2/28/2022 - Disney and Warner Bros. Will Pause Releasing Films in Russia [Updated]

2/28/2022 - Smugglers Already Running Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Merch on Ebay

2/28/2022 - New James Cameron Trailer Alert! (It's for His Book, But Still Very Cool)

2/28/2022 - ExoMars Rover 2022 Launch Now 'Very Unlikely' Due to Russian Invasion, ESA Says

2/28/2022 - The Best Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Streaming in March 2022

2/28/2022 - Oil and Gas Majors Race Out of Russia

2/28/2022 - Why Have Starter Pokémon Gotten Cuter?

2/28/2022 - Webb Telescope Brings a Star Into Focus as It Completes ‘Image Stacking’ Alignment Phase

2/28/2022 - Conti Ransomware Gang Sees Thousands of Internal Chats Leaked After Posting Pro-Russia Message

2/28/2022 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Costumes Up Close Reveal the Devil's in the Details

2/28/2022 - The Nikon Z9's Next Big Feature Might Be a Shutter Button That Meows

2/28/2022 - EN ESPAÑOL

2/28/2022 - The Batman: The io9 Video Review

2/28/2022 - TikTok Boosts Maximum Video Length Up to 10 Minutes

2/28/2022 - Peacemaker's Freddie Stroma Can't Explain Why Vigilante Is So Weird Either

2/28/2022 - How Disney's Galactic Starcruiser Fits Into the Star Wars Timeline

2/28/2022 - Squid Game Wins Big at SAG Awards

2/28/2022 - Satellite Spots Massive Asteroid Impact Crater in China

2/28/2022 - The Batman’s Grounded Mystery Is Unlike Any Other Batman Movie

2/28/2022 - Airbnb Will Provide Free Temporary Stays for 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

2/28/2022 - Apple Is Considering a Foldable iPad, MacBook Hybrid with a 20-Inch Display: Report

2/28/2022 - Morbius' Final Trailer Wants to Remind You: Oh Yeah, Matt Smith Is in This

2/28/2022 - Updates From Indiana Jones 5, What We Do In the Shadows, and More

2/28/2022 - Oppo's New 150W Fast Charging Will Fully Charge Your Phone in Just 15 Minutes

2/28/2022 - Apple Period-Tracking Data Powers Large New Study on Menstrual Health

2/28/2022 - This Everything Everywhere All at Once Poster Is Exactly That

2/28/2022 - 'Atlas of Human Suffering': New UN Climate Report Is Shockingly Grim

2/28/2022 - What Do Animals Dream About?

2/28/2022 - 7 Crypto and NFT Projects That Were Total Scams (February 2022 Edition)

2/27/2022 - On The Walking Dead, a Return to Normalcy Is Anything But Normal

2/27/2022 - Ukraine Creates IT Army of Volunteer Hackers and Orders Cyber Attacks on Russian Websites

2/27/2022 - Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Month: February 2022 Edition

2/27/2022 - Shout Out to 90s Anime Kids: Digimon Adventure and Zatch Bell are Coming Back

2/27/2022 - Fortnite Goes Back to Marvel for New Zero War Crossover Comic

2/27/2022 - Samsung's Galaxy Book2 Pro Debuts With Intel Arc Graphics

2/27/2022 - DC Mech Does What It Sounds Like, Gives the Justice League Big-Ass Robots

2/27/2022 - Pokémon Legends Arceus is Already Dictating the Franchise's Future

2/26/2022 - Roscosmos Chief Reacts to U.S. Sanctions: ‘Who Will Save the ISS From an Uncontrolled Deorbit?’

2/26/2022 - The Witch Queen's Campaign Gave Guardians Answers Over Guns

2/26/2022 - Heck Yes, Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jiménez are Teaming Up for New Batman Run

2/26/2022 - Turning Red's Boy Band Hits All the Right Nostalgic Notes

2/26/2022 - A New Hero Rises in Jujutsu Kaisen 0's Action-Packed Trailer

2/26/2022 - Marvel's Ironheart Adds Lyric Ross to Its Disney+ Cast

2/25/2022 - The Week's Best Toys Are All Aboard the Goat Boat

2/25/2022 - Spoilers of the Week Feb 21-25

2/25/2022 - The State of Middle-earth Coming Into Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

2/25/2022 - Vatican Calls for a 'Cultural Revolution' to Fight Climate Change

2/25/2022 - Trickbot May Be Kaput, but Its Operators Plan on Keeping Busy

2/25/2022 - 8 Tabletop Roleplaying Games to Help You Navigate the Afterlife

2/25/2022 - Apple's Plan to Swap the iPhone's Face ID Module Is Good News For Everyone

2/25/2022 - This 5-Hour Love Letter to '80s Sci-Fi Celebrates All Your Favorite Movies

2/25/2022 - Outlander's Universe Will Expand With a Starz Prequel Series

2/25/2022 - Florida Desperately Feeding Lettuce to Manatees to Stop Mass Starvation

2/25/2022 - Etsy Screws Over Sellers (Again)

2/25/2022 - Russia Partially Blocks Facebook After It ‘Censored’ State Media

2/25/2022 - Transformers Toys No Longer Make Kids Work For It

2/25/2022 - 10 Essential Films by Italian Horror Master Dario Argento

2/25/2022 - I Need These Cordless, Battery-Free LED Lego Bricks for My Next Build

2/25/2022 - The Batman's Full Score Is Online to Dig Into Your Soul

2/25/2022 - Valve's Steam Deck Is a Glorious but Unfinished Dream Console

2/25/2022 - HTC Confident Its Car-Based VR Experience Won't Make You Puke

2/25/2022 - From Marvel to Foo Fighters: Our Chat With Studio 666 Director BJ McDonnell

2/25/2022 - Somehow, Paramount Will Turn Beyblade Into a Live-Action Movie

2/25/2022 - Bitcoin Is Dirtier Than Ever

2/25/2022 - The CDC Will Once Again Stop Asking People to Mask Up: Report

2/25/2022 - Watch a Determined Modder Upgrade the Classic Hot Wheels PC Into a Gaming Beast

2/25/2022 - Bat-Updates From The Batman and Batgirl's Own Batman

2/25/2022 - Disney's $6,000 Star Wars Hotel Is Incredibly Immersive—But It Still Costs $6,000

2/25/2022 - Yes, Lenovo Makes Earbuds—and They're Better Than I Expected

2/25/2022 - Mental Health Emergencies Surge During Heat Waves

2/25/2022 - What You Need to Know About Google's VPN

2/25/2022 - Ukraine Military Calls on Citizens With Hobby Drones to Help Kyiv

2/25/2022 - You Can Make the Bizarre Ads on Tumblr Disappear, for a Price

2/24/2022 - Some of Marvel's Best Stories, as Championed by io9 Readers

2/24/2022 - This Transformers and G.I Joe Mash-Up Toy Opens Up a World of Possibilities

2/24/2022 - How Michelle Yeoh Helped Bring Indiana Jones Breakout Ke Huy Quan Back to the Big Screen

2/24/2022 - The Many Cinematic Origins of Batman, Ranked

2/24/2022 - The U.S. Is Weaponizing Semiconductors to Try to Rein In Russia

2/24/2022 - Comixology Promises Fixes and Updates After Disastrous Amazon Integration

2/24/2022 - NASA Outlines Final Steps Before Launch of Artemis 1, First in New Lunar Program

