1/31/2019 - On Star Trek: Discovery, Bad Choices and Family Drama Are What Bind the Galaxy Together

1/31/2019 - Facebook and Twitter Purge Hundreds of Fake Accounts Linked to Russia, Iran, and Venezuela

1/31/2019 - Watch the Intriguing Trailers for the Retro Sci-Fi Film The Vast of Night

1/31/2019 - Facebook and Google Clearly Don't Exist in the Arrowverse

1/31/2019 - Here Are the CW Shows, Besides Supernatural, That Just Got Renewed

1/31/2019 - Apple Breaks Google’s Employee-Only iOS Apps After Search Giant Broke Its Rules: Reports

1/31/2019 - Frankenstein Will Solve Frankencrimes in New CBS Pilot

1/31/2019 - Rosa Salazar Shines in an Otherwise Unfocused Alita: Battle Angel

1/31/2019 - Defense of Amazon's Face Recognition Tool Undermined by Its Only Known Police Client

1/31/2019 - Fake FCC Comments Linked to Ex-Trump Campaign Director's Org, Boosted By Roger Stone

1/31/2019 - 37 New Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Keep You Warm This February

1/31/2019 - A Quarter of All U.S. Jobs Are at High Risk of Being Automated, Report Finds

1/31/2019 - The Voice Cast for Robert Kirkman's Invincible Is Unbelievable

1/31/2019 - The Star Wars Disney Land Is Basically Getting Its Own Corner of the Expanded Universe

1/31/2019 - The Polar Vortex Just Set a Flurry of Low-Temperature Records

1/31/2019 - A Mysterious Force is Blocking Car Key Fobs In This Small Canadian Town

1/31/2019 - Scientists Reveal Nature of Martian Mountain Using Ingenious Technique With Curiosity Rover

1/31/2019 - E-Cigarettes Really Can Help You Quit Smoking, Large New Study Finds

1/31/2019 - Watch How the Ultimate Virus Evolved While Making Ralph Breaks The Internet

1/31/2019 - I Cut Microsoft Out of My Life—or So I Thought

1/31/2019 - There's a Huge Cavity Under Antarctica's Most Endangered Glacier

1/31/2019 - Black Lightning's Metahuman World Just Got Bigger in the Most Unexpected Way

1/31/2019 - This Viral Photo of a Homeless Person Freezing on the Street Is Actually From 2013... in Canada

1/31/2019 - Hulu Is Experimenting With a Charmin Bear Chilling on Your Pause Screen

1/31/2019 - Rare Fossil of Triassic Reptile Discovered in Antarctica

1/31/2019 - These Are the Major Sci-fi and Fantasy Movie Milestones Coming in 2019

1/31/2019 - These Elephant Seals Are the Only Winners of the Government Shutdown

1/31/2019 - Harassment, Transphobia, and Racism: A Look Inside Blind's Anonymous Chatting Forum for Google Employees

1/31/2019 - Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys Gets a Gorgeous New Collectors Edition

1/31/2019 - Legendary's Latest Remake Plans Dive Deep and Uncover The Quatermass Experiment

1/31/2019 - More Wild Rumors About a Batman Beyond Movie

1/31/2019 - Trump Regime Secretly Shipped Weapons-Grade Plutonium From South Carolina to Nevada in 2018

1/31/2019 - Turns Out Destroying Society Is Immensely Profitable

1/31/2019 - Sheryl Sandberg: The Teens 'Consented' to Putting Facebook Spyware on Their Phones

1/30/2019 - New York Attorney General Finds That Sale of Social Media Bots, Fake Engagement Is Illegal

1/30/2019 - Google Chrome Is Testing a Feature to Warn Users About Suspicious URLs

1/30/2019 - How to Draw Your Own Thanos Snap Disintegration Flipbook Animation

1/30/2019 - Hugh Jackman May Star in Lisa Joy's Big Screen Directorial Debut, Reminiscence

1/30/2019 - Three DC Movies Are Coming Summer 2021, Including The Batman Without Ben Affleck [Updated]

1/30/2019 - Stephen King's The Stand Is Coming to CBS All Access

1/30/2019 - Russian Doll's Natasha Lyonne Might Be Dying for at Least 3 Seasons

1/30/2019 - Eating Breakfast May Not Be That Helpful for Weight Loss After All

1/30/2019 - 2019 Could Be the Year Your Phone Finally Gets a Real Dark Mode

1/30/2019 - How Scientists Used a 1906 Photo to Find the Center of San Francisco's Most Infamous Earthquake

1/30/2019 - The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Perfectly Captures the Agony of Wanting to Be Left Alone

1/30/2019 - NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Is Once Again Heading Toward the Sun

1/30/2019 - Teamsters Join Coalition Against HQ2 as Amazon Doubles Down on Anti-Union Stance

1/30/2019 - Who Leaked Amazon CEO's Flirty Texts? Your Guess Is as Good as Bezos'

1/30/2019 - Patrick Stewart's Timeless Visage Means He'll Actually Look Younger in Picard Than in TNG's Finale

1/30/2019 - Google May Also Be Violating Apple's Policies Just Like Facebook [Updated] 

1/30/2019 - Marvel Is Setting Up a Timely, Fascinating Resurgence for Namor the Sub-Mariner 

1/30/2019 - Facebook Broke Apple's Rules and Now Its Employee-Only iOS Apps Are Busted

1/30/2019 - As Soon as 2025, Climate Change Could Cause More Birth Defects in the US

1/30/2019 - Xbox One Borked Until Further Notice Due to Issues With Xbox Live [Update: It's Fixed]

1/30/2019 - San Francisco Lawmaker Moves to Ban City's Use of Face Recognition Tech

1/30/2019 - An 'Unprecedented' Epidemic Is Wiping Out the West Coast's Sea Stars

1/30/2019 - Spider-Man's Zendaya May Join Dune as the Fremen Warrior Chani

1/30/2019 - Touchy, Feely Robots Have Learned to Play Jenga As Well As Humans Can

1/30/2019 - How Wacom's New Affordable Cintiq Beats the iPad

1/30/2019 - A Guide to the Chemistry of Cold Weather

1/30/2019 - Red Sonja's Producer Claims No One in Hollywood Complained After His Bryan Singer Defense

1/30/2019 - Neanderthals and Denisovans Shared a Siberian Cave for Thousands of Years, New Research Suggests

1/30/2019 - What's the Latest on Apple's Catastrophic FaceTime Bug? [Updated]

1/30/2019 - Foxconn Admits It's Not Building a Factory in Wisconsin Anymore Despite Scoring $4 Billion Deal From Taxpayers

1/30/2019 - Samsung Sure Seems Ready to Sell Us 1TB Smartphones

1/30/2019 - A Look Inside the Colorful Nuance of The Giver's Graphic Novel

1/30/2019 - Matt Reeves Wants His Standalone Batman Movie to Be About the World's Greatest Detective

1/30/2019 - Robocalls Really Were Worse Than Ever Last Year, Report Finds

1/30/2019 - Smog Is So Bad in Bangkok That Hundreds of Schools Are Closed for the Week

1/30/2019 - This Was Inevitable

1/30/2019 - New Birds of Prey Set Pictures, Plus Updates From Avengers: Endgame and Titans

1/30/2019 - Fox News Is Boycotting Twitter But The Network Still Loves Social Media's Free Content

1/30/2019 - Facebook Is Paying Teens to Install a 'Research' App That Lets It Monitor Their Phones [Updated]

1/30/2019 - iRobot's New Robot Lawn Mower Sure Looks Like It'll Piss Off Your Neighbors

1/29/2019 - Here's How Much Weed Apple Could Buy With Its $245 Billion Cash Pile, and Other Useless Calculations

1/29/2019 - Reylo Headlines a Beautiful Art Show of Meet Cutes

1/29/2019 - Open Channel: Which Disney World Are You Mad Kingdom Hearts Hasn't Gone to Yet? 

1/29/2019 - Zack Snyder's Next Movie Will Be an 'Epic and Crazy' Zombie Heist for Netflix [Updated]

1/29/2019 - Meet a Guy Who Taught Himself to Animate His Own Sci-Fi Web Series

1/29/2019 - The Care Bears Now Drive a Magical Space Ship, Because It's 2019

1/29/2019 - This Automation Platform Helped Eliminate 40,000 Jobs, and Now It's Available to Companies Everywhere

1/29/2019 - The Undead Don't Stand a Chance in Zombieland: Double Tap, Especially With Rosario Dawson Along for the Ride

1/29/2019 - YouTube Is Going to Bury 'Borderline' Content. It Won't Tell Us What That Means

1/29/2019 - Netflix Has Better Movies Than Anyone, According to Rotten Tomatoes

1/29/2019 - Report: Nobel Prize-Winning Biologist Knew About Gene-Edited Babies for Months but Kept Quiet

1/29/2019 - Jon Favreau's Latest Mandalorian Update Is Breaking My Already Tattered Mind

1/29/2019 - Chicago Scrambles to Protect Its Homeless From Life-Threatening Polar Vortex

1/29/2019 - Football Has Its Super Bowl, But These Sci-Fi Sports Are Actually 'Super'

1/29/2019 - Fan Unearths Footage From David Bowie's 1972 Ziggy Stardust TV Debut—But Can Technicians Restore It?

1/29/2019 - Oscar Isaac Could Rule Arrakis in Denis Villeneuve's Dune

1/29/2019 - Apple Is Blowing It

1/29/2019 - 100 Million Americans Are About to Freeze Their Asses Off

1/29/2019 - Apple and Aetna Are Giving Away Apple Watches You Have to, Uh, 'Earn' Back

1/29/2019 - Don Mancini's Chucky TV Show Is a Go at Syfy

1/29/2019 - I Cut Google Out Of My Life. It Screwed Up Everything

1/29/2019 - Flying a 265 MPH RC Plane Using VR Glasses Might Be as Close as You'll Get to Being Superman

1/29/2019 - Cyborg's Arrival Brings Some Major Upgrades to Young Justice: Outsiders' Mythos

1/29/2019 - This Startup Backed by Bill Gates and DHS Is Gunning to Test Its Anti-Drone Radar at the Super Bowl

1/29/2019 - Razer Blade Stealth Review: Compact, Powerful, Beautiful (and Pink!)

1/29/2019 - Neuroscientists Translate Brain Waves Into Recognizable Speech

1/29/2019 - Is This the Year Apple's Netflix Competitor Finally Happens?

1/29/2019 - Black Panther and Captain Marvel Editor Debbie Berman Discusses Piecing Together MCU Masterpieces

1/29/2019 - Report: Just Two Groups May Be Behind $1 Billion in Cryptocurrency Hacks

1/29/2019 - Kamala Harris Is All in on the Green New Deal

1/29/2019 - Major New Study Finds Lowering Blood Pressure Can Prevent Cognitive Decline, but Questions Remain

1/29/2019 - Is the Candyman Remake Close to Finding a Star?

