4/30/2021 - Weapons, Ivory, and Other Items Banned by Etsy Still Widely Available on Marketplace, Investigation Finds

4/30/2021 - Netflix's Shadow and Bone Adaptation Is Really Good, According to Netflix

4/30/2021 - Marvel's Secret Invasion Continues to Build Its Cast

4/30/2021 - Hulu Finally Gets Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and More New Channels

4/30/2021 - How to Get Started With Apple Fitness+

4/30/2021 - Captain America Flies High, and More Patriotic Toys of the Week

4/30/2021 - Australia Wants to Teach Basic Cybersecurity to 5-Year-Olds

4/30/2021 - Texas House Overwhelmingly Passes Two Major Marijuana Reforms

4/30/2021 - One-Third of Basecamp Employees Have Reportedly Quit Following New Policy on Speech

4/30/2021 - Anxiety Is the Real Cause of Fainting That Was Linked to Covid-19 Vaccines, CDC Experts Say

4/30/2021 - Your Invincible Finale Discussion Zone Is Blood-Soaked and Spoiler-Filled

4/30/2021 - It's Time to Upgrade Your Camping Chair to a Portable Folding Hammock That Doesn't Need Trees

4/30/2021 - Sites That Ban Politicians May Soon Get Fined in Florida (Unless the Site Is Owned by Disney)

4/30/2021 - 'Racism+' Is How You Get Shows Like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

4/30/2021 - The Release of 1 Billion Exterminator Mosquitoes Has Begun

4/30/2021 - Climate Youth Win Landmark Victory in Germany’s Top Court

4/30/2021 - Ordering Apple's New iPad Pro? It's Probably Safe to Expect Delays

4/30/2021 - The Asteroid Impact Simulation Has Ended in Disaster

4/30/2021 - Twilight of the Dead, George A. Romero's Final Zombie Film, Might Actually Get Made

4/30/2021 - Joe Rogan Walked Back His Vaccine Crap, He Was Probably Sloshed, Who's to Say

4/30/2021 - The Army's New Night-Vision Goggles Look Like Technology Stolen From Aliens

4/30/2021 - PSA to Trump Revanchists and Anti-Vaxxers: Making Fake CDC Vaccination Cards Is a Federal Crime

4/30/2021 - Man Looking for Kevin the Dolphin Accidentally Finds Centuries-Old Logboat

4/30/2021 - Vin Diesel Says the Fast & Furious Movies Make the Cars 'Audition'

4/30/2021 - Ingenuity's Fourth Mars Flight Sets New Airspeed and Distance Records

4/30/2021 - New Google Play Store Rules Aim to Weed Out Spammy Apps

4/30/2021 - Low-Income Households Can Soon Sign Up for the FCC's Broadband Subsidy

4/30/2021 - Antarctica's Springy Bedrock Could Make Sea Level Rise Even Worse

4/30/2021 - Abolish Intellectual Property

4/30/2021 - Lucifer's New Trailer Gives Us a Devil With a God Complex

4/30/2021 - Scans of Medieval Skeletons Show Cancer Has Been Common Longer Than We Thought

4/30/2021 - The Craft at 25: A Couple of First-Timers Dive Into the Witchy Cult Classic

4/30/2021 - Montana Is About to Become the Most Dangerous Place in America to Protest Fossil Fuels

4/30/2021 - 100-Foot-Tall Booster From Chinese Rocket Will Likely Make an Uncontrolled Reentry

4/30/2021 - Peloton Adds a Bunch of New Features Amidst Tread+ Turmoil

4/30/2021 - Boris Johnson Left His Cell Phone Number on the Internet for 15 Years, Screened Our Call :(

4/30/2021 - Green Lantern Guy Gardner Has Been Cast for HBO Max’s Supercop Series

4/30/2021 - I Was Wrong, The Mitchells vs. the Machines Looks Fantastic

4/30/2021 - Here's the Purple iPhone 12 Next to Other Purple Things

4/30/2021 - RIP Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, 1962-2021

4/30/2021 - EU Charges Apple With Antitrust Violations in Spotify Case

4/30/2021 - New Super-Sized Swiss Army Knife Is a Reminder That Airports Could Profit From Forgetful Travelers

4/30/2021 - Roku Pulls Support for YouTube TV, Says Google Wants Special Access to Data

4/30/2021 - The He-Man Movie Has Lost Its Prince Adam

4/30/2021 - The Best Thing About Apple's AirTags Is Also the Scariest

4/30/2021 - Why You Should Use a Physical Key to Sign Into Your Accounts

4/30/2021 - Elon Musk Shares Painfully Obvious Idea About the Difficulty of Self-Driving Cars

4/29/2021 - Netflix Finally Adds a Shuffle Play Feature for Those of Us With Decision Paralysis

4/29/2021 - Windows 10 Is Finally Getting Better Support for AirPods

4/29/2021 - Instagram Realizes It Had a Clubhouse In Its Heart All Along

4/29/2021 - Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine Just Had a Dark Side Squid Fight

4/29/2021 - Yasuke Writer Nick Jones Jr. on Exploring Japan's Legendary Black Samurai

4/29/2021 - Scientists Find Billion-Year-Old Fossil Life, 'Something Which Has Never Been Described Before'

4/29/2021 - Biden's Labor Secretary Wants to See Gig Workers Reclassified as Employees

4/29/2021 - Amazon Renews Invincible for 2 More Bloody Seasons

4/29/2021 - Why Could Menthols Be Banned, but Not Regular Cigarettes?

4/29/2021 - 60-Member Ransomware Task Force Has a Plan to Crack Down on Ransomware Criminals

4/29/2021 - Borderlands' Moxxi Has Been Cast, Completing Eli Roth's Adaptation

4/29/2021 - Show Me a Directed Energy Weapon or Shut Your Anonymous National Security Official Mouth

4/29/2021 - Castlevania's Final Season Trailer Teases an All-Out Supernatural War

4/29/2021 - California’s Carbon Offset Program Is a Complete Disaster

4/29/2021 - Google Assistant Will Now Finally Be Able to Say Your Name Correctly

4/29/2021 - Luca's Mystique-Like Transformations Were Inspired by 'Squid Chromatophores'

4/29/2021 - No, Sickos, You Can't Buy an NFT to Destroy a Basquiat (Today)

4/29/2021 - David Cronenberg's New Sci-Fi Film Casts Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, and More

4/29/2021 - Neil Gaiman, Chuck Wendig, and More Are Uniting to Make Disney Pay Royalties

4/29/2021 - Declassified Satellite Images Show Glaciers Are Melting Faster Than Ever

4/29/2021 - Scientists Closer to Creating Psychedelic-Like Drugs That Work Without Hallucinations

4/29/2021 - U.S. Court Says Ghost Gun Blueprints Can Stay Online

4/29/2021 - This Fast & Furious Promo Is Either Fantastic or Terrible, I Can't Decide

4/29/2021 - Murder Cover-Up: Man Allegedly Set Deadly Wildfire to Hide His Crime

4/29/2021 - Etsy-Owned Music Sales Site Reverb Hit With Data Breach

4/29/2021 - NYPD Puts Down Its Godforesaken Robot Dog

4/29/2021 - China's Space Station Is a Step Closer to Reality With Launch of Core Module

4/29/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Director Breaks Down Walker's Arc, Steve's Shadow, and More

4/29/2021 - You May Have to Wait Longer for Your New iPad or Mac

4/29/2021 - Oh, So Apparently Sony Has Enough PS5s for China Now

4/29/2021 - These Finger-Worn Chopsticks Are the Best Thing to Happen to Snacking Since Doritos

4/29/2021 - Netflix's Sweet Tooth May Become Our Summer 2021 Obsession

4/29/2021 - James Gunn Teases One of The Suicide Squad's Villains

4/29/2021 - The Razer Blade 15 Advanced Is the Definition of a Premium Gaming Laptop

4/29/2021 - Australian Political Staffer Fired for Filming Himself Jerking Off on Female Politician's Desk Says Video of the Incident Is 'Revenge Porn'

4/29/2021 - Facebook Says Posts Criticizing India's Prime Minister Were 'Mistakenly' Blocked

4/28/2021 - Hackers Leak Data on D.C. Cops as Part of Extortion Scheme

4/28/2021 - A Cloud-Based Google Chrome Sounds Neat, but Consider Upgrading Your Hardware Instead

4/28/2021 - Shadow and Bone Fans, What on Earth Do You See in This Douchebag?

4/28/2021 - Titans Season 3 Casts a Mad Men and Angel Alum as Scarecrow

4/28/2021 - Hey Tomorrow War, WTF Is This?

4/28/2021 - The Secrets of the 'Cyber Ninjas' Will Not Stand in Arizona GOP's Useless 2020 Recount, Judge Rules

4/28/2021 - Exactly How Many Pandemic Apple Products Did You Jackals Buy?

4/28/2021 - Eternals Director Chloe Zhao Shocked Marvel With Her Sets

4/28/2021 - An Asteroid Impact Simulation Is Currently Underway—and It’s Absolutely Terrifying

4/28/2021 - Report: HBO Max With Ads Will Cost You $10 a Month

4/28/2021 - Hey Rudy and/or the FBI, Pick Up Your Phone

4/28/2021 - Scientists May Know What’s Causing ‘Campfires’ on the Sun

4/28/2021 - Oracle VP Ken Glueck Suspended by Twitter for Doxing an Intercept Reporter

4/28/2021 - Amazon's Already Busted Out Its Anti-Union Playbook in Staten Island

4/28/2021 - Confused Feds Subpoena Signal for Data It Doesn't Collect

4/28/2021 - The Jiobit GPS Tracker Changed My Tune on Toddler Surveillance

4/28/2021 - 42 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Consider for Your May Reading List

4/28/2021 - Jeff Goldblum Is Doing a Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, Which Is as Excellent as It Is Unfathomable

4/28/2021 - Google Just Rolled Out New Features to Help You Plan Post-Vaccine Travel

4/28/2021 - Glowing Pumpkin Toadlet Can't Hear Its Own Tiny Scream

4/28/2021 - Industries Responsible for 75% of Air Pollution Hurt Communities of Color More

4/28/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Head Writer Explains the 'Toll' of John Walker's Arc

4/28/2021 - Maybe We Don't Need an In-Person CES?

4/28/2021 - Congress Is About to Repeal a Repeal on Methane Regulations

4/28/2021 - T-Mobile Introduces Its Own Shitty Version of AirTags

4/28/2021 - Creepshow's Eerie Tales Just Keep Getting Better

4/28/2021 - Lava Tube 'Astronauts' Are Preparing for Mars on a Hawaiian Volcano

4/28/2021 - For Better or Worse, CES Is Back, Baby!

