11/30/2020 - Hilda's First Season 2 Trailer Is All About Longing for Freedom and Adventure

11/30/2020 - Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns From Trump White House

11/30/2020 - The Mandalorian Has Raised Some New Questions About Its Star Wars Timeline

11/30/2020 - It Looks Like Apple Fitness+ Is Launching Soon

11/30/2020 - Supreme Court Skeptical About Law That Could Have a Chilling Effect on Security Research

11/30/2020 - Spider-Man's Composer on Crafting Miles Morales' Melodic Identity

11/30/2020 - Samsung's Rumored Galaxy Buds Pro Could Be a Truly Premium AirPods Pro Rival

11/30/2020 - Doctor Who’s Holiday Special Will Mark the Final Episode for 2 Companions

11/30/2020 - This BBC Micro Emulator Takes You Back to 1981

11/30/2020 - Tar Sands Pollution Is Giving Otters Limp Dick

11/30/2020 - How Hackers Could Trick Unwitting Scientists Into Producing Dangerous Genes

11/30/2020 - Neil Gaiman's The Sleeper and the Spindle Is Getting a Holiday Radio Adaptation

11/30/2020 - Who Needs Disneyland With a Giant Replica of the Matterhorn in Your Backyard

11/30/2020 - December's New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Just Might Help You End 2020 on a Good Note

11/30/2020 - J.R.R. Tolkien's Unpublished Middle-earth Essays Will Finally Be Released

11/30/2020 - Looks Like Salesforce Is Buying Slack [Update]

11/30/2020 - The Mandalorian's Filoni and Dawson on Why People Still See Ahsoka as a Jedi

11/30/2020 - Young Americans Are Scared to Have Kids Because of Climate Change

11/30/2020 - Nobody’s Gonna Miss You

11/30/2020 - Please, Stop Adding Stories to Every Single App

11/30/2020 - Why Europe's Space Agency Is Spending $103 Million to Remove a Single Piece of Space Junk

11/30/2020 - The Asus RT-AX86U Is a Wi-Fi 6 Router That Doesn't Sacrifice Looks for Power

11/30/2020 - Disney's Godmothered Contains a Brief but Beautiful Bit of Inclusivity

11/30/2020 - Hurricane Season From Hell Ends—With the Potential for Another Storm

11/30/2020 - The Walking Dead's Zombie Apocalypse Origin May Never Be Revealed

11/30/2020 - Moderna to Ask FDA for Emergency Authorization of Covid-19 Vaccine on Monday

11/30/2020 - First Images From Ryan Reynolds' Sci-Fi Project Reveal Time Travel Escapades

11/30/2020 - Now Is the Perfect Time to Revamp Your Digital Filing System

11/30/2020 - Why Do I Sometimes Feel Like I'm Falling for No Reason?

11/30/2020 - Rahm Emanuel Rumored For Transportation Secretary Despite Embarrassing Flop With Elon Musk

11/29/2020 - UK Will Ban the Installation of Huawei 5G Equipment After September 2021

11/29/2020 - 'World's Loneliest Elephant' Will Finally Have Some Friends

11/29/2020 - Internet, Get Ready to Search: Utah’s Mystery Monolith Has Disappeared

11/29/2020 - The Mandalorian Has Removed 'Jeans Guy,' And I'm Disappointed

11/29/2020 - Disney Plus Has Updated Black Panther's Opening Credits With a Sweet Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

11/29/2020 - Want to Know What the Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Are Like? There's a TikTok for That

11/29/2020 - Our Human Heroes Fight a Dalek Apocalypse in the Full Trailer for the Doctor Who New Year's Special

11/29/2020 - Dave Prowse, the Actor Beneath Darth Vader's Armor, Has Died at 85

11/28/2020 - There Are Now Stories Everywhere, Even on Spotify

11/28/2020 - A Hacker Is Reportedly Selling Hundreds of C-Suite Email Credentials for Microsoft Accounts for As Little as $100

11/28/2020 - It's Time to Watch This Video Essay and Have Serious Thoughts About Gritty Superheroes

11/28/2020 - Tony Hsieh, Former Zappos CEO and Las Vegas Visionary, Dies After Being Injured in House Fire

11/28/2020 - Here's the Story Behind Travis Scott's Rad Tenet Ending Theme

11/28/2020 - Alex Garland's Next Project Is a Low-Budget Horror Film Set in the United Kingdom

11/28/2020 - Yes, Virtual Santa Claus Meet and Greets Are Happening on Zoom

11/28/2020 - Utopia Has Been Cancelled After One Season at Amazon

11/28/2020 - Seemingly Ordinary Fossils May Be Hiding Some Major Clues to the Past

11/28/2020 - A Pared-Down Version of Facebook's Libra Project Could Launch as Soon as January

11/27/2020 - Oops, That Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Google Shared Isn't on Stadia [Corrected]

11/27/2020 - The Cutest, Weirdest Toy of the Week Is a Spider-Drone From the Unopened Avengers Disney Park

11/27/2020 - Neanderthals Didn’t Use Their Thumbs Like We Do, New Research Suggests

11/27/2020 - io9 Investigates: Will Wearing a Giant Baby Yoda Onesie Improve Your Mandalorian Viewing Experience?

11/27/2020 - This Video Essay Breaks Down Why Pacific Rim's Costumes Are So Damn Good

11/27/2020 - Nerfies Might Be the Future of Selfies, Letting Your Friends Judge You on Social Media in Full 3D

11/27/2020 - 21 Great Sci-Fi Christmas Ornaments From Hallmark

11/27/2020 - The Mandalorian's Grandest Episode Yet Uncovers Old Friends, and Older Pains

11/27/2020 - Satellite Photos Show Gigantic Iceberg Possibly Drifting Away From Ecologically Sensitive Island

11/27/2020 - The Best External Hard Drive for the Digital Hoarder

11/27/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in December

11/27/2020 - You Don't Need to Splurge on Noise Cancelling Headphones

11/27/2020 - The Best Home Gym Equipment

11/27/2020 - Joss Whedon Has Already Departed His New HBO Show

11/26/2020 - Apple Patents MacBook Technology It Completely Abandoned on Its Smartphones and Smartwatches

11/26/2020 - The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

11/26/2020 - Microsoft's Creepy New 'Productivity Score' Gamifies Workplace Surveillance

11/26/2020 - The Only Thing You Have to Pump on a Gas Engine-Powered Nerf Blaster Is Fuel

11/26/2020 - Toy Watchdog Says Hasbro's Star Wars Darksaber Is Too Dangerous...Because It's a Plastic Sword

11/26/2020 - The Signals BBQ Thermometer Wirelessly Watches the Meats

11/26/2020 - Stan Lee Celebrates the Art of Cursing in This Cute Animated Short

11/26/2020 - Resourceful Hacker Invents an Automatic Crust-Cutting Robot So They Never Have to Grow Up

11/26/2020 - ‘Feedback Loop’ in Central East Asia Threatens Disturbing Changes to Mongolia's Climate

11/26/2020 - Cannibal! The Musical Has No Right Being as Good as It Is

11/26/2020 - Report: Godzilla vs. Kong Could Be the Next Big Movie to Debut On Demand

11/26/2020 - Dosing Mix-up Raises Questions About Promising Covid-19 Vaccine

11/26/2020 - 5 Virtual Ways to Have Safe and Geeky Fun Over the Thanksgiving Holiday

11/26/2020 - How to Make the Most of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max Cameras

11/26/2020 - Turns Out, Star Trek: Discovery Does Want Michael to Have It Both Ways

11/26/2020 - This Game Boy-Inspired Handheld Is Exactly What I Wish Nintendo's New Handheld Had Been

11/25/2020 - Fujifilm's Flagship Camera Can Now Be Used In Crime Scenes and Art Preservation

11/25/2020 - Outlaw Star and the Joy of Discovering Things That Are Extremely Your Shit

11/25/2020 - Trump Administration Rejects Alaska's Controversial Pebble Mine Project

