7/31/2019 - Cisco to Pay $8.6 Million in Settlement Over Vulnerabilities in Video Surveillance Software It Sold to Feds, States

7/31/2019 - Jeffrey Epstein Sure Had Some Extremely Disturbing Thoughts on Science

7/31/2019 - Can Marvel Crossovers Ever Escape the Infinity Saga?

7/31/2019 - AMC's NOS4A2 Has a Secret Weapon That Has Nothing to Do With Vampires

7/31/2019 - Chris Morgan Talks Dark Universe Mistakes and Fast and Furious Crossovers

7/31/2019 - Another U.S. City Moves to Ban Face Recognition, Citing Threats to Free Speech and Civil Rights [Corrected]

7/31/2019 - The Mind Behind Neon Genesis Evangelion Is Helping to Make a New Ultraman Movie

7/31/2019 - How the Smithsonian Prevents Neil Armstrong's Spacesuit From Slowly Destroying Itself With Harmful Gases

7/31/2019 - Read Game of Thrones’ Finale Script for a Glimpse at Some Bullshit

7/31/2019 - Population of Critically Endangered Vaquita Porpoises Now Less Than 19 Individuals

7/31/2019 - The Inventor of Those Eco-Friendly Hipster Bulbs Is Getting Ready to Sue Everyone

7/31/2019 - Thunderstorms, 70 MPH Winds Could Affect Up to 52 Million People in the Northeast Today

7/31/2019 - Dark Phoenix's VFX Supervisor Opens Up About the Astonishing Jean Grey That Could Have Been

7/31/2019 - The 'Love Hormone' Helps Some Starfish Turn Their Stomach Inside Out To Eat

7/31/2019 - An Exxon-Owned Houston Chemical Plant Is on Fire

7/31/2019 - Oh My God Stop It With the Fake Moon Names What the Hell Is a 'Black Moon' That Isn't Anything

7/31/2019 - FTC: You'll Probably Get Almost Nothing From the Equifax Settlement

7/31/2019 - Cobie Smulders Had No Clue About Her Spider-Man: Far From Home Reveal

7/31/2019 - In the New Trailer for Little Monsters, the Zombie Apocalypse Is a Gory Game of Tag

7/31/2019 - Sennheiser's $2,500 Soundbar Makes Me Want to Cry

7/31/2019 - Hobbs & Shaw Is a Solid Action Movie That Lacks an Identity

7/31/2019 - Pacific Islands Declare 'Climate Crisis' That Calls for the End of Fossil Fuels

7/31/2019 - Star Wars' Captain Phasma Has Become So Much More Than a Boring Masked Badass

7/31/2019 - Netflix Is Testing 'Physical Activity' Tracking for Some Reason

7/31/2019 - Dramatic Video Shows the Moment Hayabusa2 Made Its Second Touchdown on the Ryugu Asteroid

7/31/2019 - Robert Picardo Says He Could Sign Up for Star Trek: Picard's Second Season

7/31/2019 - This Coalnado Is About as 2019 as It Gets

7/31/2019 - This Extremely Tiny Gaming Laptop Recreates the ThinkPad's Iconic Nipple As a Joystick

7/31/2019 - The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Could Be the iPad Pro Alternative Android Fans Have Been Waiting For

7/31/2019 - The Art of Pirated Software

7/31/2019 - Ava DuVernay Teases a Few Familiar Faces for the New Gods Movie

7/31/2019 - What Would You Put in a Time Capsule For the Year 2024?

7/31/2019 - The History Channel is Digging Up John Dillinger's Body But Nobody Really Knows Why

7/31/2019 - Google Sticks Another Knife in Flash's Corpse

7/30/2019 - Google's Project Zero Finds Six 'Interactionless' iOS Vulnerabilities in iMessage App

7/30/2019 - The New Trailer for The Hunt Is Gory, Scary, and a Little Too Real

7/30/2019 - News of an Employee's Death at a Tesla Facility Renews Spotlight on History of Safety Concerns

7/30/2019 - Night of the Creeps Still Thrills Us With Its Mashup of '80s Sci-Fi and Comedy Tropes

7/30/2019 - Bruce Campbell on Keeping It Real With Ripley's Believe It or Not

7/30/2019 - New York Attorney General Launches Probe Into Capital One Data Breach That Affects 100 Million People

7/30/2019 - Everything Cops Say About Amazon's Ring Is Scripted or Approved by Ring

7/30/2019 - As Presidential Candidates Descend on Detroit, the City Wants to Be the 'Engine of the Green New Deal'

7/30/2019 - The Former Flash Directors Make a Saving Throw for the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

7/30/2019 - 3M Reinvents Bubble Wrap, Promises to Reduce Shipping Materials By Half

7/30/2019 - Viola Davis Is Turning Julia Hart's Underrated Sci-Fi Film Fast Color Into an Amazon Series

7/30/2019 - Fragment of Medieval Poem About a Talking Vulva Found in Austrian Library

7/30/2019 - Should You Get a Laptop With a 16x9 or a 3x2 Display?

7/30/2019 - The Nevers, Joss Whedon's Victorian Sci-Fi Series for HBO, Shares Its Full Cast of Colorful Characters

7/30/2019 - Are We Watching the Arctic Pass a Tipping Point This Summer?

7/30/2019 - Japan Approves Scientist's Plan to Create World's First Humanimals

7/30/2019 - Researchers Build Quantum Vibration Sensor That Can Measure the Smallest Units of Sound

7/30/2019 - Senator Moves to Make Autoplay Videos and Infinite Scroll Illegal

7/30/2019 - Young Justice: Outsiders Would Like to Remind You That Its Hottest Hero Is Queer

7/30/2019 - DoorDash Tip-Skimming Scheme Prompts Class Action Lawsuit Seeking All Those Tips That Didn't Go to Drivers

7/30/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in August

7/30/2019 - Mosquitoes Are Spreading a Rare, Brain-Infecting Virus in Florida

7/30/2019 - An Alarming Number of Arctic Reindeer Starved to Death Last Winter, Likely Due to Climate Change

7/30/2019 - Put the Synthale Down: Chateau Picard Wine Is Real, and Here

7/30/2019 - 'Turn it Off and On Again Every 149 Hours' Is a Concerning Remedy for a $300 Million Airbus Plane's Software Bug

7/30/2019 - Soon You'll Be Able to Livestream PBS on YouTube TV

7/30/2019 - The First Teaser for the Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff Is as Inscrutable as Everything Else About the Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff

7/30/2019 - This Is the Best Chromebook to Buy

7/30/2019 - Humans Will Never Colonize Mars

7/30/2019 - Rob Thomas Has Another Optimistic Update on CW's Lost Boys Pilot

7/30/2019 - The Director of The Witch Gets Creepy Once Again in the Trailer for The Lighthouse

7/30/2019 - Wikipedia Editors Fight Over What to Call America's Concentration Camps

7/30/2019 - A Hacker Stole Capital One Data on 106 Million Customers, and the FBI Says She Tweeted About It

7/30/2019 - Hacker Claims to Be in Possession of Personal Info on Up to 20,000 LAPD Applicants

7/29/2019 - Campaign Aides Let the UAE Screen Trump's 'America First' Energy Speech, Made Changes at Their Request

7/29/2019 - DC Universe's Foul-Mouthed Harley Quinn Series Is No Fucking Joke

7/29/2019 - How Much Is Your Face Worth? Google Says $5

7/29/2019 - American Horror Story: 1984's Campy First Teasers Depict a Wet Hot American Bloodbath

7/29/2019 - Google Is Slowly Turning Waze Into a Rideshare-Meets-Hitchhiking App

7/29/2019 - Uber Only Has 800 Marketing People Now

7/29/2019 - Look Out for Fake Equifax Websites That Are Trying to Steal Your Data, FTC Warns

7/29/2019 - Google Looks to One-Up Apple with Face Unlock and New Motion Sense Gestures on Pixel 4

7/29/2019 - Florida Clarifies Its Directive to Kill Iguanas 'Whenever Possible' After Florida Man Gets Shot

7/29/2019 - Star Trek: The Motion Picture Is Coming Back to Theaters, 40 Years Later

7/29/2019 - Why We're Not Moving Forward With Our Climate Summit

7/29/2019 - The Westworld Sequel Futureworld Is Low on Killer Robots, But High on Sci-Fi Cheese

7/29/2019 - I Turned My Apartment Into a Surveillance State With These Petcube Cameras

7/29/2019 - I Would Love to Run Android on My Nintendo Switch, but I'm Too Much of a Coward

7/29/2019 - Hot Pavement Is More Dangerous Than You Realize

7/29/2019 - Supernatural Horror Blends With Brutal Reality in the Trailer for Tigers Are Not Afraid

7/29/2019 - The Duffer Brothers Break Down All of Stranger Things' Movie References

7/29/2019 - Greta Thunberg Is Sailing Carbon-Free to the UN Climate Summit, But What About Youth Activists of Color?

7/29/2019 - Contact Lenses That Can Change Focus and Zoom When You Blink Move Closer to Reality

7/29/2019 - Tiny Fossil Tooth Found in the Amazon May Have Come From Ancient, Baseball-Size Monkey

7/29/2019 - What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen if You Hold in Your Pee Too Long?

7/29/2019 - Horror Legend Bruce Campbell on Why Superhero Films Are Getting Boring

7/29/2019 - Unexplained Radiation Leak Traced to Russian Nuclear Facility

7/29/2019 - The Bizarre Batman Connection to Quentin Tarantino's New Movie

7/29/2019 - TikTok Owner ByteDance Is Getting Into the Phone Biz [Updated]

7/29/2019 - United Airlines Is Expanding Its Creepy Biometric Screening Technology to More Airport Hubs

7/29/2019 - The Lion King ‘Set’ Was a Bunch of VR Headsets in a Giant Warehouse

7/29/2019 - Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Uses Gilroy Mass Shooting to Promote His App

7/29/2019 - You're Gonna Need a Bigger Wallet for All This Great New Jaws Mondo Merch

7/29/2019 - Catra Gets Her Han Solo Cantina Moment in This Exclusive She-Ra Season 3 Clip

7/29/2019 - The Original Red Ranger Teases an Animated Return for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

7/29/2019 - Doctors Warn of Fires Caused by Generic Phone Chargers

7/29/2019 - The Quickest Ways to Cut Down on Spam in Your Inbox

7/29/2019 - Jay Inslee Has a Plan to Spend $1.2 Trillion to Fight Climate Change and Inequality

7/29/2019 - Neil deGrasse Tyson Will Keep His Job at Hayden Planetarium After Sexual Misconduct Investigation

7/28/2019 - France Announces Plan to Launch Satellites With Defensive Lasers, Possibly Submachine Guns

7/28/2019 - Equifax Payouts, DoorDash Non-Apology, and Hellish Heat: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

7/28/2019 - Hey, Check It Out: Butter Astronauts

7/28/2019 - It Chapter Two Will Be Long, Will Definitely Have a Director’s Cut

7/28/2019 - Vietnam Seizes 275-Pound Haul of Rhino Horns, Seven Frozen Tiger Carcasses

7/28/2019 - Simu Liu Shares the Story of His Shang-Chi Casting

7/28/2019 - This VFX Reel Shows How Next Level Avengers: Endgame’s Hulk Really Was

7/28/2019 - Russi Taylor, the Voice Behind Minnie Mouse for Over 30 Years, Has Died

7/28/2019 - Apple Regulatory Filings Suggest Two More iPad Models Coming in 2019

7/28/2019 - YouTubers Team Up With Europe's Largest Trade Union To Demand the Platform Stop Screwing Them Over

7/28/2019 - Alex Ross Draws Brandon Routh as Kingdom Come Superman

7/27/2019 - FAA Reportedly Delegated Oversight of Critical 737 Max Flight System to Boeing