4/28/2021 - I Miss Watching Horribly Compressed Movies on My Game Boy

4/28/2021 - Luca Director Enrico Casarosa Explains Why the Movie's About Friendship Rather Than Puppy Love

4/28/2021 - Don't Laminate Your Covid-19 Vax Card

4/28/2021 - This 93-Year-Old Inventor's Robotic Companion Bird Is the Only Gadget That Should Ever Be Allowed to Tweet

4/28/2021 - Microsoft Wants Your Help Picking the Next Default Font in Office

4/28/2021 - Obi-Wan's Ewan McGregor Reflects on Returning to Star Wars in the Age of Prequels Appreciation

4/28/2021 - Relax, You Now Have Until 2023 to Get a REAL ID

4/28/2021 - NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Shoots an Elephant in Sickening New Video

4/28/2021 - In Luca's New Trailer, the Human World Is a Terrifying Delight

4/28/2021 - NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Photographed a Friend on Its Third Mars Flight

4/28/2021 - Samsung's New Galaxy Book Pros Are Super Thin and Feature-Packed

4/28/2021 - Citizen's New Star Wars Watches Strap an X-Wing or Tie Fighter Cockpit to Your Wrist

4/28/2021 - These Wild Baby Animal Photos Offer a Rare and Intimate Glimpse Into Nature

4/28/2021 - Updates From Percy Jackson, Creepshow, and More

4/28/2021 - 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on Your Chromebook

4/28/2021 - ‘We Need a Tesla for the Cow’: The Wild, Dubious Plan to Feed Cows Seaweed

4/28/2021 - The Benefits of BenQ's Latest Photography Monitor Are Crystal Clear

4/28/2021 - Australia Says Apple and Google's Default Phone Apps Stifle Competition

4/28/2021 - Man Banned From Carrying 'Loose QR Codes' After Altering Covid Check-In Signs

4/28/2021 - Olvídense de los televisores 8K, la pantalla más increíble de Samsung es un proyector

4/27/2021 - In Mass Effect, There's No Place Like Home

4/27/2021 - Pour One Out for Eddy Cue's Vision of iMessage for Android

4/27/2021 - Legends of Tomorrow’s New Trailer Goes Retro, and Then… OMG

4/27/2021 - 'Smell Training' Is a Great Way to Get Your Sense of Smell Back After Covid-19, Scientists Say

4/27/2021 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Matt Lanter Says He's Not Done With Anakin Skywalker

4/27/2021 - Signal's Cellebrite Hack Is Already Causing Grief for the Law

4/27/2021 - Mark Zuckerberg Explains He Dove Face First Into a Vat of Sunscreen as a Clever Disguise

4/27/2021 - India Could Have Up to 500 Million Covid-19 Cases, Experts Believe

4/27/2021 - The World of Vampire: The Masquerade Is Being Developed for Film and TV

4/27/2021 - Please, Don't Trade Your Cookies for Cookies

4/27/2021 - Of Course Spotify Is Trying to Undercut Apple on Podcasts

4/27/2021 - Godzilla vs Kong's Adam Wingard Could Return to the Monsterverse for More Monkey Business

4/27/2021 - It Turns Out Covid-19 Contact Tracing on Android Is Not So Private After All

4/27/2021 - Around 25,000 Barrels of Suspected DDT Has Been Found Off the California Coast

4/27/2021 - The Second Covid-19 Vaccine Shot Knocked Me Out, and I Loved It

4/27/2021 - The New Razer Orochi V2 Is a Nice Little Lightweight Travel Mouse for Gamers

4/27/2021 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Head Writer Tries to Explain One of the Show's Worst Decisions

4/27/2021 - Physicists Measure the Neutron Skin of an Atom: 'What Experimental Scientists Live For'

4/27/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in May

4/27/2021 - Apple's M2 Chip Is Reportedly Coming Soon

4/27/2021 - The Case to End Methane Emissions This Decade

4/27/2021 - 'Disaster Girl' Finally Gets the Ca$$$$h Money She Deserves Because NFTs

4/27/2021 - Fully Vaccinated People Can Ditch Masks Outdoors, Except in Crowds, CDC Says

4/27/2021 - America: The Motion Picture Adds Badly Needed RoboCop-Centaur to the Revolutionary War

4/27/2021 - How Pro-Planet Pioneers Could End the Culture War Over Meat

4/27/2021 - Teen Titans Go and DC Super Hero Girls Are Taking a Space Vacation Together

4/27/2021 - Musk-Bezos Feud Intensifies: Blue Origin Protests NASA Choice of SpaceX Lunar Lander

4/27/2021 - The Magic GIF Ball Will Help You Make Important Life Decisions Based on Random Memes

4/27/2021 - Samsung's Next Foldable Phones Could Be Here Soon, New Leaks Suggest

4/27/2021 - Yasuke's New Trailer Features Magic, Mechs, and Ming-Na Wen

4/27/2021 - How Climate Policy Can Combat Extreme Poverty

4/27/2021 - Mystery Science Theater 3000's Joel Hodgson on Season 13, the Gizmoplex, and Leaving the Show in Good Hands

4/27/2021 - You Can Now Get HTC Vive Parts for DIY Repairs

4/27/2021 - 30 Years Later, the Nintendo Game Boy Has Finally Become a Supersized Game Man

4/27/2021 - Scam Theater: Inside an Online Trading Crime Ring That Grifted Millions from Mom-and-Pop Investors

4/27/2021 - Hackers Say They Stole 250GB of Internal Documents From DC Police

4/27/2021 - Updates From Willow, Disenchanted, and More

4/27/2021 - Colgate's New High-Tech Nonstick Toothpaste Tubes Help You Squeeze Out Every Drop

4/27/2021 - Here's How the New iPad Pro's Center Stage Video-Calling Feature Works

4/27/2021 - YouTube Launches PSAs to Boost Confidence in Covid-19 Vaccine

4/26/2021 - This Interstellar Probe Would Go Deeper Into Space Than Anything Before It

4/26/2021 - The Egregious Chadwick Boseman NFT Art Is Being Redesigned Post-Oscars [Updated]

4/26/2021 - Read Facebook's Internal Report on How Badly It Screwed Up Stopping 'Stop the Steal'

4/26/2021 - Tech Companies Won't Be Able to Form Local Governments in Nevada After All

4/26/2021 - Roku Is Feuding With Google Over YouTube TV's Fate

4/26/2021 - Amazon's Paper Girls Series Has Cast Its Paper Girls

4/26/2021 - Update Your Mac Right Now to Avoid This Massive Security Bug

4/26/2021 - Just Give Captain America His Wings, Hasbro, Damn

4/26/2021 - Google's Nest Hub Is Making Its Way Into Your Hotel Room

4/26/2021 - How to Block Apps From Tracking Your Activity in iOS 14.5

4/26/2021 - Bolsonaro Cuts Brazil’s Amazon Protection Budget Immediately After Promising to Increase It

4/26/2021 - A Single Snapchat Might Change the Way We Define Free Speech

4/26/2021 - The Demon Slayer Movie Is Already Making Waves in the U.S.

4/26/2021 - People Emerge From Cave After Intense 40-Day 'Deep Time' Experiment

4/26/2021 - Alaska State Senator Now Has 20-Hour Commute After Refusing to Mask Up on Planes

4/26/2021 - A Black Lady Sketch Show Season 2 Is Surviving the Apocalypse With a Twist

4/26/2021 - Games of Thrones Prequel House of the Dragon Has Officially Entered Production

4/26/2021 - These 'Immobile' Sea Sponges Apparently Had Places to Go

4/26/2021 - You Can Mine Crypto With Just About Anything, Even a Commodore 64

4/26/2021 - Alien's Scary New Board Game Lets You Rewrite the Ending

4/26/2021 - Apple's iOS 14.5 Update With a Masked Unlock Feature Is Here

4/26/2021 - Mortal Kombat Writer Greg Russo Has Very Good Plans for the Sequel

4/26/2021 - Ticks Are at the Beach Now, Too

4/26/2021 - 72% of People Don’t Have Access to the Resources They Need

4/26/2021 - Woman Hit With Embezzlement Charges for 20-Year-Old Overdue VHS Tape Rental

4/26/2021 - Joe Biden Is Not Coming for Your Poorly Cooked Hamburger

4/26/2021 - Star Wars Art Book Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Galaxy's Edge Details

4/26/2021 - New Lawsuit Claims Reddit Knowingly Let Child Sexual Abuse Material Flourish

4/26/2021 - Apple Announces Plans to Build $1 Billion Campus in North Carolina

4/26/2021 - This High-End Alien Fashion Line Is Xenomorph Couture

4/26/2021 - Rideshares Are Increasing Traffic Jams and Making Them Longer, Study Finds

4/26/2021 - A Chunk of Debris Nearly Hit SpaceX CrewDragon as It Carried Astronauts to the ISS [Update: False Alarm]

4/26/2021 - Watchmakers of the Future, Don Your Cyberloupes

4/26/2021 - Your 2021 Oscar Winners: Chloe Zhao's Nomadland and Pixar's Soul Stand Tall

4/26/2021 - Turning a Tiny Hot Wheels Car Into a Fully Functional RC Drifter Looks More Complicated Than Brain Surgery

4/26/2021 - Updates From She-Hulk, Peacemaker, and More

4/26/2021 - Your New iMac Can Be Matte Black With Just $560 Worth of Vinyl Wraps

4/26/2021 - Why the New iPad Pro's MiniLED Display Is a Big Deal

4/26/2021 - Could the World Ever Run Entirely on Renewable Energy?

4/26/2021 - Anker’s R2-D2 Mini Projector Is Adorable but Flawed

4/25/2021 - Internet Outage in Canada Blamed on Beavers Gnawing Through Fiber Cables

4/25/2021 - These Are the First Color Aerial Photos of the Surface of Mars, Courtesy of Ingenuity

4/25/2021 - Alan Taylor to Adapt Fantasy Novel Stone Junction for Starlight Media

4/25/2021 - India Cracks Down on Social Media Posts Criticizing Its Pandemic Response Amid Brutal Second Wave

4/25/2021 - All 8 Fast and Furious Movies Will Be in Theaters for Free Before F9 Debuts

4/25/2021 - In Third Mars Flight, Ingenuity Goes Beyond All Tests Done on Earth

4/25/2021 - John Wick Prequel The Continental Puts Young Winston Front and Center

4/25/2021 - Why Mortal Kombat's Director Didn't Want to Read the Script at First

4/24/2021 - Soon You May Not Have to Say 'Hey Google' to Get Your Phone's Google Assistant to Listen to You

4/24/2021 - Elon Musk Is Hosting SNL and God I Wish This Was Just a Clickbait Headline

4/24/2021 - Kevin Smith’s He-Man Universe Expands With Prequel Comic for Dark Horse

4/24/2021 - California Commits to Phasing Out Oil Extraction by 2045

4/24/2021 - The Last of Us HBO Adaptation Adds New Directors

4/24/2021 - Enterprise Password Manager Passwordstate Hacked, Exposing Users’ Passwords for 28 Hours

4/24/2021 - Is the Saw Franchise Ready for the Small Screen? Lionsgate Thinks So

4/24/2021 - Robin Thede Zombie Film Killing It Is Shaun of the Dead Meets Girls Trip

4/24/2021 - What the U.S.’s ‘Fair Share’ of Emissions Reductions Looks Like

4/24/2021 - Xbox Cloud Gaming Is Already a Super Solid Experience on PC and iOS

4/23/2021 - Policy Executives at Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to Testify at Senate Hearing on Algorithms

4/23/2021 - U.S. Health Regulators Lift Pause on Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine

4/23/2021 - Doom Patrol Adds the Sisterhood of Dada and Dead Boy Detective Agency to Season 3

4/23/2021 - Here's How the ESPN+ NBA Marvel Game Should Go

4/23/2021 - Oh Sharon Carter, What Will They Do With You?

