4/30/2022 - Sam Raimi on How Doctor Strange 2's Many Delays Made the Film Better

4/30/2022 - It's Time for Pop Culture Month: March and April 2022 Edition

4/30/2022 - Netflix Cancels Space Force After 2 Seasons

4/30/2022 - Well Damn, Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman are Canceled

4/30/2022 - Texas Plans to Punish Companies That Move Away From Fossil Fuels

4/29/2022 - This Week's Toys Are Full of Stars, Robots, and Giant Dinosaurs

4/29/2022 - The Latest News From Disney Parks, Universal Studios Resorts, and More Fan-tastical Destinations

4/29/2022 - Comics Creators Come Together to Remember Neal Adams

4/29/2022 - One of Coachella's Stage Sets Had a Very Cool Avatar Connection

4/29/2022 - Europe Starts Its Own Social Networks

4/29/2022 - Oil Companies Report Huge Profits Amid Sky-High Gas Prices

4/29/2022 - Airbnb Will Stop Giving Refunds for Covid-19

4/29/2022 - Jon Watts Has Exited the Fantastic Four Movie

4/29/2022 - Russians Reportedly Turn to Old Soviet-Era Tactics to Watch Western Movies

4/29/2022 - GeForce Now Adds Native Mac Support, Promises a Better Gaming Experience

4/29/2022 - Who Is Sabotaging France's Fiber Optic Cables?

4/29/2022 - 5 Things I Learned While Hosting a Guillermo del Toro Monster Film Series

4/29/2022 - Musk Goes Bird Hunting

4/29/2022 - Sony Blocks PS Plus Loophole, Puts Hold on Subscription Stacking

4/29/2022 - Marjorie Taylor Greene Has a Half-Assed Plan to Abolish Section 230

4/29/2022 - Spoilers of the Week April 25-29

4/29/2022 - I Need a Detachable Tablet or Laptop For Music Production! What Gadget Should I Buy?

4/29/2022 - Russia Is Using Military Dolphins to Protect Its Naval Base

4/29/2022 - A Washington Man Was Likely Killed by Botulism From Food He Canned at Home

4/29/2022 - Neal Adams, Comic Book Legend, Dead at 80

4/29/2022 - Microsoft Finally On Path to Allow Self-Repair of Products

4/29/2022 - Snap's CEO Finally Calls The Metaverse What It Is

4/29/2022 - Fed-Up Puerto Rican Businesses Sue Power Company After Yet Another Blackout

4/29/2022 - Excellent Liar Andrew Garfield Denies His Spider-Butt Was Fake

4/29/2022 - A Fully Aligned Webb Space Telescope Sees a Field of Stars

4/29/2022 - Canada Now Willing to Punish Crimes Committed on the Moon

4/29/2022 - Undone Season 2 Undertakes a Deeply Emotional (But Still Trippy as Hell) Journey

4/29/2022 - Strange New Worlds' Opening Titles Are a Star Trek Nostalgia Assault

4/29/2022 - Your Smartphone's Selfie Cam Can See a Lot by Capturing Reflections in Your Pupils

4/29/2022 - Looking to Slim Down, Noom Lays Off Nearly 500 Wellness Coach Staff

4/29/2022 - 27 Superhero RPGs That Kick Ass And Take Names

4/29/2022 - Tesla Issues New Model 3 Recalls in Both the U.S. and China

4/29/2022 - Asus' Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition Shoots For the Stars, and Comes Agonizingly Close

4/29/2022 - How To Find Out Where an Image Came From Using Online Tools

4/29/2022 - Musk’s Brilliant Idea to ‘Unlock’ Twitter’s Potential: Charge for Embedded Tweets

4/29/2022 - This Bacteria Forces You to Make Snot, Then Eats It

4/29/2022 - Sam Raimi Still Has Hopes He Could Return to Spider-Man

4/29/2022 - Impressively Strong Robot Just Shattered a World Record by Jumping Over 100 Feet in the Air

4/29/2022 - Star Trek Release Dates: When to Expect All the New and Returning Shows

4/29/2022 - Asus' ROG Flow Z13 is a Magnificent Gaming Tablet That You Shouldn't Buy

4/28/2022 - How About Some Transformers, Dungeons & Dragons, and Mission Impossible 7 Updates?

4/28/2022 - Boba Fett Lords Over Times Square

4/28/2022 - The Quick and Easy Guide to Watching Robotech

4/28/2022 - 16 States Are Suing the US Postal Service

4/28/2022 - 10 Science-Fantasy Books for You Funky Space Sorcerers

4/28/2022 - Meta Found Snooping on Student Aid Applicants

4/28/2022 - New Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Footage Teases Some Major Cameos

4/28/2022 - The Highs and Lows of Amazon's Q1 Earnings Report

4/28/2022 - We'll Likely Deal With More Pandemics as Earth Heats Up

4/28/2022 - Layoffs Begin at Netflix

4/28/2022 - Space Startup Aims to Build Space Hotel With Artificial Gravity by 2025

4/28/2022 - Watch Boba Fett Lord It Over His New Criminal Empire: Times Square

4/28/2022 - io9 Exclusive BTS Turning Red’s Mei Panda Details

4/28/2022 - Feds Anticipate Banning Menthol Cigarette and Flavored Cigar Sales by 2024

4/28/2022 - 7 Life Lessons We've Learned From Made for Love Season 2 (So Far)

4/28/2022 - China's Version of Twitter Plans to Clean Up Platform by Showing Users' Location

4/28/2022 - Surprisingly Gov. DeSantis Does Some Environmental Good

4/28/2022 - The Nothing Launcher Beta Is Nothing to Write Home About

4/28/2022 - Snap Created a Flying Version of Spectacles

4/28/2022 - Fossils of Giant Dolphin-Like Marine Reptiles Found in Swiss Alps

4/28/2022 - In This Turning Red Exclusive Clip, Watch How Mei's Panda Form Was Brought to Life

4/28/2022 - The Next 'Great Dying' Is Coming for Your Seafood

4/28/2022 - A Bump-Covered Screen Protector Can Surprisingly Make Touchscreens React Faster to Swipes

4/28/2022 - Become an STI Expert With Our Handy Germ Guide

4/28/2022 - Star Trek: Picard's Battle of the Borg Is a Battle for Everyone's Soul

4/28/2022 - Google Now Lets You Block 'Sensitive' Ads on Pregnancy, Weight Loss and Dating

4/28/2022 - Young Kids Could Soon Get First Covid Shots as Moderna Asks for FDA Clearance

4/28/2022 - 14 of the Coolest Earth Photos NASA Earth Observatory Featured This Month

4/28/2022 - I Just Figured Out the Solution to Obi-Wan Kenobi's Biggest Continuity Problem

4/28/2022 - Russian Linked Attackers Barraged Ukrainian Networks With Hundreds of Attacks: Report

4/28/2022 - Following Tornado Tragedy, Amazon Employees Can Now Keep Cell Phones at Work

4/28/2022 - A 'Perfect Storm' Could Make Measles a Nightmare in 2022, WHO and UNICEF Warn

4/28/2022 - All the Coolest Sci-Fi Footage Revealed By Universal Studios at CinemaCon

4/28/2022 - NASA's Mars Helicopter Spots Wreckage From Perseverance Landing

4/28/2022 - 60 Governments Pledge to Keep an Open Internet, but the Usual Suspects Aren't on It

4/28/2022 - This Two-Inch Diamond Disc Could Hold a Staggering Billion Blu-Ray's Worth of Data

4/28/2022 - Astronomers Spot Some Familiar-Looking Comets Around a Distant Star

4/28/2022 - HBO Max's Dune Prequel Has Found a Director

4/28/2022 - Millions of Covid-19 Vaccine Shots Going to Waste in U.S. as Vaccination Program Fizzles: Report