7/27/2019 - Apple Contractors Reportedly Overhear Sensitive Information and Sexy Times Thanks to Siri

7/27/2019 - Oracle Document Claiming an Amazon 'Conspiracy' to Win Military Contract Makes It to Trump's Desk

7/27/2019 - Report: Another Classic Halloween Character Is Returning for Halloween Kills

7/27/2019 - Carnival Row Continues to Impress In Its New Teaser Trailer

7/27/2019 - Las Vegas is Literally Crawling with Grasshoppers

7/27/2019 - Meet the Full Creative Team Behind Amazon’s Lord of the Rings

7/27/2019 - Report: Saudi Prince's Plan for Flying Taxi Robot City With 'Giant Artificial Moon' May Be Unrealistic

7/27/2019 - The Expanse Is Getting a Fifth Season on Amazon Prime

7/27/2019 - Google and Facebook May Have to Cough Up Their Algorithms if Australian Proposal Lands

7/27/2019 - Jon Favreau's The Lion King Had One Shot in It That Wasn't CGI

7/27/2019 - Happy 15th to the Motorola Razr: The Last Flip Phone People Actually Cared About

7/26/2019 - Southwest Airlines Forced to Pull Service From Newark Airport as Boeing 737 Max Remains Grounded

7/26/2019 - Security Researcher Marcus Hutchins, Who Helped Stop WannaCry, Sentenced to Supervised Release

7/26/2019 - Oh My God, Jojo Rabbit Brought Back the Downfall Meme

7/26/2019 - Turns Out Daenerys and Drogon Were Not the Most Destructive Forces in Game of Thrones' Battle of Kings Landing

7/26/2019 - The Power Rangers Comic's Emissaries Are Such a Cool Idea

7/26/2019 - Amazon's The Boys Is a Morbidly Frank Breath of Fresh Air About the Cult of Superhero Worship

7/26/2019 - This Ultimate Into the Spider-Verse Figure Is the Best Toy of the Week

7/26/2019 - The Trailer For Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling Hints at a Genius Movie Comeback

7/26/2019 - Venom 2 Has Andy Serkis on Its List of Potential Directors [Updated]

7/26/2019 - Regal Cinemas' MoviePass-Style Unlimited Plan Will Start at $18 Per Month

7/26/2019 - Runaways' First Season 3 Teaser Offers a Grim Glimpse Into the Future

7/26/2019 - Poll: Two in Five Americans Still Believe God Created Humans 10,000 Years Ago

7/26/2019 - The New Series From Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland Looks Like Something Fans Will Adore

7/26/2019 - How Did This Egg Get 'Bigger Than Before'?

7/26/2019 - To the Surprise of No One, Handmaid's Tale Will Return for a Fourth Season

7/26/2019 - So, What Are You Spending Your Equifax Money On?

7/26/2019 - Watch This Flying Drone Shrink Like Ant-Man to Squeeze Through Small Spaces

7/26/2019 - I Feel Nothing From House of X's Mutants, and That's Great

7/26/2019 - North Dakota's First Solar Farm Opens on Standing Rock Tribal Land

7/26/2019 - How Hong Kong’s Protestors Are Hindering (and Hijacking) the Tools of Surveillance

7/26/2019 - Gemini Man Is Attempting a Once-Thought-to-Be Impossible Feat of Visual Effects

7/26/2019 - How Did We Miss This Week's Shockingly Close Asteroid Flyby?

7/26/2019 - Teens in Wisconsin Are Being Diagnosed With Severe Lung Damage That May Be Linked to Vaping

7/26/2019 - DOJ Approves T-Mobile and Sprint Megamerger, Says Dish Network Will Somehow Compete

7/26/2019 - If You Care About Earth, You Should Watch The Expanse

7/26/2019 - DoorDash Is Proof of How Easy It Is to Exploit Workers When Their Boss Is an Algorithm

7/26/2019 - A New Coating Promises to Make Fingerprints and Grease Stains Invisible on Stainless Steel Appliances

7/26/2019 - A New Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Shows a Somber Tony Stark Tribute

7/26/2019 - SpaceX’s Starhopper Makes Its First Free-Flying Leap

7/26/2019 - Wearable Muscle Stimulators Can Speed Up Human Reflexes to Create Instant Superheroes

7/26/2019 - There Is No One Face of San Diego Comic-Con

7/26/2019 - Europe's Heat Wave Threatens Record Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet

7/26/2019 - Bitcoin Scammers Try and Fail to Sextort 86-Year-Old Woman Who Just Wanted a Free Bagel

7/26/2019 - The Boys' Showrunner Wants It to Be 'the Most Brutally Realistic Depiction of Superheroes'

7/26/2019 - This Fitness Smartwatch Humbled Me Into Taking Recovery Days More Seriously

7/26/2019 - 'We Need Responsible Consumerism': Designer Tracy Reese Speaks on Sustainable Fashion

7/26/2019 - A New Look at Batwoman's Prototype Suit, a Walking Dead Villain Unmasked, and More

7/26/2019 - Border Patrol Chief Says She Didn't Know the Violent and Racist Facebook Group She Joined Was Bad

7/26/2019 - After Stealing The Office From Netflix, NBCUniversal Says Its Streaming Service Will Launch in April 2020

7/25/2019 - Harrowing Video Shows 2-Year-Old's Wild Ride on a Baggage Conveyor Belt at Atlanta Airport

7/25/2019 - Just How Big Is Bag End? Let These Middle-earth Cross Sections Lay It Out

7/25/2019 - Hulu's Latest Into the Dark Episode Asks, 'What if The Breakfast Club, But Horror?'

7/25/2019 - Wyden Blasts Senate Russia Report for Failing to Back 'Mandatory' Election Security Standards

7/25/2019 - I Am Absolutely Here for Dunkin's Fake-Ass Sausage Sandwiches

7/25/2019 - Watch a VFX Makeup Team Create a Terrifying Masterpiece

7/25/2019 - Juul Rep Visited a Classroom and Told Teens Vaping Is 'Totally Safe,' for Some Reason

7/25/2019 - Harvard Scientists Invented a New Bandage Inspired by Fetal Skin

7/25/2019 - 15 Godzilla Movies Combine Into One Epic Criterion Collection Release

7/25/2019 - 16 Endangered Black Rhinos Successfully Relocated to Eswatini

7/25/2019 - Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google in Bizarre Bit of Campaign Theater

7/25/2019 - Don't Go Looking for Geoengineering Info on YouTube—It's Mostly Lies, Study Finds

7/25/2019 - All the Secrets We Learned at the Tasty Bob's Burgers Comic-Con Panel

7/25/2019 - This New Twitter Is the Best New Twitter Yet, Actually

7/25/2019 - Watch the Birth of Galaxies in an Exclusive Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 VFX Reel

7/25/2019 - Our Favorite Images From Chandra X-Ray Telescope's 20 Years in Space

7/25/2019 - Facebook’s Broken Ad Archive Is Working as Intended

7/25/2019 - FBI Finds Bucket of Heads, Cooler of Penises, Sewn 'Frankenstein' Corpse at Body Donation Center

7/25/2019 - YouTube Says It's Not for Kids, but New Study Suggests That's Bullshit

7/25/2019 - Sex Is Better for Men Who Eat Nuts, Says Study Funded by Big Nut

7/25/2019 - HBO's Watchmen Will Address 'Race and the Police' in Contemporary America

7/25/2019 - Jennifer Connelly Had 'Reservations' About Snowpiercer...Until She Saw the Train's Design

7/25/2019 - Red Founder Blames Manufacturer for Phone Troubles While Teasing Its Next Device

7/25/2019 - Brutal Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Records Across Europe

7/25/2019 - Sony's RX100 VII Is Finally a Tiny Video-Shooting Powerhouse

7/25/2019 - The First Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer Is Full of Slow Motion and Surprises

7/25/2019 - Did Nike Not Get the Memo on Plastic Beads?

7/25/2019 - House of X Just Made Marvel's Omega Level Mutants Interesting Again

7/25/2019 - How Google's Lightweight Go Apps Work—and Why You Might Need Them

7/25/2019 - Undead Tree Stump Is Being Kept Alive by Neighboring Trees

7/25/2019 - Netflix Really Clucked Up by Canceling Tuca & Bertie

7/25/2019 - Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Should Be Ready for Next Year’s Heat Wave

7/25/2019 - YouTube Said It Was Getting Serious About Hate Speech. Why Is It Still Full of Extremists?

7/25/2019 - Flyboard Inventor Fails to Cross the English Channel, Falls Into Water

7/25/2019 - Updates on Dune, the Game of Thrones Prequel, and More [Updated]

7/25/2019 - The New Gemini Man Trailer Makes You Wonder Which Will Smith You’ll Root For

7/25/2019 - Ikea's $100 Sonos Speaker Breaks the Mold

7/25/2019 - Trump Stands Next to Photoshopped Presidential Seal That Reads '45 is a Puppet' in Spanish

7/25/2019 - SpaceX Aborts First Attempted Flight Test of 'Starhopper' Prototype After Engines Fire

7/24/2019 - Tesla Posts Record Deliveries in Q2 2019, But Still Lost $408 Million

7/24/2019 - The Galaxy Fold Is Back: Here's What Samsung Fixed

7/24/2019 - There Was More to Marvel's SDCC Announcements Than the X-Men's Futures

7/24/2019 - The Cast and Crew of the CW's Nancy Drew Talk Mysteries and Showcase Their Eerie Series Premiere

7/24/2019 - Steven Universe's Rebecca Sugar Dropped Some Interesting Details About the Movie at Comic-Con

7/24/2019 - A Bipartisan Bill That Could End Our Robocall Hell Just Passed the House 429-3

7/24/2019 - Amazon: Here's $5,000 Worth of Crap to Turn Your New Home Into a Hellscape

7/24/2019 - LightSail 2 Opens Its Sails in an Early Test of Tech That May Make Interstellar Travel Possible

7/24/2019 - A Breast Implant Linked to Rare Cancer Is Finally Off the Market

7/24/2019 - We Got a First Look at Genndy Tartakovsky's Beautiful and Brutal Primal

7/24/2019 - Did Steve Jobs Harass Spotify's CEO With Weird, Breathy Phone Calls?

7/24/2019 - Thousands of Reasons That We Shouldn't Trust a Neural Network to Analyze Images

7/24/2019 - Breaking Down the Magic, Monsters, and Burly Men of the Witcher Trailer

7/24/2019 - There's Zero Chance Facebook's FTC Fine Stops Future Abuse, Lawmakers and Privacy Experts Say

7/24/2019 - Scientists Have Created a Prosthetic Arm That Lets Patients Feel Touch Again

7/24/2019 - A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy TV Show Is Heading to Hulu

7/24/2019 - This Amazing White Dwarf Discovery Could Be a 'Gold Mine' for Physicists

7/24/2019 - The Most Unique Radvertising We Spotted at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

7/24/2019 - Enter the Microscopic World of Bugs With These Award-Winning Garden Photos

7/24/2019 - Blade Runner Star Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away

7/24/2019 - The Spooky New CBS Thriller Evil Interprets Its Title in Both Ancient and Modern Ways

7/24/2019 - Climate Shifts of the Past 2,000 Years Were Nothing Like What’s Happening Today

7/24/2019 - Here's Why Facebook's FTC Settlement Is a Joke

7/24/2019 - Who Protects Earth From Asteroids?

7/24/2019 - This Gemini Man Featurette Dives Into How Young Will Smith Was Digitally Cloned

7/24/2019 - Hey, Netflix, How About You Give Us a $3 Mobile-Only Plan Too

7/24/2019 - The Snowpiercer Cast Reveals How They'll Explore Past the Train's Walls

7/24/2019 - House Dems Try to Squash Green New Deal With Bogus Alternative

7/24/2019 - Is This an Avengers: Endgame Blooper Reel or Footage of Everyone After Comic-Con?

