark Zuckerberg Caught in Ecuador After Three Years on the Run

8/26/2018 - Aquaman May Be Opening a Week Early in Some Countries

8/26/2018 - Report: It Doesn't Sound Like Elon Musk Really Thought Out That 'Funding Secured' Tweet

8/26/2018 - This Extraordinary Fan Animation Sends My Hero Academia Slamming into Super Smash Bros. 

8/26/2018 - Report: The Final Season of Game of Thrones Might Not Air Until Summer 2019

8/26/2018 - Chinese Ridesharing Service Didi Chuxing Suspends Carpooling Option After Second Murder of Year

8/26/2018 - Lately, My Best Weapon Against Anxiety Is Steven Universe 

8/26/2018 - Our First Look at the Third Season of The Good Place Offers a Broader Look at the New Status Quo

8/25/2018 - Fans Translated the Wakandan Text on Black Panther's Suit, and It's Really Sweet

8/25/2018 - The Incredible Aquaman Trailer Is Just as Incredible in 8-Bit Animation

8/25/2018 - This Pencil-Drawn Thanos Is Beautiful and Very Angry

8/25/2018 - David Harbour Tackles Some of the Internet's Most Involved Stranger Things Fan Theories

8/25/2018 - Dynamic Concept Art Reveals That Balder Was Once a Part of the MCU's Thor

8/24/2018 - The Oft-Forgotten Architecture of Pop Culture Franchises

8/24/2018 - Report: Production on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Has Been Put on Pause

8/24/2018 - Peter Jackson's Gross-Out Puppet Film, Meet the Feebles, Is More Disturbing Now Than Ever Before

8/24/2018 - Get Your MoviePass Refund Now Before the Company's Out of Money

8/24/2018 - Cyclops' Best Design Gets a Great Figure, and More Xcellent Toys of the Week

8/24/2018 - A UK Man's Megacolon Made His Gut Literally Burst

8/24/2018 - Bison-Taunting Hooligan Sentenced to Jail

8/24/2018 - io9 Got Wrecked at Flame Con’s Dance Bash

8/24/2018 - We’ve Got the Meat: Scientists Unearth Final Ingredient to the Forbidden Sandwich

8/24/2018 - Star Wars: Episode IX Enlists Lord of the Rings Actor Dominic Monaghan

8/24/2018 - That Viral Facebook Post About a 'Deadly Spider' Spreading Across the U.S. Is Totally Fake

8/24/2018 - Evidence Shows Earth's Magnetic Field Once Flipped Quickly 

8/24/2018 - Scientists Accuse Big Tobacco of Trying to Undermine Anti-Smuggling Efforts

8/24/2018 - American Wildfire Forces Canadian National Park to Shut Down

8/24/2018 - Tor Publishing Issues a 4-Month E-Book Embargo on Libraries, Cites Retail Sale Concerns

8/24/2018 - Former CDC Chief Tom Frieden Arrested on Charges of Sexual Abuse and Harassment

8/24/2018 - Woman Sues Border Agents to Make Them Return Data They Seized From Her Phone

8/24/2018 - Soon You'll Be Able to Read Comics on Your Nintendo Switch

8/24/2018 - Wow, Americans Are Selling a Lot of Dead Giraffes

8/24/2018 - Homeless Man Says He's Still Waiting for $200,000 Raised on GoFundMe After Viral Act of Charity

8/24/2018 - This AI Fakes Footage to Make It Look Like You Have Bruno Mars' Dance Moves

8/24/2018 - A New Book Explores How Han Solo Became Our Favorite Smuggler

8/24/2018 - Google France Shuts Down Its Own Page on Popular Social Network Google+

8/24/2018 - Earth Is on Fire. It's Always on Fire

8/24/2018 - Watch Bickering Bandmates Become Bees in the Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits & Monsters Season Finale

8/24/2018 - Nearly 15 Million Texas Voters Reportedly Exposed by Data Leak

8/24/2018 - How Bogus 'Eco-Friendly' Products Trick You

8/24/2018 - There's No Such Thing as Safe Alcohol Consumption, Huge New Study Finds

8/24/2018 - Roberto Orci Is Going to Bring Galaga to Television...Somehow

8/24/2018 - Earth Is Throwing a Rave in NASA's Latest Wild Visualization

8/24/2018 - The Stress-Free Guide to Upgrading to a New Computer

8/24/2018 - Shooting Photos With Nikon's Z7 Mirrorless Camera Is Fun as Hell

8/24/2018 - Former Buffy Showrunner Marti Noxon Shares Her Changed Feelings About the New Series

8/24/2018 - T-Mobile Hacked In Data Breach That Hit 2 Million Customers

8/24/2018 - Brazil Releases Drone Footage of Amazon Tribe Previously Unseen by Outsiders

8/24/2018 - Australia Is Bracing for an 'Insane Fire Season'

8/24/2018 - Even More Rumors About Who Could Replace Danny Boyle on Bond 25

8/24/2018 - Genetic Testing Reveals Shelters Often Label Dogs With the Wrong Breeds

8/24/2018 - I Felt More Like Tony Stark Than Iron Man While Building and Programming This Superhero Gauntlet

8/24/2018 - President Trump Weighs in on Reality Winner Sentencing, Calls Her Leak 'Small Potatoes'

8/23/2018 - A Documentary Filmmaker Gets the Alien Footage of a Lifetime in Beyond the Sky

8/23/2018 - Prodigy Is a Sci-Fi Battle of Wits That Ends in a Stalemate

8/23/2018 - How That Fake DNC 'Hack' Got Shut Down so Fast

8/23/2018 - The Road to Darth Vader's Rebellion Begins With the Galaxy's Most Savage Gift

8/23/2018 - It Takes a Villain to Beat a Villain in the Latest Lego DC Super-Villains Trailer

8/23/2018 - Without Danny Boyle, the Outlook For Bond 25 Has Been Shaken and Stirred

8/23/2018 - Reality Winner Hit With Record-Setting Sentence for Election Hack Leaks

8/23/2018 - Sony's Aibo Is One Dumb Dog (So Far...)

8/23/2018 - Humans Rarely Tweet About Vaccines, but Bots Love to Slam Them

8/23/2018 - 5 Things We Want to See From The Handmaid's Tale Season 3

8/23/2018 - Trump's Science Adviser Nominee Won't Call Out Climate Denier Bullshit

8/23/2018 - Reigns: Game of Thrones Will Let You Pick Westeros' Next Ruler With the Swipe of a Finger

8/23/2018 - Hurricane Lane Looks Terrifying From Space

8/23/2018 - Canine Epilepsy and Purple Squiggles: The Unexpected Success Story of SET

8/23/2018 - Isaac Asimov's Foundation Is Finally Being Made, Thanks to Apple

8/23/2018 - 99 Things That Robots Were Supposed to Be Doing by Now

8/23/2018 - The io9 Guide to the Egyptian Superhero Universe of El3osba

8/23/2018 - Why Hurricane Lane Poses a Major Threat to Hawaii

8/23/2018 - Bumblebee Goes Back to the Past in the First Trailer for Transformers: Cyberverse

8/23/2018 - Facebook Bans App That Inspired Cambridge Analytica and Suspends 400 Others

8/23/2018 - Here's Where Hayabusa2 Will Try to Land on the Asteroid Ryugu

8/23/2018 - Sony's Robot Dog Aibo Will March Its Paws to American Homes in September for $2,900 a Pup

8/23/2018 - DJI's Mavic 2 Series Drones Come With More Powerful Cameras and So Many Sensors

8/23/2018 - DNC Now Says 'Hacking Attempt' Was Just a Phishing Test [Updated]

8/23/2018 - The Suspiria Remake's Latest Trailer Promises a Dramatic Spin on the Horror Classic

8/23/2018 - Balloons Are Bad—Should We Ban Them?

8/23/2018 - Updates From Halloween, The Flash, and More

8/23/2018 - Nikon's Z7 and Z6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras Are Finally Here, and There's a Lot to Look Forward to

8/22/2018 - Facebook Pulls Its Data-Harvesting Onavo VPN From App Store After Apple Says It Violates Rules

8/22/2018 - So, Which Unidentified Tech Company Got That $50,000 in Michael Cohen Payoffs?

8/22/2018 - Flame Con Fans Share Their Favorite LGBTQ Ships

8/22/2018 - Marvel's Making One of Its Most Racially-Problematic Characters Even More Complicated

8/22/2018 - Google Chrome Has a Forking Clever Good Place Extension

8/22/2018 - Batman and a New Generation of Outsiders Are Coming to DC Comics

8/22/2018 - Superbugs That Cause UTIs Are Spreading Outside of Hospitals

8/22/2018 - Scientists Will Soon Drop Antimatter to See How It Behaves in Gravity

8/22/2018 - Dictionary.com Is Very Tired of Your Thirsty Attempts to Get in the Dictionary

8/22/2018 - R-Rated Puppet Comedy The Happytime Murders Is a Massive Disappointment

8/22/2018 - The Daily Planet's Best Reporter Is Joining the Next Arrowverse Crossover

8/22/2018 - Blue-and-Yellow Macaws Turn Pink to Communicate, but What Are They Saying?