2/24/2022 - Doctors Were Able to Study a Man's Brain Activity as He Died

2/24/2022 - ALF Will Soon Be Crash-Landing (Again) Onto Screens Near You

2/24/2022 - Massive New ‘Human Family Tree’ Includes 27 Million Ancestors

2/24/2022 - White House Says Reports of an American Cyberwar With Russia Are Greatly Exaggerated

2/24/2022 - A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legend Is Returning After 24 Years

2/24/2022 - Fossil Fuel Industry Emitting 70% More Methane Than Official Numbers Show

2/24/2022 - Tabletop Designers Rally to Support Trans Kids in Texas

2/24/2022 - Funky Black Hole Is Spinning Tilted

2/24/2022 - The U.S. Proves It's Finally Ready for Offshore Wind

2/24/2022 - Netflix's Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Season 2 Trailer Is Very Boring, Actually

2/24/2022 - Leaked Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro Renders Show Off Two Very Familiar Phones

2/24/2022 - Star Trek: Discovery Pumped the Brakes to Re-Learn a Well-Trod Lesson

2/24/2022 - A Magnificently Elaborate Weird Al Pinball Machine Is Coming With 17 of His Best Parodies

2/24/2022 - Dogs Mourn the Loss of a Canine Companion, New Evidence Suggests

2/24/2022 - The First FDA-Authorized Condom for Anal Sex Is Here

2/24/2022 - New Fury Road Book Dives Into Charlize Theron's Horrifying Filming Experience

2/24/2022 - World's First Hydraulic Drone Promises Six-Hour, Non-Stop Flights Over 500 Miles

2/24/2022 - Garmin's New Epix Is an Absurdly Excellent Fitness Watch

2/24/2022 - Gov. Abbott to Blame for Billions in High Electric Prices, Former Grid CEO Says

2/24/2022 - There Are Even More Wild Rumors About Who's Joining the Kraven Movie

2/24/2022 - Motorola’s New Edge+ Brings a Stylus to a Flagship Phone Fight

2/24/2022 - Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8+ Is a Great Android Tablet That You Shouldn’t Buy

2/24/2022 - How to Create Your Own Wordle

2/24/2022 - 10 Photos and Videos From Russia's Invasion of Ukraine That Are Actually Fake

2/23/2022 - A Dinosaur War Is Coming to a Theater Near You

2/23/2022 - Why Matt Reeves Initially Said 'No' to The Batman and the DCEU

2/23/2022 - Dark Empire's Mediation on Star Wars' Cycles Helped Shape the Expanded Universe Forever

2/23/2022 - Wildfires Are Blazing Through Argentina

2/23/2022 - Meta Wants to Bring AI Assistants and Universal Translation to the Metaverse... One Day... In the Future!

2/23/2022 - Vaccines Cut Risk of Long Covid in Half, UK Scientists Find

2/23/2022 - 'Wiper' Malware Discovered on Ukrainian Devices as Bank Websites Suffer Cyberattacks

2/23/2022 - Court Lets Waymo Keep Its Secrets

2/23/2022 - A Hybrid Academy Awards Ceremony Will Be a Disaster for Genre Film

2/23/2022 - A Dose of Viagra Might Help Dogs Who Can't Keep Food Down

2/23/2022 - Fairly OddParents' New Paramount+ Series Promises Plenty of Live-Action Mayhem

2/23/2022 - Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites Production Workers Have Filed to Unionize

2/23/2022 - Frontier Launches Network-Wide 2Gbps Fiber Internet, a First in the U.S.

2/23/2022 - Chinese Rover Spots Unusual Glass Beads on Far Side of the Moon

2/23/2022 - The 1984 Firestarter Is a Small-Scale Tale of Dangerously Weird Science

2/23/2022 - Tesla Gets $275,000 Finger-Wag From EPA Over Air Pollution Violations

2/23/2022 - Antarctic Sea Ice Hits Lowest Level Since 1970s

2/23/2022 - What to Do If a Cop Tries to Scan Your Face During a Traffic Stop

2/23/2022 - They Did the Thing (Updated)

2/23/2022 - New Book Claims to Have Identified the Hacker Behind a Massive $11 Billion Crypto Theft

2/23/2022 - This Wordle-Solving 3D Printer Doesn't Complain About the New York Times Making It Harder

2/23/2022 - BenQ's New 4K Projector Sounds Perfect for Gamers Who Don't Mind Playing in HD

2/23/2022 - Could, Somehow, Palpatine Return to Star Wars' Streaming Future?

2/23/2022 - OtterBox's New MagSafe Batteries Are the First That Actually Charge on a MagSafe Pad

2/23/2022 - Paleontologists Find Largest Jurassic Pterosaur Fossil Eroding on a Scottish Beach

2/23/2022 - Samsung's Galaxy S22 Is the Best Android Phone for Most People

2/23/2022 - Huge Jurassic Flying Reptile Fossil Found on Scottish Beach

2/23/2022 - Did This Disney Exec Accidentally Leak the Opening Date for a New Guardians of the Galaxy Ride?

2/22/2022 - J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Movie Announcement Caught Its Stars By Surprise

2/22/2022 - The Importance of Spider-Man: No Way Home's New Suit Isn't Just Skin... er, Spandex-Deep

2/22/2022 - The Man Who Fell to Earth's New Trailer Unites Its Alien Heroes

2/22/2022 - Guns Have Overtaken Cars as Leading Cause of Traumatic Deaths in the U.S.

2/22/2022 - Peloton Sold Rusted Bikes to Customers and Allegedly Tried to Hide It

2/22/2022 - Supreme Court Will Weigh In on Web Developer Who Refused Services to Same-Sex Couple

2/22/2022 - Star Trek: Discovery's Big Threat Has a Major Voyager Connection

2/22/2022 - This $4,700 Retro Digital Watch Only Displays the Time for a Few Seconds

2/22/2022 - This Hell Planet Has Metal Clouds, Astronomers Say

2/22/2022 - Report: Oscars Twitter Award Is Already Going as Well As You'd Expect

2/22/2022 - The Marines Need Billions for Climate Prep

2/22/2022 - New NYC Bill Would Prevent Apps From Promising 15-Minute Deliveries

2/22/2022 - Hayao Miyazaki’s Graphic Novel Gets an English Translation, 40 Years Later

2/22/2022 - A Shady App Is Tricking Trump Supporters Into Thinking They’ve Joined the True Truth Social

2/22/2022 - NASA's Megarocket Gets Closer to First Launch After Successful Engine Tests

2/22/2022 - The Supreme Court Just Dealt a Major Blow to the Dakota Access Pipeline

2/22/2022 - The Origins of Horizon Forbidden West's Biggest Spoilers

2/22/2022 - Sony's Kraven the Hunter Just Added an Unsurprising But Peculiar Comics Foe

2/22/2022 - Germany Blocks Russian Natural Gas Pipeline

2/22/2022 - Our Flag Means Death Will Explore 'the Outsider Artist of Pirates'

2/22/2022 - Volcano-Ravaged Tonga Is Back Online After 5-Week Internet Outage

2/22/2022 - 'The Birds Outsmarted Us’: Magpies Help Each Other Remove Scientists' Tracking Devices

2/22/2022 - I Would Happily Go Back to Using an MP3 Player if I Could Put Winamp in My Pocket

2/22/2022 - Peacemaker's John Cena Is 'Eternally Grateful' to the Show's Surprise Cameos

2/22/2022 - This Is Sony's PlayStation VR2 Headset

2/22/2022 - Panasonic's Lumix GH6 Arrives Fashionably Late With a Megapixel Boost and Unlimited 4K Video Recording

