10/31/2021 - Luigi Finally Gets His Lego Due With Luigi's Mansion Sets

10/31/2021 - Apple's Privacy Policy Cost Snap, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube an Estimated $9.85 Billion in Revenue

10/31/2021 - Europol Captures 12 Suspects Believed to Have Used Ransomware to Attack 1,800 Victims in 71 Countries

10/31/2021 - October Was a Pretty Good Month for Movies

10/31/2021 - Apple Quietly Kills 21.5-inch iMac

10/31/2021 - League of Legends: Arcane's Trailer Is an Explosive Delight

10/31/2021 - Halloween Kills Rings in the Scary Holiday With a Music Video

10/31/2021 - Hocus Pocus 2 Conjures Up Some New Cast Members

10/31/2021 - Your Spooky Doctor Who Premiere Spoiler Discussion Zone Is Here

10/31/2021 - A New Resident Evil Trailer Makes the Corniest 'Jill Sandwich' Joke Ever

10/30/2021 - Austria's Klimaticket Will Let You Use Any Train, Bus, or Subway for $3.50 Per Day

10/30/2021 - The Ghostbuster's Song Played by an Orchestra of Electronic Devices Is the Best Treat This Halloween

10/30/2021 - Facebook Expands Its Policies Against Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation to Include Kids

10/30/2021 - Fortnite Turns Its IP-Grabbing Eyes Towards the Universal Monsters

10/30/2021 - Paramount Wants You to Spend Halloween Weekend With a Paranormal Activity Documentary

10/30/2021 - Dune's Stephen McKinley Henderson Talks Jumping to Blockbusters and That Cool Parasol

10/30/2021 - Marvel's Next Game Is Coming from Skydance and Uncharted's Amy Hennig

10/30/2021 - The Venture Bros. Movie Gets an Exciting Update

10/29/2021 - Somehow Adolf Hitler Has Received a Covid Vaccine Passport in the EU

10/29/2021 - Daisy Ridley Will Deal a New Sci-Fi Drug in the Upcoming Mind Fall

10/29/2021 - Halloween Star P.J. Soles Looks Back at Her Totally Iconic Death Scene

10/29/2021 - The Supreme Court May Fuck Over the Climate, Too

10/29/2021 - The Apple Polishing Cloth Is Everything Wrong With Society

10/29/2021 - UK Smokers Could Soon Get Prescriptions for E-Cigarettes

10/29/2021 - LG TVs Will Now Automatically Disable the Dreaded Motion Smoothing for Prime Video

10/29/2021 - This Week's Best Toys Are the Ultimate Fright... For Your Wallet

10/29/2021 - FDA Authorizes Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine for Kids Age 5 to 11

10/29/2021 - Award-Winning Ecology Photos Remind Us That Nature Is Awesome—and Complicated

10/29/2021 - The Rock Reunites With Jumanji Director Jake Kasdan for Holiday Movie Red One

10/29/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in November 2021

10/29/2021 - Pixel 6 Code Hints Google Is Already Working on a New Tensor Chip

10/29/2021 - Edgar Wright on the Supernatural of Last Night in Soho, and What Little He Knows About Attack the Block 2

10/29/2021 - Show Me Your Nerd: The Horror Collector

10/29/2021 - One of the World's Most Iconic Salt Lakes Has Dried Up

10/29/2021 - Architect Says Billionaire's Dystopian Dorm Design Is a Dangerous Social and Psychological Experiment

10/29/2021 - Netflix's 3-Body Problem Announces 12 Bodies of Its Stars

10/29/2021 - Bat Sneaks Into New Zealand Bird of the Year Competition, Our Hearts

10/29/2021 - Rep. Katie Porter Used Her Costco Haul to Embarrass Big Oil

10/29/2021 - A Non-Exhaustive List of World Leaders Too Cowardly to Show Up to UN Climate Talks

10/29/2021 - The X-Men Comics That Might Be Teasing Captain Krakoa's True Identity

10/29/2021 - A Vaccine Trial for the Most Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer Just Started

10/29/2021 - In This Spine of Night Exclusive Clip, Doom Is Coming

10/29/2021 - Red-Hot ‘Lava Bomb’ Careening Down Volcanic Slope Looks Like It Came Straight From Hell

10/29/2021 - Servant's New Trailer Sets Up the Creepiest Cult War Ever

10/29/2021 - You Can Soon Hide Your... Sensitive Pics with Google Photos’ Locked Folders on iOS

10/29/2021 - 1,000-Year-Old Gold Mask Found in Tomb Was Painted With Human Blood

10/29/2021 - The Witcher Season 2 Trailer Teases the End of Days

10/29/2021 - Facebook's Smartwatch Just Leaked, and It Has a Notch That's Watching You

10/29/2021 - Updates From Moonfall, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and More

10/29/2021 - I Need You to Care About the UN Climate Talks

10/29/2021 - There’s Only One Reason to Upgrade to the New Switch, but It’s an Extremely Compelling One

10/29/2021 - Island Nation of Tonga Reports First Covid-19 Case of Entire Pandemic

10/29/2021 - New Squid Game Cryptocurrency Launches as Obvious Scam

10/29/2021 - Supply Chain Crisis Keeps Apple From Selling All the Products It Wants, Costs Company $6 Billion

10/29/2021 - 5-Day Brain Stimulation Treatment Highly Effective Against Depression, Stanford Researchers Find

10/28/2021 - Amazon Will Spend Buckets of Billions to Minimize Impact on Shoppers and Sellers During the Holidays

10/28/2021 - The Dune Part 2 Release Date Is Slightly Worrisome for Director Denis Villeneuve

10/28/2021 - Global Money Laundering Watchdog Says Uh, Yeah, Better Regulate Cryptocurrency

10/28/2021 - Locast Ordered to Pay $32 Million Fine; Never Exist Again

10/28/2021 - Facebook Is Killing Oculus

10/28/2021 - A New Antlers Clip Foreshadows the Movie's Looming Horrors

10/28/2021 - Republicans Slobbered All Over Themselves to Apologize to Big Oil CEOs

10/28/2021 - Last Night in Soho Is a Little All Over the Place, But That Makes It Memorable

10/28/2021 - Scientists Just Need to Follow These 7 Steps to Prove Aliens Exist

10/28/2021 - gen:LOCK's Season 2 Trailer Puts the Team Through an Emotional Stress Test

10/28/2021 - Climate Hunger Strike Shows a Dangerous Generational Divide

10/28/2021 - Introducing Gadgettes: Gizmodo's Gadgets Podcast Is Here

10/28/2021 - Cowboy Bebop's Showrunner Explains What He Added to the Anime and Why

10/28/2021 - Facebook's New Name Is Meta

10/28/2021 - Does Matt Damon's Face Make You Want to Buy Crypto?

10/28/2021 - Two California Condors Had Virgin Births, Researchers Say

10/28/2021 - Humanity's Ancestor Could Get a New Name: 'Homo Bodoensis'

10/28/2021 - These 10 UNESCO World Heritage Forests Now Emit Carbon Dioxide

10/28/2021 - Facebook Lays Out a Future in Which Some Poor Soul Will Be the First to Get Fired in the Metaverse

10/28/2021 - 48 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Keep You Cozy This November

10/28/2021 - Judge Tells NYPD the Vaccine Is Not Optional

10/28/2021 - Bitcoin Miners Are Gobbling Up U.S. Energy

10/28/2021 - Hawkeye's Latest Trailer Wants You to Feel the Festive Spirit, or Else

10/28/2021 - 12 Scary Horror Movies to Stream for Halloween

10/28/2021 - A Cheap Antidepressant Can Keep Covid-19 Patients Out of the Hospital, Large Trial Finds

10/28/2021 - Nikon Finally Reveals Its $5,500 Flagship Z9 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

10/28/2021 - Get Your Own Ghostbusters Proton Pack If Busting Makes You Feel Good

10/28/2021 - Star Trek: Prodigy Is for the Kids—and Kids at Heart

10/28/2021 - Canon's PowerShot PX Looks Like a Security Camera but Captures Precious Moments Instead of Crooks

10/28/2021 - Everything You Need to Know About Thursday's Big Oil Hearing

10/28/2021 - Updates From Cowboy Bebop, A Quiet Place 3, and More

10/28/2021 - Why Every Tech Company Wants to Make Its Own Chips Now

10/28/2021 - Cowards Hit Papua New Guinea With Ransomware During Covid-19 Surge

10/27/2021 - The NRA Has Reportedly Been Hacked

10/27/2021 - How the 2019 Christchurch Massacre Changed Facebook Forever

10/27/2021 - Two New South Park Movies Are Coming This Year, Sort Of

10/27/2021 - Why a Gun Loaded With Blanks Can Still Kill You

10/27/2021 - In Netflix's Horrifying K-Drama Hellbound, Hell Comes to You

10/27/2021 - Android 12L Might Just Make Android Tablets Good

10/27/2021 - Large Chinese Tech Firm Raided by the FBI After Accusations of Aiding Cyberattacks

10/27/2021 - Hepatitis A Outbreak Linked to Virginia Restaurant Chain Sickens 50 People, Kills One

10/27/2021 - The $100 Million Fight Over a Maine Power Line

10/27/2021 - You Can Now Stream Apple Music While You Game on Your PS5

10/27/2021 - Charmed's Alyssa Milano Still Feels Guilty for Driving Shannen Doherty to Quit

10/27/2021 - We Just Got the Right to Repair—in Theory

10/27/2021 - 10 Cowboy Bebop Episodes That Will Help You Understand the Hype

10/27/2021 - Amazingly Preserved Mummies in China Yield New Clues to Bronze Age Life

10/27/2021 - Intel's Next-Gen Alder Lake Processors Are Officially Here, and Now We Know All the Details

10/27/2021 - Mario's Charles Martinet Doesn't Plan on Stepping Down Until He's Good and Ready

10/27/2021 - Facebook Has No Clue How to Solve Its Image Problem, Leaked Doc Shows

10/27/2021 - Brazilian Senate Committee Recommends Bolsonaro Face Charges of Mass Murder, Genocide

10/27/2021 - Wheel of Time’s New Trailer: Magic, Monsters, Moiraine, Oh My!

