2/28/2018 - YouTube's New Moderation Team Stumbles Out the Gate

2/28/2018 - Great Scott! Watch This Artist Sculpt a Terrifyingly Lifelike Back to the Future Doc Brown

2/28/2018 - Kristen Wiig May End Up Being the Villain of Wonder Woman 2

2/28/2018 - Some of The Tick's Classic Villains Might Show Up On the New Series 

2/28/2018 - Listen to James Gunn's 'Secret' Guardians Awesome Mix Vol. 0

2/28/2018 - Doctors Think They've Nabbed Culprit Behind Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Paralyzing Kids

2/28/2018 - Fox Is Looking to Make a Fantasy Musical About Hans Christian Andersen

2/28/2018 - 23andMe's Ancestry DNA Test Just Got a Lot More Precise

2/28/2018 - Canadian Budget Pledges Billions to Fund Basic Science Research

2/28/2018 - AT&T's Latest Net Neutrality Talking Point: Internet Fast Lanes Could Save Lives

2/28/2018 - Get a Better Look at the Gorgeous Sets of Black Panther in These Behind-the-Scenes Photos

2/28/2018 - Why Do Nor'easters Cause Such Bad Flooding?

2/28/2018 - What's With All The Dental Floss in IBM's Quantum Computers?

2/28/2018 - YouTube Belatedly Bans Neo-Nazi Group Atomwaffen 

2/28/2018 - Report: Some Older Oscars Voters Are Snubbing Get Out Without Even Watching the Film

2/28/2018 - Dubai Plans to DNA Test All 3 Million of Its Residents

2/28/2018 - A Space Traveler Uncovers an Impossible Mystery in the Thrilling First Chapter of Emma Newman's Before Mars

2/28/2018 - National Geographic Just Sent Me a Crystal Healing Water Bottle [Updated]

2/28/2018 - A Spy Plane That Surveilled an Entire City for Police Is Now Being Promoted as Way to Monitor Cops

2/28/2018 - Chris Hemsworth Is Reportedly Circling Sony's Men in Black Spinoff

2/28/2018 - Noise Pollution Could Make it Hard For Crickets to Find Love

2/28/2018 - These First Images From the Scifi Film Prospect Are Very Intriguing 

2/28/2018 - 'Bro Culture’ Led to Repeated Sexual Harassment, Former Google Engineer's Lawsuit Says

2/28/2018 - Bank of America Hopes a ‘Safety Officer’ Can Keep Its Ads Out of Internet Cesspools

2/28/2018 - Groundbreaking Latin American Treaty Will Protect Environmental Defenders

2/28/2018 - This Artist Loves Static So Much He Drew Him Every Day of Black History Month

2/28/2018 - New Species of Tardigrade Discovered in Japanese Parking Lot

2/28/2018 - The Religion of Black Panther's Jabari Tribe Raises Questions About Cultural Appropriation

2/28/2018 - The Weirdest and Wildest Moments From DC and Young Animal's Milk Wars 

2/28/2018 - Security Firm UpGuard Deletes Report Involving Software Vendor for Major US Bank [Corrected]

2/28/2018 - Landmark Cosmic Observation Provides Tantalizing Hints of Dark Matter

2/28/2018 - Ursula K. Le Guin's The Telling, About a Planet Where Culture Itself Is Illegal, Is Getting a Movie

2/28/2018 - Scientists Discover Long-Sought Evidence of First Stars Forming

2/28/2018 - You Need to Watch This New Netflix Series on Flint

2/28/2018 - The Last Jedi Quietly Killed Another Star Wars Tradition You Might Have Missed

2/28/2018 - Black Lightning's Most Shocking Episode Yet Is Also Its Most Grounded

2/28/2018 - We Regret to Inform You That Vero Is Bad [Updated]

2/28/2018 - The New Dell XPS 13 Is So Good, You Can Almost Forgive Its Dumb Webcam

2/28/2018 - Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Taking Over the Captain America Comic

2/28/2018 - Southern California Could Be in for More Deadly Mudslides

2/28/2018 - Sorry, Folks, Black Panther Isn't Actually Improving Black Cat Adoptions

2/28/2018 - Your Hatred of Body Odor Reveals Your Inner Dictator, Study Finds

2/28/2018 - Meet the Woman Who Guides NASA's Juno Probe Through Jupiter's Killer Radiation

2/28/2018 - These South Pole Scientists Who Watch The Thing Every Year Are Just Asking for Trouble [UPDATED]

2/28/2018 - Freaky Theory Offers Totally New Explanation of the Moon’s Origin

2/28/2018 - You Will Never Get Rich as a YouTuber

2/28/2018 - Juggalo Valentine's Day Hip-Hop Show Ends With Bar Getting 500 Notices for Illegal Downloads

2/28/2018 - Agents of SHIELD's Fifth Season Finale Is Being Written Like It's the Show's Last

2/28/2018 - Scott Pruitt's Office Is Drowning in Unfilled Records Requests

2/28/2018 - Electric Skateboard Pole-Vaulting Should Be the Next Olympic Sport

2/28/2018 - The New Mutants Could Be Adding a Mysterious New Character

2/28/2018 - Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Explodes a Bunny, in the Debut Sequel Trailer 

2/28/2018 - New Leak Suggests Fitbit's Next Smart Watch Will Actually Be Attractive [Updated]

2/28/2018 - Dick's Sporting Goods Will Stop Selling Assault Rifles, Limit All Gun Sales to People Over 21

2/28/2018 - New Terms Censored on Chinese Social Media Include 'Disney', 'Wheel of History', and 'Personality Cult'

2/28/2018 - Bill Gates Thinks Cryptocurrency Is Killing People 'In a Fairly Direct Way'

2/27/2018 - Parkland Shooting Survivor's Dad Admits Editing CNN Emails Before He Sent Them to Fox News

2/27/2018 - Chuck Schumer on Net Neutrality: Will People Still Be Able to Bang?

2/27/2018 - This Breathtaking Art Is Like Annihilation Contained in a Petri Dish

2/27/2018 - Here's Your First Look at Gotham City in Warner Bros.' Abu Dhabi Theme Park

2/27/2018 - Captain Peggy Carter Is Finally Making the Leap From Video Games to Comics

2/27/2018 - Watch as Pickup Trucks Make The Last Jedi's Battle of Crait Come to Life

2/27/2018 - Benjamin Melniker, One of the Men Who Brought Batman to the Big Screen, Has Died

2/27/2018 - Trump's New Campaign Manager Is Already Facebook's Worst Nightmare

2/27/2018 - Orphan Black's Co-Creator Is Taking Over as Showrunner for TNT's Snowpiercer

2/27/2018 - Jared Kushner, America's Middle East Negotiator, Loses Access to Top-Secret Intelligence

2/27/2018 - All the Weird Things We Learned From the Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray

2/27/2018 - Amazon to Blow Over $1 Billion on Doorbells: Report

2/27/2018 - Sexual Harassment in Science Takes Center Stage in Capitol Hill Hearing

2/27/2018 - Google Doesn’t Have to Screen for Defamatory Search Results, German Court Rules

2/27/2018 - Experts Say an FCC Official Broke the Law to Help Trump. Trump Alone Will Decide If He's Punished.

2/27/2018 - We're Sorry to Have to Remind You, But Groot Is Dead

2/27/2018 - Giant Flare Around Proxima Centauri May Kill Hope for Planetary System

2/27/2018 - I Feel Like I'm a Part of This Jazz Band Captured With a Depth-Sensing Microsoft Kinect Camera 

2/27/2018 - Justice Department Drops $2 Million to Research Crime-Fighting AI

2/27/2018 - Facebook's New Face Recognition Features: What We Do (and Don't) Know [Updated]

2/27/2018 - Annihilation Is Actually a Warning About How Dangerous the World of Pokémon Really Is

2/27/2018 - Iowa Researchers Accuse Russia of Injecting Anti-GMO Propaganda Into U.S. Media

2/27/2018 - What You Should Know About the EPA's Proposal to Close Its Environmental Research Center

2/27/2018 - One Strike Away From YouTube Ban, Alex Jones Begs Parkland Survivor to Come on Show

2/27/2018 - Asus Basically Made a More Affordable iPhone X Ripoff with Android

2/27/2018 - Democrats Unveil Plan to Save Net Neutrality (or Make Republicans Look Bad While Trying)

2/27/2018 - Revisiting A Wrinkle in Time, the Book That Defined My Own Beautiful Girlhood

2/27/2018 - Strange Pole-Shifting Physics Conjures a Truly Alien World

2/27/2018 - A Collector Is Trying to Bring a Rare, “Previously Unknown” Apple-1 Back to Life

2/27/2018 - Episodes From Doctor Who's Revival Are Getting the Old School Novelization Treatment

2/27/2018 - The Essential Phone Finally Makes Sense

2/27/2018 - A Judge Denied Facebook's Attempt to Kill a Privacy Suit Over Biometric Face Prints

2/27/2018 - Cashier-Less Shopping Startup Takes Aim at Amazon Go With System ‘Orders of Magnitude Bigger’

2/27/2018 - Climate Action Is Coming to Museums Across America

2/27/2018 - This Handcrafted Commodore PET 2001 Is the Most Elite Retro Device that Money (Probably) Can’t Buy

2/27/2018 - Artificial Intelligence Directed a Music Video and the Results Will Melt Your Eyes

2/27/2018 - A Brief Guide to Marvel Comics' Four Relaunches—Yes, Four—Since 2015

2/27/2018 - Apple Launches Healthcare Service to Treat Employees' Out-of-Warranty Bodies

2/27/2018 - Can People Ever Be Trusted With Dockless Bike-Sharing?

2/27/2018 - We Now Know How Harvey Relief Funding Is Being Spent

2/27/2018 - Scientists Create Mind-Bending Rydberg Polarons, Atoms Full of Atoms

2/27/2018 - Report: Saga's Brian K. Vaughan Is Writing a Silver Surfer Movie for Fox

2/27/2018 - Experiment Shows Microbes Could Thrive on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

2/27/2018 - More Than 100 Cities Now Run Mostly on Clean Energy

2/27/2018 - Disney Is Doing an Animated TV Reboot of The Rocketeer With a New, Female Hero

2/27/2018 - You Can Magically Visit Parts of the British Library's Harry Potter Collection Online

2/27/2018 - This Guy Injected His Dick With Stem Cells to Try to Make It Bigger

2/27/2018 - A Shaolin Monk Piercing a Pane of Glass With a Needle Is Why You Need Slow-Mo

2/27/2018 - Here's How to Get Android Apps Running on Your Laptop

2/27/2018 - More Rumors About the Villain of the Wonder Woman Sequel

2/27/2018 - Google Says It's Received 2.4 Million Takedown Requests Under EU's 'Right to Be Forgotten' Laws

2/26/2018 - North Carolina Man Allegedly Known For 'Outing' Drug Dealers Shot to Death on Facebook Live [Updated]

2/26/2018 - Rebels Just Introduced Something We Never Thought We'd See in Star Wars

2/26/2018 - Tweets About Diapers Broke the Entire Conservative Youth Movement

2/26/2018 - Sony's New $2000 A7 III Might Mean My Panasonic GH5 Is Trash Now

2/26/2018 - This New Evil Dead 2 Poster Kicks All Kinds of Ash

2/26/2018 - A Man Builds a Pet Cemetery for Selfless and Selfish Reasons in This Ghoulishly Funny Horror Short

2/26/2018 - One Person's Trash Is Another's Fantastic Star Wars Art Exhibit

2/26/2018 - FDA Expanding Research Ops to Better Fight the Opioid Epidemic

2/26/2018 - Doctor Minn-Erva's Casting May Spell Trouble for Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel Movie

2/26/2018 - 50 Cent No Longer Bragging About a Bitcoin Fortune Now That the US Government Is Interested

2/26/2018 - Threat of Climate Change Is Forcing Norway to Drop Millions on Its Doomsday Vault

2/26/2018 - Duncan Jones on Mute's Connection to Moon and What Comes Next

2/26/2018 - Phone-Cracking Firm Cellebrite Claims It Can Unlock Latest iPhones

2/26/2018 - Filmstruck Adds Hollywood Classics Like Casablanca as Warner Bros. Shutters Streaming Service

2/26/2018 - Credit Cards With Chips Are Reducing In-Store Fraud—But Online Breaches Are Picking Up the Slack

2/26/2018 - Wonder Woman and Black Panther's Success Has Theater Owners Asking for More Diverse Blockbusters

2/26/2018 - Mom's Panicked Facebook Message to Fire Department Saves Choking Son's Life

2/26/2018 - Opioid-Addicted Americans Seem to Have This Genetic Variation in Common

2/26/2018 - The Battle Over the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Is Heating Up

