9/30/2022 - She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 7 Review

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9/30/2022 - Rights Groups Say the Pentagon Is Buying Its Way Around the Fourth Amendment

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9/30/2022 - Andor Episode 4 Review

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9/30/2022 - Chucky's Don Mancini on Glen, Glenda, and Embracing Queer Representation

9/30/2022 - The Most Useful (and Useless) Consumer Robots of the Last Four Decades

9/30/2022 - NASA and SpaceX Working to Boost Hubble to a Higher Orbit

9/30/2022 - Robert Eggers Is Finally Making His Nosferatu Film With Bill Skarsgård and Lily-Rose Depp

9/30/2022 - Amazon Makes Creepy Surveillance Robot Even Creepier With Yet More Ring Integration

9/30/2022 - The Best Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Streaming in October 2022

9/30/2022 - Instagram and Pinterest 'Contributed' to Teen's Self-Inflicted Death 'in More Than a Minimal Way,' Coroner Finds

9/30/2022 - Something Weird Is Going on With Mark Zuckerberg and Saturday’s UFC Fight

9/30/2022 - 11 Magical Facts About Hocus Pocus 2 From the Cast and Creative Team

9/30/2022 - Fossil Fuel Industry May Be Seriously Undercounting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

9/30/2022 - How to Watch Elon Musk Reveal His Robot at Tesla AI Day

9/30/2022 - Apple's Korean Headquarters Raided by Antitrust Investigators

9/30/2022 - Jurassic World Dominion Was Bad So It Could Open the Door for More Jurassic Films

9/30/2022 - Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall Over South Carolina After Wrecking Florida

9/30/2022 - Luke Macfarlane | First Fandoms

9/30/2022 - New York City Bill Puts a Bounty on Bike Lane Violations

9/30/2022 - October's Scary Big Pile of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books

9/30/2022 - Our Cancers Are Filled With Fungi

9/30/2022 - Check Out Juno’s First Up-Close Images of Icy Europa

9/30/2022 - The Water-Lakes-on-Mars Debate Just Got More Interesting

9/30/2022 - Gundam: The Witch From Mercury's Mobile Suits, Ranked

9/30/2022 - Bruce Willis Sells His Face [Updated]

9/30/2022 - Researchers Say the CIA's Amateurish Websites Led to the Exposure of Critical Assets

9/30/2022 - Anker's $150 Soundcore Liberty 4 Earbuds Double as Heart Rate Tracker

9/30/2022 - A Food Delivery Drone Hit Power Lines, Caught Fire, and Left Thousands Without Electricity

9/30/2022 - My Best Friend's Exorcism Is Freaky But Too Familiar

9/30/2022 - Oh No, Everything Just Went Horribly Wrong on The Rings of Power

9/30/2022 - New Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Images Show Nakia in Mourning

9/30/2022 - YouTube’s Weirdest Ambient Music Creators Are Here to Assuage (or Enflame) Your Anxiety

9/30/2022 - Donald Trump’s Disgraced Campaign Manager Seems to Have a New Gig: Pushing Big Oil's ‘Pink Slime’

9/30/2022 - Read Elon Musk's Private Texts With Joe Rogan, Jack Dorsey, Larry Ellison, and More

9/29/2022 - NYPD Considers Using Encryption to Block Public From Radio Scanner Broadcasts

9/29/2022 - Ex-NSA Employee Allegedly Tried to Sell Classified Info to an Undercover FBI Agent for Crypto

9/29/2022 - Twitter Cloned Instagram Reels Which Cloned TikTok Because That’s What Everybody Does Now

9/29/2022 - Armor Wars Starring Don Cheadle Will Now Be a Marvel Movie

9/29/2022 - The Stars Undying Reimagines Ancient Roman Drama Through a Sci-Fi Lens

9/29/2022 - Top Exec Is Out at Apple Following Claims He Fondles 'Big-Breasted Women' in Viral TikTok

9/29/2022 - House of the Dragon Deleted Scene Hints That Daemon Is a Disaster Bi

9/29/2022 - New York to Ban New Gas-Powered Vehicles, Following California's Lead

9/29/2022 - Nord Pipeline Explosion May Have Caused Single Biggest Methane Leak in History

9/29/2022 - Jacob Anderson & Sam Reid | First Fandoms

9/29/2022 - Elon Says Tesla's Cybertruck Will Be 'Waterproof Enough.' Just Like It Was Steel-Ball-Proof Enough?

