12/31/2020 - Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Also Broke Into Its Source Code

12/31/2020 - You'll Soon Be Able to Check the Status of Your $600 Stimulus Check

12/31/2020 - A Looming Disaster Turns Personal in Short Sci-Fi Film Inoculation

12/31/2020 - The Expanse's Keon Alexander and Dominique Tipper on Marco and Naomi's Toxic Past and Present

12/31/2020 - Pet Food Recalled After at Least 28 Dogs Die, FDA Says

12/31/2020 - The Ground Is Literally Sinking, Study Shows

12/31/2020 - Meet the Pint-Sized Robots That Spontaneously Dance

12/31/2020 - Goodbye and Good Riddance to FarmVille

12/31/2020 - Say Goodbye to the Strangest Year in Movies With This Heart-Pumping Trailer Supercut

12/31/2020 - The Ubiquiti Amplifi Alien Is a Positively Luxurious Wi-Fi 6 Router

12/31/2020 - The Biggest Science News of 2020

12/31/2020 - Apple Purges 39,000 Games From China's App Store

12/31/2020 - The 100 Most Popular io9 Posts of 2020

12/31/2020 - LG's Envisioning Futuristic Sushi Bars With Transparent OLEDs

12/31/2020 - 5G Was a Tax on Smartphones in 2020

12/31/2020 - 7 Graphics That Show Why the Arctic Is in Trouble

12/31/2020 - Updates From WandaVision, The Flash, Star Trek: Discovery, and More

12/31/2020 - Gizmodo's 100 Most Popular Posts of 2020

12/31/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery Finally Hit Its Crew Where It Hurts

12/31/2020 - This Smartwatch Is the Definition of Overpriced

12/31/2020 - How to Enable the Hidden Tap Gesture on iPhone or Android

12/31/2020 - You Might Abandon Your New Year's Resolutions, But the Internet Never Will

12/30/2020 - Amazon Purchases Podcast Network Wondery

12/30/2020 - Sorry ESPN+ Users, Your Annual Subscription Just Got More Expensive

12/30/2020 - 12 Intriguing Sundance Movies That Could Become 2021's Genre Sleeper Hits

12/30/2020 - Ticketmaster To Pay $10 million After Illegally Hacking Rival's Computer System

12/30/2020 - NPR Poll Finds That a Minority of Americans Fully Disbelieve QAnon Conspiracies

12/30/2020 - Ray Fisher Vows to Never Work On Another Warner Bros. Movie So Long as Walter Hamada Is in Charge

12/30/2020 - New Research Shows How Covid-19 Can Trigger Brain Damage

12/30/2020 - New Tech Developments We're Actually Excited About in 2021

12/30/2020 - New Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Trailer Teases Fresh Pilots and Their Mechs

12/30/2020 - The AirPods Max Are Annoyingly Incredible

12/30/2020 - The 'Revolutionary' Fight Over California's Hidden Oil and Gas Wells

12/30/2020 - All the Creative and Inspiring People We Lost in 2020

12/30/2020 - Japanese Researchers Are Making Wooden Satellites Because We Have a Space Trash Problem

12/30/2020 - Doug Jones Looks Back on Saru's Long, Strange Star Trek Journey

12/30/2020 - Amateur Batman Builds His Own Wrist Mounted Grappling Gun

12/30/2020 - What's Truly Terrifying About the Stumbling Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

12/30/2020 - The Most Disappointing Gadgets of 2020

12/30/2020 - Leaker Claims AirPods Pro 2 Could Come in Multiple Sizes

12/30/2020 - The Latest Expanse Offers Yet Another Ticking-Clock Adrenaline Rush

12/30/2020 - Judge Tosses Apple Lawsuit Against iPhone Emulator in Big Victory for Security Research

12/30/2020 - The New Coronavirus Variant Is in the U.S.—Now What?

12/30/2020 - Apple Pulls Secret Partying App Because Apparently There's a Pandemic Going On

12/30/2020 - The Big Viral Moments of 2020 That Were Totally Fake

12/30/2020 - Spider-Man's New Costume Is Here, and It Sure Is New, a Costume

12/30/2020 - The New Fire TV Finally Offers a Decent Streaming Experience

12/30/2020 - Updates From Wonder Woman 3, The Eternals, and More

12/30/2020 - The Most Common iOS 14 Problems and How to Fix Them

12/30/2020 - Alaska Airlines to Ban 'Emotional Support' Animals Starting January 11

12/29/2020 - Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Reportedly Paid Women and People of Color Like Shit

12/29/2020 - 2,000-Year-Old Food Just Came Out of a Pompeii Snack Bar

12/29/2020 - Google Is Testing a "Short Video" Carousel That Would Surface Instagram and TikTok Videos

12/29/2020 - Who Are The Stand's Heroes? Allow Them to Reintroduce Themselves

12/29/2020 - The Lasso of Truth Is Wonder Woman 1984's Real Star

12/29/2020 - New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Ignore Scientists' Advice on Alcohol Limits

12/29/2020 - Weirdly Enough, 2020 Was Apple's Biggest Year in a Long Time

12/29/2020 - McConnell Doesn't Care About Section 230 or the Election—Just Keeping Your Relief Check Small

12/29/2020 - Watch Boston Dynamics’ Robot Army Dance Their Way to World Domination

12/29/2020 - We've Hit the Phase of the Trump Presidency Where People Are Suing Over Dishwashers

12/29/2020 - New Report Claims Apple Supplier Uses Forced Labor in China

12/29/2020 - The Expanse's Steven Strait on Holden's Evolution as a Leader

12/29/2020 - Netscape Makes Baffling Appearance in Brexit Trade Deal

12/29/2020 - Google Sneakily Removed Support for Astrophotography Mode from Ultra-Wide Cams on the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G

12/29/2020 - The 12 Best (And 6 Worst) Genre Movies of 2020

12/29/2020 - The Best Gaming Keyboard for Wannabe Esports Athletes

12/29/2020 - Superman & Lois' First Trailer Pulls the Super Family Back Together

12/29/2020 - Treasury Department Warns of Increase in Covid-19 Vaccine-Related Fraud and Cybercrime

12/29/2020 - The Coolest Gadgets of 2020

12/29/2020 - Coinbase Leaves Ripple to Twist in the Wind

12/29/2020 - Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Is a Trash Friend

12/29/2020 - You Think Covid-19 Is Bad?

12/29/2020 - Some BODY Put All of Shrek onto a 1.44 MB Floppy Disk

12/29/2020 - His Dark Materials' Lin-Manuel Miranda on Lee Scoresby's Alamo and Season 3

12/29/2020 - Great Britain Set a Wind Energy Milestone

12/29/2020 - Mysterious Computer Shop Owner Sues Twitter for Defamation Over Hunter Biden Story

12/29/2020 - LG Announces a New Line of Mini-LED TVs for 2021

12/29/2020 - Marvel's The Eternals Get Introduced...by a Clothing Company

12/29/2020 - The World's Smallest Portable Nintendo 64 Is Barely Larger Than a Cartridge

12/29/2020 - Where's the Apple TV Dongle?

12/29/2020 - Adorable Panasonic Robot Makes Deliveries in Japanese Smart Town

12/29/2020 - India Weighs 18% Tax on Bitcoin After Legalization of Cryptocurrencies

12/28/2020 - Most Drones Will Be Required to Broadcast Their Locations By 2023

12/28/2020 - Apple Wallet Receipt Could Serve As First Proof Of An Individual's Vaccination Status

12/28/2020 - Tom Hanks Believes Franchises Will Save Movie Theaters

12/28/2020 - A Hunter in Florida Got a Rare Brain Infection From Feral Hogs

12/28/2020 - A Huge Jet of Radiation From the Early Universe Has Been Spotted

12/28/2020 - Lazor Wulf's Space Ghost Riff Needs His Own Talk Show

12/28/2020 - 2020's Most Popular Wikipedia Pages: Pandemics, Politics, And Parasite

12/28/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in January

12/28/2020 - Leaked Prototype Photos Offer Rare Glimpse at Early Apple Watch

12/28/2020 - Chatroulette Was Supposed to Be Filthy

12/28/2020 - Fitness+ Is Hands Down the Best Apple Service

12/28/2020 - The EPA Just Set the First-Ever Airline Pollution Standards and They Suck

12/28/2020 - This Modern Westworld Trailer Will Remind You Why the Haunting Original Holds Up

12/28/2020 - Yes, Super Gonorrhea Is Real and It's Gonna Get Worse

12/28/2020 - Spiders Weave Intricate Insect-Catching Nets Hugely Bigger Than Themselves

12/28/2020 - Soul Feels Like Pixar's First Black Movie Made With White People in Mind

12/28/2020 - Six Months After Launch and I Still Have a Bone to Pick With HBO Max

12/28/2020 - Thousands of Birds Starved to Death This Fall in the U.S. South

12/28/2020 - Facebook's Winding Down Its Irish Tax Havens

12/28/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Has One Great Thing Going for It

12/28/2020 - Bumble Only Allows Swimwear If, and Only If, It Appears You Plan to Swim in It

12/28/2020 - Nintendo's WorkBoy Rescued From the Dustbin of History

12/28/2020 - 190,000 Ceiling Fans Recalled After Blades Flew Off and Hit People

12/28/2020 - Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Focused, Emotional, and Nostalgic in the Best Way

12/28/2020 - The Space News We’ll Be Watching in 2021

12/28/2020 - The Heroic Tech That Helped Us Endure 2020

12/28/2020 - Original Spawn Star Michael Jai White Weighs in on Todd McFarlane's Reboot

12/28/2020 - HyperX's Cloud II Wireless Is a Simple Gaming Headset Done Right

12/28/2020 - The Dumb Dream of Turning Coal to Gas Just Won't Die

12/28/2020 - What Windows 10X is Going to Mean for Microsoft Hardware in 2021

12/28/2020 - Is Technology Making Me More Depressed?