2/26/2018 - Microsoft’s Big Email Privacy Case Heads to the Supreme Court Tomorrow

2/26/2018 - There's Life on the Closest Thing We Have to Mars

2/26/2018 - Ancient Elephants and Mastodons Were Totally Down With Inter-Species Boning

2/26/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: All the TV and Movies Streaming in March That You Actually Care About

2/26/2018 - Apple’s Next iPhone X Could Be Gigantic

2/26/2018 - This App Will Rat Out Teens Who Won't Stop Sexting

2/26/2018 - What Warner Bros. Needs to Do to Replicate Black Panther's Success

2/26/2018 - There Isn't Enough South Asian DNA Data, and It's a Big Problem

2/26/2018 - Michael B. Jordan Brings Ray Bradbury's Haunting Dystopia to Life in the First Trailer for Fahrenheit 451

2/26/2018 - Incredibly Detailed Image of Our Galaxy's Center Shows How Things Move Around a Black Hole

2/26/2018 - The Koch Brothers Are Very Proud of Getting Republicans to Destroy the Environment

2/26/2018 - How A Wrinkle In Time Made Mindy Kaling's Scifi Dreams Come True

2/26/2018 - Affluent Seattle Suburb Repeatedly Fell for Nigerian Prince-Style Phishing Scam

2/26/2018 - Fantasy Author Terry Goodkind Wants Everyone to Know How Much He Hates His New Novel's Cover Art

2/26/2018 - The Folks Behind The Tick Talk About the Superhero Show’s Radical Sincerity

2/26/2018 - An Australian Tourist Breathed Measles Virus All Over New York City Last Week

2/26/2018 - Annihilation Reminds Us Why We Need Ecological Horror Stories

2/26/2018 - Wickr Just Made It Easier to Keep Snoops Out of Your Next Conference Call

2/26/2018 - US Air Force Chief Warns of Space War ‘in a Matter of Years’

2/26/2018 - How Lucasfilm Made The Last Jedi's Leia Hologram Sound Authentically Crummy

2/26/2018 - Russian State TV Airs Video Game Clip as Real War Footage

2/26/2018 - Most King Penguins Could Vanish By the End of the Century

2/26/2018 - Rare Snow Has Turned Rome Into a Winter Wonderland

2/26/2018 - Emoji Domains Are the Future (Maybe)

2/26/2018 - The Walking Dead's Mid-Season Premiere Was Pretty Good Despite Itself

2/26/2018 - James Gunn Gets Our New Hopes Up About Mark Hamill Appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

2/26/2018 - 10 Tips to Find an Airbnb Accommodation That Probably Won't Suck

2/26/2018 - Apple Says a Security Update Will Kick These Devices Off iTunes in May

2/26/2018 - Can Nokia's Breezy New Sirocco Phone Stand Up to Samsung's Mighty Devices?

2/26/2018 - Can Black Panther's Vibranium Ever Be Real?

2/26/2018 - Updates From Silver and Black, Fear the Walking Dead, and More

2/26/2018 - Sony's New Buds Have Holes in Them for Your Own Good

2/26/2018 - Drones Replace Models at Milan Fashion Week After 45-Minute Technical Delay

2/26/2018 - President Trump Wants His Personal Pilot to Run the FAA Because America is a Meritocracy

2/26/2018 - Sony Is Getting Serious About Smartphones Again, and It's Great

2/26/2018 - Alexa and Cortana Will Duke It Out in the Update to the Best Laptop Under $1,000

2/25/2018 - Canon's Next Flash Is Trying to Be Idiot-Proof

2/25/2018 - Apple Moves Chinese iCloud Encryption Keys to China, Worrying Privacy Advocates

2/25/2018 - The Scariest Creature in Annihilation Has a Really Cute Name

2/25/2018 - US Officials Say Russia Hacked Pyeongchang Olympics, Tried to Pin It on North Korea

2/25/2018 - Samsung Galaxy S9, Ajit Pai's New Gun, and Deadly Dog Food: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/25/2018 - The 'Wakanda Curriculum' Is One Teacher's Attempt to Take Black Panther Conversations to the Next Level

2/25/2018 - Wow, Who Could Have Predicted 59 Percent of 2017's ICOs Are Already Dead or Doomed

2/25/2018 - The Bloodborne Tie-In Comic is a Compelling Introduction to a Nasty World

2/25/2018 - Microsoft Is Selling Old Lumia Smartphones Again, For Some Reason

2/25/2018 - Here's What Is Actually New About the Samsung Galaxy S9 [Updated]

2/25/2018 - No, The Novelization For The Last Jedi Doesn't Confirm That Luke Skywalker Had A Wife

2/25/2018 - Nokia's Latest Retro Revival Is Making Me Crave Bananas

2/25/2018 - My Dreams of Owning The Matrix Phone Can Finally Be Fulfilled

2/25/2018 - Huawei's Matebook X Pro Is a Slick Challenger to the Very Best Windows Laptops

2/24/2018 - Facebook Pulls Oculus Rift Shooter Bullet Train From CPAC Amid Gun Violence Controversy

2/24/2018 - Fan Trailer Tries to Weave Together A Coherent Vision For The Venom Movie

2/24/2018 - EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Says the Bible Teaches Us to 'Harvest' 'Natural Resources' Like Gas, Oil and Coal

2/24/2018 - Phones This Cheap Shouldn't Look This Good

2/24/2018 - Matt Reeves' First Netflix Production Will Be A Science Fiction Film About A Mind-Wiped Criminal

2/24/2018 - Google Crushes Dreams of a Universal Dark Mode For Android, For Now

2/24/2018 - The Last Jedi's VFX Supervisors Shed Light On The Complex Process of Bringing Snoke to Life

2/24/2018 - Vaccinations Drop in Europe, and the Result Was Over 21,000 Cases of Measles

2/24/2018 - Letitia Wright Freestyling in Costume Somehow Makes Black Panther Even Better

2/24/2018 - Catwoman Writer Admits That It Was a 'Shit' Movie

2/24/2018 - Science Organizations Cancel Lawrence Krauss Events After Sexual Harassment Allegations

2/24/2018 - The Fungi That Cause Athlete's Foot Have Given Up On Sex

2/23/2018 - The Endless Fountain of Stephen King Adaptations Continues to Flow With The Bone Church

2/23/2018 - Mark Millar Has an Interesting Theory About Why Marvel Movies Work and DC Movies Don't

2/23/2018 - Here's Your Very First Look at The Expanse Season Three

2/23/2018 - It's Time to Log Off

2/23/2018 - Guard Your Cabbages, Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Finally Getting a Series Blu-ray

2/23/2018 - Some Instacart Workers Didn't Get Their Tips Because Of a 'Bug'

2/23/2018 - Rare Yellow Cardinal Spotted in Alabama

2/23/2018 - Has the Arctic Finally Reached a Tipping Point?

2/23/2018 - Emoji Movie Star Dropbox Files for IPO

2/23/2018 - DC's Mightiest Mortal Gets a Sneaky Shout-Out in Marvel's Latest Cosmic Crossover

2/23/2018 - This Is the Spot Where the Cassini Spacecraft Plunged Into Saturn

2/23/2018 - What Are the Best Hidden Features in Tech?

2/23/2018 - Yet Another Study Shows Black People Suffer Most From Pollution

2/23/2018 - We Might Have Finally Reached Peak Flu

2/23/2018 - Indictment Claims Paul Manafort Had a Lot of Trouble Converting a PDF to Cook His Books

2/23/2018 - Warner Bros. Needs to Listen to All of the Women Clamoring to Make a Batgirl Movie

2/23/2018 - In a 'Key Milestone,' Scientists Get a Clear Look at Huntington's Disease Protein 

2/23/2018 - Scientists Uncover Yet Another Reason to Protect Bears Ears Monument

2/23/2018 - The NRA Just Awarded FCC Chair Ajit Pai With a Gun for His 'Courage'

2/23/2018 - Black Women Are Black Panther's Mightiest Heroes

2/23/2018 - The Cloverfield Paradox's Ending Is Even More Confusing When J.J. Abrams Tries to Explain It

2/23/2018 - 1Password Helps You Find Out if Your Password Is Pwned

2/23/2018 - California Has a New Bureau of Environmental Justice

2/23/2018 - The First Season of The Tick Wraps Up With a Super-Strong Hug for Your Brain and Your Heart

2/23/2018 - Oregon's Botched Google Tax Break Shows Why You Don't Bend the Knee to Tech Giants

2/23/2018 - First Evidence that Microplastics Travel Up the Food Chain and Into Seal Bellies

2/23/2018 - Ordering Physical Comics Books Is About to Get Slightly Easier

2/23/2018 - Cyclone Remnant Spawns Horrifying River of Rock in New Zealand

2/23/2018 - Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants You Off His Stretch of the California Coastline

2/23/2018 - Oil on Japanese Beaches Linked to Last Month's Sanchi Tanker Spill

2/23/2018 - Where Is the Snow?

2/23/2018 - Symantec Cuts Ties With NRA Amid Backlash Over School Shootings

2/23/2018 - Michael B. Jordan Loves Anime, and Wants You to Know It

2/23/2018 - Google Just Pushed Out a Bunch of Updates for Three of Its More Promising Android Features

2/23/2018 - Trump's Attempt to Repeal Obama's Methane Rule Just Suffered a Major Setback

2/23/2018 - California Emergency Responders Are Not Happy Apple Facility Accidentally Called 911 Hundreds of Times

2/23/2018 - Poop Is a Really Popular Kids Toy This Year

2/23/2018 - David Tennant Promises the Good Omens Show Is 'Faithful' to the Book

2/23/2018 - #ThisEatsThat Highlights the Totally Weird Shit Animals Eat

2/23/2018 - Mute Is an Excellent Film Noir That Just Happens to Be Set in a Cyberpunk World

2/23/2018 - More Updates From What Could've Been in Joss Whedon's Batgirl Movie

2/23/2018 - Twitter and Facebook Backlash Could Make NRA Discounts a Thing of the Past

2/22/2018 - Suspected Crypto Ponzi Scheme Bitconnect Hit With Yet Another Lawsuit

2/22/2018 - Some of Your Favorite Disney Animated Series Are Getting Their Own Art Show

2/22/2018 - The Last Jedi VFX Breakdown Reveals the Work of ILM's VFX Masters

2/22/2018 - Legal Medical Weed Hasn't Led to More Teen Stoners

2/22/2018 - Open Channel: So What Should the Batgirl Movie Be About?

2/22/2018 - Why Scientists Taught Monkeys to Associate Brand Logos With Genitals

2/22/2018 - 23 State Attorneys General Sue the FCC to Preserve Net Neutrality

2/22/2018 - E-Cig Vapor Tested Positive for Lead and Arsenic in New Study

2/22/2018 - #StopNRAmazon Trends on Twitter After Celebrities Ask Amazon to Drop NRA TV

2/22/2018 - Black Panther's Dialect Coach Brilliantly Explains Why Wakanda's Accents Sound So Different

2/22/2018 - Why Nerds Are Excited About This New Weather Satellite

2/22/2018 - For a Single Episode, Iris West Is Getting One of the Best Superhero Costumes on the CW

2/22/2018 - Just Look at This Freakin' CGI Fur

2/22/2018 - Puerto Rico Is Finally Going to Do a Proper Hurricane Maria Death Count

2/22/2018 - SpaceX Payload Fairing Survives Despite Missing Recovery Net by 'a Few Hundred Meters’

2/22/2018 - Stock Price Tumble Teaches Snapchat What Happens When You Disappoint Kylie Jenner

2/22/2018 - Watching That Girl From The Ring Crawl Out of a TV in AR Just Ruined My Day

2/22/2018 - Joss Whedon Quits the Batgirl Movie: 'I Really Didn't Have a Story'

2/22/2018 - Martian Sand Is Swallowing the Phoenix Lander and Nothing Beside Remains

2/22/2018 - Bug Made It Possible to Take Over Tinder Accounts with Just a Phone Number

2/22/2018 - This Rube Goldberg Basketball Machine Has Enough Tricks to Be a Harlem Globetrotter

2/22/2018 - This Midwestern Flooding Is Bad

2/22/2018 - Listen to the New Muppet Babies Theme, Performed by Hamilton's Renée Elise Goldsberry

2/22/2018 - Ryan Zinke Wants to Fight Fire With Drones

2/22/2018 - Unprecedented Video Shows How DNA Is Organized in Real Time

2/22/2018 - Scientists Who Doubt Neanderthal Art Must Reckon With New Evidence From These Sweet Cave Paintings

2/22/2018 - There’s No Such Thing as a Truly ‘Wild’ Horse Anymore

2/22/2018 - Director Duncan Jones Explains How Mute Suddenly Became a Scifi Film

2/22/2018 - Unwanted Simulated 'Hugs' and 'Back Rubs' May Now Qualify as Harassment by FreeBSD

