6/30/2018 - US Intel Officials Allege North Korea Is Still Enriching Uranium After Trump-Kim Summit

6/30/2018 - Government Study Says You're Washing Your Hands the Wrong Way, Which Is Gross and You Should Fix It

6/30/2018 - Kevin Feige Explains Why Marvel Went to Three Movies a Year

6/30/2018 - Well, This Japanese Private Rocket Launch Certainly Could Have Gone Better

6/30/2018 - This Animated Short Puts Some Samurai Jack in The Witcher

6/30/2018 - Smart Home Security Camera Sends Footage to Wrong Person, Is Maybe Not So Smart After All

6/30/2018 - This Mission: Impossible—Fallout Featurette is Full of Footage of Tom Cruise Doing Inadvisable Things

6/30/2018 - Capital Gazette Shooting Suspect Was IDed Using Controversial Facial Recognition Database

6/30/2018 - If Wakanda Had World Cup Uniforms, They'd Look Like This

6/30/2018 - Authorities Arrest Man for Allegedly Threatening to Murder Ajit Pai's Children

6/30/2018 - The Strange Mystery of the Squiggles in the Disney Logo

6/30/2018 - Why Adult Content Creators Are Mad at Patreon

6/29/2018 - Your Tinder Photos Are Finally Encrypted Thanks to a 69-Year-Old Senator

6/29/2018 - The Animated Justice League Assembles, and More of the World's Finest Toys of the Week

6/29/2018 - Juul Raising $1.2 Billion to Get More Teens Hooked on Vaping

6/29/2018 - It's Friday, So Here's Ms. Marvel Punching Out What Is Basically a Chocobo From Final Fantasy

6/29/2018 - Sonic the Hedgehog May Face His Greatest Foe Yet: Jim Carrey

6/29/2018 - Harlan Ellison Wrote One of the Best Daredevil Stories Ever

6/29/2018 - In This Week's Best Magical New Comics, the Kids Are All Right, but the Adults Are Definitely Not

6/29/2018 - Please Listen to Trump Get Prank Called on Air Force One

6/29/2018 - Luke Cage’s Focus on Families Gives Season Two a Big Upgrade

6/29/2018 - Millions in Cryptocurrencies Seized in Biggest LSD Bust in European History

6/29/2018 - Here's Even More Evidence of Microsoft's Rumored Dual-Screen Surface 

6/29/2018 - This Midwestern Pipeline Approval Just Pissed Off a Lot of People

6/29/2018 - Comcast Blames Nationwide Outage on ‘Fiber Cut’

6/29/2018 - Hisense's Absurd 100-Inch Laser TV Turned Me Into a Big Screen Believer

6/29/2018 - Ten Years Later, Marvel Studios Still Feels Phase One Was Its Greatest Achievement

6/29/2018 - New Translucent Spider Discovered Living in Muddy Indiana Cave

6/29/2018 - Nearly a Billion South Asians Are Vulnerable to Climate Change, Report Finds

6/29/2018 - These Concept Designs for Back to the Future Part II's Future Tech Are Incredible

6/29/2018 - Shoe Camera Explodes on Creep's Foot Before He Can Take 'Upskirt' Photos

6/29/2018 - Apple Maps Is Reportedly Getting a Complete Overhaul

6/29/2018 - Careless App Developers Leave Millions of Sensitive Medical and Financial Records Exposed

6/29/2018 - UK Reveals Plan for a Centralized Biometric Database That Sounds Like an Absolute Nightmare

6/29/2018 - The World Cup Is Delaying Ant-Man & The Wasp's UK Release and I, a Stereotypical Nerd, Am Pissed

6/29/2018 - Incredible Website Shows Amsterdam's History Through 700,000 Pieces of Old Garbage

6/29/2018 - All the Clues to Steven Universe's Big Pink Diamond Reveal in One Giant Video Compilation

6/29/2018 - Street Artist's Wu-Tang-Inspired Climate Mural Brings Da Ruckus

6/29/2018 - Skull of Crushed Pompeii Victim Found ‘Intact’

6/29/2018 - The US Government Has Charged Hundreds of People With Health Care Fraud and Aiding the Opioid Crisis

6/29/2018 - The First Awful Heat Wave of the Summer Is Here

6/29/2018 - Professor Ends Penis-Size Study Soliciting 3,600 Dick Pics, Citing 'Public Reaction'

6/29/2018 - Three Reasons Why The Expanse's Third Season Was Its Best Yet

6/29/2018 - Even the Defenders Action Figures Hate Iron Fist

6/29/2018 - Verizon Finally Puts Its Sad, Unloved Streaming TV Service to Rest

6/29/2018 - The NES Classic Returns Today But I'm More Excited About This Wireless Controller

6/29/2018 - The International Space Station’s New AI-Powered Bot Is Actually Pretty Cool

6/29/2018 - Watch How Some of Westworld's Most Gruesome Scenes Were Brought to Life

6/29/2018 - NSA: Sorry, Sorry, Trying to Delete

6/29/2018 - Transforming Dino-Cassettes Join a Retro '80s Bumblebee For This Comic-Con Exclusive

6/29/2018 - Adidas Says 'Unauthorized Party' Maybe Got Millions of Logins, Reminds Us to Never, Ever Reuse Passwords

6/29/2018 - These Would Be the Worst Supreme Court Nominees For the Environment

6/29/2018 - iOS 12's New Animoji Are More Expressive, But Can They Pass the ASMR Test?

6/29/2018 - Another Valiant Comics Hero Is Heading to the Big Screen

6/29/2018 - How Water Tanks on a Mexican Volcano Will Solve the Universe’s Mysteries

6/29/2018 - Majority of Americans Think Social Media Sites Censor Political Viewpoints

6/28/2018 - Capital Gazette Shooting Suspect Sued Paper for Reporting His Online Threats Against a Former Classmate

6/28/2018 - There Sure Is a Lot of Purging in the First Trailer for The Purge TV Show... Not

6/28/2018 - MoviePass is Selling Merch Now, Which Will Definitely Turn Things Around for It

6/28/2018 - The Remake of Stephen King's Firestarter Just Landed a New Director

6/28/2018 - Luke Cage's Complicated Queer Romance Is a Part of Gangster Movie Tradition

6/28/2018 - The New House With a Clock in Its Walls Trailer Feels Magical and Adventurous 

6/28/2018 - AT&T Has to Pay Up Millions After Two Major 911 Outages Last Year

6/28/2018 - I Wasted Approximately ¥3,896 on This Stupid Japanese Crane Game App and Learned Nothing

6/28/2018 - California Lawmakers Pass Bill Stopping Companies Like Facebook From Selling User Data Without Consent

6/28/2018 - Interstellar Comet ‘Oumuamua Has a Built-In 'Propulsion' System

6/28/2018 - RIP Harlan Ellison, the Legendary Scifi Author Behind One of Star Trek's Greatest Episodes

6/28/2018 - Disney Has Built Impressive Robot Stunt Doubles That Mean No One Any Harm

6/28/2018 - North America’s Largest Coral Reef Is No Longer in Danger

6/28/2018 - RIP Asimo, You Useless Robotic Honda Ad

6/28/2018 - You're Going to Have to Wait Longer for Indiana Jones 5

6/28/2018 - Showtime's Halo TV Series Is Still Happening, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Rupert Wyatt Has Joined It 

6/28/2018 - Sling TV's Great, Super-Cheap Streaming Plan Is Getting a Price Hike

6/28/2018 - The Strange Connection Between Opioid Addiction and Narcolepsy Might Help Us Treat Both

6/28/2018 - Ant-Man & The Wasp Is Bringing Us Into a New Kind of Uncanny Valley

6/28/2018 - Scientists Have Invented Craigslist For Shark Livers

6/28/2018 - This New Tool Aims to Help Reunite Kids Seized at the Border With Their Families

6/28/2018 - The What We Do in the Shadows Spinoff Series Wellington Paranormal Looks Delightfully Mundane

6/28/2018 - A Pertinent Reminder That Spider-Verse Is Still One of Marvel's Best Comics in Years

6/28/2018 - Earth Has Many More Rivers and Streams Than We Thought, New Satellite Study Finds

6/28/2018 - Controversial Study Suggests There’s No Limit to Human Aging

6/28/2018 - The Best Gas Grill You Can Buy Without Breaking the Bank

6/28/2018 - Japan's 'Naked Hermit' Pried From Island Utopia After 29 Years

6/28/2018 - The Thirteenth Doctor's First Comic Book Journey Is a Trip Into Her Own Pasts

6/28/2018 - Quiz App Left 120 Million Facebook Users’ Data Exposed as Recently as Last Month

6/28/2018 - Offshore Wind Could Finally Start to Catch on in the US

6/28/2018 - People in These US States Get the Least Exercise

6/28/2018 - The First Disenchantment Teaser Is a Glimpse Into Matt Groening's Magical New Fantasy World

6/28/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale Director Shares How the Show's 'Visceral' Moment Was Born

6/28/2018 - Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Ordered to Pay $25 Million to Former Beats Partner

6/28/2018 - The New DC Universe Streaming Service Will Bundle Superhero Comics and TV Shows All in One Place

6/28/2018 - Origin Mystery of Ancient Rhino-Like Mammal Solved By 55-Million-Year-Old Fossil

6/28/2018 - The Secret to Razer's Sick New Mechanical Keyboard Is Freaking Lasers

6/28/2018 - Amazon Buys PillPack in a Move to Swallow Your Pharmacy

6/28/2018 - Artist Envisions The Incredibles' Future, and It's Powerfully Bleak

6/28/2018 - Bayou Bridge Pipeline is Nearing Completion But the Fight Isn't Over

6/28/2018 - This Brilliant Case Packs Built-in Springs to Protect Your Phone From Falls

6/28/2018 - The Expanse Season Finale Finds Humanity Teetering on the Brink of Annihilation

6/28/2018 - Lego's Voltron Set Is the Giant Brick Robot of Our Dreams

6/28/2018 - A Familiar Legends of Tomorrow Hero Is Returning for Season 4

6/28/2018 - Neat Experiment Suggests Crows Are Even Better Toolmakers Than We Thought

6/28/2018 - Canada Reassures Citizens There Will Be Enough Weed For Everyone on October 17th

6/28/2018 - Salesforce CEO Says It Won't Sever Ties With Customs and Border Protection

6/28/2018 - Pornhub Adds Closed Captions For the Hearing Impaired and Stenographer Fetishists

6/28/2018 - Report: Jack Dorsey on Futile Quest to Make Angry Republicans Less Angry, At Least At Him

6/27/2018 - Personal Information of 340 Million People and Businesses Leaked By Florida Marketing Firm

6/27/2018 - The Space Between Stars Is Full of Greasy, Possibly Toxic Carbon

6/27/2018 - FTC's New Head of Consumer Protection is a Major Corporate Shill

6/27/2018 - Rescued Computer Hardware Performs a Near-Perfect Rendition of the '80s Airwolf Theme

6/27/2018 - Nicolas Cage Hunts 'Crazy Evil' in the First Trailer for Mandy

6/27/2018 - Boots Riley Explains How He Made Sorry to Bother You the Year’s Most Surprising Scifi Movie

6/27/2018 - Ticketmaster Discloses Breach That Impacts Nearly 5 Percent of Its Customers

6/27/2018 - Faking My Westworld Fandom Was So Easy, I Almost Forgot I Was a Fraud

6/27/2018 - Forest Fires and Dank Weed Are Pushing These Cuties Toward Extinction

6/27/2018 - BoJack Horseman's Fifth Season Is Hitting Netflix Sooner Than You Think

6/27/2018 - AT&T Slipped an Extra $1.23 Onto Your Wireless Bill, and It Stands to Make a Fortune

6/27/2018 - NASA Delays James Webb Space Telescope Yet Again, 'Commits' to a 2021 Launch

