9/30/2019 - Unruly Airport Cart Tries to Ram Plane at O'Hare, Is Promptly Sideswiped by Worker Driving Another One

9/30/2019 - Fake Lightning Cables That Can Hijack Connected Devices Are Heading for Mass Production

9/30/2019 - A Severed Hand Searches for Its Body in an Award-Winning Netflix Animated Film

9/30/2019 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Explores Kylo's 'Nakedness' With Rey

9/30/2019 - What Would It Be Like to Live in an Era of Geoengineering?

9/30/2019 - Words With Friends Data Allegedly Stolen in Breach That Could Affect 218 Million Users

9/30/2019 - Susanna Clarke Announces Piranesi, Her First Book Since Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

9/30/2019 - Here's What the Most Recent FBI Crime Stats Can Actually Tell Us

9/30/2019 - U.S. Workers Are Getting Less Sleep Than 10 Years Ago, Study Finds

9/30/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in October

9/30/2019 - Star Wars Has Been Hiding a Gay Couple in Plain Sight

9/30/2019 - James Gunn Implores Marvel and DC Fans to Let Go of Their Petty Rivalry

9/30/2019 - No One Wants My Hot Dog Salad

9/30/2019 - Jakku Is Poppin' in Our Exclusive Reveal From Star Wars: A Pop-Up Galaxy

9/30/2019 - Titans Got Surprisingly Wet, Wild, and Depressing

9/30/2019 - CVS and Walgreens Pull Heartburn Drug Zantac From Shelves Over FDA Carcinogen Warning

9/30/2019 - The Google Jacket Is Smarter Than Ever (But Still Pretty Dumb)

9/30/2019 - Watch Steve Jobs Assure Americans in 1981 That Computers Wouldn't Be a Privacy Nightmare

9/30/2019 - ‘Magic Mushroom’ Chemical Harvested From Bacteria For the First Time

9/30/2019 - Castle Rock's New Trailer Shows Us a Glimpse of the Town's Witchy History

9/30/2019 - Flying Replacement Batteries Could Massively Boost a Drone's Flight Time

9/30/2019 - The Stranger Things Season 4 Announcement Teaser Promises a Departure from Hawkins

9/30/2019 - Deciding to Make Frozen II Was Much More Complicated Than You'd Expect

9/30/2019 - Your Favorite Snacks May Be Driving Deforestation in Ancient Indonesian Peatlands

9/30/2019 - A New King's Man Trailer Asks 'What If Downton Abbey Had Super Spies?'

9/30/2019 - Why the Mississippi River Needs a Bill of Rights

9/30/2019 - Police Drone Finds Fugitive Living in Cave After 17 Years on the Run

9/30/2019 - This Self-Driving Garbage Can Remembers to Take the Trash to the Curb For You

9/30/2019 - An Exclusive Look Inside Comixology's Surprise New Biopunk Thriller, The Dark

9/30/2019 - 10 Tips and Tricks to Make You a Sonos Master

9/30/2019 - The New Candyman Could Feature a Wild Return After All

9/30/2019 - What Would It Take to Shut Down the Entire Internet?

9/29/2019 - Hurricane Lorenzo Sets Record as Strongest Storm Observed So Far North and East in Atlantic

9/29/2019 - Microsoft, Cisco Talos Discover Malware Campaign That Turns PCs Into 'Zombie Proxies'

9/29/2019 - Deadly Sins, Amazon Hardware, and Impeachment Talk: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/29/2019 - House Antitrust Investigators Now Scrutinizing Google's Plans to Add DNS Encryption to Chrome

9/29/2019 - Oh, Oh, Wow: Ruby Rose Posted a Video of the Surgery She Got After an Injury on the Set of Batwoman

9/29/2019 - A New Magazine Feature Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Knights of Ren

9/29/2019 - Elon Musk Unveils His Gigantic Starship Prototype, Says It'll Be Flying Within Months

9/29/2019 - At Least One Theater Chain Is Increasing Security for Joker Screenings

9/29/2019 - Nintendo's Week-Old Switch Lite Added to Joy-Con Drift Lawsuit

9/29/2019 - In This Trailer for BBC's War of the Worlds, There's a Lot to Be Concerned About

9/29/2019 - This Spider-Man: Far From Home Deleted Scene Offers a Moment of Sweet Reprieve for Peter Parker

9/28/2019 - Elections Chief Tweets Memo on Foreign Interference After a GOP Colleague's Veto

9/28/2019 - Report: U.S. to Sign Treaty Forcing Platforms Like Facebook to Share Encrypted Chats With UK Police

9/28/2019 - Nearly 70 Activists Arrested Attempting to Steal Coal From One of New England's Biggest Coal Plants

9/28/2019 - German Police Raid Data Center and Alleged Cybercrime Hub Based Out of Former NATO Bunker

9/28/2019 - This Short Documentary Unravels the Weird, Messy History of the Joker

9/28/2019 - How to Watch SpaceX's Big Starship Event Saturday

9/28/2019 - Sorry, Google Play Music, YouTube Music Is Now Android's Default Player

9/28/2019 - Dave Filoni Talks the Challenge of Working on The Mandalorian

9/28/2019 - FAA Orders Inspection of Boeing 737 Next Generation Jets After Discovery of 'Structural Cracks'

9/28/2019 - Rob Garrison, the Man Who Said Karate Kid's Best Line, Has Died

9/28/2019 - Christina Aguilera's Song for Morticia in the New Addams Family Totally Slaps, Actually

9/28/2019 - Celebrate A Pivotal Moment in Comics History With This Animated Recap

9/28/2019 - Climate Change Memes for Angry and Terrified Teens

9/28/2019 - Dark Mode Is for Suckers

9/28/2019 - Elon Musk's Tweeting Broke the Law This Time, Judge Rules, And His Isn't the Only Bad Take

9/27/2019 - ASOS Is Selling Useless Earbuds, But, Hey, They Kind of Look like AirPods

9/27/2019 - A Hocus Pocus Fan Musical Recreates the Classic Halloween Film's 'Lost Scenes'

9/27/2019 - Will Smith Is a Hatoful Agent in the Latest Spies in Disguise Trailer

9/27/2019 - Time Travel, Monsters, Aliens, Butts: Our 10 Favorite Films of Fantastic Fest 2019

9/27/2019 - Warner Bros. Thinks a ‘Lot Has Been Said’ About Joker, So It’s Canceling Red Carpet Interviews [Updated]

9/27/2019 - Lab Test Finds Toxic Chemicals in Black Market THC Cartridges

9/27/2019 - Doctors Say a Washing Machine Helped Spread a Superbug at a Maternity Ward

9/27/2019 - Director Deborah Chow and Writer Hossein Amini Join Obi-Wan Kenobi Series for Disney+

9/27/2019 - All the Glorious New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Toys (and More) Revealed for Force Friday

9/27/2019 - Time After Time Is More Timeless Than You Think

9/27/2019 - Stan Lee's Daughter Is Suing His Former Company

9/27/2019 - N.K. Jemisin Discusses the Tough Questions Far Sector's New Green Lantern Asks About Policing

9/27/2019 - Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Educate Our Tech-Illiterate Congress

9/27/2019 - Cool NASA Concept Envisions a Shapeshifting Robot to Explore Saturn’s Moon Titan

9/27/2019 - Major iOS Exploit Could Pave the Way to a New Age of Jailbreaking

9/27/2019 - Here's Your First Look at Brandon Routh as Crisis on Infinite Earth's 'Kingdom Come' Superman

9/27/2019 - If No One Gets Measles in the Next Three Days, the U.S. Can Call Itself Measles-Free

9/27/2019 - A New Uncharted Director Has Entered the Arena

9/27/2019 - How Firefox and Chrome’s New Tech Will Better Protect Your Browsing History

9/27/2019 - The Motorized Scooter of 1959 Was Cool as Hell

9/27/2019 - Vimeo Slapped With Lawsuit For Collecting Biometric Data Without User Consent

9/27/2019 - BoJack Horseman Is Ending After 6 Seasons, and Here's the Therapeutic First Trailer

9/27/2019 - What If Planet Nine Is a Bowling Ball-Size Black Hole?

9/27/2019 - Airlines Begin Telling You How to Avoid Sitting Next to a Baby, Sparking Hope for Wider Adoption

9/27/2019 - More Than Half of European Trees Found Only in Europe Face Extinction

9/27/2019 - Crisis on Infinite Earths Is Just Handing Out Cameo Returns for Anyone It Can Find Now

9/27/2019 - Sony and Marvel Strike a New Deal to Keep Spider-Man in the MCU

9/27/2019 - The Switch Lite Now Has a Matching and Equally Compact Wireless Controller

9/27/2019 - NYC Now Has Four Live 5G Networks Battling for Your Attention

9/27/2019 - In the Middle of the Night You Will Definitely Trip Over This Chair Covered in the Blackest Black Paint

9/27/2019 - The Good Place Returns and Things Are Already Forked Up

9/27/2019 - The Nintendo Switch Lite Is a Pitch-Perfect Remake

9/27/2019 - Massive Climate Strikes Erupt Worldwide for the Second Week in a Row

9/27/2019 - We Should Deliberately Contaminate Mars With Our Microbes, Controversial Study Argues

9/27/2019 - Uber and Lyft Induced Congestion Give a Preview of Driverless Car Hell

9/27/2019 - Did Crisis on Infinite Earths Just Cast a New Legends of Tomorrow Star?

9/27/2019 - Samsung Had to Fix One Thing With the Galaxy Watch Active2

9/27/2019 - Hand Tracking on the Oculus Quest Feels Pretty Magical

9/27/2019 - Van Attacker Who Allegedly Killed 10 in Toronto Says He Was Radicalized on Reddit and 4Chan

9/27/2019 - Uber Plans to Launch Even More Safety Features It's Needed For a While Now

9/26/2019 - Facebook's Newest Testing Drops the Like Count, So Now How Will I Quantify My Self-Worth?

9/26/2019 - Powers of X Just Galaxy Brained This Shit

9/26/2019 - You're in a Horror Movie, Charlie Brown!