12/28/2020 - That Viral Video of an 'Apple Car' Parking Is Totally Fake

12/28/2020 - L.A.'s Mystery 'Jetpack' Allegedly Captured on Video, But We Still Have Questions

12/27/2020 - Xiaomi Made Fun of Apple for Not Including Charger in Box, but Now Thinks It's a Great Idea

12/27/2020 - This Sci-Fi Short Film Takes a Heartfelt Look at Grief and the Traumas of War

12/27/2020 - Tesla Owners Can Now Customize Their Car Horns With Sounds Like Fart or Goat

12/27/2020 - Here's How the Ashes of Star Trek's Original Scotty Got Smuggled Aboard the International Space Station

12/27/2020 - Warner Bros. Is Fast-Tracking Wonder Woman 3 After 1984's Apparent Success

12/27/2020 - Chase Down the New Wonder Woman by Watching Lynda Carter's Classic Series

12/26/2020 - Far-Right Reddit Clone Voat Has Shut Down, for Real This Time

12/26/2020 - Giancarlo Esposito Reflects on the Star Wars Influences That Made Moff Gideon

12/26/2020 - It’s Not Just You. There’s a Problem With iCloud Sign-In and Activation Right Now [Update: It's Fixed]

12/26/2020 - Relax in the Wake of the Christmas Holiday With This Classic Addams Family Short

12/26/2020 - Darth by Darthwest Episode II Is a Surreal Mishmash of George Lucas and Alfred Hitchcock

12/26/2020 - The Three-Body Problem Producer Lin Qi Has Died Following Alleged Poisoning by Colleague

12/25/2020 - For Some Strange Reason, Square Is Reportedly Thinking About Buying Tidal

12/25/2020 - A New WandaVision Promo Welcomes You to the Weird World of Westview

12/25/2020 - This Persistence of Vision Christmas Ornament Is the Most Hypnotizing Thing You’ll See Today

12/25/2020 - It's Christmas, Everyone's Entitled to One Good Scare

12/25/2020 - It May Be Christmas, But There's More Mandalorian Toys to Put On Your 2021 Lists

12/25/2020 - GoDaddy: Sorry We Promised Holiday Bonuses, That Was Just a Phishing Test

12/25/2020 - Where to Next?

12/25/2020 - In Defense of Re-Gifting

12/25/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Is Finally Out, So Here's Your Spoiler Discussion Zone!

12/25/2020 - First Deepfake Address from the Queen of England Makes Its Debut on British TV

12/25/2020 - The Parkers Was Actually Nikki's Metahuman Origin Story

12/25/2020 - How to Know When to Upgrade Your PC

12/25/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery's Doug Jones Unpacks Saru's Surprise This Week

12/25/2020 - How to Play Your PS4 Games on Your PS5

12/24/2020 - Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Cyberpunk 2077 Publisher Lied and Misled Investors

12/24/2020 - Last, Last, Last-Minute Tech Gifts That Don't Suck, According to Me

12/24/2020 - Summer Camp Island's Season 3 Arcs Cast Everything in a Magical New Light

12/24/2020 - The Three-Body Problem Producer Lin Qi Allegedly Poisoned By a Fellow Film Film Executive

12/24/2020 - Critical Role's DM Will Spin a Yarn for Bardsung Dungeon Crawler

12/24/2020 - Google's Search Engine Is Squashing Local News, Study Says

12/24/2020 - Veterans Affairs Officials Inexplicably Blow Off Briefing on SolarWinds Hack

12/24/2020 - The Best and Worst TV Moments of 2020

12/24/2020 - The Expanse's Wes Chatham Reflects on the Relationships That Define Amos' Season 5 Journey

12/24/2020 - A Sneak Peek at the Apple Feature That Keeps Facebook Up at Night

12/24/2020 - HBO Max Will Ring in the New Year With Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond

12/24/2020 - Australian Robots Are Exploring the Deep Sea to Study Marine Snow

12/24/2020 - Cobra Kai Season 3 Is Debuting a Week Early

12/24/2020 - This Was the Most Exciting and Disappointing Year for Computers and Consoles

12/24/2020 - Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Hawkeye, and More

12/24/2020 - 10 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Xbox Series X or Series S

12/24/2020 - Discovery Just Rammed Its Endgame Into a Pretty Solid Episode of Star Trek

12/23/2020 - Google Reportedly Told AI Scientists To 'Strike A Positive Tone' In Research

12/23/2020 - Haunting of Bly Manor Creator Has 'No Plans' to Continue the Anthology Series

12/23/2020 - The Weapon of a Jedi Knight

12/23/2020 - Car Service Nuro Cleared For Driverless Deliveries In California

12/23/2020 - Sean Astin's Cool With You Shipping Sam and Frodo, Two Bros Who Should Have Kissed

12/23/2020 - Consider This: Wait and Mash All the Holidays Into One

12/23/2020 - Apple Reportedly Booting Thousands of Video Games From Its China App Store

12/23/2020 - Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Gives Us a Festive Huttese Sing-Along

12/23/2020 - Taste Brings a Cards Against Humanity-Style Edge to Dating Apps

12/23/2020 - Stop Using Calorie-Counting Apps

12/23/2020 - Charlie Sheen, Dolph Lundgren, and Danny Trejo All Spread Russian Propaganda on Cameo: Report

12/23/2020 - A Brief History of Dalek Civil War

12/23/2020 - Cherk Is Gonna Win an Emmy or an Oscar or Something for Apple TV+, for Sure

12/23/2020 - Watch the 'Seven Minutes of Terror' Awaiting NASA's Perseverance on Its Martian Descent

12/23/2020 - Patients Are Paying More Out of Pocket for MRIs and Other Brain Health Exams

12/23/2020 - Clubhouse, a Social Network Without Much Influence, Gets an Influencer Program

12/23/2020 - Substack Backs Out of the Moderation Game, but Can It Stay Impartial?

12/23/2020 - The Fictional Characters, TV Shows, and Movies We Lost in 2020

12/23/2020 - I Defeated the AI That Roasts Your Spotify Taste

12/23/2020 - Archaeologists Find Evidence That a Massive Tsunami Hit Ancient Levantine Coast

12/23/2020 - The Best and Worst of the World's Covid-19 Response

12/23/2020 - It's Iguanas-Falling-Out-of-Trees Cold in Miami

12/23/2020 - Zoom Is Reportedly Prepping for the Incoming Video-Conferencing Crash with... Email

12/23/2020 - These Ultralight Carbon Fiber Headphones Are Perfect for Traveling Again, Whenever That Might Be

12/23/2020 - Daft Punk's Rare Tron: Legacy Tracks Are Now Available for Streaming

12/23/2020 - Scientists Find a Meteorite That Could Reshape Our Understanding of Asteroids

12/23/2020 - The Expanse Just Delivered an Explosive, Game-Changing Episode

12/23/2020 - Oh Great, Telegram's Getting Ads

12/23/2020 - Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra Will Reportedly Get S-Pen Support

12/23/2020 - So, What Is a Ranger of the New Republic Anyway?

12/23/2020 - Honk Is the New Yo

12/23/2020 - The U.S. Just Secured Another 100 Million Doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine

12/23/2020 - Lin-Manuel Miranda Tells Us What Sets Encanto Apart From Other Disney Musicals

12/23/2020 - World’s Largest Free-Floating Iceberg Is Starting to Crack Up

12/23/2020 - Wear OS Fans Shouldn't Get Too Hyped Over an LTE Fossil Watch Just Yet

12/23/2020 - Will Biden's EPA Take On Wood Burning?

12/23/2020 - Updates From Marvel's What If, Star Wars' Cassian Andor, and More

12/23/2020 - Dell's XPS 17 Proves Big-Screen Laptops Are Back, and They're Awesome

12/23/2020 - How to Get the Most Battery Life Possible Out of Your iPhone 12

12/23/2020 - Elon Musk Says He Wanted to Sell Tesla to Apple But Tim Cook Wouldn't Take the Meeting

12/23/2020 - China Wants Hefty Fines For Viral Video Creators Who Binge Food and Drinks

12/22/2020 - The ACLU Is Suing For Info On The FBI's Encryption Breaking Capabilities

12/22/2020 - In Earwig and the Witch Trailer, an Orphan Discovers That Magic Runs in the Family

12/22/2020 - Global Law Enforcement Seizes VPN Network Favored By Cybercriminals

12/22/2020 - Now You Too Can Look Like a Fool While Trying to Solve the AR New York Times Crossword Puzzle

12/22/2020 - The Mandalorian Isn't the Only Star Wars Finale This Month

12/22/2020 - New Marvel Sets Coming to Unmatched and Gen Con Makes 2021 Plans in the Latest Gaming News

12/22/2020 - Amazon Lets Shoppers Donate to Anti-Abortion and Conversion Therapy Groups

12/22/2020 - DOJ Accuses Walmart of Perpetuating the Opioid Crisis by Looking the Other Way

12/22/2020 - Steven Universe's Estelle Explains Why the Show's Anti-Racism PSAs Are So Important

12/22/2020 - 10 Disney+ Movies That'll Make You Feel Great

12/22/2020 - Congress to Employers: You Can Go Back to Not Giving Paid Leave to Covid-Positive Staff

12/22/2020 - 2020 Has So Broken Me That This KFC-Branded Console Is Giving Me Joy

12/22/2020 - The Butt Pajamas Will Follow You Forever

12/22/2020 - Apple's M1 MacBook Pro Is Compelling Enough to Make a PC Fan Think About Switching

