1/31/2022 - Athlete Beds at the Beijing Olympics Have Remote Controls, a Zero Gravity Mode, and No Cardboard

1/31/2022 - Ads Will Soon Target You Based on Your Music and Podcast Taste

1/31/2022 - WoW's Cross-Faction Evolution Is Finally a Chance to Make Love, Not Warcraft

1/31/2022 - A Dungeons & Dragons TV Show Is Coming From Red Notice Director

1/31/2022 - Harvard Study Finds Link Between Fracking and Premature Deaths

1/31/2022 - Disenchantment's Part 4 Trailer Reveals It's Bad to Be the Queen

1/31/2022 - NYPD Officer Reportedly Being Investigated Over Fake Vaccine Card Scam That Raked in $1.5 Million

1/31/2022 - Wordle Sells Out

1/31/2022 - Everything You Need to Know About Halo Before the Halo Show

1/31/2022 - Your Graphics Card Can Be Used to Track Your Movements on the Web, Researchers Find

1/31/2022 - Android Auto Might Be Getting a Much-Needed Makeover

1/31/2022 - The Best Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in February 2022

1/31/2022 - Astrophysicists Found 1,000 Magnetic Milky Way ‘Strands’

1/31/2022 - A Reminder Why George Lucas Loved the Star Wars Special Editions

1/31/2022 - Joe Rogan Is Sorry, Not Sorry About His Podcast's Misinformation Problem

1/31/2022 - MacBooks Are Experiencing Battery Drain in Sleep Mode

1/31/2022 - Fall in Love With Reading Thanks to These 42 New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

1/31/2022 - Robert Pattinson's Batman Love Was the Reason He Wanted to Play the 'Freak'

1/31/2022 - Sony Is Buying Bungie for $3.6 Billion in Latest Blockbuster Gaming Deal

1/31/2022 - Scientists Figured Out How All-Female Termite Colonies Came to Exist

1/31/2022 - A Deadly Cyclone Just Devastated Southeastern Africa—and Another May Be on the Way

1/31/2022 - This Working Quadcopter Drone Was Built Using Leonardo da Vinci's 500-Year-Old Sketches

1/31/2022 - 7-Eleven Stores in Japan Are Getting Touch-Free Floating Holographic Self-Checkouts

1/31/2022 - In Netflix's Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface Takes on Social Media

1/31/2022 - 7 Crypto Projects That Were Total Scams (January 2022 Edition)

1/31/2022 - Updates From the Future of Jurassic World and More

1/30/2022 - Spotify Will Put Content Advisories on Podcasts That Talk About Covid-19 to Fight Misinformation

1/30/2022 - Halo's Trailer Brings Master Chief's Sci-Fi Odyssey to Live Action

1/30/2022 - Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Month: January 2022 Edition

1/30/2022 - Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles is Jumping from YA Series to Animated Film

1/30/2022 - Studio Ghibli's Theme Park is Finally Opening Up in November

1/29/2022 - Joni Mitchell Joins Neil Young in Fight Against Covid-19 Misinformation on Spotify

1/29/2022 - The Batman's Matt Reeves on the "James Bond-ian" Batfleck That Almost Was

1/29/2022 - M. Night Shyamalan Thanks Blade Runner 2049 for Helping Him Discover Dave Bautista

1/29/2022 - The Flash is Running Again for Season 9

1/29/2022 - KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken Tastes Like KFC's Fried Chicken

1/29/2022 - Nearly All NFTs Created With OpenSea’s Free Minting Tool Are Fake, Plagiarized, or Spam

1/28/2022 - FTC Says Social Media Was a ‘Gold Mine’ for Scammers in 2021, Leading to $770 Million in Losses

1/28/2022 - Spoilers of the Week: January 24-28

1/28/2022 - The Week's Best Toys Are Animated, Stuffed, and Ready to Terminate

1/28/2022 - The FBI Reportedly Considered Buying Spyware That Could Hack Any Phone in the U.S.

1/28/2022 - Researchers Develop COVID Test That Uses a Smartphone to Gets Results on the Cheap

1/28/2022 - 8 Horror Movies to Watch After You Devour Archive 81

1/28/2022 - The Oil Industry Has a $500 Billion Bubble Problem

1/28/2022 - Two New Drugs Are Exacerbating the Overdose Crisis

1/28/2022 - The Delightful Brian and Charles Makes a Grand Case for Human-Robot Friendships

1/28/2022 - Telecoms Just Got Their Asses Spanked in Latest Attempt to Revoke California's Net Neutrality Law

1/28/2022 - Who Will Be Marvel's Next Guardians of the Galaxy?

1/28/2022 - Big Tech Will Soon Have to Disclose Salaries for Jobs in NYC and It's Freaking Out the Money Men

1/28/2022 - Horrific Observations Confirm That Orcas Feed on Blue Whales

1/28/2022 - Jedi Padawans Explore Corellia in an Exclusive Star Wars: The High Republic Excerpt

1/28/2022 - Newly Discovered Insect Looks Like Mothman

1/28/2022 - By the Power of Netflix, the He-Man Movie Has Found a New Star

1/28/2022 - QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Force Butterfly Sanctuary to Shut Down

1/28/2022 - Does Covid-19 Trigger Diabetes in Children? Here's What the Research Shows So Far

1/28/2022 - My Favorite Warhammer 40,000 Faction Is Finally Getting the Glow Up It Deserves

1/28/2022 - This ‘Minimum Viable Computer’ Costs $15—and It Can Run Doom

1/28/2022 - The Apple Drone Is Finally Here

1/28/2022 - Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Right Before Joe Biden's Visit to Promote Infrastructure

1/28/2022 - Fast and Furious 10 Has Recruited Aquaman, Which Feels Only Natural

1/28/2022 - In The Legend of Vox Machina, Critical Role Faces the Challenge of Turning D&D into TV

1/28/2022 - Backcountry Winter Sports Are More Fun With a Portable Ski Lift in Your Backpack

1/28/2022 - Here’s What You Need To Know About This Weekend’s Bomb Cyclone

1/28/2022 - Nic Cage's Crow Thinks He's an Asshole

1/28/2022 - Waymo Sues California DMV to Keep Autonomous Vehicle Crash Data Secret

1/28/2022 - We Finally Know Why a Solar Array on NASA’s Asteroid Probe Failed to Open

1/28/2022 - Tim Cook Skillfully Avoids the M-Word When Discussing Apple's Metaverse Plans

1/28/2022 - Something in the Dirt Will Bury Itself Into Your Thoughts

1/28/2022 - Supersizing This Game Boy's Screen Tragically Required Nine Other Game Boys to Be Sacrificed

1/28/2022 - Physicists Spotted a Rare ‘X’ Particle From the Beginning of the Universe

1/28/2022 - The Young Activist Fighting to ‘Change the Faces of Power’

1/28/2022 - Which Suicide Squad Star Is James Gunn Bringing to TV Next?

1/28/2022 - What Is Windows 11 SE and Why Is It a Chromebook Challenger?

1/28/2022 - Apple's New Universal Control Feature for Macs Actually Feels Like Magic

1/28/2022 - DeWalt Recalls Chainsaws That Can Keep Running After Being Switched Off

1/27/2022 - FCC Will Force Internet Providers to Create Broadband ‘Nutrition Labels’ to Prevent Surprise Costs

1/27/2022 - Saga's Return Is Like It Never Left, in the Most Heartbreaking Way

1/27/2022 - Wyze Is Killing Support for Its Original Security Camera

1/27/2022 - Watch Out For This Android Malware That Factory Resets Your Phone After Stealing Your Money

1/27/2022 - Uncovered Star Wars: 1313 Footage Shows Boba Fett's Lost Gaming Greatness

1/27/2022 - You Won't Be Alone Is a Brutal and Beautiful Fairy Tale

1/27/2022 - Apple Could Turn iPhones into Payment Terminals—RIP Square

1/27/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett's Latest Throwback Is Having a Weird Influence... on Vintage Toys?

