9/30/2021 - Apple Watch Series 7 Might Start Shipping in Mid-October

9/30/2021 - It Might Have Just Gotten Easier to Find the New USB-C 240W Charging Cables

9/30/2021 - The Black Widow Lawsuit Between Scarlett Johansson and Disney Has Been Settled... in Private

9/30/2021 - After UAE Hacking Scandal, Congress May Crack Down on Ex-Spies Working for Foreign Governments

9/30/2021 - In Destiny 2, Lies Are Stronger Than Any Gun

9/30/2021 - Most Police Killings in the U.S. Aren't Officially Counted, Study Finds

9/30/2021 - Shudder's Behind the Monsters Looks Like a Slay-fully Good Time

9/30/2021 - 8 Adorable Robots That Are Dead Now

9/30/2021 - Leaked U.S. Docs Say Microwave Weapons Not Behind Mysterious 'Havana Syndrome'

9/30/2021 - Space Telescope Will Retain Name of NASA Administrator Who Persecuted LGBTQ Employees

9/30/2021 - Google Promises to Fix the Biggest Problem With Nest Cameras

9/30/2021 - Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Exit Announcement Has Left Her in Emotional Limbo

9/30/2021 - Somehow This One-Dimensional Flexible Pong Game Still Looks Like a Lot of Fun

9/30/2021 - Some Paleontologists Think They've Found Fossilized Dinosaur DNA. Others Aren’t So Sure

9/30/2021 - Researchers Find Locked iPhones With Visa Cards Connected to Apple Pay Can Be Hacked

9/30/2021 - A New Good Omens Audiobook Has Nabbed Your Favorite Crowley and Aziraphale

9/30/2021 - Facebook Lied to Senate About Instagram's Harm to Teens, Senator Says

9/30/2021 - Never Fear, Here Are 63 New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books to Ease You Into Spooky Season

9/30/2021 - Widely Used Bitcoin ATMs Have Major Security Flaws, Researchers Warn

9/30/2021 - Hawaii's Kīlauea Volcano Erupts as New Lake of Lava Forms

9/30/2021 - Lucy Lawless Was in Star Wars Talks Before Gina Carano's Mandalorian Exit

9/30/2021 - Ingenuity Helicopter Had an 'Anomaly' on Mars, Just Before the Solar Conjunction

9/30/2021 - 10 of The Simpsons' Best Treehouse of Horror Skits

9/30/2021 - Amazon Agrees to Pay Back Wages to Two Employees Who Claimed They Were Illegally Fired for Organizing

9/30/2021 - How Can I Divest From Fossil Fuels?

9/30/2021 - The Pixel 6 Might Be Cheaper Than We Thought

9/30/2021 - Instagram Just Published Some of Its Internal Teen Research for All to See

9/30/2021 - Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo Flights Allowed to Resume After FAA Probe

9/30/2021 - The New Maya and the Three Trailer Introduces a Few Magical Helpers

9/30/2021 - UN Finds Steven Donziger’s House Arrest Violates International Law, Says It’s ‘Appalled’ [UPDATE: The Judge Didn't Listen]

9/30/2021 - CDC Urges Pregnant People to Get Vaccinated for Covid-19 As Soon as Possible

9/30/2021 - Rideshare Drivers Could Make as Little as $4.82 Per Hour if Uber Gets Its Labor Law in Massachusetts, Study Finds

9/30/2021 - In Shin Kamen Rider's First Trailer, Hideaki Anno Is Just Living His Best Life

9/30/2021 - You Won’t Need Your Parents’ Basement for These Tiny Atari 2600 and Dance Dance Revolution Setups

9/30/2021 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Showed Everyone How the Other Half Lives

9/30/2021 - Somehow, iOS 15 Made Siri Dumber

9/30/2021 - Updates From Sonic 2 and the CW's Next Big DC Crossover

9/30/2021 - Venom: Let There Be Carnage Is Frivolous, Forgettable Fun

9/30/2021 - The New Sonos Soundbar Gives You Dolby Atmos Without Breaking the Bank

9/30/2021 - Utilities Took Public Money, Gave CEOs Millions, and Then Turned People’s Lights Off During the Pandemic

9/30/2021 - How to Turn Your Old Computer Into a Media Streamer

9/30/2021 - Fairphone's New Modular Flagship Is Still a Repairable Dream With a Sleek New Design

9/30/2021 - Australia Reports Highest Jump in Covid-19 Cases of Entire Pandemic

9/29/2021 - Universal Studios Will Require Proof of Vaccination and Masks Starting Next Week

9/29/2021 - You Can Theoretically Book the Scream House as an AirBnb This Halloween

9/29/2021 - Elon Musk Longs for the Days When Trump Would Invite Him to the White House

9/29/2021 - The Nerd's Watch: Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Streaming in October

9/29/2021 - Electric Scooter Racing Is Here to Melt and/or Scrape Your Face Off

9/29/2021 - This Massive New Robotech Blu-ray Set Is Certainly... Massive

9/29/2021 - Amazon’s ‘Cute’ Little Nightmare

9/29/2021 - Timothée Chalamet's Wonka Prequel Just Bagged a Factory-Load of Stars

9/29/2021 - A Giant Eagle Named Kodiak Is on the Loose in Pittsburgh

9/29/2021 - Google Maps Adds Wildfire Layer to Help You Find the One Place That's Not Burning

9/29/2021 - What If Finally Gave the MCU an Age Worthy of Ultron

9/29/2021 - Ice Age Human Jawbone Found on Indonesian Island Known for Ancient Cave Art

9/29/2021 - Big Changes Coming to Google Search Will Help You Find Things You Can't Put Into Words

9/29/2021 - PlantLife Is the Purest Social Platform I've Ever Tried

9/29/2021 - What's Star Wars Galaxy of Sounds? Blaster Fire, Baby Yoda, and Ben Burtt, Mostly

9/29/2021 - Illinois Man Turns Down Treatment After Bat Bite, Dies a Month Later From Rabies

9/29/2021 - YouTube Announces Total Ban on Anti-Vaccine Videos

9/29/2021 - This Is Why We Need Section 230

9/29/2021 - Fears of Deadly Gases as Canary Islands Lava Pours Into the Atlantic

9/29/2021 - Netflix Has Acquired Its First Video Game Studio

9/29/2021 - Bye, Bye, Mr. Exxon Guy

9/29/2021 - Star Wars' The Book of Boba Fett Will Ring Out 2021 in Style

9/29/2021 - Sony Just Made More Affordable Versions of Its Best Headphones and Earbuds

9/29/2021 - 'Speaking Portraits' Make It Unsettlingly Easy to Turn Still Photos Into Animated Deepfakes

9/29/2021 - Disney's New Encanto Trailer Is Pure, Heartfelt Chaos

9/29/2021 - U.S. Declares Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, 22 Other Species Extinct

9/29/2021 - I Miss the Dial-Up Modem Sound

9/29/2021 - Could There Be Stranger Things Spinoffs on the Way?

9/29/2021 - Your Next Air Conditioner Is Going to Be Different—and Better—Than Your Old One

9/29/2021 - Russia Threatens Retaliation After YouTube Deletes RT Germany Account

9/28/2021 - Leaked Docs Reveal Amazon's Astro Robot Is an Invasive Spy and Incredibly Stupid

9/28/2021 - No Time To Die Is the Most Emotional James Bond Film Ever

9/28/2021 - How Apple AirTags Could Get You Hacked

9/28/2021 - Archer Will Get a Lucky 13th Season

9/28/2021 - Leaked Facebook Docs Depict Kids as 'Untapped' Wealth

9/28/2021 - Google Says It's Bing's Most Popular Search Term

9/28/2021 - Watch a Rare Warhammer Model Become the Most Expensive in the World

9/28/2021 - Why Rideshares Suck, According to Science

9/28/2021 - Pharma Companies Are Racing to Develop a Covid-19 Pill That Works

9/28/2021 - Customs and Border Protection Signs Major Contract With Amazon-Owned Encrypted Chat App Wickr

9/28/2021 - George Lucas Is a Star Wars Toy (Again)

9/28/2021 - Hidden Chamber Uncovered at Famous Gibraltar Cave That Sheltered Neanderthals

9/28/2021 - Privatization Won't Fix This

9/28/2021 - Stellan Skarsgård Hit the Nail on the Head When It Comes to the State of the Film Industry

9/28/2021 - 2021's Best Fat Bears, Ranked

9/28/2021 - Microsoft CEO Says Trump's TikTok Shakedown Was the 'Strangest Thing I’ve Ever Sort of Worked On'

9/28/2021 - The Walking Dead Goes Behind-the-Scenes of Last Episode's Feral Goofballs

9/28/2021 - Amazon Just Built a Mesh Router Into Its Home Surveillance System

9/28/2021 - Amazon Astro: What If Wall-E but Evil?

9/28/2021 - Arrival's Stunning Alien Visuals Take the Spotlight in a New Art Book

9/28/2021 - Amazon's New Fitness Tracker Is Basically a Fitbit

9/28/2021 - Amazon Just Made a $250 Video Chat Device for Kids

9/28/2021 - William Shatner's TekWar Novels May Trek Into Animation

9/28/2021 - Lost ‘Foreign’ Neighborhood Discovered at Ancient Maya City of Tikal

9/28/2021 - The Big Wall-Mountable Echo Is Here

9/28/2021 - Woman Charged With Starting Wildfire Says She Was Just Trying to Boil Some Bear Piss

9/28/2021 - Netflix’s Top 10 Originals Revealed

9/28/2021 - Amazon's New Alexa-Powered Smart Thermostat Is Basic As Hell

9/28/2021 - J. Michael Straczynski Explains Why Babylon 5 Had to Be Rebooted

9/28/2021 - Leaked Android Update Promises Huge Upgrades for Foldable Phones

9/28/2021 - How Small Is Too Small for a Game Boy? The Thumby Might Have the Answer

9/28/2021 - Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Samsung Remix Is the Cringiest Greenwashing Campaign I Have Ever Seen

9/28/2021 - The Witcher's Lauren Schmidt Hissrich Explains Why a Spinoff for Kids Can Work

9/28/2021 - iPhone 13 Review: Just Get the Pro Instead

9/28/2021 - Andy Serkis’ Long Road to Venom Began With Reading Comics and an Unexpected Journey Through the Shire

9/28/2021 - Artificial Sweeteners May Be More Hunger-Inducing Than Sugar for Some People

