6/30/2020 - This Doctor Who Sliding Puzzle Game Is Driving Me Insane and I Can't Stop Playing It

6/30/2020 - Vizio's New Cheap TVs Could Be a Perfect Reason to Buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X

6/30/2020 - Incredible Amber Fossils Reveal the True Colors of Ancient Insects

6/30/2020 - Digimon Adventure's New Transformation Sequences Are Gorgeous As Hell

6/30/2020 - Somehow Crucible Is Not the Biggest Amazon Screw Up, But It's Trying

6/30/2020 - Parler CEO Says He'll Ban Users for Posting Bad Words, Dicks, Boobs, or Poop

6/30/2020 - Why Not Try Taking Your Binge-Watches Slow?

6/30/2020 - Fauci: At This Rate, We're Headed to 100,000 New Daily Coronavirus Cases

6/30/2020 - Cotton Is Best for Homemade Masks, Study Suggests

6/30/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 29 and Epilogue

6/30/2020 - The Coronavirus Is Making a Just Transition More Urgent for Coal Country

6/30/2020 - Australian Authorities Want an AI To Settle Your Divorce

6/30/2020 - YouTube TV Jacks Up Its Prices and the Promise of Cheap TV Feels Further Away Than Ever

6/30/2020 - Robotic Cornhole Guarantees Victory, Assuming Everyone Else Is Too Drunk To Realize You're Cheating

6/30/2020 - Damon Lindelof Details the Behind-the-Scenes Struggle to End Lost

6/30/2020 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Will Cowabunga Back to the Big Screen With an Animated Reboot

6/30/2020 - Facebook Is Pivoting Away From ‘Engaging’ Content In the News Feed

6/30/2020 - FCC Officially Designates Huawei and ZTE as Threats to U.S. Security

6/30/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in July

6/30/2020 - Google Buys North Smart Glasses and North Then Kills Its Smart Glasses

6/30/2020 - Not Now, Ominous New Swine Flu Strains

6/30/2020 - Cursed's Latest Trailer Spotlights the Boy Who Could Be King and a Magic Sword

6/30/2020 - Amazon Prime Adds Watch Party for Co-Viewing With Up to 100 Friends

6/30/2020 - Whale Sharks Have Eyeballs Covered in Tiny Teeth

6/30/2020 - India Finally Popped the Ban on TikTok and 58 Other Chinese Apps

6/30/2020 - Future Apple Watches Could Scan Your Veins to Detect Gestures

6/30/2020 - What You Get with a World-Class Phone That Can't Access Google

6/30/2020 - Is Plant 'Intelligence' Just a Human Fantasy?

6/30/2020 - The OnePlus Nord Could Be OnePlus' Big Return to Affordability

6/30/2020 - The Future Earth Challenges Us to Break Our Cycle of Doom

6/30/2020 - Mark Hamill Discusses Luke Skywalker's Political Naivety in Star Wars' Deleted Scenes

6/30/2020 - Qualcomm's New Wearables Chip Could Finally Improve Wear OS Watches, I Hope

6/30/2020 - Ranking the Shark Smarts of Horror’s Most Pernicious Predators

6/30/2020 - House Democrats' Climate Plan Is Finally Here, Doesn't Totally Suck

6/30/2020 - Polar Just Made Its First Affordable, Stylish Smartwatch

6/30/2020 - Anthony Mackie Teases the Scope of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

6/30/2020 - 10 Tips and Tricks to Make You a Discord Master

6/30/2020 - CDC Official: This Is Just The Beginning of America's New Coronavirus Surge

6/30/2020 - A Massive Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace

6/29/2020 - New York Times Realizes Big Tech News Aggregation Like Apple News Actually Bad

6/29/2020 - What Is Doom Patrol's Flex Mentallo Staring At?

6/29/2020 - Facebook Has a VR Headset Prototype That Looks Like a Pair of Glasses

6/29/2020 - A Vampire Drama by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Wasn't Picked Up, But Could Still Have Life

6/29/2020 - Detroit Police Chief Admits Face Recognition Doesn't Work '95-97% of the Time'

6/29/2020 - Reddit Brings the Banhammer Down on r/The_Donald and 2,000 Other Subs

6/29/2020 - Kamen Rider's Big End-of-Era Team-Up Is Coming to the West, Which Is a Great Sign

6/29/2020 - A Wild Apple ARM Benchmark Appears

6/29/2020 - Gilead to Charge $3,120 Per Patient for Typical Covid-19 Treatment

6/29/2020 - It's Not a Bonus, and It's Less Than You Deserve

6/29/2020 - A Certain Frequency of Red Light Boosted People’s Eyesight in New Study

6/29/2020 - Our 25 Favorite Summer Blockbusters of the 1990s

6/29/2020 - In Pure Deadpool Fashion, Watch Ryan Reynolds Ruin an X-Men Reunion

6/29/2020 - Report Finds FEMA Is Massively Undercounting Flood Risks

6/29/2020 - Siberia Just Got Hit With Another Toxic Spill—From the Same Mining Company

6/29/2020 - Paying for a Reference Is Just What the Job Hunt Hellscape Needed

6/29/2020 - 'We Are Frightened': Disney Cast Members Share Their Anxiety and Anger About the Parks Reopening

6/29/2020 - Scientists Found a Vast, Deep Sea Coral Garden off Greenland's Coast

6/29/2020 - Chinese Government Using Forced Abortion and Sterilization to Suppress Muslim Population: Report

6/29/2020 - The Twilight Zone's Second Season Favors Tales of Troubled Men, But Ends on a Dystopian High Note

6/29/2020 - 16th-Century Child Skeletons With Coins in Their Mouths Found at Construction Site in Poland

6/29/2020 - Even Image Sensors Are Getting a Subscription and That Sucks

6/29/2020 - Anthony Mackie Rightfully Calls Marvel Out for Its Lack of Diversity Behind the Camera

6/29/2020 - The South Pole Is Warming Three Times Faster Than the Rest of Earth

6/29/2020 - All the Sensors in Your Smartphone, and How They Work

6/29/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 28

6/29/2020 - Disney's Developed Movie-Quality Face-Swapping Technology That Promises to Change Filmmaking

6/29/2020 - Microsoft Surface Book 3 Review: Big Specs, Big Price

6/29/2020 - Updates From the Next Evil Dead, The Flash, and More

6/29/2020 - The Lie Behind Plastic Pollution Is That We’re Responsible

6/29/2020 - Could Teleporting Ever Work?

6/29/2020 - Trump Misidentifies Sculpture in Oval Office While Saying Statues Help Teach History

6/29/2020 - Gigantic Splotches on the Star Betelgeuse Might Explain Its Freaky Dimming

6/28/2020 - NASA: Help Us Make Pooping on the Moon Even Better

6/28/2020 - The ‘Face Mask Exemption’ Cards With a Federal Seal on Them Are a Total Fraud

6/28/2020 - TNT and TBS Are Developing a Sequel to the 1985 Film D.A.R.Y.L. Starring Tony Hale

6/28/2020 - Analyst Claims That Apple's iPhone 12 Will Have Charger Sold Separately

6/28/2020 - 'Least Racist Person There Is' Retweets Video of Supporter Shouting 'White Power'

6/28/2020 - Report: Harley Quinn Is On Its Way to HBO Max, Which Might Not Bode Well for DC Universe

6/28/2020 - Watch the Musical New Teaser for Pixar's Soul

6/28/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 27

6/27/2020 - Twitter: Sorry for Putting Covid-19 Misinformation Labels on Your 'Oxygen' Tweets

6/27/2020 - St. Louis Mayor Says Sorry for Doxxing Protesters During Livestreamed Q&A

6/27/2020 - Kids See Ghosts Is a New Animated Series Starring Kid Cudi and Kanye West

6/27/2020 - American Airlines Throws Out Social Distancing Measures During Pandemic

6/27/2020 - The Simpsons and Family Guy Will Also Recast Their Black Characters With Black Actors

6/27/2020 - This Group Got Tech Twitter Hyped on an App That Doesn't Exist to Raise Money for BLM Charities

6/27/2020 - This Star-Studded The Princess Bride Quarantine Adaptation Is Quibi's Latest Thirsty Bid for Attention

6/27/2020 - The Second Season of The Boys Is Coming to Amazon Prime on September 4th

6/27/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 26

6/26/2020 - Trump Administration: Social Media Platforms Need to Police Calls for Violence That Aren't the President's

6/26/2020 - Hoist the Mizzenmast, Margot Robbie Is Pirates of the Caribbean's New Star

6/26/2020 - Disney's Mulan Has Been Delayed Yet Again

6/26/2020 - How Long Will Trump Allow TikTokers to Make a Mockery of Him?