1/29/2019 - Huawei's MacBook Air Clone For Windows Is Nearly Flawless

1/29/2019 - MSI's GS75 Proves Powerful Gaming Laptops Don't Need All That Bulk

1/29/2019 - Tourist in Australia Goes Viral Holding 'Beautiful' Octopus That Can Kill Within Minutes

1/29/2019 - Pregnant Lyft Driver Stabbed to Death by Passenger in Arizona

1/28/2019 - Disable FaceTime Right Now [Updated]

1/28/2019 - Snapchat: So, About Those Public Stories That Automatically Disappear... Would You Miss Them

1/28/2019 - A Tipsy Wedding Guest Gains Some Very Wild Superpowers in This Funny Short

1/28/2019 - Black Panther Is Coming Back to Theaters in Honor of Black History Month (and Maybe to Build More Oscar Buzz)

1/28/2019 - Shueisha Is Making a Huge Push Toward Accessible, Official Digital Manga

1/28/2019 - Stunning Trailer for Apollo 11 Brings Us Never-Before-Seen Footage of the Moon Mission

1/28/2019 - Facebook Shares More Details About the Content Oversight Board You'll Be Getting Pissed Off About in the Future

1/28/2019 - The Newest Pictures of Asteroid Bennu Are Unreal

1/28/2019 - Bug Bombs Suck at Killing Roaches, and They Can Make You Sick

1/28/2019 - DOJ Charges China's Huawei, Alleging Fraud, Obstruction of Justice, and Theft of Trade Secrets

1/28/2019 - The Hole in the Ground Looks to Breathe Creepy New Life Into the Spooky-Kid Horror Genre

1/28/2019 - AOC Slams Google, Facebook, and Microsoft for Sponsoring Conference Promoting Climate Denial

1/28/2019 - Some Pressing Questions About the 3,950 Illegally Imported Leeches Currently Stuck in Canada

1/28/2019 - The New Movie Don't Let Go Is Like Memento Meets Frequency, and That's a Good Thing [Updated]

1/28/2019 - Alarming Number of Americans Think Climate-Change Deniers Deserve to Get Hit by Natural Disasters, Survey Finds

1/28/2019 - Amateur Astronomy Equipment May Have Spotted Tiny Object Beyond Neptune

1/28/2019 - How Zachary Levi's Run-ins With Marvel Helped Him Become Shazam

1/28/2019 - Data Leak in Singapore Exposes HIV Status of 14,000 Locals and Foreign Visitors

1/28/2019 - A Short Guide to Everyone Featured in the First Birds of Prey Teaser 

1/28/2019 - See Inside the Newly Renovated King Tut's Tomb

1/28/2019 - A New Invisible Man Film Rises as the Dark Universe Dies

1/28/2019 - That Time Apple's Manufacturing Plans Got Screwed

1/28/2019 - This 1996 TV Commercial Predicted What Sports Would Look Like in 2020

1/28/2019 - The First Trailer for Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Shows Us a World Without Coulson...Maybe

1/28/2019 - Taxis Block Major Madrid Road During Rush Hour in Anti-Uber Protest

1/28/2019 - Very Important Brexit App Still Only Works on Android as Shitshow Continues

1/28/2019 - Microplastics Discovered in Key Drinking Water Source

1/28/2019 - The First Order Just Executed a Dastardly Plan and We Love It

1/28/2019 - Tasmania Is Burning Up and Things Could Get Worse This Week

1/28/2019 - Harley Quinn Brings Fantabulous Fashion to Birds of Prey Video Introducing Black Canary, Black Mask, Huntress & More

1/28/2019 - Android TV Is Good Now

1/28/2019 - Titans Could Be Recruiting Another Major DC Villain

1/28/2019 - What's the Worst Planet?

1/27/2019 - Bounty Hunters, Monkey Clones, and the Green New Deal: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/27/2019 - Samsung Will Start Making the Switch to More Sustainable Packaging in 2019

1/27/2019 - Canada's Ambassador to China Fired for Saying End of Huawei Extradition Case Would Be 'Great'

1/27/2019 - Adam Driver Does Not Want to Answer Your Star Wars Questions Right Now

1/27/2019 - Man in Florida Discovers 'WWII Hand Grenade,' Drives It to Local Taco Bell

1/27/2019 - Spanish Officials Want Whoever Owns This Abandoned Aircraft to Pay Their Dang Bill

1/27/2019 - Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Movie Was Being Rewritten as It Was Being Filmed

1/27/2019 - Here's Our First Behind-the-Scenes Footage of the New Terminator Movie

1/27/2019 - Some National Parks Reopen as Others Prepare for Cleanup Following Chaotic Shutdown

1/27/2019 - James McAvoy Reprises His Role as Mr. Tumnus in a Bizarre Saturday Night Live Sketch

1/27/2019 - Blue Origin Breaks Ground on Rocket Engine Factory in Huntsville, Alabama

1/27/2019 - The Powerful Transgender Narrative in Steven Universe 

1/26/2019 - Brazilian Mining Disaster Leaves Dozens Dead, Hundreds Missing After Waste Dam Collapses

1/26/2019 - Measles Outbreak Worsens in Washington as Governor Declares State of Emergency

1/26/2019 - Gerard Way's New Track For Umbrella Academy Is an Absolute Banger

1/26/2019 - Australia Continues to Fry Under Scorching Heat Waves

1/26/2019 - The Lego Movie 2 Somehow Lives Up to Its Impossible Expectations 

1/26/2019 - CDC Warns Against Kissing, Snuggling Pet Hedgehogs Amid Salmonella Outbreak

1/26/2019 - This Video Runs Down the Fictional History of One of Star Wars' Most Recognizable Blasters

1/26/2019 - Report: Citizen Lab Targeted in Botched Sting After Researching Israeli Firm's Ties to Saudi Arabia

1/26/2019 - Wake Up, Oppy! NASA Sends New Commands to Mars Opportunity Rover

1/26/2019 - A Sequel to Detective Pikachu Is Already in the Works

1/26/2019 - Chris Pine Isn't Sure Steve Trevor Will Be Back After Wonder Woman 1984

1/26/2019 - Ancient Plants Reveal Arctic Summers Haven't Been This Hot in 115,000 Years

1/25/2019 - Maybe Don't Charge an E-Scooter If You Plan to Do Crimes

1/25/2019 - Tesla Was Fined Less Than the Cost of a Tesla

1/25/2019 - The Fathers Project Imagines a Radical World Where HIV/AIDS Never Happened

1/25/2019 - A Truly Rex-cellent Lego Movie 2 Spaceship, and More of The Best Toys of the Week

1/25/2019 - Rampant Looks to Blend the Zombie and Period Epic Genres With Gory Delight

1/25/2019 - Researchers Create the Noise-Cancelling, Snore-Silencing Pillow of Your Partner's Dreams

1/25/2019 - James Wan Will Only Venture Into Aquaman's Sequel Depths if the Script Is a Pearl

1/25/2019 - New Horizons Transmits Incredibly Clear Picture of MU69

1/25/2019 - Opioid Expert Accuses FDA of 'Willful Blindness' After It Approves Powerful New Painkiller

1/25/2019 - AI Finds Traces of a Lost Species in Human DNA

1/25/2019 - Twins Are Demonic and Jocks Are Theater Geeks in This Week's Best New Comics

1/25/2019 - Scientists Figured Out How to Send Secret Messages to Your Ear With Lasers

1/25/2019 - Bummer: Global Warming Won't Make Giant Winter Snow Storms Go Away

1/25/2019 - The Unrealized Sky High Sequel Could Have Been Called Save University

1/25/2019 - Phil Lord and Chris Miller Explain How Leaving Solo Made Spider-Verse and The Lego Movie 2 Better

1/25/2019 - The Good Place's Latest Reset Is Also Its Most Heartbreaking 

1/25/2019 - Apollo Astronauts May Have Brought a Piece of Ancient Earth Back From the Moon

1/25/2019 - Here's What to Do If You're Stuck in Flight-Delay Hell

1/25/2019 - These Abstract Paintings of Earth's Oceans Are Spellbinding

1/25/2019 - Batman and Superman Are Thinking a Lot About Dead Wives This Week

1/25/2019 - Facebook Let Kids Rack Up Charges on Parents' Credit Cards and Did Nothing to Stop It 

1/25/2019 - Tinder Settles for $17 Million After Making People 30 and Older Pay Double

1/25/2019 - Apple Says It Will Pay ‘Shot on iPhone’ Photo Contest Winners After Backlash

1/25/2019 - Deadpool 2, She-Ra, Black Lightning and More Highlight GLAAD's 30th Annual Media Awards 

1/25/2019 - Lead Exposure Could Be Making Mockingbirds More Aggressive

1/25/2019 - Exclusive: Michael B. Jordan Opens Up About His New Animated Series gen:LOCK

1/25/2019 - Nvidia and AMD's Nerdiest Fight Is the One That Matters Most

1/25/2019 - The E-Scooter Craze Is Sending Lots of People to the ER, Often With Head Injuries

1/25/2019 - Flights Delayed at Several Major Airports Due to Air Traffic Control Staffing Shortage During Shutdown

1/25/2019 - Discovery Is Laying the Groundwork for Another Classic Star Trek Debate to Begin Anew

1/25/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg's Bold Plan to Save Facebook Is Reportedly Ruining Everything Else 

1/25/2019 - Orbital Sculpture Stays Flaccid Due to Government Shutdown

1/25/2019 - Why Choosing Between Windows and macOS Still Matters

1/25/2019 - The Polar Vortex Could Bring Life-Threatening Cold to the Midwest Next Week

1/25/2019 - How Australia’s Deadliest Fires Made Thousands of Students Fall Behind

1/25/2019 - Netflix Wants to Bring Resident Evil To TV

1/25/2019 - Roger Stone Arrested by FBI For Obstruction and Lying About WikiLeaks Contacts [Updated]

1/25/2019 - Man Attempts to Carve Peace Sign Into Maine's Colossal Ice Disk With Chain Saw

1/25/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg Thinks You Don't Trust Facebook Because You Don't 'Understand' It

1/24/2019 - HQ Trivia Reminds Us It Still Exists by Announcing Plans to Get Shittier

1/24/2019 - 8 of the Coolest Details We Learned From Into the Spider-Verse's Sumptuous Art Book

1/24/2019 - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Returns for the Honor of Grayskull in April

1/24/2019 - Bryan Singer Is Still Directing Red Sonja, World Still Terrible Place

1/24/2019 - Ajit Pai and Republicans in Congress Helped Enable 'Bounty Hunters' to Track Your Phone

1/24/2019 - Even Adults Sleep Better After Being Rocked to Sleep

1/24/2019 - Matt Smith Is Likely Joining Jared Leto's Morbius Movie

1/24/2019 - Woman Sues NASA for Allegedly Damaging Her Precious Apollo 11 Lunar Sample Bag

1/24/2019 - Scientists Try to Recreate Freakishly Tall 'Rogue' Waves in the Lab

1/24/2019 - MoviePass Is Bringing Back the Unlimited Plan, But You're Probably Not Going to Like It

1/24/2019 - The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Adds Guest Stars and a Rallying Cry: 'Blessed Be the Fight'

1/24/2019 - Brian Bendis and David Walker Talk About How Their Friendship Created DC Comics’ Newest Superhero

1/24/2019 - DC Cuts 7 Jobs in Move to Refocus on Comics Publishing

1/24/2019 - Record-Setting Ice Hole Drilled in Antarctica

1/24/2019 - The Latest Trailer for Amazon's The Boys Is About How Messy a Superpowered World Would Be

1/24/2019 - The World Isn't Ready For Port-Less Phones (Yet)

1/24/2019 - This Keytar Learns the Chords So You Don't Have To

1/24/2019 - Complete Axolotl Genome Could Pave the Way Toward Human Tissue Regeneration

1/24/2019 - Attack the Block's Director Is Finally Back With a Movie He's Wanted to Make Since He Was a Kid

1/24/2019 - On Second Thought, Be Evil

1/24/2019 - Last Year Was a Hot One—and 2019 Will Be Hotter

1/24/2019 - Air Safety Is 'Deteriorating by the Day' Thanks to the Shutdown, Aviation Workers Warn

1/24/2019 - It Took Two Years to Make This Complex Puzzle Box From Scratch, and It'd Take You Even Longer to Solve It

1/24/2019 - The Latest Umbrella Academy Trailer Is an Exhausting Family Reunion

1/24/2019 - I Cut Facebook Out of My Life. Surprisingly, I Missed It

1/24/2019 - Good News, North Atlantic Right Whales Are Finally Having Babies Again

1/24/2019 - These Are the 20 Apps You Need to Update Right Now, or Else

1/24/2019 - The Doomsday Clock Is Just Two Minutes From Midnight, Again 

1/24/2019 - Into the Spider-Verse Cut a Popular Spider-Ham Joke for a Very Good Reason