12/22/2020 - Antarctica Got the 'Rona

12/22/2020 - How Smartwatches, Workout Apps, and Connected Bikes Dominated 2020

12/22/2020 - His Dark Materials Has Been Renewed for a Third and Final Season

12/22/2020 - Ebola Species Thought to Be Harmless to Humans Can Sicken Pigs, Raising Alarm Bells

12/22/2020 - YouTube’s Copyright Filter Is Crushing Video Critique—And It’s Getting Worse

12/22/2020 - Characters Who Helped Us Make It Through 2020

12/22/2020 - Copyright Cops Put a Gun to Americans' Heads With the Covid Relief Bill

12/22/2020 - New Blue Whale Population Discovered After Scientists Hear Unknown Song

12/22/2020 - New Leak Claims to Reveal Samsung's Next Galaxy Chromebook

12/22/2020 - Blumhouse Is Summoning Another Exorcist Movie to the Mortal Plane

12/22/2020 - Maybe Now Peloton Orders Won't Take So Long

12/22/2020 - NASA Completes ‘Wet Dress Rehearsal’ of Its Most Powerful Rocket

12/22/2020 - The Witcher's Blooper Reel Declares Henry Cavill a 'Sexy Greased Pig'

12/22/2020 - If You Don't Need Your Stimulus Check, Consider a Mutual Aid Network

12/22/2020 - Turn Your Laptop Into a Larger Portable Screen For Your Nintendo Switch With This Tiny USB-C Adapter

12/22/2020 - Another Guardian of the Galaxy Is Coming to Thor: Love & Thunder

12/22/2020 - Attak Piks are High Tech Guitar Picks that Mix Up Your Music

12/22/2020 - Ripple Claims Bitcoin Is 'Chinese-Controlled' While Announcing New Lawsuit From SEC

12/22/2020 - California's Greenhouse Gas Pollution Is Increasing Again

12/21/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery's Stunt Coordinator Breaks Down That Brutal Mirror Universe Brawl

12/21/2020 - The Sky Is Up To Something Tonight

12/21/2020 - Hell Yeah, Ultraman's Comics Adventures Will Continue in The Trials of Ultraman

12/21/2020 - Apple Reportedly Aiming to Launch Self-Driving Cars By 2024

12/21/2020 - Level Up Your Inner Nerd With Pokémon Blue Light Glasses

12/21/2020 - Robotech's Christmas Episode Is the Perfect Holiday Special for 2020

12/21/2020 - Octopuses Like to Punch Fish, New Research Suggests

12/21/2020 - AI and Satellite Data Could Help End Slavery on the High Seas

12/21/2020 - AT&T Can't Seem to Get Rid of DirecTV

12/21/2020 - Report: Chinese Hack of Federal Employment Database, Disclosed in 2015, Was a Disaster for the CIA

12/21/2020 - Steve Wozniak's Apple II Sketches Go for $630,272 at Auction

12/21/2020 - What We Know About the New Coronavirus Mutations and the Vaccines

12/21/2020 - How The Mandalorian's Finale Reveal Fits Into Star Wars' Timeline

12/21/2020 - Hackers Steal Thousands of Customer Emails From Popular Crypto Wallet

12/21/2020 - OnePlus' Latest Concept Phone Is a Color-Shifting, Motion-Sensing Tease

12/21/2020 - The Senate Agrees to a Plan to Phase Out a Dangerous Greenhouse Gas

12/21/2020 - The Voice of Doctor Who's Daleks Runs Down His All-Time Favorite Lines

12/21/2020 - Patty Jenkins Was Ready to 'Walk Away' From Wonder Woman 1984 Over Salary Dispute

12/21/2020 - What We Know About the Intriguing Radio Signal From Our Neighbor Star

12/21/2020 - I Desperately Need This Lego Machine That Measures Presents and Perfectly Cuts Wrapping Paper to Size

12/21/2020 - Rest In Peace, Facebook Ads Boycott (2020—2020)

12/21/2020 - Adobe Just Released Its Premiere Pro Beta for Apple's M1 MacBooks

12/21/2020 - New Leaks Just Gave Us a Way Better Look at Samsung's Next Wireless Earbuds

12/21/2020 - The Expanse's Cara Gee and Shohreh Aghdashloo on Playing Powerful Women in Sci-Fi

12/21/2020 - Baby Yoda Robot Uses AI to Follow You Around Like a Creepy Toddler

12/21/2020 - Dozens of Al Jazeera Journalists Were Hacked Via Zero-Click iPhone Exploit

12/21/2020 - 8 Holiday Movies You've Totally Been Sleeping On

12/21/2020 - Canadian Gold Miner Finds 57,000-Year-Old Wolf Pup Still Covered in Fur

12/21/2020 - Earth Looked Like Hell From Space This Year

12/21/2020 - Jeff Lemire and Jock's New Comic Snow Angels Ventures Into a Great Unknown

12/21/2020 - The Best Illusions of the Year 2020

12/21/2020 - Hawaii's Kīlauea Volcano Erupts for First Time Since 2018's Destructive Rampage

12/21/2020 - Updates From Thor: Love & Thunder, Batwoman, and More

12/21/2020 - Boba Fett Is Getting His Own Star Wars Show in 2021 (Yes, Really)

12/21/2020 - You Should Probably Wait for the Next Fossil Smartwatch

12/21/2020 - What Apple's ProRAW Format is, and How to Use It on Your iPhone 12 Pro

12/21/2020 - Can You Train Your Ears to Become More Sensitive?

12/21/2020 - CDC Reports 550,000 Americans Have Received First Dose of Covid-19 Vaccine

12/20/2020 - Yes, 'Alexa, Play the Queen's Christmas Day Message,' Is Going to Be a Thing

12/20/2020 - UK Prime Minister: ‘We Cannot Continue With Christmas as Planned’

12/20/2020 - Congress Finally Reaches Deal on How Many Pennies to Throw to Americans

12/20/2020 - You Know the Pandemic's Getting Worse if Apple's Closing Its Stores En Masse Again

12/20/2020 - Netflix Finally Gives Us an Interview With the Real Star of The Witcher

12/20/2020 - Huzzah, Now ISPs Can't Charge Rental Fees for Your Own Dang Modem

12/20/2020 - This Video Nails What Makes the Original Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader Duel So Special

12/20/2020 - Man-Thing Is Getting His Own Horror Mini-Series in Avengers: Curse of the Man-Thing

12/20/2020 - Peter Lamont, Production Designer Behind Classics Like Aliens, Dies at 91

12/19/2020 - Shoppers Beware: Scammers Are Sending Fake Shipping Notifications to Steal Your Info

12/19/2020 - Twitter's New Labels: Biden Won the Election, No Matter What This Guy Says

12/19/2020 - Trump Assumes 'This Is Fine' Stance as PR Fire Over SolarWinds Hack Rages On

12/19/2020 - Here Are a Bunch of People Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

12/19/2020 - Millie Bobbie Brown Will Be Helming a New Science Fiction Movie Directed by the Russo Brothers

12/19/2020 - Here's How the Mysterious Twitter 'Carp' Meme Came to Be

12/19/2020 - Yeah, This Marvel Holiday Short Is a Toy Ad, But It's Still Pretty Good

12/19/2020 - Locke & Key Has Been Renewed for a Third Season

12/19/2020 - George Clooney Still Isn't Down With the Critical Reappraisal of Batman and Robin

12/19/2020 - Gifts for the Unrepentant Luddite

12/19/2020 - Zoom Exec Accused of Conspiring with Chinese Government to Surveil, Censor Video Calls

12/18/2020 - Carp

12/18/2020 - A Faulty Algorithm Screwed Residents Out of Stanford's Vaccine Distribution Plan

12/18/2020 - 13 Christmas Movie Elves, From Naughty to Nice

12/18/2020 - FDA Authorizes Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use

12/18/2020 - The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance Is a Fantastic Gateway to Roleplaying Games

12/18/2020 - At Last, Mandalore's Rightful Heir Gets the Figure She Deserves

12/18/2020 - How to Turn Off 5G to Save Your iPhone 12 Battery

12/18/2020 - Space Force Personnel Will Be Called 'Guardians' Because Sure, Whatever

12/18/2020 - Apparently Microsoft Wants to Design Its Own ARM Chips

12/18/2020 - The Best Gifts for Chicken Nerds

12/18/2020 - The DOJ's Antitrust Suit Against Google Is Probably On Hold Until 2023

12/18/2020 - What We Know So Far About the SolarWinds Hacking Scandal

12/18/2020 - Friday's Gif Party Is Bursting With Seasonal Magic

12/18/2020 - I’m Having a Great Time Playing Broken Cyberpunk 2077

12/18/2020 - Watch Stranger Things' Stars Nerd Out Over Dungeons & Dragons for 2 Hours

12/18/2020 - Apple's Fantastic M1 Processor Is Held Back by Software Compatibility

12/18/2020 - The Mandalorian's Explosive Finale Blew Our Minds and Imploded Its World

12/18/2020 - Some Tropical Forests in Brazil Are Already Releasing More Carbon Than They Absorb

12/18/2020 - Spider-Man's Best Cartoons, Ranked

12/18/2020 - You Can Now Do Group Video and Audio Calls on Echo Devices

12/18/2020 - This Eerily Festive Scene on Mars Is Genuinely Unnerving

12/18/2020 - The Climate Core of Joe Biden's Cabinet Is Perfectly Fine

12/18/2020 - The Witcher Looks Back at More of Its Fantasy Monsters

12/18/2020 - Don't Rinse the Beef

12/18/2020 - Your Credit Score Should Be Based on Your Web History, IMF Says

12/18/2020 - Drone Giant DJI Added to U.S. Blacklist

12/18/2020 - RIP Android Things, the Smart Home Platform We All Forgot Existed

12/18/2020 - These Airbag Jeans Could Fashionably Protect Motorcyclists

12/18/2020 - A Brief Guide to Star Trek: Discovery's Big Timey-Wimey Twist This Week