6/26/2020 - Facebook Will Finally Tell Your Aunt That Article Is From 3 Months Ago

6/26/2020 - Oh No, a Baby Yoda Toy You're Explicitly Meant to Bop

6/26/2020 - Zuckerberg: It Is Now More Convenient for Me to Be the Arbiter of Truth

6/26/2020 - Credit Card Skimmers Can Hide in an Icon's Metadata

6/26/2020 - Everybody Hates Mark

6/26/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 25

6/26/2020 - Record-Breaking Lightning Just Chilled in the Sky for 17 Seconds

6/26/2020 - Microsoft Kills One of Its Best Windows 10 Update Loopholes

6/26/2020 - Facial Reconstruction of a Prehistoric Man Whose Head Was Mounted on a Stake

6/26/2020 - Harley Quinn's Season 2 Finale Went Full Thelma & Louise

6/26/2020 - How Long Could Covid-19 Immunity Last? It's Not Just About Antibodies

6/26/2020 - Stop Going to Bars

6/26/2020 - The 44 Best Rides Based on Movies (and 6 Best Movies Based on Rides)

6/26/2020 - Nearly Two Months After 'Reopening,' Florida Hits 9,000 Coronavirus Cases in a Single Day

6/26/2020 - How Phone Banking Teens Are Reshaping Congress

6/26/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting The Crystal Shard

6/26/2020 - The "Stop Hate For Profit" Movement Isn't Going to Stop Anything

6/26/2020 - Harley Quinn's Getting Back Into Her Primary Colors in Black + White + Red

6/26/2020 - Uber's Arbitration Clause Ruled Invalid by Canada's High Court

6/26/2020 - Louisiana Activists Face Terrorism Charges, 15 Years in Prison for Harmless Plastic Stunt

6/26/2020 - How Do You Deal With People Who Aren't Wearing Masks?

6/26/2020 - 18 Names for Amazon’s ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ That Would’ve Made More Sense

6/26/2020 - Well What Do You Know, Tenet Got Pushed Back Again

6/26/2020 - Documents Leak Teasing a Cheaper Xbox Series X

6/26/2020 - Alphabet May Be Buying Smart Glasses Startup North, But Don't Expect New Google Glasses Any Time Soon

6/26/2020 - Dark Horse Finally Cuts Ties With Editor Scott Allie After New Sexual Abuse Claims

6/26/2020 - Apple Recloses 10% of US Stores Following Spike in Covid-19 Cases

6/26/2020 - The Microsoft Store Is Selling Zunes or Whatever in Heaven Now

6/26/2020 - A Familiar Jurassic Park Name Returns for Dominion, With a New Face

6/26/2020 - I Know It's $3,000 and a Pain to Install, But Tonal Is Worth It

6/26/2020 - How to Watch Movies and Shows With Other People

6/25/2020 - These Guys Repackaged Nonmedical Masks and Tried to Sell Them to Texas Health Workers: Report

6/25/2020 - Marvel's First Warhammer 40K Comic Is All About the Ultramarines

6/25/2020 - Even Dark Superfans Will Appreciate Netflix's 10-Minute Catch-Up Video

6/25/2020 - Pokémon Sword and Shield's New Isle of Armor Expansion Is a Breath of Fresh Air

6/25/2020 - The Full Brave New World Trailer Shows a Utopia Poised to Explode

6/25/2020 - CDC Expands List of Medical Conditions That Make People More Vulnerable to Covid-19

6/25/2020 - DOJ's New WikiLeaks Indictment Has Significant, Convenient Plot Holes

6/25/2020 - Judge Finds That Twitter Isn't Legally Liable for Devin Nunes's Tormentor Cow

6/25/2020 - Let's Kill Facial Recognition For Good

6/25/2020 - Star Trek's Starfighters, Ranked

6/25/2020 - For the First Time Ever, Astronomers Spot Light From a Black Hole Smash-up

6/25/2020 - After Telling Staff That Working During Pandemic Was Voluntary, Tesla Reportedly Sent Termination Notices

6/25/2020 - Elizabeth Banks Will Will Drive the Magic School Bus in a Live-Action Movie

6/25/2020 - Apparently It’s Sue Big Oil Week

6/25/2020 - Cox Claims It Can Reduce Your Gaming Lag If You Cough Up Some Cash

6/25/2020 - After 84 Years, Gone With the Wind Finally Acknowledged as Racist as Shit

6/25/2020 - The 100 Went in a Butthole

6/25/2020 - California Will Require Most Trucks Sold in the State to be Electric by 2035

6/25/2020 - Google’s Promise to Delete Your Data Has a Major Loophole

6/25/2020 - Sled Dogs Have an Unbroken Genetic Ancestry Dating Back Nearly 10,000 Years

6/25/2020 - Disney's Splash Mountain Will Be Rethemed From Song of the South to The Princess and the Frog

6/25/2020 - Google's Licensing Program to Pay Publishers Won't Solve Its News Problem

6/25/2020 - Onyx Equinox's First Trailer Teases an Epic Battle Between the Aztec Gods and Humanity

6/25/2020 - Ex-Intel Engineer Claims Skylake Quality Assurance Was the Reason For Apple's Big CPU Transition

6/25/2020 - Why Not Just Be a Total Jerk? It’s the End of the World as We Know It

6/25/2020 - Second-Largest Ebola Outbreak in History Is Finally Over

6/25/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 24

6/25/2020 - Big Mouth and Central Park Will Recast Black Characters Currently Being Played by White Actors

6/25/2020 - Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters: Afterlife Will 'Honorably Represent' Harold Ramis

6/25/2020 - 10 Tips and Tricks to Make You a Lightroom Expert

6/24/2020 - Three GOP Senators Introduce Bill Experts Say Would Basically Ban End-to-End Encryption

6/24/2020 - River Song and Her Original 'Sweetie' Are Back Together in a New Doctor Who Audio Drama

6/24/2020 - Scott Pilgrim May See New Life in Animation

6/24/2020 - Here's An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

6/24/2020 - California AGs Seek Injunction 'to Force Uber and Lyft to Play by the Rules'

6/24/2020 - Voting for the Eisner Awards Is Being Done Over Entirely Following a Security 'Anomaly'

6/24/2020 - Whole Foods Bottled Water Found to Contain Potentially Dangerous Levels of Arsenic

6/24/2020 - Climate Lawsuits Are Coming for Koch Industries

6/24/2020 - Before You Risk Yourself for Tenet, Christopher Nolan Would Love It If You Watched Inception in Fortnite

6/24/2020 - At Least Some Penguins Benefited From Record Antarctic Sea Ice Loss

6/24/2020 - The Last of Us Part II Is a Painful, Beautiful, Emotional Roller Coaster

6/24/2020 - Police Wrongly Arrested a Black Man Using Racist Facial Recognition Technology

6/24/2020 - The Tuesday Primaries That You Didn’t Hear About Were a Big Deal for the Green New Deal

