5/31/2019 - The 9 Weirdest, Dumbest, or Beautifully Baffling TV Pilots of 2019

5/31/2019 - Doctor Manhattan Just Redefined Superman in Doomsday Clock

5/31/2019 - These Little Silica Hexagons Are Like Super-Advanced Lego Bricks

5/31/2019 - This Week's Toys Are in Awe at the Size of This Absolute Pikachunit

5/31/2019 - Chelsea Manning's Lawyers Again Ask For Her Release, Say She'll Never 'Betray Her Principles'

5/31/2019 - You Need to Patch Your Older Windows PCs Right Now to Patch a Serious Flaw

5/31/2019 - Your Summer Reading List Is Set With All of June's New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

5/31/2019 - Closing the West's Largest Coal Plant Will Leave the Navajo Nation With $40 Million in Missing Revenue

5/31/2019 - Freshly Published Patent Keeps the Dream of an Apple Self-Driving Car Alive

5/31/2019 - Punctured Skulls Suggest Saber-Toothed Cats Fought Amongst Themselves

5/31/2019 - Workers Came Up With a Brilliant Plan to Use Postmates' Exploitative Platform Against Itself

5/31/2019 - Tourist Infected by Brain-Invading Parasite After Eating Slug on a Dare in Hawaii

5/31/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in June

5/31/2019 - How the Pokémon Games (and Even Avengers: Infinity War) Influenced Detective Pikachu's Wild Climax

5/31/2019 - Apple Reportedly Plans to Limit Tracking in Kid’s Apps

5/31/2019 - More Than Half a Million Corals Died to Bring Bigger Ships Into Miami Port

5/31/2019 - California Man Becomes the First ‘Death With Dignity’ Patient to Undergo Cryonic Preservation

5/31/2019 - Internet Providers in Maine Will Soon Have To Get Consent Before Selling Customer Data

5/31/2019 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Is Here: The Good, the Bad, and the Incredible

5/31/2019 - Man Suffers 9-Day Erection After Bruising Taint in Moped Accident

5/31/2019 - It Looks Like a Big Dark Phoenix Surprise Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

5/31/2019 - Think HBO's Chernobyl Is Brutal? Check Out This Haunting Animation That Aired on TV in the 1950s

5/31/2019 - Purged App Makers Want Apple to Prove It's Serious About the App Store Being Open to Competitors

5/31/2019 - Watching Someone Restore a Filthy Game Boy to Its Original Pristine Condition Is Soothing For the Soul

5/31/2019 - Five Years After Surgery, Face Transplant Recipients Experience Significant Improvements

5/31/2019 - Canadian Wildfires Are Already Turning Sunsets Red in the US

5/31/2019 - Sprint Drove Me to a Dumpster in Texas to Show Me the Future

5/31/2019 - There Is Absolutely No Reason to Trust the Safety Record of Tesla’s Autopilot System

5/31/2019 - Car2stay: Frustrated Man Builds Fence Around Car2go Parked in His Driveway, Demands Fee

5/31/2019 - Arya Stark Understood Death, But Chose Life

5/31/2019 - The Biggest Questions Apple Might (or Might Not) Answer at WWDC 2019

5/31/2019 - These DIY Hot Glued AirPods Are Definitely Not a Status Symbol, but They Only Cost $4 to Build

5/31/2019 - ‘Robots’ Are Not 'Coming for Your Job'—Management Is

5/31/2019 - Are You Ready for Amazon or Comcast to Be the Next Big Wireless Carrier?

5/31/2019 - Report: So Robert Pattinson Is Definitely, Maybe Batman Now?

5/31/2019 - Fox Wanting Days of Future Past Right After First Class Is Why Matthew Vaughn Left the X-Men

5/31/2019 - We Found the Very Best Truly Wireless Earbuds

5/31/2019 - Bias Against Female Lab Animals Is Messing Up Scientific Research

5/31/2019 - The Director Behind Amazing Spider-Man Could Bring Snow White to Live-Action Life at Disney

5/31/2019 - Facebook Screws Up a Critical Piece of Its Anti-Revenge Porn Tech

5/31/2019 - China Creates 'Unreliable Entity List' of Foreign Companies Following U.S. Ban on Huawei

5/30/2019 - Measles Cases in 2019 Have Hit a 25-Year High Amid Ongoing Outbreaks, CDC Says

5/30/2019 - Pixar Does Its Own Brand of Fantasy in the Curious First Trailer for Onward

5/30/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg's Head of Security Accused of Sexual Harassment and Other Misconduct by Two Former Staff

5/30/2019 - In the Creepy New Trailer for Dark Season 2, a Sinister Cycle Begins Again

5/30/2019 - The Climactic Chapter of Steven Universe Is Being Turned Into an Intriguing, Gorgeous Storybook

5/30/2019 - Take a Moment to Admire These Passing Clouds on Mars

5/30/2019 - Oh Damn, It Looks Like That Quantum Leap Secret Ending Actually Happened

5/30/2019 - North Face Apologizes for Showing Us the Future of Marketing

5/30/2019 - Ever Wanted to Smoke a Genie? Your Wish Just Came True With This Aladdin's Lamp Vape

5/30/2019 - Uber Lit $1 Billion on Fire Last Quarter Because That's What Uber Does

5/30/2019 - Drogon Knew

5/30/2019 - Why Are There So Many Tornadoes Right Now?

5/30/2019 - The Venture Bros. Creators Ponder Nerdiness and Share a Deleted Scene From Season 7

5/30/2019 - Is Secondhand Vape Bad for You?

5/30/2019 - Disney's Millennium Falcon Ride Will Take You on Different Adventures in the Future

5/30/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg Declines to Make Mark Zuckerberg Less Powerful

5/30/2019 - U.S. Air Force Draws Giant Dick in the Sky, Claims It Was an Accident

5/30/2019 - A New Hearing Aid Promises to Tune Out Distracting Voices By Reading the Wearer's Brain Waves

5/30/2019 - New Studies Reveal Intimate Links Between Human Microbiome and Preterm Pregnancies, IBD, and More

5/30/2019 - How Climate Change May Be Linked to a Puffin Mass Die-Off

5/30/2019 - Fertility App Downloaded by Thousands Is Reportedly Funded by Anti-Abortion Groups

5/30/2019 - Why Godzilla Means the World to King Of Monsters Director Michael Dougherty

5/30/2019 - The Captain Marvel Origin Story That Marvel Rejected

5/30/2019 - Mole-Rats Are Impervious to Many Types of Pain

5/30/2019 - Loophole Allows NYC Uber and Lyft Cars to Pollute More Than Yellow Cabs

5/30/2019 - How the Team Behind Detective Pikachu Answered the Existential Questions Around the Movie's Strangest Pokémon

5/30/2019 - This Spring's Flooding Crisis Is Part of a Bigger Pattern for the U.S.

5/30/2019 - Terry Pratchett Predicted the Rise of Nazis Online During an Interview with Bill Gates in 1995

5/30/2019 - Salesforce Bars Companies From Using Its Software to Sell Military-Style Firearms

5/30/2019 - Why Remake The Lion King? Director Jon Favreau Explains

5/30/2019 - Nancy Pelosi Says Facebook's Policy Toward Faked Video Shows It Is Complicit in Political Meddling

5/30/2019 - At Least One Big Game of Thrones Finale Twist Came From George R.R. Martin's Novels

5/30/2019 - What Would Happen to Earth If the Avengers Undid Thanos' Snap?

5/30/2019 - How to Browse From Your Phone Anonymously

5/30/2019 - T-Mobile and Sprint May Have to Create Fourth Competitor to Win Merger Approval

5/30/2019 - The First Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Trailer Looks Absolutely Phenomenal

5/30/2019 - Mice Regain Their Sense of Smell After New Stem Cell Therapy

5/30/2019 - Disney's CEO 'Doubts' They Can Stay in Georgia if Anti-Abortion Law Is Enacted [Updated]

5/30/2019 - BBC Goes to Conduct Its First Broadcast Over 5G, Immediately Hits Data Cap

5/30/2019 - Man Takes First-Ever Photo of Living Colombian Weasel After Finding It Standing on His Toilet

5/30/2019 - New Black Widow Set Pictures Give Us Our First Glimpse of the Movie

5/30/2019 - The Moto Z4's Biggest Upgrade Is Surprisingly Retro

5/30/2019 - I Wish Lego's Beautifully Detailed Moon Landing Set Also Included More Accurate Looking Astronauts

5/30/2019 - Julian Assange Fails to Appear in London Court Citing Serious Health Problems

5/29/2019 - This Week's Star Wars Comic Is Like Opening an '80s Time Capsule

5/29/2019 - 42 Million Dating App Records Exposed Online, Leaking User IP Addresses and Location Data

5/29/2019 - Happy Belated Birthday, Bing!

5/29/2019 - Ava DuVernay's Co-Writer on New Gods Will Be None Other Than DC's Tom King

5/29/2019 - Google Maps Is Going to Piss Off Cops Around the Globe With Its Latest Update

5/29/2019 - Ukraine Ex-President Accused of Ripping Out Sensitive Servers From Situation Room Before Leaving Office

5/29/2019 - The Deep Space Nine Documentary Finally Comes Home in August

5/29/2019 - IBM Sells Face Recognition Surveillance to a Dictatorship: Report

5/29/2019 - More Than a Decade Ago, Checkmate Gave Readers a Brilliant Fusion of Politics and Superheroes

5/29/2019 - Even Under a Coal-Loving Leader, Australia Is Leading the Charge for Renewables

5/29/2019 - Google Is Cracking Down On Weed Delivery Apps In the Play Store

5/29/2019 - A Neptune-Like Planet Has Been Spotted in a Place Where It's Not Supposed to Exist

5/29/2019 - FCC Cuts Bogus Data From Yearly Broadband Report, Acts Like Nothing Happened

5/29/2019 - Brandon Sanderson Likens Amazon's Wheel Of Time Series to Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings

5/29/2019 - Do You Love or Hate Apple's Locked Down App Store?

5/29/2019 - Uber Will Start Booting Shitty Passengers From Its App

5/29/2019 - The Latest Legion Teaser Introduces David's Daddy, Charles Xavier

5/29/2019 - Laboratory Black Hole Shows Stephen Hawking Was Right, Obviously

5/29/2019 - Cuba's Internet Restrictions Continue to Crumble as It Legalizes Private Wifi and Imported Routers

5/29/2019 - Scientists Are Stuck on the Mystery of Tape

5/29/2019 - The Director of Godzilla: King of the Monsters Talks Making Shit Biblical

5/29/2019 - Amazon Attempts to Improve Alexa Privacy, Hilariously Fails

5/29/2019 - Cersei Lannister Rose to the Top of a Crumbling Kingdom

5/29/2019 - Incredible Fossil Shows Coordinated Swimming in a School of Extinct Fish

5/29/2019 - Natural Gas Is Now Called 'Freedom Gas,' According to the Department of Energy

5/29/2019 - China Clearly Signals It's Prepared to Use a Key Component in Phones as It Fights U.S. Trade War

5/29/2019 - Pokémon Is Making a Game You Play by Sleeping and I've Never Felt More Sure of Myself

5/29/2019 - The Handmaid's Tale Sacrifices Some of Its Brutal Reality for Hope in Season 3

5/29/2019 - Alexa's Sneaky Fine Print Could Prevent You From Suing Amazon for Anything

5/29/2019 - Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Stan Lee Project Is Basically Kindergarten Cop With Superheroes

5/29/2019 - Why Some Android Phones Don't Have the Play Store

5/29/2019 - Catfish Fetishists: The Men Who Get Off on Getting Scammed Online

5/29/2019 - Watch In Fabric's First Dizzying Trailer, Where Serving Looks Kills

5/29/2019 - Police Investigate Bomb Scare, Find 'Giant Glittery' Christmas Ornament Instead

5/29/2019 - Tony Todd Teases His Involvement in the New Candyman

5/29/2019 - Guy With Jar Jar Binks Back Tattoo: 'I Have Had Sex Multiple Times'

5/29/2019 - MediaTek's New 5G-Ready Chip Is Exactly the Kind of Competition Qualcomm Needs

5/29/2019 - If You're a Zillionaire Neat Freak, iRobot's New Roomba and Mop Bot Are a Dream Come True

5/28/2019 - Doom Patrol's White Space Is a Brilliant Spin on Comic Book Storytelling

5/28/2019 - Godzilla vs. Kong's Writer Explains How Big G Isn't Going to Just Walk Away With This Thing

5/28/2019 - What If Doctor Who's Audio Adventures Were Planned Like They Were Being Made for TV?