11/25/2020 - Bitcoin Could Hit $20K Again But This Time No One Cares

11/25/2020 - The Mandalorian’s Katee Sackhoff Was Challenged to Bring Her Clone Wars Character to Live-Action

11/25/2020 - NYT Crosswords on Twitch Are the Perfect Way to Have a Little Company on Thanksgiving

11/25/2020 - Please Join Us for This Gobble Gobble Gif Party

11/25/2020 - France to Tech Giants: Pay Up, Buttercup

11/25/2020 - Watch Your Feelings About 2020 Burn in a Literal Dumpster Fire

11/25/2020 - You Already Have Your Thanksgiving Groceries

11/25/2020 - A New 'Buy Black' Campaign Aims to Avert an Amazon Surveillance State

11/25/2020 - Magical Girl Friendship Squad Is a Potent Shot of Millennial Wish Fulfillment

11/25/2020 - Google TV Users Won't Be Able to Add Netflix Originals to Their Watchlist

11/25/2020 - I Have Some Questions About the New Ninja Gamer Hoodie

11/25/2020 - Virus-Killing UV Lamps Are Burning People's Eyes, Doctors Warn

11/25/2020 - Slack Stock Soars Following Rumor of Salesforce Acquisition

11/25/2020 - Watch Dogs: Legion Lets Anyone 'Wear the Mask' to Its Own Detriment

11/25/2020 - Reminder: Zoom Will Lift Its 40-Minute Cap on Thanksgiving

11/25/2020 - Hydrow Is a Great Peloton Alternative if You Hate Cycling

11/25/2020 - It's Not Just You, AWS Is Down Right Now

11/25/2020 - The Surprising Way Keyhole Wasps Can Take Down an Airplane

11/25/2020 - Amazon and Feds Team Up to Sniff Out Counterfeiters

11/25/2020 - The Apple Watch Could Use a Redesign

11/25/2020 - What Ever Happened to the Vaping Lung Disease?

11/25/2020 - The Art of The Mandalorian Says ‘Peekaboo’ in This Exclusive Preview

11/25/2020 - A Trove of Ancient Hunting Artifacts Has Melted Out of a Norwegian Ice Patch

11/25/2020 - SEC Proposal Seeks Ability to Pay Gig Workers In Stock

11/25/2020 - The Pop Culture We're Thankful for Getting Us Through 2020

11/25/2020 - The Hacked Nintendo Game & Watch Now Plays Pokémon and Zelda Too

11/25/2020 - Computer Controlled Shackles Hold You Prisoner Until You Finish a Workout

11/25/2020 - Secret Exxon Documents Show the Firm May Never Recover

11/25/2020 - I Welcome the Rumored Demise of the Samsung Galaxy Note

11/25/2020 - Memory Loss and a Pandemic Are a Horrifying Combination

11/25/2020 - Exposure to Outer Space May Accelerate Aging, New Evidence Suggests

11/25/2020 - Disney Security's Unofficial Challenge Coins Are a Different Sort of Collector's Item

11/25/2020 - I Miss Merlin, the First Electronic Game I Ever Played

11/25/2020 - Fine, This Smartphone Mount That Turns an Apple Watch Into a Viewfinder for Selfies Is Pretty Clever

11/25/2020 - 11 Games You Can Play With the Family Remotely Over Zoom for Thanksgiving

11/25/2020 - Updates From The Batman, Scream 5, and More

11/25/2020 - I'll Just Say It: Jabra's New ANC Earbuds Are Better Than AirPods Pro

11/25/2020 - Utah's Mystery Monolith Appeared Around 2016 Near Site of Old Movie and TV Locations

11/24/2020 - SpaceX Starship Plans To Make Its First High Altitude Test Flight Next Week

11/24/2020 - We Almost Got to See Bill and Ted as Little Dudes

11/24/2020 - Watch 200 Drones Perform a Choreographed Lip Sync in VWLS' Latest Music Video

11/24/2020 - The Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and Choose Your Own Adventure Lawsuit Is Finally Over

11/24/2020 - Now's Your Chance to Get Hulu Dirt Cheap for a Year

11/24/2020 - You Need to Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk

11/24/2020 - YouTube Suspends and Demonetizes Trump's Favorite News Network for One (1) Week

11/24/2020 - Missing: 50,000 Salmon

11/24/2020 - Facebook Experiments With Being Less Awful, Says Not to Get Used to It or Anything

11/24/2020 - Marvel's Japanese Spider-Man Documentary Is a Joy at the Strangest Time

11/24/2020 - Here's What We Know About Earth’s Second Detected ‘Minimoon’

11/24/2020 - See Dan Curry's Star Trek Work Come to Life (or Death) in This Exclusive Art Gallery

11/24/2020 - A Grant Will Help a Tribal-Owned and Managed ISP Better Bridge the Digital Divide

11/24/2020 - Twitter Brings Back Public Verification For The Accounts It Deems Worthy

11/24/2020 - Star Wars Miniatures Get a New Home, Black Friday Deals, and More in Gaming News

11/24/2020 - This Is Us Seemingly Predicted Crock-Pot Woes as Company Issues Recall Due to Burn Risk

11/24/2020 - Step Aside Oldtypes, the Original Mobile Suit Gundam Is Finally Streaming

11/24/2020 - John Kerry’s Past Embrace of Fracking Could Create a Climate Disaster Abroad

11/24/2020 - Fitness Trackers Are Leading Us Astray

11/24/2020 - Ivanka Boldly Highlights Trump Administration's Big Pandemic Success

11/24/2020 - Google's AI-Powered Poetry Generator Has Some Cryptic Wisdom, Maybe

11/24/2020 - The Expanse's First Season 5 Clip Hints at Cosmic Trouble on the Horizon

11/24/2020 - Solo's Vinyl Release Comes With Incredible New Star Wars Artwork

11/24/2020 - Is This Trippy Cave Painting the Result of a Hallucination—or Something Way More Obvious?

11/24/2020 - The Expanse to End With Season 6

11/24/2020 - Bill Gates Sucks at Being the Most Billionaire

11/24/2020 - Murder Me Monster's Trailer Is a Haunting Look at the Beast Within

11/24/2020 - Princess Switch 2 Has Huge Ramifications for the Netflix Holiday Movie Universe Canon

11/24/2020 - Playing Mario Kart IRL Is a Shockingly Good Time

11/24/2020 - No, DC's Peacemaker Show Will Not Bring in a New Green Arrow

11/24/2020 - Amazon's Eero 6 Is the Cure for Your Stuck-At-Home Internet Problems

11/24/2020 - Unexplained Monolith Discovered in Rural Utah's Red Rock Country

11/23/2020 - The Mandalorian Macarons Cost HOW Much??

11/23/2020 - Twitter Will Now Warn You Before You Like a Tweet Containing Misleading Information

11/23/2020 - Crunchyroll's Onyx Equinox Is a Mythic Tale Forged in Fire and Blood

11/23/2020 - John Boyega's Still Fighting the Good Star Wars Fight, and Kathleen Kennedy Is Listening

11/23/2020 - Uber and Lyft Awarded $810 Million Federal Contract

11/23/2020 - Amazon's Echo Buds Are Fitness Trackers Now Too

11/23/2020 - New Monster Hunter Footage Is Here, and Palico Palico Palico Palico

11/23/2020 - Snapchat Spotlight Is TikTok Except It's on Snapchat

11/23/2020 - Comcast Prepares to Screw Over Millions With Data Caps in 2021

11/23/2020 - Apple Security Chief Indicted for Allegedly Trading iPads for Gun Permits

11/23/2020 - Peek Inside Terry Miles' Rabbits Novel, Based on the Alternate Reality Podcast

11/23/2020 - New Remains Found at Pompeii Show the Agony of Mount Vesuvius' Victims

11/23/2020 - Disney's Experiments With Disney+ Could Change How We Watch Movies

11/23/2020 - California Says Robot Taxi Can Now Charge for Rides

11/23/2020 - Star Wars' New VR Game Wanted to Build on Galaxy's Edge, Not Just Recreate It

11/23/2020 - This Super-Compact Computer Will Let Me Live at Least One Neuromancer Fantasy

11/23/2020 - Watch: China Is Launching Its Chang'e-5 Spacecraft to Get Some Moon Rocks of Its Own

11/23/2020 - 'A Magically Surreal Symbol of Human Ingenuity': Scientists Reflect on Arecibo’s Doomed Big Dish

11/23/2020 - Doctor Who's Captain Jack Will Return for the Festive Special

11/23/2020 - Personal Responsibility Alone Is Doom

11/23/2020 - Titans' Third Season Is Finally Giving Starfire a Killer New Supersuit

11/23/2020 - What Is the Biggest Scientific Fraud of the Past 50 Years?

