9/30/2018 - California Net Neutrality Bill Signed Into Law

9/30/2018 - Memory Week, Amazon, and Seafloor Sludge: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/30/2018 - High-Quality Jurassic Park Stills Are the Ideal Decoration for the Serious Dinosaur Lover

9/30/2018 - Facebook Could Face Up to $1.63 Billion Fine for Latest Hack Under the GDPR

9/30/2018 - This Fabulous Video Series Unpacks the Gender Dynamics of Mad Max: Fury Road

9/30/2018 - According to the Director, Venom Was Always Intended to Be PG-13

9/30/2018 - MoviePass Is Now Re-Enrolling Former Customers in an 'Unlimited' Plan Unless They 'Opt Out'

9/30/2018 - Dark Horse's Upcoming Alien Comics Will Take Up the Story of Ripley's Daughter

9/30/2018 - This YouTuber Argues That The Matrix Sequels Are Better Than You Remember

9/29/2018 - Hundreds Confirmed Dead in Indonesian Tsunami, With Officials Warning Toll Will Rise [Updated]

9/29/2018 - Elon Musk to Resign as Tesla Chairman, Pay $20 Million Fine in SEC Settlement Over Catastrophic '420' Tweet

9/29/2018 - These Fans Take Their Stormbreaker Replica Very Seriously

9/29/2018 - Facebook Reportedly Defeats Government Demand to Wiretap Messenger Calls

9/29/2018 - This X-Men Fan Trailer Swaps Out One Phoenix Movie for Another

9/29/2018 - Tessa Thompson Confirms Valkyrie's Post-Infinity War Fate

9/29/2018 - David Cronenberg Explains Why He Didn't Direct Return of the Jedi 

9/29/2018 - Is the FBI's Fitness App a Cop?

9/29/2018 - Remember How Bad Android Was?

9/29/2018 - Danny McBride Wrote for Halloween's Villain, But Was Too Scared to Meet Him

9/29/2018 - How Quantum Memory Could Change Computing

9/28/2018 - Old Man Aragorn, Out on One Last Hunt

9/28/2018 - All of io9's Fantastic Fest 2018 Coverage in One Handy Place

9/28/2018 - Gary and His Demons Is a Brilliant Show About How Awful Being the 'Chosen One' Is

9/28/2018 - Jodie Whittaker's Looking for a Doctor in the Electrifying First Clip from Doctor Who's New Season

9/28/2018 - Facebook's Already Getting Sued for Data Breach Affecting 50 Million Profiles

9/28/2018 - Good Robots, Dead Robots, and an Excellent Princess Leia Are Among the Best Toys of the Week

9/28/2018 - A Plagiarist Lies His Way Into a Job and Everyone's Afraid of Girls in This Week's Best New Comics

9/28/2018 - Children Who Get Less Screen Time Think Better, Study Finds

9/28/2018 - Sprint Convincingly Argues Its LTE Coverage Sucks

9/28/2018 - Let's Make the World Wide Web a National Monument

9/28/2018 - Rat Version of Hepatitis E Detected in a Human for the First Time

9/28/2018 - The Wonderful Starfish Gives Grief and Healing an Apocalyptic Spin

9/28/2018 - Okay, Facebook, You Win. I'm Done.

9/28/2018 - A PG-13 Cut of Deadpool 2 Is Hitting Theaters This December, Gambit and Dark Phoenix Get New Dates

9/28/2018 - Trump Administration Warns Earth Will Warm 7 Degrees, Promptly Ignores That Warning

9/28/2018 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in October

9/28/2018 - Report Offers Disturbing New Details on Deadly Bleeding Outbreak Linked to Synthetic Cannabis

9/28/2018 - A Second Season of The Dragon Prince Could Tweak the Show's Hotly-Debated Animation

9/28/2018 - Mysterious New Plant Discovered in Museum Collection Is Probably Already Extinct

9/28/2018 - The PS4 Finally Has a Super Customizable-Controller, and It Is Excellent

9/28/2018 - Escaped Pup Rings Nest Doorbell to Get Back Inside

9/28/2018 - Google Faces Lawsuit in Belgium for Not Blurring Military Sites and Nuclear Power Plants on Maps

9/28/2018 - Will VFX Erase Location Shooting Forever?

9/28/2018 - The iPhone XS Is Forever

9/28/2018 - New Particle Could Explain 'Unusual' Antarctic Weather Balloon Detection

9/28/2018 - Entourage's Version of the Aquaman Movie Hype Was Surprisingly On Point

9/28/2018 - 50 Million Facebook Accounts Affected in Massive Security Breach

9/28/2018 - The Hayabusa2 Rovers Just Made a Movie on the Surface of an Asteroid

9/28/2018 - Moths Caught Drinking Tears From the Eyes of Sleeping Birds

9/28/2018 - Google's Big Wear OS Revamp Has Started Rolling Out

9/28/2018 - Enjoy the Sweet Freedom of Spotify's Family Plan While It Lasts

9/28/2018 - Mass Die-Off of Orcas Feared Due to Chemicals Banned in the '70s

9/28/2018 - The Good Place's Season 3 Premiere Has a New Student: The Audience

9/28/2018 - A Powerful Tsunami Just Smashed Into Indonesia

9/28/2018 - The Earth's Memory Is Locked in Ancient Seafloor Muck

9/28/2018 - New Daredevil Season 3 Teaser Promises That Wilson Fisk Is Ready to Dance With the Devil

9/28/2018 - Watch Hayao Miyazaki Face the Challenge of 3D Animation in the Gripping Trailer for Never-Ending Man

9/28/2018 - First ATM Jackpotter Sentenced in U.S. Gets a Year in Prison

9/28/2018 - Elon Musk Rejected SEC Settlement at Last Minute: Report

9/28/2018 - Ominous New Art Exhibit Shows Coral Reefs Transformed by Trash

9/28/2018 - Award-Winning Microscopic Video of Growing Zebrafish Embryos Is Mesmerizing

9/28/2018 - Simon Kinberg Hints at an Intriguing Tone for the Gambit Movie

9/27/2018 - How Adam Savage Made an Amazingly Lifelike But Equally Creepy Replica of 2001's Starchild Baby

9/27/2018 - io9 Wants Your Short Fiction on the Future of Death

9/27/2018 - Terrified Is a Legitimately Scary, Unique, and Surprising Horror Film

9/27/2018 - Republican Senators Doxed While Interviewing Kavanaugh

9/27/2018 - Poe Dameron Bids Farewell With an Important Lesson Learned From The Last Jedi

9/27/2018 - Canadian Clinics Are Selling Shady Stem Cell Treatments, Study Finds

9/27/2018 - The Most Ridiculous Quotes From the SEC's Lawsuit Against Elon Musk

9/27/2018 - The Flu Killed More Americans Last Winter Than It Has in Decades

9/27/2018 - Phantasm's Don Coscarelli on His New Memoir and What It Means to Be a Cult Director

9/27/2018 - Scientists Can Now Peek Inside Mummies in a Whole New Way

9/27/2018 - All the Cosmic Clues and Mysteries We Saw in the New Dark Phoenix Trailer [Updated]

9/27/2018 - Sorry, Internet, Brett Kavanaugh's Missing Wedding Ring Isn't New

9/27/2018 - Securities and Exchange Commission Sues Elon Musk

9/27/2018 - Ransomware Behind Port of San Diego Cyberattack, Officials Say

9/27/2018 - Star Wars Resistance Actress Posts Video to Twitter Imitating Dr. Blasey Ford's Voice

9/27/2018 - Vietnam Convicts Second Person This Week for Anti-Government Facebook Posts 

9/27/2018 - Julian Assange Steps Down From Position as WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief

9/27/2018 - Latin American Countries Sign Landmark Treaty to Protect Environmental Defenders

9/27/2018 - 5 Frustrating Smartphone Problems You Can Fix With a Simple Dongle

9/27/2018 - I'm Finally Convinced: The Nintendo Switch Really Is the Console For Everyone

9/27/2018 - Postal Apocalypse: What Was Solo's Problem?

9/27/2018 - Hidden Pyramid Among Thousands of Ancient Maya Structures Revealed by New Aerial Survey

9/27/2018 - Climate Change Worsened 2017's Hurricane Season From Hell, Study Finds

9/27/2018 - Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls! Here's Your Good Place Refresher Ahead of Season 3

9/27/2018 - This Is the Not-So-Secret Story of How Oregon Trail Took Over the World

9/27/2018 - The New Star Wars Resistance Trailer Is Jam-Packed With Incredible Spaceship Action

9/27/2018 - FCC Hangs Blockbuster $37.5 Million Fine Over Robocaller Accused of Spoofing Real Numbers

9/27/2018 - Meet the New Long-Necked Dinosaur Called 'Giant Thunderclap at Dawn'

9/27/2018 - Even With Nicolas Cage, the New Film Between Worlds Is a Bore

9/27/2018 - Dozens of Samsung Execs Charged with Union Sabotage: Report

9/27/2018 - A Year on Planet Earther

9/27/2018 - Dark Phoenix Will Be the Most Cosmic X-Men Movie Yet and Introduce Some Obscure Mutants

9/27/2018 - Razer's New Haptic Headset Rumbles Your Dome Like a Trunk Subwoofer

9/27/2018 - A New Doll Celebrates Flint's Biggest Little Activist

9/27/2018 - The First Episode of Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest Is Available to Watch Right Now

9/27/2018 - My Grudge Against Iomega and the Click of Death

9/27/2018 - Teen Apple Fanboy Who Made 'Hacky Hack Hack' Folder of Evidence Avoids Jail

9/27/2018 - More Rumors About Who Might Play the Big Villain in Birds of Prey

9/27/2018 - That Viral Elephant Poaching Story Has Gotten a Lot More Complicated

9/27/2018 - How to Watch the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford Hearings Today, No Cable Required

9/27/2018 - Dark Phoenix's First Breathtaking Trailer Has Arrived

9/27/2018 - Report: Elon Musk, Tesla Exec Discussed Promoting Union Advocates Rather Than 'Work to Pull in the UAW'