4/28/2022 - Dell's XPS 13 Plus is Now Available, Uses Haptic Touchpad and Capacitive Function Buttons

4/27/2022 - Lawns to Go Dry: Historic Water Restrictions Come to Los Angeles

4/27/2022 - Danny Elfman's Coachella Set Was a Cinematic, Dazzlingly Bonkers Experience

4/27/2022 - Who's Who in Star Wars' Imperial Inquisition

4/27/2022 - Robinhood App Lays Off 9% of Staff

4/27/2022 - Harley Quinn Spin-Off Noonan's Will Give DC's Kite Man His Own HBO Max Series

4/27/2022 - 10 Retro Treasures From a 50-Year-Old Lego Toy Catalog

4/27/2022 - Minneapolis Cops Used Fake Accounts to Spy on Innocent Black People

4/27/2022 - The Avatar 2 Trailer Is Out Next Week, and Here's What's in It

4/27/2022 - Elon’s Already Daring Twitter to Break Off the Deal

4/27/2022 - Doctor Strange 2's Opening Moments Wowed Us at CinemaCon 2022

4/27/2022 - Comcast Partners With Charter (Spectrum) To Take on Streaming

4/27/2022 - VR Researchers Have Basically Figured Out How to Simulate the Feel of Kisses

4/27/2022 - The Walking Dead's Carol and Daryl Spinoff Just Lost Carol

4/27/2022 - Central African Republic Becomes Second Country to Accept Bitcoin as Legal Tender

4/27/2022 - Fauci Declares 'Pandemic Phase' Over in U.S.—Hopefully the Virus Is Listening

4/27/2022 - Overly-Dramatic Air Monitor Uses an Animated Canary That Passes Out When Air Quality Worsens

4/27/2022 - Tales of the Jedi, Whatever It Is, Is Star Wars' Next Animated Adventure

4/27/2022 - This Tiny Self-Powered Camera Crane Fits In a Backpack

4/27/2022 - Twitch Reportedly Considering Cutting Streamer Pay to Boost Its Own Profits

4/27/2022 - Twitter is Looking into Fluctuations in Follower Count Following Musk's Takeover

4/27/2022 - Here's What's Inside Apple's Hefty DIY iPhone Repair Kit Rentals

4/27/2022 - Here's How Martian Explorers Could Best Produce Electricity on the Red Planet

4/27/2022 - Against All Odds, the Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers Movie Has Gotten More Bananas

4/27/2022 - Fort Worth Becomes First U.S. City to Mine Bitcoin in Texas Crypto Boom

4/27/2022 - From Butcher Bots to Robo Burger Flippers: 6 Ways the Food Industry's Turning to Tech in 2022

4/27/2022 - Dairy Giant Decries Vegan 'Cancel Culture,' Says Gen Z Is 'Ashamed to Order Dairy in Public'

4/27/2022 - Apple's DIY Repair Program is Here, But it Comes With a Catch

4/27/2022 - The Penultimate Episode of Moon Knight Challenges Everything That Came Before

4/27/2022 - So Much for 'Delete Spotify'

4/27/2022 - Everything The Flash, Black Adam, Aquaman 2, and Shazam 2 Showed Off in New CinemaCon Footage

4/27/2022 - Our First Look at Margot Robbie's Barbie Is Here

4/27/2022 - Taking from the Rich, Kicking to the Curb: Robinhood App Lays off 9% of Staff

4/27/2022 - Twitter Admits It Hid Tweets About HBO's QAnon Docuseries [Updated]

4/27/2022 - Drone Maker DJI Stops Sales in Russia to Keep Drones Out of Combat in Ukraine

4/27/2022 - 14 Former Government Regulators Who Are Now Shilling Crypto

4/27/2022 - Widespread 'Forever Chemicals' Might Be Hurting Our Livers, Study Finds

4/26/2022 - The Batman Is Getting a Sequel

4/26/2022 - Studio Ghibli's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Kabuki Adaptation Returns This Summer

4/26/2022 - Say Goodbye to Incandescent Light Bulbs

4/26/2022 - Body-Horror Film Hatching Is a Startling Coming-of-Rage Tale

4/26/2022 - Report: Hackers Have Been Sexually Extorting Kids With Data Stolen From Tech Giants

4/26/2022 - Want to Order Food From a Minimally-Paid Call Center Employee from Central America? Visit a Freshii in Canada

4/26/2022 - Group Sues White House Over Oil & Gas Report That Didn't Mention Climate Change

4/26/2022 - Why Emerging Tech's Partly to Blame for a Record $2.1 Trillion Military Spending Last Year

4/26/2022 - 11 Movies and TV Series to Get You Drunk

4/26/2022 - This Is What's Being Done to Combat Future Drone Threats

4/26/2022 - Roku Partners With Lionsgate to Bring Movies To Ad-Supported Roku Channel

4/26/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Spotlights Gauntlet Publishing, New Releases, and More

4/26/2022 - Heat Pump Heads Rejoice: Washington State Now Requires the More Efficient Systems

4/26/2022 - You Can Finally Buy This $390 Rotary Cell Phone DIY Kit

4/26/2022 - The Large Hadron Collider Rebooted and Immediately Broke a World Record

4/26/2022 - Final Fantasy Characters I Would Much Rather Buy an $11,000 Statue of Than Terra

4/26/2022 - The Robotech Movie Nabs Hawkeye Director, May Actually Happen

4/26/2022 - Let’s See What the Politicians Think of Elon’s Twitter Takeover

4/26/2022 - This New RGB Gaming Standing Desk is My Dream Remote Work Purchase

4/26/2022 - India Swelters Under Heatwave, With Temperatures Set to Hit 118 Degrees

4/26/2022 - Russia Fines Meta for Spreading 'LGBT Propaganda' After Banning Facebook and Instagram

4/26/2022 - Cover Your Wall in MIT's New Paper Thin Speakers to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Noise Cancelling Oasis

4/26/2022 - The First Public Android 13 Beta Is Here

4/26/2022 - New Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Teaser Confirms Those Darned Illuminati

4/26/2022 - Take a Look at a Time Twisting Slice of Under Fortunate Stars

4/26/2022 - What Is Planet Nine and Why Can’t We Find It?

4/26/2022 - Now You Can Check How an Android App is Using Your Information

4/26/2022 - Uber Misleads Riders Down Under

4/26/2022 - Watch SpaceX Launch NASA's Crew-4 to the International Space Station

4/26/2022 - Asus' Hot Dog Bun-Shaped Portable Monitor Might Look Awkward, But it Could Be a Useful Tool for Creatives

4/26/2022 - Digital RPG Chrome Rides the Bleeding Edge of Cyber-Noir Gameplay

4/26/2022 - No, Musk Buying Twitter Did Not Reinstate Tucker Carlson’s Account

4/26/2022 - E Ink's New High-Resolution Color E-Paper Might Usher in an Era of Foldable E-Readers

4/26/2022 - Biden's Latest Oil & Gas Drilling 'Compromise' Is a Head-Scratcher

4/26/2022 - Sennheiser's Latest Earbuds Include a Hearing Test to Easily Personalize Their Sound

4/26/2022 - Sony's Next Spider-Man Universe Movie Is... El Muerto?

4/26/2022 - Reddit Launches $1 Million Program to Bring Subreddits' Ideas to Life

4/26/2022 - Samsung T7 Shield Portable SSD Can Survive Drops of Almost 10 Feet

4/26/2022 - The Super Mario Movie Gets Hit With a Hefty Delay

4/26/2022 - 5 Crucial Checks to Make Before Selling Your Old Phone

4/26/2022 - Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Thinks It's Great Elon Musk Is Buying the Company

4/26/2022 - We've Seen 15 Minutes of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

4/25/2022 - Trump: "I Am Not Going on Twitter, I Am Going to Stay on TRUTH."

