1/31/2020 - Ring Drops a Major App Update, Placing Privacy and Security Settings Front and Center

1/31/2020 - Vine Successor Byte Will Dole Out Its Entire Ad Revenue to Creators Based on Views

1/31/2020 - Dolittle Originally Didn’t Have as Much Butt Stuff

1/31/2020 - Lindsey Graham Is Quietly Preparing a Mess of a Bill Trying to Destroy End-to-End Encryption

1/31/2020 - Instagram Wipes Independent Developer's Work in the Name of Copyright Protections

1/31/2020 - Tiny DeLoreans, Big Bugs, and Yet Another Baby Yoda Are Among the Week’s Best Toys

1/31/2020 - FCC Says 'One or More' Phone Carriers Illegally Shared Location Data, Fueling Black Market Sales

1/31/2020 - Fast 9's Trailer Doesn’t Take Us to Space But It Does Have Rockets and Resurrection

1/31/2020 - Amazon's Tax Claims Are Riddled With Bullshit

1/31/2020 - Jaw of 330-Million-Year-Old Shark Found in Kentucky Cave

1/31/2020 - US Carbon Emissions Are on Track to Fall a Shameful 4 Percent by 2050

1/31/2020 - This Company Wants To Subsidize Your Terrible Commute With Terrible Ads

1/31/2020 - io9 Roundtable: The Good Place Was a Good Show

1/31/2020 - Do You Think in Words?

1/31/2020 - Marvel's Loki Show Is Gaining Owen Wilson

1/31/2020 - Coal May Find New Life Outside the Energy Market If This Bill Passes

1/31/2020 - There's a Reason the Super Bowl Is Being Broadcast in Fake 4K

1/31/2020 - A Spectacular Fireball Lights Up the English Sky

1/31/2020 - Report: FBI Investigating NSO Group Over Notorious International Hacks

1/31/2020 - The Evil Finale Took Quite the Devilish Twist

1/31/2020 - The Climate Crisis May Have Helped Spawn Massive Locust Swarms in East Africa

1/31/2020 - Maryland's Internet Advertising Tax Is Taking Aim At The Wrong People

1/31/2020 - Locke & Key's Latest Trailer Makes the Series' Horrors Look Fun

1/31/2020 - Astrophysicists Observe Star Dragging Space-Time

1/31/2020 - Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr Are Under Investigation For Allowing Minors

1/31/2020 - Delta, American, and United Cancel All Flights To and From China for Months as Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 213 [Updated]

1/31/2020 - Roku Drops Fox App Support Ahead of Super Bowl in Pissing Match Over Distribution Agreement

1/31/2020 - If Trump Wants His Racist Border Wall, He'll Have to Start Taking Climate Change Seriously

1/31/2020 - All the Brand-New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books You Need to Know About for February

1/31/2020 - EU Officially Votes to Create a Standard Charging Adapter for Phones Despite Apple's Protests

1/31/2020 - New Looks at A Quiet Place 2 Reveal the Sequel Will Answer the First Movie's Biggest Mysteries

1/31/2020 - This Woman’s Mouth Keeps Growing Hairs

1/31/2020 - Updates From the Little Shop of Horrors Remake, the New Willow, and More

1/31/2020 - Cool Discovery Could Finally Explain Gigantic Ice Rings Found on Siberian Lake

1/31/2020 - Someone Talk Me Out of Spending $900 on Some Keyboard Caps

1/31/2020 - How to Measure Almost Anything Using Your Phone

1/31/2020 - These Maps Paint a Dark Future for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge If Trump Has His Way

1/31/2020 - YouTuber Gives Fake Award to Far-Right Activist Who Calls Greta Thunberg an 'Autistic Fucking Wench'

1/30/2020 - Frozen II's Evolution From Storyboards to Final Film Is Incredible

1/30/2020 - A Robotic Swinging Spider-Man Is Coming to Disneyland This Summer

1/30/2020 - It Grows

1/30/2020 - Paul Reubens Is Trying to Make a Pee-wee Movie About the Dark Side of Fame

1/30/2020 - Scientists Turned a Normal Jellyfish Into a Speedy Cyborg Jellyfish

1/30/2020 - Plague Big Opportunity, Rat Says

1/30/2020 - Lego Masters' Superstar Tells Us How to Become a Professional Builder

1/30/2020 - Avast CEO Says Company Will Shutter Data-Sucking Subsidiary, Apologizes for the Data-Sucking

1/30/2020 - Arrow's Bright Green Tease Was About Exactly What You Thought It Was

1/30/2020 - 'Goosebumps': Researchers Capture First Video From Under Antarctica's Most Endangered Glacier

1/30/2020 - WHO Declares Global Health Emergency as Wuhan Coronavirus Continues to Spread

1/30/2020 - Star Trek: Picard's First Episode Is Free to Engage on YouTube

1/30/2020 - This Squishy Water Bottle Would Be Perfect If Filling It Weren't So Dumb

1/30/2020 - EPA Is Getting Sued Over the Toxic Chemicals Used To Clean Up Oil Spills

1/30/2020 - Daylight Saving Time Linked to More Deadly Car Crashes

1/30/2020 - Day After Announcing Record Revenue, Apple Gets Hit With Near Billion-Dollar Judgment

1/30/2020 - Report: Suckplane Still Sucks, Can't Even Shoot Straight

1/30/2020 - 5 Essential Good Place Episodes to Watch Before the Series Finale Breaks Our Forking Hearts

1/30/2020 - Stop Trying to Clone the Apple Watch

1/30/2020 - Trump Regime Wants to Lift a Ban on Most U.S. Landmines

1/30/2020 - Pablo Escobar's Horny Hippos Won't Stop Shitting All Over Colombia

1/30/2020 - After an 80-Year Quest, Scientists Have Almost Certainly Discovered Metallic Hydrogen

1/30/2020 - Here's How to Download Over 100,000 Artworks From Paris Museums for Free Online

1/30/2020 - 'The First Thing That Comes Up on Google': The Nightmare of Facebook Listing Your Butthole as a Place

1/30/2020 - In a Powerful Episode of The Magicians, Eliot and Alice Try to Pick Up the 'Beautiful Pieces'

1/30/2020 - Five of the Worst Ways People Have Tried to Fix Their Computers

1/30/2020 - An Intense Heat Wave Has Fire Danger Rising Again in Australia

1/30/2020 - All Humans Are a Little Bit Neanderthal, According to New Research

1/30/2020 - The Agony and the Ecstasy of the Concord Grape

1/30/2020 - This Is the Most Accurate Baby Yoda Replica You Can Buy

1/30/2020 - Sony's First Android-Powered Walkman Is Damn Compelling

1/30/2020 - The Climate Crisis Is About Right and Wrong

1/30/2020 - The Crow May Get Another Chance at Life (Again)

1/30/2020 - On Star Trek: Picard, Everyone But Starfleet's Got Their House in Order

1/30/2020 - Jack Ma Donates $14 Million For Coronavirus Vaccine, Like Average U.S. Family Donating $33

1/29/2020 - Mark Zuckerberg to Somehow Become Even More Unlikable in the 2020s, Mark Zuckerberg Says

1/29/2020 - The Final Scene of Arrow Came to Its Producer...Mid-Meditation

1/29/2020 - For Some X-Men, Death Still Matters

1/29/2020 - Colorado Mystery Drone Investigation Finds Nothing Weird, Despite Best Efforts of 'Team Alpha WarHawk'

1/29/2020 - Poe Dameron's Spice-Running Origin Story Will Be Told in a New Book

1/29/2020 - A New Documentary Strongly Argues That Aliens Exist, and We've Got the Trailer Debut

1/29/2020 - Santa Cruz Is the Latest U.S. City to Decriminalize Magic Mushrooms

1/29/2020 - These Soft Robots 'Sweat' to Keep Cool

1/29/2020 - What Does the New Emoji Sign Say?

1/29/2020 - Google's Latest Video App Tangi Is TikTok for People Who Love Pinterest

1/29/2020 - Rideshare Drivers From Around the World Are Coming Together, With Help From a Familiar Benefactor

1/29/2020 - Highest-Resolution Solar Telescope Ever Releases Incredible First Images of the Sun

1/29/2020 - The First Reactions to Birds of Prey Praise Its High-Energy Action and Fun Characters

1/29/2020 - Apple Is Never Gonna Give Up On Its AirPower Dreams

1/29/2020 - Netflix Will Expand Its Manga-Inspired Offerings With a Live-Action One Piece Series

1/29/2020 - A History of Star Trek's Uneasy Relationship With Androids

1/29/2020 - Women Face 'Pervasive' Violence in the Face of the Environmental Crisis, Report Finds

1/29/2020 - 5 Kick-Ass Girl Gang Films to See Before Birds of Prey

1/29/2020 - Why Is OSHA Stonewalling Bernie Sanders on Amazon?

