11/30/2022 - The Last of Us Character Posters Introduce the Show's Post-Apocalyptic Ensemble

11/30/2022 - Vote for Your Favorite Wildlife Photo of the Year

11/30/2022 - DC Animation May Find a New Home on Amazon

11/30/2022 - James Cameron Doesn't Care What You Think of Avatar 2, He Knows You'll Watch It

11/30/2022 - Why Don't Animated Movies and Sci-Fi Seem to Mix?

11/30/2022 - Researchers Used a Sirius XM Bug to Easily Hijack a Bunch of Different Cars

11/30/2022 - U.S. Citizen Sues NSO Group for Allegedly Helping El Salvador Plant Spyware on Journalists' Phones

11/30/2022 - YouTube App Down on iOS Devices

11/30/2022 - The Legendary Artwork of Frank Frazetta Is Coming to Magic: The Gathering

11/30/2022 - U.S. Government Will Pay to Move Native Tribes Whose Lands Are Threatened by Climate Change

11/30/2022 - The Pope's Website Is Down After a Suspected Hack

11/30/2022 - OnePlus Attempts to One-Up Google By Committing to Four Years of Android Software Updates

11/30/2022 - MSCHF's Latest Project Is an ATM That Broadcasts Your Account Balance

11/30/2022 - Willow Is Here With an Epic, Revealing 2-Episode Premiere

11/30/2022 - Huge 'Cell Phone Towers in Space' Pose Major Threat to Radio Astronomy, Scientists Warn

11/30/2022 - I Can't Imagine Ever Traveling Without This Tiny Nintendo Switch Dock

11/30/2022 - Rahul Kohli on His “Daddy” Status

11/30/2022 - Air Pollution Causes Nearly a Million Stillbirths Every Year, Study Finds

11/30/2022 - How to Watch Elon Musk’s Latest Neuralink Show and Tell

11/30/2022 - You Are Not Ready for the Cocaine Bear Trailer

11/30/2022 - Ex-SpaceX Employee Said He Was Shoved Aside to Make Way for Younger 'Frat Bro' Staff

11/30/2022 - Warwick Davis Would Love to Resurrect Star Wars Cult Obsession Return of the Ewok

11/30/2022 - Volcano Eruption Shuts Down Crucial Climate Change Monitoring Site

11/30/2022 - The Faithless Cover Is Giving Big Dyke Energy

11/30/2022 - South Dakota Bans TikTok From State Government Phones

11/30/2022 - China Cracks Down on Liking Posts About Zero Covid Protests

11/30/2022 - Latest Test of Gigantic Starship Booster Takes SpaceX Closer to Launch

11/30/2022 - Biggest Questions After Watching the Original Willow

11/30/2022 - Twitter's Ads Problems Are Even Worse Behind the Scenes

11/30/2022 - Andor Was Ready to Drop Star Wars' First 'Fuck the Empire'

11/30/2022 - It's Time to Make Apple Pay for Its Faulty Butterfly Keyboards

11/30/2022 - Amazon Satellite Experiment Puts the Cloud in Low Earth Orbit

11/30/2022 - Bright Flash Detected in February Was a Black Hole Jet Pointed Straight at Earth

11/30/2022 - Airbnb Reinvents Feudalism

11/30/2022 - Disney Made a Movie Quality AI Tool That Automatically Makes Actors Look Younger (or Older)

11/30/2022 - Spotify Wrapped Is Finally out—Here's How to See Yours

11/30/2022 - Updates From Indiana Jones 5, Supernatural Spinoff The Winchesters, and More

11/30/2022 - Photos Show Eruption at Mauna Loa, World's Largest Active Volcano

11/30/2022 - European Central Bank Says Bitcoin Is On 'Road to Irrelevance'

11/30/2022 - San Francisco Votes to Give Cop Robots Explosives—and Permission to Kill

11/30/2022 - FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried Says He Made Secret Donations to Republicans

11/29/2022 - Eufy Cameras Have Been Uploading Unencrypted Footage to Cloud Without Owners Knowing

11/29/2022 - Company Successfully Tests World's First Hydrogen-Powered Jet Engine

11/29/2022 - 10 International Holiday Cult and Horror Movies to Chill You in Any Language

11/29/2022 - The Flu Is Definitely Back

11/29/2022 - Arma 3 Devs to Public: Stop Using Our Game to Spread Fake News

11/29/2022 - Google Settles With FTC Over Paying Personalities to Promote Phone They Never Used

11/29/2022 - Japan-U.S. Geotail Mission Officially Comes to an End After 30 Glorious Years

11/29/2022 - The Super Mario Bros. Movie Has a New Trailer That Goes Full Mario Kart

11/29/2022 - These Are the 10 Most Streamed Songs on Apple Music in 2022

11/29/2022 - Here Are the Best Apps and Games of 2022, According to Apple

11/29/2022 - AMC Eyes Layoffs as Its Streaming Services Aren’t Making Enough Money

11/29/2022 - It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie Is the Maddest Muppet Special Ever

11/29/2022 - Mind-Altering Parasite Could Be Making Wolves Bolder

11/29/2022 - Texas Company Wins $57 Million From NASA to Develop Lunar Construction Tech

11/29/2022 - Sci-Fi Board Game Terraforming Mars Has Been Optioned for Film

11/29/2022 - Software Claiming to 'Unfilter' TikToks and Expose Nudes Actually Infects Users With Malware

11/29/2022 - The Lingering Willow Questions the Stars Want Answered

11/29/2022 - Elon Musk Is Extremely Pissed at Apple, but He Deleted a Tweet About 'Going to War'

11/29/2022 - Amazon Alexa's 'Colossal Failure' Is Just a Symptom of a Larger Hemorrhage in the Tech Industry

11/29/2022 - UN Wants to List the Great Barrier Reef as 'in Danger.' Australia Disagrees

11/29/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Seeks Out Far Horizons

11/29/2022 - California Cities Brace for Water Cuts and a Fourth Year of Drought

11/29/2022 - SpaceX Set to Launch Private Moon Lander, Along with NASA 'Flashlight' Probe

11/29/2022 - Connecting with Director Mike Flanagan | Next Exit Interview

11/29/2022 - Sony's Mocopi Can Turn You Into an Anime Girl With Just Six Small Sensors and a Smartphone

11/29/2022 - Read the First Chapter of Chloe Gong's Adult Epic Fantasy Debut, Immortal Longings

11/29/2022 - Twitter Quietly Removes Its Covid-19 Misinformation Policy

11/29/2022 - Celebrate 40 Years of Return of the Jedi With Some Familiar Star Wars Faces

11/29/2022 - Deep Fake Zuckerberg Thanks Democrats for Their Service and Inaction on Antitrust

11/29/2022 - The First Things To Do In VR, Part 3

11/29/2022 - Houston Is Just the Latest Texas City to Boil Water for Safety

11/29/2022 - Return to the Darkest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Timeline in The Last Ronin: Lost Years

11/29/2022 - The Star Trek: TNG Crew Keeps Hinting About That Picard Spin-Off

11/29/2022 - China Launches 3 Astronauts to Its Fledgling Space Station

11/29/2022 - Houston Cancels School Again Over Boil Water Notice for City's 2.3 Million Residents [Updated]

11/29/2022 - Scammers Are Targeting World Cup Viewers and Workers With Fake Merch and Fabricated Tickets

11/28/2022 - The Mean One Looks Like Yet Another Unnecessary Cynical Children's Horror Parody

11/28/2022 - A Demon Comes Creeping in Horror Short Midnight Talk

11/28/2022 - Elon Musk Praises Improved 'Community Notes' as Community Flags His Fake News Post

11/28/2022 - Hackers Release Millions of Twitter IDs and User Info for Free

11/28/2022 - At Least Two Deaths Have Now Been Linked to an Experimental Alzheimer's Treatment

11/28/2022 - Apple iPhone Shortage Looms as Workers in China's 'iPhone City' Protest Harsh Treatment

11/28/2022 - Bob Dylan Admits to Using 'Autopen' Device to Sign $599 So-Called 'Hand Signed' Books

11/28/2022 - Diego Luna Says Andor Season 2 Will Change Your Feelings About Rogue One

11/28/2022 - Iran Wants U.S. Kicked Out of FIFA World Cup for Briefly Changing Their Flag

11/28/2022 - Japanese Researchers Faked Data in Spaceflight Simulation

11/28/2022 - The Best Productivity, Gaming, and Budget Laptops to Gift (or Keep)

11/28/2022 - Arizona Voting Machine Issues Did Not Impact Election Integrity, Local Officials Say

11/28/2022 - A Gift Guide for Doing Good: How to Give in Support of Climate Causes

11/28/2022 - As the Outdoor Industry Ditches ‘Forever Chemicals,’ REI Lags Behind

11/28/2022 - James Gunn Answers Guardians Holiday Questions and Teases DC Connections

11/28/2022 - Drought Is Killing Christmas Trees Across the U.S.

11/28/2022 - 'Gaslight' Is Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year for No Good Reason

11/28/2022 - Amazon Makes More Money From Ads Than Prime

11/28/2022 - The Best Tablets, E-Readers, and E-Notes To Give As Gifts

11/28/2022 - Wednesday Misunderstands Its Misunderstood Protagonist

11/28/2022 - These Are The Best DSLR Cameras Right Now

11/28/2022 - Meta Slapped with Nearly $300 Million Fine for Facebook Data Scraping Blunder

11/28/2022 - SpaceX Cargo Capsule Arrives at ISS With Tomato Seeds, Moon Med Kit, and More

11/28/2022 - Hawaii's Mauna Loa Is Erupting for First Time in Almost 40 Years

11/28/2022 - UK Wants to Criminalize Online Self-Harm Content and Make Social Media Companies Pay

11/28/2022 - Strange World Likely to Lose Disney $100 Million

11/28/2022 - Monkeypox Is Now Mpox, WHO Says

11/28/2022 - BlockFi Files for Bankruptcy Months After Accepting Helping Hand From FTX

11/28/2022 - Twitter Failed to Flag Christchurch Shooting Video Re-Uploads

11/28/2022 - The Best Gifts for Musicians

11/28/2022 - NASA's Orion Poised to Set Milestone Distance Record Today

11/28/2022 - Lego's Potential Dungeons & Dragons Sets Are Critical Hit or Miss

11/28/2022 - This Question-Answering Typewriter Is Like if We Had Siri in the '70s

11/28/2022 - Apple Pulls Lyrics From iPhone 14 Ad After Being Mistaken for Slur

11/28/2022 - Elon Ignores Crypto Bros Who Took $600,000 Sculpture of Him to Tesla HQ

11/28/2022 - Chinese Spam Accounts Block Covid Protest News With Porn Links on Twitter

11/28/2022 - Gotham Knights Is Messy, But Brings Some Heart to Batman Games

11/28/2022 - What if You Turned a Formula 1 Wheel Into a Onewheel Style Self-Balancing Skateboard?

