7/31/2020 - Bytedance, Microsoft Offer Acquisition Deal After Trump Mentions Upcoming TikTok Ban [Updated]

7/31/2020 - Every Ship in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy in Under 5 Minutes

7/31/2020 - Colin Baker Says Classic Doctor Who Stars Would Gladly Do More Silly Shorts if the BBC Would Let Them

7/31/2020 - Senators Worry Changes at Post Office Could Obstruct November Ballots

7/31/2020 - Cruising Down the Block With the Baby YoCar, and More of San Diego Comic-Con's Best Toys of the Week

7/31/2020 - House Dems Say Trump Admin Got Played for Chumps on $644 Million Ventilator Deal

7/31/2020 - Hundreds of Kids in Georgia Tested Positive for Coronavirus After Summer Camp

7/31/2020 - This Was Not His Design: Bryan Fuller's Hannibal Could Have Been Hugh Grant

7/31/2020 - Microsoft Reportedly Looking to Buy TikTok as Trump Admin Edges Closer to Crackdown

7/31/2020 - Three Charged in the Single Worst Hack in Twitter's History [Updated]

7/31/2020 - Creating During Covid: Tom Whalen and a Newfound Appreciation for Being an Artist

7/31/2020 - Poacher Who Killed a Rare Gorilla Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

7/31/2020 - Microsoft Is Reportedly Delaying the Dual-Screen Surface Neo

7/31/2020 - HBO Is Safe on Fire TV—Kind Of

7/31/2020 - The X2 Cast Allegedly Almost Quit the Marvel Film Over Bryan Singer

7/31/2020 - How Sperm 'Swim' May Be Nothing But an Optical Illusion [UPDATE]

7/31/2020 - Scream 5 Will Bring Back Horror's Finest Tabloid Journalist

7/31/2020 - GeForce Now Finally Lets Users Automatically Sync Games With Their Steam Library

7/31/2020 - Big Oil Has Never Lost This Much Money

7/31/2020 - Always Take the Wizard's Staff, You Idiots!

7/31/2020 - The Three Biggest Lies Google and Facebook Spouted About Your Privacy Before Congress

7/31/2020 - Twitter Finally Bans the Nazi. No, Not That One. No, the Other One.

7/31/2020 - It Was 125 Degrees in Baghdad This Week

7/31/2020 - My Cat Wanted to Blog, So I Let Him Write This One

7/31/2020 - Leaked Galaxy Z Fold 2 Renders Depict Some Major Upgrades for Samsung's Second-Gen Foldable Phone

7/31/2020 - The God of High School Teases Its Next Killer Brawl in This Exclusive Clip

7/31/2020 - Cheap Live TV Service Philo Finally Gets Chromecast Support

7/31/2020 - Looks Like the Apple Watch Series 6 Could Sport a Blood Oxygen Sensor

7/31/2020 - Darth Vader Is Letting the Past Die

7/31/2020 - Hurricane Isaias Is the First Hurricane to Hit Bahamas Since Destructive Dorian

7/31/2020 - Spacecraft Carrying Perseverance Switches to 'Safe Mode' After Glitch, but NASA Says Not to Worry

7/31/2020 - Bad Advice From Dictators: Gasoline Edition!

7/31/2020 - Mandy Patinkin Has Deleted About 28,000 Emails, So Far

7/31/2020 - The World May Be on Hold, But August Is Still Bursting With New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

7/31/2020 - Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: Which is the Best Netflix for Apps?

7/31/2020 - Stadia in 4G is Now in Beta and Should Stay There a While

7/31/2020 - John Wick's Writer Is Bringing Splinter Cell to Netflix

7/31/2020 - The Questions That Remain About Apple’s New Carbon-Free Aluminum

7/31/2020 - President Trump's Department of Violent Goons Investigates Tweets of Portland Journalists

7/31/2020 - FCC Approves Amazon's Bid to Launch a Constellation of More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

7/30/2020 - For Her Next Trick, Amy Adams May Be Turning Into a Dog

7/30/2020 - The NAACP Wants ISPs to Keep Students of Color Connected Through the Entire Pandemic

7/30/2020 - AOC's Measure to Kill U.S. Military Twitch Streams Fails House Vote

7/30/2020 - Lockdown Creation Host Shows What Happens When You Get Zoom Bombed by a Demon

7/30/2020 - Hold Onto Your Peacock, CBS All Access Just Got Better

7/30/2020 - io9 Readers, Talk to Us

7/30/2020 - Seized Fyre Fest Merch Is Going Up for Auction

7/30/2020 - X-Men: Apocalypse Is the Reason Storm and Professor X Won't Be in The New Mutants

7/30/2020 - Even Apple Gives Amazon Tax Breaks

7/30/2020 - Read the Fine-Print on Verizon's New 4G Home Internet

7/30/2020 - Telegram's the Latest Company to File an Antitrust Suit Against Apple

7/30/2020 - Exxon Is Showing Us Exactly Who It Cares About

7/30/2020 - Doom Patrol's Stylish Sendup of The Avengers Hits All the Right Notes

7/30/2020 - A Medieval Potion Proves Its Worth as an Effective Bacteria Killer

7/30/2020 - Star Trek's Best Ensigns

7/30/2020 - Oculus Quest Review: It Really Is That Big of a Deal

7/30/2020 - ‘Stark’ New Study Shows the Most Polluted Places in the US Haven’t Changed in 35 Years

7/30/2020 - Scoop Out Baby Yoda's Brains and Replace Them With Your Amazon Echo Dot

7/30/2020 - You Can Finally Own a Good Ghost in the Shell Movie in 4K

7/30/2020 - Errol Morris Fans, There's a Surprise for You on YouTube

7/30/2020 - US Energy Use Hit a Record Low This Spring, But Natural Gas Tightened Its Grip

7/30/2020 - The Umbrella Academy's Second Season Is Tackling 1960s Anti-Black Racism Head On

7/30/2020 - The Ren & Stimpy Documentary Trailer Addresses Its Disgraced Creator's Legacy

7/30/2020 - Sea Level Rise Alone Threatens to Crush the Global Economy

7/30/2020 - This Is the Best Spot on Earth for Stargazing—If You Can Handle It

7/30/2020 - I Only See My Family Through FaceTime

7/30/2020 - Cartoons Were Right? Bending a Rifle's Barrel Backward Will Actually Redirect a Bullet

7/30/2020 - 8 TV Shows to Remind You of When Game of Thrones Was Good

7/30/2020 - The EU Is Chucking Yet Another Hurdle at That Google-Fitbit Deal

7/30/2020 - Pixar's Next Film, Luca, Will Be an Adventure in the Italian Riviera....With a Twist

7/30/2020 - Damon Lindelof Still Has Hopes for More Watchmen (Even If He Doesn't Make It)

7/30/2020 - HMD Is 'Doubling Down' on Nokia Phones in the U.S.

7/30/2020 - Fi Wants You to Stop Paying for Your Pet’s Microchip

7/30/2020 - President Trump Ditches Mask as U.S. Death Toll Surpasses 150,000

7/29/2020 - Jeff Bezos Tells Congress He 'Can't Guarantee' Amazon Isn't Violating Its Own Policies to Undercut Sellers

7/29/2020 - These Massive Murals for The Old Guard Are Truly Magnificent

7/29/2020 - Watch NASA Launch Its Perseverance Mars Rover Live Right Here [Update: Liftoff!]

7/29/2020 - Batwoman's Recasting Gives the Show the Perfect Opportunity to Talk about Race and Policing

7/29/2020 - Congressman Louie Gohmert Has Covid, Suspects He Contracted It From Mask He Wasn’t Wearing

7/29/2020 - Spotify Is Testing a New Podcasting Tool to Share Quotes in Other Apps

7/29/2020 - Jon Cryer and Ben Stiller Auditioned for a Very Different Back to the Future

7/29/2020 - As 2020 Spirals Into the Abyss, TikTok Teens Are Reaching Into Their Past Lives

7/29/2020 - Study Links Serious Gum Disease to Dementia Decades Later

7/29/2020 - Declining Bee Populations Are Threatening Crop Yields

7/29/2020 - Umbrella Academy's Elliot Page on Giving Vanya Space to Open Up

7/29/2020 - Chrome OS Could Soon Be Connecting With Your Android Phone in a Welcome Way

7/29/2020 - These Are the Shows You’re Pirating During the Pandemic

7/29/2020 - HBO Go Will Be Killed for Real This Week

7/29/2020 - A Freaky Elongated Cloud Has Reappeared on Mars

7/29/2020 - So, Should You Buy the Apple Watch Series 3 Right Now?

7/29/2020 - What a Superhero Show Looks Like During Covid-19

7/29/2020 - Facebook Says China Is Its Biggest Enemy, but It’s Also a Highly Valued Customer

7/29/2020 - The Razer Kishi Is the Smartphone Gamepad I've Been Waiting For

7/29/2020 - Scientists Discover Source of Stonehenge's Largest Boulders

7/29/2020 - Issa Rae and Jordan Peele Are Working on a Film About an Otherworldly Sinkhole

7/29/2020 - This Joystick For Your Tongue Could Be a More Inclusive Controller For Future Devices

7/29/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in August

7/29/2020 - Earbuds That Fit Inside a Smartphone Is Equal Parts Smart and Stupid

7/29/2020 - We’re Killing Ourselves With Air Pollution

7/29/2020 - Shady Stem Cell Therapies Can Cause Tumors, Infections, and Death, Doctors Report

7/29/2020 - Konami Elbows Its Way into Esports with a Wildly Overpriced Line of PC Gaming Hardware

7/29/2020 - A Record Number of Environmentalists Were Murdered in 2019

7/29/2020 - How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Breaking Artificial Intelligence and How to Fix It

7/29/2020 - The Good Place's Final Blooper Reel: Goodbyes, Farts, and Failed Magic Tricks

7/29/2020 - It May Be Time to Say 'Goodnight, Sweet Prince Bixby'

7/29/2020 - I Miss My Sharp Personal Organizer

7/29/2020 - He Knew

7/29/2020 - Dogecoin Is Powering a Nasty Botnet

7/29/2020 - Space Camp Needs Your Help

7/29/2020 - The First Etch A Sketch That Lets You Draw Circles Is the Perfect Fidget Toy

7/29/2020 - Giancarlo Esposito Teases The Mandalorian's Plans for Moff Gideon

7/29/2020 - What Thunderbolt 4 Means and How It Could Change Computing

7/29/2020 - Umbrella Academy's Stunning Opening Scene Is a Peek Into Apocalyptic Superheroics

7/29/2020 - How to Watch Tech CEOs Testify to Congress Today on YouTube, Facebook, and More

7/29/2020 - Tucker Carlson Defends Doctor Who Says Demons Steal Semen From People While They Sleep

7/28/2020 - Substack Just Accidentally Revealed Email Addresses of Tons of Users

7/28/2020 - The AMC and Universal War Over Movies Has Ended, Thank God

7/28/2020 - Celebrate John Saxon With 8 of the B-Movie Legend's Most Memorable Genre Roles

7/28/2020 - Watch Comics Legend Alex Ross Paint an Incredible Marvel Mural

7/28/2020 - Yeah, So It Turns Out Rite Aid Has Been Using Face Recognition at Hundreds of Stores

7/28/2020 - This App Is Keeping My Plants Alive, No Thanks to Me

7/28/2020 - I Refuse to Believe This

7/28/2020 - Senators Held a Bizarre Hearing About How to Solve Climate Change With More Fossil Fuels [Updated]

7/28/2020 - Japan Sinks Might Just Be Masaaki Yuasa's Most Shocking Anime Yet

7/28/2020 - It's Time to Redefine Broadband Speeds

7/28/2020 - The DC Animated Adaptation of Death in the Family Will Let You Decide Jason Todd's Fate Too

7/28/2020 - How NASA’s Tiny New Helicopter Will Make History on Mars

7/28/2020 - I Have Accepted That the #ChallengeAccepted Challenge Is the Ultimate Empty Challenge

7/28/2020 - 10 (Mostly) Bloodless Horror Movies, for When You Wanna Be Scared, Not Unconscious

7/28/2020 - A Sick Sous-Vide Has Been Bricked by Mandatory Subscriptions

7/28/2020 - Marshall's New Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Sounds as Good as It Looks

7/28/2020 - The New Star Wars Galaxy's Edge VR Game Isn't Just Recreating the Disney Park

7/28/2020 - Nintendo's Latest Solution for Its Cloud Problem Is Still a Half Measure

7/28/2020 - Who Are 'America's Frontline Doctors', the Pro-Trump, Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Weirdos Banned From Social Media?