9/26/2019 - Deathstroke Is Out for Blood in This Twisted Titans Teaser

9/26/2019 - Happy 25th Birthday to Star Trek's Defiant, the Lean, Mean Starship of Deep Space Nine

9/26/2019 - DoorDash Breach Exposed the Private Data of 4.9 Million People, So Change Your Password

9/26/2019 - Scientists Find Three-Sex, Arsenic-Resistant Nematode in Nearly Uninhabitable Lake

9/26/2019 - Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Hears Concerns of Civil Rights Leaders But Offers No Promises

9/26/2019 - Sony Will Continue to Cash in on Its Spider-Man Rights With a Madame Web Movie

9/26/2019 - Meet 2 Mysterious New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Creatures

9/26/2019 - Amazon Exec's AirPod Gaffe is More Disgusting Than You Think

9/26/2019 - The True Adventures of Wolfboy Is a Heartwarming Coming-of-Age Delight

9/26/2019 - Immigration Officials Are Using Google Translate to Decide Refugees' Fate: Report

9/26/2019 - These Three Supermassive Black Holes Could One Day Join Forces

9/26/2019 - Bolivia's Forest Fires Have Left More Than 2 Million Animals Dead

9/26/2019 - Buying Birth Control Online Can Be Quick, Affordable, and Safe, Study Finds

9/26/2019 - In the New Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer, the Fire of the Jedi Flickers Once More

9/26/2019 - Meet the Erotica Author Who's Making Disney Villains Fuck

9/26/2019 - Why Chiara Sacchi Filed a Landmark Climate Complaint Against Five Countries—Including Her Own

9/26/2019 - Apple Wants to Freak You Out

9/26/2019 - Wanna Visit the Galápagos Islands? It Could Soon Cost You a Lot More

9/26/2019 - Ron Moore's For All Mankind Presents an Alt-History Space Race of Epic Proportions

9/26/2019 - Report: US Justice Department to Open Facebook Antitrust Investigation

9/26/2019 - OnePlus Is a TV Company Now

9/26/2019 - Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure Had Me Huffin' and Puffin'

9/26/2019 - The New York Times Is Tracking Bestselling Graphic Novels Again

9/26/2019 - You Don't Even Have to Look at the Screen to Use This One-Handed Phone Keyboard

9/26/2019 - A History of the 7 Deadly Sins, and Why They're Such a Popular Trope in Fiction

9/26/2019 - Scientists Still Don't Really Know What Causes Acne

9/26/2019 - OnePlus 7T Review: A Refreshing Reset of Expectations

9/26/2019 - White House Abused Highly Classified Computer System, Whistleblower Complaint Claims

9/26/2019 - The New Doctor Who VR Game Will Let You Be as Bad at Piloting the TARDIS as the Doctor Is

9/26/2019 - The Clever Tech Powering the New Apple Watch's Always-On Display

9/26/2019 - Updates From The Matrix 4, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and More

9/26/2019 - Was Boris Johnson Trying to Quote Churchill During His Dystopian Chicken Speech at the UN?

9/26/2019 - Watch the DNI Testify About the Whistleblower Complaint Against President Trump on YouTube, Facebook, and More

9/26/2019 - Archaeologists Are Learning More About Who and What Lived in This Famous Siberian Cave

9/26/2019 - Jeff Bezos: How About Just Letting Amazon Draft Any Possible Facial Recognition Laws?

9/26/2019 - OK, So Who Went to All This Trouble Making This Eerily Realistic But Probably Fake Trump Pee Tape?

9/25/2019 - Facebook Has Banked Nearly $1.6 Million From SPLC-Designated Hate Groups Since May 2018

9/25/2019 - Marvel's Kevin Feige Will Work on a Star Wars Movie

9/25/2019 - Kieron Gillen Opens Up About Once & Future's Mythical Exploration of British Identity

9/25/2019 - Darth Vader Faces a Four-Armed Rancor in the New Vader Immortal Episode II Trailer

9/25/2019 - Proxima Asks the Question 'What If Ad Astra Starred Eva Green and Was Significantly More French?'

9/25/2019 - Amazon's Favorite New Word Is 'Privacy,' But Does It Even Know the Meaning?

9/25/2019 - Jason Bateman Will Potentially Do It With the Candlestick in the Ballroom for Fox's Clue Movie (the 'It' Being Murder)

9/25/2019 - Match.com Knowingly Profited Off Romance Scammers, FTC Suit Claims

9/25/2019 - Vivarium Makes Buying a House a Bigger Nightmare Than It Already Is

9/25/2019 - Creator of Labradoodles Says He Unleashed 'Frankenstein’s Monster'

9/25/2019 - Facebook's Horizon Is a New VR Social Network Inspired by Spielberg's Worst Movie

9/25/2019 - Every Single Piece of Hardware Amazon Announced Today

9/25/2019 - The Star Wars Galaxy Needs More Kyle Katarns

9/25/2019 - Nine Million Cubic Feet of Ice May Soon Collapse in the Alps

9/25/2019 - Hulu Has Reportedly Killed Ghost Rider

9/25/2019 - The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Blooper Reel Is the Best Thing You'll See This Week

9/25/2019 - A Lifelong Love of Flight Led to This Man's Record-Breaking Collection of Model Airplanes

9/25/2019 - Video Game Preservationist Finds Rare Prototype N64 Controller and the Joystick That Should've Been

9/25/2019 - Mattel's New Gender-Neutral Dolls Are for Everyone

9/25/2019 - Does Trump Actually Believe That 'Server' Bullshit? Yes, Ukraine Call Notes Show

9/25/2019 - All the Ways That Amazon Is Fixing Alexa

9/25/2019 - Oculus's Cord-Free VR System Is About to Be Controller-Free, Too

9/25/2019 - A Woman May Have Gotten 'Broken Heart Syndrome' After Eating Too Much Wasabi at a Wedding

9/25/2019 - J. Jonah Jameson and the 2019 Version of Spider-Man's Daily Bugle Has Arrived

9/25/2019 - Calling Sea Fever 'Alien on the Ocean' Is Partially Accurate, but Slightly Unfair

9/25/2019 - Babies in Prehistoric Europe Drank Animal Milk From Ceramic ‘Sippy Cups'

9/25/2019 - The New Apple Watch Is the Best One Yet—Thanks to a Major OS Upgrade

9/25/2019 - 'There Is Not a Climate Crisis': Trump Administration Spouts Brazen Bullshit to Justify Arctic Drilling

9/25/2019 - Megabots Throws in the Towel and Puts Battle Robots on Ebay

9/25/2019 - A Birdwatcher's Review of Untitled Goose Game

9/25/2019 - NASA Is Moving Forward With Space-Based Mission to Hunt for Hazardous Asteroids

9/25/2019 - Here's Your Crash Course in The Good Place Before the Fourth and Final Season Begins

9/25/2019 - Well, Uh, There It Is: The Heroes of Jurassic Park are Back for Jurassic World 3

9/25/2019 - Apple Reportedly Looking to Reboot the iPhone 4's Boxy Design for 2020

9/25/2019 - Disney Could Be Close to Finding The Little Mermaid's New Prince Eric (Again)

9/25/2019 - Whoops! Google Says Mysterious Wave of Unbootable Macs Is Their Bad

9/25/2019 - Juul CEO Resigns, Company Announces It Will Stop All Advertising

9/25/2019 - Boris Johnson Warns of 'Pink-Eyed Terminators' and 'Limbless Chickens' in Absolutely Bonkers UN Speech

9/25/2019 - 'Unprecedented Conditions' Will Rule the Oceans This Century, Striking New Report Finds

9/25/2019 - Data Analytics Giant Comscore, Former CEO Settle With SEC for Cooking the Books

9/24/2019 - Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Orders 4-Month Ban on Sale of All (Yes, All) Vaping Products

9/24/2019 - Hulu's Wounds Pits Armie Hammer Against a Cell Phone That Opens a Gateway of Terror

9/24/2019 - Sprint Took Millions in Federal Subsidies for Service It Didn't Provide, FCC Says

9/24/2019 - Justin Long's Time-Travel Psychedelic Trip The Wave Almost Feels Like a Ride Well Taken

9/24/2019 - Exclusive: Check Out The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid's Heartwarming Spin on Body Horror

9/24/2019 - Pesticides, Not Sonic Weapons, May Have Made Diplomats in Cuba Sick, Preliminary Study Finds

9/24/2019 - Michael Rosenbaum on Why His Lex Luthor Won't Be in Crisis on Infinite Earths

9/24/2019 - Police Say Woman Bit Camel's Balls: 'The Camel Did Nothing Wrong'

9/24/2019 - This Isn't About Greta, Cowards

9/24/2019 - Walrus Sinks Russian Naval Boat During Arctic Expedition

9/24/2019 - U.S. Military Issues Warning to Troops About Incel Violence at Joker Screenings [Updated]

9/24/2019 - Google Contractors in Pennsylvania Vote to Unionize

9/24/2019 - Forest Fires Are Turning Indonesia Into Mars

9/24/2019 - Ta-Nehisi Coates’ New Novel Crafts a Fresh Mythology from Slavery, Sci-Fi, and Hip-Hop

9/24/2019 - Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix Really Want You to See Joker Before Passing Judgment [Updated]

9/24/2019 - Why HP’s $4,500 Workstation Laptop Is Such a Beautiful Beast

9/24/2019 - Newly Discovered Interstellar Comet Has an Official Name: 2I/Borisov

9/24/2019 - How the U.S. Lost the War Against West Nile

9/24/2019 - Arrow May Be Getting a Female-Focused, Birds of Prey-ish Spin-Off

9/24/2019 - Goodbye, Mr. WeWork Man

9/24/2019 - 10 of the Sweetest Moments (So Far) From The Good Place

9/24/2019 - Stop What You're Doing and Upgrade to iOS 13.1 Right Now

9/24/2019 - Hot Oceans Are Raising the Risk of Coral Bleaching Around the Globe

9/24/2019 - Kik Kills Off Messaging App to Focus on Cryptocurrency Amidst Rising Company Chaos

9/24/2019 - Adobe's Fantastic iPad App for Drawing and Painting is Finally Available

9/24/2019 - Apple's Call-Blocking Feature May Be a Little Too Good

9/24/2019 - Team Black Lightning Is Playing Defense in the First Season 3 Trailer

9/24/2019 - Spot, Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog, Is Finally Available For Sale

9/24/2019 - The Lighthouse Is a Manic, Weird Film and We Loved It

9/24/2019 - The Screen Wraps Alllll the Way Around on Xiaomi's Latest Concept Phone

9/24/2019 - Luke Cage's Simone Missick Reflects on the Sudden Loss of Misty Knight

9/24/2019 - Facebook Just Coughed Up Close to $1 Billion for a Company That Makes Brain-Reading Wristbands

9/24/2019 - Google Wins EU Case Over 'Right to Be Forgotten' Laws

9/24/2019 - A Mandalorian Star Offers Up an Intriguing Character Description

9/24/2019 - All the Ways You Can Try and Fix a Sticky MacBook Keyboard

9/24/2019 - Billionaire Threatens to Sue YouTuber For Calling Him 'Fatty McFuckhead' and Photoshopping Him as Trump's Baby

9/24/2019 - Apple Will Keep on Making Mac Pros in Texas After Scoring U.S.-China Trade War Exemptions

9/24/2019 - Australian State to Use Smartphone Detection Cams to Catch and Fine Distracted Drivers

9/23/2019 - Report: Juul's Massive Vape Cloud of Trouble Grows, With Feds Launching Criminal Investigation

9/23/2019 - Bee and PuppyCat Are Back in the First Look at Lazy in Space

9/23/2019 - Memory: The Origins of Alien Dives Deeper Into a Classic Than You Could Possibly Imagine

9/23/2019 - That Glorious 4K Remaster of The Shining Is Getting a Wide (But Brief) Theatrical Release

9/23/2019 - Warner Bros. Is Eyeing Jonah Hill to Play a Villain in The Batman

9/23/2019 - Gotham’s Next Commissioner Gordon May Be Westworld’s Jeffrey Wright

9/23/2019 - Netflix Turns Negative

9/23/2019 - Leaker Claims Alexa-Powered Earbuds Are Amazon's Next Big Device

9/23/2019 - Arctic Sea Ice Hits Second Lowest Extent in Satellite Record

9/23/2019 - Researchers Found a Good Reason to Attach a Nail Gun to a Flying Drone