9/26/2018 - Trump Takes Question From TruNews, a Website That Believes in Satanic Deep State Cannibals

9/26/2018 - A Devoted Fan Created an Amazingly Detailed Copy of Disneyland's Fantasyland in His Basement

9/26/2018 - Girls With Balls Is a Great Title for a Not-So-Great Movie

9/26/2018 - Legends of Tomorrow Has a Unicorn Now, Nothing Else Matters

9/26/2018 - Rich Dude Feud: Facebook Exec Overshares, Calls WhatsApp Founder 'Low-Class'

9/26/2018 - Chip Zdarsky's Farewell to Spectacular Spider-Man Is a Heartfelt Tribute to One of Comics' Most Earnest Heroes

9/26/2018 - New Story, Same Big Old Bird

9/26/2018 - The Big Thing Facebook Didn't Say About Oculus Quest [Updated]

9/26/2018 - May the Devil Take You Is an Evil Dead Homage That Can't Get Its Act Together

9/26/2018 - Why Female Octopuses Self-Destruct After Laying Eggs

9/26/2018 - You Can Easily Reprogram the Timezone on This Watch Using Flashes of Light From Your Smartphone

9/26/2018 - Darth Vader Invites You to His Castle in the First Trailer for His New VR Series

9/26/2018 - Clean Energy Boom Could Fuel One of the World's Dirtiest Industries

9/26/2018 - Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information

9/26/2018 - Birds of Prey Lands Its Huntress and Black Canary

9/26/2018 - This Video of a Giant Dick Building Shooting Fireworks Is Too Good to Be Real

9/26/2018 - The Oculus Quest Is Real: Facebook Promises $400 Standalone VR This Spring

9/26/2018 - Your Genetic Testing Results Can Change—Here's Why

9/26/2018 - The Gifted's Season 2 Premiere Offers an Eerie Reflection of Current Events

9/26/2018 - Uber to Pay Record $148 Million Fine for Concealing 2016 Data Breach

9/26/2018 - This Year's CW/DC Superhero Crossover Is Cleverly Titled Elseworlds, Includes The Monitor [Updated]

9/26/2018 - New Observation Smashes Long-Held Belief About Neutron Stars

9/26/2018 - Who Are the Eternals, the Cosmic Superheroes Who Could Be the Future of the MCU?

9/26/2018 - Distracted Boyfriend Meme Job Ad Discriminates Against Women, Swedish Regulators Say

9/26/2018 - Tech Execs Offer Senate Help Writing a Toothless National Privacy Law

9/26/2018 - Watch How Japanese Superhero Shows Got Turned Into Power Rangers

9/26/2018 - Supreme Court Restricts India's Colossal Biometric Database

9/26/2018 - Amazon's Aggressive Anti-Union Tactics Revealed in Leaked 45-Minute Video

9/26/2018 - Google Now Says It Will Update Chrome to Let Users Opt-Out of Forced Auto-Logins

9/26/2018 - Scientists Are Trying to Create the Most Detailed 3D Map of the Human Body Ever

9/26/2018 - Did My First Memory Make Me Who I Am Today?

9/26/2018 - U.S. Border Patrol Flew More Drone Missions Last Year Than Ever Before

9/26/2018 - Fortnite Won

9/26/2018 - Here's All the Big Camera News from Photokina 2018

9/26/2018 - Scientist Who Quit Google in Protest Urges Senate to Investigate Project Dragonfly 

9/26/2018 - As Dust Clears, NASA Spots Possibly Dead Opportunity Rover From Space

9/26/2018 - How to Look Up Your Oldest Activity on Google, Facebook, Netflix, and more 

9/26/2018 - Daredevil Season 3's Dreamy New Teaser Introduces Yet Another Iconic Suit

9/26/2018 - Updates on The Walking Dead, Star Wars Resistance, and More

9/26/2018 - Beautiful New Andean Hummingbird Is Already Critically Endangered

9/26/2018 - Google Is Letting Some Cryptocurrency Ads Back on Its Platform

9/25/2018 - Microsoft Says That Full Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox One Is Finally Coming Soon

9/25/2018 - 3D-Printed Gun Activist Cody Wilson Resigns From Defense Distributed After Sexual Assault Charges

9/25/2018 - I Want This Custom Bluetooth Soundwave Boombox, Even if It Doesn't Transform

9/25/2018 - Open 24 Hours Gives the Stalker Horror Genre a Tense, Personal Spin

9/25/2018 - Shockwaves From WWII Bombing Raids Reached the Edge of Space, Scientists Report

9/25/2018 - Battlestar Galactica's Game Has a Release Date, Giant Mechs Get Super Tiny, and More Tabletop News

9/25/2018 - Jeff Sessions' Big Meeting on Big Tech Regulations Was Good for Everyone But Jeff Sessions

9/25/2018 - It Wasn't Just the Dinosaurs That Were Fake, Even Jurassic World Itself Was One Giant Special Effect

9/25/2018 - The Trump Administration Is Rolling Back Safety Regulations for Explosive Oil Trains

9/25/2018 - The Comic Book Legacy Behind Iron Fist's Big Game-Changer

9/25/2018 - Mathematicians Skeptical of Supposed Million-Dollar Proof

9/25/2018 - Andrew Lincoln Is Returning to The Walking Dead...as a Director

9/25/2018 - The Startup That'll Inject You With Young Blood Says It's Opening a Clinic In New York City

9/25/2018 - Carbon Emissions Could Be Costing the US 8 Times What Trump’s EPA Estimates

9/25/2018 - Twitter's New Ban on 'Dehumanizing Speech' May Finally Shut Up Some Nazis

9/25/2018 - Scientists Have Detected Enormous Dust Storms on Saturn's Moon Titan

9/25/2018 - These Photos of Typhoon Trami Are Jaw-Dropping 

9/25/2018 - 6 Mistakes the Last Airbender Movie Made That We Pray Aren't Repeated on the New Show

9/25/2018 - Is The Innocent Really a Genre Film? It's Up to You

9/25/2018 - European Scientists Have Made an Intriguing Discovery in Alzheimer's Drug Research

9/25/2018 - You Don't Need Nintendo Switch Online

9/25/2018 - Panasonic Teases its First Full-Frame Cameras: The Lumix S1 and S1R

9/25/2018 - Lion King Puppet Maker Charged With 3D-Printing Gun at Broadway Theater

9/25/2018 - Ancient Bronze Hand Found in Switzerland Mystifies Archeologists

9/25/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Blamed for Instagram Founders' Departure

9/25/2018 - The Deleted Scenes of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Ranked

9/25/2018 - Controversial Grizzly Bear Hunt Officially Canceled

9/25/2018 - Climate Change Is Hitting National Parks Twice as Hard as the Rest of the US

9/25/2018 - Tom Hardy's Venom Murders a Bunch of Sports Nerds in This Weird New Ad

9/25/2018 - Facebook Sued by Former Content Moderator Over 'Debilitating PTSD'

9/25/2018 - Would Perfect Memory Be a Burden or a Superpower?

9/25/2018 - This Bizarre Taxi of the Future Was Supposed to Fit So Many People

9/25/2018 - This Robotic Rubik's Cube Can Solve Itself

9/25/2018 - Comixology Is Launching Its Own Prequel Series to French Sci-Fi Epic Prométhée

9/25/2018 - An Oddly Pukey Update From Aquaman, and Work Begins on the Picard Spinoff

9/25/2018 - It's 2018, and I Actually Care About This Inkjet Printer

9/25/2018 - The Final Fantastic Beasts Sequel Trailer Teases a Surprising Character Reveal [Updated]

9/24/2018 - Facebook's Woes Grow as Instagram Co-Founders Bail

9/24/2018 - White House Alarm System Starts Blaring During News Segment on Rod Rosenstein

9/24/2018 - Bunker-Bound Solitude Is the Enemy in This Exclusive Clip From Domain

9/24/2018 - Pulpy Epic Shadow Builds to Action That'll Blow Your Mind

9/24/2018 - RIP Gary Kurtz, One of the Fundamental Figures of Star Wars' Early History

9/24/2018 - Lev Grossman's Magicians Are Coming to Comics 

9/24/2018 - Google Is Bringing a Bunch of Changes to Search

9/24/2018 - A Dog With Cancer Got a New, 3D-Printed Titanium Skull

9/24/2018 - In Marvel's Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson Is the Most Compelling She's Ever Been

9/24/2018 - Apple's Super Big (and Pricey) iPhone Is 'Significantly' Outselling the XS, Because of Course It Is

9/24/2018 - The Doctor, and Her Doctors

9/24/2018 - Check Out This Incredible Extinct Bird From the Cretaceous Period

9/24/2018 - Border Is a Beautiful Story of Self-Discovery That Brings Fantasy to the Real World

9/24/2018 - Pet Store Puppies Are Spreading a Diarrhea-Causing Superbug to Humans

9/24/2018 - Crafting the Perfect Viral Video in Ralph Breaks the Internet Took a Lot of Trial and Error

9/24/2018 - These Laser Tag Wands Deliver Some Hogwarts Fun Without as Much Studying

9/24/2018 - South Carolina Coast Braces For Worst Flooding Yet More Than a Week After Florence

9/24/2018 - Payouts to Rideshare Drivers Have Shrunk By Half, Study Finds

9/24/2018 - 14 Things You Can Do in macOS 10.14 Mojave That You Couldn't Do Before

9/24/2018 - Suspiria Is a Living, Breathing Work of Art

9/24/2018 - Emergency Rooms Say People Are Getting Really Hurt on Electric Scooters

9/24/2018 - Forget the Xenomorph, Jonesy the Cat Is the Real Star of This Alien Statue

9/24/2018 - Teen Survives 49 Days at Sea in Drifting Fishing Hut

9/24/2018 - 12 Unforgettable Sci-Fi Movies About Memory

9/24/2018 - Google Chrome Is Now Quietly Forcing You to Log In—Here's What to Do About It 

9/24/2018 - Some iPhone Users Are Saying Colors Look 'Off' After Upgrading to iOS 12

9/24/2018 - Level 16 Channels The Handmaid's Tale in the Best Possible Ways, Which Is Pretty Damn Scary

9/24/2018 - Astronomers Spot a Black Hole Sucking Up an Earth-Size Clump of Matter

9/24/2018 - Do Dogs Forget Their People?

