2/28/2019 - HBO Chief Richard Plepler, Who Greenlit Game of Thrones, Steps Down Amid AT&T Takeover

2/28/2019 - Not Even a Wild Original Series Connection Could Save Star Trek: Discovery From Itself

2/28/2019 - Report: Amazon Cuomo Is Giving Jeff Bezos the Full Say Anything Treatment

2/28/2019 - How a Batman Book That Never Was Gave Birth to Mister Miracle

2/28/2019 - This Back to the Future Poster Is Heavy on the References, Just How We Like It

2/28/2019 - A New Spider-Verse Deleted Scene Serves Up Some Gourmet Spider-Man

2/28/2019 - Exclusive: A Glimmer of Hope Rises in the Dystopian World of Level 16 

2/28/2019 - Plagued by Predators, YouTube Is Disabling Comments on Most Videos Featuring Children

2/28/2019 - Australia Just Sweated Through Its Hottest Summer Ever

2/28/2019 - The Huawei Mate X Is Even More Exciting Than You Think

2/28/2019 - The Orville Season 2 Has Been All About the Characters, and the Show's Never Been Better

2/28/2019 - Google Workers' Fight to End Forced Arbitration Heads to D.C.

2/28/2019 - Honestly, Momo Scares the Shit Out of Me

2/28/2019 - From a Certain Angle, It Looks Like the Dark Phoenix Trailer Takes a Subtle Jab at the Marvel Cinematic Universe

2/28/2019 - A Third Walking Dead Show Is Rising From the Grave

2/28/2019 - The Vilest Phishing Method, Sextortion, Often Snares Victims Using Fake Security Alerts 

2/28/2019 - Extreme Dwarf Planet FarFarOut Could Be the Most Distant Known Object in the Solar System

2/28/2019 - Critical Test Flight of SpaceX Crew Capsule Scheduled for Saturday

2/28/2019 - Marvel Is Bringing Its Superheroes to the World of Serialized Fiction with 4 New Series

2/28/2019 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wants Your Blood

2/28/2019 - This Remarkably Agile Robot Hand Teaches Itself How to Handle Objects

2/28/2019 - A U.S. City Just Granted Legal Rights to a Lake

2/28/2019 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge—The 77 Most Fascinating Things We Learned on Our Trip

2/28/2019 - This Bendy Smartphone-Watch Hybrid Actually Isn't as Silly as It Looks

2/28/2019 - Amazon's New Plan for Fighting Counterfeit Crap Is Letting Brands Deal With It

2/28/2019 - In the First Osmosis Trailer, Guaranteed True Love Can Be Yours...for a Price

2/28/2019 - New Map of Hawaii Shows Where Kilauea's Lava Piled Up Over 900 Feet High

2/28/2019 - Incredible Experiment Gives Infrared Vision to Mice—and Humans Could Be Next

2/28/2019 - Four Hospitalized After 'Sweet, Burning' Odor Fills Alaska Airlines Flight

2/28/2019 - Will Smith Will Apparently Not Return for The Suicide Squad

2/28/2019 - Spacecraft Spots Evidence That Groundwater Once Saturated Mars

2/28/2019 - This Cheap Robot Vacuum Isn't Super Flashy, But It Gets the Job Done

2/28/2019 - What State Has the Most Pedestrian Traffic Deaths?

2/28/2019 - Is the Next Bond Movie Close to Finding Its Villain?

2/28/2019 - The Most Unforgettable Images From 2019's Underwater Photography Competition

2/28/2019 - Simulated Mission in Chilean Desert Shows How a Rover Could Detect Life on Mars

2/28/2019 - What the Heck Is Going On With Netflix's Alternate Ending for The Notebook?

2/28/2019 - New Dark Phoenix Trailer Teases Jean Grey Becoming a God of Death and Rebirth

2/28/2019 - We've Been to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Life Will Never Be the Same 

2/27/2019 - FAA Bans Cargo Shipment of Lithium Ion Batteries on Passenger Flights

2/27/2019 - Amazon Is Now Ditching on Seattle Plans, Too

2/27/2019 - There's No End in Sight to Our Robocall Hell

2/27/2019 - How the Biggest TV You've Ever Seen Helped First Man's Oscar-Winning Visual Effects Look So Authentic

2/27/2019 - Tom King Knows You Read His Comics on the Can

2/27/2019 - Automation Is Coming for the Oil Jobs, Too

2/27/2019 - Bruh Rabbit Brilliantly Reclaims and Reimagines an Important Piece of Black Folklore

2/27/2019 - Australian Siblings Are Semi-Identical Twins, Some of the Rarest Humans Ever

2/27/2019 - George R.R. Martin Turned Down a Chance to Appear in Game of Thrones Season 8

2/27/2019 - NASA Produces Building Blocks of Life in Experimental Recreation of Ancient Earth

2/27/2019 - Owner of TikTok, an App You're Probably Too Old to Know About, Fined $5.7 Million for Illegally Collecting Kids' Data

2/27/2019 - Doctor Who Could Find Its Way Back to Saturday Nights

2/27/2019 - Evidence For Global Warming Passes Physics' Gold Standard Threshold

2/27/2019 - The Tick Season 2 Trailer Reveals New Heroes, New Team-Ups, and Shenanigans Galore

2/27/2019 - The Gifted's Season 2 Finale Was a Bloodbath With an Apocalyptic Twist 

2/27/2019 - Researchers Have Created an All-Season Fabric That Can Switch Between Heating and Cooling You

2/27/2019 - Aquaman 2 Will Come Ashore in December 2022

2/27/2019 - Energizer's Extra Juicy Phone Is Dumb Thick

2/27/2019 - The U.S. May Finally Get an Early Warning System For Volcanoes

2/27/2019 - DC Universe Confirms Superboy's Casting on Titans

2/27/2019 - Kaspersky Lab Really Can't Catch a Break

2/27/2019 - San Francisco to Expunge Thousands of Cannabis Convictions With Help From an Algorithm

2/27/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery Will Return for a Third Season, With an Extra Showrunner

2/27/2019 - Congress Just Passed a Conservation Bill That Creates Over a Million Acres of New Public Land

2/27/2019 - Huawei Now Just Trolling U.S. by Dredging Up Edward Snowden

2/27/2019 - Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes Will Direct Patrick Stewart Once More for the Picard Show

2/27/2019 - The Helicopter Pilots Who Carpet-Bomb Islands to Battle Invasive Rats

2/27/2019 - Sony's Beautiful E-Ink Tablet Made Me Feel Great Joy, Disappointing Frustration

2/27/2019 - Remember The OA? Netflix's Indescribable Sci-Fi Mystery Is Back With a Season 2 Trailer

2/27/2019 - Here Are the Three Dumbest Claims Pharma CEOs Made When Defending Exorbitant Drug Prices

2/27/2019 - FTC Rules Against Fake Amazon Reviews in Landmark Case

2/27/2019 - More Hints About Elsa and Anna's Journey in Frozen 2

2/27/2019 - How to Watch Michael Cohen Testify About President Trump and WikiLeaks Today

2/27/2019 - Texas Lawmaker Completely Unconcerned About Measles Outbreak Because of 'Antibiotics'

2/26/2019 - Facebook's Patreon Clone Wants to Pocket Up to Six Times As Much of the Revenue As Patreon

2/26/2019 - The Federal Trade Commission Is Starting a New Antitrust Task Force Looking at Big Tech

2/26/2019 - 50 Years Later, Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain Is Getting a Sequel Novel

2/26/2019 - Brie Larson Believes Carol and Maria Are the 'Great Love' of Captain Marvel

2/26/2019 - One More Excellent Detail Into the Spider-Verse Gets Right From Superhero Comics

2/26/2019 - Jean Grey Gets Some Familiar Threads in the New Dark Phoenix Poster

2/26/2019 - The Toys of the 1980s Are Making a Major Comeback This Year

2/26/2019 - The Northern Hemisphere Just Experienced Its First-Ever Category 5 Cyclone in February

2/26/2019 - Parents Can Expect Less Sleep for the First Six Years of Their Child’s Life

2/26/2019 - Our New Candyman Is Probably Aquaman's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II 

2/26/2019 - Upcoming Tech IPOs Will Mint Hundreds of Overnight Millionaires and Silicon Valley Vultures Are Licking Their Chops

2/26/2019 - Maybe Facebook's Seldom-Clicked Watch Tab Isn't the Future of News

2/26/2019 - Physicists Propose Hunting for Signs of Dark Matter in Ancient Minerals

2/26/2019 - David Walker Is Betting on the Power of Black History and a Bold New Self-Publishing Gamble

2/26/2019 - Check Out These Excellent Bill & Ted Toys Celebrating the Movie's 30th Anniversary

2/26/2019 - Topher Grace Co-Edited the Ultimate 5 Minute Star Wars Trailer, Watch It Here

2/26/2019 - Body of a Cancer Patient Left Radioactive Material at Arizona Crematorium

2/26/2019 - Four Things That Could Kill Us Before the Cloud Apocalypse Does

2/26/2019 - Now Is a Really Good Time to Buy a New GPU

2/26/2019 - Chrome Extension Turns Your Unhinged Tweets Into Unhinged Official Messages to Congress (Updated)

2/26/2019 - The Newest Detective Pikachu Trailer Introduces a Surprising Legendary Pokémon

2/26/2019 - Costa Rica Lays Out Plan to Zero Out Carbon Emissions by 2050

2/26/2019 - Here's an Alexa Idea I Actually Like

2/26/2019 - Rotten Tomatoes Is Changing Its Audience Rating System Because of Trolls

2/26/2019 - Emma Thompson's Letter to Skydance Makes It Clear: She Quit Luck Because of John Lasseter

2/26/2019 - Amtrak Train Stranded in Oregon for 36 Hours Honestly Seems Pretty Chill

2/26/2019 - Apple May Finally Add Sleep Tracking to the Apple Watch, Still No Word on Better Battery Life

2/26/2019 - We Destroyed the 'Unbreakable' Pantyhose, But They Still Beat Every Other Kind

2/26/2019 - New Set Pictures From The Flash Reveal the Arrival of a Major Comics Villain

2/26/2019 - HTC Did the Unthinkable and Made a Hotspot That’s Cool

2/26/2019 - Big Pharma Gives Big Money to the Senators Who Will Question Drug Company CEOs Today

2/26/2019 - Kickstarter to Remove That Rat From the End of The Departed Whacked By DMCA Takedown

2/25/2019 - Samsung's Doing Everything It Can to Make the Galaxy Fold's Crease Invisible

2/25/2019 - The SEC Wants Elon Musk Held in Contempt of '420' Tweet Settlement, Over Yet Another Bad Tweet

2/25/2019 - This Music Video About Gender Identity Is 'Winning' 

2/25/2019 - American Gods Season 2 Opens With a Question About Belief and Faith

2/25/2019 - The Dark Knight Returns in These Seriously Cool DC Collectibles From New York Toy Fair

2/25/2019 - Google Translate Can Help Doctors Bridge the Language Gap With Patients—but It's Not Flawless

2/25/2019 - More Internal Facebook Documents Leak Online, Revealing How Facebook Planned to Sell User Data

2/25/2019 - Yes, Marvel's Disney+ Shows Will Be Part of the Cinematic Universe

2/25/2019 - It Takes Just a Few Years For Extreme Weather to Start Seeming Normal, Study Finds

2/25/2019 - Berkeley to Finally Vote on Privacy Ordinance to Make It a Digital Sanctuary City

2/25/2019 - An Animated Gremlins Prequel Series Is Suddenly a Thing We Desperately Need

2/25/2019 - If the Trailers for Jordan Peele's Us Are This Creepy, Will We Even Be Able to Handle the Movie?