11/28/2022 - The Best Video Game Gifts for the n00b in Your Life

11/28/2022 - Harrison Ford Escapes the Past in New Indiana Jones Production Images

11/28/2022 - Gifts for the Spaceflight Enthusiast in Your Life

11/28/2022 - Bahamas Attorney General Gets Defensive as FTX Users Wonder About Sam Bankman-Fried

11/28/2022 - Houston Issues Boil Water Notice and Cancels School on Monday

11/27/2022 - For Kevin Bacon, Joining the Guardians' Holiday Special Was the Easy Part

11/27/2022 - Albert Pyun, B-Movie Film Director, Has Passed Away

11/27/2022 - Open Channel: Pick a Marvel Hero to Headline a Future Holiday Special

11/27/2022 - Great, Now We're Getting a Horror Movie Where Bambi's Killing People

11/26/2022 - Rian Johnson on Knives Out's Future Inspirations and Keeping the Franchise Fresh

11/26/2022 - Despite Wakanda Forever's Success, Namor's Still Off Limits for a Solo Film

11/26/2022 - Tony Gilroy on Andor's Post-Credits Scene and Season Two Time Jumps

11/26/2022 - Netflix's Ad-Supported Tier is Messing with Its Anime Catalog

11/25/2022 - Elon Says He’ll Make His Own Phone If Apple and Google Deplatform Twitter

11/25/2022 - This Weeks Toys Rip, Tear, Swindle, and... Comfort?

11/25/2022 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

11/25/2022 - Nina West on the Importance of Kindness and Embracing Being a Fantastical Fan

11/25/2022 - How Mesh Networking Works, and How To Find the Right System for You

11/25/2022 - NASA Successfully Maneuvers Orion Into Its Target Orbit Around the Moon

11/25/2022 - Transformers: Earthspark Twists the Franchise In a Great Way

11/25/2022 - Brilliant Self-Stacking Lego Domino Machine Is Perpetually Mesmerizing

11/25/2022 - DROP's Gorgeous Lord of the Rings Keyboard Broke My Elvish-Loving Brain

11/25/2022 - Spacesuit Malfunction Forces Cancelation of ISS Spacewalk

11/25/2022 - 'This is the Best Film I’ve Seen in My Life'

11/25/2022 - Hubble Telescope Observes Surreal Galactic Collision

11/25/2022 - 8BitDo Turned the Classic NES Gamepad Into a Wireless Charger

11/25/2022 - Chris Hemsworth Discusses What It Would Take For Him to Return as Thor

11/25/2022 - Shipping Emissions Are Black Friday’s Dirty Secret

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11/24/2022 - Read a Story of Queer Love and Hope for the Future in the Apocalypse

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11/24/2022 - 'Gap' in App Store Rules Endangers Reproductive Data, Top Law Enforcement Chiefs Say

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11/24/2022 - How to Set Up Your Smart Home for the Holidays

11/24/2022 - Former Paralympic Athlete Selected as World's First Disabled Astronaut

11/23/2022 - I Tried to Sleep in a Casket and All I Got Was This Story

11/23/2022 - Here's How Tech Is Shaping the 2022 FIFA World Cup

11/23/2022 - Nanny Weaves a Powerful Folk-Horror Tale

11/23/2022 - Lyft Says It Will Start Recycling E-Bike and Scooter Batteries

11/23/2022 - Amazon Reportedly Plans to Burn $1 Billion on Over a Dozen Theatrical Movies Every Year

11/23/2022 - Armand Is the Reason to Re-Watch Interview With the Vampire's First Season

11/23/2022 - Rian Johnson Wouldn't Mind If His Return to Star Wars Was For a TV Show

11/23/2022 - U.S. Navy Forced to Pay Software Company for Piracy

11/23/2022 - Bolsonaro Denies Brazil Election Results on the Basis of a Software 'Malfunction'

11/23/2022 - Authorities in Western U.S. Agree to Rip Up Grass Lawns for Water Conservation

11/23/2022 - Mercedes-Benz Wants You to Pay to Drive Faster

11/23/2022 - Even the Andor Post-Credits Scene Was Perfectly Andor

11/23/2022 - Google's Accidentally Refunding Some Customers for Stadia Pro

11/23/2022 - Violent Night's David Harbour Talks Making Santa His Own

11/23/2022 - Catnabbit! TSA Agents Found a Stowaway Cat Hiding in Luggage

11/23/2022 - Doctor Who Celebrates Its 59th Anniversary With Hype for Its 60th

11/23/2022 - Twitch is, Vaguely, Working to Fix its Child Predator and Groomer Problem

11/23/2022 - New York Becomes First State to Temporarily Ban Some Crypto Mining

11/23/2022 - Andor's First Season Finale Made Star Wars Better

11/23/2022 - Hackers Could Cause Next Deepwater Horizon-Level Disaster

11/23/2022 - ‘A Brave New World of Software Piracy:’ Lawsuit Takes Aim at Scrapping Methods Underpinning Modern Artificial Intelligence

11/23/2022 - NASA Unexpectedly Lost Contact With Orion Last Night

11/23/2022 - First of Its Kind Gene Therapy Treatment Approved for Hemophilia

11/23/2022 - The White House Is Ready to Shell Out $13 Billion to Modernize U.S. Power Grid

11/23/2022 - You Cannot Resist the Lure of the New Lego Spacebaby Minifigure

11/23/2022 - See the Coolest Images So Far From Orion's Historic Mission to the Moon

11/23/2022 - Another Artemis 1 Satellite Is Experiencing Problems

11/23/2022 - The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Is Holly Jolly Good Fun

11/23/2022 - Judge Recommends Prison Camp for Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes

11/23/2022 - It Turns Out the Walking Dead Was Me All Along

11/23/2022 - Remains of a Spider Monkey Traded by Ancient Maya Elites Found in Mexico

11/23/2022 - HP Announces Layoffs as PC Demand Drops

11/23/2022 - This Simple USB Dongle Could Help the Average Person Type 600% Faster

11/23/2022 - Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Will Have a Lot of Riker

11/23/2022 - Workers Battle Police at China's Main iPhone Plant Amid Protests

11/23/2022 - When It Comes To Climate, DeSantis Is Trump In Moderate's Clothing

11/23/2022 - Why Does Shuri See ____ in the Ancestral Plane?

11/23/2022 - All the Worst Twitter Policy Offenders Elon Musk Is Giving Free Rein To

11/23/2022 - Elon Musk Tweets Defense of Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man in Ferguson, Missouri

11/23/2022 - This Is Your Brain With a Migraine

11/22/2022 - Civil Rights Groups Renew Calls for Advertisers to Drop Twitter After Elon Reinstates Trump

11/22/2022 - So You Want to Start Reading (or Writing) Fanfic

11/22/2022 - Fill Your Black Friday List With Fandom Finds From Stranger Things, Marvel, DC, and More

11/22/2022 - Watch Power Rangers' Touching Tribute to Jason David Frank

11/22/2022 - The Walking Dead Finale Originally Had a Different Ending

11/22/2022 - Philippine Navy Says China Forcibly Seized Suspected Rocket Debris

11/22/2022 - Florida Manatees Are Starving En Masse. Conservation Groups Want Them Back on Endangered List

11/22/2022 - The Amazing Art and Toys We Loved at Designer Con 2022

11/22/2022 - Webb Telescope Reveals Noxious Atmosphere of a Planet 700 Light-Years Away

11/22/2022 - Meta AI Bot Contributed to Fake Research and Nonsense Before Being Pulled Offline

11/22/2022 - UK Regulators Want Apple to Open its App Store Doors to Cloud Gaming

11/22/2022 - Strange World Is a Wonderfully Weird and Fantastic Family Adventure

11/22/2022 - WikiLeaks' Website Is Falling Apart

11/22/2022 - Ticketmaster Will Now Have to Explain Itself to Lawmakers Following Taylor Swift Ticket Disaster

11/22/2022 - Does Beyond Meat’s Plant Have a Mold Problem?

11/22/2022 - SpaceX Preparing for First Launch of Its New Cargo Capsule

11/22/2022 - Hideaki Anno's Ultraman Fan Film Is Now Officially Streaming

11/22/2022 - NASA Downplays Launch Pad Damage Caused by SLS Rocket

11/22/2022 - China 'Resolves' Gaming Addiction So It May No Longer Need Pesky Industry Regulations

11/22/2022 - How Does Ghostbusters Merchandise Get Made?

11/22/2022 - Trump's Truth Social Gifted Nearly One More Year to Finalize Shady SPAC Merger After Shareholder Vote

11/22/2022 - Martin Scorsese's Goncharov (1973) Is the Greatest Mafia Movie Never Made

11/22/2022 - Elon Musk's Wealth Drops by $8.6 Billion in One Day

11/22/2022 - In Memory of @BPDeezNutzz, the Best Greentrolling Account to Ever Grace Twitter

11/22/2022 - Play With an Interactive Map of the Observable Universe

11/22/2022 - Mini Macintosh USB-C Charger Now Has a Working Screen That Shows Your Power Use

11/22/2022 - Meta Has Been Lapping Up Users' Financial Info Sent Directly from Tax Filing Sites

11/22/2022 - New List of the Most Dangerous Pathogens Will Include ‘Disease X,’ the Likely Next Pandemic

11/22/2022 - Avatar: The Way of Water Needs to Make $2 Billion to Break Even

11/22/2022 - Tampax’s Tweet Sexualizing Women on Their Periods Is Revolting

11/22/2022 - The Walking Dead Has Finally Died

11/22/2022 - 10 Antivax Lies to Watch Out for This Holiday

11/22/2022 - FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried's Parents Reportedly Bought Millions of Dollars Worth of Bahamas Property

11/22/2022 - Bliss Out to This View of NASA's SLS Launching in Super-Slow Motion

11/22/2022 - Behind the Choice of the New Black Panther

11/22/2022 - Elon Musk Delays $8 Blue Check Twitter Verification Again, This Time Indefinitely

11/22/2022 - More Details About Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Mysterious Indiana Jones 5 Character

11/22/2022 - Hundreds of Arizona Households Set to Be Without Water by End of Year

11/22/2022 - Meta's 'Cicero' AI Trounced Humans at Diplomacy Without Revealing Its True Identity

11/22/2022 - The Xbox 360 Controller is Back, and Now it Natively Works With Modern Consoles

11/22/2022 - Why Do We Love the Music We Love?