5/28/2019 - Australia’s New Encryption Law Is Forcing Tech Companies To Help With Surveillance

5/28/2019 - Netflix Comes Out Against Georgia's Anti-Abortion Law, Other Studios Still Silent

5/28/2019 - After Destroying Brick and Mortars, Amazon Reportedly Planning to Cut Ties With Thousands of Small Vendors

5/28/2019 - Godzilla: King of the Monsters Is Big, Dumb, and Beautiful

5/28/2019 - These Tornadoes Left Ohio Communities Looking Like a War Zone

5/28/2019 - Man Restoring a Classic Synthesizer Goes On a 9-Hour Acid Trip After Accidentally Touching LSD-Covered Knob

5/28/2019 - Watch a Tantalizing Clip From the Unique End of the World Tale Starfish

5/28/2019 - Confronted by Drones, Monkeys Warn Comrades of Incoming 'Eagle'

5/28/2019 - Who Is the New iPod Touch Good For? Privacy Hawks

5/28/2019 - iOS Could Finally Be Going Dark

5/28/2019 - Lost Boys Fans Will Vamp Out for These Never-Before-Printed Posters and Comic Book Replica

5/28/2019 - President Trump Thinks the Navy Is Trying Too Hard

5/28/2019 - Illinois Will Make Polluters Pay for Coal Ash Cleanup

5/28/2019 - Kelly Sue DeConnick on Captain Marvel's Rise to the Top of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

5/28/2019 - Lyft Passenger Caught on Video Assaulting Driver Inside Moving Vehicle

5/28/2019 - Researchers Want to Build Fake Photo Detection Tools Right Into Our Cameras

5/28/2019 - Someone Spent $1.3 Million on Laptop Infected With Six of The Most Destructive Computer Viruses

5/28/2019 - Annabelle Is on a Rampage in the Latest Trailer for Annabelle Comes Home

5/28/2019 - Malaysia Is Shipping 3,300 Tons of Garbage Back to the Countries It Came From

5/28/2019 - Average User Still Spending 38 More Minutes On Facebook Per Day Than They Should

5/28/2019 - The New Swamp Thing Trailer Spotlights Hero Abby Arcane

5/28/2019 - Russian Rocket Gets Hit by Lightning, Continues Hurtling Toward Space Like Nothing Happened

5/28/2019 - Amazon May Still Expand in NYC After HQ2 Temper Tantrum: Report

5/28/2019 - Before Chris Hemsworth Fought to Keep Thor Fat in Avengers: Endgame, He Almost Played Gambit

5/28/2019 - Behold, Another iPod Touch

5/28/2019 - A New Jessica Jones Teaser Introduces the Final Season's Premiere Date and Villain

5/28/2019 - It's Been Five Years, But Intel's Most Hotly Anticipated CPU Is Finally Coming

5/28/2019 - Microsoft's Classic IntelliMouse Returns With Its Cord Still Intact

5/28/2019 - Ridley Scott Offers Another Update on His Alien Prequels

5/28/2019 - Trump Climate Advisor Compared 'Demonization of Carbon Dioxide' to Hitler's Treatment of Jews in Bizarre Interview

5/28/2019 - Alienware's Big Redesign Comes to Its Thinnest Gaming Laptops

5/28/2019 - The New XPS 13 2-in-1 Comes Tantalizingly Close to Overshadowing the Original

5/28/2019 - It Is Kind of Shocking Who Is Doing Some of the Most Interesting Stuff in Laptops Right Now

5/28/2019 - HP's Revamped VR Backpack Delivers the Closest Thing to True VR Freedom Yet

5/27/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg to Ignore Canadian Parliament's Subpoena, Maybe Get Found in Contempt

5/27/2019 - A New Sci-Fi Short Film Explores the Scarier Side of Mind Reading

5/27/2019 - Camera Trap Snaps Photo of First Known Albino Giant Panda

5/27/2019 - 11 Archer Episodes That Helped Make the Show a Cult Favorite

5/27/2019 - New Maine Law Ends Non-Medical Excuses for Avoiding Vaccination

5/27/2019 - Powerful Earthquake Strikes Miles Below Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Limiting Casualties

5/27/2019 - Murray Gell-Mann, the Physicist Who Came Up With Quarks, Has Died

5/27/2019 - The Apocalypse Is the Least Dramatic Thing in This Trailer for Netflix Anime 7SEEDS

5/27/2019 - Teen Hacker Whom Apple Reported to FBI Just Wanted a Dang Job

5/27/2019 - Leatherman's New One-Handed Wonder Is All You Need

5/27/2019 - One of Detective Pikachu's Grossest Moments Is Even Weirder Than You Thought

5/27/2019 - Breathtaking View of SpaceX Starlink Satellite ‘Train’ Triggers Wave of UFO Sightings

5/27/2019 - Guy Ritchie Answers Some of Aladdin's Burning Musical Questions

5/27/2019 - What in the Hell Was Google Wave Trying to Be Anyway?

5/27/2019 - The Triggers That Make Us Check Our Phones Most Often... and How to Fight Them

5/27/2019 - Rick and Morty Learn Dungeons & Dragons, Alien Gets a Preview, and More Tabletop Gaming News

5/27/2019 - What's the Horniest Animal?

5/27/2019 - Asus' Wildly Ambitious ZenBook Pro Duo Is the Most Dual-Screen Laptop Yet

5/27/2019 - A Man's Love of Licorice Tea Landed Him in the Emergency Room

5/26/2019 - Here's How a Facebook Exec Defended Leaving Up That Fake Nancy Pelosi Video

5/26/2019 - The Creators Behind Godzilla: King of the Monsters Explain How They Differentiated Ghidorah From Other Dragons

5/26/2019 - Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses Apple of 'Intentionally and Unlawfully' Sharing iTunes Listening Data

5/26/2019 - Dan Harmon Is Working on Rick & Morty With a Table Full of Terrible Ideas

5/26/2019 - Watch the Trailer for The Twilight Zone’s Season Finale, Featuring the Blurryman

5/26/2019 - Tom King is Launching a New Bat Book, Batman/Catwoman, With Artist Clay Mann

5/26/2019 - This Concept Artist Made a Danny DeVito-Inspired Detective Pikachu Design

5/25/2019 - Commemorate the Moment Man Met Alien With This 40th Anniversary Lego Sculpture

5/25/2019 - Apple Reportedly Snatched Up a Startup Working on an App for Asthma-Tracking

5/25/2019 - Emilia Clarke Was Once Set to Appear in an Early Version of Iron Man 3

5/25/2019 - A Quiet Place Sequel Creeps Silently Toward a March 2020 Release Date

5/25/2019 - Health Officials Reportedly Threatened Air Travel Ban for Individuals With Measles

5/25/2019 - Little Black Mirror Is a Series of Black Mirror Webisodes Coming to Netflix’s Latin American YouTube Channel

5/25/2019 - Why Disney+ Freaks Me Out About the Future of Streaming

5/25/2019 - Harrison Ford Oddly Dropped Chris Pine's Name When Talking About the Future of Indiana Jones

5/25/2019 - India's Monkeys Keep Killing People, so Scientists Are Trying Radical New Sterilization Strategies

5/24/2019 - A Trip to Godzilla's Home, Toho, Made Us Want to Stomp Through Its Amazing Sets

5/24/2019 - Neil Gaiman Wishes Good Omens Didn't Feel Quite So Close to Our Reality

5/24/2019 - 885 Million Records Exposed Online: Bank Transactions, Social Security Numbers, and More

5/24/2019 - Doom Patrol's First Season Finale Gave Everyone What They Deserved

5/24/2019 - Apparently, Taika Waititi's Akira Is Actually Happening and Will Be Here in 2 Years

5/24/2019 - 2,300-Year-Old Bark Shield Showcases a Previously Unknown Iron Age Technology

5/24/2019 - It’s Been One Year Since GDPR Scared the Crap Out of Silicon Valley, What’s Next?

5/24/2019 - How Jon Snow's Story Came Full Circle

5/24/2019 - Facebook Scrambles for a Middle Ground on Misleading Video of Nancy Pelosi

5/24/2019 - Mayor Gives Out Viagra to Citizens: Start Having Sex or The School Gets It

5/24/2019 - Vets Say They Saved a Dog's Life Using an Experimental Fish Skin Graft

5/24/2019 - Airbnb Will Help NYC Track Down Illegal Rentals, and Other Cities Could Be Next

5/24/2019 - Stranger Things Is Getting a Striking New Art Book, and We've Got a Peek Inside

5/24/2019 - FBI Sued Over Files on Dead Hacker Who Turned In Chelsea Manning

5/24/2019 - Kids Strike Around the World to Raise the Alarm on Climate Change

5/24/2019 - China Has Arrested 20 People For Running an Erotic Livestreaming Site

5/24/2019 - Here's a First Look at the New MacBook Pro Keyboard

5/24/2019 - Extraterrestrial Organic Matter Found in 3.3-Billion-Year-Old Volcanic Rock

5/24/2019 - How Detective Pikachu Built Its Adorable Star

5/24/2019 - The Company That Makes the U.S. Border's License Plate Scanners Has Been Hacked

5/24/2019 - SpaceX Launches 60 Satellites for Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet Constellation

5/24/2019 - Seven Die in a Week as Mount Everest Is Hit With Record Number of Climbers

5/24/2019 - Scientists Witness the Birth of a Submarine Volcano for the First Time

5/24/2019 - Ridley Scott Confirms New Alien Talks, Says the Series Needs to Evolve to Have a Future

5/24/2019 - California Plans Blackouts to Fight Wildfires, and Solar Power Is Looking Better Than Ever

5/24/2019 - That 'Found Cat' Craigslist Ad Featuring a Bobcat is Totally Fake

5/24/2019 - It's Official: The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Is Being Pushed to 2020

5/24/2019 - The First Tribal Climate Emergency Declaration Is Here—and It Won't Be the Last

5/24/2019 - Amazon Patent Reveals Its Vision for an Alexa Device That Records Every Word You Speak

5/24/2019 - Facebook Said to Be Coming For Your Wallet With Its 'GlobalCoin' Cryptocurrency in 2020

5/24/2019 - The Scary Thing About DC Universe's Swamp Thing Is How Good It Is

5/24/2019 - It's Been a Volatile Week for NASA's 2024 Moon Landing Program

5/24/2019 - Everything You Can Do in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update That You Couldn't Do Before

5/24/2019 - Booster Gold's Screenwriter Is Waiting for WB to Make a Move

5/24/2019 - Bullshit Viral Videos of Nancy Pelosi Show Fake Content Doesn't Have to Be a Deepfake

5/23/2019 - Watch Robert Downey Jr. and the Russos Fantasy Draft a Team of Avengers

5/23/2019 - Report: Laeta Kalogridis Is Writing the First Installment in a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Movie Trilogy

5/23/2019 - How to Train Your Yeti

5/23/2019 - The FDA Tells the Food Industry to Change How It Uses 'Expiration' Dates

5/23/2019 - Uber and Lyft Drivers Strike Alongside Fast Food Workers in LA, Demand $30 Minimum Wage

5/23/2019 - Senate Passes Bill That Would Slap Robocallers With Fine of Up to $10,000 Per Call

5/23/2019 - Why That Anti-Loot Box Bill Is Actually Kinda Shitty

5/23/2019 - Snapchat Employees Allegedly Misused Internal Tools to Snoop on Users: Report

5/23/2019 - 6 Reasons Why Genre Fans Should Check Out the Criterion Channel

5/23/2019 - Facebook Pilots Anti-Hate Speech Moderation Team Because, Y'know, All the Nazis and Stuff

5/23/2019 - Into the Dark's Latest Episode Looks Like The Hills Have Eyes With a Supernatural Twist

5/23/2019 - Astronomers Spy Three Comets Circling a Nearby Star

5/23/2019 - Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Charged With Espionage by U.S.

