1/31/2018 - Xerox Is No More, Will Now Merge Into Japan's Fujifilm

1/31/2018 - Equifax Extends Free Credit Freezes Until June 30th, Should Be Forced to Do It Forever

1/31/2018 - Jean Grey's Latest Return From the Dead Is Unlike Any Other

1/31/2018 - Snake Oil Salesmen Plague the Security Industry, But Not Everyone Is Staying Quiet

1/31/2018 - How Much Would Black Panther Have to Make to Out-Earn Every Other Superhero Movie?

1/31/2018 - Cowboy Ninja Viking Nabs Game of Thrones Director Michelle MacLaren

1/31/2018 - FDA Wants to Make It Harder For People to Abuse an Opioid Found in Anti-Diarrhea Drugs

1/31/2018 - Actually, Mark Zuckerberg Is GLAD You’re Using Facebook Less

1/31/2018 - I Waited 31 Hours and All I Got Was This Beautiful Painting

1/31/2018 - Apple: We Would Never!

1/31/2018 - Fracking Could Be Reducing Stream Flow

1/31/2018 - Report: Top Lab-Grown Meat Advocate Accused of Creating Atmosphere of Sexual Misconduct at Humane Society

1/31/2018 - NASA's Curiosity Rover Captures Breathtaking Panorama of Martian Landscape

1/31/2018 - Kendrick Lamar's Black Panther Soundtrack Gets a Track List, Release Date, and a Badass Cover

1/31/2018 - Just Let Dumbledore Be Gay

1/31/2018 - Almond Milk Comes Dead Last in New Ranking of Milky Fluids 

1/31/2018 - Scientists Sequence Human Genome With Handheld USB Device

1/31/2018 - Disease Appears to Be Changing This Rare Hawaiian Bird’s Song

1/31/2018 - Everything Rian Johnson Has Been Forced to Explain About The Last Jedi (So Far)

1/31/2018 - Chris Claremont Thinks Black Panther's Marriage to Storm Was a Bad Idea, and He's Right

1/31/2018 - Amazon Patents Wristband to Track Hand Movements of Warehouse Employees

1/31/2018 - More Evidence That West Antarctica's Glaciers Are in Terrible Shape

1/31/2018 - Before Our Species Left Africa, Now-Extinct Humans Made These Fancy Tools in India

1/31/2018 - Brace Yourself For Uber Bike-Sharing

1/31/2018 - South Korea Preps Serious Anti-Drone Measures Ahead of Winter Olympics

1/31/2018 - The Real-Life Mermaid Fighting to Save Florida's Disappearing Springs

1/31/2018 - Altered Carbon Is Solid Cyberpunk, But It's Not Netflix's Game of Thrones

1/31/2018 - Update Your Firefox Now: Mozilla Just Patched a ‘Critical’ Security Flaw

1/31/2018 - Apparently Drowsy Samsung Files Trademark for Social Network Called 'Uhssup'

1/31/2018 - Trump's CDC Director Resigns After Being Caught Buying Tobacco Stock While in Office

1/31/2018 - New Star Wars Comic Shows Rose Reacted to Meeting Poe as All of Us Would

1/31/2018 - The Purge of AI-Assisted Fake Porn Has Begun

1/31/2018 - Black Lightning's Disturbing New Villain May Be More Than Its Heroes Can Handle 

1/31/2018 - How a Team of Volunteers Discovered Canada's Deepest Cave

1/31/2018 - This Two-Month Timelapse Gives You a Free Front Row Seat on a Mediterranean Cruise

1/31/2018 - Everyone Is Saying This Orca Is 'Talking,' but IDK, Sounds More Like Farting to Me

1/31/2018 - BoJack Horseman Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg Had a Thoughtful Response to Accusations of Whitewashing

1/31/2018 - Multiverse Thought Experiment Suggests Life Could Still Exist Under Different Laws of Physics

1/31/2018 - How to Keep Your Family and Friends From Snooping on Your Laptop and Phone

1/31/2018 - A London Airport Is Getting an Upgraded Air Traffic Control Tower—80 Miles Away From All the Planes

1/31/2018 - Google Now Tells You How Airlines Are Screwing You Over with Fees and Delays

1/31/2018 - Updates On The First Purge, Channel Zero, And More

1/31/2018 - Employee Who Triggered Bogus Missile Alert in Hawaii Has Been Fired

1/31/2018 - Here Is Your Warning That Fake Twitter Followers Are Now a Thing With Consequences

1/30/2018 - Trump Brags He Got Apple to Invest $350 Billion in the US (Hint: He Didn't and They Aren't)

1/30/2018 - Ken Bone Is Getting Drunk and Tweeting Through the State of the Union

1/30/2018 - MAGA Chuds Try to Take Down the Guggenheim on Facebook and Yelp Over a Golden Toilet

1/30/2018 - An Unhinged Young Mother Faces Her Worst Fear in Horrifying Short Behind

1/30/2018 - HBO's Watchmen Pilot Will Be Directed by The Leftovers' Nicole Kassell

1/30/2018 - Oh My God, Kodak Is Going to Die, Isn't It? [Updated]

1/30/2018 - Marvel Studios Has Yet to Consider How the X-Men or Fantastic Four Would Fit Into Its World

1/30/2018 - Google Says It Used AI to Help Block 700K Bad Apps on the Play Store

1/30/2018 - The Tools Hackers Use to Steal Your Office's Secrets

1/30/2018 - Drug Suppliers Flooded Tiny West Virginia Town With 20 Million Painkillers Over 10 Years

1/30/2018 - Zachary Quinto Will Investigate the Paranormal for History Channel's In Search Of Revival

1/30/2018 - Fentanyl Overdoses May Cause Lasting Amnesia

1/30/2018 - Judge Can’t Help But Make Tinder Joke While Ruling App Discriminated Against Older Users

1/30/2018 - A New Short Film Aims to Share the Untold Story of the First African American Man in Space

1/30/2018 - Jack the Ripper Letters Were Fake News, Linguistic Analysis Suggests

1/30/2018 - Shadow of the Colossus Might Be Video Games’ Most Beautifully Twisted Fairy Tale

1/30/2018 - We Don't Even Live There Yet, But Humans Have Already Left Over 400,000 Pounds of Trash on the Moon

1/30/2018 - Biker Protestor 'Throttles' Traffic Around FCC Headquarters

1/30/2018 - Moon to Be Slightly More Moon-y for Some People Tomorrow

1/30/2018 - Grandma's a Bad Influence Even After Death in the Freaky Hereditary Trailer

1/30/2018 - Facebook Bans All Cryptocurrency Ads for Being 'Frequently Associated' With Financial Grifts

1/30/2018 - Scott Pruitt's First Senate Oversight Hearing Was a Total Sham

1/30/2018 - FCC Explains How That Nuke Alert Happened In Hawaii

1/30/2018 - Hacking a Child's Ride-On Toy to Hit 40 MPH Trades Safety for Fun

1/30/2018 - Creepy UK Surveillance Law Ruled Illegal, But Privacy Advocates Still Call Bullshit

1/30/2018 - Invasive Pine-Killing Wasps Are Even Worse Than They Sound

1/30/2018 - For Chris Claremont, the Key to the X-Men's Future Success Is to Never Look Back

1/30/2018 - Man Carrying Oxygen Tank Dies After Being Sucked Into MRI Machine

1/30/2018 - iOS 11 Is So Broken That Apple Is Reportedly Delaying Features in iOS 12

1/30/2018 - Here's All the Crap That Changes Size in Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer

1/30/2018 - Facebook Users Cry 'Censorship' After Being Told Which Russian Troll Pages They Liked

1/30/2018 - Colombian Youth File Latin America's First Climate Lawsuit

1/30/2018 - Lois Lane and Lex Luthor Are the Stars of DC's Next Live-Action TV Series, Metropolis

1/30/2018 - We Owe a Lot to This Alchemist Who Tried to Transmute Pee Into Gold

1/30/2018 - Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Us Our First Look at Laurie Strode's Return to Halloween

1/30/2018 - Scientists Are Reviewing Amazon Products the Way They Actually Use Them

1/30/2018 - Feds Drop the Hammer on Celeb-Endorsed Cryptocoin 'Bank' for Dumbest Lie Yet

1/30/2018 - At 60 Frames Per Second, It Feels Like I'm Riding This Drone As It Races Down a Mountain

1/30/2018 - The Flash Has Completely Wasted Wally West

1/30/2018 - Child Health Groups to Mark Zuckerberg: Delete Messenger Kids 

1/30/2018 - You're Going to Want to Visit Chile's New National Parks

1/30/2018 - California Politician Is 'Outraged' at Elon Musk's 'Terribly Insensitive' Flamethrower

1/30/2018 - Here's the Comic Character Hunting Scott and Hope in Ant-Man and The Wasp

1/30/2018 - FEMA Will Cut Aid to Puerto Rico on Wednesday [Update: FEMA Reverses Course]

1/30/2018 - Remarkable Image Captures Surface Details of a Dying Star Located 530 Light-Years Away

1/30/2018 - I'm Completely Captivated by the Clever Tricks Used to Build a Disco Ball Inside a Lightbulb

1/30/2018 - Duncan Jones Makes an Exciting Return to Scifi With Mute, and Here's the First Trailer

1/30/2018 - How to Avoid Being Tracked on Your Laptop, Phone, or Fitness Tracker

1/30/2018 - Renewables Just Outdid Coal in Europe for the First Time (But There’s a Caveat)

1/30/2018 - Amazon’s New Plan to Sell Stuff at Whole Foods Is to Sell It in the Parking Lot

1/30/2018 - Naked Mole-Rats Could Theoretically Live Forever, Study Suggests

1/30/2018 - Wesley Snipes Reveals His '90s Black Panther Project Could Have Featured the Civil Rights Movement

1/30/2018 - Report: Verizon Dumps Huawei Phones as US Government Pressure Mounts

1/30/2018 - Five Chinese Children Get Lab-Made Ears Grown From Their Own Cells

1/30/2018 - There's Already Rumors About the Identity of a Fourth Cloverfield Movie 

1/30/2018 - How to Watch President Trump’s State of the Union Speech on YouTube, Facebook, in VR, and More

1/30/2018 - Why the Drinking Bird Toy Is Actually a Brilliant Piece of Thermodynamic Engineering

1/30/2018 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer Finally Puts Hope in the Middle of the (Tiny) Action

1/30/2018 - Politician Names Boat 'Ferry McFerryface', Blames It On the Public When They Actually Voted For Something Else

1/30/2018 - The First Reactions to Black Panther Sound Like Marvel Has Crowned a New King

1/30/2018 - Lawsuit Alleges University of Pittsburgh Covered Up Escaped Lab Monkey Infected With 'Select Agent'

1/29/2018 - China Denies That It Gifted the African Union an HQ Building Stuffed Full of Surveillance Devices

1/29/2018 - Game Night Brings Unexpected Terror in Horror Short Your Date Is Here

1/29/2018 - From the Looks of It, Jessica Jones Is in for a Wild Second Season

1/29/2018 - Universal and Robert Kirkman Are Bringing the Image Comic Birthright to the Big Screen

1/29/2018 - E-Cig Vapor Might Be Carcinogenic, Mice Study Suggests

1/29/2018 - Bigger Streaming Royalties Sound Like Trouble for Spotify

1/29/2018 - This Rom-Com About a Dude Trying to Time Travel His Way Out of the Friend Zone Feels Like a Bad Idea

1/29/2018 - Washington Governor Shuts Down Gigantic Fossil Fuel Project

1/29/2018 - Frog Species Breaks Record for Most Sex Chromosomes in a Vertebrate

1/29/2018 - The Midwest Is About to Freeze Its Ass Off While the Southwest Roasts

1/29/2018 - The Proclaimers' Classic '500 Miles' Impressively Recreated Using 127 Movies

1/29/2018 - What's the Speed of Dark Matter?