6/27/2018 - Live-Action Comic Book Adaptations Should Radically Reinvent Characters More Often

6/27/2018 - Facebook Patent Imagines Triggering Your Phone’s Mic When a Hidden Signal Plays on TV

6/27/2018 - Don’t Play Yourself by Pirating This Nintendo Switch Piracy Software

6/27/2018 - Tropical Forests Were Lost at a Near-Record Rate in 2017

6/27/2018 - Jared Leto Is Likely to Star in Morbius, the Living Vampire 

6/27/2018 - The Mystery of Black Panther's Spacebound Hero Just Got Even More Intriguing

6/27/2018 - Samsung Teases Galaxy Note 9 Reveal on August 9

6/27/2018 - Google Rolls Out New Internal Rules in an Effort to Fix Its Culture

6/27/2018 - Two New Papers Offers Clues to Mars' Weird History

6/27/2018 - Sorry, Maeve Had a More Satisfying Story Than Dolores in Westworld Season Two

6/27/2018 - GMO Labels Actually Make People Less Afraid of GMOs, Study Finds

6/27/2018 - Google Home and Chromecast Outages Leave Users With Plenty of Other Things to Do 

6/27/2018 - Facebook Is Testing a Snooze Feature That Lets You Silence Topics In Your Feed

6/27/2018 - Big Oil's Victory in Climate Suit Doesn't Matter

6/27/2018 - Here's the First Look at Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984, Courtesy of Patty Jenkins

6/27/2018 - The Discovery of Complex Organic Molecules on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is a Huge Deal

6/27/2018 - A Demolition Man-Style Taco Bell Is Coming to Comic-Con

6/27/2018 - Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Use Design to Trick You Into Handing Over Your Data, New Report Warns

6/27/2018 - Praise Be, Oprah Winfrey Got Out of Gilead

6/27/2018 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Should Be Called The Wasp and Ant-Man, Which Is Why It's So Good

6/27/2018 - This Futuristic Solar Power Plant From 1923 Was Supposed to Light Up the World

6/27/2018 - A Massive Wildfire Is Burning Near Manchester in the United Kingdom 

6/27/2018 - The Horror Flick Our House Shows the Secret Danger of Wireless Tech: Ghosts

6/27/2018 - 70,000 Opioid Deaths in the US May Have Gone Uncounted Since 1999

6/27/2018 - This New Handheld Device Detects Your Smelly Body Odor Before Your Co-Workers Do

6/27/2018 - States Screwed Up Emergency Alerts So Much, the Senate Just Voted to Take Away Their Privileges

6/27/2018 - How The Satanic Panic Completely Changed The Way We Think About Memory

6/27/2018 - Hell Yes, Japan’s Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Has Officially Entered Orbit Around the Ryugu Asteroid

6/27/2018 - Slack Is Down and I've Never Felt Less Alive [Updated: It's Up]

6/27/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale Delivers a Series Triumph

6/27/2018 - More Rumors About Patrick Stewart's Potential Return to Star Trek

6/27/2018 - The BlackBerry Key2 Makes Me Wish Physical Keyboards Weren't All But Dead

6/27/2018 - Lego's Next Minifigure Collection Is a Harry Potter Treasure Trove

6/27/2018 - I Broke Google Duplex, But It's Still Impressive

6/27/2018 - Sonos Beam Is a Great Smart Soundbar for Not Too Much Money

6/27/2018 - The Next Decade Will Decide Our Future Climate

6/27/2018 - Democratic Candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Didn't Even Have a Wikipedia Page on Monday

6/27/2018 - Feds Bust Over 35 Suspected Dark Web Vendors, Seizing Everything From Drugs to a Grenade Launcher

6/26/2018 - Facebook Scraps Plans to Build Its Own Massive Internet Drones for Its Aquila Project

6/26/2018 - Uber Regains Temporary License to Operate in London After Promising to Stop Being Terrible

6/26/2018 - Time to Celebrate One of the Best-Loved Modern Pop Culture Artists

6/26/2018 - Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Riff on the Classic Cartoon Theme Is Pretty Fun

6/26/2018 - Finally, All of Microsoft's Mobile Failures Have Been Redeemed With This Windows 95 Phone

6/26/2018 - Meet the First New Doctor Who Composer Since 2005

6/26/2018 - Microsoft 'Improves' Racist Facial Recognition Software

6/26/2018 - Yet Another Stephen King Adaptation Is Coming, This Time From the Writers of A Quiet Place

6/26/2018 - 'Have I Been Pwned' Integrates With Firefox and 1Password to Tell You When You've Been Pwned

6/26/2018 - Apple iOS 12 (Almost) Fixes the Worst Thing About the iPhone X

6/26/2018 - Venture Bros. Co-Creator Talks Toxic Nerds and Making the Show in a World Saturated With Superheroes

6/26/2018 - North America Will Not Be Able to See the Longest Lunar Eclipse of the Century, Sorry

6/26/2018 - California Has 48 Hours to Pass This Privacy Bill or Else

6/26/2018 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: The Spoiler FAQ

6/26/2018 - Wow, Americans Are Actually Getting Better at Conserving Something

6/26/2018 - That Trump Hotel Parody Site Was Made by a Conservative Angered by Trump's 'Border Fiasco'

6/26/2018 - And Now, Here's Mark Hamill With a Truly Grim Realization About Luke's Arc in The Last Jedi

6/26/2018 - The Arctic Ocean Is Quickly Becoming the Atlantic

6/26/2018 - It's So Great That Apple Cares About macOS Again

6/26/2018 - Microsoft Surface Laptop, One Year Later

6/26/2018 - Hurricane Harvey Housing Relief Is Officially Ending 

6/26/2018 - The 10 Biggest Questions From the Westworld Finale, and What We Already Know About Them

6/26/2018 - The Rosetta Image Archive Is Now Complete and Freely Available, so You Can See a Comet Like Never Before

6/26/2018 - A Twitter Bot Has Joined the Immigration Battle to Fight ICE With Facts

6/26/2018 - August Smart Locks Releases Features to Help Airbnb Hosts Let Guests in Remotely [Corrected]

6/26/2018 - Bizarre 'Sonic Attack' Symptoms Reportedly Spreading to US Diplomats Around the World

6/26/2018 - A New NASA-Led Project Means the Search for Aliens Is Heating Up

6/26/2018 - It Costs Seven Cents to Make a Nickel, So the U.S. Mint Had a Computer Simulate Cheaper Coins

6/26/2018 - In the Next Steven Universe, Pink Diamond's Lies Could Destroy the Crystal Gems

6/26/2018 - The Latest Priceless Art Restoration Disaster Is One for the History Books

6/26/2018 - I'm Starting to Have Serious Doubts About Amazon Prime

6/26/2018 - The Laughing He-Man Meme Is Finally Getting the Action Figure It Rightly Deserves

6/26/2018 - Well This Is the Weirdest iPhone Rumor We've Heard in a While

6/26/2018 - Canadian Music Festival on Hold Due to a Single Nesting Bird

6/26/2018 - Judge Hands Oil Companies a Win in High Profile Climate Lawsuit

6/26/2018 - A Single Cable Promises to Charge Your iOS and Android Devices

6/26/2018 - The Alien Ain't Messing Around in the New Trailer for The Predator 

6/26/2018 - Arrow's Next Season Could Borrow Some Ideas From the Canceled Green Arrow Movie

6/26/2018 - Poncho the Spanish Police Dog Goes Viral For Showing Off His CPR Skills

6/26/2018 - Scott Pruitt Was So Sloppy Telling Oil Execs and Cronies He Could Get Them Hired, It's Embarrassing

6/25/2018 - Performance Artist Separates Money From Dupes With $38 Bottles of Miracle 'Hot Dog Water'

6/25/2018 - 'Machine Learning President' Designers Have No Idea How the Mercers Got Their Game

6/25/2018 - These Preacher Statues Are Alarmingly Realistic

6/25/2018 - Witness the First Time Thrawn Encounters a Familiar Star Wars Hero in This New Novel Excerpt

6/25/2018 - Salesforce Workers Urge CEO to 'Re-Examine' Work With Customs and Border Protection

6/25/2018 - Kevin Feige Teases Why Certain Characters Survived Avengers: Infinity War

6/25/2018 - These Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumors Actually Sound Pretty Great

6/25/2018 - Dude Talked So Much Shit Online About This Company, He's Going to Jail—Again

6/25/2018 - The Debut Teaser For A Discovery of Witches Mixes Magic and Melodrama

6/25/2018 - This Woman's Horrifying Selfies Helped Track the Parasitic Worm Crawling in Her Face

6/25/2018 - Changing NOAA's Vision to Exclude Climate Has Been a Long Time Coming

6/25/2018 - Download the iOS 12 Beta, If You Dare

6/25/2018 - The Joker May Have Given Batman the Greatest Wedding Gift of All

6/25/2018 - FDA Approves First Drug Made From Cannabis

6/25/2018 - The Coldest Temperature Ever Observed on Earth Is Bonkers

6/25/2018 - How a Dust Plume Turned the Sun Red 

6/25/2018 - Google Earth Now Lets You Pointlessly Measure Distances and Areas, and We Couldn't Be Happier

6/25/2018 - GameStop Explains How and Why It’s Going to Start Selling Comic Books

6/25/2018 - Orlando Police Drop Amazon's Controversial Face Recognition Tech—For Now

6/25/2018 - Turns Out, Your Fancy Monitor Might Have a 4K Display Inside

6/25/2018 - The Makers of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Solve Some of the Film's Big Mysteries

6/25/2018 - We're Almost Certainly Getting Some New AirPods—What Will They Be?

6/25/2018 - Northern California Is Burning Up Again

6/25/2018 - Buzz Aldrin Is Suing His Family for ‘Elder Exploitation’

6/25/2018 - The Avengers 4 Trailers Are Going to Have a Weird Marketing Problem

6/25/2018 - 5 Things We Loved, and 3 We Didn't About Luke Cage's Second Season 

6/25/2018 - Watch Live: You Know You Wanna Chat About the Game-Changing Westworld Ending

6/25/2018 - Domestic Abusers Are Increasingly Weaponizing Smart Home Tech

6/25/2018 - Fantastic New View of Ryugu Asteroid Reveals a Distinctly Dice-Like Shape

6/25/2018 - Feral Cats Are Slaughtering Australia's Reptiles

6/25/2018 - Face Recognition CEO Says Use of This Tech by Police Is 'Irresponsible and Dangerous'

6/25/2018 - This Batman Dance-Off Reveals Alfred Works Hard for the Money, Among Other Disturbing Bat-Secrets

6/25/2018 - Fire Chief 'Bewildered' After Mysterious Incident at E-Cigarette Plant Left 29 Sick

6/25/2018 - Mouse and Keyboard Support May Finally Come to the Xbox One This Year

6/25/2018 - Motorola’s Making the Cheap Smartphone Even Harder to Resist

6/25/2018 - The Westworld Finale Was a Beautiful, Bonkers Mess

6/25/2018 - How to Play Google Podcasts Everywhere—Including iOS

6/25/2018 - A Truly Weird Rumor About a Special Star Wars: Episode IX Cameo

6/25/2018 - TrumpHotels.org Purchased by Pranksters to Promote America's Concentration Camps

6/25/2018 - Flying Saucer Toy Recalled For Teaching Kids That Nazis Achieved Space Travel

6/24/2018 - Best of Gizmodo: The EU's Bad New Copyright Law, Microsoft's ICE Contract, and Comic-Con 2018

6/24/2018 - Black Astronaut Jeanette Epps Still Doesn't Know Why NASA Cancelled Her Historic Mission This Year

6/24/2018 - Editor’s Note

6/24/2018 - Michael Douglas Is Absolutely Down for a Hank Pym-Starring Ant-Man Prequel