11/23/2020 - Netflix's Adorable Alien Xmas Is Basically The Grinch From Outer Space

11/23/2020 - Google Assistant Can Finally Schedule Your Damn Lights

11/23/2020 - Finally! An Apple TV Remote I Might Use

11/23/2020 - Solomon Islands Says Facebook Ban Is Needed for the Sake of 'National Unity'

11/23/2020 - Another Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine Seems Effective, Doesn't Need Extreme Cold Storage

11/23/2020 - The Danger of Big Oil’s New Methane Emissions Pledge

11/23/2020 - Data Stuffing Attack Nabbed Around 300,000 Spotify Accounts

11/23/2020 - Mandalorian Winter Gear Lets You Dress the Child or Your Child as the Child

11/23/2020 - Parallel Worlds Hide Dark Secrets in Netflix's Danish Thriller Equinox

11/23/2020 - You Can Jailbreak the HomePod Now, but Maybe Just Get a Different Speaker

11/23/2020 - The Mandalorian's Villainous New Plan Has Expanded Universe History

11/23/2020 - How to Listen to Your Music on Any Smartwatch

11/23/2020 - The Resident Evil Reboot Teases an Iconic Game Location

11/23/2020 - Amazon's Cloud Gaming Is Still a Work in Progress, but It Has Potential

11/23/2020 - Food Delivery Worker Dies in Australia, Becoming Fifth Gig Economy Death Since September

11/22/2020 - FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Cocktail

11/22/2020 - Snoop Alert: Twitter Bug Lets People See Fleets Past Their Expiration Dates

11/22/2020 - These Costumes From the Original Power Rangers Movie Are Up for Auction

11/22/2020 - This Dragon Ball Super Diorama Is the Coolest Thing I've Seen All Week

11/22/2020 - This Video Argues That Star Wars Is a Bit More Scientific Than You'd Imagine

11/22/2020 - This New DuckTales Clip Is Also a Tantalizing Doctor Who Reunion, Kind Of

11/21/2020 - Attackers Dupe GoDaddy Staff Into Helping Them Take Down Cryptocurrency Services

11/21/2020 - California Says Tesla Workers Are Now ‘Essential,’ and Can Ignore Stay-at-Home Order

11/21/2020 - It Doesn’t Matter If Trump Never Concedes, Twitter Is Giving @POTUS to Biden

11/21/2020 - More States Are Offering Contact-Tracing Apps—Now if Only They Could Get People to Use Them

11/21/2020 - This Video Takes a Tour of the Hidden Tunnels Underneath the Original Disney Animation Buildings

11/21/2020 - Pennyworth Continues to Look Nothing Like a Show Related at All to Batman

11/21/2020 - Channing Tatum Is Set to Star in a Monster Movie From 21 Jump Street Directors, Lord and Miller

11/21/2020 - The Last of Us Television Adaptation Is a Go at HBO

11/20/2020 - Amazon's Channels Platform Will Drop HBO Next Year as Part of HBO Max Deal

11/20/2020 - We Need to Talk About Franklin

11/20/2020 - The Coronavirus Has Once Again Contracted Trump

11/20/2020 - Transfomers and X-Men Collide, and More of the Most Mutagenic Toys of the Week

11/20/2020 - The Trump Admin Is Refusing to Give Full Cybersecurity Support to Biden's Transition Team

11/20/2020 - Black Panther 2 Will Reportedly Begin Shooting This Summer

11/20/2020 - That Time Donald Trump Tried to Be Captain Planet, as Told by Barack Obama

11/20/2020 - Black Lightning's 4th Season Will Be Its Last on the CW

11/20/2020 - Apple Defends Delay of iOS 14 Feature Limiting App Tracking, Blasts Facebook

11/20/2020 - A New Predator Movie Is in the Works

11/20/2020 - Top VFX Company Attempts to Bridge Uncanny Valley, Fails

11/20/2020 - How to Trick Out Your Android Home Screen Like an iPhone

11/20/2020 - Deadpool 3 Finally Has Some Life

11/20/2020 - Boobs and What They’re Missing

11/20/2020 - The Mandalorian Brings Big Action and Even Bigger Mysteries

11/20/2020 - Climate Warnings on Gas Pumps Will Soon Appear in the First U.S. City

11/20/2020 - I Love the iPhone 12 Mini, but the Battery Is Killing Me

11/20/2020 - This Monogamous, Poisonous Rat Is Full of Surprises

11/20/2020 - Stranger Things Season 4 Adds a Horror Icon to Its Cast

11/20/2020 - Forensics Experts Used Social Media to Reconstruct Exact Cause of the Tragic Beirut Explosion

11/20/2020 - So...That Supernatural Finale, Am I Right?

11/20/2020 - Hearing Greta’s Message

11/20/2020 - Pfizer Just Filed for Emergency Approval of Its Covid-19 Vaccine. What's Next?

11/20/2020 - Now's the Time to Tell Congress to Ban Carriers From Selling Locked Phones

11/20/2020 - Onyx Equinox Creator Sofia Alexander Opens Up About Weaving Mythology Into Reality

11/20/2020 - Internet Archive Brings Flash Games and Animation to Its Vault

11/20/2020 - Facebook Reportedly Faces Ban in Vietnam Over Refusal to Censor More Local Political Content

11/20/2020 - Kirby Morrow, X-Men: Evolution's Cyclops and So Many More, Has Died

11/20/2020 - Ms. Marvel's First Set Pictures Are Here

11/20/2020 - Bring Back Deleted Files on Any Cloud Service (or Make Sure They're Gone Forever)

11/20/2020 - Arecibo Observatory's Greatest Triumphs

11/20/2020 - 1,971 Americans Die of Covid-19 on Thursday as U.S. Sets Record For Daily Cases

11/20/2020 - Facebook Sues Operator Who Reportedly Scraped 100,000 Instagram Accounts for Clone Sites

11/19/2020 - The Mandalorian Chapter 12 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

11/19/2020 - This Robot Can Make You Boba Tea Because Of Course That's a Thing

11/19/2020 - The Fairy Godmother Makes a Comeback in Disney's Godmothered

11/19/2020 - The Walking Dead Will Return in February, and a Terminator Is Along for the Ride

11/19/2020 - Great, We're at the '8kun's Admin Is an Election Security Expert' Stage of This Bullshit

11/19/2020 - iOS 14 Update to Fix iPhone 12 Bugs Affecting Texts and Lock Screen

11/19/2020 - OozeTube

11/19/2020 - New Superintelligence Featurette Has a Refreshingly Nihilistic View of Humanity

11/19/2020 - DMZ Is Officially a Go at HBO Max, and Here's the First Look

11/19/2020 - CDC Tells Americans to Not Travel for Thanksgiving as Trump's Festering Paw Loosens Its Grip

11/19/2020 - This Is Getting Ridiculous

11/19/2020 - Scriptable Supercharges iOS 14 Widgets Like No Other App

11/19/2020 - Feds Say Cash App, Venmo, and Other Payment Apps Being Used to Launder Stimulus Money

11/19/2020 - The Many Looks of Ahsoka Tano

11/19/2020 - The Shambling Corpse of RadioShack Is Rising From the Grave

11/19/2020 - Google Is Dropping a Bunch of New Widgets for iOS 14

11/19/2020 - The Team Behind Radiant Black Talk Bringing Power Rangers Vibes to Older Heroes