9/28/2021 - 1Password Will Now Let You Hide Your Email for Logins

9/28/2021 - Star Wars' Diego Luna Teases Familiar Returns in Andor

9/28/2021 - Logitech Shrunk Its Excellent MX Keys to Create a Mini Rival to Apple’s Magic Keyboard

9/28/2021 - Ikea and Sonos Are Back With a Less Ugly Lamp Speaker

9/28/2021 - Skullcandy's New Cheap Earbuds Have Their Own Voice Assistant

9/28/2021 - China's Alibaba to Stop Selling Crypto Mining Machines

9/27/2021 - Ethereum Researcher Pleads Guilty to Advising North Korea on How to Use Crypto to Evade Sanctions

9/27/2021 - Venom 2's Marketing Really Wants You to Remember Eddie and Venom Are a Couple Now

9/27/2021 - The Boys' College-Focused Spin-Off Is a Go at Amazon

9/27/2021 - Who's Who in Netflix's Cowboy Bebop

9/27/2021 - TikTok's Takeover Is Going Great

9/27/2021 - Bitcoin Bros and Nuclear Bros Have Found Common Cause

9/27/2021 - Dungeons & Dragons' 5th Edition to Get a Revision, Then an Evolution

9/27/2021 - So Much Ice Has Melted, That the Earth’s Crust Is Shifting in Weird, New Ways

9/27/2021 - All Hail Mr. Goxx, the Crypto Trading Hamster Who's Killing It

9/27/2021 - Famous Viking Map of North America Is Totally Fake

9/27/2021 - The Oath Keepers Reportedly Get Their Emails Dumped for the World to See

9/27/2021 - Droids Should Be Jedi, Too

9/27/2021 - Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Spinning Faster

9/27/2021 - Google Stadia Will Let Casual Gamers Use Their Phone as a Controller

9/27/2021 - The Discontinued Oculus Go Will Get New Life As an Unlocked Headset

9/27/2021 - The Guy Behind 'Unite the Right' Would Rather Focus on Video Games Before Upcoming Trial

9/27/2021 - The World Finally Caught Up With Russell T. Davies’ Doctor Who Ambitions… What Now?

9/27/2021 - The New Expensive iPhone Is Better Than the Old Expensive iPhones

9/27/2021 - Y: The Last Man Just Picked Up the Pace Big Time

9/27/2021 - Babylon 5 Is Getting Rebooted, With J. Michael Straczynski at the Helm

9/27/2021 - The Pandemic Has Torpedoed Life Expectancy Across the Globe, Study Finds

9/27/2021 - Instagram Kids App on Pause as Facebook Argues Over Its Harm to Teens

9/27/2021 - Climate Change May Finally Get Its Day at The Hague

9/27/2021 - Horror Legend Bela Lugosi Lands the Role of a Lifetime in This Peek at a New Graphic Biography

9/27/2021 - Malfunctioning Toilet Triggered an Alarm During SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Mission

9/27/2021 - Foundation's Alfred Enoch on His Character's Complicated Role in the Sci-Fi Saga

9/27/2021 - Users Claim New iPad Minis Are Suffering from 'Jelly Scrolling' or Wobbly Screens

9/27/2021 - 7 Dramatic Photos Show the Canary Islands’ Volcanic Eruption as It Nears the Sea

9/27/2021 - YouTube Music Is Finally Here for Wear OS 2 Watches

9/27/2021 - YouTube TV May Lose 14 NBC Universal Channels This Week, but That Could Save You $10

9/27/2021 - Samsung Showed Off an OLED Display That Stretches Like Rubber

9/27/2021 - Ahsoka Tano and C-3PO Get the Mash-Up Sculpture You Didn't Know You Needed

9/27/2021 - Our First Look at HBO's Last Of Us TV Show Features Joel and Ellie

9/27/2021 - Nintendo's New OLED Switch Is What the Original Should Have Been

9/27/2021 - 11 Things You Can Do in watchOS 8 That You Couldn't Do Before

9/27/2021 - What's the Newest Language?

9/27/2021 - Anti-Vaccine Cartoonist Ben Garrison Says He's Got Covid-19, Won't Go to Hospital

9/26/2021 - Stop Trying to Unlock Your iPhone 13 With Your Apple Watch. It Won't Work

9/26/2021 - Turns Out an Unintentionally Funny Walking Dead Episode Is Also a Good One

9/26/2021 - Disaster Comedy Don't Look Up Feels Way Too Real

9/26/2021 - League of Legends' Vi and Jinx Are Sisters-in-Arms in Netflix's Arcane Trailer

9/25/2021 - The Witcher Has Been Renewed for Season 3, Another Anime Film Is on the Way, and a Spinoff… for Kids

9/25/2021 - The Witcher Season 2 and Prequel Blood Origin Share Peeks at Monsters and Men

9/25/2021 - New Army of Thieves Trailer Is Heavy on Robbery, Light on Zombies

9/25/2021 - Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Invites Us to Jam With Its Jazzy Opening Titles

9/25/2021 - Cobra Kai Season 4 Teaser Reveals Release Date and New Threats

9/25/2021 - Netflix's Sandman Reveals New Footage, and Death Would Like a Word

9/25/2021 - Here's How Long You'll Have to Wait for Each iPhone 13 Model to Ship

9/25/2021 - Stranger Things Season 4 Has a New Trailer, and It's Ultra Creepy

9/25/2021 - The Apocalyptic Retweets of William Gibson

9/25/2021 - Acetaminophen May Be Less Safe During Pregnancy Than Previously Thought

9/25/2021 - Delta Wants Airlines to Share No-Fly Lists to Keep Crap Passengers Out of the Skies

9/24/2021 - Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Announces More Casting, Including Randall Park and Indya Moore

9/24/2021 - You Told Your Apps To Stop Tracking You, but They Didn't Listen

9/24/2021 - You Should Probably Stop Using ExpressVPN

9/24/2021 - This Week's Toy News Features Visitors from Several Galaxies Far, Far Away

9/24/2021 - Microsoft Edge Comes to Xbox, Letting You Stream Stadia Games

9/24/2021 - That Grizzly Bear Killed by a Mountain Goat Was Innocent

9/24/2021 - Woman Arrested With Fake 'Maderna' Vaccine Card Reportedly Bails on Zoom Hearing

9/24/2021 - Can't Hear Your Instagram Stories? It's an iOS 15 Bug

9/24/2021 - Teen Wolf Will Live on as a Paramount+ Movie

9/24/2021 - Samsung's Galaxy Note Might Not Be Dead Yet

9/24/2021 - Marvel Sues Comic Creators’ Heirs to Keep Major Character Rights

9/24/2021 - These Spikes Grew Right Out of a Dinosaur's Ribs

9/24/2021 - Fat Bear Junior Week Is Here

9/24/2021 - Andy Serkis on Snoke's Fate, Middle-earth's Return, and Black Panther 2

9/24/2021 - Exclusive: Superman '78 Is Bringing Another Egghead to the Nerd Brawl

9/24/2021 - Apple Might Fix the iPad's Biggest Flaw

9/24/2021 - Lobsters Have Been Hiding Their Ages From Us. No More

9/24/2021 - China Just Made Crypto Transactions Fully Illegal

9/24/2021 - Star Trek Icon Jeffrey Combs Describes the Deliciousness of Playing the Bad Guy

9/24/2021 - Amazon Wants to Put a Giant Echo On Your Wall

9/24/2021 - A Mystery Worm Infection in Vietnam Shows a New Species Can Live in Humans

9/24/2021 - The Odyssey of Star Wars Turns the Original Trilogy Into Epic Poetry

9/24/2021 - The ABCs of Big Oil: Why the Fossil Fuel Industry Infiltrated Schools

9/24/2021 - Amateur Metal Detectorist Finds Astonishing Gold Hoard Buried by Pre-Viking Chieftain

9/24/2021 - Splatoon 3's Into The Spider-Verse Cityscape Looks Absolutely Stunning

9/24/2021 - The 'Rain Sound' in iOS 15 Is Way More Than Just a Relaxation Tool

9/24/2021 - How Bigger Arctic Waves Are Changing Clouds

9/24/2021 - DJI Mavic 3 Leaks Boast a Larger Sensor and Way Longer Flight Time

9/24/2021 - You Can Now Enjoy the Best Screensaver of All Time in Your Web Browser

9/24/2021 - Thanks, Cyber Ninjas

9/24/2021 - Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies Returns to Showrun in Season 14

9/24/2021 - The Suicide Squad's James Gunn Reveals Why He Chose Peacemaker for a Spinoff

9/24/2021 - How to Use FaceTime If You're a Green Bubble

9/23/2021 - This Image of Doom Isn’t From a Movie, It’s From the New Fawn Fire

9/23/2021 - They Said Foundation Couldn't Be Filmed, and It Still Hasn't Been

9/23/2021 - The Midnight Mass Spoiler Zone Is Here for All the Mike Flanagan Faithful

9/23/2021 - Facebook to Appear at Senate Hearing After Leaked Research Shows Instagram's Harmful Effects

9/23/2021 - The Super Mario Bros. Movie Just Cast Chris Pratt as an Italian Plumber

9/23/2021 - Nintendo Resurrects N64 and Sega Genesis Controllers for the Switch

9/23/2021 - Even the NSA Agrees: Targeted Ads Are Terrifying

9/23/2021 - New Pixel 6 Leak Reveals Camera Specs and Features

9/23/2021 - In Dead & Beautiful's Trailer, the Pursuit of Decadence Leads to Horror

9/23/2021 - The Mandalorian's Emmy Win Means Another Amazing VFX Reel for You

9/23/2021 - Microplastics Are Showing Up in Baby Poop

9/23/2021 - ‘This Is a Simple Meme You Would Find on the Internet, but This Meme Is Very Real'

9/23/2021 - Astonishing Times' Creators Want to Fight Superhero Burnout With the Power of the Press

9/23/2021 - Badass Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear in Canadian National Park

9/23/2021 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Gave Us a Happy Ending with Sex and an Evil Computer

9/23/2021 - New York City Council Passes Historic Protections for App Delivery Workers

9/23/2021 - The Orville Finally Has a Season 3 Premiere Date on Its New Hulu Home

9/23/2021 - Big Tech Sues Texas Over Its Social Media Law That Seems Obviously Unconstitutional

9/23/2021 - 4 Mike Flanagan Horror Movies to Watch After Midnight Mass

9/23/2021 - Footprints Suggest Humans Migrated Deep Into North America Earlier Than Previously Known

9/23/2021 - Impossible's Plant-Based Pork Is Finally Arriving in Restaurants Today

9/23/2021 - Lake Powell Is Losing So Much Water, It May Not Be Able to Generate Hydropower in 2 Years

9/23/2021 - Like Neanderthals, Early Humans Endured a Frigid Europe

9/23/2021 - Late Night Climate Comedy Segments, Ranked

9/23/2021 - Discord Is Bringing Music Back With a YouTube-Sanctioned Bot

9/23/2021 - I Know What You Did Last Summer's New Trailer Reminds Us That Murder Is on the Menu

9/23/2021 - Unagi's New Electric Scooter Includes the Same Collision Warning Sensors You'll Find in Fancy Cars

9/23/2021 - Apple May Be Forced to Embrace USB-C for Future iPhones

9/23/2021 - Ivermectin Research Has a Big Fraud Problem, Scientists Say

9/23/2021 - Google Brings More Pixel-Exclusive Features to All Android Phones

9/23/2021 - Get Ready for Big Android Auto Changes on Your Phone and in Your Car

9/23/2021 - The Muppets Are Dead as Hell in the First Haunted Mansion Trailer

9/23/2021 - This Bird-Inspired Tower Fan Uses Flapping Wings

9/23/2021 - Star Wars: Visions' Most Bombastic Short Celebrates the Saga's Most Fundamental Lesson

9/23/2021 - Should I Buy Water in a Plastic, Metal, or Glass Bottle?