7/28/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Azure Bonds

7/28/2020 - This Is the Best Smartwatch for Under $200

7/28/2020 - This Is the Way: The Mandalorian, Watchmen, and What We Do in the Shadows Lead Genre's 2020 Emmy Nominations

7/28/2020 - The Orca That Carried Around Her Dead Calf for Two Weeks Is Pregnant Again

7/28/2020 - NYC Sends Revel Scooters Down to Hell Where They Belong

7/28/2020 - Wars for Cybertron, Ranked

7/28/2020 - Ancient Microbes Spring to Life After 100 Million Years Under the Seafloor

7/28/2020 - New Report Reveals the Shocking Toll Bushfires Took on Australia’s Wildlife

7/28/2020 - Netflix's Jurassic World Cartoon Is Really Gonna Kill Some Kids Then?

7/28/2020 - CES 2021 Is Officially Cancelled, Will Be an All-Digital Experience

7/28/2020 - The Sony A7SIII Looks Like It's About to Dominate the Full-Frame Mirrorless Cam Market

7/28/2020 - What to Expect at Wednesday's Big Tech Antitrust Hearing

7/28/2020 - One New Mutants Mainstay Is Definitely Not in the Movie

7/28/2020 - How to Use Apple Music With a Local Music Library

7/28/2020 - Republican Senator's Campaign 'Accidentally' Photoshops Jewish Opponent With Larger Nose

7/27/2020 - Twitter Trends Are a Crime Against Me, the President, Tweets President

7/27/2020 - Local Police Are Looking to Tech Companies for 'Less Lethal' Crowd Control Devices

7/27/2020 - D&D's Culturally Sensitive Strahd Revamp Is Here, But It'll Cost You [Updated]

7/27/2020 - Millions of Dave Users' Personal Data Is Up for Grabs on a Hacking Forum

7/27/2020 - Twitter Workers Also Abused Access to User Accounts, Including Beyoncé's: Report

7/27/2020 - The Best Disney Soundtrack You're Not Listening to Just Got Alan Menken His EGOT

7/27/2020 - Record-Breaking Number of Americans Called Out Sick From Work in April, Study Finds

7/27/2020 - Big Oil <3 Police

7/27/2020 - What Lessons Can Future Conventions Learn From Virtual San Diego Comic-Con?

7/27/2020 - The Chip That Can Smell Can Now Help Robots Feel Touch

7/27/2020 - NOS4A2's Second Season Keeps Raising the Stakes for All Its Characters, Both Good and Evil

7/27/2020 - Vertical Farms Could Grow All the Wheat We Need—But at a Cost

7/27/2020 - Extreme Chernobyl Fungus Could Protect Astronauts From Deadly Radiation

7/27/2020 - Couple Who Wore Face Masks Bearing the Nazi Flag Swears They Aren't Nazis

7/27/2020 - Google Will Let Employees Work From Home Through Summer 2021

7/27/2020 - Avatar: The Last Airbender's Next Graphic Novel Sees Toph Take Us to School

7/27/2020 - Could Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7+ Be the First Real iPad Pro Rival?

7/27/2020 - Tenet Is Going to Try Coming Out in America This September

7/27/2020 - The 5 Winners (and 3 Losers) of San Diego Comic-Con 2020 (at Home)

7/27/2020 - Researchers Made This Medical Wearable Out of Pencil and Paper

7/27/2020 - The Coronavirus May Shut Down Our Sense of Smell in an Unexpected Way

7/27/2020 - I Was Horrified at How Many Ads the New Brave Browser and VPN for iOS Blocked

7/27/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery Returns This October

7/27/2020 - It's Not Just Siberia as Record Heat Spreads Across the Arctic

7/27/2020 - The Batman Who Laughs Has a Twisted New Ally in DC's Death Metal

7/27/2020 - Offshore Wind Is on the Brink of Becoming So Cheap, the UK Will Pay People to Use It

7/27/2020 - You're Going to Have to Wait Until Next Year to Get Your Hands on This Perfect Game Boy Clone

7/27/2020 - The Umbrella Academy's Second Season Could Stand to Loosen Up a Bit

7/27/2020 - The Polar Unite Makes a Good Case for Simpler, Cheaper Fitness Watches

7/27/2020 - And... Garmin's Back After Massive Outage. Sort Of.

7/27/2020 - Sonic 2 Will Spindash Into Theaters in 2022

7/27/2020 - Apple's $129 Thunderbolt 3 Pro Cable Isn't Completely Nuts

7/27/2020 - Netflix’s The Witcher Is Getting a Live-Action Prequel Series

7/27/2020 - 0 to 50 in 5 Minutes: Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 Could Be Wicked Fast

7/27/2020 - How Do I Stop Tapping My Foot, Biting My Nails, or Twirling My Hair?

7/27/2020 - Man With Sole Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons Retweets Random Fistfight

7/26/2020 - Crappy Email Security Could Be the Next Big Threat to American Elections: Report

7/26/2020 - In the World of Motherland: Fort Salem, Sex Is Power, Pleasure, and Freedom

7/26/2020 - Guillermo del Toro Dreams of Making a Multi-Part Frankenstein Saga

7/26/2020 - NBA Will Use Microsoft Teams to Project Fans Into Game Arenas

7/26/2020 - Joe Manganiello Might Be an Interdimensional Super Hero in the Threatening Trailer for Archenemy

7/26/2020 - California's Air Pollution Police Consider Forcing Uber and Lyft to Go Electric

7/26/2020 - Daredevil Actor Peter Shinkoda Says Jeph Loeb Told Writers Not to Develop Asian Characters

7/26/2020 - The Latest Rick and Morty Anime Short is a Time-Twisting Tokyo Thriller

7/26/2020 - Brazilian President Announces He Is Over Coronavirus, Poses With Hydroxychloroquine

7/26/2020 - Doctor Who's Huge New Event Nearly Got Scrapped by the Coronavirus

7/26/2020 - What We Do in the Shadows' 'Vampire Jedi' Moment with Mark Hamill Wasn't Pre-Planned

7/25/2020 - Zack Snyder's Non-SDCC Justice League Event Was... Super Weird

7/25/2020 - SDCC's 'Scary Good TV' Panel Offers Fascinating Insight Into the Minds Behind Today's Best Horror

7/25/2020 - Instagram Promises It's Not Snooping on iOS Users' Cameras, Says It’s a Bug

7/25/2020 - Lovecraft Country's Racist Horrors Are Rooted in Reality

7/25/2020 - The Band Reunites in Bill & Ted Face the Music's Excellently Fun SDCC Panel

7/25/2020 - Guillermo del Toro Describes the Creature in Antlers as a God

7/25/2020 - FDA Authorizes First Coronavirus Test for Asymptomatic People Without Known or Suspected Infection

7/25/2020 - Zack Snyder's Justice League Just Got a Tiny New Super Tease

7/25/2020 - For All Mankind's Season 2 Teaser Blasts Off Into a New Space Race

7/25/2020 - Constantine Was Rated R Mostly Because It Was Moody

7/25/2020 - Netflix Put the Winner of RuPaul's Drag Race in an Episode Thumbnail and I Just Can't Right Now

7/25/2020 - David Goyer Is Still Reflecting on Man of Steel's Biggest Controversies 7 Years Later

7/25/2020 - Dune Authors Announce a New Trilogy That Bumps Right Up to the Events of the Movie

7/25/2020 - The 2020 Eisner Winners Are Here, in Strange Circumstances

7/25/2020 - Hanna, First Hurricane of the Atlantic Season, to Strike Coronavirus-Ravaged Texas

7/25/2020 - In the First Look at Rick and Morty's Fifth Season, Rick Has a New Nemesis

7/25/2020 - 25 Years After Returning, Yellowstone’s Wolves Are the Most Studied but Misunderstood Good Boys

7/24/2020 - Space Force Unveils New Logo, Promises to Be 'Always Above'

7/24/2020 - The Highs and Lows of San Diego Comic-Con's The Walking Dead Panels

7/24/2020 - Archer's Next Season Will Feature Guest Stars Simon Pegg and Jamie Lee Curtis

7/24/2020 - The Trump Administration Doesn't Understand Memes

7/24/2020 - Sling TV Owner Dish Is Doing the Dumb Thing

7/24/2020 - Bob's Burgers Cast and Crew Drop Hints About Season 11 (But Not Much About the Movie)

7/24/2020 - Anakin Skywalker Gets an Incredibly Extra Action Figure, and More of the Week's Most Fabulous Toys

7/24/2020 - Senators Seek to Rein In Federal Anti-Protest Forces

7/24/2020 - Adventure Time and Summer Camp Island Are Going Even Deeper on HBO Max

7/24/2020 - Microsoft Edge Treating Browser Tabs as Separate Windows Is Oddly Exciting

7/24/2020 - The CDC Is Officially Recommending Reopening Schools, Just As Trump Demanded

7/24/2020 - Oh God, Please Let Me Unlock My Mac With My Face

7/24/2020 - Marvel's Hellish Helstrom Comic-Con Trailer Is Light on Hell, Comic-Cons

7/24/2020 - Boeing Just Gave Us a New Reason to Be Terrified of Flying

7/24/2020 - Health Experts Call for Second U.S. Shutdown to Halt Coronavirus Spread

7/24/2020 - The Walking Dead: World Beyond Shares a New Teaser and Details About Its Characters

7/24/2020 - Infinity Train's Season 3 Trailer Throws a Shocking New Mystery Onboard

7/24/2020 - The Walking Dead SDCC Panel Shares a New Look at the Maggie-tastic Adventure to Come

