12/31/2021 - Scientists Try, Fail to Find a DIY Hangover Cure That Actually Works

12/31/2021 - CES 2022 Will Close One Day Earlier as an ‘Additional Safety Measure’

12/31/2021 - Count Down the End of 2021 With the Toys You'll Want in 2022

12/31/2021 - Now India Is Purportedly Looking Into Apple’s In-App Payment System Because the More the Merrier

12/31/2021 - All of io9's 2021 Year in Review Lists in One Convenient Location

12/31/2021 - Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Was the Story I Needed to End 2021 On

12/31/2021 - The Expanse's Latest Episode Sets the Stage for an Explosive Endgame

12/31/2021 - 47 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Start 2022 Off Right

12/31/2021 - Archaeologists Find Ancient Tsunami Victim on the Turkish Coast

12/31/2021 - Updates From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and More

12/31/2021 - The Best Illusions of the Year Will Leave Your Brain Hurting More Than 2021 Did

12/31/2021 - Why People Can't Stop Talking About Don't Look Up

12/31/2021 - The Most Disappointing Gadgets of 2021

12/30/2021 - Let's Go Brandon Cryptocurrency Sponsors the Brandon That Started It All

12/30/2021 - Goodbye BlackBerry, We Really Mean It This Time

12/30/2021 - Doctor Strange 2's Release Date Shift Changed Spider-Man: No Way Home's Plot

12/30/2021 - It's December, and Colorado Is Living Through Its Most Destructive Wildfire in History

12/30/2021 - University Loses Valuable Supercomputer Research After Backup Error Wipes 77 Terabytes of Data

12/30/2021 - Texas Scientists Are Sharing the Design for Their New, Cheap Covid-19 Vaccine

12/30/2021 - Supply Chain Woes Have Come for IKEA's Prices

12/30/2021 - Jason Reitman Explains the Care That Went Into Ghostbusters: Afterlife's Biggest Surprise

12/30/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in January 2022

12/30/2021 - Florida Cop Shot and Killed an Endangered Malaysian Tiger That Was Mauling a Zoo Worker

12/30/2021 - How (and Why) The Witcher Unleashed the Wild Hunt

12/30/2021 - South Korea Asks App Stores to Abolish 'Play-To-Earn' Crypto Games

12/30/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Preaches Connection as It Drives Its Biggest Relationship Apart

12/30/2021 - Analogue Pocket: The Retro Game Console Of Your Dreams

12/30/2021 - Tesla Recalls 475,000 Vehicles Due to Camera and Front Trunk Issues

12/30/2021 - James Cameron's Legendary Aliens Moment Is No Legend

12/30/2021 - This Asus Motherboard Is Burning Up Because of a Dumb Manufacturing Flaw

12/30/2021 - Fox News' Worst Lies About Covid-19 From 2021

12/30/2021 - What the Fuck Just Happened?

12/30/2021 - The Expanse's Power Couple Faces New Conflict in This Exclusive Clip

12/30/2021 - Updates From The Walking Dead, Friday the 13th, and More

12/30/2021 - How to Make a Discord Bot

12/30/2021 - The Best WhatsApp Extensions You Should Be Using

12/30/2021 - CES 2022: What to Expect at the World's Biggest Tech Show

12/29/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home's Surprise Stars Helped Shape Its Biggest Reveals

12/29/2021 - Marvel's Eternals Once Had a Darker Ending, According to Chloé Zhao

12/29/2021 - Deadly Superbug Yeast Sickens Patients at Oregon Hospital

12/29/2021 - Watch Elon Musk Squirm Over His Taxes on 'The Bernie Sanders Experience'

12/29/2021 - Waymo Wants to Drive You Around Without A Steering Wheel

12/29/2021 - Mass Food Poisoning Incident Leads Apple to Temporarily Shut Down iPhone Factory

12/29/2021 - Kang's Newest Challenge Might Bring a Surprising Comics Hero to the Marvel Universe

12/29/2021 - Webb Space Telescope Got a Lucky Boost From Its Christmas Launch

12/29/2021 - WandaVision Steals The Mandalorian's Crown as 2021's Most Pirated TV Series

12/29/2021 - Taxi Medallion Loan Shark Duped Investors by Planting 'Illegal' Positive News Stories, SEC Says

12/29/2021 - The Spacecraft That's Going to Smash Into an Asteroid Just Sent Back Its First Pictures

12/29/2021 - Book of Boba Fett: Who Are the Major Players on Tatooine?

12/29/2021 - Data Centers Are Pushing Ireland’s Electric Grid to the Brink

12/29/2021 - The Creative and Inspiring People We Lost in 2021

12/29/2021 - 'Serious' Cyberattack Literally Stops the Presses at Major Newspaper Publisher

12/29/2021 - Spotify’s Car Thing Is Baffling, but Works as Advertised

12/29/2021 - Rapid Tests May Be Less Accurate for Omicron, FDA Warns

12/29/2021 - Federal Court Ruling Will Make Wifi 6E a Reality

12/29/2021 - The Wheel of Time TV Series Works Because of the Changes, Not Despite Them

12/29/2021 - 'One Square Minesweeper' Is the Only Version of 'Minesweeper' I Want to Play

12/29/2021 - Life-Threatening Cold Grips the Northern Rockies and Midwest

12/29/2021 - LG Unveils OLED EX, the Next Generation of Its OLED TV Tech

12/29/2021 - Life on Venus Could Be Hiding in Its Weird Clouds

12/29/2021 - The Book of Boba Fett Already Knows Exactly Who Its Hero Is

12/29/2021 - This Might Be the World's First Festive Snow Globe That Generates Its Own Snow

12/29/2021 - Updates On The Matrix's Future and More

12/29/2021 - The Best Gadgets of 2021

12/29/2021 - How to Use Your Smart Speakers As a Home Theater Sound System

12/29/2021 - U.S. Averaging 267,000 New Covid-19 Cases Per Day, Highest of Pandemic

12/28/2021 - Hackers Are Getting Better and Better at Defeating Your 2FA Security

12/28/2021 - The Batman's Riddler Has a Secret Website

12/28/2021 - Targeted Ad Firm Taps Into the Ultimate Influencer: Jesus

12/28/2021 - Matrix 4 Would Probably Have Happened Even Without Lana Wachowski

12/28/2021 - The Coronavirus Can Persist for Months in Brain, Heart, and Intestines, Major Study Finds

12/28/2021 - Extreme Heat Is Making U.S-Mexico Border Crossings Even More Dangerous

12/28/2021 - The Ways Spider-Man: No Way Home and Matrix Resurrections Engage With Their Pasts

12/28/2021 - It's 65 Degrees in Alaska—in December

12/28/2021 - LastPass Says It Didn't Leak Your Password

12/28/2021 - Here’s What’s Next for the Webb Space Telescope as It Hurtles Toward Deep Space

12/28/2021 - Microsoft's Triple-Screen Phone Concept Is So Ridiculous, I Need To Try It

12/28/2021 - Sonic the Hedgehog Is Speeding Into Lego

12/28/2021 - The Best Laptops You Can Buy

12/28/2021 - Good Luck Trying to Fly Right Now

12/28/2021 - I Hate Tatooine

12/28/2021 - 'Reckless and Dangerous': CDC's New, Shorter Covid-19 Isolation Guidelines Disturb Some Health Experts

12/28/2021 - California's Epic Snowstorms Are Great News

12/28/2021 - Zuckerberg Adds to Sprawling Hawaii Compound With $17 Million Land Purchase

12/28/2021 - Crypto Bros Want to Buy Blockbuster, Turn It Into a 'Decentralized' Streaming Platform

12/28/2021 - The Batman's New Trailer Puts the Dark Knight in the Dark

12/28/2021 - Amazon Alexa Told a 10-Year-Old Girl to Play With a Live Wall Outlet

12/28/2021 - In The Expanse's Next Episode, Amos Learns a Shocking Truth

12/28/2021 - The Batman Teases More About Catwoman's Connections

12/28/2021 - Will Nuclear Fusion Ever Power the World?