9/23/2021 - Updates From Showtime's Let The Right One In Series, Injustice, and More

9/23/2021 - ZTE Won the Race to Create a Great Under-Display Camera

9/22/2021 - FDA Authorizes Pfizer Boosters for People 65 and Older and Those at High Risk for Severe Covid-19

9/22/2021 - Tim Cook Tells Employees That the Company Is Hunting Down Leakers

9/22/2021 - The Oscars Museum Is a Must-See Destination for Diehard Film Fans

9/22/2021 - Jason Momoa Dedicates His Kickass Dune Fight Scene to His Former Khaleesi

9/22/2021 - Comcast Is Trying to Be Roku Now

9/22/2021 - 7 Mind-Bending Horror Thrillers to Fill You With Good Stress

9/22/2021 - Stalkerware Company Reportedly Finds New Way to Suck

9/22/2021 - The Fellowship of the Rings' Introduction to the Shire Is Perfect

9/22/2021 - How to Prep Your Apple Devices to Sell Them

9/22/2021 - Why a Real Facebook Ad Boycott Is Doomed

9/22/2021 - Megan Fox Is Just One of Many Vampires Ruining a Driver’s Life in Netflix’s Night Teeth

9/22/2021 - Amazon's Former Security Chief Is Now Guarding the Line 3 Oil Pipeline

9/22/2021 - Early Intervention to Reduce Autism Symptoms Shows Promise in Clinical Trial

9/22/2021 - Facebook Admits Apple's iOS Privacy Updates Are Working

9/22/2021 - Exxon’s Secret Assist From the World’s Top PR Firm

9/22/2021 - Creepshow Is Back to Make You 'Ewww' With Delight

9/22/2021 - Video Shows Inspiration4 Crew's First View Through SpaceX Glass Dome

9/22/2021 - What If Turned Thor Into Marvel's Most Obnoxious Only Child

9/22/2021 - Are We Really Doing This?

9/22/2021 - You Won't Be Able to Download Fortnite From the iOS App Store Anytime Soon

9/22/2021 - Scientists Found a Way to Print Full-Color Images Using Completely Transparent Ink

9/22/2021 - Some Dinosaurs May Have Swung Their Tails to Walk

9/22/2021 - New York's Rockefeller Center Wants to Build a Rooftop Ride That Lets You Recreate the Historic Ironworkers Photo

9/22/2021 - The Sam Neill-Starring Invasion Looks Like Every Alien Invasion Movie Rolled Into One

9/22/2021 - The 'Devious Licks' TikTok Trend Is Getting Teens Arrested

9/22/2021 - Disney's Bob Chapek Addresses Scarlett Johansson Lawsuit and How Hollywood Is Changing

9/22/2021 - The Surface Pro Just Got Its Slickest Update in Years

9/22/2021 - Microsoft’s Surface Go 3 Is an Affordable Windows 11 iPad Rival

9/22/2021 - Microsoft's New Surface Laptop Studio Is Basically a 3-in-1 Windows 11 Machine

9/22/2021 - Microsoft's Foldable Surface Duo 2 Looks to Fix All the Original's Mistakes

9/22/2021 - Apple's Dynamic Head Tracking Is Here... If You Have the Expensive AirPods

9/22/2021 - 30% of the World’s Koalas Have Disappeared Since 2018

9/22/2021 - Foundation's Lee Pace: 'I Love Science Fiction'

9/22/2021 - Facebook Paid the FTC Billions to Personally Protect Zuckerberg, Lawsuit Claims

9/22/2021 - Amazing Airborne Microchips are the Tiniest Human-Built Objects to Take Flight

9/22/2021 - How to Watch Microsoft's Surface Event—and What to Expect

9/22/2021 - Astronomers Find Massive Space ‘Cavity’ Possibly Left Behind by Explosion

9/22/2021 - I Miss Mario Paint, When Nintendo Gamified Art Class

9/22/2021 - Summer Wildfires Emitted More Carbon Dioxide Than India Does in a Year

9/22/2021 - Live-Action Saint Seiya Movie in the Works With Some Familiar Names Attached

9/22/2021 - I Love the Tiny iPad

9/22/2021 - Apple's Cheapest iPad Is Its Most Reliably Good One

9/22/2021 - Watch Bill Gates Get Very Uncomfortable When Asked About Jeffrey Epstein

9/21/2021 - Amazon Is Lobbying the U.S. to Legalize Weed

9/21/2021 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Looks Like a Whimsical Treat

9/21/2021 - Shang-Chi Comes Home November 12 Along With New Star Wars and Marvel Teases

9/21/2021 - s-CRY-ed's Peculiar Power Sets and Stunning Fights Must Be Seen in HD

9/21/2021 - Report: FBI Had Ransomware Decryption Key for Weeks Before Giving It to Victims

9/21/2021 - Hacking Your Room's Lighting to Match the Flickering Lights in Quake Makes the Game Feel Even Moodier

9/21/2021 - Netflix Cordially Invites You to a WWE-Themed House of Horrors

9/21/2021 - China's Xi Jinping Says Country Will Stop Financing Coal-Fired Power Abroad

9/21/2021 - Facebook's New Battery-Powered Portal Go Lets You Tote a Smart Display Around Your House

9/21/2021 - A Mystery Outbreak of Salmonella Has Sickened People in 25 States

9/21/2021 - Joe Biden’s Worker Heat Protections Are Right on Time—and Decades Too Late

9/21/2021 - Amazing World of Gumball Is Getting a Movie and a New Show

9/21/2021 - Apple Will Soon Let You Store Your Covid-19 Vaccine Card in Your iPhone Wallet

9/21/2021 - The Tragedy of Macbeth's Teaser Is Haunting as All Hell

9/21/2021 - Netflix Is Testing Out a New Free Streaming Plan, but You Can't Have It

9/21/2021 - Archaeologists See Ancient Teotihuacán With Aerial Mapping Tech

9/21/2021 - Netflix Is Eyeing the Complete Works of Roald Dahl [Updated]

9/21/2021 - Uber Says It's on Track to Maybe Make a Fake Profit

9/21/2021 - Marvel's New Black Panther YA Book Sees a Young T'Challa Coming to America

9/21/2021 - I Rode Specialized’s Fancy New E-Bike, and Now I See the Light

9/21/2021 - New Details Emerge About Bee Swarm Attack That Left 63 Penguins Dead

9/21/2021 - Facebook Takes Aim at Ad Blockers, Hits Blind Users and Researchers Instead

9/21/2021 - John Cho's Hair Was Almost as Vital to Cowboy Bebop as Anything Else

9/21/2021 - Slack Is Trying to Replace Meetings With an Instagram Stories-Style Feature

9/21/2021 - iPhone 14 Will Finally Ditch the Notch

9/21/2021 - HP's New Work-From-Home Machines Include a Tablet With a Rotating Camera

9/21/2021 - Star Wars: Visions Gets It

9/21/2021 - NASA Chose a Really Sweet Spot to Land Its Upcoming Lunar Rover

9/21/2021 - Shell's Big Sale of Texas Oil and Gas Holdings Is a Climate Bait-and-Switch

9/21/2021 - Scott Bakula Thinks Quantum Leap May Have Another Leap in It

9/21/2021 - Apple Working on Depression Detection for iPhones: Report

9/21/2021 - $120,000 Aston Martin DB5 for Kids Packs All of James Bond's Awesome Gadgets

9/21/2021 - Comparing Covid-19 to the 'Spanish Flu' Just Shows How Badly We Screwed This One Up

9/21/2021 - The Wheel of Time Season 2 Recasts a Major Role

9/21/2021 - Hallelujah, Amazon's New Kindles Finally Have USB-C

9/21/2021 - Fitbit's Most Advanced Fitness Tracker Is Pretty Underwhelming

9/21/2021 - Jeff Bezos Meets With Boris Johnson on Sidelines of UN General Assembly

9/21/2021 - Covid-19 Has Killed as Many Americans as the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic

9/20/2021 - This Foundation First Look Goes Behind the Scenes of the Asimov Adaptation

9/20/2021 - Catastrophic Volcanic Eruption Prompted Construction of Ancient Maya Pyramid, Research Suggests

9/20/2021 - Microsoft's New Surfaces Leaked Ahead of Hardware Event

9/20/2021 - The Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming to Take Over Your Phone and Computer

9/20/2021 - Police Arrest 106 People Tied to Mafia-Connected Cybercrime Group

9/20/2021 - Simu Liu's Alleged Old Reddit Account Is Why You Should Never Post

9/20/2021 - TikTok Creators Are Taking the Gabby Petito Case Into Their Own Hands

9/20/2021 - 2020 Saw Most Babies Born With Syphilis Since 1994

9/20/2021 - On Y: The Last Man, a Major Journey for the President's Kids Begins

9/20/2021 - How to Fix iOS 15's Worst Feature

9/20/2021 - Engineers Cook 3D-Printed Chicken With Lasers

9/20/2021 - This Life-Size Tom Holland Spider-Man Bust Can Be Seen, But Not Believed