2/25/2019 - Dramatic Dark Smudge Appears Where Hayabusa2 Landed on Ryugu Asteroid

2/25/2019 - Amazon and Chase Are Still Confusingly Opaque About What They Do With Your Credit Card Data

2/25/2019 - A 30-Million-Page Archive of Humanity's Achievements (and Failures) Is Headed to the Moon

2/25/2019 - There's One Big Thing Holding The Umbrella Academy Back

2/25/2019 - Weird Meat Allergy Caused by Ticks May Be Easier to Catch Than We Thought

2/25/2019 - Report: Facebook Moderators Are Routinely High and Joke About Suicide to Cope With Job [Updated]

2/25/2019 - Open Channel: Which Game of Thrones Character Is the Most Misunderstood?

2/25/2019 - Dozens of Youth Activists Arrested After Green New Deal Protest in Mitch McConnell's Office

2/25/2019 - NASA Renames Facility to Honor 'Hidden Figures' Subject Katherine Johnson

2/25/2019 - The Marshall Islands Plans to Raise Its Land to Survive Rising Sea Levels

2/25/2019 - A Common Household Ingredient Might Sabotage Your Antibiotics

2/25/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery's Doug Jones Doesn't Think We Should Worry About Sweet Saru

2/25/2019 - Detective Pikachu's Ryan Reynolds Tries to Pass Off Bad Parenting as Method Acting

2/25/2019 - 5G Is Going to Be an Incredibly Tough Sell in 2019

2/25/2019 - Spider-Verse and Black Panther Each Earned Some Gold at the 2019 Academy Awards

2/25/2019 - How to Completely Google-ify Your iPhone

2/25/2019 - Do Dogs Get Headaches?

2/25/2019 - 3 More Seconds of Game of Thrones' Final Season Plus Our First Look at The Lion King's Mufasa

2/25/2019 - Now You Can Boss Google Assistant Around in the Messages App and More Languages

2/25/2019 - Sony Made Some Tallboy Phones and They're Kinda Awesome

2/24/2019 - Black Panther Just Won Its Third Oscar, for Best Original Score

2/24/2019 - The Walking Dead Just Raised 2 Powerful, Interesting Questions About Its World

2/24/2019 - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Swings Into a Best Animated Film Win at the Oscars

2/24/2019 - Black Panther Is a Multiple Oscar Winner [Updated]

2/24/2019 - Fake FCC Comments, Shark DNA, and the Edge of Everything: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/24/2019 - Arizona House Panel Votes to Expand Vaccine Exemptions Amid Ongoing Measles Outbreak

2/24/2019 - Lenovo's External USB-C Display Could Be on Every Laptop User's Wishlist

2/24/2019 - Deadpool Is a Terrible Brand Ambassador and HAL 9000 Is Outdated in This Google Assistant Ad

2/24/2019 - Huge Storms Sweep the South, Resulting in At Least Three Fatalities

2/24/2019 - Ezra Miller Still Thinks the Flash Movie Will Connect the 'Disparate Pieces' of the DC Film Universe

2/24/2019 - CDC Ends Investigation Into Chicken Salmonella Outbreak That Sickened 129, But More Could Fall Ill

2/24/2019 - Winter Is Coming, and It’s Going to be Double Stuffed and Surrounded by Cookies

2/24/2019 - LG’s First 5G Phone Can Turn Into a Dual Screen Sandwich

2/24/2019 - The LG G8 Will Make You Feel Like a Magician, Sort of

2/24/2019 - Microsoft's Sending a Confusing Message With Its HoloLens 2

2/24/2019 - Federal Judge Throws Out Washington State Cyberstalking Law, Writing It Criminalizes Protected Speech

2/24/2019 - Annette Bening Relied on Her Kids to Understand Her Captain Marvel Role

2/24/2019 - Amazon Cuomo Is Mad as Hell

2/24/2019 - With its Flexy Phone Concepts, TCL Is Playing the Long Game

2/24/2019 - Our First Look at BBC's His Dark Materials Is Full of Tension and Great Costumes

2/24/2019 - The 5-Camera Nokia 9 PureView Speaks to the Photographer's Soul

2/24/2019 - I Ditched Chrome for Safari and You Can Too

2/24/2019 - Huawei Brings Its Own Bendy Screen With the Bendy Mate X

2/24/2019 - The Best MacBook Pro Alternative Got a Refresh and a Cheaper Sibling

2/23/2019 - Lime Scooters Face Suspension in Auckland Amid Reports of Unexpected Braking and Rider Injuries

2/23/2019 - Amazon Air Jet Crashes in Texas, With Three on Board Believed Dead

2/23/2019 - SpaceX's Crew Dragon Is Greenlit for March 2 Unmanned Mission to the ISS

2/23/2019 - Making A Horror Miniseries With a Bunch of Kids Was Maybe a Bad Idea, and More Revelations About IT

2/23/2019 - YouTube Pulls Ads From Anti-Vaccination Videos That Violate Its Ad Policies

2/23/2019 - New Horizons Beams Back Its Clearest Images of Ultima Thule Yet

2/23/2019 - Spider-Man Is All Talk in This Awesome Japanese Far From Home Poster

2/23/2019 - This Video Interrogates the Troubling Way We Approach Diverse Media

2/23/2019 - Report: Grand Jury Hearing Evidence That Ryan Zinke Lied to Federal Investigators

2/23/2019 - The Newest Promo For Power Rangers Beast Morphers Is An Exciting Throwback

2/23/2019 - In the Latest Excellent Galaxy of Adventures Short, Luke Gets Some Good Training In

2/23/2019 - Kelly Knight Craft, Trump's Pick for UN Ambassador, Once Said She Believed 'Both Sides' of Climate Change

2/22/2019 - YouTube's Commenter Controversy Is Putting Creators in a Tricky Position

2/22/2019 - Hasbro Upgraded a Classic Star Wars Toy So You Can Learn How to Properly Swing a Lightsaber

2/22/2019 - Watch This Illustration of Pennywise Come to Life Right Before Your Eyes—and Then Run Screaming

2/22/2019 - House to Continue Neverending Debate Over Obvious Need for Federal Data-Privacy Law

2/22/2019 - A New Captain Marvel Featurette Offers a Crash Course in the Skrulls

2/22/2019 - Luke Wilson's Current Renaissance Now Includes a Role in Zombieland 2

2/22/2019 - These Apps Reportedly Shared Sensitive Personal Information With Facebook

2/22/2019 - Microsoft Employees Demand Company End $480 Million Contract With US Army

2/22/2019 - Over 100,000 Lego Bricks Were Used to Recreate the Final Battle of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2/22/2019 - Eating to Save the Planet Isn't Just About What I Eat—It's About What I Don't

2/22/2019 - Colossal Marriott Breach Inspires New California Bill That Would Require More of Companies That Get Pwned

2/22/2019 - Freaky Eight-Letter DNA Could Be the Stuff Aliens Are Made Of

2/22/2019 - Report: John Krasinski Is Indeed Directing the Quiet Place Sequel [Updated]

2/22/2019 - The Government Wants to Hear Your Creepy Plan to Predict Behavior With AI and Ankle Monitors

2/22/2019 - Watch Live as Captain Marvel's Goose Actor Does Cat Things on YouTube [Updated]

2/22/2019 - Will Smith's Genre Movies, Ranked

2/22/2019 - Look How Disgusting Your iPhone's Lightning Port Probably Is

2/22/2019 - Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer Joins Showtime's Next Penny Dreadful Series

2/22/2019 - The Soda Tax Appears to Work

2/22/2019 - Brazilian Carrier Comes Up With Tricksy '4.5G' Logo—and Now It Might Get Fined

2/22/2019 - Particle Physicists Build a Meatball Collider

2/22/2019 - This Exclusive Into the Spider-Verse Deleted Scene Features Another Emotional Spider-Pep Talk

2/22/2019 - An Extremely Rare February Typhoon Is Approaching Guam

2/22/2019 - Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Sneaky, Data-Harvesting VPN

2/22/2019 - Space Jam 2 Finally Has a Release Date and We'll See Godzilla vs. Kong Earlier Than Expected

2/22/2019 - 5 Ways to Spend Less Money on Digital Subscriptions

2/22/2019 - Historic Israeli Mission to the Moon Underway Following SpaceX Launch

2/22/2019 - Luke Cage's Simone Missick Has Joined Altered Carbon Season 2

2/22/2019 - PepsiCo Is ‘Relentlessly Automating’ Its Workforce and It’s Even More Dystopian Than It Sounds

2/22/2019 - An Amazing Spider-Man 2 Star Would Be Up for Reprising Their Character in Sony's Marvel Universe 

2/22/2019 - If You Can't Afford a Real 1967 Ford Mustang There's Always This Lego Version

2/22/2019 - AT&T and Hasbro Become Latest Companies to Yank Ads From YouTube Over Pedophilia Content

2/21/2019 - DoorDash Is a Bunch of Snakes

2/21/2019 - On Star Trek: Discovery, Does Anyone Actually Want to Follow the Rules Any More? 