7/24/2019 - Amazon's New Kindle Oasis: Easier on the Eyes, Still a Pain in the Wallet

7/24/2019 - Daniel Brühl Gives Us Our First Look at The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Masked Baron Zemo

7/24/2019 - Galaxy Note 10 Comes Into Focus With Fresh Rumors

7/24/2019 - DoorDash Says It’s Very Sorry You Noticed Its Tip-Skimming Scheme

7/24/2019 - How to Watch Robert Mueller Testify About President Trump's Crimes Today on YouTube, Facebook, and More

7/24/2019 - Report: FTC to Accuse Facebook of Using 2FA Numbers for Ads, Hiding Facial Recognition Settings

7/23/2019 - Snap Back?

7/23/2019 - Guy Who Built Twitter's Retweet Button Admits Maybe That Was a Really Bad Idea

7/23/2019 - All the New Comics IDW Discussed at San Diego Comic-Con

7/23/2019 - The New Jurassic World Ride Accentuates What's Good About the New Movies

7/23/2019 - The 10 Raddest and Most Random Props We Spotted at The Orville Exhibit at SDCC

7/23/2019 - The Good Place's Season 3 Blooper Reel Is 9 Minutes of Forking Deliciousness

7/23/2019 - Mysterious Glass Beads in Clams Point to Ancient Meteorite Strike Near Florida

7/23/2019 - U.S. Lawmakers Balk at $700 Million Equifax Fine, Renew Calls for a Federal Data Breach Law

7/23/2019 - Jake Gyllenhaal Thinks Far From Home's Post-Credits Scene Is Part of Spider-Man's Evolution

7/23/2019 - DOJ Announces Probe Into Big Tech Over Antitrust Concerns

7/23/2019 - You Might Want to Uninstall VLC. Immediately. [Updated: Maybe Not]

7/23/2019 - Scientists Think They Know Why So Many Meteorites Look Like Cones

7/23/2019 - The Gates Foundation Is Filling Its Coffers With Profits From Private Prisons

7/23/2019 - Sorry, The Lion King's 'Circle of Life' Doesn't Exist in the Natural World

7/23/2019 - The 6 Winners (and 5 Losers) of San Diego Comic-Con 2019

7/23/2019 - If This Trailer Doesn't Make You Want to Watch The Boys, Nothing Will

7/23/2019 - Marianne Williamson Loves Spreading Fake Quotes From Albert Einstein

7/23/2019 - Guillermo del Toro Talks Bringing Monsters to Life for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

7/23/2019 - 'Cuban Sonic Attack' Study Finds Brain Differences in Victims—but Don't Put on Your Tinfoil Hat Yet

7/23/2019 - DC Universe's Titans Season 2 Footage Promises More Heroes, New Costumes, and a Bat-Dad

7/23/2019 - Authorities Upset That 'Soho Grifter' Anna Delvey Could Be Getting a Big Payday From Netflix

7/23/2019 - Here's Your Reminder That Google Has Always Been Evil

7/23/2019 - Sony's New Wireless Earbuds Put Amazing Noise Canceling in Your Pocket

7/23/2019 - Historic Indian Moon Mission Underway After Successful Launch of Chandrayaan-2 Lander and Rover

7/23/2019 - The Witcher's Showrunner on Getting Video Game Fans Into the Series, and Season 2 Hints

7/23/2019 - Jojo Rabbit's Teaser Trailer Features Taika Waititi Frolicking Around as Imaginary Hitler

7/23/2019 - Remote Control Dogs Are Now a Reality Thanks to This Haptic Vest

7/23/2019 - Researchers Reveal That Anonymized Data Is Easy To Reverse Engineer

7/23/2019 - U.S. Beaches Are So Full of Sewage Pollution, They're Often Unsafe for Swimming, New Report Finds

7/23/2019 - Libra Scammers Are Promising Early Access to Facebook's Digital Currency to Steal Private Information

7/23/2019 - Netflix's Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus Has a New Teaser and a Release Date

7/23/2019 - Todd McFarlane Has a Really Wild Idea to Get Spawn Made

7/23/2019 - Two Cops Fired Over Facebook Post Suggesting Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Should Be Assassinated

7/23/2019 - Microsoft Will Pay Out $26 Million in Settlement Over Hungarian Bribery Scheme

7/23/2019 - North Korean State Media Posts Photos of Kim Jong Un Touring 'Newly Built' Submarine

7/22/2019 - Facebook App to Keep Kids From Talking to Strangers Online Fails Its One Job

7/22/2019 - Apple Shutters Hong Kong Stores Early as Protests Against Chinese Government, Crackdowns Escalate

7/22/2019 - Here's All Our San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Coverage in One Handy Location

7/22/2019 - The Baby From Labyrinth Was a Key Player on The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

7/22/2019 - Sob Along With Kristen Bell as She Contemplates the End of The Good Place

7/22/2019 - DoorDash Still Thinks You're an Idiot

7/22/2019 - Cigarette Butts Stunt Plants' Growth

7/22/2019 - Breaking Down the Familiar Faces and New Reveals of the Powerful Star Trek: Picard Trailer

7/22/2019 - Scientists Just Discovered a 310-Mile Coral Reef Corridor in the Gulf of Mexico

7/22/2019 - Apple's Fancy Photo Relighting Option Could Soon Be a Feature On Even the Cheapest Smartphones

7/22/2019 - Will Black Lightning Join the Arrowverse? Cress Williams Had Some Thoughts at Comic-Con

7/22/2019 - Europe Faces Another Record-Setting Heat Wave This Week

7/22/2019 - Amazon's Lord of the Rings Series Has Its First Cast Member

7/22/2019 - Joy-Con 'Drift' Has Gotten So Bad, Nintendo Now Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit

7/22/2019 - Don't Toy With Me, Slack

7/22/2019 - Checking Your Phone at Night Won't Necessarily Throw Off Your Internal Clock, Mouse Study Finds

7/22/2019 - How Geeky Mechanics Use Motion Capture to Design Perfect-Fitting Bikes

7/22/2019 - Here's Why The Witcher Auditioned 207 Other Guys for Geralt When Henry Cavill Was Right There

7/22/2019 - Doctors Warn That Inaccurate At-Home Cancer Screenings Are Causing Misguided Panic

7/22/2019 - She-Ra's SDCC Panel Revealed Adora's True Origins, and How They Nabbed Geena Davis

7/22/2019 - Equifax Agrees to Pay Data Breach Victims Up to $20,000 for Their Troubles

7/22/2019 - Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io Continues to Surprise Scientists

7/22/2019 - The Extinction Crisis Keeps Getting More Dire, With 28,000 Species At-Risk

7/22/2019 - The Best of the Best Cosplay From San Diego Comic-Con 2019

7/22/2019 - This RC Ducati Motorcycle Is Packing Some Surprisingly Clever Tech

7/22/2019 - Asus May Have Made the Most Powerful Android Phone Yet

7/22/2019 - Film From Studio Acquired by Walt Disney Finally Beats Film From Studio Acquired by Walt Disney for Box Office Record

7/22/2019 - Gull Embryos Might Communicate With Each Other Through Their Eggshells

7/22/2019 - A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood's Trailer Proves Only Tom Hanks Could Embody a Hero Like Mr. Rogers

7/22/2019 - 5 Reasons It's Still Worth Paying for a Dropbox Subscription

7/22/2019 - Huawei Reportedly Helped North Korea Build Its 3G Wireless Network in Violation of Sanctions

7/22/2019 - Anthony Mackie Teases Getting Suited Up as Captain America

7/22/2019 - What Technology Is Most Likely to Become Obsolete During Your Lifetime?

7/21/2019 - Saving an Ice Shelf, Lunar Conspiracies, and the Butterfly Effect: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

7/21/2019 - Hackers Reportedly Break Into SyTech, a Contractor for Russia's Federal Security Service

7/21/2019 - The Coolest Star Wars and Marvel Reveals Hasbro Brought to Comic-Con

7/21/2019 - Supergirl's Media Landscape Is Getting More Intense With New Arrivals and a Major Exit in Season 5

7/21/2019 - Dungeons & Dragons Is Celebrating 5 Years of the 5th Edition With a Gorgeous Return to Its First Adventure

7/21/2019 - New Concept Art Reveals Our First Look at Black Widow's Taskmaster

7/21/2019 - RCMP Apologizes After Streaming Press Conference on Double Slaying With Cat Filter Activated

7/21/2019 - Young Justice Is Coming Back for Season 4

7/21/2019 - At Snowpiercer's SDCC Panel, All Anyone Could Talk About Was the Cows

7/21/2019 - Doom Patrol Season 2 Will Stream on HBO Max and DC Universe

7/21/2019 - Everything We Learned About The Expanse Season 4 From the Cast and Crew at SDCC

7/21/2019 - Tom King, Doc Shaner, and Mitch Gerads' Next DC Series Is Strange Adventures

7/21/2019 - Former NASA Intern Scores $1.82 Million for Moon Landing Tapes He Bought at Auction

7/21/2019 - Westworld's Comic-Con Panel Dove Into the Murky Ethics of A.I., in Our World and Delos'

7/21/2019 - Brandon Routh's Kingdom Come T-Shirt Stole Arrow's Final San Diego Comic-Con Panel

7/21/2019 - Kevin Feige Wanted Mahershala Ali for Blade Before He Even Suggested It

7/21/2019 - The Flash Season 6 Trailer Introduces Sendhil Ramamurthy's Villainous Bloodwork

7/21/2019 - All the Amazing Cosplay We Witnessed at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day 3

7/21/2019 - Netflix's Dark Crystal Comic-Con Panel Was the Stuff of Dreams

7/21/2019 - The Magicians' Julia Meets a Literal Sexist Pig in the First Clip From Season 5

7/21/2019 - Everything We Learned From Marvel's Hall H Panel

7/20/2019 - “It’s Me, Dickhead”: The New Harley Quinn Trailer Reminds Us This Series Isn’t for Kids

7/20/2019 - There Was Almost Too Much News at the Star Trek Comic-Con Panel

7/20/2019 - The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero Talks Creepshow and Its Connection to His Lifelong Love of Horror

7/20/2019 - It's Official: Valkyrie Will Be the MCU's First LGBTQ Hero

7/20/2019 - Here's What Happened in the Black Widow Footage Marvel Showed at Comic-Con

7/20/2019 - Mahershala Ali Is Marvel's New Blade

7/20/2019 - Natalie Portman Will Be Taking Up the Hammer as the Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder

7/20/2019 - Google Pixel 4 Leaks Purport to Show Huge Front Bezel, Cutout for Mystery Component

7/20/2019 - Marvel Just Revealed Release Dates and Logos for Its Disney+ Series

7/20/2019 - Simu Liu Will Play Marvel's Martial Arts Superhero, Shang-Chi, in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

7/20/2019 - Marvel's Eternals Are Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Don Lee, Bryan Tyree Henry, Kumail Nanjiani, and More!

7/20/2019 - The Marvel Studios Comic-Con 2019 Hall H Panel Liveblog!

7/20/2019 - European Space Agency Chief Urges Humanity to Protect Apollo 11, Lunokhod 1 Landing Sites

7/20/2019 - A Long Simmering Conflict Takes Center Stage in the Supergirl Season 5 Trailer

7/20/2019 - Our First Brief Glimpse at Arrow’s Dramatic Final Season Just Dropped

7/20/2019 - The Orville Will Move to Hulu for Its Third Season

7/20/2019 - All Aboard the Train to Revolution in Snowpiercer's First Trailer

7/20/2019 - Taron Egerton, Lisa Henson on Finding Hope in the 'Melancholy' of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

7/20/2019 - Hell Yeah, The Expanse Season 4 Finally Has a Trailer and a Release Date!

