6/30/2021 - Federal Judge Puts Hold on Florida's Anti-Deplatforming Law

6/30/2021 - The X-Men's Trial of Magneto Begins With Tragedy at the Hellfire Gala

6/30/2021 - Instagram Is Pivoting to Video

6/30/2021 - I Had to See This Space Jam: A New Legacy Clip, and Now You Do Too

6/30/2021 - Throwable Ground Vehicles Sent to Aid Rescuers at Florida Condo Collapse

6/30/2021 - United’s Newest Planes Finally Support Bluetooth Audio, and It’s About Damn Time

6/30/2021 - Robinhood Ordered to Pay Millions In Restitution to Ripped Off Customers

6/30/2021 - Tim Berners-Lee Sells NFT of the Source Code for the World Wide Web for $5.4 Million

6/30/2021 - Star Wars Detours Probably Won't Ever Be Released and Here's Why

6/30/2021 - Exxon Lobbyists Reveal in Secret Recordings How They Manipulate Politicians and the Public

6/30/2021 - New York Faces Blackouts as Extreme Heat Strains the Grid

6/30/2021 - Amazon Releases Cowardly Statement, Is Clearly Afraid of FTC Chair

6/30/2021 - CDC Stands by Masking Guidelines, Says Vaccinated Americans Are Safe From Delta Variant

6/30/2021 - Hayao Miyazaki's Glorious Lupin III Movie Is Coming to Theaters in 4K

6/30/2021 - Android Users Are Getting Closer to an iMessage-Like App

6/30/2021 - Right-Wing Media Outraged Energy Secretary Talked About Climate Change and Miami Condo Collapse

6/30/2021 - Far-Right Site Gab Is Very Mad Their Favorite One-Term President Passed on Them

6/30/2021 - Loki and The Simpsons Team Up in Disney's Latest Corporate Synergy Stunt

6/30/2021 - Life Under Antarctica Is Surviving on Pulverized Rock

6/30/2021 - 51 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Reading List in July

6/30/2021 - Disney's Dueling Jungle Cruise Trailers Pit Emily Blunt Against Dwayne Johnson

6/30/2021 - iOS 15 Preview: This Could Be the Cure for Your iPhone Addiction

6/30/2021 - How to Try iOS 15, watchOS 8, and iPadOS 15 Right Now

6/30/2021 - With watchOS 8, Apple Wants to Help You Chill the Hell Out

6/30/2021 - The Smart Home Isn't Worth It

6/30/2021 - Government Watchdog Finds Most U.S. Agencies Don't Even Know Which Face Recognition Systems They Use

6/30/2021 - This Carved Snake May Have Been the Staff of a Stone Age Shaman

6/30/2021 - Couple Fined $18,000 for Digging Up 36 Endangered Joshua Trees in California

6/30/2021 - Sideshow's New Dracula and Van Helsing Figures Are Delightfully Frightful

6/30/2021 - Little Tikes Is Roasting Parents With a 'Peloton' for Kids

6/30/2021 - A Man's Penis Broke Vertically During Sex—an Apparent Medical First

6/30/2021 - Fireworks Are Being Banned as the West Suffers Through Record Hot, Dry Weather

6/30/2021 - Loki Brings It All Together by Breaking It All Apart

6/30/2021 - WhatsApp Spanish-Language Moderators Allege Pay Discrimination

6/30/2021 - In Resident Evil: Infinite Dark, Democracy Dies in Conspiracy

6/30/2021 - This $50 Emulator Box Might Be the Easiest Way to Play Game Boy Cartridges on Your Computer

6/30/2021 - Janelle Monáe's Dirty Computer Will Expand in a New Sci-Fi Anthology Book

6/30/2021 - 16 Great Astronomy Photos

6/30/2021 - Vin Diesel Still Has Hopes For Riddick's Future

6/30/2021 - Kim Jong Un Warns of 'Great Crisis' in North Korea During Cryptic Speech About Covid-19

6/29/2021 - NSA Denies Tucker Carlson Show Worth Sabotaging

6/29/2021 - Alaska Just Had an ‘Ice Quake’ Due to the Extreme Heat Wave

6/29/2021 - Marvel's New Shang-Chi Trailer Did Indeed Have Some Surprising Cameos

6/29/2021 - Starlink Will Be Here in August, Elon Musk Says

6/29/2021 - Alexa Will Read to Your Kids, but There's a Catch

6/29/2021 - In Marvel's Witches Unleashed Novel, the Ghost Rider's Going to Need Help Raising Hell

6/29/2021 - Feds Say Tesla and Other Automakers Must Report Crashes Involving Automated Vehicles

6/29/2021 - State Prisons Fueled Covid-19 Spread in Their Areas Last Spring, Study Suggests

6/29/2021 - Dueling Hackers May Have Wiped the Data on My Book Live Devices, Researchers Say

6/29/2021 - Jurassic Park's T-Rex Chase Is Even Better When Everything Is Secretly a Transformer

6/29/2021 - Fast 9 in 4DX Is a Bit Much

6/29/2021 - The Worst Site on the Web Gets DDoS'd After Being Connected to Prominent Developer’s Suicide

6/29/2021 - The New Pavilion Aero Is HP's Lightest Consumer Laptop Ever

6/29/2021 - Astrophysicists Detect Black Holes and Neutron Stars Merging, This Time for Certain

6/29/2021 - 7 Tales of Smart Homes Gone Horribly Awry

6/29/2021 - Amazon's New Safety Crisis Could Be Heat Waves

6/29/2021 - Instagram Is Testing Story Links for All

6/29/2021 - 5 Things We Loved, and 3 We Didn't, About Godzilla Singular Point

6/29/2021 - Way of X #3 Wants to Talk About Sex, Baby

6/29/2021 - World’s Smallest Hogs Released Into Wild

6/29/2021 - If You Have Nothing to Hide, Tucker Carlson, You Have Nothing to Fear

6/29/2021 - The Chamber of Commerce's Sordid History of Climate Denial

6/29/2021 - 3,000-Year-Old Murder Mystery Solved: Shark Attack

6/29/2021 - Netflix's Blood Red Sky Trailer Seems Like a Generic Airplane Thriller... Until Things Get Weird

6/29/2021 - Advertisers Are Selling Americans' Data to Hundreds of Shady Businesses Abroad

6/29/2021 - Walmart Rolls Out a Cheaper Insulin

6/29/2021 - Everything You Need to Know About Windows 11's Confusing PC Requirements

6/29/2021 - Black Widow's Supporting Cast Elevates Marvel's Solo Story

6/29/2021 - Dinosaurs Were Already in Big Trouble Before the Asteroid, More Evidence Suggests

6/29/2021 - The Nikon Z FC Is a Slick Mirrorless Cam With a Stylish Retro Design

6/29/2021 - Scientists Say They've Found the Earliest Case of the Plague Yet

6/29/2021 - Sam Altman's 'Worldcoin' Wants to Give You Crypto in Exchange for Eyeball Scans

6/29/2021 - Ground Temperatures Reached an Astounding 145 Degrees in the Pacific Northwest

6/29/2021 - Clifford the Big Red Dog's Trailer Made Me Hate Dogs—or At Least This One

6/29/2021 - Astronomers Think They've Spotted a Rare Kind of Supernova Only Predicted to Exist

6/29/2021 - This Week’s Extreme Heat Shows Why We Need to Care for Each Other

6/29/2021 - Good Omens' Second Coming Has Been Greenlit by Amazon

6/29/2021 - Updates From Aquaman 2, John Wick 4, and More

6/29/2021 - United Airlines Buys 270 New Airplanes in Largest Order of the Past Decade

6/29/2021 - RIP Pepper the Robot (2014-2020)

6/28/2021 - Snapchat Says App Will Stop Crashing If You Download the Update

6/28/2021 - Marvel's Loki Won't Explore Loki's Queerness Beyond Its 'Small Step'

6/28/2021 - As Star Wars Brings Back Boba Fett, His Ship Name Might Be Left Behind

6/28/2021 - Bill Requires Judges to Sign Off on Secret Subpoenas Targeting Journalists

6/28/2021 - Heat Wave Breaks New Records in the Pacific Northwest on Blistering Third Day

6/28/2021 - Federal Judge Tosses Antitrust Lawsuit Brought By the FTC Against Facebook and Instagram

6/28/2021 - WandaVision's End-Credits Scene Has Been Slightly Altered

6/28/2021 - Now You Can Stream Xbox Games to Your iPhone and iPad

6/28/2021 - How Worried Should Vaccinated People Be About the Delta Variant?

6/28/2021 - YouTube Bans Anti-Extremism Group Right Wing Watch, Immediately Unbans Right Wing Watch

6/28/2021 - The Robocall Nightmare May Soon Be More Like One of Those Weird Dreams Where You Go to School but Forgot to Wear Pants. You Know, Weird but Not That Bad.

6/28/2021 - Please Stare Into This Hallucination-Inducing Flicker, for Science

6/28/2021 - 5 Episodes of Galaxy Express 999 to Watch After the Most Recent Loki

6/28/2021 - Warner Bros.' Logan's Run Remake Is Probably Never Going to Happen

6/28/2021 - China’s Zhurong Rover Captures Remarkable Sights and Sounds on Mars

6/28/2021 - All 5 Piranha Movies, Ranked

6/28/2021 - YouTube TV Is Basically Cable Now

6/28/2021 - Cops Want More of Our Social Media Data Than Ever Before

6/28/2021 - Dangerous Heat Wave Is Literally Melting Critical Infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest

6/28/2021 - Researchers Made a Free Online Calculator for Dementia Risk

6/28/2021 - Cyber Ninja CEO Leading GOP's Hoax Audit of Arizona Election Appears in QAnon 'Documentary'

6/28/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in July

6/28/2021 - Detroit’s Streets Turned Into Rivers This Weekend

6/28/2021 - How to Try Out Windows 11 Before Everyone Else

6/28/2021 - Samsung's Take on the New Wear OS Looks Promising

6/28/2021 - Fool's Gold Is Hiding 'Invisible' Real Gold, Scientists Find

6/28/2021 - Clouds on Venus Are Too Dry to Sustain Life as We Know It, New Research Suggests

6/28/2021 - Netflix Will Let Android Users Stream Unfinished Downloads

6/28/2021 - It's Time to Treat Social Media Like the Climate Crisis, Researchers Argue

6/28/2021 - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Optimus Primal Is Going to Sound a Lot Like Hellboy

6/28/2021 - Nvidia Shield TV Owners Are Pissed About the Banner Ads in Android TV

6/28/2021 - In Fear Street Part 1: 1994's New Trailer, Witches Be Killing

6/28/2021 - Apple's Foundation Gets a Startling New Trailer and Release Date

6/28/2021 - Doctor Who's Next Doctor Rumors Are Already Heating Up

6/28/2021 - Why Robopets Will Never Be Real Enough

6/28/2021 - The Best WiFi 6E Routers To Buy Right Now

6/28/2021 - When Will Regular People Be Able to Visit the Moon?