2/22/2018 - The io9 History of Annihilation, From Book to Film to Controversy

2/22/2018 - Model Brains-on-a-Chip Reveal the Physics of Brain Folding

2/22/2018 - Urban Heat Created a Massive Hole in New Delhi’s Pollution-Fueled Fog

2/22/2018 - Save Millions of Dollars on Ink With a Printer That Taps Out Images Using a Pencil

2/22/2018 - Watching Rian Johnson Slice Up a Porg Is Satisfying No Matter What You Think of The Last Jedi

2/22/2018 - Man Sues Feds After Finding Spy Camera on His Property and Refusing to Give It Back

2/22/2018 - Everything You Need to Know to Jump Into the Blood and Gore-Soaked World of Ash vs Evil Dead

2/22/2018 - FDA Oversees Kratom Purge After Salmonella Outbreak

2/22/2018 - All Hail Daenerys Styleborn of the House of Gucci, Mother of Fashion

2/22/2018 - Trump Emails on Keystone XL Pipeline Decision Could Become Public

2/22/2018 - White Supremacist Jared Taylor Sues Twitter for Banning His Accounts

2/22/2018 - This Playable Pod Racing Game Is The Phantom Menace Lego Set We Deserved Years Ago

2/22/2018 - Snapchat User Known as 'Lol Atyou' Charged With Sexual Assault in Revenge Porn Extortion Plot

2/22/2018 - Let Teens Do a Town Hall on Climate Change Next

2/22/2018 - Disney Fails in Move to Block Redbox's Crafty Workaround For Selling Download Codes

2/22/2018 - The People of Wauconda, Illinois, Would Like You to Stop Asking If They Have Black Panther's Vibranium

2/22/2018 - The Difference Between Power and Endurance Athletes Is in Their Blood

2/22/2018 - The First Reboot: The Guardian Code Trailer Has Too Many Humans and Not Enough Cyberspace

2/22/2018 - New and Improved AirPods Could Be On Their Way

2/22/2018 - Scientists Have Cultivated a Mesmerizing Jelly That's Like 'Barely Organized Water'

2/22/2018 - More Rumors About What Could Be the Next Star Wars Show

2/22/2018 - Watch SpaceX's Second Attempt to Launch Experimental Internet Satellites Live Right Here [Updating]

2/22/2018 - Fourth Man Confirmed to Have Died in Hunt For the Rocky Mountains' Possibly Fictional Fenn Treasure

2/21/2018 - Uh Oh, Snap

2/21/2018 - This Star Wars Documentary on Sound in The Last Jedi Is Delightful

2/21/2018 - Coming Soon: The World's First Walking Dead Roller Coaster

2/21/2018 - Photographer Catches Trump's Notes on How to Appear Sympathetic to Mass Shooting Survivors

2/21/2018 - Comparing Evgenia Medvedeva's Sailor Moon Ice Skating Routine to the Anime Proves She's a Magical Girl

2/21/2018 - All 11 Versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Ranked

2/21/2018 - Google Fired and Disciplined Employees for Speaking Out About Diversity [Updated]

2/21/2018 - I Don't Want to Hear About Your Iceland Trip Unless You Come Back With Footage Like This

2/21/2018 - Amazon Is Turning Iain M. Banks' Iconic Culture Books Into a TV Series

2/21/2018 - Social Media Is Corrupting the Youth Slightly Less Than We Feared

2/21/2018 - Snapchat’s Redesign Isn’t Going Anywhere

2/21/2018 - WhatsApp Co-Founder Injects Signal With $50 Million to Make Encrypted Messaging 'Ubiquitous'

2/21/2018 - The Internet’s Favorite Black Panther Fans Talk About Finally Going to Wakanda

2/21/2018 - Are Ikea's $7 Rechargeable Batteries Actually Pricey Eneloop Pro AAs in Disguise?

2/21/2018 - New Maps Show Us Where Antarctica Is Shrinking Fastest

2/21/2018 - Alcohol Plays a Much Bigger Role in Causing Dementia Than We Thought

2/21/2018 - There's a Solid Chance the Autonomous Cars of the Future Will Force Ads on You 

2/21/2018 - Joss Whedon Is Coming Back to Write the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comic

2/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Will Fund Scientists With 'New Ideas' to Fight Alzheimer's Disease

2/21/2018 - Donald Glover Is One of the Reasons Why Marvel's Black Panther Is So Funny

2/21/2018 - California Is Considering Permanent Water Restrictions

2/21/2018 - Net Neutrality Gets Its Official Execution Date—But the Fights to Keep It Alive Are Going Strong

2/21/2018 - YouTube Promoted a Conspiracy Theory Following a Mass Shooting, Again

2/21/2018 - The Third Jurassic World Will Be Released in 2021

2/21/2018 - It's Summer in February

2/21/2018 - Annihilation Will Mess With Your Mind and Have You Begging For More

2/21/2018 - How Does a Euthanasia Drug Keep Ending Up in Dog Food?

2/21/2018 - Surprise! Yet Another Baby Monitor Can Be Hacked by a Child

2/21/2018 - The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Re-Cut to the Beastie Boys Has No Right to Be This Great

2/21/2018 - New Report on Emerging AI Risks Paints a Grim Future

2/21/2018 - Climate Change Is Making Beluga Whales Work for Their Meals

2/21/2018 - To Keep Making Phones, Apple and Samsung Must Grapple With the World's Dirtiest Industry

2/21/2018 - Amateur Astronomer Spots Supernova Right as It Begins

2/21/2018 - Bering Sea Ice Is Disappearing When it Should Still Be Growing

2/21/2018 - Black Panther's Killmonger Is Everyone Who Loves Wakanda Even Though It Didn't Love Us

2/21/2018 - The Search for the Olympian Gene

2/21/2018 - Our First Look at Krypton's Creepy Take on Brainiac

2/21/2018 - I Tried Uber’s New 'Pool Express' Service And Honestly, Just Take a Bus

2/21/2018 - Did a Fan Just Find Proof of Quantum Leap's Secret Lost Ending? 

2/21/2018 - Hackers Steal Millions by Ditching Malware to Sidestep Security

2/21/2018 - Report: Disney Wants to Try Rebooting The Muppets Again For Its Streaming Service

2/21/2018 - How the Hell Did Three Pacific Reef Sharks Wind Up Off the Coast of Brazil?

2/21/2018 - New Results Challenge Basic Ideas of Supermassive Black Holes

2/21/2018 - Here's Your First, Very Serious Look at Netflix's Lost in Space Reboot

2/21/2018 - There's One Black Panther Deleted Scene Ryan Coogler Fought Hard to Keep in the Film

2/21/2018 - Glitch on Bitcoin Exchange Drops Prices to Zero Dollars, User Tries to Make Off With Trillions

2/21/2018 - This Artist's Photorealistic Portraits Are Made From Hand-Stitched Threads Instead of Paint

2/21/2018 - Your DNA Cannot Tell You How to Diet—Yet

2/21/2018 - Nightwing's Director Could Help Bring Dungeons & Dragons Back to the Big Screen

2/21/2018 - Watch SpaceX Launch Its Experimental Internet Satellites Live Right Here [Update: Launch Postponed Until Tomorrow]

2/21/2018 - Conservative Twitter Users Lose Thousands of Followers, Mass Purge of Bots Suspected [Updated]

2/21/2018 - Man Arrested For Instagram Post of AR-15 Captioned 'Thinking About Finally Going Back to School'

2/20/2018 - Judge Rules AT&T and Time Warner Can't See Internal White House Messages About Their Merger

2/20/2018 - Florida State House Declares Porn Is a Health Risk, Assault Weapons Totally Fine Though

2/20/2018 - I Hope This Kid Appreciates How Awesome His Custom-Made Star Wars AT-ST High Chair Is

2/20/2018 - Danny Boyle Is the Top Choice to Direct the Next James Bond Movie

2/20/2018 - Converse Teamed Up With Pixar to Put Toy Story Characters on Your Classic All Stars

2/20/2018 - These Freaky Fish Can Turn Their Eyes Into Flashlights

2/20/2018 - I Want This Guy's 30-Pound Hulk Glove That Smashes Anything You Can Find

2/20/2018 - Trump Calls to Regulate Bump Stocks, Bump Stock Maker’s Website Crashes

2/20/2018 - BB-8 Curling Is the Olympic Sport We All Need

2/20/2018 - The Long-Unfinished Image TMNT Comic Is Finally Getting Its Ending at IDW

2/20/2018 - A Guy With a Hockey Stick Is the Only Thing Stopping Door-Opening Robots From Escaping

2/20/2018 - Marvel Is Making the Awesome Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Into a TV Series

2/20/2018 - Fox News Doesn't Just Want to Be For the Olds Anymore

2/20/2018 - This Major Walking Dead Star Just Joined a New Show, So Their Character Is Probably Doomed

2/20/2018 - Disney's A Wrinkle in Time Soundtrack Is a Powerhouse of Femme

2/20/2018 - Utah Startup Claims It Is Successfully Regenerating Skin 

2/20/2018 - These Black Panther Movie Moments Were Ripped Right Out of the Comics

2/20/2018 - Doctor Who Has a Fresh, New Logo for Season 11

2/20/2018 - The Trump Administration Might (Sort Of) Be Serious About Clean Coal 

2/20/2018 - Jeff Bezos Begins Installation of His Bonkers 10,000 Year Clock

2/20/2018 - All the Cool News and Shiny Toys You Might Have Missed From Toy Fair 2018

2/20/2018 - More Than 230 Mayors Tell Scott Pruitt to Keep the Clean Power Plan

2/20/2018 - Scientists Will Transport Antimatter in a Truck

2/20/2018 - Meet the 15-Year-Old Behind the Viral Campaign to End School Shootings

2/20/2018 - Earth's First Land Plants May Have Sprouted 80 Million Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

2/20/2018 - Cape Town's Water Conservation Efforts Are Keeping 'Day Zero' at Bay

2/20/2018 - Legion's Aubrey Plaza Tries to Get in Your Head in This Meta Teaser Trailer

2/20/2018 - It Sure Looks Like Nokia Is Blowing It Again

2/20/2018 - Jessica Chastain May Actually Get to Play Beverly in It: Chapter Two

2/20/2018 - Fittingly, This Sad Tree May Define Our New Geologic Epoch

2/20/2018 - Facebook Exec Is Very Sorry He Helped Trump's Ploy to Discredit the Russia Investigation 

2/20/2018 - The Producer of Rebels Reminds Us Star Wars Isn't Written in Stone

2/20/2018 - How to Turn All Your Leftover Easter Candy Into a Functional Chocolate Knife

2/20/2018 - How the HomePod Stacks Up Against Other Smart Speakers

2/20/2018 - Lock of George Washington’s Hair Found Tucked Inside Old Book

2/20/2018 - There's More Going On in Black Panther's End Credit Scenes Than You Realize

2/20/2018 - House Democrats Join Everyone Else in Letting Equifax Off Easy for Catastrophic Hack

2/20/2018 - Our First Look at an Adorable Baby 'Dumbo' Octopus

2/20/2018 - A New Trailer Shows Jessica Jones Is Still Angry, But She's Doing Something About It

2/20/2018 - Government Science Site Becomes Prime Real Estate for Fake Movie Pirates 

2/20/2018 - This Is the Most Distant Confirmed Supernova Ever Observed

2/20/2018 - Long-Time Doctor Who Composer Murray Gold Isn't Returning for Season 11

2/20/2018 - The Guy in That Trump Dating Site Ad Has a Child Sex Conviction

2/20/2018 - Black Panther Gives Marvel Its Second Biggest Opening Weekend Ever, Only Behind Avengers

2/20/2018 - To Fight Fake News, This Game Teaches Players How to Spread Misinformation

2/20/2018 - Tesla's Cloud Hacked, Used to Mine Cryptocurrency

2/20/2018 - It’s Bizarrely Warm at the Northernmost Land Weather Station

2/20/2018 - Steven Seagal Endorses Shady ICO for ‘Bitcoiin’ Because We Live in Hellworld [Updated]

2/20/2018 - The Future of Dutch Skating Is on Thin Ice

2/20/2018 - We Entered the World of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives Series in Its New VR Experience

2/20/2018 - Go Update Your Apple Devices to Fix the Telugu 'Text Bomb' Bug Now

2/20/2018 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Home Release Includes Rian Johnson Explaining the Bonus Features

2/20/2018 - Dolph Lundgren Reveals One of Aquaman's Big Departures From the Comics

2/20/2018 - How to Break Your Amazon Prime Addiction

2/19/2018 - Star Wars Rebels Just Answered One of Its Biggest Mysteries

2/19/2018 - Windows Phone, Which Was Already Dead, Gets Another Stake Through Its Corpse

2/19/2018 - His Dark Materials TV Series From BBC Might Finally Be Getting Off The Ground

2/19/2018 - Mercedes-Benz Owner Daimler AG May Have Rigged Emissions Tests

2/19/2018 - When Black Panther 2 Happens, It Needs To Feature This Unused Character Concept

2/19/2018 - Indonesia's Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupted Today and the Photos Are Spooky as Hell

2/19/2018 - Chinese Security Allegedly Wrestled With Secret Service, John Kelly Over Trump's Nuclear Football

2/19/2018 - One Former Blade Runner Star Wasn't Impressed With Blade Runner 2049

2/19/2018 - It’s Time for Scientists to Learn From the Communities They Study

2/19/2018 - Elon Musk Is Back to Digging Tunnels, This Time Under DC

2/19/2018 - Listen to the Haunting Sounds of Puerto Rican Wildlife During Hurricane Maria

2/19/2018 - Only 43 Percent of American Teens Have Gotten the HPV Vaccine Which Prevents Cervical and Dick Cancer

2/19/2018 - Watch Ryan Coogler Break Down Black Panther's Stunning Casino Fight

2/19/2018 - Another Dog Food Company Has Recalled Food Tainted With a Euthanasia Drug

2/19/2018 - Do Animals Have a Sense of Competition?