2/21/2019 - Turns Out, the Star Wars Movies Sure Do Mention 'The Force' a Lot

2/21/2019 - Japanese Spacecraft Hayabusa2 Touches Down on Asteroid Ryugu

2/21/2019 - The Hit Chinese Sci-Fi Film The Wandering Earth Is Coming to Netflix

2/21/2019 - Of Course

2/21/2019 - The US Has a Higher Overdose Death Rate Than Any Other Wealthy Nation

2/21/2019 - Confirmed: Hawaii's False Missile Alert Scared the Shit Out of Everyone

2/21/2019 - Disney's Movie Chief on Managing Expectations for Remakes of Its Animated Classics

2/21/2019 - Here's What People Google Before Going to the Hospital

2/21/2019 - Ricoh Finally Updated Its Cult Favorite Compact Camera, and It's a Beauty

2/21/2019 - The World's Biggest Bee Just Buzzed Into My Heart

2/21/2019 - Hagrid Leads a Magical Ride in the Newest Wizarding World of Harry Potter Attraction

2/21/2019 - Google to End Arbitration Agreements for Employees

2/21/2019 - The Director of How to Train Your Dragon 3 Reflects on His Long Journey to The Hidden World

2/21/2019 - Even With HQ2 Dead, New York Isn't Done Fighting Amazon 

2/21/2019 - Stunning New View of Mars Shows Where Ancient Flowing Water Once Carved Its Surface

2/21/2019 - Yes, Bowser Is the New President of Nintendo

2/21/2019 - How Google, Microsoft, and Big Tech Are Automating the Climate Crisis

2/21/2019 - Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House Announces a Second Season, With a Twist

2/21/2019 - The Best Smart Display For Controlling Your Dumb Home

2/21/2019 - New Studies of Ancient Lava Add Mystery to the Dinosaur Extinction Story

2/21/2019 - The Twilight Zone Reboot Trailer Is an Exciting Sideways Step Into Another World

2/21/2019 - An Iceberg 30 Times the Size of Manhattan Is About to Break Off Antarctica

2/21/2019 - Thank God Phones Are Getting Weird Again

2/21/2019 - What Year Is It? What Is Happening?

2/21/2019 - How an Investigation of Fake FCC Comments Snared a Prominent D.C. Media Firm 

2/21/2019 - Giant Tortoise Feared Extinct Rediscovered in the Galápagos After 113 Years

2/21/2019 - The Lost Boys Finds Some Boys, and the Director of Twilight

2/21/2019 - After Months of Ducking Brits, Mark Zuckerberg Finds 30 Minutes to Chat With UK Minister

2/21/2019 - World's Biggest Bee, Once Thought Extinct, Has Been Found Alive

2/21/2019 - Well Dang, Lab-Grown Meat Might Bad For the Planet Too

2/21/2019 - What Does Trump's Weird Tweet About '6G Technology' Even Mean? (Update)

2/21/2019 - I'm Already Sick of This

2/21/2019 - Ong's Hat: The Early Internet Conspiracy Game That Got Too Real

2/21/2019 - The New Howard the Duck Show Is Bringing in a Familiar Face From the Movie

2/21/2019 - You Can Allegedly Now Brick Your Nikes, Thanks to the Miracle of Technology

2/21/2019 - Report: Trump Wants Guy Who Compared Climate Science to the Holocaust to Head Climate Panel

2/20/2019 - Someone Has Already Edited That Rat Out of The Departed

2/20/2019 - Facebook Is an 'Innovator in Privacy,' Says Guy Who Runs Facebook

2/20/2019 - Pixar's Emotional New Short Will Make a Pet Lover Out of You

2/20/2019 - Companies Halt YouTube Ads Following Reports of Commenter Pedophile Network

2/20/2019 - Captain Marvel's Website Teases Obscure Villain Annihilus, Here's What You Need to Know

2/20/2019 - Lawsuit Claims Florida Prisoners Got Screwed Out of Music and MP3 Players They Paid Millions to Buy

2/20/2019 - The Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Probably Too Thick

2/20/2019 - Tokusatsu GaGaGa Is a Heartwarming Meditation on Trying Not to Hide Your Geeky Self

2/20/2019 - It's Surprisingly Easy to Trick People With a Disguise, Sneaky Study Finds

2/20/2019 - Nebula Awards Introduces Game Writing Category, and Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Is a Nominee

2/20/2019 - We’re Just 140 Years Away from the Climate That Caused a Planet-Wide Extinction

2/20/2019 - Facebook Says Android Users Can Now Share Location Data Without Being Constantly Tracked

2/20/2019 - All the Details About the Galaxy Watch Active and the Rest of Samsung's New Wearables Line

2/20/2019 - A New Stranger Things Comic Will Introduce Another of Eleven's Fellow Test Subjects

2/20/2019 - A Morning Walk May Be as Good as Medication for Lowering Blood Pressure

2/20/2019 - Captain Marvel Can Fly Higher Than an Eagle, Cause She's Got Goose Beneath Her Wings

2/20/2019 - The Galaxy Buds Are Samsung's Attempt to One Up the AirPods

2/20/2019 - The Galaxy S10 Is the Aggressively Tech-Loaded Phone Samsung Needs

2/20/2019 - Samsung Is Flexing on the Competition With the Galaxy Fold

2/20/2019 - Neptune's Smallest Moon Finally Has a Name: Hippocamp [Updated]

2/20/2019 - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Is More Rewarding as a Third Chapter Than a Standalone Story

2/20/2019 - Google's New App Policy May Break a Vital Tool for Sex Workers in the UK and Ireland

2/20/2019 - This Apple Rumor That Refuses to Die Is a Very Good Idea

2/20/2019 - Logan Heads to the Bayou in the Second Season of Stitcher's Wolverine Podcast

2/20/2019 - Political Group Launches 'Aggressive Targeting Strategy' to Get More Scientists Elected in 2020

2/20/2019 - Pinterest Quietly Blocks All Vaccine-Related Searches, Which Is One Solution, I Guess

2/20/2019 - You Can Now Check the Weather on Mars Every Day

2/20/2019 - The Coolest Star Wars and Marvel Reveals From New York Toy Fair

2/20/2019 - Bored Pilot Writes 'I'm Bored' and Draws Two Dicks in the Sky

2/20/2019 - Google Says Unlisted, Built-In Microphone on Nest Devices Wasn't Supposed to Be 'Secret'

2/20/2019 - Japanese Spacecraft to Shoot Bullet at Asteroid This Week

2/20/2019 - The Uninhabitable Earth Wants You to Panic Over Climate Change

2/20/2019 - The First Reactions to Captain Marvel Tease a Weird and Wonderful Origin Story

2/20/2019 - Samsung Will Announce the Future of Galaxy Phones Today—How to Watch Live

2/20/2019 - The Final Season of Jessica Jones Could Bring Back a Major Villain, One Last Time

2/20/2019 - Xiaomi's Mi 9 Is a Solid Mid-Range Phone You Probably Won't Be Able to Buy

2/20/2019 - Qualcomm Is Asking for Regulators to Impose an Import Ban on Some Models of iPhones

2/19/2019 - Amazon Reportedly Has Lord of the Rings Writers in a Locked Office With a Guard and Fingerprint Scanner

2/19/2019 - House Dems Accuse Trump Admin of Trying to Export Nuclear Secrets to Saudi Arabia

2/19/2019 - One of Solo: A Star Wars Story's Giant Explosions Was Inspired By the Slow Mo Guys on YouTube

2/19/2019 - Facebook Blames Users for Its Latest Privacy Scandal as Lawmakers Ask to Chat

2/19/2019 - The Jim Henson Company and Neil Gaiman Are Bringing Back The Storyteller

2/19/2019 - Aliens Visit Earth for an Eerily Specific Purpose in Sci-Fi Short Seedling

2/19/2019 - Disturbing Bill Would Force Arizonans to Pay $250 to Have Their DNA Added to a Database

2/19/2019 - A New Virtual Experience Allows You to Raise Your Own Porg

2/19/2019 - io9's Game of Catch-Up: Recapping Game of Thrones Season One

2/19/2019 - FDA: Do Not Seek the Blood of the Young

2/19/2019 - Enormous Stream of Stars Discovered in Southern Sky

2/19/2019 - One of Anime’s Biggest Voices Accused of Sexual Harassment

2/19/2019 - Trump’s Space Force Now Planned as a Division of the Air Force

2/19/2019 - The 10 Coolest Tabletop Gaming Finds From Toy Fair 2019

2/19/2019 - Travel Back to 1990 With the Original World Wide Web Browser

2/19/2019 - Newly Decoded Great White Shark Genome Hints at Why They're So Indestructible

2/19/2019 - YouTube Updates Its Three-Strikes Policy—But Not the One You're Mad About

2/19/2019 - Game of Thrones Celebrates Death in a Bizarre Blood Drive PSA

2/19/2019 - How the Next President Could Declare a National Emergency Over Climate Change

2/19/2019 - Scientists Produce Rigorous Study of Why Grapes Spark in the Microwave

2/19/2019 - How Would You Feel Having Your Emoji Messages Read Out in Court?

2/19/2019 - 6 Sci-Fi Movie Remakes That Actually Don't Suck

2/19/2019 - Grand Canyon Museumgoers Exposed to Uranium for Years, Safety Manager Claims

2/19/2019 - Huawei CEO Says U.S. Just Isn't That Important, Pinky-Swears Not to Spy on 5G Network

2/19/2019 - Avengers: Endgame's Gwyneth Paltrow Thinks She's Too Old to Be a Superhero 

2/19/2019 - Where Movies Get Their Vintage Electronics

2/19/2019 - Gene Therapy for the Most Common Form of Blindness Gets Its First Human Test

2/19/2019 - Cosmos Season 2 Is Likely to Be Postponed While Fox Continues to Investigate Claims Against Neil deGrasse Tyson 

2/19/2019 - I'm a Designer—Here's What I Think of the Surface Studio 2

2/19/2019 - More Hints at the Identity of Jude Law's Captain Marvel Character

2/19/2019 - 'Human Eye Resolution' VR Is a Treat If You Know Where to Look

2/19/2019 - This Modular Sphero Bot Is a Big Step Toward More Customizable Robotics

2/18/2019 - Spider-Ham Has a Snack Attack in This Into the Spider-Verse Bonus Clip

2/18/2019 - 136 People Have Died in Measles Outbreak in the Philippines Linked to Vaccination Fears, Official Says

2/18/2019 - These Are Your Favorite Spaceship Reveals in All of Pop Culture

2/18/2019 - Chrome OS Users Find That Checking CPU Usage Overwhelms CPU Usage

2/18/2019 - Artificial Humans Fight for Freedom in This Stylish Sci-Fi Short

2/18/2019 - It Sure Seems Like Apple Is Willing to Bend Its Own Rules to Promote Its Services

2/18/2019 - Javier Grillo-Marxuach Takes on Fandom's Generation Gap in 'The Audacity of Being Jaded'

2/18/2019 - Southwest Airlines Reportedly Under Investigation for Miscalculating Baggage Weight

2/18/2019 - Our 10 Most WTF Questions About Alita: Battle Angel

2/18/2019 - Exclusive: The Ghostbusters Are Teaming Up With the Transformers to Save the World

2/18/2019 - Google Plans to Make It More Difficult for Sites to Block Chrome's Incognito Mode

2/18/2019 - Netflix's The Punisher and Jessica Jones Are Officially Cancelled

2/18/2019 - UK Parliament Says 'Digital Gangsters' at Facebook Can't Police Themselves

2/18/2019 - This Presidents' Day, Let's Celebrate the Fact That We Don't Live in the Reality of Escape From LA

2/18/2019 - With The Force Awakens Timeline Looming, Things Are Heating Up on Star Wars Resistance

2/18/2019 - What's at the Edge of the Universe?