8/22/2018 - The Universe's Coolest Dentist Channels Guardians of the Galaxy in the Fight Against Bacteria

8/22/2018 - How Robots Could Help Autistic Children Improve Their Social Skills

8/22/2018 - The Trump Administration Is Suppressing Science at an Alarming Rate

8/22/2018 - Freedom

8/22/2018 - 'Hacking Attempt' on Democratic National Committee Discovered [Updated]

8/22/2018 - Quebec City's New, Over-Designed Bike Racks Cost a Staggering $18,000 Each

8/22/2018 - Scientists Put Paint on Ants to Study How They Form Societies

8/22/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in September

8/22/2018 - Gigantic Leak Seemingly Blows the Lid Off Google's Pixel 3 XL, RIP Surprises

8/22/2018 - Scientists Find Evidence of 1,000-Year-Old Parrot-Breeding Operation in the American Southwest

8/22/2018 - Monument Valley Is Being Adapted into a Mind-Bending Film by an Oscar-Winning Director

8/22/2018 - Facebook Removes Hundreds of Pages Used in Iranian Influence Campaign 

8/22/2018 - Your Brain Tries to Change Focus Four Times per Second, Study Finds

8/22/2018 - The New York Public Library is Turning Classics Into Instagram Stories

8/22/2018 - Apple Store Shoppers Tackle Suspects in $18,000 MacBook Grab-and-Dash Heist

8/22/2018 - Castle Rock Just Aired Its Most Heartbreaking and Shocking Episode

8/22/2018 - As the World Burns, There Will Be Fewer Firefighters to Share

8/22/2018 - Mysterious Aurora-Like Lights Above Canada Continue to Confuse Scientists

8/22/2018 - Jessica Jones Creator Melissa Rosenberg Is Leaving Netflix for Warner Bros. TV

8/22/2018 - Meet the Nuclear Weapons Nerds

8/22/2018 - Cute, Cheap, and Popular Exotic Pets Most Likely to Be Released Into the Wild

8/22/2018 - Our First Look at the CW's Superhero Crossover, Venom Adds a Familiar Face, and More 

8/22/2018 - EpiPen Expiration Dates Extended as Schools Face Shortage of Allergy Medicine

8/22/2018 - Hey, Has Anyone Seen Russia's Allegedly Missing Nuclear-Powered Missile?

8/22/2018 - Michael Cohen's Lawyer: Boy Oh Boy, Does My Client Know About 'the Computer Crime of Hacking'

8/21/2018 - Verizon Throttled Fire Department's 'Unlimited' Plan While They Were Fighting Mendocino Complex Fire

8/21/2018 - Your Very Own Game of Thrones Ice Dragon Won't Come Cheap

8/21/2018 - Open Channel: Who's Your Favorite Puppet Creature?

8/21/2018 - Brendan Fraser Is Robotman on DC's Doom Patrol

8/21/2018 - Anthony Michael Hall Heads Back to High School as Riverdale's Principal

8/21/2018 - This Is What Happens When Bad Policies Meet

8/21/2018 - 'Spooky' Quantum Entanglement Confirmed Using Distant Quasars

8/21/2018 - OK Fine, Maybe Nintendo's on to Something With the Labo Vehicle Kit

8/21/2018 - Never Give Up, Never Surrender: The Galaxy Quest TV Show Is on Hold 

8/21/2018 - Colombia Is Testing Drones to Drop Herbicide on Crops Used for Cocaine

8/21/2018 - Facebook Is Scrapping Thousands of 'Targeting Options' That Could Be Used for Ad Discrimination

8/21/2018 - The Newest Rick and Morty Teaser Promises an Absolutely Epic New Season

8/21/2018 - Kelly Marie Tran Speaks Out Against Racist Star Wars Fans With Some Powerful Words

8/21/2018 - Facebook Pushes Back on Reporting About its User Trust Ranking

8/21/2018 - Hurricane Lane Could Make a Rare Landfall in Hawaii

8/21/2018 - U.S. Hired Cambridge Analytica's Parent Company to Undermine Terrorist Recruiters Online

8/21/2018 - Danny Boyle Is No Longer Directing Bond 25

8/21/2018 - Geek Out Over Stranger Things' Cinematography in This New Behind-the-Scenes Video

8/21/2018 - Netflix Tests New System That Lets It Avoid Paying Apple

8/21/2018 - Typhoon Headed for South Korea Has Freakishly Huge Eye

8/21/2018 - We’re Learning More About the Contents of that Mysterious Egyptian Sarcophagus

8/21/2018 - Sewage Study Finds American Drug Use May Be Worse Than We Thought

8/21/2018 - The First Slice Trailer Is Exactly the Kind of Camp You Need In Your Life Right Now

8/21/2018 - What Will Quantum Computer Games Be Like?  

8/21/2018 - Use the New Tools in iOS 12 and Android 9 Pie to Fight Your Phone Addiction

8/21/2018 - There's Water Ice on the Moon—but Less Than Expected

8/21/2018 - Misidentified Fossils Could Rewrite the History of Lemurs on Madagascar   

8/21/2018 - iZombie's Final Season Adds Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Seattle Scenario

8/21/2018 - Elon Musk Explains Why He Quit Instagram: 'I Didn't Like It' [Updated]

8/21/2018 - Russian Arms Maker Reveals Mecha 'Concept' That Looks Suspiciously Like a Giant Robot Statue

8/21/2018 - Microsoft Seizes Domains Imitating Right-Wing Groups Controlled by Kremlin Hackers

8/21/2018 - The Trump Administration Just Dropped Its Pro-Coal Alternative to Obama's Clean Power Plan

8/21/2018 - The Wacky, Risky World of DIY Submarines

8/21/2018 - David Harbour Discusses the Complexities of Playing Hellboy

8/21/2018 - Google's Revamped Fitness App Turns Activity Tracking into a Game

8/21/2018 - Lego Finally Gives Lando the Monstrous 2,800+ Piece Cloud City He Deserves

8/21/2018 - Folks, I'm Not Sure This Plan to Blow All the Wildfire Smoke Into Canada Is Gonna Work

8/20/2018 - Ouch, These Stories From the Crypto Crash Are Hard to Stomach

8/20/2018 - Report: Google and Imax's VR Camera Project Is Kaput

8/20/2018 - These Imaginative Sci-Fi Worlds Somehow Feel Like Home

8/20/2018 - You'll Want to Go Drinking With This Life-Sized, 3D-Printed Tyrion Lannister

8/20/2018 - A Lawsuit Over Google's Sneaky Location Tracking Could Be a Game-Changer

8/20/2018 - Stop Washing Your Gross Used Contact Lenses Down the Drain

8/20/2018 - 15 Unholy Tabletop Games and RPGs to Mark the Birth of H.P. Lovecraft

8/20/2018 - How Much Would You Actually Pay For an Essential Phone?

8/20/2018 - The Latest Spider-Man Game Trailer Is All About Everyone's Favorite Angry Journalist

8/20/2018 - Woman Tricks Dozens of Men on Tinder Into Showing Up for Mass Dating Stunt

8/20/2018 - A Real-Life Wonder Woman Dazzles at the USA Gymnastics Championship

8/20/2018 - Can We Afford to Keep Rebuilding in the Line of Wildfires?

8/20/2018 - Ancient Cemetery Packed With Hundreds of Bodies Discovered in Kenya

8/20/2018 - Your First Look at the Mysterious, Excellent Sci-Fi Film, Freaks

8/20/2018 - Nvidia's Beastly New 20-Series RTX GPUs Claims up to 6X Performance Starting at $500

8/20/2018 - Marvel's New Ironheart Series Is Being Written by Chicago Native Eve Ewing

8/20/2018 - Second Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Bizarre Scheme to Extort Millions From Porn Pirates

8/20/2018 - We Need to Pay More Attention to a Deadly Disease Spread by Kissing Bugs, Heart Doctors Warn

8/20/2018 - Museum Visitor Falls Into Giant Hole That Looks Like a Cartoonish Painting on the Floor

8/20/2018 - A Futuristic Mechanical World Comes to Life in This Gorgeous Short Film, Fabricated

8/20/2018 - Court Ruling Will Force Trump Administration to Make Chemical Plants Safer

8/20/2018 - Major UK Airport Turns to Whiteboards and Markers After Flight Info Screens Crash

8/20/2018 - 5 Things We Loved About the First Season of Disenchantment (and 3 We Didn't)

8/20/2018 - Looks Like the Kindle Voyage Has Reached the End of Its Journey

8/20/2018 - Dead Man's Text Message Isn't a Legally Valid Will, French Court Says

8/20/2018 - These 3,800-Year-Old Peruvian Carvings Look Like Modern Emoji

8/20/2018 - Apple Reportedly Kills Off Thousands of Apps in China Because They're 'Illegal'

8/20/2018 - Doctor Who's 11th Season Is Being Created By a Very Diverse Group of People

8/20/2018 - What Ancient Maya Forests Can Tell Us About Our Future

8/20/2018 - Huawei Busted Apparently Using Professional Camera in Smartphone Ad Thanks to Instagram Screwup

8/20/2018 - N.K Jemisin Makes Hugo Awards History With Latest Best Novel Win

8/20/2018 - The Viral Robot Video That's Freaking Everyone Out Is Totally Fake

8/20/2018 - Philips Hue's New Lamps Look Like the Slickest Way to Throw Colors on Your Walls

8/20/2018 - How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep?