9/29/2022 - 10 New Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Films to Put on Your Radar

9/29/2022 - A Hurricane Is Not a Political Indictment

9/29/2022 - More States Than Ever Have High Obesity Rates, CDC Data Shows

9/29/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's Runtime Is Almost Forever

9/29/2022 - Get Ready for Choreographed Bullet Time in The Matrix Dance Adaptation From Danny Boyle

9/29/2022 - Former Nintendo QA Tester Claims Company Stomping Out Workers Who Want a Union

9/29/2022 - Google Killing Stadia, Issuing Refunds for Hardware and Games

9/29/2022 - Photos Show Hurricane Ian's Path of Destruction

9/29/2022 - She-Hulk Brings Back Tim Roth for Some Much-Needed Therapy

9/29/2022 - Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Is the Title of the Next Apes Movie

9/29/2022 - Sega Genesis Games Are Now Playable on the Analogue Pocket

9/29/2022 - The CIA Wants to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth

9/29/2022 - Chucky's Teen Stars Dish on the Hit Horror Show's Second Season

9/29/2022 - Elizabeth Warren Wants the FTC to Stop Amazon's $1.7 Billion iRobot Acquisition

9/29/2022 - More Than 2.5M Households in Florida Without Power After Hurricane Ian, Biden Declares Major Disaster

9/29/2022 - Lower Decks' Tribute to Deep Space Nine Is Perfect Beyond Pastiche

9/29/2022 - Banning Coding Books Will Only Make Parents Fight Harder for Them

9/29/2022 - Everyone Stop Everything and Watch This Urusei Yatsura Trailer

9/29/2022 - Florida's Shaky Insurance Market May Not Be Able to Handle Hurricane Ian

9/29/2022 - Teenage Engineering's Tiny Record Player Also Makes Custom Vinyl Records

9/29/2022 - How Carbon Emissions Got Rebranded as ‘Pollution’

9/29/2022 - OnlyFans Model Jailed for ‘Harming Culture’ After Protests Against Military Junta

9/29/2022 - Makoto Shinkai's Suzume Shows the Apocalypse the Door

9/29/2022 - New Hubble and Webb Images Capture Aftermath of DART Asteroid Smash Up

9/29/2022 - Updates From Interview With the Vampire, Mayfair Witches, and More

9/29/2022 - 'Forever Chemicals' Are Everywhere. Is There a Way to Avoid Them?

9/29/2022 - Hocus Pocus 2 Casts a Spell as a Modern Halloween Classic

9/28/2022 - Meta’s Toxic Algorithm 'Substantially Contributed' to Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar: Amnesty International

9/28/2022 - Disney Parks Icon Figment Starring in Movie From Seth Rogen and Detective Pikachu Scribes

9/28/2022 - Advertisers Flee Twitter After Ads Appear Near Accounts Promoting Child Sex Abuse Content

9/28/2022 - Google Maps Will Now 'Vibe Check' Your Destination's Neighborhood For You

9/28/2022 - Looper at 10: Rian Johnson's Time-Travel Film Is Suitably Timeless

9/28/2022 - Stressed? Your Dog Can Probably Smell It

9/28/2022 - Taika Waititi's Time Bandits Assembles a Star-Studded Cast

9/28/2022 - NASA's Juno Spacecraft Is About to Make a Close Flyby of Icy Moon Europa

9/28/2022 - Verizon Teases a 5G Game Streaming Handheld It Created With Razer

9/28/2022 - Bobby Moynihan’s Favorite Moment from SNL

9/28/2022 - The Most Intriguing Images of DART’s Fatal Encounter With an Asteroid

9/28/2022 - Astronomers May Have Spotted the Remnants of One of the Earliest Stars

9/28/2022 - Andor Just Dropped One of Star Wars' Wildest Easter Eggs

9/28/2022 - Amazon Wants to Sell You a Presence Detecting QLED Fire TV

9/28/2022 - Get a Close-Up Look at Knott's Scary Farm's Fun Halloween Frights

9/28/2022 - New Instagram 'Notes' Feature Is a Snapchat/Twitter Frankenstein

9/28/2022 - New Echo Devices Coming, Plus Amazon Wants to Track Your Sleep

9/28/2022 - Experimental Alzheimer's Drug Succeeds in Large Trial, but Questions Remain

9/28/2022 - Google Will Now Alert You When Your Phone Number and Physical Address Appear in Search Results

9/28/2022 - Interview With the Vampire Is a Bloody Good Nightmare

9/28/2022 - Rights Group Claims UC Davis Won't Release Photos Depicting Tortured Neuralink Monkeys

