6/30/2019 - Leading Civil Rights Groups Call Facebook's Latest Internal Audit 'Woefully Inadequate' to Address Hate

6/30/2019 - Metallic Hydrogen, Toxic Fandom, and the Fifth Dimension: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/30/2019 - Apple Discovers 'Power' Issue With Logic Boards in Some 2018 MacBook Airs, Will Offer Free Repairs

6/30/2019 - A Single Court-Authorized Wiretap Order in 2018 Swept Up 9.2 Million Intercepts

6/30/2019 - Attack on Titan Will End With Its Fourth Season

6/30/2019 - Jeremy Renner Reveals Avengers: Endgame Once Had a Thanos Battle on Vormir

6/30/2019 - A Small Update on the New RoboCop Movie, Which Is Apparently Still Happening

6/30/2019 - Tell Us Who You Would Cast in a New Version of The Matrix

6/30/2019 - Alleged Cyber Attack on Russia's Yandex Used Malware Tied to Western Intelligence

6/30/2019 - Thanks to This Cover, the Cantina Theme From Star Wars Is Going to Be Stuck in My Head All Day

6/30/2019 - Stranger Things 3 Is Like an 8-Hour Summer Blockbuster, Here's Our Non-Spoiler Review

6/29/2019 - AMD Denies Report That It Improperly Shared Sensitive Processor Tech With China

6/29/2019 - This Video Proves Once and for All That Luke Skywalker Is Star Wars’ Straight Man

6/29/2019 - Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Has Trial Date Set for Summer 2020

6/29/2019 - Ingrid Michaelson and Artist Nicola Scott Create a Pretty Tribute to Stranger Things

6/29/2019 - Daisy Ridley Has a Funny Memory of That Hug Scene With Carrie Fisher That's Going to Be in The Rise of Skywalker

6/29/2019 - Trump Says He'll Relax Sanctions on Huawei as Part of Trade Talks With China

6/29/2019 - Comics Writer Sina Grace Talks the Lack of Support He Received From Marvel While Writing Iceman

6/29/2019 - This Video Dives Into the Bizarre, Complex History of the Muppet Babies

6/29/2019 - Will NASA Find Life on Titan?

6/29/2019 - FDA Says It's Still Investigating Possible Link Between Some Dog Foods and Canine Heart Disease

6/28/2019 - Owner of Gay Dating App Jack'd to Pay Out for Leaving Nudes and Private Photos Exposed

6/28/2019 - What's Up, Danger? Oh, Just an Into the Spider-Verse Tribute Art Show

6/28/2019 - Hellraiser, Which Already Has a Movie Reboot in the Works, Now Has a TV Series on the Table Too

6/28/2019 - Not Even Samurai Captain Phasma and a Lego PS4 Spider-Man Can Compete With This Tiny Sega Genesis

6/28/2019 - Holy Crap, This Star Wars Short Made Me Excited About the Jedi for Once

6/28/2019 - Apple Risks Infuriating the White House as It Reportedly Moves Assembly of Mac Pro to China

6/28/2019 - A Frightening Number of Americans Have Never Gotten Tested for HIV

6/28/2019 - Hey GrubHub, What the Fuck??

6/28/2019 - Remember 1998, When the World (Almost) Ended Twice?

6/28/2019 - Ajit Pai Is Working Hard to Make Broadband Users Dumb Again

6/28/2019 - Open Channel: What 'Normal' Franchise Would You Like to See Go Full Sci-Fi?

6/28/2019 - China’s Mission on the Moon's Far Side Resumes After Recent Glitch

6/28/2019 - Disney's Live Action Little Mermaid May Have Found Its Ursula

6/28/2019 - Danny Boyle Reflects on Making Beautiful Music With Yesterday, His Beatle-Less Alt Universe Story

6/28/2019 - Health Inequality Is Getting Worse in the U.S.

6/28/2019 - A Familiar Face Is Returning to Headline Netflix's Haunting of Hill House Follow-Up, The Haunting of Bly Manor

6/28/2019 - The Pentagon Has a Device That Can Use a Laser to Identify Someone Based On Their Heartbeat

6/28/2019 - France Just Obliterated Its All-Time Heat Record

6/28/2019 - Face Recognition Surveillance Banned by Second American City

6/28/2019 - The Action-Packed Final Hobbs & Shaw Trailer Avoids the Swears But Not the Stunts

6/28/2019 - Automation Should Be a Major 2020 Issue. Andrew Yang Failed to Put It on the Map

6/28/2019 - Italy Pokes Facebook With $1.1 Million Fine, and Man, I Bet They're Sorry Now

6/28/2019 - Scientists Find Dozens of Lakes Buried Far Below Greenland's Ice

6/28/2019 - MIT Created a Better Rain-Deflecting Material That's Like a Force Field For Liquids

6/28/2019 - The Zippo-Case Klipsch Earbuds Actually Sound Pretty Dang Good

6/28/2019 - Fossilized Teeth Suggest Some Ancient Crocodiles Were Vegetarians

6/28/2019 - Post-Production on The Orville: Communication, Kombucha, and a Dog Named Bruce Wayne Jr.

6/28/2019 - Everyone Flopped on Climate Change During the First Democratic Debates

6/28/2019 - Riz Ahmed's Star Wars Celebration Chicago Appearance Was Canceled Because Homeland Security Wouldn't Let Him Board His Flight

6/28/2019 - Slack Goes Wonky, Gives Millions the Day Off

6/28/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home: The Totally Spoiler-Free Video Review

6/28/2019 - Broadcom's Tech Is in Nearly All Your Gadgets—Here's Why That Suddenly Matters

6/28/2019 - New Updates From Black Widow, Enola Holmes, and More

6/28/2019 - President Trump Jokes With Smiling Vladimir Putin About Meddling in U.S. Elections

6/28/2019 - United and Southwest Airlines Announce Extended Boeing 737 Max Cancellations Amid New Software Issue

6/27/2019 - DoorDash to Workers: We'll Screw You Over to Your Face Now

6/27/2019 - Kieron Gillen's Star Wars Run Put a Fascinating Spotlight on One of Rogue One's Most Interesting Legacies

6/27/2019 - Tom Holland Reveals the Into the Spider-Verse Cameo That Could've Happened

6/27/2019 - Bill & Ted Face The Music Just Added Its Princesses and Some Other Familiar Faces

6/27/2019 - GOP's Global Gag Rule Linked to Less Birth Control Use—and More Unsafe Abortions

6/27/2019 - Ajit Pai's Silence on Phone Tracking Abuse Is Further Eroding Faith in His Competence

6/27/2019 - Following News That Jony Ive Is Leaving, Apple Stock Loses Billions

6/27/2019 - Trump White House Reportedly Debating Encryption Policy Behind Closed Doors

6/27/2019 - Michael Chabon Will Showrun Star Trek: Picard

6/27/2019 - Google Maps Will Now Predict How Crowded Buses And Trains Are

6/27/2019 - Jony Ive Is Finally Free

6/27/2019 - NASA Is Officially Sending an Aerial Drone to Titan and It's a Dream Come True

6/27/2019 - Google May Have Used Your Mannequin Challenge Videos to Train AI

6/27/2019 - 8 Memorable Movie Murders, All Committed By Killer Dolls

6/27/2019 - Google and Private Research University Sued for Sharing Medical Data Without Patient Consent

6/27/2019 - The Predators Have Gone Too Damn Far in This Exclusive Look Inside Archie vs Predator 2

6/27/2019 - We're Going to Mistake the Drones of the Future for Annoying Flying Insects

6/27/2019 - Wildfire Explodes in Spain as Europe Reels From Record Heat

6/27/2019 - This Fun Spider-Man: Far From Home Scene Was Cut, But You'll Still Get to See it (and Its Star Wars Connection)

6/27/2019 - Samsung, What on Earth Are You Doing?

6/27/2019 - Mysterious Cosmic Radio Burst Detected in a Completely Unexpected Region of Space

6/27/2019 - Graphic Novel BTTM FDRS Digs Into the Horrors of Gentrification

6/27/2019 - Dozens of Drivers Got Stuck After Blindly Following Google Maps Into a Mud Pit

6/27/2019 - Everywhere Is Turning Into an Amazon Locker

6/27/2019 - Paul Rudd Is Joining the Next Ghostbusters, But Maybe Not to Bust Ghosts

6/27/2019 - America's Biggest Police Body-Cam Manufacturer Bans Face Recognition Surveillance—for Now

6/27/2019 - How Historians Can Now See Invisible Text on Ancient Manuscripts

6/27/2019 - Airplane Contrails Have Surprising Effect on the Atmosphere

6/27/2019 - A New Way To Erase Ink Lets You Reuse Printouts Without Recycling

6/27/2019 - When Fandom Is the Problem

6/27/2019 - Did Boris Johnson Ramble About Model Buses to Manipulate Google's Search Results?

6/27/2019 - Final Fantasy XIV Is Heading to Television

6/27/2019 - What If I Don't Want to Be a Hologram After I Die?

6/27/2019 - Instagram Is Ruining Instant Photography—The Instax Mini LiPlay Is Proof

6/27/2019 - I Spy at Least One Dance Number in the Charlie's Angels Trailer

6/27/2019 - Huge New Review of Fracking's Health Hazards Will Help Communities Fight It

6/27/2019 - This Simple Nintendo 64 HDMI Adapter Will Finally Put GoldenEye On Your Giant Flatscreen TV

6/27/2019 - Even More Black Widow Set Pictures Tease a Mysterious Villain

6/27/2019 - Philips Hue's New Bluetooth Bulbs Make It Cheaper to Try Out the Best Smart Lights

6/27/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home Is a Spectacular Leap Forward for Peter Parker and the MCU

6/27/2019 - Breaking Up Facebook Won't Fix Real Problems, According to Completely Disinterested and Impartial Mark Zuckerberg

6/27/2019 - Google Starts Rolling Out Options to Auto-Delete Web & App, Location Histories Every Few Months

6/27/2019 - Report: Parents of Child YouTubers Worry Getting Pushed to YouTube Kids Will Make Them Less Money

6/26/2019 - Candy Crush Developer Says 9.2 Million Users Play At Least 3 Hours a Day, But It's Totally Not Addictive

6/26/2019 - This 33-Disc Game of Thrones Complete Box Set Is Gorgeous

6/26/2019 - Ancient Bird Weighed Nearly 1,000 Pounds but Could Still Haul Ass Like an Ostrich

6/26/2019 - Big Finish Will Celebrate 20 Years of Doctor Who Audio Dramas With a 20-Hour YouTube Marathon

6/26/2019 - FDA Is Going After Kratom, Warning Companies to Stop Selling It for Opioid Addiction and Cancer

6/26/2019 - Locke & Key Writer Joe Hill Is Helming a New Line of DC Horror Comics

6/26/2019 - Facebook Cites Mass Shooting Streamed Live on Facebook as Proof Platform Has 'Gotten Better'

6/26/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in July

6/26/2019 - The Gateway Protecting the Arctic's Oldest Sea Ice Has Collapsed Months Ahead of Schedule

6/26/2019 - YouTube Is Finally Giving You More Control Over the Videos Its Algorithm Puts In Your Face

6/26/2019 - Hundreds of Uber Drivers in Toronto Are Joining a Union

6/26/2019 - TV Watching Is Worse for Your Heart Than Sitting at Work, Study Finds

6/26/2019 - Wayfair Execs Will Do Anything to Avoid Standing Against Concentration Camps

