3/31/2020 - FBI Issues Warning, NY Attorney General Makes Inquiry After Wave of Zoom Hijackings

3/31/2020 - In the Greenland Trailer, Master of Disaster Gerard Butler Faces Down a Planet-Killing Comet

3/31/2020 - Edgar Wright May Direct a Pop Culture-Infused Robot Movie and We're Freaking Out

3/31/2020 - The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Put the Comics Industry Between a Rock and a Hard Place

3/31/2020 - FCC Will Enforce Robocall Crackdown by June 2021

3/31/2020 - Friday the 13th Unleashes Terror and Thanos Gets a Love Letter in the Latest Gaming News

3/31/2020 - An Anti-Gay Charity Is Running a Coronavirus Tent Hospital in Central Park [Updated]

3/31/2020 - Florida’s Ancient Calusa Kingdom Was Powered by Ingenious Fish Corrals

3/31/2020 - Tales From the Loop's Showrunner on How Sci-Fi Can Bring Us Comfort in Uncertain Times

3/31/2020 - Terrifying Things Happen When an AI Generates Fake Faces Synced to Music

3/31/2020 - 10 Genre Road Trip Movies to Satisfy Your Need to Get Out

3/31/2020 - New Rapid Coronavirus Tests Could Scale Up U.S. Testing

3/31/2020 - Apple Buys Dark Sky, Kills Android App and API

3/31/2020 - The Bizarre Hellscape of Coronavirus Stock Art

3/31/2020 - What It’s Like to Be Sick and in Quarantine at the Epicenter of Spain’s Coronavirus Outbreak

3/31/2020 - Instant Camera For Kids Prints Photos on Rolls of Cheap Thermal Paper

3/31/2020 - Star Trek: Picard's Best Callbacks to The Next Generation

3/31/2020 - Decompress With These Video Game Dreamscapes

3/31/2020 - There's Something for Everyone on April's Giant List of New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Releases

3/31/2020 - How Neon Can Make a Star Destroy Itself

3/31/2020 - Fossil Fuels Should Come With Cigarette-Style Warning Labels, Experts Say

3/31/2020 - In This Exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog Clip, the Cast Discusses the Joys of Gaming

3/31/2020 - Fracked Up: Drilling Pollutant Could Mess With Testosterone

3/31/2020 - Amazon Fires Worker Who Organized Strike Over Conditions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

3/31/2020 - It Sure Seems Like Apple Is Going to Announce the iPhone 9 Real Soon

3/31/2020 - The Rise of Skywalker Could've Given Us a Giant Tank Shaped Like BB-8

3/31/2020 - Who's Ready to Get Mad Over an iPad Notch?

3/31/2020 - 10 Great Places to Start Watching Mobile Suit Gundam

3/31/2020 - Let People Take Home Their Methadone

3/31/2020 - Modder Builds a Perfect Portable N64 That Looks Like a Super-Sized GBA

3/31/2020 - Even More Star Wars Rumors About Who Could Be Joining The Mandalorian

3/31/2020 - Surprise! Fitbit's First New Product Since Google Deal Is A Fitness Tracker

3/31/2020 - 23 Tips for Making Zoom, Skype, and Other Video Conference Calls Suck Less

3/31/2020 - Cops Are Wearing Covid-19 Helmets As Reality Just Gets Weirder During Pandemic

3/31/2020 - Trump Admin Set to Announce Bullshit Plan to Build Dirtier Cars That Cost More to Drive

3/30/2020 - Florida Police Arrest Megachurch Pastor for Refusing to Comply With County Covid-19 Order

3/30/2020 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Morbius Among the Latest Films Delayed by Coronavirus

3/30/2020 - U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Surpass Number Killed On 9/11

3/30/2020 - New Research Exposes Horrific Conditions at Britain's Forgotten Nazi Concentration Camp

3/30/2020 - Harley Quinn's Season 2 Premiere Is a No Man's Land of Fucked-Up Fun

3/30/2020 - GE Aviation Workers Demand That Inactive Plants Begin Manufacturing Respirators

3/30/2020 - Yep, That Rick and Morty Samurai Treat Was Indeed a Direct Homage to Lone Wolf and Cub

3/30/2020 - Star Trek: Picard Didn't Know How It Felt About Jean-Luc Until It Was Too Late

3/30/2020 - Veteran Jedi Academy PC Players Are Joining Online Console Games and Slaughtering Opponents

3/30/2020 - Microsoft Office Might Be Good Now, I Know I Know I'm Trying to Delete

3/30/2020 - Fossilized Vomit and Feces Are Delighting Paleontologists

3/30/2020 - Sotheby's Is Auctioning 40,000 DC Comics From a Single Unprecedented Collection

3/30/2020 - We Have a New Hole in the Ozone to Worry About

3/30/2020 - The Tech in Westworld's Episode 3 Shocker Is Already Here and Much Worse Than You Think

3/30/2020 - Now You Can Watch a Valiant Universe Movie Featuring Bloodshot, But Not Vin Diesel

3/30/2020 - Chiropractors Told to Stop Pretending They Can Treat Covid-19

3/30/2020 - Steven Universe's Rebecca Sugar Reflects on the Past, Present, and Future of Her Sublime Journey

3/30/2020 - Court Rules That Researching a Platform's Hidden Biases Isn't a Criminal Offense

3/30/2020 - Roku Is Making Premium Streaming Free for 30 Days, Including Showtime and Epix

3/30/2020 - ISPs Need to Just Kill Data Caps Already

3/30/2020 - SpaceX Rival OneWeb Files for Bankruptcy, Citing Covid-19 as a Factor

3/30/2020 - Van Gogh Painting Stolen Amid Coronavirus Shutdown, Museum Director ‘Incredibly Pissed’

3/30/2020 - Astrophysicist Gets Magnets Stuck in His Nose While Trying to Invent Face-Touching Alarm

3/30/2020 - Where to Get a Laptop Under $300 Right Now

3/30/2020 - Big Leak Reveals the OnePlus 8's Design and Specs Ahead of Launch

3/30/2020 - Westworld's Episode 4 Teaser Poses a Question About Free Will

3/30/2020 - Locusts Are Ravaging the Horn of Africa—the Coronavirus Is Making Things Worse

3/30/2020 - Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Tests Positive For Covid-19

3/30/2020 - JODI's Chaotic Websites Are a Break from the WWW Hellscape

3/30/2020 - Even Decapitated, Alpha's Still a Major Threat on The Walking Dead

3/30/2020 - Build This Soap Pump Speaker That Automatically Plays 20 Seconds of Your Top Spotify Songs

3/30/2020 - Could Another Clone Wars Legend Appear in The Mandalorian?

3/30/2020 - How to Use Your iPad With a Trackpad or Mouse

3/30/2020 - Fast and Furious Joins the Lego Family With Dom's Dodge Charger

3/30/2020 - Which Superstitions Are Based on Facts?

3/30/2020 - DOJ Reviewing Stock Trades Made by Lawmakers Before Covid-19 Market Crash: Report

3/29/2020 - Westworld Begins to Amp Up With a Charlotte Hale Mary

3/29/2020 - Cocaine Hippos, A New Mexico Raptor, and One Weird Cat: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/29/2020 - Facing Shortages, Feds Give Green Light to Decontaminate Used N95 Masks

3/29/2020 - He's Not Doing the Dumb Thing (But He's Still Saying Some Pretty Dumb Shit)

3/29/2020 - Federal Officials Are Using Your Cellphone Data to Respond to the Outbreak: Report

3/29/2020 - The Original Voice Behind Jem From Jem and the Holograms Made an In-Character Coronavirus PSA

3/29/2020 - No, the CDC is Not Recommending That All Americans Wear Face Masks in Everyday Life [Update: Never Mind]

3/29/2020 - Rick and Morty Just Released a Short Samurai Film and It's Awesome

3/29/2020 - This Fan Film Reimagines Avatar: the Last Airbender's Final Agni Kai

3/29/2020 - Ryan Gosling Is in Talks to Produce and Star in the Adaptation of Andy Weir's Project Hail Mary

3/29/2020 - The CW Is Out of New Shows, So it's Re-Running Crisis on Infinite Earths

3/29/2020 - This Is What Climate Change Looks Like in an Era of Covid-19

3/28/2020 - This New Coronavirus Test Can Detect the Disease in Five Minutes

3/28/2020 - Arkansas Tornado Doubles in Size In Seconds, Tears Through City

3/28/2020 - Lyft Spurs Its Drivers to Deliver Packages for Amazon to Offset Lost Income Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

3/28/2020 - Scientists Find Evidence of Deep-Sea Fish Migration Route

3/28/2020 - Liven Up Social Isolation With a G.I. Joe Marathon, Courtesy of Hasbro

3/28/2020 - Hospitals Turn to 3D-Printed Donations for Sorely Needed Supplies in Covid-19 Outbreak

3/28/2020 - Into the Night Is an Upcoming Netflix Series About the Sun's Final Revenge

3/28/2020 - Ryan Reynolds Is in Talks With Netflix for an Adaptation of Classic Video Game Dragon's Lair

3/28/2020 - PSA: The First Episode of Syfy's Vagrant Queen Is on YouTube

3/28/2020 - The Battle Between the PS5 and Xbox Series X Isn't Going to Be Decided By Specs

3/28/2020 - BB-8 Is the Only Hero Anyone Needs in the Newest Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Short

3/28/2020 - Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Combat the Climate Crisis

3/28/2020 - Google Boots InfoWars App Off Play Store Over Bogus Coronavirus Claims

3/27/2020 - Lawmakers Demand Amazon Get Serious About Worker Safety Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

3/27/2020 - Onward Deleted Scene Features a Capitalist Twist on the Siren Song

3/27/2020 - io9 Came to the Present to Discuss Steven Universe Future's Ending

3/27/2020 - Gotham High Is Sending Batman to High School for Some Teen Drama

3/27/2020 - Charter Gives Spectrum Technicians Entering Homes During Pandemic $25 Gift Cards

3/27/2020 - The Emissary of Hell, Spider-Man, Is the Showiest Toy of the Week

3/27/2020 - Some Medical Schools Are Graduating Students Early Because of Covid-19

3/27/2020 - Google Sees Rise in State-Sponsored Hackers Posing as Journalists

3/27/2020 - Instacart Workers Preparing to Strike Amid Company’s Disastrous Response to Covid-19 Outbreak

3/27/2020 - You're Not Imagining Things, Your Video Game Downloads Have Gotten Slower

3/27/2020 - The Cast of Watchmen Become the 'Washmen' in This Pandemic PSA

3/27/2020 - These Machine Learning-Enhanced Clips Might Be Our Only Chance of Seeing HD Star Trek: Voyager Any Time Soon

3/27/2020 - A Newly Discovered Microbe Feasts on a Particularly Problematic Plastic

3/27/2020 - Samsung's Cheapest Flagship Is a Great Phone in A Weird Time

3/27/2020 - Ten Things That Are More Expensive Than Tar Sands Oil Right Now

3/27/2020 - Amazon 'Bug' Was Hiding Products That Would Have Shipped Faster Amid Covid-19 Delays

3/27/2020 - 'It’s Like Bringing Smallpox Blankets In': Tribes Fight Keystone XL Amid Covid-19