5/23/2019 - The 2019 Hurricane Season Shouldn't Be That Bad (Hopefully, Maybe)

5/23/2019 - The Very Best Xbox Controller Now Has Swappable Paddles, Thumbsticks, and Even Faceplates

5/23/2019 - Meet the New Star Wars Pilots Starring in Alphabet Squadron

5/23/2019 - The U.S. Cities With the Most Deaths From Air Pollution

5/23/2019 - Report: Tom King Is Leaving Batman 15 Issues Early

5/23/2019 - T-Mobile's One Plan Becomes Magenta, Complicates Netflix Bonus

5/23/2019 - Jabra Changed How Noise-Canceling Headphones Work, and I Like It

5/23/2019 - Researchers May Have Solved Darwin's Paradox of How Reefs Are So Productive

5/23/2019 - Rotten Tomatoes Changes Audience Reviews to Protect Against Whiny Man-babies

5/23/2019 - An Astounding Amount of Water Has Been Discovered Beneath the Martian North Pole

5/23/2019 - The X-Men's Quicksilver Speeds Into Space in This Surprisingly Cool Dark Phoenix Clip

5/23/2019 - Samsung Now Has a Way To Make Ultrarealistic Fake Videos With Just One Photo

5/23/2019 - Tornado Kills 3 on Eighth Anniversary of America's Deadliest Twister

5/23/2019 - The Ultimate Legacy of Solo ls the Death of Star Wars Tradition

5/23/2019 - Equifax Is Finally Getting Kicked in the Money Bags Due to Its Disastrous 2017 Hack

5/23/2019 - Court Rules Redditor Can Stay Anonymous in Significant Copyright Case

5/23/2019 - Amazon Is Getting Closer to Building an Alexa Wearable That Knows When You're Depressed

5/23/2019 - Star Trek: Picard's First Teaser Hints at Jean-Luc's Tragic Place in Starfleet History [Updated]

5/23/2019 - Many Google Duplex 'AI' Calls Are Actually Made by Humans

5/23/2019 - Exclusive: Captain Marvel Becomes a Bodega Avenger in a New Series from IDW

5/23/2019 - New Lawsuit Calls Louisiana's Pipeline Protest Law 'Unconstitutional'

5/23/2019 - Arrow's Star Leaves the Door Open for a Post-Series Finale Return

5/23/2019 - How Does a Chimpanzee Eat a Tortoise? By Smashing It Like a Coconut

5/23/2019 - The First Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Has Double the Terminator Trouble

5/23/2019 - Elon Musk's Boring Company Secures $48.6 Million Contract in Las Vegas Despite Embarrassing Demonstration in L.A.

5/23/2019 - Man Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Fake iPhones in Scheme That Cost Apple Nearly $900,000

5/22/2019 - Report Finds a Tesla Navigate on Autopilot Function May Pose Serious Safety Risks Without Driver Engagement

5/22/2019 - We Love These Trading Cards Based on Real (and Fake) Sports in Movies

5/22/2019 - George R.R. Martin Just Set a Very Peculiar Winds of Winter Deadline Threat for Himself

5/22/2019 - Archer: 1999 Shows Off Its 'Late ‘70s, Early ‘80s Sci-Fi Vibe' in This New Behind-the-Scenes Peek

5/22/2019 - DOJ Attorneys Reportedly Ready to Block T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

5/22/2019 - New Bill Would Require Agents to Actually Have Probable Cause to Search Electronic Devices at the Border

5/22/2019 - Apple Is Testing Private Web Ads on Safari So You Feel Less Creeped Out While Shopping

5/22/2019 - We Don't Need to 'Pause' Police Use of Face Recognition—We Need to Ban It Forever

5/22/2019 - Medicinal Plants Used During the U.S. Civil War Are Surprisingly Good at Fighting Bacteria

5/22/2019 - The Fiery Rise (and Nuclear Fall) of Daenerys Targaryen

5/22/2019 - It's About to Get Much More Difficult to Fly DJI Drones Into Planes

5/22/2019 - A New TIE Fighter Book Reveals a Surprising Part of Kylo Ren's First Order Duties

5/22/2019 - Editor's Note

5/22/2019 - Jeff Bezos Wouldn’t Even Come On Stage to Listen to His Employees Who Want Amazon to Address Climate Change

5/22/2019 - How Are Doves and Sparrows Ending Up Inside Baby Sharks?

5/22/2019 - Segregation Has Left a Legacy of Asthma and Pollution in California Cities

5/22/2019 - Brightburn Is an Entertaining Superhero Horror Story Told in a Very Clunky Way

5/22/2019 - Amazon Shareholders Fail to Limit Company's Sale of Facial Recognition Software

5/22/2019 - The Marvel Approach Won't Work for Star Wars, According to Kathleen Kennedy

5/22/2019 - This Puckheaded Robot Won't Be Delivering Your Packages Anytime Soon

5/22/2019 - Scientists Have Pinpointed the Mystery Source of an Ozone-Destroying Chemical

5/22/2019 - New Paper Confirms Near-Room-Temperature Superconductivity in Wild, Hydrogen-Rich Material

5/22/2019 - This $600 Sleep Robot Is Only Worth it if You're Tired and Alone

5/22/2019 - io9's Battle of Thrones Gathers One Last Time to Discuss the End of Game of Thrones

5/22/2019 - Hackers Are Holding Baltimore's Government Computers Hostage, and It's Not Even Close to Over

5/22/2019 - England Is Implementing a Strict Plastic Ban Starting Next Year

5/22/2019 - FTC Shows No Mercy to Qualcomm in Antitrust Ruling

5/22/2019 - With Time Running Out, Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Fails to Drop Target Marker on Asteroid

5/22/2019 - New Star Wars Characters, Funky Planet Names, and Teases of Rey and Kylo's Force Bond in The Rise of Skywalker

5/22/2019 - How to Remap the Buttons on Your Android Device to Do Nearly Anything You Want

5/22/2019 - ARM Reportedly Directs Staff to Stop Working with Huawei, Leaving Company In Awkward Position

5/22/2019 - Amazon Goes Full Black Mirror by Turning Grueling Warehouse Work Into a Video Game

5/22/2019 - Meet the Guy Who Spends Months in the Antarctic Collecting Penguin Poop

5/22/2019 - HBO Gives Official Updates on Game of Thrones' Prequel Series and Potential Spinoffs

5/22/2019 - Aladdin Made Me Feel Like a Kid Again

5/22/2019 - Stanford Students Built This Adorable, Bouncy, Open-Source Robot Dog

5/22/2019 - U.S. Considers Export Ban on Surveillance Company That Helps Send Muslims to China's Concentration Camps: Report

5/22/2019 - HQ Trivia's Last-Ditch Attempt to Win You Back Is More Cash Prizes—With Strings Attached

5/21/2019 - Both Maisie Williams and Lena Headey Wanted Arya to Finish Her List

5/21/2019 - Zazie Beetz Has Some Thoughts on the Future of Domino

5/21/2019 - Google Failed to Fully Secure G Suite Passwords For 14 Years

5/21/2019 - Airbnb Partners With 23andMe to Make It Easier for People to Get In Touch With Their Roots or Something

5/21/2019 - Trash-Burning Power Plants Wind Up in Our Most Marginalized Communities, Report Finds

5/21/2019 - This New Dark Phoenix Clip Seems Awfully Familiar

5/21/2019 - A Collision With a Dwarf Planet Likely Caused Our Moon to Become Lopsided

5/21/2019 - A Young Swordsman Faces an Uncertain Future in African-Inspired Fantasy Epic The Rage of Dragons

5/21/2019 - AT&T Gave $200,000 to Politicians Leading Abortion-Ban Efforts in Six States: Report

5/21/2019 - Apple Finally Did the Right Thing (Sort of)

5/21/2019 - Our First Look at Doctor Who Season 12 Reveals the Return of a Familiar Foe (and a Bitchin' Mohawk)

5/21/2019 - CBD Might Help People Struggling With Opioid Addiction, Small Trial Shows

5/21/2019 - Should We Be Calling Climate Change a 'Climate Crisis'?

5/21/2019 - The New Updated 8-Core MacBook Pro Is Apple's Fastest Laptop Yet

5/21/2019 - Comcast Working on Health Monitoring Device for the Elderly But Don't Call It an Alexa

5/21/2019 - 8 Questions Game of Thrones Will Never Answer

5/21/2019 - New Legislation Would Help National Committees Improve Candidates' Cybersecurity

5/21/2019 - Legends of Tomorrow Truly Is the Greatest Show on Earth

5/21/2019 - Game of Thrones Star Joins Board of Cryptocurrency Startup for Vegans, and No We Didn't Just Throw Darts at a Wall Covered in Buzzwords

5/21/2019 - Sea Level Rise Could Displace Nearly 200 Million This Century If We Don't Change Course

5/21/2019 - New Firefox Competes With Chrome on Speed And Privacy

5/21/2019 - Guy Ritchie Talks Aladdin's Delicate Balance of Disney Nostalgia and Modern Updates

5/21/2019 - Julian Assange's Belongings Reportedly Shared With U.S. Authorities, Despite Pending Extradition Hearing

5/21/2019 - New Breakthrough Means We Can Finally Detect the Color Red in Ancient Fossils

5/21/2019 - I Pitted Canon's 'Affordable' EOS RP Against My Beloved Sony A7 III

5/21/2019 - TikTok Maker Reportedly Set to Take on Spotify With New Music Streaming App

5/21/2019 - Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Has a Lot to Say About His Books After the Big Finale

5/21/2019 - Huawei Might Already Have Its Own App Store to Counter Google Ban

5/21/2019 - Wild Observation Shows White Dwarf Stars Merging Into Something New

5/21/2019 - The USPS Is Testing Self-Driving Trucks to Deliver Your Mountain of Packages

5/21/2019 - Toy Story 4's Heroes Are Veteran Rescuers in the Final Trailer

5/21/2019 - Google Says It Will Fix Its Misleading Abortion Ads Problem

5/21/2019 - Beyond the Hype of Lab-Grown Diamonds

5/21/2019 - Black Mirror Just Dropped 3 New Trailers for Season 5

5/21/2019 - Dan Aykroyd Has Written a Ghostbusters Prequel Set in the '60s

5/21/2019 - The Camera-Packed Honor 20 Pro Could Be the First Gadget Casualty of the Trade War

5/21/2019 - A Super Secret Is Hiding in the First Full Trailer for Freaks

5/21/2019 - Google Photos Fixed the Bad Photo Organization That I Spent Years Creating

5/21/2019 - More Coal Miners Are Dying From Black Lung, and These Researchers May Know Why

5/21/2019 - Updates From The Dark Crystal, John Wick, and More

5/21/2019 - Google to Provide Huawei Software and Security Updates For 90 Days

5/21/2019 - Nearly Half of Juul's Followers on Twitter Last Year Were Teens, Report Claims

5/20/2019 - Are Uber and Lyft Drivers Gaming Surge Pricing to Protest Getting Screwed Over on Pay?