10/27/2021 - Adobe Created a Deepfake Tool That Can Turn Your Trigger-Happy Camera Habits Into Living Photos

10/27/2021 - Big Oil Uses Newsletter Ads to Spread Misinformation Ahead of Big Oil Misinformation Hearing

10/27/2021 - Masters of the Universe: Revelation Returns With a Powerful Trailer for Part 2

10/27/2021 - Here's One of the Creepiest Things You Could Catch While Fishing

10/27/2021 - Pixel’s Spam-Blocking Call Screen Feature Is Rolling Out More Widely

10/27/2021 - Peter Pan's Villain Explores Life After Neverland in New Fantasy Novel Hooked

10/27/2021 - This Cleverly Designed Deck of Cards Can Turn Into a Chess Board

10/27/2021 - Bill Murray Is Either in Ant-Man 3 or Lying to Germans

10/27/2021 - SpaceX Claims to Have Fixed Its Leaky Toilet Ahead of Upcoming Launch

10/27/2021 - Eternals Could Have Been Better If It Wasn't a Marvel Movie

10/27/2021 - Now Anyone Can Add Links to Instagram Stories

10/27/2021 - The New Name for Olympus Cameras Is... OM System

10/27/2021 - Steinway's Self-Playing Pianos Can Now Sync With Live Performances From Anywhere in the World

10/27/2021 - 6 'Unhealthy' Foods That Are Actually Fine

10/27/2021 - Lightyear's First Teaser Trailer Is Giving Captain Marvel Vibes

10/27/2021 - Zillow's Flips Are Now Flops

10/27/2021 - Updates From Wolfman, Cowboy Bebop, and More

10/27/2021 - DJI's Action 2 Is a Really Clever Twist on Portable Actions Cams

10/27/2021 - Everything You Need to Know to Decide Which MacBook is the Best MacBook for You

10/27/2021 - Elon Musk Could Save 42 Million From Starvation With Just 2% of His Wealth

10/26/2021 - Russian Hackers Reportedly Hid Behind Americans' Home Networks to Mask Their Cyber Espionage

10/26/2021 - An Exorcism Goes Awry in the Sinister Trailer for Nun Horror Agnes

10/26/2021 - All the Fast Food You Love Contains Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals, Study Finds

10/26/2021 - AT&T Promises Its 5G Network Is About to Get Better

10/26/2021 - The First Cowboy Bebop Trailer Has Finally Landed

10/26/2021 - Bruce Campbell Fights Alien Zombies in Horror Comedy Black Friday

10/26/2021 - The Climate Denial Is Coming From Inside Facebook's House

10/26/2021 - Helicopters, Trained Dogs, and 44 Tons of Poison Not Enough to Keep Rats Off Protected Island

10/26/2021 - Sony's Xperia Pro-I Is a Ridiculous Camera That's Also a Phone

10/26/2021 - Dune's Calculating Bene Gesserit Are a Most Precious Resource

10/26/2021 - Feds Join Mass Arrest of 150 People in Connection With Dark Net Drug Dealing

10/26/2021 - A Mermaid Tests Her Fate in the West African Mythology-Inspired Tale Skin of the Sea

10/26/2021 - Biden Nominates Net Neutrality Champion Jessica Rosenworcel to Head the FCC

10/26/2021 - With Dune: Part 2 Announced, Denis Villeneuve Can Complete the Sci-Fi Tale

10/26/2021 - Roughly One-Third of Bitcoin Is Controlled by a Small Cabal of Whales, According to New Study

10/26/2021 - In the Italian Sci-Fi Fable Anna, the Child Apocalypse Will Not Be Kid-Friendly

10/26/2021 - 8 Epic Photos of Asteroids Seen Up Close

10/26/2021 - Go on Disney's Marvel Cruise, Pay for Ultron to Ruin Your Lunch

10/26/2021 - Joe Manchin Reportedly Hates Creating Jobs and Saving Money

10/26/2021 - Samsung Envisions a Future Where You Control Your Smart Lights With Your Smart Fridge

10/26/2021 - The Most Promising Signal of Alien Intelligence Just Went Bust

10/26/2021 - A Quiet Place Horror Video Game Is in the Works

10/26/2021 - YouTube Is Demonetizing Low-Quality Kids' Content, a Thing They Didn't Do Before for Some Reason

10/26/2021 - Photoshop’s AI Is Now So Fast That Hovering Over Objects Instantly Creates Perfect Masks

10/26/2021 - Verizon Will Use Amazon's Version of Starlink to Expand Rural 5G

10/26/2021 - Idris Elba Insists Sonic 2's Knuckles Won’t Sound Sexy, Has Clearly Never Met a Sonic Fan

10/26/2021 - Qualcomm’s New Batch of Mobile Chips Could Bring 5G to More Affordable Phones

10/26/2021 - Nor'easter Hits East Coast With Dangerous Rain and Hurricane-Force Winds

10/26/2021 - Doctor Who Could Keep Jodie Whittaker's Companions Around

10/26/2021 - Palm's Next Comeback Starts With Its New Wireless Earbuds

10/26/2021 - I Boxed in Virtual Reality, and Now I Hurt All Over

10/26/2021 - The Future of Protection (Episode 2)

10/26/2021 - Spider-Man's Tom Holland Teases a Delightful Scene From No Way Home

10/26/2021 - The Famous Oura Smart Ring Is Getting Even Smarter

10/26/2021 - The New Kindle Paperwhite Is Still the Best for Just Reading

10/26/2021 - Wealthy Countries Are Spending More on Border Security Than Climate Aid

10/26/2021 - You'll Want to Keep Your Doritos-Dusted Fingers Off These Luxurious $450 Lambskin Gaming Headphones

10/26/2021 - Elon Musk Made $36 Billion on Monday but Republicans Don't Want to Tax Him

10/26/2021 - Roku Is Making It Easer for Advertisers to Figure Out Which Shows You're Watching

10/26/2021 - Facebook Deletes Video From Brazilian President Who Falsely Said Vaccines Give People AIDS

10/25/2021 - Marvel Considered Guardians of the Galaxy Shorts Prior to Original Movie

10/25/2021 - Britain Wants to Use Its New Cyber Command to 'Hunt' Ransomware Gangs

10/25/2021 - A New Star Trek: Prodigy Clip Highlights One of Starfleet's Most Important Qualities

10/25/2021 - Y: The Last Man Just Set the Table for an Epic Finale

10/25/2021 - Microbes Might Make It Easier to Produce Rocket Fuel on Mars

10/25/2021 - Aquaman's James Wan Was Secretly Working on a Black Manta Movie

10/25/2021 - Blue Origin Wants In on Luxury Space Real Estate

10/25/2021 - Eero's Mesh Wifi Routers Will Soon Play Nice With Your Other Smart Home Stuff

10/25/2021 - Dune Part 2: What Can We Expect From the Sequel?

10/25/2021 - Good Job, Everyone! Facebook Turned a $9 Billion Profit in Q3

10/25/2021 - What California's Weather Whiplash Looks Like

10/25/2021 - You Can Soon Get Your Busted Samsung Galaxy S and Z Phones Fixed at Best Buy

10/25/2021 - Permafrost Thaw Could Unleash Long-Buried Pathogens and Radioactive Waste

10/25/2021 - Facebook's Leaked Docs: Here's What You Need to Know

10/25/2021 - Brendan Fraser Joins DC's Batgirl Cast as an Unknown Villain

10/25/2021 - Doctors Say Mild Covid-19 Likely Triggered Psychiatric Illness in Two Teen Patients

10/25/2021 - The Green Knight Weaves a Spell in This Stunning VFX Breakdown

10/25/2021 - NFTs Are Sinking Their Non-Fungible Claws in Even Deeper

10/25/2021 - What if Keanu Reeves' Entire Career Was Taking Place in the Matrix?

10/25/2021 - 15 Things You Can Do in macOS Monterey That You Couldn't Do Before

10/25/2021 - Doctor Who: Flux Is Getting a Galaxy of Guest Stars

10/25/2021 - Archaeologists Map Nearly 500 Mesoamerican Sites and See Distinct Design Patterns

10/25/2021 - La Palma’s Volcanic Ash Spreads Across Atlantic

10/25/2021 - Dune's Epic Sandworm Shots Are Thanks to a Simple, Yet Effective Twist on Existing Tech

10/25/2021 - The Pixel 6 Is So Good, Why Buy Anything Else?

10/25/2021 - The New AirPods Are Much Better Than the Old AirPods

10/25/2021 - Sony Xperia Alpha's Fancy New Camera Features Just Leaked

10/25/2021 - To Build a Beautiful World, You First Have to Imagine It

10/25/2021 - Tokyo's Government Is Finally Saying Goodbye to the Floppy Disk, Kind Of

10/25/2021 - 10 Fun Things We Learned About Elvira From Her New Memoir

10/25/2021 - Satellite Imagery Shows the Staggering Bomb Cyclone Hitting the West Coast

10/25/2021 - Reinvented Screws Feature Invisible Screwdriver Slots That Completely Disappear

10/25/2021 - Edgar Wright Has an Idea for the Next James Bond

10/25/2021 - The Ultra-Powerful New MacBook Pro Is Top Notch (Sorry, Sorry, Trying to Delete)

10/25/2021 - Why Do So Many People Believe in Miracle Cures?

10/25/2021 - Australia Buys Foreign Telecom in Expensive Push to Keep China Out of Pacific Island Nations

10/24/2021 - Elon Musk Says ‘Some Issues’ Have Forced Tesla to Pull Newest Full Self-Driving Beta

10/24/2021 - The New MacBook Pros Have Started Shipping, But You Won’t Receive Some Models Until Mid-December

10/24/2021 - Spider-Man's Got a New Comic With a Creepy as Hell Theme Song

10/24/2021 - Resident Evil's Chris and Jill Join Fortnite, No Sandwiches or Boulders Included

10/24/2021 - Dune Is Dune Pretty Good at the Box Office

10/24/2021 - Hawkeye's New Poster Aims at Holiday Cheer

10/24/2021 - Dune's Rebecca Ferguson Talks Lady Jessica's True Power

10/24/2021 - T-Mobile Delays Shutdown of Sprint’s 3G Network and Throws Shade at Partners

10/23/2021 - More Than 100 Cargo Ships Were Waiting to Unload in Southern California This Week, an All-Time High

10/23/2021 - Young Justice's Future Is Up to Its Fans, Again

10/23/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Is the New Avengers: Endgame, According to Its Director

10/23/2021 - How Eternals Helped Brian Tyree Henry Get His Mojo Back

10/23/2021 - Charlie Cox Thinks It's Fine If He's Not Daredevil Again

10/23/2021 - You Can Now Buy Bitcoin at Some Walmart Stores Across the U.S.

10/22/2021 - The King’s Man Does a Roll Call of Some Men and a Woman

10/22/2021 - Undocumented Workers Need Climate Protections, Too

10/22/2021 - The Coolest Star Wars, Power Rangers, and Transformers Toys Revealed at Hasbro Pulsecon

10/22/2021 - Hayden Christensen Will Reprise His Anakin Skywalker Role for Ahsoka

10/22/2021 - Dune's Josh Brolin Reflects on His Experience for This Extravagant New Art Book

10/22/2021 - Missouri Governor Ramps Up Attack on Newspaper Over 'Hacking' Scandal

10/22/2021 - T-Mobile Says It’ll Pay Off Your Phone If You Switch

10/22/2021 - It Sure Looks Like Donald Trump Is Trying to Trademark 'Truthing'

10/22/2021 - Big Oil’s Climate Plans Are Worthless, According to Science

10/22/2021 - China’s Version of TikTok Now Features 'Put Down Your Phone' PSAs Following Government Scrutiny

10/22/2021 - Ryan Gosling Is the Ken to Margot Robbie's Barbie

10/22/2021 - Hackers Have Been Using a Rootkit That Somehow Got Microsoft's Digital Seal of Approval

10/22/2021 - NASA Completes Stacking of Next-Gen Rocket, Revealing an Absolute Beast

10/22/2021 - Walmart Aromatherapy Spray Linked to Mystery Outbreak of a Deadly Tropical Disease, Recall Issued

10/22/2021 - Foundation Just Became Star Wars, and It Sucks

10/22/2021 - You Call This a Safety Report, Lyft?