1/27/2022 - Haunting Before-and-After Satellite Images Show Devastation Wrought by Tonga Volcano

1/27/2022 - Amazon Illegally Threatened Workers Over Union Push, U.S. Labor Board Claims

1/27/2022 - We Heart All This New Spider-Man: No Way Home Merch

1/27/2022 - Los Angeles Is Making Good on Its Promise to Ban Oil and Gas Wells

1/27/2022 - Perseverance Rover Has Shaken Out the Pebbles Stuck in Its Sampling System

1/27/2022 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting The Halfling's Gem

1/27/2022 - The People Most Impacted by Climate Change Are Ready to Fuck Shit Up

1/27/2022 - The Halo TV Show Gave Itself an Entire Timeline to Surprise Fans of the Games

1/27/2022 - Gaming Chromebooks Running Steam Are Reportedly On the Way

1/27/2022 - Your Gas Stove Is Leaking Methane Even When It’s Off

1/27/2022 - Vets Are Furious About the Latest Designer Dog Trend: Hairless Frenchies

1/27/2022 - We're Tracking Sarah Palin's Possible Super-Spreader Journey Through NYC

1/27/2022 - Tennessee School Board Removes Holocaust Graphic Novel Maus From Its Curriculum

1/27/2022 - Listen to Critical Role's Animated Counterparts Musically Introduce Themselves in Legend of Vox Machina's Soundtrack

1/27/2022 - Meta's Encrypted Messenger Gets Screenshot Warnings and Other New Features

1/27/2022 - You Can Finally Charge Your Power Tools Using USB

1/27/2022 - Dual Proves That 2 Karen Gillans Are Even Better Than 1

1/27/2022 - Watch an AI Play the Best Game of Tetris You've Ever Seen

1/27/2022 - 5 Infectious Diseases That Are Evolving Faster Than Medicine

1/27/2022 - Big Oil's New Ad Campaign Is 'One of the Creepiest' It's Ever Made

1/27/2022 - Updates From The Batman, and Beyond

1/27/2022 - Spotify Takes Down Neil Young Songs After Fight Over Joe Rogan's Anti-Vaccine Bullshit

1/26/2022 - No One's Sure If Star Trek: Picard Will End After Season 3... Yet

1/26/2022 - The IRS Needs to Stop Using ID.me's Face Recognition, Privacy Experts Warn

1/26/2022 - Captain Krakoa's Origin Story Is All About How Cyclops Got Played

1/26/2022 - Why This Weekend's Bomb Cyclone Snow Forecast Is So Challenging

1/26/2022 - The Magical Madrigal Branches of Disney's Encanto Family Tree

1/26/2022 - Fresh Is Your Worst Dating Nightmare Brought to Gory Life

1/26/2022 - Discworld's Famous 'Boots Theory' Is Putting a Spotlight on Poverty in the UK

1/26/2022 - LG’s Latest Announcement Solidifies Everything Wrong With TVs

1/26/2022 - GM Rolls Out $7 Billion Investment Plan to Build Electric Trucks and Batteries

1/26/2022 - Frog’s Missing Leg Regrown With Chemical Cocktail, Scientists Claim

1/26/2022 - Go Update Your iPhone Right Now to Fix This Giant Safari Security Bug

1/26/2022 - Watcher Offers an Elegant Exploration of Female Paranoia

1/26/2022 - The Most Hilarious Cameo in This Week's Book of Boba Fett

1/26/2022 - Experimental Robot Surgeon Can Operate Without Human Help

1/26/2022 - Valve's Steam Deck Finally Has a Release Date

1/26/2022 - Melania Trump's Hat NFT Auction Gets Screwed by the Crypto Crash

1/26/2022 - Last Night's Superman & Lois Had a Very Weird Twist

1/26/2022 - The Mystery of the Belarus Railway Hack Isn't Going Anywhere

1/26/2022 - Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan Talking About Climate Change Will Make Your Brain Dissolve

1/26/2022 - Mortal Kombat Will Return For Round 2: Fight!

1/26/2022 - NSO's Pegasus Spyware Used to Target a Senior Human Rights Watch Activist

1/26/2022 - After Historic Volcanic Blast, Tonga's Relief Efforts Hit Hard by Covid-19

1/26/2022 - The Horrific Guinea Worm Is on the Run—Just 14 Cases Reported Worldwide Last Year

1/26/2022 - Dagobah Comes to Life in This Unique Star Wars Art Piece

1/26/2022 - A SpaceX Rocket Is Going to Slam Into the Moon

1/26/2022 - Windows 11's First Major Update Arrives Soon: Here's What's Coming

1/26/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett's Best Episode Probably Shouldn't Have Been This

1/26/2022 - This Supreme Court Case Could Destroy Water Protections

1/26/2022 - You Can Finally Silence Google Assistant by Simply Saying 'Stop'

1/26/2022 - What Video Game Is The Rock Making Into a Movie?

1/26/2022 - The Galaxy Book Feels Like a Big Step Backward for Samsung

1/26/2022 - I Miss the GameCube WaveBird, the Best Controller Nintendo Ever Made

1/25/2022 - Google May Have a Cheap Pixel 6 Coming This Spring

1/25/2022 - Spider-Man: No Way Home's Script Is Now Online

1/25/2022 - Speak No Evil Will Make You Squirm and Scream

1/25/2022 - Apple's New 'Personal Safety Guide' Helps You Deal With AirTag Stalkers

1/25/2022 - Ricoh's New 360-Degree Theta X Is Easier to Use As a Standalone Camera

1/25/2022 - Peter Dinklage Criticized Disney's New Snow White, and the Mouse Answered

1/25/2022 - Samsung Is Revealing Something 'Epic' at Its Next Galaxy Unpacked Event on Feb. 9

1/25/2022 - Astrophysicists May Have Found a Rare Species of Black Hole in the Andromeda Galaxy

1/25/2022 - The UK’s History Is Disappearing With Its Peatlands

1/25/2022 - Covid-19 Vaccines Don't Affect Chances of Getting Pregnant Through IVF, Fertility Clinic Study Finds

1/25/2022 - The Star Trek Lore Behind Picard's New Time Travel Adventure

1/25/2022 - Don't Fall for This Instagram Hijacking Scam

1/25/2022 - The Batman's Take on the Batmobile and Batcave Sounds Rad

1/25/2022 - Oh, Right! A Percy Jackson Streaming Series! We Totally Forgot!

1/25/2022 - New Image Shows Webb Space Telescope Parked in its Final Orbit

1/25/2022 - Trump's Truth Social to Roll Out the Censorbots

1/25/2022 - Kate Mulgrew Faces Kate Mulgrew in Star Trek Online's Next Adventure

1/25/2022 - Teen Hacker Explains How He Gained Remote Access to Teslas Around the World

1/25/2022 - Google's New Plan for Tracking Users Is Still All About Your Browsing History

1/25/2022 - After Yang Offers A Serene Sci-Fi Rumination on Loss

1/25/2022 - How Life in the 'Deep Biosphere' Thrives Despite Temperatures That Would Fry Humans

1/25/2022 - Nvidia's Blockbuster Takeover of Arm Is Reportedly On the Brink of Collapse

1/25/2022 - Rare and Beautiful Snow Blankets the Mediterranean Coast

1/25/2022 - Lucasfilm and EA Announce New Star Wars Games, Including More Jedi: Fallen Order

1/25/2022 - Massive Junkyard Fire Leaves Much of New York Covered in Acrid Smoke

1/25/2022 - This Elephant-Like Giant Roamed South America for 2 Million Years

1/25/2022 - Thor: Love and Thunder's Tessa Thompson Teases Love on the Horizon

1/25/2022 - How to Stream Your Steam Games to Any Device

1/25/2022 - Neil Young Wants Music Pulled From Spotify Over Joe Rogan's Misinformation: Report

1/24/2022 - Batgirl Cast Adds Ivory Aquino as Barbara's BFF

1/24/2022 - Playmates' New Star Trek Toys Look a Lot Like the Old Star Trek Toys

1/24/2022 - Hacktivists Claim Ransomware Strike on Belarus Railway Intended to Disrupt Russian Forces

1/24/2022 - Teslas Will Reportedly Get a Major Battery Boost Next Year

1/24/2022 - Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster Illuminates the Horror Legend

1/24/2022 - AT&T's New Fiber Plans Promise Some of the Fastest Home Internet Speeds Ever

1/24/2022 - Toxic Air Has Descended on Beijing, Just in Time for the Winter Olympics

1/24/2022 - Doctor Who's Future Is Being Blown Apart by a Bizarre New Rumor

1/24/2022 - The Celebrities We've Lost to NFTs

1/24/2022 - U.S. May Have Waited Too Long to Promise Not to Torture Julian Assange, Court Finds

1/24/2022 - Independence Day and Stargate Producer Lands New Syfy Series

1/24/2022 - Tonga Eruption Was So Powerful, Scientists Propose New 'Ultra' Classification

1/24/2022 - Tesla Might Be Getting Into Headphones

1/24/2022 - The Batman's Latest Clip Comes From an Incredibly Weird Place

1/24/2022 - Saudi Arabia Says Pink Hydrogen Is for Girlbosses

1/24/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Completes Its Million-Mile Journey Today

1/24/2022 - Looking Back at the Star Wars Special Editions In the Era of Disney

1/24/2022 - We're Not In the Pandemic 'Endgame' Yet, WHO Chief Warns

1/24/2022 - Kobo Finally Introduces a Sideload Mode for Using Its E-Readers Without Internet or an Account

1/24/2022 - Google Illegally Used Dark Patterns to Trick Users Into Handing Over Location Data, State AGs Say

1/24/2022 - Thank God, Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Is Actually Releasing This Year

1/24/2022 - Acer Just Modernized the Classroom Chromebook With a 3:2 Display

1/24/2022 - You Can Play Grand Theft Auto V on the Game Boy Using This Clever Cartridge

1/24/2022 - Paramount Sets Its Sights on New Dates for Animated Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies

1/24/2022 - This Analogue Pocket Rival Is the Best Cheap Handheld You Can Buy

1/24/2022 - The Best Laptop Accessories You Shouldn't Live Without

1/24/2022 - China Lifts Strict Covid-19 Lockdown in Xian After Daily Cases Hit Zero

1/23/2022 - If You Used Apps Like Venmo, Robinhood, and American Express, You Might Be Owed Money

1/23/2022 - Apple to Waive In-App Purchase Requirement for Online Group and Event Apps Until June

1/23/2022 - Peloton Heart Attack Is Hollywood's New Favorite Plot Point

1/23/2022 - United Arab Emirates Grounds Recreational Drones in Wake of Deadly Drone Strike