7/20/2019 - Nazis, Robots, and Rage: The Westworld III Trailer Is Here

7/20/2019 - In the First Full Trailer for Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc Assembles a New and Familiar Crew

7/20/2019 - Holy Cavalcade of Cameos, Batman! Burt Ward Joins CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover

7/20/2019 - Boldly Go on a Short Adventure in the New Trailer for the Next Short Treks Anthology

7/20/2019 - The Watchmen Trailer Lands With Vigilante Cops, Squids, and Dr. Manhattan

7/20/2019 - Exclusive: Infinity Train's New Comic-Con Trailer Promises One Hell of a Wild Ride

7/20/2019 - Report: NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Can Break Into Cloud Services, Transmit User Data to Server

7/20/2019 - The Trailer for Preacher's Final Season Is Here to Usher in the End of Days

7/20/2019 - We Got Dark and Sexy With Alfred at SDCC's Pennyworth Club

7/20/2019 - Archer Isn't Just Coming Back for Season 11, It's Bringing a Game-Changing Reveal

7/20/2019 - The Witcher's Big Romance Is Less Weird Than It Looks

7/20/2019 - The VR Revolution Is Alive and Well, It's Just Not Ready For You

7/20/2019 - Rick and Morty's Cast and Crew Shared Clips and a Teeny Bit of Season 4 News at Their SDCC Panel

7/20/2019 - All the Marvelous Cosplay We Spotted at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day 2

7/20/2019 - Tom King and Mitch Gerads Stand By Heroes In Crisis' Polarizing Finale

7/20/2019 - The Rescue Rangers Are Coming to DuckTales' Second Season, Which Looks Ducking Wild

7/20/2019 - Scientists Wrote a Eulogy for Iceland's First Glacier Lost to Climate Change

7/20/2019 - Every Episode of Robotech Is Now Available to Stream For Free, Alongside a Bunch of Special Features

7/20/2019 - DC's Dan DiDio on the Double-Edged Success of Reprinting Old Comics

7/19/2019 - Here's What Happened at (Maybe) the Final Game of Thrones Comic-Con Panel Ever

7/19/2019 - Here Are Your 2019 Eisner Awards Winners

7/19/2019 - Yes, There Is a Bathtub in Netflix's The Witcher

7/19/2019 - Comic-Con's Jean-Luc Museum Teases the New Frontier of Star Trek: Picard

7/19/2019 - Charles Soule's Next Star Wars Comic Will Tell the Story Behind the Knights of Ren

7/19/2019 - TikTok Reportedly Experimenting With a Bunch of Instagram-Like Features

7/19/2019 - Carnival Row's First Trailers Just Debuted at SDCC

7/19/2019 - Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Shared a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Tremendous Work Involved

7/19/2019 - These X-Men Legends Figures Look Like They Stepped Right Out of the '90s TV Show

7/19/2019 - No One Making The Witcher Thought They Could Live Up to the Books

7/19/2019 - SDCC's Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Brings a Documentary to the Apocalypse, and More Walking Dead Spinoff News

7/19/2019 - The His Dark Materials Comic-Con Panel Discussed Daemon Puppets, Religion, and a Singing Lin-Manuel Miranda

7/19/2019 - Airline Apologizes After Tweeting About Which Seats You're Least Likely to Die In

7/19/2019 - A New Legend Begins in the First Trailer for Netflix's The Witcher

7/19/2019 - The Walking Dead SDCC Panel Confirmed a Rick Grimes Feature Film, Addressed 3 Major Show Issues

7/19/2019 - Want to Do Crimes? Upgrade to 5G, Apparently

7/19/2019 - Steven Universe: The Movie's First Trailer Is Here to Save San Diego Comic-Con

7/19/2019 - Listening to Music Before Getting Anesthesia Can Help You Stay Calm

7/19/2019 - The First Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 10 Has Big Michonne Moments and a Trip to the Beach

7/19/2019 - Test of Amazon's Face Recognition by Orlando Cops Ends as a Devastating Flop

7/19/2019 - Sonic Is Coming to OK KO, and More First Looks at Cartoon Network's Newest and Returning Shows

7/19/2019 - The Best Part of the Russo Brothers’ SDCC Panel Was the Avengers Who Called In

7/19/2019 - This Is an Image of Quantum Entanglement... Sort Of

7/19/2019 - Thanos Nearly Decapitated 2014 Cap and Other Things We Learned From the Writers of Avengers: Endgame

7/19/2019 - It's a Long Kiss Goodnight for Adora in the She-Ra Season 3 Trailer

7/19/2019 - This Week's Brutal U.S. Heat Wave Could Be a Killer

7/19/2019 - Here's Some More Uncanny Cats Creepiness for You

7/19/2019 - 2 New Halloween Movies, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends, Coming in 2020 and 2021

7/19/2019 - How a Horrific Murder Exposes the Great Failure of Facebook's AI Moderation

7/19/2019 - Watch as We Attempt to Navigate Amazon’s 3 Wild SDCC Experiences

7/19/2019 - Brandon Routh Will Play Superman Again for This Year's Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover [Updated]

7/19/2019 - The Suitably Terrifying Trailer for Shudder's New Creepshow Anthology Series Is Here [Updated]

7/19/2019 - Rebooting Power Rangers Again Means Losing Its Authentic Teens, and That Sucks

7/19/2019 - This Moon Machete Didn't Turn Me Into an Astronaut, But It Did Murder My Boss's Weeds

7/19/2019 - All the News and Key Details From Google Stadia Chief's AMA

7/19/2019 - All the Legendary Cosplay We Saw at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Day 1

7/19/2019 - Tick Lodged on Kentucky Man's Eyeball Made 'Popping Sound' When Doctor Pulled It Off

7/19/2019 - Former Drug Company Execs, Pharmacists Arrested for Allegedly Flooding Small Towns With Opioids

7/19/2019 - My New Wife

7/19/2019 - The Northernmost Settlement on Earth Cracked 70 Degrees For the First Time This Week

7/19/2019 - Samsung Galaxy A50 Review: The New Budget Smartphone to Beat

7/19/2019 - The 9 Best Hacks to Make Your Internet Feel Faster

7/19/2019 - Michael Chabon Floats the Idea of Picard Seeing Some Very Old Friends

7/19/2019 - Iran Denies Claim That U.S. Military Destroyed Drone in the Strait of Hormuz

7/18/2019 - Google Chrome Update Will Close 'Loophole' That Tipped Sites Off to Your Incognito Mode

7/18/2019 - The Mediocrity of Batwoman Also Feels Like One of Its Biggest Strengths

7/18/2019 - Agents of SHIELD Had an Emotional Panel Hours After the End Was Announced

7/18/2019 - Boeing to Take $4.9 Billion Charge Related to Grounded 737 Max as Fallout Continues

7/18/2019 - This Optimus Prime Ghostbusters Toy Is Too Much Fun

7/18/2019 - Gabriel Luna on Whether Hulu's Ghost Rider Will Change His Version of Robbie Reyes

7/18/2019 - The His Dark Materials' SDCC Trailer Is Grand as It Is Gorgeous

7/18/2019 - Instagram Will Now Warn You If Your Account Is Close to Being Yanked

7/18/2019 - Watch the New Trailer for the Beginning of Agents of SHIELD's End

7/18/2019 - Listen to Sarah Connor Say 'Metal Motherfucker' in the New Terminator: Dark Fate Featurette

7/18/2019 - Your First Look at Hasbro's Gigantic Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Ultrazord Set

7/18/2019 - Everything We Learned About the New Avengers Game at Marvel Games' Comic-Con Panel

7/18/2019 - Toys'R'Us Isn't Dead, It's Just Becoming an 'Experience'

7/18/2019 - In First Half of July, the Amazon Lost Nearly 400 Square Miles of Forest

7/18/2019 - Adorable New Species of Flying Squirrel Discovered in China

7/18/2019 - The First Cats Trailer Will Haunt Your Nightmares Tonight

7/18/2019 - At Long Last, Our First Glimpse of The Expanse's 4th Season

7/18/2019 - So, About Your Internet Porn Habits

7/18/2019 - Schway News, Everyone: Batman Beyond Is Finally Releasing on Blu-Ray

7/18/2019 - Verizon's First 5G Hotspot Will Cost You $650—and You Better Watch Your Data

7/18/2019 - Satellite Images Show Vast Swaths of the Arctic On Fire

7/18/2019 - Health Care Workers in the UK Turned Over an Undocumented Immigrant Trafficking Victim to Police, Case Report Says

7/18/2019 - The First Trailer for The Toys That Made Us Season 3 Makes Us Long for Plastic Ponies, Rangers, and Turtles [Updated]

7/18/2019 - Hundreds of Astronomers Denounce Arrest of Native Hawaiians Protesting Thirty Meter Telescope

7/18/2019 - A New Age of Heroes and Villains Begins in the First English-Dub Trailer for My Hero Academia Season 4

7/18/2019 - The Boosted Scooter Is a Blast

7/18/2019 - Terminator: Dark Fate Panel Announces Edward Furlong Is Back as John Connor and More

7/18/2019 - You Can Upgrade This Star Wars Death Star PC Case With a Superlaser Video Projector

7/18/2019 - NASA and ESA Reach Critical Decision on How the First Lunar Outpost Will Orbit the Moon

7/18/2019 - The Big Difference Between Westworld's New Robots and Old Ones Isn't Just Skin Deep

7/18/2019 - Exclusive: The Expanse Showrunner Talks the Move to Amazon and a Whole New Planet

7/18/2019 - Slack Resetting Thousands of User Passwords After Learning 2015 Breach Was Worse Than Previously Known

7/18/2019 - Agents of SHIELD to End After Its Upcoming 7th Season

7/18/2019 - Senator Finally Demands FBI Probe of Faceboo… Er, FaceApp?

7/18/2019 - The Gruesome New Trailer for It Chapter Two Will Haunt Your Nightmares Tonight

7/18/2019 - DisplayPort 2.0 Is Finally Here, and This Is Why It Matters

7/18/2019 - The Weird Ways NASA Thought Moon Dust Might Kill Apollo Astronauts

7/18/2019 - Ad Astra's Second Trailer Teases a Haunting, Operatic Space Thriller

7/18/2019 - io9 Takes You on a Tour Inside San Diego Comic-Con 2019's Show Floor

7/18/2019 - Amazon Prime Day Glitch Let People Buy $13,000 Camera Gear for $94

7/18/2019 - Ratigan Finally Gets His Villainous Due in the 'Evil Comes Prepared' Board Game Expansion

7/18/2019 - What's the Best Airplane Snack?

7/18/2019 - The Little Mermaid Could Be Close to Finding Its King Triton

7/18/2019 - Top Searches on Merriam-Webster Include 'Fascism' and 'Racism' After President Trump's Latest Rally

7/18/2019 - Google Yanks Seven Stalkerware Apps Discovered by Security Researchers From the Play Store

7/17/2019 - Report: Amazon Facing Antitrust Probe in the EU Over Its Use of Marketplace Merchant Data

7/17/2019 - CW's Pandora Is an Embarrassment

7/17/2019 - Netflix Is Bleeding Customers for the First Time In Years

7/17/2019 - The Game of Thrones Creators Just Changed Their Mind About Appearing at SDCC

7/17/2019 - Get a First Look at the Next Wave of Comixology Originals With Afterlift

7/17/2019 - Mattel Is Bringing Back the Original Vintage He-Man Figures Now Packed With Articulation [Updated]

7/17/2019 - You Only Have Yourself to Blame If a Bird Attacks You

7/17/2019 - Ebola Outbreak Declared a Public Health Emergency by World Health Organization

7/17/2019 - Congress Is One Step Closer to Sticking It to Robocallers

7/17/2019 - Oakland Becomes Third U.S. City to Ban Government Use of Face Recognition Tech

7/17/2019 - Physicists Wonder: Why Has No One Been Killed by Dark Matter?

