4/30/2020 - Bryan Fuller's Original Plans For Star Trek: Discovery's Mirror Universe Were So Much Better Than What We Got

4/30/2020 - Chinese State Media Slams U.S. Response to the Coronavirus...with Lego

4/30/2020 - LinkedIn Now Has an AI to Help With Your Interview Game

4/30/2020 - Apple Has a Bright Future

4/30/2020 - Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre Was Some Next Level Whimsical Madness

4/30/2020 - NYPD Arrests QAnon Conspiracist Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Joe Biden, Had Car Full of Knives

4/30/2020 - Democrats Seek Billions for U.S. Students Trapped at Home Without Internet

4/30/2020 - George Lucas and Dave Filoni Wax Lyrical About Making Star Wars: The Clone Wars in This Incredible Interview

4/30/2020 - Hercules Is Disney's Next Live-Action Remake, and Wait, the Russo Brothers Are Producing It?

4/30/2020 - Meteorologists Describe ‘Gargantuan Hail’ From Epic Storm in Argentina

4/30/2020 - The Seafloor Is Absolutely Littered in Microplastic

4/30/2020 - My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way Is Penning a Haunting, Nostalgic New Comic

4/30/2020 - Whole Foods Workers Are Starting a Strike Fund

4/30/2020 - Wanna Spend a (Virtual) Night in the Real Conjuring House?

4/30/2020 - These 5 Charts Show How the Coronavirus Is Affecting Global Energy Demand and Emissions

4/30/2020 - Hey Wait a Minute, I Think I've Seen This Movie Before

4/30/2020 - No Evidence of Coronavirus Reinfection, South Korean Officials Say

4/30/2020 - 'My Wedding Photos Are the Last Photos I Have of "Normal"'

4/30/2020 - She-Ra’s Explosive Final Season Trailer Brings the War to End All Wars to Etheria

4/30/2020 - The Arrowverse Just Introduced DC's Enchantress, Will They Treat Her Better Than Suicide Squad?

4/30/2020 - Raspberry Pi's Latest Creation Is a $50 High-Quality Camera Board

4/30/2020 - The Courts Are Failing Us on Climate Change

4/30/2020 - Three African Skeletons Found in Mexico Show Horrors of Early Slavery in the New World

4/30/2020 - Quibi's Been Here Less Than a Month and It's Already Leaking Data

4/30/2020 - A Virtual Star Wars Convention Will Precede the As-Yet-Uncanceled Star Wars Celebration

4/30/2020 - Coronavirus Could Change Our Relationship With Trash

4/30/2020 - Plan Your Escape to Another Dimension With May's New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

4/30/2020 - The Scientists Who Won't Give Up on the Warp Drive

4/30/2020 - Movie Theaters Are Screwed

4/30/2020 - Daredevil's Charlie Cox Shuts Down Rumors of His Spider-Man 3 Involvement

4/30/2020 - Motorola Edge+ Review: The Best Battery Life Ever, But Where's the Polish?

4/30/2020 - Intel's New Desktop Processors Take a Very Intel Approach to Challenging AMD

4/30/2020 - L.A. Offers Free Coronavirus Tests to Everyone, Even People Without Symptoms

4/29/2020 - Guy Who Tweeted at Trump Landed $69 Million Ventilator Deal With New York, Never Sent Any

4/29/2020 - Open Channel: Are You Rushing to Get Back to Movie Theaters Right Now?

4/29/2020 - Your iPhone Can't Recognize You With a Mask On, So Apple Has a New Workaround

4/29/2020 - Digimon Universe: App Monsters Is Better Than You Remember

4/29/2020 - U.S. Conspiracy Theorist Probably Behind Leak of WHO, Gates Foundation Data: Report

4/29/2020 - 3 Things We Didn't Like (and 1 We Did) About Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

4/29/2020 - Now's the Perfect Time to Kill Bullshit Cable Fees

4/29/2020 - Roger Stone Bought Hundreds of Fake Facebook Accounts to Promote His WikiLeaks Narrative

4/29/2020 - The World Just Set a Record For the Cheapest Solar Farm

4/29/2020 - Like Uber, Lyft Can't Get Rid of Its Employees Fast Enough

4/29/2020 - Tom Baker and Louise Jameson Recorded a Brand New Doctor Who Adventure Entirely During Lockdown

4/29/2020 - It Could Take Decades for the Ocean Floor to Recover From Deep Sea Mining

4/29/2020 - 'Totally Absurd': Spanish Officials Douse Beach With Bleach to Fight Coronavirus

4/29/2020 - The A-Z Guide to All the Offbeat Disney+ Movies You Need to Watch

4/29/2020 - Mass Grave of Elephant-Sized Sloths Poses Murky Mystery

4/29/2020 - Amazon’s Thermal-Detecting Tech Is Built On Human Rights Abuses

4/29/2020 - FDA to Allow Emergency Use of Experimental Drug as Studies Show Mixed Results for Treating Covid-19

4/29/2020 - Hot Toys' Spider-Gwen and Her Perfect Hair Want to Soar Into Your Spider-Verse

4/29/2020 - Apple iPhone SE Review: This Is the iPhone to Buy Right Now

4/29/2020 - The Coronavirus Is Showing Banks That Oil Is a Bad Investment

4/29/2020 - 10 Movies and Shows That Predicted Way Different 2020 Disasters

4/29/2020 - Android Users Can Now Be Free From Their Netflix Viewing Mistakes

4/29/2020 - Ted Cruz Wants to Stop the U.S. Military From Helping Produce Hollywood Movies Censored by China

4/29/2020 - Hulu's New Animated Medieval Comedy Is Adorably NSFW

4/29/2020 - Lenovo's Wireless Keyboard Puts the ThinkPad's Iconic Nub on Your Desk

4/29/2020 - Watch the Original Darth Maul Help Bring Clone Wars' Most Incredible Lightsaber Duel to Life

4/29/2020 - Well-Preserved Tail of Terrifying Aquatic Dinosaur Shows It Was a Formidable Swimmer

4/29/2020 - 15-Mile Ice Jam Hits Canada's Tar Sands Capital, Causing Floods and Evacuations

4/29/2020 - 'Crazy Beast' Fossil Discovered in Madagascar Reveals Bizarre Mammal From the Cretaceous

4/29/2020 - Google Meet Will Soon Be Free So Long as You Have a Google Account

4/29/2020 - Marvel's New Cookbook Will Teach You How to Make the Most Comical Bowl of Noodles Ever

4/29/2020 - The Pandemic’s First Socially Distant Ultramarathon Was Destined to End in Heartbreak

4/29/2020 - The 2020 Google Pixel Buds Feel and Sound Great, But There's a Problem

4/29/2020 - 7 Camera Apps Better Than the One on Your Phone

4/29/2020 - Goosebumps Is Returning to TV, Thor: Love and Thunder Hits Some Delays, and More

4/29/2020 - What Viral Shedding Looks Like During a Covid-19 Infection

4/29/2020 - Elon Musk Tweets 'FREE AMERICA NOW' As His Coronavirus Predictions Prove Very Wrong

4/28/2020 - Report: Uber CTO Resigns Amid Plans to Slash Up to a Fifth of the Company's Employees

4/28/2020 - Lego's New Harry Potter Sets Finally Give the World Centaur Minifigures

4/28/2020 - Just Look At This Jerk

4/28/2020 - The 2021 Oscars Could Be the Weirdest Oscars Ever

4/28/2020 - Shudder's Blood Quantum Is a Classic Zombie Tale Told From a Welcome New Perspective

4/28/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons Has Its Biggest Year Yet, and More in Tabletop Gaming News

4/28/2020 - Belgians Get the Most Delicious Coronavirus Quarantine Order

4/28/2020 - Doctors in Europe Warn of Link Between Covid-19 and Toxic Shock Symptoms in Children

4/28/2020 - Facebook Will Let Creators Supplement Their Dried-Up Income With Paid Livestreams

4/28/2020 - Everybody and Their Mom Watched Trolls World Tour, Apparently

4/28/2020 - Hubble Captures Incredible Images of Highly Anticipated Comet Breaking Up

4/28/2020 - The Russos Wouldn't Mind if Endgame Made Even More Money When This All Blows Over

4/28/2020 - Controlling an Air Conditioner Might Be the Least Exciting Game Boy Game Ever Created

4/28/2020 - Star Trek: Voyager's Must-Watch Episodes

4/28/2020 - Citizen Scientists Recreate Bronze Age Sword-Fighting Techniques to Uncover Ancient Combat Secrets

4/28/2020 - Comcast, T-Mobile, and AT&T Will Wait a Little Longer for Their Money If They Have To

4/28/2020 - In the New Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Trailer, the Final Mission Begins

4/28/2020 - Apple Reportedly Looking to Start Reopening Stores in May

4/28/2020 - Ranchers and Environmentalists Agree: Trump’s New Water Rule Sucks

4/28/2020 - An Incinerator Burning Firefighting Foam May Be Covering a New York Town in Toxic Chemicals

