9/30/2020 - Even The Haunting of Bly Manor's Episode Titles Are Spooky as Hell

9/30/2020 - Big Tech Finally Figured Out That Phones Aren't the Best Devices for Streaming

9/30/2020 - Watch ULA Try to Finally Launch an NRO Spy Satellite on a Delta IV Heavy Rocket Tonight

9/30/2020 - X-Factor Is Testing the Limits of the X-Men's Age of Ascendance

9/30/2020 - I'm Sorry, But Who the Hell Is This Supposed to Be?

9/30/2020 - Teenage Engineering's 'Magic Radio' Is a Boutique Freakshow

9/30/2020 - 'Stand Back and Stand By' Already Selling on Extremist Proud Boys T-Shirts, Thanks to Trump

9/30/2020 - AOC Urges the SEC to Probe Palantir's Partnerships, Finances, and Literally Everything Else

9/30/2020 - No Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Can Prevent Covid-19, Concludes New Study

9/30/2020 - The First Dinosaur Feather Ever Found Is Still Controversial

9/30/2020 - Dragon's Dogma Took a Charming Video Game World and Saw Only Spite in It

9/30/2020 - YouTube TV Is Losing Regional Sports Channels Because Cordcutting Is No Better Than Cable

9/30/2020 - We Can Use Less Energy and Still Have Good Lives

9/30/2020 - Disney+ Has Cast Its Ms. Marvel

9/30/2020 - Google's Pixel 5 Is Finally Here

9/30/2020 - Google's Chromecast with Google TV Is Its First Real Streaming Contender

9/30/2020 - In the First His House Trailer, Refugees Find Themselves Trapped in a Strange, Evil Home

9/30/2020 - Greenland Faces a Century of Unprecedented Ice Loss

9/30/2020 - Uber and Lyft Will Have to Pay Minimum Wage in Seattle

9/30/2020 - We Knew Google's Nest Audio Speaker Was Coming and Here It Is

9/30/2020 - By Crom! A New Conan the Barbarian Series Is Coming to Netflix

9/30/2020 - Google's Antitrust Clusterfuck Is Turning Into a Three-Way

9/30/2020 - Dungeon & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Spellfire

9/30/2020 - I Had My First Kiss in GemStone III

9/30/2020 - In This Exclusive Lower Decks Clip, a Simulation Teeters on the Brink of Mariner-Spawned Chaos

9/30/2020 - A Pilot’s Review of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

9/30/2020 - The End of Climate Change Denial Is the Start of Something Much Worse

9/30/2020 - Batwoman Casts Another Victor Zsasz for the CW's Gotham

9/30/2020 - So Begins the Unhappy Matrimony of Instagram and Facebook Messenger

9/30/2020 - Vexing Space Station Air Leak Traced to Russian Module After False Alarm

9/30/2020 - The 100's Creator Jason Rothenberg Promises That the Series Finale Will Be Explosive

9/30/2020 - Timex Reissues One of Its First Attempts to Get Analog Watch Lovers to Switch to Digital

9/30/2020 - Marshall's Major IV Headphones Cut All the Cables With Wireless Charging

9/30/2020 - Extremely Good Cat Learns to Copy Human Movements

9/30/2020 - Stephen King's Firestarter Remake Has Found the Pyrokinetic's Dad

9/30/2020 - I'm Obsessed With Quip's New Refillable Floss Pick

9/29/2020 - Marvel 616 Follows Marvel Stories From the Viewpoint of Multiple Filmmakers

9/29/2020 - The Apple Watch Is Having Its Very Own Quibi Moment

9/29/2020 - Hunt the Blair Witch in This New Horror Subscription Game

9/29/2020 - Disney Parks Announces 28,000 Layoffs, Citing Covid-19 Closures and Low Attendance

9/29/2020 - Sonos Smacks Google With Yet Another Lawsuit Over Its Speaker Tech

9/29/2020 - Even This Tiny Proposal to Limit Section 230 Looks Like a Huge Mess

9/29/2020 - That Ridiculous Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan Fantasy Adventure Is Coming in November

9/29/2020 - Batman Gets an RPG and Hasbro Revives HeroQuest in the Latest Gaming News

9/29/2020 - Lockheed Martin Is Getting Sued for Creating an 'Environmental Nightmare' in Florida

9/29/2020 - Scientists Reveal More About Volcanic Eruption That Rocked the Ancient Maya

9/29/2020 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in October

9/29/2020 - Injuries at Amazon Warehouses Are Staggering, the Company’s Own Reports Show

9/29/2020 - We Have to Stop With the +

9/29/2020 - Joe Biden to Facebook: What's Your Problem, You Chicken-Hearted Milksops?

9/29/2020 - Barry Jenkins Will Direct The Lion King Prequel Nobody Asked For

9/29/2020 - There's No Time to Explain, But Stop Getting Your News from YouTube

9/29/2020 - The Craft: Legacy Trailer Is Here to Remind Us Not to Mess With Witches

9/29/2020 - Just Get the Apple Watch SE

9/29/2020 - The Boys Whipped It Out When Nobody Asked

9/29/2020 - Fat Bear Week Is Finally Here

9/29/2020 - Horrified Scientists Watch Snakes Feasting on the Organs of Living Toads

9/29/2020 - Will Chris Wallace Ask These Climate Questions at Tonight's Debate or Is He a Coward?

9/29/2020 - Amazon Sees Palm Readers in Your Retail Shopping Future

9/29/2020 - A New Tool for Detecting Deepfakes Looks for What Isn't There: an Invisible Pulse

9/29/2020 - This Toy Story and Adidas Kids Collection Is So Cool I'm Upset I'm an Adult

9/29/2020 - The LG Wing Is the Funnest Phone of 2020

9/29/2020 - D-Wave’s New Quantum Computer Is Inscrutable and Open for Business

9/29/2020 - This Limited-Edition Dune Novel Is Gorgeous and Flowing with Spice

9/29/2020 - Disney+ Rolls Out Long-Awaited GroupWatch Feature Today

9/29/2020 - SteelSeries' New RGB Mousepads Are Extra Extra Extra Extra Extra Large

9/29/2020 - The Orville Gets a Season 3 Status Update From Seth McFarlane

9/29/2020 - How to Change Your Background on a Video Conference Call

9/29/2020 - Watch Tonight's Debate Between Trump and Biden on YouTube, Facebook, and More

9/29/2020 - Lenovo Finally Jumped the Shark on Wireless Earbuds with the ThinkBook 15 Gen 2

9/28/2020 - Google Takes an Apple Approach to Android Apps, Will Require 30% Cut of Play Store Revenue

9/28/2020 - Ride for Your Life on the Upcoming Jurassic World VelociCoaster

9/28/2020 - Roku Chases the Best Free Streaming Service With Mobile Support

9/28/2020 - CDC Director Overheard Trashing Trump's 'Herd Immunity' Guy, Scott Atlas

9/28/2020 - Vampires Vs. The Bronx Pits Kids Against the Monsters in Their Midst

9/28/2020 - The FDA Approved Prescription Opioids Without Critical Safety Data, Study Says

9/28/2020 - Leaked Database Shows Trump Campaign Targeted Black Americans for Voter Suppression in 2016

9/28/2020 - Epic’s Case Against Apple Should Be Put to a Jury, Judge Recommends

9/28/2020 - 15 Years Later, Zathura: A Space Adventure Is a Movie Lost in Time

9/28/2020 - The Best Smartwatch You Can Buy Is Also an Underwhelming Upgrade

9/28/2020 - Scientists Created an Enzyme Cocktail That Eats Plastic

9/28/2020 - A Distant Blue Star Hosts One of the Most Extreme Exoplanets Known to Science

9/28/2020 - The Princess Bride: Adventure Book Game Is Almost as Epic as the Movie

9/28/2020 - Hill House vs. Bly Manor: Mike Flanagan Explains the Differences in His Haunting Shows

9/28/2020 - Former Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale in Hospital After Apparent Suicide Threats [Updated]

9/28/2020 - Uber Gets to Stay in London, For Now

9/28/2020 - I, Too, Know When Amazon Prime Day Is Because I Had to Move My Goddamn Wedding

9/28/2020 - Lupin III: The First Assembles His Band of Thieves in the First Full Trailer

9/28/2020 - For the Last Time, Please Don't Buy the Apple Watch Series 3

9/28/2020 - Lovecraft Country Has Given Up Cohesive Storytelling in Favor of Something More Dramatic

9/28/2020 - American Could Get Two Years in Thai Prison for TripAdvisor Review

9/28/2020 - California’s Wildfire Season Reignites as Flames Roar Into Towns Across Wine Country

9/28/2020 - Your Guide to Chiss-tory: Everything We Know About Star Wars' Hidden Empire

9/28/2020 - Astronomers Claim to Spot Multiple Bodies of Liquid Water on Mars

9/28/2020 - The Oceans Are Turning Into a Layer Cake

9/28/2020 - Avatar 2 Is Done Filming Says World’s Biggest Avatar Fan James Cameron

9/28/2020 - It Took an Aerospace Engineer to Make This Tiny Baby Yoda Toy Fly

9/28/2020 - The UK Could Be the First Country to Intentionally Give People Coronavirus to Test Vaccines

9/28/2020 - Dell's Refreshed XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1 Are Getting New Intel CPUs and Thunderbolt 4

9/28/2020 - Roku's New Brick-Sized Soundbar Is a Nifty 2-in-1 Streaming Box

9/28/2020 - Our New Batwoman in Costume, Plus Updates From the Sandman TV Series and More

9/28/2020 - How to Use Your Phone as a GoPro

9/28/2020 - Why Are VR Headsets So Bulky?

9/28/2020 - You Know Who Else Didn't Pay His Income Taxes?

