12/31/2018 - All of io9's 2018 Year in Review Lists in One Convenient Location

12/31/2018 - What Are You Leaving Behind in 2018?

12/31/2018 - Why Is Jeff Bezos on a Horse? 2018 Is Nearly Over, So Here Are Some Random Guesses

12/31/2018 - FBI Botched Interrogation of Former NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Secrets

12/31/2018 - We Have Some Sweet Images From the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Art Book

12/31/2018 - U.S. Strategic Command Helpfully Reminds World It Could Still Annihilate Everyone Before Midnight

12/31/2018 - Chris Chibnall Calls Doctor Who's Political Stories 'Fundamental'

12/31/2018 - Desperately Horny Australian Cane Toads Ride Snake Train to Sex Town

12/31/2018 - Motiv's Ring With Built-in 2FA Would Be Nicer If It Worked Consistently

12/31/2018 - Reminder: Releasing Thousands of Balloons to Ring in the New Year Is an Awful Idea

12/31/2018 - Another Exploding Phone Story Reveals the One Good Thing About Women's Pants

12/31/2018 - The 100 Most Popular io9 Posts of 2018

12/31/2018 - Louisiana Cops Forced to Explain That Zika-Tainted Meth Doesn't Exist After Dumb Prank Backfires

12/31/2018 - The Hidden Beauty of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch's Best Ending

12/31/2018 - An American Aid Worker Is Being Monitored for Signs of Ebola at a Nebraska Hospital

12/31/2018 - PopSugar's Twinning App Doesn't Think I Look Like Troye Sivan (Oh Also It Leaked Your Photos)

12/31/2018 - Nokia's Long-Rumored, Five-Camera Beast Could Get Announced Before the End of January

12/31/2018 - The Government Shutdown Has Stalled Trump’s Plan to Drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

12/31/2018 - Watch Live Video of New Year's Celebrations in Times Square, Disney World, and Around the Globe

12/31/2018 - A Major TV Network Managed to Cover Climate Change for an Hour Without Devolving Into a Shitshow

12/31/2018 - What Was the First Recreational Drug?

12/31/2018 - Scarlett Johansson on Deepfakes: 'The Internet Is a Vast Wormhole of Darkness That Eats Itself'

12/31/2018 - Runaways' Creators on Why a Surprising Marvel Character Appears so Soon and Plans for Season 3

12/31/2018 - Scientists Just Melted a Hole Through 3,500 Feet of Ice to Reach a Mysterious Antarctic Lake

12/31/2018 - RIP Soulja Boy's Knock-Off Nintendo GameBoy Advance/Neo Geo/PS Vita/Etc.

12/31/2018 - New Images From Doctor Who's Impending New Year's Special

12/31/2018 - How to Set Up Your iPad to Be the Best Laptop Replacement It Can Be

12/31/2018 - Larry Roberts, Grandfather of the Internet, Dies at 81

12/30/2018 - A Bootleg of One of the Year's Best Horror Films Just Mysteriously Appeared on Amazon Prime [Update — It Has Now Disappeared]

12/30/2018 - 'Super Blood Wolf Moon,' Bird Box, and Apple's Rotten Future: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/30/2018 - John Krasinski Was 'Mind-Tricked' Into Writing A Quiet Place 2

12/30/2018 - Amazon Is Reportedly Planning to Expand Whole Foods Because of Course It Is

12/30/2018 - A Pakistani Theater Is Using a Marvel Gag to Help Advertise Mary Poppins Returns

12/30/2018 - Forget Aquaman, Mermaidman Is the Real Undersea King We Need

12/30/2018 - Cyberattack Hits U.S. Newspapers, Delaying Printing and Deliveries

12/30/2018 - Check Out Sara Pichelli's Fantastic Original Illustration for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

12/30/2018 - Divinity Is Dangerous in This Preview of American Gods Season 2

12/29/2018 - NASA's Nancy Grace Roman, Known as the 'Mother of Hubble,' Dies at 93

12/29/2018 - NYPD Will Use Drone Technology in First for New Year's Eve Security

12/29/2018 - Norman Gimbel, Lyricist Behind the Wonder Woman Theme Song, Dies at 91

12/29/2018 - Bangladesh Shuts Down 3G, 4G Access Across Entire Country Ahead of Elections

12/29/2018 - Meet the Creators Behind the Advanced Visual Effects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

12/29/2018 - Google Has Lawsuit in Illinois Over Facial Recognition Scanning in Google Photos Dismissed

12/29/2018 - PSA: You Can Now Read the Screenplay for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Online

12/29/2018 - One of the Best Emulator Front-Ends May Be Coming to Xbox One, With No Jailbreak Required

12/29/2018 - Government Shutdown Could Also Impact the FTC's Facebook Investigation: Report

12/29/2018 - Aquaman Has Already Made More Globally Than Justice League's Entire Run

12/29/2018 - Marvel's Official Website Adds an Interesting Wrinkle to Loki's On-Screen Character Arc

12/29/2018 - Tesla Names Two New Directors to Board as Part of SEC Settlement With Elon Musk

12/28/2018 - FTC Warns of Sketchy Netflix Phishing Scam Asking for Payment Details

12/28/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg: Everything Is Fine, Actually

12/28/2018 - Report to the Bridge for Your Crash Course in The Orville Ahead of the Season 2 Premiere

12/28/2018 - Twitter Hackers Hijack New Accounts After Company Claims It Fixed Bug

12/28/2018 - Google is Reportedly Rolling Out a Feature to Fight Spam in Your Texts

12/28/2018 - Bad Plumbing Helped Cause a Strange Outbreak of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria at a Maryland Hospital

12/28/2018 - Report: Scientists in China Are Losing Track of Gene-Edited CRISPR Patients

12/28/2018 - Director Sophia Takal Talks Blumhouse and Her Episode of Hulu's Horror Anthology Into the Dark

12/28/2018 - 'Not the Leadership This Moment Calls For': Progressives Blast Nancy Pelosi's New 'Climate Crisis' Committee

12/28/2018 - That New Black Mirror Interactive Film From Netflix Doesn't Work on Apple TV

12/28/2018 - Runaways' Creators Discuss the Team's Evolution and the Importance of Found Families

12/28/2018 - Trump’s EPA Wants to Prove That Limiting Toxic Mercury Emissions Is a Giant Waste of Money

12/28/2018 - Dozens of Stranded Sea Turtles Rescued After Indonesian Tsunami

12/28/2018 - How Hawaii's Volcanoes Could Help Us Find Life on Saturn's Icy Moon

12/28/2018 - Here's Why the Sky Glowed a Freaky Blue During Last Night's Electrical Incident in NYC

12/28/2018 - All the Creative and Inspiring People We Lost in 2018

12/28/2018 - Widespread 911 Outage Sparks FCC Investigation Into CenturyLink

12/28/2018 - This Engineer Wants to Turn Your Abandoned Christmas Tree Into Sustainable Household Products

12/28/2018 - How Chip Makers Are Circumventing Moore's Law to Build Super-Fast CPUs of Tomorrow

12/28/2018 - How to Play One of the Games From Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

12/28/2018 - Kids of the 1980s Imagined the Year 2020 With Robot Butlers, Bubble-top Cities, and Nuclear War

12/28/2018 - Oldest American Man on Record Dies at Age 112

12/28/2018 - Personal Data of Nearly 1,000 North Korean Defectors Reportedly Stolen in Hack

12/28/2018 - Enormous 18th-Century Ice House Re-Discovered Under London Street

12/28/2018 - How to Run a Different OS Without Buying a New Computer

12/28/2018 - Into the Spider-Verse Lifted a Key Line of Dialogue from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

12/28/2018 - 'Super Blood Wolf Moon?' Now We're Just Making Shit Up

12/28/2018 - A High-Speed Camera Mounted to a Lawnmower Blade Gives You a Front-Row Seat to Gadget Carnage

12/28/2018 - Mom Busts Son Using Alexa to Solve His Math Homework

12/28/2018 - Jude Law's Captain Marvel Character Is Going Through an Identity Crisis

12/28/2018 - Industrial Chloroform Emissions Are Rising, and That's Bad News

12/28/2018 - Our Favorite Gizmodo Videos of 2018 

12/28/2018 - Bird Box Is the First Great Monster Movie About This Poisonous Invention

12/28/2018 - FDA Plans to Meet With E-Cigarette Makers Over Teen Vaping Concerns

12/27/2018 - Blue Light Appears Above New York After Transformer Explosion at Con Edison Plant in Queens

12/27/2018 - Facebook's Reported 'Rulebooks' Show It's Got a Serious Content Moderation Problem

12/27/2018 - Dead Ant Pits an '80s Hair Metal Band Against Giant Killer Ants

12/27/2018 - What Old Tech Needs to Make a Comeback in 2019?