9/20/2021 - OnePlus Spills the Details on What Its Merger With Oppo Will Look Like

9/20/2021 - Elon Musk Miffed That Joe Biden Hasn't Personally Praised SpaceX's Inspiration4 Mission

9/20/2021 - iPadOS 15 Is Here: The Features You Should Try First

9/20/2021 - Foundation's David S. Goyer on the Vital Changes That Needed to Be Made for the Adaptation

9/20/2021 - Marvel's Hit Monkey Certainly Looks Like Some Monkey Business

9/20/2021 - 19 Things You Can Do in iOS 15 That You Couldn't Do Before

9/20/2021 - iOS 15 Is Out Now: Here's How to Upgrade

9/20/2021 - Multiverse Hopes You Remember the Sci-Fi Concept Is So Hot Right Now

9/20/2021 - DoorDash's Next Legal Frontier: Booze for the Masses

9/20/2021 - Satellite Image Shows How Shockingly Close the KNP Complex Fire Is to Earth's Biggest Tree

9/20/2021 - Halloween Kills' Final Trailer Pits Michael Myers Against... Everybody

9/20/2021 - The Canary Island’s Explosive Volcanic Eruption in 6 Photos

9/20/2021 - New Pixel 6 Leak Reveals Much Faster Wired Charging Speeds

9/20/2021 - How Transparent, 'Vampire' Catfish May Travel Unseen Through the Amazon River

9/20/2021 - Last Night's Emmys Shoved Nerd TV in the Proverbial Locker

9/20/2021 - Roku Rolls Out New Streaming Stick 4K and 4K+ With Added Beeps and Whistles

9/20/2021 - Bee Swarm Kills 63 Endangered Penguins in ‘Fluke’ Occurrence

9/20/2021 - Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine Looks Safe and Effective in Children Ages 5 to 11, Company Says

9/20/2021 - In Finch's First Trailer, Tom Hanks Has to Save His Dog From Climate Change

9/20/2021 - Ikea's New $40 Sticky Wireless Charger May Be Its Easiest Build Ever

9/20/2021 - Updates From The Flash Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and More

9/20/2021 - Will It Be Possible to Upload Information to My Brain?

9/19/2021 - The Walking Dead Remains Haunted by Specters of the Past

9/19/2021 - Tesla to Expand Full Self-Driving Beta, But Top Safety Official Says It Needs to Tackle 'Basic Safety Issues' First

9/19/2021 - Facebook VP Disputes Reports That Company Ignored Platform-Wide Issues Harming Users

9/19/2021 - Catch a Ride Around the World in 80 Days With David Tennant

9/19/2021 - Lord of the Rings' Ages, Explained

9/18/2021 - Laika Heads to Wildwood for Its Next Stop-Motion Movie

9/18/2021 - Tesla to Reverse Massive Price Hikes for Some Solar Roof Customers, Court Document Shows

9/18/2021 - Spot Has a New Gig as a Robo-Guard Dog

9/18/2021 - Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Wouldn't Work Without Its Quiet, Contemplative Opening

9/18/2021 - Biden Administration Says IPCC 'Does Not Present Sufficient Cause' to End Offshore Drilling

9/18/2021 - Eternals' Kit Harington Is Either Naive or Lying

9/18/2021 - E-Waste From a Single Bitcoin Transaction Is Like Throwing Away Two iPhone 12 Minis

9/17/2021 - Elon Musk, the Man Who Almost Never Meets Deadlines, Says Starlink Will Come Out of Beta Phase Next Month

9/17/2021 - Epik Was Warned About a Large Security Flaw Before Its Data Leaked

9/17/2021 - Our Favorite Scary Scenes From Non-Horror Films

9/17/2021 - Batman's Toilet Has Been Compromised

9/17/2021 - DOJ Charges 138 People Over $1.4 Billion in Pandemic-Era Healthcare Scams

9/17/2021 - Paranormal Activity's Latest Trailer Makes Us Sorta Interested in the Series Again

9/17/2021 - Instagram, the Internet's Cool Mom, Leaves Up Videos Encouraging Kids to Steal From School

9/17/2021 - A Lost Boys Reboot Is in the Works With Quiet Place and It Stars

9/17/2021 - HBO Max Slashes Price After HBO's Departure From Amazon Prime Video

9/17/2021 - This Week's Toy News Is Monstrously Big, Monstrously Alien, and a Little Marvelous

9/17/2021 - Biden Administration Reportedly Plans ‘Sanctions’ to Combat Crypto’s Role in Ransomware Attacks—Whatever That Means

9/17/2021 - FDA Panel Votes Against Boosters for All, Unanimously Recommends Them for Elderly and High-Risk Groups

9/17/2021 - Y: The Last Man's Collapsing Infrastructure Is the Scariest Part (After the Other Thing)

9/17/2021 - Amateur Astronomers Spot Fireball on Jupiter

9/17/2021 - Explore a Martian Crater With NASA's New Interactive Tools

9/17/2021 - Line 3 Pipeline Construction Damaged a Sensitive Wetland, State Says

9/17/2021 - The Suicide Squad's Gag Reel Is Finger-Lickin' Good

9/17/2021 - Dark Energy Could Be Responsible for Mysterious Experiment Signals, Researchers Say

9/17/2021 - Firefighters Rush to Wrap Sequoias in Foil as Wildfire Nears

9/17/2021 - How One Doctor Who Fan Brought Color to the Show's Classic Era

9/17/2021 - SpaceX’s Surprisingly Secretive Inspiration4 Mission Is a Major Letdown

9/17/2021 - Google Is Reportedly Loading Chromecast Up With Free Channels

9/17/2021 - Chevron CEO: ‘Let Them Plant Trees’

9/17/2021 - Internal Facebook Documents Show How Badly It Fumbled the Fight Against Anti-Vaxxers: Report

9/17/2021 - Watch a Young George R.R. Martin Rail Against Sci-Fi's Predictive Reputation

9/17/2021 - California's Limited Grid Is Making Solar Access Inequitable

9/17/2021 - Someone in Wyoming Caught the Plague From Their Cats

9/17/2021 - Ted Lasso Is an Unexpected Masterclass in Environmental Storytelling

9/17/2021 - United Airlines Grounded U.S. Flights Due to 'Technical System Issues'

9/17/2021 - Warhammer+ Is Worth It for Fans, and That's All It Needs to Be

9/17/2021 - Apple and Google Pull Opposition App From Russian Stores Following Kremlin Pressure

9/17/2021 - Microsoft Just Released Its Slick New Photos App to Windows 11 Insiders

9/17/2021 - Smarter In-Car Cameras Can Detect Every Dumb Thing You're Doing While Driving

9/17/2021 - Obi-Wan Kenobi's Sung Kang Gives a Big Hint About His Role

9/17/2021 - Own Two Cats? Scientists Need Your Help

9/17/2021 - British Government Wants to Bring Back Imperial Measurements

9/17/2021 - U.S. Secretary of State Deletes Tweet in Support of Hong Kong for Some Reason

9/16/2021 - The Ex-NSA Operative Cyber-Mercenary Scandal Shows the Spyware Industry Is Totally Out of Control

9/16/2021 - Guillermo del Toro's New Movie, Nightmare Alley, Finally Has a Trailer

9/16/2021 - NYCC and SDCC Set Their Sights on Returning to In-Person Cons

9/16/2021 - The FTC Wants to Rein in Your Health App's Privacy Problems

9/16/2021 - V/H/S/94's First Trailer Looks Like a Spooky Jump-Start of the Series

9/16/2021 - Former Employer of Memestock King 'RoaringKitty' Gets Hit With $4 Million Fine

9/16/2021 - Rare Absence of Summer Snow Is Killing Mount Shasta’s Glaciers

9/16/2021 - The Subscription-Less Version of Office 2021 Launches Oct. 5

9/16/2021 - Marvel's Eternals Star Lauren Ridloff Wants Movie Theaters to Be More Accessible for Everyone

9/16/2021 - Lobbying Groups' Climate Statements Versus Their Statements on Democrats’ Climate Bill

9/16/2021 - Lego and Star Wars Are Getting Into the Halloween Spirit Very Early

9/16/2021 - Feast Your Eyes on the 12 Winning Astronomy Photographer of the Year Images

9/16/2021 - Does Driving an Electric Vehicle Matter if the Grid Is Fossil Fueled?

9/16/2021 - Sounds Like Keanu Reeves' Stunt Double on The Matrix Had a Hell of a Time

9/16/2021 - We Found The Best Android 12 Features

9/16/2021 - On Star Trek: Lower Decks, Literal Dirty Work Isn't Quite Its Own Reward

9/16/2021 - The Pentagon Wants to Know if Employees Have 'Havana Syndrome'

9/16/2021 - A Wifi Network Can Be Used to Accurately Count How Many People Are in a Room Based on Their Fidgeting

9/16/2021 - Court Tells Bolsonaro He Can't Force Social Media Companies to Leave Up His Posts

9/16/2021 - Lady of the Manor Is Uneven, Despite Its Supernaturally Good Cast

9/16/2021 - Gorgeous Fossil Shows Ancient Bird With a Pair of Super-Sexy Tail Feathers

9/16/2021 - Uber Sued for Failing to Deactivate Mass Shooter Prior to Kalamazoo Rampage

9/16/2021 - Ebola Can Hide in Humans for Years Before Killing Again, New Research Finds

9/16/2021 - He-Man Is Finally for Kids Again

9/16/2021 - AMC: Pay In Whatever Cryptocurrency You Want, Just Please Please Come Back to the Movies

9/16/2021 - There's an Antarctica-Sized Hole in the Ozone Layer

9/16/2021 - How to Preorder the iPhone 13 (and Which One You Should Get)

9/16/2021 - SpaceX’s All-Civilian Inspiration4 Mission Is Now in Orbit: Here’s What Happens Next

9/16/2021 - Candyman's Nia DaCosta Opens Up About the Idea Behind Tony Todd's Cameo

9/16/2021 - You're About to See a New 5G Icon On Your T-Mobile iPhone

9/16/2021 - The Best iPhone 13 Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

9/16/2021 - Razer's Huntsman V2 Is One of the Quietest, Softest Mechanical Gaming Keyboards I've Ever Used

9/16/2021 - The Beginning of the End of Oil Is Here for Los Angeles County

9/16/2021 - Please Help Us Figure Out What the Hell This 'Cucks' Device for MAGA-Lovers Actually Is