1/29/2020 - In The Pale Horse Trailer, Rufus Sewell Is Warned Some Witches Are Trying to End Him

1/29/2020 - How Likely Is The Worst-Case Climate Scenario?

1/29/2020 - Apple and Other Tech Companies Begin Taking Measures to Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak

1/29/2020 - Explore the Sad Origins of Mary Shelley in This Comic Book Celebration of History's Inspiring Women

1/29/2020 - Two Satellites Could Smash Into Each Other Over the U.S. Tonight [Update: They Didn't]

1/29/2020 - Elizabeth Warren's Plan for Disinformation Pictures Big Tech and Government Sharing the Burden

1/29/2020 - Interior Department Bans Chinese Drones But Has Nothing to Replace Them

1/29/2020 - The EOS R5 Could Be the High-End Mirrorless Camera Canon Fans Have Been Waiting For

1/29/2020 - French Oil Giant Ranked As Climate Leader the Same Week It's Sued for Climate Negligence

1/29/2020 - Arrow's Series Finale Was Really a Beginning for the Show's Most Underrated Character

1/29/2020 - Looks Like Google Is Busy Working on Call Recording and Live Translations

1/29/2020 - This Cheap Adapter Makes Every USB-Powered Gadget Wifi Controlled

1/29/2020 - Star Trek’s Past and Present Collide in Star Trek Online’s 10th Anniversary

1/29/2020 - How to Video Capture Everything That Happens on Your Computer Screen

1/29/2020 - Any Alcohol Use Can Harm a Fetus, New Research Review Finds

1/29/2020 - Captain Jack’s Doctor Who Return Won’t Be as Soon as You Think

1/29/2020 - Roku Introduces a Cheap Wireless 5.1 Setup to Rival Sonos

1/29/2020 - Beyond Meat Dropped by Canada's Largest Coffee Chain After Just 7 Months

1/29/2020 - Report: White House Considering Temporary Ban on All U.S.-China Flights Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

1/28/2020 - A New Type of Aurora Has Been Discovered by Citizen Scientists

1/28/2020 - Over 55 Climate Scientists Call BS on Joe Biden's Claim No Scientists Support Bernie Sanders' Climate Plan

1/28/2020 - Doctor Who's Showrunner Wants You to Know That the New Time Lord Is No Joke

1/28/2020 - All Hail Daniel Radcliffe's 6 Weirdest Post-Harry Potter Career Choices (So Far)

1/28/2020 - Airlines Announce Flight Cancelations Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

1/28/2020 - Open Channel: Bid Your Farewell to Arrow

1/28/2020 - Apple Continues To Make An Absolute Shit-Ton of Money on iPhones Somehow

1/28/2020 - Three Star Wars Resistance Ships Were in The Rise of Skywalker

1/28/2020 - Powerful Earthquake Jolts Caribbean Near Jamaica

1/28/2020 - Facebook's 'Clear History' Tool Doesn't Clear Shit

1/28/2020 - How Much Do Face Masks Help Prevent the Spread of Viruses?

1/28/2020 - On Batwoman, Living in the Closet Is a Fate Worse Than Death

1/28/2020 - Chris Chibnall Cast a Black Woman as the Doctor, But It’s Only Just a Start

1/28/2020 - Massive Leak Reveals Pretty Much Everything About Samsung's Next Foldable Phone

1/28/2020 - Congress Is Getting Serious About Sending Humans to Mars in 2033

1/28/2020 - Don't Claim Purell Protects Against Ebola and MRSA, FDA Warns Company

1/28/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in February

1/28/2020 - Apple and Netflix Both Need a Back Catalog and Have Reportedly Eyed MGM to Get It

1/28/2020 - The 10 Coolest, Silliest, and Most Borderline Insulting TV Pilots of 2020

1/28/2020 - The UK Announces Regulations to Beef Up IoT Security—The U.S. Should Follow Suit

1/28/2020 - Dyson Improved On the Lamp Again, But Not the Price

1/28/2020 - iPhone Users Can Now Shoot Simultaneously With Both Cameras, Android Users Chuckle Politely

1/28/2020 - Australia's Bushfire Crisis Has Spread to the Nation's Capital

1/28/2020 - Hey, Look! Another Fitness Tracker For Your Finger, Now With a Button

1/28/2020 - I Cannot Believe There's Really Going to Be a Morbius Movie

1/28/2020 - Incredible DIY Flight Simulator Simulates G-Forces With Auto-Tightening Seatbelts

1/28/2020 - An Under the Skin TV Series Could Still Come to Fruition

1/28/2020 - Why Are There So Few Black Physicists? A New Report Describes What Needs to Change

1/28/2020 - Horror Stories From Inside Amazon's Mechanical Turk

1/28/2020 - Earth's Most Biodiverse Regions Are Collapsing

1/28/2020 - NASA Picks Axiom to Add a Garish Space Hotel to the ISS

1/28/2020 - Matt Reeves Teases The Batman, Day One

1/28/2020 - Campaign to Ban Face Recognition at U.S. Colleges Gathers Steam

1/28/2020 - Germany, Japan, and Taiwan Report First Coronavirus Cases in People Who Haven't Visited China [Updated]

1/27/2020 - Sandy Hook Hoaxer and Fake InfoWars 'Expert' Arrested Over Online Harassment Campaign

1/27/2020 - Ring App Shares Personal Data With Facebook, Other Unlisted Trackers, EFF Says

1/27/2020 - Watch This Veteran Collapse on Antiques Roadshow When He Learns His $345 Rolex Is Actually Worth $700,000

1/27/2020 - State Department Urges Citizens to Reconsider Travel to China Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

1/27/2020 - Doctor Who's Surprise Return Says They Kept It a Secret From Almost Everyone...Except David Tennant

1/27/2020 - Martin Shkreli Faces New Lawsuit Over Scheme Inflating Cost of a Life-Saving Drug

1/27/2020 - Two New Transformers Scripts in the Works Are Aiming to Shake Up the Franchise [Updated]

1/27/2020 - How Long Will It Take to Develop a Vaccine for the Wuhan Virus?

1/27/2020 - The Rise of Skywalker Is a Celebration of Star Wars' Old Expanded Universe—and Its Greatest Repudiation

1/27/2020 - Intel Announces Latest Attempt at ZombieLoad Patch Coming... 'In the Near Future'

1/27/2020 - There's a Reason Margot Robbie Prioritized Birds of Prey Over Gotham City Sirens

1/27/2020 - Reducing Air Pollution Saved the US $24 Billion on Elderly Health Benefits

1/27/2020 - A Clock That Writes the Time in Sequins Is My New Fidget Obsession

1/27/2020 - Drink It While You Can: Climate Crisis Puts 85 Percent of Wine Regions at Risk

1/27/2020 - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Just Won...a Grammy?

1/27/2020 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Showrunner Confirms Part 4 Will Confront More Eldritch Horrors

1/27/2020 - How to Switch Over to Microsoft Edge Now That It's Actually Good

1/27/2020 - Google Drive Is Down for Some of You

1/27/2020 - Hydrogen Molecules on Hottest Known Exoplanet Are Being Ripped to Shreds

1/27/2020 - Doctor Who Just Flipped Its Entire Script

1/27/2020 - Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045's Latest Trailer Is Jazzy as Hell

1/27/2020 - Climate Change Could Force Millions of Americans to Flee the Coast. AI Predicts Where They'll Go

1/27/2020 - Vine Successor Byte Needs Everyone to Stop Being So Thirsty

1/27/2020 - 'I Do Not Like Working Too Hard or Too Long': A Refreshingly Honest Talk With The Witcher's Creator

1/27/2020 - Crowd Funding Crew Claims It's Made the World's First IPS 240Hz 1440p Monitor

1/27/2020 - Patent Hints Apple May Be Cooking Up a Curvy Glass iMac

1/27/2020 - This Live-Action Toy Story 3 Remake Made By Teens Puts My Own Teen Accomplishments to Shame

1/27/2020 - My Normal Bed Seems Barbaric After Sleeping on This Temperature-Controlled Smart Mattress

1/27/2020 - David Ramsey Teases Some Fan-Favorite Diggle Theories for Arrow's Series Finale

1/27/2020 - Which Religion Is Friendliest to the Idea of Aliens?