1/29/2018 - Watch David Tennant Reprise His Role as the Doctor in the Weirdest Way Possible

1/29/2018 - Artificial Intelligence May Have Cracked Freaky 600-Year-Old Manuscript

1/29/2018 - How to Stream President Trump's State of the Uniom

1/29/2018 - 10 Feature Films Inspired By Real-Life Ghost Stories

1/29/2018 - Steven Soderbergh Loves His iPhone So Much He Wants to Make All of His Movies With It

1/29/2018 - Elon Musk Has Already Made $5 Million Selling Really Big Crème Brûlée Torches [Update: Sold Out, $10 Million]

1/29/2018 - Eighth State Quietly Quit Free Anti-Voter-Fraud Program Over Security Concerns and 'Unreliable' Results

1/29/2018 - Sam Raimi May Join Lin-Manuel Miranda for The Kingkiller Chronicles

1/29/2018 - Hey, Trump Nominated a Science PhD to Lead a Science Agency

1/29/2018 - Facebook Conveniently Declares 'Privacy Principles' Ahead of Stringent New Regulations

1/29/2018 - Counterpart Shows Us More of Its Paranoid, Depressed Alternate Reality

1/29/2018 - Intel's Never-Ending Spectre Saga Continues to Be a Hot Mess

1/29/2018 - Tomy Is Bringing Back Its Transformers/Star Wars Mashup With Some Smugglers in Disguise

1/29/2018 - Get Ready for More Comic Adaptations: Valiant Entertainment Has Been Sold

1/29/2018 - Lenovo Flaw Could Let Hackers Bypass Fingerprint Scanners on Some PCs

1/29/2018 - Why the Flu Kills Young, Otherwise Healthy People

1/29/2018 - The Embattled Atlantic Coast Pipeline Is Almost a Done Deal

1/29/2018 - How the MacBook Air Changed Laptops Forever

1/29/2018 - Carrie Fisher's First and Only Grammy Win Was Bittersweet

1/29/2018 - New Species of African Titanosaur Solves Cretaceous-Era Mystery

1/29/2018 - Parenting Advice From Ash vs. Evil Dead's Blissfully Crude Hero Is Just as Funny as You'd Expect

1/29/2018 - US Government Considers Nationalizing Part of 5G Network, But Trump's Own FCC Chairman Objects

1/29/2018 - It's Time to Stop Analyzing Donald Trump's Climate Change Beliefs

1/29/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery Offers an Unsubtle, Messy End to Its Mirror Universe Saga

1/29/2018 - 7 Apps You Should Ditch iTunes For

1/29/2018 - Cryptocurrency Scam Site Disappears, Leaving Only the Word ‘Penis’ Behind

1/29/2018 - Exclusive: Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar Talks Creating the Show's Beautiful Ending Song and More

1/29/2018 - How Much Should I Regret Not Buying Bitcoin?

1/29/2018 - The 'Shower Rat' Is Very Obviously Not Showering [Update: Also, It's Not a Rat]

1/29/2018 - At Least One Familiar Marvel Character Won't Return For Avengers: Infinity War

1/29/2018 - Fitness App's 'Anonymized' Data Dump Accidentally Reveals Military Bases Around the World

1/29/2018 - Does President Trump Tweet From the Bathroom?

1/28/2018 - Piers Morgan Interviewing Donald Trump on Climate Change Is the Lowest Circle of Hell

1/28/2018 - Watch The Juggernaut's On-Screen Growth From Silent Menace To Absolute Terror 

1/28/2018 - Elon Musk Would Like to Sell You a Flamethrower

1/28/2018 - Taika Waititi Made His Thor Sizzle Reel From Torrented Movie Clips

1/28/2018 - Apparently a Way of Hacking ATMs Called 'Jackpotting' Has Spread to the US

1/28/2018 - The Creators of Cloak & Dagger Talk Bringing Something New To Marvel TV

1/28/2018 - Elon Musk Says SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Will Be Ready for Launch on February 6th

1/28/2018 - Watch The Trailer For The Delightfully Low-Budget Sequel to Deep Blue Sea

1/28/2018 - The Walking Dead Star Andrew Lincoln Is Voicing A Quidditch Audiobook

1/27/2018 - Does Razer Know It Posted a Racist Meme? [Updated]

1/27/2018 - Explore The Space Between Script and Screen With This Comparison From Inside Out

1/27/2018 - Two Additional Gamers Named in Fatal Kansas 'Swatting' Police Shooting

1/27/2018 - After The Last Jedi's Poor Showing, Solo: A Star Wars Story Is Getting A Different Name in China

1/27/2018 - Shocking Report Suggests Some Celebrities May Be Buying Social Media Followers

1/27/2018 - Check Out The First Footage From Duncan Jones's Mute, Coming to Netflix February 23rd

1/27/2018 - Rick and Morty Shorts And 3D Printing Make For A Heavily Intoxicated Good Time

1/27/2018 - Over a Decade Later, NASA's Long-Dead IMAGE Satellite May Have Come Back to Life

1/27/2018 - This Tiny Replica Video Store Offers Tiny '90s Nostalgia

1/27/2018 - All the Ways You Can Upgrade Your Smartphone's Keyboard

1/27/2018 - Holy Crap These Leech Cocoons Are Incredible

1/26/2018 - The Ritual Brings a Sinister Old-Gods Twist to Wilderness Horror

1/26/2018 - The Justice League Is About to Get a Whole Lot Bigger and Weirder

1/26/2018 - Hackers Hijacking CPUs to Mine Cryptocurrency Have Now Invaded YouTube Ads

1/26/2018 - The Trailer for The Hurricane Heist Will Rock You Like a, Well, You Know

1/26/2018 - It Was Only a Matter of Time Before Internet Trolls Made More Sophisticated Fake Porn Videos

1/26/2018 - Thanos' Cosmic Ghost Rider Is Actually Someone You Know Quite Well

1/26/2018 - It Will Take More Than Just Tips to Get Gamers Streaming on Facebook Live

1/26/2018 - Google’s New App Asks Random People to Start Writing the News

1/26/2018 - iZombie Gives Us a New Look at Seattle's Weird, Zombie-Filled Future

1/26/2018 - The EPA Wants to Regulate Factories Like Your Local Dry Cleaners

1/26/2018 - We're Reading Leia, Princess of Alderaan—Come Join Us!

1/26/2018 - These WW1 Propaganda Posters Are Gorgeous—and Seriously Messed Up

1/26/2018 - How Much Worse Could That Eruption in the Philippines Get?

1/26/2018 - The Shape of Water Has Been Accused of Plagiarism Again

1/26/2018 - Oh Joy, The Flu's Getting Worse

1/26/2018 - A Master Sword for Battling Rain, the Return of the One, and More of Our Favorite Toys of the Week

1/26/2018 - The Fascinating Ways Star Wars and Star Trek Are Challenging Their Own Franchises

1/26/2018 - This Week's Best New Comics Star a Black Journalist, Tentacle Monsters, and Space Ghosts 

1/26/2018 - Astronomers Say Giant Disco Ball in Space Is Bad for Science

1/26/2018 - The 2017 Hurricane Season Officially Rewrote the Record Books

1/26/2018 - Can You Spot Anything Different About the Galaxy S9 in These Leaked Pics?

1/26/2018 - Parisian Zoo Recaptures 50 Escaped Hostages 

1/26/2018 - The Death Cure Doesn't Give The Maze Runner the Ending It Deserves

1/26/2018 - $400 Million Goes Missing From Japanese Crypto Exchange Coincheck

1/26/2018 - Stephen King's Sequel to The Shining Is Coming to the Big Screen, With a Very Promising Director

1/26/2018 - ICE to Gain Access to Nationwide License Plate Database

1/26/2018 - MoviePass Cuts Off Some AMC Theaters as Big Picture Plan Comes Into Focus

1/26/2018 - Everybody Cut Loose, Force-loose, Kick a Praetorian Guard in the Caboose

1/26/2018 - Latin Americans Take Climate Change Seriously

1/26/2018 - Did Design Really Cause Hawaii's 'BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT' False Alarm?

1/26/2018 - Now Anybody Can Take an Online Version of the College Course Inspired by Get Out

1/26/2018 - India’s Education Minister Slammed After Claiming That Evolution Is ‘Scientifically Wrong’

1/26/2018 - Utah Really Wants You to Forget It Hired a Porn Czar, Wasting $150,000 a Year

1/26/2018 - 'Potentially Hazardous Asteroids' Are Not The Asteroids You Should Worry About

1/26/2018 - Annihilation Featurette Explains How 'The Shimmer' Is Changing the World

1/26/2018 - These Tilapia-Bandaged Bears Burned in California Fires Will Melt Your Heart

1/26/2018 - DJI's New Osmo Gimbal Is the Rare Phone Accessory That's Actually Worth It

1/26/2018 - Norway’s Melting Ice Patches Offer a New Glimpse Into History

1/26/2018 - Amazon Kindle's Best Competitor Just Got a Big Leg Up

1/26/2018 - Watch This Artist Reveal His Invisible Calligraphy Using a Few Drops of Ink

1/26/2018 - The Technology Behind Valkyrie's Flashback in Thor: Ragnarok Can Make Anything Look Epic

1/26/2018 - Sex Researcher Thinks Many 'Cuck'-Obsessed Conservatives Harbor Private Cuckoldry Fantasies

1/26/2018 - Blood-Soaked Delos Employee Handbook Hints at a New Westworld Mobile Game

1/26/2018 - Could Another DC Hero Make an Appearance in Shazam?

1/26/2018 - For Native People, Fighting Trump's Repeal of Fracking Regulations Is Personal

1/26/2018 - Julian Assange Asks UK Court to Drop Arrest Warrant by Invoking the Fonzie Defense

1/25/2018 - Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon Might Be Aliens

1/25/2018 - A Major Figure from Matt Murdock's Past Is Coming to Hell's Kitchen for Daredevil's Third Season

1/25/2018 - This Is the Coolest Homemade Lego Millennium Falcon of All Time

1/25/2018 - DC Comics Tries to Capitalize on Announcement of Impending Apocalyptic Disaster, Regrets It Immediately [Updated]

1/25/2018 - The FDA Is Going After Fake Opioid Addiction Cures

1/25/2018 - Lyft Investigating Claim Employees Accessed Info of Mark Zuckerberg and Others

1/25/2018 - Ford Files Patent for Autonomous Robocop Car That Learns How to Hide From Drivers

1/25/2018 - Open Channel: What Are Your Favorite X-Files Memories?

1/25/2018 - Detonating Landmines Is Better for the Environment Than Deactivating Them, Research Suggests

1/25/2018 - Let Me Try to Convince You to Watch The Maze Runner Movies

1/25/2018 - How Children Feel When They Are High

1/25/2018 - The Weather Channel Homepage Is Out Here Reminding Everyone Climate Change is Real

1/25/2018 - Hiram Lodge Is the Best Part of Riverdale Right Now, and That's a Problem

1/25/2018 - With This R2-D2, You Won't Have to Go to Toshi Station to Pick Up Some Power Converters

1/25/2018 - The US Intelligence Community Apparently Wants Someone to Build Them a Brain [Updated]

1/25/2018 - Doomsday Clock's Biggest Mystery Has Been Solved

1/25/2018 - Extremely British Study Ranks Sandwiches' Carbon Footprints

1/25/2018 - Bookkeeper Caught Embezzling $750,000 After Bonehead Kid Downloads Computer Virus

1/25/2018 - Face ID Is Unstoppable

1/25/2018 - New Set Pictures of Captain Marvel Reveal a Surprising First Look at Brie Larson in Costume

1/25/2018 - Uber CEO: Messy Leaks 'Painful,' But 'Ultimately Positive' 

1/25/2018 - Five Months After Harvey, Texas Is Getting Dangerously Dry

1/25/2018 - Why You Can’t Separate Nature from Nurture, Even When Looking at DNA

1/25/2018 - Kris Kobach’s Office Leaks Last 4 Social Security Digits of Nearly Every Kansas Lawmaker and Thousands of State Employees, Including Kris Kobach

1/25/2018 - We're Poisoning Coral Reefs With Plastic

1/25/2018 - Stunning Fossil Discovery Pushes First Human Migration Out of Africa Back 50,000 Years

1/25/2018 - In The Enemy Within, the Batman Helps Create the Joker Like Never Before

1/25/2018 - One Great Michelangelo Meets Another

1/25/2018 - Rian Johnson Considered Every Option Before Choosing Rey's Parents for The Last Jedi

1/25/2018 - Grumpy Cat Wins $700,000 for Copyright Infringement as Memes Continue to Dominate American Society

1/25/2018 - Mayor Quits FCC Panel, Says It's In the Pocket of Big Telecoms

1/25/2018 - New Marvel Comic Explains How Wakanda Heals Bucky's Mind in Time for Avengers: Infinity War

1/25/2018 - Doomsday Has Never Been Closer

1/25/2018 - Swatting Mosquitoes Teaches Them to Stay Away, Study Suggests

1/25/2018 - Try to Watch an SUV Cross This Terrifying Siberian Bridge Without Having a Panic Attack

1/25/2018 - I Snuggled With This Robot Cat and It Didn't Scratch Me Once

1/25/2018 - Twitter Created a Photo Tool That Knows Where You’ll Look First

1/25/2018 - Lupita Nyong'o Was So Pumped to Sign Onto Black Panther She Didn't Even Read the Script

1/25/2018 - CNN Breaks Up With Adult Teen Casey Neistat's Vague Media Venture

1/25/2018 - Doomsday Clock Moves 30 Seconds Closer to Midnight Because The World Is Getting More Dangerous

1/25/2018 - Rian Johnson Explains Another Major Last Jedi Moment That Didn't Actually Need Explaining

1/25/2018 - A Tiny Singing Dog Might Be the Solution to Your Lousy Commute

1/25/2018 - Shimmering Disco Ball Launched Into Space by a Millionaire Who Is Totally Not Compensating for Anything

1/25/2018 - Offred's Mom Is Heading to The Handmaid's Tale

1/25/2018 - It's Been a Good Run, But Miitomo Had to Die

1/25/2018 - Senator Demands FBI Director Explain His Encryption Backdoor Bullshit