6/24/2018 - AT&T Employees Reportedly Encouraged to Use Unethical Sales Tactics to Drive Up DirecTV Now Subscriptions

6/24/2018 - This VFX Reel Spotlights the Majesty of Justice League's Best Special Effects

6/24/2018 - Rat Dies Doing What It Loved: Breaking Into an ATM and Gorging Itself on Nearly $18,000 in Cash

6/24/2018 - The Avengers: Infinity War Cast Found Out About the Ending On the Day of Shooting, While in a Van

6/24/2018 - Survey: Most Americans Remain Unwilling to Let a Robot Into Their Home Yet

6/24/2018 - This Video Explores the Shinto Spirituality of Hayao Miyazaki's Films

6/24/2018 - Best-Selling Carbon Monoxide Detector Removed From Amazon and eBay Because It's Defective

6/24/2018 - Westworld's Composer Breaks Down the Best Musical Moments from Season Two

6/23/2018 - Tom Holland Just Told the World the Name of the Next Spider-Man Movie

6/23/2018 - Hezbollah Reportedly Claims Facebook, Twitter Have Disabled Their Main Accounts

6/23/2018 - Syfy is Bringing Clive Barker's Horror to Television With Nightbreed

6/23/2018 - ZTE Can't Fix a Broken Urinal Because It's Not Sure If It's Banned From Buying American Products

6/23/2018 - SpaceX Wins $130 Million Falcon Heavy Contract to Launch Classified USAF Satellite in 2020

6/23/2018 - A Virginia Restaurant Asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders to Leave and Now Its Yelp Page is Destroyed

6/23/2018 - Blumhouse Head Jason Blum Says The Studio Won't Make a Get Out Sequel Without Jordan Peele

6/23/2018 - Sony Is Developing a Movie Starring Korean-American Hero Cindy Moon, aka Silk

6/23/2018 - Hospitalized John McAfee Swears Wrath on Whoever Managed to 'Spike Something That I Ingested'

6/23/2018 - Facebook Created a Human Crisis Team After Algorithms Failed It

6/23/2018 - The Early Reactions Are in, and People Really Seemed to Like Ant-Man and The Wasp

6/23/2018 - David Lynch Teases A Certain Unresolved Storyline is 'Calling' to Him for More Twin Peaks 

6/23/2018 - If Streaming Is the Future of Console Gaming, It Might Be Screwed

6/23/2018 - There's a Brute Force Hack That Can Bypass the iPhone's Passcode Limit [Update: Maybe Not!]

6/22/2018 - Netflix PR Head Drops the N-Word, Netflix Drops Him

6/22/2018 - Forest Whitaker Is a Badass Father in Netflix's Apocalyptic Action Film How It Ends

6/22/2018 - Apple Finally Offers Fixes for Faulty Butterfly Keyboards, Acknowledging the Design Sucks

6/22/2018 - We Love This Idea for a Friday the 13th Spinoff

6/22/2018 - Even More Weird and Wonderful Comic-Con Exclusives, and the Rest of the Best Toys of the Week

6/22/2018 - The Secret Beauty of Marvel’s What If Comics

6/22/2018 - You Can Finally See the Gruesome Monsters From A Quiet Place in All Their Glory

6/22/2018 - Whoa, Check out Zebrafish Eyes

6/22/2018 - The Heroes of This Week's Best New Comics Are Searching for Answers... and Vengeance At Sea

6/22/2018 - 6 Other Vintage Horror Characters Who Could Use a Reboot

6/22/2018 - Physicists Think the Weather Can Trigger Blackouts in an Unexpected Way

6/22/2018 - Facebook Is Working on a Hidden Tool That Shows How Much Time You Waste on Facebook

6/22/2018 - I'm Too Big for This Miniature Jurassic Park Jeep, But That's Not Keeping It Out of My Garage

6/22/2018 - We Need to Study the Effects of Revenge Porn on Mental Health

6/22/2018 - Oh Joy, We Just Found Another Virus Spread By Mosquitoes That Might Make Us Sick

6/22/2018 - Age of Ultron Almost Had an Infinitely Cooler Final Battle 

6/22/2018 - Bear Cam Is Back

6/22/2018 - DC Comics Returns to Supermarket Shelves With New, Giant-Sized Comics

6/22/2018 - Massive Genetic Study Finds Many Links Between Various Psychiatric Illnesses

6/22/2018 - Scott Pruitt's Home State Now Gets to Regulate Its Coal Ash

6/22/2018 - California Lawmaker Under Fire for Weakening State Net Neutrality Bill

6/22/2018 - A Handy Guide to All the Star Wars Projects That Are Potentially in the Works Right Now

6/22/2018 - Cops Need a Warrant to Grab Your Phone's Location Data, Supreme Court Says in Landmark Case

6/22/2018 - The FDA Has Approved an Implantable Glucose Monitor for Diabetics That Lasts for Months

6/22/2018 - Facebook Doubles Down on Controversial App for Kids

6/22/2018 - How to Stop the Sound of a Dripping Faucet Instantly, According to Science

6/22/2018 - Bodycam Maker Axon Reportedly Tried to Buy Face Recognition Tech

6/22/2018 - NBC's Timeless Has Been Cancelled, But a Finale Movie May Be in the Works

6/22/2018 - TV Meteorologists Double Down on Climate Outreach as Ted Cruz Attacks It

6/22/2018 - Firefighters Suspended for Allegedly Filming Porn in Fire Station 

6/22/2018 - The EPA Just Killed Three Expert Advisory Committees

6/22/2018 - The Xperia XZ2 Is the Best Phone Sony Has Made in Years

6/22/2018 - Blue Origin Says It Will Start Selling Tickets for Spaceflights in 2019

6/22/2018 - AI and Carbon Nanotubes Are Now Being Used to Improve the World's... Keyboards?

6/22/2018 - Luke Cage Season Two Is All About the Heroes and Villains Shaping the Unbreakable Man's Legacy

6/22/2018 - What Happens When a Ghost Town Turns Into a Lab

6/22/2018 - Einstein's Theory of Gravity Passes Enormous Test on a Galaxy

6/22/2018 - Intriguing Rumors About the Cast of the Y: The Last Man TV Show

6/22/2018 - Roll Like a Boss in These Brand New R2-D2 Hightops

6/22/2018 - Journalists Start Using Drones to View Immigrant Detention Camps After Government Blocks Entry

6/22/2018 - Uber Driver in Fatal Tempe Crash May Have Been Watching The Voice Behind the Wheel

6/22/2018 - You'll Soon Be Able to Sponsor Your Favorite YouTube Creators for $5 Per Month

6/21/2018 - Instagram Removed a ProPublica Post Outing White Supremacists Because Facebook Keeps Blocking the Wrong Things

6/21/2018 - Amazon Workers Demand Jeff Bezos Cancel Face Recognition Contracts With Law Enforcement

6/21/2018 - Minecraft Is Coming to Adventure Time for a Very Blocky Episode

6/21/2018 - AT&T's WatchTV Is the First Streaming Service for the Post-Net Neutrality World

6/21/2018 - There's a Very Good Reason Incredibles 2 Is So Similar to the First Film

6/21/2018 - The Latest Star Wars Rumor Involves a Canceled Mos Eisley Movie

6/21/2018 - Ajit Pai Is Apparently a Comedy Vlogger Now

6/21/2018 - GitHub Coders to Microsoft: Cut Ties With ICE or We'll 'Take Our Projects Elsewhere' 

6/21/2018 - Twitter Buys Anti-Abuse Company to Help It Suck Less

6/21/2018 - Turns Out Our Methane Emissions Are Really Fucking Bad

6/21/2018 - The Dust Storm on Mars Is So Huge It Now Encircles the Entire Planet

6/21/2018 - Herpes Viruses Linked to Alzheimer's Disease in New Brain Research

6/21/2018 - MoviePass Is Introducing Surge Pricing, Feel Free to Be Annoyed

6/21/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Scifi and Fantasy Streaming in July

6/21/2018 - Swamp Sparrows Display Evidence of Centuries-Old Tradition in Their Songs

6/21/2018 - The Trailer for The Man Who Unlocked the Universe Is a Gorgeous Mixture of Science and Action

6/21/2018 - Google and Friends Blamed for Blocking Vote on New York Revenge Porn Bill

6/21/2018 - The First Time Batman and Catwoman Really Got Married

6/21/2018 - Puerto Rico Wants to Hand Its Energy Crisis Over to the Private Sector

6/21/2018 - Rian Johnson Hilariously Endorses Fan Remake of The Last Jedi

6/21/2018 - Extinct Gibbon Species Found in Tomb of Ancient Chinese Noblewoman

6/21/2018 - West Antarctica's Springy Bedrock Is Some Rare Good News For Its Ice

6/21/2018 - Serena Joy Is The Handmaid's Tale's Most Infuriating Yet Intriguing Character

6/21/2018 - Antarctic Researchers Are Having More Solstice Fun Than You

6/21/2018 - America Isn't Ready to Handle a Catastrophic Asteroid Impact, New Report Warns

6/21/2018 - Marvel's Infinity Wars Comics Are Creating Some Mighty Mash-Ups

6/21/2018 - Online Retailers Can Be Forced to Charge You Sales Tax, Supreme Court Rules

6/21/2018 - Algeria Shuts Off the Entire Country's Internet to Stop Students From Cheating

6/21/2018 - Facebook Wants to Use Machine Learning to Stop Hoaxes and Fake News 

6/21/2018 - MTV's Marvelous Misanthrope Daria Is Coming Back in a New Rebooted Series

6/21/2018 - Wait, What the Hell Happened to Apple AirPower?

6/21/2018 - Bogong Moths Are First Insect Known to Use Earth’s Magnetism to Navigate at Night

6/21/2018 - Malaysian CEO's Death Reportedly Caused by Exploding Phone

6/21/2018 - Watch: The Centuries-Old History of Cliffhanger Endings

6/21/2018 - Facebook's Flawed Push for Political Transparency Is Censoring Crucial Voices

6/21/2018 - Bose Made a White Noise Machine You Stick In Your Ears

6/21/2018 - On This Week's Expanse, Everyone's Been Beaten All to Hell

6/21/2018 - Koko the Gorilla, Famous for Learning Sign Language, Has Died

6/21/2018 - Hot Wheels' Joy-Riding Porg Exclusive Is the Only Reason You Need to Visit Comic-Con

6/21/2018 - Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Quits After Investigation Into Total Boner Move

6/21/2018 - Baby Giant Manta Rays Grow up Together in This Newly Discovered Nursery

6/21/2018 - Even Birds Struggle to Become Empty Nesters

6/21/2018 - Terminator 6 Set Photos Reveal Our First Look at Sarah Connor's Triumphant Return

6/21/2018 - New Photo of Kilauea's Eruption From Space May Be Our Best Yet

6/21/2018 - Alexa Is a Pretty Crappy TV Remote, for Now

6/21/2018 - Scorned US Lawmakers Press Google on Relationship with Huawei

6/21/2018 - Snapchat: Still Fucked

6/20/2018 - FBI Warns of 'Alarming' Increase in In-Flight Sexual Assaults

6/20/2018 - It Turns out All Kinds of Tech Companies Are Working With ICE

6/20/2018 - Having Allegedly Failed to Gobble Up Bumble, Dating Giant Match Group Buys Rival App Hinge

6/20/2018 - Star Wars' Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs

6/20/2018 - Google, Unlike Apple, is Making it Easy to Cancel App Subscriptions

6/20/2018 - Marvel Is Getting Closer to Hiring Its Black Widow Director

6/20/2018 - This Kaiju Short Film Is Beautiful, Creepy, and Stars Puppets

6/20/2018 - Lawsuit: Detained Immigrant Children in Texas Forced to Take Antipsychotic Drugs

6/20/2018 - Disney, Do You Really Want to Give Rupert Murdoch More Money Right Now?

