1/31/2021 - A Volunteer-Run Website Helps You Find a Vaccine Appointment in New York City's Online Maze

1/31/2021 - This Hasbro The Mandalorian Short Features the Glorious Non-Canon Return of IG-11

1/31/2021 - Police and Fire Departments in 48 U.S. States Are Reportedly Involved in Amazon’s Ring Program

1/31/2021 - Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence Has Some Incredibly Bad Advice for Staying Inside

1/31/2021 - This Guy Used 3D Printing to Help His 18-Year-Old Blind Pup Get Around Safely

1/31/2021 - Katee Sackhoff Expected Bo-Katan to Be Recast in Live-Action

1/31/2021 - Boyd Holbrook Discusses the Involved Process to Nab His Role on Netflix's The Sandman

1/30/2021 - WhatsApp Is Now Using Its Version of Stories to Convince Users It’s Committed to Their Privacy

1/30/2021 - Google Suspended Federated Chat App Element for Allegedly Hosting Abusive Content

1/30/2021 - This Rare, Working Apple-1 Computer Can Be Yours if You Have $1.5 Million Lying Around

1/30/2021 - Turns Out a Lot of People Streamed Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max

1/30/2021 - Robinhood: So About That Whole GameStonks Thing...

1/30/2021 - Alex Kurtzman Provides Some Fascinating Hints for Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

1/30/2021 - Let's Reminisce About Last Year's Most Memorable Data Breaches

1/30/2021 - The Creators Behind Once Upon a Time are Making a Fairy Tale Anthology

1/30/2021 - Disney Plus's Willow Series Has Found a New Director in Jonathan Entwistle

1/30/2021 - These Hardcore Species Would Stand a Chance in a Nuclear Apocalypse

1/30/2021 - This Is Not a Sci-Fi Movie: This Guy Makes 3D-Printed Hyper-Realistic Masks Using Real Faces

1/30/2021 - Physicists Are Reinventing the Laser

1/30/2021 - A Network of Twitter Bots Reportedly Launched a Smear Campaign on Belgium's Huawei 5G Ban

1/29/2021 - These 3D-Printed Fish Bots Can Swarm and School Like Their Scaly Counterparts

1/29/2021 - Hezbollah-Linked Cyber Unit Has Been Hacking Into Internet Companies for Years

1/29/2021 - 30% of 'SolarWinds' Hacking Victims Did Not Actually Use SolarWinds Software, Feds Say

1/29/2021 - One of the Oldest Star Wars Figures Gets a Modern Update, and More of the Week in Toys

1/29/2021 - Senators Introduce Legislation to Help Domestic Violence Survivors Leave Their Abusers' Cell Phone Plans

1/29/2021 - How Does the GameStop Squeeze End?

1/29/2021 - BlackBerry Execs Cashed Out When Reddit Sent Their Stock Skyrocketing

1/29/2021 - Hyundai Execs Are Reportedly Worried About Working with Apple

1/29/2021 - Happy 25th Anniversary to Star Trek: Voyager's Infamous Lizard Sex Episode, 'Threshold'

1/29/2021 - Netflix Is Testing a Timer Feature to Pause a Title After a Certain Period of Time

1/29/2021 - A Direct Sequel to Cloverfield Is Finally in the Works

1/29/2021 - This Next-Gen Artificial Heart Is Set to Go on Sale This Year

1/29/2021 - So You Thought This Week's WandaVision Got Wild? Just Wait

1/29/2021 - How the Departments of Energy and Transportation Could Revolutionize How We Get Around

1/29/2021 - Star Wars' Alphabet Squadron Tries to Put the Space Debris Back Together in Victory's Price

1/29/2021 - Big Oil's Lies Are Finally Getting the Public Scrutiny They Deserve on Social Media

1/29/2021 - Tell Facebook's Supreme Court What You Think of Trump's Suspension

1/29/2021 - Scientists Learn Even More About Wombats and Their Beautiful Cubed Poop

1/29/2021 - This Plate Is Cleverly Designed to Trick Kids Into Eating More Vegetables

1/29/2021 - All the Wrong Turn Movies, Ranked and Roasted on a Spit

1/29/2021 - A Real 3D-Printed Home Listing Just Popped Up on Zillow for a Cool $300,000

1/29/2021 - U.S. Intelligence Claims China Wants to Steal Your DNA

1/29/2021 - Cats in Evangelion, All Is Right With the World

1/29/2021 - SEC Issues Vague Threats Against Everyone Involved in the GameStop Stock Saga

1/29/2021 - The Second Wave of Covid-19 Vaccines Is Looking Really Promising

1/29/2021 - Klipsch Paired Fantastic Wireless Earbuds with Another Weird Charging Case

1/29/2021 - WandaVision's Menacing Signal Is Finally Cutting Through the Noise

1/29/2021 - Xiaomi Announces a Long-Range Wireless Charger You Probably Won't Be Able to Buy for Years and Years

1/29/2021 - Minecraft Has a New Sustainable City Map to Explore

1/29/2021 - Campaigns & Companions Will Delight RPG Fans Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets

1/29/2021 - Telegram Adds Simple Tool to Bring In Your WhatsApp Data

1/29/2021 - Zack Snyder's Justice League Hits HBO Max This March

1/29/2021 - Central Park's Rare Snowy Owl Visitor Shows Why We Must Conserve Land Everywhere

1/29/2021 - Samsung's Galaxy S21 Is the High-End Android Phone to Buy

1/29/2021 - Titans Has Cast Another Major Batfamily Member

1/29/2021 - Royal Family Documentary Banned by the Queen Resurfaces on YouTube

1/29/2021 - Google Deletes 100,000 Negative Reviews of Robinhood App From Angry Users

1/29/2021 - Facebook Bans Popular Stock Trading Group Amid GameStop Chaos

1/28/2021 - Massachusetts Lawmakers Want Comcast to Stop Grifting Customers Until the Pandemic Is Over

1/28/2021 - Netflix Conjures Up LGBTQ Graphic Novel The Witch Boy as an Animated Movie Musical

1/28/2021 - George Clooney May Play Buck Rogers in Brian K. Vaughan's Series

1/28/2021 - Spotify Could One Day Recommend Songs Based on How Your Voice Sounds

1/28/2021 - Marvel's Darth Vader Comic Is Building on Mustafar's Mystic Rise of Skywalker Shadow

1/28/2021 - GameStonk Goes to the Moon—Wait, No, It's Going to Congress Instead

1/28/2021 - The Emperor's New Groove Didn't Have an [INSERT NOUN HERE] By the Time It Was in Theaters

1/28/2021 - The First Shin Ultraman Movie Footage Is a Modern Blast From the Past

1/28/2021 - Intriguing 'Life' Signal on Venus Was Plain Old Sulphur Dioxide, New Research Suggests

1/28/2021 - Documentary+ Is the Latest Free Service to Enter the Streaming Wars

1/28/2021 - Toothbrushes Might Not Be Covered in Poo After All

1/28/2021 - Snipping Tool Bug is Keeping Windows Insider Users From Copy-Pasting Screenshots

1/28/2021 - Nicolas Cage's Prisoners of the Ghostland Was Only Going to Premiere in One Place

1/28/2021 - Tim, It's Pronounced Facebook

1/28/2021 - Discord Gives WallStreetBets Another Chance and Offers Help

1/28/2021 - Open Channel: Who Do You Want to Be the Next Member of the X-Men, Anyway?

1/28/2021 - Researchers Turned a Living Venus Flytrap Into a Cyborg Robotic Gripper

1/28/2021 - QAnon Congresswoman Also Believes a Space Laser Sparked California's Deadliest Wildfire

1/28/2021 - Ridiculously Tiny Chameleons Discovered in Madagascar

1/28/2021 - Facebook's Oversight Board Issues First Five Rulings for Everyone to Get Mad About

1/28/2021 - Someone Hacked a 17-Year-Old iPod to Stream Spotify

1/28/2021 - UCLA Scientists Successfully 'Jump-Start' the Brains of People in a Coma-Like State

1/28/2021 - Robinhood Sued by Furious GameStop Stockholders

1/28/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in February

1/28/2021 - Climate Change Can't Be an Excuse for More Militarization

1/28/2021 - It Looks Like Facebook Might Be Gearing Up for a Big Antitrust Battle with Apple

1/28/2021 - The Flight Attendant's Take on Mind Palaces Is the Series' Surprising Strength

1/28/2021 - Vivaldi Delivers Two-Level Tab Stacking Feature for Tab Hoarders

1/28/2021 - Human Thumbs Got a Major Upgrade 2 Million Years Ago, Sparking a Cultural Revolution, Study Finds

1/28/2021 - ‘Democratized Finance’ App Robinhood Halts Purchases Of GameStop, AMC, American Airlines

1/28/2021 - This Week's WandaVision Looks Jam-Packed With Marvel Links

1/28/2021 - Utah Lawmakers Want to Make Catfishing Illegal

1/28/2021 - Netflix's Sandman Adaptation Has Found Its Dream, Devil, and Demons

1/28/2021 - See Which Apps Are Using Your Camera, Microphone, and Location

1/28/2021 - How Do Some Dogs Learn Words So Quickly?

