8/31/2020 - Duh: FBI Warned Doorbell Cams Can Also Tip Suspects Off to Approaching Cops

8/31/2020 - These Horrifying Halloween Decorations Encourage Extreme Social Distancing

8/31/2020 - Waze Drivers, Welcome to the Batmobile

8/31/2020 - How to Prepare for the Next Time the Cloud Goes Down

8/31/2020 - Yessenia Has Left Earth(er)

8/31/2020 - The Adventure Zone Comic Publishers Come Under Fire for Predatory Artist Contracts [Updated]

8/31/2020 - Predicting Big Tech's Antitrust Outcome With Oregon Trail Ended Miserably—But No One Died

8/31/2020 - Behold Scott Pruitt's Soundproof Panic Room, As Seen From His Other Panic Room

8/31/2020 - Chadwick Boseman Remembered by Marvel and Ryan Coogler in Powerful New Tributes

8/31/2020 - A Guide to the Unearthly Oceans in Our Solar System

8/31/2020 - The Umbrella Academy Card Game Is Punishing

8/31/2020 - Facebook Here—May We Interest You in Some Transparency?

8/31/2020 - An Ancient Breed of Singing Dog Isn't Extinct in the Wild After All

8/31/2020 - Developers Can Now Formally Challenge Apple's App Store Rejections

8/31/2020 - Bill & Ted Face the Music Caps the Franchise Most Excellently

8/31/2020 - The FAA Cleared Amazon's Drone Fleet, So We're a Step Closer to Commerce Hell

8/31/2020 - Hidden Code on the Disney+ Site Suggests a Watch Party Feature Is Coming

8/31/2020 - An Inside Look at the Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

8/31/2020 - Finally Some Good News: September Is Overflowing With New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

8/31/2020 - Rumor Claims We Could See a 12-Inch MacBook With Apple Silicon This Year, iMac in Late 2021

8/31/2020 - Lenovo Is Making a Gaming Laptop That Weighs Less Than 4 Pounds

8/31/2020 - Ocean Infrastructure Has Basically Created Cities at Sea

8/31/2020 - The Demon Bear Brings The New Mutants Cast Pure Joy

8/31/2020 - Netflix's New Free-To-Watch Gambit Comes With A Very Dumb Catch

8/31/2020 - The Stand's First Teaser Gives Us Creepy Times in the Post Apocalypse

8/31/2020 - The 8BitDo Arcade Stick Is Customizable Right Down to the Joystick and Buttons

8/31/2020 - Dead Whales and Dolphins Are Washing Up on Beaches Near the Mauritius Oil Spill

8/31/2020 - The Best Laptops, Headphones and Webcams For Your Home Setup

8/31/2020 - Updates From American Horror Story, Dune and More

8/31/2020 - The Haunting of Bly Manor's Trailer Reminds You Not to Leave Creepy Dolls Lying Around

8/31/2020 - The Motorola One 5G Might Be the Best New Phone for Under $500

8/31/2020 - Lenovo's Latest 2-in-1s Have Leather Backs and Invisible Trackpads

8/31/2020 - What Will Post-Coronavirus Social Life Really Be Like?

8/31/2020 - Man Who Famously Died From Covid Says Covid Isn't Very Deadly

8/30/2020 - Bounce Music and Why Social Distancing Is Complicated: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/30/2020 - Stingy Slack Paid Researcher $1,750 for Finding ‘Critical’ Bug

8/30/2020 - Eleven Elephants Were Found Dead in Zimbabwe And No One Knows Why

8/30/2020 - The Table Read of The Good Place's Finale Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

8/30/2020 - Chinese Government Decides to Throw Wrench Into Potential TikTok U.S. Deal

8/30/2020 - Uh Oh, Here's Why the Internet Broke Again

8/30/2020 - This Video Shows You How to Make Brilliant Fluorescent Lightsabers for Your Star Wars Action Figures

8/30/2020 - New Mutants Made $7 Million at the Box Office, Which Is a Lot, Considering

8/30/2020 - Paramount Sets New Release Dates for Scream, Snake Eyes, and Others

8/30/2020 - Lev Grossman Talks the Joy of Writing for Children in His Newest Novel, The Silver Arrow

8/29/2020 - Feeling Nostalgic, Apple Will Bring Back Its Classic iPod ‘Music Quiz’ Game on iOS 14

8/29/2020 - Google Failed to Remove Misleading Ads About Voting By Mail Because of a Technicality. Blegh.

8/29/2020 - Let's Celebrate That Cobra Kai Is Now on Netflix

8/29/2020 - South Korea Holds Off Imposing Maximum Social Distancing Measures As Cases Surge

8/29/2020 - Ayo Edebiri Will Replace Jenny Slate as Missy on Big Mouth

8/29/2020 - The REFACE App Has Turned Me Into Narcissus

8/29/2020 - Nicolas Cage Will Play an Alcoholic Dragon in Hiding in Amazon's Highfire Adaptation

8/29/2020 - Marvel Made Fortnite Canon and I Have Lost My Entire Mind

8/29/2020 - Seeing Hurricane Katrina in 2020 Vision

8/29/2020 - Zuckerberg Admits That Facebook Screwed Up by Ignoring Militia Group Complaints Before Kenosha Shooting

8/28/2020 - Chadwick Boseman, Star of Black Panther, Has Passed Away at 43

8/28/2020 - Elon Musk Reveals His Cyborg Pigs

8/28/2020 - The Case for Giving Kate Bush a Metroid Power Suit

8/28/2020 - We Absolutely Do Not Need a Comcast OS on Smart TVs

8/28/2020 - A New Haunted Mansion Movie Is Rising From the Grave at Disney

8/28/2020 - They Did It

8/28/2020 - Spiky Batmen and Crystal Babies Are the Most Angular Toys of the Week

8/28/2020 - Sleep Scientists Want to Cancel Daylight Saving Time

8/28/2020 - More Like Republican Novel Corona-vention, Am I Right Folks? Haha. Oh My God This Is Going to Get Someone Killed

8/28/2020 - Have We Reached Peak Smartwatch?

8/28/2020 - The Force Is Strong with the Friday Gif Party

8/28/2020 - It's 2030, and This Is the Stuff That Doesn't Exist Anymore

8/28/2020 - Let’s Check in on the Amazon, and Damn, That’s Not Good

8/28/2020 - I Sincerely Hope I'm Not Calling This Too Early, But Here's the Dumbest Piece of Tech in 2020

8/28/2020 - Fox Is Developing an X-Files Animated Spinoff About the Dorkiest FBI Agents

8/28/2020 - 10 Totally Excellent Fictional Movie Bands

8/28/2020 - Wolverines Return to Mount Rainier After 100-Year Absence

8/28/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Darkwalker on Moonshae

8/28/2020 - New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward Is a Food Desert—But Residents Are Bringing It Back to Life

8/28/2020 - Viking Sword Dug Up in Norway Likely Belonged to a Left-Handed Warrior

8/28/2020 - Maybe It's Time to Retire the Phrase 'Big Oil'

8/28/2020 - It Won't Replace a Laptop, But the CrowPi2 Is a Powerful Learning Tool

8/28/2020 - Beyond Meat Is Now Offering Direct Sales Online

8/28/2020 - All the Good Star Wars Game News in the Galaxy Can't Compete With 2 Porgs in a Jedi Robe

8/28/2020 - Nevada Man Hospitalized After Apparent Coronavirus Reinfection

8/28/2020 - In the Newest Trailer for His Dark Materials Season 2, Will's Higher Purpose Is Unveiled

8/28/2020 - The Tech My Dad Banned From Our House

8/28/2020 - OnePlus' Next Phone Might Be a Budget Handset With a Massive Battery

8/28/2020 - Bill & Ted Face the Music's Prequel Comic Finds the Dudes Deep in Their Songwriting Struggles

8/28/2020 - How to Get In on Apple's $9.75 Million Powerbeats 2 Class Action Settlement

8/28/2020 - Bounce Music Helped Put New Orleans Back Together After Hurricane Katrina

8/28/2020 - Supernatural's Final Season Trailer Goes for Take 2 on an Actual Ending, for Realsies

8/28/2020 - GoPro's Latest Update Lets You Turn Your Action Cam Into a Webcam

8/28/2020 - These PowerPoint Alternatives Are Free and Easier to Use, Too

8/28/2020 - Updates From The New Mutants, Star Trek: Lower Decks, and More

8/28/2020 - America's Nice Guy Finally Says 'Fuck You' to Trump Supporters on Twitter

8/28/2020 - A Tesla Employee Foiled an Alleged Ransomware Scheme

8/27/2020 - DNC Warns Campaign Staffers to Swipe Left Amid Espionage Concerns

8/27/2020 - Portland's Most Famous Bookstore Will No Longer Sell Books on Amazon

8/27/2020 - There's a Very Good Reason Why HBO Max and Peacock Aren't on Roku

8/27/2020 - The New Mutants Apparently Had Some Serious Behind-the-Scenes Drama

8/27/2020 - Michael Crichton's Sphere May Become a TV Show From the Team Behind Westworld

8/27/2020 - The CDC Sort of Clarifies Its New Testing Guidelines

8/27/2020 - AR Plus Apple TV+ Sounds Like Something No One Wants

8/27/2020 - Lawmakers Mull Whether Depression-Era Laws Could Break Up Big Tech

8/27/2020 - Save the Schools, Save the Youth, Save the World

8/27/2020 - Walmart Wants to Get Its Greasy Hands on TikTok

8/27/2020 - Get a Look Inside Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel's Newly Renamed Kickstarter Hit

8/27/2020 - Climbing Mount Everest Has Gotten Easier, Study Finds

8/27/2020 - Bill & Ted's Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter on Playing Their Iconic Characters as Middle-Aged Dudes

8/27/2020 - I Definitely Didn't Need a Program to Make a Sandwich, But I Did It Anyways

8/27/2020 - This Trio of Star Wars Animated Shorts Takes You to Galaxy's Edge in the Cutest Way

8/27/2020 - Scientists Made an Alarmingly Easy Trip to the North Pole

8/27/2020 - You Can Now Pre-Register for the Chance to Pre-Order the Sony PS5

8/27/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in September

8/27/2020 - Amazon's New Fitness Tracker Sounds Like a Body-Shaming, Tone-Policing Disaster