1/24/2019 - How to Fix Your Awful Wifi

1/24/2019 - Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Shoots Incredibly Beautiful, Incredibly Versatile Video

1/24/2019 - Break Out the Saxophones, CW Has Picked Up a Pilot for The Lost Boys TV Show

1/24/2019 - Scientists Turned a Regular Fidget Spinner Into a Centrifuge That Separates Blood

1/24/2019 - 10 Tricks for Quicker Multitasking on Your Smartphone

1/24/2019 - The Wild Dunes of Indiana Are in a Fight to Survive

1/24/2019 - How a Periodic Table of Brains Could Revolutionize Neuroscience

1/24/2019 - Punisher's Showrunner Wants Daredevil and Kingpin...If the Show Gets Another Season

1/24/2019 - Peloton's $4,000 Treadmill Makes Me Wish I Was Rich Enough to Afford It 

1/24/2019 - Olympus Bucks the Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Trend with the OM-D E-M1X

1/24/2019 - There's Never Been a Better Time to Bribe TSA and CBP Officers Than During President Trump's Shutdown

1/24/2019 - Apple Lays Off Over 200 Employees Working on Secretive Self-Driving Car Project

1/24/2019 - China May Have Blocked Microsoft's Bing in Latest Censorship Play [Updated: It's Been Restored]

1/24/2019 - Air Travel Unions Warn They 'Cannot Even Calculate the Level of Risk' From Trump's Shutdown

1/23/2019 - Bad News Folks, Google Hangouts Will Start to Phase Out in October

1/23/2019 - Excuse Me, Sir. Sir! I Am the Original Tweeter

1/23/2019 - Strong Texas Winds Hit Elon Musk's Starship Prototype and Down It Goes

1/23/2019 - Facebook Announces New Policies Aimed at Axing Pages and Groups

1/23/2019 - Watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Signature Style Evolve in These Early Animatics

1/23/2019 - Disney Parks Is Bringing Zootopia to Shanghai

1/23/2019 - Key Data For NASA's Ice-Monitoring Satellite in Trouble Thanks to Shutdown

1/23/2019 - There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start Listening to Big Finish's Doctor Who Audio Dramas

1/23/2019 - How Did Mark Zuckerberg Kill the Goat?

1/23/2019 - Nic Cage Is Getting Downright Lovecraftian for Color Out of Space 

1/23/2019 - Millions of Financial Records Leaked at Texas-Based Data Firm

1/23/2019 - Amazon and Chase Will Not Give Me a Straight Answer About What They Do With My Credit Card Data

1/23/2019 - People in Red and Blue States May Use Weed Very Differently—and Not Just Due to Legalization

1/23/2019 - Celebrating 20 Years of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century With the Space King of Rock

1/23/2019 - Hulu Is Cutting the Price of Its Cheapest Plan—and Increasing the Cost of Live TV

1/23/2019 - Childhood Lead Exposure May Increase Risk of Mental Illness, Study Suggests

1/23/2019 - Microsoft Thought It'd Be a Good Idea to Add a 'Fake News' Tracker in the Edge Browser

1/23/2019 - Behold, Supergirl's Lex Luthor in All His Beautifully Bald Brilliance

1/23/2019 - Google's Plan to Limit Ad Blockers on Chrome Riles Developers

1/23/2019 - A Collision With Another Planet May Have Seeded Earth With the Ingredients for Life

1/23/2019 - How Brands Think They Can Make a Buck off Climate Change

1/23/2019 - Here's Your First Look at Young Justice's Slick New Cyborg Design

1/23/2019 - China's Latest Cloned-Monkey Experiment Is an Ethical Mess

1/23/2019 - FBI: Troll Impersonated Parkland Shooter to Harass Victims' Families and Friends

1/23/2019 - How Shazam Will Use Childlike Wonder to Set It Apart From the Superhero Pack

1/23/2019 - Instagram Should Steal Twitter's Sparkle Button

1/23/2019 - Newly Discovered Gecko Species Is Extremely Good at Being a Leaf

1/23/2019 - Google, Facebook, and Amazon Spent Record Cash Lobbying Washington in 2018

1/23/2019 - The Nvidia RTX 2060 Is Perfectly Adequate

1/23/2019 - Hulu's Latest Into the Dark Trailer Is About an Elevator Ride From Hell

1/23/2019 - One Week in, and Star Trek: Discovery Might Have Already Broken Its New Captain

1/23/2019 - Sony Gives Aibo a New Paint Job and Plans to Teach It Some Home Security Tricks

1/23/2019 - This Dual-Folding Xiaomi Prototype Makes Me Excited for the Bendy Phone Future

1/23/2019 - Gemologist Finds Insect Trapped in Opal Instead of Amber

1/23/2019 - New Shazam Toys Hint at Some Mighty Mortals Making Their Debut

1/23/2019 - How to Play Apple Music from the Web

1/23/2019 - 5 Calendar Apps Better Than the One on Your Phone

1/23/2019 - CEO of IBM Says Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees is Vital for the Future of Tech

1/23/2019 - NASA Pulls Astronaut Eric Boe From First Boeing Starliner Crewed Flight, Mike Fincke Will Fly Instead

1/22/2019 - Reports of Drones Flying Near Airports Ground Flights Yet Again, This Time at Newark Liberty

1/22/2019 - Congress Now Wants Twitter to Explain How That Covington Teens Video Went Viral

1/22/2019 - This Gorgeous Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Poster Has Multiple Dimensions of Its Own

1/22/2019 - Star Trek Heads Into a Familiar Unknown With IDW's Year Five Saga

1/22/2019 - Family Says Hacked Nest Cam Terrorized Them With Fake Ballistic Missile Alert

1/22/2019 - Journey to Middle-Earth, Riverdale, and Deep Space Nine in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

1/22/2019 - Is the Elusive 'Planet Nine' Actually a Massive Ring of Debris in the Outer Solar System?

1/22/2019 - Supreme Court Won't Hear Case by Trump Lawyer That Would Threaten the Free Web

1/22/2019 - The Davos Elite Say the Public Will Have to Pay to Retrain the Workers They Automate Out of Jobs

1/22/2019 - Steven Universe Just Gave the Fandom Everything It Ever Needed

1/22/2019 - Google Threatens Pulling News From EU as Disastrous Copyright Legislation Flounders

1/22/2019 - Your First Look Look Inside the Long-Awaited Return of The Goon 

1/22/2019 - Certain People—Maybe Even You—Have Special Poop That Can Save Lives

1/22/2019 - See What Trees Look Like to a Bird's Ultraviolet-Sensitive Eyes

1/22/2019 - 9 Michael Crichton Sci-Fi Movies That Don't Involve Dinosaurs or Wild West Robots

1/22/2019 - Americans Care About Climate Change More Than Ever But They Still Don't Want to Pay For It

1/22/2019 - Black Panther, Into the Spider-Verse, and More of Our Favorites React to Their Oscar Nominations

1/22/2019 - Greenland's Ice Can No Longer Handle Hot Summers

1/22/2019 - Arizona Lawmaker Wants to Tax Internet Porn to Pay for Border Wall

1/22/2019 - The U.S. Government Needs to Start Taking Climate-Fueled Migration Seriously, GAO Warns

1/22/2019 - The Best Cheap Wireless Headphones Just Got Better

1/22/2019 - Disney's Star Wars Land Is Getting Its Own Comic, Because of Course It Is

1/22/2019 - Stonehenge-Like Circle Discovered in Scotland Not Ancient, Just Really Good 1990s Fan Art

1/22/2019 - Into the Spider-Verse Had (and Then Brutally Murdered) an Australian Spider-Man in a Deleted Scene

1/22/2019 - I Tried to Block Amazon From My Life. It Was Impossible

1/22/2019 - Life Without the Tech Giants

1/22/2019 - Can You Pass Google's Phishing Quiz?

1/22/2019 - Holy Crap, the Moon Was Struck by a Meteorite During the ‘Super Wolf Blood Moon’ Eclipse

1/22/2019 - Drone Maker DJI Says Employee Accounting Scheme Cost It Nearly $150 Million

1/22/2019 - The Expanse's Third Season Hits Amazon Next Month, Belters Still Waiting for That Season 4 Premiere Date

1/22/2019 - Channing Tatum Could Attempt to Drag Gambit Into Existence Himself

1/22/2019 - The King of Wakanda Holds the Oscars' First Best Picture Nod for a Superhero Film

1/22/2019 - How to Partition Your Hard Drive and Why You Would Want To

1/21/2019 - GoFundMe Set Up for Fyre Festival Victim Raises More Than $150,000 in Days

1/21/2019 - You May Finally Be Able to Mute Artists You Don't Want to Hear on Spotify

1/21/2019 - Last Night's Supergirl Flipped the Script on the Show's Biggest Relationship

1/21/2019 - The Star Wars Ship Almost Everyone Forgets About

1/21/2019 - Ancient Shark With Spaceship-Shaped Teeth Named After Vintage Video Game

1/21/2019 - The Orville's Dr. Claire Finn Is the Show's Secret Badass

1/21/2019 - WhatsApp Puts New Limit on Message-Forwarding in Effort to Curb Misinformation

1/21/2019 - Google Fined $57 Million for Burying Privacy Terms Where Users Won't Find Them

1/21/2019 - Let's Discuss the Ending of Glass

1/21/2019 - Watch the Military's Latest Rocket Launch Carrying a Secret Payload

1/21/2019 - A First Look at the Next Wave of Ahoy Comics

1/21/2019 - China Says Gene-Editing Scientist Broke Laws to Pursue ‘Personal Fame and Gain’

1/21/2019 - Instagram Helped Me Bond With My Dentist Dad by Recommending I Watch Gross Teeth Videos

1/21/2019 - President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner

1/21/2019 - BB-8 Got to Kick Some Ass in This Week's Star Wars Resistance

1/21/2019 - New Merchandise Might Give Us an Intriguing Glimpse at Avengers: Endgame

1/21/2019 - How MLK’s Vision Helped Lay the Groundwork For a Green New Deal

1/21/2019 - Why Do We Forget?

1/21/2019 - AirPlay 2 vs Google Cast: Which You Should Actually Use

1/21/2019 - How Long Before Facebook's New Petition Feature is Complicit in Genocide?