6/28/2021 - UK Cracks Down on Binance but Crypto Platform Says It's Not a Ban

6/28/2021 - Submit Your Ideas Online for Maine's 99-Year Time Capsule

6/28/2021 - Lenovo Reveals an Android Tablet That Doubles as a Portable Monitor

6/27/2021 - Apple Wants You to Keep This Long List of Products Away From Your Medical Devices

6/27/2021 - A Year Later, Telegram Finally Launches the Group Video Calls It Promised

6/27/2021 - Venmo Will Start Letting You Sell Stuff Through Your Personal Account (for a Price)

6/27/2021 - Volkswagen Will Say Goodbye to the Combustion Vehicle Business in Europe by 2035

6/27/2021 - Fast and Furious 9 Hits Big At the Weekend Box Office

6/27/2021 - Halo Showrunner Steven Kane to Exit When Post Production Is Complete

6/27/2021 - 'Historic' Heat Wave Sets Record Highs Across West Coast and Canada—And It's Still Getting Hotter [Updated]

6/27/2021 - Quentin Tarantino Wants to Remind You He's Still Quitting the Business

6/27/2021 - Loki's Tara Strong Discusses the Audition Process for Miss Minutes

6/26/2021 - 'Rasputin' Played by Electric Toothbrushes, a PS2 Controller, and Other Gadgets Is My New Jam

6/26/2021 - F9 Actress Jordana Brewster Reflects on the Failures of The Faculty Film

6/26/2021 - Google's Search Engine Will Now Warn You When It Doesn't Have a Reliable Answer

6/26/2021 - The Handmaid's Tale Sequel, The Testaments Has Big Plans for Aunt Lydia

6/26/2021 - Tesla Recalls Nearly 300,000 Cars in China Over Cruise Control Safety Issues

6/26/2021 - Lego Returns to The Mandalorian With 3 New Vehicle Sets

6/26/2021 - Anya Taylor Joy Thought She Would Never Work Again After The Witch

6/26/2021 - Ron Desantis Signs a Bill That Mandates Cities Keep Using Fossil Fuels

6/26/2021 - Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Is a Pro at Keeping On-Set Secrets

6/26/2021 - New Shazam for Birds Will Identify That Chirping for You

6/26/2021 - Florida’s Oceanfront Cities Are Not Prepared for Sea Level Rise

6/25/2021 - Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Exploited Its Own Customer Support Tools

6/25/2021 - Rally, Mozilla's New 'Privacy-First' Platform, Shares Your Data With Researchers Rather Than Advertisers

6/25/2021 - Holy Merchandising, Batman, It's the Best Toys of the Week!

6/25/2021 - DC's Madame Xanadu Is Getting a TV Series From Angela Robinson

6/25/2021 - Here's What's in the Six Antitrust Bills That Could Finally Break Up Big Tech

6/25/2021 - Pirate These PC Games and Get Free Bonus Malware Now!

6/25/2021 - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Adds a Key Member to Its Crew

6/25/2021 - The Cow Uprising Has Begun

6/25/2021 - Covid-19 Vaccine Boosters May Be Needed for Some People Sooner Than Others

6/25/2021 - Read the Pentagon's Big Declassified UFO Report Right Here

6/25/2021 - DC Super-Pets, Ranked

6/25/2021 - The 7 Weirdest Things About Venus, Hell Planet

6/25/2021 - Verizon Would Like to Sell You an Alexa-Powered Smart Display

6/25/2021 - Virgin Galactic Gets Official Clearance to Start Flying Paying Customers to Space

6/25/2021 - Dune Gets Delayed Again, But Not as Long This Time

6/25/2021 - On Star Wars: The Bad Batch, It's Bounty Hunter Battles and Big Revelations

6/25/2021 - NASA Scientists Find More Subsurface Lakes on Mars

6/25/2021 - Windows 11 Will Let You Sideload Android Apps, No Amazon Required

6/25/2021 - Evil's Michael Emerson Shares What It's Like to Play a Guy More Sinister Than Satan

6/25/2021 - California App Maker Turns Overseas Gig Workers Into Intelligence-Gathering Military Assets

6/25/2021 - Amazon's AWS Is Buying Encrypted Messaging Service Wickr

6/25/2021 - Maps Show North America's Growing Tick Invasion

6/25/2021 - Warren Ellis Responds to Accusation Backlash: 'I'm at the Start of a Long Road' [Updated]

6/25/2021 - Why Cities Should Ban Cars, According to Science

6/25/2021 - TSA Asks Travelers to Stop Attacking Officers, Restarts In-Flight Combat Training

6/25/2021 - Schmigadoon Trailer Traps Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key in a Magical Musical

6/25/2021 - Japanese Police Arrest Three People for Uploading 'Fast Movies' on YouTube

6/25/2021 - Mining Giant Literally Threw Ancient Artifacts in Trash, Aboriginal Group Says

6/25/2021 - Stop Kissing Chickens

6/25/2021 - Candyman's True Horror Was a Matter of Perspective

6/25/2021 - The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Might Measure Body Composition

6/25/2021 - The Best Wireless Headphones To Buy

6/25/2021 - Move Over Neanderthals, Newly Discovered ‘Dragon Man’ Might Be Our True Sister Species

6/25/2021 - Samsung's Next Two Foldable Phones Apparently Revealed in New Leaks

6/25/2021 - Supernatural's Brothers Are Fighting Again—for Real This Time

6/25/2021 - Smallville's Tom Welling Says He's Returning to Clark, in Animated Form

6/25/2021 - How to Recover Any Version of a File

6/25/2021 - The Best Tech YouTube Channels You Don't Know About

6/25/2021 - Western Digital Confirms 'My Book Live' Drives Are Being Deleted Remotely

6/25/2021 - El Salvador to Give Every Citizen $30 in Bitcoin for Downloading Govt Crypto App

6/24/2021 - Robinhood's Planned IPO Faces Delays Amid SEC Review of Crypto Enterprise

6/24/2021 - Halloween Kills' First Trailer Reveals Something Not-So-Shocking About Michael Myers' Fiery Fate

6/24/2021 - For Just $125,000, You Too Can Take a Balloon Ride to Space

6/24/2021 - Shang-Chi's New Trailer Blasts the Marvel Universe Into Phase 4

6/24/2021 - Soon You May Get to Watch Major Supreme Court Cases Broadcast Live on TV

6/24/2021 - Android Apps on Windows 11 Could Bring Apple's Seamlessness to the PC

6/24/2021 - Star Wars: The Bad Batch Is Halfway Done, and Here's a Video to Celebrate

6/24/2021 - Zack Snyder's Declaration About Superhero Sex Has Been Mysteriously Silenced

6/24/2021 - Hacker Breaks ATMs Using Only a Handy Cellphone

6/24/2021 - Windows 11 Is the Overhaul Microsoft Needed

6/24/2021 - All 10 Fast and Furious Films, Ranked

6/24/2021 - 30 Million Dell Devices Have Preinstalled Software With ‘Severe’ Security Flaws

6/24/2021 - Amazing Spider-Man's New Era Brings Back Ben Reilly as Spider-Man

6/24/2021 - The End of Cookies Is Coming Later than We Thought

6/24/2021 - 99% of Americans Dying of Covid-19 Were Not Fully Vaccinated

6/24/2021 - Interview with the Vampire TV Show Rises Again at AMC

6/24/2021 - Joe Biden’s Justice Department Defends Line 3 Pipeline

6/24/2021 - Surprising Human Remains From Israeli Quarry Complicate Our Evolutionary Picture

6/24/2021 - Researchers Produce Obvious Study on Dunking Because They're Nerds

6/24/2021 - Game of Thrones' Lena Headey Accurately Calls Filming That Torture Scene a 'Shit Time'

6/24/2021 - Reducing Stress Can Sometimes Reverse Gray Hair, Study Finds

6/24/2021 - The Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anniversaries of Summer 2021

6/24/2021 - The Beeple Guy Joins Forces With the Pitchfork Guy to Sell Moments in History as NFTs

6/24/2021 - Fandom Launches New LGBTQIA+ Guidelines for All Its Wikis

6/24/2021 - Here Are All of Windows 11's New Features

6/24/2021 - Greta Thunberg Roasts UK Government for Wanting to Drill the North Sea

6/24/2021 - California’s Megadrought Is Making Water Taste Like Ass

6/24/2021 - The Stranger Things Kids Will Go on a Goonies-Style Adventure in a New Dark Horse Miniseries

6/24/2021 - NASA Is Struggling to Identify Source of Hubble Space Telescope Computer Glitch

6/24/2021 - Life is Strange's Max and Chloe Will Say Goodbye in Their Final Comics

6/24/2021 - Paleontologists Find Evidence of Dinosaurs Nesting Near the North Pole

6/24/2021 - Optimum's Reason for Slashing Upload Speeds Doesn't Make Any Sense

6/24/2021 - Google Is Teaming Up With Jio to Bring an 'Ultra-Affordable' 4G Android Phone to India

6/24/2021 - How to Watch Microsoft's Windows 11 Event—and What to Expect

6/24/2021 - Marvel's SWORD Brought 2 Unexpected Guests to the X-Men's Hellfire Gala and Beyond

6/24/2021 - TCL's New Smart Glasses Are Portable Movie Screens

6/24/2021 - Ingenuity Flies Again as Perseverance Rover Starts Looking for Life on Mars

6/24/2021 - Apple's Newest Store Is Over the Top, Even for Apple

6/24/2021 - Disney Recruits Scarlett Johansson to Turn Another Park Ride Into a Movie

6/24/2021 - How to Work in Virtual Reality, and Why You'd Even Want To

6/24/2021 - Canada to Make Online Hate Speech a Crime Punishable by $16,000 Fine

6/24/2021 - China Hopes to Put First Human on Mars in 2033: Report

6/23/2021 - NBCUniversal’s Peacock Will Arrive On Amazon's Fire TV On June 24

6/23/2021 - Apple Says It Needs the App Store in Order to Protect Consumers From Scams

6/23/2021 - Warhammer+ Is Already the Best Streaming Service, Because None of the Other Pluses Come With a Free Orc

6/23/2021 - Q-Force's First Trailer Wants in on All the Corporate Gay Pandering

6/23/2021 - A Woman Developed Life-Threatening Sepsis 14 Months After She Got Cosmetic Butt Fillers

6/23/2021 - Warren Buffett Resigns From the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, No Reason

6/23/2021 - iPhone 14 Will Reportedly Bring Back Touch ID—Under the Screen

6/23/2021 - Amazon Studios' The Boys Adds 3 More Boys

6/23/2021 - Birds Use Quantum Mechanics to See Magnetic Fields, New Research Suggests

6/23/2021 - A Google Drive Update Might Break All Your Links

6/23/2021 - AI Helps Restore the Missing Pieces of a Chopped-Up Rembrandt

6/23/2021 - Warren Ellis' Accusers Respond to His Image Comics Return With Ben Templesmith [Updated]

6/23/2021 - John McAfee Has Died of Suspected Suicide

6/23/2021 - Martian Dust Could End NASA’s InSight Mission in a Matter of Months

6/23/2021 - Pilot Reveals Walk-Through Server Room Underneath Airbus 350 Cockpit

6/23/2021 - Chinese Mountain Cat Is Fully Wild Despite Its Cuddly Appearance, DNA Shows