12/18/2020 - SolarWinds Hackers Broke Into the Federal Agency That Oversees the Nation's Nukes

12/18/2020 - The Mandalorian Finale Just Expanded Star Wars' Streaming Plans

12/18/2020 - A Large Chunk of Ice Has Torn Away From Menacing Iceberg A68a

12/18/2020 - Updates From Superman & Lois, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, and More

12/18/2020 - The Best Gadgets for Working From My Dream Office: the Bed

12/18/2020 - Live Video: Watch a Man With Blood on His Hands Get Vaccinated For Covid-19

12/18/2020 - Members of Congress to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine While Debating How Many Crumbs to Give Americans

12/17/2020 - Twitter Starts Testing Spaces, Its 'Dinner Party'-Like Voice Chat Rooms

12/17/2020 - The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

12/17/2020 - TikTok Is Reportedly Booting Off OnlyFans Creators and Sex Workers

12/17/2020 - Yes, Donald Trump Had a Twitter Password Any Rube Could Guess, Netherlands Authorities Say

12/17/2020 - Indonesian Horror Trailer The Queen of Black Magic Promises Gory Frights Galore

12/17/2020 - We Love This Mashup of Star Wars Star Bill Burr Trashing Star Wars on a Star Wars Show

12/17/2020 - How Google Ruined the Internet (According to Texas)

12/17/2020 - Facebook Repays News Industry It Destroyed With Print Ads Begging You to Hate Apple

12/17/2020 - Apple's Tim Cook and Craig Federighi Sucked Into Center of Epic Case [Corrected]

12/17/2020 - Heroes Star Leonard Roberts Shares Details of Racism and Mistreatment on Set

12/17/2020 - Twitter Is Relaunching its Troubled Verification Process After a 3 Year Hiatus

12/17/2020 - Double-Decker Bento Box Rice Cooker Promises Hot and Fresh Work Lunches That Rival Take Out

12/17/2020 - The High Republic's Writers on Why They Wanted to Make Star Wars Without a War

12/17/2020 - The Best Apple-ish Gear for Apple Haters

12/17/2020 - State AGs Accuse Google of Abusing Its Monopoly on Search in Third Antitrust Suit

12/17/2020 - Jeremy Bulloch, the Man Behind Boba Fett, Has Died

12/17/2020 - Ian McKellen Got the X-Gene He Deserves

12/17/2020 - The Pop Culture Highlights and Lowlights of 2020

12/17/2020 - Lunar Samples Land on Earth, Completing China’s Most Challenging ‘Space Adventure’

12/17/2020 - The Federal Government Spends More on Fire Prevention in Rich, White Neighborhoods

12/17/2020 - GoPro's Redesigned Remote Lets You Control Your Action Cams from Afar

12/17/2020 - Giancarlo Esposito's 10 Best Genre Roles (So Far)

12/17/2020 - Robinhood Will Pay $65 Million to Settle SEC Claim That It Duped Investors

12/17/2020 - Google-Fitbit Merger Wins EU Approval, With a Few Conditions

12/17/2020 - Wow, Snow

12/17/2020 - The World's First Death Attributed to Air Pollution Could Spark the Change We Need

12/17/2020 - Nightwing's New Start is Back in Blüdhaven (And With Batgirl)

12/17/2020 - Shipwreck Filled With Treasure and Elephant Tusks Sheds Light on 16th-Century Ivory Trade

12/17/2020 - Netflix's Shadow and Bone Adaptation Gets a Chilly Teaser

12/17/2020 - You Can Put Apple's AirPods Max Into Low Power Mode Using a Pair of Fridge Magnets

12/17/2020 - More WandaVision Footage Teases Scarlet Witch's Most Traumatic Comic Storyline

12/17/2020 - The Physics of Tenet Is Shaky, but It Still Kicks Ass

12/17/2020 - I Love This Bike So Much

12/17/2020 - Michelle Yeoh Delivers Star Trek: Discovery a High It Didn't Quite Earn

12/17/2020 - 3,400 Dead

12/17/2020 - A New Fitness Tracker Sensor Can Learn and Recognize Almost Any Activity

12/16/2020 - Genius Media Group Is Suing Google For Antitrust

12/16/2020 - The Wrong Turn Horror Movie Franchise Has Apparently Gotten a Lot Weirder

12/16/2020 - Alabama Amazon Workers Could Become the First in the Nation To Unionize

12/16/2020 - Are We Living in the Matrix? A New Documentary Tries to Find Out

12/16/2020 - Twitch Bans the Words 'Simp' and 'Virgin' (Actual Simps And Virgins Still Welcome)

12/16/2020 - The Bond Between Starlink's Two Biggest Competitors Just Got Tighter

12/16/2020 - Substack Is Getting an RSS Feed Because Inboxes are a Disaster

12/16/2020 - This New Empire Strikes Back Set Footage Is the Best Thing You'll See Today

12/16/2020 - Roku Users Are Finally Getting HBO Max

12/16/2020 - Discoveries That Really, Really Seemed Like Aliens

12/16/2020 - Texas Is Leading A New Antitrust Suit Against Google

12/16/2020 - The High Republic's Writers on Bringing New Voices and Fresh Perspectives to the Star Wars Galaxy

12/16/2020 - Computer Memory Can Be Made to Speak in Wifi, Researcher Discovers

12/16/2020 - Donald Trump Ends Efficient Showerheads' Reign of Terror

12/16/2020 - In the Tribes of Europa Trailer, the World Has Gone to Hell as Everyone Fights Over a Cube

12/16/2020 - Our Favorite Comic Moments of 2020

12/16/2020 - Investors Sold an Awful Lot of SolarWinds Stock Before Its Hack Was Disclosed

12/16/2020 - Waterborne Germs Sicken Millions of Americans a Year, CDC Report Finds

12/16/2020 - These Bugatti Speakers Will Whet Your Appetite to Eat the Rich

12/16/2020 - Google TV Plugs Its Biggest Hole with Upcoming Support for Apple TV App

12/16/2020 - The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal Says He Doesn't Want to Take His Helmet Off Too Much

12/16/2020 - The Expanse's Best Season Yet Begins With a Three-Part Thrill Ride

12/16/2020 - Stadia on iOS Runs Like a Gem

12/16/2020 - Report Claims Some Models of Next Year's iPhone 13 Could Feature 120Hz Displays

12/16/2020 - Sabrina's Stars Didn't Know This Would Be the End, But They Hope It's 'Delicious'

12/16/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984's Triumphant Opening Welcomes Us to Themyscira

12/16/2020 - Netflix May Be Introducing an Audio-Only Mode for Listening to Shows with the Screen Off

12/16/2020 - Bitcoin Blows Past $20,000 Milestone

12/16/2020 - Christopher Eccleston Has No Desire to Return to Doctor Who on TV

12/16/2020 - Buildings Are Becoming a Huge Source of Carbon Pollution

12/16/2020 - These Are the Most Ridiculous RGB Gadgets You Can Buy

12/15/2020 - A New Breakthrough In Tape Storage Could Squeeze 580 TB Onto a Single Cartridge

12/15/2020 - New Google Antitrust Lawsuit Could Be Filed As Soon As Thursday

12/15/2020 - The Ending of The Rise of Skywalker Gets Some Stunning Concept Art

12/15/2020 - Joe Biden To Name Gina McCarthy As White House Climate Coordinator

12/15/2020 - Bic Buys Notebook Company That Lets You Easily Upload Your Dumb Scribbles to the Cloud

12/15/2020 - Disenchantment Season 3 Trailer Puts Princess Bean (and Her Beer Stein) on the Throne

12/15/2020 - Superhuman Hack Brings Real-Time 3D Ray Tracing to the SNES

12/15/2020 - Bill Resurrected to Stop Feds From Reading Your Old Emails Without a Warrant

12/15/2020 - Star Wars: The High Republic's Team on The Acolyte's Reveal

12/15/2020 - Twitter Kills Periscope Because It Was a Broken Cash-Suck

12/15/2020 - In the Super Mario Cartoon's Holiday Episode, the Greatest Gift Is Attempted Murder

12/15/2020 - We Already Have the Technology to Decarbonize U.S. Electricity

12/15/2020 - A 22nd Century Gumshoe Makes a Grim Discovery in the First Peek at Sci-Fi Noir Midnight, Water City

12/15/2020 - The Best Gifts and Gadgets to Help Your Youngest Child Build Character

12/15/2020 - Feds Still Trying to Determine How Screwed They Are After Massive SolarWinds Hack

12/15/2020 - Japanese Probe Returned More Asteroid Than Expected—Including Pebbles and Gas

12/15/2020 - The 12 Best (and 7 Worst) Television Shows of 2020

12/15/2020 - The Amazfit GTR 2 Raises the Bar for Budget Smartwatches

12/15/2020 - The Biggest Climate Wins of 2020

12/15/2020 - Stranger Things' Cast Is Getting Together to Play Dungeons & Dragons (For Real This Time)

12/15/2020 - Chemicals in Plastics Are a Global Health Threat, Says New Report

12/15/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984's Powerful Message Soars Above Its Superheroic Excess

12/15/2020 - Find Focus With This DIY Distraction-Free Editor

12/15/2020 - In Black Mask's Destiny NY, Being the Chosen One Kinda Blows

12/15/2020 - A Tiny Optical Thumb Mouse Gives This Game Controller Unrivaled Aiming Accuracy