6/26/2019 - Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans Wants to Give the Spider-Verse a Run for Its Money

6/26/2019 - Myst Is Being Developed for Film and TV...Again

6/26/2019 - Verizon's Visible Is Offering Truly Unlimited Cell Data Right Now and Honestly, Damn

6/26/2019 - Reddit Quarantines Its Biggest Pro-Trump Community

6/26/2019 - Mozilla Has a New Tool for Tricking Advertisers Into Believing You're Filthy Rich

6/26/2019 - The Mouse Guard Movie Is Officially Dead, But This Demo Reel Shows What Could've Been

6/26/2019 - New Emails Reveal How the Trump Regime Creates Twitter Propaganda to Excuse the Migrant Baby Jails

6/26/2019 - Incredible Observation Links Two Different Radioactive Phenomena Inside a Thunderstorm

6/26/2019 - 7 Glamorously Gruesome Movies That Combine Horror and High Fashion

6/26/2019 - New Video Shows How Humanity Could Spread Throughout the Galaxy

6/26/2019 - Asus Zenbook S13 Review: A Notch, a Bump, a Clever Little Laptop

6/26/2019 - Hey, Handmaid's Tale, I Have Some Questions About This Body Horror Thing

6/26/2019 - Another Top EPA Official Is Out Amid Ethics Scandal

6/26/2019 - Magic: The Gathering's Comic-Con Exclusive Brings Forth Gods, Dragons, and Dragon Gods

6/26/2019 - Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Adds Sigourney Weaver, Lena Headey, and More

6/26/2019 - Big Little Lies Asks Whether Some Kids Are Too Young to Learn About Climate Change

6/26/2019 - Facebook Agrees to Hand Over Hate Speech Data to French Courts

6/26/2019 - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' New Writer Breaks Down the Big Twists of Today's Major Issue

6/26/2019 - Oppo's Under-Screen Selfie Camera Makes Notches Feel Like a Lazy Design Placeholder

6/26/2019 - Somehow, Avengers: Endgame Has Even More Footage to Tempt You With in Its Home Release

6/26/2019 - Scientists Are Probing Tornadoes With Drones to Save Lives

6/26/2019 - Updates From Bond 25, Swamp Thing, and More

6/26/2019 - How Many of Your Smart Gadgets Can Actually Get a Virus?

6/26/2019 - Apple Buys Self-Driving Car Startup Drive.ai in Sign It's Not Through With Autonomous Vehicles

6/26/2019 - Lego's New Avengers: Endgame Set Brings a Helicopter to an Infinity Gauntlet Fight

6/26/2019 - Boeing Announces Work With Flying Taxi Startup Kitty Hawk, But Don't Call It a Flying Car

6/26/2019 - San Francisco Bans E-Cigarette Sales Despite Being Home to Juul Labs, the Hottest Name in Addiction Technology

6/26/2019 - Polar's Latest Fitness Smartwatch Is for Data Dummies

6/26/2019 - Police Pull Nearly a Dozen Dockless Scooters From Their Watery Graves in Portland, Say More to Come

6/25/2019 - Target Is Starting Its Own Goddamn Prime Day, OK?

6/25/2019 - In Sci-Fi Short The Replacement, a Man Faces a Future Filled With Too Many Clones (Including His Own)

6/25/2019 - When Being Attacked By Giant Monsters Becomes Everyday Life

6/25/2019 - American Companies Are Reportedly Finding Ways to Sell to Huawei Again

6/25/2019 - House Robocall Bill Now Favors Criminal Charges for Offenders, May Target Debt Collectors Soon

6/25/2019 - Enter the Stargate and Take Out the Astro Trash in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

6/25/2019 - This Is How You're Being Manipulated

6/25/2019 - This Absurd Samsung Rumor Claims a Foldable 'Clamshell' Smartphone Is in the Works

6/25/2019 - Crohn's Disease Patient Seemingly Cured by Vegetarian Diet

6/25/2019 - Chronic Stress Makes Captive Orcas Sick and More Likely to Die Young

6/25/2019 - Longest Oil Spill in U.S. History May Be 900 Times Larger Than Originally Estimated

6/25/2019 - Wayfair CEO Refuses to Stop Furnishing Concentration Camps: Report

6/25/2019 - The Conflicted Legacy of the Marvel Netflix Experiment

6/25/2019 - Exclusive: Watch Game of Thrones' Ice Wall Climb Come to Life in Storyboard Form

6/25/2019 - Oregon Climate Bill Appears Dead After Some Ridiculous Bullshit You Can't Make Up

6/25/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Wants to Create a New Agency to Fix America’s Laughable Election Security

6/25/2019 - Tom Holland's Making It Really Hard to Honor My Apartment's 'No Dogs' Policy

6/25/2019 - Audio Surveillance Systems at Schools Appear To Confuse Laughter With Aggressive Behavior

6/25/2019 - The Battle Against Mobile Demonic Possession Rages in the Trailer for Nekrotronic

6/25/2019 - Researchers Designed a Video Game That Changes on the Fly to Compensate For Lag

6/25/2019 - Woodstock ‘Took on a Life of its Own,’ Recent Archaeological Survey Reveals

6/25/2019 - In Praise of the Glorious Bag Vacuum

6/25/2019 - Check Out Apple's Ridiculous Patent for Adding a Camera to the Apple Watch

6/25/2019 - The Everglades Are on Fire

6/25/2019 - A Medievalist's Guide to Decoding the Creatures in Godzilla: King of the Monsters

6/25/2019 - Incredible Photo from the Space Station Shows Raikoke Volcano Erupting

6/25/2019 - Chinese Chipmakers Say It's Not Possible to Hit Goals Imposed By State Without American Tech

6/25/2019 - Legion Is Back, and It Knows What It Did

6/25/2019 - A Commodore 64 Clone With a Working Retro Keyboard Will Finally Arrive This Year

6/25/2019 - Deforestation and Climate Change Could Split the Amazon Rainforest in Two, Study Finds

6/25/2019 - Nazis Weren't the Only Ones Using Meth During World War II

6/25/2019 - At Least 10 Global Telecom Carriers Hacked in Suspected Chinese Espionage Campaign, Security Firm Says

6/25/2019 - I Had Lasers Shot Into My Ears to Make the Perfect Custom Headphones

6/25/2019 - 80-Year Quest to Create Metallic Hydrogen May Finally Be Complete

6/25/2019 - Here's What's in the Avengers: Endgame Re-Release, Hitting Theaters This Friday

6/25/2019 - The 'Surveillance Scores' Companies Use to Rip You Off Might Be Totally Illegal

6/25/2019 - New Set Pictures From the Black Widow Movie Tease a Familiar Face From Nat's Past

6/25/2019 - Venmo Users Have Feelings About Your Crappy Etiquette

6/25/2019 - FedEx Sues U.S. Government Over Huawei Confusion, Says It Can't Inspect Every Package for Export Violations

6/25/2019 - Japanese High-Speed Rail Line Was Brought to Standstill by Tiny Slug That Fried on Power Cable

6/24/2019 - Investigators Say Late Owner of QuadrigaCX Crypto Exchange Siphoned Client Holdings

6/24/2019 - Your Local Drama Club Can Now Perform Official Marvel Plays

6/24/2019 - U.S. and Iran's Hackers Are Trading Blows

6/24/2019 - Avengers: Endgame's Final Battle Gets a Glorious 16-Bit Recreation

6/24/2019 - Do Not Read This Evangelion Blog. Just Watch Evangelion.

6/24/2019 - All the Cool Things Going to Space Tonight Aboard a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

6/24/2019 - The New Child's Play Had to Be Extra Careful About Chucky's Kills

6/24/2019 - Jessica Jones' Spin on Trish Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat, Is Marvel Storytelling at Its Best

6/24/2019 - New Law Would Require Big Tech to Tell You How Much Your Data is Worth

6/24/2019 - New Yorkers Are About to Lose the Best Kept Secret in Movie Streaming

6/24/2019 - Looks Like the Next Star Trek: Short Treks Series Will Bring Back Some Familiar Faces

6/24/2019 - Report: Microsoft Is Cooking Up a Dual-Screen Surface With Support for Android Apps

6/24/2019 - Even the Flies Inside Hospitals Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

6/24/2019 - Taika Waititi Adds an Animated Flash Gordon to His Ever-Growing List of Projects

6/24/2019 - Anonymous Hacker Sentenced After Dropping USB While Throwing Molotov Cocktail

6/24/2019 - A Potentially Record Setting Heat Wave Is About to Scorch Europe

6/24/2019 - Researchers Send Fake Presidential Alerts to Stadium of 50,000 Using LTE Vulnerability

6/24/2019 - How Scientists Filmed a Giant Squid in North American Waters for the First Time

6/24/2019 - The Lion King Soundtrack Listing Reveals Chiwetel Ejiofor Will Sing 'Be Prepared' After All

6/24/2019 - America's Leading Medical Groups Declare ‘Public Health Emergency’ Over Climate Change

6/24/2019 - Hacker Used Raspberry Pi to Steal Sensitive NASA Docs

6/24/2019 - Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is Now Open to All

6/24/2019 - Sony's Cheaper Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are an Instant Classic

6/24/2019 - The New Raspberry Pi Is Basically a $35 Desktop Computer

6/24/2019 - A New Report Says Toys 'R' Us Could Be Coming Back This Year

6/24/2019 - The 5 Biggest US ISPs Actually Think They're Ready for Streaming Games

6/24/2019 - Toy Story 4 Bested at Chinese Box Office by...Spirited Away?

6/24/2019 - Sony Still Has Plans for Silver Sable and the Black Cat

6/24/2019 - Jay Inslee's Latest Climate Plan Would Be the Beginning of the End For Fossil Fuels

6/24/2019 - Is There a Fifth Dimension?