6/23/2021 - It Looks Like Peloton Wants to Get Into Wearables

6/23/2021 - Before Marvel's Eternals, Read Madeline Miller's Circe

6/23/2021 - I Miss the Netbook That Made Me Feel Cool for a Summer

6/23/2021 - Tucker Carlson Thinks Climate Change Is a Conspiracy to Shrink Your Kids

6/23/2021 - New Device Creates Water From Thin Air

6/23/2021 - American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson Reveals Her Least Favorite Season

6/23/2021 - A 'Record-Breaking and Dangerous' Heat Wave Is About to Hit the West Coast

6/23/2021 - Samsung's New Wear OS Smartwatch Just Leaked

6/23/2021 - Critical Role Heads to Animation in the First Look at Legend of Vox Machina

6/23/2021 - No Strong Evidence Supplements Do Anything for Weight Loss, Large Review Finds

6/23/2021 - Google Glass Was Ugly, but Facebook's AR Baseball Hat Might Actually Be Worse

6/23/2021 - Candyman's New Trailer Dares You to Say His Name

6/23/2021 - Microsoft Warns That Hackers Using Call Centers to Trick Users Into Downloading Ransomware

6/23/2021 - This Apple Watch Camera Band Brings Live Video to Your Wrist

6/23/2021 - On Loki, What Makes a Loki a Loki Is Anything But Low Key

6/23/2021 - Supreme Court Rules Cheerleader’s ‘F*ck School’ Snapchat Post Was Protected Speech

6/23/2021 - Aliens From 1,715 Stars Could’ve Seen Earth Over the Past 5,000 Years, Study Suggests

6/23/2021 - Netflix's Latest Dating Series Puts Monster Kink at the Forefront

6/23/2021 - Summer Camp Island's A Quiet Place Spoof Broke All the Rules for Good Reason

6/23/2021 - Why It’s Taking so Long for Lego to Make Bricks From Recycled Plastic

6/23/2021 - George R.R. Martin Is Also Bummed Game of Thrones Went Beyond the Books

6/23/2021 - Updates From Borderlands, Superman and Lois, and More

6/23/2021 - Lenovo's Revamped ThinkPad X1 Extreme Is Now Slimmer and Way More Powerful

6/23/2021 - DOJ Seizes Middle East News Sites for Allegedly Spreading Disinformation

6/22/2021 - Big Tech CEOs Apparently Not Loving New Bills Seeking to Trust Bust Big Tech

6/22/2021 - Microsoft Just Became the Second Company to Reach a $2 Trillion Market Value

6/22/2021 - Disney's Live-Action Snow White Has Found Its Lead

6/22/2021 - The OnePlus Merger With Oppo Might Be the End of Android Enthusiast Phones

6/22/2021 - Google Is Exploring Post-Pandemic Remote Work Options for Employees

6/22/2021 - Ancient Elephants Quickly Shrank Into Dwarfs on the Island of Sicily, DNA Suggests

6/22/2021 - Netflix Captures Two of Our Big Interests With a New Animated Series Titled Dogs in Space

6/22/2021 - Teamsters Announce Huge New Plan to Unionize U.S. Amazon Workers [Updated]

6/22/2021 - Court Says Damon Dash Can’t Sell NFT of Jay-Z’s First Album... For Now

6/22/2021 - Verification Is Dead. It’s All About Super Followers on Twitter, Now.

6/22/2021 - The Annette Trailer Takes Adam Driver on a Surreal Journey Into Fatherhood

6/22/2021 - Coal Miners Go on Strike and Fox News Goes Silent

6/22/2021 - Airlines to DOJ: Please, Start Putting Passengers From Hell in Prison

6/22/2021 - Conservation Project Goes Awry as Tasmanian Devils Start Killing Penguins

6/22/2021 - For the Love of Star Wars, Someone at Lucasfilm Take Emilia Clarke's Notes and Do Something

6/22/2021 - The First 'Designed for Xbox' Displays Are Here

6/22/2021 - Peloton’s New Tread+ Problem Is a Reminder That You Don’t Really Own Your Connected Gadgets

6/22/2021 - Transformers 7 Is Subtitled Rise of the Beasts

6/22/2021 - Marvel's Villainous Adds Loki, New Skyrim Board Game Details, and More Gaming News

6/22/2021 - Incoming Visitor From the Oort Cloud Could Be Among the Largest Comets Ever Documented

6/22/2021 - Black Widow's Cate Shortland Tells Us Why Now Is the Time for Natasha's Film

6/22/2021 - This Upgraded Movie Theater Seat Has Its Own Private Surround Sound

6/22/2021 - Hedge Fund That Took Massive Losses on GameStop Thanks to WallStreetBets Is Shutting Down

6/22/2021 - This Pole-Dancing-Company-Turned-Oil-Driller Is the Latest Meme Stock

6/22/2021 - His Dark Materials Starts Production on Its Final Season

6/22/2021 - In Strawberry Mansion's First Trailer, Pop-Up Ads Are Literal Nightmares

6/22/2021 - Facebook’s First Oculus Ads Partner Is Already Retreating

6/22/2021 - UN Says the Great Barrier Reef Is 'In Danger,' Causing Australia to Have a Meltdown

6/22/2021 - Bitcoin's Price Plummets as China Cracks Down on Trades

6/22/2021 - The Worst Deals of Amazon Prime Day 2021 (Update: Day 2)

6/22/2021 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Shadowdale

6/22/2021 - The Android Google App Is Crashing, Here Are Some Ways to Fix It

6/22/2021 - A Rare, Cancer-Like Parasite Is Emerging in North America

6/22/2021 - The Green Knight's History Lesson Seemingly Spoils a Movie-Specific Twist

6/22/2021 - Massive 16TB External SSD Drive Is Eclipsed by Its Even Heftier Price Tag

6/22/2021 - Even More Shazam: Fury of the Gods Pictures Reveal Helen Mirren's Villain

6/22/2021 - Ground Temperatures Hit 118 Degrees in the Arctic Circle

6/22/2021 - The Suicide Squad's Newest Trailer Takes a Shot at Superman [Updated]

6/22/2021 - Acer's Chromebook Spin 713 Is a Powerful Beast With a Pretty Display

6/22/2021 - Navy Tests New Aircraft Carrier by Blasting the Area With 40,000 Pounds of Explosives

6/21/2021 - What We Do in the Shadows Spin-Off Wellington Paranormal Is Already Our Favorite Comedy of the Summer

6/21/2021 - The Best Streaming Services

6/21/2021 - The Boys Showrunner Says Season 3 Will Explore How 'Politics Are Turning Us on Each Other'

6/21/2021 - Eat Shit, Bongino

6/21/2021 - City Sinking Into Sea Welcomes Bitcoin Miners

6/21/2021 - Here's Who Funds the Tech Think Tanks Asking Congress to Reconsider This Whole Antitrust Thing

6/21/2021 - Evil Chomps Into Season 2 With Sinister Glee

6/21/2021 - NYC Advises Orgy Goers to Get Vaccinated ASAP

6/21/2021 - American Airlines ‘Unprecedented Weather’ Excuse for Canceling Flights Into July Sounds Suspect

6/21/2021 - Legends of Tomorrow’s Latest Melted My Heart With Star-Crossed Cuties

6/21/2021 - CCTV Company Uses 'Virtual Supervisors' to Spy On and Yell at Convenience Store Workers

6/21/2021 - Steven Spielberg's Pretty OK With Netflix Now

6/21/2021 - Hubble Space Telescope Takes Another Look at 'Weird' Galaxy That Seems to Lack Dark Matter

6/21/2021 - Cops Got Freebies to Sell Ring Doorbell Cameras

6/21/2021 - Amazon Trashes Millions of Products a Year at Just One Warehouse: Report

6/21/2021 - Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts to Do Anything on Windows and macOS

6/21/2021 - Werewolves Within's Quirky Characters Make It a Howling Good Time

6/21/2021 - Here Are the Labor Abuses Behind Prime Day

6/21/2021 - In Rick and Morty's Season 5 Premiere, a Greasy Clone of Marvel's Namor Stood Tall

6/21/2021 - Buying a Car Improved My Life. It Shouldn't Have.

6/21/2021 - Everybody Loves Christopher Lloyd in This Exclusive Nobody Clip

6/21/2021 - Dippin' Dots CEO Leaked Ex-Girlfriend's Nude Photos to Her Mom, Lawsuit Claims

6/21/2021 - Tuca & Bertie Got High and Heavy on the Fumes of Codependency

6/21/2021 - 9 Quotes From Republican Politicians Next to Their State's Damning Heat Graphs

6/21/2021 - China's Crypto Crackdown Could Help Usher in a Return to Sanity for GPU Prices

6/21/2021 - Bizarre Outbreak of Tuberculosis Linked to Donated Bone Grafts, CDC and FDA Officials Say

6/21/2021 - Shazam: Fury of the Gods Reveals Its Marvelous Supersuits Before They Leak (Again)

6/21/2021 - Drinking From This Special Straw Promises to Cure the Hiccups 90% of the Time

6/21/2021 - New Snake Eyes Trailer Makes Cobra a Much Bigger Threat

6/21/2021 - Young Physicists Are Shaping the Next Generation of Discoveries

6/21/2021 - The Flash Set Pictures Give Us a Fuller Look at Supergirl's New Suit

6/21/2021 - This WiFi 6E Router Proves Next-Gen Connectivity Is Just Too Expensive

6/21/2021 - What's the Most Significant Hack in History?

6/21/2021 - Bitcoin Plunges as China's Sichuan Province Pulls Plug on Crypto Mining

6/21/2021 - American Airlines Cancels Hundreds of Flights Through Mid-July

6/20/2021 - Don’t Connect Your iPhone to This Wifi Network

6/20/2021 - Ms. Marvel Comic Miniseries to Hit Shelves This September

6/20/2021 - Suicide Squad's King Shark Was a Pain in the Ass for James Gunn

6/20/2021 - California Launches Website to Help Residents Get Digital Vaccine Record, Insists It’s Not a Passport

6/20/2021 - The Award for the WORST Anime Dub of All Time Goes to…

6/20/2021 - Black Widow Could Be the First of Many Prequel Films According to Kevin Feige

6/19/2021 - Thousands Have Signed an Online Petition for Jeff Bezos to Buy and Eat the Mona Lisa

6/19/2021 - Texas Power Companies Are Remotely Raising Temperatures on Residents' Smart Thermostats

6/19/2021 - Facebook Will Clarify Its ‘Satire Exception’ for Moderating Content

6/19/2021 - Issues With Face Recognition Software Used to Verify Unemployment Recipients Is Costing People Benefits

6/19/2021 - Boba Fett Solo Series Has Wrapped Filming and Debuts in December 2021

6/19/2021 - Google Could Be Cooking Up Its Own Version of Apple’s Powerful 'Find My' Network for Android

6/19/2021 - California Hydropower Plant May Have to Shut Down as Record Heat Wave Drains Key Reservoir

6/19/2021 - Watchmen Almost Cast a Different Actress as Laurie Blake aka Silk Spectre

6/19/2021 - James Cameron Explores His Cinematic Creative Process With MasterClass

6/19/2021 - Disney+ Original Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire Series Will Debut in 2022