12/27/2018 - Scientists Got Fruit Flies Drunk and Maybe Figured Out Why We Get Buzzed

12/27/2018 - Samsung's Remote Access Feature Sounds Like Chromecast on Steroids

12/27/2018 - Nearly 2 Million People Sign Petition to Sue France Over Climate Inaction

12/27/2018 - The Your Name Remake Will Be Americanized, According to Its Screenwriter

12/27/2018 - The Fictional People and Things We Lost in 2018

12/27/2018 - Before-and-After Pics Show Dramatic Collapse of Tsunami-Causing Volcano in Indonesia

12/27/2018 - Contemplate Existence as You Watch the Mesmerizing Death of a Single-Celled Organism

12/27/2018 - A King Can't Save the World Alone in the Latest Trailer for A Kid Who Would Be King

12/27/2018 - Ice Cores Could Solve Thousand-Year-Old Cosmic Ray Mystery

12/27/2018 - Security Flaw in Guardzilla Smart Cameras Is Exposing Users’ Recordings, Researchers Say

12/27/2018 - Scientists Use Spinning Neutron Stars to Calibrate Atomic Clocks

12/27/2018 - Antarctic Snowfall Is Helping Offset Sea Level Rise, But That Won't Save Us

12/27/2018 - The 10 Best (and 4 Worst) TV Shows of 2018

12/27/2018 - Elon Musk's Lawyers Say Calling Cave Diver a 'Pedo' Had No 'Factual Basis' in Bid to Drop Suit

12/27/2018 - New Delhi's Air Quality Is So Bad the Government Is Enlisting Firefighters to Help Fight It

12/27/2018 - Eastern Lowland Gorillas Heading Towards 'Genetic Meltdown'

12/27/2018 - Oh God What Did They Just Do to Instagram [Updated]

12/27/2018 - All the Incredible Stuff Happening in Space in 2019

12/27/2018 - She-Ra Showrunner Says Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for He-Man

12/27/2018 - An Old-School Film Trick Finally Brings Color to the Game Boy Camera

12/27/2018 - New Details From the Live-Action Lion King, Plus a Child of Light TV Show, and More

12/27/2018 - Black Mirror Is Heading Back to the 1980s With a Chilling New Holiday Special

12/27/2018 - Apple AirPower Never Showed Up, But This Charging Mat Is a Solid Substitute

12/26/2018 - YouTube Responds After Failing to Credit Video From One of Its Own Creators in Tweet

12/26/2018 - Japan Says It Will Withdraw From IWC and Resume Commercial Whaling

12/26/2018 - In Blow to Amazon and Walmart, India Bans a Key Part of Their Business Strategy

12/26/2018 - Report: Washington Redskins Killed Stadium Wifi Deal With Huawei Over Security Concerns

12/26/2018 - LinkedIn Co-Founder Apologizes for the Mess He's Made

12/26/2018 - The Best Comics of 2018

12/26/2018 - This Right Here Is an Incredibly Annoying Thing About Android

12/26/2018 - 'Doomba' Will Turn Your Roomba Into a Doom Hellscape Generator

12/26/2018 - A New Jersey Hospital Could Have Exposed Thousands of Patients to HIV and Hepatitis

12/26/2018 - The Mandalorian May Feature a Familiar Star Wars Bounty Hunter

12/26/2018 - The IRS Wants to Investigate Tax Dodgers via Social Media

12/26/2018 - Camera Traps Show Carnivores Thriving on Wisconsin's Chilly Islands

12/26/2018 - Contaminated Stem Cell Treatments Sickened at Least 12 People in 2018

12/26/2018 - Bird Box Director Susanne Bier Discusses the Film's Unique, Potentially Divisive Take on Motherhood

12/26/2018 - Climate Change Is Turning These Sea Turtles Female

12/26/2018 - This New Footage of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is Spectacular

12/26/2018 - US Passes Bill to Inject $1.2 Billion Into the Quantum Tech Race

12/26/2018 - Not Even Adorable Pups Can Make Me Use Snapchat

12/26/2018 - India Proposes Regulation to Force Tech Platforms to Censor the Web and Shatter Security

12/26/2018 - The Best, Worst, and Most Unforgettable Movie Moments of 2018

12/26/2018 - Australia Is Ending 2018 With a Record-Breaking Heat Wave

12/26/2018 - Here's Where All the 4K Content for Your New TV Is Hiding

12/26/2018 - Listen to the Creepy Noises Picked Up at a Space Weather Station in Antarctica

12/26/2018 - Alexa Crapped Out on Christmas

12/26/2018 - Hang Iconic Doctor Who Moments on Your Wall With These Fantastic Framed Prints

12/26/2018 - Apple's Future Looks Rotten

12/26/2018 - Updates on a Potential Optimus Prime Solo Movie

12/26/2018 - Asus' ROG Phone Is the Dumb Fun RGB Handset Gamers Deserve

12/26/2018 - How to Edit Nearly Any File on Your Phone or Tablet

12/26/2018 - Russia Tests New Hypersonic Missile System Under Direct Orders From President Putin [Updated]

12/25/2018 - GoFundMe Issues Refunds to Donors of Alleged Scam Involving Couple and Homeless Man

12/25/2018 - A Grim Reaper Is Haunted by Someone Else's Life in This Beautiful Short Film

12/25/2018 - We Need a New Christmas Bird

12/25/2018 - Steven Universe Is Teasing Even More Mysteries About Pink Diamond

12/25/2018 - ICYMI: The Best Photos of Last Week’s Green Comet

12/25/2018 - Artist Laz Marquez Celebrates Buffy the Vampire Slayer in His Epic, Ongoing Poster Series

12/25/2018 - Indonesia Tsunami Death Toll Almost Doubles, Rises to More Than 420

12/25/2018 - Report: ISS Hole Drilled From the Inside, Cosmonaut Says

12/25/2018 - New Technology Changes We're Excited About for 2019

12/25/2018 - Raise the IQ of Your Toy Collection With This Wonderful Shuri Figure

12/25/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in January 

12/25/2018 - Doctor Who's Not-So-Mysterious New Year's Villain Has Been Revealed

12/25/2018 - Jordan Peele's Us Reveals Its Scary Secret in a Creepy First Trailer 

12/25/2018 - 10 Tricks to Try First on Your New Gaming Console

12/25/2018 - The Best Free Software to Install on Your New Laptop

12/24/2018 - Cozy Up to Your Screen With This Doctor Who Christmas Fireplace

12/24/2018 - Clever Cosplayer Designed a Helmet That Makes His Eyes Intensely Glow Like Thor's Do

12/24/2018 - Aggretsuko's Metal Christmas Special Is a Good Reminder That Social Media Can Be Bullshit

12/24/2018 - Transform Yourself Into Steven Universe's White Diamond With This Monochrome Make-Up Look

12/24/2018 - 50 Years Later, the Iconic Apollo 8 Earthrise Photo Still Gives Us Chills

12/24/2018 - A Glorious New Batgirl Figure Is Swinging Into Action

12/24/2018 - Deck the Halls in Less Than 30 Seconds With This Time-Saving Holiday Decorating Cannon 

12/24/2018 - Horse Skeleton With Saddle and Harness Still Attached Uncovered at Pompeii

12/24/2018 - The Bravest Warriors Eat Their Way to Victory in This Exclusive Season Finale Clip

12/24/2018 - I Find Your Lack of Wonder Woman Disturbing

12/24/2018 - 18 Viral Photos and Videos From 2018 That Were Totally Fake

12/24/2018 - Our Favorite io9 Videos of 2018

12/24/2018 - How to Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch to Be Better at Super Smash Bros.

12/24/2018 - Just Get Them a Battery Pack

12/24/2018 - What's Wrong If You Have a Red, Shiny Nose?