7/17/2019 - Bad Weekend Delivers a Heartbroken Love Letter to the Legendary Creators of Comics’ Past

7/17/2019 - FDA: Big Penis Comes With a Hidden Surprise

7/17/2019 - Mozilla's Tweaking Firefox's Password Manager to Tell You When Saved Logins Have Been Stolen

7/17/2019 - Menstrual Cups Are Indeed a Safe Alternative to Tampons and Pads, Research Review Finds

7/17/2019 - IDW’s President Wants to Unearth Spider-Man’s Hidden Mexican History

7/17/2019 - Just When I Thought Twitter Did Something Good

7/17/2019 - Joshua Trees Are Being Wiped Out by Climate Change

7/17/2019 - FaceApp Probably Won't Destroy Society, But the Privacy Trade-Off Is Still Shady as Hell

7/17/2019 - The Creator of Man in the High Castle Is Bringing Warhammer 40,000 to Live-Action TV

7/17/2019 - Scientists Propose Pumping 74 Trillion Tons of Artificial Snow Onto to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to Stop Its Collapse

7/17/2019 - The First Pictures From Rick and Morty Season 4 Are Uncharacteristically Blissful [Updated]

7/17/2019 - Breathtaking Simulation Recreates Neil Armstrong’s View of the Apollo 11 Landing

7/17/2019 - Congressman to Facebook: Your Digital Currency Could Be Worse Than 9-11

7/17/2019 - The Flame-Throwing Drone Attachment of Your Nightmares Is Real (And for Sale)

7/17/2019 - Why Did I Just Read the Words ‘Equal Parts Estrogen and Adrenaline’ About a Female Comic Team in 2019?

7/17/2019 - Here Are the Bad Things NASA Thought Might Happen to the First Astronauts on the Moon

7/17/2019 - Data of Nearly Every Adult in Bulgaria Likely Stolen in Cyberattack

7/17/2019 - This 1960s Comic Strip Claimed Nuclear Explosions Were the Future of Road Construction

7/17/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost Featured Another, Even Wilder Mysterio Twist

7/17/2019 - Nintendo Pushes Out New Switch Hardware Boasting Almost Double the Battery Life [Updated]

7/17/2019 - The U.S. Is Set to Roast This Week Under a Potentially Record-Setting Heat Wave

7/17/2019 - Ford Secretly Created the New Pickup Truck Emoji Because Nothing Is Sacred

7/17/2019 - Exclusive Avengers: Endgame Blu-Ray Clip: Scarlett Johansson on Black Widow’s Sacrifice

7/17/2019 - Bose Is Back

7/17/2019 - Hundreds of Protestors Block Work Crews Ahead of Thirty Meter Telescope Construction in Hawaii [Updated]

7/17/2019 - The First Intriguing Game of Thrones Prequel Set Pictures Are Here

7/17/2019 - Elon Musk's Neuralink Says It's Created Brain-Reading 'Threads,' Surgical Robot That Inserts Them

7/16/2019 - Google Exec Tells Senate That Project Dragonfly Has Been "Terminated"

7/16/2019 - Solo's Surprise Darth Maul Cameo Gets an Unsurprisingly Great Action Figure

7/16/2019 - Donna Noble Is Saving the Universe on Her Own This Time

7/16/2019 - Apple Planning to Jazz It Up With Some Original Podcasts: Report

7/16/2019 - Hacker Breached Sprint Customer Accounts Through Samsung Website

7/16/2019 - This Asteroid Will Not Hit Earth

7/16/2019 - Space Jam 2 Has Found a New Director in Malcolm D. Lee

7/16/2019 - CES, Still a Bunch of Puritans

7/16/2019 - Self-Taught AI Masters Rubik’s Cube Without Human Help

7/16/2019 - Sanders, AOC, and Others Demand Workplace Safety Investigation of Amazon

7/16/2019 - Far From Home Still Has Only the Second Best Display of Mysterio's Schtick Outside of Comics

7/16/2019 - Report: Harry Styles Will Play The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric [Update: No, He Won't]

7/16/2019 - 8 Questions We Have About (the Yet to Be Announced, But Inevitable) Stranger Things 4

7/16/2019 - Sony's 61-MP A7R IV Looks Like the New Mirrorless Champ to Beat

7/16/2019 - Taika Waititi Is Back for Thor 4, But Akira Is on Hold

7/16/2019 - Some Edible Insects Beat Orange Juice and Olive Oil in Antioxidant Test

7/16/2019 - Another Thing Killing Coral Reefs: Our Poop

7/16/2019 - TurboTax Found a Depraved Way to Bump Profits After Tax Filing Process Was Simplified

7/16/2019 - World Hunger Is On the Rise and ‘Climate Shocks’ Are Partly to Blame, UN Says

7/16/2019 - Game of Thrones' Final Season Cleans House With a Record-Breaking Number of Emmy Nominations

7/16/2019 - Netflix Edits Out Graphic Suicide Scene From 13 Reasons Why as It Prepares New Season

7/16/2019 - Facebook Patents Shadowbanning

7/16/2019 - The Coolest San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusives We're Most Excited For

7/16/2019 - SpaceX Says a Faulty Valve Triggered Crew Dragon Explosion

7/16/2019 - Founder of Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Ordered to Pay $14 Million to Target of Racist 'Troll Storm'

7/16/2019 - Has the Code Been Cracked on Key Switches?

7/16/2019 - Scientists Find a New Kind of Cell That Helps Heal the Heart

7/16/2019 - Of Course, Of Course, Henry Cavill's on a Horse [Updated]

7/16/2019 - How Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories Spread Before the Internet

7/16/2019 - How to Infiltrate Area 51 Like a Pro

7/16/2019 - Updates From Doctor Who, Deadpool 3, and More

7/16/2019 - How Elephants May Help Africa’s Rainforests Fight Climate Change

7/16/2019 - CBS News is Livestreaming the Original Apollo 11 Launch Broadcast in Real Time Right Now

7/16/2019 - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Donates to Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard

7/15/2019 - Judge Slashes Payout in Roundup Lawsuit, But Calls Monsanto's Conduct 'Reprehensible'

7/15/2019 - Italian Police Seize Air-to-Air Missile, Dozens of Firearms in Raids on Neo-Nazis

7/15/2019 - Turns Out Swamp Thing's a Grower and a Shower

7/15/2019 - Stare in Awe and Wonder at This Gigantic $575 Transformers Unicron Figure

7/15/2019 - How Terminator: Dark Fate Is Different From the Other Sequels, According to the Director

7/15/2019 - Pentagon Ordered to Tell Congress If It Weaponized Ticks And Released Them Into the Public

7/15/2019 - Twitter Finally Redesigned Its Website, Said No One

7/15/2019 - Treasury Secretary 'Not Comfortable' With Facebook's Cryptocurrency as Bipartisan Hostility Grows

7/15/2019 - Kara Ditches the Skirt in Her New Supergirl Season 5 Outfit

7/15/2019 - New York City Blackout Costs StubHub $500,000 In Ticket Refunds

7/15/2019 - The Absolute Worst Deals From Amazon Prime Day [Updating]

7/15/2019 - Oh No, George R.R. Martin Feels Less Pressure to Finish His Books Now That Game of Thrones Is Over

7/15/2019 - Amazon Says It Will Retrain Workers It’s Automating Out of Jobs. But Does 'Upskilling' Even Work?

7/15/2019 - Scientists Develop Material to Create Habitable Areas on Mars

7/15/2019 - For Prime Day, New Yorkers Order Jeff Bezos to Do Better

7/15/2019 - All the Best Sci-Fi TV and Movies Coming to Comic-Con 2019

7/15/2019 - Radiation Levels at the Marshall Islands Remain Disturbingly High

7/15/2019 - Apple's Touch Bar Doesn't Have to Be So Terrible

7/15/2019 - A Police Union Is Telling Cops to Use the Punisher's Logo Amid an Investigation Into Racist Social Media Posts

7/15/2019 - Waze's New Toll Calculator Could Make It Easier to Plan Your Next Road Trip

7/15/2019 - Swatting a Fly Without Killing It May Cause It Pain for the Rest of Its Life, Study Finds

7/15/2019 - Trump's Racist Tweets Aren't Racist, Twitter Decides

7/15/2019 - I Miss the Handspring Visor

7/15/2019 - Chiwetel Ejiofor Details the Joy and Pain It Took to Play Scar in The Lion King

7/15/2019 - Instacart Workers Discover an App Is a Terrible Boss

7/15/2019 - Playing Original Game Boy Games in HD Will Cost You More Than a PS4

7/15/2019 - The FBI Is Investigating a 'Showbiz Scam' Artist Who's Impersonated Marvel, Star Wars Executives

7/15/2019 - This Super-Customizable Controller Might Be a Secret Weapon for the Nintendo Switch

7/15/2019 - A Familiar Star Wars Face Returns in This Exclusive Thrawn: Treason Excerpt

7/15/2019 - A Game-Changing Look Inside the Next Issue of Jughead: The Hunger vs. Vampironica

7/15/2019 - Qualcomm Bumps Top Smartphone Chip in Preparation for Fall

7/15/2019 - The King's Man Trailer Shows the Birth of the Kingsmen...and a Sword-Fighting Rasputin

7/15/2019 - 7 Ways OnePlus and OxygenOS Beat Google's Stock Android

7/15/2019 - The Most Interesting Stars Rumored for Marvel's Eternals Deny They're in Marvel's Eternals

7/15/2019 - Is the Butterfly Effect Real?

7/15/2019 - Computer Science Legend Alan Turing to Appear on New £50 Note in UK

7/15/2019 - Facebook Board Member Peter Thiel Calls Google 'Treasonous' and Says CIA Should Investigate

7/14/2019 - Poker Bots, Earthquake Scars, and What to See at SDCC 2019: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

7/14/2019 - French Inventor Totes Rifle While Flying Turbine-Powered Flyboard at Bastille Day Celebrations

7/14/2019 - Now-Tropical Depression Barry Mostly Spares New Orleans, But Flood Risk Remains High

7/14/2019 - One of the Actors on Avengers: Endgame Got In Trouble With Security for Posting a Picture of a Sunset

7/14/2019 - Daisy Ridley Says the Lightsaber Fights in The Rise of Skywalker Were Easier to Film for One Simple Reason

7/14/2019 - This Christmas-Themed Horror Anthology Is an Advent Calendar From Hell

7/14/2019 - Huawei, Still on Commerce Department Blacklist, Reportedly Planning U.S. Layoffs

7/14/2019 - In a Heartfelt Interview, Robert Downey, Jr. Discusses His Post-Marvel Future

7/14/2019 - Report: Christoph Waltz Is Returning As Super-Baddie Blofeld in the Newest James Bond Film

7/13/2019 - Huge Power Outage Hits NYC on Anniversary of Infamous 1977 Blackout

7/13/2019 - Army to Test New Helluva Way to Die: Robotic Combat Vehicles

7/13/2019 - Mark Hamill Shares an Unused DVD Feature For Tim Burton's Batman Featuring Himself and Kevin Conroy

7/13/2019 - Report: Election Systems Across Country Still Rely on Windows 7, Which Loses Free Support Next Year

7/13/2019 - John Carpenter and Anthony Burch Are Co-Writing a New Joker Comic

7/13/2019 - Update on Our 2020 Climate Summit

7/13/2019 - The New Ghostbusters Family Looks Adorable, Ready to Hunt Some Ghosts

7/13/2019 - Anti-Vaxxers Fail to Block New York Law Eliminating Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Requirements

7/13/2019 - New Line Is Working on a Space Invaders Movie, and Nothing Surprises Me Anymore

7/13/2019 - You Can Now Listen to Lion Beyoncé All You Want, The Lion King Soundtrack Is Here

7/12/2019 - United Airlines Announces Extended Flight Cancellations Due to Grounded Boeing 737 Max

7/12/2019 - We Might Finally Find Out What Elon Musk's Neuralink Has Been Up To

7/12/2019 - Humans Are the Prey in the First Trailer for The Hunt

7/12/2019 - Here's What The Predator Was Actually Supposed to Be About, Plus There Could Have Been a Monster Squad TV Show?