10/22/2021 - A GPS-Based Bug Could Roll Back Your Devices to 2002

10/22/2021 - Heat and Dehydration Likely Cause of Mysterious Hiking Deaths in California This Summer

10/22/2021 - Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Just Can't Move on From "Tank"

10/22/2021 - The GOP’s Most Dangerous Climate Advocate Is Going to the United Nations Talks in Glasgow

10/22/2021 - Pathfinder RPG Maker Paizo Will Voluntarily Recognize Workers' Union

10/22/2021 - Observations of Exploding Star in ‘Real Time’ Deemed a Major Step Towards Predicting Supernovas

10/22/2021 - MCU's Ghost Rider Would Have Had Big Team-Ups... If They Kept Him Around

10/22/2021 - The Genetics Behind Bees' Black and Yellow Butts

10/22/2021 - A New Plastics Complex Would 'Desecrate' Cancer Alley

10/22/2021 - Don’t Worry, Everyone, There Will Always Be Enough Crocs

10/22/2021 - A Lucky Customer Just Got Intel's New 12th-Gen Chips Way Ahead of Their Official Release

10/22/2021 - Super Crooks' First Trailer Is an Anime Smorgasbord

10/22/2021 - What to Know About Mixing and Matching Your Covid-19 Booster

10/22/2021 - The Next MacBook Air Might Be the First With the M2 Chip

10/22/2021 - In This First Look at Legendborn's Sequel, a Young Woman Meets Her Magical Ancestors

10/22/2021 - Could the Batgirl Movie Be Casting a Familiar Face From DC Comics?

10/22/2021 - A USB-C Hub With an SSD Slot Solves Your Laptop's Lack of Storage and Ports

10/22/2021 - The Real Meaning of the 'Please Come to Brazil' Meme

10/22/2021 - How to Ditch Your Phone and Use Instagram on the Web Instead

10/22/2021 - Hisense's ULED Dual Cell Tech Is a Preview of TVs to Come

10/22/2021 - Largest Triceratops Skeleton Ever Found Sells for $7.7 Million at Auction

10/22/2021 - Moscow to Enter Lockdown Next Week as Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket

10/22/2021 - Twitter Doesn’t Know Why Its Algorithms Amplify Right-Leaning Political Content

10/21/2021 - We're Running Out of Blue

10/21/2021 - Tom Hanks' Comfy Finch Suit Sounds Like the New Gold Standard

10/21/2021 - Trump's Social Media Platform Could Already Face Legal Issues, After Allegedly Ripping Off Code

10/21/2021 - Hideaki Anno's Thunderbirds Compilation Movie Is Getting an HD Remaster

10/21/2021 - Of Course Dune Has Already Been Pirated

10/21/2021 - Google Is Slashing Fees for Play Store Apps, So, Please Stop Yelling

10/21/2021 - Plastic Is the New Coal

10/21/2021 - Returning to Tabletop Has Re-Stoked My Love of Physical Games

10/21/2021 - The Chip Shortage Has Finally Hit Apple

10/21/2021 - RIP GETTR, 2021-2021

10/21/2021 - Ivory Poaching Blamed for Rise of Tuskless African Elephants

10/21/2021 - Night Raiders Uses a Sci-Fi Dystopia to Throw Light on a Real-Life Tragedy

10/21/2021 - The Game of Thrones Prequel Will Have Its Own Unique Tone

10/21/2021 - The Amazon Worker-Led Union Is Almost Ready for Election Time

10/21/2021 - Razer's Enki Made Me a Believer in Gaming Chairs

10/21/2021 - Razer's New RBG PC Components Look Like Pure Gamer Fun

10/21/2021 - Star Wars Saved Its Best Entrance for Carrie Fisher

10/21/2021 - Roku Is Losing YouTube As War With Google Rages On

10/21/2021 - Climate Change Wiped Out the Mammoth, New DNA Study Shows

10/21/2021 - The CW's 4400 Reboot Is All About Believing Black People's Truths

10/21/2021 - Google Is Getting Everyone Ready for the Future of Smart Home Gadgets

10/21/2021 - Pokémon Legends: Arceus' Newest Monsters Might Be Killers

10/21/2021 - Stunning Trove of Jurassic Fossils Is Earliest Evidence of Herd Behavior in Dinosaurs

10/21/2021 - The West Will See Its First Atmospheric River of the Season

10/21/2021 - Let's All Laugh at Balenciaga's $1,035 LED Sunglasses

10/21/2021 - The World’s First Solar-Powered Steel Mill Is Here

10/21/2021 - Broadcast Signal Intrusion's Director Explains Its Creepy, Tech-Fueled Mix of Y2K Paranoia and Film Noir

10/21/2021 - FDA, CDC Panel OK Moderna and Johnson & Johnson Boosters—And for People to Mix and Match

10/21/2021 - Doctor Who Teases the Beginning of the 13th Doctor's End

10/21/2021 - Segway Now Sells a Kit to Turn Your Hoverboard Into a Bead-Blasting Tank

10/21/2021 - The Race to Document Endangered Languages, Now That We Have the Technology

10/21/2021 - Uncharted's First Trailer Sees Tom Holland Hanging on for Dear Life

10/21/2021 - 8 Ways Lego's New 3,955-Piece Home Alone Set Will Help You Forget There's an Awful Disney+ Remake Coming

10/21/2021 - Nvidia Supercharges GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Service With RTX 3080 GPUs

10/21/2021 - Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Are Legally People, Court Rules

10/21/2021 - The Apple Watch Series 7 Is Easier on the Eyes, but That's About It

10/21/2021 - How to Use the New Google TV App

10/21/2021 - Trump's New Social Media Site Plans to Raise Money With Shell Company Scheme

10/21/2021 - Onions Sold in 37 States Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in U.S.

10/20/2021 - The U.S. Wants to Crack Down on Sales of Commercial Hacking Tools for Obvious Reasons

10/20/2021 - The Beetlejuice Sequel Isn't Dead, But It Isn't Alive Either

10/20/2021 - Nia DaCosta Plans to Finally Give Captain Marvel an Identity

10/20/2021 - The Era of Climate Sickness Has Arrived

10/20/2021 - A24's Deeply Unsettling Lamb Will Stream for One Night Only

10/20/2021 - Please, Everyone, a Moment of Silence for These Antivax Cops Who Ragequit Their Jobs

10/20/2021 - Google's New Indoor Nest Cam Is a Stylish Upgrade With an Annoying App

10/20/2021 - Dune Nearly Went Without Oscar Isaac's Lustrous, Well-Oiled Beard

10/20/2021 - Crypto Bros Bought the 'OG NFT,' aka Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang Album

10/20/2021 - Marvel's Black Widow Scene-Stealer Yelena Belova Will Now Steal Your Wallet

10/20/2021 - The Candy Corn Has Been Hacked

10/20/2021 - Your Facebook News Feed Sucks Because That's How Advertisers Like It

10/20/2021 - Batwoman's Ruby Rose Accuses the CW of Abuse and Harassment in Scathing Post

10/20/2021 - io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 3: Open Wide, Mr. Allen

10/20/2021 - You Can Now Try Out Android Apps in Windows 11

10/20/2021 - Tiny Crab Trapped in Amber Is a 100-Million-Year-Old Stunner

10/20/2021 - A Drone Will Rescue Three Dogs Trapped by La Palma Volcanic Eruption

10/20/2021 - Mark Zuckerberg Will Be Added as a Defendant in Lawsuit Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

10/20/2021 - The Medium Blends Paranormal Activity, The Exorcist, and Its Own Particular Terrors

10/20/2021 - The Future of Protection (Episode 1)

10/20/2021 - Doctors Claim to Have Successfully Transplanted a Pig Kidney Into a Human

10/20/2021 - Marvel’s ‘Vanguardians of the Galaxy’ Feud Was Fake But It Raises a Really Important Point

10/20/2021 - As Employees Walk Out, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos Admits He ‘Screwed Up’ Chappelle Response

10/20/2021 - Chilling Report: Amazon and Starbucks Planned a Joint Chain of Cafes

10/20/2021 - The Batman Trailer Works Shockingly Well With The Animated Series Footage

10/20/2021 - How to Pitch Gizmodo, io9, and Earther

10/20/2021 - Apple Is Reportedly Gearing Up to Release an Overhauled 27-inch iMac in Early 2022

10/20/2021 - 7 Companies That Changed Names Because Their Brands Had Problems

10/20/2021 - You Can Now Buy a Couch Stuffed With Surround Sound Speakers So They Remain Out of Sight

10/20/2021 - RIP Chris Ayers, Voice of Dragon Ball's Frieza

10/20/2021 - Confirmed: Vikings Reached the Americas Long Before Columbus

10/20/2021 - Star Trek: Prodigy's Cast and Crew on the Enduring Heart of Captain Janeway

10/20/2021 - Samsung Lets You Add Some Personal Style to Its Most Affordable Foldable Phone

10/20/2021 - I Miss Seiko's Weird Pyramid Clock, My First Positive Experience With Talking Electronics

10/20/2021 - New Eternals Updates, Indiana Jones 5 Set Pictures, and More

10/20/2021 - How Joe Manchin and Republicans Could Destroy the World

10/20/2021 - 15 Things You Can Do in Android 12 That You Couldn't Do Before

10/20/2021 - Facebook Plans to Change Its Name Because the Brand Is Absolutely Toxic: Report

10/19/2021 - Netflix's Dogs in Space Isn't Lying About the Dogs or the Space

10/19/2021 - Sabrina Arriving in Riverdale Is Not What We Need to Talk About

10/19/2021 - Jair Bolsonaro Is a Mass Murderer Who Deliberately Spread Covid-19, Brazilian Senate Panel Finds

10/19/2021 - Fortnite's Dune Crossover Gives Us the Real Mind Killer: Smooth Timothée Chalamet

10/19/2021 - Convinced Your Dog Is a Genius? Scientists Want To Hear From You

10/19/2021 - A Cybercrime Group Has Been Hacking Telecoms to Steal Phone Records All Over the World

10/19/2021 - Mubi Is Rolling Out a New Subscription That Gives Users One Movie In Theaters Per Week

