12/31/2019 - A Cartoon Bunny Contemplates the Abyss in Animated Short Afterwork

12/31/2019 - Microsoft Seizes 'Hotrnall.com' and Other Copycat Domains From North Korea-Linked Hackers

12/31/2019 - Awesome Mashup Celebrates a Decade of Movie Trailers

12/31/2019 - Guy Gets Severed Arm Preserved by Taxidermist: 'I Wanted to Do Something Cool'

12/31/2019 - Pink Diamond Was the Villain of the Decade

12/31/2019 - Anti-Robocall Bill That, in a Perfect World, Fines Spammers $10,000 Per Call Is Now Law

12/31/2019 - Our Top Posts of the Decade: A Dubious List for a Meaningless Timeline

12/31/2019 - The 100 Most Popular io9 Posts of 2019

12/31/2019 - Samsung Is Making the Best Phones

12/31/2019 - I Never Knew How Much I Needed a Star Wars TV Series Before The Mandalorian

12/31/2019 - In 2020, Here's How You Can Help Address the Climate Crisis

12/31/2019 - The Dreadmoji

12/31/2019 - Open Channel: The Best Tweets of the Decade That Still Haven't Been Deleted

12/31/2019 - New Mutants Is Finally Getting a New Trailer

12/31/2019 - This Was the Decade Climate Scientists Stopped Being Polite

12/31/2019 - The Absolute Worst Tech of 2019

12/30/2019 - Bushfires Still Ravaging Australia, With Thousands Reportedly Fleeing to Beaches in Victoria State

12/30/2019 - Biden to Coal Miners: Learn to Code

12/30/2019 - Open Channel: What Video Game From 2019 Needs Its Own Movie?

12/30/2019 - RIP Syd Mead, Legendary Designer of Blade Runner and Tron

12/30/2019 - Sonos Doesn't Understand How Recycling Works

12/30/2019 - LOL The Uncharted Movie

12/30/2019 - The Chaos of California's New Privacy Law Has Already Begun

12/30/2019 - The Rise of Skywalker Writer Says Rey Reveal 'Doesn't Negate' The Last Jedi's Message

12/30/2019 - Facebook Is Finally Removing Some—But Not All—Misleading Preventive HIV Drug Ads

12/30/2019 - What The Witcher Gets Wrong (and Right) About Disability Narratives

12/30/2019 - Don't Trust Netflix's 'Most Popular' List

12/30/2019 - The Satellite Images That Show a Decade of Climate Change

12/30/2019 - ProtonMail Just Launched A Calendar So You Can Encrypt Your 2020

12/30/2019 - Prehistoric Stone Monument in Scotland May Have Been Intentionally Built to Attract Lightning

12/30/2019 - The Owl House's Creator and Star on Creating Artistic Horror for Kids

12/30/2019 - Thing I Instinctively Hate Likely to Become Wildly Popular

12/30/2019 - This Is the Decade Smartwatches Actually Became a Thing

12/30/2019 - The 9 Best Star Wars Moments of 2019

12/30/2019 - Mom Who Injected Feces Into Cancer-Stricken Son’s IV Gets 7 Years in Prison

12/30/2019 - Juul Employees Reportedly Can't Stop Vaping at Work

12/30/2019 - Sharon Stone Was Blocked From Bumble, Just Like Us

12/30/2019 - CRISPR Scientist Gets Three Years of Jail Time For Creating Gene-Edited Babies

12/30/2019 - Google's Pixel Can't Win on Software Tricks Alone

12/30/2019 - Report: India Prime Minister Proposes Helping the Coal Industry Survive Amid Climate Crisis

12/30/2019 - Hardware Hacker Designs and Builds His Own Digital Camera Sensor—Sony Has Nothing To Worry About

12/30/2019 - Here's Why Henry Cavill Talks That Way in The Witcher

12/30/2019 - Kevin Feige Teases the 'Legitimately Scary' World of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

12/30/2019 - Why Is There No Male Birth Control Yet?

12/30/2019 - New Year's Eve Fireworks in Sydney Will Go Ahead Despite Fires, Wind, and Smoke

12/29/2019 - Tech Ghouls, Yoda Theories, and One Dumb Wikipedia War: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/29/2019 - Google Search Now Has a (I'll Probably Never) Watchlist

12/29/2019 - Fox Networks Could Soon Go Dark for Millions Still Stuck With Cable

12/29/2019 - Writer Chris Terrio Offers an Unsatisfying Explanation for Kelly Marie Tran's Limited Screen Time in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker [Updated]

12/29/2019 - The Costume Designer For Birds of Prey Dishes on Harley Quinn's Killer Fashion Sense

12/29/2019 - This Long-Lost Akira Game Prototype Is Full of Cyberpunk Style

12/29/2019 - This Parody Explores the Serene Joy of Just Not Caring About Star Wars

12/28/2019 - Samsung's Incubator Lab Is Making Indoor Sunlight and a Robot Friend That Definitely Won't Murder You

12/28/2019 - Luke and Yoda Have a Dispute About a Party and a Stick in this Bad Lip Reading of The Last Jedi

12/28/2019 - Steven’s Ship Gets Sunk in a Preview Clip For Tonight’s Steven Universe Future

12/28/2019 - Trent Reznor Hated What Bird Box Did With His Score

12/28/2019 - It’s Confirmed: The Mandalorian Is Returning for a Second Season Next Fall

12/28/2019 - More Galaxy S11 Leaks Appear to Settle the Samsung Flagship's Most Debated Feature

12/28/2019 - Ryan Reynolds Has a Brief Update on Deadpool 3

12/27/2019 - Wikipedia's Year-End List Shows What the Internet Needed to Know in 2019

12/27/2019 - FDA Makes It Official: Legal Smoking and Vaping Age Raised to 21

12/27/2019 - 12 Star Wars Episodes to Watch Explaining that Mandalorian Bombshell

12/27/2019 - A Man's Penis Started Rotting After Getting Bitten During Sex

12/27/2019 - Publishing Companies Are Mad That The President Might Want to Make Federally-Funded Research Open Access

12/27/2019 - How to (Hypothetically) Hack Your School's Surveillance System

12/27/2019 - A Realistic New Superhero Show Is Coming to Netflix In January

12/27/2019 - Spotify: Your Political Ads Are No Good Here

12/27/2019 - Shitty Company in Shitty Talks for Shitty Streaming Service

12/27/2019 - Oh Good, the New Police Surveillance Vector Is Self-Driving Cars

12/27/2019 - Why Indigenous Youth Were 2019's Climate Warriors

12/27/2019 - 10 Intriguing Star Wars Details We Learned From The Rise of Skywalker's Visual Dictionary

12/27/2019 - China Set to Launch Its GPS Competitor Next Year

12/27/2019 - io9 Judges the Big Pop Culture Endings of 2019

12/27/2019 - FDA Approves the First Drug of Its Kind to Treat Acute Migraines

12/27/2019 - Cuomo: Eyy, I'm Vetoing the Bill That Would End the NYPD's E-Bike Crackdown Here

12/27/2019 - Antarctic Ice Melt May Have Hit an All-Time High on Christmas Eve

12/27/2019 - Ring and Amazon Sued for Security Camera Hacks They Blamed on Customers

12/27/2019 - Starlink Satellites Produce Wave of UFO Sightings in the US

12/27/2019 - The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Wants in on That Baby Yoda Hype

12/27/2019 - Google’s New Recorder App Has an Unofficial Workaround, No Pixel Required

12/27/2019 - YouTube Restores Hundreds of Cryptocurrency Videos After Flagging Them as Harmful

12/27/2019 - Garmin Will Charge You an Extra $450 To Buy Its Luxury Smartwatch Collection in a Wooden Box

12/27/2019 - Be Soothed by the Peaceful Joshua Trees Covered in Snow

12/27/2019 - Wild Rumors About Just Who Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Could Play in The Matrix 4