1/28/2021 - Home Office Ideas to Make Your Space Actually Livable

1/28/2021 - Updates From Spider-Man 3, The Suicide Squad, and More

1/28/2021 - Virgin Hyperloop Releases Concept Video of Future We Want to Become Reality

1/28/2021 - FDA Warns Hand Sanitizers Imported From Mexico Contain Toxic Unlisted Ingredients

1/27/2021 - Star Wars: The High Republic Show Host Krystina Arielle Is the Fandom's Embattled Future

1/27/2021 - Facebook Once Again Pledges to Depoliticize Facebook

1/27/2021 - Finally, Someone Made a Time Loop Movie for the Teens

1/27/2021 - Finding the Perfect Landing Spot for NASA’s Moon Mission Will Be Tricky

1/27/2021 - Apple Had a Better Holiday Than Literally Anyone Else

1/27/2021 - The Next Game of Thrones Spinoff May Be Animated

1/27/2021 - Discord Bans r/WallStreetBets for Hate Speech Violations

1/27/2021 - U.S. Navy Documents Discuss Creating a 'Spacetime Modification Weapon'

1/27/2021 - Doctors Studied People's Last Moments of Life to Figure Out When Death Begins

1/27/2021 - WandaVision's Emma Caulfield Sees a Lot of Dotties in Modern Fandom

1/27/2021 - Congressional Panel: We Have a 'Moral Imperative' to At Least Consider Building a Terminator

1/27/2021 - Twitter User Hit With Criminal Charges for Memetic Voter Suppression in 2016 Election

1/27/2021 - This Is How Joe Biden Wins the Climate Messaging War

1/27/2021 - Intel Launches Its First Desktop Graphics Cards in More Than 20 Years

1/27/2021 - The Star Wars Games We Want to See Out of Lucasfilm's New Era

1/27/2021 - King Kong Vs. Godzilla Versus Godzilla Vs. Kong

1/27/2021 - 'World's Most Dangerous Malware' Botnet Disrupted by Global Police Sting

1/27/2021 - Alexa Can Now Bark Like a Dog to Scare People Away When You're Not at Home

1/27/2021 - DeskStand Is a Neat Standing Desk Solution That Isn't Heinous

1/27/2021 - A Kong: Skull Island Anime Is Coming to Netflix From the Studio Behind Castlevania

1/27/2021 - Samsung Heir: Sorry I'm in Jail, but Uh, Please Keep Working

1/27/2021 - The Atlantic Ocean Is Getting Wider Thanks to Upwelling Magma

1/27/2021 - Current Status of WallStreetBets's GameStop Run: 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

1/27/2021 - Sling TV Prices Are Going Up Now, Too

1/27/2021 - The Expanse Will Rip Your Heart Out and Make It Feel Good

1/27/2021 - Musk and Bezos Scrap Over Who Gets to Be Space King

1/27/2021 - America's First Composting Funeral Home Is Finally Open

1/27/2021 - Signal Blocked by Iran as Encrypted Messaging App's Popularity Explodes

1/27/2021 - Garmin's Tiny Lily Smartwatch Doesn't Need All This Pandering Women-Centric Branding to Be Good

1/27/2021 - Enjoy These Tiny Peeks at The Suicide Squad, Space Jam 2, and Actual Mortal Kombat Footage

1/27/2021 - The World Has Lost 70% of Its Sharks in 50 Years

1/27/2021 - Genre Movies to Chase Those Cobra Kai Highs

1/27/2021 - Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Dried Meat Hearts and Neon Pink Cheese Slime

1/27/2021 - I Love The New Bose Frames Even If I Look Like an Absolute Jabroni

1/27/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong Merchandise Reveals Kong's Big New Weapon

1/27/2021 - The Fujifilm GFX 100S Is the Company's Most Compact Large Format Camera Yet

1/27/2021 - TiVo Finds People Don't Mind Ads

1/27/2021 - Newark Residents Win Drinking Water Protections in New Settlement

1/27/2021 - I Miss My Walkman and My Secret Cassette Collection

1/27/2021 - China Deploys Anal Swabs for Covid-19 Testing, Says It's More Accurate

1/27/2021 - Update Your iPhone and iPad Right Now

1/26/2021 - It Is a Good Day to Be a Babylon 5-Loving HBO Max Subscriber

1/26/2021 - Firefox 85 Ditches Flash and Boosts Privacy Protections

1/26/2021 - Giant City Briefly Escapes Destruction as Godzilla Vs. Kong Gets Delayed a Week

1/26/2021 - NYC Garbage Canal Reclaims Its Essence

1/26/2021 - The Queen of Black Magic Pays Gruesomely Loving Homage to Its Namesake Classic

1/26/2021 - Reddit’s Anarchic Investors to Hedge Funds: ‘I Hope They Suffer’

1/26/2021 - Lawmakers Are Worried ISPs Can't Deliver on Their Rural Broadband Promises

1/26/2021 - Alberta Inquiry Pays $28,000 for Washed-Up Climate Denial Talking Points Written by a School Teacher

1/26/2021 - Yes, the Anti-Vaxxers Are Coming for the Coronavirus Vaccines

1/26/2021 - Luke Skywalker's Mandalorian Cameo Wasn't Always Part of the Plan

1/26/2021 - Twitter Wants to Be Substack Now

1/26/2021 - On WandaVision, Even a Synthezoid Can Be a Dad™

1/26/2021 - ‘Extinct’ Volcano Mouse Is Actually Doing Fantastic

1/26/2021 - Sweet View From Deep Space Shows Earth, Venus, and Mars in a Single Frame

1/26/2021 - Allegations of Forced Monkey Labor Prompt Target to Pull Coconut Milk

1/26/2021 - Plex's New Atari Retro Arcade Subscription Looks Awesome

1/26/2021 - One Dimensional Pong Is Still Surprisingly Challenging

1/26/2021 - WandaVision's Nazi Watch May Be Important to the Show, But You Don't Need to Buy It

1/26/2021 - North Korean Hackers Successfully Phished Cyber Researchers Using a Fake Blog

1/26/2021 - The Invisible Library Is My Fantasy Novel Comfort Food

1/26/2021 - Joe Biden Is Throwing the Weight of the Government Behind Electric Vehicles

1/26/2021 - Error 404: The Internet Broke

1/26/2021 - Axiom Space Now Has a Crew for the First Commercial Mission to the ISS

1/26/2021 - California’s Fire Season From Hell Followed by Rainy Season From Hell

1/26/2021 - The Alpha 1 Is Sony's New $6,500 Mirrorless Monster

1/26/2021 - Mary Chieffo Talks Returning to Her Klingon Roots for Star Trek Online

1/26/2021 - The U.S. Still Has a Big STI Problem

1/26/2021 - This Camera Lens Filter With a Reflective Mirror Finish Should Make Selfies Easier

1/26/2021 - Marvel Wants You to Choose the Next (Third-String) Member of the X-Men!

1/26/2021 - Elon Musk Tweet Sends Etsy Stock on a Roller Coaster Ride

1/26/2021 - Raya and the Last Dragon's New Trailer Is Simply Outstanding

1/26/2021 - The Sony Xperia Pro Might Have Just Enough Tricks to Justify its $2,500 Price Tag

1/26/2021 - Could One More Ghostbusters Icon Be Joining Afterlife?

1/26/2021 - I Fell in Love With the Asus ROG Flow X13, and Then It Broke My Heart

1/26/2021 - AMD's Latest Mobile CPU Is Really Freaking Fast

1/26/2021 - How Apple's Spatial Audio Works—and How It's Different From True Surround Sound

1/26/2021 - Lego Vidiyo Lets Kids Direct and Shoot Their Own Music Videos Using Their Brick-Building Skills

1/26/2021 - MyPillow CEO Banned From Twitter For Claiming Trump Won 2020 Election

1/26/2021 - Wacom's Cheapest Tablet Now Supports Chromebooks for Aspiring Artists on a Budget

1/25/2021 - Read the Script for Pixar's Soul Like You're Some Hollywood Big Shot or Something

1/25/2021 - Alexa Can Now Proactively Act on Hunches on Its Own

1/25/2021 - Disney's Jungle Cruise Ride Is Being Updated, But Not Because of the Movie

1/25/2021 - Twitter Launches 'Birdwatch,' a Community to Help Moderate Misinformation

1/25/2021 - Lovecraft Country's Misha Green Will Write and Direct the Next Tomb Raider

1/25/2021 - A Telegram Bot Is Selling Stolen Facebook User Info for $20 a Pop

1/25/2021 - Hulu's Time Loop Comedy Palm Springs Gets a Commentary Track, Let the Age of Streaming Extras Begin

1/25/2021 - A Methane Sea on Saturn’s Moon Titan Could Be Over 1,000 Feet Deep

1/25/2021 - How California Can Phase Out Selling Fossil Fuel-Powered Cars by 2035

1/25/2021 - Gray Whales Off Baja California Are Dying En Masse, and Scientists Don't Know Why

1/25/2021 - In Praise of The Expanse's Camina Drummer

1/25/2021 - 3D Print Your Own Pouting Bernie

1/25/2021 - New Guy to Assure Nation Old President Is Very, Very Healthy

1/25/2021 - Snowpiecer's Second Season Welcomes in a New, if Unsurprising Tyranny

1/25/2021 - Google Continues to Promise Its Bid to End Cookies Isn't an Enormous Power Grab

1/25/2021 - Scientists Have Discovered a New Case of Rogue Pollution

1/25/2021 - These Are the First Nerf Blasters That Can Actually Shoot Around Corners

1/25/2021 - This Giant Ice Cube Represents How Much Ice We're Losing Every Year

1/25/2021 - AMC Lives to See Another Day

1/25/2021 - Rumor Has It the Next Samsung, Apple Smartwatches Might Monitor Blood Glucose

1/25/2021 - That New Dragonlance Trilogy From the Series' Classic Authors Is Coming After All

1/25/2021 - Steering a Balloon With Sound Waves Could Be the Secret to Touching Objects in VR

1/25/2021 - Enigmatic Star System Has 5 Planets Locked in Perfect Harmony

1/25/2021 - Study Finds It Could Take Humanity a Decade to Recover from Pandemic Costs, Except for Billionaires, Who Are Doing Great

1/25/2021 - Watch Live: SpaceX Attempts Second High-Altitude Launch of a Starship Prototype

1/25/2021 - Good Grief, Apple TV+'s New Snoopy Show Looks Adorable

1/25/2021 - This Screen Protector Hides an Image You Can Only See When the Phone Turns Off

1/25/2021 - Moderna Says Its Vaccine Should Work Against UK and South Africa Coronavirus Variants

1/25/2021 - Report: Harry Potter Spinoff Series Being Considered for HBO Max

1/25/2021 - Scientists Found the Oldest Known Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone

1/25/2021 - Marvel's Heroes Reborn Event Promises a Blade-First Blast From the Relatively Recent Past

1/25/2021 - Rudy Sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 Billion

1/25/2021 - The Witcher Prequel Blood Origin Taps Jodie Turner-Smith to Star

1/25/2021 - Apple Adds Time to Walk Feature to Fitness+

1/25/2021 - Kate Mulgrew Teases Her Star Trek Future

1/25/2021 - HDMI 2.1 Features on New TVs Are Still a Confusing Mess

1/25/2021 - Which Sounds Are the Most Annoying to Humans?