6/18/2021 - Twitter Rallies Behind HBO Max Intern Blamed for Test Email Accidentally Sent to Subscribers

6/18/2021 - Fantasy Football League 'Total Loser' Sentenced to 24-Hour Stint in Waffle House as Punishment

6/18/2021 - 10 Pure and Beautiful On-Screen Platonic Male Friendships to Watch with the Boys

6/18/2021 - YouTube Will Roll Out Picture-in-Picture Support to iOS Users Starting with Premium Subscribers

6/18/2021 - Star Wars Goes New School and Old School, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

6/18/2021 - Spotify Buys Podz to Make It Easier to Find Podcasts You Actually Like

6/18/2021 - Godzilla vs. Megalon Might Be a Mess, But It Kind of Knows It

6/18/2021 - Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Lack of Queer Representation Isn't On Anthony Mackie

6/18/2021 - There's No Way Out On Star Wars: The Bad Batch

6/18/2021 - Supergirl's Cinematic Supersuit Is Here In a Tiny New Flash Tease

6/18/2021 - 14 of Rick and Morty's Most Excellent Season 4 Moments

6/18/2021 - This Bot Clicking Ads on Climate Articles Shows the News Is Broken

6/18/2021 - Get a Look Inside Star Wars: Queen’s Hope, as Padmé Makes a Tough Decision

6/18/2021 - How the FBI Is Trying to Break Encryption Without Actually Breaking Encryption

6/18/2021 - I Hate Recycling

6/18/2021 - How My Robot Vacuum Got Me Through the Pandemic

6/18/2021 - Updates From The Suicide Squad, John Wick: Chapter 4, and More

6/18/2021 - Why Venus Is Soon to Be the Most Exciting Place in the Solar System

6/18/2021 - This Weird Air-Filtering Face Mask Picked the Worst Possible Time

6/18/2021 - PornHub's Parent Company MindGeek Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Hosting Nonconsensual Sex Videos

6/17/2021 - Pickpockets in Brazil Are Reportedly Going After Smartphones to Clean Out Victims' Bank Accounts

6/17/2021 - Congressman Introduces National Right-to-Repair Bill

6/17/2021 - Tamagotchi's Smartwatch Is Way Cuter Than Apple's

6/17/2021 - Settlers' New Trailer Harvests Peril on the Martian Frontier

6/17/2021 - Megan Fox Makes a Return to Horror in the Trailer for Till Death

6/17/2021 - Amazon's Weird Body Fat Scanner Is Still a Problem

6/17/2021 - You Can Sign Up to Test Sony's PS5 Beta Software Before 'Major' Update Coming Soon

6/17/2021 - 10 Things We Liked About The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 (and 6 We Didn't)

6/17/2021 - Mirrors That Detect Ripples in Space-Time Were Frozen to Near Absolute Zero

6/17/2021 - Federal Ban on Warrantless 'Stingrays' Finds Bipartisan Support

6/17/2021 - Florida Republican Recorded Threatening Opponent With 'Russian Hit Squad, Close-Battle Combat, Mac-10s, Silencers Kind of Thing'

6/17/2021 - Blacula Will Rise Again to Seek Revenge in New Reboot

6/17/2021 - Making Mass Effect Recognize My Queerness Was Worth the Wait

6/17/2021 - If Pixar Made The Shining, It Would Still Freak Me Out

6/17/2021 - Aging Hubble Space Telescope in Safe Mode Following Computer Glitch

6/17/2021 - 'Vigilante Malware' Is Preventing People From Visiting Their Favorite Piracy Sites

6/17/2021 - The How It Ends Trailer Shows an Introspective, Funny Apocalypse

6/17/2021 - Coffee Is Good for You, Coffee Is Bad for You

6/17/2021 - Titans Season 3 Gives Us Batgirl in a Wheelchair

6/17/2021 - This Browser Plugin Can Kill Those Annoying ‘Privacy Setting’ Pop-Ups

6/17/2021 - So That's What Loki's Powers Are

6/17/2021 - You Can Soon Compost Dead Friends and Family in Oregon

6/17/2021 - The First Black Widow Reactions Praise Florence Pugh and Massive Action

6/17/2021 - 20 Cool Command Line Tricks for Windows and macOS

6/17/2021 - First Murder Hornet of 2021 Was Just Found in the U.S.

6/17/2021 - Titans' Season 3 Trailer Teases a Death in the Family

6/17/2021 - New Vaccine Failure Reminds Us How Much Worse Things Could Be Right Now

6/17/2021 - Area Ex-President Still Yelling About How Wind Turbines Will Kill Us All

6/17/2021 - This Interactive Map Shows Just How Shitty America's Internet Is

6/17/2021 - Ghostly Deep Sea Fish Surprises Scientists Again—It Can Live for 100 Years

6/17/2021 - Newly Discovered Giant Rhino Fossil Defies the Imagination

6/17/2021 - NASA: Earth Is Absorbing an 'Unprecedented' Amount of Heat

6/17/2021 - Amazon Has Removed RavPower From Its Store Amid Crackdown on Fake Reviews

6/17/2021 - Great, Snakebots Can Now Burrow Underground so We'll Never See Them Coming

6/17/2021 - Aardman Teams With Netflix for a Truly Adorable Holiday Special

6/17/2021 - All-Time Temperature Records Are Putting U.S. Power Grids at Risk

6/17/2021 - Updates From Stranger Things Season 4, Evil Dead Rise, and More

6/17/2021 - Microsoft Updates Apps With Collaborative Features for Our Hybrid Work Future

6/17/2021 - Dyson's Laser Vacuum Is as Excessive as It Is Satisfying

6/17/2021 - Hong Kong Police Raid Pro-Democracy Newspaper Apple Daily in Latest Crackdown by Beijing

6/17/2021 - Websites of Australia's Banks, Airlines, and Post Office Are All Down

6/16/2021 - Biden Wags Finger at Putin Over Human Rights and Cyberattacks, Then Gives Him Crystal Buffalo

6/16/2021 - Microsoft Appoints CEO Satya Nadella As Company Chairman

6/16/2021 - J.J. Abrams Is Producing a New UFO Documentary for Showtime

6/16/2021 - No, Brands Can't Target Ads At Your Dreams

6/16/2021 - Workhorse Is Taking the USPS to Federal Court Over Lost Mail Vehicle Contract

6/16/2021 - The Lillith Trailer Shows Why Summoning Even a Helpful Demon Is a Bad Idea

6/16/2021 - Trump Judges Are Already Screwing Biden's Climate Agenda

6/16/2021 - Why You’re Probably Not Getting a Switch Pro This Year

6/16/2021 - Sea Turtles Lead Space Force Straight to the Cocaine

6/16/2021 - James Gunn on The Suicide Squad's 'Shitty Supervillains,' Post-Credit Scenes, and More

6/16/2021 - A Classic Horror Story Looks Gory and Terrifying

6/16/2021 - Speedo’s Swimsuit of the Future Will Have You Looking Like Aquaman

6/16/2021 - NASA’s ‘Moonikin’ Will Boldly Go Where No Test Dummy Has Gone Before

6/16/2021 - Lots of People Don't Want Kids and Are Happy About It, Survey Finds

6/16/2021 - One Receipt's Worth of CVS Health Records Were Exposed Online

6/16/2021 - Loki Theories: Let's Hear Your Best and Your Worst

6/16/2021 - Forget 5G, Super-Fast 6G Is Already Here

6/16/2021 - Antidepressants in Our Water Make Crayfish Go Buck Wild

6/16/2021 - 8 Pushing Daisies Episodes to Revisit During Fruit Pie Season

6/16/2021 - China Set to Launch First Crew to Its New Space Station

6/16/2021 - Disney+ Original Shows (Including Marvel) Are Making a Leap to Wednesdays

6/16/2021 - Project Veritas 'Whistleblower' Complains Fox Station Suppressed Bitcoin Reports

6/16/2021 - Star Trek: Picard's Season 2 Trailer Teases Q and a Time-Twisting Mess

6/16/2021 - You Can Wear This Umbrella as a Rain Poncho When You Don't Have a Free Hand to Carry It

6/16/2021 - I Made Peace With Flying Less

6/16/2021 - Sony’s PSVR 2 Will Reportedly Launch in 2022, Here’s What We Know So Far

6/16/2021 - Pixar's Luca Is a Lovely, Funny Movie That Tries a Little Too Hard

6/16/2021 - The Mystery of Betelgeuse's Weird Dimming Is Likely Solved

6/16/2021 - A Quiet Place 2's Ending Will Inform the Spin-off, According to John Krasinski

6/16/2021 - Xbox One Consoles Will Get Next-Gen Games Through Xbox Cloud Gaming

6/16/2021 - The Last Images From Doomed Space Probes

6/16/2021 - Researchers Can Now Make Moving Videos From Just a Single Photo

6/16/2021 - Cats Is the Ultimate Cinematic Test

6/16/2021 - I Miss Using Floppy Disks as Small Treasure Chests for Fanfiction

6/16/2021 - New Thor: Love and Thunder Pictures Reveal Jane Foster's Mighty Costume

6/16/2021 - Marvel's Loki Is Already Putting Twists on Its Twists

6/16/2021 - Lenovo's Upgraded ThinkPad P1 Packs In 5G and a Perfect Webcam for Video Calls

6/16/2021 - Alienware Picked a Good Time to Get Back on Board With AMD

6/16/2021 - Apple Testing Secret Health Care Program with Doctors at Apple-Owned Clinics: Report

6/16/2021 - Australian Cops Spy on Covid Check-In App Despite Privacy Promises From Government

6/16/2021 - Peloton Bike+ Was Vulnerable to Remote Hacking, Researchers Find

6/15/2021 - Jennifer Lopez Will Battle a Killer AI in a New Netflix Movie

6/15/2021 - The Uzumaki Anime Has Shared 35 Gorgeous, Haunting Seconds to Distract You From the Fact It's Delayed Again

6/15/2021 - Parler Warned the FBI of Potential Violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6 More Than 50 Times

6/15/2021 - Accused Capitol Rioter to Judge: Pretty Please, Let Me Out of Home Detention for a Classic Car Show

6/15/2021 - CW Sets Return Dates for All Its DC Superhero Shows (and Then Some)

6/15/2021 - Google Messages Is Finally Getting Support for End-to-End Encryption

6/15/2021 - Trump Lackeys Asked DOJ to Investigate Random Italian Guy's Claim Biden Stole Election With Satellites

6/15/2021 - CDC to Ban Dogs From 113 Countries for a Year Over Rabies Fears

6/15/2021 - Central Park Season 2 Trailer Continues the Musical Fight to Save New York

6/15/2021 - Realme's 'Flagship Killer' Puts a Cutting-Edge Processor In an Affordable Phone

6/15/2021 - NASA’s Upcoming Megarocket Is Really Starting to Take Shape

6/15/2021 - This Robot Performs Amazing Jumps and Flips by Swinging Its Cyber-Penis Around