2/19/2018 - New Book Asks Whether You're a Wizard or a Prophet When It Comes to Saving the Planet

2/19/2018 - NRA Goes Quiet on Twitter, Just Like After Previous Mass Shootings [Updating]

2/19/2018 - UberEats Driver Kills Customer During Delivery in Atlanta

2/18/2018 - Researchers Say They've Created a 90% Accurate Blood Test for Autism

2/18/2018 - EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Cancels Trip to Israel as Furor Over His First-Class Travel Habits Grows

2/18/2018 - Report: Some Crypto Enthusiasts Are Increasingly Worried About Getting Robbed in Person

2/18/2018 - These New Discovery Prints Capture The Grandeur of Star Trek's Best Self

2/18/2018 - All the Amazing New Star Wars Toys From Toy Fair

2/18/2018 - Falcon Heavy May Have Drastically Increased the Number of Asteroids We Can Mine

2/18/2018 - SpaceX Delays Next Falcon 9 Launch, Said to Carry Starlink Prototypes, to At Least February 21st

2/18/2018 - These Activists Are Registering Voters At Black Panther Showings

2/18/2018 - Facebook Now Says It Will Verify Election Ad Buyers' Identities With Postcards

2/18/2018 - The Coolest Marvel Toys Revealed at Toy Fair This Year

2/18/2018 - This Featurette Takes A Close Look at Black Panther's Stunning Score

2/18/2018 - Black Panther's Missed Opportunity, Bad Dog Breeding, and Nerdy Cooking Secrets: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/18/2018 - Rocket League is a Lot Easier When You're Playing It In Real Life

2/18/2018 - What's It Gonna Take For Someone to Give Me This Slick In-Display Fingerprint Reader

2/17/2018 - Today Was the NASA Opportunity Rover's 5,000th Martian Dawn

2/17/2018 - Trump Eagerly Jumps on Facebook Ad VP's Tweet Downplaying Russian Troll Operation

2/17/2018 - Hasbro Is Getting Into Crowdfunding With an Insane Star Wars Toy

2/17/2018 - The Next Power Rangers Series Is Adapting Super Sentai's Own Homage to... Power Rangers?

2/17/2018 - White House Says It Will Get Right On That 130-Plus Staff With Only Partial Security Clearances Thing

2/17/2018 - Twitter Trolls Are Posting About Fake Assaults at Black Panther Screenings

2/17/2018 - Uber Is Reportedly Going to Sell Its Southeast Asian Division to Competitor Grab

2/17/2018 - The Roswell Reboot Has Found Its Lead Actress

2/17/2018 - Science Reveals Hidden Secrets in Picasso Works

2/17/2018 - Holy Crap an AR App I Actually Like

2/17/2018 - A Half-Remembered Retelling Makes This Star Wars Fan Film Special

2/17/2018 - Crayola's New Pen Writes On Any Surface Using Melted Crayons as Ink

2/17/2018 - Iron Man's Hulkbuster Suit Is Getting the Giant Lego Set It Deserves

2/16/2018 - Here's Why Black Panther Didn't Include a Certain Major Marvel Connection

2/16/2018 - Facebook Admits Spam Texts to Two-Factor Authentication Users Were a Bug

2/16/2018 - The Books Tied to Solo: A Star Wars Story Will Provide Crucial Connections

2/16/2018 - Trump’s Twitter Response to the Russian Propaganda Charges Contains a Laughably Blatant Lie

2/16/2018 - Thor: Ragnarok's Blu-ray Extras Are Further Proof Jeff Goldblum Is an Intergalactic Treasure

2/16/2018 - It's Time to Log Off

2/16/2018 - J.J. Abrams Calls Out Sexist Last Jedi Critics for Being Threatened by Women

2/16/2018 - Protect Your $1,000 Phone with Actual Rocks

2/16/2018 - Labor Board Found Google Was Within Its Rights to Fire James Damore

2/16/2018 - Quantum Hacking Could Be 'Catastrophic' If We Don't Develop Better Cryptography

2/16/2018 - The Bigfoot Lawsuit Against California Actually Makes Some Really Good Points

2/16/2018 - That Viral Video of a Convenience Store Robbery Is Worse Than Fake

2/16/2018 - Spring Weather Is Arriving Alarmingly Early This Year

2/16/2018 - A Desperate Housewife, a Pick-Up Artist, and a Grandmother Go to War In this Week's Best Comics

2/16/2018 - Hasbro Says It Will 'Reset the Future Directon' of the Transformers Movies After Bumblebee

2/16/2018 - Jurassic Park Would Have Been an Even Bigger Hit If All the Dinosaurs Were Also Cars

2/16/2018 - I Can't Tell What Color This Phone Is and Honestly It's Driving Me Nuts

2/16/2018 - Your Kid Can Now Live Out My Dino-Riding Fantasy

2/16/2018 - The Strange, Sad Saga of Batman’s Forgotten Girlfriend

2/16/2018 - The Mess at Meetup

2/16/2018 - Trump Wants to Kill Research Into How Oil and Gas Impact Health

2/16/2018 - Channing Tatum's Gambit Spinoff Has a Release Date

2/16/2018 - The Andromeda Galaxy Is Not Nearly as Big as We Thought

2/16/2018 - CRISPR Isn't Just for Gene Editing Anymore

2/16/2018 - Here's Our Spoiler-Free Video Review of the Indomitable Black Panther

2/16/2018 - I Love Watching These Self-Balancing Boxing Robots Beat Each Other Into Submission

2/16/2018 - Take an Exhilarating Trip on the Back of a Minke Whale 

2/16/2018 - DOJ Charges 13 Russian Nationals Accused of Waging Online ‘Information Warfare’ Against US

2/16/2018 - Secrets of the Cuttlefish’s Uncanny Camouflage Abilities Revealed

2/16/2018 - Reminder: Get Ready for the Beginning of the End of Star Wars Rebels This Weekend

2/16/2018 - Apple's Excellence in Design Leads to Employees Smacking Into Glass Walls

2/16/2018 - This Season's Flu Vaccine Isn't as Ineffective as We Feared

2/16/2018 - After 25-Year Run, Bandai America Gives Up Power Rangers Toys to Hasbro

2/16/2018 - When Will We Finally Find a Truly Earth-Like Exoplanet?

2/16/2018 - This Could Be the First Drone-Caused Aircraft Crash In the US

2/16/2018 - Instagram Bows to Russian Censor's Pressure, Will YouTube Be Next?

2/16/2018 - A Toy Design Actually Forced a Change to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2/16/2018 - New Report Pins Legal Blame on Governor for Flint Water Crisis

2/16/2018 - Apple Is Rushing to Fix the Telugu Bug as Assholes Use It to 'Bomb' People's iPhones and Macs

2/16/2018 - Snapchat CEO Is Totally Chill About How You Hate the Redesign

2/16/2018 - Hail Madam Satan, Doctor Who's Missy Is Our New Villain on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

2/16/2018 - Freaky Flea-Like Robots Could One Day Flip and Tumble Inside Your Body

2/16/2018 - One of Doctor Who's Most Underrated Doctors Is Getting His Own Comic 

2/16/2018 - Why Choosing Between Android and iOS Still Matters

2/16/2018 - These New Harry Potter Wands Let You Play a Magic Version of Laser Tag

2/16/2018 - You Need to Watch the Mysterious Trailer for Janelle Monáe's New Album Dirty Computer Right Now

2/16/2018 - Titans Has Cast a Vital Member of the Doom Patrol

2/16/2018 - The FDA Has Approved the First Blood Test for Concussions

2/16/2018 - Lego's New Hogwarts Great Hall Set Is Going to Magically Drain My Wallet

2/16/2018 - A 2,500-Foot Borehole Could Help Solve an Antarctic Puzzle

2/15/2018 - The Joker Gets a Truly Disturbing Bust Designed by Horror Master Rick Baker

2/15/2018 - A Zombie Destroys Two Brothers Forever in This Clip From The Cured

2/15/2018 - Carbon and Dust Fitness RPG Mixes Role-Playing, Exercise, and Kicking Ass in Space

2/15/2018 - Why the Winter Olympics Has Less Doping Than the Summer Olympics

2/15/2018 - Which Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters Do You Want to See Returned to Canon?

2/15/2018 - Food Service Workers at Airbnb Have Unionized

2/15/2018 - Nick Park on the Joys and Challenges of Making Early Man, the Most Advanced Aardman Movie Ever

2/15/2018 - Atari Is Launching a Cryptocurrency Because That's Just What a Company Like Atari Does Now

2/15/2018 - Sony Very Nearly Had the Movie Rights to Almost Every Marvel Character Decades Ago

2/15/2018 - Outdoor Recreation Is a Bigger Economic Booster Than Mining

2/15/2018 - 1 Million People Take Mild Action in Protest of Snapchat Update

2/15/2018 - You Can Now Watch the Original Stargate Movie for Free

2/15/2018 - The White Nationalists Who Claimed Ties to the Florida School Shooter Used Memes and Rap to Spread Hate Online [Updated]

2/15/2018 - Scientists Successfully Test a Vaccine in Mice That Could Prevent Many Cancers

2/15/2018 - 8 Times Black Panther Was an Unbelievable Badass

2/15/2018 - Revenge Porn Is Officially Punishable by Law in New York City

2/15/2018 - Watch This Human Inkjet Printer Create a Portrait in 300 Hours With 3 Million Hand-Drawn Dots

2/15/2018 - Canadian Doctors Warn Medical Pot Is Overhyped

2/15/2018 - Why This AI Chatbot Is a Risky Way to Document Workplace Harassment

2/15/2018 - Neptune’s Stinky Dark Vortex Is Fading Away Like a Bad Fart

2/15/2018 - George Romero's Final Book on The Living Dead Is Getting Released

2/15/2018 - There's Already a Leather Coaster to Protect Your Furniture From the HomePod

2/15/2018 - Common Chemicals Are a Way Bigger Source of Air Pollution Than We Thought

2/15/2018 - Scientists Made a 'Black Box' for Recording Data From Human Cells

2/15/2018 - CRISPR's Pioneers Find a Way to Use It as a Glowing Virus Detector

2/15/2018 - We Now Know Where Snow-Loving Species Could Adapt to Climate Change

2/15/2018 - Fake Research Paper Based on Star Trek: Voyager's Worst Episode Was Published by a Scientific Journal

2/15/2018 - Report: Peter Thiel Seeks a Safe Space

2/15/2018 - Samsung’s Answer to Animoji Could Make You Look Like a Nintendo Mii

2/15/2018 - Don't Ride Through X-Ray Machines

2/15/2018 - The io9 Guide to Stargate

2/15/2018 - Trump Probably Won't Raise the Gas Tax But, C'mon, He Totally Should

2/15/2018 - The Latest Ready Player One Trailer Has Way More Reality Than We Were Expecting

2/15/2018 - 119,000 Passports and Photo IDs of FedEx Customers Found on Unsecured Amazon Server

2/15/2018 - Ajit Pai Is Reportedly Being Investigated by the FCC's Inspector General [UPDATED]

2/15/2018 - Tonga's Parliament Building Was Destroyed by Cyclone Gita

2/15/2018 - The First Teaser for Cobra Kai Features a Karate Kid Stand-Off 30 Years in the Making

2/15/2018 - There’s a New Song of Ice and Fire Book Coming in 2018, But It’s Still Not The Winds of Winter