9/27/2020 - This Is the Newest Way to Show Full Stadiums During the Covid-19 Apocalypse

9/27/2020 - Preteens Rejoice! Federal Judge Delays TikTok Ban

9/27/2020 - Your FedEx Packages May Soon Arrive By Autonomous Cargo Plane

9/27/2020 - It’s 2020, So of Course a Texas City Is Dealing With a Brain-Eating Amoeba in Its Water System

9/27/2020 - Trump and RNC Sue North Carolina for Making Absentee Voting Simpler

9/27/2020 - This Dog Is Learning How to Detect Covid-19

9/26/2020 - Fitbit Unveils New Software for Versa 3 and Sense, Zilch for Other Models

9/26/2020 - Right-Wing Content Flourishes on Facebook Because Fearmongering Has Always Worked, Exec Says

9/26/2020 - Trump Administration Whacks China Again With New Restrictions on Its Biggest Chip Maker

9/26/2020 - This Hacked Coffee Maker Demands Ransom and Demonstrates a Terrifying Implication About the IoT

9/26/2020 - Tommy Oliver Leads the Charge in Hasbro's Next Wave of Power Rangers Action Figures

9/26/2020 - These Official Behind-the-Scenes Photos Continue to Prove that Avatar 2 Exists

9/26/2020 - Fast & Furious: Spy Racer's Second Season Trailer Is So Much Fun

9/26/2020 - Amazon Luna Isn't Solving Cloud Gaming's Biggest Problems

9/25/2020 - Amazon Warns Xbox Series X Preorder Customers That Their Consoles May Arrive Late Too

9/25/2020 - Facebook Is Mad at Apple Again

9/25/2020 - She's Voting From Space, So Y'all Have No Excuse

9/25/2020 - It's Time to Dive Into the Beautiful World of Studio Ghibli

9/25/2020 - X of Swords Writer Tini Howard Breaks Down How Mutant Magic Is More Than It Seems

9/25/2020 - Rachel Talalay's A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting Looks Like Spooky Fun

9/25/2020 - FAA Chief: Look, I'll Fly the Freakin' Thing Myself

9/25/2020 - The Spider, the Child, and the Wizard Lead the Charge for This Week's Best Toys

9/25/2020 - Alphabet Settles Major Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

9/25/2020 - The Rock's Black Adam Will Be Joined by Aldis Hodge as DC's Hawkman

9/25/2020 - This Week's Gif Party Is a Tribute to Supergirl

9/25/2020 - A 'Climate Anomaly' Worsened World War I and the 1918 Flu Pandemic, New Research Suggests

9/25/2020 - The Cheap iPad Is Still Good

9/25/2020 - The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest Is Hasbro’s Next Magnificent Crowdfunding Toy

9/25/2020 - Yes, That Announcement About the Carol and Daryl Walking Dead Spinoff Was a Spoiler

9/25/2020 - Twitter to Roll Out Prompt Warning You to Read the Dang Article

9/25/2020 - The Quiet of Covid-19 Has Birds Singing Sultrier Songs

9/25/2020 - iOS 14 Update Fixes Bug That Borked Your Default Browser and Mail Settings

9/25/2020 - Lupin's First Trailer Introduces Omar Sy as the Legendary Gentleman Thief

9/25/2020 - Don't Be Fooled by Reports on the 'New' Coronavirus Mutation

9/25/2020 - Shipt's 'Effort-Based' Pay Model Decided a 1,400-Item Order Was Worth About $20

9/25/2020 - Nick Fury Rides Again With a New Disney+ Series Starring Samuel L. Jackson

9/25/2020 - New Leaks Claim Pixel 5 Will Launch at $700 Sporting a New Sage Green Paint Job

9/25/2020 - Windows XP Source Code Leaked By Apparent Bill Gates Conspiracist

9/25/2020 - In an Exclusive The God of High School Clip, a Shining Deity Falls

9/25/2020 - Walmart Spilled the Beans on Google's Next Smart Speaker a Week Early

9/25/2020 - New Mini-Moon Might Actually Be Old Space Junk Coming Back to Haunt Us

9/25/2020 - California’s Joshua Trees Become the First Plants to Receive Protections Due to Climate Change

9/25/2020 - How to Get SMS Text Messages on Your Mac

9/25/2020 - Tenet Is a Frustrating, Convoluted Mess of a Motion Picture

9/25/2020 - Why Unions Are the Key to Passing a Green New Deal

9/25/2020 - What's the Best Apple Watch for Most People?

9/25/2020 - Colin Trevorrow Hints at Jurassic Park's Trio Playing a Large Role in Dominion

9/25/2020 - How Android 11 Beats iOS 14 for Handling Messaging Apps

9/25/2020 - Huawei R&D Lab Catches Fire in Dongguan, China

9/24/2020 - It's Not Just You, a Ton of Google Services Just Went Down (Update: Phew, They're Back Up)

9/24/2020 - Behold: The Terminator by Poster Artist Tyler Stout

9/24/2020 - Roli's $300 Light-Up Keyboard Is Like if Rock Band Taught You How to Play Piano

9/24/2020 - Watch Everyone Geek Out About The Mandalorian's 15 Miniature Razor Crest Shots

9/24/2020 - Amazon's New Echo Show Will Soon Support Netflix, But What About Other Streaming Services?

9/24/2020 - Trump Spox Matt Wolking Shoves Foot in Mouth While Bashing CNN, Gizmodo Reporters [Updated]

9/24/2020 - The Boys Is Getting an R-Rated College Superhero Spinoff

9/24/2020 - Someone Is Anonymously Mailing Creepy QAnon Propaganda to Minneapolis Residents

9/24/2020 - Louisville Police Take Down Inmate Lookup Site Amid Mass Arrest of Protesters

9/24/2020 - Netflix's Three-Body Problem Decried by U.S. Senators Over Liu Cixin's Muslim Commentary

9/24/2020 - Atari’s Vaporware Console Is Getting Blockchain-Based Games

9/24/2020 - The Rallying Cry Against Apple's App Store Policies is Getting Louder

9/24/2020 - Black Hole From Iconic Image Appears to Be Wobbling

9/24/2020 - Attention, People of Illinois: It’s Time to Make Facebook Pay

9/24/2020 - Star Wars: The High Republic's Answer to Excalibur Is Exquisite

9/24/2020 - Miles Morales Is About to Make You Want to Protect Harlem

9/24/2020 - The Real Deal About Corporations' Climate Plans

9/24/2020 - Here's All the Weird Shit Amazon Announced Today, Including a Drone for Your House

9/24/2020 - Amazon Upgrades Eero Router With Wifi 6 and the Ability to Talk Directly to Smart Home Gear

9/24/2020 - Amazon's Next-Gen Fire TV Streaming Stick Should Be Faster, But Use Less Power

9/24/2020 - Soon You Can Ask Alexa to Forget Everything You Ever Said

9/24/2020 - Ring's New Always Home Cam Is Actually an Indoor Spy Drone

9/24/2020 - Amazon Luna Is Stadia and Microsoft's Newest Cloud Gaming Competitor

9/24/2020 - X of Swords' Sword Names, Ranked

9/24/2020 - Amazon's Echo Is Now a Ball

9/24/2020 - Too Much Licorice Stopped Man’s Heart and Killed Him, Doctors Say

9/24/2020 - Don't Let Go of This Tense Clip From the Upcoming Sci-Fi Film 2067

9/24/2020 - Secret 'Man Cave' Discovered in Room Beneath Grand Central Station

9/24/2020 - System Reboot: Gizmodo's New Podcast to Fix a Broken World

9/24/2020 - Covid-19 Data Is Coming to Google Maps

9/24/2020 - Hulu's Monsterland Serves Up Bleak Fairy Tales for Our Dystopian Reality

9/24/2020 - ‘Extremely Brilliant’ X-Ray Beams Are About to Revolutionize How We See Into Matter

9/24/2020 - Wikipedia's Getting an Overdue Makeover

9/24/2020 - Adobe Update Actually Makes PDFs Readable on Your Phone

9/24/2020 - Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts' Season 3 Trailer Teases the Beginning of the End

9/24/2020 - Scientists Have Figured Out How to Capture Energy From a Gentle Breeze

9/24/2020 - In 2020, Not Even Your Seltzer Is Safe

9/24/2020 - J.K. Simmons Hopes to Play J. Jonah Jameson For a Long Time

9/24/2020 - This New Quantum Processor Is Made of Light

9/24/2020 - Xbox Cloud Gaming Is a Wonder—Until I Tried Halo [Update: Halo Works Now]

9/24/2020 - Trump Facebook Ads With 'Real People' Actually Feature GOP Political Operatives

9/24/2020 - Lower Decks Tackles a Fundamental Truth of Star Trek

9/24/2020 - Trauma Disrupts Children's Brains—but Researchers Are Finding New Ways to Help Them Heal

9/23/2020 - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Ghost-Hunting Comedy Truth Seekers Is Arriving Before Halloween

9/23/2020 - The Snyder Cut's New Justice League Scenes Film in October, and Ray Fisher Will Be There [Updated]

9/23/2020 - Next Year You'll Be Able to Use Microsoft Office Without a Subscription, Thank Goodness

9/23/2020 - Venom: The Retro FAQ

9/23/2020 - X of Swords #1 Came Out Swinging and Got Right to the Point

9/23/2020 - Record-Breaking Whale Stays Underwater for Mind-Bending 3 Hours and 42 Minutes

9/23/2020 - Archie Just Made a Fascinating Step Forward for Digital Comics

9/23/2020 - Sling TV Is Rolling Out Its Very Own Watch Party Feature

9/23/2020 - Australian Regulators: If You Want to Vape, Get a Prescription

9/23/2020 - Jon Snow's Resurrection Is Why Lady Stoneheart Never Came to Game of Thrones