12/15/2020 - Signal Rolls Out Encrypted Group Video Calls

12/15/2020 - World’s Largest Iceberg Now Ominously Close to Sensitive Island

12/15/2020 - Exxon Thinks You're Stupid

12/15/2020 - Marvel Figured Out an Easier Way for You to Catch Up on Dozens of Movies

12/15/2020 - The Giant $400 Google Home Max Smart Speaker Has Been Discontinued

12/15/2020 - Spider-Man 3 Somehow Has More Raimi Trilogy Actors Rumored to Return

12/15/2020 - This $3K Robot Didn't Complain About Carrying My Groceries

12/15/2020 - GoFundMe Started For White House Director of Security Who Lost Foot to Covid-19

12/15/2020 - Deteriorating Oil Tanker Threatens the Red Sea, Scientists Warn

12/14/2020 - His Dark Materials Turns Into a Heist Thriller and Sets Up the Eventual Endgame

12/14/2020 - Uber Fined $59 Million For Failing To Answer Questions About Sexual Assault Cases

12/14/2020 - Netflix's Equinox Trailer Promises a Dark-Esque Otherworldly Mystery

12/14/2020 - Fancy Dinosaur With Bizarre Shoulder Decorations Was the Peacock of the Cretaceous

12/14/2020 - California's AG Is Now Trying to Force Amazon to Comply With Subpoenas Probing Covid Labor Concerns

12/14/2020 - Smartmatic Demands Fox News, Newsmax, OAN Retract Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theories or Else

12/14/2020 - FTC Orders Amazon, YouTube, Discord, and 6 More to Explain What the Hell They're Doing With Your Data

12/14/2020 - Nervous About Covid-19 Vaccines? Here's How Scientists Are Feeling

12/14/2020 - Dating Is Bad Enough Without Adding Wearables to the Mix

12/14/2020 - This Working Marauder's Map Built Using AR and GPS Brings Magic to Our World

12/14/2020 - Sci-Fi Families You Can Spend the Holidays With

12/14/2020 - Facebook Finally Brings Its Collab App to the Public

12/14/2020 - Chris Pine May Further Enhance His Nerd Cred by Starring in the Dungeons & Dragons Movie

12/14/2020 - Cyberpunk 2077 Is Best Played in the Cloud

12/14/2020 - Fitness+, a New RAW Format and More Just Launched with iOS 14.3

12/14/2020 - The Expanse Season 5 Is About Going Your Own Way to Confront the Past

12/14/2020 - The Majority of Wild Edible Plants in the U.S. Are Endangered

12/14/2020 - In Resident Alien's New Trailer, Alan Tudyk Is an E.T. Hiding Out in a Town Full of Secrets

12/14/2020 - Reddit Swallows Dubsmash, TikTok's Closest Competitor

12/14/2020 - Star Wars: The High Republic Is as Refreshing as It Is Familiar

12/14/2020 - Surprise, Surprise: Tim Cook Killed an Apple TV+ Show About Gawker

12/14/2020 - The Doctor Is In

12/14/2020 - FEMA Wants to Cut Disaster Aid at the Worst Possible Time

12/14/2020 - Pornhub Just Removed Millions Of User-Uploaded Videos

12/14/2020 - Oppo Teamed Up with a Japanese Design Firm to Create a Neat Triple-Hinged Slider Phone

12/14/2020 - The Stand Feels Both Timely and Overwhelming

12/14/2020 - The First Nor'easter of the Season Could Be a Huge Snow-Maker

12/14/2020 - Anthony Mackie Is a New Kind of Terminator in the Trailer for Netflix's Outside the Wire

12/14/2020 - The Best Kitchen Gadgets That Unnecessarily Do Exactly One Thing Well

12/14/2020 - They're Too Big!

12/14/2020 - Patty Jenkins Teases Her Star Wars Rogue Squadron Movie

12/14/2020 - YouTube, Gmail, and Everything Else Google, Is Down Right Now [Update: Everything Should Be Back]

12/14/2020 - President Trump Backpedals on Plan to Give White House Staffers Priority For Covid-19 Vaccine

12/14/2020 - Scientists Just Dropped a Bunch of New Animals

12/13/2020 - State-Sponsored Hackers Are Apparently Up to Their Shenanigans Again

12/13/2020 - Check Out Some of the Stunning Design Work for Star Wars: The High Republic

12/13/2020 - Tesla Reportedly Axes Model S and X Production for 18 Days, Says Workers Can ‘Volunteer’ to Deliver Vehicles

12/13/2020 - Finally!

12/13/2020 - Watch Robert Picardo 'Sing' the Star Trek: Voyager Theme in the Middle of the Woods

12/13/2020 - The New Charmed Teaser Threatens the Death of All Magic

12/13/2020 - Joe Manganiello Takes the Internet's Toughest and Most Fun Dungeons & Dragons Questions

12/13/2020 - The Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel Tries to Condense the Plot of The Rise of Skywalker Into 5 Minutes

12/12/2020 - Brighten Up Your Pandemic Life With One of Google Search’s 50 New AR Animals

12/12/2020 - Disney Will Stop Photoshopping Face Masks Onto Maskless Guests On Rides

12/12/2020 - Virgin Galactic Aborts New Mexico Launch Because of Rocket Motor Issues

12/12/2020 - You Can Watch the Prologue for Tenet Right Now

12/12/2020 - Twitter Briefly Grows a Spine, Says It Was an Accident

12/12/2020 - This Marceline and Princess Bubblegum Relationship Recap Is the Wholesome Gay Content Your Weekend Needs

12/12/2020 - Watch the Extended Trailer for Ark: The Animated Series, the Show Based on the Survival Video Game

12/12/2020 - Jaimie Alexander Is Finally Back as Sif in Thor: Love and Thunder

12/12/2020 - Zodiac Killer's Cipher Cracked by Amateur Codebreakers More Than 50 Years Later

12/11/2020 - The FDA Has Authorized Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine for Emergency Use

12/11/2020 - All the Star Wars, Marvel, and Other Disney News You Might Have Missed

12/11/2020 - The Original Power Rangers Get Amazing New Figures, and More of the Morphinomenal Toys of the Week

12/11/2020 - Oracle Ditches Silicon Valley for Austin, Texas

12/11/2020 - Candles Recalled For Presenting Fire Hazard

12/11/2020 - The Best Blockbuster Movies of 2020 (in a Parallel Universe)

12/11/2020 - Turns Out Pretty Much Anyone Can Claim to Be a Black-Owned Business on Uber Eats

12/11/2020 - The Top New Features to Try Out in macOS Big Sur

12/11/2020 - This Hideously Expensive Smart Bed Cured My Back Pain

12/11/2020 - The Hottest Beats in Any Galaxy Are Playing for Friday's Gif Party

12/11/2020 - Someone Managed to Overclock a 14-Year-Old Intel Processor to 8.36 GHz

12/11/2020 - Matt Smith and Olivia Cooke Join Game of Thrones Prequel House of the Dragon

12/11/2020 - Have You Ever Heard of This App by Apple? Well, It’s Dying

12/11/2020 - Volunteers Are Racing to Save Endangered Sea Turtles Stunned by the Cold

12/11/2020 - A New Windows Insider Build Lets ARM PCs Emulate x64 Like Apple's Rosetta 2

12/11/2020 - The Mandalorian Tempers High Action With Some Rewarding Character Work

12/11/2020 - Leica's SL2-S Is a Cheaper and Lighter but Still Very Expensive Flagship Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

12/11/2020 - The Winter Peak of the U.S. Covid-19 Pandemic Will Be Its Deadliest Yet

12/11/2020 - Disney and Pixar’s New Animation Announcements Were Wild

12/11/2020 - U.S. Schools Are Buying Phone-Hacking Tech That the FBI Uses to Investigate Terrorists

12/11/2020 - Brave Releases Privacy-Focused News Reader

12/11/2020 - Dune Director Slams Warner Bros. for HBO Max Release, Warns It May Doom the Franchise

12/11/2020 - Let's Talk About the Peloton Guy's Whole Water Thing

12/11/2020 - The Exponential Failure of Doing Nothing

12/11/2020 - The Stand Cast and Crew on Updating Stephen King's Classic and Bringing Captain Trips to Life

12/11/2020 - One of the First Computer Mice Ever Built Is Going Up For Auction

12/11/2020 - Servant's Creepy Baby Is Back in Season 2 Trailer

12/11/2020 - Apple Does the Inevitable and Begins Development on Its Own Cellular Modem

12/11/2020 - In The Midnight Sky Trailer, George Clooney Tries to Warn Astronauts of a Climate Disaster

12/11/2020 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Brings Back Some Familiar Aunts

12/11/2020 - What the EPA Has in Common With Pornographers

12/11/2020 - A Rare Original Apple 1 Computer Was Sacrificed For These Ugly Custom iPhones

12/11/2020 - Scientists Find Mammoth Seemingly Butchered by Humans on Arctic Island

12/11/2020 - Brian K. Vaughan Is Resurrecting Another Sci-Fi Classic

12/11/2020 - Trump Has Listed the Fewest Endangered Species of Any President Ever

12/11/2020 - Anker's EufyCam Is Nearly Everything I Want in a Secure Security Camera

12/11/2020 - How Secure Is Your Digital Assistant?