1/23/2022 - I Can't Wait for a New Age of Character Motifs

1/23/2022 - Final Fantasy VII's Tifa Lockhart Should Have Her Own Solo Adventure

1/23/2022 - Jurassic World: Dominion Disrupts the Winter Olympics in New TV Promo

1/22/2022 - Pennsylvania Police Find Monkeys That Slipped Away After Car Crash on Way to Lab

1/22/2022 - Steve and Sam are Both Captain America Now, Like They Should've Been

1/22/2022 - Assassin's Creed Almost Wound Up Going to Space

1/22/2022 - Hell Yeah, Knives Out for 2022, Baby

1/22/2022 - What You Need to Know About the Cybersecurity Risks In the Ukraine Conflict

1/22/2022 - Children of Blood & Bone's Paramount Shift Happened Because of Star Wars

1/22/2022 - NASA Has a Zany Plan to Sail to an Asteroid

1/21/2022 - A 19-Year-Old Just Became the Youngest Woman to Fly Alone Around the World

1/21/2022 - Big Mechs, Small Mechs, and Mechanized Moons Are the Toys of the Week

1/21/2022 - Google Pixel Watch Launch Tipped for May

1/21/2022 - The Ahsoka Disney+ Star Wars Show Adds Mary Elizabeth Winstead

1/21/2022 - Leaked Chats Reveal Evidence of Hate Crimes by U.S. Fascists

1/21/2022 - What Was Moon Knight Doing, If Not Getting Money From Dracula?

1/21/2022 - Debris From Russian Anti-Satellite Test Nearly Slammed Into Chinese Satellite

1/21/2022 - 10 Spectacularly Silly Depictions of the Moon in Sci-Fi Movies

1/21/2022 - Why Pet Hamsters Are the Latest Suspect in Coronavirus Outbreaks

1/21/2022 - Google Denies Facebook Ad Collusion In Motion to Dismiss States' Antitrust Suit

1/21/2022 - Shell CCS Plant Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than It's Captured

1/21/2022 - Mission: Impossible's Next 2 Movies Have Been Delayed Again

1/21/2022 - Whoop's Next-Gen Wristband Is Smaller, Smarter, and Still Unnecessary

1/21/2022 - The Supernatural TV Series Gets a Podcast Because Nature Abhors a Supernatural Vacuum

1/21/2022 - Rabbits Across the U.S. Are Dealing With Their Own Deadly Viral Disease

1/21/2022 - The Arrowverse Returns to Comics, But With a Few Surprises

1/21/2022 - Peloton Is Spinning Out of Control

1/21/2022 - Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Trailer Teases Old Friends and Older Threats

1/21/2022 - New PenguinCam Takes You on a Chaotic Sardine Hunt

1/21/2022 - Tahiti’s Newly Discovered Coral Reef Is an Absolute Masterpiece

1/21/2022 - Watch Live: ULA Attempts Launch of Asymmetrical ‘Super Slider’ Atlas 5 Rocket

1/21/2022 - Critical Role's The Legend of Vox Machina Succeeds a Performance Check in Strong Amazon Debut

1/21/2022 - Twitter Launches Feature for Displaying NFTs as Your Avatar

1/21/2022 - Elon Musk Uses Internet to Ask the People of Tonga If They’d Like Help With Their Internet

1/21/2022 - The Batman's Main Theme Is Here, and It's Surprisingly Hopeful

1/21/2022 - How to Close the Gateway to Hell

1/21/2022 - IDW Loses the G.I. Joe and Transformers Comic Licenses

1/21/2022 - Updates From Batgirl, Squid Game's Future, and More

1/21/2022 - 7 Trends in Online Extremism to Look Out for in 2022

1/21/2022 - Colossal Iceberg Spilled 168 Billion Tons of Freshwater Near Wildlife-Rich Island

1/21/2022 - Intel Plans $20 Billion Factory in Ohio to Accelerate Domestic Chip Manufacturing

1/21/2022 - Yemen Suffers Internet Outage Nationwide After Saudi Airstrike on Telecom

1/20/2022 - An Influencer Pilot Is Under Investigation After Being Accused of Crashing His Plane On Purpose

1/20/2022 - Doctors Used Bacteria-Killing Viruses to Take Down an Incurable Superbug

1/20/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett Is Making Me Feel Real Weird About Attack of the Clones

1/20/2022 - TikTok Ousts Marketing Guy Responsible for TikTok Kitchens and Other Weird Stunts

1/20/2022 - The Batman Movie Is Waaaaaaaaaaay Too Long

1/20/2022 - Samsung Teases Its Next Phone, the Second Coming of the Galaxy Note

1/20/2022 - Ready for Google Glass, Round Two?

1/20/2022 - Senate Committee Passes Tech Antitrust Bill That's Making Apple and Google Lose Their Minds

1/20/2022 - Godzilla Stomps Onto Apple TV+ With New Spinoff Series

1/20/2022 - There Are 40,000,000,000,000,000,000+ Black Holes in the Observable Universe, Says New Estimate

1/20/2022 - MAGA Chuds Are Failing to Grow Their Audiences on Sites Like Gettr and Gab

1/20/2022 - Doctor Who Answers a Decades Old Mystery in... a Blu-Ray Trailer?

1/20/2022 - Texas Hunkers Down for the Cold

1/20/2022 - It's Time to Nuke the Doomsday Clock

1/20/2022 - A Supernatural Martial Arts Movie With Iko Uwais and Lewis Tan? Yes, Please

1/20/2022 - D&D's Lead Rules Designer on How the Game Keeps Evolving Player Races

1/20/2022 - Hackers Just Stole Location Data on Half a Million ‘Vulnerable’ People From Red Cross

1/20/2022 - Playstation Inventor Thinks the Metaverse Sucks

1/20/2022 - Webb Space Telescope’s Mirrors Are Fully Deployed

1/20/2022 - The New Scream Has a Hidden, Heartwarming Tribute to Wes Craven

1/20/2022 - The Windows Task Manager Is About to Look a Lot Less Ugly

1/20/2022 - L’Oréal and Alphabet's Verily Are Working on Extremely Personal Skincare

1/20/2022 - Casio’s New Keyboard Can Literally Sing Any Lyrics

1/20/2022 - Have You Welcomed Little Archie Into Your Heart?

1/20/2022 - Blood Reveals a Troubling Mystery in This Excerpt From Fantasy Tale The Bruising of Qilwa

1/20/2022 - Doctors Transplant Two Pig Kidneys at Once Into a Human

1/20/2022 - This Flat Lens Technology Could Eliminate Phone Screen Notches and Rear Camera Bumps

1/20/2022 - Damaged Undersea Cable Could Keep Tonga Offline for Weeks After Massive Volcanic Eruption

1/20/2022 - Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Looks Absolutely Incredible, But...

1/20/2022 - We Should Turn Big Box Stores Into Solar Farms

1/20/2022 - Oculus Update Brings Apple's Magic Keyboard to the Metaverse

1/20/2022 - Facebook Wants to Make It Easy for Your Grandparents to Get Into NFTs: Report

1/20/2022 - A New Wallace & Gromit Movie Is Coming to Netflix

1/20/2022 - The Batman Will Be Epic, Picard Reunites With Q

1/20/2022 - The Best iPad Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Start Using Now

1/20/2022 - Announcing Gizmodo’s Degrees of the Future

1/20/2022 - Crypto.com Finally Acknowledges $34 Million Stolen by Hackers

1/20/2022 - CIA Says Havana Syndrome Isn't Caused by Russia or Other Foreign Adversary: Report

1/19/2022 - Pentagon Plans to Spend $52 Million in 2022 on U.S Border Spy Blimps

1/19/2022 - Did You Catch The Book of Boba Fett's Musical Teaser?

1/19/2022 - Binge-Watching TV Linked to Greater Risk of Serious Blood Clots

1/19/2022 - Google Finally Starts Letting Android Users Play Games on PC

1/19/2022 - Despite Warnings of Airport Mayhem, Verizon and AT&T Just Turned On True 5G

1/19/2022 - Eternals, Star Trek: Discovery, Chucky, and Other Genre Projects Nab GLAAD Media Award Nominations

1/19/2022 - Samsung Just Leaked Its Own New Tablet—and It Has a Notch

1/19/2022 - IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes Online

1/19/2022 - Lord of the Rings' Rings of Power, Explained

1/19/2022 - Daniel Craig Reflects on 007 in a New Doc You Can Watch for Free

1/19/2022 - Elon Musk’s Starlink Is Causing More Streaks to Appear in Space Images

1/19/2022 - Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Satellites From Getting Hacked

1/19/2022 - I Have Very Bad News About the Justice League

1/19/2022 - The Expanse's Frankie Adams on Bobbie Draper's Evolution as a Badass

1/19/2022 - The Moon’s Far Side Is Covered in Sticky Soil and Fresh Craters

1/19/2022 - Winter Weather Is Set to Mess With Texas

1/19/2022 - You're Not the Only One Struggling to Get Free Covid Rapid Tests

1/19/2022 - Social Media Bans of Scientific Misinformation Aren't Helpful, Researchers Say

1/19/2022 - Now You Can Pay Money to Use Instagram

1/19/2022 - The Batman's Robert Pattinson and Parasite's Bong Joon Ho Will Team Up on a Sci-Fi Film

1/19/2022 - The Walking Dead's Final Season Looks Like Pure Chaos in Its New Trailer

1/19/2022 - EU Regulator Wants to Ban Proof of Work Crypto Mining to Avoid Climate Disaster

1/19/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett Isn't Sure If It Wants a Criminal Empire or a Union

1/19/2022 - Deadly Superbug Fungus Spotted in Louisiana for the First Time

1/19/2022 - Scientists Tried to Quantum Entangle a Tardigrade

1/19/2022 - Moon Knight Star Gaspard Ulliel Dies After Ski Accident

1/19/2022 - Samsung's Galaxy S22 Could Get a Graphics Boost From a New AMD-Fueled Chip

1/19/2022 - Chemical Production Has Exceeded the ‘Safe Operating Space for Humanity'

1/19/2022 - Mitch McConnell Is Older Than Duct Tape: 9 Politicians Born Before the Invention of Everyday Tech

1/19/2022 - Canon’s New Cinema Cam Puts a 45MP DSLR and 8K Video Into a Single Chunky Body

1/19/2022 - The New Lord of the Rings Show Is Called...