9/16/2021 - Clever Screwdriver Turns the Force of a Hammer Blow Into Extra Torque to Dislodge Stuck Screws

9/16/2021 - Facebook Thinks Buzzfeed-Style Quizzes Will Solve Its Climate Misinformation Problem

9/16/2021 - Captain America's Anthony Mackie Will Star in a Twisted Metal TV Series

9/16/2021 - GoPro's New Hero10 Black Is a Smooth Beast With a Mean Streak

9/16/2021 - Inventor of 'The Game of Life' and Prop Designer for Star Trek Dies at 99

9/16/2021 - Cuba Becomes First Country to Vaccinate Young Kids Against Covid-19

9/15/2021 - TikTok Bans Videos on ‘Devious Licks’ of School Property, Which Apparently Refers to Stealing Things

9/15/2021 - Shudder Is Teaming Up With Horror Hostess Elvira for Some Seasonally Appropriate Programming

9/15/2021 - Insider NFT Trading Is a Thing Now

9/15/2021 - Leslie Odom Jr. and Cynthia Erivo Traverse a Time Travel Romance in Needle in a Timestack

9/15/2021 - App Annie Fined $10 Million in Case That Is the Future of Insider Trading

9/15/2021 - What If Tried to Make Black Panther's Killmonger Tony Stark's New Black Friend™

9/15/2021 - Lawmakers Ask Zuckerberg to Drop 'Instagram for Kids' After Report Says App Made Kids Suicidal

9/15/2021 - UK to Recommend Covid-19 Booster Doses for Older and High-Risk People

9/15/2021 - Venom 2 Has a Shocking Post-Credit Sequence, and Sony Wants You to Know It

9/15/2021 - ‘I Was Just in Shock’: Mass Bird Death Reported in New York City

9/15/2021 - 200,000-Year-Old Hand Art Found Near a Tibetan Hot Spring

9/15/2021 - Razer Made Thumb Condoms for Gamers

9/15/2021 - Doctor Who's Least Threatening Dalek Knockoff Returns in a New Lost Story

9/15/2021 - Microsoft Kicks Off Its Vision for a Password-Free Future

9/15/2021 - Utilities Would Like to Speak to the Manager About Your Tweets

9/15/2021 - Lego Masters Season 2 Winners Tell Us About the Builds, the Bricks, and Sweating Bullets

9/15/2021 - Mobile Suit Gundam Returns to TV With a New Anime Series

9/15/2021 - Why We Need Astronauts With Disabilities

9/15/2021 - Disney's Rebooting Flight of the Navigator With Bryce Dallas Howard at the Helm

9/15/2021 - Sequoia National Park Closes as Wildfires Threaten Some of the Largest Trees on Earth

9/15/2021 - Arizona Republicans Sue to Block Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, Claim It Discriminates in Favor of Immigrants

9/15/2021 - Gwendoline Christie Adds Tim Burton's Wednesday TV Series to Her Schedule

9/15/2021 - How to Watch SpaceX’s Inspiration4 Launch—the First All-Civilian Mission to Earth Orbit

9/15/2021 - The Best New Emoji Maybe Ever Just Got Approved (Along With 36 Others)

9/15/2021 - The New iPad Mini Makes Me Want a Pocketable Android Tablet, Not Another Folding Phone

9/15/2021 - Backpage Gets a Mistrial After Prosecution Goes Too Far

9/15/2021 - Tidings

9/15/2021 - HBO Is Leaving Amazon Prime Video

9/15/2021 - A Faux Prophet Scrambles to Con Her Way Out of Trouble in Kalyna the Soothsayer

9/15/2021 - Florida Man Used a Stolen Disney iPad With VIP App to Let Tour Group Skip the Long Lines, Police Say

9/15/2021 - 72% of Americans Know Someone Killed or Hospitalized by Covid-19, Pew Poll Finds

9/15/2021 - Fitbit Is Rolling Out a Snore and Noise Detection Feature for Its Smartwatches

9/15/2021 - Updates From Marvel's Eternals, Hellraiser, and More

9/15/2021 - The Xiaomi 11T Is Exactly the Kind of Phone We Need More of Right Now

9/15/2021 - New Star Wars Galaxy's Edge VR Is Here: Easter Eggs, Action, and the Force

9/15/2021 - 6 Totally Reasonable Phobias Sparked by Technology

9/15/2021 - Something Important Happening at 5:00 PM Today [Updated: It’s Nuclear-Powered Submarines]

9/15/2021 - North and South Korea Both Launch Ballistic Missile Tests Within Hours of Each Other

9/14/2021 - The Nintendo Switch Finally Adds Support for Bluetooth Headphones

9/14/2021 - DOJ: Former NSA Operatives Worked as Cyber-Mercenaries, Helping Hack U.S. Systems

9/14/2021 - A Venom vs. Spider-Man Showdown? Andy Serkis Says Don't Rush It

9/14/2021 - Open Channel: What Should Mike Flanagan's Next Haunting Adaptation Be?

9/14/2021 - You'll Be Able to Upgrade to iOS 15 On Sept. 20

9/14/2021 - Watch Rick and Morty's Live-Action Garage Being Built From the Ground Up

9/14/2021 - Nation's Top General Reportedly Held Secret Meeting to Cut Off Trump From Nukes

9/14/2021 - App Delivery Workers in NYC Are Underpaid, Mistreated, and Often Injured, New Report Finds

9/14/2021 - Anonymous Claims to Have Stolen Huge Trove of Data From Epik, the Right-Wing’s Favorite Web Host

9/14/2021 - Here's Everything Apple Announced During Its iPhone 13 Event

9/14/2021 - 4 Years Later, Bright Lives... as an Anime?

9/14/2021 - Facebook Profits From Showing Teens Unethical 'Abortion Reversal' Ads

9/14/2021 - Star Wars: Hunters Asks Who'd Win in a Fight, a Sith or 2 Jawas in a Trenchcoat

9/14/2021 - India's 'Black Tigers' Have Unusually Thick Stripes Thanks to a Genetic Mutation

9/14/2021 - More Murder Hornet Nests Found in Washington State

9/14/2021 - The Author of Chasing Ghosts Takes Us on a Tour of the Spirit World

9/14/2021 - What If... Marvel's Captain Carter Had Her Own Hot Toys Figure?

9/14/2021 - Sweeping Illinois Clean Energy Bill Also Bails Out Nuclear Power

9/14/2021 - This Is the iPhone 13 (and iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, and Mini)

9/14/2021 - Sion Sono's Prisoners of the Ghostland's Unique Blend of Genres Was Shaped By a Heart Attack

9/14/2021 - The iPad Mini Just Got a Very iPad Air Redesign

9/14/2021 - The Apple Watch Series 7 Is Here

9/14/2021 - Apple's Basic iPad Gets a Small Boost With a Better Camera

9/14/2021 - The Colorado River Can’t Be Divvied Up Without Indigenous People at the Table

9/14/2021 - A Star Wars: Visions Anime Primer

9/14/2021 - Feds Confirm LAPD Bomb Squad Caused Huge Explosion by Detonating Way Too Many Fireworks

9/14/2021 - Locke & Key's First Season 2 Trailer Unlocks New Doors and Teases More Magic

9/14/2021 - Paramount Bets Big on Streaming as Disney Goes All In on Theaters

9/14/2021 - Martian Colonists Could Use Their Own Blood to Produce Concrete, New Research Suggests

9/14/2021 - Razer’s Wolverine V2 Chroma Is a Super-Responsive Gamepad for Xbox and PC (And Yes, It Lights Up)

9/14/2021 - We're Liveblogging Apple's iPhone 13 Event Right Here

9/14/2021 - Austin Funeral Homes Regularly Pour Blood and Embalming Fluid Down the Drain

9/14/2021 - The Covid-19 Booster Plan Is Looking Really Messy

9/14/2021 - Strapping a Jet Engine To Your Head Is a Deafening Way to Stay Dry in the Rain

9/14/2021 - What If's Midseason Trailer May Point to Another Massive Marvel Crossover Event

9/14/2021 - The Kids Are Not Alright

9/14/2021 - Updates From Halloween Kills, Peacemaker, and More

9/14/2021 - A Vanished Supernova Will Reappear in 16 Years

9/14/2021 - The Sonos Beam 2 Is an Affordable Soundbar for the Dolby Atmos Era

9/14/2021 - LG's Extreme Home Cinema Brings the Whole Movie Theater to Your House

9/14/2021 - Here's How to Watch Apple's iPhone 13 Event—and What to Expect

9/14/2021 - How to Use Your iPhone As a Mobile Hotspot

9/14/2021 - Amazon's Palm Reader Launches at First Non-Amazon Venue in Sneak Peek of Our Biometric-Based Future

9/14/2021 - Canon's $6,000 EOS R3 Is Its 'Most Advanced' Full-Frame Mirrorless Cam Ever

9/13/2021 - Google Is Phasing Out the Android Auto App, but the Alternative Is Pretty Good

9/13/2021 - The Matrix Resurrections' Lana Wachowski Says Neo and Trinity Helped Her Grieve

9/13/2021 - Report: Facebook Has a VIP Program That Basically Allows Celebs to Avoid Moderation

9/13/2021 - Michael B. Jordan Adapting Charlie Jane Anders' Victories Greater Than Death Into an Amazon Series

9/13/2021 - Colin Farrell's Batman Villain Might Get His Own HBO Max Series

9/13/2021 - In Netflix's Latest Slasher Film, the Killer Is You

9/13/2021 - Go Update Your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch Right Now

9/13/2021 - 2021's Best Photos of the Microscopic World

9/13/2021 - Ethan Hawke Is Batman in the Animated Batwheels

9/13/2021 - Zoom Is Getting Ready for the Dystopian Hellscape of Working in the Metaverse

9/13/2021 - The ABCs of Big Oil: A Podcast Coming Soon From Earther and Drilled

9/13/2021 - Y: The Last Man Tries to Open Your Eyes by Tearing the World Apart

9/13/2021 - FEC Finds Twitter Blocking the Hunter Biden Story Wasn't an Illegal Campaign Donation

9/13/2021 - The Mandalorian Rocks the Creative Emmy Awards

9/13/2021 - Companies Tied to Fugitive Chinese Billionaire Behind Right-Wing Social Network Must Pay SEC $539 Million Settlement