11/19/2020 - Please Enjoy These 2020 Award-Winning Wildlife Photos

11/19/2020 - Anyone Can Wear Alexa on Their Face Now

11/19/2020 - Star Wars Legend Alan Dean Foster Says Disney Is Withholding Book Royalties [Updated]

11/19/2020 - Don't Worry: Dog Walking Is Probably Not Going to Give You Covid-19

11/19/2020 - This Dyson Award-Winning Invention Can Turn Rotting Veggies Into Renewable Energy

11/19/2020 - It's Time to Embrace Cloud Gaming, Especially GeForce Now

11/19/2020 - Google Is Bringing Its Own Cloud Gaming Web App Stadia to iOS

11/19/2020 - I Can't Believe the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Understands the True Burden of All Masters

11/19/2020 - Cancel the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree for Good

11/19/2020 - Arecibo Heartbreak: Iconic SETI Dish Will Be Demolished Due to Risk of ‘Catastrophic’ Collapse

11/19/2020 - Paypal Gets Into the GoFundMe Game

11/19/2020 - Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Finds More Castmates to Blow This Scene With

11/19/2020 - The Best Gadgets for Creating the Perfect Home Theater

11/19/2020 - The Stand Casts a Surprising Star for an Antagonist

11/19/2020 - Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland Look Like They're in for a Wild Ride in Chaos Walking's First Trailer

11/19/2020 - You'll Be Able to Play Fortnite on iOS Again Thanks to GeForce Now

11/19/2020 - Google Assistant Has Arrived on the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3

11/19/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery Is Smashing Michael Between the Future She Wants and the Past She Let Go

11/19/2020 - 19 Time-Saving Tips for macOS

11/19/2020 - The New Star Wars Game for Oculus Quest Lets You Scavenge on Batuu and Use the Force

11/19/2020 - Tyson Managers Allegedly Made Cash Bets on How Many Workers Would Get Covid-19

11/18/2020 - YouTube Will Now Play Ads Before More Videos, But Creators Won't See a Dime

11/18/2020 - I'm Deeply Envious of Miles Morales' New Harlem Apartment

11/18/2020 - Trump Admin Taps Ex-Aide Fired for Ties to Far Right for Commission That Preserves Holocaust Memorials

11/18/2020 - Apple Will Mercifully Share Its Peanuts Specials Streaming Rights with PBS

11/18/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Coming to HBO Max, and Theaters, December 25 [Updated]

11/18/2020 - Facebook's Contractors Say the Company Is Risking Their Lives To Turn A Pandemic Profit

11/18/2020 - The Mand'alor Mandalore Needs

11/18/2020 - World of Warcraft's Zombie Invasion Hits Different in 2020

11/18/2020 - Apple's 'Batterygate' Saga Wraps Up With $113 Million Settlement

11/18/2020 - World’s Only Known White Giraffe Now Protected by GPS Tracker

11/18/2020 - FDA Issues First Emergency Use Authorization for Rapid, At-Home Covid-19 Test

11/18/2020 - Facebook's Content Moderators Have Had Enough

11/18/2020 - Thank You to the Star Wars Squadrons Imperial Technician Who Revived the TIE Defender Project

11/18/2020 - A Rise in Winter Drownings Is an Unexpected Consequence of Climate Change

11/18/2020 - Nicolas Cage's Alien Martial Arts Film Knows You Might Need a Brain Break Right Now

11/18/2020 - The New Google Pay Makes Tracking Your Money a Breeze—But There's a Catch

11/18/2020 - Scream Directors Share How the Reboot Channels Wes Craven and Jordan Peele

11/18/2020 - It’s Time for Twitter to Die

11/18/2020 - Mystery of Glowing Cosmic 'Eye' Finally Solved

11/18/2020 - Your Lazy Ass Can Now Unlock 1Password With the Apple Watch

11/18/2020 - The Most Frequent Fliers Are Killing the Climate

11/18/2020 - Revisiting 1994's The Stand Ahead of Its New Adaptation

11/18/2020 - Let's All Get Cautiously Excited About This Vaccine News

11/18/2020 - The Oppo X 2021 Rollable Concept Phone Looks Like It Stretches Reality

11/18/2020 - Watch Star Trek: Discovery's Michelle Yeoh Absolutely Destroy a Man in This Sneak Peek

11/18/2020 - Apple Cuts App Store Fees in Half for Small Developers as Monopoly Concerns Loom

11/18/2020 - I Miss Videodiscs, the Fragile Garbage That Shaped My Childhood

11/18/2020 - The Mandalorian’s Sasha Banks Can Thank Chicken Wings for Her Star Wars Guest Spot

11/18/2020 - Boeing 737 Max Aircraft That Killed 346 People Given Green Light to Fly Again by FAA

11/18/2020 - Updates From Doctor Strange 2, Spider-Man 3, and More

11/18/2020 - AMD RX 6800 XT and RX 6800 Review: AMD Finally Does Ray Tracing

11/18/2020 - U.S. Could See 2,000 Covid-19 Deaths Per Day by Christmas: Report

11/18/2020 - Oh God, the Worst Passwords of 2020 Are Here and They're Horrifying

11/17/2020 - Climate Change Has Hit the U.S. Harder Than Any Other G20 Country

11/17/2020 - The LAPD Just Banned Its Officers From Using Third-Party Facial Recognition Software

11/17/2020 - Trump Axes Cyber Chief Who Debunked Claims of Election Fraud

11/17/2020 - The Tom & Jerry Movie's First Trailer Should Have Stayed in the Drafts

11/17/2020 - Twitter Reportedly Considering Adding a 'Dislike' Button

11/17/2020 - These Are the Last New Supernatural Episode Photos You Might Ever See

11/17/2020 - Stock Trading App Robinhood May Hold an IPO in Just a Few Months

11/17/2020 - Brits Upset Apple Cart

11/17/2020 - DuckTales Has Blown My Dang Mind

11/17/2020 - Firefox's Latest Update Promises Safer, More Secure Browsing

11/17/2020 - Vega Rocket Failure Apparently Caused by Human Error

11/17/2020 - The Next Transformers Movie Hopes to Pack a New Punch With Creed 2's Director

11/17/2020 - Here’s a New Look at Chaos Walking, a Movie That Magically Still Exists

11/17/2020 - Could a Gigantic Lunar Telescope Reveal the Very First Stars?

11/17/2020 - Big Tech Election Interference Hearing Interrupted by Senator's Election Interference Scandal

11/17/2020 - Over Half of the Snyder Cut of Justice League Is Never Before Seen Footage

11/17/2020 - Oppo Is Jumping On the Smart Glasses Bandwagon, and They Don't Look Terrible

11/17/2020 - Nintendo's Adorable Retro Handheld Would Be Perfect With More Games

11/17/2020 - The Congressman Biden Tapped to Liaise With Climate Activists Has Received $340,000 in Fossil Fuel Money

11/17/2020 - Twitter Debuts Coward Mode

11/17/2020 - Batman: Soul of the Dragon's First Trailer Is a Fist-Filled Blast From the Past

11/17/2020 - Microsoft Says Xbox Series X and S Shortages Could Last Until April 2021

11/17/2020 - Teens Surely Rejoicing As TikTok Rolls Out Even More Parental Controls

11/17/2020 - An Emerging Ebola-Like Virus in Bolivia Can Spread Between Humans, Scientists Find

11/17/2020 - This Nice Looking Smartwatch Has Not One, But Two Voice Assistants

11/17/2020 - Summer Camp Island's Season 3 Trailer Unveils a Wider World of Magic

11/17/2020 - Google Fit and Wear OS Are Getting Some Long-Overdue Updates

11/17/2020 - See How The Star Wars Holiday Special Came to Be in a Brand New Documentary

11/17/2020 - Bleak: Amazon Is a Pharmacy Now

11/17/2020 - Greenland's Most Threatened Glaciers Are in Even More Danger Than We Thought