8/27/2020 - The Babysitter's Cult Is Back in the Trailer for Babysitter: Killer Queen

8/27/2020 - Hurricane Laura Sparks a Chemical Plant Fire, Continues to Wreak Havoc on the Gulf Coast

8/27/2020 - Hurricane Laura Shows Us the Injustice of the Climate Crisis

8/27/2020 - Return of the Revels

8/27/2020 - Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran Will Be the Star of Disney's Next Animated Epic, Raya and the Last Dragon

8/27/2020 - The New Mutants Cast Explains the Simple Beauty of the Film's LGBTQ Relationship

8/27/2020 - Unhatched Dinosaur Egg Reveals the Surprising Face of a Baby Sauropod

8/27/2020 - Star Wars Celebration Might Be Canceled, But You Can Still Buy the Merch and Pretend You Were There

8/27/2020 - Netflix's Live-Action Resident Evil Show Heads to a New Raccoon City

8/27/2020 - How to Turn Off Comments on Your Tweets, Instagrams, and Videos

8/27/2020 - TikTok's CEO: I Didn't Sign Up for This Shit

8/27/2020 - The First Lego x Ikea Collaboration Requires Absolutely No Assembly, Which Is an Affront to the Laws of God and Man

8/27/2020 - Samsung Is Hosting a Second Galaxy Unpacked Event Next Week

8/27/2020 - The Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Might Feature Another Familiar Star Wars: The Clone Wars Face

8/27/2020 - Researchers Give Mice Super Calorie-Burning Fat Cells Using CRISPR

8/27/2020 - The reMarkable 2 Is the Tablet That Will Convince You to Go Paperless

8/27/2020 - Lower Decks Finally Dives Into What Made Its Star Trek Namesake So Great

8/27/2020 - Democrats Might Finally Be Ready to Give Up on a Bipartisan Climate Solution

8/27/2020 - LG's New Wearable Air Purifier Is What George Jetson Would Wear in the Bad Timeline

8/27/2020 - The Only Good Modular Phone Now Has New Cameras and Is Even More Sustainable

8/26/2020 - Fauci: I Was Having Surgery When Task Force Discussed Watering Down CDC Testing Guidelines

8/26/2020 - Report: Facebook Chose Not to Take Down Militia Group That Brought Guns to Kenosha Protests

8/26/2020 - Syfy's New Series The Surrealtor Will Dig Into the World of Haunted Real Estate

8/26/2020 - Quibi Is Doing Drive-In Movies Now—Which, What?

8/26/2020 - This Marvel Poster Highlights the Gorgeous Fury of the Phoenix Force

8/26/2020 - Netflix Punked Me Good With the Julie and the Phantoms Trailer

8/26/2020 - Microsoft Word's New Transcribe Feature Could Convince Me to Give Up Google

8/26/2020 - Belarus Turned Off the Internet. Its Citizens Hot-Wired It.

8/26/2020 - Realtor.com Will Now Show You the Flood Risk of Your Dream Home

8/26/2020 - Altered Carbon Is Canceled at Netflix After 2 Seasons

8/26/2020 - Pet Monkeys Brought to Ancient Egypt Were Buried With Sea Shells and Other Trinkets

8/26/2020 - Revisiting Batman: Ego, the Darwyn Cooke Classic That Inspired Matt Reeves

8/26/2020 - Hurricane Laura Is Heading for a City That Can’t Take Any More

8/26/2020 - Even Google Employees Found Google’s Privacy Settings Confusing

8/26/2020 - The iPhone 12 Pro Max Might Have a 120Hz Display and Fancy New Camera Modes

8/26/2020 - A Teen Threw Scots Wiki Into Chaos and It Highlights a Massive Problem With Wikipedia

8/26/2020 - This Is the Best Portable Speaker for $150 or Less

8/26/2020 - Brand New Star Wars Art Breathes Fresh, Collectible Life Into the Mos Eisley Cantina

8/26/2020 - Tomorrow’s Fortnite Update Won’t Be Coming for Apple Users, Epic Says It’s a 'Matter of Principle'

8/26/2020 - Kanye West Accused of Plundering Trade-Secret Tech To Fund His Internet Church

8/26/2020 - Bill & Ted Co-Writer Chris Matheson on the Evolution of Those Excellent Dudes

8/26/2020 - The Core of This Galaxy Far, Far Away Looks Like a TIE Fighter

8/26/2020 - Browser Game Lets You Punch Cardboard Nazis In IRL Wolfenstein 3D

8/26/2020 - In Baffling Reversal, CDC Now Says You Don't Need a Covid-19 Test If You Don't Have Symptoms

8/26/2020 - Infinity Train's Creator Says the Show's Future Is in Jeopardy

8/26/2020 - Hydrofracturing Is the Latest Concern for Antarctica’s Ice Shelves

8/26/2020 - She Is No Jedi, She's an Incredible Action Figure

8/26/2020 - The Witcher Takes a Peek Under Geralt's Wig in a New Behind-the-Scenes Special

8/26/2020 - Why Your Web Browser Is Declaring War on Cookies and How They'll Be Replaced

8/26/2020 - Hurricane Laura Forecast Goes From Bad to Catastrophic

8/26/2020 - DJI Just Made the Best Smartphone Gimbal Even Better with the New OM4

8/26/2020 - Updates From Halloween Kills, Carnival Row, and More

8/26/2020 - I Need Crysis Remastered to Live Up to the Original's Computer-Crushing Glory

8/26/2020 - Palantir Will Go Public Via Direct Listing, Lost $589 Million Last Year

8/26/2020 - Terrorist Used Drone to Spy on Mosque Before Killing 51 People, Streaming Live on Facebook

8/26/2020 - Thick Clumps of Bacteria Can Survive for Years in the Vacuum of Space

8/25/2020 - Trump's Favorite QAnon Candidate Called Charlottesville an 'Inside Job,' Promoted Pizzagate

8/25/2020 - Get Limber Enough to Punch Giant Monsters With This Super Sentai Aerobics Video

8/25/2020 - More Risky Business

8/25/2020 - Social Distancing Is a Lot More Complicated Than Staying 6 Feet Apart

8/25/2020 - Bill de Blasio’s Back-to-School Plan Ludicrously Relies on Global Warming to Ward off Coronavirus

8/25/2020 - Alleged Teen Brony Has Filled the Scots Wiki With Thousands of Fake Translations [Update: Confirmed Teen, No Longer Brony]

8/25/2020 - BoJack Horseman Creator Says No to Spinoffs But Would Dig an Opera

8/25/2020 - Senate Democrats’ Climate Plan Is a Step in the Right Direction—Except for One Glaring Omission

8/25/2020 - Netflix's Dragon's Dogma Anime Trailer Is Missing Some Heart

8/25/2020 - Chrome Introduces New Tools to Make Working From Home Less Hellish

8/25/2020 - Everything (We Think) You Should Know Before Bill & Ted Face the Music

8/25/2020 - This AI Tech Wants to Make You an Avatar That Will Work in Every Game

8/25/2020 - It Looks Like Nintendo Is Working On a New Switch for 2021

8/25/2020 - What It's Like Helping Shape the Artistic Worlds of Magic: The Gathering

8/25/2020 - It's Not Worth It

8/25/2020 - 'The Trifecta of Disasters' : This Black-Owned Business in New Orleans Survived Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill. Now It's Facing Covid-19

8/25/2020 - The Razer Blade Pro 17 Is a Great Gaming Laptop But I'm Struggling to Be Impressed

8/25/2020 - The Stand Is Coming This Holiday Season, as if Deadly Viruses Weren't Already on Your Mind

8/25/2020 - Trillions of Rogue Planets Could Be Careening Through Our Galaxy

8/25/2020 - iRobot’s Cheapest Roombas Might Finally Be Worth Buying

8/25/2020 - Time Travel and Family Drama Make for a Bad Trip in Time Loop

8/25/2020 - The New Mutants Director Josh Boone Is Confident It's a Comic Book Film Like No Other

8/25/2020 - Evacuations Underway as Hurricane Laura Beelines for Louisiana and Texas

8/25/2020 - In the First Enola Holmes Trailer, Millie Bobby Brown Is on the Case

8/25/2020 - The Rock Explains Why Black Adam Won't Include Hawkgirl in the JSA

8/25/2020 - Fitbit Just Pulled Several Miracles Out of Its Ass With Its New Wearable Lineup

8/25/2020 - Fitbit Just Made a Wildly Advanced Smartwatch That I'm Finally Excited About

8/25/2020 - Meural's New Digital Photo Frame Might Resurrect the Comic Strip Calendar

8/25/2020 - Exxon Ends 92-Year Run on Dow Jones

8/25/2020 - In Apple and Epic’s First Hearing, Apple Wins the Right to Boot Fortnite, But Not Unreal Engine

8/25/2020 - 'Cocaine' Trends on Twitter During Republican National Convention

8/25/2020 - Firefox's New Android Browser Is a Pretty Placebo For Your Privacy Woes

8/24/2020 - Apple Reportedly Swallows Up VR Startup Spaces

8/24/2020 - U.S. Border Patrol Tried to Get Free Wall From We Build the Wall, Whose Leaders Are Facing Charges

8/24/2020 - These 7 Seconds of Cobra Kai Season 3 Are the Best Around

8/24/2020 - The CW Wants to Make a Live-Action Powerpuff Girls With...Powerpuff Women?