8/20/2018 - H.G. Wells' The Time Machine Is Getting Another Shot at Making History

8/20/2018 - Fitbit's Charge 3 Actually Seems Like a Solid Smartwatch Alternative

8/20/2018 - Pepsi Plans to Buy SodaStream in $3.2 Billion Deal

8/19/2018 - Facebook Vigilantes, Ugly Laptops, and Red Tide: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/19/2018 - Elon Musk Reduces Twitter Use, Specifically by Unfollowing Grimes

8/19/2018 - One of She-Ra's New Characters Is Adapted From a Game of Dungeons & Dragons 

8/19/2018 - The Flash and Reverse Flash Duke It Out in This Exciting Fan Animation

8/19/2018 - Wow, Spain Sure Has a Lot of Pigs

8/19/2018 - Wonder Woman 1984 Now Has the Period-Appropriate Breakfast Club Tribute It Always Needed

8/19/2018 - Apple Store in Amsterdam Reportedly Evacuated After iPad Battery Exploded

8/19/2018 - Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder Might Actually Be Married, and It's All Dracula's Fault

8/19/2018 - Check Out the Elaborate VFX Work That Went Into Avengers: Infinity War's Post-Credits Scene

8/18/2018 - Walmart: What If You Could Go to Walmart... in VR

8/18/2018 - The Direction of the Third Season of Stranger Things Is Heavily Influenced by a Chevy Chase Comedy

8/18/2018 - HUD Makes It Official, Files Complaint Alleging Facebook Ad Tools Allow Housing Discrimination

8/18/2018 - Enter a Morphinominal New Era of Power Rangers With the First Trailer for Beast Morphers 

8/18/2018 - Kylo Ren's Design Might Have an Interesting Connection to a Classic Adaptation of Hamlet

8/18/2018 - Move Over Fake News Media, Trump Hates Social Media Too Now

8/18/2018 - Good Afternoon, Here's Footage of a Shark Fighting A T-Rex From the Final Sharknado Film

8/18/2018 - These Newly Released Demos Offer An Early Glimpse into the Sounds of Twin Peaks 

8/17/2018 - Infinity War's Epic Thanos Fight Would Have Made a Killer 16-Bit Video Game Boss Battle

8/17/2018 - A Wakandan Princess, the Dude, a Big Satisfying Pooh, and More of the Most Wallet-Draining Toys of the Week

8/17/2018 - Amazon Apparently Wants to Destroy TiVo Now

8/17/2018 - The Meg Is Just the Latest Sign That Jason Statham Needs to Make More Genre Movies

8/17/2018 - Report: Facebook Is Fighting a Demand to 'Wiretap' Messenger in an MS-13 Case

8/17/2018 - Don Cheadle Still Can't Believe Mark Ruffalo Legitimately Spoiled Avengers: Infinity War in 2017

8/17/2018 - Teledildonics Startups Are Pumped This Cockblocking Patent Is Dead

8/17/2018 - Stan Lee Has Been Granted a 3-Year Restraining Order Against His Former Manager and Guardian

8/17/2018 - Spotify, Fix Your Crooked Logo—It's Driving Me Nuts

8/17/2018 - Among Other Things, Viserion's Roar on Game of Thrones Is Made of Human Screaming

8/17/2018 - OnePlus May Finally Get Its Chance to Talk You Out of Dropping $1,000 on a Smartphone

8/17/2018 - Canada's Wildfires Have Turned Day Into Night

8/17/2018 - Haunting Photos Take Us Back to the Beginning of the Flint Water Crisis

8/17/2018 - How Will NASA Know If Opportunity Is Okay After the Martian Dust Storm?

8/17/2018 - It's Official, a Full Season of Watchmen Is Coming to HBO in 2019

8/17/2018 - Huge Patch of Universe Is Strangely Opaque Despite Its Lack of Galaxies

8/17/2018 - Watch Michael Jackson's Classic '80s Sci-Fi World Evolve in This Rough Cut of Captain EO

8/17/2018 - Crowdfunding Campaigns and Anti-AI Bigots Are Killer in This Week's Best New Comics

8/17/2018 - Ryan Zinke Has Taken His Rambling, Confused Thoughts on Climate Change and Wildfires All Over the Country

8/17/2018 - Tesla Shares Tank After Tearful Elon Musk Interview Freaks People Out

8/17/2018 - The Official Black Panther Remix Soundtrack Somehow Improves Upon Perfection

8/17/2018 - If You Smell Things That Aren't Really There, You're Not Alone

8/17/2018 - Likely Cause of Chipotle Outbreak That Sickened 645 People Finally Identified

8/17/2018 - World's Oldest Cheese, Found in Ancient Tomb, Was Also Very Dangerous

8/17/2018 - Puerto Rico's Farmers Face a Long Road to Recovery

8/17/2018 - Google May Finally Make Its Own Smart Speaker With a Screen

8/17/2018 - Here's the First Trailer for the Next Star Wars Animated Series, Resistance

8/17/2018 - Judge Orders Alleged EA Games Hacker to Pay $750,000 Bail in Cryptocurrency

8/17/2018 - This Online AI Tool Takes Your Words and Turns Them Into Nightmares

8/17/2018 - Warner Bros. Considered a Catwoman Solo Movie Starring Michelle Pfeiffer

8/17/2018 - Deadly Monsoon Floods Force 200,000 Evacuations in Southern India

8/17/2018 - Updates From Avengers 4, American Horror Story, and More

8/17/2018 - The Universe's Oldest Galaxies Could Be Right in the Milky Way's Backyard

8/17/2018 - This Ugly-Ass Gaming Laptop Has Exactly Three Great Things Going for It

8/17/2018 - President Trump Talked to Veterans About Apocalypse Now and It Was Super Awkward

8/17/2018 - 20 Tips and Tricks for Managing Files on macOS

8/16/2018 - The Coolest Sci-Fi Memorabilia You Can Buy at the Upcoming Nostalgia-Fuelled Disneyland Auction

8/16/2018 - My Secret Shame: I Still Don't Know Everyone's Names on Game of Thrones

8/16/2018 - FDA Finally Approves a Cheaper, Generic Version of the EpiPen

8/16/2018 - Sandy Hook Hoaxer Blogs Start Disappearing From WordPress Sites

8/16/2018 - 'This Guy Is Super [Nuts Emoji]': Elon Musk on Whistleblower Accusing Tesla of Illegally Spying on Employee

8/16/2018 - Watch This Terrifying New Footage of California's Fire Tornado

8/16/2018 - Voltron's Showrunners Discuss the Paladins' Evolution and What the Show's New Pilots Mean for the Future

8/16/2018 - 28 Years After Woman 'Loses' Contact Lens, Surgeons Find It Embedded in Her Eyelid

8/16/2018 - Unicorns Return to War, Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets a Board Game, and More Tabletop News

8/16/2018 - Rare Movie Posters Go Up For Auction, Including the World's First

8/16/2018 - Trump Reportedly Swaps Obama’s Cyberattack Rules for Mysterious New Ones

8/16/2018 - Section of U.S. Warship from WWII Discovered off Alaskan Coast

8/16/2018 - The Team Behind Batman: Damned Say They're Going to Fuck With the Dark Knight’s Head

8/16/2018 - Ajit Pai Knew FCC Cyberattack Was Fake for Seven Months but Kept Quiet

8/16/2018 - This Beautiful Wooden Cabinet Hides the Most Fiendishly Complicated Puzzle I've Ever Seen

8/16/2018 - The 1950s Guide to Proper Telephone Etiquette

8/16/2018 - The New Goosebumps 2 Trailer Unveils a Surprisingly Epic Movie

8/16/2018 - E. Coli Bacteria Made This Image of the Mona Lisa

8/16/2018 - Here's the Letter 1,400 Google Workers Sent Leadership in Protest of Censored Search Engine for China

8/16/2018 - After Dark Horse's Buffy The Vampire Slayer Comic Ends, Fox Will Own the Rights

8/16/2018 - The Psychedelic Drug DMT Can Simulate a Near-Death Experience, Study Suggests

8/16/2018 - Hey Artists, Stop Putting Shiny Crap Into Space

8/16/2018 - This Visual Effects Artist's Masterful Age-Reversal Skills Are the Closest Thing We Have to Time Travel

8/16/2018 - Turn Your Xbox Controller into a Racing Wheel With This Clever, 3D-Printed Upgrade

8/16/2018 - Revived Keystone XL Pipeline Suffers a Major Setback in Court

8/16/2018 - Here's When We Think Game of Thrones' New Age of Heroes Spinoff Should Take Place

8/16/2018 - The Media Tried To Game The Machines and You'll Never Guess What Happened Next (Facebook Won)