12/27/2019 - Apple Pulled a Page From McDonald's Playbook in 2019

12/27/2019 - 2019 Was a Horror-Show Year for Weather

12/27/2019 - Actually, 2019's Gadget of the Year Is My Electronic Chicken Door

12/27/2019 - How to Lock Down Your Phone So Only Certain People Can Reach You

12/27/2019 - The Mandalorian Saved Its Best Episode for Last [Updated]

12/27/2019 - The 11 Best Gadgets of 2019 to Get You Excited About 2020

12/27/2019 - Fox News Freaks Out After Canadian TV Deletes President Trump From Home Alone 2

12/26/2019 - This Boxing Day Punch Yourself With the Joker Script, Which Is Now Online

12/26/2019 - The Baffling Case of Colorado's Mystery Drones

12/26/2019 - YouTube Offers a Teeny Auto-Trim Feature in Penance for Copyright Sins

12/26/2019 - The FAA Wants to Follow Your Drones Like You Use Them to Follow Me

12/26/2019 - The 9 Best (and 7 Worst) Movies of 2019

12/26/2019 - E-Bikes Riskier to Ride Than E-Scooters and Bikes, Study Suggests

12/26/2019 - Nobody Listened

12/26/2019 - Scientists Link Silicon Qubits Over (Relatively) Huge Distances

12/26/2019 - BoJack Horseman's Creator Wants Netflix to Let the Credits Roll

12/26/2019 - That's How It's Done

12/26/2019 - Scientists Want to Spray Shit into the Atmosphere to Cool the Planet

12/26/2019 - Theoretically, Yoda Wasn't Even 30 When He Died

12/26/2019 - A Woman's Skin Whitening Cream Gave Her Mercury Poisoning

12/26/2019 - One of The Witcher's Most Magical Scenes Was Surprisingly Practical

12/26/2019 - Turkish Court Throws Out Erdogan's Wikipedia Ban

12/26/2019 - NBC's Streaming Service Now Has More Movies, But Only Very Specific Ones

12/26/2019 - What's Going on With Betelgeuse?

12/26/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in January

12/26/2019 - Cats Got One Thing Right

12/26/2019 - Pentagon Warns Military Members Against At-Home DNA Tests

12/26/2019 - Force Ghosts and Phantoms Are Liable To Spread Rumors, You Know

12/26/2019 - The Dumbest Wikipedia Edit War of the Dumbest Decade

12/26/2019 - How to Share Internet Between Your Devices When You're Away From Home

12/26/2019 - These Toxic Chemicals Need to Be Banned in the Next 10 Years

12/26/2019 - This Cybertruck Knock-Off Can Be Yours For Just $10,800

12/25/2019 - Why Did Scientists Cool LEGOs to Nearly Absolute Zero?

12/25/2019 - Our 20 Favorite Pop Culture Posters of 2019

12/25/2019 - Watch The Sun Turn Into a Ring of Fire Here Tonight

12/25/2019 - Fill Your Stocking With These 5 Eclectic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Shorts

12/25/2019 - Your Holiday Gift Is These Sock Puppets Reenacting 2019's Worst Movie Scenes

12/25/2019 - Go Mark All Your Unread Emails as Read

12/25/2019 - How Long Should Content Be in 2020?

12/25/2019 - The Na'vi of Avatar's Pandora Might Be Celebrating Christmas

12/25/2019 - These Posters Show What a Green New Deal Could Look Like

12/25/2019 - 'We Have to Go NOW': Scientists Share Their Wildest Experiences in the Field

12/24/2019 - Ring's Security Woes Cause Some Tech Review Sites to Rethink Glowing Endorsements

12/24/2019 - Find Your Nerdy Holiday Yule Log Here

12/24/2019 - It Doesn't Count If Your Character Comes Out in a Junket Interview

12/24/2019 - Billionaire for President Used Prison Labor to Place Campaign Calls

12/24/2019 - TikTok Owner ByteDance Denies That It's Planning to Sell Majority Stake Amid Espionage Concerns

12/24/2019 - The Most Important Scenes From the Cats Movie (As I Remember Them)

12/24/2019 - How to Apologize Like a Tech Ghoul: 2019 Edition

12/24/2019 - His Dark Materials' Fantastic Season Finale Is What the Show Should Have Been All Along

12/24/2019 - Travis Kalanick Flees Sinking Ship

12/24/2019 - The iPad's Identity Crisis

12/24/2019 - I Think I Watched the Patched Version of Cats

12/24/2019 - The Smart Home Is a Technological Teenager Going Through Some Awful Growing Pains

12/24/2019 - James Gunn's Suicide Squad Isn't Going to be the Movie You Think It is

12/24/2019 - Why I Decided to Skip Buying Wrapping Paper This Year

12/24/2019 - The Space News We're Excited About in 2020

12/23/2019 - Uber, Lyft Win Court Fight Over How Long Drivers Can Cruise Without Passengers in NYC

12/23/2019 - Report: Mike Bloomberg's Campaign Quietly Pouring Millions Into a Tech Firm He Founded This Year

12/23/2019 - 5 Things We Loved, and 3 We Didn't, About The Witcher's Netflix Debut

12/23/2019 - 20 Questions We Have After Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and 6 That Were Answered

12/23/2019 - Lost in Space's Stars Talked to Us About Growing the Family Bond in Season 2

12/23/2019 - Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite Will Be Announced at CES: Report

12/23/2019 - An Ultramarathon Runner Puked So Hard He Tore Open His Esophagus

12/23/2019 - The Witcher's Catchy as Hell Bard Song Was So Good, It Became the Heart of the Show's Soundtrack

12/23/2019 - Chinese Hackers Bypass 2FA in Attacks Spanning 10 Countries

12/23/2019 - Why a Judge's Order to Let Keystone XL Pipeline Construction Begin Is Still a Win

12/23/2019 - Camera Traps Show Invasive Coyotes Heading Toward South America

12/23/2019 - Top Lawmakers Warn Against Private Equity Firm's .Org Takeover

12/23/2019 - The 12 Best (and 5 Worst) Movie Moments of 2019

12/23/2019 - Look Upon and Fear the Man Who Attempted to Blackmail Apple for $100,000 in iTunes Gift Cards

12/23/2019 - Watchmen May Be Over, But You Can Relive It All Via Its Digital Effects

12/23/2019 - Photo of Koala and Firefighter Surrounded by Flames Perfectly Captures the Climate Emergency

12/23/2019 - Google Sneaks 3 More Upgrades Into the Pixel Feature Drop

12/23/2019 - Vitamin E to Blame for 'Vast Majority' of Vaping Illness Cases, CDC Says

12/23/2019 - A Spinning LED Cube Is a Dizzying Way to Play Your Favorite NES Games

12/23/2019 - Trump Wages War Against the True Enemy of the State: LED Lightbulbs

12/23/2019 - Who Cares That Rise of Skywalker Won the Box Office, Just Look at This Dismal Cats Debut

12/23/2019 - Hidden Magnets and a Video Projector Make This the Most Advanced Pinball Machine Yet

12/23/2019 - Author of The Polar Express On Predicting Our Ecological Dystopia

12/23/2019 - Boeing Fires CEO Following 737 MAX Disasters

12/23/2019 - Wild Marvel Rumors About Just Who Could Take on Moon Knight

12/23/2019 - How to Back Up All the Devices That You're Not Backing Up

12/23/2019 - What's the Healthiest Food?