1/27/2020 - Second Disney Park Closes As Coronavirus Death Toll Rises to 81 With Over 2,800 Sick

1/26/2020 - More Than 350 Employees Risk Their Jobs to Call Out Amazon's Climate Failures

1/26/2020 - Doomsday Clocks, Particle Physics Quandaries, and a Talking Mummy: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/26/2020 - Here’s a First Look at Google’s Version of AirDrop for Android

1/26/2020 - The Star Wars Resistance Finale Was the Perfect Ending to an Imperfect Show

1/26/2020 - Motorola: Don't Panic. Your Razr's 'Bumps and Lumps' Are Normal

1/26/2020 - Jeri Ryan and Sir Patrick Stewart Discuss the Legacy of Star Trek, Spandex, and Being Memes

1/26/2020 - For Your Convenience, a Doctor Who Spoiler Discussion Zone

1/26/2020 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Showrunner Sheds Some Light on Those Last-Minute Twists

1/26/2020 - Treasury Secretary's Wife (Briefly) Sides With Greta Thunberg After His Economics Degree Jab

1/26/2020 - Facebook Gives Unintelligible Response to Jeff Bezos Hack, Deciding to Blame iOS

1/26/2020 - Aspiring King Arthur Rips Disneyland's Excalibur From Its Stone, Breaks It Immediately

1/26/2020 - This Behind-the-Scenes Featurette Explores the Raw, Jovial Energy of Birds of Prey

1/26/2020 - Kylo Ren Returns to Saturday Night Live for Another Round of Undercover Boss

1/25/2020 - Hong Kong Closes Schools as Death Toll Rises Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

1/25/2020 - Margot Robbie Talks Her Struggle to Get Birds of Prey Made

1/25/2020 - Report: Russia Says Smartphones Sold in the Country Must Have Software that Supports Traditional Russian Values

1/25/2020 - Jury Orders Apple to Fork Over $85 Million in Royalties for Wi-LAN Suit

1/25/2020 - Open Channel: What Was The Best Arc of The Good Place?

1/25/2020 - Sony Bumps the Dates for Uncharted and Masters of the Universe

1/25/2020 - Soon, We're All Going to Know What a Live-Action Jiminy Cricket Looks Like

1/25/2020 - Google Is Going to Charge Cops for Your Data

1/25/2020 - Sony Has Decided We Need a New Anaconda Movie

1/25/2020 - Get Your Ebooks From the Library, Dummy

1/25/2020 - This Locked Cabinet Holds the Answer to One of the Biggest Questions in Particle Physics

1/24/2020 - Behold, Vine Reborn

1/24/2020 - DOJ Plans Section 230 Workshop to Host a 'Diversity of Viewpoints' on Internet Speech

1/24/2020 - A Simplified Timeline Won't Be The Witcher's Most Important Season 2 Change

1/24/2020 - White House Details Exactly How It Plans to Rein In Sales of Fake Crap Online

1/24/2020 - Two More Hulu Marvel Shows Have Been Axed

1/24/2020 - Don’t Worry, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Will Have Plenty of Comedy

1/24/2020 - Google's Having Second Thoughts About Its Dogshit Redesign

1/24/2020 - Pentagon Says 34 Troops Treated for Traumatic Brain Injury After Trump Downplays It as 'Headaches'

1/24/2020 - Joe Biden Says No Scientists Back Bernie Sanders’ Climate Plan. He's Wrong

1/24/2020 - YouTube’s Content Moderators Are Asked to Contractually Acknowledge the Job Can Give Them PTSD

1/24/2020 - Avengers: Infinity War Gives Us a Better Captain America Figure, and More Marvelous Toys of the Week

1/24/2020 - Clayton Christensen, Father of 'Disruptive Innovation,' Dies at 67

1/24/2020 - You Still Haven't Heard of Quibi, But Don't Worry, Its CEO Apologized for Calling Journalists Pedos

1/24/2020 - Leave Star Trek Alone, You Piece of Shit

1/24/2020 - Ring Asked Reporters to Omit Ukraine Staff's Work on 'Many Other Amazon Projects'

1/24/2020 - A Massive Locust Swarm Poses an 'Unprecedented Threat' to East Africa

1/24/2020 - The Pax Era Pro Is the Pricey, But Perfect Vape Pen

1/24/2020 - Disney Is Going to Kill Bambi’s Mom Again

1/24/2020 - Creators of Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys Promise They Didn't Fridge Nancy Drew

1/24/2020 - Was the Star Wars Galaxy Better Off After Return of the Jedi or The Rise of Skywalker?

1/24/2020 - Carnivorous Dinosaur Discovered in Utah Was a True Jurassic Nightmare

1/24/2020 - I Really Hope This Rumor About Flexible Glass on the New Samsung Foldable Phone is True

1/24/2020 - 'We're Fighting for Our Rights': The EPA's First Bill of Rights Decries Trump's Deregulatory Tactics

1/24/2020 - Black Canary's Birds of Prey Powers Were Influenced by the Injustice Games

1/24/2020 - Drug Company Founder Gets 5 Years in Prison for Bribery Scheme to Boost Opioid Profits

1/24/2020 - Here Are the Latest Updates on the Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

1/24/2020 - Scotland Is on Track to Hit 100 Percent Renewable Energy This Year, Slàinte Mhath!

1/24/2020 - Massive Explosion at Houston Plant Kills at Least Two, Causes Significant Damage Nearby

1/24/2020 - Earth's Carbon Dioxide Level Is Set to Make One of Its Biggest Annual Leaps Ever Recorded

1/24/2020 - In a 'Dangerous and Sinister Step,' London Police Start Using Live Face Recognition Tech

1/24/2020 - Sprint Will Repair Your Busted Samsung Galaxy Screen for $49, Regardless of Your Carrier

1/24/2020 - 7 Things We Loved (and 7 We Didn't) About Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3

1/24/2020 - Tinder's New Panic Button Is Sharing Your Data With Ad-Tech Companies

1/24/2020 - You Should Hoard Physical Copies of the Video Games You Love

1/24/2020 - Ooh, Baby, Do You Know What That's Worth, Ooh The Good Place Is...Not What It Seems

1/24/2020 - 3 of the Most Common Mobile Scams and How to Stop Them

1/24/2020 - For People Who Can't Smell, Life Can Be Full of Peril

1/24/2020 - Ewan McGregor's Not Worried About the Obi-Wan Kenobi Show Delays

1/24/2020 - Shanghai Disneyland Closes to Halt Spread of Virus That Has Killed 26 and Sickened 881

1/23/2020 - Garth Ennis Is Penning The Boys' Prequel Comic

1/23/2020 - Report: Disney's Obi-Wan TV Show Is on Hold, for Now [Updated]

1/23/2020 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Will Get a New Comics Anthology as the Series Comes to an End

1/23/2020 - Sonos Backpedals, Says 'All Products Will Work Past May'

1/23/2020 - DNA Testing Company 23andMe Lays Off 100 Employees, CEO Cites Privacy Concerns as Possible Factor

1/23/2020 - Gyms Now Offering Perks for Working Out With an Apple Watch

1/23/2020 - 14th-Century Steambath Discovered in Mexico City

1/23/2020 - Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts' Casual Queerness Is Fantastic

1/23/2020 - A New Toy Story Short Will Explore Bo Peep's Wild Life Between the Movies

1/23/2020 - Why I Went Birdwatching at a Particle Physics Lab

1/23/2020 - An Open Source eReader That's Free of Corporate Restrictions Is Exactly What I Want Right Now

1/23/2020 - The Trump Administration Just Gutted Clean Water Protections

1/23/2020 - Explosions, Crashes, and Shocks: E-Skaters Are Building a New Culture of Skateboarding

1/23/2020 - Satellite to Go Boom

1/23/2020 - In the Shocking Trailer for Vivarium, Home Buying Can't Get Much Worse Than This

1/23/2020 - Engineer Builds a Fully Functional Flying Drone Using Almost Nothing But Legos

1/23/2020 - Maybe These Davos Guys Have Some Good Ideas About Climate Change (They Do Not)

1/23/2020 - 14 Women Directing Genre Movies We're Excited to Watch

1/23/2020 - Tinder Is Getting a Panic Button Specifically Tailored to Dating

1/23/2020 - Stress Really Can Turn Your Hair White, Mouse Experiment Suggests

1/23/2020 - Apple's Fancy Browser Privacy Tech May Do More Harm Than Good

1/23/2020 - Beware New Texting Scam That Looks Like FedEx Tracking Notifications

1/23/2020 - Using Force-Like Powers This Robotic Gripper Can Grab Things Without Touching Them

1/23/2020 - Inking the Dark Side: What This Artist Learned From 20 Years of Star Wars Tattooing

1/23/2020 - TikTok Teens Are Dipping Their Balls in Soy Sauce and Lighting Their Houses on Fire

1/23/2020 - Doomsday Is Now Just 100 Seconds Away

1/23/2020 - Scientists Just Made a 3,000-Year-Old Mummy 'Speak'

1/23/2020 - The Captain Marvel Sequel's Connection to WandaVision Could Be Growing Stronger

1/23/2020 - Carbon Dioxide Reached a New High in Humanity's Existence

1/23/2020 - Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Is Staying in the TARDIS for at Least Another Year

1/23/2020 - Jean-Luc Picard Is Back, But Is the Star Trek He Left Behind?