8/16/2018 - Trump's Giant Offshore Oil and Gas Lease Sale Was a Flop

8/16/2018 - More Than 70 People Overdosed on Synthetic Weed in Connecticut This Week

8/16/2018 - Next-Gen Baggies Are Transforming Legal Weed

8/16/2018 - Apple Hacked by Biggest Teen Fan: Report

8/16/2018 - A Star Wars Production Designer Says a Now-Halted Spinoff Was Headed to Tatooine

8/16/2018 - Please Don't Download Fortnite for Android From Sketchy Places

8/16/2018 - Beetle Trapped in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber Was an Early Pollinator 

8/16/2018 - This Smart Soundbar Is an Ugly Attempt at an Interesting Idea

8/16/2018 - Report: After Taking a Meeting With James Gunn, Disney Still Isn't Bringing Him Back for Guardians Vol. 3

8/16/2018 - How to Watch Ajit Pai Get Grilled by Congress Over Made-Up FCC Cyberattack

8/16/2018 - In the Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Danny Rand's Got a New But Familiar Foe

8/16/2018 - The Samsung Note 9 Shows How Important Smartphone Cooling Has Become

8/16/2018 - 2 Members of the Secret Six Are Making Their Way to DC's TV Universes

8/16/2018 - Asus Thinks It's Made the Thinnest Gaming Laptops Ever

8/15/2018 - Twitter Promptly Suspends Tesla Whistleblower Following Tweets About His Former Employer

8/15/2018 - How VFX Artists Created the Nanotech-Powered Iron Man Suit in Avengers: Infinity War

8/15/2018 - Google Releases Political Ad Database and Trump Is the Big Winner

8/15/2018 - Gail Simone Talks About Being in Charge of a Whole Superhero Universe

8/15/2018 - Ancient Egyptians Mastered Mummification Long Before the Time of Pharaohs

8/15/2018 - The Importance of People Like Rebecca Sugar

8/15/2018 - This Page-Turning Kindle Contraption Is Straight Out of Rick and Morty

8/15/2018 - A University Is Putting 2,300 Echo Dots in Student Living Spaces and What Could Go Wrong?

8/15/2018 - Robot Peer Pressure Is the Newest Tech Threat to Children

8/15/2018 - Report: Google Finally Has a Plan to Make a Good Smartwatch

8/15/2018 - These Webcomics Are Finding Adventure in How We Navigate Our Everyday Lives

8/15/2018 - It's Time to Bring Back Translucent Gadgets

8/15/2018 - Companies Have Bought More Clean Energy Than Ever This Year, and It's Only August

8/15/2018 - Scientists Solve Spaghetti Mystery That Irked Richard Feynman

8/15/2018 - Yes, the New Predator Movie Has Predator Dogs 

8/15/2018 - Skyrocketing Rates of Fentanyl Deaths Led to the Deadliest Year for Opioid Overdoses Ever

8/15/2018 - Voltron: Legendary Defender’s Showrunner Offers a Genuine Apology to the Fandom

8/15/2018 - A Group of Engineers Say They've Created a Way to Detect Bombs and Guns Using Basic Wifi

8/15/2018 - Now Is the Time to Catch Up With Castle Rock 

8/15/2018 - Fracking Uses a Lot More Water Than It Did 5 Years Ago

8/15/2018 - AT&T Sued for $224 Million by Cryptocurrency Investor Who Lost a Fortune in Phone Hacks

8/15/2018 - You Can Shout 'ENHANCE!' Like a TV Detective With This Voice-Controlled Browser Game

8/15/2018 - What Am I Worth to Advertisers? My Obsessive Quest to Put a Price on My Attention

8/15/2018 - The Team Behind Jane Foster's Turn as Thor Talk About Their Epic, Inspiring Story

8/15/2018 - New Leak Suggests Next Fitbit Charge Will Skip the One Feature It Really Needs

8/15/2018 - Doctors Aren't Being Candid About the Money They Get From Big Pharma 

8/15/2018 - Climate Change Is Cooking the Oceans

8/15/2018 - Astronomers Directly Detect Iron and Titanium on an Exoplanet for the First Time

8/15/2018 - Don't Get Nostalgic for This 20th Anniversary: Apple's iMac G3 Was an Awful Computer

8/15/2018 - Every Ursula K. Le Guin TV and Movie Adaptation in the Works, So Far

8/15/2018 - Paris' Solution to Its Public Urination Problem Is Open-Air Piss Boxes

8/15/2018 - The Dakota Access Pipeline Wants to Ship Even More Oil Across Tribal Lands

8/15/2018 - You Can Really Feel the Samsung Note 9's $1000 Price Tag

8/15/2018 - Why Is Florida's Red Tide Outbreak So Bad Right Now?

8/15/2018 - 7 Star Trek Shows We'd Love to See From CBS All Access

8/15/2018 - Diseased Ocean Microbes Could Be Messing With the Weather

8/15/2018 - Dune Is Getting a Tabletop RPG, Just in Time for Denis Villeneuve's Reboot

8/15/2018 - The Museum of London Is Livestreaming a Chunk of Fatberg So You Can Watch It Morph

8/15/2018 - These Medical Miracles Were Supposed to Happen by the Year 2000

8/15/2018 - Tessa Thompson Joins Disney's Lady and the Tramp, Details of Kid Flash's Return, and More

8/15/2018 - A Year Later, Cortana and Alexa Are FINALLY Working Together

8/15/2018 - Twitter Suspends Alex Jones for 7 Days, Leaves InfoWars Account Active [Update: InfoWars Has Been Suspended]

8/14/2018 - Los Angeles Devises Plan to Add Absolute Worst Thing About Air Travel to Subways

8/14/2018 - The World Can Always Use More Art Based on the Films of Hayao Miyazaki

8/14/2018 - Quicksilver: No Surrender Is Giving the Maximoff Twins Some Much-Needed Depth

8/14/2018 - John Krasinski Is a Killer Robot In Netflix's New Animated Film, Next Gen

8/14/2018 - Lego's Voltron Is Wonderful Proof That Fans Are Sometimes Worth Listening To

8/14/2018 - San Francisco's So Literally Shitty, It's Getting a 'Poop Patrol'

8/14/2018 - Excavation Begins on a Truly Giant New Telescope

8/14/2018 - A Brief History of the Times Ewan McGregor Said an Obi-Wan Movie Isn't Happening (But He'd Be Happy to Do It)

8/14/2018 - The Hunt for Spider-Gwen Is on in Marvel Rising: Initiation

8/14/2018 - Nebraska Becomes First U.S. State to Execute a Prisoner With Fentanyl

8/14/2018 - Great, Now Canadian Wildfire Smoke Is Crossing the Atlantic 

8/14/2018 - New York Becomes Latest State to Sue Purdue Pharma Over Opioid Marketing 

8/14/2018 - Tinder Executives Sue Dating App's Owners for Allegedly Cheating Them Out of Billions 

8/14/2018 - Thankfully, The Flash Won't Keep Nora's Drama With Iris Mysterious for Too Long

8/14/2018 - Earth’s Undetected ‘Mini-Moons’ Could Make for Exciting New Astronomy 

8/14/2018 - Voltron's Complicated, Imperfect LGBQT Representation Is Tearing the Fandom Apart

8/14/2018 - Ajit Pai Is Getting Grilled for Misleading Congress Over Imaginary Cyberattacks

8/14/2018 - Australia Hopes to Strong-Arm Tech Companies Into Giving Up That Precious Encrypted Data

8/14/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery's Young Spock Will Be Played By Ethan Peck in Season 2

8/14/2018 - Sleep-Deprived People May Infect You With Loneliness

8/14/2018 - The Matilda Challenge Is All About Creating Magic With Your Friends 

8/14/2018 - ‘Dormant’ California Supervolcano Packed With 240 Cubic Miles of Magma

8/14/2018 - Trump’s Defense Department Is Actually Preparing for Climate Change

8/14/2018 - Catfish Victim Allegedly Planned to Kill Mother to Get Money to Pay Scammer

8/14/2018 - Don Cheadle Voicing Donald Duck Is Everything

8/14/2018 - YouTube Pulls Jump Scare Ads for The Nun After Revolted Users Revolt

8/14/2018 - Here's How to Get Fortnite on Your Android Phone

8/14/2018 - Being an EPA Scientist Sounds Terrible

8/14/2018 - How Weta's VFX Team Brought the Most Epic Moments of Avengers: Infinity War to Life

8/14/2018 - Jordan Peele Is Hesitant About Becoming The Twilight Zone’s New Narrator, But He Totally Should

8/14/2018 - The Best Project Management Apps to Get Your Life in Order

8/14/2018 - Surprising Accelerator Finding Could Change the Way We Think About Neutron Stars

8/14/2018 - Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Star Wars Resistance, and More

8/14/2018 - Turkey's President Calls for Boycott of American Electronics Like the iPhone as Trade War Heats Up

8/13/2018 - Tesla Hit With Third Class-Action Suit Over Musk's Stock Tweets

8/13/2018 - Watch This Artist Create a Photo Realistic Portrait of the Iron Spider Using Just Colored Pencils

