3/31/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong Director on Why Now Is the Right Time for ThunderCats

3/31/2021 - Hackers Are Hiding Malware Inside Fake Call of Duty: Warzone Cheats to Target Gamers

3/31/2021 - A Space Oops Leads to a Misunderstanding in Super-Short Sci-fi Tale Floaters

3/31/2021 - Verizon Is Offering Big Discounts and Trade-Ins on Broken Phones on April 1, and It's Actually Not a Prank

3/31/2021 - Joel Greenberg, the Tax Collector Tied to US Rep Matt Gaetz, Allegedly Once Blew $90k in Taxpayer Money On a Crypto Mining Rig

3/31/2021 - The Batman: The Long Halloween Animated Movie Has an Appropriately Lengthy Voice Cast

3/31/2021 - Scientists Have Observed Ominous Winter Leaks in Greenland Ice Sheet Lakes

3/31/2021 - Even YouTube Is Chilling Out on Weed

3/31/2021 - You Know What? Good for Rian Johnson

3/31/2021 - Japan Hasn't Seen Cherry Blossoms This Early in 1,200 Years

3/31/2021 - Say Hello to Star Wars' Trans Jedi, Terec and Ceret

3/31/2021 - Soon, Siri Won't Be a Feminine Voice by Default

3/31/2021 - The ‘Voice of President Trump’ Gets Double-Banned by Facebook

3/31/2021 - Why Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Needs to Go Way Bigger

3/31/2021 - Amazon Intended Its Army of Paid Twitter Sycophants to Be 'Authentic,' Have a 'Great Sense of Humor'

3/31/2021 - The Creepshow Season 2 Premiere Unleashes the Best Kind of Fan Service

3/31/2021 - Your Titanic Godzilla Vs. Kong Spoiler Zone Has Entered the Ring

3/31/2021 - Physicists Laser-Cool Antimatter to Near Absolute Zero

3/31/2021 - How the New Captain America Prepared for His Superhero Role With the Help of a Surprising Marvel Director

3/31/2021 - Banjo-Kazooie and Fable 2 Are Available on Xbox's Cloud Gaming Service, and I'm Stoked

3/31/2021 - Antarctica Got Blasted by a Powerful ‘Airburst’ Event 430,000 Years Ago

3/31/2021 - EPA Cleans Out Trump-Era Shills on Its Science Advisory Boards

3/31/2021 - April Is Full of New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Spring Reading List

3/31/2021 - This Stick-On Gadget Solves Wireless Charging's Biggest Problem

3/31/2021 - Biden Floats Plan to Bring Broadband to All Americans

3/31/2021 - It's Looking Like Samsung's Return to Wear OS Is Inevitable

3/31/2021 - Narwhal Tusks Show How Climate Change and Pollution Are Reshaping the Arctic

3/31/2021 - The Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anniversaries of Spring 2021

3/31/2021 - A Dementia-Like Illness Has Sickened Over 40 People in Canada

3/31/2021 - You'll Soon Be Able to Use a Covid-19 Digital Travel Pass App to Fly

3/31/2021 - New York Legalizes Weed in Crackdown on the Racist Cop Epidemic

3/31/2021 - The Mitchells vs. The Machines Unleashes a Family-Friendly Robot Apocalypse

3/31/2021 - Can't Decide on a Controller Layout? This Gamepad Lets You Flip the D-Pad and Joystick as Often as You Want

3/31/2021 - Say Goodbye to Painful Neck Strain With Belkin's New Face-Tracking iPhone Stand That Always Points at You

3/31/2021 - The Flash Has Cast Another Major DC Speedster

3/31/2021 - Airborne DNA Could Help Scientists Find Elusive Animals

3/31/2021 - 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Firefox

3/31/2021 - Facebook Lets Users Restrict Commenting to a Small Circle of Friends

3/31/2021 - April Fools' Day Returns to Terrorize a Weary Internet

3/30/2021 - Big Oil Is a Big Loser (of Money, But Also Life)

3/30/2021 - Cruella Isn't the Same as Joker, According to Emma Stone

3/30/2021 - Absolutely Not

3/30/2021 - Dinosaur Found in Argentina Looked Like a Bumpy-Headed T. Rex

3/30/2021 - James Cameron Explains Avatar's Success to...Marianne Williamson?!

3/30/2021 - Amazon Says Those Twitter Accounts Are Fake, Which We Can All Agree On

3/30/2021 - Apple Fixes 'Asian' Adult Content Filter, but We Need More

3/30/2021 - Chinese Police Bust Alleged $76 Million Video Game Cheating Ring, Seize Millions in Assets

3/30/2021 - LinkedIn Also Has a Clubhouse Rival in the Works Now

3/30/2021 - The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Trailer Looks Like a Completely New Show

3/30/2021 - Please Don't Make Me Eat the Google AI Cake

3/30/2021 - Razer's New Clothing Line Looks Like Trash

3/30/2021 - Squarespace Accidentally Borked Its Own Website

3/30/2021 - Joe Biden's Offshore Wind Plan Is Radically Ambitious and Wholly Achievable

3/30/2021 - How Star Wars' Biggest Fan Wiki Found Itself in a Fight Over Trans Identity

3/30/2021 - Donald Faison Is Powerpuff Girls' Live-Action Professor Utonium

3/30/2021 - NASA’s ‘Other’ Mars Rover Sends Back a Selfie to Remind Us It Still Exists

3/30/2021 - The National Weather Service’s Digital Infrastructure Is Setting Us Up for Disaster

3/30/2021 - Archaeologists Find 3,000-Year-Old Mural of Knife-Wielding Spider God in Peru

3/30/2021 - Plastic Is Creating an Environmental Justice Crisis

3/30/2021 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Creative Team Opens Up About Their Process

3/30/2021 - Xiaomi Challenges Samsung With Its Own Foldable, the $1,500 Mi Mix Fold

3/30/2021 - Texas Lawmakers Are Using the Blackouts to Make Fossil Fuel Dreams Come True

3/30/2021 - Rick and Morty's Season 5 Trailer Raises a Little Hell

3/30/2021 - Our Second Interstellar Visitor Was a 'Dirty Snowball' With Stories to Tell

3/30/2021 - Now All of Nvidia's RTX 30-Series GPUs Can Get a Frame Rate Boost

3/30/2021 - A Game of Thrones Broadway Show Will Bring a Key Book Moment to Life

3/30/2021 - Scientists Implant and Then Reverse False Memories in People

3/30/2021 - What You Need to Know About New York's New 'Vaccine Passport'

3/30/2021 - Shadow and Bone's New Trailer Shines a Powerful Light in the Darkness

3/30/2021 - DeSantis Will Ban Vaccine Passports Because Things Are 'Normal' in Florida

3/30/2021 - Looks Like There's Hope for Apple TV Remote Haters

3/30/2021 - Worn Out: The Fashion Industry's Giant Waste Problem

3/30/2021 - Apple's WWDC 2021 Is Happening on June 7 as an Online-Only Event

3/30/2021 - Star Wars: The Bad Batch's New Trailer Puts Clones on the Run

3/30/2021 - American Gods Is Dead, Starz Has Killed It After 3 Seasons

3/30/2021 - Updates From The Suicide Squad, Space Jam, and More

3/30/2021 - In Spiral: From the Book of Saw's New Trailer, Chris Rock Is Having a Pretty Bad Day

3/30/2021 - Google's New Nest Hub Is the Perfect Alarm Clock

3/30/2021 - Intel Somehow Squeezes More Performance Out of Its 11th-Gen Desktop Processors, but I'm Not Sure It Should Have

3/30/2021 - io9 Co-Founder Annalee Newitz Has a New Futurist Podcast!

3/30/2021 - Pax's New Ultra-Compact Era Life Is Made for On-the-Go Vaping

3/30/2021 - Watch Live: SpaceX to Attempt Fourth Test of Its Prototype Starship Rocket [Updated]

3/30/2021 - LinkedIn Adds Stories-Like Cover Letter Videos to Profiles to Help You Impress Potential Employers

3/30/2021 - You Can Finally Buy Decent-Sounding True Wireless Earbuds for $25

3/30/2021 - PayPal Launches 'Checkout With Crypto' to Let Users Pay in Bitcoin and Convert to Fiat for Merchants

3/30/2021 - Weird Tweet From U.S. Strategic Command Actually Sent by Small Child

3/30/2021 - Google Maps Is Adding Indoor Live View and 100+ Other Features

3/30/2021 - Pioneer DJ Announces New Line of Speakers for Bringing the Club to Your Home

3/29/2021 - Thor: Love and Thunder Has Added Another Oscar-winner for a Cameo

3/29/2021 - Reputed Mafia Fugitive Busted in Caribbean After Police Find His Italian Cooking Channel on YouTube

3/29/2021 - T-Mobile Will Make Google Messages Its Default Messaging App for Android

3/29/2021 - A ThunderCats Movie Is Roaring Forward From the Director of Godzilla vs Kong

3/29/2021 - T-Mobile Is Already Pulling the Plug on Its Live TV Services

3/29/2021 - Falcon and the Winter Soldier Takes Marvel's Inevitable 'Wait and See' Approach to Queerbait

3/29/2021 - Biden Announces Plan to Jumpstart an Honest to God Offshore Wind Industry in the U.S.

3/29/2021 - The Star Wars Prequels Hid Quite a Few Famous Actors

3/29/2021 - Freaky New Feature Detected in Jupiter’s Northern Lights

3/29/2021 - It's Open Season on Covid-19 Vaccines

3/29/2021 - Sony Confirms PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores Are Going Away

3/29/2021 - What In Tarnation Are Texas Power Companies Hiding?

3/29/2021 - Comic-Con Shrugs Its Shoulders at Bad Thanksgiving Convention Idea

3/29/2021 - A Fitbit for Mussels, Not Muscles

3/29/2021 - Stanford Scientists Post Entire mRNA Sequence for Moderna Vaccine on Github

3/29/2021 - Dangerous Android App Pretends to Be a System Update to Steal Your Data

3/29/2021 - There's an Ancient Connection Between Our Saliva and Snake Venom

3/29/2021 - Digimon Adventure's Latest Villain May Remind You of a Certain Mouse We All Know

3/29/2021 - A Mystery Brain Condition Is Making Bears Friendly, Then Killing Them

3/29/2021 - In The Night House's First Trailer, There's Nothing Right About Haunted Houses

3/29/2021 - Disney+ and ESPN+ Finally Begin Rolling Out to Xfinity Customers

3/29/2021 - The Camera Bump on Xiaomi's Mi 11 Ultra Is So Big It Has Its Own Screen

3/29/2021 - 60 Indiana Counties Are Waging War Against a State Renewable Energy Bill

3/29/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in April

3/29/2021 - The Suicide Squad's James Gunn Explains Why King Shark Isn't a Hammerhead

3/29/2021 - Earth Is Safe From Infamous Asteroid Apophis for the Next 100 Years, NASA Says

3/29/2021 - Deadly Floods Sweep Through Nashville

3/29/2021 - Peloton's Latest Moves Hint at a Possible Smartwatch

3/29/2021 - Godzilla vs. Kong Can't Be Saved, Not Even by Good, Dumb Fun

3/29/2021 - Rumored Samsung Tab A7 Lite Tablet Shows Up in Leaked Pics

3/29/2021 - Indonesian Oil Refinery Ablaze After Massive Explosion

3/29/2021 - Is There Still Hope That We'll Blow Up the Stupid Boat?