1/23/2020 - This Posture Gadget Shamed Me Into Sitting Straighter But I'm Still a Gargoyle

1/23/2020 - 20 Million on Lockdown As China Halts Travel From Three Cities Over Deadly Virus

1/23/2020 - Victims of Ancient Vesuvius Eruption Were Baked, Not Vaporized, According to New Research

1/23/2020 - U.S. Firefighters Die in Plane Crash While Battling Australian Fires

1/22/2020 - Microsoft Discloses It Left Over 250 Million Customer Support Records Exposed on Servers

1/22/2020 - People Can Now Vote Online in a U.S. Election and Everyone Is A Little Nervous

1/22/2020 - The New Trailer for The Lodge Promises a Snowy Getaway...To Your Doom

1/22/2020 - All These Extremely Powerful People May Want to Double Check They Weren’t Hacked by a Saudi Prince

1/22/2020 - George R.R. Martin Says Game of Thrones Could Have Ended With a Cinematic Trilogy

1/22/2020 - Big Praise: Trump Says Elon 'Does Good at Rockets,' Zuck's 'Done a Hell of a Job'

1/22/2020 - The Days of Flying With Your 'Emotional Support' Animal May Be Coming to an End

1/22/2020 - Rosario Dawson Will Headline Her Very Own Comic Book Show

1/22/2020 - Coke's Reason For Not Ditching Single-Use Plastic Is Bullshit

1/22/2020 - The Witcher's Haunting Soundtrack Will Be Available to Stream Soon

1/22/2020 - What the Bloodshot Movie Needs in Order to Stand Out and Succeed

1/22/2020 - Twitter Borked Its Own Platform Trying to Fix Its Nazi Ad-Targeting Problem

1/22/2020 - Star Trek: Picard Welcomes Back Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan for Season 2

1/22/2020 - Deadly Wuhan Virus in China May Have Come from Snakes, Scientists Say

1/22/2020 - The Most Important Thing The Rise of Skywalker Reinforces From The Last Jedi

1/22/2020 - The Pentagon’s Plan to Pepper Space With Surveillance Satellites Is Taking Shape

1/22/2020 - Personally, I Would NOT Compare Journalists to Sexual Predators as the Quibi CEO Reportedly Did

1/22/2020 - Surprise, a Witcher Anime Film Is on the Way at Netflix

1/22/2020 - Amazon Engineer Leaked Private Encryption Keys. Outside Analysts Discovered Them in Minutes

1/22/2020 - Open Channel: What Would Be Your Ultimate Star Trek Crew?

1/22/2020 - A Spanish Beach Town Is Filling Up With Sea Foam

1/22/2020 - You Soon Won't Be Able to Play EA's Official Tetris Game On Your iPhone

1/22/2020 - Legends of Tomorrow Returns With Fame, Glory, and Heartbreaking Earnestness

1/22/2020 - Sure Looks Like Microsoft's Next-Gen Xbox Leaked on Twitter

1/22/2020 - It's So Cold in Florida, Iguanas Are Falling From the Sky

1/22/2020 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Set Pictures Give Us Our First Look at U.S. Agent

1/22/2020 - DOJ Says FBI Cracked Lev Parnas's iPhone 11 in Two Months Even as It Demands Apple Backdoor

1/22/2020 - How to Build Alternative, Better, Social Media Feeds

1/22/2020 - A Stunning New Star Wars Trailer Heralds the Final End of Clone Wars

1/22/2020 - Red Cross Has Given Out Just 25 Percent of Money Raised For Australian Bushfire Victims

1/21/2020 - Report: Saudi Crown Prince Personally Sent Malware to Jeff Bezos, Possibly to Steal Those Dick Pics

1/21/2020 - You Know We Can See the Apple Watches You Snuck Into the Impeachment Trial, Right?

1/21/2020 - An Impressive Voice Cast Has Joined Patton Oswalt for Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.

1/21/2020 - DC's Newest Fantasy Comic Is Getting Its Own D&D Sourcebook

1/21/2020 - Picard's Jonathan Del Arco Shares the Heartbreaking Story That Inspired His Approach to Star Trek's Hugh

1/21/2020 - PSA: Sony Will Officially Kill Playstation Vue This Month

1/21/2020 - 'Walking Sharks' Confirmed as the Newest Addition to the Shark Family Tree

1/21/2020 - Return to Dark Tower, Fight a Terminator, and Save Some Butterflies in the Latest Tabletop News

1/21/2020 - Deadly New Virus in China Has Reached the U.S., CDC Reports

1/21/2020 - The World Was Supposed to Eliminate This Greenhouse Gas—But Emissions Hit a New High Instead

1/21/2020 - The Outsider Presents a Perfectly Eerie Supernatural Evolution for True Crime

1/21/2020 - Okay, But Have You Tried Just Making Them Employees?

1/21/2020 - How Much Should Tech Pay?

1/21/2020 - Why the Latest FDA Sunscreen-in-the-Blood Study Shouldn't Scare You

1/21/2020 - There's Another Star Wars Finale This Week: Star Wars Resistance

1/21/2020 - Australia's Bushfires Have Likely Doubled the Nation's Carbon Emissions

1/21/2020 - America's Second-Largest Doctors Group Backs Medicare for All

1/21/2020 - When Star Trek: The Next Generation Was Bad, It Was Truly Horrendous

1/21/2020 - Report Claims Apple Left a Backdoor Open at FBI's Request

1/21/2020 - NASA Wants You to Pick One of These 9 Names for Its New Mars Rover

1/21/2020 - You Won't Find Harry Potter on HBO Max, Thanks to Streaming's Weird New Normal

1/21/2020 - Lego's International Space Station Looks Like an Incredibly Detailed But Impossibly Fragile Build

1/21/2020 - Soon You'll Be Able to Add GIFs to Venmo Payments

1/21/2020 - The Hunger Games Pulls a Star Wars With Its Prequel Hero

1/21/2020 - If I Had to Subscribe to Only One Streaming Service It'd Be YouTube Premium

1/21/2020 - Latest Rumors Suggest Even More Affordable iPhones Are Coming in 2020

1/21/2020 - Climate Threats Are Grounds For Seeking Asylum, UN Body Rules

1/21/2020 - Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes After Embarrassing Officials in Brazil

1/21/2020 - The Dispatches From Elsewhere Trailer Brings Strangers Together in a Larger-Than-Life Conspiracy

1/21/2020 - World’s Oldest Known Impact Crater Confirmed in Australia

1/21/2020 - Greta Thunberg's Message to Capitalists: 'Act as if You Loved Your Children'

1/21/2020 - In the Trailer for Horse Girl, Alison Brie Struggles to Separate Reality From Fantasy

1/21/2020 - The N64 Controller Almost Had its Own Private Second Screen

1/21/2020 - Emoji We Lost

1/21/2020 - Updates From The Eternals, Morbius, and More

1/21/2020 - Sonos Is Officially Killing Off Some of Its Older Speakers

1/21/2020 - New Virus Kills Sixth Person After Human-to-Human Transmission Confirmed

1/20/2020 - Alphabet CEO Sides With EU on Facial-Recognition Tech Moratorium, But Microsoft Isn't Convinced

1/20/2020 - Siri Doesn’t Know Who the King of Spain Is

1/20/2020 - This Star Trek Online Ship Is Slowly Breaking My Brain

1/20/2020 - 21 Intriguing Sundance Movies That Could Become 2020's Sleeper Genre Hits

1/20/2020 - Lexus Designers Draw Up Some Sweet Moon Whips

1/20/2020 - There's Another Warhammer 40,000 Show In the Works

1/20/2020 - Harley Quinn Is Absolutely Nailing How Hard Getting Over Bad Breakups Can Be

1/20/2020 - Doctor Who's Latest Champions Invention With a Collection of Old Ideas

1/20/2020 - Blame Your Old Air Conditioner for Melting the Arctic

1/20/2020 - 17 Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Easter Eggs and Tips for Riding

1/20/2020 - Yet Another Familiar Face Could Return for The Matrix 4

1/20/2020 - What's the Most Monogamous Animal?