6/24/2019 - Australian Court Rules Media Orgs Are Liable for Defamation Posted to Facebook by Random Users

6/24/2019 - Ravelry Bans Users Who Publicly Support the Trump Regime and the President's White Supremacist Ideology

6/23/2019 - A Narwhal-Beluga Hybrid, Hong Kong Protests, and Jean-Luc Picard: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/23/2019 - Report: Trump Admin Considering Ordering All US 5G Gear Be Made Outside of China

6/23/2019 - Minneapolis Police Officer Awarded $585,000 in Suit Over Abuse of State Driver's License Database

6/23/2019 - The Bar From Cheers Is a Little Less Welcoming With Pennywise as a Regular

6/23/2019 - Krysten Ritter Is Happy for Her Jessica Jones Journey to End

6/23/2019 - Scooby-Doo's New Series Is Reviving the Scientist King of the 1990s, Steve Urkel

6/23/2019 - Steam Is About to Drop Official Support for Ubuntu

6/23/2019 - Beyoncé and Donald Glover Singing 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' Is Magical

6/23/2019 - Report: James Marsden, Amber Heard in Negotiations to Star in The Stand Miniseries

6/22/2019 - Microsoft Bans Employees From Using Slack, Has AWS and Google Docs on a 'Discouraged' List

6/22/2019 - Here's Each State's Favorite Pixar Film, According to Google Trends

6/22/2019 - NASA's Curiosity Rover Detects Spike in Methane on Mars

6/22/2019 - DC Is Working on a Huge Number of New Young Adult and Kid Books

6/22/2019 - I'm Obsessed With the ReBoot Vibes in Lil Nas X's 'Panini' Video

6/22/2019 - Ocean Bacteria Colonize Your Skin After Just 10 Minutes of Swimming

6/22/2019 - The New Service Wars Are Here to Empty Your Wallet

6/22/2019 - Report: US Carried Out Cyber Attacks on Iranian Assets Tied to Revolutionary Guard Corps

6/22/2019 - Check Out These Lush Storyboards From J.J. Abrams' Canceled Superman Movie

6/22/2019 - A Strange New Blend of Rock and Plastic Is Forming on a Portuguese Island

6/22/2019 - The Seventh Doctor Embarks on a Foreboding Journey in This Exclusive Excerpt From the Next Doctor Who Audio Drama

6/21/2019 - Watch Boba Fett Straight Up Murder Someone in This Animated Short

6/21/2019 - These Prisons Are Banning Books That Teach Inmates How to Code

6/21/2019 - The Jurassic Park Theme Performed by the Vitamin String Quartet, Set Against a 16-Bit Video Game, Is Everything

6/21/2019 - Hack of U.S. Border Surveillance Contractor Is Way Bigger Than the Government Lets On

6/21/2019 - No, This Not-a-Law Probably Won't Ban Elon Musk's Stupid Not-a-Flamethrower

6/21/2019 - A New Method Of Spotting Deepfake Videos Looks For the Subtle Movements We Don't Realize We Make

6/21/2019 - Batman's Traumatic History With City Streets to Be Rewarded With Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

6/21/2019 - Computer Science's Gender Gap Will Take More Than A Century To Fix

6/21/2019 - Ex-Telecom CEO and Ajit Pai Adviser Sentenced to Five Years for Fraud Totaling $270 Million

6/21/2019 - Why Scientists Trained a Seal to Sing the Star Wars Theme

6/21/2019 - Comic-Con Is Nearly Here, and It's Bringing the Most Exclusive Toys of the Week With It

6/21/2019 - Red Sonja Will Now Be Helmed by Transparent's Jill Soloway

6/21/2019 - Facebook Co-Founder Says Libra Will Empower Corporations and Weaken Developing Countries

6/21/2019 - Why Chennai, India's Sixth Biggest City, Has Run Out of Water

6/21/2019 - Aggretsuko's Second Season Adds Nuance to Its Relatable Rage

6/21/2019 - Researchers Discover Giant Freshwater Aquifer off U.S. East Coast

6/21/2019 - Why Are There So Many Toy Story Fan Theories?

6/21/2019 - Facebook Still Working On the Whole Genocide Thing

6/21/2019 - Behold: Scientists Get Great View of Uranus' Glowing Rings

6/21/2019 - City Dwellers Could Be Key to Saving Monarch Butterflies From Extinction

6/21/2019 - Update Your Dell Laptop Now to Fix a Critical Security Flaw in Pre-Installed Software

6/21/2019 - DC Comics Just Killed Its Vertigo Imprint

6/21/2019 - The Dark Crystal Is Getting a Comic That's a Prequel to the Netflix Prequel Show

6/21/2019 - The Best Fan to Get You Through the Sweaty Summer

6/21/2019 - NASA Put Wheels on Its Mars 2020 Rover and Holy Crap This Is Actually Happening

6/21/2019 - Amazon Considers Adding ‘Surveillance as a Service’ to Delivery Drones Because Maybe Every Product Should Monitor Us

6/21/2019 - Midsommar Is a Gorgeous Nightmare Stuffed With Modern Horror and Old-World Dread

6/21/2019 - Those UFOs Spotted Over Kansas City Last Night Were Darpa Test Balloons

6/21/2019 - What Hong Kong's Protestors Can Teach Us About the Future of Privacy

6/21/2019 - So, Which Marvel Role Would Be Perfect for Keanu Reeves?

6/21/2019 - Kevin Feige Says It's Up to Sony to Do a Venom/Spider-Man Crossover

6/21/2019 - How to Schedule Your Messages, Emails, and Tweets to Go at Any Time

6/21/2019 - Summer Is Over in the Overwhelming Final Stranger Things 3 Trailer

6/21/2019 - Fire at Oil Refinery in South Philadelphia Causes Massive Explosions

6/21/2019 - FAA Bans Flights Near Persian Gulf as President Trump Orders Military Strike Against Iran Then Calls It Off

6/20/2019 - Krypton Loaded Up an Excellent Nod at Superman Actor Henry Cavill

6/20/2019 - Into the Dark's July 4 Episode Teases an Immigration-Themed Take on Get Out

6/20/2019 - New Phone Bill Prevents Telecoms from Charging Customers to Ban Robocalls

6/20/2019 - RIP Peter Allan Fields, One of the Minds Behind Some of Star Trek's Most Powerful Episodes

6/20/2019 - Oregon State Police Are Searching for Republican Lawmakers Afraid of Voting on Climate Policy

6/20/2019 - No, Using a Cellphone Isn't Causing You to Grow a Horn

6/20/2019 - Christian Group Claims Thousands of People Signed Its Petition Demanding Netflix Cancel Amazon's Good Omens

6/20/2019 - After Nearly Perfecting It, Google Is Abandoning the Tablet

6/20/2019 - The Gay Character in Avengers: Endgame Was Not Supposed to Be a Big Deal

6/20/2019 - The European Space Agency Has a Plan to Intercept a 'Pristine' Comet

6/20/2019 - Slack's Direct Listing Makes Uber and Lyft Look Like Absolute Chumps

6/20/2019 - I Reset the Dumb GE Smart Lightbulb

6/20/2019 - Exploration of ‘Lost City’ in Honduras Uncovers Trove of Rare Life Forms

6/20/2019 - A Brief History of Doctor Who's Missing Episodes

6/20/2019 - The Clunky Sega CD Has Been Replaced By a Single Pricey Cartridge

6/20/2019 - The Mystery of Star Wars Legend Willrow Hood Has Finally Been Solved

6/20/2019 - Study Warns We Could Melt the Entire Greenland Ice Sheet if We Don't Change Course

6/20/2019 - Apple Launches Recall Program Because Some MacBook Pros 'May Pose A Fire Safety Risk'

6/20/2019 - The 3D-Printed Gun Threat Is Getting Weird and Scary

6/20/2019 - Riverdale Showrunner Shares More on Luke Perry's 'Important' Tribute Episode

6/20/2019 - Researchers 'Lost' 17,000 Wallets in Hundreds of Cities to See What People Would Actually Return

6/20/2019 - Cannabis Industry Takes Baby Step Toward Reducing Its Environmental Impact

6/20/2019 - In Case You Were Worried, a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sequel Is Definitely in the Works

6/20/2019 - U.S. Government Says It's Not Required to Provide Migrant Kids in Custody With Toothpaste and Soap

6/20/2019 - Am I Wrong For Wanting a Better Screen on a $1,500 Smartwatch?

6/20/2019 - Florida City Votes to Pay Off Criminals Holding Computer Systems Hostage

6/20/2019 - Hasbro's My Little Pony Comic-Con Exclusive Is a Reminder That Time Changes All of Us

6/20/2019 - America Could Spend $400 Billion on a Wall to Hold Back the Rising Seas—and It Might Not Be Enough

6/20/2019 - Google Claims It's Fixing Issue That Let Used Nest Cam Sellers Spy on New Owners

6/20/2019 - Exclusive: She-Ra Showrunner Noelle Stevenson Reveals Her New Comics Memoir

6/20/2019 - Teen Has Mouth Wired Shut After Vape Explodes, Fracturing His Jaw and Knocking Out Teeth

6/20/2019 - YouTube Tests Hiding Its Notorious Comment Section By Default in India

6/20/2019 - J.J. Abrams Is Writing a Spider-Man Comic

6/20/2019 - Odd Skull in Museum Finally Confirmed as a Narhwal-Beluga Hybrid

6/20/2019 - Report: Senators Are Suddenly Really Interested in UFOs

6/20/2019 - Updates on Ghostbusters, the Kingsman Prequel, and More

6/20/2019 - President Trump's Designated Protest Zones Are the Perfect Analogy for 'Censorship' on Social Media

6/20/2019 - This 'Smart' Light Bulb Video Is the Most Ridiculous Thing We've Ever Seen

6/20/2019 - Everything We Know About the U.S. Spy Drone Shot Down By Iran's Revolutionary Guard

6/20/2019 - UK Reportedly Thwarted Yet Again in Quest Against Horny Teens

6/19/2019 - Senate Banking Committee Schedules Hearing on Facebook's Massive Cryptocurrency Project

6/19/2019 - Pixar's Next Big Project Gets a Title and Some Curious First Details

6/19/2019 - Your Favorite Co-Star on Barry Has Joined Bill & Ted Face the Music

6/19/2019 - The Next Marvel Star Wars Miniseries Includes a Teeny Bit of Snoke Backstory

6/19/2019 - Claims YouTube Illegally Tracked Kids Reportedly Spark Federal Investigation

6/19/2019 - Song of the Rarest Large Whale on Earth Recorded for the First Time

6/19/2019 - Ajit Pai Is Still Withholding Facts About Location-Data Abuse From His Own Commissioners

6/19/2019 - The First Reactions to Spider-Man: Far From Home Are Here

6/19/2019 - An Ambitious Search for Aliens Came Up Short—so Astrobiologists Are Thinking Bigger

6/19/2019 - If You Aren't Watching Victor and Valentino Yet, Now's the Time to Start

6/19/2019 - You Can Now Get Your Busted Apple Products Repaired at Best Buy

6/19/2019 - Rosamund Pike Joins Amazon's Wheel of Time Series as Moiraine

6/19/2019 - Cold War Spy Satellite Reveals Just How Fast the Himalayas Are Losing Ice

6/19/2019 - Kevin Feige Hints at How a Black Widow Prequel Could Reveal Secrets of the MCU

6/19/2019 - This Could Be the Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Discovered Yet

6/19/2019 - Trump's Replacement to Obama's Clean Power Plan Is Just as Bad as We Thought It'd Be

6/19/2019 - Magic Leap Claims Ex-Engineer Stole AR Secrets For Chinese Company

6/19/2019 - Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Gets Even More Intriguing Thanks to Mysterious Kyber Crystals

6/19/2019 - These Designers of 1960 Predicted That Fashion of the Future Would Be Very Retro

6/19/2019 - This Is a Flipping Cool $500 Phone

6/19/2019 - Stranger Things' David Harbour Uncovers His Family's Version of Frankenstein in a New Netflix Mockumentary

6/19/2019 - Now You Can Build Your Own Windows 2-in-1

6/19/2019 - This Freaky Robotic Fish Is Powered by ‘Blood’

6/19/2019 - The Life of a Facebook Moderator Sounds Even Worse Than You Imagined

6/19/2019 - MIT Is Teaching the Machines How to Make Pizza Based On a Single Photo

6/19/2019 - This Remarkably Bad Bill Would Force Tech Platforms to Be 'Politically Neutral', Whatever That Means

6/19/2019 - This Harry Potter Mobile Game Trailer Is a Better Wizarding World Movie Than Fantastic Beasts

6/19/2019 - Here Are My 5 Biggest Questions About the Galaxy Note 10

6/19/2019 - Canada's Climate Emergency Declaration Is Just Empty Words

6/19/2019 - Apple Versus Google: Who's Winning the App War?

