3/31/2018 - Uber Is Shutting Down Its Little-Used UberRush Delivery Service

3/31/2018 - This Video Series Asks, What Sort of Hero is Batman, Anyway?

3/31/2018 - Tiangong-1 Is Now Predicted to Hit Earth at 7:30pm ET Sunday, Give or Take Up to Seven Hours [Updated]

3/31/2018 - Hunt For Eggs With This Easter-Themed X-Men Art, Courtesy of Ryan Reynolds

3/31/2018 - Report: Facebook Staff Suddenly Concerned About Privacy, Specifically Theirs

3/31/2018 - Report: Netflix is Considering Buying Luc Besson's Film Company

3/31/2018 - So, Uh, What's Going On With the Sahara Desert?

3/31/2018 - Trump's One-Sided Feud With Amazon Continues to Fester

3/31/2018 - Rob Liefeld Designed the Most Rob Liefeld Character Ever

3/31/2018 - Superheroes are Ridiculous in This Dramatic Reinterpretation of Superman's Origins

3/31/2018 - Apple Finally Talked Me Into Buying an iPad

3/31/2018 - NASA's Newest Planet Hunter Will Do What Kepler Couldn't

3/30/2018 - Open Channel: What Was Your Favorite Easter Egg in Ready Player One?

3/30/2018 - Life-Sized Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy Toys, and More of the Biggest Toys of the Week

3/30/2018 - The Han Solo Sneakers of Your Dreams Are Finally Here

3/30/2018 - Big Pharma and the Advertising Industry Are Ruining the World in This Week's Best New Comics

3/30/2018 - Russian Accused of Hacking LinkedIn Extradited to US After 15-Month Detention in Prague

3/30/2018 - Cartoon Network's Craig of the Creek Is an Excellent Show About the Magic of Having a Kid's Imagination

3/30/2018 - This Could Be the Greatest Drone-Powered iPhone Heist Ever

3/30/2018 - They Did It: Hasbro Is Officially Producing Its Largest Star Wars Toy Ever 

3/30/2018 - Feast Your Eyes on All the New Scifi and Fantasy Books Coming Out in April

3/30/2018 - We Found Scott Pruitt Some Airbnbs 

3/30/2018 - ProtonMail Launches a Shorter Email Domain and Other New Features for Encryption Lovers

3/30/2018 - J.R.R. Tolkien on Building Languages: 'Elvish Is Too Complicated'

3/30/2018 - Senator Dianne Feinstein Proposes Bill to Get Hormone-Disrupting Phthalates Out of Food Packaging

3/30/2018 - Prospect Delivers a Space Western That Should Satisfy All Your Dirty Scifi Cravings

3/30/2018 - Inside the Wild World of Shell Collecting

3/30/2018 - The USDA Just Gave the Green Light to CRISPR'd Food

3/30/2018 - One of the Most Memorable Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Characters Developed From a Mistake

3/30/2018 - Everything You Need to Know About the Fantastic Four's Disappearance From Marvel Comics

3/30/2018 - People Are Bleeding From Their Eyes and Ears After Smoking Synthetic Pot in Illinois

3/30/2018 - Science Journal Retracts Paper That Sparked CRISPR Panic

3/30/2018 - An Acoustic Ecologist Has Recreated the Sounds of John Muir’s World

3/30/2018 - Colin Trevorrow Will Return to Direct the Third Jurassic World Movie

3/30/2018 - This Badass Woman Explores the Deep Sea to Help Us Save It

3/30/2018 - Uber Begins Pilot Program Shuttling People Recovering From Opioid Addiction to Treatment 

3/30/2018 - Rejected Test Footage for FX's Deadpool Show Offers a Look at What Could've Been

3/30/2018 - AI Imagines Nude Paintings as Terrifying Pools of Melting Flesh

3/30/2018 - MailChimp to Cryptocurrency Promoters: Your Fake Money's No Good Here

3/30/2018 - Beetlejuice Is an Insane Movie and It’s Insane It Ever Got Made

3/30/2018 - Watch Sea Turtles Awkwardly Try to Use Their Flippers as Arms

3/30/2018 - This Video of a Vet Pulling a Slipper Out of a Snake Is Gnarly as Heck

3/30/2018 - A Brief Treatise on the Greatest Line in Ready Player One, and Possibly All of Cinema

3/30/2018 - 11 Tell-Tale Signs Your Accounts and Devices Have Been Hacked

3/30/2018 - Magic Leap's Secrecy Obsession Is Reportedly Making Devs Say Screw It

3/30/2018 - Apple's New External GPU Support for Macs Is a Boon for Gamers and Graphics Pros

3/30/2018 - Report Alleges Ren & Stimpy Creator John Kricfalusi Took Advantage of Underage Girls Interested in Animation

3/30/2018 - The FCC Just Gave SpaceX the Go-Ahead to Build a Space Internet

3/30/2018 - Comcast's 'Compromise' on Net Neutrality Is Just the FCC Rules It Spent Millions to Kill

3/30/2018 - Arrow Is Recruiting a Few Familiar Favorites for the End of Season 6

3/30/2018 - Watch Live: SpaceX Will Launch 10 Satellites Into Orbit Today

3/29/2018 - Netflix Takes Us Back to the '90s with a Pop-Up Video for Trish Walker's 'Cray Cray' 

3/29/2018 - Burt Ward's Greatest Feat on the 1966 Batman Show? Surviving His First Few Days on Set

3/29/2018 - Starbucks Must Tell Customers Its Coffee Contains a Cancer-Causing Ingredient, But Don't Panic

3/29/2018 - Facebook Exec Who Claimed Death and Terrorism Were 'Justified' by Site's Growth Says He Was Just Being 'Provocative'

3/29/2018 - Harley Quinn Is Heading to Apokolips to Do Battle With the New Gods

3/29/2018 - The Scientists Who Sparked CRISPR Panic Couldn't Reproduce Their Study Results

3/29/2018 - Deaths From Synthetic Opioids Doubled from 2015 to 2016

3/29/2018 - Building PCs in This New Sim Is Meta as Hell

3/29/2018 - Upgrade Offers a Subversive, Self-Aware Update to the Classic Scifi-Action Formula

3/29/2018 - Under Armour Says Breach of MyFitnessPal Exposed Data From 150 Million Users

3/29/2018 - Former Engineer Suing Google: 'It Sucks to Be a Woman in Tech'

3/29/2018 - Trump's Claim That Amazon Pays 'Little or No' State Taxes Is Utter Nonsense

3/29/2018 - Facebook's Plan To Fight Election Interference Includes Weeding Out Fake Memes and Videos

3/29/2018 - So Where the Hell Is My XCOM TV Show?

3/29/2018 - Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Just Raised Gobs of Money to Peddle Pseudoscience

3/29/2018 - This Rusty Old Shipyard Might Be the Greenest Place in Europe

3/29/2018 - You Can Now Download iOS 11.3 to See Your Terrible Battery’s Soul

3/29/2018 - The Era of Super Gonorrhea Is Here

3/29/2018 - Daredevil's Fight to Save New York City Has Given Him a Surprising New Career

3/29/2018 - Report: One Third of America’s Wildlife Is Now Under Threat

3/29/2018 - The Great Dolphin-Human War Is Inching Closer

3/29/2018 - Adnan Syed, Subject of Serial, Granted New Trial

3/29/2018 - This New Westworld Trailer Looks Like a Lot of Things to Us, So Let's Break It Down

3/29/2018 - Why It Took Ready Player One Eight Years to Become a Movie

3/29/2018 - Airbnb Will Start Automatically Handing Over Guest Info to China’s Authorities

3/29/2018 - CW Is Finally, FINALLY Going to Stream Live Via Hulu

3/29/2018 - CERN Researchers Think They Saw Rare Particle Decay That Could Lead to New Physics

3/29/2018 - The Power Rangers Comic's Big New Event Is Off to a Bloody, Crazy Start

3/29/2018 - Rivals Intel and AMD Got Together and Made Something Beautiful for Gamers

3/29/2018 - Atlanta Ransomware Attack Leaves Court Systems Offline As City Enters Recovery Phase 

3/29/2018 - A Tribe Called Quest's Final Music Video Is a Powerful Afrofuturist Political Protest

3/29/2018 - Thousands of UK Teens Will Help Settle a Vaccine Debate Over Meningitis 

3/29/2018 - Chile Is Seriously Pissed About the ‘Alien’ Mummy Study

3/29/2018 - There’s Now a National Campaign to Oust EPA Head Scott Pruitt

3/29/2018 - Windows VP Terry Myerson Out as Major Shakeup Hits Microsoft

3/29/2018 - It's Official: The Fantastic Four Are Returning to Marvel Comics

3/29/2018 - The Most Important Changes Dark Nights: Metal Has Brought to the DC Comics Universe

3/29/2018 - Flying a Tiny Drone to a Staggering 33,000 Feet Gives You the Ultimate Bird's-Eye View

3/29/2018 - Amazon Lost $53 Billion in One Day Because Trump Has Opinions

3/29/2018 - So, About the Satellite That's About to Crash Into Earth...

3/29/2018 - Sinners, Welcome to the Westworld Season 2 Trailer

3/29/2018 - Waking Up to the Game Boy Super Mario Land Theme Is the Best Way to Start Your Day

3/29/2018 - The Rebirth of Palm Could Happen Later This Year

3/29/2018 - Blow Up Your House With the Prettiest Nuclear Bomb Simulator 

3/29/2018 - We Could Watch This Mesmerizing Video of Leia Slapping Poe in The Last Jedi All Day Long

3/29/2018 - Cape Town’s Controversial Plan to Solve Its Water Crisis for Good

3/29/2018 - The Complex Legacy of World War I's Women Scientists

3/29/2018 - Why Your Passwords Aren't Strong Enough—And What To Do About It

3/29/2018 - Many Restaurant Meals Come With a Side of Hormone-Disrupting Phthalates

3/29/2018 - A New Avengers: Infinity War Promo Has More Intriguing Clues About Thor

3/29/2018 - GoPro Is Trying to Save Itself With a Super Cheap Camera 

3/29/2018 - Simulation May Finally Explain Why Knuckle Cracking Makes That Awful Sound

3/29/2018 - Scientists Conclude Your Rubber Bath Ducky Is Probably Gross as Hell

3/28/2018 - Facebook: Would It Help If We Traded Less User Info With Huge Data Brokers?

3/28/2018 - Boeing Says Suspected WannaCry Attack Only Hit 'Small Number of Systems,' Probably Not Planes

3/28/2018 - Black Widow's Epic Return to Marvel Comics Is Exactly the Kind of Story Her Movie Should Be

3/28/2018 - Game of Thrones Star Pedro Pascal Just Landed a Mystery Role in Wonder Woman 2

3/28/2018 - Frank Miller's New Take on the Arthurian Legend Is Already Headed to Netflix

3/28/2018 - Archer Goes on a Pulpy Jungle Adventure in the First Trailer for Season Nine

3/28/2018 - Grindr's API Surrendered Location Data to a Third-Party Website—Even After Users Opted Out

3/28/2018 - This Sure Seems Like a New, Unannounced GoPro

3/28/2018 - How Wireless Providers Are Quietly Screwing Over Some Customers

3/28/2018 - Gundam's Char Aznable Is Still the Most Magnificent Bastard to Ever Pilot a Giant Robot

3/28/2018 - Prosthetic Memories Help Brain Injury Patients with Short-Term Recall

3/28/2018 - This Incredible New Footage of a Butterfly Laying Eggs Will Make You Love Bugs

3/28/2018 - Laura Dern's Interpretation of the Force Is Exactly What Star Wars Needs

3/28/2018 - Google Mercifully Now Lets You Pair the Home Mini With Better Bluetooth Speakers

3/28/2018 - Another Reminder That Consumer DNA Tests Are Not 100% Accurate

3/28/2018 - Aliens' Original SFX Artists Helped Sideshow Create the Most Accurate Alien Queen Collectible Ever

3/28/2018 - Elon Musk's Neuralink Sought to Open an Animal Testing Facility in San Francisco

3/28/2018 - Ecuador Just Cut Off Julian Assange’s Internet, Says He Meddled in International Affairs

3/28/2018 - Archaeologists Discover 29 Human Footprints From the Last Ice Age

3/28/2018 - A Detective Is Torn Between Two Worlds in the New Trailer for the BBC's The City and The City Adaptation

3/28/2018 - New Jersey Really Isn't About That Offshore Drilling Life

3/28/2018 - Scientists Just Discovered a New Human Organ, and It's Filled With Secrets

3/28/2018 - Reddit's Big, Dumb Meme War Ends in Tears

3/28/2018 - An Even More Tragic Version of the Joker Exists and It’s All My Fault

3/28/2018 - Don’t Use a Nest Doorbell to Raise Your Kids

3/28/2018 - Microsoft Creates Wild Half-Electron Quasiparticle for Its Future Quantum Computer

3/28/2018 - Holy Crap, This Galaxy Has No Dark Matter 

3/28/2018 - Oh My God, Hot Toys Made a Baby Luke Skywalker Action Figure

3/28/2018 - OnePlus Please Stop Explaining Your Phone Notch

3/28/2018 - US Agency to Debate How the Internet of Things Could Kill You

3/28/2018 - Americans' Views on Global Warming Are a Hot Mess

3/28/2018 - Black Lightning Is Finally Becoming as Weird as the Rest of the CW's Superhero Shows

3/28/2018 - Emails Show How Uber Wooed Arizona Governor Before Fatal Crash Ruined Their Relationship

3/28/2018 - Whoa, There's a Lot to Unpack in This Latest Trailer for The Handmaid's Tale

3/28/2018 - This Laptop Is the MacBook Pro People Wish Apple Would Make

3/28/2018 - Crashing Into Boiling Water and Other Ways Hoverboards Send Thousands of Kids to the Hospital Each Year

3/28/2018 - The Darkest Minds Looks Like the Young X-Men Film We Never Knew We Wanted

3/28/2018 - How to Properly Secure Your Accounts in Case You Forget Your Passwords

3/28/2018 - This Supposed Dark Matter Evidence Won't Seem to Go Away

3/28/2018 - We Almost Had a Fifth Nor'easter

3/28/2018 - Facebook Says It’s Putting All Your Privacy Settings in One Place, Which It Was Going to Do Anyway, So There

3/28/2018 - Deadpool Drama Deepens Due to Donald Divulging Dank Script

3/28/2018 - Everything Is Going Wrong for North Atlantic Right Whales This Year [Updated]

3/28/2018 - Jeff Goldblum Hints at Another Major Cameo in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

3/28/2018 - Playboy Deletes Facebook Pages Citing Both Election Meddling and Sexual Repression

3/28/2018 - At Least Two Flaws in Monero Could Make Some Transactions Partially Traceable

3/27/2018 - Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Google Might Proceed as Class Action

3/27/2018 - Facebook: Yeah, Maybe Now Isn't the Best Time to Launch Our New Speaker Designed to Spy on You

3/27/2018 - Shyp Hits the Fan

3/27/2018 - This Artist Transforms Spider-Man Comics Into Powerful Statements About Being Black in America

3/27/2018 - There Are Apparently Very Sensible Reasons for Pushing Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants' Release Dates

3/27/2018 - How Scientists Could Use DNA Sequencing to Identify Alien Life

3/27/2018 - Steven Universe Is Introducing Garnet to the Off-Color Gems in the Most Charming, Delightful Way

3/27/2018 - How Many Times Did Apple Make This Kid Lick the iPad?