4/28/2020 - In a New Clone Wars Clip, Rex and Ahsoka Just Jam That Knife Right Into Your Chest

4/28/2020 - Senator Asks DOJ to Open a Criminal Investigation Into Amazon's Algorithmic Monopoly

4/28/2020 - First U.S. Dog Tests Positive for Coronavirus

4/28/2020 - Exclusive: Netflix's Excellent Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Will Return for Season 2

4/28/2020 - How Medieval People Tried to Dance Away the Plague

4/28/2020 - The Escobar Phone Saga Heads to Court in Bizarre Tale of YouTube Hijacking and Fraud

4/28/2020 - How the $400 iPhone SE's Camera Stacks Up Against Apple's Priciest Phone

4/28/2020 - ABC News Reporter Caught With His Pants Down During TV Segment From Home

4/28/2020 - Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Will Get Even More Adaptations Thanks to Massive New Deal

4/28/2020 - I'm a Political Scientist. This Is Why Climate Activists Need to Keep Turning the Heat Up on Joe Biden

4/28/2020 - 16 Tools to Block Out Online Distractions When Working From Home

4/28/2020 - Extremely Weird Bird Hybrid Is Back and Looking to Bone

4/28/2020 - Shang-Chi Set Footage Gives Us a Glimpse of Marvel's Newest Hero

4/28/2020 - Journalist Allegedly Spied on Zoom Meetings of Rivals in Hilariously Dumb Ways

4/27/2020 - DJI Claims the Mavic Air 2 Is Its Smartest Drone Yet, But It's Definitely Not Its Lightest

4/27/2020 - Diamond and Silk Axed From Fox News' Streaming Service for Asinine Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

4/27/2020 - Did CW's Batman Murder the Joker?

4/27/2020 - That Incredible Clone Wars Fight Is Even Better When It's Synced Up With Revenge of the Sith

4/27/2020 - Doctor Who Puts David Tennant, Paul McGann, and Christopher Eccleston in a New Kind of Time War

4/27/2020 - Corporations Are Hoping Computer Vision Cams Will Limit Their Coronavirus Liability

4/27/2020 - Pass the Time and Soothe Your Mind With Google's Legacy Doodle Games

4/27/2020 - 148 Crew Members Test Positive for Coronavirus on Cruise Ship Docked in Japan

4/27/2020 - Verizon Will Give You a Bit More Time to Come Up With the Cash

4/27/2020 - That Hellraiser Series Is Finally Being Unlocked, Thanks to HBO and Halloween's David Gordon Green

4/27/2020 - Enormous Ice Avalanches on Mars May Have Rushed Down Craters at 260 Feet Per Second

4/27/2020 - Researchers in Oregon Are Starting Door-to-Door Coronavirus Testing

4/27/2020 - The Cast of The Goonies Reunites for a Goofy Video and a Good Cause

4/27/2020 - Organize Your Cords, You Godless Monsters

4/27/2020 - In Search of Tomorrow's Director Dishes on What Will Be the Ultimate Documentary for 1980s Sci-Fi Fans

4/27/2020 - New Zealand Says It Has Successfully Managed to Stop Covid-19 Community Spread

4/27/2020 - Trump Proposes Mining for Uranium Near the Grand Canyon

4/27/2020 - In a Flood of New Demand, Shipt Is Letting Gig Workers Drown

4/27/2020 - CVS and UPS Now Delivering Prescription Drugs Via Drone in Florida

4/27/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in May

4/27/2020 - When Your Freedom Depends on an App

4/27/2020 - The Official White House Flickr Page Is Like a Trump Presidency From an Alternate Universe

4/27/2020 - Mike Mignola Wants You to Stay Inside (and Read Hellboy)

4/27/2020 - Great, Climate Change Is Coming for These Cute Seal Boys

4/27/2020 - 10 Fictional Foods to Consider Making With What You've Got in Your Pantry

4/27/2020 - You'll Likely Have to Wait a Month Longer for the iPhone 12

4/27/2020 - Scientists Create Glowing Plants Using Bioluminescent Mushroom DNA

4/27/2020 - Westworld's Chaotic Finale Trailer Reveals the Violent Ends That Await Us

4/27/2020 - The Rise of Skywalker Will Hit Disney+ on Star Wars Day

4/27/2020 - How to Make the Most of an Ultrawide Monitor

4/27/2020 - Updates From The Matrix 4, Mission: Impossible 7, and More

4/27/2020 - Why Do We Use Dark Humor to Deal With Terrifying Situations?

4/26/2020 - Westworld Reveals Dolores' True Plan and Much, Much More

4/26/2020 - Wuhan, the City Where the Coronavirus First Emerged, Reports Zero Hospitalized Patients

4/26/2020 - If the Ancient Romans Could Recycle, Then So Can You

4/26/2020 - Watch the Trippy Music Video for The Midnight Gospel's Gorgeous Song 'Dreams Wash Away'

4/26/2020 - Apparently Trump's Comments About Injecting Disinfectant Were 'Musings,' Not Sarcasm

4/26/2020 - This The Rise of Skywalker Concept Art Turns Dark Rey Into Kylo Ren's Successor

4/26/2020 - French Court Halts Amazon's Delivery of Non-Essential Products During Pandemic to Protect Workers

4/26/2020 - Sebastian Stan Says Falcon and the Winter Soldier Is 'Very Much in the Same World' as Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4/26/2020 - The Latest Doctor Who Short Finds the Doctor in a Moment of Quiet Mercy

4/26/2020 - Chaos Walking Author Patrick Ness Set to Write a Lord of the Flies Adaptation

4/25/2020 - Dyson Built a New Ventilator to Treat Covid-19 Patients, but Was Told the UK No Longer Needs It

4/25/2020 - Ryan Reynolds Is Collaborating With Shawn Levy Again to Make a Time Travel Movie

4/25/2020 - Marvel Still Won't Be Releasing Any New Comic Books Next Week

4/25/2020 - Recovered From Covid-19? WHO Says That’s No Guarantee You Can’t Get It Again

4/25/2020 - The Cassian Andor Star Wars Show Has Cast Two New Roles, Including Mon Mothma

4/25/2020 - Sony Has Delayed Its Upcoming Spider-Man Movies, With Disney's Marvel Releases Adjusting to Match

4/25/2020 - AMC Theatres Won't Open Again Until There Are New Hollywood Movies to Show

4/24/2020 - Coursera Makes Online Catalog Free for Unemployed Workers

4/24/2020 - 9 Magical Girl Transformation Sequences to Inspire You to Get Dressed

4/24/2020 - Baby Yoda Is Extremely Happy to Be Among the Best Toys of the Week

4/24/2020 - Report: Over 100 Militant Groups Have Been Promoting Second Civil War on Facebook [Updated]

4/24/2020 - Are Prisons Stockpiling Death Chambers With Drugs Sorely Needed by Hospitals?

4/24/2020 - Coronavirus Death Toll Has Now Surpassed 50,000 in the U.S.

4/24/2020 - It's a Great Time to Start Making Models

4/24/2020 - Animal Crossing’s Nature Day Exposes How Worthless Earth Day Is

4/24/2020 - Look at All This Oil

4/24/2020 - For the Love of God, Don’t Use Facebook’s Video Chat Rooms

4/24/2020 - We're Having a Bewitching Gif Party

4/24/2020 - There Probably Won’t Be a Miracle Cure for Covid-19

4/24/2020 - Get a Glimpse at Star Wars Rebels' Ships, Tech, and Shiny Lightsabers in This Gorgeous Artbook

4/24/2020 - NASA Rocket Scientists Designed a Rapid-Production Ventilator in Just 37 Days

4/24/2020 - Your Nintendo Account May Have Been Exposed, So Here's How to Enable 2FA

4/24/2020 - Bye, Witch

4/24/2020 - Trump Corrects Conservatives: I Did Suggest Injecting Disinfectant But Only as a Hilarious Joke

4/24/2020 - Facebook's FTC Settlement Is Officially a Train Wreck

4/24/2020 - Robert Kirkman Alleges The Walking Dead: March to War Creators Owe Him Money

4/24/2020 - Climate Horror Show Larry Summers Is Reportedly Advising Joe Biden

4/24/2020 - This Could Be the First Record of Someone Getting Killed by a Meteorite

4/24/2020 - 9 Killer Animated Series You Can Find on Streamer VRV

4/24/2020 - The Flying Pinto Was the Worst Idea in Flying Car History

4/24/2020 - No, We Shouldn't Just Block Out the Sun

4/24/2020 - Celebrate Hubble’s 30th Birthday by Gazing Into This Shimmering Stellar Expanse

4/24/2020 - The Coronavirus Could Ruin New York's Big Plan to Reduce Traffic and Fix the Subway

4/24/2020 - Stop Using Dark Mode

4/24/2020 - Another Text Bug Is Crashing iPhones and iPads

4/24/2020 - “View From My Window” Is the Last Good Group on Facebook

4/24/2020 - Watch the Stars of Doctor Who Spend Time Together (Remotely)

4/24/2020 - Adobe Created a Tool That Could Make Building Accessible Websites as Easy as Using Spell Check

4/24/2020 - 10 Affecting Story-Driven Video Games Perfect for First-Time Players

4/24/2020 - Instagram Live Has Replaced the Gym During Quarantine, and the Classes Are Actually Good

4/24/2020 - How to Use Your Gadgets When They're Broken

4/24/2020 - Updates From The Batman, Westworld, and More

4/24/2020 - Lysol Warns Against Drinking Disinfectants After Trump's Bizarre Coronavirus Rant

4/24/2020 - On Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Revenge of the Sith Is a Phantom Menace

4/24/2020 - What the Fuck Was the President Talking About?