9/28/2022 - South Florida Shuts Down as Hurricane Ian Approaches

9/28/2022 - DALL-E AI Art Generator Finally Opens Doors to Wider Internet

9/28/2022 - Blade Director Bassam Tariq Exits Due to Shifting Schedules

9/28/2022 - Hurricane Ian Begins to Hit Southwest Florida as Extreme Category 4 Storm

9/28/2022 - The Kindle Scribe Lets You Add Hand-Written Sticky Notes to Your eBooks

9/28/2022 - On Andor, the Rebellion Is Slowly Rising

9/28/2022 - Want More Women in Tech? Read Better Sci-Fi

9/28/2022 - Working With Andor Creator Tony Gilroy

9/28/2022 - Hurricane Ian Forces Delay of Next SpaceX Crewed Mission to ISS

9/28/2022 - Authorities Investigating Couple Who Dyed Waterfall Blue for Gender Reveal

9/28/2022 - Silver in the Bone Delivers a Spooky Peek Into the World of Magical Treasure-Hunters

9/28/2022 - NFT Sales Have Lost Nearly All Their Allure

9/28/2022 - Watch Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Explain Wolverine in Deadpool 3... Sort Of

9/28/2022 - The Fate of Star Trek 4 Is in Limbo (Again)

9/28/2022 - The Oura Smart Ring Is Finally Perfectly Round

9/28/2022 - 'OG App' Says It Can Transport You to the Old Instagram [Update: OG Is No Longer Available in iOS App Store]

9/28/2022 - Wall Street Firms Pay Ridiculously Small Penalty for Failing to Preserve Texts

9/28/2022 - Bowers & Wilkins' $700 PX8 Headphones Want to Take on the AirPods Max

9/28/2022 - Wacom's Drool-Worthy 4K Drawing Tablet Includes a Pen With Adjustable Weight and Balance

9/27/2022 - Fast Company Says Its Apple News Account Was Hacked by Some Racist

9/27/2022 - Halloween Is Cool and All, But John Carpenter Is Really Into Godzilla These Days

9/27/2022 - Shin Ultraman's Shinji Higuchi on the Enduring Legend of One of Japan's Greatest Heroes

9/27/2022 - Subreddit Forces People to Comment ‘Greg Abbott Is a Little Piss Baby’ to Protest Texas Social Media Law

9/27/2022 - Project Wolf Hunting Starts as Con Air, But Turns Into Friday the 13th

9/27/2022 - 2.5 Million Floridians Ordered to Evacuate as Hurricane Ian Intensifies to Category 3

9/27/2022 - Researchers Say Fewer Pricks Could Help Combat Covid Vaccine Hesitancy

9/27/2022 - Look Out for 'Water Stained' Images When Accessing Google Photos

9/27/2022 - Podcast Companies Are Buying Millions of Downloads via Scuzzy Adware Deals

9/27/2022 - Deadpool 3 Will Bring Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Into the MCU

9/27/2022 - Study Links Coffee—Even Decaf and Instant—to Longer Life

9/27/2022 - In New Andor Clip, Mon Mothma Opens Her Purse to Fund Rebel Efforts

9/27/2022 - NASA's DART Is No More, but This Future Probe Is Hoping to Take a Second Look

9/27/2022 - Apple Has More Plans For the iPhone 14 Pro's Dynamic Island

9/27/2022 - Stuck at Work During a Climate Disaster? A New Bill Could Change That

9/27/2022 - Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon Is a Sweetly Sleazy Fantasy Tale

9/27/2022 - SEC Says Old MoviePass Execs Lied to You About How Well They Could Maintain $10 Subscriptions

9/27/2022 - We'll Never Get Over the Awesome Absurdity of Smoking Causes Coughing

9/27/2022 - Germany Suspects Sabotage Over Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Leaks

9/27/2022 - Did a Pennsylvania School District Ban the Girls Who Code Books? The Answer Is Complicated.

9/27/2022 - U.S. Army Corps Proposes Huge Storm Gates to Protect NYC From Flooding

9/27/2022 - Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender Has Filled Out Its Outrageously Impressive Live-Action Cast

9/27/2022 - The Shell Company Trying to Buy Trump's Truth Social Is Now Based at a UPS Store Mailbox

9/27/2022 - Intel's 13th Gen Desktop CPUs Drop This October, Work With DDR4 and Existing Motherboards

9/27/2022 - Destroy the Gatekeepers of Art, Free The People's Joker!