9/23/2019 - Joaquin Phoenix Couldn't Answer the Most Obvious Question About Joker's Subject Matter

9/23/2019 - A Brain-Infecting Virus Carried by Mosquitoes Is Spreading Far and Wide This Year

9/23/2019 - A Nevada Law That Fines Companies for Selling Private Data Is About to Go Into Effect

9/23/2019 - Magnetic Field on Mars Mysteriously Pulses at Night, NASA's InSight Lander Finds

9/23/2019 - Why Teen Climate Activist Alexandria Villaseñor Is Suing the World For Violating Her Rights

9/23/2019 - You Don't See Many Sci-Fi Murder Mysteries as Good as In the Shadow of the Moon

9/23/2019 - Snapchat Reportedly Has a Dossier of Dirt on Facebook to Share With the Feds

9/23/2019 - Cult Movie Icon Sid Haig Has Passed Away

9/23/2019 - What Ad Astra Gets Wrong About Space Travel, Astronomy, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

9/23/2019 - 'How Dare You!': Watch Greta Thunberg's Full Heart-Wrenching UN Climate Speech

9/23/2019 - I 'Stormed' Area 51, Where Memes Abducted Reality

9/23/2019 - Titans' Murderous Villains Have the Heroes on Edge

9/23/2019 - New Videos Suggest the Nintendo Switch Lite Might Have a Drift Problem Too

9/23/2019 - Trump Endures Nearly 15 Whole Minutes of UN Climate Summit

9/23/2019 - You Have Never, Ever Seen a Movie Like Butt Boy

9/23/2019 - Ikea Expands Its Augmented Reality App, Lets You Fill an Entire Room With Virtual Swedish Furniture

9/23/2019 - It's Kids vs. the World in a Landmark Climate Complaint

9/23/2019 - The Swiss Just Held a Funeral for a Dead Glacier

9/23/2019 - Some of Disenchantment Part 2's Coolest Teasers, Nods, and Easter Eggs

9/23/2019 - DJI's $120 Smartphone Stabilizer Shouldn't Be This Good

9/23/2019 - Google’s Quantum Supremacy Announcement Shouldn't Be a Surprise

9/23/2019 - Cats Really Do Bond With Their Humans, Study Finds

9/23/2019 - Game of Thrones Ends Its Emmys Run as the Best Drama on Television But Not Much Else

9/23/2019 - Google Changing Privacy Protections for Assistant, Plans to Auto-Delete More of Your Audio Data

9/23/2019 - New Research Promises Electric Car Batteries That Last For a Million Miles

9/23/2019 - Can You Overdose on Weed?

9/23/2019 - The Samsung Galaxy Fold Finally Goes on Sale This Week, Again

9/23/2019 - New Photos of The Eternals Cast Tease a Dramatic MCU Film

9/23/2019 - The Newest Frozen Sequel Trailer Is Enchanting and Dangerous

9/23/2019 - Disney CEO Explains Twitter Perfectly: 'Why Am I Doing This? Why Do I Endure This Pain?'

9/22/2019 - Area 51, Impossible Burger, and Duck Gifs: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/22/2019 - UN Report Warns That Five Year Period Ending in 2019 Is Hottest on Record

9/22/2019 - Taika Waititi Is Willing to Burn the Whole World Down to Hug Chris Evans

9/22/2019 - Here's A Mildly Confusing Update About Indiana Jones 5

9/22/2019 - Dennis Liu’s Newest Superhero Is a Shapeshifting Teenage Girl Named Ling

9/22/2019 - World Health Organization Says Tanzania Is Withholding Info on Suspected Ebola Cases

9/22/2019 - This Behind-the-Scenes Video Is All About the Origins of The Good Place

9/22/2019 - Aron Eisenberg, the Actor Who Played Nog on Deep Space Nine, Has Died

9/21/2019 - Huawei Says Mate 30 Series Bootloader Will Be Unlockable, Allowing Easier Access to Google Apps

9/21/2019 - The Story Behind That Delightful Ad Astra Cameo

9/21/2019 - Twitter Bans Saudi Official Implicated in Khashoggi Murder, Hundreds of Other Pro-Saudi Accounts

9/21/2019 - This Batman Day, I Have to Admit My Favorite Batman Isn't Bruce Wayne

9/21/2019 - Wes Craven's Estate Is Now in Charge of Freddy Krueger's Future

9/21/2019 - TiVo Reportedly Rolling Out Pre-Roll Ads That Play Before Users Can Watch Recorded Video

9/21/2019 - In the Tall Grass Is a Peculiar and Gross Addition to Stephen King's Horror Pantheon

9/21/2019 - 'This Is Only the Beginning:' Young People Demand Justice at New York's Climate Strikes

9/21/2019 - Friday's Climate Strike Through the Eyes of a Student Photojournalist

9/21/2019 - Why Moscow's Climate Strike Turnout Was Devastatingly Small

9/21/2019 - PSA: Into the Spider-Verse's Full Spider-Ham Short Is Now Online

9/20/2019 - ‘We Stormed It. I Was Part of History Last Night’—Insider Footage of the ‘Storming’ of Area 51

9/20/2019 - The Vast of Night Is an Expertly Crafted Sci-Fi Period Piece

9/20/2019 - Google Says It's Achieved Quantum Supremacy, a World-First: Report

9/20/2019 - Why Families Were on Climate Strike This Friday

9/20/2019 - This Week's Best New Comics Are About All About Spiritual and Political Demons

9/20/2019 - YouTube Faces Angry Mob Again, CEO Promises to Rethink New Verification Policy

9/20/2019 - A Woman's Toothache Remedy Left Her With Horrifying Blue Blood

9/20/2019 - Castaway and Predator Get a Beautiful, Poignant Mix in the New Film Sweetheart

9/20/2019 - Busted: $10 Million Tech Support Scam That Preyed on the Elderly

9/20/2019 - Germany's New $60 Billion Climate Package Does the Bare Minimum

9/20/2019 - Former Fukushima Bosses Cleared of Criminal Negligence Over Nuclear Disaster

9/20/2019 - Gonk Gonk, the Best Toys of the Week Are Here

9/20/2019 - Rebecca Sugar Connected Adventure Time and Steven Universe With Music and Memory

9/20/2019 - Walmart Bans e-Cigs, Continues to Sell Things That Definitely Kill People

9/20/2019 - Worse Than Previously Reported: The Facebook Story

9/20/2019 - RIP to a Real One: Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Shuts Down Last Reactor

9/20/2019 - Leia Organa's Secret Weapon Is What Binds the Women of This Week's Star Wars Comics Together

9/20/2019 - FBI Served Secret Subpoenas to a Video Game Developer, Antivirus Maker, and More

9/20/2019 - Behold All the Goofy Dancing in This Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Gag Reel

9/20/2019 - Try to Hate the iPhone 11 Pro

9/20/2019 - The World Is Installing a Ton of Renewables, but Coal Could Screw Things Up

9/20/2019 - Jojo Rabbit Is Taika Waititi's Most Emotional Film to Date

9/20/2019 - Spooky 'Black Hole' on Jupiter Is Just a Big Shadow

9/20/2019 - The News App That's Testing a Promising Way to Build In Privacy From the Ground Up

9/20/2019 - The iPhone 11 Is Legitimately Great

9/20/2019 - Impossible Burgers Aren’t Healthy, and That’s the Whole Point

9/20/2019 - Both Elizabeth Tulloch and Smallville's Erica Durance Will Play Lois Lane in the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths Event [Updated]

9/20/2019 - This Nightmare Game Was Designed by a Dentist in MS Paint

9/20/2019 - The Next Surface Laptop Might Have a Powerful Surprise

9/20/2019 - A Memo to Tech Titans on the Day of the Climate Strike: It’s Time to Pick a Side

9/20/2019 - We're at the New York Climate Strike

9/20/2019 - The Latest Grudge Film Is Concurrent With the Sarah Michelle Gellar Remake

9/20/2019 - Cooking the New Impossible Burger Makes Me Hungry for Beef

9/20/2019 - Google Gives Chrome Better Tab Management and Deeper Customization

9/20/2019 - Batman Just Got Upstaged By a Bunch of Teens and a Talking Dog

9/20/2019 - Tinder's Horny Streaming Series for Gen Z Exposes Your Terrible Soul

9/20/2019 - Watch the Artist Behind the Snowpiercer Saga Bring the Train to Life

9/20/2019 - Amazon’s Climate Plan Is Full of Gaping Holes

9/20/2019 - One Cut of the Dead Finally Has a US Release Date, and It's Soon

9/20/2019 - Naruto Run! Some Guy Who’s Probably Going to Get Himself Killed Is the First ‘Storm Area 51’ Meme

9/20/2019 - Friday's Global Climate Strikes Are Absolutely Massive

9/20/2019 - Supergirl Just Cast Two Very Interesting Comics Characters

9/20/2019 - Most Powerful Person in the World Meets Donald Trump

9/19/2019 - Now That You've Recovered From It Chapter Two, Here's a New Clown to Invade Your Nightmares

9/19/2019 - Some of the Best Batman Stories in Years Are Free Right Now

9/19/2019 - Airbnb Sure Is Going Public

9/19/2019 - Delta Plane Dives Nearly 30,000 Feet in Mere Minutes Following Possible 'Depressurization Issue'

9/19/2019 - The Craft Remake Has Found the Rest of Its Weirdos, Mister

9/19/2019 - Facebook Employee Fell to His Death at Menlo Park Headquarters

9/19/2019 - Airline Carbon Emissions Are Soaring Up, Up, and Away

9/19/2019 - Alphabet's Drone Unit Partners with FedEx and Walgreens for Drone Deliveries

9/19/2019 - It's Time to Listen to the Teens

9/19/2019 - This Is Who the X-Men Really Are

9/19/2019 - Submerged for Decades, Spanish ‘Stonehenge’ Reemerges After Drought

9/19/2019 - Shudder's Creepshow Horror Anthology Series Is Off to a Delightfully Unsettling Start

9/19/2019 - Let Whoopi Goldberg Explain the Importance of Her New Look for The Stand

9/19/2019 - North America Has Lost Almost 30 Percent of Its Birds Since 1970, Upsetting New Study Finds

9/19/2019 - WeWork Is Exposing an 'Astronomical Amount' of Data on Poorly Protected Wifi Network

9/19/2019 - Christopher Eccleston Opens Up About the Mental Health Struggles He Faced While Filming Doctor Who

9/19/2019 - 'There Is Always Hope:' Why Young Adults Are Coming to the UN Youth Climate Summit

9/19/2019 - Tom Welling Will Play Superman Once More in Crisis on Infinite Earths

9/19/2019 - Non-Drinkers Can Still Get Liver Disease, Thanks to Alcohol-Producing Gut Bacteria

9/19/2019 - Ad Astra Is One of the Best Space Movies in Years

9/19/2019 - Tropical Depression Imelda Has Dumped More Than 40 Inches of Rain on the Texas Gulf Coast

