10/31/2019 - Woman Found Dead With A Python Around Her Neck in House Full of 140 Snakes

10/31/2019 - The X-Men's New Age Is Messing With Powers It Doesn't Understand

10/31/2019 - George R.R. Martin Says He Might Write for House of the Dragon...After Winds of Winter Is Done

10/31/2019 - WeWork, Former CEO Adam Neumann Accused of Rampant Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination

10/31/2019 - The Teens Are Making History on TikTok

10/31/2019 - Try Bruce Campbell's Fake Blood Recipe...If You Dare

10/31/2019 - Rudy Giuliani Had to Ask an Apple Genius to Unlock His iPhone Right After Trump Named Him Head of the Cyber

10/31/2019 - The Game of Thrones Showrunners' Canceled Star Wars Movies May Have Explored the Origins of the Jedi

10/31/2019 - Heads Up: Replicants May Already Be Among Us

10/31/2019 - LAX Airport Found a Way to Make Ride-Sharing Even Worse

10/31/2019 - Have a Happy Halloween With the Annual io9 Costume Showcase!

10/31/2019 - Interior Department Grounds Drone Fleet Over Fears of Chinese Spying

10/31/2019 - This Appears to Be Donald Trump's Hand-Curated Campaign Rally Spotify Playlist

10/31/2019 - What Does the Title Terminator: Dark Fate Mean? Not Even the Stars All Agree

10/31/2019 - How China Is Helping Drive Deforestation in Brazil and Indonesia

10/31/2019 - More Leaks Surface of Moto's Slick Razr Reboot

10/31/2019 - How Industrial Explosions Are Helping Us Understand Supernovae

10/31/2019 - Scientists Say New Research Tracing the Origin of Modern Humans to Botswana Is Deeply Flawed

10/31/2019 - The Top 10 Horror Movies of the Last 10 Years

10/31/2019 - Rudy Giuliani's Crime Buddy Apparently Named His Company 'Fraud Guarantee' to Trick Google Search Results

10/31/2019 - This Perfect Shitstorm Crystallizes the Climate Crisis We Face

10/31/2019 - In the New Trailer for The Witcher, Foul Beasts and Fouler Men Abound

10/31/2019 - The Keystone Pipeline Spilled Oil (Again)

10/31/2019 - Research Shows That Doing a Bad Job Wrapping Presents Will Make a Person Like Your Gift Even More

10/31/2019 - The Final Jumanji: The Next Level Trailer Is a Body-Swapping, Simian-Kicking Smörgåsbord

10/31/2019 - The 10 Settings You Need to Change on Your Amazon Fire TV

10/31/2019 - Matt Reeves' Batman Has Officially Found Its Jim Gordon

10/31/2019 - Open Channel: Let's Talk About the Big Social Media News of the Month

10/30/2019 - Bart Simpson's Dracula Is the Best Treehouse of Horror Sketch, It Just Is

10/30/2019 - Jack Dorsey Takes Obvious Opportunity to Backstab Facebook With Twitter Political Ad Ban

10/30/2019 - AT&T's New 'Unlimited' Plans Have Wildly Different Data Caps

10/30/2019 - Watchmen's Tom Mison Makes a Fascinating Parallel Between the Show and the Comic

10/30/2019 - A Radio Enthusiast Was Livestreaming Sensitive Medical Patient Information Being Sent to Pagers

10/30/2019 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn't Care That Terminator: Dark Fate Ignores Previous Films He Was In

10/30/2019 - She-Ra's Noelle Stevenson Teases Glimmer's Time to Shine in Season 4

10/30/2019 - AI Bot Is the First to Play StarCraft II at the Grandmaster Level

10/30/2019 - I Miss the OLPC, a Little Laptop That Dreamed Bigger Than It Could Deliver

10/30/2019 - Some Not So Lucky Charms Are the Key to This Spooky Gothic Comic Tale

10/30/2019 - Deep Learning Is Making Video Game Characters Move Like Real People

10/30/2019 - A Deep Look Into the iPhone's New Deep Fusion Feature

10/30/2019 - Doctor Sleep Is a Worthy Invocation of The Shining's Legacy

10/30/2019 - The Experimental Future of Digging Up the Past

10/30/2019 - What It’s Like to Work in a Flying Smoke Laboratory

10/30/2019 - How a Telescope Tragedy Led to This Amazing New X-Ray Image

10/30/2019 - You're Not Ready for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 4

10/30/2019 - These Are the Best Worst Bootleg Game Consoles

10/30/2019 - The Latest Iffy Wellness Trend Is CBD-Infused Workout Gear

10/30/2019 - LG's G8X Dual Screen Phone Gives You the Most Screen For Your Money

10/30/2019 - The CDC Is Still Warning People to Stop Vaping Completely Over Lung Illness Cases—But Why?

10/30/2019 - Microsoft Made a Smartphone App That Can Administer Driving Tests Without an Instructor

10/30/2019 - HBO Is Bringing Its Targaryen-Themed Game of Thrones Spinoff to Series

10/30/2019 - DJI's Mavic Mini Wants to Be the Drone for Everyone

10/29/2019 - Everything You Need to Know About the Terminator Universe Before Dark Fate

10/29/2019 - Facebook Sues Shadowy Israeli Cyberweapons Firm NSO Group Over WhatsApp Malware

10/29/2019 - Green Lantern and Strange Adventures TV Shows Are Coming to HBO Max

10/29/2019 - Breaking Down the Details and Mysteries of The Mandalorian's Final Trailer

10/29/2019 - Terrorists Win

10/29/2019 - Samsung's Second Foldable Is a Flip Phone with a Next-Gen Design

10/29/2019 - Juul Gradually Weaning Itself Off Employees

10/29/2019 - The Perfect Halloween Costume Is a Projector Mask That Can Turn You Into Anyone

10/29/2019 - Samsung Brings Big, Bright QLED Displays to Laptops For the First Time

10/29/2019 - Go on a Star Trek, Join the Clone Wars, and Return to the Loop in the Latest Tabletop News

10/29/2019 - Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Tricked Me Into Liking Squats but the Calorie-Burn Was Lacking

10/29/2019 - HBO Just Killed One of Its Game of Thrones Prequel Shows [Updated]

10/29/2019 - Poop for Science

10/29/2019 - Satellites Track the World's Longest Lightning Bolt

10/29/2019 - Untitled Goose Game Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Sow Chaos Only a Goose Could Love

10/29/2019 - The Films That Messed Us Up Forever

10/29/2019 - The New Pixel 4 Real-Time Transcription App Is Amazing—What to Use If You Can't Get It

10/29/2019 - Apple Pulls iOS 13.2 After Users Complain Update Bricks HomePods [Update: It's Been Fixed]

10/29/2019 - The Inquisition Strikes Back in the New Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer

10/29/2019 - Here They Are, the Dumbest Smart Glasses

10/29/2019 - Here's the Internet's 'Birth Certificate' From 50 Years Ago Today

10/29/2019 - Paul Darrow's Final Blake's 7 Work Will Release Next Month

10/29/2019 - How to Make a Black Hole in a Science Lab

10/29/2019 - How This Decade of Archaeology Changed What We Know About Human Origins

10/29/2019 - Sarah Paulson Is Open to Return to American Horror Story

10/29/2019 - Even Your Parents Could Master Photoshop's New AI-Powered Automatic Selection Tools

10/29/2019 - Uber's New Delivery Drone Absolutely Reeks of Vaporware [Updated]

10/29/2019 - Switching to Renewables May Spur Trillions Dollars Worth of Benefits in US

10/28/2019 - David Benioff & D.B. Weiss Are No Longer Making Star Wars Movies

10/28/2019 - FCC Proposes Banning U.S. Firms From Using Federal Subsidies to Purchase Huawei, ZTE Equipment

10/28/2019 - In the New Trailer for The Mandalorian, a Deadly Crew Comes Together

10/28/2019 - 10 Werewolf Movies to Watch Before the Next Full Moon

10/28/2019 - Supergirl Completely Screwed James Olsen

10/28/2019 - Up Close With Star Trek: Picard's Newest Uniform

10/28/2019 - MIT Researchers Taught Autonomous Cars to See Around Corners

10/28/2019 - Terminator: Dark Fate's 'New Sarah Connor' Is Ready to Lead

10/28/2019 - Microsoft Has a Plan to Get You Locked Into the Next-Gen Xbox Now

10/28/2019 - A Painting Hanging Outside a French Woman's Kitchen For Decades Just Sold at Auction for $26.8 Million

10/28/2019 - Hubble Spots a Ghoulish 'Face' in the Depths of Space

10/28/2019 - Titans Turned 'Family' Into a Four-Letter Word

10/28/2019 - Scientists Find New Crustacean Species Living in Whale Shark's Gills

10/28/2019 - Superman and Lois Lane Will Fly Again as the CW Plans a Spin-Off Series

10/28/2019 - South Africa Rations Water As it Tries to Avoid 'Day Zero' Again

10/28/2019 - Maybe This Is How We Finally Get a Pixel Watch

10/28/2019 - Wedge Antilles Is Back in the Star Wars Universe and Breaking Your Goddamn Heart in the Process

10/28/2019 - Even Facebook Employees Think the Company's Political Speech Policy Is Awful

10/28/2019 - Instagram Removes Fictional Depictions of Self-Harm and Suicide

10/28/2019 - The Creators Behind Game of Thrones Apparently Had No Idea What They Were Doing

10/28/2019 - The GoPro Max Makes Shooting 360-Degree Video Dead Simple

10/28/2019 - Cyclone Kyarr, the Strongest Storm on Earth, Is Breaking All Sorts of Records

10/28/2019 - 5 of the Worst Halloween TV Episodes We've Ever Had to Sit Through

10/28/2019 - Apple Announces AirPods Pro With Noise-Cancellation, Coming on October 30th

10/28/2019 - Mysterious Asteroid May Actually Be the Smallest Dwarf Planet in the Solar System

10/28/2019 - Joker Is Now the Biggest R-Rated Movie in the World

10/28/2019 - Samsung's 'Space Selfie' Satellite Plummets From Sky Onto Michigan Horse Farm

10/28/2019 - A Genetically Engineered 'Happy Plant' Turns on Its Maker in the Eerie Trailer for Little Joe

10/28/2019 - Hundreds of Thousands Have Fled Their Homes as Wildfires Explode Across California

10/28/2019 - In The Grudge's First Trailer, a Familiar Horror Finds a New Home

10/28/2019 - The Underpaid Women of Instacart Are Fed Up

10/28/2019 - Nvidia's New AI Lets You Know if Your Pet Would Look Cuter As a Different Animal

10/28/2019 - Mars Just Spat Out the InSight Heat Probe

10/28/2019 - Our First Gloved Glimpse of the Sonic: The Hedgehog Redesign Is Here

10/28/2019 - Why Do Placebos 'Work'?

