5/31/2018 - Ecuador to Julian Assange: You Can Stay in Our Embassy But for the Love of God, Stop Tweeting

5/31/2018 - Interstellar's Wisecracking Robot, TARS, Is One Wobbly Step Closer to Reality

5/31/2018 - AT&T Drops Court Challenge That Kept FTC From Policing Net Neutrality

5/31/2018 - X-Men: Red Is Telling a Story About Racism for the Internet Age

5/31/2018 - Grindr May Add a Way for Users to Notify Past Hookups of STI Risk

5/31/2018 - Walmart Wants to Trick Rich People Into Shopping at Walmart by Texting Orders to Bots

5/31/2018 - Hotel Artemis Gets a Retro-tastic Trailer for Its Beautiful, Bloated Cast

5/31/2018 - Skyscraper Window Replacement Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

5/31/2018 - Solo's Most Gruesome Death Was Inspired By Indiana Jones

5/31/2018 - Report: Steam Had a Bug for 10 years That Could Allow Hackers to Take Over Your PC

5/31/2018 - The Experiment That Made Philadelphia Chinese Food Healthier

5/31/2018 - Google Labeled California Republicans as Nazis After Someone Vandalized Wikipedia

5/31/2018 - Southern California Is Losing Its Clouds and That's Bad News For Fire Season

5/31/2018 - 'Bionic Actress' Angel Giuffria Is Ready for People With Disabilities to Get Their Close-Up

5/31/2018 - Just Look at This Gorgeous Dungeons & Dragons Art Book

5/31/2018 - Something Completely Unexpected Happened to the First Settlers of South America

5/31/2018 - Watch: Here's Why We Admire 'Lovable Rogues' Like Han Solo and Deadpool 

5/31/2018 - This Paper Shredder Upgraded With a Scary-Powerful Motor Looks Like It Could Rip Off an Arm

5/31/2018 - Topsoil Service Con-Man Who Terrorized Australia With Asbestos Is Getting Locked Up

5/31/2018 - Astronomers Spot Surprising Evidence of Methane Dunes on Pluto

5/31/2018 - The Crow Remake Has Lost Its Star (Again) and Director (Again)

5/31/2018 - There's a Treasure Trove of Ancient Video Games in This Underground Bunker

5/31/2018 - Here's How the Legion of Doom Is Returning to DC Comics

5/31/2018 - Man Says Dying Roach Left Eggs in His Ear: 'I Heard It Die in My Head'

5/31/2018 - Stop Whatever You Are Doing and Look at These Images From NOAA's New Weather Satellite

5/31/2018 - Why Don't We Know More About Star Wars' Droids?

5/31/2018 - Canon Kills Film Because Apparently Digital Is In

5/31/2018 - Companies Want to Begin Exploring the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for Oil by Winter

5/31/2018 - Apple and Microsoft Help Create New Standard for Braille Displays

5/31/2018 - Chris Pratt Wants You to Cut Star-Lord Some Slack for That Infinity War Blunder, Okay?

5/31/2018 - Kilauea's Lava Has Leveled Up Again

5/31/2018 - Monster Cable's Plan for Saving Its Failing Business Is a Cryptocoin Called 'Monster Money Tokens'

5/31/2018 - Telegram CEO Says Apple Is Blocking Updates as Russia Tries to Ban the Messaging App

5/31/2018 - Rick and Morty's Renewal Took Forever So the Creators Could Ensure the Show's Wild Future

5/31/2018 - Hottest, Fastest Lava Yet Prompts Further Evacuations in Hawaii

5/31/2018 - Spotify Says Controversial 'Hate Content' Policy Was 'Rolled Out Wrong'

5/31/2018 - The Expanse Just Delivered Its Most Unbelievably Tense Episode Ever

5/31/2018 - A Wireless Gaming Headset This Cheap Is Hard Not to Like

5/31/2018 - New Rumors About the Major Villain of the Batman Movie

5/31/2018 - Uber Plans IPO in 2019, Wants to Be 'Amazon for Transportation'

5/30/2018 - Most Federal Agencies Are 'At Risk' or Worse, According to Damning Cybersecurity Report

5/30/2018 - How Hollywood FX Wizards Created the Magical Technology in Black Panther's Wakanda

5/30/2018 - Sesame Street Has Already Lost Its Lawsuit Against The Happytime Murders

5/30/2018 - Google is Refining Its Anti-Boob Algorithm After a Woman Flashed Google Maps

5/30/2018 - Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo May Play the Parents of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland 

5/30/2018 - Reverie Is Black Mirror for People Who Hate, Fear, and Do Not Understand Anything About Technology

5/30/2018 - MoviePass Has Another Convoluted Plan to Survive 

5/30/2018 - Pro-Trump Media Dude Reportedly Has an Offer Even Roseanne Could Refuse

5/30/2018 - Personal Injury Law Firms Are Serving Ads to People While They're in the ER

5/30/2018 - A Rare Behind the Scenes Look at Disney World's Most Advanced Audio-Animatronic Character

5/30/2018 - Lake Michigan May Get Its First-Ever Tropical Cyclone Tonight

5/30/2018 - Ambien Has Some Terrible Side Effects, Even If It Doesn't Make You Racist

5/30/2018 - Activists Are Using Robots to Send Abortion Pills to Northern Ireland

5/30/2018 - Drunk YouTuber's Fake Shooter 'Experiment' Sent Disney Resort Into Lockdown, Cops Say

5/30/2018 - Watchmen or DC Comics: Which Reality Has Had It Worse?

5/30/2018 - Stick Bugs Could Be Thriving by Getting Pooped Out of Birds

5/30/2018 - California Is Halfway to Restoring Net Neutrality

5/30/2018 - Thousands Call on Amazon to Stop Forcing Contractors to Settle Complaints in Secret

5/30/2018 - Hey, Free Book! Read the Victorian Fantasy Novel Creatures of Will & Temper Here on io9

5/30/2018 - New Evidence Reveals a 17,000-Year-Old Coastal Route Into North America

5/30/2018 - Why Twitter Started Banning Some of Its Youngest Users

5/30/2018 - The Scariest Movie of the Year Has an Equally Creepy Etsy Shop

5/30/2018 - Is This Really What the Google Pixel 3 Will Look Like?

5/30/2018 - These 30 Alternate Designs of Solo's Millennium Falcon Are Wild

5/30/2018 - Experiment Could Help Scientists Predict Avalanches Through Sound

5/30/2018 - Atari's Retro Console Launches Pre-Orders, Quickly Crashes Indiegogo 

5/30/2018 - Cargo Might Be the Hardest Zombie Story You’ll Ever Watch

5/30/2018 - 23AndMe Accuses Ancestry.Com of Patent Infringement and False Advertising

5/30/2018 - Women Are Still Fighting for the Right to Take Collective Action Against Uber 

5/30/2018 - This Video Is All Your Kid Needs to Understand Climate Science

5/30/2018 - Truly Cyborg Fingers Combine Robotics With Living Cells

5/30/2018 - Taytulla Birth Control Packs Recalled Because the Pills Are in the Wrong Dang Order

5/30/2018 - Check Out the First Photo of Wreck-It Ralph 2's Amazing Disney Princess Scene

5/30/2018 - You Asked For This

5/30/2018 - The 24 Biggest Questions We Have After Seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story

5/30/2018 - New View of the Tarantula Nebula Is the Space Picture We All Need Today

5/30/2018 - Wyoming's Grizzly Bear Hunt Won't Happen Without a Fight

5/30/2018 - Researchers Are Training a Robot Butler to Do the Chores You Hate in a Sims-Inspired Virtual House

5/30/2018 - Gizmodo Launches 'The Gateway,' an Investigative Podcast About a Controversial Internet Spiritual Guru

5/30/2018 - Avengers: Infinity War's Shocking Climax Was Almost Held Until Avengers 4

5/30/2018 - Michigan Is Trying to Blame a Local Hospital for Flint Water Crisis Deaths

5/30/2018 - Ominous 'Civil Emergency' Alert Sent to Oregon Residents Due to 'Technology Issue'

5/30/2018 - It Sucks to Be a Woman in Legion

5/30/2018 - LG Is Stealing Its Own Thunder With the V35

5/30/2018 - Clever Cosplayer Hacks Nerf Blaster to Cast Floating Holographic Spells

5/30/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale Finally Gives Us a Much-Needed Glimmer of Hope

5/30/2018 - Pompeii Resident Had His Head Crushed by a Giant Stone While Fleeing Eruption

5/30/2018 - Andrew Lincoln May Not Be the Only Walking Dead Star Leaving Next Season

5/30/2018 - A Spare Tire Made From Countless Rolls of Duct Tape Is Surprisingly Durable

5/30/2018 - Roseanne Blames Ambien for Her Racism, Then Deletes the Tweet [Updated]

5/29/2018 - Inspiring: Content Marketers Want to Buy Gawker and Make It Nice

5/29/2018 - Tesla Car in Autopilot Mode Slams Into Parked Police Vehicle in California

5/29/2018 - Hulu Scrambles to Pull All Reruns of Roseanne After Star's Racist Tweet

5/29/2018 - This Aggretsuko Lego Playset Turns the Existential Dread Lurking Inside All of Us Into Fun

5/29/2018 - Yes, the Maleficent Sequel Is Officially Happening

5/29/2018 - Police Are More Likely to Arrest You at a Protest Where People Actually Give a Shit, Study Finds

5/29/2018 - The Best Stories to Watch During Twitch's Absurdly Ginormous Classic Doctor Who Marathon

5/29/2018 - A California Doctor Is in Trouble for Claiming to Treat Ebola Through Sound

5/29/2018 - You Can Now Have What She’s Having for $1,500 a Year

5/29/2018 - RIP Rick Grimes: Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving The Walking Dead

5/29/2018 - Why Thousands of Researchers Are Boycotting Nature’s Upcoming AI Journal

5/29/2018 - San Francisco Subpoenas Uber and Lyft for Proof Drivers Aren't Employees

5/29/2018 - If You Want More of Westworld's Shōgun World, Watch These 7 Movies

5/29/2018 - Apple’s Smart Speaker Almost Feels Competitive Now

5/29/2018 - Massive Neutron Star Is the Definition of Extreme

5/29/2018 - Jamie Foxx Will Star in Todd McFarlane's Long-Awaited Spawn Reboot

5/29/2018 - Kilauea Is Making Its Own Weather

5/29/2018 - Working at Snap Is a Freakin' Blast, Bro

5/29/2018 - The Great Barrier Reef Has a Surprisingly Morbid History

5/29/2018 - New Results Cast Doubt on Strange Dark Matter Signal

5/29/2018 - The Predator's Keegan-Michael Key Explains His Move From Comedian to Action Star

5/29/2018 - The Star Wars Canon Behind Solo's Biggest Surprise

5/29/2018 - Nutritional Supplements Don't Improve Heart Health, Study Finds

5/29/2018 - A Man Is Auctioning His Facebook Data on eBay, and It's Going Great [Update: Not Anymore]

5/29/2018 - Revised Death Count Makes Hurricane Maria Deadliest Storm in Modern US History

5/29/2018 - Watch Live: Westworld's Time Jumps and Alternate Realities Explained... Sort Of

5/29/2018 - Nature, as Ranked by Google Users

5/29/2018 - Everyone Needs to Calm Down About Solo's Box Office Performance

5/29/2018 - Uber Launches Panic Button for U.S. Riders

5/29/2018 - Canada Is Buying a Tar Sands Pipeline a Major Energy Company Doesn't Want

5/29/2018 - 12 Useful and Cool Gadgets You Can Make Yourself

5/29/2018 - There Sure Are a Lot of New iPhone Rumors Today

5/29/2018 - How 1960s Film Pirates Sold Movies Before the FBI Came Knocking

5/29/2018 - The Supergirl TV Series Just Added a Major Part of Her Comic Book Mythos

5/29/2018 - The Big Comics Villain of Daredevil's Third Season May Have Been Revealed

5/29/2018 - Papua New Guinea to Block Facebook for a Month, Might Launch State-Run Alternative

5/28/2018 - Report: Uber Couldn't Even Leave Southeast Asia Without Pissing Everyone the Heck Off

5/28/2018 - Jeff Bezos Details Plan to Make Blue Origin the Amazon of the Moon

5/28/2018 - The EU Is Planning a Ban on Single-Use Plastic Products

5/28/2018 - California's New Digital License Plates Give You the Chance to Finally Be the "ASSMAN"

5/28/2018 - Shazam!'s Director Made His Own Batman v Superman Parody Mashup

5/28/2018 - ‘Ring Vaccinations’ Continue in Congo as Ebola Death Toll Rises

5/28/2018 - In the Latest Trailer, Big Hero 6 Is So, So Ready for Its Full Series Debut

5/28/2018 - Canadian Banks: Cyber Thieves Claim They Have Stolen 40,000 Clients' Data

5/28/2018 - This AI Knows Who You Are by the Way You Walk

5/28/2018 - Tesla Model 3 Sets Record Distance on a Single Charge, But It Mysteriously Won't Recharge [UPDATED]

5/28/2018 - Here's How Solo's Shocking, Surprise Cameo Came to Be

5/28/2018 - Phone or Computer?

5/28/2018 - Mind-Boggling Canyons Discovered Beneath Antarctica's Ice

5/28/2018 - Lava From Kilauea Volcano Reaches Well at Geothermal Power Plant

5/28/2018 - This Creepy Chrome Extension Pauses YouTube for You When You Look Away

5/28/2018 - Westworld Is Finally Pulling It Together, in More Ways Than One

5/28/2018 - Are Plants Conscious?

5/28/2018 - You Are Probably Using the Wrong HDMI Cord

5/28/2018 - Is Michigan’s Ambitious New Drinking Water Rule Enough to Protect Communities From Lead?

5/28/2018 - What Inventions Do You Hate?