6/19/2019 - The Handmaid's Tale Gave Us a Brief but Powerful Reunion

6/19/2019 - The New Monopoly Has a Voice Controlled AI Banker That Will Never Cheat

6/19/2019 - New AI Searches Google Street View For Street Signs That Need Repairs

6/19/2019 - Avengers: Endgame Is Returning to Theaters Real Soon, and With New Footage

6/19/2019 - Updates From Spider-Man: Far From Home, Titans, and More

6/19/2019 - Apple Contemplates Moving 15 to 30 Percent of Production Capacity Outside of China Over Trade War: Report

6/19/2019 - President Trump Promises to Cure Cancer If Re-Elected During Neo-Fascist Rally in Florida

6/19/2019 - T-Mobile and Sprint May Offload $6 Billion in Assets to Dish As Part of Merger Deal With DOJ

6/18/2019 - San Francisco Set to Approve First-of-Its-Kind Ban on E-Cigarette Sales

6/18/2019 - Swamp Thing Fucks and We Deserve to See It

6/18/2019 - How the Cryptocurrency World Is Responding to Facebook's Libra

6/18/2019 - Spider Eating a Pygmy Possum Is Obviously Australian

6/18/2019 - There's an Awesome New Infinity Train Trailer, But You Have to Work for It

6/18/2019 - DC Universe's Harley Quinn Series Reportedly Adds Sanaa Lathan as the New Voice of Catwoman

6/18/2019 - Cyber-Heist That Impacted Millions Bankrupts Medical Debt Collector

6/18/2019 - Here's How Google Is Hoping to Speed Up Its Big Upgrade to SMS

6/18/2019 - The New York Subway Is Afraid of the Humble Vulva

6/18/2019 - I'm Sure Austria Is Really Scared by Uber's Threats to Pack Up Its Toys and Go Home

6/18/2019 - New Poll Finds People Are Excited About Robert Pattinson as Batman, But Screw That, They Forgot Adam West

6/18/2019 - The Original NES Console Had a Motion Control Joystick 15 Years Before the Nintendo Wii Did

6/18/2019 - One of the World’s Most Ancient Cities Experienced Surprisingly Modern Problems

6/18/2019 - The Troubled Y: The Last Man TV Series Gets a New Showrunner

6/18/2019 - Why Is It Raining so Much This Year?

6/18/2019 - Astronomers Peer Back 13 Billion Years and See Two Galaxies Colliding

6/18/2019 - Why We Will Always Love the Humble Heroism of Captain Picard

6/18/2019 - All the Big Questions We Have About Facebook's New Digital Currency

6/18/2019 - Jessica Jones' Surprising Cameos Leave the Door Open for Potential Future Opportunities

6/18/2019 - HP Spectre x360 15 Review: A Slick Laptop That's Nearly Ruined by One Stupid Mistake

6/18/2019 - US Solar Power Is Booming This Year Despite Trump's Tariffs

6/18/2019 - This Snail-Inspired, Reusable Adhesive Is Far Stronger Than Velcro

6/18/2019 - Alex Kurtzman's Plan for More Star Trek Than Ever Before: Keep It Varied

6/18/2019 - During the Ice Age, Long-Legged Hyenas Prowled the Arctic

6/18/2019 - Boaty McBoatface Just Helped Solve a Deep-Sea Mystery

6/18/2019 - Microsoft Is Considering a Dedicated Office Key for Keyboards—Here's What It Should Do

6/18/2019 - Lawyer Gets 14 Years in Prison for Extorting Millions From Porn Pirates

6/18/2019 - Alphabet Squadron Is the Closest Thing to an X-Wing Book Star Wars Has Had in Years, and I Love It

6/18/2019 - Boeing Says It's Open to Changing the Name of the 737 Max to Something That's Not Associated With Plane Crashes

6/18/2019 - iOS 13 Will Remind You to Cancel Those Bloodsucking Subscriptions

6/18/2019 - Google Calendar Dies One Hour After Google Tweets About How Great It Is [Updated—It's Back]

6/18/2019 - Robert Rodriguez Breaks Down How Much the Manga Inspired Alita: Battle Angel

6/18/2019 - New Footage Shows Just How Alarmingly Fast an Arctic Island Is Crumbling Into the Sea

6/18/2019 - An Appreciation of the Postal Mailbox—and How Its Latest Design Diminishes the Magic of Mail

6/18/2019 - Five Massive Screw-ups That Wouldn't Have Happened If We All Just Used the Metric System

6/18/2019 - Meet the New King of Trilobites, R. rex

6/18/2019 - Iran Says It Will Begin Enriching Uranium Beyond Nuclear Deal Limits

6/18/2019 - Another Familiar Face Says They Could Be Back for the Next Ghostbusters

6/18/2019 - Facebook Announces Libra, Digital Currency on the Blockchain That Doesn't Actually Need to Be on the Blockchain

6/18/2019 - Neo-Nazi Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison For Sharing Video of Mosque Massacre and Calling it 'Awesome'

6/18/2019 - NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Takes Stunning Photo of Asteroid Bennu From Just 0.4 Miles Away

6/17/2019 - Report: Hospitals and Patients Are Being Plagued by Robocalls

6/17/2019 - 4 Things We Loved, and 3 We Didn't Like So Much About Jessica Jones Season 3

6/17/2019 - This Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Archer: 1999 Confirms That After 10 Seasons, the Cast Is Still Having a Blast

6/17/2019 - What's Going on With Those Child Porn Allegations Against Alex Jones

6/17/2019 - Batwoman's Beginnings and Arrow's End Start This October

6/17/2019 - Hong Kong Hospitals Accused of Leaking Protestors' Patient Data to Cops

6/17/2019 - New York State Set to Legalize Electric Scooters and Bikes

6/17/2019 - Shampoos, Perfumes, and Other Cosmetics Send Thousands of Kids to the ER Every Year

6/17/2019 - Get Out, There's Another Amityville Movie in the Works?

6/17/2019 - Twitch Sues To Identify People Who Uploaded Christchurch Shooting Video

6/17/2019 - No, That Marvel Spider-Man Announcement Isn't a Spider-Man 4 Comic

6/17/2019 - Noise Pollution Could Be Setting Students of Color Up to Fail

6/17/2019 - Millions of Transactions Scraped in Latest Demonstration of Venmo's Absurd Privacy Policy

6/17/2019 - Dark Phoenix Didn't Understand Who the X-Men Are

6/17/2019 - Harvard Scientists Make 'Landmark' Discovery in Synthesizing Anti-Cancer Molecules Found in Sea Sponges

6/17/2019 - The Spice Girls Are the Power of Friendship in the Incredibly Sweary New Trailer for The Boys

6/17/2019 - California Tests Mental Health App That Tracks Everything Patients Do on Their Phones

6/17/2019 - Accidental Kitty Cat Filter Undermines Pakistani Minister's Serious Livestream

6/17/2019 - Genius Claims It Busted Google Stealing by Hiding a Secret Code in Lyrics That Spells 'Red Handed'

6/17/2019 - This Striking Climate Change Visualization Is Now Customizable for Any Place on Earth

6/17/2019 - A Bride Realizes the Bloodthirsty Truth About Her New Family in the Macabre Comedy Ready or Not

6/17/2019 - That Viral Video of a Robot Uprising Is Fake Because the Real Thing Will Be So Much Deadlier

6/17/2019 - iOS 13 Will Finally Support NFC ID Scanning in a Few Countries

6/17/2019 - Spectacular New Crater Discovered on Mars

6/17/2019 - Seriously, Walmart's $64 Tablet Is Kinda Good

6/17/2019 - FX's Legion Recap Video Allows Us to Dive Into the Twisted Mind of Aubrey Plaza's Lenny

6/17/2019 - Researchers Follow Bats' Example, Use Cheap Speakers and Mics to See Objects Hidden Around Corners

6/17/2019 - Tree Believed to Have Inspired Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax Has Died

6/17/2019 - Learn More About Fast Color's Family of Creative Superheroines in This Exclusive Clip

6/17/2019 - Samsung Deletes Frightening Tweet Warning That Its Smart TVs Can Get Viruses

6/17/2019 - The Hunger Games Is Getting a Prequel Novel, Set During the 'Dark Days' of Panem [Updated]

6/17/2019 - DC Universe's Titans Has Found Its Aqualad

6/17/2019 - You'll Spare No Expense for This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park John Hammond Figure

6/17/2019 - Which Extinct Animal Would Have Made the Best Pet?

6/17/2019 - Huawei CEO Dodges Question About Chinese Internet Censorship During Awkward Press Event

6/16/2019 - Blood Feasts, Cashless Stores, and Quantum Computing: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/16/2019 - Apple Man Has Words For Non-Apple Men and Women

6/16/2019 - A Crew of VFX Artists Take on the CGI of the Star Wars Prequels

6/16/2019 - These International Far From Home Banners Offer Up a Great Look at Spidey's Variable Wardrobe

6/16/2019 - Federal Watchdog Asks Agencies to Please Stop Relying on Credit Rating Firms After Equifax Hack

6/16/2019 - The Editor of the X-Men Movies Once Pitched a Spin-Off About Beast

6/16/2019 - Tom Holland Has No Idea How Americans Say the Word 'Multiverse'

6/16/2019 - Massive Blackout Leaves Most of Argentina, Uruguay Without Power

6/16/2019 - Captain Marvel's Directors Had to Be Careful Not to Show This Character Too Early

6/15/2019 - Trump Says He Doesn't 'Particularly' Believe in UFOs and Come On, Would He Lie About Something?

6/15/2019 - Target Registers Across Country All Malfunction at Once, Causing Massive Lines

6/15/2019 - The Tick's Creator Has Given Up on Finding the Show a New Home

6/15/2019 - The US Has Allegedly Placed Malware Deep in Russia's Power Grid

6/15/2019 - Disney Is Moving Forward With Construction on Its Marvel Theme Park Expansion

6/15/2019 - How Miguel Sapochnik Became One of Game of Thrones' Most Important Directors

6/15/2019 - Hundreds of Current and Former Law Enforcement Officers Reportedly Found in Extremist Facebook Groups

6/15/2019 - Daredevil's Incredible Prison Fight Scene Isn't Eligible for a Stunt Emmy for a Silly Reason

6/15/2019 - Can You Actually Use iCloud on Windows and Android?

6/15/2019 - Stranger Things Now Has Its Own '80s-Style Coca Cola Ad

6/15/2019 - People Experiencing Hardship Should Be Allowed to Use Technology Without Your Judgmental Bullshit

6/14/2019 - Juul Is Staring Down Yet Another Investigation Into Whether It Marketed to Kids

6/14/2019 - Alligator With Knife Stuck in Its Head Seen in Lake in Texas

6/14/2019 - Stranger Things' Natalia Dyer Subverts the 'Lost Girl' Trope in a New Sci-Fi Short Film

6/14/2019 - Action Figure Sarah Connor Has No Time For Your Bullshit, and the Rest of the Ass-Kicking Toys of the Week

6/14/2019 - Watch Han Solo Grow from Scoundrel to Hero in This Animated Star Wars Short

6/14/2019 - I Just Wanted to Buy Tickets to Mitski but the Bots Wouldn't Let Me

6/14/2019 - Adafruit Just Made It Really Easy to Build Your Own GameBoy

6/14/2019 - Facebook Will Now Rank Your Comments So Its Dumbass Website Can Be 'More Meaningful'

6/14/2019 - 3 Things Recent Horror Reboots Have Gotten Right (and 3 Things That've Gone Wrong)

6/14/2019 - Oh No, a Bad Salmonella Has Reached the U.S.