3/29/2021 - The Obi-Wan TV Series Has Found Its Tremendous Cast

3/29/2021 - Black Adam Sets Its Sights on 2022

3/29/2021 - Boston Dynamics' New Box Grabbing Bots Can Roam a Warehouse Looking For Work

3/29/2021 - I Wish These Bose Open Earbuds Weren't So Damn Thick and Heavy

3/29/2021 - Why You Should Ditch Google Chrome For Microsoft Edge

3/29/2021 - There's Something Fishy About Amazon's Anti-Union Twitter Army [Updated]

3/28/2021 - On a Clunky Walking Dead, Daryl and Carol Walk 2 Rocky Roads

3/28/2021 - The Boat in the Suez Canal Is Still Stuck, But You Can Now Stick It Anywhere You Want With This App

3/28/2021 - Amazon Is Getting Sued for Failing to Give Warehouse Workers Meal and Rest Breaks

3/28/2021 - Marvel's MODOK Picks Up a Few More Big Names

3/28/2021 - 3 of the Squishiest, Creepy-Crawliest Cult Horror Movies Ever Made

3/28/2021 - WTF, Comic-Con?

3/28/2021 - These Chimps Are All of Us

3/27/2021 - Big Tech Takes First Steps to Bring Workers Back to the Office

3/27/2021 - WeWork Is Finally Going Public Thanks to Merger With BowX Acquisition

3/27/2021 - The Sound of Violence Will Make Your Head Explode (In a Good Way)

3/27/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Commentary on Race Is Too Much, and Not Enough

3/27/2021 - Robots Really Hate Humans in the Teaser for Netflix's Original Anime, Eden

3/27/2021 - 2 Transformers Movies Are Apparently Still in the Works

3/26/2021 - Linktree Raises $45 Million for Its 'Link in Bio' Social Commerce Service

3/26/2021 - Parler Says It Warned the FBI of Violent Posts Threatening the Capitol Before Jan. 6 Insurrection

3/26/2021 - The Horror Movie Hunted Is Ready to Reboot Red Riding Hood

3/26/2021 - Turns Out This Sophisticated Hacking Campaign Was Actually the Work of 'Western Government Operatives'

3/26/2021 - Peacock Is Removing Racist Moments From Its WWE Content

3/26/2021 - DC's Static Shock Movie Just Got Another Jolt Forward

3/26/2021 - Donald Trump and Mike Lindell Should Cage Fight Over Whose New Social Media Site Is Actually Real

3/26/2021 - U.S. Has Record-Breaking Day With 3.4 Million Vaccinations

3/26/2021 - The Boys TV Series Casts Little Nina to Shake Things Up

3/26/2021 - You Seriously Need to Update Your iPhone Right Now

3/26/2021 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Enters the Hot Toys Endgame and More Toy News

3/26/2021 - This Friday's Gif Party's All About Going Back

3/26/2021 - These Mutant Rabbits Walk on Two Legs, and Geneticists Now Know Why

3/26/2021 - Xiaomi Teases a Mi Mix Phone With a High-Tech Liquid Lens Coming Soon

3/26/2021 - The Covid-19 Lab Escape Theory Is About to Be Everywhere

3/26/2021 - Earth Scientists Are Fighting to Push Racist Place Names Off the Map

3/26/2021 - Breaking Down The Suicide Squad's Madcap, Bloody Trailer

3/26/2021 - The Witcher: Blood Origins Prequel Casts Its Second Major Character

3/26/2021 - Neighborhood Hero Builds AI-Powered Device That Automatically Compliments Dogs Walking By

3/26/2021 - Boldly Following Every Other Tech Company, Slack Is Cloning Clubhouse Now

3/26/2021 - The Magic of Mac OS X, 20 Years Later

3/26/2021 - Hulu's Android TV App Finally Bumps Up to 1080p From 720p on Some Devices

3/26/2021 - On The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the Struggle to Deal With Cap’s Legacy Is Real

3/26/2021 - I Hate Windows 10's New Icons

3/26/2021 - Eating Mostly Restaurant Meals Linked to Higher Risk of Early Death

3/26/2021 - 8 Frightful Films to Spend a Horrifying Weekend With on HBO Max

3/26/2021 - Iowa's Former Nuclear Plant Could Soon Be a Solar Farm

3/26/2021 - Dogs and Dingoes Are Not Boning

3/26/2021 - Dominion Comes for Fox News

3/26/2021 - How Microsoft's Quantum Boast Went Bust

3/26/2021 - The Suicide Squad's Secret Guest Star Is the Trailer's Biggest Surprise

3/26/2021 - Elon Musk's Anti-Union Tweet Found to Violate U.S. Labor Laws

3/26/2021 - Big Oil's New Carbon Tax Stance Is Just Its Latest Trick to Keep Polluting

3/26/2021 - Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston Is Back in a New Audio Adventure, and It's Fantastic

3/26/2021 - Razer Is Turning Its RGB-Laden Smart Face Mask Concept Into a Real Thing

3/26/2021 - A Rugged Apple Watch Might Be in the Cards

3/26/2021 - A Handheld Clothes Cleaner You Can Use Without Getting Undressed Is the Perfect Trapped-at-Home Gadget

3/26/2021 - Star Wars Casting Rumors Shut Down by Marvel's Sebastian Stan

3/26/2021 - So, You Got a New Puppy in Quarantine—Now What?

3/26/2021 - How to Get the Best Possible Audio Quality From Your Streaming Services

3/26/2021 - Electric Car Company Nio Shuts Down Temporarily in China Over Global Chip Shortage

3/26/2021 - 15 Stunning Videos of the Pacific Northwest's Mystery Light Show in the Sky

3/25/2021 - Multiple Tornadoes Tear Through Alabama, Shutting Down Amazon Warehouse

3/25/2021 - Solar Opposites Curses Up a Storm in Its Funny New Red-Band Trailer

3/25/2021 - All of X-Force's Mutants Are Omega-Level Horny, and Terrified

3/25/2021 - ?

3/25/2021 - In the Earth's First Trailer Will Creep You the Hell Out

3/25/2021 - Witch Hunt Embodies the Limitations of White Magical Thinking

3/25/2021 - Big Tech CEOs Waffle on Banning the 12 Major Anti-Vaxxers at Congressional Hearing

3/25/2021 - Extinct Kangaroo Could Climb Trees With Its Huge Claws

3/25/2021 - Marvel Says Goodbye to Diamond, Chooses New Comics Distributor in Penguin Random House

3/25/2021 - Scientists Begin to Unravel the Mystery of Deep-Sea Sponge Life in the Arctic

3/25/2021 - Amazon Execs Apparently Need to See Some Pee Pics

3/25/2021 - Qualcomm's New Snapdragon 780G Brings Flagship Features to Mid-Range Phones

3/25/2021 - RIP Jessica Walter, Star of Archer, Arrested Development, and So Much More

3/25/2021 - The Last Starfighter's Potential Sequel Now Has a Sizzle Reel for Hollywood’s Consideration

3/25/2021 - California's Policies to Reduce Air Pollution Are Working

3/25/2021 - Spotify Is Bringing a Home Screen Revamp to Desktop, Thank God

3/25/2021 - Mysterious Bald Eagle Killer Finally Identified

3/25/2021 - Here's the Weird 'Clock' on Jack Dorsey's Kitchen Counter

3/25/2021 - Godzilla vs Kong's Director on Inheriting the Legacy of 2 Titans

3/25/2021 - There's Way More Lightning in the Arctic Now

3/25/2021 - Playdate Teases a New Feature, but There's Still No Release Date

3/25/2021 - How Magic: The Gathering's New Wizard School Brings Back Some Familiar Faces (and Spells)

3/25/2021 - Kuwait Records Hottest March Temperature Ever Amid Dust Storms and Locusts

3/25/2021 - Vivo's X60 Pro+ Leans on Zeiss for Big-Time Camera Upgrades

3/25/2021 - The U.S. Is One Step Closer to Establishing a Research Program to Block the Sun

3/25/2021 - Octopuses Dream in 'GIFs,' New Experiment Suggests

3/25/2021 - Gargoyles' Goliath Flies Again as an Outstanding Action Figure

3/25/2021 - Critical Role's Sibling Tag Team Is Getting Its Own Prequel Novel

3/25/2021 - Controversial Arizona Bill That Would've Changed App Stores Mysteriously Goes Poof in the Night

3/25/2021 - Every Note of Polymer Currency Has a Unique Fingerprint That Could be Used to Identify Counterfeits

3/25/2021 - The Flash Movie Has Found a New Dad for Barry

3/25/2021 - Acer's Sleek Predator Triton 300 SE Manages to Both Wow and Underwhelm

3/25/2021 - Carbon Offsets for NFTs Don't Address the Deeper Problem

3/25/2021 - Big Investors Refuse to Put Money Into Deliveroo IPO Citing Treatment of Workers

3/25/2021 - H&M Purged From Chinese Maps and Online Stores for Criticizing Forced Labor in Xinjiang

3/25/2021 - You'll Need the Galactic Empire's Budget to Afford This Mechanical Star Wars Death Star Watch

3/24/2021 - Man With No Work Experience Will Now Arbitrate Your Reality

3/24/2021 - Paramount+ Just Added a Ton of Classic Nickelodeon Content

3/24/2021 - WandaVision...We Mean, Bewitched...Is Coming to the Big Screen. Again.

3/24/2021 - GameStop Decided Now Is a Good Time to Start Selling Graphics Cards

3/24/2021 - House Republican Falls for Joke Article by 'Dick Scuttlebutt' at Hearing on Extremism in Military

3/24/2021 - Twitter-Banned Clown Seeks New Posting Crown

3/24/2021 - Guns.com Gets Hacked, Spilling Gun Owner Information All Over the Dark Web

3/24/2021 - National Treasure's Younger, More Diverse Spin-off Is a Go at Disney+

3/24/2021 - The Curious Case of Qualcomm's Rumored Nintendo Switch Clone

3/24/2021 - Black Adam Adds Pierce Brosnan's Dr. Fate to Its Curious Cast of DC Heroes

3/24/2021 - Utah Passes Porn Filter Bill That's Not-Quite-Fully-Fleshed-Out

3/24/2021 - Where Are All the Aliens? Maybe Trapped in Underground Oceans

3/24/2021 - What We Do in the Shadows Spinoff Wellington Paranormal Is Finally Coming to the U.S.

3/24/2021 - Researchers Might Have Finally Cracked Smart Clothing

3/24/2021 - The New Dyson Vacuum Uses Lasers to Spot Every Single Crumb

3/24/2021 - Justice League’s Godlike Villains Were Brought to Life by VFX, Not Mother Boxes

3/24/2021 - More Evidence Links 'Cat Scratch' Bacteria and Schizophrenia

3/24/2021 - Pillow Goblin Mike Lindell’s New Social Media Site Is Just Named Frank and It’s a Platform for Americans Who Want to Defend Life, Liberty, and All the Freedoms That Have Marked America as the Longest Running Constitutional Republic in the History of the World

3/24/2021 - This Gesture-Controlled Sliding Door Will Make You Feel Like a Jedi

3/24/2021 - Solar Opposites Returns With a Wilder, Funnier Season 2

3/24/2021 - Researchers Found a Way to Send Tiny Robots Into Mouse Brains

3/24/2021 - Amazon's Wheel of Time Offers a Glimpse of Rosamund Pike's Moraine, and More

3/24/2021 - Ancient Greenland Cave Sediments Contain a Climate Change Warning

3/24/2021 - Disney+ Subscriptions Are About to Get More Expensive

3/24/2021 - The Alien on Stage Documentary Is Pure Sci-Fi Joy

3/24/2021 - I Miss My Family's Collection of CRT TVs

3/24/2021 - Deforestation and Palm Oil Plantations Are Fueling a Disease Boom, Study Suggests

3/24/2021 - Your Latest Lembas-Crumb of Lord of the Rings Show News Is Here

3/24/2021 - Is Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shrimp the New Piss Water?