12/23/2019 - President Gravybrain Says a Bunch of Truly Bizarre Shit About Windmills and the Universe

12/22/2019 - Uninstall ToTok, the Government Surveillance Tool Posing as a Chat App: Report

12/22/2019 - One of Star Trek’s Best Borg Is Looking Mighty Fine in This New Image From Picard

12/22/2019 - TikTok Chalks Up Another Military Ban

12/22/2019 - Lightsabers From Star Wars Still Aren’t Real, But This Guy Made a Protosaber, Kind Of

12/22/2019 - There’s a New Trailer for New Mutants Coming Next Month, Which Means New Mutants Might Still Be Released

12/22/2019 - Twitter Warns Millions of Android App Users to Update Immediately

12/22/2019 - Jonathan Hickman’s Newest Series Is Sci-Fi Epic Decorum, Launching This March

12/22/2019 - In an Unprecedented Move, Universal Is Sending Theaters a Patched Version of Cats

12/21/2019 - One of The Rise of Skywalker’s Key Locations Has Its Identity Revealed in the Visual Dictionary

12/21/2019 - This Behind-the-Scenes Video Unpacks the Process Behind the Latest Short Trek, ‘The Girl Who Made the Stars’

12/21/2019 - The Newest Star Wars Visual Dictionary Introduces a Whole New Calendar System for Some Reason

12/21/2019 - Garfield Cartoonist Jim Davis Is Putting 30 Years of Strips Up for Auction

12/21/2019 - 12 Things to Do to Your Friends' and Family's Tech to Get Them to Stop Bothering You

12/21/2019 - The Future Is Force Sensitive in This Adorable Star Wars Fan Video

12/21/2019 - How to Make Sure You Return to a Tidy Inbox After the Holidays

12/20/2019 - ICE Granted Access to Data on Migrant Children as Part of Deportation Initiative

12/20/2019 - Apple's Best Show Is an Alt-History Cold War Epic About Moon Missions With Women

12/20/2019 - Apple Plays Catch Up With Super-Lucrative Bug Bounties

12/20/2019 - Pro-Trump Publisher Booted Off Facebook for Doing The Bad Thing

12/20/2019 - Cox Communications Ordered to Pay $1 Billion For Failing to Stop Pirates

12/20/2019 - The Best Toys of the Week Will Absolutely Not Be Under Your Christmas Tree This Year

12/20/2019 - Big Pharma Money Really Does Influence What Doctors Prescribe, Report Finds

12/20/2019 - Foldable Moto Razr Gets Delayed Less Than a Week Before Pre-Orders Go Live [Updated]

12/20/2019 - Rare Skeleton Points to Compassion, Care, and Tragedy in Prehistoric China

12/20/2019 - Washington State Lawmaker Engaged in Domestic Environmental Terrorism, Report Finds

12/20/2019 - The Creator of Adventure Time Has a New Netflix Show That Puts a Real Podcast in Space

12/20/2019 - If There Was Any Question, You Definitely Aren't Getting $125 From Equifax

12/20/2019 - Largest Statewide Ban On Styrofoam Likely to Take Place Where Else But New Freakin' Yawk, Baby

12/20/2019 - All the Creative and Inspiring People We Lost in 2019

12/20/2019 - 'Anonymized' Location Data Leak Allows Reporters to Quickly Track Trump's Secret Service Detail

12/20/2019 - A Superbug STD Is on the Loose in Australia

12/20/2019 - io9's Rise of Skywalker Roundtable: Trying Not to Murder Each Other Over Star Wars

12/20/2019 - Gadget Hacker Solves the Biggest Problem With Robovacs by Making One That Flies

12/20/2019 - Welp, There’s at Least One Thing That Bing Does Better Than Google—Disinformation

12/20/2019 - Stop Buying Gadgets with MicroUSB

12/20/2019 - Behold: Game of Thrones' Worst Season 8 Moments Reenacted With Puppets

12/20/2019 - Flickr Could Be In Serious Trouble

12/20/2019 - Native Hawaiians Scored a Major Victory in the Fight Over the Thirty Meter Telescope

12/20/2019 - MIT Engineers Create Laser Ultrasounds That Can Look Inside Your Body Without You Even Feeling It

12/20/2019 - A 3-Hour Cut of Doctor Sleep Is on the Way

12/20/2019 - Apple’s Secret Satellites Could Mean Trouble for ISPs

12/20/2019 - Could We Have a Global Green New Deal?

12/20/2019 - Hamilton's Daveed Diggs Joins Star Wars in This Exclusive Resistance Clip

12/20/2019 - Courts Grant a Landmark Climate Victory That Could Reshape the World

12/20/2019 - In a New Look at Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc's a Man on a Mission

12/20/2019 - The Most Improved Tech of the Past Ten Years

12/20/2019 - Boeing’s Starliner Won't Meet Up With Space Station After Failure to Reach Proper Orbit

12/20/2019 - Elizabeth Warren's $10 Trillion Green New Deal Could Change America Forever

12/20/2019 - Marvel Set Pictures Tease a Major WandaVision Character and Winter Soldier's New Look

12/20/2019 - There's 'Several Orders of Magnitude' More Plastic in Rivers Than Oceans, Study Finds

12/20/2019 - Water Thieves Steal 80,000 Gallons in Australia as Our Mad Max-Style Future Becomes Reality

12/20/2019 - The Witcher Takes Way Too Damn Long to Get Interesting, But It Gets There

12/20/2019 - Netflix Autoplays the Murder of Kittens to Angry Subscribers

12/19/2019 - Need a Lyft? Too bad, Dick Assman

12/19/2019 - This Doctor Who Preview Hints at How Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Will Be 'Tested'

12/19/2019 - Ransomware Goons Had a Great 2019, With At Least 948 Reported Attacks

12/19/2019 - Stephen King's Jerusalem's Lot Is Set to Become a Gothic Horror Series Starring Adrien Brody

12/19/2019 - Ring Sure Does Have a Lot of Password Leaks That Are Entirely Your Fault

12/19/2019 - Congress Passes Law to Raise Smoking and Vaping Age to 21

12/19/2019 - The Expanse Showrunner Talks About Season 4's Breakout Characters and the Status of Season 5

12/19/2019 - Your Genes Suck at Predicting Your Health, Study Finds

12/19/2019 - It's Official: 'Freedom Gas' Is the Worst Phrase of the Year

12/19/2019 - Indian Authorities Order Internet Shutdowns Amid Mass Protests, Outrage Over Citizenship Law

12/19/2019 - Sanders Asks OSHA to Release Detailed Injury Data for Every Amazon Facility

12/19/2019 - The Jedi That Fucked

12/19/2019 - Holy Shit, Watchmen's Lube Man Slide Was Real

12/19/2019 - Holy Shit, Reportedly

12/19/2019 - This Casio Smartwatch Perfectly Illustrates the Struggles of Wear OS

12/19/2019 - Prehistoric Humans Built a Wall to Keep Out the Sea—But It Failed

12/19/2019 - IBM Research Created a New Battery That Outperforms Lithium-Ion—No Problematic Heavy Metals Required

12/19/2019 - Our Favorite io9 Videos of 2019

12/19/2019 - Scientists Find Evidence That Sheep Can Cause Mad Cow Disease

12/19/2019 - J.K. Rowling Tweets Support for Researcher Dismissed for Transphobic Bigotry

12/19/2019 - Australian Prime Minister Will Return From Vacation to a Camp of Pissed Off People

12/19/2019 - The OA's Jason Isaacs Gives His Take on Why the Netflix Series Was Really Canceled

12/19/2019 - The First Teaser for Christopher Nolan's Mysterious Tenet Is Here

12/19/2019 - Spotify Is Testing a New Social Feature That Could Add a Human Touch to Discovery

12/19/2019 - Carbon Dioxide Could Make It Harder to Think

12/19/2019 - Navy Pilot Who Filmed UFO Describes Moment It Stopped Behaving Within The Normal Laws of Physics

12/19/2019 - A Recycling Renegade Is Out of Prison—and Ready to Tackle the Electric Vehicle Battery Crisis

12/19/2019 - Watch NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Roll for the Very First Time

12/19/2019 - The Decade Fandom Went Corporate

12/19/2019 - The Worst Environmental Rollbacks of 2019

12/19/2019 - Official U.S. Government Website Lists Fictional Country of Wakanda as Free Trade Partner

12/19/2019 - Big Leak Seems to Give Us the Best Look Yet at the Galaxy Fold 2

12/19/2019 - How to Watch Apple TV+ If You Haven't Got an Apple TV

12/19/2019 - Warner Bros. Has Found a Director (and a Wild Idea) for a New Looney Tunes Movie