12/28/2021 - Second Time Capsule Found Under Robert E. Lee Statue, Raising Hopes It Could Be Interesting

12/28/2021 - Digital Unwrapping of Pharaoh's Mummy Reveals Curly Hair, Amulets, and Jewelry

12/27/2021 - CDC Updates Guidance, Says People With Covid-19 Only Need to Isolate for 5 Days if Asymptomatic

12/27/2021 - Apple Partially Closes Stores in New York City Amid Spread of Omicron Cases

12/27/2021 - 3 Short Sci-Fi and Horror Films for Bite-Sized, Post-Christmas Enjoyment

12/27/2021 - 12 Horror Anthology Movies That'll Haunt Your Nightmares

12/27/2021 - An Ode To My Dave Filoni Action Figure

12/27/2021 - The 14 Best (and 9 Worst) Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Superhero Movies of 2021

12/27/2021 - A Jedi Faces True Horror in a Look Inside the Latest High Republic Novel

12/27/2021 - The Most Hellacious Weather of 2021, As Seen From Space

12/27/2021 - The Matrix Resurrections' Co-Writers Dig Into the Movie's Spoilers and Biggest Questions

12/27/2021 - Moderator Who Watched Hours of Traumatic Videos Sues TikTok for Failing to Protect Her Mental Health

12/26/2021 - Apple Must Let Dating Apps Offer Alternative Payment Options in the App Store, Dutch Regulator Says

12/26/2021 - Open Channel: What Pop Culture Surprised You This Year?

12/26/2021 - The Witcher's Cast Talks Ciri and the New Witchers Who Help Her Grow

12/26/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Crosses the Billion Dollar Mark

12/26/2021 - Vincent D'Onofrio on Wilson Fisk's Hawkeye Return: "He Wants His City Back"

12/26/2021 - 6 of the Biggest Crypto-Heists of 2021

12/26/2021 - Tesla’s Gift to the World Allows Anyone to Turn Their Car Into a Light Show Machine

12/25/2021 - 85 Days Later, La Palma’s Volcano Has Officially Stopped Erupting

12/25/2021 - Ron Perlman is Evil, Will Convince Pinocchio That Fascism is Cool

12/25/2021 - Berserk Gets New York Times Ad Ahead of Volume 41's US Release in 2022

12/25/2021 - Marvel and Sony Think Spider-Man: No Way Home is Best Picture Material

12/25/2021 - The X-Men's Quiet Council Will Finally Get Their Own Comic Book

12/24/2021 - Heroes From Real-Life and Fiction Who Had a Great 2021

12/24/2021 - Yes, The Matrix Resurrections Has an End Credits Scene

12/24/2021 - New Views From Space Show Comet Leonard Zooming Toward the Sun

12/24/2021 - How Boba Fett Came Back... the First Time Round

12/24/2021 - Finnish Man Passes on Paying $22,600 to Replace His Tesla's Battery, Blows Up Car Instead

12/24/2021 - The Expanse Delivers Its Best Space Battle Yet, Along With Some Blasts From the Past

12/24/2021 - Joe Biden's 2021 Climate Report Card

12/24/2021 - The Most Exciting Things Happening in Space in 2022

12/24/2021 - Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes on Discovery's Trials and Filming During Covid-19

12/24/2021 - How to Watch the Most Powerful Telescope Ever Built Launch to Space

12/24/2021 - Colin Trevorrow's Next Film Wants to Delve into Atlantis

12/24/2021 - How to Organize Your Mess of a Dropbox Once and for All

12/24/2021 - I Can't Believe I Love This Fan-Powered Firepit So Much

12/24/2021 - Some Apple Employees Are Walking Out on Christmas Eve to Demand Better Working Conditions

12/23/2021 - Tesla Will Block Drivers From Playing Games It Provided While Their Car Is Moving

12/23/2021 - The Matrix: Resurrections Premiere Was Also a Sci-Fi Fashion Show

12/23/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Is Taking a Break... to Make Way for More Star Trek

12/23/2021 - Here's What We Know About Android 13 So Far

12/23/2021 - Hugo Awards Host DisCon III Apologizes for Taking Money From Defense Company

12/23/2021 - Good News: Watching Lectures at 2X Speed Might Not Be So Bad After All

12/23/2021 - This Year Has to Be the Beginning of the End for Big Oil

12/23/2021 - Apple Music Could Be Why Spotify's Promised HiFi Tier Is Still Missing

12/23/2021 - Magnetic Fields Could Be Early Warning That a Tsunami Is on the Way

12/23/2021 - Amazon Says It Will Stop Interfering With Workers Organizing On-Site

12/23/2021 - Hawkeye's End Credits Scene Confused the Director, Too

12/23/2021 - New System Would Let Us Know If Aliens Are Using Lasers to Communicate

12/23/2021 - Huawei's New Gadgets Look Cool As Hell, but Good Luck Buying Them

12/23/2021 - Self-Declared 'Vaccine Police' Says He'll 'Lawfully' Arrest Louisiana Governor

12/23/2021 - Matrix Resurrections: An io9 Roundtable Discussion

12/23/2021 - FDA Approves a New RNA-Based Treatment to Lower Cholesterol

12/23/2021 - The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Could Be a Carbon Bomb

12/23/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Heads Out Into the Black to Find a Startling New Crewmate

12/23/2021 - YouTubers Can Finally Monetize Content Featuring Gender-Affirming Products

12/23/2021 - Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus... in Star Wars

12/23/2021 - How to Make Sure No One Is Tracking You With an AirTag

12/23/2021 - Would You?

12/23/2021 - Does the Uncharted Movie Think Mark Wahlberg Is Its Star?

12/23/2021 - Here’s What Could Still Go Wrong With the Webb Space Telescope

12/23/2021 - Doctor Who's Second Russell T. Davies Era Begins With Its 60th Anniversary

12/23/2021 - At Least 4 Injured in Exxon Oil Refinery Fire

12/23/2021 - Bonkers LG OLED Concepts Could Be the Strangest Things at CES 2022

12/23/2021 - Get Ready for Weird Weather This Christmas

12/23/2021 - The Radiant Black Universe Expands Again With a Radiant Red Miniseries

12/23/2021 - The Flash Could Include Even More Returning Faces

12/23/2021 - The 11 Coolest Archaeological Finds of 2021

12/23/2021 - I Will Personally Fight Whoever Is Shooting These Endangered Seals

12/23/2021 - Eric Clapton Gets Defensive About Suing Over Bootleg CD After Social Media Backlash

12/23/2021 - Popular Home Bed Rails Recalled After Three Deaths

12/22/2021 - Every Detail We Found in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer

12/22/2021 - What's Next In The MCU? Here's When You Can Watch Marvel Movies & TV Shows In 2022

12/22/2021 - How NSO Group's iPhone-Hacking Exploit Works

12/22/2021 - The Keanussaince Will Take a Break as John Wick 4 Gets Delayed to 2023

12/22/2021 - Halliburton Keeps ‘Losing’ Evidence Of Its Fossil Fuel Screwups

12/22/2021 - This 'Robot Lawyer' Might Save Your Banned Social Media Account

12/22/2021 - Now Wait Just a Goddamned Minute, Spider-Man

12/22/2021 - 135-Year-Old Robert E. Lee Time Capsule a Huge, Soggy Let-Down

12/22/2021 - More People Trust Amazon Than Apple or Google, and It Makes Me Sick

12/22/2021 - Disney's Book of Boba Fett Premiere Event Is Now a Finale Event, Thanks to Covid

12/22/2021 - Delta Air Lines Is Asking the CDC to Cut Down Its 10-Day Covid Isolation Period

12/22/2021 - The Hawkeye Finale Really Tied It All Together

12/22/2021 - The 8 Best (and 5 Worst) TV Shows of 2021

12/22/2021 - FDA Authorizes the First Pill Meant to Prevent Severe Covid-19

12/22/2021 - Apple Should Make a Cheap MacBook and I Don't Mean a Tablet with a Keyboard

12/22/2021 - The Tragically Human End of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

12/22/2021 - CES Organizers Say the Show Will Go On as Major Attendees Bail Over Covid Threat

12/22/2021 - The Batgirl Movie Has Recruited Michael Keaton's Dark Knight

12/22/2021 - Intel Is Putting Unvaccinated Employees on Unpaid Leave Until Conditions Improve

12/22/2021 - Scientists Find Link Between Microplastics and IBD Symptoms

12/22/2021 - Leaked Emails Show Florida’s Biggest Utility Drafting Anti-Solar Bill

12/22/2021 - Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness' First Trailer Teases Magical Mayhem

12/22/2021 - Astronomers Spot Upwards of 170 Rogue Exoplanets, the Largest Trove Yet

12/22/2021 - 9 Viral Images From 2021 That Were Totally Fake

12/22/2021 - The Expanse Invites You on a Rocinante Tour With Shohreh Aghdashloo

12/22/2021 - Tesla Under Federal Investigation Over In-Car Video Game Feature

12/22/2021 - Doctor Who Teases the Return of the Daleks

12/22/2021 - Amazon Web Services Outage Borks the Internet Again

12/22/2021 - 10 Laptops That Were Too Strange for This World

12/21/2021 - Walk-Through Metal Detectors Can Be Hacked, New Research Finds

12/21/2021 - Google's Rumored Pixel Watch Might Get the Exclusive Feature We've Been Waiting For

12/21/2021 - LG's New Monitor Sports a Unique 16:18 Vertical Aspect Ratio

12/21/2021 - Miss Ghostbusters: Afterlife In Theaters? It's Coming Home Soon

12/21/2021 - Disney Dominates 2021 Annie Nominations, But Netflix Is Close Behind

12/21/2021 - What is HDMI 2.1a And Why Should You Care?