5/27/2018 - Elon Musk's Monkey Tests, Dating Site Hell, and Alexa Nightmares: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

5/27/2018 - Vermont Passes First-of-Its-Kind Law to Regulate Data Brokers

5/27/2018 - Ebay is Auctioning Off an Original Piece of the Death Star

5/27/2018 - Elon Musk's Idea of 'Excellent' Journalism Comes From an Alleged Sex Cult

5/27/2018 - THX Just Shared the Original Sheet Music for its 'Deep Note' for the First Time

5/27/2018 - Watch the Exclusive Premiere of This Delightful DuckTales Short

5/27/2018 - Deadpool 2 Liked The Golden Girls So Much It Became Them

5/27/2018 - Against All Odds, ISPs Have Managed to Become Even Less Popular

5/27/2018 - The Trailer for Dark Rising Promises a Diverse, Moody Superhero Epic (UPDATED)

5/26/2018 - The New Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Short Features Qi'ra and the Greatest Bounty Hunter of All Time

5/26/2018 - Astronaut Alan Bean, the Fourth Man to Walk on the Moon, Has Died at 86

5/26/2018 - Venture Bros. Is Returning to Adult Swim Sooner Than Expected

5/26/2018 - The First Order Doesn't Have a TIE Bomber, So This Star Wars Fan Designed One for Them

5/26/2018 - French Teens Arrested for Hacking Vevo, Defacing Despacito Music Video

5/26/2018 - Tesla Agrees to Settle Class Action Suit Over 'Essentially Unusable' Autopilot Feature [Updated]

5/26/2018 - A Critical Analysis of Kinect Star Wars' "I'm Han Solo" Song, the Definitive Text on the Character

5/26/2018 - The Expanse Has Been Revived by Amazon for a Fourth Season

5/25/2018 - Trump Announces Plan to Save ZTE After His Administration Basically Killed It

5/25/2018 - Apple Will Start Disclosing App Takedown Requests From Governments

5/25/2018 - For Your Convenience, a Solo: A Star Wars Story Spoiler Discussion Zone

5/25/2018 - Ad Blocker Ghostery Celebrates GDPR Day by Revealing Hundreds of User Email Addresses

5/25/2018 - The Queen of England Is an Occultist and Blue Collar Workers Own Space in This Week's Best New Comics

5/25/2018 - Spotify Backtracks on Hateful Content Policy, But R. Kelly is Still Banned

5/25/2018 - How to Download Your Data With All the Fancy New GDPR Tools

5/25/2018 - Marvel Is Sneakily Adding Brie Larson's Captain Marvel to Its Comics Multiverse

5/25/2018 - The Makers of Sesame Street Are Suing the Team Behind The Happytime Murders

5/25/2018 - Preview: Archie and Betty Draw the Wrath of Vampironica in Her Next Issue

5/25/2018 - An Exclusive Look at the Fabulous Concept Art Behind Solo: A Star Wars Story

5/25/2018 - The US Probably Had Its Third Straight Year of Lowered Life Expectancy in 2017

5/25/2018 - Australia Finishes Building World's Largest Cat-Proof Fence, Cats Accept the Challenge

5/25/2018 - Your Worst Alexa Nightmares Are Coming True

5/25/2018 - This Stupid Tick Managed to Get Itself Wrapped in Spider Silk—and Then Fossilized in Amber

5/25/2018 - How Your Favorite Tech Blog Is Grappling With Europe's New Privacy Law

5/25/2018 - New PGP Encryption Exploits Are Being Discovered Almost Every Other Day

5/25/2018 - The Intergalactic Future of Black Panther's Wakanda Is a Bold Statement About Science Fiction

5/25/2018 - The Supposedly Physics-Defying NASA Thruster Doesn't Work, New Research Confirms

5/25/2018 - At Least 52 People in Utah Were Poisoned by Fake Cannabis Oil

5/25/2018 - Westworld's Man in Black Is Here to Screw With Your Fan Theories

5/25/2018 - What’s This Subtropical Storm Thing Headed Toward the Gulf Coast?

5/25/2018 - Telescope Aimed at Black Hole Gives Taste of Incredible Results to Come

5/25/2018 - The Writers of Solo Discuss the Challenge of Creating Han and Chewie's Iconic First Meeting

5/25/2018 - Samsung Forced to Pay Apple $539 Million for Violating iPhone Patents

5/25/2018 - This Bop It-Like Toy You Can Fuck Has Major Design Issues

5/25/2018 - WeChat Blocks 'Sugar Dady' Dating Service in China

5/25/2018 - New Evacuation Plan in Place as Third Kilauea Lava Flow Reaches Ocean

5/25/2018 - Here's the Trailer for the Ursula K. Le Guin Documentary Almost 10 Years in the Making

5/25/2018 - Apple Just Killed the Ability to Stream Games From Steam to Your iPhone

5/25/2018 - Watch: Star Wars' Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Should Totally Kiss

5/25/2018 - Amazon Confirms Alexa Heard a Couple's Background Conversation as a Command to Record Them

5/25/2018 - Facebook and Google Accused of Violating GDPR on First Day of the New European Privacy Law

5/25/2018 - This Delightful Christopher Robin Trailer Will Relieve Some of Your Existential Dread, At Least for a Little While

5/25/2018 - Please Enjoy Some Lava at Night From Space

5/25/2018 - How Google News Compares to Twitter, Facebook, and RSS for Your News

5/25/2018 - It's Time to Speculate Wildly About the Title of the Wonder Woman Sequel

5/25/2018 - This Climate Visualization Belongs in a Damn Museum

5/25/2018 - Dozens of American News Sites Blocked in Europe as GDPR Goes Into Effect Today

5/25/2018 - Serial Swatter Indicted for Death of Gamer, Disruption of FCC Net Neutrality Vote

5/24/2018 - Facebook Wants a Social Security Number From Political Advertisers

5/24/2018 - A Lonely Astronaut Explores a Desolate America in These Beautiful Paintings

5/24/2018 - Essential Never Lived Up to Its Name, and Now It's Reportedly for Sale

5/24/2018 - Freddy Krueger Just Met His Match: the TSA

5/24/2018 - Brian Michael Bendis Bids an Exhaustive Farewell to Marvel in Invincible Iron Man #600

5/24/2018 - Report: T-Mobile Website Let Anyone Look Up Sensitive Customer Data With Just a Phone Number

5/24/2018 - Boba Fett's Solo Movie Is Moving Forward With the Director of Logan

5/24/2018 - James Tynion IV's Excellent Run on Detective Comics Has Restored Tim Drake to Greatness 

5/24/2018 - New Evidence Points to an Unbroken, Million-Year-Long Ice Core in Antarctica

5/24/2018 - This Samurai Wolverine Figure Is the Exact Sort of Anime Bullshit I Crave

5/24/2018 - Bug-Sprayed Clothing Really Does Keep Ticks Away

5/24/2018 - A Eulogy for the Luminiferous Ether

5/24/2018 - The Original Picnic at Hanging Rock Is the Dreamiest Nightmare Ever

5/24/2018 - Record Labels Sensibly Decide to Wind Down Pointless Vevo Service

5/24/2018 - Scientists Observe ‘Black Widow’ Pulsar in Mind-Boggling Resolution

5/24/2018 - The Reason Why Infinity War Didn't Tease Ant-Man and the Wasp Is Sort of a Low-Key Ant-Man Burn

5/24/2018 - This Concept Art From the 2011 ThunderCats Reboot Is a Glimpse of What Could Have Been 

5/24/2018 - This Five-Figure Desktop Might Also Be the Most Outrageous Nintendo Switch Dock Ever Created

5/24/2018 - The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Forecast Is Here (Sorry)

5/24/2018 - Watch the Eerie Trailer for Gizmodo's New Investigative Podcast, The Gateway

5/24/2018 - Alphabet Shareholders and Employees Want Executive Pay Linked to Diversity Goals

5/24/2018 - YouTube Is Messing With the Order of Videos in Some User Feeds

5/24/2018 - The Surprising and Spectacular Joy of Accordions

5/24/2018 - The Practically-Extinct Northern White Rhino Just Got Some Good News

5/24/2018 - Uber Driver Arrested With Passengers in His Car on Outstanding Attempted Rape Warrant 

5/24/2018 - Guess I Didn't Click on That StumbleUpon Button Enough, Because the Site Is Dead

5/24/2018 - The New Star Wars Annual Tells a Tale of Two Very Intriguing Lightsabers

5/24/2018 - Scammer Threatens to Kill Happy the Dog Unless Owner Pays Bitcoin Ransom

5/24/2018 - Hurricane Season May Start Early to Ruin Your Memorial Day Weekend

5/24/2018 - Wild New Theory Suggests Pluto Formed From a Billion Comets

5/24/2018 - Freeform's Cloak & Dagger Is More Than Just a Moody Teen Drama 

5/24/2018 - Houston's Homeless Population Has Spiked Since Hurricane Harvey

5/24/2018 - Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Rewrote the History of Birds

5/24/2018 - CBS Made a Show About a Real Rocket Science Pioneer Who Practiced Sex Magick

5/24/2018 - Google Just Turned a Huge Corner in the Smart Speaker Game

5/24/2018 - East Greenland's Inuit Hunters Are Teaching Scientists About Polar Bears

5/24/2018 - A New Reason to Not Buy These Cheap Android Devices: Complimentary Malware

5/24/2018 - Student Punished for 'Implied Threat' After Putting High School on Craigslist

5/24/2018 - Instapaper Is Blocking Users in Europe Until It Figures Out New Privacy Rules [Update: It's Back]

5/24/2018 - Does Your Community Have These Happy Neighborhood Traits?

5/24/2018 - The Expanse Just Recharged All Its Storylines, and Now It's Better Than Ever

5/24/2018 - Twitter Launches New Verification Tool for Political Candidates as 2018 Midterm Elections Loom

5/24/2018 - One Vaping Flavor Can Harm Human Cells, Study Finds

5/24/2018 - Maybe Don't Believe Those Wild Rumors About Familiar Faces in Black Panther 2

5/24/2018 - The Opening of Detroit: Become Human Is Some Dumb-Butt Science Fiction

5/24/2018 - U.S. Justice Department Opens Investigation Into Cryptocurrency Price Manipulation

5/24/2018 - Uber Says It's Bringing Self-Driving Cars Back to Pittsburgh, Mayor Does a Spit Take

5/23/2018 - Spotify Agrees to Fork Over $112 Million to Artists in Class Action Settlement

5/23/2018 - Using Holograms to Create Doctor Strange's Spells Is Next-Level Cosplay

5/23/2018 - Hello, You've Reached Gotham's Reckoning. How May I Direct Your Call?

5/23/2018 - Nation-State Hackers Could 'Self-Destruct' Half a Million Routers, Researchers Warn [Updated]

5/23/2018 - Here's Your First Look at Matt Groening's New Netflix Animated Series, Disenchantment

5/23/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Scifi Films and TV Streaming in June

5/23/2018 - The New NSFW Trailer for Hotel Artemis Introduces the Expletive-Laden Side of Its Criminal Underworld

5/23/2018 - The EPA Barred Flint's Representatives From Attending Its Toxic Water Summit [Updated]

5/23/2018 - NASA’s Curiosity Rover Is Able to Drill Holes Into Rocks Again

5/23/2018 - Even the Fantastic Four Reboot Made Fun of How Terrible Terminator Genysis Was

5/23/2018 - Apple’s Got a Rebate With Your Name on It If You Paid Full Price for an iPhone Battery Replacement

5/23/2018 - Elon Musk's 'Pravda' Media Company Already Exists

5/23/2018 - While Schools Roll Out Anti-Shooter Tech, Pennsylvania Weighs Closing Safety Meetings to the Public

5/23/2018 - Ricanstruction Is a Celebration of Puerto Rico That Understands the True Spirit of Superheroism

5/23/2018 - George R.R. Martin's Working on an Ice Dragon Movie That Has Nothing to Do With Game of Thrones

5/23/2018 - FCC Chair Ajit Pai Spanked by Lawmakers for Ducking Oversight Committee's Questions

5/23/2018 - The Cast of HBO's Watchmen Has Been Revealed and the Fantastic Regina King Will Lead Them

5/23/2018 - Ring the Bells, Idris Elba Is Directing and Starring in a Modern Hunchback of Notre Dame

5/23/2018 - Acer's Chromebook Spin 13 Could Be the Most Well-Rounded Chrome OS Laptop On the Market

5/23/2018 - Apple Is Going to Let You Download All the Data it Collects About You

5/23/2018 - Now Kilauea's Eruption Is Producing Wild Blue Flames

5/23/2018 - Everything You Need to Know About Solo: A Star Wars Story

5/23/2018 - Federal Judge Rules President Trump Can't Block Users From Seeing His Shitty, Shitty Tweets

5/23/2018 - All of Harlem Wants a Piece of Luke Cage in This Season Two Clip

5/23/2018 - Fireworks Looks Like a Sumptuous Time-Travel Anime Romance

5/23/2018 - Pterodactyls Probably Didn’t Fly Like We Think They Did

5/23/2018 - Hey Kids, Legion Wants to Have a Nice, Long Talk About Cellphones, M'kay?

5/23/2018 - Haunting Timelapse Shows Hawaii’s Glowing Kilauea Volcano From Above

5/23/2018 - A Recent Hurricane Shot a Bolt of Antimatter Toward Earth

5/23/2018 - Facebook Won't Force You to Use a Phone Number for Two-Factor Authentication Anymore  

5/23/2018 - India Halts a Copper Smelter Expansion After Police Kill 13 Protestors [Updated]

5/23/2018 - Twitch Is Streaming Over 500 Episodes of Classic Doctor Who in an Epic Marathon

5/23/2018 - Facebook’s Tool to Fight Revenge Porn is Here—Do You Trust Facebook Enough to Use It?