7/12/2019 - Astronomers Think They’ve Spotted a Moon Forming Around an Exoplanet

7/12/2019 - The Chance to Own Your Very Own Cookie Monster, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

7/12/2019 - Trump Voices Support for Social Media Legislation Conservatives Call a Free-Speech Killer

7/12/2019 - Milla Jovovich Joins in the Cult Fun in the Gorgeously Weird Paradise Hills Trailer

7/12/2019 - FTC 'Failed Miserably' in Punishing Facebook With $5 Billion Fine, Democrats Say

7/12/2019 - Paradise, California, Has Lost More Than 90 Percent of Its Residents Since Last Year's Deadly Fire

7/12/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About the Godlike Fallout of War of the Realms, Marvel's Craziest Thor Tale in Years

7/12/2019 - Blumhouse Finds Its New Invisible Man Haunting Hill House

7/12/2019 - People Born Prematurely May Have More Romantic Trouble as Adults, Study Finds

7/12/2019 - North Carolina Is Eyeing a Hyperloop One System for the Research Triangle

7/12/2019 - Don't Open Any Amazon Prime Day Emails, Just in Case

7/12/2019 - The 10 Most Exciting Panels Happening at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

7/12/2019 - Peddlers of Medical Misinformation Are Using Social Media 'Censorship' as a Selling Point

7/12/2019 - Just Like the Crushing Inevitability of Time Itself, There Will Be a Second Season of The Mandalorian

7/12/2019 - A Blackbird Blowing 'Smoke' Rings Wins Top Prize at the 2019 Audubon Photography Awards

7/12/2019 - Your Binge-Watching of Netflix and Porn Is Contributing to Millions of Tons of Emissions a Year

7/12/2019 - Batman Gets Hushed, Alien Gets Soft, and More Exclusive Mondo Comic-Con Posters [Updated]

7/12/2019 - Facebook Now Shows You Where Advertisers Get Your Data—Here's How to See It

7/12/2019 - Greenland Was on Fire This Week Amid 'Unprecedented' Arctic Burn

7/12/2019 - DJI's Super-Fast Robot Car Is an Absolute Blast

7/12/2019 - The Lost Boys Pilot Gets an Enthusiastic Update From Rob Thomas

7/12/2019 - Google Very Angry After Contractor Leaks Over a Thousand Assistant Recordings

7/12/2019 - Are You Ready For an Alexa Robot to Follow You Around?

7/12/2019 - A Look Inside a Heroic New Collection of Magic: The Gathering Art

7/12/2019 - West Coast Residents Seriously Underestimate the Threat of a Catastrophic Earthquake, Survey Finds

7/12/2019 - Seems Like the Power Rangers Movies Are Already Being Rebooted

7/12/2019 - The Switch Lite Seems Nice, But What I Really Want Is a Switch Pro

7/12/2019 - Newly-Discovered 'Vibranium' Fish Named in Honor of Wakanda

7/12/2019 - How to Take Control of Where Every Link on Your Phone or Computer Opens Up

7/12/2019 - Huawei Says Little Has Changed Despite President Trump's Pledge to Ease Restrictions on Tech Giant

7/11/2019 - Florida Woman Charged With Felony After Daughter Is Filmed Licking Tongue Depressor in Medical Center

7/11/2019 - Brian K. Vaughan’s Time-Traveling Adventure Paper Girls Is Coming to Amazon

7/11/2019 - 35 Injured on Air Canada Flight to Australia After Aircraft Hits 'Sudden Turbulence'

7/11/2019 - Infinity Train Is Finally Pulling Into the Station Next Month

7/11/2019 - An Interstellar War Looms in the Latest Trailer for Katee Sackhoff’s Sci-Fi Series Another Life

7/11/2019 - Homeland Security Exhibits Ignorance, Incompetence in Handling of Surveillance Contractor Breach

7/11/2019 - Steven Universe Has a Neck Now Because the Movie Is Set 2 Years in the Future

7/11/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home's Marketing Was an Illusion Worthy of Mysterio Himself

7/11/2019 - The White House Learned Four Internet Words and Wants to Teach You How to Say Them Wrong

7/11/2019 - The Science Behind Tropical Storm Barry's Potentially Catastrophic Flooding

7/11/2019 - The New Lupin III CG Movie Looks Bloody Incredible

7/11/2019 - A Sunken Cold War Nuclear Sub Is Leaking Radiation at Levels 800,000 Times Normal

7/11/2019 - Norse Mythology? Zack Snyder? Anime? Netflix? Sure, Why Not?

7/11/2019 - The Dirty Business of Hosting Hate Online

7/11/2019 - Twitter Is Down, Which Must Be Why No One's Liking My Sick Tweet [Updated: It's Back]

7/11/2019 - Don't Shower With Your Contacts In, Man Blinded by Eye Parasites Warns

7/11/2019 - Marvel's Best Comic-Con Exclusive Is a Tribute to Asses

7/11/2019 - The Worst Fire Gadget Amazon Ever Made Is Even Worse Than I Remember

7/11/2019 - ‘Superhuman’ AI Crushes Poker Pros at Six-Player Texas Hold'em

7/11/2019 - Controversial Telescope Starts Construction on Sacred Hawaiian Mountain Next Week

7/11/2019 - Ancient DNA Helps Trace the Origin of Domestic Cattle

7/11/2019 - The Walking Dead Is Adding a New Comics Character, But With a Twist

7/11/2019 - Why We’re Challenging the 2020 Democrats to a Climate Summit [Updated]

7/11/2019 - Foxconn Plant to Open in 2020 With Fewer Jobs Than Promised, and State Rep Has 'No Idea What They’re Actually Going to Be Doing'

7/11/2019 - Ex-Tesla Engineer: Okay, Yes, I Uploaded Autopilot Trade Secrets to My iCloud—What's the Big Deal?

7/11/2019 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge's Big New Ride Is Coming to Disney World This December

7/11/2019 - We Asked Every Member of the House Climate Crisis Committee if They’d Support AOC’s Climate Emergency Resolution

7/11/2019 - Japan Makes History as Hayabusa2 Attempts to Collect Underground Samples From Asteroid

7/11/2019 - Exclusive: DC's Black Label Will Explore the Joker and the Question's Inner Workings in 2 New Series

7/11/2019 - Google Can't Quit Trying to Make New Social Networks

7/11/2019 - New Orleans Faces a Major Flood Threat as Tropical Storm Barry Approaches [Updating]

7/11/2019 - Apple Disables Watch Walkie Talkie App Due to Security Flaw That Let You Eavesdrop on iPhones

7/11/2019 - NASA Abruptly Reassigns Top Human Exploration Program Officials as Trump Moon Mandate Looms

7/11/2019 - Hasbro Wants in on That My Little Pony/Stranger Things Hype With a New Retro Show and Toys

7/11/2019 - Reddit Is Down as the Summer of Outages Continues

7/11/2019 - Another Wild Rumor About the Cast of Marvel's Eternals

7/11/2019 - The Lion King Is a Gorgeous But Completely Unnecessary Retelling

7/11/2019 - President Trump Insists He Could've Won Without Social Media During Morning Toilet Tweets

7/11/2019 - UAE Spy Satellite Crashes Into Atlantic Ocean After Rocket Failure

7/11/2019 - Facebook's Libra Project Is Getting Hammered From All Sides, With Fed Chair Raising 'Serious Concerns'

7/10/2019 - Virgin Orbit Carries Out Its First Successful Rocket Drop Test From Modified Boeing 747

7/10/2019 - Every Single Ultraman Series Is Making Its Way to the U.S.

7/10/2019 - Man Wants Court to Get E-Scooter Data to ID the Hit-and-Run Rider Who Put Him in the Hospital

7/10/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home's Mysterio Concept Art Is Even Weirder Than the Real Thing

7/10/2019 - Workers Rack Up Another Victory As California Preps to Classify Uber and Lyft Drivers as Employees

7/10/2019 - This Report Makes It Perfectly Clear Who Automation Is Working For

7/10/2019 - Kratom Linked to Serious Side Effects and Deaths in New Study

7/10/2019 - An Open Letter to Everyone Going to Comic-Con

7/10/2019 - Russian Coal Plant Tells Instagrammers to Please Stop Taking Selfies in Its Pollution-Filled Waste Dump

7/10/2019 - Customs and Border Protection Tells Congress It's Totally Legal to Use Face Recognition on Americans

7/10/2019 - Get Your First Look at The Rise of Skywalker's Sith Trooper

7/10/2019 - Here's Why the Kids Are Coming Back for It: Chapter 2

7/10/2019 - A Common Household Chemical May Cause Thyroid Problems for Cats

7/10/2019 - Automatic Wifi Login Helped Police ID Teens Who Vandalized School

7/10/2019 - Controversy Around Netflix's Jinn Highlights a Cultural Divide in Jordan and the Middle East

7/10/2019 - Alaska's Wildfire Season Is Exploding, Spreading Smoke Across the State

7/10/2019 - A Very Brief Buyer's Guide to Sony's Great Noise-Canceling Headphones

7/10/2019 - T-Mobile Says That Getting Sued for Selling Users’ Location Data Violates Its Terms of Service

7/10/2019 - 7 More Reaction Gifs Featuring Famous Hollywood Actor Robert Redford

7/10/2019 - Satellite Imagery Can Now Be Used to Predict When Bridges Might Collapse

7/10/2019 - Everything Social Media Giants Banned in 2019 (That They Should've Banned Ages Ago)

7/10/2019 - Picard Has a Dog Now

7/10/2019 - Ancient Skull Fragment Pushes Back Date of Earliest Humans in Europe

7/10/2019 - The First Reactions to Disney's The Lion King Remake Are Here

7/10/2019 - Now We Know What the Hell Is Going on With Huawei—Sort Of

7/10/2019 - New Orleans Faces Catastrophic Flooding Ahead of Possible Tropical Storm

7/10/2019 - The Handmaid's Tale's Showrunner Shares What Keeps June Alive

7/10/2019 - Life Without iTunes Is Sweet Indeed

7/10/2019 - How American Corporations Are Policing Online Speech Worldwide

7/10/2019 - Amazon Has Set Its Sights on That New Lord of the Rings MMO

7/10/2019 - AT&T Is Enabling Its Robocall Blocking Tech by Default

7/10/2019 - Beyoncé's New Lion King Song, 'Spirit,' Is Coming for That Oscar

7/10/2019 - Updates on Mortal Kombat, Evil Dead, and More

7/10/2019 - Don't Just Uninstall Old Apps—Delete Your Accounts As Well

7/10/2019 - Nintendo's Smaller, Cheaper Switch Lite Is Here

7/10/2019 - Rabies Alert Issued Near Walt Disney World's Epcot After Feral Cat Tests Positive For the Disease

7/10/2019 - The Rocket That Took Humans to the Moon Will Be Projected on the Washington Monument Next Week

7/10/2019 - YouTube Announces Some Changes to Its Infamously Awful Copyright Infringement System

7/10/2019 - Video Captures Delta Air Lines MD-88 Engine Failing Mid-Flight Before Emergency Landing

7/9/2019 - Zoom Backtracks, Says It Will Actually Fix Major Flaw That Could Let Hackers Hijack Mac Webcams