7/24/2020 - Leaked Images Appear Showing an Updated Oculus Quest

7/24/2020 - My Sim Is an Environmentalist Who Knows How to Have a Good Time

7/24/2020 - Now Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Is Canceled, Too

7/24/2020 - Boris Johnson Calls Anti-Vaxxers 'Nuts' as He Belatedly Implements UK Mask Mandate

7/24/2020 - Fear the Walking Dead Will Return for More Humans vs. Humans vs. Zombies Just in Time for Halloween

7/24/2020 - These New Apple ARM Benchmarks Might Not Be What People Think They Are

7/24/2020 - QAnon's Agent Margaritaville Is on the Lam, Still on YouTube

7/24/2020 - You Can Finally Share Screenshots of Quibi Shows With the 6 Other People Who'll Get the Reference

7/24/2020 - Charlize Theron Hopes Furiosa Can Be for This Generation What Ripley Was for Hers

7/24/2020 - Forget the iPad Pro, the Surface Go 2 Is a Perfect Secondary PC

7/24/2020 - Tell Gizmodo What You Want

7/24/2020 - A New Ship From Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars Episode IX Is Revealed

7/24/2020 - What a WWII Typhus Outbreak Can Teach Us About Stopping Coronavirus

7/24/2020 - Department of Energy Rolls Out Plan for a Super-Secure Quantum Internet

7/24/2020 - Local TV Meteorologists Are a Secret Weapon in the Fight Against the Climate Crisis

7/24/2020 - A New Lovecraft Country Trailer Reveals Monsters, Magic, and Mayhem

7/24/2020 - Our Hero Katee Sackhoff on Robot Chicken, the New BSG, and That Wacky Accent She Did on The Flash

7/24/2020 - The Essential Dirtbag Tip for Running During a Pandemic

7/24/2020 - U.S. States Ramp Up Contact Tracing for Covid-19, About Five Months Too Late

7/24/2020 - Samsung’s ‘Bean Buds’ Are Actually Called Galaxy Buds Live

7/24/2020 - Say Hello to Star Wars' New Lizard Boyfriend (He's a Jedi Too, I Guess)

7/24/2020 - Oh God, They’re Making a Grindhouse Movie About Pizzagate and It Actually Looks Kind of Awesome

7/24/2020 - Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar Introduce Bill to Stop Giving Stimulus Money to Fossil Fuel Companies

7/24/2020 - The Best (at Home) Cosplay From San Diego Comic-Con 2020

7/24/2020 - Garmin Hit by Major Outage in Potential Ransomware Attack

7/24/2020 - There's a $6,000 Alarm Clock In Case Your Phone Is Busted

7/24/2020 - The Living Ghost Dogs That Haunt the Amazon

7/24/2020 - This Touch-free Touchscreen Means You Might Never Have to Touch a Public Screen Again

7/24/2020 - Video Chat's Impressive History Makes It Harder to Hate

7/24/2020 - Updates from Thor: Love and Thunder, Masters of the Universe, and More

7/24/2020 - Looks Like the Surface Duo Will Be Launching Really Soon

7/24/2020 - Your Phone Is About to Charge a Lot Faster, but That Might Not Be a Good Thing

7/24/2020 - New York Times Casually Drops Another Story About How Aliens Are Probably Real

7/23/2020 - Facebook Researchers Say Higher-Ups Ignored Their Findings on Instagram's Racist Algorithm: Report

7/23/2020 - Image's Crossover Series Wants to Blow Up the Idea of Comic Book Events

7/23/2020 - These TV Companies' Comic-Con Livestreams Went Dark Thanks to Their Own Copyright Claims

7/23/2020 - ThunderCats Roar Got Thundercat to Play (and Sing About) a Classic Villain

7/23/2020 - Craig of the Creek's Resident Magical Girl Is on Her Way to Beat the Heat

7/23/2020 - The Boys Gets Wet, Wild, and Disgusting in a Season 2 Clip

7/23/2020 - Intel Says Its 7nm Chips Are—Surprise!—Delayed By At Least a Year

7/23/2020 - The Highs and Lows of San Diego Comic-Con's Star Trek Panel

7/23/2020 - TikTok Starts $200 Million Fund to Finally Start Paying Creators

7/23/2020 - Jared Kushner in Fight With Telecom CEOs Over Trump Campaign Texts Blocked By Anti-Spam System

7/23/2020 - You Need to Change Your Instacart Password Right Now

7/23/2020 - The Cast of The New Mutants Tells Us How a Delayed Release Could Be a Good Thing

7/23/2020 - The New Mutants Dropped Tons of New Footage at SDCC

7/23/2020 - Genealogy Site Exposes One Million Profiles to Law Enforcement in Security Breach

7/23/2020 - New Star Wars Movies Delayed Along With Mulan and Avatar Sequels

7/23/2020 - In the First Teaser for Amazon's Utopia Reboot, a Comic Book Has a Strange Effect on the Real World

7/23/2020 - Ohio Governor Bravely Says Shady Coal and Nuclear Bailout Bill Should Be Repealed

7/23/2020 - His Dark Materials' First Season 2 Trailer Heads to a Whole New World [Updated]

7/23/2020 - Justin Roiland's Solar Opposites SDCC Panel Shared a Campy Clip and a Few Hints About the New Season

7/23/2020 - Dozens of Hacked Twitter Accounts Had Their DMs Exposed, Twitter Confirms

7/23/2020 - SpaceX Satellites Ruin Perfectly Good View of Comet NEOWISE

7/23/2020 - Nick Frost and Simon Pegg's Ghost Hunting Comedy Has Dropped Its First Trailer

7/23/2020 - Some 'Inactive' Drug Ingredients May Be Anything But, Study Finds

7/23/2020 - 10 Good Boy Monsters From TV and Movies

7/23/2020 - We Still Have a Shot to Save Ourselves From Plastic Doom

7/23/2020 - Parents on Facebook Are Forming an Alternative School System... If You Can Afford It

7/23/2020 - Just Buy a Damn Rice Cooker

7/23/2020 - The First Clip From Star Trek: Lower Decks Introduces Our Motley Heroes

7/23/2020 - FightCamp Let Me Work Out My 2020 Frustrations for Way Cheaper Than a Peloton

7/23/2020 - iOS 14 Beta Hints Smaller iPhones Are Back on the Menu

7/23/2020 - Star Trek: Prodigy Is Nickelodeon's New Animated Series, and It Drops Next Year

7/23/2020 - Xbox Series X Will Likely Launch in November 2020

7/23/2020 - Two Tropical Cyclones Could Make Landfall in the US This Weekend

7/23/2020 - That Viral Photo of Ernest With Jeffrey Epstein Is Actually Fake

7/23/2020 - Lego's New Playable Grand Piano Set Is One Expensive Tchotchke

7/23/2020 - SDCC 2020 Exclusives From Mondo Include Ghostbusters, Bill and Ted, and Toothless

7/23/2020 - Tenet Won't Launch on HBO Max Before It Hits Movie Theaters

7/23/2020 - I Hate 'Hubby'

7/23/2020 - Your Guide to NASA’s Life-Hunting Mars Rover, Perseverance

7/23/2020 - I Keep Having to Stop People From Dropping Their Pants in the Middle of the Aisles

7/23/2020 - New 23andMe Study Reveals the Genetic Legacy of Slavery in the Americas

7/23/2020 - Corning Claims Newest Smartphone Glass Is Stronger and Twice as Durable

7/23/2020 - The Plan to Turn New York’s Most Notorious Jail Into a Renewable Energy Hub Is What Justice Looks Like

7/23/2020 - Bandai Recreated a Fictional Anime Metal For This Obscenely Expensive Gundam Model

7/23/2020 - There's No Reason Not to Use a Screen Protector

7/23/2020 - Wild Rumors About Even More Star Wars Disney+ Shows

7/23/2020 - Bill & Ted Face The Music's New Trailer Brings the Best Kind of Time Travel Nonsense

7/23/2020 - China Launches Country's First Independent Mission to Mars, Complete With Rover

7/23/2020 - Do-It-All Streaming Service Plex Is Launching a New TV Feature—And Yes, It's Free

7/22/2020 - AOC Files Measure to Kill U.S. Military Twitch Streams as Battle Over Protester Bans Heats Up

7/22/2020 - The Scarlet Witch's Biggest Mistake Has Come Back to Bite the Entire World in the Ass

7/22/2020 - Facebook's New Private Messaging Feature Promises Privacy From Everyone (Except Facebook)

7/22/2020 - AT&T Apologizes for Scaring Customers About Shutting Down Its 3G Network in 2022

7/22/2020 - Google Will Show Authenticated Brand Logos in Gmail to Help Curb Scams

7/22/2020 - Take a Brief Vacation From Reality With These 6 Short Sci-Fi and Horror Films

7/22/2020 - Dueling Cyclones Brew in the Atlantic and Pacific

7/22/2020 - Banks Can Now Hold Cryptocurrencies, As a Treat

7/22/2020 - Leaked DNC Platform Draft Shows the Party Is Improving on Climate—Just Not Enough

7/22/2020 - Edgar Wright May Direct a Spielberg-Produced Ghost Story Set at a Film Studio

7/22/2020 - Leaked DNC Platform Is Troublingly Vague on Net Neutrality

7/22/2020 - A Woman Goes All Count of Monte Cristo on Genetics in the Biohackers Trailer

7/22/2020 - Uber's Junked JUMP Bikes Are Getting A Second Chance

7/22/2020 - One of the Best Streaming Services Is Dying and I'm Bummed

7/22/2020 - Microsoft's Doing the Monopoly Thing Again, Slack Says

7/22/2020 - 28 Artists Collaborated on a Wild Quarantine Poster You Have to See

7/22/2020 - Incredible Image Shows a Pair of Exoplanets Around a Sun-Like Star

7/22/2020 - Feeling Like a Freak on a Leash

7/22/2020 - Comic-Con 2020: io9 Shows Off Their Con Floors

7/22/2020 - Apple Glasses Rumors Have Me Stressed About AR's Biggest Unsolved Problems

7/22/2020 - Ancient Ice Loss in Antarctica’s Most Stable Region Paints a Bleak Picture of What Could Come

7/22/2020 - Herman Miller Now Sells Gaming Furniture, In Case You’ve Got an Extra $3,000 Laying Around

7/22/2020 - Twitter Expects QAnon Crackdown to Affect 150,000 Accounts Across Network

7/22/2020 - The Latest Ghostbusters Toy Asks 'Okay, Who Brought the Dog?'

7/22/2020 - The Asus ROG Phone 3 Is a Delightful Affront to Phone Design

7/22/2020 - A 23-Year-Old Filed A World-First Climate Lawsuit in Australia

7/22/2020 - The Films of Christopher Nolan, Ranked

7/22/2020 - Humans Reached North America 10,000 Years Earlier Than We Thought, New Research Suggests

7/22/2020 - This Depth-Sensing, Laser Measuring, Touchscreen Drill Is the Smartphone of Power Tools

7/22/2020 - The Coolest San Diego Comic-Con Collectibles That Are Easy to Get Your Hands on This Year

7/22/2020 - How Stupid Are Dogs, Really?