9/23/2020 - 'Brain-Boosting' Supplements Are Full of Unapproved, Untested Drugs, Study Finds

9/23/2020 - I Have Seen the Face of God

9/23/2020 - California Bans Sale of New Gas-Powered Cars Beginning in 2035

9/23/2020 - The Burrito Pop Will Ensure You’re Only a Mess on the Inside

9/23/2020 - A Glorious Space Brawl Kicks Off Cassandra Khaw's Sci-Fi Adventure The All-Consuming World

9/23/2020 - Your Guide to the Surprising Amount of Movies Out This Fall [UPDATED]

9/23/2020 - New Study Shows We Actually Do Live in Hell

9/23/2020 - This Solar-Powered Weather Station Is Stealthy, Accurate, and Works With Alexa

9/23/2020 - Industrial Designers Create New 'Human-God Interfaces'

9/23/2020 - Black Widow, Eternals, and More Have Been Delayed (Again)

9/23/2020 - Samsung Is Activating Its Smartwatch ECG Feature Today, but There's a Catch

9/23/2020 - John Cena's Suicide Squad Hero Is Getting His Own HBO Max Show

9/23/2020 - Bypass Siri With This Stick-On Smart Speaker That Brings Google Assistant and Alexa to Your iPhone

9/23/2020 - Big Oil’s Climate Plans Fail at Every Metric

9/23/2020 - 1Password Brings Virtual Burner Credit Cards to Your Browser

9/23/2020 - The Google Assistant Is Getting a Routine to Make Working From Home Easier

9/23/2020 - Who Is the Lord of the Rings, Exactly?

9/23/2020 - There’s a Prime Exercise Bike, and Amazon Isn’t Happy

9/23/2020 - ‘2020 Really Belongs to Us’: How the Youth Climate Movement Plans to Save the Planet in November

9/23/2020 - ISS Maneuvers to Avoid Space Debris, in What’s Becoming the New Normal

9/23/2020 - Siri Is Honestly Just a Terrible Kitchen Assistant

9/23/2020 - The Galaxy S20 FE Is the Affordable Flagship Phone Samsung Fans Need Right Now

9/23/2020 - Your Game of Thrones Spinoff Wait Will Be Just a Bit Longer

9/23/2020 - The Haunting of Bly Manor's New Trailer Is Drowning in Creepiness

9/23/2020 - Here's Everything New You Can Do With an IFTTT Pro Subscription

9/23/2020 - Portland Police Ridiculed For Tweeting 'Molotov Cocktails' Made From Plastic

9/22/2020 - Hulu's Adaptation of Clive Barker's Books of Blood Looks to Contain Plenty of the Red Stuff

9/22/2020 - 1,000-Year-Old Precursor to Stainless Steel Found in Iran, Surprising Archaeologists

9/22/2020 - A Guide to Marvel's Tinkerer, the Miles Morales Game's Fixer Foe

9/22/2020 - Starving Artists and Design Students Can Afford This Cheap but Accurate Real-Life Color Picker

9/22/2020 - Microsoft Lands Exclusive License for OpenAI's Astonishing GPT-3 Model

9/22/2020 - The '90s Flash Show's Creators Wanted to Make a Much Darker DC Series

9/22/2020 - So Long, Supergirl

9/22/2020 - A Handful of New Emoji, Ranked

9/22/2020 - A New Director Has Boarded the Cassian Andor Star Wars Show

9/22/2020 - I Lost My Mind Customizing My iPhone Home Screen for the Aesthetic in iOS 14

9/22/2020 - Pentagon Got $1 Billion to Fight Coronavirus, Bought Drones, Jet Parts, and Body Armor Instead: Report

9/22/2020 - The Nvidia RTX 3080 eBay Debacle Exposed a Scalper Bot Civil War

9/22/2020 - All the New and Returning Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Other Genre Shows Coming to Your TV This Fall

9/22/2020 - Content Moderator Exposed to Child Assault and Animal Torture Sues YouTube

9/22/2020 - Hell Yes, It's Time to Get Your Flu Shot

9/22/2020 - China Just Made A Major Carbon Neutrality Promise

9/22/2020 - The Indie Team Behind Beast Heart! Strikers Tells Us About Bringing the Tokusatsu Spirit to Comics

9/22/2020 - The One Good Scene in: Beneath the Planet of the Apes

9/22/2020 - If You Hate Your Ears, Then Why Not Build a Portable Floppy Disk Walkman?

9/22/2020 - NASA Finally Puts a Price Tag on 2024 Moon Landing

9/22/2020 - Facebook Follows Up Vow to Fight Climate Change With 'Mass Censorship' of Climate Activists

9/22/2020 - Facebook's Newest TikTok Clone Is A Bummer

9/22/2020 - Over the Moon's New Trailer Invites You to the Pop Concert to End All Pop Concerts

9/22/2020 - Nokia's New Budget Phones Offer Some Surprisingly Decent Features on the Cheap

9/22/2020 - 18 Months of Mysterious Internet Outages Traced to Villager's Old TV Set

9/22/2020 - All We Can Save Redefines ‘We’ in the Climate Fight

9/22/2020 - Razer's Flagship Mouse, Keyboard, and Headset Just Got a Super-Fast Wireless Upgrade

9/22/2020 - Lupin the Third's Gloriously Gorgeous CG Movie Now Has an English Dub Trailer

9/22/2020 - Bose Promises Round 2 of the Excellent Sleepbuds Will Fix Their Biggest Problem

9/22/2020 - Updates From Wonder Woman 1984, Creepshow, and More

9/22/2020 - The Fitbit Sense Is One Hell of an Ambitious Smartwatch

9/22/2020 - Jabra's First Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation Are Finally Here

9/22/2020 - AMD Ryzen Processors Are Finally Coming to Chromebooks

9/22/2020 - This Budget Pet Camera Is Perfect for Neurotic Pet Owners

9/21/2020 - NOAA Taps New Chief Scientist Who Downplays Climate Change

9/21/2020 - Tony Stark Was Right About Something for Once

9/21/2020 - Battlestar Galactica Star Michael Hogan Needs Our Help

9/21/2020 - Pro-Trump NIH Goon to 'Retire' After Being Outed as Prolific Author of Anti-Mask, Anti-Fauci Blog Posts

9/21/2020 - DC's New Raised by Wolves Comic Gives More Context to Its Religious War

9/21/2020 - Ron Cobb, a Designer on Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Alien, Dies at 83

9/21/2020 - Arctic Sea Ice Hit a Scary Milestone

9/21/2020 - The Fairphone 3+ Is a Repairable Dream That Takes Beautiful Photos

9/21/2020 - Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Has Been Canceled by Netflix

9/21/2020 - Australia Has Venomous Snakes, Spiders, and… Trees

9/21/2020 - The EU Could Force Companies to Sell Off Assets, Like Trump, But With Discussions and Meetings and Stuff

9/21/2020 - That Wild Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Ending Is 100% Canonical

9/21/2020 - Studies Show Far-UVC Light Can Kill Coronaviruses Without Harming Humans

9/21/2020 - Discovery+ Could Give Us HGTV and Food Network On Demand as Soon as Early 2021

9/21/2020 - CDC Says Covid-19 Can Be Airborne, Then Takes It Back

9/21/2020 - Anyone Want to Buy a Quibi?

9/21/2020 - Amazon Sidewalk Wants to Connect Your Neighborhood—If You'll Let It

9/21/2020 - Breaking Down WandaVision's First Reality-Warping Trailer

9/21/2020 - Android's 2 Best Features Come to iOS 14: Here's How to Use Them

9/21/2020 - The Australian Bushfires Stuck the Country With a $1.5 Billion Medical Bill

9/21/2020 - A Magical Deal Goes Sideways in This Excerpt From Cairo-Set Fantasy A Master of Djinn

9/21/2020 - Pics of an Unreleased Xperia Play 2 Make Me Wish Sony Would Give Gaming Phones Another Go

9/21/2020 - The Trump Administration Is Killing Conservation Diplomacy

9/21/2020 - Microsoft Can Now Make Master Chief and Doomguy Kiss If It Wants To

9/21/2020 - Robert Gore, Who Kept Us Dry and Cool in the Rain with His Gore-Tex Invention, Has Died

9/21/2020 - Lovecraft Country Expanded Its Mythos With a Carnal Story about War

9/21/2020 - Baby Born on Flight to London Gets Lifetime Ticket From Airline

9/21/2020 - Two Critically Endangered Javan Rhino Babies Spotted in Indonesia

9/21/2020 - This Perfectly Flat Fisheye Lens Could Help Shave Down Camera Bumps

9/21/2020 - Watchmen Made Comic Book History at the 2020 Emmys

9/21/2020 - Chinese Propaganda Video Rips Off Hollywood Movies to Fake Bombing of U.S. Base

9/21/2020 - Updates From Black Widow, The Walking Dead, and More

9/21/2020 - America’s Hidden Big Cat Problem

9/21/2020 - What Would Happen If Mark Zuckerberg Deleted All of Facebook?