1/19/2022 - Crowdsourced 'Adjudicators' Are Picking Up Where the Cyber Ninjas Left Off

1/19/2022 - What Future DC Project Could Include a Peacemaker Star?

1/19/2022 - AMD's New Budget Radeon RX 6500 XT Is Here

1/19/2022 - Hackers Launder $15 Million Stolen From Crypto.com Using Ethereum 'Mixer'

1/19/2022 - White House to Make 400 Million N95 Masks Available Free in Another Policy Reversal

1/18/2022 - Charisma Carpenter Doesn't Appreciate Recent Comments by Joss Whedon

1/18/2022 - These 5,000-Year-Old Drinking Straws Were Used to Sip Beer, Researchers Say

1/18/2022 - Your Moon Knight Questions, Answered

1/18/2022 - The 2022 Olympics App All Attendees Must Download Is a Security Nightmare, Researchers Find

1/18/2022 - Google Assistant Changed Its White Noise Sound and People Are Pissed [Update: It's Fixed]

1/18/2022 - Autopilot Crash Results In Felony Charges for Tesla Driver, a First for Driver-Assistance Tech

1/18/2022 - Taika Waititi's Pirate Comedy Series Drops a Swashbuckling First Trailer

1/18/2022 - Intel Is Apparently Making a Bitcoin-Mining Chip to Save GPUs for Gamers

1/18/2022 - Many Fish Oil Supplements Are Rancid, Report Finds

1/18/2022 - Star Trek Just Set Its 'All Trek, All the Time' Schedule for 2022

1/18/2022 - Raising Dion's Season 2 Trailer Has Lots More Super-Powered Kid Action

1/18/2022 - Following Record Year for Mergers, the FTC Wants to Know How You'd Fix Antitrust

1/18/2022 - The Boys' Animated Spinoff Is Coming Sooner Than You Think and Is Exactly as Violent as You'd Expect

1/18/2022 - Airline CEOs Warn of Unprecedented 'Chaos' Tied to This Week's 5G Rollout

1/18/2022 - West Virginia Starts New Fake Culture War Against Blackrock

1/18/2022 - Microsoft’s Buying Activision Blizzard—Now What?

1/18/2022 - In Severance, Memory Is Company Property

1/18/2022 - A Star Trek: Voyager Fan Built a Replica Tricorder That's Better Than Any Prop Hollywood Has Ever Made

1/18/2022 - Man's Penis Fills With Foam After DIY Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Goes Wrong

1/18/2022 - These Monster Mash-Up Baseball Cards Are Freaking Incredible

1/18/2022 - Tonga Is Covered in Ash and in Crisis After Massive Volcanic Eruption

1/18/2022 - A Huge Asteroid Is Flying by Earth Today: How to Watch and What to Know

1/18/2022 - The Cuphead Show's First Trailer Runneth Over

1/18/2022 - NASA Has a Plan to Dislodge the Pebbles Stuck in Perseverance Rover

1/18/2022 - Exxon Pretends to Give a Shit

1/18/2022 - Lego's Spinning 3D Globe Is Another Convincing Reason for Adults to Keep Playing With Plastic Bricks

1/18/2022 - Updates From Batgirl, Moonfall, and More

1/18/2022 - Microsoft to Swallow Activision Blizzard for $68.7 Billion

1/18/2022 - D&D's Epic New 'Monsters of the Multiverse' Makes Creating Characters and Creatures Easier Than Ever

1/18/2022 - Windows 11 SE Laptops Just Arrived to Wage War on Chromebooks

1/18/2022 - 12 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do on YouTube

1/18/2022 - Virgin Galactic Chairman Says Nobody Cares About Genocide of Uyghurs in China

1/18/2022 - Crypto.com Halts Withdrawals for 14 Hours After 'Unauthorized Activity'

1/17/2022 - Moon Knight's First Trailer Brings Moonlit Menace to the MCU

1/17/2022 - Amazon Simmers Down, Says It Won’t Block Visa Credit Cards in UK Store on Jan. 19 After All

1/17/2022 - The Man Who Fell to Earth Remake's First Teaser Puts the Future in Chiwetel Ejiofor's Hands

1/17/2022 - RIP Dave Wolverton, Who Gave Us the Enduring Star Wars Legacy of The Courtship of Princess Leia

1/17/2022 - Watch WandaVision's Tragic Climax Come Together In This VFX Reel

1/17/2022 - The Expanse Series 6: 4 Things We Loved (and 2 Things We Didn't Love)

1/17/2022 - Turns Out the Crypto Bros Who Bought Jodorowsky's Dune Book Aren't Sure How Rights Work

1/17/2022 - 9 of the Worst Invasive Species in the U.S.

1/17/2022 - Updates From Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, Moon Knight, and More

1/17/2022 - There's Only One Reason to Upgrade to Roku's New 4K Streaming Sticks

1/17/2022 - The Best Android Launchers for Customizing Your Phone

1/17/2022 - These Framework Laptop Mods Show Us Exactly Why Modular Computers Are So Damn Cool

1/16/2022 - Apple Will Reportedly Be Requiring Covid-19 Boosters for Its Store and Corporate Workers

1/16/2022 - Open Channel: What's Your Favorite TV Intro?

1/16/2022 - Across the Spider-Verse is Bringing More Animation Styles with Its Spiders

1/16/2022 - Leonardo DiCaprio, Huge Star Wars Nerd, Couldn't Get Jonah Hill to Love The Mandalorian

1/15/2022 - The Netherlands Has Made a Dent in Apple’s Walled App Store Garden, For Now

1/15/2022 - Watching OAN’s Lies Will Be Difficult Now That It’s Been Dumped by DirecTV

1/15/2022 - The X-Men's Comics Lineup Just Got Even Cooler

1/15/2022 - All of Us Are Dead Makes High School Even Scarier

1/15/2022 - The West Coast Is Under a Tsunami Warning After Violent Tonga Volcanic Eruption

1/15/2022 - It's Official: Y: The Last Man is Dead

1/15/2022 - Behold, Our Batgirl is Here

1/14/2022 - Iran's Supreme Leader Puts Out Animated Video of Donald Trump Getting Droned

1/14/2022 - The Toy News of the Week Snaps Into Reality

1/14/2022 - Black Panther 2 Is Back on Track, With a Few New Wrinkles

1/14/2022 - Google's Pichai, Meta's Zuckerberg Backed Alleged Ad Price-Fixing Scheme, Unsealed Court Docs Claim

1/14/2022 - All the Sci-Fi, Superhero, and Fantasy TV Coming to Screens in 2022 (So Far)

1/14/2022 - For Drivers in This Texas City, the Days of Getting Pulled Over by the Cops Are Over

1/14/2022 - US Olympic Athletes Urged to Leave Phones Behind Amid Chinese Surveillance Concerns

1/14/2022 - 315,000-Gallon Diesel Spill Kills Thousands of Animals in Louisiana

1/14/2022 - Sadly, 'Covid Dick' Is Real

1/14/2022 - The Past of Locke & Key Comes To Life In This Gorgeous New Collection

1/14/2022 - Spotify Will Never Do Anything About Joe Rogan

1/14/2022 - Netflix Is About to Cost You More Money

1/14/2022 - Extreme Cold, Snow, and Rain Is Coming to the East Coast to Ruin Your Long Weekend

1/14/2022 - New Analysis of Famous Martian Meteorite Finds No Evidence of Alien Life

1/14/2022 - Belle Is a Sumptuous, Unflinchingly Optimistic View of Our Digital Future

1/14/2022 - Authorities Claim They Accessed Encrypted Signal Chats to Charge Oath Keepers

1/14/2022 - Yep, She's a Werewolf

1/14/2022 - Elephants Found Dead With Stomachs Full of Plastic at a Sri Lankan Landfill

1/14/2022 - Apple's Plan to Bring MagSafe to the iPad Pro Might Be Cracking

1/14/2022 - Peacemaker's Opening Credits Should Win the Best Picture Oscar

1/14/2022 - Russia Arrests Members of REvil, One of the World's Most Wanted Ransomware Gangs