3/27/2020 - Our Favorite Gadgets to Use When Stuck at Home

3/27/2020 - Let's Dive Into Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga's 27-Disc Box Set

3/27/2020 - Apple Made a Pretty Solid Covid-19 Screening Tool

3/27/2020 - Dyson Says It'll Ship 15,000 Custom Ventilators to Aid In Covid-19 Pandemic

3/27/2020 - Trump Threatens to 'Invoke "P"' After Finding Out How Much Ventilators Cost [Update: He Invoked P]

3/27/2020 - Tales From the Loop Is Beautiful to Look At But Doesn't Have Much to Say

3/27/2020 - Oh, Don't Drink That

3/27/2020 - Seismometers Worldwide Detect Decrease in Human Activity Amid Coronavirus Lockdowns

3/27/2020 - Steven Universe Paved the Way for She-Ra's Magical Queer Representation and More

3/27/2020 - The Autons Want Revenge in Russell T. Davies' New Doctor Who Short Story

3/27/2020 - Kuo Hath Said the ARM is Nigh

3/27/2020 - AT&T and Cricket Hit Back Against T-Mobile With Their Own $15 Data Plans

3/27/2020 - Hundreds of Bottles of Toxic Beer Found Hidden Beneath Victorian-Era Staircase

3/27/2020 - 11 Nerdy Things You Can Watch and Read for Free While Social Distancing [Updated]

3/27/2020 - To Fight Covid-19, Trump's EPA Will Bravely Allow Companies to Pollute with Impunity

3/27/2020 - Hot Toys' Life-Sized Baby Yoda Is Here, and He Is Glorious

3/27/2020 - Parents Rejoice! Sesame Workshop Has Made 110 Sesame Street eBooks Free

3/27/2020 - Toilet Paper Thieves and Heavy Crowds at National Parks Put Rangers on the Frontlines of a Disaster

3/27/2020 - The Loki Disney+ Show Wants to Get to the Heart Of His Identity Crisis

3/27/2020 - How to Mute Noisy Tabs in Google Chrome

3/27/2020 - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announces He Tested Positive For Covid-19 in Twitter Video

3/27/2020 - Teen Who Died of Covid-19 Was Denied Treatment Because He Didn't Have Health Insurance

3/27/2020 - On Clone Wars, Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, Whether You're a Soldier or Not

3/26/2020 - Court Agrees That Postmates Couriers Are Employees Entitled to Unemployment Benefits

3/26/2020 - U.S. Coronavirus Cases Now Highest in the World

3/26/2020 - The Picard Finale's Most Emotional Moment Hid a Heartbreaking Secret

3/26/2020 - He's Doing the Dumb Thing

3/26/2020 - Does Your State Allow Voting by Mail? Should It?

3/26/2020 - We Can Increase Life Expectancy Without Fossil Fuels

3/26/2020 - Uber Is Now Asking Drivers to Make Delivery Runs Between Rides

3/26/2020 - Fuzzy Monster Pooka Returns as Into the Dark's Freakiest Episode Gets a Sequel Trailer

3/26/2020 - PS5 and Xbox Series X Code Stolen From AMD and Briefly Put on Github

3/26/2020 - Mad Max's George Miller Met With a New Mutants Star for His Furiosa Spin-Off

3/26/2020 - Neanderthals Enjoyed Seafood, Too, New Evidence Suggests

3/26/2020 - Adorable Animated Super Mario Chain Chomp Toy Will Help You Practice Safe Social Distancing

3/26/2020 - At-Risk Kids Need Laptops to Learn, but Nonprofits Are Overloaded

3/26/2020 - The Fate of a Dark Matter Theory Hinges on These Unidentified X-Rays

3/26/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in April

3/26/2020 - 3.3 Million Unemployment Claims Are Likely the 'Tip of the Iceberg'

3/26/2020 - Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies Writes the 8th Doctor Regeneration That Could've Been in a New Short Story

3/26/2020 - Timex's New GPS Smartwatch Ain't Cute, But It's Cheap

3/26/2020 - AI Trained on Moon Craters Is Helping Find Unexploded Bombs From the Vietnam War

3/26/2020 - Space Force to Get the Hell Off of Earth

3/26/2020 - Scientists Save Quantum States in a Diamond, a Tiny Step Toward a Quantum Internet

3/26/2020 - Android Apps May Be Snooping on You More Than You Realize

3/26/2020 - Sean Astin's Audition for The Goonies Is Predictably Adorable

3/26/2020 - 'The Human Brain Is Just Not Meant to Process This Much Extreme Change'

3/26/2020 - Plex Is Giving Away 3 Months of Free Live TV as the Nightmare Continues

3/26/2020 - 13 Board Games, RPGs, and Resources for Playing with Friends and Family Remotely

3/26/2020 - How Fossil Fuel Companies Could Profit From the Covid-19 Stimulus Package

3/26/2020 - Hotter Days May Leave You More Stressed, Depressed

3/26/2020 - The Best Garbage TV to Stream After You Admit You're Not Gonna Read Shit

3/26/2020 - Ferocious Raptor Discovered in New Mexico Was a Speedy Hunter

3/26/2020 - The Magicians' Series Finale Teases the End and a Magical Birth

3/26/2020 - Snake Venom Didn't Evolve for Self-Defense, New Study Finds

3/26/2020 - Huawei's Flagship P40 Pro+ Is Pushing the Limits of What a Smartphone Camera Can Do

3/26/2020 - Instagram Muscleman Arrested For Allegedly Peddling Fake Covid-19 Cure

3/26/2020 - 10 Apocalypse Movies to Watch With Happy (or at Least Not Totally Depressing) Endings

3/26/2020 - This Building Block Waffle Maker Is Like Eating Lego for Breakfast

3/26/2020 - Star Wars' Cassian Andor Show Could Include Some Cut Creatures and Characters From Rogue One

3/26/2020 - Apple Not Only Fixed the New MacBook Air's Keyboard, It Also Made the Laptop Easier To Repair

3/26/2020 - Star Trek: Picard's Finale Gives You Everything You Wanted, and That's Kind of the Problem

3/26/2020 - The Plastics Industry Is Trying to Cash In on the Covid-19 Pandemic

3/26/2020 - How to Spring Clean Your Online Accounts Now That You're Stuck at Home

3/26/2020 - Louisiana Could Run Out of Ventilators Next Week As Covid-19 Deaths Spike

3/25/2020 - Pharma Giant Gilead Retracts Request FDA Extend Monopoly Status on Experimental Covid-19 Drug

3/25/2020 - DC Kids Camp Wants to Inspire Young Readers to Become Creators

3/25/2020 - Twitter Deletes Post by The Federalist Calling for Coronavirus Infection Program

3/25/2020 - Digimon Adventure's Hard Reset Is Key to the Franchise's Evolution

3/25/2020 - Small Trial Finds No Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Works Against Covid-19

3/25/2020 - The Truth of Coronavirus Might Be Worse Than the Conspiracy Theories

3/25/2020 - Washington National Cathedral Finds Thousands of N95 Respirator Masks in Its Crypt Level

3/25/2020 - Animal Crossing Needs a Rent Freeze

3/25/2020 - Chris Chibnall's New Doctor Who Short Story Is a Deeper Glimpse Into Regeneration

3/25/2020 - Patty Jenkins Is Grateful She Didn't Direct Thor: The Dark World

3/25/2020 - The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Just Won a Major Court Victory Over the Dakota Access Pipeline

3/25/2020 - Maybe Sony Will Finally Fulfill One of Playstation's Oldest Promises

3/25/2020 - Thrown Rocks Are No Threat to These Drones That Have Mastered Dodgeball

3/25/2020 - Altered Carbon Looks Stacked in an Exclusive Preview of Netflix's Coffee Table Book

3/25/2020 - South Korea Names Man Allegedly Behind Online Video Blackmail Ring

3/25/2020 - The Horror Community Pays Tribute to Re-Animator Director Stuart Gordon

3/25/2020 - Ancient Mercury Had the Right Stuff For Life, Surprising New Research Suggests

3/25/2020 - My Weird Cat Taught Himself to Piss in the Toilet—and Showed Me the Meaning of Life

3/25/2020 - This Ankle Exoskeleton Was Designed to Make Running Easier

3/25/2020 - Sam Witwer on His DC Universe RPG and GMing While Social Distancing

3/25/2020 - 3D Printing Foods With Complex Designs Can Trick Diners Into Eating Less While Still Feeling Full

3/25/2020 - Scientists Make Breakthrough Toward Mapping All Cells in the Human Body

3/25/2020 - Solar Opposites' First Trailer Is a Raunchy 'F-You' to Humanity

3/25/2020 - 11 of the Coolest Builds By Bored People With a Lot of Lego Bricks

3/25/2020 - Samsung Is Bringing a Bunch of Galaxy S20 Features to the S10 and Note 10

3/25/2020 - Infectious Disease Expert Who Consulted On Contagion Movie Tests Positive For Covid-19

3/25/2020 - The Best Sci-Fi Binges You Can Watch in a Single Day (or Weekend)

3/25/2020 - Marshall's New Itty Bitty Smart Speaker Packs Big Sound

3/25/2020 - That's Our Doctor

3/25/2020 - A Classic Pair of Apple-Branded Sneakers Just Sold For Almost $10,000

3/25/2020 - Alaska Automated Its Weather Stations and Created a Snow Data Disaster

3/25/2020 - Escape the Hell of the Indoors With These Very Good Nature Twitch Streams

3/25/2020 - This Egg Is Actually One of the Most Powerful Drones You Can Buy for Less Than $1,200

3/25/2020 - Updates from Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, and More

3/25/2020 - Coronavirus Has Slashed Global Air Pollution. This Interactive Map Shows How.

3/25/2020 - These 19 Apps Will Help You Social Distance Without Feeling Isolated

3/25/2020 - Australia Converts Tourist Island Full of Quokkas Into Covid-19 Quarantine Zone

3/25/2020 - Brazil's Bolsonaro Blames Press for Covid-19 'Hysteria,' Boasts He's Too Fit to Get Sick in Speech

3/25/2020 - 'I’m Just Praying': Miners Fear the Impacts Covid-19 Could Have in Coal Country

3/24/2020 - Philly Officials Say Rich Jerk Who Owns Shuttered Hospital Is Trying to Cash in on Covid-19 Emergency

3/24/2020 - A Guide to Kamen Rider, the Masked Marvels of Japanese Superhero TV

3/24/2020 - Albert Uderzo, One Half of the Legendary Astérix and Obelix, Has Died

3/24/2020 - We Need Insanity Wolf Now More Than Ever

3/24/2020 - The Mandalorian to Add Aliens and Terminator Star Michael Biehn

3/24/2020 - YouTube Is Lowering Default Video Quality Worldwide for 30 Days in Response to Pandemic

3/24/2020 - The Walking Dead's Current Season Will Be Cut Short

3/24/2020 - Life Is Thriving 2,600 Feet Beneath the Seafloor

3/24/2020 - Apple Card Updates Privacy Policy to Allow for More Anonymized Data Sharing

3/24/2020 - You'll Have to Wait a Bit Longer for Supernatural's Final Episodes

3/24/2020 - Glowing Deep-Sea Squid Have a Complex Form of Communication, New Evidence Suggests

3/24/2020 - 15 Unique Board Games and RPGs for Families That Aren't Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit

3/24/2020 - Why the Covid-19 Related Drop in Air Travel Could Make Weather Forecasts Less Accurate

3/24/2020 - Does Solid Coffee Taste Good?