2/18/2019 - Why So Many People Choose to Live Near Active Volcanoes

2/18/2019 - Baby's First Game Boy Teaches Your Kids the Joys of Gaming With Physical Buttons

2/17/2019 - The Next Great Walking Dead Villain Is Here, and She Wants to Kill Civilization

2/17/2019 - Opportunity Rover, New Gmail Features, and Death Speeds: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/17/2019 - Bill de Blasio Does Not Appear to Be Taking the Amazon HQ2 Breakup Well

2/17/2019 - Tokyo Is Testing a New System to Detect 'Guerilla' Rain and Tornadoes Up to 30 Minutes in Advance

2/17/2019 - Report: More Than 300 Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria, With Pro-Assad Forces Responsible for 98 Percent

2/17/2019 - Watch Ava DuVernay in Conversation With the Directors of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

2/17/2019 - LG Has No Immediate Plans to Release a Foldable Smartphone, Head of Mobile Says

2/17/2019 - The Star Wars Twitter Posted a Weird Tweet, and Fans Are Freaking Out

2/17/2019 - This Video Explores Starship Troopers’ Messy Satirical Relationship With Fascism

2/17/2019 - Airlines Will Offer New Gender Options Beyond 'Male' and 'Female' for Non-Binary Flyers

2/17/2019 - England and Wales to Require Thousands of Criminals to Wear GPS Tracking Bracelets

2/17/2019 - Congratulations, Morphing Nerds: The Power Rangers are Going on Tour

2/17/2019 - Wow, Evil Dead 2 Looks Incredible in 4K [Updated]

2/17/2019 - I Actually Have a Chance of Solving This Motion-Sensing Rubik's Cube Handheld That Gives You Hints

2/16/2019 - Facebook Suspends Three Pages With Millions of Video Views, Saying They Need to Disclose Russia Ties

2/16/2019 - 63 New Illnesses Reported in Ongoing Turkey Salmonella Outbreak That's Sickened Hundreds

2/16/2019 - Samsung Gives Up on Blu-Ray, Will Not Release Any New Players in the US

2/16/2019 - Report: Writer Ned Benson Has Been Brought in to Rewrite the Black Widow Movie

2/16/2019 - Washington Lawmakers Advance Bill to Ban Vaccine Exemptions for Personal Reasons Amid Measles Outbreak

2/16/2019 - Report: Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Might Return for Suicide Squad 2 After All

2/16/2019 - Dave Smith, the Founder and First Head of the Walt Disney Archives, Has Passed Away

2/16/2019 - R.E.M. Copyright Complaint Gets Trump Tweet Axed by Twitter

2/16/2019 - Disney’s Villain Kids Return in Descendants 3 This Summer

2/16/2019 - Ja Rule Claims He's Planning Another Fyre Festival-Like Event, Which Seems Fine

2/16/2019 - Daisy Ridley Got John Boyega a Strangely Spider-Man Related Gift to Celebrate Wrapping Star Wars Episode IX

2/16/2019 - It Sounds Like It Could Be a While Until We Actually Get Apple's Streaming Service

2/15/2019 - Twitter May Be Holding On to DMs Long After You Think They're 'Deleted'

2/15/2019 - Dune Is Coming to Spice Up Thanksgiving 2020

2/15/2019 - Amazon's First Hanna Trailer Is a Brutal Introduction to Her Dark Childhood

2/15/2019 - Google Is Forcing Some Nest Customers to Reset Their Potentially Compromised Passwords

2/15/2019 - The Heroes in This Week's Best New Comics Are Trying to Thrive in Mutated Worlds

2/15/2019 - In Hindsight Maybe This Pro-Fentanyl Rap Video Made by a Pharma Company Wasn't the Best Look

2/15/2019 - Horrified Board Game Brings All the Classic Universal Monsters Out to Play

2/15/2019 - The Sheer Distance Opportunity Roved Across Mars Still Has Us in Awe

2/15/2019 - Leaky Database Reveals Horrifying GPS Surveillance of China's Uyghur Muslims

2/15/2019 - Space Harpoon Successfully Snatches Floating Hunk of Space Junk

2/15/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery's Stars Reveal More About Last Night's Big Surprise

2/15/2019 - Loki's Disney+ Show Now Has a Showrunner and Early Details Have Emerged

2/15/2019 - Everyone Will Fight Over Who Gets to Play the Shark in This New Jaws Board Game

2/15/2019 - Episode IX's Shoot Comes to a Close as J.J. Abrams Posts an Emotional Cast Photo

2/15/2019 - The Mystery of That Taylor Swift Face Recognition Kiosk Has Been Solved

2/15/2019 - Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek of the New Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy Comic

2/15/2019 - Amazon's LotR Series Won't Arrive for a While But Here's Something Cool They Gave Fans in the Meantime

2/15/2019 - I Can’t Eat Much Meat on the Planetary Health Diet—But I'm Feeling Better When I Do

2/15/2019 - Rediscover the Magic of Browser Bookmarks—And How to Keep Them in Order

2/15/2019 - This 1920s Concept for a Drive-Through Grocery Store Completely Failed

2/15/2019 - Facebook Swears It's Going to Do a Better Job at Not Spreading Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Content

2/15/2019 - This Year's Flu Vaccine Is Actually Pretty Effective—and It's Not Too Late to Get It

2/15/2019 - Netflix's Umbrella Academy Lacks the Batshit Whimsy of Its Source Material

2/15/2019 - Elon Musk-backed AI Company Claims It Made a Text Generator That's Too Dangerous to Release

2/15/2019 - The Lucrative Government Spyware Industry Has a New 'One-Stop-Shop' for Hacking Everything

2/15/2019 - Ben Affleck on Why He Hung Up Batman's Cowl: 'Couldn't Crack It'

2/15/2019 - Neutron Star Collisions Could Reveal Mysterious Quark Matter

2/15/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery Just Gave Us a Mushroom Love Story and a Deal With the Devil

2/15/2019 - Thousands of UK Students Skipped School Today to Demand Action on Climate Change

2/15/2019 - Early App Update Blows Lid Off Even More Samsung Announcements

2/15/2019 - The Enduring Mystery of the Martian 'Blueberries' Discovered by Opportunity Rover

2/15/2019 - A New Transformers Series Is Coming to Netflix

2/15/2019 - That Toilet Paper Spitball Blaster Gets a Much-Needed Rapid-Fire Upgrade

2/15/2019 - Transformers Meets Ghostbusters in This Totally Tubular '80s Toy Mashup 

2/15/2019 - Samsung's Latest Tablet Is Really Damn Thin

2/15/2019 - The Green New Deal Includes a Powerful Pledge to Indigenous People

2/15/2019 - Why America's Northernmost City Is Having a Weird, Hot Winter

2/15/2019 - Some Unexpected Faces May Appear in Game of Thrones' Final Season 

2/15/2019 - Jurassic World's T-Rex Fighting Mecha T-Rex Is the Lego Set of My Childhood Fantasies

2/15/2019 - Rogue Drone Shuts Down the Third Busiest Airport in the World, Dubai International

2/15/2019 - California Battles With Intense Flash Floods and Mudslides Amid Record-Breaking Rainfall

2/14/2019 - Twitter CEO Says Users Could Get a Feature to 'Clarify' Their Bad Tweets

2/14/2019 - Facebook Tracks the Location Data of Some Users Who It Views as Potential Threats

2/14/2019 - Up's Notoriously Sad Love Story Is Just as Heart-Wrenching in Storyboards

2/14/2019 - The Your Name Remake Just Landed a Spider-Man Director

2/14/2019 - Marvel Is Reviving Its Classic Star Wars Comic, for One Issue Only

2/14/2019 - From Sea Horses to Sand Worms: Jason Momoa Is in Talks for Dune

2/14/2019 - The EU Just Finalized Copyright Legislation That Rewrites the Rules of the Web

2/14/2019 - Facebook Is Negotiating a Record Multi-Billion Dollar Fine for Its Privacy Problems: Report

2/14/2019 - Time Travel Gets Abused and Overused in a Clip From the Sci-Fi Comedy Mega Time Squad

2/14/2019 - New NASA Mission Will Look Back at Billions of Years of Cosmic History

2/14/2019 - To Stop the Wall, Democrats Agree to Fund Mass Surveillance Near U.S. Border

2/14/2019 - Ryan Coogler Thought Marvel Would Cut Black Panther's Most Powerful Line

2/14/2019 - Ben Whishaw's Paddington Is Coming to Television, Break Out the Marmalade

2/14/2019 - New Research Could Help Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your House

2/14/2019 - California Governor Wants You to Get a Cut of the Cash Tech Companies Makes From Your Data

2/14/2019 - Apple Prime Would Be a Gigantic Hit, Huh?