12/21/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Is a Brand New Day for the MCU's Peter Parker

12/21/2021 - 5G Speeds in the U.S. Rank Dead Last Among Early Adopters

12/21/2021 - It's Official: The Next OnePlus Flagship Is Coming in January

12/21/2021 - A New, Long-Acting HIV Prevention Drug Just Got FDA Approval

12/21/2021 - NSO Spyware Was Used to Target Jamal Khashoggi's Wife, Digital Forensics Confirm

12/21/2021 - Celestial Darkness Begins to Recede as Human Darkness Surges

12/21/2021 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Dragons of Spring Dawning

12/21/2021 - These Hoverboards Might Actually Work...but Only On the Moon

12/21/2021 - The Witcher's New Jaskier Song Is the Break Up Ballad of the Year

12/21/2021 - Scientists Found a Cradle of Life Under Antarctica

12/21/2021 - OnlyFans CEO Steps Down Following Turbulent Year

12/21/2021 - The History of Andrew Garfield's The Amazing Spider-Man 3

12/21/2021 - Part of Gundam's Hidden History Is Becoming a Movie Next Year

12/21/2021 - The Bizarre Alliance Between Texas Climate Deniers and New England Fishermen

12/21/2021 - Dark Horse Comics Purchased by Swedish Gaming Company Embracer

12/21/2021 - TikTok Got More Traffic Than Freakin' Google in 2021

12/21/2021 - Legion of Super-Heroes Could Come to HBO Max, Thanks to Brian Michael Bendis

12/21/2021 - Beautifully Preserved Dinosaur Embryo Spotted in Fossilized Egg

12/21/2021 - Here Are the World's 10 Worst Plastic Polluters

12/21/2021 - First Omicron Death in U.S. Reported in Texas

12/21/2021 - The Matrix Resurrections Is the Matrix Sequel You've Always Wanted

12/21/2021 - Even the Top of the Pyrenees Mountains Are Littered With Microplastics

12/21/2021 - iPhone Users Could Soon Have an Easier Time Getting Through Airport Security Lines

12/21/2021 - 10 Photos of Covid Testing Lines Surging Across the World

12/21/2021 - Electric Truck Maker Nikola to Pay $125 Million in SEC Settlement Following Fake Demo

12/21/2021 - Loki's Tom Hiddleston Teases What Lies Ahead in Season 2

12/21/2021 - Coal Miners Union to Joe Manchin: Stop Sucking

12/21/2021 - SpaceX Hit With Worst Covid-19 Outbreak of Any Business in Los Angeles

12/21/2021 - White House to Mail Out 500 Million Free Covid-19 Tests After Mocking Idea

12/20/2021 - Log4j Vulnerabilities Are Piling Up as Companies Scramble to Patch

12/20/2021 - Russian Businessman Taken by U.S. Accused of Swiping Earnings Reports From Tesla, Others

12/20/2021 - Avatar 2 Will Introduce Jake and Neytiri's Kids, Blue and Otherwise

12/20/2021 - Alligator-Sized Millipede Fossil Found on English Beach

12/20/2021 - Real-World Quidditch Will Change Its Name Thanks to J.K. Rowling's Transphobia

12/20/2021 - Bitcoin’s Inequality Problem Is Putting the Dollar to Shame

12/20/2021 - When Christmas Is Over, It's Time for New Year's Evil

12/20/2021 - Huawei's New Smartwatch Might Measure Blood Pressure, but There's a Catch

12/20/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Spoilers Will Come... From Inside the House

12/20/2021 - ‘Extraordinary’ Mammoth Graveyard Discovered in England

12/20/2021 - Privacy 'Incidents' at DHS on the Rise, Report Says

12/20/2021 - The Witcher Cast Is Slowly Becoming Warhammer's Biggest Ambassadors

12/20/2021 - Joe Manchin Tanks Solar and EV Stocks With His Build Back Better Bombshell

12/20/2021 - Omicron: Most Common Symptoms, When to Get Tested, and Latest Booster Data

12/20/2021 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Came Out 2 Years Ago—How Do You Feel About It Now?

12/20/2021 - Our Favorite iPhone 14 Camera Rumor Was Just Shot Down

12/20/2021 - The 9 Best Animated Series of 2021

12/20/2021 - Florida Is Locking In Its Own Demise

12/20/2021 - NASA Delays Launch of Its Megarocket in Wake of Testing Glitch

12/20/2021 - Marvel's New Punisher Comic Sure Sounds Like It's Dropping the Pretense He's a Hero

12/20/2021 - The Northman Is Violent Viking Revenge From The Witch Director

12/20/2021 - Aviation and Tech Industries Spar Over Whether or Not 5G Can Actually Crash a Plane

12/20/2021 - The Utter Hollowness of Joe Manchin

12/20/2021 - Amazon Is Backing Off Its Cell Phone Ban Amid Safety Concerns

12/20/2021 - When Lana Wachowski Asks You to Write Matrix 4, You Say 'Yes'

12/20/2021 - LG’s First Gaming Laptop Packs In Plenty of Power and One Confusing Spec

12/20/2021 - Wait, Are NFTs the New Creative Commons?

12/20/2021 - You'll Be Evergreen With Envy Over This Tiny Nintendo Switch Ornament With a Working Screen

12/20/2021 - Updates From Halo, The Batman, and More

12/20/2021 - What's the Oldest Sport?

12/20/2021 - How to Share Your Wifi Password

12/20/2021 - Lenovo's IdeaPad Duet 5 Chromebook Is an Exceptional Value With a Brilliant Screen

12/20/2021 - Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker Test Positive for Covid-19

12/19/2021 - NASA Releases an Audio Clip of What Jupiter’s Icy Moon Ganymede Sounds Like

12/19/2021 - YouTube and Disney End Fight After One Day, Bring Disney-Owned Channels Back to YouTube TV

12/19/2021 - Spider-Man 4 Already in Active Development

12/19/2021 - Open Channel: Spider-Man, Nightmare Alley, and The Witcher Edition

12/19/2021 - The Hugo Awards Undermined Themselves by Being Sponsored by Raytheon

12/19/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home's Box Office Is Worth a Spit Take

12/19/2021 - Hades Makes History as the First Video Game to Win a Hugo Award

12/19/2021 - GM Starts Delivering Hummer EV Even Though the Planet Doesn’t Need Luxury Electric Trucks

12/18/2021 - YouTube TV Loses Access to Over 17 Disney-Owned Channels and Reduces Monthly Price by $15 [Updated]

12/18/2021 - Matt Reeves Credits The Batman's Nirvana Song for His Moody Dark Knight

12/18/2021 - Dragonlance Returns in 2022 With a New Protagonist After Settled Lawsuit

12/18/2021 - Bleach's 'Thousand-Year Blood War' Anime Gets a Stunning Trailer

12/18/2021 - Netflix's The House Offers Up Stop Motion Scares

12/17/2021 - TikTok Kitchen Will Bring Baked Feta Pasta and Smash Burgers Right to Your Door

12/17/2021 - Make the Notch on Your MacBook Pro More Festive With the Notchmeister App

12/17/2021 - Power Rangers' Mother of All Megazords Leads the Week's Biggest Toys

12/17/2021 - Guillermo del Toro's 11 Films, Ranked

12/17/2021 - Microsoft Just Took Another Step Toward Killing the Control Panel

12/17/2021 - Marvel and DC Face Off in a New Doc From the Russo Brothers

12/17/2021 - Nuclear Experts: Hey, So, Those Anti-5G Radiation Necklaces Are Actually Radioactive

12/17/2021 - NASA Denies It Used the Doomed Log4j in Its Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

12/17/2021 - The 8 Weirdest Toys of 2021

12/17/2021 - 11 Early Smartwatch Attempts That Were Extremely Dumb

12/17/2021 - Amazon Delivery Workers Threatened With Firing, Told to Keep Driving During Tornadoes

12/17/2021 - Pfizer's Low-Dose Covid-19 Vaccine Fails in Kids Under 5, Trial Data Shows

12/17/2021 - What the Biggest Twists in Spider-Man No Way Home Might Mean For the Future MCU

12/17/2021 - Why Queer Star Wars Fans Are So Upset at Its Newest Video Game Saga

12/17/2021 - The FBI Will Neither Confirm Nor Deny the Existence of These Documents I Just Printed

12/17/2021 - Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Give Lord of the Rings to Quentin Tarantino

12/17/2021 - Crypto Leaders Are Trying to Disrupt Caribbean Politics

12/17/2021 - Vacuum-Sealed Container From 1972 Moon Landing Will Finally Be Opened

12/17/2021 - The Witcher: Blood Origin's First Footage Has What You Want: Michelle Yeoh Kicking Ass

12/17/2021 - Hello World vs. Hello Apple: What Do You See When You Look at This Image?