7/9/2019 - Katee Sackhoff Attempts to Save Humanity in the Trailer for Netflix's Another Life

7/9/2019 - Civil Rights Groups Mostly Unimpressed by New Twitter Policy Against 'Dehumanizing' Language

7/9/2019 - The Duffer Brothers Share Some Predictably Vague Teases About Stranger Things 4

7/9/2019 - Here's Your Best Look Yet at the TMNT Comic's Wild New Addition

7/9/2019 - Pets Can Donate Blood, Too

7/9/2019 - Most Supplements and Dietary Changes Do Squat for Your Heart, Large Research Review Finds

7/9/2019 - This Ahsoka Tano Ring Is Brilliant, Beautiful, and Probably Very Handy in a Fight

7/9/2019 - Facebook Pledges to Move Dumb and Eat Shit

7/9/2019 - Blasting Rich People Into Space Is Better Business Than Uber, Somehow

7/9/2019 - AOC and Bernie Sanders Are Asking Congress to Declare a Climate Emergency

7/9/2019 - Voldemort Is Back and the Dune Reprint Gets a Release Date in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

7/9/2019 - How NASA Will Prolong the Lives of the Voyager Probes, 11 Billion Miles From Earth

7/9/2019 - It Would Take This 50-Year-Old NASA Computer More Than a Quintillion Years to Mine a Single Bitcoin Block

7/9/2019 - AMD's Third Generation Ryzen CPUs Are Just Terrific

7/9/2019 - WarnerMedia’s Newly Named Streaming Service Will Not Change DC Universe (For Now) [Updated]

7/9/2019 - The Comic Book Legacies Behind Far From Home's Final Post-Credit Scene

7/9/2019 - Google Lens Can Now Tell You Who Created That Neat Artwork You Walked Past

7/9/2019 - Seth Rich Conspiracy Spread by Fox News Linked to Russian Intelligence: Report

7/9/2019 - We've Got All Your Summertime Apple Rumors Right Here

7/9/2019 - Dora The Explorer's Swiper the Fox Sneaks His Way Into the New Lost City of Gold Trailer

7/9/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg's Head of Security Leaves Following Claims of Sexual Harassment and Racist Comments

7/9/2019 - The Game of Thrones Prequel Has 100 Kingdoms, Some Starks, But No Lannisters

7/9/2019 - Keeping Up With SpaceX, Amazon Seeks to Launch More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

7/9/2019 - Famous Nebula Produces Highest-Energy Light Ever Observed

7/9/2019 - Apple Just Gutted Its Laptop Lineup

7/9/2019 - 17 Things We Loved About Stranger Things 3 (And 6 We Didn't)

7/9/2019 - Wild Weather From the Midwest Could Spawn a Tropical Storm in the Gulf of Mexico This Week

7/9/2019 - IBM Patents a Smartwatch That Transforms Into a Giant Awkward Tablet Screen on Your Wrist

7/9/2019 - Netflix Is Turning Cuphead Into a Full-On Animated Series

7/9/2019 - An Oral History of the Early Trans Internet

7/9/2019 - ‘Ghost’ Fishing Gear Is a Bigger Threat to Sharks Than We Realized

7/9/2019 - American Horror Story: 1984 Might Have Lost Another Major Star

7/9/2019 - Domino's Tests Cashless Stores in Australia as the World Ditches Paper Money

7/9/2019 - Drone Captures Car Bursting Into Flames During Gender Reveal Video Shoot

7/9/2019 - Digital Rights Group Calls for a 'Complete' Federal Ban on Government Use of Facial Recognition Tech

7/9/2019 - Serious Security Flaw With Teleconferencing App Could Allow Websites to Hijack Mac Webcams

7/8/2019 - Kohl's Says Processing Amazon Returns Is Its 'Single Biggest Initiative' in 2019

7/8/2019 - Canon Stabs Tradition in the Back With Camera That Supports Vertical Video

7/8/2019 - In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream...for These Gabz Star Wars and Alien Posters

7/8/2019 - This Cool Short Film Turns Stranger Things Into Anime

7/8/2019 - And Now, a Deeply Horrifying Revelation About Doctor Who's Giant Maggots

7/8/2019 - Instagram Now Preemptively Shames People Before They Post Shitty Comments

7/8/2019 - 7-Eleven's Bad App Design Let Criminals Steal More Than $500,000

7/8/2019 - This Asteroid Orbits So Close to the Sun, Its Year Lasts Just 151 Days

7/8/2019 - One of Far From Home's Shocking Twists Introduces a Key Aspect of Spider-Man's Lore

7/8/2019 - Research Sheds Light on Strange Seaway That Once Covered the Sahara

7/8/2019 - That Big California Earthquake Left a Scar That's Visible From Space

7/8/2019 - Well, Well, Well

7/8/2019 - Scanned in My Skivvies: How a Techy Tailor Cut the Perfect Suit for My Body

7/8/2019 - Mozilla to Launch Premium Firefox Browser With Ad-Free News for $5 a Month

7/8/2019 - Stranger Things' David Harbour Has Thoughts About That Post-Credits Sequence

7/8/2019 - China's Solar Industry Could Get a Nearly $7 Billion Boost From Cleaning Up Air Pollution

7/8/2019 - Documents Reveal How ICE Agents Exploit DMV Photos for Shady Facial Recognition Searches

7/8/2019 - Amazon Workers Plan to Strike on Prime Day

7/8/2019 - Dr. Mario World Copies The Worst Mechanics of Mobile Gaming and It's Our Fault

7/8/2019 - How Mysterio's Mystery Was Crafted in Spider-Man: Far From Home

7/8/2019 - No One Really Knows How Many Men Have Erectile Dysfunction

7/8/2019 - Joker's Todd Phillips Says Not to Expect 'Anything' From the Comics

7/8/2019 - UCLA Professor Faces 219 Years in Prison for Sending U.S. Missile Chips to China

7/8/2019 - Swimming Banned at All Mississippi Beaches After Huge Toxic Algae Bloom

7/8/2019 - British Airways Faces Record $229 Million Penalty Over Stolen Customer Data

7/8/2019 - More Like Saw-muel L. Jackson, Right?

7/8/2019 - This Is the Best Gaming Phone Yet

7/8/2019 - Scientists Study Headbanging Parrot to Learn Why Music Makes Us Dance

7/8/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home's Filmmakers Answer Some of Your Biggest Burning Questions

7/8/2019 - It’s Raining Inside the Metro as Flash Floods Rage Across Washington, DC

7/8/2019 - Mysterious Orange Bird Turns Out to Be a Regular Gull Covered in Curry or Something

7/8/2019 - For the Second Time in Six Months, a Mining Ship Has Polluted This World-Famous Reef

7/8/2019 - 7 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of a Multi-Monitor Setup

7/8/2019 - Updates From Stargirl, the New Ghostbusters, and More

7/8/2019 - In Disney's Latest Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Trailer, Love and Villainy Are in the Air

7/8/2019 - Who Has the Most Censored Internet?

7/8/2019 - Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Says Most People Should Get Off Facebook Permanently

7/8/2019 - Facebook and Twitter Not Invited to White House Social Media Summit This Week

7/7/2019 - Google Is Testing a Play/Pause Button for Audio and Video on the Chrome Toolbar

7/7/2019 - Jodrell Bank Observatory Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site

7/7/2019 - James Gunn Says That a Brightburn Sequel Might Be on the Table After All

7/7/2019 - Millie Bobby Brown Explains How She Filmed Her Most Emotional Moment in the Third Season of Stranger Things

7/7/2019 - Iran Says It Will Exceed Uranium Enrichment Limits in 2015 Nuclear Deal

7/7/2019 - Cameron Boyce, Disney Channel Star and Descendants Actor, Passes Away at Age 20

7/7/2019 - The First Mulan Trailer Teases a Sweeping Warrior's Adventure

7/7/2019 - I'm Pretty Sure Goofy Literally Dies in the Newest Mickey Mouse Short

7/7/2019 - A Last Minute Price Drop Makes AMD's New Graphics Cards a Solid Deal

7/6/2019 - Report: All Four Major Mobile Networks in the UK Are Using Huawei 5G Gear

7/6/2019 - Philly Park Officials Criticized for Installing Devices That Blare High-Frequency Noise at Young People

7/6/2019 - Jeremy Renner Almost Played Agent Myers in del Toro’s Hellboy

7/6/2019 - DC Rally Against Tech 'Censorship' Seems to Be Mostly This Guy Screaming About His Tinder Ban

7/6/2019 - The Latest Star Wars Animated Short Actually Makes the Ewoks Kind of Scary

7/6/2019 - Rooster Teeth Is Teaming Up With DC For RWBY and gen:LOCK Comics

7/6/2019 - Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake in Southern California Is Second Major Quake in Two Days

7/6/2019 - The First Footage For Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Is Here, and It’s Bonkers

7/6/2019 - In a Neat Video, Shazam’s Director Talks the Art of Problem Solving in Film

7/6/2019 - Why Refresh Rate is One of the Most Crucial Specs of Any Gadget Display

7/5/2019 - Axe-Hammers, Heat Hawks, and More of the Sharpest Merch of the Week

7/5/2019 - Baked Alaska: Anchorage Smashes Temperature Record as Thermometer Hits 90 Degrees

7/5/2019 - New Sci-Fi Short Watch Room Asks Who Is the Real Ghost in the Machine

7/5/2019 - Enormous 5,500-Mile-Long Patch of Atlantic Seaweed Might Be the ‘New Normal’

7/5/2019 - Wait, So What Does Gwyneth Paltrow Remember From the Marvel Movies?

7/5/2019 - Goose Claims He Could Defeat Thanos in This Totally Serious Captain Marvel Video

7/5/2019 - An Aerospace Engineer Figured Out How To Get Lego's Apollo 11 Lunar Lander To Fly

7/5/2019 - This Website's Deliberately Frustrating Interface Will Make You Appreciate Good Web Design

7/5/2019 - Moving Sucks, But Especially If You're a Geek

7/5/2019 - King Tut Sculpture Sells for $6 Million at Auction Despite Ownership Controversy

7/5/2019 - Here's Your Spoiler-Filled Stranger Things Season 3 Discussion Zone

7/5/2019 - Doom Patrol's Back, Baby, and Everyone Just Wants to Find Themselves

7/5/2019 - The Weather Machine Reveals How the Forecast Is Made—and Why It's Now Threatened

7/5/2019 - Akira Is Getting a 4K Remaster, and a New Anime

7/5/2019 - What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

7/5/2019 - How You Can Improve Your Favorite Maps App so it Doesn't Suck

7/5/2019 - The Man Behind The Mask Wants to Make a Female-Led Reboot

7/5/2019 - Sony's New Truly Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds Feel Like a Fancy Step Forward

7/5/2019 - How to Keep Your Home Cool Without Wrecking the Planet

7/4/2019 - Hulu's Into the Dark Takes on the Border Crisis in Its Most Dystopian Episode Yet

7/4/2019 - Astronauts Aren’t Dying From Space Radiation, New Research Suggests

7/4/2019 - You're Not Doing the Fourth of July Right If You're Not Blowing Up the World's Largest Fireworks Tank

7/4/2019 - This Hurricane Proof House Made From 612,000 Recycled Plastic Bottles Can Withstand 326 MPH Winds

7/4/2019 - In the Latest Trailer For Mewtwo Strikes Back, Begun, the Clone Wars Have

7/4/2019 - A Bird Strike Caused an Air Force Plane to Accidentally Drop Three Training Bombs on Florida

7/4/2019 - MAD Magazine Is Basically Dead

7/4/2019 - Calculation Shows We Could Add a U.S.-Sized Forest to the Planet to Fight Climate Change