12/19/2019 - President Trump's Facebook Ads Keep Getting More and More Fascist

12/18/2019 - As He's Impeached, Trump Denies to Rally-Goers That He Always Has to Flush the Toilet 10 Times

12/18/2019 - Instagram Is Censoring Vape Speech

12/18/2019 - Why It's Taken So Long to Make the Avatar Sequels, According to James Cameron

12/18/2019 - Cats Review: I Have Seen Sights No Human Should See

12/18/2019 - CEOwned: Jack Dorsey Just UNFOLLOWED Mark Zuckerberg

12/18/2019 - Streaming Movie Service That Costs $2,500-a-Flick Struggles to Find Enough Plutocrats

12/18/2019 - Watchmen's Third Volume of Outstanding Soundtrack Music Is Now Available Online

12/18/2019 - Pet Store Puppies Are Giving People Bloody Diarrhea

12/18/2019 - Squallmagedon

12/18/2019 - Why the Next Lunar Astronauts May Have to Worry About Electric Shocks

12/18/2019 - Watch a Full, Gadget-Filled Race From the New Fast and Furious Animated Show

12/18/2019 - It's Time to Nervously Mock the 50 Worst Passwords of the Year

12/18/2019 - Here It Is, Your Spoiler-Laden Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Discussion Zone

12/18/2019 - 2019: The Year in Babies

12/18/2019 - Amazon's a Shopping Mess

12/18/2019 - Here Are the Drugs the Teens Are Into These Days

12/18/2019 - Dicks Are the Only Thing Standing Between Chatroulette and Love

12/18/2019 - Scientists Shed New Light on the Final Holdout of an Extinct Human Species

12/18/2019 - Netflix Is Making a Second He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Reboot

12/18/2019 - Meet the Scientists Trying to Save Indonesia's Critically Endangered Orangutans

12/18/2019 - Trolls Sent Strobing GIFS to People With Epilepsy in A Targeted Attack During Epilepsy Awareness Month

12/18/2019 - io9's The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler-Free Video Review

12/18/2019 - Corsair Now Owns the Very Best Indie Controller Maker

12/18/2019 - The First Look at Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Teases Chaos, Politics, and Lewks

12/18/2019 - Beer, Rich People, and Racing Horses All Made Out Better Than Renewable Energy in Congress' Budget

12/18/2019 - My Dad Was a Spy, Maybe

12/18/2019 - Apple, Google, and Amazon Are Joining Forces to Help Smart Home Devices All Play Nicely Together

12/18/2019 - Australia Just Set a New Heat Record [Updated: Again]

12/18/2019 - Is It Too Late to Stop Amazon?

12/18/2019 - The First Tease for A Quiet Place 2 Ushers in a Sinister Fall

12/18/2019 - Utility Companies Spent $1 Billion Covering Their Asses

12/18/2019 - Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show Just Cast a Young Version of a Major Character

12/18/2019 - Judge Rules Edward Snowden Can't Profit From His Book Because It Wasn't Cleared by NSA and CIA

12/18/2019 - Things Take a Dramatic Turn for Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian's Penultimate Episode

12/18/2019 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Is a Disappointing Way to End a Saga

12/18/2019 - SEC, DOJ Bust Alleged Insider Trading Scheme by IT Admin That Made Over $7 Million

12/17/2019 - Study: Massive Blowout at Gas Well in 2018 Spewed 5 Times as Much Methane as ExxonMobil Estimated

12/17/2019 - Unroll.me Settles With FTC for Rifling Through Its Users' Email Inboxes to Find Receipts

12/17/2019 - A Space Scavenger Makes a Very Strange Discovery in Sci-Fi Short Eden

12/17/2019 - Legendary Cats, a Barkham Horror, and More in Tabletop Gaming News

12/17/2019 - This Is How You Paint Jeff Bezos

12/17/2019 - Investors Want to Exhume Body of Crypto-CEO Who Had the Password to Millions In Bitcoin

12/17/2019 - Disastrous NLRB Ruling Adds Another Hurdle for Tech Worker Organizing

12/17/2019 - Rian Johnson Thinks Catering Foremost to Fanservice Is a Potential Mistake (and He's Right)

12/17/2019 - Weird ‘Vanishing Stars’ Could Potentially Be Aliens, Study Claims

12/17/2019 - 13 Helpful Party Tips From the Star Wars Holiday Special

12/17/2019 - Android TV vs Apple TV: The Best Platform for Your TV Right Now

12/17/2019 - Open Channel: What's Your Favorite Simpsons Genre Homage?

12/17/2019 - The Weirdest Medical Cases of 2019

12/17/2019 - The Far Side Has a New Official Home for Some of History's Most Surreal Comics

12/17/2019 - How to Fix the Biggest Issue Plaguing UN Climate Talks

12/17/2019 - 'It Was an Almighty Boom': Car Explosion Chalked Up to Excessive Air Freshener Use

12/17/2019 - Google's New AI Project Could Be a Conservation Game Changer

12/17/2019 - Samsung Electronics Chairman Is Going to Jail for Union Sabotage

12/17/2019 - Apple Kills App That Made iPhones Look Like iPods Because No Fun Allowed

12/17/2019 - io9's 14 Best (and 5 Worst) Television Moments of 2019

12/17/2019 - The Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade

12/17/2019 - Whoa: It's a First Look at Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter's Return in Bill & Ted Face the Music

12/17/2019 - Scientists Reconstruct ‘Lola’ After Finding Her DNA in 5,700-Year-Old ‘Chewing Gum’

12/17/2019 - This New HP Laptop Is a Pretty (and Potent) Little Package

12/17/2019 - Lime Launches Weekly Scooter Subscription for Unlimited Unlocks

12/17/2019 - His Dark Materials Turns Things Around With an Intense (but Nonviolent) Bear Fight

12/17/2019 - Onward's New Trailer Gives Us Not One Great Quest, But Two

12/17/2019 - The First WandaVision Set Pictures Give Us a Glimpse of Monica Rambeau

12/17/2019 - Google Is Going to War Against Its Own Workers [Update]

12/17/2019 - Australian Journalists Forced to Broadcast Outside After Bushfire Smoke Triggers Fire Alarm Inside TV Studio

12/17/2019 - The First (Spoiler-Free) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Reactions Are Finally Here!

12/17/2019 - Defense Department, Army Units Post Glossy Photo of Nazi War Criminal to Facebook

12/16/2019 - Amazon Prohibits Marketplace Sellers From Using FedEx Ground on Prime Shipments

12/16/2019 - Rick and Morty Delivered One of Its Best Episodes Ever...Before Going on Hiatus Again

12/16/2019 - Don't Hold Your Breath for That Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Movie

12/16/2019 - Boeing Halts 737 MAX Production

12/16/2019 - I Tried to Watch a New Star Wars Clip in Fortnite, and Now I'm More Confused About Fortnite Than Ever

12/16/2019 - The Expanse's Wes Chatham Went to Therapy to Understand Amos's Trauma

12/16/2019 - The Best Illusions of the Year Will Have You Further Questioning the Reality You Live In

12/16/2019 - American Gods Has Lost Yet Another Key Character

12/16/2019 - Australia May See Its Hottest Day Ever Recorded This Week

12/16/2019 - New Count of Endangered Mountain Gorillas Suggests Conservation Is Working

12/16/2019 - The Witcher Guide: Who's Who, What's What, and Which Is Witcher

12/16/2019 - New Study Links Vaping to Chronic Lung Illness in Humans

12/16/2019 - Alaska Natives Demanded Goldman Sachs Not Fund Arctic Drilling—And It Listened

12/16/2019 - This Battlefront II Trailer Is Basically the World's Most Lavish Rise of Skywalker Fan Film

12/16/2019 - Hey Tom Cruise, What the Hell?