5/23/2018 - Detroit Man Who Sold Diseased Body Parts Gets Nine Years in Prison

5/23/2018 - There's Another Weird Tropical Cyclone Headed to the Middle East

5/23/2018 - Shuttered Experiment Shares New View of Ghostly Neutrino’s Shape-Shifting Behavior

5/23/2018 - 'Stop This BLATANT CENSORSHIP': The Poor, Confused Souls Sending Their YouTube Complaints to the FCC

5/23/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale Heads to the Past to Reflect on Our Horror-Show Present

5/23/2018 - This Gadget Told Me How Wimpy My Punches Are, Please Don't Fight Me

5/23/2018 - FBI Used Fake Statistics to Sell Its Need for Encryption Backdoors

5/23/2018 - Defeating The Thinker Was the Least Interesting Thing About Last Night's Flash Finale

5/23/2018 - Disney's Plans to Buy Fox Just Hit a Major Snag and Its Name Is Comcast

5/23/2018 - The First Glimpse of Aquaman's New Movie Look

5/23/2018 - How to Message All Your Friends Without Resorting to a Bad Group Chat

5/23/2018 - American Suffers Mysterious Brain Injury in China Similar to 'Sonic Attack' in Cuba

5/23/2018 - HTC's U12+ Continues to Set Itself Apart With a Squeeze

5/22/2018 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Will Open Summer 2019 at Disneyland

5/22/2018 - This Collection of Tom Hiddleston Impersonating Chris Evans Will Soothe Your Weary Soul

5/22/2018 - The 8 Most Ridiculous Episodes of The Greatest American Hero

5/22/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Played Parliament for Fools and They're Pissed

5/22/2018 - These Warhammer Kids' Books Are Both Heretically Weird and Kind of Awesome

5/22/2018 - More Than 50 People in Brooklyn Just Overdosed on Synthetic Weed. Why Does This Keep Happening?

5/22/2018 - Amazon's Plan to Scan Your Face Even Has Police Worried It's Too Creepy, New Emails Show

5/22/2018 - Damon Lindelof Unveils His Bold Plans for the Watchmen TV Show in an Emotional Letter to Fans 

5/22/2018 - The Islamic State is Getting Rich Off Your Makeup and Baby Powder

5/22/2018 - Neuralink Is Funding Primate Research at the University of California

5/22/2018 - Preview: Explore the Serenity and the 'Verse in These New Firefly Books

5/22/2018 - Could the Large Hadron Collider Collide a Sandwich?

5/22/2018 - In Down a Dark Hall, Uma Thurman Runs a Mysterious, Haunted School for Troubled Girls

5/22/2018 - Ryan Zinke Wants to Let Hunters Shoot Alaskan Bear Families in Their Dens

5/22/2018 - A Bizarre Bone Ritual Followed a Grisly Iron Age Battle in Denmark

5/22/2018 - Report: Google Search Features Revealed the Legally Protected Names of Sex and Violent Crime Victims

5/22/2018 - GLAAD Calls Out Marvel and WB for Not Acknowledging Their LGBTQ Movie Characters

5/22/2018 - France is Being Invaded By Giant Killer Worms

5/22/2018 - In Paper Girls, Time Travel Makes It Too Damn Easy to Hate Yourself

5/22/2018 - Incredible New NASA Images Show Puerto Rico's Forests Still Scarred From Hurricane Maria

5/22/2018 - George Lucas Contributed a Small but Significant Character Moment to Solo 

5/22/2018 - Sony, Please Don't Give Up on Gadgets

5/22/2018 - Watch: Rumplestiltskin Ruined Once Upon a Time

5/22/2018 - Apple May Finally Give iPhones Fast-Charging at No Extra Cost

5/22/2018 - NASA's New Exoplanet Hunter Releases Incredible First Image

5/22/2018 - DC's Super Hero Girls Are Getting Some Kickass New Designs for Their Upcoming TV Series

5/22/2018 - Instagram Now Lets You Mute Posts, a Gift to Frenemies Everywhere

5/22/2018 - Creeping Lava Now Threatens Major Hawaiian Power Plant

5/22/2018 - Florida City Has Been Accidentally Sending Out Zombie Alert Messages Since Hurricane Irma

5/22/2018 - Silicon Valley Pastor Resigns From Church After Calling Palo Alto 'Elitist Shit Den'

5/22/2018 - Deadpool 2 Proves There's No Excuse Not to Include Queer Superheroes on the Screen

5/22/2018 - Comcast Pulls Xfinity Site After Researchers Discover Bug Leaking Customer Data

5/22/2018 - Hordes of Mosquitos Are Terrorizing Southwest Russia

5/22/2018 - This Guy Built a Gorgeous Camera From Scratch

5/22/2018 - Noted Anime Fan Michael B. Jordan Will Star in Rooster Teeth's New Mecha Show 

5/22/2018 - Razer's Redesigned Blade Gaming Laptop Gets Bigger, Burlier

5/22/2018 - A Deadly Heat Wave Is Sweeping Over Pakistan

5/22/2018 - How to Watch Mark Zuckerberg Testify at the EU Today, No TV Required

5/22/2018 - Which Other Jim Starlin Comic Creation Could Appear in Avengers 4?

5/22/2018 - This New PS4 Controller Is Riffing Hard on Microsoft's Super Customizable Controller In a Very Good Way

5/22/2018 - Trust in Self-Driving Cars Has Plummeted in the Last 6 Months

5/22/2018 - President Trump Doesn't Like Handing Over His iPhones For Security Check-ups, Is Begging To Get Hacked

5/21/2018 - Senators Demand FCC Answer for Fake Comments After Realizing Their Identities Were Stolen

5/21/2018 - No, the New Poe Dameron Comic Doesn't Prove He's Force Sensitive

5/21/2018 - Supergirl Is Getting a New Mission—and Some Complicated New Costumes

5/21/2018 - Here's Our Best Look Yet at Shazam's Costume

5/21/2018 - Processor Makers Confirm New Security Flaws, So Update Your Shit Now

5/21/2018 - Holy Crap, Amazon Is Probably Bringing Back The Expanse

5/21/2018 - HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Translates a Scifi Classic for the Modern Day With Mixed Results

5/21/2018 - Breaking: Trump Administration Climate Change Report Mentions Climate Change

5/21/2018 - The Pentagon's Controversial Drone AI-Imaging Project Extends Beyond Google

5/21/2018 - The Supreme Court Just Torpedoed the Hopes of Every Gig Economy Worker

5/21/2018 - Siri Easter Egg Hints It Will Be Less Terrible After WWDC

5/21/2018 - Turns Out Chewbacca Has a Hell of a Potty Mouth

5/21/2018 - FCC Commissioner Says the Agency Is a Shill for ISPs as She Slams the Door on Her Way Out

5/21/2018 - Redditor Gives Live Updates After Apparently Finding Anti-Tank Missile in Server Room

5/21/2018 - Mowgli's Andy Serkis Explains Why the Time Is Right for a New Take on The Jungle Book

5/21/2018 - Hawaii Is Losing Its Most Iconic Tree to Disease

5/21/2018 - Even the Obamas Work for Netflix Now

5/21/2018 - John Wick: Chapter 3 Is Getting Some Oscar Winning Actresses in on the Action

5/21/2018 - School Districts Can Hardly Wait to Start Tracking Kids With Police State-Style Face Recognition

5/21/2018 - California Should Fight Inequality to Fight Climate Change

5/21/2018 - The First Trailer for Mowgli Offers a Darker Take on The Jungle Book

5/21/2018 - Congress Demands Release of 'Public Relations Nightmare' Health Study EPA and White House Blocked

5/21/2018 - Why Is This Asteroid Orbiting the Wrong Way Around the Sun?

5/21/2018 - Our 10 Favorite Surprises in Deadpool 2, Ranked

5/21/2018 - This Article From 1985 Predicted Deadly Force by Police Would Be 'Nonexistent' in the Future

5/21/2018 - Pray for the Souls of the People Sucked Into This Dating Site Hell

5/21/2018 - You Can Buy an Overpriced Bag of Garbage From the Royal Wedding on eBay

5/21/2018 - Lawmakers Want To Know How Ridesharing Companies Are Dealing With Sexual Assault and Harassment

5/21/2018 - Watch Live: Westworld Expands Maeve's Superpowers and Teases Major 'Cradle' Mystery 

5/21/2018 - Kilauea's Lava Is Changing—Here's What That Means

5/21/2018 - Microsoft Bought an AI Startup to Help Cortana Sound Less Robotic

5/21/2018 - Agents of SHIELD Didn't Do the Thing, and That's Probably for the Best

5/21/2018 - The Movement to Break Up Facebook Has Begun

5/21/2018 - 3D Headphones Startup Shutters, Leaving Backers Empty-Handed and Hundreds of Dollars Poorer

5/21/2018 - A Defunct Pregnancy Drug May Still Affect the Grandchildren of Women Who Took It

5/21/2018 - Jake Gyllenhaal May Play Mysterio in the Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel [Updated]

5/21/2018 - How NASA Will Unlock the Secrets of Quantum Mechanics Aboard the ISS

5/21/2018 - It Only Took Six Years, But Tesla Is No Longer Screwing Up Basic Software Licenses

5/21/2018 - Once Upon a Time Ended as a Chore, But Damn It, I'm Still Sad It's Over

5/21/2018 - Is This the Perfect Video?

5/21/2018 - Westworld's Shōgun World Was Everything I Expected It to Be, But Not Much Else

5/21/2018 - How to Buy a Good Smartwatch if You're Not into Apple

5/21/2018 - Can You Vape to Death?

5/21/2018 - Game of Thrones Set Pictures Tease a Big Battle in a Familiar Location

5/21/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg's EU Testimony Will Be Livestreamed, Was Originally Planned To Be Behind Closed Doors

5/21/2018 - Texas Official Who Blamed School Shooting on Doors Now Also Blames Facebook and Video Games

5/21/2018 - OnePlus 6 Review: The Best Android Phone That Won't Destroy Your Finances

5/20/2018 - Yelp and TripAdvisor Team Up to Pile On Google Over Monopoly-Like Search Results

5/20/2018 - Deadpool 2's Credits Include a Nod to a Fan Theory From One of the Very First Trailers

5/20/2018 - App That Allows Parents to Spy on Teens Leaked Thousands of Passwords

5/20/2018 - Arrow Season Seven Will Debut the Most Important Green Arrow Character of All: The Goatee

5/20/2018 - Get Out Wins a Nebula Award, Reinforcing Jordan Peele's Place Among Today's Best Genre Creators 

5/20/2018 - Study: Tinder Users Aren't Having More Casual Sex Than the Average Horny Person

5/20/2018 - Toho is Planning a Godzilla Cinematic Universe, and Shin Godzilla 2 Won't Be Making the Cut

5/20/2018 - UK Hospital Fires Worker for Looking at Ed Sheeran's Health Records

5/20/2018 - One of Thor's Best Scenes in Avengers: Infinity War Is Just as Riveting in Lego

5/19/2018 - Open Channel: Who's the Best Royal Couple in Fiction?

5/19/2018 - Chemical Plant Explosion Near Houston Injures At Least 20

5/19/2018 - This Fan Trailer is a Beautiful Ode to the Haunted Beauty of Watership Down

5/19/2018 - T-Mobile Parent Company Hits Small Business With Cease and Desist Letter For Having a Pink Logo

5/19/2018 - Apple Begins Removing CallKit Apps From Chinese App Store, Citing New Cybersecurity Laws

5/19/2018 - A Very Dark Montage Was Cut From Deadpool 2's Theatrical Release

5/19/2018 - Stop Throwing Cellphone Batteries in the Trash, You're Firebombing Garbage Trucks

5/19/2018 - Phoebe Waller-Bridge Didn't Know What a Droid Was When She Auditioned to Play One in Solo

5/19/2018 - Pretty Much All Tech Demos Are Fake as Hell

5/19/2018 - China's First Private Space Rocket Launch Ever Was This Week

5/19/2018 - This Video Explores the Experimental History of Scifi Book Covers

5/19/2018 - How Smart Was T. Rex? And Other Dino Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask

5/19/2018 - North Korea-Linked Hackers Targeting Defectors With Android Malware

5/18/2018 - Tidal Says Its Streaming Numbers Aren't Inflated, but If They Are, Hackers Did It

5/18/2018 - These Paper Sculptures Are Out of This World

5/18/2018 - Hacker Hijacks California Congressional Debate to Broadcast Gay Porn

5/18/2018 - A Deadpool Figure Fit for the Dance Floor, and More of the Greatest Toys of the Week

5/18/2018 - Hordes of Demons Are Coming to Destroy Elvis and the FBI in This Week's Best New Comics

5/18/2018 - Sen. Wyden Calls on FCC Chairman to Recuse Himself From Phone-Tracking Investigation

5/18/2018 - The Highest-Paid CEO in the Country Reportedly Decided to Fuck Up Snapchat All By Himself

5/18/2018 - Almost Every American Who Got Sick From Dairy Was Consuming Raw Milk or Cheese

5/18/2018 - Looking Like a Billion Buckeroos: An Outdoor Style Guide for America's Richest Nerds

5/18/2018 - Old Man Still Confused About What Exactly the Post Office Does

5/18/2018 - Google Removes 'Don't Be Evil' Clause From Its Code of Conduct

5/18/2018 - Thousands of Amateur Radio Operators Measured the Solar Eclipse's Effects on the Atmosphere

5/18/2018 - Colony Finally Showed Us a Damn Alien, and It Was Good

5/18/2018 - It's No Illusion: Field Biology Is Just Like Arrested Development

5/18/2018 - Space Cats Fight Fascism Is a Card Game With a Great Name and an Even Better Mission

5/18/2018 - Just 13 States Have Requested Funds Congress Set Aside to Secure Election Systems

5/18/2018 - For the Love of God, Keep Your Literal Ass Away From the Pool When You're Sick

5/18/2018 - All the Clues Steven Universe Dropped About Its Big Revelation You Never Realized

5/18/2018 - Hubble's Latest Batch of Space Porn Is Some of the Best We've Ever Seen

5/18/2018 - Someone Needs to Save The Expanse, Immediately

5/18/2018 - Gary Lives! ...Or Does He?

5/18/2018 - Weird New ThunderCats Cartoon, Ho!