4/23/2021 - This Week's Best Toys Are Packing Baby Yoda Heat

4/23/2021 - Marjorie Taylor Greene Brags She Read All 14 Pages of the Green New Deal

4/23/2021 - A Chatbot Is Mysteriously Sending Droves of People to Listen to Grimes and Stevie Wonder

4/23/2021 - The Friday Gif Party Celebrates the Oscars, Starting With Isaac

4/23/2021 - Those HBO Max Numbers Aren't What They Seem

4/23/2021 - Climate Change Has Knocked Earth Off Its Axis

4/23/2021 - The iMac Is Cool, but Apple Should Really Make an Affordable Monitor

4/23/2021 - Expanding Cloud From ‘Volcanic’ Star Revealed in Mesmerizing New Hubble Image

4/23/2021 - Captain America 4 Is a Go With Anthony Mackie

4/23/2021 - This New App Lets You Turn Anything and Everything Into an NFT

4/23/2021 - For All Mankind's Season 2 Finale Featured Some Lunar Leaps That Require a Discussion Zone

4/23/2021 - Last Year's 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard Is Already Obsolete

4/23/2021 - Montana Legislator Introduces Bill to Legally Target Environmentalists After Coal Bailout Fails

4/23/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ended... What Now?

4/23/2021 - Bones of Extinct Giant Cloud Rats Found in Philippine Cave

4/23/2021 - Marvel's Getting in on That Cat Manga Business Now

4/23/2021 - This Artist Turned Their iPad Pro Into a Classic Macintosh to Create 1-Bit Retro Masterpieces

4/23/2021 - Thor Shaped the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Truly Important Ways

4/23/2021 - Unusually Massive Flare From Nearby Star a Bad Sign for Alien Life

4/23/2021 - The Time Has Come for an Xbox Laptop

4/23/2021 - Up to 20% of Crucial Groundwater Resources Are at Risk of Disappearing

4/23/2021 - AirDrop Security Flaw Exposes 1.5 Billion Apple Devices, Researchers Say

4/23/2021 - There's No Way Netflix's Gundam Movie Can Be as Bad as G-Saviour

4/23/2021 - You Might Actually Want Your Kids to Eat These Crayons Made From Rice and Vegetable Waste

4/23/2021 - Thor: Love and Thunder's Russell Crowe Teases His Divine Role

4/23/2021 - The Evercade VS Console Puts Hundreds of Retro Games on the Big Screen Without the Hassle of Emulation

4/23/2021 - Bless These Sleepbuds for Drowning Out My Snoring Husband

4/23/2021 - Here's How AirTags Stack Up to the Competition

4/23/2021 - CEO of Turkish Crypto Platform Flees Country as Users Say They're Locked Out

4/23/2021 - Tesla's Autopilot System Is 'Easily' Tricked Into Operating Without Anyone at the Wheel

4/22/2021 - UK Court Agrees to Hear Copyright Lawsuit Brought by Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor

4/22/2021 - Look, Apple Isn't Going to Put macOS on the iPad

4/22/2021 - The Fantastical First 10 Minutes of Netflix's Shadow and Bone Are Here

4/22/2021 - In Sci-Fi Short Muse, an Android Finds Good Reason to Rebel

4/22/2021 - The Kids Are Not All Right in the Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Season 3 Trailer

4/22/2021 - Ben Shapiro Finally Manages to Get Wood

4/22/2021 - Researchers Take Down Botnet Pretending to Be Millions of People Watching TV

4/22/2021 - Chernobyl Survivors Didn't Pass on Harmful Mutations to Their Children, Study Finds

4/22/2021 - Anonymous NatSec Officials: The Cuban Ray Guns Are in Syria Now, Just Trust Us on This

4/22/2021 - The X-Men Are Losing Their Soul, and Nightcrawler Wants to Find It

4/22/2021 - Don't Buy the Old Apple TV

4/22/2021 - Who on Earth Is Buying These Rugged Android Phones?

4/22/2021 - A New Haunted Mansion Movie Is Creeping Forward With Director Justin Simien

4/22/2021 - Greta to Congress: ‘End Fossil Fuel Subsidies Now’

4/22/2021 - How to Watch the Launch of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 Mission to the ISS

4/22/2021 - Hey, Sony, We Don’t Need a New Streaming Service. Make PS Now Better

4/22/2021 - Jack Dorsey Claims Bitcoin 'Incentivizes Renewable Energy' Despite All Evidence to the Contrary

4/22/2021 - Scientists Look in an Ancient Meteorite and Find Evidence of CO2-Laced Water

4/22/2021 - The Boys From County Hell Puts Its Own Bite on the Vampire Genre

4/22/2021 - It's Time to Kill Earth Day

4/22/2021 - New York Comic Con Will (Carefully) Return This Fall

4/22/2021 - The 10 Best Movies Mystery Science Theater 3000 Ever Watched

4/22/2021 - YouTubers Succeed In Getting Airbnb Bookings For an Opulent Dollhouse

4/22/2021 - WandaVision's Suburban Sadness Is a Reminder of Our Failures—and What Needs to Change

4/22/2021 - NASA Generates Oxygen on Mars, Setting Stage for Crewed Missions

4/22/2021 - Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Adding Pen15 Co-Creator and Star Maya Erskine

4/22/2021 - DC's Animated Justice League Is Getting Its Own Comic

4/22/2021 - iOS 15 Will Reportedly Bring Big Changes to Notifications and the iPad Home Screen

4/22/2021 - What to Know About the Research Into Athletes' Hearts and Covid-19

4/22/2021 - This Browser-Based, Endlessly Evolving Acid Music Generator Is My New Work-From-Home White Noise Machine

4/22/2021 - Sony's New Wearable Air Conditioner Is Twice as Cool as the Original

4/22/2021 - Biden Pledges to Cut U.S. Carbon Emissions 50% by 2030

4/22/2021 - NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Just Completed Its Second Flight on Mars

4/22/2021 - The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It's First Trailer Puts Satan on Trial

4/22/2021 - Montblanc's Summit Lite Finally Comes to the U.S.

4/22/2021 - Fujifilm's Nintendo Switch Printer Is a Modern-Day Color Version of the Game Boy Printer

4/22/2021 - Doctor Strange 2's Elizabeth Olsen Teases 'Horror Show' Vibes for the Marvel Film

4/22/2021 - Solving the Climate Crisis Hinges on the U.S. and China Cooperating

4/22/2021 - Pioneer DJ's Studio Speakers Won't Fit On Your Desk, but They Sure Sound Amazing

4/22/2021 - Why You Should Use a Keyboard and Mouse With Your PS5 or Xbox Series X/S

4/22/2021 - Electric Bicycles Recalled Over Firmware Issue That Can Cause Unwanted Acceleration

4/21/2021 - Oxygen Looks Like It'll Leave You Gasping For Air

4/21/2021 - Dearly Beloved, We're Gathered Here to Say Goodbye to the Best Apple TV Remote

4/21/2021 - Twitter Is Finally Fixing Its Trash Photo Quality

4/21/2021 - Muppet Man Will Bring Jim Henson's Life Story to the Big Screen

4/21/2021 - Congrats to OnePlus for Making Its Smartwatch Slightly Less Awful

4/21/2021 - Postal Service Cops Are Monitoring Social Media, 'Sensitive' Internal Document Says

4/21/2021 - Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Has Written a Very Peculiar Superhero Comic

4/21/2021 - Signal's CEO Just Hacked the Cops' Favorite Phone Cracking Tool and Became a Legend

4/21/2021 - Apple AirTags Have Created a Whole New World of Accessories

4/21/2021 - This Pop Culture Artist Turned His Frames Into Extensions of His Imagination

4/21/2021 - UK Researchers Will Try to Reinfect People With the Coronavirus, for Science

4/21/2021 - Astronomers Don't Know What Our Black Hole Ate, but They Definitely Saw It Belch

4/21/2021 - Spider-Man Films New and Old Will Eventually Appear on Disney Streaming Services [Updated]

4/21/2021 - Site of Harriet Tubman’s Family Home Uncovered in Maryland

4/21/2021 - Roku Wisely Rebrands Its Soon-to-Debut Quibi Content as 'Roku Originals'

4/21/2021 - Lego's Giant R2-D2 Is, of Course, the Droid You've Been Looking For

4/21/2021 - European Commission Proposes Taking Away the Cops' Big Boy Surveillance Machine

4/21/2021 - Mortal Kombat Had a 'Fight Plan' to Make Sure the Action Was Balanced

4/21/2021 - Tetris-OS Is an 'OS' That Only Plays Tetris

4/21/2021 - New Technique Could Turn Plastic Back Into Oil, Which Is … Something

4/21/2021 - Physicists Get a Good Look at an 'Exciton' for the First Time

4/21/2021 - Record the Police

4/21/2021 - A Health Tech Company Says the Apple Watch Is Infringing on Its ECG Patents

4/21/2021 - This Device Proves Apple Could Crush Nintendo (If It Wanted To)

4/21/2021 - The U.S. Is About to Run Out of People Who Want the Vaccine

4/21/2021 - Trump’s Unfinished Border Wall Could Worsen Texas Flooding

4/21/2021 - MODOK's New Trailer Is Full of Head Jokes and Supervillain Throwdowns

4/21/2021 - Radioactive Fallout From Cold War Nuclear Tests Is Still Creeping Into U.S. Honey

4/21/2021 - This DIY Wireless Ball Cap Lets You Control Death Itself

4/21/2021 - Apple Sticking the M1 in Every Product Is Really Weird for a PC User

4/21/2021 - The Social Cost of Methane Is Much Higher in the U.S. Than Current Government Estimates

4/21/2021 - Shang-Chi's Toys Tease Martial Arts Mayhem and Awkwafina's Furry New Friend

4/21/2021 - Incredible Fossil Skeleton Reveals an Ancient Human Relative Who Swung Through Trees

4/21/2021 - You Can Finally Buy the Flatcat That Looks Like Someone Turned Roadkill Into a Robotic Pet

4/21/2021 - The Trailer for Werewolves Within Makes It Look Like a Clawfully Fun Flick

4/21/2021 - Some Climate Tipping Points May Be Reversible, If We Act Fast

4/21/2021 - Samsung's New Upcycling Program Allows You To Turn an Old Galaxy Phone Into a New IoT Device

4/21/2021 - The Stowaway Soundtrack Sets a Deceptively Gorgeous Mood for Deep-Space Danger

4/21/2021 - You Can Now Get a 10Gbps Ethernet Port on the M1 Mac Mini

4/21/2021 - Sound Reactive Bluetooth Speaker Uses Magnetic Ferrofluid to Become a Real-Life Winamp Visualizer

4/21/2021 - Discovery of Mass Death Site Bolsters Theory That Tyrannosaurs Hunted in Packs

4/21/2021 - The Witcher Could Return to Netflix Sooner Than You'd Thought

4/21/2021 - You Can Link These Miniature Street Fighter II Arcade Cabinets for Head-to-Head Multiplayer

4/21/2021 - The New Tamagotchi's Camera Lets You Take Photos With Your Virtual Pet Before It Dies of Neglect

4/21/2021 - Apple's M1 Chip Is a Cruel Reminder of What Android Users Are Missing Out On