8/13/2018 - I Can't Stop Thinking About How the Predator Would Eat Sushi

8/13/2018 - Here's Some Gorgeous Game of Thrones Art to Enjoy During the Long Winter

8/13/2018 - It's Time to Let MoviePass Die

8/13/2018 - This Keeps Happening, and It Fucking Sucks

8/13/2018 - California Officials Admit to Using License Plate Readers to Monitor Welfare Recipients

8/13/2018 - Earth's Oldest Rocks Could Have Been Formed by Meteorite Impacts

8/13/2018 - Elon Musk Responds to Azealia Banks' Claims of Ghosting, Tweeting, and LSD: I Don't Know Her

8/13/2018 - This Artist Is Making Steven Universe's Gems Even More Queer

8/13/2018 - New Evidence Contradicts Theory That Easter Island Society Collapsed

8/13/2018 - Runaways' Second Season Will Arrive This Winter and Feature a Connection to the MCU

8/13/2018 - Hackers Can Turn Body Cameras Into Malware Spewing Machines, Security Expert Says

8/13/2018 - This Exoplanet Is So Hot, It Apparently Tears Apart Water Molecules

8/13/2018 - Video Evidence That Thor's Roommate Darryl Survived Avengers: Infinity War

8/13/2018 - After Five Years of Fighting, Google and Facebook Security Guards Finally Have Their Union Contract

8/13/2018 - Thomas Edison Predicted Nobody Would Be Able to Make Phone Calls Across the Atlantic Ocean

8/13/2018 - The Mendocino Complex Fire Has Now Spawned the Biggest Single Blaze in California History

8/13/2018 - Let's Gush About The Meg's Best Moment

8/13/2018 - The FDA Has Cleared Its First Digital Birth Control App

8/13/2018 - French Theme Park Employs Trained Birds to Pick Up Cigarette Butts

8/13/2018 - Mulan Has Arrived in This Very First Look at Disney's Live-Action Film

8/13/2018 - Veterinarians Say Pet Owners Are Hurting Animals to Get Opioids

8/13/2018 - Your External Hard Drive Can Finally Join Your Computer's Trippy Light Show

8/13/2018 - Tourists Vying for Perfect Selfie Spot Brawl at Rome's Trevi Fountain

8/13/2018 - Google Stores Location Data Even With 'Location History' Turned Off—Here's How to Stop That

8/13/2018 - Glacier National Park Is on Fire

8/13/2018 - Voltron's Penultimate Season Triumphantly Heads Home—But Not Without Some Bumps Along the Way

8/13/2018 - That New Android Update Broke a Key Perk of the Pixel XL 

8/13/2018 - Hotter Fires Could Mess With Entire Food Webs

8/13/2018 - The Vigilantes on Facebook Who Stream To Catch a Predator-Style Ambushes of Alleged Pedophiles

8/13/2018 - 8 Online Subscriptions That Don't Actually Suck

8/13/2018 - Hail Satan! Bow Before These New Witchy Photos From The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

8/13/2018 - Federal Regulators Strike Down Controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline

8/13/2018 - AMD's 16-Core Beast Creams Intel, but You Might Be Better Off Without It

8/13/2018 - The Birds of Prey Movie Is Looking for a Songbird to Play Black Canary

8/13/2018 - Vimeo Removes InfoWars Content as Alex Jones Seeks Friendly Channels for His Media Empire

8/12/2018 - Facebook Got Mad at Us, Samsung Note 9, and Ajit Pai: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/12/2018 - Why Star Wars Rebels Didn't Wait Until the Finale to Kill This Character

8/12/2018 - Jeff Goldblum Has Now Been Memorialized in the Immortal Art of the Jigsaw Puzzle 

8/12/2018 - Report: Saudi Arabia May Be Planning a Major Bid for Tesla's Leveraged Buyout

8/12/2018 - The Live-Action Kim Possible Movie Will Have One Important Tie to the Original

8/12/2018 - Ant-Man and The Wasp Could Have Had Laurence Fishburne Show Off as Goliath

8/12/2018 - Watch NASA Launch Its Sun-Skimming Parker Solar Probe

8/12/2018 - The Teen Titans Go! Animation Director Made an Adorable Response to a Kid's Birthday Invitation

8/11/2018 - Hey, Look Who's Still Schmoozing With the President

8/11/2018 - Sideshow's Imposing Doomsday Statue Is Ready to Kill Every Superman on Your Toy Shelf

8/11/2018 - Twitter Admits Alex Jones Broke Its Rules, Still Standing by Their Man for Some Dumb Reason

8/11/2018 - These Avatar: The Last Airbender Posters Have Mastered All Four Elements

8/11/2018 - Florida Police Make Arrest in Alleged Multi-State SIM Card Hijacking Ring

8/11/2018 - That Special Effect at the End of Avengers: Infinity War Was Based on One Specific Infinity Stone

8/11/2018 - Barry Allen Is Getting a New Suit in The Flash's Fifth Season, Here's Our First Look

8/11/2018 - Airline Employee Steals Plane From Sea-Tac Airport, Crashes After Being Tailed by Fighters

8/11/2018 - New Footage for Ralph Breaks the Internet Races Online, Brings More Disney Princesses

8/10/2018 - This Outstanding Metal Gear Solid Art Makes Us Yearn for the Movie

8/10/2018 - Freaky Friday Could Be Much More Interesting if It Was Updated to Be True to Today's Teens

8/10/2018 - Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth Are Causing Star Trek 4 Problems

8/10/2018 - Cold Cuts and Merit Badges Are Weapons of War in This Week's Best New Comics

8/10/2018 - Sunken Warship Said to Have Billions in Gold Looks Like It Was a Cryptocurrency Scam

8/10/2018 - Wikileaks Served With DNC Lawsuit Over Twitter

8/10/2018 - George R.R. Martin Remarks on the Lord of the Rings Death That Inspired His Own Murderous Rampage

8/10/2018 - Raccoon Vs. Crow Is the Alien Vs. Predator of Trash Animals

8/10/2018 - New Horizons Spacecraft Sees Possible Hydrogen Wall at the End of the Solar System

8/10/2018 - The 10 Best Predator Kills, Ranked

8/10/2018 - NOAA's First All-Female Hurricane Hunter Crew Flew Fearlessly Into Hurricane Hector

8/10/2018 - DC Doesn't Know What to Do With Cyborg

8/10/2018 - How Will NASA Get this Probe to the Sun Without It Melting?

8/10/2018 - Facebook Starts Forcing Popular Page Admins to Prove Who They Are

8/10/2018 - The Absolute Audacity of The 100

8/10/2018 - Florida Man 'Went Off the Deep End' After Facebook Political Feud and Shot a Stranger in the Ass

8/10/2018 - An Ailing Orca Was Given Medication in the Wild for the First Time Ever

8/10/2018 - This $600 Shoelace-Tying Robot Was Built on a Shoestring Budget

8/10/2018 - 7 Fake Journalist Names the U.S. Government Used to Spread Propaganda During the 1950s

8/10/2018 - The Fossil Fuel Propaganda Machine Is Still Playing the Victim

8/10/2018 - What's Better Than Paul Rudd? 2 Paul Rudds

8/10/2018 - When Did Ajit Pai Know?

8/10/2018 - Bomb Squad Called After NASA Weather Device Labeled 'NOT A BOMB' Drops From Sky

8/10/2018 - The TSA's Shady 'Quiet Skies' Program Has Tracked Thousands of Passengers, Yet Produced No Leads

8/10/2018 - Aerial Photos Reveal the True Horror of the Carr Fire

8/10/2018 - Spotify May Let You Skip Annoying Ads Even If You Don't Pay Up

8/10/2018 - Watch Gal Gadot Get Fast and Furious as Vanellope's Speed Racer Mentor in Ralph Breaks the Internet

8/10/2018 - Why This Star-Packed Region of Space Is Likely Devoid of Life

8/10/2018 - Young People Are Convincing Politicians to Stop Taking Fossil Fuel Money

8/10/2018 - Wildfire Smoke Out West Has Traveled Thousands of Miles East

8/10/2018 - Your Favorite Space Water Bear Is Floating Into Star Trek Online

8/10/2018 - Broadcom's Billionaire Co-Founder Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Trafficking

8/10/2018 - Finally, a Perfect Phone for Small Hands

8/10/2018 - Will You Be Able to See the Perseid Meteor Shower This Weekend?