3/27/2018 - The New Lost in Space Robot Is an Alien... and Possibly a Woman?

3/27/2018 - Confronted With Severe Climate Change, Ancient Britons Kept Calm and Carried On

3/27/2018 - Facebook Sued by Civil Rights Groups for Alleged Housing Discrimination [Updated]

3/27/2018 - Why the High-Tech Plan to Bring Back the Northern White Rhino Matters

3/27/2018 - I've Been Waiting My Entire Life for a Superhero Movie Like Fast Color

3/27/2018 - An Experimental Superbug Killer Is a Tiny Step Closer to Saving Us From the Antibiotic Apocalypse

3/27/2018 - Logitech’s $49 Crayon Is a Stubbier, Cheaper Apple Pencil

3/27/2018 - Watch: Avengers: Infinity War Should Include Putty Avengers Chowing Down on Some Magnets

3/27/2018 - Supposedly Empty Egyptian Coffin Actually Contains a Mummy

3/27/2018 - Report: Hulu Has Passed on the Locke & Key Pilot, But It's Being Shopped to Other Streaming Services [Updated]

3/27/2018 - All the New Education Software Apple's Bringing to iPads and Macs

3/27/2018 - This Canadian Pipeline Battle Is Starting to Feel a lot Like Standing Rock

3/27/2018 - Could Higgs Bosons and Primordial Black Holes Explain Dark Matter?

3/27/2018 - Apple Finally Starts Selling the iMac Pro's Sweet Space Gray Keyboard and Mouse

3/27/2018 - The House With a Clock in Its Walls Trailer Features a Whole Different Kind of Haunted House

3/27/2018 - Facebook Unresponsive as Reports Say Zuckerberg Will Testify

3/27/2018 - China's Social Media Users Call Kim Jong Un 'Fatty on the Train' and 'Obese Patient' to Bypass Censors

3/27/2018 - Report: Amazon May Pay $1 Billion to Adapt the Hugo-Winning Chinese Novel The Three-Body Problem

3/27/2018 - NASA Delays Flagship Space Telescope Mission Once Again

3/27/2018 - Here Is FEMA’s Plan If the Falling Chinese Satellite Takes Aim at a US City

3/27/2018 - Oh Hey, There's a New iPad with Pencil Support

3/27/2018 - The Faith of Jane Foster Made The Mighty Thor One of Marvel's Best Comics in Years

3/27/2018 - This Gross Puking Robot Is a Much Safer Way to Mix Rocket Fuel

3/27/2018 - Microsoft Comes for the Trolls With 'Offensive Language' Ban on XBox

3/27/2018 - Rare Type of Supernova Extinguishes Star at Unprecedented Speed

3/27/2018 - Over 150 Comics Stars Will Contribute to Image Comics' Vegas Shooting Anthology

3/27/2018 - Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Floats Wild Nairobi Poison Plot 

3/27/2018 - Arizona Suspends Uber’s Self-Driving Tests After Car Killed Pedestrian

3/27/2018 - Apple Parts Maker Foxconn Is Scooping Up Belkin's Entire Portfolio

3/27/2018 - Amaya Is the Worst Legend of Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday, and Forever

3/27/2018 - Here's What Protects Shipwrecks From Looters and Hacks

3/27/2018 - Don’t Bother Trying to Outrun This Creepy Spiderbot That Transforms Into a Rolling Wheel

3/27/2018 - Huawei's New Triple Camera Smartphone Could Start a Tech Arms Race

3/27/2018 - Here Are the Myriad Ways Facebook Is Getting Dunked on Right Now

3/27/2018 - Updates From Stranger Things, a Possible Shazam Cameo and More

3/27/2018 - Deep in the Amazon, Scientists Strip a Cloud Forest of Its Clouds

3/27/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Declines Invitation to Testify in UK, But British Lawmakers Helpfully Suggest a Video Link

3/27/2018 - Elon Musk Has Some Literal Rocks to Sell You, Maybe

3/26/2018 - A Bug in the iOS Camera App's QR Code Reader Could Send iPhone Users to Malicious Websites

3/26/2018 - San Francisco Uber Driver Accidentally Turns Onto Pedestrian Staircase, and Down He Goes

3/26/2018 - How Aardman's Stop-Motion Animators Used VFX Shortcuts to Create Thousands of Sports Fans

3/26/2018 - This Disney/Pixar Bracket Is Tearing the Internet Apart, So Tear It Some More and Show Us Yours

3/26/2018 - Great, Now an Airline Is Normalizing Casual Fingerprinting

3/26/2018 - Steven Spielberg Got Old

3/26/2018 - According to Mark Hamill, This Was the Ending of George Lucas' Episode IX

3/26/2018 - The Future of Coworking Is at a Hooters in Tokyo

3/26/2018 - Please Don't Drink Turpentine

3/26/2018 - Read the First Issue of Umami, the Delightful Fantasy Comic From the Artist Behind I Kill Giants

3/26/2018 - One Actor Chose to Get Bit by Zombies Rather Than Stay on The Walking Dead

3/26/2018 - Orange Snow Turns Europe Into a Martian Landscape [Updated]

3/26/2018 - Darkseid Is... the Newest Member of the Justice League

3/26/2018 - Giant Planet Orbiting a Brown Dwarf Spotted, Re-Opening Debate Over What Makes a Planet

3/26/2018 - Hereditary Is a Horror Masterpiece That Shows a Family Losing Hope and Their Minds

3/26/2018 - Illinois' Cook County Sues Facebook and Cambridge Analytica for Alleged Fraud

3/26/2018 - Flint Kids Were Being Poisoned by Lead Before the Water Crisis Even Began

3/26/2018 - Gina Rodriguez Will Play Carmen Sandiego in a Live-Action Movie

3/26/2018 - Congress Politely Invites the CEOs of Facebook, Google, and Twitter to Get Their Asses Grilled

3/26/2018 - Dead Medieval Woman ‘Gave Birth’ to Baby in Coffin

3/26/2018 - Pacific Rim Uprising Ripped Out Its Own Heart

3/26/2018 - This Brain Scanner Is Way Smaller Than fMRI but Somehow 1,000% Creepier 

3/26/2018 - Facebook’s Defense for Sucking Up Your Call and Text Data Entirely Misses the Point

3/26/2018 - Familiar Faces From Marvel's Past Resurface as Production on Captain Marvel Begins

3/26/2018 - Fear the Walking Dead Almost Looks Like a Brand New Show in This Season Four Trailer

3/26/2018 - AggregateIQ Created Cambridge Analytica's Election Software, and Here’s the Proof

3/26/2018 - Many Children With Autism and Their Siblings Aren't Getting Vaccinated

3/26/2018 - Vision and Scarlet Witch's Romance Is the Heart of Avengers: Infinity War

3/26/2018 - Both Poles Are Having a Weird, Bad Year For Sea Ice So Far

3/26/2018 - The Tabletification of Chrome OS Continues

3/26/2018 - Cops Track Down 'Mastermind' Behind Theft of Millions from Malware-Infected ATMs 

3/26/2018 - Now There’s a Starbucks in Yosemite Because Nothing Is Sacred

3/26/2018 - How Cloak & Dagger Re-Imagines Some Problematic Elements From the Old Comics

3/26/2018 - The FTC Is Finally Investigating Facebook

3/26/2018 - Software Engineer Claims BMW Automatic Door Chopped Off His Thumb

3/26/2018 - Ugh, Why Is the Black Hood Coming Back to Riverdale?

3/26/2018 - What Can Google Lens Actually Do for You Right Now

3/26/2018 - Scraps of DNA Are Helping Scientists Track Down Nature's Most Elusive Creatures

3/26/2018 - Google Isn't Listening, So Its Employees Are Suing

3/26/2018 - Last Night's The Walking Dead Was So Stupid I Can't Stand It

3/26/2018 - Resourceful Knife Maker Proves You Can Turn Aluminum Foil Into a Terrifyingly Sharp Blade

3/26/2018 - Updates From Jurassic World: The Fallen KingdomAgents of SHIELD, and More

3/26/2018 - The Fitbit Versa Is the First Real Bargain Smartwatch

3/25/2018 - Facebook's Hell, 'Alien' Mummy, and Folding iPhones: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/25/2018 - European Union Competition Watchdog Renews Threats to Break Up Google Into Smaller Companies

3/25/2018 - Some Serious Movie Magic Was Needed to Destroy Thor's Hammer in Thor: Ragnarok

3/25/2018 - The State Department Has Reportedly Purchased a $15,000 iPhone Encryption Cracking Device

3/25/2018 - Stephen Moffat Shares Snippet of Christopher Eccleston's Rejected Doctor Who Cameo 

3/25/2018 - Zuckerberg's Full-Page Newspaper Ads on Facebook Data Scandal: 'We Expect There Are Others'

3/25/2018 - Here's a Gorgeous Game of Thrones Kashmiri Fan Video to Tide You Over a Bit Longer

3/25/2018 - At Long Last, Flat Earth Rocketeer Finally Manages to Blast Himself Into Sky at God Knows What Speed

3/25/2018 - Joker Was Originally Going to Team Up With Enchantress in Suicide Squad

3/25/2018 - Bonus Scene Confirms Major Fan Theory for Star Trek: Discovery, and Hints What's to Come

3/24/2018 - Donald Glover and FX Have Exited Marvel's Animated Deadpool Series

3/24/2018 - Tim Cook Takes His Turn to Dunk on Facebook, Backing Data Privacy Regulations

3/24/2018 - Black Panther Just Beat Avengers to Become the Highest-Grossing Superhero Movie in U.S. Box Office History

3/24/2018 - The NRA Quadrupled Its Digital Ad Budget After Parkland Killings, Flooding Facebook and YouTube

3/24/2018 - Superman's Underwear May Be Back (On the Outside) in Action Comics #1000, But It Might Not Be Staying

3/24/2018 - One of Solo's Mysterious Villains Could Have a Deep Cut Connection to Marvel's Classic Star Wars Comics

3/24/2018 - UK Authorities Finally Raid Cambridge Analytica After Obtaining Warrant

3/24/2018 - Watch Jason David Frank Suit Up as an Evil Green Ranger in This Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Teaser

3/24/2018 - In the New Star Trek: The Next Generation Comic, a Mirror Universe Double Agent Stalks the Enterprise

3/24/2018 - Why We Finally Feel Betrayed by Facebook

3/24/2018 - Operators of Verrückt, World's Largest Water Slide, Charged in 2016 Death of 10-Year-Old Rider

3/24/2018 - The Real Reason Behind Rick and Morty's Season 4 Delay Is a Little Less Dramatic Than We Thought

3/24/2018 - The First Footage From Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Has a Ton of Style

3/23/2018 - Marvel's Goddess of Thunder Has Fallen

3/23/2018 - Harley Quinn's Getting the Mad Max: Fury Road Treatment in Old Lady Harley

3/23/2018 - Optimistic NYC Lawmaker's Bill Would Make It Illegal for Your Boss to Make You Check Email After Work

3/23/2018 - It's Time to Log Off

3/23/2018 - Artist Hides Secret Code to $10,000 Worth of Cryptocurrencies in Lego Artworks

3/23/2018 - Adorable, Finger-Hugging Dinosaurs, and More of the Coolest Toys of the Week

3/23/2018 - Fear of China May Drive FCC to Punish Carriers for Using Huawei Equipment

3/23/2018 - Traveling to Brazil? Get Vaccinated ASAP, Says CDC

3/23/2018 - Relive the Pain of This Week's Awful Snowstorm With This Satellite GIF

3/23/2018 - Lethal Women Face Life or Death (Mostly Death) Situations in This Week's Best Comics

3/23/2018 - Your Half-Assed Attempts at Exercise Are Still Really Good for You

3/23/2018 - Apple Proposes First Accessibility Emoji, Including Guide Dogs and Prosthetics

3/23/2018 - Iconic Video Game Series Street Fighter Heads to TV in New Production Deal

3/23/2018 - UK Authorities Granted Warrant to Search Cambridge Analytica's Office

3/23/2018 - Rising CO2 Levels Could Be Messing With Squid

3/23/2018 - The FDA's New App Lets You Look Up Any Drug, Except the Fun Ones

3/23/2018 - The Battle Between Spider-Man and Thanos Gets Bonkers in This Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Clip

3/23/2018 - I Hate Going Into Comic Book Stores

3/23/2018 - Federal Science Research Is Getting a Lot More Money

3/23/2018 - Meet the Oregon Middle Schoolers Fighting for Net Neutrality

3/23/2018 - Steven Spielberg Doesn't Believe Netflix Movies Deserve Oscar Nominations

3/23/2018 - This Game Imagines a Bleak Future in Which Tech Companies Win and Gig Workers Just Try to Survive

3/23/2018 - The Spice Girls Wannabe Your New Animated Superheroes

3/23/2018 - This Alaska Native Village Finally Has Money to Begin Relocating Residents