4/25/2022 - Festival Grogu Was an Icon at Coachella 2022

4/25/2022 - The Batman Is the Better With (the) Adam West

4/25/2022 - NFTs Worth Millions Stolen After Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram Hacked

4/25/2022 - 'Long Haul' Covid Patients See Some Relief in 4-Week Treatment Program

4/25/2022 - What To Expect From the iPhone 14

4/25/2022 - Even a Little Exercise Appears to Prevent Depression in New Study

4/25/2022 - 24 Horror Films to Stream to Celebrate Halfway to Halloween

4/25/2022 - Private Astronaut Team Splashes Down Near Florida After Extended ISS Stay

4/25/2022 - Tom Cruise's Mummy Reboot Wasn't All Bad, It Was Just Misguided

4/25/2022 - Donald Trump Hit With Daily $10,000 Fee After Subpoena Evasion

4/25/2022 - InSight Mars Lander Records Largest Marsquakes Yet

4/25/2022 - Environmental Lawyer Targeted by Chevron Freed After More Than Two Years Under House Arrest

4/25/2022 - Elon Musk Is Officially Buying Twitter

4/25/2022 - Man Allegedly Threatened to Shoot Up and Bomb Merriam-Webster's HQ Over the Definition of ‘Girl’

4/25/2022 - 15 Trippy Space Stories D&D Fans Should Check Out Before Spelljammer

4/25/2022 - No, Darth Maul Was Never Going to Be in the Obi-Wan Series

4/25/2022 - Meta is Opening a Physical Store to Make You Change Your Mind About the Metaverse

4/25/2022 - Hawaiian Airlines Passengers Will Soon Be Able to Connect to Starlink's Wi-Fi for Free

4/25/2022 - A Power Rangers Stunt Artist Reflects on Nearly 30 Years of Mighty Morphin' Action

4/25/2022 - China Hopes to Redirect a Nearby Asteroid Within the Next Four Years

4/25/2022 - Google’s Top Secret Pixel Watch 'Leaks' After Being Abandoned at a Restaurant

4/25/2022 - Two Fires Have Joined Forces in New Mexico as Southwest Wildfires Continue to Blaze

4/25/2022 - These Male Spiders Evolved a Post-Sex Catapult to Escape Cannibalistic Females

4/25/2022 - New Obi-Wan Kenobi Pictures Tease a New World and Familiar Threats

4/25/2022 - Apple iMac with M3 Set for 2023, iMac Pro Isn't Dead (Report)

4/25/2022 - Elon Musk Might Actually Buy Twitter, Like for Real

4/25/2022 - Updates From Doctor Strange 2, John Wick, and More

4/25/2022 - The 12 Best Wordle Alternatives That Go Beyond 5-Letter Words

4/25/2022 - Elon Musk Proves Yet Again That He's Just Not Very Bright

4/24/2022 - Sonic 3's Enemy Will Be a Different Challenge for Sonic and Friends, Teases Writer

4/24/2022 - The Wachowski Sisters are Auctioning Their Movie Props to Raise Money for Trans Youth

4/24/2022 - What Actor Should Get a Meta Celebration of Their Career Next?

4/24/2022 - Jane Foster Is, at Last, Marvel's Avengers' Next Hero

4/24/2022 - Alex Kurtzman Opens Up on The Mummy Reboot, Calls It "Biggest Failure" of His Life

4/23/2022 - Doctor Who Announces New Audiobooks Starring the Fugitive Doctor and The Master

4/23/2022 - The Wheel of Time Brings in Killing Eve's Ayoola Smart for Season 2

4/23/2022 - Doctor Strange 2's Writer Talks About Making the Multiverse Personal

4/23/2022 - The Rise of Super Gonorrhea

4/22/2022 - In This Week's Toy News, We're All This Mr. Potato Head Mug

4/22/2022 - Spoilers of the Week April 18-22

4/22/2022 - I Miss Star Wars Action Fleet

4/22/2022 - NASA's 'Lunar Backpack' Could Prevent Astronauts From Getting Lost on the Moon

4/22/2022 - Make Earth Day Great Again

4/22/2022 - A Surveillance Firm Reportedly Tracked NSA and CIA Spies as a Product Demo

4/22/2022 - Our Flag Means Death Is Sweet Relief for a Weary Fandom

4/22/2022 - New Biden Order to Find Old Trees Falls Short of Protecting Them

4/22/2022 - Ukraine's Postal Service Gets DDOS'd After Printing Stamps of Sunken Russian Battleship

4/22/2022 - Binance Puts Restrictions on Russian Accounts Day Before Report Says Company Surrendered User Info to Putin

4/22/2022 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Ethan Peck Teases Spock's Trials

4/22/2022 - You Can Now Buy This Modular Laptop's Mainboard for Your Own Frankenstein Project

4/22/2022 - Researchers Down Under Testing Solar Panels for Electric Vehicle Charging

4/22/2022 - Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons Shine in Night Sky

4/22/2022 - How Could This Have Happened: Marjorie Taylor Greene Now in Court Over Insurrection Involvement

4/22/2022 - Apple's Whipping Out the Big Guns to Kill Antitrust Legislation

4/22/2022 - The Webb Telescope Is Almost Fully Aligned

4/22/2022 - Apple Supplier Expected to Start 2nm Chip Production in 2025, and That's Kind of a Big Deal

4/22/2022 - Author Alex Segura Talks Reviving a Golden Age Superhero... for NPR?

4/22/2022 - Senator Bernie Sanders Throws Shade at Private Space Industry

4/22/2022 - Scientists Say They’ve Created Crispier Chocolate Using 3D Printers

4/22/2022 - CDC Warns Doctors to Look Out for Mystery Liver Illness in Children

4/22/2022 - Astrobotic Shows off Shiny Lunar Lander Ahead of Scheduled Launch Later This Year

4/22/2022 - Google Shows You Your Air Quality on Demand, But How Accurate Is It?

4/22/2022 - Meta, Amazon, and TikTok Likely to Face New Legal Restraints in Europe, That Could Have Global Effects

4/22/2022 - Obi-Wan Kenobi's Composer Has a New Take on Classic Star Wars Themes

4/22/2022 - OnlyFans Freezes Russian Accounts Again

4/22/2022 - Russian Doll Season 2: 6 Things We Liked and 2 Things We Didn't Like

4/22/2022 - Sony's WH-1000XM5 Headphones Just Leaked, and They Look Fantastic

4/22/2022 - Sennheiser's Heartbeat-Silencing Earbuds Are Perfect For Athletes

4/22/2022 - DC Comics Is Celebrating George Pérez's Legacy With Beautiful Art

4/22/2022 - Vintage Earth Day TV Ads, Ranked

4/22/2022 - Nic Cage's The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Is a Movie Fan's Dream

4/22/2022 - 7 Bonkers Corporate Earth Day Campaigns

4/22/2022 - Don't Expect Netflix to Do Bright 2 Any Time Soon

4/22/2022 - 10 Things to Know Before You Build a Desktop

4/22/2022 - 7 Streaming Shows About Tech Startup Mishaps and Scammers

4/22/2022 - I Need a Budget Android Smartphone That Works on Verizon! Which Gadget Should I Buy?

4/22/2022 - How To Use Plex To Put All Your Streaming Services in One Place

4/22/2022 - It's Pretty Easy to Hack the Program That Runs Our Power Grids, It Turns Out

4/22/2022 - TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook Are Letting Climate Denial Run Rampant: Report

4/22/2022 - U.S. Sending Ukraine New 'Phoenix Ghost' Suicide Drones to Fight Russia

4/21/2022 - What Stranger Things Spinoff Do You Want to See?