4/23/2020 - Google Will Make All Advertisers Prove They Are Who They Say They Are

4/23/2020 - Facebook Pulls Down 'Interested in Pseudoscience' Ad Category With Over 78 Million Users

4/23/2020 - S.A. Chakraborty's Magical Daevabad Trilogy Ends With The Empire of Gold, and We've Got a First Look

4/23/2020 - Doctor Aphra Is the Star of Star Wars' Next Step Into the Audio Drama World

4/23/2020 - Report: Amazon Uses Marketplace Seller Data to Make Its Own Competing Products

4/23/2020 - What Time Is the Reckoning?

4/23/2020 - Incredible New Map of Moon Shows Its Every Nook and Cranny

4/23/2020 - All 3 Seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender Are Finally Coming to Netflix

4/23/2020 - Stuck at Home, Audiologists Remotely Switch On Toddler's New Hearing Device

4/23/2020 - Quibi Comes to TVs Next Month, Sort Of

4/23/2020 - 20 Great Doctor Who Stories to Dive Into Its Wonderful World of Audio Adventures

4/23/2020 - A Symphony of Filth and Wanking, in Art Gifs [NSFW]

4/23/2020 - FX's New Animated Series From Dan Harmon, Aubrey Plaza, Danny DeVito, and Satan Sounds Like Magic

4/23/2020 - Telemedicine Doesn't Need Boston Dynamics' Nightmare Robot Dog

4/23/2020 - Dermatologists Report Odd Toe Symptoms Potentially Linked to Covid-19

4/23/2020 - Planet of the Humans Comes This Close to Actually Getting the Real Problem, Then Goes Full Ecofascism

4/23/2020 - This Guy Turned a 90-Year-Old Typewriter Into a Drum Machine, and It Sounds Fantastic

4/23/2020 - Astronomers Think They've Found a Whole Population of Rocks From Outside the Solar System

4/23/2020 - VR's Future Isn't in Gaming

4/23/2020 - You Can Now Wear the Secret to Time Travel Around Your Neck (1.21 Jigawatts Not Required)

4/23/2020 - The Same People Who Peddle Climate Denial Are Behind Coronavirus Pseudoscience

4/23/2020 - FCC Just Voted to Make Wifi Better for Everyone

4/23/2020 - The 'Insect Apocalypse' Might Not be as Hopeless as We Thought

4/23/2020 - Twitter Cracks Down on 5G Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories That Have Inspired Dozens of Cell Tower Attacks

4/23/2020 - 20 Horror Directorial Debuts That Became Genre Classics

4/23/2020 - This Collection of Handheld Computers Is the Roadmap to the Modern Smart Phone

4/23/2020 - We Just Got a Better Idea of What Apple's Homegrown Mac CPUs Will Look Like

4/23/2020 - Batman Casts a Long Shadow in This Amazing Arkham Asylum Poster

4/23/2020 - Top Vaccine Official Says He Was Demoted for Pushing for More Science on Hydroxychloroquine

4/23/2020 - A Guide to Dune’s Gargantuan Cast of Characters

4/23/2020 - New Seismic Map of North America Reveals a Continent Under Tremendous Stress

4/23/2020 - Snowpiercer's New Trailer Illuminates the Difference Between the Haves and the Have-Nots

4/23/2020 - The Mandalorian Documentary's First Trailer Goes Behind the Scenes on Bringing Baby Yoda to Life

4/23/2020 - 'I Have Now Had More Physical Contact With the Deceased Than I Have With Anyone Living'

4/23/2020 - Apple Music Is Coming to Samsung TVs

4/23/2020 - This Weird Wearable Is Keeping Me Fit and Rested During Lockdown

4/23/2020 - 31 Little-Known Settings on Your Phone and Laptop You Should Know About

4/23/2020 - Updates on the Russo Brothers' Battle of the Planets Movie and Magic: The Gathering TV Show

4/23/2020 - What Would Shopping Look Like If Amazon Suddenly Shut Down Its Warehouses?

4/23/2020 - Police Deploy 'Pandemic Drone' to Detect Fevers and Enforce Social Distancing

4/22/2020 - Report: HHS Put Aide Nicknamed the 'Dog Breeder,' an Actual Dog Breeder, in Charge of Virus Response

4/22/2020 - And Now, Blue Öyster Cult's 'Godzilla,' Performed By the Band Live at Home

4/22/2020 - The Writer of Thomas Was Alone and Subsurface Circular Has Launched a Free Sci-Fi Audio Drama

4/22/2020 - What Hapandemics in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas

4/22/2020 - Zoom Rolls Out Security Updates Following Zoombombing and Glaring Security Failures

4/22/2020 - 9 Superpowers We'd Love to Have in Our Present Day Reality

4/22/2020 - Right-Wing Extremists Appear to Be Circulating 25,000 Stolen WHO, NIH Passwords and Emails

4/22/2020 - Sex Education's Horny Romeo and Juliet Space Opera Is Even Better Uncut

4/22/2020 - Net Art Vs. the Art World

4/22/2020 - Magnetic Clues in Australian Rocks Suggest Plate Tectonics Began Over 3 Billion Years Ago

4/22/2020 - A Female-Centric Star Wars Show Is in Development at Disney+ From the Co-Creator of Russian Doll

4/22/2020 - The Trouble With Stephen Wolfram’s New 'Fundamental Theory of Physics'

4/22/2020 - The New Traveler's Guide to Batuu Is the Next Best Thing to Being at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge [Updated]

4/22/2020 - CDC Director Says a Second Wave of Coronavirus This Winter Could Be 'More Difficult'

4/22/2020 - CEO Defends Reopening Gyms by Falsely Claiming Coronavirus Can Be Cured 'With a Few Hundred Dollars' Worth of Drugs'

4/22/2020 - The Time to Fix Our Broken Water System Is Now

4/22/2020 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Must-Watch Episodes

4/22/2020 - How Transforming My Apartment Into an Indoor Farm Turned Into a Very Bad Idea

4/22/2020 - Scientists Are Sticking Cameras on Whales to Explore the Changing Antarctic

4/22/2020 - In This Exclusive Peek at Nnedi Okorafor's Remote Control, a Magical Teen Flexes Her Terrifying Powers

4/22/2020 - Miami Is Experiencing Its Hottest April Ever

4/22/2020 - The First U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Were Weeks Earlier Than Previously Thought

4/22/2020 - The Robot Revolution Will Continue to Be Televised as Westworld Returns for Season 4

4/22/2020 - Accepting Lots of Friend Requests Makes You a Fake Account Target, Facebook Finds

4/22/2020 - George R.R. Martin's A Clash of Kings Gets a Gorgeous (and Bloody) Collector's Edition

4/22/2020 - Motorola Edge+: Endless Edge Screen and a Goddamn Headphone Jack for Less Than Samsung's Best

4/22/2020 - YouTube's Biggest Threat to Its Content Creators Continues to Be Itself

4/22/2020 - The 4 Weirdest Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reality TV Shows

4/22/2020 - Heavy Rainfall May Have Sparked Kilauea's Explosive 2018 Eruption

4/22/2020 - All the Killer Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero Stuff We Can't Wait to Watch on HBO Max [Updated]

4/22/2020 - Polar's New GPS Watch Is Probably Perfect for the Outdoor Adventures You're Not Having Right Now

4/22/2020 - The Space Shuttle Was a Beautiful—but Terrible—Idea

4/22/2020 - Updates From Venom 2, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and More

4/22/2020 - Tab Groups Is Chrome's Best New Feature in Years, and Here's How to Use It

4/22/2020 - Trump Admin Gives Coronavirus Tracking Contract to Peter Thiel's Palantir: Report

4/22/2020 - Missouri Sues China Over Coronavirus Pandemic to Distract From Trump's Failures

4/22/2020 - Facebook Agreed to Censor More 'Anti-State' Posts in Vietnam After State Telcos Tanked Its Traffic

4/21/2020 - House Dems Could Clear Voting by Proxy During Pandemic, With Republicans Unable to Block It

4/21/2020 - Toei's Putting Sailor Moon's First 3 Classic Series on YouTube for Free in Japan [Updated]

4/21/2020 - The Greatness of Jurassic Park Comes From Its Many Bad Ideas

4/21/2020 - NY Attorney General Opens Spectrum Inquiry Amid Report of Coronavirus Deaths, Hundreds of Worker Infections

4/21/2020 - Anything Trump Does to Prop Up the Oil Industry Will Fail in the End

4/21/2020 - Report: The Mandalorian Season 3 Is Already on the Way at Disney+

4/21/2020 - Leave the Healthcare Workers Alone

4/21/2020 - Spectrum Workers Inevitably Got Covid-19 After Being Barred From Working at Home

4/21/2020 - Why Is It So Hard to Figure Out If the Coronavirus Is Airborne?