5/20/2019 - All 73 Episodes of Game of Thrones Come Together in This 73-Second Fan Video

5/20/2019 - Report: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Series Has a Director and Some Familiar Co-Stars

5/20/2019 - This Is Easily the Best Correction in Science Publishing This Month

5/20/2019 - Charmed Has Killed Every Nod to Its Namesake, and Is Much Better for It

5/20/2019 - Google Researchers Trained an Algorithm to Detect Lung Cancer Better Than Radiologists

5/20/2019 - Scammers Are Using Facebook to Trick People Into Thinking They Accidentally Donated Money to ISIS

5/20/2019 - Scientists Think They Know How Pluto's Hidden Ocean Stays Liquid

5/20/2019 - This Artist's Fan Mashup Justifies a Toy Story 4 League

5/20/2019 - Vaping Could Make It Harder For Your Body to Fight the Flu, Preliminary Research Suggests

5/20/2019 - Senator Introduces Do Not Track Bill to Block Companies From Collecting Your Data

5/20/2019 - Why This Character's Game of Thrones Ending Was the Most Satisfying

5/20/2019 - Social Media Censorship Is Hurting Those on the Margins, EFF Project Contends

5/20/2019 - Supergirl's Finale Suggests There Will Be a Very Prominent Zombie in Next Year's Crisis

5/20/2019 - Atlantic Hurricane Season Could Be Getting a Head Start This Week

5/20/2019 - DJI Drones Could Be the Latest Target of Trump Administration's Offense Against China

5/20/2019 - Google Glass Gets a Fresh Update With More Powerful Guts—Still Look Dorky as Hell

5/20/2019 - The Best Things The Phantom Menace Brought to Star Wars

5/20/2019 - The Bullshit Reason Ajit Pai Is Using to Back the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

5/20/2019 - Emilia Clarke Thinks Game of Thrones Needs a Rest and Wishes You Wouldn't Call Daenerys the 'Mad Queen'

5/20/2019 - Dell Is Experimenting With Foldable Display Devices, But Don't Expect a Product Anytime Soon

5/20/2019 - This Week, Amazon Has a Chance to Prove It Can Do the Right Thing on Its Own

5/20/2019 - Stop Using Homemade Sunscreen Recipes You Found on Pinterest

5/20/2019 - Texas Set to Become 11th State to Ban Red Light Cameras

5/20/2019 - The Final Brightburn Trailer Goes Full Supervillain Horror Movie

5/20/2019 - The Southern Plains Is at High Risk of 'Violent' Tornadoes on Monday

5/20/2019 - Good Omens Is a Delightful Apocalypse We'd Be So Lucky to Live Through

5/20/2019 - Shitty Tourists Flood Pristine Icelandic Canyon After Viral Justin Bieber Video

5/20/2019 - Lutron Teamed Up With Philips to Solve One of the Most Annoying Things About Smart Lights

5/20/2019 - The Game of Thrones Cast Bid Their Farewells to the Series

5/20/2019 - Game of Thrones Ends Its Watch With Plastic Water Bottle in Plain Sight

5/20/2019 - Captain Marvel Inspires Kree Kids in This Exclusive Deleted Scene

5/20/2019 - So, Who's Canceling HBO Today?

5/20/2019 - Why This Fertility App's First Scientific Study Is So Exciting

5/20/2019 - Is the World Really Overpopulated?

5/20/2019 - New Details Emerge on the Villain of Disney's Live-Action Mulan

5/20/2019 - Whoa, Sony Made Cheaper Noise-Canceling Headphones

5/20/2019 - Google, Intel, and Qualcomm to Stop Supplying Huawei After Trump Regime Blacklists Chinese Tech Giant

5/20/2019 - The Game of Thrones Finale Got the Important Stuff Right

5/19/2019 - Westworld's Teaser for Season 3 Reminds Us There's More to Life Than Fantasy

5/19/2019 - The Game of Thrones Has Been Won

5/19/2019 - Come One and All, for the Final io9 Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Zone

5/19/2019 - Hidden Netflix Gems, Feral Parrots, and Intel Chip Flaws: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

5/19/2019 - Open Channel: Share Your Best Memory of Watching Game of Thrones

5/19/2019 - Report Claims Google Could Be Pulling Huawei's Android License

5/19/2019 - PSA: You Can Now Watch an All-Ahsoka Tano Cut of Star Wars: Rebels

5/19/2019 - Learn the Embattled History of The Muppet Show

5/19/2019 - Game of Thrones Petition to Remake Season 8 Reaches a Million Signatures

5/19/2019 - Why Does Coffee Make Us Poop? Scientists Gave Coffee to Rats to Find Out

5/19/2019 - A Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Animator Shares Her Brilliant Animation References

5/19/2019 - The Director of Child's Play Discusses the Wild Change to Chucky's Backstory

5/18/2019 - Elizabeth Olsen Once Had a ‘Terrible’ Audition for the Role of Daenerys in Game of Thrones

5/18/2019 - You'll Never Guess What Sheryl Sandberg Thinks About This Whole 'Break Up Facebook' Thing

5/18/2019 - A Times Square Billboard Went Up in Flames and Somehow Continued to Display Ads

5/18/2019 - Marvel’s True Avengers Are Assembled in This Fantastic Endgame Set Photo

5/18/2019 - This Star Wars Short Turns the Battle of Hoth Into a Vader Rampage Worthy of Rogue One

5/18/2019 - After Bear Repellent Incident, Amazon Plans to Store Some Hazardous Products at Specialized Warehouses

5/18/2019 - Report: The Next Batman Movie Might Already Have Its Villains

5/18/2019 - Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers Is Getting a Movie Adaptation, With Director Akiva Schaffer

5/18/2019 - How to Choose an Air Conditioner

5/17/2019 - Dancing Makes The OA's Tentacle Scene Even More Beautifully Bizarre in this VFX Breakdown

5/17/2019 - Disney Animators Are Getting Their Chance to Shine on Disney+ With New Short Films

5/17/2019 - Here's the Best Way to Protect Your Accounts From Hacker Takeovers

5/17/2019 - The Best Toys of the Week Need Guns, Lots of Guns

5/17/2019 - Poop-Testing Startup Founder Allegedly Lied About Her Age, Just About Everything Else

5/17/2019 - Guys, You're Making the Dude in Charge of Facebook's Toxic Content Problem Cry

5/17/2019 - You Can Now Watch Doom Patrol's First Episode on YouTube for Free

5/17/2019 - Google Knows That I Seamlessed Chicken Fingers Last Night

5/17/2019 - Twitter and Facebook Should Give Us a 'Start From Scratch' Button

5/17/2019 - Pokémon Sword and Shield's New Starters Look Great in Detective Pikachu's Style

5/17/2019 - Tooth Analysis Suggests Neanderthals and Modern Humans Split Apart Far Earlier Than We Thought

5/17/2019 - The Most Adorable Marvel Studios End Credit Scene Is Finally Online

5/17/2019 - You Should Be Able to Stream Exactly One Thing

5/17/2019 - A Huge Swath of the U.S. Could See Tornadoes Over the Next Five Days

5/17/2019 - Man Who Threatened FCC Chairman's Kids Sentenced to 20 Months

5/17/2019 - Stephen King's Sword and Sorcery Novel, The Eyes of the Dragon, Is Being Adapted at Hulu

5/17/2019 - The Long Rumored Back to the Future Musical Is Finally Happening

5/17/2019 - Reddit Magicians Are Fiercely Debating How to Summon a 'Big Tittie' Demon

5/17/2019 - Archaeological Mystery Deepens as More ‘Jars of the Dead’ Uncovered in Laos

5/17/2019 - Why Australians Are Tweeting About the Prime Minister Shitting His Pants at McDonald's

5/17/2019 - It Appears That Even a Truck Full of Cash Can't Get Top Talent to Work for Facebook These Days

5/17/2019 - His Dark Materials' New Teaser Is Monumentally Awesome

5/17/2019 - A Generation Looks Back at 20 Years of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

5/17/2019 - Snapchat's Viral Garbage Machine Strikes Again

5/17/2019 - American Births Hit a 32-Year Low

5/17/2019 - This AI-Generated Joe Rogan Voice Sounds Eerily Like the Real Thing

5/17/2019 - Scientist Composes Game of Thrones-Worthy Song From Climate Change Data

5/17/2019 - Why Working on 12 Marvel Movies Only Partially Prepared ILM for Avengers: Endgame

5/17/2019 - Sorry, It Looks Like a Researcher Didn’t Just Crack the Voynich Manuscript After All

5/17/2019 - In This Exclusive Look at Angel #2, a Familiar Face Re-Emerges

5/17/2019 - F-16 Fighter Jet Crashes Into California Warehouse, Worker Captures Aftermath on Video

5/17/2019 - How to Choose the Right Platform to Run Your Smart Home

5/17/2019 - The First Details on the CW's Epic Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover

5/17/2019 - Slack Kills Scary Bug

5/17/2019 - Grumpy Cat Dies at 7 Years Old

5/16/2019 - The Next Evolution of Online Shopping Is Letting a Bot Buy You Underwear

5/16/2019 - Robert Pattinson Is Your New Batman...Probably [Updated]

5/16/2019 - FCC Commissioner: 'Repeat After Me: "Robocall" Is Not a Bad Word'

5/16/2019 - Folio Society Is Doing Special Editions for All of A Song of Ice and Fire...If It's Ever Finished

5/16/2019 - A Newly Discovered Mutation May Explain Why Some Dogs Can't Breathe Well

5/16/2019 - Scientists Create E. Coli With Entirely Synthetic Genome

5/16/2019 - James Wan Will Direct the Pilot of Mark Millar's The Magic Order for Netflix

5/16/2019 - Google's Working on a Translation AI That Uses Your Own Voice

5/16/2019 - ProtonMail Adds New Anti-Phishing Defenses to Email

5/16/2019 - An Avian Aficionado Watched Tuca & Bertie, Then Tried to Identify All the Birds

5/16/2019 - Renowned Biohacker Is Being Investigated for Practicing Medicine Without a License

5/16/2019 - A Quarter of West Antarctica's Ice Is Now Unstable, Study Finds

5/16/2019 - Now We Know Why YTMND Went Dark

5/16/2019 - The Wandering Earth and Other Sci-Fi Gems Hiding on Netflix

5/16/2019 - Chelsea Manning Is Going Back to Jail—Again

5/16/2019 - The CW's Nancy Drew Looks Like Riverdale Meets The Conjuring

5/16/2019 - A New Diet Study Confirms Your Worst Suspicions About Ultra-Processed Foods

5/16/2019 - Dooku: Jedi Lost Makes Me Wish There Were More Prequels to The Phantom Menace

5/16/2019 - Ajit Pai Warned Lying to Congress Is Bad

5/16/2019 - The Swamp Fights (and Frights) Back in the New Swamp Thing Trailer

5/16/2019 - You Won't Believe All the Stupid Ways Cops Are Using Face Recognition Tech

5/16/2019 - We're Finally Learning More about MU69, the Strange, Flat Rock in the Outer Solar System

5/16/2019 - An Inside Look at Jughead's Timey-Wimey New Adventure

5/16/2019 - State Rejects NYC’s Big New Pipeline Project—For Now

5/16/2019 - Here's What You Should Know About the Upcoming Nest/Google Account Migration

5/16/2019 - The Soul Stone Was the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Least Interesting MacGuffin

5/16/2019 - Home DNA-Testing Kits Can Help Catch Killers, But Who Decides Where We Draw the Line?