1/14/2022 - Oldest Known Human-Bred Hybrid Animal Was a 'Kunga'

1/14/2022 - How The Book of Boba Fett Evolved Star Wars' View of the Tuskens

1/14/2022 - FedEx Asks FAA to Let It Install Anti-Missile Lasers on Its Cargo Planes

1/14/2022 - Tim Allen Is Returning to The Santa Clause for Disney+

1/14/2022 - U.S. Insurers Wasted Millions on Ivermectin for Covid-19, Study Finds

1/14/2022 - Chevron Is Hiring Journalists for Its ‘Newsroom’

1/14/2022 - The Expanse's Explosive Series Finale Made Us Even More Bummed the Show Is Over

1/14/2022 - Facebook Patented a Mechanical Eyeball

1/14/2022 - Newly Discovered Tarantula Lurks Inside Bamboo

1/14/2022 - Microsoft Office’s ‘Woke’ Spellchecker Is Perfectly Fine and Will Cause Nobody to Freak Out

1/14/2022 - World’s First Waterproof iPhone With a Working USB-C Port Is Going Up for Auction

1/14/2022 - The New Scream’s Surprising, Sneaky Link to Star Wars

1/14/2022 - Environmental Disaster Sites I Would Like to Visit

1/14/2022 - All Hail the Rare Giant Ice Disk

1/14/2022 - HBO's Last of Us Show Might Have Cast Another Important Character From the Games

1/14/2022 - How to Keep Your Browser From Sucking Up All Your RAM

1/14/2022 - Ukraine Hit With Cyberattack as Fear of Russian Invasion Looms Large

1/13/2022 - After Log4j, Open-Source Software Is Now a National Security Issue

1/13/2022 - Google Has a Very Apple-like Plan for Google TV

1/13/2022 - Lawmakers Come After Companies' Terms of Service With New TLDR Bill

1/13/2022 - Wow, a New Quantum Leap Show Might Actually Happen

1/13/2022 - All the New and Returning Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming Shows We Can't Wait for in 2022

1/13/2022 - Virginia Cops Used Fake DNA Docs to Coerce Confessions. Somehow, That’s Legal

1/13/2022 - The Energy Department Is Creating a Clean Energy Corps to Fix This Mess

1/13/2022 - Jan. 6 Committee Comes for Reddit, Meta, Alphabet, and Twitter

1/13/2022 - Real Steel, the Hugh Jackman Film About Robot Boxing, May Get a Disney+ Series

1/13/2022 - New Bill Could Stop New York Police From Using Keyword Search and Geofencing Warrants

1/13/2022 - Peacemaker Is a Fun, Sinister Palette Swap of Guardians of the Galaxy

1/13/2022 - Epstein-Barr Virus Could Be the Leading Cause of Multiple Sclerosis, Large Study Finds

1/13/2022 - Supreme Court Blocks Workplace Vaccine Mandate, Says Covid Not an Occupational Hazard

1/13/2022 - Download Dune and Other Great 2021 Sci-Fi Screenplays for Free

1/13/2022 - Belle's Mamoru Hosoda Tells Us Why He Keeps Making Stories for the Internet Age

1/13/2022 - Give the U.S. Postal Service $3 Billion to Electrify Its Fleet, You Cowards

1/13/2022 - Fortnite Returns to iPhones Thanks to Nvidia’s Gaming Loophole

1/13/2022 - Biden Orders Military to Fight Omicron

1/13/2022 - This Raised by Wolves Season 2 Trailer Is Heavy on Wolves

1/13/2022 - This Ad-Free Google Search Alternative Is Actually Worth Using

1/13/2022 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife: The Spoiler FAQ

1/13/2022 - No, Smoking Weed Won’t Help You Avoid Covid

1/13/2022 - Javier Bardem Wants to Ride a Dune Sandworm and He Should Get His Wish

1/13/2022 - Freaky Deep-Sea Anglerfish Casts Light in Two Distinct Ways

1/13/2022 - Dozens of Salvadoran Journalists Were Surveilled Using NSO Group's Spyware

1/13/2022 - In Bigbug, the Robot Uprising Will Be Exceedingly... Polite?

1/13/2022 - Astronomers Spot What Could Be a Neptune-Sized Moon in a Distant Solar System

1/13/2022 - Australia Ties Record for Hottest Southern Hemisphere Day

1/13/2022 - Apple Revises iCloud Private Relay Notice With the Actual Reason for Why It Might Not Work

1/13/2022 - Biologists Shocked to Find Millions of Icefish Nesting Near Antarctica

1/13/2022 - Netflix's Shadow & Bone Adds a Slew of New Castmembers

1/13/2022 - Before Twin Peaks' Laura Palmer, There Was the Mystery of Hazel Drew

1/13/2022 - ‘Fitbit for the Face’: Engineers Debut Fitness Tracking Mask That Can Detect Leaks

1/13/2022 - 9 Cool Things That Got Way Too Hot Last Year

1/13/2022 - Disney's Live-Action Snow White Remake Has Cast an Intriguing Star

1/13/2022 - How to Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Device

1/13/2022 - Tesla Removes Promise of '2022' Production on Cybertruck Website

1/13/2022 - Nigeria Lifts Twitter Ban After Seven Months of Censorship

1/13/2022 - Pioneer DJ's New Controller Is Much Cheaper Than Two Turntables and a Microphone for Aspiring DJs

1/12/2022 - The FBI's Honeypot Phones Were More Widely Distributed in the U.S. Than Previously Thought

1/12/2022 - Scream Meets Twin Peaks in This Clip From Courteney Cox's New Starz Series

1/12/2022 - The Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Films to Look Forward to in 2022

1/12/2022 - Scammers Are Using QR Codes to Plunder Parking Meter Payments

1/12/2022 - Children of Blood and Bone Trilogy Now in Development at Paramount

1/12/2022 - The Visual Evolution of Mandalorian Armor Design

1/12/2022 - Elon Musk Tweets Video of 'Mechazilla' Tower That Will Somehow Catch a Rocket

1/12/2022 - Martian Dust Storm Sends NASA's InSight Lander Into Safe Mode

1/12/2022 - Carmakers Launch Desperate Attempt to Delay Massachusetts Right-to-Repair Law

1/12/2022 - Star Trek: Picard Is Bringing Queer Fun Times and Romulan Warlords to Audio Dramas

1/12/2022 - PCIe 6.0 Is Going to Make Your Gadgets Unbelievably Fast, Just Not Any Time Soon

1/12/2022 - Joe Rogan Joined Gettr 10 Days Ago and Already Thinks It Sucks

1/12/2022 - Someone Made a Seatbelt for Bags, and It’s Actually Kind of Genius

1/12/2022 - Ketamine Shows Promise for Helping People With Alcohol Addiction

1/12/2022 - For Pixar Fans, Turning Red's Shift to Disney+ is Turning Ugly

1/12/2022 - Man Arrested for Storming an American Airlines Cockpit in a Fit of Rage

1/12/2022 - Ikea's Now Selling Incredibly Intricate 3D-Printed Home Accessories

1/12/2022 - Legend of Vox Machina's New Trailer Is a Gory, Sweary Trip Through Tal'Dorei

1/12/2022 - Ground Temperatures Hit 129 Degrees as Argentina Suffers Blackouts

1/12/2022 - Michael Bay Wanted Everyone to Be Horny For Ben Affleck in Armageddon

1/12/2022 - Teen Security Researcher Claims He Can Remotely Access 25 Teslas Around the Globe

1/12/2022 - Texas Oil Ponzi Schemes Allegedly Funded Private Jets, Luxury Cars, and a Wedding on the Queen Mary

1/12/2022 - Oldest Known Fossil of a Modern Human May Be Even More Ancient Than We Thought

1/12/2022 - Earth Is Surrounded by a 1,000-Light-Year-Wide Bubble That Cooks Up Stars

1/12/2022 - After Years of Dragging Its Ass, Google Will Finally Add Left-Handed Support to Wear OS

1/12/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett Is Already Messily Wiping Its Own Slate Clean

1/12/2022 - Marvel's New Halloween Disney+ Special Might Have Just Recruited a Nevers Star

1/12/2022 - You Can Play the Original Prince of Persia on Your Apple Watch, No App Required

1/12/2022 - Nvidia Shield TVs Are Getting a Long-Awaited Update, but Not Android 12

1/12/2022 - Medieval Warhorses Were Actually Quite Small, Study Finds

1/12/2022 - White House Official Ridicules Idea of Sending Free N95 Masks to Everyone: Report

1/12/2022 - The New Scream Knows What You're Expecting and Surprises You Anyway

1/12/2022 - Logitech's Litra Glow Makes YouTube-Level Lighting As Simple As It Gets

1/11/2022 - New Mexico Jail Forced Into Lockdown After Cyberattack Incapacitates Cameras, Doors

1/11/2022 - Raspberry Pi Can Detect Malware By Scanning for Electromagnetic Waves

1/11/2022 - Robert Rodriguez's Female-Led Zorro Series Is Now Heading to the CW

1/11/2022 - How Beer and Drugs Empowered an Ancient Andean Empire

1/11/2022 - Pig's Michael Sarnoski May Be Relocating to A Quiet Place 3

1/11/2022 - Gettr Promised Users It Would Free Them From Big Tech, But It's Tracking Them for Facebook and Google