10/19/2021 - The 12 Best (or at Least the Most Reasonable) Halloween Costumes of 2021

10/19/2021 - DC's Arrowverse Faces Armageddon in Its New Crossover Trailer

10/19/2021 - 15 Winning Photos From the 2021 Close-Up Photographer of the Year Competition

10/19/2021 - Google Is Making It Impossible to Buy a Pixel 6 Today

10/19/2021 - An Animal Rights Nonprofit Is Suing YouTube Over Animal Abuse Videos

10/19/2021 - Instagram Finally Lets You Post From Your Desktop

10/19/2021 - Everything You Need to Remember About Locke & Key Before Season 2

10/19/2021 - Deepfaking Genitalia Into Blurred Porn Leads to Man's Arrest in Japan

10/19/2021 - Here's Why Y: The Last Man Was Canceled

10/19/2021 - The Dream of Scooping Plastic From the Ocean Is Still Alive—and Problematic

10/19/2021 - Physicists Trap Ultracold Neutrons in a Bottle to See How Long They Live

10/19/2021 - The Pixel 6 Is the Google Flagship We've Been Waiting For

10/19/2021 - Android 12 Is Officially Available: How to Get It (If You Can)

10/19/2021 - An Unlikely Adventuring Group Forms in a Look Inside Iron Circus' Next Comic

10/19/2021 - Koalas Have a Big Chlamydia Problem—but a New Vaccine Could Save Them

10/19/2021 - Take The Batman's New Batmobile for a Ride With This Obscenely Detailed $500 RC Replica

10/19/2021 - La Niña Is Here and Could Worsen the West's Drought This Winter

10/19/2021 - The Marathon Race Toward Fusion Power Could Be Reaching a Sprint

10/19/2021 - Disney's 8 'First Openly Gay' Characters, Ranked (by How Embarrassed Disney Should Feel)

10/19/2021 - How to Watch Google's Pixel 6 Event, and What to Expect

10/19/2021 - Dammit, Coal’s Back

10/19/2021 - AMC Is Expanding Its Open Film Captioning Support Across the U.S.

10/19/2021 - The New Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trailer Looks Appropriately Awkward

10/19/2021 - 3-Foot-Long Sword Discovered Off Israel’s Coast Dates Back to the Crusades

10/19/2021 - You Might Have to Wait a Little Longer for Apple's AR Headset

10/19/2021 - Facebook's New Portal Is Great, but It's Also Facebook

10/19/2021 - Apple Wants You to Pay How Much for a Polishing Cloth?!

10/19/2021 - Disney's Haunted Mansion Movie Spooks Up Another Star

10/19/2021 - New Beats Fit Pro Wireless Earbuds with Noise Cancellation Leak Ahead of November Release

10/19/2021 - The Fossil Fuel Industry Is Killing Pennsylvania Twice Over

10/19/2021 - Cowboy Bebop's First Teaser Is a Stylishly Meta Punch-Up

10/19/2021 - That Pro-Masturbation Flyer Going Viral on Social Media Is Totally Fake

10/19/2021 - North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile as South Korea Starts Military Expo

10/19/2021 - Fisher Price's Iconic Toy Telephone Now Actually Makes Phone Calls

10/18/2021 - Someone Hacked and Defaced Donald Trump's Website

10/18/2021 - Halloween Kills Is Here, So It's Time to Talk Spoilers

10/18/2021 - Why the New MacBook Pro Won't Be a Great Gaming Laptop

10/18/2021 - The Suicide Squad Nearly Killed the Wrong Character in the Worst Way Possible

10/18/2021 - Horseback Riding Is More Dangerous Than Football, According to New Study

10/18/2021 - All 13 Halloween Movies (So Far), Ranked

10/18/2021 - Here's Everything Apple Announced During Its MacBook Event

10/18/2021 - Netflix Employees Protesting Transphobia Present Their Demands Ahead of Walkout

10/18/2021 - Facebook Announces Its Fake Ad Numbers Are Going to Get Even Faker

10/18/2021 - Marvel's Hit-Monkey Dares to Imagine a World Where Apes Shoot to Kill

10/18/2021 - The Possibilities and Limits of Individual Climate Action

10/18/2021 - Where to Watch Dune (All of Them)

10/18/2021 - Microsoft Knew Bill Gates Was Inappropriate With Female Staff as Early as 2008

10/18/2021 - The Story of Marvel Studios' Authors Want to Invert Your Notions About the MCU

10/18/2021 - Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Into Hundreds of iCloud Accounts to Steal Nudes

10/18/2021 - New York City Hit by Spike of a Rare Disease Spread by Rat Urine

10/18/2021 - macOS Monterey Is Finally Rolling Out on Oct. 25

10/18/2021 - The New MacBook Pro Is a Ridiculous Beast Powered by New M1 Pro and Max Chips—and Yes, There's a Notch

10/18/2021 - Breaking Down The Batman Trailer's Secretive Shadows

10/18/2021 - DC Comics Thinks Superman’s Best Climate Action Is Protest, Not Literally His Frozen Breath

10/18/2021 - Apple Music Adds New Voice Plan With Siri Integration

10/18/2021 - The HomePod Mini Gets a Burst of Color

10/18/2021 - Apple's New AirPods Look Pro, but Are Still Missing Noise Cancellation

10/18/2021 - The 19 Worst Halloween Costumes of 2021

10/18/2021 - Latest Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer Unleashes the Terror Dogs

10/18/2021 - Glitchy Russian Thruster Test Temporarily Knocks ISS Out of Position

10/18/2021 - Intel CEO Hopes to Make a Chip That's Good Enough to Win Apple Back, Someday

10/18/2021 - Disney Just Thoroughly Delayed Its Upcoming Release Schedule

10/18/2021 - Facebook Is Looking for 10,000 People Who Don’t Hate Facebook

10/18/2021 - We're Liveblogging Apple's MacBook Event Right Here

10/18/2021 - Green Housing Can Be Beautiful—and Cheap

10/18/2021 - Pixel 6 Leak Reveals Its Surprisingly Low Price

10/18/2021 - Canon Sued Over All-in-One Printer That Stops Scanning When It Runs Out of Ink

10/18/2021 - Amazon Misled Congress, U.S. Lawmakers Say While Teasing Potential Criminal Probe

10/18/2021 - Y: The Last Man Just Had Its Very Own Supervillain Origin Story

10/18/2021 - After Dune, You’ll Never Think About Water the Same Way Again

10/18/2021 - Updates From Aquaman 2, Indiana Jones 5, and More

10/18/2021 - Colin Powell Dies of Complications From Covid-19

10/18/2021 - When Will Force Shields Be Real?

10/18/2021 - How to Watch and What to Expect From Apple's October Event (Macs!)

10/18/2021 - This $40 Security Camera Is an Affordable Way to Keep an Eye on Your House

10/18/2021 - Technology is Reinventing the Insurance Industry

10/18/2021 - China Secretly Tested New Hypersonic Missile in August: Report

10/18/2021 - Netflix’s Squid Game, Which Cost $21.4 Million to Make, Will Reportedly Generate $900 Million in Value

10/17/2021 - Russian Film Crew Returns to Earth Safely After 12 Days of Shooting on the ISS

10/17/2021 - Facebook Pushes Back Against Report That Claims Its AI Sucks at Detecting Hate Speech

10/17/2021 - Halloween Kills It at the Box Office, Not So Much at Peacock

10/17/2021 - Y: The Last Man Canceled at FX as Its First Season Nearly Ends

10/17/2021 - Wonder Woman Finally Gets Her Own Event in Trial of the Amazons

10/17/2021 - Spider-Man: No Way Home's Trailer is Pretty Good as a 1960s Cartoon

10/17/2021 - IATSE Reaches a Deal on Film and TV Contract, With Mixed Reception

10/17/2021 - The Guardians of the Galaxy Game Credits the Hell Out of Its In-Game Costumes

10/17/2021 - The Batman: Caped Crusader Takes the Dark Knight to His Noir Roots

10/17/2021 - Doom Patrol's Coming Back for Another Warped and Wacky Season

10/17/2021 - Saudi Arabia Is Building a Tourism Resort Based on an Oil Rig to Try to Make Destroying the Planet Cool

10/17/2021 - You Can Now Pay for Ride Fares in the Moscow Subway With Your Face

10/16/2021 - Joe Manchin Reportedly Wants to Kill Our Best Tool to Cut Carbon Pollution

10/16/2021 - Shazam: Fury of the Gods Looks Like It Might Be Worth the Wait

10/16/2021 - The Batman's Explosive New Trailer Looks Behind Bruce Wayne's Furious Mask

10/16/2021 - Harley Quinn's Season 3 'Eat, Bang, Kill Tour' Is Coming... Eventually

10/16/2021 - Our First Look at DC's Naomi Is Ripped Right From the Comics

10/16/2021 - Young Justice: Phantoms Looks Like a Crisis on Animated Youths

10/16/2021 - Titans Is Returning for a 4th Season of Superhero Trauma

10/16/2021 - Batgirl Rises in the First Look at Her HBO Max Movie

10/16/2021 - Gotham Knights Footage Teases a Batfamily Brawl

10/16/2021 - Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Looks Both Wet and Wild

10/16/2021 - Gwendoline Christie Looks Hellishly Cool as Lucifer in DC's Sandman

10/16/2021 - The Flash Movie Teases Our Entry Into the DC Multiverse

10/16/2021 - Superman's No Longer Fighting for 'The American Way'

10/16/2021 - Peacemaker's First Trailer is Superhero Patriotism at Its Dumbest

10/16/2021 - Twitch: That Massive Hack Really Wasn't That Bad, Y'all, We Swear

10/16/2021 - The New Suicide Squad Game Shows Us How We'll Kill the Justice League

10/16/2021 - DC's Milestone Heroes Are Teaming Up for a New Animated Movie

10/16/2021 - Dwayne Johnson Has Finally Unveiled Our First Look at Black Adam

10/16/2021 - Sounds Like Mike Flanagan's Edgar Allen Poe Show Will Be Bloody as Hell

10/16/2021 - Analogue's Pocket Promises to Be a Comprehensive Database of Retro Handheld Games

10/16/2021 - Discovering My Love of Final Fantasy XIV Kept Me From Getting Covid Burnout

10/16/2021 - Tinder Will Help You Find Wedding Dates Because Apparently Taking Strangers to Weddings Is a Thing

10/15/2021 - Ransomware Hackers Reportedly Targeted 3 Different U.S. Water Facilities This Year Alone

10/15/2021 - Let Kingo's Finger Guns Point the Way to a Spate of Eternals Goodness

10/15/2021 - Doctor Who's Trailer Promises a Dramatic End to Jodie Whittaker's Final Run

10/15/2021 - Here's What the HomePod Needs to Actually Be Good

10/15/2021 - Tesla Is Rolling Out a New Insurance Program With Rates Calculated by Surveilling Drivers

10/15/2021 - Massive Rift Detected in Arctic’s ‘Last Refuge of Ice’

10/15/2021 - After Woman's Tumor Unexpectedly Shrinks, Her Doctors Wonder If CBD Oil Played a Role

10/15/2021 - This Week's Toy News Has Killer Babies, Killer Doggos, and a Killer Ride

10/15/2021 - Netflix Has Fired a Pregnant Organizer of the Trans Employee Walkout

10/15/2021 - If Anyone's Seen This Mildly Radioactive Device, Let the Cops Know. Also, Don't Touch It.