5/16/2019 - The Unexpected Drawbacks of Dyson's Cordless Miracle

5/16/2019 - Phone Companies Say They've (Mostly) Stopped Selling Your Location Data to Shady Middlemen

5/16/2019 - CW Unmasks Batwoman's Powerful Trailer and First Details

5/16/2019 - Do You Really Believe That Samsung 'Fixed' All Its Galaxy Fold Issues in Just Three Weeks?

5/16/2019 - Kevin Feige Says Marvel Has Future Plans for the Mandarin and the Ten Rings

5/16/2019 - This Company Is Betting the Future Is Personal AI Avatars, So It Made Me One

5/16/2019 - Facebook Has So Many Apps, It's Killing One You Didn't Know Existed

5/16/2019 - The Best Free Apps and Software You're Not Already Using

5/16/2019 - This Town Didn't Want to Be a Radioactive Waste Dump. The Government Is Giving Them No Choice.

5/16/2019 - Bed Bugs Have Been Creeping Around and Sucking Blood Since the Age of Dinosaurs

5/16/2019 - The Riverdale Finale Spoiler Q&A: What The Hell Just Happened?

5/16/2019 - This Robot Gardener from the 1960s Looks Like a Techno-Utopian Version of the Apocalypse

5/16/2019 - Chris Rock Is Rebooting Saw...Yes, That Chris Rock and Yes, That Saw

5/16/2019 - An Estimated 414 Million Pieces of Plastic Have Piled Up on Australia's Best Beaches

5/16/2019 - Updates From the Avatar Movies, Game of Thrones, and More

5/16/2019 - Jay Inslee Just Dropped His $9 Trillion Plan to Fight Climate Change by Rebuilding the Entire Country

5/15/2019 - Kickstarter CEO Says Management Won't Voluntarily Recognize Employee Union

5/15/2019 - Trump Admin Creates Web Portal for Supporters to Complain About Getting Banned on Social Media

5/15/2019 - VFX Artists Explain What It Would Actually Take to Redo Sonic the Hedgehog

5/15/2019 - It Sure Sounds Like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Will Be Digging Into Rocket Raccoon's Backstory

5/15/2019 - New York Proposal Would Ban Face Recognition Surveillance By Landlords

5/15/2019 - Which Streaming Service Should You Let Raise Your Kids?

5/15/2019 - The Official Title of the Picard Star Trek Show Won't Shock You

5/15/2019 - Neil Gaiman Had to Fight to Keep One of Terry Pratchett's Creations in Good Omens

5/15/2019 - A Coconut Water Brand Is Offering Free Piss on Twitter Because This Is the Future

5/15/2019 - All of Marvel's X-Men Comics Are Ending So Jonathan Hickman's New 'X-Universe' Can Begin

5/15/2019 - How to Find Google Pay's Hidden Privacy Settings

5/15/2019 - The Rise of Skywalker Concerns Me, a Very Casual Star Wars Fan

5/15/2019 - White House Refuses to Support 'Christchurch Call' That Condemns Extremism Online, Releases Absolutely Bonkers Statement

5/15/2019 - OK, But Do Dragons Ever Run Out of Fire?

5/15/2019 - Google Recalls Physical Security Keys After Discovery of Bluetooth Vulnerability

5/15/2019 - Everything We Know About Snowpiercer, the Troubled TV Show That Just Can't Be Stopped

5/15/2019 - Scientists Say They've Created a Smartphone App That Can Hear Ear Infections

5/15/2019 - Wait, So What's Going on in the Arrowverse Now?

5/15/2019 - Second Worst Ebola Outbreak in History Is Now Killing 66 Percent of People Who Become Infected

5/15/2019 - YouTuber's Tiny GameCube Is a Heartbreaking Look at What Could Have Been

5/15/2019 - China's Lunar Mission Has Found Mantle Material on the Far Side of the Moon

5/15/2019 - James Gunn Speaks Out About His Exit From (and Return to) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

5/15/2019 - The FCC Wants Carriers to Start Automatically Blocking Robocalls for Free

5/15/2019 - Avengers: Endgame's New Asgard Is Way More Digital Than You Realized

5/15/2019 - Winter Is Coming Back to California With a Series of Wild Storms

5/15/2019 - Rick and Morty's Season 4 Teaser Is Frustratingly Cryptic

5/15/2019 - Following Livestreamed Mass Shooting, Facebook Introduces One Strike Policy On Livestreams

5/15/2019 - What Does a Particle Collider Sound Like?

5/15/2019 - io9 Punches Through That Long-Awaited Showdown in the Latest Episode of Game of Thrones

5/15/2019 - Pets Are Like Family, So Why Do They Get Left Behind During Disasters?

5/15/2019 - So Long, YTMND

5/15/2019 - Bruce Campbell Teases More Evil Dead...But Without Ash

5/15/2019 - Report: Trump Expected to Sign Order That Could Bar US Firms From Buying Huawei Telecom Gear

5/15/2019 - Boosted Announces Brand New Way to Break Your Body

5/15/2019 - DJI Made a GoPro Clone With One Killer Feature

5/15/2019 - New Feature Lets Uber Black Car Riders Tell Their Filthy Pleb Drivers to Shut the Fuck Up

5/15/2019 - The Black Mirror Season 5 Trailer Teases 'The Future We Should've Seen Coming'

5/15/2019 - Report: Accused Somali War Criminal Living in the U.S. Drove for Uber and Lyft

5/14/2019 - Boeing Jet Sales Have Tanked in the Wake of 737 Max Crashes

5/14/2019 - Batman Faces a Ghost in the First Trailer for the Animated Batman: Hush Adaptation

5/14/2019 - Stranger Things Is Getting an Absolutely Mind-Boggling Lego Set

5/14/2019 - Netflix Is Losing Some of Its Most Popular Shows, Thanks to AT&T

5/14/2019 - Hear George Lucas' First Screening of Star Wars as Recreated in a New Narrative Podcast Called Blockbuster

5/14/2019 - Feral Parrots Are Taking Over America

5/14/2019 - San Francisco Becomes First U.S. City to Ban Face Recognition Surveillance

5/14/2019 - Keanu Reeves Keeps Up the Intense Pace in John Wick: Chapter 3Parabellum

5/14/2019 - Florida Governor Says 'NDA' Prevents Him From Naming Counties Hacked by Russia

5/14/2019 - TripAdvisor Is Launching New Tools to Spot Sexual Assault and Misconduct Allegations

5/14/2019 - What To Do About the Nasty New Intel Chip Flaw

5/14/2019 - Watch the Violent Preview for Genndy Tartakovsky's New Show, Primal

5/14/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About Elon Musk's Satellite Launch Tomorrow

5/14/2019 - Here's What You Need to Do to Take an Uber or Lyft at PDX Now

5/14/2019 - How Expectation and Reality Can Clash in the World of Star Wars Fandom

5/14/2019 - Ookla's New Interactive Map Is a Helpful Tool for Understanding 5G Coverage

5/14/2019 - It Was 84 Degrees in Northern Russia This Weekend

5/14/2019 - The New Apple TV Is a Stuttering Step in the Right Direction

5/14/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home's Stealth Suit Was Almost Too Cool for Peter Parker

5/14/2019 - Political Controversies Can Inspire Bullying in Schools, Public Health Researchers Say

5/14/2019 - Ransomware Is Putting a Damper on Our Smart City Future

5/14/2019 - At Least One More Live-Action Star Wars Series May Be Coming Before 2022

5/14/2019 - Why You Should Update WhatsApp but Not Freak Out

5/14/2019 - Famous Extinct Sea Creature Somehow Wound Up in 99-Million-Year-Old Tree Resin

5/14/2019 - Some Free Ideas for Netflix, Which Wants to Make Video Games Now

5/14/2019 - Giant Pile of Toxic Coal Ash Is Being Moved From Puerto Rico to Florida, Sparking Outcry

5/14/2019 - George R.R. Martin Hits Back at Rumors Saying He's Already Finished Writing A Song of Ice and Fire

5/14/2019 - OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Stunning All-Screen Design That's Worth Every Penny

5/14/2019 - It's Official, Disney Takes Over Hulu

5/14/2019 - I've Got a Bad Feeling About This, Aladdin

5/14/2019 - Alexa Can Now Alert You if Glass Breaks or Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off

5/14/2019 - Exxon Predicted 2019’s Ominous CO2 Milestone in 1982

5/14/2019 - It's Official: The First Star Wars Film After Rise of Skywalker Will Be From Game of Thrones' Showrunners

5/14/2019 - Navy Recordings of Viral Sky Penis Incident Show Pilot Worried 'Balls Are Going to Be a Little Lopsided'

5/14/2019 - Midsommar Looks Like What Would've Happened if Fyre Festival Was Run by Swedish Cultists

5/14/2019 - The Buried Truth of a Key Detail Used to Defend Julian Assange

5/14/2019 - Stan Lee's Former Manager Keya Morgan Charged With 5 Counts of Elder Abuse

5/14/2019 - The Race to Save the World's Smallest Porpoise From Extinction

5/14/2019 - These Are the Only Push Notifications You Should Allow on Your Phone

5/14/2019 - Michael Rooker Denies He's Joining The Suicide Squad

5/14/2019 - Sonos Finally Figured Out How to Get Google Assistant to Work on Its Smart Speakers

5/14/2019 - NASA Wants $1.6 Billion to Send First Woman to the Moon By 2024

5/14/2019 - HP's Omen X 2S Gaming Laptop Has a Second Display Built Right in

5/13/2019 - Report: WhatsApp Vulnerability Used to Secretly Infect Phones With NSO Group's Notorious Spyware

5/13/2019 - Monsanto Loses Another Roundup Cancer Trial, With Jury Awarding Over $2 Billion

5/13/2019 - Angelina Jolie Is Back to Her Wicked Ways in the First Trailer for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

5/13/2019 - A New Documentary Will Take Game of Thrones Fans Inside the Heartbreaking Final Season

5/13/2019 - The Biggest Flaw in Eddie Alcazar's Perfect Is Its Lack of Substance

5/13/2019 - Josh Gad May Star in a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Reboot/Sequel

5/13/2019 - Forget Foldable Phones, Lenovo's Prototype Bendy Screen Laptop Looks Sick

5/13/2019 - 5,000-Year-Old Grave Reveals Mass Murder of a Bronze Age Family

5/13/2019 - Google Gave Free Ads to a Deceptive Anti-Abortion Counseling Organization

5/13/2019 - Luke Cage Star Mike Colter Will Battle Evil on a New CBS Show

5/13/2019 - Adobe Warns Using Old Creative Cloud Apps Might Get You in Trouble With the Copyright Cops

5/13/2019 - Why You Might Want to Freeze Your Sperm Before Age 35

5/13/2019 - Uber, Down $14 Billion Since Friday, May Drop Even Further

5/13/2019 - TurboTax Tricked Taxpayers Into Paying for Its Free Tools, Lawsuit Says

5/13/2019 - That 'Sudden' Game of Thrones Turn Was Actually a Long Time Coming

5/13/2019 - Wildfires Smoke Is Enveloping Mexico City and Could Reach the U.S. This Week

5/13/2019 - A Looming Chinese Trade War Means Either Apple's Stock Will Drop or iPhone Prices Will Rise

5/13/2019 - Is It Time to Reckon With the iPhone Square?