9/27/2022 - Meta Took Down Alleged Chinese and Russian ‘Influence Operations’ Focused on U.S. Politics and War in Ukraine

9/27/2022 - First Asteroid Impact Images from DART’s Companion Show Tentacle-Like Debris Plume

9/27/2022 - Jedi Meet a Force Cult in the Latest Star Wars: The High Republic Novel

9/27/2022 - The Final Halloween Ends Trailer Promises a Fight to the Death, Or Else

9/27/2022 - Ground Telescopes Capture Jaw-Dropping Views of DART Asteroid Impact

9/27/2022 - 500-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals 'Anatomical Space Cadet:' A Worm Covered in Bristles

9/27/2022 - Brian Baumgartner on Cameo

9/27/2022 - Pedro Pascal Wants to End The Mandalorian With a Movie

9/27/2022 - Magnus Carlsen Finally Offers Some Commentary on Chess Cheating Accusations

9/27/2022 - iRobot's New All-In-One Robovac Has a Retractable Mop That Won't Soak Your Carpets

9/27/2022 - 11 Invasive Plants You Should Rip to Shreds

9/27/2022 - What Happens When China Makes a Popular Homegrown Movie Disappear?

9/26/2022 - Bones and All Is a Lovely Period Piece Coming of Age Horror Romance Road Movie

9/26/2022 - Impact! NASA’s DART Spacecraft Crashes Head-On Into Asteroid

9/26/2022 - Exclusive Clip “Graveyard Goofs” from Bugs Bunny's Howl-O-Skreem Spooktacula

9/26/2022 - Shudder's Queer for Fear: A History of Queer Horror Entertains as Much as It Educates

9/26/2022 - Sick Is Pandemic Scream, If You're Ready for That Kind of Thing

9/26/2022 - Nicki Minaj Claims Conspiracy Over Music Video Age-Restriction

9/26/2022 - Hurricane Fiona | Extreme Earth

9/26/2022 - Why Are American Airlines Flights Being Haunted by Bizarre Groaning Noises?

9/26/2022 - What to Expect If NASA’s DART Spacecraft Misses the Asteroid

9/26/2022 - Internationally Hunted Terraform Labs Co-Founder Do Kwon Says He’s ‘Making Zero Effort To Hide’

9/26/2022 - Fitbit Users Will Soon Be Required to Have a Google Login, and We Have Questions

9/26/2022 - Why DART Is the Most Important Mission Ever Launched to Space

9/26/2022 - Researchers Created a 'Cyborg Cockroach' With a Backpack Battery to Inspect Disaster Zones

9/26/2022 - Refunds for Crappy In-Flight Wi-Fi and Other Airline Consumer Protections Could Be Coming Soon

9/26/2022 - Check Out Book of Evil, Scott Snyder and Jock's Aptly Titled New Comic

9/26/2022 - NASA's Megarocket Heads for Shelter as Hurricane Ian Approaches

9/26/2022 - Hurricane Fiona Rips Apart Canada's East Coast

9/26/2022 - How Magic: The Gathering Crafts Its Zaniest Sets

9/26/2022 - Look at Jupiter With Binoculars Tonight

9/26/2022 - Putin Just Made Edward Snowden a Russian Citizen

9/26/2022 - Watch Live: NASA's DART Spacecraft Will Crash Into an Asteroid

9/26/2022 - Blood Relatives Is a Vampire Movie Like You've Never Seen Before

9/26/2022 - California Set to Ban Gas Heaters

9/26/2022 - Artist Claims First U.S. Copyright for Graphic Novel Featuring AI Art

9/26/2022 - The Mandalorian's Giant Razor Crest Lego Set Is the Way

9/26/2022 - 'The Follower' Project Uses Open Webcams to Find Your Instagram Photoshoot

9/26/2022 - The Last of Us Show's First Trailer Heralds a Heartbreaking Apocalypse

9/26/2022 - TikTok May Have Illegally Used Kids’ Data for 2 Years, UK Privacy Regulator Says

9/26/2022 - Hurricane Ian Heads Toward Florida, Parts of Tampa Ordered to Evacuate

9/26/2022 - Apple's Moving iPhone 14 Assembly to India

9/26/2022 - Bugs Bunny's Howl-O-Skreem Spooktacular Promises a Graveyard Bash

9/26/2022 - The Ancient Maya Were Regularly Exposed to Toxic Mercury, Scientists Say

9/26/2022 - China Plans a 2-in-1 Mission to Jupiter and Uranus

9/26/2022 - 10 Times The Most Extreme Was Too Extreme

9/26/2022 - Werewolf By Night Expertly Brings Monsters Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