3/24/2021 - Amateur Astronomer Spots a Rare Visible Nova

3/24/2021 - Soil May Not Be Able to Keep Storing Carbon Dioxide as Emissions Increase

3/24/2021 - The Notch Isn't Going Away, But It Might Be Way Smaller on the iPhone 13

3/24/2021 - WandaVision's VFX Team on How Working From Home Brought Unexpected Balance

3/24/2021 - Sonos Is Doubling Down on HiFi Streaming

3/24/2021 - Sony's New 360 Reality Audio Speaker Sounds So Damn Good, but It'll Cost You

3/24/2021 - Slack Is About to Become a Nightmare [Update: Slack Backtracks]

3/24/2021 - Montana's Governor Killed a Yellowstone Wolf

3/24/2021 - Stuck Suez Canal Boat Raised Oil Prices, Because That's Oil Folks

3/24/2021 - In Netflix's Stowaway, Survival Comes at a Steep Price

3/24/2021 - When Clubhouse Runs Out of Money

3/24/2021 - See a Black Hole's Magnetic Fields in New Image From the Event Horizon Telescope

3/24/2021 - Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Superman & Lois, and More

3/24/2021 - The Intense, Lobster-Fueled Fight Over America’s First Floating Wind Farm

3/24/2021 - Moment's MagSafe Tripod Mounts Might Single-Handedly Justify Buying an iPhone 12

3/24/2021 - How to Automate Every Task on Windows or macOS

3/24/2021 - Elon Musk Says Tesla Now Accepting Bitcoin in U.S.

3/24/2021 - Scientists Cook Hot Dogs in Lava From Iceland's Erupting Volcano

3/23/2021 - The Dark Crystal Will Return...as a Ballet

3/23/2021 - Rick and Morty's Justin Roiland Has Yet Another Animated Series in the Works

3/23/2021 - Parler's Ex-CEO Sues, Claims He Was Told His Shares Were Only Worth Three Buckaroos

3/23/2021 - Robinhood Has Privately Filed to Go Public

3/23/2021 - A Cyberattack Allegedly Knocked Insurance Giant CNA Offline

3/23/2021 - The Villain of Shazam 2 Will Be Played by Helen Mirren

3/23/2021 - Xiaomi's Black Shark 4 Is a Gaming Phone With Real Shoulder Buttons

3/23/2021 - Hide Your Frog Eggs, It's Galactic Snackin' Grogu

3/23/2021 - Scientists Just Found a New Kind of Rock Under the Pacific Ocean

3/23/2021 - Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Might Be Light AF

3/23/2021 - The Australian Floods Are Devastating Wildlife

3/23/2021 - Steam Will Let You Stream Games in 8K, but Most Graphics Cards Can't Even Do 4K

3/23/2021 - An Epic Timeline of the Rock Willing DC’s Black Adam Into Existence

3/23/2021 - Facebook Missed 10.1 Billion Opportunities to Stop Juicing Hoaxes and Propaganda in 2020, Study Finds

3/23/2021 - Some of Our Brain Cells Get More Active Hours After We Die, Study Finds

3/23/2021 - The Nevers' Display of Victorian Superpowers Is Both Exhausting and Intriguing

3/23/2021 - Oil Giant Shell Hacked Thanks to Flaw-Ridden Accellion System

3/23/2021 - NASA Reveals Its Plan for First Helicopter Flight on Mars

3/23/2021 - Let’s All Be More Like a Global Investment Bank

3/23/2021 - ViacomCBS Is Selling $3 Billion in Stock to Fund Paramount+, a Service Some People Evidently Don't Know Exists

3/23/2021 - Black Widow Is Coming Home on July 9

3/23/2021 - Radio Shack Once Again Crawls Out of the Grave

3/23/2021 - Appalachia’s Fracking Industry May Never Be Profitable Again

3/23/2021 - Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched Is an Essential Folk Horror Encyclopedia

3/23/2021 - Apple Plans to Map Game Controller Buttons to Your Mac Keyboard

3/23/2021 - The Coolest Thing About the OnePlus Watch Is How Fast It Charges

3/23/2021 - Supergirl's Final Season Trailer Has a Lot of Lex Appeal

3/23/2021 - This PopSocket Will Help You MacGyver Your Way Out of a Pickle

3/23/2021 - HBO's Dark Comedy Made for Love Just Got Darker and Funnier

3/23/2021 - Justice League’s Most Heroic Moment Feels Like a Classic DC Throwback

3/23/2021 - You Don't Actually Want a Wraparound Smartwatch

3/23/2021 - Nintendo May Turn to Nvidia's DLSS for Better Graphics on the Rumored Switch Revamp

3/23/2021 - Warner Bros.' Return to Theaters in 2022 Is Going to Look Very Different

3/23/2021 - The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro Prove OnePlus Is Oh So Close to Becoming a Real Samsung Rival

3/23/2021 - AstraZeneca Messes Up Again, Called Out for Using Old Data in U.S. Trial Results

3/23/2021 - Lego's New Space Shuttle Discovery With Hubble Telescope Will Send Your Inner NASA Nerd Into Orbit

3/23/2021 - Keanu Reeves Sets His Sights on an Adaptation of His Own Comic Book Adventure

3/23/2021 - Master & Dynamic Just Gave Us the Perfect Reason to Splurge On Wireless Earbuds With ANC

3/23/2021 - Ava's Covid-19 Early Detection Feature Is Now Out of the Lab and on Your Wrist

3/23/2021 - Novelist Charged After Calling Poland's President 'Moron' on Facebook

3/23/2021 - Discord Wants to Go Public or Sell to Company Like Microsoft for $10 Billion: Report

3/22/2021 - This Startup Is Using Drones to Conduct Airplane Inspections

3/22/2021 - The FCC Wants to Hear How Bad Your Internet Sucks

3/22/2021 - Seems Like Things Were Just Delightful Behind the Scenes of Zack Snyder's Justice League

3/22/2021 - Go Behind the Scenes of WandaVision's Vision vs. Vision Fight

3/22/2021 - Spotify's New Home Screen Features Bring Order to the Chaos

3/22/2021 - Amazon Illegally Interrogated Queens Warehouse Worker Who Led Pandemic Walkout, NLRB Rules

3/22/2021 - Sony Allegedly Closing PS3, PSP, and Vita Stores Permanently This Summer

3/22/2021 - Creepy Eco-Horror Film Gaia Reminds You Not to Mess With Earth

3/22/2021 - This Watch Is Actually an Undercover Metronome for Musicians

3/22/2021 - Apple Can't Possibly Be 'Surprised' That Developers Are Unhappy

3/22/2021 - Sidney Powell Wants Dominion Suit Tossed on the Grounds That What She Was Saying Was Too Stupid to be Believable

3/22/2021 - Warner Bros. Believes Zack Snyder's Justice League Brings an End to the Snyderverse

3/22/2021 - Warren Buffet and Other Deadbeats’ Climate Commitments Are Missing the Mark

3/22/2021 - Florida Bans Sale of Invasive Reptiles as Iguanas and Snakes Take Over

3/22/2021 - Democrats Plan to Come for Big Tech With Swarm of Small Antitrust Bills

3/22/2021 - A Hawkeye Spinoff Series Is Already in the Works at Disney+

3/22/2021 - Researchers May Have Found True Identity of Ancient 'Hobbit' Species

3/22/2021 - This ‘Map of Life’ Shows Where Undiscovered Species May Be Lurking

3/22/2021 - Why Some of Your Vaccine 'Side Effects' Might Just Be Placebo

3/22/2021 - Offseason Is a Dreamy Nightmare of a Film

3/22/2021 - The Fossil Fuel Industry Would Be Screwed Without the U.S. Government Propping It Up

3/22/2021 - DC’s Zatanna Movie Has Nabbed Promising Young Woman’s Emerald Fennell

3/22/2021 - The Witcher Tosses Coins at a Slew of New Actors for Season 2

3/22/2021 - Gross YouTuber David Dobrik Meets the Inevitable

3/22/2021 - Canon Patents a Touch System That Could Replace the Focus Ring

3/22/2021 - Justice League's Epilogue Is Its Messiest, Most Dangerous Indulgence

3/22/2021 - Hospitals Are Reportedly Hiding Federally Mandated Pricing Data From Search Engines

3/22/2021 - New Leaked Pics Reveal Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy Book Pro

3/22/2021 - Processed Meat Linked to Increased Dementia Risk, Study Finds

3/22/2021 - Happy Birthday to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

3/22/2021 - This Giant Vibrator Could Somehow Be the Future of Wind Power

3/22/2021 - So, Batwoman's Got a New Old Batwoman Now

3/22/2021 - Australia Engulfed in Once-in-a-Century Floods a Year After Monster Bushfires

3/22/2021 - Why Is It So Hard to Regrow Hair?

3/22/2021 - The HomePod Mini Has a Secret Sensor, but Apple's Smart Home Future Is Still Meh

3/22/2021 - HBO's The Last of Us Adaptation Will Deviate From the Games in Some Big Ways

3/22/2021 - NordicTrack's Peloton Rival Has a Unique Spin on Indoor Cycling, but Lacks Cody Rigsby

3/22/2021 - 17 Google Assistant Tricks You Might Not Know About

3/22/2021 - Video Livestream of Iceland's Erupting Volcano is Oddly Soothing

3/22/2021 - UK Police Warn Against Using Sci-Hub's 85 Million Documents of Pirated Research

3/21/2021 - The Walking Dead Raised Its Most Important Question With an Unexpected Twist

3/21/2021 - WhatsApp Is Reportedly Testing Out Different Playback Speeds, But I Get Lost Listening to Voice Messages Now

3/21/2021 - Trump Plans to Launch a Social Media Platform and It's Gonna Be Huge

3/21/2021 - Apple Ordered to Pay $308.5 Million for Patent Infringement of Technology Used in iTunes and App Store

3/21/2021 - How Many Slaps Does it Take to Cook a Chicken? This YouTuber Built a Slapping Rig to Find Out

3/21/2021 - This Big Boy Season, Don't Miss Kaiju No. 8

3/21/2021 - A Black and White Justice League and a Regular Tenet Are Coming to HBO Max

3/21/2021 - Researchers Put Cloth Face Masks Under a Microscope. The Images Are Out of This World

3/21/2021 - This Tuca & Bertie Season 2 Clip Reminds Us to Go to Therapy

3/21/2021 - The Star Trek Episodes That Define Captain Kirk

3/20/2021 - Brazilian Regulators Fine Apple Nearly $2 Million Over Charger-Less iPhone 12

3/20/2021 - With Rumored Redesign Around the Corner, Apple Discontinues Two iMac Configurations

3/20/2021 - This Game Reimagines Pokémon as a Playable Font Where Creatures Capitalize Instead of Evolve

3/20/2021 - What Is This Very Good Squire Up To?