1/24/2021 - Hacker Group Reportedly Leaks Sensitive Data of 2.28 Million People Registered on Dating Site MeetMindful

1/24/2021 - Tesla Sues Ex-Staffer for Allegedly Stealing Proprietary Software Code

1/24/2021 - Michael Dorn's Idea for a Worf-Centric Star Trek Series Sound Pretty Cool

1/24/2021 - Apple: If You Have a Medical Device, Keep It a 'Safe Distance' Away from the iPhone 12 and MagSafe Accessories

1/24/2021 - FBI Says Far-Right Militia Used Facebook Messenger to Coordinate Attack on Capitol Building

1/24/2021 - Russell T. Davies Wants to See Doctor Who Get More Ambitious

1/24/2021 - This Lengthy Video Essay Is a Fascinating Exploration of Haunting of Bly Manor

1/24/2021 - This Is Alex, the First Antarctic Penguin Born in Mexico

1/24/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong's Epic First Trailer Launches a Clash of Titans

1/24/2021 - Developing Algorithms That Might One Day Be Used Against You

1/23/2021 - Microsoft Admits It Messed Up and Axes Xbox Live Gold Price Hike

1/23/2021 - Netflix Is Here With an Important Reminder that Children's Movies Are Terrifying

1/23/2021 - Facebook Says a ‘Configuration Change’ Is the Reason a Ton of Users Were Logged Out on Friday

1/23/2021 - Paramount Has Optioned Tom Wheeler's Latest, a Kid's Series That's Men in Black Meets Willy Wonka

1/23/2021 - A Tip From Christopher Nolan Made Donnie Darko Way Easier to Follow

1/23/2021 - Pixar's Soul Was a Massive Streaming Hit Over the Holidays

1/23/2021 - Astronomers Have Spotted a Weirdo 'Jupiter' With a Four-Day Year

1/22/2021 - Angry Reddit 'Mob' and Shortsellers Clash Over Gamestop's Ridiculous Stock Market Jump

1/22/2021 - CenturyLink, Frontier Failed to Meet FCC Deadline for Rural Broadband Rollout

1/22/2021 - FTC Fines Ticket Brokers $3.7 Million in Scalping Settlement

1/22/2021 - Microsoft Landed a Patent to Turn You Into a Chatbot

1/22/2021 - The 5 Facebook Messenger Features You Need to Know

1/22/2021 - Robert Kirkman's Invincible Debuts March 26 and Here's an Inspiring First Clip

1/22/2021 - Amazon: If Workers Want a Union So Bad, They Can Attend a Superspreader Event

1/22/2021 - The Ban Is Working

1/22/2021 - A Third of American Rivers Have Changed Color Since 1984

1/22/2021 - France Passes Law Protecting the 'Sensory Identity' of the Countryside

1/22/2021 - Science Alone Won't Save Us

1/22/2021 - Dark Forces Rising, and More of the Coolest Toys of the Week

1/22/2021 - Russian Government Claims TikTok Deleted Young People’s Protest Prep Videos at Its Behest

1/22/2021 - A Home Security Worker Hacked Into Surveillance Systems to Watch People Have Sex

1/22/2021 - Scientists Now Worried the UK Coronavirus Variant Is Deadlier

1/22/2021 - The Exorcist II Is a Masterclass in All the Ways a Horror Sequel Can Fly Off the Rails

1/22/2021 - What Happens to Big Oil This Year Will Define the Next Decade

1/22/2021 - This $440,000 Watch Has a Unique Complication and Looks Cool, Also Costs $440,000

1/22/2021 - Every Friday, the Local Dragons Gathered for Social Hour

1/22/2021 - Ammonia May Lurk in the Ice of Saturn’s Moons, a Clue to Possible Oceans

1/22/2021 - Nobody Wants Oklahoma's Proposed Bigfoot Hunting Season

1/22/2021 - A Primer on the Villain of Cobra Kai Season 4: Terry Silver

1/22/2021 - Company That Listed 'Camp Auschwitz' Shirts Has User Records Leaked by Prolific Hacker Group

1/22/2021 - The Winter Covid-19 Peak Is Finally Starting to Slope Downward

1/22/2021 - Apple Reportedly Looking to Revive MagSafe Charging in a New MacBook Air Too

1/22/2021 - What Superhero Movies Need to Remember While Embracing Multiversal Madness

1/22/2021 - Nintendo's Joy-Con Drift Problem Just Won't Go Away

1/22/2021 - Some Truly Disruptive Suggestions for Elon Musk's $100 Million Carbon Sequestration Prize

1/22/2021 - RIP Mira Furlan, the Heart of Babylon 5

1/22/2021 - The World's Fastest RC Plane Hit 548 MPH Without a Motor

1/22/2021 - A New Look at Ghostbusters: Afterlife Comes in the Form of a Very Weird Ghost

1/22/2021 - Here's What Biden Should Prioritize at NASA

1/22/2021 - Epson's EF12 Portable Laser Projector Is a Mighty but Pricey On-the-Go Streaming Box

1/22/2021 - Google Threatens to Block Searches in Australia But Prime Minister Says 'We Don't Respond to Threats'

1/22/2021 - WandaVision Is Serving Up Mayhem…for the Children

1/21/2021 - Amazon Doesn't Have to Restore Parler's Web Service, Judge Rules

1/21/2021 - The 2021 Movie Calendar Has Already Begun to Crumble [Updated]

1/21/2021 - Instacart to Cut All Unionized Workers Amid Widescale Layoffs

1/21/2021 - Report: 70% of Americans Now Have Access to Low-Priced Wired Broadband Plans

1/21/2021 - House Oversight Committee Asks FBI to Investigate Parler

1/21/2021 - Cult Horror Classic Let's Scare Jessica to Death Is Still as Bizarre as Its Title

1/21/2021 - The First Big Trailer for Superman & Lois Is Not the Tone You Were Expecting

1/21/2021 - Raspberry Pi Introduces a New $4 Board, and Its Own Silicon

1/21/2021 - WandaVision's Kathryn Hahn Says Gossip and Secrets Are a Part of Agnes

1/21/2021 - Please, Please Don't Put Hand Sanitizer in Your Eyes

1/21/2021 - Pebble Founder Says His New App Brings iMessage to Android With a Little 'Trickery'

1/21/2021 - This Startup Wants Vertical Farmers to Hire a Robot Gardener

1/21/2021 - Alan Tudyk Says K-2SO Won't Be Part of Andor...Yet

1/21/2021 - HBO's Next Game of Thrones Spinoff Is George R.R. Martin's Dunk & Egg Adventures

1/21/2021 - The Fate of Trump’s Facebook Account to be Decided by Facebook’s Supreme Court

1/21/2021 - Google's Finally Giving the Little Guys a Cut

1/21/2021 - Twitter Suspends Chinese Embassy for Smearing Uighur Women as 'Baby-Making Machines'

1/21/2021 - OnePlus Joins Forces with Oppo and Realme for Research and Development

1/21/2021 - The U.S. Approves Permit for the 'Proving Ground for the Future of Wave Energy'

1/21/2021 - Otter Will Now Mercifully Transcribe Your Google Meet Calls

1/21/2021 - The Walking Dead Extended Season 10 Trailer Sets Up a Quest for Revenge

1/21/2021 - Intel and Nvidia Are Probably Not Colluding to Keep AMD Out of Gaming Laptops

1/21/2021 - Historic NASA Launch Platform Will Be Demolished

1/21/2021 - Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Next Big Animated Movie Just Jumped Ship to Netflix

1/21/2021 - Turn Your Apple TV Into a Nintendo-ish Console That Can't Actually Play Any Nintendo Games

1/21/2021 - The Mystery of the 'Sean Parker'-Backed Trump Pardon Just Gets Weirder

1/21/2021 - Personalized Skin Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in New Trial Results

1/21/2021 - Apple Reportedly Making a VR Headset Few Will Actually Buy

1/21/2021 - Your Guide to 2021's Biggest TV, Part 3

1/21/2021 - Researchers Say They've Found the Ancient Dens of Giant Carnivorous Worms

1/21/2021 - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review: The Most Maxed Out Phone for the Money

1/21/2021 - A 10-Billion-Pixel Scan of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ Captures More Detail Than Your Eyes Ever Could

1/21/2021 - DC's Future State Turns Aqualad Into a New Kind of Hero in This Exclusive Preview

1/21/2021 - Ted Cruz Suddenly Pretends to Care About Pittsburgh

1/21/2021 - Updates From Halloween Kills, Thor: Love and Thunder, and More

1/21/2021 - All the Types of TV Tech You Can Choose From in 2021

1/21/2021 - Biden Pick for Treasury Dept Role Worked as Advisor to Controversial Crypto Company Ripple

1/21/2021 - Trump Presidential Library Launches Online But Won't Take FOIA Requests Until 2026

1/20/2021 - Mysterious 'Jetpack Guy' Could Actually Be This Weird Mannequin Drone

1/20/2021 - Jack Ma Re-Emerges From Wherever He Was for the Last Few Months

1/20/2021 - Screw It, Trump Is Banned From Twitch Too

1/20/2021 - Common Back Pain Treatment Doesn't Actually Work, Study Finds

1/20/2021 - An Astronaut Has an Unwelcome and Possibly Undead Visitor in the Eerie Sci-Fi Short Decommissioned

1/20/2021 - Joe Biden Is Putting the U.S. Back in the Paris Agreement. Here's What Comes Next.