9/13/2021 - Steve Wozniak Appears to Be Launching a Space Garbage Company

9/13/2021 - What to Know About SpaceX's Inspiration4, the First All-Civilian Mission to Orbit

9/13/2021 - She-Ra Makes the Leap to Amazon for a Live-Action TV Show

9/13/2021 - Samsung’s Giant New Tablet Is Too Good to Be True

9/13/2021 - YouTube Forces Popular Discord Music Bot to Shut Down

9/13/2021 - Star Wars' Old Republic Strikes Back in This Look Inside a New Anthology

9/13/2021 - Researchers Toilet-Trained Cows in Hopes of Reducing Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions

9/13/2021 - Litecoin Price Thrown Into Chaos After Hoax Announcement of Partnership with Walmart

9/13/2021 - SpaceX Will Launch Major Next-Gen Weather Satellite With $153 Million From NASA

9/13/2021 - Marvel's Hayley Atwell Will Voice Lara Croft in a Tomb Raider Anime Series

9/13/2021 - Google's New 'Push' Feature Could Bring App Handoffs Between Chromebooks and Android

9/13/2021 - Tropical Storm Nicholas Could Drop Nearly 2 Feet of Rain in Texas

9/13/2021 - Updates From The Boys, the Predator Prequel, and More

9/13/2021 - The Creators of That Spec’d-Out Game Boy Advance SP Will Soon Sell It as an Upgrade Kit

9/13/2021 - Hawkeye’s First Trailer Takes Aim With Marvel’s Kate and Clint in Action

9/13/2021 - How to Stream Your Windows or Mac Desktop to Your Chromebook

9/13/2021 - What's the Future of Air Travel?

9/13/2021 - 50 Countries With the Best Covid-19 Vaccination Rates in the World

9/13/2021 - Buy a Ticket to Gaze Upon a $69 Million NFT Artwork in Person, Even Though That's Dumb

9/12/2021 - The Walking Dead Revealed the Origin of Its Newest Homicidal Nitwits

9/12/2021 - If You Ever Wanted to Fill Your iPhone With Stuff, Rumor Has It the iPhone 13 Pros Will Have 1TB of Storage

9/12/2021 - The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and David Tennant

9/12/2021 - Iron Maiden's New Music Video Premiered on Adult Swim and Is, Appropriately, Metal as Hell

9/12/2021 - Salesforce Will Help Employees Worried About Abortion Access Exit Texas

9/11/2021 - Apple: Don’t Attach Your iPhone to Motorcycles, Mopeds, or Scooters if You Want the Camera to Last

9/11/2021 - Batman: Wayne Family Adventures, DC's First Webtoon, Is a Delight

9/11/2021 - 15 X-Files Guest Stars Who Helped Make the Show a Classic

9/11/2021 - In Ron's Gone Wrong, the Social Network Has Been Roboticized

9/11/2021 - Instagram Is Working on an Update That Will Allow You to See Your ‘Favorites’ First

9/10/2021 - Another Court Rules That Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Can Indeed Ban School Mask Mandates

9/10/2021 - Dragonlance's Creators Are Creating a New RPG World With D&D's Rules

9/10/2021 - The Lower Decks Mid-Season Trailer Promises So Much Star Trek Fun on the Horizon

9/10/2021 - 2021 Disney Movies Committed to Theaters as New Release Dates Reach Into 2024

9/10/2021 - Twitch Takes Its Trolls to Court

9/10/2021 - As Trial for Backpage's Founders Begins, Their Free Speech Defense Is Flailing

9/10/2021 - Google Reportedly Shortchanged Temps Around the Globe—Potentially Costing Them $100 Million in Wages

9/10/2021 - This Week's Toy News Is Starting Spooky Season Early

9/10/2021 - You May Have to Get a Covid-19 Vaccine to Fly

9/10/2021 - Perseverance Cored Two Martian Rocks That May Be Volcanic and Shaped by Water

9/10/2021 - I Did Not Care for Mystery Men Then, And Now I Hate It

9/10/2021 - Sonos Is Jacking Up Speaker Prices

9/10/2021 - After Hurricane Ida, the Map of Louisiana May Never Look the Same Again

9/10/2021 - A Rare, Flesh-Eating Infection Has Killed 8 People in Florida This Year

9/10/2021 - Hurricane Larry Thinks It's a Blizzard

9/10/2021 - Fun Hack Turns Tiger Handhelds Into the Portable Emulator Every '90s Kid Actually Wanted

9/10/2021 - George Miller's Furiosa Prequel Is Now Arriving in Theaters Summer 2024

9/10/2021 - Apple TV+ Is Not a Huge Failure, Actually

9/10/2021 - Escape Room 2 Has an Extended Cut That'll Change the Franchise [Updated]

9/10/2021 - 101 'Bored Ape' NFTs Sell for $24.4 Million

9/10/2021 - Lord of the Rings ‘Ultimate Collector’s Edition’ Isn’t That Ultimate: It’s Missing the Appendices

9/10/2021 - California’s Quest for Water Could Drive Up Carbon Emissions

9/10/2021 - Nose-Clearing Orgasms, Inverted Rhinos, and Other Winners of the 2021 Ig Nobel Prizes

9/10/2021 - Apple Music Will Use Shazam to Get Everyone Paid for DJ Mixes

9/10/2021 - Striking Bronze Age Coffin Found in Golf Course Pond

9/10/2021 - California Law Will No Longer Allow Companies to Slap the Recycling Symbol on Everything

9/10/2021 - 2021 Fall TV Preview: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Shows to Get Excited For

9/10/2021 - Apple's Stranglehold on In-App Purchases Smacked Down in Epic Court Decision

9/10/2021 - The Pandemic Has Made Lung Cancer Research More Difficult

9/10/2021 - Ida Showed the Fossil Fuel Industry Has Left Louisiana Defenseless

9/10/2021 - Aquaman: King of Atlantis' First Trailer Is a Sassy, Saccharine Trip Under the Ocean

9/10/2021 - Tesla Patented Laser Wipers to Blast Bird Poop Off of a Vehicle's Windshield

9/10/2021 - The Apple Watch Series 7 May Not Be Too Delayed After All

9/10/2021 - A Boy Captured for His Dreams Fights to Survive in Cherie Dimaline's Follow-Up to The Marrow Thieves

9/10/2021 - A Matrix Resurrections Star Confirms Who They're Really Playing

9/10/2021 - You Can Finally Share Dolby Vision Videos Filmed on iPhone 12

9/10/2021 - 6 Hacker Pioneers Who Turned the Early Internet on Its Head

9/10/2021 - Republican Governors Lose Their Shit Over Biden's Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate

9/10/2021 - Apple Fires Program Manager Who Accused Bosses of Harassment, Intimidation

9/9/2021 - Twitter Finally Embraces Bots

9/9/2021 - Wave Goodbye to Houseparty

9/9/2021 - Rosario Dawson Is the Latest Big Name to Join the New Haunted Mansion Movie

9/9/2021 - Google’s Plan to Replenish 120% of Its Water Use Doesn’t Quite Add Up

9/9/2021 - Halloween Kills Is Making Like Michael Myers and Coming Home

9/9/2021 - Prison Contractor That Charges Inmates Sky-High Phone Fees Proposes Virtual Reality Visitation

9/9/2021 - New Warrior's Showrunner Revealed His Squirrel Girl—And Why the Show Got Scrapped

9/9/2021 - Biden Lays Out Six-Step Plan for Keeping Covid-19 Under Control for Good

9/9/2021 - Twitter’s New Reactions Are Too Friendly for Twitter

9/9/2021 - Komodo Dragons Are Lurching Toward Extinction

9/9/2021 - Facebook's Smart Glasses Give People a Good Reason Not to Trust Your Ray-Bans

9/9/2021 - Hacker Lawyer Jay Leiderman Is Dead at 50

9/9/2021 - Insomniac's Next Spider-Man Game Will Bring Venom to the Party

9/9/2021 - After Spider-Man, Wolverine Will Star in Insomniac's Next Big Marvel Game

9/9/2021 - Spider-Man's Debut Is Officially the World's Most Expensive Comic

9/9/2021 - Tinder Introduces 'Completely New, Interactive Ways' to Swipe Right for Sex

9/9/2021 - California Advances Historic Bill Targeting Amazon's Punishing Warehouse Quotas

9/9/2021 - Nearly All the Unburned Coal Must Stay in the Ground to Avert Climate Catastrophe

9/9/2021 - A Cardboard Mario Kart Arcade Cabinet Is the Ultimate Nintendo Labo Project

9/9/2021 - What Astronomers Thought Pluto Looked Like Before They Saw It Up Close

9/9/2021 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Reforges Its Strongest Relationships, With Model Kits and Bubble Bath

9/9/2021 - The First Star Wars Balloon at the Macy's Parade Is Somehow a Funko Pop

9/9/2021 - Smoke Detector Triggers Alarm in Russian Segment of the International Space Station

9/9/2021 - Is Seafood a More Climate-Friendly Option Than Eating Meat?

9/9/2021 - This Backpack Turns Into an Airbag for Your Head

9/9/2021 - The Rats of NIMH Are Coming to Horrify a New Generation of Children

9/9/2021 - Brazil's Bolsonaro Signs Order Prohibiting Tech Firms From Deleting His Cancerous Posts

9/9/2021 - Summer 2021 Breaks Heat Record Set During the 1936 Dust Bowl

9/9/2021 - Toxic Algae Has Sent Hundreds of Americans to the ER Since 2017, CDC Study Finds

9/9/2021 - An Unbelievable Space Mystery Sets Up Sci-Fi Thriller Braking Day

9/9/2021 - Breaking Down The Matrix Resurrections' Head Trip of a First Trailer

9/9/2021 - Scientists Discover Oldest Cavities Ever in Mammals

9/9/2021 - New Xbox Controller Update Aims to Make Switching Between Devices More Seamless

9/9/2021 - Disney's New Haunted Mansion Movie May Have Found a Star

9/9/2021 - Sony's Cheaper Dolby Atmos Soundbar Is Made for Small Spaces

9/9/2021 - Facebook's Ray-Ban Glasses Leaked and They Look Awfully Familiar

9/9/2021 - Big Oil’s ‘Wokewashing’ Is the New Climate Science Denialism

9/9/2021 - Lego Reveals a Buildable Super Mario Block That's Full of Nintendo 64 Levels Instead of Power-Ups

9/9/2021 - The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Wants to Free Your Mind (Again)

9/9/2021 - Amazon Makes TVs Now

9/9/2021 - Bizarre 'Bone' Asteroid Is Even Weirder Than We Imagined

9/9/2021 - New Zealand Prime Minister Not Mad Just Disappointed in Covid-19 Patient Having Sex at Hospital

9/9/2021 - Hallelujah, the New Roomba Can Avoid Pet Poop

9/8/2021 - Star Trek: Picard's New Season 2 Trailer Goes Full Back to the Future

9/8/2021 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Beams Up Its New Crew

9/8/2021 - Star Trek: Discovery Doesn't Have a New Trailer But It Finally Has a Season 4 Premiere Date

9/8/2021 - Star Trek: Prodigy's New Trailer Asks 'What Do Kids Need With a Starship?'