1/20/2019 - Airbnb Spying, a Monster Breach, and Intravenous Semen Injection: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/20/2019 - Uh Oh, Uber Might Be Thinking About Self-Driving Scooters and Bikes Now

1/20/2019 - Sheryl Sandberg Reiterates Yet Again That Facebook Has a Lot of Work to Do

1/20/2019 - Dario Argento Was Not a Fan of the Suspiria Remake

1/20/2019 - Pope Endorses App

1/20/2019 - The Latest Shazam TV Spot Is Chock Full of New Footage

1/20/2019 - Netflix Has Reportedly Signed a 'Best Practices' Code in India to Avoid State Censorship

1/20/2019 - M. Night Shyamalan Had the Ending of Glass On His Mind Way Back When He Made Unbreakable

1/20/2019 - GoFundMe Kicks Off Campaign to Help Government Workers Affected by Trump's Shutdown

1/20/2019 - Leslie Jones Is No Fan of the New Ghostbusters Movie 

1/20/2019 - The New Trailer for American Gods' Second Season Is Ramping Up for a Divine Confrontation

1/19/2019 - Amazon Is Rolling Out a 'Robotic Tech Vest' to Keep Workers From Getting Hit by Robots

1/19/2019 - Airbnb Discussed Potential Deal to Acquire Hotel Tonight: Report

1/19/2019 - Studio Producers Wanted Alfonso Cuarón to Give Gravity a Much More Comforting Ending

1/19/2019 - E-Cigs Like Juul Face 'Existential Threat' Over Teen Smoking, FDA Says

1/19/2019 - Report: The FTC May Slam Facebook With 'Record-Setting' Fine Over User Privacy

1/19/2019 - The People From The LEGO Movie 2 Really, Desperately Want You To Like Their New Song

1/19/2019 - Halloween's Producer Is Eager to Get His Hands On Another Classic Horror Property

1/19/2019 - Massive Ice Disk in Maine Stops Spinning, Is Somehow Rescued by Paddleboarder

1/19/2019 - At Least 66 Dead in Mexican Gasoline Pipeline Explosion, Dozens More Injured

1/19/2019 - The New Teen Titans Illustrator George Pérez Formally Retires From Comics Work

1/19/2019 - Please Let Me Explain My BlackBerry

1/19/2019 - Nancy Drew Is Here to Solve All Your Mysteries in the Trailer for Her New Movie

1/19/2019 - North America’s Glaciers Are Melting Four Times Faster Than They Were a Decade Ago

1/18/2019 - Honey Bees' Oddly Hypnotizing 'Shimmering' Is Actually a Clever Defense

1/18/2019 - Multiple Executives Reportedly Out at Snap Following Shake-Up Over Alleged Affair

1/18/2019 - Holy Crap, Drew Struzan Did 3 Incredible Posters for the How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy

1/18/2019 - Supergirl's Dreamer Might Have the Best Costume in the Entire Arrowverse

1/18/2019 - The Post-Apocalyptic Abe Lincoln the Country Deserves, and More of the Best Axe-Wielding Toys of the Week

1/18/2019 - Gotham's Other Harley Quinn Finally Got Her Due Courtesy of Catwoman

1/18/2019 - Opioid Makers Are Looking Especially Evil This Week

1/18/2019 - Rebel and Imperial Pilots Duel in a Post-Return of the Jedi Book and Comic Crossover 

1/18/2019 - Police and Media Keep Spreading the Myth That Merely Touching Fentanyl Can Kill You

1/18/2019 - Facebook's Secret Meme App for Kids Sounds Like a Freaking Embarrassment

1/18/2019 - You Can Now Own Drew Struzan's Blade Runner Poster That Was Nearly 40 Years in the Making

1/18/2019 - Real-Life Expanding Brain Technique Is Blowing Some Minds

1/18/2019 - Jigsaw Is The Punisher's Most Fascinating Puzzle Because Frank Castle Can't Solve Him

1/18/2019 - You Can Build These Analog Synthesizers Like Nintendo's Cardboard Labo Toys

1/18/2019 - Government Workers Turn to Craigslist to Pay Bills and Rent as Shutdown Wears On

1/18/2019 - The Shutdown Is Making the U.S. Less Prepared for Hurricane Season

1/18/2019 - The Epic Mythology of Highlander May Be Holding Back Its Return

1/18/2019 - NSA Puts Phone Charging Station at Hacker Conference in Plot to Go Viral

1/18/2019 - Young Justice: Outsiders Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Busier

1/18/2019 - Navigation Apps With Millions of Downloads Exposed as Just Google Maps With Bonus Ads

1/18/2019 - Thousands of Recalled Frozen Chicken Nuggets May Contain Wood, No Gluten Though

1/18/2019 - Report: Evidence of Life Found in Lake Deep Beneath Antarctic Ice

1/18/2019 - James McAvoy on Standing Next to Pennywise: 'I Don't Like Being Here'

1/18/2019 - This Hitman's Smartwatch Helped Convict Him of Two Murders 

1/18/2019 - The 8 Signs That Machine Learning Will Automate Some or All of Your Job

1/18/2019 - Australia Just Experienced Its Hottest Night Ever

1/18/2019 - The Zanco Smart Pen Is a Modern Day Talkboy 

1/18/2019 - Hell Hath No Fury Like a Blossom Scorned in Our Look Inside Blossoms 666

1/18/2019 - Report: Facebook Knew Its Games Were Taking Money From Kids, But Denied Refunds Anyway

1/18/2019 - TV News Coverage of Climate Change Somehow Got Even Worse Last Year

1/18/2019 - Alita: Battle Angel's Interactive Experience Puts You at the Heart of Iron City's Hottest Competition

1/18/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery Returns Boldly, But We're Not Quite Sure Where It's Going Yet

1/18/2019 - The Best macOS Apps That Actually Make Good Use of the Touch Bar

1/18/2019 - There's Already New Rumors About the Stars of the Next Ghostbusters

1/18/2019 - It’s Time to Audit All the Extensions You've Installed on Your Browser

1/18/2019 - Netflix Says It Won't Pull Controversial Footage of Actual Deadly Incident From Bird Box

1/18/2019 - Facebook's AR Glasses May Be Getting Closer to Becoming a Reality

1/17/2019 - ACLU Is Suing the Federal Government for Information About Social Media Surveillance Practices

1/17/2019 - Seeing M. Night Shyamalan’s Split Was One of My Most Memorable Moviegoing Experiences

1/17/2019 - Fast Color's First Trailer Finds a Family of Superheroes Living in a Dying World

1/17/2019 - Sixty Percent Of Us Chose the Frosties and More Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Stats

1/17/2019 - Court Rejects FCC Motion to Postpone Net Neutrality Lawsuit Over Shutdown

1/17/2019 - How to Stop Worrying About Every 'Mega' Password Breach That Comes Along

1/17/2019 - Kevin Hart in Talks to Star in the Monopoly Movie Nobody Asked For

1/17/2019 - World’s Oldest Known Periodic Table Found During Cleanup of Scottish Lab

1/17/2019 - MSI's Latest Laptops Are Smaller, Sturdier, and Some Even Vibrate

1/17/2019 - Twitter CEO: We'd 'Talk About' Banning Trump If He Told Followers to Kill Journalists

1/17/2019 - Maybe Now Google Can Stop Dragging Its Dang Feet on a Pixel Watch

1/17/2019 - Riverdale Is Doing a Musical Episode of Heathers

1/17/2019 - Twitter Oopsie: Bug Made Some Android Users' Private Tweets Public

1/17/2019 - The U.S. Government Was Supposed to Tell Us How Hot 2018 Was Today, But, the Shutdown

1/17/2019 - In This Week's Star Wars Comic, Jar Jar Binks Gets to Be a Bit of a Badass

1/17/2019 - Ebola, HIV, Antivaxxers: The World Health Organization Names 2019's Global Health Threats

1/17/2019 - I've Got a Theory That Mean Girls Is a Dark Fairy Tale About a Doppelgänger

1/17/2019 - Someone Turned Their Apartment Into an Immersive Sound and Light Show for the Fireball Island Board Game

1/17/2019 - Saturn's Rings Could Have Formed During the Dinosaur Age, New Analysis Suggests

1/17/2019 - Jon Snow Must Die

1/17/2019 - The Frequency of Asteroid Impacts Jumped Just Before the Dinosaur Age, New Research Suggests  

1/17/2019 - In the First gen:LOCK Trailer, Humans and Epic Mechas Become One

1/17/2019 - This Airbnb Spying Nightmare Is a Reminder That Staying in Strangers' Homes Is Still Creepy

1/17/2019 - Tim Cook on iPhone Sales: We Need to Talk About Facebook

1/17/2019 - A Medievalist's Guide to Magic and Alchemy in A Discovery of Witches 

1/17/2019 - Once a Musical Oddity, the Stylophone Is Now a Fully-Capable, $350 Analog Synthesizer

1/17/2019 - New York Governor Hops on Green New Deal Bandwagon

1/17/2019 - John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum's First Trailer Finds Its Murderous Hero on the Run

1/17/2019 - Can Drones Be Good?

1/17/2019 - Leaked Video of Alleged Pixel 3 Lite Details Almost Everything, Including a Launch Date

1/17/2019 - Finally, Those Star Trek: Short Treks Are Available Outside the U.S. and Canada

1/17/2019 - 2018's Award-Winning Ocean Photos Will Transport You to Another Planet

1/17/2019 - Mother of All Breaches Exposes 773 Million Emails, 21 Million Passwords

1/17/2019 - Lab-Grown 'Perfect' Human Blood Vessels Are a Thing Now

1/17/2019 - Our First Look at Supernatural's Big Winchester Family Reunion

1/17/2019 - Why Did NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Others Spend Millions on This Quantum Computer?

1/17/2019 - President Trump's Former Lawyer Paid Liberty University Employee to Rig Online Polls: Report

1/17/2019 - Facebook Deletes Pages That Were Secretly Controlled by a Russian Propaganda Network

1/17/2019 - T-Mobile CEO John Legere Sure Loves Trump's Hotels Now, and Boy, What a Coincidence That Is

1/17/2019 - Netflix Criticized for Using Actual Footage of Deadly Event in Travelers and Possibly Bird Box

1/16/2019 - Report: Feds Are Preparing Trade Theft Case Against Chinese Tech Giant Huawei

1/16/2019 - Most Facebook Users Still Unclear About How the Hell Targeted Ads Work: Pew Survey

1/16/2019 - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse's Most Triumphant Moment Still Rules in Lego Form

1/16/2019 - Jon Pertwee Swaps His TARDIS for a Much Stranger Phone Box in This Retro TV Ad

1/16/2019 - Here's Your First Look at Vin Diesel as Valiant's Bloodshot, Who Conveniently Looks a Lot Like Vin Diesel

1/16/2019 - Man Injects 18 'Doses' of Semen Into Arm to Cure Back Pain, Ends Up in Hospital

1/16/2019 - The Trump Administration’s Plan to Clean Up Coal Plants Could Be Worse Than Doing Nothing

1/16/2019 - Artificial Meteor Showers Are the Atmospheric Spectacles No One Asked For

1/16/2019 - A Quick Recap of Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing Glass

1/16/2019 - Here's How the Government Shutdown Is Affecting Spam Robocalls

1/16/2019 - California Is About to Get Pounded With an Atmospheric River, Raising the Risk of Mudslides

1/16/2019 - 'Wet Sidewalk Effect' Solves Mystery of Rain on Saturn's Moon Titan

1/16/2019 - Robert Zemeckis' The Witches Picks Anne Hathaway to Terrify a New Generation of Children

1/16/2019 - The Latest Punisher Teaser Prepares Us for a Heartbreaking Showdown

1/16/2019 - New Captain Marvel Posters Feature the MCU's Hero Pet and Some Faces From the Uncanny Valley

1/16/2019 - Key U.S. Law For Protecting Endangered Species Does a Damn Good Job, Study Finds

1/16/2019 - More Than Half of Wild Coffee Species Could Go Extinct, and It’s Our Fault

1/16/2019 - Syfy's Deadly Class Is More Awkward Than Cool

1/16/2019 - Swiss Scientists Have Trained Their Dog-Like Robot to Better Fend Off Its Human Oppressors

1/16/2019 - Finally, the Slick Bluetooth Upgrade My Beloved Shure Earbuds Deserve

1/16/2019 - Incoming EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler's Opinions on Climate Change Are a Mess

1/16/2019 - A Hunchback of Notre Dame Live-Action Musical Is Happening, and Disney Might Already Have Its Quasimodo 

1/16/2019 - Fascinating Experiment Uses a Robot to Recreate the Walking Style of an Early Land Dweller

1/16/2019 - Motorola Reviving the Razr as a $1,500 Bendy Phone Is a Bad Idea, but I'm Curious as Hell

1/16/2019 - Drunk History Resurrected the Tale of How Mary Shelley Brought Frankenstein to Life

1/16/2019 - Upskirting Set to Be Criminalized in England and Wales, Thanks to Viral Facebook Post

1/16/2019 - Employee Falls for Fake Job Interview Over Skype, Gives North Korean Hackers Access to Chile's ATM Network: Report

1/16/2019 - The New Ghostbusters Movie Already Has a Teaser, but Don't Expect Much