5/18/2018 - Stan Lee Sues Company He Co-Founded for $1 Billion for Stealing His Identity 

5/18/2018 - Chinese School Piloting Face-Recognition Software to Make Sure Students Pay Attention in Class

5/18/2018 - The She-Ra Reboot Debuts the First Shadowy Look at the New Princess of Power

5/18/2018 - Nine African Cities Plan to Go Zero Carbon by 2050

5/18/2018 - The Future Is Knit: Why the Ancient Art of Knitting Is High-Tech Again

5/18/2018 - The 10 Craziest Things That Happened on Gotham This Season

5/18/2018 - China to Launch Mission to Moon's Far Side on Monday

5/18/2018 - AT&T and Verizon are Too Busy Seeing $$$ to Get Worked Up About the T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

5/18/2018 - A Rare Cyclone Is About to Hit Somalia

5/18/2018 - One of Jabba's Puppeteers Reveals an Awkward On-Set Moment Between Princess Leia and the Hutt

5/18/2018 - This Phone Tracking Company's 'Demo' Tool Let You Track Almost Anyone in the U.S. in Real Time

5/18/2018 - The World's First Drug to Prevent Migraines Has Just Been Approved, and It's Pricey

5/18/2018 - How YouTube Music Stacks Up Against Spotify and Apple Music

5/18/2018 - A Westworld Actress Says Fans Keep 'Mansplaining' the Show to Her

5/18/2018 - Hasbro Has Officially Trademarked the Smell of Your Childhood: Play-Doh

5/18/2018 - Curiosity Rover's Busted Jackhammer Could Soon Get a Fix

5/18/2018 - For Your Convenience, a Deadpool 2 Spoiler Discussion Zone

5/18/2018 - Elon Musk Is Jazzed About Selling Bricks Now

5/18/2018 - Alleged Co-Owners of Mugshots.com Charged With Extortion 

5/18/2018 - Boston Public Library Put Its M.C. Escher Collection Online, So It's Time to Redecorate Your Dorm Room

5/18/2018 - How Sex Toy Makers Pick Vibrator Colors

5/18/2018 - The Tattered Remains of Cambridge Analytica Just Filed for Bankruptcy in the U.S.

5/18/2018 - Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster

5/18/2018 - You Will Never Be the Same After Watching the Red Band Trailer for The Happytime Murders

5/18/2018 - Behind the Scenes at the Disney 'Morgue' Where Animation History Is Being Saved

5/18/2018 - This Viral Video of Ducks Waiting for a Green Light to Cross the Street Is Totally Fake

5/18/2018 - Don't Get Too Excited About the Latest Obi-Wan Spinoff Rumors

5/18/2018 - Why Is an Ozone-Destroying Chemical Coming Back, and How Do We Stop It?

5/18/2018 - Stop. Just Stop. Please. Stop.

5/18/2018 - Sergei Skripal, Former Spy Poisoned With Novichok, Released From Hospital But Still Recovering

5/18/2018 - GOP Member of Science Committee Thinks Falling Rocks Are Causing Rising Sea Levels

5/17/2018 - Oh Good, a Former Lawyer for Facebook and Equifax Is Now in Charge of Investigating Them

5/17/2018 - This Flashy Incredibles 2 Art Show Collects the Whole Parr Family

5/17/2018 - A Drone Company Allegedly Brought a Bomb on a Commercial Flight and Fired an Employee for Reporting It

5/17/2018 - Watch the Incredible VFX That Brought War for the Planet of the Apes' Simian Stars to Life

5/17/2018 - Tiny Superman's Strengths Include Destroying Cars and Taking Power Naps

5/17/2018 - The New West Coast Avengers Are All of Marvel's Coolest, Cancelled Heroes

5/17/2018 - Google Declares Victory for HTTPS in Chrome 69 [Nice]

5/17/2018 - This Robot Dog Movie Is Transformers Meets Lassie 

5/17/2018 - Who on Earth Taught You People How to Eat?

5/17/2018 - Hippo Poo Is Suffocating Fish in East Africa

5/17/2018 - Jim Bridenstine, Welcome to the Resistance

5/17/2018 - Happy 40th Anniversary to Hell's Greatest Emissary, Spider-Man

5/17/2018 - North Korea May Be Secretly Selling Face Recognition Tech Abroad Through Front Companies

5/17/2018 - The US Had Its Lowest Birth Rate Ever Last Year

5/17/2018 - Lando Calrissian Is Pansexual

5/17/2018 - Join Our Book Club and Read Star Wars: Most Wanted With Us

5/17/2018 - The CW's Charmed Trailer Reboots the Power of Three

5/17/2018 - Facebook Partners With D.C. Think Tank to Combat Election Meddling

5/17/2018 - Stunning Game of Thrones VFX Video Shows How the Great Ice Wall Came a'Tumbling Down

5/17/2018 - Lego's New Remote-Controlled Batmobile Looks Fun as Heck

5/17/2018 - An AI Created New Doom Levels That Are as Fun as the Game's Original Ones

5/17/2018 - Six Baby Squirrels With Tails Hopelessly Tangled Together Rescued in Nebraska

5/17/2018 - DC Comics' New Looney Tunes Crossovers Are Delightfully Bonkers

5/17/2018 - Is YouTube Music Already Doomed?

5/17/2018 - A Guide to Deadpool 2's X-Force, and Their Comic Origins

5/17/2018 - The Paris Agreement's Reach Goal Might Just Save the Web of Life

5/17/2018 - Lando Calrissian Has a Few Very Curious Mementos Aboard His Millennium Falcon 

5/17/2018 - Space Rock Discovery Boosts Evidence for Planet Nine

5/17/2018 - Canada Is Ready to Pay Big Oil to Stick With Controversial Pipeline

5/17/2018 - Friendship Fuels This Erotic Photographer's Collection of '90s Toys

5/17/2018 - I Love Sharp's New Steam Powered Oven Even If My Steak Was Soggy

5/17/2018 - The Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey Comic Crossover Will Be the 'Bruce Lee Story You Were Dying to See'

5/17/2018 - Kilauea Just Had Its Biggest Eruption Yet

5/17/2018 - Bering Sea Ice Is Basically Gone

5/17/2018 - The Latest Ebola Outbreak Has Reached a Major African City

5/17/2018 - FDA Publicly Shames Drug Companies That Block Generic Meds

5/17/2018 - Holy Shit, Batwoman and Gotham City Are Coming to the Next Arrowverse Crossover

5/17/2018 - Deadpool Celebrates 10 Years of the Expansive Deadpool Cinematic Universe

5/17/2018 - Doctor Charged in $240 Million Fraud Case Allegedly Gave Chemo to Patients Who Didn't Need It

5/17/2018 - Microsoft's Controller for Gamers With Limited Mobility Comes with 19 3.5mm Jacks 

5/17/2018 - Sense8's First Finale Trailer Promises Action and Answers

5/17/2018 - Why Miss Your High School Graduation When You Can Dress Up a Robot in a Cap and Gown?

5/17/2018 - Nest Devices Went Offline Last Night, Disabling Some Key Features

5/17/2018 - Last Night's The Expanse Was a Fantastic Example of Why Canceling It Was So Dumb

5/17/2018 - Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Is Now Spewing Large 'Ballistic' Rocks

5/17/2018 - Incredible Art Exhibit Turns Flint's Water Crisis Into Sustainable Fashion

5/17/2018 - Lizards With Toxic Green Blood Are Super Freaky

5/17/2018 - The CW Announces Impending Death for iZombie, Plus Superhero Schedule Shake-Ups

5/17/2018 - 9 App Hacks to Help Declutter and Save Time in Your Day

5/17/2018 - Scientists Fight Volcano Myths As Kilauea Erupts

5/17/2018 - More Rumors About When Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show Will Be Set

5/17/2018 - Video Shows Florida Teacher Allegedly Drowning Two Raccoons in Science Class

5/17/2018 - YouTube Music Is Here for Your Apple Music Dollars

5/17/2018 - Comcast Finds New Way to Screw Over Customers By Charging Unnecessary $90 Installation Fee

5/17/2018 - Report: North Korea Pretty Good at the Cyber, Is Selling Stuff Like Facial Recognition Tech Abroad

5/17/2018 - Spotify Still Shows R. Kelly Merch Despite Booting Him From Playlists

5/16/2018 - Operator of Malware-Testing Service Scan4You Convicted on Three Federal Charges

5/16/2018 - Report: Rich Guys Can't Find Anyone to Run Their Incredibly Vague Healthcare Company

5/16/2018 - Here's a $4,500 'iPhone X Tesla' With a Solar Panel, If You Have Way Too Much Money or Something

5/16/2018 - A Lot of Work Went Into Digitally Recreating Chadwick Boseman's Muscles in Black Panther

5/16/2018 - Stephen Hawking's Graphic Novel Biography Shows How He Saw the World—and the Universe

5/16/2018 - NYC Launches Task Force to Study How Government Algorithms Impact Your Life

5/16/2018 - Deadpool 2's Original End Credit Scenes Were Going to Be Outrageous

5/16/2018 - Scientists Calculate the Pressure Inside a Proton and It's Higher Than in a Neutron Star

5/16/2018 - Here's the Name of Every Senator Who Voted Against Net Neutrality—and When to Vote Them Out

5/16/2018 - This Lawsuit Against a Trendy Makeup Brand Highlights How the Web Is Broken for Millions

5/16/2018 - The SEC Built a Fake Website to Troll Cryptocurrency Scammers

5/16/2018 - Here's What's Next in the Fight to Save Net Neutrality

5/16/2018 - The U.S. Opioid Crisis Is So Devastating, It's Made More Organs Available for Transplant

5/16/2018 - This Week's Poe Dameron Comic Examines the Quiet Moments After Star Wars: The Last Jedi

5/16/2018 - Ex-Uber Exec Threatens to Sue for Getting Fired After Sharing Rape Victim’s Medical Records

5/16/2018 - Future iPhones Could Scan the Veins Beneath Your Face, Apple Patent Suggests

5/16/2018 - A Shady Company Offering Police Cellphone Location Data Was Reportedly Just Hacked

5/16/2018 - Report: The Wrath of Khan Director Reveals He Was Making a Star Trek Trilogy for CBS, But It's Been Delayed

5/16/2018 - Senate Votes to Save Net Neutrality, Proving Shame Still Works Sometimes

5/16/2018 - Alarming Study Suggests Bitcoin Consumes an Astonishing Amount of Energy and It's Only Getting Worse

5/16/2018 - Scientists Match Pollution in Greenland’s Ice Sheet to Events from Ancient Greece and Rome

5/16/2018 - Google Expands Free DDoS Protection to US Political Groups

5/16/2018 - Stranger Things Actor David Harbour Calls Out ‘Greedy Dickheads’ Who Oppose Net Neutrality

5/16/2018 - Yes, Thanos Is Hot

5/16/2018 - How Sound Can Help Scientists Track Earth's Vanishing Glaciers

5/16/2018 - Chimp Beds Are Way Less Filthy Than Human Beds

5/16/2018 - To Play Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich Watched All the Star Wars He Could, Then Forgot About It

5/16/2018 - San Francisco Wants to Use Algorithms to Clear Thousands of Marijuana Convictions From the Record

5/16/2018 - Judges Rule Against Controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline Because Wildlife Matters

5/16/2018 - Hints of the First Stars Seen in 13-Billion-Year-Old Oxygen

5/16/2018 - Does the New Gmail Feel Horribly Slow, Or Is It Just Me?

5/16/2018 - Henry Cavill's Mustache Wants to Take Out Tom Cruise in the New Mission: Impossible—Fallout Trailer

5/16/2018 - Tidal Reportedly Late on Payments to Record Labels

5/16/2018 - Your Secret Shame Shows Will No Longer Stalk You on Hulu

5/16/2018 - The OnePlus 6 Looks Like the Beautiful Budget Baby of the S9 and iPhone X

5/16/2018 - Batman's Butler Alfred Is Finally Getting the Live-Action Origin Story He Deserves

5/16/2018 - On This Week's Grim, Gruesome Handmaid's Tale, Gilead Rolls Out Its Eeriest Ritual Yet 

5/16/2018 - Why Kilauea’s Volcanic Ash Is a Serious Health Hazard

5/16/2018 - Chinese Ride-Sharing Giant Removes Creepy Passenger Attractiveness Ratings After Woman's Murder 

5/16/2018 - The Japanese Show That Saved the Power Rangers Is Coming to America

5/16/2018 - Legion Tries Being Terrible for an Episode, Succeeds

5/16/2018 - No, a Lando Movie Isn't the Next Star Wars Story... for Now

5/16/2018 - Vape Pen Explosion Kills Florida Man, Police Say

5/16/2018 - A $400 Surface Might Just Do the Trick

5/16/2018 - Watch Our Spoiler-Free Solo: A Star Wars Story Video Review

5/16/2018 - How Google One Actually Stacks Up to the Cloud Competition

5/16/2018 - Famous Neutron Star Just Glitched in a Huge Way

5/16/2018 - Marvel Has Found Some Intriguing Writers for Its Eternals Movie

5/16/2018 - Kilauea Spews Ash, Golf Continues

5/16/2018 - Invasive, Cannibalistic Tree Frogs Are Spreading Across the Gulf Coast

5/16/2018 - Top Lawyer at Novartis Quits After Drug Company's $1.2 Million Payment to the President's Fixer Is Exposed

5/15/2018 - The DOJ and FBI Are Now Reportedly Investigating Cambridge Analytica

5/15/2018 - Thandie Newton Wears a Fabulous Homage to Her Star Wars Debut at Solo Premiere

5/15/2018 - Netflix: We're Going to Have Churned Out 1,000 Originals By the End of the Year

5/15/2018 - For Zombieland's 10th Anniversary, the Traditional Gift Is a Sequel

5/15/2018 - Did New York Just Get Hit By a Derecho?