9/21/2020 - Logitech's New MX Anywhere 3 Is a Great Pint-Sized Productivity Mouse with a Super-Slick Scroll Wheel

9/20/2020 - The First WandaVision Trailer Is Totally Bonkers and You'll Love It

9/20/2020 - Twitter's Scrambling to Figure Out Why Its Photo Preview Algorithm Seems Racist

9/20/2020 - Turns Out WeChat Won’t Be Banned Immediately, Either

9/20/2020 - Amazon's Utopia Brings a Comic Book Conspiracy to Dreadful Life in New Teaser Clip

9/20/2020 - The TikTok Saga Would Be a Comedy if It Weren't So Tragic

9/20/2020 - Janina Gavankar to Write and Star in Mythological Monster Movie

9/20/2020 - Amazon's Fall Hardware Debut Is Set for Sept. 24

9/20/2020 - Celebrate a Late Batman Day With This Stunning Illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz

9/20/2020 - Archer Returns to Ruining Spy Missions in This New Episode Promo

9/19/2020 - There Is Now a TikTok Deal That Has Trump’s 'Blessing,' Delaying Ban

9/19/2020 - First Ransomware-Related Death Reported in Germany After Attack Paralyzes Hospital

9/19/2020 - TikTok Files Complaint Against Trump Administration to Prevent Impending Ban

9/19/2020 - Giancarlo Esposito Discusses His Greatest Acting Challenge Yet: A Cartoon Supervillain

9/19/2020 - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Win an Emmy for Watchmen, Coming One Step Closer to the Broodiest EGOT Ever

9/19/2020 - Epic's Latest Filing Says Apple Lied About Fortnite's Popularity Using 'Cherry-Picked' Stats

9/19/2020 - The Ms. Marvel Series for Disney Plus Has a Directing Team, Including Pakistani Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

9/19/2020 - David Harbour Says Hopper Is Going Through a Major Transformation in Stranger Things Season 4

9/19/2020 - Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 Is Proof That You Should Skip First-Gen Tech

9/19/2020 - John James Audubon Was Never Good

9/19/2020 - Lego's New Batman 1989 Batwing Is a Work of Art You Can Actually Hang on Your Wall

9/18/2020 - Amazon: Hope You Weren't Expecting Your Pre-Ordered PS5 to Ship on Time

9/18/2020 - In Ironic Twist, Founder of Cyber Fraud Prevention Startup Gets Arrested on Fraud Charges

9/18/2020 - A Lone Astronaut Traverses a Pop Culture Post-Apocalypse

9/18/2020 - Nvidia's New RTX 3080 Can Barely Run Crysis: Remastered at 4K

9/18/2020 - She Still Gets Your Money

9/18/2020 - Facebook Does It Again (and Again), More Bans, and FOSTA v. the Amendments

9/18/2020 - Your Shelf Can't Escape Spooky Season, and More of the Most Frightful Toys of the Week

9/18/2020 - After Months of Drama, Peacock Is Now on Roku

9/18/2020 - Six Charged In Bribery Scheme to Game Amazon’s Marketplace

9/18/2020 - The Super Mario Bros. Movie Was a Damp, Fungal Love Letter to New York City

9/18/2020 - 120,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Mark Possible Migration Route Through Arabian Peninsula

9/18/2020 - How to Use Widgets in iOS 14

9/18/2020 - Look How Hot These People Wearing Masks Are

9/18/2020 - Witness Says Assange Was Offered a Pardon to Help Trump, U.S. Lawyers Don’t Argue

9/18/2020 - CDC Nukes Absurd Testing Guidance, Now Says All Exposed People ‘Need a Test’

9/18/2020 - Trump's WeChat and TikTok App Store Bans Are a Cybersecurity Nightmare

9/18/2020 - Your Name Live-Action Remake Finds a New Director in Lee Isaac Chung

9/18/2020 - The Origin of the Screen Name

9/18/2020 - A Tribute to Horror Icon Tom Savini's Most Memorable Acting Roles

9/18/2020 - This $300 AI-Powered Toothbrush Left Me With That Post-Dentist, Just-Got-Robbed Kind of Feeling

9/18/2020 - It's Time to Thwip Our Way Into a Friday Gif Party

9/18/2020 - Hurricane Season Breaks Records, Map

9/18/2020 - How Is It September and HBO Max Still Does Not Do 4K or HDR?

9/18/2020 - Through the Ghosts of Revenge of the Sith, Darth Vader Finds a Semblance of Peace

9/18/2020 - Dentist Who Pulled Tooth While Riding Hoverboard Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison

9/18/2020 - Still Looks Bad

9/18/2020 - Another Casualty of the Apple Vs. Epic Fight: Fortnite on the Mac

9/18/2020 - Tesla Scores a Win In Lawsuit Against Martin Tripp

9/18/2020 - Poop Knives, Gassed-Up Gators, and More Absurd Science From the 2020 Ig Nobel Prizes

9/18/2020 - CBP Drones Conducted Flyovers Near Homes of Indigenous Pipeline Activists, Flight Records Show

9/18/2020 - Harley Quinn Renewed for Season 3 on HBO Max

9/18/2020 - The Excellent DC Universe Is Dead, and a Comics-Only Service Is Taking Its Place

9/18/2020 - How to Use Instagram Reels

9/18/2020 - New Dune Merch Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at Baron Harkonnen

9/18/2020 - The Downside of Conveniently Signing In With Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple

9/18/2020 - Trump Regime Orders U.S. App Stores to Ban TikTok and WeChat by Sunday

9/18/2020 - Some of the Coolest Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Merch Will Soon Be Available to Everyone

9/18/2020 - Australia's 7-Hour 'Flight to Nowhere' Sells Out Instantly As People Lose Their Damn Minds Hoping to Feel Normal Again in the Midst of a Pandemic That's Infected 30 Million and Killed Almost 1 Million Globally But Will We Ever Feel Normal Again and What Even Qualifies As Normal Anymore

9/18/2020 - Federal Judge Blocks USPS Sabotage, Blasts DeJoy's ‘Politically Motivated Attack’ to Affect the Election

9/17/2020 - iOS 14 Bug Will Bork Your Default Mail and Browser Settings

9/17/2020 - Ridley Scott's Raised By Wolves Costume Designer Breaks Down the Show's Alien Style

9/17/2020 - RIP Nintendo 3DS

9/17/2020 - Tonal, the Latest Company Competing to Upgrade Your Home Gym, Raises Another $110 Million

9/17/2020 - Lovecraft Country's Wunmi Mosaku and Abbey Lee Discuss the Intricacies of Ruby and Christina

9/17/2020 - Free Speech Champion Mark Zuckerberg Announces Plan to Censor His Employees

9/17/2020 - WhatsApp's Encryption Hasn't Kept It Safe From Stalkerware

9/17/2020 - Parents Agree: Don't Give Your Kids an Apple Watch

9/17/2020 - Why Isn't Close Encounters Considered Steven Spielberg's Ultimate Masterpiece? Because It Kind of Is

9/17/2020 - An RTX 3080 Graphics Card Just Sold on Ebay for $70,000

9/17/2020 - Facebook Might Have Just Given Us a Peek at Our Wild AR Future

9/17/2020 - Giraffes Are Basically Fuzzy Lightning Rods, New Research Suggests

9/17/2020 - Tatiana Maslany Will Play Disney+'s She-Hulk

9/17/2020 - Hell Is in Space and It Belongs to Russia, Roscosmos Chief Says

9/17/2020 - The Amazonification of Climate Change Is Here

9/17/2020 - The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Provided the 'Perfect' Family Vacation

9/17/2020 - Finally, a Cartoon Brave Enough to Tell 10-Year-Olds That Having a Drink Will Kill Them and Everyone They Know

9/17/2020 - I Cannot Afford This HGTV Streaming Service, but I Want It

9/17/2020 - CDC Says Pregnant Women With Covid-19 More Likely to Give Birth Prematurely

9/17/2020 - The World’s Plan to Reduce Plastic Pollution Is Trash

9/17/2020 - Why Scientists Should Use Magic to Study Animal Intelligence

9/17/2020 - Congratulations to Baby Yoda, Emmy Award Winner

9/17/2020 - The Batman Returns to Production Following Robert Pattinson's Coronavirus Diagnosis

9/17/2020 - The Sony Xperia 5 II Is a Sleek and Sneakily Sophisticated Little Phone

9/17/2020 - CD Players Are Back From the Dead and Now Work With Airpods

9/17/2020 - The Place of No Words Trailer Uses Fantasy to Explore a Tragic Reality

9/17/2020 - Retailers Screwed Everyone on PlayStation 5 Preorders

9/17/2020 - DoJ Still Not Sure Why It's Mad at WeChat

9/17/2020 - NYCC 2020's New Panel Announcements Feel Like a Chance to Avoid a San Diego Repeat

9/17/2020 - How Far-Right Extremists Are Using the Climate Crisis to Go Mainstream

9/17/2020 - Updates From The Matrix 4, Black Widow, and More

9/17/2020 - U.S. Troops Asked About Using 'Heat Ray' Weapon Against Protesters, According to Whistleblower

9/17/2020 - The Apple Watch Series 6 Seems Like a Minor Upgrade with Major Potential

9/17/2020 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Took a Serious Turn, and Really Earned It

9/17/2020 - Intel's 11th-Gen Processor With Iris Xe Graphics Is Really That Good

9/17/2020 - You Don't Sacrifice Much with the Apple Watch SE

9/17/2020 - The Roomba i3+ Is a Self-Emptying Robovac That's Practically Affordable

9/16/2020 - Oracle's Bid for TikTok Is Down to the Wire and Also a Huge Mess

9/16/2020 - There's Something Scary for Everyone in These 4 New 'Welcome to the Blumhouse' Trailers

9/16/2020 - Everything Store Becomes Everywhere Store

9/16/2020 - Finally, You Can Use VR to Hide From Jurassic Park's Dinosaurs

9/16/2020 - Is Mercedes' MBUX a Good In-Car Computer?