1/16/2019 - British Kids From the 1960s Had Some Really Dark Predictions for the Future

1/16/2019 - A Primer for Mysterio, One of Spider-Man's Strangest Villains

1/16/2019 - The 20-Year Quest to Track Down Every Bird-of-Paradise Species Before They Vanish

1/16/2019 - Sinister Science in Space: Watch the First Tense Trailer for High Life

1/16/2019 - Skin Care Tech Is Already Having a Big Year

1/16/2019 - 8 Things You Should Be Automating on Your Smartphone

1/16/2019 - DC's New Gods Movie Has Rumors Swirling About Its Main Characters

1/16/2019 - Thousands of Workers at FDA and FAA Head Back to Work Without Pay to Inspect Food and Planes

1/16/2019 - YouTube Finally Explicitly Bans Dangerous Pranks and Challenges After Bird Box Fiasco

1/15/2019 - Roku Furiously Backpedals After Briefly Saying It Would Allow Infowars Channel

1/15/2019 - Defendants Charged in Alleged Scheme to Hack SEC Filing System, Steal Financial Info

1/15/2019 - FCC Trying to Postpone Net Neutrality Lawsuit Over Shutdown, But It Probably Won't Work

1/15/2019 - A New Ghostbusters Movie, Set in Same World as the Original Film, Is Headed to Theaters

1/15/2019 - Dune Adds Acting Legend Charlotte Rampling to Its Ever-Growing Cast

1/15/2019 - Try Not to Get Brainwashed by the Creepy Trailer For Level 16

1/15/2019 - Critical Flaws Leave Some Government Access Cards Vulnerable to Attack

1/15/2019 - Apple Store Worker Opens Mystery Package and Finds Pound of Meth

1/15/2019 - Criminal Enforcement at Trump’s EPA Is the Lowest It’s Been in Decades: Report

1/15/2019 - Anna Kendrick and Toni Collette Will Do Battle on a Trip to Mars

1/15/2019 - After a Decade, Scientists Have Found a Mate for the Loneliest Frog on Earth

1/15/2019 - A Guide to Kingdom Hearts 3, for the Disney Fan Who Has No Idea What This Franchise Is

1/15/2019 - Paramount Animation Will Reportedly Not Collaborate with Skydance Because of John Lasseter's Hiring

1/15/2019 - Merger Is a Hellish Articulation of Our Increasingly Accelerated and Incomprehensibly Automated Working Lives

1/15/2019 - Potatoes Have a Form of 'Depression,' but Scientists Have an Idea to Cure Them

1/15/2019 - Everything We Learned About Spider-Man's Globetrotting Adventure in the Far From Home Trailer

1/15/2019 - CERN Unveils Design for 62-Mile-Round Atom Smasher More Powerful Than the Large Hadron Collider

1/15/2019 - Robots Ruin Robot Hotel

1/15/2019 - There's a Fully Working Computer, Including a Retractable Keyboard, Hidden Inside This Mouse

1/15/2019 - The Polar Vortex Could Bring Record Cold to This Weekend's Chiefs-Patriots Championship Game 

1/15/2019 - The Kid Who Would Be King Is a Solid, Feel-Good Adventure Film

1/15/2019 - The Mona Lisa Does Not Have the 'Mona Lisa Effect,' Scientists Claim

1/15/2019 - The Dirty Truth About Turning Seawater Into Drinking Water

1/15/2019 - Latest Apple Rumor Says There's a New iPod in the Works

1/15/2019 - Everything You Need to Remember Ahead of Star Trek: Discovery's Return

1/15/2019 - A Seed Has Sprouted on the Moon for the First Time [Update: It Died]

1/15/2019 - Getting Up and Doing Even the Tiniest Bit of Exercise Will Keep You Alive Longer, Study Finds

1/15/2019 - Okay, This Argument for 8K TVs Is Kinda Convincing 

1/15/2019 - Flying Car Predictions Are More Pessimistic in the Age of Trump

1/15/2019 - Netflix Is About to Cost You More Money

1/15/2019 - The Lego Movie 2 Will Feature a Few DC Movie Stars

1/15/2019 - If You're Missing a Colossal Disk of Ice, This City in Maine Definitely Found It

1/15/2019 - In the First Trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, Vacation Looks Far From Fun 

1/15/2019 - The Totally Unofficial CES 2019 Meta Awards

1/15/2019 - Huawei CEO Denies Company is Spying For China, Praises Donald Trump as 'Great President'

1/15/2019 - Bonkers Post Making Up Stuff About Female Microsoft Developer Advocate Backfires Big Time

1/14/2019 - E-Scooter Startup Bird: We're Sorry for Sending Wild Legal Threats to Media Over Scooter Hacks

1/14/2019 - A New Star Trek Novel Will Explore What the Enterprise Was Up to in Discovery's First Season

1/14/2019 - Everything We Know About The Twilight Zone Reboot (So Far) [Updated]

1/14/2019 - Ajit Pai Refuses to Brief Lawmakers Over Phone-Tracking Scandal, Dubiously Blames Shutdown

1/14/2019 - Christopher McQuarrie Is Making Two More Mission Impossible Movies Back to Back 

1/14/2019 - New Batch of Drone Rules May Soon Allow Flying Over Crowds

1/14/2019 - Cops Can't Force People to Unlock Their Phones With Biometrics, Court Rules

1/14/2019 - Witchcraft, Blood, Porn, and Tibetan Independence Banned on Short-Video Apps in China

1/14/2019 - The Secret Warriors Team Up With Spider-Gwen in a New Marvel Rising Animated Special

1/14/2019 - This Quadruple Star System Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen Before

1/14/2019 - Young Justice: Outsiders Is Getting Deeper in the Best Way

1/14/2019 - The 13 Coolest Things We Saw at CES This Year

1/14/2019 - This Part of Antarctica Was Not Supposed to Be Shrinking

1/14/2019 - The Weird, Bizarre, and Amusing Tech at CES 2019

1/14/2019 - Ridley Scott's Promising Sci-Fi Series The Passage Finds the World on the Brink of a Vampire Apocalypse

1/14/2019 - There's a Hidden World of Salamanders Living Beneath Texas

1/14/2019 - 10 Cloverfield Lane Director Dan Trachtenberg Will Chart the Uncharted Movie

1/14/2019 - Models Can't Keep Up With Migrating Magnetic North Pole—and the Government Shutdown Just Made It Worse

1/14/2019 - You Can Finally Buy a Robot That Will Be Your Friend

1/14/2019 - Smog-Choked Bangkok Is Going to Make It Rain

1/14/2019 - Here's All the Spaghetti Twitter is Throwing at the Wall to See What Sticks

1/14/2019 - This Deleted Scene From Halloween Makes Michael Myers Even More of a Monster

1/14/2019 - Google Workers Have a New Plan to Fight Forced Arbitration

1/14/2019 - Michelle Yeoh's Star Trek Spinoff Is Official, and Will Explore the Dark Side of the Federation

1/14/2019 - Thanos Has Come for the Simpsons, Because That's Just What The Simpsons Is Now

1/14/2019 - Samsung’s 5G-Ready S10 ‘X’ Sounds Like a Powerhouse That Will Wreck Your Wallet

1/14/2019 - California Power Company Tied to Last Year’s Deadly Camp Fire Is Filing For Bankruptcy

1/14/2019 - Sweet, One Less Reason to Buy an SNES Classic

1/14/2019 - 5 Questions We Have After That Cryptic Game of Thrones Teaser

1/14/2019 - How Long Until the Instagram Egg Tries to Sell Me Some Shit? [Updated]

1/14/2019 - 11 Tech Tricks for a More Productive 2019

1/14/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Is the First 2020 Candidate Who Won't Take Money From Fossil Fuel Interests

1/14/2019 - The Return of Star Wars Resistance Contained a Subtle But Heroic Moment for Kaz

1/14/2019 - More Rumors About the Future of Fox's Mutant Movieverse

1/14/2019 - What's the Loudest Sound in the Universe?

1/14/2019 - President Trump Mocks Amazon's 'Jeff Bozo' During Unhinged Twitter Rant

1/13/2019 - Game of Thrones' Season 8 Teaser Pits Westeros Against the Coming Night 

1/13/2019 - The Worst Pain in the World, Bendable Phones, and Joshua Tree: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/13/2019 - Biology Lab Strips James Watson of All Honorary Titles After 'Reprehensible' Race Remarks

1/13/2019 - Cobie Smulders Proves You Can Talk About Marvel Movies Without Spoiling Them

1/13/2019 - Watch the Beautiful, Sweeping End Credits Sequence for Aquaman Online

1/13/2019 - Reports: Police Defuse Gas Station Standoff by Having Robot Deliver Vape Pen to Suspect

1/13/2019 - Watch the Trailer for Siempre Bruja, a Netflix Show About a Witch Outside of Time

1/13/2019 - Airlander 10, Butt-Shaped Airship Prototype and World's Longest Aircraft, to Be Retired

1/13/2019 - No One Told Sterling K. Brown What Accent He Would Need for Black Panther

1/13/2019 - The Dragon Prince Returns for a Second Season Next Month

1/12/2019 - President Trump's Government Shutdown Is Breaking Federal Websites

1/12/2019 - World War I-Era German Submarine Resurfaces From the Sand Near French Coast

1/12/2019 - This Bleak Star Wars Fan Film Takes Hamlet to Tatooine

1/12/2019 - Imagine Walking Into This Wall of Spiders and Never Sleep Again

1/12/2019 - New York Senator Settles in by Jamming to Into the Spider-Verse Tunes

1/12/2019 - Israeli Cyber-Intelligence Firm Denies Role in Khashoggi Murder, But Won't 'Deny or Confirm' Saudi Sales

1/12/2019 - Lime Reportedly Pulls Glitchy E-Scooters in Switzerland Following Abrupt Braking, Injuries

1/12/2019 - Pass the Weekend with the BBC's Backlog of Doctor Who Screenplays

1/12/2019 - PSA: Stan Lee's Last Animated Appearance Will Be Airing This Sunday

1/12/2019 - Spektr-R, Russia's Only Space Radio Telescope, Stops Responding to Commands

1/12/2019 - Elon Musk's SpaceX Says It Is Laying Off 10 Percent of Its Workforce

1/12/2019 - This Behind-the-Scenes Feature Focuses on Glass's Most Interesting Character

1/12/2019 - Food Sensitivities Are Real and You Should Take Them Seriously

1/12/2019 - The U.S. Government Has Amassed Terabytes of Internal WikiLeaks Data

1/12/2019 - Saudi Teen Who Fled Family and Pleaded for Help on Twitter Granted Asylum in Canada

1/11/2019 - Bird Issues 'Chilling' Legal Threat After Boing Boing Publishes Blog on E-Scooter Hack

1/11/2019 - Heaven Is a Place on Earth in the Latest Gif Party!

1/11/2019 - Rogue One's Director Krennic Gets a Beautiful Figure, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

1/11/2019 - The Heroes of This Week's Best New Comics Are Complicated Dads

1/11/2019 - That Dumbass Border Wall GoFundMe Is Now a Dumbass Self-Building Campaign

1/11/2019 - House Committee Calls for Emergency FCC Briefing After Damning Report of Phone Location Data Abuse

1/11/2019 - Trove of Decapitated Skeletons in England Sparks Archaeological Mystery

1/11/2019 - Here Are the Things io9's Staff Is Personally Psyched About for 2019

1/11/2019 - Marriott Faces Sprawling Class-Action Lawsuit Over Hotel Reservation Data Breach

1/11/2019 - Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Drops Watchmen Fire in Response to Criticism

1/11/2019 - Gaze Into the Giant Storm Swirling Over the Pacific Ocean

1/11/2019 - This Sad Booth Is a Metaphor for CES This Year

1/11/2019 - The First Dumb Meme Accident of 2019 Is Here

1/11/2019 - Wacom Showed Me the First Good Reason to Buy the Magic Leap Hype

1/11/2019 - Google Gives Up on Its Cheapo Music Streaming Dongle 

1/11/2019 - The Minecraft Movie Is Back on Track With a New Writer-Director

1/11/2019 - Alex Kurtzman on the Fine Line Between Adding to, and Staying True to, Star Trek's Canon

1/11/2019 - Was Jane Jetson a Child Bride?