8/24/2020 - Internal USPS Documents Show How Much the Postmaster General Is Bombing at His Job

8/24/2020 - Breaking Down The Batman's First Trailer: Haunting Secrets and Enigmatic Clues

8/24/2020 - Why Scientists Are Wary of the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization of Plasma for Covid-19

8/24/2020 - The Flash Will Recast the Elongated Man, But He Won't Be Around Long

8/24/2020 - Trump Wants a Moonbase

8/24/2020 - The Trump Administration Is Getting Sued for Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Drilling

8/24/2020 - Opportunism, Thy Name Is Zuckerberg

8/24/2020 - Fallen Boulder at the Grand Canyon Exposes 300-Million-Year-Old Footprints

8/24/2020 - The NOS4A2 Season Finale Managed to Find Some Hope in Its Very Weird Darkness

8/24/2020 - What to Know About Neuralink, Elon Musk’s Brain-Computer Interface Project

8/24/2020 - I Tried Razer's Productivity Keyboard and Mouse Because I'm an Adult Now

8/24/2020 - Peek Into The X-Files: The Official Archives for More Details on the Show's Creepiest Cases

8/24/2020 - Rihanna’s New Skincare Line Cuts Down on Waste—But Not Enough

8/24/2020 - The Haunting of Bly Manor Is Actually Going to Explain All Those Hidden Ghosts

8/24/2020 - Apple Has Finally Gotten Too Big for Its Britches

8/24/2020 - Ridley Scott's New Raised by Wolves Trailer Pits Gods Against Androids

8/24/2020 - Happy Birthday, Windows 95

8/24/2020 - With D&D's Next Rulebook, Character Creation Will Never Be the Same

8/24/2020 - The Boys Season 2 Is a Scathing Sendup of Our Superhero-Obsessed World

8/24/2020 - Google's Upcoming Pixel 4a 5G Gets Leaked

8/24/2020 - The Coronavirus Has Exposed a Global Water Crisis. New Research Shows How to Fix It

8/24/2020 - Hong Kong Scientists Say They've Found a Genuine Case of Coronavirus Reinfection

8/24/2020 - Tite Kubo’s Bleach Spinoff Burn the Witch Is Now a Magical Animated Movie

8/24/2020 - Close-Up View of Comet NEOWISE Shows It Survived Close Encounter With Sun

8/24/2020 - Why Is Disney+ Running Commercials From 1977?

8/24/2020 - Could The Thing Be Blumhouse's Next Big Horror Reboot?

8/24/2020 - Zoom Is Down at the Worst Possible Time [Update: It's Back]

8/24/2020 - ‘It’s Almost Like a Bullseye’: How the Pandemic Mirrors the Injustices We Saw With Hurricane Katrina

8/24/2020 - How to Identify Any Song or Movie Using Your Phone

8/24/2020 - Are We Already Living in a Tech Dystopia?

8/24/2020 - Trump Exploring Ways to Release Coronavirus Vaccine Before Proper Trials: Report

8/23/2020 - Lovecraft Country Would Like to Point Out that You Can't Eat at Just Anybody's House

8/23/2020 - Sea Monsters, Voice-Controlled Faucets, And an Ode to Flypaper: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/23/2020 - FDA Grants Emergency Authorization for Covid-19 Plasma Treatments Because Science Schmience

8/23/2020 - Louisiana Braces for Unprecedented Back-to-Back Hurricane Strikes

8/23/2020 - The ThunderCats Are Loose in This Impressive CGI Recreation of the Show's Classic Theme

8/23/2020 - Matt Reeves Says The Batman Will Find the Caped Crusader at a Pivotal Moment in His Heroic Evolution

8/23/2020 - The X-Files Theme Has Lyrics Now, and You Can Hear the Cast and Crew Sing Them

8/23/2020 - The First Trailer for The Flash's 7th Season Is a Roller Coaster

8/23/2020 - A Meta-Theory of Physics Could Explain Life, the Universe, Computation, and More

8/22/2020 - The Batman Has Landed With a Brutal, Excellent First Trailer

8/22/2020 - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's First Trailer Gives You a Dangerous Mission

8/22/2020 - Shazam 2 Reveals Its Full Title and a Surprising Cast Member

8/22/2020 - Titans' Third Season Will Be Bringing Some Gotham City Flair With Familiar New Heroes and Villains

8/22/2020 - Leaked Renders Show Off Motorola's Next Razr

8/22/2020 - Black Adam's Justice Society Is Revealed at DC Fandome

8/22/2020 - Zack Snyder's Justice League Is Four Hours Long and Here's the Epic Trailer

8/22/2020 - Milestone Comics, DC's Legendary Imprint Centered Around Black Characters, Finally Returns in 2021

8/22/2020 - This Tiny Robo-Beetle Is Powered by Booze

8/22/2020 - Your Explosive First Look at James Gunn's The Suicide Squad Is Here

8/22/2020 - The Suicide Squad's 'Heroes' Are Ready for Action

8/22/2020 - A Network of Cameras Is Monitoring California's 'Escalating Tragedy'

8/22/2020 - The Flash Movie Will Kick-Off the DC Cinematic Multiverse

8/22/2020 - Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Is Cancelled After One Season

8/22/2020 - Gotham Knights Video Game Unites the Batfamily Against the Court of Owls

8/22/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984's New Trailer Reveals Friends and Furry Foes

8/22/2020 - Duncan Is An Unflinching Portrait of a Pizzagater

8/21/2020 - WordPress to Add In-App Purchases Because Apple Won't Allow Updates Otherwise [Update: Holy Hell Did Apple Backpedal Fast]

8/21/2020 - Some Incredible Jurassic Park Movie-Making Memorabilia Is Going Up for Auction Next Week

8/21/2020 - Mods? MODS!?: Facebook's QAnon Ban Is Too Little Too Late

8/21/2020 - Apple Strikes Back By Making Epic Games Look Like Jackasses, But It Seems to Have Backfired

8/21/2020 - Somehow, a Star Wars Corridor Really Is One of the Coolest Toys of the Week

8/21/2020 - Add the Prospect of ‘Gigafires’ to Your List of 2020 Horrors

8/21/2020 - Holy DC FanDome Batman! It's the Friday Gif Party

8/21/2020 - Fun Game Ruined by Reality

8/21/2020 - Former Uber Exec Charged Over Alleged Cover-Up of Disastrous Hack

8/21/2020 - Director Renny Harlin's Essential Genre Films, Ranked

8/21/2020 - Amid Rolling Blackouts, California Gets the World's Biggest Battery

8/21/2020 - AI Murder Machine Kicks Air Force Pilot's Ass in DARPA's Simulated Dogfight Contest

8/21/2020 - So This Is the Smart Ring Everybody's Been Talking About

8/21/2020 - A Mysterious 212-Story Citadel Reigns Over Melbourne in Flight Simulator

8/21/2020 - Here's What Critics Think of Tenet, a Movie the Rest of Us Should Absolutely Not Go Out and See

8/21/2020 - New Leaked Pixel 5 Renders Depict an Upgraded But Still Humble Midrange Phone

8/21/2020 - What to Know About Covid-19 and Frozen Foods

8/21/2020 - Do Not Be Stupid and Buy a $10,000 iPhone Just to Play Fortnite—Try These Alternatives Instead

8/21/2020 - Keanu Reeves on The Matrix's Trans Allegory: 'Cool!'

8/21/2020 - Check Out NASA's New Toy: A Full-Scale Replica of Blue Origin’s Lunar Lander

8/21/2020 - Postmaster Louis DeJoy Hammered by Senators Over Disastrous USPS Changes

8/21/2020 - Peninsula's Yeon Sang-ho on How Zombie Movies Can Bring Us Hope Amid Real-Life Horrors

8/21/2020 - Dammit, Two Hurricanes

8/21/2020 - Build This Interactive Globe That Finds Streaming Radio Stations All Around the World

8/21/2020 - Facebook Is Switching Over to Its New Design Next Month Whether You Like It or Not

8/21/2020 - Joe Biden Taking Climate Science Seriously Isn't a Move 'Left'

8/21/2020 - Adobe Lightroom Update Is Permanently Deleting Users' Photos on iOS

8/21/2020 - Captain Marvel Nearly Committed the Cardinal Sin of Bumping Off Ben Mendelsohn

8/21/2020 - Patty Jenkins Loves That Wonder Woman 1984's Golden Armor Was Kept Secret While Filming

8/21/2020 - Senator With Video Chat Issues Speaks for All Americans at USPS Hearing

8/21/2020 - ISS Crew Temporarily Confined to Russian Module as Engineers Hunt for Pesky Air Leak

8/21/2020 - 4 Add-Ons for Your Video Calls That Are Actually Useful

8/21/2020 - Sony's Kraven the Hunter Movie Has Found a Director

8/21/2020 - Extinct Tasmanian Tigers Were Way Tinier and Wimpier Than We Thought

8/21/2020 - Look at What You Started, Epic—Now Everyone's Saying Screw the Apple Tax

8/20/2020 - Google's Limiting Third-Party Camera Apps on Android 11 to Keep Their Mitts Off Your Location Data

8/20/2020 - What's the Best Movie Trailer of All Time?

8/20/2020 - Donald Trump Will Not Rest Until He Can Block Randos on Twitter

8/20/2020 - Google May Be Working on a TV Streaming Hub Called Kaleidoscope

8/20/2020 - Researchers at University College London Set a New World Record for Fastest Internet

8/20/2020 - The Miles Morales Game Might Just Have the Weirdest, Coolest Take on Spider-Sense Yet

8/20/2020 - This Portable Security Device Is No Bigger Than a Coffee Cup But Can Feel When a Window Breaks

8/20/2020 - Stranger Things Is Getting a Socially Distant Drive-Through Haunted House

8/20/2020 - Whoops, Looks Like Covid-19 Hospital Data Is Going Back to the CDC After All [Updated]

8/20/2020 - California’s Prison Covid-19 Outbreak Isn’t Behind Its Firefighter Shortage

8/20/2020 - 2020's Reign of Terror Continues With the Introduction of the Cargo Shorts Hat

8/20/2020 - During the Last Ice Age, Erratic Temperatures in Greenland Triggered Changes All Over the World

8/20/2020 - Ray Fisher Says WB Is Officially Investigating Abuse Allegations on Joss Whedon's Justice League Set

8/20/2020 - Chinese Advertisers Might Have Monetized Your Period

8/20/2020 - Look at This Horrible, Horrible Map

8/20/2020 - Ben Affleck Is Returning to Batman for The Flash's DC Multiverse

8/20/2020 - Google Rolls Out New Features to Stay Safe From Wildfires

8/20/2020 - The Boys' New Big Bad Is Almost Too on the Nose for These Extraordinarily Racist Times

8/20/2020 - Drunk History Is Canceled Amid Comedy Central's Push Toward Reboots and Adult Animation

8/20/2020 - Lyft Really Did It [Update: And Got Its Way]

8/20/2020 - At Least I Can Get Pot Delivered

8/20/2020 - The Climate Disasters We Ignore Today Will Eventually Come for Us

8/20/2020 - Here He Is, The Batman

8/20/2020 - Let's Talk About That Star Trek: Lower Decks Ending

8/20/2020 - Mummified Kitten, Snake, and Bird Are 'Unwrapped' in New X-Ray Study

8/20/2020 - Michigan Will Pay $600 Million to Flint Water Crisis Survivors

8/20/2020 - You Can Now Use Your Sony Camera to Look Less Like a Potato on Video Calls

8/20/2020 - This Voice-Controlled Faucet Gives Me Perfect Temperature Water Every Time I Ask

8/20/2020 - Search Your Feelings, You Know Lego's Empire Strikes Back Anniversary Set to Be Cool

8/20/2020 - Airbnb Bans Partying Around the Globe

8/20/2020 - Incredible Fossil Shows a Sea Monster in the Belly of an Even Bigger Sea Monster

8/20/2020 - Florida Plans to Fix Its Mosquito Problem With 750 Million More Mosquitoes

8/20/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984's 'Amazon Olympics' Will Bring an Important Part of Diana's Lore to Life

8/20/2020 - Steve Bannon Finally Gets His Walls

8/20/2020 - Amazon's Wheel of Time Show Adds Some Major New Characters

8/20/2020 - Is Your Browser a Good Enough Password Manager?