2/14/2019 - Agents of SHIELD's Next Season Might Take Place a Year Into the Future

2/14/2019 - Activists Have a Plan to Keep the Senate From Nuking the Green New Deal

2/14/2019 - The Coolest Images in the Beautiful New Han Solo Book

2/14/2019 - EPA Wants to Remove Cancer-Linked Chemicals From Drinking Water, One Day, Maybe

2/14/2019 - Actually, Secretly Filming Students' Cleavage Is Illegal, Canada's Supreme Court Rules

2/14/2019 - Remote-Controlled Probe Picks up Radioactive Debris at Fukushima for the First Time

2/14/2019 - No, Kit Harington Didn't Spoil the End of Game of Thrones for Rose Leslie

2/14/2019 - Dating App's Reputation Schmeared by Data Breach

2/14/2019 - Women Will Literally Shock the World in a New Series From Amazon

2/14/2019 - World's Largest Retailer Seeks Corporate Welfare in the Age of Automation

2/14/2019 - Amazon Abandons HQ2 Campus in New York

2/14/2019 - Rogue App Makers Are Creeping Through the Cracks in Apple's Walled Garden

2/14/2019 - Delta Flight Delayed After Vape Battery Reportedly Bursts Into Flames

2/14/2019 - The First Trailer for Octavia Spencer's Horror Thriller Ma Is an Important PSA for Teens

2/14/2019 - Here's What Happened the Day Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens

2/14/2019 - El Niño Is Officially Here—Here's What You Need to Know

2/14/2019 - This Walking Robot Navigates Using the Sun, No GPS Required

2/14/2019 - Not One, But Two Alien Television Series May Be on the Way

2/14/2019 - Fujifilm's X-T30 Mirrorless Camera Is a Little Fussy, But Absolutely Gorgeous

2/14/2019 - Fox News Bans Ad For Documentary About American Nazi Rally in 1939

2/14/2019 - It Sure Looks a Lot Like the Pro-Trump Brother of Jeff Bezos's Girlfriend Helped Leak Those Sexts

2/14/2019 - What's Going on With This YouTube Chuck E. Cheese Conspiracy Theory?

2/13/2019 - Canon's EOS RP Is the More Affordable Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera We've Been Waiting For

2/13/2019 - Report: Stolen Equifax Data Hasn't Been Sold Online, Raising More Questions Than Answers

2/13/2019 - We May Finally See Apple's Streaming Service and Netflix Rival Very Soon

2/13/2019 - Christopher Robin's Pooh & Friends Looked So Real Because Puppeteers Played With Real Stuffed Animals on Set

2/13/2019 - 9 Geeky and Occasionally Romantic Movies to Stream on Valentine's Day

2/13/2019 - Report: The Latest Star Trek Animated Series Could Find a Home at Nickelodeon

2/13/2019 - Benedict Cumberbatch Is Satan (in Good Omens)

2/13/2019 - Rare Spider Fossil Preserves 100-Million-Year-Old Glowing Eyes

2/13/2019 - A Giant Atmospheric River Is About to Dump Loads of Rain on California's Snowpack, Threatening Floods

2/13/2019 - The One Choice You Weren't Given In Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 

2/13/2019 - Mister Miracle and the Superheroic Power of Persistence

2/13/2019 - 'Free Streaming' Offers From Internet Providers Ultimately Cause Price Hikes, Research Suggests

2/13/2019 - The Cast of Dune Is Growing as Large as the Number of People Thanos Snapped Out of Existence

2/13/2019 - Proportion of Americans Alarmed About Climate Change Has Doubled in Just Five Years

2/13/2019 - Facebook's Most Intriguing New Hires Aren't in Silicon Valley—They're in Washington

2/13/2019 - Report: Jared Leto's Time as the Joker May Soon Be Over

2/13/2019 - House Science Committee Holds First Climate Hearing in Years That Isn't Total Bullshit

2/13/2019 - It's Official: NASA Says Mars Rover Opportunity Is Dead

2/13/2019 - Baby I'm a Wreck After Watching This Into the Spider-Verse Choreographed Dance

2/13/2019 - Newly Discovered African Titanosaur Had a Distinctly Heart-Shaped Tailbone

2/13/2019 - A Brief How to Train Your Dragon Recap Before The Hidden World's Release

2/13/2019 - Feds Say Ex-Air Force Officer Helped Iranians Catfish American Spies on Facebook

2/13/2019 - Fired Apple Executive Charged With Crime He Was Supposed to Prevent

2/13/2019 - Inside the Plan to Prepare the Pacific Northwest for a Catastrophic Earthquake

2/13/2019 - Neither Kevin Feige Nor Brie Larson Wanted Ms. Marvel's 'Bathing Suit' Costume in Captain Marvel

2/13/2019 - Indian Lawmakers Call for TikTok Ban Due to 'Cultural Degeneration'

2/13/2019 - Aldous Huxley's Brave New World Is Finally Getting a Modern TV Adaptation

2/13/2019 - Famed WW2 Aircraft Carrier Torpedoed in 1942 Found Miles Deep in Pacific Ocean

2/13/2019 - This Tiny Pac-Man Game Is the Size of a Credit Card

2/13/2019 - An Exclusive Look at the Amazing New Zord Toys Coming With Power Rangers: Beast Morphers

2/13/2019 - Pumping Breast Milk Changes Its Microbiome

2/13/2019 - 2-Billion-Year-Old Squiggles Could Be the Earliest Evidence of a Mobile Life Form

2/13/2019 - Romance Scammers Swindled $143 Million From American Lonely Hearts Last Year

2/13/2019 - Legendary Producer Lauren Donner Fought for a Movie About the X-Women at Fox

2/13/2019 - New Tarantula Species Has Big, Weird, Floppy Horn

2/13/2019 - Why an Amazon Router Freaks Me Out

2/13/2019 - The First Frozen 2 Teaser Shows the Sisters Exploring Beyond Arendelle

2/13/2019 - 11 Things Your Phone Can Do That You Might Not Know About

2/13/2019 - The Flash Could Be Losing a Major Character After This Season

2/13/2019 - Can You Really Eat Moldy Food Like British Prime Minister Theresa May Reportedly Does?

2/13/2019 - Report: Apple Is Trying to Get Newspapers to Fork Over Half of Revenue From Planned Subscription Service

2/12/2019 - Apple, Google Both Hosting Saudi Government App That Lets Men Track Women, Restrict Their Travel

2/12/2019 - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I Suck and the Problem Is the Whole Site

2/12/2019 - This Animated Lego Fan Film Is as Good as the Official Movies

2/12/2019 - Open Channel: What's the Best Spaceship Reveal in Pop Culture?

2/12/2019 - As an Ocean Master Himself, James Cameron Had a Complex Reaction to Aquaman

2/12/2019 - 'Hackers' Charged by U.S. Over Hundreds of Hoax Bomb Threats on Schools

2/12/2019 - A Ketamine-Based Nasal Spray for Depression Could Soon be Approved by the FDA

2/12/2019 - There Will Never Be Another George Perez

2/12/2019 - You Might Not Even Need a Mesh Router Like Eero

2/12/2019 - This Tiny, Beautiful Monkey Has Been Stolen and Needs Her Medicine [Update: She's Back]

2/12/2019 - Curiosity Rover Says Goodbye to Its Home of a Year With Superb Panoramic

2/12/2019 - Archie Andrews' New Relationship Is So Huge, It's Changing the Name of His Comic

2/12/2019 - Earth's 'Third Pole' Contains Less Ice Than We Thought

2/12/2019 - SpongeBob SquarePants Is the Star of Yet Another Movie

2/12/2019 - U.S. Congressman Wants to Make Amazon Testify on Its Facial Recognition Tool

2/12/2019 - This Man Traveled 10,000 Miles to See America's Trash Birds—and Loved Every Minute of It

2/12/2019 - We've Got an Exclusive First Look at io9 Co-Founder Annalee Newitz's Latest Sci-Fi Novel

2/12/2019 - Hasbro Updated Battleship for the Beer Pong Generation

2/12/2019 - You Can't OD on Pot, but Potent Edibles Are Sending Some People to the Hospital

2/12/2019 - Hey, Will You Be Our Valentines?

2/12/2019 - 7 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

2/12/2019 - You Can Add Sudden-Acceleration Attacks to the List of Electric Scooter Dangers

2/12/2019 - Watch the Trailer for Danny Boyle's New Beatles Movie With a Sci-Fi Twist

2/12/2019 - Appeals Court Rules Trump's Border Wall Prototypes Can Skip Environmental Oversight

2/12/2019 - All the Rumors About the Galaxy S10 and Everything Else We're Expecting From Samsung Next Week

2/12/2019 - Captain Marvel Is Heavily Inspired By RoboCop, But Not for the Reasons You Think 

2/12/2019 - Owner of Stolen 400-Year-Old Bonsai Worth $90,000 Pleads on Facebook: 'Are They Giving You Enough Water?'

2/12/2019 - You Don't Get to Learn How the FBI Tried to Crack Facebook Messenger Encryption, Judge Rules

2/12/2019 - Switzerland Would Like You to Hack Its E-Voting System

2/12/2019 - Lord of the Rings Comes to Life on a Battlefield in the Tolkien Biopic's First Trailer

2/12/2019 - By the End of the Century, San Francisco's Climate Could Feel Like LA

2/12/2019 - The Best Websites and Web Apps for Making Use of Exactly One Hour of Free Time

2/12/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery Nearly Forgot One Important Detail on Its Original Series Uniforms

2/12/2019 - Mark Kelly, Retired Astronaut and Husband of Gabby Giffords, Announces Senate Bid

2/12/2019 - It Looks Like There's a Second, Bigger Impact Crater Under Greenland's Ice

2/12/2019 - New Looks at The Umbrella Academy, Doom PatrolPennyworth, and More

2/12/2019 - Tipster Crashes Abandoned Texas Home to Smoke Weed, Finds Caged Tiger Instead

2/12/2019 - LinkedIn Is Pivoting Harder Into Video

2/11/2019 - You Can Now Buy the House Where Jeff Bezos Started Amazon, If You Really Have to Or Something

2/11/2019 - Aquaman 2 Just Caught Itself a Screenwriter

2/11/2019 - Ser Pounce, Like Most of Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters, Is Fucking Dead

2/11/2019 - We Got a Glimpse of Shazam, and Fell in Love With Billy's DC Fanboy Friend

2/11/2019 - One in Five U.S. Teens Vaped in 2018, and the FDA Is Not Happy About It

2/11/2019 - Google Is Adding Excellent Right-Click Features to Gmail

2/11/2019 - Study Details How Phone Companies Prey on Families of Inmates in Local Jails

2/11/2019 - Stan Lee Has a Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It Second Cameo in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse [UPDATED]

2/11/2019 - Amazon Eats Eero

2/11/2019 - How TV Pirates Accidentally Pushed a 25-Year-Old Indie Song to the Top of the Charts in Japan

2/11/2019 - DC Universe's Doom Patrol Is One for the Weirdos

2/11/2019 - Someone Created an Entire Album Using the Crude Sounds of a Computer’s Motherboard

2/11/2019 - In Groundbreaking Ruling, Australian Court Strikes Down Proposed Coal Mine Citing Climate Risks