8/10/2018 - Don't Get Too Excited About Those James Bond Rumors

8/10/2018 - Gina Haspel's CIA Torture Cables From Thailand Black Site Finally Declassified After Lawsuit

8/9/2018 - Iron Fist's Second Season Would Do Well to Put Danny in the Passenger Seat

8/9/2018 - Fear the Walking Dead Returns With a Zombie Hurricane

8/9/2018 - Hex Wives Will Tell the Story of Women Whose Power Is Suppressed by Men

8/9/2018 - A Game of Thrones Script Has Seemingly Settled That Big Ice Dragon Debate

8/9/2018 - Trump Wants You to Choose a Space Force Logo... for the Merch He'll Sell You

8/9/2018 - The Paladins Are Packing Some Serious Heat in the Latest Clip From Voltron Season 7

8/9/2018 - A Pesticide Scott Pruitt Supported Just Got Struck Down in Court

8/9/2018 - The World’s Fastest Creature Is Not What You Think

8/9/2018 - The Only Known Sound in Space Is This 'Singing' Black Hole

8/9/2018 - Microsoft Threatens to Stop Hosting Gab, the Worst Social Network, Over Anti-Semitic Threats of Violence

8/9/2018 - DC Universe's Doom Patrol Has Cast the Next Live-Action Cyborg

8/9/2018 - This Candidate for Governor Wants to Put Colorado on the Blockchain

8/9/2018 - Our First Good Weather News All Summer

8/9/2018 - The New Star Trek Show Is a Chance to Last Jedi the Hell Out of Captain Picard

8/9/2018 - A Where's Waldo-Finding Robot Is Here to Steal Your Toddler's Only Job

8/9/2018 - Six Months With the Apple HomePod Almost Convinced Me It Was Good

8/9/2018 - Want to Keep Your Sperm Healthy? Stick to Boxers, Says Harvard Study

8/9/2018 - We Really Need to Ban Asbestos Already

8/9/2018 - A Solo Black Cat Movie and Obscure Heroes Are Joining Sony's Spider-Man Universe

8/9/2018 - The Samsung Galaxy Watch is Cute, But Way Too Big

8/9/2018 - Here's the Official Plan to Create the U.S. Space Force

8/9/2018 - The Best Way to Upgrade Your Cheap, Crappy Earbuds

8/9/2018 - The Harry Potter: A History of Magic Audiobook Will Be Narrated by the Dulcet Tones of Natalie Dormer

8/9/2018 - Black Widow Spiders Are Spreading Farther North Than Ever Before

8/9/2018 - Samsung Really Went and Made a Bixby Speaker

8/9/2018 - A PSA for What Qualifies as a Drug in The Happytime Murders

8/9/2018 - You Can Watch Live Video From Microsoft's Underwater Data Center If That's Your Kind of Thing

8/9/2018 - Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Note 9

8/9/2018 - Intel Says It Made the 'World's Densest' SSD By Cramming 32-Terabytes Into the Shape of a Ruler

8/9/2018 - Ruby Rose Reveals She Grew Up as an Actual Batwoman

8/9/2018 - Oreo and Hydrox's 100-Year-Old Blood Feud Is Heating Up Over Claims of Hidden Cookies

8/9/2018 - The First Trailer for Simon Pegg's Slaughterhouse Rulez Promises a Bloody Proper Fight

8/9/2018 - Keto Diets Might Raise Type 2 Diabetes Risk—at Least in Mice

8/9/2018 - Social Media Might Not Ruin Nature, After All

8/9/2018 - Bag of Sex Toys Incites Panic at Berlin Airport, Bomb Squad Called and Terminal Shut Down

8/9/2018 - California's Viral Fire Tornado Has Scientists Searching For Answers

8/9/2018 - 12 Cool Things You Can Do in Android 9 Pie That You Couldn't Do Before

8/9/2018 - Updates From Agents of SHIELDSonic the Hedgehog, and More

8/9/2018 - National Weather Service Facility's Intercom, Phone Lines Randomly Overtaken by Message in Chinese

8/8/2018 - Report: The White House Is Using California Wildfires as a Pretext to Seize Control of State Waterways

8/8/2018 - DHS-Funded Researchers Say They've Found Security Flaws in Phones With All Major Carriers

8/8/2018 - Travel to the Wonderful Worlds of Disney With These Beautiful Posters

8/8/2018 - Warner Bros. Is Finally Realizing Supergirl Should Be the Center of the DC Universe

8/8/2018 - The Meg Is Dumb, But It Knows It's Dumb, and That's Why It's Great

8/8/2018 - Axon CEO Says Face Recognition Isn't Accurate Enough for Body Cams Yet

8/8/2018 - Leave These Crayons Found to Contain Asbestos Off Your Back-to-School Shopping List

8/8/2018 - Open Channel: Who Is the Best Fictional Cat? 

8/8/2018 - Alvin Toffler Investigated by FBI for Communist Activities According to Newly Released Files

8/8/2018 - Planet or Star? Either Way, This Rogue Object Is Really Weird

8/8/2018 - The Fantastic Four's Return Is Less Literal Than You Might Have Expected

8/8/2018 - China Tests Hypersonic Aircraft Capable of Penetrating U.S. Missile Defense Systems

8/8/2018 - Uber, Lyft Dealt Blow as NYC Council Votes to Cap Licenses for Rideshare Vehicles

8/8/2018 - These New Pop Culture Precious Moments Statues Give You and Your Grandma Something to Collect Together

8/8/2018 - We Want Your Nerds

8/8/2018 - Marvel May Use James Gunn's Script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 After All

8/8/2018 - There's a Lot of Messed-Up Shapeshifting in the New Trailer for Netflix's The Innocents

8/8/2018 - Lyme Disease Has Spread to Every Part of the U.S.

8/8/2018 - Humans May Have Reached North America by More Than One Route

8/8/2018 - Face Recognition Tool Helps Nice Hackers Grab Facebook, Instagram Data Just Like the Bad Guys 

8/8/2018 - Yet Another Reason Geoengineering Won't Save Us

8/8/2018 - Batwoman Needs a Phenomenal Wig for Her Live-Action CW Show

8/8/2018 - Mysterious 'Alien' Radio Signal: Here's What You Need to Know

8/8/2018 - It's Fun to Go to Stores

8/8/2018 - Public Lands and Threatened Wildlife Are Delaying Two Major Pipelines

8/8/2018 - Tesla's Solar Factory Is Reportedly Struggling to Meet Elon Musk's 'Aesthetic Demands'

8/8/2018 - The Oscars Are Adding a New Award for 'Popular Films,' Whatever That Means [UPDATED]

8/8/2018 - Oh Great, Americans Have a New Tick to Worry About

8/8/2018 - Airbnb Ditches Plan to Offer Luxury Night on China's Great Wall After Backlash

8/8/2018 - Ancient Mass Graves Could Be Filled With Tsunami Victims

8/8/2018 - If This Leak Is Legit, the Pixel 3 XL Will Be Google's Ugliest Phone Yet

8/8/2018 - Watch the Alternate, Gruesome Climax of the Cult Classic Alien Film Mac and Me

8/8/2018 - How Two Big Things Stopped the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 From Winning Me Over

8/8/2018 - The Latest Trailer for Disney's Nutcracker and the Four Realms Tastes a Little Sour

8/8/2018 - If You're Lazy and Live Alone, You Need This Motorized Handheld Dish Scrubber

8/8/2018 - With Some Clever Engineering, This Guy Made a Supersized Lego Helicopter Actually Fly

8/8/2018 - The Algorithm That Could Save Vulnerable New Yorkers From Being Forced Out of Their Homes

8/8/2018 - Magic Leap's Mysterious Headset Is FINALLY Available for Pre-Order [Update]

8/8/2018 - There Could Be a Sequel to the Power Rangers Reboot in the Works

8/8/2018 - I Kind of Want This Tiny Robot to Control My Home

8/8/2018 - 'People You May Know:' A Controversial Facebook Feature's 10-Year History

8/8/2018 - Twitter CEO Defends Giving Alex Jones a Platform to Spread Lies

8/7/2018 - Trade Group Asks FCC to Investigate Whether Verizon Is Lying About Its 4G Coverage Area

8/7/2018 - Judge Rules Discord Must Turn Over Account Data of Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville Planning Server

8/7/2018 - This Lost In Space Art Is as Quirky and Wonderful as the Original Show

8/7/2018 - Early Plans for Star Wars Rebels Included What Became Rogue One

8/7/2018 - Rock Icon Stevie Nicks Is Returning to American Horror Story

8/7/2018 - Sure Looks Like Snapchat’s Becoming a Thing We Don’t Have to Pretend to Care About Anymore

8/7/2018 - Alex Jones Is Shirtlessly Screaming Into the Void on Popular Social Network Google+

8/7/2018 - Patrick Wilson Stars in the Latest Stephen King Adaptation For Netflix

8/7/2018 - Jupiter's Moon Ganymede Generates Incredible Magnetic Waves

8/7/2018 - Shattered Grid Is the Power Rangers Anniversary the Series Deserves

8/7/2018 - Snapchat Files All-Caps DMCA Takedown After the Source Code It Leaked Hit Github

8/7/2018 - Elon Musk's '420' Tesla Tweet Sparks a Total Shitshow

8/7/2018 - Even More Changes Are Coming to Star TrekDiscovery's Klingon Design Next Season

8/7/2018 - Probiotic Supplements Might Be Giving Some People 'Brain Fog'