11/22/2022 - An iCloud Feature Is Enabling a $65 Million Scam, New Research Says

11/22/2022 - Bitcoin Price Slides to Two-Year Low as Fears Persist Over FTX Contagion

11/21/2022 - Avatar: The Way of Water's Latest Trailer Is Pure James Cameron

11/21/2022 - Star Wars: The High Republic - Convergence Audiobook Excerpt

11/21/2022 - Supreme Court to Take on Jack Daniel's Dispute Against Parody Dog Toy Maker

11/21/2022 - Here's the (Mostly) Blue People You'll Have to Distinguish Between in Avatar: The Way of Water

11/21/2022 - Two of America's Largest Rail Unions Are Split on Tentative Agreement

11/21/2022 - Texas Just Had Its Biggest Earthquake in Decades, and Fracking Is a Prime Suspect

11/21/2022 - Blade Finds New Blood With Lovecraft Country Director Yann Demange

11/21/2022 - NASA's SLS Launch Was a Roaring Success—Except for Its Secondary Payloads

11/21/2022 - How to Set Screen Time Limits on Your Phone or Laptop To Keep Yourself Focused

11/21/2022 - Golden State Warriors Face Class Acton Lawsuit Over Partnership With Doomed FTX

11/21/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried Deepfake Video Attempts to Scam the Scammed

11/21/2022 - COP27 Was a Historic Compromise, and Not Nearly Enough

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11/21/2022 - Beyond Meat’s Pennsylvania Plant Reportedly Had Mold and Bacteria Problems

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11/21/2022 - Choosing Marvel's New Black Panther and Who Awaits in the Ancestral Plane

11/21/2022 - T. Rex Pulled From Auction After Skeleton Raised Questions

11/21/2022 - Will Ryan Coogler Finish the Black Panther Trilogy?

11/21/2022 - Elon Musk Welcomes Ye's Return to Twitter

11/21/2022 - Get a Look Inside Star Wars: The High Republic Phase 2's First Adult Novel, Convergence

11/21/2022 - Neuralink Co-Founder Unveils Rival Company That Won't Require Patients to Drill Holes in Their Skull

11/21/2022 - Next Exit Is About Being Vulnerable While Facing Death

11/21/2022 - Space Rock Strike on Webb Telescope Was Just Bad Luck, NASA Team Says

11/21/2022 - Indiana Jones 5 Will Begin With Flashback Magic

11/21/2022 - Orion Completes First Lunar Flyby and Captures Stark Image of the Moon

11/21/2022 - Qatar Claims the 2022 FIFA World Cup Is Carbon Neutral. It’s Not.

11/21/2022 - I Have No Idea What's Happening in the First Gridman/Dynazenon Crossover Movie Trailer, But I Love It

11/21/2022 - TikTok’s Trash Walker Wants Us to Make Less Garbage

11/21/2022 - International Time Keepers Scrap The Leap Second

11/21/2022 - Apple Says Your iPhone's Usage Data is Anonymous, but New Tests Say That's Not True

11/21/2022 - Meta Is on the Prowl for 'Suspicious Adults' Messaging Teenagers

11/21/2022 - A Soil Fungus That Causes Lung Infections Is Spreading Across the U.S.

11/21/2022 - Marvel's Thunderbolts Movie Might Have Found Its Villain

11/21/2022 - Amazon Plans to Close Up Shop on Wickr’s User-Centric Encrypted Messaging App

11/21/2022 - Rings of Power's Answer to Lord of the Rings' Special Features Appendices Is Here

11/21/2022 - Elon Musk Explains Why He's Never Letting Alex Jones Back on Twitter

11/21/2022 - Ahsoka Tano Fans Will Find Columbia's New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Winter Wear Hard to Resist

11/20/2022 - Former Disney CEO Bob Iger to Return and Replace Current CEO Bob Chapek

11/20/2022 - See an Exclusive Clip From Good Night Oppy, a New Doc About the Mars Rover That Defied the Odds

11/20/2022 - Legion of Super-Heroes Trailer Brings Past and Future Heroes Together

11/20/2022 - Ryan Reynolds Found Time to Write an Unmade Deadpool Christmas Movie

11/20/2022 - Jason David Frank, Longtime Power Ranger, Has Passed Away

11/20/2022 - Sci-fi Novelist Greg Bear Has Passed Away

11/20/2022 - Open Channel: What Have Been Your Favorite Walking Dead Moments?

11/20/2022 - How a 'Playboy' Centerfold Became Part of the Creation of the JPEG

11/19/2022 - The Walking Dead is Shambling to TTRPGs and Actual Play

11/19/2022 - Meet Mads Mikkelsen's NASA Nazi for Indiana Jones 5

11/19/2022 - Who the Hell Was Whedon's Justice League For?

11/19/2022 - Chris Hemsworth's Taking an Acting Break, and Maybe a Permanent Thor Break

11/19/2022 - Fired SpaceX Employees Made a List of Elon Musk's 25 Worst Tweets

11/19/2022 - 10 Holiday Tech Gifts With Hidden Privacy Problems

11/19/2022 - 14 Meme Templates to Use on Twitter While You Still Have the Chance

11/19/2022 - A Broken Twitter Means Broken Disaster Response

11/19/2022 - How a #MeToo Facebook Post Is Testing the Limits of SCOTUS’ 60-Year-Old Defamation Decision

11/19/2022 - Cloud Gaming Services, Ranked

11/18/2022 - Disenchanted's Sparkle Is Uneven, But Its Heroines Nearly Save the Day

11/18/2022 - Does Mali Elfman Believe in Ghosts? | Next Exit

11/18/2022 - Crack a Smile for the Toy News of the Week

11/18/2022 - Taylor Swift: Antitrust Hero

11/18/2022 - Elon Musk Says Twitter Shadowbans Are the New Law of the Land

11/18/2022 - Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 11 Years and 3 Months in Prison for Theranos Fraud

11/18/2022 - Why Was it Important to Introduce Riri Williams? | Black Panther 2 Interview

11/18/2022 - New Information Reveals Donald Trump Posted Classified Satellite Imagery on Twitter as President

11/18/2022 - Japan Will Send an Astronaut to the Upcoming Lunar Space Station

11/18/2022 - Meet The Peripheral's Mysterious New Character Ahead of Her Debut

11/18/2022 - Bank of America Downgrades Coinbase Amid FTX Train Wreck, Citing 'Contagion Risk'

11/18/2022 - Millie Gibson Is Doctor Who's New Companion

11/18/2022 - Get to Know the Silver Surfer's New Ally in This Ghost Light Preview

11/18/2022 - How to Use Live Captions to Add Subtitles to Any Device's Audio and Video

11/18/2022 - The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Was the First Marvel Studios Project Created for Disney+

11/18/2022 - Indiana Jones 5 Takes Indy to the End of His Journey

11/18/2022 - Hydropower Plant Will Go Offline Thanks to Punishing Drought

11/18/2022 - LightSail 2 Has Burned Up in Earth's Atmosphere After 3.5 Years in Space

11/18/2022 - FDA Approves First-of-Its-Kind Drug to Delay Type 1 Diabetes

11/18/2022 - The Legacy of Pixar's Wall-E, Now a Member of the Criterion Collection

11/18/2022 - FBI, Air Force Agents Mysteriously Raid House of Guy Who Runs Area 51 Blog

11/18/2022 - Senate Democrats Call for New Probe Into Allegations RealPage's Algorithm Suggests Inflated Rental Prices to Landlords

11/18/2022 - Jaw of Extinct Lion Found Along Drought-Stricken Mississippi River

11/18/2022 - DC Comics Finally Moves From Dusk to 'Dawn'

11/18/2022 - Elon's ‘Hardcore Twitter’ Plan Backfires With Resignations

11/18/2022 - Orion's 16 Cameras Are Doing More Than Just Snapping Pretty Pictures of Earth

11/18/2022 - Don’t Mess With Luthen and His Fricking Lasership | Andor Review

11/18/2022 - The FCC Is Forcing Internet Providers to Publish 'Nutrition Labels' Breaking Down Prices

11/18/2022 - Reebok's DC Shoes Kick off the Fight Between Good and Evil

11/18/2022 - Forget the Metaverse, Zuck Says WhatsApp Could Be the Real Money Machine

11/18/2022 - Latest MoMA Exhibit Is an AI-Generated Swirling Hallucination of Other Museum Art

11/18/2022 - Just 42% of Religious Americans Pray for the Environment

11/18/2022 - The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special May Include a Major MCU Reveal

11/18/2022 - The 140 Funniest Tweets of All Time

11/17/2022 - Missing Employees, a Billion-Dollar Loan, and Emoji Payments: The 9 Most Batshit Revelations From FTX's Bankruptcy Filing

11/17/2022 - Watch This Horror Short in the Darkest Room Possible

11/17/2022 - Hollywood Is Trying to Remake Escape From New York Again

11/17/2022 - Make Way for the Baby as Grogu and Mando Take Over Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

11/17/2022 - Yale, Harvard, and Berkeley Law Schools Ditch U.S. News and World Report's 'Profoundly Flawed' Rankings

11/17/2022 - SpaceX Awarded $1.15 Billion Contract to Build NASA's Second Lunar Lander

11/17/2022 - Have We Forgotten Why Wookiees Ponder Their Orbs on Life Day?