8/20/2020 - Data-Informed Predictive Policing Was Heralded as Less Biased. Is It?

8/20/2020 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Tackles One of Starfleet's Oldest, Funniest Questions

8/20/2020 - Is Border Patrol Arresting Firefighters in California During Wildfire Season?

8/19/2020 - Stranger Things Will Continue Beyond Season 4

8/19/2020 - Seiko's Street Fighter-Inspired Watches Celebrate All the Right Moves

8/19/2020 - Facebook Cracks Down on QAnon, Just as Trump Makes Everything Worse

8/19/2020 - Sony's Spider-Woman Reportedly Gains a Female Director and Writing Team

8/19/2020 - Avatar: The Last Airbender's Unaired Pilot Was Surprisingly Dark

8/19/2020 - Zoom Is a Dirty Bandaid On Remote Learning's Gaping Wound

8/19/2020 - Giancarlo Esposito on What It's Like to Play a Person of Color Among Star Wars' Fascist Villains

8/19/2020 - House Releases Bill to Keep the USPS Alive Until After the Election

8/19/2020 - Nichelle Nichols' Family Turns to GoFundMe in an Ongoing Legal Battle With Her Manager

8/19/2020 - iMac 2020 Review: The Last of the Best Intel iMacs

8/19/2020 - Facebook Has a Superspreader Problem

8/19/2020 - Rhode Island Is the 'Calamari Comeback State' Because All the Other Fish Are Dead

8/19/2020 - How Lovecraft Country Went Hard on That Gloriously Gory Final Scene

8/19/2020 - X-Men Apocalypse: The Retro FAQ

8/19/2020 - Renewable Energy Isn’t to Blame for California’s Blackouts

8/19/2020 - Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, and Cate Blanchett Join Guillermo del Toro's Dream Pinocchio Project at Netflix

8/19/2020 - BlackBerry Phones Aren't Dead Yet

8/19/2020 - How Wonder Woman 1984 Will Use Our Past to Talk About the Present

8/19/2020 - Hasbro Recalls a Pair of Super Soakers Because of Their Dangerous Stickers

8/19/2020 - Researchers Find a Way to Copy Keys Using the Sounds They Make Inside a Lock

8/19/2020 - Wildfires Explode Across California Amid Record Heat Wave

8/19/2020 - Netflix Is Testing a Shuffle Mode for Our Chaos Future

8/19/2020 - Leaks Hint Fitbit Might Launch an ECG Smartwatch Soon... and Yet Another Versa

8/19/2020 - Surprise! In the New Walking Dead Spinoff, Humans Are Still the Real Assholes

8/19/2020 - A Car-Sized Asteroid Just Got Remarkably Close to Hitting Earth

8/19/2020 - An iPhone Camera Lens Maker's First Backpack Is Actually a Thoughtful Everyday Companion

8/19/2020 - 10 Tricks to Make You a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4a Pro

8/19/2020 - Updates From The New Mutants, Candyman, and More

8/19/2020 - The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Is the Android Smartwatch I've Been Waiting For

8/19/2020 - President Trump Endorses Bigot Who's Been Banned From a Dozen Tech Platforms

8/19/2020 - First Male Murder Hornet in U.S. Caught in Washington State

8/18/2020 - Google Maps Just Got a Colorful New Update

8/18/2020 - The X-Men: The Animated Series Theme Song Is X-ceptional on Cellos

8/18/2020 - Stadia's Success as a Serious Gaming Platform Rests on Baldur's Gate 3

8/18/2020 - A Haunting Look Inside Department of Truth, a Comic Thriller Where Every Conspiracy Is True

8/18/2020 - Democrats Quietly Cut Opposition to Fossil Fuel Subsidies From DNC Platform

8/18/2020 - Apple Renames Apple Beats 1 Apple Music 1, Not to Be Confused With Apple Music or Apple Music

8/18/2020 - A New Bill & Ted Face the Music Clip Introduces Another of the Movie's Excellent Daughters

8/18/2020 - Now You Can Be Miserable Anywhere

8/18/2020 - Does Our Sun Have a Long-Lost Twin?

8/18/2020 - Facebook Just Told Oculus Users to Go Get Fucked

8/18/2020 - IDW's First Star Trek: Voyager Series Is a Seven of Nine Special

8/18/2020 - Covid-19 Just Passed Another Horrible Milestone in the U.S.

8/18/2020 - Internet Explorer Has Started Its Ascent to the Big Digital Pasture in the Sky

8/18/2020 - Mulan Featurette Shows How Donnie Yen's Sword Skills Are Almost Too Fast to See

8/18/2020 - Postmaster General Says He'll Stop Fucking Up the Post Office Until After the Election

8/18/2020 - An Ode to Flypaper, the Perfect Tech That Asks for Nothing

8/18/2020 - Uber and Lyft: Okay But What If Franchises, Though?

8/18/2020 - Please Keep Mark Zuckerberg Away From My Bones

8/18/2020 - Boldly Get Into Star Trek Adventures and Become a Sentient Gun in the Latest Gaming News

8/18/2020 - Tinted Solar Panels Can Help Farms Generate Clean Energy While Growing Food

8/18/2020 - Stop Me If You've Heard This Before, But a Global Pandemic Ravages the Earth in Utopia's First Trailer

8/18/2020 - Damaged SETI Observatory Could Be Sidelined for Months

8/18/2020 - Smartphones Knowing When You're Drunk Is the Next Frontier of Data Spying

8/18/2020 - Here Are All the Samsung Devices Getting 3 Generations of Android Upgrades

8/18/2020 - Star Wars Ventures Deep Into Thrawn's Past in This Ascendancy: Chaos Rising Excerpt

8/18/2020 - 3 Reasons Why The Legend of Korra Is Just as Good as Avatar: The Last Airbender

8/18/2020 - The New Space Jam Has a Suitably Ostentatious Outfit

8/18/2020 - Ex-Apple Engineer Says U.S. Government May Have Built a Top-Secret Geiger Counter Out of an iPod

8/18/2020 - The Ghost in the Ice Cream Machine

8/18/2020 - The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Is a Super Phone Finally Worthy of Its Name

8/18/2020 - Trump Wants to Build a Wall Around the Internet. How Worried Should We Be?

8/18/2020 - How to Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts Without Deleting Them

8/18/2020 - The Matrix 4 Won't Feature One Major Familiar Face

8/18/2020 - Trump Opens an Arctic Refuge for Drilling—But Companies May Not Want To

8/18/2020 - GeForce Now Works Splendidly on ChromeOS but It's Missing One Key Feature

8/18/2020 - Tiktok’s Latest Suitor Is Oracle, a Company With Close Ties To CIA and NSA

8/17/2020 - Court Reaffirms Star Trek: Discovery Copyright Suit Dismissal, and Also, Tardigrades Are Cool

8/17/2020 - Don't Go Applauding Apple Just Yet

8/17/2020 - Henry Cavill's Floofy Hair (in Enola Holmes) Comes to Netflix Next Month

8/17/2020 - Looks Like Marvel's Avengers Is Getting Even More Heroes Down the Line

8/17/2020 - An Incredible 1960s Watch Gets a Cool Electrostatic Upgrade

8/17/2020 - Secret Service Paid to Get Americans' Location Data Without a Warrant, Documents Show

8/17/2020 - Archer's Star Has Some Post-Coma Catching Up to Do in the First Season 11 Teaser

8/17/2020 - The Trump Administration Just Finalized a Drilling Plan for the Pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

8/17/2020 - Apple Attempts to Take Its Toys Away and Effectively Ban Fortnite From iOS and macOS

8/17/2020 - Some People Produce Antibodies to Opioid Drugs, Study Finds

8/17/2020 - There Aren't Enough Laptops, and That Could Spell Doom for Many Students

8/17/2020 - Amazon Can Add Germany and Canada to Its List of Investigation Headaches

8/17/2020 - Jensen Ackles Trades Supernatural for Superheroics in The Boys' Third Season

8/17/2020 - Train to Busan Sequel Peninsula Is a Rip-Roaring, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie-Infested Good Time

8/17/2020 - The First Phone With an Invisible Selfie Cam Could Be Announced September 1

8/17/2020 - Sputnik's Space Invader Strikes in This Gruesome Clip From the Russian Sci-Fi Horror Film

8/17/2020 - U.S. Air Conditioning Use Could Surge Nearly 60 Percent by 2050

8/17/2020 - Lovecraft Country's Misha Green Explains How the Horrors to Come Are Bigger Than Magic and Monsters

8/17/2020 - How These Top Sad 1980s Toys Defined Your Personality

8/17/2020 - Google's Planned Updates for Wear OS Are Underwhelming

8/17/2020 - Somehow, a Tiny Black Hole Is Causing a 'Heartbeat' 100 Light-Years Away

8/17/2020 - Use This Online Tool to Find Out If You Can Vote by Mail Right Now

8/17/2020 - Jiro Kuwata's Batman Is an Incredible Thing

8/17/2020 - Jurnee Smollett Really Wants a Black Canary Show, and Yes Please, Absolutely

8/17/2020 - The Best Ways to Back Up Your Smartphone

8/17/2020 - Death Valley Just Saw the Hottest Temperature Ever Reliably Recorded on Earth

8/17/2020 - The Hero We Need Built a Gun That Shoots Masks Onto People's Faces

8/17/2020 - Alex Kurtzman Hopes Strange New Worlds Is Star Trek's Return to Episodic Storytelling

8/17/2020 - Here's What the Inside of an Exploding Tire Looks Like During a Burnout

8/17/2020 - Humans Have Changed North America More Than an Ice Age

8/17/2020 - What Would Happen if We Burned All the Fossil Fuels?