9/24/2018 - A Giant Wildfire Has Cut off Yellowstone's Southern Gateway

9/24/2018 - SiriusXM is Gobbling Up Pandora for Just $3.5 Billion

9/24/2018 - More Joker Set Pictures Tease the Rise of a New Clown Prince of Crime 

9/24/2018 - The Newest Bumblebee Trailer Is Packed With Other Transformers

9/24/2018 - Gun Activist Cody Wilson Released From Texas Jail After Posting Bond for Sex Assault of a Minor Charges

9/23/2018 - Octopuses on Ecstasy, Weight-Loss Scams, and Neutron Stars: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/23/2018 - Wendy's Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Collection of Staff Fingerprint Data

9/23/2018 - World War II and Zombies Combine in the Kinetic, Intense, Overlord

9/23/2018 - Rob Liefeld Might Be Returning to X-Men Comics Next Year

9/23/2018 - Ecuador Tried to Get Julian Assange Out of Their Embassy By Making Him a Diplomat to Russia

9/23/2018 - This Fan-Animated Fight Scene Gives the MCU's Spider-Man His Chance Against Tom Hardy's Venom

9/23/2018 - Japan's Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Successfully Deploys Landers to Asteroid Ryugu's Surface

9/23/2018 - The Best Spider-Man Costumes That Weren't in the New Game

9/23/2018 - Apostle Is a Creepy, Tense Thriller From the Director of The Raid

9/22/2018 - Apple's Upcoming Streaming Service Is Reportedly So Bland Staff Are Calling It 'Expensive NBC'

9/22/2018 - Japanese Zombie Comedy One Cut of the Dead Is Shaun of the Dead-Level Brilliant

9/22/2018 - These Steven Universe/A Softer World Mashups Are Perfect

9/22/2018 - World Health Organization Study Finds Alcohol Responsible for Five Percent of Deaths Worldwide

9/22/2018 - Freddy Krueger's Visiting for Halloween, But Not The Way You Might Expect

9/22/2018 - The Creator of Chucky the Doll Is Not Impressed With His Creation's New Look

9/22/2018 - Report: Trump May Order Antitrust Probe of Tech Companies Over BS Claims of Bias

9/22/2018 - Do 'Stoned' Lobsters Really Feel Less Pain When Cooked Alive?

9/22/2018 - You Might Be the Killer Turns a Twitter Conversation Into a Meta Horror Film

9/22/2018 - Do You Answer the Phone?

9/21/2018 - Star Wars: A New Hope, But as a Classic '80s Anime

9/21/2018 - The Unthinkable Is a Weird Movie Whose Ambition Wildly Outweighs Its Quality

9/21/2018 - It's Never Too Early For Ugly Sweaters, and More of the Weirdest Toys and Merchandise of the Week

9/21/2018 - Oliver Queen's Butt Naked and Kicking Ass in the Latest Arrow Season 7 Trailer

9/21/2018 - Dirty Contacts and Bad Hygiene Are Helping Spread an Amoeba That Can Blind You

9/21/2018 - Twitter Bug That 'May Have' Exposed Direct Messages Probably Didn't Expose Anything

9/21/2018 - ACLU, NAACP, and Dozens of Other Groups Call Out Tech Giants Over Forced Arbitration

9/21/2018 - In This Week's Best New Comics, the NYC Subway Isn't So Bad and Gender Is an Illusion

9/21/2018 - I Tried Giving The Hobbit Trilogy a Chance, But It Just Hurts So Much

9/21/2018 - UN Study Finds Average American Crowdworker Earns Less Than $5 an Hour

9/21/2018 - Tour Your Nightmares With This Inside Peek at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

9/21/2018 - How Eli Roth Shifted From R-Rated Horror to Amblin's The House With a Clock in Its Walls

9/21/2018 - Coal Ash Could Be Spilling Into North Carolina's Drinking Water

9/21/2018 - Report: An Animated Diablo Series Is Coming to Netflix

9/21/2018 - Infowars and Prison Planet Belatedly Banned From PayPal for Obvious Reasons

9/21/2018 - Reports: Marvel's Eternals Movie is Moving Forward With Director Chloé Zhao

9/21/2018 - A Hail Mary Attempt to Save the West's Largest Coal Plant Has Failed

9/21/2018 - Here's Your First Look at Joaquin Phoenix's Joker in Makeup

9/21/2018 - The Real Story Behind That Viral Video of President Trump Hissing Like a Snake

9/21/2018 - This Google Doodle Perfectly Captures the Magic of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

9/21/2018 - Check Out the iPhone XS' Weirdo Battery

9/21/2018 - Dear Lord, Praying Mantises Can Actually Catch Fish

9/21/2018 - Man Who Posed as Housewife Online Admits to Secretly Recording Sex With 80 Men for Porn Site

9/21/2018 - This Quirky Folding E-ink Typewriter Strips Away All of Your Fun, Productivity-Killing Distractions

9/21/2018 - Report: Instagram's IGTV 'Recommended' Videos of Graphic Violence and Possible Child Abuse

9/21/2018 - Just Look At This Life-Sized Lego Porg

9/21/2018 - Eddie Brock's Not a Very Good Journalist in the First Venom Clip

9/21/2018 - California Is the First State to Declare War on Plastic Straws

9/21/2018 - This Deep Sea Eel Is the Raddest Thing You'll See All Week

9/21/2018 - Facebook Says It Will Stop Sending Employees to Help Political Campaigns In-Person

9/21/2018 - Yandy Pulls Its 'Sexy' Handmaid's Tale Costume After a Swift Backlash

9/21/2018 - Watch a Moth Keep Its Balance While Being Pelted With Tiny Cannonballs

9/21/2018 - Airline Passengers Bleed From Ears and Nose After Crew Forgets to Pressurize Cabin

9/21/2018 - Genetic Analysis of Seized Elephant Tusks Exposes Three Major Cartels

9/21/2018 - The Bizarre Scheme Using Viral Abuse Stories and Stolen Pics to Sell Diet Pills on Twitter

9/21/2018 - There Are Really Only 2 Episodes from Iron Fist's Second Season You Have To Watch

9/21/2018 - 3D-Printed Gun Activist Accused of Child Sexual Assault Reportedly Arrested in Taiwan

9/21/2018 - Hawaii’s National Park Is Re-Opening After the Eruption of a Lifetime

9/21/2018 - Even More Rumors About Who Could Star in Birds of Prey

9/20/2018 - Jodie Whittaker's Debut Doctor Who Season Won't Feature Any Returning Monsters

9/20/2018 - Marvel Just Added Another Twist to Captain Marvel's Origin Story

9/20/2018 - DC Regrets Showing You Batman's Batawang

9/20/2018 - White House: We're Going to Cyber Harder

9/20/2018 - Looks Like Twitch Is Now Blocked in China

9/20/2018 - Actress Brec Bassinger Is the Hero of DC Universe's Stargirl

9/20/2018 - Amazon's Alexa Microwave Is as Dumb as It Is Brilliant

9/20/2018 - The New Halloween Is Part Nostalgic, Part Original, and All Fantastic

9/20/2018 - American Horror Story's Latex Sex Demon Came to Apocalypse in the Most Fucked Up Way Imaginable

9/20/2018 - This Theory Shows Why C-3PO Is the Secret Hero of Star Wars

9/20/2018 - Leading U.S. Science Organization Overhauls Its Policy on Sexual Harassment

9/20/2018 - Scientists Peer Inside the Disgusting Cloud of Living Things That Surrounds You Daily

9/20/2018 - Earth Scientists Propose Giant Wall to Stop Antarctic Ice Sheet From Collapsing

9/20/2018 - How the Disney Princess Scene in Ralph Breaks the Internet Came to Be 

9/20/2018 - Star Trek: Discovery's Monthly Mini-Episodes Begin October 4, Here Are the First Details

9/20/2018 - Amazon Is Going to Drown Us in Alexa Crap

9/20/2018 - Extraordinary Evidence Suggests 558-Million-Year-Old Fossil Is the Oldest Known Animal on the Planet

9/20/2018 - Postal Apocalypse: What Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe Look Like After Avengers 4?

9/20/2018 - The Current U.S. Drug Overdose Crisis Began in the Late 1970s, Study Finds

9/20/2018 - Watch a Russian Ice Cap Experience An ‘Unprecedented’ Melt Down

9/20/2018 - A Vengeful Daredevil Returns for Season 3 This October

9/20/2018 - House Committee Recommends Stripping Sexual Harassers in Science and Academia of Federal Funding

9/20/2018 - This Could Be Google's First Homegrown Chrome OS Tablet

9/20/2018 - It's Official: Jordan Peele Will Host His Twilight Zone Reboot

9/20/2018 - North Carolina Is Facing a Public Health Crisis After Florence

9/20/2018 - New Mexico Observatory Closed Because of Child Porn Investigation, Not Aliens

9/20/2018 - Gmail Will Soon Let You Turn Off Those Damn Smart Replies

9/20/2018 - Disney's CEO Agrees That Maybe One Star Wars Movie a Year Is a Bit Too Much

9/20/2018 - Scientists Gave MDMA to Octopuses—and What Happened Was Profound

9/20/2018 - The New GoPro Hero 7 Black Promises Smoother Footage, But That's About It

9/20/2018 - Facebook Now Reportedly ‘Reviewing’ Its Distinction Between White Nationalism and White Supremacy

9/20/2018 - Samsung's New Galaxy Watch Comes So Close to Delivering the Modern Wearable Dream

9/20/2018 - It Screenwriter Cary Fukunaga to Direct Bond 25 for a 2020 Release

9/20/2018 - ABC Is Planning a New Marvel Show Based on Female Superheroes

9/20/2018 - Ralph Breaks the Internet's New Trailer Promises to 'Never Give You Up'

9/20/2018 - The Universe Needs Fixing in the Explosive New Doctor Who Trailer

9/19/2018 - Watch Chadwick Boseman Go Sledding Without Snow in a VFX Breakdown of Black Panther's Climactic Fight