2/15/2018 - FBI Says Museum Party Attendee Took Selfie With Terracotta Warrior, Stole Thumb

2/15/2018 - Working at This Desk Bike Didn’t Make Me Any Fitter

2/15/2018 - How to Build a Smart Home That's Actually Secure

2/15/2018 - The Kaiju Threat Is Bigger Than Ever in the New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer

2/15/2018 - Kepler Astronomers Discover Treasure Trove of New Exoplanets

2/15/2018 - Another Weird iOS Bug Can Totally Screw Up Your Messaging Apps

2/15/2018 - I Learned the Nerdy Cooking Secrets of Modernist Chefs—And You Can Too

2/15/2018 - SpaceX’s Ambitious Internet Satellite Project Is Set to Launch This Weekend

2/15/2018 - These New Transformers Cyberverse Figures Are Fantastic Callbacks to the Original '80s Toys

2/15/2018 - Doctor Who Could Be Visiting A Major Moment In the Civil Rights Movement

2/15/2018 - Fox News Host Describes the AR-15 Rifle as 'So Safe' While Reporting on America's Latest School Shooting

2/14/2018 - Our Best Look Yet at Incredibles 2 Has Lots of Superhero Parenting

2/14/2018 - Doctors Find Symptoms of Brain Trauma in U.S. Staff in Cuba, But No Evidence of 'Sonic Device'

2/14/2018 - Researchers Find New Ways to Exploit Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities in Modern CPUs

2/14/2018 - The Future of Farming Has Never Looked Scarier Than in This Eerie Short Film

2/14/2018 - What We Do and Do Not Know About Florida High School Shooter Nikolas Cruz

2/14/2018 - Democrats Want $1 Billion to Secure US Elections

2/14/2018 - The Rock's Secret Digital Stunt Double Is Revealed in This Jumanji VFX Breakdown

2/14/2018 - IT Firm Supporting Pyeongchang Olympics Reportedly Hacked Months Ago

2/14/2018 - Team Voltron Has Some Trust Issues in the New Legendary Defender Season Five Trailer

2/14/2018 - The Thirteenth Doctor's Comic Book Adventures Begin This Fall

2/14/2018 - There's Only the Tiniest Chance That Musk's Tesla Will Crash Back to Earth, but We'll Take it

2/14/2018 - Kidney Stones Are Getting Diagnosed More, but We're Not Entirely Sure Why

2/14/2018 - Exxon Is Trying to Play the Victim

2/14/2018 - The Trump Administration Is Taking a Hatchet to Obama's Methane Rule

2/14/2018 - This Black Panther-Inspired Fashion Show Is Gorgeous, But It's Also for a Good Cause

2/14/2018 - People Are Spending Thousands of Dollars on 'Distinguished' Cellphone Numbers in Iraq

2/14/2018 - Flying Car Crashes Into Building, Pilot and Passenger Survive

2/14/2018 - Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh Agree Annihilation Has a Whitewashing Problem

2/14/2018 - Facebook Turned Its Two-Factor Security 'Feature' Into the Worst Kind of Spam

2/14/2018 - Transgender Woman Breastfeeds Her Baby After Experimental Treatment

2/14/2018 - Send This Video of Maggots Eating a Heart-Shaped Donut to Your Love

2/14/2018 - Black Mirror Just Ruined My Marriage

2/14/2018 - Taxpayers Covered Trump Cabinet Member's $122K Family Vacation in Europe, Thanks to Counterfeit Email 

2/14/2018 - Black Panther and Beyond: 30 Comics You Should Read for Black History Month

2/14/2018 - The People's Choice Wildlife Photography Winners Will Make You Feel Warm Inside

2/14/2018 - We're Getting a DNA Emoji—but It's Twisted the Wrong Way

2/14/2018 - The Millennium Falcon Is Apparently Way Older Than Anyone Thought

2/14/2018 - New Silicon Chip-Based Quantum Computer Passes Major Test 

2/14/2018 - Apple’s HomePod Can Apparently Damage Your Furniture

2/14/2018 - Here’s Everything We Think We Know About Samsung’s Galaxy S9 So Far

2/14/2018 - Love Conquers All, at Least When It Uses Our Special Valentine's Day Cards

2/14/2018 - These Asexual Animals Don’t Need Love on Valentine’s Day (or Any Day)

2/14/2018 - Facebook Kids App Widely Criticized by Child Health Advocates Is Now Available to Even More Kids

2/14/2018 - Uber's Blowing Through Billions Faster Than Ever, Which Is All According to Plan

2/14/2018 - Total Shipshow: Wonder Woman and Batman Is the Relationship Gotham Needs

2/14/2018 - Marvel's Kevin Feige Understands How Important Black Panther Is for On-Screen Representation

2/14/2018 - No One Really Knows When Wild Rabbits Became Fluffy Domesticated Bunnies

2/14/2018 - American Horror Story Creator Ryan Murphy Has Landed a Huge Netflix Deal

2/14/2018 - Rising CO2 Could Seriously Mess With Oyster Sex

2/14/2018 - How the Cryptocurrency Frenzy Is Interfering With Our Search For Alien Life

2/14/2018 - The FBI Investigated Gary Cooper Over the Fake News of His Rousing Communist Speech

2/14/2018 - US Intelligence Chiefs Agree Huawei Is Not to Be Trusted—Even as FBI Pushes for Backdoors

2/14/2018 - Black Lightning's Origin Stories Are Rooted in Powerful Black History

2/14/2018 - Google’s Big Ad-Blocking Update Comes to Chrome: Here’s What We Know

2/14/2018 - There Are Maybe 4 People on Earth Who Would Use This Overpriced Universal Remote

2/14/2018 - Exclusive: Here Are the First Solo: A Star Wars Story Action Figures, and Lando Is a Masterpiece

2/14/2018 - Scifi Author Martha Wells Is Bringing Magic: The Gathering Back to Where It All Began 

2/14/2018 - These Spooky Blue Whale Sounds Will Help Unlock Cetacean Secrets

2/14/2018 - Updates on Detective Pikachu, Silver & Black, and More

2/14/2018 - 5 Smartphone Upgrades You Didn't Know You Needed

2/14/2018 - Here Are Some Animals That Deserve to Bone

2/14/2018 - BuzzFeed Sues DNC For Information Regarding Alleged Russian Email Hack

2/13/2018 - Scott Pruitt Says He Had to Spend So Much on First Class Flights Since Backlash to Him Is So 'Toxic'

2/13/2018 - Google's Quest For Dominance Continues With New AMP Formats For Email and News

2/13/2018 - This Star Wars Mural Is Massive and Mindblowing

2/13/2018 - Here's Shaq Wearing a Magic Leap

2/13/2018 - Get Out Is Coming Back to Theaters For Free [UPDATED]

2/13/2018 - Watch VFX Wizards Make All the Magic in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

2/13/2018 - These Warlike Ants Rescue Wounded Comrades—and Even Provide Medical Care

2/13/2018 - The Original Script Pages for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Provide an Inspirational Story

2/13/2018 - This Statue Perfectly Captures Ben Affleck's Sadness at Having to Play Batman

2/13/2018 - Trump Officials Want to Charge More Money to Access Public Records—Despite Fewer Requests

2/13/2018 - Watch How Easily This Gas Tanker Just Crossed the Melting Arctic

2/13/2018 - The Original Gmail Was Garfield Mail

2/13/2018 - This List of Every Reason Banner Hulks Out in the Classic Hulk TV Series Is Hilarious

2/13/2018 - Facebook Privacy Settings Aren't Enough to Hide Your Photos From Court

2/13/2018 - Why Booze Makes You Mean

2/13/2018 - Sometimes, Oscar Isaac Shot The Last Jedi and Annihilation on the Same Day

2/13/2018 - Trump's Insulting Food Stamps Plan Is Nothing Like Blue Apron

2/13/2018 - Director Ryan Coogler Explains the Identity Issues at the Heart of Black Panther

2/13/2018 - Sagelike Tim Cook Dreams of Seeing Money Die

2/13/2018 - Hot Wheels Made a Real-Life Version of Rocket League With Tiny RC Cars

2/13/2018 - Fires in the Amazon Are a Problem For the Entire Planet

2/13/2018 - Man Spends Months Building a Giant Sphere of Matches and Then Spectacularly Sets It on Fire

2/13/2018 - Scientists Have No Idea Why This Enriched Uranium Particle Was Floating Above Alaska

2/13/2018 - Here's Your First Look at the English Dub of the Incredible-Looking Batman Ninja

2/13/2018 - After Eight Days of Itchy Eyes, Oregon Woman Finds 14 Worms

2/13/2018 - In Its First Season, Star Trek: Discovery Asked Hard Questions It Never Really Wanted the Answers to 

2/13/2018 - Amazing Life-Sized Sculptures of Camels and Horses Discovered in Saudi Arabia

2/13/2018 - Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy May Star In DC's Mob Adaptation, The Kitchen

2/13/2018 - Patent Troll's Dumb Lawsuit Against Cloudflare Gets Thrown Out

2/13/2018 - Facebook Tries to Make Going 'FB Official' Cool Again

2/13/2018 - Picture of Single Trapped Atom Wins UK Science Photography Prize

2/13/2018 - The New Rampage Trailer Sees the Rock Adorably Concerned About His Gorilla Friend

2/13/2018 - A Brilliant Toy Hacker Turned the G.I. Joe Cobra Rattler Into an RC Plane That Actually Flies

2/13/2018 - I Went Curling and Not Even Physics Could Save Me

2/13/2018 - The Key to Buying the Best Battery Pack for Your Gadgets

2/13/2018 - Britain Wants Video Sites to Use the AI It Built to Block Terrorist Content

2/13/2018 - Meet Bill Wehrum, Scott Pruitt’s Mercury Emissions-Loving Wingman

2/13/2018 - 12 Streaming Movies for Nerdy Romantics on Valentine's Day

2/13/2018 - This Study With Plastic Birds and Drones Is Science at Its Best

2/13/2018 - Bill Gates Seems to Think Apple Should Just Put a Backdoor in the iPhone

2/13/2018 - Wesley Snipes Has a Good Idea Why More People Don't Remember How Important Blade Was

2/13/2018 - If You Haven't Read the Excellent Valiant High Series, Here's Your Chance to Check It Out

2/13/2018 - Fake Best Buy Reviews Won’t Help Huawei Sell Phones But Here We Are

2/13/2018 - That Freaky Bot-Written Harry Potter Chapter Got Turned into a Freaky Cartoon

2/13/2018 - How to Find the Best Free Movies and Music on the Web

2/13/2018 - UK Police Trial Mobile Fingerprint Scanners Linked to Criminal and Immigration Databases

2/13/2018 - YouTube's CEO Says Facebook Should 'Get Back to Baby Pictures'

2/13/2018 - Report: Brian Michael Bendis and Tim Miller Are Teaming Up for a Kitty Pryde X-Men Spinoff

2/13/2018 - The 2018 Underwater Photography Winners Are Otherworldly

2/13/2018 - Bed Bugs Are Pooping Histamine Into Our Homes—and Possibly Making Us Sick

2/13/2018 - The Greatest American Hero Reboot Has Found Its Hero

2/13/2018 - Panasonic's ZS200 Puts a Really Big Zoom in a Little Camera

2/13/2018 - I Can't Stop Laughing at These Ski Robots Falling Down

2/13/2018 - Human Skulls Mounted on Stakes Found at 8,000-Year-Old Burial Site in Sweden

2/12/2018 - Uber Rolls Out Feature That Limits Drivers to Breezy, Pleasant 12-Hour Shifts

2/12/2018 - Twitter Says It Will Crack Down on Posts Encouraging Others to Harm Themselves

2/12/2018 - Four Orphans Move Into a Haunted House in the Trailer for Marrowbone

2/12/2018 - Can You Identify All These Iconic Pop Culture Eyes?