12/11/2020 - NYPD's New Robot Police Dog Will Get Special Arm For Opening Doors

12/11/2020 - Australia Scraps Homegrown Covid-19 Vaccine After Trial Participants Get 'False Positive' Test Results For HIV

12/10/2020 - Bad News, Disney+ Users, Your Subscription Price Is Going Up

12/10/2020 - Meet the Heroes of Disney+'s She-Hulk and Hawkeye Series

12/10/2020 - Chris Evans Will Play the Original Buzz Lightyear in a New Pixar Adventure

12/10/2020 - Google Adds Knowledge Panels in Search Results for Covid-19 Vaccines to Counter Misinformation

12/10/2020 - The First Trailer for What If? Imagines an Alternate Marvel Universe

12/10/2020 - WandaVision's New Trailer Is a Nod to Scarlet Witch's Most Twisted Storyline

12/10/2020 - Fantastic Four Finally Entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe and More Huge News

12/10/2020 - Ms. Marvel Makes Her MCU Debut in This First Look

12/10/2020 - Loki's First Trailer Brings the Asgardian Trickster Back Into the Fold

12/10/2020 - Falcon and The Winter Soldier's First Trailer Is an Explosive Reunion Between Heroes and Villains

12/10/2020 - Alien Is Coming to TV...and Earth

12/10/2020 - Here's Where SpaceX Has Promised to Provide Starlink Internet

12/10/2020 - Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Wins Crucial Vote, Now One Step Away From FDA Authorization

12/10/2020 - Patty Jenkins Will Direct the Next Star Wars Movie, Rogue Squadron

12/10/2020 - Star Wars: Bad Batch's First Trailer Shows the Fall of a Republic

12/10/2020 - Huge Star Wars Updates: Andor Teaser, Obi-Wan Timeline, Lando Show, and The Acolyte

12/10/2020 - Parler’s Downloads Fell Off a Cliff

12/10/2020 - Google Will Let You Limit the Alcohol and Gambling Ads You See

12/10/2020 - The Mandalorian's Ahsoka Tano and New Republic Will Receive Their Own Spinoffs

12/10/2020 - Batwoman's Javicia Leslie Suits Up in the First Season 2 Trailer

12/10/2020 - Google Is Now Calling on You to Help Develop Its Enigmatic Fuchsia OS

12/10/2020 - Star Wars, Marvel, and More: Here's Your Disney Investor's Day 2020 Live Blog

12/10/2020 - Make the T-Shirt Designs of Your Dreams With the Brother ScanNCut DX

12/10/2020 - The Best Pop Culture We Caught Up On in 2020

12/10/2020 - Mastercard, Discover, and Visa Dump Pornhub [UPDATE]

12/10/2020 - The Watch Begins in a New Trailer for the Discworld-Inspired Show

12/10/2020 - Tasmanian Devils May Overcome Transmissible Cancer That Nearly Wiped Them Out

12/10/2020 - We're Finally Starting to See Some Great MagSafe Accessories, but They're Not Coming from Apple

12/10/2020 - Space Station Spiders Found a Hack to Build Webs Without Gravity

12/10/2020 - The Expanse's Thomas Jane on Bringing His Acting Experience Behind the Camera

12/10/2020 - I Feel Like $156,000 for a 110-Inch TV Is a Lot

12/10/2020 - A New Sonic Series Is Apparently Speeding Its Way to Netflix

12/10/2020 - Honeybees Fend Off Asian Giant Hornets With Poop

12/10/2020 - Sentencing Nears for Gamer Who DDoS'd PlayStation Network as a Minor

12/10/2020 - A Young Girl Has Her Own Killer Alien in the Trailer for PG: Psycho Goreman

12/10/2020 - New Research Bolsters Claim That Neanderthals Buried Their Dead

12/10/2020 - DC Comics Has a New Batman

12/10/2020 - Bandwidth Limits at National Weather Service Could Hobble Our Weather Apps

12/10/2020 - Everybody Wants a Piece of Facebook

12/10/2020 - Leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 Teasers Show Off Divisive Design

12/10/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Will Include a Post-Credits Scene for Its Theatrical and Streaming Debuts

12/10/2020 - The Next Generation of Vaccines Might Be Inhalable

12/10/2020 - Doctor Who Set Pictures Tease the Return of a Major Villain

12/10/2020 - This Beautiful 360-Degree Camera Needs Its Software to Catch Up

12/10/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery's Georgiou Experiment Has Reached a Fascinating Place

12/10/2020 - Fate: The Winx Saga Trailer Gives the Animated Fairy Series a Riverdale Edge

12/10/2020 - Johns Hopkins, Famous Philanthropist and Abolitionist, Actually Owned Slaves

12/10/2020 - Erectile Dysfunction Drug and Anti-Depressant Accidentally Swapped in Factory

12/9/2020 - Funimation Acquires Crunchyroll in Merging of Anime Mega Powers

12/9/2020 - NASA Announces Team of 18 Astronauts Who Will Train For Artemis Moon Landings

12/9/2020 - CBS All Access Takes on Disney+ With New Features to Babysit Your Kids

12/9/2020 - WandaVision's Teaser Posters Have Been Telling a Warped Story

12/9/2020 - Google to Investigate Shady Ouster of Black AI Ethicist Timnit Gebru

12/9/2020 - Hyundai Motors Reportedly Bought Boston Dynamics For Almost $1 Billion (Updated: It's a Done Deal)

12/9/2020 - Hackers Illegally Accessed Pfizer's Preliminary Vaccine Data

12/9/2020 - 5 Nerdy (and Affordable) Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

12/9/2020 - New Report Suggests FCC Massively Overstated Gigabit Coverage in U.S.

12/9/2020 - Scientists Are Investigating How the Quiet Of Covid-19 Affects the Ocean

12/9/2020 - Pantone's Colors of the Year, Ranked

12/9/2020 - Microsoft Is Bringing Its Cloud Gaming Platform to PCs and iOS Next Spring

12/9/2020 - Riverdale's Season 5 Trailer Welcomes the End of High School, Among Other Things

12/9/2020 - Sharp's New Alexa-Powered Microwave Is Even More Confusing Than Amazon's

12/9/2020 - The Muppet Christmas Carol's 'Lost' Song Will Be Recovered for Its 4K Remaster

12/9/2020 - Watch Live: SpaceX Tries Again to Launch a Starship Prototype to High Altitude [Update: It Exploded]

12/9/2020 - Facebook Continues To Call The Kettle Black

12/9/2020 - FTC and 48 Attorneys General Sue to Break Up Facebook

12/9/2020 - Canada Is Latest to Approve Covid-19 Vaccine—and U.S. Is Likely Next

12/9/2020 - HBO's Bringing True Blood Back From the Dead

12/9/2020 - Gee, Thanks A Lot YouTube

12/9/2020 - It's Totally Fine to Beg Trump Supporters to Die for Him, Twitter Says

12/9/2020 - The Best Animated Series of 2020

12/9/2020 - Ryan Zinke Unveils Official Portrait Featuring National Monument He Shrunk

12/9/2020 - Clark's New Superman & Lois Suit Is Mighty Easy on the Eyes

12/9/2020 - You Can Finally Play the Classic Nokia Snake Game on Your Apple Watch and iPhone

12/9/2020 - Cobra Kai Season 3 Trailer Reveals Old Favorites and New Problems

12/9/2020 - 'Cat Scratch' Bacteria Linked to Psychiatric Symptoms in People

12/9/2020 - Fire TV Gets a Big Redesign That Should Make It More Usable

12/9/2020 - Declaring Flash Dead Is Dead

12/9/2020 - Trump’s EPA Throws Polluters One More Giant, Toxic Bone on the Way Out

12/9/2020 - Super Mario Manga Mania’s English Translation Will Take You on a Wild World Tour

12/9/2020 - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Review: Standing at a Crossroads

12/9/2020 - Scientists Uncover the Mysterious Origin of Pterosaurs

12/9/2020 - Lord of the Rings’ Viggo Mortensen Shares Some Depressing Horse News

12/9/2020 - How to Read Apple's Upcoming App Privacy 'Nutrition Labels'

12/9/2020 - Could Even More Familiar Faces Return for Spider-Man 3?

12/9/2020 - The Best Game Controller Maker Is Making Gaming Headsets Now, Too

12/9/2020 - New York State Just Set a New Standard for Fossil Fuel Divestment

12/9/2020 - Two Allergic Reactions to Covid-19 Vaccine on Tuesday Prompt New Warning in UK

12/9/2020 - 'Cruise to Nowhere' Returns to Somewhere After Passenger Tests Positive For Covid-19

12/9/2020 - The World Will Be Nearly 6 Degrees Hotter Unless It Invests in a Green Recovery

12/8/2020 - Rebekah Jones, Fired Florida Data Scientist, Raises $100K After Cops Stormed Her Home

12/8/2020 - Pornhub's Finally Verifying Uploaders

12/8/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984's Epic Opening Highlighted in New Featurette

12/8/2020 - Facebook Is About To Be Sued For Allegedly Violating Antitrust Law

12/8/2020 - Senate Votes to Appoint Unqualified Trump Ally Nathan Simington to the FCC

12/8/2020 - CBS's Clarice Looks Heavy on Trauma, Light on Murder Husbands

12/8/2020 - Cybersecurity Firm FireEye Says It Was Hacked By a Nation-State That Rhymes With Frussia

12/8/2020 - Oh This Is Rich, Christopher Nolan [Updated]

12/8/2020 - Fintech App Threatens to Sue Facebook and Friends Over Diem Name

12/8/2020 - Of Course AT&T Is Doubling Down on Its Chaotic HBO Max Premieres

12/8/2020 - Cloudflare And Apple's New 'Oblivious' Protocol Could Mean an End to Snooping Telecos

12/8/2020 - David Tennant's Doctor Who Teams Up With Classic Companions in a New Audio Drama

12/8/2020 - Chuck Yeager, First Faster-Than-Sound Pilot, Dies at 97

12/8/2020 - Artemis Astronauts Will Be Doing Some Serious Science on the Moon

12/8/2020 - SpaceX's Still-in-Beta Starlink ISP Gets Nearly a Billion Dollars to Try and Fix Rural Internet

12/8/2020 - The Mystery of Illinois' Short-Lived Cookie Monster Mural

12/8/2020 - Headache, Fatigue, and Other Not-So-Scary Side Effects of Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine

12/8/2020 - The Best Over-Ear Headphones for Working Out

12/8/2020 - Game of Life Heads to Disneyland, The Boys Goes Tabletop, and More Gaming News

12/8/2020 - I Thought It Was an Ugly Titty Purse

12/8/2020 - Former U.S. Cyber Chief Chris Krebs Sues Trump Campaign for Defamation

12/8/2020 - A Massive Elephant Herd Has ‘Taken Everyone by Surprise’ in Its Return to Virunga National Park

12/8/2020 - Report: Trump Admin Turned Down Chance to Buy 100 Million More Doses of Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine

12/8/2020 - Researchers Discover Dangerous Security Flaws in Code Used in Millions of Devices

12/8/2020 - Spider-Man 3 Recruits Alfred Molina's Doc Ock

12/8/2020 - Large Study of Americans Shows the Broad Health Problems Covid-19 Can Cause

12/8/2020 - Back to the Future's Biggest Questions Are Answered in Doc Brown's DeLorean Owner's Manual

12/8/2020 - The Old Arctic Is Gone

12/8/2020 - Monster Hunter Removes Racist Joke That Paul W.S. Anderson Swears Was 'Unintentional'

12/8/2020 - Acer Nitro 5 Review: A Stand-Out Budget Gaming Laptop

12/8/2020 - Nielsen Updating Its Ratings System for a World of Streaming

12/8/2020 - Watch Live: SpaceX Attempts a High-Altitude Test of Its Starship Rocket

12/8/2020 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Still Flies High, 20 Years Later

12/8/2020 - Apple Fitness+ Is Officially Launching on December 14

12/8/2020 - Five of 2020's Top Climate Grifters

12/8/2020 - Updates From Morbius, Godzilla vs. Kong, and More

12/8/2020 - Apple's AirPods Max Go Over Your Ears and Carry a Very Apple Price

12/8/2020 - Boost Your Home Theater Bass by Pairing Two Sonos Subs

12/8/2020 - 10 Essential Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of WhatsApp

12/8/2020 - Post-It Note Pioneers Invent a Safer Polar Bear Tag

12/8/2020 - Christchurch Terrorist Abused Steroids and Donated Money to Far-Right YouTubers

12/7/2020 - Trump's TikTok Ban Blocked For the Second Time

12/7/2020 - 10 Fantasy Tropes That Are Quite Magical (and 5 That Deserve the Chopping Block)

12/7/2020 - California Set to Launch Apple and Google-Powered Contact Tracing App

12/7/2020 - Uber Kicks Its Self-Driving Car Unit Out the Side Door

12/7/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Director Patty Jenkins on the Tough Decision to Release on Streaming

12/7/2020 - Not Even Boba Fett Can Escape His Own Shadow

12/7/2020 - Pornhub Might Lose Visa and Mastercard After New York Times Exposé

12/7/2020 - Cyberpunk 2077 Reviews Are Out, and I'm Glad I Got This MS Paint Sweater Instead

12/7/2020 - Amazon's Zoox Driverless Car, or Possibly an iMac G3 on Wheels, Spotted in San Francisco

12/7/2020 - Trump Administration Refuses to Update Soot Rule, Condemning Thousands to Death

12/7/2020 - The Expanse Season 5 Is Almost Here, So Here's a Reminder of Where Season 4 Left Off

12/7/2020 - Beware the Cyberpunk 2077 'Free Download' Cyberscam

12/7/2020 - Divers Accidentally Stumble Upon Nazi Enigma Machine in Baltic Sea

12/7/2020 - The HomePod Mini Is a Perfect Smart Home Overlord

12/7/2020 - Transformers: War for Cybertron—Earthrise's First Trailer Reveals Strange Worlds and Dark Shadows

12/7/2020 - Apple Music Arrives on Nest Audio Smart Speakers

12/7/2020 - KFC's Latest Ploy to Make Colonel Sanders Sexy Is a Lifetime Movie Spoof

12/7/2020 - WWI Trench Disease Is Reappearing Among People Experiencing Homelessness

12/7/2020 - Google's Latest Pixel Feature Drop Delivers Better Battery Management and Baby Yoda

12/7/2020 - io9 Roundtable: We Need to Talk About Ready Player Two, Especially That Ending

12/7/2020 - Got an iPhone 11? Apple May Replace Your Display for Free

12/7/2020 - Wall Street’s New Water Market Is the Latest Sign We’re Headed Toward a Mad Max Future

12/7/2020 - NASA and SpaceX Launch a Shiny New Airlock and a Christmas Feast to the ISS

12/7/2020 - IKEA Will No Longer Print Its Legendary Catalog

12/7/2020 - DC's Biggest Batman Comic Is Getting a Very Exciting New Creative Team

12/7/2020 - California's Hellish 2018 Wildfires Cost the U.S. Economy $148.5 Billion

12/7/2020 - The Most Intriguing Archaeological Discoveries of 2020

12/7/2020 - Apple Reportedly Has an Aggressive Roadmap for Its Homegrown Silicon in 2021

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12/7/2020 - How to Back Up Your Photos and Videos to More Than One Place

12/7/2020 - Updates From Cassian Andor, Wonder Woman 1984, and More

12/7/2020 - Nurvv Run Made Me a Faster Runner, but I Don't Know if I'm a Better One

12/7/2020 - Do Adaptogens Actually Work?

12/7/2020 - Chinese State Media Suggests Covid-19 Pandemic Started by Frozen Meat Imported Into Wuhan

12/7/2020 - 'Mystery Illness' Kills 1 and Sickens Hundreds in Eluru, India

12/6/2020 - Trump Reveals That Another Member of His Inner Circle, Rudy Giuliani, Has Covid-19 Via Tweet

12/6/2020 - Awesome, Now Police Are Using Automated Drones

12/6/2020 - Japan’s Hayabusa2 Probe Has Sent Bits of the Ryugu Asteroid Back to Earth

12/6/2020 - The Creators of the Upcoming Star Trek: Discovery Art Book Discuss Creating a Worthy Collection

12/6/2020 - This Slick Mini-Doc Explores the Unlikely Origins of Batman Beyond

12/6/2020 - Birx: Health Officials Still Have Their Hands Full Debunking Trump's Covid-19 'Myths'

12/6/2020 - A Mandalorian Easter Egg Brings Back Jango Fett's Legends-Era Mentor

12/6/2020 - You Can Now Stream a Bunch of James Bond Movies for Free on YouTube

12/5/2020 - 2020 Has Been One Godawful Year, but Not for OnlyFans

12/5/2020 - Robert Rodriguez Wasn't the First Choice to Direct Last Week's Episode of The Mandalorian

12/5/2020 - Ava DuVernay Is Working With the CW to Adapt DC's Naomi

12/5/2020 - Elon Musk Is Reportedly Heading to Texas for a Tax Break

12/5/2020 - The First Impressions of Wonder Woman 1984 Are In, and It Sounds Like a Fitting Sequel and '80s Tribute

12/5/2020 - Bank Workers Could Get the Covid-19 Vaccine Ahead of Most Americans

12/5/2020 - Joe Makes an Awkward Introduction in New Soul Clip

12/5/2020 - More Than 1,500 Google Employees Sign Petition Condemning Firing of Black AI Ethicist Timnit Gebru

12/4/2020 - HBO Max Owner Reportedly Plans to Launch Two More Streaming Services—With Ads

12/4/2020 - The Batman's Matt Reeves Will Co-Produce Switchboard, a 1940s-Set Horror Movie

12/4/2020 - Summon the X-Men, the Best Toys of the Week Are Here

12/4/2020 - Finally, Big Cats Are Closer to Getting the Protections They Need

12/4/2020 - Amazon Asks Its Advertisers to Consider Being a Bit More Invasive

12/4/2020 - How to Set Up NowInStock Alerts to Buy Hard-to-Find Gadgets

12/4/2020 - Letitia Wright Responds to Backlash for Sharing Transphobic, Antivax Video

12/4/2020 - Let's Ruin the Moon

12/4/2020 - Singapore Greenlights World's First Sales of Lab-Grown Chicken

12/4/2020 - Trump Taps Climate Denier to Pick National Medal of Science Winners

12/4/2020 - RIP Free Streaming Trials

12/4/2020 - 'Tis the Holiday Season in the Friday Gif Party

12/4/2020 - Razer's Attempt to Solve the Biggest Issue Many Have with PC Gaming Feels DOA

12/4/2020 - Wacom's New Stylus Will Let You Create 3D Drawings in Virtual Reality

12/4/2020 - Sci-Fi Short Alone Packs All the Drama of a Feature Into 20 Minutes

12/4/2020 - Alaska May Be Hiding a Huge Volcanic System

12/4/2020 - House Votes to Decriminalize Weed

12/4/2020 - YouTube Kindly Requests You Not Be So Terrible in the Comments

12/4/2020 - We Can Be Heroes Trailer Shows Pint-Sized Supers Ready to Save the World

12/4/2020 - Biden Says He'll Ask Country to Wear Masks for 100 Days, Issue Mask Mandates in Federal Jurisdiction

12/4/2020 - How Are You Feeling About the Vaccines?