9/16/2020 - 85 Million Pieces of Mail Delayed in One Week Thanks to Louis DeJoy, Senate Report Says

9/16/2020 - Darth Vader Never Forgets

9/16/2020 - Facebook's AR Ray-Bans Are a Stylish but Horrible Idea

9/16/2020 - It's Safe to Delete Your Facebook Now

9/16/2020 - The Sony PS5 Will Launch November 12 and Start at $400 [Update: Preorders Start Tomorrow]

9/16/2020 - Aggretsuko Takes on a New Significance in These Extraordinary Times

9/16/2020 - Auction of Unusually Complete T. Rex Skeleton Could Smash Sales Record

9/16/2020 - 17 Things You Can Do in iOS 14 That You Couldn’t Do Before

9/16/2020 - Facebook Was Warned for 5 Years About Violent Event Pages but Didn't Act, Civil Rights Group Says

9/16/2020 - Apple's Thoughtful Family Setup Service Can Probably Be Replaced With a Leash and the Fear of God

9/16/2020 - Everything We (Think We) Know About The Mandalorian Season 2

9/16/2020 - Give Your Home a Drab '80s Makeover With Commodore 64 Colored Spray Paint

9/16/2020 - Prisons Fear Escape By Drone, Presumably Because They've Never Seen a Drone

9/16/2020 - The Expanse's 9th and Final Book Is Titled Leviathan Falls

9/16/2020 - Hell Yes, Take a Look Inside Madam Satan's Devilish New Comic

9/16/2020 - The Oculus Quest 2 Has Finally Realized VR's Promise, and It's Only $300

9/16/2020 - Lab-Made Antibodies Show Early Promise for Treating Covid-19

9/16/2020 - Creators of Combat Wheelchair Miniatures on the Challenges of Pushing RPGs to a More Inclusive Future

9/16/2020 - Uber Safety Driver in Fatal Self-Driving Car Crash Charged With Negligent Homicide

9/16/2020 - In the Trippy Trailer for Anthony Mackie's Synchronic, Time Is an Illusion

9/16/2020 - Climate Change Is Now Killing Birds in Midair

9/16/2020 - Someone Turned Lego's Super Mario Into a Controller for the Super Mario Bros. Video Game

9/16/2020 - Astronomers Discover First Known Planet to Orbit a White Dwarf Star

9/16/2020 - Nintendo Teases the Possibility of More Adaptations After the New Super Mario Movie

9/16/2020 - 'Disturbing Revelations' About Boeing 737 Max Crashes Made Public in New Report

9/16/2020 - The GoPro Hero9 Is a Little Bigger and a Lot Better in Every Possible Way

9/16/2020 - Noah Hawley Teases His On-Hold Star Trek Movie

9/16/2020 - The Nvidia RTX 3080 Finally Makes 4K Gaming a Reality

9/16/2020 - Garmin's New Smartwatch Is Made for Triathletes, Because We Should All Dream Big Right Now

9/16/2020 - Epson Debuts New Ultra Short-Throw, Android-Powered 4K Projector

9/15/2020 - Data Leak Shows Chinese Firm Compiled Data, Social Media Posts of Millions

9/15/2020 - Disney Enters a Silent Shadowed Kingdom and Fallout Adds the Enclave in Gaming News

9/15/2020 - Moonbase 8 Sees Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, and John C. Reilly Hilariously Try to Get to the Moon

9/15/2020 - Hey, Apple, Wrong Clasp

9/15/2020 - Our Latest Look at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Is Smokin'

9/15/2020 - Apple's Subscription Services Bundle Is Already in Hot Water

9/15/2020 - This Comic Book Writer Spent a Year Mailing Michael Cohen Movie and TV Spoilers in Prison

9/15/2020 - Smoke from Western Wildfires Is Clouding Skies on the East Coast

9/15/2020 - Do Not Buy the Apple Watch Series 3 Over the Watch SE

9/15/2020 - Manga Legend Junji Ito Talks Making Horror, Adapting It, and Cats

9/15/2020 - Contribute to Chaotic Video Calls With Simple Gestures Using This Video Lens

9/15/2020 - Why Hurricane Sally Is Going to Make It Rain So Much

9/15/2020 - Peek Into Cursed Objects and Learn All About the World's Weirdest and Unluckiest Things

9/15/2020 - USPS Phishing Texts Are Flooding Phones Across The Country

9/15/2020 - Can You Believe This?

9/15/2020 - Everything Apple Announced at Today's Watch and iPad Event

9/15/2020 - Disney's She-Hulk Series Brings on Kat Coiro to Direct and Executive Produce

9/15/2020 - Now That Venus Is a Candidate for Alien Life, What's Next?

9/15/2020 - Surprise! Apple Is Dropping iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS14, and watchOS 7 Tomorrow

9/15/2020 - Apple Watch’s Faces Finally Don’t Suck

9/15/2020 - Breaking Down the Epic Sights and Mysterious Quests of The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

9/15/2020 - The New 8th-Gen iPad and Fully Redesigned iPad Air Are Here

9/15/2020 - Amazon's Kicking Retailers While They're Down (Again)

9/15/2020 - Apple Unveils Apple One and New Subscription Bundle Tiers

9/15/2020 - Apple Takes Aim at Peloton With Fitness+ Subscription Service

9/15/2020 - This Is the Apple Watch Series 6 and This Is Its New Friend, the Apple Watch SE

9/15/2020 - Jason Momoa Stands by Ray Fisher, His Man

9/15/2020 - BP Says We've Already Reached Peak Oil

9/15/2020 - Are You Also Having the Mask Dream?

9/15/2020 - Bill Gates Is Rapidly Losing Trust in the FDA and CDC

9/15/2020 - In the First Trailer for Love and Monsters, a Monster Apocalypse Can't Stop Romance

9/15/2020 - We're Liveblogging Whatever This Apple Event Is Right Here

9/15/2020 - Is This a Joke?

9/15/2020 - Filmmakers Reflect on Reign of Fire, 18 Years After the Bizarre Blockbuster Bomb Became a Cult Film

9/15/2020 - The tCentric Hybrid Office Chair Is Pricey, Comfy, and Built Like a Tank

9/15/2020 - Ice Age Cave Bear Found Exquisitely Preserved in Siberian Permafrost

9/15/2020 - The Mandalorian's Season 2 Trailer Is Here, and It Brought Baby Yoda

9/15/2020 - Goodbye CBS All Access, Hello Paramount+

9/15/2020 - Updates From Uncharted, the Flash Movie, and More

9/15/2020 - 10 Years Ago, World Leaders Set Biodiversity Goals. They Haven’t Met a Single One.

9/15/2020 - AMD Finally Proves Its Laptop Prowess With the Incredible Lenovo Slim 7

9/15/2020 - How to Watch Apple's Event Today

9/15/2020 - U.S. Concentration Camp Sent Undocumented Women to Be Sterilized, According to Whistleblower

9/14/2020 - Microsoft's Underwater Data Center Rises From the Seafloor a Grimy Success

9/14/2020 - The New A7C Is Sony's Smallest and Lightest Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Yet

9/14/2020 - Facebook Routinely 'Ignored' Efforts to Manipulate Elections Across the Globe: Whistleblower

9/14/2020 - Werner Herzog Will Produce and Lend His Trademark Narration to a New Doc on Space Colonization

9/14/2020 - Dune Not Miss These Awesome New Fall Funko Pops

9/14/2020 - Your Weather App Is Selling You Out

9/14/2020 - Netflix's La Révolution Imagines Something Sinister in 18th Century France

9/14/2020 - Wellness Influencers Denounce the Spread of QAnon

9/14/2020 - Game of Thrones Showrunners Say the One Thing They Got Right About the Pilot Was Admitting It Sucked

9/14/2020 - Google’s Carbon Offset Plan Shows Where the World Has Failed on Climate Change

9/14/2020 - CBP Seizes Batch of 'Counterfeit AirPods' That Appear to Just Be Legit OnePlus Buds [Updated]

9/14/2020 - This Mandalorian Video Illustrates Just How Wild the Production Was

9/14/2020 - Fitbit Sense's ECG App Is Now FDA-Cleared, Just Like the Apple Watch

9/14/2020 - Better Names for Pepsi's Sleep Beverage, Ranked

9/14/2020 - Marvel's Avengers Works Best Putting the Spotlight on Its Unlikeliest Stars

9/14/2020 - Google Will Announce a New Chromecast, Smart Speaker, and Pixel Phones on Sept. 30

9/14/2020 - Scientists Detect Apparent Signature of Life in Venus’s Atmosphere

9/14/2020 - Should a Covid-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory for Kids? Health Experts Are Trying to Decide

9/14/2020 - Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Might Be the Most Violent Kids Show Out There

9/14/2020 - How to Fireproof California's Electric Grid

9/14/2020 - Kang on, Marvel's Ant-Man 3 Might Have Just Nabbed Lovecraft Country's Jonathan Majors

9/14/2020 - The Apple Watch Series 6 Will Need a Fresh Take on Old Features

9/14/2020 - Vinyl Sales Beat CDs While Still Managing to Lose

9/14/2020 - Lovecraft Country Stepped Up Its Game by Going Full Body Horror

9/14/2020 - The Arctic We Know Is Disappearing

9/14/2020 - Nvidia Buying Arm Means Nothing for Apple, but Maybe Good Things for Nintendo

9/14/2020 - Star Wars Squadron's New Cinematic Short Celebrates the Pilots of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

9/14/2020 - Looks Bad

9/14/2020 - Oracle Is the Likely Winner of the Great TikTok Bake-Off

9/14/2020 - The Bonkers LG Wing: Pretty Fly for a Smartphone

9/14/2020 - The Witcher's Second Season Could Take Us to an Iconic Location From the Books

9/14/2020 - Do You Really Need an AI-Powered Smart Range?

9/14/2020 - How Can I Live a More Phone-Free Life?