8/16/2020 - Donald Trump, the 'Professional at Technology,' Is Now on TikTok Rival Triller

8/16/2020 - Yale Is Working on a Cheap Coronavirus Saliva Test, and the NBA Is Giving It Spit

8/16/2020 - Elections, Summer Blockbusters, And Roach-Infested Computers: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/16/2020 - That Stranded Ship Leaking Tons of Oil Near Mauritius Just Split in Two

8/16/2020 - Lovecraft Country Showrunner Misha Green Discusses the Power of Horror and the Horror of Marginalization

8/16/2020 - George Miller Isn't Sure Whether Furiosa Would Stay a Hero or Turn Tyrant After Mad Max: Fury Road

8/16/2020 - Open Channel: Where Do You Stand in the Avatar Wars?

8/16/2020 - David Sandberg Shares Silly Trailer for Some Very Early Reviews of the Not-Yet-Filmed Shazam 2

8/16/2020 - The Biggest Unanswered Questions About a Covid-19 Vaccine

8/15/2020 - You Can Mark 'Fire Tornado' Off Your 2020 Apocalypse Bingo Card

8/15/2020 - Facebook Is Sliding Into Instagram's DMs. Literally.

8/15/2020 - California's Having Rolling Blackouts Because It's Just So Damn Hot

8/15/2020 - Lucifer's Season 5 Finale Was Mid-Production When the Pandemic Shut It Down

8/15/2020 - Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Will Replace Chris D'Elia With Tig Notaro in Reshoots

8/15/2020 - Jim Lee Says DC Is Still Committed to the Business of Publishing Comics

8/15/2020 - The Next Season of DuckTales Will Feature an Hour-Long Darkwing Duck Special, Because I Deserve Something This Year

8/15/2020 - Qatar's Deserts are Hot, Dry, and Full of Invasive Toads

8/15/2020 - Trump Extends TikTok's Sell-By Date to 90 Days, Cites 'Credible Evidence' of Security Risk

8/14/2020 - Controversial Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Is Teaming Up With ICE

8/14/2020 - Apple TV+ May Be Gearing Up to Offer a Dirt Cheap Showtime Bundle

8/14/2020 - Jinkies, Playmobil's Scooby-Doo Sets Are Frightfully Fun

8/14/2020 - Motorola Just Made an Inflatable Razr Chair, and Honestly, We Just Have to Laugh

8/14/2020 - I Unabashedly Love This Android E Ink Tablet

8/14/2020 - Marge Simpson (Politely) Wags Her Finger at a Trump Adviser for Her Kamala Harris Insult

8/14/2020 - Facebook's Latest Strategy: Throw Apple Under The Bus

8/14/2020 - The Reckoning Over Apple and Google's App Stores Has Been a Long Time Coming

8/14/2020 - Wishmaster Is Still One of the Best Bad Movies Ever

8/14/2020 - They Want to Break You

8/14/2020 - Exploding Black Dwarfs Could Be the 'Last Interesting Thing to Happen in the Universe'

8/14/2020 - Then, Everything Changed When the Gif Party Attacked

8/14/2020 - Hey, Apple Watch, Please Don't Send Me Heart-Stopping Notifications That I Wasn't Exposed to Covid-19

8/14/2020 - Apparently, the Coronavirus Is Coming for Our Pizza Toppings

8/14/2020 - California Puts DoorDash in Its Crosshairs

8/14/2020 - Work for USPS? Fed Up? Become an Anonymous Source

8/14/2020 - Trump Hints He's Open to Pardoning Edward Snowden

8/14/2020 - Did You Ever Want to Hug the Disembodied Torso of Jason Momoa?

8/14/2020 - 5 International Fantasy Shows to Check Out on Netflix

8/14/2020 - The Adonit Note-M Is a Stylus For Your Tablet and a Mouse For Your Computer

8/14/2020 - Russell Kirsch, Inventor of the Pixel and Creator of the First Digital Photo, Dies at 91

8/14/2020 - You Can Watch Star Trek: Lower Decks' Premiere for Free on YouTube...If You're in the U.S.

8/14/2020 - What the Iraq War Can Teach the Climate Movement

8/14/2020 - "Drovorub" Is The Latest Cyber Threat To Come Out Of Russia

8/14/2020 - This Lightning-Fast Robotic Tongue Ensures You'll Snatch the Last Container of Clorox Wipes

8/14/2020 - Weezer Didn't Write Bill & Ted 3's Song to Save the Universe, But the Band Wrote a Pretty Good One

8/14/2020 - A Dusty Burp Could Explain Mysterious Dimming of Supergiant Star Betelgeuse

8/14/2020 - Now Amazon’s Gotta Worry About Exploding Batteries

8/14/2020 - Hollywood's 'New Normal' Could Be Leaving U.S. Workers and Older Actors in the Dust

8/14/2020 - 6 Delightfully Absurd TV Shows to Help You Ignore Reality

8/14/2020 - The Climate Danger of Kamala Harris’ Prison Labor Legacy

8/14/2020 - What Does Epic Games Hope to Gain From Its Lawsuit Against Apple and Google?

8/14/2020 - The Batman Wants to Explore Bruce Wayne's Tragic Soul

8/14/2020 - These Browser Extensions Will Show You Exactly Who's Tracking You on the Web

8/14/2020 - Trump Regime Installs Conspiracy Theorist to Help Build Propaganda Network With Taxpayer Money

8/13/2020 - Uber and Lyft Lose Bid to Keep Exploiting Their Drivers for Just a Little Bit Longer

8/13/2020 - Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya Will Become a Time Traveler in Netflix's The Upper World

8/13/2020 - Fortnite Booted from Google's App Store Too [Update: Now Epic's Suing Google Along With Apple]

8/13/2020 - Pinterest Employees Plan Walkout Following Multiple Discrimination Allegations

8/13/2020 - Democrats Rush to Halt USPS Sabotage as McConnell Announces Senate Vacation

8/13/2020 - Facebook Swears It Won't Fuck Up the Election This Time Around

8/13/2020 - Miles Morales' Big Reveal Almost Wasn't in Marvel's Spider-Man

8/13/2020 - Report: Facebook Quietly Abandoned Drilling Gear Off the Oregon Coast

8/13/2020 - The Showmanship

8/13/2020 - Robert Pattinson Could've Played Chris Evans' Part in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

8/13/2020 - Trump Brags That He's Trying to Sabotage the Postal Service to Rig the Election

8/13/2020 - Google Is Upgrading Search to Make it Easier to Find Live Sports and TV Shows

8/13/2020 - Garbage Crypto Product Dies Immediately After Launch

8/13/2020 - Infinity Train Book 3 Is About the Lies We Tell Ourselves

8/13/2020 - Palantir Is Looking To Go Public As Early As September

8/13/2020 - The Sandman Audio Drama's an Escape From Reality Into a World of Dreams

8/13/2020 - Fortnite May Have Just Laid the Perfect Antitrust Trap for Apple—and They Fell For It [Another Update: Google Just Kicked Fortnite Out of Its App Store, Too]

8/13/2020 - Scientists Found a 200,000-Year-Old Human Bed Made From Grass and Ash

8/13/2020 - A Look Inside How Mondo's Glorious Batman: The Animated Series Collection Came to Life

8/13/2020 - In Monsters of Man's First Trailer, Robots Engage in Some Criminal War Games

8/13/2020 - United We Are Unstoppable Shows There's More to the Youth Movement Than Greta Thunberg

8/13/2020 - AMC Will Reopen With 15 Cent Movies, But You'll Still Have to Pony Up for New Mutants

8/13/2020 - This Week’s Derecho Screwed Iowa’s Farmers

8/13/2020 - Many 'Flu' Cases in Seattle This Winter Were Actually Covid-19, Study Finds

8/13/2020 - Halloween Arrives Early in the Horrifying Trailer for Jujutsu Kaisen

8/13/2020 - Adobe Wants to Make Photoshop a Tool For Spotting Fake Photos

8/13/2020 - The Death of Bon Appétit Is Proof Media Companies Have No Idea What Makes Videos Work

8/13/2020 - Covid-19 Testing Center Opens on Disney World Property [Updated]

8/13/2020 - Google Assistant Now Resorting to Singing a Song to Get People to Wear Masks

8/13/2020 - Everything Seemed to Just... Stop

8/13/2020 - On Star Trek: Lower Decks, Everyone's Just a Bunch of Adorable Nerds

8/13/2020 - Key Unanswered Questions About Big Tech’s Election-Integrity Alliance

8/13/2020 - Humans Didn’t Hunt Woolly Rhinos to Extinction, New Evidence Suggests

8/13/2020 - Sigh, Apple Is Apparently Launching Subscription Bundles This Fall

8/13/2020 - Star Wars Is Getting a New Holiday Special...Made Out of Lego

8/13/2020 - Nivea Is Testing In-Store Dispensers to Refill Soap Bottles and Reduce Plastic Waste

8/13/2020 - Updates on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Tenet, and More

8/13/2020 - Intel's Xe Graphics Might Mean You No Longer Need a Separate Graphics Card to Play Games

8/12/2020 - What Did You Think of the Agents of SHIELD Series Finale? Our Spoiler Zone Awaits!

8/12/2020 - FBI, USAF Investigating if Military Helicopter Shot at in Virginia Was Targeted or Hit by Random Gunfire

8/12/2020 - Facebook Will Now Tell You Where That Viral Covid-19 Story Came From

8/12/2020 - Being John Malkovich Is Better Now Than It Was in 1999

8/12/2020 - National Review, Daily Caller Help Publicize Lies About Former Kamala Harris Staffer

8/12/2020 - Padmé Is Darth Vader's Most Fascinating Phantom Menace

8/12/2020 - Trump Kisses QAnon Right on Its Big Wet Mouth

8/12/2020 - What the Fuck Is My Wifi Password?