7/22/2020 - Scientists Just Updated One of the Most Important Climate Metrics, and It's Bad

7/22/2020 - Updates From Mission: Impossible 7, Lucifer, and More

7/22/2020 - The Razer Blade 15 Advanced Is the MacBook Pro of Gaming Laptops

7/22/2020 - How to Create the Perfect Two-Computer Setup

7/22/2020 - Trump's New Facebook Ad Uses Protest Photo From Ukraine in 2014, Not U.S. in 2020

7/21/2020 - Ajit Pai, Who Abandoned FCC Prison Phone Rate Caps, Urges States to Clean Up His Mess

7/21/2020 - The Best Marvel Studios Moments in Comic-Con History

7/21/2020 - No, a Reporter Did Not Call the White House Press Secretary a 'Lying Bitch'

7/21/2020 - Russian Sci-Fi Horror Sputnik Offers a Timely Reminder of the Importance of Quarantine

7/21/2020 - The House Votes to Ban TikTok from Government-Issued Devices, TikTok Threatens to Create Jobs

7/21/2020 - Spotify Is Doing Video Podcasts Now, Too

7/21/2020 - Obesity, Infertility, and Low IQ Are Just Some of the Ways Household Chemicals Wreck Our Health

7/21/2020 - Wayfair Conspiracy Theorists Are Flooding the National Trafficking Hotline

7/21/2020 - Steven Universe Rocks Out and Hello Neighbor Does Hidden Identity in the Latest Gaming News

7/21/2020 - Batgirl Just Gained an Upper Hand in DC's Joker War

7/21/2020 - The Garbage Watch Is a Piece of Haute Ecology

7/21/2020 - Marvel Villainous Is Perfect for Those Who Thought the Disney Version Was Too Nice

7/21/2020 - My Cats Hate Automated Toys, but I Buy Them Anyway

7/21/2020 - DHS Is Spying on Social Media to Track Threats to Statues

7/21/2020 - Amazon's Roving Delivery Coolers on Wheels Are Headed to More Cities

7/21/2020 - LinkedIn Takes a Break From Job Recruitment to Lay Off More Than 900 Employees

7/21/2020 - The Army's Mass Twitch Bans Might Be Unconstitutional

7/21/2020 - Community Broadband Will Make the Internet Cheaper for Us All

7/21/2020 - FBI Arrests Ohio Republicans in Alleged $60 Million Bribery Case for Coal and Nuclear Bailout

7/21/2020 - Star Wars Merch Has Escaped Galaxy's Edge and Landed at Target

7/21/2020 - Kidneys, Brain, Skin: New Study Highlights the Whole-Body Damage Caused by Covid-19

7/21/2020 - There Have Never Been This Many Fires in the Far Northern Arctic

7/21/2020 - Missing Comic-Con? 5 Shows and Movies to Put You Back on the Convention Floor

7/21/2020 - 'Screaming Mummy' Heart Attack Study Questioned by Scientists

7/21/2020 - The Z5 Is Nikon's New, More Affordable Way to Get Into Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

7/21/2020 - Google Might Be Tinkering With a Dual-Screen Chromebook

7/21/2020 - The Legend of Korra Brings Balance to Netflix Next Month

7/21/2020 - Gerard Way Is Bringing My Chemical Romance's Post-Apocalyptic Outlaws Back for a New Comic

7/21/2020 - A Plan That Would Help the Climate and Laid-Off Fossil Fuel Workers

7/21/2020 - Netflix Arrives to Turn the Google Nest Hub Into the Most Useful Device in Your Kitchen

7/21/2020 - Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 Is Obsessed With Itself in the Worst Ways

7/21/2020 - The OnePlus Nord Is Such a Tease

7/21/2020 - Using Thermal Cameras to Track Hand Motions Could Be the Key to Interacting with Smart Glasses

7/21/2020 - Saving the Pug

7/21/2020 - Wandavision Is Still on Track for 2020 After Falcon and Winter Soldier's Delay

7/21/2020 - AMD Launches Its Most Aggressive Attack on Intel Yet, But PC Builders Could Be Left in the Cold

7/20/2020 - Jeff Bezos Makes $13 Billion in One Day During Pandemic

7/20/2020 - This Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Live Read Is a Must Watch

7/20/2020 - Thought You Could Easily Skirt Delta's In-Flight Mask Policy? Yeah, Not Anymore

7/20/2020 - The PS5's Miles Morales Makes a Gorgeously Compelling Case for 60 FPS

7/20/2020 - Like All of Us, Neil Gaiman Hopes There'll Be More Good Omens

7/20/2020 - Study Finds That Facebook Is Full Of Transphobes, Just As We Suspected

7/20/2020 - Zuck: Would These Hips Lie... About a Secret Deal With Trump?

7/20/2020 - Sanctuary Temples in Ancient Greece Had Accessibility Ramps, New Research Suggests

7/20/2020 - Iron Man VR Is a Perfunctory Superhero Story, But With Some Clever Virtual Twists

7/20/2020 - Missouri's Governor Says Kids Will Get Coronavirus In School, Deal With It

7/20/2020 - One of the Lead Engineers Behind the Pixel Camera Just Surfaced at Adobe

7/20/2020 - A Young Soldier Proves Her Might in a First Glimpse at North Africa-Inspired Debut Fantasy The Unbroken

7/20/2020 - Teaching Robots There Are No Toilets in the Kitchen Makes Them Better at Navigating a House

7/20/2020 - McMansions Will Doom Us All

7/20/2020 - Hi, Gizmodo

7/20/2020 - Warner Bros. Will Let Film Crews Anonymously Report On-Set Coronavirus Safety Violations

7/20/2020 - Uber's Algorithms Are Being Taken To Court

7/20/2020 - Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Found Safe in UK Human Trial

7/20/2020 - Zack Snyder Considers His Justice League Cut to Be Mostly Standalone

7/20/2020 - Comic-Con 2020: The io9 Team Shares What They're Most Excited For

7/20/2020 - New Map of the Universe Fills in Some ‘Troublesome’ Gaps

7/20/2020 - The Technocratic Danger of Al Gore’s New Venture to Track Carbon Pollution in Real-Time

7/20/2020 - Our First Detailed Look at Sideshow Collectibles' Life-Sized Baby Yoda Will Melt Your Heart

7/20/2020 - Dynamite Loses Support and Creators After Crowdfunding a Comicsgate Comic Cover

7/20/2020 - Some Ticks Pee All Over Themselves While They Suck Blood

7/20/2020 - New Hack Can Trick Power Bricks into Starting Fires

7/20/2020 - Tenet Won't Be Out in August, But Will Be Out as Soon as Possible

7/20/2020 - Toss Some Treats at These 10 Heroic Horror Dogs

7/20/2020 - AccuWeather's Making a Play for Dark Sky's Android Users With a Redesigned App

7/20/2020 - Morgan Stanley Is First US Bank to Measure How Dirty Its Investments Are

7/20/2020 - Avengers: Endgame Did Agents of SHIELD's Final Season a Huge Favor

7/20/2020 - This Powerful Retro Handheld Almost Puts the N64 in Your Pocket

7/20/2020 - Watch This Non-Cuttable Metal Destroy Saws Before They Can Slice Through It

7/20/2020 - Henry, the Hedgehog Finder, Is a Very Good Boy

7/20/2020 - The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes Movie Gets an Update From Robert Kirkman

7/20/2020 - I Put a Fitness Tracker on My Lazy Dog. It Did Not Go as Planned.

7/20/2020 - The Best Gadgets and Apps to Help You Get Off Your Ass While You're Stuck Inside

7/20/2020 - What Did People Use Before Google to Search the Web?

7/20/2020 - CNN Blurs Faces of U.S. Secret Police in Viral Video

7/20/2020 - A 14,000-Year-Old Human Poop and the Best Human Brain Alternative: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

7/19/2020 - Trump Says He Will Not Consider National Mask Mandate in U.S., Country With Worst Coronavirus Outbreak in the World

7/19/2020 - Helen Hunt Reminisces about Twister's Thrilling and Stormy Production

7/19/2020 - FDA Grants Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 Pool Testing, Which Analyzes Multiple Samples at Once

7/19/2020 - Neil Gaiman and Director Dirk Maggs Talk the Massive Undertaking That Is the Sandman Audio Drama

7/19/2020 - I'm Confused About Bantha Poodoo and So Is Everyone Else

7/19/2020 - Zachary Quinto and Khary Payton Join the Impressive Voice Cast of Amazon's Invincible

7/18/2020 - Trump Campaign Launches Online Ads Urging Supporters to Sign a 'Petition' to Ban TikTok

7/18/2020 - Twitter Says Attackers Downloaded Account Information, Which Includes Direct Messages, From Some in Hack

7/18/2020 - Robert Picardo Is Having a Lot of Fun With His Star Trek Legacy

7/18/2020 - The Showrunner for Peacock's Brave New World Discusses the Challenges of Adapting the Classic Dystopia

7/18/2020 - George Romero's Sprawling Zombie Novel The Living Dead Will Be Posthumously Released Next Month

7/18/2020 - The Bob's Burgers Quarantine Short Gets Straight to the Point

7/18/2020 - David Lynch's New Music Video Is a Small, Potent Dose of Surrealism

7/18/2020 - Researchers Created an App That Monitors Your Mental Health by Tracking Your Data

7/17/2020 - This Is Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today

7/17/2020 - The Ballad of Black Tom's a Spellbinding Horror to Revisit Right Now

7/17/2020 - Revel Suspended More Than 1,000 NYC Riders in the Last Month for Being Reckless Idiots

7/17/2020 - Latest Coronavirus Science: Hopeful Evidence for Longer-Lasting Immunity

7/17/2020 - Feds Must Answer for Aerial Spying on Protesters, Lawmakers Say

7/17/2020 - Apple's Updated Style Guide Adds Support for More Inclusive Language

7/17/2020 - Iranian Hackers Left 5 Hours' Worth of Hacking How-Tos Chilling on the Open Web

7/17/2020 - Volleyball Decides the War for Cybertron, and More of the Weirdest Toys of the Week

7/17/2020 - Warrior Nun's Showrunner Is Praying for a More Interesting Season 2

7/17/2020 - Unreleased Coronavirus Task Force Report Shows 18 States Are in the 'Red Zone'

7/17/2020 - GitHub Has Stored Its Code in an Arctic Vault It Hopes Will Last 1,000 Years

7/17/2020 - 10 Cult Horror Comedies That'll Make You Laugh Your Guts Out

7/17/2020 - Fossil Fuel Companies Are Beginning to Fall Behind on Their Loans

7/17/2020 - Twitch Is Bringing Radio to Your Face

7/17/2020 - Whoa! Keanu Reeves Is Writing Comic Books Now, Too

7/17/2020 - Police Arrest Suspect in the Murder of Tech C.E.O. Fahim Saleh

7/17/2020 - The U.S. Had a Record Number of Overdose Deaths Last Year

7/17/2020 - Twitter Confirms 130 Accounts Were Hit in the Latest Hack

7/17/2020 - Funko Is Auctioning Off Ultra Rare Pops for Charity During SDCC

7/17/2020 - Wayward Star Blamed for Black Hole’s Bizarre Vanishing Act

7/17/2020 - These Are Some of the Rarest Creatures Ever Caught on Camera

7/17/2020 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Premiere Is Being Pushed Back