2/22/2022 - Updates From Thor: Love & Thunder, Halo, and More

2/22/2022 - 10 Tips and Tricks To Get the Most Out of Google Messages

2/22/2022 - NFT Trader Sues OpenSea for $1 Million Over Stolen Ape With Baby's Bonnet

2/22/2022 - Paul Farmer, Public Health Expert and Social Justice Advocate, Dies at 62

2/21/2022 - Here’s a Long List of What Went Wrong When Trump's Truth Social App Launched on the App Store

2/21/2022 - Happy 30th Birthday to Zyuranger, the Japanese Show That Transformed Into Power Rangers Mania

2/21/2022 - Marvel to Deal Out George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards Comics

2/21/2022 - The Peacemaker Gag Reel Has John Cena Literally Crying With Laughter

2/21/2022 - Watch Henry Cavill Utterly Geek Out at the Home of Warhammer

2/21/2022 - Howard Shore's Videodrome Score Is Ready to Mess With Your Head

2/21/2022 - We’re Not Prepared for Contamination Between Worlds

2/21/2022 - 10 Excellent Eternals Facts Revealed During Its Making of Documentary

2/21/2022 - Patrick Stewart Talks About Those Doctor Strange Rumors

2/21/2022 - What's the Most Dangerous Emerging Technology?

2/20/2022 - The Walking Dead Returns With Murder, Mayhem, and Extremely Dubious Morality, as Per Usual

2/20/2022 - Hacker Uses Phishing Attack to Steal $1.7 Million in NFTs From OpenSea Users

2/20/2022 - What's Your Favorite Redemption Story?

2/20/2022 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers On Venom's MCU Future and the Ending

2/20/2022 - James Gunn Talks Transitioning to TV and Those Peacemaker Cameos

2/19/2022 - Apple to Offer Free CODA Movie Screenings to Celebrate Its Oscar Nod Next Weekend

2/19/2022 - SEC Pushes Back After Tesla and Musk Accuse Regulator of Harassment

2/19/2022 - FDA Is Reportedly Considering Whether to Approve a Second Booster Shot for This Fall

2/19/2022 - Paul Dano Talks Shifting to Riddler Mode and Joining the Superhero Genre

2/19/2022 - Aquaman: Andromeda Puts DC's King in Deep Sea Sci-Fi Horror

2/19/2022 - Charlie Day Loves Guillermo del Toro, Not So Much Pacific Rim 2

2/19/2022 - Tales of The Walking Dead Adds Several Superheroes to Its Stacked Cast

2/19/2022 - We Don't Have to Accept a Bad Flu Season Every Winter

2/19/2022 - The Winter Olympics As We Know Them Could Be Over

2/18/2022 - The Week's Best Toys Include Pokemon's Most Literal Electric Mouse

2/18/2022 - CDC Confirms Power of Anime (and Ventilation) Prevented NYC Con From Being an Omicron Superspreader

2/18/2022 - Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Presents: Adele but It's Crypto

2/18/2022 - Severance Will Be Your New Mind-Warping Mystery Obsession

2/18/2022 - Encouraging Webb Telescope Image Shows a Single Star in a Familiar Pattern

2/18/2022 - Tonga Eruption Blasted Volcanic Material Into the Mesosphere

2/18/2022 - Report: Apple Store Workers Are Preparing to Unionize

2/18/2022 - The Fallout TV Show Casts Walton Goggins as Its Leading Ghoul

2/18/2022 - Tom Veitch, One of the Vanguards of Star Wars' Expanded Universe, Has Died

2/18/2022 - Elon Musk’s Latest Plans for Useless Money Pits Target Miami and Texas

2/18/2022 - Netflix's New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is Completely Unnecessary

2/18/2022 - The Nearly Extinct Polio Virus Just Resurfaced in Africa

2/18/2022 - Michael Bay Compares His Explosions to a Salad

2/18/2022 - Spoilers of the Week Feb 14-18

2/18/2022 - King Tut's Meteorite Dagger Has a Mystery Origin Story

2/18/2022 - Windows 11 Pro Will Soon Require a Microsoft Account, and People Are Pissed

2/18/2022 - Writing Horizon Forbidden West Was a Robot Dinosaur-Sized Task

2/18/2022 - Winter Storm Causes 100-Car Pileup in Illinois

2/18/2022 - Quentin Tarantino's Scrapped Star Trek Movie Certainly Sounds Like... Something

2/18/2022 - Unprecedented Image Captures Freakishly Large Solar Eruption

2/18/2022 - Vox Machina Levels Up in Critical Role's Season Finale

2/18/2022 - Lauren Boebert Wants You to Think She’s Fighting Wildfires

2/18/2022 - The Facebook Whistleblower's New SEC Complaints Hit Meta in the Money Bags

2/18/2022 - Ugh, Zuckerberg's Metaverse Isn't as Dead as We All Hoped

2/18/2022 - Nerf's Fastest Dart Blaster Ever Promises a Fun Day of Picking Up Foam Ammo

2/18/2022 - Wild Marvel Rumors Tease a Very Silly She-Hulk Cameo

2/18/2022 - Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra Is Too Much

2/18/2022 - China's Baidu Launches Self-Driving Taxis in Densely Populated Shenzhen

2/18/2022 - Popular Baby Formulas Recalled Over Bacteria After Child's Death: FDA

2/17/2022 - Apple-1 Mystery Is Finally Solved 45 Years Later

2/17/2022 - Netflix's Marvel TV Series Aren't Coming to Disney+... for Now

2/17/2022 - Star Wars Legend John Williams Has Composed the Obi-Wan Kenobi Theme

2/17/2022 - Unknown Deep Sea Creatures Are Holding Onto a Ton of Carbon

2/17/2022 - Amazon's Comixology Overhaul Is Here, and It Sucks

2/17/2022 - A Father Accidentally Shut Down His Town's Whole Internet in an Effort to Limit His Kids' Screentime

2/17/2022 - Andrew Yang's Starting a Web3 Lobbying Firm to Remind You He's Still Here

2/17/2022 - Loki Season 2 Is Lining Up Some Moon Knight Directors

2/17/2022 - New Emojis coming to iOS 15.4

2/17/2022 - Wordle Is Watching You

2/17/2022 - The Alien Show Has Some Good News—and Some Not-So-Good News

2/17/2022 - Intel's First-Gen Discrete Laptop GPUs Are Just Weeks Away

2/17/2022 - Star Trek: Discovery Gave Burnham the Best Foil She's Ever Had... For a Minute

2/17/2022 - Hunters are Poisoning Bald Eagles With Lead

2/17/2022 - Landslides Devastate Brazilian City

2/17/2022 - MyPillow Gremlin: I Will Bomb the Freedom Convoy With Pillows to Save It

2/17/2022 - The Batman Features Some Choice Dialogue Written by Catwoman

2/17/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Could Get a Good Look at the Next ‘Oumuamua

2/17/2022 - Amazon Is Reportedly Funding a Shadowy Network of ICE Deportation Flights

2/17/2022 - The Fog of (Information) War Looms Large Over the Ukraine Crisis

2/17/2022 - A Detective With a Nose for Murder Smells Trouble in This Excerpt From Station Eternity

2/17/2022 - Uh Oh, There's an STD Test Shortage

2/17/2022 - Stranger Things Season 4 Will Be Supersized, Beginning This May

2/17/2022 - Behold, Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor in All Her Love and Thunder Glory

2/17/2022 - Ford Is Testing In-Car Sound Effects to Alert Drivers to Hazards Outside the Vehicle

2/17/2022 - New Batgirl Set Pictures Tease the Return of Michael Keaton's Dark Knight