1/19/2020 - Check Out the Historic Weekend Blizzard Canadians Are Still Digging Out Of

1/19/2020 - Wolf Puppies, Coke Energy and the Last Vestige of Internet Explorer: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/19/2020 - Huawei Will Get Mapping Tech from TomTom Because the U.S. Banned It from Using Google Maps

1/19/2020 - Here Are a Couple The Rise of Skywalker Cameos You Almost Certainly Missed

1/19/2020 - SpaceX Blows Up Rocket, Aces Emergency Escape Test

1/19/2020 - These Car Dudes Turn Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine Into a Monster

1/19/2020 - In This Preview Clip, Supergirl's Post-Crisis Status Quo Is a Little Awkward

1/19/2020 - Korg and Miek Go to War in This Avengers: Endgame Concept Art

1/19/2020 - Facebook Apologizes for Translating Chinese President’s Name as ‘Mr Shithole’

1/19/2020 - A Year Later, Jordan Peele Has Some Ideas About What the Tethered From Us Might Be Up To

1/18/2020 - This Custom Lego Version of Echo Base Is Ready for the Empire's Siege

1/18/2020 - This Star Wars Video Explores the Dark Fortress of Darth Vader's Inquisitors

1/18/2020 - The Cast and Crew of Picard Discuss the Character-Centric Direction of Jean-Luc's Next Outing

1/18/2020 - Disney's The Simpsons Supercuts Are Just More Markers on Fox's Grave

1/18/2020 - This Nifty Mattress Fan Makes Falling Asleep a Breeze

1/18/2020 - Caring About Climate Can Help You Get Laid

1/18/2020 - How to Stop Too Many Tabs From Taking Over Your Browser

1/18/2020 - National Treasure 3 Gets the Green Light to Steal Increasingly Obscure Historical Documents

1/18/2020 - Dildos and Nude Fundraising Show How the Climate Crisis Is Changing Norms

1/18/2020 - Using a DNA-Based 'Computer,' Scientists Get the Square Root of 900

1/17/2020 - We Somehow Missed This Amazing Baby Yoda Art Exhibition

1/17/2020 - Jinkies, Gang, It's Only the Most Mysterious Toys of the Week

1/17/2020 - Runaways' Queer Representation Is Still Making Marvel's Movies Look Dated as Hell

1/17/2020 - Elon Musk: A New Life Awaits You in the Off-World Colonies—for a Price

1/17/2020 - Disney Has Officially Killed Fox

1/17/2020 - The Villain Always Wins

1/17/2020 - America's Most Powerful Woman Called Mark Zuckerberg a Crook. Facebook Has No Rebuttal

1/17/2020 - Oscar Isaac Will Play a Superhero Mayor in The Great Machine

1/17/2020 - 436-Million-Year-Old Scorpion Was Among the Planet's First Air Breathers

1/17/2020 - Android Users Can Finally Get in on Co-Star’s Brutally Honest Horoscopes

1/17/2020 - Microsoft's Climate Plan Has One Huge, Oil-Filled Hole

1/17/2020 - Biden to Zuckerberg: You Wanna Go? Let’s Go You Cow-Handed Fussbudget!

1/17/2020 - Rise of the Resistance Is as Much a Star Wars Story as It Is a Theme Park Ride

1/17/2020 - You Can Now Forget Your Existential Dread With Pokémon ASMR

1/17/2020 - Pokémon Sword and Shield Is Secretly About Climate Change—and My Weezings Are Here to Prove It

1/17/2020 - The Most and Least Physically Active U.S. States

1/17/2020 - No One's Sure If Watchmen Will Be Back For Season 2, Which Is a Very Watchmen-y Thing, Really

1/17/2020 - Appeals Court 'Reluctantly' Kills Youth Climate Case Against Trump

1/17/2020 - 'Remarkable' Mathematical Proof Describes How to Solve Seemingly Impossible Computing Problem

1/17/2020 - Vicky Lands the Role of a Lifetime in a Tricky Episode of The Good Place

1/17/2020 - Utah Pulls Free Condoms After Packaging Deemed Too Horny

1/17/2020 - Here's What io9's Staff Is Personally Psyched About for 2020

1/17/2020 - Microsoft's Xbox Console Streaming Preview Is Now Available Worldwide

1/17/2020 - Our First Look at the Discworld TV Show Is Not What You Were Expecting

1/17/2020 - Scientists Are Generating Oxygen from Simulated Moon Dust

1/17/2020 - Redesigned Thermal Paste Syringes Are Supposed To Look Less Like Drug Paraphernalia

1/17/2020 - The Boys Is Already Dream Casting for Season 3

1/17/2020 - When All the Forests Burn

1/17/2020 - Deadly Mystery Virus Spreads Outside China to New Countries

1/16/2020 - The First Clip From Star Trek: Picard Stars a Very Good Boy

1/16/2020 - Maybe We Shouldn't Go Bananas Over Smart Contacts Just Yet

1/16/2020 - Asking the Tough Questions: Here's What All the 2020 Democrats Would Look Like If They Had No Eyebrows

1/16/2020 - Aardman Animation's New Short Is a Devastating Reminder of Humanity's Impact on Ocean Life

1/16/2020 - Report: Taika Waititi May Be Developing a Star Wars Movie

1/16/2020 - Texas Judges Are Increasingly Denying Teens' Requests for Abortion Care

1/16/2020 - HBO Max Is Turning The Uninhabitable Earth Into a Fictional Series

1/16/2020 - Happy 25th Birthday, Voyager, the Star Trek of My Heart

1/16/2020 - Friends, The Office, and Ads: Details on NBC's Peacock Streaming Service

1/16/2020 - Say Goodbye to Every Bose Store in the U.S.

1/16/2020 - DoorDash Contractors Earn Less Than Dogshit, Study Finds

1/16/2020 - Chuck Schumer Is a Last-Minute No on Trump's North American Trade Deal, Citing Lack of Climate Progress

1/16/2020 - New Research Casts Doubt on Theory That Volcanoes Caused Dinosaur Extinction

1/16/2020 - 70,000 Tinder Photos of Women Just Got Dumped on a Cyber-Crime Forum

1/16/2020 - Hello Kitty's Got Some Thoughts About This Whole Interstellar War Thing

1/16/2020 - A Young Warrior Tests Her Powers in This Excerpt From Afrofuturistic Fantasy Given

1/16/2020 - Scientists Built a Robot From 40 Pigeon Feathers and It Flies Beautifully

1/16/2020 - Cancer and Heart Disease Could Be Contagious Through Our Microbiomes, Scientists Argue

1/16/2020 - The Magicians Returns with Chaos, Grief, and Even More Chaos

1/16/2020 - How To Get a Smart Display to Actually Show Videos You Want to Watch

1/16/2020 - How YouTube Profits From Climate Denial and Misinformation

1/16/2020 - The FBI Broke Into an iPhone Just a Few Months Ago, Why Does It Need Apple Now?

1/16/2020 - The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian's Fascinating Approaches to Star Wars Fan Service

1/16/2020 - Surprising Experiment Suggests Wolf Puppies Can Play Fetch

1/16/2020 - This Battery Pack With Built-In Games Lets You Never Talk to Another Soul Ever Again

1/16/2020 - Crisis on Infinite Earths Was Already Wrapped Before Its Biggest Surprise Happened

1/16/2020 - LG's First Truly Wireless Earbuds Come With a Bacteria-Killing UV Light

1/16/2020 - It's Finally Raining in Australia

1/16/2020 - We'll Have to Settle for The Dark Tower Movie Because Amazon's Not Making the Show Anymore

1/16/2020 - This Tiny Circuit Board Is the Last Ingredient You Need to Turn Your Car Into a Racing Game Controller

1/16/2020 - Neutrogena's Free Skincare App Actually Works...Mostly

1/16/2020 - Firefighters Save Australia's Endangered 'Dinosaur Trees' From Raging Bushfires

1/16/2020 - In the Trailer for Chilling Adventures Part 3, Sabrina's the Devil's Worst Nightmare

1/16/2020 - Newly Sequenced Giant Squid Genome Raises as Many Questions as It Answers

1/16/2020 - The Aquaman Movie Is Getting an Animated Sequel...on HBO Max?

1/15/2020 - Senators Told Cell Phones or Other Electronic Devices Won't Be Allowed at Trump Impeachment Trial

1/15/2020 - Only Known Full-Time Cybersecurity Director Working for Any Democratic Presidential Campaign Resigns

1/15/2020 - There's Something Very Wrong With Pokémon: Twilight Wings

1/15/2020 - Here's Why Game of Thrones Spin-Off House of the Dragon Was Chosen Over the Others

1/15/2020 - Facebook Will Now Remind You When It's Not the Only One Looking at Your Data

1/15/2020 - Netflix's The Witcher Is So Popular, the Original Book Series Is Getting a Massive Reprint

1/15/2020 - The Story Behind One of Star Wars' Most Recognizable Posters

1/15/2020 - Fitbit Really Wants to Be Able to Diagnose Your Sleep Apnea

1/15/2020 - Why the Taal Eruption Won't Slow Down Climate Change

1/15/2020 - All the Awesome New Comics to Add to Your Pull List in 2020

1/15/2020 - Star Trek Can Be Horny as Hell, But It's Not as Simple as You Think

1/15/2020 - Colin Trevorrow's Alleged Star Wars Episode IX Ending Features Some Familiar Themes

1/15/2020 - Cat Parasite Makes Mice Less Fearful, but Not Just of Cats, Study Finds

1/15/2020 - The 20 Best Mobile Games You Probably Have Not Played Yet

1/15/2020 - Free-Diving Neanderthals Gathered Tools From the Seafloor

1/15/2020 - No Number of Avengers Can Save the Boring, Unfunny Dolittle

1/15/2020 - io9 Roundtable: Excitable Screaming About Crisis on Infinite Earths' Messy, Gleeful Finale

1/15/2020 - Earth: Still Hot

1/15/2020 - Bernie Is Right: Trade Is a Climate Issue

1/15/2020 - One of Your Last Workarounds for Buying Fruity Juul Pods Has Failed

1/15/2020 - The Last Vestige of Internet Explorer Dies Today

1/15/2020 - Google Now Lets You Use Your iPhone as a Security Key

1/15/2020 - BoJack Horseman Reflects on How Far He's Come in the Final Season 6 Trailer

1/15/2020 - Teen Climate Strikers Have Capitalists Shook

1/15/2020 - The New Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Shows You Can Always Count on the Chaos of Legends

1/15/2020 - NASA Contest to Name Mars Rover Narrows to 155 Student Entries

1/15/2020 - Updates From No Time to Die, Edge of Tomorrow 2, and More

1/14/2020 - 60 People Treated After Delta Flight Dumps Jet Fuel on Los Angeles County

1/14/2020 - So, How About That Holy Shit Moment on Crisis on Infinite Earths?