3/20/2021 - The Spine of Night Is the Gory Animated Fantasy Epic of Your Wildest Dreams

3/20/2021 - Acer Reportedly Hit With $50M Ransomware Attack, Says Companies Like It ‘Are Constantly Under Attack’

3/20/2021 - The Latest Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer Teases a Very Special Guest Star

3/20/2021 - Broadcast Signal Intrusion Follows Grief Down a Freaky, Tech-Generated Rabbit Hole

3/20/2021 - 7 'Extinct’ Species That Eventually Reappeared

3/20/2021 - The Last Unknown Takes Viewers to Some of the Most Remote Islands on Earth

3/19/2021 - Long-Dormant Volcano in Iceland Awakens in Fiery Eruption

3/19/2021 - Tesla: Now a National Security Threat to China

3/19/2021 - Inspired by Alabama Coworkers, Amazon Employees Nationwide Begin Union Talks: Report

3/19/2021 - Encrypted Chats, Parler Posts Indict Proud Boys Leaders for Capitol Rioting

3/19/2021 - A True-Crime Podcast Bleeds Into Real Life in Horror Short Meet Jimmy

3/19/2021 - Oscars to Nominees: No Zoom For You!

3/19/2021 - Senate Considering Hauling in Facebook, Twitter CEOs so They Can All Ramble for Hours About Whatever Bullshit Gripe They Have This Time

3/19/2021 - OK K.O. Creator Ian Jones-Quartey Blames the Show's Cancellation on Trump's Beef With CNN

3/19/2021 - Twitter Might Let You Undo Your Tweets—but Only If You Pay Up

3/19/2021 - Amazon's Newest Them Trailer Adds More Supernatural Frights to the Horror of Racism

3/19/2021 - The U.S. Faces a Rising Drought Crisis This Spring

3/19/2021 - Your House Key? Researchers Are Working on a Way to Hack It

3/19/2021 - Justice League Meets Star Wars' Infamous Space Rabbit in the Best Toys of the Week

3/19/2021 - This Cheap Cherry Ergonomic Keyboard Is Comfy As Hell

3/19/2021 - Report: Biden Admin Punishing 'Dozens' of Staffers for Prior Weed Use

3/19/2021 - The Truth About the Zombie MoviePass Site Is That It's All Very Stupid

3/19/2021 - This Newest Mandalorian VFX Reel Is Genuinely Going to Shock You

3/19/2021 - We Have to Talk About Justice League's Hot Dog Moment

3/19/2021 - Researchers Have Figured Out a Way to Stop People From Sharing Misinformation

3/19/2021 - This Mars Bar Rover Will Chase You Around a Store and Tempt You to Buy Candy

3/19/2021 - The Oil and Gas Industry Is Fighting North Face for Some Reason

3/19/2021 - I’ve Waited So Long to See the OnePlus Smartwatch and, Well…There It Is

3/19/2021 - Apple Won't Budge On Its New Privacy Updates, Even in China

3/19/2021 - U.S. Indicts 21-Year-Old Accused of Leaking Stolen Data of Disney, Nintendo, and More

3/19/2021 - No Good Evidence That 5G Harms Humans, New Studies Find

3/19/2021 - Expect a Lot of Airbender From Nickelodeon's Avatar Studios

3/19/2021 - Marjorie Taylor Greene Temporarily Suspended by Twitter as Congress Considers Expulsion

3/19/2021 - Leaked Samsung Roadmap Reveals New Phones, Tablets, and PCs Coming This Summer

3/19/2021 - Neanderthals Took Good Care of Their Teeth, Unlike Some of Us

3/19/2021 - How Star Wars' New Anthology Will Explore Holiday Cheer in the Galaxy Far, Far Away

3/19/2021 - Physicists Discover the Elusive Odderon, First Predicted 50 Years Ago

3/19/2021 - Scientists Document First-Ever Biofluorescent Fish in the Arctic

3/19/2021 - Amazon's Motion-Tracking Smart Display Is Kinda Creepy, but Damn Is It Useful

3/19/2021 - Invincible Would Like to Introduce You to the Concept of Daddy Issues

3/19/2021 - Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Might Forgo Controllers for Eye Tracking and Iris Recognition

3/19/2021 - The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Gave the MCU's Most Underrated Villain What They Deserved

3/19/2021 - Barnes & Noble's Nook Sidesteps the Grave Once Again With a New Lenovo-Built Tablet

3/19/2021 - Interstellar Visitor ‘Oumuamua Could Be the Shattered Remnant of a Pluto-like Object

3/19/2021 - Updates From Marvel's Loki, DC's Naomi, and More

3/19/2021 - Lexip's Fantastic Np93 Alpha Has Replaced My Favorite Gaming Mouse

3/19/2021 - 10 Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your HomePod Mini

3/19/2021 - Facebook Working on Instagram Product for Children Under 13 Years Old

3/19/2021 - Uh Oh

3/19/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Starts By Exploring the Dense, Depressed, Post-Blip World

3/18/2021 - Zuck Slowly Shrinks and Transforms Into a Corncob Ahead of Apple's Looming Privacy Updates

3/18/2021 - Right-Wing 'Troll' Chuck Johnson Claims He Cofounded Facial Recognition Giant Clearview AI

3/18/2021 - EPA's Climate Change Sub-Site Is Back, Baby

3/18/2021 - This Quarantine-Made, Animal Crossing-Themed Horror Short Will Soon Become a Feature Film

3/18/2021 - Twitter Stands By, Lets OANN Link to Reporter's Phone Number, Encourage Users to Harass Her [Updated]

3/18/2021 - There's a Hidden Code in Intel's New Graphics Card Teaser

3/18/2021 - Child's Death Prompts Peloton to Issue Safety Notice About the Tread+

3/18/2021 - 3 More Potential Game of Thrones Spinoff Possibilites Have Emerged

3/18/2021 - Facebook Teases Futuristic Wrist-Based Wearable That Will Let You Control AR With Your Mind

3/18/2021 - Star Wars' Pride Month Comics Covers Take the Tiniest Step Forward to Acknowledge Lando's Queerness

3/18/2021 - WallStreetsBets Is Sending Gorilla Conservation to the Moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

3/18/2021 - You Can't 'Own' a Fart, It Belongs to All Who Smelt It

3/18/2021 - Funko Is Finally Making More Star Trek: TOS Pops, and There Are Some Doozies

3/18/2021 - Postal Service Report Confirms 'Whistleblower' Mail Carrier Alleging Election Fraud Was Full of Shit

3/18/2021 - Shadow and Bone's Showrunner Was Chosen Thanks to a Tweet to the Author

3/18/2021 - Scientists Don't Know Why All These Sea Creatures Are Swimming in Circles

3/18/2021 - The U.S. Leads The Way in Citywide Fossil Fuel Bans

3/18/2021 - Social Media Execs Fuel Extremist Violence Globally, Report Finds

3/18/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Wants to Tackle Big Issues, Fictional and Otherwise

3/18/2021 - Cybercrime Is Booming and It's Costing America Billions

3/18/2021 - Whistleblower Alleges AT&T Overcharged Underfunded Schools for Phone and Internet Service

3/18/2021 - Here's 16 Minutes of Perseverance Rover Going Kssst, Tiktik, and Pffft

3/18/2021 - 3 Reasons Aladdin's Mena Massoud Could Be Dropping Star Wars Rebels Quotes

3/18/2021 - Weirdo Manta Shark Found Fossilized in Mexican Limestone

3/18/2021 - These Leg Sleeves Made Me Feel Like Iron Man but Did Nada for My Sore Muscles

3/18/2021 - YouTube's TikTok Clone Has Arrived

3/18/2021 - Zack Snyder Delves Into Justice League's Ending—and What Could've Come After

3/18/2021 - EU Experts Say AstraZeneca Vaccine Is Safe After Clotting Concerns

3/18/2021 - Warehouse Robots That Deliberately Crash to Unload Packages Explains What Happened to My Fancy Vase

3/18/2021 - Celebrate Sonic's 30th Birthday in Style With IDW's New Anniversary Anthology

3/18/2021 - Watch Live as NASA Performs a Second Hotfire Test of Its New Megarocket

3/18/2021 - Armored Dinos May Have Dug Trenches to Protect Themselves, Fossil Study Suggests

3/18/2021 - Scientists Found a ‘Magical’ Solution to Fight Dangerous Zombie Fires

3/18/2021 - Sony's Next-Gen VR Controllers Are Packing Some Major Upgrades

3/18/2021 - Covering California’s Canals With Solar Panels Could Solve Two Crises at Once

3/18/2021 - Terry Brooks Has a Brand-New Fantasy Series, and We've Got Your First look

3/18/2021 - Birth Control Apps Are Great If You Want to Get Pregnant

3/18/2021 - Astronomers Spot ‘Unique Meteorological Beast’ on Jupiter

3/18/2021 - Zack Snyder's Justice League Was Incredibly Complicated to Complete

3/18/2021 - How Making a Funny Face Could Boost the Security of Face Unlock Features

3/18/2021 - OK, You Jackals, I've Finally Come Around to 1440p Monitors

3/18/2021 - New Godzilla vs. Kong Merch Gives Us a Look at the Film's True Villain

3/18/2021 - Alienware's Upgraded Gaming Laptops Have the Good Cherry Switches

3/18/2021 - Nvidia Hikes the Price of GeForce Now for New Premium Subscribers

3/18/2021 - How to Sideload Any App on Your Chromecast With Google TV

3/18/2021 - The Myth of ‘Clean Coal’ Might Finally Die

3/17/2021 - These Tiny Chips Give Your DIY Projects Worldwide Cellular Connectivity

3/17/2021 - AT&T Is Not Happy About California's Net Neutrality Law

3/17/2021 - A Curious Robot Breaks Out of Its Shell in Clever Sci-Fi Short System Error

3/17/2021 - New iPad Pros Are Potentially Launching in April

3/17/2021 - Black Widow's Release Plan Could Change at the Last Minute

3/17/2021 - Fortnite's Weird Relationship With Directors Is Getting Even Weirder

3/17/2021 - An Alkaline Water Brand Is Making People Seriously Ill in Nevada, Officials Say

3/17/2021 - Tick Bites, Bad Breath, and Broken Bones: People Are Blaming the Covid-19 Vaccine for Anything

3/17/2021 - Warner Bros. Announces an Hourman Movie, Because Why the Hell Not?

3/17/2021 - This Surveillance Company Claims It Can Track Nearly Any Car in Real-Time

3/17/2021 - 6 Essential Creepshow Horror Stories From Season 1

3/17/2021 - RIP Piracy on YouTube?

3/17/2021 - Mouse Embryos Grow Successfully in Beakers, a Step Toward an Artificial Womb

3/17/2021 - X-Men's High Fashion Hellfire Gala Ensembles Are Set to Stun

3/17/2021 - Superman & Lois Is Starting to Realize It's a Superhero Show

3/17/2021 - Why Medicare for All Must Be Part of the Green New Deal

3/17/2021 - Who the Hell Is Behind the Zombie MoviePass Website?