5/15/2018 - The Air Force Would Appreciate Some Help Finding a Box of Grenades That Fell Off a Truck

5/15/2018 - The Communist Manifesto Gets a Comic Adaptation That's Both Nightmarish and Timely

5/15/2018 - The Weather Looks Bad, Guys

5/15/2018 - Man Arrested for Child Porn Named as Suspect in Leak of CIA Files to WikiLeaks

5/15/2018 - Solo Is a Damn Fine Star Wars Story

5/15/2018 - Is This Voice Saying 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'? Here's the Only Real Answer

5/15/2018 - Severed Chicken Head Experiment Shows We're Underestimating How Many Animals Are Killed by Cars

5/15/2018 - Agents of SHIELD's Final Season Won't Air Until Next Summer, But There May Be a Great Reason for That

5/15/2018 - Twitter Says It Will Start Hiding Tweets That ‘Negatively Impact’ the Service

5/15/2018 - There's a Cool Story Behind Warwick Davis' Role in Solo

5/15/2018 - Microsoft's Big Ideas Are Awesome, But When Does Reality Catch Up With the Tech?

5/15/2018 - All the Genre TV Shows Not Moving Forward Next Season, and the People Trying to Save Them

5/15/2018 - Investors Worth $2.5 Trillion Don’t Want Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

5/15/2018 - Virtual Cops Could Be Better at Interviewing Eyewitnesses Than Real Ones, Study Suggests

5/15/2018 - In Lando Calrissian and the Flamewind of Oseon, Everyone Wants Lando Dead for Very Dumb Reasons

5/15/2018 - Facebook Gives Us the First Real Look at Its Cesspool of Terrorist Propaganda and Hate Speech

5/15/2018 - UK Watchdog Calls for Face Recognition Ban Over 90 Percent False-Positive Rate

5/15/2018 - Here's an Up-Close Look at That Important Thing From Infinity War's Post-Credits Scene

5/15/2018 - Facebook Screwed Up So Hard, Nurses Are Protesting a Hospital Named After Mark Zuckerberg

5/15/2018 - Here's a Great Look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's Awesome Practical Dinosaurs

5/15/2018 - Facebook Dodges Parliament's Questions About Cambridge Analytica, Ads Inciting Violence in Myanmar

5/15/2018 - Facebook's New Youth Portal Is a Way Better Resource for Adults

5/15/2018 - Against Amazon's Wishes, Seattle Passes 'Head Tax' on Big Businesses 

5/15/2018 - Enormous Wildfires Are Spreading in Siberia

5/15/2018 - Snapchat's Unskippable Six-Second Ads Have, Sadly, Arrived

5/15/2018 - The Hungriest Black Hole Ever Detected Gobbles a Sun-Sized Star Every Two Days

5/15/2018 - Kaspersky Is Moving Some of Its Operation From Russia to Switzerland to Win Back Trust

5/15/2018 - YouTube Might Finally Get an Incognito Mode to Hide Your Weird Searches

5/15/2018 - So, Like, What’s the Next iPhone Gonna Be Called?

5/15/2018 - Uber Will Let Users Take Sexual Assault Claims to Court, But Still Prohibits Collective Action

5/15/2018 - Someone Inserted Harrison Ford's Face Into a Solo Trailer and It Is Wrong Wrong Wrong

5/15/2018 - Here's Why NASA Is Sending a Miniature Helicopter to Mars

5/15/2018 - Scott Pruitt's Plan to Bring Economics Into the Clean Air Act Is Dangerous

5/15/2018 - How to Choose Between iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV

5/15/2018 - Scientists Transplant Memories Between Sea Slugs... Sort of

5/15/2018 - Lego's Harry Potter BrickHeadz Are Going to Avada Kedavra You With Cuteness

5/15/2018 - Exciting News: Toys 'R' Us Is Selling Sex-Toys-R-Us.com

5/15/2018 - More Game of Thrones Set Pictures Tease an Explosive Battle

5/15/2018 - The Blood Ritual That Lives on YouTube

5/15/2018 - Fingerprint Analysis Could Finally Get Scientific, Thanks to a New Tool

5/15/2018 - Tim Cook Gently Criticizes Tariffs Against China But Loves President Trump's Corporate Tax Cuts 

5/15/2018 - Dog-Walking App Wag, Which Is Kind of Like an Uber for Dogs, Reportedly Loses Another Good Boy [Updated]

5/14/2018 - Deadpool 2 Is Better Than the Original—and Funnier, Too

5/14/2018 - Area Man, Obscure Sidekick Asked to Leave Google Fiber's Austin Office by the Police

5/14/2018 - The Owner of MoviePass Says He Still Has More Tricks Up His Sleeve

5/14/2018 - This Glowstick-Shooting Star Wars Blaster Replica Looks Like It's Firing Actual Lasers

5/14/2018 - Harvey Birdman's Coming Back to Adult Swim and He's Got a Fancy New Job

5/14/2018 - I Want My Data Back, Data Back, Data Back

5/14/2018 - Syfy Shows Off New Looks at Nightflyers and the Russo Brothers' Deadly Class Adaptation

5/14/2018 - It Looks Like Apple's Tool That Stops Cops From Hacking Your iPhone Isn't Coming to iOS 11.4

5/14/2018 - Goodbye, Peppa Pig

5/14/2018 - Give the Finger to Jony Ive With a Case That Makes Your iPhone X Look Like the Original

5/14/2018 - DC Universe Is Giving the Doom Patrol Its Own TV Show, and That's Incredibly Exciting

5/14/2018 - NASA's Carbon Monitoring Program Won't Go Down Without a Fight [Update: It Won]

5/14/2018 - SecureDrop Safe From the New PGP Attack, So Please Continue Leaking All the Things

5/14/2018 - Does Earth's Shifting Orbit Influence How Life Evolves?

5/14/2018 - A Han Solo Movie Was in Development Even Before The Force Awakens

5/14/2018 - The World Health Organization Just Declared War on Trans Fats

5/14/2018 - Hell Yeah! Agents of SHIELD Will Return for a Sixth Season

5/14/2018 - Gillian Anderson Has Some Thoughts About Fox's Lack of Plans for More X-Files

5/14/2018 - Margot Kidder, Who Defined Lois Lane for a Generation, Has Passed Away [Updated]

5/14/2018 - Ahead of Ireland's Abortion Referendum Vote, Anti-Choice Group Pushes Propaganda DVD on Students

5/14/2018 - 5 Great Deadpool Stories That Are About More Than Just Humor

5/14/2018 - The Wi-Fi Alliance Wants to Make Building a Mesh Network Simpler Than Ever

5/14/2018 - Stare In Awe, Disbelief, and Envy at This Console-Covered Boombox for Gamers

5/14/2018 - Why India's Dust Storms Are So Deadly This Year

5/14/2018 - The Senate’s Big Vote to Save Net Neutrality and Embarrass Republicans Is This Week

5/14/2018 - Australian Badass Sets Speed Record for Climbing Tallest Mountain on Every Continent

5/14/2018 - Watch Live: We Debate the Strangest Westworld Theory Yet

5/14/2018 - More Republicans Support Expanding Renewable Energy Than Fossil Fuels

5/14/2018 - A Dozen Homeless Dogs From Chernobyl Are Being Put Up for Adoption in the U.S.

5/14/2018 - Google Photos' Slick Object-Removal Feature Never Arrived Because Other Stuff Got in the Way

5/14/2018 - For the Love of God, Stop Asking the Black Panther Cast to Do the 'Wakanda Forever' Salute

5/14/2018 - Florida May Get a Tropical Cyclone This Week

5/14/2018 - I Tried a DNA-Optimized Skincare Routine—and I Was Allergic to It

5/14/2018 - Oh Please Let the Pop Up Camera Become a Trend

5/14/2018 - Spacecraft May Have Flown Right Through a Plume of Water on Jupiter's Moon Europa

5/14/2018 - Gotham's Been Renewed for One Last Season so Bruce Can Finally Become Batman

5/14/2018 - Why Do We Have Butts?

5/14/2018 - Facebook Suspends 200 Apps That May Have Mishandled Your Data

5/14/2018 - The Secrets of Westworld Are Beginning to Spill Out

5/14/2018 - How to Charge Any Phone Wirelessly

5/14/2018 - A Chef's Knife Forged From Ice Is the Perfect Disposable Cutlery

5/14/2018 - The New Boosted Mini Is Dangerously Fun

5/14/2018 - Our First Good Look at Young Justice's Next Season

5/14/2018 - Turning an Ikea Chair Into an RC Plane Is Definitely the Cheapest Way to Fly

5/14/2018 - Email No Longer a Secure Method of Communication After Critical Flaw Discovered in PGP

5/14/2018 - Google Employees Resign in Protest Against Pentagon Contract

5/13/2018 - Dangerous Moon Dust, Android P's Arrival, and Musk–Grimes Mania: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

5/13/2018 - Authorities Warn Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Could Explosively Erupt, With 17 Fissures Now Reported

5/13/2018 - Jonathan Kasdan Reveals Who This Returning Actor Is Playing in Solo: A Star Wars Movie [UPDATED]

5/13/2018 - California High Schooler Changes Grades After Phishing Teachers, Gets 14 Felonies for His Efforts

5/13/2018 - Watch Alden Ehrenreich's Solo Interview Get Interrupted By Harrison Ford

5/13/2018 - UK Newsstands Will Sell 'Porn Passes' in Ongoing Pointless Crusade to Shield Minors From Sex

5/13/2018 - What the Heck Is Even Going on With This Trump Tweet About ZTE and Chinese Jobs

5/13/2018 - Chris Evans Is Starring in Neill Blomkamp's Next Film, the Disaster Movie Greenland

5/13/2018 - The Team Behind Solo Addressed How It Would Have Been Different If Lord and Miller Directed It

5/13/2018 - If You're Tweeting During a Disaster, You're Probably Spreading Fake News

5/13/2018 - Microsoft Finally Agrees to Replace Surface Pro 4s With Horrible Screen Flickering That Can't Be Patched

5/13/2018 - The Russo Brothers Reveal the Post-Infinity War Fates of a Few More MCU Characters

5/13/2018 - These Badass Moms Are Raising Kids to Save the Planet

5/12/2018 - North Korea Sets Official Dates to Demolish Its (Probably Already Ruined) Nuclear Test Site

5/12/2018 - Study: That Airbnb You're Staying in Might Be a Fiery Death Trap

5/12/2018 - XM Studios' New Collector's Statue Is the Greatest Red Ranger of Them All

5/12/2018 - This YouTuber Made Ryan Reynolds Play the Deadpool Video Game

5/12/2018 - Apple Slapped With Class Action Lawsuit Over Faulty MacBook Pro Keyboards

5/12/2018 - Scott Pruitt Wined and Dined a Catholic Cardinal Accused of Sexual Abuse to Talk Climate Change Denial

5/12/2018 - Kevin Feige Says the MCU 'Has Plans' for Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel

5/12/2018 - This Poster Pays Homage to One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Best Gags

5/12/2018 - YouTube Feigns Interest In Your Digital Wellbeing With 'Take a Break' Notifications

5/12/2018 - Extremely Good Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Claims Trump Killed AT&T-Time Warner Merger, Then Denies It

5/12/2018 - This Fan Film Introduces the Star Wars Universe's Only Artisanal Lightsaber Maker

5/12/2018 - Why I Didn't Buy a Mattress Online

5/12/2018 - Snapchat is Ditching Its Hated Redesign So People Will Finally Stop Complaining

5/11/2018 - Right to Repair Advocate Has iPhone Screens Seized by Border Patrol

5/11/2018 - This Guy's Terrifyingly Detailed Venom Sculpture Should Bump Michelangelo's David Off Its Museum Pedestal

5/11/2018 - Shock of Shocks, ABC Has Officially Canceled Inhumans

5/11/2018 - The Avengers Take on Thanos Again, with Much Better Results, in the First Lego Black Panther Short

5/11/2018 - The Predator's Shane Black Explains How He's Going Old-School to Make the Movie Feel Fresh

5/11/2018 - Boston Dynamics Wants to Sell You a Piece of the Impending Robot Apocalypse

5/11/2018 - A Ridiculously Posable Batman Cape, and More of the Most Delightful Toys of the Week

5/11/2018 - Fox's TV Bloodbath Claims Lucifer and The Exorcist

5/11/2018 - This Week's Best Comics Are All About Getting Lost With Friends in Order to Find Yourself

5/11/2018 - 100,000 Video Game Players Helped Scientists Prove Einstein Wrong

5/11/2018 - Ring's Smart Doorbell Let a Man Spy on His Ex-Boyfriend—Even After the Password Was Changed [Updated]

5/11/2018 - Open Channel: Do You Still Have a Bad Feeling About Solo: A Star Wars Story?

5/11/2018 - Ebola's Back Again—Why Don't We Have a Cure for It Yet?

5/11/2018 - Amazon Echo That Records Kids Draws Concern From U.S. Lawmakers

5/11/2018 - Please Enjoy These Animals the Zoos Have Kindly Rebranded For Us

5/11/2018 - Report: Facebook Is Considering Creating Its Own Cryptocurrency 

5/11/2018 - You Know How The Death of Superman Ends, but Watch This New Animated Movie Trailer Anyway

5/11/2018 - G.I. Joe Is Returning to the Big Screen With a Solo Movie All About Snake Eyes

5/11/2018 - How to Tell If the Oddly Bitey 'Kittens' You Rescued Are Actually Bobcats

5/11/2018 - It Looks Like Jessica Jones Is Finally Trying to Address Its Diversity Problem

5/11/2018 - Facebook Hasn't Answered Some Big Questions From Congress—Because Republicans Still Haven't Asked

5/11/2018 - The Frighteners, Peter Jackson's Precursor to Lord of the Rings, Still Scares and Surprises

5/11/2018 - AT&T Deeply Regrets Getting Caught Paying the President's Lawyer to Fix Its Time Warner Deal

5/11/2018 - Elon Musk Says the Boring Company Is About to Offer Free Tunnel Rides

5/11/2018 - Get a Downright Demonic Look at the Devils and Cults You'll Encounter in Dungeons & Dragons' New Sourcebook

5/11/2018 - The Red Cross Wants to Stop Universally Screening Blood Donations for Zika

5/11/2018 - Verizon Launched a Mysterious New Company With Unlimited Data for $40 a Month

5/11/2018 - iMessage for Windows Would Be Sick

5/11/2018 - Google Swears Its Duplex AI Assistant Will Tell You It's a Bot Calling

5/11/2018 - The Best New Features We've Found in the Android P Beta

5/11/2018 - Saturn's Rings Look Razor-Thin in This Posthumous Cassini Release

5/11/2018 - We Finally Know Where the World’s Deadliest Amphibian Plague Got Started

5/11/2018 - The Legion of Doom Is Finally Heading to DC's Comics in a Big Way

5/11/2018 - A Telecom Loophole Lets This Shady Company Give Anyone's Location to the Cops

5/11/2018 - Monster 78-Foot Wave Recorded in the Southern Ocean

5/11/2018 - Indian Police Say Conmen Used Fake Space Age Technology to Scam Investor Out of $200,000

5/11/2018 - Is Free Spotify Really Worth It?