6/14/2019 - A Norwegian City Wants to Abolish Time

6/14/2019 - That Study About the Health Benefits of Nature Comes With an Important Caveat

6/14/2019 - Open Channel: Which Genre Announcement Out of E3 Got Your Pulse Racing the Most?

6/14/2019 - NOAA Investigates Surge in Dead Dolphins Along the Gulf Coast

6/14/2019 - Hacker Conference Disinvites U.S. Congressman Over Abysmal Women's Rights Voting Record

6/14/2019 - This Captain Marvel VFX Breakdown Shows That Maybe the Movie Didn't Need 4 Cat Actors

6/14/2019 - Senator Presses Homeland Security for Answers Over Theft of Border Control Photos

6/14/2019 - Facing Antitrust Pressure, Google Starts Spinning Its Own Too Big to Fail Argument

6/14/2019 - Final Fantasy XIV's Director Wants a Game of Thrones Collabo...But Only If the Books Are Done First

6/14/2019 - Fecal Transplant Patient Killed by Superbug Traced to Donor Stool

6/14/2019 - Police Let Mom Keep Feeding Son Bleach After She Showed Them YouTube Videos, Doctor Approval

6/14/2019 - Stjepan Šejić's Harleen Will Explore Harley Quinn's Inner Workings

6/14/2019 - Seals With Sensors Help Solve the Mystery of Antarctica's Giant Sea Ice Hole

6/14/2019 - The Real Reason Chucky Is a Robot Now

6/14/2019 - Next Month's Total Solar Eclipse Will Pass Right Over a Space Observatory

6/14/2019 - Visa, Uber, and PayPal Are Reportedly Backing Facebook's Cryptocurrency

6/14/2019 - How to Make Any Smartphone More Accessible and Easier to Use

6/14/2019 - Why Did Michigan Just Drop All Charges in the Flint Water Crisis?

6/14/2019 - Meet a Secret God in This Exclusive Hellboy and the BPRD Preview

6/14/2019 - Adobe Shows Off First Research for Tools to Detect Manipulated Photos

6/14/2019 - That Theme Park Ride Going Viral Right Now Is Totally Fake

6/14/2019 - The Ruthless Reality of Amazon's One-Day Shipping

6/14/2019 - After Samsung's Galaxy Fold Disaster, Huawei Is Delaying Its Foldable Phone, Too

6/14/2019 - The Banana Splits Movie Is Here to Ruin Your Childhood

6/14/2019 - New York Will No Longer Allow Vaccine Exemptions for Religious Reasons Amid Ongoing Measles Outbreaks

6/14/2019 - Updates From Stranger Things, Bill & Ted 3, and More

6/14/2019 - NASA Says Additional $20 Billion Needed to Land Humans on the Moon by 2024

6/14/2019 - Accused Terrorist Shocks New Zealand Courtroom With Not Guilty Plea For 51 Murders Livestreamed on Facebook

6/13/2019 - American Airlines Wants to Win Back Trust in Its Boeing 737 Max Jets by Making Its Execs Fly on Them

6/13/2019 - How Is This Scarlet Spider Figure Meant to Eat This Donut?

6/13/2019 - This Hilarious Video Imagines Black Mirror as a Morality Play in the Middle Ages

6/13/2019 - Jessica Jones' New Assistant Is a Cool Step Forward for Marvel's LGTBQ Representation

6/13/2019 - Google: No, Of Course, We're Not Slowly Killing Ad Blockers

6/13/2019 - Instagram, the Last Good Social Network, Is Down [Update: It's Back]

6/13/2019 - We're Only Catching Half of All Ebola Outbreaks, Study Suggests

6/13/2019 - FCC Commissioners Now Literal Poster Boys for Big Telecom

6/13/2019 - This Is One Silly Way to Fix the Biggest Annoyance About Open Offices

6/13/2019 - Report: Almost Every American Is Incapable of Staring at Just One Screen

6/13/2019 - This Captain Marvel Deleted Scene Has Some Serious 'I'll Do The Fingering' Vibes

6/13/2019 - The Sun Can Spawn Dangerous ‘Superflares,’ New Research Suggests

6/13/2019 - Scientists in Florida Make the World's Strongest Magnet

6/13/2019 - Target Has Some Shipt to Sell You

6/13/2019 - Batman Beyond and Supergirl Are Part of DC's Next Legion of Superheroes Series

6/13/2019 - Half of Greenland's Surface Started Melting This Week, Which Is Not Normal

6/13/2019 - The World's Best Crowdfunding Site Releases Incredible New Rules and Guidelines to Help Protect Amazing Backers

6/13/2019 - Symantec Data Stolen by Hacker Is Fake, Company Says

6/13/2019 - Disney's Falcon & Winter Soldier Has to Explore Race and Captain America's Legacy

6/13/2019 - Jessica Jones' Carrie-Anne Moss Discusses the Dangerous, Yet Vulnerable, Jeri Hogarth

6/13/2019 - Scientists Just Installed the World’s Highest Weather Station in Mount Everest's ‘Death Zone’

6/13/2019 - Stunning but Deadly, China’s Bioluminescent Algal Blooms Are Getting Bigger

6/13/2019 - Too Many Cores

6/13/2019 - Exclusive Video Looks at Why Child's Play Is About the Evils of Technology

6/13/2019 - Spy Used AI to Create Fake LinkedIn Photo to Fool Targets, Report Finds

6/13/2019 - The Shining Returns in the First Doctor Sleep Trailer

6/13/2019 - Will Self-Driving Cars Turn People Into Even Bigger Assholes?

6/13/2019 - Dozens of Endangered Seals Are Washing Up Dead Around Alaska and Scientists Aren't Sure Why

6/13/2019 - Toy Story 4 Is a Heartwarming, Boundary-Pushing Addition to the Beloved Franchise

6/13/2019 - Is It Really an Instant Camera If I Can Choose Which Pics to Print?

6/13/2019 - Tatiana Maslany Will Return to Her Orphan Black Roles in a New Audio Series

6/13/2019 - Blood Feasts and Roach Vacuums: The Life of an Urban Pest Scientist

6/13/2019 - I Tried to Get Plastic Out of My Beauty Routine

6/13/2019 - Flying a Drone While Drunk Could Land You in Prison in Japan

6/13/2019 - You Can Now Sign Into Your Google Account on iOS Using an Android Phone

6/13/2019 - Steven Universe: The Movie Adds Chance the Rapper to Its Musical Ranks

6/13/2019 - A Quiet Place 2 Could Delve Into the Mystery of Its Horrifying Aliens

6/13/2019 - Groundbreaking Report Gives Us a Glimpse of the US Military’s Gigantic Carbon Footprint

6/13/2019 - Tyson Launches Its First Plant-Based Protein Brand to Compete With Beyond Meat

6/13/2019 - China Allegedly Conducting Cyber Attacks Against Telegram Messaging App to Suppress Hong Kong Protests

6/13/2019 - British Official Signs U.S. Extradition Order For Julian Assange Despite Hostility Between UK Home Secretary and Trump Regime

6/13/2019 - Huawei Cancels Launch of New MateBook Laptop, Citing US Trade Bans

6/12/2019 - Lawsuits Claim Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant Illegally Records Children Without Consent

6/12/2019 - Facebook Worried About Mark Zuckerberg's Old Emails in FTC Privacy Probe

6/12/2019 - The Justice Society of America Is Coming Back to Help Beat Up Lex Luthor

6/12/2019 - 8 Killer Zombie Movies That Didn't Cost an Arm and a Leg to Make

6/12/2019 - Google CEO Tries to Smooth Things Over After YouTube's Anti-LGBTQ Shitshow

6/12/2019 - Somehow, Krypton's Lobo Is Getting His Own Spinoff Show

6/12/2019 - We're Eating a Whole Lot of Plastic... Uh, Is That Bad?

6/12/2019 - Judge Rules Neo-Nazi Publisher Andrew Anglin Must Hand Over $4.1 Million to Comedian

6/12/2019 - Danny Boyle's Yesterday Is a Fascinating, Complex Fantasy Set to the Music of the Beatles

6/12/2019 - This Software Can Unwarp Your Friends' Distorted Faces in Wide Angle Smartphone Photos

6/12/2019 - Tired of Leaks and Speculation, Google Just Dropped an Official Pic of the Pixel 4

6/12/2019 - What Pennyworth's New Trailer Lacks in Batman, It Makes Up for in Englishness

6/12/2019 - Facebook Launches App That Pays Users for Data—Reminding Us What We Give Away for Free

6/12/2019 - Pterosaurs Could Somehow Fly Right After Hatching, New Fossils Suggest

6/12/2019 - Finally, a Climate Change Documentary That Will Get You Excited to Fix It

6/12/2019 - The Hidden Ocean Beneath Europa’s Frozen Crust May Contain Basic Table Salt

6/12/2019 - The Handmaid's Tale's Ann Dowd Says 'Put Your Phone Down and Protest' New Anti-Abortion Laws

6/12/2019 - People Inhaled Cannabis to Get High at Funerals 2,500 Years Ago, New Evidence Suggests

6/12/2019 - Study Finds Lakes Are Still Filled With DDT 50 Years After It Was Banned

6/12/2019 - The Perfect Automated Home Grow System for the Age of Climate Collapse

6/12/2019 - Fortnite's Creator Just Gave Us a Good Reason to Take It Seriously as a Social Media Company

6/12/2019 - Vizio's New $70 Soundbar Is a Killer Deal

6/12/2019 - Creator of HBO's Chernobyl Asks People Not to Snap Embarrassing Photos at Disaster Site

6/12/2019 - A Crazed Attempt to Discern the X-Men Movie Timeline in Its Entirety After Dark Phoenix

6/12/2019 - Without Wires or Bluetooth, This Case Lets You Add Buttons and Scroll Wheels to Your Smartphone

6/12/2019 - Popular Soccer App Spied on Fans Through Phone Microphone to Catch Bars Pirating Game Streams

6/12/2019 - Forget the Galaxy Fold, Samsung Is Already Dreaming About Rollable Phones

6/12/2019 - The Phantasm Is Finally Coming to DC Comics

6/12/2019 - Sony Announces a Reimagined Boondocks With Original Creator Aaron McGruder

6/12/2019 - A ‘Catastrophic’ Fire Destroyed This Incredible Bronze Age Settlement a Year After It Was Built

6/12/2019 - 5-Year-Old Child Dies in Uganda as Ebola Outbreak Officially Becomes an International Problem

6/12/2019 - Nintendo Is Just Messing With My Emotions Now

6/12/2019 - Uber Claims ‘Aerial Ridesharing’ On Track to Be ‘More Economically Rational’ Than Driving in About Three Years

6/12/2019 - Your Synthetic Clothes May Be Polluting the Ocean

6/12/2019 - 19 Tricks to Get More Out of Your Amazon Account

6/12/2019 - Updates From Child's Play, Russian Doll, and More

6/12/2019 - I Miss Texting With T9

6/12/2019 - Men in Black: International Is a Galaxy of Fun for a New Generation

6/12/2019 - Delta CEO Calls Boeing 737 Max Problems a 'One Off' Despite Two Deadly Crashes on Other Airlines

6/12/2019 - Spotify Mashes Music and Short Podcasts Into a New Playlist for Your Miserable Commute

6/11/2019 - Rick Santorum Is a Cryptocurrency Guy Now, Apparently

6/11/2019 - DJI's Robomaster S1 Is the Closest Thing to RC Mario Kart, and It's a Blast

6/11/2019 - Meet the Deepfake Zuck, Same as the Flesh Zuck

6/11/2019 - The Ultimate Warhammer 40K Funko Pop Is One You Can Paint Yourself

6/11/2019 - Pennywise Floats, UK Games Expo Kicks Out a Bad GM, and More Tabletop News

6/11/2019 - An Extended Look at Legion Season 3 Allows Us to Dive Into David's Cult

6/11/2019 - Big Tech Lawyer Earns His Paycheck Arguing Google Doesn't Dominate Search

6/11/2019 - What's Causing the Huge Mass Anomaly Beneath the Moon?