10/28/2019 - Sheertex, Maker of Unbreakable Pantyhose, Now Makes Shoes Because Why Not

10/28/2019 - Nvidia's Newest Set-Top Box Uses AI to Turn Content 4K

10/28/2019 - Top Secret Spaceplane Lands in Florida After Spending Over 2 Years in Orbit

10/28/2019 - Adobe Gets Permission From U.S. to Continue Offering Services in Venezuela

10/27/2019 - The Survivors of The Walking Dead Have a New Worst Enemy: Themselves

10/27/2019 - Watchmen's Latest Twist Shouldn't Be a Surprise to Anyone

10/27/2019 - Spider-Man's Homecoming Outfit Looks Really Cool When It's Falling Apart

10/27/2019 - The Best Alternatives to the Subscription Services Taking Over Your Digital Life

10/27/2019 - The Newest Uzumaki Teaser Introduces Junji Ito, the Pleasant, Polite Master of Horror

10/27/2019 - Steven Moffat's Dracula Miniseries Is Ready to Make Its Bloody Entrance

10/27/2019 - Watch Arrow's Stephen and Robbie Amell in the First Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller Code 8

10/27/2019 - This Video Showcases All the Myriad Transformations of Pennywise the Clown

10/26/2019 - This New Featurette Teases the Fundamental Stephen King Creepiness of Castle Rock's Second Season

10/26/2019 - New Details on Microsoft's Dual-Screen Windows OS Leak

10/26/2019 - The Strangest Cut Scene From Avengers: Infinity War Apparently Involved Bloody Mashed Potatoes

10/26/2019 - Brandon Routh Says Goodbye to Legends of Tomorrow

10/26/2019 - Employees Continued to Get Screwed by MyPayrollHR Fiasco

10/26/2019 - A New Tom and Jerry Live-Action Movie Is Coming Next Winter, So Start Preparing Your Mouse Traps

10/26/2019 - A Month With the Improved Galaxy Fold and I Actually Still Like It

10/26/2019 - Early Impressions Call Doctor Sleep A Worthy Successor to The Shining

10/26/2019 - Microsoft Beats out Amazon for Pentagon's $10 Billion Cloud Computing Contract

10/25/2019 - Trump Subtweets Apple About Ditching the Home Button Years After the Fact

10/25/2019 - The Case for Calling All Vampires Draculas

10/25/2019 - Twitter Is Flooded With Weird Ads Now—and I Love It

10/25/2019 - Spider-Man Noir Lives, and Is Heading to London, for His Brand New Comic Series

10/25/2019 - iPhone Users Are Accidentally Deleting Their Emails Thanks to Apple's Boneheaded UI Update

10/25/2019 - What's a Halloween Costume Idea You've Always Had, But Could Never Pull Off?

10/25/2019 - Facebook’s Pretty Sure It Won’t Fuck Up the News This Time

10/25/2019 - New Evidence Suggests Neanderthals Were Capable of Starting Fires

10/25/2019 - Comcast Slides Reveal It's Lobbying Against Plans to Encrypt Browser Data: Report

10/25/2019 - How a 'Neutral' Health Algorithm Ended Up Hurting Black Patients

10/25/2019 - This Fake Green New Deal Ad Perfectly Illustrates Facebook's Bullshit Political Ad Policy [Updated]

10/25/2019 - The Cutest Little Space Marine Is the Smallest (and Most Adorable) Toy of the Week

10/25/2019 - 7.5 Million Adobe Accounts Exposed by Security Blunder

10/25/2019 - It's a-Goodbye, Mario

10/25/2019 - Captain Janeway's Hometown Could Get a Star Trek Memorial, With Your Help

10/25/2019 - Scream & Stream: 10 Spooky Halloween Horror Selections

10/25/2019 - Tagged Russian Eagles Rack up Enormous Cell Phone Bill From Visits to Iran

10/25/2019 - Former Apple Lawyer Tasked With Blocking Insider Trading Indicted on Charges of Insider Trading

10/25/2019 - The Jim Henson Company Is Bringing an Alien Talk Show Called Earth to Ned to Disney+

10/25/2019 - Republican SCIF-Stormers Who Demanded Open Government Won't Say If They Support Secret FISA Courts

10/25/2019 - Chuck Schumer Proposes Electric-Only Cars by 2040, But That Won't Solve Climate Change

10/25/2019 - Why Your Web Browser is Running Slowly and How to Fix It

10/25/2019 - The Nest Mini Is an Excellent, if Unnecessary, Upgrade

10/25/2019 - The Good Place Returns to Not Hell so Jason Can Rescue His 'Not a Girl'

10/25/2019 - A New Video Game Tests Whether You Can Survive the Climate Apocalypse

10/25/2019 - The Writer Behind the Are You Afraid of the Dark? Reboot on the Fine Art of Scaring Kids

10/25/2019 - Google Tweaks Search to Better Understand Your Gibberish Queries

10/25/2019 - Major Milestone Reached as NASA’s Mars 2020 Rover Stands on All Six Wheels

10/25/2019 - Y'aar, Mateys, Kitty Pryde's a Goddamn Pirate Now

10/25/2019 - Taylor Swift Gets to Be a Cat and Write a New Cats Song With Andrew Lloyd Webber for Work

10/25/2019 - Red Founder Kills the Company's Holographic Phone Project, Announces Retirement

10/25/2019 - Sony's AIBO Robo-Dog Could Be Trained to Operate Hitachi's Smart Appliances for You

10/25/2019 - Trump Administration Argues the Border Wall Is Good for the Environment, Actually

10/25/2019 - A Psychedelic Art Installation Is Trying to Get People Talking About Climate Solutions

10/25/2019 - New Crisis on Infinite Earths Set Pictures Tease a Massive Battle

10/25/2019 - Netflix and Spotify Might Be Required to Issue Emergency Alerts From the Government Just Like TV and Radio

10/25/2019 - Google's Pixelbook Go Is Really Weird, But Holy Crap That Battery Life

10/24/2019 - Castlevania's Vlad Tepes Is One of the Most Fascinating Takes on Dracula Around

10/24/2019 - TikTok Claps Back Against Senators' National Security Concerns

10/24/2019 - Henry Cavill Looks Sad at a Sword, at a Bar, and on a Horse in New Witcher Photos

10/24/2019 - Freeform Has Canceled Cloak & Dagger

10/24/2019 - A Second Season of gen:LOCK Will Debut on HBO Max

10/24/2019 - Disney+ Won't Let Users Keep Downloaded Content After It Leaves the Platform [Updated]

10/24/2019 - Okay, But Can We Teach the Rats to Race?

10/24/2019 - io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 4: We Took a Wrong Turn Somewhere...

10/24/2019 - Senators Warn That TikTok May Pose National Security Threat

10/24/2019 - Microsoft Snipes Another Streamer From Twitch as Shroud Moves to Mixer

10/24/2019 - Holy Crap, Marvel's Kylo Ren Comic Will Lift the Lid on the Knights of Ren's Mysterious Past

10/24/2019 - Oops, Trump's Commerce Secretary Did the Hillary Email Thing

10/24/2019 - Apple Patent Hints at AR Glasses With Transitions-Like Lenses

10/24/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in November

10/24/2019 - Scientists Tricked Bacteria Into Cleaning Up a Polluted Aquifer in Spain

10/24/2019 - Bart Simpson Will Weaponize Movie Spoilers With the Help of Kevin Feige and the Russos

10/24/2019 - Incredible New Fossils Show How Quickly Mammals Took Over After Dinosaur Extinction

10/24/2019 - I May Have Died Laughing While Watching Riverdale

10/24/2019 - Filtered Cigarettes Are One of the Worst Types of Pollution and We Should Ban Them, Experts Argue

10/24/2019 - A New Queen and a Dark Evil Rise in the New She-Ra Season 4 Trailer

10/24/2019 - The Promise and Pitfalls of At-Home STI Tests

10/24/2019 - Your Vape Litter Is Becoming an Environmental Disaster

10/24/2019 - At Least We Can All Agree That People Who Torture Animals Should Be in Prison

10/24/2019 - Catching Up With CBS Psychological Horror Series Evil, aka ‘Satan Trolled Me’

10/24/2019 - The Most Futuristic Developments We Can Expect in the Next 10 Years

10/24/2019 - The Kincade Fire Explodes in Wine Country Where a Blackout Was Scheduled

10/24/2019 - Pedro Pascal's Wonder Woman 1984 Character Is Exactly Who You Thought He Was

10/24/2019 - Lazy Artists Will Love This Plastic Bead Printer That Automates Your Arts and Crafts

10/24/2019 - How to (Ethically) Hack the Hotel Bedside Robots

10/24/2019 - Beats Turned a Corner With Its New Noise Canceling Headphones

10/24/2019 - The Hocus Pocus Sequel Has Found a Writer (and a New Home on Disney+)

10/24/2019 - Scammers Target Cash App Giveaways on Twitter and Instagram

10/24/2019 - Biden Forgot to Buy the Web Address For His Latinx Outreach Campaign and Now Trump Owns It

10/23/2019 - Report: Google Staff Suspect New Internal Software Is Designed to Suppress Employee Dissent

10/23/2019 - The Daily Bugle Is on the Hunt for a Major Scoop in Its Very Own Comic Book

10/23/2019 - First Look at 'Sycamore,' Google's Quantum Computer

10/23/2019 - Don't Watch This Trailer for Antlers Unless You Want to Discover Its Big Secret

10/23/2019 - The NASCAR Crash Compilation of Mark Zuckerberg's Six-Hour Congressional Testimony

10/23/2019 - Fresh Look at New Horizons Data Shows Pluto’s ‘Far Side’ in Unprecedented Detail

10/23/2019 - Internal Cybersecurity Memo: White House Is Bound To Get Hacked

10/23/2019 - While We're Arguing if Marvel Movies Are Art, Let's Also Let Them Be Sexy, Dammit

10/23/2019 - Republicans Wielding Phones 'Compromised' Classified Room Used for Impeachment Hearing

10/23/2019 - Adventure Time Is Coming Back With a 4-Part Miniseries...on HBO Max

10/23/2019 - Congress Explores Why the Oil Industry’s Climate Denial Is a Civil Rights Issue

10/23/2019 - Black Lightning Is Raising the Stakes to Keep Things Interesting

10/23/2019 - FTC Finally Decides Stalking Apps May Not Be All That Great

10/23/2019 - Scientists Say Their Experimental Drug Knocks Out the Flu, in Animal Tests at Least

10/23/2019 - How Those Memes You Just Posted Could Soon Cost You $30,000

10/23/2019 - Disney's Star Tours Just Told Us the Name of The Rise of Skywalker's Most Mysterious Planet

10/23/2019 - Axon Brings License Plate Recognition to Cops' Dash Cams

10/23/2019 - This Uninhabited Island Is Covered in Rubber Bands Because Birds Think They’re Worms

10/23/2019 - Open Channel: What's the Weirdest Thing You've Done to Watch a Movie Trailer?