5/11/2018 - After Public Backlash, Nestlé Will Give Flint More Water

5/11/2018 - Oh Great, Boston Dynamics Has Unleashed Its Atlas Robot to the Great Outdoors

5/11/2018 - The Only Good Wearable Records Everything You Miss While Blinking Your Eyes

5/11/2018 - The Many, Many Voices of Batman, Ranked

5/11/2018 - Oculus Go's VR Is Good and Cheap, So Why Am I Still Disappointed?

5/11/2018 - Who’s the Brain Genius That Designed This Security Door? [Corrected]

5/11/2018 - Lyft Slapped With New Class Action Lawsuit, Among the First Since Landmark Ruling for Gig Workers [Updated]

5/11/2018 - Costa Rica Plans to Be the World's First Fossil Fuel-Free Country

5/11/2018 - Jon Favreau's Live-Action Star Wars Show Will Be Set in a Very Intriguing Period After Return of the Jedi

5/11/2018 - Leaked Tremors TV Show Trailer Shows the Sandworm Schtick That Could've Been

5/11/2018 - California's New Solar Mandate Is For Rich White People

5/11/2018 - And Now the White House Has Climbed Aboard the AI Bandwagon

5/11/2018 - More Wild Rumors Hint the Obi-Wan Movie Could Be Closer Than We Thought

5/11/2018 - Australia Bans Cash For All Purchases Over $7,500 Starting July of 2019

5/11/2018 - The First Reactions to Solo: A Star Wars Story Are (Mostly) Very, Very Good

5/11/2018 - Cleveland's Failed Proposal for Amazon's HQ2 Offered at Least $120 Million in Giveaways

5/11/2018 - Syfy Says This Season of The Expanse Will Be the Last One on the Network

5/10/2018 - FCC Hits Robocaller With $120 Million Fine But the Calls Probably Won't Stop Anytime Soon

5/10/2018 - DC's Excellent Young Animal Imprint Is Coming to an End

5/10/2018 - Amazon Reportedly Building Healthcare Team for Alexa So You Can Ask If That Cut Looks Infected

5/10/2018 - The First Deadpool 2 Reactions Are Here... and They're Appropriately Offbeat

5/10/2018 - Most of Solo Was Shot by Ron Howard, According to a New Report

5/10/2018 - Scientists Didn't Invent a Star Trek 'Cloaking Device,' But What They Did Is Still Neat

5/10/2018 - Inside Cambridge Analytica, Few Knew How Soon the End Would Come

5/10/2018 - The FDA Is Taking Two Shady Stem Cell Clinics to Court

5/10/2018 - Batman: White Knight Is a Solid Series With a Few Fatal Flaws

5/10/2018 - Alexa and Siri Can Be Controlled Using Subliminal Messages Hidden in Music

5/10/2018 - Get a Look Inside the Wonderful Bombshells: United's Final Chapter 

5/10/2018 - Klout's Score Drops to Zero as It Announces Plans to Close Down

5/10/2018 - NYPD Testing 'Skim Reaper' to Fight Credit Card Fraud

5/10/2018 - Kilauea Volcano Could Erupt 'Explosively,' But What Does That Mean?

5/10/2018 - A New Jurassic World Video Explains How Fallen Kingdom Aims to Change the Franchise

5/10/2018 - Genetic Analysis Suggests Squirrels Contributed to the Global Spread of Leprosy

5/10/2018 - Searching Is a Thriller Told Completely From the Computer's Point of View

5/10/2018 - An Eternals Movie Could Be Marvel's Best Shot at the Film Inhumans Should Have Been

5/10/2018 - Satellite Analysis Shows North Korea’s 2017 Nuclear Test Literally Moved a Mountain

5/10/2018 - Rick and Morty's Coming Back for 70 More Episodes, But Aw Geez, Don't Ask When

5/10/2018 - We Might Be a Tiny Bit Wrong About Mercury's Orbit 

5/10/2018 - Teen Angst Stars in the Latest Trailer for Doug Liman's Jumper Spin-Off, Impulse

5/10/2018 - How Long Until Life Comes Back to Kilauea?

5/10/2018 - Deep Learning Can Now Flawlessly Correct Photos Taken in Almost Complete Darkness

5/10/2018 - I Want to Super-Size Every Classic Lego Set I've Ever Owned

5/10/2018 - IBM Bans All Employees From Using Any Removable Storage

5/10/2018 - The Future of BattleBots Is Smarter, More Vicious

5/10/2018 - A Girl Dreams of Battling Aliens in This Exclusive Excerpt From Brandon Sanderson's New Fantasy Epic, Skyward

5/10/2018 - What Do You Keep When You Whittle a Collection of 2,300 Cameras Down to 200?

5/10/2018 - The FCC Will Terminate Net Neutrality on June 11

5/10/2018 - Congressman Divulges Unreleased Study to Win Support for Life-Hunting Mission to Jupiter's Moon Europa

5/10/2018 - All 3,500 Russia-Linked Facebook and Instagram Ads Released by House Democrats

5/10/2018 - Microsoft Kinect Refuses to Die

5/10/2018 - Spotify to Stop Promoting R. Kelly with New ‘Hate Content and Hateful Conduct’ Policy

5/10/2018 - Riverdale May Have Bungled the Real Black Hood Reveal But Cheryl Remains MVP

5/10/2018 - The Ancient Ancestors of Blue Whales Hunted the Oceans With Surprisingly Sharp Teeth

5/10/2018 - How to Bring Back Any Device From the Dead

5/10/2018 - On The Expanse, the Stakes Are Now Higher Than They've Ever Been

5/10/2018 - Someone Used a Robot to Fix the Biggest Problem With Sun Dials: the Sun

5/10/2018 - Tesla Could Learn Something From This Lego Car-Building Factory

5/10/2018 - This Beautiful Watercolor Painting Contains a Dark Climate Message

5/10/2018 - New Rumors About a Major Meeting of Characters in Game of Thrones' Final Season

5/10/2018 - In The Predator's Debut Teaser Trailer, the Hunt Sets a Crash Course for Suburbia

5/10/2018 - Uber Plans to Put Self-Driving Cars Back on the Road 'Within the Next Few Months' After Fatal Crash

5/10/2018 - Equifax Operates Another Credit Bureau, and You Can't Freeze Your Report Online

5/10/2018 - It's Sure Weird That the Russia-Linked Firm That Paid Michael Cohen $500,000 Also Registered Alt-Right Websites

5/9/2018 - Amazon Is Invading Model Homes to Show Off a Future No One Wants

5/9/2018 - Report: John Bolton Thinks the Cyber Is Namby-Pamby Nerd Stuff, Except Maybe the Military Cyber

5/9/2018 - Destroyed Husk of Silicon Valley Home Sells for $938,000

5/9/2018 - The Last Jedi Comic Adaptation Adds Another Heartwrenching Wrinkle to Luke Skywalker

5/9/2018 - Trump Administration Taps Google, Passes on Amazon and DJI for Drone Pilot Program

5/9/2018 - Google, Give Me the Fox

5/9/2018 - Nike Patent Imagines Shoes With Tiny Treadmills Built Into the Soles

5/9/2018 - Open Channel: What's Your Absolute Favorite Single Episode of a Scifi or Fantasy Series? 

5/9/2018 - AT&T's Estimated Payment to Trump's Lawyer Rises to $600,000 as Investigations Ramp Up

5/9/2018 - San Diego’s Beaches Are Glowing With Bioluminescent Algae

5/9/2018 - In This Preview of The Joe Shuster Story, Witness the Rise of the Golden Age of Superhero Comics

5/9/2018 - Climate Denial is a Form of American Exceptionalism

5/9/2018 - Oops! A Tippy Truck Spilled Tons of Sticky Chocolate All Over the Road

5/9/2018 - Captain Marvel Adding Annette Bening to Its Cast Has Us Very Intrigued

5/9/2018 - Eyeless, Mouthless, Bone-Eating Worm Named After Jabba the Hutt

5/9/2018 - How the Hell Did This Asteroid Get All the Way Out Past Neptune?

5/9/2018 - Let Lin-Manuel Miranda Explain Why You Love Disney's Cartoon Theme Songs So Much

5/9/2018 - Your Coworker's Outdoor Smoke Break Could Still Contaminate Your Cubicle, Study Finds

5/9/2018 - Darth Vader's Comic Is a Fantastic Showcase of What Became of the Jedi After Revenge of the Sith

5/9/2018 - Google Joins Facebook in Banning All Ads Related to Ireland's Big Abortion Vote 

5/9/2018 - Let’s All Pray Something Like The Rain Never Happens in Real Life

5/9/2018 - This Is What Hawaii's Volcanic Eruption Looks Like From Space

5/9/2018 - ZTE Is Practically Shutting Down, and a U.S. Ban Is to Blame

5/9/2018 - Physicists Measure Precise Value of Proton's 'Weak Charge' for the First Time

5/9/2018 - Congress Might Actually Save Net Neutrality, If Republicans Can Learn How to Read Polls

5/9/2018 - Squirrel Is a New App That’s Just Like Slack but Made by Yahoo, and We’ll Leave It at That

5/9/2018 - Doctors Have an Alarmingly High Suicide Rate, and No One Is Sure How to Help Them

5/9/2018 - Marvel Studios' Original Iron Man Armor Appears to Have Been Stolen

5/9/2018 - New York Court Says Chimps Aren’t People—But a Judge Is Not Happy About It

5/9/2018 - This Week's Handmaid's Tale Reminds Us That Even the Strongest Soul Has a Breaking Point

5/9/2018 - Roccat's New 'Membranical' Keyboard Tries to Be Everything to Everyone

5/9/2018 - A New Solo Clip Indicates Han's Expanded Universe Story Is Now Star Wars Canon

5/9/2018 - Why Abortion Access Organizations Are Suing Anti-Choice Internet Trolls 

5/9/2018 - Apple Is Reportedly Cracking Down on Apps That Covertly Share Your Location Data

5/9/2018 - Signal's Disappearing Messages Have a Huge Flaw on Macs

5/9/2018 - A Woman's Years-Long Struggle With a Runny Nose Turned Out to Be Something Way Freakier

5/9/2018 - Find and Remove the Most Troublesome Apps on Any Device

5/9/2018 - Legion Tells a Poignant Story of Grief Right When I Needed It Most

5/9/2018 - Judge Withdraws Key Permit for Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Win to Black Community

5/9/2018 - Report Alleges Tidal Faked Streaming Numbers for Beyoncé and Kanye West Albums

5/9/2018 - The Secret Science of Shell Seeking

5/9/2018 - Disney Teases Marvel's Expansive Post-Avengers 4 Plans

5/9/2018 - Boeing Loses $20 Billion in Contracts After President Trump Violates Iran Deal

5/9/2018 - Apple's iOS Will Reportedly Soon Have a Feature That Locks Down USB Data Access After a Week [Updated]

5/9/2018 - South Georgia Island Has Finally Been Certified Free of Swarms of Rats That Feasted on Rare Birds

5/8/2018 - That Thing We All Kind of Knew Would Happen to MoviePass Might Be Happening

5/8/2018 - An Empowered Assistant Is How Wear OS Could Get Back on Track

5/8/2018 - Jordan Peele's Follow-Up to Get Out Is Called Us and the Rumored Cast Sounds Amazing

5/8/2018 - Black Panther's Costume Designer Breaks Down the Real World Inspiration Behind Key Looks

5/8/2018 - Watch Rick Moranis' Spaceballs Cameo on The Goldbergs and Witness the Power of Sequels

5/8/2018 - In Long Lost, Family Secrets Open the Door to an Intimate Kind of Horror

5/8/2018 - The Personal Story Behind Brian Michael Bendis' Farewell to Miles Morales

5/8/2018 - Facebook Is Pivoting to the Blockchain

5/8/2018 - Why the Round Apple Watch Dream Won’t Die

5/8/2018 - Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu Is One of the Weirdest Star Wars Stories Ever Told

5/8/2018 - Strong Hurricanes Intensify Faster Now Than They Did in the 1980s

5/8/2018 - Are Jupiter and Venus Messing With Earth’s Climate?