9/19/2018 - The Star Wars Galaxy Can't Stop Murdering Rogue One Characters

9/19/2018 - Newegg Data Breach Left Customer Credit Cards Exposed For a Month, Security Researchers Say

9/19/2018 - Bruce Wayne's Censored Penis Is the Least Interesting Thing About Batman: Damned

9/19/2018 - Something Unexpected and Weird Is Happening Beneath California’s Deadliest Faults

9/19/2018 - Concrete Hits Heavy at the Heart Without Ever Throwing a Punch

9/19/2018 - Facebook Wants You to Know It Has an Election 'War Room'

9/19/2018 - The Largest Wildfire in California's History Is Finally Contained

9/19/2018 - LeBron James Assembles His Tune Squad for Space Jam 2, Including Black Panther's Ryan Coogler

9/19/2018 - Hackers Behind the Botnet That Broke the Internet Are Basically Cops Now

9/19/2018 - Report: AMC's The Walking Dead Universe Will Expand With New Movies and Shows

9/19/2018 - The 20 Wildest, Coolest, and Most Unique Films We Can't Wait to See at Fantastic Fest 2018

9/19/2018 - Trump's Methane Rule Rollback Will Make More People Sick

9/19/2018 - Freaky Robotic Skin Brings Inanimate Objects to Life

9/19/2018 - Shattering the Bike Land Speed Record at 183.9MPH Looks Weirdly Chill

9/19/2018 - Open Channel: So, Which Other MCU Characters Should Get Their Own Disney Streaming Shows?

9/19/2018 - Code Discovered in iOS 12.1 Beta Suggests Apple’s iPad Event Is Coming Very Soon

9/19/2018 - EU Antitrust Cop Investigating Whether Amazon Misuses Seller Data for Profit

9/19/2018 - Get More Out of Your Chromebook by Running Linux Apps

9/19/2018 - Legendary Pirate Flop Cutthroat Island Isn't Perfect, But It's Far From a Disaster

9/19/2018 - Most Americans Think We Can Save the Planet and Create Jobs at the Same Time

9/19/2018 - Get to Know Captain Marvel in This Exclusive Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors Featurette

9/19/2018 - Scientists Are Turning Zika Virus Into a Weapon Against Brain Cancer

9/19/2018 - The New Haunting of Hill House Looks Depressing as Hell

9/19/2018 - 3D-Printed Gun Activist Cody Wilson Charged With Sexual Assault of a Child [Updated]

9/19/2018 - This is Not How You Dispose of a Dead Whale

9/19/2018 - NASA’s TESS Space Telescope Has Spotted Its First Exoplanet

9/19/2018 - You Have No Excuse for Shitty Passwords Anymore

9/19/2018 - New Images From Doctor Who's Return Tease a Bold Destination for the Doctor

9/19/2018 - I Don't Have Enough HDMI Ports for This Shit

9/19/2018 - Wikipedia Editors Fight Over Whether to Include the President's Dick in Article About Nintendo's Toad

9/19/2018 - What on Earth Makes a $1,200 Graphics Card Worth It?

9/19/2018 - Warwick Davis Still Has Hopes for a Willow Sequel

9/19/2018 - North Korea Pledges to Dismantle One Nuclear Site If U.S. Takes 'Corresponding Measures'

9/19/2018 - Senate Unanimously Passes Music Modernization Act, Improving Artist Payouts From Streaming Giants 

9/18/2018 - Court Rules FCC Must Release Records That Could Explain Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments

9/18/2018 - Report: Loki and Scarlet Witch Could Get Their Own Shows on Disney's Streaming Service

9/18/2018 - Oh, Right, Keanu Reeves Has a Sci-Fi Film Called Replicas Coming Out

9/18/2018 - Looks Like the Spider-Man Comics Are Going to Use a Great Idea From the New Video Game

9/18/2018 - Nancy Pelosi Hints She's 'Sure' Governor Brown Will Sign California's Net Neutrality Bill

9/18/2018 - Apple’s Using Your Call and Text Data to Figure Out Whether to ‘Trust’ Your Devices

9/18/2018 - Sesame Street Wants Us to Believe Bert and Ernie Aren't Gay

9/18/2018 - Black Panther's Most Iconic Fight Has Been Immortalized in a Magnificent Funko Pop

9/18/2018 - Millions of Chickens Have Drowned in Florence's Floodwaters [Updated]

9/18/2018 - The FDA Finally Made Vaping Look Cool

9/18/2018 - A Script Outline Shows How Star Trek: The Next Generation Almost Had Its Own Young Spock

9/18/2018 - All the Cosmic Secrets We Uncovered in the Stunning Captain Marvel Trailer

9/18/2018 - Stop Waffling and Get That Brightly Colored Gadget—Science Suggests You'll Like It More

9/18/2018 - Georgia’s Election Officials Haven’t Done Shit to Secure Vote From Hackers, Judge Says

9/18/2018 - Primate Relationships Are Messier Than We Thought, New Research Suggests

9/18/2018 - Tales From the Loop's Publisher Discusses the New '90s Expansion and the Big Amazon Adaptation

9/18/2018 - Twitter’s Chronological Timeline Is Back. Just Wait Until You See How Weird It Is

9/18/2018 - Our Favorite Celebrity Reactions to the Captain Marvel Trailer

9/18/2018 - ACLU Files Charges Against Facebook for Enabling Advertisers to Target Only Young Men for Jobs

9/18/2018 - The EPA Is Failing to Keep Students Safe From Asbestos: Report

9/18/2018 - Astronomers Spot Unprecedented Glow Around Neutron Star, and Whatever It Is, It’s Important

9/18/2018 - Avatar: The Last Airbender Is Being Reborn as a Live-Action Netflix Series

9/18/2018 - Group of 58,000 Science Teachers Issues No-Bullshit Position on Climate Change

9/18/2018 - Game of Thrones Continues Its Emmy Awards Reign

9/18/2018 - Climate Change Is Making Our Hurricane Scale Obsolete

9/18/2018 - Remember the Delightful Messenger-Only Gadgets That Failed to Conquer the World?

9/18/2018 - New Mexico Sheriff Demands Answers, Calls FBI 'Chicken Shit' Over Handling of Mysterious Observatory Closure

9/18/2018 - The House With a Clock in Its Walls Has Some Enchanting Moments But Is Mostly Forgettable

9/18/2018 - This Clever Laptop Power Plug Shows How Great a Tiny Innovation Can Be

9/18/2018 - These Nearly-Extinct Animals Would Fit on a Single Subway Car

9/18/2018 - Episode Details for Doctor Who's Return Have Been Revealed

9/18/2018 - The Real Withings Returns With a Smarter and Sportier Smartwatch

9/18/2018 - Captain Marvel's Triumphant First Trailer Shoots for the Stars

9/18/2018 - Rest in Peace, Cat That Broke Into New Orleans Substation and Blew Out Power to Thousands

9/18/2018 - Homeless Man Shaving on Train Goes Viral Because Humans Are Terrible and Social Media Was a Mistake

9/18/2018 - Elon Musk Names Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa as First Tourist on SpaceX's BFR

9/17/2018 - Amazon Is Planning on Releasing Eight New Alexa-Enabled Devices This Year

9/17/2018 - Relive the Creation of the Original Predator Costume in This Excellently Detailed Video

9/17/2018 - Erik Killmonger, Who Was Right, Is the Star of a New Comics Series

9/17/2018 - The Sci-Fi Gold Rush Gets Dark and Dirty in the Latest Prospect Trailer

9/17/2018 - Five Baby Squirrels Who Got Their Tails Tangled in a Knot Are Fine Now, Thanks

9/17/2018 - MoviePass Rival Sinemia Rolls Out a $30 Unlimited Plan

9/17/2018 - An Aspirin a Day Might Not Extend Life for Healthy Older People

9/17/2018 - Emerging Tech Will Create More Jobs Than It Kills by 2022, World Economic Forum Predicts

9/17/2018 - Gwendoline Christie Had a Predictable Emotional Response to Completing Her Work on Game of Thrones

9/17/2018 - Man Who Uploaded Deadpool to Facebook May Get Six Months in Prison

9/17/2018 - Glacier Named After Prominent Geologist Renamed Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

9/17/2018 - Patrick Stewart and Elizabeth Banks Are Both Playing Bosley in the New Charlie's Angels

9/17/2018 - British Town Blames Spiders for Ghostly Sound of Children Singing at Night

9/17/2018 - Sam Witwer on the Enduring Legacy of Darth Maul, From The Phantom Menace to Solo 

9/17/2018 - New Mexico Sues Google, Twitter, and App Developers Over Games That Allegedly Violate Kids' Privacy

9/17/2018 - Study Shows That Soot From Polluted Air Can Reach the Placenta

9/17/2018 - A Dark Knight Rises Actor Is Joining Joker as Batman's Latest Dad

9/17/2018 - Canadian Firenado Steals Firefighters’ Hose, Hits Them With Burning Logs

9/17/2018 - FEMA Delays First Test of 'Presidential Alerts' System That Trump Will Control

9/17/2018 - Elon Musk Sued for Defamation by Cave Diver Over 'Pedo' Remarks

9/17/2018 - Finally, Sports Headphones That Sound Truly Great

9/17/2018 - An Exclusive Look Inside Image's Cryptic New Comic Series, Self/Made

9/17/2018 - Where Are We in Space? Astronomers Update Their Celestial Frame of Reference

9/17/2018 - Path, the Doomed Social Network With One Great Idea, Is Finally Shutting Down

9/17/2018 - 19 Things You Can Do in iOS 12 That You Couldn't Do Before

9/17/2018 - Legion's Dan Stevens Faces a Nightmarish Cult in the First Apostle Trailer

9/17/2018 - Tinkerer Builds More Durable Version of Nintendo Labo Toys Using Lego

9/17/2018 - A Great Brown Storm Is Raging on Jupiter

9/17/2018 - If You Hate Your Eyes, You Can Now Watch Video Recorded On a Vinyl Record

9/17/2018 - Get to Know the Coven in These New Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Photos

9/17/2018 - Our Solar System's Largest Asteroid Is Covered in Ice Volcanoes

9/17/2018 - The Strongest Storm of the Year Shook Southeast Asia This Weekend

9/17/2018 - Linux Founder Takes Some Time Off to Learn How to Stop Being an Asshole

9/17/2018 - Let's Talk About the Ending of The Predator, Shall We?