8/7/2018 - Nick Fury and Maria Hill Will Appear in Spider-Man: Far From Home

8/7/2018 - Kilauea's Eruption Is on Pause—For Now

8/7/2018 - Here's the Internal Report Proving the FCC Made Up a Cyberattack

8/7/2018 - Comet Photobombs NASA’s New Planet-Hunting Satellite

8/7/2018 - The CW's Live-Action Batwoman Is Ruby Rose

8/7/2018 - Report: NASA Needs to Get Moving on Its Plan to Snatch Some Mars Dust

8/7/2018 - 5 Fantasy Films From the '80s Perfectly Suited for TV Adaptations 

8/7/2018 - Texas Governor Tweets Fake Churchill Quote About Fascism, Gets Flooded With Equally Made-Up Replies

8/7/2018 - Spider-Man 3 Star Topher Grace Is 'Thrilled' to See Tom Hardy's Version of Venom

8/7/2018 - Bose Has a Pricey Winner With Its Sleep-Friendly Earbuds

8/7/2018 - Hawaiian Corals Are Adapting to Warmer Waters, But It May Not Be Enough

8/7/2018 - Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Captures First Close-Up Image of Ryugu Asteroid

8/7/2018 - Michigan Man Starts 'Amish Uber' With Horse and Buggy

8/7/2018 - Comic From 1913 Predicted Innovations for Newspapers of the Future

8/7/2018 - The First Glimpse of Deadpool 2's Gag Reel Is Full of Missed Lines and Impromptu Trains

8/7/2018 - Medical Records of 90 Million People Left Vulnerable to Critical Security Flaws

8/7/2018 - The New RC Lego Batmobile Is Your Puppy's Worst Nightmare

8/7/2018 - Let's All Take a Breath and Read That 'Hothouse Earth' Paper

8/7/2018 - Facebook Wanted Us to Kill This Investigative Tool

8/7/2018 - Is Mark Zuckerberg Wet or Dry?

8/7/2018 - A Batman Villain Could Become the Main Antagonist of Birds of Prey 

8/7/2018 - Facebook: Hey Can We Pretty Please Maybe Have Lots of Your Banking Information Too?

8/6/2018 - Report: Almost Nobody Is Using Amazon's Alexa to Actually Buy Stuff

8/6/2018 - Gal Gadot May Play Real Life Wonder Woman Hedy Lamarr

8/6/2018 - Venom Should Be a Horror Movie Where the Monster Wins

8/6/2018 - New Bill Would Force TSA to Adopt 'Gender-Neutral' Screenings 

8/6/2018 - Verizon Swears It'll Release the Correct Privacy Policy for Its 'Safe Wi-Fi' VPN Sometime Soon

8/6/2018 - The Cast of Riverdale Gave Us Plenty of Tantalizing Teases About Season 3

8/6/2018 - FCC's Ajit Pai Blames Former CIO for Bogus 'DDoS' Attack Claims—Also Obama

8/6/2018 - This 'Born-Again' Nebula Appears to Be Inside Out

8/6/2018 - Tell Me a Story Thinks We Need Strip Clubs and Blow to Make Fairy Tales for Adults

8/6/2018 - Dave Bautista May Not Do Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Without James Gunn's Script

8/6/2018 - Tom King's Heroes in Crisis Is Going to Change the Way You Understand DC's Finest Heroes

8/6/2018 - Pentagon Bans Location-Tracking Apps in Obviously Dangerous Places

8/6/2018 - Women Are More Likely to Die From a Heart Attack If Their Doctor Is Male

8/6/2018 - Thank Rao, a New Supergirl Film Is Finally in Development

8/6/2018 - Rosetta Image Makes You Feel Like You're on the Surface of a Comet

8/6/2018 - California's Wildfires Are Creating an Air Pollution Nightmare

8/6/2018 - CBS All Access Is Laying the Groundwork for Non-Stop Star Trek

8/6/2018 - Android P Is Now Officially Android 9 Pie

8/6/2018 - YouTube Bans InfoWars Following Removals From Apple, Facebook, and Spotify

8/6/2018 - Bangladesh Blocks Mobile Internet Amid Police Crackdown on Student Protests

8/6/2018 - The Live-Action Star Wars Show Will Reportedly Be Very Expensive

8/6/2018 - Everything You Can Do to Type Faster on Your Smartphone

8/6/2018 - The Mendocino Complex Fire Is Now the Largest In California's History [Updated]

8/6/2018 - Plume Made Good Wifi Cheap

8/6/2018 - Jody Houser on Returning to the World of Valiant for Faith: Dreamside

8/6/2018 - MoviePass Nukes Unlimited Plan But Won't Raise Prices

8/6/2018 - South Korea's Rampant Spy-Cam Porn Problem Prompts Crackdown at Transportation Hubs

8/6/2018 - The New Extended Trailer for Maniac Gives Us 'Some Multi-Reality Brain Magic Shit'

8/6/2018 - Can You Remember Being a Baby?

8/6/2018 - Facebook 'Unpublishes' InfoWars Pages as Social Media Companies Crack Down on Hate Speech

8/6/2018 - A Long-Absent American Horror Story Star Will Return for Apocalypse

8/6/2018 - Native Hawaiians Turn to Ancient Traditions to Save Their Reefs

8/6/2018 - Apple Bans Most InfoWars Podcasts Over Hate Speech

8/5/2018 - AC Lung, Space Stairs, 3D Guns and the Quietest Place on Earth: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/5/2018 - Wells Fargo Admits It Foreclosed on Hundreds of Homes After a Software Glitch

8/5/2018 - The Minecraft Movie Has Lost Its Writer and Director

8/5/2018 - Starbucks: Sorry, Your Bitcoin Is Still No Good Here

8/5/2018 - The Producers of Lost Have Apologized to Evangeline Lilly for 'Cornered' Nude Scenes

8/5/2018 - The Y: The Last Man TV Show Will Use CGI for Ampersand the Monkey

8/5/2018 - Venezuelan Officials Allege Attempted Drone Assassination of President Nicolas Maduro

8/5/2018 - Boots Riley Says Foreign Distributors are Refusing to Pick Up Sorry to Bother You 

8/5/2018 - Donnie Yen Has Some Insight Into Why Star Wars Doesn't Do Well in China

8/4/2018 - NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Not Dead Yet, May Even Have Another Exoplanet Survey Left in It

8/4/2018 - The Head of FX Teases the Dark Path Ahead in Legion Season 3

8/4/2018 - Apple's Sole Main Processor Supplier Just Got Hit With a Computer Virus

8/4/2018 - These Movie Posters Bring New Color and Life to Some Classic Films

8/4/2018 - Sir Patrick Stewart Is Returning to Star Trek for a New Series About Picard

8/4/2018 - These The Last Jedi Fans Put on a Mock Court Martial for Poe Dameron

8/4/2018 - The DNC Is Telling Democrats to Dump Their ZTE and Huawei Devices, Even If They're Cheap

8/4/2018 - Watch Todd McFarlane Critique Venom's Design From the Upcoming Movie

8/4/2018 - What Caused Carnegie Hall to Lose Its Famous Acoustics in 1986?

8/4/2018 - The Newest Gen:Lock Teaser Offers an Early Look at the Show's Mecha Action

8/4/2018 - This Facebook Feature Shouldn't Exist

8/4/2018 - 7 Reasons Why This Is the One Gadget Your Home Network Needs

8/3/2018 - The Detail and Variety in This Futuristic Concept Art Is Mind-Blowing

8/3/2018 - A Horror Icon Elevates the Quirky Killer-in-the-Woods Thriller Dead Night

8/3/2018 - This Fan Film Lovingly Parodies Rian Johnson's Brick to Show Support for Diversity in Star Wars [UPDATED]

8/3/2018 - Senators Demand Answers on Google's Reported Plans for Censored Search Engine in China

8/3/2018 - Everyone's Logging Off and Terrified of Technology in This Week's Best New Comics

8/3/2018 - March of Dimes Pulls Millions in Funding From Unsuspecting Scientists, Blames Budget Problems

8/3/2018 - Here's a Crash-Course Refresher on The Venture Bros. Ahead of the Season 7 Premiere

8/3/2018 - People Are Getting Sick From an Opioid-Like 'Dietary Supplement': Report

8/3/2018 - The Immortal Hulk Is Weaving a Haunting Legacy for All of Marvel's Gamma-Powered Heroes

8/3/2018 - Tell Us the Apps You Hate But Just Can't Quit 

8/3/2018 - Princess Leia, Pikachu's Butt, and More Wonderfully Weird Toys of the Week

8/3/2018 - The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Jumbled Shark Evolution

8/3/2018 - That Mourning Orca Whale Mother Should Be a Wake-Up Call

8/3/2018 - Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger Too) Discuss the Franchise's Legacy in Christopher Robin

8/3/2018 - The Smiley Face Emoji Is Clearly Full of Shit

8/3/2018 - Small Dogs Pee Higher to Lie About Their Size, New Study Concludes

8/3/2018 - New Research Could Reveal Which Parts of Your City Swelter the Most

8/3/2018 - Summer Camp Island Makes Me Wish I'd Gone to Sleepaway Camp

8/3/2018 - NASA Announces First Crew for Commercial Space Travel

8/3/2018 - Alex Garland's Sci-Fi Show Starring Nick Offerman and Ex Machina's Sonoya Mizuno Is a Go

8/3/2018 - Nut Milk Recalled Because It May Contain Real Milk

8/3/2018 - Electric Warriors Will Look at the Unexplored Dark Ages of the Future DC Universe

8/3/2018 - FCC Almost Does Something Right, and It May Give Google Fiber a Boost

8/3/2018 - The Cost of Buying a $100 Phone

8/3/2018 - The Futuristic Invisible Wall That Was Supposed to Protect Entire Towns From Missiles in 1959

8/3/2018 - We May Finally Know How Notorious Pregnancy Drug Thalidomide Hurt Thousands of Babies

8/3/2018 - Christopher Robin Won't Release in China, and It Could Be for a Very Odd Reason [Updated]

8/3/2018 - A Top Medical University in Japan Has Been Lowering Women's Test Scores For Years: Reports

8/3/2018 - Google Lifts Ban on Addiction Rehab Ads

8/3/2018 - Here's How an Absurd Primate Ended Up With Squirrel Teeth

8/3/2018 - You Don't Have to Spend Hundreds to Get a Really Good Keyboard

8/3/2018 - I Went to Die Hard's Nakatomi Plaza and Not a Single Hostage Was Taken

8/3/2018 - Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollback Could Start a Legal War

8/3/2018 - Samsung, U OK?