8/12/2020 - The Last of Us Head Wants to 'Decouple' the HBO Show From the Game Experience

8/12/2020 - Crunchyroll Might Get Sold to Sony—Wait, What?

8/12/2020 - 8 Annoying Movie Ghosts Who Make Us Go 'BoooOOOOoooo'

8/12/2020 - Have You Tried Building Your Own TV Channels in Plex?

8/12/2020 - Trump’s Energy Department Fearlessly Takes on Big, Bad Efficient Shower Heads

8/12/2020 - Did Neil Young Get Ripped Off in His Attempt to Delete Facebook From His Website?

8/12/2020 - Samsung's Super High Variable Refresh Rate Screens Will Soon Come to More Smartphones, and I Can't Wait

8/12/2020 - Area Ghoul Throws Corporate Tantrum

8/12/2020 - See Blade Runner 2049 Bridge the Gap to Its Iconic Predessor in This Stunning Concept Art

8/12/2020 - This Site Shows You Where Big Brands Source Their Products

8/12/2020 - Now We Know What the Biggest Climate Fights Ahead Will Be

8/12/2020 - One of the Most Timely Novels of the Year Is About Black Women in the 1880s Hunting Zombies

8/12/2020 - This Is the Best Budget CPU

8/12/2020 - John Ridley's Epic Exploration of DC's Marginalized Heroes Is Finally Coming Out This November

8/12/2020 - Sweet-Smelling Locust Pheromone Could Be Key to Stopping Their Swarms

8/12/2020 - Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Creators Just Left the Live-Action Netflix Adaptation

8/12/2020 - NJ Court Says the Fifth Amendment Doesn't Protect Your Phone From the Police

8/12/2020 - David Tennant Wants to Beam Aboard Star Trek

8/12/2020 - Pinterest's Former COO Was Fired for Calling Out Sexism, Lawsuit Alleges

8/12/2020 - Facebook Adds Blackface to List of Prohibited Content It Might Get Around to Enforcing

8/12/2020 - Trump’s Border Wall Is the ‘Biggest Threat’ to Southwest Wildlife, Government Emails Reveal

8/12/2020 - Artsy Star Wars Rugs or Walking Carpet?

8/12/2020 - This Case Gives Your Phone Robotic Legs So It Can Crawl to a Wireless Charging Pad

8/12/2020 - Heroes Meets Misfits in the First Trailer for Netflix's Freaks—You're One of Us

8/12/2020 - What It's Like to Live With a Giant Brain Cyst

8/12/2020 - Famed SETI Observatory Wrecked After Cable Breaks

8/12/2020 - Jared Leto May Have Let Slip Tron 3's Working Title

8/12/2020 - Thank God Microsoft Is Actually Trying New Things

8/12/2020 - Florida Sheriff Bans Masks As State's Covid-19 Death Toll Breaks New Daily Record

8/11/2020 - Report: TikTok Collected Persistent IDs From Android Phones in Apparent Violation of Google Policy

8/11/2020 - Facebook Says Covid-19 Shutdowns Hurt Its Ability to Fight Suicide, Self-Injury, Child Exploitation Content

8/11/2020 - Watch the Agents of SHIELD Cast and Crew Say Goodbye Ahead of Tomorrow's Finale

8/11/2020 - Alamo Will Now Let You Watch Movies the Way You've Always Wanted—Alone

8/11/2020 - Doom Patrol's Sex Ghosts Were the Season's Real MVPs

8/11/2020 - Disney Now Sells a Line of Wheelchair Covers and Adaptive Costumes for Kids

8/11/2020 - Google Was Caught ‘Redhanded’ in Genius Lyrics Theft, But Judge Lets It Slide

8/11/2020 - Bifocal Contact Lenses Could Keep Kids' Bad Vision From Getting Worse

8/11/2020 - Scorsese to Join Apple TV+'s Hollywood Gang Tasked With Fixing Its Content

8/11/2020 - The Night Stalker Was a Vampire Horror About the Power of Stating the Obvious

8/11/2020 - The Space Force Unveils 'Spacepower,' Its Plan to Conquer Space

8/11/2020 - I'm Sorry, Stargirl's Big Bad Villain Plan Was What?

8/11/2020 - Russia Approved a Covid-19 Vaccine Because It Can

8/11/2020 - What Poe Dameron: Free Fall Tells Us About the State of the Star Wars Galaxy

8/11/2020 - This Transparent Xiaomi TV Reminds Me That No One Wants This Shit

8/11/2020 - What the Fuck, Roku?

8/11/2020 - The Princess Bride Board Game Is an Inconceivably Good Idea

8/11/2020 - Mozilla Is Laying Off 250 People, Because Everything Can Always Get Worse

8/11/2020 - Chevron Is Trying to Crush a Prominent Climate Lawyer—and Maybe the World

8/11/2020 - No iPad Screen Can Compare to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

8/11/2020 - New York Comic Con Has Been Canceled, Will Move Online

8/11/2020 - MLB Teams Reportedly Want to Use Camera Tech to Detect Maskless Fans in the Stands

8/11/2020 - The 10 Best (and 5 Worst) Talking Cats

8/11/2020 - Dwarf Planet Ceres Has a Secret Saltwater Ocean

8/11/2020 - Boeing 747s Still Use Floppy Disks to Get Critical Software Updates

8/11/2020 - Tenet's Editor on How She Got Over Being 'Intimidated' by the Film's Intense Action Scenes

8/11/2020 - These Satellite Images Show the Final Days of Canada's Last Ice Shelf

8/11/2020 - Massive Warner Layoffs Gut DC Comics, DC Universe

8/11/2020 - Google Just Rolled Out a Slew of New Android Features

8/11/2020 - Bill Gates Says U.S. Covid-19 Testing Program Is a ‘Screw-Job’ With an Easy Fix

8/11/2020 - If You Can Turn a Screw, You Can Install These Networked Motion-Sensing Nightlights

8/11/2020 - Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, The Boys, and More

8/11/2020 - Apple's Understanding of Games Is So Narrow It's Screwing Itself

8/11/2020 - TCL's Fan Favorite 6-Series Is Aiming to Win Over Gamers With 2020 TVs

8/11/2020 - Scientists Have Turned Bricks Into Batteries

8/10/2020 - Google Again Delays Kill Date for Chrome Apps, Which Are Somehow Still Around

8/10/2020 - 2 Months of Un-Hulk-Like Calm Went Into Making This Incredible Avengers Flipbook

8/10/2020 - Catch Up With Lucifer Ahead of the Devil's Return for Season 5

8/10/2020 - MTA: If Only Masked iPhone Users Could Unlock Their Phones Some Other Way

8/10/2020 - People Are Cutting Off Their Hair to Soak Up the Mauritius Oil Spill

8/10/2020 - Someone Turned Pricey MasterClass Courses Into Free WikiHows

8/10/2020 - All Hell Is Breaking Loose in Chicago's Skies

8/10/2020 - Amazon Renamed Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming, but Whatever, Call It What You Want

8/10/2020 - I'm Still Not Over the Bob-omb Thing

8/10/2020 - Casio's Latest G-Shocks Are Vibrant, and Presumably Bulletproof

8/10/2020 - Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson Would Like to Remind You That They Fought to Make Animation More Queer

8/10/2020 - Google Takes Aim at Stalkerware (and Misses)

8/10/2020 - This $150 Pet Feeder Saved My Sanity When I Got a Second Cat

8/10/2020 - Farms Surpass Coal Plants as the Biggest Sulfur Polluters

8/10/2020 - The Cassian Andor Star Wars Show Adds Good Omens' Adria Arjona

8/10/2020 - Why Do We Celebrate Spider-Man Day on (Probably) the Wrong Day?

8/10/2020 - TSA Finds 3 Times More Guns in Carry-Ons, Despite 75% Drop in Passengers

8/10/2020 - Herbicide, Lead, and Other Poisons Found in Bodies of Stranded Dolphins and Whales

8/10/2020 - An Explosive Piston Inside This Baseball Bat Means Anyone Could Shatter the Home Run Record

8/10/2020 - watchOS 7 is the Dystopian Software Upgrade I Didn't Know I Needed

8/10/2020 - All the Big Summer (Streaming) Blockbusters of 2020

8/10/2020 - Anjou Get a Lawsuit

8/10/2020 - Thunderstorms Linked to Breathing Trouble for Older People

8/10/2020 - Georgia School in Viral Photo Closes Indefinitely Following Covid-19 Outbreak

8/10/2020 - Tron 3 May Finally Go Ahead With Jared Leto and a New Director

8/10/2020 - Frances Allen, Who Pioneered Faster Software for Computers, Dies at 88

8/10/2020 - More Surface Duo Leaks Hint at Imminent Launch and Upcoming Carrier Support

8/10/2020 - See Leia's Rise of Skywalker Lightsaber in All Its Glory

8/10/2020 - Popular Pesticides Are Killing Birds, Too

8/10/2020 - This Tiny Portable Dock Got Me Playing My Nintendo Switch on My TV

8/10/2020 - Uber CEO: We Can All Agree This Is the Government’s Fault

8/10/2020 - Hilary Swank Is on a Mission to Mars in the Emotional First Trailer for Netflix's Away

8/10/2020 - There's a Flicker of Hope for a Return to X-Men: The Animated Series

8/10/2020 - Prototype Reveals Your eReader Might One Day Fold Just Like a Real Book

8/10/2020 - Why Are There Roaches Inside My Computer?