12/24/2018 - Our 19 Favorite Tips and Tricks of 2018 

12/23/2018 - Facebook Project Intended to Reduce 'Toxic Content' Was Shot Down by Top Executives: Report

12/23/2018 - Alexa Snooping, Robot Takeovers, and FBI Surveillance: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/23/2018 - The Teaser for The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Premiere Is Actually Pretty Frightening

12/23/2018 - Report: Wall Street Is Getting Cold Feet on Bitcoin as Crypto Crash Continues

12/23/2018 - Go Underground With These Radical Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Designs

12/23/2018 - At Least the Government Shutdown Won't Cancel Santa

12/23/2018 - Report: Episode IX Takes Place a Year After Star Wars: The Last Jedi

12/23/2018 - SpaceX Wraps Up 2018 With First National Security Launch for U.S. Government

12/23/2018 - This Dark Star Wars Fan Film Perfectly Captures the Feel of Darth Vader's World

12/23/2018 - At Least 222 Are Dead After Tsunami Crashes Into Indonesia, With Death Toll Expected to Rise

12/23/2018 - Z Nation Won't Be Returning for a Sixth Zombierific Season

12/22/2018 - Two Arrested in Drone Incident That Disrupted Hundreds of Flights at Gatwick Airport [Updated: They've Been Released]

12/22/2018 - This Video Explains Everything You Need to Know About My Favorite Science Fiction Superstructure

12/22/2018 - James Wan Put That Pitbull Song in Aquaman Precisely Because It's Ridiculous

12/22/2018 - Facebook Removes 5 Accounts Tied to Shady Disinformation Tactics in Alabama Special Election

12/22/2018 - Trump: What If the Border Wall Was Actually a Row of Pointy Sticks

12/22/2018 - Billy Eichner's Namor Really, Really Does Not Appreciate the Aquaman Movie

12/22/2018 - John Wick's Director Could Keep Doing This Forever

12/22/2018 - China's Nine-Month Freeze on New Video Game Approvals Will Soon Be Over

12/22/2018 - Slack: Sorry We Gave You the Boot If You Visited Iran

12/22/2018 - Watch This Poster Artist Run Down the MCU's Best and Worst Designs

12/22/2018 - This Sun-Sensing Sensor Shamed This Sad Blogger

12/22/2018 - Meet the Knitters Who Are Turning Climate Change Data Into a Fashion Statement

12/21/2018 - Sprint to Cough Up a Whopping $330 Million Following Investigation Over NY Taxes

12/21/2018 - Self-Driving Car Company Zoox to Offer Free Rides in California

12/21/2018 - This Star Wars Battlefront II Concept Art Is Almost as Pretty as the Game Itself

12/21/2018 - Hey Juul Employees, What Are You Going to Do With Your Big Tobacco Riches?

12/21/2018 - An Insanely Gigantic Game of Thrones Dragon, and More Toys That Can't Go on This Year's Christmas List

12/21/2018 - Time for Your Holiday Weekend Gif Party!

12/21/2018 - Dear Democrats: No One Gives a Shit If You Think the Net Neutrality Petition Is a Waste of Time

12/21/2018 - Runaways' Sophomore Season Reminds Us Villains Live Close to Home

12/21/2018 - AT&T Is Cooking Up Some 5G Bullshit

12/21/2018 - Americans Have Stopped Getting Taller But Continue to Get Heavier, CDC Says

12/21/2018 - Despite Risks From Poachers, a Rare Albino Orangutan Is Released Back Into the Wild

12/21/2018 - Santa Puts Asgard to Shame and Technology Rules the World in This Week's Best New Comics

12/21/2018 - Trump Is One Step Closer to Opening America's Largest Wildlife Refuge to Oil and Gas

12/21/2018 - Stop Sending Regular Text Messages

12/21/2018 - To All the Monsters We Thirsted for in 2018

12/21/2018 - A New AI-Powered System Creates Impressive 3D Animations From Still Images

12/21/2018 - The Scientists Who Play With Wildfire

12/21/2018 - Rankin/Bass Has Its Own Avengers, and It's a Must-Watch Catastrophe

12/21/2018 - Tropical Lizard With Built-in Scuba Gear Can Stay Submerged for 16 Minutes

12/21/2018 - The Best and Worst Comics Moments of 2018

12/21/2018 - Here's How Foods Made With Genetically Modified Ingredients Will Be Labeled From Now On

12/21/2018 - Melting Chunks of Greenland Are Bringing Londoners Face-to-Face With Climate Change

12/21/2018 - Here's Your First, Tiny Glimpse of the Deep Space Nine Documentary's HD Footage in Action

12/21/2018 - This Environmentalist Went to Prison for a Crime She Says She Didn't Commit—and It Transformed Her Activism

12/21/2018 - DC Universe's Cyborg Makes His Debut in This Festive Doom Patrol Teaser

12/21/2018 - Days Before Ultima Thule Flyby, New Horizons Has Detected Something Weird About Its Distant Target

12/21/2018 - A New iPad Mini Might Ride Again in Early 2019

12/21/2018 - The Worst Gadgets of 2018

12/21/2018 - Viral Video of Glitter Bomb for Package Thieves Exposed as Partial Fake

12/21/2018 - Episode IX Rumor Shutdowns, Teases for Alien's Future, and More

12/21/2018 - Mystery Drone Still on the Loose at Gatwick Airport, But Flights Resume Anyway [Updated]

12/21/2018 - Facebook Is Reportedly Pursuing a Cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

12/21/2018 - Blind Says Security Lapse That Exposed User Data Was 'Our Mistake'

12/20/2018 - Big Finish Will Not Rest Until It Has Brought Back Pretty Much Everyone From Torchwood

12/20/2018 - FCC Fines Swarm Technologies $900,000 for Launching Illegal Satellites Into Orbit

12/20/2018 - Darth Vader #25 Is One of the Most Incredible, Mind-Bending Visions of the Force I've Ever Seen

12/20/2018 - Terrified, One of the Year's Scariest Films, Is Already Being Remade

12/20/2018 - Joy to the World, Into the Spider-Verse's Christmas Album Is Real [UPDATE: And It's Here!]

12/20/2018 - A Bullet to the Knee Gave a Man Lead Poisoning, 14 Years Later

12/20/2018 - 8 Reasons Why Horror Ruled TV in 2018

12/20/2018 - Nine Coastal States Join Lawsuit to Ban Offshore Air Gun Blasts Okayed by Trump

12/20/2018 - Okay, Which MacBook Should You Actually Buy

12/20/2018 - The Trump Administration’s Hyped Plan to Reduce Childhood Lead Exposure Includes No Actual Plans

12/20/2018 - Uber Driverless Cars Back on Roads Less Than a Year After Deadly Crash

12/20/2018 - This Look Back at Unbreakable Proves Times Sure Have Changed When It Comes to Comic Book Movies

12/20/2018 - A Cancer Expert Who Hid Ties to the Drug Industry Resigns From Scientific Journal 

12/20/2018 - These Were the Flying Hospitals of the Future in 1960

12/20/2018 - Harry Mudd Faces the Long Arm of Intergalactic Law in the Latest Short Treks Trailer

12/20/2018 - Scientists Find Red Wolf DNA in a Unique Group of Wild Dogs in Texas

12/20/2018 - U.S. Charges Chinese Nationals in Hacks of NASA, Navy as January Trade Talks Loom

12/20/2018 - You Should Return the Amazon Echo You Bought and Get a Better Gift

12/20/2018 - The 24 Coolest Gadgets of 2018

12/20/2018 - The Stranger Things Kids Wrapping Christmas Gifts Are All of Us Wrapping Christmas Gifts, Honestly

12/20/2018 - Report: Juul Employees Are About to Get Rich From Big Tobacco Sellout Money

12/20/2018 - Democrats Are Trying to Kneecap Ocasio-Cortez's Climate Change Committee Before It's Even a Thing

12/20/2018 - This Was the Year the Robot Takeover of Service Jobs Began

12/20/2018 - Secret Online Influence Campaigns Are the Future of American Politics

12/20/2018 - The Highlights and Lowlights of 2018

12/20/2018 - Who Wants to Go Ice Skating Across This Wintry Martian Crater?