1/14/2020 - You'll Love The Expanse Cast Even More After Watching This Goofy Season 4 Blooper Reel

1/14/2020 - Some Trump Supporters Are Using Baby Yoda (of All Things) to Promote MAGA

1/14/2020 - Old Man Yells at iCloud

1/14/2020 - Stop What You're Doing and Update Windows Right Now

1/14/2020 - Google Is Buying the World's Most Boring (but Useful) Startup

1/14/2020 - A Man's Worm Infection Left Him with a 'Stony Hard' Testicle

1/14/2020 - The Anti-War, Pro-Animal Rights, Colonialist History of Doctor Dolittle's Creation

1/14/2020 - Dating Apps Caught Sharing Your Details With 'Dozens' of Third Parties: Report

1/14/2020 - Instagram Is Testing a Tool That Will Let You Stealthily Send DMs at Work

1/14/2020 - HBO Invited Us to a Westworld Dinner Party, Where We Were the Ones Roasted

1/14/2020 - Interstellar Stardust Found Inside Australian Meteorite Is a Staggering 7 Billion Years Old

1/14/2020 - Superman and Lois Is Officially Up, Up, and Away at the CW

1/14/2020 - New Climate Models Show That Clouds Could Screw the Paris Agreement

1/14/2020 - Young Love Blooms Under the Stars in Ari North's Futuristic Graphic Novel Always Human

1/14/2020 - This UN Treaty Would Tackle the Climate and Extinction Crises

1/14/2020 - This RC Car Moves As Realistically As a Two Ton Vehicle

1/14/2020 - New Poll About Vaccines Is a Huge Bummer

1/14/2020 - The Witcher's Timeline Won't Be So Confusing in Season 2

1/14/2020 - Made Entirely From Cells, These Adorable ‘Xenobots’ Are Practically Alive

1/14/2020 - This Baby Yoda Necklace Will Reach Right Into Your Heart

1/14/2020 - Taint Band-Aid ‘Doesn’t Hurt’ to Remove, Bandage Maker Promises

1/14/2020 - Apple Pushes Back on DOJ Claims That Company Won't Unlock iPhones Belonging to Shooter

1/14/2020 - Comics Scribe Scott Snyder Isn’t Scared to Train His Competition

1/14/2020 - Extreme Heat Is Another Legacy of Segregation

1/14/2020 - Has Hubble Detected Rogue Clumps of Dark Matter?

1/14/2020 - How Should the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths End?

1/14/2020 - Windows 7 Is Officially Dead, So You Really Need to Upgrade

1/14/2020 - How to Install Any App on an Amazon Fire TV

1/14/2020 - Bushfires Are 'Obliterating the Cultural Memory' of Australia's Aboriginal People

1/14/2020 - A New Bloodshot Trailer Introduces the Super Soldiers Vin Diesel's Gonna Have to Fight

1/14/2020 - Star Trek: Picard Will Have an Answer for Why Its Romulans Look a Little Different

1/14/2020 - Don't Buy a New TV

1/14/2020 - Why the Climate Movement's Next Big Target Is Wall Street

1/14/2020 - Australian Open Tennis Players Struggle to Breathe as Climate Crisis Makes Air Hazardous

1/13/2020 - The Latest Black Widow Footage Asks, 'Who the Hell Is That Guy?'

1/13/2020 - Report: 51 Members of Congress and Their Spouses Collectively Own Millions in Defense Stocks

1/13/2020 - Concept Art Comes to Life in Sleek Sci-Fi Animation Migrants

1/13/2020 - Alert Warning of 'Emergency' at Canadian Nuclear Plant Sent by Mistake, Officials Say

1/13/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons Is Taking Critical Role to the Next Level

1/13/2020 - Luggage Startup CEO Accused of Creating Toxic Workplace Won't Go Away After All

1/13/2020 - Investigation Finds Widespread Rule-Breaking in Reporting of U.S. Clinical Trials

1/13/2020 - There Are Even More Live-Action Star Trek Shows on the Way

1/13/2020 - The Dream of a Common Charger Is Alive—Despite Apple's Complaining

1/13/2020 - Big Leak Gives Us the Best Look at the Galaxy S20 Yet

1/13/2020 - Fish Hooks Are Injuring a Shocking Number of Sharks

1/13/2020 - The Spider-Verse Connections in Morbius Are Confusing as Hell

1/13/2020 - The Depressing Reason More Drought Could Lead to Less Conflict

1/13/2020 - DOJ Steps Up Pressure on Apple to Unlock Saudi Terror Suspect's iPhone

1/13/2020 - That Was Doctor Who's Starkest Lesson in Years

1/13/2020 - Travelers to This Sleepy Airport Have Voluntarily Thrown Away Nearly 40 Pounds of Weed

1/13/2020 - The Saddest Booth at CES 2020 (and Other Show Floor Highlights)

1/13/2020 - Top UK Websites' Annoying Pop-Ups Aren't Even Doing GDPR Right, Study Finds

1/13/2020 - In Penny Dreadful: City of Angel's First Teaser, Natalie Dormer Serves Up Retro Glamour and Simmering Evil

1/13/2020 - io9's Essential Guide to 2020's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Superhero TV

1/13/2020 - Wells Fargo, America’s Worst Bank, Decides It’s Time to Fix Its Busted Tech

1/13/2020 - A 4-Year-Old Girl's Sudden Blindness Is a Tragic Reminder of Why Everyone Should Get the Flu Shot

1/13/2020 - Star Wars Resistance Finally Remembered It Should Have Stakes

1/13/2020 - A Hotter Climate Will Kill Americans in Unexpected Ways, Study Finds

1/13/2020 - Morbius' First Trailer Is Here and Jared Leto Is Out for Blood

1/13/2020 - Coke Energy Made Me Realize Other Energy Drinks Taste Like Ass

1/13/2020 - A New Machine Keeps Livers Alive Outside the Human Body for an Entire Week

1/13/2020 - A New Westworld Teaser Unveils Date of the Season 3 Premiere...and the Apocalypse

1/13/2020 - A Volcano Is Erupting in the Philippines, Forcing Tens of Thousands to Flee

1/13/2020 - Wild Star Wars Rumors About a Familiar Face Who Could Appear in the Obi-Wan Kenobi Show

1/13/2020 - Joker Sows His Signature Brand of Chaos by Sweeping the Oscar Nominations

1/13/2020 - The Best Apps to Go Offline With

1/13/2020 - Australia's Terrible Telecom Infrastructure Leaving People Without Vital Info During Bushfire Crisis

1/13/2020 - Why Are Some People Better at Learning Multiple Languages Than Others?

1/13/2020 - White House Tweets 'First Snow of the Year' On Same Day It Hits 70 Degrees in Washington D.C.

1/12/2020 - Faux-Pork, Feral Camels, Police Dogs, and Sex Tech: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

1/12/2020 - After Saving a Species Through Sheer Horniness, This Tortoise is Heading Home

1/12/2020 - Why Won't Jeff Bezos Send Dick Picks to Help Save the Koalas?