10/15/2021 - Ron Watkins, the 8chan Troll and QAnon Evangelist, Says He's Running for Congress

10/15/2021 - Revisit Day of the Dead for a Reminder That Sometimes Zombies Deserve to Win

10/15/2021 - Big Mouth's New Season Looks Buggy as Hell

10/15/2021 - The Disappointing New Windows 11 Emojis Are Yet Another Reason to Stick With Windows 10

10/15/2021 - Instacart's Embattled Gig Workers Are Going On a Nationwide Strike

10/15/2021 - Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's Morpheus Could Explain Some Crucial Lore in Matrix Resurrections

10/15/2021 - The ABCs of Big Oil: How Big Oil Killed Our Political Imagination

10/15/2021 - A New Look Inside the Latest Thrawn Book Reintroduces a Very Familiar Chiss

10/15/2021 - Tiny Gas Explosions Create the Raised Dots on This Electronic Braille Display

10/15/2021 - New Zealand Lays Off Its Official City Wizard After 23 Years of Loyal Service

10/15/2021 - Star Trek: Lower Deck's Mike McMahan Breaks Down Season 2's Themes and That Epic Finale

10/15/2021 - Fine, the Monarchy Is Good (Just This One Time)

10/15/2021 - Recurring Water Vapor Potentially Found on Europa—but Just on One Side

10/15/2021 - Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, and the Magical Thinking About Bitcoin’s Ability to Fix Texas’ Grid

10/15/2021 - Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Has Filmed Her Goodbye, But Not Met the Next Doctor

10/15/2021 - How the Southwest Flight Cancellations Turned Into a Bogus Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

10/15/2021 - Your Guide to COP26, the World’s Most Important Climate Talks

10/15/2021 - Experts Say Apple, EU's Photo Scanning Plans Are 'Dangerous Technology'

10/15/2021 - Adding Wireless Charging to the Nintendo Switch Lite Is Surprisingly Easy

10/15/2021 - Updates From The Batman, Marvel's Eternals, and More

10/15/2021 - 7 Things to Know About NASA’s First Mission to the Jupiter Trojan Asteroids

10/15/2021 - Apple Removes Popular Quran App in China: Report

10/15/2021 - Former Boeing Manager Indicted for Lying to FAA About 737 Max Plane Before Crashes

10/14/2021 - Google Sent More Than 50,000 Warnings to Users Targeted by Government-Backed Hackers This Year

10/14/2021 - Apple Wanted Her Fired. It Settled on an Absurd Excuse

10/14/2021 - Amazon's Ring Doorbell Can Violate Your Neighbor's Privacy, a UK Judge Rules

10/14/2021 - Missouri Governor Wants to Prosecute Journalist for Warning That State Left Teachers' Data Exposed

10/14/2021 - Shudder's Horror Noire Combines 6 Tales of Terror in a Single Movie

10/14/2021 - Bank Robbers in the Middle East Reportedly 'Cloned' Someone's Voice to Assist with $35 Million Heist

10/14/2021 - Spider-Man's Tom Holland Calls No Way Home the Trilogy's 'Conclusion'

10/14/2021 - Robot Murder Dog New Thing to Worry About as You Fall Asleep

10/14/2021 - Miscommunication Is the Only Thing to Fear in Pokémon Unite

10/14/2021 - FDA Advisory Panel Unanimously Backs a Half-Dose Moderna Booster for Covid-19

10/14/2021 - A Multibillion-Dollar Clean Coal Plant Never Worked, and Now It’s Been Imploded

10/14/2021 - Clever Halloween Hack Uses Sound Waves to Simulate a Spooky Doodling Ghost

10/14/2021 - Psst! Apple's Giving You Another Year to Get Your Crackling AirPods Pro Fixed

10/14/2021 - Jamie Lee Curtis Kills as Her Mom's Psycho Character at the Halloween Kills Premiere

10/14/2021 - Rest in Peace, Gladys, Huge Zoo Owl Who Tasted Freedom in Minnesota

10/14/2021 - Star Trek: Lower Decks' Finale Packed a Year of Hell Into 22 Minutes

10/14/2021 - Nobody Wants Ads in Twitter Replies—Not Even Advertisers

10/14/2021 - Jean Grey's Telling on Herself Again in X-Men #4

10/14/2021 - North Korea Praises 'Squid Game' as a Critique of Capitalism in Complete Self-Own

10/14/2021 - New Subway Map Just Dropped

10/14/2021 - Black Panther's Letitia Wright Denies Spreading Anti-Vaccine Claims on Set

10/14/2021 - 1,000 Netflix Employees Are Reportedly Planning Walkout to Protest New Chappelle Special

10/14/2021 - What's the Best Way to Save Money and Cut My Carbon Footprint?

10/14/2021 - Watching Halloween Kills Is Like Digging Your Fingers Into a Gaping Wound

10/14/2021 - Shell CEO Roasted at TED Climate Conference He Was Foolishly Invited to Speak At

10/14/2021 - A Last-Minute Nuke to Shatter an Incoming Asteroid Could Actually Work, Study Suggests

10/14/2021 - Marvel's Hawkeye Trailer Promises the Best Christmas Ever, If You Like Hawkeye Being Beat Up

10/14/2021 - Stanford Researchers Design a High-Tech White Cane That Nudges Users Away From Obstacles

10/14/2021 - Loki and Sylvie Look Deep Into Each Other’s Souls in Their New Hot Toys Figures

10/14/2021 - Fujifilm's Wide-Format Smartphone Printer Makes Printing Fun—Really

10/14/2021 - Locke & Key Season 2 Might Be Bloodier Than Its Fictional Slasher Movie

10/14/2021 - Palm Is Trying to Make a Comeback, This Time With a Pair of Earbuds

10/14/2021 - The HTC Vive Flow Is a Lighter Way to Get Into VR

10/14/2021 - Scientists See Leprosy in Wild Chimpanzees for the First Time

10/14/2021 - Waymo's Self-Driving Cars Are Mysteriously Flocking to a Dead-End Street in San Francisco

10/14/2021 - A Rare Prototype of the Failed Phantom Console Is Going Up for Auction

10/14/2021 - Updates From Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Flash, and More

10/14/2021 - How Wi-Fi 6E Works, and What It Means for Your Gadgets

10/14/2021 - No, Putin Isn't Embracing Cryptocurrency Just Yet

10/14/2021 - Specialized Bicycles Recalled in U.S. Over Frames That Can Crack

10/13/2021 - Advocacy Groups Launch Initiative to 'Stop' Facebook

10/13/2021 - In The Black Phone Trailer, Ethan Hawke Is a Part-Time Magician and a Full-Time Fiend

10/13/2021 - Even the Goddamn Star Wars Hotel Is Getting a Comic

10/13/2021 - Waze and Headspace Want You to 'Find More Joy' While You Drive, Whatever That Means

10/13/2021 - Gladys, the 'Largest Owl You've Ever Seen,' Is on the Loose in Minnesota

10/13/2021 - HTC's New VR Headset Leaked, and It's the Weirdest-Looking One Yet

10/13/2021 - io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 2: Into the Spooky-Verse

10/13/2021 - Apple TV+ Reportedly Struggling to Control Digital Piracy 🎻

10/13/2021 - NASA Advisor Quits Over Space Telescope Named for Homophobic Administrator

10/13/2021 - Celebrate Ursula K. Le Guin's Legacy By Reading a Classic Earthsea Story

10/13/2021 - Acer's Beastly Predator Orion 7000 Is One of the First Desktops With Intel's New 12th-Gen Chips

10/13/2021 - reMarkable's E Ink Tablet Now Requires a Subscription to Access Its Best Features

10/13/2021 - Gullible OpenSea Users Were Vulnerable to 'Malicious NFT' Attacks, Researchers Say

10/13/2021 - Aquaman: King of Atlantis' Creators Want to Embrace the Cringe

10/13/2021 - Florida Police Arrest Woman for Allegedly Tampering With Flight School Computers

10/13/2021 - The New How to Train Your Dragon Series Has Taken a Wild Turn

10/13/2021 - A Tiny Alabama Company Owns More Gas Wells Than Exxon

10/13/2021 - Discover What Really Lies Within a Dragon's Dungeon in This Dungeons & Dragons Preview

10/13/2021 - Bird Scooters Will Now Annoy Riders Into Getting Off the Damn Sidewalk

10/13/2021 - 60,000 IATSE Workers Will Begin Nationwide Strike Monday If an Agreement Is Not Reached

10/13/2021 - Report: Amazon Used Sales Data to Duplicate Popular Products and Box Out Retailers

10/13/2021 - Get a Glimpse of a World Where Time Travel Is Possible

10/13/2021 - The Luna Display Now Lets Windows PCs Use an iPad as a Second Wireless Screen

10/13/2021 - Drone Delivers Lungs to Transplant Recipient, a Medical First

10/13/2021 - Cyberpunk Video Game System Shock May Get a Live-Action TV Series

10/13/2021 - Rising Temperatures Will Change Air Conditioning Use—But Not How You Might Expect

10/13/2021 - Netflix’s Trans Employees Plan Walk Out to Protest New Dave Chappelle Special

10/13/2021 - The First FDA-Authorized E-Cigarette Is Here

10/13/2021 - Apple Reportedly Looking to Add Enhanced Health and Wellness Features to Future AirPods

10/13/2021 - Cowboy Bebop, Not To Be Confused With Netflix's Cowboy Bebop, Also Coming to Netflix

10/13/2021 - Why You Should Talk About Climate Change Right Now

10/13/2021 - Updates From The Mandalorian, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and More

10/13/2021 - The RX 6600 Is AMD's Solution for Affordable, High-Quality 1080P Gaming

10/13/2021 - Google AR Brings Arctic Animals Into Your Living Room

10/13/2021 - How to Set Up All the iCloud+ Features in iOS 15

10/13/2021 - The Surface Pro 8 Is the Pinnacle of Microsoft's 2-in-1 Design

10/13/2021 - Boeing Announces Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for 125,000 U.S. Employees

10/13/2021 - U.S. to Open Borders With Canada and Mexico for Vaccinated Visitors in November

10/12/2021 - Surprise! Samsung Is Also Having an Event Next Week

10/12/2021 - Researchers Find Android Phones Still Track You, Even When You Opt Out

10/12/2021 - Y: The Last Man's Elliot Fletcher Breaks Down Sam, the Show's Most Interesting Guy

10/12/2021 - Digital Car Keys Are Coming Soon to Android

10/12/2021 - Sounds Like New Spider-Man Ben Reilly Is Already Screwed

10/12/2021 - Facebook's List of 4,000 Banned Entities Includes Hate Groups, Criminals, and a Whole Lot of Terrorists

10/12/2021 - Here Are the 2021 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winners

10/12/2021 - Halloween Kills Co-Stars Talk About the Mystery of Michael Myers

10/12/2021 - The First Quad-Band WiFi 6E Mesh Router Is Here, and It'll Cost You $1,500

10/12/2021 - How to Watch William Shatner Boldly Go Where No Shatner Has Gone Before

10/12/2021 - Strange Radio Signal From Galactic Center Has Astronomers Flummoxed

10/12/2021 - 1Password Now Offers a Way to Share Passwords Securely With a Link. Or, More Securely...