8/9/2020 - Why Some of You Might Be Seeing a New ‘Quotes’ Section Underneath Tweets

8/9/2020 - Amazon Might Be Gobbling Up Your Neighborhood's Dying Mall Next

8/9/2020 - Klout Founder Tells the Slightly Dirty Secret of His Success

8/9/2020 - Haunted by Regret Over Killing Vine, Twitter Purportedly Eyes Acquiring TikTok

8/9/2020 - Robert Pattinson Tried to Lie His Way Off the Tenet Set for His The Batman Screen Test

8/9/2020 - Huawei Has About a Month Before It Runs Out of Smartphone Chips

8/9/2020 - Jason Bateman Will Adapt Superworld, a Story Where Everyone Has Superpowers Except One Guy

8/9/2020 - Disney's Animated Series The Owl House Now Has a Confirmed Bisexual Character

8/9/2020 - Reddit Gets Trumped: Hackers Vandalize Communities With MAGA Messages

8/9/2020 - Christopher Eccleston to Return as the 9th Doctor in a New Series of Audio Dramas

8/9/2020 - This Cast Photo Brings Together the Ragtag Heroes of BBC's The Watch

8/8/2020 - TikTok Plans to Take Trump's Ass to Court Over Ban: Report

8/8/2020 - Meet the Unlikely, Excitable Stars of Star Trek: Lower Decks

8/8/2020 - Goodbye Toshiba Laptops. It’s Been Good Knowing Ya

8/8/2020 - Mauritius Faces Environmental Crisis as Stranded Ship Leaks Oil

8/8/2020 - Watch This Classic Ghostbusters Special Effect Come to (After)Life

8/8/2020 - Jonas Cuarón, Co-Writer of Gravity, Is Set to Direct a Chupacrabra Movie for Netflix

8/8/2020 - Hulu's Animaniacs Reboot Is Coming to Wreak Havoc This November

8/8/2020 - Paramount's New President Is Trying to Figure Out What to Do About the Star Trek Movies

8/8/2020 - Mining Deep Sea Vents Could Put Precious Ecosystems At Risk

8/7/2020 - To Avoid Backlash, Facebook Reportedly Relaxed Fact-Checking Standards on Conservative Pages

8/7/2020 - Only J-Pop Can Save Aggretsuko Now

8/7/2020 - The '80s Called, and They Want This PC Back

8/7/2020 - The New Transformers Show Gets Some Wildly Expensive Figures, and More of the Coolest Toys of the Week

8/7/2020 - U.S. Agencies Sued for Records of Unmarked Agents Who Rounded Up Portland Protesters

8/7/2020 - Movie Theaters Can't Catch a Break as Judge Hands More Control to Studios

8/7/2020 - Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon is Soaring

8/7/2020 - Cats Can Get And Spread the Coronavirus to Other Cats, Study Finds

8/7/2020 - This Little AI-Powered Robot Pet Is So Cute It Hurts

8/7/2020 - A Game of Thrones Animated Movie Could've Happened But Fate Intervened

8/7/2020 - What Is QAnon And Why Did Facebook Ban One Of Its Largest Groups?

8/7/2020 - Let's Check in on How Coal's Doing During the Pandemic

8/7/2020 - One of the Best Film Twitter Accounts Is Becoming Ava DuVernay's Next TV Series

8/7/2020 - Should You Buy an Intel Mac or Wait?

8/7/2020 - Capital One's Forking Over $80 Million For Being Shit At Cybersecurity

8/7/2020 - At Night, the Martian Sky Pulses and Glows When Viewed in Ultraviolet Light

8/7/2020 - Remember When Toys Were Fun? Hasbro's $575 Unicron Figure Takes Almost an Entire Hour to Transform

8/7/2020 - We're Boldly Going Into Another Friday Gif Party

8/7/2020 - Report: Google Made a List of Words Its Employees Shouldn’t Say

8/7/2020 - 10 TV Shows Where the First Season Was the Best Season

8/7/2020 - The Pandemic Could Wipe 20% of Exxon’s Oil and Gas Reserves Off the Books

8/7/2020 - Razer's Ultralight Headphones Are a Gamer's Delight

8/7/2020 - FDA Will Fast-Track Decision on an Experimental and Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug

8/7/2020 - Lovecraft Country Blends Pulpy Horror and Family Drama Into a Story About America's Demons

8/7/2020 - Rare Underwater Inca Offering Pulled From Lake Titicaca

8/7/2020 - RIP: Canada's Last Ice Shelf Has Collapsed

8/7/2020 - Millions of Android Phones Are at Risk Due to "Achilles" Flaw in Qualcomm Chips

8/7/2020 - DC FanDome Will Feature Stars From The Batman, Flash, Black Adam, and More

8/7/2020 - Trump’s Orders to Ban WeChat and TikTok About as Coherent as His Other Policies

8/7/2020 - The Boys' Heroes and Villains Are All Out for Blood in Pair of New Clips

8/7/2020 - Trump's New Facebook Ads Claim He's Peacenik Who Also Loves Assassinations

8/7/2020 - How to Clear Out Space in All Your Cloud Storage Accounts

8/7/2020 - '80s Classic Knight Rider Will Ride Again With Help From James Wan

8/7/2020 - U.S. Issues Bizarre Warning About 'Health Risks' in New Zealand During Covid-19 Pandemic

8/6/2020 - Apple Is Denying Consumers Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Claims

8/6/2020 - That Place You've Been Stuck in Since March? Time to Decorate It With New Art

8/6/2020 - Someone Leaked a Bunch of Confidential Intel Documents

8/6/2020 - The Witcher Season 2 Images Show the New Reality of Making Shows During a Pandemic

8/6/2020 - Shallow Lightning and Mushy Hail: Violent Storms on Jupiter Are Weirder Than We Thought

8/6/2020 - John Wick's Next Two Chapters Aiming to Film Back-to-Back Next Year

8/6/2020 - Apple's App Store Policies Are Reportedly Keeping Microsoft's Project xCloud off iOS

8/6/2020 - Facebook Does Bare Minimum to Temporarily Slow Down Pro-Trump Misinformation PAC

8/6/2020 - Researchers Find That Radar Can Be Used to Detect a Nail in a Tire Long Before It Goes Flat

8/6/2020 - Chiss Names Are Some of Star Wars' Coolest Bullshit

8/6/2020 - It Doesn’t Matter Who Owns TikTok

8/6/2020 - Choice Finally Comes to 5G Laptops as Mediatek Start Making Modems

8/6/2020 - Fukushima’s Contaminated Wastewater Could Be Too Risky to Dump in the Ocean

8/6/2020 - 'Weirdest Fossil' Wasn't a Dinosaur After All

8/6/2020 - Over 17 Million Cubic Feet of Ice Threaten Italian Tourist Town

8/6/2020 - What Did You Think of Star Trek: Lower Decks' Premiere?

8/6/2020 - Senate Moves to Ban TikTok on Government Phones

8/6/2020 - Stop Posting Your Running Routes Online

8/6/2020 - The Great Captain Planet/Hitler Face-off of 1995

8/6/2020 - This Devious—And Mostly Legal—Ad Scam Is Bleeding Small Businesses Dry

8/6/2020 - The iOS-ification of the Mac Is Almost Complete

8/6/2020 - Covid-19 Sent a Healthy 40-Year-Old Man Into Life-Threatening Catatonia, Doctors Say

8/6/2020 - Isaias Shows Our ‘Dinosaur Energy System’ Isn’t Ready for Climate Change

8/6/2020 - The macOS Big Sur Public Beta Is Available Now and Here's How to Get It

8/6/2020 - Pokémon: Twilight Wings' Final Episode Captures the Epic Majesty of Battling

8/6/2020 - U.S. Army Esports Team Says It's Unbanning Americans Who Asked About W4r Cr1mes

8/6/2020 - The Atlantic Hurricane Forecast for This Year Just Got Way Worse

8/6/2020 - Doom Patrol's Abrupt Season 2 Finale Burns Bright Before Going Out Like a Light

8/6/2020 - Don't Make Toy Genitals Interactive

8/6/2020 - Apple's Refreshed 27-Inch iMac Looks to Be a Powerhouse and the End of an Era

8/6/2020 - The Bad Number Went Up Again

8/6/2020 - Leaked Document Suggests Google Is Still Tinkering With a Foldable Pixel

8/6/2020 - Trump Admin Starts Construction on Chinese-Style Great Firewall

8/6/2020 - Meeting His Parents Takes a Horrifying Turn in Charlie Kaufman’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things

8/6/2020 - This Bizarre-Looking Synthesizer Plays Music Using a Vibrating Ruler

8/6/2020 - Scientists Create Unbelievably Bright Fluorescent Objects

8/6/2020 - Sony Has Practically Perfected Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

8/6/2020 - Honestly I Just Want to Get Off This Ride

8/6/2020 - Bill & Ted Tell Us to Party on, Will Release Face the Music Sooner Than Planned

8/6/2020 - Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review: The Beans Got Beats

8/6/2020 - Tom Hanks Is Another Step Closer to Joining Disney's Pinocchio Remake

8/6/2020 - The Pixel 4 and 4XL Have Already Been Discontinued

8/6/2020 - World's Biggest Landlord Buys World's Biggest Genealogy Website

8/6/2020 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Is Fun as Hell, and So Much More

8/5/2020 - Facebook Finally Deletes a Trump Post Over Coronavirus Misinformation

8/5/2020 - Captain Marvel 2 Will Be Directed by Candyman's Nia DaCosta

8/5/2020 - Southwest Has Decided Not to Sanitize Your Seat Belt as Frequently

8/5/2020 - Marvel Comics Cordially Invites You to Its Next Big Wedding Stunt

8/5/2020 - Hey, It Happens: Iran Just Sunk Its Own Fake Aircraft Carrier

8/5/2020 - The Canon Ransomware Attack Probably More Costly Than the 70-200mm You Want

8/5/2020 - Monsters Under the Bed Do Exist and Ryan Reynolds Will Help Stop Them

8/5/2020 - Sony's X900H 4K LED TV Is So Good I'm Buying One Myself

8/5/2020 - These Motorized Shoes Could Be the Key to Making Virtual Reality Fully Immersive

8/5/2020 - DoorDash Opens DashMarts to Further Decimate the Urban Landscape, Sell You Hot Sauce

8/5/2020 - Scientists Spot Space Junk With Lasers in Broad Daylight

8/5/2020 - HBO Max's DC Movie Access Is More Confounding Than Any Riddler Puzzle

8/5/2020 - Roald Dahl's Fantasy Adaptations, Ranked

8/5/2020 - We’ve Worked Longer Under Lockdown and I Guess Some of You Liked It

8/5/2020 - Quibi: What If We Just Gave It to You for Free?