6/11/2019 - Why Seemingly Every Company Is Launching a Gaming Subscription Now

6/11/2019 - Mitch McConnell Called Out for Blocking Vote on Net Neutrality Rules Republicans Actually Like

6/11/2019 - Snapchat Gender Swap Used to Catch Cop Who Was Allegedly Looking to Hook Up With Underage Girl

6/11/2019 - False Memories Haunt a Desperate Woman in This Excerpt From Blake Crouch's Sci-Fi Thriller Recursion

6/11/2019 - I Played Doom Eternal on a Chromebook

6/11/2019 - Amazingly, This Vile Contraption Would Make Video Game Chats Better

6/11/2019 - Astronomers Think They’ve Finally Found the Lost Lunar Module From Apollo 10

6/11/2019 - Jess and Trish Have It Out in This Emotional Jessica Jones Clip

6/11/2019 - There's an Entire Nintendo Wii Packed Inside This Custom Jumbo Game Boy Advance

6/11/2019 - Dark Phoenix's Simon Kinberg Took Inspiration From Nolan's Batman to Bring the X-Men Down to Earth

6/11/2019 - Legal Cannabis May Not Lower Opioid Overdose Deaths After All

6/11/2019 - Radiohead Is Selling Its 'Hacked' Archives In the Name of Climate Change

6/11/2019 - YouTube CEO Says She's 'Really Sorry' She Can't Ban the LGBQT Harassment, It's Too Hard

6/11/2019 - Report: Swamp Thing Could Have Run for 3 Seasons and Led to a Justice League: Dark Spinoff

6/11/2019 - WordPress Is Borked So Enjoy This Glorious Plant That's Taking Over the Internet

6/11/2019 - When Will Quantum Computers Outperform Regular Computers?

6/11/2019 - I Used Cash at Amazon's Cashless Store and I'm So Sorry, Rahim

6/11/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Demands DOJ Antitrust Chief Recuse Himself From Google and Apple Probes

6/11/2019 - The 10 Best Moments in Jurassic Park, Ranked

6/11/2019 - We’ve Driven Nearly 600 Plant Species to Extinction, Alarming Study Finds

6/11/2019 - A Nerdy Theory About Why PS5 and Project Scarlett Aren't Coming Until 2020

6/11/2019 - HackerOne Reveals Which Security Bugs Are Making Its Army of Hackers the Most Bank

6/11/2019 - For Sale: Have I Been Pwned

6/11/2019 - A Dark Crystal Video Game Is Coming to Nintendo Switch and Here's the Trailer

6/11/2019 - Which Eccentric Millionaire Will Buy This Nearly Complete Diplodocus Skeleton That's Going Up for Auction?

6/11/2019 - Presidential Candidate Julian Castro Releases Plan to Eliminate Lead Poisoning in America

6/11/2019 - Huge, Shaggy Head of 30,000-Year-Old Wolf Unearthed in Siberia

6/11/2019 - Get to Know Magic's Most Famous Fire Mage in These Brand New Cards

6/11/2019 - State Attorneys General Will Sue to Stop Sprint and T-Mobile Merger: Report

6/11/2019 - Black Mirror's 'Striking Vipers' Is an Important Exploration of Black Masculinity and Sexuality

6/11/2019 - Shazam on Android Can Now Identify Songs Even When You're Using Headphones

6/11/2019 - How 'Sign in With Apple' Improves on Google, Facebook, and Twitter's Options

6/11/2019 - Radical Climate Change Experiment in the Amazon Hits Political Turbulence

6/11/2019 - Terry Pratchett's First Discworld Book for Kids Is Being Turned Into an Animated Movie

6/11/2019 - Apple's Touch Bar Could Learn a Lesson From Intel's Dual Display Laptop Prototype

6/11/2019 - Some Interesting Updates on Disney's Ms. Marvel Plans

6/11/2019 - Facebook Is Betting People Are Still Hungry For Another Heaping Ladle of Portal

6/11/2019 - A Bare Chested Jeff Goldblum Is the Only Reason You Need to Grab This Epic Lego Jurassic Park Set

6/11/2019 - Microsoft's Elite Series 2 Controller Feels Like an Improvement in Every Way

6/11/2019 - The New Trailer for Frozen II Takes Us on a Wild Adventure Outside Arendelle

6/11/2019 - Facebook Says Natural News Got Banned For Spam, Not For Spreading Health Misinformation and Hate

6/11/2019 - Twitter Executive: 'A Lot of What People Consider Abusive on the Service Doesn't Actually Violate Our Policies'

6/11/2019 - Kim Jong Un's Half Brother Kim Jong Nam, Killed With VX Nerve Agent, Was Reportedly CIA Informant

6/10/2019 - InfoWars Must Pay Pepe the Frog Creator $15,000, Never Sell Pepe Merch Again in Settlement

6/10/2019 - Get Your First Look at The Avengers, Earth's Mightiest New Video Game

6/10/2019 - Which Cyberpunk Keanu Reeves Protagonist Will You Be in the Future?

6/10/2019 - AMD's New GPUs and CPUs Keep the Pressure on the Intel and Nvidia Competition

6/10/2019 - Steven Spielberg Is Writing a Streaming Series You Can Only Watch at Night

6/10/2019 - If You're Going to Miss Jessica Jones, Her Current Comics Are the Perfect Pick Me Up

6/10/2019 - A Dune: The Sisterhood Series Is Coming From Denis Villeneuve and WarnerMedia's Streaming Service

6/10/2019 - Satellite Constellations Like SpaceX's Starlink Could Cause Major Problems, Astronomy Group Warns

6/10/2019 - Hackers Stole U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Traveler Photos

6/10/2019 - Thanks to El Niño, the Philippines Is Swimming in Mangoes

6/10/2019 - The Dark Crystal Prequel Director Says 'Nobody's Fooled' by CGI Nowadays

6/10/2019 - What's the Worst Way You Ever Fucked Up on an Airplane?

6/10/2019 - YouTube Starts Banning Fake 'Rescue' Videos of Snakes Attacking Puppies and Kittens

6/10/2019 - We're All Going to be Moving to Siberia by Century's End

6/10/2019 - A Year Later, U.S. Government Websites Are Still Redirecting to Hardcore Porn

6/10/2019 - In Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Pivoting to Video Is Perilous

6/10/2019 - How to Quickly Trick Yourself Out of Being a Night Owl

6/10/2019 - Play This Devious Browser Game That Makes Pop-up Windows Infuriating in a Whole New Way

6/10/2019 - We Love This Blurry Yet Intriguing Glimpse at the Upcoming Loki Show

6/10/2019 - Is Twitter Notifying Users When Their Tweets Are Shared in DMs? No. What? Of Course Not.

6/10/2019 - Fuji Is Bringing Back Black-and-White Film Because the Kids Demanded It

6/10/2019 - A Brief Explanation of Dark Phoenix's Confusing Alien Villain

6/10/2019 - Finally, a Top Voting Machine Maker Is Calling for Stronger Election Security Laws

6/10/2019 - Evidence of a Gigantic Impact Crater Found Off Scottish Coast

6/10/2019 - I Think I Might Be More Excited for the New Lego Star Wars Game Than I Am for Jedi: Fallen Order

6/10/2019 - Just One Tiny Industry May Emit More Methane Than EPA Had Estimated for All of Them

6/10/2019 - Trump Comments on Antitrust Investigation of Big Tech Fail to Conceal True Motive of Pure Revenge

6/10/2019 - Dumbass Thinks He Can Vape Into a Bag on Spirit Airlines Flight, Gets Lifetime Ban: Report

6/10/2019 - Mattel's Comic-Con Batman Exclusives Include Some Very Colorful Action Figures

6/10/2019 - The Gulf of Mexico's 'Dead Zone' Could Balloon to Over 8,000 Square Miles This Summer

6/10/2019 - Part of Dark Phoenix's Box Office Failure Might Be Thanks to...Alita: Battle Angel?

6/10/2019 - A Premium Version of Firefox Is Coming, Mozilla CEO Says—Would You Pay for It?

6/10/2019 - The Are You Afraid of the Dark? Miniseries Reveals Its Midnight Society and a New Terrifying Tale

6/10/2019 - The Company Behind Maker Faire and Make: Magazine Has Shut Down

6/10/2019 - Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Toy Story 4, and More

6/10/2019 - The Moto Z4 Is a Solid Mid-Range Contender, But It Might Be Time for a Reboot

6/10/2019 - What Makes Things Slimy?

6/10/2019 - White House Office Requests 2-Year Delay on Huawei Ban For Federal Contractors

6/10/2019 - Facebook Suspends Natural News, Founder Calls for President Trump to Use Military Against Tech Giants

6/9/2019 - Chernobyl, Schrödinger’s Cat, and Telegram Terrorists: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/9/2019 - Report: Google News Does Not Have an Anti-Conservative Bias So Much as a Pro-Credible Source One

6/9/2019 - I Touched the xCloud: An Incredibly Early Look at Microsoft's Vision for the Future of Games

6/9/2019 - G20 Countries Agree on Approach to Shut Down Big Tech's Tax Loopholes

6/9/2019 - Sean Murphy Has an Explanation for Harley Quinn’s Iconic Three of Diamonds Imagery

6/9/2019 - All the New Details About Microsoft Xbox Project Scarlett and xCloud

6/9/2019 - This Interactive Timeline Helps Make Sense of Avengers: Endgame’s Time Travel Logic

6/9/2019 - Apparently, Replicating the Star Wars Wipe in Jedi: Fallen Order Was a Nightmare

6/9/2019 - Raytheon, United Technologies to Merge, Forming One of World's Biggest Defense and Aerospace Firms [Updated]

6/9/2019 - PSA: The Original Run of Veronica Mars Hits Hulu July 1st

6/9/2019 - Jason Reitman Continues to Tease the Return of Classic Ghostbusters Stars in the Upcoming Reboot

6/9/2019 - Your Cheap-Ass Bee House Is Probably Killing the Bees

6/8/2019 - Google Fails to Have Lawsuit Originally Brought by James Damore Thrown Out

6/8/2019 - Tom Holland’s Visit Made Disney Theme Parks Fun, Even for People Who Weren’t Going to Galaxy’s Edge

6/8/2019 - Report: China Warns Foreign Tech Companies Not to Comply With Trump Trade Bans

6/8/2019 - Kevin Hart and Paramount Are Developing a Remake of Scrooged, Which We Can All Agree Is Very Necessary

6/8/2019 - The Game of Thrones Series Finale Would Have Been Very Different if an AI Had Been in Charge

6/8/2019 - Lyft Is Suing San Francisco to Keep Bike Rental Competitors Out

6/8/2019 - The First Gameplay Footage From Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Takes the Rebellion to Kashyyyk [Updated]

6/8/2019 - The Good Place Will End After Its Fourth Season

6/8/2019 - Apple's iOS 13 'Silence Unknown Callers' Feature Is Sounding Pretty Sweet