9/26/2022 - Scientists Looked at Nine Cyclones Swirling at Jupiter's North Pole

9/26/2022 - The HP Victus 15 Brings Solid Gaming Performance to the Masses

9/26/2022 - Werewolf by Night Wants to Introduce Monsters Into the MCU

9/26/2022 - Hasbro's Selfie Series Action Figures Will Be Available In the U.S. Starting Friday

9/26/2022 - AMD’s Middle of the Pack Zen 4 CPUs Are Anything But Mid-Tier

9/26/2022 - Offshore Wind 125 Times Better for Taxpayers Compared to Oil and Gas

9/26/2022 - Celebrating "20 Years of Gizmodo"

9/26/2022 - UK Royals Force News Sites to Delete Embarrassing Video Clips

9/25/2022 - On House of the Dragon, Children Are the Future, and the Future Looks Rough

9/25/2022 - Spotify Promoted White Supremacist Artists, Including One With Song Featuring Adolf Hitler Speech

9/25/2022 - The Antares Paradox Is Contact Meets 24 In a Single Room, and It's Incredible

9/25/2022 - Avatar's Rerelease Does Great in Theaters, Quelle Surprise

9/25/2022 - Ryan Coogler on Creating Wakanda Forever Without Chadwick Boseman

9/25/2022 - The Menu Is a Pitch Perfect Take Down of Pretension and Privilege

9/25/2022 - Nier: Automata's Anime Looks Like a Gift to All Mankind

9/25/2022 - Now and Forever, Halo 3 is the Original Blockbuster Game

9/25/2022 - Illumination Hires Netflix's Mike Moon to Diversify Its Animation Slate

9/24/2022 - Elon Musk Says He’s Activating Starlink in Iran After U.S. Eases Restrictions on Tech Companies

9/24/2022 - Tropical Storm Ian Forces NASA to Postpone Upcoming Launch of Megarocket

9/24/2022 - The Visitor From the Future Does Sci-Fi Comedy, and Zombies and Drama, Right

9/24/2022 - Google CEO Sundar Pichai Tells Employees They Don’t Need Money to Have Fun Amid Cost Cuts

9/24/2022 - Sly Cooper is 20 Years Old, and I Want Better for Him

9/24/2022 - James Earl Jones is Retiring from Darth Vader, But an AI Firm Owns His Voice

9/24/2022 - Stranger Things' Season 4 Blooper Reel Might Be the Most Self-Aware Blooper Reel Ever

9/24/2022 - The Witcher Season 3 Gets a Release Window

9/24/2022 - In They Cloned Tyrone's First Trailer, John Boyega Uncovers a Wild Conspiracy

9/24/2022 - The Witcher Prequel Blood Origin Releases This Christmas

9/24/2022 - Guillermo del Toro Shows Off the Masterful Puppeteering in His Pinocchio

9/24/2022 - The Umbrella Academy's Season 3 Bloopers Will Have You Feeling Footloose

9/24/2022 - Jason Momoa Is a Fancy Satyr Thief in This Whimsical Slumberland Clip

9/24/2022 - The First Clip From Tim Burton's Wednesday Reveals an Old Friend Lending a Hand

9/24/2022 - Shadow and Bone's Season 2 Sneak Peek Promises Even More Darkling Drama

9/24/2022 - Sherlock's Sassy Sister Returns in First Trailer for Enola Holmes 2

9/24/2022 - The Nun 2 Blesses Storm Reid with Lead Role

9/24/2022 - Louise Fletcher, Star Trek's Kai Winn, Dies at 88

9/24/2022 - Final Destination 6 Directors Fake Their Death to Prove They're Worthy

9/24/2022 - How Malware Hides in Images and What You Can Do About It

9/24/2022 - A Houston Community Is Being Dismantled by Mandatory Buyouts

9/24/2022 - The Best Steam Deck Alternatives That Also Deliver Big Screen Handheld Gaming

9/23/2022 - Incel Communities Are Reportedly Engaged in a ‘Brothers-in-Arms' War Against Women

9/23/2022 - Andor Episodes 1-3 Review

9/23/2022 - Constantine's Gabriel Fucked With Gender and Expectations

9/23/2022 - This Week's Toy News Is All About Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles

9/23/2022 - She-Hulk Episode 6 Review

9/23/2022 - The CIA’s New Podcast Is Propaganda That Aims to ‘Whitewash’ the Agency's Dark History