8/3/2018 - A Service that Lets You Use Windows 10 on Any Computer or Phone Is Going Nationwide

8/3/2018 - Disney Reportedly Wants the Star Wars Broadcast Rights Back for Its New Streaming Service

8/3/2018 - How to Turn Your Smartphone into an Early Warning System for Almost Anything

8/3/2018 - Sony's Kraven the Hunter Movie Has Found a Writer

8/2/2018 - Christopher Robin Is Incredibly Dreary for What Should Be a Happy Trip Down Memory Lane

8/2/2018 - Cool Fan Film Envisions a New Chapter in the Cloverfield Sci-Fi Saga 

8/2/2018 - Read an Excerpt From Garrison Girl, the First Full-Length English Attack on Titan Novel

8/2/2018 - A Tree Is Burning in World of Warcraft, and I'm Strangely Sad About It

8/2/2018 - Top National Security Officials Brief Bewildered Nation on Efforts to Combat Election Interference

8/2/2018 - People May Be Getting Sick From Chipotle Again

8/2/2018 - The Batman Gets Some Much-Needed Updates From Matt Reeves

8/2/2018 - Congress Votes to Force Software Makers to Say When Foreign Governments Peep Their Code

8/2/2018 - Motorola Thinks It’s Got the First 5G Phone—and Here’s the Mod That’s Making It Happen

8/2/2018 - Displaced Puerto Ricans Have Another Month of Housing—But What’s Next?

8/2/2018 - Scientists Just Measured the Drought that May Have Brought Down the Ancient Maya

8/2/2018 - Americans' Legal Opioid Use Hasn’t Budged Much Over the Past Decade

8/2/2018 - Meet The Communities Fighting to Bring Back Their Stars

8/2/2018 - The Origins of Rogue Squadron Now Have a Much Closer Bond to the Star Wars Movies

8/2/2018 - Generation Z Will Have to LipSync in Front of Dying Grandpas on a Whole New App

8/2/2018 - NASA's Sun Probe Set to Launch Next Week on Its Journey to Hell

8/2/2018 - The Darkest Minds Feels Like It's Missing More Than a Few Pages

8/2/2018 - Nearly All Lemur Species Are Now Facing Extinction

8/2/2018 - The Tallest Mountain in Sweden Is Shrinking

8/2/2018 - Mission: Impossible's Rebecca Ferguson Could Be Joining Men in Black and Doctor Sleep

8/2/2018 - 28 of the Coolest Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies That Got Dumped in August

8/2/2018 - Apple May Be the First Trillion-Dollar Company, but Can You Believe the 2001 Brendan Fraser Film Monkeybone Isn’t on Netflix??

8/2/2018 - Matt Groening Swears Disenchantment Won't Be a Parade of Game of Thrones Parodies

8/2/2018 - These Australian Birds Learn About Danger by Listening to Their Friends

8/2/2018 - This Is What Trump’s Fuel Economy Rollback Means for the Climate

8/2/2018 - We Built This Massive Lego Voltron So You Don't Have To

8/2/2018 - Apple Kills App Affiliate Program In Pointless Dick Move

8/2/2018 - Latest Study Puts Puerto Rico’s Maria Death Toll Above 1,100

8/2/2018 - This 1935 Streamlined Car of the Future Looks Like a Beautiful Death Trap

8/2/2018 - The Real Reason Behind the Mission: Impossible/Justice League Mustache Drama Is as Petty As Your Wildest Dreams

8/2/2018 - Amazon Imagines Future Employee Surveillance With Patent Application for AR Goggles

8/2/2018 - How to Choose a Laptop for Less Than $500

8/2/2018 - Did Amazon Just Accidentally Confirm Samsung’s Unreleased Dual-Wireless Charger?

8/2/2018 - Updates From Doctor Sleep, Metal Gear Solid, And More

8/2/2018 - The Microsoft Surface Go Is Practically Perfect

8/2/2018 - Spotify: What If We Just Removed a Few of Alex Jones' Podcasts Instead of Banning Him

8/1/2018 - Boeing's CST-100 Starliner Program Hits More Delays, First Crewed Flight Won't Happen Until 2019

8/1/2018 - 'Long Blockchain' Maybe Not as Smart as It Thought

8/1/2018 - Thanos and Gamora Cosplayers Are So Cute You'd Almost Forget He Murdered Half Her Planet

8/1/2018 - Spooky Animated Web Series Ghost Radio Is Back for a Second Season

8/1/2018 - Top Scientists Explain to Senators Why We Must Look for Aliens

8/1/2018 - The Creators of Injustice vs. the Masters of the Universe Talk About Making Batman and Orko Best Friends

8/1/2018 - Amnesty International Targeted by Israeli-Made Spyware via WhatsApp

8/1/2018 - The Battle Over 3D-Printed Guns Is Getting Serious

8/1/2018 - DOJ Arrests Men It Claims Hacked Chili’s, Arby’s, and Chipotle

8/1/2018 - Lawsuit: Sweeping Biometric Data Collection Keeps Immigrant Children Locked Up Longer

8/1/2018 - August Is Here, Which Means You Can Start Reading These Amazing New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

8/1/2018 - Report: Warner Bros. Could Be Resurrecting ALF

8/1/2018 - By Outselling the iPhone, Huawei Shows It Doesn’t Need the U.S. to Succeed

8/1/2018 - Great, Scientists Have Discovered Plastic Emits Methane

8/1/2018 - The Infinity Wars Comic's Most Shocking Reveal Gives Us Curious Ideas on How Avengers 4 Might Play Out

8/1/2018 - Senate Republicans Vote Against Increased Funds for Election Security

8/1/2018 - J.J. Abrams Marks the Start of Episode IX Filming With Cryptic Teases and a Tribute to Carrie Fisher

8/1/2018 - 'We Are Not Bots': Facebook Censors U.S. Activists After Falsely Claiming They 'Unwittingly' Planned Protest

8/1/2018 - Reddit Hacked, Some User Data Stolen

8/1/2018 - Supergirl Continues to Have the Best U.S. Government By Casting Brent Spiner as Vice President

8/1/2018 - Trump's Science Advisor Nominee Is an Outlier

8/1/2018 - Hand Sanitizers Are Becoming Less Effective Against Some Hospital Superbugs

8/1/2018 - Hey, DC Universe's Titans Is Right—Fuck Batman

8/1/2018 - 10-Year-Old Boy Recovers Impressively After One-Sixth of His Brain Is Removed

8/1/2018 - Archie Is Making Comics You Can Watch on Spotify

8/1/2018 - Earth, It Has Been Hot

8/1/2018 - The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Blu-ray Is a Fitting Tribute to the Series and Franchise 

8/1/2018 - Facebook Starts Showing You How Much Time You Waste on Facebook

8/1/2018 - Samsung’s Latest Tablet Is Trying to Out Pro the iPad

8/1/2018 - Lego Batman, Superman, and Emmet Star in the Best Airplane Safety Video You've Ever Seen

8/1/2018 - Tribal Members Are Already Scrutinizing Keystone XL Environmental Review

8/1/2018 - This Guy Figured Out How to Turn an Old Kindle Into the Perfect Clock for Book Nerds

8/1/2018 - Sarah Connor Makes the Most Badass Return in the First Official Image From Terminator 

8/1/2018 - Here's What Earth's Shadow Actually Looks Like

8/1/2018 - It's Time for Even More Joker Casting Rumors

8/1/2018 - How a Deeply Conservative Island Became a Poster Child For Climate Change

8/1/2018 - Aspiring Avengers Can Now Build Their Own Superhero Gauntlet

8/1/2018 - Google Developing Censored Search Engine For China: Report [Updated]

8/1/2018 - Report: The SamSam Ransomware Has Extorted $5.9 Million, and One Person Might Be Behind It