9/14/2020 - Anti-Maskers Forced to Dig Graves for Covid-19 Victims in Indonesia

9/13/2020 - Silicon Valley’s Biggest Trump Supporter Wins TikTok

9/13/2020 - Soon We Might Get to See Mars in 8K

9/13/2020 - Pennyworth's Second Season Will Feature Bruce Wayne, Uh, Kind Of

9/13/2020 - While the West Coast Burns, NOAA Welcomes a Climate Change Denier Onboard

9/13/2020 - For Some Strange Reason, Orcas Are Ramming Into Boats in Northern Spain

9/13/2020 - Warner Bros. Is Refusing to Share Detailed Tenet Box Office Numbers

9/13/2020 - Listen to a Snippet of Junkie XL's Justice League Theme

9/13/2020 - Directors of Synchronic Ask You to Please Not Go See Their Movie [UPDATED]

9/13/2020 - Nia DaCosta's Candyman Has Been Delayed Until 2021

9/12/2020 - No, You’re Not Seeing Things. Facebook Has Launched a Poll Worker Recruitment Drive.

9/12/2020 - Facebook Finally Cracks Down on Bogus Propaganda About Oregon Wildfires

9/12/2020 - Legends of Tomorrow's Season 6 Has Found Its Guide to the Wide World of Aliens

9/12/2020 - California Passes Law to Help Inmate Firefighters Pursue Professional Careers in the Field

9/12/2020 - Doom Patrol Has Been Renewed for a Third Season on HBO Max

9/12/2020 - Trump's HHS Goons Smear CDC as 'Deep State,' Routinely Meddle with Covid-19 Reports

9/12/2020 - The Fourth Season of Young Justice Is Called Phantoms

9/12/2020 - Javicia Leslie Is Beyond Thrilled to Step into the Role of the CW's New Batwoman

9/12/2020 - Each Episode of Lovecraft Country Now Comes With a Syllabus

9/12/2020 - What to Expect from Apple's September Event (Hint: Maybe No iPhones)

9/12/2020 - Australia Burned Under a Haze of Misinformation Earlier This Year. The U.S. Is Next.

9/12/2020 - Three Electrostatic Motors Almost Make This Pricey Watch Worth It

9/12/2020 - Major QAnon Site Shutters After Operator Gets Outed

9/11/2020 - The Most Apocalyptic Photos From the West Coast Fires This Week

9/11/2020 - China Would Rather See TikTok Go the Way of Vine Than Bow to U.S. Pressure: Report

9/11/2020 - 25 Years Ago We Got Genre's Most Unapologetic Heroine

9/11/2020 - A Star Wars Gaming Legend Returns, and More of the Most Sinister Toys of the Week

9/11/2020 - Dem Congressional Nominee Abruptly Drops Out of Race Against QAnon Conspiracy Theorist

9/11/2020 - Tuck Me Inside the Scorpion Machine

9/11/2020 - Amazon Japan to Pay Nearly $19 Million to Suppliers, Seems Pretty Okay With It

9/11/2020 - Let's Talk About Death, Baby...in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

9/11/2020 - Debunked 'Antifa' Wildfire Rumors Spread on Facebook Overload 911, Spur Calls to Violence

9/11/2020 - Apple Updates App Store Rules Regarding Game Streaming, Still Doesn't Really Allow Game Streaming

9/11/2020 - A Look Inside Last Gate of the Emperor, a YA Future Adventure Defined by Augmented Reality

9/11/2020 - Facebook: Privacy Is Cool, but Have You Guys Heard of Money?

9/11/2020 - Mining Firm CEO Resigns After Razing an Australian Indigenous Site

9/11/2020 - Funky Discrepancy Deepens Dark Matter Mystery

9/11/2020 - Lovecraft Country's Jonathan Majors Discusses How Fear Is the Key to Atticus' Evolution

9/11/2020 - DC's New VP Wants Its Comics to Reflect a Diverse Readership—But It'll Take Some Work

9/11/2020 - Scientists Flag 'Inconsistencies' in Russian Vaccine Study

9/11/2020 - Enable 2FA on Zoom's Mobile and Desktop Apps Right Now

9/11/2020 - Conservative Media May Be Influencing People Not to Evacuate During Hurricanes

9/11/2020 - Does Trump Remember When He Wanted TikTok to Be Sold?

9/11/2020 - Pentagon Official Warns About Chinese Drones Without Explaining Specific Security Risks (Again)

9/11/2020 - Wonder Woman 1984 Is Pushed Back Once Again to December

9/11/2020 - Where Do We Go From Here?

9/11/2020 - Disney's Response to Mulan's Xinjiang Backlash Is Unsurprisingly Vague

9/11/2020 - I'm Mad This Obvious Apple Watch Clone Is Actually a Good Wear OS Watch

9/11/2020 - Inbred Cougars in Southern California Are Sprouting Crooked Tails

9/11/2020 - Apple Might Finally Be Working on That Foldable iPhone

9/11/2020 - Denis Villeneuve Explains Why Dune Had to Be Filmed in the Real World

9/11/2020 - Censoring Jon Hamm's Penis Doesn't Violate Copyright Law, Federal Judge Rules

9/11/2020 - Hayao Miyazaki's Genius Is Getting Its Due in a New American Exhibition

9/11/2020 - Ewan McGregor Says the Obi-Wan Show Is a Limited Series

9/11/2020 - Google Says It's Getting Rid of Search Suggestions About Candidates and Voting

9/10/2020 - Amazon Has an Exploding Product Problem

9/10/2020 - So, Apparently, F9 Is Actually Going to Outer Freakin' Space

9/10/2020 - Rise of Ultraman's Debut Is Less About the Ultra, and More About the Man

9/10/2020 - Flee Earth With Winning Images From the 2020 Astronomy Photographer of Year Competition

9/10/2020 - Freaky Is Just 'Freaky Friday the 13th' and We're Here for It

9/10/2020 - Bluetooth Unveils Its Latest Security Issue, With No Security Solution

9/10/2020 - NASA Is Soliciting Bids to Bring Capitalism to the Moon

9/10/2020 - Rumored 'Apple One' Services Bundle Could Be Launching Soon

9/10/2020 - Six Tips for Funding Your Hardware Startup

9/10/2020 - City of Charleston Sues 24 Oil and Pipeline Firms 'Directly Responsible' for Chronic Floods

9/10/2020 - Kelly Marie Tran and Her Axe Star in the Trailer for Monsterland

9/10/2020 - Swatch Updates Its '80s-Chic Watch With 2020 Bio-Material

9/10/2020 - Report: Mulan Press Coverage Is Being Blocked by the Chinese Government

9/10/2020 - California's Red Skies Aren't Just a Glimpse of Our Future—They're Past Mistakes Come to Life

9/10/2020 - The Biggest Wildfire in California History Is Happening Right Now

9/10/2020 - When Did Covid-19 Really Start Spreading in the U.S.?

9/10/2020 - Dune's Cast Is Extremely Proud and Incredibly Close

9/10/2020 - Xbox All Access Is Deeply Confusing, but I Think I Figured It Out

9/10/2020 - The 100 Did a Murder

9/10/2020 - Poor Households Spend Nearly Four Times as Much on Utilities as Well-Off Ones

9/10/2020 - How to Register to Vote Online

9/10/2020 - Steven Spielberg Insisted Netflix's Jurassic World Cartoon Pull No Punches

9/10/2020 - Amazon Brings on Former NSA Overseer to Do, Uh, Something

9/10/2020 - The 6 Coolest Dune Book Spoilers We Spotted in the Trailer

9/10/2020 - Drone Video of Bay Area's Orange Haze Fits Too Perfectly With Blade Runner 2049 Soundtrack

9/10/2020 - 85 Democrats Sign On to a Resolution to Tackle Our Overlapping Crises

9/10/2020 - Android 11 Go Could Make Cheap Phones Up to 20% Faster

9/10/2020 - The Biggest Microsoft Surface Duo Questions Answered

9/10/2020 - Portland Just Passed Our Country's Broadest Ban On Facial Recognition

9/10/2020 - ‘Soft’ Bat Ticks Found in New Jersey for the First Time and This Is Not What We Need Right Now

9/10/2020 - Dame Diana Rigg, the Avenger Who Became the Queen of Thorns, Has Died at 82

9/10/2020 - Crypto Traders Cut Out the Middleman, Simply Rob Victim

9/10/2020 - Chuck Austen Returns to Comics With Your First Look Inside Sci-Fi Western Thriller Edgeworld

9/10/2020 - Bose Announces Two New True Wireless Earbuds and More Bose Frames

9/10/2020 - A RoboCop Prequel Series Could Be in the Works

9/10/2020 - On Star Trek: Lower Decks, We Finally Meet an Ensign Who Actually Sucks at Their Job

9/10/2020 - Microsoft's Surface Duo Is a Revolution in the Making

9/10/2020 - 9 Quotes From U.S. Politicians With Completely Unrelated Photos

9/9/2020 - Whistleblower: DHS Goons Whitewashed Intel to Downplay White Supremacist Threat

9/9/2020 - Apple TV Arrives on Vizio SmartCast TVs

9/9/2020 - The Gorillaz Go to the Moon

9/9/2020 - Humans Are Pushing Animals to the Brink—But It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

9/9/2020 - Man Meets Monster in the Quirky Taxidermy Doc Big Fur

9/9/2020 - Fortnite Players Who Sign In Using Apple Need to Change Their Info ASAP

9/9/2020 - This Robotic Backpack Takes the Load Off

9/9/2020 - Chinese Ambassador's Twitter Account Likes Porn Video, China Calls for Investigation

9/9/2020 - Here's What We Know So Far About the AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Halt

9/9/2020 - Doctor Who's Biggest Villains Are Getting Their Own Animated Short Series

9/9/2020 - Several Fish Can Secretly Walk on Land, Study Suggests

9/9/2020 - President Death Recorded Saying He Planned to 'Play Down' Virus He Confessed Was 'More Deadly' Than Flu

9/9/2020 - Report: Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune Release Dates Likely to Be Moved

9/9/2020 - Microsoft Is Taking a Gamble By Releasing Two Xbox Consoles at the Same Time

9/9/2020 - Gateway Is Back and Making Laptops

9/9/2020 - Here's Motorola's Latest Publicity Stunt—I Mean Foldable Phone

9/9/2020 - Our Phones Are Color Correcting the Apocalypse

9/9/2020 - Rey's Parentage Was Up in the Air Until The Rise of Skywalker Entered Production

9/9/2020 - Bose Earbuds Surfaced by Apparent Leak Point to AirPods Pro Rival

9/9/2020 - Breaking Down the Spice, Worms, and Pain Boxes in Dune's First Trailer

9/9/2020 - Gigantic Camera Snaps First-Ever 3,200-Megapixel Digital Photos

9/9/2020 - Dune's First Trailer Is a Beautiful, Unstoppable Journey

9/9/2020 - Oh Crap, Major UN Climate Study Finds

9/9/2020 - Nintendo's Amping Up Switch Production Yet Again 'Cause We're All Quarantine Gaming Fiends

9/9/2020 - The Walking Dead Is Ending, But Lives on in 2 More Spinoffs

9/9/2020 - How to Read That Damning Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 'Superspreader' Study Like a Scientist

9/9/2020 - Oh Hell Yeah, Q's Coming to Star Trek: Lower Decks

9/9/2020 - Would Axios Co-Founder Mike Allen's Dad Have Been Banned From Facebook?