9/19/2019 - Huawei's 2010 Concept Video About the Year 2020 Is Super Awkward

9/19/2019 - This Video Explores How the Muppets and The Dark Crystal Changed the Way We Think About Puppetry

9/19/2019 - The Apple Card Won't Change Your Life—But It Will Hook You on Apple Pay

9/19/2019 - Researchers Think It's a Good Idea to Secure Your Phone Using the One Thing You Perpetually Lose

9/19/2019 - Facial Reconstruction Shows What the Enigmatic Denisovans Might Have Looked Like

9/19/2019 - Marvel's Star Wars Comic Will End With a Final Tie-In to Empire Strikes Back

9/19/2019 - Huawei's Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro Pack Big Cams and Blazing 5G Support

9/19/2019 - A New Hacker Hero Rises in a Look Inside the Next Comixology Original, Quarter Killer

9/19/2019 - 19 Things You Can Do in iOS 13 That You Couldn't Before

9/19/2019 - New Titans Set Pictures Reveal Our First Glimpse of Nightwing

9/19/2019 - The Impossible Burger Will Be Officially Available at Grocery Stores Starting Tomorrow

9/19/2019 - Authorities Consider Taking Legal Action Against Facebook Over Storm Area 51 Event

9/19/2019 - Trump Says Homeless Americans Are Polluting Ocean With 'Needles' and EPA Will Take Action

9/19/2019 - Report: FBI Tried to Get Encrypted Phone Firm to Build Backdoor So They Could Spy on Sinaloa Cartel

9/18/2019 - North Korea Has Reportedly Caught the Blockchain Fever

9/18/2019 - Foodie Monsters Eat Their Way to Friendship in This Adorable Stop-Motion Tale

9/18/2019 - The Next Episode of Hulu's Into the Dark Is About a Haunted Board Game

9/18/2019 - High on His Own Supply: WeWork CEO Reportedly Wants to Be 'President of the World'

9/18/2019 - Disney Is Developing a New Live-Action Movie Called Knights

9/18/2019 - Just Days Ahead of Employee Climate Strike, Microsoft Announces Partnership with Chevron to Accelerate Oil Extraction

9/18/2019 - It's the Guns

9/18/2019 - We Need More Near-Future Space Exploration Movies Like Ad Astra

9/18/2019 - San Jose Becomes the Largest City in the US to Ban New Natural Gas Lines

9/18/2019 - The World Is ‘Grossly’ Unprepared for the Next Major Pandemic, Watchdog Finds

9/18/2019 - The Boondocks Will Return on HBO Max

9/18/2019 - Exposed Files Leak Details on SORM, Russia's Pervasive Domestic Surveillance System

9/18/2019 - Backpacking Researchers Accidentally Discover Grasshopper-Eating Wolf

9/18/2019 - 6 Recent Cult Movies That Happen to Be Black and White

9/18/2019 - Duck Gifs Are the Only Gifs With Integrity

9/18/2019 - J.J. Abrams' Spider-Man Comic Is Incredibly J.J. Abrams, For Better or Worse

9/18/2019 - Climate Change Is Already Killing Americans and Costing Billions in Medical Bills, Report Finds

9/18/2019 - Mathematicians No Longer Stumped by the Number 3

9/18/2019 - Damon Lindelof Rooted Watchmen's Alternate History in America's Racist Reality

9/18/2019 - AB5, Landmark Bill Protecting Gig Workers in California, Becomes Law

9/18/2019 - So, What Can a Force Ghost Do?

9/18/2019 - Exercise Might Help Protect the Aging Brain From Alzheimer's, Study Suggests

9/18/2019 - My Hero Academia Has Turned Prince into a Majestic, Purple Superhero of Love

9/18/2019 - Smoke-Filled Satellite Images Reveal the Disturbing Extent of Wildfires in Indonesia

9/18/2019 - The Wave Sounds Like The Hangover With Time Travel and Justin Long

9/18/2019 - India Bans E-Cigs as Juul Sales Are Mysteriously Halted in China

9/18/2019 - Farmers and Ranchers Just Came Together to Support the Green New Deal

9/18/2019 - Raising Dion's Epic First Trailer Is About a Mother and Son Against the World

9/18/2019 - A New Jersey Soil Bacteria Is First to Break Down Toxic 'Forever Chemical'

9/18/2019 - A Peek Into the Soviet Computer Revolution

9/18/2019 - A Black Lady Sketch Show's Post-Apocalyptic Backdrop Is Its Best Joke

9/18/2019 - Man Accused of Using Drone to Airdrop Explosives Onto Ex-Girlfriend's Property

9/18/2019 - Facebook Partners With Ray-Ban to Help Make Its Smart Glasses Happen: Report

9/18/2019 - This Toy Story 4 Alternate Ending Would've Screwed Over Bo Peep

9/18/2019 - A Huge Experiment Has 'Weighed' the Tiny Neutrino, a Particle That Passes Right Through Matter

9/18/2019 - 9 Uses for Google Maps Street View Besides Checking Out Your Old Neighborhood

9/18/2019 - The New Bluetooth Sonos Feels Like a Time Warp

9/18/2019 - Jamie Lee Curtis Teases Familiar Faces and Traumas for Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends

9/18/2019 - HP Is Trying to Reinvent the Business Laptop With the Elite Dragonfly

9/18/2019 - Facebook Launches Three New Portal Devices No One Asked For

9/18/2019 - President Trump's Stupid Border Wall Could Destroy 22 Archaeological Sites According to New Report

9/18/2019 - Donald Trump Swoops in to Save Us All From the Tyranny of Cleaner Cars That Use Less Gas

9/17/2019 - Snapchat Is Once Again Pivoting Back to News

9/17/2019 - Vaping Flavorpocalypse Comes to New York as State Health Authorities Order Emergency Ban

9/17/2019 - Shocking Breaking News! Lord of the Rings TV Show to Film in New Zealand

9/17/2019 - American Gods Season 3 Has Shared Some Casting News

9/17/2019 - Spider-Man's Alter Ego, the Night Monkey, Gets the Official Trailer He Damn Well Deserves

9/17/2019 - U.S. Air Force Warns There's a Chance an American and Russian Satellite Could Collide Overnight

9/17/2019 - Batman's Sexy Vacation Dad™ Getup Might Be His Best Costume Yet

9/17/2019 - The Biggest Volcano on Jupiter’s Molten Moon Io Is Likely to Erupt at Any Moment

9/17/2019 - George R.R. Martin Discusses That New, Targaryen-Focused Game of Thrones Prequel

9/17/2019 - Black Carbon Pollution Has Been Found Inside Women's Placentas

9/17/2019 - With Senate Inquiry Looming, Facebook Scrambles to Look Busy

9/17/2019 - Yet Another Person Has Died From Mystery Vaping Illness, Bringing Reported Death Toll to 7

9/17/2019 - How the Pop Culture Event MondoCon Has Changed, and So Have I

9/17/2019 - DOJ Sues for All of Edward Snowden's Book Profits

9/17/2019 - Is Tinder About to Become the Horniest Streaming Service?

9/17/2019 - I Have No Idea What's Going On in Lego's Bonkers New Ad, But I Kinda Love It

9/17/2019 - These Incredible Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Jaws Posters Are Available Right Now

9/17/2019 - Netflix's Big Mouth Continues to Be Aggressively Horny in First NSFW Season 3 Trailer

9/17/2019 - Navy Says Yes, Those ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ Videos Are Real

9/17/2019 - An Indigenous Group Famous for Its Heart Health Started Using Cooking Oil—and Began Gaining Weight

9/17/2019 - 8 Cool Details About Making The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance From Its Incredible Documentary

9/17/2019 - Wild New Theory Blames a Disintegrating Moon for Star’s Mysterious Dimming

9/17/2019 - Romance Cute Monsters, Become a Super Sentai, and More in Tabletop News

9/17/2019 - Criminal Gangs Are Behind the Destruction of the Brazilian Amazon

9/17/2019 - The New Birds of Prey Poster Is a Dizzying Display of How Harley Quinn Sees the World

9/17/2019 - How Does the New Interstellar Object Differ From 'Oumuamua?

9/17/2019 - Why

9/17/2019 - Anyone Can Look at Millions of Americans' Medical Images and Data, Report Finds

9/17/2019 - The First Trailer for Netflix's In the Tall Grass Makes Even Grass Itself Petrifying

9/17/2019 - NBC Might As Well Have Named It Penis TV

9/17/2019 - Lenovo's New Avengers Augmented Reality Game Is a Glitchy Glimpse into a Future Past

9/17/2019 - 'Mass Explosion' of Bull Semen After Fire at Genetics Lab

9/17/2019 - In The Secret Garden Debut Trailer, a Magical World Unfolds

9/17/2019 - Dell XPS 15 Review: A Really Good Laptop for Almost Everything

9/17/2019 - General Mills Recalls Gold Medal Flour Over E. Coli Concerns

9/17/2019 - The Man Behind Mr. Robot Is Bringing Battlestar Galactica Back [Updated]

9/17/2019 - The Best Apps for Spending Less Time on Your Phone

9/17/2019 - Another Familiar Face Confirms Their Return for Ghostbusters 2020

9/17/2019 - Now You Can Easily Sync Your Philips Hue Lights With Your TV

9/17/2019 - This Artist Paints Endangered Animals to Remind Us What We're Fighting For

9/17/2019 - Apple Says It Would Rather Not Pay $14.3 Billion in Back Taxes to the EU

9/17/2019 - Reports: WeWork to Delay IPO Amid Suspicion It Is Not Actually a Tech Company Worth $47 Billion

9/16/2019 - Uhh, Part of the Facility Where Russia Stores Smallpox and Ebola Exploded

9/16/2019 - Leaked Slide Shows Google to Add Stadia Support, Launch 'Hero Device' for Android TV in 2020

9/16/2019 - Disney's New Bedtime Hotline for Kids Lets Yoda Creep You the Hell Out Before Sleeping

9/16/2019 - Colin Baker Regrets Not Filming His Doctor Who Regeneration

9/16/2019 - Paul Rudd Plots to Murder Paul Rudd in the First Trailer for Netflix Series Living With Yourself

9/16/2019 - Netflix Reportedly Pays More Than $500 Million for Seinfeld, but It's Missing Hulu's Killer Feature

9/16/2019 - Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Breeding in Brazil, Despite Biotech Firm's Assurances to the Contrary

9/16/2019 - Amazon Reportedly Changed Its Algorithm to Favor Most Profitable Products, Including Its Own

9/16/2019 - The Hole in the Ozone Layer Is Being Super Weird—but in a Good Way

9/16/2019 - The 20 Wildest, Coolest, and Most Unique Films We Can't Wait to See at Fantastic Fest 2019

9/16/2019 - Elon Musk: I Was Using the Other Definition of 'Pedo Guy,' You See

9/16/2019 - Is That White Chocolate or the Surface of Mars?