12/17/2021 - Giant Kite Will Pull a Ship Across the Ocean Next Month

12/17/2021 - China Has an Updated List of 100 Prohibited Topics for Short Videos

12/17/2021 - CNN Shows Are Disappearing From HBO Max to Make CNN+ a Thing

12/17/2021 - Drone Sails Into Category 4 Hurricane, Sends Back Incredible Video and Data

12/17/2021 - The Expanse Advances All Its Plots in a Nail-Biter of an Episode

12/17/2021 - Get a First Peek at Chuck Wendig's Post-Apocalyptic Wanderers Sequel, Wayward

12/17/2021 - Medication Abortions Can Be Dispensed by Mail, FDA Decides

12/17/2021 - The 10 Strangest Medical Cases of 2021

12/17/2021 - The First Matrix: Resurrections Reactions Are Here

12/17/2021 - Blue Beetle Will Head to Theaters Next Year After All

12/17/2021 - Facebook's Ray-Ban Stories Somehow Make Both Ray-Bans and Spying Less Cool

12/17/2021 - U.S. Schools on High Alert for Violence Over TikTok Meme That Might Not Even Exist

12/17/2021 - Eric Clapton Wins Lawsuit Against Woman Who Listed Bootleg CD on eBay for $11

12/17/2021 - Peloton Removes Viral Sex and the City Parody After Sexual Assault Allegations Surface About Actor

12/16/2021 - LG's New UltraFine 4K OLED Monitors Can Now Auto-Calibrate Their Colors

12/16/2021 - In the Future, Amazon's Ring Doorbell Might Use Biometric Data to Surveil Neighborhoods

12/16/2021 - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Toys Hold a Sorcerous Surprise

12/16/2021 - Meta Warns That 50,000 of Its Users May Have Been Targeted by Private Spies

12/16/2021 - The Lord of the Rings Cast Reunites for a Clever Anniversary Rap

12/16/2021 - Victims of GirlsDoPorn's Sex Trafficking Operation Now Own Their Videos

12/16/2021 - Apple Reportedly Wants to Make All Of Its Own Chips

12/16/2021 - The Fictional Characters and TV Shows We Lost in 2021

12/16/2021 - Like Apple, Spotify Will Now Let You Rate Podcasts

12/16/2021 - Texas Company Charged for Causing Major California Oil Spill

12/16/2021 - Rogue One Remembered: A Timeline For Its 5 Year Anniversary

12/16/2021 - A Cheaper Apple Display Might Finally Be On the Way

12/16/2021 - Neanderthals Were Altering the Landscape at Least 125,000 Years Ago, New Evidence Suggests

12/16/2021 - Let's Talk About Those Spider-Man: No Way Home Post-Credit Scenes

12/16/2021 - Latest Science on Omicron: Vaccine Effectiveness, How It Multiplies, and More

12/16/2021 - The Power Rangers Will Finally Face Godzilla in a Brilliant Comic Crossover

12/16/2021 - 6 Things That Are Going to Ruin Christmas This Year

12/16/2021 - The Witcher: A Grain of Truth Graphic Novel Gives a Peek at Season 2's First Episode

12/16/2021 - Apple's Return-to-Office Date Is Now 'We Have No Idea'

12/16/2021 - TikTok Testing Feature That Lets You Stream Live From Your PC

12/16/2021 - Nobody Knew The Book of Boba Fett Existed Until The Mandalorian Announced It

12/16/2021 - The U.S. Has So Many Oil Pipelines, Half of Them Are Sitting Empty

12/16/2021 - Can r/WallStreetBets Make Reddit the Next GameStop?

12/16/2021 - Netflix's Live-Action Avatar: The Last Airbender Casts Azula and More

12/16/2021 - Mystery Group of Humans May Have Populated the Faroe Islands Before the Vikings

12/16/2021 - Google Adds New Chrome Features to Help You Finish Your Holiday Shopping

12/16/2021 - New York City Cops Suspected of Faking Vaxx Cards, Stripped of Badges

12/16/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Keeps on Riffing, as Shadows Loom

12/16/2021 - This Week's Surreal Weather Nightmare, in Photos

12/16/2021 - Intel Throws Cold Water on the Metaverse Happening Any Time Soon

12/16/2021 - Newly Discovered Millipede Is First With More Than 1,000 Legs

12/16/2021 - Warner Bros. Is Sticking to Theaters in 2022

12/16/2021 - Hyundai Made a Highly Maneuverable, Drink-Serving, Baby-Carrying Robot

12/16/2021 - Comcast Continues Its Smart Home Push With New Video Doorbell

12/16/2021 - ‘Communication Issue’ Delays Much-Anticipated Launch of Webb Telescope

12/16/2021 - James Cameron Still Has Most of One More Avatar Sequel to Film

12/16/2021 - Stripe Wants Its Pebble of Carbon-Removal Investments to Ripple Across the Pond of Human Existence for Centuries

12/16/2021 - Schwinn Electric Scooters Recalled Over Loose and Cracking Handlebars

12/16/2021 - UK, Denmark, and Australia Report Highest Daily Covid-19 Cases of Pandemic

12/15/2021 - Watch the Eggs

12/15/2021 - A Goonies TV Show Has Truffle Shuffled to Disney+

12/15/2021 - Signal Now Lets You Call Up to 39 of Your Fellow Criminals at Once

12/15/2021 - New York City Passes Landmark Bill to Ban New Gas Hookups

12/15/2021 - The NFT Ghouls Are Going Full Mask Off With Stan Lee and Bob Ross Collections

12/15/2021 - The Windstorm Whipping the U.S. Looks Terrifying

12/15/2021 - Sure Sounds Like Children Are Gonna Die on The Witcher Kids' Show

12/15/2021 - Microbes May Be Evolving to Eat Plastic

12/15/2021 - Hawkeye's Big MCU Connections Absolutely Hit the Mark

12/15/2021 - Feds Release 1,500 New 'JFK Assassination' Files

12/15/2021 - The Secret Fee on Your Utility Bill That's Helping Fund the Climate Crisis

12/15/2021 - After Dune, Denis Villeneuve Will Rendezvous With Rama

12/15/2021 - Sci-Fi Novel The Sleepless Asks: What If You Were Just Always Awake?

12/15/2021 - 9 Movies That Warn You to Steer Clear of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

12/15/2021 - Surgeons in New York Successfully Transplant Pig Kidneys to Two People

12/15/2021 - Trump's Tech Company Pivots to Video With Rumble Partnership

12/15/2021 - The Biggest Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Disappointments of 2021

12/15/2021 - Hawkeye's Fifth Episode Had Everything Marvel Fans Want

12/15/2021 - The Parker Solar Probe Just Dipped Into the Sun’s Corona

12/15/2021 - The FDA Just Approved Eye Drops to Correct Aging Vision

12/15/2021 - Apple's Controversial CSAM Photo Detection Feature May Be Toast

12/15/2021 - We Dare You To Watch These 10 New International Horror Films on Shudder

12/15/2021 - Don't Buy an HDMI 2.1 TV or Monitor Before You Read the Fine Print

12/15/2021 - 9 Environmental Crimes That Would Make Great Movies

12/15/2021 - The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Cartoon Gets a (Very) Tiny Sneak Peak

12/15/2021 - Big Tech’s Top Lobbying Firm Is Dead

12/15/2021 - Log4j: Just How Screwed Are We?

12/15/2021 - Updates From Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness and More

12/15/2021 - Samsung's New Android Tablet Could Be a Solid Alternative to the Cheap iPad

12/15/2021 - Dangerous Hurricane-Force Winds Are Roaring Across the U.S.