10/23/2019 - The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Is a Love Letter to Street Photography

10/23/2019 - Google Releases Five 'Digital Wellbeing' Experiments to Curb Your Smartphone Addiction

10/23/2019 - Here Are 2019's Most Awful Halloween Costumes

10/23/2019 - What's a Fair Price for a Shrek Baby?

10/23/2019 - Trump Administration Sues California for Daring to Address Climate Change [UPDATED]

10/23/2019 - PG&E Could Turn Power Off Again As California Faces Wildfire Weather [Updated]

10/23/2019 - The Future of Particle Physics Is Bright, Bleak, and Magical

10/23/2019 - Here's Your First, Tiny Glimpse of Netflix's New Ghost in the Shell Series

10/23/2019 - This Garmin Smartwatch Is a Beast That Doesn't Have a Real Reason to Exist

10/23/2019 - New Doctor Who Set Pictures Confirm the Return of Some Iconic Foes

10/23/2019 - Google Confirms Achieving Quantum Supremacy

10/23/2019 - Raytheon Delivers First Anti-Drone Laser Weapon to U.S. Air Force

10/23/2019 - Just My Opinion: The Company Offering $130,000 for the Perfect Robot Face Should Choose Luigi

10/22/2019 - Sheryl Sandberg: We Let Politicians Lie in Facebook Ads for the 'Discourse,' Not the Money

10/22/2019 - Rick and Morty Side-Eyes Stranger Things With a Suitably Cheeky Title Reveal

10/22/2019 - Terminator: Dark Fate's Post-Judgment Day Future Is Female, and We're Here for It

10/22/2019 - Bipartisan Bill Aims to Make It Easier to Log Off Facebook Forever

10/22/2019 - Star Wars Actors Really Love The Rise of Skywalker Trailer

10/22/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg to Throw Shit at Wall, See What Sticks

10/22/2019 - New Study Shows 'Everybody on the Planet' Is Exposed to Toxic Flame Retardants

10/22/2019 - WeWork Founder Given $1.7 Billion to LeaveWork

10/22/2019 - Microsoft's Over-the-Top VR Rig Lets You Explore a Virtual World While Walking IRL

10/22/2019 - Exxon Isn't the Only Fossil Fuel Giant Getting Its Ass Sued

10/22/2019 - Elon Musk on His Space Internet: 'Whoa, It Worked'

10/22/2019 - Marvel Is Bringing Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Star-Lord to the Podcasting World

10/22/2019 - Facebook's Business Falls Under the Microscope of 47 Attorneys General

10/22/2019 - Breaking Down the New Hopes and Shadowed Empires in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Final Trailer

10/22/2019 - Apple's Long-Anticipated Adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Casts Some Familiar Faces

10/22/2019 - The Bacteria That Cause Stomach Ulcers Are Becoming Drug-Resistant, Too

10/22/2019 - Report: Jeph Loeb's Time at Marvel TV May Be Nearing Its End [Updated]

10/22/2019 - The Most Bullshit Health and Wellness Fads of the Decade

10/22/2019 - Why Is Pete Buttigieg the Facebook Candidate?

10/22/2019 - Gmail's Dark Theme Is Finally Here for Android 10

10/22/2019 - Air Pollution Is Increasing for the First Time in a Decade Under Trump

10/22/2019 - TikTok Boots Dozens of ISIS Accounts

10/22/2019 - Aye-Ayes Have Been Hiding a Secret Sixth Finger This Whole Time

10/22/2019 - HBO's Watchmen Is Much More Connected to the Comics Than You Think

10/22/2019 - The Director of Horror Film Sweetheart on Breaking the Rules of Genre

10/22/2019 - Recalled Gun Holster Had One Job, Does the Exact Opposite

10/22/2019 - A Free Year of Disney+ Is Coming to Verizon Customers

10/22/2019 - Updates From The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984, and More

10/22/2019 - You Lost How Much on Scooters?

10/21/2019 - Report: WeWork Delaying Mass Layoffs Because It Can't Afford Severance

10/21/2019 - In the Final Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer, an Awe-Inspiring Battle Begins

10/21/2019 - Zuckerberg: I Feel Responsible for the 'Different Ways' Facebook Was Used to Cause, Uh, 'Effects'

10/21/2019 - Watchmen's Incredible Soundtrack Is Coming First to Vinyl, Because of Course It Is

10/21/2019 - A Game of Thrones Actor Is the New Lord of the Rings Villain

10/21/2019 - Sean Astin Made a Surprise Appearance on Supergirl

10/21/2019 - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Adds Jacob Tobia as Non-Binary Shapeshifter Double Trouble

10/21/2019 - Which Absolute Buffoon Looked at Linda Hamilton and Decided She Needed 'Tits and Ass' in Her Terminator Costume?

10/21/2019 - It Took Just Three Weeks for Superbug to Resist Last-Resort Drug, Doctors Say

10/21/2019 - WeWork Gets a Life Raft: Report

10/21/2019 - The Zombieland: Double Tap Credit Scene Was Originally Completely Different

10/21/2019 - Company That Profits Off Political Misinformation Says It's Going to Do More to Stop It

10/21/2019 - NASA Needs New Strategies to Protect the Solar System From Earthly Contamination, Report Finds

10/21/2019 - Researchers Taught Autonomous Camera Drones to Film Like a Hollywood Director

10/21/2019 - 2019 Had the Smallest Ozone Hole on Record, No Thanks to Us

10/21/2019 - Lin-Manuel Miranda Shares His Dark Materials' Terrible Parallel to Our Own World

10/21/2019 - The First Big Cameo of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Has Been Revealed

10/21/2019 - Mysterious Cases of Paralysis in Children May Be Caused by Polio-Like Viruses

10/21/2019 - World's Loudest Bird Shrieks Directly Into Potential Mates' Faces

10/21/2019 - Adam Savage Talks to Us About His Latest Secret Cosplay, Fandom, and More

10/21/2019 - The 20 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

10/21/2019 - Amazon Found to Be Selling Loads of Expired and Inedible Food

10/21/2019 - Poe Dameron Tries to Recruit an Old Friend in This Exclusive Resistance Reborn Excerpt

10/21/2019 - Your Google Home and Alexa Can Be Used to Eavesdrop and Phish For Your Passwords

10/21/2019 - These Roadside Markers Have a Futuristic Climate Twist

10/21/2019 - Old Man Bruce Wayne Dragged Titans Back to the Bad Place

10/21/2019 - DOJ Rule Gives Green Light to Collect DNA from Asylum-Seekers and Detained Migrants

10/21/2019 - Scientists Debut Precise New Gene-Editing Technique That Overcomes Some of CRISPR's Problems

10/21/2019 - Google Says It Will Fix Pixel 4's Face Unlock Fail 'in the Coming Months'

10/21/2019 - Report: Jared Leto Got Pissed That Joker Was Being Made Without Him

10/21/2019 - These Rat-Eating Monkeys Are a Surprisingly Effective Form of Pest Control

10/21/2019 - Standing in the Rubble of Paradise: Life After the Camp Fire, One Year Later

10/21/2019 - What Will the Internet Look Like in 2030?

10/21/2019 - Vin Diesel's Bloodshot Trailer Promises Bloody Revenge and a Billion Baby Robots

10/21/2019 - Black Adam Movie Updates, Crisis on Infinite Earths Teases, and More

10/21/2019 - Microsoft and AMD's Surface Laptop 3 Is Something Special

10/21/2019 - Pixel 4 Review: How Google Wins by Being More Human

10/21/2019 - Did President Trump Flash His Middle Finger to Women Astronauts in This Viral Video?

10/21/2019 - Could Protein Spun Like Cotton Candy Make Lab-Grown Steak Possible?

10/20/2019 - Half of Tonight's Walking Dead Was Fantastic, the Rest Was a Saved by the Bell Episode

10/20/2019 - Let's Unpack Watchmen's Explosive Premiere in This Spoiler Discussion Zone

10/20/2019 - China Censorship, Facebook Headcanon, Pixel 4, and Apple Beats: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

10/20/2019 - Kik's Messaging App Won't Be Killed Off After All

10/20/2019 - Here's A New, Appropriately Gruesome Look at Vin Diesel in Bloodshot

10/20/2019 - The Next Into the Dark Holiday Extravaganza Is a Disastrous Thanksgiving LARP

10/20/2019 - Taika Waititi Still Plans on Directing Akira, Eventually

10/20/2019 - Twitch "Watch Parties" Let Me Stream Movies to the Viewers I Don't Have

10/20/2019 - The Batman Has a Composer, and All It Took Was an On-Stage Proposal

10/20/2019 - HBO Has Cast Mackenzie Davis and Himesh Patel in Station Eleven Adaptation

10/19/2019 - Report: Venom 2 Is Diving Deep Into Symbiote Lore and Casting Naomie Harris as Shriek

10/19/2019 - Google's Smart Home Doorbell Sounds Terrifying (Or At Least, It Will Soon)

10/19/2019 - This Featurette Shows Off More Of the Impressive Tech Behind Gemini Man

10/19/2019 - Okay, Here's When the Last The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Drops

10/19/2019 - Facebook's Top Priority is Totally Its Government-Ordered Privacy Program

10/19/2019 - A Set Injury Might Mean Major Delays for Cowboy Bebop

10/19/2019 - Sam Raimi Is Making a New Horror Movie, Thank God

10/19/2019 - Help, I Can't Unsee These Faux-Flesh Phone Cases

10/18/2019 - Hey, Reddit NSFW Communities: Imgur's Sick of Your Smut

10/18/2019 - Aggretsuko's Rage Will Be Channeled Into a Furious Comic Book

10/18/2019 - A Very Good Teleporting Boy Is Easily the Goodest Toy of the Week

10/18/2019 - Man, I Feel Bad for Star Wars' Squid People

10/18/2019 - Uh... The Army Just Contracted With Tom DeLonge's UFO Group to Study Those 'Alien Alloys'

10/18/2019 - Disney's Live-Action Pinocchio May Have Found a New, Forward-Thinking Director

10/18/2019 - Artists Performing at Amazon's Music Festival Say They Weren't Told It Was Hosted by Amazon

10/18/2019 - FAA Says Pilots Complained of 'Egregious' Issues With 737 Max In Messages Boeing Withheld

10/18/2019 - Ranking the 20 Best Witchy Fashions Because I Have Magic Powers Now

10/18/2019 - Johnson & Johnson Recalls Baby Powder Over Possible Asbestos Contamination

10/18/2019 - Cosmic Rays May Have Blasted Gigantic Sand Dunes Into Existence on Saturn's Moon Titan

10/18/2019 - DeWanda Wise Will Fight Dinosaur Clones in Jurassic World 3

10/18/2019 - 'Grace and Frankie' Cast Gets Their Asses Arrested for the Planet

10/18/2019 - Apple and Blizzard Slammed Over China Censorship by Top U.S. Lawmakers

10/18/2019 - Tropical Storm Nestor Pops Up, Beelines for Florida's Gulf Coast

10/18/2019 - DC Is Revealing Superman's Not-So-Secret Identity (Again)

10/18/2019 - We're Not Ready for the Next Pandemic

10/18/2019 - A New Study Paints Bright Future for Humpback Whales But With a Caveat

10/18/2019 - Maybe Don't Sell Human Fetuses on Facebook, Even Super Old Ones

10/18/2019 - U.S. Border Patrol Reportedly Eyes Face Recognition for Body Cams

10/18/2019 - Scientists Can Now See Stranded Whales From Space

10/18/2019 - Alex Garland on the Look and Feel of Devs, and Star Wars Stealing All the Good Sets

10/18/2019 - The Good Place Played a Demonically Delicious Game of 'Guess Who?'