4/21/2020 - The Divine Chris Pine May Be Joining The Saint Reboot

4/21/2020 - The Revamped Razer Blade Stealth Fixes One of Its Biggest Issues

4/21/2020 - We're Living in the Golden Age of Crossword Puzzles

4/21/2020 - We Have Truly Entered the Age of Embracing Our Nerd Bullshit

4/21/2020 - Calm Yourself With Endless Super Mario Clouds

4/21/2020 - Legends of Tomorrow's Wild New Trailer Promises a Star Trek Parody for the Ages

4/21/2020 - Spotify’s New Podcast Playlists Will Feed Your True Crime Addiction

4/21/2020 - Singapore Bans Chocolate Shops and Snack Production to Combat Coronavirus

4/21/2020 - The Writers of Venom Will Make a One Punch Man Movie for Sony

4/21/2020 - That Hunger Games Prequel You Knew Was Coming Just Hired a Director

4/21/2020 - The US Cities With the Worst Air Pollution All Have Something in Common

4/21/2020 - Vanishing Exoplanet Might Actually Be the Aftermath of a 'Supercatastrophic' Collision

4/21/2020 - Stargirl Is a Gentler DC Universe, You Know...for Kids

4/21/2020 - Microsoft Could Reveal a More Affordable Xbox Series X in May

4/21/2020 - France Wants Apple to Ease iOS Bluetooth Restrictions. That's a Bad Idea.

4/21/2020 - Gotta Say, the Maker Community Is Really Shining These Days

4/21/2020 - A Literal Game of Thrones Begins in This First Look at Crunchyroll's New Original Series

4/21/2020 - HBO Max Is Officially Launching Next Month

4/21/2020 - The Coal Industry's New 'Clean Coal' Scheme Is Dirty

4/21/2020 - AMD's Newest Processors Start at $100 and Could Give You One Major Edge Over Intel

4/21/2020 - HBO Max's First Looney Tunes Cartoons Trailer Revels in Modern Day Lunacy

4/21/2020 - Welcome to My Smart App Hell

4/21/2020 - David Lynch Says There's No More Twin Peaks in the Cards Right Now

4/21/2020 - Sonos Challenges Spotify and Apple With New Streaming Music Service

4/21/2020 - Viruses Make Us Question What It Means to Be Alive

4/21/2020 - Trump, Disingenuously Citing Coronavirus, Says He Will Temporarily Shut Down All Immigration to U.S.

4/20/2020 - GOP Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp: Many Businesses Can Reopen Soon, Whether Local Officials Like It or Not

4/20/2020 - Supergirl's Nicole Maines Finds Out L.A. Is Full of Snarky Vampires in Bit

4/20/2020 - Apple May Release a Whole Bunch of New (and Some Unusual) Products This Year

4/20/2020 - This Excellent YouTube Channel Turns Your Favorite Pop Culture Heroes Into Playable D&D Characters

4/20/2020 - Fog of Love Is a Solid Stepping Stone for Tabletop RPGs and Relationships

4/20/2020 - DC's Latest Effort to Keep Comics Interest Alive Is Upcycled Digital Titles

4/20/2020 - Guy Uses Physics and Computer Simulations to Design a Never-Miss Basketball Hoop

4/20/2020 - Areas With More Air Pollution Have Had More Covid-19 Fatalities

4/20/2020 - Pro-Gun Activists Are Behind Some of Facebook's Biggest Anti-Quarantine Groups

4/20/2020 - This Robovac Helpfully Shreds Hair It Finds on the Floor

4/20/2020 - Uber Decides to Pick Up Amazon's Slack with New Delivery Services

4/20/2020 - What the Actual Fuck Is Happening With Oil Prices Right Now?

4/20/2020 - From the io9 Archives, 10 Pieces of Dystopian Fiction You Can Read Right Now

4/20/2020 - Thanks to Horror Video Games, Horror Movies Aren't Scary to Me Anymore

4/20/2020 - A Woman's Breast Implants Saved Her Life From a Gunshot, Doctors Say

4/20/2020 - Instacart Shoppers Say They Are Struggling to Get Promised Protective Equipment

4/20/2020 - Covid-19 Test Makers 'Falsely Claimed' Antibody Tests Can Detect the Virus, FDA Says

4/20/2020 - What the 'Humans Are the Virus' Meme Gets So Wrong

4/20/2020 - The Real Story Behind That Viral Photo of President Johnson During the Vietnam War

4/20/2020 - Carnegie Mellon and Facebook Have Turned Covid-19 Data Into an Interactive Map

4/20/2020 - Batman Falls Back, Flash Runs Forward in Warner Bros.' Latest Schedule Reshuffle

4/20/2020 - Amazon's Union-Busting Extends to Whole Foods Because of Course It Does

4/20/2020 - Doctor Who Says Goodbye to Our Sarah Jane in a Heartbreaking New Story

4/20/2020 - In a Powerful Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Trailer, It Takes One Spark to Raise Hell

4/20/2020 - This Smart Speaker Prototype Can Throw Its Voice Like a Ventriloquist

4/20/2020 - How Mini-LED Tech Is Changing the Way Displays Look

4/20/2020 - Oil Companies Are Spending a Fortune to Store Unused Crude at Sea

4/20/2020 - Harley Quinn's Second Season Isn't Just Doing Batman: No Man's Land

4/20/2020 - Incredible Video Shows a Humpback Whale Mother Nursing Her Calf

4/20/2020 - Criminalizing Protests Is a Dangerous Idea

4/20/2020 - Westworld's Ed Harris Is Not Happy About That Man in Black Twist

4/20/2020 - Will Brands Reinvent Money, or Are Digital Dollars a Bust?

4/20/2020 - We're About to Lose One of Our Best Tools to Study the BP Oil Spill's Fallout

4/20/2020 - Could Another Star Trek Icon Be Heading to Picard's Second Season?

4/20/2020 - Australia Plans to Make Google and Facebook Share Ad Revenue With Publishers

4/20/2020 - Why Do Cute Things Make Me Mad?

4/19/2020 - A Fantastic Westworld Brings Back Those Violent Delights

4/19/2020 - Penis Plushies, Zoom’s Google Problem and Lessons From Apollo 13: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

4/19/2020 - To Celebrate Hubble's 30th Anniversary, NASA's Sharing What It Snapped on Your Birthday

4/19/2020 - Say ‘I Do’ on Zoom: New York Governor Allows People to Obtain Marriage Licenses Remotely

4/19/2020 - Facebook Will Take on Twitch and YouTube With Its Own Gaming App

4/19/2020 - You've Never Seen Planets of the Apes Like This Before

4/19/2020 - Instagram Founders Launch a Covid-19 Tracker for States That Anyone Can Understand

4/19/2020 - Please Do Not Eat the 25-Year-Old Can of Expired Spider-Man Pasta, It Will Not Give You Radioactive Powers

4/18/2020 - Amazon Is Now Using Thermal Cameras at Warehouses To Identify Possible Covid-19 Cases

4/18/2020 - Major European Players Push for Coronavirus-Tracking App Platform

4/18/2020 - As Diamond Begins to Start Shipping Comics Again, DC's Taking Distribution Into Its Own Hands

4/18/2020 - Google Wants You To Know Where the Nearest Coronavirus Testing Center Is

4/18/2020 - Infinity Train's Creator on Why Trains Sound Scary and Where He Wants the Show to Go Next

4/18/2020 - 8 Nerdy Lofi Beats, Ambient Sounds, and Meditations to Finally Chill the Heck Out This Weekend

4/18/2020 - Wanna Bake? Here's How to Make Cannabutter to Celebrate 4/20 At Home

4/18/2020 - San Francisco Orders Residents to Wear Face Masks in Public or Risk Misdemeanor Charges

4/17/2020 - America's First Crewed Space Launch in Nearly a Decade Set for May 27

4/17/2020 - 10 Manga Series to Start Reading on the Shonen Jump App, One of the Best Deals in Digital Comics [Updated]

4/17/2020 - An Exclusive Look at Jim Lee's Next Sketch to Support Local Comic Stores

4/17/2020 - Trump Proposes 'Phase One' Gym Reopenings Day After Call With Owner of SoulCycle, Equinox

4/17/2020 - Catwoman Gets a Glorious Animated Series Action Figure, and More Purrfect Toys

4/17/2020 - Apple And Google's Tracking Tech Reportedly Isn't Invasive Enough For UK Authorities

4/17/2020 - Amazon Employees Plan Virtual Walkout Over Firings of Employees Critical of Warehouse Conditions

4/17/2020 - Leaks Emerge About Google's Upcoming Rival to the Apple Card

4/17/2020 - Kylo Ren Sure Does Murder a Lot of People in This Star Wars Short for Children

4/17/2020 - Apple Music Now Available On the Web, But It's a Pain to Set Up

4/17/2020 - The Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Looks Rad but Could Use More Keanu

4/17/2020 - Sketchy Science Journal Publishes Article Titled 'What's the Deal With Birds?'