6/24/2020 - Boston Bans Police Forces From Using Facial Recognition

6/24/2020 - Hell Yeah, We're Beating Up MODOK in the Avengers Game

6/24/2020 - Stranger Things' Ending Is Already Worked Out, According to the Duffer Brothers

6/24/2020 - The Endangered Internet Archive Is Full of Treasures

6/24/2020 - Val Kilmer's 14 Greatest Genre Movie Roles

6/24/2020 - The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Teaser Grows a Revolution Into a War

6/24/2020 - China Finally Completes Its Rival GPS Network

6/24/2020 - Volcanic Eruption in Alaska May Have Sparked Political Turmoil in Ancient Rome

6/24/2020 - Netflix Is Letting Some Users Edit Their 'Continue Watching' Sections

6/24/2020 - HBO Max Will Keep Some DC Movies Streaming a Little Longer After All

6/24/2020 - I Miss AIM

6/24/2020 - Olympus Is Getting Out of the Camera Game

6/24/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 23

6/24/2020 - So Just How Powerful Are Apple's New Laptop Chips Gonna Be

6/24/2020 - Colin Trevorrow Is Heading to a New Kind of Atlantis

6/24/2020 - You Don't Need to Say the Magic Word for This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park Nedry Figure

6/24/2020 - Why More and More Video Monitors Are Relying on USB-C

6/23/2020 - Twitter Bans Journalist Organization for Linking to Leaked Secret Police Files

6/23/2020 - Facebook Belatedly Bans All Trade in Historical Artifacts After Becoming Global Black Market Hub

6/23/2020 - Amazon's Prime Video Is Looking to Buy Its Way Into the Live TV Market

6/23/2020 - Unsolved Mysteries Is Back, and Of Course There's at Least One Alien Abduction

6/23/2020 - George R.R. Martin's Cabin Fever Can't Stop Winds of Winter

6/23/2020 - Once Again, Mr. President, You Have Broken the Rules of the General Discussions Board

6/23/2020 - Boot Camp Is Dead on New Macs and 8 Other Things Apple Didn't Say at WWDC

6/23/2020 - European Union Plans to Quarantine the United States [Updated]

6/23/2020 - Just Some Really Silly Iron Man Armors

6/23/2020 - Scientists Made a List of Every Place Aliens Could Be Hiding

6/23/2020 - Oculus Is Dropping the Go to Focus More on the Oculus Quest

6/23/2020 - The Danger of Amazon’s $2 Billion Climate Fund

6/23/2020 - Padmé Joins Star Wars: Legion, Roll20 Makes Its Own RPG, and More in Gaming News

6/23/2020 - [FOR PLANTS] Don’t Read This If You’re Human [JUST PLANTS PLEASE]

6/23/2020 - Apparently, Contract Violations Are Punishable Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

6/23/2020 - Check Out Christopher Nolan's Tenet With This Exclusive Making-of Sneak Peek

6/23/2020 - The iPad Will Soon Allow Gamers to Play Using a Mouse and Keyboard

6/23/2020 - You Can Watch the Newest Ultraman Show, Officially Subtitled, for Free

6/23/2020 - Apple Learns to Listen

6/23/2020 - FCC to Vote on Establishing '988' as the New Suicide Prevention Hotline

6/23/2020 - A Black Hole Collided With Something That Shouldn't Exist

6/23/2020 - Cobra Kai's Creators Discuss Season 3 Details and the Move to Netflix

6/23/2020 - The UN Is Sounding the Alarm on 'Climate Refugees'

6/23/2020 - Fear of K-Pop Fans Sends Pro-Trump Convention Registration Offline

6/23/2020 - Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2020

6/23/2020 - The Original Segway Is Officially Being Retired on July 15

6/23/2020 - Warren Ellis and Charles Brownstein Face Public Reckonings for Alleged Sexually Predatory Behavior

6/23/2020 - Google Is Adding Fact-Checking Labels to Image Search

6/23/2020 - Stacey Abrams’ Group Has a Climate Plan for the South

6/23/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 22

6/23/2020 - Acer's Swift 5 Will Be One of the First Laptops With Intel's Fancy New Integrated XE Graphics

6/23/2020 - One of the Weirdest Gaming Laptops Just Got a Total Upgrade

6/23/2020 - J.K. Simmons Says He's Already Shot His Next J. Jonah Jameson Cameo

6/23/2020 - Over the Moon Looks Like a Contender for Best Animated Film

6/23/2020 - Someone, Please, Explain: WTF Are App Clips Exactly?

6/22/2020 - Japan's New Fugaku Supercomputer Is Number One, Ranking in at 415 Petaflops

6/22/2020 - Porco Rosso Is Hayao Miyazaki's Most Underrated Masterpiece

6/22/2020 - The Inciting Incident of Star Wars' High Republic Is a Horrifying Technological Disaster

6/22/2020 - U.S. Army Soldier Charged With Plotting to Attack His Own Unit With Neo-Nazi Satanists

6/22/2020 - 1,600+ Googlers Call on Company to Kick Cops Off Gmail, End All Other Police Contracts

6/22/2020 - The Biggest Privacy Changes Coming to iOS in 2020

6/22/2020 - A Special Effects Company Built a Robotic Dolphin so Aquariums Won't Have to Keep Real Ones in Captivity

6/22/2020 - Police Tried to Take a Protester's Prosthetic Legs After Macing Him, Witnesses Say

6/22/2020 - Y: the Last Man Is Now on the Run to Streaming

6/22/2020 - Leaked Benchmarks Suggest Next Surface Laptop 4 Ships With AMD CPUs

6/22/2020 - Everything Apple Tried to Kill at WWDC 2020

6/22/2020 - Microsoft Is Killing Mixer and Moving Everything to Facebook Gaming

6/22/2020 - In the Debut Trailer for Apple TV+'s Foundation, a Mighty Empire Stands on the Brink of Ruin

6/22/2020 - Does Your Blood Type Affect Your Risk of Covid-19?

6/22/2020 - The World Still Sucks, but at Least Bear Cam Is Back

6/22/2020 - All the Stuff Coming to Apple Home in the Fall

6/22/2020 - Joel Schumacher, the Man Who Gave Us Bat-Nipples, Has Died at 80

6/22/2020 - The Next Version of macOS is Called Big Sur and It's Getting a Very iOS Facelift

6/22/2020 - Satellite Reveals Massive Saharan Dust Cloud Over the Atlantic Ocean

6/22/2020 - This Man Sees Numbers as Squiggles

6/22/2020 - It's Official: The Mac Is Transitioning to Apple-Made Silicon

6/22/2020 - Michael Keaton Could Play Bruce Wayne Again for The Flash Movie

6/22/2020 - Apple and Basecamp Reach an Uneasy Truce—For Now

6/22/2020 - A Record Number of Bees Died Last Summer

6/22/2020 - AirPods Pro Are Getting a Very Powerful Software Upgrade

6/22/2020 - Here Are All the New Features Coming to Your Apple Watch

6/22/2020 - iPadOS 14 Could Solve A Bunch of Little Problems We Have with iPad

6/22/2020 - Here's What's New in iOS 14

6/22/2020 - Thank God, Avatar: The Last Airbender Is HD on Netflix Now

6/22/2020 - Apple Reportedly Set to Pull Thousands of iOS Games From App Store Over Chinese Licensing Issue

6/22/2020 - Gigantic Circular Structure Found Near Stonehenge

6/22/2020 - Our 25 Favorite Summer Blockbusters of the 1980s

6/22/2020 - You Can Saddle Up Your Mac Pro For $400 but You Still Can't Ride It

6/22/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 21

6/22/2020 - Goodbye Useless Amazon Dash Wand, May You Rest Peacefully in Eternal Obscurity

6/22/2020 - Plants Can Absorb Tiny Plastic Pieces Through Their Roots, Study Finds

6/22/2020 - We’re Liveblogging the Apple WWDC 2020 Keynote Right Here

6/22/2020 - The Witcher Will Recommence Coin Tossing in August

6/22/2020 - Updates from Stranger Things, Twilight Zone, and More

6/22/2020 - How to Watch Apple’s WWDC 2020

6/22/2020 - Do Animals Practice Revenge?