1/25/2018 - One of X-Files' Funniest Episodes in Years Examined the Thin Lines Between Memory, Nostalgia, and 'Fake News'

1/25/2018 - 50 Cent Forgets He Accepted Bitcoin for Album, Finds $7 Million Pile of Bitcoin

1/25/2018 - Why You Should Still Be Buying Digital Downloads

1/25/2018 - More Speculation about Captain Marvel's Potential Appearance in the Next Two Avengers Films

1/25/2018 - Google Will Let You Mute Annoying Ads That Stalk You

1/24/2018 - Donald Trump Will Probably Ask NASA to End Funding for the ISS by 2025

1/24/2018 - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Orders State Not to Sign Contracts With ISPs That Violate Net Neutrality

1/24/2018 - Here's the First Footage From The Last Jedi Deleted Scene of Luke's Third Lesson

1/24/2018 - If a Third Bill and Ted Gets Made, It'll Pay Tribute to George Carlin

1/24/2018 - Fitbit Is Killing Off Pebble in June, For Real This Time

1/24/2018 - Google's Parent Company Spent More on Lobbying Than AT&T or Boeing Last Year

1/24/2018 - The First Trailer for The Cured Wonders if Ex-Zombies Can Be Trusted

1/24/2018 - Stunning Black Panther Concept Art Will Make You Wish You Could Live in Wakanda

1/24/2018 - Alphabet Launched A Moonshot Cybersecurity Company That Sounds Like Every Other Cybersecurity Company

1/24/2018 - We May Not Have Seen Han's Funeral in The Last Jedi, But We'll Get to Read About It

1/24/2018 - As Crosscheck Moves to Secure Voter Data, Hacking Fears Grow Among Experts and Politicians

1/24/2018 - If You Watch Only One Episode of The X-Files This Season, Make It Tonight's

1/24/2018 - I Kill Giants' First Trailer Blurs the Lines Between Reality and Grim Fantasy

1/24/2018 - Meet the Indigenous Woman Running for Arizona Senate

1/24/2018 - Bumble Bans Alt-Right Pizzagate Promoter Jack Posobiec From Dating App

1/24/2018 - Apparently Storms Can Push 600-Ton Boulders Around

1/24/2018 - The Original Torchwood Team Is Finally Reuniting for a New Audio Adventure

1/24/2018 - The Sky in Antarctica Looks Like Something Out of Science Fiction

1/24/2018 - Everyone Hates Horrible Bosses—Except Psychopaths, Who Love Them

1/24/2018 - Riding Along With This Crop Duster As He Barely Misses a Tree Is Better Than Top Gun

1/24/2018 - There's Something... Off About Marvel's Star Wars Comic 

1/24/2018 - Even Burger King Is Roasting Ajit Pai Over Net Neutrality Repeal

1/24/2018 - The US Government Hopes $190 Million Will Make Gene Editing Mainstream

1/24/2018 - The Detailed Reason for Every One of Emperor Georgiou's Lavish Titles on Star Trek: Discovery

1/24/2018 - Two Bluetooth Panic Buttons Ironically Left Users More Vulnerable to Tracking

1/24/2018 - My Brain Can't Handle This Guy Carving a Pencil on the End of a Pencil on the End of a Pencil

1/24/2018 - Read the Into the Black Contest's Winning Story, Set in a Future Where Economics Are Also Humane

1/24/2018 - How Evolution Turned Lions and Cheetahs Into Such Formidable Killing Machines

1/24/2018 - AT&T Is Full of Shit With Its Full-Page Net Neutrality Ads

1/24/2018 - Rick Perry to Davos: Freedom Tastes Like American Fracked Gas

1/24/2018 - Scientists Found a Way to Make Inexpensive, Solid-Looking 3D Holograms

1/24/2018 - Jodie Whittaker Makes the Same Amount of Money as Peter Capaldi Did for Doctor Who

1/24/2018 - Chinese Scientists Have Successfully Cloned Monkeys for the First Time 

1/24/2018 - TRAPPIST-1 Star System Contains Two Potentially Habitable Planets, New Study Suggests

1/24/2018 - Sony A7R III Review: The New King of Mirrorless Cameras

1/24/2018 - How Black Panther Blends Politics, Culture, and Technology Unlike Any Other Superhero Film

1/24/2018 - This Timelapse of Canada Is Proof That the Country Isn’t Always Buried in Snow

1/24/2018 - Scifi and Fantasy Creators Share Memories of Ursula K. Le Guin, the Woman Who Changed the Literary World

1/24/2018 - Paris Is Flooding

1/24/2018 - Black Lightning's War on Crime Has Devastating Casualties for Both Sides

1/24/2018 - Japan Wants a Faster Whaling Ship to Kill More Whales and Outrun Activists

1/24/2018 - In the New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer, a New Generation of Heroes Rises

1/24/2018 - On The Flash, Ralph Dibny Took a Delightful Step to Becoming a Great Superhero

1/24/2018 - 10 Actually Cool Uses for a USB Drive

1/24/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: All the TV and Movies Streaming in February That You Actually Care about

1/24/2018 - iOS 11.3 Will Finally Let iPhone X Users Cosplay as Dead

1/24/2018 - Qualcomm Slapped With $1.2 Billion Fine for Buying Its Way Into iPhones

1/24/2018 - Invisible Man Writer Exits, Reconfirms the Dark Universe Is Flying Blind

1/24/2018 - Belgian 'Deacon of Death' May Have Killed at Least 50 People via Air Injection

1/24/2018 - Watch the Slow Mo Guys Get Blown Up Like Action Heroes in Their Fancy New YouTube Show

1/24/2018 - New Flash Set Pictures Reveal a Surprising Character Is Suiting Up

1/24/2018 - This Trippy Music Video Is Made of 3D Fractals

1/24/2018 - Rebuffed Flat Earth Rocketeer Says He Will Actually Launch Himself Into the Sky at 500 MPH This Time

1/23/2018 - YouTube Is Asking Promoted Musicians to Sign Non-Disparagement Agreements

1/23/2018 - The GAO Will Look Into the FCC's Sketchy Net Neutrality Comments in, Like, Five Months or So

1/23/2018 - Here Are 13 Gorgeous Pieces of Shape of Water Art, One for Each of Its Oscar Nominations

1/23/2018 - These Porg Sneakers Are Almost Too Cute To Wear

1/23/2018 - Senators Tell Twitter To Notify Users About More Russian Bot Meddling

1/23/2018 - Slay Your Next Job Interview With a Legend of Zelda or Thundercats Tie Clip Sword

1/23/2018 - Why Did Facebook Just Buy This Company That Verifies Government-Issued IDs?

1/23/2018 - Robert Zemeckis Is Producing a TV Show That Sounds a Little Like Lost

1/23/2018 - Hey, New York Times, What's a Three-Letter Word for Complete and Utter Betrayal?

1/23/2018 - How Much Do You Trust Facebook? [Entirely, a Lot, Somewhat, Barely, Not At All]

1/23/2018 - Pioneering Fantasy Author Ursula K. Le Guin Has Passed Away

1/23/2018 - Thousands of Starlings Evade a Pesky Falcon in This Stunning Visual Display

1/23/2018 - Huge Payment Processor Stripe Is Bailing on Bitcoin

1/23/2018 - Animated Short Your Black Friend Is All About the Racism of Silence

1/23/2018 - Lost Spy Satellite Won’t Kill SpaceX’s Relationship With Air Force

1/23/2018 - Playmobil's Ghostbusters Toys Now Come With Floating Holographic Ghosts to Trap

1/23/2018 - US Olympians Are Using VR Headsets to Train for Pyeongchang

1/23/2018 - Bros Can Be Environmentalists, Too

1/23/2018 - Scientists Think Dark Matter Could Be Causing Long-Standing Neutron Measurement Problem

1/23/2018 - DC to Publish Long-Lost Superman Story From 1945 in Celebration of Action Comics #1000

1/23/2018 - Tainted Jimmy John's Raw Sprouts Are Making People Sick—Again

1/23/2018 - Celebrating Some of the Best, Worst, and Weirdest Scifi Music Videos

1/23/2018 - Google Is Now Selling Audiobooks, Which Will Probably Piss Off Amazon

1/23/2018 - Pornhub Is Making Smart Sex Toys That Sync With Porn and, Strangely, Look Like Power Tools

1/23/2018 - Last Night's Supergirl Is a Reminder That Campy TV Is Good

1/23/2018 - Trump's Solar Tariff Could Kill the Fastest-Growing Job in the US

1/23/2018 - Shipwreck Scavengers Reportedly Dumped Remains of WWII Sailors in Mass Grave

1/23/2018 - Uber Hires a Much-Needed Diversity and Inclusion Officer

1/23/2018 - Flint's New Registry Will Help Residents Get the Healthcare They Need

1/23/2018 - This Full-Sized Lego Lord of the Rings Pinball Table Takes Tommy to Middle-Earth

1/23/2018 - Scientists Slammed for Synthesizing a Smallpox-Like Virus in the Lab

1/23/2018 - Man Says He Spent Thousands on Bitcoin Mining Rig and Got Boss Baby DVD Instead

1/23/2018 - Relax, Dog Flu Isn't Coming to Take Our Precious Doggos Away

1/23/2018 - Oh My God, Look at Mount Mayon Right Now

1/23/2018 - How Algorithmic Experiments Harm People Living in Poverty

1/23/2018 - All 10 Episodes of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, Ranked

1/23/2018 - Elon Musk’s Salary Hinges on Adding a Bonkers $50 Billion to Tesla’s Worth Over and Over Again

1/23/2018 - A Clever Trick Lets Nerf's Newest Blaster Shoot a Seemingly Endless Stream of Darts

1/23/2018 - Black Lightning Is the Blackest Superhero TV Show of All Time

1/23/2018 - Apple Might Finally—FINALLY—Kill the MacBook Air

1/23/2018 - What Are Carbon Markets and Can They Save the Planet?

1/23/2018 - Smartphone Battery Explodes After Man Tries Biting It for Some Reason

1/23/2018 - Teen App Musical.ly May Try to Dethrone HQ Trivia

1/23/2018 - Netflix's CEO Believes Critics Trashed Bright Because They're Out of Touch

1/23/2018 - We Might Need to Redefine 'Planet' Again

1/23/2018 - Why Even a Baby Tsunami Can Trigger a Warning

1/23/2018 - DJI's New Mavic Air Is So Small It Fits in a Jacket Pocket

1/23/2018 - Someone Please Convince a Toy Company to Make This Leaping, Rocket-Powered RC Car

1/23/2018 - Facebook Invented a New Unit of Time

1/23/2018 - Almost Everyone Is Outraged by Trump’s Solar Tariff

1/23/2018 - Here's What You Need to Know Before You Buy a DNA Testing Kit

1/23/2018 - Sexy Fish Monsters, Replicants, and Mutants Among Those Nominated for the 2018 Oscars

1/23/2018 - Mellow-Out Your Day With This Snowboarder’s Peaceful Ride Down a Mountain

1/23/2018 - Apple’s HomePod Will Finally Be Available on Feb 9th

1/23/2018 - There Could Be a Future For More RoboCop Movies—Just Not in Its Rebooted Form

1/23/2018 - Maker of Tide Pods: It's Not Our Fault That Teens Are Fucking Stupid

1/23/2018 - Trump Administration Targets Imported Solar Panels for Huge Tariffs

1/22/2018 - This New Integral Memory 512GB MicroSD Card Is the Biggest on the Market

1/22/2018 - Hawaii Gov. David Ige Forgot His Twitter Password During That Fake Ballistic Missile Alert

1/22/2018 - DC's Cyborg Comic Is Being Resurrected by One of Its Original Creators

1/22/2018 - Ryan Reynolds Is Working On a Clue Remake With the Writers of Deadpool

1/22/2018 - An American What We Do in the Shadows TV Show Has a Pilot Order, a Network, and a New Cast

1/22/2018 - Trump’s Dead Voter Fraud Commission Tried to ID Every Hispanic Voter in Texas

1/22/2018 - Greenland May Be Rife With Geothermal Activity

1/22/2018 - Study: Being a Teen Sucks Now

1/22/2018 - Somehow, the Director of Red Sparrow Doesn't See Comparisons to Marvel's Black Widow

1/22/2018 - I Have Concerns About This Image of Teela From David Goyer's Masters of the Universe Movie [Updated]

1/22/2018 - Forest Whitaker Might Have Hinted at the Black Panther Movie Going Cosmic

1/22/2018 - Here's the Latest Research on Why Dogs Eat Their Own Shit

1/22/2018 - Intel is Trying to Fix the Biggest Problem With Its Spectre and Meltdown Patch

1/22/2018 - Starz's New TV Series Counterpart Is an Intriguing Spy Thriller Across Two Universes

1/22/2018 - Crosscheck Voter Fraud Program Hasn’t Suffered Any Data Breaches—If You Radically Redefine ‘Data Breaches’