2/11/2019 - Greenland's Melt Will Drive Up Sea Levels…But Also Give Us Sand

2/11/2019 - Forget Strong Female Characters! We Need Complicated Female Characters Who Screw Up (A Lot)

2/11/2019 - Tinder, Grindr, and Other Dating Services Failed to Protect Children from Sexual Exploitation: UK Report

2/11/2019 - Brie Larson Talks About Rising Up as Captain Marvel in a New Featurette

2/11/2019 - Reddit Lands $150 Million From Chinese Censorship Giant Tencent as Users Call Bullshit

2/11/2019 - Scientists Remember the Mars Rover Opportunity as Hope Fades for Its Resurrection

2/11/2019 - Now We Know How Much an 8K TV Will Cost (So Much)

2/11/2019 - Bath Time Becomes a True Nightmare in the New Curse of La Llorona Trailer

2/11/2019 - Russia to Test Whether Its Internet Can Be Disconnected From the Rest of the World

2/11/2019 - The Science Behind Seattle's Historic Snow

2/11/2019 - The Latest Ebola Outbreak Has Killed Over 500 People, Including Nearly 100 Children

2/11/2019 - Howard the Duck, M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, and Tigra & Dazzler Are Getting Their Own Series—Yes, You Read That Right

2/11/2019 - Video of India's Fastest Train Zipping by at 'Lightening Speed' Actually Just Sped Up

2/11/2019 - The Team Behind The Lego Movie 2 Describes What Went Into Those Surprising Cameos

2/11/2019 - Turns Out One-Way Trips to Mars Not Exactly Great Business Plan

2/11/2019 - New Apple Rumors Hint at AirPods 2, iPad Mini 5, and AirPower Coming This Spring

2/11/2019 - Concern Over Climate Change Is Rising Sharply Around the World, Survey Finds

2/11/2019 - New Details From Game of Thrones' Infamous Scrapped Pilot Have Emerged

2/11/2019 - Star Wars Resistance Just Raised an Interesting Question About the Canon Timeline

2/11/2019 - This Ridiculous Slow-Motion Racing Game Penalizes the Speedy

2/11/2019 - How Fast Can You Travel Before It Kills You?

2/11/2019 - How to Get the Most From Your macOS Dock

2/11/2019 - New Rumors About Lando's Role in Star Wars: Episode IX

2/11/2019 - Tech Genius Donald Trump to Sign Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence Today

2/10/2019 - Jeff Bezos Nudes, Self-Aware Fish, and Brain Zapping: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/10/2019 - The New Villains on The Walking Dead Elevate Everything Around Them

2/10/2019 - The New Aladdin Trailer Finally Shows Will Smith's Blue Genie in Action

2/10/2019 - Russian Authorities Declare State of Emergency After 'Mass Invasion' of Polar Bears in Remote Settlement

2/10/2019 - Chimps Use Branch as 'Ladder' in Bold Attempt at Escape From Belfast Zoo Enclosure

2/10/2019 - Cattle Ranchers Are Trying to Get the Word 'Meat' Taken Off the Labels of Meat Substitutes

2/10/2019 - Saturday Night Live Put Out a Strange, Goofy Riverdale Sketch

2/10/2019 - Google Maps AR Is Being Tested by Some Users—But the Rest of Us Will Have to Wait

2/10/2019 - Saru From Star Trek: Discovery Gives Sensible, Practical Workplace Advice

2/10/2019 - Shudder’s Creepshow Revival Will Feature Stories From Stephen King and the Author of Bird Box

2/10/2019 - Report: DHS Wants to Build Trump's Dumb Border Wall Right Through SpaceX's Texas Launch Facility

2/10/2019 - The Latest Dumbo Preview Is Wonderfully Whimsical, and Just A Little Uncanny

2/10/2019 - Washington Reels From Snow-Induced Mayhem as It Braces for More Unusual Winter Weather

2/10/2019 - Now We Know the Working Title for Terminator 6

2/9/2019 - Texas Bill Would Make It Illegal For Verizon and Any Other Wireless Provider to Throttle Disaster Zones

2/9/2019 - New Horizons Images Show Ultima Thule May Actually Be More 'Pancake'-Shaped

2/9/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery Inspired This Fan to Produce Some Amazing Sketches and Paintings

2/9/2019 - The Army Thinks Their New Rifle Will Be Like an iPhone

2/9/2019 - PSA: The Temperature of Boiling Water Has Not Changed

2/9/2019 - Jennifer Tilly Joins Chucky’s Creator in Not Approving of the Child’s Play Remake

2/9/2019 - Into the Spider-Verse Wasn’t Shameik Moore’s First Audition for Lord & Miller

2/9/2019 - Hmm, This Anti-Vaccination Rally Amid a Major Measles Outbreak Is a Little Too on the Nose

2/9/2019 - This Ad for Us Is the Scariest Theater Standee I’ve Ever Seen

2/9/2019 - Google Chrome Will Soon Let You Easily Play and Pause Video and Audio With Your Multimedia Keys

2/9/2019 - If the New Star Wars Trilogy Had B-Wings, They'd Look Like This

2/9/2019 - You're (Probably) Sneezing Wrong

2/8/2019 - Washington Governor Declares State of Emergency as It Braces for Biggest Snowstorm in Years

2/8/2019 - Captain Marvel's Official Website Is Basically a Geocities Fansite

2/8/2019 - Doctor Who's New Dalek Had an Incredibly Good Secret Code Name on Set

2/8/2019 - FDA Chief Accuses Juul and Altria of Seriously Blowing It When It Comes to Teen Vaping

2/8/2019 - Heroes Never Die, and Neither Do the Week's Best Toys

2/8/2019 - Happy Friday, Here's a Minute of Princess Leia Kicking Animated Ass

2/8/2019 - This Week's Best New Comics Are All About Uncovering Dark Truths

2/8/2019 - An Aquaman Spinoff Is Happening Without Any of Aquaman's Stars

2/8/2019 - The Wicked Movie Is Finally Happening

2/8/2019 - Here's Why Wells Fargo Customers Couldn't Get Their Cash

2/8/2019 - These Award-Winning Botanical Photos Belong in Alice in Wonderland 

2/8/2019 - Johnson & Johnson Will Start Showing Drug Prices in Its TV Ads

2/8/2019 - The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira Is Making Her Inevitable Exit From the Zombie Series

2/8/2019 - Get a Big Look Inside the Next Adventure Zone Graphic Novel

2/8/2019 - Danish Workers Unearth 'Still-Sharp' Medieval Sword While Digging Out Sewer

2/8/2019 - Senator Ron Wyden Moves to Legalize Weed With Senate Bill 420

2/8/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About The Walking Dead's New Creepy-as-Hell Villains

2/8/2019 - I Followed the Planetary Health Diet During a Week of Football and Travel. It Wasn't Easy

2/8/2019 - Researchers Study How X-Rays Can Be a Flag for Domestic Violence  

2/8/2019 - Hear Carol Danvers' Primal War Cry in This New Captain Marvel TV Spot

2/8/2019 - New American Gods Season 2 Clip Finds the New Deities Scared and Searching for Media

2/8/2019 - Whoa, Uranus Looks Totally Messed Up Right Now

2/8/2019 - The TSA Found an Average of 11 Guns a Day in Carry-On Bags Last Year

2/8/2019 - A Crowdfunded Idea to Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Now a $35-Million Nonprofit. Scientists Still Don't Think It'll Work

2/8/2019 - Maybe Connecting Hospital and Grocery Store Freezers to the Internet Was a Bad Idea

2/8/2019 - Sprint Sues AT&T, Calling Bullshit on Fake 5G

2/8/2019 - Hot Toys' Ridiculous Level of Detail Applies to Captain Marvel's Cat, Too

2/8/2019 - YouTube Chrome Extension With Millions of Installs Pulled After Spamming Users With Ads

2/8/2019 - My Favorite Childhood Gadget of the '80s, the Speak & Spell, Is Back

2/8/2019 - Lost's Henry Ian Cusick Explores Immortality in the Chimera Strain

2/8/2019 - First Images from New Night-Sky Camera in California Show Gorgeous View of Andromeda Galaxy 

2/8/2019 - Daredevil's Return Strips Matt Murdock Down to His Core (Again)

2/8/2019 - Disruptive Oil Surveys in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge Are Being Delayed Until Next Winter

2/8/2019 - Chronic Pain Patients Describe How New Opioid Policies Have Made Their Lives Worse

2/8/2019 - How to Protect Yourself Against Digital Services Shutting Down

2/8/2019 - A New Look at Avengers: Endgame Costumes Comes From an Unlikely Source 

2/8/2019 - The Child's Play Reboot Trailer Lets Us Know What New Horror Awaits From Chucky

2/7/2019 - Apple Is Compensating the Kid Who Figured Out Its Sketchy Eavesdropping FaceTime Bug

2/7/2019 - Apple Reportedly Threatens to Yank iOS Apps Recording Users' Screens Without Their Knowledge

2/7/2019 - A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Brings Out Star Trek: Discovery's Best

2/7/2019 - Spotify May Suspend Your Account If It Catches You Using Ad Blockers

2/7/2019 - Thank the Primes, Optimus Prime's Rad Bumblebee Design Is Getting a Fantastic Figure

2/7/2019 - Will Tech Workers Rise Up Around Automation, Too?

2/7/2019 - Jeff Bezos Accuses National Enquirer of Using Unpublished Nude Photos as Blackmail

2/7/2019 - Evangeline Lilly Wanted to Play Princess Leia, But Carrie Fisher Already Had It in the Bag

2/7/2019 - Seal Poop Thumb Drive Mystery (Partially) Solved as Owner Steps Forward

2/7/2019 - World's Oldest Wild Bird, Now 68, Still Fucks and She Has the Baby to Prove It

2/7/2019 - Cartoonishly Well-Preserved Fossil Is the Earliest Bird of Its Kind

2/7/2019 - Playmobil's Ghostbusters II Toys Actually Make the Disappointing Sequel a Little Better

2/7/2019 - I'm Still Searching for a Laptop Bag That Doesn't Look Like Ass

2/7/2019 - Spooky New Photos Show the Alien Creatures of the Deep Ocean

2/7/2019 - Russian Doll Deftly Navigates Existential Dread and Depression

2/7/2019 - Diet Drugs Might Make Mosquitoes Stop Thirsting for Our Blood

2/7/2019 - The Transformers Card Game's Next Delightfully Silly Combiner Set Is Superion

2/7/2019 - Teen Witness Ignored During Congressional Climate Hearing Speaks Out [Updated]

2/7/2019 - Stanford to Investigate Links Between Faculty and Rogue Chinese Scientist

2/7/2019 - You Can Now Download a Fix for That Scary Apple FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug

2/7/2019 - A Fish Just Passed a Mirror Test for Self-Awareness, but What Does That Mean?