10/18/2019 - Dormant for 500 Years, a Potentially Deadly Fault in California Has Started to Move

10/18/2019 - U.S. Military Will Stop Using Floppy Disks to Operate Its Nuclear Weapons System

10/18/2019 - Somebody Put Libra Out of Its Misery Already

10/18/2019 - Disney Picked a Hell of a Time to Announce Its Latest Attempt to Make Star Wars Big in China

10/18/2019 - The Potential of Green Urban Planning for Mental Health

10/18/2019 - Black Panther’s Daniel Kaluuya Is Bringing a ‘Misunderstood’ Barney to the Big Screen

10/18/2019 - A Bug Lets Any Fingerprint Unlock the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, and Samsung Blames Phone Covers

10/18/2019 - Add These 9 Simple Browser Bookmarks to Make Your Online Life Easier

10/18/2019 - Updates From Stranger Things, Jurassic World 3, and More

10/18/2019 - Tribes Are Pushing Washington to Be the First State to Declare a Climate Emergency

10/18/2019 - Pixel 4 's Face Unlock Works When Your Eyes Are Closed. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

10/17/2019 - That New Viral Face App Sucks, But It Got One Thing Right

10/17/2019 - Metal Men Artist Shane Davis Reflects on the Lies That Make Heroes Tick

10/17/2019 - Daisy Ridley Says The Rise of Skywalker Doesn't Treat 'Reylo' as a Joke

10/17/2019 - Fat Can Build Up in the Lungs, Study Finds, Which May Explain Obesity-Asthma Link

10/17/2019 - HBO's Stephen King Miniseries The Outsider Teases a Most Peculiar Murder Case

10/17/2019 - Gab and Twitter Served With Search Warrants Over Neo-Nazi Arrested on Child Porn Charges

10/17/2019 - New Satellite Pics Show Curiosity and InSight Hard at Work on Mars

10/17/2019 - io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 3: A Tale of Three Cosplays

10/17/2019 - Juul Is Halting the Online Sale of Your Beloved Mango and Cucumber Pods

10/17/2019 - Hear Me Out: Super Bees

10/17/2019 - Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Would Have Prevented the Iraq War

10/17/2019 - A Gifted Pilot Faces Alien Drones and Sassy AI in This Excerpt From Brandon Sanderson's Skyward Sequel, Starsight

10/17/2019 - Blue Light from LEDs Can Rot the Brains of Fruit Flies, Study Finds

10/17/2019 - First All-Women Spacewalk Scheduled for Tomorrow Morning

10/17/2019 - Stephen King's Maine Mansion Is Becoming a Writer's Retreat

10/17/2019 - Modern Humans Inherited Even More DNA from Neanderthals and Denisovans Than We Thought

10/17/2019 - Robert Pattinson's Batman Will Fight Paul Dano's Riddler

10/17/2019 - How Elizabeth Hurley’s Magical Arrival Steps Up Runaways’ Game

10/17/2019 - Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review: The Last of a Dying Breed

10/17/2019 - Netflix Sued Over Depiction of Controversial Police Interrogation Technique

10/17/2019 - Wow! Studio Ghibli Movies Will Stream on the Upcoming HBO Max

10/17/2019 - Just Who Do You Think Is the Enemy Here?

10/17/2019 - Venom Director Ruben Fleischer Wishes People Were Nicer to the Film, Which Made $856 Million

10/17/2019 - Hulu Finally Introduces a Fix for Its Garbage Recommendation System

10/17/2019 - Cancel Your Apple Arcade Trial Today If You’re Not Using It

10/17/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill Has Reached Freshwater Resources in the Bahamas

10/17/2019 - Oh God, There's So Much Blood

10/17/2019 - Do Not Fear the Brainless Blob Monster

10/17/2019 - The Personal Story Behind Owl House's Magical New Disney Heroine

10/17/2019 - You'll Need Over 7,000 Pieces and 32 Motors to Build This Lego Go-Kart You Can Actually Ride

10/17/2019 - The Complete Guide to Using External Storage on iOS and iPadOS

10/17/2019 - Jonah Hill Is No Longer Headed to Matt Reeves' Gotham City

10/17/2019 - The Only Privacy Bill Worth a Damn

10/16/2019 - Report: EU Antitrust Officials Are Looking Into Apple Pay, iPhone NFC Chips

10/16/2019 - Elon Musk Smoking Joe Rogan's Weed Somehow Ended Up Costing Taxpayers $5 Million

10/16/2019 - Titans' Brenton Thwaites on Why Dick Grayson Has to Hit 'Rock Bottom' to Become Nightwing

10/16/2019 - The X-Men's New Age Is Here, and It's Horny as Hell

10/16/2019 - The Man in the High Castle's Final Season Trailer Teases the War to End All Worlds

10/16/2019 - Uber's Disastrous Life Story Is Being Made Into a TV Show by the Creators of Billions

10/16/2019 - Ancient Assyrian Tablets Seem to Contain References to a Massive Solar Storm

10/16/2019 - American Horror Story: 1984 Is Killing It

10/16/2019 - Creatures of the Deep Are Feeding on a Whale Carcass and You Can Watch It Live

10/16/2019 - Harley Quinn's Showrunners Discuss Shifting Her Villainy Out of the Joker's Shadow

10/16/2019 - Porn Wins Porn War

10/16/2019 - How That Giant Homemade Modular Synth Wound Up at MIT

10/16/2019 - It's Bomb Cyclone Time for the Northeast

10/16/2019 - Netflix Is Turning Jeff Smith's Bone Comics Into an Animated TV Show

10/16/2019 - Democrat and Republican Voters Agree: Schools Need to Teach Sex Ed

10/16/2019 - How Google's Pixel 4 Is Trying to Stay Ahead in the Smartphone Camera Race

10/16/2019 - My Brain Needs This Hack That Syncs Your Car's Windshield Wipers to the Beat of Your Music

10/16/2019 - Arrow's End Began With a Reminder of How Far the Arrowverse Has Come

10/16/2019 - Here's Your First Look at Crisis on Infinite Earth's Big Bad, the Anti-Monitor

10/16/2019 - Arianna Huffington on Quest to Create the Methadone of Tech

10/16/2019 - Fighting Climate Change Is Key to Preventing Future Ebola Epidemics, Study Finds

10/16/2019 - Smartphone VR Might Be Dead. Good.

10/16/2019 - Scientists Use Lab-Grown Brains to Study What Makes Us Human

10/16/2019 - Huge Child Porn Ring Busted as Authorities Cite Ability to Crack Bitcoin Privacy

10/16/2019 - How Jojo Rabbit Is Like Rugrats, Yes That Rugrats

10/16/2019 - NASA's Plan to Rescue InSight’s Stuck Heat Probe Appears to Be Working

10/16/2019 - A New Skill Could Let Smart Speakers Monitor a Sleeping Baby's Breathing and Movement

10/16/2019 - The Purge TV Show Is an American Story That Aims to Warn Us About American Violence

10/16/2019 - The Ultimate Game Boy Clone Perfectly Plays Every Classic Handheld Game You Ever Loved

10/16/2019 - So We're Back on This Bullshit Again

10/16/2019 - Disney+'s Cassian Andor Show Just Found a Familiar Rogue One Writer

10/16/2019 - The Pixel 4 Is Redefining the 'Smart' in Smartphone

10/16/2019 - Zombieland: Double Tap Is Exactly the Film You Think It Is

10/16/2019 - Lego's New Dinosaur Fossils Turn Your Desk Into a Miniature Natural History Museum

10/16/2019 - Berkeley Becomes Fourth U.S. City to Ban Face Recognition in Unanimous Vote

10/16/2019 - Huawei Reports Healthy Sales Growth Despite U.S. Export Ban

10/16/2019 - Flash Memory on Some Tesla Cars Is Reportedly Burning Out, Causing Major Issues

10/15/2019 - Here Are Twitter's Latest Excuses as to Why It Lets Donald Trump Break Its Rules Constantly

10/15/2019 - Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans Champions One of Superhero Comics' Most Enduring Qualities

10/15/2019 - 'Jedi' Just Got a Dictionary Definition, Which Feels Weird, Given Everything Happening in Star Wars Right Now

10/15/2019 - Hell Yes, Moira MacTaggert Is Getting Her Own Solo X-Men Comic

10/15/2019 - Amazon to Seattle: Nice City Council You've Got There

10/15/2019 - The Year’s Best Wildlife Photos Remind Us Why Nature Is Worth Fighting For

10/15/2019 - Facebook Doesn't Give a Fuck if Politicians Lie in Ads, But God Forbid They Misplace a Button

10/15/2019 - Amazon Is Marketing Face Recognition to Police Departments Partnered With Ring: Report

10/15/2019 - Aw Yeah, Apple TV Is Now on Roku

10/15/2019 - Kevin Feige's New Marvel Title Signals Major Changes for Its Corporate Structure

10/15/2019 - The Pixel 4's Gestures Might Be a Gimmick—But At Least They Actually Work

10/15/2019 - Discovery of Bronze Age Warrior’s Kit Sheds New Light on an Epic Prehistoric Battle

10/15/2019 - Dave Gibbons Understands Why HBO's Watchmen Turned Rorschach Into a White Supremacy Symbol

10/15/2019 - Taco Bell Recalls Millions of Pounds of Beef Due to Reports of 'Metal Shavings'

10/15/2019 - Election Security Experts Testify From Illinois, a Top Target of Russia's 2016 Meddling

10/15/2019 - Report: The Matrix 4 Adds...Neil Patrick Harris!?