5/13/2019 - Scientists Say Octopus Farms Would Be 'Unethical' and Awful for the Planet

5/13/2019 - Avengers: Endgame's Creators Keep Undoing the Good Will They Had by Explaining the Movie

5/13/2019 - Facebook Caves, Increases Salaries and Benefits for Contractors

5/13/2019 - The Weird Video Game Moment Behind Detective Pikachu's Bonkers Third Act

5/13/2019 - New Analysis of Apollo-Era Moonquakes Shows the Moon Could Be Tectonically Active

5/13/2019 - Atmospheric CO2 Levels Just Hit a Scary New Milestone

5/13/2019 - 3 Key Actors in the Penultimate Episode of Game of Thrones Discuss Their Fates

5/13/2019 - Antivirus Makers Confirm—and Deny—Getting Breached by Hackers Looking to Sell Stolen Data [Updated]

5/13/2019 - Unlike Game of Thrones, Supergirl Was Actually Good Last Night

5/13/2019 - Beach Sands Near Hiroshima Are Still Packed With 1945 Nuclear Fallout Debris

5/13/2019 - How ILM Achieved One of the Biggest (Literally) Surprises in Avengers: Endgame

5/13/2019 - 'Clean Home' With 'Private Bathroom' on Airbnb Just a Roadside Shipping Container, Guest Says

5/13/2019 - Supreme Court Rules Apple Can Be Sued for Monopolistic App Store Practices

5/13/2019 - Theater Accidentally Shows Mother Drowning Her Child at Detective Pikachu Screening

5/13/2019 - Captain Lorca Returns (for the First Time) in This Exclusive Star Trek Online Trailer

5/13/2019 - Igloo Recalls 60,000 Coolers Over Potential 'Entrapment and Suffocation' After Child Gets Trapped Inside

5/13/2019 - What's Really Going on With These Amazon and Google Gadget 'Experiments'?

5/13/2019 - Trump’s Real Estate Empire Faces Millions in Fines Under NYC’s New Climate Change Law: Report

5/13/2019 - How Can We Stop the Collapse of Nature?

5/13/2019 - Here's the Last Game of Thrones Preview Trailer You'll Ever Watch

5/13/2019 - Amazon to Roll Out Automated Packing Machines, Offers $10k for Employees to Become Gig Workers

5/13/2019 - Updates From Legends of Tomorrow, The Suicide Squad, and More

5/13/2019 - Six San Francisco Supervisors Could Make Privacy History This Week

5/13/2019 - The New Tamagotchi Can Marry and Breed

5/13/2019 - The Star Trek Picard Show Will Air on Amazon Prime Video Internationally

5/13/2019 - Game of Thrones Saved Its Most Tragic, Vicious, and Devastating War for Last

5/13/2019 - This $100 Mesh Router Might Be a Good Reason to Finally Upgrade

5/13/2019 - Swedish Prosecutors Reopen Rape Case Against Julian Assange

5/12/2019 - By the Light of the Seven, It's Time for io9's Weekly Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Zone

5/12/2019 - Ancient Psychedelics, Robocall Scams, and Space Bezos: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

5/12/2019 - Kamala Harris Says 'We Have to Seriously Take a Look At' Breaking Up Facebook

5/12/2019 - Sophie Turner Has Some Insight on That Game of Thrones Coffee Cup Goof

5/12/2019 - Nickelodeon’s Long-Awaited Invader Zim and Rocko’s Modern Life Movies Will Be Coming to Netflix

5/12/2019 - New Zealand Seeking Global Support for Pledge to Counter Extremist Content Online

5/12/2019 - Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone Will Soon Be Available in Black and White, as the Cosmos Demands

5/12/2019 - The Orville Has Been Renewed for a Third Season

5/12/2019 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Got Some Famous Visitors This Weekend

5/11/2019 - Report: Apple's A13 Chips for Next Generation of iPhones Are Now in Production

5/11/2019 - Ant-Man & The Wasp Concept Art Shows the Quantum Realm City We Never Got to See

5/11/2019 - Facebook Argues Against Breaking Up Facebook

5/11/2019 - Krypton’s Second Season Is Nearly Upon Us, So Say Hello to Lobo in This New Clip

5/11/2019 - Pua Magasiva, Best Known as the Red Ranger on Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Has Passed Away

5/11/2019 - Amazon Says It Told Some Sellers It Was Blocking Ads With 'Religious Content' By Mistake

5/11/2019 - An Action Scene in John Wick 3 Was Almost Derailed By an Army of Cats

5/11/2019 - Microsoft Plays Nice

5/11/2019 - 'The Rains of Castamere' Is Downright Eerie in This Low Brass Cover

5/11/2019 - Palantir's Github Page Is the New Battleground in the Fight Against ICE

5/11/2019 - The Most Toxic Place You Could Go This Weekend Might Be a Nail Salon

5/11/2019 - Facebook Sues South Korean Analytics Company to Send a 'Message' That It Means Business Now

5/10/2019 - Elon Musk Is Going to Trial Over Bad 'Pedo Guy' Tweet

5/10/2019 - Lots of Switches Were Flipped in the Millennium Falcon Across the Star Wars Films

5/10/2019 - Pokémon: A Fan (Conspiracy) Theory

5/10/2019 - George R.R. Martin Thinks Gandalf Could Kick Dumbledore's Ass—Do You Agree?

5/10/2019 - FCC Blames Wireless Carriers for Outages After Hurricane Michael, Pretends It's Not Also to Blame

5/10/2019 - PSA: SMS 2FA Is Weak AF

5/10/2019 - Louis Vuitton Finally Made a Bag That's More Embarrassing Than a Rolling Backpack

5/10/2019 - She-Ra Season 3 Is Coming This Summer and It's Bringing Geena Davis With It

5/10/2019 - The Global Helium Shortage Has Gotten So Bad, Party City Is Closing 45 Stores

5/10/2019 - Stop Brushing Your Teeth With Charcoal Toothpaste

5/10/2019 - Congratulations to Uber, the Worst Performing IPO in U.S. Stock Market History

5/10/2019 - More Avengers: Endgame Gauntlets Than You Can Snap a Finger At, and the Rest of the Most Powerful Toys of the Week

5/10/2019 - Netflix Is Finally Opening Up With Lists of Its Most Popular Shows

5/10/2019 - Software Update Caused Hundreds of Police Ankle Monitors to Go Dark

5/10/2019 - Algae Raincoats, Mushroom Caskets: New Exhibit Asks Us to Radically Rethink How We Live With Nature

5/10/2019 - You’ll Soon Be Able to See a Twice-Flown SpaceX Falcon 9 Up-Close in Houston

5/10/2019 - Sigourney Weaver Gives a Rave Review to the High School Alien Play in a Behind the Scenes Video

5/10/2019 - Detective Pikachu Changed the Way I Feel About Pokémon

5/10/2019 - We Do Not Deserve Scorpia

5/10/2019 - Meditation Really Freaks Some People Out, Study Finds

5/10/2019 - Amazon Agrees to Stop Selling Children's Products With Illegal Levels of Toxic Metals

5/10/2019 - San Francisco ‘IPO Tax’ Targeting Tech Giants on Track for November Vote

5/10/2019 - Swamp Thing Gets Steamy in Its New Teaser Trailer

5/10/2019 - Scientists Created a Display With Pixels a Million Times Smaller Than Those on a Smartphone

5/10/2019 - Drop Everything and Watch This New Documentary Series About Retro-Futuristic Space Artists

5/10/2019 - This Bird Went Extinct, Then Evolution Recreated It

5/10/2019 - Analysis of Ancient DNA Suggests Finnish and Estonian Languages Came From Siberia

5/10/2019 - Tom Holland Still Hasn't Seen Empire Strikes Back, Somehow

5/10/2019 - 5 Little Things from Google I/O That Could Be Big News for You

5/10/2019 - How to Tidy Up Your Laptop So It's Actually a Pleasure to Use Again

5/10/2019 - Google Wants to Use AI to Track Pollution from Every Power Plant on Earth

5/10/2019 - The Wachowskis Are Plugging Back Into The Matrix, According to John Wick's Director [Updated]

5/10/2019 - Right to Repair Is Less Complicated and More Important Than You Might Think

5/10/2019 - Nest, as You Knew It, Is No More

5/10/2019 - Penis Enlargement Surgery Is a Total Scam, Big Study Finds

5/10/2019 - Thanks to Fox News, Republicans Now Hate the Green New Deal

5/10/2019 - Ryan Reynolds Didn’t Immediately Say 'Yes' to Detective Pikachu

5/10/2019 - No Jeff, We Don't Need to Go to Space to Save Humanity

5/10/2019 - Here's Everything Jeff Bezos Said to Convince Humanity That Space Colonies Are the Future

5/10/2019 - Star Trek's Picard Series Will Be a 'Psychological' Look at His Later Years

5/10/2019 - AirPods Suck Compared to the New Powerbeats Pro

5/10/2019 - A Guardians of the Galaxy Star Could Play The Suicide Squad's King Shark

5/10/2019 - Two Charged in Anthem Breach That Exposed the Personal Data of 78 Million Americans

5/9/2019 - Google Is Releasing More Than 50 New Gender-Inclusive Emoji

5/9/2019 - Avengers: Endgame Has Some Nerve Making Fun of Time Travel Movies

5/9/2019 - San Francisco Has More Billionaires Per Capita Than Anywhere Else on Earth

5/9/2019 - Chelsea Manning Has Been Released From Jail

5/9/2019 - Here's How You'll Be Told to 'Move Along' at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

5/9/2019 - There's Something Off About the Caregiving Robot in the First Trailer for I Am Mother

5/9/2019 - These Are the U.S. Counties Where Measles Could Strike Next

5/9/2019 - Netflix and Dark Horse Join Forces for More Films and Shows Like Umbrella Academy

5/9/2019 - Teaching Girls About Climate Change Can Help Their Parents Care Too, Study Finds

5/9/2019 - Jeff Bezos Reveals Lunar Lander Designed for 'Sustained Human Presence on the Moon'

5/9/2019 - Top Antivirus Companies Hacked by a 'Credible Threat' Demanding a Measly $300 Grand, Security Firm Says

5/9/2019 - Scientists Recreate Hallmark Quantum Physics Experiment Using Antimatter

5/9/2019 - One of Avengers: Endgame's Most Incredible Scenes Is Now Online

5/9/2019 - The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal Shares the Common Thread Between Star Wars and Game of Thrones

5/9/2019 - Yet More Research Links Appendectomies and Parkinson's Disease

5/9/2019 - Instagram Is Doing an Anti-Vaxxer Hashtag Purge

5/9/2019 - Here's How Screwed by Climate Change the UK Will Be When the Royal Baby Turns 18

5/9/2019 - Jake Gyllenhaal's Excitement Over His Mysterio Costume Lent More Reality to Far From Home

5/9/2019 - Some Deep-Sea Fish Can See Color in Near Total Darkness

5/9/2019 - What We Do in the Shadows' Creators Dish on That Incredible, Guest Star-Filled Episode

5/9/2019 - A Budding Badass Finds Her Footing in This Excerpt From Avatar, The Last Airbender: The Rise of Kyoshi

5/9/2019 - The Surprising Origins of Absurd Gaming Hardware

5/9/2019 - A Good Omens-Themed Prophetical Twitter Account May Have Heralded a Major Endgame Spoiler

5/9/2019 - Failed SpaceX Parachute Test Is Yet Another Setback for NASA’s Crew Program

5/9/2019 - 100 Amazon Seller Accounts Got Phished, Breached, and Robbed

5/9/2019 - Deep Space Nine's New Documentary Is an Earnest Love Letter to Star Trek's Most Rebellious Era

5/9/2019 - Privacy Advocates Demand That the FTC Investigate Amazon's Digital Assistant for Kids

5/9/2019 - Pennywise Returns to Spread More Fiendish Terror in the First Trailer for It Chapter Two

5/9/2019 - Tetris Played on an Old School Display Produces the Most Satisfying Sounds

5/9/2019 - Where Does Life Flourish in Antarctica? Follow the Penguin Poop

5/9/2019 - How Corporate Delusions of Automation Fuel the Cruelty of Uber and Lyft

5/9/2019 - Facebook Co-Founder Makes a Hell of a Compelling Case for Breaking Up Facebook

5/9/2019 - Google's Now Letting Users Pay for Android Apps With Cash

5/9/2019 - Star Wars Fans Will Love Helping the Dark Lord Achieve His Destiny in Vader Immortal