4/21/2022 - Google Is Cracking Down On Third-Party Call Recording

4/21/2022 - It's Been 15 Years Since Doctor Who Made Andrew Garfield Fight Daleks With a Questionable Accent

4/21/2022 - What Exactly Is the New Movie, Lightyear?

4/21/2022 - Sonos' Leaked $250 Soundbar Seems Like a Rumor Worth Waiting For

4/21/2022 - Welp, That Didn't Last Long: Airlines Welcome Back Banned Anti-Maskers

4/21/2022 - A Lumpy Martian Moon Crosses the Sun in Eclipse Footage From Perseverance Rover

4/21/2022 - Young Justice's Newest Character Is a Welcome Return of an Old Friend

4/21/2022 - What to Know About Crew-4, NASA's Next Space Station Mission

4/21/2022 - Thor: Love and Thunder May Share a Powerful Story With the Comics

4/21/2022 - Sheryl Sandberg, Feminist Icon, Reportedly Killed a Story on Her Boyfriend's Restraining Order. Girlboss!

4/21/2022 - Apple Has Updated Its MagSafe Battery's Firmware to Add Slightly Faster Charging

4/21/2022 - DeSantis Catches Florida in His Own Mouse Trap

4/21/2022 - Heidi Montag, Eco-Troll

4/21/2022 - Stop Sharing Your Netflix Password, or We'll Get Ads

4/21/2022 - RIP CNN+

4/21/2022 - Researchers Found Glowing Spider Fossils in the South of France

4/21/2022 - Russian Embassy Accounts Are Skirting Twitter's Disinformation Policies

4/21/2022 - Jurassic World: Dominion Said 'RIP to California, I Guess'

4/21/2022 - Elon Musk Says Tesla Robotaxis Are 2 Years Away. When Have We Heard That Before?

4/21/2022 - Teenage Engineering's New Handheld Mixer Is Very Pretty, Very Small, and Very Expensive

4/21/2022 - Instagram Wants to Make Your Feed More Original

4/21/2022 - On Star Trek: Picard, Everyone's Really Bad at Their Jobs in the Best Possible Way

4/21/2022 - Intermittent Fasting Not Better Than Regular Dieting, Year-Long Trial Finds

4/21/2022 - Feds Say YouTuber-Pilot Intentionally Crashed Plane for Views

4/21/2022 - Star Wars Brotherhood Excerpt: Dexter Jettster Returns

4/21/2022 - Upcoming Satellite Constellation to Chronicle Our Planet’s Demise in Excruciating Detail

4/21/2022 - Spelljammer and Dragonlance Return in Dungeons & Dragons' Next Adventures

4/21/2022 - This Extremely Rare Commodore 65 Prototype is Selling For Nearly $30,000 on eBay

4/21/2022 - 'Funding Secured'? Musk Claims He Has the 46 Big Ones in Hand to Buy Twitter

4/21/2022 - What Exactly Is Pixar's Lightyear?

4/21/2022 - In This Star Wars: Brotherhood Excerpt, Dexter Jettster Is Back, Baby

4/21/2022 - Florida Lawmakers Exact Revenge on 'Woke Disney,' Move to Strip Theme Park's Special Benefits

4/21/2022 - Lego's Star Wars Day Offerings Include a new 1,890-Piece Ultimate Collector Series Version of Luke's Landspeeder

4/21/2022 - Valve Just Upgraded the Steam Deck Dock Ahead of its 'Late Spring' Release

4/21/2022 - Cringe: Binance Quickly Backtracks on Emoji That Resembles a Swastika

4/21/2022 - Amazon Prime Will Probably Pop Up in Your Favorite Online Store Soon

4/21/2022 - Another Familiar Face Could Return for Fast 10

4/21/2022 - The Perfect Private Submarine For You and Eight of Your Supervillain Friends

4/21/2022 - For Earth Day, Houston Public Media Is Promoting... Chevron?

4/21/2022 - Amazon Reportedly Considered Spending $20,000 a Week on Consultants in Failed Staten Island Union Busting

4/21/2022 - How to Choose the Space Vacation That's Right for You

4/21/2022 - New Jersey Trolls Stoners by Legalizing Weed on 4/21

4/21/2022 - The Galaxy A53 Offers Some of Samsung's Biggest Strengths Without the Price Tag

4/21/2022 - Alienware Doubles Down on AMD, Launches New Ryzen Laptops and Desktop

4/21/2022 - Elon Musk's Bait-and-Switch Transportation Company Valued at $5.6 Billion

4/20/2022 - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Has Been Delayed

4/20/2022 - Brave and DuckDuckGo Now Let You Block Google's Tracking on Articles

4/20/2022 - Moon Knight's Villain May Hold an Artifact With Wider MCU Connections

4/20/2022 - Asus's New Zenbook S 13 OLED Will Make MacBook Air Owners Envious

4/20/2022 - Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Lure You Into the Metaverse With These 12 Mostly Lame Games

4/20/2022 - The Marvel Role-Playing Game Is Unwieldy and Nostalgic Fan Service

4/20/2022 - Blaziken It: 7 Nerdy Pipes and Vapes for Celebrating 4/20

4/20/2022 - An Artifact in Moon Knight May Hold a Connection to the Wider Marvel Cinematic Universe

4/20/2022 - Geniuses, Unite! Atlanta Apple Store Workers File for Unionization

4/20/2022 - See Postcards From NASA's Lucy Spacecraft as It Journeys to Jupiter's Trojan Asteroids

4/20/2022 - Russian Doll Defies Time and So Can You

4/20/2022 - Google Researchers Found a Record Number of Dire Software Vulnerabilities in 2021

4/20/2022 - "Smishing" Scam Texts Are Getting More Common (and More Annoying)

4/20/2022 - Snowpiercer, but Mosquitoes: Blocking Out the Sun Could Mean More Malaria

4/20/2022 - Moon Knight's Latest Episode Is Setting Up a Fascinating Story From the Comics

4/20/2022 - Filmmakers to Apple's Tim Cook: Please Make Updates to Final Cut Pro

4/20/2022 - Jane Foster's Thor Gets Her Own Radical Version of the Love and Thunder Poster

4/20/2022 - Stoned Horses, Dogs, Iguanas, Ferrets Have Vets Worried About Edible Access

4/20/2022 - 17 Nepotism Babies from Least to Most Popular Based on Instagram Followers

4/20/2022 - Evangelion Creator Hideaki Anno's First TV Series Nadia Comes to 4K

4/20/2022 - A 1,000-Year-Old Irrigation System in Spain Is Getting a New Life

4/20/2022 - Parachuting Quadcopter Shoots Off Its Own Propellers to Take Out Other Drones

4/20/2022 - Thank God The Batman Trailers Didn't Show Paul Dano's Face

4/20/2022 - How to Watch Meta's 4/20 VR Quest Gaming Showcase

4/20/2022 - YouTube Shuts Down Channel of Future Hong Kong Leader

4/20/2022 - Watch Your Step Around These 12 Giant Holes From Horror and Sci-Fi

4/20/2022 - Despite In-Flight Celebrations, Many Americans Would Prefer to Keep Masks on Planes: Poll

4/20/2022 - Fossil of Sick Pterosaur Crest Reveals Clues to Feather Color

4/20/2022 - This Week's Moon Knight Unearths Tombs and, Finally, Some Big Revelations

4/20/2022 - Wonderfully Over-Engineered Kitchen Timer Makes Any Chef Look as Cool as Guy Fieri

4/20/2022 - Zack Snyder Reveals the First Look at Rebel Moon

4/20/2022 - The Lord of the Rings Has Never Been More Precious Than This Super-Limited Set

4/20/2022 - Motorola's MA1 Wireless Android Auto Adapter Gives Your Car a Big Tech Upgrade

4/20/2022 - Garmin Keeps Fitness Trackers Alive and Well With its New Vívosmart 5

4/20/2022 - Republicans Are Gung Ho for Musk's Version of Twitter in New Poll

4/19/2022 - Matt Reeves Reveals the Joker Scene in The Batman Always Had a Purpose

4/19/2022 - Whose Tom Holland Is This?