12/15/2021 - U.S. Navy Tests Laser Weapon in Middle East

12/15/2021 - DJI and 7 Other Chinese Tech Companies Will Be Added to U.S. Investment Blacklist: Report

12/15/2021 - Dell Thinks a Mini Wireless Webcam and PC Companion Will Make Work Easier

12/14/2021 - Matrix Resurrections' Mysterious Plot Points Teased by New Featurette

12/14/2021 - Marvel Release Dates: When to See Upcoming MCU Movies and Disney+ Shows

12/14/2021 - New Avatar 2 Concept Art Reveals Na'vi Kids and a Giant Lizard

12/14/2021 - 7 Satellite Images Reveal the Shocking Toll of the Quad State Tornado Outbreak

12/14/2021 - DC Attorney General Sues Proud Boys, Oath Keepers Over the Capitol Riot

12/14/2021 - Crypto Prices Seemingly Jump by Billions of Dollars as CoinMarketCap Goes Berserk

12/14/2021 - Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim Sequel Would've Been Significantly More Bonkers

12/14/2021 - Lifelike Robotic Hand Is a Bit Too Close to Terminator for Our Liking

12/14/2021 - 'Eco-Friendly' Fabric Is Destroying the Rainforest

12/14/2021 - Big Changes Are Coming to LastPass, but Unfortunately Not Its Prices

12/14/2021 - A New Alex Ross Fantastic Four Comic Is Coming From Marvel and Abrams

12/14/2021 - The Analogue Pocket Has Game Boy Camera Fans Taken Care Of

12/14/2021 - USPS Secretly Tested a Blockchain Voting System Before 2020, It Didn’t Work

12/14/2021 - The 7 Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Debuts of 2021

12/14/2021 - Well Well Well, Look Who Chickened Out During Daddy's Failed Coup

12/14/2021 - New Orleans Arcade Destroyed by Vandal Needs Your Help

12/14/2021 - The Library of Congress Nerds Out

12/14/2021 - UK's Online Safety Bill Suggests Locking Up Tech Execs For Their Platform's Crimes

12/14/2021 - Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Hit Earth at a Particularly Bad Time

12/14/2021 - Synthetic Weed Is Causing Scary Bleeding Again

12/14/2021 - The Expanse's Unlikely BFFs on Finding Hope During an All-Out Space War

12/14/2021 - We’re Turning the Arctic Into a Trash Dump

12/14/2021 - Google Brings Android 12 Features to Low-End Android Go

12/14/2021 - Give Me Control of the Weather Weapons, You Cowards

12/14/2021 - Doctor Strange: The Book of the Vishanti Is Here to Guide You Home

12/14/2021 - In 2021, Gig Workers Were Forced to Endure ‘Unprecedented Surveillance’

12/14/2021 - The King's Man Has a Crisis of Identity

12/14/2021 - Astronomers Capture Best Views Yet of Stars Moving Around Our Local Black Hole

12/14/2021 - Disney Channels May Be Yanked From YouTube TV After Dispute

12/14/2021 - LG Thinks the Future of TVs Is Just a Tablet on a Stick

12/14/2021 - Dell's Concept Luna Could Be the Future of Laptop Design

12/14/2021 - Citizen's Crime Watchers Vote to Unionize

12/14/2021 - Enter the Michelle Yeoh-Verse in the Awesome Everything Everywhere All at Once Trailer

12/14/2021 - Discovery of Ornate, 10,000-Year-Old Infant Grave Surprises Archaeologists

12/14/2021 - How Companies Can Stop Letting Tornadoes Kill Their Workers

12/14/2021 - Updates From Batgirl, The Matrix Resurrections, and More

12/14/2021 - What Is Web3 and Why Should You Care?

12/14/2021 - 10 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 15.2

12/14/2021 - Dogecoin Surges 18% After Elon Musk Says the Crypto Will Be Accepted at Tesla

12/14/2021 - China Detects First Case of Omicron as Country Continues Covid-Zero Strategy

12/14/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Is a Pure Cinematic Celebration

12/13/2021 - Gotham Knights Will Be the CW's Next Big DC Superhero Show

12/13/2021 - Kevin Feige Thinks 'Genre Bias' Is What's Holding Marvel Movies Back During Awards Season

12/13/2021 - Biden Signs Executive Order to Make Dealing With U.S. Government Suck Less

12/13/2021 - Police Group Says Biden's FCC Nominee Is Too Dangerous Because, Uh, Encryption

12/13/2021 - The Best Retro Game Consoles

12/13/2021 - Scream's New Poster Tries to Spoil You

12/13/2021 - Huawei Made a Smart Water Bottle That Runs HarmonyOS Because Why Not

12/13/2021 - This Could Be the End for Surveillance Giant NSO Group

12/13/2021 - Apple's Next iPhone SE Could Beat Android at Its Own Game

12/13/2021 - Don't Open Till Christmas Might Be the Sleaziest Holiday Horror Movie Ever

12/13/2021 - Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier Is Close to Becoming Unhinged

12/13/2021 - Apple’s New App Helps Android Users Detect Unwanted AirTag Stalking

12/13/2021 - 11 Thoughtful, Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

12/13/2021 - Marvel's 8 Spider-Man Movies, Ranked

12/13/2021 - 2021 Was the Weirdest Year in Space Ever

12/13/2021 - This 'Breakthrough' in Chipmaking Could Bring Us A Phone With One-Week Battery Life

12/13/2021 - The Best Pop Culture We Caught Up on in 2021

12/13/2021 - DOJ Court Filing Debunks Biden Administration Claim About Mandatory Oil and Gas Leases

12/13/2021 - The Expanse's Holden and Naomi Explain How Love Can Endure Through Extreme Sci-Fi Chaos

12/13/2021 - How to Host Watch Parties and Share Music Using FaceTime's SharePlay Feature

12/13/2021 - Blue Flash in Space Known as 'The Cow' May Have Been a Black Hole Being Born

12/13/2021 - Moonfall's Opening Is Like Gravity Meets The Blob

12/13/2021 - Samsung's Galaxy Note Might Make an Unexpected Comeback

12/13/2021 - How Cybercriminals Are Using Bitcoin's Blockchain to Make Botnets Stronger Than Ever

12/13/2021 - This Tool Can Check Your Phone for Apps Affected by Android's 911 Bug

12/13/2021 - Cobra Kai's Creators on What's Next for the Hit Karate Kid Series

12/13/2021 - The Dangerous Influence Climate Change Has on Tornadoes

12/13/2021 - Miami Mayor Wants to Take Part of His 401k in Magic Beans

12/13/2021 - FAA Says Jeff Bezos Counts as an Astronaut After All

12/13/2021 - The Four Most Critical Components of IT Success

12/13/2021 - Sony Is Finally Launching Its Own PlayStation 5 Covers

12/13/2021 - Saga's Creators Open Up About the Comic's Return, and Prioritizing Their Lives Over Work

12/13/2021 - An iOS Developer Just Created the Effortless Smart Home We All Really Want

12/13/2021 - The Analogue Pocket Was Worth the Wait

12/13/2021 - Updates From The Batman, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and More

12/13/2021 - 40% of New Covid-19 Cases in London Likely the Omicron Variant: Report

12/12/2021 - And Just Like That, Peloton Is Trying to Rewrite That Scene in the Sex and the City Sequel

12/12/2021 - Warehouse Collapse in Edwardsville Is Making Workers Question Amazon’s Purported Phone Ban at Work

12/12/2021 - Missouri Ditches Covid-19 Measures After Court Ruling, Cease-And-Desist from Attorney General

12/12/2021 - Sorry Crypto Stans, the Tweet About India Adopting Bitcoin as Legal Tender Is Fake

12/12/2021 - Halo Infinite Can't Decide If It's a Breakup Game or a Dad Game

12/12/2021 - Desperate for Workers, MGM Resorts Is Trying a New Hiring Tactic: VR

12/12/2021 - My Hero Academia Would Like to Remind You That Deku--and Friendship--is Magic

12/12/2021 - Grant Morrison's as Sick of Tyrant Superman as You Are

12/12/2021 - Gothic Horror Writer Anne Rice Dies at 80

12/11/2021 - Update Now to Fix a Bug That Prevents Android Users With Microsoft Teams From Calling 911

12/11/2021 - Apple Is Rolling Out a Manual Firmware Updater for AirPods

12/11/2021 - Open Channel: What DC Superhero Deserves a Solo Game Next?