2/12/2018 - Verizon Has a Bad Excuse for Why It’s Locking Phones Again

2/12/2018 - If the 'IRS' Emails You, It's Probably Just Malware

2/12/2018 - A New Willy Wonka Movie Is Coming From the Director of Paddington

2/12/2018 - A Fun Optical Illusion Makes This Robotic Doodler Appear to Draw Faster Than It Moves

2/12/2018 - Trump's Budget Would Scrap Top-Priority Telescope

2/12/2018 - CEO Who Tested DIY Herpes Treatment Locks Himself in Lab as Fellow Biohackers Abandon Him

2/12/2018 - Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook’s Vampiric VPN Service

2/12/2018 - 5 Times That People Claimed to Be Real-Life Time Travelers

2/12/2018 - The EPA's Superfund Program Has Been Spared a Massive Budget Cut, For Now

2/12/2018 - Tech History Group Dedicated to Preserving Information Busted Deleting Apology Tweets [Updated]

2/12/2018 - New Study Calms Fears That CRISPR Could Trigger Unintended Gene Mutations

2/12/2018 - Kung Fury Is Getting a Sequel, Starring Michael Fassbender

2/12/2018 - Trump's Infrastructure Plan Shows No Love For Public Lands

2/12/2018 - Boston Dynamics’ Unsettling Robodog Can Now Escape Through (Unlocked) Doors

2/12/2018 - Even When Spotting Gender, Current Face Recognition Tech Works Better for White Dudes

2/12/2018 - Marvel Misses Another Easy Opportunity for LGBTQ Representation With Black Panther

2/12/2018 - Mary J. Blige Will Play a Time Traveling Assassin in Netflix's Umbrella Academy

2/12/2018 - Stoners Celebrating 4/20 May Be Responsible for Annual Bump in Traffic Deaths

2/12/2018 - Incognegro: Renaissance Author Mat Johnson Talks About Living a Black Life With Skin That Can Look White

2/12/2018 - How Many Iconic Movies Can Your Brain Spot as 1,000,000 Frames Flash by in Five Minutes?

2/12/2018 - Chris Columbus Will Direct a Five Nights at Freddy's Movie for Blumhouse

2/12/2018 - Puerto Rico’s Latest Blackout Is a Reminder Its Grid Is Still a Mess

2/12/2018 - Casey Neistat Should Stick to Marketing

2/12/2018 - What Legends of Tomorrow Gets Right—and Wrong—About History

2/12/2018 - Rupert Murdoch's MySpace Apparently Still Haunts Mark Zuckerberg

2/12/2018 - No, Earth Is Not About to Plunge Into a 'Mini Ice Age'

2/12/2018 - How Google Maps Leads Women Seeking Abortions Astray

2/12/2018 - HomePod Is the Ultimate Apple Product—in a Bad Way

2/12/2018 - Everyone's Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Dark Elf Returns in New Drizzt Do'Urden Trilogy

2/12/2018 - Ryan Zinke Is Actually Trying to Improve Public Lands For a Change

2/12/2018 - The New Series of Unfortunate Events Trailer Promises That Everything Can Get Much, Much Worse

2/12/2018 - For Better or Worse, Google Is Apparently Getting Down With the Notch

2/12/2018 - Scientists Set to Explore Mysterious Seafloor Exposed by Antarctica’s Giant Iceberg

2/12/2018 - This Iron Man Mask Could Be the Future of Toys

2/12/2018 - Why Purebred Dogs Are Sick, Miserable, and Ugly

2/12/2018 - Seafloor Exposed by Massive Antarctic Iceberg Is About to Get First Visitors

2/12/2018 - Portable Atomic Clock Makes First Measurement

2/12/2018 - Man Redefines Horror By Building a Singing Furby Organ

2/12/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery Wraps Up a Wildly Uneven First Season With a Wildly Uneven Finale

2/12/2018 - Creeping on Instagram May Get a Lot Harder

2/12/2018 - Wakanda's Indomitable Culture Is Why the Women of Black Panther Are so Dynamic

2/12/2018 - Study Backs Up Creeping Feeling That Facebook Is Just for Old People Now

2/12/2018 - I Would Switch to This '80s Parody of Siri for the Hilariously Awful Synthesized Voice

2/12/2018 - DC's New Teen Titans Show Is Bringing In Another Comic Book Superteam

2/12/2018 - AMD's Newest Processors Are So Good You Can Skip the Graphics Card

2/12/2018 - The Entire West Coast May Soon Have a Price On Carbon

2/12/2018 - How Do Winter Olympians Stay Warm?

2/12/2018 - Unilever, Owner of Dove and Ben & Jerry's, Threatens to Stop Advertising on 'The Swamp' of Google and Facebook

2/11/2018 - Cryptojackers Strike Again, Hitting Thousands of Sites Including US and UK Government Pages

2/11/2018 - The Gifted Showrunner Talks About The Show's Magneto Problems

2/11/2018 - Donald Trump Reportedly Wants to Privatize the International Space Station

2/11/2018 - These Arrowverse Actors Have A Great Idea For A New Series

2/11/2018 - Altered Carbon's Showrunner Talks The Show's High Nudity Quotient

2/11/2018 - Russian An-148 Jet Crashes After Takeoff From Moscow, Killing At Least 71 People

2/11/2018 - This Fan Edit Gives Justice League's Superman An Even More Stirring Return

2/11/2018 - Pyeongchang Olympics Hit By Cyber Attack, With Widespread Rumors Russia to Blame

2/11/2018 - Writer Minh Lê Shares A Sneak Peek of YA-Focused Green Lantern: Legacy 

2/11/2018 - How to Find a Job Using Social Media

2/11/2018 - Black Panther, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy, and Severed Heads: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/10/2018 - Purdue Pharmaceuticals Says It Will Stop the Aggressive Opioid Marketing That Made It Billions

2/10/2018 - Need a Primer On All Things Wakanda? Try This New Black Panther Trailer

2/10/2018 - A Jailbreaker Was Allegedly Behind Apple's iBoot Source Code Leak

2/10/2018 - Ryan Coogler Wanted To Put Kraven The Hunter in Black Panther

2/10/2018 - Report: Equifax Lost Even More Information on Consumers Than It Told the Public

2/10/2018 - Jóhann Jóhannsson, Composer For Arrival and mother!, Dies At 48

2/10/2018 - Danish Man Convicted of Telling Web Users Where to Download Popcorn Time

2/10/2018 - Animation Legend Butch Hartman Reflects On His Departure From Nickelodeon

2/10/2018 - James Mangold Would Prefer You Not Call Logan 'High-Octane'

2/10/2018 - Why Comparing Smartphone Specs is a Waste of Time

2/10/2018 - NSA Sent Coded Messages From Its Official Twitter Account to Communicate With Foreign Spies [Updated]

2/9/2018 - A Frozen-Faced Man Finds Unexpected Hope in Sweet Fantasy Short Cautionary Tales

2/9/2018 - In the First Trailer for Hard Sun, Law and Order Crumbles in the Face of the Apocalypse

2/9/2018 - Curl Up With This Chill-Ass Version of Twitter That a Swiss Designer Made

2/9/2018 - An Incredible Black Panther Steps Into the Spotlight, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

2/9/2018 - Man Who Traveled to Watch SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Found Dead In His Hotel Room

2/9/2018 - Praying Mantises Have a Completely Different Way of Seeing in 3D

2/9/2018 - Hail Salem, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Has a New Familiar

2/9/2018 - Trump’s EPA Is Taking Credit for Obama’s Environmental Enforcement

2/9/2018 - This Week's Best Comics Are as Sexy as They Are Mysterious

2/9/2018 - Scientists Are Hunting for the 'Dark Photon'—a Portal to the Dark Universe

2/9/2018 - No, Firefly Is Still Not Coming Back, But It Is Getting a Bunch of Novels, So That's Something

2/9/2018 - Who Won and Who Got Totally Screwed in Waymo v. Uber

2/9/2018 - The 8 Best (and 4 Worst) Twist Endings in Scifi and Fantasy Movies

2/9/2018 - New Drugs Extend Lives of Men With Resistant Form Of Prostate Cancer

2/9/2018 - Idaho Legislators Don't Want Science Teachers Teaching Climate Change [Updated]

2/9/2018 - A Giant Version of Pong Played With Feet Should Be the Next Olympic Sport

2/9/2018 - Silicon Valley Needs To Ban Forced-Arbitration Agreements. We Asked 10 Tech Companies If They Will

2/9/2018 - This Thor: Ragnarok Deleted Scene Is a Master Class in How to Fit an Insane Amount of Jokes Into Two Minutes

2/9/2018 - The DJI Mavic Air Wins

2/9/2018 - Let's All Take a Long, Deep Breath

2/9/2018 - AI-Generated Candy Heart Messages Let Your 'Sweat Poo' Know It's 'Time 2 Wank'

2/9/2018 - How Much Is Too Much For a Life-Saving Drug?

2/9/2018 - Black Panther Is Marvel's First Shakespearean Epic

2/9/2018 - ‘End of the World Atlas’ Reveals Future Human-Nature Conflicts

2/9/2018 - The History of the Supernatural Pregnancy Trope

2/9/2018 - OG White Walker Divulges How Much Work It Takes to Become the Undead on Game of Thrones

2/9/2018 - Cautious Optimism as Scientists Grow Human Eggs From Immature Cells in the Lab

2/9/2018 - Pixel Owners File Class Action Lawsuit Against Google Over Defective Microphones and Poor Service

2/9/2018 - The King Has Arrived: Kendrick Lamar's Stellar Black Panther Soundtrack Is Now Streaming

2/9/2018 - New Horizons Just Set a Record for Taking the Furthest Photographs Away From Earth

2/9/2018 - Basically No One Is Getting Fined for Flying Drones Without a License

2/9/2018 - Waymo, Uber Settle Lawsuit Over Automated Vehicle Trade Secrets

2/9/2018 - Someone Created a MagSafe Connector For the Rest of the Plugs In Your Home

2/9/2018 - There's Growing Evidence That Climate Change Is Shrinking Animals

2/9/2018 - Scientists Have Mapped Out How Our Genes Might Lead to Mental Illness

2/9/2018 - This Is Our Best Look Yet at the Millennium Falcon Before Han Solo Got His Hands on It

2/9/2018 - Russian Engineers Arrested for Using Nuclear Weapons Facility to Mine Cryptocurrency

2/9/2018 - You Know Logan Paul Is Gonna Keep Doing This Shit Forever, Right?

2/9/2018 - Honor’s Mid-Range Phone Is Trying to Save Us From the $1,000 Flagship

2/9/2018 - We Need to Talk About the Emotional Impact of Climate Change

2/9/2018 - The He-Man Movie Has Been Hit With Another Setback

2/9/2018 - Amazon Rumored to Launch National Delivery Service to Send More Than Just Amazon Packages

2/8/2018 - The Latest Wrinkle in Time Featurette Is Basically a Disney-Powered Madeleine L'Engle Book Club

2/8/2018 - This Crayfish Has Mutated Into a Super-Gross Tribble Nightmare

2/8/2018 - Warner Bros. Wants Michael Bay to Make a Lobo Movie

2/8/2018 - Facebook Tests 'Downvote' Button For Some Users: Report [Updated]

2/8/2018 - Former Principal Confiscated Students' Phones to Steal Their Nudes and Trade Them Online

2/8/2018 - Epic Cast Class Photo Shows Just How Huge Marvel's Cinematic Universe Has Become

2/8/2018 - Facebook Researchers Teach AI to 'Re-Skin' People in Real Time

2/8/2018 - Netflix Saves Scifi Film Extinction From, Well, Extinction

2/8/2018 - Disney's Streaming Service Exclusives Will Include the Live-Action Sword in the Stone Film

2/8/2018 - Watching Lake Ice Slowly Pile Up on Shore Is a Soothing Reminder That Spring Is Coming Soon

2/8/2018 - At One Point, Marvel Was Seriously Considering Making a War Machine Movie

2/8/2018 - Fewer Vultures Could Mean a Lot More Dead Things

2/8/2018 - NASA Has Officially Listed Musk's Tesla Roadster As a Celestial Object

2/8/2018 - Google Will Soon Start Shaming All Sites That Don’t Use HTTPS as 'Not Secure'

2/8/2018 - Here's the Original Script for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, Starring Christopher Eccleston

2/8/2018 - Top Pentagon Official Admits He Wore a Fitbit Until He Learned Strava Was Leaking Sensitive Military Data

2/8/2018 - The Complicated, Exhilarating Process of Creating Wakanda for Black Panther

2/8/2018 - Interstellar Asteroids Like 'Oumuamua Could Rewrite the Origins of Life on Earth

2/8/2018 - Scientists React to New Ruling Requiring NSF-Funded Institutions to Report Sexual Harassment

2/8/2018 - Patagonia Wants to Help You to Become an Environmental Activist

2/8/2018 - Here's Everything We Used to Know About Han Solo's Early Years

2/8/2018 - Unicode Knows Its New Skateboard Emoji Is Bad and Is Asking Tony Hawk for Help

2/8/2018 - Woman Flushes Her Emotional Support Hamster Down Airport Toilet and I Have So Many Questions

2/8/2018 - Jack Dorsey Wants You to Know He Was Right About 280-Character Tweets

2/8/2018 - This Is Why You Shouldn't Look Directly Into a Jet Engine

2/8/2018 - We Just Found Out that Deep Sea Vents Are Nurseries

2/8/2018 - Report: Joaquin Phoenix Is in Talks to Play the Joker for Some Reason

2/8/2018 - Don’t Tell Trump, But His Administration Wants to Account for Sea Level Rise