2/17/2022 - Peloton's Video Game Feature Is Here, and It's Fun

2/17/2022 - The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Is the New Gaming Laptop to Beat

2/17/2022 - Hong Kong to Test All 7.5 Million Residents for Covid-19 as Cases Skyrocket

2/17/2022 - Elon Musk Tweets Meme Comparing Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler

2/16/2022 - Russian Hackers Have Targeted Defense Contractors to Steal Sensitive Data, U.S. Intelligence Says

2/16/2022 - Peacemaker Star John Cena Will Showdown With Looney Tunes' Wile E. Coyote

2/16/2022 - Facebook Has a New Metascapegoat

2/16/2022 - This Wearable Smart Camera Can Detect Voice Commands Without a Sound

2/16/2022 - Horizon Zero Dawn's Devotion to Loneliness Makes It a True Solitary Experience

2/16/2022 - Google's New Plan for Android Privacy Doesn't Sound All That Private

2/16/2022 - Everything We Know (and Used to Know) About Han and Leia's Wedding

2/16/2022 - California Will Stick Solar Panels Over Canals to Fight Two Disasters at Once

2/16/2022 - 5 National Parks to Visit Before You and/or They Die

2/16/2022 - These Orangutans Got Suspiciously Close to Inventing Stone Tools

2/16/2022 - Peacemaker Gets Renewed for Season 2 to Brutally Make Some More Peace

2/16/2022 - This Huge Semi-Aquatic Dinosaur Stalked the Shores of Western Europe

2/16/2022 - For the Disney Fan Who Has Everything, Now There's 'Storyliving'

2/16/2022 - ID.me's Remaining Federal Contracts Are in Danger

2/16/2022 - Scientists Say They've Found a Way to Create Universal Donor Lungs

2/16/2022 - The Jurassic World Dominion Toys Are Here to Stomp All Over Your Responsible Budgeting

2/16/2022 - Coal Plant Won't Pay Its Rent, but Can Pay Joe Manchin

2/16/2022 - The Epic Justice League/Avengers Crossover Returns to Help Comic Artists in Need

2/16/2022 - The Boys: Diabolical Has an Eye-Popping New Trailer and Episode Breakdowns

2/16/2022 - The U.S. Has Had a Million 'Extra' Deaths Since the Pandemic Began

2/16/2022 - Taika Waititi's Pirate Series Our Flag Means Death Looks Yo-Ho-Ho-Larious

2/16/2022 - Here’s the Oppressive Surveillance You’ll Face If You Protest in NYC

2/16/2022 - Rare Baby Ghost Shark Spotted Off the Coast of New Zealand

2/16/2022 - Futurama's John DiMaggio on 'Bendergate': 'It's About Self-Respect'

2/16/2022 - This Is the World's First Glossy 4K Gaming Monitor

2/16/2022 - Star Wars Release Dates: Where and When to See Upcoming Star Wars Movies and Disney+ Shows

2/16/2022 - You Can Finally Carry Your Robot Dog Around Like a Baby

2/16/2022 - Obi-Wan Kenobi May Have Added Yet Another Familiar Face

2/16/2022 - Wi-Fi 7 Is Coming, and Here's Why You Should Care

2/16/2022 - The Big Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Shoot-Out

2/16/2022 - Disney Appoints Exec to Run Metaverse and His First Job Is to Figure Out What the Hell It Is

2/16/2022 - Baby Shark is Getting a Feature-Length Movie in 2023 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

2/15/2022 - Paramount Just Announced So Much Star Trek, Transformers, and TMNT News

2/15/2022 - Zuck Tells Employees They’re Now Called Metamates—a Really Fucking Stupid Name If You Ask Me

2/15/2022 - Devastating NOAA Report Warns Sea Levels Along U.S. Coasts Will Rise a Foot by 2050

2/15/2022 - Mickey Mouse Waves Goodbye to Masks in Disney Parks, Again

2/15/2022 - Bar-Goers Were Poisoned by Ecstasy-Laced Champagne, German Police Say

2/15/2022 - Europe's Data Watchdog Calls for Total Ban of Pegasus Spyware

2/15/2022 - Record-Breaking 58-Foot Rogue Wave Detected Off Vancouver Island

2/15/2022 - Star Wars: The Old Republic's Latest Trailer Is a Gorgeous Reminder That the Jedi Order Sucks

2/15/2022 - Student Monitoring Companies Are Using Fake Answer Sites to Snitch on Test Takers

2/15/2022 - Texas CEO Who Loaned Trump a Jet Has 'No Comment' on Funding Canada's Anti-Vax Truckers

2/15/2022 - Flowers Growing in Antarctica Are the Latest Sign of Environmental Catastrophe

2/15/2022 - A Celestial Journey Begins in This Excerpt from Shea Ernshaw's Wilderness of Stars

2/15/2022 - Crypto Cringe Rapper Out On Bail

2/15/2022 - Disturbing Video of Hundreds of Blackbirds Crashing Into the Ground Not as Weird as You Think

2/15/2022 - Uncharted Falls Flat, Like Nathan Drake Missing a Ledge

2/15/2022 - Ukraine Hit with Cyberattacks as Tensions with Russia Continue

2/15/2022 - Trudeau Invokes Emergency Powers to Hit 'Freedom Convoy' Where It Hurts: Crowdfunding

2/15/2022 - Cad Bane's Next Cameo Appearance Is on Your Toy Shelf

2/15/2022 - We've Got You Now, Ticks

2/15/2022 - Space-Addicted Billionaire Books Three More Flights With SpaceX

2/15/2022 - The Bioshock Movie Is Back, Thanks to Netflix

2/15/2022 - I Can't Even Look at This Laptop-Carrying Strap Without Getting Stressed Out

2/15/2022 - Photos of a Volcanic Storm Over Mount Etna Look Like Something From Lord of the Rings

2/15/2022 - Google's New Chrome OS Flex Will Rescue Your Old PC or Mac

2/15/2022 - Sony Just Reinvented Wireless Earbuds

2/15/2022 - Why The Batman Features Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin

2/15/2022 - Android Apps Arrive on Windows 11 in Public Beta

2/15/2022 - Elon Musk's Neuralink Pushes Back Against Monkey Torture Allegations

2/15/2022 - The Live-Action Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers Movie Is Buck Wild

2/15/2022 - Matt Bors Returns to Comics With Justice Warriors

2/15/2022 - The Amount of Work That Went Into This Pinball Machine Coffee Table Conversion Is Staggering

2/15/2022 - Eternals Wasn't Just a Historical Epic, It Was a Global One, Too

2/15/2022 - Drought Exposes an Underwater 'Ghost' Village in Spain

2/15/2022 - Even More Doctor Strange and Moon Knight Glimpses Tease Marvel's Near Future

2/15/2022 - 11 Best Smartphone Innovations Since the iPhone

2/15/2022 - Horizon Forbidden West Is Getting Its Very Own Lego Set

2/15/2022 - Elon Musk Donated $5.7 Billion in Tesla Shares to Unnamed Charity

2/15/2022 - San Francisco Cops Used DNA From Rape Victim to Arrest Her Over Property Crime: Report

2/15/2022 - Epson's New Laser Projector Takes a Clever Approach to Achieve Full 4K

2/15/2022 - Missouri Prosecutor Ignores Governor’s Call to Go After Journalist for ‘Hacking’

2/14/2022 - Razzlekahn, Rapping Tech CEO Accused of Laundering Billions in Bitcoin, Gets Bail

2/14/2022 - All the Cool Details in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's First Teaser

2/14/2022 - The Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim Anime Rides to 2024

2/14/2022 - Wonder Twins Movie, Activate

2/14/2022 - American Southwest Is Experiencing Its Worst Megadrought Since 800 AD

2/14/2022 - The ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault Is Taking in New Samples

2/14/2022 - New Leak Suggests Most Users Funding Canada's 'Freedom Convoy' Reside in U.S.