12/20/2018 - The New MacBook Air Is Boring and Too Expensive

12/20/2018 - The Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping Nightmare Came True

12/20/2018 - The First Haunting, Mysterious Images From Jordan Peele's Us Are Here

12/20/2018 - The Very Best Noise-Canceling Headphones

12/20/2018 - Banksy's Latest Mural Targets Air Pollution in Town Choking on Soot

12/20/2018 - NASA’s InSight Lander Successfully Deploys Its Marsquake Detector

12/20/2018 - This Japanese Robot is as Cute as it is Soulless

12/20/2018 - We're Getting More Black Mirror Sooner Than We’d Expected

12/20/2018 - Men in Black: International's First Trailer Reveals an Even Bigger World of Alien Hunters

12/20/2018 - This Blood Pressure Smartwatch Makes Way More Sense Than the Apple Watch

12/20/2018 - Major UK Airport Grounds All Flights for Hours After Some Idiot Reportedly Flies Drones Near Runway

12/20/2018 - Facebook: Giving Other Companies Access to Your Private Messages Actually Wasn't a Big Deal

12/20/2018 - Johnson & Johnson Fails to Have $4.69 Billion Cancer Verdict Thrown Out

12/19/2018 - MoviePass Films Somehow Scores Three-Picture Deal With Bruce Willis

12/19/2018 - Marlboro Maker Reportedly Poised to Flood Juul With Nearly $13 Billion in Big Tobacco Cash

12/19/2018 - Steve Buscemi Is God in the First Trailer for TBS Workplace Comedy Miracle Workers

12/19/2018 - Uncharted Just Lost Its Director Thanks to Another Video Game Movie

12/19/2018 - Apple Admits the New iPad Could Be Prone to Bending

12/19/2018 - Horns Up for Heavy Metal Horror Comedy Short We Summoned a Demon

12/19/2018 - You Don't Need to Head to Tosche Station To Pick Up These Sweet Posters

12/19/2018 - The First Cross-Country, Autonomous-Car Trip Is an Ethical Minefield

12/19/2018 - Senators Join Call to Investigate Google Over Apps Sharing Kids' Private Info

12/19/2018 - The Northern Cardinal Is Actually Multiple Species, Evidence Suggests

12/19/2018 - Russians Hit With Fresh U.S. Sanctions Over Cyberattacks, Election Meddling

12/19/2018 - Hundreds of Weevils Found Encased in Ancient Japanese Pot

12/19/2018 - The Mandalorian's Music Will Come From Black Panther and Venom Composer Ludwig Göransson 

12/19/2018 - The DJI Osmo Pocket Feels Like the Camcorder of the Future

12/19/2018 - Puzzling Montana Shooting Blamed on Sasquatch Mistake: 'I Thought You Were Bigfoot'

12/19/2018 - DC Attorney General Hits Facebook With Major Cambridge Analytica Lawsuit

12/19/2018 - New Census Data Shows Exactly How Many People Left Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

12/19/2018 - How Bumblebee's 1980s Setting Turned It Into Every Transformers Fan's Dream

12/19/2018 - Hellboy's First Trailer Is One Hell of a Bloody, Monster-Filled Ride

12/19/2018 - The Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational, and Ultimate Year in Spider-People

12/19/2018 - The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Just Announced a First-of-Its-Kind Plan to Put a Dent in Automobile Emissions

12/19/2018 - The 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Films of 2018

12/19/2018 - Do You Still Just Hand Over Your Data?

12/19/2018 - Samsung Can't Afford to Hold Back Anymore

12/19/2018 - This AI Just Mapped Every Solar Panel in the United States

12/19/2018 - Disney's Already Floating the Idea of Reviving Netflix's Cancelled Defenders on Disney+

12/19/2018 - How '90s Cybersex Pioneers Looked for Action and Found Community

12/19/2018 - The Best Apps to Make a Perfect Home Movie Night

12/19/2018 - European Union Nations Unanimously Agree to Ban Single-Use Plastics By 2021

12/19/2018 - Someone Hacked NASA

12/19/2018 - The Machines That Spy on Antarctica's Hidden Lakes

12/19/2018 - These Contact Lens Horror Stories Show Why You Need to Take Them Out at Night

12/19/2018 - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Most 'Disturbing' Villain Was Brought to Life with the Help of Animals

12/19/2018 - Take Your First Look at Will Smith as Aladdin's Live-Action Genie

12/19/2018 - EU Diplomatic Comms Network, Which the NSA Reportedly Warned Could Be Easily Hacked, Was Hacked

12/19/2018 - Don't Take the DNA Test You'll Probably Get for Christmas

12/19/2018 - The Mandalorian Could Include Two Iconic Star Wars Bounty Hunters

12/19/2018 - 'Like Riding on a Dirt Road': First Reviews of Elon Musk's Underground Tunnel Are Disappointing

12/19/2018 - Chinese Businesses Offer Discounts to Huawei Phone Owners in Solidarity with Exec Detained in Canada

12/19/2018 - Amazon and Facebook Reportedly Had a Secret Data-Sharing Agreement, and It Explains So Much

12/19/2018 - Facebook Caps Off 2018 With Yet Another Massive Privacy Scandal

12/18/2018 - Apple Is Sending Out Push Notifications Bothering People to Watch Carpool Karaoke

12/18/2018 - Pixar's Stunning, Heartwarming Short Bao Is Now Available to Watch Online

12/18/2018 - IDW's Transformers Reboot Is Going Back to Where it All Began

12/18/2018 - Negan Arrives and Chickens Declare War in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

12/18/2018 - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Excellent Supporting Cast Is More Star-Studded Than You Think

12/18/2018 - Saturn’s Rings Could Be Gone in Just 100 Million Years

12/18/2018 - Penny Marshall, Director of Big, Dies at Age 75

12/18/2018 - Knowing the Carbon Footprint of Your Food May Convince You to Eat Less Meat, Study Suggests

12/18/2018 - The 2018 Events I Completely Forgot About Until I Played Google's 'Game of the Year'

12/18/2018 - The Year in Things You Actually Forgot Happened in 2018

12/18/2018 - DC Just Passed the 'Strongest Climate Legislation' in the Nation

12/18/2018 - Twitter's Latest Change to the Timeline Is Just Screwing With Us

12/18/2018 - How Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Technical Wizardy Brought Comic Books to Life

12/18/2018 - The Best and Worst Television Moments of 2018

12/18/2018 - Look at These Incredible Dinosaur Footprints Found in England

12/18/2018 - The Director Behind Two Awesome Warhammer Fan Films Is Now Making an Official Animated 40K Series

12/18/2018 - The Year Workers Stood Up to Big Tech

12/18/2018 - Hell Yes, NASA’s New Horizons Will Buzz Right Past Ultima Thule on New Year's Day

12/18/2018 - Bird Box Is an Intense, Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Motherhood and Survival 

12/18/2018 - Turning Off Facebook Location Tracking Doesn't Stop It From Tracking Your Location

12/18/2018 - Scientists Retract Study that Found Americans Had Given Up on Losing Weight

12/18/2018 - The Pixel 3 Is Proof That Google Doesn't Care About Hardware

12/18/2018 - Charter Will Pay Customers Up to $150 Each in Record $174 Million Fraud Settlement

12/18/2018 - First-Ever Oil Drilling Project in US Arctic Waters Just Got Slammed With a Lawsuit

12/18/2018 - Doctor Who Saves Christmas (Again) in This Adorable Holiday Short

12/18/2018 - Former NASA Engineer Builds Impressive Glitter Bomb to Make Life Hell for Package Thieves [Updated]

12/18/2018 - NAACP Calls for Facebook Boycott After Report Details Russian Trolls Targeted Black Communities 

12/18/2018 - This Is the Instant Camera You Should Buy

12/18/2018 - New York's Nunchuck Owners Can Finally Step Out of the Shadows

12/18/2018 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Getting Another Two Seasons

12/18/2018 - The Unbearable Maleness of the UN Climate Talks

12/18/2018 - Stargirl Recruits Another Member of the Justice Society

12/18/2018 - Skull Soup, Viking Tech, and More: The Wildest Archaeological Discoveries of 2018

12/18/2018 - Why You'll Still Need Wifi When 5G Is Everywhere, According to the Wi-Fi Alliance

12/18/2018 - Drone Delivers Vaccines for Baby in Island-Nation of Vanuatu in Historic Flight

12/18/2018 - We Finally Have Some Hard Data on How Much Twitter Sucks

12/17/2018 - Endor Comes to Life in Jock's Mondo Poster for Return of the Jedi

12/17/2018 - IDW's Next Hasbro Comic Will Celebrate the Toys Loved By Women and Girls

12/17/2018 - You Can Now Stream Both of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Sensational Soundtracks

12/17/2018 - RIP Super Cute BB-8 Toy: Sphero Calls Quits On Licensed Bots

12/17/2018 - Twitter Alerts Some Users to 'Unusual' Data Leak

12/17/2018 - New Poll Shows Basically Everyone Likes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

12/17/2018 - FCC Official Wanted 'Veto' Power Over Video Featuring Ajit Pai and Pizzagate Pusher

12/17/2018 - The Women of Netflix's GLOW Are Getting a New Comic Book Series

12/17/2018 - Two California Inmates Suffered Severe Burns Fighting the Camp Fire. Why Were They There at All?