1/22/2018 - The Surprising Way New Zealand Could Soon Solve Its Predator Problem

1/22/2018 - Billy Joel and H.P. Lovecraft 'Sing Us a Song' for Cthulhu

1/22/2018 - One of These New Incredibles 2 Characters Is Totally the Villain, We Just Don't Know Which

1/22/2018 - Even the Tuna Conservationists Want a Piece of This Blockchain Action

1/22/2018 - Google’s $20 Million Xprize Moonshot Is About to Crash Back to Earth Without a Winner [Updated]

1/22/2018 - Chechen Leader Who Oversees the Torture of Gay Men Is Super Sad About Losing His Instagram Account

1/22/2018 - Once We Start Geoengineering, We Won't Be Able To Stop

1/22/2018 - China Has Already Gene-Edited 86 People With CRISPR

1/22/2018 - Everything We Know About the Timeline of Star Trek's Mirror Universe

1/22/2018 - Facebook Slowly Realizing It Might Be Ruining Democracy

1/22/2018 - Thousands of People Are Illegally Downloading Thor: Ragnarok Thanks to an Early Leak by Vudu

1/22/2018 - Researchers Say $400 Million Raised Through Cryptocurrency ICOs Has Been Lost or Stolen

1/22/2018 - These Real-Time Visual Effects Will Remind You Not to Believe Everything You See on TV

1/22/2018 - The Scots Language Translation of Harry Potter Is the Most Scottish Thing Ever

1/22/2018 - The Best Star Wars Toy Maker Cuts Jobs [Updated]

1/22/2018 - T'Challa's Suit Has Some New Moves in the First Clip from Black Panther

1/22/2018 - That Massive Oil Spill in the East China Sea Keeps Getting Worse

1/22/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery's Horrible New Twist Made a Great Case for Rage-Quitting the Show

1/22/2018 - The Government Shutdown Won't Stop the CDC From Tracking the Flu

1/22/2018 - Ecuador's President Calls Julian Assange 'More Than a Nuisance' as Country Realizes It's Stuck With Him

1/22/2018 - It's a Big, Big World(s) out There in This Splendorous New Trailer for A Wrinkle in Time

1/22/2018 - Why Cape Town Is About to Run Out of Water

1/22/2018 - Of Course the Second Rampage Trailer Introduces a Rage-Filled Flying Wolf

1/22/2018 - What to Pack in Your Bag to Work From Anywhere

1/22/2018 - The First, Cryptic Teases for the Setting of the Next Cloverfield Movie 

1/22/2018 - Watch This Guy Sink a Record-Breaking 660-Foot Basketball Shot From Atop a Waterfall

1/22/2018 - If You Find Aliens, Who Do You Call?

1/21/2018 - Explore The Collaboration Between Spielberg and Ernest Cline In This Ready Player One Featurette

1/21/2018 - This Coffee Table Book Recounts The Whole History of Star Wars Via New York Times Coverage

1/21/2018 - South Korean Prosecutors Are Investigating Apple Over the iPhone Throttling Controversy

1/21/2018 - This Funko Pop Captain America Short is Actually Amazing

1/21/2018 - Trump Administration May Face Lawsuit Over Refusal to Restrict Dangerous Pesticide Chlorpyrifos

1/21/2018 - Wonder Woman 2 Will Be The First Film To Implement The PGA's Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines

1/21/2018 - Amazon's First Automated Brick-and-Mortar Store Opens to the Public on Monday

1/21/2018 - Of Course Rian Johnson And Mark Hamill Have Thoughts About What Happened to Luke's Hand

1/21/2018 - Looks Like ABC Might Be Quietly Cancelling Inhumans

1/20/2018 - United Airlines Finds Way to Cut Costs That Doesn't Involve Booting Overbooked Passengers

1/20/2018 - Report: Black Widow Movie Being Planned For 2020

1/20/2018 - Google CEO Reaffirms Firing James Damore Was the Way to Go, 'I Don't Regret It'

1/20/2018 - Here's the Sequel to 'End of Ze World,' the First Viral Video Ever

1/20/2018 - Brush Up On Thanos's History Before Infinity War With This Video

1/20/2018 - At Least Part Of The Planned Hasbro Cinematic Universe Isn't Happening

1/20/2018 - Twitter Alerts Nearly 680,000 Users They May Have Been Duped by Russian Accounts

1/20/2018 - The Latest Images From Krypton Spotlight The Visual Design of The Doomed Planet

1/20/2018 - The Controversy Around This YouTuber's Request for a Free Hotel Room Will Make Your Head Hurt

1/20/2018 - Stephen King Has A Great Idea For A New TV Series

1/20/2018 - How Facebook Groups Turned the Killing of a Small-Town Mom Into a Lurid Whodunit

1/20/2018 - What the Heck Happened to the Cryptocurrency This Week?!

1/19/2018 - Celebrate io9's Tenth Anniversary Celebration With All Our Celebratory Coverage

1/19/2018 - Fed-Up Hospitals Are Starting Their Own Drug Company so They Can Lower Generic Drug Prices

1/19/2018 - Fool's Gold Suggests Ancient Life in 'Oxygen Oases' Far Before There Was Atmospheric Oxygen

1/19/2018 - The Consumer DNA Testing Market Is Already Booming, but It's About to Explode

1/19/2018 - A Newly Discovered Wasp Is Named After the True Hit King Ichiro

1/19/2018 - It's Much Easier to Catch the Flu Than We Realized, New Research Finds

1/19/2018 - Why the Pope Just Visited a Toxic Mine in the Amazon

1/19/2018 - Oh My God, Funko Is Making a Sexy Ian Malcolm Pop

1/19/2018 - I Can't Fucking Believe How Dumb Facebook's News Feed Update Is

1/19/2018 - MoviePass Risks Pissing Off Theaters With Plan to Acquire Film Rights

1/19/2018 - Trump's Plan to Keep National Parks Open During the Shutdown Could Be Disastrous

1/19/2018 - Our Universe Could Be Littered With Alien Viruses—and We Should Be Looking for Them

1/19/2018 - The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #1-20

1/19/2018 - This Muskoxen Paper Is the Best Thing I've Read All Year

1/19/2018 - This Picture of Jupiter's Swirly Blue Pole Is Magnificent

1/19/2018 - Every Single One of Marvel's GLAAD Award-Nominated Comics Has Been Cancelled

1/19/2018 - Snapchat Threatens Employees With Jail as Facebook Lets It Starve

1/19/2018 - NASA Runs Successful First Tests of Compact Nuclear Reactor for Mars Base

1/19/2018 - A Girl Dares to Question Wizard-Hating Zealots in the First Chapter of Myke Cole's Epic Fantasy The Armored Saint

1/19/2018 - Experts Are Pushing Hard to Redefine What It Means to Be Legally Drunk

1/19/2018 - Recreate an Iconic Teen Titans Comic Book Cover on Your Desk, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

1/19/2018 - OnePlus Says Hack Exposed Credit Cards of Up to 40,000 Customers

1/19/2018 - Why 9/11 Truthers Are Obsessed With the Plasco High-Rise Fire in Tehran

1/19/2018 - The Final Trailer for Star Wars: Rebels Is Here, and We Grilled Dave Filoni for Answers

1/19/2018 - Nearly Everyone Backs Microsoft in Landmark Email Privacy Case—Except the DOJ

1/19/2018 - A 2010 Book Established the Force Abilities Luke Has in The Last Jedi

1/19/2018 - The Keystone XL Pipeline Moves a Step Closer to Reality

1/19/2018 - A Toxic Plant Might Help Us Find a Legit Male Birth Control Drug

1/19/2018 - Test of Einstein's Theory Confirms the Sun Is Losing Mass

1/19/2018 - The SEC Wants Answers Before It Approves Cryptocurrency Futures

1/19/2018 - Look at These Insane Waves Battering the Northwest

1/19/2018 - io9 Staffers Share Why They Love Being Fans

1/19/2018 - Delta Is Making Travelers Promise Their Emotional Support Animals Will Behave

1/19/2018 - Marvel Writer Dan Slott Is Leaving Spider-Man for Iron Man

1/19/2018 - The Hidden Beauty of Landscape Photography at the Microscopic Level

1/19/2018 - FCC Backtracks on Boneheaded Plan to Redefine Broadband 

1/19/2018 - Dave Filoni Was Okay With One Star Wars Rebels Spoiler Getting Out Before the Series Finale

1/19/2018 - This Pic Pretty Much Sums Up the Winter We’ve Been Having

1/19/2018 - A Real-Life Spy Movie Flash Drive That Self-Destructs After Uploading Malicious Code

1/19/2018 - Amazon Is Raising Prime Prices Again—But Only for Monthly Subscribers

1/19/2018 - Astronaut Slated to Be First African-American ISS Crew Member Unexpectedly Grounded

1/19/2018 - Josh Brolin Compares Playing Thanos to Avant-Garde Theatre

1/19/2018 - 5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid When Buying New Tech

1/18/2018 - A Secret Hacking Group Is Using Android Malware to Spy on Thousands of People in 21 Countries, Research Finds

1/18/2018 - Saturn's Fascinating Moon Titan Has Yet Another Thing in Common With Earth

1/18/2018 - In the New Ash vs. Evil Dead Season Three Trailer, a Supernatural War Hangs Over Ash's Family Reunion

1/18/2018 - Apple Health Data Is Being Used in a Murder Trial

1/18/2018 - A New Harry Potter Game Wants to Explore Life at Hogwarts Before Harry

1/18/2018 - Nope, It Looks Like Zuckerberg Bought No Yacht [Corrected]

1/18/2018 - We Sued for Roger Ailes' FBI File—Here's What We've Got So Far

1/18/2018 - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Are Working on a Show About Paranormal Investigators

1/18/2018 - There’s No Excuse For Not Getting a Woman Scientist's Input Anymore

1/18/2018 - The Joker Looks Ready to Explode in the Next Episode of Batman: The Enemy Within 

1/18/2018 - How Altered Carbon Handles Its Unique Whitewashing Issue

1/18/2018 - A Deadly Dog Virus Has Infected the World's Most Endangered Big Cat

1/18/2018 - The Internet Has Made Americans More Casual About Religion

1/18/2018 - First Trailer for the Next Suicide Squad Animated Film Pits the Team Against Vandal Savage

1/18/2018 - The First US Human CRISPR Trials Could Start Any Day Now

1/18/2018 - Invasive Warrantless Surveillance Bill Heads to White House for Trump's Signature [Updated]

1/18/2018 - Sunken Tanker Spawns Four Giant Oil Spills in East China Sea

1/18/2018 - The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #21-40

1/18/2018 - Well, At Least One Catastrophic Climate Scenario Is Looking Less Likely

1/18/2018 - These Companies Want You to Sell Your DNA on the Internet

1/18/2018 - No, Facebook Isn't Working on a Feature to Filter Spoilers Out of Your Feed

1/18/2018 - You Might Want to Turn Off Instagram’s New, Humiliating 'Activity Status'

1/18/2018 - Travis Kalanick Reportedly Squirmed in Shame Like a Sad Tiny Worm Before Ouster From Uber

1/18/2018 - Several Superheroes Have Been Cast for Amazon's Adaptation of Garth Ennis' The Boys

1/18/2018 - It's Fatally Windy in Europe Right Now

1/18/2018 - Breaking: Earth Is Hot

1/18/2018 - In the New Tomb Raider Trailer, Lara Croft Goes Careening Into Danger for Family

1/18/2018 - Intel Claims 90 Percent of Affected CPUs Have Live Patches Just as Rumors of New Attacks Arrive

1/18/2018 - Rian Johnson Didn't Want the Knights of Ren in The Last Jedi Because He Would've Murdered Them

1/18/2018 - A Drone Just Saved the Lives of Two Teenage Boys in Australia

1/18/2018 - Apple Successfully Avoids $50 Billion in American Taxes

1/18/2018 - LA Wants a Climate Emergency Department, Because, Yeah [Updated]

1/18/2018 - Fantastic Beasts 2's French Word for 'Muggle' Proves the Non-British Wizarding World Is Lazy as Hell

1/18/2018 - After 14 Years, Facebook Appoints First Non-White Board Member

1/18/2018 - Prominent YouTuber Charged With Felony Involving Explosives

1/18/2018 - Study With One-Word Abstract Finds Moon Phases Don't Predict Earthquakes

1/18/2018 - Study Finds Crime-Predicting Algorithm Is No Smarter Than Online Poll Takers

1/18/2018 - All the Cool Films Premiering at This Year's Sundance Film Festival

1/18/2018 - Of Course Peter Thiel Is a Green-Skinned Villain in This Board Game Attacking Techno-Libertarianism

1/18/2018 - Understanding How TVs Work Is a Lot Easier When You Watch Them at 380,000 Frames Per Second

1/18/2018 - Cress Williams Explains How Black Lightning Uses His Powers Without Electrocuting People to Death

1/18/2018 - How to Use Your Smartphone to Diagnose Bad Wi-Fi

1/18/2018 - Watch Seattle Evolve and Grow in This Epic Three-Year Timelapse Shot From the Space Needle