9/16/2019 - The First Trailer for In the Shadow of the Moon Injects a Sci-Fi Twist Into a Gritty Serial Killer Tale

9/16/2019 - The iPhone XS and XR Are Getting One of the iPhone 11's Best Features Too

9/16/2019 - Apple Arcade Just Released Early for iOS 13 Beta Users

9/16/2019 - We've Got the Exclusive Cover Reveal and Opening Lines of Martha Wells' Murderbot Novel, Network Effect

9/16/2019 - Vampironica Returns For Another Bite of Her Own Comic Adventures

9/16/2019 - Exclusive: Watch as Tom Holland Still Does His Own Amazing Stunts on Spider-Man: Far From Home

9/16/2019 - The Teens Are Pissed and Freaked the Hell Out

9/16/2019 - Watch the Earth Explode From Space in the Trailer for 3022

9/16/2019 - We Have Reached the Inevitable: Warner Bros. Is Making a Funko Pop Movie

9/16/2019 - How Joker Was Crafted to Leave You Speechless

9/16/2019 - Okay, Apple Arcade Is Probably Going to Be Good

9/16/2019 - Extremely Massive Neutron Star May Be the Largest Ever Spotted

9/16/2019 - Teen Gamer Sentenced to 15 Months in Swatting Case That Led to Police Killing a Man

9/16/2019 - Airspace Near Area 51 Will Be Closed to News Helicopters and Drones During 'Storm Area 51' Shitshow

9/16/2019 - Woman Swallows 2.4-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring in Her Sleep

9/16/2019 - Looks Like Titans Pulled It Together and Found Its Purpose

9/16/2019 - New Jurassic World Short Shows Just How Screwed the Humans Are Now

9/16/2019 - Hurricane Humberto Heads Toward Bermuda

9/16/2019 - Disenchantment Season 2 Fixes the Debut's Mistakes, but Adds a Surprising New One

9/16/2019 - A Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube That Floats In the Air is Completely Hands-Off

9/16/2019 - What Is Ultra-Wideband—and What Does It Do in the iPhone 11

9/16/2019 - You Should Update LastPass Right Now

9/16/2019 - We Now Have an Image of the Second Interstellar Object Ever Observed

9/16/2019 - Tony Stark Could Re-Appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a Lot Sooner Than You'd Think

9/16/2019 - When Will We Run Out of Water?

9/16/2019 - Drug Company That Makes OxyContin Files For Bankruptcy to Stop Lawsuits Over Opioid Crisis

9/15/2019 - The Puppeteer Behind Dark Crystal's Deet Has an Adorable Story Behind Her Audition

9/15/2019 - Apple's Big iPhone Event, Labor Wins Big, and Skeletal Panic Hormones: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/15/2019 - New Survey Says People Want to See Less Trailers Before Movies

9/15/2019 - New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Says He'll Declare Health Emergency to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes

9/15/2019 - I Can't Stop Looking at These Perfect Final Fantasy VII Figures

9/15/2019 - DHS, DOJ Now Looking Into Escort and Massage Sites That Boomed After Backpage Takedown

9/15/2019 - Listen to the Original Voice of Ash Ketchum Congratulate Him on a Long-Awaited Pokémon League Win

9/15/2019 - Let's Fancast the Wild Amount of People That Are In The Suicide Squad

9/15/2019 - British Prime Minister Wants to Hulk Out for Brexit, Because This Is Where This Farce Is at Right Now [Updated]

9/15/2019 - Marvel, Game of Thrones, and Star Trek: Discovery Win Big at the Saturn Awards

9/15/2019 - Will We Ever Get Multi-day Battery Life on the Apple Watch?

9/14/2019 - 19 Climate Change Activists Arrested for Drone Protest Against Heathrow Airport Expansion

9/14/2019 - Sci-Fi Miniseries Restoration Feels like Altered Carbon With a Case of the Body Snatchers

9/14/2019 - Amazon-Owned Whole Foods Slashes Health Care Benefits for Part-Time Workers

9/14/2019 - Watch as a Sculptor Perfectly Captures Deet From The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

9/14/2019 - Iron Man Had an Alternate Post-Credits Scene Where Nick Fury Referenced the X-Men

9/14/2019 - Drone Attack on Oil Facilities Shuts Down Half Of Saudi Arabia's Oil Production

9/14/2019 - Ad Astra Director Broke the Rules of Space for Brad Pitt's Acting

9/14/2019 - Matt Reeves and Netflix Team Up to Adapt Sci-Fi Novel Way Station

9/14/2019 - A Year After Hurricane Florence, Coal Ash Is Still a Huge Concern For North Carolina

9/13/2019 - A Mysterio Figure to Make That Money in Your Wallet an Illusion

9/13/2019 - Supernatural Proves It's Not Kidding With a Trailer for the Final Season

9/13/2019 - Disney CEO Cuts Ties With Apple Because They're Not Called the 'Streaming Wars' for Nothing

9/13/2019 - Mr. Sinister's High Camp Perfectly Cuts Through the Drama of Powers of X

9/13/2019 - The First Peanut Allergy Drug Might Be Approved Soon—but Not Without Controversy

9/13/2019 - J.J. Abrams Reportedly Turned Down $500 Million Deal With Apple Because Apple Can't Share

9/13/2019 - 'Don't Call Me Angel' Makes Me Worry for Charlie's Angels

9/13/2019 - Men Hired to Test Iowa Courthouse Security Arrested After They Did the Job Too Well

9/13/2019 - Scientists Debut Powerful Magnet for Future Particle Collider

9/13/2019 - It's Curtains on the MoviePass Grift

9/13/2019 - Adobe's New AI-Powered Plugin Intelligently Reframes Videos for Screens With Different Shapes

9/13/2019 - Phone Horror Flick Countdown Looks Like a Ghoulishly Fun Blend of The Ring and Final Destination

9/13/2019 - Airbus Testing New System to Collect Data on Everything From Bathroom Breaks to Beer Preference

9/13/2019 - Say Hello to the Very Disposable Stars of The Suicide Squad

9/13/2019 - Tampa Bay's Water Is Home to More Than 4 Billion Bits of Microplastic, Study Finds

9/13/2019 - Pop Culture Comes to Life Again at Halloween Horror Nights 2019

9/13/2019 - This Is an Especially Good Picture of Saturn

9/13/2019 - This Device Generates Electricity From Darkness

9/13/2019 - The Good Place's Final Season Begins with This New Web Series

9/13/2019 - Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook Execs Asked to Hand Over Private Emails in House Antitrust Probe

9/13/2019 - Bill Hader's Thoughts on It Chapter Two's Queer Character Are So Much More Interesting Than the Movie

9/13/2019 - How Soon Can Oil and Gas Operations Begin In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?

9/13/2019 - Cool Costumes Hide Dark Truths in the Haunting New Watchmen Trailer

9/13/2019 - Famous 'Lovers of Modena' Skeletons Were Young Men, New Analysis Finds

9/13/2019 - The Apple Watch's Next Trick Could Be Battling Pseudoscience—But Questions Remain

9/13/2019 - Diana Takes on the Post-Apocalypse in Our Exclusive First Look at Wonder Woman: Dead Earth

9/13/2019 - One of Stephen King's Most Diabolical Villains Starts to Crack in the First Teaser for Castle Rock Season 2

9/13/2019 - Flight Turned Back After Pilot Spilled Coffee Causing Control Panel to Melt and Smoke

9/13/2019 - Magnetic Roaches, Cubed Poop, and Dirty Money: The Wonderful Winners of the 2019 Ig Nobel Prize

9/13/2019 - Lil Nas X's "Panini" Finally Gets the Chowder Treatment It Deserves

9/13/2019 - Only Die-Hard Retro Gamers Will Want This Box That Lets Modern Consoles Connect to Old-School Tube TVs

9/13/2019 - Back to the Future Has Rarely Been as Loveable As In This MondoCon Exclusive

9/13/2019 - Stop Asking Cory Booker If Everyone Should Be Vegan to Save Earth

9/13/2019 - MIT Engineers Have Created the 'Blackest Black' to Ever Black

9/13/2019 - The First Trailer For the Are You Afraid of the Dark? Reboot Has No Right Being This Creepy

9/13/2019 - Exclusive: Shudder's Blood Machines Trailer Promises a Musical Cyberpunk Experience

9/13/2019 - This $180 Dart Blaster Is More Powerful Than Anything Nerf's Ever Made

9/13/2019 - Keith David Still Longs for a Gargoyles Reunion

9/13/2019 - 9 Useful Spotify Features You Might Not Have Started Using Yet

9/13/2019 - Body of Man Who Went Missing in 1997 Discovered in Pond on Google Maps

9/13/2019 - Travel Bloggers Arrested in Iran For Flying Drone Without a Permit

9/13/2019 - California Temporarily Bans Face Recognition Tech on Police Body Cams

9/12/2019 - Spotify Cracks Down on Family Plan Misuse By Periodically Vetting Where You Live

9/12/2019 - Little Monsters' Red Band Trailer Wants You to Know What a Disgusting Movie It's Gonna Be

9/12/2019 - Ryan Murphy Shares Official AHS: 1984 Title Sequence, Inspired by a Fan Edit

9/12/2019 - Howl in Delight at Some of the Best Astronomy Photographs of 2019

9/12/2019 - 10 Weirdly Great But Often Overlooked Horror Sequels, Prequels, and Follow-Ups

9/12/2019 - Bizarre Streaming Service Quibi Already Has a Better Lineup Than Apple TV+

9/12/2019 - HBO's Developing Another Game of Thrones Prequel Focused on the Targaryens' Destruction

9/12/2019 - Kickstarter's Sleazy Union-Busting Campaign Is Playing All the Hits [Updated]

9/12/2019 - Hell Yes, Slack Just Dropped a Dark Mode for Desktop

9/12/2019 - Disney+'s Launch Lineup Could Include Animated Marvel Classics Like X-Men and Spider-Man

9/12/2019 - UN Scientists Just Endorsed a Piece of the Green New Deal to Fight Global Inequality

9/12/2019 - Paul Feig Is Working on an Original Universal Monsters Movie Called Dark Army

9/12/2019 - Australia Once Had Giant Marsupials With 'Scimitar-Like' Claws and Extremely Freaky Elbows

9/12/2019 - How to Upgrade to an iPhone 11 Without Getting Ripped Off

9/12/2019 - A New Way to Measure Cosmic Distance Could Help Solve a Frustrating Inconsistency About the Universe

9/12/2019 - The Ember Island Slay-ers: Breaking Down a Fiery Avatar: The Last Airbender Drag Performance

9/12/2019 - All the Phone Companies You've Never Heard of That You Should Care About

9/12/2019 - Scientists Taught Rats to Play Hide-and-Seek, and They're Actually Pretty Good at It

9/12/2019 - Thunderbirds Are Go With a New Line of Collectibles

9/12/2019 - This Is the iPhone 11 You Should Buy (If You Must Pre-Order)

9/12/2019 - Defender of Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Murdered ‘Execution-Style’ in Amazon Town

9/12/2019 - Of Course The Mandalorian Is Interested in What the Expanded Universe Could Add Back to Star Wars Canon

9/12/2019 - Soon, Alexa Might Be as Dumb as Your Neighborhood Troll

9/12/2019 - YouTuber Arrested for Trespassing Near Area 51 Just a Week Before Now-Canceled Viral Event

9/12/2019 - Why Don't We Talk About Shelley Duvall's Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme More?