1/20/2021 - Open Channel: Celebrate David Lynch's Birthday With Some of His Best Works

1/20/2021 - Here's How QAnon Reacted as They Realized 'The Storm' Isn't Happening

1/20/2021 - White House Website Finally Supports Dark Mode

1/20/2021 - NASA Considers Second ‘Hotfire’ Test of Megarocket After Unexpected Shutdown

1/20/2021 - The Mandalorian (and Baby Yoda) Spotted Ripping in Los Angeles

1/20/2021 - Building a Working Full-Size Pinball Machine Out of K'Nex Might Be the Best Pandemic Project Yet

1/20/2021 - What Does Mars Sound Like? The Perseverance Rover Is Going to Find Out

1/20/2021 - Stopping Keystone XL Has to Be Just the Start

1/20/2021 - Shadow in the Cloud Is...Something

1/20/2021 - DHS Sued Over Its Social Media Surveillance Tactics

1/20/2021 - Charter Waves the White Flag on Data Caps as Trump Leaves the Building

1/20/2021 - Cats Love Catnip Because It Protects Them From Mosquitoes, New Research Suggests

1/20/2021 - Nvidia Shield Update Brings Support for PS5 and New Xbox Controllers

1/20/2021 - Scientists Want Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Dead

1/20/2021 - The Expanse Just Pushed Everyone to the Limit and Things Are About to Explode

1/20/2021 - This Could Be the End for LG Phones

1/20/2021 - Meth-Related Deaths in America Are Skyrocketing

1/20/2021 - This Is Not Fiction

1/20/2021 - I Miss the Game Boy Camera, My First Digital Camera

1/20/2021 - Your Guide to 2021's Biggest TV, Part 2

1/20/2021 - Scientists Have Finally Made Quieter Velcro

1/20/2021 - Eufy RoboVac G30 Hybrid Vacuums and Mops, But Leaves Little Treats for Your Feet to Find

1/20/2021 - Could a Batman: The Animated Series Continuation Be in the Works at Warner Bros?

1/20/2021 - Trump's Extremist Fansite 'The Donald' Is Going Through Some Shit

1/20/2021 - How to Take Your Messages With You When Leaving Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp

1/20/2021 - Trump Pardons Ex-Google Engineer Convicted of Stealing Trade Secrets

1/20/2021 - How to Watch Joe Biden's Inauguration on YouTube, Facebook, and More

1/19/2021 - Here's What Google Didn't Say in Its Promises About Our Privacy

1/19/2021 - Elon Musk's "Not A Flamethrower" Was a Indeed Flamethrower, Say Cops

1/19/2021 - Brave Web Browser Will Become the First To Offer Peer-To-Peer Networking Protocol

1/19/2021 - A Chapter of the Oath Keepers Militia Group Is Raising Money Through Amazon Smile [UPDATE]

1/19/2021 - A New SolarWinds Malware Strain Is Discovered

1/19/2021 - Asus's Next Gamer Phone May Be Doing Dual Screens in a Delightfully Ridiculous Way

1/19/2021 - Can You Beat My Donald Trump Goodbye Tweet?

1/19/2021 - Pixar Popcorn Serves Up Bite-Sized Adventures With Fan-Favorite Characters

1/19/2021 - Netflix Is Finally Adding a Streaming Roulette Feature as It Clinches 200 Million Subscriptions

1/19/2021 - Watch Tom Holland Thwip Around Disneyland's New Spider-Man Ride

1/19/2021 - These Butterflies Use Their Putrid Genitalia to Keep Rivals Away From Mates

1/19/2021 - The Biggest Thing Missing From Joe Biden's Climate Plan: Plastic

1/19/2021 - What Scientists Wish They Knew a Year Ago About the Covid-19 Pandemic

1/19/2021 - The Dark Web's Largest Forum for Stolen Credit Card Data Is Shutting Down

1/19/2021 - That Willy Wonka Prequel You Didn't Ask for Is Still Happening

1/19/2021 - Facebook Promised to Stop Promoting Political Groups, You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next

1/19/2021 - This New Windows 10 Bug Could Brick Your PC

1/19/2021 - Your Guide to 2021's Biggest TV, Part 1

1/19/2021 - A Fitness Tracker Shouldn't Make You Feel Like Trash

1/19/2021 - Titans Has Found Its Batgirl

1/19/2021 - Florida Whistleblower Rebekah Jones Turns Herself In 'to Protect Her Family' From Local Police

1/19/2021 - South African Coronavirus Variant May Dodge Existing Immunity in Some People

1/19/2021 - My Little Ponies Will Join the Transformers on Cybertron for a New Comic Adventure

1/19/2021 - MyPillow Guy Spectacularly Owns Self Amid Dominion Lawsuit Threat

1/19/2021 - Bizarre ‘Cotton-Candy' Planet Is Changing Our Sense of What’s Possible

1/19/2021 - Someone Made a Real-Life Rocket League Car That Jumps and Spins in the Air

1/19/2021 - Interactive Timeline of Parler Videos Takes You Through the Capitol Riot

1/19/2021 - At Long Last, Paleontologists Scrutinize a Dinosaur Cloaca

1/19/2021 - The Internet's Carbon Footprint Issue Isn't Tied to Individuals

1/19/2021 - Paramount+ Will Officially Launch March 4

1/19/2021 - Netflix's Korean Sci-Fi Film Space Sweepers Amps Up the Stakes and the Action in a New Trailer

1/19/2021 - Apple Quietly Extends Repair Program for 2016 13-inch MacBook Pros With Faulty Screens

1/19/2021 - The Original Muppet Show Is Coming to Disney+ in All Its Glory

1/19/2021 - The Radical Possibility of Deb Haaland at the Department of Interior

1/19/2021 - Samsung Wins the Wireless Earbuds War with Retro Clamshell Cellphone Charging Cases

1/19/2021 - Updates From Marvel's Eternals, DC's Peacemaker, and More

1/19/2021 - All the Ways You Can Make Use of Your Old PS4 or Xbox One

1/19/2021 - Steve Jobs Statue Proposed For Trump's 'Garden of American Heroes'

1/19/2021 - L.A. Suspends Air Quality Rules to Cremate Backlog of Covid-19 Victims

1/18/2021 - Virgin’s LauncherOne Rocket Reaches Orbit for the First Time and Drops Off NASA Satellites

1/18/2021 - Telegram Says It Shut Down "Hundreds Of Public Calls To Violence" From US Channels Last Week

1/18/2021 - Creatures of the Night Fight to Survive in John Carpenter Homage Goodnight, Halloween

1/18/2021 - Did One of Those Capitol Idiots Really Just Try to Sell Pelosi's Laptop to Russian Spies?

1/18/2021 - Elizabeth Olsen's Love of Star Wars Inspired Her Shift From Indies to Blockbusters

1/18/2021 - This Genius Bot Turns Reddit Drama Into Face-Offs From Ace Attorney

1/18/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong Gives Us a First-Look Tease of the Brawl We've Been Waiting For

1/18/2021 - Johnny Mnemonic's Cyber-Dolphin Is Still the Apex of Cyberpunk

1/18/2021 - Vizio's OLED Is the Perfect TV if You Want Quality on a Budget

1/18/2021 - 10 Marvel Duos We'd Love to See Get the WandaVision Treatment

1/18/2021 - Biden May Yank Keystone XL Pipeline Permit as Soon as His First Day in Office

1/18/2021 - The New Batwoman Punches a Man's Face Off in Her Debut and It's Incredible

1/18/2021 - A Prime Suspect for Dark Matter Might Be Escaping From Neutron Stars

1/18/2021 - New Spider-Man 3 Set Pictures Tease a Mysterio Conspiracy

1/18/2021 - This Is Still One of the Best Gaming Monitors You Can Buy

1/18/2021 - How to Choose the Best Fitness App Subscription

1/18/2021 - How Does It Feel to Get Ketamine Therapy?

1/17/2021 - These Monkeys Understand Economics and Intentionally Steal High-Ticket Items to Barter for Better Food, Study Finds

1/17/2021 - Parler's Back from the Dead With a Domain Registered to Epik, Home to Gab and Daily Stormer

1/17/2021 - This Ginormous Dust Storm in Colorado Could Be Seen From Space

1/17/2021 - GitHub Says Staff Is Free to Express Concerns About Nazis, Offers to Rehire Jewish Employee After Controversial Firing

1/17/2021 - Ethan Hawke Is Going to Be Playing the Villain In Disney's Moon Knight Series

1/16/2021 - Facebook Will Pause Ads Promoting Weapons Accessories and Protective Equipment Until After Biden’s Inauguration

1/16/2021 - Unlike Airbnb, Vrbo Reportedly Won't Cancel D.C. Bookings During Inauguration Week

1/16/2021 - This Resident Alien Promo Is Just Alan Tudyk Riffing on How Weird Food Is

1/16/2021 - Bumble Reactivates Political Filter That Women Used to Catfish and Report Capitol Rioters

1/16/2021 - Amazon Wants Other Companies to Make Their Own Voice Assistants, Using Alexa’s Tech, Of Course

1/16/2021 - Ursula K. Le Guin Is Getting the Greatest of Tributes: A Stamp

1/16/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong Is Hitting Streaming a Bit Earlier Than Expected

1/16/2021 - HBO Has Tapped a Russian Indie Director for The Last of Us's Pilot

1/16/2021 - FAA Authorizes First Commercial Smart Drone Flights

1/15/2021 - Facebook Bans Creation of New Events Near Federal and State Houses Leading Up to Inauguration

1/15/2021 - The New Green Lantern Comic Brings Young Justice and Far Sector's Finest Together

1/15/2021 - The iPhone 13 Might Sport an In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor, Which Sure Would Be Useful Right Now

1/15/2021 - Trump Administration Clears Way for Mining Company to Take Over Sacred Indigenous Land

1/15/2021 - Iranian Spying Campaign Sent Holiday Greetings Riddled with Malware

1/15/2021 - Amazon Warehouse Employees in Alabama Will Vote to Unionize

1/15/2021 - Apple Reportedly Planning to Redesign the iMac at Long Last

1/15/2021 - Report: Google About to Face Its Third State Antitrust Suit, This Time Over Play Store

1/15/2021 - A Dungeons & Dragons TV Series in Development From the Creator of John Wick

1/15/2021 - Apple Is Reportedly Cracking Down on App Sideloading on M1 Macs

1/15/2021 - After Failing to Tweet Through It, WhatsApp Delays Privacy Policy Updates

1/15/2021 - Gaze Into Pac-Man's Yearning Maw in The Best Toys of the Week

1/15/2021 - The Stand-Out Laptops of CES 2021

1/15/2021 - Nic Cage's Latest B-Movie Extravaganza Pits Him Against Demonic Animatronics

1/15/2021 - The Sex Toy Industry Fought for Normalcy at the All Digital CES 2021

1/15/2021 - Drowned Out by Noise, These Horny Frogs Wave Their Arms and Legs to Get Noticed

1/15/2021 - WandaVision's Teyonah Parris Promises More of Monica Rambeau's Backstory

1/15/2021 - Apple, the Company That Basically Invented Podcasts, Has Reportedly Decided to Give This Whole Podcast Thing a Try

1/15/2021 - Covid-19 Vaccine Stockpile Already Empty When States Were Promised New Shipments

1/15/2021 - Leaked Parler Data Points to Users at Police Stations, U.S. Military Bases

1/15/2021 - A Teen Made $3 Million in Five Weeks on Snapchat, and How's Your Life Going?