11/17/2020 - His Dark Materials' Return Unites 2 Worlds Into an Exciting New One

11/17/2020 - The Batman HBO Max Spinoff Loses Its Showrunner

11/17/2020 - The Venture Bros.' Future Is Being Worked on by the Head of HBO Max

11/17/2020 - The MacBook Air Was a Fine Laptop, but Apple's M1 Chip Makes It an Extraordinary One

11/17/2020 - Ponzi Scheme Suspect Flees FBI Using Handheld Sea Scooter, Fails Miserably

11/17/2020 - U.S. Destroys Mock ICBM in Space During New Anti-Missile Test

11/16/2020 - Star Wars Finds Another Way to Protect the Baby in the New Minecraft DLC

11/16/2020 - Facebook Knows That Labeling Trump's Election Lies Hasn't Stopped His Posts From Going Viral

11/16/2020 - The Fascism Is the Point

11/16/2020 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales Is Hiding a Tiny X-Men Easter Egg

11/16/2020 - Tesla Will Be Added to the S&P 500 on December 21

11/16/2020 - The Nickelodeon Documentary Was a Journey for Best Friends

11/16/2020 - Welp, Hulu With Live TV Is Jacking Up Its Prices Too

11/16/2020 - Tower Records Rockets From the Tomb

11/16/2020 - Apple's Ad Practices Are The Latest Target For Privacy Activists

11/16/2020 - DC's Brand New Wonder Woman Is Getting Her Own CW Show as Wonder Girl

11/16/2020 - The Mandalorian Feels Like It’s Building to Something Much Bigger

11/16/2020 - Trump’s Attempt to Rush Drilling Plans for the Arctic Would ‘Lock in Climate Chaos’

11/16/2020 - GitHub Defies Copyright Cops, Restores YouTube Downloader

11/16/2020 - Trump's Favorite Covid Adviser: We're Really Not Doing Enough to Collaborate With the Virus

11/16/2020 - MSI Creator 15 Review: A Well-Balanced Laptop for Games or Work

11/16/2020 - Humankind Makes a Supernatural Alliance to Survive an Alien War in This Excerpt From Into the Light

11/16/2020 - Geoengineering Might Not Save Us From a Cloud Apocalypse

11/16/2020 - Bumble Left Daters' Location Data Up For Grabs For Over Six Months

11/16/2020 - The Stand's Latest Trailer Pits Darkness Against Light

11/16/2020 - A Very Dusty Curiosity Rover Snaps a Selfie During a Work Break

11/16/2020 - Google Will Make It Slightly Easier to Turn Off Smart Features, Slightly Harder for Regulators to Break Up Google

11/16/2020 - Redesigned Solar Panels Could One Day Charge Your Gadgets From a Lamp

11/16/2020 - Hulu’s Animaniacs Reboot Is Nostalgic for All the Wrong Reasons

11/16/2020 - It's Been a Rough Launch for Big Sur

11/16/2020 - Hey: More Sweaters in Star Wars, Please

11/16/2020 - HBO Max Finally Arrives on Fire TV Devices, Beating Roku to a Dedicated App

11/16/2020 - The World Is Weighing a Paris Agreement for Plastic Pollution—But the U.S. Isn’t On Board

11/16/2020 - 900-Ton Platform Threatens to Crush Famed Arecibo Observatory Dish

11/16/2020 - Christopher Nolan Is Cool With You Skipping Theaters Now, Actually

11/16/2020 - Jet Hits Bear on Alaska Runway

11/16/2020 - PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S: Which One Should You Buy Right Now

11/16/2020 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Biggest Conflict Is Achingly Intimate

11/16/2020 - Hurricane Iota Is in Terrifying, Unprecedented Territory as It Approaches Central America

11/16/2020 - A Second Covid-19 Vaccine Appears Highly Effective in Early Data

11/16/2020 - Updates From Rick and Morty, Paranormal Activity, and More

11/16/2020 - 19 Time-Saving Tips for Windows

11/16/2020 - Will It Ever Be Possible to Share Dreams?

11/16/2020 - Americans Will Start Dying in ER Waiting Rooms According to Covid-19 Expert

11/15/2020 - ‘Unbiased’ Social Media Platform Parler Is Unsurprisingly Found to Be Backed by Conservative Megadonor

11/15/2020 - Wait... Did Ron Watkins Just Rat His Dad Out as Q?

11/15/2020 - 1986 Sci-Fi Film Short Circuit Is Getting a Remake, For Serious This Time

11/15/2020 - Killing of Rare Canadian ‘Spirit’ Moose Sparks Outrage, Sadness and a Search for Those Responsible

11/15/2020 - Trump: Biden Won But 'I Concede NOTHING!'

11/15/2020 - The Creators of Gods of Mars Decided to Cut Out the Middle Man and Produce the Film Entirely in the Unreal Engine

11/15/2020 - Peter Stormare Says Movement Is Happening on a Constantine Sequel

11/15/2020 - Sylvester Stallone Is Playing a Mysterious Role in The Suicide Squad

11/14/2020 - Amazon Customer Support Apparently Did Not Know That Northern Ireland Was Part of the UK

11/14/2020 - Trump Administration Forgets It’s Mad at Huawei and Reportedly Lets Qualcomm Sell It 4G Chips

11/14/2020 - Trump Tried to Scoop Up a Popular Birding Preserve for His Border Wall, But You Don't Mess With Birders

11/14/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery's VFX Supervisor Talks Building a Bold Future for the Aesthetics of Space

11/14/2020 - Uber Could Soon Pawn Off Its Scandal-Ridden Self-Driving Vehicle Branch to Startup Aurora

11/14/2020 - Ska Tune Network Turns a Beautiful Steven Universe Song Into a Self-Affirmation Anthem

11/14/2020 - Netflix's Goofy Military Satire Space Force Is Getting a Second Season

11/14/2020 - The Idea of a Live-Action Lilo & Stitch Frightens Me and I Don't Want It

11/14/2020 - A Darkwing Duck Reboot Is Coming to Disney Plus With Seth Rogen Producing

11/14/2020 - Behold These Microscopic Spacecraft

11/14/2020 - Asteroid Apophis Could One Day Hit Earth. Here's How We Could Get to It First

11/13/2020 - Google Is Shuttering the Expeditions App, but Its VR Field Trips Aren't Going Away For Good

11/13/2020 - If Only This Animal Crossing Animated Series Were Real

11/13/2020 - Miles and Miles (and Miles) of the Week's Best Toys

11/13/2020 - Thor: Love and Thunder Is Adding a Second Chris

11/13/2020 - We Don't Know Shit About The Mandalorian's Major New Planet, and That Rules

11/13/2020 - Airbnb Says It Turned Away 1.4 Million People Who Refused to Sign Its No-Bigotry Agreement

11/13/2020 - It Sure Sounds Like Nest Audio Will Double as Home Theater Speakers Soon

11/13/2020 - What Are You Doing for Thanksgiving? Are You Sure?