7/17/2020 - Lenovo's Funky Gaming Phone with a Side-Mounted Pop-Up Cam Appears to Be Real

7/17/2020 - Yes, You Should Still Change Your DNS Settings for Better Internet

7/17/2020 - Forget the Bad Batch, Star Wars' OG Badass Clone Troopers Were the Muunilist 10

7/17/2020 - Here Are All the iOS and Android Emoji Coming This Fall—but I Really Only Care About the Turtle

7/17/2020 - Get a Glimpse at Cyberpunk 2077's Gritty World in This Exclusive Art Book Preview

7/17/2020 - ‘We Essentially Cook Ourselves’ if We Don’t Fix Air Conditioning, Major UN Report Warns

7/17/2020 - Lenovo's Newest IdeaPad Is A Near-Perfect Gaming-Focused Work Laptop

7/17/2020 - Keanu Reeves' Constantine Is Hoping for a Big Screen Resurrection

7/17/2020 - This Sex Toy's Virtual Orgasm Coaching Service Gives New Meaning to Telehealth

7/17/2020 - U.S. Breaks Record With Over 77,000 New Coronavirus Cases in Single Day

7/16/2020 - Microsoft Kills off Kinect (For Good This Time) With Xbox Series X

7/16/2020 - Here's Why Some of Peacock's Biggest Movies Are Already Disappearing From the Streaming Service

7/16/2020 - A Handy Guide to the Best Genre Movies Streaming for Free on Peacock

7/16/2020 - Keanu Reeves Is Gonna Soothe Us to Sleep in a New TV Series Based on the Calm App

7/16/2020 - NASA Ominously Chooses Halloween 2021 to Launch Long-Delayed Space Telescope

7/16/2020 - Brandon Cronenberg's New Horror Teaser Shows the Workplace Hazards of a Brain-Invading Assassin

7/16/2020 - Next Time You Read a Facebook Post About Voting, Check Out the Sick Label Underneath

7/16/2020 - RIP Brad Parscale, Trump's Digital Wizard Who Levitated Too Close to the Sun :(

7/16/2020 - Everything We Know About the Big Twitter Hack of 2020

7/16/2020 - Instagram's New Reels Feature Is Pretty Obviously Facebook's Attempt to Take Down TikTok

7/16/2020 - This Exclusive Batman-Superman Robot Chicken Clip Will Be Burned Into Your Mind Forever

7/16/2020 - European Courts Find U.S. Can't Be Trusted to Process and Store Data

7/16/2020 - T-Mobile's Scam Shield Is the Carrier's Latest Attempt to Shut Down Phone Spam

7/16/2020 - The Rock's Black Adam Will Have Its Atoms Smashed By Noah Centineo

7/16/2020 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Final Season Is Getting Some Incredible Action Figures

7/16/2020 - 'The Most Musical Animals in the World': This New Electronic Album Features Endangered Birds

7/16/2020 - Richard Linklater's Animated/Live-Action Hybrid About the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Sounds Amazing

7/16/2020 - Everyone's a Smurfhole or a Smurfdamned Idiot on This Smurfed-Up Smurfs Episode

7/16/2020 - The World Will Need More Than Fancy Whoppers to Fix Its Methane Problem

7/16/2020 - Health Experts Say Alcohol Limit for Men Should Be One Drink a Day

7/16/2020 - Microsoft's xCloud Will Officially Launch in September as Part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

7/16/2020 - The New Mutants Is Coming to Comic-Con After All

7/16/2020 - Universal Decided It Needs a Comics Imprint for Some Reason

7/16/2020 - Scientists Unlock the Secret to Ultra-Black Skin of Deep-Sea Fish

7/16/2020 - 7 Ways to Get Your Computer Screen Up on Your TV

7/16/2020 - QAnon Is Running for Congress

7/16/2020 - Russian River Runs Orange After a Catastrophic Mine Spill

7/16/2020 - She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Could Have Been Way Darker

7/16/2020 - I'm Too Old to Learn a New Career, and Too Young to Retire

7/16/2020 - Solo Is Proof That We're Star Wars Spoiled

7/16/2020 - Time to Build Your Own Jurassic Park Because Someone Is Auctioning 50+ Life-Size Animatronic Dinos

7/16/2020 - The BlazePod Has Nothing to Do With Weed, Sadly, but It Does Make Working Out Fun

7/16/2020 - Sony's Long-in-Limbo Uncharted Movie Might Have Actually Started Happening

7/16/2020 - Why Isn't Summer Stopping the Coronavirus?

7/16/2020 - This Livestream of Beluga Whales Is the Only Thing I Want to Watch in Quarantine

7/16/2020 - Solar Orbiter Spots Previously Unknown 'Campfires' on the Sun

7/16/2020 - Georgia's Dumbass Governor Abolishes Local Mask Requirements as Covid-19 Cases Soar

7/15/2020 - Trump Takes the Knife to Key Law Requiring Feds Carry Out Environmental Impact Assessments

7/15/2020 - All the Sensational SDCC 2020 Funko Pops and Where to Buy Them

7/15/2020 - Apple Is Getting Into Podcasting for Real

7/15/2020 - The Primal Joy of Watching Captain Janeway Fight Giant Viruses

7/15/2020 - Verizon Said Its 5G Network Is Huge. Then Reality Hit

7/15/2020 - Twitter Finally Blocks the Worst of Us From Tweeting [Update: It Was Too Good to Last Forever]

7/15/2020 - Can of Goya Beans, but It’s Actually Filled With Bees

7/15/2020 - Let's Hope Netflix's New Dragon's Dogma Anime Is Easier to Get Through Than the Game

7/15/2020 - Apple, Musk, Gates, Bezos, and Everyone You’ve Ever Heard of Hacked

7/15/2020 - Jamie Foxx Fights a Superpowered Drug Ring in the First Trailer for Project Power

7/15/2020 - Report: Trump Gave CIA Free Rein in Cyberspace

7/15/2020 - Climate Change Made the Heat Wave Roasting Siberia 600 Times More Likely

7/15/2020 - The 10 Best Pirates Who Sailed the Cinematic Seas

7/15/2020 - Prototype Roller Coaster That Makes Riders Do Barrel Rolls Is a Next-Generation Puke Factory

7/15/2020 - Mozilla’s $5-a-Month VPN Could Be Worth a Shot

7/15/2020 - Oh No, Microsoft, Don't Mess With Notepad and Paint

7/15/2020 - Netflix Is Turning Usagi Yojimbo Into an Animated Series

7/15/2020 - Zoom Just Made a $600 Tablet Just for Using Zoom Because That's the Particular Version of Hell We're Living Through Right Now

7/15/2020 - Researchers Created Tiny Camera Backpacks for Beetles

7/15/2020 - The Umbrella Academy's Season 2 Time Jump Into the Past Is Also a Major Step Forward

7/15/2020 - 14,000-Year-Old Poop Found in Oregon Cave Turns Out to Be Human

7/15/2020 - Here’s a Map of the Surveillance Tech Police Are Using to Track You

7/15/2020 - More Than 40 Mayors Outline Their Vision for a Green Coronavirus Recovery

7/15/2020 - A Wishbone Movie Will Bring the Literary Pup's Historical Adventures to the Big Screen

7/15/2020 - Oppo Says Its New Power Brick Could Charge Your Phone in 13 Minutes

7/15/2020 - How to Find Out Which Apps and Websites You're Most Addicted To

7/15/2020 - EU Court: On Second Thought, Apple Doesn't Have to Pay That $15 Billion Irish Tax Bill

7/15/2020 - The Visually Stunning Green Knight Movie Has Been Turned Into a Throwback RPG

7/15/2020 - NBC's Peacock Is the Netflix Alternative I've Been Waiting For

7/15/2020 - In The Rain's Season 3 Trailer, Humanity Will Either Survive or Become the Virus

7/15/2020 - Walmart Requires All Customers to Wear Masks Nationwide Starting July 20

7/15/2020 - The Gap in Joe Biden's $2 Trillion Climate Plan Reveals the Biggest Fight to Come

7/15/2020 - A Frying Pan Ingredient Can Make Super-White Paint Reflect 98% of the Sun's Heat

7/15/2020 - Watchmen's Rorschach Lives in a New DC Black Label Series from Tom King and Jorge Fornés

7/15/2020 - Updates From Loki's Disney+ Series, Stargirl, and More

7/15/2020 - Every Country Has Anti-Mask Assholes, Even Hong Kong

7/15/2020 - The $100 Ad-Free Kobo Nia Could Be Your Ticket to Ditching the Kindle

7/14/2020 - White House Tells Hospitals to Skip CDC and Send Coronavirus Data Straight to HHS

7/14/2020 - ICE Backs Down on Inhuman Threat to Strip Visas From International Students in Online Classes

7/14/2020 - The 22 Can't-Miss Panels of Comic-Con 2020 (at Home)

7/14/2020 - The Adventure Zone TV Show May Feature a New Voice Cast

7/14/2020 - Marvel's Helstrom Sure Looks Like a Show That Exists

7/14/2020 - Congress Asks Apple, Google to Clamp Down On Foreign Apps

7/14/2020 - Record-Breaking High Tide Floods Are on the Rise

7/14/2020 - Tim Cook Joins White House to Tell Unemployed Americans to Learn to Code

7/14/2020 - Spider-Man 2 Is a Perfect Sequel

7/14/2020 - Stop What You’re Doing and Patch the Windows Bug That Took Microsoft 17 Years to Fix

7/14/2020 - Andean Condor Soared for 100 Miles Without Flapping Its Wings

7/14/2020 - Author Colin Dickey on Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, and Other Strange Realms of The Unidentified

7/14/2020 - All the Ways the Influential Hydroxychloroquine Study Was Crap

7/14/2020 - For Once, Things Are Coming Up Quibi

7/14/2020 - The Power Rangers Comics Are Relaunching With a Mysterious New Green Ranger

7/14/2020 - 19 Tech Giants Join Legal Fight Against ICE Plan to Deport Students Over Online Classes

7/14/2020 - Five Things to Know About UAE’s First Mission to Mars

7/14/2020 - How the Frozen 2 Documentary Shows Us More Disney Drama Than We're Used To

7/14/2020 - Cars Emit More Than Carbon Pollution—They Release Microplastic, Too

7/14/2020 - How to Take Impossible Burgers to the Next Level When You’re Stuck at Home

7/14/2020 - Amazon's Next Big Bet on Cashless Shopping Is a Smart Grocery Cart

7/14/2020 - Offshore Wind Is Booming Despite the Covid-19 Economic Crash

7/14/2020 - The Sexist Legacy in Star Trek’s Progressive Universe

7/14/2020 - The Pandemic Exposed a Massive Digital Divide in Our Schools They Can't Fix on Their Own

7/14/2020 - Gina Prince-Bythewood Says Her Work on Silver & Black Helped Her Ace The Old Guard

7/14/2020 - Snap-on Grips Upgrade the Nintendo Switch Lite With Rumble Feedback Based on In-Game Sounds