7/4/2019 - The 5 Best Worst Jaws Rip-Offs

7/4/2019 - Hot Toys' Latest Marvel Figure Is Truly Excelsior

7/4/2019 - We Built the 2,300-Piece Stranger Things Lego Set and Now We're in the Upside Down

7/4/2019 - How to Recline Your Airplane Seat Without Being a Dick

7/4/2019 - Homeowners in Florida Encouraged to Kill Invasive Iguanas ‘Whenever Possible’

7/4/2019 - The Real Punisher Wants Cops to Stop Pretending They're the Punisher

7/4/2019 - Apple Might Start Ditching Its Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Laptop Keyboards Later This Year

7/4/2019 - New Set Pictures Reveal the Radical Return of Bill & Ted

7/3/2019 - Superhuman, Silicon Valley's Hottest Email App, Kills Location Tracking After Privacy Backlash

7/3/2019 - We Regret to Inform You the UK's Ad Regulator Has Deemed Anyone With 30,000 Followers a Celebrity

7/3/2019 - AMC's The Terror Haunts a Japanese American Internment Camp in a Pertinent New Trailer

7/3/2019 - Amazon Confirms It Keeps Alexa Transcripts You Can't Delete

7/3/2019 - The Goonies' Teaser Trailer Was the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History

7/3/2019 - Rami Malek Had an Important Request Before Joining Bond 25

7/3/2019 - Roaches Are Getting Harder and Harder to Kill

7/3/2019 - Disney Has Found Its Ariel for the Live-Action Little Mermaid

7/3/2019 - How to Get a Vitamix-Quality Blender for a Lot Less Money

7/3/2019 - At Least You’ll Look Beautiful When They Turn Your Face Into Your Credit Card

7/3/2019 - A New Sci-Fi Movie Had 2 Minutes to Capture a Solar Eclipse, Here's What Happened

7/3/2019 - More Than a Million Ordered to Evacuate as Southern Japan Braces for a Month of Rain in a Single Day

7/3/2019 - Midsommar's Ari Aster Talks Embracing the Grotesque While Subverting Audience Expectations

7/3/2019 - Facebook and Instagram Can't Seem to Keep Their Shit Together

7/3/2019 - Waymo's Self-Driving Cabs Just Got an Important Green Light in California

7/3/2019 - Extremely Rare Lava Lake Discovered on Remote British Island

7/3/2019 - Austria on the Verge of Becoming First EU Country to Ban Controversial Roundup Herbicide

7/3/2019 - Shark Bite Mystery Solved 25 Years Later Thanks to Tooth Tweezed From Foot

7/3/2019 - Everything You Need to Remember From Stranger Things 1 and 2

7/3/2019 - The World's Second-Largest Rainforest Is Losing the Carbon It’s Held for a Thousand Years

7/3/2019 - Congress Demands Facebook Put Brakes on Libra Cryptocurrency

7/3/2019 - Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show Nabs Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Director J.A. Bayona

7/3/2019 - U.S. Agents Told Huawei Still Blacklisted Despite Trump Comments, Because Nothing Means Anything

7/3/2019 - Retro Nostalgia Goes Wireless With the First Bluetooth Cassette Player

7/3/2019 - Plants Are Definitely Not Conscious, Researchers Argue

7/3/2019 - Give the Jeopardy Nerds Who Didn't Know Who Spider-Man Is a Break

7/3/2019 - The T-Mobile–Sprint Merger Could Leave Dish as the Fourth U.S. Wireless Carrier

7/3/2019 - Apple's iOS 13 Lets Us Fake Intimacy in FaceTime by Correcting Our Gaze to Look Into the Camera

7/3/2019 - Americans Love Their Trash and Hate to Recycle, Report Finds

7/3/2019 - FBI Says Investigative Files on White Supremacists Have Inexplicably Gone Missing

7/3/2019 - The Coolest Images of Yesterday's Solar Eclipse

7/3/2019 - Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker May Feel Like a Different Genre, According to Daisy Ridley

7/3/2019 - Here's What People Thought of Amazon When It First Launched in the Mid-1990s

7/3/2019 - Eclipsecane! Solar Eclipse Photobombs Hurricane in Stunning Satellite Shots

7/3/2019 - Canon Stuck a Smartphone Lens Into a Flash Drive for This Tiny Clip-on Camera

7/3/2019 - Pew-Pew: What Do Lasers Actually Sound Like?

7/3/2019 - Doctor Who Could Return to Our Screens Sooner Than We'd Thought

7/3/2019 - Trump Campaign Uses Stock Video of 'Supporters' in Latest Facebook Ads

7/3/2019 - New Zealand Says Google Broke the Law by Naming Suspect in Grace Millane Murder Case

7/3/2019 - Report: Samsung in 'Final Stages' of Fixing Galaxy Fold After Pre-Launch Disaster

7/2/2019 - Lawsuit Accuses Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin of Hiding Wealth From Wife, Running 'Sex Ring'

7/2/2019 - Dark's Creators Tell Fans They're Hoping to Unravel That Time Travel Mess in Season 3

7/2/2019 - The First Trailer For David Harbour's Frankenstein Mockumentary Is as Weird as Its Title

7/2/2019 - Trump Invites Consortium of Conservative Internet Trolls to The White House for 'Social Media Summit'

7/2/2019 - Researchers Use CRISPR to Remove HIV From Mice

7/2/2019 - FDA Enforcement Actions Have Dropped Dramatically Under Trump, Investigation Finds

7/2/2019 - 'The Definition of Corruption': Warren Calls Out FCC Advisory Committee Overrun by Corporate Suits

7/2/2019 - If You Solve This Math Problem, You Could Steal All the Bitcoin in the World

7/2/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home's Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Flying In

7/2/2019 - Silicon Valley’s Hottest Email App Raises Ethical Questions About the Future of Email

7/2/2019 - Apple TV+ Just Might Fuck After All

7/2/2019 - This Sad Robot Made From Random Twigs Has to Teach Itself to Get Around

7/2/2019 - The Big Evil Companies Are Right

7/2/2019 - Ian Jones-Quartey's OK K.O.! Has Some Very Important Health and Mental Wellness Advice

7/2/2019 - Regal Cinema's Reportedly Set to Launch a MoviePass-Style Unlimited Subscription Plan

7/2/2019 - Wynonna Earp Season 4 Is Back On

7/2/2019 - Elon Musk’s Version of The Onion Could’ve Been Amazing

7/2/2019 - The Flash Movie Might Have Gained a New Director and Writer, But Ezra Miller Remains

7/2/2019 - Last Month Was the Hottest June Ever Recorded, European Satellite Data Shows

7/2/2019 - Facebook Bravely Limits Nonsense Health 'Cures' and Misinformation to Just Some People

7/2/2019 - Turns Out, The Walking Dead Comic's Most Shocking Death Is Its Own

7/2/2019 - Freaky Star Seems to Dim Randomly, and Astronomers Don't Know Why

7/2/2019 - The Alaska Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts Would Be a Disaster for U.S. Climate Research

7/2/2019 - Apple's Project Titan Dreamed Up a Car With Retractable Bumpers

7/2/2019 - Public Health Experts Call for Aggressive, Global Push Against Antivaxxers

7/2/2019 - The Stars of The Lion King Meet Their Digital Counterparts in a Stunning Series of Photos

7/2/2019 - Automated Call Menus Are the Epitome of Shitty Automation

7/2/2019 - NASA Successfully Completes Dramatic In-Flight Test of Orion’s Abort System

7/2/2019 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge FOMO Has Turned Me Into a Garbage Monster, and I Hate It

7/2/2019 - Trump Suspends Tariffs on Board Games and Toys from China, for Now Anyway

7/2/2019 - Stanford's Eye-Tracking Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You're Looking At

7/2/2019 - DownDetector Went Down, Internet Chaos Reigned Momentarily

7/2/2019 - Watch Alita: Battle Angel's Iron City Get Built From the Ground Up

7/2/2019 - Meet the People Risking Their Lives to Study Our Dying Mountain Glaciers

7/2/2019 - Watch Today's Total Solar Eclipse Right Here

7/2/2019 - AT&T Outage Hits Emergency Services Calls and Texting in Multiple States

7/2/2019 - If You Just Bought an Nvidia RTX 2060, You Should Be Super Pissed

7/2/2019 - The Dune Universe Continues to Grow

7/2/2019 - U.S. Concentration Camp Guards Promise Investigation Into Hateful Facebook Posts

7/2/2019 - Twitter Racist Who Allegedly Sent Death Threats to Muslim Lawyer Now Facing Federal Charges

7/2/2019 - Worst Monsoon Rains in 14 Years Swamp Mumbai, Killing at Least 35

7/1/2019 - Florida City Fires IT Employee After Paying $460,000 Bitcoin Ransom to Hackers

7/1/2019 - Virginia's Anti-Revenge Porn Law Now Covers Deepfakes and Other 'Falsely Created' Content

7/1/2019 - Zoe Saldana Isn't Quite Sure What Happens to Gamora After Endgame, Either

7/1/2019 - A Deleted Shazam Scene Could Be Teasing the Arrival of Black Adam

7/1/2019 - Internet Shutdowns Are Now Just Another Weapon in the Dictator's Arsenal

7/1/2019 - The First Trailer for David Rosenthal's Jacob's Ladder Remake Is Stunning

7/1/2019 - Sent From My iPhone

7/1/2019 - Defying International Community, Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

7/1/2019 - Someone Made a Portable Keanu Gif Player and I Need It Now

7/1/2019 - There Are So Many New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Coming Out in July

7/1/2019 - That Animated Gremlins TV Show Is Officially Happening

7/1/2019 - Maybe Apple Will Be Better Off Without Jony Ive

7/1/2019 - Please, Stop Shitting in the Pool

7/1/2019 - Facebook Mail Facility Evacuated After Report of Deadly Nerve Agent

7/1/2019 - Wait, What the Hell Is Going on With Huawei Now?

7/1/2019 - One in Five Americans Gets Hurt By Someone Else's Drinking Every Year

7/1/2019 - The Little Mermaid Remake Catches a Fish and a Seagull

7/1/2019 - China Censors Audio Content That Is Horny or Nihilistic

7/1/2019 - We Tested T-Mobile's 5G in New York: What a Difference a Map Makes

7/1/2019 - In This Excerpt From Chuck Wendig's New Sci-Fi Thriller, Wanderers, a Scientist Begins to Realize the World's in Deep Trouble

7/1/2019 - Wikipedia Co-Founder Picks a Nice Day to Log Off

7/1/2019 - London Considers Bubbling, Beeping, and Other 'Irritating' Sci-Fi Sounds for Electric Bus Fleet

7/1/2019 - The Challenge of Making and Marketing Spider-Man: Far From Home, When No One Could Know What It Was About

7/1/2019 - Alaska Is Hot and on Fire

7/1/2019 - This AI-Powered Cat Door Is a Brilliant Way to Keep a Kitty's Murder Presents Outside

7/1/2019 - Neil Gaiman's Sandman Is Becoming an Expensive Netflix Series

7/1/2019 - A Freak Storm Buried Parts of Guadalajara in Nearly Five Feet of Hail This Weekend

7/1/2019 - Alabamans Are Battling Car-Sized Yellow Jacket Nests This Year

7/1/2019 - Buffy and Angel Will Fight Over Who Gets to Save the World in Boom Studios' First Buffy Comic Crossover

7/1/2019 - Apple TV+ Swears It Won't Be as Shitty as Netflix

7/1/2019 - NASA Sold an Original Moon Landing Video to an Intern in the 1970s and Now It's for Sale Again

7/1/2019 - The Witcher First Look: Henry Cavill Is Legolas' Second Coming, Plus Ciri and Yennefer Strike a Pose

7/1/2019 - Wonderboom 2 Is the Perfect Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Your Summer

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