5/9/2019 - CIA's Solution to Killing Too Many Civilians: Knife Bomb

5/9/2019 - Exclusive: Valiant's Doctor Mirage Can't See Dead People in a New Series from Magdalene Visaggio and Nick Robles

5/9/2019 - Of Course Someone Shot a Porn Video in a Tesla Driving on Autopilot

5/9/2019 - RIP Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant, 1974-2019

5/9/2019 - Updates From Game of Thrones, Child's Play, and More

5/9/2019 - The World Blows Over $5 Trillion a Year on Oil and Gas Subsidies: Report

5/9/2019 - U.S. Conducts Missile Test Just 10 Minutes After North Korea's Latest Missile Launch

5/9/2019 - All the Data Google Has Collected About You and How to Delete It

5/8/2019 - Amazon Says 'Extensive' Fraud Allowed Cybercriminals to Siphon Cash From Seller Accounts

5/8/2019 - Give Your Attention Span a Break With These 7 Short Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

5/8/2019 - Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi's Death Star Duel Gets a Dramatic Fan Re-Imagining

5/8/2019 - Three Muslim Amazon Workers Allege They Were Unfairly Punished for Raising Workplace Discrimination Concerns

5/8/2019 - New York's Rideshare Organizers Clash Amid Unprecedented Uber Strike

5/8/2019 - Good Talk Uses a Masterful Mix of Pictures and Words to Speak on Life’s Most Uncomfortable Conversations

5/8/2019 - FTC Members Unanimously Press Congress for Tough National Privacy Protections

5/8/2019 - Outside Uber HQ, Drivers Demand a Cut of the Riches

5/8/2019 - This Dummy Got Chickenpox

5/8/2019 - It Looks Like Uber's Sleazy Approach to Driver Lawsuits Could Be Backfiring

5/8/2019 - Powerful Lasers Produce Wild New Kind of Ice Thought to Exist Inside Uranus

5/8/2019 - Craig of the Creek's World of Summertime Wonder Is Getting More Intense

5/8/2019 - What's the Most Disgusting Way You've Treated Your Computer?

5/8/2019 - A New Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip Has Some Very Intriguing Teases About the Multiverse

5/8/2019 - Stop Trying to Make Your Own Cat Food

5/8/2019 - Why Flight Attendants Should Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

5/8/2019 - Baltimore's Government Held Hostage by Ransomware Attack

5/8/2019 - CES Fucks Now

5/8/2019 - The Twilight Zone Has Been Hitting Us Over the Head a Little Too Hard

5/8/2019 - The U.S. Military Doesn't Know How Many Websites It Operates

5/8/2019 - The Dumb Truth About Google's Privacy Push

5/8/2019 - New Analysis Debunks Controversial Claim About the Origin of Humanity

5/8/2019 - Surprise! New Poll Shows Americans Lead the Developed World in Climate Change Denial

5/8/2019 - Even Gendry Thinks That Game of Thrones Marriage Proposal Was Idiotic

5/8/2019 - This Is the Fitness Smartwatch You Should Buy

5/8/2019 - New Research Confirms That Ride-Hailing Companies Are Causing a Ton of Traffic Congestion

5/8/2019 - The Clock Is Ticking in the First Official Teaser for HBO's Watchmen

5/8/2019 - NASA Accidentally Destroys NYC in Attempt to Save Denver (Thankfully It Was Just a Simulation)

5/8/2019 - Most of the World's Longest Rivers Are Being Strangled by Our Junk, Study Finds

5/8/2019 - Adorable Jurassic Dinosaur May Have Flown With Bat-Like Wings

5/8/2019 - Airbnb Host Arrested After Hidden Camera Found in Bedroom Wifi Router

5/8/2019 - Star Wars' 3-Year Box Office Hiatus Could Be Just What the Franchise Needs

5/8/2019 - Most National Parks Have 'Significant Air Pollution Problems,' New Report Finds

5/8/2019 - A New Rule Would Allow Debt Collectors to DM and Text You With Reckless Abandon

5/8/2019 - I Miss MiniDiscs

5/8/2019 - io9 Digs Into Daenerys Targaryen's Mindset in the Latest Episode of Game of Thrones

5/8/2019 - After Smart Lock Allegedly Traps Senior in Apartment, Tenants Sue for Physical Keys and Win

5/8/2019 - Batwoman, Katy Keene, and Nancy Drew Are All Coming to the CW This Fall

5/8/2019 - Britain Just Went a Week Without Coal For the First Time in 137 Years

5/8/2019 - Pharma Companies Will Soon Be Required to List Drug Prices in TV Ads

5/8/2019 - Coca-Cola Can Terminate Health Research It Funds, Investigation Finds

5/8/2019 - Denver Vote to Decriminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms Appears to Snag Last-Minute Victory [Corrected]

5/8/2019 - King of the Monsters' Mike Dougherty Has a Great Idea for Another Godzilla Movie

5/8/2019 - How Spider-Man: Far From Home Brings Peter Parker Back Down to Earth

5/8/2019 - One of the World's Largest Crypto Exchanges, Binance, Hacked to the Tune of $40 Million

5/7/2019 - Reports: Police Bust Deep Dot Web, Saying It Made Millions Off Referral Links to Dark Web Markets

5/7/2019 - Disney's New Release Schedule Has Me Thinking a Lot About Mortality

5/7/2019 - Legion's New Trailer Suggests Season 3 Will Zip Through Some More X-Men History

5/7/2019 - Here's What Android Q's New Dark Theme Looks Like

5/7/2019 - A Very Long List of Privacy Features Google Talked About Today at Google I/O

5/7/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home Wants to Dive Into the Minutiae of What Happened After Thanos' Snap

5/7/2019 - The Best and Worst From Google I/O 2019's Day One Keynote

5/7/2019 - Game of Thrones' Richard Madden May Be Joining Marvel's The Eternals

5/7/2019 - Lyft Synks

5/7/2019 - Scientists Say They've Cooked Up an Endlessly Recyclable Plastic

5/7/2019 - How Walt Disney Helped Promote the Space Race to America

5/7/2019 - Is Science Broken? Major New Report Outlines Problems in Research

5/7/2019 - 1,000-Year-Old Psychedelic Drug Kit Contains Traces of Cocaine and Ayahuasca

5/7/2019 - Adam Savage Teaches You How to Set a Deadline (By Way of Alien) in This Excerpt From His New Book

5/7/2019 - Why Uber Drivers Will Strike Around the World on Wednesday

5/7/2019 - With Nest Hub Max, Google Added a Camera and Ruined the Best Thing About the Home Hub

5/7/2019 - 8 More Game of Thrones Goofs That Show Maybe We Shouldn't Take the Coffee Cup So Damn Seriously

5/7/2019 - The $400 Google Pixel 3a Completely Redefines Great Bang for Your Buck

5/7/2019 - Here's Everything New About Android at Google I/O 2019 (So Far...)

5/7/2019 - Expanded Incognito Mode Keeps Google From Snooping on Even More Parts of Your Life

5/7/2019 - Tolkien Struggles to Justify Its Existence and Almost Succeeds

5/7/2019 - RIP to the Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup, Gone Too Soon

5/7/2019 - Do Facebook’s Fact-Checking Efforts Even Work?

5/7/2019 - Love Wizard Gets Two Years in Prison for Online Sextortion Scheme

5/7/2019 - 3 New Star Wars Films Will Start Arriving in 2022 (and All the Other News Disney Just Dropped)

5/7/2019 - Simple Design Changes Could Make YouTube Better for the Planet, Researchers Say

5/7/2019 - Microsoft's Web Browser for Macs Has Leaked Online

5/7/2019 - Even Samsung Has No Idea When the Galaxy Fold Will Ship

5/7/2019 - A Martian Dust Devil Swept Right Over NASA’s InSight Lander

5/7/2019 - Project Ithaca Looks Like Psychological Saw in Space

5/7/2019 - Master & Dynamic's Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones Beat Sony in Two Important Ways

5/7/2019 - Avengers: Endgame's Editor Came Up With One of the Best Lines of the Film

5/7/2019 - U.S. Refuses to Recognize Threat of Arctic Climate Change as Trump Official Cheers Melting Sea Ice

5/7/2019 - Amazon's Cashless, Cashierless Store Now Accepts Cash, Has Cashiers

5/7/2019 - Microsoft Patent Imagines an Xbox Controller Customized for Gamers With Visual Impairment

5/7/2019 - Professor Hulk Is Avengers: Endgame's Gift to Bruce Banner

5/7/2019 - Here's How to Watch Google I/O 2019

5/7/2019 - Beware the One-Ring Robocall Scam

5/7/2019 - All the New Details About Microsoft's Rebooted Edge Browser

5/7/2019 - Updates From It: Chapter 2, Jessica Jones, and More

5/7/2019 - Our Google I/O 2019 Liveblog Is Right Here

5/6/2019 - Apple, Google Remove Three Dating Apps FTC Said Could Expose Minors to Sexual Predators

5/6/2019 - Damn, Donald, Back At It Again With the Gross Pools

5/6/2019 - Netflix's Rim of the World Looks Like Attack the Block at Summer Camp

5/6/2019 - Netflix Stealth Dropped Chinese Sci-Fi Blockbuster The Wandering Earth This Weekend, and No One Noticed

5/6/2019 - Telecom Giant Orange on Trial in France After 19 Employees Died by Suicide

5/6/2019 - I'm Sorry to Say This Whole Consumable Ads Nightmare Is Coming to Your TV Set Soon

5/6/2019 - ɐpu∩ uʍop sǝoפ ǝʞᴉɹʇS ɹǝq∩

5/6/2019 - Apple Releases Its Second iOS Game Ever, and It's a Tribute to Getting Filthy Rich

5/6/2019 - FTC to Face Questions Over How It Handled Years' Worth of Privacy Disasters

5/6/2019 - Scientist Dream of a Future Where Your AC Unit Sucks Carbon Out of the Sky

5/6/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About Lucifer Before Its Season 4 Premiere on Netflix

5/6/2019 - 'ClusterDuck' is IBM's Rubber Duck-Inspired Wifi System for Emergency Relief

5/6/2019 - Nanoparticle ISS Experiment Could Lead to New Anti-Aging Therapies

5/6/2019 - Have You Seen This Cat?