11/17/2022 - Meta Employees Were Reportedly Fired for Selling Account Information to Hackers

11/17/2022 - A Satellite That Launched Aboard SLS Is Already in Trouble

11/17/2022 - U.S. Indicts Two Russians for Allegedly Profiting Off Copyrighted Books Through Z-Library

11/17/2022 - Rick and Morty's Back! 10 Things to Remember About Season 6 So Far

11/17/2022 - Dems Debut Bill Updating Tech Accessibility Requirements for Streaming, AI, and Video Conferencing

11/17/2022 - Google Maps' AR Live View Feature Will Now Point Out Shops, Coffee, and ATMs

11/17/2022 - The Road to Indiana Jones 5 Officially Begins

11/17/2022 - D'oh! Cambridge Dictionary's Word of the Year Caused Wordle Players a Lot of Frustration

11/17/2022 - Sony's Spider-Man Universe Webslings Its Way Onto TV

11/17/2022 - Democrats' Trust and Favorability in Twitter Plummets Following Musk Take Over

11/17/2022 - A Measles Outbreak in Ohio Has Hospitalized Seven Kids So Far

11/17/2022 - Interview With the Vampire Knows It's Telling a Slanted Truth

11/17/2022 - Intel Says Its Deepfake Detector Has 96% Accuracy

11/17/2022 - Webb Telescope Sees Two of the Most Ancient Galaxies Yet

11/17/2022 - New NASA Satellite Will Keep Tabs on Nearly All of Earth's Water

11/17/2022 - Sonic Prime Sends the Hedgehog Into His Own Multiverse of Madness

11/17/2022 - What's Next for the Orion Spacecraft as It Cruises Toward the Moon

11/17/2022 - Industrial Meat and Dairy Is Destroying the Planet

11/17/2022 - Fire and Water Have a Meet-Cute in Pixar's Elemental

11/17/2022 - End of an Era: Facebook Takes Sexuality, Religion, Address, and Politics Off of Your Profile

11/17/2022 - The Dengue Virus Has Been Found in Arizona

11/17/2022 - Gamera, Friend to All Children, Is Finally Back

11/17/2022 - Writing a Film About Death | Next Exit Interview

11/17/2022 - Amazon Offers 'Voluntary Severance' to Employees Who Resign Amid Ongoing Layoffs

11/17/2022 - House Committees Slam ID.me for 'Baseless' Unemployment Fraud Claims

11/17/2022 - Junk Fees and Slow Speeds: Study of 22,000 Internet Bills Shows How Comcast, AT&T, and Others Hide the Cost of Broadband

11/17/2022 - Supersized Switch With 12.5-Inch Screen Stretches the Definition of Portable Gaming

11/17/2022 - SpaceX Workers Say They Were Illegally Fired for Open Letter Criticizing Elon

11/17/2022 - The Guy in Charge of FTX Bankruptcy Calls Crypto Company ‘A Complete Failure’ of Corporate Controls

11/17/2022 - Your First Look at the Final Episode of The Walking Dead Is Here

11/17/2022 - People Are Still Using the Dumbest Passwords Available

11/17/2022 - The Next Era of Human Space Exploration Just Thundered to Life

11/17/2022 - What Does Mastodon Mean for ‘Climate Twitter’?

11/17/2022 - El Salvador Plans to Buy More Bitcoin Every Day Despite Losing Millions Already

11/16/2022 - Andor's Cool Imperial Cruiser Has a Long Star Wars History

11/16/2022 - Darren Aronofsky on Going to Extremes With Chris Hemsworth for Limitless

11/16/2022 - FDA Finally Says Lab-Grown Meat Is Safe to Eat

11/16/2022 - Do Not Steal Our Robot Dog!

11/16/2022 - Why Do We Use Humor to Talk About Death? | Next Exit Interview

11/16/2022 - The Moment Andor Went Full Star Wars

11/16/2022 - Jackson's Water Crisis Has Gone on So Long That the EPA Is Setting Up Shop There

11/16/2022 - Thrilling Photos of NASA's SLS Megarocket Launch to the Moon

11/16/2022 - Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Tom Brady, Larry David, Shaq, and Steph Curry Over FTX Implosion

11/16/2022 - The NBA Just Banned Off-White Uniforms for the Most Annoying Reason

11/16/2022 - Parents Push Congress for Stricter Social Media Laws

11/16/2022 - The Return of Willow and How It's Staying True to Its Origins

11/16/2022 - Fossil Fuel Interests Paid for Pro-Hydrogen Study, Boston Globe Reports

11/16/2022 - The Next Alien Movie Has Found Its, Uh, Somebody

11/16/2022 - Musk Says He Plans to Reduce His Time at Twitter as He Defends His $56 Billion Tesla Payment Deal

11/16/2022 - How To Use iCloud Photos on Non-Apple Devices

11/16/2022 - Stranger Things' Joseph Quinn Is Joining the Quiet Place Universe

11/16/2022 - Layoffs Begin at Amazon: 'Some Roles Will No Longer Be Required'

11/16/2022 - Stop Using Onewheel Self-Balancing Skateboards, CPSC Warns After Reports of Four Deaths and Multiple Injuries

11/16/2022 - NASA's Moon-Bound Orion Spacecraft Captures Goodbye Pic of Earth

11/16/2022 - Experimental Vaccine Blocks Fentanyl From Rats' Brains

11/16/2022 - Wakanda Forever's Mid-Credits Scene Aims to Please All Black Panther Fans

11/16/2022 - David Tennant Added a Line to His Latest Doctor Who Regeneration

11/16/2022 - Webb Telescope Captures Stunning Protostar ‘Hourglass’ in Space

11/16/2022 - Andor Weighs the High Cost of Freedom

11/16/2022 - America’s Ass Got Dragged in the Avengers Group Chat

11/16/2022 - Facebook to Fact-Checkers: Remember, Trump Is Off Limits Again

11/16/2022 - Meta's Oversight Board Says Moderators Wrongfully Removed Post Comparing Russian Army to Nazis

11/16/2022 - MIT's Boston Dynamics Is Suing Ghost Robotics Over Robot Dog Plagiarism

11/16/2022 - Stargirl Shot Two Endings in Light of an Uncertain Future

11/16/2022 - U.S. Reportedly Considering Whether to Extradite Sam Bankman-Fried Over FTX Implosion

11/16/2022 - The Best College Science and Tech Programs

11/16/2022 - Updates From Scream 6, Stranger Things, and More

11/16/2022 - 9 in 10 U.S. Counties Hit by Climate Disaster Since 2011

11/16/2022 - Report Detailing Sexual Harassment at Microsoft Barely Skims Accusations Against Bill Gates

11/16/2022 - Elon's Ultimatum to Staff: Be Part of New ‘Hardcore’ Twitter or Leave

11/16/2022 - New DuckDuckGo Tool Brings Apple-Style Privacy to Android

11/16/2022 - Airbnb Is Adding a Mentorship Program to Help Hesitant Hosts List Their Homes

11/16/2022 - Kevin O'Leary Says He'd Invest in FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Again

11/16/2022 - Santa's Data: This Holiday's Tech Gifts Are Creepier Than Ever

11/16/2022 - NASA Finally Makes Its Big Rocket Go Now

11/15/2022 - Disney Parks Celebrates Black Panther: Wakanda Forever at Avengers Campus

11/15/2022 - Space Travel Company Inches Closer to Creating 'Astronaut Experience' for Tourists to View Earth From the Edge of Space

11/15/2022 - The Walking Dead Is Slapped With Another Pricey Lawsuit

11/15/2022 - Thousands of People Are Tweeting the Exact Same Joke About Elon's Twitter Fiasco

11/15/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Deals a New Deck of Cards

11/15/2022 - Android's Next Flagship Processor is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

11/15/2022 - Willow Returns in a New Clip From the Disney+ Show

11/15/2022 - Presale Postmortem: Swifties, Now Is the Time to Overthrow the Ticketmaster Monopoly

11/15/2022 - Google Investor Thinks Google Should Be More Like Twitter

11/15/2022 - Another Crypto Company Is Going Broke Because of FTX

11/15/2022 - A Solar Sail Spacecraft Is About to Come Down Through Earth's Atmosphere in a Fiery Flame

11/15/2022 - The Best Ways to Get High if You’re Rich

11/15/2022 - DoorDash Says Delivery Workers Can Now Block Problem Customers and Cancel Rude Peoples' Orders

11/15/2022 - Surprisingly Earth-Like Clouds Spotted on Mars

11/15/2022 - Doctor Who's New Era Will Redesign the Daleks (Again)

11/15/2022 - Netflix Lets You Boot Profiles From Your Account Ahead of Password Sharing Crackdown

11/15/2022 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Homeland

11/15/2022 - Subway's Pre-Made Sandwich AI Fridge Can Hear You

11/15/2022 - Mastodon Has Officially Retired the 'Toot,' Its Version of the Tweet

11/15/2022 - Al Gore’s New Tool Can Zoom in on the Biggest Polluters in Your Town

11/15/2022 - Future DC Films Will Be More Focused, With Less Batman

11/15/2022 - How Lego and MIT Came Together To Give Us Lego Robots

11/15/2022 - This Nostalgic Toy Auction Will Make You Wish All Your Childhood Toys Were Still Mint in the Box

11/15/2022 - After Unfurling Its Massive Array, Commercial Satellite Becomes as Bright as Orion's Stars

11/15/2022 - Chainsaw Man Dub Clip Introduces Power as the World's Worst Roommate

11/15/2022 - Elon Is Firing Twitter Employees Who Shitpost About Him in Slack

11/15/2022 - Fyre Festival's Billy McFarland Apologizes to the Bahamas Ahead of New Scheme

11/15/2022 - Neutron Stars Are Basically Giant Cosmic Pralines, Astrophysicists Say

11/15/2022 - World's Population Reaches 8 Billion People for the First Time—and That's Fine!

11/15/2022 - Terry Crews on the Gears of War Live-Action Movie

11/15/2022 - How to Watch the Inaugural Launch of NASA’s SLS Megarocket

11/15/2022 - Whalefall Relates a Primal Oceanic Fear Come True

11/15/2022 - Taylor Swift's Tour Presale Breaks Ticketmaster (Updated)

11/15/2022 - In This Look Inside Monarch, the Forecast Is First Contact

11/15/2022 - Apple AirPods Can Work as More Affordable Hearing Aids, Study Finds

11/15/2022 - NASA Delays Return to Earth's Evil Twin, Venus

11/15/2022 - Northwestern's Business School Will Waive Standardized Test Scores for Laid Off Tech Workers

11/15/2022 - Vast Majority of People Who Invest in Bitcoin Inevitably Lose Money, Study Shows

11/15/2022 - Every Canceled (or Re-Worked) Disney Star Wars Project

11/15/2022 - Clippy Takes Starring Role on Microsoft's 2022 Ugly Holiday Sweater

11/15/2022 - Netflix's Narnia Adaptations May Have Found a Surprising Director

11/15/2022 - The Massive Five-Foot Tall Eiffel Tower Is the Tallest Lego Set of All Time

11/15/2022 - Why Are There so Many Lasers in James Bond Movies?