6/20/2018 - The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise Is Being Rebooted (Again)

6/20/2018 - California Lawmakers Accused of 'Corruption' After Gutting Net Neutrality Bill

6/20/2018 - First Manta Ray Nursery Ever Discovered Shows Marine Protected Areas Matter

6/20/2018 - This Light-Up HAL 9000 USB Flash Drive Can't Sing, But Probably Won't Kill You Either

6/20/2018 - This Powerful ACLU Animated Series Will Prepare You for an Encounter With ICE Agents

6/20/2018 - Is There a Better Individual Season of Doctor Who Than Tom Baker's Debut? 

6/20/2018 - ‘Electronic Skin’ Allows User of Prosthetic Hand to Feel Pain

6/20/2018 - Facebook Is Testing If You'll Pay Actual Money for Your Favorite Groups' Premium Content

6/20/2018 - China's Plastic Waste Ban Will Create a Huge Issue For the World

6/20/2018 - Report: The Star Wars Story Films Are Being Put On Hold  [UPDATED]

6/20/2018 - Meet Instagram's YouTube Clone: IGTV

6/20/2018 - T. Rex's Tongue Was Firmly Stuck in Its Mouth, Study Finds

6/20/2018 - Snapchat's New Coral Lenses Transport You Under the Sea

6/20/2018 - A World of Toys Comes to Life in Robert Zemeckis' True Story Welcome to Marwen

6/20/2018 - Final Days of Ötzi the Iceman Revealed Through New Analysis of His Tools

6/20/2018 - The DC Universe Is Kinda Broken Right Now

6/20/2018 - Did Scientists Just Find a Missing Piece of the Universe?

6/20/2018 - How Director J.A. Bayona Made Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom All His Own

6/20/2018 - How Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan Targets Desperate People Online

6/20/2018 - Chloë Grace Moretz Has Some Doubts About Kick-Ass 3 Ever Happening

6/20/2018 - Climate Change Is Out, Drilling Is in With Trump's New Ocean Policy

6/20/2018 - AMC's New $20 MoviePass Competitor Sounds Like a Damn Good Deal

6/20/2018 - 'Bitcoin Baron' Gets 20 Months in Prison for DDoS Attack That 'Crippled' Emergency Communications

6/20/2018 - TCL Made Its Terrifically Cheap 4K TV Even Better

6/20/2018 - Michigan Is Done Helping Flint Test Its Water

6/20/2018 - Rotten Tomatoes Says There's Nothing Weird About Gotti's Dubious Audience Score

6/20/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale Reminds Us How Shitty It Is to Take Children From Their Parents

6/20/2018 - Why the Government Sucks at Making Websites

6/20/2018 - USB-C Is a Mess—How to Navigate It

6/20/2018 - T-Mobile Adviser Mocks 10-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Seized at U.S. Border

6/20/2018 - Disney's Plan to Acquire Fox Is Back On, Thanks to a New $70 Billion Deal

6/20/2018 - You Need These Award-Winning Nature Photos Right Now

6/20/2018 - James Gunn Reconfirms Just When Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Take Place

6/20/2018 - How Tidal Got So Fucked

6/20/2018 - Facebook Fundraiser Raises Over $8 Million for Immigrants in America's Concentration Camps

6/20/2018 - Microsoft CEO Downplays ICE Contract in Email to Employees

6/20/2018 - Guy Who Gave Cambridge Analytica All That Facebook Data: Actually, My Data Sucked

6/19/2018 - Medium, Github, and Twitter Are Shutting Down Accounts Spreading ICE Employees' LinkedIn Data

6/19/2018 - Ever See a Guy Say Goodbye to a Shoe? Not If He Was Wearing These New Simpsons Sneakers

6/19/2018 - The End of All That's Good and Pure About the Internet

6/19/2018 - Robert Zemeckis May Team Up With Guillermo del Toro to Remake Roald Dahl's The Witches

6/19/2018 - A Smart Home Turns Homicidal in Netflix's New Horror Flick

6/19/2018 - Microsoft Employees Pressure Leadership to Cancel ICE Contract

6/19/2018 - Robert Kirkman's Invincible Is Being Turned Into an Animated Amazon Series

6/19/2018 - Facebook Wants to Be Your Quiz Daddy Now

6/19/2018 - What Movies Are Coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2018?

6/19/2018 - A Big Nasty Plant That Burns Like Hell Has Been Discovered in Virginia for the First Time

6/19/2018 - Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Pledge to Stop Selling Your Real-Time Location to Data Brokers

6/19/2018 - Scientists Find Stronger Evidence for New Kind of Black Hole

6/19/2018 - Jennifer Lee and Pete Docter Will Replace John Lasseter as Disney and Pixar's New Heads

6/19/2018 - Did Hurricane Maria Worsen Puerto Rico's Asthma Crisis?

6/19/2018 - A Democrat Funded by AT&T Could Sabotage California's Net Neutrality Law

6/19/2018 - Google Remembers to Like and Subscribe, Releases Its Own Podcasts App

6/19/2018 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is the Latest Film to Leave LGBTQ Representation on the Cutting Room Floor

6/19/2018 - Can Thousands of Smartphones Help Detect Cosmic Rays?

6/19/2018 - What We Want From the DC/CW Shows Next Season

6/19/2018 - American PR Professionals Helped Sell the Nazi Regime to the United States

6/19/2018 - A New IDW Comic Is Mashing Up Star Trek and Transformers in the Most Glorious Way Possible

6/19/2018 - I Can’t Believe Apple Made This

6/19/2018 - Tiffany Haddish Spoofed the Hell Out of Black Panther and The Last Jedi at the MTV Awards

6/19/2018 - A Woman's New Tattoo Led to Three Years of Chronic Pain, Doctors Say

6/19/2018 - Deadly Monsoon Rains Have Displaced a Million People—and They’re Not Letting Up

6/19/2018 - New Medical Analysis Shows What Really Happened on the Night Robert F. Kennedy Was Assassinated

6/19/2018 - Report: A Next Generation Sequel Could Be Included in Alex Kurtzman's Expansive New Star Trek Deal

6/19/2018 - Bizarre Amazon Patent Application Suggests Jellyfish-Like Drones for Warehouses

6/19/2018 - Kilauea's Summit Crater Has Been Radically Transformed

6/19/2018 - Watch Live: That Westworld Man in Black Theory Just Got a Major Bump

6/19/2018 - You Can Rearrange the Letters and Spell Out Any Message On This Scrabble Tile Rack Lamp

6/19/2018 - X-Men Gold's Big Wedding Surprise Is Going to Be Appropriately Messy and Dramatic

6/19/2018 - China's Anti-Porn Task Force Is Banning ASMR Videos

6/19/2018 - 1,300 Professors Sign Letter Condemning Separation of Immigrant Families as Child Abuse

6/19/2018 - The Dangers of Tech's Privacy Promises

6/19/2018 - 9 Tips and Hacks to Make Your Fitbit More Productive

6/19/2018 - ZTE's Future Is Back in Limbo After Senate Votes to Reinstate Ban

6/19/2018 - Voltron's Showrunners Say There's More to This Season's Shocking Twist Than Meets the Eye

6/19/2018 - The Diabetes Cure That Most Insurance Companies Won't Pay for

6/19/2018 - Alexa for Hospitality Lets Amazon Follow You on Vacation

6/19/2018 - So Supergirl Is Clearly Doing a Really Famous Superman Story Next Year

6/19/2018 - Facebook Messenger Will Now Include Autoplaying Ads With Your Private Conversations

6/19/2018 - More Rumors About the Return of an Old Hero in Star Wars: Episode IX

6/19/2018 - This Plug Senses Outlets and Glows So You Never Have to Shock Yourself Again

6/19/2018 - Adobe Squeezed the Best Parts of Its Video Editing Suite into a New Mobile App

6/19/2018 - America's 'Detention Centers' Added to Wikipedia List of Concentration Camps [Updated]

6/19/2018 - Report: GameStop Is Considering a Buyout From a Private Equity Firm

6/18/2018 - The Trump Administration Reportedly Promised Tim Cook There Won't Be Tariffs on iPhones

6/18/2018 - Elon Musk Allegedly Tells Tesla Staff to Remain 'Extremely Vigilant' Amid 'Sabotage,' Factory Fire

6/18/2018 - Our First Look at What Feels Like the First Star Trek Action Figures in Ages

6/18/2018 - Open Channel: How Do You Want the Incredibles Universe to Expand?

6/18/2018 - Welcome to the Beesistance

6/18/2018 - We Need to Talk About the Most Awesome Moment in Voltron's Latest Season

6/18/2018 - Scientists Propose a New Kind of Matter Inside the Densest Stars

6/18/2018 - Trump Promises to Create Military Space Force

6/18/2018 - The Supreme Court Case That Could Tear Down Apple's Walled Garden

6/18/2018 - Trump’s Tent City in the Desert Could Be a Public Health Disaster

6/18/2018 - Android Messages Is Getting Some of the Best Features From Google’s Abandoned Chat App

6/18/2018 - The Walking Dead Will See a Very Familiar Face Return Next Season

6/18/2018 - An Amazon Shipping Box Turned Into a Knife Will Give You the Worst Paper Cut Imaginable

6/18/2018 - Smartphones and Tablets Might Be Hurting Kids' Hearing, but No One Knows for Sure

6/18/2018 - Microsoft Employees Up in Arms Over Cloud Contract With ICE

6/18/2018 - Researchers Develop Tech That Lets Surveillance Cameras Text to Say Hello 

6/18/2018 - Elastigirl Deserves a Much Better Husband Than Mr. Incredible

6/18/2018 - The World's Largest Sand Desert Is Covered in Lakes After Tropical Cyclone Mekunu

6/18/2018 - Nvidia Is Using AI to Perfectly Fake Slo-Mo Videos

6/18/2018 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Was Born Out of Several Moral and Ethical Dilemmas

6/18/2018 - This Video Made From Real Mars Data Will Make You Feel Like You're Flying Over the Red Planet

6/18/2018 - Fans Made the Bumblebee Movie Happen and Optimus Prime Could Be Next

6/18/2018 - Amazon Shareholders Call for Jeff Bezos to Stop Selling Facial Recognition to Police

6/18/2018 - Giant Clam Shells May Help Predict Future Tropical Storms

6/18/2018 - Warner Bros. Is Starting to Crack Down on Harry Potter Fan Events

6/18/2018 - One of macOS’ Most Useful Features May Be Making Your Files Less Secure

6/18/2018 - Voltron: Legendary Defender's Incredible New Season Has All the Answers You've Been Waiting For

6/18/2018 - Self-Taught AI Masters Rubik’s Cube in Just 44 Hours

6/18/2018 - California Lawmakers Combine Net Neutrality Bills to Better Fend Off ISP Greed

6/18/2018 - Australia Scraps Plans for National Biometric Crime Database

6/18/2018 - Incredibles 2 Just Had the Most Successful Opening Ever for an Animated Movie

6/18/2018 - Navajo Coal Plant Drama Continues as Groups Sue to Clean Up Mine

6/18/2018 - Extreme Weather on Venus Might Change the Length of Its Days

6/18/2018 - Mexico's Game-Winning Goal Against Germany May Have Caused an Artificial Earthquake [Update]

6/18/2018 - Andy Serkis Thinks Performance Capture Will Just Be How All Actors Work in 100 Years

6/18/2018 - Extinct Giant Panda Lineage Discovered Thanks to DNA From 22,000-Year-Old Skull

6/18/2018 - Don't Expect Miracles From a Cheap Soundbar

6/18/2018 - Westworld Approaches Its Endgame With Death, Tragedy, and a Few Major Revelations

6/18/2018 - Facebook Will Stop Showing Ads for Gun Accessories to Kids

6/18/2018 - iOS 12 to Feature Automatic Location Sharing for 911 Calls

6/18/2018 - How to Transfer Data Between Two Computers Without Losing Anything

6/18/2018 - New Set Footage From Wonder Woman 2, and More

6/18/2018 - Are Superhero Capes Aerodynamic?