2/14/2022 - Possible Globs of Melted Nuclear Fuel Photographed Inside Damaged Fukushima Reactor

2/14/2022 - You Can Now Visit Websites Using Only Emojis 🙄

2/14/2022 - 12 Biggest Mysteries in the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Trailer

2/14/2022 - The Academy Awards Revives the Best Popular Film Award, But Worse

2/14/2022 - A Staggering Amount of Amazon Rainforest Disappeared Last Month

2/14/2022 - Astronomers Find 'Weird' Stars Covered in Burned-Up Helium

2/14/2022 - Send Love Between Shared Universes With io9's Nerdy Valentines

2/14/2022 - U.S. Invests $5 Billion into EV Charging Stations

2/14/2022 - Texas Lawsuit Claims Facebook's Facial Recognition Violated User Privacy and Broke the Law

2/14/2022 - GM's Dr. Evil Super Bowl Commercial Is a Little Too Literal

2/14/2022 - Han and Leia Went to Disney World for Their Honeymoon

2/14/2022 - Hideaki Anno's Hero Movies Are Crossing Over for... Something

2/14/2022 - U.S. Suddenly Suspends Mexican Avocado Imports Following Threatening Call to Health Official

2/14/2022 - Apple Filings Show Three New Macs Are on the Horizon

2/14/2022 - RIP Ivan Reitman, the Architect Behind Ghostbusters

2/14/2022 - Plot Twist: A Different Rogue Rocket Is Going to Hit the Moon

2/14/2022 - Charlie Cox Continues to Tease His Daredevil Future

2/14/2022 - Super Bowl Crypto Ads Feature Larry David, LeBron James, and QR Code for Free Bitcoin

2/13/2022 - The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power's Stunning First Teaser Is Here

2/13/2022 - Moon Knight's New Super Bowl Trailer Brings Justice and Pain

2/13/2022 - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Lives Up to Its Name in Super Bowl Spot

2/13/2022 - Uncharted's Fortnite Skins are Impressive, But Also Way Too Smooth

2/13/2022 - Let's Hear It for Voice Actors, Tell Us Your Favorites

2/13/2022 - Joe Hill Adds The Fireman to His Many Works Being Adapted

2/13/2022 - Nope's First Teaser Has Us Terrified and Loving It

2/12/2022 - FTC Warns the Public Not to Let Online Romance Scammers Turn Them Into ‘Money Mules’

2/12/2022 - Apple Is Reportedly Giving Its Retail Workers Raises to Make Sure They Don’t Leave

2/12/2022 - The Thunderbolts Are Back, This Time as Good Guys?

2/12/2022 - Jujutsu Kaisen's Getting a Second Season...in 2023

2/12/2022 - Hell Yeah, Moon Knight In a Suit

2/12/2022 - Shang-Chi is in Barbie, Because What is Reality Anymore?

2/11/2022 - It Only Took 3 Days for Netflix to Order a Docuseries on the Bonnie and Clyde of the Crypto World

2/11/2022 - A Hacker Group Has Been Framing People for Crimes They Didn't Commit

2/11/2022 - Spoilers of the Week Feb. 11th

2/11/2022 - Best Buy Needs to Quit This Nonsense

2/11/2022 - All the Moons Explores a Gorgeously Melancholy Vampire Story

2/11/2022 - The U.S. Is Pumping $5 Billion Into EV Charging Stations

2/11/2022 - How Law Enforcement Agencies Around the Globe Are Using Robo-Dogs

2/11/2022 - Star Wars Alum Ray Stevenson to Join Ahsoka, Maybe as a Famous EU Character

2/11/2022 - Covid-19 Vaccines for Kids Under 5 Delayed Again, as FDA Plans to Wait for More Efficacy Data

2/11/2022 - Doctor Strange, McBain, and The Book of Boba Fett Lead the Week in Toys

2/11/2022 - Vaccines, the Super Bowl, and Microwaved Brains: How Americans Caught ‘Freedom Convoy’ Fever

2/11/2022 - Super Bowl Will See Heat Wave as Wildfires Dot Los Angeles

2/11/2022 - Fart Horn Recall Affects Half a Million Teslas

2/11/2022 - 11 Awesome Hawkeye Facts Revealed During Its Making-Of Documentary

2/11/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Captures Selfie as It Aligns Its Gold Mirrors

2/11/2022 - More Evidence That People Eat More When They Sleep Less

2/11/2022 - Jim Lee's Iconic X-Men Trading Cards Live Again in a New Art Book

2/11/2022 - 1 in 4 Lions and Leopards Had Wounds From Shotguns or Snares in New Study

2/11/2022 - Netflix Is Removing Its Marvel Shows Next Month [Updated]

2/11/2022 - Government Researchers Want to Create a Digital Fingerprint for Your Text Messages

2/11/2022 - Blade Runner Will Live On as a New TV Series From Ridley Scott

2/11/2022 - New Black Adam, The Flash, and Aquaman 2 Footage Debuts in Heroic DC Trailer

2/11/2022 - New NASA Image Shows Venus Glowing Like an ‘Iron Pulled From a Forge’

2/11/2022 - The Best Jurassic World: Dominion Lego Set Is a Throwback to the Original Jurassic Park

2/11/2022 - Koalas Are Officially Endangered

2/11/2022 - Western Digital Just Lost 6.5 Billion GB of Flash Storage, and You Could Pay the Price

2/11/2022 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Super Bowl Spot Brings Back a Robotnik Classic

2/11/2022 - Scientists Created a Cyborg Fish Powered by Beating Human Heart Cells

2/11/2022 - Big Tech Sold Out on Its Promise of an Open Internet

2/11/2022 - Updates From Peacemaker, Paddington 3, and More

2/11/2022 - 10 Essential(ish) Gadgets for Your Super Bowl Sunday Party

2/11/2022 - Defense Contractors Created Fake 'Society of Young Women Scientists' to Make Illegal Political Donations

2/10/2022 - The CIA Has a Secret Data Collection Program That Includes Some Records on Americans, Senators Say

2/10/2022 - MoviePass Is Coming Back and It’s Going to Be a ‘Web3 Marketplace’ This Time

2/10/2022 - Siberian Teen Sentenced to Prison for Plotting to Blow Up Minecraft Version of FSB Building

2/10/2022 - Watch a Talented Artist Repaint a Baby Yoda Toy to Look Like the Real Grogu Prop

2/10/2022 - Everything We Know About The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

2/10/2022 - 3 Cool Things From Samsung Unpacked

2/10/2022 - Disney+'s Beauty and the Beast Gaston Series Is on Hold

2/10/2022 - Florida Inches Closer to Kneecapping Rooftop Solar

2/10/2022 - Asteroid Sample Brought to Earth Exposes Ryugu's Hidden Interior

2/10/2022 - Shudder Announces a Queer Horror Series (and Renews Creepshow!)