12/16/2019 - More Than 100 Doctors Call for Australia to Rescue Julian Assange From UK Prison

12/16/2019 - The Biggest Environmental Wins of 2019

12/16/2019 - Prehistoric Turks Wore Human Teeth as Jewelry, Rare Discovery Reveals

12/16/2019 - The Biggest Misses and Surprises of 2019

12/16/2019 - A Bug in Chrome 79 for Android Is Causing Some Major Headaches [Updated]

12/16/2019 - Android Messaging Joins the 21st Century, Here's How to Turn It On

12/16/2019 - Instagram AI Will Shame Users Before They Post Offensive Captions

12/16/2019 - Not-Elon Musk Welcomes Us to Avenue 5, the Future of Space Travel

12/16/2019 - North American Birds Are Migrating Earlier Because of Climate Change

12/16/2019 - California Waters Are Acidifying Twice as Fast as the Rest of the Oceans

12/16/2019 - All the Species Declared Extinct This Decade

12/16/2019 - Open Channel: Should Watchmen Get a Second Season?

12/16/2019 - Here's When You Need to Order Your Gifts by to Avoid Ruining Christmas

12/16/2019 - A Familiar Hero Will Make His Return to The Flash This Season

12/16/2019 - The Best Free Alternatives to Netflix

12/16/2019 - Why Am I Suddenly Afraid of Flying?

12/16/2019 - Erdogan Threatens to Shut Down U.S. Military Base in Turkey Believed to Hold 50 Nuclear Bombs

12/15/2019 - Watchmen's Season Finale Was a Devastating Goodbye and a Beautiful Hello

12/15/2019 - Ring Camera Hacks, Viral Fakes, and Decade Highlights: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

12/15/2019 - UN Climate Summit Ends With a Whimper

12/15/2019 - If a Snyder Cut Does Ever Release, It Might Look Different Than Fans Expect

12/15/2019 - How The Hell Did This K-Pop Star Manage to Lose 33 Pairs of AirPods?

12/15/2019 - Kathleen Kennedy Says Future Star Wars Films Will Move Away From Trilogies

12/15/2019 - Watch the Showrunner of Netflix's The Witcher Interview Andrzej Sapkowski, the Series' Original Author

12/15/2019 - Wait, Did J.J. Abrams Really Just Tease an Ahsoka Tano Cameo in The Rise of Skywalker?

12/15/2019 - Victoria Mahoney, the First Woman to Direct a Star Wars Film, Explains How She Got the Job

12/14/2019 - Feds Break Up Illegal Streaming Network That Dwarfs Netflix and Hulu Libraries

12/14/2019 - Even J.J. Abrams Can't Get Disney to Release 'Unspecial' Versions of the Star Wars Movies

12/14/2019 - UN Climate Summit Continues Spinning Its Wheels Into the Weekend, and Protestors Aren't Having It

12/14/2019 - Google Reveals Its Top Searches of the Year And, Yes, It's Mostly Memes

12/14/2019 - HBO Max Is Moving Forward With Another Try at Adapting Snow Crash

12/14/2019 - A Quiet Place 2 Has a New Teaser—But Only If You See the Right Movie

12/14/2019 - Orlando Jones Has Reportedly Been Fired From American Gods [Updated]

12/14/2019 - The Creators Behind HBO's Watchmen Are Being Very Cagey About a Second Season

12/14/2019 - Why Google's Pixel Feature Drops Could Give You One Reason to Ditch Your iPhone

12/13/2019 - Google's Covered A Whopping 10 Million Miles in Street View Imagery

12/13/2019 - Calling All Expanse Fans: Your Spoiler-Filled Season 4 Discussion Zone Awaits Like a Newly-Discovered Planet

12/13/2019 - Paramount Is Now on Board With a Reboot of the Power Rangers Reboot

12/13/2019 - The Trailer For VHYes Will Transport You Right Back to the 1980s

12/13/2019 - In 2020, Be Sure to Make a 'Haters' List for Your Enemies

12/13/2019 - A Wonderfully Articulated Wonder Woman Is the Most Super Toy of the Week

12/13/2019 - Children Put Canada and Norway on Blast for Climate Failures

12/13/2019 - Airbnb Bans Over 60 White Supremacists After Iron March Forum Database Leak

12/13/2019 - Jason Isaacs Wants Racists to Stop Pretending to Be Star Trek Fans

12/13/2019 - Zoo Chimps Doing a 'Conga Line' Could Teach Us How Humans Evolved to Dance

12/13/2019 - Emotion Recognition Is Creepy As Hell

12/13/2019 - Dark Matter 'Strikes Back' in Galactic Mystery

12/13/2019 - An Unnecessary Deep Dive Into the Magic of Netflix's Holiday Movie Universe

12/13/2019 - Cyberthief Allegedly Used Ill-Gotten Gains to Buy Royalty Rights to Rap Songs

12/13/2019 - Disgraced Ex-Google Exec Andy Rubin Blocks Everyone on Twitter, and Good Riddance

12/13/2019 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Backlash Is Inevitable, According to Richard E. Grant

12/13/2019 - 'I Slept With My Gun': What It's Like to Get Your Ring Camera Hacked

12/13/2019 - Italian Court Orders Facebook to Restore Neo-Fascist Party's Account

12/13/2019 - OSIRIS-REx Team Will Boop This Spot on Asteroid Bennu

12/13/2019 - Our Favorite Comics of 2019

12/13/2019 - Motion Sensing Wifi Is a Limited But Fascinating Peek at the Future of the Smart Home

12/13/2019 - Looks Like a Penis

12/13/2019 - 30 Viral Fakes That Defined the 2010s

12/13/2019 - This Spider-Man: Far From Home VFX Reel Cheekily Breaks the 4th Wall

12/13/2019 - AT&T Closes Out 2019 By Extending Real 5G Coverage to 10 Cities

12/13/2019 - Great, Now Australia's Bushfires Are Fueling Climate Change

12/13/2019 - Steven Moffat's Dracula Trailer Teases a 'Bi-Homicidal' Villain

12/13/2019 - Scientists Urge the World to Plan for Peak Meat

12/13/2019 - More Suicide Squad Rumors About the Identity of Idris Elba's Mystery Character

12/13/2019 - The Future of the Face Computer

12/13/2019 - U.S. Military Tests New Missile Previously Banned Under Treaty With Russia

12/13/2019 - The Mandalorian Gave Us a Few New Stars to Gaze at This Week

12/13/2019 - Stranger Breaks Into Ring Camera, Terrorizes 8-Year-Old In Latest Creepy Ring Hack

12/12/2019 - We Know the Name of the Next Xbox and It's Series-ous

12/12/2019 - Apple Arcade Is Getting a Super Smash Bros.-Like Sports Game

12/12/2019 - The Team Behind Dark Alliance's Return Tell Us Why Now Is the Time to Bring It Back

12/12/2019 - Of Course There's a 14-Month Waitlist for This $300 Unofficial Baby Yoda Toy

12/12/2019 - WeWork's Reviewing 100 Leases to See Where It Can Bail

12/12/2019 - Game of Thrones' David Benioff and D.B. Weiss May Adapt the Graphic Novel Lovecraft

12/12/2019 - The Expanse Crew Shares Their Thoughts on Season 4 Getting a Binge Release

12/12/2019 - FCC Wants to Fine a Robocaller $10 Million For Spreading Lies About Politician

12/12/2019 - YouTuber Buys a Laser on eBay That's So Terrifyingly Powerful, It Instantly Fries His Camera

12/12/2019 - FCC Votes to Establish New 3-Digit Suicide-Prevention Number 988

12/12/2019 - The Newest Short Treks Offer a Bright Hope for Star Trek's Animated Future

12/12/2019 - FTC Considering Steps to Block Facebook from Merging With Instagram and Whatsapp: Report

12/12/2019 - The Decade Disney Won

12/12/2019 - Sunrise Movement Is Planning a 2020 Reckoning for Democrats Over the Green New Deal

12/12/2019 - New Evidence Suggests Ancient Egyptian Head Cones Were Real

12/12/2019 - Hasbro Reveals the Baby Yoda Toys You're Looking For

12/12/2019 - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Get a Flu Shot

12/12/2019 - The Most Important Phones of the Decade

12/12/2019 - This Exclusive Expanse Clip Pits Amos and Adolphus Murtry in a Killer Showdown

12/12/2019 - You Can Now Convert Live Photos to GIFs on Twitter

12/12/2019 - Can New York Plug All Its Subway Holes Before the Next Storm Hits?