4/21/2021 - MailOnline Sues Google for 'Hiding' Links to News Stories

4/21/2021 - Bowers & Wilkins' New Wireless Earbuds Can Stream Audio From Devices Without Bluetooth, Including Airplane Seats

4/21/2021 - Whole Foods Launching Amazon Palm Reader Payment System in Seattle

4/20/2021 - As Weed Becomes More 'Acceptable,' Weed Gadgets Are Growing Up

4/20/2021 - Watch Mortal Kombat's Surprisingly Emotional First 7 Minutes

4/20/2021 - Terminally Ill Patients Deserve Access to General Anesthesia, UK Doctors Say

4/20/2021 - Batman's in Fortnite Now, and He's Just as Lost as You Are

4/20/2021 - A Notorious Ransomware Gang Claims to Have Stolen Apple's Product Designs

4/20/2021 - The A to Z of Star Trek's Q

4/20/2021 - Here's Everything Apple Announced During Its Big Spring Loaded Event

4/20/2021 - Oil’s Rebound Shows the Window to Protect the Climate Is Closing

4/20/2021 - The Podcast War Has Begun

4/20/2021 - Adventure Time: Distant Lands Reunites Finn and Jake for One Last Quest

4/20/2021 - FTC Says Racist Algorithms Could Get You In a Lot of Trouble

4/20/2021 - 420 Blaze It (The Planet)

4/20/2021 - The Kung Fu Reboot's Shining Despite Its Lack of Subtlety

4/20/2021 - New Apple Card Family Update Makes It Easier for Multiple People to Share and Build Credit

4/20/2021 - Apple Basically Launched a Patreon for Podcasters

4/20/2021 - What to Know About the Study Linking Covid-19 Vaccines and Shingles

4/20/2021 - Abandoned Oil Pipelines Are a Disaster Waiting to Happen in the Gulf of Mexico

4/20/2021 - Marvel's Secret Invasion TV Series Enlists Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke

4/20/2021 - Apple Takes the Wraps Off the M1 iPad Pro With MiniLED Display

4/20/2021 - Apple's New iMacs Are Here, and They Look Powerful and Pretty

4/20/2021 - The Nation’s Biggest Miner Union Is Ready for a Transition to Clean Energy

4/20/2021 - The New Apple TV and Siri Remote Are Here

4/20/2021 - Dune's Next Comic Dives Deep Into the Heart of the Imperium's Greatest Warriors

4/20/2021 - The iPhone 12 Now Comes in Purple!

4/20/2021 - Apple's Tile Rival, AirTag, Has Arrived at Long Last

4/20/2021 - The Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Is Reportedly Getting a Major Overhaul

4/20/2021 - Ava DuVernay Summons the Dragons of Wings of Fire to an Animated Series

4/20/2021 - We're Liveblogging Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event Right Here

4/20/2021 - Polaroid Claims This Is the Smallest Analog Instant Film Camera Spitting Out Tiny Two-Inch Prints

4/20/2021 - Amazon Is Opening a Hair Salon, Seriously

4/20/2021 - Android 12 May Include Feature That Will Hibernate Apps You Haven't Used in a While

4/20/2021 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Could Have Had an Even More Ridiculous Title

4/20/2021 - Leaked HTC Vive Air Concept Would Solve a Major Problem With VR Fitness

4/20/2021 - Giant Amphibious Centipede Discovered Attacking Prawns in Japan

4/20/2021 - Dash Rendar Makes a Friend in This Look Inside a New Star Wars Anthology

4/20/2021 - Worn Out: The Challenge of Shopping for Sustainable Clothes

4/20/2021 - This Artist Uses Drones To Create Gigantic Long-Exposure Light Paintings in the Sky

4/20/2021 - Updates On Furiosa, Flash, and More

4/20/2021 - How to Watch Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event Today

4/20/2021 - Elevate Your 4/20 Celebration With These High-End Weed Gadgets

4/20/2021 - Venmo Launches Ability to Buy, Sell, and Hold Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin

4/20/2021 - Facebook's Long-Stalled Digital Currency Could be Tested This Year: Report

4/19/2021 - A Geico Data Breach Let Cyber Fraudsters Steal Customers' Driver's License Numbers

4/19/2021 - James Charles' YouTube Channel Has Been Demonetized Amid Allegations He Sexted With Minors

4/19/2021 - You Had One Job, Ghostbusters: Afterlife Cereal

4/19/2021 - The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sequel Has a Trio of New Directors

4/19/2021 - MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Told Us What He Would Do If Someone Said There Were Knives in His Pillows

4/19/2021 - Sasquatch Director Joshua Rofé on Chasing After Murder Mysteries and Monsters

4/19/2021 - Blaze It: More Than 90% of Americans Support Legal Weed in New Poll

4/19/2021 - Louisiana Representative Boldly Offers to Make His State a ‘Sanctuary’ for Fossil Fuels

4/19/2021 - Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 Is Nearly Perfect

4/19/2021 - A Not-So-Brief History of The Flash Movie, Which Is Now Filming

4/19/2021 - See New Footage of Ingenuity’s Remarkable Rise and Successful Landing

4/19/2021 - Discord Walks Back iOS Block on NSFW Content

4/19/2021 - Sony Changes Its Mind, PS Store Will Remain Open On PS3 and Vita

4/19/2021 - Avatar: The Last Airbender Accidentally Trolled Its Fans Hard

4/19/2021 - The Future of Western Water Restrictions Is Here

4/19/2021 - 9 Totally Nightmarish Imaginary Friends

4/19/2021 - CBP Releases Video From Predator Drone Deployed Over George Floyd Protests

4/19/2021 - In a Scientific First, Astronomers Capture a Complete View of Venus’s Orbital Dust Ring

4/19/2021 - My Pillow Goblin Sues Dominion for $1.6 Billion, Swears His Pillows Aren't Filled With Knives

4/19/2021 - For Those Who Hate Smartwatches, Fitbit Has a Fancy New Fitness Tracker

4/19/2021 - Xbox Games Will Be Playable On PC and iOS Starting Tomorrow—If You Score an Invite

4/19/2021 - Marvel's Secret Invasion Is Being Invaded by Oscar Winner Olivia Colman

4/19/2021 - Mortal Kombat's Stars Believe the Film's Diversity Gives It Added Resonance

4/19/2021 - Great, We Gave Covid-19 to Otters

4/19/2021 - Facebook VP Says There Aren't Any Plans to Release a Quest Pro or Quest 3 in 2021

4/19/2021 - Why Schools Should Be the Center of a Green New Deal

4/19/2021 - In Love, Death, and Robots Season 2, Poop Droids Are the Future

4/19/2021 - Apple Might Also Launch Its Rumored Subscription Podcast Service Tomorrow

4/19/2021 - You'll Want to Avoid Typos at ALL Costs With this Hand Grenade Keyboard

4/19/2021 - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings's First Trailer Promises Martial Arts Galore

4/19/2021 - Updates from Mortal Kombat, Doctor Strange 2, and More

4/19/2021 - Filling Your Entire Backyard With a Giant K'nex Roller Coaster Beats Waiting in Line at an Amusement Park

4/19/2021 - Union Moves for Results of Amazon Vote in Alabama to Be Invalidated

4/19/2021 - These Are the Best AR Apps You Can Use Outside

4/19/2021 - NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Has Flown on Mars

4/19/2021 - Is There VR for Senses Other Than Sight?

4/19/2021 - Shanghai Auto Show Disrupted by Protester Shouting 'Tesla Brakes Fail'

4/19/2021 - UK Launches Digital Currency Task Force to Explore the Future of Money

4/18/2021 - Domino’s Has a New Pizza Delivery Robot That Lets You Track Your Order While It Drives It Over

4/18/2021 - Courteney Cox Will Face Suburban Terrors in Starz Horror Comedy Shining Vale

4/18/2021 - Crypto Market Plummets Following Week of Coinbase-fueled Hype

4/18/2021 - 2 Dead After a Tesla Believed to be Driverless Crashes Into a Tree

4/18/2021 - Are You Still Pissed About How Penny Dreadful Ended?

4/18/2021 - The Batman's Jim Gordon Is Coming to TV With His Own HBO Max Show

4/18/2021 - When Scientists Found a Sponge That Looked Like E.T., They Named It 'Magnificent Alien'

4/18/2021 - Horror Mangaka Junji Ito Rates the Internet's Spookiest Monsters

4/18/2021 - Adobe Co-Founder and Inventor of PDFs Charles Geschke Dies at Age 81

4/17/2021 - U.S. Federal Investigators Are Reportedly Looking Into Codecov Security Breach, Undetected for Months

4/17/2021 - Regulators Urge Peloton Tread+ Owners to Stop Using Treadmill 'Immediately,' and Peloton Is Pissed

4/17/2021 - Watch Live as NASA Mission Control Finds Out If Ingenuity's First Flight on Mars Was Successful [Updated]

4/17/2021 - Legend of Korra Fans! What's Your Favorite Episode?

4/17/2021 - Black Panther's Ryan Coogler Explains Why He Won't Move the Sequel From Georgia

4/17/2021 - PlayStation 5 Is Now the Fastest-Selling Console in U.S. History

4/17/2021 - Penny Dreadful and His Dark Materials' Helen McCrory Dies at 52

4/17/2021 - Author N.K. Jemisin Shares Her Sci-Fi Expertise for Masterclass Online

4/17/2021 - Peloton Resists Federal Safety Recall for Treadmill Tied to Child's Death

4/16/2021 - Edward Snowden's NFT Self-Portrait Sells for $5.4 Million in Charity Auction

4/16/2021 - Alfred Molina Confirms Doc Ock Is Back in Spider-Man: No Way Home

4/16/2021 - Here's What's Going on With the Roku Remote Pro's Streaming Buttons

4/16/2021 - That Surprise Falcon and the Winter Soldier Character Explained

4/16/2021 - The Mandalorian's Ahsoka Tano Hits Hot Toys, and More Bountiful Toys of the Week

4/16/2021 - Andrew Yang Hath Wrought Havoc on My Email

4/16/2021 - Amazon Might Make Its Drivers Assemble Your Furniture

4/16/2021 - Leaked Data Reportedly Shows Cops Donated to Kyle Rittenhouse's Legal Defense Fund

4/16/2021 - NASA Selects SpaceX to Build Upcoming Lunar Lander

4/16/2021 - Zack Snyder's Atom Spin-Off Would Have Been a Thoroughly Chinese Movie

4/16/2021 - See the First Camera Collar Footage From a Wild Wolf

4/16/2021 - This Mini Modular Computer Helps You Build Gadgets From Scratch

4/16/2021 - Researchers Get a Deeper Look at Some of the Oldest Color Photos Ever

4/16/2021 - Kristen Wiig and Disney Are Teaming Up for a Musical About Cinderella's Evil Stepsisters

4/16/2021 - The Smart Home May Finally Be Unified Under One CHIP

4/16/2021 - Apple Music Says It Pays Artists an Average of a Penny Per Stream, Which Is Somehow Good

4/16/2021 - New Video Puts Iconic Image of Black Hole in a Cosmic Context

4/16/2021 - Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV Series Costs Nearly Half a Billion Dollars for Its First Season Alone

4/16/2021 - A Just Transition In Appalachia May Start With Plugging Old Oil Wells