2/10/2022 - Here’s Apple’s Latest Plan to Prevent AirTag Stalking

2/10/2022 - Covid-19 Survivors Face a Higher Risk of Future Heart Problems, Large Study Finds

2/10/2022 - See The Mandalorian's Greatest Guest Stars Come to Life in Star Wars' Next Art Book

2/10/2022 - The U.S. Has a Plan to Fix Puerto Rico’s Dangerously Busted Energy Grid

2/10/2022 - The New Futurama Series Is Recasting Bender... for Now

2/10/2022 - Apple's AR/VR Headsets Might Run on a New 'realityOS'

2/10/2022 - Everything You Need to Know About the NYC Couple Accused of Laundering Billions in Crypto

2/10/2022 - Star Trek: Discovery Returns to Put Michael Burnham at the Heart of It All

2/10/2022 - Anti-Encryption Bill Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

2/10/2022 - Ryan Reynolds and Younger Ryan Reynolds Make a Power Team in The Adam Project

2/10/2022 - Here's Everything Coming to Android 13 (So Far)

2/10/2022 - Shaolin Cowboy Returns, and Things Are Gonna Get Ugly

2/10/2022 - Arctic Sponges Discovered Eating Corpses of Long-Dead Worms

2/10/2022 - 1 in 3 Americans Have a Potentially Dangerous Weed Killer in Their Bodies

2/10/2022 - Why $200 Wireless Earbuds Need to Be More Than Just Good

2/10/2022 - Apple Supplier Says Parts Shortages Are Easing, but the Finish Line Is Still Far Away

2/10/2022 - New Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Images Finally Tell Us Something About the Show

2/10/2022 - Spectacular Video Shows Starlink Satellite Disintegrating Over Puerto Rico After Geomagnetic Storm

2/10/2022 - Researchers Have Found a Way to Use Quantum Dots to Create Incredibly High-Res Camera Sensors

2/10/2022 - Jurassic World: Dominion's New Trailer Unites Old Friends to Fight New Dinosaurs

2/10/2022 - Zack Snyder Teases New Details About His Next Sci-Fi Epic

2/10/2022 - Astronomers Spot Third Possible Planet Orbiting Nearest Star

2/10/2022 - Oscars Won't Require Covid-19 Vaccination for Attendees in L.A.

2/9/2022 - How to Stream the Super Bowl

2/9/2022 - X Deaths and X Lives of Wolverine Are Digging Into the Messy Aftermath of Inferno

2/9/2022 - How to Buy the Best TV for the Super Bowl

2/9/2022 - Got $2 Billion? You Could Own the Lord of the Rings Film Rights

2/9/2022 - Anthony Ramos to Play Major Part in Ironheart and the Future Marvel Cinematic Universe

2/9/2022 - Amazon’s New York Union Drive Might Be Coming at Just the Right Time

2/9/2022 - The Obi-Wan Kenobi Release Date Has Been Officially Confirmed

2/9/2022 - 10 Questions We Have After The Book of Boba Fett Season Finale

2/9/2022 - Ebola Can Linger in the Brains of Survivors Even After Antibody Treatment, Study Suggests

2/9/2022 - The Celebs We’ve Lost To NFTs

2/9/2022 - Somehow, Futurama Is Coming Back Again

2/9/2022 - Texas Got Double the Earthquakes in 2021

2/9/2022 - Microsoft Swears Call of Duty Won't Be Exclusive to Xbox

2/9/2022 - The New Firestarter Trailer Looks Like a Supervillain Origin Story

2/9/2022 - The Environmental Movement Isn’t Ready for Transphobia

2/9/2022 - The U.S. Army Has a New Dystopian Plan to Deal With Climate Catastrophe

2/9/2022 - Oscar Winner Russell Crowe Is Joining Sony's Spider-Verse

2/9/2022 - Texas AG Launches Investigation Into GoFundMe's Removal of 'Freedom Convoy' Campaign

2/9/2022 - DC Comics' Newest Crisis Won't Reboot the DC Universe, Thank God

2/9/2022 - Mazda Owners Near Seattle Find Their Radios Are Permanently Stuck on NPR

2/9/2022 - Two Simple Movements Can Reduce Dizziness When Standing Up, Study Finds

2/9/2022 - Lawmakers Warn Clearview AI Could End Public Anonymity if Feds Don't Ditch It

2/9/2022 - Alex Garland's Mysterious New Film Men Debuts Its Equally Mysterious Trailer

2/9/2022 - A Closer Look at Everything Samsung Announced at Galaxy Unpacked

2/9/2022 - A Crypto Community 'Cancels' One of Its Own

2/9/2022 - More Than 40 Starlink Satellites Have Been Lost After a Geomagnetic Storm

2/9/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett Goes Out With Style, and Little Substance

2/9/2022 - Some Advice for Donald Trump, Tech Mogul

2/9/2022 - Adobe's Video Editor Can Now Intelligently Remix and Shorten Music to Perfectly Fit the Length of a Clip

2/9/2022 - Samsung's New Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Is a Giant iPad Pro Rival

2/9/2022 - Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra Is the Galaxy Note Reboot We've Been Waiting For

2/9/2022 - The Obi-Wan Kenobi Show May Have Cast Another Familiar Animated Face

2/9/2022 - How to Watch Samsung Unpacked—and What to Expect

2/9/2022 - Hospitals Complain Nurses Making Too Much Money During Covid-19 Pandemic

2/8/2022 - A Ghoulish Passenger Bedevils a Driver in Chilling Short Night Bus

2/8/2022 - The Best Wildlife Photographs of 2021, as Chosen by the People

2/8/2022 - ID.me Says It Will Make Facial Recognition Optional for Government Agencies

2/8/2022 - Composer John Williams Turns 90 Today, So Enjoy 9 of His Greatest Songs

2/8/2022 - Antihistamines Could Help Some Long Covid Patients, New Research Suggests

2/8/2022 - Ecuador's Indigenous Groups Have New Power to Protect Their Lands from Destruction

2/8/2022 - Mission: Impossibles 7 and 8 Might Be Tom Cruise's Last

2/8/2022 - Coal-Loving Australia Just Hit Wind and Solar Power Records

2/8/2022 - Great, DARPA Just Flew a Black Hawk Helicopter With Nobody In It

2/8/2022 - Rapping FinanceTok Influencer and Husband Accused of Conspiracy to Launder $4.5 Billion in Crypto

2/8/2022 - Leica Now Makes $14,000 Watches, Too

2/8/2022 - A Young Warrior Tests Her Strength in This Exclusive Excerpt from Willow's Black Shield Maiden

2/8/2022 - Mega Comet Arriving From the Oort Cloud Is 85 Miles Wide

2/8/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett Can't Stop Treating Boba Like a Chump

2/8/2022 - Destiny Should Be Sony's Next Big Animated Series

2/8/2022 - Judge Orders Anti-Vax 'Freedom Convoy' Truckers to Stop Fucking Honking

2/8/2022 - Robert Pattinson Thinks His Bruce Wayne's a Bad Batman

2/8/2022 - The 22 Best 'Close-Up Photographer of the Year' Photos Really Get Right in There

2/8/2022 - Douglas Trumbull, Effects Wizard Behind 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner, Has Died

2/8/2022 - Apple Wants to Kill Square

2/8/2022 - Peloton to Replace CEO as It Goes Full Damage-Control Mode

2/8/2022 - Deer in New York Test Positive for Omicron, Researchers Warn of Future 'Spillback to Humans'

2/8/2022 - Postmaster General Says Gas-Guzzling Mail Trucks Are Here to Stay Unless Congress Acts

2/8/2022 - Environmental Activists Glue Themselves to Roadway in Berlin

2/8/2022 - Nvidia's Blockbuster Arm Acquisition Is Officially Dead

2/8/2022 - Lightyear's New Trailer Is Tripping the Lightyear Fantastic

2/8/2022 - Nothing's Wireless Earbuds Can Finally Activate Voice Assistants Like Siri and Alexa

2/8/2022 - Updates From The Batman and More

2/8/2022 - And Your 2022 Academy Awards Nominations Are...