12/12/2019 - Apple News Is Hosting a 2020 Democratic Debate for Some Baffling Reason

12/12/2019 - Man Trapped in Car in Icy River Saved By Yelling, 'Siri, Call 911'

12/12/2019 - In the Castle Rock Finale, Annie Wilkes' History of Violence Comes Full Circle

12/12/2019 - Scientists Sequence the Genome of America's Famous Extinct Parakeet

12/12/2019 - The 11 Best (and 6 Worst) TV Shows of 2019

12/12/2019 - Watch Every Fire on Earth This Year in This Blazing Visualization

12/12/2019 - Ring User Blocks $400K Bitcoin Extortion Attempt by Taking Out the Batteries

12/12/2019 - Google's Interpreter Mode Comes to Phones and Will Make Traveling a Helluva Lot Easier

12/12/2019 - In The Witcher's Final Trailer, a World Prepares for Magic and War

12/12/2019 - Doctor Who's Stars Tease a Major, Petrifying New Monster

12/12/2019 - The Apple Watch Now Supported by Orangetheory for an Even Smoother High-Tech Gym Experience

12/12/2019 - Watchmen Creator Alan Moore Explains Why He's Voting Today For the First Time in 40 Years

12/11/2019 - Man Dies in Queens After Being Pinned Between 2 Parked Cars, One of Which Was Started Remotely

12/11/2019 - All the New Genre Shows Coming to Quibi (So Far)

12/11/2019 - Alexa: Would U?

12/11/2019 - Oculus Will Now Require Facebook Login to Use Social Features and Collect User Data for Ad Targeting

12/11/2019 - What's Up With J.J. Abrams Seemingly Shading The Last Jedi?

12/11/2019 - The FAA Knew

12/11/2019 - Microsoft Set to Bombard Users With Full-Screen Notices That Windows 7 Is Dying

12/11/2019 - The Runaways Cast Tells Us How the Teen Heroes Find Their Way Back Together in Season 3

12/11/2019 - Sick Americans Are Desperate Enough to Buy Fish Antibiotics

12/11/2019 - Spotify Is Getting the Netflix Treatment

12/11/2019 - The Dark Half Comes Back From the Dead as the Latest Stephen King Adaptation

12/11/2019 - This Dust-Filled Galaxy Formed Less than a Billion Years After the Big Bang

12/11/2019 - Just 88 Companies Are Responsible for Ruining the Oceans

12/11/2019 - The 4th Matrix Will Arrive Before The Flash

12/11/2019 - The EU Just Rolled Out A New Green Deal

12/11/2019 - Siri Has Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable

12/11/2019 - Crio9-sis on Infinite Roundtables: Why We're Split Like a Multiverse on DC's New Crossover

12/11/2019 - Hyper-Detailed Maps Reveal Seafloor Craters From Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests

12/11/2019 - Giphy’s New Video Platform Pounds Another Nail In the Coffin of the GIF

12/11/2019 - Even After Erupting for Three Months Straight, Kilauea Still Contains a Shocking Amount of Magma

12/11/2019 - The Future Is Calling, and It Says Act Now or We're All Fucked

12/11/2019 - The Fictional People and Things We Lost in 2019

12/11/2019 - Cannabis Is Getting More Popular, Especially Among People With Depression

12/11/2019 - Rise of Skywalker's Richard E. Grant on How Star Wars Secrecy Impacts an Actor’s Performance

12/11/2019 - 44,000-Year-Old Cave Painting Could Be the Earliest Known Depiction of Hunting

12/11/2019 - Marvel Television Is Dead

12/11/2019 - Arrest Data Exposed by South Carolina Firm Included Personal Info of Juvenile Suspects [Updated]

12/11/2019 - You Should Feel Bad

12/11/2019 - I Can't Get Enough of Bowers & Wilkins' Freaky Carbon Fiber Headphones

12/11/2019 - The First Trailer for CW's Stargirl Already Looks Outdated

12/11/2019 - Photo Uploads to Twitter Just Got a Big Upgrade in Quality

12/11/2019 - 'We No Longer Have Time:' Greta Thunberg Schools the World at UN Climate Talks

12/11/2019 - The Unforgetting Machine

12/11/2019 - The Trump Campaign Has Compared the President to Thanos, a Mass Murderer

12/11/2019 - Baby Orcas Are More Likely to Survive if They Live With Their Grandma

12/11/2019 - The Purge Brings Back a Familiar Face, and More Updates From The Matrix 4

12/11/2019 - Google's Fitbit Deal Reportedly to Be Scrutinized By DOJ Antitrust Office

12/10/2019 - Adding Wheels to Apple's New Mac Pro Costs 400 Goddamn Dollars

12/10/2019 - Steven Universe Future Began By Answering Some of the Series' Biggest Mysteries

12/10/2019 - Antlers Looks Like It'll Be One of 2020's Best Horror Films

12/10/2019 - Report: Advertising Scammer Bribed a Facebook Employee to Keep Its Posts Up

12/10/2019 - Google Chrome Will Now Alert You to Phishing Scams in Real Time

12/10/2019 - Apple Pushes Back as Senate's Nightmare Anti-Encryption Push Comes Back From the Dead

12/10/2019 - In a Doctor Who Premiere Clip, the Companions Use a Low-Tech Cover Story to Do Some High-Tech Research

12/10/2019 - New NYC Law Would Require New Buildings to Have Bird-Friendly Windows

12/10/2019 - The Supers and Bats Were the Focus of Crisis Part 2 and It Was Perfect

12/10/2019 - ISS Sees Thunderstorm Beaming Electromagnetic Pulse Into Space, Producing Gamma Rays and 'Elves'

12/10/2019 - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay to Become a Showtime Series

12/10/2019 - These Maps Show Why We Need a Green New Deal

12/10/2019 - On Lube Man

12/10/2019 - The Arctic Is Undergoing Changes Scientists 'Never Expected Would Happen This Soon'

12/10/2019 - Watch the Trippy Winning Videos of Nikon's Microscopic Film Contest

12/10/2019 - Influencer Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison After Domain Hijacking at Gunpoint Goes Awry

12/10/2019 - A Controversial DNA Database Used to Solve Crimes Has Gone Commercial

12/10/2019 - The Star Wars Prequels' Biggest Crime Was Wasting Christopher Lee

12/10/2019 - Exxon Escapes

12/10/2019 - Apple Sues Former Chip Designer, Who Says Apple Also Spied On His Texts

12/10/2019 - How Jabra's Amazing New Earbuds Measure Up to AirPods Pro

12/10/2019 - The Pop Culture Highlights and Lowlights of 2019

12/10/2019 - DoorDash Has a New Plan to Make Workers Gamble on How Much They'll Get Paid

12/10/2019 - The Most Innovative Gadgets of the Decade

12/10/2019 - Report Claims Microsoft's Project Scarlett Could Be 4 to 5 Times More Powerful Than Xbox One X

12/10/2019 - Famous Foxes Bred for Tameness Weren’t Actually Wild in the First Place, Claims Controversial New Paper

12/10/2019 - You Can Stream Torrents Through The Pirate Bay Once Again

12/10/2019 - The Grudge's New Red Band Trailer Is Legitimately the Stuff of Nightmares

12/10/2019 - Amber Fossils Reveal Lice-Like Bugs Crawling in Dinosaur Feathers

12/10/2019 - Chilean Plane Carrying 38 Passengers Disappears During Flight to Antarctica

12/10/2019 - I Really Want to Love His Dark Materials, But It's Getting Harder

12/10/2019 - These Noise-Canceling Headphones Will Alert You to All the Dangers You Can't Hear