10/15/2019 - The Pixelbook Go Walks the Fine Line Between High Design and Great Value

10/15/2019 - How the 10-Year Wait for Zombieland: Double Tap Changed Everything

10/15/2019 - The Voyager Missions Saw a 'Tsunami' of Solar Activity Sending a Pressure Pulse Into Interstellar Space

10/15/2019 - Venom 2 Just Added a Curious Mutant Villain Into the Carnage-y Mix

10/15/2019 - What Are We Going to Do With All This Space Junk?

10/15/2019 - Everything Google Announced Today

10/15/2019 - Climate Rage Is Working

10/15/2019 - Torchwood's Burn Gorman Shares Details on His New Expanse Villain

10/15/2019 - Inside the Art of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Kashyyyk's Giant Spiders Are More Horrifying Than Ever

10/15/2019 - Aerial Laser Scans Uncover Hidden Early Capital of the Khmer Empire

10/15/2019 - The US Will Finally Stop Ignoring the 'Forever Chemicals' Poisoning Our Water

10/15/2019 - AMC: Fuck It, Let's Do Streaming Too

10/15/2019 - Castle Rock Season 2 Is Brimming With Misery, and It's Not Entirely Annie Wilkes' Fault

10/15/2019 - Google Pixel 4: The Best Camera Phone Goes Double

10/15/2019 - Every Exciting Google Assistant Feature Announced Today

10/15/2019 - The Pixelbook Go Is a Smaller Cheaper Google-made Chromebook

10/15/2019 - New Google Nest Wifi Brings Mesh Nodes That Double As Smart Speakers

10/15/2019 - The Google Nest Mini Can Now Hang on Your Wall Like a Piece of Art That's Always Listening to You

10/15/2019 - Google Updates Pixel Buds and They’re Truly Wireless This Time

10/15/2019 - Lady and the Tramp's Talking Dogs Are Even More Unsettling in the Latest Trailer

10/15/2019 - Apple Finally Made Beats Look Good

10/15/2019 - The Director of Venom Still Has Hopes for a Spider-Man Crossover

10/15/2019 - How to Watch Google's Pixel 4 Event

10/15/2019 - Our Google Pixel 4 Liveblog Is Right Here

10/15/2019 - In Unprecedented Move, London Police Ban Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests Throughout Entire City

10/15/2019 - Trump Campaign Running Facebook Ads with Racial Slur

10/15/2019 - Congress Wants Answers on Who Sent Millions of Pro-Vaping Posts From Bot Accounts

10/14/2019 - Zuckerberg: I Only Wined and Dined Right-Wingers to, Um, Engage in a Meaningful Exchange of Ideas

10/14/2019 - I Wore Hasbro's Ridiculous New Star Wars Replica Helmet for a Day, and All I Got Was Some Neck Ache

10/14/2019 - Grisly Hulu Horror Wounds Will Convince You to Never, Ever Break Into a Stranger's Phone

10/14/2019 - Turns Out the Real Story Behind Deathstroke's Arrow Debut Is Just as Noncommittal as the Show's Own Explanation

10/14/2019 - Microsoft Xbox Introduces Content Filters to Help Purge Your Life of Toxic Trolls

10/14/2019 - Gary Glitter Didn't Make Any Money From Joker, But a Record Label Did

10/14/2019 - Could an Electrical Equipment Malfunction Be Behind the Saddleridge Fire?

10/14/2019 - Toxic Algae Blooms Really Have Become More Intense, Study Finds

10/14/2019 - Scientists Discover Hidden Information in 140-Year-Old Fundamental Physics Concept

10/14/2019 - Zoë Kravitz Will Play Catwoman in Matt Reeves' Batman Movie

10/14/2019 - A New Runaways Season 3 Clip Teases Big Changes for Gert and Old Lace

10/14/2019 - Google Buries the Hatchet With Yubico, Brings Physical Security Keys With USB-C

10/14/2019 - Titans Turned Superboy Into Frankenstein's Manchild, and It Was Awesome

10/14/2019 - The UK Just Got More Power From Renewables Than Fossil Fuels, a First Since 1882

10/14/2019 - Uber Lays Off 350 More Employees in Latest Blood Sacrifice

10/14/2019 - A Study That Linked Shorter Lifespans to CRISPR Baby Mutation Has Been Retracted

10/14/2019 - Sarah Connor's Terminator: Dark Fate Entrance Is the Energy You Need This Monday

10/14/2019 - Safari in iOS 13 Sends Chinese Users' Browsing Data to Censorship-Friendly Tencent

10/14/2019 - Typhoon Hagibis Is Japan's Latest Multi-Billion-Dollar Disaster

10/14/2019 - The Grudge Director Addresses Ju-On Creator's Absence and Honoring the Franchise

10/14/2019 - San Francisco Is Getting Sick of All Your Dumbass 'Disruption'

10/14/2019 - Even WeWork's Phone Booths Reek of Death

10/14/2019 - 'Apocalypse in The Making': Authorities to Use Drones and Snipers to Kill Infected North Korean Pigs

10/14/2019 - Watch Idris Elba's 2 Minute Hobbs & Shaw Origin Story

10/14/2019 - ABC News Broadcasts Fake Syria Bombing Video That's Actually From a Kentucky Military Show in 2017

10/14/2019 - The New Interstellar Object Looks Surprisingly Familiar

10/14/2019 - 'We Are Nations:' What Environmental Justice Looks Like For Indigenous People

10/14/2019 - Here Is the Frankly Ridiculous List of Everything Coming to Disney+ at Launch

10/14/2019 - Nubia Z20 First Look: Are Two Screens Really Better Than One?

10/14/2019 - Oh, So That's How Star Wars Resistance Links to The Last Jedi

10/14/2019 - Can You Give Yourself a Panic Attack?

10/14/2019 - Crisis on Infinite Earths Might Have Added Yet Another Completely Bonkers Cameo

10/14/2019 - Everything We Know About the Mass Shooting Video Screened at Trump's Miami Resort

10/13/2019 - The Walking Dead Reveals the Strange Origin of the Whisperers

10/13/2019 - This Video Explores the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Obsession With Father Figures

10/13/2019 - Kami Garcia Talks the Challenge of Reinventing a Classic DC Character like Raven

10/13/2019 - Millie Bobby Brown Didn't Initially Like the Stranger Things Season 3 Ending

10/13/2019 - Watch the Trailer for Robert Downey, Jr.'s Next Big Role, Which for Some Reason Is Doolittle

10/13/2019 - Saturday Night Live Gives Oscar the Grouch the Joker Treatment, and It's Perfectly Ridiculous

10/12/2019 - Facebook's Being Sued Over Look-A-Like Logo And...Well...

10/12/2019 - At Least One Dead After Hotel Partially Collapses in New Orleans

10/12/2019 - Huh, Bill Gates Sure Hung Out With Jeffrey Epstein a Lot More Than He Admitted

10/12/2019 - The Newest Marvel Rising Special Introduces Shuri to the Secret Warriors’ Girl Gang

10/12/2019 - Advisory Board Members Axed by Trump's EPA Are Preparing Their Own Pollution Report

10/12/2019 - Warren's New Facebook Ads Make False Claims—And That's The Whole Damn Point

10/12/2019 - Alpha and Beta Meet Creepy in This Preview of Sunday’s The Walking Dead

10/12/2019 - Watch Freddie Prinze, Jr. Go On a Bonkers Rant About Star Wars Fandom

10/12/2019 - Carnival Row Now Has Daredevil’s Old Showrunner

10/12/2019 - A Troubled Student Is Haunted by His Old Imaginary Friend in Daniel Isn't Real

10/11/2019 - Charmed's Season 2 Premiere Just Got a Fresh Start in the Most Dramatic Way Possible

10/11/2019 - Halle Gunman Confesses to Livestreamed Shooting, Allegedly Posted Manifesto Online

10/11/2019 - The Writers of Deadpool Are Thinking About His Next Movie a Lot

10/11/2019 - Apple Opts to Contribute to the Hollywood Hellscape by Launching Its Own Studio: Report

10/11/2019 - The X-Men's New Dawn Is Hiding a Terrible Truth

10/11/2019 - Hubble Sees Our Galaxy Sucking Up a Mysterious Amount of Gas

10/11/2019 - Google, Facebook, and Twitter Tell Biden Campaign They Won't Remove Defamatory Trump Ad

10/11/2019 - WeWork Could Run Out of Money Next Month: Report

10/11/2019 - Libra's Ship Is Sinking as Multiple Major Partners Abandon Facebook's Troubled Cryptocurrency

10/11/2019 - Jurassic Park's Dr. Grant Gets a Rad Figure, and More of the Cleverest Toys of the Week

10/11/2019 - How Alexei Leonov Survived the Harrowing First Spacewalk

10/11/2019 - In This Sci-Fi Short Film, a Man Uncovers a Powerful Secret Inside a Bank Vault

10/11/2019 - 8 More Stories About People Battling Their Own Clones

10/11/2019 - Watch Chandler Riggs Bring The Walking Dead's Carl Back to Life...in Grand Theft Auto V?

10/11/2019 - Ancient Egyptian ‘Industrial Zone’ Uncovered in Luxor’s Valley of the Monkeys

10/11/2019 - There's an Automation Crisis Underway Right Now, It's Just Mostly Invisible

10/11/2019 - Google Is Funding Climate Change Denialism

10/11/2019 - The Expanse's Thrilling Return Finds the Characters and the Show Exploring New Territory

10/11/2019 - Weathering With You Gets a Gorgeous New Trailer Ahead of Its American Release

10/11/2019 - Nurses at New Jersey Hospital Fed Patients Benadryl to Avoid Work, Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleges

10/11/2019 - In The Good Place, Eleanor Turns to the Dark Side to Ease Her Pain

10/11/2019 - The Pixel 4 Has Been Leaked to Death, So Here's Everything Else We Know About Made By Google 2019

10/11/2019 - If You Have iTunes for Windows, You Need to Install the Latest Version Now

10/11/2019 - Greta Thunberg Didn't Win the Nobel Peace Prize. Good.