4/19/2022 - A Ukrainian Man Tracked Russian Troops After They Stole His AirPods

4/19/2022 - Netflix Might Add Ads After Shock Stock Drop

4/19/2022 - The Best Way to Play Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Is the 'Machete Order'

4/19/2022 - Google Wallet is Coming Back

4/19/2022 - Ron DeSantis Is Upset That Elon Musk Won't be the Free Speech Twitter Savior Conservatives Have Waited for

4/19/2022 - Delta Airlines Tests Starlink Satellites for Inflight Wi-Fi

4/19/2022 - Danny Elfman's Nerdy Coachella Set Included Some of His Best Themes

4/19/2022 - Debris That Fell From Sky Into India Could Be Part of Chinese Rocket

4/19/2022 - The Country's Most Endangered River Is Hitting New Lows

4/19/2022 - 8 Places Masks Are Still Required

4/19/2022 - I Guess I Need This 6-Foot Inflatable RC T. Rex

4/19/2022 - Thor, I Wish I Could Quit You

4/19/2022 - Kamala Harris Says U.S. Won't Test Anti-Satellite Weapons, and Neither Should Anyone Else

4/19/2022 - Samsung’s Pokémon-Themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 Is Like a Real Life Pokédex

4/19/2022 - Strange New Worlds' Bridge Crew Speaks Out on Inheriting Star Trek's Legacy

4/19/2022 - In the Time Loop Thriller Retroactive, a Spy Has Plenty of Time to Die

4/19/2022 - Russian Cosmonauts Set Up Futuristic New Robotic Arm on ISS During Six Hour Spacewalk

4/19/2022 - GPUs are Back, Baby!

4/19/2022 - The Courts Make It Clear: Scraping Websites Is Still Legal

4/19/2022 - Sci-Fi Classic The Midwich Cuckoos Gets a Lovely Republish, and We've Got a First Look

4/19/2022 - The Science of Splitting Oreos

4/19/2022 - Renewable Energy Has Been Kicking Ass in the U.S. This Spring

4/19/2022 - Judge Tells Amazon to Rehire Previously Fired Employee, Give Him Lost Wages

4/19/2022 - Hayden Christensen Binged Rebels and Clone Wars to Get Back Into Vader's Mindset

4/19/2022 - Northman Director Robert Eggers on Mythology, Weaponry, and Naked Volcano Battles

4/19/2022 - Bare-Faced: Uber and Lyft Drop Mask Requirements for Riders and Drivers

4/19/2022 - Puerto Ricans Are Protesting to Protect Their Beaches

4/19/2022 - This Convincing Windows 11 Upgrade Website Contains Nasty Malware

4/19/2022 - Scientists Invent Device for Optimally Separating Oreos

4/19/2022 - NATO Plays Cyberwar to Prep for a Real Russian Attack

4/19/2022 - Probing Uranus Is Top Priority This Decade, U.S. Science Advisors Say

4/19/2022 - Free Guy Is Really About the Game Industry Unionizing

4/19/2022 - Karyn Kusama's Dracula Movie Just Got Staked

4/19/2022 - Screaming Chocolate Bunny Makes Saying 'No" to Sweets A Little Easier

4/19/2022 - OnePlus Enters 2022's Budget Ring With the Mid-Range Nord N20 5G

4/19/2022 - What Your Amazon Echo's Flashing Colors Are Trying To Tell You

4/18/2022 - Minecraft Is Jason Momoa's Next Movie Creation

4/18/2022 - Sesame Street's Adorable Robo-Heroes Rise Up in Mecha Builders

4/18/2022 - Report: NSO Spyware Hit Boris Johnson's Office, Dozens More European Leaders

4/18/2022 - The Batman Is Now Streaming, and Batman Himself Should Consider Following Suit

4/18/2022 - 'Unlawful:' Judge Strikes Down Mask Mandate for Planes and Trains

4/18/2022 - Now Your Instagram Posts Can Look Sponsored, But You Still Won't Make Any Money

4/18/2022 - Thor: Love and Thunder Meets Love and Merchandise

4/18/2022 - You Can Now Go See Fantastic Beasts With Dogecoin at AMC Theaters

4/18/2022 - Doctor Who Managed to Make a High Seas Adventure as Dull as Dishwater

4/18/2022 - Tesla's Shanghai Factory Will Reportedly Force Employees to Sleep at Work

4/18/2022 - EPA Ghoul Scott Pruitt Is Plotting His Comeback

4/18/2022 - Emotion-Tracking Software Could Ding Your Kid for Looking Bored in Math

4/18/2022 - The Playdate Is Unique, Charming and Full of Potential

4/18/2022 - Everything We Spotted in Marvel's Frantic New Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer

4/18/2022 - Jurassic Park's Coolest Gadget Returns in New Trailer

4/18/2022 - It’s Tax Day - What’s The Best Way to E-file Or Get A Tax Extension

4/18/2022 - Congress Fighting Over How to Fix Computer Chip Shortage

4/18/2022 - Caribbean Sea Urchins Are Mysteriously Dying in Droves

4/18/2022 - Camera Batteries With Built-in USB-C Charging Ports Challenge Sony's Proprietary Chargers

4/18/2022 - The Playdate Is Oozing With Charm and Potential

4/18/2022 - Disappointing Test Sends NASA's Megarocket Back to the Garage

4/18/2022 - New York City's Flagship Apple Store Could Soon Unionize

4/18/2022 - The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Returns With an Equally Unbeatable Podcast

4/18/2022 - InfoWars Looks to Dodge Sandy Hook Conspiracy Responsibility in Bankruptcy Ploy

4/18/2022 - FDA Investigating Whether Lucky Charms Cereal Is Making People Sick

4/18/2022 - Jane Foster as Thor: A Comic Book Primer

4/18/2022 - It's Time to Play the Music and Light the Lights For Lego's New Muppets Minifigure Collection

4/18/2022 - Thor: Love and Thunder's Trailer Is Wilder Than You Even Imagined

4/18/2022 - Updates From Ultraman, Riverdale, and More

4/18/2022 - Read the Facebook Papers for Yourself

4/18/2022 - How to Turn Off Read Receipts on All Your Messaging Apps

4/18/2022 - Here’s What the Facebook Papers Say About Donald Trump, the 2020 Election, and Jan. 6.

4/18/2022 - 14 Viral Quotes That Thomas Jefferson Never Said

4/18/2022 - 10 Times the Troll King Made Us Regret the Existence of Twitter

4/18/2022 - Shanghai Reports First Covid-19 Deaths in Nearly Two Years

4/17/2022 - Doctor Who's Next 2022 Special Bids Adieu to Jodie Whitaker's Doctor

4/17/2022 - The Winchesters is a "Wild" Supernatural Prequel, Teases Jensen Ackles

4/17/2022 - Shiver Your Timbers In Our Devilish Doctor Who Spoiler Discussion Zone

4/17/2022 - Do Marvel Movies Still Need Trailers?

4/17/2022 - Josh Brolin Describes His "Older, More Raspy" Batman That Almost Was

4/17/2022 - Florida Man Saw Spider-Man: No Way Home in Theaters Nearly 300 Times, Breaks Record

4/16/2022 - Gothic Opera Batman? You've Got My Attention

4/16/2022 - Tanjiro Gets a Fancy New Sword in Demon Slayer's First Season 3 Tease

4/16/2022 - Batgirl's Leslie Grace on Working with Keaton, Fraser, and Her Hero's Future

4/16/2022 - Fast & Furious Producer Thinks the Franchise Should Get Back to Its Roots

4/16/2022 - Feds Face Tough Water Choices in Parched West

4/16/2022 - Why Did Atlanta’s Mayors Stop Dreaming at Night?