2/8/2018 - Amazon's Perplexing Hanna Reboot Has Found Its Trio of Stars

2/8/2018 - Watch This Guy Inject Himself With an Untested Herpes 'Cure'

2/8/2018 - As the Winter Games Begin, Norovirus Continues to Spread at an Alarming Rate

2/8/2018 - This Startup Wants People to Inject Themselves With Untested Drugs 

2/8/2018 - A Dildo Maker Has Finally Determined What The Shape of Water's Fish Dick Looks Like

2/8/2018 - The Magicians Just Aired Its Most Magical Episode

2/8/2018 - Sacramento Bee Leaks 19.5 Million California Voter Records, Promptly Compromised by Hackers

2/8/2018 - Snakes Could Be Spreading Flowers By Pooping Mice

2/8/2018 - Everything Donald Glover Says Just Makes Us Want a Lando Calrissian Movie Even More

2/8/2018 - Natural Disaster Victims Are Banking on the Budget Deal

2/8/2018 - Let the Kid from Coco Serenade You With One of the Film's Best Songs

2/8/2018 - Prankster Swaps High School's Website With Porn Link on Google

2/8/2018 - This Is What It Feels Like to Rocket Downhill at 90 MPH During Olympic Skeleton Racing

2/8/2018 - The California Desert Is Next on Trump’s Public Lands Rampage

2/8/2018 - Nightwing's Still Using His Sexuality to Make Comics More Progressive

2/8/2018 - Critical iPhone Boot Code Allegedly Published on Github [Update]

2/8/2018 - In Venom's First Trailer, Venom Is Nowhere to Be Found

2/8/2018 - A Star Trek: Discovery Star Joins the What We Do In the Shadows Reboot

2/8/2018 - Here Are Some of the New Emoji, Ranked From Most to Least Useful During Sexting

2/8/2018 - Twitter Made a Profit for the First Time Ever

2/8/2018 - John Perry Barlow, EFF Co-Founder and Author of 1996 Cyberspace Manifesto, Dies at 70

2/7/2018 - L.L. Bean Wants to Know What You've L.L. Been Up to

2/7/2018 - North Korean and Iranian Athletes at the Olympics Won't Get Their Free Samsung Galaxy Note 8s

2/7/2018 - Somehow Even the Maggots Are Quirky in This Clip From Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs  

2/7/2018 - For the First Time in Its History, 2000 AD's Sci-Fi Special Will Have an All-Female Creative Team

2/7/2018 - Suicides Spiked After Robin Williams' Death: Study

2/7/2018 - Watch How Pixar Brought One of the Best Scenes in Wall-E to Life

2/7/2018 - People Still Think Laurence Fishburne Is Really Morpheus From The Matrix

2/7/2018 - Boston Police Used Twitter and Facebook to Surveil Protestors Using the #MuslimLivesMatter Hashtag 

2/7/2018 - What Apps Have You Deleted Lately?

2/7/2018 - Get a Taste of Coco as a Full-Fledged Musical With This Original Opening Number

2/7/2018 - Is a Potentially Fraudulent Crypto Company Behind the Bitcoin Rebound?

2/7/2018 - Google's Rumored 'Yeti' Project Could Be Big For Game Streaming

2/7/2018 - Here's the Disturbing Selfie of Dental Students at Yale With Severed Cadaver Heads

2/7/2018 - Syfy's Channel Zero Returns With Its Most Gruesome Season Yet: Butcher's Block

2/7/2018 - The Toxic Brotherhoods in the Fight for the Future of Autonomous Cars

2/7/2018 - This Molecule Could Prevent Cancer Patients From Losing Their Lunch

2/7/2018 - Google Is Absorbing Nest and With It, Your Smart Home

2/7/2018 - Here's the Sitch: Disney's Working on a Live-Action Kim Possible Movie

2/7/2018 - Lyft Was in Talks to Buy Startup at Center of Google Lawsuit Before Uber Acquired It

2/7/2018 - Now Scott Pruitt Thinks Climate Change Could Be Good

2/7/2018 - The Richest Scifi and Fantasy Worlds in Video Games

2/7/2018 - How Standing Rock Is Forcing Oil Investors to Consider Human Rights

2/7/2018 - Drunk History's Take on the Legacy of Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols Is a Booze-Fueled Delight

2/7/2018 - Reddit Bans AI-Powered Fake Porn

2/7/2018 - Dino-Killing Asteroid Caused Magma to Burst From the Ocean Floor, Say Scientists

2/7/2018 - The House That Spied on Me

2/7/2018 - Black Lung Disease Is Making a Comeback

2/7/2018 - Altered Carbon's Costume Designer Talks About Designing Gods and Fetishizing Superheroes

2/7/2018 - Experimenters Observe Strange Magnetic Phenomenon First Predicted in the 1930s

2/7/2018 - Please Caption, Photoshop, or Otherwise Mess With This Photo of Elon Musk's Space Car

2/7/2018 - Navajo and Hopi Tribes Are Losing Coal Jobs In Trump's America

2/7/2018 - Paul Allen's Got Licks!

2/7/2018 - Here's Who the Hell Everyone Actually Is in Solo: A Star Wars Story

2/7/2018 - Turns Out the First British People Were Actually Black

2/7/2018 - The FDA Is Not a Fan of Kratom

2/7/2018 - ESPN's Cordcutting App Sounds Like a Ripoff

2/7/2018 - Report: The Netflix Deal Saved Cloverfield Paradox From Being a Total Disaster

2/7/2018 - China's Dystopian Police State Arms Cops With Smart Glasses to Scan Everyone's Faces [Updated]

2/7/2018 - This Upgraded Super Nintendo Clone Rekindled My Love of 16-Bit Gaming 

2/7/2018 - Swallowed Bombardier Beetles Spew Hot Chemicals From Their Ass to Make Predators Barf

2/7/2018 - US Solar Jobs Declined Last Year 

2/7/2018 - A $500 PC and an AI Did a Way Better Job Erasing Henry Cavill's Justice League Mustache Than Expensive VFX

2/7/2018 - YouTube Is Very Sorry for Spamming Users With Logan Paul's Dumbass 'Comeback' Video

2/7/2018 - Heaviest Element Should Completely Subvert the Rules of High School Chemistry

2/7/2018 - Maryland Official Promises Amazon Money It Literally Does Not Have 

2/7/2018 - In the New Jessica Jones Trailer, the Ghosts of the Past Come Back at the Worst Possible Time

2/7/2018 - No One Is Ready for the Deadly Storm Coming Black Lightning's Way

2/7/2018 - Russian Hackers Fooled the Keepers of US Drone Secrets Using the Oldest Trick in the Book

2/7/2018 - A Textbook That Turns Into a Lifesize Paper Skeleton Should be Standard at Med Schools

2/7/2018 - New Deadpool 2 Trailer Teases the Ultimate Showdown Between Cable and Sheriff Wadey

2/7/2018 - There Could Still Be a Future for Cloverfield Movies at the Box Office

2/7/2018 - This Pipeline Is About to Get Shut Down, and That's a Really Big Deal [Update: Shutdown Delayed]

2/7/2018 - Ben Carson Says America Will Be Like The Purge If North Korea Attacks the US Electrical Grid

2/7/2018 - After Disastrous Hawaii Incident, Senators Propose Ending States' Power to Send Missile Alerts

2/6/2018 - SpaceX Landed the Falcon Heavy's Two Boosters, But Its Core Clipped Its Drone Ship at 300 MPH

2/6/2018 - Pornhub Says Digitally Generated 'Deepfakes' Are Non-Consensual and It Will Remove Them

2/6/2018 - Henry Cavill's Mustache Is Now Sentient

2/6/2018 - Warner Bros.' Abu Dhabi Theme Park Is Going to Have Some Wild Superhero Rides

2/6/2018 - Legendary Disney Animator to Helm Chinese Musical Over the Moon for Netflix

2/6/2018 - Report: Disney Is Developing Multiple Star Wars TV Shows for Its Streaming Platform

2/6/2018 - Let's All Calm Down About That New Ozone Study

2/6/2018 - Cops: Guy Who Crashed Boston Trolley Was Trying to Delete Reddit Post

2/6/2018 - Electric Dreams’ Best Episode Puts All My Parental Nightmares in One Horrible Future

2/6/2018 - A Study Showing the Dangers of Hot Tea Reveals How Complex Cancer Risks Can Be

2/6/2018 - So Like, If You Could Bring Elon Musk's Tesla Back From Space, Would it Still Work?

2/6/2018 - Once Upon a Time Is Closing the Storybook for Good

2/6/2018 - Watching a Keyboard Melt Away in Acetone Is Equal Parts Disgusting and Satisfying

2/6/2018 - A Brief History of Black Panther's Wakanda Under T'Challa's Reign

2/6/2018 - This Surprising Illusion Makes Two Copies of the Same Image Look Like Different Photos

2/6/2018 - Your Ultimate Guide to Watching the 2018 Winter Olympics Online

2/6/2018 - Falcon Heavy Now Officially the Most Powerful Rocket in the World

2/6/2018 - The Makers of Game of Thrones Are Writing and Producing New Star Wars Movies

2/6/2018 - Fan Creates Alternate Star Wars: The Force Awakens Opening Based on J.J. Abrams' Original Storyboards

2/6/2018 - Amazon Is Pulling Those Annoying Lock Screen Ads From Its Discount Prime Exclusive Phones

2/6/2018 - This Picture Book Is the Perfect Way to Introduce Kids to Climate Change

2/6/2018 - Here's How Much Planning It Takes to Bring Doctor Who's Gigantic Comic Crossovers to Life

2/6/2018 - Honestly, Facebook's Coworker Dating Rule Seems Extremely Reasonable

2/6/2018 - As Bitcoin Crashes, Regulators Still Have No Clue What They're Doing

2/6/2018 - The Olympics Opening Ceremony Is Going to Be Very, Very Cold [Updated]

2/6/2018 - The reMarkable E Ink Tablet Is Way Too Good For Its Software (and Price)

2/6/2018 - Bystanders Describe the Mysterious Wolverine in Marvel's New Scripted Podcast Trailer 

2/6/2018 - Samsung Fans Better Prepare for a Ridiculously Expensive Galaxy S9

2/6/2018 - FCC Says Releasing 'Jokes' It Wrote About Ajit Pai Colluding With Verizon Would 'Harm' Agency

2/6/2018 - Of Course We're Getting a Jumanji Sequel

2/6/2018 - In Laughably Vague Statement, Consumer Watchdog Insists It's 'Looking Into' Equifax Hack [Updated: CFPB Keeps Sending Us Emails Filled With Bullshit Platitudes and It's Really Just Embarrassing Now]

2/6/2018 - Lenovo Recalls One of the Best Laptops You Can Buy Because It Might Burst Into Flames

2/6/2018 - Flying Taxis Are Apparently on the Horizon for Rich People Who Love Meetings and Golf

2/6/2018 - Powerful Earthquake Hits Taiwan, Partially Collapses Hotel

2/6/2018 - Jordan Peele Says He Will Seriously Consider a Sequel to Get Out

2/6/2018 - We Finally Know Exactly How the Flint Water Crisis Killed 12 People

2/6/2018 - Stop Using Seamless

2/6/2018 - 13 Horror and Fantasy Movies and TV Shows Inspired by Urban Legends

2/6/2018 - Two Charged Over 'Jackpotting' Scheme That Makes ATMs Spew Bills

2/6/2018 - Watch SpaceX Launch Its Falcon Heavy Rocket Live Right Here [Updating]

2/6/2018 - Scientists Observe Incredible New Kind of Ice Thought to Exist in Uranus' Center

2/6/2018 - Prized Forests Lost Big at This Year’s Olympics

2/6/2018 - Gal Gadot Joins TV's Most-Heroic Family, The Simpsons

2/6/2018 - Nest Cam Catches Dog Starting a House Fire By Stealing a Pancake

2/6/2018 - The 2018 Winter Olympics Is Now Hosting A Norovirus Outbreak

2/6/2018 - For Survivors of Domestic Violence, Revenge Porn Is the Awful New Norm

2/6/2018 - Kendrick Lamar Was Only Going to Do a Few Songs for Black Panther... Until He Saw the Movie

2/6/2018 - France Takes Texting-While-Driving Ban to New Extreme

2/6/2018 - Trump's Plan to Gut Clean Energy Research Is Misguided and Dangerous

2/6/2018 - False Tsunami Warning Scares the Shit Out of People Across the Country

2/6/2018 - Space-Based Gravitational Wave Observatory Passes Huge Test

2/6/2018 - Julian Assange Loses Bid to Have Warrant Dropped, Will Still Be Arrested If He Leaves Embassy in London

2/6/2018 - A Game of Thrones Director Is Developing a Conan the Barbarian TV Series