1/12/2020 - Be Careful What You Click: This Texas School District Lost $2.3 Million in a Phishing Scam

1/12/2020 - U.S. Sanctions Are the Reason You’re Not Seeing Pro-Soleimani Posts on Instagram

1/12/2020 - Adam Pally Tells All About the Day He Punched Baby Yoda

1/12/2020 - Samsung and Microsoft's Working-Class Smartphone Coming to the U.S. for $499

1/12/2020 - Read Sir Ian McKellen's Fascinating Lord of the Rings Production Blogs

1/12/2020 - This Featurette Explains Why Gretel & Hansel Is Returning to the Classic Fairy Tale

1/12/2020 - Syfy's Chucky Series Is Officially on the Way

1/12/2020 - SpaceX’s First Private Billionaire Passenger Launches Search for Girlfriend to Take on Trip Around the Moon

1/12/2020 - A New Trailer Teases the End of Crisis on Infinite Earths

1/12/2020 - The Weirdest and the Worst of CES 2020

1/11/2020 - Pokémon Go Somehow Still Relevant in the Year of Our Lord 2020

1/11/2020 - Cartoon Network Has Posted the First Episodes of Thundercats Roar Online

1/11/2020 - Walmart Wants to Build 20,000-Square-Foot Automated Warehouses With Fleets of Robot Grocery Pickers

1/11/2020 - The Very Best Gadgets We Saw at CES 2020

1/11/2020 - Disney Plus Is Rebooting Space Camp for Another Ride to the Stars

1/11/2020 - Puerto Rico Struck by 5.9-Magnitude Shock Amid Week of Devastating Seismic Activity

1/11/2020 - Batman Actor Burt Ward Claims ABC Gave Him Pills to Shrink His Superheroic Penis

1/11/2020 - Oh, God, There's Another Update on the Uncharted Movie

1/11/2020 - Philips Accuses Fitbit and Garmin, Its More Successful Competitors, of Stealing Its Wearable Tech

1/11/2020 - Robert Zemeckis Might Direct a New Sci-Fi Thriller for Warner Bros.

1/11/2020 - A New Study Claims to Disprove Dark Energy—but Cosmologists Aren't Convinced

1/10/2020 - Iran Says It 'Unintentionally' Shot Down Ukrainian Airlines Flight [Updated]

1/10/2020 - Amazon Employees Leak Customer Data to Third-Party Agent (Again)

1/10/2020 - Megan Thee Stallion's Birds of Prey Music Video Gives Us a Killer Track and Even More New Footage

1/10/2020 - Brian K. Vaughan's Ex Machina May Finally Make It to the Big Screen

1/10/2020 - MIT Report Finds That Jeffrey Epstein Donated $850,000 to MIT Media Lab, Professor Seth Lloyd

1/10/2020 - Noah Hawley Says His Star Trek Will Respect the Series While Forging a 'New Beginning'

1/10/2020 - Samsung Saved Its Best New TV Tech for the Wrong Damn TVs

1/10/2020 - Americans' Body Temperature Has Been Dropping Since the 19th Century, Study Finds

1/10/2020 - Verizon Nixes Yearly TV and Internet Contracts in Attempt to Stop the Bleeding

1/10/2020 - Harley Quinn Leads the Way in the Most Fantabulous Toys of The Week

1/10/2020 - Microsoft Outsourced Skype, Cortana Voice Analysis to China With Virtually No Security in Place: Report

1/10/2020 - Viking Runes Warned of a Climate Catastrophe, New Research Suggests

1/10/2020 - Jane Fonda Saved Her Best DC Fire Drill Friday for Last

1/10/2020 - No One Is Sure If Nien Nunb Is Alive or Dead

1/10/2020 - Steven Universe Future Is Exploring What It Really Means to Be in Endgame Territory

1/10/2020 - Spectrum Kills Home Security Business, Refuses Refunds for Owners of Now-Worthless Equipment

1/10/2020 - A Major New Particle Collider Is Coming to New York

1/10/2020 - Can The Good Place Change, Well, Everything?

1/10/2020 - UN Tells Canada to Stop Building the Trans Mountain Pipeline

1/10/2020 - Dead Alligators Dropped to the Bottom of the Sea Make for a Rare and Delicious Meal

1/10/2020 - The Amazon Website Is a Clunky Mess—Here's How to Make It Suck Less

1/10/2020 - The Next My Hero Academia Movie Comes Stateside in February

1/10/2020 - Lime and Bolt Abruptly Yank E-Scooters From Multiple Markets Across the U.S.

1/10/2020 - Sex Tech Was at CES, But CES Sure Seemed Nervous

1/10/2020 - The Witcher Does Fantasy Sex (Mostly) Better

1/10/2020 - The First Full Trailer for Ragnarok Appropriately Brings the Thunder

1/10/2020 - Australia's Bushfire Smoke Now Rings the Globe

1/10/2020 - Hell Yes, Sarah Paulson Will Return to American Horror Story

1/10/2020 - Boeing Emails Reveal Employees Talking Shit About The 737 Max Before Deadly Crashes

1/10/2020 - The Nightmare Climate Scenario That Keeps Scientists Up at Night

1/9/2020 - Federal Program Offers Free Phones For the Poor, So Long as You're OK With Chinese Malware

1/9/2020 - Director Scott Derrickson Has Departed the Doctor Strange Sequel

1/9/2020 - Of Course Fox Is Open to the Idea of More Firefly

1/9/2020 - FBI Surveillance Vendor Threatens to Sue Tech Reporters for Heinous Crime of Doing Journalism

1/9/2020 - The Moment Luke Skywalker's Legend Became Ben Solo's Greatest Specter

1/9/2020 - Watch Out, Opportunity, Mark Zuckerberg Is About to Fuck You Up

1/9/2020 - Facebook Quietly Made a Ton of Updates Hours After Trump Got Impeached

1/9/2020 - L'Oreal's Newest Skincare Gadget Is Even Cooler in Person

1/9/2020 - Trump Has a Book Written By a Trump Advisor About How Trump Loves the Environment, Actually

1/9/2020 - Astronomers Are Increasingly Worried About How Satellite Megaconstellations Will Disrupt Science

1/9/2020 - Alex Garland's Tech Horror Series Devs Drops an Eerie First Trailer

1/9/2020 - Short Treks Heralds Star Trek: Picard With Hope in the Face of Tragedy

1/9/2020 - The Mystery Virus in China Might Be an Undiscovered Cousin of SARS, Scientists Say

1/9/2020 - GrubHub Reportedly Considering Merging With Another Parasitic Food Delivery Service

1/9/2020 - Apple Pay Users Are Getting Unintentionally Charged at NYC Subway Turnstiles

1/9/2020 - Senators Still Skeptical .ORG Sale to Private Equity Firm Won't Harm Nonprofits

1/9/2020 - Last Week's Doctor Who Cut a Death Scene That Could've Been Real Rough

1/9/2020 - Trump's Latest Rollback Would Ruin an 'International Treasure'

1/9/2020 - Scientists Describe Trove of New Bird Species on Indonesian Islands

1/9/2020 - A Bunny Kaiju Attacks In This Awesome Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Clip

1/9/2020 - An Extinct Human Species May Not Have Evolved in Asia After All, New Research Suggests

1/9/2020 - HP May Finally Stop Screwing You When It Comes to Printer Ink

1/9/2020 - American Horror Story Just Got Renewed All the Way Up to Season 13

1/9/2020 - io9's Guide to All the Movies You Should Give a Damn About in 2020

1/9/2020 - The Number of Fires in the Amazon Rainforest Spiked in 2019

1/9/2020 - Pentagon Believes Iran Shot Down Ukrainian Airlines Flight by Mistake: Multiple Reports

1/9/2020 - This Is Intel's Graphics Card

1/9/2020 - Google Teases Feature That Allows Assistant to Read Webpages to You in Dozens of Languages

1/9/2020 - Watch Parrots Help Each Other Without Expecting Anything in Return

1/9/2020 - Roller Derby Harley Quinn, Bathtub Hyenas, and More Wild Fun in the Final Birds of Prey Trailer

1/9/2020 - Your Earbuds May Soon Be Able to Track Your Blood Pressure

1/9/2020 - Sunrise Movement Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

1/9/2020 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 Goes 'Straight to Hell' in a Devilishly Fun Music Video

1/9/2020 - If You Make It to 2083, You Could Witness Two Stars Collide

1/9/2020 - ASICS's New Smart Shoes Roasted My Running Form

1/9/2020 - The Long-Awaited Flash Movie Might Be Based on Flashpoint After All

1/9/2020 - This VR Massage Chair Will 'Esqape' With Your Life Savings

1/9/2020 - Facebook Will Let Users See Fewer Political Ads During Our Nightmare Presidential Election

1/9/2020 - Teen Vogue Yanks Puff Piece on Facebook's Anti-Disinformation Efforts After People Found Out Facebook Paid for It

1/8/2020 - Something Awful Shuts Down Infamous FYAD Board Due to Infestation of 'Nazi Shit Everywhere'

1/8/2020 - That Damn Doll Is Back in the New Trailer for Brahms: The Boy II

1/8/2020 - Ring's Security Update Isn't Enough, Sen. Ron Wyden Says

1/8/2020 - Plex Is Making Itself Impossible to Ignore as a Go-To Streaming Service

1/8/2020 - GLAAD's Kicking Off the New Year With Some Excellent Nominations

1/8/2020 - Twitter Built a New Feature for Chris Cillizza

1/8/2020 - A Genetic Mutation Is Responsible for Mysterious Deaths in the Amish Community, Researchers Say

1/8/2020 - Is Grimes Pregnant and Should We Blog It? (NSFW)

1/8/2020 - 8 Oceanic Creature Features That Delight in Underwater Perils

1/8/2020 - We Finally Know Why This 2,600-Year-Old Human Brain Is So Freakishly Well-Preserved

1/8/2020 - ABC Wants to Make More Marvel TV Shows and Plans on Talking to Kevin Feige About It

1/8/2020 - The RetroN Jr. Lets You Play All Your Tiny Game Boy Games on Your Giant HDTV

1/8/2020 - Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's Dracula Series, The Brides, Could Be Headed to ABC

1/8/2020 - WTF Is an Artificial Human and Where Did They Come From?