3/17/2021 - The 'I'm a Mac' Guy Is Now Mocking Macs for Intel

3/17/2021 - Amazon's Kindle Author Service Dumps Problematic Mobi Files

3/17/2021 - Disneyland and California Adventure Will Reopen on April 30

3/17/2021 - Unprecedented Footage Reveals the Bizarre Inner Workings of a Beehive

3/17/2021 - V for Vendetta Might Be Even Better 15 Years Later

3/17/2021 - This 2-in-1 Stylus Convinced Me That Digital Note-Taking Doesn't Suck

3/17/2021 - 9 Conspiracy Theories We Wish QAnon People Would Obsess Over Instead

3/17/2021 - Four Generations of Lemurs Have Refused to Hibernate, Until Now

3/17/2021 - The State of 5G in 2021: Are We There Yet?

3/17/2021 - The Star Wars Comics Are Bringing Back Durge, Fantastic Foe From the First Clone Wars Cartoon

3/17/2021 - Texas Utility Commissioner Resigns After Leaked Call Pledging to Help Banks Keep Blackout Profits

3/17/2021 - Mars Is Hiding Its 'Lost' Water Beneath the Surface, New Research Suggests

3/17/2021 - Mortal Kombat's Director Wanted to Ground His Gory New Adaptation

3/17/2021 - The South Faces Dangerous 'High Risk' Weather and Tornadoes

3/17/2021 - Samsung Might Have Another Reason Not to Make a New Galaxy Note This Year

3/17/2021 - The Galaxy A52 and A72 Are the Stars of Samsung's New Mid-Range Phone Lineup

3/17/2021 - Russian Scientists Drop a Telescope Into the Deepest Lake on Earth

3/17/2021 - Kevin Feige Teases The Falcon and The Winter Soldier's Mysterious New Marvel Comics Location

3/17/2021 - I Miss My First PC

3/17/2021 - AMD's Radeon RX 6700 XT Is So Good That I'm Praying There's Enough Stock

3/17/2021 - NASA's Nearly Indestructible Airless Titanium Tires Might Soon Be Available for Your Bike

3/16/2021 - Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting Into Magic Again

3/16/2021 - Russia 'Amplified' the Hunter Biden Story and Spread Election Conspiracy Theories, Intel Agencies Claim

3/16/2021 - Parler's Horrible Reboot Is Courtesy of 'Big Checks' From GOP Mega-Donor Rebekah Mercer

3/16/2021 - The Epic DuckTales Finale Was, in Fact, a Duck Blur

3/16/2021 - Teen Who Hacked Twitter to Within an Inch of Its Life Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

3/16/2021 - Here's When You Can Expect Your $1,400 Stimulus Check

3/16/2021 - In Wonder Woman 1984's Blooper Reel, Diana's Greatest Enemy Is Wind

3/16/2021 - Google Is Taking Less of a Cut From Its App Store

3/16/2021 - The Spooky Rise of ‘Ghost Forests’ Along the Eastern Seaboard

3/16/2021 - Cricut Backs Down, Will Now Give Existing Registered Users Unlimited Use of Their Cutting Machines [Updated]

3/16/2021 - A Dredge Crew Found Pre-Civil War Cannons Near Downtown Savannah

3/16/2021 - The Demon Slayer Movie Is Finally Coming to the U.S.

3/16/2021 - Qualcomm Just Bought a Chip Startup Almost Certainly to Piss Off Apple

3/16/2021 - Black Lightning Is Breaking Bad and Burning Bright

3/16/2021 - Facebook Pressed to Stop Ignoring la Desinformación en Español

3/16/2021 - A Hacker Just Stole $5.7 Million From Social Token Startup Roll

3/16/2021 - Boba Fett's Animated Debut From The Star Wars Holiday Special Is Coming to Disney+ [Updated]

3/16/2021 - Oh Great, Now Florida Has a Mosquito That Can Carry Yellow Fever

3/16/2021 - Stargirl Reveals the First Look at Next Season's Major DC Villain, Eclipso

3/16/2021 - Delete Most of Your Apps

3/16/2021 - This Open-Source Security Key Helps You Ditch Software Authenticators

3/16/2021 - Elon's Doing Another Bit

3/16/2021 - Russian Film Plans Mean NASA Astronaut Could Spend an Entire Year in Space

3/16/2021 - Dropbox Passwords Rolls Out Free Version Just as LastPass Limits Free Users

3/16/2021 - Sony's New $2,000 E-Mount Lens Is Cutting-Edge Glass for Pros

3/16/2021 - Jedi on a Rancor, Jedi on a Rancor, Jedi on a Rancor, Jedi on a Rancor

3/16/2021 - RIP Yaphet Kotto, Star of Alien, James Bond, and More

3/16/2021 - Marshall's First Wireless Earbuds Have More Style Than Substance

3/16/2021 - Chevron Faces an FTC Complaint Over Greenwashing

3/16/2021 - Racist Zoning Practices Are So Prevalent, ‘You Can Even See It in the Flood Data’

3/16/2021 - Deadly Super Yeast Found in the Wild for the First Time

3/16/2021 - Mike Mignola Looks Back on a Year of Quarantine Sketching

3/16/2021 - Intel Officially Announces Its 11th-Gen CPUs, Giving Us Reasons to Actually Be Excited

3/16/2021 - Apple Patent Hopes We’ll All Show Feet in AR

3/16/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Is a Show to Dissect, But in a Different Way From WandaVision

3/16/2021 - Nokia Cutting 10,000 Jobs While Planning to Double Down on 5G

3/16/2021 - Marvel's Secret Invasion TV Show Casts a Mysterious Villain

3/16/2021 - Charles Steinmetz's Predictions About 2021 From the Year 1921 Were Amazingly Accurate

3/16/2021 - Google's New Nest Hub Tracks Your Sleep From Your Nightstand, No Wearables Required

3/16/2021 - 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Spotify

3/16/2021 - Encrypted Messaging App Signal Goes Down in China

3/15/2021 - This Machine Creates 3D Objects in Seconds

3/15/2021 - Apparently the Pentagon Is Thinking of Giving Jetpacks a Try

3/15/2021 - Let the Right One In TV Series Is Back From the Dead, With Demián Bichir Set to Star

3/15/2021 - California Passes New Regulation Banning 'Dark Patterns' Under Landmark Privacy Law

3/15/2021 - In the New Voyagers Trailer, the Space Kids Are Not All Right

3/15/2021 - Amazon Prime Video Is Testing a Shuffle Feature Now, Too

3/15/2021 - Everything to Remember Before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

3/15/2021 - Astronomers Spotted a Black Hole Casually Gliding Through Space

3/15/2021 - Facebook and News Corp Have Reached a Three Year News Distribution Deal

3/15/2021 - Studio Khara Casually Tells Evangelion Fans It Will Lock You in Jail if You Leak Thrice Upon a Time

3/15/2021 - The AstraZeneca Vaccine Can't Catch a Break

3/15/2021 - Researchers Are Working on a Virtual Phone Virus That 'Mimics' the Spread of Covid-19

3/15/2021 - The Stylish New Cruella Trailer Faces the Future

3/15/2021 - Disney+ Series Earth Moods Is Just What I've Been Looking For

3/15/2021 - Why Rainbows Look Different in Hawaii

3/15/2021 - Indicted CEO of Encrypted Phone Firm Says Drug Charges Are Attack on the 'Right to Privacy'

3/15/2021 - Fast Fashion Gets Its Revenge in Killer Pants Horror-Comedy Slaxx

3/15/2021 - Zoom Escaper Is a Soundboard Designed to 'Self-Sabotage' Your Video Meetings

3/15/2021 - Supergirlifragilisticxenalidocranz

3/15/2021 - The NFT Art Heists May Have Begun

3/15/2021 - ‘Invisible’ Deep-Sea Bacteria Cause Researchers to Rethink Human Immune Systems

3/15/2021 - Million-Year-Old Plants Show Greenland Was Once Ice-Free

3/15/2021 - 13 WandaVision Facts Magically Revealed in Its Making-of Documentary

3/15/2021 - Kids Just Can't Stop Eating These Magnets

3/15/2021 - The Irregulars' First Trailer Is Anything But Elementary

3/15/2021 - Maybe There's Hope for Wear OS Yet

3/15/2021 - In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's Final Trailer, Steve Rogers' Shield Casts a Large Shadow

3/15/2021 - Cricut Now Wants Users to Pay Extra for Unlimited Use of the Cutting Machines They Already Own [Updated]

3/15/2021 - Beijing Chokes on Worst Dust Storm in a Decade

3/15/2021 - Zack Snyder's Grand Embellishments Make Justice League a Better, Stranger Thing

3/15/2021 - ISS Ditches 2.9-Ton Pallet of Batteries, Creating Its Most Massive Piece of Space Trash

3/15/2021 - Texas Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Penalize Businesses That ‘Boycott’ Fossil Fuels

3/15/2021 - Life Is Already Too Stressful, Let a Very Patient Lego Robot Build a House of Cards for You

3/15/2021 - 2021's Oscar Nominations Show Off a Diverse Field, Few Genre Titles

3/15/2021 - The Best Customizable Controller Can Now Be Programmed on Your Phone

3/15/2021 - Current Pixel Owners Will Get to Keep Unlimited Storage in Google Photos After June

3/15/2021 - Don't Expect AirPods 3 to Launch This Month

3/15/2021 - One of Braun's First Digital Alarm Clocks Is Back With Wireless Charging Powers

3/15/2021 - There's Still Hope for Attack the Block 2

3/15/2021 - Restoring Financial Regulators' Right to Fight Climate Change

3/15/2021 - Could Time Travel Ever Work?

3/15/2021 - So, Should You Buy the UE Hyperboom or JBL Xtreme 3?

3/15/2021 - How to Use Your Android Phone Seamlessly With Your Chromebook

3/15/2021 - Facebook Launches Tool to Help Users Get Covid-19 Vaccine

3/15/2021 - India Looks to Criminalize Trading, Mining, and Holding Cryptocurrencies: Report

3/14/2021 - The Walking Dead Turned a Beautiful Episode Into a Brutal Lesson

3/14/2021 - SpaceX Successfully Launches the Same Falcon 9 Rocket for a Record Ninth Flight

3/14/2021 - Clubhouse Is Creating an Accelerator Program for Influencers

3/14/2021 - The School for Good and Evil Adds Michelle Yeoh Because Paul Feig Loves Us and Wants Us to Be Happy

3/14/2021 - The Snyder Cut Reactions Are Here, and So's a New Trailer

3/14/2021 - Twitter Banned Me for Saying the 'M' Word: Memphis [Update: I'm Free From Twitter Jail!]

3/14/2021 - Google Celebrates Pi Day With This Cute Calculator Easter Egg

3/14/2021 - Google Can Be Sued for Tracking Users in Private Browsing Mode, Judge Says

3/14/2021 - Kevin Feige Addresses the Big Question About Additional Seasons of Disney+ Marvel Shows

3/14/2021 - Swallow's Haley Bennett Will Star in Eli Roth's Borderlands Movie

3/14/2021 - So This Is 'Covid Normal'

3/13/2021 - Syncing up With Chrome, Microsoft Accelerates Edge's Release Cycle to Every Four Weeks

3/13/2021 - Creator Shuts Down Popular Crypto Art Carbon Calculator for 'Abuse and Harassment'

3/13/2021 - The Comics That Sold Out Thanks to WandaVision Are Going Back to Press

3/13/2021 - This Mom Allegedly Created Deepfakes to Bully Her Daughter's Rivals off the Cheerleading Squad

3/13/2021 - Tiffany Haddish Will Star in Mystery Girl on Netflix

3/13/2021 - Was It Agatha All Along on WandaVision? It Almost Wasn't

3/13/2021 - Messing Up Age of Ultron Helped Joss Whedon Mess Up Justice League

3/12/2021 - Apple: RIP HomePod. Long Live the HomePod Mini

3/12/2021 - Minor League Baseball Reportedly Experimenting with Robot Umpires

3/12/2021 - Microsoft Investigates Whether Leaked 'Proof of Concept' Attack Code Contributed to Exchange Hack

3/12/2021 - A Bird Box Spinoff Set in Spain Is in the Works

3/12/2021 - We've Reached Peak AirPods 3 Rumors

3/12/2021 - Elon Musk's Awful Tweets Are the Subject of Yet Another Lawsuit

3/12/2021 - Get (Even More) Excited for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds With This Jubilant Video

3/12/2021 - Open Channel: Who Should Play Grand Admiral Thrawn in His Inevitable Star Wars Movie?