9/12/2019 - Huawei Considering Licensing All of Its 5G Patents in Effort to Avoid Ban in the West

9/12/2019 - ICE to Shell Out $30 Million for Phone-Hacking Tech

9/12/2019 - Avengers: Endgame's Most Important Hero Was Not a CGI Effect

9/12/2019 - Your Bones Secrete a Hormone That Can Make You Panic, Scientists Find

9/12/2019 - HBO's His Dark Materials Has a Premiere Date, and It's Pretty Soon

9/12/2019 - Galaxy Note 10 Review: A Smaller Note Makes For Better Handling

9/12/2019 - France Vows to Block Facebook's Libra Currency in Europe, Suggests 'Public Digital Currency' Instead

9/12/2019 - James Gunn Denies One Rumor About The Suicide Squad's Lineup

9/12/2019 - Israel Allegedly Installed Stingray Devices Around D.C. to Spy on President Trump

9/12/2019 - Epson's New Short Throw Laser Projector Includes a Special Screen to Bounce Away Overhead Lighting

9/12/2019 - Uber Claims It's Exempt From California Gig Economy Law Because It's a 'Platform,' Not a Taxi Company

9/12/2019 - Report: Trump Is Killing a Major Rule to Protect Drinking Water and Wetlands

9/11/2019 - Comcast, Cable Giants Sue Maine Over Law Forcing Them to Let Customers Pay for Specific Channels

9/11/2019 - Harbinger Switches Studios, Putting a Valiant Cinematic Universe in Question

9/11/2019 - What If Captain Picard's Star Trek: Nemesis Clone Was Just Patrick Stewart, Instead of Bald Baby Tom Hardy?

9/11/2019 - Battle at Big Rock Is a Bridge Between Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World 3

9/11/2019 - Have Astronomers Just Spotted Another Interstellar Object?

9/11/2019 - Does Apple TV+ Need to Be Good?

9/11/2019 - Apple TV+ Announces Ghostwriter Remake, But It's Basically a Different Show

9/11/2019 - 6 Obscure Fairy Tales From the Brothers Grimm That Really Need Movie Adaptations

9/11/2019 - Opioid Ghouls at Purdue Pharma Reach Tentative Settlement Worth Billions

9/11/2019 - Are You the Pro That Apple's Looking For?

9/11/2019 - In Riverdale's Season 4 Trailer, Senior Year Is Plagued by the Case of the Missing Jughead

9/11/2019 - What Is Going on With AR at Apple?

9/11/2019 - The Most Powerful Lightning Bolts Occur in the Weirdest Places

9/11/2019 - The Beautifully Dull Paradox of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 40 Years Later

9/11/2019 - A Promising Brain-Regenerating Drug May Only Work for Women and Babies, a Mouse Study Suggests

9/11/2019 - Lyft Still Desperately Wants Its Own Drivers to Oppose AB5

9/11/2019 - White House Is Considering a Federal Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes

9/11/2019 - Alexander Skarsgård Will Reportedly Play The Stand's Man in Black, and He'll Face Off With Whoopi Goldberg

9/11/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Oil Spill in Bahamas Has Spread to the Sea

9/11/2019 - Here's Some of the Bizarre and Amusing Tech We Saw at IFA 2019

9/11/2019 - Roland's New iOS App Turns a Bunch of iPhones Into a Multi-Camera TV Studio

9/11/2019 - Water Vapor Detected in the Atmosphere of a Potentially Habitable Super-Earth

9/11/2019 - The Making of Alien Documentary Gets a True Making of Poster

9/11/2019 - Trump Adviser Who Lamented 'Demonization of Carbon Dioxide' Follows Bolton Out the White House Door

9/11/2019 - Wildly Popular Kid YouTube Channel Accused of Deceptively Promoting Products to Millions of Children

9/11/2019 - The World's Largest Camera Collection Belongs to a Government Worker in Mumbai

9/11/2019 - Repair Nerds Suitably Impressed With the Very Repairable Fairphone 3

9/11/2019 - Consummate Actor Joaquin Phoenix Allegedly Stormed Off the Joker Set a Lot

9/11/2019 - BBC's Discworld Adaptation, The Watch, Nabs Richard Dormer and More for Its Cast

9/11/2019 - The Very Best Stuff We Saw at IFA

9/11/2019 - The Battle for Bad River

9/11/2019 - The Most Important iPhone 11 Upgrades Are the Ones We Didn't Get

9/11/2019 - 10 Silly Theories That Could Explain Dark Rey in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

9/11/2019 - A First Look at the Triple-Camera iPhone 11 Pro

9/11/2019 - Another DC-CW Hero Might Have Signed Up for Crisis on Infinite Earths

9/11/2019 - Senator Mitt Romney Says FDA Should Consider Recalling E-Cigarettes in Wake of Vaping Deaths

9/11/2019 - Bill Gates Explains He Met With Jeffrey Epstein Because Epstein Knew 'a Lot of Rich People'

9/11/2019 - Gig Workers Win in California

9/11/2019 - Someone Is Working on an iOS Powered Stereo AR Headset

9/10/2019 - Poll: Slightly Over Half of People in the UK Want to Get Us All Killed by Aliens, Probably

9/10/2019 - The Wicked & The Divine’s Creators Look Back at 5 Years of Excellence and Exhaustion

9/10/2019 - Watch the Birth of Detective Pikachu's Terrifying Mewtwo in This 10-Minute Clip

9/10/2019 - The iPhone Lenses Are Giving Me Trypophobia

9/10/2019 - Spider-Ham Is Finally Getting His Own Comic Series Again

9/10/2019 - Everything Apple Announced Today

9/10/2019 - Storm Area 51 Event in Shambles Over Fears of 'Humanitarian Disaster'

9/10/2019 - Three Americans Have Died After Contracting Rare Brain-Infecting Virus Spread by Mosquitoes

9/10/2019 - The Cheapest iPhone 11 Might Be Impossible to Beat

9/10/2019 - Out of Nowhere, a New Jurassic World Short Film Is Hitting FX This Weekend

9/10/2019 - Maybe Don't Let Facebook Track Your Location in iOS 13 and Android 10

9/10/2019 - Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Will Have to Be Dumped in the Ocean, Japan's Environment Minister Predicts

9/10/2019 - Apple Avoids Saying 'Privacy' During iPhone 11 Event

9/10/2019 - Uber Ruthlessly Prioritizes 435 People Out of a Job

9/10/2019 - Shang-Chi's Director Isn't Interested in Bringing Any More Racial Stereotypes to the MCU

9/10/2019 - FBI Arrests Former FEMA Officials for Allegedly Misusing Hurricane Maria Recovery Funds to 'Enrich Themselves'

9/10/2019 - io9 Discusses the Musical Delights of Steven Universe: The Movie's Killer Soundtrack

9/10/2019 - iPhone 11 Pro: What's New About Apple's Super Extra Premium Triple-Camera Phones

9/10/2019 - The Cheapest iPhone 11 Might Be Apple's Best Smartphone Deal

9/10/2019 - Apple Watch Series 5 Brings Software Upgrades, Not Much Else

9/10/2019 - The Science Is Mixed on Taking Supplements for Mental Health, Research Review Finds

9/10/2019 - See, Jason Momoa's Apple TV+ Show, Shows Us a Sprawling Post-Apocalyptic World

9/10/2019 - Apple Announces the Price and Date for Its Apple TV+ Streaming Service

9/10/2019 - Newly Identified Electric Eel Species Is Most Shocking Animal Ever

9/10/2019 - Apple's Cheap New iPad Is Overdue, but It's Here

9/10/2019 - Trove of Neanderthal Footprints Provide an Unprecedented Glimpse Into Prehistoric Life

9/10/2019 - Stephen King's New Book Is Out Today and Is Already Becoming a TV Series

9/10/2019 - All the New Details About Apple Arcade

9/10/2019 - Our Apple iPhone 11 Event Liveblog Is Right Here

9/10/2019 - It Chapter Two's Queer Subplot Is Too Subtextual to Be Scary Good

9/10/2019 - Taylor Swift Threatened Legal Action Against Microsoft Over Racist and Genocidal Chatbot Tay

9/10/2019 - Josh Gad Discusses the Canceled Disney+ Muppets Show You Probably Didn’t Even Know Existed

9/10/2019 - MIT Created Color-Changing Ink That Can Be Reprogrammed With Light to Show Different Images

9/10/2019 - How to Watch Today's Apple iPhone Event (Now on YouTube!)

9/10/2019 - The Amazon Has Seen More Than 100,000 Fires This Year, Causing Spike in Air Pollution

9/10/2019 - Going Behind the Scenes of Cats Does Not Make It Look Like Any Less of a Nightmare

9/10/2019 - Sweden's Tallest Peak Has Lost Its Title, Thanks to Climate Change

9/10/2019 - UK Government Plans to Collect 'Targeted and Personalized' Data on Internet Users to Prepare For Brexit: Report

9/10/2019 - Could Margot Robbie Try and Bring Tank Girl Back to the Big Screen?

9/10/2019 - Loophole That Lets People Share Your Private Instagram Pics and Stories Isn't a 'Hack'—but Still, Heads Up

9/10/2019 - New Polaroid Prints Photos Off Your Smartphone's Screen Without Bluetooth, Wifi, or Cables

9/10/2019 - George Soros Praises President Trump's Action Against Huawei Which Will Definitely Confuse MAGAholes

9/9/2019 - Meet the ‘Cold Dragon of the North Winds,' a Gigantic Canadian Pterosaur

9/9/2019 - Federal Appeals Court Rules That Duh, Scraping Public Data Doesn't Violate Hacking Laws

9/9/2019 - Drink the Essence of This Amazing Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Merch

9/9/2019 - RIP Robert Axelrod, the Voice Behind Power Rangers' Legendary Archvillain Lord Zedd

9/9/2019 - A Face/Off Remake Is Now in the Works

9/9/2019 - Watch Avengers: Endgame's Final Battle Come Together in This Flashy VFX Reel

9/9/2019 - Acupuncturist Went Too Deep, Punctured Patient's Lungs

9/9/2019 - Donald Trump's Bad Tweet Is Tearing NOAA Apart

9/9/2019 - Juul Is in Deep Shit With the FDA for Claiming Its Vape Products Were Safer Than Cigarettes

9/9/2019 - Ancient Rock Reveals Shocking First Day After Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Impact

9/9/2019 - Apple 'Improves' App Store Search By 'Handicapping' Its Own Apps

9/9/2019 - Star Wars Wings, Ranked

9/9/2019 - Survey Finds Nearly Everyone Wants More Gun Control, Including Gun Owners

9/9/2019 - Marvel Studios May Have Its New Hawkeye: Oscar-Nominee Hailee Steinfeld

9/9/2019 - It's Not Just the Heroes and Villains Who Wear Masks on the New Version of Watchmen

9/9/2019 - Freema Agyeman Returns to Martha Jones for Big Finish's New Torchwood Audio Series

9/9/2019 - 50 Attorneys General Target Google With Sweeping Antitrust Investigation

9/9/2019 - Amazon Office Workers Plan to Strike Over Company's Inaction on Climate Change

9/9/2019 - Tom Hanks Will Play an Astronaut Again for Mattel's Live-Action Major Matt Mason Movie

9/9/2019 - The Most Horrifying Moments of Into The Dark's Season Finale Were the 'Pure' Ones

9/9/2019 - Apple Card Also an Apple Knife

9/9/2019 - The Best Wildlife Photos of 2019 Reveal Nature's Beauty and Ferocity

9/9/2019 - Nintendo Is Experimenting With Ways to Make the Switch's Joy-Cons Even More Fragile

9/9/2019 - Titans' Season 2 Premiere Feels Like a Step Backwards for DC Universe

9/9/2019 - Leaks and Code Clues Suggest Google Has More Nifty Camera Features Planned for Pixel 4

9/9/2019 - The Lighthouse's Latest Trailer Can Be Summed Up in One Word: 'What?'