6/17/2018 - Working for Amazon, a Net Neutrality Mess, and 'Unlimited' Plans: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/17/2018 - Silicon Valley Invents Shoes

6/17/2018 - Google Translate Can't Provide Consent for a Police Search, Judge Rules

6/17/2018 - People are Asking AT&T Customer Service to Release the Snyder Cut of Justice League

6/17/2018 - A Paper Straw Factory Is Opening Up in Britain Before a Planned UK Single-Use Plastics Ban

6/17/2018 - PSA: Some Scenes in Incredibles 2 Might Be a Problem If You're Epileptic

6/17/2018 - Oh Cool, Amazon Is Peddling Conspiracy Theories Now

6/17/2018 - Word Salad President Demands 'Really Long Strike' Against Jeff Bezos

6/17/2018 - Rick and Morty Has Trading Cards Now, for Some Reason

6/17/2018 - FTC Puts Tech Support Scammer Who Stole Millions from Consumers Out of Business

6/17/2018 - Report: There May Be as Many as Nine Star Wars Movies in Development

6/17/2018 - MoviePass Bought a Stake in Gotti, Which Might Be the Worst Movie of the Year

6/17/2018 - Terry Gilliam Has Lost the Rights to The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

6/16/2018 - Coffee Sold in California Might Not Get Cancer Warning Labels After All

6/16/2018 - Scott Walker Finally Gave Foxconn Enough Handouts to Get the Company's US Headquarters in Wisconsin

6/16/2018 - A Theatre in Antwerp Accidentally Used a Hawkeye-Centric Fan Poster for Avengers: Infinity War

6/16/2018 - CryptoKitties, Which Is Like Beanie Babies on the Blockchain, Seems to Be Crashing

6/16/2018 - Following Allegations of Abuse, Chris Hardwick Has Been Pulled from AMC Programming and San Diego Comic-Con

6/16/2018 - Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Trying to Steal a Domain Name at Gunpoint

6/16/2018 - Marvel Television's Co-Head, Jim Chory, Leaves His Post

6/16/2018 - Before Spider-Man, an Early Version of Civil War Had Tony Stark Recruit Ant-Man Instead

6/16/2018 - Explore the Historical Context Behind Harlem's Paradise in this Luke Cage Featurette

6/16/2018 - Trump Campaign Reportedly Adds Former Cambridge Analytica Employees to 2020 Efforts

6/16/2018 - Apple Manages to Snag Oprah Winfrey to Make Shows, Possibly for Subscription Video Service

6/16/2018 - Here's Your First Look at Wonder Woman in Her 1984 Outfit

6/16/2018 - What's the Worst Thing You've Done Online?

6/16/2018 - Judge Rules White Supremacist Can Sue Twitter for Banning Him

6/15/2018 - Europe's GDPR Is Killing Email Marketing, to the Disappointment of No One

6/15/2018 - All of Your Favorite '80s Movies Are Here in One Poster

6/15/2018 - FBI Recovered 731 Pages of Messages and Calls From Michael Cohen's BlackBerry

6/15/2018 - The Power Rangers Comic is Getting a New Creative Team—and a Wild New Team of Rangers

6/15/2018 - The PS4 Spider-Man Heads to Your Toy Shelf, and More of the Most Spectacular Toys of the Week

6/15/2018 - The Most Wanted People in This Week's Best New Comics Are a Weather Guy and a Douchebag Billionaire

6/15/2018 - Netflix's Kiss Me First Is a YA Thriller Set In a Virtual Reality

6/15/2018 - Fortnite Is Bad But Sony's Refusal to Play Nice Is Worse

6/15/2018 - Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Reportedly Indicted on Wire Fraud

6/15/2018 - Chinese Satellite Captures a Cool View of Earth from Lunar Orbit

6/15/2018 - NIH Pulls the Plug on Controversial Drinking Study Funded by Big Alcohol

6/15/2018 - Most Deepfake Videos Have One Glaring Flaw

6/15/2018 - Senators Ask Jeff Bezos Just How Many Complaints Amazon's Received About Eavesdropping Echoes

6/15/2018 - Lucifer Has Been Saved From Cancellation Hell By Netflix

6/15/2018 - New Delhi's Air Pollution Went Off the Scale This Week [Updated]

6/15/2018 - The New Video Game Spider-Man Is Heading to Marvel Comics' Spidergeddon Event

6/15/2018 - Black Holes Can Maybe Turn Into Dark Matter Lasers

6/15/2018 - Here's How Limited Your Carrier's 'Unlimited' Phone Plans Really Are

6/15/2018 - If You Loved Being Horrified by Hereditary, Check Out These 7 Other Freaky Films

6/15/2018 - California Senator's Half-Baked Net Neutrality Bill Is a Dangerous Mess

6/15/2018 - This House Is a Living Experiment for the Future of Energy

6/15/2018 - Our Galaxy Might Be Teeming With Habitable Exomoons

6/15/2018 - Puerto Rican Government’s Own Data Shows Hurricane Maria Death Toll Is Bullshit

6/15/2018 - VR Shoes Were Thankfully Not the Best Hardware We Saw At E3

6/15/2018 - Don't Believe the Ridiculous Avengers 4 Rumors Floating Around Right Now

6/15/2018 - These Tests Will Tell You Just How Good Your Eyes Are at Seeing Color

6/15/2018 - Monsoon Rains Are Already a Disaster For Rohingya Refugee Camps

6/15/2018 - William Shatner Boldly Goes Into Promoting Cryptocurrency Mining

6/15/2018 - These Retro Theme Songs From Incredibles 2 Are Just What You Needed Today

6/15/2018 - Apple Maps Was Broken for Hours Today??

6/15/2018 - Canadian Oil Pipeline Could Drive Famous Puget Sound Whales to Extinction

6/15/2018 - Police Find 'Human Body Parts' in Crack in Japanese Bullet Train's Nose

6/15/2018 - Aquaman's Going to Be Even More Inspired by DC's Comics Than You Think

6/15/2018 - The Large Hadron Collider Is Getting an Upgrade

6/15/2018 - Florida Frat Brothers Allegedly Had a Secret Revenge Porn Facebook Group Called 'Dog Pound'

6/15/2018 - Sony Almost Made the Perfect Commuter Earbuds

6/15/2018 - Trump Is Actually Going Through With Tariffs On Chinese Tech

6/15/2018 - Former Fitbit Employees Indicted for Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets From Jawbone

6/15/2018 - Incredibles 2 Shows How Hard It Is to Be a Super-Parent

6/15/2018 - Oops, a DNA Testing Company Accidentally Sent Strangers' Spit to Five Customers

6/15/2018 - Kilauea Volcano Has Turned This Hawaiian Shore Into an Apocalyptic Wasteland

6/15/2018 - Natalie Portman Is Willing to Meet Her Deadbeat Star Wars Son, Who Never Force-Calls

6/15/2018 - AT&T and Time-Warner Seal the Deal

6/15/2018 - Volcanoes Make Music That Could Reveal Their Secrets

6/15/2018 - Updates From AquamanCaptain Marveland More

6/15/2018 - What to Do When You Get Locked Out of Your Social Media Accounts

6/15/2018 - You Can Delete Your Weather App After Reading This Book

6/15/2018 - Honey Smacks Cereal Added to the Growing List of Shit That Might Give You Salmonella Poisoning

6/15/2018 - iPhone Hackers May Already Have a Workaround for Cops to Crack Apple's Newest Security Feature

6/14/2018 - New York to Charter: Expand Your Network or We'll Reverse the Time Warner Merger

6/14/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery Has Suddenly Changed Showrunners Again [Updated]

6/14/2018 - No Dinosaurs Were Harmed in the Making of This T-rex Foot Garbage Can

6/14/2018 - Instagram No Longer Notifies People If You Screenshot Their Stories So You Can Creep in Peace Again

6/14/2018 - We've Got Booze, Dames, and Robots in the First Episode of Scifi Noir Automata

6/14/2018 - OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Is Leveling Up to Become an Even Better TV Show

6/14/2018 - Another DNA Testing Company Reportedly Gets Fooled by Dog DNA

6/14/2018 - Samuel L. Jackson Thinks the Events of Glass Are Everything His Character Ever Wanted

6/14/2018 - MoviePass Is Looking to Launch Family Plan Within a Month

6/14/2018 - Congressional Subcommittee Grills NASA on Skyrocketing Project Cost Overruns

6/14/2018 - Google Helpfully Reminds Us How to Turn Off Invasive Personalized Ads

6/14/2018 - 10 Years of Data Appears to Show Black Hole Eating a Star

6/14/2018 - The Many Lives of Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor, Explained

6/14/2018 - Welp, We Might Get Another El Niño This Fall

6/14/2018 - Don't Be Fooled by the 'Forced a Bot' Meme

6/14/2018 - The First Aquaman Photos Are a Vision of a Sunken Majestic Atlantis and a Mysterious Black Manta

6/14/2018 - Democrats Ratchet Up Pressure on Facebook Over Unanswered Privacy Questions

6/14/2018 - Apple's Spaceship Campus Filled With Standing Desks to Improve 'Lifestyle'

6/14/2018 - We’re Turning Wild Animals Into Night Owls by Scaring the Heck out of Them

6/14/2018 - 20 Slick Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Windows Machine Organized

6/14/2018 - Watch Tiny Crab Spiders Take Flight With 10-Foot Silk Parachutes

6/14/2018 - The Star Wars Comics Are Closing a Major Chapter of the Clone Wars

6/14/2018 - The Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes May Harm Blood Vessels

6/14/2018 - The Trailer for Unfriended: Dark Web May Make You Turn Off Your Computer for the Rest of the Day

6/14/2018 - Verizon's New Phone Plan Proves It Has No Idea What 'Unlimited' Actually Means

6/14/2018 - Mad-Scientist Dad Just Won Father's Day By Building His Son a Jet-Powered Scooter

6/14/2018 - Snap Begins Mission to Infiltrate Other Apps, Swears It Won't Screw Up With Your Data Like Facebook Did

6/14/2018 - Solar Just Hit a Record Low Price In the U.S.

6/14/2018 - The Casual Inhumanity of How Detroit: Become Human Uses Black Culture

6/14/2018 - You're an Orphan With a Giant Onion Head, Mr. Grinch

6/14/2018 - The Alluring Dream of Carbon Capture

6/14/2018 - Librarian Wins $600 in Symbolic Lawsuit Against Those Equifax Asshats

6/14/2018 - Sheriff Says Campers Burning Poop in a Hole Started 500-Plus Acre Fire

6/14/2018 - Steve Bannon, Please, Please Put All Your Money Into Making a 'Deplorables Coin'

6/14/2018 - Five New Snail-Slurping Snakes Discovered in Ecuador

6/14/2018 - Hawkman’s Return Focuses on the Best Parts of DC Comics’ High-Flying Hero

6/14/2018 - A Reminder of the Many, Many Stephen King Adaptations That Are Currently in the Works [Updated]

6/14/2018 - Android P Beta vs iOS 12 Beta: Which Looks Most Promising?