4/15/2022 - Third Attempt of NASA's Megarocket Rehearsal Foiled by Hydrogen Leak

4/15/2022 - This Week's Toy News Asks the Important Question: Swords or Kirby?

4/15/2022 - Spoilers of the Week April 11-15

4/15/2022 - Final Fantasy XIV Asked Me to Hang Out After Saving the World, and That's Great

4/15/2022 - Wonder Twins Casting, Activate

4/15/2022 - Surging Bird Flu Cases in the U.S. Have Come for the Bald Eagle

4/15/2022 - Brandon Sanderson's Record-Breaking Kickstarter Is the Exception, Not the Rule

4/15/2022 - What to Consider Before Buying a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S21

4/15/2022 - Paramount+'s Push to Be Star Trek's Sole Streaming Home Ran Afoul of One of DS9's Best Episodes

4/15/2022 - Twitter Learns From Romeo, Ditches Clingy Lover with Poison Pill

4/15/2022 - NASA’s InSight Caught a Lonely Martian Sunrise

4/15/2022 - The Wolf of Wall Street Is Changing His Tune on Crypto

4/15/2022 - A Man Tore His Lung From Masturbating, Doctors Say

4/15/2022 - Take a Look Inside Jonathan Hickman's Next Comic Book Universe

4/15/2022 - 3D-Printed Miniature Vectrex Has Us Missing CRTs

4/15/2022 - Wes Craven's The Serpent and the Rainbow Feels Like a Horror Time Capsule

4/15/2022 - Gas Hikes Prompt New York to Investigate Potential Price Gouging by Oil Companies

4/15/2022 - ‘No Easy Feat:’ Daring Helicopter Rocket-Catch Attempt Set for Next Week

4/15/2022 - Gadgettes: What's Next Up Apple's Sleeve?

4/15/2022 - There's a New Slayer in the Latest Comic From the Buffy Universe

4/15/2022 - To the Disappointment of Swab Sickos Everywhere, FDA Green Lights First Breath Test for Covid-19

4/15/2022 - Kids in the U.S. and Europe Are Coming Down With Mysterious Liver Damage

4/15/2022 - The Latest News From Disney Parks, Universal Studios Resorts, and More Fan-tastical Destinations

4/15/2022 - Razer's Pricey New Linux Laptop Is for Deepfakes Instead of Headshots

4/15/2022 - Celeb-Backed Environmental Law Firm Accused of Transphobia

4/15/2022 - Shin Ultraman's New Trailer Teases Kaiju Catastrophe and Alien Drama

4/15/2022 - NYC Mayor Pushes for Gun Detection Tech After Brooklyn Subway Shooting

4/15/2022 - Electric Chopsticks Make Food Taste More Savory Without Added Salt

4/15/2022 - Comics Legend Grant Morrison's First Novel Is Coming, and We've Got a First Look

4/15/2022 - Mads Mikkelsen Teases Indiana Jones 5's Return to Its Roots

4/15/2022 - 'It’s Not Political to Tell the Truth': Scientists Arrested Over Climate Protests

4/15/2022 - The Hidden Hack for Super-Speedy Web Browsing

4/15/2022 - Lenovo's Yoga 9i Is a Beautiful, OLED-Capable 2-in-1 Laptop

4/15/2022 - M2 Macs Are Coming to Make Your Brand New Laptop Obsolete

4/15/2022 - Plant Literally Named Extinctus Is Back, Baby

4/15/2022 - FBI Says North Korea Behind Biggest Crypto Theft in History Against Axie Infinity

4/14/2022 - X-Men's '90s Take on House of X Is a Delightfully Fun Throwback

4/14/2022 - Horizon Forbidden West's 10 Most Badass Robot Dinosaurs

4/14/2022 - NASA Releases Its First Equity Plan in an Overdue Effort to Be More Inclusive

4/14/2022 - Breaking Down Ke Huy Quan’s Fanny Pack-Fu in Everything Everywhere All at Once

4/14/2022 - I Walked Inside America's Newest Particle Accelerator

4/14/2022 - Portable Nintendo Switch TV Docks Are Now as Small as Phone Chargers

4/14/2022 - Report: Susan Sarandon Will Play the Villain in DC's Blue Beetle

4/14/2022 - See Carpets of Flowers and Dunes of Clothing in World's Driest Desert

4/14/2022 - The Legend of Korra Knew What Being a Sequel Series Was All About

4/14/2022 - Peloton Slashes Prices on Bikes, Raises Subscription Fees

4/14/2022 - WhatsApp’s New Communities Feature Is Group Messaging on Steroids

4/14/2022 - Elon Musk Gives His Definition of Free Speech

4/14/2022 - Strange Object Hidden in Dust May Be Precursor to a Supermassive Black Hole

4/14/2022 - John Malkovich Being Weird In Chariot

4/14/2022 - 'Hypocrisy:' Tim Apple Scorches Zuck Over Metaverse Tax

4/14/2022 - This 1970s-Style Star Trek: The Next Generation Animated Series Is Beyond Perfect

4/14/2022 - 10 Truly Horrifying Sci-Fi Movie Eggs

4/14/2022 - Amazon Partners With Baseball's Worst Cheaters to Make Buying Ballpark Snacks Feel Like Shoplifting

4/14/2022 - Peloton Raises Subscription Fees For the First Time, Cuts Hardware Prices By Up to $500

4/14/2022 - Here's 90 Seconds of John Malkovich Going Full Malkovich

4/14/2022 - Judge Says Tesla Is Still Racist, but Not $137 Million Racist

4/14/2022 - Lego's New Botanical Sets Bring Some Much Needed Stress-Relief and Relaxation

4/14/2022 - The Jurassic Park Cast Returns in a New Jurassic World Dominion Video

4/14/2022 - You'll Never Guess How a Man With 124 Snakes in His Home Died

4/14/2022 - More Efficient Transistor Poses Threat to Silicon's Reign, Say Engineers

4/14/2022 - Star Trek: Picard Gets Lost in Its Hero's Head

4/14/2022 - Before-and-After Satellite Images Show Fukushima's New Solar Power Hub Amid Nuclear Waste

4/14/2022 - The Witcher Season 3 Casts a Few Comic Book Heroes, and More

4/14/2022 - Wikipedia Editors Tell Cryptobros Their Donations Aren't Welcome

4/14/2022 - Scientists Are Skeptical of Space Command’s ‘Interstellar’ Meteor Claims

4/14/2022 - Intel Stakes $300 Million on Going Green

4/14/2022 - David Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future Looks Cronenbergian as Hell

4/14/2022 - This Website's Printable Templates Make it Easy to Turn Hand Drawn Animations Into GIFs

4/14/2022 - Promising Data Suggests New Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Could Halt or Reverse Symptoms

4/14/2022 - The Flash's Ninth Season Could Be Its Last

4/14/2022 - NASA Astronauts Will Get to Ride Inside These Seriously Funky Vans Before Launching to the Moon

4/14/2022 - SteelSeries' Stratus+ Is Not a Replacement for My Favorite Mobile Controller, the Razer Kishi

4/14/2022 - Twitter Investor Sues Elon Musk Over Sneaky Stock Purchases

4/14/2022 - Elon Musk Wants to Buy 100% of Twitter for $43 Billion in Hostile Takeover

4/14/2022 - NFT of First Tweet Ever Secures Bid of Just $277 After Selling for $2.9 Million Last Year

4/13/2022 - Record Inflation Will Jack up the Price of Your Next Phone

4/13/2022 - Old Gods of Appalachia Welcomes You to the Family

4/13/2022 - TikTok Is Testing a Dislike Feature That Only You Can See

4/13/2022 - Crypto Investor Miraculously, Unbelievably Predicts Exact Coinbase List of Favored Tokens With $400k Bet

4/13/2022 - Why Did The Walking Dead Wait Until Its Final Season to Get Good Again?