12/11/2021 - Idris Elba Ain't Half-Assing Knuckles the Echidna for Sonic 2

12/11/2021 - John Legend Will Help Bring Phantom of the Opera's Modern Adaptation to Life

12/11/2021 - Captain Carter Suits Up for Her Solo Comic in 2022

12/11/2021 - Powerful Tornadoes Leave at Least 70 Dead Across 6 States

12/11/2021 - This Dark Matter Radio Could Tune Into New Physics

12/11/2021 - Better.com CEO Who Fired 900 Employees on Zoom and Behaved Like Trash Is ‘Taking Time Off’

12/10/2021 - Forget About Gold: Study Says Investing in Lego Sets Will Earn You More Money

12/10/2021 - James Cameron Explains Why the Original Aliens Poster Is So Basic

12/10/2021 - The Chumboxes That Helped Alex Jones Stay in Business

12/10/2021 - Mercedes Beats Tesla to Hands-Free Driving

12/10/2021 - New Spider-Man: No Way Home Clip Spotlights Doc Ock Aiming to Kill

12/10/2021 - Minecraft Players Need to Update Immediately as Nasty Zero-Day Threatens Apps Across the Web

12/10/2021 - Far-Right Leaders Are Raking In Millions From Bitcoin, New Study Shows

12/10/2021 - Jeff Bezos’ Space Joyride Emitted a Lifetime’s Worth of Carbon Pollution

12/10/2021 - Microsoft Was Willing to Play Ball With Apple to Bring Xbox Games to iPhones

12/10/2021 - The Week's Best Toys Have Bazookas, Boba, and Brothers Warner

12/10/2021 - Nebraska Becomes the First Red State to Set a Decarbonization Target

12/10/2021 - The Expanse's Shohreh Aghdashloo on What's Different About Avasarala in Season 6

12/10/2021 - Ransomware Jerks Helped Cause the Cream Cheese Shortage

12/10/2021 - Most of Amazon’s Pollution-Spewing Warehouses Are Built In Communities of Color

12/10/2021 - Nail Lodged in Skeleton’s Foot Is First Evidence of Crucifixion in England

12/10/2021 - People Are Spamming Kellogg’s Job Site in Support of Striking Workers

12/10/2021 - Game Awards 2021: All the Coolest Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Announcements

12/10/2021 - 120-Million-Year-Old Footprints Reveal a Scary-Fast Dinosaur

12/10/2021 - Android Games Are Coming to Windows PCs in 2022

12/10/2021 - How to Take Screenshots on a Mac

12/10/2021 - Analogue Pocket Preorders Are Reopening, but the Price Is Going Up

12/10/2021 - The Best Sci-fi, Horror, and Fantasy Trailers of 2021

12/10/2021 - The Expanse Begins Its Final Chapter With Thrills and Ultimatums

12/10/2021 - The Witcher Season 2 Is a Bigger, Better, and Witchier Witcher

12/10/2021 - Apple Hit With Lawsuit Claiming the Apple Watch Is Unsafe

12/10/2021 - BBC's Ghosts Is Returning for a Fourth Series of Haunted Shenanigans

12/10/2021 - $200 NostalgiaCam Is Trying to Make Retro Camcorders Cool Again

12/10/2021 - The Matrix Awakens Is Pushing the Franchise Towards a Possible Reality, In a Good Way

12/10/2021 - How Big Oil Rigs the System to Keep Winning

12/10/2021 - The West Is About to Get Blasted With Snow

12/10/2021 - Newest Matrix Resurrections Clip Answers Part of the Morpheus Question

12/10/2021 - Updates From Black Adam, Thor: Love and Thunder, and More

12/10/2021 - 7 Essentials You Need to Complete Your Twitch Streaming Setup

12/10/2021 - 12 PC Cases That Shouldn't Work but Somehow Do

12/10/2021 - 5 Predictions for the Near Future From Bill Gates

12/10/2021 - Julian Assange Can Be Extradited to U.S. After New UK Court Ruling

12/9/2021 - The First Trailer for the Halo TV Show Is Here to Start the Fight

12/9/2021 - German Court Rules Man Who Broke His Back Walking From Bed to Home Office Had a Workplace Accident

12/9/2021 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2's First Trailer Is Here to Knock the Rings Out of You

12/9/2021 - Sundance 2022 Is Coming, and We Can't Wait to Watch These 19 Genre Movies

12/9/2021 - Facebook's Political Ad Promises Mostly Miss the Mark, Study Shows

12/9/2021 - Eager to Woo Subscribers, Peacock to Stream Universal Movies After 45 Days in Theaters

12/9/2021 - Netflix Bids Sayonara to Cowboy Bebop, Which Has Been Cancelled

12/9/2021 - Best Buy Pulls TCL's Google TVs From Online Store

12/9/2021 - Space Agencies Are Tracking Two Explorers En Route to Antarctica's 'Pole of Inaccessibility'

12/9/2021 - Facebook Takes a First Step Toward Making the Metaverse a Real Thing

12/9/2021 - Pokémon Evolutions' Latest Short Borrowed a Few Notes from Dragon Ball

12/9/2021 - FBI Might Shut Down Its Police Use-of-Force Database Because, Surprise, Cops Aren't Participating

12/9/2021 - 5 Unexpected Things That Seem to Lower Dementia Risk

12/9/2021 - Apparently, Disney Can Post Hawkeye Spoilers, But Not Florence Pugh

12/9/2021 - Mike Flanagan's Edgar Allan Poe Netflix Show Adds Mark Hamill and More [Updated]

12/9/2021 - Matter’s TV Specification Could Mean One Cast to Rule Them All

12/9/2021 - The Coronavirus Can Infect and Possibly Hide in Fat Cells, Study Finds

12/9/2021 - The Characters Who Gave Us Joy in 2021

12/9/2021 - Kickstarter Is Putting Kickstarter on the Blockchain

12/9/2021 - Republicans' New Obsession Is Fighting 'Woke Capitalism'

12/9/2021 - Hackers Could Make Dangerous AI Safer

12/9/2021 - The Expanse's Keon Alexander Reflects on Marco Inaros' Troubling Journey

12/9/2021 - Microsoft Offers Pirates a Discount to Get Them to Use Microsoft 365

12/9/2021 - How a Billionaire Benefited From a Disastrous Oil Spill Caused by Her Company

12/9/2021 - Titan's Cowboy Bebop Comic Captures the Cool Energy Netflix's Show Missed

12/9/2021 - RIP Alexa Internet, We Hardly Knew You

12/9/2021 - Large Eruption From Nearby Star Is a Warning for Earth

12/9/2021 - Oh Thank God, Everyone on Star Trek: Discovery Is Getting Some Therapy

12/9/2021 - Instagram Is Bringing Back the Chronological Feed

12/9/2021 - The Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer Takes Things to Another Level

12/9/2021 - Oppo's First Foldable Phone Looks Set to Rival the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

12/9/2021 - Drop a Magnet on This Map and a Fake Window Provides Live Views From Around the World

12/9/2021 - It's a Girl and Her d20 Vs. Life in Just Roll With It

12/9/2021 - Could Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania Introduce an Iconic Comics Villain?

12/9/2021 - LG's Cordless Vacuum Solves Some Huge Problems for a Ridiculous Price

12/9/2021 - New Zealand to Ban Tobacco Permanently for Anyone Born After 2008

12/9/2021 - U.S. Senate Votes to Block President Biden's Vaccine Mandate in Symbolic Win for Covid-19

12/8/2021 - Star Wars: The Acolyte Has Found Its Star in Amandla Stenberg

12/8/2021 - A New Report on VPNs Shows They're Often a Mixed Bag for Privacy

12/8/2021 - Apple Won't Have to Make App Store Changes Just Yet

12/8/2021 - The Book of Boba Fett's New Trailer Might Have a Hell of an Easter Egg

12/8/2021 - The Last of Us' Bill Will Now Be Played by Nick Offerman

12/8/2021 - DARPA Is Exploring Ways to Wirelessly Charge Drone Swarms

12/8/2021 - Sonos Wants to Be Carbon Neutral by 2030, but No Word On Planned Obsolescence

12/8/2021 - Largest-Ever Flying Animal Jumped 8 Feet Into the Air Before Liftoff

12/8/2021 - After Polluting Their Water for Years, Florida Says It Will Start Feeding Starving Manatees

12/8/2021 - This $700 Mandalorian Helmet Has Been Years in the Making: Was It Worth the Wait?