6/15/2021 - It's Not Too Late to Get on the Infinity Train

6/15/2021 - Windows 11 Leaks Indicate a Dramatic New Look Is Coming Soon

6/15/2021 - Huge Sinkhole Opens Up on South Australian Coast

6/15/2021 - The Witcher Anime Prequel Will Explore What It Takes to Be a Witcher

6/15/2021 - Big Tech Antitrust Crusader Lina Khan Joins the FTC

6/15/2021 - A Deadly Super-Fungus Has Emerged in Brazil, Aided by Covid-19

6/15/2021 - How Masters of the Universe: Revelation Updates He-Man for 2021

6/15/2021 - Nintendo Is Going to Bleed Fans Dry With Game & Watches Featuring Every Classic Franchise

6/15/2021 - This Double-Sided Wireless Battery Can Charge Your iPhone and AirPods At the Same Time

6/15/2021 - Pixar’s Luca Went Through Many Big Changes on Its Way to Disney+

6/15/2021 - The West’s Water Restriction Nightmare Is Just Beginning

6/15/2021 - Airbnb Will Temporarily Ban Listings Where Tenants Have Been Evicted for Not Paying Rent

6/15/2021 - Timewasters' Time-Travel Adventures Are Definitely Not a Waste of Time

6/15/2021 - Aliens Wouldn't Need Warp Drives to Take Over an Entire Galaxy, Simulation Suggests

6/15/2021 - Sharks With Weird Sores and Lesions Have Appeared at a Popular Malaysian Dive Spot

6/15/2021 - Twitter Is Testing Out Allowing Users to Just Make Themselves Unmentionable

6/15/2021 - These Padded Wraps Will Protect Your Gadgets Like Precious Leftovers

6/15/2021 - Google Is Dropping 6 New Android Features Ahead of Android 12

6/15/2021 - That Beauty and the Beast Gaston Prequel Is Actually Happening

6/15/2021 - A 56-Year-Old Plane Crash Mystery May Have Been Solved Thanks to California’s Drought

6/15/2021 - Joe Exotic Will Start Selling NFTs and Weed From Prison

6/15/2021 - Ikea and Sonos Want You to Hang Your Speakers on a Wall

6/15/2021 - The Tomorrow War's Latest Trailer Makes Me Wonder Why They Didn't Draft Cooler People

6/15/2021 - Clever Crystal Ball Dock Magnifies Your Apple Watch's Screen for a Better Bedside Alarm Clock

6/15/2021 - Even More Obi-Wan Kenobi Set Pictures Tease a Mystery Role

6/15/2021 - The Big Oil Instagram Influencers Are Here

6/15/2021 - The OnePlus Nord N200 5G Might Be the Budget 5G Phone to Beat

6/15/2021 - Taco Bell Giving Free Tacos to California Customers Who Get Vaccinated Against Covid-19

6/14/2021 - Disney's Pivot to Prioritizing Streaming Is Working Out Just Fine, Thanks

6/14/2021 - Big Mouth Spinoff Human Resources Reveals Its Monstrous Voice Cast

6/14/2021 - Google Hangouts Is Now Google Chat, and Good Luck Figuring Out Why

6/14/2021 - Razer Claims the Blade 14 Is the Most Powerful 14-Inch Gaming Laptop Yet

6/14/2021 - Disney’s U.S. Parks Abandon Mask Mandates for the Pinky Swear System

6/14/2021 - Extreme Heat Could Knock Out Texas’ Grid

6/14/2021 - QAnon Is, Somehow, About to Get Worse, FBI Warns

6/14/2021 - Supreme Court Puts New Hacking Precedent to the Test In Old LinkedIn Case

6/14/2021 - Video Shows Wooden Satellite Prototype in the Stratosphere

6/14/2021 - YouTube Bans Political Ads From Its Top Ad Spot

6/14/2021 - E3 2021's Most Nerdtastic Video Game Announcements (So Far)

6/14/2021 - Watch Live: Space Force Rocket Launch Should Be Visible From Eastern U.S. on Tuesday Morning

6/14/2021 - The Insidiousness of Wiggle Words

6/14/2021 - If You've Got an Older iPhone, You Should Download This Security Update Now

6/14/2021 - Stargirl's Season 2 Trailer Reveals Its Very Own Green Lantern

6/14/2021 - How to Take Screenshots of Anything

6/14/2021 - NSA Leaker Reality Winner Is Released From Prison

6/14/2021 - Windows Users, It’s Time to Prepare for the End of 10

6/14/2021 - Loki's Gugu Mbatha-Raw Dives Into Her Mysterious Marvel Time Judge

6/14/2021 - Flying a Drone Near a Pipeline Could Soon Cost You $4,000 in Louisiana

6/14/2021 - Cops in Ocean City Tase Teen for Vaping

6/14/2021 - Static: Season One Is a Proud Celebration of Black Hair's Natural Beauty

6/14/2021 - Gigantic 'Blinking' Star Presents a Cosmic Mystery

6/14/2021 - Honolulu Police Department Used $150,000 in CARES Funds on Robot Dog

6/14/2021 - Meet Star Trek: Prodigy's Young Alien Heroes

6/14/2021 - It's Going to Be Way Too Hot in the West This Week

6/14/2021 - Mamoru Hosoda's Belle Will Come to the West This Winter

6/14/2021 - In Centaurworld's First Trailer, a War Horse Swaps Battles for Ballads

6/14/2021 - Blood Glucose Monitoring Isn't Likely for the Apple Watch Series 7

6/14/2021 - Beats Studio Buds Are an Android-Friendly Alternative to AirPods Pro

6/14/2021 - Mothra’s Massive Mondo Statue Will Let You Bow Down to the Queen

6/14/2021 - Your Brain Will Have a Hard Time Processing This Self-Balancing Electric Bicycle in Action

6/14/2021 - The Book of Boba Fett Wants to Dive Back Into Star Wars' Past

6/14/2021 - Will We Ever Be Able to Clean Up All Our Trash?

6/14/2021 - Elon Musk Juices Bitcoin Price Yet Again With His Stupid Tweets

6/14/2021 - That Viral Ad for Dan Crenshaw's Fourth of July Party is Slightly Fake

6/13/2021 - Microsoft Makes the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Meme a Reality, Will Sell It This Holiday Season

6/13/2021 - Bars With Vaccine Requirements Are Being Flooded With Negative Reviews: Report

6/13/2021 - Is Censor the Future of Giallo Horror?

6/13/2021 - Is Loki's Judge Revonna Renslayer Friend or Foe?

6/13/2021 - Amazon Unveils Fleet of Cutesy-Named Robots to Make Its Warehouses Less of a Hazardous Hellscape

6/13/2021 - A Mysterious Bidder Just Paid $28 Million to Fly to Space With Jeff Bezos on July 20

6/13/2021 - Invincible's Showrunner Discusses the Challenges of Creating Season Finale

6/13/2021 - The Matrix 4's Jessica Henwick Is Fulfilling Her Dreams Starring in Film

6/12/2021 - Apple Channels Its Inner Little Mermaid to Try to Sell You the New iPad Pro

6/12/2021 - Like Google Chrome, Chrome OS Will Transition to a Four-Week Update Release Cycle

6/12/2021 - Netflix Drops a New Arcane Clip During Geeked Week

6/12/2021 - Apple and Microsoft Say They Had No Idea Trump-Era DOJ Requested Data on Political Rivals

6/12/2021 - Facebook Unveils AI Model That Copies Text Style From Images Using a Single Word

6/12/2021 - John Cho Lends His Voice to Netflix's Wish Dragon

6/12/2021 - See's Season 2 Trailer Is Live and David Bautista Joins the Series

6/12/2021 - Kevin Bacon Joins Toxic Avenger as the Main Villian

6/12/2021 - Whale Takes One Bite, Sends Man Right Back to Kitchen

6/11/2021 - Telecom Companies Win Injunction to Put New York's Affordable Internet Law on Hold

6/11/2021 - House Lawmakers Say They Want to Break Up With Big Tech

6/11/2021 - Puppets and Gore Make a Delightful Combo in Horror Short Snore

6/11/2021 - Wow, Marvel Got Owen Wilson an Action Figure Already

6/11/2021 - Electronic Arts Hackers Say Slack Was Their Secret Weapon: Report

6/11/2021 - Trump’s Miserable Mouthpiece Leaving for Fantastical Social Media Platform

6/11/2021 - Teen Titans Go! See Space Jam's Trailer Is Beyond Meta

6/11/2021 - A 'Breakthrough' Trial Used Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes to Stamp Out Dengue

6/11/2021 - European Space Agency Lays Out Plans for Next 30 Years of Space Exploration

6/11/2021 - Loki Director Kate Herron Takes Us Inside the Timey-Wimey Influences of the TVA

6/11/2021 - Now You Can Turn the Commodore 64 Into a Delightfully Chunky Game Boy

6/11/2021 - A Hanging Glacial ‘Tooth’ Caused February’s Deadly Indian Flash Flood

6/11/2021 - China’s New Rover Captures Unique Selfie on Mars

6/11/2021 - Star Wars: The Bad Batch Finally Solved a Big Problem

6/11/2021 - Google's Quest to Kill the Cookie Is Creating a Privacy Shitshow

6/11/2021 - Netflix's Castlevania Is Getting a Spin-Off Series

6/11/2021 - This Shockingly Invasive Malware Stole Data from 3.25 Million Windows Computers

6/11/2021 - Biden Reverses One of Trump’s ‘Most Reckless and Irresponsible’ Decisions

6/11/2021 - These Google Links Can Keep Search Results From Ruining Your Life

6/11/2021 - Netflix's Resident Evil Live-Action Show Casts Lance Reddick as Wesker

6/11/2021 - Scientists Produce Healthy Mice From Sperm Kept in Space for Nearly 6 Years

6/11/2021 - DARPA's Latest Defense Weapon Knocks Drones Out of the Sky Using Advanced... Confetti Streamers?