9/17/2018 - Apple's AirPower Might Be 'Doomed'

9/17/2018 - New Mexico Observatory Finally Gives Explanation for Mysterious Shutdown

9/17/2018 - Could This Year's Arrowverse Crossover Involve a Major Batman Villain?

9/17/2018 - Aerial Photos Reveal the Devastation Left by Florence

9/17/2018 - The New Trailer for Mary Poppins Returns Reveals a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Emily Blunt

9/17/2018 - Is Breakfast Cereal Any Good for You?

9/17/2018 - Donald Trump Jr. Posts Fake Letter to Instagram Mocking Woman Allegedly Assaulted by Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

9/16/2018 - The EU Copyright Directive, Starforce, Ray-Tracing and Apple: Best Gizmodo Posts of the Week

9/16/2018 - Amazon Reportedly Investigating Whether Some of Its Staff Are Taking Kickbacks From Merchants

9/16/2018 - Here's Our First, Sans-Makeup Look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

9/16/2018 - The New Halloween Almost Re-Filmed the Original's Ending

9/16/2018 - California Governor Jerry Brown Says State Will Launch Its Own Pollution Monitoring Satellite

9/16/2018 - Hawkeye Gets a Lot Done in the Avengers Movies, Actually

9/16/2018 - Imax Says It Has Talked With Every Major Streaming Service About Theatrical Releases

9/16/2018 - The New Venom Poster Is Incredibly on Brand

9/16/2018 - Rick and Morty Makes a Beautiful and Strange Anime in This Fan Video

9/15/2018 - Dick Grayson Meets His Replacement in This Short, Delightful Clip From Titans

9/15/2018 - Report: Google's Chinese Search Prototype Logs Phone Numbers, Hides Unapproved Pollution Data

9/15/2018 - FEMA's New 'Presidential Alerts' System Will Be Tested This Week, Though Don't Worry

9/15/2018 - Chelsea Cain Doesn't Know Why Her The Vision Comic Was Cancelled, Either

9/15/2018 - The Sound Engineer Behind Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Tron Has Passed Away

9/15/2018 - Watch the Last Delta II Rocket Carry ICESat-2 Into Space

9/15/2018 - Meet New Recruits and New Giant Robots in the Latest Teaser for Gen:LOCK

9/15/2018 - See the First and Last Words of Every Character on Adventure Time

9/15/2018 - Bigger Phones, Bigger Watches, Forever and Ever

9/14/2018 - Thanos Faces Horror's Most Iconic Villains in This Killer Photo

9/14/2018 - The Martian Manhunter Is Getting the Spotlight He Deserves in a New Series From Steve Orlando

9/14/2018 - Scott Wiener Paints Ajit Pai as Telecom Shill as California Net Neutrality Fight Escalates

9/14/2018 - Looking Back at the Complicated Legacy of 1932's Freaks

9/14/2018 - What We Know About Nintendo Switch Online 

9/14/2018 - Unintentionally Creepy Halloween Costumes, Space Rovers, and All the Best Toys You Missed This Week

9/14/2018 - Miles Morales Is Getting Back to His Spider-Man Roots in a New Series Written by Saladin Ahmed

9/14/2018 - The World's Largest Captive Lemur Facility Is Bracing For Florence

9/14/2018 - Strut Your Stuff for This Week's Gif Party

9/14/2018 - America's Obesity Problem Is Getting Even Worse

9/14/2018 - Jon Kasdan's 'Useless' Solo Notes: The Good, the Cool, and the Problematic

9/14/2018 - In This Week's Best New Comics, Internet Trolls and the Big Two Are the Ultimate Villains

9/14/2018 - Google Brings 2FA Fingerprint Support to Its Web Browser With Chrome Beta 70

9/14/2018 - Our New Lois Lane Is Grimm's Elizabeth Tulloch

9/14/2018 - Maybe You Should Just Buy an Old iPhone

9/14/2018 - America's Top Nazi Sued Warner Bros. for Libel in 1939 Because He Didn't Like the Movie Confessions of a Nazi Spy

9/14/2018 - The Latest Star Wars Resistance Video Introduces New Characters and Has Some Tantalizing Teases

9/14/2018 - Solo Colonoscopies, Cannibal Calories, and More 2018 Ig Nobel Prize Winners

9/14/2018 - Apple Magically Makes the Notch Disappear

9/14/2018 - For Some Reason, Marvel Just Cancelled Chelsea Cain's Upcoming The Vision Series

9/14/2018 - House Passes Bill to Advance Quantum Science in the U.S.

9/14/2018 - Python Programming Language Ditches 'Master-Slave' Terms, Pissing Off Some

9/14/2018 - Artist Jen Bartel on Turning Fan Art Into a Comics Career and Paying It Forward

9/14/2018 - RIP, Young Orca J-50

9/14/2018 - 'Telescope Did Not See Aliens,' Director of Mysteriously Shut Down Observatory Claims

9/14/2018 - SpaceX Reboots Plan to Send Tourists Around the Moon—and It's About to Name the First Passenger

9/14/2018 - A Convenient Guide Through DC's Wild and Uncertain Film Universe

9/14/2018 - Super Typhoon Mangkhut Is the Strongest Storm on Earth This Year

9/14/2018 - Emma Stone and Jonah Hill Have a Cosmic Connection In a New Look at Netflix's Maniac

9/14/2018 - NASA's Efforts to Contact Opportunity Rover Ramp Up as Martian Dust Storm Clears

9/14/2018 - This Wireless Charging Backup Battery Is a Wonderfully Convenient Upgrade

9/14/2018 - Captain Marvel's Clark Gregg Teases Coulson's Early Relationship With Nick Fury

9/14/2018 - Oklahoma to Host Fleet of Udelv Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

9/14/2018 - State Department Spent $52,000 on Motorized Curtains for Nikki Haley's Apartment

9/13/2018 - Channel Zero Announces Its Return With a Terrifying First Look at Season 4, The Dream Door

9/13/2018 - Mandy Is Beautiful, Badass, and Boasts the Ultimate Nicolas Cage Performance

9/13/2018 - Meet the Bravest Warriors' Parents in This Exclusive New Clip

9/13/2018 - OnePlus Killing the Headphone Jack Is More About Money Than Good Timing

9/13/2018 - YouTube Kids Is Getting Some Totally Sensible Parental Controls

9/13/2018 - Yes, You Can Own the Movies You Buy from Apple, Kinda

9/13/2018 - Watch the Awesome Way in Which Plants Defend Themselves Against Threats

9/13/2018 - The Predator Director Shane Black Apologizes Once More Over Casting a Sex Offender

9/13/2018 - Facebook Is Expanding Photo Fact-Checking Across 17 Countries

9/13/2018 - We've Got a Sneak Peek at Anne Rice's New Vampire Lestat Tale, Blood Communion

9/13/2018 - Study Suggests BPA-Free Plastics Are Just as Harmful to Health

9/13/2018 - Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Is Reportedly Joining Westworld Season 3

9/13/2018 - Hubble Captures Image of a Truly Warped 'Dragon' 

9/13/2018 - The Strange, Beautiful, and Now Tumblr-Friendly History of Sci-Fi Musicals

9/13/2018 - Jeff Bezos Now Has a $2 Billion Charity Fund—I Have Some Questions

9/13/2018 - Postal Apocalypse: Will Fan Toxicity Ever Get Better?

9/13/2018 - Florence Loses Speed, Now Crawling Inland as Historic Rainfall Continues [Updating]

9/13/2018 - RIP iPhone SE

9/13/2018 - Mission to Slam Spacecraft Into Asteroid Has Begun Final Design and Construction

9/13/2018 - Dick Grayson and Jason Todd Cross Paths in the Latest Titans Photos

9/13/2018 - This Is the iPhone Xs You Should Buy

9/13/2018 - Top European Court Rules UK Mass Surveillance Regime Violates Human Rights

9/13/2018 - Hayabusa2's First Practice Attempt to Land on Ryugu Asteroid Didn’t Go So Well

9/13/2018 - The Captive State Trailer Reveals a Totalitarian World Run by Aliens

9/13/2018 - Why These Environmentalists Are Protesting Jerry Brown’s Climate Summit

9/13/2018 - Why Ray Tracing on Nvidia's New GPUs Is so Exciting

9/13/2018 - The Comic Book History Behind the New Spider-Man Game's Unlockable Suits

9/13/2018 - Plan to Build a Genetic Noah’s Ark Includes a Staggering 66,000 Species

9/13/2018 - This Astronaut's Photos of Hurricane Florence Are Terrifying

9/13/2018 - The First Trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Legitimately Creepy

9/13/2018 - Spotify Finally Raises Its Frustrating Limit on Offline Downloads 

9/13/2018 - Trump Falsely Claims Democrats Made Up Hurricane Maria Death Toll to Make Him Look Bad

9/13/2018 - The Wild Rumors About Henry Cavill's Potential Superman Replacement Have Begun

9/13/2018 - Master & Dynamic's New Truly Wireless Earbuds Thump

9/13/2018 - Russian Poisoning Suspects Say They're Sports Nutrition Businessmen, Hope the 'Real Perpetrators' Are Caught [Updated]

9/13/2018 - Let's Be Very Clear About What Breitbart's Leaked Google Video Shows

9/12/2018 - Report: National Guard Wants to Fly MQ-9 Reaper Drones at the U.S.-Mexico Border

9/12/2018 - Officials Warn Those in Path of Hurricane Florence It's Their Last Chance to Evacuate

9/12/2018 - If You're a Fan of the Original Halloween, There's a Bunch of Awesome Shit Coming Up

9/12/2018 - Amazon Confuses Bob Woodward for L. Ron Hubbard, Sending Reviews for Fear Tumbling

9/12/2018 - Supernatural Video Game Alan Wake Is Becoming a TV Show

9/12/2018 - Crowdfunding Sites Are Putting Money in the Pockets of Cancer Quacks, Report Finds

9/12/2018 - This Is How It Starts: FBI Suspiciously Locks Down, Evacuates Solar Observatory in New Mexico

9/12/2018 - Marvel Rising's Adorable Heroes Take Inspiration From Captain Marvel in a New Trailer

9/12/2018 - How 'Cheap' Is the iPhone XR Really?