8/5/2020 - Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Is About to Become Your Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Show

8/5/2020 - Let's Not Use Oil Money to Fund Conservation

8/5/2020 - The Wonderful (and Surprisingly Legal) World of Disney Mockbusters

8/5/2020 - Common Cold Coronaviruses Might Prime the Immune System to Recognize SARS-CoV-2

8/5/2020 - DC Weaponizes John Williams' Superman Theme to Hype Its FanDome Event

8/5/2020 - UCLA Researchers Will Use Apple Gadgets in Study to Detect and Treat Depression

8/5/2020 - Everything Samsung Announced Today Between the Awkward Silences

8/5/2020 - 5 Things We Liked (and 3 We Didn't) About Netflix's Transformers: War for Cybertron - Siege

8/5/2020 - Pranksters Stream Porn During Zoom Hearing for Alleged 17-Year-Old Twitter Hacker

8/5/2020 - Nuclear Fusion Will Not Save Us

8/5/2020 - The Galaxy Z Fold 2 Looks Like a Big Step Forward for Foldable Phones

8/5/2020 - The Ren & Stimpy Show Is Being Rebooted, for Some Reason

8/5/2020 - SpaceX Starship Prototype Completes Its First ‘Hop’

8/5/2020 - Congrats to Instagram on Its New Bloatware

8/5/2020 - Samsung's New Galaxy Buds Are Cheaper AirPods Rivals with a Bizarre Bean Design

8/5/2020 - The Galaxy Tab S7 Looks Like It Has Everything You Could Want in an Android Tablet

8/5/2020 - The Galaxy Watch 3 Might Be the Apple Watch Alternative We've Been Waiting For

8/5/2020 - The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Looks Like the Massive, Premium Samsung Phone We Wanted All Along

8/5/2020 - Adam Schiff Accused of Protecting a Suspected FBI Surveillance Dragnet

8/5/2020 - Watch Samsung's Unpacked Event Live Right Here

8/5/2020 - Updates from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the Avatar Sequels, and More

8/5/2020 - I Miss Polaroids

8/5/2020 - U.S. Military Releases New Video of What Trump Calls 'Super Duper Missile'

8/5/2020 - Presidential Forecaster Predicts Joe Biden Win (With Plenty of Caveats)

8/4/2020 - Anthony Levandowski, Engineer at Center of Uber v. Waymo, Sentenced to 18 Months for Trade Theft

8/4/2020 - Dear God, Help Me, I'm Trying to Get 10,000 Digital Han Solo Cards [Updated]

8/4/2020 - The Matrix Was Intended to Be a Trans Story, Says Lilly Wachowski

8/4/2020 - George R.R. Martin Responds to Accusations of Hugo Awards Racism, Apologizes for Mispronouncing Names

8/4/2020 - Satellite Images Reveal New Penguin Colonies in Melting Antarctica

8/4/2020 - Disney+ Wants You to Pay $30 Extra to Watch Mulan—and You Will

8/4/2020 - Zombie Stories Are Going to Have to Change

8/4/2020 - White House at a Total Fucking Loss to Explain Trump's TikTok Shakedown

8/4/2020 - Mulan Skips Most Theaters for $30 Disney+ Debut, Mandalorian Still on Track

8/4/2020 - This Ransomware Stole $25 Million in 5 Months

8/4/2020 - Vans Is Releasing Another Simpsons Collection But All I Care About Are These Sprinkle Donut Sandals

8/4/2020 - Ancient DNA From Preserved Cave Lions Reveals They Were a Unique Species

8/4/2020 - The Next Ninja Turtles Movie Will Be Heavy on the 'Teenage' Part of the Characters

8/4/2020 - Baby Boomers Are Experiencing Greater Cognitive Decline Than Previous Generations, Study Finds

8/4/2020 - Extreme Heat Could Cause as Many Deaths as All Infectious Diseases Combined

8/4/2020 - Presenting The Endless Doomscroller

8/4/2020 - The RG350P Is the Retro Portable You Should Buy

8/4/2020 - TNG's 'Lower Decks' Episode Is a Perfect Peek Behind Star Trek's Curtains

8/4/2020 - WhatsApp Pilots 'Search the Web' Tool for Fact-Checking Forwarded Messages

8/4/2020 - The Mind Behind Japan's Legendary Batmanga, Jiro Kuwata, Has Passed Away

8/4/2020 - Ancient Mars May Have Been Less Wet Than We Thought

8/4/2020 - Ecobee Is No Nest, and That's Why I Love It

8/4/2020 - Android's Alternative to Apple's AirDrop Is Called 'Nearby Share' and It's Rolling Out Today

8/4/2020 - Apple's New 27-inch iMac Is a Massive Refresh—and Likely Intel's Last

8/4/2020 - In The Boys' New Trailer, a Bloody Superhuman Storm Is Brewing

8/4/2020 - Portland, Maine, Becomes the 13th City to Ban Facial Recognition Tech

8/4/2020 - Google Play Music Will Officially Be Dead by December, but It Will Stop Working Long Before

8/4/2020 - Umbrella Academy Does Card Battles, and D&D Gets a Board Game in Gaming News

8/4/2020 - China: We Will Not Allow the US to Seize the Memes of Production

8/4/2020 - Garmin Reportedly Coughed Up Millions in Ransom to Get Its Services Back Online

8/4/2020 - Olympus' OM-D E-M10 Mark IV Sports a New Sensor and a Flip-Down Display

8/4/2020 - Wonder Woman 3 Will Probably Be Patty Jenkins' Last

8/4/2020 - Some of the Best Xbox Games Are Coming to Android Via Project X Cloud, and I'm Pretty Hyped

8/4/2020 - Cops Terrorize Black Family but Blame License Plate Reader for Misidentifying 'Stolen' Vehicle

8/3/2020 - Trump Admin Moves to Boot GOP FCC Commissioner Who Hinted Its Social Media Order Is 'Gibberish'

8/3/2020 - TV Displays Will Soon Be Flexible If LG Has Any Say

8/3/2020 - A Third Chapter in One of Animation's Greatest Franchises Is On the Way

8/3/2020 - A Young Girl Becomes One With the Sea in This New South African Animated Series

8/3/2020 - Paleontologists Identify Cancer in a Dinosaur Fossil for the First Time

8/3/2020 - Trump Demands Microsoft Pay Off the U.S. Treasury to Secure TikTok Deal

8/3/2020 - The 'Swiss Army Knife' of Binoculars Sadly Contains No Knives

8/3/2020 - Drastic Decline in ER Visits Suggests Many People Avoided Critical Medical Care in March and April

8/3/2020 - FuboTV Gets ESPN and Is Now the Best Service for Sports Fans

8/3/2020 - What Dark Pact Are These Cats Preventing?

8/3/2020 - A Scary Amount of Rain Is About to Drench the East Coast

8/3/2020 - Science Twitter Got Catfished by a Fake Professor Who 'Died From Covid'

8/3/2020 - Google Pays $450 Million to Be a Part of the ADT Family

8/3/2020 - Umbrella Academy's Mysterious New Character Raises an Interesting Question

8/3/2020 - This AI-Powered Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Text Game Is Super Fun and Makes No Sense

8/3/2020 - Medieval Remixes of Star Wars Themes Are Music to Thine Ears

8/3/2020 - Bear Cursed With Trump Sticker Perfectly Encapsulates 2020

8/3/2020 - This Algorithm Might Make Facial Recognition Obsolete

8/3/2020 - Up to a Third of Bangladesh Is Underwater

8/3/2020 - Poltergeist Still Delivers Surprises, Delights, and Frights After Almost 40 Years

8/3/2020 - Days Before Star Trek: Lower Decks' Premiere, There's Merely Hope for International Release

8/3/2020 - The Great Dalmuti Is Being Resurrected, With a Dungeons & Dragons Twist

8/3/2020 - Dark Sky's Android and WearOS Apps Are Officially Dead

8/3/2020 - A Pair of Canadian Ice Caps Has Disappeared Completely

8/3/2020 - The Pixel 4a Is Perfect Smartphone Simplicity

8/3/2020 - Google Confirms the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 Are Coming This Year

8/3/2020 - William English, Co-Creator of the Computer Mouse, Dies at 91

8/3/2020 - The New Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Guidebook Has Some Tantalizing Secrets

8/3/2020 - Updates from Jurassic World: Dominion, Castlevania, and More

8/3/2020 - The Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

8/3/2020 - How Do People Actually 'Die From Old Age'?

8/3/2020 - Testing Czar Admits Covid-19 Tests Have 'Limited Utility' When Pandemic Is Out of Control

8/2/2020 - Ancient Microbes, Virtual Comic-Con, and Mind-Boggling Sperm, Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

8/2/2020 - California Is Burning: 20,000-Acre Fire Rages On Uncontained, Forcing Thousands to Evacuate

8/2/2020 - One Murder Hornet Down (Don't Ask How Many to Go)

8/2/2020 - Birx Says Coronavirus Outbreak Is 'Extraordinarily Widespread,' Recommends Some Wear Masks at Home

8/2/2020 - Watch This Fun Documentary on Todd McFarlane's Comics Legacy

8/2/2020 - Success!

8/2/2020 - Force Your Kids to Code With This Raspberry Pi Laptop

8/2/2020 - Creepy Doll Annabelle Is Just as Restless in Quarantine as Everyone Else

8/2/2020 - A Bunch of People in Rhode Island Accidentally Got Checks in the Mail Signed by Mickey Mouse

8/2/2020 - Apple Reportedly Eyes Turning iPhones Into Payment Terminals

8/2/2020 - Janelle Monae's Horror Film Antebellum Is Off the Release Schedule, Unsurprisingly

8/1/2020 - Roar! This Bronze T-Rex Clock Costs $27,000

8/1/2020 - People Are Apparently Jerking Off With Their Phones During the Pandemic

8/1/2020 - Netflix Adds Playback Speed Settings, So Now I Can Burn Through My Backlog 1.5 Times Faster

8/1/2020 - The Mandalorian's First Tie-In Novel Has Been Delayed

8/1/2020 - Charlize Theron Shared the Moment When Mad Max: Fury Road's Furiosa Was Truly Born

8/1/2020 - The Unfinished Car Is Full of Peril in This Clip From Infinity Train Book 3

8/1/2020 - Here Are the 2020 Hugo Award Winners

8/1/2020 - Riding an E-Bike Has Changed My Entire Perspective on How We Get Around

8/1/2020 - Kodak Gave Its CEO Stock Options, Then News Broke of a Million-Dollar Federal Deal and Prices Soared