1/11/2022 - Kim Kardashian Sued for Promoting Alleged Cryptocurrency 'Pump and Dump' Scam

1/11/2022 - Exercise Can Boost Brain Health Even in People Who Already Have Signs of Dementia

1/11/2022 - The Foo Fighters' Horror Comedy Actually Looks Rather Fun

1/11/2022 - Roku's Live TV Zone Brings Cable's Mindless Scroll to Cord-Cutting

1/11/2022 - Check Out the Gorgeous First 3 Minutes of Mamoru Hosoda's Belle

1/11/2022 - United Joins Wave of Canceled Flights After 3,000 Workers Test Positive for Covid-19

1/11/2022 - Astronomers Spot an Exoplanet Shaped Like a Football

1/11/2022 - Keeping the X-Men's Greatest Secret Requires One Hell of a PR Campaign

1/11/2022 - Mozilla Is Going to Track Facebook Tracking You

1/11/2022 - Spider-Man Director Jon Watts Joins Final Destination 6

1/11/2022 - UltraRAM Breakthrough Moves Us Closer to a Unified RAM and Storage Solution

1/11/2022 - Robinhood Must Pay User Nearly $30,000 Over Meme Stock Trading Halt

1/11/2022 - The Energy Department Blew $1.1 Billion on Carbon Capture Projects That Were Mostly Failures

1/11/2022 - Scream's New Directors on Keeping Secrets, Stab Movies, and Screening in Theaters Only

1/11/2022 - Smart Guns Are Reportedly Coming to U.S. Stores This Year

1/11/2022 - There Is No Adapting to This

1/11/2022 - American Red Cross Declares 'National Blood Crisis,' Asks for Urgent Donations

1/11/2022 - Loki Reveals the VFX Magic Cast to Create Its Breakout Star, Alligator Loki

1/11/2022 - In a Medical First, Surgeons Transplant Genetically Modified Pig Heart Into a Human

1/11/2022 - Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Could Harness as Much Power as an M1 MacBook Pro

1/11/2022 - The First Bob's Burgers Movie Trailer Is True To Itself

1/11/2022 - Batgirl Set Photos Tease the Return of a Classic Dark Knight

1/11/2022 - The Fashion Industry May Finally Face Accountability for Its Huge Toxic Footprint

1/11/2022 - 15 Essential Shortcuts to Add to Your Android Home Screen

1/11/2022 - U.S. Ranks 59th Globally for Covid-19 Vaccinations, Just Behind Iran

1/10/2022 - Google Exec Urges Apple to Adopt a Universal Messaging Standard

1/10/2022 - The Pixel 4's Radar Technology Is About to Go Mainstream

1/10/2022 - An Open-Source Developer Just Caused a Whole Lot of Chaos by Nuking Two of His Own Apps

1/10/2022 - Invincible's Robert Kirkman Is Being Sued by an Artist Over Profits

1/10/2022 - Microsoft's Surface Laptop SE Teardown Video Is a Major Win for Right to Repair

1/10/2022 - Carriers Are Pissed About Apple's Best New Privacy Feature [Updated]

1/10/2022 - Kevin Smith Wrote a Death of Superman Script for Ben Affleck

1/10/2022 - Reminder: Naomi Premieres on the CW Tomorrow!

1/10/2022 - Extreme Weather Events Cost the U.S. $145 Billion in 2021

1/10/2022 - Experimental Nasal Spray Could Provide Temporary Protection Against Covid-19

1/10/2022 - Netflix Releases The Mitchells vs. The Machine's Glorious Artbook Online, for Free

1/10/2022 - Gigantic Fossil Is the Largest Marine Reptile Ever Found in Britain

1/10/2022 - Andrew Garfield Had a Great Time Lying to You About Spider-Man: No Way Home

1/10/2022 - IRS Begs the Public to File Taxes Electronically ASAP

1/10/2022 - The U.S. Is Back, Baby

1/10/2022 - The One Cut of the Dead Remake From The Artist Director Skips Sundance

1/10/2022 - Printer Cartridge Debacle Forces Canon to Tell Customers How to Break DRM

1/10/2022 - Moxie Marlinspike Stepping Down as CEO of Signal

1/10/2022 - How Quantum Dot OLED Will Change the Way TVs Look

1/10/2022 - Europol Ordered to Purge Its Massive Trove of Private Citizen's Data

1/10/2022 - Bad Days for Bitcoin Are Back as 'Death Cross' Approaches

1/10/2022 - The Perseverance Rover Has a Little Pebble Problem

1/10/2022 - Bronx Apartment Fire Disaster Shows Why Energy Efficiency Isn’t Just a Climate Issue

1/10/2022 - The Batman Villains: Our Best Looks Yet at Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman

1/10/2022 - Halloween Kills Made Sure Michael Myers' 1978 Mask Was Deadly Accurate

1/10/2022 - Joe Biden Is Losing the War Against Inefficient Appliances

1/10/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Deploys Primary Mirror Without a Hitch

1/10/2022 - Dolphins Have a Fully Functional Clitoris, Study Finds

1/10/2022 - Tesla's 'Assertive' Mode Brings 'Rolling Stops' to Self-Driving Options

1/10/2022 - It Looks Like Microsoft's Surface Go 3 Is About to Get a Sleek New Paint Job and LTE [Update: Microsoft Made it Official]

1/10/2022 - It's Time to Vote for Another (Impossibly Minor) X-Men Member Again

1/10/2022 - Report: Apple Won't Join the Metaverse Hype With Its Headset

1/10/2022 - Updates From Ant-Man 3, Jurassic World: Dominion, and More

1/10/2022 - Panasonic to Offer Four-Day Workweek in Japan

1/9/2022 - The House of Mouse Could Be Headed for the Metaverse

1/9/2022 - Turkmenistan Plans to Close Its Blazing 'Gateway to Hell'

1/9/2022 - 5 Superhero Movies with Delays as Bad as Morbius

1/9/2022 - The Bob's Burgers Movie Has Quite the Delightful Premise

1/9/2022 - Spider-Man: No Way Home's VFX Team on Recreating Its Vintage Villains

1/9/2022 - Dota: Dragon's Blood is Back, and Boy, Does It Have Some Dragons

1/8/2022 - FAA Releases List of 50 Airports That Will Have ‘Buffer Zones’ When AT&T and Verizon Roll Out 5G

1/8/2022 - Meta's Head of PR Leaves a Company on Fire

1/8/2022 - If I Fits, I Sits: Starlink's Self-Heating Internet Satellite Dishes Are Attracting Cats

1/8/2022 - Amazon Cuts Paid Leave for Workers With Covid-19 After CDC Updates Guidance

1/8/2022 - Resident Alien Returns with More of Alan Tudyk's Delightful Weirdness

1/8/2022 - Ben Affleck Calls Justice League His Career Low, Likes Doing Regular Movies Now

1/8/2022 - Comics Scribe Ed Brubaker Joins Batman: Caped Crusader as Head Writer

1/8/2022 - Scott Pilgrim Gets Ready to Rock Out as a Netflix Anime

1/8/2022 - The Best TVs at CES 2022

1/7/2022 - Hackers Have Been Sending Malware-Filled USB Sticks to U.S. Companies Disguised as Presents

1/7/2022 - Ford E-Scooter Company Spin Is Leaving ‘Free-for-All’ Markets and Laying Off 25% of Staff

1/7/2022 - 2022's Toy News Is Kicking Off With Some Staring Into the Void

1/7/2022 - Inferno Has Burned a Shocking Path to the X-Men's New Destiny

1/7/2022 - In Ironic Twist, Lawyers Fighting Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Argue Remotely Because They Got Covid-19

1/7/2022 - Man Who Bought Tesla Stock With Covid Relief Funds Sentenced to 4 Years In Prison

1/7/2022 - The Matrix's Queer Subtext Is Plain Text in Resurrections

1/7/2022 - Google’s Ripping Some Features Out of Nest Speakers After Losing Patent Suit

1/7/2022 - Ghost Flights Are Polluting the Skies Thanks to Omicron

1/7/2022 - The U.S. Had Most Rabies Deaths in a Decade in 2021

1/7/2022 - Nature Bites Back (With Extra Cheese) in Eco-Horror Cult Movie Prophecy

1/7/2022 - The Cyber Ninjas Are Now the Cyber Ronin (Because They've All Been Fired)

1/7/2022 - Disney Will Release Pixar's Turning Red Exclusively on Disney+

1/7/2022 - Scheduling Platform FlexBooker Discloses Data Breach Affecting 3.7 Million Accounts

1/7/2022 - Why Does Roland Emmerich Hate Earth So Much?