4/13/2022 - Official Swap to Android App Found Unlisted in iOS App Store, but It Still Needs Time to Bake

4/13/2022 - See, This Is What Happens When You Let the Oceans Heat Up

4/13/2022 - A Map of Ladies Death

4/13/2022 - Three Arrested After Disney Squashes Club Penguin's Most Popular Knockoff

4/13/2022 - First All-Private Astronaut Team Gets Down to Science Aboard the International Space Station

4/13/2022 - Josh Brolin's Outer Range Is a Startlingly Dark Cosmic Cowboy Mystery

4/13/2022 - Fragments of Ancient Maya 260-Day Calendar Found in Guatemala

4/13/2022 - The Cabin in the Woods Still Rules on Its 10-Year Anniversary, Even With You Know Who

4/13/2022 - How Much Do Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg Actually Pay in Taxes?

4/13/2022 - All Kids Over 8 Should Get Routine Screening for Anxiety, Experts Recommend

4/13/2022 - DC Comics' 2022 Pride Anthology Gets a Boost From the Best Batman Ever

4/13/2022 - Here Are the 10 Apple iPhone Macro Challenge Winners

4/13/2022 - Karen Gillan on Working With Karen Gillan in Dual

4/13/2022 - Tech Visionaries Bieber, Paltrow, and Hilton Dump $87 Million Into Crypto Exchange MoonPay

4/13/2022 - Europe's Space Agency Pulls Out of Russia’s Upcoming Moon Missions

4/13/2022 - In a First Look at Annalee Newitz's The Terraformers, a Planetary Invader Proves Uniquely Irritating

4/13/2022 - Chile Moves to Restrict Water After More Than a Decade of Drought

4/13/2022 - Peter Cushing's Dr. Who Movies Are Getting a Glorious 4K Remaster

4/13/2022 - Captive Dolphin Seeks Vengeance

4/13/2022 - Steam Deck Modded With an AMD Desktop GPU Turns Into a 4K Gaming Monster

4/13/2022 - On Marvel's Moon Knight, Friends and Foes Alike Race to Egypt

4/13/2022 - 'Uprooted, Overturned, Stripped:' Two Tornadoes in Texas Hospitalize 12

4/13/2022 - FIFA Launches its Own Netflix for Soccer

4/13/2022 - This Controller Lets You Feel VR Objects Slip Between Your Fingers, and the Possibilities Are Endless

4/13/2022 - Hubble Confirms Huge Incoming Comet Has Largest Known Nucleus

4/13/2022 - Hasbro Is Buying D&D Beyond, One of Dungeons & Dragons' Biggest Digital Toolsets

4/13/2022 - Uber & Lyft Slammed for Price Gouging After NYC Subway Shooting

4/13/2022 - Robert Eggers Wants Willem Dafoe to Star In His Nosferatu Remake

4/13/2022 - Viral Video With BBC Logo Blaming Ukraine For Civilian Deaths Actually Fake

4/13/2022 - The Wild, Uncertain Future of Carbon Dioxide Removal

4/13/2022 - How To Find Your AirPods With Your iPhone

4/13/2022 - Elon Musk Sued by Twitter Investor Over Stock Purchase Secrecy

4/13/2022 - 10 Important Google Maps Settings You Probably Don't Know About

4/12/2022 - Taiwan Releases Military Invasion Survival Guide for Its Citizens

4/12/2022 - Riverdale's Next Lunacy Involves Time Travel, Because Why the Hell Not

4/12/2022 - Amazon Blasts Away Competition With 20% Growth in Workplace Injuries

4/12/2022 - Look at This Stretch of Amazon Rainforest Cleared in a Year

4/12/2022 - What's Your Favorite Gilbert Gottfried Performance?

4/12/2022 - Americans Gon' Wild: Gonorrhea and Syphilis at Record Highs in 2020

4/12/2022 - Meta Wants You to Sell Virtual Stuff, but You Gotta Pay the Metaverse Tax

4/12/2022 - Stranger Things Season 4's Big Bad Is a Dungeons & Dragons God

4/12/2022 - Jeff Bezos Really, Really Wants to Hang Out With Pete Davidson

4/12/2022 - DuckDuckGo’s Super Private Browser to the Rescue (For Mac)

4/12/2022 - New York May Crack Down on Crypto Mining

4/12/2022 - Places on Tatooine, Ranked

4/12/2022 - Dead Sunspot Explosion Spits Plasma Toward Earth

4/12/2022 - Instagram and Snapchat Addiction Allegedly Led to 17-Year-Old Boy's Suicide

4/12/2022 - Google Pixel 6a Spotted at FCC, Could Debut Next Month

4/12/2022 - No One's Watching CNN+

4/12/2022 - Cops Pull Over Self-Driving Car

4/12/2022 - Karen Gillan on How Avengers: Endgame Changed Nebula Going Into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

4/12/2022 - NASA Will Test Gigantic Centrifuge for Hurling Objects Into Space

4/12/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Spotlights World Champ Game Co., New Releases, and More

4/12/2022 - I Need a Cheap, Reliable Chromebook for My Kid! What Gadget Should I Buy?

4/12/2022 - Microsoft's Surface Laptop Go 2 Could Launch in June

4/12/2022 - TikTok Will Rake in More Cash This Year Than Snap and Twitter Combined: Report

4/12/2022 - Check Out a Trailer for That Self-Transforming Optimus Prime Figure's Trailer

4/12/2022 - Your Gas Will Likely Be Cheaper and Dirtier This Summer

4/12/2022 - Perseverance Rover Breaks Distance Record Without Human Help

4/12/2022 - 6 Ancient D20s That Will Definitely Not Curse You

4/12/2022 - Segway's Strap-on Simulation Speaker Makes Your Electric Scooter Sound Like Its V8-Powered

4/12/2022 - Concerns Raised as NASA Moves Ahead With ‘Modified’ Test of Megarocket

4/12/2022 - Star Wars: Galactic Pals Shows the Power of the Cute Side

4/12/2022 - Honda Hopes You'll Forget About Tesla With $40 Billion EV Investment

4/12/2022 - Beats Reveals New Colors for Studio Buds and New Features for Android Users

4/12/2022 - Apple's New iMovie Features Take the Effort Out of Editing Videos

4/12/2022 - Feds Arrest 21-Year-Old Alleged Ringleader of Colossal Stolen Data Marketplace

4/12/2022 - Chris Chibnall Almost Left Doctor Who Because of the Pandemic

4/12/2022 - 1 in 7 People Have a Headache Right Now

4/12/2022 - CheekyKeys Is a Face-Activated Keyboard That Lets You Type in Total Silence

4/12/2022 - Take a Look Inside a Luxury Balloon That Serves Martinis at the Edge of Space

4/12/2022 - Stranger Things' New Season 4 Trailer Hints at Wild Mysteries Ahead

4/12/2022 - New Thor: Love and Thunder Merch Teases Christian Bale's New Villain

4/12/2022 - Tucker Carlson Tells Church Crowd He's Not Vaccinated Against Covid-19: Report

4/11/2022 - Google Sues a Guy, Alleging 'Puppy Fraud'

4/11/2022 - 8 Delightful Pictures of Eric, One of the Most Famous Star Wars Toys on Instagram

4/11/2022 - Netflix Realizes One Thumb Simply Isn't Enough

4/11/2022 - Biden Finally Cracks Down on Untraceable 'Ghost Guns'