9/9/2019 - Ban Rich White Guys From Writing Their Thoughts About Climate Change

9/9/2019 - I Made Amazing Images of Galaxies and Nebulas in Minutes Using This Idiot-Proof Automatic Telescope

9/9/2019 - Japanese Clerk Allegedly Stole Over 1,300 Credit Cards By Instantly Memorizing All the Numbers

9/9/2019 - What's the Best Medicine?

9/9/2019 - Another Face From Arrow's Past Will Return for the Final Season

9/9/2019 - The Fitbit Versa 2 Is a Solid Update That Just Makes Me Want So Much More

9/9/2019 - Apple and Foxconn Accused of Breaking Labor Laws in China to Produce iPhones

9/8/2019 - Healing Crystals, Hurricane Dorian, and a $14,000 Gamer Chair: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/8/2019 - Australian Internet Providers Ordered to Block Eight Sites Found Hosting Christchurch Footage

9/8/2019 - Report: Trace Amounts of Uranium Found by Inspectors at Iranian Site

9/8/2019 - These Dancers Put on a Surreal Superhero Light Show

9/8/2019 - NOAA Told Its Scientists to Keep Their Mouths Shut About Trump's False Forecast: Report

9/8/2019 - Andy Muschietti Is Really Serious About This It Supercut Thing

9/8/2019 - MIT Built a Theranos for Plants

9/8/2019 - Another DC Hero Saddles Up For the Arrowverse Crisis Crossover Extravaganza

9/8/2019 - The Final Trailer for Doctor Sleep Is Ready to Go Back to the Overlook Hotel

9/8/2019 - Joker's Trick: Todd Phillips' Joker Takes Home the Highest Honor at the Venice Film Festival

9/7/2019 - MIT Media Lab Director Joichi Ito Resigns After Financial Ties to Jeffrey Epstein Revealed

9/7/2019 - DHS to Ramp Up Social Media Monitoring of People Entering the Country

9/7/2019 - The BBC Joins Up With Google, Facebook, and Twitter To Try To Tackle Misinformation Online

9/7/2019 - The Hawkeye TV Show Now Has an Acclaimed Writer at the Helm

9/7/2019 - Jason Isaacs Sheds a Little Light on the Original Five-Season Plan for The OA

9/7/2019 - This Video Primer Is a Perfect Introduction to Stephen King's Horror Fantasy Multiverse

9/7/2019 - Philly News Anchor Sues Facebook, Reddit After Her Photo Shows Up in Dating, Erectile Dysfunction Ads

9/7/2019 - Wikipedia Goes Dark Across Europe, Middle East After DDOS Attack

9/7/2019 - A Marvel Star Signs on for the Most Impossible of Missions

9/7/2019 - Microsoft's Interns Made a Musical, And It's Only a Little Weird

9/7/2019 - There's Something More Powerful Than Qi Wireless Charging and It Could Soon Power Your Blender

9/7/2019 - This Fan Trailer Imagines the Ahsoka Tano Movie Star Wars Fans Still Need

9/7/2019 - Why xkcd Creator Randall Munroe Wrote the World's Most Extreme 'How To' Book

9/6/2019 - Google Confirms DOJ Scrutiny, Says It Must Hand Over Antitrust Records

9/6/2019 - First a Rainbow Logo, Now a Rainbow Cube; Apple, What Does it All Mean?!

9/6/2019 - The Simple, Vital Role General Hux Has in Star Wars' First Order

9/6/2019 - A Gorgeous Avengers: Endgame Fan Video Memorializes the End of an Era

9/6/2019 - In a Dangerous Move, NOAA Debases Itself in the Name of Trump's Bad Tweet

9/6/2019 - The Kids Are Far From All Right in This Week's Best New Comics

9/6/2019 - A Woman in Her 70s May Be the Oldest New Mom Ever After Giving Birth to Twins

9/6/2019 - Apple Can Feel Its Reputation for Bulletproof Security Slipping Through Its Fingers

9/6/2019 - Charlie Jane Anders' The City in the Middle of the Night Is Coming to Television

9/6/2019 - Google Bans Ads for 'Experimental Medical Treatments'

9/6/2019 - The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything, Finally Cracked

9/6/2019 - Climate Change Could Be Ruining the 'Greatest Orgy in the World'

9/6/2019 - Russian Startup 'Muffin Computer' Wants to Keep Your Smartphone Cozy on Cold Days

9/6/2019 - Steven Universe: The Movie's New Fusion Is Remixed Storytelling at Its Best

9/6/2019 - An Endlessly Busy Will Smith Returns to Sci-Fi With Brilliance...Again

9/6/2019 - Watch Live as India Attempts to Land Its Vikram Probe on the Moon

9/6/2019 - DOJ Is Illegally Withholding Records About Phone Location Data Collection, Lawsuit Claims

9/6/2019 - You Can Always Count on Fossil to Bring a Million Smartwatches to a Party

9/6/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Caused an Oil Spill That Could Be a 'Socioeconomic Tragedy'

9/6/2019 - Head Back to School With These 11 Slasher Movies Set on College Campuses

9/6/2019 - Deadly Vaping Illness Could be Related to Vitamin E, New York Health Officials Say

9/6/2019 - Not Even a Baby Elephant Made of Pure Light Can Cheer Up This Good Place Season 4 First Look

9/6/2019 - What to Expect From Apple's Big 2019 iPhone Event

9/6/2019 - Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Unexpectedly Triggered a Gigantic Phytoplankton Bloom

9/6/2019 - Gen Z Is Already Afraid Automation Will Eat Their Jobs

9/6/2019 - American Airlines Mechanic Charged with Sabotaging Flight

9/6/2019 - Jojo Rabbit May Be Eerily Pertinent, but It's Actually Been in the Works for Years

9/6/2019 - A Supercharged Marine Heat Wave Is Roasting the Pacific

9/6/2019 - 5G Is Forcing Hundreds of TV Channels to Change How They Broadcast

9/6/2019 - Report: Apple Won't Let Siri Say Feminism

9/6/2019 - Elliot Finally Faces His True Enemy in the New Teaser for Mr. Robot's Last Season

9/6/2019 - Facebook's Antitrust Problems Just Got Worse

9/6/2019 - Peter Capaldi Teases More Mysteries About His Role in The Suicide Squad

9/6/2019 - Absolute Legend Catches iPhone in Midair While Riding Roller Coaster

9/6/2019 - Sony Cashes In On Nostalgia With 40th-Anniversary Walkman (Now Cassette-Free!)

9/5/2019 - Ring's Partnerships with Police Has Senator Demanding Answers

9/5/2019 - Sophia Takal's Black Christmas Horror Remake Looks Like a Cut Above

9/5/2019 - How Doctor Sleep Stays True to Both Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick's Versions of The Shining

9/5/2019 - After Its Split With Marvel, Sony Still Seems Confident in Spider-Man and Its Yet-to-Launch Shared Universe

9/5/2019 - No, NASA Did Not Say It's Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency

9/5/2019 - Facebook Throttles Satirical Women's Site Reductress for Sharing 'Clickbait'

9/5/2019 - Influential Coalition With 15 Million Members Calls for Outright Ban on Facial Recognition

9/5/2019 - United and Southwest Will Allow Passengers to Opt-Out of 737 Max Flights

9/5/2019 - LG's New Dual-Screen Phone Is Like Two Phones in One!

9/5/2019 - Apple Music Is In Your Browser Now Because Services Are King

9/5/2019 - Oh God, People Really Are Anti-Vaxxing Their Pets

9/5/2019 - The EPA Is Pausing Operations at Toxic Sites as Hurricane Dorian Lashes the Southeast

9/5/2019 - Titans' Showrunner Knows the Superhero Series Is Getting Ridiculously Big and He Likes It

9/5/2019 - Newly Discovered Japanese Duck-Billed Dinosaur Was a Cretaceous Beach Bum

9/5/2019 - Picture, If You Will, the Person Who Buys This $14,000 Gamer Chair

9/5/2019 - Amazon's Undone Is a Surreal and Visually Stunning Series About (Maybe?) Losing Your Mind

9/5/2019 - What Kind of Soup Is This?

9/5/2019 - Mouthwash Cancels Out Key Benefits of Exercise, Study Finds

9/5/2019 - Why Fast Food Is the Ticking Time Bomb of Job Automation

9/5/2019 - The Moto One Zoom Goes Bold on Style and Big on Cameras

9/5/2019 - New Mandalorian Details Tease a Lawless Galaxy and Its Misfit 'Heroes'

9/5/2019 - Scientists Behind First Black Hole Image Win $3 Million Breakthrough Prize Award

9/5/2019 - New Research Is Final Blow to an HIV Cure That Wasn't

9/5/2019 - Condensing It Chapter Two Into One Movie Was Scarier Than Facing Pennywise

9/5/2019 - Chinese Government Reportedly Hacks Telecoms and Smartphones to Track Uyghur Population

9/5/2019 - Jabra's Great Truly Wireless Earbuds Just Got Better

9/5/2019 - CNN's Town Hall Finally Aired Climate Change's Big Dirty Secret

9/5/2019 - NYC Sues T-Mobile Over Rampant 'Abusive' Sales Tactics at Metro Stores

9/5/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Batters the Carolinas, Leaving 200,000 Without Power

9/5/2019 - Large Underwater Observatory Disappears Without a Trace, Baffling Scientists

9/5/2019 - Why Is It So Hard For Apple to Put Touch ID Back in a Phone?

9/5/2019 - Withings Didn't Forget the Move ECG—It's Just Been Trapped in Regulation Hell

9/5/2019 - Pirates on the Moon

9/5/2019 - The Story Behind the Most Heated Moment of CNN's Climate Crisis Town Hall

9/5/2019 - Rooster Kills Australian Woman

9/5/2019 - 'Don't Panic': Snakehunt Continues After Three-Foot Python Escapes Inside High School

9/5/2019 - Re-Discover the Old New Republic With Jedi Knight II Coming to Switch and PS4

9/5/2019 - Exclusive: The Letter Travis Kalanick Never Sent

9/5/2019 - Can You Spot the Upgrades on the New Samsung Galaxy Fold?