6/21/2020 - Trump Says 'Kung Flu' Is a Hoax, Calls for Slowing Down Coronavirus Testing

6/21/2020 - Snapchat: Both Black and White Employees Made the Offensive 'Smile to Break Chains' Filter

6/21/2020 - TikTok Teens and K-Pop Fans Just Trolled Trump in the Best Way Possible

6/21/2020 - Jaws Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb Reflects on the Suddenly Relevant Legacy of the Mayor From Jaws

6/21/2020 - Samsung Blu-Ray Players Are Getting Stuck in Endless Startup Loops and We Don't Know Why

6/21/2020 - Watch David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker Judge a Doctor Who Cosplay Contest

6/21/2020 - Jenn Ravenna Tran Creates Lush Fantasy Worlds and Some Incredible Fan Art

6/21/2020 - This Trailer for The King's Man Takes Super Spy Action to the Early 20th Century

6/21/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 20

6/21/2020 - An All Too Quiet Place

6/20/2020 - Apple Is Closing Some U.S. Stores Again in States With Rising Coronavirus Cases

6/20/2020 - It Was 100 Degrees in Siberia Today. Yes, That Siberia

6/20/2020 - Comedy Central Is Picking Up Jodie, a Daria Spinoff Series

6/20/2020 - AMC Changes Its Mind and Says It Will Require Moviegoers to Wear Face Masks

6/20/2020 - Nextdoor Drops 'Forward to Police' Feature After Rampant Concerns of Racial Profiling

6/20/2020 - Adam Driver's Version of Kylo Ren's Backstory Is Realistic and Depressing

6/20/2020 - Marvel's Cancelled New Warriors Series Would Have Featured M.O.D.O.K., of All People

6/20/2020 - Hulu Renews Crossing Swords and Polar Opposites for One More Season Each

6/20/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 19

6/19/2020 - They Were Watching: Homeland Security Reportedly Used Surveillance Aircraft to Monitor George Floyd Protests

6/19/2020 - Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump's Doctored 'Fake News' Video After Copyright Complaint

6/19/2020 - The World Reacts to the Passing of Sir Ian Holm [Updated]

6/19/2020 - California Does the Smart Thing and Orders Residents to Wear Face Masks in Public

6/19/2020 - Creating During Covid: Nan Lawson on Art Bringing Joy to the World

6/19/2020 - Deadpool's Severed Head Is Somehow Not the Weirdest Toy of the Week

6/19/2020 - Snapchat: Yeah, Our Juneteenth Filter Asking Users to Smile to Break Chains Was a Bad Idea

6/19/2020 - How R.A. Salvatore Helped Bring Icewind Dale to Games Again for Dark Alliance

6/19/2020 - Martian Author Andy Weir Has Another Big Movie Coming and the Stars Keep Aligning For It

6/19/2020 - Rap Godz Co-Creator Shares Why He Made One of the Industry's Only Hip Hop Board Games

6/19/2020 - This Musician's Latest Project Is Made of Bat Noises

6/19/2020 - Ian Holm, Star of Alien, Brazil and the Lord of the Rings, Has Died at Age 88

6/19/2020 - See 14 Mind-Blowing Places in Our Solar System

6/19/2020 - All of the Best Moments From Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian

6/19/2020 - What Apple's Rumored Big Change Could Mean for the Future of the Mac

6/19/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 18

6/19/2020 - Amazon Fire OS vs Android: What You'll Miss With an Amazon Device

6/19/2020 - Kentucky’s Primary Is a Test for the Green New Deal

6/18/2020 - In the First Trailer for The Rental, Terrors Both High-Tech and Creepy-Human Ruin a Seaside Getaway

6/18/2020 - Dungeons & Dragons Team Announces New Plans to Address Race and Inclusivity in the Game

6/18/2020 - Big Oil Is Scared Shitless

6/18/2020 - Britain Scraps Its Doomed Contact-Tracing App, Turns to Apple and Google for Help

6/18/2020 - Republicans Blow Off Intelligence Hearing on Election Security With Top Silicon Valley Officials

6/18/2020 - OK, But How Big Is the PS5, Really?

6/18/2020 - Inside Dungeons & Dragons' Chilling New Adventure, Rime of the Frostmaiden

6/18/2020 - Attention Passengers: We’ve Got a Dweeb Alert

6/18/2020 - Here's a First Glimpse at Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3

6/18/2020 - SDCC Halts Eisner Awards Voting Due to Weird Security Screw-Up

6/18/2020 - Facebook Removes Trump Ads With Nazi Iconography

6/18/2020 - The UK Foreign Secretary Thinks Anti-Racism Protesters Got 'Taking a Knee' From Game of Thrones

6/18/2020 - Apple’s Rejection of Facebook’s Gaming App Conveniently Leaks Just When Everyone’s Mad at Apple

6/18/2020 - 5 International Sci-Fi Shows Worth Checking Out on Netflix

6/18/2020 - Apple Now Supports In-Store Mac Trade-Ins

6/18/2020 - A New York Primary Challenger Shows Why the Green New Deal Has to Take on the Military

6/18/2020 - Animorphs Is Finally Getting a Movie, Let's Hope It's as Messed-Up as the Books

6/18/2020 - Get Ready for Another Summer of Out-of-Control Ticks

6/18/2020 - West Coast States Are Teaming Up to Build an Electric Highway

6/18/2020 - In Our First Look at Zack Snyder's Justice League, Wonder Woman Faces the Myth of Darkseid

6/18/2020 - An Ancient Dark Crystal Mystic Comes to Life for the First Time in a New Book of Thra

6/18/2020 - Apple's App Store Is Due a Reckoning

6/18/2020 - Feds Charge Philly Protester With Torching Police Cars After Following Unnerving Online Trail

6/18/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 17

6/18/2020 - Slow-Mo Footage of the Apple Watch Puking Up Water Is Somehow a Beautiful Thing

6/18/2020 - My Dad Rewrote His Will in Case He Dies Alone

6/18/2020 - This Nifty Chrome Extension Lets You Directly Link to Specific Text

6/18/2020 - Disaster Fatigue Is Real—and the Coronavirus Could Make It Worse

6/18/2020 - Cursed's First Trailer Is a Waterlogged Arthurian Bloodbath

6/18/2020 - I Was Obsessed With Fitness Tracking. Then the Pandemic Hit.

6/18/2020 - Bacteria Found in Nuclear Reactors Could Be the Secret to Faster, Cheaper Vaccines

6/18/2020 - Joe Cornish Says He's Spoken to John Boyega About Attack the Block 2

6/18/2020 - The Mystery of Antarctica's Record Drop in Sea Ice Has Been Solved

6/18/2020 - You May Not See as Much Color as You Think You Do

6/17/2020 - Was That So Hard, Zoom?