6/14/2018 - This Week's Expanse Will Fry Your Brain in the Best Way Possible 

6/14/2018 - Microsoft Reportedly in Talks With Walmart to Build Checkout-Free Stores Like Amazon Go

6/14/2018 - The Very Best Beginner Drone

6/14/2018 - Just Watching Video of Six Flags' Dizzying New Spinning Ride Is Making Me Want to Puke

6/14/2018 - New Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos Give Us Our Best Look Yet at Diana's Return

6/14/2018 - These Are the Most Ancient Frogs Ever Found Preserved in Amber

6/14/2018 - Elon Musk's Boring Company Wins Bid to Build High-Speed Underground Rail in Chicago

6/14/2018 - FCC Reportedly Planning to Change Rules to Save Sinclair's Takeover of Local News Before Court Can Kill It

6/13/2018 - Massachusetts Sues Purdue Pharma, 16 Company Officials for Allegedly Lying About OxyContin

6/13/2018 - Google Is Maybe Kinda Trying to Get the Pixelbook Windows 10 Certified

6/13/2018 - You Can Build This Cardboard Darth Vader Costume in Less Time Than It Takes to Watch Star Wars

6/13/2018 - Cops Are Predictably Pissed About Apple's Plan to Turn Off USB Data Access on iPhones

6/13/2018 - China to Make RFID Chips Mandatory in Cars So the Government Can Track Citizens on the Road

6/13/2018 - Mister Miracle Might Have Just Found a Trap Even He Can't Get Out of

6/13/2018 - George Lucas' Ideas for His Own Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Aren't as Wild as They First Seem

6/13/2018 - Break Out the Redrum, Ewan McGregor May Play Danny in the Shining Sequel Doctor Sleep

6/13/2018 - Fired FBI Official Discovers Former Employer Sucks at Transparency

6/13/2018 - Comcast Offers $65 Billion in Cash to Buy Fox and Screw Disney

6/13/2018 - The Affordable Care Act Helped Medicaid Patients in California Avoid the Emergency Room, Study Suggests

6/13/2018 - Stan Lee's Strange Legal Saga Continues With a Restraining Order Against His Manager Keya Morgan [Updated]

6/13/2018 - Shark Eats Shark, Scientists Watch

6/13/2018 - The Victorian Fantasy Serial Creatures of Will & Temper Concludes Here on io9

6/13/2018 - Researchers Reach Obvious Conclusion That Bitcoin's Price Was Artificially Inflated

6/13/2018 - New Technique Reveals Hidden Infant Planets Orbiting a Newborn Star

6/13/2018 - DC's Heroes in Crisis Is a Story About the Psychological Trauma of Being a Superhero

6/13/2018 - More Surface Devices Are Reportedly Coming, and They’ve Got Cool Codenames

6/13/2018 - The Incredibles' Brad Bird Threw Out Almost Three Movies' Worth Of Material to Make the Sequel

6/13/2018 - Silicon Valley Investor's Weirdo Dream of Three Californias Just Got One Step Closer to Reality

6/13/2018 - Human Activity Has Been Chemically Changing the Earth Since Well Before the Industrial Revolution

6/13/2018 - Coral Reefs Aren't Keeping Up With Sea Level Rise, and That's Bad

6/13/2018 - Meet the New Characters on Preacher and Get More Than a Little Creeped Out

6/13/2018 - Microsoft's Super-Accessible Adaptive Controller Will Be Good For Cheaters, Too

6/13/2018 - Antarctica Is Losing An Unfathomable Amount of Ice

6/13/2018 - Report: The Flash Movie Might Be More Like Back to the Future Than Flashpoint

6/13/2018 - On Amazon’s Time

6/13/2018 - The Founding Fathers of the Internet Plead With EU to Squash Its Bad Copyright Bill

6/13/2018 - This Bob Ross Sleep Meditation Is the Mental Escape I Needed 

6/13/2018 - China's Biggest Ridesharing Service Starts Limiting When Drivers Can Pick Up Passengers of the Opposite Sex

6/13/2018 - Climate Change Could Set Kids Up To Fail

6/13/2018 - The Legion Finale Was Beautiful and Disgusting

6/13/2018 - The Latest Breed of 2-in-1s Have Finally Realized the Hybrid Dream

6/13/2018 - The Invisible Radio Waves All Around Us Let MIT's New AI See People Right Through Walls

6/13/2018 - The Villains of The Handmaid's Tale Head to Canada for a Fantastically Rewarding Episode

6/13/2018 - You Can Now Search for Addresses Across 750 Million Years of Earth's History

6/13/2018 - Update Your PC Now to Fix This Pesky Cortana Security Flaw

6/13/2018 - The Nun's First Disturbing Trailer Will Restore Your Faith in Evil

6/13/2018 - The Totally Exhaustive Guide for Streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup as Cheaply as Possible [Update]

6/13/2018 - Morbid Researchers Imagine a 'Best-Case Scenario' for Nuclear War, and the Results Are Grim

6/13/2018 - Death Meditations and Instagram Photo Shoots: A Week Inside an Internet Spiritual Guru's Costa Rica Healing Center

6/13/2018 - Breach at One of Europe's Biggest PC Superstore Chains Exposes 5.9 Million Payment Cards

6/13/2018 - Wild Rumors About the Chances of a Gargoyles Reboot

6/13/2018 - What We Learned About The Future of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft's Game Consoles From E3

6/13/2018 - Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor Makes a Triumphant Return in All His '80s Glory [UPDATED]

6/13/2018 - How a Legal Brawl Between Two Rich Guys Could Change How We Think About DNA

6/13/2018 - MPR Raccoon Reaches Roof After Climbing 23-Story Office Building, Becoming Internet Sensation

6/13/2018 - You'll Believe a Really Sad Elephant Can Fly in the Debut Trailer for Tim Burton's Dumbo Remake

6/13/2018 - Trial Begins for Two Men, One a Pastor, Accused of Making Millions Off Hacked Press Releases

6/12/2018 - Apple's New Privacy Guidelines May Get Facebook's Awful Onavo VPN Off the App Store

6/12/2018 - It's OK To Be Jealous of This Toddler's Magnificent Star Wars Sandcrawler Toy Box

6/12/2018 - Someone Please Save the Raccoon [Update: It's Climbing Down]

6/12/2018 - A Quick Guide to the Sinister Six, the Villainous Team-Up Menacing Spider-Man's New Video Game

6/12/2018 - DOJ Blows Its Chance to Stop Disastrous Merger of AT&T and Time Warner

6/12/2018 - Zoe Saldana Has Already Finished Filming Avatar 2 and 3

6/12/2018 - Apple Will Punish Apps That Misuse Your Address Book Data

6/12/2018 - American Christians' Vision of God Looks Suspiciously Like Elon Musk

6/12/2018 - Intel Says Its GPUs to Rival AMD and Nvidia Will Be Here By 2020

6/12/2018 - Bobcat Goldthwait's New TV Series, Misfits & Monsters, Looks Absolutely Bonkers

6/12/2018 - Damning New Report Lays Out Science's Sexual Harassment Problem

6/12/2018 - Seattle Repeals 'Head Tax' Amid Pressure From Amazon

6/12/2018 - Google Says Its Translate App Is Now a Lot Smarter When You’re Stuck Offline

6/12/2018 - A New Rumor Suggests Ben Affleck Is Out as Batman (Again) [UPDATED]

6/12/2018 - Star Trek Online's New Expansion Is a Wonderful Love Letter to Every Bit of Deep Space Nine

6/12/2018 - Talented Hacker Turns Amazon's Alexa Into Lando's Sass-Talking L3-37 Droid

6/12/2018 - Hurricane Bud Could Dump Some Serious Rain on the Drought-Stricken Southwest

6/12/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery's Best Episode Happened Because They Wanted to Save Some Cash

6/12/2018 - Psychedelic Drugs May Help the Brain Repair Itself, Study Finds

6/12/2018 - This USB-C iPhone Rumor Is Too Much

6/12/2018 - Our Capitalist Overlords Are Concerned About Climate Change

6/12/2018 - Watch: A DIY Tribute to One of the Most Magical Moments in Indiana Jones History

6/12/2018 - Instagram Is Somehow Even Less About Photos of Your Friends Now

6/12/2018 - A Trippy '80s Book on Life After Humans Is Now More Relevant Than Ever

6/12/2018 - Now You Can Play the Switch With Just the Most Adorable Controller Ever

6/12/2018 - How the Director of Hereditary Made This Year's Scariest Movie

6/12/2018 - Woman Sues NASA to Keep Its Hands Off Her Precious Vial of Neil Armstrong Moon Dust

6/12/2018 - Deepfake Videos Are Getting Impossibly Good

6/12/2018 - The Theme Song for Kingdom Hearts III Needs an Official Remix

6/12/2018 - A Mix-Up Meant Malware Could Have Posed as Apple Software, and Nobody Noticed for Over 10 Years

6/12/2018 - You Can Link Switches Together In Nintendo's Next Big Party Game

6/12/2018 - These Watchmen Set Pictures Seemingly Reveal the Fate of a Major Comic Character

6/12/2018 - Facebook Filibustered the Shit Out of Congress With a 450-Page Response to Its Questions

6/12/2018 - Honestly, What the Hell, Supergirl

6/12/2018 - Senate Republicans Actually Want to Ratify an Obama-Era Climate Pact

6/12/2018 - US Health Officials' New Plan to Fight the Opioid Crisis: Stop Chronic Pain Before It Starts

6/12/2018 - MTV Hopes You're Interested in a Live-Action Aeon Flux TV Series

6/12/2018 - Finally, Facebook Will Let You Report Ads That Trick You Into Buying Total Crap

6/12/2018 - Senators Have a New Plan to Wreck ZTE, Despite Trump's Deal

6/12/2018 - All Hail the Queen of Harlem in the New Luke Cage Trailer 

6/12/2018 - The Hypnotic Wavy Fins on This Swimming Alien-Like Robot Make It Agile as Hell

6/12/2018 - In an Exclusive Clip From AMC's Humans, the Synth Family Experiences Growing Pains

6/12/2018 - Kevin Feige Offers More Hints About a Ms. Marvel Movie

6/12/2018 - Scientists Call For Action to Prevent Right Whales' Extinction

6/12/2018 - President Trump Made a Fake Movie Trailer for Kim Jong Un with the Two Leaders as Heroes

6/12/2018 - Dennis Rodman Arrived at the US-North Korea Summit Dressed for the Job He Wanted

6/11/2018 - Square's Food Delivery Service Caviar Settles in Suit Claiming Its Gratuities Never Went to Drivers

6/11/2018 - Senators Set Deadline for Ajit Pai's FCC to Open Up About Its DDoS Attack Claims

6/11/2018 - The Legendary Poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Is Getting a Limited Edition Release

6/11/2018 - The Looney Tunes Are Set to Invade All Your Screens With a Brand New Series

6/11/2018 - Sesame Street's VC Arm Dips Its Furry Fingers Into Tech Education [Updated]

6/11/2018 - Detection of Diamond Dust Around Distant Stars Solves Decades-Long Mystery

6/11/2018 - Jurassic Park Was My Nerd Haven

6/11/2018 - No One Wants an Arachnophobia Remake, But James Wan Is Giving Us One Anyway

6/11/2018 - Snapchat Is Letting You Take Back Your Thirsty Unread Messages

6/11/2018 - This Computer Actually Works Better With Windows

6/11/2018 - People Are Getting Sick From Pre-Cut Melons Tainted With Salmonella

6/11/2018 - In a New Graphic Novel About Superman's Origins, the Real Supervillain Is Big Business

6/11/2018 - U.S. Imposes New Russia Sanctions Over Cyberattacks, Threats to Undersea Internet Cables

6/11/2018 - Meet Jason, the Tiny Beetle Stuck in Amber for 99 Million Years

6/11/2018 - Rumors Spread on WhatsApp Blamed for Two More Deaths in India

6/11/2018 - Fans of The Expanse May Have Annoyed Amazon Into Bringing the Show Back 

6/11/2018 - Apple's New Guidelines for the iOS App Store Include a Total Ban on Crypto-Mining

6/11/2018 - Here's How Much Lava Kilauea's Eruption Has Produced

6/11/2018 - DC's Geoff Johns Is Writing the Green Lantern Corps Film, a Shazam Comic, and More in His New WB Role 

6/11/2018 - An Experimental Spit Test Could Identify Men Most at Risk of Prostate Cancer

6/11/2018 - George R.R. Martin Says Three Other Game of Thrones Prequels Are in 'Active Development'

6/11/2018 - New Jersey Man Sues Pornhub for Ad Using His Money-Flashing Selfie

6/11/2018 - Something Is Killing the World's Oldest Baobabs

6/11/2018 - Watch Live: It's Time to Figure Out What's Actually Behind 'The Door' in Westworld

6/11/2018 - I'd Love Sony's New Truly Wireless Earbuds If the Battery Didn't Suck

6/11/2018 - Thousands of Women Take to the Streets as South Korea Confronts Spycam Porn

6/11/2018 - Incredibles 2 Is a Super Sequel That Was Absolutely Worth the Wait

6/11/2018 - Spain's Biggest Football App Reportedly Turned Fans Into Unwitting Narcs

6/11/2018 - Martian Dust Storm Sends NASA's Opportunity Rover into Hibernation Mode

6/11/2018 - Hey! We Need Your Help Finding Shady Political Ads on Facebook 

6/11/2018 - Did Charlie Chaplin Invent the Distracted Boyfriend Meme?