9/8/2021 - Cybercriminal Gang Just Leaked 500,000 Fortinet VPN Users' Passwords

9/8/2021 - Motorola's Over-the-Air Wireless Charging Tech Might Be Cool, but Probably Won't Be Fast

9/8/2021 - Amazon Cares About Rules Now That It Thinks Elon Musk Is Breaking Them

9/8/2021 - The LAPD's Spy Tactics Detailed in Over 6,000 Pages of Newly Released Documents

9/8/2021 - India Is Trying to Contain Latest Outbreak of Deadly Nipah Virus After 12-Year-Old Dies

9/8/2021 - Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Wants to 'Live in the Spirit' of the Original Anime

9/8/2021 - Twitter’s New Communities Feature Gives Laser-Eyed Bitcoin Bros and Dog Lovers a Space to Talk Among Themselves

9/8/2021 - A Single Laser Fired Through a Keyhole Can Expose Everything Inside a Room

9/8/2021 - 2021 Fall Movie Preview: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Films to Look Out For

9/8/2021 - Netflix's Midnight Mass Invites You to Church in Its Sinister New Trailer

9/8/2021 - The Don't Look Up Trailer Is Full of Countless Stars and a Problematic Comet

9/8/2021 - Heat Pumps Could Be the Money-Saving, Job-Creating Climate Solution We Need

9/8/2021 - Giant, Half-Billion-Year-Old Predator Fossil Pulled Out of Canadian Rockies

9/8/2021 - House Republicans Say Democrats' Data Requests Are Illegal, and They Want a Piece of the Action

9/8/2021 - What If Made a Quantum Leap Into the Darkest Timeline

9/8/2021 - Please, Never Call Me Through Gmail

9/8/2021 - Americans Are Not Happy With the CDC's Communication Skills, Poll Finds

9/8/2021 - Last Night in Soho's Latest Trailer Reveals a Ghostly Time-Travel Murder Mystery

9/8/2021 - The World’s Biggest Plant to Suck Carbon Dioxide From the Sky Is Up and Running

9/8/2021 - Adorable, Highly Inbred Land Parrots Are Somehow Genetically Thriving

9/8/2021 - Larry Elder’s Claimed California Needs More Logging to Stop Wildfires

9/8/2021 - The Amazon Panopticon Comes for Whole Foods

9/8/2021 - The Official Alien Cookbook Is Here to Sci-Fi Up Your Next Culinary Adventure

9/8/2021 - Whoop's Weird Recovery Tracker Is Getting Smarter and More 'Wearable'

9/8/2021 - Mysterious Stone Balls Found in Deteriorating Scottish Tomb

9/8/2021 - The Brief Story Behind Doctor Strange Calling Iron Man a Douchebag

9/8/2021 - DJI Turned Its Smartphone Stabilizer Into a Steady Telescoping Selfie Stick

9/8/2021 - Self-Driving Cars? Naw, Sign Me up for a Future Where We All Ride Intelligent Robotic Unicorns

9/8/2021 - Updates From Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Dune, and More

9/8/2021 - Cyberattack Halts Lessons at Howard University

9/8/2021 - Salvadorans Protest Against Government's Bitcoin Gamble as Official Wallet Suffers Glitches

9/8/2021 - Facebook Users Liable for All Comments Under Their Posts, According to Australia High Court

9/8/2021 - Lenovo's Fall Lineup Includes Ryzen Windows 11 Laptops

9/7/2021 - Sci-Fi Short Down To Earth Feels Like an Australian Stranger Things

9/7/2021 - 'You Bloody Fool,' Says First Talking Duck Known to Science

9/7/2021 - Steve From Blue's Clues Is Sorry for Ghosting You

9/7/2021 - LG Shows Off Foldable Plastic Display That Promises to Be as Hard as Glass

9/7/2021 - The Live-Action Rick and Morty Director Told Christopher Lloyd to Get 'Unhinged'

9/7/2021 - I'm Lovin' IT

9/7/2021 - Experts Call for More Regulation of E-Cigarettes Ahead of Major FDA Decision

9/7/2021 - Amazon Invests in the Amazon Rainforest Instead of Just Paying Its Damn Taxes

9/7/2021 - How to Mass Delete Emails to Free Up Gmail Storage

9/7/2021 - Surrounding Shang-Chi With Powerful Women Was Vital to the Story

9/7/2021 - The Right's Favorite Web Refuge Has Also Booted Texas's Abortion Snitching Website

9/7/2021 - First-Ever Spill of 'Frankenstein Fuels' Occurred Last Year, Researchers Find

9/7/2021 - Hulu Is Raising Its Prices Again

9/7/2021 - Everything We've Seen in The Matrix: Resurrections' 180,000 Teasers (So Far)

9/7/2021 - Rare Sighting of Angel Shark Raises Hope for the Critically Endangered Species

9/7/2021 - Martyrs Lane Is a Dark Fairy Tale Exploring the Horrors of Grief

9/7/2021 - Galaxy Note 9 Will No Longer Get Monthly Software Updates Just as AT&T Is Giving It Out for Free

9/7/2021 - Pinball Machines Are Getting a Huge Upgrade to Convince Players to Come Back to Arcades

9/7/2021 - Scientists Figure Out How Nematodes Can Share Memories of Danger

9/7/2021 - WhatsApp Moderators Can Read Your Messages

9/7/2021 - Shang-Chi's Record Debut Shows a Pandemic Won't Stop People Showing Up for Marvel

9/7/2021 - Singapore Police to Deploy Snitch Bots That Search for 'Undesirable Social Behaviors'

9/7/2021 - Warning, This Sci-Fi Trailer Will Leave You Endlessly Curious

9/7/2021 - Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico After Ida Linked to Abandoned Pipeline

9/7/2021 - Mike Mignola's Next Fantasy Adventure Journeys Into a Beloved Classic

9/7/2021 - The Reason Right-Wing States Are Cracking Down on Indigenous Climate Protesters

9/7/2021 - It's Official: Apple's iPhone 13 Event Is Sept. 14

9/7/2021 - You're Watching More TikTok Than YouTube, Which Is Why Every App Is Trying to Be TikTok

9/7/2021 - Matrix Resurrections' First Look Is Here, But You'll Have to Work for It

9/7/2021 - Colorized Footage of Tasmanian Tiger Brings an Extinct Species Back to Life

9/7/2021 - Hospital Can't Be Forced to Treat Covid-19 Patient With Ivermectin, Ohio Judge Rules

9/7/2021 - A New MagSafe Charger May Debut With the iPhone 13

9/7/2021 - This Obscene Motorhome Includes a Slide Out Garage for a $3 Million Bugatti Chiron

9/7/2021 - Lego's Star Wars Halloween Special Scares Up Its First Trailer

9/7/2021 - New Looks at Dune, Stargirl, Archer, and More

9/7/2021 - Man in Vietnam Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Spreading Covid-19

9/7/2021 - El Salvador Buys 400 Bitcoin as Crypto Officially Becomes Currency on Tuesday

9/7/2021 - The Perseverance Rover Finally Got Its First Martian Rock Sample, For Real This Time

9/6/2021 - A New Rumor Says Apple Has No Immediate Plans to Create a Satellite iPhone

9/6/2021 - I Have Some Concerns About Captain Picard's Replicator

9/6/2021 - 17 Bloody Great Horror Movie Part 2s

9/6/2021 - Venom: Let There Be Carnage's Release Date is Moving... Forward?

9/6/2021 - House of Leaves Just Blew Us Away, Again

9/6/2021 - There's Even More Live-Action Rick and Morty, and Oh No They Brought Pickles

9/6/2021 - Shang-Chi's Director on Making a Marvel Movie With Asian Americans in Mind

9/6/2021 - Aquaman 2's New Suit Is Stealthy and Laden With Abs

9/6/2021 - Google's Newest Nest Cam Is a Solid Security Camera If You're All In With Google

9/6/2021 - Madagascar Is Suffering Through Catastrophic Famine

9/6/2021 - How to Lock Down Your iPhone App Permissions

9/6/2021 - When Will There Be a New Solar Superstorm?

9/5/2021 - Guys, I Think The Walking Dead Might Be Losing It

9/5/2021 - Blade Director Bassam Tariq Says the New Film Won't Be Boxed in By Marvel's Comics Canon

9/5/2021 - DC's Injustice Movie Finds the Voice Actors Among Us

9/5/2021 - Judge Says an AI Can’t Be an Inventor on a Patent Because It’s Not a Person

9/4/2021 - Marvel's Midnight Suns Game Looks Like an Avengers Roommate Simulator

9/4/2021 - A Very Important Walking Dead Star Is Heading to World Beyond

9/4/2021 - A Woman's IUD Left Inside for 20 Years Was Covered by Bacteria That Caused Serious Infection

9/4/2021 - Revisiting the Weird Legacy of Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

9/3/2021 - Texas Heartbeat Act Opens the Door for a Flood of Data Requests Targeting Abortion Providers

9/3/2021 - New Lord of the Rings Stamps Will Get Your Mail to Mordor

9/3/2021 - The Young Duke Leto Prepares for Intrigue in Dune: House Atreides

9/3/2021 - The 15 Best iOS 15 Features to Try First

9/3/2021 - Yes, I Actually Do Want a Creepy Dyson Robot Vacuum That Can Climb Stairs

9/3/2021 - Astrophysicists Suggest New Place Where Planet Nine Could Be Hiding

9/3/2021 - Grogu Goes Samurai, and More of the Best Toy News of the Week

9/3/2021 - GoDaddy Is Giving Texas Abortion Snitching Site the Boot

9/3/2021 - Firefly Aerospace Rocket Explodes During Inaugural Test Launch

9/3/2021 - Let's Talk About Those Shang-Chi Post-Credit Scenes

9/3/2021 - Dive Team to Investigate Wreck of Sunken Nazi Steamer

9/3/2021 - Apple Accused of Retaliation After Workers Spoke Out on Pay, Harassment

9/3/2021 - 13 of What We Do in the Shadows' Most Hilarious Season 2 Moments

9/3/2021 - Ida Leaves Project Veritas's New York Office in Shambles

9/3/2021 - Playbyte Is Like TikTok for Wasting Your Life Playing Amateur Games

9/3/2021 - Dune's Denis Villeneuve Breaks Down His Big Plans for the Sequel and Beyond

9/3/2021 - Here's How Your State Ranks on 5G

9/3/2021 - This Is a Real Weird Time to Start a Game of Thrones Con, But...