11/13/2020 - Oh My God We’re Still Talking About the TikTok Ban

11/13/2020 - You Can Pet the Cat in the Latest Friday Gif Party

11/13/2020 - The iPhone 12 Pro Max Is Entirely Too Much Phone, but It's So Good

11/13/2020 - Creepy Baby Show

11/13/2020 - Ticketmaster Fined More Than $1.6 Million Following 2018 Data Breach

11/13/2020 - The Past Week Is Boot Camp for the Climate War Ahead

11/13/2020 - The Mandalorian Just Opened Up a Galaxy of New Possibilities

11/13/2020 - Climate Scientists Debunk ‘Point of No Return’ Paper Everyone’s Freaking Out About

11/13/2020 - Russian and North Korean Hackers Attacked Covid-19 Labs, Microsoft Says

11/13/2020 - Here's Why We Don't Need Another Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie

11/13/2020 - A Newly Discovered Tick Germ Is Sickening Dogs in the U.S., Vets Say

11/13/2020 - The Very Best Streaming Devices

11/13/2020 - In the Big Mouth Season 4 Trailer, Anxiety Literally Sucks

11/13/2020 - Election Security Groups Under DHS Say 2020 Race Was Fully Secure

11/13/2020 - These Are the Creepiest Gadgets of 2020, According to Mozilla

11/13/2020 - Miles Morales Reforms Spider-Man's Relationship With the Police When It Needs to Be Abolished

11/13/2020 - L'Oreal's Digital Makeup Line Turned Me Into a Monster Unfit for Zoom Calls

11/13/2020 - Trump Admin Bans U.S. Investors From Dealing With Over 30 Chinese Companies

11/13/2020 - New Xbox Launch Causes Record-Setting Spike in ISP Traffic

11/13/2020 - Star Trek's Latest Episode Had a Bittersweet Tribute to Deep Space Nine's Aron Eisenberg

11/13/2020 - At 9,036 Pieces, the Roman Colosseum Is Officially the Largest Lego Set Ever

11/13/2020 - Home Alone's Director Takes Aim at Disney's 'Paint-By-Numbers' Remakes

11/13/2020 - If You Can't Beat Them, Make Some Shit Up About Them and Hope It Goes Viral

11/13/2020 - As the Planet Warms, Scientists Are Discovering Groundbreaking Ways to Keep Cool

11/13/2020 - Black Lightning Could Introduce the Latest CW/DC Show Next Season

11/13/2020 - Nintendo's New Game & Watch Hacked a Day Before Its Official Release

11/13/2020 - All the New Privacy Protections in iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur

11/13/2020 - Elon Musk Might Have the Disease He Said Would Be Gone By April

11/13/2020 - The Mandalorian Chapter 11 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

11/12/2020 - Top DHS Official Expects to Be Fired After Calling Bull on Trump's Voter Fraud Claims

11/12/2020 - Facebook: Steve Bannon Hasn't Broken Enough Rules to Fill His 'Account Suspension' Punch Card

11/12/2020 - It's Probably Safe to Expect More $30 Movies on Disney+

11/12/2020 - Show io9 Your Most Comic Book-y Miles Morales Pics

11/12/2020 - Well, Well, Well, the Commerce Department Actually Does Remember That the TikTok Ban Was Supposed to Happen Today

11/12/2020 - Shudder's Anything for Jackson Trailer Promises a New Holiday Horror

11/12/2020 - Apple Swears Up and Down That Touchscreen Macs Aren't Happening, Which, Sure

11/12/2020 - Unfortunately, Facebook's New 'Vanish Mode' Won't Make The Platform Disappear

11/12/2020 - How Trump Could Slow Down Biden's Climate Agenda

11/12/2020 - Measles Is Back With a Vengeance, Killed 200,000 in 2019

11/12/2020 - TikTok Is Reportedly Poaching Facebook's Moderators

11/12/2020 - 10 Great Sci-Fi Tropes (and 5 That Should Be Shot Into Space)

11/12/2020 - The Zipper Boat Is Art

11/12/2020 - Spy Kids Meets Sky High in the First Look at Robert Rodriguez's New Superhero Movie

11/12/2020 - Trump Is Now Reportedly Gunning for Top Cybersecurity Officials [Updating]

11/12/2020 - Apple TV App Comes to PS4 and Newly Released PS5—If You Can Get One

11/12/2020 - This Weekend's Launch of SpaceX CrewDragon Will Usher in a New Era [Updated]

11/12/2020 - This Raspberry Pi-Powered Keyboard Is a Delight

11/12/2020 - A Salute to Director Rachel Talalay, a True Genre Pioneer

11/12/2020 - Alyson Hannigan Thinks Buffy and Willow Should Have Dated

11/12/2020 - The Biggest Climate Report in the U.S. Is Reportedly Being Led by a Climate Denier Now

11/12/2020 - Samsung's First 5nm Chip, the Exynos 1080, Looks to Keep Pace with Apple

11/12/2020 - 11 Things You Can Do in macOS Big Sur That You Couldn't Do Before

11/12/2020 - Simple Invention Helps You Sober Up by Exhaling Alcohol

11/12/2020 - These Hideous, Outrageously Expensive High Heels Are a Crime Against Feet

11/12/2020 - Sorry, But Marvel’s WandaVision Is Now Debuting in 2021

11/12/2020 - Ransomware Hackers Helpfully Take Out Facebook Ads to Remind Victims to Pay

11/12/2020 - Just Some Pictures, Pictures of Spider-Man (the Cat)

11/12/2020 - Doctor Who Season 13 Will Be Just 8 Episodes Long

11/12/2020 - It's Way Too Hot in the Arctic Right Now

11/12/2020 - 12 Sea Creatures That Look Extremely Fake

11/12/2020 - Instagram's New Home Page Features More Reels, More Shopping

11/12/2020 - People Who Work from Home Should Pay a New Tax, Economists Suggest

11/12/2020 - Updates From American Horror Story, Spawn, and More

11/12/2020 - The Best Gaming Router Still Looks Like a Robot

11/12/2020 - Sonos Is Looking to Stand Out in a Crowded Streaming Space... with Paid HD Radio?

11/12/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery Comes Home, for Better and Worse

11/11/2020 - Amazon's Alexa Can Now Ask You Follow-Up Questions

11/11/2020 - Halo's Original Cortana Is Joining the Showtime Series in the Most Roundabout Way

11/11/2020 - YouTube Is Down For Everyone Right Now [Update: It's Back]

11/11/2020 - Lazor Wulf's Season 2 Premiere Is Not Endorsed by Jermajesty Jackson

11/11/2020 - Pixar Is About to Get Its Own Disney+ Documentary Series

11/11/2020 - You Need to Update Chrome Right Now

11/11/2020 - Baby Yoda's Snacking Habit Was Apparently Meant to Be Funny

11/11/2020 - The Suicide Squad Spinoff Series From James Gunn Is Growing

11/11/2020 - Hey, Google Photos, What Gives?

11/11/2020 - San Francisco Just Banned Natural Gas In New Buildings

11/11/2020 - Report: Elon Musk Is Kind of a Dick

11/11/2020 - The Xbox Series X May or May Not Be Catching on Fire, and Microsoft Is Investigating

11/11/2020 - Even the Perfect Batman Cartoon Was Bullshit Once in a While

11/11/2020 - Nanoleaf's Super Affordable New Smart Lights Are Designed to Work Perfectly with the HomePod Mini

11/11/2020 - George Lucas' Plans for His Star Wars Sequels Were More Familiar Than You'd Think

11/11/2020 - I'm 100% Ready to Start Bringing My Own Folding Shopping Cart to the Grocery Store

11/11/2020 - Roku 4K Devices Finally Support Apple's AirPlay and HomeKit Features

11/11/2020 - Facebook and Google Extend Political Ad Bans, Due to Certain Circumstances Currently Affecting Democracy

11/11/2020 - Here's All the Big Tech-Linked Advisors on Biden's Transition Team

11/11/2020 - Deepwater Sightings of Rare Bigfin Squid Reveal Some Serious Weirdness

11/11/2020 - Playing the Nintendo Switch With an Original 1977 Atari Joystick Is Extreme Devotion to Retro Gaming

11/11/2020 - Freaky Star Vince Vaughn on How He Embodied Both a Teenage Girl and a Serial Killer

11/11/2020 - Weber vs Traeger: A Backyard Brisket Smoke-off on Wifi Pellet Grills

11/11/2020 - In Superintelligence, Melissa McCarthy Must Save the World From an AI James Corden

11/11/2020 - Stop the Steal: Voter Fraud Creeps Into 'Bird of the Year' Competition

11/11/2020 - Take a Look Inside the Washington State Murder Hornet Nest

11/11/2020 - Pope Francis Wants You to Pray for Ethical Robots

11/11/2020 - PSA: Boiling Chicken in Yellowstone’s Hot Springs Is a Crime

11/11/2020 - How Marvel's Star Wars: The High Republic Comic Will Show New Sides of the Jedi

11/11/2020 - Eta Is a Hurricane (Again) as It Threatens Florida (Again)