3/24/2020 - How Could Covid-19 Cause Someone to Lose Their Sense of Smell?

3/24/2020 - Lack of Internet Access Could Be Dangerous for Rural Americans Needing Healthcare

3/24/2020 - WB Finally Makes the Call to Push Wonder Woman 1984's Release

3/24/2020 - On Google Search, Scammy Unemployment Ads Are Targeting Some of the Most Vulnerable People

3/24/2020 - Verizon Is Waiving Overage and Late Fees and Adding Free 15GB of Data During Covid-19 Outbreak

3/24/2020 - A Tribute to Sam Neill's 13 Most Memorable Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Roles

3/24/2020 - India Locks Down Entire Population of 1.3 Billion For 21 Days

3/24/2020 - These Award-Winning Wildlife Photos Will Calm Your Stressed Spirits

3/24/2020 - The U.S.'s Largest Comics Distributor Is No Longer Shipping, Due to Covid-19

3/24/2020 - This App Promises to Turn Android Phones Into Extra Nintendo Switch Controllers

3/24/2020 - The Never-Ending Death of Smart Home Gadgets

3/24/2020 - Now Is the Time to Do the Dumb Stuff

3/24/2020 - Lego Just Resurrected One of Its Best Pirate Sets of All Time

3/24/2020 - Apple Will Now Let You Buy Apps for Mac and iOS as a Bundled Package

3/24/2020 - Kingdom of Frost Explores How Frozen Landscapes Shaped Humanity

3/24/2020 - Researchers Find Android Apps for Kids Riddled With Malware

3/24/2020 - Check Out Our Exclusive Peek at Jim Butcher's New Dresden Files Entry, Peace Talks

3/24/2020 - Little Mermaid's Alan Menken Teases Some Brand New Songs for Disney's Live-Action Film

3/24/2020 - Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Are Filling Ecosystem Roles in Colombia That Have Been Vacant for Thousands of Years

3/24/2020 - Man Dies, Wife Critical From Chloroquine After Hearing Trump Tout Unproven Covid-19 Treatment

3/24/2020 - U.S. State Department Seeks Help From Foreign Aid Recipients For Scarce Medical Supplies

3/23/2020 - Microsoft Says Critical Vulnerability in Windows Is Already Being Used in 'Limited Targeted Attacks'

3/23/2020 - CDC Says Coronavirus Traces Lasted 17 Days on Cruise Ship, But No Evidence of Transmission Risk

3/23/2020 - Black Widow Is Delayed, So I Guess My Mind Decided I Should Dream the Movie Instead?

3/23/2020 - The Witcher's Stunt Coordinator Breaks Down One of the Show's Most Monstrous Fights

3/23/2020 - The Suits From Netflix's Ultraman Anime Look Fantastic in Live Action

3/23/2020 - T-Mobile Introduces New Super-Cheap $15 Connect Plan with 2GB of Data

3/23/2020 - DOJ Pursues Covid-19 Fraudsters Peddling Fake Vaccine Kits

3/23/2020 - NASA's New View of Asteroid Bennu Transports Us Far Away From Our Troubles

3/23/2020 - How Supercomputers Are Helping to Fight Covid-19

3/23/2020 - Westworld's Episode 3 Teaser Hints at Tessa Thompson's Secret Identity

3/23/2020 - Energy and Policy Experts Have a Plan to Fight Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis

3/23/2020 - Rebecca Sugar on the Unhealthy Boundaries Between Steven Universe and Jasper

3/23/2020 - Scientists Find a Superconductor in Bits of Meteorite

3/23/2020 - Here's How Mark Hamill Could Have Met His End in Zombieland

3/23/2020 - Senators Demand Amazon Answer for Warehouse Worker Conditions Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

3/23/2020 - Turn Your Nintendo Switch Into a Miniature Arcade Optimized For Fighting Games

3/23/2020 - Unplug Your Smart Speakers While You're Working From Home

3/23/2020 - Sam Witwer on Clone Wars' Game-Changing Finale and Saying Goodbye to George Lucas' Star Wars

3/23/2020 - Uber CEO Decides Driver Safety Isn't His Problem

3/23/2020 - New York Stock Exchange Chairman Sold Millions in Stock Before Crash

3/23/2020 - Can Drugs for Malaria, HIV, and Ebola Treat Covid-19? New WHO Trial Aims to Find Out

3/23/2020 - If You Want Earbuds With a Cord, the Powerbeats 4 Are the Ones

3/23/2020 - This Vivarium Clip Puts Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots in a Sinister Maze

3/23/2020 - Smart Thermometers Could be Key to Tracking the Coronavirus, For Better or Worse

3/23/2020 - Netflix's Next Animated Adventure Is All About...Potential Parenticide?

3/23/2020 - CDC's Covid-19 Bot Helps You Decide Whether to Go to the Hospital

3/23/2020 - PG&E Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter for Camp Fire Deaths

3/23/2020 - Turn Your Entire Home Into a Miniature Golf Course With These Putting Cup Air Vents

3/23/2020 - Non-Essential Amazon Prime Orders Now Facing Shipping Delays of up to a Month

3/23/2020 - Russell T. Davies Will Release New Doctor Who Material for the 15th Anniversary 'Rose' Rewatch [Updated]

3/23/2020 - Rumors Claim Apple's AirPower Is Still Alive and the iPhone 9 Is in Production

3/23/2020 - The World's First Digital Watch Is Coming Back—for $750

3/23/2020 - That Westworld Reveal Was More Than Just a Game of Thrones Cameo

3/23/2020 - Drones Capture Video of Nearly Empty American Cities in Lockdown

3/23/2020 - More Details on Aquaman 2 and DC's Mysterious Trench Spinoff

3/23/2020 - How to Get the Most Out of Your Disney Plus Subscription

3/23/2020 - What's the Softest Thing?

3/23/2020 - Target Donates N95 Mask Inventory to Hospitals, Apologizes For Selling Masks in Seattle

3/22/2020 - On The Walking Dead, Michonne Takes an Acid Trip Down Memory Lane

3/22/2020 - Westworld's Maeve Gets Drawn Into 2 World Wars in the Latest Episode

3/22/2020 - Trump's Latest Inflated Claim: Automakers Are Making Emergency Ventilators 'Right Now'

3/22/2020 - Senator Rand Paul Is the Senate’s First Confirmed Coronavirus Case

3/22/2020 - This Professional Cosplayer Showcases Her Transformation Into The Witcher's Renfri

3/22/2020 - Best Buy Shifts Services Curbside, Suspends Home Installations and Repairs

3/22/2020 - Andy Serkis and His Daughter Discuss Acting Together on The Letter for the King

3/22/2020 - See the Messy Dry-Erase Board That Guided the Storytelling of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

3/22/2020 - Hey Siri, Do I Have Coronavirus?

3/22/2020 - Ashley Eckstein Talks Completing Story Arcs and the Unrelenting Goodness of Ahsoka Tano

3/22/2020 - Tessa Thompson and Thandie Newton Talk the Growth of Their Characters in Westworld Season 3

3/21/2020 - With Covid-19 Closing Theaters, This Distributor Is Taking the Movie-Going Experience Online

3/21/2020 - The Walking Dead's Youth-Oriented Spinoff World Beyond Has Been Delayed

3/21/2020 - Google’s Coronavirus Website Is Nothing Like Trump Described

3/21/2020 - Steven Universe Is Ending Next Week, Watch the Trailer For the Finale

3/21/2020 - Sonic the Hedgehog Is Racing to a Digital Release Earlier Than Expected

3/21/2020 - Twitter Uses Its Blue-Checkmark System for Good and Streamlines Verification for Covid-19 Experts

3/21/2020 - Patton Oswalt Is the Greatest Kaiju in This Goofy Short Film

3/21/2020 - The Magicians Has One Last Musical Episode Up Its Sleeve

3/21/2020 - This New Species Is Named After the Plastic Inside It

3/21/2020 - Haven't Grabbed Your Apple Store Pickup Yet? You're Screwed Until Further Notice

3/20/2020 - Google Assistant Now Sings You Through the Proper Way to Wash Your Hands

3/20/2020 - Hook Has Enough Unforgettable Moments to Cover Its Considerable Flaws

3/20/2020 - 40 Essential Steven Universe Episodes to Watch Before the Series Finale

3/20/2020 - Netflix Pledges $100 Million to Help Entertainment Workers Impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic

3/20/2020 - Reddit’s Imaginary Maps Show Us It Could Always Be Worse

3/20/2020 - This Animated Princess Leia Star Wars Short Is Just Pure Joy

3/20/2020 - What We Think We Know About the Coronavirus Is Going to Keep Changing

3/20/2020 - MovieFone Sells for Just $1 Million as MoviePass Owner Liquidates Remaining Failures

3/20/2020 - At Least One Computer Chip Can Now Smell

3/20/2020 - Google I/O 2020 Just Went From Being Online-Only to Totally Canceled

3/20/2020 - Red Dwarf Is Paying Off a Story Line After Three Decades

3/20/2020 - Hubble Telescope Detects Unthinkable Quasar Tsunamis

3/20/2020 - Trump Administration Hires a Trophy-Hunting Advocate to Protect Wildlife

3/20/2020 - Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski Escapes 32 of 33 Charges in Waymo Theft Plea Deal

3/20/2020 - 12 Board Games and RPGs 2 People Can Play While Keeping Their Distance...Together

3/20/2020 - If You Want to Buy a Treadmill, Peloton Can't Help Right Now

3/20/2020 - Tesla Will Suspend Production After Initially Telling Workers to Continue Working Amid Outbreak

3/20/2020 - China Gives Half-Assed Apology for Reprimanding Whistleblower Doctor Killed by Covid-19

3/20/2020 - The Mandalorian Has Picked Rosario Dawson to Play Ahsoka Tano

3/20/2020 - Microsoft Teased a Revamped UI for Windows 10 and It Looks Awesome

3/20/2020 - This Smart Tape Measure Is an Asshole

3/20/2020 - How Netflix's I Am Not Okay With This Evolves Past Its Mixed Metaphor About Queerness

3/20/2020 - The U.S. Should Stop Water Shutoffs During the Covid-19 Pandemic—and Forever

3/20/2020 - Covid-19 Means NASA's Moon Mission Might Have to Wait

3/20/2020 - A Second Dust Bowl Could Threaten Global Food Security

3/20/2020 - Into the Spider-Verse's Jake Johnson Is Helping Kids Cope With Personal Messages From Spider-Man

3/20/2020 - Here's What People Thought of Twitter When It First Launched

3/20/2020 - YouTube Reducing Streaming Quality in the EU to Clear Traffic On the Information Superhighway

3/20/2020 - Harley Quinn's First Season 2 Trailers Introduce Catwoman and a Budding Romance

3/20/2020 - Forget the Woolly Mammoth—Let’s Resurrect Some Extinct Plants

3/20/2020 - Netflix's Love Is Blind Is Like If a Drunk Dog Made a Dating Show

3/20/2020 - The Flash Is Headed Toward 'Tragic Consequences'

3/20/2020 - How to Get Started with Online Multiplayer Games When You're Bored At Home

3/20/2020 - Republican Senator Pleads Ignorance After Selling Millions in Stock Before the Crash