12/17/2018 - Astronomers Just Discovered 'Farout,' the Most Distant Known Object in the Solar System

12/17/2018 - Éowyn's 'I Am No Man' Remains One of the Best Lines in The Lord of the Rings

12/17/2018 - It's 2018, and the iPhone Is Still Super Annoying

12/17/2018 - U.S. Gun Deaths Reached a Record High in 2017

12/17/2018 - New Glass Trailer Brings the Movie's Heroes and Villains Together in an Epic Way

12/17/2018 - Ryan Zinke's Replacement Is a Fresh Nightmare for Public Lands

12/17/2018 - Tumblr's Porn Filter Flags Its Own Examples of 'Permitted' Nudity

12/17/2018 - The Great Barrier Reef's Secret Climate Change Weapon Is This Switzerland-Sized Meadow of Seagrass

12/17/2018 - Here's How Russian Trolls Turned Social Media Into a Weapon While Tech Giants Played Dumb

12/17/2018 - Doctor Who Christmas Specials, Ranked By Their Festivity

12/17/2018 - Google's Feature for Predicting Flight Delays Actually Sounds Useful Now

12/17/2018 - Seattle Experiment Shows Later School Start Times Can Help Teens Get More Sleep

12/17/2018 - American Gods' Second Season Could Have Featured Princess Leia and Mister Rogers

12/17/2018 - Facebook's Post-Cambridge Analytica Privacy Tool Is Still Months Away

12/17/2018 - Ancient Flying Reptiles Featured Distinctly Dino-Like Feathers

12/17/2018 - How 30 Million Dead and Dying Trees Are Reshaping Puerto Rico's Forests

12/17/2018 - 'Who Microwaved Fish?': This Smart Oven Humiliated Me

12/17/2018 - How Director James Wan Nailed Aquaman's Tone and Used Justice League to His Advantage

12/17/2018 - Delivery Robot Engulfed in Flames, Honored on Campus With Candlelight Vigil

12/17/2018 - Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Releases First Photos and a Dynamic Voice Cast

12/17/2018 - New Rumors About a Very Peculiar DC Character Coming to Doom Patrol

12/17/2018 - We Answer Your Burning Questions After Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse

12/17/2018 - What's the Newest Animal?

12/17/2018 - Teen Vaping Skyrockets While Youth Binge Drinking, Smoking, and Opioid Abuse Continue to Fall

12/16/2018 - California Regulators Vote to Require All Transit Agency Buses Produce Zero Emissions by 2040

12/16/2018 - Future Fossils, Thanos' Home World, and the Most Dangerous Food: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/16/2018 - There's One Thing Amy Rutberg Really Wanted to See in Daredevil Season 4

12/16/2018 - Amazon Is Reportedly Sick of Hawking You Cheap 'Crap' That Doesn't Make It Any Money

12/16/2018 - NBA Star Steph Curry Interviews Astronaut Scott Kelly as Part of His Moon Landing Apology Tour

12/16/2018 - Ryan Reynolds Sent a Gift to the Guy Who Changed the Avengers: Endgame URL Into a Deadpool Advertisement

12/16/2018 - Karen Gillan Offers an Update on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

12/16/2018 - 'Five Eyes' Spy Chiefs Agreed to Contain Huawei's Global Reach at Meeting in July: Report

12/16/2018 - Hundreds of Local and State Officials Just Endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

12/16/2018 - HQ Trivia and Vine Co-Founder Colin Kroll Found Dead in New York Apartment

12/16/2018 - James Wan Chose to Direct Aquaman Over a Flash Movie Because the Flash 'Had Been Done Before'

12/16/2018 - Into the Spider-Verse Almost Gave Spider-Man Noir Some Really Inappropriate Things to Say

12/15/2018 - 'Maddening' Climate Talks End in a Weak Agreement That Won't Avert Catastrophe

12/15/2018 - Cydia, Onetime Hotspot for Apple Jailbreakers, Shuts Down Purchasing Functions

12/15/2018 - Lawsuit Claims Apple Lied About Its Display and Shady Marketing Obscured the Notch

12/15/2018 - This Avengers/Deadpool Mashup Trailer is the Answer to a Question You Definitely Didn't Ask

12/15/2018 - New Zealand Official Blasts Google for Publishing Name of Murder Suspect in Trending Newsletter

12/15/2018 - 59 People Now Sickened by E. Coli Romaine Lettuce as Investigation Continues

12/15/2018 - This Behind-the-Scenes Preview Highlights Star Trek: Discovery's Increasingly Cinematic Mood

12/15/2018 - Filming Aquaman in Ice-Cold Water Is Just as Uncomfortable as it Sounds

12/15/2018 - The Last Jedi's Most Emotional Scene Was a Lot Simpler in the Script

12/15/2018 - Ryan Zinke Will Be Drilling Oil Fields in Trump Official Heaven Now

12/15/2018 - Jared Leto's Morbius Might Have Found His Tragic Bride

12/15/2018 - Meet the Activists Who Walked Over 900 Miles to the UN Climate Talks

12/14/2018 - Magneto Gets a Gleaming New Figure, and More of the Shiniest Toys of the Week

12/14/2018 - Hundreds March on Amazon Fulfillment Center in Minnesota

12/14/2018 - Silk and Spider-Woman Will Join the Spider-Gwen Spinoff Movie

12/14/2018 - Cloudflare Under Fire for Allegedly Providing DDoS Protection for Terrorist Websites

12/14/2018 - This Week's Best New Comics Are All About Figuring Out Who You Are

12/14/2018 - DC Has Cancelled Border Town Following Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Creator [Updated]

12/14/2018 - Report: T-Mobile's Merger With Sprint Is the Latest Battleground Over Huawei

12/14/2018 - Open Channel: Are You Still Arguing About Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

12/14/2018 - A Passing Comet Will Be Visible to the Naked Eye This Weekend

12/14/2018 - Report: Johnson & Johnson Knew About Asbestos in Its Baby Powder Products for Decades

12/14/2018 - The Black Tapes Podcast Is Becoming a TV Show at NBC

12/14/2018 - Meet ‘Optician Sans,’ the Weird and Wonderful Font Inspired by Your Eye Exams

12/14/2018 - 'The Time For Talk Is Over': Kids Stage Major Strike at UN Climate Talks

12/14/2018 - Kamala Khan's Creator Is Stepping Away From Ms. Marvel

12/14/2018 - The App Sean Parker Created as Penance for His Obscene Cosplay Wedding Is Finally Live

12/14/2018 - Image's Middlewest Is a Heartbreaking Reflection on Growing Up with Emotional Abuse

12/14/2018 - A Holiday Movie Season Without Star Wars Just Feels Weird, Doesn't It?

12/14/2018 - China’s Social Ranking System Will Now Target Rule-Breaking Scientists

12/14/2018 - Excited for Into the Spider-Verse? Read These Comics!

12/14/2018 - An Old-School Phone Phreak Has Been Making NYC Wifi Kiosks Play Creepy Music

12/14/2018 - A Murderous Batman Is Coming to Titans' Explosive Season Finale

12/14/2018 - The Trump Administration Held a Record-Breaking Offshore Wind Lease Sale This Week

12/14/2018 - Guess What Facebook Fucked Up This Time

12/14/2018 - Appeals Court Literally Quotes Dr. Seuss' The Lorax While Dealing Major Blow to Gas Pipeline

12/14/2018 - Asus Bets Big on Mobile Gaming as Its Long-Time CEO Sees Himself Out

12/14/2018 - Maybe Don't Eat Glitter, FDA Says

12/14/2018 - This Could Be the Best Quantum Computer Yet

12/14/2018 - This Spectacular Trailer Supercut Celebrates a Year of Film Magic

12/14/2018 - Discovery of the Titanic Was Reportedly Part of a Conspiracy to Find Lost Nuclear Submarines

12/14/2018 - Martian Satellite Spots NASA’s InSight Lander From Space

12/14/2018 - The Biggest Tech Lies of 2018

12/14/2018 - The Director of Your Name Announces His Next Anime Masterpiece

12/14/2018 - IMAX Officially Bails on VR Business

12/14/2018 - Jason Momoa Has Even More to Say About Henry Cavill's Superman Future

12/14/2018 - Facebook Portal Is Now Mildly More Useful

12/14/2018 - FBI Secretly Collected Data on Aaron Swartz Earlier Than We Thought—in a Case Involving Al Qaeda

12/14/2018 - Google Unveils Digital Catalog of Lost Artifacts From Brazil’s Fire-Ravaged National Museum

12/13/2018 - Would You Pay to Watch HBO on Facebook or Is Facebook Just Incredibly, Incredibly High