3/12/2021 - Study: Colleges Handing Out Esports Scholarships Give Almost 90% of Them to Men

3/12/2021 - DC Comics Tells Artists to Stay Out of NFT Business or Else

3/12/2021 - These Bluetooth Dice Let You Send Your Rolls to Your Online DnD Game

3/12/2021 - Feds Eye Swiss Hacker Tied to Major Security Cam Breach

3/12/2021 - The Worst of the Pandemic Is Truly Behind Us

3/12/2021 - Ghost Toilets, and All the Other Non-Spectral Toy News of the Week

3/12/2021 - Having Lost Its Original Atmosphere, This Freaky Planet Is Now Growing a New One

3/12/2021 - Greenland's Rocks Contain Hints of a Magma Ocean on Baby Earth

3/12/2021 - Pepsi's Driftwell Would Be Way More Relaxing If It Didn't Taste Like a Nightmare

3/12/2021 - Sink Your Teeth Into Ricardo Delgado's Stunning Dracula of Transylvania

3/12/2021 - Texas Rangers Say They'll Stop Trying to Hypnotize Crime Victims and Witnesses

3/12/2021 - The World Wide Web is 32 Today and Billions of People Still Don't Have Access to It

3/12/2021 - There's Something Strange About Children of the Atom's New Mutants

3/12/2021 - This Sensor Lets Beekeepers Catch Bees Before They Do Each Other Dirty

3/12/2021 - Your Older AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Finally Includes 5G

3/12/2021 - Hackers Now Ruining Your Ability to Get Drunk, Too

3/12/2021 - New Model of Ancient Astronomical Device Reveals a ‘Creation of Genius’

3/12/2021 - Marco Rubio: I Literally Just Don't Like Jeff Bezos

3/12/2021 - The Secret History and Uncertain Future of Big Oil’s Unfunniest Meme Website

3/12/2021 - A Kirigami-Inspired Sensor Could Help Stop Back Damage From Computer Work

3/12/2021 - This New Falcon and the Winter Soldier Clip Is a Minute of Pure Delight

3/12/2021 - Get Your Hand Out of the Pain Box and Put This New Dune Podcast in Your Ears

3/12/2021 - HBO Max Is Officially Launching a Cheaper Ad-Supported Streaming Plan in June

3/12/2021 - Shocking Findings Show the Amazon May Already Be a Greenhouse Gas Emitter

3/12/2021 - The World Is in the Middle of a Twin Boom, Study Finds

3/12/2021 - Apple's Suing an Ex-Employee Who Allegedly Leaked Secrets to Media

3/12/2021 - The Spine of Night Trailer Takes You on a Heady, Gory Fever Trip

3/12/2021 - Here's What Animals Are Up to While They Wait for Their Wildlife Center to Reopen

3/12/2021 - 18 Essential Sci-Fi and Fantasy Films Directed by Women

3/12/2021 - Silicon Shortage Reportedly Hits Android Phones as Qualcomm Suffers Supply Issues

3/12/2021 - How to Build an LED Etch A Sketch With a Motion Sensor That Lets You Shake to Erase

3/12/2021 - Updates From The Flash, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and More

3/12/2021 - The New Garmin Makes a Compelling Case for Smaller Smartwatches

3/12/2021 - When PC Game Packaging Was a Work of Art

3/12/2021 - 'Fake News' About Covid-19 in Malaysia Can Now Get You Three Years in Prison

3/12/2021 - Uber Eats and Deliveroo Riders in Spain to Get Collective Bargaining Rights

3/11/2021 - Your Dentist or Vet Can Give You the Covid-19 Vaccine Under Biden's Plan to Expand Vaccine Access

3/11/2021 - Uber and Lyft Join Forces to Expose Drivers Accused of Assault

3/11/2021 - Hackers Are Swarming Microsoft Exchange

3/11/2021 - The Heroism (and Terror) of My Motherhood

3/11/2021 - T-Mobile Just Made Some Big 5G Promises

3/11/2021 - The Unholy's Spooky Trailer Asks: What If a Miracle Is Slathered in Evil?

3/11/2021 - The Netflix Password-Sharing Crackdown Has Begun

3/11/2021 - The New Super Sentai's Best Hero Is Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Himbo Megazord

3/11/2021 - Terry Crews Has His Own Cryptocurrency Because Why Not?

3/11/2021 - The Boys' Spinoff Has Found 2 College-Age Superheroes

3/11/2021 - Wildlife Officials Warn Contaminated Aquarium Moss Balls May Unleash a Zebra Mussel Plague

3/11/2021 - Roku Will Debut Its First Exclusive Series This Month With Cypher

3/11/2021 - YouTuber Tim Pool Sounds Like He's Doing Great Except for Alleged Cat Hostage Thing

3/11/2021 - WandaVision's Creator Explains Why Wanda Doesn't Care About the White Vision

3/11/2021 - Extraordinary Fossil Captures Nesting Oviraptor Dinosaur Alongside Unhatched Offspring

3/11/2021 - Someone Totally Ruined the Memory of PalmOS By Putting Twitter on It

3/11/2021 - Google Maps Will Let You Draw Missing Roads

3/11/2021 - The Pandemic Fueled a Boom in Empty Ghost Shipping Containers Traveling the High Seas

3/11/2021 - 7 Creepy Flicks to Watch on Shudder

3/11/2021 - Your Next Office Might Be a 3D-Printed Smurf House

3/11/2021 - Oppo Doubles Down on the Camera Bump for the Find X3 Pro

3/11/2021 - The Apollo Solo Turns Your Mac Into a Recording Studio

3/11/2021 - DC Drops a Ton of Comics News, Including an Amazing Anthology of Its LGTBQIA+ Heroes

3/11/2021 - 'Underwater Roombas' Help Start Cleanup of Decades-Old Toxic Waste Dump Along California Coast

3/11/2021 - Photo-Editing Playing Cards Turn Poker Night Into a Crash Course in Photoshop

3/11/2021 - A Common Yeast May Cause Trouble For Crohn’s Patients

3/11/2021 - Latest Windows 10 Update Is Causing Some Printers to Crash PCs

3/11/2021 - A 4400 Rewatch Reveals Just How Influential Its Legacy Is

3/11/2021 - Europe's Biggest Mobile Tech Show Still Thinks It's Going to Happen

3/11/2021 - This Flushable Pregnancy Test Is Good for Earth, Bad for Sitcom Plots

3/11/2021 - It's Not Too Late to Pass a National Privacy Law (OK, It Kind of Is)

3/11/2021 - Infinity Train Will End With Its Fourth Season After All

3/11/2021 - QAnon Is a Dangerous Echo of Conspiracies Past

3/11/2021 - Listen to Lasers Zapping Rocks on Mars in Perseverance’s Latest Dispatch

3/11/2021 - Congress Has a New $94 Billion Plan to Bring Affordable Internet to Everyone

3/11/2021 - Willem Dafoe Could Be Something of a Scientist Himself in Yorgos Lanthimos' Poor Things

3/11/2021 - Why Your Boring Utility Bill Is Much More Important Than You Think

3/11/2021 - Beeple's $69 Million NFT Sale Is a Good Time to Rethink Some Things

3/11/2021 - Star Wars: Republic Commando's Spirit Still Lives, Even in a Franchise That Killed It

3/11/2021 - I Want to Decorate My Entire Home With Classic Arcade Games Turned Into Playable Works of Art

3/11/2021 - Verizon's Cheapest Plans Will Only Get You Its Slowest 5G Speeds

3/11/2021 - Apple Rumored to Finally Embrace Bigger Batteries on the iPhone 13

3/11/2021 - I Love This Over-Engineered Door Handle That Wipes Itself Down With Disinfectant After Every Use

3/11/2021 - Updates From George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards, Mortal Kombat, and More

3/11/2021 - I Can't Wrap My Brain Around This Tiny SSD That Puts 4TB of Data in the Palm of My Hand

3/11/2021 - How to Back Up All Your Photos Without a Cloud Subscription

3/11/2021 - AeroMobil Says Flying Cars Are Still Just Two Years Away

3/10/2021 - A Doctor Who Alum Is Coming to Doom Patrol as DC's Madame Rouge

3/10/2021 - Facebook's Dream of Running a Giant Cable From California to Hong Kong Once Again Dashed

3/10/2021 - Apple Tells Parler It's Still Too Friendly to Racist Filth for iOS

3/10/2021 - Warhammer 40,000's Animated Shorts Are Finally (Slightly) Branching Out Beyond Space Marines

3/10/2021 - This Unassuming Little Device Can Hack Your Smart Home

3/10/2021 - THX 1138 at 50: Looking Back at George Lucas' Dystopian Art Film

3/10/2021 - Covid-19 Survivors Might Only Need One mRNA Vaccine Dose

3/10/2021 - Solve This Riddle

3/10/2021 - Senators Launch Latest Salvo in Forever War Over Daylight Saving Time

3/10/2021 - Brutal 6,200-Year-Old Massacre Shows Humans Have Sucked for a Really Long Time

3/10/2021 - WandaVision Transforms Back Into Its Comic Book Roots in This Bewitching Art

3/10/2021 - With ESPN+ Now on Hulu, It Really Is the Best All-Around Streaming Service

3/10/2021 - A Raven Guides the Way in This First Look at Spooky Fantasy Tale Vespertine

3/10/2021 - Cassette Tape Inventor Lou Ottens Has Passed Away

3/10/2021 - I Sold a Tweet About My Future Cat on the Blockchain and Helped Kill the Earth in the Process

3/10/2021 - Long Known as Nomads, Scythians May Have Been Solidly Sedentary

3/10/2021 - Asus' ROG Phone 5 Is a Sophisticated but Still Beastly Gaming Phone

3/10/2021 - Gene Therapy Might One Day Treat Chronic Pain

3/10/2021 - The Amazing DuckTales Reboot Will Live On (Briefly) as a Podcast

3/10/2021 - Elizabeth Olsen Ranks WandaVision Ahead of Doctor Strange 2

3/10/2021 - The War Between Big Tech and News Is Coming to the U.S.

3/10/2021 - Why the PRO Act Is Part of a Green New Deal

3/10/2021 - Epic Is Taking Google to Court (Again)

3/10/2021 - The Roblox Boom Is About to Meet Reality

3/10/2021 - NASA Scoops a Seat Aboard Russian Rocket Without Having to Pay for It

3/10/2021 - Superman & Lois Proves a Little Superdickery Might Run in the Family

3/10/2021 - A Bloodsucking Fish May Not Be the Vertebrate Ancestor We Thought

3/10/2021 - Godzilla: Singular Point Looks Like a Massive Kaiju Free-for-All

3/10/2021 - Researchers Created a High-Contrast Transparent Screen That Might Make You Want to Wear Smart Glasses

3/10/2021 - The Regulations That Could Help Reduce Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint

3/10/2021 - Physicists Measure the Smallest Gravitational Field Ever Detected

3/10/2021 - Nikon's Z9 Could Be Its Last Shot to Hang with Canon and Sony

3/10/2021 - You Can Play Tetris on a Giant Mechanical Flipboard Display but Would You Want To?