2/8/2022 - Universal Control vs. Sidecar: How to Decide Which Mac Feature to Use

2/8/2022 - Don't Buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

2/8/2022 - Biden's Top Science Advisor Resigns After Taunting and Humiliating Staffers

2/7/2022 - Apple's Newest Acquisition Could Mean Changes for Apple Music

2/7/2022 - Rashida Jones and a Robot Are Coming to Apple TV+

2/7/2022 - One of Star Trek: Voyager's First Truly Great Moments Is a Fascinating Glimpse at What Might Have Been

2/7/2022 - 'A New Era': Peter Thiel Steps Down From Meta's Board of Directors

2/7/2022 - Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 Is Finally Gaining Google Assistant... Soonish

2/7/2022 - 10 Nerdy Movies to Stream for Valentine's Day

2/7/2022 - Chimps Might Use Insects as First Aid, Scientists Find

2/7/2022 - You Might Soon Be Able to Share Wifi Passwords Between Android Phones and Chromebooks

2/7/2022 - Pokémon Legends Arceus Is Evolving My Relationship with the Pokémon World

2/7/2022 - Astronomer Captures Images of SpaceX Booster That's on Track to Hit the Moon

2/7/2022 - Daredevil Is Back, and Charlie Cox Is Just as Excited as You Are

2/7/2022 - Astronomers Rally to Stop Starlink and Other Satellite Constellations From Ruining the Sky

2/7/2022 - Please, Apple, Don't Axe My Favorite AirPods Max Feature

2/7/2022 - Warner Bros. Is Being Sued Over the Release of The Matrix Resurrections

2/7/2022 - IRS Abandons Facial Recognition Plans

2/7/2022 - Google, Walmart, and Other Big Companies Are Half-Assing Their Climate Plans

2/7/2022 - Joker and Harley Quinn Made It to the Olympics

2/7/2022 - National Archives Reportedly Forced Trump to Turn Over Stolen Documents Spared From ‘Burn Bags’

2/7/2022 - Michelle Yeoh Leads the Kick-Ass Cast of Disney's American Born Chinese

2/7/2022 - A Mystery Illness Is Giving Dogs in the UK Stomach Trouble

2/7/2022 - Here's Why Luke Sounded So Weird in The Book of Boba Fett

2/7/2022 - Spoilers of the Week: February 4th

2/7/2022 - The Next MacBook Pro 13 Doesn't Sound All That 'Pro'

2/7/2022 - Gizmodo's Degrees of the Future

2/7/2022 - Star Wars Already Plans for Even More Andor

2/7/2022 - You Can Now Play Wordle on the Game Boy and Analogue Pocket

2/7/2022 - Spotify CEO Says Man He Gave $100 Million Does Not Represent Values of His Company

2/6/2022 - GOP Lawmakers Demand GoFundMe Give Back Money it Already Promised to Refund

2/6/2022 - Samsung’s New Galaxy Phones Will Feature a Material Made Out of Discarded Fishing Nets

2/6/2022 - House Passes Bill to Invest Billions in Bolstering Chip Production and Supply Chain Infrastructure

2/6/2022 - Forget About What Star Wars Is, What Is The High Republic?

2/6/2022 - Google Chrome’s New Icon Looks Pretty Much the Same to my Untrained Eyes

2/6/2022 - Phil Lord and Chris Miller Speak On That Dead Jump Street/Men in Black Crossover

2/6/2022 - Shining Girls is a Violent, Trippy Mystery Through Time

2/5/2022 - Joe Rogan Is Sorry for Using the N-Word and Comparing a Black Neighborhood to Planet of the Apes

2/5/2022 - Spoilers of the Week: January 31-February 4

2/5/2022 - Amazon, Nike, and Other Bidders Are Reportedly Eyeing Peloton

2/5/2022 - Meta Brings 'Personal Boundary' to Horizon Worlds and Venues to Keep Creeps at Arm's Length

2/5/2022 - Tom Holland on Going from Hero to Treasure Hunter and Almost Burning Out

2/5/2022 - Well Shit, No Boondocks Revival for HBO Max

2/5/2022 - Critical Role's Cast Talk Episode 4 and All That Bloody Violence

2/5/2022 - Spider-Verse Director Peter Ramsey's Next Film is All About Vampires and Noir

2/5/2022 - Utah Officials Drove Over Important Fossil Site With a Backhoe, Paleontologists Say

2/4/2022 - Apple's First Event of the Year Reportedly Set for March 8

2/4/2022 - U.S. Lawmakers Question Amazon Over Sale of Chemical Compound Used in Suicide

2/4/2022 - Google Stadia May Not Be Long for This World

2/4/2022 - How to Stream the 2022 Winter Olympics

2/4/2022 - Spotify Just Removed 70 Episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience—but Not That One

2/4/2022 - The Week's Best Toys Are a Lego Star Wars-Palooza

2/4/2022 - The New Goosebumps TV Series Squirms Its Way to Disney+

2/4/2022 - Here's What Henry Kissinger Thinks About the Future of Artificial Intelligence

2/4/2022 - Trump Thinks Facebook’s Wipeout Might Have Something to Do With a Little Thing Called TRUTH

2/4/2022 - New Antarctic Expedition Aims to Locate Endurance—Ernest Shackleton’s Lost Ship

2/4/2022 - Gettr Fired Its Entire Cybersecurity Team and Never Replaced Them, Former Employees Say

2/4/2022 - Fast and Furious’ Space Journey Is Now an Adorable Art Piece

2/4/2022 - Pennsylvania May Have a Big Tick Problem on Its Hands

2/4/2022 - What Did He Know?

2/4/2022 - The Hidden Failure of the World's Biggest Privacy Law

2/4/2022 - The Last Winter's Dire Eco-Horror Warning Is More Terrifying Than Ever

2/4/2022 - Austria Just Passed Europe's First Vaccine Mandate for All Adults

2/4/2022 - The New Orphan Black Show Just Took a Major Step Forward

2/4/2022 - Listen to John Cena's Amazing Piano Solo in Peacemaker

2/4/2022 - The Orville: New Horizons Has a New Sneak Peek and a (Slightly) Later New Release Date

2/4/2022 - GoFundMe Campaigns for Medical Bills Almost Never Work, Study Finds

2/4/2022 - Texas Trees Are Exploding Due to Cold Weather

2/4/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Successfully Sees Its First Glimmer of Light

2/4/2022 - Moonfall Miraculously Manages to Make a Murderous Moon Mundane

2/4/2022 - TP Tracking Toilet Paper Holder Shames Excessive Wipers

2/4/2022 - The CW Reveals New Details About Its Next DC Comics Show

2/4/2022 - No One Needs Amazon's Wall-Mounted Echo Show

2/4/2022 - Snap Up, Zuck Down

2/3/2022 - Another Secretive Spyware Firm Has Been Helping Hack iPhones

2/3/2022 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'Plausible Realities, Improbable Dreams' by Isabel J. Kim

2/3/2022 - A Jedi, Like His Father Before Him

2/3/2022 - Amazon Prime Raises Price as Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Attracts Unexpected Costs

2/3/2022 - DC Pre-Emptively Wins Comic of the Year With Jurassic League

2/3/2022 - The View of Earth From Space—as Seen by a North Korean Missile

2/3/2022 - Star Trek: Prodigy's Latest Finale Just Set Up One Hell of a Chase

2/3/2022 - Clearview AI Is Working on Augmented Reality Goggles for Air Force Security