9/23/2022 - The Latest News From Disney Parks, Universal Studios Resorts, and More Fan-tastical Destinations

9/23/2022 - Space Force Approves Launch of NASA’s Megarocket, but Bad Weather Looms

9/23/2022 - On Rings of Power, the Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn

9/23/2022 - A Cancer-Fighting Version of Herpes Shows Promise in Early Human Trial

9/23/2022 - After Getting Blocked in Iran, Signal Wants You to Help Bypass Nation's Restrictions

9/23/2022 - Tesla Is Countersuing a Civil Rights Agency in the Company's Latest Racism Court Battle

9/23/2022 - Jury Rules Project Veritas Violated Wiretapping Laws and Fraudulently Misrepresented Themselves

9/23/2022 - Don't Worry Darling Is a Beautiful Film That Misses the Mark

9/23/2022 - ‘Dilbert’ Dude Declares War on Sustainable Investing, Is Terminally Unfunny About It

9/23/2022 - Best Ways to Use the New iPhone Pro's Dynamic Island

9/23/2022 - Read an Excerpt From Actor Omar Epps' Exciting New Afrofuturistic YA Fantasy Novel

9/23/2022 - Satellite Images Show a Dark Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona

9/23/2022 - The New Horror Film Smile Can't Live Up to Its Amazing Premise

9/23/2022 - Webb and Hubble Telescopes Will Observe NASA’s Asteroid Deflection Test

9/23/2022 - The Cloverfield Franchise Will Continue... Eventually

9/23/2022 - Speedreaders Lose, Authors Win in New Amazon Ebook Policy Change

9/23/2022 - The IRS Is Probing (Another) Major Crypto Broker for Possible Tax Evaders

9/23/2022 - Behold the Behind-the-Scenes Glory of Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

9/23/2022 - Teen Arrested in UK, Reportedly in Connection With Rockstar Games Hack

9/23/2022 - There's a Dirt Cheap Smartwatch Powering This Adorably Useless Tiny Desktop PC

9/23/2022 - Kraken's New CEO Flips the Bird at SEC, Declines to List Crypto Assets as Securities

9/23/2022 - Updates From Hocus Pocus 2, the Super Mario Movie, and More

9/23/2022 - The Carrot Emoji Is Now Antivax Code

9/23/2022 - Brands Turn Adam Levine's Awkward Sexts Into Online Advertising for Delicious Foodstuffs

9/22/2022 - New Hearing Set in Facebook Whistleblower Case Over Kenyan Moderator 'Exploitation'

9/22/2022 - Dystopian Short Heartless Imagines a World of Endless Arranged Marriages

9/22/2022 - I Love You, Andor Bell Guy

9/22/2022 - One Day After Report of Child Predators on Twitch, Matt Gaetz Joins Twitch

9/22/2022 - Hit Sci-Fi Novel Iron Widow Is Becoming a Movie

9/22/2022 - Meta’s Own Commissioned Report Says It Harmed Palestinian Human Rights

9/22/2022 - Wildfire Smoke Is Making U.S. Air Toxic

9/22/2022 - What Happens if the Rockstar Hacker Leaks the GTA6 Source Code

9/22/2022 - TikTok Company's New VR Headset Competes with Meta on Price and Privacy

9/22/2022 - More Americans Are Surviving Cancer Than Ever Before

9/22/2022 - No One Was Talking About NyQuil Chicken Until the FDA Told Everyone Not to Talk About It

9/22/2022 - Hilton's Bringing Lodging to Future Space Station

9/22/2022 - Into the Odd Is a Beautifully Self-Cannibalizing RPG Built on Bodies

9/22/2022 - A Hot Gas Bubble Is Swirling Around the Milky Way’s Black Hole

9/22/2022 - You Can Use Dynamic Island on Android Now, But You Probably Shouldn't

9/22/2022 - At Last, Star Trek: Lower Decks Finally Nailed It This Season

9/22/2022 - Update: Yes, Instagram Is Down

9/22/2022 - Trump Could Be Back on Facebook as Soon as January

9/22/2022 - Elon Says Starship Megarocket Could Perform First Orbital Flight in November

9/22/2022 - Dungeons & Dragons & Novels: Revisiting Black Wizards

9/22/2022 - Mike Bloomberg Wages War Against Plastic

9/22/2022 - NASA Refines Its Strategy for Getting Humans to Mars

9/22/2022 - She-Hulk's Jameela Jamil Talks Her Favorite MCU Characters

9/22/2022 - Manchin’s Latest Legislation Would Accelerate Fossil Fuel Projects

9/22/2022 - The Sandman's Vanessa Benton on Writing About Death and Dreams

9/22/2022 - Samsung's New Rugged Tablet and Smartphone Look Perfect For a Hike or Construction Site