6/7/2019 - 'We Want YouTube to Remove Crowder': Googlers Gear Up to Protest at Pride Events

6/7/2019 - FDA and FTC Hit Vape Companies With Warnings Over Influencer Posts on Social Media

6/7/2019 - Retsuko's Gonna Have It All (Or at Least Try To) in the New Aggretsuko Season 2 Trailer

6/7/2019 - Batman's Got a Bat, Man, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

6/7/2019 - China Telecom Swallows Huge Amount of European Mobile Traffic For Over Two Hours

6/7/2019 - Revolution Is a Shared Theme in This Week's Best New Comics

6/7/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About Facebook's Upcoming Cryptocurrency

6/7/2019 - Here's What Could've Happened in an X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie

6/7/2019 - NASA Is Opening the ISS to Tourists—but Don't Worry, You Can't Afford It

6/7/2019 - Comcast to Pay Millions After Judge Finds It Illegally Screwed Over Customers 445,000 Times

6/7/2019 - Man Sues Jaguar Claiming Automatic Door on $96,000 Car Severed His Thumb [Graphic Photo]

6/7/2019 - Watching Gwyneth Paltrow Realize in Real Time She Was in Spider-Man: Homecoming Is the Delight You Need This Friday

6/7/2019 - Jungle Cruise Director Jaume Collet-Serra Could Reunite With Dwayne Johnson on Black Adam

6/7/2019 - New Campaign Is Asking Every Country on Earth to Name Distant Worlds

6/7/2019 - The Wild World Set Up By King of the Monsters' Ending Is the Stuff of Michael Dougherty's Dreams

6/7/2019 - Woman Relieved After Suspected Brain Tumor Turns Out to Be Tapeworm Egg

6/7/2019 - Sigourney Weaver May Be Heading Back to Ghostbusters With a Few More Original Cast Members [Updated]

6/7/2019 - Russian Propaganda Outlet Claims You Can't Embed This Leaked Video of Julian Assange

6/7/2019 - This Compact System Lets Scientists See Biological Molecules in a Whole New Way

6/7/2019 - The Sydney Opera House's New Artificial Reefs Look Like Works of Art

6/7/2019 - The Original Plot of Black Mirror's 'Striking Vipers' Featured a Musical Team-Building Exercise About Grease

6/7/2019 - Will Amazon or Walmart Be the First to Dribble Pre-Chewed Steak Directly Into My Mouth?

6/7/2019 - Google Walkout Organizer Quits Following Alleged Workplace Retaliation

6/7/2019 - Cannonballs Likely Used by Vlad the Impaler Found in Bulgarian Fortress

6/7/2019 - Kelly Sue DeConnick Shares Her Young Fans' Biggest Takeaway From Captain Marvel

6/7/2019 - An Algorithm Generated Eerily Accurate Portraits Based Only On Someone's Voice

6/7/2019 - Seven Newly Named Glaciers Honor the Satellites That Helped Discover Them

6/7/2019 - The US Just Set Yet Another Record for Being Extremely Wet

6/7/2019 - Google's Tweaking Search Results So You Won't Get Bombarded With The Same Site

6/7/2019 - Russia Plans to Block Major VPNs as Next Step in Closing Up Internet

6/7/2019 - Which Star Wars Experience Would You Like to See Become the Next Ride?

6/7/2019 - The U.S. Army Once Kept $1 Billion Worth of LSD in a Maryland Office for Some Reason

6/7/2019 - I Found the Perfect Pet Cam to Launch Treats at My Dog

6/7/2019 - Jessica Jones Season 3 Is a Last Call That Feels Too Familiar

6/7/2019 - Large Hadron Collider Experiment Reveals Alien Structure of a 'Pentaquark'

6/7/2019 - Embattled Keystone XL Pipeline Is Back on After Court Sides With President Trump

6/7/2019 - I Love This DIY Arcade Machine You Build as Easily as Ikea Furniture

6/7/2019 - Simon Kinberg Likens Dark Phoenix's Original Ending to Captain America: Civil War and Captain Marvel

6/7/2019 - 6 Reasons It Might Be Worth Buying an iPod Touch in 2019

6/7/2019 - Congress Is Killing That Sketchy Provision That Banned the Government from Offering Free Tax Filing Software

6/7/2019 - A Peace Corps for Climate Change Is Among the Most Popular Green New Deal Policies

6/7/2019 - Updates From Birds of Prey, Stranger Things, and More

6/7/2019 - Google Says Huawei Ban Threatens US National Security by Forcing Chinese Tech Giant to Create Insecure OS: Report

6/6/2019 - Walmart's Robots Don't Appear to Be Going Over So Great With All of Its Workers

6/6/2019 - This Short Documentary Digs Deep Into Some of Total Recall's Most Memorable Visual Effects

6/6/2019 - The Uncharted Movie Adaptation Actually Has a Release Date

6/6/2019 - Netflix Hails Lucifer for One More Season

6/6/2019 - 13 Truly Terrifying Female Horror Antagonists

6/6/2019 - Jeff Bezos Outlines Plan to Colonize Space, Interrupted by Chicken Protestor

6/6/2019 - Ted Cruz Takes On YouTube With Impotent Threats and Brain Worms

6/6/2019 - Olay Tests a Refillable Moisturizer as Beauty Industry Grapples With Its Giant Trash Problem

6/6/2019 - Trump’s Misguided Ban on Federal Fetal-Tissue Research Can Only Hurt Science

6/6/2019 - Scientists Sequenced the Genes of Ancient Plague Bacteria That Spread the 'First Pandemic'

6/6/2019 - Jordan Peele Says Midsommar's Idyllic Beauty 'Transcends the Horror of Itself'

6/6/2019 - AT&T's Plan for a Netflix Killer Reportedly Gets an Overhaul, Expected to Cost Around $17 Per Month

6/6/2019 - His Dark Materials Has Found Its Will Parry, and He's Perfect

6/6/2019 - Who Knew Signs of the Apocalypse Would Be So Adorable?

6/6/2019 - Why Islamic State Recruitment Is Thriving on Telegram

6/6/2019 - Worrying New Data Suggests Amazon Deforestation Rates Are Spiking

6/6/2019 - Even an Amazing Cast Can't Bring The Dead Don't Die to Life

6/6/2019 - Is Stadia Already Screwed?

6/6/2019 - Astronomers Spot Mysterious, 10-Million-Light-Year-Long Magnetic Field Connecting Two Galaxy Clusters

6/6/2019 - Goo From Giant Salamanders Is Impressively Good at Sealing Wounds

6/6/2019 - Black Mirror Continues the Trend of Making Teenage Girls the Punchline

6/6/2019 - The Robots Are Coming for Our Jobs, Seller of Automation Equipment Says

6/6/2019 - Microsoft Quietly Pulls Its Database of 100,000 Faces Used By Chinese Surveillance Companies

6/6/2019 - The Swamp Thing TV Show Has Been Canceled [Updated]

6/6/2019 - Google Stadia Is Coming: Games, Latency, Crossplay, Speed Requirements, and More

6/6/2019 - FCC Finally Votes to Allow Carriers to Automatically Block Robocalls

6/6/2019 - YouTube Just Can't Stop Mumbling Nonsense About Its Harassment and Hate Speech Policy

6/6/2019 - A New Metal Foam Is as Bulletproof as Heavy Steel Armor, Researchers Say

6/6/2019 - Climate Change Is Our Generation's Chernobyl Moment to Tell the Truth

6/6/2019 - ‘It’s a Travesty’: Mark Zuckerberg Gets What He Wants in Hawaii Land Grab

6/6/2019 - Why Is NASA Sending an Atomic Clock Into Space?

6/6/2019 - Jessica Jones Is Back for One More Round in the Final Season Trailer

6/6/2019 - King of the Monsters’ Director on Why Godzilla’s Cinematic Universe Was Way Ahead of Its Time

6/6/2019 - Jay Inslee Is Actually Taking the Climate Refugee Crisis Seriously

6/6/2019 - Tom Holland Teases an Intriguing Detail About Far From Home's Gigantic Villains

6/6/2019 - That Viral Video of a Family Fleeing an Avalanche is Totally Fake

6/6/2019 - CDC Says Measles Cases in U.S. Have Now Reached Over 1,000 So Far in 2019

6/5/2019 - Baltimore Officials Estimate Damage From Ransomware Attack At Over $18 Million, Likely to Rise

6/5/2019 - The Idea Behind Russell T Davies' New Dystopian Drama Was Almost a Torchwood Ending

6/5/2019 - Runaways Season 3 Is Getting Hellishly Magical Courtesy of Elizabeth Hurley as Morgan le Fay

6/5/2019 - Russia’s 2016 Twitter Propaganda Machine Was Carefully Built And Wildly Successful, Researchers Find

6/5/2019 - Dive Into Speculative Fiction With the Winners of the 2019 Neukom Institute Literary Arts Awards

6/5/2019 - A Cool, Gassy Ring Has Been Detected Around Our Galaxy's Gigantic Black Hole

6/5/2019 - Here's Why That Helicopter Rescue With the Spinning 74-Year-Old Hiker Went So Nauseatingly Wrong

6/5/2019 - The Incredible Stories of Africans Who Fought Against Brazil’s Slave Trade

6/5/2019 - Cyber Criminals Are Making Bank Using Stolen Doctor Credentials on the Dark Net

6/5/2019 - The Excellent Bill and Ted Are Dads Now, and Here Are Their Kids

6/5/2019 - YouTube Clarifies Harassment Policy by Flailing Around Like a Big, Dumb Noodle

6/5/2019 - Look Upon What Amazon Hath Designed, for It Soon Will Blanket the Sky

6/5/2019 - Game of Thrones' Final Season: A Definitive List of Everyone Who Lived or Died

6/5/2019 - Drug Company to Pay Just $15.4 Million Over Doctor Bribery Scandal Involving Medicine That Brings in $1 Billion a Year

6/5/2019 - I Didn’t Even Know I Needed Spotify’s New App, but Damn

6/5/2019 - Wonder Woman 1984's New Poster Gives Us a Look at Diana's Stunning Armor

6/5/2019 - This Week's Game-Changing Walking Dead Comic Marks the End of an Era

6/5/2019 - The Deep-Sea Dragonfish Has One of the Most Terrifying Smiles on Earth

6/5/2019 - Bose's Latest Headphones Tackle a New Frontier of Noise Canceling, But Is It Worth the Extra Cash?