6/11/2018 - The Sense8 Finale Was Just as Moving and Messy as the Series Deserved

6/11/2018 - Lenovo's Line of Cheap Gaming PCs Just Got Real Classy

6/11/2018 - Net Neutrality Is Dead Again, But It's Not Buried

6/11/2018 - Weight Watchers Swears No Customer Data Exposed After Dozens of Servers Found Publicly Accessible

6/11/2018 - Can You Get a Disease From a Toilet Seat?

6/11/2018 - Turns Out Westworld Has a Heart After All

6/11/2018 - The Eastern Pacific Just Saw Its Second Major Hurricane in Less Than a Week

6/11/2018 - Updates on Wonder Woman 2, Star Trek: Discovery, and More

6/11/2018 - Let's Call Gang Violence What It Is: Pollution

6/11/2018 - Bitcoin Price Plunges After Hack of South Korean Exchange, Down 53 Percent Since December

6/10/2018 - The FCC Lied to You, Facebook Nudes, and WWDC 2018: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/10/2018 - Swiss Voters Overwhelmingly Choose to Legalize Online Gambling, But Block All Foreign Sites

6/10/2018 - Oopsie! A Democrat Accidentally Voted to Give Trump More Nuclear Weapons

6/10/2018 - Joe Manganiello Got the Deathstroke Job Due to Some Good Fan Art

6/10/2018 - Get Ready for More Mergers if the AT&T-Time Warner Deal Goes Through on Tuesday

6/10/2018 - Canada's 'Random' Immigration Lottery Uses Microsoft Excel, Which Isn't Actually Random

6/10/2018 - This College Student Gave a Presentation on Wakanda That Fooled His Professor

6/10/2018 - Marvel Studios Is Celebrating Its Tenth Anniversary With Some Snazzy Gold Posters

6/10/2018 - Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Is Allegedly Looking to Start Another Company

6/10/2018 - Factory Making Amazon Products in China Violated All Kinds of Labor Laws

6/10/2018 - Mark Hamill Has Never Met Natalie Portman, Which Is Hilarious, Considering

6/10/2018 - Shazam! Technically Exists in the Same Universe as David F. Sandberg's First Feature Film

6/9/2018 - Florida Didn't Run FBI Background Checks on Gun Buyers for a Year Because of a Forgotten Login

6/9/2018 - Stephen Colbert Cut a Star Wars Trailer to Dunk on Kelly Marie Tran's Harassers

6/9/2018 - This Video Interrogates the Actual Ideology of the First Order in Star Wars

6/9/2018 - Anheuser-Busch Pulls Funding From Controversial, Industry-Backed NIH Study on Daily Drinking

6/9/2018 - According to Jeff Goldblum, the Grandmaster Is Alive, Powerful, Coming for You

6/9/2018 - The Predator's New TV Spot Shows Two Predators Fighting, Is Thus Worth Watching

6/9/2018 - Looks Like White House Chief of Staff John Kelly Got Hacked

6/9/2018 - Ryan Gosling Soars as Neil Armstrong in the Trailer for First Man 

6/9/2018 - What's the Best Chat App of All Time?

6/9/2018 - China Hacked a Navy Contractor and Stole 600GB of Data

6/8/2018 - Surprise, Facebook Reportedly Gave Companies Your Friends' Data After It Said It Wouldn't

6/8/2018 - The Level of Detail in This Six-Foot Tall, 100,000-Piece Lego Batcave Is Staggering

6/8/2018 - Uber Is Trying to Patent an AI System to Identify Erratic Behavior in Riders

6/8/2018 - What If Robots of the Future Were Angsty Rather Than Angry?

6/8/2018 - The Top 7 Gadgets Shaped Like a Cube

6/8/2018 - John Lasseter Is Leaving Disney

6/8/2018 - Marvel Just Shook Up Galactus' Whole Deal Again

6/8/2018 - BBC's His Dark Materials Saga Casts the Imposing Lord Asriel and Mrs. Coulter

6/8/2018 - Two Quantum Computing Bills Are Coming to Congress

6/8/2018 - What Could Have Caused That Major Pipeline Explosion in West Virginia?

6/8/2018 - The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is an Absolute Beast

6/8/2018 - Lining Up for Phones and Avenging Your Family Are the Only Things to Do in This Week's Best New Comics

6/8/2018 - Facebook May Have Been Shamed Into Fixing the Most Annoying Thing About Messenger

6/8/2018 - A New Arctic Cyclone Could Be Among the Most Powerful On Record [Update: It Is]

6/8/2018 - We Should Search for Aliens by Looking for Their Space Junk

6/8/2018 - The First Game of Thrones Spinoff Is a ‘Golden Age of Heroes’ Prequel

6/8/2018 - New Acne-Fighting Compound Blocks Inflammation and Kills Bacteria Without Irritating Side Effects

6/8/2018 - For Now, Marvel's Upcoming TV Shows Will Be Set Before Avengers: Infinity War

6/8/2018 - The First Incredibles Movie Is a Web of Massacred Disney Superheroes

6/8/2018 - The First Eastern Pacific Hurricane of 2018 Is Now a Category 4 Beast

6/8/2018 - Which Volcanoes Are Most Overdue for Eruption?

6/8/2018 - Here's Why the New Halloween Ignores All the Sequels

6/8/2018 - FCC Approves New Rules Banning Phone Companies From 'Slamming' and 'Cramming' You

6/8/2018 - The Best of Brian Michael Bendis' Marvel Farewells

6/8/2018 - America's Suicide Rate Has Increased by Nearly 30 Percent Since 1999

6/8/2018 - Read the Pulse-Pounding First Chapter of Terry Brooks' Upcoming Scifi Novel, Street Freaks

6/8/2018 - Apple Isn't Your Friend

6/8/2018 - The Director of Kick-Ass Reveals Reboot Plans, and Hints at Connections to the Recent Comic Run

6/8/2018 - Solar Is Killing Major Arizona Coal Plant Despite Tribes’ Wishes

6/8/2018 - What Are These Mystery Puffs Near the Galactic Center?

6/8/2018 - Of Course Trump Is Skipping the Climate Part of the G7 

6/8/2018 - Stranger Things Is Launching a Book Franchise, Including a Prequel About Eleven's Mom

6/8/2018 - Yahoo Messenger Is Dead, Long Live Squirrel!

6/8/2018 - New Scott Pruitt Scandal Generator Is Way Too Real

6/8/2018 - Over 40,000 Airbnb Rentals Removed After Japan Adopts New Home-Sharing Law

6/8/2018 - Essential May Be Doomed, But This New Mod Could Make Its Phone Sound Pretty

6/8/2018 - The First Halloween Trailer Sets Michael Loose Once More But Jamie Lee Curtis Is Ready for Vengeance

6/8/2018 - How to Download Absolutely Everything You Can Find on the Web

6/8/2018 - Updates on Suicide Squad 2, Castlevania, and More

6/8/2018 - Giant Iceberg Is Screwed

6/8/2018 - Former Revenge Porn King Running for U.S. Senate Sues Twitter for Suspending His Accounts

6/8/2018 - Trump Regime Says Obamacare Shouldn't Protect People With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

6/8/2018 - Kanye West and Kid Cudi's 'Kids See Ghosts' Livestream Did Not Go Well [Update: It's Finally Working]

6/8/2018 - Google Could Face Up to $11 Billion Fine From EU for Android Antitrust Violations

6/7/2018 - Trump Saved China's ZTE, But Senators Are Still Trying to Kill It

6/7/2018 - Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird Isn't Interested in Ratatouille or The Iron Giant Sequels

6/7/2018 - Facebook Is Now Trying to Hire 'News Credibility Specialists' to Deal With Its Fake News Problem

6/7/2018 - This Human Comic Book Has the World Record for Most Marvel Character Tattoos

6/7/2018 - Ticketfly Confirms Hack Exposed Personal Information of 27 Million Accounts

6/7/2018 - Short Film Campers Chronicles Young Love With a Freaky Scifi Twist

6/7/2018 - These Are the Oldest Known Footprints on the Planet

6/7/2018 - Why I Can't Delete Facebook

6/7/2018 - A Startup Set Its Scooters to Scream 'Unlock Me or I'll Call the Police' When They're Touched

6/7/2018 - FDA Sues Company That Claimed Its Hand Sanitizers Could Protect Against Ebola and MRSA

6/7/2018 - Open Channel: Which Obscure Toy Should Get a Movie Next?

6/7/2018 - Heads Up, iOS Developers: Lots of You Are Flagrantly Breaking a Big NDA

6/7/2018 - NASA's New Horizons Is Awake and Ready to Explore Space Beyond Pluto

6/7/2018 - There's a Cure for Hepatitis C, but Insurance Companies Don't Want to Pay for It

6/7/2018 - Batman Is Having Some Best Man Problems

6/7/2018 - New York Bill Outlaws Cyberbullying, Whatever the Hell That Is

6/7/2018 - Facebook Says a 'Bug' Changed Millions of Users' Default Privacy Settings to Public

6/7/2018 - Google Backtracks, Says Its AI Will Not Be Used for Weapons or Surveillance

6/7/2018 - Least Transparent FCC Ever Goes Dark as Former IT Chief Walks Back DDoS Attack Claims

6/7/2018 - Lots of Congress Members Think Pruitt's Science 'Transparency' Rule Is Garbage

6/7/2018 - Iconic Bionics: 11 of the Best Cyborg Superhumans in Pop Culture

6/7/2018 - Students Pledge to Refuse Job Interviews at Google in Protest of Pentagon Work

6/7/2018 - Report: Hackers Could Easily Screw With Navigation Systems on Many Civilian Ships

6/7/2018 - This Charging Case for Bluetooth Headphones Is Surprisingly Good and Useful

6/7/2018 - These Lightsaber Instruments Turn Your Jedi Battles Into Musical Performances

6/7/2018 - The U.S. Army Is Exploring Mechanical Third Arms and Exoskeletons for Soldiers

6/7/2018 - Scientists Create Blood Test That Might Someday Predict a Woman's Due Date

6/7/2018 - Fascinating Experiment Suggests Bees Understand the Concept of Zero

6/7/2018 - Curiosity Rover Finds 3.5-Billion-Year-Old Organic Compounds and Strange Methane on Mars

6/7/2018 - Into the Spider-Verse Could Connect All of Sony's Spider-Man Movies

6/7/2018 - Guatemala Looks Like the Upside Down After Deadly Volcanic Eruption

6/7/2018 - DC Comics Is Relaunching Vertigo With Seven New Series

6/7/2018 - Hotel Artemis Almost Lives Up to Its Excellent Characters and Setting 

6/7/2018 - Desktops Now Less Popular Than Tablets in the U.S.