10/11/2019 - Are You Afraid of the Dark? Star Says Working on It, Sadly, Didn't Make Him Immune to Clowns

10/11/2019 - Walmart's Loss Is Uber's Gain

10/11/2019 - A Smooth Ride and Built-In Tracking Make Cannondale's Treadwell a Bike for the Rest of Us

10/11/2019 - California Wildfire Season Is Here as the Saddleridge Fire Explodes Near Los Angeles

10/11/2019 - This Week's Short Treks Were a Love Letter to the Earnest, Sometimes Silly Humanity of Classic Star Trek

10/11/2019 - Elon Musk: NASA Can Share SpaceX's IP With Literally Anybody, 'No Charge'

10/11/2019 - California Power Outage Wreaks Havoc at Research Labs

10/11/2019 - In the First Trailer for Disney's Jungle Cruise, The Rock is a Con Man Skipper on a Quest

10/11/2019 - 'I Have Rights:' How Undocumented Laborers Are Exploited During Disaster Recovery

10/11/2019 - Black Lightning's Season 3 Premiere Brought Metahuman Internment Camps to Freeland

10/11/2019 - In the New Charlie's Angels Trailer, 'Bad Girls' Never Looked So Good

10/11/2019 - Could Yet Another Familiar Face Show Up for Arrow's Last Season?

10/11/2019 - President Trump's Racist Bullshit Now Available on Twitch

10/10/2019 - Check Out NASA's Look for the Next Lunar Landing

10/10/2019 - 12 People Not Yet Cast in CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths, But Who Absolutely Should Be

10/10/2019 - In the Rattlesnake Trailer, a Desperate Mother Strikes a Monstrous Bargain

10/10/2019 - Tim Cook Explains Why Apple Sold Out Hong Kong Protestors, Doubles Down

10/10/2019 - Digital Activists Take Aim at Video Game Companies Over China Censorship

10/10/2019 - Ultron's Back and Ready to Get Downright Virtual in the New Trailer for Avengers: Damage Control

10/10/2019 - NASA Space Weather Satellite Set to Launch Tonight, Finally

10/10/2019 - HBO's Watchmen Wants to Dig into the Heart of American Racism...by Making You Like Cops

10/10/2019 - A Record-Setting Blizzard Is Set to Blast the Midwest

10/10/2019 - io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 2: Mister Stark, I Feel Extremely Good, Actually

10/10/2019 - Viagra Might Someday Enhance Bone Marrow Transplants

10/10/2019 - She-Ra's Catra and Adora Are 'Sworn Enemies' in Season 4 But That Could Change

10/10/2019 - Human Employees Are Viewing Clips from Amazon's Home Surveillance Service

10/10/2019 - Jeremy Hammond, Former WikiLeaks Source, Held in Contempt

10/10/2019 - Two Weeks After Amazon Made Its 'Climate Pledge,' It Joined Big Oil for Its 'Accelerate Production 4.0' Event

10/10/2019 - Dallas Cop Seen Wearing Punisher Logo During Altercation at Community Oversight Meeting

10/10/2019 - Social Inequality, Marriage Habits, and Other Clues to Bronze Age Life Revealed in New Study

10/10/2019 - Dyson Kills Electric Car Development Saying It's Too Hard to Make a Profit

10/10/2019 - Extinction Rebellion Delays Flights in London and Snarls Traffic in New York

10/10/2019 - In This Exclusive Look Inside the New Magicians Comics, a New Generation of Brakebills Students Arrives

10/10/2019 - Steam's 'Remote Play Together' Will Add Online Multiplayer Support to Local-Only Games [Update: It's Out]

10/10/2019 - Chinese Citizens Will Have to Scan Their Faces to Get Internet Access and New Phone Numbers

10/10/2019 - Titans' Boy of Steel Lives Up to His Name in New Clip

10/10/2019 - Abandoned SD Card Labeled 'Homicide' Provides Road Map to Real Murder

10/10/2019 - 85 Percent of Americans Don't Know Who This Is and I'm Extremely Jealous

10/10/2019 - Admiral Ackbar Has a Son, and He Could End Up in The Rise of Skywalker

10/10/2019 - Over 150,000 Americans Have Rare DNA Fluke and Don't Know It, Study of 23andMe Data Finds

10/10/2019 - Big Mouth Co-Creator Nick Kroll Addresses 'Woke Culture' and Comedy

10/10/2019 - Report Finds Nearly Two-Thirds of America's Birds Vulnerable to Extinction From Climate Change

10/10/2019 - MIT Confirms a Bridge Leonardo da Vinci Designed 500 Years Ago Was an Ancient Engineering Marvel

10/10/2019 - The New Trailer for Pixar's Onward Is Filled With Suburban Fantasy...and Half a Dad?

10/10/2019 - How to Put Limits on Your Binge-Watching and Get Your Life Back

10/10/2019 - I Tried to Avoid the Eye Doctor With This Gadget and Failed Miserably

10/10/2019 - Updates From He-Man, Marvel's Eternals, and More

10/10/2019 - Apple Sells Out Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong to Appease Chinese Government

10/10/2019 - Google Suggests Stadia Will Somehow Achieve 'Negative Latency,' Perhaps Via Predictive Button Input

10/10/2019 - The Z50 Is Nikon's More Affordable and Compact Mirrorless Camera

10/9/2019 - American Airlines Says It Expects to Start Flying Troubled Boeing 737 Max Again Next Year

10/9/2019 - Riverdale Remembers Luke Perry in an Emotional Season Premiere

10/9/2019 - Witchboard Is the Perfect Combination of Melodrama, 1980s Hair, and Evil Spirits

10/9/2019 - There's a Not-Impossible Chance You'll See The Mandalorian Season 2 Before You Get These Mandalorian Figures

10/9/2019 - Watch a Missing Chapter of Doctor Who's History Get Brought Back to Life in This Incredible Retro Remake

10/9/2019 - Uber's Making It Easier to Bring Your Pet for the Ride—and Don't You Dare Ruin This for Me

10/9/2019 - Think California's Preemptive Blackouts Are Scary? Buckle Up

10/9/2019 - Senators Warn Visa, Mastercard to Think Twice About Joining Facebook's Cryptocurrency Scheme

10/9/2019 - Unprecedented Video Shows Pigs Using Tools

10/9/2019 - The Flash Finally Did It

10/9/2019 - Facebook Reportedly Flags Hundreds of Thousands of Kids as Interested in Gambling, Alcohol

10/9/2019 - Won't Someone Please Think of Microsoft?

10/9/2019 - You Can Connect an Iomega Zip Drive to Your Apple Watch Like It's 1994

10/9/2019 - What You Need to Know About the Court of Owls, the Potential Foes of the Next Big Batman Game

10/9/2019 - Physicists Create Lab System That Looks Like Theorized Dark Matter Particle

10/9/2019 - German Synagogue Shooting Was Livestreamed on Amazon's Twitch

10/9/2019 - Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Is Scary AF in the Trailer for Gothic Horror Tale The Turning

10/9/2019 - Americans Are Already Moving Away From the Rising Water's Edge

10/9/2019 - Humans Have a ‘Salamander-Like’ Ability to Regenerate Damaged Body Parts, Study Finds

10/9/2019 - Scientists Invent LED Device to Quickly Treat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Though It's Not Ready for Humans Yet

10/9/2019 - X-Men's Theme Song Faces Lawsuit Over Similarities to Hungarian Police Drama

10/9/2019 - Researchers Created Lenses a Thousand Times Thinner to Hopefully Eliminate Ugly Smartphone Camera Bumps

10/9/2019 - The Matrix 4 Is Uploading Aquaman and Us Star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

10/9/2019 - Bose Is Really Going After Sonos Now

10/9/2019 - Apple's Rumored AR Glasses Could Arrive in Early 2020, Analyst Report Claims

10/9/2019 - CGI Will Smith Has More Life in Him Than Gemini Man

10/9/2019 - California Law Officially Bans Facial Recognition in Police Body Cams

10/9/2019 - Bow Down to Holly, Your Fat Bear Week Champion of 2019

10/9/2019 - Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $8 Billion in Risperdal Case Involving Male Breast Growth

10/9/2019 - Chemistry Nobel Prize Goes to Lithium-Ion Batteries, Even If They Explode Sometimes

10/9/2019 - Does My Smartwatch's Sleep Tracker Actually Do Anything?

10/9/2019 - Disney's Live-Action Little Mermaid May Have Found Its Sebastian

10/9/2019 - Millionaire Fox News Host Says Twitter Has Made Some People Rich While Dividing America

10/8/2019 - Essential Debuts Phone, Just Cut in Half and With a Creepy Backstory

10/8/2019 - California's Largest Utility to Shut Off Power to 800,000 Customers Due to Wildfire Risk

10/8/2019 - The World Is Suddenly a Very Porous Place in the Trailer for Sci-Fi Horror Portals

10/8/2019 - The World Might Not Be Ready for Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Evan Shaner's Strange Adventures

10/8/2019 - The Latest Disney+ Blow to Netflix Is a $5 Subscription Deal

10/8/2019 - Useless Police Robot Fails to Call For Help When Needed

10/8/2019 - FBI Illegally Targeted U.S. Citizens With Warrantless NSA Database Searches, Secret Court Finds

10/8/2019 - Twitter Misused Private Security Info to Help Advertisers

10/8/2019 - The New Steven Universe Storybook Has to Be Held to Be Believed

10/8/2019 - The War on Drugs Is a War on the Climate

10/8/2019 - Senator Wyden Warns Facebook's Targeted Ads a 'Sophisticated' Threat to U.S. Elections

10/8/2019 - You’ve Heard of Water Bears, but How About These Ancient Mold Pigs?