1/15/2021 - For All Mankind Season 2 Trailer Brings War to the Stars

1/15/2021 - This Was WhatsApp's Plan All Along

1/15/2021 - You Can't Block Climate Action And Say You Support Democracy

1/15/2021 - Mortal Kombat's Fascination With Blood Wants to Go Beyond Gory Fatalities

1/15/2021 - New Intel CEO Talks a Little Trash About Apple While Trying to Reverse Company's Woes

1/15/2021 - The Best Gadgets of CES 2021, and the Weirdest Ones Too

1/15/2021 - The World's Blackest Paint and Sparkles Make a Car Look Like the Night Sky

1/15/2021 - Darkened SpaceX Satellites Can Still Disrupt Astronomy, New Research Suggests

1/15/2021 - Firefly Is Still Great, But It's Not Quite What I Remembered

1/15/2021 - Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Samsung's Real Answer to the AirPods Pro

1/15/2021 - WandaVision's Behind the Scenes Video Teases What's to Come (and That Gorgeous Retro Kitchen)

1/15/2021 - A Startup Demonstrated a Wirelessly Powered TV at CES 2021 and I Want to Believe

1/15/2021 - Rare Wolverine Spotted in Yellowstone for the First Time in Years

1/15/2021 - MagSafe Might Be Coming Back to MacBook Pros and the Touch Bar Might Be Going Bye Bye

1/15/2021 - The CW's Batwoman/Superman & Lois Crossover Scrapped Over Coronavirus Concerns

1/15/2021 - It's Hard to Be Excited About New Laptops and GPUs When Supply is Scarce

1/15/2021 - WandaVision Opened With a Stylishly Old-Fashioned Web of Lies and Intrigue

1/15/2021 - Pro-Trump Extremists Got $520,000 in Bitcoin a Month Before Capitol Coup Attempt: Report

1/15/2021 - Twitter Refuses to Engage in the Peaceful Transfer of Posting

1/14/2021 - NYPD Announces How It Plans to Spy On You This Year

1/14/2021 - Parler's Suit Trying to Force Amazon to Host It Again Does Not Appear to Be Going Well

1/14/2021 - Consumer Groups Ask FTC to Investigate Amazon Prime's Headache-Inducing Cancellation Process

1/14/2021 - Disney Is Doing the Weird Hybrid Movie Release Thing Now, Too

1/14/2021 - Disneyland Ending Its Annual Passport Program Makes So Much Sense

1/14/2021 - These Are the Wearables That Stood Out at CES 2021

1/14/2021 - After Two Years of Frustration, NASA Finally Nixes Its Martian Mole

1/14/2021 - This Black Hole Is Really Taking Its Time Eating a Poor Star

1/14/2021 - Disney's Squirrel Superhero Movie Is Here...No, Not That One

1/14/2021 - Donald Trump Confronts the Scourge of Efficient Hot Water Heaters and Furnaces

1/14/2021 - Jack Kirby’s Son to Insurrectionists: Your Nazi-Ass Captain America Merch Sucks

1/14/2021 - Ring's Neighbors App Had Flaw That Revealed Users' Home Addresses

1/14/2021 - This Complicated Nintendo Hack Makes You Ride an Exercise Bike to Win at Mario Kart

1/14/2021 - Mayoral Hopeful Andrew Yang: New York Needs Hype Houses

1/14/2021 - A Racing Pigeon Traveled From the U.S. to Australia—So Now It Must Die [Updated: Joe Gets to Live]

1/14/2021 - Intel Just Quietly Launched Its New Phantom Canyon NUC 11 Lineup

1/14/2021 - Oh My God, I Think I Finally Hate He-Man

1/14/2021 - Nendo Has Made a Soccer Ball You Never Need to Inflate

1/14/2021 - All the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Films to Look Forward to in 2021...Hopefully

1/14/2021 - New Research Offers Rare Hope for Treating Methamphetamine Use Disorder

1/14/2021 - I Adore the Coffee Cup-Sized 'Latte' Projector

1/14/2021 - This New Philips Hue Gadget Makes Your Existing Dumb Wall Switches Smart

1/14/2021 - Google's Hitting Pause on Political Ads—At Least for Now

1/14/2021 - Oculus Will Soon Support Multi-User Accounts, but Sharing a VR Headset Sounds Disgusting

1/14/2021 - It's Done—the Google-Fitbit Deal Is Complete

1/14/2021 - Peloton Finally Launched Its Long-Awaited Workout Playlist Feature

1/14/2021 - All the Best New TVs Announced at CES 2021

1/14/2021 - Report: Chris Evans’ Captain America to Return in Future Marvel Project [Updated]

1/14/2021 - WandaVision Is a Nostalgic Escape From This Chaotic Reality Into Another

1/14/2021 - Here's Everything Samsung Announced at 2021 Galaxy Unpacked

1/14/2021 - Electric Eels Seen Hunting in Groups for the First Time

1/14/2021 - 23 Weeks of Star Trek Reminded Me of the Simple Pleasure in a Job Well Done

1/14/2021 - Striking Satellite Images Show Mount Fuji's Sad Snowcap

1/14/2021 - Watch Live: Blue Origin Launches ‘Mannequin Skywalker’ to Suborbital Space

1/14/2021 - The Galaxy S21 Is the Biggest Facelift for Samsung's Galaxy Line Since the S8

1/14/2021 - Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro Promise Smarter, Better ANC, Without the Bean Shape

1/14/2021 - Mountain Dew, Of All Things, May Have Just Given Us Our First Look at The Batman's Riddler

1/14/2021 - The Best Apps to Distract Your Brain from the Nightmare That Is 2021

1/14/2021 - UN Warns World Is Failing to Prepare for Climate Change—But We Can Fix That

1/14/2021 - Twitter CEO on Banning Trump: Online Speech Can Cause Harm Offline

1/13/2021 - Crypto Exchange Owner Gets 10 Years for Turning Fake Car Auctions Into Cryptocurrency

1/13/2021 - Insurrectionists Reportedly Used Walkie-Talkie App Zello To Storm the Capitol

1/13/2021 - Snapchat Will Soon Permanently Ban Trump's Account

1/13/2021 - Ray Fisher Responds to Cyborg Being Removed From The Flash [Updated]

1/13/2021 - Being a MAGA Asshole On a Plane Could Soon Net You a $35,000 Fine

1/13/2021 - A New Stanford Study Uses Facial Recognition to Figure Out If You're Liberal or Conservative

1/13/2021 - It's Time to Step Up Your Glasses Game

1/13/2021 - Twitter Suspends Patrick Byrne, Trump's MVP Kook

1/13/2021 - Yearly Report on 'Industrialized Disinformation' Finds It's Getting Way Worse, In Case You Haven't Noticed

1/13/2021 - Fender's Tiny Personal Amp Could Recreate Classic Tones

1/13/2021 - Breaking Down Star Wars: The High Republic—Old Jedi, New Tech, and Fascinating Connections

1/13/2021 - Land Absorbs Carbon Now—But It Could Emit It in Just a Few Decades

1/13/2021 - The MagSafe PopSocket May Have Convinced Me That MagSafe Is Good (Maybe)

1/13/2021 - Will This T-Rex Ever Get a Kid-Shaped Snack?

1/13/2021 - Google's Smart Speakers and Displays Now Have a Guest Mode

1/13/2021 - Turtle Beach Acquires Wacky Microphone Maker In Bid to Enter Podcasting Market

1/13/2021 - Coronavirus Lockdowns Didn't Reduce Air Pollution as Much as We Thought

1/13/2021 - Cave Painting of Pigs Might Be the Oldest Known Artwork of Animals

1/13/2021 - The Expanse's Latest Episode Sets Season 5's Endgame in Motion

1/13/2021 - Fisher-Price's New Toys Will Teach Your Kids About the Glory of '80s Gadgets

1/13/2021 - The Watchy Is an Open-Source Smartwatch for Those Who Miss the Pebble

1/13/2021 - TikTok Overhauls The Way Teens Can Share Content

1/13/2021 - Two Worrying Coronavirus Variants Local to U.S. Flagged by Researchers in Ohio

1/13/2021 - Amazon's Lord of the Rings Show Is About the Return of Sauron

1/13/2021 - Google Is Experimenting With Removing Some News Sites From Search

1/13/2021 - Astronomers Detected Gravitational Waves. Now They Want to See the Cosmic Ocean

1/13/2021 - Airbnb Cancels All Washington, DC Bookings in Light of Suspected Unrest

1/13/2021 - Swan Out as Intel Gets Its Third CEO in Three Years

1/13/2021 - Anthony Mackie Fights a Robot in an Exclusive Clip from Netflix’s Outside the Wire

1/13/2021 - Lucasfilm's Big Bet on Star Wars Games Is the Chance to Do Something New

1/13/2021 - I Miss My Disney SketchBoard and Making Secret Magical Girl Manga

1/13/2021 - MSI Says the Stealth 15M Is the Now the Thinnest Gaming Laptop in the World

1/13/2021 - The Story of Real-Life Dire Wolves Is Finally Emerging

1/13/2021 - Trump's EPA Now Says Oil and Gas Production Are 'Insignificant' Sources of Pollution

1/13/2021 - In This Cleopatra in Space Season 3 Clip, the Kids Make a Daring, Fiery Escape

1/13/2021 - Samsung Taps Twitch Rivals for Exclusive Gaming Events

1/13/2021 - This Nifty Strap Lets You Control the Apple Watch With Gestures

1/13/2021 - Updates From WandaVision, The Walking Dead, and More

1/13/2021 - GoPro Just Dropped a Crap-Ton of Experimental Features for Its Cameras

1/13/2021 - Amazon Court Filing Includes Chilling Death Threats Published on Parler

1/12/2021 - YouTube Deletes Latest Trump Video, Suspends Account Through Inauguration Day

1/12/2021 - The Capcom Hack Affected Way More People Than Originally Reported

1/12/2021 - Photoshop Contest: What Are WandaVision's In-Universe Commercials Selling?