6/11/2021 - 7 Shocking Satellite Images Reveal the West's Megadrought

6/11/2021 - The Witcher Season 2 Footage Is Here, and Its All About Ciri

6/11/2021 - Static: Season One's Creators Open Up About Honoring Milestone's Legacy

6/11/2021 - Amazon Prime Day Is a Bad Garage Sale You Should Skip

6/11/2021 - Previously Common Diseases Are Bouncing Back After a Covid Hiatus

6/11/2021 - Black Widow Had Some Surprising Influences

6/11/2021 - The Wild Plan to Save 17 Million Salmon From California’s Megadrought by Driving Them to Sea

6/11/2021 - A Baffling 60-Year Old Mystery Propels the Documentary An Unknown Compelling Force

6/11/2021 - Nvidia Looks to Boost Its Smart Car Tech With Acquisition of DeepMaps

6/11/2021 - A Bizarre Coal Industry Propaganda Program Is Infiltrating K-12 Classrooms

6/11/2021 - More Rumors About Who's Returning for Star Wars TV (and Who Isn't)

6/11/2021 - 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Apple CarPlay

6/11/2021 - Hong Kong Loses Movie Freedoms as Beijing Continues Anti-Democracy Crackdown

6/11/2021 - DOJ Forced Apple to Reveal Data from Two House Democrats as Part of Trump's Leaker Crusade

6/10/2021 - Miami's Bitcoin Conference May Be the Latest Covid-19 Super Spreader Event

6/10/2021 - Aquaman 2's Full Title Was Just Revealed By James Wan

6/10/2021 - Extremely Sexy Pointy Shoes Warped the Feet of Medieval Europeans

6/10/2021 - Hackers Stole Source Code from Electronic Arts and Are Selling It Online

6/10/2021 - Sci-Fi Horror Movie Meander Looks Absolutely Terrifying and I Hate It

6/10/2021 - Microsoft Teases Its Windows 11 Event With 11-Minute Video of Startup Sounds

6/10/2021 - Uber Accidentally Promised Its U.S. Workers Health Care Subsidies

6/10/2021 - Chief 'Zoom Dick' Analyst Jeffrey Toobin Is Back on CNN

6/10/2021 - Marvel's She-Hulk Adds Jameela Jamil as the Villain

6/10/2021 - DC Horror's The Conjuring Comic Expands Another Chapter in the Spooky Universe

6/10/2021 - Trump’s PAC Site Tricks Donors Into Recurring Charges With ‘Happy Birthday’ Dark Patterns

6/10/2021 - Jurassic World: Dominion's Main Characters Will Have Parallel Storylines

6/10/2021 - Joe Biden Is Already Failing on Climate Policy

6/10/2021 - NASA’s Perseverance Rover Is Finally Hitting the Road on Mars

6/10/2021 - Star Wars' Test Tube History With Force-Sensitive Clones

6/10/2021 - Former Bachelorette Contestant Arrested in Global FBI Sting Operation With Fake Encryption Company

6/10/2021 - Don't Download Dark Sky

6/10/2021 - Netflix Just Revealed All the Animated News

6/10/2021 - You Don't Need AirPods to Enjoy Dolby Atmos in Apple Music

6/10/2021 - Birth of 3 Wolf Pups Means Colorado Has Its First Native Wolves Since the 1940s

6/10/2021 - Lord of the Rings Returns to Helm’s Deep for an Anime Film About the King of Rohan

6/10/2021 - Shell’s CEO Pens LinkedIn Blog Blaming You for Climate Change

6/10/2021 - Critical Role Veterans and Newcomers Lift the Lid on Their New Show, Exandria Unlimited

6/10/2021 - Masters of the Universe: Revelation's First Trailer Has the Power and Then Some

6/10/2021 - Chinese Authorities Arrest Over 1,100 People in Crypto Crime Crackdown

6/10/2021 - Reddit Declares War on Christmas, Ends Secret Santa

6/10/2021 - Polynesians Discovered Antarctica Over 1,300 Years Ago, New Research Suggests

6/10/2021 - Infinite Wastes a Great Premise But Remains Watchable

6/10/2021 - The 9 Best Photos of This Morning's Sunrise Eclipse

6/10/2021 - For $2,700, You Too Can Have Your Very Own Robot Dog

6/10/2021 - And Your 2021 Eisner Nominations Are...

6/10/2021 - Samsung's New 50-MP Image Sensor Boasts the Smallest Photo Pixels Yet

6/10/2021 - OtterBox's New Rechargeable Controller Batteries Are Hot Swappable So You'll Never Need to Stop Playing

6/10/2021 - Nintendo's First 3D Console Would Have Been a Hit if It Was More Like This Custom Virtual Boy Handheld

6/10/2021 - Hell Yeah, Another Venus Mission Just Got the Green Light

6/10/2021 - Free Guy's New Trailer Puts Ryan Reynolds on a Wild Video Game Rampage

6/10/2021 - An Inflatable Office Pops Out of This Compact RV's Roof

6/10/2021 - Updates From The Book of Boba Fett, Y: The Last Man, and More

6/10/2021 - Landmark Report Links Earth’s 2 Biggest Existential Threats for the First Time

6/10/2021 - Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Is Getting Official Browser Support

6/10/2021 - Cops Are Using Facebook to Target Line 3 Pipeline Protest Leaders, New Documents Reveal

6/10/2021 - Capitol Riot Attendee Pleads Guilty to Bomb Plot Against Amazon Data Center

6/10/2021 - 1.6 Million Voltage Testers Recalled Over Shock Hazard

6/9/2021 - Sony's First Drone Is a $9,000 Professional-Grade Beast

6/9/2021 - Watch the Adorable Sweet Tooth Series Get Even More Adorable With a Blooper Reel

6/9/2021 - SpaceX’s Starlink Wants to Provide Your In-Flight WiFi

6/9/2021 - Star Wars' Rogue One Crew Is Finally Getting the Figures They Deserve

6/9/2021 - I Would Rather Die Than Let Facebook Monitor My Heart Rate

6/9/2021 - Biden Will Reportedly Buy 500 Million Pfizer Vaccine Doses to Donate Globally

6/9/2021 - Apple TV+'s Alien Invasion Series Looks Suspiciously Invasion-Free

6/9/2021 - A Little Laughing Gas Can Help Treat Depression, Small Study Finds

6/9/2021 - Jurassic World: Dominion's First Footage Will Play With F9 in IMAX Theaters

6/9/2021 - DOJ Vows to Hunt Down Whoever Let the Public Know How Little Billionaires Pay in Taxes

6/9/2021 - The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Officially Dead

6/9/2021 - Making Ghostbusters: Afterlife Was a Family Affair

6/9/2021 - Russia Threatens to Leave ISS Because U.S. Sanctions Are Actually Working

6/9/2021 - Biden Order Declares TikTok Not Quite a Threat to National Security, Yet

6/9/2021 - These Chinese Elephants Are Viral Stars—and Total Nuisances

6/9/2021 - Marvel Returns to Roleplaying, a New Warhammer Box Set, and More Tabletop Gaming News

6/9/2021 - Here's What NASA's Probe Saw When It Flew Past Jupiter's Moon Ganymede

6/9/2021 - Loki Is Already Laying the Groundwork for Marvel's Multiverse of Madness

6/9/2021 - Congressman Asks Forest Service to Change the Course of Earth’s Orbit Around the Sun

6/9/2021 - Apple Is Finally Launching In-App Podcast Subscriptions

6/9/2021 - Stranger Things Adds 4 New Cast Members, Plus a Podcast, Games and More

6/9/2021 - Scientists Find Unusual Form of Iron and Copper in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients

6/9/2021 - New Quantum Microscope Can See Tiny Structures in Living Cells

6/9/2021 - Fear Street's Trailer Reveals Its 3-Week Horror Trilogy Telling a Single Story

6/9/2021 - Google Releases Second Android 12 Beta With New Features

6/9/2021 - Lego's Latest Fan-Designed Set Is Going to Confuse an Entire Generation of Builders

6/9/2021 - Space Jam: A New Legacy's Trailer Ups the Drama and the Looniness

6/9/2021 - Lawyer Who Sued Treasury Department for Exxon Nominated to Be Agency’s General Counsel

6/9/2021 - How One Fastly Customer Broke the Internet

6/9/2021 - I Miss the Dreamy, Lo-Fi Mystery of the Windows 95 Maze Screensaver

6/9/2021 - One of the Greatest Multiplayer Arcade Games of All Time Is Being Miniaturized for Your Game Room

6/9/2021 - Apple Really Wants You to Think of the Apple Watch as a 'Must-Have' Accessory

6/9/2021 - Loki’s Tom Hiddleston Tells Us How the Big Premiere Revelation Affected Him

6/9/2021 - NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Nails Its Seventh Flight on Mars

6/9/2021 - These Dream-like Photos of the Amazon Reveal a Hidden Nightmare

6/9/2021 - The Future Is NFTing Doodles in Minutes

6/9/2021 - New York Times Tech Workers Say Publisher’s Union Busting Is Out of Control

6/9/2021 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife Pictures Tease Spooky Houses and New Stars

6/9/2021 - iOS 15 Allows Game Controllers to Capture the Last 15 Seconds of Gameplay For Unplanned Highlights

6/9/2021 - Motorola's New 5G Phone Is Like a Budget Galaxy Note In All the Right Ways

6/9/2021 - How to Use Any Screen as a Second Display

6/9/2021 - El Salvador Becomes First Country to Recognize Bitcoin as Currency

6/8/2021 - Facebook and Instagram Are Rolling Out (More) Financial Incentives for Influencers

6/8/2021 - Tom Hiddleston Caught Up His Loki Co-Stars With On-Set 'Loki Lectures'

6/8/2021 - Patrick Stump's Spidey and His Amazing Friends Theme Is a Web-Slinging Bop

6/8/2021 - Lake Mead’s Water Supply Has Dropped to the Lowest Level Since the Hoover Dam Was Built

6/8/2021 - As a Green Bubble, I Appreciate Apple’s FaceTime Olive Branch

6/8/2021 - Samsung Overhauls the SmartThings App Even Though It’s Killing the SmartThings Hub

6/8/2021 - Dungeons & Dragons Returns to Magic: The Gathering With a New Sourcebook for Magic School

6/8/2021 - Watermelons on Mars TKTK [DO NOT PUBLISH]

6/8/2021 - Here's What's in the Senate's Massive Bill Funding the Tech War With China

6/8/2021 - Watch 6 Glorious Minutes of Tig Notaro Getting Digitally Added to Army of the Dead

6/8/2021 - Netflix's Locke & Key Shares a Return Date and a Ton of New Images

6/8/2021 - It's About to Really, Really Suck to Lose Your iPhone

6/8/2021 - DC's League of Superpets Film Reveals Cast of Many Good Boys and Girls

6/8/2021 - Wisconsin Pharmacist Who Destroyed Hundreds of Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Sentenced to 3 Years Prison

6/8/2021 - Nevada Takes a Baby Step Toward Banning Lawns

6/8/2021 - ProtonMail Unveils an Overdue Makeover and New Features

6/8/2021 - Bryan Fuller Is Remaking Stephen King Killer Car Classic Christine

6/8/2021 - Adobe Claims Creative Apps Optimized for M1 Macs Now 80% Faster

6/8/2021 - Scream-Detecting Drones Could Save You

6/8/2021 - Netflix's Sweet Tooth Advertorial in USA Today Was Beyond Irresponsible

6/8/2021 - What to Know About the Latest Covid-19 Lab Leak Hype

6/8/2021 - Anime Legend Yoko Kanno Will Return to Compose Netflix's Cowboy Bebop

6/8/2021 - Satellites Capture Images of Huge Dust Storm Heading to the Americas

6/8/2021 - The Sandman First Look Teases a Different Take on the World of Dreams

6/8/2021 - A Capitol Hill Tech Vendor Is the Latest Ransomware Victim

6/8/2021 - Does Tim Cook Know About Mark Zuckerberg’s Skills With a Spear?