2/7/2019 - Chris Pratt Seems Confident Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Use James Gunn's Script

2/7/2019 - This Japanese Slow Cooker Is the Ultra-Precise, Overkill Crock-Pot of Your Fancy Kitchen Dreams

2/7/2019 - The U.S. Army Is Developing a Grenade That Nabs Drones With A Net

2/7/2019 - Study Says Over 400 Organ Transplant Studies Using Chinese Data Should Be Retracted Over Ethical Concerns

2/7/2019 - A Fleet of Networked Mushroom Farms Is Spreading Across New York 

2/7/2019 - What We Know About Every Star Trek Show in the Works Right Now

2/7/2019 - Project 'DeepSqueak' Aims to Decipher What Mice and Rats Are Really Chattering About

2/7/2019 - The GOP Is Introducing More Fake Net Neutrality Bills

2/7/2019 - Don't Fall for This New Google Translate Phishing Attack

2/7/2019 - Want to Really Block the Tech Giants? Here's How

2/7/2019 - I Cut the 'Big Five' Tech Giants From My Life. It Was Hell

2/7/2019 - Twitter Finally Gives Us an Idea of Just How Few People Actually Use Twitter Each Day

2/7/2019 - This Was The Best Star Wars Title Reveal Ever

2/7/2019 - AOC Just Dropped Her Green New Deal Proposal—Here's What's Inside

2/7/2019 - This $1,000 Wireless Speaker Is Astonishing, But Not Always in the Best Ways

2/7/2019 - Freaky View from Lunar Orbit Shows Chinese Lander on the Moon’s Far Side

2/7/2019 - Melting Ice Sheets Could Throw Earth's Climate Into Disarray, Alarming Models Predict

2/7/2019 - Hell Yeah, Burn Gorman Is Joining The Expanse

2/7/2019 - There Are Odd Rumors About the Wild Length of Avengers: Endgame

2/7/2019 - A New Pet Sematary Trailer Reveals the Remake Will Scare You in a Slightly Different Way

2/7/2019 - AMD's Radeon VII Is a Great Gaming Card, But That's Just the Beginning

2/7/2019 - Moto's New Budget G7 Phones Pack Surprisingly Convincing Features for the Money

2/7/2019 - Watch the U.S. Test Another Unarmed Nuclear Missile During a Busy Week of Tests Worldwide

2/7/2019 - Facebook Says It Needs to Collect All Your Data to Protect Against Terrorism and Child Abuse

2/7/2019 - Flickr: Seriously, Download Your Photos Before March 12 or Lose Them Forever

2/7/2019 - Some iPhone Apps May Be Recording Users' Screens Without Their Knowledge, Report Finds

2/6/2019 - Tinder and Its Owner Match Group Had a Very, Very Horny 2018

2/6/2019 - Amazon May Be Forcing Its Sellers to Contribute to Its Facial Recognition Program

2/6/2019 - Marvel Is Celebrating Black History Month With Some Excellent (and Free) Black Panther Comics

2/6/2019 - I Like Pokémon Now

2/6/2019 - Marlon James' Black Leopard, Red Wolf Will Be Adapted by Michael B. Jordan

2/6/2019 - C.H.E.R.Y./L. the Robot Is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Unsung Hero

2/6/2019 - Cops Insist Waze Users Stop Snitching on DWI Checkpoints (Updated)

2/6/2019 - Google Should Force Better Security on Nest Users

2/6/2019 - Skype Can Now Blur Your Background So You Don't Have to Frantically Tidy Your Room

2/6/2019 - Six Newly Discovered Catfish Species Have Faces Full of Tentacles

2/6/2019 - Someone Needs to Tell Trump About Automation

2/6/2019 - Scientists Come Closer to Finding Out What Consciousness Looks Like in the Brain 

2/6/2019 - David Mazouz Will Become Batman Before Gotham Ends, But He Won't be the One in the Batsuit

2/6/2019 - Report: David Fincher's World War Z Sequel Has Been Zombified

2/6/2019 - Apple Is Removing 'Do Not Track' From Safari

2/6/2019 - Instacart Shamed Into Treating Workers With Modicum of Decency 

2/6/2019 - Key West Votes to Ban Sunscreens That Harm Coral Reefs

2/6/2019 - Congress Just Held Its First Climate Change Hearings In Years

2/6/2019 - A Quick Primer on the Female Furies, Apokolips' Finest Warriors

2/6/2019 - America Had a Wet, Hot 2018

2/6/2019 - Looks Like It's Freezing in the First Photos From Game of Thrones Season 8

2/6/2019 - Intriguing New Research Suggests Honeybees Can Do Simple Math

2/6/2019 - Small Satellites That Accompanied InSight Lander to Mars Go Silent

2/6/2019 - 1 in 20 Internet Users Say It Has Caused Them 'Unbearable' Pain

2/6/2019 - Someone Uploaded Child Pornography to a Blockchain Ledger, and It's Almost Impossible to Delete

2/6/2019 - Lawmakers Quiz Apple CEO Over FaceTime Eavesdrop Bug

2/6/2019 - The New Dumbo Trailer Revels in the Spectacle of a Circus with a Flying Elephant

2/6/2019 - Those Leaked Avatar Titles Are Not Yet Locked in, But Edie Falco Is

2/6/2019 - Samsung Found a Genuinely Good Reason to Use a Stupid Stylus

2/6/2019 - Many People Told Lord & Miller Not to Make a Lego Movie Sequel, Even the Film's Eventual Director

2/6/2019 - Reddit, Banned in China, Is Reportedly Set to Land $150 Million Investment From a Chinese Censorship Powerhouse

2/6/2019 - Watching Rust Form at an Atomic Level Teaches Us More About This Deadly Menace

2/6/2019 - No Episode IX Title Reaction Will Be as Good as Ewan McGregor Hearing Attack of the Clones for the First Time

2/6/2019 - Chinese Satellite Snaps Rare Pic of Lunar Far Side and Earth Together

2/6/2019 - You Won't Be Able to Watch Captain Marvel on Netflix

2/6/2019 - This Gorgeous Punch Hole Phone Will Fool You Into Thinking It Costs a Lot More

2/6/2019 - Could Another New Walking Dead Spinoff Be in the Works?

2/6/2019 - Maybe Pot Isn't Bad for Sperm Count After All

2/6/2019 - How to Rediscover the Windows Start Menu's Utility

2/6/2019 - Mountain Lion Attacks Runner in Colorado, Runner Strangles It to Death

2/5/2019 - Apple's Retail and Online Stores Chief, Angela Ahrendts, to Leave By April

2/5/2019 - Snap Is Now Slightly Less Fucked

2/5/2019 - Spider-Gwen Is a Rock Star on This New Limited Edition Poster

2/5/2019 - The Trailer for Justice League vs. The Fatal Five Brings Back Some Big DC Stars [UPDATED]

2/5/2019 - Just How Big Is a Star Destroyer Compared to an Ewok?

2/5/2019 - Don't Worry, Disney Will Keep Deadpool R-Rated

2/5/2019 - Find Hidden Skrulls, Take a Trip Through T.I.M.E., and More in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

2/5/2019 - I Just Accidentally Re-Liked Hundreds of Old Tweets and I’m So, So Sorry

2/5/2019 - Google's New Chrome Extension Warns You If Your Passwords Have Been Exposed

2/5/2019 - Your February Horoscope Is Here—We Built an AI Astrologer to Predict Your Future

2/5/2019 - Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Wants to Help the Next Diverse Generation of Filmmakers Break Into the Industry

2/5/2019 - Privacy Groups Ask Pelosi to Stop Hyping Invasive Surveillance Along the Border

2/5/2019 - Researchers Create Hotel-Recognition System to Aid Human Trafficking Investigations

2/5/2019 - 10 Horror Films That Contain Equally Horrifying Works of Art

2/5/2019 - Did a Seal Eat Your USB Drive? New Zealand Found It in a Frozen Slab of Poop

2/5/2019 - Newly Discovered Spiked Dinosaurs From South America Look Like Creatures From 'No Man's Sky'

2/5/2019 - Agents of SHIELD's Phil Coulson Is Dead, Long Live Clark Gregg

2/5/2019 - Here Are the Reasons Americans Are Using Medical Pot

2/5/2019 - New Online Tool Can Predict If You'll Have Another Kidney Stone

2/5/2019 - Nickelodeon Is Teaming Up With Netflix for a Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie

2/5/2019 - I Cut Apple Out of My Life. It Was Devastating

2/5/2019 - Climate Change Could Thaw the Home of Humanity’s Doomsday Vault

2/5/2019 - Facebook Finally Rolls Out Option to Unsend Messages In Messenger, But There's a Catch

2/5/2019 - Michigan's New Governor Issues Orders to Bring Justice to Flint

2/5/2019 - 'Dark' Fiber Optic Cables Can Measure Earthquakes 

2/5/2019 - Stop Buying Kids' Smartwatches

2/5/2019 - Texas Man Dies After Vape Pen Explosion Severs Artery to Brain

2/5/2019 - Lois Lowry Discusses The Giver's Legacy, the Movie, and Why It Was Time for a Graphic Novel

2/5/2019 - At $770, a Refurbished iPhone X Might Be the Best iPhone Deal Around

2/5/2019 - Facebook Bans Armed Rebel Groups in Myanmar

2/5/2019 - The Funeral Directors Deployed to America's Deadliest Disasters

2/5/2019 - The New Trailer for Missing Link Promises a Goofy, Cute Road Trip for Humanity's Evolutionary Link

2/5/2019 - Slo-Mo Footage Of a Magnet on a Trampoline Reveals its Invisible Forces

2/5/2019 - I Thought Under Armours' Smart Running Shoes Were Gonna Be Dumb as Hell, But I Was Wrong

2/5/2019 - The Complete Guide to Tethering From Your Phone or Tablet When You Don't Have Wifi

2/5/2019 - Brian Michael Bendis Says His Kitty Pryde Movie Is Still Happening

2/5/2019 - How to Watch President Trump's State of the Union Speech on YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon Fire TV

2/5/2019 - Fireball Over Cuba Exploded With the Energy of 1,400 Tons of TNT, NASA Says