6/17/2020 - The Force Is With This Stunning Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Poster

6/17/2020 - Bug-Ridden Tablets Behind Glacial Lines at Voting Sites in Los Angeles County, Report Finds

6/17/2020 - The Wonderful 101's Enduring Superpower Is Its Focus on Teamwork and Community

6/17/2020 - That’s Right, the Legends of Tomorrow Are Fighting Aliens, and It's Gonna Get Weird

6/17/2020 - This Candyman Shadow Puppet Short Film Is a Horrific Mirror You Can't Look Away From

6/17/2020 - This Is Democrats' Make-or-Break Climate Moment

6/17/2020 - The Segway's Inventor Wants to Mass-Produce Human Organs—Yes, You Read That Right

6/17/2020 - Facebook Won't Do Shit About Political Ads, But Here, You Can Ignore Them Now

6/17/2020 - Jaws at 45: The Scenes, the Sounds, the Shark

6/17/2020 - Another Blow for Hydroxychloroquine as WHO Cuts It From Coronavirus Trial

6/17/2020 - Major Mac Changes and App Store Drama: What We Expect at Apple's WWDC 2020

6/17/2020 - The Timey-Wimey History of Doctor Who's Time War

6/17/2020 - Senator Hawley's New 'Section 230' Bill Won't Make Silicon Valley Sweat

6/17/2020 - A Brief History of Listening In on Police Radios

6/17/2020 - Doom Patrol's New Season 2 Trailer Is a Dark Disco Extravaganza

6/17/2020 - Genome Analysis Points to Incest Among Ireland’s Prehistoric Rulers

6/17/2020 - In Warrior Nun's First Trailer, the World's Salvation Is a Badass Sister Act

6/17/2020 - Alaska Republicans Write Whiny Letter in Desperate Effort to Save Arctic Oil and Gas Industry

6/17/2020 - This MacBook Charger Hub Fixes One of Apple's Biggest Laptop Sins: Removing the Memory Card Slot

6/17/2020 - U.S. Lawmaker Calls Out Amazon's 'Performative' Support of Black Lives Matter

6/17/2020 - Oura Rings May Be Part of the NBA's Restart Plan, But That Doesn't Mean It Will Save You From Covid-19

6/17/2020 - Ahsoka Tano Leads the Charge in the New Star Wars Lego Sets

6/17/2020 - Early Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Sea Monsters Laid Squishy Eggs

6/17/2020 - Japanese Printing Company Turns Waste Into Edible Notepads Paired With Coffee-Flavored Pens

6/17/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 16

6/17/2020 - She Built a Shady Guru’s YouTube Army. Now She’s His Fiercest Critic—But Who Will Believe Her?

6/17/2020 - Extremely Sensitive Dark Matter Experiment Detects Something Weird

6/17/2020 - U.S. Airlines Threaten to Ban Passengers Who Refuse to Wear Masks From Future Flights

6/17/2020 - This Metabolism Breathalyzer Helped Me Shed a Few Pounds in Quarantine

6/17/2020 - Ewan McGregor Teases His Role in Guillermo Del Toro's Take on Pinocchio

6/17/2020 - You Should Really Update Your BIOS

6/16/2020 - T-Mobile, Which Said Sprint Merger Would Create Jobs, Already Laying Off Sprint Employees

6/16/2020 - The Federalist Bends the Knee to Big Tech, Deletes Its Awful Comments Section

6/16/2020 - Max Brooks' Bigfoot Tale Devolution Is Headed for the Big Screen

6/16/2020 - Airlines Have Been Banning Booze on Flights as a Covid-19 Precautionary Measure

6/16/2020 - A Switch in How Hospitals Use Anesthesia Could Have Huge Climate Benefits

6/16/2020 - RIP, Bose AR, We Hardly Knew Ye

6/16/2020 - Adobe Flash Is Actually Going to Die This Time, For Real

6/16/2020 - The Palm Springs Trailer Features Andy Samberg in an Infinite Wedding Time Loop

6/16/2020 - SpaceX’s Starlink Broadband Service Might Be Too Slow for the FCC

6/16/2020 - It's Hard to Imagine Ever Finding a Smaller Travel Mouse Than This

6/16/2020 - 6 Things We Liked About Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts Season 2 (and 3 We Didn't)

6/16/2020 - Quibi Almost Had an Infuriatingly Worse Name

6/16/2020 - Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula's Latest Trailer Is a Terrifying Thrill Ride at the End of the World

6/16/2020 - Toilets Can Blow Coronavirus Poop All Over the Place—You’ve Been Warned

6/16/2020 - Warner Bros. Is Doing Its Own Virtual Con This August

6/16/2020 - Super-Sized Lego Go-Kart Is Big Enough for Even Grown-up Kids to Drive

6/16/2020 - How to Pick the Right Power Supply for Your Next PC

6/16/2020 - European Commission Launches Investigation Into the App Store and Apple Pay

6/16/2020 - Amazon Introduces Social Distance Software at Warehouses, but That Won't Fix Its Coronavirus Problem

6/16/2020 - In Our First Look at Umbrella Academy Season 2, Long Hair and Swedish Assassins Abound

6/16/2020 - Dr. Fauci Made the Coronavirus Pandemic Worse by Lying About Masks

6/16/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 15

6/16/2020 - NY Attorney General Calls on Apple, Google to Crack Down on Shady Contact-Tracing Apps

6/16/2020 - This Is How Firefighters Are Preparing to Battle Wildfires During a Pandemic

6/16/2020 - Researchers Have Created a Tool That Can Perfectly Depixelate Faces

6/16/2020 - A Green Glow Has Been Detected in the Martian Atmosphere

6/16/2020 - Philips Hue Goes Extra Bright with its New 1600 Lumen Smart Light

6/16/2020 - Sorry, Captain Picard, Your Taste in Tea Sucks

6/16/2020 - BP Worries a Green Coronavirus Recovery Could Kill Its Business

6/16/2020 - In This Star Wars: Shadow Fall Excerpt, Wyl Lark Recalls a Costly Victory

6/16/2020 - Common Steroid Drug Shows Lifesaving Results In Large Coronavirus Trial

6/16/2020 - You Can Finally Buy Boston Dynamics' Spot, But You Can't Use It For Evil

6/16/2020 - Scientists Warn That Covid-19 Could Cause Diabetes

6/16/2020 - Even More Movies Shuffle Their Release Dates for the Coronavirus Pandemic

6/16/2020 - Lenovo's 14-inch Flex 5G Is the World's First 5G Laptop

6/16/2020 - UK Exports Two New Coronavirus Cases to Covid-Free New Zealand

6/16/2020 - Lego's Super Mario Is Perfect If You Suck at the Video Games

6/15/2020 - Report: NOAA Officials Behind #Sharpiegate Violated Integrity Policies, Won't Face Consequences Though

6/15/2020 - Stephen King Yearned to Write an 'Existential' Horror Novel About Friday the 13th's Jason

6/15/2020 - Yes, Apple Will Eventually Make a Foldable Phone, But Dear God, No, It Will Not Be This One

6/15/2020 - DC's HBO Max Comic Books Are as Excruciating as That Sounds

6/15/2020 - Something Weird Is Going On With T-Mobile Today

6/15/2020 - Voter Registration Groups Targeted Black Lives Matter Protesters' Location Data

6/15/2020 - Republican FCC Commissioner Has 'Deep Reservations' on Whether Trump's Social Media Order Is Bullshit

6/15/2020 - All Hail Guillermo, the Unlikely Hero of What We Do in the Shadows

6/15/2020 - 43,000 Pounds of Raw Ground Beef Recalled Over Potential E. Coli Contamination

6/15/2020 - Tessa Thompson Will Use Dream Tech to Become the Ultimate Fencer in Balestra

6/15/2020 - Satellite Images Show the Arctic's Fiery Unraveling

6/15/2020 - Microsoft Broke One of Its Most Useful Windows 10 Features With Its Latest Update

6/15/2020 - Coronavirus Pushes Oscars, and Oscar Eligibility, Back Several Months

6/15/2020 - Top Tulsa Health Official and Newspaper Beg Trump Not to Hold His Plague Rally

6/15/2020 - Josh Gad's Ghostbusters Reunion Features Behind-the-Scenes Magic and Cameos Galore

6/15/2020 - Fired eBay Execs Charged in Batshit Cyberstalking Plot Against Company’s Critics

6/15/2020 - Ominous Green Fireball Lights Up Skies Over Australian Outback

6/15/2020 - Github to Remove 'Master' and 'Slave' Coding Terms Widely Seen as Racially Insensitive