4/17/2020 - Deadpool and the X-Force Mutants Have Invaded Fortnite

4/17/2020 - This Video May Have Given Us an Early Look at the iPhone 12

4/17/2020 - Latest Coronavirus Science: Antiviral Drug Shows Promise in New Trials

4/17/2020 - I’m Going Through Some Stuff, So Check Out These PeePee Plushies

4/17/2020 - Star Wars' Digital Trading Cards Have Gotten So Much Weirder

4/17/2020 - Hacking Attacks Against Corporations Have More Than Doubled in the Last Month

4/17/2020 - Zoom Has a Google Problem

4/17/2020 - Sale of .Org Registry to Private Equity Vampires Stalled After California AG Warning

4/17/2020 - 10 Perfect Movies for Hosting Your Netflix Watch Party

4/17/2020 - Goodbye, Earth

4/17/2020 - Losing Charismatic Marine Species Could Lead to 'Massive' Ecosystem Collapse

4/17/2020 - Is Everyone Highlighting on Their Kindle a Total Weirdo—or Am I?

4/17/2020 - Sci-Fi Fanatics Suspected of Arson as Wildfires Near Chernobyl Create World’s Worst Air Pollution

4/17/2020 - San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Is Canceled

4/17/2020 - Tessa Thompson Is Helping Turn a Reddit Sci-Fi Horror Story Into an Amazon TV Show

4/17/2020 - How to Get Famous Art in Animal Crossing Using the Getty Museum's Archive

4/17/2020 - How to Figure Out What's Wrong With Your Internet Connection

4/17/2020 - Devs Was an Utterly Bizarre Head Trip With a Surprisingly Beautiful Twist

4/17/2020 - Kneeling, Decapitated Skeleton Offers Evidence of Ancient Chinese Sacrificial Custom

4/17/2020 - Apollo 13 Is a Dramatic Reminder Why Rushing Back to the Moon Is a Mistake

4/17/2020 - Help NASA Save the World's Coral By Playing a Video Game

4/17/2020 - Sony's Patented a Fuzzy Robot to Be Your Supportive Gaming Buddy

4/17/2020 - Elisabeth Sladen's Daughter Will Play Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who's Latest Audio Adventure

4/17/2020 - Artemis Fowl's Latest Trailer Ups the Bond Factor by Piling on the Action

4/17/2020 - Samsung Redesigned Its TV Boxes to be Easily Converted Into Cat Houses and Entertainment Centers

4/17/2020 - A New Green Hornet Movie Is on the Way

4/17/2020 - What My Stupid Body Taught Me About Organ Donation During a Pandemic

4/17/2020 - America Needs New Names for the State Alliances Forming to Circumvent Trump

4/17/2020 - This Week's Clone Wars Was the Best Star Wars Movie in Years

4/16/2020 - Right-Wing Protesters, Some Armed, Demand Governors End Social Distancing Measures

4/16/2020 - The 'Spooky Imaginary Friend' Plot Gets Elevated to Horrifying New Levels in the Creepy Trailer for Z

4/16/2020 - Oh, Disney Just Straight Up Has a Holodeck Now

4/16/2020 - Hot Toys' Newest Avengers: Endgame Figure Can Perform the World's Most Expensive Action Figure Headbutt

4/16/2020 - Trump Administration Courageously Ignores the Benefits of Reducing Toxic Mercury Emissions

4/16/2020 - New Surface Book 3 Details Leaked by European Retailers

4/16/2020 - J.J. Abrams Is Making Justice League Dark and The Shining TV Shows

4/16/2020 - 9 Immersive Audiobooks That Will Transport You to Another World

4/16/2020 - Great, Now We Have to Worry About Sunny Skies Melting Greenland's Ice Sheet

4/16/2020 - Amazon Would Reportedly Like You to Stop Buying So Much Shit

4/16/2020 - Astronomers See Glimmers of a Second World Circling the Nearest Star to the Sun

4/16/2020 - Cassian Andor's Disney+ Star Wars Series Just Got Even More Interesting

4/16/2020 - Jump in U.S. Covid-19 Death Tally Expected as CDC Changes Counting Practices

4/16/2020 - 10 Shows I'm Too Lazy to Watch, and You're Gonna Hate Me for It

4/16/2020 - The West Is Facing Its Worst Megadrought in at Least 1,200 Years

4/16/2020 - The New iPad Pro Inches Closer to Becoming the Laptop I Want

4/16/2020 - Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Exoplanet Spotted in the Kepler Reject Pile

4/16/2020 - Demolition Man's Writer Wasn't Trying to Be Prescient, He Just Wanted to Make a Funny Movie

4/16/2020 - Today's Extreme Floods Could Happen Daily by 2100

4/16/2020 - Users Claim the Exynos Version of the Galaxy S20 Ultra Is Suffering From a Boatload of Issues

4/16/2020 - What We Do in the Shadows Starts Season 2 Off With a Zombie and Some Major Blasts From the Past

4/16/2020 - ‘My Record Was 3 Weeks With the Same Mask’

4/16/2020 - Don't Fall for Shell's New Climate Pledge

4/16/2020 - Apple Is Developing High-End, Modular Headphones: Report

4/16/2020 - A New Firefly Graphic Novel Will Explore the Life, Death, and Afterlife of Wash

4/16/2020 - The First Brave New World Trailer Suggests a Land of Sex and Drugs Is Maybe Kinda Bad?

4/16/2020 - Logitech's New Keyboard Case Brings a Touchpad to Older iPads for Half the Cost of Apple's

4/16/2020 - Are There Really Still Hopes for a Third Tron Movie?

4/16/2020 - Lenovo Makes Big Battery Life Claims for Its New Budget Gaming Laptops

4/16/2020 - 17 Online Ways to Keep Kids Educated and Entertained

4/16/2020 - 17 Corpses Found in Nursing Home As Elderly Care Facilities Are Devastated by Coronavirus

4/15/2020 - Amazon to Shut Down for 5 Days in France After Court Finds Its Coronavirus Response Inadequate

4/15/2020 - Doctor Who's Newest Short Story Gives 13 a Lockdown of Her Own to Deal With

4/15/2020 - Melting Ice Exposes Mountain Pass Used by Vikings, Including Ancient Dog and Leash

4/15/2020 - 5 Expert Tips to Build a Great Tabletop RPG Character

4/15/2020 - White House Stockpiled 3,600 Surgical Masks as CDC Said General Public Didn't Need to Wear Them

4/15/2020 - Google Does the Bare Minimum to Keep Industry It Destroyed on Life Support

4/15/2020 - Senators Urge FTC to Punish Coronavirus Price-Gougers

4/15/2020 - Experian Is Tracking the People Most Likely to Get Screwed Over by Coronavirus

4/15/2020 - The Solar Opposites Aliens Get a Crash Course in Earth Culture in the Latest Trailer

4/15/2020 - Clean Energy Lost More Workers in March Than the Entire Coal Industry Employs

4/15/2020 - The Best Star Wars Reads of the Disney Era

4/15/2020 - Cities Are Closing Streets to Cars During Coronavirus—They Should Make It Permanent

4/15/2020 - Researchers Warn of 'Wave' of Neurological Illness Caused by the Coronavirus

4/15/2020 - An Agent Carter Character (Who Is Not Peggy) Will Guest on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

4/15/2020 - Frontier Files for Bankruptcy, Internet Speeds Still Suck

4/15/2020 - Say High to the Stoner Buds in These 10 Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Movies

4/15/2020 - Where Did All the Antimatter Go? Scientists Are Closer to Finding Out

4/15/2020 - Send This Professor Pictures of Medical Trash on the Streets

4/15/2020 - Apple Could Be Doing So Much More With Its Budget iPhone

4/15/2020 - A New Dune Photo Shows Off Zendaya's Badass Fremen Costume

4/15/2020 - 10 TV Shows That Are Not (Yet) Postponed or Canceled

4/15/2020 - NBCUniversal Rolls Out a Free Sneak Peek of Its New Streaming Service, Peacock, to Comcast Users

4/15/2020 - NASA Funds Proposal to Build a Gigantic Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon

4/15/2020 - Wear OS Smartwatches Will Now Remind You to Wash Your Damn Hands

4/15/2020 - Telemedicine Is Not Enough

4/15/2020 - The Nintendo Switch Is Sold Out. This Fan Says They Built Their Own Using Replacement Parts

4/15/2020 - An Isolation Guide to Birdwatching From Your Home

4/15/2020 - We Could Watch Cate Blanchett Showing Off Her Thor and Hobbit Props Forever

4/15/2020 - Satellites Capture a Dizzying View of Krakatoa's Ongoing Eruption

4/15/2020 - Surprise! Apple’s New iPhone SE Is Here

4/15/2020 - NASA Is Using Red and Blue 3D Glasses to Safely Drive the Mars Rover While Working From Home