1/12/2021 - Saudi Crown Prince Asks, Answers What if a City, But It's a 105-Mile Line

1/12/2021 - GitHub Fired a Jewish Employee For Warning That 'Nazis' Were Among the US Capitol Rioters

1/12/2021 - Bliss Looks Like The Matrix on Vacation

1/12/2021 - The Lasso Robot Wants to Make Recycling at Home Easier

1/12/2021 - Hades and Persephone Get a Divine Meet-Cute in This Peek at Fantasy Erotica Neon Gods

1/12/2021 - The Internet's Biggest Darknet Just Got Taken Down

1/12/2021 - The Trova Is a Bluetooth-Powered Lockbox That Actually Looks Good

1/12/2021 - Psychedelic Mushrooms Grew in a Man's Veins After He Injected Them

1/12/2021 - Soon, Yelp Users Can Report Covid-19 Safety Measures. What Could Go Wrong?

1/12/2021 - Report: Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Will Finally Be Charged for Poisoning Flint's Water

1/12/2021 - Rare Planet With Three Suns Has a Super Weird Orbit

1/12/2021 - So, A Discovery of Witches Is Now a Time-Travel Show

1/12/2021 - Refrigerators Are Finally Embracing the Good Ice

1/12/2021 - Parler Users Breached Deep Inside U.S. Capitol Building, GPS Data Shows

1/12/2021 - Razer's Wild Gaming Chair and Smart Mask Are Concept Gadgets Designed to Battle the Woes of 2021

1/12/2021 - Gig Workers in California Petition Supreme Court to Overturn Prop 22

1/12/2021 - AT&T TV Now Is Merging With AT&T TV—Wait, What?

1/12/2021 - NordicTrack Is Making Its Own Connected Fitness Mirror

1/12/2021 - Disneyland Will Become a Covid-19 Vaccination Site

1/12/2021 - Asus Revealed a New 2-in-1 Gaming Laptop, and I'm Like Whoa

1/12/2021 - ISP in Idaho Planned to Block Facebook and Twitter to Punish 'Censorship'

1/12/2021 - Dungeons & Dragons' New Adventure Book Brings Fresh Voices to the Forgotten Realms

1/12/2021 - Climate Change Drove $75 Billion in Rainfall Damage Over the Past 30 Years

1/12/2021 - Razer's Refreshed 15 and 17-inch Blades Are Getting New Screens and Faster GPUs for 2021

1/12/2021 - The Revamped m17 R4 Is Alienware's First Laptop with a 360Hz Display

1/12/2021 - Acer's Refreshed Predator Triton 300 SE Looks So Damn Good

1/12/2021 - Nvidia's Ray Tracing 30-Series GPUs Are Coming to Laptops

1/12/2021 - Tasmanian Tigers and Wolves Evolved Uncannily Similar Skulls

1/12/2021 - Neil Gaiman's Explanation Why Media Left American Gods Is Ridiculous

1/12/2021 - AMD's Excellent Ryzen 5000 Series Is Coming to Laptops

1/12/2021 - Trump Officials Publish Climate Denial Flyers, White House Disavows Them

1/12/2021 - An Indiana Jones Video Game Is on the Way From the Studio Behind Wolfenstein

1/12/2021 - The Pandemic Could Disrupt Decades of Decline in Cancer Mortality

1/12/2021 - WandaVision's Latest Clip Reveals the Superhero Couple Have a Very Important Date

1/12/2021 - Nintendo Is Making Copyright Claims on Videos of Game & Watch Hacking

1/12/2021 - You May Soon Be Able to Measure Blood Pressure From Your Finger

1/12/2021 - Sonos Now Has a DIY Battery Replacement Kit

1/12/2021 - Updates From Spider-Man 3, Army of the Dead, and More

1/12/2021 - Here Are All the Trump Sycophants Who Got Banned From Social Media After the Capitol Riot

1/12/2021 - Facebook Warns Employees Not to Wear Company Gear In Public After Banning Trump

1/12/2021 - Two House Democrats Test Positive For Covid-19 After Coup Attempt at Capitol

1/11/2021 - Ben Affleck May Direct the Fantasy Keeper of the Lost Cities for Disney

1/11/2021 - Parler's Implosion, Explained

1/11/2021 - Telecoms Companies Vow To Withhold Donations From Republicans Who Challenged Election Results

1/11/2021 - This Ugly Little Ultrasound Device Could Tell You When You Have to Pee

1/11/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery's Co-Showrunner Talks Defying Expectations With Season 3's Big Michael Moment

1/11/2021 - Twitter Probably Won’t Implode Because It Banned Our Awful President

1/11/2021 - This Kitchen Garden System Adds Microgreens (and Alexa) To Your Lockdown Diet

1/11/2021 - Hades Is Life

1/11/2021 - Researchers Find That the iPhone 12 Can Deactivate a Defibrillator [Corrected]

1/11/2021 - Intel's Got Some Big Changes That Have Me Excited About Its Mobile Processor Line-Up

1/11/2021 - Lenovo First ThinkPad With a Detachable Tablet Is Here

1/11/2021 - The ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga Is Lenovo's Thinnest 2-in-1 Ever

1/11/2021 - Intel's 11th-Gen Desktop Processors Have a Neat GPU Trick Up Their Sleeves

1/11/2021 - PayPal Dumps GiveSendGo, the 'Christian' Crowdfunding Site Used By Proud Boys

1/11/2021 - Heck Yes, NASA's Juno and InSight Missions Are Getting Bonus Time

1/11/2021 - Trump Has Left Office, State Department Page Claims, Erroneously

1/11/2021 - Snowpiercer's Season 2 Trailer Is Full of Flamboyantly Evil Sean Bean

1/11/2021 - Federal Authorities Are Looking for the Ghoul Who Carved 'TRUMP' Into a Manatee

1/11/2021 - Lora DiCarlo Brings Hot Vibes to CES—As In They Are Warm to the Touch

1/11/2021 - 12 New Studies Show How Close Insects Are to Extinction

1/11/2021 - Marvel Updates on Deadpool 3, Black Panther 2, X-Men, and More

1/11/2021 - Parler Sues Amazon Over Supposed Antitrust Violation

1/11/2021 - Hulu's New $2 Plan for College Students Includes Its Watch Party Feature

1/11/2021 - Scientists Find Link Between Cat Parasite and Brain Cancer in People

1/11/2021 - Netflix Grabs Cube for Pivotal Cube-Based Umbrella Academy Season 3 Role

1/11/2021 - NYC's Covid-19 Vaccine Website Is a Mess as Eligibility Opens to Seniors

1/11/2021 - Obviously, Those Radiation 'Protection' Stickers Don't Work, Researchers Find

1/11/2021 - Linksys' Motion-Sensing Wifi Now Uses All Your Wireless Devices For More Accurate Alerts

1/11/2021 - Linksys' First Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Router Will Be an Expensive Way to Future Proof Your Wifi

1/11/2021 - Peter Pan Is Real (and Wendy Is Terrified) in This Excerpt From Aiden Thomas' Lost in the Never Woods

1/11/2021 - Huge Sinkhole Opens Up in Italian Hospital Parking Lot After Heavy Rains

1/11/2021 - The Only Standing Desk I'll Ever Consider Using Lets Four People Play Pong at Once

1/11/2021 - The First Wi-Fi 6E Routers Are Going to Make You Feel Really Mad About Already Buying a Wi-Fi 6 Router

1/11/2021 - Philips Has a New Smart Toothbrush That Adapts as You Brush

1/11/2021 - American Gods' Season 3 Won't Stop, Even Though You've Heard This One Before

1/11/2021 - Snakes Invented an Incredibly Creepy Way to Climb Trees

1/11/2021 - 2020 Could've Been So Much Worse

1/11/2021 - TCL Is Pushing the Price of 5G Down Even Further with the TCL 20 5G

1/11/2021 - TCL's Fan-Favorite 6-Series Is Going 8K in 2021

1/11/2021 - As Enticing As Soft Serve Ice Cream on Demand Sounds, We Probably Don't Need Another Pod Machine

1/11/2021 - Panasonic's New 2021 OLED Wants to Win Over Gamers, Just Like Everyone Else This Year

1/11/2021 - Panasonic Made a Self-Oscillating Hair Dryer That Shoots Hot Wet Air

1/11/2021 - Clarice's First Trailer Introduces Powerful Monsters Hiding in Plain Sight

1/11/2021 - Gal Gadot Wants Wonder Woman 3 to Provide Diana 'Closure'

1/11/2021 - This Wireless Earbuds Clear Charging Case Requires Impeccably Clean Ears or Zero Shame

1/11/2021 - L'Oreal Wants to Save the Planet by Changing How We Wash Our Hair

1/11/2021 - Samsung's Newest Robovac Is an AI-Powered Poop Scout

1/11/2021 - The Taint Bandaid Is Real Now

1/11/2021 - LG, the Best OLED TV Maker, Is Doing Mini-LED TVs Now Too

1/11/2021 - Are Wearables Accurate at Detecting Calorie Burn?