1/11/2019 - Surprising Everyone, Florida’s New Republican Governor Orders Sweeping Environmental Reform

1/11/2019 - Our Sun Could One Day Turn Into a Crystal Ball

1/11/2019 - Choose Your Own Adventure Is Suing Netflix Over Bandersnatch

1/11/2019 - See the First Panorama of the Far Side of the Moon, Captured by China’s Chang’e 4 Lander

1/11/2019 - Amazon Dash Buttons Ruled Illegal in Germany

1/11/2019 - Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Brings Peter Parker's World Down to Earth...and Then Drops a Bomb on It

1/11/2019 - The First Bendable Phone Is an Exciting Piece of Junk

1/11/2019 - Check Out This Very Good Boy Who's Been Trained With Harry Potter Spells

1/11/2019 - Swatting Incident Reportedly Targeted Facebook Executive in Palo Alto

1/11/2019 - The Shutdown Reveals Just How Automated Our Government Already Is

1/11/2019 - Chinese Huawei Executive Arrested in Poland Over Spying Charge as Tensions Build

1/11/2019 - The Punisher Season 2 Wants to Make Frank Castle a Superhero

1/11/2019 - Updates From Supergirl, Shazam!, and More

1/11/2019 - Mysterious Shark Species Discovered in Museum Collection May Already Be Extinct

1/11/2019 - IMDB Launches Free Movie and TV Streaming Service Called Freedive

1/11/2019 - Popular Dog-Walking App Wag Called Out for Vetting Process Over Alleged Animal Abuse

1/10/2019 - Amazon's Ring Security Cameras May Have Let Employees Spy on Customers: Report

1/10/2019 - Celebrate 10 Years of Marvel Studios With This Serious Set of Posters

1/10/2019 - Phone Companies Pinky Swear They'll Stop Selling Your Location Data, For Real This Time

1/10/2019 - Yes, You Will Love This Hilarious Star Wars Video

1/10/2019 - Microsoft Refuses to Answer Key Questions About Child Porn in Bing's Search Results

1/10/2019 - T-Mobile Is First Out the Gate With This Spam-Fighting Caller Verification Tech

1/10/2019 - No Foolin', Legends of Tomorrow Returns April 1

1/10/2019 - Amazon's World Domination Is Reportedly Extending to a Game Streaming Service

1/10/2019 - A Star Fell Into a Black Hole, Revealing Its Super-Fast Spin

1/10/2019 - World of Warcraft Is Getting a Little Stan Lee Cameo of Its Own

1/10/2019 - Google Shareholders Sue Over Andy Rubin’s Reported $90 Million Golden Parachute

1/10/2019 - The Joshua Tree Fiasco Is Why Parks Should Be Closed During the Shutdown

1/10/2019 - Academy Assembling Avengers at ABC's Awards Amphitheater?

1/10/2019 - Jake Gyllenhaal and Velvet Buzzsaw Ensure You'll Never Look at Art the Same Way Again

1/10/2019 - I Tried Really Hard to Rip These Incredibly Tough Pantyhose and Failed Miserably

1/10/2019 - Acer's New Swift 7 Is So Thin It Doesn't Seem Real

1/10/2019 - AMD CEO Talks Ray Tracing Development and Future Windows Laptops

1/10/2019 - Men In Black: International's Mysterious Villain Is a Mole on the Inside

1/10/2019 - Project to Eradicate Termites Reveals How Much Rainforests Need Them

1/10/2019 - The Biggest Horror Movie Milestones Coming in 2019

1/10/2019 - Deadly Bird Battles May Be Another Weird Consequence of Climate Change

1/10/2019 - With Spigen's New Over-the-Air Charging Case, We're One Step Closer to Truly Wireless Power Being a Reality

1/10/2019 - Deadly Class, and the Powers and Limitations of a One Man Show

1/10/2019 - More Than 600 Environmental Groups Just Backed Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal

1/10/2019 - Good News From Mars: The InSight Lander Is on Track to Start Collecting Data Next Month

1/10/2019 - Sitting in This Lamborghini Massage Chair Was Like Having Bad Sex With Optimus Prime

1/10/2019 - What Made TVs Fascinating at CES This Year

1/10/2019 - Teen Who Wrote 'I Have a Bomb' on In-Flight Messaging App Deported From New Zealand

1/10/2019 - 'Goat Fund Me' Campaign Wants to Raise Money for Firefighting Goats

1/10/2019 - Derek Jacobi's Master Will Face Paul McGann's Doctor in a New Time War Audio Drama

1/10/2019 - Google Only Has to Respect Your 'Right to Be Forgotten' in the EU, Court Says

1/10/2019 - I'm on a Boat—in the Middle of the Desert

1/10/2019 - Ultraviolence and Revenge Bring the Punisher Out of Retirement in a Gruesome New Season 2 Trailer

1/10/2019 - There Goes My Dream of a Viking Funeral

1/10/2019 - Earth Is Dying and It's Time for Humans to GTFO in the First Trailer for Netflix's IO

1/10/2019 - Hubble Space Telescope Faces More Hardware Trouble

1/10/2019 - YouTube Allows Disney Nerds to Relive Extinct Theme Park Attractions

1/10/2019 - Aca-scuse Me? Netflix's Carmen Sandiego Won't Use the Acapella Theme Song

1/10/2019 - This Robot Doesn't Care If You Want to Buy It, But Maybe That's Why It'll Succeed

1/10/2019 - Updates From the World of Alien, Marvel's Plans for Silver Surfer, and More

1/10/2019 - Scientists Have a Plan to Turn Seabirds Into Tiny Ocean Science Labs

1/10/2019 - Nvidia CEO Trashes AMD's New GPU: 'The Performance Is Lousy'

1/10/2019 - Juul Is Leaning Hard Into Its New 'Adult Education Campaign'

1/10/2019 - Trump Officially Nominates Coal Shill Andrew Wheeler to Head the EPA

1/10/2019 - China Backs Second Kim Jong Un-Donald Trump Nuclear Summit

1/9/2019 - Self-Described Proud Boy, QAnon Believer Arrested for Allegedly Murdering Brother With Sword

1/9/2019 - Homeless Man Connected to $400,000 Alleged GoFundMe Scam Arrested in Philadelphia

1/9/2019 - Report of Bounty Hunters Buying Phone Location Data Leaves U.S. Senators Seething

1/9/2019 - Twitter Mulls Redesign That Looks a Heck of a Lot Like Facebook, Just With More Neo-Nazis

1/9/2019 - Netflix Gets Its Own Killer Time Loop Show in the First Russian Doll Trailer

1/9/2019 - Star Trek: Discovery's Second Season Is Being Helped by a New Captain Who's Not a Massive Asshole

1/9/2019 - ACLU Warns: Trump's Attorney General Pick Is the 'Godfather' of America's Surveillance Hell

1/9/2019 - Some More Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

1/9/2019 - New Steven Universe Trailer Teases an All-Out Diamond War

1/9/2019 - There's a Cleaning Kit Hidden Inside This Portable NES so You'll Never Have to Blow on a Cartridge Again

1/9/2019 - Report: Coca-Cola Is Quietly Influencing China's Obesity Policy—and Shifting Blame From Itself

1/9/2019 - CES Will Honor Your Innovation so Long as It Doesn't Fuck 

1/9/2019 - Marvel's Vision and Scarlet Witch Series Picked Its Showrunner From the MCU

1/9/2019 - You'll Never Guess What Group of People Shared the Most Fake News Around the 2016 Election

1/9/2019 - Skydance Hires Alleged Sexual Harasser John Lasseter, Apparently Doesn't Care About the Women Who Work There

1/9/2019 - Read the First Chapter of Katharine Duckett's Shakespeare-Inspired Fantasy Miranda in Milan

1/9/2019 - Glass Is a Frustrating, Unsatisfying Conclusion to the Unbreakable Saga

1/9/2019 - Olay Convinced Me to Moisturize By Showing Me What I'll Look Like in 20 Years

1/9/2019 - Can You Guess What's Wrong With This Phone?

1/9/2019 - Why Experts Are Skeptical of IBM's New Commercial Quantum Computer

1/9/2019 - Denis Villeneuve's Dune Has Found Its Baron Harkonnen 

1/9/2019 - Food-Safety Inspections Halted Due to Shutdown: Report

1/9/2019 - A Lifelong Biodome Experiment Could Reveal How the Immune System Shapes Personality

1/9/2019 - AT&T Executive Thinks You Will Love Its Fake 5G

1/9/2019 - The Creators and Stars of The Magicians Talk About Taking Their Next Musical Episode Up a Notch

1/9/2019 - Star Wars Resistance Set for Season 2, and a New Trailer Makes Major Force Awakens Connections

1/9/2019 - Trump Threatens to Cut off Federal Wildfire Aid to California in Ill-Informed, Typo-Laden Tweet  

1/9/2019 - This Wand Is Like a Real-Life Photoshop Editor for Your Skin

1/9/2019 - What Once Was Big Is Now Little, and Issa Rae Has to Deal With the Results

1/9/2019 - Blue Pigment in 1,000-Year-Old Teeth Links Women to the Production of Medieval Manuscripts

1/9/2019 - Samsung Let Me Wear an Exoskeleton, and I Liked It

1/9/2019 - How Cartographers for the U.S. Military Inadvertently Created a House of Horrors in South Africa

1/9/2019 - International Space Station Telescope Makes Amazing Observation of Black Hole Eating Stuff

1/9/2019 - The Incredible New Comic Series to Add to Your Pull List in 2019

1/9/2019 - AMD Has a New Very Fancy GPU [Updated]

1/9/2019 - Astronomers Just Detected a Mysterious Repeating Cosmic Radio Burst—Again

1/9/2019 - The Strange Case of Kaspersky Lab Just Got Messier

1/9/2019 - This Wheelchair Is Controlled With Smiles and Kissy Faces

1/9/2019 - Inspired by Bird Box, Netflix Asked Artists to Share Their Deepest Fears

1/9/2019 - Hunter Doesn't Realize Her Bumble Match Is a Game Warden, Brags About Illegally Killing a 'Bigo Buck'

1/9/2019 - Sam Jackson Teases an Intriguing Part of Captain Marvel's Powerset

1/9/2019 - So You Automated Your Coworkers Out of a Job

1/9/2019 - Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos Announce Pursuit of New Romantic Ventures

1/9/2019 - Miami Beach Cops Use Tethered Blimp for Surveillance to Get Around Drone Ban

1/9/2019 - Vizio Has a Wacky Idea for Futuristic Dolby Atmos Soundbars

1/9/2019 - Punisher Creator Gerry Conway Says It's 'Disturbing' to See Authority Figures Embrace the Vigilante

1/9/2019 - Rare Snow Has Turned Greek Ruins Into a Winter Wonderland This Week

1/9/2019 - Monogamous Species Share Deep Genetic Similarities

1/9/2019 - New Evidence Suggests Dogs Reached North America 10,000 Years Ago

1/9/2019 - The First Picard TV Show Details Tease an Intriguing Connection to the 2009 Star Trek Movie

1/9/2019 -  Add Screwed-Up Fish Skeletons to the List of Possible Climate Change Horrors

1/9/2019 - Desperate Americans Start GoFundMe Campaigns to Pay For Food and Medicine During Government Shutdown

1/9/2019 - Head of Russian Orthodox Church Warns Big Data Will Usher in the Antichrist and, Well, Hmm

1/8/2019 - Report: Documents Show Extensive Huawei Ties to Suspected Fronts in Iran and Syria

1/8/2019 - The Feds Cracked El Chapo's Encrypted Comms Network by Flipping His System Admin

1/8/2019 - Google's Nod to a Universal Translator Was a Smart First Move in a Bid for AI Dominance This Year

1/8/2019 - Two Artists With Wildly Different Styles Create Stunning Posters of Your Favorite Video Games

1/8/2019 - Saving Songbirds, Killing Pirates, and More in Tabletop Gaming News

1/8/2019 - A Glimpse at the Glorious Future of Display Tech

1/8/2019 - Steven Universe's Latest Episode Is a Reminder That There's No Place Like Home

1/8/2019 - I Was Over 8K TVs Before They Even Happened

1/8/2019 - Another Star Trek Animated Series Is Coming, and So Are More Short Treks

1/8/2019 - Well, Mark Zuckerberg's 2019 Challenge Is Going to Be Awkward

1/8/2019 - New York Is Dealing With an Old Enemy—Measles

1/8/2019 - House Democrats Are on a Legislative Blitz to Ban Offshore Drilling

1/8/2019 - Wow, He's Really Going to Town

1/8/2019 - Is CES Afraid Of Sex or Women or Both?