9/5/2019 - Nokia Reminds Us Dumb Phones Can Still Be Good in 2019

9/5/2019 - Nokia Put a Huge 48MP Camera on Its Newest Midrange Phone

9/5/2019 - In Disenchantment's Season 2 Trailer, Bean Goes to Hell and Back

9/5/2019 - Facebook to Users: Get Fucked

9/5/2019 - 17 Things You Can Do in Android 10 That You Couldn't Do Before

9/5/2019 - Amazon's Wheel of Time Show Finds Its Uncrowned King

9/5/2019 - The 4,784-Piece Lego Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Makes Me Want to Root for the Empire

9/5/2019 - TCL's New Soundbar Uses Acoustic Tricks to Bring You Cheap Dolby Atmos

9/5/2019 - The Expensive New Sonos Bluetooth Speaker Baffles Me in Many Ways

9/5/2019 - Germany's Biggest Tech Show Is Getting Sexy With This Bendy Bullet Vibrator

9/5/2019 - Here's Every Project Being Delayed to Pay For President Trump's Idiotic Border Wall

9/5/2019 - After Years of Ugly Watches, Garmin's Got Some Fresh Styles

9/5/2019 - Sennheiser's New Momentum Wireless Are Still King of the Headphones

9/5/2019 - Philips Gave Into the Hipsters and Made Hue Filament Smart Lights

9/5/2019 - Trump's Energy Department Swoops in to Save Us From the Tyranny of More Efficient Lightbulbs

9/4/2019 - Samsung Galaxy Fold to Launch in Korea on Sept. 6, No Official U.S. Release Date Listed Yet

9/4/2019 - Hi, Jeremy Renner App. Bye, Jeremy Renner App

9/4/2019 - These Star Wars Bugs Will Blow Your Mind and Maybe Gross You Out

9/4/2019 - The New Birds of Prey Teaser Is Coming to Theaters Only This Weekend

9/4/2019 - Steven Universe: The Movie Introduces Some Wild Ideas About Pearls

9/4/2019 - Geneticists Are Untangling the Mystery of Left-Handedness

9/4/2019 - Exposed Server Contained Phone Numbers of Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Users

9/4/2019 - Charles Xavier Is Tired of Losing

9/4/2019 - Asus Rises From Smartwatch Grave With New VivoWatch SP

9/4/2019 - The Last Kids on Earth Looks Like All Your Childhood Fantasies Come True

9/4/2019 - Scientists Discover New Beaked Whale Species Off Japanese Coast

9/4/2019 - The Most Extreme Way to Take a Selfie, According to xkcd Creator Randall Munroe

9/4/2019 - Margaret Atwood Fans Rejoice as Amazon Completely Screws Other Retailers

9/4/2019 - Have You Seen This Infamous Knife-Snatching Crow?

9/4/2019 - Why Hopeful Prequels to Dark Stories Still Matter

9/4/2019 - A Note on Our Use of Encrypted Communication

9/4/2019 - Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea May Again Become a TV Mini-Series

9/4/2019 - Incredible Fossils Link Ancient Creature to Earliest ‘Footprints’ on Earth

9/4/2019 - Online Depression Tests Are Collecting and Sharing Your Data

9/4/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Didn't Threaten Alabama, You Say? Clearly, You Haven't Seen Trump's Sharpie Drawing

9/4/2019 - Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show Has Found Itself a Narnia Star

9/4/2019 - The New Magic Number for Gaming Laptops Is 300Hz

9/4/2019 - Plastics Could Mark the Start of a Geological Era

9/4/2019 - Analysis of Denisovan Fossil Reveals a Distinctly Human-Like Finger

9/4/2019 - A Rat Study Finds that Acupuncture Can Treat Alcohol Addiction... in Rats

9/4/2019 - Jay Inslee's Long Green Shadow Over the 2020 Race

9/4/2019 - Welcome to Our Brief Fall Vacation From Superhero Movies

9/4/2019 - Chloë Grace Moretz's Twitter Hacked, Apparently by Same Group That Took Over Jack Dorsey's

9/4/2019 - io9 Roundtable: The Beautiful and Terrifying The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

9/4/2019 - Michigan Becomes the First State to Ban the Sale of Flavored E-Cigs

9/4/2019 - Would You Die for a Motorola Phone?

9/4/2019 - Not Only Is a Tomb Raider Sequel Happening, Somehow Ben Wheatley Is Directing It

9/4/2019 - NYC Subway Workers Are Very, Very Tired of Picking Up Your Lost AirPods

9/4/2019 - Star Trek’s Borg Queen Helps a New Version of Hansel & Gretel Get Even More Twisted

9/4/2019 - The Scientists Training Australia’s Native Critters How to Survive Feral Cats

9/4/2019 - How Mesh Messaging Apps Work, and Why You Might Need One

9/4/2019 - Here's a Cheaper Alternative to the Kindle Oasis

9/4/2019 - Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale Sequel Is Already Being Developed by Hulu

9/4/2019 - Hurricane Dorian May Have Caused a Critically Endangered Bird to Go Extinct

9/4/2019 - The Suicide Squad Might Have Recruited a Former Time Lord

9/4/2019 - Roku's New Soundbar Is Also a Roku

9/4/2019 - Asus Packed a $4,000 Nvidia GPU Into a Laptop

9/4/2019 - The Light Phone 2 Wants to Save You From the Internet

9/4/2019 - How Schools Are Being Designed to Minimize the Number of Deaths During a Mass Shooting

9/4/2019 - This New Logitech Mouse Has a Magnetic Wheel That Feels Like Magic

9/4/2019 - More Than Half the Nation's State Attorneys General Could Sign on to Antitrust Inquiry Against Google

9/4/2019 - Razer's Tiny, Powerful Laptop Finally Gets Real Graphics

9/3/2019 - Report: Amazon Really Wants to Scan Your Soft, Soft Hands

9/3/2019 - Facebook: We Will Half-Heartedly Apply Our Rules Against Fake Profiles to the Feds Too

9/3/2019 - Ace Returns in This Glorious Trailer for Doctor Who's Next Classic Season Blu-ray Release

9/3/2019 - Doom Patrol's Showrunner Drops Hints of What to Expect in Season 2

9/3/2019 - Netflix Is Adding to Its Horse Agenda With Centaurworld

9/3/2019 - Facebook: Guess We'll Disclose the Whole Face Recognition Thing (Since We Have To)

9/3/2019 - Government Agency Known for Its Bonkers Tech Now Tasked With Solving Fake News

9/3/2019 - Hasbro Bans Plastic, Evil Dead 2 Fans Get a Guardian Angel, and More in Tabletop News

9/3/2019 - Cory Booker Proposed a $50 Billion Fund to Get Rid of All Our Lead Pipes

9/3/2019 - Tesla Malfunction Locks Out Owners Who Depended on App for Entry, Forces Them to Scramble for 'Keys'

9/3/2019 - Ruby Rose Doesn't Have Time for Internet Haters, She's Too Busy Being Batwoman

9/3/2019 - What to Expect From the Huge European Technology Show This Week

9/3/2019 - Apple Reportedly Scraps Richard Gere Drama Bastards for Not Focusing on Friendship

9/3/2019 - New Aerial Footage of the Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian Is Absolutely Gut-Wrenching

9/3/2019 - SpaceX Says a 'Bug' Prevented It From Receiving Warning of Possible Satellite Collision

9/3/2019 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in September

9/3/2019 - Thousands of Incarcerated People Have Been Evacuated Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

9/3/2019 - Those Batman Rumors Pissed Off Robert Pattinson—Because He'd Been Gunning for the Part for a While

9/3/2019 - A Boy's Extreme Picky Eating Left Him With Permanent Blindness

9/3/2019 - How I Tried to Sell the ‘Healing’ Crystals in My Ears

9/3/2019 - Watch an Actual Train Crash Behind Michael Fassbender on the Set of X-Men: Dark Phoenix

9/3/2019 - Thieves Steal More Than $300,000 in Apple Products After Smashing Glass Wall With Sledgehammer

9/3/2019 - It Chapter Two Wants to Make You Laugh in the Face of Death

9/3/2019 - Why Hurricane Dorian Slowed Down—and Why It's Still Dangerous

9/3/2019 - The Mandalorian Gets Up Close and Personal With Some Trandoshans in a New Image

9/3/2019 - Scammer Successfully Deepfaked CEO's Voice To Fool Underling Into Transferring $243,000

9/3/2019 - A Spoiler-Filled Chat With Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance's Creators

9/3/2019 - Taika Waititi Skewers the Führer in the New Jojo Rabbit Trailer

9/3/2019 - Samsung Is Supposedly Working on a Much Cooler Folding Phone

9/3/2019 - Jeremy Hammond, Anonymous Hacker and WikiLeaks Source, Summoned to Testify Before a Federal Grand Jury

9/3/2019 - California Is Blaming Prison Reform for Incarcerated Fire Fighting Labor Shortage

9/3/2019 - Top Website For Organizing Hong Kong Protests Hit With DDoS Attack

9/3/2019 - More Wild Rumors About the Future of the New Mutants Movie

9/3/2019 - SteelSeries Finally Made the Wireless Headset Switch Fans Have Been Waiting For

9/3/2019 - HyperX's Cloud Orbit S Headset Delivers Next-Level Gaming Audio

9/3/2019 - Texas Whataburger Location Reopens After Viral Video Shows Mouse Jumping Into Deep Fryer

9/2/2019 - Jonathan Frakes Had Anxiety Attacks Over His Return to Star Trek: Picard

9/2/2019 - RIP Terrance Dicks, One of Doctor Who's Most Vital Writers

9/2/2019 - The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Saves Its Best Surprise for After the Credits

9/2/2019 - Facebook's Considering Ditching the Like Count

9/2/2019 - Another Realistic Deepfake App Goes Viral Before Majorly Creeping People Out

9/2/2019 - You Can Watch the First Episode of the New Kamen Rider Online, But There's a Catch

9/2/2019 - 21 Sneakily Useful Subreddits That You Might Not Have Heard About

9/2/2019 - Different Dog Breeds Have Different Brains, Scientists Find

9/2/2019 - What You Need to Know About the Black Knight, Kit Harington's Side-Step From Game of Thrones to the MCU

9/2/2019 - The 5 Coolest Working-Class Heroes in Science Fiction

9/2/2019 - Why Would You Even Want a 6K Camera When Nothing Can Play 6K Video?

9/2/2019 - Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass' Creative Team Opens Up About Reinventing Gotham's Most Dynamic Antihero

9/2/2019 - What's My Best Chance of Living Forever?

9/2/2019 - Watch a Giant Army of Lego Droids Play the Star Wars Theme on Real Instruments

9/1/2019 - Switch Lite, "Gay Gene" Myth, and Ring Acting Shady: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/1/2019 - The iPhone-Hacking Sites Google Found Apparently Went After Android and Windows Users Too

9/1/2019 - A Jessica Jones Alum Is Playing an Amazing Role on an Upcoming Legends of Tomorrow

9/1/2019 - Superman Is Not Great at Leisure Time in This Cute Parody

9/1/2019 - Edgar Wright Shares a Brief, Spooky Look at Last Night in Soho

9/1/2019 - The Game of Thrones Showrunners Have Finally Broken Their Silence…on the Coffee Cup

9/1/2019 - Hurricane Dorian Upgraded to Category 5 as it Makes Landfall in the Bahamas

9/1/2019 - The Whole Family Is Back as Real Housewife Kyle Richards Signs On to Reprise Her Role in Halloween Kills