6/5/2019 - YouTube Bravely Bans Nazis Hours After Throwing LGBT Users Under the Bigot Bus

6/5/2019 - Thousands More Americans Will Die in Heat Waves Unless We Meet Paris Climate Goals

6/5/2019 - Our Top 10 Tips for Visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

6/5/2019 - Why Frogs Love to Lay Their Eggs in Elephant Footprints

6/5/2019 - In Troubling Experiment, UK University To Monitor Students' Social Media To Prevent Suicide

6/5/2019 - NASA Finally Has a Plan to Try to Free InSight's Extremely Stuck Probe

6/5/2019 - Oakland Becomes Second U.S. City to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

6/5/2019 - The Films of Amblin Gets a Deservedly Beautiful and Nostalgic Art Show

6/5/2019 - Here Are Some Ways Amazon's Practices Have Caught The Eye of Antitrust Regulators

6/5/2019 - That Game of Thrones Documentary Was Just as Much a Secret as the Actual Show

6/5/2019 - Trump Both Sides-es Climate Change

6/5/2019 - Modern Manufacturing Has Made It Nearly Impossible to Spot a Fake Rolex

6/5/2019 - It Looks Like Apple Is Finally Killing the Dashboard in macOS Catalina

6/5/2019 - Brad Pitt's Got Space Daddy Issues in the First Ad Astra Trailer

6/5/2019 - Google's Quest to Build the Perfect One-Tap Smartphone Camera

6/5/2019 - Bees Can Learn Symbols Associated With Counting, New Experiment Suggests

6/5/2019 - The Best iOS 13 and macOS Catalina Updates Apple Didn't Announce at WWDC

6/5/2019 - More Hints for What to Expect From Robert Pattinson's Batman

6/5/2019 - This Windows Flaw Is So Bad, Even the NSA Is Begging You to Update

6/5/2019 - Dark Phoenix Is a Bittersweet Goodbye to Fox's X-Men

6/5/2019 - YouTube: No, We Won't Remove These Videos of Racist, Anti-Gay Harassment Because It's Just 'Debating'

6/4/2019 - SEC Sues Messaging App Kik Over $100 Million Initial Coin Offering

6/4/2019 - Watch Rick and Morty Shill for Justin Roiland's New Game and Let the Metatextual Crisis Melt Your Brain

6/4/2019 - 'The Faceless Ones' Is the Next Missing Part of Doctor Who History

6/4/2019 - Wolverine Isn't in Dark Phoenix for a Good Reason

6/4/2019 - Instagram Is This Close to Ruining Itself

6/4/2019 - A Crew of Scammers Allegedly Made $19 Million With Elaborate iPhone Grift Over Seven Years

6/4/2019 - Listening to Mark Hamill Voice Chucky in Child's Play Has Us Worried

6/4/2019 - Good Omens' Aziraphale and Crowley Have a Very Nice and Queer Thing Going On

6/4/2019 - A Built-in Breathalyzer Lets This Grown Up Tamagotchi Toy Join You For a Night of Drinking

6/4/2019 - Elizabeth Warren's Latest Climate Plan Is a $2 Trillion Investment in Green Manufacturing

6/4/2019 - New York State Is Pushing ‘One of the Strictest’ Privacy Bills in the Nation

6/4/2019 - The First Order Watched Over Our Interview in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

6/4/2019 - Watch Never-Before-Released Video From Cult of the Dead Cow's Def Con 7 Reveal

6/4/2019 - Firefox Deploys a Slew of New Privacy Features, Taking Aim at Facebook and Invasive Online Trackers

6/4/2019 - How People Talked About iTunes When It First Launched

6/4/2019 - Why Apple Might Soon Be the Best Choice For Tracking Your Period

6/4/2019 - Watch Krysten Ritter Kick Ass in Front of—and Behind—Jessica Jones' Camera

6/4/2019 - How Ridiculous Is Apple's $1,000 Monitor Stand, Really?

6/4/2019 - Why Does the Moon Flash?

6/4/2019 - Bird Announces Electric Moped That Can Injure Two Riders at the Same Time

6/4/2019 - White Meat May Be as Bad as Red Meat for Cholesterol

6/4/2019 - Why It Still Matters Which Music Streaming Service You Sign Up For

6/4/2019 - The Privacy Problems Lurking in Apple's App Store

6/4/2019 - Tesla Is Blocking Its Employees From Accessing an Anonymous Social Network for Workplace Complaints

6/4/2019 - Jordan Peele's Attention to Detail Shines in This Exclusive Clip From the Us Special Features

6/4/2019 - Joe Biden's Climate Plan Actually Has Teeth

6/4/2019 - Uber Warns It's Under Investigation by the IRS Over Past Tax Returns

6/4/2019 - Is the New Mac Pro Worth the Apple Tax?

6/4/2019 - The Original Men in Black Marked a Transition of the Hollywood Blockbuster

6/4/2019 - North Korea’s 2017 Nuclear Test Estimated to Be 16 Times Stronger Than the Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima

6/4/2019 - Ikea Designed a new Dresser Line With Improved Stability Features to Prevent Dangerous Tip-Overs

6/4/2019 - A Tiny Drone Carrying a Deconstructed GoPro Captured This Incredible Dinosaur Museum Fly-Through

6/4/2019 - Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Director on the Movie's Biggest Spoiler

6/4/2019 - The Terrifying Reasons We're Confronting the Chernobyl Disaster Right Now

6/4/2019 - GoPro Better Watch Its Back

6/4/2019 - Apple's Newest Luxury Product Is Privacy

6/4/2019 - A Jurassic World Animated Series From Dreamworks Is Stomping Its Way to Netflix [Updated]

6/4/2019 - Jurassic World 3 Could Bring Back Even More Familiar Faces

6/4/2019 - Authorities Seize Phones and Computers of Michigan Officials in Flint Water Crisis Investigation

6/4/2019 - Lab Testing Giant Quest Diagnostics Says Data Breach May Have Hit Nearly 12 Million Patients

6/3/2019 - House Judiciary Committee Launches Tech Antitrust Inquiry Amid Reports DOJ, FTC May Take Action

6/3/2019 - The Greatest What We Do in the Shadows Moments (So Far)

6/3/2019 - Blumhouse Is Making a Magic 8 Ball Movie, Who Could Have Predicted?

6/3/2019 - Here's Every New Privacy Feature Apple Announced Today

6/3/2019 - RIP Paul Darrow, Blake's 7's Unlikely, Sardonic 'Hero'

6/3/2019 - Social Media Screening Will Now Affect Nearly All U.S. Visa Applicants

6/3/2019 - The World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Just Came Online

6/3/2019 - 'Spectacular' Opal-Laced Fossils Reveal Previously Unknown Australian Dinosaur

6/3/2019 - Everything Apple Announced Today

6/3/2019 - The New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Trailer Is Creepy as Hell

6/3/2019 - Scientists Save Schrödinger's Cat

6/3/2019 - Everything Apple Tried to Kill at WWDC 2019

6/3/2019 - YouTube's Nightmare Algorithm Exploited Children by Recommending Pedophiles Watch Home Videos of Kids

6/3/2019 - One of Good Omens' Best Additions Was an Excuse to Give David Tennant and Michael Sheen More to Do

6/3/2019 - Apple's Voice Control Feature Lets You Use Your Mac or iPhone With Only Your Voice

6/3/2019 - Everyone Be Quiet, Lion Beyoncé Is Talking!

6/3/2019 - Apple's Got a Fresh Plan to Make HomeKit Actually Useful

6/3/2019 - iTunes Is Dead As We Know It (and All the Rest of the News About macOS Catalina)

6/3/2019 - Exclusive: The Global Forecast Calls for Zombie Mayhem in This DCeased Preview

6/3/2019 - Maintaining State Parks in a Warming World Could Cost Billions

6/3/2019 - The Mac Pro Cheese Grater Is Back (And It Looks Powerful as Hell)

6/3/2019 - FTC Claims Potential Facebook Antitrust Probe as DOJ Snags the Right to Ruin Apple's Day

6/3/2019 - iPadOS: A First Look at Apple's Vision for the Future of Its Tablets

6/3/2019 - Here Are the New Features Coming to Your Apple Watch

6/3/2019 - ‘Sign In With Apple’ Promises a Solution to Google and Facebook's Sleazy Tracking Practices

6/3/2019 - All the New Features Coming to iOS 13

6/3/2019 - The Gorgeous First Trailer for Ron Moore's For All Mankind Teases a Space Race That Doesn't End on the Moon

6/3/2019 - What We Know About the Disaster That Made Picard Quit Starfleet

6/3/2019 - Your Caffeine or Nicotine Addiction Could Make Your Hospital Stay a Whole Lot Worse

6/3/2019 - Apple's tvOS Gets PS4 and Xbox One Controller Support

6/3/2019 - The Cool Kaiju Easter Egg Godzilla: King of the Monsters Just Flies Right Past

6/3/2019 - CRISPR Baby Mutation Linked to Higher Risk of Early Death

6/3/2019 - It Hit 123 Degrees Fahrenheit in India This Weekend

6/3/2019 - Boeing Reports Up to 148 Parts for Its Aircraft Were 'Improperly Manufactured'

6/3/2019 - The Russian Government Now Requires Tinder to Hand Over People's Sexts

6/3/2019 - How to Watch Apple's WWDC 2019 Keynote Live

6/3/2019 - The Next DC Black Label Book Is Putting an Interesting Spin on the Harley/Joker Dynamic

6/3/2019 - YouTuber Sentenced to Prison For Giving Homeless Man Toothpaste-Filled Oreos

6/3/2019 - Donors Give Mozambique Less Than Half of What's Needed for Cyclone Recovery

6/3/2019 - Our Watch Has Ended

6/3/2019 - Swedish Court Rules Against Detaining Julian Assange, Leaving Extradition in Limbo

6/3/2019 - Lenovo's Smart Clock Makes Snoozing Alarms Fun Again

6/3/2019 - Marvel's Eternals Film Could Add Another Interesting Star

6/3/2019 - What's the Hottest Object in the Universe?

6/3/2019 - The Russo Brothers' Next Project Is a Magic: The Gathering Animated Series for Netflix

6/3/2019 - We’re Liveblogging the Apple WWDC 2019 Keynote Right Here

6/3/2019 - President Trump Tells Americans to Boycott AT&T During Unhinged Twitter Rant

6/2/2019 - Catfish Fetishists, Secondhand Vape, and the Mystery of Tape: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/2/2019 - Major Google Outage Hits YouTube, G Suite, and Third Party Apps Including Discord and Snapchat [Updated]

6/2/2019 - Doctors Had to Put Out a Fire in Patient's Chest During Open Heart Surgery

6/2/2019 - Teen Titans: Raven, the Next DC Ink Graphic Novel, Is Due Out July 2nd, and Here's a Trailer

6/2/2019 - Nice Bones You Got There, Shame If a Startup Was to Start Renting Out Pogo Sticks

6/2/2019 - Dave Bautista Says His Audition for Guardians of the Galaxy Was a 'Nightmare'

6/2/2019 - Jasmine Embraces Her Rebellious Streak in This Clip of One of the Live-Action Aladdin's Original Songs

6/2/2019 - Report: The FTC May Be Considering Closer Antitrust Scrutiny of Amazon

6/2/2019 - Your Local Baskin Robbins Is Getting a Stranger Things Makeover

6/2/2019 - This Interesting Game of Thrones Critique Considers What to Do When You're Out of Time

6/1/2019 - Uh, Those 'Death of iTunes' Rumors Are Starting to Look More Real

6/1/2019 - Watch the Opening Few Minutes of the Fifth Season Premiere of Fear the Walking Dead

6/1/2019 - E-Cig Giant Juul Is Considering Opening Its Own Vape Shops

6/1/2019 - Matthew Vaughn's Man of Steel 2 Would Have Leaned Heavily into Superman's Kryptonian Heritage

6/1/2019 - Learn the Ridiculous Name of Every Animal in the Star Wars Universe

6/1/2019 - Justice Department Is Reportedly Looking Into an Antitrust Investigation Into Google

6/1/2019 - There's One Deleted Scene Captain Marvel's Directors Wish Had Made the Final Cut

6/1/2019 - Remember the Best Moments of Game of Thrones With This Atmospheric Fan Music

6/1/2019 - Underland Reimagines Nature Writing About an Increasingly Unnatural World