10/12/2021 - Adam Warlock's Long Road to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

10/12/2021 - Relive the Real ‘Golden Age’ of TV With This Bonkers Web Simulation

10/12/2021 - Most People Shouldn't Take Baby Aspirin to Prevent Heart Attacks, U.S. Experts Say

10/12/2021 - The Walking Dead Anthology Show Is Coming in 2022

10/12/2021 - Tucker to Antivax Rubes: No, Really, I'm One of You!

10/12/2021 - Ridley Scott Has Thoughts on That Upcoming Alien TV Show

10/12/2021 - The Best Star Wars Cantina Aliens, Ranked

10/12/2021 - Incredibly Rare Canon Super-Telephoto Lens Sells for Over $575,000 at Auction, Setting a New Record

10/12/2021 - Very Large Telescope Images 42 of the Biggest Asteroids in Our Solar System

10/12/2021 - Prince Charles’ Vintage Car Runs on Wine and Cheese Because Of Course It Does

10/12/2021 - Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation Reveals Who'll Kick Skeletor's Butt

10/12/2021 - Apple's Big MacBook Event Is Oct. 18

10/12/2021 - V-Moda's First Wireless Earbuds Include an Optional Wire So They're Harder to Lose

10/12/2021 - John Deere Workers Sure Look Like They’re About to Go on Strike

10/12/2021 - Engineer One-Ups Apple By Adding a Working USB-C Port to an iPhone

10/12/2021 - Instagram Is Making Outage Alerts Part of Its User Experience

10/12/2021 - Here's What Sea Level Rise Will Do to 9 Cities If We Make the Wrong Choices

10/12/2021 - Critical Role's New D&D Adventure Plummets Into the Netherdeep

10/12/2021 - An Elk With a Tire Around Its Neck for Two Years Was Finally Freed

10/12/2021 - How Chucky Opens a New Chapter for the Cult Series While Staying True to Its (Bloody) Roots

10/12/2021 - Updates From Indiana Jones 5, Doctor Who, and More

10/12/2021 - Scream's First Trailer Reminds Us Why We Love to Fear Ghostface

10/12/2021 - Withings Wins FDA Clearance for Smartwatch That Can Detect Respiratory Issues

10/12/2021 - This $2,500 Short-Throw 4K Laser Projector Is All About the Trade-Offs

10/12/2021 - Taste Testing Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew, Which Is Like Mountain Dew but Orange

10/12/2021 - Texas Governor Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates in Huge Win for Virus

10/12/2021 - Tile's New Trackers Are a Whole Lot Like AirTags

10/11/2021 - Venom: Let There Be Carnage Has a Very Tiny Matrix Resurrections Crossover

10/11/2021 - Former Senior Pentagon Official Says China is Kicking Our Ass in Artificial Intelligence

10/11/2021 - Horror Short Seek Is a Cautionary Tale for Any Road Tripper

10/11/2021 - Marvel's Adam Warlock Joins Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

10/11/2021 - Arlo's Expensive Security Cameras Now Require a Monthly Subscription to Speak to Customer Service

10/11/2021 - Steven S. DeKnight Exits Marvel Citing C.B. Cebulski's Akira Yoshida

10/11/2021 - United Nations Tells Kids to Screw Off

10/11/2021 - This Is Why; You Should Always Properly—Punctuate Your Social Media Posts’

10/11/2021 - Magic Leap’s Making a New Headset and Someone Thinks It’s Worth Half-a-Billion Dollars

10/11/2021 - Two Scary Deer Illnesses Are Spreading in the U.S.

10/11/2021 - Aquaman: King of Atlantis Wins by Laughing at Its Hero With the Audience

10/11/2021 - Astronaut's Photo Shows a Huge Blue Flash in Earth's Atmosphere

10/11/2021 - California Is Banning Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers and Lawnmowers

10/11/2021 - Go Update Your iPhone and iPad Right Now

10/11/2021 - Netflix Suspends Three Employees Who Criticized Dave Chappelle’s Transphobic Standup Special

10/11/2021 - Gillian Anderson Voices a Slinky Cat in the Adorable First Trailer for Robin Robin

10/11/2021 - Facebook Is Launching Another New Product You'll Never Use

10/11/2021 - Meet Marvel's Eternals Cast in These Character Posters

10/11/2021 - Former U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer Allegedly Tried to Sell Submarine Secrets via Sandwich

10/11/2021 - Show Me Your Nerd: Meet the Black Bill Nye

10/11/2021 - DC's Current Superman Has a Boyfriend

10/11/2021 - Amazfit's New Budget Smartwatches Feel More Premium Than Their Price

10/11/2021 - Y: The Last Man Just Reminded Us to Trust No One

10/11/2021 - Southwest's Mass Flight Cancellations Have Turned Into a Vaccine Conspiracy Theory

10/11/2021 - Photos Show La Palma Eruption as It Enters a New State

10/11/2021 - Google TV Update Gives Everyone In Your House Their Own Profiles

10/11/2021 - Eternals' Chloé Zhao Teases How the Movie Will Explain the MCU's Creation

10/11/2021 - Archaeologists Say They've Found the Earliest Evidence of Humans Using Tobacco

10/11/2021 - There’s a New Climate Rock Anthem for Pissed-Off Teens

10/11/2021 - Rick and Morty's Anime Halloween Special Put the Screws on Some Demons

10/11/2021 - Rare Snow Leopard at a South Dakota Zoo Likely Died of Covid-19

10/11/2021 - Leaked Listing Fully Reveals Google's Pixel 6 a Week Ahead of Launch

10/11/2021 - With We Have Demons, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Hope Everyone Can Win

10/11/2021 - Our First Look at Timothée Chalamet's Wonka Is Here, and It Is Something

10/11/2021 - When Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Be Over?

10/11/2021 - Russian Spies 'Stole' UK Vaccine Formula, According to Opaquely Sourced Report

10/11/2021 - Facebook Will Tell Teens to ‘Take a Break’ From Instagram and 'Nudge' Them Away From Harmful Content

10/10/2021 - Boeing’s Starliner Won't Carry Out Next Test Flight Until 2022

10/10/2021 - The Walking Dead Wages the Battle of Meridian With a Bang, a Stab, and a Betrayal

10/10/2021 - The Coolest and Most Impressive Cosplay From NYCC 2021

10/10/2021 - Animaniacs Parodies Thundercats in Its First Season 2 Clip

10/10/2021 - Y: The Last Man's Team Looked to Children of Men and I May Destroy You for Inspiration

10/10/2021 - Star Trek: Prodigy's Teens Meets Captain Janeway in a New Clip

10/10/2021 - Spider-Man and Iron Man Team Up in Manga from Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Kazuki Takahashi

10/10/2021 - Dune's Jason Momoa Made a Love Letter (Video) to Denis Villeneuve

10/9/2021 - Tesla Halts Rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta to Drivers With ‘Perfect’ Safety Scores

10/9/2021 - The CW's 4400 Will Explore How These Times Have Always Been Extraordinary

10/9/2021 - A New Peacemaker Video Examines John Cena's Socially Awkward Murderer

10/9/2021 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife Is Great Until It's Derailed By Gratuitous Fan Service

10/9/2021 - Saga Is Making a Triumphant Return to Our Eyeballs This January

10/9/2021 - Doctor Who’s Season 13 Teaser Provides Villains Galore for Jodie Whittaker’s Final Season

10/9/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery's Season 4 Trailer Gives Us a New Fight for the Galaxy

10/9/2021 - Dune's Denis Villeneuve Thought Blade Runner 2049 Would End His Filmmaking Career

10/9/2021 - Stunning Inland Mangrove Forest Is a ‘Lost World’

10/9/2021 - For Critical Role's Voice Cast, Adapting Their Own Work Was a Dream Come True

10/9/2021 - It Looks Like Apple Is Hoping to Postpone Opening Up the App Store to Third-Party Payment Portals

10/8/2021 - Sorry, Your Old Apple Watch Charger Isn't Compatible With the Series 7’s Fast Charging System

10/8/2021 - A Notorious Spyware Firm Claims It Won't Help Hack UK Phones Anymore

10/8/2021 - I Know What You Did Last Summer's First Clip Reminds You to Watch the Road

10/8/2021 - James Bond Spoiler Zone: What Did You Think of No Time to Die?

10/8/2021 - This Week's Toy News Is a Frightfully Femme Festival

10/8/2021 - Muppets Haunted Mansion Is a Perfect Puppet Balancing Act

10/8/2021 - Facebook Will No Longer Let You Monsters Sell Protected Amazon Land on Marketplace

10/8/2021 - New Tick Virus Shows Nature Is Still Inventing Ways to Mess With Humans

10/8/2021 - Star Wars: Visions' Imaginative New Lightsabers, Ranked

10/8/2021 - Chrome Attempts to Resurrect RSS With Its New Follow Feature Rolling Out on Android

10/8/2021 - Missing Ski Found Trapped in 1,300-Year-Old Ice

10/8/2021 - Facebook Banned the Creator of 'Unfollow Everything' and Sent Him a Cease and Desist Letter

10/8/2021 - The Spine of Night Looks Like Trippy, Animated Fantasy at Its Finest

10/8/2021 - Netflix Argues Tragic 13 Reasons Why Lawsuit Is a Danger to Free Speech

10/8/2021 - Facebook and Instagram Are Down for Some Users, Again

10/8/2021 - Wheel of Time's Moiraine Makes a Mysterious and Memorable Entrance in a New Clip

10/8/2021 - Net Zero Pledges Are So Worthless, a Country Almost Entirely Reliant on Oil Just Made One

10/8/2021 - The Walking Dead Reveals an Ominous Teaser and a Return Date

10/8/2021 - Android Begs Apple for an Invite to the Texting Party

10/8/2021 - The ABCs of Big Oil: How the 'Father of Forestry' Inspired Big Oil

10/8/2021 - The Expanse Season 6 Gets a Tense, Action-Packed First Look

10/8/2021 - Horror Scenes That Still Haunt Us

10/8/2021 - Mining Bitcoin Using Nuclear Power May Be Fine, Actually

10/8/2021 - California Just Moved to Protect Workers Who Speak Out Against Harassment and Discrimination