12/8/2021 - Finland's Prime Minister Very Sorry for Going Clubbing Until 4am After Covid-19 Exposure

12/8/2021 - Don’t Look Up Isn't About Climate Change. It's About Us

12/8/2021 - The Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror io9 Rewatched in 2021

12/8/2021 - CIA Director: Duh, Of Course, the CIA Is Into Cryptocurrency

12/8/2021 - Daredevil Showrunner Steven DeKnight Doesn't Know if the Show's Part of the MCU, Either

12/8/2021 - Ice Age Mammoth and Horse DNA Found in Soil Samples Left in Freezer

12/8/2021 - Hawkeye's Latest Episode Enriched Everything About the Show

12/8/2021 - The First Dragons: The Nine Realms Trailer Is Mysterious as Hell

12/8/2021 - Android 12L Beta Is Here to Fix the Biggest Problems with Android Tablets and Foldable Phones

12/8/2021 - This Massive Planet Shouldn't Exist

12/8/2021 - The Matrix Revolutions Kind of Made Me Less Excited for Resurrections

12/8/2021 - Amazon Illegally Tricking Customers With Ads in Its Search Results, Complaint to FTC Claims

12/8/2021 - Canon's New Sensor Captures Full-Color Images in Near Total Darkness

12/8/2021 - Cities Are Turning Airports Into Solar Farms

12/8/2021 - The Expanse Creators Explain Why Season 6 Is Only 6 Episodes Long

12/8/2021 - Early Data on Omicron: There's Good News and Bad News

12/8/2021 - Roku and YouTube End Their Dumb Feud

12/8/2021 - We're a Step Closer to Geoengineering the Oceans

12/8/2021 - A New Secret About GRRM's Original Game of Thrones Story Has Been Revealed

12/8/2021 - Apple's New iOS Feature Could Warn You of Repair Shop Scams

12/8/2021 - Comics Titan George Pérez Has Announced His Cancer Diagnosis

12/8/2021 - You Can Now Buy the Nintendo Switch OLED's Upgraded Dock All on Its Own

12/8/2021 - Updates From Halloween Ends, The Boys, and More

12/8/2021 - NASA’s Upgraded Impact Monitoring System Could Prevent an Asteroid Apocalypse

12/8/2021 - China Is Using Rockets to Control the Weather

12/8/2021 - Twitter Tests Easier Way to Report Abusive Tweets

12/8/2021 - Guy Who Claims He Invented Bitcoin Loses $100 Million in Court, Calls It a Win

12/8/2021 - Razer’s New MagSafe Cooling Fan Brings RGB to Your iPhone, Because Why Not

12/8/2021 - Instagram Unveils New Features to Show Everyone It Really Cares About Teens’ Mental Health

12/8/2021 - Chinese City Offers $1,500 to Residents Who Report Positive Test for Covid-19

12/7/2021 - 8 Wolves Poisoned in Oregon, Police Ask Public for Tips

12/7/2021 - Tesla Owners Are Playing Video Games While Driving

12/7/2021 - Don't Look Up Turns a Global Catastrophe Into Poignant, Universal Comedy

12/7/2021 - Over 200 Newspapers Are Suing Facebook and Google for Decimating Their Advertising

12/7/2021 - Rohingya Sue Meta for $150 Billion Over Facebook's Alleged Role in Myanmar Genocide

12/7/2021 - Study Finds Link Between Cannabis Use and Poor Sleep

12/7/2021 - Return to Arrakis In Dune The Graphic Novel Part 2

12/7/2021 - Elon Musk Calls for End to Government Subsidies Now That They’ve Made Him Rich

12/7/2021 - Samsung Shakes Up Its Gadget Businesses to Focus on Chips

12/7/2021 - Kiernan Shirpka Explains How in Hell Sabrina's Coming to Riverdale

12/7/2021 - Another Galaxy Weirdly Appears to Have No Dark Matter

12/7/2021 - AWS Outage Takes Down Amazon, Disney+, Venmo, and More

12/7/2021 - 15 Star Wars Characters We'd Love to See Black Series Figures Of

12/7/2021 - Stunning Timelapse Captures Hawaii’s Newly Snow-Covered Peaks

12/7/2021 - Webb Telescope Now Fueled Up as Much-Anticipated Launch Approaches

12/7/2021 - Jamie Foxx Is Just Glad His New Electro Isn't Blue and "Trying So Hard" Anymore

12/7/2021 - Revolutionary Silicon Chip Microspeakers Promise to Make Wireless Earbuds Even Smaller With Better Battery Life

12/7/2021 - The Problem With Earth’s Striking New ‘Black Box’

12/7/2021 - Printed Playable Paper Piano Wirelessly Draws All the Power It Needs From a Smartphone

12/7/2021 - Joe Biden Is Making Donald Trump Look Like an Environmentalist

12/7/2021 - Patty Jenkins' Rogue Squadron Movie Is Back In Play

12/7/2021 - The R2-D2 Tamagotchi Is for Serious Star Wars Fans

12/7/2021 - White House Mocks Idea of Mailing Every American Free Covid-19 Tests

12/7/2021 - MyCryptoWallet Collapses and Leaves Bitcoin Traders Stranded: Report

12/7/2021 - Life360, the Company Buying Tile, Is Purportedly Selling the Location Data of Millions of Families and Kids

12/6/2021 - The Batman's Penguin TV Show Will, Unsurprisingly, Bring Back Colin Farrell

12/6/2021 - Devin Nunes Joins Trump's Shady Tech Venture Just As It's Under Federal Investigation

12/6/2021 - Star Wars Hunters Looks Way More Fascinatingly Weird Than It Should

12/6/2021 - UK Scientists Are Testing a New, Minimally Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

12/6/2021 - James Cameron’s Unmade Spider-Man Movie Would Have Been Spectacularly Generic

12/6/2021 - Sharks ‘Amassing’ on the East Coast Is Totally Normal, Uprising Not Imminent

12/6/2021 - Founder of Massive Robo-Text Service Accused of Running Secret Spying Operation: Report

12/6/2021 - Google's Pixel Watch Just Leaked, and My Anticipation Is Now Dangerously High

12/6/2021 - Cat People's Supernatural Transformations Made Female Desire the Ultimate Transgression

12/6/2021 - Striking NASA Animation Reveals the Dirty Truth About Ocean Plastic

12/6/2021 - The Expanse Season 6 Is Almost Here—Where Did Season 5 Leave Off?

12/6/2021 - Leaked TikTok Doc Reveals Its Obvious Secret to an Addictive Feed

12/6/2021 - Marvel's Shang-Chi 2 Is a Go From Director Destin Daniel Cretton

12/6/2021 - Controversial Assisted Suicide Pod Cleared for Use in Switzerland

12/6/2021 - Doctor Who Brought It All Together... For This?

12/6/2021 - Kevin Feige Says Charlie Cox Is the MCU's Daredevil, But What Does That Mean?

12/6/2021 - 9 Photos of Indonesia’s Apocalyptic Volcanic Eruption

12/6/2021 - Clearview AI's 'Search Engine for Faces' Set to Receive Patent

12/6/2021 - 300 Giant Cockroaches, Tarantulas, and Scorpions Found in Luggage at Colombian Airport

12/6/2021 - The New Matrix Resurrections Trailer Declares War

12/6/2021 - Chinese Rover to Investigate ‘Mysterious Hut’ Spotted on Far Side of Moon

12/6/2021 - The Boys-iverse Expands Yet Again With the Animated Series Diabolical

12/6/2021 - Apple's 2022 Lineup Said to Include Rugged Apple Watch and AR/VR Headset

12/6/2021 - A Message From Your New Editor

12/6/2021 - Explosive-Powered Nutcracker Obliterates Every Festive Snack

12/6/2021 - Updates From Batgirl, The Last of Us, and More

12/6/2021 - Keychron's Q1 Is the Perfect Introduction to Mechanical Keyboard Modding

12/6/2021 - What Will Smartphones Be Like in 10 years?

12/6/2021 - Trump's Shady Tech Company Raises $1 Billion, According to Serial Liar

12/5/2021 - Thousands of Honeybees Stared Down Spain’s Cumbre Vieja Volcano. They Won

12/5/2021 - Spotify Pulls Content of Hundreds of Comedians Fighting to Get Royalties for Their Written Work

12/5/2021 - Doctor Who Wants to Ring In the New Year with Some Daleks

12/5/2021 - Come Talk Your Doctor Who Hopes, Dreams, and Fluxes in the Season Finale Discussion Zone

12/5/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home's Villainous Trinity on Returning to Their Evil Roles

12/5/2021 - Spider-Man and The Rock Join Fortnite, Because Why the Hell Not at This Point

12/5/2021 - Morbius' First Clip Won't Sate Your Desire for Blood

12/4/2021 - Facebook Messenger Is Coming After Your Money

12/4/2021 - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Trailer Offers Up a Multiverse of Magnificence

12/4/2021 - The Animation Guild's Contract Negotiations Get Delayed to 2022

12/4/2021 - Raised by Wolves 2's Trailer is Gorgeous and Just Creepy as Hell, Man

12/4/2021 - There Were Two Pills for Jessica Henwick: The MCU, or Matrix Resurrections?