11/15/2022 - What It's Like to Use Apple's Emergency SOS Feature

11/15/2022 - New York Times Runs Bizarre Softball Article on FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried

11/15/2022 - A Drug Cartel Is 'Selling' Lawn Decorations on Amazon to Hide Their Meth Shipments

11/14/2022 - Why Interview With the Vampire's Finale Didn't Stick to the Book

11/14/2022 - In Slash/Back, an Alien Invader Tangles With Badass Teen Girls

11/14/2022 - Read FTX's Bankruptcy Filings for Yourself

11/14/2022 - Interview With the Vampire's Finale Nails the Coffin Shut

11/14/2022 - Tesla's Autopilot Feature Faces Scrutiny Ahead of Manslaughter Trial

11/14/2022 - U.S. and China Restart Climate Discussions After Months-Long Silence

11/14/2022 - Crypto Firm Binance Wants to Prove It Won't End Up Like FTX

11/14/2022 - Hasbro's Selfie Series Figures Just Aren't There Yet

11/14/2022 - Russian Code Found in Thousands of American Apps, Including the CDC's

11/14/2022 - 72-Year-Old Bikes From Sweden to Egypt for Climate Conference as Others Arrive on Private Jets

11/14/2022 - What to Know About This Week's Spacewalks Outside the ISS

11/14/2022 - The Neverending Story Gets a Dazzling New Release From the Folio Society

11/14/2022 - Alleged Google Pixel Fold Renders Leak, and It's Going to Be Pricey

11/14/2022 - David Tennant's Doctor Who Regeneration Changed Because Russell T Davies Didn't Want to Give Bigots Ammo

11/14/2022 - Jeff Bezos Is Sending His Girlfriend to Space as Amazon Plans to Lay Off 10,000 Workers

11/14/2022 - Don't Travel to These Places If You Care About the Environment

11/14/2022 - 21 Questions We Have After Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

11/14/2022 - Google Agrees to Pay $392 Million Over Location Data Collection Accusations

11/14/2022 - RRR, One of the Best Epic Fantasies Ever, Might Get a Sequel

11/14/2022 - Bird Says It Over-Reported Scooter Revenue for Two Years

11/14/2022 - Margot Robbie's Pirates of the Caribbean Film Is Dead in the Water

11/14/2022 - Honey Bees Are Only Living Half as Long as They Did in the 1970s

11/14/2022 - Terry Crews’ Life Changed Forever Because of Star Wars | First Fandoms

11/14/2022 - Wealthy Countries Propose 'Global Shield,' a Climate Change Insurance Plan

11/14/2022 - Disney Wants You to Watch Andor So Much, It's Putting It on Network TV and Hulu

11/14/2022 - Air Force's Mysterious Spaceplane Finally Lands After Spending 2.5 Years in Orbit

11/14/2022 - You Really Should Watch The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself

11/14/2022 - SpaceX Buys Ads on Twitter

11/14/2022 - How Much Did Twitter's Verification Chaos Cost Insulin Maker Eli Lilly and Twitter Itself?

11/14/2022 - CAPSTONE Becomes First Probe to Enter Unique Halo Orbit Around the Moon

11/14/2022 - Jason Momoa Really Wants to Make a Lobo Movie

11/14/2022 - Senator Threatens Elon Musk Over Twitter Chaos: 'Fix Your Companies. Or Congress Will.'

11/14/2022 - Michael Lewis Already Selling Movie Rights for Book on FTX's $32 Billion Meltdown

11/14/2022 - Crypto Exchange AAX Halts Withdrawals but Denies It Had Exposure to FTX

11/13/2022 - The Walking Dead Did What It Should Have Been Doing All Along

11/13/2022 - The FBI Came Very Close to Deploying Spyware for Domestic Surveillance

11/13/2022 - Black Panther Lives with Wakanda Forever's Mighty Box Office Open

11/13/2022 - Scoob! Holiday Haunt's Michael Kurinsky Opens Up on Completing Cancelled Film

11/13/2022 - Open Channel: What Did You Think of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

11/13/2022 - Kevin Conroy's Best Batman Moments, as Decided by You

11/12/2022 - FTX Says It May Have Been 'Hacked' as $600 Million in Crypto is Mysteriously Drained Overnight

11/12/2022 - Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw is Making Its Way to Podcasts

11/12/2022 - Thunderbolts Will Drop a Bomb on the Marvel Cinematic Universe

11/12/2022 - Berserk's Original Anime is Coming to Netflix

11/12/2022 - Interview With the Vampire's Jacob Anderson on His Character Inspiration

11/12/2022 - Grogu & the Dust Bunnies is a Cute, Innocent Collaboration Between Lucasfilm and Studio Ghibli

11/12/2022 - All the Execs That Have Quit Elon’s Twitter (So Far)

11/12/2022 - See Some of the Year's Best Nature Photos

11/12/2022 - How Apple’s ‘Ask App not to Track’ Prompt Helped TikTok's War Against Facebook

11/12/2022 - Every Terrible Thing That's Happened to Twitter in the Last Two Weeks: A Review

11/11/2022 - After Attacking Medical Center, Hackers Leak Patients' Abortion Details to the Dark Web

11/11/2022 - Apple Sued for Allegedly Deceiving Users With Privacy Settings After Gizmodo Story

11/11/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: An io9 Roundtable

11/11/2022 - The Black Panther Rises in This Week's Toy News

11/11/2022 - Twitter Verification is a Hot Mess

11/11/2022 - 10 Years Ago Today, Final Fantasy XIV Destroyed Its World to Build a New One

11/11/2022 - Dream Team Alert: Bitcoin Magazine (Maybe) Teams Up With Fossil Fuel Giant, Shell

11/11/2022 - TikTok Silently Prepares to Launch In-App Shopping

11/11/2022 - Satellite Sets New Relay Record for Sending Martian Messages to Earth

11/11/2022 - Photos and Videos Show Hurricane Nicole's Destruction in Florida

11/11/2022 - You'll Never Escape Your Cubicle Now That The Walls Can Follow You

11/11/2022 - Sony and Toyota Are Joining Forces to Flex Japan's Semiconductor Muscles

11/11/2022 - Celebrate 20 Years of Spider-Man Movies With This Trip Down VFX Lane

11/11/2022 - Looks Like We're Going to Have to Get Used to China's Crashing Rockets

11/11/2022 - The Dead Friends Society Is a Beyond the Grave Slasher Story

11/11/2022 - The Logitech G Fits Are as Good as Gaming Earbuds Can Be, Which is Just OK

11/11/2022 - We Finally Get Our Star Wars Prison Break | Andor Review

11/11/2022 - Simu Liu on Manifesting Shang-Chi in Destin Daniel Cretton's Avengers: Kang Dynasty

11/11/2022 - The Return of the American Bison Is an Environmental Boon—and a Logistical Mess

11/11/2022 - Space Force Wants to Launch Satellites Faster Than Anyone Has Ever Attempted

11/11/2022 - Netflix Announces Its First-Ever Livestream Comedy Event

11/11/2022 - Open Channel: What Are Your Favorite Moments of Kevin Conroy as Batman?

11/11/2022 - A Stone Age Cold Case: Ötzi the ‘Iceman’ Thawed and Refroze Many Times, Researchers Say

11/11/2022 - Helicopters, Gliders, and a Billionaire's Vanity Project Come to Microsoft Flight Simulator Today

11/11/2022 - How To Turn Your Phone Into a ‘Minimalist’ Phone to Reduce Distractions

11/11/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried's 'Effective Altruism' Team Resigns Amid FTX Meltdown

11/11/2022 - 12 Games Based on TV and Films, Ranked

11/11/2022 - Elon Is Re-Verifying Neo-Nazis and Selling Blue Checks to Transphobes and QAnoners

11/11/2022 - Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Finale of Interview With the Vampire

11/11/2022 - Android Auto's Makeover Prioritizes the Map and Focuses on a Split-Screen Experience

11/11/2022 - How Oil & Gas Funding Distorts Energy Research

11/11/2022 - The Next Godzilla Movie Has an Unsurprising Title

11/11/2022 - Kevin Conroy, the Definitive Voice of Batman, Has Died

11/11/2022 - Elizabeth Holmes Asks Judge to Please Be Nice to Her

11/11/2022 - Alexa-Powered Side Table Mixes Drinks on Command

11/11/2022 - Okay, Now Hayao Miyazaki Has a Grogu Figurine, What Is Happening [Updated]

11/11/2022 - FTX Declares Bankruptcy and Sam Bankman-Fried Resigns in Latest Crypto Blowup

11/11/2022 - DeviantArt Has a Plan to Keep Its Users' Art Somewhat Safe From AI Image Generators

11/11/2022 - 15 Fake Verified Twitter Accounts Causing Absolute Chaos Right Now

11/11/2022 - 25 Years Later, Pokémon's Ash Ketchum Is Finally a World Champion

11/11/2022 - Twitter Brings Back 'Official' Verified Badge Because Elon Musk Has No Idea What He's Doing

11/10/2022 - The Last Broadcast's Tech Horror Is Dated, But It Still Rings True

11/10/2022 - Why Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Has the Best End Credit Scene in Marvel History

11/10/2022 - Twitter Could Go Bankrupt, Elon Says

11/10/2022 - Andor Is Great Television Because It Doesn't Require Knowing Everything About Star Wars

11/10/2022 - NASA's Moon Rocket Endures Excessive Winds on Its Launchpad in Florida

11/10/2022 - Dooku Was Right (Mostly)

11/10/2022 - Juul's Latest Cash Injection Staves Off Bankruptcy, for Now

11/10/2022 - Morning Might Be the Best Time to Avoid Pollen, Study Finds

11/10/2022 - David Tennant's New Doctor Who Adventure Has Already Begun

11/10/2022 - He-Man, Lite-Brite, and the Spinning Top Defeat Nerf for a Spot in the National Toy Hall of Fame