3/23/2018 - Tumblr's State-Sponsored Disinformation Blogs, Ranked

3/23/2018 - Ready Player One Has a Major Problem Hiding in Plain Sight

3/23/2018 - New Room-Temperature Maser Uses Weird Diamond to Succeed Where Others Failed

3/23/2018 - Idaho Wants to Allow the Hunting of a Single Grizzly Bear

3/23/2018 - Finally, I Can Motorboat a Man's Pillowy Pectorals

3/23/2018 - Thrawn: Alliances Is Sending Darth Vader and Thrawn to Disneyland, Kind of

3/23/2018 - This Is the Most Terrifying Halloween Decoration You Have Ever Seen in Your Goddamn Life

3/23/2018 - Elon Musk Deletes Facebook Pages for SpaceX and Tesla

3/23/2018 - The Gorgeous Retro Superhero Comic Astro City Is Making Its Way to Television

3/23/2018 - Apple Erases Tiny Bug From iPhone X Ad, Hasn’t Yet Fixed Actual Bug

3/23/2018 - Don Cheadle Didn't Know the Plot of Avengers: Infinity War While He Filmed It, and He's Totally Fine With That

3/23/2018 - Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Be Excited About a Folding iPhone

3/23/2018 - Here's Some Stuff Apple Might Launch at Its Education Event on Tuesday

3/23/2018 - Mother-Son Orca Pair Commits Infanticide in Oceanic Shakespearean Drama

3/23/2018 - This New Star Trek Book Is a Remarkably Intimate Look at the People Making the Show, as They Made It

3/23/2018 - DOJ Accuses Iran of Hacking Thousands of University Professors to Steal Scientific Research

3/23/2018 - My Ultra-Competitive Side Loves This Sensor-Packed Smart Ball

3/23/2018 - Congress Calls Burning Wood 'Carbon Neutral,' Prominent Ecologist Calls Bullshit

3/23/2018 - Scientists Are Building a Mini-Earth With 8 Tons of Spinning Liquid Sodium

3/23/2018 - South Korea Establishes Official Time to Log Off That Sadly Just Applies to Government Workers

3/23/2018 - T-Rex Catches Fire at Amusement Park Despite the Fact That Real Dinosaurs Were Rarely on Fire

3/23/2018 - More Than 140 Whales Are Dead After Mass Stranding in Australia

3/23/2018 - Cryptocurrency Companies Are Rushing to Gobble up Canada's Cheap Electricity

3/23/2018 - Frank Miller Is Illustrating a YA Novel That Will Tell the Lady of the Lake's Origin

3/23/2018 - Noah Hawley Says the Fantastic Four Don't Need to Be Rebooted For His New Doctor Doom Movie

3/23/2018 - Craigslist Is Shutting Down Its Personals Section

3/22/2018 - The Other Cambridge Personality Test Has Its Own Database With Millions of Facebook Profiles

3/22/2018 - There's a New Netflix Show About Killer Rain and Here's the Trailer

3/22/2018 - Schools Are Using AI to Check Students' Social Media for Warning Signs of Violence

3/22/2018 - The CDC's New Chief Was Accused of Fudging HIV Vaccine Research in the Early 1990s

3/22/2018 - The Video Cards of the Future Will Be Able to Give You an Incredibly Shiny Captain Phasma

3/22/2018 - Trump’s Tariffs Could Make Some Gadgets a Lot More Expensive

3/22/2018 - National Parks Are About to Get a Bunch of Birds They Didn't Ask For

3/22/2018 - Six Months After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's Famous Telescope Is Still Under Threat

3/22/2018 - Congress Wants a Date With Mark Zuckerberg, the Hottest Man in Town [UPDATED]

3/22/2018 - Last Action Hero and Ready Player One Screenwriter Shocked to Find Last Action Hero Reference in Ready Player One

3/22/2018 - Here's Your First Full Look at George Miller's Scrapped Justice League Team... Just About

3/22/2018 - 5 Reasons to Ditch Snapchat for Instagram, If You Haven’t Already

3/22/2018 - This Nonprofit Is Using Gunshot-Detection Tech to Fight Illegal Deforestation

3/22/2018 - Meet Emily Carmichael, the Next Big Name in Scifi and Fantasy Filmmaking

3/22/2018 - First-Ever Footage of Anglerfish Mating Is as Horrifying as You'd Imagine

3/22/2018 - This Spoilery Walking Dead Clip Shows a Surprising Turn in the War

3/22/2018 - Court Rules EPA Illegally Delayed Rule to Keep Minors From Handling Pesticides

3/22/2018 - Impulse, the Doug Liman Jumper Spinoff Series, Looks Way Darker Than We Were Expecting

3/22/2018 - Military Prototype Uses Lasers to Create Horrible Sounds Out of Thin Air

3/22/2018 - Someone Go Find a Practical Use for This Sweet-Ass Conductive Plastic

3/22/2018 - Two Very Different Jokers Could Be Born in the Season Finale of Telltale's Batman Game

3/22/2018 - Walmart Considering Smart Carts, Drone Assistants 

3/22/2018 - New Zealand Just Exterminated 200,000 Mice From a Single Island [Updated]

3/22/2018 - The Best Security Camera for Most People

3/22/2018 - The X-Files Finale Was So Horrible I Completely Understand Why Gillian Anderson Isn't Coming Back

3/22/2018 - A Faulty Thyroid Might Help Explain Some Cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

3/22/2018 - Instagram Says It’s Fixing the Worst Thing About Its Algorithm

3/22/2018 - The Congressional Budget Could Have Been a Lot Worse For the Environment

3/22/2018 - 'Alien' Mummy Found in Atacama Desert Is Actually a Tiny, Mutated Human

3/22/2018 - This New Steven Universe Teaser Shows How the Diamonds Almost Destroyed the Earth

3/22/2018 - Congress Rushes to Pass Spending Bill Packed With Disastrous Global Surveillance Measures

3/22/2018 - Chris Evans Is Hinting He's Done Playing Captain America Again

3/22/2018 - Riverdale Has Finally Gone Too Far

3/22/2018 - Dumb Smoke Alarm Recalled Because It Can't Even Detect Smoke

3/22/2018 - The CDC May Finally Get Free Rein to Study Gun Violence

3/22/2018 - IBM Pushed Out Older Workers In Favor of 'Thrifty, Authentic' Millennials: Report

3/22/2018 - Showering Under a Water-Spewing Dragon Head Fulfills More Fantasies Than I Can Count

3/22/2018 - Some Galaxy S9 and S9+ Users Say Their Phones Suffer From Touchscreen Deadspots

3/22/2018 - The NIH Is Looking Into Whether Its Officials Begged Big Alcohol to Fund Major Drinking Study

3/22/2018 - Amazon Patent Points to Future in Which Humanity Is Reduced to Screaming at Drones

3/22/2018 - The First Episode of Krypton Reveals an Alien World That Feels All Too Familiar

3/22/2018 - The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Has Way More Trash Inside It Than We Thought

3/22/2018 - Start Saving Your Quarters Because Lego's Tron: Legacy Light Cycles Set Finally Arrives Next Week

3/22/2018 - How to Make Your iPhone and Mac Work Together Seamlessly

3/22/2018 - New Gotham Set Pictures May Give Us a Sneaky Look at The Joker

3/22/2018 - The X-Force Awakens in This Great New Deadpool 2 Trailer

3/22/2018 - Best Buy Plans to Stop Selling Huawei Devices as New Cold War Escalates

3/21/2018 - Jack Dorsey Seems Pretty Sure Bitcoin Will Be the World's 'Single Currency' in 10 Years

3/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg: I Can Barely Handle This CNN Interview, What Makes You Think I Can Handle Congress

3/21/2018 - Here's the Concept Art for Some of The Last Jedi's Biggest Spoilers

3/21/2018 - Star Trek Online Is Bringing in a Few Deep Space Nine Stars for a Trip to the Gamma Quadrant

3/21/2018 - Study Measures the Benefits of Surgery to Transgender Women

3/21/2018 - MIT Developed a Way For Cars To See Through Fog When Human Drivers Can't

3/21/2018 - BB-8 Gets His Heart Broken in the New Poe Dameron Comic

3/21/2018 - Soyuz Rocket With Three ISS-Bound Astronauts Heads Into Orbit

3/21/2018 - New Slack Tool Lets Your Boss Potentially Access Far More of Your Data Than Before

3/21/2018 - Luckiest Stunt Pilot Ever Miraculously Avoids a Crash-Landing After His Engine Dies

3/21/2018 - Top Sports Watchdog Turns to AI to Catch Doping Athletes

3/21/2018 - A Visiting Star Jostled Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

3/21/2018 - Oil Companies Conveniently Think Climate Science Stopped in 2013

3/21/2018 - RIP Henry Cavill's Mustache, 2017—2018

3/21/2018 - Americans Are Aging More Slowly Than Ever

3/21/2018 - I’ll Get Excited About Hublot’s New Smartwatch When Jay Z Actually Wears It

3/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Fails to Apologize

3/21/2018 - Senate Passes SESTA, Controversial 'Anti-Sex Trafficking' Bill That Could Ruin the Internet and Harm Sex Workers

3/21/2018 - Once Upon a Time's Original Stars Are Officially Returning for the Series Finale

3/21/2018 - Hospitals Are Throwing Sensitive Patient Information Out With the Recycling

3/21/2018 - A Highly Scientific and Totally Serious Ranking of the Giant Robot Names in Pacific Rim

3/21/2018 - 23andMe Data Reveals Genes Linked to Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Severe Morning Sickness

3/21/2018 - Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth Are Reuniting for the Men in Black Spinoff

3/21/2018 - The Karate Kid Sequel Series Cobra Kai Debuts a Giant, Face-Kicking New Trailer

3/21/2018 - Reddit Bans Slew of Communities Amid New Rule Targeting Sales, Trades, and Giveaways

3/21/2018 - This Is the Big Laptop to Buy When All You Care About is Packing Light 

3/21/2018 - How Krypton Is a Prequel That Refuses to Be a Prequel

3/21/2018 - Scientists Use Nintendo Controller-Guided Robot Fish to Spy on Real Fish

3/21/2018 - The Melting Arctic Is Messing With Shipping

3/21/2018 - The Massive Toys 'R' Us Going-Out-of-Business Sales Begin Tomorrow [Update]

3/21/2018 - Siri Can Expose Your Hidden Notifications Even When Your Phone Is Locked [Updated]

3/21/2018 - YouTube Plans to 'Frustrate and Seduce' Users Into Paying for Music Subscriptions

3/21/2018 - 13-Year-Old Boy Is First Person in US to Receive Newly Approved Gene Therapy for Blindness

3/21/2018 - Watch The Exorcist IRL in the Debut Trailer for The Devil and Father Amorth

3/21/2018 - Here's Why the Avengers Are Thanos' Supporting Characters In Infinity War

3/21/2018 - Coinbase Bug Allowed Users to Give Themselves Unlimited Ether

3/21/2018 - A State-by-State Look at America's Shameful Infant Death Rate

3/21/2018 - Open Channel: Name a More ‘Ambitious Crossover’ Than Infinity War, We’ll Wait

3/21/2018 - This New App Is Like Shazam for Your Nature Photos

3/21/2018 - An Artist Turned the Chaos of Urban Sprawl Into a Series of Hypnotic Animations

3/21/2018 - Christopher Eccleston Has Finally Revealed What Led to His Doctor Who Exit

3/21/2018 - YouTuber Count Dankula Convicted of Hate Crime for Video of Pug Making a 'Nazi Salute'

3/21/2018 - UK Doctors Used Stem Cells to Restore Eyesight in Two People

3/21/2018 - Black Lightning's Family Is Becoming the CW's Newest Team of Superheroes

3/21/2018 - WhatsApp Co-Founder Says It's Time to Delete Facebook

3/21/2018 - The Man Who Built His House Out of Stuff He Bought on eBay

3/21/2018 - Google Opens Up About How Its Cloud Stores Your Secrets

3/21/2018 - Who on Earth Could Be Deadpool 2's Secret New Cameo?

3/20/2018 - Reports: Texas Bomber May Have Engineering Background, But Has Left Growing Forensic Trail

3/20/2018 - Facebook Is Running Ads in Mexican Newspapers Warning About Fake News

3/20/2018 - Sam Worthington Evolves Into Something Interesting in the First Trailer for Netflix's The Titan

3/20/2018 - Amnesty International Calls on Twitter to Release Its Raw Data on Abuse 

3/20/2018 - Weirdly, the Rampage Director's Problem With the Game's Story Wasn't That It Barely Existed

3/20/2018 - Cambridge Analytica Goons Brag About Winning the Election for Trump in New Undercover Video

3/20/2018 - Watch One of Coco's Most Delightful Scenes Side-by-Side With Its Storyboards

3/20/2018 - Sunken US Warship Found 76 Years After Infamous WWII Tragedy

3/20/2018 - Facebook Shareholder Files Class Action Suit Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal Fallout

3/20/2018 - High School Principal Faces Child Porn Charges After Embedding Hidden Camera in Fake Phone Charger

3/20/2018 - Mission to Zyxx Is the Best Scifi Podcast You're Probably Not Listening to... Yet

3/20/2018 - Parents Are Still Reluctant to Give Peanuts to Infants, Despite New Guidelines

3/20/2018 - Our Latest Look at the New FLCL Is Rad, Yet Wildly Confusing

3/20/2018 - Six Months After Maria, It’s Clear Puerto Rico’s Terrible Grid Will Be a Lasting Legacy

3/20/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Be Bothered

3/20/2018 - Child Pornography That Researchers Found in the Blockchain Could Threaten Bitcoin's Very Existence

3/20/2018 - The ‘Oumuamua Asteroid Likely Came From a Tatooine-Like Star System

3/20/2018 - The New Marvel Section of the Disneyland Resort Will Open in 2020

3/20/2018 - AMD Says Fix for Newly Disclosed Flaws Coming in Weeks, Won’t Impact Performance

3/20/2018 - Here's How Senators Plan to Protect US Elections From Hackers

3/20/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: All the TV and Movies Streaming in April That You Actually Care About

3/20/2018 - Cambridge Analytica Suspends CEO Over 'Honey-Pot' Remarks

3/20/2018 - This Guy Has 600 Keyboards and Still Thinks He Needs More

3/20/2018 - New LSD Research May Help Explain the Brain Chemistry of Depression and Schizophrenia

3/20/2018 - Here's Why The Walking Dead's Carol and Daryl Ship Is More Alive Than Ever

3/20/2018 - Texas Woman With Cerebral Palsy Says Uber Denied Service to Her Over Two Dozen Times

3/20/2018 - Syfy's Adaptation of GRRM's Nightflyers Looks Like Psycho in Space

3/20/2018 - 12 Incredible New Images of Galaxies and Nebulae from the Hubble Telescope

3/20/2018 - Color's New at-Home DNA Test Tells You Whether You're at Risk for Heart Disease

3/20/2018 - Palm Trees Are Moving North

3/20/2018 - Google Thinks It Can Make Paywalls Less of a Pain in the Ass

3/20/2018 - Newly Sequenced Cockroach Genome Explains Why They Are So Goddamn Hard to Kill

3/20/2018 - The Newest Cloak & Dagger Trailer Teases a Much Weirder Connection Between Its Heroes Than Just Powers

3/20/2018 - Orbitz Says Hackers Accessed 880,000 Payment Cards

3/20/2018 - Senate Leaders Urge Mark Zuckerberg to Testify Instead of Sending Lackeys

3/20/2018 - Yao Ming Loved Sudan the Rhino, Too

3/20/2018 - Delta Airlines Sends Puppy to Wrong City—Multiple Times

3/20/2018 - Somehow, Pacific Rim Uprising Is More and Less Epic Than the Original

3/20/2018 - Bumble Fires Back After Lawsuit Alleges It Copied Tinder: ‘We’ll Never Be Yours’

3/20/2018 - Augmented Reality Instruction Manuals Would Make Building Ikea Furniture Way Less Painful

3/20/2018 - Instead of Nuking an Asteroid Headed Toward Earth, We Could Just Splash It With Paint

3/20/2018 - Casio Is Reviving an ’80s Musical Calculator So You Can Play the Star Wars Theme While Doing Your Taxes

3/20/2018 - Look Who's a Totem Bearer Now, Suckas! 