1/18/2018 - Amazon Names 20 Finalist Cities for HQ2 Thunderdome

1/18/2018 - Tim Cook Promises to Let iPhone Users Turn Off Throttling Soon

1/18/2018 - Legends of Tomorrow Teases a Familiar Face to Replace Firestorm

1/18/2018 - Massive Storms Can Change the Shape of the Planet

1/18/2018 - New AI System Predicts How Long Patients Will Live With Startling Accuracy

1/17/2018 - Apple, Google Reroute Employee Buses After Series of Alleged Attacks Near San Francisco

1/17/2018 - Donald Trump's Fake News Awards Website Looks Like Shit, Immediately Crashed

1/17/2018 - Batman and Catwoman's Engagement Just Ran Into a Complication and Her Name Is Wonder Woman

1/17/2018 - How Google Fights Password Thieves

1/17/2018 - Nintendo's Latest Nostalgia Gimmick Is $70 Pieces of Cardboard and I Think I Hate It

1/17/2018 - Here's Why 200,000 Saiga Antelope Dropped Dead in Kazakhstan in 2015

1/17/2018 - This Pipeline Spilled Almost 150,000 Gallons of Waste And It's Not Even Running Yet

1/17/2018 - Maybe There's Hope for Apple's Hollywood Dreams After All

1/17/2018 - Social Media Giants Assure Senators They Totally Have This Terrorism and Propaganda Thing Under Control

1/17/2018 - Thousands of Rare, First Edition Stephen King Books and Manuscripts Destroyed in Freak Accident

1/17/2018 - After Months of Wearing Grey Spandex, The Flash Is Finally Giving Elongated Man a Costume

1/17/2018 - How the Gig Economy Exposes Workers to Cybersecurity Risks

1/17/2018 - I'd Actually Consider Going to a Spin Class If I Could Ride Schwinn's Retro-Styled Exercise Bikes

1/17/2018 - Just Get The Damn Flu Shot

1/17/2018 - Let's Be Very Clear About What Happened to James Damore

1/17/2018 - Alexander the Great and Xerxes Will Clash in Frank Miller's Long-Awaited 300 Prequel

1/17/2018 - Google Has Made It Simple for Anyone to Tap Into Its Image Recognition AI

1/17/2018 - Divers in Mexico Have Discovered the World’s Largest Flooded Cave

1/17/2018 - No, Grocery Stores Aren't Locking Up Tide Pods Because of the Teens

1/17/2018 - The Crucial First Step in the Legal Battle to Save Net Neutrality [Updated]

1/17/2018 - A Volcanologist Explains Why She's Running For Congress

1/17/2018 - How Americans of the 1960s Really Felt About Nuclear Fallout Shelters

1/17/2018 - The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #41-60

1/17/2018 - Steven Moffat on His Desperate Backup Plan for Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary

1/17/2018 - Why the Eastern Corner of Siberia Is the Coldest Inhabited Place on Earth

1/17/2018 - Silicon Valley Is Ready to Spend Millions More on Its Anti-Aging Obsession

1/17/2018 - I Hope 'Ages Five and Up' on This Jurassic Park Power Wheels Jeep Includes Middle-Aged Bloggers

1/17/2018 - Explore 130 Years of National Geographic Covers in Just Two Minutes

1/17/2018 - YouTube Unveils New Monetization Rules Killing Ad Revenue for Small Creators 

1/17/2018 - New Research Could Help Bring Secure Quantum Communication to Everyone

1/17/2018 - The Very Good Reason Why You Can't Get That Google Art-Selfie Feature in Illinois or Texas

1/17/2018 - Ever Wondered What an io9 Is? Here's Your Answer

1/17/2018 - People Are Realizing That Straws Suck [Updated]

1/17/2018 - Here's Why Most Animals Don't Use Their Tails as Weapons

1/17/2018 - RoboCop Enters a Future of Crowdsourced Justice for New Comic Series Citizens Arrest

1/17/2018 - Altered Carbon's Showrunner on the Only Book Scene She Insisted Be Changed

1/17/2018 - I'm Completely Mesmerized By This Machine Whose Only Function Is Making Tiny Hedge Spheres

1/17/2018 - New Trailer for Britannia Asks 'What if Game of Thrones Had Druid Raves?'

1/17/2018 - The Coolest Stuff We Saw at CES 2018

1/17/2018 - The Fascinating History of 10 Extra Letters the English Alphabet Used to Have

1/17/2018 - With Black Lightning, the CW's Universe of Superheroes Is Growing Up and Getting Real

1/17/2018 - 28 Secret Mouse and Trackpad Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know About

1/17/2018 - Even More Rumors About the Comic Book Heroes and Villains Coming to the Venom Movie

1/17/2018 - BP’s Massive Oil Spill Bill Reveals the True Cost of Offshore Drilling

1/17/2018 - Future Heat Waves May Be Bad News For Sperm (Bird Sperm)

1/17/2018 - BitConnect, Anonymously-Run Crypto Exchange, Crashes After States Issue Cease and Desists

1/16/2018 - This Giant Fireball Over Michigan Was Visible From Six States and Canada

1/16/2018 - Almost Everyone on the National Park System Advisory Board Quits in Protest of Ryan Zinke

1/16/2018 - Pirates of the Caribbean's VFX Wizards Reveal How They Brought Skeleton Ghost Sharks to Life

1/16/2018 - If We Can't Have New Universal Monster Movies, at Least We Can Admire These Posters

1/16/2018 - The 100 Fan Comic Wants to Give Clexa Fans the Story They Deserve

1/16/2018 - Millions of Migrating Baby Crabs Are an Absolutely Bonkers Sight to Behold

1/16/2018 - VR Porn Company Promises Only Consensual 'Back Door Intrusions' After Researchers Discover Security Hole

1/16/2018 - J.J. Abrams Is Shopping a New Science Fiction TV Series

1/16/2018 - Bitcoin Falls Below $10,000 

1/16/2018 - Why CRISPR-Edited Food May Be in Supermarkets Sooner Than You Think

1/16/2018 - The Solo Flash Movie Has Yet Another Director—Two of Them, In Fact

1/16/2018 - Melting Glaciers Sound Surprisingly Like Rice Crispies

1/16/2018 - There Are So Many Flu Victims, California Hospitals Are Setting Up Emergency Tents in Their Parking Lots

1/16/2018 - Mark Strong Wants DC Redemption With His Electric Role in Shazam!

1/16/2018 - Why Google's Half-Assed Fact-Checking Widget Was Destined to Piss Off Conservatives

1/16/2018 - Jodie Whittaker Shot Her Doctor Who Debut Just a Day After Her Public Reveal

1/16/2018 - Scientists Create Miniature Gamma Ray Bursts to Study Black Holes

1/16/2018 - Archie Comics' New Dick Tracy Series Has Been Abruptly Cancelled 

1/16/2018 - A First Look at the Incredible Future of 8K TVs

1/16/2018 - Win a Ticket to io9's Tenth Anniversary Party, This Thursday in New York City! (Update: It's Over)

1/16/2018 - Should the FDA Ban People From Genetically Engineering Themselves?

1/16/2018 - Humans, Not Rats, May Have Been Responsible for Spreading the Black Death

1/16/2018 - The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #61-80

1/16/2018 - I'm Sorry Kodak Wants How Much For Its New Super 8 Camera?

1/16/2018 - Is China Really Planning to Destroy Space Junk With Lasers?

1/16/2018 - Peru's New National Park Protects the Amazon and the People Who Call It Home

1/16/2018 - The Gifted's Epic Season Finale Promises a Mutant Civil War and a New Hellfire Club

1/16/2018 - The 'Lottery Winner' Promising $5,000 for Every Retweet Is a Hoax

1/16/2018 - The Philippines’ Most Active Volcano Is at It Again

1/16/2018 - Chris Hemsworth Is Done With Thor... Contractually

1/16/2018 - The AI Used to Sell You More Stuff Can Now Read Better Than a Human

1/16/2018 - Edge of Tomorrow 2 Is Still Likely But Doug Liman Is Taking the Time to Get It Right

1/16/2018 - Netflix's Altered Carbon Asks: Can Humans Handle Becoming Gods?

1/16/2018 - Senate Hits 50 Votes in Bid to Save Net Neutrality and/or Make Republicans Look Dumb

1/16/2018 - Liam Cunningham Joins the Long List of Actors Predicting the Eventual End of Superhero Movies

1/16/2018 - There’s Something Super Eerie About Watching Thunderstorms Unfold in Black and White

1/16/2018 - Japanese Broadcaster Mistakenly Warns App Users of North Korean Missile Attack

1/16/2018 - How DNA Testing Botched My Family's Heritage, and Probably Yours, Too

1/16/2018 - Alaska’s Caribou Boomed Last Year and Scientists Aren’t Sure Why

1/16/2018 - Rian Johnson Explains Leia's Big Last Jedi Move Again for Fans Who Are Having Trouble Accepting It

1/16/2018 - Man Behind Crowdfunded Submarine Charged With Murder of Journalist Kim Wall

1/16/2018 - Japanese City Triggers Emergency Broadcast System After Supermarket Accidentally Sells Deadly Blowfish

1/16/2018 - 4 Ways Google's Android Beats Samsung's Android and 3 Ways It Doesn't

1/16/2018 - OnePlus Shuts Down Credit Card Payments After Reports of Suspicious Transactions

1/16/2018 - Damn That's a Tall Cloud

1/16/2018 - Your Chromecast or Google Home Might Be Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi [Updated]

1/16/2018 - New Shazam Rumors Tease Changes to the Big Villain

1/16/2018 - Mesmerizing Visualization Turns This Winter's Snowfall Into Mountains

1/15/2018 - A Hero's Journey Spans Just Two Minutes in This Hilariously Breakneck Short

1/15/2018 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Probably Making Up This Crap About Alexa Ordering a Batman Toy

1/15/2018 - Despite Those Spooky Images, the Second Season of The Handmaid's Tale Won't Be Darker Than the First

1/15/2018 - This Bird-Like Dinosaur Featured a Stunning Rainbow-Colored Mane

1/15/2018 - The Expanded Universe Story That Led to Lucasfilm Re-Writing Star Wars Canon

1/15/2018 - The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #81-100

1/15/2018 - Report: China Plans to Root Out Crypto Platforms Offering 'Exchange-Like Services'

1/15/2018 - Massive Diamond Discovered in Lesotho Is World’s Fifth Largest

1/15/2018 - A Chat With the Founders of io9

1/15/2018 - An Atlanta Pastor Keeps MLK Alive in the Fight for Clean Air and Water

1/15/2018 - The Tricky Science of Brain Surgery on an Adorable Fur Seal

1/15/2018 - Watch the Most Patient Person on Earth Reconstruct Shredded Money Using Tweezers

1/15/2018 - Scientists Develop Important Tool for Connecting Poo Bacteria to Health

1/15/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery Asks the Age Old Question: If You Kill Your Mirror Universe Self, Is It Murder or Suicide?

1/15/2018 - A Talented Modder Turned Nerf's 70 MPH Rival Blaster Into a 2,000-Round Spinning Minigun

1/15/2018 - Burning Oil Tanker Sinks, Creating Huge Spill in East China Sea

1/15/2018 - This Coastal Megacity Is Running Out of Water

1/15/2018 - Tom King's Next DC Comics Project Will Explore Superhero PTSD

1/15/2018 - This Is Why You Should Never Hold in a Sneeze

1/14/2018 - Google Can Now Tell You Which Works of Art You Look Like

1/14/2018 - T'Challa Is King In A Whole Bevy of New Black Panther TV Spots

1/14/2018 - The CDC Changes Topic of Nuclear Strike Preparedness Session to 'Focus on Influenza'

1/14/2018 - People Keep Asking Maisie Williams to Put Them on Arya's Kill List

1/14/2018 - White House Made 24-Year-Old Campaign Staffer Second in Command at Its Anti-Drug Office

1/14/2018 - The Trailer For The Handmaid's Tale's Second Season Is Full Of Rebellion and Desperation

1/14/2018 - Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Peru

1/14/2018 - `This Elaborate Harry Potter Fan Film Fleshes Out Voldemort's Origin Story

1/14/2018 - Bruce Timm Wants To Make a Superman: Red Son Animated Adaptation

1/13/2018 - Chelsea Manning Files Documents to Run for Senate

1/13/2018 - Television Adaptation of Garth Ennis's Hitman Teased By Geoff Johns

1/13/2018 - SpaceX's Dragon Capsule Made a Successful Re-Entry After Its ISS Supply Run

1/13/2018 - Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos Revival Is Finally Getting A Second Season

1/13/2018 - The Walking Dead Gets Renewed For A Ninth Season

1/13/2018 - Hawaii Alert System Accidentally Warns of Imminent 'BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT' [Updated]

1/13/2018 - Los Angeles Man Charged With Manslaughter Over 'Swatting' Death

1/13/2018 - Bruce Lee Wields The Most Impractical Lightsabers Ever In Fan Video

1/13/2018 - Black Mirror Embraces a Season of Firsts in This Season Four Making-Of Featurette

1/13/2018 - Pretty Soon a Smart Assistant Won't Be a Choice

1/12/2018 - Lunch Meat Will Indeed Travel Through a Wormhole, at Least According to This Charming Short Film

1/12/2018 - Keanu Reeves' John Wick TV Series Is Officially Happening on Starz

1/12/2018 - Oh Great, Now We Have to Deal With Ice Jams

1/12/2018 - Highly Competent White House Spends 22 Minutes Trying to Mute a Conference Call

1/12/2018 - In Billionaire Killers, an Heiress Dares to Take Down Her Megalomaniacal Father

1/12/2018 - Army Base Ditches Chinese-Made Surveillance Cameras Just So No One Gets the Wrong Idea

1/12/2018 - Stop Feeding Your Pets Raw Meat

1/12/2018 - Starz CEO Says Neil Gaiman Will Be More Closely Involved With American Gods' Next Season

1/12/2018 - Experimenter's Gender Can Skew Science

1/12/2018 - Discovery of Extinct Burrowing Bat Tells Mysterious Story About New Zealand

1/12/2018 - A Creepy, Crawling Robot Baby Reminds Us That Carpets Are Disgusting

1/12/2018 - Daniel Radcliffe Responds to Fantastic Beasts' Casting Controversy

1/12/2018 - The American Dreams of China's Biggest Smartphone Brand Are Basically Dead

1/12/2018 - Here's Why We Love Working for io9

1/12/2018 - What Does Puerto Rico's 2018 Murder Surge Tell Us About Post-Storm Violence?