4/16/2021 - This Was the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode We'd Been Waiting For

4/16/2021 - Go Full Retro-Photography Geek With This 3D-Printed, DIY Camera

4/16/2021 - Take a Nostalgic Journey Through This Collection of Classic Apple Mac Death Chimes

4/16/2021 - Marvel's New X-Men Line-Up Has Some Un-X-pected Surprises

4/16/2021 - Google Misled Android Users About Location Data, Australian Court Finds

4/16/2021 - 21-Year-Old Man Nearly Dies of Heart Failure After Drinking Four Energy Drinks a Day

4/16/2021 - Netflix's Castlevania Will End After 4 Seasons—But More May Be on the Way

4/16/2021 - FedEx's No-Phone Policy Prevented Indianapolis Shooting Victims From Calling Loved Ones

4/16/2021 - Photos Capture the Unfolding Volcano Crisis in St. Vincent

4/16/2021 - Hacking the Game Boy's Multiplayer Randomizer Creates the Perfect Version of Tetris

4/16/2021 - Made for Love's Creative Team on the Sci-Fi Series' Finale and Season 2 Hopes

4/16/2021 - Two New Galaxy Book Laptops Get Leaked Ahead of Samsung's Upcoming Unpacked Event

4/16/2021 - New Horizons Captures Goosebump-Inducing Image as It Approaches Milestone Distance From the Sun

4/16/2021 - Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness' First Trailer Puts Leon, Claire, and Zombies in the White House

4/16/2021 - Adorable 'Porg' Pterosaur Flapped Above Jurassic China

4/16/2021 - You Can Finally Use Book Covers as Kindle Lockscreens

4/16/2021 - The Last of Us TV Series Recruits an Agents of SHIELD Hero

4/16/2021 - The Best Gadgets to 420 Blaze It

4/16/2021 - Here's What to Expect at Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event

4/16/2021 - Microsoft Edge Adds a Kids Mode for Parents Worried About Their Shared Devices

4/15/2021 - A Tesla Helped Police Track Down a Hate Crime Suspect Accused of Burning Down a Black Church

4/15/2021 - Amazon Reportedly Pressures Small Businesses with Retaliation if They Don't Hand Over User Data

4/15/2021 - A Game of Thrones Villain You Loved to Hate May Join Aquaman 2

4/15/2021 - You Can Now Buy but Definitely Can't Afford LG's $89,000 Rollable OLED

4/15/2021 - Carey Mulligan Boards Adam Sandler's Netflix Sci-Fi Drama Spaceman

4/15/2021 - James O'Keefe, Professional Person Impersonator, Firmly Denies Impersonating Persons

4/15/2021 - A Teensy Falcon and the Winter Soldier Featurette Salutes the Series' Most Satisfying Fight

4/15/2021 - Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar Introduce Bill to Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies

4/15/2021 - Dozens of Fossilized Neanderthal Footprints Found on a Beach in Spain

4/15/2021 - WallStreetBets Does Not Bow to Crypto Wave

4/15/2021 - Renegade Rule Follows 4 Queer BFFs Who Become Top-Notch Gamers Together

4/15/2021 - What Exactly Is Paramount's Plan for Showtime, Anyway?

4/15/2021 - In the Earth's Ben Wheatley on Folk Horror and Post-Pandemic Storytelling

4/15/2021 - This iOS Game Secretly Turns Into a Gambling App

4/15/2021 - CIA: We Can't Rule Out the 'Lab Leak' Theory of Covid-19's Origins

4/15/2021 - Covid-19 Booster Shots Likely Needed Within a Year, Top Biden Advisor Says

4/15/2021 - AdBlock Is Borking Google Docs

4/15/2021 - Game of Thrones' Targaryen Spinoff Just Cast a Major Player

4/15/2021 - Massive Rockfall Along Britain’s Jurassic Coast Could Be a Boon to Fossil Hunters

4/15/2021 - 2.5 Billion T. Rex May Have Roamed Earth

4/15/2021 - Humans Have Destroyed 97% Of Earth's Ecosystems

4/15/2021 - Marvel's Winter Soldier Success Barely Benefits His Comics Creators

4/15/2021 - You'll Probably Have to Put Your Next PC Build on Hold as the Chip Shortage Continues Unabated

4/15/2021 - Researchers Created the Whitest White Paint Ever

4/15/2021 - Most People Don't Lose Weight Long Term, Study Finds

4/15/2021 - Out of The Order's Ashes, Netflix Finds The Imperfects

4/15/2021 - Apple's Fitness+ Adds Workouts for Pregnant People and Older Adults

4/15/2021 - The Best iPhone Home Screen Widgets We've Found So Far

4/15/2021 - U.S. Lawmakers Pressure DOJ Over Funding of Predictive Policing Tools

4/15/2021 - Indiana Jones 5 Adds Mads Mikkelsen to Its List of Priceless Artifacts

4/15/2021 - Jeff Bezos Tells Amazon to Treat Employees Better While He Prepares to Flee Planet Earth

4/15/2021 - Chimeric Human-Monkey Embryos Kept Alive for a Record 19 Days

4/15/2021 - Before Game of Thrones Got Big, Intimacy Was Its Greatest Strength

4/15/2021 - Peloton Quietly Scales Back Apple GymKit Support

4/15/2021 - There's a Black Market for Ketchup Packets Now

4/15/2021 - U.S. Hits Russia With Heavy Sanctions Over SolarWinds Hack, All That Other Bad Stuff

4/15/2021 - New Leaks Give Us a Peek at Samsung's Next Tablet

4/15/2021 - The U.S. Can Get to All Electric Vehicles by 2035

4/15/2021 - Future State: Gotham Will See the Red Hood Rise to Hunt Batman

4/15/2021 - Bang & Olufsen's Book-Shaped Bookshelf Speaker Will Disappear Into a Shelf Full of Books

4/15/2021 - Horseshoe Theory, Now on the Blockchain

4/15/2021 - Loki's Tom Hiddleston Teases the Trickster's Shapeshifting Abilities

4/15/2021 - DJI's Upgraded Mavic Air 2S Has a Much Larger Camera Sensor

4/15/2021 - Google Earth's New 3D Time-Lapse Feature Shows How Humans Are Affecting the Planet

4/15/2021 - Therapists Are Reckoning With Eco-Anxiety

4/15/2021 - Echelon's Connected Rowing Machine Proves Content Is Key

4/14/2021 - Matt Gaetz's Lackey Reportedly Used Venmo to Pay Off More Than 150 Women and One Minor

4/14/2021 - Director Mike Flanagan's Next Project Will Add Sci-Fi Into His Horror Toolkit

4/14/2021 - The Creepy Doll Film Benny Loves You Could Give Chucky a Run for His Money

4/14/2021 - The Scooters Are Coming

4/14/2021 - Study Finds Lower Life Expectancy Around Superfund Sites

4/14/2021 - Mystery of Who Cracked the San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone for the FBI Solved After 5 Years

4/14/2021 - Marvel Brings Back Amazing Fantasy, Emphasis on the Fantasy

4/14/2021 - Revenge: Spectrum Workers on Strike Build Their Own ISP

4/14/2021 - Gaze Upon My Browser Extensions and Despair

4/14/2021 - The Xperia 1 Mark III Could Be Sony's Big Chance for a Major Mobile Comeback

4/14/2021 - Andor Star Stellan Skarsgård Has the Sickest of Burns for the Rest of Star Wars

4/14/2021 - The Plan to Give Android Users Their Own Version of iMessage Is Officially Dead

4/14/2021 - An Epic Space Journey Awaits in This Excerpt From Tade Thompson's New Sci-Fi Tale

4/14/2021 - Navy Acknowledges Weird Footage of Unidentified Objects Flying Around Its Ships Is Real

4/14/2021 - See the Fractal-Like Shells of Ammonites Like Never Before

4/14/2021 - White Extremists Sought Murders of Politicians and Cops After Capitol Siege

4/14/2021 - Urbanista's New Solar-Powered Wireless Headphones Will Run Forever as Long as You Stay Outside in the Sun

4/14/2021 - David Oyelowo's The Water Man Trailer Blends Family, Fantasy, and Adventure

4/14/2021 - You Can Now Run Windows 10 on Apple's M1 Macs...Sort Of

4/14/2021 - Army Of the Dead's Zombies Are Organizing

4/14/2021 - The U.S. Is Closer to a Zero-Carbon Grid Than It Seems

4/14/2021 - Every Coffee Table Should Have a Secret Pop-Up Miniature Model Railroad

4/14/2021 - Star Trek: Picard Started Out as a Mere Scene in a Short Trek

4/14/2021 - New Photo Colorizing Process Factors In How Skin Reacts to Light For Incredibly Lifelike Results

4/14/2021 - Google Assistant Just Got a Useful Update With Four Helpful Features

4/14/2021 - The FBI Just Snuck Into Computers All Over the Country to Stop a Hacking Campaign

4/14/2021 - Freak ‘Wake Low’ Storm Capsizes Vessel, Stirs Up Hurricane-Force Winds

4/14/2021 - Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero Casting Informed the Entire Film

4/14/2021 - The iPhone 14 and 15 Rumors Are in Full Swing

4/14/2021 - TCL Teases Fold 'N' Roll Concept Alongside Trio of New Phones

4/14/2021 - F9's New Trailer Finally Rockets Toward Space

4/14/2021 - Paleontologists Describe 'Monkeydactyl,' a Pterosaur That May Have Had an Opposable Thumb

4/14/2021 - Contractors, Beware: This Robot Is Coming for Your Job

4/14/2021 - Biden Is Following in Trump’s Footsteps When It Comes to Climate Lawsuits

4/14/2021 - The Challenges of Unravelling Long Covid

4/14/2021 - Watch Live as Blue Origin Performs an ‘Astronaut Rehearsal’ and Suborbital Rocket Test

4/14/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Teases Some Potentially Big Cameos

4/14/2021 - Ikea's Immortalized Its Iconic Allen Wrenches as Decorative LED Lighting and Flashlights

4/14/2021 - The Fitbit Ace 3 Rewards Kids for Leaving Their Screens

4/14/2021 - How to Start Streaming Your PS5 or Xbox Series X/S Gameplay on Twitch

4/13/2021 - In the Seance Trailer, Mean Girls and Ghosts Deploy Their Fiercest Scare Tactics

4/13/2021 - Discord's NSFW Block on iOS Might Hurt Artists the Most

4/13/2021 - Minnesota Has Begun Crafting Privacy Policies for Connected Transit Tech

4/13/2021 - Samsung's Next Unpacked Event Is Set for April 28

4/13/2021 - Universal's Latest Dracula Spinoff Has Found a New Director

4/13/2021 - MyPillow Gremlin's Free Speech Site Will Actually Ban Anything That Violates the Ten Commandments

4/13/2021 - Netflix's Shadow and Bone Adaptation Has One Major Alteration: Mal Doesn't Suck

4/13/2021 - Spotify's Voice-Controlled 'Car Thing' Launches as a Limited Release

4/13/2021 - Millions Upon Millions Upon Millions of Smart Devices Are Vulnerable to Hackers

4/13/2021 - Charter Lied to Get Customers to Switch ISPs and Now It Must Pay

4/13/2021 - Black Lightning's Painkiller Backdoor Pilot Was a Much-Needed Jolt to the System

4/13/2021 - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Is Real Mad YouTube Took Down His Covid-19 Misinformation Circlejerk

4/13/2021 - NASA Funds Interstellar Probe and Space Habitats Made From Fungi

4/13/2021 - Kevin Smith's New Horror Movie Will Be Sold as an NFT, Because of Course It Will

4/13/2021 - The Banishing Finds Plenty of Horror But Not Enough Frights

4/13/2021 - Wow, Google, Show Us How You Really Feel About Wear OS

4/13/2021 - New Google Photos Video-Editing Features Finally Appearing on Android Phones

4/13/2021 - Carnegie Mellon's Snakebot Takes to the Water

4/13/2021 - Army of the Dead Is Zack Snyder's Full Vision, in More Ways Than One

4/13/2021 - Your 2021 Hugo Award Finalists Include The Mandalorian, The Good Place, N.K. Jemisin, Susanna Clarke, and More

4/13/2021 - Sony's First Major PS5 Software Update Adds New Storage Options

4/13/2021 - Everyone Involved With Thunder Force Deserved Better

4/13/2021 - You Can Finally Flag Bad Takes Directly to Facebook's Oversight Board

4/13/2021 - Blaze It, Siri Leaks the Next Apple Event Date is 4/20 [Update: It's Official!]