3/20/2018 - All the Things the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Novelization Adds to the Movie

3/20/2018 - This Iron Man-Inspired Robot With Jet-Powered Feet Is a Master of the Splits

3/20/2018 - People Are Already Evacuating as California’s Storm of the Year Approaches

3/20/2018 - Did a Poem About a Horrific Volcanic Eruption Destroy the Norse Gods of Iceland?

3/20/2018 - Laser Shortage Means Android Fans Won’t Get Face ID-Like Features Any Time Soon

3/20/2018 - DC's Heroes Are Teaming Up With La Borinqueña to Benefit Puerto Rico 

3/20/2018 - UK Tells Mark Zuckerberg to Get His Ass to London, Accuses Facebook Officials of Being 'Misleading'

3/20/2018 - Here's How to Share as Little Data as Possible Without Deleting Facebook

3/20/2018 - The Last Male Northern White Rhino Is Dead

3/20/2018 - Spielberg Knows When He's Going to Start Shooting Indiana Jones 5

3/20/2018 - A Smartphone CPU Gives This Laptop Over 15 Hours of Battery Life

3/20/2018 - Richest Person in the World Takes Robot Dog For a Walk, Which is Totally Fine and Normal

3/20/2018 - Donald Trump Orders Nationwide Ban on Purchase or Use of Venezuela's Cryptocurrency

3/19/2018 - Windows Has a Plan to Make Its Update System a Little Less Garbage

3/19/2018 - Amid Mounting Crises, Facebook Is Reportedly Phasing Out Security Chief Alex Stamos

3/19/2018 - This New Bill and Ted Poster Is Truly Excellent

3/19/2018 - One Detail From the Infinity Gauntlet Comic That Probably Won't Make It Into Avengers: Infinity War

3/19/2018 - Justice League Is Officially the Lowest-Grossing DC Universe Movie

3/19/2018 - Instagram Is Testing a Feature That Sure Sounds Great for Shit-Talking Other Users

3/19/2018 - Authorities Seek Warrant to Raid Offices of Cambridge Analytica Amid Facebook Data Showdown

3/19/2018 - Civil Rights Groups Are Fighting to Read Homeland Security's Mysterious 'Race Paper'

3/19/2018 - What You Need to Know About Stephen Hawking’s Final Physics Paper

3/19/2018 - Batman and Archie Andrews Are Teaming Up for a Wholesome, Family-Friendly Adventure

3/19/2018 - A Once-a-Day Male Birth Control Pill Shows Promise in Human Trial

3/19/2018 - Trippy Magic Happens When AI Only Knows About Flowers, Waves, and Fires

3/19/2018 - For John Boyega, Producing Pacific Rim Uprising Sometimes Meant Playing With Toys

3/19/2018 - My Brain Refuses to Believe This Short Film Wasn’t Computer-Generated

3/19/2018 - Hawkgirl and John Stewart Are Joining the New Justice League Lineup 

3/19/2018 - Facebook Will Audit Cambridge Analytica to Find Out If It Still Has Scraped Profile Data [Updated]

3/19/2018 - 6 Times Satan Was Actually the Good Guy

3/19/2018 - Can the US Government Help Save the Fastest Shark?

3/19/2018 - Democrats Plan to Question Professor at Center of Facebook–Cambridge Analytica Scandal

3/19/2018 - How a Virus Spreads Through an Airplane Cabin

3/19/2018 - Rare Gene Mutations Might Be Causing More Diseases Than We Think

3/19/2018 - Your Incantations Worked: John Constantine Is Set to Become a Legends of Tomorrow Regular 

3/19/2018 - Google's Smart Speakers Are Ready to Sell You a Bunch of Crap

3/19/2018 - The Greatest Flamewar of 2018 Is Two Redditors Calling Each Other 'Twat' for Four Straight Weeks

3/19/2018 - A New Star Wars Short Answers a Lingering Return of the Jedi Question

3/19/2018 - There's Another Nor'easter Coming Because This Is Our Life Now

3/19/2018 - This Time, Facebook Really Might Be Fucked

3/19/2018 - New Incredibles 2 Tie-In Comics Will Explore the Parr Family's Domestic Lives

3/19/2018 - All 856 Episodes of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Return to Twitch for the Show's 50th Anniversary

3/19/2018 - Uber Self-Driving Car Struck and Killed Arizona Woman While in Autonomous Mode

3/19/2018 - This Optical Illusion of Multiplying Dogs Is a Crash Course In How Digital Image Editing Works

3/19/2018 - Whoever Stole This Meteorite From a Science Museum Really Should Have Googled It First

3/19/2018 - Black Panther's Okoye Has Issues Even Before Avengers: Infinity War Begins

3/19/2018 - Watching Netflix on a 1995 Internet Connection Would've Required More Patience Than Any Human's Ever Had

3/19/2018 - Higher Power's First Trailer Proves That Stunning Superhero Movies Don't Need Huge Budgets

3/19/2018 - Graphene Scientists Invent World's Most Hardcore Hair Dye

3/19/2018 - This Fidget Spinner-Filled Rube Goldberg Machine Has the Perfect Ending

3/19/2018 - Did the Cast of The Handmaid's Tale Just Spoil the Big Cliffhanger?

3/19/2018 - HTC Can Have My $800 When It Finally Makes the Vive Pro Wireless

3/19/2018 - I Can't Wait to Give Everyone a $55 Lickable Lollipop Version of My Face

3/19/2018 - US Navy’s Newest Attack Submarine Is Partially Operated With a 12-Year-Old Xbox Controller

3/19/2018 - Apple Exploring Making Its Own Displays for Watches and iPhones: Report

3/19/2018 - Australia Had Itself a Weekend of Wild Weather

3/19/2018 - A Miracle Happened on The Walking Dead, But Does It Matter?

3/19/2018 - We've Only Really Protected 2 Percent of the Ocean

3/19/2018 - Updates From Preacher, Star Wars: Episode IX, and More

3/19/2018 - Why Is My Face Changing Shape as I Get Older?

3/18/2018 - Sex Cults, Iguana Killings, and America's Drinking Problem: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/18/2018 - Julian Assange, Notable Edgy 14-Year-Old, Tweets Fake Ricky Gervais Quote in Earnest

3/18/2018 - Russia: Well, Maybe It Was Actually the UK That Poisoned Our Ex-Spy With Our Soviet-Era Nerve Agent

3/18/2018 - Saturday Night Live Imagines a Bevy of Ways Jurassic Park Could Have Been Much Worse

3/18/2018 - Twitter May Soon Be the Latest Tech Giant to Ban Many Cryptocurrency Ads

3/18/2018 - FX's Legion Season One Recap Doesn't Actually Explain Much

3/18/2018 - United Airlines Re-Routes Plane After Third Dog-Related Mishap of the Week

3/18/2018 - Syfy Is Reviving the Leprechaun Franchise for Some Godawful Reason

3/18/2018 - A White House Staffer Allegedly Left His Encrypted Email Login at a DC Bus Stop

3/18/2018 - The Future of Rick and Morty Is in Limbo, According to Dan Harmon

3/18/2018 - This Avengers: Infinity War Poster Doesn't Forget Hawkeye

3/17/2018 - YouTube Kids Has Videos on How Reptilians Rule the World, Moon Landing Was Fake 

3/17/2018 - This Featurette is All About Isle of Dogs's Remarkably Expressive Canines

3/17/2018 - US Army: What If St. Patrick's Day Was About Blowing Stuff Up

3/17/2018 - In an Odd Turn of Events, an NFL Legend Rescued Stan Lee's Dog

3/17/2018 - Report: Engineer Told Officials Not to Worry About Crack in Miami Bridge Just Hours Before Collapse

3/17/2018 - How The Last Jedi Made Star Wars Space Combat Legible

3/17/2018 - Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica, Data Firm That Worked on Donald Trump's Campaign [Updated]

3/17/2018 - The Ending of The Force Awakens Could Have Been a Lot More Anticlimactic

3/17/2018 - PSA: Marvel's Black Panther Animated Series is Streaming for Free on YouTube

3/17/2018 - Asthma Inhalers Fail Minority Children Due to a Lack of Diversity in Research

3/17/2018 - AirDrop Is Your iPhone’s Most Underrated Tool

3/17/2018 - Your Super-Sensitive Toothpaste May Not Save Your Teeth From the Brutality of Brushing 

3/16/2018 - Can You Name Every Alien in This All-Encompassing Scifi Cantina?

3/16/2018 - This Week's Mister Miracle Changed the Game for the Fourth World, in a Beautiful Way

3/16/2018 - This Artist Turns the All-Star Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Into Pop Art Superheroes

3/16/2018 - North Carolina Police Issued Sweeping Warrants to Search Data On All Google Devices Near Murder Scene

3/16/2018 - Fantastic Beasts Gets the Lego Treatment, and More of the Most Wonderful Toys of the Week

3/16/2018 - Digg’s Google Reader Replacement is Going the Way of Google Reader

3/16/2018 - Chinese Citizens With Bad 'Social Credit' to Be Blocked From Taking Planes and Trains

3/16/2018 - Black Panther's Dora Milaje Are Teaming Up With Spider-Man in a New Comic Book Miniseries

3/16/2018 - Looks Like Someone Hid a Weed Joke on Home Depot's Website

3/16/2018 - New Teams of X-Men and Ghostbusters Both Battle the Dead in This Week's Best Comics

3/16/2018 - Microsoft’s Edge Browser Could Soon Be Harder to Ignore in Windows 10

3/16/2018 - Unfriended: Dark Web Puts Everything That Scares You About the Internet Into One Terrifying Movie

3/16/2018 - Australian Biohacker Who Implanted Transit Pass in His Hand Was Convicted for Not Using Valid Ticket

3/16/2018 - L.L. Bean No Longer Wants to Know What You’ve L.L. Been Up to

3/16/2018 - Does This Captain Marvel Re-Casting Mean Our Monica Rambeau Dreams Will Come True?

3/16/2018 - Schools Are Spending Millions on High-Tech Surveillance of Kids 

3/16/2018 - Steve Jobs’ Half-Assed Job Application Sells for $174,000

3/16/2018 - America's Binge-Drinking Problem Is Even Worse Than We Thought

3/16/2018 - The Silver Surfer Cartoon Is the Secret Star of Marvel's '90s TV Line-Up

3/16/2018 - US Court Finds Anti-Robocall Rule Made Nearly Every Smartphone User a Criminal

3/16/2018 - These Are the Worst Invasive Species in the West [Updated]

3/16/2018 - When You Can Make 'JFK' Say Anything, What's Stopping Him From Selling Doritos? 

3/16/2018 - Riverdale's Veronica Lodge Becomes a Literal Bloodsucking Demon in Vampironica

3/16/2018 - Amazon Tests Feature That Makes Your Echo Not Talk So Much

3/16/2018 - Adrian Lamo, Hacker Behind Breaches of New York Times and Microsoft, Has Died

3/16/2018 - Women Who Say Uber Drivers Raped Them Are Fighting to Have Their Lawsuit Heard by a Jury

3/16/2018 - Most Forensic Science Is Bogus. Will New Federal Rules Help?

3/16/2018 - Captain America and Black Widow Have Been Through Some Shit Since Civil War

3/16/2018 - What Does an Equitable Plastic Bag Ban Look Like?

3/16/2018 - Report: Nickelodeon Classic Clarissa Explains It All Is Coming Back to TV

3/16/2018 - Security Firm Exposes New Details About $15,000 Box That Can Apparently Unlock Any iPhone

3/16/2018 - Everything We Learned About the Avengers' Fight Against Thanos in the Latest Infinity War Trailer

3/16/2018 - The First Great iPhone App Grows Up

3/16/2018 - Nitrogen Gas Is Now the Execution Method of Choice in Oklahoma

3/16/2018 - Peter Dinklage Is Definitely in Avengers: Infinity War, But Who's He Playing?