1/12/2018 - US Senate Targeted by Russian Hackers, Experts Say

1/12/2018 - The Next Season of Handmaid's Tale Is Going Beyond the Book—and the Boundaries of Gilead

1/12/2018 - Google Pulls 60 Apps From Play Store After Malware Exposes Kids to Porn

1/12/2018 - The Last Thing I Want Right Now Is Another Nostalgic Star Wars Movie

1/12/2018 - Fugitive Yakuza Boss Arrested After Facebook Photos of His Tattoos Go Viral 

1/12/2018 - The Battle Over the Next Dakota Access Pipeline Is Heading to Court Again

1/12/2018 - Acer's Swift 7 Is the Thinnest Laptop in the World, Again

1/12/2018 - Facebook Revenge Porn Case Shows How Police Let a Perpetrator Get Away

1/12/2018 - The Dora Milaje Are a Force to Be Reckoned With in Black Panther's Newest Featurette

1/12/2018 - The Klingons Are Coming to Sweden and You Can Join Them for a Cultural Exchange

1/12/2018 - Facebook Wants to Overhaul Its News Feed—I Made Mine Empty Instead 

1/12/2018 - Star System With Five Rocky Planets Discovered by Amateur Astronomers

1/12/2018 - American Psychiatrist In Japan Sues Redditors For Talking Shit Online  

1/12/2018 - Wistful Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Bring Back the Old Facebook

1/12/2018 - Jodie Whittaker Co-Designed Her Doctor Who Gear

1/12/2018 - Why 40,000 Nevadans Are Having Their DNA Sequenced

1/12/2018 - John Ridley's The Other History of the DC Universe to Tell Personal Stories of Marginalized Superheroes

1/12/2018 - Let Me Tell You About the Violent Diarrhea I Got From 'Raw' River Water

1/12/2018 - The First Glimpse at the Venom Movie Offers Some Comic Book Clues

1/12/2018 - Asthma Is an $80 Billion Drag on the US Economy

1/11/2018 - Ex-Google Employee's Memo Says Executives Shut Down Pro-Diversity Discussions

1/11/2018 - University of Rochester President Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Involving a Science Professor

1/11/2018 - Rian Johnson Perfectly Explains Luke's Appearance at the End of The Last Jedi

1/11/2018 - A Pompous Skeptic Becomes a Believer in the Spooky Trailer for British Import Ghost Stories

1/11/2018 - The Indiana Jones Trilogy Looks Incredible in This Triptych Poster

1/11/2018 - A Real-Life Historical Mystery Gets a Thrilling, Subversive Twist in Short Film The Defector

1/11/2018 - The Crimes of the Guardians of the Galaxy, According to Their Pants (and James Gunn)

1/11/2018 - Ancestry Made Its Privacy Policy More Transparent, but It Still Claims to Own Your DNA

1/11/2018 - People Are Really Great at Forgetting If Their Jeans Are Made Through Child Labor

1/11/2018 - The HQ Trivia Guy Has a Lifehack for That Common Baggy Condom Problem

1/11/2018 - An Artist Adapted Three of 2017's Best Genre Films Into Very Cool Mini-Comics

1/11/2018 - Take a Trip Through the Glorious Orion Nebula in This New 3D Visualization

1/11/2018 - Visit to Biggest Underwater Volcano in Last 100 Years Reveals Deep Sea Mystery

1/11/2018 - The Pin Art on This Bluetooth Speaker Dances to Your Music

1/11/2018 - Deadpool 2, The New Mutants, and Gambit All Have New Release Dates

1/11/2018 - No, a New Star Wars Comic Does Not 'Explain' Rey's Force Abilities

1/11/2018 - What Is Technics Doing?

1/11/2018 - These Climate Change Emojis Are Peak 2018

1/11/2018 - Google Censors Gorillas Rather Than Risk Them Being Mislabeled As Black People—But Who Does That Help?

1/11/2018 - Snagglepuss: Exit Stage Left Is a Brilliant Exploration of McCarthyism and the Lavender Scare

1/11/2018 - Channing Tatum's X-Men Spinoff Gambit Has Lost Its Third Director

1/11/2018 - It Looks Like Good Ol' Global Warming Will Mean Fewer Extreme Cold Outbreaks

1/11/2018 - Sony Mobile Could Be Making a Comeback

1/11/2018 - Astronomers Detect Almond-Scented Molecule That Will Help Solve Interstellar Radiation Mystery

1/11/2018 - 10 Australian Scifi Movies You Need to Watch

1/11/2018 - Water Might Be Easier to Find on Mars Than We Thought

1/11/2018 - The Vuzix Blade Is What Google Glass Always Wanted to Be

1/11/2018 - Microsoft Wants to Diagnose Disease By Building Massive Database of the Human Immune System

1/11/2018 - Black Lightning Has a Chilling Racial Profiling Scene Inspired by Showrunner Salim Akil's Life

1/11/2018 - What It's Like to Play Ping-Pong With a Robot

1/11/2018 - Ryan Zinke Wants to Overhaul How the Government Manages Land

1/11/2018 - This Venice Beach Robot From the 1930s Will Ease Your Case of the Winter Blues

1/11/2018 - Skype and Signal Are Partnering on End-to-End Encryption

1/11/2018 - Still/Born Looks Like an Indie Rosemary's Baby Meets The Shining

1/11/2018 - It Looks Like the Creator of India’s Invasive National ID Accidentally Tweeted His Personal Info

1/11/2018 - Ecuador Officially Adopts Large Adult Son Julian Assange

1/11/2018 - Mark Hamill Finally Reveals That Big Change in The Force Awakens' Ending for The Last Jedi

1/11/2018 - River Flooding Will Surge Globally Over Next 25 Years, Study Finds

1/11/2018 - This Beautifully-Detailed Replica Is the Best Way to Learn About the Moon Without Actually Visiting It

1/11/2018 - New Trailer for Netflix's Altered Carbon Is All About a Stranger in a Strange Time

1/11/2018 - Good Luck Trying to Pronounce the Names of the American Kennel Club's Newest Dog Breeds

1/11/2018 - Switzerland Outlaws Boiling Lobsters Alive

1/11/2018 - Bryan Fuller Lestat-us Update: He's Working on Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles Show

1/11/2018 - This AA Battery Sucks Power Right Out of the Air

1/11/2018 - 5 Design Trends We’d Like to See More of This Year

1/11/2018 - Michigan’s Most Polluted Neighborhood Demands Justice From Big Oil

1/11/2018 - Dipshit President Attacks Surveillance Bill His Own White House Says Must Pass [Updated]

1/11/2018 - The X-Files Course Corrects by Reminding Us Why We Love Mulder and Scully

1/11/2018 - Eighteen Species of Tweezer-Faced, Spider-Slaying Pelican Spiders Discovered in Madagascar

1/11/2018 - I Spoke to the Future and the Future Stared Back at Me, Blankly

1/11/2018 - Facebook Knows How to Track You Using the Dust on Your Camera Lens

1/11/2018 - New Avengers 4 Set Pictures Reveal an Intriguing Costume Change for Captain America

1/11/2018 - This Cellular-Connected Smart Credit Card Can Show You How Much Money You've Got Left to Spend

1/11/2018 - Revenge Porn Posts Linked to High-Level US Government Computers

1/11/2018 - Sennheiser's First Home Audio Product Is a 3D Sound Bar That Blew My Mind

1/11/2018 - If Offshore Drilling Doesn't Make Alaskans Sick, Climate Change Will

1/10/2018 - Now the Senate Wants Answers About Apple's iPhone Throttling Controversy

1/10/2018 - Wait, It Turns Out KodakCoin Is Not the Only Crypto Trick Kodak Has Up Its Sleeve

1/10/2018 - Julian Assange's Options to Get Out of Ecuadorian Embassy Are Rapidly Narrowing

1/10/2018 - The Iron Giant Will Pop Off Your Wall in This Vibrant New Poster

1/10/2018 - The True Story Behind Han's Dice, and More Last Jedi Secrets From the Lucasfilm Story Group

1/10/2018 - The Game of Thrones Theme Sounds Smarter When Played on a Bunch of Calculators

1/10/2018 - The Black Widow Movie May Actually Be Moving Forward

1/10/2018 - A Porg Made of Sushi Rice Is Probably Chewbacca's New Porg Meal of Choice

1/10/2018 - Yet Another Password Vulnerability Has Been Found in macOS High Sierra 

1/10/2018 - Wall Street Analysts Are Embarrassingly Bad At Predicting The Future, Study Finds

1/10/2018 - Donald Trump Just Said Some More Dumb Stuff About the Paris Agreement

1/10/2018 - Men Try to 'Redefine' Sexual Consent With Blockchain

1/10/2018 - Peloton's New Treadmill Costs $4,000 and Oh Crap I Want One

1/10/2018 - South Carolina Lawmakers Have Found a Reason to Bring Back the Electric Chair

1/10/2018 - Thor's Pal Darryl Is Back for the Ragnarok Blu-ray With a New Roommate You'll Love 

1/10/2018 - You Will Probably Die Before This Monstrous New Backup Battery From Duracell Does

1/10/2018 - We're Going to Write More About Design

1/10/2018 - Some of the Most Absurd Gadgets From CES 2018 (So Far)

1/10/2018 - Despite Some Stumbles, Electric Dreams Shows Why Philip K. Dick Is a Scifi Legend

1/10/2018 - Avoid Monkeys in Florida Because They Could Give You Killer Herpes

1/10/2018 - Twitter Regrets to Inform You That Waluigi Is a Bigot

1/10/2018 - Lake Michigan's Latest Ice Ball Outbreak Was Incredible

1/10/2018 - The 100 Most Popular io9 Posts of the Last 10 Years

1/10/2018 - FDA Approves Crisis-Predicting Algorithm to Save Hospital Patients From Early Death

1/10/2018 - Casio's $50,000 Printer Can Turn Paper Into Faux Leather, Wood, and Alligator Skin

1/10/2018 - Why Samsung's Home of the Future Concept Scares the Hell Out of Me

1/10/2018 - It Took an Entire Season for Marvel's Runaways to Live Up to Its Name, But It Was Worth the Wait

1/10/2018 - Seven Receive Medical Attention After iPhone Explodes in Swiss Apple Store  

1/10/2018 - Mobile Connect Is Dell's Answer to Apple Handoff

1/10/2018 - The World's Biggest Tech Show Just Lost Power [UPDATED]

1/10/2018 - Black Panther Tickets Sold Out So Fast, Even Lupita Nyong'o Couldn't Buy One

1/10/2018 - Microsoft Wants to Use Artificial Intelligence to Make CRISPR More Accurate

1/10/2018 - Uhh, Panasonic, I Think You Forgot to Bring the Gadgets

1/10/2018 - Will 2018 Be the Year Our Electric Car Future Gets Real?

1/10/2018 - This Summer, Woman World Delivers a Hilarious Vision of an Earth With No Men

1/10/2018 - New York City Plans to Divest From Fossil Fuel Companies and Sue Them Instead

1/10/2018 - What's Slack Doing With Your Data?

1/10/2018 - io9's Greatest TV Shows of the Past 10 Years

1/10/2018 - War In Africa Is Killing More Than People

1/10/2018 - What the Hell Is Going on With This Comet?