6/8/2021 - Sony Has Done It Again: Weirdly Big Earbuds With Incredible Noise Cancellation

6/8/2021 - Loki Is a Fascinatingly Funny Take on Marvel's Greatest Anti-Hero

6/8/2021 - ‘Glacier Blood’ Is Our Latest Nightmare

6/8/2021 - Star Trek Advent Calendar Lets You Assimilate the Holidays

6/8/2021 - Official Stadia Support Finally Comes to Chromecast With Google TV and Other Android TV Boxes

6/8/2021 - You Can Now Listen to Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio in Apple Music

6/8/2021 - New Star Wars Toys From Hasbro Turn Baby Yoda Into a Lightsaber, and More

6/8/2021 - It Took Lego 8,660 Hours to Build This Life-Size Lamborghini Sián From Over 400,000 Pieces

6/8/2021 - Updates From Indiana Jones 5, Dungeons & Dragons, and More

6/8/2021 - Encrypted Messaging App Run by the FBI Leads to Arrest of Over 100 Organized Crime Members

6/8/2021 - The New Echo Show 8's Camera Is So Good I Almost Forgot How Unsettling Sidewalk Is

6/8/2021 - Huge Chunk of the Internet Goes Offline Thanks to One Company

6/8/2021 - Elon Musk Paid $0 in Federal Income Tax in 2018: Report

6/8/2021 - Weed Shops Offer Free Joint to Anyone Who Gets Vaccinated in Washington State

6/8/2021 - Jaybird's New Fitness-Focused Earbuds Would Survive the Apocalypse

6/7/2021 - Here's Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2021

6/7/2021 - Netflix's Blood Red Sky Is Basically 'Vampires on a Plane'

6/7/2021 - Apple and Google Go All In On Digital Car Keys

6/7/2021 - Rob Zombie Says He's Making a Munsters Movie

6/7/2021 - Desiccated Corpse of MoviePass Reaches Settlement With FTC Over Fraud Allegations

6/7/2021 - The 1966 Batman TV Series Finally Has a Perfect Bat-Cave Playset

6/7/2021 - Everything Apple Tried to Kill at WWDC 2021

6/7/2021 - Ice Age Cave Bear With Hole in Its Skull May Have Been Stabbed by Ancient Humans

6/7/2021 - DOJ Seizes $2.3 Million in Cryptocurrency From Hackers After Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

6/7/2021 - New Disney+ Documentary Series Goes Behind the Scenes of Your Favorite Rides

6/7/2021 - Uh Oh, ‘Woman Dr. Bitcoin’ Says It’s ‘Judgement Day for Crypto’ in China

6/7/2021 - Google Hit With $268 Million Fine Over Unfair Ad Practices

6/7/2021 - Resident Evil Village's Moldy Lore Is Keeping the Undead Franchise Fresh

6/7/2021 - Apple's Biggest Privacy Flexes of WWDC 2021

6/7/2021 - macOS Monterey Will Make All of Your Apple Devices Play Nice With Each Other

6/7/2021 - Apple Opens Up Siri to Work With Third-Party Smart Home Devices [Updated]

6/7/2021 - FBI Effort to Expose 'USA Today' Readers Was Likely Unlawful, Experts Say

6/7/2021 - Norse God Usurps Leprechaun's Cereal Empire

6/7/2021 - Here's Everything Coming to Your Apple Watch in watchOS 8 This Fall

6/7/2021 - Kevin Can F**k Himself Is About the Perils of Being a Great Pretender

6/7/2021 - Despite Pandemic Lockdowns, We Broke a Carbon Dioxide Record

6/7/2021 - NASA Spacecraft Has a Close Encounter with Jupiter's Moon Ganymede

6/7/2021 - Why the Texas Grid Failed, According to Science

6/7/2021 - Apple Is Finally Starting to Put the iPad Pro's Power to Good Use With iPadOS 15

6/7/2021 - iOS 15 Is Here, and It's All About Making Your iPhone Less Annoying

6/7/2021 - The Boys Reveals First Look at Supernatural's Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy

6/7/2021 - Indiana Jones' 21 Most Endearing Moments in Raiders of the Lost Ark

6/7/2021 - The FDA Just Approved a Controversial Alzheimer's Drug

6/7/2021 - We're Liveblogging the WWDC 2021 Keynote Right Here

6/7/2021 - Shadow and Bone Comes Back to the Fold for Season 2

6/7/2021 - New Google Pixel Feature Lets You Lock Away Your Private Photos

6/7/2021 - Paramount+ Launches $5 Tier With Ads to Undercut HBO Max

6/7/2021 - A Rare Flower Is Screwing Up Plans for a Nevada Lithium Mine

6/7/2021 - Frozen in Siberian Permafrost for 24,000 Years, Microscopic Animal Comes Back to Life

6/7/2021 - WandaVision VFX Breakdown Pieces Together Vision's Marvelous Visage

6/7/2021 - RIP Cobby, Oldest Male Chimp in the U.S., a 'Charismatic and Compassionate Leader'

6/7/2021 - Richest Man on Earth to Become Richest Man in Space

6/7/2021 - Updates From Doctor Strange 2, Loki, and More

6/7/2021 - Here's How to Watch WWDC 2021 Live—and What to Expect When You Do

6/7/2021 - Could We Live Under the Sea?

6/7/2021 - How to Capture and Share Gaming Footage From Your Windows PC

6/6/2021 - Here Are the Possible Criteria You’ll Have to Meet to Charge for Super Follows on Twitter

6/6/2021 - Turkey's Leaders Vow to Defeat Plague of 'Sea Snot' Amid Unprecedented Outbreak

6/6/2021 - We're Excited for American Horror Story Season 10 [Corrected]

6/6/2021 - Nigeria Will Arrest and Prosecute Users That Try to Get Around Its Twitter Ban

6/6/2021 - Dr. Strange, Anthony Bourdain, and Indiana Jones Have Something in Common

6/6/2021 - El Salvador Is Set to Become the First Country to Adopt Bitcoin as Legal Tender

6/6/2021 - Loki Series Writer Michael Waldron Explains the Time Variance Authority

6/6/2021 - The Quiet Place Universe Is Expanding With a Spin-off Film

6/5/2021 - Fossil Will Launch a Premium Smartwatch That Runs on Google’s New Wear OS in the Fall

6/5/2021 - Square Will Invest $5 Million to Build an Open-Source, Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Facility

6/5/2021 - Apple Employees Ask Tim Cook to Support Those Who Want to Continue to Work Remotely

6/5/2021 - Matrix 4 Cast Actress Christina Ricci in Undisclosed Role

6/5/2021 - Justice Department Says It'll No Longer Quietly Seize Reporters' Records in Leak Investigations

6/5/2021 - Maze Runner's Dylan O'Brien Stars in a New Sci-Fi Film From Christopher MacBride

6/5/2021 - A Cruella Sequel Gets the Greenlight From Disney

6/5/2021 - Dwayne Johnson to Produce a New Action Film Starring Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

6/5/2021 - The Top 10 Secret's Hidden in Site's Source Code

6/5/2021 - The American Museum of Natural History’s Gems and Minerals Halls Get a Dazzling Upgrade

6/4/2021 - Frightened Terns Abandon 1,500 Eggs After a Rogue Drone Crash-Landed on Nesting Island

6/4/2021 - AMC's CEO Apparently Didn't Bother to Put on Pants for This YouTube Interview

6/4/2021 - This New Documentary on Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz Looks Like a Security Blanket for Your Soul

6/4/2021 - The King of the Monsters and the Queen of Jurassic Park Are the Best Toys of the Week

6/4/2021 - Microsoft Blames 'Human Error' Amid Suspicion It Censored Bing Results for Tiananmen Square 'Tank Man'

6/4/2021 - 8 Money Toilets

6/4/2021 - N.K. Jemisin's Hugo-Winning Broken Earth Trilogy Is Coming to the Big Screen

6/4/2021 - Dell Sued for Promising Alienware Laptops Could Be Upgraded

6/4/2021 - Cops Are Now Using a High-Tech Lasso on People

6/4/2021 - Into the Spider-Verse 2 Recruits Issa Rae as Spider-Woman

6/4/2021 - Ok, This Is Clearly Not the Classified Alien Report We’re Looking For

6/4/2021 - Infinite's New Trailer Forgoes Plot for a Ludicrous Amount of Action

6/4/2021 - FDA Approves 'Game Changer' Weight Loss Drug, Likely First in a New Era of Obesity Treatment

6/4/2021 - Ball in God's Court as Utah Governor Declares 'Weekend of Prayer' for Rain

6/4/2021 - X-Men's Hellfire Gala Is Already a Scandal, Surprising No One

6/4/2021 - NASA Has Spotted Sneaky Methane Emissions From the Biggest Oilfield in America

6/4/2021 - Gorgeous New Short Film Shows Us What an Early Lunar Colony Would Actually Look Like

6/4/2021 - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Full Soundtrack Is Finally Coming to Streaming

6/4/2021 - Boston Dynamics’ Robotic Dog Can Now Play the Saddest Futuristic Game of Fetch

6/4/2021 - Sweet Tooth’s Showrunners on the Heart of the Show and Changes From the Comic

6/4/2021 - Paleontologists Study 9,000-Year-Old Aurochs Bones and Wonder if the Beasts Were Tamed

6/4/2021 - The Pandemic Might Have Killed Off Some Flu Strains for Good

6/4/2021 - Star Wars: The Bad Batch Is Playing Catch Up With the Forgotten Corners of the Galaxy

6/4/2021 - Lauren Boebert Spends Drought Hearing Rambling About ‘Green New Deal Extremists’

6/4/2021 - Trump Suspended From Facebook for at Least 2 Years

6/4/2021 - America: The Motion Picture's First Trailer Is More Chaotic Than Patriotic

6/4/2021 - New Biden Executive Order Bans U.S. Investment in Huawei and 58 Other Chinese Tech Companies

6/4/2021 - Archaeologists Open Frozen Wooden Box Found on Viking Mountain Pass

6/4/2021 - Sadistic One-Handed Keypad Lets You Type on a Computer Using T9 Predictive Text Like It's 1999

6/4/2021 - TikTok Quietly Tweaks Privacy Policy to Collect Your Biometric Data

6/4/2021 - Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns in a Bloody Tease From Flash Director Andy Muschietti

6/4/2021 - United’s Supersonic Jet Sustainability Claims Sure Sound Suspect

6/4/2021 - Apple Is Reportedly Experimenting With Wireless Charging for Next Year's iPad Pro

6/4/2021 - Why Scientists Are Worried About a New Alzheimer's Drug Up for FDA Approval

6/4/2021 - Ikea's Cheap $12 Sensor Warns You When Air Quality Gets Bad, But Does Nothing About it

6/4/2021 - Updates From Shazam Fury of the Gods, Star Wars' Andor Series, and More

6/4/2021 - 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Android Auto

6/4/2021 - Which Countries Will Receive America's Donated Covid-19 Vaccine Doses?

6/4/2021 - Traffic Deaths Soared in 2020 and Experts Blame Risky Road Behavior During Pandemic

6/3/2021 - Google Will Let You Opt Out of Being Tracked by Apps in Android 12

6/3/2021 - Why Is George R.R. Martin Going to the Hellfire Gala and Not Writing Winds of Winter?

6/3/2021 - Amazon Should Rethink Its Half-Baked Approach to Health-Tracking

6/3/2021 - Neill Blomkamp's Demonic Movie Definitely Has Demons in It, I Guess?