3/20/2020 - Ahsoka's Return to the Clone Wars Brings Together Those the Jedi Left Behind

3/20/2020 - California Enters Statewide Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

3/19/2020 - YouTube Launches Verified Coronavirus Coverage Hub on Homepage

3/19/2020 - The Original Revenge of the Cybermen Is Being Turned Into an Audio Drama

3/19/2020 - Sen. Richard Burr Sold Up to $1.56 Million in Stock While Publicly Saying U.S. Is Ready for Coronavirus

3/19/2020 - What We Do in the Shadows' New Season 2 Trailer Is 'Horny For Love'

3/19/2020 - Free Comic Book Day Has, Unsurprisingly, Been Postponed

3/19/2020 - Student Scientists Worry About Their Futures as Universities Shut Down Over Covid-19

3/19/2020 - Venice's Historic Canals Have Transformed During Italy's Lockdown

3/19/2020 - Open Channel: Show Us Your Work-From-Home Stations

3/19/2020 - Study: Soot From Massive Wildfires Led to Dino-Killing Mass Extinction

3/19/2020 - 20 Sci-Fi Directorial Debuts That Became Genre Classics

3/19/2020 - N95 Mask Listings on Amazon Are Flooded With Fake Reviews

3/19/2020 - Hong Kong Introduces Invasive Location-Tracking Bracelets, Promises They're Not That Invasive

3/19/2020 - China Hopes Harry Potter Will Coax People Back to Theaters…Once They Reopen

3/19/2020 - Microsoft Wants You to Snack Freely Without Irritating Your Video Conferencing Colleagues

3/19/2020 - Amazon Has Already Reopened Its Queens Facility After a Worker Tested Positive for Covid-19

3/19/2020 - Spring Is Here, and It's Set to Bring a Whole Lot of Flooding

3/19/2020 - Cats Is a 'Medieval Morality Play': 20 Highlights From Tom Hooper's Strange Director Commentary

3/19/2020 - The Future May Bring Even More Extreme Storms and Heat Than We Thought

3/19/2020 - Mayor Bill de Blasio: Musk Offered to Make Ventilators, So Let's See 'Em

3/19/2020 - Sick Days: Stories From People Keeping the World Running

3/19/2020 - Shaun of the Dead Gets a Coronavirus Update Thanks to Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

3/19/2020 - Trump's Trade Adviser Pushing 'Buy American' Order on Drugs, Medical Supplies During Pandemic

3/19/2020 - Civil Rights Groups Cancel Twitter's 'Birthday,' Say CEO Is Giving Nazis a 'Megaphone'

3/19/2020 - Microsoft Just Made It a Lot Easier to Port Cool PC Games to Xbox [UPDATE]

3/19/2020 - The EU Wants Netflix to Lower Streaming Video Quality to Prevent the Internet From Breaking [Updated]

3/19/2020 - Real Number of U.S. Coronavirus Cases Could Be as High as 150,000, New Estimates Suggest

3/19/2020 - Just Opening a Plastic Bottle Can Send Microplastic Pollution Into the Air

3/19/2020 - Vampire Bats Will Share Blood With a Friend, but Only After Vigorous Grooming

3/19/2020 - Jumanji Director Jake Kasdan on How Next Level Continued to Pay Homage to the Original

3/19/2020 - For the First Time Ever, Toei Is Releasing Subtitled Classic Tokusatsu for Free Online

3/19/2020 - This U-Shaped Window AC Unit Looks Nifty If You've Got Noodle Arms

3/19/2020 - The Samsung Galaxy S20+ Is the Best Android Has to Offer Right Now

3/19/2020 - The Delicious Mutant That Set Off a Seedless Gold Rush

3/19/2020 - Disney+'s Loki Show Could Introduce a Very Interesting Marvel Comic Throwback

3/19/2020 - How to Stay Fit While Social Distancing

3/19/2020 - Picard Enters Its Endgame With a Classic Star Trek Moral Argument

3/19/2020 - All the Free Streaming Services That Just Might Be What You're Looking For

3/19/2020 - USDA Fights to Take Away Food Stamps From 700,000 Americans Despite Pandemic

3/18/2020 - NASA, SpaceX Still Aiming to Launch Manned Crew Dragon Demo-2 Test as Early as May

3/18/2020 - This Weapon Is Not Your Life

3/18/2020 - Navy Hospital Ships Promised by White House May Take Days to Weeks to Launch

3/18/2020 - Here’s What Comic Book Stores Are Doing to Help Combat Covid-19

3/18/2020 - Baby Yoda Joins the Mandalorian in the Latest Jaw-Dropping Reveal From Hot Toys

3/18/2020 - Everything In Its Place: The Internet Is Diagramming Our Anxiety

3/18/2020 - Tesla Told Employees to Show Up for Work on Wednesday Despite Shelter-in-Place Order

3/18/2020 - DOJ Kills One of the Best Ways to Settle Legal Cases Against Polluters

3/18/2020 - Dammit, Legends of Tomorrow, It's Only Wednesday

3/18/2020 - Urban Coyotes Live Off Trash, Fruit, and Cats

3/18/2020 - And Now for Some Good News: The Mars InSight Heat Flow Probe Is Digging Again

3/18/2020 - Unfortunately, There's No Butthole Cut of Cats

3/18/2020 - Charter Communications Employees Say Bosses Ignore Expert Covid-19 Advice, Put Profit Before Safety

3/18/2020 - Sci-Fi Visionary Alex Garland Details His Discomfort With the Modern Tech Landscape

3/18/2020 - Covid-19 Is Already Wreaking Havoc on the Blood Supply

3/18/2020 - The PS5 Won’t Necessarily Be as Fast as the Next Xbox, But Sony’s Not Worried

3/18/2020 - 12 Board Games and Tabletop RPGs You Can Play Alone While Social Distancing

3/18/2020 - Scientists Who Created Order From Randomness Win Prestigious Mathematics Prize

3/18/2020 - New Study Disproves the Republican Lie That National Monuments Hurt Local Economies

3/18/2020 - What to Know Before You Buy a Live TV Streaming Service

3/18/2020 - All the New Things We Learned From Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's Home Release

3/18/2020 - Fossil Reveals 'Wonderchicken,' the Earliest Known Modern Bird

3/18/2020 - Get a Load of the Glorious Kaiju Art Stomping Into Mondo's New Godzilla Gallery

3/18/2020 - In the Haunting Trailer for Doctor Who's Next Animated Classic, Something's Taking the Youths

3/18/2020 - This Is It, the Perfect TV Show

3/18/2020 - How Medical Students May Help Fight Covid-19

3/18/2020 - Here's What Apple Would Have Announced at Its Canceled March Event

3/18/2020 - Hospital Workers Are Making Their Own Face Masks Using Craft Supplies

3/18/2020 - Dyson's New Flat Iron Is Impressive, But It's Not Magic

3/18/2020 - A Wild Spider-Man 3 Rumor Suggests a Very Familiar Hero Could Play a Part

3/18/2020 - 10 Cool Features That Make the Amazon Echo Show Worth the Upgrade

3/18/2020 - Man Who Threatened to Intentionally Spread Covid-19 in Japan Dies

3/18/2020 - SoftBank May Bail on $3 Billion of Its WeWork Bailout

3/18/2020 - Automated Facebook Anti-Spam System Goes Hog Wild, Blocks Links Including Covid-19 Info

3/17/2020 - Senators Can't Work From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic, Mitch McConnell Says

3/17/2020 - On the Plus Side, Maybe George R.R. Martin Will Finish Winds of Winter Now

3/17/2020 - Major Book Publisher Abandons Terrible Plan to Keep New Ebooks Out of Libraries

3/17/2020 - Alphabet Still Needs to Answer a Big Question About Its Covid-19 Site

3/17/2020 - RIP Lyle Waggoner, Wonder Woman's Stalwart Steve Trevor

3/17/2020 - Vulkan API Now Supports Ray Tracing and That's Great News If You Game

3/17/2020 - U.S. Reportedly In Talks To Use Your Location Data to Contain the Pandemic

3/17/2020 - AMC, Regal, Alamo Drafthouse, and Cinemark Are Closing Theaters Because of the Coronavirus

3/17/2020 - Charter Employees Clash With Managers Over ISP's 'Self-Serving' No-Work-From-Home Policy

3/17/2020 - Discovery in Tomb Reveals Ancient Game of Donkey Polo

3/17/2020 - Ukrainian Ad Agency Raided by Police and Accused of Aiding Piracy

3/17/2020 - Onward and Lord of the Rings Get RPGs and More Gaming News, Including Covid-19 Updates

3/17/2020 - Hey, Fitness Apps, Stop Shaming Us While We Social Distance

3/17/2020 - How Optimistic Should We Be About the First Covid-19 Vaccine Trial?

3/17/2020 - Ruin Your Work Productivity at Home With This Netflix Watch Party Extension

3/17/2020 - Discovery's Sonequa Martin-Green on Bringing Her Star Trek Legacy to Video Games

3/17/2020 - We Failed to Track Early Covid-19 Cases, So Here's What Happens Now

3/17/2020 - Public Transit Is the Way to a Green New Deal

3/17/2020 - Marvel's Black Widow Is the Latest to Be Delayed by Coronavirus

3/17/2020 - If You're Buying Movies Online Make Sure You Sign Up for This Service to Watch Them Anywhere

3/17/2020 - Old Air Conditioners and Refrigerators Are Keeping Us From Healing the Ozone Hole

3/17/2020 - Clone Wars' Next Arc Sends Ahsoka Tano Into the Star Wars Underworld

3/17/2020 - She-Ra's Upcoming 5th Season Will Be Its Last

3/17/2020 - Locked Indoors? Laid Off? Tell Us How Coronavirus Is Affecting Your Work

3/17/2020 - Celebrate Ray Harryhausen's 100th Birthday With This Amazing 7th Voyage of Sinbad Merch

3/17/2020 - Leaked Apple Product Listings Suggest Refreshed iPad Pros Are Coming Soon

3/17/2020 - It’s Not Just You: Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation and More Struggling to Handle Quarantined Gamers

3/17/2020 - Uber, Lyft Suspend Shared Ride Services Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

3/17/2020 - Good News, Birds of Prey Is Now Releasing Digitally Next Week

3/17/2020 - Amazon Says Medical Supplies and Household Staples Will Take Priority Over Third-Party Fulfillment [Updated]

3/17/2020 - Terminal Blues

3/17/2020 - Jabra's New Workout Earbuds Are Perfect

3/17/2020 - Covid-19 Sets Back Even More Films and TV Shows

3/17/2020 - Sonos to Roll Out Whole New App for Its Next Generation of Speakers

3/17/2020 - If You Live With Air Pollution, You're Already More Vulnerable to Covid-19

3/17/2020 - Boris Johnson Jokes With CEOs That Ventilator Crisis Should Be Called 'Operation Last Gasp': Report

3/16/2020 - Report: Apple Plans to Release Cheap iPhone 9 Plus With Touch ID This Spring

3/16/2020 - Stargirl's Latest Promo Wants You to Laugh and Think About the Justice Society of America