4/15/2020 - Star Wars Day Brings the End of The Clone Wars and a Fresh Mandalorian Documentary

4/15/2020 - When Is Your Stimulus Check Coming? New IRS Tool Lets You Track Your $1,200

4/15/2020 - The No-Brainer Fix That Could Reduce Trash and Save You Money

4/15/2020 - Sam Raimi Confirms He's on Board for Doctor Strange 2

4/15/2020 - Intel's NUC 9 Extreme Kit Is Nearly the Perfect Tiny Gaming PC

4/15/2020 - Jay Inslee's Climate Team Dropped a Roadmap for a Post-Coronavirus Green Recovery

4/15/2020 - Workers at Hollywood Reporter and Billboard Vandalize Website After Getting Laid Off

4/14/2020 - Trump Announces Freeze on U.S. Funding to World Health Organization in Middle of Pandemic

4/14/2020 - ThunderCats Roar Is Good, Actually

4/14/2020 - Zoom's New Update Sure Seems Like an Attempt to Not Be Labeled a National Security Threat

4/14/2020 - Lawsuit Accuses Grubhub, Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber of Unlawfully Driving Up Restaurant Prices

4/14/2020 - Watch Dark Crystal Become Even More Magical in This Gorgeous Age of Resistance VFX Reel

4/14/2020 - An Amazon Warehouse Worker Has Died of Coronavirus

4/14/2020 - Google Is Developing Its Own Processor for Use in Future Devices: Report

4/14/2020 - Obama Finally Seems to Get the Climate Crisis—Now Biden Needs to Do the Same

4/14/2020 - 15 Tips and Tricks to Make Slack Feel Normal in 2020

4/14/2020 - Ridiculously Detailed Apollo 15 Simulator Could Help Us Return to the Moon

4/14/2020 - Check Out These Free Print-and-Play Games, Plus More in Tabletop Gaming News

4/14/2020 - An Ultra-Rare Supersized Version of the Nintendo Game & Watch, the Original Game Boy, Is Up for Auction

4/14/2020 - Tessa Thompson's 11 Best Genre Roles (So Far)

4/14/2020 - It's Not Fair That Henry Cavill Is This Much of a Nerd

4/14/2020 - Grocery Delivery Apps Are Booming—And That's Bad News for the People Who Need Them Most

4/14/2020 - The True Story of The Lost Boys' Sax Man

4/14/2020 - Apple, Google Will Require Case Verification for Coronavirus Contact Tracing Tech

4/14/2020 - Star Wars’ Final Clone Wars Trailer Is an Incredible, Emotional Ride

4/14/2020 - Ancient Britons Worshipped Chickens and Hares Before Deciding They Were Food

4/14/2020 - Tiny Keyboard Clones Photoshop’s Toolbar for Your Desk

4/14/2020 - Two of Chernobyl's Largest Wildfires on Record Are Out

4/14/2020 - OnePlus 8 Review: This Is the Android Phone for Most People

4/14/2020 - The Biggest Threat to Amazon Is Human Well-Being

4/14/2020 - Microsoft's Surface Go 2 Shows Up in FCC Filings

4/14/2020 - This Ghostbusters Fan Art From Afterlife's Youngest Star Is Beyond Adorable

4/14/2020 - Nintendo Switch Update Brings Button Remapping, Easier SD Card Transfer, and Animal Crossing Icons

4/14/2020 - What Is the Matter With You?

4/14/2020 - Get a Close, Gross, Exclusive Look at One of Underwater's Monsters

4/14/2020 - North Korea Test-Fires Cruise Missiles Just to Heighten Everyone's Anxiety Right Now

4/14/2020 - How This Dubious “Doctor” Became “The Most Quoted Human on the Planet”

4/14/2020 - Our Latest Look at Dune Reveals Some Timely Changes From the Novel

4/14/2020 - Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Black Adam, and More

4/14/2020 - How to Restore Deleted Files on Any Device

4/14/2020 - Couple Fined For Violating Lockdown After Posting Old Vacation Photos to Facebook

4/14/2020 - SoftBank's Vision Fund Not Feeling So Good, Will Take Nearly $17 Billion Hit Amid Pandemic

4/13/2020 - Apple Maps Will Soon Show You How Few Coronavirus Testing Centers There Are In the U.S.

4/13/2020 - French Government Report Explains Fighter Jet Passenger Who Accidentally Ejected Himself Was Really Stressed Out

4/13/2020 - Raspberry Pi's Cheapest Computer Could Ease Ventilator Shortage

4/13/2020 - Digimon Adventure: Upped Its Game By Focusing on the Real World

4/13/2020 - Wargaming Paint Companies Are Pivoting to Hand Sanitizer

4/13/2020 - Deforestation Spikes in the Amazon Amid Coronavirus Crisis

4/13/2020 - The Disney+ Version of Splash Includes a Hilarious Hair-Covered Butt

4/13/2020 - Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Must-Watch Episodes

4/13/2020 - An Old Computer System is Keeping Many Americans From Getting Their Coronavirus Relief Checks

4/13/2020 - Oh Crap, a Really Promising Comet Just Fell to Pieces

4/13/2020 - Under Intense Scrutiny for Endangering Workers, Amazon Hiring 75,000 More Workers

4/13/2020 - Open Channel: What Do YOU Want Us to Recommend?

4/13/2020 - Quibi Promises to Fix the Second-Worst Thing About Quibi

4/13/2020 - Taiwan Wants Its Commuter Apps To Battle Pandemics

4/13/2020 - 8 TV Episodes to Watch for Some Self-Aware Silliness

4/13/2020 - Razer Just Won the Wireless Headphone Wars With Pikachu Earbuds That Charge Inside a Poké Ball

4/13/2020 - How What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 Builds Deeper, Creepier Vampire Worlds

4/13/2020 - Tech Workers Speak Out in Support of Amazon Warehouse Strikes

4/13/2020 - New Theory Explains How Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Got Its Freaky Shape

4/13/2020 - 'Reckless' Coal Plant Demolition In Chicago Releases Massive Dust Cloud

4/13/2020 - New Amazon Grocery Delivery Customers Are Now Being Waitlisted Due to Coronavirus Delays

4/13/2020 - Westworld Prepares for Battle Between Dolores and Maeve

4/13/2020 - Astronomers Spot the Brightest Supernova Ever Recorded

4/13/2020 - How Fuzzy Will the LG Velvet Phone Really Be?

4/13/2020 - Now's Your Chance to Name a Color

4/13/2020 - The Next Generation of iPhones Could Look a Lot Like the iPhone 5

4/13/2020 - In Penny Dreadful: City of Angels' New Trailer, the Devil Is Working

4/13/2020 - Coronavirus Lockdowns Have Reduced Air Pollution by 30 Percent in the Northeast

4/13/2020 - Giant E Ink Panel Turns Front Page of the New York Times Into a Depressing Work of Art Every Morning

4/13/2020 - A Tornado Outbreak Ripped Across the South on Easter—and It's Not Over Yet

4/13/2020 - Comixology's Newest Story Asks What a Socially Utopian Future Will Be Like for the Rest of Us

4/13/2020 - How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Webcam

4/13/2020 - Updates From The Suicide Squad, The Walking Dead, and More

4/13/2020 - Fitbit's Charge 4 Is a Great Tracker That's Come at a Weird Time

4/13/2020 - Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Reveals Its First Look at Paul Atreides

4/13/2020 - Which Ancient Medicines Turned Out to Be Real?

4/13/2020 - Julian Assange Secretly Fathered Two Children While in London Embassy

4/12/2020 - Westworld Is Confusing Again, But in the Good Way

4/12/2020 - Location Tracking, DIY Face Masks, and the Stalk Market: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

4/12/2020 - Virginia Passes Landmark Clean Energy Legislation

4/12/2020 - Samsung Finally Says Bye to Its S Voice Assistant

4/12/2020 - This Fan Film Features a Martial Arts Showdown Between Batgirl and Lady Shiva

4/12/2020 - So, Why Was a Tiger Able to Get a Coronavirus Test?