5/6/2019 - FDA Study Finds that Sunscreen Chemicals Reach Our Bloodstream, but the Health Risks Are Unclear

5/6/2019 - Varys Isn't Betraying Westeros, He's the Only One Trying to Save It

5/6/2019 - Heartbreaking: A Frothy Farewell to Alex Dicko, Our Thunder From Down Under

5/6/2019 - Here's a Buttload of Rumors About the Next Version of iOS

5/6/2019 - Breaking Down the Game-Changing Shocks of Spider-Man: Far From Home's New Trailer

5/6/2019 - A New Era of Warfare Begins as Cyberattack Leads to Airstrikes

5/6/2019 - A Hellraiser Reboot Is Coming From Batman and Superman Writer David S. Goyer

5/6/2019 - As World Burns, Clean Energy Growth Stalls for First Time in Nearly Two Decades

5/6/2019 - Avengers: Endgame Cut a Top-Secret Character From What Would've Been an Emotional Scene

5/6/2019 - AI-Powered Gun Detection Is Coming to Mosques Worldwide Following Christchurch Shootings

5/6/2019 - Turns Out Game of Thrones' Dragons Are Kinda Weaksauce

5/6/2019 - Newly Discovered Cousin of T. Rex Was a Pint-Sized Killer

5/6/2019 - Hell Yeah, Bernie Sanders Just Endorsed a National Right-to-Repair Law for Farmers

5/6/2019 - Bill Gates Actually Made a Good Point About the Socialism Debate in America

5/6/2019 - Microsoft Botched Its First HoloLens Demo of Build 2019

5/6/2019 - Baymax and Mochi Meet Some New Friends in This Gorgeous Big Hero 6 Short

5/6/2019 - A Mysterious Force Has Been Blocking Car Key Fobs in This Small Ohio Town

5/6/2019 - Hundreds of Online Campus Stores Fall Prey to Criminal Card Skimmers

5/6/2019 - More Than 1,000 Amphibians We Barely Know Could Soon Vanish, Scientists Say

5/6/2019 - Spider-Man: Far From Home's Latest Trailer Dropped a Major Bomb About the MCU

5/6/2019 - Experimental Plane Shows Supersonic Blasts of Air Could Simplify the Way We Pilot Aircraft

5/6/2019 - Firefox Fixes Borked Extensions for Everyone but Legacy Users

5/6/2019 - 'Private Post' Means Something Slightly Different to Facebook

5/6/2019 - This Exclusive Clip From the Dungeons & Dragons Art Documentary Features Jeff Easley's Dragon Skills

5/6/2019 - Google I/O 2019 Preview: So Much Bigger Than Android on Your Phone

5/6/2019 - Apple to Face Antitrust Probe in Europe, Courtesy of Spotify

5/6/2019 - Updates From X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Evil Dead, and More

5/6/2019 - Everything Is Fucked, Major New Extinction Report Finds

5/6/2019 - In the New Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer, Peter Parker Reckons With the Endgame

5/6/2019 - Facebook Invites Journalists to See New 'War Room,' Won't Let Them Ask Workers Questions

5/6/2019 - Will There Ever Be New Colors That We Can See?

5/6/2019 - Game of Thrones Enters Its Endgame, and the Slaughter Is Only Beginning

5/6/2019 - Game of Thrones Accidentally Leaves Modern Coffee Cup on Table, Inspires New Meme

5/5/2019 - Stake Your Claim, It's io9's Weekly Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Zone

5/5/2019 - Batwoman, Failed Airlines, and Height Enhancement Scams: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

5/5/2019 - This Lego Artist Created the Ultimate Horror Movie Haunted House

5/5/2019 - Interstellar Technologies Becomes First Private Japanese Firm to Reach Space With Momo-3 Launch

5/5/2019 - Whoops, Game of Thrones Allegedly Leaked Again

5/5/2019 - Prepare For the End of Game of Thrones With This Killer Music Video For SZA and the Weeknd's 'Power Is Power'

5/5/2019 - Anthony Mackie Learned About the End of Falcon's Avengers: Endgame Storyline From Another Cast Member

5/5/2019 - Air Force Says It Has Successfully Shot Down Multiple Missiles Using a Laser Prototype

5/5/2019 - If You Didn't Like the Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer, Try This Terrifyingly Surreal One Instead

5/5/2019 - Happy Birthday to Dorothy Garrod, One of the First Women Archaeologists

5/5/2019 - This TV Spot Shows the Origins of Forky, Toy Story 4's Walking Philosophy Experiment

5/4/2019 - FAA Revises Predictions for Commercial Drone Market, Estimates It Will Triple by 2023

5/4/2019 - Trump Is Very, Very Mad About Facebook's Latest Purge of Conspiracy Theorists and Far-Right Trolls

5/4/2019 - The Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones Almost Had a Silly Political Ad Lib

5/4/2019 - If You Dream of Being in Star Trek: Discovery's Starfleet, This Is the Jacket for You

5/4/2019 - George R.R. Martin Gives a Quick Update on the Game of Thrones Spinoffs

5/4/2019 - North Korea Launches 'Several' Unidentified Projectiles Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks

5/4/2019 - Lucasfilm Is Celebrating May the 4th With a Galaxy's Worth of Star Wars Book Announcements

5/4/2019 - What’s Going to Happen With Microsoft Next Week?

5/4/2019 - PSA: The Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack Is Available to Stream

5/4/2019 - These Lego Star Wars Droids Might Be the Toy Robots Everyone's Been Looking For

5/4/2019 - Odd-Looking Dog Attempts to Ring Homeowner's Doorbell

5/3/2019 - FDA Says It Won't Ban Textured Breast Implants Linked to Rare Form of Cancer

5/3/2019 - The X-Men's Latest Death Highlights Why Marvel's Mutant Metaphor Can't Be a Substitute for Representation

5/3/2019 - Charlie Chaplin's The Kid Is Getting a Bizarre Dystopian Remake Where Chaplin Is a Robot

5/3/2019 - The Weirdest Toy of the Week Lets Toy Story's Woody Drop Dead

5/3/2019 - Travis Who?

5/3/2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Injects Energy Into Elizabeth Warren's Plan to Break Up Big Tech

5/3/2019 - Lyft Says It’s ‘Not in the Transportation Business,’ So Disability Law Doesn't Apply

5/3/2019 - Some of the Coolest Comics to Check Out on Free Comic Book Day

5/3/2019 - Imagine Getting Pulled Over By This Tablet on a Stick

5/3/2019 - NASA Says Fraudulent Supplier Caused It to Lose Two Climate Satellites, Wasting Over $700 Million

5/3/2019 - Unwanted Truths Are at the Heart of This Week's Best New Comics

5/3/2019 - Evidence of Arsenic-Breathing Microbial Life Found in Pacific Ocean

5/3/2019 - These Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Toys Are Adorable and Heartbreaking

5/3/2019 - One of the Largest Dark Net Markets ‘of All Time’ Falls to Police

5/3/2019 - By Grabthar's Hammer, Sci-Fi Comedy Galaxy Quest Is Getting a Live Concert

5/3/2019 - The Last of the Arctic's Old Sea Ice Is on the Verge of Vanishing

5/3/2019 - Boeing, Accused of Union-Busting, Really Going for Some Sort of 'Worst Company' Award

5/3/2019 - You Know How This All Ends, Don't You?

5/3/2019 - Airbnb Hosts in China Are Discriminating Against Muslim Minorities

5/3/2019 - This Goofy Apple Computer Video From 1987 Has Futuristic Gadgets That We're Still Waiting For

5/3/2019 - The World of Star Wars Mourns the Loss of Peter Mayhew

5/3/2019 - Google's Pixel 3a Has Basically Leaked in Its Entirety

5/3/2019 - Huawei Rewrote the Rules for Smartphone Cameras With the P30 Pro

5/3/2019 - She-Ra's Season 2 Is Excellent But Having Growing Pains

5/3/2019 - Adobe Is Screwing With Its Cheapest Software Plan In the Scummiest Way

5/3/2019 - Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee Proposes Shutting Down America's Coal Industry in a Decade

5/3/2019 - Yep, That SpaceX Crew Capsule Was Definitely Destroyed During Failed Ground Test, Company Confirms

5/3/2019 - Travel Vlogger Finds Suitcase, Two Years Later Discovers It Probably Contained a Dead Body

5/3/2019 - Star Trek's Ira Steven Behr Looks Back on the Complex Legacy of Deep Space Nine

5/3/2019 - New Board Game Challenges Players to Design a Perfect Planet

5/3/2019 - Using Neurostimulation to Treat ADHD Isn't as Scary as It Sounds

5/3/2019 - UK Drivers to Stage Massive Strike Coinciding With Uber's IPO

5/3/2019 - Barbara Gordon Crosses Paths With the Turtles in the Opening Clip From Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

5/3/2019 - L.A. Museum Opens New Exhibit of Dystopian Vehicles From Movies Like Blade Runner and Mad Max: Fury Road

5/3/2019 - Spotify Is Bringing Voice-Controlled Ads to Our Engagement Hellscape

5/3/2019 - A Surprising Familiar Face Returns for Arrow's Next Episode

5/3/2019 - These Scientists Want to Redefine Alzheimer's as a 'Double-Prion' Disease

5/2/2019 - Facebook's Secretive Cryptocurrency Payment System Is Apparently Code-Named 'Project Libra'

5/2/2019 - Detective Pikachu Is Almost Too Cute for Its Own Good

5/2/2019 - Sci-Fi Art Gets Quirky Cool With 'A Match Made in Space'

5/2/2019 - Sam Raimi Produced a Killer Crocodile Movie and Its Awesome First Trailer Is Here

5/2/2019 - Uber Users in Denver Can Now Buy Train and Bus Tickets Directly From the App

5/2/2019 - The Director of Sonic the Hedgehog Vows to Change Sonic's Design After Trailer Response

5/2/2019 - Our Chewbacca Has Passed: Peter Mayhew Dies at Age 74

5/2/2019 - That New Jon Snow Theory Sucks, and Here's Why

5/2/2019 - Running Dinosaur Robot Reveals a Possible Way Dinos May Have Evolved Flight

5/2/2019 - io9 Digs Into Game of Thrones' Epic But Murky Battle of Winterfell

5/2/2019 - The House Just Passed Its First Climate Change Bill in a Decade, and That's Not Even the Sad Part

5/2/2019 - Narwhal Genome Reveals Another Way That Narwhals Are Weird

5/2/2019 - All of Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Reservations Sold Out in 2 Hours

5/2/2019 - For Sale: Massive Blogging Platform, Lightly Used

5/2/2019 - A 28-Year-Old Man Cracked His Neck and Gave Himself a Stroke

5/2/2019 - Oops... a Pirated Copy of Avengers: Endgame Was Aired By a Philippine TV Station

5/2/2019 - Get to Know Keanu Reeves' Sexy Canadian Daredevil in This New Toy Story 4 Clip

5/2/2019 - NBA Severs Ties With Company Doing Censorship Dirtywork on Twitter [Updated]

5/2/2019 - Later, Losers

5/2/2019 - How Students Convinced Beto O'Rourke to Stop Taking Fossil Fuel Money

5/2/2019 - Avengers: Endgame Was Never Going to Have a Post-Credit Scene

5/2/2019 - Does Asking Alexa Actually Save Time? An Investigation

5/2/2019 - This Fish Has Evolved to Thrive in Intensely Polluted Water

5/2/2019 - Gravitational Wave Detectors May Have Spotted a Neutron Star Colliding With a Black Hole

5/2/2019 - Clark Gregg's Back and Up to No Good in the Trailer for Agents of SHIELD Season 6

5/2/2019 - Microsoft's Solitaire Is Finally Getting Honored in the Video Game Hall of Fame

5/2/2019 - Scientology's Flagship Boat Has Been Quarantined After a Confirmed Case of the Measles

5/2/2019 - It's Time for Star Trek to Tackle Climate Change

5/2/2019 - Treasure Trove of Ice Age Animal Remains Found in Submerged Mexican Cave

5/2/2019 - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Is Getting a Graphic Novel That Spills a New Secret

5/2/2019 - Powerful Cyclone Bears Down on India, Forcing Millions to Evacuate

5/2/2019 - It's Audacious That Avengers: Endgame Even Exists

5/2/2019 - 5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Old Tech

5/2/2019 - Strange Buzzing in 9-Year-Old Boy's Ear Was Actually a Tick Embedded in His Eardrum

5/2/2019 - A New Storage Breakthrough Could Squeeze a Library's Worth of Data Into a Teaspoon of Protein

5/2/2019 - Open Channel: How Will Game of Thrones End Now?

5/2/2019 - House Dems Advance Bill to Stop Trump From Opening Arctic Wildlife Refuge to Drilling

5/2/2019 - For Men Who Will Try Anything to Get Taller, There's a World of Grifts and Gimmicks

5/2/2019 - Wearing This Ugly Smart Necklace Helped Me Deal With My Most Traumatic Memory

5/2/2019 - Updates on Indiana Jones 5 and Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek Film Plans

5/2/2019 - Julian Assange Declines Voluntary Extradition to the U.S. in Latest Court Appearance

5/2/2019 - Steve King Tells Iowans Hit By Flooding Not to Worry Because Maybe All That Rain Will Make Deserts Green

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