12/10/2019 - Sydney Is Choking on the Most Toxic Air on Earth

12/10/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Proposes a Green New Deal for the Ocean

12/10/2019 - Even More Updates From Wonder Woman 1984 and The Rise of Skywalker

12/10/2019 - How to Give Ring and Nest the Boot and Set Up Your Own Home Security Camera

12/10/2019 - Company Leaves 752,000 Birth Certificate Copy Applications Publicly Exposed on Amazon Cloud Account

12/9/2019 - Amazon Says It Lost $10 Billion Military Contract Because Trump Wanted to 'Screw' Jeff Bezos

12/9/2019 - Steph Korey Goes Away, Sort of

12/9/2019 - Three New Featurettes Dive Deeper Into The Witcher's Main Characters

12/9/2019 - Breaking Down the Struggles and Shiny Armors of Wonder Woman 1984's Dazzling First Trailer

12/9/2019 - Nikon Just Made It a Lot Harder to Get Your Camera Quickly Repaired

12/9/2019 - This Is How Charmed Became a Show That Hates Itself

12/9/2019 - Yet More Research Links Even Light Drinking to a Higher Cancer Risk

12/9/2019 - Nvidia Taught an AI to Instantly Generate Fully-Textured 3D Models From Flat 2D Images

12/9/2019 - Google Back Under Investigation Over Labor Practices

12/9/2019 - A New Clip From Tonight's Crisis Episode Features a Very Different Superman

12/9/2019 - Finally! You'll Be Able to Move Events Between Google Calendars on Your Phone

12/9/2019 - Ring’s Hidden Data Let Us Map Amazon's Sprawling Home Surveillance Network

12/9/2019 - Kathleen Kennedy on Why The Rise of Skywalker Revealed Two of Its Villainous Secrets in the Trailers

12/9/2019 - Google Packs a Bunch of Software Upgrades Into Its First Pixel Feature Drop

12/9/2019 - Climate Change Threatens Water Resources for Nearly 2 Billion People

12/9/2019 - Newly Discovered Widow Spider Lays Bright Purple Eggs

12/9/2019 - U.S. Army Worries Humanity is Biased Against Deadly Cyborg Soldiers Because of Movies Like Terminator

12/9/2019 - This Gorgeous Garmin Hybrid Smartwatch Is Too Damn Complicated to Beat Fitbit

12/9/2019 - European Space Agency Approves Mission to Yoink a Piece of Trash Out of Orbit

12/9/2019 - RIP Everyone: A Whole Lot of People Died in the First Episode of CW's Crisis

12/9/2019 - T-Mobile and Sprint Head to Court to Defend Their Very Bad Megamerger

12/9/2019 - A Fight Over a 'False Solution' Is at the Center of Madrid Climate Talks

12/9/2019 - Remembering René Auberjonois, Star Trek's Compelling, Curmudgeonly, and Lovingly Comic Odo

12/9/2019 - Antarctic Explorers' Brains Shrunk During a 14-Month Polar Expedition

12/9/2019 - Jeffrey Epstein-Funded Geneticist Is Building a Dating App That Only a Eugenicist Could Love

12/9/2019 - Witness Spooky Evidence of Snapchat's New Face-Swapping Feature

12/9/2019 - Birds of Prey Is Bringing Together More Than the Iconic Girl Gang From the Comics

12/9/2019 - AMD and Intel Could Be Screwed By New Chinese Mandate Forbidding Foreign Technology

12/9/2019 - Watchmen's Post Credits Scene Answered One Important Question While Raising Another

12/9/2019 - How Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Got Its Freaky ‘Tiger Stripes’

12/9/2019 - Air France Hopes to Reduce Delays With Self-Driving Luggage Carts

12/9/2019 - Joker Nabs Key Golden Globe Nominations, but Game of Thrones Gets the Kiss of Death

12/9/2019 - Dozens Feared Dead After New Zealand's Most Active Volcano Erupts

12/9/2019 - DC Apparently Has Big Plans for Wonder Woman's Amazons

12/9/2019 - The First Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Presents a Solemn, Stranger Things-Esque Look at the Past

12/9/2019 - 21 Tips to Make Google Docs, Sheets and Slides Work for You

12/9/2019 - Elon Musk Hits Traffic Pylon With New Cybertruck After Dinner in Malibu

12/8/2019 - Doctor Manhattan Has Brought Watchmen's Story About Time Full Circle

12/8/2019 - Reddit Uncovers Russian Interference Campaign Ahead of Pivotal UK Election

12/8/2019 - Scarlet Witch Will Finally Get Her Big Title in WandaVision

12/8/2019 - You Can Order Apple's Mac Pro and Its Killer Display This Week

12/8/2019 - Wonder Woman 1984's First Trailer Is Here to Bring Justice to the Reagan Era

12/8/2019 - The Newest Star Wars Featurette Is About the Power of Friendship

12/8/2019 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Returns for Season 3 in January

12/8/2019 - Google's Finally Ditching Support for Its Explorer Edition of Glass

12/8/2019 - How the Experts at Legacy Effects Brought E.T. Back to Life

12/7/2019 - When Discord's Down, All Hell Breaks Loose

12/7/2019 - George Miller Says He's Still Making Another Mad Max Movie, Just Wait a Little Longer

12/7/2019 - Disney Is Developing an Aladdin Spinoff Starring Billy Magnussen, Which Seems in Poor Taste

12/7/2019 - In Free Guy's First Trailer, Ryan Reynolds is the Only Dude for the Job

12/7/2019 - Peter Sarsgaard Has Been Cast in The Batman in an Unknown Role

12/7/2019 - Amazon Drags Its Sorry Ass to NYC Anyway, No Tax Dollars Required

12/7/2019 - The Quiet Joys of ASMR Porn

12/7/2019 - In the Biggest Trailer Yet, Crisis on Infinite Earths Is Looking Grim

12/6/2019 - Forget Satan, Have You Met Evil's Most Evil Character?

12/6/2019 - Away Warns Employees Not to 'Like' or 'Fave' Article Detailing Execs' Psycho Behavior

12/6/2019 - The Boys' First Season 2 Trailer Is a Bloodsoaked Return to Anarchy

12/6/2019 - Start Forging Your Own Beskar'gam, and More of the Most Metal Toys of the Week

12/6/2019 - Jury Rules You Can Call Elon Musk a Pedo Guy

12/6/2019 - I Want That on a T-Shirt

12/6/2019 - Reducing Air Pollution Saves Lives in Just Weeks, Report Finds

12/6/2019 - The Expanse Season 4 Is About the 'Limits of Control'

12/6/2019 - Samsung Reportedly Has Some Major Camera Upgrades Planned for the Galaxy S11

12/6/2019 - The President Has Toilet Problems

12/6/2019 - Piglets Born With Monkey Cells Are a World First

12/6/2019 - A Song Just for You

12/6/2019 - Why Won’t Steam Approve These Games Supporting Hong Kong Protestors?