12/4/2021 - Jon Bernthal Thinks MCU Punisher Can't Be Another Family Friendly Quip Guy

12/4/2021 - Google Scraps Return to Office Plans, but Encourages Staff to Come In to ‘Regain Muscle Memory’

12/3/2021 - Intellect and Romance Over Brute Force and Cynicism

12/3/2021 - Two Disney Legends Are Tackling an Animated DC Movie

12/3/2021 - 9 Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

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12/3/2021 - U.S. Opposes Autonomous Weapons Ban, Cites 'What About China' Argument

12/3/2021 - Huge Jellyfish Is Extremely Rare, Nightmare Fuel

12/3/2021 - Now You Can Store Private Images in a Locked Google Photos Folder on Any Android Phone

12/3/2021 - Someone Is Running Hundreds of Malicious Servers on the Tor Network and Might Be De-Anonymizing Users

12/3/2021 - Most Dog Breeds Are Super Inbred, Study Finds

12/3/2021 - Nvidia Asks Biden Admin to Exempt Graphics Cards from Tariffs, but GPU Problems Run Much Deeper

12/3/2021 - Fascists Are Already Weaponizing Twitter's New 'Private Media' Rule

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12/3/2021 - NSO Group's Spyware May Have Been Used to Target U.S. State Department Officials

12/3/2021 - Sony Is Reportedly Working on a PlayStation Rival to Xbox Game Pass

12/3/2021 - One in 44 U.S. Children Are Being Diagnosed With Autism, CDC Finds

12/3/2021 - Microsoft Relents, Makes It Easier to Switch Your Default Browser in Windows 11

12/3/2021 - The First Edit to Wikipedia Is Being Auctioned as an NFT

12/3/2021 - Two Men Allegedly Stole $20 Million in Music Royalties From YouTube

12/3/2021 - At Least 3 of Spider-Man: No Way Home's New Posters Aren't Entirely Design Nightmares

12/3/2021 - 4 States Just Hit All-Time December Heat Records

12/3/2021 - MrBeast Misses the Point

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12/3/2021 - How to Use Your Own Photos As Apple Watch Faces

12/3/2021 - Chinese Uber Rival DiDi Announces Delisting From NYSE After Pressure From Beijing

12/2/2021 - There’s Now a Browser Extension That Lets You See Dislikes on YouTube Again (For Now)

12/2/2021 - Companies' Printers Are Apparently Getting Spammed by Anti-Work Manifestos

12/2/2021 - Watch Marvel's Simu Liu Geek Out About His Favorite Star Wars Jedi

12/2/2021 - Google Might Actually Be Making a Pixel Watch for Real

12/2/2021 - Star Wars: The High Republic's Grand Work Is Going Up in Flames

12/2/2021 - Station Eleven's New Trailer Reveals a Strangely Uplifting Apocalypse

12/2/2021 - United Flies First Plane With 100% ‘Sustainable Aviation Fuel’

12/2/2021 - Apple's M3 Chips Reportedly Just Took a Big Step Toward Production

12/2/2021 - Instacart's 15-Minute Delivery Plan Is Insidious and Nobody Needs It

12/2/2021 - New Omicron Covid-19 Case in U.S. Linked to Anime NYC Con [Updated]

12/2/2021 - A Man Grew a Tooth in His Nose

12/2/2021 - iPhone 13 Demand Is Reportedly Dropping, Which Is Fine Because There Aren't Enough Anyway

12/2/2021 - Grasping Robotic Drone Can Land on a Branch Like a Freakin’ Bird

12/2/2021 - To Love Animal Crossing, Let Your Neighbors Go

12/2/2021 - 5 Graphs That Show the World Is in the Midst of a Renewable Energy Revolution

12/2/2021 - Paleontologists Hit a Dinosaur Jackpot in Italy

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12/2/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'When Sri Left the Ruined City' by Donyae Coles

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12/2/2021 - This $25,000 Drone-Shaped Bed Guarantees a Life Spent Flying Solo

12/2/2021 - Of Course The Book of Boba Fett Will Explore What Happened to Him After the Sarlacc

12/2/2021 - Ransomware Attack on Planned Parenthood Compromises Data on Over 400,000 Patients

12/2/2021 - Physicists Finally Observe an Exotic State of Matter First Predicted in 1973

12/2/2021 - Seriously, What Is Going On With Microsoft Edge?

12/2/2021 - The Advent Calendar Is Essential Holiday Horror Viewing

12/2/2021 - Zoom's New Attendance Tool Will Snitch on Attendees Who Are Late to a Meeting

12/2/2021 - Crypto CEOs Head to Capitol Hill to Confuse the Hell Out Congress

12/2/2021 - Microsoft Makes Breakthrough in the Quest to Use DNA as Data Storage

12/2/2021 - Could Someone Please Help the Biden Administration Store All This Nuclear Waste?

12/2/2021 - Summer Camp Island Season 5 Is Arriving Just in Time for the Holidays

12/2/2021 - Scientists Made a Map of the Nasty Diseases Ticks Can Give You

12/2/2021 - Salmon Plastic Jizz Mug? Salmon Plastic Jizz Mug

12/2/2021 - Halo Infinite Is Set to Explode Off Your Walls (and Record Player)

12/2/2021 - Texas Anti-Deplatforming Law Blocked by Federal Judge

12/2/2021 - Toys R Us Is Returning Once Again... Again

12/2/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Reminds Us Lights in the Dark Aren't So Hard to Find

12/2/2021 - Updates From Riverdale, The Witcher, and More

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12/2/2021 - Crime Prediction Software Promised to Be Free of Biases. New Data Shows It Perpetuates Them

12/2/2021 - How We Determined Predictive Policing Software Disproportionately Targeted Low-Income, Black, and Latino Neighborhoods

12/2/2021 - How to Decide What Happens to Your Data When You Die

12/2/2021 - DeWalt Wireless Earphones Recalled Because They're Bursting Into Flames

12/1/2021 - Keep Your Holidays Bright With Huge Savings on EcoFlow’s Portable Power Stations

12/1/2021 - Amazon's Appstore Doesn't Work on Android 12 for Some Reason

12/1/2021 - HBO Spent $30 Million on a Game of Thrones Prequel We'll Never See

12/1/2021 - Cobie Smulders Is Invading Marvel's Secret Invasion

12/1/2021 - Qualcomm Is Getting Serious About Gaming

12/1/2021 - Qualcomm's New Laptop Chips Are Here, and They're Not Exactly MacBook Killers

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12/1/2021 - Biden Admin Calls for a New Kind of Global Space Governance

12/1/2021 - The Matrix Reloaded Has Always Been Divisive and It Absolutely Should Be

12/1/2021 - Siberian Cave Yields Oldest Fossils Belonging to Enigmatic Human Species

12/1/2021 - Renfield Recruits Awkwafina to Take on Dracula

12/1/2021 - 37 Percent of the World's Population Has Never Been Online, U.N. Report Finds

12/1/2021 - See Trippy Photos Taken by a Nano Camera

12/1/2021 - There's a New Front in the War on Christmas

12/1/2021 - First Case of Omicron Variant Detected in the U.S.

12/1/2021 - Thousands of AT&T Subscribers Infected With Data-Pilfering Malware, Researchers Say

12/1/2021 - Hawkeye Just Gave Us a Crucial Marvel Origin Story and a Whole Lot of Action

12/1/2021 - Many Severe Covid-19 Survivors Go on to Die Within a Year, Study Finds

12/1/2021 - Saga of Tiny Drill Hole in the ISS Continues as Russia Sends Investigation to Police

12/1/2021 - New York’s Attorney General Demands Amazon Rehire Worker Who Protested the Company's Covid-19 Conditions

12/1/2021 - The PR Firms Doing Big Oil’s Dirty Work

12/1/2021 - Razer Gaming Laptops Will Cost More Next Year, Razer CEO Says

12/1/2021 - Facebook Unblocks Kyle Rittenhouse, Says He Can Open Accounts Now

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