10/8/2021 - 16-Million-Year-Old Tardigrade Found Preserved in Amber

10/8/2021 - You Can Now Tune Your Guitar In Google Search

10/8/2021 - Critical Role's Animated Series Hits Amazon Next February

10/8/2021 - AMD Promises to Fix Two Bugs Causing Reduced CPU Performance in Windows 11 [Update: Patch Is Out]

10/8/2021 - The Perfect iPhone 13 Case Holds a Bunch of Candy and Shoots It Into Your Mouth

10/8/2021 - Blade Runner Anime Black Lotus' New Trailer Brings Synth-Tinged Sizzle

10/8/2021 - The Next iPhone SE Will Get 5G, but Not a Redesign

10/8/2021 - Stop Using Artnaturals Hand Sanitizers, FDA Warns After Detecting Cancer-Causing Chemicals

10/8/2021 - Biden Restores Protections for Bears Ears National Monument

10/8/2021 - It's Already No Time to Deny More James Bond Casting Rumors

10/8/2021 - Bose's New Headphones Are Exactly What You'd Expect From Bose

10/8/2021 - How to Get the Most Out of Picture-in-Picture on All Your Devices

10/8/2021 - China Reports Zero New Locally Acquired Covid-19 Cases for Fourth Day in a Row

10/7/2021 - Google's Going to Stop Letting YouTubers Make Money Off Climate Change Denial

10/7/2021 - Company That Sold Fake Shares in Real Companies for NFT 'Fantasy Startup Investing' Has Already Pivoted

10/7/2021 - Hulu's New Hellraiser Movie Announces Its Pinhead—With a Twist

10/7/2021 - The Biggest Hacks of 2021 (So Far)

10/7/2021 - Turns Out Teens Hate Facebook And Twitter, Too

10/7/2021 - Ditch Your Sofa to Make Room for These Ridge Racer and Tron Arcade Machines

10/7/2021 - Star Wars' New Books Dive Into Palpatine's Hunt for Rey and Obi-Wan and Anakin's Business

10/7/2021 - Long Covid Now Has an Official Definition From the World Health Organization

10/7/2021 - Everything We Know About House of the Dragon

10/7/2021 - You Can Tell a Lot About What's Going On in a Room by Staring At a Blank Wall

10/7/2021 - An Incredible Star Trek: Lower Decks Expanded Its World and Its Stakes

10/7/2021 - DEA Went Undercover to Infiltrate a Vigil for George Floyd

10/7/2021 - Microsoft Just Became the First Big Company to Commit to Right to Repair

10/7/2021 - How WhatsApp Swallowed Half The World

10/7/2021 - New Google Pixel 6 Leaks Reveal Almost Every Detail

10/7/2021 - New Moon Rocks Brought to Earth Have Scientists Wondering How They Melted

10/7/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'Memoranda from the End of the World' by Gene Doucette

10/7/2021 - Perseverance Rover Images Reveal Ancient History of a Water-Soaked Martian Crater

10/7/2021 - Dune's Final Trailer Sets the Stage for All-Out War

10/7/2021 - Climate Justice Groups Flood Top Biden Administration Officials’ Inboxes With 5,600 Emails

10/7/2021 - Is It More Sustainable to Live Off the Land or in the City?

10/7/2021 - Netflix's Sabrina Spellman Is Finally Transferring to Riverdale

10/7/2021 - Microsoft Kinect Is Back From the Dead, Again

10/7/2021 - Here's an Idea: Everyone Only Gets 100 Posts

10/7/2021 - Wild Images Show Scientists Training Robots to Clean Up Chernobyl’s Waste

10/7/2021 - Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City's First Trailer Is a Bite of Zombie Camp

10/7/2021 - Lost in Space's Season 3 Teaser Reminds Us Danger Is Still Afoot for the Robinsons

10/7/2021 - Apple Is Reportedly Planning to Make CarPlay More Useful

10/7/2021 - 140,000 U.S. Children Have Lost a Parent or Caregiver to Covid-19, CDC Finds

10/7/2021 - Google's 'Quick Phrases' Will Let You Skip Saying 'Hey Google' for Way More Commands

10/7/2021 - WandaVision's Kathryn Hahn Is Getting Her Own Agatha Harkness Spinoff

10/7/2021 - What If's First Season Almost Had More Gamora, and Led to a Star-Lord T'Challa Spinoff

10/7/2021 - The 9,090-Piece Titanic Is Now the Largest Lego Model Ever Released

10/7/2021 - Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul's Next Comic Is a Neon-Soaked Mystery Thriller

10/7/2021 - Updates From Halloween Kills, Dune, and More

10/7/2021 - New Photoshop Elements Update Is Tailor-Made for Pet Pics

10/7/2021 - I Think I've Found the Perfect E Ink Tablet

10/7/2021 - The 12 Settings to Change First on Your iPhone 13

10/7/2021 - Moderna Plans to Build $500 Million Vaccine Factory in Africa

10/6/2021 - Major Banks Hit by Infuriating Customer Service Phone Outage [Update]

10/6/2021 - The Justice Department Has a New Team of Crypto Cops

10/6/2021 - Star Trek Looks Back on 55 Years of Boldly Going in a New Documentary Series

10/6/2021 - Europe Wants to Ban Facial Recognition—Take Note, America

10/6/2021 - Legends of Tomorrow's 100th Episode Just Caught a Captain Cold

10/6/2021 - 16th-Century English Mystic’s ‘Magical’ Mirror Confirmed to Be of Aztec Origin

10/6/2021 - Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin's New Trailer Is a Return to the Simpler Horrors of the Old Days

10/6/2021 - Apple Will Require Apps to Make It Easy to Delete Your Account

10/6/2021 - Jabra Owner Is Buying SteelSeries Because Gaming Is $$$$

10/6/2021 - I 'Returned to Theaters' and All I Got Was a Newfound Appreciation for Staying Home

10/6/2021 - Who Is 'Whistleblower Aid', the Group Helping Frances Haugen Blow the Whistle at Facebook?

10/6/2021 - WHO Endorses 'Breakthrough' Childhood Vaccine For Malaria

10/6/2021 - Medtronic's Insulin Pump Controllers Are Vulnerable to Hackers

10/6/2021 - New Russian Law Threatens Space Journalists With Foreign Agent Designation

10/6/2021 - Report: Letitia Wright Continues Anti-Vaccine Stance on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Set

10/6/2021 - A Bitcoin Mining Operation Started a Secret Power Plant, It Did Not Go as Planned [Corrected]

10/6/2021 - Webtoons' Adorable Wayne Family Adventures Is Becoming a Live-Action Series

10/6/2021 - Far-Right Network One America News Was Almost Entirely Funded by AT&T, According to Court Records

10/6/2021 - The Danger of Letting Facebook Off the Hook Like Big Oil

10/6/2021 - Marvel's What If Season 1 Finale Found a Time and Place for Everyone

10/6/2021 - Archaeologists Uncover More Secrets in Ancient Greek Tomb Containing 'Nestor's Cup'

10/6/2021 - Creepy New Drone That Walks and Flies Is a Robopocalypse Nightmare Come True

10/6/2021 - The io9 Halloween Costume Show Is Back, and Ready for Frights

10/6/2021 - Samsung Teases Support for Ray Tracing on Its Next Exynos Chip

10/6/2021 - Maryland Woman Hospitalized With Tropical Infection Caught From Her Aquarium

10/6/2021 - It's Impossible to Spill on Your Keyboard When Your Drink Is Your Keyboard

10/6/2021 - Denis Villeneuve Aimed for Dune to Be Approachable, Even If You Didn't Read the Books

10/6/2021 - Mike Flanagan. Edgar Allan Poe. Netflix.

10/6/2021 - Locke & Key Season 2's New Trailer Spellbinds Us Into a Darker Tale

10/6/2021 - Google Maps Rolls Out ‘Eco-Friendly’ Routes

10/6/2021 - Salute 480 Otis, Our Four-Time Fat Bear King

10/6/2021 - Apple Makes It Easier to Find Your Missing AirPods

10/6/2021 - Joby Redesigned the Flexible Legs on Its Iconic GorillaPod Tripods

10/6/2021 - Could Blade's New Movie Be Coming Sooner Than We Thought?

10/6/2021 - 15 Halloween Animatronics That Will Terrify Everyone on Your Block

10/6/2021 - 11 Things You Can Do in Windows 11 That You Couldn't Do Before

10/6/2021 - Mark Zuckerberg's Latest Defense of Facebook Doesn't Make Any Sense

10/6/2021 - Polar's Pricey New Smartwatch Is All About Adventuring Outside

10/6/2021 - Do Allergies Raise Risk of Mental Illness? New Study Finds No Causal Link

10/5/2021 - Anonymous Claims to Leak Data on the Texas GOP

10/5/2021 - What If? Season 2 Promises a Less Apocalyptic Look at the Marvel Multiverse

10/5/2021 - You Absolutely Must Watch BBC One's Ghosts Before the American Import

10/5/2021 - Old Mafia Guys Think Texting Has Ruined the Mob: Report

10/5/2021 - World View to Charge $50,000 for Epic Balloon Rides to the Stratosphere

10/5/2021 - How to Get the Most Out of Your Apple Pencil

10/5/2021 - Somewhere in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, There's an Orc That Looks Like Harvey Weinstein

10/5/2021 - Mysterious, Bright Flash in Space May Actually Have Been Rocket Junk

10/5/2021 - A Small War Over Bike Lanes May Be an Uber and Lyft Conspiracy

10/5/2021 - George Clooney Wasn't Asked to Reprise Batman for The Flash, and He's Not Surprised

10/5/2021 - 'The Dark Magic of the Internet' That Brought Facebook to Its Knees

10/5/2021 - Amazon Is Building a Smart Fridge That Knows What You Eat

10/5/2021 - Who's Who in House of the Dragon's Fiery First Trailer

10/5/2021 - Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Releases Her 8 Damning SEC Complaints

10/5/2021 - France Is Threatening the UK's Power Supply

10/5/2021 - The Manor's Unconventional Heroine Fights Monsters Both Human and Supernatural

10/5/2021 - The Pixel 6 Is Officially Coming Oct. 19

10/5/2021 - Huntington Beach High School May Want to Change Its Mascot After This Oil Spill

10/5/2021 - This Incredibly Animated Ghostbusters House Is How You Do Halloween Right

10/5/2021 - New Triceratops Relative Found on Ted Turner’s Ranch in New Mexico

10/5/2021 - 8 Devastating Aerial Photos of California's Oil Spill

10/5/2021 - Chaotic Vigilante App Citizen Might Get a Union, and the Bosses Aren't Happy