2/6/2018 - DARPA Exec Warns Biohackers to 'Think Deeply' About Injecting Untested Treatments

2/6/2018 - New Whole Foods Ad Campaign Doesn't Show Any Employees Crying Uncontrollably

2/6/2018 - Report: UConn Dental Students, Staff Took Selfie With Severed Heads (Updated)

2/5/2018 - Ram's Martin Luther King Jr. Ad Was Maybe Just Intolerable Brand Trolling After All

2/5/2018 - Police Departments Warn Facebook Users to Stop Allegedly Sharing a Child Abuse Video

2/5/2018 - This Is the Sickest Dinosaur Collectible Ever, Literally

2/5/2018 - Surreal Horrors Invade the Backwoods in Loopy Scifi Short Crittus

2/5/2018 - Pacific Rim Uprising's Japanese Trailer Gives Us a Little More Mako Mori

2/5/2018 - 1 in 3 Pugs Can't Even Walk Right

2/5/2018 - This Browser Tool Lets You Remix Spotify’s Recommendation Algorithm

2/5/2018 - T-Mobile Customers: If You Got a Confusing Text About Phone Hijacking Scams, You’re Not Alone

2/5/2018 - Westworld Is One of Six Parks, and Here's a Peek at the Next One

2/5/2018 - This Is What 'Snowfall of the Century' Looks Like in Moscow

2/5/2018 - Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther Casting Story Is What Dreams Are Made Of

2/5/2018 - Scientists Find Evidence of Thousands of Planets in Distant Galaxy

2/5/2018 - Permafrost Soils Contain 'Extraordinary' Levels of Mercury

2/5/2018 - As If the Internet Isn't Already Horrible Enough, Facebook Wants to Become YouTube

2/5/2018 - Here's How The Cloverfield Paradox Links to the Other Cloverfield Movies

2/5/2018 - Grammarly Bug Let Snoops Read What You Wrote, Typos and All (Updated)

2/5/2018 - My Favorite Character on Star Trek: Discovery Is the One I Initially Hated the Most

2/5/2018 - A New Report Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer in Rats, but It's No Smoking Gun

2/5/2018 - Director Taika Waititi Offers a Hilarious Introduction to Thor: Ragnarok 

2/5/2018 - These National Parks Could Be in Middle Earth

2/5/2018 - Super Slo-Mo Footage Reveals the Shockwaves When 1,000 Pounds of Sumo Wrestlers Collide

2/5/2018 - Listen to the Full Version of the Kanye West Cover Used in the New Westworld Trailer

2/5/2018 - Waymo Attorney Says Uber’s Travis Kalanick Cheated to Win Self-Driving Car War (Updated)

2/5/2018 - Apple Music Was Always Going to Win

2/5/2018 - There's a Reddit Clone Phishing People Who Type Too Fast

2/5/2018 - Everything We Can Glean From the First Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

2/5/2018 - All Baltimore Cops to Be Fingerprinted After Widespread Overtime Abuse

2/5/2018 - Incredible New Universe Simulation Is the Most Advanced of Its Kind

2/5/2018 - Will Lasers Save Intel's Google Glass Clones From Sucking?

2/5/2018 - The Cloverfield Paradox Lacks the Tension and Twists of Its Predecessors

2/5/2018 - Watch a Camera Take a 1,000-Foot Dive Down an Antarctic Ice Shelf

2/5/2018 - DC Comics Announces New Superhero Graphic Novels by YA Superstars

2/5/2018 - Holy Crap Best Buy Still Sells CDs?!

2/5/2018 - Samsung Billionaire Gets Off Easy 

2/5/2018 - Tesla Is Helping Turn South Australia Into a Vast Solar Energy Plant

2/5/2018 - Inside a Vaporwave Carnival Ball in New Orleans

2/5/2018 - Monstrous 90,000-Piece Lego Roller Coaster Replica Gives You the Six Flags Experience Without the Puking

2/5/2018 - iPhone X Users Blame Bug for Missed Calls

2/5/2018 - On Star Trek: Discovery, the Federation Takes Burnham's Bad Decision and Makes It Worse

2/5/2018 - 12,000 Social Media Influencers, Mostly Women, Exposed by Marketing Firm Data Breach

2/5/2018 - This Brilliantly Complex Rube Goldberg Machine Finally Puts Fidget Spinners to Good Use

2/5/2018 - President Trump's Head of Consumer Protection Doesn't Give a Shit About Investigating the Equifax Breach

2/5/2018 - Panasonic's GH5S Can Take Photos in Basically Complete Darkness

2/5/2018 - Scientists Spot One of the Oldest Stars in the Milky Way

2/5/2018 - Yet Another Marvel Hero Is Confirmed for Avengers 4

2/5/2018 - Will We Ever Be Able to Upload a Mind to a New Body?

2/5/2018 - In the First Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story, a Familiar Legend Begins 

2/5/2018 - Flat Earth Rocketeer Once Again Fails to Launch Himself Into the Sky at 500 MPH

2/5/2018 - British Hacker Won't Be Extradited to the US Because American Prisons Are 'Medieval'

2/4/2018 - Thanos Doesn't Have the Only Gauntlet In This New Avengers: Infinity War Footage

2/4/2018 - Things Are as Mysterious as Ever In the New Westworld Season 2 Trailer

2/4/2018 - Here's the First Footage From The Cloverfield Paradox, Which Is Already On Netflix [UPDATED]

2/4/2018 - The First Trailer for Mission: Impossible Fallout Is Here, and It's Bananas

2/4/2018 - There Is Now Official Footage From Solo: A Star Wars Story

2/4/2018 - A New Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer Puts Dinosaurs In Your Bedroom

2/4/2018 - A Guy Just Injected Himself With a DIY Herpes Treatment on Stage at a Body Hacking Conference

2/4/2018 - Eleven Grows Up To Be Natalie Portman In SNL Stranger Things Parody

2/4/2018 - Chinese National, Three Others Plead Guilty in Apple Counterfeiting Scheme

2/4/2018 - James Mangold Does Not Mince Words When It Comes to Post-Credits Scenes

2/4/2018 - White House Pulls Nominee for Top Environmental Role Who Called Carbon Dioxide the 'Gas of Life'

2/4/2018 - The Emoji Movie Helped Jordan Peele Quit Acting

2/4/2018 - Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup All Ban Cryptocurrency Purchases on Credit Cards

2/4/2018 - Ryan Coogler Reiterates That Black Panther Is His Most Personal Film

2/4/2018 - Natalie Portman Isn't About to Take Any Sass on The Star Wars Prequels in New SNL Rap

2/4/2018 - Super Bowl I, Security Snake Oil, and Killer Flu: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/3/2018 - Watch the Japanese Space Agency Set a Record for Smallest Rocket Used to Launch a Satellite

2/3/2018 - This Trailer Showcases Everything That's Wild About Gotham's Teen Batman Adventures

2/3/2018 - China May Be Testing a Ship-Mounted Railgun

2/3/2018 - A Fan Found An Undiscovered Doctor Strange Easter Egg At The Perfect Time

2/3/2018 - The Philippines Halts Mass Use of Dengue Fever Vaccine, Saying It May Be Linked to Three Deaths

2/3/2018 - Rian Johnson Gives His Interpretation of Rey's Enigmatic Mirror Vision

2/3/2018 - Robert Kirkman Teases That An Important Character Might Not Die On The Walking Dead After All

2/3/2018 - Elon Musk Claims He Can Get Through Customs By Labeling Shipments 'Not a Flamethrower'

2/3/2018 - iPhone X Damage Report: Two Months Later

2/3/2018 - The Creators Of That Silly Homemade Revenge of the Sith Remake Are Tackling Attack of the Clones Next

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2/3/2018 - SpaceX's Best Hope for Sending People to Mars Will Launch This Week

2/2/2018 - Even in 16 Bits, the Throne Room Scene From The Last Jedi Still Rules

2/2/2018 - A Heartbroken Man's Emotional Baggage Marks Him in a Most Unusual Way in Scifi Short Picture Wheel

2/2/2018 - With The Last Jedi Comic, Gary Whitta Just Hit the Grand Slam of Writing Star Wars

2/2/2018 - Thank Odin, American Gods Finally Has a New Showrunner

2/2/2018 - The UK Is Officially Letting Doctors Create A 3-Parent Baby

2/2/2018 - Waterworld Is Both More Impressive and Problematic Than You Remember

2/2/2018 - The Latest Chrome OS Update Includes Another Patch to Combat Meltdown

2/2/2018 - It's Rick Vs. Negan Round Two in the Latest Walking Dead Trailer

2/2/2018 - Students of Color Suffer Disproportionately From Air Pollution, Study Finds

2/2/2018 - Piers Morgan Can't Stop Tweeting This Picture of Him Eating Donald Trump's Ass

2/2/2018 - Calling All Scruffy Nerf Herders

2/2/2018 - Cape Town's Reservoirs Are Getting Terrifyingly Low

2/2/2018 - The Flu Gets Worse

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2/2/2018 - Scientists Shocked—Shocked!—to Learn Anti-Vaxxers Tend to Believe Other Conspiracies, Too

2/2/2018 - Winchester Is Full of Ghosts, But It Won't Haunt You

2/2/2018 - A New Campaign Wants to Fight Hostile Urban Design With Instagram

2/2/2018 - How the Teams Behind Black Panther and Infinity War Worked Together to Create a Unified Wakanda 

2/2/2018 - Tesla Is Betting You'll Drop Thousands on Solar Panels at Home Depot

2/2/2018 - Kentucky's Biggest City Wants to Send Surveillance Drones Into Neighborhoods After Shootings

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2/2/2018 - Oil Giant Sues Other Oil Giant Over Climate Change Because This Is Our World Now

2/2/2018 - I Wish More Comic Book Events Were as Fantastically Weird as Milk Wars

2/2/2018 - It Just Got Easier for Oil and Gas Companies to Lease Public Lands

2/2/2018 - Bitcoin Fell Off a Cliff and No One Knows How Far It Is to the Bottom 

2/2/2018 - Uber and Lyft Have a Hot New Idea for Screwing Over City-Dwellers

2/2/2018 - YouTube Will Warn Users When They're Watching State-Sponsored Propaganda

2/2/2018 - January in New Zealand Was Way Too Hot

2/2/2018 - Even TV Dramas Without Dragons in Them Are Packed Full of Invisible VFX

2/2/2018 - HQ Trivia Reportedly Gets $15 Million From Investors Willing to Ignore Co-Founder's Allegedly 'Creepy' Behavior

2/2/2018 - Rian Johnson Explains #35: Here's Why Han's Funeral Never Made It Into The Last Jedi

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2/2/2018 - Back to the Future Is Getting a Manga From the Artist of One-Punch Man

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2/2/2018 - More Details From One of Game of Thrones' Major New Scenes

2/2/2018 - Nigel the Bird Found Dead Next to the Concrete Partner He Tried to Woo For Years

2/1/2018 - Final Stargate Origins Trailer Shows That 'Eureka, the Stargate Actually Works!'

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2/1/2018 - The Maximortal Is a Chilling Fable About How Superman’s Creators Got Screwed

2/1/2018 - Coca-Cola Spends $1 Million Rebranding Iced Tea That Sounds Like Vulgar Word for Genitals in Europe

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2/1/2018 - Apple Sells iPhones? [Update: It Sells Watches, Too]

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2/1/2018 - That 'Loaded Grenade Launcher' Found in a Goodwill Bin Is Actually an Airsoft Toy

2/1/2018 - Ancient Grave With Skeletons Arranged in Bizarre Spiral Formation Discovered in Mexico

2/1/2018 - I Desperately Want This Ancient Apple Disk Drive With a Blu-Ray Upgrade

2/1/2018 - Donald Trump Supports ANWR Drilling Because His Friend Told Him To

2/1/2018 - Google CEO Says AI Is 'More Profound Than, I Dunno, Electricity or Fire'

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2/1/2018 - Fate of the Furious' F. Gary Gray Is the Frontrunner to Direct the Men in Black Spinoff

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2/1/2018 - Helen Mirren Explains Why Winchester Isn't a Mere Horror Movie

2/1/2018 - Stupid Truck Driver Drove Right Over the Nazca Lines

2/1/2018 - Satellite Images Show Mount Mayon's Wild Eruption in Exquisite Detail

2/1/2018 - Porn, Scams, and Terrorists: Which ‘Inappropriate Content’ Got Telegram Kicked Off Apple’s App Store? (Updated)

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2/1/2018 - 19-Year-Old Bitcoin Millionaire Says 'It's Your Own Fault' If You Don't Become a Millionaire Within the Next Decade

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2/1/2018 - Ebay Is Finally Breaking It Off With PayPal, Which Is Doing Just Great By the Way