9/9/2020 - The Satechi Quatro Looks Like an Almost Perfect Portable Power Bank for Apple Fans

9/9/2020 - Yubico Adds a Lot More Convenience to Its Latest Security Key

9/9/2020 - The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X Will Both Launch November 10

9/9/2020 - Historic Wildfires Lay Siege to Oregon, California, and Washington

9/9/2020 - Updates From Shazam 2, and the Future of Alien

9/9/2020 - Lego's Mos Eisley Cantina Set Is Filled With Scum and Villainy (and Bricks)

9/9/2020 - Trump Campaign Starts Using Proper Grammar For 'Democrat Party' in Facebook Ads

9/8/2020 - Oh, So We're Doing This Section 230 Bullshit Again

9/8/2020 - Meet the Next Legendary Star Trek Pet: Grudge the Cat

9/8/2020 - Apple Says 'Epic’s Conduct Threatens the Very Existence of the iOS Ecosystem' in Countersuit

9/8/2020 - As More Movie Theaters Open, We Ponder How the Rest of 2020 Will Play Out

9/8/2020 - Knife's Out

9/8/2020 - Cheers to This Facebook Engineer With a Blazing Resignation Letter

9/8/2020 - I, Too, Had a Terrifying Encounter With Satanism in an Airbnb or Maybe My Own Apartment or Whatever

9/8/2020 - States Are Closing Oil Rigs at an Alarming Rate

9/8/2020 - Top Pharmaceutical Giants Pledge to Stick to Science on Coronavirus Vaccine

9/8/2020 - Netflix's Julie and the Phantoms Is Silly Kids Fun With Just a Tinge of WTF

9/8/2020 - No One Knows What Lurks at the Bottom of This Freakishly Deep Submerged Cave

9/8/2020 - Literally Pause the Internet With This Built-in Browser Tool

9/8/2020 - An Incomplete List of the Past 72 Hours of Unprecedented Weather-Related Calamities

9/8/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery's New Trailer Brings the Fight for the Federation to the Far Future

9/8/2020 - It's Time to Prepare for the Sequels and Prequels of the Future

9/8/2020 - Another Sweeping Search for Aliens Comes Up Short

9/8/2020 - 15 Things You Can Do in Android 11 That You Couldn’t Do Before

9/8/2020 - Google's Taking on Robocallers With a New Kind of Caller ID

9/8/2020 - Disney's Mulan Faces Backlash for Thanking Chinese Region Marred by Human Rights Violations

9/8/2020 - China: Hear Me Out on This New Internet Plan

9/8/2020 - Get a Look at One of Magic: The Gathering's Twisty New Double-Sided Cards

9/8/2020 - Antarctica and Greenland Are on Track for the Worst-Case Climate Scenario

9/8/2020 - Apple's Annual iPhone Event Is September 15 and Here's What We Could See

9/8/2020 - USPS Chief Investigated Over Alleged GOP Donor Scheme

9/8/2020 - Microsoft May Release a $500 to $600 Surface Laptop This Fall

9/8/2020 - The Venture Bros. Has Been Unceremoniously Canceled

9/8/2020 - Peloton Officially Has Cheaper Options for Working Out in the Pandemic

9/8/2020 - The West Is a Song of Ice and Fire

9/8/2020 - The Mandalorian Season 2 First Look Teases a Game of Thrones-Style Escalation

9/8/2020 - The Nubia Watch Is Less Futuristic Than it Looks

9/8/2020 - 11 Tips to Make the Most of Your Audible Subscription

9/8/2020 - That Viral Video of a Trump Boat Sinking Is Old (No, Not That One, the Other One)

9/7/2020 - The Microsoft Xbox Series S May Have Just Leaked—And It’ll Be Cheap [Update: It’s Real]

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9/6/2020 - There Is a Seed Mystery on Amazon

9/6/2020 - An Exploding Tundra, Voter Fraud, and Ancient Singing Dogs: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

9/6/2020 - The Cast of The Princess Bride Will Reunite for a Virtual Table Read to Benefit the Wisconsin Democratic Party

9/6/2020 - Pharma Companies to Release Pledge Promising Not to Seek Federal Approval Until Vaccine Is Safe

9/6/2020 - Watching Adam Savage Spruce Up a Captain America Shield Is Strangely Relaxing

9/6/2020 - The Power of LG Compels You

9/6/2020 - This VFX Reel Shows Some of The Mandalorian's Best Moments Coming Together

9/6/2020 - Hugo Weaving Was Nearly Set to Appear in the Fourth Matrix Film

9/6/2020 - Try Out the Wildly Hard DragonCon Star Wars Trivia Qualifying Quiz

9/5/2020 - Facebook Is Apparently Testing Out a New Feature That Puts Instagram Stories in Its Main App

9/5/2020 - Teen Hacker Charged with Paralyzing Miami Schools in Embarrassingly Simple Cyberattack

9/5/2020 - Epic Asks Court to Put Fortnite Back in the App Store While It Fights With Apple

9/5/2020 - Facebook Blocks Suicide Livestream of French Euthanasia Supporter

9/5/2020 - See the Pencil Tests for Avatar: the Last Airbender's Best Fight Scene

9/5/2020 - Ray Fisher Rejects Claims From Warner Bros. That He Refused to Cooperate With Its Justice League Investigation

9/5/2020 - Basically Every Black Panther Comic Is Free on Comixology Right Now

9/5/2020 - DC Fandome Returns Next Weekend for More Digital Convention Goodness

9/5/2020 - What Outdoor Learning Could Look Like During the Pandemic

9/5/2020 - What I Learned From a Week of Responding to My Haters

9/4/2020 - Even a Federal Judge Agrees That the FBI and NSA Are Flouting Civil Liberty Safeguards

9/4/2020 - DoD: Sorry, Amazon, Microsoft's Still Getting That $10 Billion JEDI Contract. Sucks to Suck.

9/4/2020 - Marvel's Avengers Is Making Me Feel Like Superheroes Kill a Lot Of People

9/4/2020 - Toss a Coin to McFarlane in This Week's Witchiest Toys

9/4/2020 - Joe Biden Touts Endorsement From the Guy Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan

9/4/2020 - The Expanse's World Is Getting Bigger in a New Comic From Boom Studios

9/4/2020 - The Winamp Skin Museum Is X-Tremely Gnarly

9/4/2020 - Large Study Finds Link Between Hair Dye And a Certain Type of Breast Cancer

9/4/2020 - We Only Find Them When They're Dead Is a Hauntingly Beautiful Comic About Strip-Mining God

9/4/2020 - HBO Max's Ad Plan Is a Disaster

9/4/2020 - Star Trek's Official Klingon Bloodwine Lets You Get Smashed Like Worf

9/4/2020 - Keep Pregnancy Tests Dumb

9/4/2020 - 'Stars and Stripes' Ordered to Stop Printing

9/4/2020 - Prison Phone App Exposes Millions of Inmate Messages and Personal Data

9/4/2020 - Facebook’s Militia 'Mistake,' FCC’s Speech Police, and TikTok’s Secret Sauce

9/4/2020 - That's No Photo, That's a Gorgeous Painting by Ashton Gallagher

9/4/2020 - Peloton's Plan to Meet Pandemic Demand: Cheaper Treadmill, Pricier Bike, and New Classes

9/4/2020 - Every Laptop Coming This Fall

9/4/2020 - South and North Korea Are Bracing for Their Second Typhoon in a Week

9/4/2020 - Drone Makes It Rain Weed in Tel Aviv

9/4/2020 - 6 Times Women Joined Forces to Face Movie Horrors

9/4/2020 - Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Trial—But We Don't Know Yet if It Really Works

9/4/2020 - Onyx Equinox's New Trailer Introduces Its Heroes Challenging the Gods

9/4/2020 - SpaceX's Satellite ISP Now Boasts Download Speeds of More Than 100 Mbps

9/4/2020 - The Car That Hit Times Square Protesters Used to Be a Police Cruiser

9/4/2020 - A Plan to Cool Us Down Without Burning Up the Planet

9/4/2020 - T-Mobile Rolls Out Free Limited Internet for Millions of Students

9/4/2020 - Tokusatsu Nights Are Alright for Fighting

9/4/2020 - This Battery-Free Game Boy Is the First Step Toward Ensuring Gaming Doesn’t Wreck the Planet