3/16/2020 - Scientists Discover Ice Age Structure Made From Bones of 60 Mammoths

3/16/2020 - A Costume-Less Batwoman Just Crossed a Line Batman Rarely Has

3/16/2020 - Calls to Conduct 2020 Elections by Mail Are Growing as Virus Spreads

3/16/2020 - CDC Advises Morticians That It Is Time to Switch to Livestreaming Funerals

3/16/2020 - The Midnight Gospel's First Trailer Wants to Ask the Multiverse a Question

3/16/2020 - AMD's Ray Tracing Looks Great on the Xbox Series X

3/16/2020 - RuPaul Has a Fracking Empire on His Wyoming Ranch

3/16/2020 - What to Do If You Need a Return or Pick Up at the Apple Store During the Covid-19 Outbreak

3/16/2020 - The Reality of Westworld's Futuristic Dystopia Becomes Clear in This Behind-the-Scenes Look

3/16/2020 - 5 Things We Want From Avenue 5 Season 2

3/16/2020 - Covid-19 Is Spreading Far and Wide From People Who Don't Feel Sick, New Research Finds

3/16/2020 - Read How Leia One-Upped Luke's Jedi Training From The Empire Strikes Back

3/16/2020 - Even a Relatively Small Nuclear War Would Cause Global Famine

3/16/2020 - Here's How Covid-19 Could Impact Upcoming NASA Missions

3/16/2020 - Leaked Documents Show TikTok Tried to Suppress ‘Ugly’ Users

3/16/2020 - Universal Becomes First Studio to Offer First Run Films in the Home

3/16/2020 - Five of the World's Largest Banks Are Pouring Billions Into the Amazon's Destruction

3/16/2020 - AMD Is Finally Taking on Intel With Gaming Laptop CPUs

3/16/2020 - Now's a Good Time to Use No-Touch Payment Systems Like Apple Pay

3/16/2020 - We Risked Our Hair to Try Out Dyson's $500 Cordless Flat Iron

3/16/2020 - Assholes Who Ridiculed Preparations For the Covid-19 Pandemic Are Having a Change of Heart

3/16/2020 - Rebecca Sugar Opens Up About How Healing from Trauma Shaped Steven Universe Future

3/16/2020 - There Is Only One Right Plan for Fracking

3/16/2020 - Leaving Westworld Was the Best Thing the HBO Series Could've Done Right Now

3/16/2020 - The Walking Dead Goes Game of Thrones With a Medieval Battle and a Deadly Twist

3/16/2020 - Apple's Powerbeats 4 Are Finally Here and They're the Cheapest Ones Yet

3/16/2020 - Kamen Rider Is Officially Coming Stateside, Thanks to a New Streaming Channel

3/16/2020 - France Hits Apple With a Record-Setting $1.2 Billion Fine

3/16/2020 - Updates From Spider-Man 3, Final Destination 6, and More

3/16/2020 - Create Multiple Virtual Desktops to Separate Your Work and Personal Life

3/16/2020 - Health Care Workers in Five States Test Positive For Covid-19 Over the Weekend

3/15/2020 - Trump’s Coronavirus Lies, a Fake Meat Taste Test and a Really Weird Fossil: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/15/2020 - Police in Spain Are Using Drones to Tell People to Stay in Their Damn Homes During Coronavirus Crisis

3/15/2020 - Westworld Returns With a Brand New World (But No West)

3/15/2020 - TikTok Says It'll No Longer Moderate Overseas Content With China-Based Staff: Report

3/15/2020 - “Liftoff! Disregard.” Watch SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Abort a Planned Launch at the Last Second

3/15/2020 - Onward Leads a Low Box Office as AMC and Regal Limit Ticket Sales to Combat the Novel Coronavirus

3/15/2020 - Moana's Personality Comes Through Even in the Storyboards

3/15/2020 - Google Scrambles to Make the White House Seem Competent

3/15/2020 - These Children Ask Tom Holland Some Intense Questions About Spider-Man and His Career

3/15/2020 - The Writers Behind The Walking Dead Are Well Prepared to Work Safely During a Pandemic

3/15/2020 - Westworld's Creators Preview What to Expect in the Third Season

3/14/2020 - Following Italy, Spain Locks Down Entire Country to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

3/14/2020 - Trump Extends Travel Ban to UK and Ireland, Tests Negative for COVID-19

3/14/2020 - Disney Has Released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on Digital Platforms Several Days Early

3/14/2020 - Can't Pay Your Apple Card Bill This Month? Apple Says Don't Sweat It

3/14/2020 - Bloodshot's Director Shares How He'd Adapt Star Wars: The Old Republic

3/14/2020 - Apple Closes All Stores Outside China to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

3/14/2020 - Disney, Universal Shut Down Film Production Over Concern About the Novel Coronavirus [Update: The Batman, Too]

3/14/2020 - The Orville Is Getting New Comics to Bridge the Gap Between Seasons 2 and 3

3/14/2020 - CW's New Stargirl Trailer Has Superheroics With a Teen Drama Vibe

3/14/2020 - A Newly Discovered Deep-Sea Coral Garden Could Unlock the Ocean's Secrets

3/14/2020 - Disney to Stream Frozen 2 Early Because the World's on Fire

3/13/2020 - Trump Blindsides Google With Announcement That It's Building a Nationwide Screening Site [Updated]

3/13/2020 - New Sci-Fi Short Film Asks Who Among Us Is Secretly a Westworld-Like Robot

3/13/2020 - Don't Build a Game in Dreams Just Yet

3/13/2020 - Arkham Knight's Barbara Gordon Steps Into the Spotlight in the Week's Most Bat-Tastic Toys

3/13/2020 - Darth Vader's Hunt for the Past Just Got Tragically Complex

3/13/2020 - Delta Announces Largest Capacity Reduction in Company History as It Navigates Covid-19 Outbreak

3/13/2020 - What the Fuck Was That?

3/13/2020 - Netflix, Warner Bros., Apple, and Amazon Are All Halting Production on Series Due to the New Coronavirus [Update]

3/13/2020 - Bill Gates Has Left Microsoft's Board

3/13/2020 - A Powerful New Telescope Is About to Get Screwed by Elon Musk’s Starlink Constellation, Research Suggests

3/13/2020 - YouTuber Builds the World's Most Powerful Handheld Laser Pointer and It Can Instantly Melt Glass

3/13/2020 - Fresh Off Probation for Violating Sanctions, ZTE Reportedly Under Investigation for Bribery

3/13/2020 - What's Your Favorite Friday the 13th Movie?

3/13/2020 - Major ISPs Agree Not to Cancel Internet Service Over The Next 60 days

3/13/2020 - A Global Pandemic Won’t Stop the Desperate Desire to Go Viral

3/13/2020 - Dick Tracy Is an Exercise of Style Over Substance, With Lots of Batman Sprinkled on Top

3/13/2020 - Fake Meat Taste Test: Can Trader Joe's Beat Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger?

3/13/2020 - Latest Science on Covid-19: First U.S. Transmission, China's Elusive Patient Zero, and More

3/13/2020 - Satellites Show Italy's Air Pollution Dissipating as Covid-19 Outbreak Worsens

3/13/2020 - Grubhub Says Restaurants Will Still Owe Commission Fees Despite Temporary Suspension

3/13/2020 - Kylo Ren and Darth Vader Are Mirror Images in a New Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures Short

3/13/2020 - Carnival Conveniently Owns Up to Data Breach While Nobody's Taking Cruises

3/13/2020 - Discovery in Mexico Sheds New Light on Ancient Ballgame

3/13/2020 - Don't Worry: Donald Trump's Son-In-Law's Sister-In-Law's Father Is on This Whole Coronavirus Thing

3/13/2020 - Apple Is Moving WWDC Online for 2020

3/13/2020 - Melanie Martinez's K-12 Is a Spellbinding Film About Breaking Free from Society

3/13/2020 - Now Is a Good Time to Cancel Your Airbnb Stay

3/13/2020 - Pentagon Rethinks $10 Billion JEDI Contract That Amazon Believes Was Influenced by Trump

3/13/2020 - Court Rejects Trump's Attempt to Kill California's Cap and Trade Market

3/13/2020 - Aaron Paul Shares Details on His Westworld Character and His Personal Distrust of Technology

3/13/2020 - Scientists Put Trackers on Cats to Reveal the Extent of Their Ecological Destruction

3/13/2020 - YouTube Upgrades Trending Section with New Explore Tab

3/13/2020 - My Hero Academia Turned a Tired Comic Book Trope Into Something Fascinating

3/13/2020 - Hulu's Live TV Bundle Is a Worthy Cable Alternative

3/13/2020 - Indiana Is About to Bail Out the Coal Industry for Some Reason

3/13/2020 - The First Shang-Chi Set Pictures (and a Potential Production Delay) Are Here

3/13/2020 - Montblanc Wants to Entice You With $595 Smart Headphones

3/13/2020 - How to Access All Your Files When You Have to Work From Home

3/13/2020 - White House Advisor Dr. Fauci Flip-Flops on Whether Travel Bans Work During Pandemics

3/13/2020 - Bill Barr Recently Met With Australian Official Who Just Tested Positive For Covid-19

3/13/2020 - An Explosive Clone Wars Episode Asks the Price of Loyalty in Perpetual Conflict

3/13/2020 - Sennheiser's New Wireless Earbuds Up the Ante with Active Noise Cancellation

3/13/2020 - Google, Facebook Contractors Still Expected On Site Amid Outbreak While Full-Time Staff Works Remote

3/12/2020 - Trump Approves Bill Barring Rural Telecom Carriers from Relying on Huawei, ZTE Equipment

3/12/2020 - How the Novel Coronavirus Is Going to Impact the Entertainment Industry

3/12/2020 - The Tangled Web of Every Spider-Man Movie Currently in the Works

3/12/2020 - Judge Orders Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond Released From Jail

3/12/2020 - AT&T Waiving Data Overage Fees for Home Internet Subscribers Due to Covid-19

3/12/2020 - The Ghost Flights Are Real, and They're on Flight Attendant TikTok

3/12/2020 - Disney Is Delaying Mulan, Antlers, and New Mutants

3/12/2020 - A New Scream Movie Is Coming From the Team Behind Ready or Not

3/12/2020 - Leak Exposes U.S. Navy Sailor as Once-Prolific Recruiter for Neo-Nazi Group [Updated]

3/12/2020 - This Minecraft Library Provides a Platform for Censored Journalists

3/12/2020 - New Scientific Review Compares Alcoholics Anonymous to Therapy

3/12/2020 - Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris Are Closing Thanks to You-Know-What [Updated]

3/12/2020 - WonderCon 2020 Has Been Postponed But No Decision Has Been Made on Comic-Con [Updated]

3/12/2020 - For $39,000, You Can Buy a Wide-Angle Lens That Can Actually See Behind Itself

3/12/2020 - Open Channel: Show Us Your Pets, Nerds

3/12/2020 - The Best Sources for Covid-19 Information

3/12/2020 - Airports in the EU Devolve Into Chaos Over Trump's Inaccurate Covid-19 Address

3/12/2020 - Westworld's 25 Biggest 'Holy Shit' Moments By Episode (So Far)

3/12/2020 - ExoMars Mission Pushed to 2022 Due to Technical Delays and of Course, Covid-19

3/12/2020 - Discord Tries to Ease Cabin Fever by Increasing the Limit on Its Built-In Game Streaming Feature