2/4/2019 - Even Apple Isn't Immune to AT&T's '5G E' Bullshit

2/4/2019 - These Star Wars Shorts Are Making a Mighty Fine Case for Animated Versions of the Films

2/4/2019 - As Long as Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Facebook Is the Internet, He'll Never Be Sorry

2/4/2019 - Legion's Last Season Will Finally Bring in Professor X

2/4/2019 - Watch a Brand New Pixar Short From the Comfort of Your Computer

2/4/2019 - Gig Workers Unknowingly Helped Google and the Pentagon Build AI for Drones: Report

2/4/2019 - Irish Government Investigating Alleged Leak of Abortion Patient’s Information: Report

2/4/2019 - InSight's Marsquake Detector Gets a Nifty Dome to Protect It From the Harsh Martian Environment

2/4/2019 - Newly Empowered, Democrats Demand Ajit Pai Stop Withholding Documents

2/4/2019 - The Mandalorian Will Feel Like the Original Star Wars Trilogy

2/4/2019 - Marlon James Talks Superheroes, the Joy of Fantasy, and His Stunning New Book Black Leopard, Red Wolf

2/4/2019 - Samsung's Next Smartwatch Better Not Look Like This

2/4/2019 - The Walking Dead Shambles Into a Season 10 Renewal

2/4/2019 - Doctors Zap the Brains of Awake Brain Surgery Patients to Make Them Laugh and Have Fun

2/4/2019 - 'A Humanitarian Crisis': Brooklyn Jail That Left Inmates Without Heat During Extreme Cold Gets Hit With Lawsuit

2/4/2019 - Firefox Will Soon Free You From Autoplay Hell

2/4/2019 - New Star Map Reveals the Milky Way Is Warped

2/4/2019 - FX's Y: The Last Man Series Gets a First Look and Series Order

2/4/2019 - Legion Will Come to an End After 3 Seasons

2/4/2019 - The First What We Do in the Shadows Trailer Introduces the Most Terrifying Monsters of All

2/4/2019 - Climate Change Is Causing Earth's Oceans to Change Color

2/4/2019 - FBI Sting on Huawei Ends With a Meeting Over Burgers, a Raid, and No Charges Currently

2/4/2019 - These Are the Sci-Fi and Horror Films Likely to Break Out of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival

2/4/2019 - Programmer at Chinese Bank Jailed After Reportedly Finding a Secret Way to Withdraw $1 Million

2/4/2019 - First Dinosaur Feather Ever Discovered Isn't What Scientists Thought

2/4/2019 - Scientists Will Once Again Try to Explore Alien Ecosystem Exposed by Giant Antarctic Iceberg

2/4/2019 - The First Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark Teasers Are the Stuff of Disgusting Nightmares

2/4/2019 - Samsung Calls It Quits on Collaboration With Fake Supreme

2/4/2019 - The Star Trek: Discovery Cast Sings an Ode to Nerds in an Out of This World Rent Parody

2/4/2019 - The Tortured Case for Deleting Instagram

2/4/2019 - Is Permatripping Real?

2/4/2019 - The Black Widow Movie Could Start Filming Sooner Than You'd Think

2/4/2019 - 17 New Features Your Favorite Apps Added While You Weren't Looking

2/4/2019 - Last Call: Flickr Starts Deleting Your Old Photos on March 12 [Updated]

2/3/2019 - The Latest Sneak Peek at Toy Story 4 Shows How Big the World Is for a Toy

2/3/2019 - 'Super' Sci-Fi Sports, Blocking Tech Giants, and the Worst Planet: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

2/3/2019 - Twilight Zone's First Teaser Trailer Will Make You Question Reality

2/3/2019 - A New Captain Marvel TV Spot Wants to Take You Higher, Further, Faster

2/3/2019 - The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Looks Grim as Hell

2/3/2019 - Crypto Exchange Says It Can't Repay $190 Million to Clients After Founder Dies With Only Password

2/3/2019 - New Avengers: Endgame Footage Already Won the Super Bowl

2/3/2019 - Small Plane Crashes in California's Yorba Linda, Setting Fire to Home

2/3/2019 - Temporal Anomaly is a Star Trek Fan Film Half a Decade in the Making

2/3/2019 - Security Sets Man on Fire With 'Taser-Style Device' in Philadelphia

2/3/2019 - WWI Hand Grenade Found Among Potato Shipment at Chip Factory in Hong Kong

2/3/2019 - Wonder Park’s New Trailer Raises Even More Questions About Its Eponymous Theme Park

2/3/2019 - Jim Lee Takes Aquaman’s Black Manta and Brings Him Back to the Page

2/3/2019 - Google Yanks 29 Malicious Photo Apps From Play Store, But Not Before Millions of Downloads

2/3/2019 - 44 Cases of Measles Confirmed in Washington State Amid Ongoing Outbreak

2/3/2019 - The Second Trailer for Jordan Peele's Us is Full of Menace and Doppelgangers

2/3/2019 - Chris Pratt is the Latest Actor to Insist That Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Is Definitely Still Happening

2/2/2019 - Jack Dorsey: Trump Is Kind of Like Obama If You, Like, Really Think About It

2/2/2019 - Spotify Is Reportedly Looking to Acquire Some of Your Favorite Podcasts in Deal With Gimlet Media

2/2/2019 - This Dark Fan Film Gives Moon Knight A Well-Deserved Live Action Debut

2/2/2019 - Report: Attorneys General in Six States Are Now Investigating Facebook's Data Practices

2/2/2019 - Off-Duty TSA Officer Jumps to His Death at Orlando International Airport

2/2/2019 - Art World Thriller Velvet Buzzsaw Owes its Existence, Improbably, to Superman Lives

2/2/2019 - Get Ready, Because Mission Impossible Is Getting Closer to Becoming a Yearly Franchise

2/2/2019 - Russia Also Suspends Nuclear Weapons Treaty, Calling It 'Tit-for-Tat' Response to U.S. Withdrawal

2/2/2019 - Hans Zimmer Also Thought The Dark Knight’s Music Was Too Damn Loud

2/2/2019 - Definitely Do Not Try to Fly a Drone Above the Super Bowl

2/2/2019 - The Life-Changing Magic of KonMari-ing Your iPhone Apps

2/2/2019 - Here's Some Sweet Captain Marvel Action Scene Footage, Courtesy of Brie Larson Herself

2/2/2019 - Does Your Skin Affect Your Mental Health—and Vice Versa? Psychodermatology Aims to Find the Connection

2/2/2019 - The Egg Is Now Trying to Sell Us Hulu

2/1/2019 - Former Cop in Australia Jailed for Using Police Databases to Look Up Tinder Dates

2/1/2019 - Watch WETA Transform Rosa Salazar Into Alita: Battle Angel's Living Weapon

2/1/2019 - Apple Says Its Update for Group FaceTime Bug Is Getting Bumped to Next Week

2/1/2019 - The Hormone Monsters Are Horny and Coming on Strong in Big Mouth's Valentine's Day Special

2/1/2019 - Giant Eyes, Giant Heads, and 20 Years of Lego Star Wars Are the Biggest Toys of the Week

2/1/2019 - Mystery of Blocked Key Fobs at Parking Lot 'Likely' Solved, Canadian Ministry Says

2/1/2019 - Leigh Whannell Will Tackle the Escape From New York Remake

2/1/2019 - Saving the World Is a Job, Not a Calling, in This Week's Best New Comics

2/1/2019 - Space Rock Hits Cuba

2/1/2019 - Uber Prices Are Increasing in NYC Thanks to New Minimum Wage Law

2/1/2019 - Idris Elba May Play an Astronaut Who Finds Horror in the Deepest Depths of the Ocean

2/1/2019 - Chinese Scientists Launch Weather Rocket From Semi-Submersible Vehicle for Typhoon Measurements

2/1/2019 - House Democrats Introduce Bill to Restore Utah Monument Trump Demolished

2/1/2019 - Here Are the Cold Remedies That Don't Work—and a Few That Might

2/1/2019 - Dune's Cast Just Keeps Getting Better, Looks to Add Javier Bardem

2/1/2019 - Rare Footage Shows a Humpback Whale Calf Just Minutes After Birth

2/1/2019 - FCC Faces Off in Net Neutrality Lawsuit Against Consumer Advocates and Internet Giants

2/1/2019 - The Craft's Rachel True Rightfully Calls Out Conventions for Only Booking White Castmates

2/1/2019 - Foxconn Changes Story Again, Says It Will Build a Factory in Wisconsin After Call with President Trump

2/1/2019 - Students Are Preparing for the First Major U.S. Climate Strike Next Month

2/1/2019 - A New Captain Marvel TV Spot Gives Us Hope for Marvel's Next Generation

2/1/2019 - New NASA Visualization Shows What the Dreaded Polar Vortex Really Looks Like

2/1/2019 - Man Hiding Face From Police Facial Recognition Test Fined for Telling Cops to 'Piss Off'

2/1/2019 - January Was Officially Australia's Hottest Month Ever

2/1/2019 - A Brief History of the U.S.S. Enterprise's Pre-Kirk Voyages

2/1/2019 - The Great Huawei Disconnect

2/1/2019 - Astronomers Accidentally Discover a Hidden Galaxy Right Next Door

2/1/2019 - FamilyTreeDNA Hands the FBI Access to Its Database

2/1/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in February 

2/1/2019 - Igloo's New Foam-Free Coolers Are Made From Biodegradable Tree Pulp

2/1/2019 - New Research Could Be First Step Toward Buckyball-Powered Quantum Computers

2/1/2019 - Here's the Boatload of Samsung Leaks That Dropped While You Were Sleeping

2/1/2019 - So, Who Could Squad Up for The Suicide Squad?

2/1/2019 - The Case for an Automation-Powered 4-Day Work Week

2/1/2019 - Wait, Is Idris Elba a Goddamn Supervillain in the Fast and Furious Spinoff?

2/1/2019 - The CW Is Already Teasing Its Plans for Crisis on Infinite Earths

2/1/2019 - Speed Up Your Web Browsing With These Browser Extensions

2/1/2019 - U.S. Withdraws From Nuclear Weapons Treaty With Russia, Paving the Way for a New Arms Race

2/1/2019 - For 30 Days, I'm Going to Eat Like I'm Trying to Save the Earth

2/1/2019 - Panasonic's First Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras Are Big Expensive Beasts

2/1/2019 - Stop Letting Your Dogs Freeze to Death, You Slithering Ghouls