12/13/2018 - Kit Harington Only Auditions for Roles Opposite Dragons, Apparently

12/13/2018 - Tumblr Returns to Apple’s App Store Following Porn Ban Announcement

12/13/2018 - Godzilla's Kaiju Cohorts Grab the Spotlight on These Killer New King of the Monsters Posters

12/13/2018 - We Bless the Rains Down in Pitbull's Aquatic 'Africa'

12/13/2018 - Controversial AI Service for Flagging 'Risky' Babysitters Hits Pause After Backlash

12/13/2018 - It's Time to Plan for How Quantum Computing Could Go Wrong, Say Entrepreneurs and Physicists

12/13/2018 - Historic Virgin Galactic Flight Reminds Us That ‘Space’ Is Just a Concept, Man

12/13/2018 - Google Claims It Wont Sell Face Recognition Tech—For Now

12/13/2018 - Making Mary Poppins Returns Was a Nearly Insurmountable Task

12/13/2018 - Democrat Signs House Petition to Save Net Neutrality After Voters Call Her Out

12/13/2018 - Behold the Amazing Sea Life Argentina’s New Marine Reserves Will Protect

12/13/2018 - RoboCop Literally Shines in Craig Drake's Latest Mysterious Art Show

12/13/2018 - The New Bad Tick Is Going to Take Over Half the United States, Study Finds

12/13/2018 - There's a Very Good Reason Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Spanish Isn't Subtitled

12/13/2018 - Alienware's Thinnest Laptop Yet Balances Power, Price, and Portability Nicely

12/13/2018 - 'We Are Not Prepared to Die': Island Nations Push Ambitious Plan at UN Climate Talks

12/13/2018 - Dozens of Bomb Threats Reported Across America in Apparent Bitcoin Ransom Scam

12/13/2018 - Postmates Builds Minion-Esque Delivery Bot That Maybe You Won’t Try to Kill on Sight

12/13/2018 - We've Got Some New Details on Jordan Peele's Us, Along With a Killer Poster

12/13/2018 - New Study Could Make It Harder for Trump’s EPA to Ignore the Dangers of Greenhouse Gases

12/13/2018 - Two Stalagmites Found in Chinese Cave Are a 'Holy Grail' for Accurate Radiocarbon Dating

12/13/2018 - Was Thanos' Doomed Home World From Avengers Ever Really Habitable? Earther Investigates

12/13/2018 - The 15 Best and Most Shocking Star Wars Moments of 2018 

12/13/2018 - Kids in 1904 Had Wild Predictions About the Future of 2019

12/13/2018 - The Deadly Recklessness of the Self-Driving Car Industry

12/13/2018 - Burnham and Spock Finally Reunite in the New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

12/13/2018 - See Hayao Miyazaki Meet His First CG Creation in This Exclusive Clip From Never-Ending Man

12/13/2018 - DC's Stargirl Show Has Found Its Starman

12/13/2018 - None of the Visual Effects Magic Behind Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles Came From the North Pole

12/13/2018 - Netflix Will Release Spike Lee-Produced Film About Using Time Travel Against Police Brutality

12/13/2018 - Internal Google Docs Warn Not to Gift Contractors Shirts in Case They Start Thinking They're Employees: Report

12/13/2018 - 5 More Ways Your Location Can Be Tracked 

12/13/2018 - 1,000 Organizations Have Pulled Their Money Out of Fossil Fuels in Major Milestone

12/13/2018 - The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2018 Will Make You Feel Like a Security Genius

12/13/2018 - Apple to Build New $1 Billion Campus in Austin and Expand in Culver City, San Diego, and Seattle

12/13/2018 - Man Found in Greasy Restaurant Duct Was Stuck for 2 Days Before Being Rescued

12/13/2018 - 'Genius' Rats Are Flooding DC and Adapting Too Fast to Control

12/12/2018 - Razer: Mine for Us

12/12/2018 - Democrats Want Internet Companies to Be Liable for Data Loss Like Banks and Hospitals

12/12/2018 - Here's Who Stands to Lose Most as AI Sweeps the Globe

12/12/2018 - Sting Operations Are Yet Another Reason You Shouldn't Steal People's Amazon Packages

12/12/2018 - Samsung Kicks Off CES Early With a Competent But Not Terribly Exciting 2-in-1 Laptop

12/12/2018 - Marvel Just Revealed One of Its Most Intriguing Spider-Man Comics In Years

12/12/2018 - Scientists Virtually Reconstruct Magnificent Pre-Incan Temple

12/12/2018 - The Trollhunters Universe Expands in the First Trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Next Netflix Series

12/12/2018 - Filmmaker Lucrecia Martel Says Marvel Didn't Want Her to Direct Black Widow's Action Scenes 

12/12/2018 - Old School Kaiju Icons Collide in This Retro Re-Imagining of the Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer

12/12/2018 - Netflix's Marvel Shows Can't Come Back For at Least 2 Years

12/12/2018 - California's Fire Chief Suggests Maybe It's Time to Stop Building in Wildfire Hotspots

12/12/2018 - What's Up With That Story About Secret Face-Scanning Tech at a Taylor Swift Show?

12/12/2018 - io9 Roundtable: Blog Worlds Collide as We Break Down the Elseworlds Finale

12/12/2018 - Into the Spider-Verse Looks So Goddamn Great, Sony Wants to Patent It

12/12/2018 - Deep Earth Is Teeming with Mysterious Life

12/12/2018 - If You Believe, They Put a Moore on the Moon, Alan Moore on the Moon

12/12/2018 - What Even Is Cash Anymore?

12/12/2018 - The New Trailer for the Alien Occupation Thriller Captive State Just Might Blow You Away

12/12/2018 - Top Michigan Health Official on Trial for Flint Water Crisis Upgraded to Fancy New Job

12/12/2018 - The Mandalorian Cast Has Officially Been Announced

12/12/2018 - 6 Actors Who Were Double-Duty Genre Superstars in 2018

12/12/2018 - These Are the States With the Fastest and Slowest Internet

12/12/2018 - Stranger Things and Arrival Producers Are Working on a Netflix Show About a Teenager With Superpowers

12/12/2018 - Antarctic Scientists Are About to Drill Into One of the Most Isolated Lakes on Earth

12/12/2018 - The Biggest and Most Important Comic Book Crossover Is Coming to TV Next Year

12/12/2018 - Pixar's Mysterious 'Suburban Fantasy Adventure' Now Has a Title and Superhero Cast

12/12/2018 - Mary Poppins Returns Is Magical But It's Missing Something 

12/12/2018 - Google Finally Gives Up the Duck

12/12/2018 - Watch BBC's Gorgeous Music Video for Doctor Who's Thirteenth Doctor Theme

12/12/2018 - Russian State TV Shows Off 'Robot' That's Actually a Man in a Robot Suit

12/12/2018 - Eye Worms, Octopuses on MDMA, and More: The Strangest Science Stories of 2018

12/12/2018 - Here's Your First Tiny Little Tease for The Punisher Season 2

12/12/2018 - Amazon's DVR for Over-the-Air TV Is Surprisingly Great

12/12/2018 - The Fossils of the 21st Century

12/12/2018 - How Facebook Schemed Against Its Users

12/12/2018 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Holiday Special Is More Somber Than Spooky

12/12/2018 - Samsung Now 'Re-Evaluating' That Controversial Collab With the Fake Supreme

12/12/2018 - NASA’s InSight Lander Strikes a Confident Pose for Its First Martian Selfie

12/12/2018 - This Simple Video Game Shows You How to Sort Your Trash

12/12/2018 - Birds of Prey Has Cast Another Intriguing Batman Villain

12/12/2018 - Intel Just Gave Us a Glimpse at the Near Future of CPUs

12/12/2018 - That Photo 'Debunking' the Paris Protest Fires is Actually Bullshit

12/12/2018 - Facebook Buildings in Menlo Park Evacuated After Bomb Threat

12/12/2018 - Verizon Probably Really Regrets Buying Yahoo and AOL

12/11/2018 - Steve King Demands List of Google Staff So He Can Check If They're God-Fearing Patriots

12/11/2018 - Detained Huawei Exec Gets Bail, But Must Hire 24/7 Security and Wear Tracking Bracelet

12/11/2018 - Plans Are Underway to Build a New Ultraman Legacy in the West

12/11/2018 - Netflix Says Its Marvel Shows Really Weren't That Binge-Worthy This Year

12/11/2018 - Once Upon a Deadpool Is Basically the Best DVD Special Feature Ever, But That's It