9/22/2022 - MyPillow CEO Is Under Federal Investigation for Potential Ties to Colorado Election Security Breach

9/22/2022 - She-Hulk Went to a Wedding and Introduced a Brand New Marvel 'Hero'

9/22/2022 - Optoma's New Short-Throw 4K Projector Needs Just Four Feet to Fill a 100-inch Screen

9/22/2022 - Knock at the Cabin Gives M. Night Shyamalan the End of the World to Deal With

9/22/2022 - Grandmaster Carlsen Digs Deeper Trench Over Online Chess Cheating Debacle

9/22/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Merch Gives Us a Look at Ironheart's Final Suit

9/22/2022 - Recent Space Force Training Exercise Included 'Live Fire' Jamming of Actual Satellites

9/22/2022 - Grinch Melania Trump Suddenly Loves Christmas Because She's Selling Ornament NFTs

9/22/2022 - Chromecast with Google TV (HD) is Here to Revive Your Old Screens

9/22/2022 - DJI Added a Dedicated Focus and Zoom Knob to its Stabilized Telescoping Smartphone Selfie Stick

9/22/2022 - The AirPods Pro 2 Are Simply the Best Wireless Earbuds For iPhone Users

9/22/2022 - The Best Surfboards, Wetsuits, and Surfing Accessories

9/22/2022 - Iran Blocks Internet During Protests, Making It Difficult to Write This Article if We're Being Completely Honest

9/21/2022 - Reuniting With Diego Luna

9/21/2022 - Andor Proves Once Again That Star Wars' Heroes Are Their Best at Their Messiest

9/21/2022 - It’s Billionaire Baby Season: Mark Zuckerberg Is Welcoming His Third Child

9/21/2022 - Whistleblower: Pentagon Purchased Mass Surveillance Tool Collecting Americans' Web Browsing Data

9/21/2022 - NASA Declares Tanking Test of SLS Megarocket a Success

9/21/2022 - The Gang Behind LA's School District Hack Is Demanding Ransom Two Weeks Later

9/21/2022 - House of the Dragon's Aged-Up Cast, Including the Older Princess Rhaenyra, Debuts in a New Clip

9/21/2022 - Teens Are Getting Into Vapes and Weed, Losing Interest in Booze and Other Drugs

9/21/2022 - Marvel Studios Enlists Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer to Write Fantastic Four

9/21/2022 - Air Taxi Company Kittyhawk Calls It Quits

9/21/2022 - Photos: Monster Typhoon Smashes Into Japan

9/21/2022 - How Does Walmart's New AR Virtual Try-on Work?

9/21/2022 - America’s Oldest Black Town Is Trapped Between Rebuilding and Retreating

9/21/2022 - With War Raging in Ukraine, NASA Astronaut Flies to ISS Aboard Russian Rocket

9/21/2022 - Bobby Moynihan | First Fandoms

9/21/2022 - Bezos's 'Orbital Reef' Space Station Is Set to Be Hollywood's Newest Star

9/21/2022 - Puerto Ricans Now Face Heat Wave After Days Without Power and Water

9/21/2022 - Beyond Meat's COO (Allegedly) Bit a Guy's Nose at the Worst Possible Time

9/21/2022 - Hellraiser's Director and New Pinhead on What Makes the Hulu Film Feel Fresh—and Scary

9/21/2022 - Getty Says ‘No’ to AI-Generated Images Because it Doesn't Want Any (More) Copyright Headaches

9/21/2022 - Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who Era Ends With The Power of the Doctor

9/21/2022 - The 21 Wildest, Coolest, and Most Unique Films We Can't Wait to See at Fantastic Fest 2022

9/21/2022 - The World’s Largest Four-Day Work Week Experiment Reveals Increase in Employee Wellbeing

9/21/2022 - Chicago’s Tap Water Contaminated With Lead, Analysis Finds

9/21/2022 - Saudi Arabia Buys Two Tickets to the ISS Aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket

9/21/2022 - Chinese 'Tank Cake' Streamer Back Online After 3 Month Internet Disappearance

9/21/2022 - Logitech's $350 G Cloud Game Streaming Handheld Promises an Impressive 12 Hours of Battery Life

9/21/2022 - Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Is Finally Coming to U.S. Theaters This December

9/21/2022 - The Star Wars Universe Finds a Radical New Stride With Andor

9/21/2022 - Who Made Brian Baumgartner Break Character on The Office?