3/10/2021 - Peloton Brings Back Popular Sessions Feature for Working Out With Friends

3/10/2021 - How to Fix Crypto Art NFTs' Carbon Pollution Problem

3/10/2021 - James Gunn Hits Back at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Casting Rumors

3/10/2021 - This Is the SSD I'd Put in My Next PC

3/10/2021 - How to Switch Password Managers Without Losing Your Data

3/10/2021 - This Drone in a Bowling Alley Is the Coolest Video You'll See All Week

3/9/2021 - Aptly Titled Short Suspense Finds Terror in the Treetops

3/9/2021 - Hackers Target Surveillance Firm, Exposing 150,000 Live Camera Feeds in Hospitals, Jails, and Tesla

3/9/2021 - Elon Musk Explains Why the Starship SN10 Prototype Exploded After Landing

3/9/2021 - Amazon's New Horror Anthology Them Looks Absolutely Terrifying

3/9/2021 - Samsung's Next Galaxy Unpacked Event Set for March 17

3/9/2021 - Avatar Re-Release Spells Trouble for Avengers: Endgame's Box Office Record

3/9/2021 - Cloud Gaming Platform Shadow Has Filed for Bankruptcy, a 'Victim of Its Success'

3/9/2021 - Expert Panel Calls for More Smokers to Get Tested for Lung Cancer Starting at 50 Years Old

3/9/2021 - Disney Zooms Past 100 Million Subscribers as It Aims for 100 New Titles Each Year

3/9/2021 - WandaVision Toys and Merch That Will Cast a Hex on Your Wallet

3/9/2021 - Recovery of Rare Meteorite a ‘Dream Come True’ for UK Scientists

3/9/2021 - No, Mark Zuckerberg, Virtual Reality Goggles Won't Solve the Climate Crisis

3/9/2021 - Facebook Details Its Dream for AR Glasses, and Honestly, I Don't Hate It

3/9/2021 - Alien's In, Metal Gear's Out, and More of the Latest Gaming News

3/9/2021 - T-Mobile Is Taking All of Your Sweet, Sweet Data… Unless You Tell It to Stop

3/9/2021 - Google Is Bringing an Apple-Like Handoff Feature to Android Phones and Chromebooks

3/9/2021 - Red States Go to War Against Math

3/9/2021 - Security Flaw in iPhone App Could Have Let Anyone Listen To Your Recordings

3/9/2021 - The Sonos Roam Is the First Actually Portable Sonos Speaker

3/9/2021 - Some Mandalorian Books Have Been Canceled, But Not for the Reason You Think

3/9/2021 - Game of Thrones Prequel Star Olivia Cooke Believes the Show Won't Have 'Egregious Violence Towards Women'

3/9/2021 - Republicans' Rich White Friends Will Outlive Us All

3/9/2021 - Some AMD Ryzen 5000 Processors Are Back in Stock

3/9/2021 - PS4, Nvidia Shield, and Fire TV Are Getting More Free Streaming Apps

3/9/2021 - The Next Generation of HIV Drugs Is Looking Really Promising

3/9/2021 - Meet Your Live-Action Powerpuff Girls

3/9/2021 - Fighting With Apple Over Your iPhone's Privacy Settings Is Now an International Trend

3/9/2021 - Monica Rambeau Was WandaVision's Real Hero, and the Show Did Her Dirty

3/9/2021 - Tyrannosaur Teens Didn’t Have the Bone-Crushing Bite of Adults

3/9/2021 - Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra S-Pen Is a Useful Stylus With an Inconvenient Case

3/9/2021 - Netflix's Yasuke Gives Us a First Look at Its Black Samurai

3/9/2021 - Worn Out: The Fashion Industry's Big Oil Problem

3/9/2021 - 18 Genre Films We're Totally Psyched for at South by Southwest 2021

3/9/2021 - Smart Speakers Like the Nest and Echo Could One Day Be Contactless Heart Monitors

3/9/2021 - Nothing's Concept One Earbud Is Simple and Refreshingly Retro

3/9/2021 - The MGM Lion Is the Latest Hollywood Icon to Be Replaced With a CG Double

3/9/2021 - The $21 Billion Reason to Clean Up Abandoned Oil Wells

3/9/2021 - Updates From Wynonna Earp, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and More

3/9/2021 - Heartbreaking Stories of People Who Got Scammed on Tinder During the Pandemic

3/9/2021 - Apple Study Affirms That Women Do in Fact Have Cramps During Their Periods

3/9/2021 - Fitbit's First Fitness Tracker Under Google Is the Ace 3

3/9/2021 - How to Use Your Samsung Phone As a Desktop

3/8/2021 - Apple Security Fixes Mean It's Time to Update Your iPhones, iPads, Macs and Watches

3/8/2021 - The Digimon Reboot Said 'Workers' Rights'

3/8/2021 - The Privacy Problem With Android's 'Choice' Screen

3/8/2021 - WandaVision's Finale Nearly Featured Señor Scratchy's Dark Secret

3/8/2021 - Sony Animation's Next Hero Team Is a K-Pop Group

3/8/2021 - How to Use a Hardware Wallet to Store Your Crypto

3/8/2021 - Zack Snyder's Justice League Was Available Today on HBO Max (Briefly)

3/8/2021 - MyPillow Guy Says He’s Starting Some Kind of Little Twitter Platform That’s 'Not Just Like a Little Twitter Platform'

3/8/2021 - Microsoft's 'Crazy Huge Hack,' Explained

3/8/2021 - The io9 Coven Breaks Down the Highs and Lows of WandaVision

3/8/2021 - Cleanup Costs at the Damaged Arecibo Observatory Could Reach $50 Million

3/8/2021 - Doctor Who's Jo Martin Reflects on the Power of Being a Black, Female Doctor

3/8/2021 - If Skynet Takes Over, Try Writing ‘Robot’ on Your Shirt

3/8/2021 - We Have a Chance to Keep the Tropics Habitable

3/8/2021 - CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Socialize Indoors Unmasked, With a Few Exceptions

3/8/2021 - Space Jam 2's New Legacy Doesn't Include a Certain Sexually Predatory Skunk

3/8/2021 - The One Thing About Raya and the Last Dragon That Never Changed

3/8/2021 - Google TV Brings Kids Profiles to an Already Fantastic Streaming Device

3/8/2021 - Scientists Warn Diphtheria Is on the Rise, Could Become Major Global Threat Again

3/8/2021 - Get an Exclusive Peek at Peter V. Brett's Return to the Demon Cycle World With The Desert Prince

3/8/2021 - Elon Musk Is Reportedly Plugging a Giant Battery Into Texas

3/8/2021 - Star Trek: Picard's Showrunner Just Dropped a Distressing Amount of Information on Romulan Romance

3/8/2021 - Mars Rover Landing Site Named After Sci-Fi Legend Octavia Butler

3/8/2021 - WandaVision Had 2 Very Different TV Show Homages Planned

3/8/2021 - Atari Says It's Launching a Crypto Casino Based on Its Old Games

3/8/2021 - These Slugs Cut Off Their Own Heads When They Want a New Body

3/8/2021 - Indoor Weed Farms Are Hotboxing the Planet

3/8/2021 - Highlander's Endless Imagination Gives It an Enduring Legacy

3/8/2021 - Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Bethesda Acquisition Gets the All Clear

3/8/2021 - 40 Hours of Training Was All an AI Needed to Shatter the World Record in the World's Hardest Video Game

3/8/2021 - New Thor: Love and Thunder Set Pictures Give Looks at Our Returning Heroes

3/8/2021 - The Boox Nova 3 Color Proves Color E Ink Screens Aren't Ready for Tablets Yet

3/8/2021 - 5 Reasons to Ditch Gmail for ProtonMail

3/8/2021 - What's the Most Climate-Safe Place in the World?

3/8/2021 - Oprah's Interview With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Finally Posted Online for Cordcutters

3/8/2021 - OnePlus Is Teaming Up With Hasselblad to Announce the OnePlus 9 on March 23

3/7/2021 - Google HR: Experiencing Workplace Discrimination? Y'all Need Therapy

3/7/2021 - The Walking Dead's Daryl and Carol Power Hour Returns, Minus the Power

3/7/2021 - Tesla Created a Platform for Tesla Stans to 'Take Meaningful Action' on Behalf of the Company

3/7/2021 - New Report States Apple Will Release Mixed Reality Headset in 2022 and AR Glasses by 2025

3/7/2021 - Chinese and Russian Hackers Reportedly Stole Vaccine Data from European Drug Regulator

3/7/2021 - Zack Snyder Drops 4 Character Teasers for Justice League

3/7/2021 - 'Girls Just Want to Have Guns'—The Boys Will Arm the Girls

3/6/2021 - Bye Bye iMac Pro. It’s Been Good Knowing Ya

3/6/2021 - Neil Gaiman Stars as Neil Gaiman in an Audible Original About Neil Gaiman

3/6/2021 - This Rapid 3D-Printing Method Could Be the Secret to Developing 3D-Printed Organs

3/6/2021 - For Whatever Reason, People Are Willing to Pay up to $10 Million for an NFT of Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet

3/6/2021 - Alicia Silverstone Is Gonna Fight a Shark, Y'all

3/6/2021 - Facebook Is Reportedly Under Investigation for 'Systemic' Racial Bias in Its Workplace

3/6/2021 - Let's Get Loud! A Quiet Place 2 Finally Has a Release Date

3/6/2021 - Steven Spielberg and the Duffer Brothers Will Take on Stephen King's The Talisman

3/6/2021 - One of the Nation’s Largest Pipelines Caused the Biggest Spill in Decades–And We’re Just Hearing About It

3/6/2021 - This Site Spits Out AI-Generated Rejection Emails so You Can Copy and Paste Disappointment

3/5/2021 - The Latest Microsoft Hack Looks Like It Could Be Huge

3/5/2021 - Utah Lawmakers Pass Bill to Require 'Porn Filters' on All Tablets and Phones Sold in the State

3/5/2021 - Hackers Just Looted Passenger Data From Some of the World's Biggest Airlines

3/5/2021 - Being Undead Can't Stop Young Love in Sweet Yet Gory Short And Then! He Kissed Me

3/5/2021 - Star Wars Rebels' Hera Syndulla Is the Show's Most Enduring Legacy

3/5/2021 - The Chucky TV Show Is Lining Up Victims Young and Old

3/5/2021 - Lego Heads to the Hundred Acre Wood, and More of the Most Splendiferous Toy News This Week

3/5/2021 - California Theme Parks May Start Reopening as Early as April 1 [Corrected]

3/5/2021 - How to Use an S Pen With Samsung's Galaxy S21 Ultra

3/5/2021 - An ROV Is Making Incredibly Detailed Maps of the Seafloor Off California

3/5/2021 - WandaVision's Finale Was What You Made of It

3/5/2021 - Stop Letting Google Get Away With It

3/5/2021 - Paramount+ Is Extremely Late to the Party and Pretty Unremarkable

3/5/2021 - Are You Happy Now, You Jackals?