1/10/2018 - Mysterious Intergalactic Radio Bursts Come From a Truly Alien Environment

1/10/2018 - New 'Cybersecurity Office' Would Oversee Companies Like Equifax and Dole Out Fines for Slipshod Security

1/10/2018 - Sales of a Radiation Drug Got a Big Bump After Trump's Big Button Tweet

1/10/2018 - First Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Trailer Loves Wonder Woman and Fart Jokes

1/10/2018 - Lin-Manuel Miranda, a Saga Musical Is in Your Court, Make It Happen

1/10/2018 - You, Too, Can Live Like Royalty and Delete All Your Social Media Accounts

1/10/2018 - The Biggest Scifi Movie Milestones of 2018

1/10/2018 - Brazil’s Federal Police Says it Will 'Punish' Creators of 'Fake News' Ahead of Elections

1/10/2018 - Keep Track Of Who Facebook Thinks You Know With This Nifty Tool

1/10/2018 - Razer and Phillips Team Up to Enhance Your Gaming Session With Rave Lighting

1/10/2018 - WhatsApp Security Design Could Let an Infiltrator Add Members to Group Chats [Updated]

1/10/2018 - Florida Gov. Rick Scott Is Pretending to Care About the Environment Again

1/10/2018 - Patty Jenkins Had Two Demands When Making Wonder Woman

1/10/2018 - I Can't Stop Watching These Soap Bubble Snow Globes Get Made

1/10/2018 - After Trying the New Wireless Vive Pro, There's No Going Back

1/10/2018 - Why Some Fans Watch Anime at Double Speed

1/10/2018 - Physicists Observe Completely Unexpected Effect in Collisions Between Gold and Protons

1/10/2018 - Brian Michael Bendis Resurrected Marvel's Ultimate Universe for the Best Possible Reason

1/10/2018 - Samsung Put a Big AKG Speaker Into a Refrigerator and It's Oddly Awesome

1/10/2018 - Other States Ask Zinke to Give Them Offshore Drilling Waivers, Too

1/10/2018 - David S. Goyer Offers an Update on the Green Lantern Movie

1/10/2018 - Jack in the Box CEO: If Wages Rise 'It Just Makes Sense' to Replace My Employees With Robots

1/10/2018 - SteelSeries' Dual-Sensor Mouse Could Be the King of Precision

1/9/2018 - Kodak Catches Raging Case of Blockchain Fever

1/9/2018 - Conservatives Are Now Getting Angry About Google's Fact-Checking Module

1/9/2018 - This Art Show About Fake Amusement Parks Is So Good

1/9/2018 - This Might Be the Fastest Storage Drive to Ever Go in a Laptop

1/9/2018 - Horror Sequel Victor Crowley Looks Like a Ghoulishly Good Time

1/9/2018 - Stan Lee's Legal Team Responds to Accusations of Sexual Harassment

1/9/2018 - Wag Left User Data Exposed, But Won't Someone Please Think of the Dogs

1/9/2018 - Democrat Drops Explosive Fusion GPS Transcript Detailing Research Into Trump’s Russia Ties

1/9/2018 - Excellent High School Zombie Musical Anna and the Apocalypse Will Slay Next Christmas

1/9/2018 - Standard Depression Survey May Not Work As Well For Black Teens

1/9/2018 - John Carter Of Mars Is Getting an Action-Packed Romance RPG

1/9/2018 - Chase CEO Sheepishly Says He's Sorry for Being Mean to Bitcoin

1/9/2018 - Game Boy Is Coming Back Thanks to Hyperkin

1/9/2018 - Experimental Weekly Pill Could Make HIV Treatment a Lot Easier to Swallow

1/9/2018 - FTC Goes After Nevada Site Over Revenge Porn, Allegedly Extorting Victims

1/9/2018 - You Can Make Luke Skywalker's Favorite Disgusting Drink From The Last Jedi at Home

1/9/2018 - House GOP Begins Quest to Lock in Trump’s Bears Ears Reduction Permanently

1/9/2018 - io9's Top 50 Science, History, and Space Articles of the Last 10 Years

1/9/2018 - Millie Bobby Brown Just Signed Up for Her Own Sherlock Holmes Franchise

1/9/2018 - James Dolan, Co-Creator of SecureDrop, Dead at 36

1/9/2018 - Japanese Astronaut Concerned After Growing 3.5 Inches Taller in Three Weeks [Update: He Was Wrong]

1/9/2018 - In the First Trailer for Syfy's Krypton, the Story of Superman's Family Comes to Life

1/9/2018 - Biotech Stocks Drop After Troubling CRISPR Study, but Gene Editing Is Still the Future

1/9/2018 - LG's Canyon of OLEDs Is Trippy Cool

1/9/2018 - The First Standalone VR Headset From Google and Lenovo Is a Beauty

1/9/2018 - Ryan Coogler's Creed Co-Writer Aaron Covington Is Joining Black Panther: Long Live the King

1/9/2018 - Twitter Blew Its Deadline to Answer Senate Intel Questions on Russian Interference

1/9/2018 - The Tick's Going to Form a Wacky Superteam When His Show Comes Back in February

1/9/2018 - For Some in America, China's Looming Surveillance Nightmare Is Already Here

1/9/2018 - How to Easily Switch Your Two-Factor Security to a New Phone

1/9/2018 - Senate Democrats Promise Vote to Restore Net Neutrality, Call FCC’s Order ‘Un-American’

1/9/2018 - Dell's XPS 15 2-in-1 Wants to Be the Anti-MacBook Pro

1/9/2018 - io9's Greatest Movies of the Past 10 Years

1/9/2018 - This Is What Nuclear War Would Mean for Life on Earth

1/9/2018 - Facebook Reportedly Plans to Sell Creepy $500 Video Chat Box That Nobody Will Want

1/9/2018 - Report: Fox Is Developing a Kitty Pryde X-Men Solo Movie Directed by Tim Miller

1/9/2018 - Mark Hamill and Ron Perlman Are Headed to Cybertron for Transformers: Power of the Primes

1/9/2018 - Life Could Have Evolved From These Ancient Chemical Reactions

1/9/2018 - Checking Out LG's Prototype TVs Was Like Sending My Eyes to Disney World

1/9/2018 - Philips' New Headband Promises Better Sleep by Whispering in Your Ear All Night Long

1/9/2018 - This May Explain How Marvel Dodged That Thor: Ragnarok Spoiler in First Infinity War Footage

1/9/2018 - Twitter Vows to Politely Ask Trump to Remove Tweets If He Doxes Journalists

1/9/2018 - Mike Mignola Says the New Hellboy Movie Ramped up Really Quickly

1/9/2018 - Speculation Rampant as Secretive Zuma Spy Satellite Declared a 'Total Loss' 

1/9/2018 - Mudslides Are California’s Latest Apocalyptic Hazard

1/9/2018 - Microsoft Pauses Spectre Patches For Some AMD Processors, Blames AMD

1/9/2018 - Razer Put a Phone in a Laptop and I Don't Hate It

1/9/2018 - The Problem With the X-Men Movie Rights Coming Back to Marvel

1/9/2018 - These Birds Evolved Feathers So Dark, They’re Like A ‘Black Hole’

1/9/2018 - New Whistleblower Site FaithLeaks Releases Confidential Documents About Child Sexual Abuse in Jehovah’s Witnesses Community

1/9/2018 - Bill Skarsgård Still Has Nightmares About Pennywise After Playing It's Nightmare Clown

1/9/2018 - Playmobil's New Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Will Solve Your Mid-Life Crisis For Way Less Than $200,000

1/9/2018 - Future El Niños Could Spell Trouble For the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

1/9/2018 - This Huge Screen Looks Like a TV, But It's Actually a Specialized Gaming Monitor

1/9/2018 - Trump Is Kicking Out 200,000 Salvadoran Earthquake Refugees After Nearly 20 Years

1/9/2018 - Razer's New Battery-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse Is Disarmingly Light

1/9/2018 - Ewan McGregor Weighs In On the Possibility of an Obi-Wan Movie Once More

1/9/2018 - At $100, This Super-Tall Phone Will Be Super Cheap

1/9/2018 - Report: AT&T Cancels Plans to Sell Phones From Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

1/8/2018 - New Jersey Legislators Approve Penalties for Drunk Droning

1/8/2018 - Latest Black Panther Trailer Is Full of Even More Action and Mystery

1/8/2018 - This Bluetooth Air Filter Will Tell You Just How Filthy Your Air Is

1/8/2018 - Putting a Battery Inside a Laptop Sleeve Is a Brilliant Idea

1/8/2018 - Sony, Please Let Me Play With This Good Boy

1/8/2018 - Donald Trump's Executive Orders on 'Great, Great' Rural Broadband Don't Really Do Anything

1/8/2018 - An Alternate Reality Is the Best and Worst Thing to Happen to a Lonely Woman in This Bittersweet Short

1/8/2018 - Lenovo Says Its Snapdragon Surface Clone Gets 20 Freaking Hours of Battery Life

1/8/2018 - I Think Sony Realized Last Year's Cool OLED TVs Looked Too Weird

1/8/2018 - Amazon and Google's Dumb Fight About YouTube Videos Makes More Sense Now 

1/8/2018 - Batman Hanging With Scooby-Doo Is Less Awkward Than You'd Expect

1/8/2018 - Everyone Forgets the New Guy in the CW's Adorably Goofy Superhero Show Skit

1/8/2018 - Scientists Make Coldest Liquid Water Ever, And It's Weirder Than They Imagined

1/8/2018 - Qualcomm Claims Its New Chip Will Triple Battery Life on Wireless Headphones

1/8/2018 - Environmental Disaster Looms as Oil Tanker Burns Off China's Coast

1/8/2018 - Guillermo del Toro Says His 'Strange Little Tales' Saved Him in His Emotional Golden Globe Speech

1/8/2018 - It Snowed in the Sahara and the Photos Are Breathtaking

1/8/2018 - 23andMe Wants to Tell You How to Lose Weight

1/8/2018 - Hulu Renews Marvel's Runaways, But ABC Won't Commit to Inhumans

1/8/2018 - LG Unveils Voice Assistant That Ignores Your Questions, Just Like Real People

1/8/2018 - VR Takes the Next Step Forward with the Vive Pro and Vive Wireless Adaptor [Updated]

1/8/2018 - Go Install the Apple Updates for the Spectre Vulnerability Right Now

1/8/2018 - LaCie's New Rugged Drive Can Backup All Your Footage On Location Without a Computer

1/8/2018 - This Roku Sound Bar Is Part Smart Speaker and Part Remote Control

1/8/2018 - It's io9's Tenth Anniversary, and the Celebration Begins Here

1/8/2018 - CES 2018's Hottest Tech Trend Might Be Gadgets for Old People

1/8/2018 - Steven Universe's Most Mind-Bending Episodes Yet Introduce a New Diamond and Even More Mystery

1/8/2018 - Anti-Diversity Memo Author Sues Google for Alleged Discrimination Against White Conservative Men

1/8/2018 - Smart Toy Maker to Pay $650,000 After Millions of Kids Get Hacked

1/8/2018 - The EPA Is Still Warning Puerto Ricans About Sewage-Laced Water Nearly Four Months After Maria

1/8/2018 - Could You Have an Entire Conversation in Pop Culture References? The Magicians Challenges Us All

1/8/2018 - Report: GoPro Might Be Throwing in the Towel

1/8/2018 - Panasonic Cut the Lumix GH5S' Resolution in Half to Get Even Better Low-Light Images

1/8/2018 - 13 Things We'd Love to See in a Star Wars Movie

1/8/2018 - GE Wants to Hang a 27-inch Screen and a Camera Over Your Stove 

1/8/2018 - Hundreds of Stone Tools Uncovered at Prehistoric ‘Picnic Spot’

1/8/2018 - A Thor: Ragnarok-Inspired, 'Maiden-Wooing' Valkyrie Is Marvel's New Exiles Member

1/8/2018 - Pfizer Halts Drug Research For Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Because It's Too Expensive [Updated]

1/8/2018 - Weather Disasters Cost America a Record $306 Billion in 2017

1/8/2018 - Google Is Taking the Android Out of Android Pay

1/8/2018 - Activist Apple Investor Calls for Cupertino to Protect Kids from Tech’s Dark Side [Updated]

1/8/2018 - The Battle Between Wireless Charging Standards Comes to a Merciful End

1/8/2018 - New Trailer Proves Red Sparrow Is the Best Black Widow Movie We're Probably Ever Going to Get

1/8/2018 - Freeze Your Arse Off in This Game of Thrones Ice Hotel

1/8/2018 - Google Bans Rehab-Related Search Ads in Another Country After Embarrassing Report

1/8/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery Returns With a Great Episode Marred by One Terrible Twist

1/8/2018 - Oh My God Look At These Caterpillars

1/8/2018 - GoPro Loses Two-Year Battle With the Sky

1/8/2018 - The Only Woman Who's Won a Best Director Golden Globe Says Patty Jenkins Got Snubbed

1/8/2018 - It's So Hot In Australia Roads Are Melting and Bats Are Falling Out of the Sky

1/8/2018 - Elon Musk Says Rockin’ Drive-In Restaurant, Roller Skating, and Theater Coming to Tesla Supercharger Station

1/8/2018 - Sony Is Eyeing Vin Diesel for Its Live Action Adaptation of Valiant's Bloodshot

1/8/2018 - Chris Hemsworth on the Uncertain Future of Star Trek 4

1/8/2018 - Why Does Exercise Start Hurting Two Days After a Workout?