10/5/2021 - In Peacemaker's First Clip, Everybody Hates Amanda Waller

10/5/2021 - 'The Buck Stops With Mark': Facebook Whistleblower Says Zuckerberg Responsible for System Harming Kids

10/5/2021 - If You’ve Bought a Refurbished Device From Apple, They Might Owe You Some Money

10/5/2021 - Google Puts a Date on When It Will Auto-Enroll Everyone in 2FA

10/5/2021 - Snapchat Is Trying to Make It Easier for Gen Z to Run for Political Office

10/5/2021 - Hasbro's Newest Star Wars Figure Ups The Mandalorian's Arsenal

10/5/2021 - You Can Stop Putting Spider Silk on Your Wounds

10/5/2021 - 'I Call It Fire Brain': What It's Like to Photograph the West's Biggest Wildfires

10/5/2021 - Earth Is Getting Dimmer

10/5/2021 - Updates From the Hocus Pocus Sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and More

10/5/2021 - BMW’s New Factory Robots Can Paint Complex Designs on Cars Without Any Time-Consuming Masking

10/5/2021 - Microsoft's Surface Laptop Studio Does It All

10/5/2021 - I Love the Idea of a Windows 11 Tablet, but the Surface Go 3 Is Just OK

10/5/2021 - In House of the Dragon's First Teaser, Fire is the One True Power

10/5/2021 - How to Get Windows 11 Features Without Upgrading

10/5/2021 - Texas Man Gets Prison Time for Facebook Hoax About Covid-19 Patient Licking Grocery Items

10/5/2021 - Why Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram All Went Down on Monday

10/5/2021 - Kobo's New E Ink Tablet Is a Cheaper, Smaller reMarkable Alternative

10/4/2021 - A Hiker Must Keep to the Path (or Else) in Horror Short Narrow

10/4/2021 - What Does the Venom 2 Post-Credits Scene Mean for Marvel's Future?

10/4/2021 - First Birds Rescued From California Oil Spill

10/4/2021 - Tinder Is Getting Its Own In-App Currency

10/4/2021 - V/H/S/94 Is a Grimy, Gory Found-Footage Throwback

10/4/2021 - Here's How TikTok's Parent Company Reportedly Wants To Take On Amazon

10/4/2021 - Android 12 Is Here, Sort Of

10/4/2021 - Netflix's Streaming Shuffle Feature Is Coming to Android

10/4/2021 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Reebok Cross the Streams for New Sneakers

10/4/2021 - Acer's New Windows 11 Laptop Is Better for the Environment

10/4/2021 - You Don't Really Need to Upgrade to Windows 11, but It's Good

10/4/2021 - Clearview AI Says It Can Do the ‘Computer Enhance’ Thing

10/4/2021 - A 'Lost' 125,000-Year-Old Mangrove Forest Is Thriving in Mexico

10/4/2021 - IATSE Has Voted in Favor of a Nationwide TV and Film Strike [Updated]

10/4/2021 - Urban Heat Is Getting More Dangerous

10/4/2021 - What to Know About the Film Crew Shooting the First Movie in Space This Week

10/4/2021 - YouTube Music Is Bringing Free Background Listening to Canada

10/4/2021 - American Born Chinese Coming to Disney+ From Shang-Chi Director

10/4/2021 - Why We Need Fat Bear Week

10/4/2021 - The Nevers' Mysterious Alien Creature Gets the Spotlight in This Behind-the-Scenes Clip

10/4/2021 - Should You Upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 7?

10/4/2021 - Ben Affleck Finally Had Bat-Fun Making The Flash Movie

10/4/2021 - Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp Are All Down [Update: It's Coming Back, Sorry]

10/4/2021 - In a First, Scientists Used Personalized Brain Stimulation to Successfully Treat a Person's Severe Depression

10/4/2021 - Jerry Seinfeld's Sorry for Bee Movie Being So Horny

10/4/2021 - William Shatner Will Ride Jeff Bezos’s Rocket to Space

10/4/2021 - Police Arrest Men Involved in Ransomware Gang That Allegedly Hacked 'More Than 100' Companies

10/4/2021 - The Dirty Utilities Funding Joe Manchin’s Bullshit

10/4/2021 - New Leaks Reveal Lenovo's Plans to Make an Android-Based Gaming Handheld

10/4/2021 - Y: The Last Man's Latest Sees Every Bad Situation Getting Worse

10/4/2021 - Scientists Win Nobel Prize for Figuring Out How We Can Feel Pressure and Heat

10/4/2021 - Chrome Is Working on a Side Search Panel to Make Browsing Less of a Pain

10/4/2021 - It's Time for a Documentary About Tim Curry's Pennywise

10/4/2021 - Kodiak the Eagle Has Been Captured After Week-Long Adventure in Pittsburgh

10/4/2021 - Updates From Aquaman 2, She-Hulk, and More

10/4/2021 - Could Fossil Fuel Companies Ever Be Tried for Crimes Against Humanity?

10/4/2021 - New Zealand Abandons Covid-Zero Strategy, Leaving Few Countries Still Pursuing Virus Elimination

10/3/2021 - 9 Horrifying Facts From the Facebook Whistleblower's New 60 Minutes Interview

10/3/2021 - Trump Tells Judge He Will Suffer ‘Irreparable Harm’ If He’s Not Allowed to Tweet

10/3/2021 - The Walking Dead Discovers the Most Obnoxious Man in the Zombie Apocalypse

10/3/2021 - Major Oil Spill Off the Coast of Southern California Has 'Dolphins Swimming Thru the Oil'

10/3/2021 - HBO's True Blood Looks Back at Itself With a Rewatch Podcast

10/3/2021 - Marvel’s Eternals Spot Reveals the MCU’s First Big Screen Gay Couple

10/3/2021 - YouTube TV and NBCUniversal Have Kissed And Made Up

10/3/2021 - Venom 2 Slithers Up a Lot of Cash Opening Weekend

10/3/2021 - SNL Uses Star Trek and Owen Wilson to Drag Jeff Bezos

10/2/2021 - Joint Europe-Japan Space Mission Captures Its First Flyby Photos of Mercury

10/2/2021 - Ozy Media's Lies Made It Go Up in Flames [Updated]

10/2/2021 - Everyone's Gassy, International Survey Finds

10/2/2021 - Surprising No One, Giuliani Says He Got His Intel About Election Fraud Off of Facebook

10/2/2021 - Chucky's New Trailer Is a Bloody Homecoming

10/2/2021 - Mike Flanagan Talks Midnight Mass' Catholic Influences and Its Biggest Mystery

10/2/2021 - Making Venom 2's Post-Credits Scene Happen Was Harder Than You'd Think

10/2/2021 - Stephen King's Salem's Lot Finds 3 New Kids to Endanger

10/2/2021 - United Airlines Will Let iPhone Users Show Proof of Vaccination in the Apple Health App

10/1/2021 - Biden Administration Plans to Convene 30 Countries to Discuss Solutions to Ransomware Threat

10/1/2021 - Deku Goes Spider-Man in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission's Trailer

10/1/2021 - Deadpool, Missing Chairs, and Skeletor's Staff Highlight the Week in Toys

10/1/2021 - Classic Sci-Fi Anime Dirty Pair Is Coming to Blu-ray, With Your Help

10/1/2021 - Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales' Best Short Is More Sad Than Spooky

10/1/2021 - President of El Salvador Announces Volcano-Powered Crypto Mining Operation Has Generated $269 in Bitcoin

10/1/2021 - Google Just Killed Its Banking Service Before It Even Launched

10/1/2021 - The Feds Wants Stablecoin Companies to Register as Banks: Report

10/1/2021 - A New Halloween Kills Featurette and More From BlumFest 2021

10/1/2021 - A Dead Whale Found Off New York's Shore Had Human-Caused Injuries, Experts Say

10/1/2021 - Disney+ Will Rule Us All

10/1/2021 - Crypto Company Accidentally Gives Users $90 Million, Politely Asks for It Back

10/1/2021 - New Fissure Opens Up as La Palma Eruption Intensifies

10/1/2021 - The Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anniversaries of Fall 2021

10/1/2021 - Kodiak the Giant Eagle Still Loose in Pittsburgh After a Near-Capture

10/1/2021 - iOS 15's Annoying Apple Watch Unlock Bug Is Fixed

10/1/2021 - Guardians of the Galaxy Arrives at Epcot in 2022 With an Immersive Backwards Roller Coaster

10/1/2021 - Alex Jones Loses Sandy Hook Defamation Suits With Rare 'Death Penalty Sanction' [Updated]

10/1/2021 - Microsoft's Subscription-Less Office Costs $150, and Here's What You Get

10/1/2021 - iPhone 14 Rumors Hint at 2TB Option

10/1/2021 - Dark Shadows and Beyond Pays Tribute to the Man Who Played TV's Most Beloved Vampire

10/1/2021 - X-Rays Reveal Censored Messages Between Marie Antoinette and Her 'Tender Friend'

10/1/2021 - Boats, Ranked

10/1/2021 - Blue Origin Employees Claim Jeff Bezos’s Rocket Company Is Sexist, Toxic, and Lax About Flight Safety

10/1/2021 - In This Year's Snifter of Death, Breakfast Is Saved by a Man of Oats

10/1/2021 - The ABCs of Big Oil: The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Century-Long Quest to Invade Elementary Schools

10/1/2021 - The FCC Is Still Trying to Stop Spam Calls and SIM Swap Scams

10/1/2021 - Toss a Coin at These Witcher Toys, Until They Go Away

10/1/2021 - Oil Starts Flowing Through Line 3 on Friday, But Water Protectors Will Keep Fighting It

10/1/2021 - South Korean ISP Is Suing Netflix Because Too Many People Are Watching Squid Game

10/1/2021 - Merck and Ridgeback Say Their Covid-19 Pill Cuts Chance of Hospitalization and Death by Half

10/1/2021 - Encanto's Most Magical Character Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

10/1/2021 - YouTube TV and NBCUniversal Have Agreed to Make Nice—for Now

10/1/2021 - There's a New 'World's Biggest Nerf Gun' That Can Blast Darts at Over 50 MPH

10/1/2021 - This Saildrone Footage Inside a Category 4 Storm Will Make You Seasick

10/1/2021 - Rick & Morty Anime Will Return Very Soon, in Spooktacular Fashion

10/1/2021 - Flying Foam Case Promises to Protect Your Smartphone While Capturing Aerial Footage

10/1/2021 - Why Are UK Gas Prices So High, and Could It Affect the U.S.?

10/1/2021 - Show Me Your Nerd: Meet Tau's Puppet Pals

10/1/2021 - The TCL 20 Pro 5G Is the Most Underappreciated Phone for the Money

10/1/2021 - 10 Absolutely Cursed Gadgets That Live in My Head Rent-Free

10/1/2021 - Kino Lorber Launches Free Movie Streaming Service With Dozens of Cult Classics

10/1/2021 - Slack Is Down for Many People Worldwide