4/12/2020 - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Discharged From Hospital After Coronavirus Treatment

4/12/2020 - Daisy Ridley Has Some Diplomatic Thoughts About the Backlash to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

4/12/2020 - In the Newest Doctor Who Short, Rory Dictates His Biography

4/12/2020 - Last Night's Saturday Night Live Featured a Weird, Dark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Parody

4/11/2020 - Google's AR Easter Bunny Can Still Visit This Holiday Weekend, Even if You're Stuck Inside

4/11/2020 - This Video of the Anak Krakatau Volcano Erupting Will Make You Grateful You Stayed Home

4/11/2020 - These Hilarious Star Trek Videos Turn Bloopers Into Canon

4/11/2020 - Wizards of the Coast Is Releasing Free Dungeons & Dragons Resources to Get You Through the Quarantine

4/11/2020 - A Grim Milestone: U.S. Reports More Coronavirus Deaths Than Any Country in the World

4/11/2020 - WHO Investigating Reports of Recovered Covid-19 Patients Testing Positive Again

4/11/2020 - Gary Dauberman Is Now on Board to Direct the New Salem's Lot Adaptation

4/11/2020 - The Creators of Homestar Runner Just Dropped a Massive, Three-Volume Soundtrack

4/11/2020 - Hellraiser's Film Reboot Has Writers and a Director

4/11/2020 - How We Can Live With Wildlife After Coronavirus Passes

4/11/2020 - Researchers Made Silicon Glow and It Could Make Computers a Lot Faster

4/11/2020 - Escape Pandemic Dread by Experiencing the Apollo 13 Mission in Real Time

4/11/2020 - Uber Adds Payment Caps and Drivers With Preexisting Conditions to Sick Leave Policy

4/10/2020 - Discord Launches Beta to Keep Out All That Background Noise

4/10/2020 - Here's How to Free Up Space On Your PS4 to Install Final Fantasy VII Remake

4/10/2020 - 10 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcasts That Will Give Your Ears and Mind a Treat

4/10/2020 - FDA Warns Alex Jones to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Cures

4/10/2020 - Delta Reportedly Tells Flight Attendants Not to Notify Colleagues If They Get Coronavirus

4/10/2020 - A Scary Star Wars Box and Video Game Legends Highlight the Week in Toys

4/10/2020 - Verizon's Emergency Discount for Low-Income Customers Leaves Behind Those Who Need It Most

4/10/2020 - We Can Afford a Green New Deal

4/10/2020 - Good God, Black Widow's Alternate Avengers: Endgame Death Is Infinitely Better Than What We Got

4/10/2020 - Birds Are Judging You by Your Outfit

4/10/2020 - The Race to Make Ventilators Is Not Like World War II

4/10/2020 - Coronavirus Has Me Thinking Way Too Hard About My Bar Soap

4/10/2020 - You Can Now Send Instagram DMs From a Browser, But the Desktop Experience Still Sucks

4/10/2020 - Why Is Jared Kushner Creating a ‘National Surveillance System’ of Coronavirus Patients?

4/10/2020 - Will We Want to Bang This One, Disney?

4/10/2020 - 10 Frightful Picks to Get You Started With That Free Shudder Trial

4/10/2020 - This Black Hole Is Bending Light Back Toward Itself

4/10/2020 - Apple and Google Are Teaming Up to Build Coronavirus-Tracking Tech. Hold Your Applause.

4/10/2020 - Ammon Bundy Has a Bold New Plan to Simultaneously Get Covid-19 and Be Arrested Again

4/10/2020 - A New Case of Ebola Scuttles WHO's Plan to Declare the Outbreak Over

4/10/2020 - Taika Waititi Teased Thor: Love and Thunder and Swapped Dad Jokes on Instagram

4/10/2020 - Amazon Is Now Letting Warehouse Workers Clock In From Their Phones

4/10/2020 - Amazon Is Building a Coronavirus Testing Lab, Which Is Something I Guess

4/10/2020 - U.S. Postal Service Will Soon 'Collapse' Without Emergency Funds

4/10/2020 - Making the Future Fashionable as Hell Takes a Lot of Work

4/10/2020 - All 3 of Apple TV+'s Shows Are Free to Watch Now Too

4/10/2020 - More Leaks Help Paint Nearly Complete Picture of the Pixel 4a

4/10/2020 - This Is What the Chernobyl Wildfires Look Like From Space

4/10/2020 - Tiny Table Turns Your Nintendo Switch Into a Lap-Friendly Pinball Machine

4/10/2020 - The Underrated Series Counterpart Has New Resonance in the Time of Coronavirus

4/10/2020 - Big Banks' Latest Plan to Kill the Climate Is Taking Over Failing Oil and Gas Companies

4/10/2020 - This Printer Cuts, Doodles, and Makes Craft Time Easier But Definitely Not Cheaper

4/10/2020 - Google Teams Up With New York to Beef Up Its Struggling Unemployment Website

4/10/2020 - In This Exclusive Star Wars Short, It's Droids Who Save the Galaxy

4/10/2020 - Animal Crossing Was My Happy Place—Until It Turned Me Into an Asshole

4/10/2020 - Updates From The Eternals, Spawn, and More

4/10/2020 - The Coronavirus Death Count Will Be a New Battle in the Culture Wars

4/10/2020 - South Korea's Coronavirus Epicenter Reports No New Cases For First Time Since February

4/10/2020 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Drags Ahsoka Back to the Front Lines, Even If She Doesn't Want It To

4/10/2020 - Singapore Bars Teachers from Using Zoom After Reports of 'Zoom Bombings'

4/9/2020 - Way Too Many Americans Are Clueless About Local Stay-at-Home Orders, New Study Finds

4/9/2020 - 10 YouTube Essays That'll Broaden Your Pop Culture Education

4/9/2020 - The Coolest Pop Culture Lego Sets to Build

4/9/2020 - Let Witch Duels and Potential Romance Whisk You Away in This Gorgeous Witchlight Preview

4/9/2020 - Signal Threatens to Pull Out of the U.S. If Congress Passes Bullshit Anti-Encryption Bill

4/9/2020 - Travelex Reportedly Paid Ransomware Hackers 285 Bitcoin Worth Over $2 Million

4/9/2020 - Consider the Curtsy

4/9/2020 - To Prevent the Next Pandemic, Leave Animals Alone

4/9/2020 - Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Leading Women on Strong Friendships and the Aerith/Tifa Discourse

4/9/2020 - Now Even Emoji Are Getting Delayed Due to Coronavirus

4/9/2020 - The Universe Might Be Expanding Like a Lumpy Balloon

4/9/2020 - The Trump Administration's Proposed Mercury Rollback Is Based on Flawed Analysis

4/9/2020 - A Chaotic Ranking of the Scarlet Witch's Comics Costumes

4/9/2020 - LG's Dual Screen V60 Is So Charming, I Don't Mind Its Flaws

4/9/2020 - Hong Kong Court Upholds Part of Mask Ban Intended to Suppress Protests Despite Coronavirus

4/9/2020 - Good Luck Trying to Take Advantage of Spectrum's Free Internet Deal for Students

4/9/2020 - Amazon Employees Were Told Not to Touch Boxes for 24 Hours to Avoid Potential Contamination: Report

4/9/2020 - When It Feels Like Your Boss Values Your Health Less Than the Cost of a Laptop

4/9/2020 - Please Enjoy Discovery's Spock Wearing the Silliest Star Trek Merchandise Ever Made

4/9/2020 - The World Is on Track to See Its Biggest Yearly Drop in Carbon Pollution Ever

4/9/2020 - Boy, I Picked the Worst Time to Start Playing The Division 2

4/9/2020 - Are Plants Quantum?

4/9/2020 - Engineers Are Working to Turn Breast Pumps Into Ventilators

4/9/2020 - Yelp Will Cut or Furlough a Third of Its Staff as Coronavirus Crushes Local Businesses

4/9/2020 - Is Disney's New Book Series Just a Way Grittier Version of Descendants?

4/9/2020 - Windows 10X and 10X Dual-Screen Devices Have Been Delayed to 2021: Report

4/9/2020 - A New Beetlejuice Documentary Will Go Behind the Scenes of the Horror Cult Classic

4/9/2020 - 9 Climate Apocalypse Novels to Take Your Mind Off the Coronavirus Disaster

4/9/2020 - Elderly Covid-19 Victim Spent Days Pleading for Help With Her Alexa Smart Device Before Death

4/9/2020 - Fascinating Discovery Suggests Neanderthals Invented String

4/9/2020 - Could John Cena Be Joining the Valiant Cinematic Universe?

4/9/2020 - Why Coronavirus Could Lead to More Rhino Poaching

4/9/2020 - Here's Everything You Get With a Microsoft 365 Subscription

4/9/2020 - Alabama Disavows Plan to Deny Ventilators to Covid-19 Patients With Disabilities

4/8/2020 - WeWork Can't Pay the Rent

4/8/2020 - 5 TV Shows That Infamously Rushed Their Endings

4/8/2020 - 8 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica Books to Help Get Your Social Distancing Freak On

4/8/2020 - CDC Strips Page on Hydroxychloroquine of 'Unusual' Guidance for Doctors

4/8/2020 - Celebrate Twin Peaks' 30th Anniversary With...Cookie Monster?