6/3/2021 - Facebook Wants Your Thoughts and Prayers

6/3/2021 - DOJ to Treat Ransomware Hacks Like Terrorism Now: Here's the Full Memo

6/3/2021 - Donald Trump Jr. Is Now on Cameo, Wishing the Dumb Libs Happy Birthday (NOT)

6/3/2021 - Covered in Martian Muck, NASA's InSight Lander Tries to Tidy Itself Up

6/3/2021 - Apple Says It Will Make AirTags a Little Less Scary

6/3/2021 - George A. Romero's Wife Suzanne on His Horror Legacy and 'Lost' Film The Amusement Park

6/3/2021 - Dildo Drone Interrupts ‘Tough on Crime’ New Mexico Sheriff’s Speech, Chaos Ensues

6/3/2021 - Countries Invested in Drilling for Oil Unsure About This Not Drilling for Oil Thing

6/3/2021 - The Y: The Last Man TV Show Is Really Happening This Time, And It's Happening Soon

6/3/2021 - Now You Can Mine Crypto From Your Norton Antivirus App

6/3/2021 - 10% of the World's Sequoias Burned in a Single Wildfire Last Year

6/3/2021 - The Old QAnon Gang Is Back on the Campaign Trail

6/3/2021 - Philips Hue Finally Has a Good App

6/3/2021 - Journey Into the Brutal, Magical World of Debut Fantasy The Wolf and the Woodsman

6/3/2021 - Fujifilm Is the Latest Victim of the Global Ransomware Spree

6/3/2021 - Black Widow Offers One Last Peek Before the Movie Finally Comes Out

6/3/2021 - Something Wiped Out Nearly All Sharks 19 Million Years Ago, New Research Suggests

6/3/2021 - Amazon's Ring Will Finally Make Police Requests Public

6/3/2021 - Record Heat Worsens California's Already Punishing Drought

6/3/2021 - Nanoleaf's New Smart Lights Are Less Sci-Fi, More HGTV

6/3/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: "A Tableau of Things That Are" by Adam-Troy Castro

6/3/2021 - Puppy Experiment Shows How Dogs Connect With Humans From Birth

6/3/2021 - New Study Backs Up Finding That MagSafe Can Interfere With Medical Devices

6/3/2021 - Exxon’s Newest Activist Investor Is a 'Space Cowboy'

6/3/2021 - Disney’s Avengers Theme Park Is Nerdy in the Mighty Marvel Manner

6/3/2021 - Watch Live and Wave Goodbye to the Baby Squid as They Launch to Space

6/3/2021 - Supreme Court Issues Radical New Reading of Anti-Hacking Law

6/3/2021 - Google’s New Pixel Buds Are a Perfect Example of What It Does Best

6/3/2021 - I'm Lusting After This Custom Commodore 64 Smartwatch That Lets You Code in BASIC Right on Your Wrist

6/3/2021 - Minions' Attempt to Summon Hell on Earth Thwarted

6/3/2021 - These Whales Are Shrinking, and It’s Our Fault

6/3/2021 - Updates From The Suicide Squad, Loki, and More

6/3/2021 - Hugh Jackman Follows His Heart (With His Fists) in the First Trailer for Lisa Joy's Near-Future Noir Reminiscence

6/3/2021 - How to Use Your Next-Gen Console Controllers With Other Devices

6/3/2021 - Why Can’t We Call It an Emergency?

6/3/2021 - Grimes Says AI Will Give Us Communism in Confusing New TikTok Video

6/2/2021 - Amazon Prime Employees Allege Pervasive Gender Inequality in Letter to Execs

6/2/2021 - Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy Is Finished for Now, But Its Extended Universe Isn't

6/2/2021 - AMC Belongs to the People Now

6/2/2021 - Someone Hacked the MTA

6/2/2021 - Sean Bean Hasn't Seen Game of Thrones' Finale, But He Has One Thing to Say About It: Good For Them

6/2/2021 - Meet Firestarter's Adorable New Pyrokinetic Star, Ryan Kiera Armstrong

6/2/2021 - NFTs Are Crashing and Who Could Have Seen This Coming Other Than Basically Anyone?

6/2/2021 - Spit Out That Cicada, Right Now

6/2/2021 - Extremely Delayed James Webb Space Telescope Delayed Again, Again

6/2/2021 - Why a Mediocre Keyboard App Is Topping the App Store Charts

6/2/2021 - Star Wars Just Made Smuggling Han Solo's Body a Very Complicated Business

6/2/2021 - A Man Overdosed on a Homeopathic Drug, Which Is Supposed to Have Nothing in It

6/2/2021 - An Ancient Supervolcano May Have Zapped the Ozone Layer, Exposing Early Humans to Intense Sunburns

6/2/2021 - Spotify’s 'Only You' Is a Glaring Reminder of Its Emotional Surveillance

6/2/2021 - Hell Yes, We're Going to Venus

6/2/2021 - Love, Death and Robots Explains How to Make the Perfect Digital Michael B. Jordan

6/2/2021 - You’ve Almost Certainly Never Heard of the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Biggest Methane Polluter

6/2/2021 - This App Will Help You Spot Scams on Amazon

6/2/2021 - The Universal Monsters Come to Life in This Frighteningly Detailed Artwork

6/2/2021 - Engineers Have Created a Simple Slide Coating That Can Impressively Boost the Resolution of a Microscope

6/2/2021 - Hackers Now Ruining Summer With Ransomware Attack on Martha's Vineyard Ferry

6/2/2021 - Chevron Celebrates Pride While Funding Bigots in Congress

6/2/2021 - Dark Horse Wants to Turn Its Comic Book Stars Into Video Game Heroes

6/2/2021 - Researchers Successfully Trained People to Echolocate in Just 10 Weeks

6/2/2021 - Beautiful, Self-Rolling Catan Board Lights Up So It's Easy to See Which Resources to Collect

6/2/2021 - The Flash's Carlos Valdes Is Leaving on His 'Goofy, Low-Stakes' Terms

6/2/2021 - Trump Deplatforms Himself

6/2/2021 - The First Constitutional Fight Over Oil Drilling in the Caribbean Ramps Up in Guyana

6/2/2021 - SpaceX Cargo Mission to ISS Includes Baby Squid, Tardigrades, and Avocados

6/2/2021 - Huawei Sure Picked an Odd Time to Launch a New Smartwatch

6/2/2021 - It's a Good Week for Drugs

6/2/2021 - He-Man's New Animated Series Looked to Marvel for Inspiration

6/2/2021 - Hear the Table Manners of Canada Lynx in Gruesome Detail

6/2/2021 - Apple Car Development Hits Bumpy Road Following the Departure of Multiple Managers: Report

6/2/2021 - This Little Security Cam Gives Nest and Ring a Run for Their Money

6/2/2021 - The Suicide Squad's Best Action Figure Is Gonna Cost Ya

6/2/2021 - Smoldering Ship Leaking Billions of Plastic Pellets Sinks off Sri Lanka

6/2/2021 - Loki Featurette Teases Mischief, Action, and Very Good Team Jackets

6/2/2021 - Please Give All the Awards to This Mind-Melting Game That Uses 2D Instant Camera Photos to Solve 3D Puzzles

6/2/2021 - Spider-Man Will Be Woven Into Sony’s Other Marvel Movies If the Studio Has Its Way

6/2/2021 - Netgear's Nighthawk RAXE500 Is the First Really Good WiFi 6E Router

6/2/2021 - 11 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on Your Amazon Fire TV

6/2/2021 - Amazon Wants to Legalize It

6/2/2021 - Russian Criminals Suspected in Cyber Attack on World's Largest Meat Processor

6/1/2021 - The NSA Reportedly Used Denmark's Internet Cables to Spy on European Politicians

6/1/2021 - The Return of Vision Is Still Uncertain, According to Paul Bettany

6/1/2021 - Elon Musk Is Indeed Pissing the SEC Off With His Tweets

6/1/2021 - The Final Conjuring 3 Trailer Manages to Make Even a Classic Blondie Jam Sound Scary as Hell

6/1/2021 - The World’s Richest Countries Have Given $190 Billion to the Fossil Fuel Industry Since 2020 Alone

6/1/2021 - Come on and Slam, and Welcome to the Space Jam: A New Legacy Funko Pops

6/1/2021 - ViacomCBS Avoided Nearly $4 Billion in Tax on Franchises Like Spongebob and Star Trek: Report

6/1/2021 - You Have a Week to Opt-Out of Amazon Sidewalk, Do It Now

6/1/2021 - Lego Masters Season 2 Judges Tease Curious Builds and Covid Filming Challenges

6/1/2021 - Editor-in-Chief of Top Medical Journal Steps Down Over Podcast That Downplayed Racism

6/1/2021 - You Can Now Ditch Uber for a Driver-Owned Rideshare App in New York City

6/1/2021 - The iPhone 13's Battery Is Rumored to Be Up to 18% Bigger... Just in Time

6/1/2021 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Channels Superbad With Seth Rogen's Release Date Reveal

6/1/2021 - Tesla Makes Cars in Texas but Has to Re-Import Them to Sell in the Lone Star State

6/1/2021 - Sweet Tooth Will Make You Fall in Love With an Adorable Deer Boy

6/1/2021 - Space Junk Has Blasted a Hole in a Key Space Station Tool

6/1/2021 - The Apple TV App Is Now Available on Nvidia Shield TV Devices

6/1/2021 - David Lynch's Troubled, Doomed, Fascinating Dune Movie Is Coming to 4K

6/1/2021 - Battlestar Galactica's Bear McCreary Knows What Concert Nerds Have Been Missing

6/1/2021 - This Bobcat Family Calling a Burned Out Tree Home Is All of Us

6/1/2021 - Clever Maker With Hand Tremors Turned a Smartphone Gimbal Into a Soldering Iron Stabilizer

6/1/2021 - Newly Revealed Emails Show Utilities Are Desperate to Avoid Gas Bans

6/1/2021 - eBay and PayPal Finally Break Up for Good

6/1/2021 - How Loki Shapeshifted From Nordic Folklore to a Marvel Icon

6/1/2021 - No, an Asteroid the Size of a Skyscraper Isn't Going to Hit Earth, Sorry

6/1/2021 - Kelly Sue DeConnick on Her Relationship With Tarot, and a Magical New Kickstarter

6/1/2021 - Nvidia Shows Off Its New Gaming Flagship GPU

6/1/2021 - Johnson & Johnson Forced to Pay $2.1 Billion in Baby Powder Cancer Case After Supreme Court Denial

6/1/2021 - Borderlands’ First Look at Cate Blanchett as Lilith Is Shadowy But Somehow Still Impressive

6/1/2021 - Something Is Killing Florida's Manatees in Record Droves

6/1/2021 - Cows Might Be Getting Smart Masks for Their Problematic Methane Burps

6/1/2021 - Mexican Authorities Raid Construction Site Near Famous Archaeological Ruins

6/1/2021 - Health Officials in China Report First Human Case of H10N3 Bird Flu

6/1/2021 - Brilliant Battery Adapter Lets You Power Small Devices Over USB

6/1/2021 - Updates From Thor: Love and Thunder, Indiana Jones 5, and More

6/1/2021 - Why Your Windows PC Needs a Keyboard and Mouse Upgrade

6/1/2021 - World's Largest Beef and Pork Supplier Hit by Cyber Attack

6/1/2021 - British and Indian Variants Renamed 'Alpha' and 'Delta' Under New WHO Covid-19 Guidance

6/1/2021 - Alienware's New X-Series Laptops Are Its Thinnest Gaming Notebooks Yet