11/10/2022 - Shuna’s Journey Is Hayao Miyzaki’s Folkloric Blueprint

11/10/2022 - UN Climate Change Meeting 'Looks Like a Fossil Fuel Industry Trade Show,' Activists Say

11/10/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried Apologizes and Continues Begging for Funds Amid FTX Collapse

11/10/2022 - Workers Accuse Amazon’s Rings of Power of Environmental Damage in New Zealand

11/10/2022 - This Year's Dell XPS 13 Is a Classy but Unremarkable Little Machine

11/10/2022 - KFC Mistakenly Encouraged Its German Customers to Celebrate Kristallnacht With Crispy Chicken

11/10/2022 - Andor Season 1's Last Line Will Bring It All Together

11/10/2022 - Teenage Engineering's Latest Musical Toy is a $2,000 Collection of Singing Wooden Dolls

11/10/2022 - Fitbit's Preteen-Focused Wearable Will Track Location, Encourage Exercise Without Phone

11/10/2022 - Amazon Says Its New 'Sparrow' Robot Arm Can Use AI to Move 'Millions' of Warehouse Objects

11/10/2022 - NASA Recovers Inflatable Heat Shield From Pacific Ocean After Orbital Test

11/10/2022 - Dragon Age: Absolution's New Trailer Teases a Deadly Magical Heist

11/10/2022 - Apple's iPhone 14 is a Slightly Better Night Shooter Than Google's Pixel 7

11/10/2022 - Octopuses Caught on Camera Throwing Shells at Each Other

11/10/2022 - Verified Impersonators Have Made a Mess Out of Twitter's $8 Blue Checkmarks

11/10/2022 - Segment of Doomed Challenger Space Shuttle Found at Bottom of Atlantic Ocean

11/10/2022 - The Best Robotic STEM Toys to Fill The Lego Mindstorms Hole in Your Heart

11/10/2022 - Lucy & Danny Devito Tell io9 About Their Love for Looney Tunes and Ren & Stimpy

11/10/2022 - The Year of Michelle Yeoh Continues in The Witcher: Blood Origin

11/10/2022 - Studio Ghibli Teases a Collaboration With Lucasfilm and Everyone Is Freaking Out

11/10/2022 - Apple Restricts AirDrop Feature in China, Making It Harder to Share Images With Random People

11/10/2022 - Elon Musk's Layoffs Cut Deep Into Twitter's Engineering Department, Document Shows

11/10/2022 - John Wick Aims for the Heart in Chapter 4's New Trailer

11/10/2022 - WeWork Is Closing 40 Offices in a Bid to Actually Make Money

11/10/2022 - Guillermo del Toro Reveals Horrifying At the Mountains of Madness VFX

11/10/2022 - Microsoft Co-Founder's Massive Art Collection Sells for Eye-Popping $1.5 Billion

11/10/2022 - Keanu Reeves Will Return as Constantine

11/10/2022 - October Was Bad News for the U.S. Drought

11/10/2022 - What the Midterms Told Us About the Future of Climate Action

11/10/2022 - Hundreds of Deaths in Texas Prisons Caused by Extreme Heat

11/10/2022 - FLIR Redesigned Its Predator-Vision Thermal Camera to Work With Any Mobile Device

11/10/2022 - Musk Ends Twitter’s ‘Work From Home Forever’ Policy in First Email to Staff

11/10/2022 - Here's Where Tech Won and Lost in the Midterms

11/10/2022 - Steve Jobs' Gross Old Sandals Go Up For Auction

11/10/2022 - DOJ and SEC Investigating FTX Collapse as Entire Crypto Market Plunges

11/9/2022 - Interview With the Vampire Prepares for a Bloody, Twisted Finale

11/9/2022 - Andor's Torture Device Originally Had a Sound to Go With It

11/9/2022 - Andor's Luthen Rael Is a Profound Look at the Cost of Rebellion

11/9/2022 - Nailed It: Amazon Becomes the First Company Ever to Lose $1 Trillion in Stock Value

11/9/2022 - NASA on Track to Test Its Inflatable Heat Shield in Space Tomorrow Morning

11/9/2022 - China’s New Megarocket Design Shows NASA’s SLS Is Already Obsolete

11/9/2022 - Florida Airports and Theme Parks Shut Down as Storm Nicole Closes In

11/9/2022 - Doctors Treated a Deadly Genetic Disease Before Birth for the First Time

11/9/2022 - The Christmas Bloody Christmas Trailer Is Here to Spread Murderous Santa Cheer

11/9/2022 - Who Is Working to End the Threat of AI-Generated Deepfakes, and Why Is It So Difficult?

11/9/2022 - The Witch From Mercury Might Be Setting Up a Dark Secret for Its Gundam

11/9/2022 - Here’s How to Get Your Money Back From Google Stadia

11/9/2022 - Webb Telescope Brings a Once-Fuzzy Galaxy Into Focus

11/9/2022 - Holly Black's The Stolen Heir Finds a Changeling Queen Hiding Among Humans

11/9/2022 - Watch This Massive Shark Jump Aboard a Fishing Boat

11/9/2022 - Andor Gives Star Wars the Riot It Desperately Needed

11/9/2022 - 'Killed It:' Elon Backtracks From 'Official' Twitter Badges Hours After Rollout

11/9/2022 - Binance Backs Out of FTX Acquisition (Updated)

11/9/2022 - Unusual Thanksgiving Stuffing: TSA Finds Gun Hidden in Raw Chicken

11/9/2022 - TikTok Secretly Scores Influencers on Metrics Like 'Cooperation' and 'Diligence'

11/9/2022 - Octopuses Caught on Camera Throwing Shells at Each Other

11/9/2022 - 10 Reasons Why You Should Catch Up on Quantum Leap

11/9/2022 - Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio Has a Powerfully Emotional New Trailer

11/9/2022 - Star Wars Returns to Skirmish Miniatures (Again) In Shatterpoint

11/9/2022 - Cygnus Freighter Reaches ISS With Only One Functioning Solar Array

11/9/2022 - New Arcane Anniversary Celebration Teases Season 2

11/9/2022 - Martin Shkreli Tells Do Kwon 'Jail's Not That Bad'

11/9/2022 - Zoom Teams Up With Tesla and AMC Theaters for New Features

11/9/2022 - Tony Hale Tells io9 How He Saw Himself in The Goonies | First Fandoms

11/9/2022 - Twitter Is Offering Government Officials and Major Brands a Free but Confusing 'Official' Gray Checkmark

11/9/2022 - Tom Brady Likely Lost Big With FTX Crypto Collapse

11/9/2022 - NASA's Moon Rocket Will Have to Ride Out the Storm as Potential Hurricane Approaches

11/9/2022 - Hackers Claim World’s First Folding iPhone Required a Monumental Amount of Modifications

11/9/2022 - Batman Could Find His Way Into Another Upcoming DC Movie

11/9/2022 - Mark Zuckerberg Thought Tech's Pandemic Boom Would Last Forever. Now Meta Is Laying off 11,000 Workers.

11/9/2022 - ICE Loves to Buy Furniture Made With Prison Labor, Documents Show

11/9/2022 - Hackers Dump Australian Health Records Online After Insurer Refuses to Pay Ransom

11/8/2022 - First Sentence Ever Found in Ancient Alphabet, and It's About Beard Lice

11/8/2022 - Netflix's Wednesday Series Just Uncloaked Its Opening Credits Sequence

11/8/2022 - New to Mastodon? Here's How to DM Like a Pro

11/8/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Danai Gurira on Okoye's Path in the Film

11/8/2022 - Even Anti-Drone Eagles Can't Escape the 2022 Tech Layoffs

11/8/2022 - Don’t Believe Weird Al: Daniel Radcliffe Was Never on Twitter, so He Couldn't Have Been Kicked Off

11/8/2022 - This Is How Fast Election Disinformation Spreads

11/8/2022 - Reminder: Anne Rice’s Vampires Are Basically Alien Cellphones From Atlantis

11/8/2022 - Tesla Releases Update to Fix the Reason Behind Its Latest Recall of 40,000 Vehicles

11/8/2022 - Indiana Jones Could Be Getting Its Own Disney+ Show

11/8/2022 - Elizabeth Holmes Won't Get the New Trial She Desperately Wanted

11/8/2022 - Ex-Twitter Engineer Accuses Twitter of Retaliation for Helping Doomed Coworkers

11/8/2022 - Apple Is Tracking You Even When Its Own Privacy Settings Say It’s Not, New Research Says

11/8/2022 - John Wick Spin-Off Ballerina Is Bringing Back Ian McShane as Winston

11/8/2022 - Florida Braces for Possible Hurricane as Tropical Storm Nicole Strengthens

11/8/2022 - Art Is a Revolution in This Look Inside Salamandre

11/8/2022 - The U.S. Is in For A Dry Winter | Extreme Earth

11/8/2022 - The Best Printers for Making Professional Looking Photos at Home

11/8/2022 - Drought Looms Over Midterm Elections in the Arid West

11/8/2022 - Chuck Wendig's Wayward Is Almost Here, and io9 Has Another Sneak Peek

11/8/2022 - Webb Telescope's Mid-Infrared Camera Is Fully Back in Action After Worrisome Glitch

11/8/2022 - A Lot Can Change in 10,000 Years—Maybe These Hot Cheetos Won't

11/8/2022 - Drought Is Killing Zebras, Elephants, and Wildebeest in East Africa

11/8/2022 - Largest Crypto Firm Binance to Acquire Rival FTX After Exchange Stops Processing Withdrawals

11/8/2022 - Terrifier 2, the Sleeper Horror Hit of the Season, Arrives on Digital This Week

11/8/2022 - Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levy to Develop a Star Wars Film

11/8/2022 - If You Weren’t Zuko & Korra, Which Character Would You Perform? | Avatar’s Janet Varney & Dante Basco

11/8/2022 - De Bethune's $93,500 Timepieces Now Come With Custom, Robot-Powered Calibration

11/8/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Is a Cathartic Cinematic Celebration

11/8/2022 - Runners Suffer Heat Injuries During Record-Hot New York City Marathon

11/8/2022 - The First Things To Do In VR, Part 2

11/8/2022 - See the Best Photos of This Morning's Lunar Eclipse

11/8/2022 - McDonald's Created a Grease-Proof Gaming Chair

11/8/2022 - Auto Detailing Company Recalls a Batch of Its Hand Sanitizers That May Contain Methanol

11/8/2022 - Maybe James Cameron Won't Make 5 Avatar Movies After All

11/8/2022 - Instagram's 'Billionaire Gucci Master' Handed 11-Year Sentence for Money Laundering and Fraud Scam

11/8/2022 - Jason Momoa Teases a Mysterious New DC Project Thanks to James Gunn's New Era

11/8/2022 - LG's Stretchable, Smooshable Screen Promises a Future of Shatter-Proof Gadgets

11/8/2022 - Would You Read a Book of Spiritual Poetry Written by an AI?