4/11/2022 - Sophisticated Spyware Attack Targets Top EU Legal Officials' iPhones

4/11/2022 - A Single HPV Shot Protects Against Cancer-Causing Virus, Major Study Finds

4/11/2022 - Black Panther's Ryan Coogler Joins Disney+'s Ironheart as a Producer

4/11/2022 - Panic’s Playdate Handheld Is Almost Here

4/11/2022 - How Everything Everywhere All at Once Is About Change and Not Conflict

4/11/2022 - io9 Exclusive: Nimona Test Footage

4/11/2022 - 'Cancer Alley' Residents Accuse Louisiana of Racial Discrimination in EPA Pollution Complaints

4/11/2022 - A New Doctor Strange 2 Video Raises Our Already High Expectations

4/11/2022 - Neptune Is Getting Colder, and We Don’t Know Why

4/11/2022 - A Look Inside Nimona's Long Road to Release

4/11/2022 - Unfortunately, YouTube Isn’t Bringing Picture-in-Picture to iPhone... at Least Not Yet

4/11/2022 - Police Discover More Than 1,000 Stuffed Wild Animals in Giant Taxidermy Bust

4/11/2022 - Meet the New Percy Jackson

4/11/2022 - Here's What Happens When You First Crank Up the Playdate

4/11/2022 - Adam West Was Not Impressed With Nic Cage's Adam West Impression in Kick-Ass

4/11/2022 - Psilocybin Therapy Changes Brain Wiring in Depressed People, Study Finds

4/11/2022 - Fitbit's New Heart Monitoring Feature Is Coming 'Soon' to Smartwatches

4/11/2022 - Unassuming Side Table Transforms to Reveal a Close Encounters-Themed Model Railroad Inside

4/11/2022 - The Northman Is a Visceral and Powerful Historical Thriller

4/11/2022 - The Batman Skulks Onto HBO Max Next Week

4/11/2022 - First All-Private Astronaut Team Arrives at the International Space Station

4/11/2022 - Cops Pull Over Joyriding Driverless Taxi: 'Ain't Nobody in It'

4/11/2022 - The Nimona Movie Lives, Coming to Netflix 2023

4/11/2022 - Riverdale Is Already Planning the Return of Sabrina the Teenage Witch

4/11/2022 - Clever Stabilized Web Browser Makes Reading on iPads Easier for Users Dealing With Hand Tremors

4/11/2022 - Dinosaur Tracks Damaged After Construction Crew Drove Over Fossil Site, Report Finds

4/11/2022 - HyperX's Cloud Alpha Wireless Could Make Me Ditch Wired Gaming Headphones for Good

4/11/2022 - Job Ad for Bureau of Prisons Touts Amazing Number of Mental Illnesses in U.S. Prison System

4/11/2022 - Elon Musk Not Joining Twitter's Board Anymore in Shock Reversal

4/10/2022 - Even The Walking Dead Needs a Breather Now and Then

4/10/2022 - No Duh, Sonic 2 Takes the Weekend Box Office

4/10/2022 - Your Name Director Makoto Shinkai's Next Movie Gets a Beautiful, Cryptic First Look

4/10/2022 - 'They Are Robbing Me': Angry Robinhood Users Flood the FTC With Complaints

4/10/2022 - What Disney TV Show Should Be in Kingdom Hearts?

4/10/2022 - The Owl House is Building Up Its Heroes by Breaking Them Down

4/10/2022 - Fast & Furious 10 Enlists Captain Marvel Into Its Cast

4/9/2022 - Jurassic World Dominion's Giga Dinosaur is "Like the Joker," Gonna Lose to Blue the Raptor

4/9/2022 - Sonic 2's Director is Game to Direct a Super Smash Bros. Movie

4/9/2022 - Star Trek: Lower Decks' First Season 3 Trailer Teases a Chaotic Kidnapping

4/9/2022 - America Chavez's Doctor Strange 2 Appearance Isn't Helping Her Comics Creators

4/8/2022 - Cops Nab Five Alleged Ringleaders of Scam-Filled Assassin Marketplace on Dark Web

4/8/2022 - Spoilers of the Week April 4-8

4/8/2022 - Open Wide, It's the Toy News of the Week

4/8/2022 - One of Lego Star Wars' Silliest Gags Reminded Me Not to Take Star Wars So Seriously

4/8/2022 - Charlize Theron Will Help Bring DC Comics' Queer Aqualad Story to HBO Max

4/8/2022 - Spitting, Head-Butts, Hug Attacks: Unruly Airplane Passengers Hit With Largest Fines Ever

4/8/2022 - Star Wars: Ahsoka Just Added a Spider-Verse Director

4/8/2022 - This Backboard With a Giant Screen Wants to Be a Peloton for Basketball

4/8/2022 - Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Should've Been Released Today

4/8/2022 - A Field Guide to 24 Cinematic Draculas

4/8/2022 - Elon Musk’s Plan to Expand SpaceX Launch Site in Texas Hits Another Snag

4/8/2022 - Twitter Wants to Talk Things Out With Elon Musk

4/8/2022 - The Friendships of Star Trek Get Their Due in a Delightful New Book

4/8/2022 - Curiosity Rover Must Take Detour After Encountering ‘Gator Back’ Rocks on Mars

4/8/2022 - Uh Oh: Methane in the Atmosphere Is Rising the Fastest in Recorded History

4/8/2022 - Google Jumps on the Bandwagon With iFixit Repair Kits for Pixel Phones

4/8/2022 - Young Justice's Showrunners Reflect on Their Heroes' Decade-Long Journey

4/8/2022 - Amazon Is Facing a Labor Reckoning, and It’s Pushing Back With All It Has

4/8/2022 - Covid-19 Raises Risk of Lingering and Serious Blood Clotting, Swedish Study Finds

4/8/2022 - Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Gets One More Story in a New Doctor Who Podcast

4/8/2022 - Cosmic 'Lighthouses' That Beam Gamma Rays Could Reveal Gravitational Waves All Around Us

4/8/2022 - Lockheed Officials Discuss Hypersonic Challenges Following Pricey U.S. Missile Delay

4/8/2022 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Is Giving Spock a Canonical Full Name [UPDATED]

4/8/2022 - Microsoft Sinks Attempted Hacks on Ukraine By Russian Spies

4/8/2022 - NFTs Are Here to Ruin D&D

4/8/2022 - Tonight, I Will Dream About This $9,000 Digital Pinball Machine With a 55-Inch Screen

4/8/2022 - 9 Cringiest Moments From the Windows 95 Launch

4/8/2022 - 6 Ways Hackers Are Complicating the War in Ukraine

4/8/2022 - Updates From Doctor Strange 2, Dark Army, and More

4/8/2022 - Picturesque Italian Lake Suddenly Turns Blood Red

4/8/2022 - E Ink's New Color Electronic Paper Is Fast Enough to Play Videos

4/7/2022 - On Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the Crew Is Even More Important Than You Think

4/7/2022 - How to Watch the Launch of the First All-Private Mission to the ISS

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4/7/2022 - Disney+ Willow Series Casts Trans Actress Talisa Garcia

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4/7/2022 - Island-Wide Blackout Sweeps Puerto Rico After Power Plant Fire

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4/7/2022 - Supreme Court Kneecaps States' Power to Enforce Clean Water Act

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4/7/2022 - You'll Go Blind If You Keep Doing That: Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Linked to Serious Eye Problems

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4/6/2022 - Mega-Popular Muslim Prayer Apps Were Secretly Harvesting Phone Numbers

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4/5/2022 - U.S. Tested Hypersonic Missile in March But Kept Quiet to Avoid Antagonizing Russia: Report

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4/1/2022 - They're Really Trying to Reboot The Crow (Again)

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