3/16/2018 - Science Finds Once Again That Violent Video Games Don't Turn People Into Rage Monsters

3/16/2018 - Samurai Zombies, Birdmen, and the Other Weirdest Foes Lara Croft Has Ever Fought

3/16/2018 - Facebook Sorry Its Autocomplete Suggested Users Search for Child Porn Videos

3/16/2018 - Russian Scientists Are Devising a Plan to Nuke Asteroids

3/16/2018 - Shout Factory Grabs a Crap-Ton of Roger Corman's B-Movies for Remakes, Reboots, and More

3/16/2018 - Wild Wild Country is the Best Documentary About a Homicidal 1980s Oregon Sex Cult That You'll See All Year

3/16/2018 - City In New York Becomes First to Ban New Bitcoin Mining

3/16/2018 - Google's Smartwatch Program Is a Mess, and a Name Change Won't Fix That

3/16/2018 - Berlin's Living Lab Project Helps CO2 Addicts Cut Back

3/16/2018 - Are You a 'Wizard' or a 'Prophet'? The Dueling Visions for How Humanity Will Survive

3/16/2018 - The End Is Near in the Explosive New Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

3/16/2018 - Ridley Scott Is in Talks to Direct His First Comic Book Movie

3/15/2018 - Korra and Asami's Love Has Been Immortalized as an Adorable Avatar Statue

3/15/2018 - Watch Hugh Jackman's Digital Clone Come to Life in This Logan VFX Reel

3/15/2018 - Angela Bassett Would Have Made a Fantastic Killmonger in Black Panther

3/15/2018 - Experts Aren't Buying Into Trump's Proposed Opioid Plan

3/15/2018 - Iran's iPhone Users Blocked From App Store

3/15/2018 - Google Says It Spent $270,000 to Close Wage Gaps

3/15/2018 - Holy Shit, Ava DuVernay Is Directing DC's New Gods Movie

3/15/2018 - Steven Spielberg Tried to Get Star Wars Into Ready Player One, But Couldn't [CORRECTED]

3/15/2018 - What Weather Is in Store for the United States This Coming Spring

3/15/2018 - Watch Jeff Goldblum Meet Himself, in Funko Pop Form

3/15/2018 - General Motors Is Expanding Its Bug Bounty Program

3/15/2018 - FBI and DHS Warn That Russia Has Been Poking at Our Energy Grid

3/15/2018 - Radio Giant iHeartMedia Files for Bankruptcy as the Realities of Digital Creep Up

3/15/2018 - The Genetics of Depression Are Different for Men and Women

3/15/2018 - Luke Cage Season Two Recruits Annabella Sciorra as a Villain Familiar to Punisher Fans

3/15/2018 - Report Finds Microplastic in 93% of Bottled Water Tested, But Don't Freak Out Yet

3/15/2018 - Engineer Thinks Star Wars Will Inspire the Next Generation of NASA Robots

3/15/2018 - Intel Chips Designed to Mitigate Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities Will Ship Later This Year, CEO Says

3/15/2018 - Channel Zero's Best Season Yet Was a Gorgeously Visceral Nightmare From Start to Finish

3/15/2018 - Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA Did Not 'Change in Space' the Way You Think

3/15/2018 - The FDA Would Like to Take the Nicotine Out of Cigarettes

3/15/2018 - Hong Kong Phooey, Dynomutt, and More Are Set to Clash With the DC Comics Universe

3/15/2018 - Ancient Climate Swings Forced Early Humans to Get Their Shit Together and Innovate

3/15/2018 - Sorry to Bother You Is the Most Surreal, Important Scifi Movie in Years

3/15/2018 - Turkey Blocks Encrypted Email Service ProtonMail

3/15/2018 - Man Surprisingly Chill After Girlfriend Allegedly Stabs Him With a Goddamn Sword for Having Tinder

3/15/2018 - Nathan Fillion Is Getting Back Into Costume as Captain Mal... For American Housewife?

3/15/2018 - The Latest Ready Player One Trailer Actually Explains the Movie's Plot

3/15/2018 - Congress Could Sneak a Bill Threatening Global Privacy Into Law

3/15/2018 - Apple Products Actually Really Great for Kids, Apple Says

3/15/2018 - Balancing All the Elements of Avengers: Infinity War Sounds Almost Impossible

3/15/2018 - How Editing RNA—Not DNA—Could Cure Disease in the Future

3/15/2018 - Ancient Human Groups Mated With the Mysterious Denisovans at Least Twice

3/15/2018 - The End of Atlantic Salmon Farming in West Coast Waters Is Near

3/15/2018 - Google Is Adding Wheelchair-Accessible Routes to Maps

3/15/2018 - Darth Vader Dreams His Own Revenge of the Sith Fan Fiction

3/15/2018 - Woman Who Fatally Shot Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong Gets 90 Days in Jail

3/15/2018 - Colgate's AI Toothbrush Makes Me Never Want to Brush My Teeth Again

3/15/2018 - Qapla'! Duolingo's Klingon Course Is Finally Here

3/15/2018 - The Last of Puerto Rico's Shelters Have Officially Closed

3/15/2018 - Danny Boyle Announces He's Directing Daniel Craig's Final James Bond Film

3/15/2018 - Amazon Japan Raided by Antitrust Agency

3/15/2018 - Climate Science Goes to Court Next Week

3/15/2018 - I Wish This Official Scrabble Keyboard Kept Score of Every Email I Wrote

3/15/2018 - Deadpool 2 May Be Adding a Bit More From Its New Mutant Heroes

3/15/2018 - White Supremacist Assault and Adultery Scandal Ends in Jilted Neo-Nazi Web Admin Deleting Site

3/14/2018 - John McAfee Is Back, This Time at a 'Hackproof' Crypto Security Firm

3/14/2018 - After Puppy Dies in Overhead Bin, United Airlines Mistakenly Sends Different Dog to Japan

3/14/2018 - I'm Going to Make Myself Like Tea So I Can Justify This Gorgeous Darth Vader-Inspired Kettle

3/14/2018 - Jon Hamm Will Join Natalie Portman in Pale Blue Dot, an Astronaut Drama From the Creator of Legion

3/14/2018 - The 100 Trailer Shows How Everyone Is Trying to Reach the Great Valley

3/14/2018 - NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope Has Only a Few Months to Live

3/14/2018 - Here’s How Krypton Is Going to Change What We Know About Superman’s Past

3/14/2018 - DoD Spent $138,000 at Trump Properties in Six Months, Transparency Group's FOIA Reveals

3/14/2018 - DARPA Is Funding Time Crystal Research

3/14/2018 - Black Mask Studio's Come Into Me Is a Haunting Body-Horror Comic for the Age of Oversharing 

3/14/2018 - Elon Musk Starts Media Business, Possibly Named 'Thud!'

3/14/2018 - March Madness Is About Animals Now

3/14/2018 - Physically Fit Women Were Almost 90% Less Likely to Get Dementia in 44-Year-Study

3/14/2018 - This AR Street Fighter II Lets You Brawl in the Real World

3/14/2018 - My Family Died of Dysentery in the Palm of My Hands—and I Loved Every Minute of It

3/14/2018 - All the New Things We Learned From the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Blu-Ray

3/14/2018 - Wikipedia Had No Idea YouTube Was Going to Use It to Fact-Check Conspiracy Theories

3/14/2018 - Warning: The Flash's Iris West Has Started Blogging Again

3/14/2018 - Citizen Scientists Discover New Feature of the Aurora Borealis

3/14/2018 - These Fan Theories About Avengers: Infinity War's Soul Stone Are Delightfully Silly

3/14/2018 - Ex-Equifax Executive Charged With Insider Trading Linked to 2017 Data Breach

3/14/2018 - Scientists Find Same Wild Physical Effect Happening in Two Vastly Different Materials

3/14/2018 - Scientists Just Fast-Forwarded Ocean Acidification in a Coral Reef

3/14/2018 - Scientists Create a Way for People With Amputations to Feel Their Prosthetic Hands

3/14/2018 - This Fan Trailer Turns Monty Python and the Holy Grail Into a Serious Medieval Drama

3/14/2018 - Tomb Raider Is a Solid Action Movie, But Not a Great Tomb Raider Movie

3/14/2018 - These Cute, Pixelated Puppers Will Devour You in This Wolfenstein 3D Mod

3/14/2018 - Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Charged With 'Massive' Fraud, Loses Control of Company

3/14/2018 - Even the Paris Agreement Won’t Be Enough to Save a Lot of Wildlife

3/14/2018 - Viral Photo of Stephen Hawking at a Vietnam War Protest Is a Lie

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking's Most Delightful Pop Culture Cameos

3/14/2018 - WhatsApp Agrees Not to Share EU Users’ Personal Info With Facebook, for Now

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking Was Right to Worry About Our Impending Doom

3/14/2018 - YouTuber 'VenomMan20' Charged After Taking Venomous Snakes Home From Zoo

3/14/2018 - Stephen Hawking Was Terrified of Climate Change

3/14/2018 - Black Lightning's Female Heroes Are the Only People Getting Anything Done

3/14/2018 - Repairing Your Samsung Phone Could Get Way Easier Starting Tomorrow

3/14/2018 - New Brain Preservation Technique Could Be a Path to Mind Uploading

3/14/2018 - Physicists React to Stephen Hawking's Passing [Updating]

3/14/2018 - Google Bans Cryptocurrency Advertising, and Bitcoin Continues to Drop

3/14/2018 - How To Securely Contact Our Reporters

3/14/2018 - Jessica Jones Caused a Ton of People to Google 'Octopus DNA'

3/14/2018 - Audeze Wants to Change How You Think About Gaming Headphones and 3D Audio

3/14/2018 - Facebook Permanently Bans British Political Group for Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

3/14/2018 - Updates on Avengers: Infinity War, Game of Thrones, and More

3/14/2018 - Physicist Stephen Hawking Has Died at the Age of 76

3/13/2018 - YouTube: What If We Just Inserted a Link to Wikipedia Under Some of the Conspiracy Videos

3/13/2018 - Melania Trump's Anti-Cyberbullying Initiative Reportedly Will Avoid the Term 'Cyberbullying'

3/13/2018 - A Bad Lip Reading of A New Hope Somehow Turns Star Wars Into a Fantastic Musical

3/13/2018 - 'The Best Batman of All' Takes the Spotlight in This Batman: The Animated Series Art Show 

3/13/2018 - Madison Square Garden Has Been Secretly Using Face Recognition Tech: Report

3/13/2018 - United Airlines Makes Passenger Put Puppy in Overhead Bin, Puppy Promptly Dies

3/13/2018 - My Love for Funko Pops Is What Made Me Stop Buying Them

3/13/2018 - US Power Company Fined $2.7 Million Over Security Flaws Impacting 'Critical Assets' 

3/13/2018 - Particle Accelerator Reveals Ancient Greek Medical Text Beneath Religious Psalms on Parchment

3/13/2018 - This Charming Video of Moonstruck Pedestrians Is a Good Reminder to Check Out Our Cool Moon

3/13/2018 - Trump Proposes a 'Space Force,' Which Is Like the Air Force, But for Space

3/13/2018 - There's Going to Be an Official 'Music-Only' Cut of The Last Jedi

3/13/2018 - Monument to Bitcoin Erected in Center of Slovenian Roundabout

3/13/2018 - How the New Tomb Raider Is Trying to Surpass the Best-Selling Game

3/13/2018 - InfoWars Slapped With Lawsuit for Smearing Charlottesville Attack Witness

3/13/2018 - This Is What Volcanic Thunder Sounds Like

3/13/2018 - Black-Owned Barbershops in LA Helped Customers Lower Their Blood Pressure

3/13/2018 - Here's Our First Look at Kitty Hawk's Ambitious Autonomous Air Taxi 

3/13/2018 - Legends of Tomorrow Found Its Final Knockoff Infinity Stone in the Strangest Place

3/13/2018 - We’re Building Millions of Homes in the Line of Wildfires

3/13/2018 - AMD Investigating Report Detailing Critical Chip Vulnerabilities [Updated]

3/13/2018 - Carl Is Getting Sassy as Hell About His Walking Dead Exit

3/13/2018 - New Super-White Material Inspired by Eerily White Beetle

3/13/2018 - Boaty McBoatface Has Returned From Its Most Perilous Mission Yet

3/13/2018 - Inside the Tragic Beginning That Set the Tone for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

3/13/2018 - Study Finds Predictive Policing No More Racist Than Regular Policing

3/13/2018 - A Brief History of Virtual Reality, From Lucid Dreaming to Ready Player One

3/13/2018 - William Shatner Responds to Flat Earthers Using His Image to Promote Their Stupid Ideas

3/13/2018 - It Took Almost 10 Days to 3D-Print This Giant Millennium Falcon Model

3/13/2018 - Read the First Issue of Dark Horse's Excellent American Gods Comic Right Here

3/13/2018 - Microsoft Upheld Less Than 1 Percent of Gender Discrimination Complaints by Female Employees, Court Documents Say

3/13/2018 - How Conservative Activists Catfished Twitter

3/13/2018 - Facebook, Which Is Totally ‘Not a Media Company,’ May Launch a Video News Channel

3/13/2018 - 'Gay Conversion' Therapist's License Suspended After Patients Say He Sexually Abused Them

3/13/2018 - A Very Chill Dumbledore Is the Star of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald's First Trailer

3/13/2018 - Video Reportedly Shows Navy Jet's Encounter With a UFO

3/13/2018 - How the Threat of Thanos Brings the Avengers and Black Panther Back Together in Infinity War

3/13/2018 - Winged Archaeopteryx Dino Could Fly—Scientists Just Don't Know How

3/13/2018 - Let's Talk About This Snow Hitting Boston

3/13/2018 - Rian Johnson: Russian Bots Targeted Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Save General Hux

3/13/2018 - Fitbit Tracks Kids Now

3/13/2018 - The Way This Dutch Designer Dealt With Light Pollution Is Ingenious

3/13/2018 - Amazon Recalls Six Faulty AmazonBasics Power Banks

3/13/2018 - This Fox Executive Has the Best Response to a Proposed Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reboot

3/13/2018 - Clever Hacker Got His Nintendo Switch to Work On an 80s Sony Watchman Without Any Wires

3/13/2018 - Nicolas Cage Will Finally Play Superman

3/13/2018 - Could the New Teen Titans Show Bring in Another Former Robin?