9/12/2018 - Is the New Apple Watch's ECG Feature Legit?

9/12/2018 - Watch Han Solo Fly a TIE Fighter in a Deleted Scene From Solo

9/12/2018 - iPhone Xs Max First Impressions: Just How Jumbo Is This Freaking Thing?

9/12/2018 - 10-Year-Old Boy Survives Wasp Attack That Ended With Meat Skewer in Skull

9/12/2018 - Apple's Totally Being a Dick About the Dongle

9/12/2018 - Qanon Conspiracy Communities Banned From Reddit

9/12/2018 - One of the Most Famous Degenerative Diseases Affects the Brain in Previously Unknown Ways

9/12/2018 - No Seriously, Where the Hell Is AirPower?

9/12/2018 - Disney's Mistresses of Villainy Descend Upon New York Fashion Week 

9/12/2018 - When You Can Get All the Shit Apple Just Announced

9/12/2018 - How to Track Hurricanes Like a True Weather Geek

9/12/2018 - Weird Tooth Phone Wins Millions in Pentagon Funding

9/12/2018 - New Titans Photos Give Us a Better Look at How DC Universe Is Reimagining the Heroes

9/12/2018 - Everything Apple Announced Today

9/12/2018 - Apple iPhone XR: The Cheaper iPhone That Might Be a Better Deal

9/12/2018 - Humans Lived in Madagascar 6,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

9/12/2018 - The First Trailer for Netflix's Hilda Is Full of Lighthearted Magic and Wonder

9/12/2018 - Apple iPhone Xs: The Complete Rundown

9/12/2018 - Here's What We Know About All That Bottled Water Abandoned in Puerto Rico [Updated]

9/12/2018 - Apple Watch Series 4: Here’s Everything It Can Do

9/12/2018 - Archaeologists Have Found the World's Oldest Known Drawing in a South African Cave

9/12/2018 - Report: American Gods Is Experiencing More Showrunner Issues

9/12/2018 - Our Apple iPhone Event Liveblog Is Right Here

9/12/2018 - What Did Tim Cook Forget? [Update: We're Stupid]

9/12/2018 - Europe Could Fine Tech Companies That Don't Remove Terrorist Content in One Hour

9/12/2018 - What the Hell Is Going on With the ISS Drill Hole Story?

9/12/2018 - The First Scene of The Good Place Season 3 Highlights Humanity's Greatest Achievement

9/12/2018 - Drama Over Shirtless Selfie in Houseplant Hobby Group Inspires Wave of Plant Nude Trolling

9/12/2018 - Hurricane Florence Could Unleash Pig Shit, Coal Ash, Industrial Waste

9/12/2018 - Castle Rock Triumphs by Keeping Us Guessing Until the Very End

9/12/2018 - FDA Moves to End 'Epidemic' of Teen Vaping

9/12/2018 - Report: Henry Cavill's Superman Is Going Into Retirement [Updated]

9/12/2018 - How to Watch Apple Announce All Its New iPhones and Watches and Maybe an iPad

9/12/2018 - European Parliament Approves Catastrophic Copyright Bill That Threatens the Internet

9/12/2018 - Here Are Some Last-Minute Leaks Ahead of Apple's Big Event

9/12/2018 - New X-Men: Dark Phoenix Set Photos Tease a Major Battle for Jean Grey

9/12/2018 - The UE Boom 3 Is Good Redesign at Its Best

9/11/2018 - Juul Labs Gets Restraining Order on 30 Chinese Entities Selling Knockoffs on eBay

9/11/2018 - Verizon's New Home-Based 5G Won't Offer Next-Gen Speeds Yet, But Users Will Get Some Free Shit

9/11/2018 - This Pixar and Star Wars Mash-Up Is Almost Too Perfect

9/11/2018 - Iron Fist Season 2 Introduces a Cavalcade of New Characters From Marvel's Comics

9/11/2018 - The Gifted's Latest Trailers Want You to Pick a Side in the Coming Mutant War

9/11/2018 - Cool Island Bullied by IMF to Abandon Digital Currency

9/11/2018 - Researchers Come Out With Yet Another Unnerving, New Deepfake Method

9/11/2018 - Watch the Cast of Solo Geek Out When Jumping to Hyperspace

9/11/2018 - President Trump Calls Disastrous Response to Hurricane Maria an 'Unsung Success'

9/11/2018 - Marvel's Spider-Man Has One of the Best Twists on a Classic Spidey Villain in Years

9/11/2018 - Toddlers and Chimpanzees Share a Surprising Unspoken Language

9/11/2018 - The Predator Is a Manic, Muddled Mess

9/11/2018 - New York Is Phasing Out One of the Worst Climate Pollutants There Is

9/11/2018 - Simple Hack Turns India's Massive Biometric Database Into a Profitable Counterfeit System

9/11/2018 - What the Solo: A Star Wars Story Novelization Adds to the Movie

9/11/2018 - The EU's Disastrous Copyright Bill Is Back to Break the Internet

9/11/2018 - Why Hurricane Florence Could Generate Historic Rainfall

9/11/2018 - Google Fights Back as EU Weighs Expanding 'Right to Be Forgotten' Worldwide

9/11/2018 - How Hackers Compromised 380,000 British Airway Customer Payments

9/11/2018 - The BBC's His Dark Materials Has Already Received a Second Season Order

9/11/2018 - The Large Hadron Collider Turns 10: Here's What's Next for Particle Physics

9/11/2018 - Old Predictions About Space Travel Can Be Super Depressing in 2018

9/11/2018 - Pandemic Infects Rome, Tales From The Loop Heads to the '90s, and More Tabletop Gaming News

9/11/2018 - Ancient Jar of Roman Gold Coins Discovered Under Italian Theater

9/11/2018 - Black Panther Has Its Eyes Set on a Lot of Oscars

9/11/2018 - Sony Continues to Drink Bose's Milkshake

9/11/2018 - Amazon Takes Down Nine Books Self-Published on Kindle by Virulent Sexist 'Roosh'

9/11/2018 - Updates From New Mutants, Swamp Thing, and More

9/11/2018 - U.S. Officials Suspect Russian Involvement in Mystery Attacks Against American Diplomats in Cuba and China: Report

9/10/2018 - SETI's New Neural Network Detects Many More Fast Radio Bursts From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

9/10/2018 - Donald Trump's Administration Wants to Let Oil and Gas Companies Emit a Lot More Methane

9/10/2018 - Celebrate Some Super Mario Milestones With a Slew of Trippy Artwork

9/10/2018 - Stranded Astronauts Orbit Earth as Nuclear War Rages in This Stunning Short

9/10/2018 - Researchers Show Off Method for Hacking Tesla’s Keyless Entry, So Turn on Two-Factor Authentication 

9/10/2018 - Dead Man’s Son Sues Cryonics Lab for Only Freezing Dad’s Head

9/10/2018 - 5 Things We Liked (and 4 We Didn't) About Iron Fist's Second Season

9/10/2018 - Image's New Series DIE Has the First Comic Book Trailer That's Actually Good

9/10/2018 - Appeals Court Upholds CRISPR Patent, Potentially Ending Bitter Dispute

9/10/2018 - The Mayors of New York and London Just Called for Every City to Divest From Fossil Fuels

9/10/2018 - Reminder: Send in Your 'Postal Apocalypse' Questions Now!

9/10/2018 - A Guide to Starforce, Captain Marvel's Kree Superteam 

9/10/2018 - Cyborg Wallaby Learns to Open Door With Implanted Microchip

9/10/2018 - People Are Pretty Pissed Over the Neon Threads on This Restored Baby Jesus Statue

9/10/2018 - Freaks Is Like a Great, Independent X-Men Movie 

9/10/2018 - A Common Antidepressant Might Help Bacteria Become Superbugs

9/10/2018 - Report: Jordan Peele May Bring Back Candyman

9/10/2018 - Why Hurricane Florence Is Rapidly Intensifying and What That Means

9/10/2018 - New MIT Robot Can Delicately Handle Objects It’s Never Seen Before

9/10/2018 - Mark Zuckerberg Makes It Clear: Apple Has More Guts Than Facebook

9/10/2018 - Three Freaky New Fish Species Discovered in One of the World's Deepest Trenches

9/10/2018 - Matt Murdock Embraces the Devil Within in the First Teaser for Daredevil's Third Season

9/10/2018 - Watchdog Busts Facebook Groups Selling More Than 100 Protected Animal Species in Thailand

9/10/2018 - Jamie Lee Curtis on Why the Halloween Crew Wore 'We Are Laurie Strode' Name Tags for Crucial Scene

9/10/2018 - Snapdragon Wear 3100 Chip Arrives to Give Wear OS Watches a Much Needed Boost

9/10/2018 - Bravest Warriors Is Coming Back to Help With Your Adventure Time Withdrawal

9/10/2018 - Open Channel: I Want Pictures, Pictures of Marvel's Spider-Man

9/10/2018 - Kids From the 1970s Had Some Adorable Ideas for the Year 1999

9/10/2018 - In the First Teaser for Netflix's She-Ra, A Princess of Power Rises

9/10/2018 - So What Is Apple Actually Going to Call the New Cheap iPhone?

9/10/2018 - Oh My God Look at the Atlantic Ocean Right Now

9/10/2018 - Do Kids Feel Stronger Emotions Than Adults?