6/15/2020 - Snowpiercer Suddenly Got Interesting By Getting Intensely Disgusting

6/15/2020 - FDA Pulls Emergency Authorization for Hydroxychloroquine as Coronavirus Treatment

6/15/2020 - Harley Quinn Just Gave Us the Most Fascinating Joker Ever

6/15/2020 - That Microsoft Dual Screen Android Phone May Be Coming a Lot Sooner Than You Think

6/15/2020 - Big Dairy Has a Big Carbon Problem

6/15/2020 - The Solar Orbiter Has Entered a Thrilling New Phase of Its Journey to the Sun

6/15/2020 - Star Wars Celebration 2020 Has Been Canceled; Will Return in 2022

6/15/2020 - Philippine Journalist's Cyber Libel Conviction Is a Bad Sign for Free Press

6/15/2020 - The Lanmodo Night Vision System Made Me Feel Like I Was Driving With Pricey Superpowers

6/15/2020 - The Next Star Wars Game Lets You Take Flight for the Rebellion and Empire

6/15/2020 - Build This Mini Star Trek TNG Computer To Make Yourself Feel Like You're Far Away From Earth

6/15/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 14

6/15/2020 - Could The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Include Hints to an Obscure X-Men Villain?

6/15/2020 - These Are the Best 11 Features We've Found in the Android 11 Beta So Far

6/15/2020 - What Technology Has Accidentally Killed the Most People?

6/15/2020 - Mining Company Not Sorry for Destroying 46,000-Year-Old Aboriginal Site: Report

6/14/2020 - This Is the Only Good Reason for a Pipeline to Go Viral

6/14/2020 - This Digital Art Gallery Used to Be a Nazi Submarine Base

6/14/2020 - Japanese Flip Phones, a Hidden Ancient Roman City, and Overrated Pastries: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/14/2020 - Germany's Coronavirus-Tracking App Set to Release This Week as Nation Reopens

6/14/2020 - The Witcher's Second Season Will Be About the Birth of a Family

6/14/2020 - Looks like the Pixel 4a May Not Launch Until October

6/14/2020 - It's Hard to Believe That These Adorable Pangolins Could Be Connected to Coronavirus

6/14/2020 - The Newest Crossing Swords Trailer Introduces a Messy, Vulgar Fantasy World

6/14/2020 - Kenneth Branagh Had a Stressful Time Making the Original Thor

6/14/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 13

6/13/2020 - Fox News Tries to Make Seattle Protests Seem Scarier With Crappy Photoshopping

6/13/2020 - Trump Administration Eliminates Transgender Health Care Protections During Pandemic

6/13/2020 - Rebecca Root Talks Being the First Transgender Companion in Doctor Who

6/13/2020 - Facebook Fires Employee Who Criticized Coworker's BLM Response, Protested Inaction on Trump Post

6/13/2020 - Relic's New Trailer Makes the Challenges of Elder Care Extra Spooky

6/13/2020 - The Newest Galaxy of Adventures Short Gives Us a Look at the Best Moment in Star Wars

6/13/2020 - Patrick Wilson Signs On to Fight the Moon in Roland Emmerich's Moonfall

6/13/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 12

6/13/2020 - To Stop Deforestation, Give People Money

6/12/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Has Been Delayed Once Again, Matrix 4 and Godzilla vs Kong Also Get Bumped [Updated]

6/12/2020 - Amazon's Reportedly Fielding Probes From California, Washington State Over Trade Practices

6/12/2020 - Ex-Machina Meets Black Mirror in the First Trailer for Archive

6/12/2020 - Airbnb Agrees to Rat Out Its Hosts Like NYC Wants It To

6/12/2020 - Psyduck Is All of Us in This, the Most Relatable Toy of the Week

6/12/2020 - Researchers Have Found a Way to Listen In On Your Conversations Using Light Bulb Vibrations

6/12/2020 - Playing Games on Your Phone With Google Stadia Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

6/12/2020 - Doctor Who's Next Audio Series Is All About Arthur Darvill's Auton Centurion

6/12/2020 - Rare, Nearly Extinct Parasite May Have Resurfaced in Vietnam, Doctors Say

6/12/2020 - The Cannoli Isn't the Most Overrated Pastry—But It's Close

6/12/2020 - HBO Will Kill HBO Go, Rename HBO Now to HBO, HBO HBO HBO

6/12/2020 - How Deadpool Found His Way Into a 'Black Lives Matter' Mural

6/12/2020 - NASA’s New Horizons Probe Is So Far Away, It Now Sees Stars in Different Positions Than We Do

6/12/2020 - Denny O'Neil, the Man Who Gave Batman a New Voice, Has Died at 81

6/12/2020 - Trump: It's Your Fault If You Get the Coronavirus at My Rallies, Please Sign Here

6/12/2020 - Creating During Covid: Kevin Tong Talks Convention Woes and Home Set-Ups

6/12/2020 - A Dirty Coronavirus Recovery Could Haunt Us for Decades to Come

6/12/2020 - Here's Why YouTube's Cracking Down on Creators Raising Ad Dollars for Racial Justice

6/12/2020 - Zoom Promises to Enforce China's Censorship Better

6/12/2020 - Archery Could Date Back 48,000 Years in South Asia

6/12/2020 - Hans Solo, Ranked

6/12/2020 - Facebook Pitched a Union-Busting Tool It Swears Was Really Just for Bullying

6/12/2020 - Logan's Run Is Somehow Both Fabulously Dated and Weirdly Timeless

6/12/2020 - Tesla Claiming It’s Sustainable Is Bullshit

6/12/2020 - Star Wars Is Turning Its Anthological Eye to The Empire Strikes Back [Updated]

6/12/2020 - Internet Archive Ends Free Ebook Program Early in Bid to Stave Off Dangerous Lawsuit

6/12/2020 - Prepare for the Never-Ending Coronavirus Plateau

6/12/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 11

6/12/2020 - You Will Never Beat This Sharpshooting Robot at Table Hockey

6/12/2020 - Confederate Symbols Are Pollution

6/12/2020 - Netflix's Dark Throws More Confusing Fuel on the Fire in a New Trailer

6/12/2020 - The Dell XPS 15 Might Be the Best All-Around Laptop You Can Buy

6/12/2020 - You Can Finally Buy That Scooter That Looks Like a Laptop With Wheels for $1,800

6/12/2020 - Alien's Sigourney Weaver Doesn't Expect More Ripley in the Future

6/12/2020 - Trump Uses Stock Photo to Accuse Americans of Being Antifa 'Terrorists' on Facebook

6/12/2020 - Twitter Deletes More Than 170,000 Accounts Linked to Chinese Misinformation Effort

6/11/2020 - Suspect in Deadly Bay Area Rampages Tied to Militant, Far-Right 'Boogaloo' Movement

6/11/2020 - Once Friends, Google and Sonos Are Now Suing Each Other

6/11/2020 - The Ghosts of War Trailer Sends WWII Soldiers Into an Especially Horrific Haunted House

6/11/2020 - How a Key Piece of Rogue One Made It Into The Clone Wars

6/11/2020 - Buckle Up, Zuck, Now Joe Biden Is Gonna Petition the Heck Out of You

6/11/2020 - May Beebo Bless This List of Legends of Tomorrow's 10 Best Episodes

6/11/2020 - Hey, Pluto TV, What the Fuck?

6/11/2020 - Long-Delayed James Webb Space Telescope Is Again Delayed

6/11/2020 - This Is the PS5

6/11/2020 - The Punisher's Logo Can't Be Turned Into a Symbol for Black Lives Matter or Real World Justice

6/11/2020 - Google Assistant Is About to Get More Useful On Every Smart Device

6/11/2020 - The Modder Putting Everything from Alexa to the SNES in Boomboxes

6/11/2020 - CDC Document Shows Just How Badly the U.S. Is Handling Coronavirus Compared to Other Countries

6/11/2020 - Miles Morales Stars in a New Spider-Man Game Coming to PS5 This Year [Updated]

6/11/2020 - This Is Some Meaningless Bullshit, Warner Bros.