1/8/2019 - A Man O’ War ‘Epidemic’ Is Sweeping Australian Beaches, and It Won’t Be the Last

1/8/2019 - A Wilson Brother Is Finally a Superhero as Luke Wilson Joins Stargirl

1/8/2019 - Iguanas Reintroduced to the Largest Galapagos Island After Nearly 200 Year Absence

1/8/2019 - The Spider-Verse May Spread to Television

1/8/2019 - Black Market for Your Location Data Apparently Thriving Despite Privacy Vow by T-Mobile's John Legere and Others

1/8/2019 - The New Impossible Burger Is Stupid Delicious

1/8/2019 - Amazon Pulls Bath Mats With Islamic Religious Text—But the Next Offense Seems Inevitable

1/8/2019 - Lenovo's Cheap Android Tablets Double as Alexa Speakers

1/8/2019 - Lenovo and Google Figured Out the Perfect Alarm Clock

1/8/2019 - The Game of Thrones Prequel Rounds Out Its Cast and Adds a Jessica Jones Director

1/8/2019 - Google Is Blitzing CES with a Literal Rollercoaster Full of Google Assistant Tech

1/8/2019 - Departures Halted at Heathrow Airport in London After Drone Sighting [Updated]

1/8/2019 - Report: Star Trek 4 Might Be Shelved

1/8/2019 - Alienware Is Redefining the Gamer Aesthetic, Again

1/8/2019 - Dell Might Have Just Perfected the XPS 13

1/8/2019 - io9's Ultimate Guide to 2019's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero TV

1/8/2019 - Gaze in Awe at Hubble's Most Detailed View of the Triangulum Galaxy

1/8/2019 - The World Lost $160 Billion to Disasters Last Year, and Climate Change Played a Big Role

1/8/2019 - Captain Marvel Will Bring the Might of Carol Danvers to the Big Screen and Change the MCU

1/8/2019 - Student Confesses to Dumping the Data of Hundreds of German Politicians 

1/8/2019 - Alcatel's Refreshed 1X Is Going Big For a $120 Phone

1/8/2019 - Fossil's Kate Spade Smartwatch Finally Isn't Just Dumb Wrist Candy

1/8/2019 - DC Comics Is Joining Comixology's Unlimited Subscription 

1/8/2019 - Alzheimer's Disease Might Develop Differently in Some African Americans, Study Suggests

1/8/2019 - Coal's Dying, But U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Still Rose in 2018

1/8/2019 - Sorry to Anyone Horny on This Tuesday Morning, Tinder Has Been Down

1/8/2019 - IBM Wants to Use a Sensor in Your Phone to Create Ultra High-Res Weather Forecasts

1/8/2019 - Marvel's Hopes for the X-Men's Future and Updates From Star Trek: Discovery

1/8/2019 - Razer's Full Suite of Haptic Feedback Peripherals Made My Booty Shake

1/8/2019 - The North Face's New Breathable, Waterproof Fabric Might Be the Holy Grail of Outdoor Gear

1/8/2019 - The First Care Bears: Unlock the Magic Trailer Is a Nostalgic Punch in the Gut

1/8/2019 - Air Travel Is Getting Fucked Up by President Trump's Government Shutdown

1/8/2019 - Samsung Joins Apple in the Revenue Estimate Hurt Locker

1/8/2019 - YouTube Ass Jake Paul Appears to Run Through Traffic Blindfolded for Bird Box Challenge

1/8/2019 - Wacom's New Drawing Tablets Are Cheap Enough For Aspiring Artists

1/7/2019 - New Captain Marvel Footage Has Skrulls, Photon Blasts and the Birth of the MCU

1/7/2019 - The Vive Pro Eye Is the Next Big Step for VR

1/7/2019 - AT&T Barrels Ahead With Its Bullshit Plan to Brand Enhanced 4G as '5G E'

1/7/2019 - Nikon Adds a Powerful New 14-30mm Ultra-Wide Zoom to Its Z-series Lens Lineup

1/7/2019 - You Can Ask Alexa to Change Sounds on Roland's New Keyboard While Your Hands Keep Playing

1/7/2019 - See How Dragons Are Born in This Cool Game of Thrones Season 7 VFX Video

1/7/2019 - Y'all Ruined One of Lenovo's Best ThinkPads

1/7/2019 - Some Extremely Minor Things From CES 2019 That You Just Might Like

1/7/2019 - Shock of Shocks, the Venom Sequel Is Moving Forward

1/7/2019 - The Directors of Deadpool and Seven Are Producing an Animated Anthology Series

1/7/2019 - Producers of Nazi Romance Movie Appear to Be Using DMCA Takedowns to Silence Critics

1/7/2019 - Government Shutdown Puts Damper on America's Major Astronomy Conference

1/7/2019 - Samsung’s New TV Tech Is Mind-Bending But Why?

1/7/2019 - The Creatures in Bird Box Could Have Looked Like Creepy, Adult-Sized Babies

1/7/2019 - Samsung's Latest Laptops Want to Win You Over With Style

1/7/2019 - Um, Who the Heck's Running the DOJ's Twitter Account Right Now?

1/7/2019 - Dave Bautista Is Headed to Arrakis for the Dune Remake

1/7/2019 - Apple Is Looming Over CES

1/7/2019 - Chinese Scientist Who Created CRISPR Babies Could Face the Death Penalty, Fellow Geneticist Warns

1/7/2019 - Of Course New Star Wars Movies Won't Premiere on Disney+

1/7/2019 - A Major Climate Treaty to Reduce Air Conditioning Emissions Just Went Into Force—Without the U.S.

1/7/2019 - New Yorkers 'Have the Opportunity Seattle Didn't' as They Prepare for War With Amazon

1/7/2019 - Rainn Wilson on How He Put Together the Funniest Moment of His Star Trek: Short Treks Episode

1/7/2019 - New Theory Suggests Charles Darwin Suffered from Lyme Disease

1/7/2019 - What's at Stake in Qualcomm's Blockbuster FTC Antitrust Trial

1/7/2019 - Let's Make Tomatoes Spicy With Genetic Engineering, Scientists Proclaim

1/7/2019 - Bemused Blogger Boggled by Baby Jack Black's Behemoth Full-Grown Head

1/7/2019 - Who Doesn't Want Trees? Lots of Detroit Residents, and They Have a Good Reason

1/7/2019 - Panasonic Returns the Technics 1200 Turntable to Its DJ Roots With the new MK7

1/7/2019 - This Cordless Hair Dryer Uses Infrared Light to Banish Wetness

1/7/2019 - Leaked WikiLeaks Email: Non-Murderer Julian Assange Doesn't Stink or Live Under the Stairs

1/7/2019 - Bristol Myers-Squibb and Others Can't Dodge $1 Billion Lawsuit Over 1940s Syphilis Study, Judge Rules

1/7/2019 - Uber Driver Charged With Killing Six People While on Duty Pleads Guilty

1/7/2019 - io9's Guide to All the Movies You Should Give a Damn About in 2019

1/7/2019 - This Clever Digital Compass Tells You Exactly Where Your Friends Are in a Crowd

1/7/2019 - Exxon Is Finally Being Forced to Turn Over Docs Showing What It Knew About Climate Change

1/7/2019 - Apple's Snuck Its Way Into LG's 2019 Televisions

1/7/2019 - LG Will Finally Sell That Cool Rollable TV Concept

1/7/2019 - The RetroChamp Turns the Original NES Into a Nintendo Switch-Inspired All-In-One Handheld

1/7/2019 - A New Punisher Season 2 Clip Explores the Psychology Behind Jigsaw's Curious Look

1/7/2019 - Science Teacher Who Fed a Live Puppy to a Snapping Turtle at School Found Not Guilty

1/7/2019 - Entire Country's Internet Reportedly Shut Down During Armed Coup Attempt in Gabon

1/7/2019 - Sennheiser's Bonkers 3D Soundbar Goes on Sale This Year for a Bonkers Amount of Money

1/7/2019 - Spider-Man Swings Into the Golden Globes With Best Animated Movie for Into the Spider-Verse

1/7/2019 - Millions of Americans Are Wrong About Having a Food Allergy, Study Suggests

1/7/2019 - Could There Be Even More Villains in Shazam?

1/7/2019 - Huawei Is Going Hard at the MacBook Air With Its New MateBook 13

1/7/2019 - What's the Worst Pain?

1/7/2019 - Withings Takes a Page From Apple and Adds ECG to Its New Smartwatch

1/7/2019 - This Smart Bra Measures Your Bust So You Finally Buy the Right Size

1/7/2019 - Japanese Billionaire Breaks Retweet Record with Promise of $10,000 Each to 100 Twitter Users

1/7/2019 - Razer's First Foray into Gaming Monitors is a Show Stopper

1/7/2019 - The Asus ROG Mothership Is an Overpowered Surface for Gamers

1/7/2019 - Nvidia's Powerhouse Ray Tracing GPUs Are Finally Coming to Laptops

1/7/2019 - Nvidia Is Finally Making Ray Tracing Graphics More Affordable With Its New RTX 2060 Card

1/6/2019 - This Laptop Has a Notch

1/6/2019 - Here's Your First Look at the Final Season of Game of Thrones, and Watchmen Too

1/6/2019 - Tech Comebacks, 'Bandersnatch' Endings, and Net Neutrality: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/6/2019 - Saudi Arabia Will Now Notify Women by Text If They've Been Divorced

1/6/2019 - Jabra's Beautiful New Headphones Cancel Noise With AI

1/6/2019 - This Nifty L'Oreal Sensor Will Suggest Skin Care Tips Based On Your pH Levels

1/6/2019 - Sphero's Sensor Ring Turns Everything Into an Instrument For Fidgety Finger Tappers

1/6/2019 - National Park Service Plans to Use Visitor Fees to Keep Sites Operational Amid Shutdown Chaos

1/6/2019 - Gerard Way Offers Updates on His Involvement in Netflix's Umbrella Academy Adaptation

1/6/2019 - As Apple Shifts Into Services, Its iTunes App Will Be Coming to Samsung Smart TVs

1/6/2019 - I Have Some Opinions About These Dumbo Character Posters

1/6/2019 - Apple Sure Is Riding a Very High Privacy Horse in Vegas

1/6/2019 - Matrix's Body Heat-Powered Watch Finally Adds Useful Smart Features

1/6/2019 - This Stylish Cowboy Bebop Fan Film Kicks Ass

1/6/2019 - Study: Mysterious Sound Recorded by Sickened Cuba Embassy Staff Was Just Crickets