10/8/2019 - Marvel's Runaways Team Explains the Huge Impact of the Cloak and Dagger Crossover

10/8/2019 - STDs in America Hit Another Record High in 2018

10/8/2019 - John Wick Is Getting a Female-Focused Spin-Off That Is Somehow Not About Halle Berry's Character

10/8/2019 - Oh My God, the Next Star Trek: Short Treks Is Basically an Episode of Archer With Tribbles

10/8/2019 - Trump's Border Wall Could Destroy an Icon of the American Southwest

10/8/2019 - Hulu and Marvel's Helstrom Show Just Found Its Devilishly Good Cast

10/8/2019 - Ruins of 5,000-Year-Old Megalopolis Uncovered in Israel

10/8/2019 - Mirror’s $40 Personal Training Sessions Sound Like a Deal but Here’s the Catch

10/8/2019 - io9 Discusses Todd Phillips' Polarizing Joker, a Movie With Little to Say

10/8/2019 - Oktoberfest E-Scooter Debacle: Hundreds of Drunken Riders Lose Their Driver's Licenses

10/8/2019 - Sony Seems Ridiculously Proud of the PS5’s SSD

10/8/2019 - Greta Thunberg Heads to Standing Rock to Support Indigenous Activists

10/8/2019 - The Nickelodeon Star Trek Show Won't Talk Down to Its Younger Audience

10/8/2019 - Instagram Goes Dark

10/8/2019 - Physicists Win Nobel Prize for Finding Exoplanet Around a Sun-Like Star and for Helping Develop Theory of the Universe

10/8/2019 - Riverdale's Showrunner Talks About Bringing in Shannen Doherty for Their Luke Perry Tribute Episode

10/8/2019 - The Creators of That Flying Iron Man Suit Are Subtly Hinting It's Great For War

10/8/2019 - This Incredibly Customizable Controller Will Make You Better at the Switch

10/8/2019 - Elon Musk: ‘I’m a Fucking Idiot’

10/8/2019 - Sony Still Has Hopes for a Cinematic Sinister Six

10/8/2019 - Everything You Can Do With Google Assistant on a Chromebook

10/8/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Wants to Know If Facebook Changed Ad Policies to Appease Trump

10/8/2019 - Adobe Will Cancel All Subscriptions in Venezuela to Comply With U.S. Sanctions

10/8/2019 - Report: Major Political Website's Owners Secretly Running Far-Right Facebook Page

10/7/2019 - Supreme Court Lets Lawsuit Claiming Domino's Website Violates Americans With Disabilities Act Proceed

10/7/2019 - James Wan Will Attempt to Breathe Life Into Dylan Dog

10/7/2019 - Hickman's 'Dawn of X' Will Launch a New Wolverine Comic and Turn Every Mutant Into an X-Men Hero

10/7/2019 - Ex Machina's Alex Garland Lifted the Curtain on FX's Devs at NYCC

10/7/2019 - E-Cigarette Vapor Linked to Lung Cancer in Mice

10/7/2019 - Hulu Finally Allows You to Download Videos for Offline Viewing

10/7/2019 - Genndy Tartakovsky Explains How He Created Primal's Ferocious Fantasy World

10/7/2019 - Breaking Down the Old Friends and New Secrets of Star Trek: Picard's Latest Trailer

10/7/2019 - 'We're Here': Extinction Rebellion Bloodies New York as Part of Global Week of Protests

10/7/2019 - Instagram Is Dropping the 'Following' Tab, Making It Harder to Stalk Your Friends

10/7/2019 - Whoa, Astronomers Just Found 20 News Moons Around Saturn

10/7/2019 - Joaquin Phoenix Seems Open-Minded About a Joker Sequel

10/7/2019 - 12 Things You Can Do in macOS Catalina That You Couldn't Before

10/7/2019 - The Expanse Cast Recalls Their Favorite (and Funniest) Fan Encounters

10/7/2019 - How the Last Woolly Mammoths Met Their Demise on a Remote Arctic Island

10/7/2019 - The Latest Zombieland: Double Tap Trailer Pokes Fun at How Long It Took to Get Made

10/7/2019 - Titans Might Have Yet Another Death in the Family Courtesy of Slade Wilson

10/7/2019 - How to Avoid Backing Bad Crowdfunding Projects

10/7/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Spilled More Than a Million Gallons of Oil in the Bahamas

10/7/2019 - Your Roku Is an Ad Factory

10/7/2019 - Looks Like Cowboy Bebop's Live-Action Ein Is an Extremely Good Boy

10/7/2019 - California Bans Deepfakes in Porn and Politics

10/7/2019 - 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Researchers Who Unraveled How Cells Sense Oxygen

10/7/2019 - Signal Users on Android Need to Update Right Now

10/7/2019 - The New Fire HD 10 Is Amazon's First Gadget with USB-C

10/7/2019 - Riverdale's Gonna Riverdale

10/7/2019 - The Rise of Skywalker Merch Gives Us First Looks at Some Intriguing New Characters

10/7/2019 - Intel Finally Seems to Be Taking Hardcore PC Gamers Seriously

10/7/2019 - AMD's Next Big Graphics Card Sure Sounds Like It Will Be Cheap and Powerful

10/7/2019 - Rick and Morty's Season 4 Trailer Teases More Chaos and Fewer Episodes

10/7/2019 - What's Going to Happen With Bitcoin?

10/7/2019 - Iran Releases Two Travel Bloggers Jailed for Flying Drone Without Permission

10/6/2019 - The Walking Dead Season 10 Premiere Was Out of This World

10/6/2019 - Deadly Fungus, Fat Bear Week, PS5 Leaks, and Hot Dog Salad: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

10/6/2019 - Microsoft Filed Patent for a Virtual Reality...Mat?

10/6/2019 - Chernobyl's Infamous Reactor 4 Control Room Is Now Open to Tourists

10/6/2019 - Joker Has Menaced Its Way Into an October Box Office Record

10/6/2019 - Iranian Hackers Targeted Trump's Re-Election Campaign: Report

10/6/2019 - Alabama Hospitals Pay Out in Ransomware Attack Amid FBI Warning of More to Come

10/6/2019 - This Is How Snowpiercer's World Ended

10/6/2019 - In the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Season 4 Trailer, Heroes and Villains Rise Up [Updated]

10/6/2019 - All the Wonderful Cosplay From New York Comic Con 2019, Day 3

10/6/2019 - G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles Will Take the Reins of The Dreaming Next Year

10/5/2019 - FDA Urges Consumers to Avoid THC Vapes Amid Lung Disease Outbreak

10/5/2019 - Report: University of Iowa Faculty Told Not to Promote Greta Thunberg Visit on School Social Media

10/5/2019 - The Trailer for the Fourth Season of The Expanse Asks Hard Questions About Space Colonization

10/5/2019 - Purported Leaked Pixel 4 Demos Show Off Improved Google Assistant

10/5/2019 - The Superstar Artist of The Wicked + The Divine Soars into Deep Space With The Killing Horizon

10/5/2019 - Picard Is Coming This January, Here's Yet Another Fabulous Trailer

10/5/2019 - Lost in Space Has Found a Second Season in the Stars, Here's the Teaser Trailer

10/5/2019 - Six Elephants Die in Thailand Trying to Rescue Each Other From Waterfall

10/5/2019 - The First Trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's Third Season Sets Course for a New Future

10/5/2019 - Lauren Cohan Is Coming Back to The Walking Dead, Which Is Being Renewed for Season 11

10/5/2019 - The Walking Dead's Youthful New Spin-off Looks Surprisingly Fun in First Trailer

10/5/2019 - The CW's Batwoman Has a New Enemy, and It's Rachel Maddow

10/5/2019 - All the Bewitching Cosplay from New York Comic Con 2019, Days 1 and 2

10/5/2019 - Apple Offers Repairs for Busted iPhone 6s Models So Long As It's Their Fault

10/4/2019 - PayPal Drops Support for Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Scheme

10/4/2019 - Hasbro's New Darth Vader Figure Is Most Impressive, and Most Frustrating

10/4/2019 - The Best Toys of the Week Are All Nostalgic Blasts From the Past

10/4/2019 - For Your Convenience, a Joker Spoiler Discussion Zone

10/4/2019 - House of X Ends With a New Hope for the X-Men, and New Fears

10/4/2019 - Nearly 25 Percent of Your Cable Bill Is Bullshit Fees, Survey Finds

10/4/2019 - An Inspector Gadget Reboot Is in the Works From Disney and a Pair of SNL Writers

10/4/2019 - 'Outrage': New Video Shows Bulldozers Destroying America's Most Iconic Cacti to Build Trump's Border Wall

10/4/2019 - So Many Goddamn Star Wars Books and Comics Just Got Announced at New York Comic Con

10/4/2019 - Sleeper Hit? Not Quite, as Bose Discontinues Its $250 Sleepbuds

10/4/2019 - State Fair Hot Tubs Probably Spread Deadly Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak in North Carolina

10/4/2019 - Ms. Marvel Is, in Fact, the Star of the New Avengers Game

10/4/2019 - What We 'Know' About Facebook

10/4/2019 - Here's More Evidence That Earth Got Hit by Something Huge 12,800 Years Ago

10/4/2019 - Into the Dark Kicks Off a New Year of Horror With a Festive Reminder That Secrets Can Be Deadly

10/4/2019 - Dakota Access Protestors Could Get 110 Years in Prison

10/4/2019 - Morgan le Fay Stirs the Pot in the New Teaser for Marvel's Runaways Season 3

10/4/2019 - Bet You Thought You'd Seen the Last of Me

10/4/2019 - The Third Time Was the Charm for Star Wars Triple Force Friday

10/4/2019 - The Sony Xperia 1 Is the Most Underappreciated Phone of 2019

10/4/2019 - Someone 'Highly Motivated' Tried to Hack a 2020 Presidential Campaign, Microsoft Warns

10/4/2019 - The King's Man's Matthew Vaughn and Ralph Fiennes on Keeping Superheroes Human

10/4/2019 - Simulations Show Black Holes Have Surprisingly Intimate Relationship With Host Galaxies

10/4/2019 - Amazon's Prime Video App Has Gone Missing From the Apple App Store [Update: It's Back]

10/4/2019 - This Nintendo Switch Emulator for the PC Might Finally Be as Good as the Actual Console

10/4/2019 - Lin Shaye Shares How Donald Trump Inspired Creation of the Penny Dreadful Sequel Show

10/4/2019 - Underground Detector in Japan to Join Search for Gravitational Waves

10/4/2019 - Adam Savage Upgraded His Popular No-Face Costume With a Moving Mouth Inspired by Chewbacca

10/4/2019 - The U.S. Is Officially Free of Measles—for Now

10/4/2019 - Steven Universe Has a Futuristic New Name and Opening Sequence

10/4/2019 - Disney+ May Not Come to Fire TV Over Reported Ad Beef Between Amazon and Disney

10/4/2019 - Report: Google Contractors Used Shady Methods to Scan Dark-Skinned People's Faces for New Pixel 4 Feature

10/4/2019 - This Samsung Galaxy Fold Stunt Filled Me With Hope and Joy

10/4/2019 - BizarroTV Is Coming to Make DC Universe Even Weirder

10/4/2019 - Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Releases Its Final Probe for Exploring Asteroid Ryugu

10/4/2019 - The World Just Had Another Month of Record Heat

10/4/2019 - FOMO No More-o: Check Out io9's Video Show Floor Tour of New York Comic Con 2019

10/4/2019 - All the Best iPadOS Features That You Don't Get in iOS

10/4/2019 - The Next Hunger Games Novel Is Called The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

10/4/2019 - Updates from Arrow, New Gods, and More

10/4/2019 - Viral Video About Eating Babies at AOC Town Hall Was Staged by Pro-Trump Group

10/4/2019 - Hong Kong Announces Ban on Masks and Face Paint That Helps Protesters Evade Facial Recognition

10/3/2019 - TikTok Kicks Political Ads Off Its Platform Because Screw That Noise

10/3/2019 - Zuckerberg Livestreams Facebook's Internal Q&A in Response to Audio Leaks

10/3/2019 - Harley Quinn’s a Wanted Woman in DC’s New Birds of Prey Black Label Series

10/3/2019 - Lupin III: The First Continues to Just Look Goddamn Spectacular

10/3/2019 - John Wick's Writer Will Next Tackle the Fantasy Series A Darker Shade of Magic

10/3/2019 - In the Creepy Trailer for Eli, a Mysterious Illness Is Way Less Scary Than What Happens Next

10/3/2019 - Aspirin, Strangely Enough, Might Protect Our Lungs From Air Pollution

10/3/2019 - You Are Probably Too Old for Instagram's New Threads App

10/3/2019 - The Most Polluting State in the Northeast Just Took a Key Step Toward Curbing Its Dirty Ways

10/3/2019 - Mysterious Chilean Fireballs Weren't Meteorites—So What Were They?