9/10/2018 - A New Robovac Merged a Roomba With a DustBuster To Create a Potential Dust-Killing Machine

9/10/2018 - More Details And Rumors About the Avengers 4 Reshoots

9/10/2018 - Sphero's Rolling Robots Gain a Tiny Display and the Ability to Roam in Packs

9/9/2018 - Hateful Kitties, Space Lasers, Spider-Man, and Soundbars: Best Gizmodo Posts of the Week

9/9/2018 - Huge, Maybe Ineffective Pollution Scooper Launches Towards Great Pacific Garbage Patch

9/9/2018 - The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Fight Scenes Are Good, But ABBA Makes Them Way Better

9/9/2018 - Sam Witwer Is Surprised and Delighted to Keep Returning to His Major Star Wars Role

9/9/2018 - Florence Is a Hurricane Again, Projected to Hit East Coast at Near Category 4 Strength

9/9/2018 - This Fan Art Mashes Up 2 of Our Favorite Young Superheroes

9/9/2018 - Google Complies With Russian Order to Take Down Opposition Leader's YouTube Ads

9/9/2018 - Marvel's First Woman Stunt Coordinator Talks the Challenges and Excitement of the Industry

9/9/2018 - The Star Trek Universe Uses a Surprising Amount of Paper

9/8/2018 - Report: Air Force Not Sure What to Do About Elon Musk Smoking Weed

9/8/2018 - A Russian Who Allegedly Hacked Into JPMorgan Chase's Servers Is Now in U.S. Custody

9/8/2018 - PSA: You Can Now Legally Watch Solo: A Star Wars Story's Big Cameo Online

9/8/2018 - A Rumored Casting Call Has Some Members of the Witcher Fandom Freaking Out

9/8/2018 - Trump Is Predictably Backstabbing Apple on Tariffs

9/8/2018 - These Montages Capture the Disturbed, Beautiful Soul of Twin Peaks 

9/8/2018 - Shazam's Director Talks the Tricky Nature of Superhero Costume Design

9/8/2018 - Apple's App Store Has Permanently Removed the Official Infowars App

9/8/2018 - This Video Uses the Power of Deepfakes to Re-Capture This Character's Cameo Appearance in Rogue One

9/8/2018 - How to Completely Customize Your Phone's Sounds

9/7/2018 - An Artist Inspired by Ukiyo-e Creates Absolutely Stunning Illustrations of Superheroes

9/7/2018 - Top That: The Friday Gif Party Is Back! 

9/7/2018 - Spider-Punk Does Whatever a Spider-Punk Can in the Best Toys of the Week

9/7/2018 - Major Telecom Urges Employees to Protest Net Neutrality Bill, Claiming It Threatens Workers

9/7/2018 - Apple Worries Trump’s Planned Tariffs on China Will Hit Apple Watch and Macs Hard

9/7/2018 - People Who Take Supplements Containing This Stimulant Are Risking Their Health, Study Finds

9/7/2018 - How VFX Artists Created One of Westworld's Most Gruesome Deaths

9/7/2018 - Fishermen Find 10,000-Year-Old Skull and Antlers of Extinct Giant Elk

9/7/2018 - The Tor Web Browser Officially Lands on Android in Alpha

9/7/2018 - Woman Ignites Stick of Dynamite While Trying to Light Candle During Blackout

9/7/2018 - Samuel L. Jackson Shares How Captain Marvel Shapes the Nick Fury We Know and Love

9/7/2018 - Bizarre Tropical Storm Florence Could Become a Hurricane and Strike the East Coast

9/7/2018 - Twitter Now Lets You Stream Whatever the Hell Comes Out of Your Mouth

9/7/2018 - What If Game of Thrones Had Cheat Codes?

9/7/2018 - These Scientists Formed a Fortnite Squad to Teach Players About Climate Change

9/7/2018 - Doctor Who Gets Cheeky With Jodie Whittaker's New Teaser

9/7/2018 - Jet Hand Dryers Are Basically Germ Cannons, Study Finds

9/7/2018 - NASA’s Curiosity Rover Takes a Stunning Selfie Under Dusty Martian Skies

9/7/2018 - Medieval Board Game Unearthed in Secret Castle Chamber

9/7/2018 - National Prison Strike Spotlights Toxic Conditions in Jails

9/7/2018 - The Color-Changing, Hexagonal Vortex on Saturn Just Surprised Scientists Again

9/7/2018 - Meet One of the Familiar Faces Coming Back for Magic: The Gathering's New Expansion

9/7/2018 - Phones Are So Boring, I Want to Believe This Wild Pixel 3 Theory

9/7/2018 - Why Every TV Needs a Soundbar 

9/7/2018 - Man Allegedly Used Fake Facebook Surveys to Solicit Password Clues and Extort Nude Photos From Women

9/7/2018 - Laura Dern and Steven Spielberg Think the 'Best Popular Film' Oscar Is a Dumb Idea Too

9/7/2018 - What to Expect When You're Expecting the 2018 iPhone Event [Update]

9/7/2018 - I Wish Elon Wouldn't

9/7/2018 - Iron Fist Season 2 Is Strong and Has a Finale You Absolutely Must See

9/7/2018 - The Super-Private Tor Browser Gets a Huge Update, But Should You Switch From Chrome?

9/7/2018 - Top Apple Mac App Secretly Sends Your Browser History to China, Researcher Finds [Updated]

9/7/2018 - New Super-High-Resolution Map Shows Antarctica In Unprecedented Detail

9/7/2018 - Chris Pine Still Has Hopes for His Star Trek Future

9/6/2018 - A Lonely Space Traveler Finds an Unexpected Lifeline in Sci-Fi Short Scavenger

9/6/2018 - One Reason Tom King's Batman Run Is So Great Is That It's Inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark

9/6/2018 - Lawmakers Urge California's Governor to Sign S.B. 822, Enacting the Nation's Strongest Net Neutrality Law

9/6/2018 - DC Universe's Swamp Thing Has Found Its Abby Arcane in Actress Crystal Reed

9/6/2018 - This Alleged Nokia Leak Has Me Eager for Five-Lens Smartphones

9/6/2018 - Jude Law Gracefully Dances Around Confirming His Captain Marvel Character 

9/6/2018 - Passengers Aboard Two More Planes Quarantined After Falling Ill

9/6/2018 - Google Day Finally Gets an Official Date: October 9

9/6/2018 - Quarantined Passengers on Flight From Dubai Were Sick With the Flu and Common Cold: Officials

9/6/2018 - Deteriorating Kepler Space Telescope Refuses to Die

9/6/2018 - Alex Jones Permanently Suspended From Twitter

9/6/2018 - io9's Mail Column 'Postal Apocalypse' Returns Next Week

9/6/2018 - British Airways Hack Exposes Hundreds of Thousands of Customer Payments

9/6/2018 - Peter Dinklage Says Tyrion Has the Hots for the Mother of Dragons

9/6/2018 - Whole Foods Takes First Step Toward Unionizing

9/6/2018 - We Just Sweated Through the Hottest Summer Nights on Record

9/6/2018 - Fake Military Recruitment Websites Seized by FTC for Selling Personal Info to For-Profit Schools

9/6/2018 - The Academy's Weird 'Popular Film' Oscar Is Being Postponed

9/6/2018 - For Some People, Taking Probiotics May Actually Harm Normal Gut Bacteria

9/6/2018 - A Spoiler Free Video Review of the Stunning Duality of Marvel's Spider-Man

9/6/2018 - Bizarre Reaction to Antibiotics Gave Woman ‘Black Hairy Tongue’

9/6/2018 - Police Raid Home of Couple Who Raised $400,000 on GoFundMe for Homeless Man

9/6/2018 - The Washington Post's Analysis of Star Wars' Toxic Fandom Doesn't Go Deep Enough

9/6/2018 - The DJI Mavic 2 Is Our New Favorite Drone

9/6/2018 - Civil Liberties Group Raises Concerns Over Potential Surveillance of Pipeline Protestors

9/6/2018 - Discovery of Thousands of Unsecured 3D Printers Is a Big Problem

9/6/2018 - First Nations and Farmers Are Marching Across Iowa to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

9/6/2018 - The Predator Director Shane Black Defends Hiring a Registered Sex Offender After Fox Found Out [Updated]

9/6/2018 - Trump's Latest National Security Advisor Is a Climate Denying Physicist

9/6/2018 - EU Officially OKs Apple's Shazam Acquisition

9/6/2018 - iRobot Finally Makes a Roomba That Empties Itself

9/6/2018 - Jocelyn Bell Burnell Wins $3 Million Breakthrough Prize for Discovering Pulsars

9/6/2018 - Apparent Faster-Than-Light Motion Helps Solve Mystery of Colliding Neutron Stars

9/6/2018 - The Nun Is Full of Ambience But Low on Frights

9/6/2018 - DOJ Charges North Korean Spy Over Sony Hack and WannaCry Ransomware [Updated]

9/6/2018 - Google Finally Added a Dark Mode to YouTube on Android 

9/6/2018 - National Park Service Doctored Trump Inauguration Photos to Make Crowd Look Bigger: Report

9/6/2018 - NASA's New Space Laser Will Track Earth's Vanishing Ice

9/6/2018 - Don't Get Excited About That Truly Bizarre Michael Bay/Thundercats Rumor

9/6/2018 - Fujifilm's X-T3 Chases Even Better Video While Fixing the Two Biggest Issues About the X-T2

9/6/2018 - mSpy, Which Builds Software to Spy on Phones, Allegedly Leaked Millions of Records

9/5/2018 - Japanese Nuclear Plant on Emergency Power After Quake, But Little Risk of Fukushima-Type Event

9/5/2018 - Jack Dorsey Woos Irate Republicans by Calmly Explaining Twitter Is Indeed Fucked Up

9/5/2018 - Yes, Vanilla Ice Really Was on That Quarantined Flight From Dubai

9/5/2018 - Zombies, Christmas, and Musicals Collide in the New Trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse

9/5/2018 - The Trailer for American Horror Story: Apocalypse Is Crammed Full of Naughty Delights

9/5/2018 - Murderbot Struggles to Pass for Human in This Excerpt From Martha Wells' Exit Strategy

9/5/2018 - Hail Salt Inhaler! Sabrina Is Allergic to Her Feline Familiar

9/5/2018 - Never Make Fun of Harry Potter to Guillermo Del Toro's Face, He Will Destroy You