1/11/2021 - SanDisk and Western Digital's Portable SSDs Double Their Capacities to 4 Terabytes

1/11/2021 - Fossil Dependably Brings a Bunch of Smartwatches to CES, But Not the One I Want

1/11/2021 - Every Deleted Parler Post, Many With Users' Location Data, Has Been Archived

1/11/2021 - San Francisco Prepares For Potential Pro-Trump Protest at Twitter HQ on Monday

1/11/2021 - Parler Forced Offline After Amazon Pulls Hosting Services

1/10/2021 - You Can Now Stalk Yourself With Google Maps' 2020 Timeline Update

1/10/2021 - Dropped by Virtually 'Every Vendor,' Parler Is Scrambling to Find a New Safe Space Online

1/10/2021 - New Report Suggests Hyundai’s Big Mouth Did Not Kill Potential Partnership With Apple—Yet

1/10/2021 - The HP Envy 14 Sports a Taller Display and Webcam Shutter to Better Balance Work and Play

1/10/2021 - Newborn Megalodons Were Larger Than Adult Humans and Probably Ate Their Siblings

1/10/2021 - Watch Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter Discuss the Challenge of Playing Wonder Woman

1/10/2021 - Police Use of Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Tech Spiked After Capitol Raid

1/10/2021 - Spain’s Worst Snowstorm in Decades Collapses Parts of the Country

1/10/2021 - This Video Explains the Story Behind Every Lightsaber Luke Skywalker Ever Wielded

1/10/2021 - Ricky Whittle Talks Shadow's Identity Crisis in American Gods Season 3

1/10/2021 - Watch the Stars of Batwoman Season 2 Describe the New Season in One Word

1/10/2021 - The Instagram Insurrection

1/9/2021 - DraftKings Now Allows Betting on Drone Races in Certain States

1/9/2021 - YouTube Kicks Steve Bannon’s War Room Podcast Off the Platform

1/9/2021 - This Gorgeous Soul Art Tribute Was Made in Virtual Reality

1/9/2021 - Mozilla Calls for Sites to Go Beyond Just Deplatforming Bigots

1/9/2021 - This Video Goes Behind-the-Scenes on Star Trek: Discovery's Climactic Season 3 Finale

1/9/2021 - Early WandaVision Impressions Suggest the Marvel Series Is as Good as It Is Weird

1/9/2021 - Marvel's Moon Knight Series Has 2 New Directors

1/9/2021 - Meteorites From the Beginning of the Solar System May Have Carried Water Quite Recently

1/8/2021 - Google And Apple Kick Parler Off Their App Stores [Update: Amazon Jumps on the Ban Train]

1/8/2021 - Yeah, This Is the Week for a Centipikachu Plush

1/8/2021 - Twitter Doesn't Like Piracy, Even When It's in the Public Service

1/8/2021 - Jack Offs Trump

1/8/2021 - Netflix's New Adventure Film Shares More than a Few Links to The Goonies

1/8/2021 - Twitter Cracks Down on Qanon Accounts for Role in Capitol Riot

1/8/2021 - Supreme Court Asked to Consider if Fifth Amendment Protects Passwords

1/8/2021 - West Virginia Lawmaker Livestreamed His Way Into Federal Charges

1/8/2021 - How Often Should You Reboot Your Computer?

1/8/2021 - CW Clips the Wings of Green Arrow and the Canaries

1/8/2021 - Reddit Bans r/Conspiracy Moderator and r/DonaldTrump

1/8/2021 - There Is Such a Thing as Too Late

1/8/2021 - Tesla Knocks Facebook Off List of Top Five U.S. Companies by Market Cap

1/8/2021 - Damn Right We Deserve a Friday Gif Party

1/8/2021 - Two Failed Stars in Our Cosmic Neighborhood Seem to Have... Stripes?

1/8/2021 - Topps Is Bringing High-End Pop Culture Brands to Blockchain

1/8/2021 - The Big Oil Money Behind the Members of Congress Who Fueled the Capitol Attack

1/8/2021 - Adata's First Gaming Laptop Nails It

1/8/2021 - Biden Admin’s Vaccine Plan: Release All Stored Doses

1/8/2021 - SolarWinds Hires Chris Krebs and Alex Stamos Amid Fallout Over Historic Hack

1/8/2021 - Google's Plan To Quash Cookies Draws Scrutiny From Regulators

1/8/2021 - These $50 Clip-On Speakers Let You Turn Any Pair of Glasses Into Earbuds

1/8/2021 - WarnerMedia Wants to 'Move On' After Justice League Probe

1/8/2021 - Are You Afraid of the Dark? Season 2 Trailer Introduces the Shadowman

1/8/2021 - The Rate of Earth’s Spin Appears to Be Accelerating

1/8/2021 - Quibi's Decaying Library of Content Will Soon Be Free on Roku

1/8/2021 - Man-Bat Is Finally Making His Solo Comic Debut Next Month

1/8/2021 - Early Evidence Suggests Pfizer Vaccine Works Against New Coronavirus Variant

1/8/2021 - Voting Machine Manufacturer Dominion Sues Sidney Powell for $1.3 Billion

1/8/2021 - Amazon Has Shut Down Its Prime Pantry Delivery Service

1/8/2021 - Fate: The Winx Saga Isn't for Winx Club Fans, and I’m Not Sure Who Else It's For

1/8/2021 - Last Year Was the Hottest in Human History, Despite Record Carbon Emissions Drop

1/8/2021 - I Predict Hyundai Will Soon Be Out of the Running For the Apple Car

1/8/2021 - Scientists Discover Short-Legged Corgi Giraffes

1/8/2021 - Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight Role May Have Finally Been Confirmed

1/8/2021 - Motorola Just Revamped Its Budget Phone Lineup, and There's Something for Everyone

1/8/2021 - The Luxe Bathrooms of the Future Have $16,000 RGB-Lit Bathtubs and Touchless Toilets

1/8/2021 - Senator Says Computer Stolen From Capitol Office During Coup Attempt by Trump Loyalists

1/8/2021 - FCC Chairman Quietly Abandoned Attempt to 'Clarify' Section 230

1/7/2021 - Thankfully, Singapore Just Made It Harder to Own 3D-Printed Guns

1/7/2021 - Shopify Boots Off Trump Organization and Campaign Stores

1/7/2021 - Tapjoy Settles With FTC After Years of Cheating Mobile Gamers

1/7/2021 - Thanks For the Evidence, You Seditious Dweebs

1/7/2021 - Big Mouth's Code-Switching Story Was a Fun, Wild Mess

1/7/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: "The Incorruptible World" by Anjali Sachdeva

1/7/2021 - Researchers Take Another Look at Platypus DNA, and Yup, Still Weird

1/7/2021 - The Rogue Squadron Pilots We Want in Patty Jenkins' Star Wars Movie

1/7/2021 - Striking 3D Satellite Images Show Shattered Iceberg A68a, Which Still Threatens a Sensitive Island

1/7/2021 - YouTube Says It Will Temporarily Block Channels That Share Election Disinformation

1/7/2021 - A Man Ate a Toothpick and It Was Stuck in His Butt for Months

1/7/2021 - Studio Ghibli's New Movie Will Stream on HBO Max as It Hits Theaters

1/7/2021 - Physicists Are Looking for Dark Matter in Tiny, Ancient Black Holes

1/7/2021 - The Climate Crisis Will Be Steroids for Fascism

1/7/2021 - Retractable Headrest Speaker Wings Give Every Car Passenger Their Own Stereo System

1/7/2021 - Bedknobs and Broomsticks Turns 50 This Year and It's Way Weirder Than You Remembered

1/7/2021 - Report: Loki Showrunner Michael Waldron Will Write Kevin Feige's Star Wars Movie

1/7/2021 - For Once, You Should Listen to Elon Musk

1/7/2021 - Acer's New 28-inch Nitro Monitor Was Made for Next-Gen Consoles

1/7/2021 - Sony's 2021 TVs Are Gamer Ready, and Some Feature Nifty Ambient Light Sensors

1/7/2021 - The Chromebook Spin 514 Is Acer's First AMD Ryzen Chromebook

1/7/2021 - Not Even Puppies Are Safe From Advertiser Blocklists

1/7/2021 - Good News: Natural Immunity to the Coronavirus May Last Years, Study Suggests

1/7/2021 - The LaVie Mini Concept Is a Wild Mashup of a Laptop and a Nintendo Switch

1/7/2021 - The 10th and 5th Doctors Are Teaming Up to Fight Cybermen

1/7/2021 - Too Much Meat During Ice Age Winters Gave Rise to Dogs, New Research Suggests

1/7/2021 - Facebook Blocks Trump 'Indefinitely'

1/7/2021 - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Blooper Reel Shows Off Some Wacky Witches

1/7/2021 - Nvidia's Acquisition of Arm Has a Long Way to Go

1/7/2021 - The Real Culprits Steering Students Into Doing Big Oil's Dirty Work

1/7/2021 - Updates From Halloween Kills, Riverdale, and More

1/7/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Earned Its Sound and Fury This Time

1/7/2021 - Samsung's $550 Galaxy Chromebook 2 Rocks a Gorgeous Paint Job and QLED Display

1/7/2021 - This Lenovo All-in-One PC Has a Rotating Display, and It Looks Badass

1/7/2021 - American Airlines Bans Alcohol on Flights Out of D.C. After Trump Loyalists Attempt Coup

1/6/2021 - Newly Sworn-In West Virginia Lawmaker Streamed Video Of Himself Storming the Capitol

1/6/2021 - The Wanting Mare Looks Like a Lyrical Sci-Fi Dreamscape

1/6/2021 - Archaeologists Uncover Disturbing Amount of Plastic Waste at Iron Age Site

1/6/2021 - The Best Sci-Fi Trips to Help You Escape...at Least for a Little While

1/6/2021 - Facebook and YouTube Remove Video of Trump Professing 'Love' for Violent Mob

1/6/2021 - Ray Fisher's Cyborg Will No Longer Be Appearing in The Flash

1/6/2021 - Twitter Lets Trump Spread False Election Conspiracy as Mob Storms U.S. Capitol [Update: Trump's Account Is Locked]

1/6/2021 - Hell Yes, Give Me the Apple Watch Guided Walking Workouts

1/6/2021 - SolarWinds Hackers Accessed More Than 3,000 DOJ Email Accounts

1/6/2021 - Researchers Use AI to Separate Conspiracy From Fact

1/6/2021 - New York Wants to Legalize It

1/6/2021 - Wild-Looking Korean Sci-Fi Epic Space Sweepers Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

1/6/2021 - This Stealth Startup Is Using Electrical Stimulation to Help People Walk Again

1/6/2021 - Anthony Mackie's Existence Is Classified in the New Trailer for Outside the Wire

1/6/2021 - Blue Light and Essential Oil Compound Treat Antibiotic-Resistant Skin Infections in Mice

1/6/2021 - Tile Is Reportedly Launching a New Tracker to Make Finding Your Lost Keys Easier