6/11/2020 - Don't Buy Pesticides Being Sold on Amazon and eBay as Coronavirus Killers

6/11/2020 - Grubhub Is Being Bought by Europe's Largest Food Delivery Service

6/11/2020 - Star Wars' Not-So-Brief History of Fleeting LGBTQ+ Representation

6/11/2020 - Scientists Want to Test Existing Polio Vaccine Against Coronavirus

6/11/2020 - Great, Even Our National Parks Are Full of Microplastic

6/11/2020 - All the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Funko Pops We Want, But Don't Exist (Yet)

6/11/2020 - Artemis Fowl Is a Flashy Fairytale About a Magically Militarized Police Force

6/11/2020 - Zoom Temporarily Shuts Down Activist Group’s Account After Its Tiananmen Memorial

6/11/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 10

6/11/2020 - Ancient Two-Legged Crocodile Left Behind These Awesome Footprints

6/11/2020 - I Came Home, Emptied My Grocery Bags, and Violently Wept

6/11/2020 - Study Suggests It's Time to Bring Back Sea Otters, Which Is Obviously a Good idea

6/11/2020 - Intel's High-End 10th-Gen Desktop Processors Have Hit the 14nm Limit

6/11/2020 - Will The Changeling Remake Traumatize Me as Much as the Original?

6/11/2020 - 8 Wild Examples of Evolution Copying Itself

6/11/2020 - Hope for a Man of Steel Sequel Remains in Limbo

6/11/2020 - Photoshop's New Camera App Makes Instagram's Filters Look Hopelessly Outdated

6/11/2020 - U.S. Hits 2 Million Coronavirus Cases As Trump Ignores Pandemic to Threaten 'Ugly Anarchists'

6/10/2020 - European Police Bust Alleged Pirate Streaming Service With Over 2 Million Users

6/10/2020 - Social Distancing Gets Extra Horrific With This Homemade Alien Remake

6/10/2020 - Report: Facebook Helped the FBI Exploit Vulnerability in a Secure Linux Distro for Child Predator Sting

6/10/2020 - This Mandalorian VFX Video Shows How a Mary Poppins Line of Mandos Was Created

6/10/2020 - Disneyland Scraps Plans for a July Reopening, Despite the Still-Ongoing Pandemic [Updated]

6/10/2020 - Facebook Suspends Anti-Racist Skinheads and Ska Musicians for Reasons Unknown

6/10/2020 - Amazon Takes Bold Stance Against Momentary Bad Optics

6/10/2020 - Eddie Redmayne Speaks Out Against J.K. Rowling's Transphobic Comments

6/10/2020 - These Trading Cards for Tron, Back to the Future, and Speed Racer Are Rad

6/10/2020 - Twitter Asks Android Users: 'Did You Even Read the Article'?

6/10/2020 - New York City to Sex-Havers: 😉

6/10/2020 - Crossing Swords Is a Cutesy Wonderland of Flesh and Debauchery

6/10/2020 - Some Chimpanzees Have a Bone in Their Heart—and Some Humans Might, Too

6/10/2020 - Google’s Drone Delivery Service Now Dropping Library Books to Kids

6/10/2020 - The Economic Theory That Could Fuel a Climate Change Revolution

6/10/2020 - In Doom Patrol's First Season 2 Trailer, the Gang's All Back to Fight a Super Child

6/10/2020 - Batwoman Will Use Ruby Rose's Departure as a Season 2 Mystery

6/10/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 9

6/10/2020 - Here Are the States Where Coronavirus Cases and Hospitalizations Are Spiking

6/10/2020 - Guy Whose Photo Broke Android Phones Just Wanted to Capture a Beautiful Sunset

6/10/2020 - How to Watch Quibi With Chromecast Now That It’s Actually Supported

6/10/2020 - Intel's Launching a New Low Power Chip to Rival Qualcomm In Super Thin PCs

6/10/2020 - HBO Max's Relationship With DC Movies Just Keeps Getting Weirder

6/10/2020 - Fox News Host, GOP Staffers Spread Fake 'Antifa' Attack Claim Fabricated by Blaze TV Producer

6/10/2020 - Siberian Officials Say Huge Diesel Spill Has Reached a Sensitive Arctic Lake

6/10/2020 - Reddit Turns to Michael Seibel to Replace Alexis Ohanian

6/10/2020 - The Worst Episode of the GoBots Cartoon Knew Exactly How Bad It Was

6/10/2020 - Scary Crash Video Is a Good Reminder That You Don't Actually Want a Hoverbike

6/10/2020 - Major UN Report Shows Why the Coronavirus Recovery Has to be Green

6/10/2020 - When Silicon Valley Micromanages Hollywood, the Results Are Boring as Hell

6/10/2020 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's Karen Gillan Teases a Post-Thanos Nebula

6/10/2020 - I Miss the Nintendo Virtual Boy

6/10/2020 - The Best Apps for Fixing Your Wifi

6/9/2020 - Feds Charge Executive of Pinprick Blood Testing Firm With Fraud Over Coronavirus Scheme

6/9/2020 - Holy Swarovski, Batman!

6/9/2020 - God Help Us, the Winklevoss Twins Are Co-Producing a Movie About Their Bitcoin Journey

6/9/2020 - U.S. Falls Out of Top 10 Average Internet Speeds Globally in 2020, but That’s Just Because Other Countries Are Faster

6/9/2020 - This Star Trek Supercut Idea Continues to Be Some Kind of Excellent

6/9/2020 - #8CantWait Won't Change the Police, Says Human Rights Watch

6/9/2020 - Game Companies Address Black Lives Matter, The Shining Gets an Escape Room, and More in Gaming News

6/9/2020 - Los Angeles Has Turned Scooters Into Data-Mining Machines, According To A New Lawsuit

6/9/2020 - Ancient Roman Board Game Found in Norwegian Burial Mound

6/9/2020 - Get a First Look at Arkady Martine's Sequel to Acclaimed Space Opera A Memory Called Empire

6/9/2020 - Avatar's 'Cabbage Man' Wants to Scream for His Destroyed Produce in the Live-Action Show

6/9/2020 - Movie Theaters Set to Reopen This Week in California, but You're Not Gonna Like It

6/9/2020 - The Mavic Air 2 Is Definitely the Drone I Was Looking For

6/9/2020 - Monster Hunter Continues to Look Like the Wrong Video Game Movie

6/9/2020 - Trump’s Latest Rollback Will Allow Hunters to Shoot Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs in Their Dens

6/9/2020 - Snowpiercer's Justice System Is Off the Rails Bad

6/9/2020 - Tropical Depression Cristobal Could Make Historic Lake Superior Landfall

6/9/2020 - Researchers Have Created Transparent, Breathable Face Masks

6/9/2020 - Daniel Radcliffe Delivers a Powerful, Heartfelt Message to Support Trans Rights

6/9/2020 - WHO Walks Back Claim That Asymptomatic Coronavirus Transmission Is 'Very Rare'

6/9/2020 - Saturn's Best Moon Is Drifting Away Quicker Than We Thought

6/9/2020 - WWDC's Biggest Surprise Might Be an ARM-Based MacBook

6/9/2020 - Nintendo Says Another 140,000 Accounts May Have Been Exposed

6/9/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 8

6/9/2020 - We Mapped Where Customs and Border Protection Drones Are Flying in the U.S. and Beyond

6/9/2020 - Trump’s ‘Scanner’ Conspiracy Theory About 75-Year-Old Protester Is Complete Nonsense