9/5/2018 - New Report Urges NASA to Intensify Search for Exoplanets and Aliens

9/5/2018 - The Painful Poetry of My Favorite Daredevil Comics

9/5/2018 - Now Jeff Sessions Is Also Really Worried About the Social Media

9/5/2018 - People Are Still Eating Recalled Honey Smacks Cereal—and They're Getting Sick

9/5/2018 - The Hot Jock from Scream Queens Is Writing the New Captain Planet Movie, Apparently

9/5/2018 - Cute Blue Bird From Rio Now Believed to Be Extinct in the Wild

9/5/2018 - DC Universe Wants to Put Superheroes on Every Screen You Own

9/5/2018 - Thousands of Cities and Counties Are Fighting Trump's Fuel Efficiency Rollback

9/5/2018 - New Captain Marvel Photos Introduce the MCU's Skrulls and Another Badass Pilot

9/5/2018 - You Don't Even Want to Know the Results of This Airport Germ Study

9/5/2018 - Uber Finally Adds Safety Features It Should Have Had Years Ago

9/5/2018 - Grizzly Bears’ Future May Hinge on This Court Decision

9/5/2018 - Marco Rubio on Alex Jones: I Don't Know Her

9/5/2018 - Timothy Dalton Will Play Doom Patrol's Chief

9/5/2018 - Jupiter's 'Baffling' Magnetic Field Is Unlike Any Other

9/5/2018 - Facebook, Twitter Execs Admit Failures, Warn of 'Overwhelming' Threat to Elections

9/5/2018 - A Common Painkiller Has Serious Heart Risks, Study Finds

9/5/2018 - Bernie Sanders Introduces 'Stop BEZOS Act' to End Corporate Welfare to Amazon, Walmart

9/5/2018 - Captain Marvel Has Finally Landed

9/5/2018 - 9 Apps to Try if You Want to Learn Something New Every Day

9/5/2018 - Goop Just Settled a Lawsuit Over Its Scientifically Unfounded Claims About Vaginal Eggs

9/5/2018 - In the New Halloween Trailer, Michael Myers Might Meet His Maker

9/5/2018 - 1 in 4 Americans Really Have Deleted Facebook's App, Pew Study Finds

9/5/2018 - It Sure Looks Like Wireless Carriers Got Busted Throttling Netflix and YouTube

9/5/2018 - Castle Rock Just Turned Itself Inside Out

9/5/2018 - This Slick $100 Sous Vide Lets Anyone Cook Like a Modernist Chef for Cheap

9/5/2018 - Hurricane Florence Is the Atlantic's First Major Hurricane

9/5/2018 - Plane Quarantined at JFK Airport After Passengers Mysteriously Fall Ill [Updated]

9/5/2018 - Canon Hits Back Hard Against Nikon and Sony With the New Full Frame Mirrorless EOS R

9/5/2018 - Karl Urban Still Has Hopes of Playing Judge Dredd Again

9/5/2018 - How to Watch Twitter and Facebook Execs Get Grilled by the Senate Intel Committee

9/5/2018 - Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Will Premiere in October, on a New Night [UPDATED]

9/5/2018 - British Police Identify Two Russian Suspects in Novichok Poisoning of Former Spy and Bystanders [Updated]

9/5/2018 - Ajit Pai Is Suddenly Very Concerned About Whether Tech Companies Are Censoring Conservatives

9/4/2018 - Fraudulent Blood-Testing Firm Theranos, Which Is Still Somehow a Company, Will Soon Be No More

9/4/2018 - Report: Apple Probably Won't Launch iPhones With an In-Display Version of Touch ID Anytime Soon

9/4/2018 - A Super-Suave Superhero Saves the Day (Sorta) in This Clever Short Film

9/4/2018 - Facebook's New Office Looks Like a Tree House Built by an Incompetent Dad

9/4/2018 - Adventure Time's Producer Was Concerned Queer Representation Might Draw 'Too Much Attention'

9/4/2018 - Scientists Have Discovered the First Known Omnivorous Shark

9/4/2018 - The Nightmare Before Christmas Gets a Festively Creepy Live Show for Its 25th Anniversary

9/4/2018 - Twitter CEO to Call Bullshit on Claims of Anti-GOP Censorship Before Congress

9/4/2018 - $400,000 Raised for Homeless Man on GoFundMe Is Completely Gone, Lawyer Says

9/4/2018 - Another Lord of the Rings MMO Is on the Way

9/4/2018 - A New Hunt for a 'Dark Force' Begins This Month in Italy

9/4/2018 - Someone Seems to Have Finally Made a Highlighter That Won't Smear Your Notes

9/4/2018 - All the Prayer in the World Won't Stop The Nun in This Latest Clip

9/4/2018 - Conservation Group Claims ‘Poaching Frenzy’ in Botswana, Government Denies It  [Updated]

9/4/2018 - Study Claims White Noise Can Damage Your Brain, but Don't Panic

9/4/2018 - Adventure Time's Finale Was a Bittersweet Goodbye But the Beginning of Something New

9/4/2018 - Here's all the Coolest Stuff From Europe's Biggest Tech Show

9/4/2018 - This Photo Claiming to be 'Cassini's Last Image' is Totally Fake

9/4/2018 - In the First Season 5 Trailer, BoJack Horseman Can't Admit He Needs Help 

9/4/2018 - Japan Testing Miniature Space Elevator Near the International Space Station

9/4/2018 - Why the Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Suddenly Heating Up

9/4/2018 - Doctor Who's New Doctor Is Being Transformed Into a Little Miss

9/4/2018 - This Tiny Speaker Promises Better Sound When You Attach an Empty Soda Bottle

9/4/2018 - Exhausted Moose Drowns After Being Scared Into Water by Photo-Snapping Crowd

9/4/2018 - Russian Space Agency Says ISS Leak Caused by Human Error—or 'Deliberate Spoilage'

9/4/2018 - Netflix and Other Streaming Services May Soon Be Legally Required to Make Content for Europe

9/4/2018 - Samsung Doubles Down on Delivering a Foldable Phone by the End of 2018

9/4/2018 - Henry Cavill Will Lead Netflix's Witcher Series as Geralt of Rivia

9/4/2018 - Marvel's Spider-Man Understands the Amazing Fantasy of Becoming Peter Parker 

9/4/2018 - Real Utility Knives Were Accidentally Sold as Prank Finger-Slicers in Japan

9/4/2018 - Set Pictures Give Us Our First Look at the Quirky Heroes of DC's Doom Patrol Show

9/4/2018 - How to Watch the SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings on YouTube, Facebook, and More

9/3/2018 - Report: Jack Dorsey Overruled Staff to Keep Alex Jones, White Supremacist Richard Spencer on Twitter

9/3/2018 - Come Reminisce About the End of Adventure Time With Us

9/3/2018 - I Wish More Figures Had Goofy Action Features Like This Solo Toy

9/3/2018 - A Google Engineer Discovered a Vulnerability Letting Him Take Control of Keycard-Controlled Doors

9/3/2018 - RIP Jacqueline Pearce, the Dazzling Villainess of Blake's 7

9/3/2018 - Kin Would Be Way More Interesting If It Knew What Kind of Movie It Wanted to Be

9/3/2018 - How to Use Venmo Without Being a Petty Jerk

9/3/2018 - At First, Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther Could've Had a British Accent

9/3/2018 - Flames Engulf Brazil's National Museum, Destroying Massive Cultural and Scientific Collection

9/3/2018 - Giant Antarctic Iceberg Makes Dramatic About-Face

9/3/2018 - After The Nun, Here Are 5 More Horror Characters Who Deserve Spin-Off Movies

9/3/2018 - Why Hawaii Is Burning Its Massive Mangrove Trees

9/3/2018 - How Location Tracking Actually Works on Your Smartphone

9/3/2018 - The Best Doctor Who Companion You've Probably Never Heard of Is Coming Back

9/3/2018 - Does Your Cat Actually Hate You?

9/3/2018 - It Really Was Easy to Make My Old SNES Controller Wireless

9/2/2018 - Feud Week, Dungeons & Dragons, Shooting Bigfoot, and IFA 2018: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/2/2018 - Someone Allegedly Left a Pixel 3 XL in the Back of a Lyft

9/2/2018 - Even If Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Gets Made, Dave Bautista Isn't Sure He Wants to Come Back

9/2/2018 - The Director of God of War Has Interesting Ideas About How to Adapt Superman Into Games

9/2/2018 - Truck Full of Axe Body Spray Catches Fire, Sprays Exploding Cans Everywhere

9/2/2018 - How The Shining's Camera Creates Constant Unease

9/2/2018 - Reading the Star Wars: Episode IX Script Has Made Domhnall Gleeson Paranoid

9/2/2018 - Leaked GoPro Product Display Appears to Show  the Unreleased Hero 7

9/2/2018 - Why I Can't Quit Chrome

9/2/2018 - David Cronenberg is the Latest Film Director Looking to Jump to TV

9/2/2018 - How to Roll Back Changes (and Undo Your Mistakes) in Any App

9/2/2018 - 6 Ways Google Chrome Changed the Way We Web

9/1/2018 - French Ban on Neonicotinoid Pesticides, Which Bees May Find Addictive, Goes Into Effect

9/1/2018 - This Animated Avengers 4 Fan Trailer Turns Back the Clock

9/1/2018 - 'Sonic' Attacks on U.S. Embassy Staff Could Have Been Weaponized Microwave Radiation

9/1/2018 - This Fan Artist Turns Pop Culture Into Mythological Icons

9/1/2018 - Open Channel: Which Fan Work Is More Important to You Than the Original?

9/1/2018 - A Brief History of Tommy Oliver From Power Rangers Fighting Himself

9/1/2018 - Report: There Won't Be Any Google Smartwatch This Year

9/1/2018 - Yes, Michael Jackson Really Did Do That Voice on The Simpsons

9/1/2018 - How to Get Everything Possible Out of Your Old Gadgets in 2018

9/1/2018 - Twitter Beef Court: Did I Really Deserve to Be Blocked?