3/13/2018 - Fitbit Did What You Wanted and Basically Made a Pebble

3/13/2018 - Russia Demands Samples of Nerve Agent, Won't Comply With British Deadline Over Spy Poisoning

3/13/2018 - US Border Patrol Releases Propaganda Video Praising President Trump's Proposed Wall

3/13/2018 - An Idaho Science Teacher Allegedly Fed a Puppy to a Snapping Turtle in Front of Students

3/12/2018 - Richard Spencer Postpones College Tour No One Was Attending Anyway, Blames Antifa

3/12/2018 - Watch This Talented Sculptor Make Thanos Magically Emerge From a Lifeless Lump of Clay

3/12/2018 - After Bragging About Broadcom Jobs, Trump Kills Its Qualcomm Deal Over 'National Security' Risk

3/12/2018 - The Latest Rampage Trailer Knows Exactly How Silly the Movie Is

3/12/2018 - Noted Political Thinker Jake Paul Has Some Ideas on How to Stop the Next School Shooting [Updated]

3/12/2018 - Westworld's Creators Want the Show's Online Fan Theorists to Help Shape the Second Season

3/12/2018 - Florida Wildlife Officials Are Killing Invasive Iguanas by Smashing in Their Skulls

3/12/2018 - Virtual Lab Rats Could Replace Living Animals in Early Drug Testing

3/12/2018 - City in Texas Dumps Bus Service for On-Demand Mercedes Vans

3/12/2018 - Wolverine: The Long Night Is the X-Men Crime Drama Podcast I Never Knew I Wanted

3/12/2018 - NASA Acting Administrator Announces Retirement With Bridenstine Still Unconfirmed

3/12/2018 - An Engine From a Log Splitter Turned This Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Into a Drifting Machine

3/12/2018 - Dark Matter May Not Solve This Galactic Mystery After All

3/12/2018 - Gail Simone Is Writing a New Plastic Man Series and This Is Good News

3/12/2018 - Apple Just Bought a ‘Netflix for Magazines’ App and Whoa, What Year Is It?

3/12/2018 - Netflix’s Collectible ‘Patches’ Could Train Kids to Binge, Children’s Safety Group Warns [Updated]

3/12/2018 - You Have No Idea How Much Christopher Eccleston Hated Working on Thor and G.I.Joe

3/12/2018 - Judge Says Users Can Sue Yahoo for Massive Breach

3/12/2018 - Why I Will Never Run and Pick Up Trash

3/12/2018 - io9 Chats About the Hits and Misses of Jessica Jones Season Two

3/12/2018 - X Prize Offers $8 Million Dollar Bounty for Building Robot Avatars for Humans by 2021

3/12/2018 - Ready Player One Is an Orgy of Nostalgia in All the Wrong Ways

3/12/2018 - This Company Wants to Pay You Virtual Money to Watch Porn (and Hand Over Your Data)

3/12/2018 - Can We Make Sure Geoengineering Doesn't Backfire?

3/12/2018 - This Lego Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Un-Cancels the Apocalypse With Thousands of Bricks

3/12/2018 - Thanks to the CIA, Issues of the Agency's Most-Hated Magazine Are Now Online

3/12/2018 - 6 Things We Loved—and 4 We Didn't—About Jessica Jones' Second Season

3/12/2018 - 23andMe Data Shows That Kind People Might Have Empathy in Their Genes

3/12/2018 - Report: Things Aren't Going So Well for Stan Lee

3/12/2018 - Microsoft Wants You to Touch the VR World With a Giant CLAW

3/12/2018 - Absurdly Super-Sized Lighter Makes Playing With Fire Extra Fun and Even More Dangerous

3/12/2018 - These Early Humans Prospered During What Should Have Been a Devastating Volcanic Winter

3/12/2018 - Oh Good, Now Both the NRA and Scientology Will Have TV Channels

3/12/2018 - Jessica Jones Season Two Has Something Even Better Than a Post Credits Scene

3/12/2018 - Could the Weirdness of Quantum Physics Produce a New Kind of Star?

3/12/2018 - 50 Engineers Spent Six Months Designing a Fidget Spinner That Set a New World Record

3/12/2018 - Jeff Bezos Eats Iguana, Vows to Make Space Travel Cheaper With 'Amazon Lottery Winnings'

3/12/2018 - The First Reactions to Ready Player One Are Mostly Positive... Mostly

3/12/2018 - Are Wooden High-Rises the Real Deal?

3/12/2018 - What's the Filthiest Animal?

3/12/2018 - God Guest-Starred on a Very Special Episode of The Walking Dead

3/12/2018 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix Will Be Giving the Team Some Familiar Comics-Inspired Costumes

3/12/2018 - The Battle Over Canada's Most Controversial Pipeline Is Heating Up

3/11/2018 - The British Government's Big Dumb Plan to Keep Minors Away From Internet Porn Is Being Delayed

3/11/2018 - Samsung S9 Love, Google Military-AI Fears, and Good Hangovers: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/11/2018 - If the Wait for Ready Player One is Too Long, Try This Music Video Instead

3/11/2018 - The Hubble Space Telescope Captured This Beautiful Image of Two Galaxies Merging

3/11/2018 - The Duffer Brothers Respond to Claims of Abuse on the Set of Stranger Things

3/11/2018 - UK Authorities to People Who Came Near Suspected Russian Nerve Agent: Please Wash Your Clothes

3/11/2018 - In Praise of the Growth of Ahsoka Tano, the Star Wars Heroine I Always Needed

3/11/2018 - The FBI Busts Phantom Secure CEO for Allegedly Selling Encrypted Phones to Gangs, Drug Cartels

3/11/2018 - At SXSW, Brian Michael Bendis Talks the Inspirational Potential of Superman's Legacy of Hope

3/11/2018 - A Wrinkle in Time Almost Featured One of the Book's Strangest Moments

3/10/2018 - Sri Lanka Blocked Facebook This Week for Allegedly Spreading Hate Speech and Violence

3/10/2018 - Elon Musk's Boring Company Concept Is Now Even More Hopelessly Complicated

3/10/2018 - Zoos and Science Museums Are Giving Species 'Amazon Reviews' on Twitter, and It's Awesome

3/10/2018 - Star Trek: Insurrection is Better With Just the Spaceships

3/10/2018 - Check Out This 17-Foot-Tall AT-AT Replica

3/10/2018 - White House Starts Process to Classify Bump Stocks as Machine Guns

3/10/2018 - Hangovers Are Good

3/10/2018 - Snapchat, Instagram Pull Giphy Integration After Users Find Extremely Racist GIF

3/10/2018 - The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl's Dream Team is Finally Breaking Up

3/10/2018 - Ryan Coogler Wrote A Sweet Ode to Ava DuVernay for the Release of A Wrinkle in Time 

3/9/2018 - A Young Astronaut Follows His Space-Exploration Dreams in This Whimsical Music Video

3/9/2018 - Bionic Evolution Comes at a Sinister Price in the First Trailer for Perfect 

3/9/2018 - Apple Might Be Fixing the MacBook's Most Annoying Problem

3/9/2018 - A Lifetime of Cycling Keeps the Immune System Young, Study Finds

3/9/2018 - It's Time to Log Off

3/9/2018 - A Truly Amazing Batman: The Animated Series Figure, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

3/9/2018 - Poll: Americans Are More Afraid New Tech Will Take Their Jobs Than Immigration and Outsourcing

3/9/2018 - California Startup Accused of Launching Unauthorized Satellites Into Orbit: Report [Updated]

3/9/2018 - The Universal Flu Vaccine Is Still A Pipe Dream for Now, FDA Chief Says

3/9/2018 - The University of Arizona Tracked Students’ ID Card Swipes to Predict Who Would Drop Out

3/9/2018 - Kevin Feige Gives All the Updates He Can for Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel, and More

3/9/2018 - These Glowing, Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes Could Fight Malaria Instead of Spreading It

3/9/2018 - This Week's Best New Comics Hate Superhero Crossover Events and Love High School Gym Class

3/9/2018 - Why the First Scene in Moana Is So Sublime

3/9/2018 - Common Bricks May Record Evidence of Nuclear Weapons

3/9/2018 - Lucasfilm Creatives Are Very Interested in That New Star Wars Rebels Character

3/9/2018 - Tiny Satellites to Make Crucial Arctic Climate Measurements For the First Time

3/9/2018 - Watch These Modern-Day Wright Brothers Make a Classic Little Tikes Toy Car Fly

3/9/2018 - These Hawaiian Stick Spiders Have a Profound Case of Evolutionary Déjà Vu

3/9/2018 - Batman Just Kicked Superman's Ass in the Pettiest Way Possible

3/9/2018 - This Guy Is Selling a Whole Mess of Apple Prototypes on Ebay

3/9/2018 - Facebook Launches Another Deceptive 'Security' App Designed to Siphon Your Data [Updated: Facebook Deletes App]

3/9/2018 - Bose Wants to Fundamentally Change How You Interact With Your World

3/9/2018 - Jessica Jones' Second Season Is Telling the Right Story About Psychological Trauma

3/9/2018 - Sobbing Martin Shkreli Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison for Securities Fraud and Being an Asshole

3/9/2018 - The New Ready Player One Spot Finally Makes It Feel Like a Steven Spielberg Movie

3/9/2018 - You Can Soon Own a HAL 9000 Replica That Uses Amazon Alexa to Control Your Home, Dave

3/9/2018 - The Other Superhero Prequel TV Shows With Cities as Titles That DC Could Make

3/9/2018 - Major Survey of IT Pros Reveals Why Everything Gets Hacked All the Damn Time

3/9/2018 - Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is Really Taking Shape

3/9/2018 - Prion Disease Can Lurk in Your Brain for 30 Years Before Quickly Killing You

3/9/2018 - Lamar Smith Is Okay Addressing Climate Change as Long as It's With Fusion Power

3/9/2018 - MIT Receives Millions to Build Fusion Power Plant Within 15 Years

3/9/2018 - Avengers: Infinity War's Big Battle Will Take Place Somewhere We Didn't Expect

3/9/2018 - In Japan, It’s ‘Super Monster Wolf’ Versus Wild Boars [Updated]

3/9/2018 - A Look at A Wrinkle in Time's Weird and Probably Unfilmable Sequels

3/9/2018 - Jack Dorsey Wants to Change How Twitter Verifies Users

3/9/2018 - Gotham Finally Did It

3/9/2018 - Standing This Close to a Fighter Jet Taking Off Must Sound Unbelievable

3/9/2018 - Amazon Delivery Driver Reportedly Fired for Squashing Puppy With Package

3/9/2018 - Patty Jenkins Confirms Kristen Wiig Will Be Playing Cheetah in the Wonder Woman Sequel

3/9/2018 - Planet Earth Parody Imagines a World Overrun by Creepy Boston Dynamics Robots

3/9/2018 - Why Fast SSD Storage Might Be the Best Upgrade for Your Computer

3/9/2018 - Wild Rumors About the Joker Spinoff Movie

3/9/2018 - President Obama in Talks to Produce Netflix Show, Apple and Amazon Also Interested

3/9/2018 - Exclusive: Thanos, Iron Man, Gamora, and Star-Lord Are Getting the Lego Brickheadz Treatment

3/8/2018 - Here's How They Made Hemsworth and Blanchett's Digital Stunt Doubles for Thor: Ragnarok

3/8/2018 - The Incomparable Alan Cumming Will Guest Star on the Next Season of Doctor Who

3/8/2018 - The White House Is Very Concerned About These Sick Video Game Kills

3/8/2018 - Netflix Is Turning Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld's Extreme Comics Into a Cinematic Universe

3/8/2018 - Judge Tells Trump to Just Mute Critics on Twitter to Avoid All This Unconstitutional Blocking Crap

3/8/2018 - The BBC His Dark Materials Show Just Added an Oscar-Winning Director and a Very Exciting Star

3/8/2018 - International Dispute Causes European Clocks to Run Slow

3/8/2018 - Brain-Zapping Workout Tech Is Coming to an Equinox Near You

3/8/2018 - The Mystery of Ahsoka Tano Will Remain a Mystery for a While

3/8/2018 - Congress Will Make Credit Freezes Free for All in Belated Response to Equifax Breach

3/8/2018 - What Pre-Teen Brains Can Do That Adult Brains Can't

3/8/2018 - God's Reps Are Not Into Offshore Drilling

3/8/2018 - In Land of the Sons, Two Boys Don’t Know How to Grow Up After the End of the World

3/8/2018 - Researchers Figured Out How to Turn 3D Models Into Cute Knitted Toys

3/8/2018 - Gruesome Scene as Bag Containing 54 Severed Hands Found in Siberia [Updated]

3/8/2018 - A Show Based on Acclaimed Scifi Noir Comic Roche Limit May Be Coming to Syfy

3/8/2018 - It's International Women's Day, the Most Popular Time of Year for Searches of 'International Men's Day'

3/8/2018 - All the Ways Tech Companies Are Celebrating International Women's Day, From 'Sounds Neat' to 'Huh'

3/8/2018 - Tony Stark's Arc Reactor Is Back in Avengers: Infinity War, But Not for the Reason You Thought

3/8/2018 - You're a Mildly Irritating Starbucks Customer, Mr. Grinch

3/8/2018 - Forensic Scientist Claims to Have Solved the Amelia Earhart Mystery

3/8/2018 - Tech Companies Are Finally Becoming Aware of Their Wildlife Trafficking Problem

3/8/2018 - 9 Expanded Universe Force Powers Way Crazier Than Anything in The Last Jedi or Rebels

3/8/2018 - Scientists Watch Water Change Phase From a Liquid... to a Liquid

3/8/2018 - 5 Recent Scifi and Fantasy Books That Would Make Amazing Movies or TV Shows

3/8/2018 - Ice Crystals in Diamonds Reveal Pockets of Water Deep in Earth's Mantle

3/8/2018 - Gigantic Study of Fake News Online Finds the Enemy Is Humanity

3/8/2018 - This New Teaser for The Handmaid's Tale Literally Asks: 'Seriously, What the Actual Fu--?'