9/3/2021 - FBI Report Warned Boogaloo Bois Are Buying Amazon Ring Cams in Case They Need to Ambush Agents

9/3/2021 - Blood Donor Study Estimates Over 80% of American Adults Now Have Coronavirus Antibodies

9/3/2021 - Dune Is the Jaw-Dropping Sci-Fi Epic You've Been Waiting For

9/3/2021 - Indigenous Communities Feel Like a ‘Sacrifice Zone’ in the Wake of Ida’s Destruction

9/3/2021 - Some of the New Avatar Projects Will Be CG, You Gotta Deal With It

9/3/2021 - Netherlands Officials Tell Shell to Stop Its Ads Greenwashing ‘Carbon Neutral' Fuel

9/3/2021 - Billionaire Grounded

9/3/2021 - Rick and Morty…This Is Heavy

9/3/2021 - ‘Nowhere Is Perfectly Safe’: A Coastal Expert on What Comes After Ida

9/3/2021 - Bumble and Match Have Created a Relief Fund to Help Cover Abortion Costs in Texas

9/3/2021 - Amazon Is Reportedly Making Its Own TVs Because of Course It Is

9/3/2021 - Candyman's Queer Couple Was Haunted by the White Gaze

9/3/2021 - Rare, Early Version of the King Arthur Legend Translated by Researchers

9/3/2021 - Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Has Found Itself a Major Villain

9/3/2021 - Apple Hits Pause on Controversial CSAM Detection Feature

9/3/2021 - Help Identify This Delivery Rider From Wednesday’s Viral Video to Get Them $1,700

9/3/2021 - North Korea Rejects 3 Million Doses of China's Covid-19 Vaccine

9/2/2021 - Elon Musk Backs Texas Abortion Ban, Claims Governor, to No Objection

9/2/2021 - This Normal-Looking Lightning Cable Actually Steals All of Your Data

9/2/2021 - Netflix's Kid-Friendly He-Man Discovers the Power of Grayskull

9/2/2021 - No One Wants a Smartwatch With Two Cameras

9/2/2021 - The Human Mind Becomes a Weapon of War in Robert Jackson Bennett's Locklands

9/2/2021 - China’s Concept for a Martian Helicopter Seems Awfully Familiar

9/2/2021 - Surprise! Apple's AR/VR Headset Will Work Just Like All the Other Ones

9/2/2021 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'Fanspell: Flowers in Spring (RobYung, NSFW)' by Anya Ow

9/2/2021 - Mars Rover Perseverance Appears to Have Grabbed Its First Rock Sample

9/2/2021 - Reminder: Cheap Android Tablets Come With a Bloatware Tax

9/2/2021 - Satellite Photos Reveal Extent of Power Outages Across Hurricane-Stricken New Orleans

9/2/2021 - The New Star Wars Galaxy's Edge VR Lets You Play as IG-88

9/2/2021 - Gab to Congress: You’re Gonna Need a Warrant for That or You Know, Talk to DOJ or Something

9/2/2021 - Twitter Has Some Big Privacy Changes It Would Like to Test on You

9/2/2021 - Richard Branson’s Trip to Space Didn't Go as Planned

9/2/2021 - Top EU Court Tells Cell Providers Breaking Net Neutrality Rules to Go Screw Themselves

9/2/2021 - On Lower Decks, Star Trek's Best Expectations Aren't Always What They Seem

9/2/2021 - Why the New York Subway Keeps Flooding—and What to Do About It

9/2/2021 - Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched Is the Only Folk Horror Documentary You Ever Need to See

9/2/2021 - New York Amazon Employees Had to Work During Deadly Floods

9/2/2021 - Guillermo del Toro's Netflix Horror Anthology Series Is Overflowing With Talent

9/2/2021 - Amazon Reportedly Wants People to Know It's a Weed-Friendly Workplace

9/2/2021 - Ted Lasso Actor Brett Goldstein Bravely Breaks Silence: "I Am a Human Man"

9/2/2021 - Vaccines Cut Odds of Long Covid by Half, Study Suggests

9/2/2021 - Moonfall Looks Like Roland Emmerich's Loudest, Dumbest Disaster Movie Yet

9/2/2021 - How Can You Overcome Climate Dread?

9/2/2021 - Locast Shuts Down Free Online Access to TV Following Copyright Battle

9/2/2021 - The Wheel of Time's First Trailer Brings Robert Jordan's Fantasy World to Life

9/2/2021 - Tension Builds Between Sisters in This Clip From the Ghostly Martyrs Lane

9/2/2021 - Apple Will Tweak App Store Rules for Apps Like Spotify, Netflix

9/2/2021 - A Wild, New Pokémon Anime Is About to Appear

9/2/2021 - Daredevil's Charlie Cox Wants to Debunk Spider-Man: No Way Home's Weirdest Rumor

9/2/2021 - Masks Work, Major Study Finds

9/2/2021 - New York Grinds to a Halt as Record Rain Floods City, Kills At Least 9

9/2/2021 - This Is the Best iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery

9/2/2021 - Joe Rogan Says He Tested Positive for Covid-19, Claims He's Taking Ivermectin

9/1/2021 - The FTC Has Banned a Stalkerware Firm and Its CEO, Signaling a Crackdown on the Industry

9/1/2021 - Oh No, It's Happening Again

9/1/2021 - Billionaire OxyContin Pushers Granted Immunity; Half a Million People Still Dead

9/1/2021 - Creepshow Season 3 Has a Trailer, and It Looks Like a Scream

9/1/2021 - The Feds Want to Know What the McFuck Is Going On With the McFlurry Machines

9/1/2021 - Director Nia DaCosta Says Landing Captain Marvel 2 Didn't Magically Erase Her Student Loan Debt

9/1/2021 - Sweetgreen CEO Says We Need Salads More Than a Vaccine Mandate

9/1/2021 - 'Re-Energized' Ida Wreaks Widespread Havoc Across the East Coast

9/1/2021 - Cartoon Network's New 'Acme Night' Will Be Packed With DC Heroes, Gremlins, and More

9/1/2021 - NASA Flight Tests of Futuristic ‘Air Taxi’ Are Finally Underway

9/1/2021 - Watch 2 Terminators Transform in Front of Your Eyes

9/1/2021 - Google Confirms New Nest Doorbell Cam Gets Too Hot to Record All the Time

9/1/2021 - Here’s How You Can Help Shut Down the Vile Website for Snitching on People Who Get Abortions in Texas

9/1/2021 - NYC Considers Surveillance Law That Would Fine Drivers With Loud Cars

9/1/2021 - Disney Writers Seeking Royalties Throw Their Support Behind Scarlett Johansson

9/1/2021 - Traces of Beer Discovered in 9,000-Year-Old Chinese Pots

9/1/2021 - Salman Rushdie Joins Substack’s Stable of Cancelled Writers

9/1/2021 - A New York City-Sized Oil Spill Is Contaminating the Mediterranean Sea

9/1/2021 - The Apple Watch May Get Blood Pressure and Fertility Features, but Not Anytime Soon

9/1/2021 - September Is Here, and So Are 63 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

9/1/2021 - What If Killed an Entire Universe by Breaking One Man's Heart

9/1/2021 - Doom Patrol’s Season 3 Trailer: Michelle Gomez, Time Travel, and a Smorgasbord of DC Villains

9/1/2021 - Here Are the First 8 States Getting ID Support in Apple Wallet

9/1/2021 - New ‘Adaptive Volume’ Feature Will Let Alexa Scream to Be Heard

9/1/2021 - Missions to Mars Shouldn’t Exceed Four Years Due to Radiation Risks, Scientists Say

9/1/2021 - How Do We Know Cows Are So Bad for the Climate?

9/1/2021 - Microsoft Will Take the Wraps Off Windows 11 Hardware On Sept. 22

9/1/2021 - Dogs Can Tell When You're Keeping Snacks From Them on Purpose, Study Suggests

9/1/2021 - Furiosa's Anya Taylor-Joy Snagged the Role Thanks to Edgar Wright and a Classic '70s Movie

9/1/2021 - Shocking Aerial Images Show Extent of Ida’s Damage in Louisiana

9/1/2021 - Reddit Forums Are Going Dark to Protest the Platform's Antivax Tolerance (Update: The Bans Have Begun)

9/1/2021 - Google Is Reportedly Building Its Own ARM-Based Chips for Chromebooks

9/1/2021 - GOP Minority Leader Vows Revenge Against Tech Firms That Comply With Jan. 6 Phone Record Requests

9/1/2021 - Come Little Children, This Hocus Pocus Inspired Cookbook Has Wonderfully Witchy Treats

9/1/2021 - This Fleet of Robot Workers Can Lift Heavy Boxes but Still Can’t Write a Blog

9/1/2021 - Coinbase Accidentally Scared 125,000 Users Into Thinking Their Accounts Had Been Hacked

9/1/2021 - DoorDash Settlement Would Pay a Paltry $130 to Workers Instead of Making Them Employees

9/1/2021 - Microscopic Tardigrades Walk Like Animals 500,000 Times Their Size

9/1/2021 - The Next Paranormal Activity Movie Could Be on the Way Very Soon

9/1/2021 - I Miss the Sega Dreamcast My Brother and I Put on Layaway but Never Got (Because He Stole the Money)

9/1/2021 - Sony's Bravia XR OLED Is the Best-Looking TV I've Ever Seen

9/1/2021 - Bonnaroo Music Festival Cancelled Due to Flooding From Ida

9/1/2021 - Woman Arrested Trying to Enter Hawaii With 'Maderna' Covid-19 Vaccine Card

9/1/2021 - Philips Hue Wants to Put a Smart Light in Every Room in Your House