9/4/2020 - Marvel Studios' Tribute to Chadwick Boseman Is a Stunning, Emotional Piece of Art

9/4/2020 - Asus ROG Strix Scar G15 Review: Fast, Loud, and Expensive as Hell

9/4/2020 - Updates From Black Widow, Lucifer, and More

9/4/2020 - Comedian Sued For Creating Fake 'Antifa' Events on Facebook

9/3/2020 - Wonder Woman's Next Graphic Novel Is a Celebration of Real-Life Amazons

9/3/2020 - Seven Years Later, Court Finally Finds Illegal NSA Spying Program to Have Been Illegal

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9/3/2020 - The Beginning of the End of the Plastic Era Is Here

9/3/2020 - Facebook Is Helping Encourage Voters to Break the Law

9/3/2020 - Apple Flinched

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9/3/2020 - Silk May Lead a New Series of Sony Spider-Verse Shows at Amazon

9/3/2020 - Bill Barr Is About to Blow Up the Antitrust Case Against Google: Report

9/3/2020 - Horrifying Images Show How the Coronavirus Ravages Our Lungs

9/3/2020 - Facebook Is Trying to Make 'Smart Audio' a Thing So You'll Want to Buy a Pair of Facebook AR Glasses

9/3/2020 - Amazon's Alexa for Landlords Is a Privacy Nightmare Waiting to Happen

9/3/2020 - California Is About to Get Its Second Major Heat Wave in Less Than a Month

9/3/2020 - Guardians of the Galaxy Just Made Space a Little Bit More Queer

9/3/2020 - The Batman Pauses Production as Robert Pattinson Contracts Covid-19

9/3/2020 - Star Trek Is Celebrating Its Anniversary With Its Own Virtual Event

9/3/2020 - Qualcomm's Second-Gen Laptop Chip Isn't Doing Enough to Compete With Apple

9/3/2020 - TCL's New True Wireless Buds Have AirPods-Rivaling Specs

9/3/2020 - The Pandemic Is Taking a Heavy Toll on Our Mental Health, Study Finds

9/3/2020 - You Probably Never Found This Wholesome Windows 95 Easter Egg

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9/3/2020 - Facebook Knows This Election Is Going to Be a Catastrophe

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9/3/2020 - Mulan Is an Epic Martial Arts Film With Social Relevance

9/3/2020 - Netflix's Army of the Dead Is Getting Its Own Snyderverse

9/3/2020 - We Read the Comments to the FCC in Favor of Trump's Mindless Order on Social Media so Ajit Pai Doesn't Have To

9/3/2020 - I Could Not Even Take My Dog Down for a Walk Without Getting Arrested

9/3/2020 - Arctic Wildfires Have Never Released This Much Carbon Dioxide

9/3/2020 - Mulan Will Be Free for Disney+ Subscribers...Later This Winter

9/3/2020 - TCL Says Its New E Ink Color Display Can Handle Video

9/3/2020 - Nintendo's First Portable Console Gets a 2020 Refresh

9/3/2020 - Updates From The Matrix 4, Lucifer, and More

9/3/2020 - Lower Decks' Romantic Farce Asks What Happens When You've Seen Too Much Star Trek

9/3/2020 - President Trump Tells Supporters to Commit Felony by Voting Twice

9/3/2020 - In the New No Time To Die Trailer, the Past Never Stays Dead

9/3/2020 - Philips Hue's New Play Gradient Is the Upgraded Lightstrip Fans Have Been Waiting For

9/2/2020 - A Video Game About Going on Vacation Is Just the Escape I Needed

9/2/2020 - Lovecraft Country's Jurnee Smollett Opens Up About What Makes Leti Who She Is

9/2/2020 - Eternals Will Have an Endgame Feel With Help From Chloe Zhao's Love of Manga

9/2/2020 - Get a First Look at Ho Che Anderson's Stone, a Neo-Noir Tale of Basketball, Revenge, and Rebellion

9/2/2020 - Coronavirus Antibodies Can Last at Least Four Months, Large Iceland Study Finds

9/2/2020 - Exclusive Interview: The Saucy Nugs Guy Is Taking on Trump and Biden

9/2/2020 - Star Trek: Discovery's Third Season Brings Trek's First Explicitly Trans and Nonbinary Characters

9/2/2020 - India Blocks 118 More China-Linked Apps, Including PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

9/2/2020 - Weber’s SmokeFire Is a Do-Everything Grill and Smoker—With Some Risks

9/2/2020 - Asphalt Could Be Making Summer Air Pollution Worse

9/2/2020 - Asus Has a Boatload of New ZenBooks for All Your Working from Home or Remote Learning Needs

9/2/2020 - Blumhouse's October Horror Movie Bonanza Gets a Creepy First Trailer

9/2/2020 - Intel's 11th-Gen Laptop CPUs Will Make Laptops a Whole Lot Lighter, and Last a Whole Lot Longer

9/2/2020 - Bering Sea Ice Hasn't Been This Low in at Least 5,500 Years

9/2/2020 - Fitness Trackers Need to Be More Than Dinky Wristbands

9/2/2020 - Channel Zero's Nick Antosca Looks Back at the Show That's Still Giving Us Excellent Nightmares

9/2/2020 - Acer's Latest Under $1,000 Laptops Have Wi Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4

9/2/2020 - Star Wars Author J.W. Rinzler Goes to the Moon With His New Book

9/2/2020 - Dead Birds, Missing Drugs, and Lost Human Remains: USPS Workers Blame a 'Manufactured Crisis'

9/2/2020 - The WHO Now Recommends Cheap Steroids As a Life-Saving Treatment for Severe Covid-19

9/2/2020 - UN Calls for Investigation Into Trump’s Arctic Drilling Plan, Citing Likely Human Rights Abuses

9/2/2020 - The New Mutants Is a Fitting Final Act for Fox's X-Men Franchise

9/2/2020 - The Best Mechanical Keyboards To Buy

9/2/2020 - The Mandalorian Season 2 Will Arrive Just in Time for Halloween

9/2/2020 - The Lumix S5 Is Panasonic's Lightest and Most Compact Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Yet

9/2/2020 - Updates From Ant-Man 3, Dune, and More

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9/2/2020 - JBL's New Speaker Lineup Is Frankly Just Here to Party

9/2/2020 - Hero Addresses Most Important Problem Facing the World Today

9/2/2020 - Your Blue Jeans Are Polluting the Arctic

9/2/2020 - Woman Arrested For Facebook Post Promoting Anti-Lockdown Protest in Australia

9/2/2020 - Samsung's New 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector Promises a Cinematic Experience for Small Spaces

9/1/2020 - Did You Fly a Jetpack Over Los Angeles This Weekend? Because the FBI Is Looking for You

9/1/2020 - This Vintage Goonies Featurette Is a Pure Shot of '80s Nostalgia

9/1/2020 - White House Says It Won't Help Global Vaccine Effort to Spite China, World Health Organization

9/1/2020 - The CDC (Trump) Says It's Halting Evictions

9/1/2020 - Thank God, We'll Play as the Interesting Hawkeye in the Avengers Game

9/1/2020 - Zuckerberg Drops $300 Million to Support U.S. Elections

9/1/2020 - Researchers May Have Found the First Treatment for Chronic Fainting

9/1/2020 - Metal Gear Solid Sees Another Delay and Trivial Pursuit Embraces Horror in Gaming News

9/1/2020 - An Ode to the Museum Scene in The Last of Us Part II

9/1/2020 - This is the Ray Tracing We've Been Waiting For

9/1/2020 - Engineers Have Figured Out How to Make Interactive Paper

9/1/2020 - Exxon Is Reportedly Eyeing Layoffs

9/1/2020 - Sean Bean Looks Doomed Again in the Trippy, Intense Possessor Trailer

9/1/2020 - Trump Spreads Conspiracy Theory So Stupid I'm Struggling to Write a Headline for It

9/1/2020 - Magic: The Gathering Is Getting a Whole Dungeons & Dragons Set Next Year

9/1/2020 - If You’re an Irresponsible Jackass, Uber Will Soon Ask for Proof You’re Wearing a Mask

9/1/2020 - We Don't Know How Much Air Pollution Hurricane Laura Caused

9/1/2020 - In the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Trailer, If Kids Work Together, Maybe They Won't Be Devoured

9/1/2020 - Nvidia Announces the Next Generation of GPUs That Really Matter—And They're Beasts

9/1/2020 - The One Good Scene in: The Last Airbender

9/1/2020 - How Face Shields and Valve Masks Fail to Stop Infectious Droplets, as Shown by Lasers

9/1/2020 - Walmart+ Will Be Cheaper Than Amazon Prime and Offer Same-Day Delivery, Gas Discounts

9/1/2020 - Don't Buy an Apple Watch Series 3

9/1/2020 - Our Best Energy Solution Could Hurt Biodiversity If We’re Not Careful

9/1/2020 - Monumental DNA Study Reveals Secrets of North American Mastodons

9/1/2020 - Step Aside Baby Yoda, Star Wars Has Young Yoda Now

9/1/2020 - Amazon Is Openly Hiring Union-Busters

9/1/2020 - The Three-Body Problem Gains Game of Thrones’ Showrunners for Its Netflix Adaptation

9/1/2020 - Samsung Finally Reveals All the Details About the Galaxy Z Fold 2

9/1/2020 - The First Color E Ink Devices Are Finally Here

9/1/2020 - Everything Is Extremely Normal and Totally Fine

9/1/2020 - Jeff Goldblum Teases Prehistoric Surprises for Jurassic World: Dominion

9/1/2020 - JaxJox's Modular At-Home Fitness Studio Isn't As Expensive As You Think (It Is Still Very Expensive)

9/1/2020 - Facebook Threatens to Ban Australian Users From Posting Any News Content