2/3/2022 - $325 Million Vanishes From Crypto Platform Wormhole After Apparent Hack

2/3/2022 - Wayne's World Is a Landmark Piece of Pop Culture Cinema

2/3/2022 - Google’s Cruel for Killing This One

2/3/2022 - Winter Storm Landon Has Texas Gov. Abbott Backtracking On Power Outages

2/3/2022 - Scream 6 Is Officially a Go From the Team Behind Scream 5

2/3/2022 - Biden Admin Calls on Postal Service to Cancel Its Plans for Gas-Guzzling Fleet of Vehicles

2/3/2022 - You Can Now Buy 'Non-Fungible Animals,' And I Hate It

2/3/2022 - Netflix Is Bursting With Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Films in 2022

2/3/2022 - A Highly Virulent Variant of HIV Has Been Discovered in the Netherlands

2/3/2022 - Give Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's Character Posters a Hand

2/3/2022 - NASA Details Plan to Retire ISS in 2030 and Deliberately Crash It Into the Pacific Ocean

2/3/2022 - British People Love Those Darned Sandworms

2/3/2022 - 246,000 People Without Power as Dangerous Winter Storm Slams Half of the U.S.

2/3/2022 - Microsoft's Mixed-Reality Dreams Are Fading

2/3/2022 - Scientists Deliberately Infected People With Covid-19: Here's What Happened to Them

2/3/2022 - Facebook's User-Growth Machine Comes to a Halt

2/3/2022 - Sony's Cinematic Spider-Verse Wants Dakota Johnson as Madame Web

2/3/2022 - Silenced AirTags With Disabled Speakers Are Popping Up for Sale Online

2/3/2022 - Updates From Moon Knight, Loki, and More

2/3/2022 - Motorola's Budget Galaxy Note Gets Rebooted With Better Specs

2/2/2022 - Escape the Cold With These 12 Tropical Vacation-Themed Horror Movies

2/2/2022 - Optimus Prime Wants You to Go the Hell to Sleep

2/2/2022 - Rollout of NASA’s New Megarocket Delayed Until at Least March

2/2/2022 - Teslas Stop When They Should Go, Go When They Should Stop

2/2/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett's New Cliffhanger Can Only Go One Way

2/2/2022 - Racist Mining Company Reports It Is Very Sexist, and Also Racist

2/2/2022 - A Pissed-Off American Hacker Claims He Took Down North Korea's Internet All by Himself

2/2/2022 - Queer Men Become Romantic Superheroes, Pirates, and More in Comics Anthology Young Men in Love

2/2/2022 - Biden Pledges to 'End Cancer as We Know It,' Lower Death Rate by 50% Over Next 25 Years

2/2/2022 - Tales of the Walking Dead Grabs a Shockingly Impressive Cast

2/2/2022 - Meta Wants Some Fresh New Ideas for the Metaverse, so It's Asking Libertarian Think Tanks

2/2/2022 - Starlink's New Premium Tier Goes Up to 500 Mbps, but It Costs a Fortune

2/2/2022 - Archie Meets Riverdale in What Is Arguably the Maddest Comics Crossover of All Time

2/2/2022 - Scientists Say They've Created a Blood Test for Detecting Early Lung Cancer

2/2/2022 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Wants to Bring Some Classic Connections to the Screen

2/2/2022 - NASA's Future Mars Aircraft May Create a Purple Glow, but Don't Be Alarmed

2/2/2022 - Rihanna Drops $15 Million on Climate Justice

2/2/2022 - Channing Tatum Is Devastated That Gambit Didn't Happen

2/2/2022 - Historic Bridge May Be Dismantled for Jeff Bezos' Big, Beautiful Boat

2/2/2022 - The Trailer for The Boys Spin-off Diabolical Is a Real Mouthful

2/2/2022 - This Ultra-Rare Intel GPU Just Sold for $5,000 on eBay

2/2/2022 - I Miss Electroplankton: The Nintendo DS' Weird and Wonderful Musical Toy

2/2/2022 - New ‘Megaflash Lightning’ Records Are the Definition of Extreme

2/2/2022 - Google's Found a New Way to Track Workspace Users

2/2/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett Prepares for the End by Losing Its Way Again

2/2/2022 - The Flash Is Recruiting a Long-Gone Friend for a Mysterious Season 8 Role

2/2/2022 - How to Set Parental Controls on Your Smart Speakers

2/1/2022 - As Expected, Yet Another Star Trek Show Is Incoming

2/1/2022 - Dune's Sci-Fi Sounds Star in This Epic Deep Dive Video

2/1/2022 - Human Spines Threaded Onto Posts Found at 500-Year-Old Burial Site in Peru

2/1/2022 - Foundation Adds 10 Characters for Season 2, and Most of Them Are Entirely New

2/1/2022 - Here’s How to Save Wordle in Its Pure, Pre-NYT Form

2/1/2022 - How to Get Into the X-Men's Amazing Age of New Comics

2/1/2022 - Notorious Spyware Firm Reportedly Offered 'Bags of Cash' for Access to U.S. Networks

2/1/2022 - A Man Chopped Off His Penis With Scissors in a Fit of Cannabis-Induced Psychosis, Doctors Say

2/1/2022 - A Social Worker's Case Turns Supernatural in the Spooky They Live in the Grey Trailer

2/1/2022 - Neo-Nazis Mostly Thrilled Joe Rogan Called Them 'Feds'

2/1/2022 - NASA’s Asteroid Detector Was Upgraded to Scan the Entire Sky Every Day

2/1/2022 - Moonfall's John Bradley on Heroes, Conspiracy Theories, and Patrick Wilson's Eyes

2/1/2022 - Sonos Headphones May Soon Be on the Way

2/1/2022 - 5 Star Trek Shows Is Not Nearly Enough Star Trek for Paramount+

2/1/2022 - Exxon "Cares"

2/1/2022 - Fears of a Massive Fertilizer Plant Explosion Lead to Evacuation Order for 6,500 North Carolina Residents

2/1/2022 - Facebook's Crypto Project Is Officially Dead

2/1/2022 - Judgment Day Brings the X-Men Kicking and Screaming Back Into Marvel Events

2/1/2022 - Spider Seen Collecting Water, Possibly to Dunk Its Meal Like a Cookie in Milk

2/1/2022 - Torrential Rains in Brazil and Haiti Displace Thousands

2/1/2022 - Covid-19 Vaccine for U.S. Kids Under Five Years Old Could Be Here Sooner Than Expected

2/1/2022 - The After Yang Trailer Shows Exactly Why Critics Are Raving About It

2/1/2022 - Gmail Is Getting a New Interface—and It’s a Big Improvement

2/1/2022 - Astronomers Confirm a Second Trojan Asteroid Loitering in Earth’s Orbit

2/1/2022 - A Major Winter Storm Is About to Make Life Messy for Half the U.S.

2/1/2022 - Over 50,000 Tesla Vehicles Recalled Over ‘Intentional Design Choices That Are Unsafe’

2/1/2022 - Joby Introduces Two Affordable Ways to Take Your Smartphone Videos to the Next Level

2/1/2022 - Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun Are Back for Real

2/1/2022 - Updates From She-Hulk, Hocus Pocus 2, and More

2/1/2022 - How to Cancel Spotify (and Take Your Playlists With You)

2/1/2022 - Why Sony Really Bought Bungie (and It's Not Just About Microsoft)