3/8/2018 - Take a Star-Studded River Rafting Trip Through the Grand Canyon

3/8/2018 - Black Mirror's Mackenzie Davis May Join Schwarzenegger and Hamilton for Terminator 6

3/8/2018 - These Hackers Built a Prosthetic Nerf Blaster That Can Be Fired by Flexing Arm Muscles

3/8/2018 - Apple Details Alarming Labor Issues In Latest Supply Chain Report

3/8/2018 - For Marvel Studios' Design Team, Creating the MCU Is a Job With No End

3/8/2018 - NASA Wants to Fly Your Name Into the Sun

3/8/2018 - Intel Invented the Traditional SSD Killer of the Future, and It's So Fast and So Expensive

3/8/2018 - Future Bay Area Flooding Could Be Even Worse Than We Thought

3/8/2018 - Axl Rose Says Tim Cook ‘Is the Donald Trump of the Music Industry’ and We Have Questions

3/8/2018 - Star Wars Rebels Producer Dave Filoni Is Totally Fine With You Shipping Zeb and Kallus After the Finale

3/8/2018 - Ad Blocker Ghostery Is Going Open Source to Win Back Some Privacy Points

3/8/2018 - Another Study Says Fitbits Aren't So Great at Tracking Heart Rate

3/8/2018 - Tom Baker's First Season of Doctor Who Is Finally Coming to Blu-Ray

3/8/2018 - Supernatural Mystery Infinity Train Is Finally Coming to Cartoon Network

3/8/2018 - The Trump Administration Can’t Seem to Stop the Climate Kids' Lawsuit [Updated]

3/8/2018 - Jon Favreau Is Writing Lucasfilm's First Star Wars Live-Action Show

3/8/2018 - DC Comics' Multiverse Is Expanding With a New Black Label Imprint and Some Big Names

3/8/2018 - Why Two Guys Are Building a Massive Island Out of Fat

3/8/2018 - Forest Service Chief Steps Down Amidst Sexual Misconduct Allegations

3/8/2018 - Gratuitous Fruit-on-Fruit Violence in Slow Motion Is Like an Edible Fireworks Show

3/8/2018 - Here's What You Can Expect From 5G in 2018

3/8/2018 - Bitcoin Cash Has Its Own Rap Song Now, and We're All the Poorer for It

3/8/2018 - One of Michael Bay's Next Movies Could Be the Long-Teased Robopocalypse Adaptation

3/8/2018 - New York Times Op-Ed Column Defends White Supremacy Radio Guest

3/8/2018 - Russian Embassy in Britain Trolls Twitter by Being Pedantic About Poisoned Spy

3/8/2018 - Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Best Android Phone Don't Need No Honkin' Notch

3/8/2018 - Juicero's Ex-CEO Says He Is Doing Really Well, Also Gets Pretty Mad When Asked About Juicero

3/7/2018 - Travis Kalanick Is Gonna Be an Investment Fund Guy Now

3/7/2018 - The Trailer for the Scifi Film Prospect Is Delightfully Baffling

3/7/2018 - That Fan Favorite EU Character Name Dropped on Star Wars Rebels Is Alive and Well

3/7/2018 - Hope 'Hacked'

3/7/2018 - Read a Heartwrenching Superman Story From Action Comics #1000 Right Now

3/7/2018 - Pornhub Pulls Pro-Weed Candidate's Ads Following Allegations of Abuse and Lies

3/7/2018 - A Jurassic World Version of Pokémon Go Is Coming to Your Phone

3/7/2018 - 3 Pics That Restored My Faith in Goblins

3/7/2018 - Scientists Observe Red Giant Waking Up Neutron Star in a Flash

3/7/2018 - Athletes Are Turning to Leeches to Try to Gain Wolverine-Like Healing Powers

3/7/2018 - Why Tattoos Last Forever, Even as Your Skin Cells Die

3/7/2018 - Margaret Atwood's Angel Catbird Is Now a Delightful Old-Timey Audio Play, Too

3/7/2018 - The Finn and Phasma Deleted Scene From The Last Jedi Is Now Online and It's Incredible

3/7/2018 - Samsung’s Best TVs Now Come With an Invisibility Cloak... Sort Of

3/7/2018 - If the Justice League Was a Regular Job, Batman Would 'Obviously' Be an HR Nightmare

3/7/2018 - The Mystery of Michael K. Williams' Former Solo Character Has Been Revealed, Thanks to Michael K. Williams

3/7/2018 - UFO Wingnuts Confuse a Fallen Boulder for a Crashed Alien Spacecraft

3/7/2018 - Amazon Knows That Alexa Is Laughing At You [Updated]

3/7/2018 - Pacific Rim Uprising Turned Charlie Hunnam's Departure From a Disaster to a Major Opportunity

3/7/2018 - New York Times Issues Correction After Editor Fails to Turn Off 'Millennials to Snake People' Browser Extension

3/7/2018 - New Reason to Never Use Facebook's VPN: It May Be Siphoning Your Data Even When It’s Off

3/7/2018 - Jessica Jones' New Season Starts Out With a Slog, But It's a Slog With Potential

3/7/2018 - British Cops Say Former Russian Spy Was Poisoned by Nerve Agent

3/7/2018 - Timeless Season Two Will Remind Viewers History Isn't 'Just a Bunch of Rich Old White Dudes' 

3/7/2018 - Termite Armies Send Their Oldest Soldiers to Die First

3/7/2018 - Dangerous Heat Is Coming to Cities Very Soon

3/7/2018 - Your Smart Home Is Spying on You. Here’s How to Spy Back.

3/7/2018 - New Observations Reveal a Dramatic Web Structure Inside the Orion Nebula

3/7/2018 - Cos/Play: Tony Ray Takes Us to Wakanda With DIY Black Panther Jewelry

3/7/2018 - Pepe the Frog Creator Files Lawsuit Against Infowars

3/7/2018 - It's Thundersnowing

3/7/2018 - Why Cryptocurrencies Are in for a Very Bad Day

3/7/2018 - Watch This Machine Solve a Rubik's Cube Faster Than My Jaw Can Drop

3/7/2018 - 12 Scifi Movies That Totally Deserved to Win Best Picture Before The Shape of Water

3/7/2018 - More Organizations Cut Ties With Physicist Lawrence Krauss

3/7/2018 - beee story beegins

3/7/2018 - The Juno Spacecraft Is Revealing Some Astounding Things About Jupiter’s Mysterious Interior

3/7/2018 - An Even Bigger Mystery Is Uncovered in the New Trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Two

3/7/2018 - Holy Crap, That's a Lot of Money for Some Ugly Ass Goggles

3/7/2018 - A Wrinkle in Time Tries to Soar, but Has Trouble Staying Grounded

3/7/2018 - Dutch Police Are DNA Testing 21,500 Men to Solve a 20-Year-Old Murder

3/7/2018 - We Guarantee This Cute Animated Short Will Send You Into a Blind Rage

3/7/2018 - Thunder and a Surprising Resurrection Change Everything for Black Lightning

3/7/2018 - Amazon Slashes Prime Fees for Medicaid Enrollees in Play for Low-Income Customers

3/7/2018 - Indigenous Hunters Are Being Scapegoated For Caribou Declines, Researchers Claim

3/7/2018 - Microsoft Is Going to Stop Cramming Windows 10S Down People’s Throats

3/7/2018 - Last Night's Flash Broke the Entire Premise of the Show in the Best Possible Way 

3/7/2018 - 'Magic' Twist in Stacked Graphene Reveals Potentially Powerful Superconducting Behavior

3/7/2018 - This New NASA Mission Could Unlock Secrets of the Northern Lights

3/7/2018 - Fired OpenTable Employee Booked Hundreds of Fake Reservations Through Rival Service  

3/7/2018 - You Can and Should Hide Your Facebook and Twitter Likes

3/7/2018 - Archie's Getting the Bollywood Treatment in a New Movie Produced in India

3/7/2018 - I Can't Figure Out Who This Luxurious Wireless Mouse System Is for

3/7/2018 - Updates From Jessica Jones, Shazam, and More

3/7/2018 - This New AMNH Exhibit Takes You Under the Sea and You Won't Want to Come Up for Air

3/7/2018 - Trump Administration, Which Said It Would Keep African Elephant Trophy Ban, Changes Its Mind

3/6/2018 - Intrepid Reporters Catch 'Snowflake Students' Correctly Surmising the Moral of Frankenstein

3/6/2018 - Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Probably Making More Than $3.37 an Hour, But That's a Real Low Bar

3/6/2018 - Your Day Can Always Be Improved With Dancing Porgs

3/6/2018 - Fear the Walking Dead's Incredibly Gory VFX Video Is Not for Those With Weak Stomachs

3/6/2018 - The Little Women Are Brooklynites in a New Graphic Novel Adaptation

3/6/2018 - Fyre Fest Founder Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud

3/6/2018 - FBI's Use of Paid Best Buy Informants Goes Deeper Than We Knew

3/6/2018 - Game of Thrones' Mountain Beat a World Record... by Basically Lifting a Mountain

3/6/2018 - American Midwest Saw 70% Increase in Opioid ER Visits from 2016 to 2017 

3/6/2018 - Solo: A Star Wars Story-Branded Solo Cups Are Happening, and We're All Going to Have to Deal With That

3/6/2018 - More Evidence That Dogs ‘See’ the World With Their Powerful Noses

3/6/2018 - Marvel's 'Create Your Own' Comic Tool Is a Hot Mess With a Whole Lot of Potential

3/6/2018 - Iconic Stellar Ring Much Stranger Than Previously Thought

3/6/2018 - America's Next Big Climate March Will Be Led by Teens

3/6/2018 - First Observation of Rigor Mortis in Worms Could Help Us Understand Death by Old Age

3/6/2018 - Senator Wyden Questions Top Voting Machine Manufacturer Over Reported Security Gaps

3/6/2018 - You Can Buy an Official Star Trek: Discovery MAGA Hat, Because Apparently We're in the Mirror Universe

3/6/2018 - Lego Had a Bad Year Because It Made Too Many Dang Bricks

3/6/2018 - Everything You Need to Remember About Jessica Jones Before She Returns

3/6/2018 - Blackberry Accuses Facebook of Patent Infringement, Seeks Injunction That Could Shut It Down

3/6/2018 - The Avatars of Ready Player One Invade Classic Movie Posters of the Past

3/6/2018 - The First Full Trailer for Legion's Return Is as Dance-Filled and Trippy as You'd Hoped

3/6/2018 - US Aircraft Carrier Sunk in WW2 Battle Finally Found Off Australian Coast

3/6/2018 - Google Unveils Largest Quantum Computer Yet, but So What?

3/6/2018 - This Cosplayer Perfectly Embodies the Glorious Hela, Giant Headdress and All

3/6/2018 - This Cheap, Playable Smartphone Case Is Triggering my Eternal Love For the Game Boy

3/6/2018 - 23andMe Gets FDA Green Light to Sell First Consumer DNA Test for Cancer Risk

3/6/2018 - The First Trailer for Disney's Christopher Robin Will Melt Your Heart

3/6/2018 - Doctors Are Protesting Medicare Change That Would Let Insurers Deny Opioid Prescriptions [Updated]

3/6/2018 - Recode’s Code Conference Will Stay at Controversial LA Venue Despite Tech Workers’ Protests [Updated] 

3/6/2018 - We Tackle Your Burning Questions After the Star Wars Rebels Finale

3/6/2018 - What We Can Learn From the Demise of the Northern White Rhino [Updated]

3/6/2018 - 'Free Exotic Animals': Dozens of Animals Stolen From Wildlife Sanctuary After Fake Craigslist Ad [Updated]

3/6/2018 - Soothing Spaceship Engine White Noise Is This U.S.S. Enterprise Bluetooth Speaker's Best Feature

3/6/2018 - Apple Hired the Director of Her to Create This Creepy HomePod Ad

3/6/2018 - Facebook Patents Self-Balancing Robot, and It's Anyone's Best Guess Why

3/6/2018 - Mercedes’ Futuristic Headlights Shine Warning Symbols on the Road, and They’re No Longer Just a Concept

3/6/2018 - In the First Trailer For Luke Cage's Second Season, the Unbreakable Man Returns to Harlem

3/6/2018 - Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones

3/6/2018 - Record-Breaking 131-Year-Old Message in a Bottle Found on Australian Beach

3/6/2018 - Hufflepuffs Are Actually Great, and Allow the Cast of the Play Puffs to Explain Why

3/6/2018 - Dyson's Pricey Cordless Vac Is So Good, It's Killing Cords Altogether

3/6/2018 - 'Almost Mythical Plant' Rediscovered After 150 Years

3/6/2018 - The New Lost in Space Trailer Shows Us This Isn't Your Daddy's Robot

3/6/2018 - Updates on the Next Terminator Movie, Black Mirror's Return, and More

3/6/2018 - This Environmental Activist Was Killed 2 Years Ago, and She’s Finally Finding Justice

3/6/2018 - The Utah State Bar Is 'Investigating' How It Emailed All the Lawyers a Picture of Boobs

3/5/2018 - Self-Declared 'Health Ranger' Mike Adams Has Apparently Been Booted From YouTube

3/5/2018 - The Ending of Star Wars Rebels Was Perfect Because It Was Also a Beginning

3/5/2018 - Sam Nunberg: This Entire Meltdown Is Because I Didn't Want to Manually Search My Email Inbox

3/5/2018 - Listen to Characters From It, Thor, and Wonder Woman Croon a Parody Song Written for the Oscars

3/5/2018 - Spotify Is Blocking Subscribers Who Used Hacked Apps to Get Premium Features

3/5/2018 - Turns Out Black Cat Is One Hell of a Troll

3/5/2018 - Ancient Baby Bird Was Only the Size of a Cockroach

3/5/2018 - Danger, Will Robinson, You're About to Get Spammed

3/5/2018 - Moviepass CEO Brags App Tracks Your Location Before and After Movies

3/5/2018 - Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories Is Coming to Comics

3/5/2018 - Georgetown Lawyers Sue NYPD to Reveal Its Secret Face Recognition Programs

3/5/2018 - After a Few Hiccups, All Bets Are on CRISPR Again 

3/5/2018 - The io9 History of The Shape of Water, From the Earliest Rumors to Its Academy Award Win

3/5/2018 - This 14-Year-Old Standing Rock Activist Got a Spotlight at the Oscars

3/5/2018 - This Super-Sharp Knife Made From Pasta Probably Cuts Better Than It Tastes

3/5/2018 - A Wave of Dead Sea Creatures Has Turned England's Beaches Into a Horror Show

3/5/2018 - David Bowie's Music, Art, and Legend Get Celebrated at This Intense Museum Exhibit

3/5/2018 - Boyvillain Martin Shkreli Ordered to Forfeit Coveted Wu-Tang Album 

3/5/2018 - Six More Big Internet Companies Join the Legal Fight Against the FCC’s Net Neutrality Rollback 

3/5/2018 - This Impressive Star Wars Rebels Fan Video Weaves Together the Wider Saga

3/5/2018 - Cool, Cool; Another Nor’easter Is Going to Hit the East Coast This Week

3/5/2018 - This Dizzying Video Shows What You Can Buy on Amazon With However Much Is in Your Bank Account

3/5/2018 - Voltron: Legendary Defender's Fifth Season Tears Down Its Old Universe to Create a Weirder One

3/5/2018 - Artists Protest Elite Art World With Unauthorized AR Gallery at the MoMA

3/5/2018 - Thieves Steal 600 Bitcoin Mining Rigs in Iceland

3/5/2018 - Twice as Many Kids Are Hospitalized for Opioid Overdoses Compared to the Early Aughts

3/5/2018 - New Security Conference Takes on RSA After It Books Just One Female Keynote Speaker

3/5/2018 - Trevor Baylis, Inventor of the Hand-Cranked Radio, Dies at 80

3/5/2018 - Merriam-Webster Now Recognizes 'Embiggen' as a Perfectly Cromulent Word

3/5/2018 - Amazon Is Exploring Checking Accounts for the Young and the Unbanked: Report

3/5/2018 - Fundamental Equation of Quantum Physics Also Describes Rings and Disks in Space

3/5/2018 - The Academy Didn’t Have the Guts to Give Get Out Best Picture

3/5/2018 - Apple, Please Ignore the Latest Rumor and Let the MacBook Air Die 

3/5/2018 - The Bee(tle)s Are Dying at an Alarming Rate

3/5/2018 - Why the Hell Is Facebook Surveying Users About Child Predators?