6/7/2018 - Louisiana Ignores Courts, Allows Bayou Bridge Pipeline to Proceed

6/7/2018 - A Handy Guide to the Statuses of the Too Many Joker Movies in the Works

6/7/2018 - Google Pulls Political Ads Thanks to Washington Law Forcing It to Say Who's Buying Them

6/7/2018 - The How To Train Your Dragon 3 Trailer Gives Us a Bearded Hiccup and a Dragon Mating Dance

6/7/2018 - In the World of Male Dolphin Alliances, Individual Names Identify Friends and Foes

6/7/2018 - Instagram Reportedly Wants to Be YouTube Now

6/7/2018 - The Expanse Just Revealed One of the Season's Biggest Secrets

6/7/2018 - Everything You Need to Know About the Plan to Kill Internet Passwords

6/7/2018 - BlackBerry Doesn't Care About the Mainstream Anymore, and That's For the Best 

6/7/2018 - What Is Dark Matter and Why Hasn't Anyone Found It Yet?

6/7/2018 - Watch Adam Savage Upgrade a Nerf Blaster So It Can Fire 1,000 Shots Without Reloading

6/7/2018 - Two Hours with Sony’s New RX100 VI Made Me Miss My Point and Shoot

6/7/2018 - Peter Jackson Discusses His Involvement With Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show

6/7/2018 - The Amazon Fire TV Cube Is Another Alexa-Powered Curiosity

6/7/2018 - Ancient Greenland Was Shockingly Warm, Study Finds

6/7/2018 - Homeland Security Wants New Powers to Surveil and Destroy Drones in U.S. Airspace

6/7/2018 - Valve Says Game Devs Can Now Put Anything on Steam Unless It's Illegal or 'Trolling'

6/7/2018 - US Hits 'WannaCry Hero' With More Malware Charges

6/6/2018 - Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Has Likely Now Destroyed at Least 350 Homes on the Big Island

6/6/2018 - Government Researchers Say It's Only a 'Matter of Time' Until a Commercial Airline is Hacked

6/6/2018 - Soldier Who Stole 'Tank' Was Anti-Social Justice Coder Who Threw Support to Alleged Rapist

6/6/2018 - Trump Is Saving China's ZTE for Some Reason and Congress Can't Do Jack Shit About It

6/6/2018 - In Black Panther, Wakanda's Majestic Canyons and Waterfalls Only Existed in a Computer

6/6/2018 - No One Can Explain the Strange Sounds Making US Diplomats Sick in China

6/6/2018 - You Can Now Own the Adorable Baby Velociraptor From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

6/6/2018 - The More Educated We Get, the More Nearsighted We Become

6/6/2018 - The Hulk Is Back From the Dead, and More Dangerous Than Ever

6/6/2018 - Dr. Oz's Latest Health Advice: Check Your Horoscope

6/6/2018 - Homeland Security to Test Face Recognition at U.S.–Mexico Border

6/6/2018 - Texas Man Nearly Dies After Being Bitten by Severed Rattlesnake Head

6/6/2018 - Dryden Vos' Star Wars Collection Is Most Impressive

6/6/2018 - Humans Explores What Happens When Your Toaster Gains Sentience and Then Kills Thousands of People

6/6/2018 - Dave and Buster’s Promises ‘Truly Memorable’ VR Rides That Definitely Won’t Involve Puking

6/6/2018 - The Victorian Fantasy Serial Creatures of Will & Temper Continues Here

6/6/2018 - How Do Meteorologists Rank Hurricanes, and Will I Die?

6/6/2018 - Landline Phone Service, Which Still Exists, Goes Down Across the U.S.

6/6/2018 - The Flooding Crisis Is Here For the US

6/6/2018 - Marvel Comics Does Its Most Exciting Work in Alternate Universes

6/6/2018 - The Flash Star Keiynan Lonsdale Explains Why He's Leaving Wally West Behind (for Now)

6/6/2018 - Hurricanes Aren’t Moving as Fast as They Used to, and That's Bad

6/6/2018 - Parrot's New Foldable Drone Can Nail Some Crazy Shooting Angles

6/6/2018 - AMD's Status Competition With Intel Ramps Up 

6/6/2018 - Microsoft's Newest Data Center Is a Giant Metal Can at the Bottom of the Sea

6/6/2018 - Watch Gravity Punish This Paraglider for Using a Selfie Stick at 2,500 Feet

6/6/2018 - Jupiter's Lightning Is Somehow More and Less Like Earth's Than Scientists Thought

6/6/2018 - Sonos Finally Made a Cheaper Soundbar

6/6/2018 - Americans Think Climate Research Should Be NASA’s Top Priority

6/6/2018 - All the Hints and Details We Uncovered in the New Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer

6/6/2018 - Woman Says Poop Fell From Plane and Into Her Sunroof, Splattering Her Face and Giving Her Pink Eye

6/6/2018 - Scott Pruitt Has to Justify Lying About Climate Change on National TV

6/6/2018 - Synthetic Brain-Destroying Human Prions Created in the Lab for the First Time

6/6/2018 - 10 Useful New Features Hidden in the macOS Mojave Beta

6/6/2018 - Is David Finally Going to Become Legion?

6/6/2018 - Uber Will Drop Up to $500 Million on Ads Letting You Know How Truly Sorry It Is

6/6/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale May Have Just Put the First Crack in Gilead's Ugly Facade

6/6/2018 - What Happened to All the Zeppelins?

6/6/2018 - One of the Coolest Gaming Monitor Features Is Finally Coming to TVs

6/6/2018 - Firing This Saw Blade-Launching Handheld Catapult Looks More Terrifying Than Getting Hit by It

6/6/2018 - Motorola Won't Give Up on Modular Smartphones No Matter How Silly They Are

6/6/2018 - Are Reusable Bags Really Better For the Planet?

6/6/2018 - The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer Drops Marvel Bombs That'll Have You Screaming

6/6/2018 - The Dark Origin Story of Internet Spiritual Guru Teal Swan

6/6/2018 - More Wild Rumors About the Costumed Looks of Avengers 4

6/6/2018 - Soldier Leads Virginia Police on Bonkers Mid-Speed Chase in Stolen Armored Vehicle

6/5/2018 - Instagram Is Reportedly Pivoting to Hour-Long Video

6/5/2018 - Facebook's Data-Sharing Program for Phone Makers Included Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei

6/5/2018 - The Original VFX Team Behind Firefly Made the Best Anniversary Video in the 'Verse

6/5/2018 - Heroes and Villains Go Head to Head in This Action-Packed Pop Culture Art Show

6/5/2018 - Calling All Scumrats, Our Star Wars: Most Wanted Book Club Begins Today!

6/5/2018 - Jeff Goldblum and Author Chuck Tingle Adorably Bond Over Dinosaur Erotica

6/5/2018 - Jared Leto's Joker May Get His Own Standalone Movie

6/5/2018 - Elon Musk Dressed for the Job He Wanted

6/5/2018 - Kilauea's Lava Just Blazed a New Trail of Destruction to the Ocean

6/5/2018 - Democrats Demand the FCC Sit Down and Finally Answer Some Questions

6/5/2018 - Gastric Balloons May Have Killed 12 People Since 2016 

6/5/2018 - There Are Earthquakes Going Off Beneath East Antarctica's Ice

6/5/2018 - FTC Accuses Group of Running Empire That Made Billions of Unwanted Robocalls

6/5/2018 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Lacks the Majesty the Franchise Is Known for

6/5/2018 - NASA to Extend Juno Jupiter Mission by Three Years

6/5/2018 - This Footage of Kilauea Lava Pouring Into the Ocean Is Completely Bananas

6/5/2018 - Facebook Discovers Kids Like Lip-Sync Videos, So It’s Doing Those Now

6/5/2018 - People in Positions of Power Need to Help Shut Down Vitriolic Fan Behavior

6/5/2018 - Uber's Dara Khosrowshahi Tries Giving 'the D' to Coworkers

6/5/2018 - DJI and Taser Maker Axon Are Teaming Up to Make Cop Drones

6/5/2018 - NASA's Administrator Is Talking to Private Companies About Commercial Takeover of the ISS

6/5/2018 - Here's Your First Look at the New Animated Addams Family Movie, Now Starring Charlize Theron

6/5/2018 - Mike Mignola Talks About Hellboy’s Evolution and the State of Superhero Films

6/5/2018 - The First Trailer for Voltron's Sixth Season Finds the Paladins in the Midst of an All-Out War

6/5/2018 - Man Presumed Dead After Tragic Mount Everest Cryptocurrency Stunt

6/5/2018 - Smartphones and Video Games May Make Teens Sadder Because of How They Affect Sleep

6/5/2018 - This 1966 Article About 'Computer Danger' Predicted a Bleak Future of Bank Crimes and Info Leaks

6/5/2018 - Give Your Nudes to Facebook

6/5/2018 - Occupation Looks Like All of Your Favorite Alien Invasion Action Movies Rolled Into One

6/5/2018 - Watch This Pilot's Frantic Dash to Save His Dying Drone From Drowning in a Lake

6/5/2018 - Hawaii Is Owning the Rest of Us On Climate Change

6/5/2018 - You Can Strap a GoPro to This New Hot Wheels Car and Ride Along on All Your Dangerous Stunts

6/5/2018 - Nvidia CEO Says New GPUs Won't Be Available for a 'Long Time'

6/5/2018 - The New Mortal Engines Trailer Brings Monstrous Cities and a Major Conspiracy

6/5/2018 - Ingenious Technique Explains How Easter Island Statues May Have Gotten Their Giant Hats

6/5/2018 - Mozilla Puts Up $225,000 to Explore How AI Threatens a ‘Healthy Internet’

6/5/2018 - The Gigantic 8X Zoom Lens on Sony's RX100 VI Does What Your Smartphone Can't

6/5/2018 - 13 Useful New Features Hidden in the iOS 12 Beta

6/5/2018 - Deep Space Nine's René Auberjonois on Returning as Odo for Star Trek Online

6/5/2018 - Hyperkin's Duke Xbox Controller Is Every Bit As Ridiculous as the Original

6/5/2018 - There's Way Too Little Ice Around Svalbard Right Now

6/5/2018 - Home of Parkland Survivor and Activist David Hogg Swatted 

6/5/2018 - FCC Emails Show Agency Spread Lies to Bolster Dubious DDoS Attack Claims

6/5/2018 - I'll Believe Apple Is Killing Cops' Anti-Encryption Tools When They Actually Do It

6/5/2018 - Hasbro Is Bringing Some of the Star Wars Comics' Best New Characters to Comic-Con

6/5/2018 - Noah Hawley Gives an Update on the Doctor Doom Movie

6/5/2018 - Everything Is Intergalactic (But Still Awesome) in Lego Movie 2 Debut Trailer

6/5/2018 - The First Bumblebee Trailer Is a Heartfelt Blast From the Past

6/5/2018 - Paul Manafort Learns That Encrypting Messages Doesn't Matter If the Feds Have a Warrant to Search Your iCloud Account

6/5/2018 - Intel's Got Some New Tricks to Try to Save Your Laptop's Precious Battery

6/5/2018 - This Asus Laptop Has a 5.5-inch Display Where the Trackpad Should Be

6/5/2018 - Tim Cook Says He Will Mercifully Spare Us a Run for Office

6/4/2018 - Qualcomm Teases Its First Chip Built Just for Laptops

6/4/2018 - Google Releases Standalone Lens App on Play Store

6/4/2018 - Man Building 'Nuclear Bunker' Under House Charged With Murder After Worker Dies in Fire

6/4/2018 - Atmosphere Is Everything in This Creepy Horror Short

6/4/2018 - Step Into Hulk's Giant Feet, Literally, With These New Marvel Vans Kicks

6/4/2018 - Sex Workers Fight Back Against a Dangerous Law by Stepping Into the Spotlight

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