10/3/2019 - Here’s How NASA Might Rescue InSight’s Extremely Stuck Heat Probe

10/3/2019 - Christopher Eccleston on Why He Left Doctor Who—and Didn't Come Back for the 50th Anniversary

10/3/2019 - The Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray Feels Like a 90-Minute Post Credits Scene

10/3/2019 - AG Bill Barr Is Reportedly Kicking Off a New Encryption War, With Facebook This Time

10/3/2019 - Ad Astra's Existential Crisis Got Me Playing...Destiny Again?

10/3/2019 - The New His Dark Materials Trailer Is Jaw-Droppingly Epic

10/3/2019 - National Academy of Sciences Removes Video Suggesting Gene Editing Could Be Used to Make Designer Babies

10/3/2019 - Uber Seeks to Crush Souls of Greater Pool of Gig Workers

10/3/2019 - Prospective Fathers Should Avoid Binge Drinking, Study Finds

10/3/2019 - You Can Hardly Count How Much Sesame Street Is Coming to HBO Max

10/3/2019 - In the New Flash Trailer, Love Is the Answer to a Crisis

10/3/2019 - Rodents With Part-Human Brains Pose a New Challenge for Bioethics

10/3/2019 - A New Spray-On Gel Could Help Stop Wildfires Before They Start, Researchers Say

10/3/2019 - 'Goliath Is Winning': The Biggest U.S. Banks Are Set to Automate Away 200,000 Jobs

10/3/2019 - Actually, the Small iPhone Is Bad

10/3/2019 - The Federal Attack on Science Has Reached a 'Crisis Point,' Damning Report Shows

10/3/2019 - Nickelback Is the Deep State Now

10/3/2019 - Test Out Shuri's Latest Gadgets in ILM's New Marvel VR Experience, Avengers: Damage Control

10/3/2019 - The North Face's Futurelight Fabric Finally Makes Raincoats Feel Less Like a Plastic Bag

10/3/2019 - Microsoft Doubles Down

10/3/2019 - The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 Revamps Are One Port Short of Ideal

10/3/2019 - New Black Widow Set Pictures Tease the Return of Another Familiar Face

10/3/2019 - What Windows 10X Is—and Why It's the Future of Microsoft Software

10/3/2019 - Facebook Must Delete Content Globally If It's Considered Defamatory in Europe, Top EU Court Rules

10/2/2019 - Into the Garbage Chute Flyboys, the Annual io9 Halloween Costume Show Is Back

10/2/2019 - Federal Safety Regulators Say They're Looking Into Reports of Tesla Smart Summon Crashes

10/2/2019 - The Filmmaker Behind How to Train Your Dragon Will Venture to Treasure Island

10/2/2019 - U.S. Plans to Test DNA of Immigrants in Detention Centers

10/2/2019 - WhatsApp Vulnerability Could Have Allowed Attackers to Hijack Phones Using Malicious GIFs

10/2/2019 - Archie Is Bringing Riverdale (and also, Riverdale) to a New Line of Young Adult Graphic Novels

10/2/2019 - Microsoft Will Still Make It Hard for You to Repair Its New Repairable Surface Laptop

10/2/2019 - Scientists Uncover New Organic Molecules Coming Off Saturn's Moon Enceladus

10/2/2019 - Judge Rules That Supervised Injection Site Planned in Philly Is Legal

10/2/2019 - Tom Holland Reportedly Helped the Spider-Man Truce Come to Fruition

10/2/2019 - California Is Prioritizing Mental Health Among Firefighters as Climate Change Worsens Wildfires

10/2/2019 - Study: Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Would Trigger Global Starvation

10/2/2019 - What It Takes to Be a World-Record Puzzler

10/2/2019 - Netflix's Shadow and Bone Adaptation Adds Jessie Mei Li and Westworld's Ben Barnes

10/2/2019 - Star Wars and Force Friday Are Invading New York Comic Con Too

10/2/2019 - Brexit Sparked a UK Man's Psychotic Episode, Doctors Say

10/2/2019 - The Girl With All the Gifts Author M.R. Carey Has a New Post-Apocalyptic Series, and We've Got the First Look

10/2/2019 - The Surface Pro X Is a Really Big Deal

10/2/2019 - The Sad Truth About Floppy-Eared Bunnies

10/2/2019 - Just Look at The Rise of Skywalker's Adorably Weird New Alien

10/2/2019 - Boeing Engineer Filed Ethics Complaint Over Scrapped 737 Max Safety System: Report

10/2/2019 - Far Sector Artist Jamal Campbell's Stunning Alien World Is Designed to Make You Uncomfortable

10/2/2019 - Hurricane Lorenzo Blasts the Azores, Sets Its Sights on Ireland

10/2/2019 - The Surface Phone Is Real

10/2/2019 - Fewer Fires Burned the Amazon in September, But Deforestation Continues

10/2/2019 - Microsoft Surface Neo: Whoa

10/2/2019 - A Fan-Made Recreation of a Lost Doctor Who Episode Is Being Officially Premiered by the BBC

10/2/2019 - AMD Actually Did It

10/2/2019 - Google Begins Rolling Out Incognito Mode for Maps

10/2/2019 - Turns Out Typing on a Keyboard Isn't That Much Faster Than Texting These Days

10/2/2019 - Pippi Longstocking, the World's Strongest Girl, Is Getting a New Movie

10/2/2019 - All the New Microsoft Surface Goodies Announced Today

10/2/2019 - 11 Clever Uses for Smart Plugs That Make Them Worth Buying

10/2/2019 - Updates From Mortal Kombat, Terminator: Dark Fate, and More

10/2/2019 - Would Finding Life on Mars Really Change Anything?

10/2/2019 - Peter Thiel's VC Fund to Host Conference for Ideological 'Heretics,' Maybe Summon a Ghost or Two

10/2/2019 - U.S. Air Force Tests Unarmed Nuclear Missile Following North Korea's Latest Missile Launch

10/2/2019 - It's Not Just You: Twitter and Tweetdeck Still Experiencing Technical Problems Around the World

10/2/2019 - Florida Boomer Caught on Video Cutting Brake Lines of Public E-Scooters

10/2/2019 - Google Is Baking-In a Tool to Help Break Your Terrible Password Habits

10/2/2019 - Sure Sounds Like Things Aren't Going Well for Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Scheme

10/1/2019 - Trump Administration Takes the Axe to Federal Marine Life, Invasive Species Advisory Boards

10/1/2019 - The Trailer for Trick Wants to Launch the Next Great Horror Franchise

10/1/2019 - Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Just Mess Up a Bunch of Dudes in Mortal Kombat 11

10/1/2019 - Human Fetuses Develop Lizard-Like Body Parts That Disappear Before Birth

10/1/2019 - Fat Bear Week Is Back

10/1/2019 - Dive Into October's Harvest of New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

10/1/2019 - Now You Can Listen to Marsquakes

10/1/2019 - UPS Gets FAA Approval to Run America's First Drone Delivery Airline

10/1/2019 - A 1964 Earthquake Might Have Unleashed a Deadly Fungus on the Pacific Northwest

10/1/2019 - Power Rangers 'Grind' Again and Kickstarter Breaks Bad in the Latest Tabletop News

10/1/2019 - A Story About Two Tiny, Fuzzy Photos of a 'PlayStation 5 Prototype' [Updated]

10/1/2019 - We May Have Been Thinking About a Carbon Price All Wrong

10/1/2019 - The New Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer Is All About Family

10/1/2019 - Trump Campaign Stole Artist's Music for New Facebook Ad, Record Label Says

10/1/2019 - Garmin Adds a Tacticool Military-Style Option to Its Luxury Smartwatch Line

10/1/2019 - DMZ Is Coming to HBO Max Courtesy of Ava DuVernay

10/1/2019 - Nat Wolff Will Play Alexander Skarsgård's Sinister Right Hand Man in The Stand

10/1/2019 - FCC Improperly Blocked States From Passing Net Neutrality Laws, Appeals Court Rules

10/1/2019 - Worrying Report Shows Global Energy-Related Emissions May Increase Through 2050

10/1/2019 - The New World War I Movie 1917 Was Edited to Be One Continuous Shot That Plays in Real-Time

10/1/2019 - The Right to Repair Busted Appliances Is Getting a Big Boost in Europe

10/1/2019 - In a Splendiferous New Birds of Prey Trailer, Margot Robbie Is Emancipated as Hell

10/1/2019 - The New Cheap iPad Is Better Than Ever

10/1/2019 - Bosch Hopes Triggering Explosions Will Actually Make Electric Cars Safer When They Crash

10/1/2019 - Microsoft's Barrage of New Surface Products Come Into Focus

10/1/2019 - How Star Wars Resistance's Final Season Builds Up to The Rise of Skywalker

10/1/2019 - GoPro Gets Weird With the Hero Max 360 Camera

10/1/2019 - Weather Whiplash Is About to Hit the U.S.

10/1/2019 - Ex-Yahoo Engineer Pleads Guilty to Hacking Thousands of Accounts to Search for Nude Photos

10/1/2019 - Emperor Be Praised, Marvel Is Making Warhammer Comics

10/1/2019 - Game Subscriptions Have Never Been Cheaper

10/1/2019 - Leaked Zuckerberg Audio Reveals Facebook's Plan to Sue the U.S. Government If Elizabeth Warren Tries to Break Up Big Tech

10/1/2019 - A Gigantic Iceberg Has Broken Off Antarctica

10/1/2019 - New Eternals Set Pictures Reveal the City of the Space Gods and More

10/1/2019 - GoPro's Hero8 Black Is Boring—and That's What Makes It Great

10/1/2019 - Viral Video Shows Hong Kong Police Shooting Teen Protester in the Chest

10/1/2019 - President Trump's Lies Are Finally Called Out in Rare Statement From U.S. Intelligence Community Watchdog