3/5/2018 - Jessica Jones Becomes a Pulp Icon in These Dynamic Novel Covers From International Female Artists

3/5/2018 - New Patent Hints That Apple Could Get Rid of Physical Keyboards Entirely

3/5/2018 - That Was a Truly Infuriating Episode of The Walking Dead

3/5/2018 - A Complete List of the 2018 Oscar Winners You Actually Care About

3/5/2018 - Stranger Things Adds a Mysterious New Kid for Season 3

3/5/2018 - How Do You Hear Without 'Ears'?

3/4/2018 - The Shape of Water Just Won the Oscar for Best Picture

3/4/2018 - Guillermo del Toro Wins Best Director for The Shape of Water

3/4/2018 - Facebook's Nightmare, AI's New Risks, and Bad Boner Hacks: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/4/2018 - The First Teaser for Mary Poppins Returns Is Here

3/4/2018 - The Method-2 Looks as Menacing as Ever, But You Could Probably Still Defeat It With a Shallow Incline

3/4/2018 - Doctors Want You to Know How Much Damage Rifle Bullets Really Do

3/4/2018 - It's Official: Deckard's Dog in Blade Runner 2049 is the Best Dog

3/4/2018 - This Video is the Perfect Introduction to the Most Important Actor Whose Face You've Never Seen

3/4/2018 - Disney Has Been Accused of Plagiarizing Its Solo: A Star Wars Story Posters [Updated]

3/4/2018 - After China Got Mad, Marriott Fired a Social Media Manager for Liking a Tweet About Tibet

3/4/2018 - Flashpoint Has Closed the Deal on Two Directors

3/4/2018 - As Advertisers Flee, Alex Jones Claims His YouTube Ban Will Come Today

3/4/2018 - This SNL Sketch Asks Important Questions About the Star Wars Universe

3/3/2018 - Amazon and Google Are Back to Feuding, This Time Over Smart Homes and Nest

3/3/2018 - The CEO of CBS Says Streaming Is Responsible for Star Trek: Discovery's Serialized Storytelling

3/3/2018 - Silicon Valley's Season Five Trailer Has a Hidden Message for All You Nerds Out There

3/3/2018 - Nicolas Cage Channels his Best Deranged Cop in This Trailer for The Humanity Bureau

3/3/2018 - Study: Malfunctioning Surveillance Gear, Not Sonic Weapons, Could Explain Cuba Embassy 'Attack'

3/3/2018 - The Internet Has Turned Erik Killmonger Into the Ultimate Anime Fanboy

3/3/2018 - Here Are 911 Transcripts of Some of the Times Apple Employees Walked Directly Into Glass Walls

3/3/2018 - Who Would Make a Good Composer for the Upcoming Star Wars Movies?

3/3/2018 - After Just 6 Months, the Phone Notch Is Already Deeply Uncool

3/3/2018 - How Black Panther's Visual Effects Team Gave Life to the Lands of the Jabari

3/3/2018 - Researchers Devise a New Way to Solve Long-Standing Mystery About the Universe

3/3/2018 - One of Déjà Vu's Most Striking Features Is Just an Illusion

3/2/2018 - Time-Lapse Footage of a Lavish Dragon Painting Is More Satisfying Than Watching Joffrey Die

3/2/2018 - I Would Happily Rewatch Paddington 2 With All of the Visual Effects Removed

3/2/2018 - Netflix's Stretch Armstrong Show Will Let Viewers Pull the Story in Different Directions 

3/2/2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Will Also Be a War on the Wallets of Hot Toys Collectors

3/2/2018 - Krypton Is Using Superman's Cape in a Very Strange Way

3/2/2018 - It's Time to Log Off

3/2/2018 - The Logan's Run Remake Just Got a Director—Who May Be Working on a New Star Wars Movie, Too

3/2/2018 - MoviePass Demands Photos of Ticket Stubs From Users, Which Sounds Cool and Fun

3/2/2018 - YouTube Reportedly Snatches Spotify's Tuma Basa, the Curator of Your Favorite Playlist

3/2/2018 - What's the Most Desperate Thing You've Done to Get Online?

3/2/2018 - 23,000 HTTPS Certificates Pulled After CEO Sends Private Keys in an Email

3/2/2018 - These Adorable Critters Are Making Life Hard for Brazilian Farmers

3/2/2018 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Viral Ad Explains Why They Won't Just Let the Dinosaurs Die

3/2/2018 - Image Manipulation Hack Fools Humans and Machines, Makes Me Think Nothing is Real Anymore

3/2/2018 - Netflix Is Eyeing Keanu Reeves to Star in Its New Superhero Movie From the Russo Brothers

3/2/2018 - There May Actually Be Four Kinds of Type 2 Diabetes [Updated]

3/2/2018 - The Zombie Apocalypse Is Beautiful and Plastic Man Finally Wakes Up in This Week's Best Comics

3/2/2018 - The Nor'easter Is as Ferocious as Advertised

3/2/2018 - Why It’s a Big Deal That Washington State Almost Passed a Carbon Tax

3/2/2018 - Brian Michael Bendis Announces Two New Creator-Owned Series at DC Comics

3/2/2018 - Poo Stains Seen From Space Lead to Discovery of Massive Penguin ‘Supercolony’

3/2/2018 - Study Finds Body Cam Footage Isn't Released in Almost 40 Percent of Fatal Police Shootings

3/2/2018 - Scientists Model Rare Ball Lightning With Help From Tangled 'Skyrmion' Quasiparticle

3/2/2018 - Gaze in Wonder at 15 of the Most Breathtaking Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

3/2/2018 - Doug Jones Had to Poop Before Getting Into His Fishman Costume for The Shape of Water

3/2/2018 - Documents Show Ryan Zinke Ignored Public Support for Bears Ears in Favor of Oil and Gas

3/2/2018 - Watching Two Pacific Rim Uprising Mechs Punch the Crap Out of Each Other Is Very Satisfying

3/2/2018 - Report: ‘Pretty Much Every One Threw Up’ on a Flight Through the Nor’easter

3/2/2018 - Captain Marvel's 'Fresh Start' Comic Will Reveal the 'Other Side' of Her Origin Story

3/2/2018 - After Costs, Uber and Lyft Drivers Average Less Than $4 an Hour, Depressing New Study Claims [Updated]

3/2/2018 - Former YouTube Recruiter Sues Google for Discriminating 'Against Caucasian and Asian Men'

3/2/2018 - Muppet Guys Talking Documentary Gets a New Trailer and Release Details 

3/2/2018 - New Research Tells a Complex Story Behind Gender-Affirming Surgery in the US

3/2/2018 - Sea Ice Has Foiled an Attempt to Reach Antarctica's Massive Iceberg

3/2/2018 - The Jessica Jones Comic Has Already Been Telling a Fascinating Story About the Return of Her Worst Foe

3/2/2018 - Lego's New Plant Bricks Are Made of, Well, Plants

3/2/2018 - Oh God, Not Spectacles 2.0

3/2/2018 - The First Details From Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Deleted Scenes Are Here

3/2/2018 - California Cops Are Reportedly Baiting the Apple Shuttle Shooter With a Decoy Bus

3/2/2018 - 10 Ways Shopping Online Sucks and How to Fix Them

3/2/2018 - Updates From Highlander, Captain Marvel, and More

3/2/2018 - When Will Las Vegas Finally Look Like This Futuristic Illustration From the '80s?

3/2/2018 - Navy SEALs Call Bullshit on Fox News Report That They Couldn't Get Through Trump's Border Wall

3/1/2018 - GitHub, Struck by Record-Breaking DDoS, Walks It Off

3/1/2018 - This Wonderful Fan Art Imagines a Magical Black Panther Adventure

3/1/2018 - The New Karate Kid Series Cobra Kai Has a Nostalgic New Teaser

3/1/2018 - Facebook Decides You Don’t Need Two News Feeds

3/1/2018 - The Story of How Darth Vader Got His Lightsaber Is Actually Pretty Normal, and That's Great

3/1/2018 - What If We've Been Staring at Avengers: Infinity War's Missing Soul Stone This Entire Time?

3/1/2018 - YouTube Terminates Account of InfoWars Bureau Chief [Updated]

3/1/2018 - The Creator of Your Favorite Emojis Is Making Some Moving Art, Literally

3/1/2018 - Termites Are Finally Being Recognized for What They Really Are: Social Cockroaches

3/1/2018 - Poo Germs, Not Sharks, Make Swimming in the Ocean So Treacherous

3/1/2018 - Study Shows Just How Stressed Out Latino Parents Are Over Immigration Policy

3/1/2018 - Open Channel: What Was the First Movie That Scared the Crap Out of You?

3/1/2018 - Fantasy Writer Terry Goodkind Now Claims He Hated His Book Cover Because It's 'Sexist'

3/1/2018 - This Photo Exhibit Shows Why Climate Change Is a Women's Rights Issue

3/1/2018 - Huge Advancement in MRI Tech Captures Teeny Molecules With Incredible Resolution

3/1/2018 - Taser Founder Thinks the Answer to School Shootings Is 'Innovation'

3/1/2018 - 28 New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Well Worth Checking Out in March

3/1/2018 - Avengers: Infinity War Is Now Coming Out a Week Earlier

3/1/2018 - What the US Superhero Entertainment Industry Can Learn From Japan: Capes Are Rad

3/1/2018 - Neil Gaiman and DC Comics Are Expanding the Sandman Universe With Four New Comics

3/1/2018 - 'Stunning' Family Tree Includes 13 Million People Over 11 Generations

3/1/2018 - 5,000-Year-Old Mummy Is Earliest Known Tattooed Woman

3/1/2018 - A Close Reading of Twitter CEO Dorsey's Heartfelt Tweetstorm on Health and Civility

3/1/2018 - Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman Sees T'Challa as a Familiar 'Enemy'

3/1/2018 - There's a Tiny Dip in Gun Injuries When Gun Owners Head to Annual NRA Convention

3/1/2018 - You Need to Hear the Unreal Sound of a Snare Drum In an Abandoned Nuclear Cooling Tower

3/1/2018 - Good Urban Planning Could Mean Hotter Cities

3/1/2018 - The Story Behind Annihilation's Most Terrifying Creature Is Equally Horrific

3/1/2018 - Jessica Jones Featurette Highlights the 'Empowered' Women Bringing the Show to Life

3/1/2018 - France's Favorite Crypto-Fascist Could Face Three Years in Prison for ISIS Tweets

3/1/2018 - Louisiana Officials’ Emails Make Light of Climate Change

3/1/2018 - Equifax Reveals 2.4 Million Consumers Had Additional Info Stolen in 2017 Breach

3/1/2018 - To Boldly Stay: How Deep Space Nine Upended Star Trek by Exposing Utopia's Dark Side

3/1/2018 - This Wild Concept Phone's Got All the Sweet Gimmicks the Rest Should Have

3/1/2018 - Bee Stings and Cow Kicks Kill Way More Americans Than Sharks

3/1/2018 - Riding Along With a Night Stringer, Chasing Car Crashes for Local News

3/1/2018 - Nick Spencer Is The Amazing Spider-Man Comic's Next Writer

3/1/2018 - Europe to Facebook and Google: Remove Illegal Content in One Hour (We're Serious This Time!)

3/1/2018 - Uber Rider Says He Blacked Out, Rode Through Multiple States, Got Exactly the Fare You’d Expect

3/1/2018 - Terry Pratchett's Discworld Is Finally Being Turned Into a Show

3/1/2018 - The X-Files Sure Tried to Be Black Mirror Last Night and It Did Not Go Well

3/1/2018 - New Cloak & Dagger Teaser Finds a Balance Between the Darkforce and the Light

3/1/2018 - Gotham Teases Just When It Will Finally Reveal Its 'True' Joker

3/1/2018 - In March, We Shall Play Some Serious #WarGames

3/1/2018 - How to Use Google Home or Amazon Echo to Control What's on Your TV

3/1/2018 - Putin Nukes Florida in New Animated Video Showing Russia's Futuristic Weapons

3/1/2018 - Spotify Is Going Public, CEO Says It Will Be Now Some Kind of Global Cultural Nexus or Something