1/7/2022 - Apple Fitness+ Is Bringing Guided Audio Runs to Your Apple Watch

1/7/2022 - Crypto Dev Says He’s Spending $500,000 on a Statue of Elon Musk’s Head on a Goat’s Body

1/7/2022 - ‘Mysterious Hut’ Spotted on Far Side of the Moon Is a Huge Disappointment

1/7/2022 - Wes Anderson Is Bringing Marvel Talent to His Next Roald Dahl Adaptation

1/7/2022 - Frightening New Details Emerge About Mystery Brain Illness in Canada

1/7/2022 - Prodigy's Most Surprising Moment Started With One of the Oldest Trek Nerd Debates

1/7/2022 - Manchin-Connected Coal Plant Tries to Pivot to Crypto, Fails

1/7/2022 - The Major Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anniversaries of Winter 2022

1/7/2022 - The Expanse Heads Toward a Hell of a Final Showdown

1/7/2022 - Keurig ‘Recyclable’ K-Cups Not Quite That Recyclable After All

1/7/2022 - Russian Rocket Section Makes Uncontrolled Reentry Over Pacific Ocean

1/7/2022 - What Don’t Look Up’s Action Campaign Gets So Wrong

1/7/2022 - How the Spider-Men Spider-Bro'd Out During No Way Home

1/7/2022 - I Want Micro-Scale Model Railroads Hidden In Every Room of My House

1/7/2022 - Updates From Invincible, Wonder Woman 3, and More

1/7/2022 - The Best Laptops of CES 2022

1/7/2022 - Free Covid-19 Tests Are Rolling Out Soon in the U.S., But Where's the Website?

1/6/2022 - OnePlus 10 Pro's Cameras Might Not Be Good Enough to Compete With Google

1/6/2022 - Google Infringed on Sonos Audio Patents, Trade Court Rules

1/6/2022 - Picard Production Hits Pause After Widespread Covid-19 Outbreak on Set [Updated]

1/6/2022 - Spotify Makes Podcast Ads Unskippable by Sticking Them in the App

1/6/2022 - I Would Blame Google Maps for Getting Me Stuck in the Snow for 21 Hours If It Weren't Also My Fault

1/6/2022 - Image Comics Workers Have Officially Certified Their Groundbreaking Union [Updated]

1/6/2022 - This Door Is Smarter Than You

1/6/2022 - Marvel's Destiny of X Fights for Mars in the New X-Men: Red Series

1/6/2022 - Coup Prediction Algorithms Are Here to Save and/or Destroy Democracy

1/6/2022 - Exploding Supergiant Star Got Surprisingly Busy During Its Final Days

1/6/2022 - 76 Out of 77 Claims Made By Cyber Ninjas in Arizona Audit Were Bullshit, Maricopa County Officials Find

1/6/2022 - Star Trek: Prodigy Has Been Back 1 Episode and Has Already Blown My Mind 3 Times

1/6/2022 - The Best, Coolest, and Weirdest Gadgets at CES 2022

1/6/2022 - The Maniacs at Taco Bell Made Moviepass, but for Tacos

1/6/2022 - The Northeast Is About to Face a Gnarly Winter Storm

1/6/2022 - Here's What the io9 Staff Is Most Looking Forward to in 2022

1/6/2022 - What Really Happened During Kazakhstan’s Internet Blackout?

1/6/2022 - Self-Spreading Vaccine Research Could Spin Out of Control, Experts Warn

1/6/2022 - Moonfall's New Trailer Features Global Destruction, Utter Nonsense, and Free Bagels

1/6/2022 - Dogs Can Tell If You're Speaking to Them in a Foreign Language, Study Finds

1/6/2022 - Spider-Man's Tom Holland Tried, and Failed, to Be Young James Bond

1/6/2022 - Defusing the Global Climate Emergency Depends on Defusing the Democracy Emergency

1/6/2022 - New Video Shows Webb Space Telescope's Goodbye to Earth

1/6/2022 - This Watchdog Group Aims to 'Defund the Insurrectionists,' One Ad at a Time

1/6/2022 - 80% of Americans Suffered Through Extreme Heat Last Year

1/6/2022 - Warner and ViacomCBS Could Sell Off The CW, Pushing DC TV's Future Further Towards Streaming

1/6/2022 - Scientists Figured Out Which Animals Were in a Zoo Just by Taking DNA From the Air

1/6/2022 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'In the Beginning of Me, I Was a Bird' by Maria Dong

1/6/2022 - Updates From The Batman, Ironheart, and More

1/6/2022 - Palm-Sized NES Clone Plays Games Perfectly Using the Same Chips Inside the Original Console

1/6/2022 - Boaty McBoatface Prepares to Dive Under Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier

1/6/2022 - French Car Ads Will Soon Be Required by Law to Tell You Not to Drive a Car

1/6/2022 - Walmart Cuts in Half Paid Leave for Workers Who Get Covid-19

1/5/2022 - Of Course Razer's Smart Home App Is All About the RGB

1/5/2022 - What Does Hayao Miyazaki's Work Mean to You?

1/5/2022 - HyperX's New Gaming Headphones Get 300 Hours of Battery Life, and I Don't Know How That's Possible

1/5/2022 - Walmart’s 5-Year-Old Vision for the Metaverse Hasn’t Aged a Day

1/5/2022 - Noah Hawley's Alien TV Series Sounds Vaguely Awesome

1/5/2022 - Astronomers Spot a Mystery Object Spewing Dust in Space

1/5/2022 - The Fraggle Rock Reboot Looks Like 1985 All Over Again

1/5/2022 - RIP Popcorn Time

1/5/2022 - Extreme Heat Killed Hundreds of Magellanic Penguins on a Single Day in 2019

1/5/2022 - How to Cheat at Wordle

1/5/2022 - The 2022 Sundance Film Festival Goes All Virtual

1/5/2022 - U.S. Doctors, Labs Report Cases of 'Flurona' as Viruses Team Up

1/5/2022 - Vampire Hunters Learn How to Get a Head in Unlife in This New Graphic Novel

1/5/2022 - Utah Tech Founder Resigns After Sending Email Claiming 'Jews' Want to 'Euthanize' People With Vaccines

1/5/2022 - Christian Sect Under Investigation for Destructive Colorado Wildfire

1/5/2022 - Chicago Teachers Locked Out of Digital Classrooms Amid Omicron Surge

1/5/2022 - BMW Created an Absurd In-Car 'Theater' With a 31-Inch 8K Screen

1/5/2022 - BMW Created a Color-Changing Car Completely Wrapped In Electronic Paper

1/5/2022 - The Book of Boba Fett’s Best Easter Egg Isn’t the One You Think

1/5/2022 - Anti-Fog Sprays for Eyeglasses May Be Chock Full of PFAS

1/5/2022 - Google Paid Apple to Stay Out of the Search Business, Lawsuit Claims

1/5/2022 - Archive 81 Wants to Remind You Video Tapes Are Terrifying

1/5/2022 - It's About to Get Easier to Use Android Auto Wirelessly

1/5/2022 - Razer Made a Pro Version of Its Wild RGB Face Mask—Now With Bonus Screaming Feature

1/5/2022 - Razer's Next Big Concept: A Modular Gaming Desk That Looks Straight Out of Tron

1/5/2022 - Google's Improved Fast Pair Feature Will Make You Feel Like An Apple User

1/5/2022 - Netflix's Ultraman Anime Returns With an Ultra Bro-Fest

1/5/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Deploys Secondary Mirror as It Zooms Toward Final Destination

1/5/2022 - HTC Vive Wrist Tracker Could Solve One of VR's Big Problems

1/5/2022 - Asus Just Took the Wraps Off of a Foldable PC, and It's Freakin' Huge

1/5/2022 - Asus's New Space-Inspired ZenBook Is Beyond Excessive, and I Think I'm In Love

1/5/2022 - There Was Way Too Much Lightning in the Arctic Last Year

1/5/2022 - Tom Holland Makes a Mockery of the Laws of Physics in This Uncharted Clip

1/5/2022 - Lenovo Just Killed Its 2-in-1 Laptop's Best Feature

1/5/2022 - Lenovo Ups Its Game With New 240Hz G-Sync Displays on the Legion 5 Pro

1/5/2022 - Lenovo's New ThinkBook Has a Comically Wide Main Screen and a Bizarre Second Display

1/5/2022 - Razer and Fossil Made a Smartwatch ‘Designed for Gamers’ (Whatever That Means)

1/5/2022 - Hedgehogs to Blame for a MRSA Superbug, Not Modern Antibiotics, Study Suggests

1/5/2022 - Lenovo's New ThinkPad X1 Carbon Is Boring, but It Might Just Be My Next Laptop

1/5/2022 - Now All of Your Consoles Can Share the Same Screen, Mouse, and Keyboard

1/5/2022 - What to Know About California’s New Composting Law

1/5/2022 - On The Book of Boba Fett, Old Weapons Can Be Forged Anew

1/5/2022 - You Can Just Shake This Digital Thermometer to Power It Up, No Batteries Required

1/5/2022 - Not to Alarm Anyone, but Scientists Taught Goldfish to Drive

1/5/2022 - Updates From Blue Beetle, Legends of Tomorrow, and More

1/5/2022 - TikTok Star Who Sells Her Farts in Jars Starts Selling Fart NFTs

1/4/2022 - This Keurig for Cocktails Made Me Confront How Easy It Is to Just Make Yourself a Drink

1/4/2022 - Shokz Upgraded Its Bone Conduction Headphones With Extra Bass That You Can Feel

1/4/2022 - Samsung's Portable Freestyle Projector Turns Walls and Ceilings Into Big-Screen TVs

1/4/2022 - Samsung's Odyssey Ark Is a Massive Curved Gaming Monitor That Looks Cool As Hell