1/6/2021 - Transformers Just Shook Up Its Lore in a Wild Way

1/6/2021 - In The Night's Ominous Trailer, a Family Is Trapped Inside a Frightful Hotel

1/6/2021 - Verizon Says It Will Be Delaying the Shutdown of Its 3G Network For Now

1/6/2021 - Trump Administration Issues Last-Minute Blows to the Arctic

1/6/2021 - A Dramatic New Expanse Examines the Difference Between Feeling Right and Being Right

1/6/2021 - Facebook Kills the Wrong Likes

1/6/2021 - Amazon Might Be Working on an Alexa-Enabled Sleep Apnea Gadget

1/6/2021 - Intel Pivots Its RealSense Cameras Into Facial Recognition Tech

1/6/2021 - Pixar’s Pete Docter Reminds Us Sequels Help Keep the Lights On

1/6/2021 - Unprecedented Camera Trap Footage Shows a Jaguar Capturing an Ocelot

1/6/2021 - A Solar-Powered Remote and MicroLED TVs Are Bringing Samsung Into the Future

1/6/2021 - Astronomers Calculate Universe’s Age With Atacama Desert Telescope

1/6/2021 - The First WandaVision Clip Is a Campy, Retro Delight

1/6/2021 - Discovery+ Needs to Be Part of Your Streaming Life, It's That Good

1/6/2021 - You Have No Excuse When LG's New Stick Vac Sucks Dirt, Mops Floors, and Cleans Itself

1/6/2021 - Updates From Star Trek: Picard, Indiana Jones 5, and More

1/6/2021 - I Miss the Commodore 64, My First Console and Computer

1/6/2021 - Julian Assange Denied Bail in UK While Trump Regime Appeals Extradition Ruling

1/6/2021 - Amazon Buys Planes From Airlines Struggling With Pandemic Slowdown

1/6/2021 - Mild Covid-19 Cases More Likely to Lose Their Sense of Smell, Study Finds

1/5/2021 - U.S. Government Officially Blames Russia for SolarWinds Hack

1/5/2021 - FBI Investigating Threat On US Capitol Building Made Through Air Traffic Control System

1/5/2021 - Microsoft's Edge Browser Finally Brings Tab Syncing to Everyone

1/5/2021 - The Mandalorian Should Not Be in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

1/5/2021 - Facebook's Ban On Political Ads Will Resume Following Georgia Senate Runoffs

1/5/2021 - Thomas Kinkade's Studio Is Painting The Mandalorian Now, Seriously

1/5/2021 - Trump Admin Clears the Way for Bird Slaughter

1/5/2021 - Twitter Is Buying Its Way Out of Being Twitter

1/5/2021 - The Digimon Reboot's Warp Speed Take on Evolution Is Keeping the Show Fresh

1/5/2021 - Help This YouTuber Paint His Video Thumbnail Using Nothing but Comments

1/5/2021 - FBI Warns Schools to Buckle Up for More Cyberattacks

1/5/2021 - This ‘Unusual Star’ Is Unlike Anything Astronomers Have Seen Before

1/5/2021 - Microsoft Says It's Investigating a Fix for Disconnecting Xbox Series X Controllers

1/5/2021 - Intel Killed the 300-Series Chipset and Made AMD CPUs Even More Enticing

1/5/2021 - What's Your Favorite Hayao Miyazaki Film?

1/5/2021 - This Basketball-Foosball Mash-Up Is the Table Sport I Didn't Realize I Needed in My Life

1/5/2021 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting The Legend of Huma

1/5/2021 - What Google's Union Can Do Now and What It Needs to Do Next

1/5/2021 - Be Prepared For a Real-Life Jurassic Park Escape With Nerf's New Line of Dino Blasters

1/5/2021 - U.S. Space Force Will Get Next-Gen Missile-Warning Satellites From Lockheed Martin

1/5/2021 - 7 Things We Liked (and 4 We Didn't) About Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Final Season

1/5/2021 - Dell's New Curved 40-inch Ultra-Wide Monitor Might be the Perfect Home Office Display

1/5/2021 - Trump Administration Finalizes Its Garbage 'Secret Science' Rule

1/5/2021 - Researchers Find a Faster, More Efficient Way to 3D Print

1/5/2021 - Kid Cosmic's First Trailer Is an Adorable Look at How Hard It Is to Save the Earth

1/5/2021 - Can You Spot What's Wrong With the UK's New H.G. Wells Commemorative Coin?

1/5/2021 - FDA Shoots Down Plan to Extend Vaccine Supply With Alternate Dosing

1/5/2021 - Zack Snyder Sees His Justice League Cut as an Alternate Branch of DC's Movieverse

1/5/2021 - I Will Be Forever Ruined by This Incredible 8K OLED—That Also Costs $20,000

1/5/2021 - Bose's Weird New Earbuds Don't Go In Your Ears

1/5/2021 - We've Hit the 'Collectable Gold Masks' Stage of the Pandemic

1/5/2021 - Updates From The Eternals, Star Trek: Discovery, and More

1/5/2021 - Viral 5G Conspiracy Diagram Actually Shows How to Build Your Own Guitar Pedal

1/5/2021 - Grasslands May Soon Produce More Greenhouse Gases Than They Sequester

1/4/2021 - This Robot Plays the Perfect Sad Trombone for 2021

1/4/2021 - The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Is Now Dedicated to the Original Boba Fett

1/4/2021 - Venmo's New Check-Cashing Feature Will Let You Deposit Your Covid Stimulus for Free

1/4/2021 - RIP to Barbara Shelley, Hammer Horror Icon and Doctor Who Star

1/4/2021 - Iron Age Settlement With Large Roundhouses and Roman Trinkets Found in the UK

1/4/2021 - Apple, This Isn't What I Meant When I Said Fitness+ Needs Goals

1/4/2021 - Hulu With Live TV Snaps Up Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and More New Channels

1/4/2021 - Star Wars: The High Republic Teases a Long Future Filled With New Books and Comics

1/4/2021 - Two Upcoming NASA Missions Will Study Earth-Threatening Space Weather

1/4/2021 - Cheaper 5G Phones Are on the Way Thanks to Qualcomm's New Snapdragon 480 CPU

1/4/2021 - On Doctor Who Change Is What You Make of It, Unless You’re a Dalek

1/4/2021 - The Terrifying Reason We're Talking About Lizard Squad Again

1/4/2021 - SpaceX Will Try to ‘Catch’ Its Starship Boosters Instead of Landing Them

1/4/2021 - Windows 10 Update Will Get Rid of Flash Once and for All

1/4/2021 - U.S. May Stretch Out Covid-19 Vaccine Supply With Half-Doses

1/4/2021 - Storytelling Dungeon: How D&D Can Improve Your Craft

1/4/2021 - WandaVision's Sitcom Theme Song Is Just the Bee's Knees

1/4/2021 - How to Claim Your Free Year of Discovery+ Through Verizon

1/4/2021 - Samsung Finally Announced the Galaxy Unpacked Event We All Knew About: Here's What's Coming

1/4/2021 - Patty Jenkins Says Warner Bros. Wanted Her Seen But Not Heard on the Original Wonder Woman

1/4/2021 - Los Angeles Is the Most Climate-Vulnerable County in the U.S.

1/4/2021 - How to Create Custom Emojis and Where You Can Actually Use Them

1/4/2021 - Combining Mario Kart Live With Lego Super Mario Creates the Ultimate IRL Video Game Experience

1/4/2021 - Cobra Kai Season 3's Big Spoiler Questions Answered by the Producers

1/4/2021 - Roku Reportedly Looking to Buy Quibi's Rotting Corpse

1/4/2021 - Stick Good

1/4/2021 - Big Rumors About Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Future

1/4/2021 - Could We Populate Another Planet With Genetically Modified Organisms?

1/4/2021 - Google Workers Form Union Open to All Employees of Alphabet

1/4/2021 - Judge Rules Julian Assange Shouldn't Be Extradited to U.S. Citing Suicide Risk

1/3/2021 - WhatsApp Sets an All-Time Record as Users Welcome in the New Year Virtually

1/3/2021 - Apple Has Purportedly Asked Foxconn To Create Two Foldable iPhone Prototype Shells

1/3/2021 - Xbox Series X and S Shortages Have Microsoft Asking AMD for Help

1/3/2021 - These New Uncharted Pictures Confirm That This Movie Is Still Actually Happening

1/3/2021 - An Exposed Username and Password Leaves Over 100,000 Zyxel Firewalls and VPN Gateways Open to Severe Attacks

1/3/2021 - Ratatouille: The Musical Is a Full-Length TikTok Extravaganza, and It Just Raised $1 Million for Charity

1/3/2021 - Redesigned Tesla Model S Reportedly Spotted in Palo Alto

1/3/2021 - This Unearthed The Office Cold Open Is an Elaborate Homage to The Matrix

1/3/2021 - A Number of Disney TV Productions Delayed Amidst Surge in LA Covid Cases

1/2/2021 - Bitcoin Keeps Moving On Up, Reaching $33,000 in Value

1/2/2021 - Watch the Striking Trailer for Ukrainian Sci-Fi Film Atlantis

1/2/2021 - Facebook's Head of Ad Integrity Leaves Company

1/2/2021 - Developer Says Apple Wanted Him To Change App’s Branding Because It 'Promoted' Controlled Substances

1/2/2021 - The Doctor and Captain Jack Are Together Again in New Big Finish Audio Adventure

1/2/2021 - This Fan Animation Reimagines a Pivotal Steven Universe Moment With the Pilot's Art Style

1/2/2021 - Welcome John Bishop to the Cast of the Upcoming Season of Doctor Who

1/1/2021 - Latest Samsung Leak Shows Off Tile-Like Bluetooth Tracker

1/1/2021 - Huawei Purges, Then Reinstates Tencent's Games as Revenue Sharing Negotiations Heat Up

1/1/2021 - Here's Your Doctor Who New Years Special Spoiler Discussion Zone

1/1/2021 - Swing Into the New Year With Even More Wonderful Toys

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1/1/2021 - Inventor Behind the Worst Gadget of All Time Jumps Onto Trump's Sinking Voter Fraud Ship