11/11/2020 - The Expanse Season 5 Is All About the 'Sins of the Past'

11/11/2020 - I Need This Cattle Prod For Humans Who Aren’t Properly Social Distancing

11/11/2020 - The Scorpion King Could Live Again, But Not With Dwayne Johnson

11/11/2020 - This 'Telewriter' Transmitted Handwriting Across Long Distances in the 1930s

11/11/2020 - Breaking Down All of Apple's Tech Speak to Understand the New M1 Chip

11/11/2020 - I Miss This Weird Easy-Bake Oven CD-ROM Playset

11/11/2020 - Sony PS5 Review: Breaking the Mold

11/10/2020 - TikTok, Like Us, Wants To Know If It's Banned Or Not

11/10/2020 - 7 Video Games Where You Can Play Hide-and-Seek

11/10/2020 - Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2 Plan Winter 2021 Return

11/10/2020 - Facebook Maybe Not Singlehandedly Undermining Democracy With Political Content, Says Facebook

11/10/2020 - We Now Know How Much Ubisoft Games on Amazon's Cloud Gaming Service Will Cost

11/10/2020 - Your Cop-Friendly Spy Device Could Burst Into Flames

11/10/2020 - Do Not Relax: Covid-19 Is Reaching a Terrifying New Peak

11/10/2020 - 21 Good Things About Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

11/10/2020 - West Virginia Man Arrested for Making a 'Wall Hook' That Could Turn an AR-15 Into an Illegal Machine Gun

11/10/2020 - Miles Morales' Soundtrack Full of Bangers Is Now Streamable

11/10/2020 - Leica's Latest Is a Beautiful Black and White Machine That'll Cost Ya $6,000

11/10/2020 - Against the Advice of My Betters, I Am Buying the Mac Mini

11/10/2020 - Scientists Have Discovered an Ancient Lakebed Beneath Greenland’s Ice

11/10/2020 - Now's the Time to Get Into Lazor Wulf

11/10/2020 - The Clean Energy Transition Is Becoming a Tidal Wave

11/10/2020 - How One Superhero RPG Wants to Bring Kamen Rider to the Tabletop

11/10/2020 - Spotify's Latest Acquisition Is All About Your Data

11/10/2020 - Apple's New 13-Inch MacBook Pro with M1 Promises to Destroy Its PC Rivals

11/10/2020 - Boris Johnson Left Trump Victory Message in Congratulatory Tweet to Biden

11/10/2020 - The Apple M1 Is Coming to the Mac Mini

11/10/2020 - Finally! Apple Is Dropping macOS Big Sur November 12

11/10/2020 - Meet the M1, the First Apple-Designed Chip for Macs

11/10/2020 - This Is Apple's New Fan-Free MacBook Air

11/10/2020 - Steve Bannon Caught Running a Network of Misinformation Pages on Facebook

11/10/2020 - Nicolas Cage Fights an Alien With a Samurai Sword in This Exclusive Jiu Jitsu Clip

11/10/2020 - A Dark Matter Detector Based on a Wind Chime Seems Just Weird Enough to Work

11/10/2020 - Dune Gets a New Miniatures Game and Critical Role Launches a Publishing Arm in Tabletop News

11/10/2020 - Covid-19 Survivors Face Increased Risk of Mental Illness and Dementia, Study Suggests

11/10/2020 - Garmin Expands Reproductive Health Tracking to Pregnancy

11/10/2020 - We're Liveblogging Apple's Big ARM Event Right Here

11/10/2020 - Amazon Hit With Multibillion-Dollar Antitrust Action in EU

11/10/2020 - Finally Some Competition! MediaTek Announces New Chips for Chromebooks and 5G Phones

11/10/2020 - How to Tell if Joe Biden Is Hiring the Right People to Address the Climate Crisis

11/10/2020 - A New Mandalorian Spoiler May Have Galactic Implications

11/10/2020 - Microbes Can Mine Valuable Elements From Rocks in Space

11/10/2020 - The Climate Test That Will Tell the World If Biden Is Serious About Change

11/10/2020 - WandaVision Wants to Be a 'Love Letter' to the Golden Age of Television

11/10/2020 - Don't Call Yourself a Batman Fan If You Won't Pay $29,900 for This Batmobile Desk Clock

11/10/2020 - 2020 Just Broke a 170-Year Hurricane Season Record

11/10/2020 - Somehow, There Will Be a Bloodshot 2

11/10/2020 - The New Amazon Echo Is Round (Also It Sounds Good)

11/10/2020 - How to Watch Apple's Mac Event Today

11/10/2020 - DOJ Elections Lawyer Resigns in Protest After Bill Barr's Latest Bullshit

11/9/2020 - I Would Die for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity's Baby Guardian

11/9/2020 - Eli Lilly's Covid-19 Antibody Drug Just Received Emergency FDA Clearance

11/9/2020 - Hulu's Hardy Boys Trailer Tastes Like Diet Riverdale

11/9/2020 - Tragic: Gun Manufacturers Temporarily Worth Slightly Less Due to Lack of Civil War

11/9/2020 - Twitter's 'Misleading Information' Labels May Soon Affect Users' Ability to 'Like' Tweets

11/9/2020 - Prove You're Not a Replicant With This Rad Blade Runner Unicorn

11/9/2020 - Joe Biden Announces Covid Advisory Board, Pandemic Blueprint to Clean Up This Mess

11/9/2020 - Adventure Time: Distant Lands' New Trailer Has Bubbline, Evil Dragons, and a Sick Ride

11/9/2020 - 'Free Speech' Social Network Parler Tops App Store Downloads After Trump Loses Election

11/9/2020 - A Third Quiet Place Movie Is on Track for 2022

11/9/2020 - A Contentious App Ban Could Open Up Apple's Walled Garden

11/9/2020 - How to Block Spam Calls on iPhones and Android

11/9/2020 - This Is Not the Way, Baby Yoda

11/9/2020 - NASA Chief Says He Will Step Down When Biden Takes Office

11/9/2020 - DC Comics Has a New Editor in Chief: Marie Javins

11/9/2020 - McDonald's New 'McPlant' Is Coming for Beyond Meat's Dreams in 2021 [Update]

11/9/2020 - Apple Suspends Hardware Partner Over Labor Violations

11/9/2020 - Zoom Settles With FTC for Allegedly Lying to Everyone About Encryption

11/9/2020 - Freaky Is Fun, But Familiar

11/9/2020 - I'm Tired of Broken Smart Homes

11/9/2020 - Couple Who Pointed Guns at Protesters Sues Photographer Who Captured Them in the Act

11/9/2020 - 6 Excellent Jennifer Jason Leigh Sci-Fi Performances

11/9/2020 - This Tongue-Like Robot Gripper Can Slurp Its Way Into Tight Spaces

11/9/2020 - It Looks Like Sony Made a Remote Play App for Streaming PS5 Games on the PS4

11/9/2020 - Arctic Researchers Are Racing Against Time to Retrieve Acoustic Devices on the Seafloor

11/9/2020 - The Green New Deal Didn't Sink Democrats

11/9/2020 - Look at the Art Behind One of Magic: The Gathering's Biggest Events

11/9/2020 - Zoom Stock Takes a Dive on Positive Coronavirus Vaccine News

11/9/2020 - Second Cable Fails at Arecibo, Causing Even More Damage to Famed SETI Dish

11/9/2020 - How Excited Should You Be About the Pfizer Vaccine News?

11/9/2020 - Back to the Future's Michael J. Fox Has Sage Advice for Lil Nas X

11/9/2020 - Somehow This Flexible Camera Strap Turns Into a Rigid Camera Support at the Flip of a Switch

11/9/2020 - The Best Streaming Device on a Budget

11/9/2020 - New Black Widow Details Reveal Natasha's Ties to Her Past

11/9/2020 - Can I Stop Big Data Companies From Getting My Personal Information?