7/14/2020 - Acer's New Predator Triton 500 Is a Good Gaming Laptop That Costs Too Damn Much

7/14/2020 - Sean Bean's Snowpiercer Identity Has Been Revealed

7/14/2020 - Covid-19 Test Results Frequently Taking Over a Week and Only Getting Longer

7/14/2020 - How to Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to Change All of Your Bad Passwords

7/14/2020 - Lego's Buildable Nintendo Entertainment System Is a Perfect Storm of Childhood Nostalgia

7/14/2020 - Grant Imahara, Mythbusters Host and Star Wars Roboticist, Dies at 49

7/13/2020 - Report: Apple Likely Won't Reopen in Full Until 2021, Many Retail Staff Asked to Switch to Online Roles

7/13/2020 - 21 Ridiculous (and Seriously Problematic) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures of the '90s

7/13/2020 - Nvidia Might Stop Making Some RTX 20-Series Cards Soon, Which Could Drive Up GPU Prices

7/13/2020 - Gimlet Media Sued for Not Making Podcasts Accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

7/13/2020 - Everyone Agrees: Velma Is Gay

7/13/2020 - Ted Cruz's Office Says He Was Just Enjoying a Delicious Beverage, Not Violating Mandatory Airline Mask Policy or Anything

7/13/2020 - The Old Guard Turns Immortality Into Something Worth Living For

7/13/2020 - Google Accidentally Leaked Its Cheaper Pixel 4a Just Weeks From Launch

7/13/2020 - Warren Ellis’ Accusers Launch New Push to Seek Transformative Justice

7/13/2020 - Death Valley Recorded the Hottest Temperature on Earth This Year

7/13/2020 - How to Claim Your Piece of Apple's $500 Million iPhone Throttling Settlement

7/13/2020 - A Lost Boys Prequel Musical Is Getting Closer to Release

7/13/2020 - What’s the Evidence for Covid-19 Reinfection?

7/13/2020 - Influencer ‘The Billionaire Gucci Master’ May Have Been ‘Kidnapped’ by the United States

7/13/2020 - India Might Be Censoring Environmental Organizations Online

7/13/2020 - Biden's Grand Plan for the Internet: Restore Net Neutrality, Create Municipal Broadband

7/13/2020 - Johnnie Walker Will Soon Come in Paper Bottles, but Let's Not Cheers to That Just Yet

7/13/2020 - The Adventure Zone Creators on Adapting the Series' Most Controversial Storyline

7/13/2020 - Fax Machines Are Screwing Over the Healthcare Officials Trying to Track Coronavirus

7/13/2020 - Our 25 Favorite Summer Blockbusters of the 2010s

7/13/2020 - SiriusXM Enters the Podcast Wars With Purchase of Stitcher for Up to $325 Million

7/13/2020 - Star Wars' Next Animated Series Is a Clone Wars Spin-Off

7/13/2020 - Apple Warns Against Closing Your Laptop While Using a Webcam Cover

7/13/2020 - Hong Kong Disneyland Is Closing Again After a Coronavirus Spike of 50 Cases Per Day

7/13/2020 - Japan's Newest Bullet Trains Can Keep Running on Battery Power in the Event of a Disaster

7/13/2020 - Railway Construction Exposes Iron Age ‘Murder Mystery,' Among Other Finds

7/13/2020 - Lucifer's First Season 5 Trailer Brings the Heat and Then Some

7/13/2020 - Star Trek: Lower Deck's First Trailer Is What Would Happen if Idiots Like Us Were on a Starship

7/13/2020 - The Future of the Reopen Economy Is an Arts and Yoga Retreat in the Middle of a Pandemic

7/13/2020 - This Connected Kettlebell Would Be Great If Its App Wasn't Crap

7/13/2020 - Yes, Netflix's Bird Box Is Getting a Movie Sequel

7/13/2020 - How to Wipe Your Viewing History on Any Streaming Service

7/13/2020 - What's the Best Human Brain Alternative for Hungry Zombies?

7/13/2020 - Anti-Mask Idiots Rally at Florida Restaurant as State Becomes Covid-19 Epicenter

7/13/2020 - Dozens of U.S. Marines Test Positive For Covid-19 in Japan, Angering Local Authorities

7/12/2020 - Why David Duke Is Allowed on Twitter, Polynesia and iOS 14: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

7/12/2020 - Bill Gates, a Billionaire, Says Covid-19 Drugs and Vaccines Should Not Go to ‘Highest Bidder’

7/12/2020 - Of Course Disney World's Reopening Video Works as Horror

7/12/2020 - Florida Records 15,000 New Covid-19 Cases in a Day, the Most for Any State During the Pandemic

7/12/2020 - Google Bans Ads for Snooping Products and Services

7/12/2020 - Netflix's The Old Guard Dug Deep to Bring the Comics to Life

7/12/2020 - Doom Patrol Has a Weird Thing for Cop Shows, Too

7/11/2020 - Oh Thank God...

7/11/2020 - This Artist Filmed His Life With Snapchat Spectacles for a Year and Created a VR Time Machine

7/11/2020 - That Kamen Rider's Got a Robot Dog

7/11/2020 - Wells Fargo Directs Employees to Delete TikTok, Citing Security Concerns

7/11/2020 - Take a Look Inside Marvel's First Ultraman Comic

7/11/2020 - The Star Trek Roleplaying Game Is Getting a Whole New Rulebook Just for Playing as the Klingons

7/11/2020 - Harley Quinn's Newest Comic Is a Clever Celebration of Her Evolving Identity

7/11/2020 - Hasbro's Next Crowdfunding Project Is an X-Tremely Big Sentinel

7/11/2020 - Indigenous Protests Are Blazing a New Trail for How to Beat Big Oil

7/10/2020 - Feds Charge Phony Church with Selling Bleach as a 'Miracle' Cure for Covid-19

7/10/2020 - I Have Good News and Bad News About NBC's Streaming Service, Peacock

7/10/2020 - The Ninja Turtles Go On Tour (to Your Shelf) In the Most Radical Toys of the Week

7/10/2020 - Google Might Try to Save Its Fitbit Deal From EU Regulators By Promising Not to Use Health Data for Ads

7/10/2020 - California Could Release Around 8,000 State Prisoners to Curb Covid-19 Spread

7/10/2020 - About the Wayfair Child Trafficking Conspiracy...

7/10/2020 - A Long-Hidden His Dark Materials Short Story Is Now Getting Released

7/10/2020 - Grading Algorithms Are Fucking Over the Futures of International Students

7/10/2020 - Dude Allegedly Spends $8,000 of Honeymoon Money On a Gaming PC, and We Have Questions

7/10/2020 - Spectrum's Hidden 'Broadcast TV' Fee Will Increase to Almost $200 a Year

7/10/2020 - One-Third of All Coronavirus Tests Came Back Positive in Miami-Dade County on Thursday

7/10/2020 - Detroit Police Wrongfully Arrested Another Black Man Falsely Identified by Face Recognition

7/10/2020 - How the Lonely Island Came Aboard Palm Springs and Pushed for It to Be Nerdier

7/10/2020 - Uber Is Running Out of Ideas on How to Save Its Own Ass

7/10/2020 - France's Parliament Approves Age-Verification for Pornography Websites

7/10/2020 - Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Is Both a Polished Update and Filled With Old-School Weirdness

7/10/2020 - Instagram Finally Issues a Complete Ban on Conversion Therapy Content

7/10/2020 - Astronomers Have a Plan to Detect a Possible Black Hole in Our Solar System

7/10/2020 - 9 Common Browser Problems and How to Fix Them

7/10/2020 - To Really Cut Carbon Emissions, Stop Building New Roads

7/10/2020 - These Pop Culture Besties Are Ready To Fill Your Dwindling Wall Space

7/10/2020 - Fast 9 Going to Space Might Not Be So Ludicrous After All

7/10/2020 - Twitter Defends Giving David Duke a Platform: He's 'Not Currently a Member of the KKK'

7/10/2020 - Star Trek's Jeffreys Combs, Ranked

7/10/2020 - The World Will Lose Madagascar’s Lemurs Without Action

7/10/2020 - Reopening U.S. Schools Is a Mess—Whether Kids Can Spread It or Not

7/10/2020 - Rumor Has It That a MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Will Be the First Apple Silicon Computers

7/10/2020 - Google Reportedly Now Facing Antitrust Probes in Every State but One

7/10/2020 - The Batman Universe Will Expand With an HBO Max Cop Show

7/10/2020 - More Toxic Lead Fell From Notre Dame Fire Than Originally Reported

7/10/2020 - The Hork-Bajir Chronicles Was One of Animorphs' Most Powerful Books

7/10/2020 - After Images Leak, Google Drops an Official Teaser of Its Next Smart Speaker

7/10/2020 - The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Journey to Hell Could Continue in Comics

7/10/2020 - Facebook Kicks Off Friday by Fucking Up Numerous iOS Apps

7/10/2020 - This Ultra-Quiet Window Air Conditioner Has the Most Genius Design I've Ever Seen

7/10/2020 - Updates From The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Doom Patrol, and More

7/10/2020 - We Could Breach the 1.5 Degrees Celsius Threshold in the Next 5 Years

7/10/2020 - These New Fitness Earbuds Come In a Charging Case That Dries the Sweat Off for You

7/10/2020 - Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Trump on Twitter, Wants Tucker Carlson For VP

7/10/2020 - Leaked Photos Spill the Beans on Samsung's Next Wireless Earbuds

7/9/2020 - This Mandalorian Music Video Featuring Composer Ludwig Göransson Is All Kinds of Awesome

7/9/2020 - Fauci Calls Pandemic a 'Worst Nightmare' Scenario, So Remind Me Again Why States Are Reopening?