11/8/2022 - All Is Not Well at NASA's JPL

11/8/2022 - Researchers Claim TikTok's Suppressing Get Out The Vote Efforts

11/8/2022 - $1.9 Billion Powerball Numbers Finally Drawn After Security Delay

11/8/2022 - Elon Musk Considers Putting All of Twitter Behind Paywall in Latest Genius Idea

11/7/2022 - Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Created a VR Headset That Kills You If You Die in the Game

11/7/2022 - The Batman Live Score Headlines the 'DC in Concert' Series

11/7/2022 - Andor Season 2 Was Inspired by a Mystery Summer Blockbuster

11/7/2022 - Greece Is Banning All Sales of Spyware After a Huge Phone-Tapping Scandal

11/7/2022 - Brace Yourself, Nerd: Holiday Shopping Starts Now

11/7/2022 - DOJ Announces Expanded In-Person Poll Monitoring

11/7/2022 - Twitter's Ex-Election Head Says the Real Test for Blue Bird Will Be Post-Midterms

11/7/2022 - Zootopia+ Invites You to Watch Some Bite-Size Slices of Life

11/7/2022 - It Shouldn't Be This Hot

11/7/2022 - Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft Fails to Deploy Solar Array Shortly After Launch

11/7/2022 - Please Don't Lick the DMT Toads, Begs the National Park Service

11/7/2022 - How Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Talokan Will Impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe Going Forward

11/7/2022 - Potential Hurricane Poses Threat to NASA’s Upcoming Moon Launch

11/7/2022 - Instagram's Video Selfie Age Verification System Goes Live in the U.K.

11/7/2022 - William Shatner on Jeff Bezos

11/7/2022 - Billionaires Are Funding Climate Destruction

11/7/2022 - Feds Seize Over $1 Billion in Crypto Originally Stolen from Dark Web Drug Marketplace Silk Road

11/7/2022 - Gears of War Is Netflix's Latest Gaming Adaptation

11/7/2022 - Apple Supposedly Dumping the 'Hey!' From Siri's Wake Phrase

11/7/2022 - General Motors, Pfizer, United Airlines: Here Are All the Big Advertisers That Have Left Twitter Since Elon Took Over

11/7/2022 - For the First Time Ever, People Are Getting Transfusions of Lab-Grown Blood Cells

11/7/2022 - Yup, Nope's Daniel Kaluuya Is Joining Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

11/7/2022 - Star Wars: The High Republic Gets Cracked Open in an Awesome New Art Book

11/7/2022 - How to See Tomorrow Morning's Total Lunar Eclipse

11/7/2022 - Doctor Who Could Start Looking Way More Expensive Thanks to That Disney Deal

11/7/2022 - Kathy Griffin Is Trolling Elon From Her Dead Mom's Twitter After He Suspended Her

11/7/2022 - NASA Pushes First Operational Boeing Starliner Mission to 2024

11/7/2022 - Next Exit Embraces the Afterlife, But Still Wants to Negotiate

11/7/2022 - Donald Trump's Truth Social Gets First Stock Market Bump in Months With Hints of 3rd Presidential Run

11/7/2022 - Airbnb's 'Display Total Price' Tool Lets Guests See Listing's Actual Price, Including Those Dreaded Cleaning Fees

11/7/2022 - Amazon Has ‘Over a Thousand’ Rivian Electric Vans Already Making Deliveries

11/7/2022 - There Could Be Even More Spider-Men Coming to Across the Spider-Verse

11/7/2022 - Star Wars: The Acolyte's Cast Has Been Revealed

11/7/2022 - Lego's Animated 3D-Printed Duck Is a Sneak Peek at the Building Toy's Future

11/7/2022 - Musk’s Twitter Looks to Rehire Some of the Staff it Booted Last Week

11/7/2022 - Meta Plans to Lay Off Thousands of Employees Starting This Week: Report

11/7/2022 - Devialet's $790 Portable Speaker Will Automatically Optimize Its Sound Based on Where You're Using It

11/6/2022 - The Walking Dead Is Running Out of Time and I’m Running Out of Patience

11/6/2022 - Halo's Identity Problem Began With an Admirable Mess

11/6/2022 - Open Channel: What's Your Favorite Moment from the God of War Series?

11/6/2022 - Andy Serkis Discusses Andor's Kino Loy and Returning to Star Wars

11/6/2022 - Vault Comics Launches "Headshell" Imprint for Musician-Led Comics

11/5/2022 - John Wick May Have Video Games Involved in His Future

11/5/2022 - Henry Cavill's Spent Years "Very Gently" Hoping for a Superman Return

11/5/2022 - The Three-Body Problem's Chinese Anime Adaptation Hits Next Month

11/5/2022 - What We Know About the Financiers Who Helped Create This Twitter Mess

11/5/2022 - Westworld May Be Over, But Its Stars and Creators Still Get Paid for It

11/5/2022 - Microsoft Exec Says We Need More Climate-Smart Workers

11/5/2022 - Go on a Walk With the Real-Life Master Roshi and His Giant Tortoise Friend, No Dragon Balls in Sight

11/5/2022 - Volunteers Needed for Research. Must Like Talking About Your Cat

11/5/2022 - Do Dating Apps' Algorithms Really Expand our Match Pool?

11/5/2022 - Researchers Spin up Terrifying Hacker Drone That Can 'See Through Walls' With Wifi

11/5/2022 - Homeland Security Admits It Tried to Manufacture Fake Terrorists for Trump

11/4/2022 - A Carbon Capture Company Wants to Sell Credits on Tech That Hasn’t Been Commercially Tested Yet

11/4/2022 - This Week's Toy News Is Full of Witches, Rebels, and Heroes

11/4/2022 - Mayan Representation in Black Panther

11/4/2022 - 12 of Keith David's Most Memorable Genre Performances (So Far)

11/4/2022 - SEC Charges 4 People in $295 Million Crypto Ponzi Scheme

11/4/2022 - Meta's Oversight Board to Elon Musk: Stop Pissing Off Twitter's Advertisers

11/4/2022 - Everything We Know About the Future of Doctor Who

11/4/2022 - The Most Disturbing Hallmark Ornaments of the Last Decade

11/4/2022 - Westworld Has Been Canceled by HBO

11/4/2022 - Biden's Graphite Headscratcher

11/4/2022 - Federal Watchdog Demands Deeper Environmental Reviews of Proposed Satellite Constellations

11/4/2022 - Interview With the Vampire Works So Well Because of Daniel Molloy

11/4/2022 - Joe Rogan Walks Back Fake Story About School Using a Litter Box for 'Furry' Student

11/4/2022 - The First Things To Do In VR, Part 1

11/4/2022 - Photos Show the Mississippi River Drying Up

11/4/2022 - Nintendo's New Pokémon Themed Switch is Inspiring Me to Buy an OLED Upgrade I Don't Need

11/4/2022 - 15 She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Facts Revealed in the Making of Documentary

11/4/2022 - Fugitive Crypto Founder Do Kwon May Be Hiding in Europe, Despite Claims He's Totally Not on the Run

11/4/2022 - How To Start Replacing Your Phone's Passwords With Passkeys

11/4/2022 - What to Know About COP27, the World Climate Conference in Egypt

11/4/2022 - The Good and Bad of Writing Star Wars, According to Andrew Stanton

11/4/2022 - Astrophysicists Discover Closest Black Hole to Earth

11/4/2022 - Netflix's Ad-Supported Tier Doesn't Work on Apple TV Yet

11/4/2022 - Everything You Know Is Wrong (But So Right) Inside Weird Al's New Graphic Novel

11/4/2022 - NASA’s Megarocket Rolls Back to Launch Pad, With Blastoff Just 10 Days Away

11/4/2022 - U.S. Needs a Space Bureau to Regulate the 'New Space Age,' FCC Says

11/4/2022 - These Avatar Funko Pops 'See You'

11/4/2022 - Scientists Use Satellites to Measure Tallest Volcanic Plume Ever Recorded

11/4/2022 - The 11 Wildest Moments from Elon's First Week at Twitter

11/4/2022 - Here's What's More Likely to Happen to You Than Winning the Mega Millions

11/4/2022 - A Warning to Twitter Verified Users: Don't Take the Bait

11/4/2022 - Gmail Adding Package Tracking Just in Time for Your Holiday Shopping Spree

11/4/2022 - Welp, There Goes Twitter's Ethical AI Team, Among Others as Employees Post Final Messages

11/4/2022 - Could They Recast Chadwick Boseman? | Black Panther 2 Interview

11/4/2022 - Newly Described Owl Species Looks Like a Meme and Sounds Like a Squeaky Toy

11/4/2022 - Elon 'Dogefather' Musk Reportedly Tells Twitter to Pause Crypto Wallet Efforts

11/4/2022 - China’s Wayward Rocket Has Disintegrated Over the Pacific Ocean

11/4/2022 - Google's Long History of Messaging App Rebrands, Pivots, and Retirements—Explained

11/4/2022 - Danny Boyle Really Wants to Direct a New 28 Days Later Sequel

11/4/2022 - Rocket Lab Aborts Second Attempt at Catching a Rocket With a Helicopter

11/4/2022 - 90% of U.S. Coal Plants Are Contaminating Groundwater, Report Finds

11/4/2022 - Twitter Is Getting Sued as Elon Musk's Mass Layoffs Start

11/3/2022 - Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA Discovered in Ancient South Americans

11/3/2022 - AMD's RDNA 3 GPUs are Way Cheaper Than the RTX 4090

11/3/2022 - Andor Enlists 3 New Directors to Tackle Season 2

11/3/2022 - Fast and Furious Star Sung Kang Just Made a Horror Movie

11/3/2022 - Please, for the Love of God, Someone Just Let Henry Cavill Talk About Warhammer