12/11/2018 - Director Scott Derrickson Is Coming Back for More Doctor Strange 

12/11/2018 - How Spider-Man's Origin Story Became an Integral, Yet Unexpected, Part of Into the Spider-Verse

12/11/2018 - A New Study Reports That Movies Led by Women Earn More Than Those Led by Men

12/11/2018 - Tesla Wants Former Employee to Pay $167 Million for Alleged Sabotage

12/11/2018 - Check Out This Artist's Adorable Mashup of Doctor Who and Star Wars

12/11/2018 - Last-Minute Push to Restore Net Neutrality Stymied by Democrats Flush With Telecom Cash

12/11/2018 - NYC to Amazon: All This Could Be Yours

12/11/2018 - Marvel's Teasing Some Big Changes to the Fantastic Four's Origins

12/11/2018 - Young Warrior in Gruesome Iron Age Grave Was ‘Killed’ Again After Death

12/11/2018 - A Big Fight Over Waters in the U.S. Is Heating Up

12/11/2018 - Twin Peaks Star Chrysta Bell Talks David Lynch and Debuts Her New Noir-Pop Music Video

12/11/2018 - Uber Employee Warned Self-Driving Cars 'Are Routinely in Accidents' Days Before Fatal Crash: Report

12/11/2018 - Exclusive: Grant Morrison Opens Up About Feuding With Alan Moore and Why He Still Doesn't Like Watchmen

12/11/2018 - Watch This Guy Blow an Upside-Down, Fire-Spewing Smoke Tornado Inside a Bubble

12/11/2018 - Kilauea's Recent Eruption Was Its Biggest in Two Centuries, Scientists Confirm

12/11/2018 - Climate Change Has Wiped Out Most of the World's Oldest Sea Ice

12/11/2018 - Physicists Create Incredible 'Quark Soup' Droplets That Expand Like Little Big Bangs

12/11/2018 - James Wan's Aquaman Is Bursting With Ambition and Spectacle

12/11/2018 - Sundar Pichai Tells Congress Google Has No Plans to Launch Censored Search in China 'Right Now'

12/11/2018 - Use Caution When Spending Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Star Wars Props

12/11/2018 - More Than a Dozen Tribal Nations Join Forces to Oppose Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

12/11/2018 - This Wiggling Robot Could Chase You on Land and Underwater

12/11/2018 - The Legends Are Too Busy Being 'Timey Wimey' to Get Involved in Some Silly Crossover

12/11/2018 - io9 Rewrites Some of the Dumbest Movie and TV Show Plot Lines of 2018

12/11/2018 - Newest Glass Trailer Blurs the Line Between Fantasy and Reality

12/11/2018 - Permafrost Melt Could Destroy a Third of All Arctic Infrastructure, Affecting as Many as 4 Million People

12/11/2018 - Brandon Sanderson Wrote a Magic: The Gathering Novella, and You Can Read the First Chapter Right Here

12/11/2018 - Shaun the Sheep's Next Movie Is Heading to Space

12/11/2018 - Watch Russian Cosmonauts Inspect Mysterious ISS Hole in 'Unprecedented' Spacewalk

12/11/2018 - Did Vandals Destroy Ancient Rock Formations in Utah, or Is It All a Bizarre Hoax?

12/11/2018 - Puma Is Re-Releasing Its 32-Year-Old Smart Shoe That Was Lightyears Ahead of Its Time

12/11/2018 - Aggretsuko Is Getting a Holiday Special, and It's Gonna Rock

12/11/2018 - Elseworlds' Introduction to Batwoman Doubled as an Hour-Long Roast of Oliver Queen

12/11/2018 - Super Micro Says It Found No Secret Spy Chips on Motherboards, Contradicting Bombshell Report

12/11/2018 - Planet-Hacking Became More Urgent and Terrifying Than Ever This Year

12/11/2018 - Jason Momoa Weighs In on the Future of His DCEU Co-Stars

12/11/2018 - Keurigs for Beer Make No Sense

12/11/2018 - Border Agents Fail to Delete Personal Data of Travelers After Electronic Searches, Watchdog Says

12/11/2018 - Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes Booted From YouTube for 'Repeat' Copyright Infringement

12/10/2018 - New House Science Committee Chair to Climate Scientists: We've Got Your Back Again

12/10/2018 - Lawyers for Detained Huawei Exec Insist She Won't Flee as Bail Decision Hangs in the Balance

12/10/2018 - Netflix's Carmen Sandiego Reboot Has a New Premiere Date and Some Mysterious Teaser Images

12/10/2018 - The Most Widely Shared Study of the Year Revealed Hurricane Maria’s Shocking Death Toll

12/10/2018 - The Writer of Birds of Prey and Batgirl Told Us Her DC Origin Story

12/10/2018 - Apple and Qualcomm Slap-Fight Continues with ‘Ban’ on iPhone Sales in China

12/10/2018 - Equifax Breach Was Just as Infuriating and Dumb as You Thought, New House Report Finds

12/10/2018 - Doctor Who Tried to Have Two Finales at Once, and It Mostly Worked

12/10/2018 - NASA Black Marble Images Reveal How Long It's Taken Puerto Rico to Recover From Maria

12/10/2018 - NASA Spacecraft Spots Signal of Water on Asteroid Bennu

12/10/2018 - Mortal Engines' Peter Jackson on Imagining a New World After an Apocalypse

12/10/2018 - Bumblebee Will Restore Your Faith in the Transformers Franchise

12/10/2018 - See What BB-8 Sees in a New Star Wars Resistance Short

12/10/2018 - Andy Serkis Doing Gollum as a Brexit-Hungry Theresa May Is the Last Thing You Will See Before You Die

12/10/2018 - io9 Roundtable: Breaking Down the Earth-Shattering Arrowverse Revelations of Elseworlds Part One

12/10/2018 - FCC Investigates Mystery Mobile Carrier Suspected of Lying About 4G Coverage

12/10/2018 - YouTube's Own Recap of 2018 Is the Most 'Disliked' Video of the Year [Update: Of All Time]

12/10/2018 - I Bought This Custom 18-Million Pixel Workstation on Craigslist, and It Very Nearly Ruined Me

12/10/2018 - Google+ Execution Date Bumped Up Thanks to Bug Affecting 52 Million Users

12/10/2018 - Protests Continue on Capitol Hill as Support Builds for Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

12/10/2018 - Everything Is Temporarily Awesome Again in This Charming Lego Movie 2 Christmas Short

12/10/2018 - Turns Out, Willy-Nilly Blocking of URLs Doesn't Stop Film Piracy

12/10/2018 - Newest Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer Heralds a New Age of Kaiju Gods

12/10/2018 - The Charmed Reboot’s Mid Season Ended on One Hell of a Note

12/10/2018 - Apps You Use Every Day Are Tracking Your Every Move, According to Very Creepy Report

12/10/2018 - How Westworld VFX Artists Created Disturbing Illusion of Burning Flesh

12/10/2018 - Samsung's Going to Make Very Real Products With the Very Fake Version of Supreme

12/10/2018 - This Is Probably How Samsung's Galaxy S10 Will Avoid the Notch

12/10/2018 - The Great Barrier Reef Is Becoming More Heat-Resistant—at a Price

12/10/2018 - The First Order Is Growing as Star Wars Resistance Takes a Short Break

12/10/2018 - It's Official: Voyager 2 Has Entered Interstellar Space

12/10/2018 - How to Purge Social Media 'Friends' So You Can Have Fun Online Again

12/10/2018 - Google Walkout Organizers Demand an End to Forced Arbitration Industry-Wide

12/10/2018 - The Latest Once Upon a Deadpool Trailer Is Basically an Ad for Nickelback

12/10/2018 - The Most Terrifying Climate Disasters of 2018

12/10/2018 - Another Familiar Face Is Confirmed for Bond 25

12/10/2018 - Protestors Shout Down US Pro-Fossil Fuel Event at International Climate Talks in Poland

12/10/2018 - These Photos Show All the Dazzling Colors Living Corals Can Be

12/10/2018 - What's the Most Dangerous Food of All Time?