7/9/2020 - Miles Morales' Video Game Suit Is So Goddamn Cool

7/9/2020 - Delivery Ghouls Pissed After Portland Limits Restaurant Fee Gouging

7/9/2020 - Twitter Says Its Partner Dataminr Wasn't Surveilling Protests for Local Cops, Just 'News Alerting'

7/9/2020 - Atlantic Hurricane Season Keeps Setting Records

7/9/2020 - Henry Cavill Went Through Some Shit (and Reddit) Bringing The Witcher to Life

7/9/2020 - CDC Says It Won't Revise School Opening Guidelines to Placate Trump, Just Release 'Additional Information'

7/9/2020 - How to See the NEOWISE Comet, Now Visible to the Naked Eye

7/9/2020 - TikTok: Our Biggest Problem Is Dumb, Horny Teens

7/9/2020 - 8 Awesome Games Based on Movies, TV Shows, and Books

7/9/2020 - New Photos Leak of Google's Long Overdue Update to the Original Google Home

7/9/2020 - 5 Alien Planets We'd Actually Like to Visit

7/9/2020 - Indian Army Personnel Reportedly Ordered to Delete Their Facebook, Tinder, and TikTok Accounts

7/9/2020 - Release the Schumacher Cut, You Cowards

7/9/2020 - How to Get the iOS 14 Public Beta on Your iPhone Right Now

7/9/2020 - iOS 14 Will Completely Change the Way You Use Your iPhone

7/9/2020 - 'Airborne,' 'Asymptomatic,' and Other Misunderstood Coronavirus Terms

7/9/2020 - Joe Biden Still Doesn't Have a Plan to Stop Oil and Gas Production

7/9/2020 - More Than 90% of Quibi Users Reportedly Bailed After Free Trial

7/9/2020 - 6 Things I Liked About the Dune Miniseries (and 6 I Didn't)

7/9/2020 - The EOS R5 Looks Like the Beastly Full-Frame Mirrorless Cam That Canon Fans Wanted All Along

7/9/2020 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Is Ending With the Eldritch-Fueled Part 4

7/9/2020 - 1,000-Year-Old Cat Skeleton Suggests Nomadic Herders Cared for Ailing Pet

7/9/2020 - They Will Never Be Held Responsible for the Havoc They Have Created

7/9/2020 - California Condors Return to Sequoia National Park for First Time in 50 Years

7/9/2020 - Lunar Rover Footage Upscaled With AI Is as Close as You'll Get to the Experience of Driving on the Moon

7/9/2020 - This Is the Best $250 Phone

7/9/2020 - Some of the Scientific Minds Behind the UK's Coronavirus Response Have Helped Fund a New Sci-Fi Pandemic Comic

7/9/2020 - At Least One Star Trek Alum Isn't Back for Picard...Yet

7/9/2020 - The Best Games You Can Play on a Chromebook

7/9/2020 - Disney World's New 'Welcome Back' Video Looks Like a Bad Coronavirus Satire

7/8/2020 - Trump's Plague Rally 'More Than Likely' Boosted Coronavirus Surge, Top Tulsa Health Official Says

7/8/2020 - Bob Belcher's Relationship With Food Is the Best Part of Bob's Burgers

7/8/2020 - Say Hello to the CW's New Batwoman

7/8/2020 - Law Enforcement Is Buying Its Way Into Our Breaches

7/8/2020 - Intel Reveals What We Can Expect From Thunderbolt 4 Later This Year

7/8/2020 - Twitter Is Working on Some Kind of Mysterious Subscription Feature

7/8/2020 - Ryan Gosling's Wolfman Movie Lands Invisible Man Director

7/8/2020 - A Lab Accident Likely Led to a Woman's Death From Brain-Destroying Prions 9 Years Later

7/8/2020 - Climate Change Could Make Arctic Waves Two Stories Higher

7/8/2020 - Digimon Adventure Teased Its Big Bad by Establishing a Wild New Canon

7/8/2020 - NASA Calls a Time Out as InSight’s Heat Probe Hits Another Snag on Mars

7/8/2020 - The NeverEnding Story's Childlike Empress Is Starring in an '80s Fantasy Tribute Film

7/8/2020 - Star Wars' Rae Sloane: Everything You Need to Know About the Face of a Fallen Empire

7/8/2020 - Independent Civil Rights Audit Finds Facebook Is Making Everything Worse

7/8/2020 - The First Teaser for Halloween Kills Is Here, But the Movie Won't Be Until 2021

7/8/2020 - These 5 Oil and Gas Pipelines Are the Next to Face Trouble

7/8/2020 - 3D TVs Didn't Die, They Just Ended Up in Cars

7/8/2020 - Ready Player One's Book Sequel Has a Release Date, I Guess

7/8/2020 - Harvard and MIT Sue ICE Over Policy of Deporting Students Forced Into Online Classes

7/8/2020 - In The Boys Season 2's Bloody First Trailer, Daddy's Home

7/8/2020 - Even Mild Covid-19 Can Sometimes Cause Hallucinations and Other Brain Problems

7/8/2020 - ‘It Really Is Otherworldly’: What It’s Like to Visit the Hot Springs of the Deep Sea

7/8/2020 - Apple Music Sucking Up Your iPhone Battery Life? You're Not Alone

7/8/2020 - Palm Springs Is an Excellent Time Loop Romance Fueled by Adorable Awkwardness

7/8/2020 - U.S. Hits Record 3 Million Covid-19 Cases As Trump Pulls Out of World Health Organization

7/8/2020 - Did the NYPD Try to Scrub References to Police Brutality From Its Wikipedia Page?

7/8/2020 - Native Americans Voyaged to Polynesia Long Before Europeans Reached the Americas, DNA Study Shows

7/8/2020 - Disney's Live-Action Peter Pan Might Have Hooked Jude Law

7/8/2020 - Spotify Has a New Workout Playlist Tool, but I Have Questions

7/8/2020 - I Miss the Game Boy Advance SP

7/8/2020 - Scientists Have Created Rainbow Hologram Chocolate Without Any Extra Ingredients

7/8/2020 - Umbrella Academy's Season 2 Trailer Is Here to Rain on Everyone's Parade

7/8/2020 - I Really Wanted to Love These Cheap AirPods Pro Rivals

7/8/2020 - Trump’s Racist Coronavirus Response Foreshadows the Injustice to Come

7/8/2020 - Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins Teases Some Potential Spinoff Plans

7/8/2020 - How to Safely Move All Your Messages From One Phone to Another

7/8/2020 - Racist Tech CEO Harasses Family at Dinner: 'Trump's Gonna Fuck You'

7/7/2020 - Feds Charge Seventh eBay Exec Over Obsessive Plot to Cyberstalk Critical Bloggers

7/7/2020 - Watch Sarah Jane Smith's Final Doctor Who Adventure, Cut Down to Just 30 Minutes

7/7/2020 - Apple's Homegrown Chips Could Be the End for AMD Graphics in Macs

7/7/2020 - This Stop-Motion Build of the Lego Millennium Falcon Is Jaw-Dropping

7/7/2020 - Facebook Ad Boycott Will Go on After Zuckerberg, Sandberg Blow Off Civil Rights Groups' Demands

7/7/2020 - Amazon Prime Video Mercifully Rolls Out Individual User Profiles Similar to Netflix

7/7/2020 - Travel to the Golden Age of The Witcher and See Pandemic's Newest Legacy in Gaming News

7/7/2020 - Samsung's Next Galaxy Unpacked Event is Aug. 5, and We're Excited to See Whatever This Copper Thing Is

7/7/2020 - Facebook: We Were Going to Do the Right Thing Anyway, Believe You Me

7/7/2020 - Investigation of Botched Starliner Test Exposes Boeing’s Weakness as a NASA Partner

7/7/2020 - A Brief History Of Tron 3 Not Happening

7/7/2020 - Alphabet's Internet-Beaming Loon Balloons Now Providing Service in Kenya

7/7/2020 - 10 Pokémon Shorts That Prove Trainers Are Overrated

7/7/2020 - Do Your Homework Before Buying a UV Disinfecting Gadget

7/7/2020 - The Movement for Black Lives and Environmentalists Are Finding Common Ground

7/7/2020 - Server Hosting Leaked Secret U.S. Police Files Seized by Germany

7/7/2020 - Studio Ghibli's First Full CG Movie Will Come to the U.S. Next Year

7/7/2020 - Major Movie Theater Chains Sue New Jersey For 'Unconstitutional' Pandemic Closures

7/7/2020 - TikTok Users Discover the Secret to Getting Rich: Dogecoin

7/7/2020 - Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Is a Cautionary Tale About the Power Men Wield

7/7/2020 - How to Make Your Phone Read Everything On Screen Out Loud

7/7/2020 - Westworld's Thandie Newton Has Mixed Feelings on Maeve's Lack of Autonomy

7/7/2020 - A Paralyzing Childhood Disease Is Set to Surge This Summer, but Coronavirus Precautions Could Stop It

7/7/2020 - Keystone XL Is Blocked for Now, but the SCOTUS Ruling Helps 70 Other Pipelines

7/7/2020 - Our First Look at Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Appears to Confirm Almost Every Design Rumor

7/7/2020 - Warrior Nun Is the Patron Saint of Boring Chosen Ones

7/7/2020 - Russian Space Advisor and Defense Journalist Arrested For Treason

7/7/2020 - The Oil Industry Threatens Alaskan Polar Bears in Their Dens

7/7/2020 - Disney World Is Still Reopening This Weekend as Florida's Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket

7/7/2020 - Earth May Take Decades to Cool After We Cut Emissions

7/7/2020 - Oh Dip, Magic Leap's Got a New CEO

7/7/2020 - Fall in Love With Kiki's Delivery Service All Over Again With This New Translation of the Original Novel

7/7/2020 - Even More Rumors About Justice League Dark's Heroes Getting Standalone Movies

7/7/2020 - California’s Firefighter Prison Camps go on Lockdown as Coronavirus Rages

7/7/2020 - AMD's Newest Processors Are So Good, But So Confusing

7/7/2020 - Useful Tool Lets You Secretly Rickroll Zoom Meetings So You Never Get Invited to Conference Calls Again

7/7/2020 - Trump Regime Might Ban TikTok and Other Apps Owned by Chinese Tech Companies

7/6/2020 - Shady Face Recognition Firm Clearview AI Says It's Left Canada Amid Two Federal Investigations

7/6/2020 - Tax Amazon's Successor Passed Seattle's City Council, and You Can Already Guess What It Does

7/6/2020 - In Netflix's New Transformers Trailer, Even Optimus Prime Is So Very Tired

7/6/2020 - ICE Threatens International Students With 'Immigration Consequences' if Schools Go Online-Only

7/6/2020 - Apple Might Make Future MacBook Keyboards Out of Glass, and I'm Concerned

7/6/2020 - Google, Twitter, and Facebook Stop Handing Over User Data to Hong Kong Cops

7/6/2020 - Android Users Blessed With Dark Mode Support for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

7/6/2020 - Why Boba Fett's Sound Was a Mystery for Almost 20 Years

7/6/2020 - Charlize Theron Is as Heartbroken as You Are That She's Unlikely to Play Furiosa Again

7/6/2020 - A Young Warrior Battles a Ghastly Enemy in This Exclusive Preview of Marie Lu's Skyhunter

7/6/2020 - Reddit's Solution to the Stress of Moderating 2020 Is a First-Come First-Served Mindfulness App Subscription

7/6/2020 - America's Dad Sounds Kinda Mad at Apple

7/6/2020 - Why There's No Simple Answer to Whether the Coronavirus Is Airborne

7/6/2020 - The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancellation Shows How Far Fossil Fuels Have Fallen

7/6/2020 - OK, Sure, Let’s Just Add Some Bubonic Plague to the Mix

7/6/2020 - Our 25 Favorite Summer Blockbusters of the 2000s

7/6/2020 - Microsoft Will Axe Control Panel From Windows 10, We're Calling It Now

7/6/2020 - Stargirl Will Return for Season 2, But Only on the CW

7/6/2020 - Amazon May Have to Share Its Algorithm If India’s New Ecommerce Policy Passes

7/6/2020 - Amputee Builds a Set of Incredibly Articulate Prosthetic Fingers All Powered by Wrist Movements

7/6/2020 - DragonCon 2020 in Atlanta Is Officially, Finally, Going Virtual

7/6/2020 - Get Ready for a 'Stan Lee Universe' of Shows and Movies That Has Nothing to Do With Marvel

7/6/2020 - The Next Version of Chrome Could Remove a Major Source of Battery Drain

7/6/2020 - Evidence of Prehistoric Ochre Mine Found in Submerged Mexican Caves

7/6/2020 - Pink Snow in the Italian Alps Is a Cute Sign of Environmental Catastrophe

7/6/2020 - This Grotesque Viral Photo of President Trump Is Actually Fake

7/6/2020 - Ennio Morricone, Movie Composing Legend, Has Passed Away

7/6/2020 - Sony’s Wearable Air Conditioner Is Finally Available to Help Make the Summer Less Sweltering

7/6/2020 - The 5 Most Relatable Nerds on Television

7/6/2020 - Judge Shuts Down Dakota Access Pipeline

7/6/2020 - There's Now a Slimmer Xbox Controller For Microsoft's xCloud Game Streaming Service

7/6/2020 - Sore Over Losing Grubhub, Uber Scoops Up Postmates for $2.7 Billion

7/6/2020 - Exclusive: Infinity Train's Third Season Is Bringing Anarchy to HBO Max

7/6/2020 - Ron Howard Has a Hopeful Update About Disney+'s Willow Show

7/6/2020 - These Are Some of the Best Citizen Science Projects You Can Join With Just Your Phone or Laptop

7/6/2020 - Is There a Way to Cure or Prevent Nightmares?