5/8/2018 - Infinity War Didn't Have Time to Deal With Your Cap/Iron Man Emotions

5/8/2018 - The Best and Worst of Google I/O 2018 (So Far)

5/8/2018 - How to Try the Android P Public Beta Right Now

5/8/2018 - All the New Features Coming to Google Lens

5/8/2018 - The LAPD Uses Palantir Tech to Predict and Surveil 'Probable Offenders'

5/8/2018 - The Scifi Crime Thriller Hotel Artemis Is a Throwback to a Different Era of Filmmaking

5/8/2018 - Google's New 'Digital Wellbeing' Android Features Save You From Your Phone

5/8/2018 - Gmail Now Writes Emails for You

5/8/2018 - Uhh, Google Assistant Impersonating a Human on the Phone Is Scary as Hell to Me

5/8/2018 - Everything We Learned About Android P Today at Google I/O

5/8/2018 - The US Will Fund Another Super-Sensitive and Expensive Dark Matter Experiment

5/8/2018 - The Visionaries Behind Coraline and ParaNorman Set Missing Link as Their Next Animated Flick

5/8/2018 - Steven Universe Just Confirmed a Wild Fan Theory That Changes Everything 

5/8/2018 - Google Assistant Is About to Get Better

5/8/2018 - Trump's NOAA: Blame Humans for Arctic Heat Waves of 2016

5/8/2018 - Here's Microsoft's New Plan to Colonize Your Phone With Windows

5/8/2018 - Uber’s New Aerial Taxi Concept Looks Like the Spruce Goose of Flying Cars

5/8/2018 - Report: Russian Hackers Posed as ISIS to Attack U.S. Military Wives

5/8/2018 - Activists Gather at Google's Developer Conference to Protest Maps Results for Sham Abortion Clinics

5/8/2018 - Most Triumphant: Bill & Ted 3 Is Officially Set to Rock Our Socks Off

5/8/2018 - The Fight for a Massive Pentagon Cloud Contract Is Heating Up

5/8/2018 - Grab Your Telescope: Jupiter Will Shine Its Brightest Tonight

5/8/2018 - China Is Cornering the Renewable Energy Job Market

5/8/2018 - Mad Scientists Taught a Predatory Spider to Jump for Them and Now We're All Probably Doomed

5/8/2018 - Legion Is a Great Reminder of Just How Awful Charles Xavier Was

5/8/2018 - Top Tech Companies Head to White House to Talk AI, Fending off the Apocalypse

5/8/2018 - If Trees Could Talk, They’d Probably Tell Us to Eat Shit

5/8/2018 - Watch the 2018 Google I/O Keynote Live Right Here

5/8/2018 - Feel the Hufflepuff Pride in This Clip From the Upcoming Movie Theater Screening of Puffs

5/8/2018 - Equifax Now Says Over 56,000 Driver's Licenses, Passports, and Other IDs Were Stolen, Too

5/8/2018 - Study Confirms: Our Vacations Suck For the Climate

5/8/2018 - Batman: The Animated Series Is Finally Getting the Tabletop Board Game Gotham Deserves

5/8/2018 - Mark Hamill May Have Revealed a Highly Intriguing Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo

5/8/2018 - Winter Athletes Aren't Going to Let Snow Vanish Without a Fight

5/8/2018 - On This Saturn-Like Exoplanet, the Forecast Always Calls for Clear Skies [Updated]

5/8/2018 - Walmart to Limit Opioid Prescriptions to 7-Day Supply, Will Require E-Prescriptions by 2020

5/8/2018 - Facebook Is Developing Avatars, Which Are Just Like Bitmoji Except Not Owned By Snap

5/7/2018 - I Had No Idea Who Grimes Is, But After 20 Minutes of Misinformed Research, Reports She's Dating Elon Musk Make Sense

5/7/2018 - Melania Trump Has Some Great Advice on How to Protect Kids Online, Like Our Big Boy President

5/7/2018 - This Last Starfighter Artwork Pays Tribute to a Forgotten Era

5/7/2018 - Oh My God, Agents of SHIELD Is Gonna Do the Thing

5/7/2018 - The Thirteenth Doctor's Comic Debut Is a Tiny Slice of Doctor Who Perfection

5/7/2018 - Relive the Best Part of the Star Wars Prequels With These Custom-Built RC Pod Racers

5/7/2018 - Twitter Appears to Be Testing Encrypted Direct Messages

5/7/2018 - Rick Moranis Will Briefly Come Out of Retirement to Reprise His Spaceballs Role on The Goldbergs

5/7/2018 - Report: Uber's Self-Driving Car Sensors Ignored Cyclist In Fatal Accident

5/7/2018 - Thanks to Infinity War, Marvel May Need a New Strategy to Promote Its Upcoming Releases

5/7/2018 - Android Things Gets Official 1.0 Release. Wait, What the Heck Is Android Things?

5/7/2018 - Infuriating Fog and Exhilarating Geophysics: Behind the Scenes of NASA's InSight Launch to Mars

5/7/2018 - This Clever Westworld Sleuth Found the 'Raj' Park Months Ago, and There's Still More to Uncover

5/7/2018 - Watch: This Talented Cosplayer Shows How to Make Thor's New Weapon From Avengers: Infinity War

5/7/2018 - NASA's Tiny, Mars-Bound Satellites Have Successfully Signaled Home

5/7/2018 - Simulated Moon Dust Kills Cells and Alters DNA, Signaling Trouble for Future Lunar Colonists

5/7/2018 - Sabrina Is an Excruciating Portrait of How the Fake News Era Is Crushing Our Souls

5/7/2018 - The Stricter a State's Gun Laws, the Fewer Children Die From Guns, Study Finds

5/7/2018 - Digital Rights Groups Ask Congress for Help as Russia Ramps up Its War on Telegram

5/7/2018 - DOJ Charges Alleged Romanian Hackers With Scamming Bank Data From Thousands of Americans

5/7/2018 - Why Do You Hurt Us Like This, James Gunn?

5/7/2018 - Fitbit Smartwatches Get Menstrual Cycle Tracking and ‘Quick’ Messaging

5/7/2018 - Watch Live: Westworld Just Dropped a Ton of Theory Fodder on Us

5/7/2018 - These Giant Scrolls Are the Hellish User Agreements You Probably Should Have Read (But Didn't)

5/7/2018 - Why Kilauea's Eruption Is Oozing and Not Exploding

5/7/2018 - There's No Secret Chamber Behind King Tut's Tomb, Investigation Concludes

5/7/2018 - Puerto Rican City Tells Trash-Burning Power Plant to Fuck Off

5/7/2018 - Stargate Origins' Best Easter Eggs and Callbacks

5/7/2018 - LG's G7 ThinQ Is Too Clever For Its Own Good

5/7/2018 - The Robocall Nightmare Is Getting Worse

5/7/2018 - The New Luke Cage Trailer Debuts a Villain Who Can Break the Unbreakable Man

5/7/2018 - That Was a Most Violent and Delightful Westworld

5/7/2018 - This Guy Hacked a Polaroid Camera to Print on Cheap Receipt Paper Instead of Pricey Film

5/7/2018 - Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails?

5/7/2018 - New Hints About Star Trek 4 Still Tease Chris Hemsworth's Return

5/7/2018 - Can Leonardo DiCaprio Make Us Love Bugs?

5/7/2018 - The Price of This Drug Went Up 100,000 Percent Since 2001 for No Good Reason

5/6/2018 - iPhone X at Six Months, Janelle Monáe's Odyssey, and Cat DNA: The Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

5/6/2018 - Florida Fire Officials Say Exploding Vape Pen May Have Killed Man in St. Petersburg

5/6/2018 - At Least 10 Volcanic Fissures Have Now Opened Up Near Hawaii's Mt. Kilauea, Destroying 21 Homes [Updated]

5/6/2018 - Tesla Will Lock Out Contractors on Monday Unless Employees Vouch For Them

5/6/2018 - Here's How They Did Michael B. Jordan's Makeup for Black Panther

5/6/2018 - Watch Luke and Leia Team Up With the Ewoks Again Immediately After Return of the Jedi 

5/6/2018 - Trump Picks TV Snake Oil Salesman Dr. Oz, of All People, to Serve on Health Council

5/6/2018 - Someone Allegedly Hacked Grades at an Alabama High School and Now There's No Valedictorian

5/6/2018 - This Talented Artist Has Envisioned an All-Women Knights of Ren, and They Rule

5/6/2018 - Report: Facebook Really Is Connecting People, Specifically ISIS

5/6/2018 - Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian Holds a Summit for All the Black People in Star Wars 

5/6/2018 - Facial Recognition Used by Wales Police Has 90 Percent False Positive Rate

5/6/2018 - Watching This Guy Build a Giant Lego Star Destroyer Is Hypnotic

5/5/2018 - YouTubers Are Mad Again After YouTube Deletes Videos With Paid Promos for Academic Cheating

5/5/2018 - Elon Musk Has Terrible Phone Etiquette, Hangs Up on NTSB Chief

5/5/2018 - Sebastian Stan Thinks Bucky Would Make a Very Dark Captain America

5/5/2018 - This Is the Picture That Proved Henry Cavill Could Be Superman

5/5/2018 - UK Authorities Order Cambridge Analytica to Give a US Voter All the Data It Has on Him

5/5/2018 - Chinese Province Spent International Workers' Day Shaming People With Debts

5/5/2018 - A Deleted Scene From The Force Awakens Just Got A Stellar Animated Resurrection

5/5/2018 - Watch the Russos Break Down Thor's First Meeting With the Guardians of the Galaxy

5/5/2018 - Georgia Could Pass a Vaguely Written 'Unauthorized Computer Access' Law This Week

5/5/2018 - NASA's InSight Lander Is On Its Way to Mars

5/5/2018 - The Black Panther Director's Commentary Reveals the Sad Fate of Killmonger's Mother

5/5/2018 - North Carolina's New Environmental Justice Board Is a Big Deal

5/5/2018 - It's Not Just You: Apple's Latest iOS Update Can Disable Microphone on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

5/4/2018 - Placing Election Ads on Google Will Require a Government ID

5/4/2018 - These Beautiful King Kong: Alive on Broadway Posters Are Their Own Wonders of the World

5/4/2018 - The NSA Managed to Collect 500 Million US Call Records in 2017 Despite Targeting Just 40 People

5/4/2018 - Watch How the Guardians 2 VFX Wizards Created David Hasselhoff's Brief But Memorable Cameo

5/4/2018 - What's Proper Smartphone Etiquette When Watching a Movie at Home?

5/4/2018 - How Engineers Tested the Super-Sensitive Seismometer That Will Detect Quakes on Mars

5/4/2018 - Booster Gold Gave Batman the Worst Wedding Present Ever

5/4/2018 - Don't Panic, But Idaho State University Lost Some Weapons-Grade Plutonium

5/4/2018 - America's Shittiest Concert Ticket Company Wants to Collect Your Face Data

5/4/2018 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Gets a Snazzy Lego Set, and More of the Most Amazing Toys of the Week

5/4/2018 - The Only Ways to Travel in This Week's Best Comics Are By Car Or Pentacorn

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5/4/2018 - That Time It Reached 55 Degrees In Antarctica During Winter 

5/4/2018 - This Black Panther Clip Reveals One of M'Baku's Best Moments Was Improvised 

5/4/2018 - What Scientists Saw When They Put a Crocodile in an MRI Scanner and Played Classical Music

5/4/2018 - Suspect In Bitcoin Mining Heist Who Broke Out of Icelandic Prison Realizes Icelandic Prison Ain’t So Bad

5/4/2018 - Open Channel: What's Your Best Star Wars Story?

5/4/2018 - Doctors Remove 132-Pound Nightmare Tumor From Connecticut Woman's Abdomen

5/4/2018 - The Rebirth of Vine Just Isn’t Going to Happen, Is It?

5/4/2018 - No, a Study Didn't Just Prove That Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer

5/4/2018 - When the Legion of Superheroes Got Freakin’ Weird

5/4/2018 - I Knew Buying a Newly Redesigned MacBook Pro Was Stupid And I Did It Anyway

5/4/2018 - Tigers and Polar Bears Get Nothing From Capitalism

5/4/2018 - Report: Joe Russo Gave the Infinity War Answers You've Been Waiting for... to a Bunch of Teens

5/4/2018 - What's Going on With US Cyber Command's Twitter Account? [Updated]

5/4/2018 - Genealogy Tourism Is Booming as Americans Search for Identity in DNA and Abroad

5/4/2018 - Equifax Board Members Keep Their Jobs Despite Data Breach Blunders

5/4/2018 - The Purge TV Series Producer Shares Just How Much Purging We Can Expect

5/4/2018 - What to Expect at Google I/O 2018 

5/4/2018 - Believe It or Not, This Is Normal

5/4/2018 - Now-Worthless Theranos Investments Reportedly Cost Walton Family, Betsy DeVos Hundreds of Millions

5/4/2018 - Wait, My Lego Toys Could Have Been Making Me Breakfast All These Years?

5/4/2018 - Pentagon Accuses China of Striking US Military Aircraft With Blinding Lasers

5/4/2018 - Lenovo Made a Souped Up Oculus Go That's Missing Just One Key Feature

5/4/2018 - The First Clip From Solo: A Star Wars Story Shows Chewbacca Officially Becoming Han's Co-Pilot

5/4/2018 - Facebook Has a 'Sauron Alert' to Protect Employees’ Privacy—But Not Yours

5/4/2018 - Old Arctic Sea Ice Is Virtually Gone—and That's Bad [Update]

5/4/2018 - Some of the Best Titles to Get Your Hands on This Free Comic Book Day

5/4/2018 - How Hibernating Squirrels Could Ease the Organ Shortage Crisis

5/4/2018 - This Futuristic Color TV Set Concept From 1922 Was Way Ahead of Its Time

5/4/2018 - Watch Star Wars' Classic Hyperspace Jump Recreated Using Fiber-Optics and Poster Board

5/4/2018 - Keystone XL Wants Montana Tribes to Know It's Coming

5/4/2018 - Eruption of Kilauea Volcano Triggers Mandatory Evacuations on Hawaii's Big Island

5/4/2018 - Nintendo Labo's True Promise

5/4/2018 - Chris Pratt May Have Let Slip Some Avengers 4 News With a Guardians Vol. 3 Update

5/4/2018 - How to Watch President Trump's Speech at the NRA Convention Today, No TV Required

5/4/2018 - Facebook, Twitter, and Google Would Like to Be the Gatekeepers of Democracy Without the Responsibility

5/3/2018 - A Swarm of Drones Ruined an FBI Hostage Raid

5/3/2018 - A Pair of Aspiring Tony Starks Built an Enormous Hulkbuster Using Parts Bought on eBay

5/3/2018 - Shhlack Lets You Encrypt Slack Messages So Your Boss Can't See Private Conversations

5/3/2018 - Anon Is a Scifi Movie That Shows How the Singularity Is Going to Screw Us All

5/3/2018 - Birth Control Probably Doesn't Change Who You're Attracted to, Study Finds

5/3/2018 - New Black Panther Deleted Scenes Focus on T'Chaka's Influence on the Future King 

5/3/2018 - DC Nation Teases Trouble Ahead for Batman and Superman (and All of Reality, Actually)

5/3/2018 - Go Change Your Twitter Password Now

5/3/2018 - Humans Are the Weakest Link: Tales of a Social Engineer

5/3/2018 - Chrome Is Changing How It Mutes Autoplaying Videos—Again

5/3/2018 - The 13 Most Awesomely Disgusting Ash vs. Evil Dead Moments Over All Three Seasons

5/3/2018 - Deadly Dust Storms Are Smothering India

5/3/2018 - Google’s Most Advanced Security Features Now Work With Apple’s Built-in iOS Apps

5/3/2018 - A Record-Breaking Drone Show Ended With Quadcopters Falling From the Sky

5/3/2018 - Scientists Find Another Possible Explanation for Why Hair Goes Gray

5/3/2018 - Did Thanos Kill You?