4/13/2021 - Distinct Species of Adorable Weasels Have Been Hiding in Plain Sight

4/13/2021 - Japan’s New Fukushima Plan: Dumping Radioactive Wastewater Into the Sea

4/13/2021 - Disney's 'Real' Lightsaber Is Inspired by... Tape Measures?

4/13/2021 - Anker’s Getting Into Affordable Home Office Gadgets

4/13/2021 - Christopher Eccleston's Doctor Who Return Could Mean Multi-Doctor Stories Someday

4/13/2021 - Ville de Bitche Survived the Nazis and, Now, Facebook

4/13/2021 - France Is on the Brink of Banning Domestic Short-Haul Flights

4/13/2021 - Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Drops Its Intense New Trailer

4/13/2021 - U.S. Health Regulators Call for Pause of J&J Vaccine Over Possible Rare Blood Clotting Risk

4/13/2021 - These Microscopic Maps of 3D-Printed Metals Look Like Art. They May Be a Glimpse of the Future

4/13/2021 - What You Need to Know About FLoC, the Ad-Targeting Tech Google Plans to Drop on Us All

4/13/2021 - The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Racist

4/13/2021 - A Black Adam Star Teases Another Familiar DC Hero in the Cast

4/13/2021 - Roku's New Rechargeable Voice Remote Pro Is Almost Perfect—With One Major Catch

4/13/2021 - The New Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 Embraces Both Intel and AMD

4/13/2021 - How to Fix Someone's Computer When You Can't Visit Them

4/13/2021 - This Is the Worst Smartwatch I've Ever Used

4/12/2021 - Google Is Yanking Play Movies and TV App From Roku and Most Smart TVs

4/12/2021 - Former CDC Director Under Trump Now Promoting Unproven Virus-Killing Tech for 'Big Ass Fans'

4/12/2021 - Poster Artist Tyler Stout Takes a Stab at John Carpenter's Halloween

4/12/2021 - Attack the Block's Joe Cornish Has Decided to Make Mark Millar's Starlight Into a Movie, of All Things

4/12/2021 - Airbnb Would Just Love It if You Could Just Postpone Your Orgy Until Next Year

4/12/2021 - Son of Stuxnet?

4/12/2021 - The Biggest Smalltooth Sawfish Ever Measured Washed Ashore in Florida

4/12/2021 - The Illuminati or Whatever Meets on Zoom to Fight Back Against Voter Suppression

4/12/2021 - The Nevers' Olivia Williams and Pip Torrens on Playing Aristocrats Among Superheroes

4/12/2021 - This Country Vaccinated Nearly Every Adult in Two Weeks

4/12/2021 - The FCC Wants You To Use Its Speed Test App to Figure Out Where Internet Is Bad

4/12/2021 - The Live-Action Powerpuff Girls TV Show Debuts the New Powerpuff Women

4/12/2021 - The Last Two Giraffes Have Been Rescued From a Vanishing Kenyan Island

4/12/2021 - Americans Are Already Deciding Where to Move Based on Climate Change

4/12/2021 - A Brief History of DC Comics' Black Supermen

4/12/2021 - MIT Researchers Want to Talk to Spiders

4/12/2021 - There’s No Reason to Freak Out About the Latest Pfizer Vaccine Study

4/12/2021 - Texas Wind Energy Set a Record—But Republicans Are Still Trying to Squash It

4/12/2021 - Tesla Owners, Say ‘Open Butthole’ and Get a Little Surprise

4/12/2021 - The Long History of Star Trek Uniform Fashions

4/12/2021 - Uber for Weed Just Uber

4/12/2021 - MiniLED Supply Issues Could Delay New iPad Pro Launches

4/12/2021 - The Live-Action Gundam Movie Taps Jordan Vogt-Roberts to Direct and Heads to Netflix

4/12/2021 - Lucy Liu Joins Shazam: Fury of the Gods as Helen Mirren's Co-Villain

4/12/2021 - An Alaskan Glacier Has Started Moving Really, Really Fast

4/12/2021 - Samsung Reportedly Mulling Slick Tech and a Big-Name Camera Partnership for Future Galaxy Phones

4/12/2021 - Star Wars' High Republic Enters Its Second Saga

4/12/2021 - Apple, Combining a TV Box and Smart Speakers Isn't Going to Fix Your Smart Home Woes

4/12/2021 - Steven Universe's Final Anti-Racism PSA Is for the Allies

4/12/2021 - The Case for Virtual Picket Lines

4/12/2021 - Radiant Black Teases a Big New Reveal For Its Most Mysterious Foe

4/12/2021 - How AI Could Upgrade Brain Stimulation Therapies

4/12/2021 - Updates From Andor, Snake Eyes, and More

4/12/2021 - How to Use Super Resolution in Photoshop and Lightroom—Plus Some Free Alternatives

4/12/2021 - Why Do I Feel Like I'm Dying During a Panic Attack?

4/11/2021 - Google Will Shut Down the Google Shopping App for iOS and Android in a Few Weeks

4/11/2021 - Google Used a Secret Program Called ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit Clients Using Its Ad-Buying System

4/11/2021 - Microsoft Is Reportedly in Talks to Scoop Up AI Firm Nuance Communications for $16 Billion

4/11/2021 - Fans of Xena: Warrior Princess! What's Your Favorite Episode?

4/11/2021 - Star Trek's John de Lancie on Bringing Back Classic Characters for Revivals

4/11/2021 - Flappy Bird Has Been Revived as an Interactive MacOS Notification

4/11/2021 - Let's Talk About Superheroes and Capes

4/11/2021 - Watch NASA Mission Control as They Attempt First Helicopter Flight on Mars

4/11/2021 - The Rock’s Black Adam Production Begins on DC Comics Film

4/10/2021 - Logitech Kills Harmony Universal Remotes, Says It Will Offer Support for as Long as Customers Use Them

4/10/2021 - Neuralink: We Got a Monkey to Play Pong Using Only Its Mind

4/10/2021 - Security Researchers Find Zoom Vulnerabilities That Would Have Let Bad Actors Take Over Your Computer

4/10/2021 - My Best Friend's Exorcism Film Finds Lead in Eighth Grade Actress Elsie Fisher

4/10/2021 - Chris Rock's Spiral Spins and Gets a Saw X Sequel

4/10/2021 - Twitch and Facebook Gaming Are Having One Hell of a Year. YouTube Gaming? Eh, Not so Much

4/10/2021 - Supergirl Is Gaining Another Magical DC Comics Imp

4/10/2021 - CW's Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Teaser Trailer Shows New Heroes and New Villains

4/10/2021 - Big Oil Fed State Educators Stats Used to Push Back on Biden’s Climate Goals

4/9/2021 - Man Who Swears He's 'Not a Dumbass' Arrested for Attempting to Murder the Internet

4/9/2021 - Reddit's Reportedly Cooking Up Its Own Clubhouse-Like Voice Chat Feature

4/9/2021 - CW's Powerpuff Finds an Old Narrator and a New Sarah Bellum

4/9/2021 - Who You Gonna Call? io9's Friday Gif Party

4/9/2021 - NOAA Updates Its 'Average' Hurricane Season to Call for More Storms

4/9/2021 - Cybercriminals Bought Facebook Ads for a Fake Clubhouse App That Was Riddled With Malware

4/9/2021 - The Coolest Star Wars, Marvel, and Transformers Reveals From Hasbro's Fanfest, and More Toy News

4/9/2021 - Tons of Invisible Asteroid and Comet Dust Falls on Us Every Year

4/9/2021 - Don’t Blame the ACLU for Facebook's Ills

4/9/2021 - Peter Thiel-Backed Psychedelics Firm Buys Majority of Brain-Control Interface Firm

4/9/2021 - Goonies-Inspired Rocky Road Ice Cream Exists and We've Tried It

4/9/2021 - The Companies Behind Macross and Robotech Have Finally Put Aside Their Differences

4/9/2021 - Chronic Stuffy Nose Linked to Changes in Brain Activity, Study Finds

4/9/2021 - Rogue One's Blue Leader Soars Into Hasbro's Star Wars Figure Line

4/9/2021 - We're Archiving Yahoo Answers So You'll Always Know How Babby Is Formed

4/9/2021 - The Next Star Trek Movie Has a Stardate in 2023

4/9/2021 - Discovery of 3,400-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian City Stuns Archaeologists

4/9/2021 - This Week's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Wasn't Really About Either

4/9/2021 - First-Ever Observations From Under Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Are Bad News

4/9/2021 - Scientists Dive Into Axolotl Genome, Looking for Secrets to Regeneration

4/9/2021 - Google Has Canceled the Pixel 5a, Multiple Reports Claim [Update: The Pixel 5a Is Still Alive]

4/9/2021 - The New Mortal Kombat Theme Remix Is So Goddamned Good, You Guys

4/9/2021 - California Could Require Uber and Lyft to Go Electric by 2030

4/9/2021 - Take Off With This NASA-Themed Casio G-Shock

4/9/2021 - Indiana Jones 5 Picks Up the Talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge

4/9/2021 - Apple Never Made iMessage for Android to Lock-In iOS Users, Epic Court Docs Show

4/9/2021 - 'Explosive Eruption' Rocks St. Vincent as Soufriere Volcano Spews Ash Across the Caribbean

4/9/2021 - Amazon Union Vote Fails in Bessemer, as Union Calls for Investigation

4/9/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery and She-Ra Win Big at GLAAD Media Awards

4/9/2021 - Verizon's Recalling 2.5 Million of Its Dangerously Literal Hotspots

4/9/2021 - You'll Soon Be Able to Buy and Build Festo's Incredibly Agile Wing-Flapping Robotic Bird

4/9/2021 - How to Use a USB-C Hub to Upgrade Your Chromecast With Google TV

4/9/2021 - Updates From Black Adam, Black Widow, and More

4/9/2021 - My Eyes Hate Me for Loving This Impossibly Tiny Game Boy Clone

4/9/2021 - 9.5 Million Users Traded Cryptocurrency on Robinhood in First Quarter of 2021