12/6/2019 - FCC Finds Wireless Carriers Wildly Overstate Coverage, Gives Them More Money Anyway

12/6/2019 - There Was Almost a Version of Netflix's Witcher Where Ciri Was the Lead Star

12/6/2019 - Turns Out a Wild Geoengineering Plan to Refreeze Arctic Sea Ice Isn't the Best Idea

12/6/2019 - Star Wars' Kathleen Kennedy on the Long Road to Ending the Skywalkers' Story

12/6/2019 - 'Hypocrites': Teens Roast UN Climate Talks, Take Over the Streets

12/6/2019 - Invasive Mice Seen Attacking Adult Albatrosses on Breeding Colony for the First Time

12/6/2019 - TikTok to Pay $1.1 Million to Settle Lawsuit Alleging It Collected and Exposed Children's Data

12/6/2019 - The Ghostbusters Sequel's Title and First Official Photos Are Delightfully Haunting

12/6/2019 - Social Media Companies Aren’t Even Close to Fixing Their Bot Problem, Report Finds

12/6/2019 - Crisis on Infinite Earths for Infinite Dummies

12/6/2019 - The Baby Yoda vs. Porg Debate Is Settled Thanks to Rian Johnson

12/6/2019 - Bernie Sanders Has a $150 Billion 'Internet For All' Plan

12/6/2019 - Australia's Terrifying Bushfires Are Turning New Zealand Glaciers Pink

12/6/2019 - How Do You Justify a $180 Smart Mug

12/6/2019 - Bullets That Killed President Kennedy to Be Released as 3D Scans

12/6/2019 - Study of So-Called 'Abortion Reversal' Stopped Early After Women Went to ER With Serious Bleeding

12/6/2019 - A Neural Network Powers This Lego-Built Brick Sorter That Can Recognize Every Piece Ever Made

12/6/2019 - Meet In Fabric's HR Violation Demons in This Exclusive Clip

12/6/2019 - Polar Bears Have Invaded A Russian Town—Again

12/6/2019 - Weirdly Enough, the UK Won't Get All of Crisis on Infinite Earths

12/6/2019 - Twitter's NSFW Purge Looms

12/6/2019 - Updates From Disney's Honey I Shrunk the Kids Reboot, and More

12/6/2019 - The Latest Mandalorian Had Maybe a Little Too Much Fan Service for Its Own Good

12/5/2019 - Uber Safety Study Finds More Than 3,000 Reports of Sexual Assaults in U.S. Rides Last Year

12/5/2019 - Help, I Can't Get Watchmen's Hauntingly Perfect 'Life on Mars?' Cover Out of My Head

12/5/2019 - We Have Dramatically Underestimated Our Exposure to Nasty Plastic Chemical BPA, Study Finds

12/5/2019 - You've Gotta Be Shitting Me, Uber

12/5/2019 - Does Adam Driver Think There's Still Some Ben Solo in Kylo Ren?

12/5/2019 - Members of Cybercrime Group Evil Corp Indicted for $100 Million In Heists and No One Can Touch Them

12/5/2019 - Patent Hints the Apple Watch May Track Parkinson's Disease Someday

12/5/2019 - Most States Have Cut Environmental Agencies' Budgets at the Worst Possible Time

12/5/2019 - Legends of Tomorrow's Batshit Delightful Season 5 Trailer Welcomes You to Mr. Parker's Cul-de-Sac

12/5/2019 - Why It Makes Perfect Sense for Harley Quinn to Be Sweary as Fuck

12/5/2019 - Apple Explains What's Going On With Its Big Location Services Mystery

12/5/2019 - New Qualcomm Chip Could Make 5G MR a Very Cool Reality

12/5/2019 - In this Exclusive Steven Universe Future Clip, a Reborn Gem Catches Up to the New Status Quo

12/5/2019 - The Sentimental Reason It Was So Hard to Write The Rise of Skywalker's Ending

12/5/2019 - Deforestation Is a Death Sentence for Tropical Forest Animals

12/5/2019 - New Images Show Asteroid Bennu Spewing Bits of Itself Into Space

12/5/2019 - This Was the Decade That Spoiler Culture Changed Everything

12/5/2019 - Enjoy Galt's Gulch, Assholes

12/5/2019 - Even Sex Toy Makers Think Watchmen's Big Blue Dildo Is 'Extreme'

12/5/2019 - How to Enable Opera's 'Super Dark' Mode on Android and Dim Glaring White Web Pages

12/5/2019 - Uber Hub Shows Drivers It Truly Cares by Making Them Use Separate Bathrooms

12/5/2019 - A Medievalist’s Guide to Decoding The Witcher's Monsters

12/5/2019 - What's Worse: These Gucci Snapchat Spectacles or the Video Promoting Them?

12/5/2019 - Coca-Cola's Glowing Lightsaber Bottles Are the First Flexible OLED Tech I'm Willing to Pay For

12/5/2019 - BP Just Got Its Ass Sued For False Advertising

12/5/2019 - A Weirdly Perfect Cloud Curve Appeared Over the US

12/5/2019 - Daisy Ridley Had a Joyous Time Filming The Rise of Skywalker, Despite It Being the End

12/5/2019 - Major Quantum Achievement Lets Physicists 'See' Gravitational Waves From Deeper in the Universe

12/5/2019 - Air Pollution May Affect Crime, But the Problem Goes Deeper Than That

12/5/2019 - Lost in Space's New Trailer Has Robot Feels and Spaceship Ships

12/5/2019 - Meet the Scientists Who Play With Fire

12/5/2019 - Mulan Is No Man in Her Movie's New Powerful Trailer

12/5/2019 - Could Another of Hulu's Marvel TV Shows Be in Trouble?

12/5/2019 - These Are the Free Windows and macOS Apps You Should Be Using

12/5/2019 - 39 Tattoos of Baby Yoda That Prove We're All Obsessed With The Mandalorian

12/4/2019 - Pokémon Sword and Shield's Opal Is the Gym Leader This Generation Deserves

12/4/2019 - Henry Cavill Doesn't Care About the Snyder Cut, He Just Wants Another Superman Movie (and His Mustache Back)

12/4/2019 - Stop Using Avast and AVG Plugins Right Now

12/4/2019 - Hair Dyes and Straighteners Might Be a Breast Cancer Risk, Especially for Black Women, Study Finds

12/4/2019 - Should You Be Allowed to Copyright a Law? We're Going to Find Out

12/4/2019 - You Could Buy Yourself a Mustang, Or These $30,000 Frozen Dolls

12/4/2019 - Ramsay Bolton Is a Leprechaun Now

12/4/2019 - This Meteorite-Munching Microbe Might Explain How Life Emerged on Earth

12/4/2019 - Star Wars Movies Should Be So Far Beyond Teasing LGBTQ Representation at This Point

12/4/2019 - Why Advocates Are Skipping International Climate Talks to Stand With Chilean Activists

12/4/2019 - You Cannot Conceive of the Hugeness of This Black Hole

12/4/2019 - The Expanse's Stunning Season 4 Is Filled With New Frontiers and Old Rivalries

12/4/2019 - Everything to Know About Qualcomm's Next Flagship Phone Chip: the Snapdragon 865

12/4/2019 - Tom King Teases Teaming Up With Ava DuVernay, and the Dark Duality of Strange Adventures

12/4/2019 - Global Carbon Emissions Are Headed For a New High in 2019

12/4/2019 - New Study Links Birth Control Pill to Brain Differences, but Don't Panic

12/4/2019 - Apple Seems to Be Tracking iPhone 11 When Location Services Are Disabled, Report Finds [Updated]

12/4/2019 - Climate Models Have Been Right For Decades

12/4/2019 - Parker Solar Probe Scientists Reveal Jaw-Dropping First Results From the Sun

12/4/2019 - This Exoplanet-Shredding White Dwarf May Foretell the End of Our Solar System

12/4/2019 - Craigslist Finally Gets an Official App

12/4/2019 - Nuclear Radiation Hot Spots Found at Starting Point of Japan's 2020 Olympic Torch Relay

12/4/2019 - Toys 'R' Us Is Open for Business Again, But There's a Bizarre Catch [Updated]

12/4/2019 - Scientists Made Working Fiber Optic Cables Out of Wood

12/4/2019 - Why Star Wars' Past Is So Important to the Future in The Rise of Skywalker

12/4/2019 - The Pixel 4's Live Caption Feature Is Now Available on Pixel 3 and 3a

12/4/2019 - Supergirl Could Be About to Lift the Lid on Kara's Big Secret

12/4/2019 - Plex Now Offering Over a Thousand Movies on Demand and for Free

12/4/2019 - No Time To Die's First Trailer Introduces a New 00 Agent and a Masked Villain

12/4/2019 - The Mandalorian Has Been Edited to Look Like a 1980s Sitcom and It's Strangely Perfect

12/4/2019 - Poor Countries Are Hit Worst by Extreme Weather, but No One Is Safe

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