1/6/2019 - Mark Hamill Shared Some Hot Trivia About A New Hope's Death Star Run

1/6/2019 - HP's 65-inch HDR Gaming Monitor With G-Sync Looks Spectacular

1/6/2019 - HP's Newest Chromebooks Are Priced Just Right

1/6/2019 - Acer's Chromebook 315 Is a Lot of Laptop for Just $280

1/6/2019 - This Kettle Promises to Instantly Heat Water to the Perfect Temperature as You Pour

1/6/2019 - Tony Hawk Could Have Starred in a Skateboarding-Based Space Jam Sequel

1/5/2019 - Boy, Did NASA Screw Up This One

1/5/2019 - Goodbye George, the Last Known Hawaiian Land Snail of Its Species

1/5/2019 - Westworld’s Leonardo Nam Cast in Important Swamp Thing Role

1/5/2019 - Japanese Sushi Magnate Kicks Off 2019 by Ridiculously Overpaying for Bluefin, Regretting It

1/5/2019 - Apple Addresses iPad Pro 'Bend' Drama With Support Page Outlining Manufacturing Process

1/5/2019 - A Creepy Fable Becomes a Little Too Real in This Witchy Horror Short

1/5/2019 - Here’s How Industrial Light & Magic Created Solo's L3-37

1/5/2019 - The FBI Is Looking Into a Mike Pence Poseur That Texted Republican Members of Congress

1/5/2019 - The Newest Promo for The Good Place Is Just Janet’s Endless, Soothing Void

1/5/2019 - Apple Phishing Scam Reportedly Looks Alarmingly Like the Real Deal

1/5/2019 - Star Wars: Resistance Is Coming Back, and It's Bringing a Tentacle Monster

1/5/2019 - Mirror's On-Demand Home Workouts Are Fun, But I'm Sweating the Small Stuff

1/5/2019 - Juul's $13 Billion Deal With Marlboro Maker Isn't Sitting Well With the FDA

1/4/2019 - Lawsuit Accuses Weather Channel App of Misleading Users and Profiting From Their Location Data

1/4/2019 - The Refreshing Earnestness of Last December's Blockbuster Genre Movies

1/4/2019 - House Dems' First Bill Would Dramatically Boost Election Security

1/4/2019 - Godzilla: King of the Monsters Plays Out on Your Toyshelf, and More of the Coolest Toys of the Week

1/4/2019 - Glass Will Feature Previously Unseen Footage From Unbreakable

1/4/2019 - Star Wars Actor Ahmed Best Opens Up About How Jar Jar Backlash Almost Drove Him to Suicide

1/4/2019 - Antarctic Sea Ice Is In Record-Low Territory Again, and Nobody Knows Why

1/4/2019 - The Final Short Trek Is a Lovely Reminder That Star Trek Can Loosen Up Once in a While

1/4/2019 - Temple Dedicated to Aztec God of Sacrificial Flaying Uncovered in Mexico

1/4/2019 - An ‘Extinction Event’ Is Unfolding in Washington State as Two More Endangered Orcas Fall Ill

1/4/2019 - Ok, But Why Did Wizards Used to Shit Themselves?

1/4/2019 - Marriott Unsure How Many Hundreds of Millions of Guests Got Screwed by Data Breach

1/4/2019 - A Bulldog's Screw Tail Might Help Us Understand a Rare Genetic Disease in People

1/4/2019 - Tesla Investors Want to Subpoena Grimes, Azealia Banks, and Gizmodo Over Elon Musk's '420' Tweet

1/4/2019 - Carmen Sandiego Gets a Heroic Origin in the First Trailer for Her Netflix Reboot

1/4/2019 - Beyonce.com Lawsuit Reminds Us How Shitty the Web Is for Users With Visual Impairment

1/4/2019 - Demand for Ivory Has Spawned a Woolly Mammoth 'Rush’ in Siberia

1/4/2019 - Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Wasn't Shocked by the Series' Cancellation but Hopes It's Coming Back

1/4/2019 - The U.S. Government Shutdown Is Screwing Up the World's Biggest Weather Conference

1/4/2019 - Game of Thrones' Jon Snow Reveal Won't Just Be Awkward, It Could Destroy His Relationship With Dany

1/4/2019 - Researcher Who Said He Hacked iPhone X Face ID With a Printed Image Cancels Talk After Employer Shaming

1/4/2019 - German Politicians Hit With Unprecedented Leak of Private Information

1/4/2019 - China Successfully Deploys Jade Rabbit 2 Rover on Moon's Far Side

1/4/2019 - Young Justice: Outsiders Is a Return to Form for the Animated Series

1/4/2019 - Microsoft Starts Hitting Mute on Cortana's Annoying Windows 10 Setup Voiceover

1/4/2019 - What Does Brie Larson Say to Avengers: Endgame Spoilers? 'Not Today'

1/4/2019 - Scientists Want to Eavesdrop on Tropical Forests to Save Them From Annihilation

1/4/2019 - John Krasinski Keeps Teasing the Intimate Scale of His Quiet Place Sequel

1/4/2019 - CES 2019 Is Coming—Here's What to Expect

1/4/2019 - You Brew It Up! Ah, Damn You! God Damn You All to Hell!

1/4/2019 - Animal Teeth, Wood, and Porcelain: How the First Dentures Were Made

1/4/2019 - Early Predictions of the Internet Date Back to 19th Century Sci-Fi

1/4/2019 - D-Link's New 5G Wifi Router Could Let You Say Goodbye to Cable Internet Forever

1/4/2019 - Brazil’s New President Moves to Kick Indigenous People off Their Land Just Hours After Taking Office

1/4/2019 - Huawei Punishes Employees Who Sent New Year's Tweet From an iPhone

1/3/2019 - The World Bank Says Robots Aren't Killing Jobs Yet. Don’t Listen To It.

1/3/2019 - The Sci-Fi Film Crossbreed Stars Vivica A. Fox as the President, and It's All Downhill From There

1/3/2019 - Researcher Distributes Tool That Enables Mass-Hijacking of Google Chromecast Devices

1/3/2019 - Watch These Star Wars Resistance Shorts While You Wait for the Series to Return 

1/3/2019 - Another Character Is Jumping From The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead

1/3/2019 - GoFundMe Is Still Enabling 'Garbage' Cancer Treatment Scams, Study Finds

1/3/2019 - Donald Trump, Drone Expert

1/3/2019 - Whatever This Mysterious Bendy Screen Phone Is, I Want It

1/3/2019 - It Snowed in the Arizona Desert, and the Photos Look Otherworldly

1/3/2019 - Charming, Newly Discovered Treefrog Has a Mysterious Claw

1/3/2019 - This Mashup Reimagines Jordan Peele's Us as a Disney Channel Movie

1/3/2019 - Facebook and WhatsApp Take the Lead in New Report on Rising Online Harassment in Pakistan

1/3/2019 - Genetic Modification Turbocharges Photosynthesis and Drastically Improves Crop Growth

1/3/2019 - Sequencing the DNA of Newborns Uncovered Hidden Disease Risks and a Whole Lot of Tricky Issues

1/3/2019 - The Batwoman Series Starring Ruby Rose Nabs a Game of Thrones Director for Its Pilot Episode

1/3/2019 - Rainn Wilson on the Many Layers of Harry Mudd, and the Lighter Side of Star Trek

1/3/2019 - Red’s Follow-Up to its Wild Holographic Phone Is a Cinema-Grade 3D Camera

1/3/2019 - Satellite Images Show Shattered Remains of Indonesia’s Tsunami-Causing Volcano

1/3/2019 - What Happened the Last Time Apple Had a Panic This Bad

1/3/2019 - The Biggest Sign Yet That Automation Is Taking Over at Amazon

1/3/2019 - Volcanic Plume Rising From Jupiter’s Moon Io Spotted by Juno Probe

1/3/2019 - 2019 Is the Year of the Pop Culture Finale

1/3/2019 - Apple's Stock Decline Is Bringing Out All of the Opinions

1/3/2019 - Hacker Breaks Dublin Tram's Website, Demands Handsome Ransom of One Bitcoin 

1/3/2019 - Norway Just Hit a New World Record For Electric Car Sales

1/3/2019 - Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Featurettes Give You the Option to Learn More About Netflix's Experiment

1/3/2019 - How Ancient Religious Texts Went Digital

1/3/2019 - I Dug a Green Grave and Learned the Truth About the Dirty Death Industry

1/3/2019 - The Punisher's Second Season Has a Haunting New Teaser and a Premiere Date

1/3/2019 - Disney World Fans Demand Justice for Animatronic Robot Robbed of His Hands and Clothes

1/3/2019 - Rob Liefeld Has Hopes for Another Attempt at an Animated Deadpool Series

1/3/2019 - DIY Organ Removal, Pain, and Bloody Miracles: The Grisly World of First Surgeries

1/3/2019 - Klipsch's New Wireless Earbuds Are Wooing Me With a Zippo-Like Charging Case

1/3/2019 - Phishing Scam From Fake PayPal Account Was Promoted on Twitter

1/3/2019 - China Successfully Touches Down Chang'e 4, First Soft-Landed Craft on the Far Side of the Moon

1/2/2019 - Yet Another Weather App Accused of Collecting Too Much User Data

1/2/2019 - Hackers Take Over Chromecast Device to Warn Users, Plug YouTuber PewDiePie

1/2/2019 - A Would-Be Astronaut Dreams of Space Travel in This Charming Animated Short

1/2/2019 - Twitter Moves to Stop Spread of Hacked 9/11 Lawsuit Files

1/2/2019 - Watch Lando's Falcon Become Han's in a New Video From Industrial Light & Magic

1/2/2019 - There's More to the Doom and Gloom Around Doctor Who's New Year's Day Ratings 

1/2/2019 - Oh No, Apple Probably Only Made $84 Billion Last Quarter

1/2/2019 - Some Hummingbird Beaks Are Better Suited for Combat Than Nectar Feeding

1/2/2019 - Ajit Pai's Gloating Statement About the Death of Net Neutrality, Translated

1/2/2019 - The Into the Spider-Verse Costume in Spider-Man PS4 Is Breaking My Brain, in a Good Way

1/2/2019 - New Horizons Scientists Double Down on 'Ultima Thule' Nickname Despite Nazi Associations

1/2/2019 - Netflix's The Punisher Is Rethinking Jigsaw to Keep the Show Grounded

1/2/2019 - Bird Box's Director Wanted the Film to Feel Like the Best Part of Horror Movies

1/2/2019 - First Clear Picture of Ultima Thule Reveals Snowman-Like Shape

1/2/2019 - Ryan Zinke Scribbles About His Public Lands Legacy as National Parks Devolve Into Chaos

1/2/2019 - Adding a ThinkPad Nubbin to a Mechanical Keyboard Is an Incredibly Nerdy Hack

1/2/2019 - Trump's Absurd Game of Thrones Poster Is Now Real and Making Appearances at Meetings

1/2/2019 - 'Dry January' Helps People Lay Off Alcohol Even Months Later, Study Finds

1/2/2019 - Finally, a Neural Network Can Turn a Bunch of Sheep Into Some Decent Giraffes

1/2/2019 - Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Best Wildlife Photography of 2018

1/2/2019 - Industrial Waste From Ants Emits Potent Greenhouse Gas

1/2/2019 - Looks Like Sonos Is Making Some New Smart Speakers

1/2/2019 - Brian May's Anthem for the New Horizons Probe Is Really Worth a Listen

1/2/2019 - Doctor Who and the Rejuvenation of the Daleks

1/2/2019 - Google's Experimental Radar Sensors That Replace Buttons With Gestures Get FCC Approval

1/2/2019 - New Chrome OS Feature Blocks USBs on Locked Chromebooks

1/2/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Backs Radical Climate Action as She Gears Up for 2020

1/2/2019 - Technology, Ranked

1/2/2019 - Bennu Is Now the Smallest Object Ever Orbited by a Spacecraft

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