11/9/2020 - Trump Launches New 'Voter Fraud' Hotline After Prank Calls Swamp Old Number

11/9/2020 - Dentist Gets Two Months in Jail for Treating Patients During Self-Quarantine in Australia

11/8/2020 - UK Defense Chief Says Army Could Have 30,000 Robots by the 2030s

11/8/2020 - GoFundMe Takes Down Campaign That Raised More Than $200,000 to Look for Imaginary Voter Fraud

11/8/2020 - God, This Standing Keyboard Is So Cursed

11/8/2020 - Alex Hirsch Used His Gravity Falls Voice Acting Talents to Prank Trump's Voter Fraud Hotline

11/8/2020 - Quarantine Might Have Made the Upcoming Season of His Dark Materials Even Darker

11/8/2020 - Looks Like Spotify Is Considering a Subscription Service for Its Podcasts

11/8/2020 - Jurassic World: Dominion Used a Whopping 40,000 Covid-19 Tests During Its Lengthy Production

11/8/2020 - These Manatees Are Returning to the Ocean After Years in Captivity

11/8/2020 - This Video Explores the Clever Ways The Mandalorian Uses Tatooine

11/7/2020 - Donald Trump's First Tweets Since Finding Out He's Fired Are, of Course, in ALL CAPS and Full of Lies

11/7/2020 - Older Android Phones Will Be Cut Off From a Large Chunk of the Web in 2021

11/7/2020 - In Wake of Election, Facebook Will Put Groups That Violate Its Community Standards on ‘Probation’

11/7/2020 - Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz Talk the Messy Family Dynamics in Star Trek: Discovery

11/7/2020 - No, There Isn't a ‘Glitch’ in Michigan Election Software That Flipped Thousands of Trump Votes

11/7/2020 - We're Already Getting Rumors About Future The Mandalorian Casting

11/7/2020 - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Is Still on Pace to Get a Spooky Sequel

11/7/2020 - Now the Real Work Begins

11/7/2020 - REGIME CHANGE

11/7/2020 - Colin Firth to Face Down the Undead in New York Will Eat You Alive

11/7/2020 - The Best VR Headsets You Can Get Right Now

11/7/2020 - White House Vs. Coronavirus: Round 2

11/6/2020 - Trump’s Cybersecurity Agency Says It Is 'Highly Difficult' to Commit Voter Fraud, Actually

11/6/2020 - 20 Superheroes Who Should Star in a Comic Book Musical

11/6/2020 - Why, Yes, I Would Like to Own This Actually Pocket-Sized PC

11/6/2020 - The iPhone 13 Rumors Have Already Started Swirling

11/6/2020 - Things Get Soft and Distressingly Squishy in the Best Toys of the Week

11/6/2020 - 'Stop the Steal' Facebook Group Becomes 'Gay Communists for Socialism'

11/6/2020 - Ben Wheatley's Pandemic-Era Indie Horror Film Is About...a Pandemic

11/6/2020 - Let's Take a Break and Check Out Some Chill Satellite Images From This Week Instead

11/6/2020 - Some People Already Have Antibodies That Recognize Covid-19, Thanks to Common Colds

11/6/2020 - We're Feeling 'Blue Da Ba Dee' in the Friday Gif Party!

11/6/2020 - T-Mobile Will Stop Saying Its 5G Network Is Better Than It Actually Is

11/6/2020 - Wait—Apple’s MagSafe Duo Charger Costs How Much?

11/6/2020 - The Mandalorian Went Full Horror, But With Tons of Adorable Baby Yoda

11/6/2020 - The Pepper Cannon Might Be the Monster Mill I've Been Searching For

11/6/2020 - The DOJ Seized Over a Billion Dollars From Silk Road's Bitcoin Coffers

11/6/2020 - This Controller Adapter Finally Makes the Nintendo Switch Accessible to Gamers With Limited Mobility

11/6/2020 - Go Away, Eta, You're Drunk

11/6/2020 - Netflix, Give Us the Linear TV Feature for Mindless Binge-Watching

11/6/2020 - That's Bait

11/6/2020 - The Sony HT-G700 Makes a Great Case for Budget Dolby Atmos Soundbars

11/6/2020 - Major UK Trial Will Study Aspirin as a Covid-19 Treatment

11/6/2020 - Johnny Depp Has Been Removed From Fantastic Beasts

11/6/2020 - That Viral Video of CNN Hiding Its Pornhub Tab Is Completely Fake

11/6/2020 - Meet Some of D&D’s Fanciful New Patrons Your Adventurers Could Work For

11/6/2020 - Colorado Is Getting Its Wolves Back After Voters Approve Historic Law

11/6/2020 - Panasonic Created a Custom Vacuum to Rescue Dropped AirPods

11/6/2020 - Mimic, Guillermo del Toro's Most 'Hollywood' Movie, Is Still a Creepy-Crawly Chiller

11/6/2020 - Updates From The Green Knight, Stargirl, and More

11/6/2020 - U.S. Breaks Covid-19 Record Again With Over 110,000 New Cases on Thursday

11/6/2020 - How to Run Alternative Browsers on Your Chromebook

11/6/2020 - Two Weeks with the PS5: How Sony Is Adopting the Best Aspects of PC Gaming

11/6/2020 - Spider-Man: Miles Morales Is a Smaller, Stronger Game Than Its Predecessor

11/5/2020 - The Mandalorian Chapter 10 Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Right Here

11/5/2020 - Civil Rights Watchdogs Call for Twitter to Suspend Trump's Account Already

11/5/2020 - Steve Bannon Might Regret Calling for Acting Government Officials to Be Murdered [Updated]

11/5/2020 - The Director of Twister Tried to Make a Godzilla Movie Before the 1998 Version

11/5/2020 - You'll Be Able to Watch Tenet Safely at Home on December 15

11/5/2020 - Dozens of New Emoji Roll Out With iOS 14.2 Today

11/5/2020 - The First Human Composting Company Is Nearly Ready to Lay You to Rest in Washington

11/5/2020 - Jackson, Mississippi, Embraces the Surveillance State

11/5/2020 - Facebook Removes 'Stop the Steal,' a Pro-Trump Group Behind Demonstrations

11/5/2020 - Sean Hannity Wants Pics

11/5/2020 - Bliss Out to 10 Episodes of Summer Camp Island

11/5/2020 - A Dutch Brewery Is Burning Iron Powder as a Recyclable Fuel

11/5/2020 - Meet the Company Aiming to Create the Next Evolution in Collectibles

11/5/2020 - Ransomware Hackers Just Hit Capcom's Corporate Networks

11/5/2020 - Norway’s Supreme Court Will Hear an Arctic Drilling Case With Global Implications

11/5/2020 - Contact Lens-Removing Robot Requires More Faith in Technology Than I'll Ever Have

11/5/2020 - PSA: Don't Expect to Camp Outside Best Buy for Your PS5 on Launch Day

11/5/2020 - What If That New Mandalorian Character Isn’t Who You Think?

11/5/2020 - New American Airlines Wheelchair Policy Strands Passengers Relying on Mobility Devices

11/5/2020 - The iPhone 12 Pro Is More Popular Than Expected and Causing Chip Shortages

11/5/2020 - 6 Extremely Unfortunate Things You Can Be Allergic To

11/5/2020 - Razer Is Trying to Break Out of Gaming with the Razer Book 13

11/5/2020 - WhatsApp Brings Disappearing Messages To Its Platform

11/5/2020 - For Sale: Oil Company Headquarters, Slightly Used

11/5/2020 - Lego's New 2,352-Piece Ecto-1 Will Fill the Ghostbusters-Sized Hole Left by the Sequel's Delay

11/5/2020 - Tourists Will Soon Be Able to Visit the Titanic Wreck for $125,000

11/5/2020 - Join a Teenage Bird Gang in This Exclusive Game Reveal From The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book

11/5/2020 - World's Biggest Iceberg Is on a Collision Course With Wildlife-Filled Island

11/5/2020 - Marvel's Eternals Artwork Gives Us a Tiny New Glimpse of the Film

11/5/2020 - The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer Is a Force for Festive Joy

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