3/12/2020 - A Quiet Place 2's Release Has Been Postponed, According to Director John Krasinski

3/12/2020 - Technologists Are Crowdsourcing a 'Coronavirus Tech Handbook' to Track Resources

3/12/2020 - Countries Move to Stop Empty "Ghost Flights"

3/12/2020 - Supernatural Is Crossing Over With Legends of Tomorrow...via Car

3/12/2020 - Russia Just Smashed Its Record for Hottest Winter

3/12/2020 - New Keyboards, Cameras, and Chips Rumored for Apple Products This Year

3/12/2020 - Star Trek: Picard Laid All Its Cards on the Table, and Then Flipped It Clean Over

3/12/2020 - The Razer Blade Stealth Is the Beefy Little Laptop I Always Wanted

3/12/2020 - Disney's Peter Pan Remake Has Found 2 of Its Heroes

3/12/2020 - President Trump's COVID-19 Speech Was Full of Lies That Had to Be Corrected Overnight

3/12/2020 - Lego's First Nintendo Set Lets You Build Playable Super Mario Levels

3/12/2020 - Disney's New Soul Trailer Shows a Man Defying Death to Fulfill His Dream

3/12/2020 - Shadow Launches Closed Beta for VR Gaming Without a High-End PC

3/12/2020 - Tom Hanks Tests Positive for COVID-19 While Shooting Movie in Australia

3/12/2020 - Most Independent Repair Shops Say They Offer In-Store Fixes Apple Doesn’t, Survey Finds

3/11/2020 - Trump Finally Admits COVID-19 Is Serious, Blames Europe for Spread of 'Foreign' Virus

3/11/2020 - $2 Billion Wasn't Enough to Keep Magic Leap Afloat, So Now It Wants to Find a Buyer

3/11/2020 - Police Used Facial Recognition to Arrest Over 1,100 People in India Last Month

3/11/2020 - Congress Warns U.S. Will Be Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks Without Major Reform

3/11/2020 - This Excellent Art Show Is a 'Head' Above the Rest

3/11/2020 - Chelsea Manning Attempted Suicide in Jail, Is Recovering, Lawyers Say

3/11/2020 - New Coronavirus Bill Aims to Help All Americans Vote From Home in Emergencies

3/11/2020 - Amazon (Finally) Sets Up a Coronavirus Relief Fund for Its Contractors

3/11/2020 - Richard E. Grant Will Grace Loki With His Presence

3/11/2020 - YouTube Decides to Allow Some Creators to Monetize Coronavirus Content

3/11/2020 - Ice-Locked Arctic Science Expedition Faces Challenges After Team Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

3/11/2020 - Vermont Seeks Injunction Against Clearview AI, Says Firm Broke Multiple State Laws

3/11/2020 - A Fate Worse Than Death Visits a Dying City in This Exclusive Excerpt From Caitlin Starling's Yellow Jessamine

3/11/2020 - Scotland Was the Real 'Jurassic Park’ During the Reign of Dinosaurs, Newfound Footprints Suggest

3/11/2020 - Coronavirus Isn't Stopping San Diego Comic-Con and Next Month's WonderCon, For Now

3/11/2020 - Tiktok's Transparency Center Leaves Some Big Questions Unanswered

3/11/2020 - New Analysis of Large Hadron Collider Results Confirms Something Weird Is Happening

3/11/2020 - Pixel 4A Price Leaks at $400: Here's Everything Else We Know

3/11/2020 - Greta Thunberg Urges World to 'Unite Behind the Experts' as Youth Climate Strikes Move Online

3/11/2020 - Bloodshot Successfully Puts You in the Head of a Super Soldier

3/11/2020 - WHO Officially Declares a Pandemic, Decries 'Alarming Levels of Inaction'

3/11/2020 - Turn Your old Commodore Computer Into a USB Keyboard With This Easy to Install Adapter

3/11/2020 - Disney's Avengers Campus Will Open in July (Unless It Doesn't)

3/11/2020 - Some People in the U.S. Can't Use Wifi Because of a Radio Telescope

3/11/2020 - It Could Rain Iron on This Hellish Exoplanet

3/11/2020 - Just Walking Around in Polyester Clothes Sheds Tons of Microplastic Pollution

3/11/2020 - 'The Weirdest Fossil I’ve Ever Been Lucky Enough to Study': Skull Found in Amber Reveals Tiny Toothed Bird

3/11/2020 - For a Show About an Alt-America Run by Witches, Motherland: Fort Salem Is Surprisingly OK

3/11/2020 - Wheel of Time's Rosamund Pike Feels She Was Called to Play Moiraine

3/11/2020 - Now Is the Time to Invest in a Green New Deal

3/11/2020 - Yup, the Escobar Fold 2 Seems to Be a Samsung Galaxy Fold With a Sticker on it

3/11/2020 - This $50 Mini Switch Lite Knock-Off is Underpowered But Fun As Hell

3/11/2020 - Republicans Were Warned in Private Briefing Most Americans Will Be Exposed to COVID-19

3/11/2020 - Sony Has Plans for Another Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

3/11/2020 - How to Choose Between Wired, Bluetooth, or Wifi for Your Home Speaker Setup

3/11/2020 - Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing to Open in Colorado, But Patients Need a Doctor's Note

3/10/2020 - E3 2020 in Los Angeles Has Been Canceled

3/10/2020 - Google Asks All U.S. Staff to Work From Home as COVID-19 Spreads

3/10/2020 - Dracula Will Rise Again From Director Karyn Kusama

3/10/2020 - Disneyland and Disney World Remain Open Despite Coronavirus, But Are Taking Extra Precautions

3/10/2020 - Are Apple and Google Illegally Crushing Competitors? Expert Opinions Clash in Congress

3/10/2020 - Montblanc Would Like You to Pay $1,170 for Its New LTE Smartwatch

3/10/2020 - Doctors Appear to Have Cured a Second Person of HIV

3/10/2020 - Google Is Reportedly Working on a New Chromecast Ultra Powered by Android TV

3/10/2020 - Stop Comparing the New Coronavirus to the Flu

3/10/2020 - Tessa Thompson Played the Kate Winslet Role in an Eternal Sunshine Live Read, and We Were There

3/10/2020 - A Few Republicans Threaten to Derail a Giant Senate Energy Bill Over Air Conditioner Emissions

3/10/2020 - Hayao Miyazaki Apparently Doesn't Know What Streaming Services Are

3/10/2020 - Blasting Airplanes With Lasers Makes It Much Harder For Ice to Stick to Wings

3/10/2020 - A Fracking Bailout Is A Terrible Idea

3/10/2020 - A Typical Neutron Star Is Only 13.6 Miles Wide, According to New Ultra-Precise Measurement

3/10/2020 - In China, Social Media Users Speak in Code to Avoid Coronavirus Censors

3/10/2020 - New Mutants Latest TV Spot Highlights Magik and Mayhem

3/10/2020 - Postmates Spins Up Healthcare Fund in Response to Coronavirus

3/10/2020 - Whisper, an App for Sharing Secrets, Left Its User Data Exposed On The Open Web

3/10/2020 - The First Reactions to Disney's Mulan Remake Are Here

3/10/2020 - Bernie Sanders' and Joe Biden's Transportation Plans Still Need Some Major Work

3/10/2020 - New York State Setting Up 1-Mile Coronavirus Containment Zone With National Guard

3/10/2020 - Ecosystems the Size of the Amazon Rainforest Could Collapse Within Decades

3/10/2020 - Quibi Accused of Stealing Its Core 'Turnstyle' Tech Just Weeks Ahead of Its Launch

3/10/2020 - A Wild, Six-Quark Particle Might Have Been Dark Matter All Along

3/10/2020 - Black Lightning's Season 3 Finale Was a Family Affair at the End of the World

3/10/2020 - You Can Finally See What Would've Happened If a Phone Poll Hadn't Killed Jason Todd

3/10/2020 - Apple Prepping iOS 14 for Expanded Mouse Support, Handwriting Conversion and More

3/10/2020 - See How Star Wars' Most Impressive Fleet Was Created in This Exclusive Rise of Skywalker Clip

3/10/2020 - Google Pulls Iran's Official Coronavirus App From Play Store

3/10/2020 - A First Look Inside Witcher Author Andrzej Sapkowski's Newly-Translated Historical Fantasy

3/10/2020 - More Than Just a Trip: Why Does Ketamine Work for Depression When Nothing Else Does?

3/10/2020 - Disney's New Jungle Cruise Trailer Has Snake Faces, Magic Trees, and Plenty of Shenanigans

3/10/2020 - I Can't Afford Dyson's $500 Cordless Flatiron, But It's Kind of Amazing

3/10/2020 - Some Familiar MCU Heroes Could Be Joining Thor: Love and Thunder

3/10/2020 - CPAC Organizer Tells Everyone to 'Calm Down' Via Skype From Coronavirus Quarantine

3/9/2020 - At Least 20 VPN and Ad-Blocking Apps With 35 Million Downloads Actually Monitored Users' Phones

3/9/2020 - SXSW Lays Off a Third of Its Staff After Coronavirus Cancellation

3/9/2020 - DC's Three Jokers Comic Will Revisit Batgirl and Red Hood's Most Devastating Traumas

3/9/2020 - Doctor Who's Patrick Troughton Was Nervous as Hell About Taking Over the Lead Role

3/9/2020 - Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Creator of Nightmarish Robot Lookalike for $10 Million, and Wouldn’t You?

3/9/2020 - Netflix’s Lost in Space Has Been Renewed for One Final Season

3/9/2020 - New York Is Paying Inmates Less Than $1 an Hour to Make Its State-Branded Hand Sanitizer

3/9/2020 - Days on Earth Used to Be 30 Minutes Shorter, Ancient Shell Suggests

3/9/2020 - Jury Deadlocked in Case of Accused WikiLeaks Source Charged for 'Vault 7' CIA Leaks

3/9/2020 - Watch Warwick Davis and His Son Play Wicket and His Son in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

3/9/2020 - You Should Probably Cancel That Thing

3/9/2020 - Why Expanding Highways Makes Traffic Worse

3/9/2020 - 6 Things We Loved, and 2 Things We Didn't, About Castlevania Season 3

3/9/2020 - FDA and FTC Warn Televangelist Jim Bakker Over Claims 'Silver Solution' Kills Coronavirus

3/9/2020 - Steven Universe Future Returned With Mindbending Stories About Fanfiction, Anxiety, and Love

3/9/2020 - Amazon Tells New York and New Jersey Employees to Stay Home

3/9/2020 - Apple Says It's A-OK to Use Clorox Wipes on Your iPhone

3/9/2020 - AT&T Sent Me a Settlement Check for $12, But It Actually Cost Them Thousands

3/9/2020 - The Only 10 Things You Need to Know Going Into Westworld Season 3

3/9/2020 - Why Won't the WHO Call This a Pandemic?