4/9/2021 - Elon Musk's 'Public Transit' in Las Vegas Still Just Humans Driving Cars Slowly in a Tunnel

4/8/2021 - Samsung's Upgraded Smart Tracker Can Help You Find Your Keys Using AR

4/8/2021 - Emails Show Amazon Pressured USPS to Install Mailbox at Alabama Warehouse Ahead of Union Vote

4/8/2021 - Ranking the Ghostbusters Mini-Puft Toys From Least Distressing to Infinitely Disturbing

4/8/2021 - Biden Orders DOJ to Come Up With a Way of Regulating Untraceable Gun Kits

4/8/2021 - Renée Elise Goldsberry Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe's First Hamilton Alum

4/8/2021 - MacBook and iPad Production Reportedly Hit by Component Shortage

4/8/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong's High-Speed Hollow Earth Trains Are the Dream

4/8/2021 - Marvel’s Avengers Campus at Disneyland Will Finally Open on June 4

4/8/2021 - Pinterest Makes Moves to Be the Least Hellacious Hellhole Online

4/8/2021 - Scientists Finally Figured Out a Way to Make Natural Cyan-Blue Food Coloring

4/8/2021 - Leak of a Reported 500 Million Profiles Actually Very Boring, LinkedIn Assures Users

4/8/2021 - Shell Is Back, Baby :(

4/8/2021 - 11 Apple Watch Apps You Need to Install ASAP

4/8/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: "The Equations of the Dead" by An Owomoyela

4/8/2021 - Goodbye, Asteroid Bennu, It's Been Real

4/8/2021 - Joss Whedon Changed Justice League So Much, Its Screenwriter Wanted His Name Off of It

4/8/2021 - There's Now a Tiny Washing Machine to Clean Your Wax-Encrusted Earbuds

4/8/2021 - Bolsonaro Oversaw a Connecticut-Sized Chunk of Deforestation in the Amazon Last Year

4/8/2021 - I've Been Wrong About Scream 4 for 10 Years

4/8/2021 - Brazil's President Mocks Claims He's 'Genocidal' While Doing Nothing About Covid-19 Killing 4,000 People a Day

4/8/2021 - This $47,500 Watch Contains a Tiny Moon

4/8/2021 - Regé-Jean Page Speaks on His Reportedly Racially Motivated Rejection From Syfy's Krypton

4/8/2021 - Early Humans Were Walking Around With Ape-Like Brains, Study Finds

4/8/2021 - Spider-Man Movies Will Stream on Netflix First Thanks to New Sony Deal

4/8/2021 - Someone Found a Way to Make Video Calls Even Worse With a Realistic Robot Eye Webcam

4/8/2021 - Spotify Will Use Your Voice to Pummel You With Ads

4/8/2021 - The Witcher Prequel Blood Origin Has Lost Its Star, Jodie Turner-Smith

4/8/2021 - Lenovo's Legion Phone Duel 2 Has 2 Fans, 2 Batteries, and One of the Weirdest Camera Bumps Available Today

4/8/2021 - Methane Has Never Risen This Fast in the Atmosphere

4/8/2021 - General Grievous' Clone Wars Debut Remains a Masterclass—But Not for the Reason You Think

4/8/2021 - Well Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day

4/8/2021 - International Project Will See How the Quiet of Covid-19 Affected the Oceans

4/8/2021 - Nokia's Overhauled Budget Phone Lineup Has Something for Everyone

4/8/2021 - This Highly-Absorbent Nasal Swab Means Uncomfortable Covid-19 Tests Are Over Faster

4/8/2021 - The Amazon Union Vote Tally Is Underway

4/8/2021 - The First Powerpuff Set Pictures Tease Some Classic Costumes

4/8/2021 - Tribit's Versatile, Long-Lasting New Bluetooth Speaker Has a Weird Flaw

4/8/2021 - 70,000 SSNs, 600,000 Credit Card Records Leaked After Stolen-Data Hub Gets Hacked

4/8/2021 - Twitter Launches Pro-Democracy Emoji for 'Milk Tea Alliance' in Asia

4/8/2021 - LG Pledges Three Years of OS Updates After It Stops Making New Phones

4/7/2021 - Made For Love Is All About Escaping the Tangled Web of Other People's Minds

4/7/2021 - Facebook Is Officially Beta Testing Hotline, a Clubhouse-Inspired Audio Q&A Feature

4/7/2021 - Dallas Police Used Face Recognition Software Without Authorization, Installed on Personal Phones

4/7/2021 - Voyagers' Riff on Lord of the Flies in Space Is All Too Familiar

4/7/2021 - Trump's Twitter Not Even Allowed to Return in Archival Format for Nerds

4/7/2021 - These Headphones Offer Solid Active Noise Cancellation for Those on a Budget

4/7/2021 - These Mole-Like Critters Lived Under the Feet of Dinosaurs

4/7/2021 - Amazon's Worker-Crushing Megacycle Is Energizing a Battle

4/7/2021 - The French Army Is Testing Spot the Robot on the Battlefield

4/7/2021 - An Ancient Aliens Movie Is Coming From the Guys Behind Cobra Kai

4/7/2021 - Hunting for Pokémon Cards Has Become a Different Kind of Game

4/7/2021 - A Trio of Extreme Brown Dwarfs Have Been Found Spinning at Their Physical Limits

4/7/2021 - The Midwest’s Active Fire Season Is a Warning

4/7/2021 - Wannabe Assassin Gets 12 Years on Chemical Weapon Charges for Trying to Buy Dimethylmercury

4/7/2021 - Mystery Science Theater 3000 Is Coming Back—Again

4/7/2021 - EmDrive, the 'Impossible' Engine Tested by NASA, Is Knocked Down Once Again

4/7/2021 - Apple Expands Find My App to Include Support for Third-Party Gadgets

4/7/2021 - The Djinn's Spooky First Trailer Isn't Granting Any Wishes

4/7/2021 - T-Mobile's Massive 5G Push Includes Home Internet and Free 5G Phones

4/7/2021 - Researchers Say Their 'Brain Glue' Could Someday Help People With Severe Brain Injuries

4/7/2021 - Eagles Are Filled With Rat Poison

4/7/2021 - Apple Tightens Its Rules Around Its New Anti-Tracking Tech

4/7/2021 - Google I/O 2021 Kicks Off Virtually on May 18

4/7/2021 - Experimental 3D Printer Offers a Clever Way to Eliminate Waste

4/7/2021 - The First Good Look at Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins Comes From Its Toys, Naturally

4/7/2021 - Android App That Promised Free Netflix Shockingly Just Highly Annoying Malware

4/7/2021 - The Nevers' Amy Manson Shares Which Serial Killer Inspired Her Complicated Character

4/7/2021 - I Assure You, Budweiser, We Have Been Drinking

4/7/2021 - Skull From Czech Cave May Contain Oldest Modern Human Genome

4/7/2021 - The Climate Deniers Regulating Texas Oil and Gas Have Somehow Avoided Blackout Scrutiny

4/7/2021 - Fujifilm's New Retro Instant Camera and Film Take Us Back to Simpler Times

4/7/2021 - In Cruella's New Trailer, the Devil Wears Familiar Plot Points

4/7/2021 - Sonos and Ikea Seem to Be Working on a Speaker That Doubles as Wall Art

4/7/2021 - Physics Mystery Gets Even Deeper After Long-Awaited Muon Reveal

4/7/2021 - Hey Ghostbusters: Afterlife, What the Hell?

4/7/2021 - Don't Watch Netflix's Seaspiracy

4/7/2021 - THX's First Consumer Gadget Is a Tiny Headphone Amp That Will Have You Embracing Wires Again

4/7/2021 - Here Are the Full Details on Samsung's Entire Galaxy A-Series Lineup for the U.S.

4/7/2021 - Star Trek: Picard's Patrick Stewart Teases Q's Tumultuous Return

4/7/2021 - Jupiter's Legacy's Flashy Trailer Is Brimming With Teenage and Aging Superhero Angst

4/7/2021 - Alienware Finally Embraces Ryzen With Its First AMD-Powered Gaming Laptop in Over a Decade

4/7/2021 - How to Ensure Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Is Accessible to Everyone

4/7/2021 - UK Launches New Watchdog to Police Big Tech's Ad Market Monopoly

4/7/2021 - Jeff Bezos Supports Corporate Tax Hike But Conspicuously Fails to Endorse $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

4/6/2021 - Release the Dancing Baron Zemo Cut [Updated: They Did]

4/6/2021 - A New Phishing Campaign Sends Malware-Laced Job Offers Through LinkedIn

4/6/2021 - Clubhouse Reportedly Thinks It's Worth $4 Billion Now

4/6/2021 - Facebook Sure Seems Desperate To Pass This Latest Data Breach Off As Old News For Some Reason

4/6/2021 - Celebrate Philip K. Dick's Short Stories With This Stunning Folio Society Release

4/6/2021 - SpaceX President Says Starlink Doesn't Plan to Offer Tiered Pricing

4/6/2021 - Star Wars Was Supposed to Start With the 'Duck Dodgers' Looney Tune

4/6/2021 - Apple, We Know the AirTags Are Coming. Let's Go Already

4/6/2021 - Signal Is Adding a New Privacy-Focused Payments Feature

4/6/2021 - Report: Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Has Been Used by Over 1,800 Public Agencies

4/6/2021 - Big Telecom's Voting Rights Stance Is as Treacherous as It Is Hollow

4/6/2021 - The First Batman: The Long Halloween Trailer Is Missing Something

4/6/2021 - Former Employee Indicted for Hacking Kansas Water Utility and Trying to Shut Down Key Systems

4/6/2021 - Tell Us the Hottest Happenings at the Party of the Dead

4/6/2021 - Apple Is Combining a True Crime Podcast and a TV Series With The Line

4/6/2021 - How One Knife-Maker Uses Tech to Reimagine His Craft

4/6/2021 - Navy Still Has No Idea What Mysterious Drones That Stalked Its Ships for Days Were

4/6/2021 - Warhammer Quest Returns, and More of the Latest Gaming News

4/6/2021 - Antarctic Expedition Disrupted After Ship Catches Fire

4/6/2021 - The Sesame Street Documentary's Heartwarming Trailer Is Sweepin' Those Clouds Away

4/6/2021 - Stop Shaming Vaccinated People for Socializing

4/6/2021 - WandaVision Creator Jac Schaeffer Explains Why It Was Never Really Agatha All Along

4/6/2021 - Hundreds of Glacial Rivers Are Pouring Into the Belly of Greenland’s Ice

4/6/2021 - Matt Gaetz Reportedly Fought a Revenge Porn Law to Protect His Stash

4/6/2021 - There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Saving the World

4/6/2021 - Your 3D Printer Can Finally Make Biodegradable Objects

4/6/2021 - Will.i.am Is Back With a Stupid Face Mask

4/6/2021 - Google's April Software Update Just Gave the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G a Big Performance Boost

4/6/2021 - Watch Live: NASA Drops an Orion Spacecraft Into a Giant Pool

4/6/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong's Humans Ranked (By Usefulness)

4/6/2021 - NASA’s Tiny Helicopter Snaps Its First Color Photo on Mars

4/6/2021 - Just When You Thought Chucky Couldn't Get Any Creepier...