3/5/2021 - Let the Magic of the Gif Party Transport You Into the Weekend

3/5/2021 - The Guy Who Literally Coined ‘Net Neutrality’ Now Works for Biden

3/5/2021 - Lumi Keys Is a Delightful Way to Learn Piano Basics Without a Piano

3/5/2021 - Space Jam 2 Has Relocated Lola Bunny to Wonder Woman's Themyscira

3/5/2021 - U.S. Traffic Deaths Spiked in 2020, Even as People Stayed Off the Road

3/5/2021 - John McAfee Charged With Exactly What You Thought He Would Be Charged With

3/5/2021 - Nubia's Red Magic 6 Is a Frankly Ridiculous Phone

3/5/2021 - A Ghost Radio Station Has Been Broadcasting the Same Traffic Report for Obama's 2013 Inauguration for 8 Years

3/5/2021 - Kate Mulgrew Wanted to Return to Star Trek to Bring in the Next Generation of Fans

3/5/2021 - A ‘Travesty’ in the World of Building Codes Could Erode Cities’ Ability to Fight Climate Change

3/5/2021 - Hubble Captures Stunning View of a Spiral Galaxy

3/5/2021 - Eero's CEO Is Betting That Wifi Will Thrive in the 5G Era

3/5/2021 - The Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Films on Paramount+

3/5/2021 - The World Wastes 1 Billion Tons of Food a Year, and It’s Frying the Planet

3/5/2021 - See What Some of History's Most Important Scientists Look Like With the DeepNostalgia Treatment

3/5/2021 - How Candlekeep Mysteries Is Bringing One of Dungeons & Dragons' Most Iconic Libraries to Life

3/5/2021 - Dino ‘Parasites’ Trapped in Amber Are Not What They Appear to Be, Say Scientists

3/5/2021 - AI-Powered Chrome Extension Automatically Turns on YouTube Subtitles While You Eat Noisy Snacks

3/5/2021 - Updates From Godzilla vs. Kong, Space Jam: A New Legacy, and More

3/5/2021 - Nanoleaf's New Smart Bulb Is the One to Beat for HomePod Mini Owners

3/5/2021 - Virgin Galactic Chairman Cashes Out Entire Personal Stake in Space Tourism Company

3/5/2021 - Italy Becomes First Country to Actually Block Covid-19 Vaccine Exports

3/5/2021 - We Should Give Seals PhDs

3/5/2021 - Texas Attorney General Sues Griddy for False Advertising in Wake of Winter Storm Price Hikes

3/4/2021 - Razer's New Smart Glasses Promise to Make WFH a Little Less Awful

3/4/2021 - Enter the Hex of the WandaVision Finale Spoiler Discussion Zone

3/4/2021 - LiquidVPN Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Promoting Pirating Content

3/4/2021 - Made for Love Shows Breaking Up With a Possessive Tech Billionaire Is Hard to Do

3/4/2021 - A New, Original Star Trek Movie Is Coming From Discovery's Kalinda Vazquez

3/4/2021 - Setting Spotify as a Default Music App in iOS 14.5 Isn't a Feature After All

3/4/2021 - Muppets Most Wanted's Surprisingly Solid Original Songs, Ranked

3/4/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'Homecoming' by Claire Wrenwood

3/4/2021 - A Boy’s Smelly Nose Was Caused by a BB Pellet Stuck Inside for Years

3/4/2021 - What If Clubhouse, but With State Censorship, TikTok Owner ByteDance Ponders

3/4/2021 - Someone Is Hacking the Hackers

3/4/2021 - The Water Crisis in Mississippi America Can’t Afford to Ignore

3/4/2021 - Lawmakers Are Finally Asking the FCC to Redefine High-Speed Broadband

3/4/2021 - Asteroid Apophis Is Swinging by This Weekend to Taunt Us

3/4/2021 - The Plot of Space Jam: A New Legacy Sounds, Appropriately Enough, Loony

3/4/2021 - Qualcomm’s Looking to Fix Wireless Audio with Snapdragon Sound

3/4/2021 - It Was Paul Bettany All Along

3/4/2021 - Climate Change Is Killing Butterflies in the American West

3/4/2021 - Sonos Roam Speaker Details Leak Ahead of Next Week's Announcement

3/4/2021 - 5 Cult Horror Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime

3/4/2021 - Samsung and Mastercard Are Teaming Up on a Biometric Credit Card

3/4/2021 - Man Who Oversaw Texas Blackouts Shown the Door

3/4/2021 - CBS All Access Is Now Paramount+, Celebrate With Copious Amounts of Free Star Trek

3/4/2021 - WhatsApp Can Now Do the Same Thing as Google Meet and Zoom and FaceTime

3/4/2021 - WarnerMedia CEO Considering a Cheaper HBO Max Tier Because Most People 'Are Not Wealthy'

3/4/2021 - Jack Dorsey’s People Send Jay-Z’s People $297 Million

3/4/2021 - Scientists Find Link Between Bipolar Disorder and Neuroinflammation

3/4/2021 - New Satellite Images Show Earth's Latest Gigantic Iceberg

3/4/2021 - Underwater Robot Stealthily Swims With a Propulsion System You Can't See

3/4/2021 - Don Hertzfeldt Talks the Present and Future of World of Tomorrow, His Incredible Sci-Fi Animated Series

3/4/2021 - It's Time for Some Really Weird Star Wars Show Crossover Speculation

3/4/2021 - This LG 4K Gaming Monitor Is Beautiful and Fast as Hell, but It's Got Issues

3/4/2021 - Apple's App Store Faces New Antitrust Investigation in UK

3/4/2021 - Seresto Flea Collars Tied to Over 1,600 Pet Deaths in U.S. Since 2012

3/3/2021 - The Chapter Titles of Zack Snyder's Justice League Are Here; Speculate Wildly About Them

3/3/2021 - This Embattled Navajo Nation Hospital Is Still Recovering From a Recent Ransomware Attack

3/3/2021 - Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer's Superheroes vs. Jason Bateman With Crab Arms

3/3/2021 - Arizona's Anti-Monopoly Bill Could Help Put Fortnite Back in the iOS App Store

3/3/2021 - At Least Three Hollywood Private Schools Had Their Servers Hacked Recently

3/3/2021 - Apple's New Service Helps You Transfer Your Pics and Videos From iCloud to Google Photos

3/3/2021 - The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Will Explore the Racial Implications of a New Captain America

3/3/2021 - Study: Far-Right Propaganda Gets the Most Engagement on Facebook, Especially When It's Lies

3/3/2021 - The Barbarian and the Troll Is the Kid-Friendly Red Sonja With Puppets You Didn't Know You Needed

3/3/2021 - Watch Live: SpaceX Attempts Third High-Altitude Test of Starship [Update: It Actually Landed!]

3/3/2021 - Microdosing Benefits Might Be Largely Placebo, Experimental Study Suggests

3/3/2021 - Ancient Memorization Trick Boosts Long-Term Memory and Changes the Brain

3/3/2021 - Brace Yourself for a Future in Which You Do Not Attend This Year's Olympics

3/3/2021 - In This Exclusive Look at Image's Shadecraft, the Dark Is Something to Be Afraid Of

3/3/2021 - Disney's Live-Action Pinocchio Pulls Some Strings and Nabs Its Cast

3/3/2021 - 5G Conspiracy Theories Are Fueling an Entire Economy of Scammy Gadgets

3/3/2021 - Major Utilities Are Gearing Up to Install EV Charging Stations Across 16 States

3/3/2021 - This Off-Brand Roomba Rival Gets the Job Done, With a Few Quirks

3/3/2021 - How This Ancient, Defleshed Human Skull Ended Up in Such a Strange Spot

3/3/2021 - Your WandaVision Finale Theories May Disappoint You, Says Director

3/3/2021 - A Pirate Captain Faces the Gallows in This Thrilling Excerpt From Crossbones

3/3/2021 - A Chinese Province Could Ban Bitcoin Mining to Cut Down Energy Use

3/3/2021 - Big Oil’s New Slate of Desperate Buzzwords Are Greenwashing at Its Worst

3/3/2021 - Parler Drops One Lawsuit Against Amazon, and Files Another

3/3/2021 - Chaos Walking Has Too Much Walking, Too Little Chaos

3/3/2021 - AMD's RX 6700 XT Is Here, and There's Even More Good News for Radeon Owners

3/3/2021 - It Looks Like Apple's Find My App Will Soon Let You Track More Than Just Apple Devices

3/3/2021 - Apple TV+'s Calls Sounds Like Twilight Zone on the Phone

3/3/2021 - X-Rays Help Scientists Read ‘Letterlocked’ Renaissance Mail

3/3/2021 - Humans Have Completely Transformed How Water Is Stored on Earth

3/3/2021 - On Superman & Lois, No One's as Special as They Thought They Were

3/3/2021 - Polaroid Made a Pen That Lets You Draw Pieces of Candy

3/3/2021 - We've Been Promised These Futuristic Space Hotels for 60 Years

3/3/2021 - New Thor: Love and Thunder Set Pictures Reveal Some Big Cameos

3/3/2021 - Brave Is Launching a Privacy-First Search Engine to Take On Google

3/3/2021 - There's Finally a Good Color E Ink Tablet for Comic Books

3/3/2021 - 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Google Chrome

3/2/2021 - Microsoft: Chinese Hackers Have Been Exploiting Our Email Product to Steal Data

3/2/2021 - Disney's CEO Is 'Not Sure There’s Going Back' to the Way Movies Were Released

3/2/2021 - Uber Is Spinning Out Postmates' Robotics Division Into Its Own Company

3/2/2021 - Yet Another George R.R. Martin Short Story Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

3/2/2021 - Smoke 100 Cigarettes Right Now If You Want a Vaccine in North Carolina (Kidding, Please Don't)

3/2/2021 - Japanese Billionaire Who Bought Tickets on SpaceX's Starship Announces 8 Seats Are Up for Grabs

3/2/2021 - Cuttlefish Are Able to Wait for a Reward

3/2/2021 - HBO Series The Girl Before Will See Gugu Mbatha-Raw Trapped in David Oyelowo's House

3/2/2021 - 'Frustrated' Facebook Oversight Board May Seek to Examine Its Algorithm (or 'Whatever')

3/2/2021 - Holy Crap, the Y: The Last Man TV Series Has Footage

3/2/2021 - The User Reviews for Puma's Gaming Shoes Are Peak Internet Trolling

3/2/2021 - The Long History of Godzilla's Cinematic Looks

3/2/2021 - Amazon Rolls Back Icon That Was a Little Too, Uh, Below the Nose

3/2/2021 - Researchers Create Tiny, Cicada-Like Drones to Invade Small Spaces

3/2/2021 - The First Trailer for Voyagers Looks Like Space-Lord of the Flies

3/2/2021 - Software Workers at Glitch Get a Historic Union Contract

3/2/2021 - Mesh Is Microsoft’s Vision for Sending Your Hologram Back to the Office

3/2/2021 - Leaked Big Oil Docs Hint at Support for a Carbon Tax, but the Money Trail Tells a Different Story

3/2/2021 - Roku Makes a Big Investment in Better Ad Targeting

3/2/2021 - Raya’s Kelly Marie Tran and Adele Lim Talk Heroes and Much Needed Representation

3/2/2021 - The Mandalorian's Katee Sackhoff Says You Shouldn't Trust Bo-Katan...Yet

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