7/6/2020 - Fox News Edits Trump Out of Photo With Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at Mar-a-Lago

7/5/2020 - People Have Committed More Than $300,000 for a NASA-Designed Perfume That Smells Like Space

7/5/2020 - Security Concerns Fast Track Britain's 5G Ban on Huawei: Report

7/5/2020 - Researchers Claim Coronavirus Is Airborne in Letter to the WHO, Accuse It of Failing to Convey Risk

7/5/2020 - Netflix's Into the Night Outruns the Sun Long Enough to Get a Second Season

7/5/2020 - Nintendo Needs to Bring These Apps to Animal Crossing's Nook Phone Right Now

7/5/2020 - This Star Wars Concept Art Shows Off the Complex Stylings of Enfys Nest's Gang

7/5/2020 - Sony's Still Not Sure a Silver and Black Movie Can Work Without Spider-Man

7/5/2020 - Harper Collins Is Putting Out a New The Hobbit Audiobook With Andy Serkis

7/4/2020 - This Is How America Celebrated July 4 During the Coronavirus Pandemic

7/4/2020 - Mike Flanagan's Version of Stephen King's Revival Is Going to Be Bleak

7/4/2020 - LinkedIn and Reddit Are the Latest Apps Found to be Snooping on Your Clipboards

7/4/2020 - Trump Sees Zero Irony in Ordering the Creation of 'American Heroes' Garden During Photo Op on Stolen Land

7/4/2020 - The Latest Into the Dark Episode Is About an Amnesiac Who Might Be the President

7/4/2020 - New Zealand Authorizes Several Film and TV Productions to Start Up, Including Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop

7/4/2020 - The Phineas and Ferb Movie Has a Release Date on Disney Plus

7/4/2020 - An American Pickle Is a Classic Immigrant Story, Except for the Pickle Thing

7/4/2020 - Squid Are Nature's Fireworks

7/3/2020 - YouTuber Ends Finger on the App Competition After Contestants Last 70 Hours Trying to Win $25K

7/3/2020 - Before Holiday Weekend, Facebook Reminds U.S. Users to Wear a Damn Mask

7/3/2020 - Back to the Future Meets Transformers In the Most Gigawattin' Toy of the Week

7/3/2020 - This Snake-Like Amphibian Might Actually Pack a Venomous Bite

7/3/2020 - 10 Thrilling Audio Dramas to Transport You to Other Planes of Existence

7/3/2020 - You'll Look Forward to Cutting the Lawn When You Turn Your Riding Mower Into a Tank

7/3/2020 - There's Another Warhammer 40K Animated Show on the Way

7/3/2020 - Hundreds of Elephants Have Mysteriously Died in Botswana

7/3/2020 - 10 Years Later, Christopher Nolan's Inception Remains Magnificent

7/3/2020 - Godzilla Says Trans Rights

7/3/2020 - Artificial Feathers Let This Robotic Bird Fly With Incredible Agility

7/3/2020 - Surrender Control and Watch These 10 Essential Classic Outer Limits Episodes

7/3/2020 - Jupiter Just Sprouted a Brand New Spot

7/3/2020 - Doom Patrol Got Explosively Horny in the Face of an Apocalypse

7/3/2020 - The UN Just Made It Easier for Airlines to Pollute

7/3/2020 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Most Traumatizing Death Scene Recreated With Colored Crayons

7/3/2020 - Razer's First Non-Gaming Headphones Give You a Sony-Like Experience For Less

7/3/2020 - Apple's Walled Garden Could Grow Higher

7/2/2020 - It's Probably Cheaper to Buy Actual Pop Culture Prints Than Lego's New Art Sets

7/2/2020 - In Defense of Kite Man, Harley Quinn's High-Flying Himbo

7/2/2020 - Senate Turns Shitty Orwellian Surveillance Bill Into Pointless Bill That Mostly Undermines Free Speech

7/2/2020 - YouTube Will Let AI Suggest Replies to Video Comments

7/2/2020 - The Old Guard Is a Story About Finding Family Amid Humanity's Never-Ending Wars

7/2/2020 - Facebook Confirms Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Has Been Very, Very Bad

7/2/2020 - Marvel Comics Now Owns the Alien and Predator Rights

7/2/2020 - Democrats’ Big Climate Plan Includes Studying the Risky Idea of Blocking Out the Sun

7/2/2020 - Cops Enter Oregon Coffee Shop, Prove to Be Absolute Assholes About Masks

7/2/2020 - We Want Cosplayers for io9's San Diego Comic-Con (at Home) Video!

7/2/2020 - This New Olympus App Turns Your Camera Into a Webcam

7/2/2020 - I Don't Care How Great These OneDrive Improvements Are, I'm Not Using It

7/2/2020 - In Effort to Curb Party Houses, Airbnb Is Barring Some Rentals for Users Under 25

7/2/2020 - Some Computers and Cellphones From the '90s

7/2/2020 - Time to Take an Epic Flight Over This Frozen Martian Crater

7/2/2020 - MTV Is Bringing Back Lord and Miller's Clone High

7/2/2020 - The Great Barrier Reef Is Bleaching—but These Striking Deep-Sea Coral Gardens Near It Are Hanging on

7/2/2020 - Facebook Is Biased Against Black Workers, New Complaint Says

7/2/2020 - Court Rules Facebook Widgets Can Be Considered Wiretaps

7/2/2020 - Fallout Is Getting a TV Show from the Team Behind Westworld

7/2/2020 - Dark Sky Won’t Be Disappearing From Android Just Yet

7/2/2020 - Tape Storage Could Soon Crush Hard Drives With 400TB Capacities

7/2/2020 - Doctors Find Brain Damage in Children With Mystery Syndrome Connected to Covid-19

7/2/2020 - 15 Movies That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

7/2/2020 - Facebook Axes TikTok Clone to Focus on Its Other TikTok Clone

7/2/2020 - Silicon Valley Educators Quarantine After In-Person Meeting About Schools Reopening

7/2/2020 - Congrats, Humanity, We Trashed a Record Number of Electronics Last Year

7/2/2020 - The Pixel 3a Is Dead

7/2/2020 - Send Help, I Can't Stop Acquiring Babies Yoda

7/2/2020 - My Friend Died From This. How Can You Take This So Lightly?

7/2/2020 - A ‘Viral’ New Bird Song in Canada Is Causing Sparrows to Change Their Tune

7/2/2020 - Siberian Fires Have Released a Record Amount of Carbon This Year

7/2/2020 - MIT Takes Down Popular AI Dataset Due to Racist, Misogynistic Content

7/2/2020 - This Timex Smartwatch Isn't Original, But It Sure Is Affordable

7/2/2020 - The Old Guard's New Trailer Dives Into the Painful Side of Immortality

7/2/2020 - Walmart to Turn Parking Lots into Makeshift Drive-in Movie Theaters This Summer

7/2/2020 - Updates From Doctor Strange 2, Lovecraft Country, and More

7/2/2020 - New Zealand Health Official Resigns Over Two Covid-19 Cases Imported From Britain

7/1/2020 - Settle Down Beavis, and Come to Butt-Head: The Iconic '90s Animated Series Is Making a Return

7/1/2020 - Cinemark Will Require Face Masks in Movie Theaters, After All

7/1/2020 - Rapid Antibody Testing Won’t Reliably Tell You If You’ve Had Coronavirus, Review Finds

7/1/2020 - The Jurassic Park Trio Have a Lot to Do in Jurassic World: Dominion

7/1/2020 - Dish Aims to Become Fourth Biggest Wireless Carrier Now That Boost Mobile Buy Is Official

7/1/2020 - The Too-Short Story of Ahmed Best's Other Star Wars Roles

7/1/2020 - Be Careful, You Might Be Watching the Liam Hemsworth of Extraction Movies on Netflix

7/1/2020 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Will Comedically Go to Air Next Month

7/1/2020 - ‘We Have to Get This Right’: 60 House Democrats Call for Second Coronavirus Stimulus to be Green

7/1/2020 - Instacart Sues Seattle Over Hazard Pay for Delivery Workers

7/1/2020 - Doom Patrol's Second Season Is Working Through Some Personal Shit

7/1/2020 - If These Leaked Pics Are Real, the Galaxy Note 20 Is Going to Look Awesome In Copper

7/1/2020 - The Influencers Are Lobbying Washington, but What Do They Want?

7/1/2020 - It Looks Like Google Is Killing Chrome's Unofficial Forced Dark Mode

7/1/2020 - Justice League's Ray Fisher Alleges Joss Whedon Fostered a 'Gross, Abusive' Environment On-Set

7/1/2020 - James Cameron Dreams Up The Terminator in This Exclusive Podcast Clip

7/1/2020 - Gold Mining Is Hurting the Amazon's Ability to Store Carbon

7/1/2020 - This $15 Rainbow Card Turns Your Smartphone Into a Highly Accurate Color Picker

7/1/2020 - Shell Is the Latest Oil Company to Do a Belly Flop

7/1/2020 - The Expanse Studio Is Investigating Cas Anvar for Sexual Misconduct Allegations

7/1/2020 - 27,000 Coronavirus-Linked Deaths Have Gone Uncounted in U.S., Study Estimates

7/1/2020 - I Miss the Sony Watchman

7/1/2020 - There Are So Many New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Coming Out in July

7/1/2020 - When Video Chat Is the Only Thing Holding Your Family Together

7/1/2020 - Spotify's Two-Person Subscription Plan Finally Lands in the U.S.

7/1/2020 - The Creators of Pokémon Go Are Now Working on a Settlers of Catan AR Game

7/1/2020 - Another Star Trek: TNG Star Has Hopes to Appear in Picard

7/1/2020 - Why Other People Can't See Your Emojis and How to Fix It

7/1/2020 - Trump Apparently Tries to Summon Ghost of Dead Sex Pest Roger Ailes Through Twitter

7/1/2020 - This Could Finally Be the Year of E Ink, Seriously