3/9/2020 - Jack Survives

3/9/2020 - Disneyland Paris Worker Tests Positive For Coronavirus But No Plans to Close Park

3/9/2020 - Amazon Will Sell Its Cashless Go Technology to Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

3/9/2020 - There Were No New Mutants Reshoots

3/9/2020 - Uber and Lyft: Fine, We'll Pay Workers Quarantined With Coronavirus

3/9/2020 - Bizarre Discovery Reveals Chlamydia-Like Bacteria Beneath the Arctic Seafloor

3/9/2020 - Yearly Oil Demand Is Now Projected to Drop for the First Time in a Decade Due to COVID-19

3/9/2020 - The Boys Reveals the First Look at Aya Cash as Stormfront

3/9/2020 - The Outsider Finale Somehow Finds Closure in the Unexplainable

3/9/2020 - Apple Watch 6 Could Reportedly Get Support for Blood Oxygen Monitoring

3/9/2020 - Don't Act Like This Gaming Cushion Doesn't Solve a Bunch of Problems You Won't Admit To Having

3/9/2020 - New Study Shows Sea Turtles Eat Plastic Because It Smells Like Food

3/9/2020 - Google Wants to Get Inside Your Soccer Cleats

3/9/2020 - Max von Sydow, Exorcist and Game of Thrones Legend, Has Died

3/9/2020 - Finally, a Wear OS Smartwatch I Don't Absolutely Hate

3/9/2020 - The New Mutants Gives Us a Tiny Glimpse of Its Demon Bear

3/9/2020 - An E Ink Monitor Promises to Make Your Work Day Spent Staring at a Screen Easier on Your Eyes

3/9/2020 - The Final Black Widow Trailer Shows Us What Natasha Romanoff Is Fighting for

3/9/2020 - Is Mold Dangerous?

3/9/2020 - Congressman Who Mocked Emergency Coronavirus Bill Goes Into Self-Quarantine

3/8/2020 - Stressed Pooches, Global Outbreak, and Immortality: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

3/8/2020 - The Whisperer War Begins on a Shockingly Great Walking Dead

3/8/2020 - Twitter Slaps 'Manipulated Media' Tag on Bullshit Video that Trump Retweeted

3/8/2020 - Italy Puts Millions of People in Its Northern Region on Lockdown to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

3/8/2020 - The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Airlines Running Empty 'Ghost' Flights

3/8/2020 - Noah Schnapp From Stranger Things Hates His Character's Haircut

3/8/2020 - Facebook Will Ban Ads for Face Masks on Its Platforms to Keep People From Profiting Off The Coronavirus Crisis

3/8/2020 - The New TV Spot for Disney's Mulan Is Mostly Her and Donnie Yen Kicking Ass

3/8/2020 - Here's How 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,' the Catchiest Song on the Continent, Got Written

3/8/2020 - Dozens Trapped After a Chinese Hotel Being Used for Coronavirus Quarantine Collapses (Updated)

3/8/2020 - This Custom Animatronic Baby Yoda Is an Absolute Marvel

3/8/2020 - Watch Aaron Paul and Evan Rachel Wood Discuss Their Experiences Filming Westworld Season 3

3/8/2020 - Why You Need a VPN and How to Choose One

3/7/2020 - This VFX Team Made a Tupac Deepfake to Rap with Snoop Dogg

3/7/2020 - Apple Will Fix Your iPad Air for Free If You’ve Got Blank Screen Issues

3/7/2020 - James Wan Is Developing a New Monster Movie For Universal

3/7/2020 - Big Tech Will Pay Its Hourly Workers Even as Full-Time Staff Stays Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

3/7/2020 - Sherlock Almost Lost Martin Freeman His Role as Bilbo in The Hobbit

3/7/2020 - Tessa Thompson Says That Christian Bale Is Playing the Villain in Thor: Love and Thunder

3/7/2020 - Diego Luna Is Haunted By His Thirst for Jabba the Hutt

3/7/2020 - UN Cancels In-Person Preliminary Meetings for Climate Summit Due to Coronavirus

3/7/2020 - The Trailer for Black Lightning's Season 3 Finale Is Intense

3/7/2020 - The Truth About Bioplastic

3/7/2020 - A Way Too Thorough List of the Way Too Many Shows and Movies Coming to Quibi

3/6/2020 - Postmates to Offer "Non-Contact" Food Deliveries Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

3/6/2020 - FCC Looks to Require Providers Adopt Anti-Robocall Tech—Finally

3/6/2020 - Doctor Strange's New School of Magic Is Cool as Hell

3/6/2020 - South by Southwest Festival Cancelled By the City of Austin, Texas

3/6/2020 - A Prime Example of How to Make a Perfect Transformers Figure, and More of the Most Optimal Toys of the Week

3/6/2020 - Did China's Travel Bans Help Delay the Outbreak? It's Complicated

3/6/2020 - What We Do in the Shadows' Vampire Roomies Return in the Cheeky First Teasers for Season 2

3/6/2020 - The Search for Aliens Is About to Get a Serious Upgrade

3/6/2020 - So You Have to Work From Home

3/6/2020 - New Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Trailer Shows a City on the Brink of Chaos

3/6/2020 - Senator to Uber and Other Gig Companies: Have You Considered Just Giving Workers Sick Days?

3/6/2020 - Nevertheless, She Combusted [Update: She'll Not?]

3/6/2020 - Disney+ Is Reportedly Working on a Beauty and the Beast Prequel Series Starring...Gaston and LeFou

3/6/2020 - Everything to Know If You Still Use an Original Philips Hue Bridge

3/6/2020 - Emerald City Comic Con Is Officially Delayed Due to Coronavirus Worries

3/6/2020 - Exxon Derides Oil Firms' Efforts to Not Burn Down the Planet as a 'Beauty Match'

3/6/2020 - Hundreds of Critically Endangered Vultures Killed in Possible Poisoning

3/6/2020 - One of the Rarest Video Game Consoles of All Time Just Sold For $360,000 at Auction

3/6/2020 - NASA Can’t Contact Voyager 2 Until 2021, as Deep Space Antenna Gets Much-Needed Upgrades

3/6/2020 - The Reason Rise of Skywalker's Chewie Medal Moment Is So Weird

3/6/2020 - I Listen to Train Sounds on the Train Because I Love Train

3/6/2020 - Your Coronavirus FAQs, Answered: Wearing Masks, Canceling Air Travel, and More

3/6/2020 - In The Platform Trailer, Trickle-Down Economics Turns Into a Literal Feeding Frenzy

3/6/2020 - Quibi Is Offering 3 Free Months for a Limited Time—Here's How to Get It

3/6/2020 - Canada's Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Trans Mountain Pipeline Case—But the Fight Isn't Over

3/6/2020 - Christina Aguilera's Mulan Soundtrack Song Also Gives a New Look at the Film

3/6/2020 - Antebellum's Latest Trailer Hints at an Unexpected Sci-Fi Twist

3/6/2020 - Most U.S. States Have Conducted Fewer Than 50 Coronavirus Tests

3/6/2020 - Sonos Won't Brick Your Device Anymore if You Want to Recycle

3/6/2020 - The Oppo Find X2 Takes One of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's Best Features and Does It Better

3/6/2020 - Natural Gas Is a Bad Investment

3/6/2020 - Falcon and The Winter Solider Set Video Teases an Uneasy Alliance

3/6/2020 - How Humanity Could Last Forever

3/6/2020 - The Clone Wars Gets Into a Man Versus Machine Debate, With Some Explosions

3/6/2020 - Unfixable Flaw in Intel Chipsets Opens Encrypted Data to Hackers

3/5/2020 - Clearview AI Reportedly Worked On a Mug Shot Repository to Go With Its Face Recognition App

3/5/2020 - Apple Cracks Down on Coronavirus Apps, Which Is Probably for the Best

3/5/2020 - How Does Jaskier Get 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher' Out of His Head? Britney Spears

3/5/2020 - Encryption Flaws Leave Millions of Toyota, Kia, and Hyundai Cars Vulnerable to Key Cloning

3/5/2020 - Self-Driving Car Guru Ordered to Pay Google $179 Million Over Messy Contract Dispute

3/5/2020 - YouTube Demonetizes 'Coronavirus', Prompting Creators to Tiptoe Around Certain Recent Events

3/5/2020 - The Final Scoob Trailer Opens Up the Hanna-Barbera Crossover

3/5/2020 - DuckDuckGo Made a Giant List of Jerks Tracking You Online

3/5/2020 - Spotify's Weird LinkedIn Playlists Sound Like a Cash Register

3/5/2020 - Tito's Spent the Past Day Tweeting That Vodka Is Not Hand Sanitizer

3/5/2020 - The Coronavirus Will Probably Come for the Baby Yoda Toys [Updated]

3/5/2020 - Clearview AI Lured Rich Investors by Letting Them Rummage Around in Its Creepy Face Recognition App

3/5/2020 - To Complete One Rotation, This Machine Requires More Turns Than There Are Atoms in the Universe

3/5/2020 - When Steven Universe Future's End Begins, a Dance Party Goes Very Wrong

3/5/2020 - Candidates, Please Steal* Elizabeth Warren's Climate Plans

3/5/2020 - Altered Carbon's Stars on Love and Getting a Happy Ending in Cyberpunk

3/5/2020 - Perseverance Will Be the Next NASA Rover on Mars

3/5/2020 - Here's What We Know So Far About Whether Pets Can Get COVID-19

3/5/2020 - The EPA's Proposal to Restrict Science Somehow Gets Worse

3/5/2020 - Am I Blind or Does This $2,250 Speaker Kinda Look Like a Lamp?

3/5/2020 - The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Caused the Biggest Global Oil Demand Dip in History

3/5/2020 - A Smartphone With a Behemoth Battery You Could Actually Slip in a Pocket

3/5/2020 - The Last of Us Is Heading to HBO, Courtesy of the Mind Behind Chernobyl

3/5/2020 - Dogs Are Surprisingly Stressed and Anxious, Study Finds

3/5/2020 - The Cast of Alex Garland's Devs Divulge Their Character Motivations

3/5/2020 - How the UN's Shady Aviation Organization Could Upend a Key Effort to Combat Climate Change

3/5/2020 - Audible Says Enter The Sandman With a New Audio Drama Narrated by Neil Gaiman

3/5/2020 - See Curiosity's Highest-Resolution Panorama of Mars Yet

3/5/2020 - Bento Box Rice Cooker Will Vastly Improve the Work Lunches You Bring From Home

3/5/2020 - Cryonics, Dakota the Dog, and the Hope of Forever

3/5/2020 - Oompa-Loompa Doom-Pa-Da-Dee-Tee, Get Pumped for Roald Dahl by Taika Waititi

3/5/2020 - Loki Set Pictures May Hint at a Surprising Pull From the Comics

3/5/2020 - Facebook Closes Seattle Office After Worker Tests Positive for Coronavirus

3/5/2020 - How to Reset Your Web Browser and Start Again From Scratch

3/5/2020 - Phones Like These Are Why I'm Still Excited for a Foldable Future

3/5/2020 - Star Trek: Picard Refocuses Its Heroes, With Help From a Few Friends

3/5/2020 - Remember This Photo

3/4/2020 - Tulsi Gabbard's PR Stunt Thrown Out By Federal Judge

3/4/2020 - 8 Sibling Teams Who Paved the Way for Onward's Fantasy Adventure Brothers

3/4/2020 - Rent the Runway Reminds Customers That Its Designer Clothes Are Clean and 100 Percent Virus-Free

3/4/2020 - Baby Yoda the T-Shirt, Baby Yoda the Coloring Book, Baby Yoda the Lunchbox, Baby Yoda the Breakfast Cereal, Baby Yoda...the Waffle Maker?