1/8/2020 - The Rise of Skywalker's LGBTQ Moment Is Held Back By the Film's Bland Heteronormativity

1/8/2020 - Sprint Sacrifices Virgin

1/8/2020 - Patrick Stewart Didn’t Want Picard to Be a Next Generation Sequel in a Post-Brexit, Post-Trump World

1/8/2020 - The US Oil and Gas Industry's 5-Year Plan Is a Climate and Health Nightmare

1/8/2020 - Young Frankenstein Will Be Puttin’ on the Ritz for a Live TV Musical Special

1/8/2020 - TikTok Announces End to 'Delinquent' Shenanigans as Serious Vulnerabilities Are Exposed

1/8/2020 - Quibi Is Either a Clever Gimmick or the Future of Entertainment

1/8/2020 - New Species of Praying Mantis Impales Its Prey on Barbed Spikes

1/8/2020 - Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Is the Latest Animated Marvel You Absolutely Should Watch

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1/8/2020 - Wildfires Have Absolutely Ravaged Australia’s Cherished Kangaroo Island

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1/8/2020 - Alcohol Is Killing More Americans Than Ever

1/8/2020 - Everything We Know About the Plane Crash in Iran That Killed 176 People

1/7/2020 - Ivanka to CES: College Is Overrated

1/7/2020 - How a Star Wars Fan Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Not Liking Rise of Skywalker

1/7/2020 - U.S. Confirms Iranian Missile Strikes on Iraqi Bases Housing U.S. Troops

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1/7/2020 - CWA Launches New Effort to Unionize Game and Tech Workers

1/7/2020 - What Impossible Pork Tastes Like

1/7/2020 - Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance's Puppets Were Saved From a Fire by Their Own Director

1/7/2020 - Over-Hunting Walruses Likely Forced Vikings to Abandon Greenland

1/7/2020 - Soon Linksys Wifi Will Be Able to Detect Every Breath You Take

1/7/2020 - Which Lucky Surveillance Device Owner Has Footage of Ring's CEO Crying?

1/7/2020 - Basically Every CW Show Was Just Renewed for Another Season

1/7/2020 - Google Assistant: Now More Helpful Around the House and More Respectful of Privacy

1/7/2020 - Sonos Sues Google for Allegedly Stealing Its Speaker Technology

1/7/2020 - A Mysterious Virus Is Sickening People in China

1/7/2020 - Nearby Gas Clouds Actually Form Behemoth Structure That Might Be the Milky Way's Arm, Study Finds

1/7/2020 - Dreamworks' Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts' New Trailer Introduces Us to a Musical Wonderland

1/7/2020 - Airbnb's Software Patent Rates Your Psychopathy Based On Your Social Media Activity

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1/7/2020 - If and When the Avatar Sequels Drop, They'll Show Us New Aspects of Pandora

1/7/2020 - Why the Hell Is Ivanka Trump Speaking at CES?

1/7/2020 - Congress Renames New Telescope Facility After Vera Rubin, a Dark Matter Pioneer Snubbed by the Nobels

1/7/2020 - Latest Starlink Launch Makes SpaceX the Largest Commercial Satellite Operator in the World

1/7/2020 - Philips Hue Has a Very Welcomed Software Update and 3 New Outdoor Lights

1/7/2020 - FBI Asks Apple to Unlock iPhone of Suspect in Pensacola Naval Base Shooting

1/7/2020 - Game of Thrones' Studio Experience Should Have Better Food Options, Dammit

1/7/2020 - It's Time to Stop Using Police Dogs

1/7/2020 - OnePlus's Boldest Move Is Focusing More on Design Than the Tech

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1/7/2020 - Elon Musk Dances Like Nobody's Watching at Tesla Event in China

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1/7/2020 - Wacom's New 13-Inch Drawing Tablet Gives Android Fans the Apple Pencil Experience

1/7/2020 - OK, Who Tried to Infest This Pennsylvania Walmart With Bed Bugs?

1/6/2020 - The Biggest Problems With Bluetooth Audio Are About to Be Fixed

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1/6/2020 - Trump Admin Plan to Collect DNA From Detained Migrants, Asylum Seekers Will Begin Soon

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1/6/2020 - Climate Change Stole the Show at the Golden Globes

1/6/2020 - Satellite Images Show the Shocking Extent of Australia Bushfire Smoke

1/6/2020 - Weed Edibles Aren't as Safe as We Think, Doctors Argue

1/6/2020 - Venus Could Have Active Volcanoes

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1/6/2020 - The Super Retro Champ Plays SNES and Sega Genesis Cartridges, Bringing Peace to Retro Gaming

1/6/2020 - Facial Recognition For Stars Lets This Telescope Automatically Find Objects in the Night Sky

1/6/2020 - Hackers Vandalize U.S. Government Website With Pro-Iran Message and Illustration of Bloody Trump

1/6/2020 - Garmin's New Dashcam Records Both the Road Ahead and Passengers in the Back

1/5/2020 - Sure Looks Like Apple Is Still Selling This iMac from 2006

1/5/2020 - Bosch's LCD Car Visor Only Blocks Your View of the Road Where the Sun Is In Your Eyes

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1/3/2020 - Trump Starts 2020 With a New Bid to Ignore Climate Change

1/3/2020 - Joker Director Todd Phillips Wants To See, But Not Make, A Batman Film Based On His Universe

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1/3/2020 - An Astronaut Aboard the ISS Had to Be Treated for a Perilous Blood Clot

1/3/2020 - Indonesia Turns to Weather Control to Stop Rains Amidst Deadly Floods

1/3/2020 - TikTok Owner ByteDance Has Reportedly Been Working on a 'Safer' Deepfake Feature

1/3/2020 - Killer Nuns Are the Coolest Thing About Dracula's Final Trailer

1/3/2020 - No, Graffiti Did Not Appear Overnight in Iran Thanking President Trump

1/3/2020 - There Is No Safe Global Warming

1/3/2020 - Victims Win Nearly $13 Million in Lawsuit Against GirlsDoPorn

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1/2/2020 - Trump Tweeted Twice as Much Bullshit This Year

1/2/2020 - Open Channel: What Are Your Media Consumption New Year’s Resolutions?

1/2/2020 - Big Pharma Continues New Year's Tradition of Squeezing U.S. Sick for Every Last Dime

1/2/2020 - Rise of Skywalker’s Writer and Editor Discuss Some Lingering Questions and Spoilers

1/2/2020 - Amy Klobuchar Might Tell Us About UFOs

1/2/2020 - NY Governor's Veto Outrages Activists Fighting for Medicaid Patients Who Need Opioid Addiction Treatment

1/2/2020 - Todd Philips Thinks It’s Joker’s Themes, Not the Character, That Made It a Hit

1/2/2020 - The World's Largest Floating Wind Farm Is Here

1/2/2020 - Here's Why Some Disney+ Movies Like Home Alone Are Leaving the Service

1/2/2020 - Smaller but Still Deadly: New Insights Into the Life of Teenage T. Rex

1/2/2020 - Toy Cars, Screaming, and Simon Says: How Doctor Who Brought an Alien-Possessed Car to Life

1/2/2020 - Former Google Exec Says He Was Forced Out for Opposing Company's Pivot to Evil

1/2/2020 - Denmark Sets New Record for Wind Energy, Putting Us All to Shame

1/2/2020 - Amazon Threatens to Fire Employees Who Spoke Out About Its Climate Failures

1/2/2020 - FDA Bans All the Good Vape Pod Flavors

1/2/2020 - Neuroscientists Discover New Kind of Signal in the Human Brain

1/2/2020 - John Boyega's Post-Star Wars Honesty Is a Good Thing

1/2/2020 - All Your Base Are Belong to Bulbasaur

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1/2/2020 - Man's Confession of Killing His Sister Reportedly Caught on Doorbell Camera

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1/2/2020 - Australia Just Went Through Its Hottest Year on Record

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1/2/2020 - Tax Ghouls Like TurboTax Can't Hide Your Free Filing Options on Google Anymore

1/2/2020 - Google's AI Proves Better at Detecting Breast Cancer Than Doctors

1/2/2020 - Fire at German Zoo That Killed 30 Animals Ignited by New Year's Eve Sky Lanterns

1/2/2020 - Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Make Technology Work for People With Disabilities—Not Against Them

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1/1/2020 - Come Shaken, Not Stirred, to Our Spoiler-Laden Doctor Who Premiere Discussion Zone

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