1/4/2022 - Samsung's Newest Tablet Is Just a Big Remote for Your Smart Home

1/4/2022 - FTC to Companies: Patch Log4j ASAP or Suffer Our Wrath

1/4/2022 - Report: Russian Hacker Who May Have Documents Proving Kremlin Election Meddling in U.S. Custody

1/4/2022 - An Astronaut Travels Light Years to Find a Lost Colony in This Moving Sci-Fi Short

1/4/2022 - The X-Men's New Destiny Has Found Itself Some Peacekeepers

1/4/2022 - U.S. Covid-19 Hospitalizations Hit 100,000 as Omicron Rages On

1/4/2022 - 'Nevermind' Baby's Lawsuit Gets Thrown Out Of Court

1/4/2022 - Of Course Japan's Latest Life-Sized Gundam Statue Looks Great in Animation

1/4/2022 - We'll Believe It When We See It, Joe

1/4/2022 - MSI's Stealth GS77 Overhauled With Powerful Chips, Liquid Metal Cooling

1/4/2022 - These New Smart Bulbs Can Track Your Sleep

1/4/2022 - Michael Keaton's Returning to Batman—So Here's a Reminder Why He Left in the First Place

1/4/2022 - Asus's New Supercharged Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop Has a MiniLED Surprise

1/4/2022 - Asus's Zephyrus Duo 16 Might Be the Dual-Screen Laptop We've Been Waiting For

1/4/2022 - Asus's ROG Flow Z13 Packs a Powerful Gaming Machine in the Body of a Surface Pro Clone

1/4/2022 - Wait, Is Isla Fisher What We Think She Is on Wolf Like Me?

1/4/2022 - Parasitic Worms Found in Toilet of 2,700-Year-Old Mansion

1/4/2022 - Screw Everything, We're Doing Six Blades

1/4/2022 - Star Wars: The High Republic Phase 2 Releases This October

1/4/2022 - Acer's Gaming Laptops Get Huge Upgrades With the Latest Chips

1/4/2022 - Acer's Swift X May Be a Sleeper Gaming Hit With Intel's Arc Discrete GPU

1/4/2022 - Intel's 12th-Gen Laptop CPUs Are Here to Take On Apple and AMD

1/4/2022 - Everything We Know About Intel's Long-Awaited Arc Discrete Graphics

1/4/2022 - Intel Just Revealed a Ton More 12th-Gen Alder Lake Desktop CPUs

1/4/2022 - Alienware's Concept Polaris Is a Beautiful eGPU That Couldn't Have Arrived at a Worse Time

1/4/2022 - Dell's XPS 13 Plus Is a Risky Evolution of the Best Windows Laptop

1/4/2022 - Alienware Just Released the Thinnest Gaming Laptop We've Ever Seen

1/4/2022 - Hisense's New TVs Are All In With Mini-LED and Google TV—Oh, and Lasers

1/4/2022 - AT&T, Verizon Delay Their 5G Rollout Plans Over Fears of Airline Interference

1/4/2022 - Cobra Kai's Newest Student Tells All

1/4/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Deploys Its All-Important Sunshield

1/4/2022 - Anker's New 4K Laser Projector Makes Your Home Theater Completely Portable

1/4/2022 - Razer's Gaming Laptops Are Getting a Serious Performance Boost

1/4/2022 - Anker's New 2K Webcam Has an LED Light Bar to Make You Look Less Like a Troll

1/4/2022 - December Was Likely the Hottest on Record for the U.S.

1/4/2022 - Sony Goes Big With Quantum Dot OLED and Mini-LED TVs

1/4/2022 - Morbius Retreats to the Shadows of April Due to Omicron Concerns

1/4/2022 - Alienware's New Premium Gaming Headset Looks Like Something I'd Actually Want to Wear

1/4/2022 - AMD's Affordable New Radeon RX 6500 XT GPU Is for Budget-Conscious PC Builders

1/4/2022 - AMD's Ryzen 6000 Series Laptop Chips Are Here With Some Big Performance Promises

1/4/2022 - Nvidia's RTX 3090 Ti Is Here, and It Could Be the Most Powerful GPU Yet

1/4/2022 - Snowstorm Traps People Overnight on I-95 in 'Dystopian' Virginia Nightmare

1/4/2022 - TCL's Big-Ass New 98-Inch TV Is Relatively Cheap, All Things Considered

1/4/2022 - TCL Really Wants Gamers to Buy Its TVs

1/4/2022 - Updates From John Wick: Chapter 4, The Umbrella Academy, and More

1/4/2022 - Ditch Your Tangle of Cables and Chargers for the Lego-Like PWRBOARD Charging Station

1/4/2022 - TCL Made Its Wearable Screen More Comfortable and Less Hideous

1/4/2022 - Schlage's New Smart Lock Lets You Tap Your iPhone to Unlock Your Door

1/4/2022 - Arcade1Up's Mini Mortal Kombat Arcade Cabinet Includes Online Multiplayer for Free

1/4/2022 - TCL's First Laptop Is a Cheap Machine With an Underwhelming Screen

1/4/2022 - TP-Link's New Wifi 6E Router Uses Motorized Antennas That Self-Adjust as Devices Move Around Your Home

1/4/2022 - This Robot Vacuum's Charging Dock Cleans Its Mopping Head for You

1/4/2022 - TP-Link Is Launching a New Line of HomeKit-Compatible Smart Home Gadgets

1/4/2022 - These Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds Come With a 2.4GHz Dongle to Eliminate Lag

1/4/2022 - Chinese State Media Releases Video Mocking Western Fears of Huawei

1/4/2022 - Anti-Vaxxers Spread Lies Online About Betty White's Death

1/3/2022 - Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE Remixes the S21's Best Features for Cheaper

1/3/2022 - LG's 2022 TVs Promise to Fix One of OLED's Biggest Downfalls

1/3/2022 - Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty of So Many Crimes

1/3/2022 - Jabra's Affordable New Fitness Earbuds Might Be Worth the Trade-Offs

1/3/2022 - Withings' New Smart Scale Can Measure Your Individual Body Parts

1/3/2022 - Netgear Has a New, Slightly Cheaper Wi-Fi 6E Router

1/3/2022 - OnePlus Just Teased the OnePlus 10 Pro, and It Has a Very Samsung Look

1/3/2022 - Moen's New Smart Faucets Can Be Controlled Entirely With Gestures

1/3/2022 - This Massive Alienware Gaming Monitor Uses Samsung's Next-Gen QD-OLED Technology

1/3/2022 - Turns Out the Nintendo Game Boy Is the Worst Possible Way to Watch Movies

1/3/2022 - The 'Rogers: The Musical' Composers Worked Very Hard to Make the Hawkeye Song Bad

1/3/2022 - Apple Is Now Trying to Terrify You Into Opting For an LTE Apple Watch

1/3/2022 - Comcast Wants You to Lease Its Matter-Ready Wi-Fi 6E Router for Your Smart Home Hub

1/3/2022 - Lenovo's New Vegan Leather-Coated Business Laptop is a Shocking Departure

1/3/2022 - Happy Trek-iversary to Deep Space Nine

1/3/2022 - Greed Propels a Surreal Battle in Delightful Animated Short Bad Seeds

1/3/2022 - Acer's Chromebooks Are Pretty Awesome and Now There Are Three New Ones

1/3/2022 - Doctor Who Should Get Thrown For a Loop More Often

1/3/2022 - L’Oréal’s Colorsonic Is a Home Hair Dye Device to Save You From DIY Disaster

1/3/2022 - You've Never Seen Star Wars Figures Like This

1/3/2022 - This Tiny Wireless Speaker Uses MagSafe to Piggyback on Your iPhone

1/3/2022 - Cobra Kai Season 4 Burning Questions Answered by the Creators

1/3/2022 - The Perfect On-the-Road Travel Charger Delivers Enough Power for a Laptop

1/3/2022 - Kohler’s New Smart Water Monitor Can Help You Find Leaky Pipes

1/3/2022 - Can You Really Tell the Difference Between 4K and 8K?

1/3/2022 - Alienware's Concept Nyx is the Gaming Setup of Our Dreams

1/2/2022 - Samsung's New TV Remote Uses Your Router's Radio Waves to Stay Charged

1/2/2022 - Samsung Is Bringing Cloud Gaming to Its 2022 TVs

1/2/2022 - Samsung Is Putting NFTs on Smart TVs Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

1/2/2022 - Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Learned What ‘Permanently Suspended’ Means on Twitter Today, Kind of

1/2/2022 - Open Channel: What Pop Culture Are You Looking Forward to in 2022?

1/2/2022 - Cobra Kai's Ralph Macchio and William Zabka on Danny and Johnny's Enemies-to-Friends Arc

1/2/2022 - Daniel Craig and No Time to Die's Crew on Creating That Emotional Ending

1/1/2022 - Airbnb Will Hide Guests’ First Names in Oregon Until Bookings Are Confirmed to Fight Discrimination

1/1/2022 - Thousands Learn That Extra Money in Their Account Is No Christmas Gift, It’s a $176 Million Bank Error

1/1/2022 - A Look Back at Betty White's Nerdiest Roles

1/1/2022 - Pokémon Legends: Arceus Commercial Will Take Your Breath (of the Wild) Away

1/1/2022 - Alan Moore's Legendary Miracleman Run is Getting an Omnibus

1/1/2022 - Peacemaker Rings in 2022 with a Delightfully Stupid Trailer