4/8/2020 - This Freaky Spiral Thing Is Alive

4/8/2020 - A Family in Lockdown Recreated The Simpsons Opening and It’s Absolutely Joyful

4/8/2020 - Forgotten Blueprints Reveal a Late Tweak to the Statue of Liberty's Torch Arm

4/8/2020 - John Prine’s ‘Paradise’ Taught Us Why We Can't Give in to Climate Hell

4/8/2020 - I Can't Believe Someone is Going to Spend Over $5,000 on This Graphics Card

4/8/2020 - Kevin Conroy's Giving Batman: The Adventures Continue a Familiar Voice

4/8/2020 - Zoom Accused of Misrepresenting Security Measures in New Lawsuit

4/8/2020 - Black Panther's Epic Space Opera Became a Story About the Power of Memory

4/8/2020 - CDC Urged to Release Testing Data as Coronavirus Kills Black Americans at Alarming Rate

4/8/2020 - HBO Removing Streaming Apps From Some Apple TVs [Update: It Gave Them a Two Week Extension]

4/8/2020 - A New False Memory Study Suggests People Can't Tell What's Real

4/8/2020 - Nintendo Promises the Switch Shortage Will End Soon

4/8/2020 - Star Wars' Ashley Eckstein Doesn't Care for Your Clone Wars Filler Complaints

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4/8/2020 - Entire Ecosystems Could Abruptly Go Extinct Within This Decade

4/8/2020 - Evidence of 10,000-Year-Old Crops Points to the Amazon as an Early Agricultural Hotspot

4/8/2020 - Our First Look at Space Force, That Comedy About the Joke That Is the Real Space Force

4/8/2020 - GameCube-Inspired Dock Brings Old School Controllers and Wireless Headphones to Switch

4/8/2020 - Our First Evidence People Exposed to Pollution Are More Likely to Die From Coronavirus

4/8/2020 - The CW's Superman & Lois Has Found Its Lana Lang

4/8/2020 - Trump to World: Keep Your Grubby Hands Off of Our Theoretical Moon Mines

4/8/2020 - Samsung Is Bringing 5G to Cheaper Phones

4/8/2020 - Creepy Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Sure Has a Lot of Ties to the Far Right

4/7/2020 - Genius Trump Threatens to Defund World Health Organization at Height of Coronavirus Pandemic

4/7/2020 - 10 of TV's Best 'Spa Day' Episodes for a Little R&R

4/7/2020 - Watchmen, Avengers: Endgame, Wicked + Divine, and More Highlight the 2020 Hugo Finalists

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4/7/2020 - Not Everyone Can Go to School Online

4/7/2020 - New Data Shows Black Americans Are at a Higher Risk for Covid-19 in Some States

4/7/2020 - The First Lego Super Mario Expansions Look Wonderfully Weird

4/7/2020 - Number of Coronavirus Deaths in New York Is Likely Much Higher Than We Think

4/7/2020 - McDonald's UK Will Stop Putting Plastic Toys in Happy Meals Next Year

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4/7/2020 - Location Tracking to Fight Coronavirus Is Dangerous and Possibly Pointless

4/7/2020 - Divergent Author Veronica Roth's Chosen Ones Is Out Today, and We've Got an Exclusive Excerpt

4/7/2020 - I'm a Disaster Scientist. Here's Why We Need to Think About Coronavirus Recovery Now

4/7/2020 - Animated LED Face Mask Reminds Others to Stay Six Feet Away

4/7/2020 - Legend of Korra's Live Read Let Us Watch Korra and Asami Be Adorably Loveable

4/7/2020 - Earth-Spanning Telescope Takes Unprecedented Image of Black Hole Spewing Radiation

4/7/2020 - Giant Concrete Umbrellas Could Protect the Lucky Ones From Storm Surge

4/7/2020 - Dyson Redesigned Its High-Maintenance Humidifier So It Now Cleans Itself

4/7/2020 - Map Shows Where the U.S. Power Grid Would Be Hit Worst by a Solar Storm

4/7/2020 - Birds of Prey's Cathy Yan Wants Harley and Poison Ivy in the Sequel

4/7/2020 - How an 18th Century Explorer Can Help Us Understand the Algorithms Taking Over Our World

4/7/2020 - The Best Weather Apps to Switch to Now That Apple Owns Dark Sky

4/7/2020 - Boeing Says It Will Redo Critical Unmanned CST-100 Starliner Test It Borked Last Year

4/7/2020 - Man Who Made a Digital AI-Powered Twin for Video Calls Is the Genius the World Needs Right Now

4/7/2020 - Boris Johnson Moved to ICU and Given Oxygen After Coronavirus Symptoms Get Worse

4/7/2020 - Martin Shkreli Asks for Three Month Prison Furlough, Supposedly to Help Fight Coronavirus

4/6/2020 - Conservative-Dominated Courts Kill Wisconsin Election Delay, Absentee Voting Extension

4/6/2020 - Star Trek: The Original Series’ Must-Watch Episodes

4/6/2020 - New Streaming Service Quibi Accused of Ripping Off ‘Everything Is Terrible!’ [Update]

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4/6/2020 - FCC Says It Won't Crack Down on Media's Fake Coronavirus Medical Advice

4/6/2020 - How to Make a Face Mask From a T-Shirt or Coffee Filter and Bandanna

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4/6/2020 - Rotten Masks, DIY Equipment, Exhausted Staff: Report Shows Coronavirus’ Impact on Hospitals

4/6/2020 - Harley Quinn's Showrunner on Romance, Catwoman, and Underwater Musicals in Season 2

4/6/2020 - Dr. Drew Sends the Copyright Cops to Cover Up His Dangerous Downplaying of Coronavirus Threat

4/6/2020 - A Royal Reject Prepares for Revolution in This Excerpt From Fantasy Debut The Bone Shard Daughter

4/6/2020 - Latest Coronavirus Science: Heart and Brain Damage May Be More Common Than We Thought

4/6/2020 - Great, Now All That Dumped Milk Could Kill Fish

4/6/2020 - Westworld's New Teaser Casts Doubt on Dolores' Perfect Plan

4/6/2020 - NYC Bans Zoom in Classrooms Following Porn 'Zoombombings' and Security Failures

4/6/2020 - Bose Lets Users Downgrade QC35 Firmware After Months of Complaints

4/6/2020 - Final Fantasy VII Remake's Female Heroes Tell Us About Being Part of a Defining Piece of Pop Culture History

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4/6/2020 - The Walking Dead's Maggie Makes a Welcome (and Living) Return

4/6/2020 - First Cyclone to Make Landfall Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Pummels Vanuatu as Category 4 Monster

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4/5/2020 - The Walking Dead, That Was One Goofy-Ass Episode

4/5/2020 - The Andrew Cuomo Nipple Mystery, One of the Toughest Jobs on Earth and Humanity’s Origin Story: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

4/5/2020 - Fired U.S. Navy Captain Who Fought to Get Sailors Off Carrier Tests Positive for Covid-19: Report

4/5/2020 - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Hospitalized Over Covid-19 Concerns

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4/5/2020 - This Video Essay Tries to Explain the Disaster That Is Cats

4/4/2020 - The Coronavirus Outbreak is Making Dairy Farmers Dump Milk, Even as Food Demand Skyrockets

4/4/2020 - Zoom Makes Common-Sense Security Measures Default After Wave of Troll Attacks

4/4/2020 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Lightsabers Are Holding Some Incredible Design Secrets

4/4/2020 - China Gives New York 1,000 Ventilators as U.S. Government Continues to Drag Its Feet

4/4/2020 - A Man on Lockdown Is Beset By His Action Figures in This Delightful Horror Short

4/4/2020 - This Steven Moffat-Penned Doctor Who Short Story Is a Sweet Introduction to the Doctor

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4/3/2020 - 10 Heartwarming Movies and TV Shows to Keep That Animal Crossing High Going

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4/3/2020 - Wisconsin Governor Finally Admits Coronavirus Pandemic Should Delay Election

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4/3/2020 - Disney Decides on New Marvel Movie Dates, Drops Artemis Fowl to Streaming

4/3/2020 - Which Baby Yoda Toy Is Right for You?

4/3/2020 - Revisiting Black Net.Art and Webpage Poetry

4/3/2020 - Zoom Now Under Investigation by at Least 2 States Over Security Complaints

4/3/2020 - Sam Raimi's Quibi Series 50 States of Fright Drops a Trailer Packed With Bite-Sized Horror

4/3/2020 - Tests That Can Tell Who Has Had the Coronavirus Are Here, With Some Limitations

4/3/2020 - Disney+ Will Fix Borked Aspect Ratio on The Simpsons by May

4/3/2020 - Sailors Cheer Navy Captain Who Was Dismissed for Pleading Assistance for Coronavirus-Infected Ship

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4/3/2020 - Barbara Gordon Is Coming to Titans' Third Season

4/3/2020 - Climate Disasters Make Vulnerable Countries More Susceptible to War

4/3/2020 - SpaceX Starship Prototype Collapses in Third Failed Test

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4/2/2020 - FCC to Vote on If We'll Get Better Wifi

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4/2/2020 - Nvidia Is Finally Promising Ray Tracing Laptops for $1,000, But Still No RTX 2060 Super

4/2/2020 - Lucy's Brain Was Part Ape, Part Human

4/2/2020 - Georgia's Idiot Governor Says He Didn't Know People Could Spread Covid-19 Without Symptoms

4/1/2020 - Private Equity-Backed Medical Staffing Firm Cuts Benefits for Health Care Workers Fighting Covid-19

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4/1/2020 - The Coronavirus Is Forcing the Climate Movement to Reimagine Itself

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