4/6/2021 - TikTok Ups Its Accessibility With Auto-Captions

4/6/2021 - eBay's App Can Now Recognize and Automatically Make Listings for Trading Cards You Want to Sell

4/6/2021 - A Proposed Plastics Plant Will Test Joe Biden’s Commitment to Environmental Justice

4/6/2021 - Updates From Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Borderlands, and More

4/6/2021 - This 1.5-Pound Stainless Steel Dock Ensures Apple's MagSafe Charger Always Stays Put

4/6/2021 - The Sonos Roam Packs a Powerful Punch in a Petite Package

4/6/2021 - Vietnam Lifts Ban on Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

4/6/2021 - Japan's Central Bank Launches One-Year Test of Digital Currency

4/5/2021 - Space Jam: A New Legacy's Most WTF Cameos From the New Trailer

4/5/2021 - More U.S. Coal Power Retired Under Trump Than in Obama's Second Term

4/5/2021 - Clubhouse Is Partnering With Stripe to Offer Direct Payments, and Creators Will Get 100% of the Profits

4/5/2021 - Kamen Rider Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary With a New Movie, Anime Series, and More

4/5/2021 - Chicago Will Host an Official New Star Trek Convention in 2022

4/5/2021 - Is Yahoo Answers Dying? Yes, Son, Yes It Is

4/5/2021 - Amazon Can’t Just Change Its Rules to Squash Activism, NLRB Finding Suggests

4/5/2021 - Star Trek: Prodigy Reveals a First Look at Captain Janeway's Surprising Return

4/5/2021 - This Soap Bottle Is Made of Soap and Also Dispenses Soap

4/5/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery's Season 4 Teaser Sees Burnham Take Command

4/5/2021 - Amazon Fixed the Echo Show 10's Biggest Feature Failure

4/5/2021 - Navy Ship Sunk in Historic World War II Battle Is Now the Deepest Explored Wreck

4/5/2021 - Marvel Secrets in the New Loki Trailer: The Avengers, Time-Keepers, and More

4/5/2021 - HBO's Q: Into the Storm Lays Out Its Case That 8Chan Admin Ron Watkins Is Q

4/5/2021 - 40,000 Kids in the U.S. Have Lost a Parent to Covid-19, Study Finds

4/5/2021 - Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Will See John de Lancie’s Q Return

4/5/2021 - Don't Worry, This Chainsaw-Equipped Robot Arm Is, Uh, Perfectly Safe. Yeah.

4/5/2021 - The Mortal Kombat Cast Comes to Life in a New Featurette

4/5/2021 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 Beams Aboard Its First Teaser

4/5/2021 - The Crisis at a Florida Wastewater Reservoir Show the Risks of Our Weak Infrastructure

4/5/2021 - Star Wars' Skywalker Family History Uncovers Ben Solo and Rey's Childhoods

4/5/2021 - Supreme Court Sides With Google in Historic API Copyright Fight Against Oracle

4/5/2021 - Game of Thrones' 10th Anniversary Celebrations Hope You've Forgotten the Final Season

4/5/2021 - How Big Meat Is Funding Climate Denial and Polluting the Planet

4/5/2021 - ‘Deep Nostalgia’ Can Now Make Old Photos of Your Relatives Dance and Blow Kisses

4/5/2021 - A Dangerous Toxin From Pond Scum Can Go Airborne, Study Finds

4/5/2021 - The Nevers Is Entertaining But a Tad Overstuffed

4/5/2021 - Google Is Cracking Down on Apps That Can See Every Other App You Have Installed

4/5/2021 - Apple's New iMac Might Finally Go Big

4/5/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong's Director Talks Spoiler Culture and Those Big Villain Leaks

4/5/2021 - Dremel's New Cordless Glue Pen Heats Up in Just 15 Seconds for Crafting Emergencies

4/5/2021 - 8BitDo's Pro 2 Is Closer Than Ever to Being the Perfect Nintendo Switch Controller

4/5/2021 - Burnt Chunk of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Found on a Farmer’s Field in Washington

4/5/2021 - Obi-Wan Kenobi Set Footage Reveals Exactly What You'd Expect

4/5/2021 - Playing the World's Largest 6-Foot-Long, 65-Pound Nintendo Switch Looks Like an Excellent Workout

4/5/2021 - Loki's Latest Trailer Is a Timey Wimey Joyride Through the MCU

4/5/2021 - How to Stream PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Games to All Your Other Devices

4/5/2021 - Who Was the Most Evil Scientist in History?

4/5/2021 - How to Check if Your Phone Number Is in the Huge Facebook Data Leak

4/5/2021 - LG to Stop Making Phones Worldwide by July 31

4/4/2021 - On The Walking Dead, There's Not Enough Origin in Negan’s Origin Story

4/4/2021 - NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Has Successfully Landed on the Surface of Mars

4/4/2021 - Apple Caves to Russia and Begins Showing Russian Government-Approved Apps During iPhone Setup

4/4/2021 - Perhaps Unsurprisingly, X-Files Star David Duchovny Is Not a Conspiracy Theory Junkie

4/4/2021 - Doctor Who Revives Eric Roberts' Master in a New, Dalek-Filled Audio Drama

4/4/2021 - Umbrella Academy's Tom Hopper Says Season 3 Is Not Exactly Coming Soon

4/3/2021 - Hacker Publishes Phone Numbers and Other Data of 533 Million Facebook Users for Free

4/3/2021 - Amazon Mumbles ‘Sorry’ for Denying That Its Workers Pee in Bottles, Says Uber and UPS Drivers Do It, Too

4/3/2021 - This Isn’t a Piece of Art. It’s an Aerial View of a Trash-Filled Landscape

4/3/2021 - Watch Pixar's Coco Evolve From Pencil Sketches to CG Magnificence

4/3/2021 - Star Trek Celebrates First Contact Day Decades Early With New Panels and Marathons

4/3/2021 - A New Black Widow Trailer Has Major Avengers Vibes

4/3/2021 - Classic Star Wars Novels Are Coming Back With Some Gorgeous New Covers

4/3/2021 - Space Jam 2's First Trailer Looks Like Ready Player One, But With Sports

4/3/2021 - Pinterest Is Reportedly Eyeing VSCO Acquisition

4/2/2021 - These Text Message Receipts Reportedly Led Feds to Rep. Matt Gaetz

4/2/2021 - A Raya and the Last Dragon Deleted Scene Hints at a Whole Other Version of the Film

4/2/2021 - New iPhone SE Rumors Claim a 5G Model Is Coming Next Year

4/2/2021 - Spotify's Voice-Controlled 'Car Thing' Device Surfaces Once Again

4/2/2021 - The Other History of the DC Universe Sheds a Crucial Light on Katana's Interior Life

4/2/2021 - 6 Mysterious Disease Outbreaks That Were Never Solved

4/2/2021 - In Biden’s America, You’re Going to Flick Your Furnace and Nothing Happens, Folks. Flicking Sometimes 10, 11, 12 Times

4/2/2021 - It Doesn't Need to Be This Hard

4/2/2021 - Man Faces Up to 25 Years in Prison for Allegedly Breaching Kansas Water Plant's Network

4/2/2021 - New Research Exposes Weird Tsunamis Caused by Gravity Waves

4/2/2021 - LexisNexis Is ICE's Latest Doxing Tool: Report

4/2/2021 - This Week's Toys Feel Like They're Wearing Nothin' at All, Nothin' at All, Nothin' at All...

4/2/2021 - New Mexico Man Starts Driving Home From Albertson's Before Noticing Beees, Thousands of Beees!

4/2/2021 - WOW! That’s Not How Any of This Works

4/2/2021 - How to Manage (and Cancel) Your Subscriptions on iOS and Android

4/2/2021 - Hop Into the Weekend With This Adorable Gif Party

4/2/2021 - Padmé's Personality (and Sense of Style) Get the Spotlight in This Short Star Wars Video

4/2/2021 - This Smart Pet Drinking Fountain Has Made My Cats Insufferable Water Snobs

4/2/2021 - Sealed Super Mario Bros. Cartridge Sells for a Record-Breaking $660,000 at Auction

4/2/2021 - Fandom Bans 2 Wookieepedia Admins for 'Bullying and Intimidation'

4/2/2021 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Solid Surprises Bolster an Otherwise Repetitive Episode

4/2/2021 - Pixel 6 Will Reportedly Be the First Phone With Google-Made Chip

4/2/2021 - Utility That Funded a Racist Ad Campaign Tweets How It Remains ‘Committed’ to Antiracism

4/2/2021 - King Kong vs. Godzilla Never Hides Its True Victor, Even in Defeat

4/2/2021 - Stud-Covered Sequencer Uses Lego Bricks to Build Beats Instead of Spaceships

4/2/2021 - On Last Day in Office, Trump Accidentally Sanctioned an Italian Restaurant Instead of an Oil Exporter

4/2/2021 - Star Wars: Clone Wars' Must-Watch Chapters

4/2/2021 - Deaths in America Surged in 2020, Well Beyond Official Covid-19 Toll

4/2/2021 - Uber Ordered to Pay $1.1 Million After Drivers Discriminated Against Blind Passenger

4/2/2021 - Physicists Think They've Spotted a Very Rare Black Hole

4/2/2021 - Around the World Played on Giant Tesla Coils Fills the Daft Punk-Sized Hole in my Heart

4/2/2021 - Behold Mamoru Hosoda's New Anime Film Belle, Which Looks Both Bold and Beautiful

4/2/2021 - Sony Is Launching a New Xperia Phone in Mid-April and its Rumored Specs Look Impressive

4/2/2021 - Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil Will Dig Even Deeper Into the Chiss' Past

4/2/2021 - Mike Rowe’s New Discovery+ Show Is Big Oil-Funded Propaganda

4/2/2021 - Magic Powder Turns Leftover Ramen Broth Into a Solid So it Doesn't Spill Everywhere When It Hits the Trash

4/2/2021 - Fossil Fuel Companies Got Billions In Bailouts, Fired Thousands of Workers Anyway

4/2/2021 - Updates From The Witcher, Doctor Strange 2, and More

4/2/2021 - I Like Big Batts and I Cannot Lie

4/2/2021 - This Vintage Bread Slicer Wouldn't Meet Today's Safety Standards But It's Fun to Watch Being Restored

4/2/2021 - Social Media Accounts Should Require Proof of ID According to Australian Govt Proposal

4/1/2021 - Even Atari's Reanimated Corpse Is Getting in on the NFT Grift

4/1/2021 - Amazon Was Reportedly Considering a Chain of Discount Stores Before the Pandemic Hit

4/1/2021 - Yasuke's Intense First Trailer Is Here, and It's Gory and Awesome

4/1/2021 - Universities Across the Country Are Being Swept Up in a Large Data Fiasco

4/1/2021 - Great, Now Sling TV and Dish Are Losing MASN and NBC Regional Sports Networks

4/1/2021 - HBO Max's Station Eleven Adaptation Adds Tank Girl's Lori Petty and More

4/1/2021 - Area Newspaper Fixes Own Mistake With Additional, Weirdly Uncomfortable Mistake

4/1/2021 - Leaks Hint That Google Has New Pixel Buds and a Nest Security Cam In Store

4/1/2021 - Movies on Your Favorite Streaming Services Could Be Headed for Peacock Instead

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