5/3/2018 - Chicago Advances Bill Allowing Police Drones to Surveil Protestors 

5/3/2018 - Scientists Find Time Crystals in Fertilizer

5/3/2018 - Forget Aliens—on The Expanse, Humans Are Now the Scariest Thing in the Universe

5/3/2018 - iPhone X: Six Months Later

5/3/2018 - Check Out the Otherworldly Lifeforms Scientists Discovered on the Ocean Floor

5/3/2018 - Plants Complain to Their Friends When the Neighborhood Gets Too Crowded

5/3/2018 - The Infinity War Cast Drew Their Own Characters for Charity, and They're Adorably Terrible

5/3/2018 - There's One Episode of ReBoot: The Guardian Code That's Actually Worth Watching

5/3/2018 - Identity Theft Is Exploding in Developing Countries

5/3/2018 - The First Exoplanet Known to Contain Helium Is a Truly Alien World 

5/3/2018 - Oscar Mayer Gets Cease and Desist Over Cryptocurrency Ads Because 'Bacoin' Already Exists [UPDATED]

5/3/2018 - The First Trailer for Robin Hood Heads to the Crusades for Rebellion and Questionable Archery

5/3/2018 - Mistletoe Somehow Survives Without Protein Needed by All Other Multicellular Life

5/3/2018 - Watching a Grueling 11-Hour Flight Whiz by in Four Minutes Is the Best Way to Travel

5/3/2018 - The Systems That Control Water and Power Plants Are Shockingly Vulnerable to Hackers, Study Finds

5/3/2018 - Cartoon Network Just Spoiled the Ending of Steven Universe and Fans Are Rightfully Furious

5/3/2018 - Yes, You Really Can Collect View-Masters, and Yes, This Woman Has Nearly All of Them

5/3/2018 - The Puerto Rican Families Who've Gone Off the Grid

5/3/2018 - Has the Spawn Reboot Really, Finally Found a Star?

5/3/2018 - Deadpool 2 Just Released a Music Video From Canadian Queen Celine Dion

5/3/2018 - Beneath a Melting Glacier, a Peruvian Town Prepares For the Worst

5/3/2018 - I DNA Tested My Cat and She Was Not Happy About It

5/3/2018 - Amazon Launches Dog Food Brand Because It Hasn't Disrupted Enough Industries Yet

5/3/2018 - Amazon to Affordable Housing: Screw You

5/2/2018 - Want Your iPhone Battery Replaced? Apple Will Stick You With a Bill for Other Fixes First

5/2/2018 - Hawaii Legislature Passes First-of-Its-Kind Ban on Sunscreens With Ingredients That Kill Corals

5/2/2018 - Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland Sure Did Their Best to Spoil Infinity War

5/2/2018 - Telegram: Actually, We've Raised So Much Money That Our Big Public ICO Won't Be Happening

5/2/2018 - Verizon Signs Deal to Place the Saddest, Most Pathetic Bloatware on Samsung Devices [Updated]

5/2/2018 - Hulu and Blumhouse Join Forces for Holiday Horror Saga Into The Dark

5/2/2018 - Ron Howard's Arrested Development Parody of Star Wars Puts a Hilarious Spin on A New Hope

5/2/2018 - The Handmaid's Tale Laughs in the Face of Hope

5/2/2018 - Oakland Passes Nation's Strongest Surveillance Technology Ordinance Yet

5/2/2018 - Facebook’s New Tool Outs Phishing Sites Posing as ‘Secure’

5/2/2018 - At Least One Person Has Died After Eating Romaine Lettuce Contaminated With E. Coli

5/2/2018 - Dive Into a Mysterious, Brutal Conspiracy in This Look Inside the New Young Terrorists Collection

5/2/2018 - This Is the Longest Straight Path You Could Travel on Water Without Hitting Land

5/2/2018 - A Swamp Thing Show Will Soon Be Slithering Its Sexy Way to Your TV Thanks to James Wan

5/2/2018 - Ancient Artifacts Smuggled to the U.S. for Hobby Lobby Are Finally Returned to Iraq

5/2/2018 - Toshiba Has a Plan to Extend Quantum Security to Record-Breaking Distances

5/2/2018 - If There's Going to Be a Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds Wants a Smaller Movie

5/2/2018 - Carbon Dioxide Has Never Been Higher in Humanity's Existence

5/2/2018 - Air National Guard C-130 Crashes in Georgia, Killing Five

5/2/2018 - Kernit Is the Jim Henson-Inspired Typeface Muppet Fans Deserve

5/2/2018 - The Untitled DC Streaming Service Is No Longer Untitled

5/2/2018 - The Creators and Stars of Cobra Kai Discuss Being Respectful to the World of The Karate Kid

5/2/2018 - From Metropolis to Dirty Computer: A Guide to Janelle Monáe's Time-Traveling Musical Odyssey

5/2/2018 - At This Point, MoviePass Is Just Messing With Us

5/2/2018 - Please Don't Do This

5/2/2018 - The Flash's 'Mystery Girl' Just Got a Little Less Mysterious

5/2/2018 - Lunar Meteorite Found in Africa Points to Ice Beneath the Moon’s Surface

5/2/2018 - Cambridge Analytica Is Shutting Down [Updated]

5/2/2018 - Report: A DNA Testing Company Could Not Tell the Difference Between Human and Dog DNA

5/2/2018 - This Video of Donald Glover Touring the Millennium Falcon Proves Lucasfilm Knows What We Want

5/2/2018 - Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Cleveland Due to Cracked Window

5/2/2018 - Stunning Discovery Shows Early Humans Were Hunting Rhinos in the Philippines Over 700,000 Years Ago

5/2/2018 - Legion's Most Unreliable Narrator Is Trying to Tell the Horrifying Truth About the Shadow King

5/2/2018 - Stephen Hawking's Final Paper Published

5/2/2018 - Riders Spent Two Hours Trapped On This Hanging Roller Coaster's Tallest Hill

5/2/2018 - Major Bank Loses 12 Million Customers' Data in the Most Embarrassing Way Possible

5/2/2018 - Facebook Brings in Fake News Huckster to Conduct Conservative Bias Probe

5/2/2018 - The Hopi Tribe Takes Controversial Coal Battle to Court

5/2/2018 - Facebook Fired the Security Engineer Accused of Abusing Their Access to Stalk Women Online 

5/2/2018 - This Cheap Painting Technique Turns Walls Into Giant Touch Sensors

5/2/2018 - 10 Years of Marvel Movie Hero Costumes, Ranked

5/2/2018 - Hulu Is Finally Going to Let You Download Shows to Watch Offline

5/2/2018 - NASA’s Mini Fission Reactor Could Help Humans Survive on Mars, and It Just Cleared Early Tests

5/2/2018 - We Finally Know What 'Hot As Balls' Really Means

5/2/2018 - A New Trailer for Stephen King's Castle Rock Shows Us Horror Around Every Corner

5/2/2018 - Nokia Screws Up Again, Sells Withings Back to Its Co-founder

5/2/2018 - How Can This Spinning Arrow That Always Points Right Actually Exist?

5/2/2018 - LG's G7 ThinQ Challenges the Best Android Phones With a Bag of Clever Tricks

5/2/2018 - Watch: Deadpool 2 Pop-Up Bar Comes Complete with Heart Tattoos and For-Hire Biker Dudes

5/2/2018 - Researchers Find Mysterious Russia-Linked Malware That Hijacks Anti-Theft Software Lojack

5/2/2018 - Ticks and Insects Are Making More People Sick, and the Problem Is Only Getting Worse

5/2/2018 - John Boyega Drops an Intriguing Hint About Finn in Star Wars: Episode IX

5/2/2018 - United Airlines to Resume Putting Cats and Dogs in Cargo Holds This July

5/2/2018 - Critical Flaws in Industrial Software Left US Infrastructure Wide Open to Hackers

5/1/2018 - Apple Will Spend $100 Billion of That Cash It Stashed Abroad Buying Back Its Own Stock

5/1/2018 - GitHub Tells Some Users It Accidentally Stored Their Passwords in Plain Text But Hey, NBD

5/1/2018 - Elizabeth Olsen Thinks Scarlet Witch Needs a New Costume, and She's Right

5/1/2018 - Serious Injuries Are More Likely to Be Fatal for People With O Blood Type 

5/1/2018 - Made With 28,800 Thumb Tacks, This Star Wars Conference Table Is a Finger-Killing Masterpiece

5/1/2018 - Facebook Vows to Fix Its Biggest Problems, but It’s Clearly Ready to Move on

5/1/2018 - Infinity War's Zoe Saldana Talks All About Gamora's Big Storyline

5/1/2018 - Amazon Bends the Knee to Autocrats, Threatens to Cut Off Signal for Using Anti-Censorship Technique

5/1/2018 - Older Users Seem to Like the New Snapchat, And That’s About the Only Good News Snap Shared Today

5/1/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: All the TV and Movies Streaming in May That You Actually Care About

5/1/2018 - Why NASA's Next Mars Lander Will Launch from California Instead of Florida

5/1/2018 - Tinder Owner to Facebook: 🍆🔪

5/1/2018 - In Kenya, a Local Tribe Is Saving the Elephants It Once Killed

5/1/2018 - FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly Violated Federal Law to Promote Trump, Special Counsel's Office Says

5/1/2018 - Deleted Black Panther Clip Shows Okoye and W'Kabi Butting Heads 

5/1/2018 - Artificial Genome Scientists Want to Build Human Cells That Are Impervious to Viruses

5/1/2018 - You Can Now Buy Facebook’s Phone-Free Oculus Go VR Headset

5/1/2018 - Pakistan May Have Just Set a World Heat Record

5/1/2018 - An Exclusive Look at Sideshow's Stunning New Princess Leia Figure

5/1/2018 - A Lightning Strike Shut off a Woman's Brain Implant, and It Could Have Been Even Worse

5/1/2018 - Westworld to Welcome Us Back With Season Three

5/1/2018 - All the Changes Coming to Your Instagram

5/1/2018 - Facebook Wants to Help You Find Love (So Please Hand Over More Data)

5/1/2018 - The Arctic’s Future: Less Ice, More Storms

5/1/2018 - Superman and Lois Are Going to the White House Correspondents' Dinner This Week 

5/1/2018 - The Essential Elements of a Terrible Bitcoin Rap Video

5/1/2018 - Comcast Is Boosting Internet Speeds—Except for You Filthy Cord-Cutters

5/1/2018 - Internal Documents Show Philip Morris Knew More About Addiction Science Than It Let On

5/1/2018 - 28 New Scifi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Shelves in May

5/1/2018 - Report: Police Forced a DNA Testing Company to Share a Customer’s Identity in the Golden State Killer Case

5/1/2018 - SpongeBob SquarePants, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Clean House at Tony Awards Nominations

5/1/2018 - Facebook Says It's Giving You a Tool to Kill Third-Party Tracking

5/1/2018 - Watch Live: io9's Avengers Assemble to Chat About Everything in Infinity War

5/1/2018 - The New Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Trailer Takes Aim at the DC Cinematic Universe (And Deathstroke)

5/1/2018 - Facebook Accidentally Asked Users If Every Single Post in Their Feed Contained Hate Speech

5/1/2018 - With Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Finally Gave Us a Post-Credit Scene That Really Matters

5/1/2018 - Michelle Wolf Was Right About the Flint Water Crisis

5/1/2018 - Here's What Those New Full-Page Warnings in Chrome Mean

5/1/2018 - Forgotten Data From 1996 Sheds New Light on Jupiter’s Mysterious Moon Ganymede

5/1/2018 - UK Threatens to Force Mark Zuckerberg to Testify the Next Time He's on British Soil

5/1/2018 - Let's Meet Jim Bridenstine, Trump's NASA Administrator

5/1/2018 - California Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gig Workers 

5/1/2018 - Hasbro Just Bought the Power Rangers Franchise From Haim Saban for an Absurd Amount of Money

5/1/2018 - UNICEF Wants You to Donate By Mining Cryptocurrency While You Browse

5/1/2018 - The New Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer Is the Perfect Infinity War Antidote

5/1/2018 - We're Not as Doomed as We Think, Ecologists Argue

5/1/2018 - Boeing Brags About Size of Its Rocket, Says SpaceX's Is Too Small for NASA's Needs

5/1/2018 - What Marvel Movie Could Ben Wheatley Possibly Be Directing?

5/1/2018 - The Curious Case of North Korea’s Homegrown Antivirus Software

5/1/2018 - This Handy iPhone X Lens Kit Gets You Even Closer to a Real Camera

5/1/2018 - China Bans Peppa Pig Videos on Social Media for Being Associated With Gangster Culture

5/1/2018 - Disney is Livestreaming the Sunrise at Magic Kingdom and Honestly It's Just What I Need Today

5/1/2018 - Report: At Least 103 Uber Drivers Have Been Accused of Sexually Assaulting or Abusing Passengers