12/4/2020 - The Best Mesh Router with Wi-Fi 6 Is Very Affordable

12/4/2020 - DoorDash Is Looking To Raise Over $3 Billion In Its IPO

12/4/2020 - The Mandalorian's Latest Episode Will Have Fans Talking for a Long Time

12/4/2020 - Monkeys See Things That Aren't There With Artificial Vision Brain Implant

12/4/2020 - Please Refresh Your Browser So Websites Actually Work

12/4/2020 - Report: Oscar Isaac Is the Metal Gear Solid Movie's Solid Snake

12/4/2020 - Use This IRS Security Tool to Protect Yourself From Refund Fraud

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12/4/2020 - These Are the Ages When Alcohol Is Most Dangerous to the Brain, Researchers Say

12/4/2020 - Philips Hue's Play Gradient Ain't Cheap, But It's the Lightstrip Your TV Deserves

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12/4/2020 - Updates From Spider-Man 3, Hawkeye, and More

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12/4/2020 - Dr. Fauci Warns Americans to Stay Home This Christmas As U.S. Breaks New Covid-19 Records

12/4/2020 - Airbnb Adds Restrictions to New Year's Eve Bookings to Deter Partying in a Pandemic

12/3/2020 - The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

12/3/2020 - Razer's Latest Wireless Earbuds Add Noise Cancelling and Keep the Incredible Bass

12/3/2020 - Twitter Shelves Threaded Replies And Beta App

12/3/2020 - Monster Hunter’s Director Prefers the Film’s World...Because of Its Giant, Lootable Corpses

12/3/2020 - Disney's Neo Smartwatch for Kids Has Nothing on My '90s Yoda Giga Pet

12/3/2020 - Nielsen Report Finds Sci-Fi, Horror, and Streaming Services Leading the Slow Push For Diversity

12/3/2020 - AMC Is Pissed

12/3/2020 - Feds Claim the Patriot Act Allowed Them to Log Visitors to Websites

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12/3/2020 - The SMS Has Been Able to Rent a Car By Itself for Three Years

12/3/2020 - Facebook Might Be Slammed With An Antitrust Suit As Soon As Next Week

12/3/2020 - Astronomers Confirm Mystery Object as NASA's Lost Rocket Booster From the 1960s

12/3/2020 - The Mikme Pocket Is a Solid Little Voice Recorder for Your Phone

12/3/2020 - Hawkeye’s Hailee Steinfeld Is Bringing Some Notable Friends to Disney+

12/3/2020 - Researchers Create Super-Strong Glue That Releases by Dissolving Into Thin Air

12/3/2020 - American Gods' Latest Trailer Introduces New Worlds of Pain

12/3/2020 - Climate Polluters Write a Letter Asking to Be Lightly Regulated Please

12/3/2020 - Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution 'Cold Chain,' Though Motives Remain Unknown

12/3/2020 - With Google Authenticator's Latest iOS Update, You Really Have No Excuse Now

12/3/2020 - Now's the Perfect Time to Shut Down Most Dirty Power Plants

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12/3/2020 - How Biden Can Ensure Every Federal Agency Is Fighting Climate Change

12/3/2020 - Drone Video Shows Dramatic Moment of Arecibo Observatory Collapse

12/3/2020 - Steven Universe's Latest Anti-Racism PSA Is for All the History Buffs Out There

12/3/2020 - I Can't Decide If This Apple Watch Camera Band Is Genius or If My Brain Is Broken

12/3/2020 - Google Is Supercharging Emoji Remixing with Emoji Kitchen in Gboard

12/3/2020 - Obama, Bush, and Clinton Say They'll Get Covid-19 Vaccine—but They Won't Cut in Line

12/3/2020 - Lord of the Rings Adds 20 Cast Members, and We Have No Idea What They're Doing

12/3/2020 - Around 1:26 Rudy Giuliani Farts

12/3/2020 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Casts a Final Spell in Part 4's Trailer

12/3/2020 - Voyager Probes Spot Previously Unknown Phenomenon in Deep Space

12/3/2020 - Hawkeye Set Footage Teases the Arrival of Marvel's Next Avenging Archer

12/3/2020 - A Clean Kitchen Helps

12/3/2020 - You'll Be Perfectly Happy With the Fitbit Versa 3

12/3/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery Re-Focuses Itself on the Power of Ties That Bind

12/3/2020 - Google Hit With Surprise Labor Rights Complaint Over Fired Workers

12/3/2020 - Australia Scraps Plan to Ban Cash For Large Purchases But Idea Isn't Going Away

12/2/2020 - Google To Shut Down 3D Platform Poly Next Year

12/2/2020 - Amazon's Wheel of Time Will Take a Blended Approach to the Series' Many Stories

12/2/2020 - The Stars of Lord of the Rings Want to Make J.R.R. Tolkien's Home Into a Museum

12/2/2020 - Latest Windows 10 Patch Fixes Crashing Issue on PCs with Thunderbolt Ports

12/2/2020 - Hulu's Watch Party Feature Rolls Out to All Subscribers

12/2/2020 - The Mandalorian’s Journey to Tython and the Enormous Star Wars History Behind It

12/2/2020 - The EPA Just Joined Parler and It's Going How You'd Expect

12/2/2020 - Doctors Release Their ‘Most Worrying Outlook’ on How Climate Change Is Ruining Our Health

12/2/2020 - DuckTales' Current Third Season Is Officially Its Last

12/2/2020 - Farewell, Emotional Support Spider

12/2/2020 - A Daring Giraffe Rescue Is Underway in Kenya

12/2/2020 - Funko Is Finally Letting People Build Custom Figures, But Only in Its Stores

12/2/2020 - A YouTuber Made a Water-Cooling Rig to Combat the Canon R5's Overheating Issues

12/2/2020 - Google TV's Newest Feature Will Help You Train It to Suggest Better Recommendations

12/2/2020 - Batman Goes on the Ultimate Play Date in This Arkhamaniacs Exclusive Preview

12/2/2020 - Republican Plan to Keep the Internet Screwed Under Biden Moves Ahead

12/2/2020 - The DJI Mini 2 Is a Great Step Up

12/2/2020 - RIP Hugh Keays-Byrne, Star of Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road

12/2/2020 - Amazon Showcases Fossil Fuel Ties the Same Day Climate Pledge Arena Sign Unveiled

12/2/2020 - Discovery+ Will Launch Next Month for $5 and Be Free for a Year to Some Verizon Users

12/2/2020 - Our Favorite io9 Videos of 2020

12/2/2020 - The Vizio Elevate's Rotating Speakers Are a Clever Dolby Atmos Solution

12/2/2020 - CDC Relaxes Quarantine Guidelines for People Exposed to Covid-19

12/2/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Vampire of the Mists

12/2/2020 - Do It, Coward

12/2/2020 - Elon Musk Says He Did Have Covid-19, Actually

12/2/2020 - Dishwashers of the Future Were Sometimes Supposed to Just Break Your Dishes

12/2/2020 - Gut-Wrenching Photos Show Damage at Arecibo Observatory Following Collapse

12/2/2020 - 3 Magical Creatures Convene in One Grimy Dive Bar in This First Look at City of Iron and Dust

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12/2/2020 - Apple Might Soon Be Embracing Mini-LEDs in a Major Way

12/2/2020 - Of Course The Mandalorian's in Fortnite's Next Season

12/2/2020 - UN Scientists Draft a ‘Build Back Better’ Climate Plan for the Planet

12/2/2020 - Snapdragon 888: A Rundown of Qualcomm's Next Big Mobile Chip

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12/2/2020 - Updates on Hellraiser's Future, Wonder Woman 1984, and More

12/2/2020 - 10 Tips and Tricks for Your Brand-New PS5

12/2/2020 - UK Approves Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine For Distribution Early Next Week

12/2/2020 - Apple's Best Apps of the Year Reflect the Shitshow That Was 2020

12/1/2020 - So, What TV or Movie Was the Monolith a Gimmick For?

12/1/2020 - Massachusetts Lawmakers Voted To Ban Police From Using Facial Recognition Tech

12/1/2020 - Universal's Van Helsing Will Stabby Stab Stab Vampires Once Again

12/1/2020 - Microsoft Will Fix the Creepiest Part of Its 'Productivity Score' Thing

12/1/2020 - Google Maps' New Community Feed Will Make Researching Your Favorite Local Spots Easier

12/1/2020 - Umbrella Academy's Elliot Page Comes Out as Trans in a Powerful Open Letter

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12/1/2020 - Arrow's John Diggle Is Returning to DC TV, Which Probably Means...

12/1/2020 - Ready Player Two Attempts, But Fails, to Reach the Next Level

12/1/2020 - NZXT Halts Sales of Its Xbox-Like PC Cases Due to Fire Hazard

12/1/2020 - How Horror Helped Us Survive 2020

12/1/2020 - Facebook’s Libra Seizes the Diem

12/1/2020 - Astronomer Captures Possible Image of NASA’s Long-Lost Centaur Rocket Booster

12/1/2020 - These Stunning Miniature Sea Creatures Keep the Oceans in Balance

12/1/2020 - YouTube TV Is Losing Another Sports Channel Owned by Sinclair

12/1/2020 - Why Did I Hoard This Shit?

12/1/2020 - Doctor Who's 'Fugitive Doctor' Was an Unplanned, Last-Minute Twist

12/1/2020 - The Nintendo Switch Finally Enters 2020 With a Firmware Update Full of Necessities

12/1/2020 - The First Cases For Facebook's Oversight Board Tackle Hate Speech, Nudity, and Nazi Germany

12/1/2020 - The Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Posters From Alamo Drafthouse's New Auction

12/1/2020 - Uber Eats Postmates

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12/1/2020 - Big Mouth's Missy Had to Be Recast in Order to Let the Character Grow

12/1/2020 - The Team Behind Soul Tells Us About the Culture and Future of Pixar

12/1/2020 - Every Major Bank Has Now Ruled Out Funding Arctic Drilling

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12/1/2020 - Varjo's New VR and XR Headsets Show Us a Glimpse Into the Future of Mixed Reality

12/1/2020 - Iconic Dish at Arecibo Observatory Has Collapsed

12/1/2020 - Trump Attorney Calls For Execution of Former DHS Cybersecurity Official