11/3/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Talokan Warriors on Opening Doors for More Representation

11/3/2022 - Candy Crush Company Finagles Massive Drone Display Over Hudson River Despite NYC’s Ban on Drones

11/3/2022 - I Slept in Taylor Swift’s Casket and Did Not Rest in Peace

11/3/2022 - Jeff Bezos's Former Housekeeper Is Suing Him Over Inhumane Work Conditions

11/3/2022 - Largest Trial Yet Shows Promising Results for Psilocybin as Depression Treatment

11/3/2022 - Andor Episode 9 Review

11/3/2022 - We Are Less Than 3 Decades Away From Losing Every Glacier in Yosemite National Park, Europe's Dolomite Mountains, and All of Africa

11/3/2022 - Substack Courts Unhappy Twitter Users Looking for a New Home Post-Musk

11/3/2022 - These Are the First Devices to Work With the Matter Smart Home Standard

11/3/2022 - 25 Years Ago Today, Deep Space Nine's Dominion War Changed Star Trek Forever

11/3/2022 - Google’s New Beta Will Let More Users Run Steam Games from a Chromebook

11/3/2022 - How to Join Mastodon, the Ad-Free Social Network Billionaires Can't Buy

11/3/2022 - Hell Yeah, There’s a Musk Ox Cam

11/3/2022 - 11 Tech Hacks to Support your Health and Wellness (Sponsored)

11/3/2022 - Lyft Just Laid Off Nearly 700 Corporate Employees and Partly Blamed It on Paying for Drivers’ Insurance

11/3/2022 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'Beyond the Shore' by Tania Fordwalker

11/3/2022 - If You're Playing the Powerball Lottery, Here's How to Improve Your (Infinitesimal) Chances of Winning

11/3/2022 - Most Home 'Compostable' Plastic Doesn’t Actually Break Down, Study Finds

11/3/2022 - Finally, the Uncut Version of The Muppet Christmas Carol Is Back

11/3/2022 - X-Rays Reveal Superheated Gloop Surrounding a Black Hole

11/3/2022 - The 5 Best Twitter Alternatives

11/3/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Would've Been Canceled Before Recasting Chadwick Boseman

11/3/2022 - Why It's So Hard to Predict Where China’s Out-of-Control Rocket Will Crash

11/3/2022 - Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Meta Was a Risky Investment Long Before the Metaverse

11/3/2022 - Godzilla Rises Yet Again With a New Japanese Movie

11/3/2022 - Netflix With Ads Starts Today: Here’s What You Should Know

11/3/2022 - Defense Department Announces Plans for a Secure Internet in Space

11/3/2022 - Activate Your Trap Card in This Magic The Gathering: The Brothers' War Preview

11/3/2022 - WhatsApp Revamps Group Chats with New Communities Feature

11/3/2022 - Patreon Creators Won't Have to Rely on Embedded YouTube Videos Anymore

11/3/2022 - Randall Park's Favorite Superheroes

11/3/2022 - Musk's California Hyperloop Prototype Will Become a Parking Lot

11/3/2022 - Christopher Paolini's Sci-Fri Fractalverse Expands With New Thriller Fractal Noise

11/3/2022 - Can This iPad Replace Your Laptop?

11/3/2022 - The New Leader of Space Force Wants a ‘Combat-Credible’ Command

11/3/2022 - The Russo Brothers Tease Their Horrible-Sounding View For the Live-Action Hercules

11/3/2022 - There's a Big Problem With Countries' Plans to Plant More Trees

11/3/2022 - Adobe Photoshop Designers Are Furious That Pantone Is Forcing Them to Pay $15 to Use Its Colors

11/3/2022 - Elon Musk to Lay Off About 3,700 Twitter Employees on Friday: Report

11/2/2022 - Aubrey Plaza Joining Marvel's Agatha: Coven of Chaos Is an On-Brand No-Brainer

11/2/2022 - Surprise! Or Not: Netflix's Sandman Is Getting a Season 2 [Updated]

11/2/2022 - Cult-Beloved Animated Series Clone High Returns in 2023

11/2/2022 - From Generative Images and Video to Responsible AI: Here's What Google Covered During Its AI@ Event

11/2/2022 - The Witch From Mercury Is Playing a Fascinating Game With Gundam's Past

11/2/2022 - SpaceX's Huge Starship Rocket Could Launch as Early as Next Month, NASA Says

11/2/2022 - Google Launches New Beta to Play Android Games on PC

11/2/2022 - Alcohol to Blame for 1 in Every 8 U.S. Deaths Under 65, CDC Finds

11/2/2022 - On Andor, There's No Escaping the Growing Wrath of the Empire

11/2/2022 - Facebook's Going Back to Only Using Algorithms to Curate Its News Tab

11/2/2022 - Satan's Slaves: Communion Might Be the Scariest Movie of the Year

11/2/2022 - After 3 Months in Space, China's Mysterious Spaceplane Ejects Unknown Object

11/2/2022 - Jennifer Lawrence Should Have Listened to Adele's Career Advice

11/2/2022 - Tumblr Brings Back Tasteful Nudes but Not Porn

11/2/2022 - Count Dooku Voice Actor Corey Burton Tried Something New on Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

11/2/2022 - Why Is Global Polluter Coca-Cola Sponsoring a Major Climate Conference?

11/2/2022 - Stan Lee's Ex-Manager Vindicated in Court

11/2/2022 - Rocket Lab Will Try Again to Catch a Rocket With a Helicopter This Week

11/2/2022 - PepsiCo, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and Other Major Brands to Blunder Plastic Sustainability Goals

11/2/2022 - Troll's Trailer Roars Onto Screens

11/2/2022 - Your Boss Is Spying on You. The NLRB Might Stop It.

11/2/2022 - Godzilla Day 2022 Celebrates MechaGodzilla and Mothra With Exclusive Mondo Merch

11/2/2022 - CVS and Walgreens Agree to Pay $10 Billion in Opioid Settlement

11/2/2022 - Randall Park | First Fandoms

11/2/2022 - One Benefit of Permanent Daylight Saving Time? Fewer Cars Hitting Deer

11/2/2022 - PlayStation VR2 Headset Set Has a Firm Release Date and Will Cost As Much As a PS5

11/2/2022 - Malicious App Developer Remains on Google Play Despite Being Cited Multiple Times for Malware

11/2/2022 - Captain America: New World Order Teases Harrison Ford's New Role

11/2/2022 - Japanese Company Aims to Land the First Private Moon Mission Later this Month

11/2/2022 - Where's the Line? Controversy Causes Post-Release Edits of TV/Film/Music

11/2/2022 - Avatar: The Way of Water Dives Under the Surface in Latest Trailer

11/2/2022 - DJI's Mavic 3 Classic is a Cheaper Option That Loses the Telephoto Lens

11/2/2022 - Democrats Passed a Major Climate Bill. Why Aren’t More Political Ads Touting It?

11/2/2022 - Some Companies Opt for Lame Loophole Under NYC's New Pay Transparency Law

11/2/2022 - Julie Powell's Last Tweet Before Her Death at 49 Causes Confusion Among Fans

11/2/2022 - Twitter Exploring 'Paywalled Video' Which Would Obviously Be Flooded With Porn

11/1/2022 - Bryan Fuller Wants His Friday the 13th Show to Go to Space

11/1/2022 - The Nightmare Before Christmas Director Henry Selick Is Bummed Tim Burton Gets All the Credit

11/1/2022 - You Really Don't Want the Government to Be Your Content Moderator

11/1/2022 - Contaminated Floodwaters | Extreme Earth

11/1/2022 - 2022’s Top IT Priority? Security

11/1/2022 - Biden Tells Oil Companies to 'Stop War Profiteering' and Threatens New Corporate Taxes Amid Record Petroleum Profits

11/1/2022 - Photos Show Launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy With Classified Military Payload

11/1/2022 - Don't Use Facebook? Here's How to Check if It Has Your Phone Number and Email, and Delete Them

11/1/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Is Not a Demon... Yet

11/1/2022 - How the Agriculture Industry Funds Pro-Beef 'Science'

11/1/2022 - Elon Wants 'Peasants' to Get Verified on Twitter as Well... for $8 a Month

11/1/2022 - Caffeine During Pregnancy Linked to Shorter Kids

11/1/2022 - Why Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Was the Perfect Time to Introduce Ironheart

11/1/2022 - E.T., the Beloved Alien Who Nearly Murdered a Little Boy, Is for Sale

11/1/2022 - Polar Bears Are on the Move and You Can Watch Live

11/1/2022 - November Is Here, and With It 62 Sparkling New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

11/1/2022 - AI Image Generators Routinely Display Gender and Cultural Bias

11/1/2022 - Disenchanted Grants Quite a Powerful Midlife Fairytale Crisis Wish

11/1/2022 - YouTube Starts Hawking Third-Party Streaming Subscriptions

11/1/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Lupita Nyong'o Is Heading to A Quiet Place

11/1/2022 - Websites Accepting Crypto for Child Sex Abuse Content 'Doubling Every Year'

11/1/2022 - CAPSTONE on Target to Reach Lunar Orbit After Troubled Journey

11/1/2022 - Marvel's Witchy WandaVision Spin-Off Adds Heartstopper's Joe Locke

11/1/2022 - Enter the Psychoverse in This Mind-Bending Preview of a New Incal Graphic Novel

11/1/2022 - Track it Live: China's Latest Out-of-Control Rocket Expected to Crash on Friday

11/1/2022 - The Winchesters Star Meg Donnelly's First Comic Con

11/1/2022 - All the Big Book of Boba Fett Surprises Are Now Funko Pops

11/1/2022 - Twitter's Content Moderation Team Reportedly Unable to Work Amid Musk Takeover

11/1/2022 - Sorry Creepers: TikTok Will Tell Creators When You Save Their Video

11/1/2022 - Updates From Shazam! Fury of the Gods, DC's Penguin Prequel, and More

11/1/2022 - Google Hangouts Is Finally Ready to Die

11/1/2022 - Grindr's Founder Hates Your Headless Torso Pic

11/1/2022 - Pizza, Databases, and an Armpit: The Founder of Grubhub Explains Its Origins

11/1/2022 - Elon Musk Tells Twitter Engineers to Look at Resurrecting Vine