6/9/2020 - Bruce Campbell Reveals the Next Evil Dead Movie—Without Him

6/9/2020 - Scientists Call for Academic Shutdown in Support of Black Lives

6/9/2020 - Bill & Ted Face the Music in a Truly Excellent Trailer

6/9/2020 - 6 Free Final Cut Pro Alternatives for Making Your Own Movies

6/9/2020 - Gin Bottles Containing Hand Sanitizer Sold to Public In Coronavirus Mix-Up

6/8/2020 - Facebook Mods Sign Letter Protesting Zuckerberg's Stance on Trump Threats, Conspiracy Theories

6/8/2020 - A New Doctor Who Minisode Catches Up With Bill and, Well, the Earth Right Now

6/8/2020 - Cox Might Slow Down a Whole Neighborhood's Internet If One Person Is Using Too Much Data

6/8/2020 - A Key Piece of The Last of Us TV Adaptation Has Been Revealed

6/8/2020 - Ground-Penetrating Radar Reveals Entire Ancient Roman City

6/8/2020 - The U.S. Space Force Is Losing a Trademark Battle With Netflix's Space Force

6/8/2020 - The Matrix's Stars Are Excited AF to Pick Back Up With Neo and Trinity

6/8/2020 - How Much of J.K. Rowling's Transphobia Will Be Too Much Transphobia for Warner Bros.? [Updated]

6/8/2020 - What to Think About Before You Make That Doctor's Appointment

6/8/2020 - Tell Us, Jeff Bezos, Precisely Which Customers You're 'Happy to Lose'

6/8/2020 - Comics Publishers Are Promising Change, but Does That Include From Within?

6/8/2020 - These Weird-Ass Sea Creatures Live In ‘Snot Palaces’ That Capture Carbon

6/8/2020 - Twitter Is Trying to Crack Down on 5G Conspiracy Theories

6/8/2020 - The Flash's Hartley Sawyer Has Been Fired After Vile Tweets Resurface

6/8/2020 - Logitech’s iPad Keyboard Is the Magic Keyboard for Everyone Else

6/8/2020 - BP CEO Calls Plan to Lay Off 10,000 Workers the 'Right Thing'

6/8/2020 - Brave Blows Up Its Whole Reason for Existing

6/8/2020 - The UK Is Considering Reclassifying Video Game Loot Boxes as Gambling

6/8/2020 - The Story of Dune, David Lynch, and Hollywood's Most Notorious Pseudonym

6/8/2020 - Amazon Workers Sue Over 'Culture of Fear' That Prioritizes Productivity Over Covid-19 Concerns

6/8/2020 - Repeating Cosmic Radio Burst Follows Bizarre 157-Day Cycle

6/8/2020 - Alexa's Opinion of 'All Lives Matter' Is a Big Fail

6/8/2020 - Rick and Morty Creator Justin Roiland's Voice Was Wrecked By a Surprising Character

6/8/2020 - Lutron's Smart Blinds Automatically Open and Close All Day Long To Stop Direct Sunlight From Baking Your Home

6/8/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 7

6/8/2020 - This Nintendo Switch Painting App Includes a Pressure-Sensing Stylus Powered by Sound Waves

6/8/2020 - Cristobal Makes Landfall as a Tropical Storm, Bringing Flooding and Tornadoes to the Gulf Coast

6/8/2020 - Wildfire Season Is Here

6/8/2020 - Jon Favreau Says The Mandalorian Season 2 Is on Track, Despite Covid-19 Shutdowns

6/8/2020 - Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Creepshow, and More

6/8/2020 - Anonymous Sleuth Finally Finds $1 Million Treasure Chest Hidden by Antiques Dealer: Report

6/8/2020 - How to Speed Up Your Computer

6/8/2020 - Why Don’t Workers Get Paid in Equity Like CEOs Do?

6/7/2020 - Apple Wins Patent for Socially Distant Group Selfies

6/7/2020 - Your Phone’s Hidden Data, the Dangers of Tear Gas, and Cowboy Bebop: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

6/7/2020 - Brazil’s President Accuses the WHO of 'Ideological Bias' and Threatens Withdrawal

6/7/2020 - Ridley Scott Wants to Use a New Movie to Answer an Obvious Question Raised by Alien

6/7/2020 - The Austin Police Department Explains Its Bizarre Thank-You Card Tweet

6/7/2020 - Even Scientists Funded by Zuckerberg Are Dragging Facebook for Its Hypocrisy

6/7/2020 - Director Kirk Wise Describes the Atlantis: The Lost Empire Sequel We Never Got

6/7/2020 - CDC: Americans Are Misting Their Bodies With Disinfectant Spray and Gargling Bleach to Prevent Coronavirus

6/7/2020 - Batwoman's Showrunner Considered a 'Soap Opera'-Style Recast, But Ultimately Decided Against It

6/7/2020 - Apropos of Nothing, Check Out These Fantasy Novels by LGBT Creators

6/7/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 6

6/7/2020 - 224 Environmental Groups Endorse the Movement for Black Lives—But It Can't End There

6/6/2020 - Twitter and Facebook Take Down Trump Campaign’s Tribute Video to George Floyd for Copyright Infringement

6/6/2020 - You'll Never Guess Who's the Top Result When You Search 'Racist' on Twitter

6/6/2020 - Apple Doesn’t Want the Economic Crisis to Keep You From Buying Its Products: Report

6/6/2020 - Layton Confronts the First Class Passengers in Delightful Snowpiercer Clip

6/6/2020 - Facebook Purges Nearly 200 Accounts Linked to Hate Groups and Schemes to Infiltrate Protests

6/6/2020 - Karyn Kusama Says Her Dracula Adaptation Will Capture Some of the Mystery of the Original Novel

6/6/2020 - Kenneth Branagh Has No Idea If He's Playing the Bad Guy in Tenet

6/6/2020 - Studio Interference Kept Sue Storm From Being Black in 2015's Fantastic Four, Says Director Josh Trank

6/6/2020 - Read Creatures of Charm and Hunger: Chapter 5

6/6/2020 - Pollution Is Racial Violence

6/6/2020 - How to Track the Tech That's Tracking You Every Day

6/6/2020 - Portland Mayor Tells Cops to Stop Using Deafening Sound Cannon to Break Up Protests

6/5/2020 - Facebook Workers Ask If Company's in an 'Abusive Relationship' With Trump Amid Internal Unrest: Report

6/5/2020 - The Best Jurassic Park Figure Mattel's Ever Made Is Now This Spit-Covered Nedry

6/5/2020 - Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Fold 2 Reportedly Launching Aug. 5

6/5/2020 - White House, Military Chiefs Sued for Unprovoked Assault on D.C. Activists

6/5/2020 - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Is Truly One of the Most Brilliant Cartoons to Ever Exist

6/5/2020 - Did Instagram Just Say It's Rewriting Online Copyright?

6/5/2020 - Instacart Is Changing Its Tipping Policy to Curb Customer Tip-Baiting, but Customers Can Still Bait Tips

6/5/2020 - The Mandalorian Had Its Entire Season Pre-Visualized Before Filming Began

6/5/2020 - Latest Coronavirus Science: New York's Hopeful Road to Recovery

6/5/2020 - Future Flexible OLED Displays Could Be Made From Human Hair

6/5/2020 - 8 Classic Sci-Fi Books That Offer a Short but Provocative Read

6/5/2020 - Facebook Will, Uhh, Stop Promoting the ‘Boogaloo’ Race War Thing

6/5/2020 - Singapore Plans to Roll Out Its Own Contact-Tracing Wearable

6/5/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Is Delayed, But Here Are 17 Other Female Fighters to Watch in the Meantime

6/5/2020 - I’ve Worked in Customer Service Long Enough to Know That People Generally Look Down on You

6/5/2020 - Massive Fire Engulfs Third-Party Amazon Fulfillment Center in California

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