1/8/2018 - Garmin's Alexa-Powered Navigation Device Gets the Built-in Dash Cam It Should Have Had From the Start [Update]

1/8/2018 - HP's Convertible Spectre x360 15 Wants to Give You What the MacBook Pro Can't

1/8/2018 - Samsung Swears Its Top-Shelf Displays Won't Suck as Much as Last Year

1/8/2018 - AMD Is Making a Really Great Case For Ditching Intel-based Computers 

1/7/2018 - A Complete List of the 2018 Golden Globe Winners You Actually Care About

1/7/2018 - Samsung's New TV Is Just a Giant Wall

1/7/2018 - Intel and AMD Join Forces on Tiny New Chip

1/7/2018 - Here's the Latest EV Startup Trying to Take Down Tesla

1/7/2018 - This Tiny Thumbnail Sensor Tells You When to Get Off the Beach Because You've Had Too Much Sun

1/7/2018 - Here's How to Watch SpaceX Launch the U.S. Government's Mysterious Zuma Spacecraft Tonight

1/7/2018 - These Comic-Style Black Mirror Illustrations Are Perfect

1/7/2018 - First Alert Has Its Own Wi-Fi Mesh Router That Hijacks Every Connected Device With Smoke Alarm Warnings

1/7/2018 - Eric Garland Has Blown Our Cover

1/7/2018 - This Black Panther Pin Has One Very Serious Problem (UPDATE)

1/7/2018 - Get Ready For the Ultimate Kaiju Battle With This Godzilla: Monster Planet Release Trailer

1/7/2018 - Report: Google Can't Stop Getting Its Bikes Jacked

1/7/2018 - DJI's Refreshed Smartphone Video Gimbal Is Now Way Cheaper and Whole Lot Better

1/7/2018 - Ridley Scott Is Ready For Another Blade Runner Sequel

1/7/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery's Second Season Might Feature More Traditional Trek Touches

1/6/2018 - Linus Torvalds Is Not Happy About Intel's Meltdown and Spectre Mess

1/6/2018 - This Fan Edit Mashes Up The Simpsons With Classic Anime

1/6/2018 - Amazon's Next Big Thing Could Be Serving You Ads on the Go

1/6/2018 - In Todd MacFarlane's Upcoming Spawn Movie, The Eponymous Hell Warrior Won't Speak

1/6/2018 - Watch The Trailer For FredHeads, A Documentary Look at the Eclectic Freddy Krueger Fandom

1/6/2018 - Texas Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Targeting Gay Men for Home Invasions Via Grindr

1/6/2018 - Here's What io9's Staffers Are Personally Psyched About for 2018

1/6/2018 - Guardians of the Galaxy Is Leading The Unlikely Cassette Tape Revival

1/5/2018 - The New Channel Zero Trailer Will Make You Hungry... If You're a Cannibal

1/5/2018 - Taraji P. Henson on Hollywood's Refusal to Cast Older Women in Action Movies: 'Fuck That'

1/5/2018 - Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka Will Play Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Netflix

1/5/2018 - The Kids Are Boning Less 

1/5/2018 - Cursed Image Alert: Our First Look at Supergirl's Brainiac-5

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1/5/2018 - This Soft, Self-Healing Robot Mimics How Human Muscles Move

1/5/2018 - Our Best Evidence Yet That Humans Are Fixing the Ozone Hole

1/5/2018 - 2017 Was a Banner Year for Phone and Computer Searches by US Border Agents

1/5/2018 - Bryan Singer Is No Longer an Executive Producer on Legion, and The Gifted May Be Next

1/5/2018 - Watch Jonathan Frakes Make His Return to Directing Star Trek With Discovery 

1/5/2018 - Cancer Is Killing Fewer Americans, But a Racial Gap Endures

1/5/2018 - Gillian Anderson Won't Return as One of American Gods' Best Characters

1/5/2018 - How Insidious: The Last Key Kept Things Fresh the Fourth Time Around

1/5/2018 - A Mod for Civilization Makes Rogue AI More Dangerous Than Gandhi's Nukes

1/5/2018 - Should Access to Your Own DNA Be Treated as a Civil Right?

1/5/2018 - We Regret to Inform You That Donald Trump's 'Gorilla Channel' Is Totally Fake

1/5/2018 - Amazon Reports Spike in US Law Enforcement Requests for User Data

1/5/2018 - Justin Timberlake Is Bringing Awful CGI Robots Back

1/5/2018 - Thanks to Amazon It's Now Slightly Less Annoying to Watch Star Trek: Discovery

1/5/2018 - Lobbying Group for Google, Amazon, and 40 Other Tech Companies Will Intervene in Net Neutrality Lawsuit

1/5/2018 - NASA Is Flying Over Greenland to Predict the Future of Our Coastlines

1/5/2018 - Netflix Boosts Its Film Cred by Signing Batman Director Matt Reeves to a Production Deal

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1/5/2018 - We've Entered a New Era of Quantum Computing

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1/5/2018 - The CDC Wants to Prepare Americans for a Nuclear Strike

1/5/2018 - Natural Disasters Cost Insurers a Record $135 Billion Last Year

1/5/2018 - Disney Channel Hits Copy-Paste With Latest 'Freak Chic' Musical Zombies

1/5/2018 - GoPro Reportedly Lays Off Hundreds of People Following Disastrous Karma Drone

1/5/2018 - Predictions for the Year 2018 From the 20th Century

1/5/2018 - Ryan Zinke Is Wiping Out the Department of Interior's Climate Change Policies

1/5/2018 - FedEx Employee Discovers Largest Known Prime Number Containing a Staggering 23 Million Digits

1/5/2018 - This Black Panther Toy Commercial Is More Important Than You Understand

1/5/2018 - Nearby Starburst Surprises Scientists By Having Way Too Many Massive Stars

1/5/2018 - Man’s YouTube Video of White Noise Hit With Five Copyright Claims

1/5/2018 - The Good Place Actor Had No Idea What He Was In For

1/5/2018 - Scientists Discover 16th-Century Child Mummy Had Seemingly Modern Strain of Hepatitis B

1/5/2018 - Here Comes CES 2018, the Biggest Gadget Show in the WorldWhat to Expect

1/5/2018 - Uber’s Ex-CEO Is Reportedly Unloading a Big Chunk of His Stock for $1.4 Billion

1/5/2018 - Solo Could Explore An Iconic Unseen Moment From Star Wars History

1/5/2018 - Florida’s Wildlife Hates This Cold Weather as Much as You Do

1/5/2018 - Environmentalists Just Scored a Big Pipeline Victory In Pennsylvania

1/4/2018 - A Father and Son's Different Pop Culture Perspectives Make for a Killer Art Show

1/4/2018 - FCC Releases Final Text of Order Killing Net Neutrality

1/4/2018 - This 1986 Frank Miller Elektra Comic Feels Uncomfortably Prescient

1/4/2018 - In the New Winchester Trailer, an Angry Ghost Menaces Everyone in Helen Mirren's Haunted House

1/4/2018 - Here's Your First Look at Black Lightning's Superpowered Daughter, Thunder

1/4/2018 - Ridley Scott May Direct a Disney Movie About Merlin the Wizard

1/4/2018 - Jodie Whittaker on the Importance of Becoming Doctor Who's Star

1/4/2018 - Movie Theater Chain Kills Uber-Style Surge Pricing After Internet Backlash

1/4/2018 - Strangely, These Atoms Seem to Have Different Masses Depending on How They're Measured

1/4/2018 - Amazon and Google Claim That Fixing Massive Security Vulnerability Won't Slow Things Down Too Much

1/4/2018 - Alexa, Burn My House Down

1/4/2018 - DC's Batman and The Signal Is Lighting the Way for a New Generation of Gotham Heroes

1/4/2018 - In Hawaii, Sea Level Rise Could Displace Thousands and Cost $19 Billion

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1/4/2018 - How Jeff Sessions' Weed Enforcement Reversal Could Impact Medical Marijuana Patients

1/4/2018 - Trump Suggests We Just Drill Everywhere

1/4/2018 - Republicans Vow to Throw Down Against Jeff Sessions After Feds Threaten All Marijuana Users

1/4/2018 - The Gifted, the Best X-Men TV Show in Years, Will Return For a Second Season

1/4/2018 - It's So Stupid That Digital Assistants Are Women

1/4/2018 - Check Out These Amazing Pictures of Today’s Snow Bomb Cyclone Thing

1/4/2018 - It's Official: HBO's Game of Thrones Doesn't Come Back Until 2019

1/4/2018 - Alexa's Future as a Crime-Fighting Virtual Cop Is Still Far Away

1/4/2018 - New Study Shows ‘No Coral Reef on Earth Is Safe’ From Climate Change

1/4/2018 - George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers Adaptation Has Found a Home—and a Cast

1/4/2018 - Two Experiments Show Fourth Spatial Dimension Effect

1/4/2018 - io9's Ultimate Guide to 2018's Scifi, Fantasy, and Superhero TV

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1/4/2018 - Father of Slender Man Attacker on New Movie: 'Extremely Distasteful'

1/4/2018 - All the Ways Your Smartphone and Its Apps Can Track You

1/4/2018 - A Common Sweetener May Be Worsening the Spread of These Deadly Bacteria

1/4/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg's Personal Challenge for 2018 Is Doing His Job

1/4/2018 - Terminator Star Linda Hamilton Is Just One Cool Aspect of the New Time Travel Film Curvature 

1/4/2018 - Could Gene Therapy One Day Cure Diabetes?

1/4/2018 - The Bomb Cyclone Looks Unreal From Space

1/4/2018 - Full Access to India's National Biometric Database Reportedly Sold Over WhatsApp for About $8

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1/4/2018 - The FDA Is Still Scary Slow at Food Recalls

1/4/2018 - Downsizing Was Nearly a Much More Depressing Movie

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1/4/2018 - One of the Best Midrange Phones Is Even Better in White

1/4/2018 - Kendrick Lamar to Produce Black Panther: The Album, and the Lead Single Is Fantastic

1/4/2018 - White House Finally Realizes That Using Personal Phones Is a Security Risk

1/4/2018 - No Snowfall For California As Brutal Storm Hits the East Coast

1/4/2018 - You Can Soon Use Windows 10 on Any Computer or Phone You Own—But It’ll Cost You

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1/3/2018 - Rare Malware Targeting Uber's Android App Uncovered

1/3/2018 - What We Know So Far About Meltdown and Spectre, the Devastating Vulnerabilities in Modern CPUs [Updated]

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1/3/2018 - That Bullshit Voter Fraud Commission Is Officially Dead

1/3/2018 - Homeland Security Data Breach Affects 240,000 Federal Employees, Plus Witnesses and Interviewees

1/3/2018 - Valiant's Secret Weapons Proves That Having Weird Superpowers Is Better Than Being Normal

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1/3/2018 - Loathsome Shill Ajit Pai Drops Out of Planned CES Appearance [Now We Know Why]

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1/3/2018 - Looks Like Ben Mendelsohn Wandered off the Rogue One Set and Stumbled Onto the New Robin Hood Movie

1/3/2018 - Intel Says CEO Dumping Tons of Stock Last Year 'Unrelated' to Big Security Exploit

1/3/2018 - North Korea Accidentally Hit Its Own City During Missile Test According to New Report

1/3/2018 - The Painstaking Work The Last Jedi Put in Resurrecting a Classic Star Wars Character

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1/3/2018 - Bleak New Game Trains Teachers How to Survive School Shootings

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1/3/2018 - Report: Spotify Has Confidentially Filed to Go Public

1/3/2018 - Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower Has Become a Timely, Afrofuturist Opera

1/3/2018 - Discovery of Unknown Ancient Population Changes Our Understanding of How North America Was Settled

1/3/2018 - British Regulators Ban eHarmony Ad for Claiming Service Is 'Scientifically Proven'

1/3/2018 - Americans Played Football in the Nuked Remains of Nagasaki For the 'Atom Bowl' in 1946

1/3/2018 - I Live in the Woods, and Netgear's Orbi Outdoor Satellite Sounds Like a Dream 

1/3/2018 - Teen Expresses Fears Over Loss of Net Neutrality, Governor of Maine Suggests Reading a Book Instead

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1/3/2018 - Fusion GPS Founders Urge Congress to Publish Russia Probe Testimony [Updated]

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1/3/2018 - Netflix Is Officially Making a Sequel to Bright But Leaving One Player Behind

1/3/2018 - North Korea Reopens Phone Line With South Korea, and the Phones Sure Are Weird

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1/2/2018 - Idiot Former Sheriff Sent to Internet Jail

1/2/2018 - Donald Trump Retaliates Against Kim Jong Un's 'Nuclear Button' by Deploying Weapons of Self Humiliation

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1/2/2018 - Spotify Hit With Massive $1.6 Billion Lawsuit From Music Publisher

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