12/10/2018 - 7 GIFs of Elon Musk Having a Normal One on 60 Minutes

12/9/2018 - Robot Dogs, Space Gardening, and Tumblr’s Porn Ban: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/9/2018 - Oil Allies Refuse to Welcome Key Scientific Report at UN Climate Talks

12/9/2018 - Get Ready for a Battle in the Spoiler-Filled Doctor Who Finale Discussion Zone

12/9/2018 - UK Intelligence Agencies Are Planning a Major Increase in 'Large-Scale Data Hacking'

12/9/2018 - The Episode Titles for Stranger Things Season 3 Are Here

12/9/2018 - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Promotes Tourism to Myanmar, Where Social Media Enabled Genocide

12/9/2018 - Amazon Workers in Spain and Germany Announce Strikes Ahead of Christmas: ‘Change Must Come Now’

12/9/2018 - Doctor Who's Next Season Lands in 2020

12/9/2018 - This Is Probably for the Best

12/9/2018 - Good Boy Who Survived the Camp Fire Guarded His Family’s Home for Nearly a Month

12/9/2018 - China Warns of 'Grave Consequences' Over Arrest of Huawei Executive

12/9/2018 - The First Sex Robot Was Conceived in Ancient Greece

12/9/2018 - The First Trailer for Umbrella Academy Sets a Dramatic Stage

12/8/2018 - The Feds Are Now Looking Into Who Sent Millions of Fake Net Neutrality Comments to the FCC

12/8/2018 - Squid Expert on Apple's Tortured Squid Emoji: It's Like 'Having a Butt on Your Forehead'

12/8/2018 - Egyptian Officials Are Pissed About an Alleged Nude Photoshoot on the Great Pyramid

12/8/2018 - This Artist Has Turned the Movie Poster Into a Science

12/8/2018 - ‘Cute Aggression’ Study Explores Why We Want to Squeeze Cute Babies and Animals

12/8/2018 - The First Trailer for James Gunn's Brightburn Offers a Horrifying Take on a Familiar Superheroic Myth

12/8/2018 - Lois Lane Awkwardly Meets the Crew in This Elseworlds Crossover Clip

12/8/2018 - Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

12/8/2018 - Blumhouse's Into the Dark Anthology's New Years Entry Is From a Lady Director

12/8/2018 - Take a Perilous Journey Into Europa's Ocean in This Science Fiction Book for Kids

12/8/2018 - For the Love of God, Please Don’t Use Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat

12/8/2018 - The Totally Free Streaming Service You Didn't Know You Have

12/8/2018 - FCC Launches Investigation Into Whether Carriers Lied About Their Coverage

12/7/2018 - It Still Isn’t Completely Safe to Eat Romaine Lettuce, CDC Says

12/7/2018 - A Definitive Ranking of All the Episodes of MST3K's Latest Season, 'The Gauntlet'

12/7/2018 - Captain Marvel Gets an Awesome Action Figure, and More of the Most Kickass Toys of the Week

12/7/2018 - Netflix Is Getting Into the Ghost in the Shell Business

12/7/2018 - Star Trek's Latest Short Treks Gives Saru the Brilliant, Inspiring Origin Story He Deserves

12/7/2018 - Ajit Pai Just Got His Second 'Courage' Award of the Year

12/7/2018 - Krampus Is Less Scary, More Sexy in A Christmas Horror Story

12/7/2018 - Childhood Antibiotics Could Raise Risk of Mental Illness, Study Finds

12/7/2018 - Life Is a Game With Impossibly High Stakes in This Week's Best New Comics

12/7/2018 - Can You Spot What's Special About This Photo of the Crescent Moon?

12/7/2018 - The Five Most Worrying Trends in Artificial Intelligence Right Now

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12/7/2018 - More Than Half the World Will Be Online by the End of This Year, UN Estimates

12/7/2018 - How NASA's Mission to Bennu Will Keep Earth Safe from Asteroids

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12/6/2018 - A Heart Failure Patient Actually Coughed Up This Blood Clot Shaped Like a Lung Passage

12/6/2018 - Microsoft Edge Is Coming to the Mac?

12/6/2018 - One of Pop Culture's Most Influential Art Shows Is Back for Its 12th Year

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12/6/2018 - Major Scientific Society's Decision to Honor Anti-Environment Senator Sparks Outcry

12/6/2018 - Too-Potent Infants' Ibuprofen Recalled from CVS, Walmart, and Family Dollar Stores

12/6/2018 - Google Kills Allo in Latest Attempt to Fix Its Shitty Messaging Strategy 

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12/6/2018 - Consumer Robots Had a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

12/6/2018 - Black Panther Is the First Superhero Film Nominated for a Best Dramatic Picture Golden Globe

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12/5/2018 - You Can Now Add ‘Bear Repellent Fumes’ to the Hazards Faced by Amazon Workers

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12/5/2018 - Nearly Mythical 3-Foot-Long Swamp Salamander Is Officially a Real Species

12/5/2018 - American Gods' Second Season Will Finally Arrive in March

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12/4/2018 - Break Out the Peeps-Flavored Chili: The Good Place Will Return for a Fourth Season

12/4/2018 - Ajit Pai Says It's 'Fact' Russian Accounts Filed Net Neutrality Comments, But FCC Says Different in Court

12/4/2018 - Martian Manhunter's Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo Would Like to Introduce You to J’onn J'onzz

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12/4/2018 - A Closer Look at the New Captain Marvel Trailer: Skrulls, Secrets, and Soft Cats

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12/4/2018 - Oath Will Pay $5 Million to Settle Charges of Violating Children's Privacy

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12/4/2018 - After Five-Year Decline, Rich Countries' Carbon Emissions Are Rising Again

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12/4/2018 - Arrow Revealed the Identity of the New Archer Last Night and It Was...Good?

12/4/2018 - Chinese Scientist Responsible for Gene-Edited Babies Has Reportedly Gone Missing

12/4/2018 - The Camp Fire Death Count Just Dropped by 3 Due to New DNA Evidence

12/4/2018 - Rumors That Microsoft Will Embrace Chromium for a Future Browser Are Very Encouraging

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12/3/2018 - Amazon: What If You Thought of Doing Manual Labor for Us as More of a Workout

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12/3/2018 - Verizon Finally Gives Up Its Porn Collection

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12/3/2018 - NASA's Asteroid-Sampling Spacecraft Has Arrived at Its Target

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12/3/2018 - Physicists Spot Four Black Hole Collisions, Including the Largest One Ever Recorded

12/3/2018 - What's the Deal With Nvidia's Ridiculous $2,500 Titan RTX Graphics Card?

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12/3/2018 - Poland Literally Filled an International Climate Change Conference With Coal

12/3/2018 - The Biggest Science Stories of 2018

12/3/2018 - The Empire Strikes Back's Rare Filming Parkas Have Been Recreated by Columbia

12/3/2018 - California Wildfires Emitted as Much Carbon as the State’s Entire Power Sector in 2018

12/3/2018 - 69-Year-Old Troll Loses Case to Make Himself 20 Years Younger

12/3/2018 - Supergirl Actually Cares About Secret Identities Again, and Teased Major Crossovers

12/3/2018 - Why Scientists Tried to Measure All of the Starlight That Ever Shone

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12/2/2018 - The World's Smartest Plants, Atomic Clocks, and Whale Poop: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/2/2018 - Let's Try and Talk Through That Surreal Episode of Doctor Who

12/2/2018 - Over 40 Percent of Worldwide Coal Plants Are Operating at a Loss, Study Says

12/2/2018 - Amazon's Experiment in Getting Rid of Cashiers Said to Expand to Larger Test Stores

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12/2/2018 - Tribune Media May Sell Out to Rival Nexstar, Creating TV Station-Owning Behemoth

12/2/2018 - These Villainous Character Art Mashups Will Bring Terror to Every Fictional Universe

12/2/2018 - Document Reveals Definers Narrative Behind Facebook's George Soros Conspiracy Theory

12/2/2018 - Guillermo del Toro Fought for Years to Get Ron Perlman as Hellboy

12/2/2018 - Some Dark Web Marketplaces in the UK Are Reportedly Refusing to Let Users Sell Fentanyl

12/2/2018 - Charlie Brooker Was Worried That San Junipero's Twist Was Too Obvious

12/2/2018 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Responds to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Amid Investigation

12/2/2018 - This Video Explores Why the Star Trek Movie's Enterprise Design Is So Clever

12/1/2018 - Saturday Night Palate Cleanser: Is This Hover Owl Good or Extremely Suspicious?

12/1/2018 - NYPD Officer Reportedly Suspended After Recording His Testicles on Body Cam

12/1/2018 - Uber May Be Eyeing an E-Scooter Aquisition of Bird or Lime: Report

12/1/2018 - After 7.0 Earthquake Shakes Alaska, Governor Says Impact Could Last ‘Quite Some Time’

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12/1/2018 - Genius Ryan Zinke Calls Congressman Who Will Likely Be Future Oversight Chair a Drunk

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12/1/2018 - Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency in General, Had a Terrible November

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