3/4/2020 - Apple Tells Geniuses They May Run Low on iPhones Thanks to Coronavirus Shutdowns in China

3/4/2020 - Senator Demands Amazon Answer for Coronavirus-Linked 'Price Gouging'

3/4/2020 - Disney+'s Hocus Pocus Sequel Has Found Its Director

3/4/2020 - A Year After Returning to the Jungle, Alba the Albino Orangutan Is Alive and Well

3/4/2020 - Ceci N’est Pas Une Sewer-Clogging Bathtub of Orbeez

3/4/2020 - The Great Barrier Reef Faces Third Mass Bleaching Event in Five Years

3/4/2020 - Kumail Nanjiani's Eternals Superhero Has the Coolest Secret Identity

3/4/2020 - Twitter Is Testing Self-Destructing Tweets

3/4/2020 - Scientists Create Snapshot of How the New Coronavirus Latches Onto Human Cells

3/4/2020 - 'Frankly Frightening': Dems Slam Trump's Coronavirus Response, Urge Filling Long-Vacant Health Posts

3/4/2020 - Moviegoers Exposed to Toxic 'Thirdhand Smoke' From Clothing of Smokers, Study Finds

3/4/2020 - A Social Media Influencer Explores the Wrong Haunted Hotel in Followed

3/4/2020 - Instead of Paying for Political Ads, Bloomberg Should've Bought Me 200 Million McNuggets

3/4/2020 - Amazon Will Pay Taxes in Seattle If It's the Last Thing Kshama Sawant Does

3/4/2020 - The Huge Holes in the EU's New Climate Law Proposal

3/4/2020 - How Castlevania Nails the Balance So Many Video Game Adaptations Mess Up

3/4/2020 - Wearing This New Infrared Camouflage Will Keep You Hidden From a Predator's Thermal Vision

3/4/2020 - Extinct Humans May Have Passed Down Stone Technology for Thousands of Generations

3/4/2020 - We Now Know How Much Climate Change Contributed to Australia's Disastrous Bushfires

3/4/2020 - Thank God, The Simpsons Will Be On Disney+'s UK Debut After All

3/4/2020 - Hot Damn, Look at The Batman's New Ride

3/4/2020 - Voting for the Safe Choice Means Doom for Us All

3/4/2020 - James Bond’s Latest Film Release Has Been Delayed Due to the Coronavirus

3/4/2020 - Google Assistant's Text-to-Speech Feature Goes Live Today on Android

3/4/2020 - Publishers and Creators Are Dropping Out of Emerald City Comic Con as Coronavirus Fears Rise [Updated]

3/4/2020 - One of the Most Beautiful Side-Scrollers of All Time Is Now Available for $3 on iOS and Android

3/4/2020 - Hustled to Death

3/4/2020 - 9 Movies With Characters Who Prove Immortality Can Be a Total Drag

3/4/2020 - Doctor Who Could Lose 2 Companions This Holiday Season

3/4/2020 - Here's How to Protect Yourself When Your Data Inevitably Leaks

3/4/2020 - The Ouroboros, From Antiquity to AI

3/4/2020 - Here's Every New Coronavirus Case Reported in the U.S. Over the Past 24 Hours

3/4/2020 - Facebook May Be Considering Changing Course As Libra Crypto Project Sails Towards Disaster

3/3/2020 - Lawsuit: ICE Rigged Algorithm to Always Order Arrested Immigrants Be Held in Detention Centers

3/3/2020 - Sexy Sax Man Poster Exists, World Not Such a Bad Place

3/3/2020 - J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Is Working on a Supernatural Revenge Thriller Called The Pinkerton

3/3/2020 - Head Back to the Future and Win the Hogwarts House Cup in the Latest Tabletop Gaming News

3/3/2020 - Report: Bloomberg Has Been Hiding Emails

3/3/2020 - DoorDash, Grubhub Tell Workers Worried About Coronavirus to Really Wash Their Hands This Time

3/3/2020 - Apple May Be Supersizing Its Smallest MacBook Pro and Adding Mini-LEDs

3/3/2020 - Black Lightning Said 'Gay Rights'

3/3/2020 - Prehistoric ‘Cat’ Skull Actually Belonged to an Ancestor of Modern Wolverines

3/3/2020 - New Report Lays Out 76 Solutions We Already Have to Fight the Climate Crisis

3/3/2020 - Google Cancels I/O Developer Conference Because of Coronavirus Concerns

3/3/2020 - The 35 Best Star Wars Moments of the Disney Era

3/3/2020 - Warning Signs of Widespread Drought Loom Over California

3/3/2020 - Great, Even the Table Your Phone Is Sitting On Can Now Be Used to Hack It

3/3/2020 - These Clever Parrots Can Understand Probability

3/3/2020 - A Wild Child Is on the Loose in This Exclusive Preview of Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters

3/3/2020 - On TikTok, Jeff Bezos Is Out and Chugging Salt Is Sadly In

3/3/2020 - Here Are the Nostalgic Star Trek: Picard Pictures You Probably Really Need Today

3/3/2020 - How Deadly Is COVID-19?

3/3/2020 - I Went to CPAC to See How Conservatives Think Big Tech Is Censoring Them

3/3/2020 - How to Enable WhatsApp's New Dark Mode on iOS and Android

3/3/2020 - How Pixar's Onward Went From True Story to Pure Fantasy

3/3/2020 - This Slick Combo Camera, Monocular and Digital Guide Did All My Birdwatching for Me

3/3/2020 - What Would It Take to End HIV Forever?

3/3/2020 - After 5 Seasons, Syfy's The Magicians Will Cast Its Final Spell

3/3/2020 - Shop Safe Act Could Hold Amazon Liable for Selling Fake Products

3/3/2020 - What You Need to Know About Honeywell's New Quantum Computer

3/3/2020 - In the First Trailer for Connected, the Robocalypse (and Phones) Can't Stop This Family

3/3/2020 - YouTube’s Plan to Stop Recommending Conspiracy Theory Videos Is Actually Working

3/3/2020 - Wind and Waves Helped Encase a Small New York Town in Ice

3/3/2020 - Even the Stranger Things Season 4 Script Read Can Be Turned Into a Creepy, Retro Teaser

3/3/2020 - Tornado Kills at Least Eight in Nashville as Severe Weather Spreads in Super Tuesday States

3/3/2020 - Simon Pegg Thinks Star Trek 4 as We Know It Might Not Ever Happen

3/3/2020 - The Best Apps for Getting Real Work Done on Your Phone

3/3/2020 - Twitter Tells Employees to Work From Home As Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs

3/2/2020 - NYC Regulators Sue Airbnb Software Partner Guesty, Accusing It of Illegal Business Model

3/2/2020 - Stock Trading App Robinhood Experiences Widespread Outages Right During Market Rally

3/2/2020 - Gina Torres Joins The Brides TV Pilot, and We're Suddenly Very Excited About the Vampire Soap

3/2/2020 - Air Pollution Kills More People a Year Than Cigarettes, And Fossil Fuels Are Why

3/2/2020 - Cool, Here's Another New Smartwatch That Looks Like an Apple Watch

3/2/2020 - The Invisible Man Is a Hit, But Its Director and Star Haven't Talked About a Sequel Yet

3/2/2020 - Of Course Spotify Is Charging Artists to Promote Their Music to You

3/2/2020 - Google's Second Pixel Feature Drop Adds 12 Helpful New Software Tweaks

3/2/2020 - Daniel Radcliffe Has No Plans to Return to Harry Potter, or Franchises in General

3/2/2020 - Paleontologists Are Skeptical About Baby Dinosaur Cells Supposedly Found in Fossil

3/2/2020 - Hey, Steve Wozniak: What the Fuck?

3/2/2020 - Swiss Government Files Criminal Complaint Over CIA's Decades-Long Global Encryption Racket

3/2/2020 - Black Hole Photobombs Asteroid

3/2/2020 - NASA Recreated What Apollo 13 Astronauts Saw While Circling the Moon in a Glorious 4K Visualization

3/2/2020 - Does Disney Want Us…Dead?

3/2/2020 - The $600 Sony a6100 Is Everything You Need to be a Happy Photographer

3/2/2020 - Moscow Didn't Get a Winter This Year

3/2/2020 - A Movie as Epic as Avengers: Endgame Deserves an Equally Epic Painting

3/2/2020 - Every Politician Should Steal Elizabeth Warren's Tech-Fueled Tactic for Crafting Plans Inclusively

3/2/2020 - Apple Settles Lawsuit Over Throttled iPhones, Agrees to Pay up to $500 Million

3/2/2020 - After Two Years, Google Finally Promises to Fix Smart Speaker Bluetooth Issues

3/2/2020 - Doctor Who Charts Itself an Exciting New Future—By Going Back to the Very Beginning

3/2/2020 - Coronavirus Fears Scuttle Major Physics Conference, Leaving Hundreds of Scientists Stranded

3/2/2020 - The First Trailer for Butt Boy Doesn't Skimp on the Butts

3/2/2020 - Shincheonji Church Leader Faces Possible Murder Probe Over Coronavirus Deaths in South Korea

3/2/2020 - Decked Out Bed For Gamers Only Comes in Single Sizes

3/2/2020 - 7 Things We Liked (and 3 We Didn't) About Altered Carbon Season 2

3/2/2020 - Unchecked Climate Change May Erase Half of the World's Sandy Beaches by 2050

3/2/2020 - Microsoft's Dual-Screen Surface Duo Might Be Available Sooner Than Expected

3/2/2020 - Artemis Fowl's New Trailer Hints at a Reimagined Adaptation of the Novels

3/2/2020 - Libraries Could Preserve Ebooks Forever, But Greedy Publishers Won’t Let Them

3/2/2020 - Google Tucked Away a Hidden Drum Machine in Wear OS

3/2/2020 - Mark Ruffalo Could Be a Part of Disney's She-Hulk Show

3/2/2020 - A New Partnership Between Los Angeles and the Navajo Nation Could Be the Start of a Green New Deal

3/2/2020 - Attractively Sad Vampires and Psychedelic Horror: Warren Ellis and Kevin Kolde Lift the Lid on Castlevania's Third Season

3/2/2020 - Many States Still Can't Test Locally For Coronavirus Despite Promises From Trump Regime

3/2/2020 - Will My Data Be Online Forever?

3/2/2020 - AT&T TV Is a Smart Idea Hampered by an Obscene Price

3/1/2020 - The Walking Dead Had a Badass Fight But the Rest Was Nonsense

3/1/2020 - Research on Washington State Coronavirus Cases Suggests that Between 150 to 1,500 People Could Be Infected: Report

3/1/2020 - Elizabeth Warren Targets Wall Street in New Climate Change Plan

3/1/2020 - Feds Launch Probe into Whistleblower Claims on Inadequate Gear, Training For Coronavirus Responders

3/1/2020 - Why Legendary Filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein Was Obsessed With Disney

3/1/2020 - The Producers of I Am Not Okay With This Talk Creating an Idiosyncratic Superhero Origin Story

3/1/2020 - Let's Have a Spoiler-Laden Chat About That Wild Doctor Who Finale

3/1/2020 - China's Air Pollution Rates Plummet After Coronavirus Lockdown

3/1/2020 - Marvel Will Launch The Rise of Ultraman Comic Later This Year

3/1/2020 - Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Ending His Lengthy Run Writing Black Panther