9/21/2022 - Giant Centrifuge Startup That Wants to Hurl Things Into Space Raises $71 Mil

9/21/2022 - You've Never Seen Neptune Look Like This

9/21/2022 - Framework's Chromebook Is Bringing Modularity to ChromeOS

9/21/2022 - Strange World's New Trailer Shows Off Its Pulpy Sci-Fi Roots

9/21/2022 - Twitch Cuts Off Streamers' Unlicensed Gambling Gains While Planning to Limit Top Creators’ Revenue

9/21/2022 - TikTok Cracks Down on Political Content

9/21/2022 - The Flash's Final Season Will Bring Back Another Member of the Rogues

9/21/2022 - This Electric Car Ad From 1921 Asked Drivers To Be Brutally Honest With Themselves

9/21/2022 - Watch Live as Russia Launches the Next ISS Crew—Including a U.S. Astronaut—to Space

9/21/2022 - 23-Year-Old 'Crypto King' Has Luxury Cars Seized After $35 Million of Investor Money Vanishes

9/20/2022 - James Cameron Was Worried Avatar 2 Might Have Taken Too Long

9/20/2022 - Henry Selick and Tim Burton Said No to a CG Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel

9/20/2022 - NYC Subways Are Getting a 'Big Brother' Addition

9/20/2022 - Chevron Deflects Blame on Climate Change With Cartoons?

9/20/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Rides Into the Haunted West With Dread Revolver

9/20/2022 - A Common Heart Drug May Help People Struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder

9/20/2022 - Advocacy Groups Demand Amazon, MGM Cancel Creepy 'Ring Nation' Surveillance Reality Show

9/20/2022 - Are You Okay?: Expert Panel Now Suggests Adults Get Routine Anxiety Screenings

9/20/2022 - Large Reservoirs Out West Could Dry Up in Just Three Years

9/20/2022 - Wintermute, One of Crypto's Biggest Market Makers, Loses $160 Million to Hacker

9/20/2022 - Spotify's Adding Audiobooks but Their Limp Service Offers Nothing New

9/20/2022 - Hellraiser Director David Bruckner on How He Approached Revitalizing a Horror Franchise

9/20/2022 - One of Webb Telescope's Tools Has a Glitch

9/20/2022 - Andor Is a Solid Star Wars Spy Thriller

9/20/2022 - Five Years After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans Face the Nightmare All Over Again

9/20/2022 - Most Puerto Ricans Have No Electricity or Clean Water After Hurricane Fiona

9/20/2022 - YouTube's Algorithm Reportedly Doesn't Care if You 'Thumbs Down' Videos

9/20/2022 - 'Guess Who's Still on the Ground?': NASA Administrator Taunts Boeing's Failure to Launch Starliner

9/20/2022 - Sorry, Batman, This Luxury Lifestyle Brand Is All About Bruce Wayne

9/20/2022 - America's Sexually Transmitted Disease Problem Is 'Out of Control'

9/20/2022 - These Fossil Mummies Reveal a Brutal World Long Before T. Rex Lived

9/20/2022 - reMarkable Lowers Subscription Fees For its E Ink Tablet While Making More Features Free

9/20/2022 - Windows 11 Is Finally Giving You Reasons to Upgrade

9/20/2022 - Hellraiser's New Trailer Demands a Blood Sacrifice

9/20/2022 - Human Composting Now Legal in California

9/20/2022 - Watch Live as NASA Attempts 'Kinder, Gentler' Megarocket Tanking Test

9/20/2022 - Nvidia's Flagship RTX 4090 Card Drops in October for $1,599

9/20/2022 - Slack Has The Key To A Great Developer Experience

9/20/2022 - The First Trailer for Netflix's Sonic Prime Series Is Still Strangely Ominous

9/20/2022 - Thanks, I Hate It: Space Force Now Has an Anthem

9/20/2022 - Revisiting Mon Mothma

9/20/2022 - The Midnight Club's New Trailer Deals With the Evil Dead

9/20/2022 - Amazon’s First Thursday Night Football Broadcast Brings in Record Prime Signups

9/20/2022 - DALL-E Users Can Now Upload and Edit Real Human Faces. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

9/20/2022 - American Airlines Admits Data Breach

9/20/2022 - NASA's InSight Lander Captures Meteoroid Impacts on Mars

9/20/2022 - Samsung Fitness Watch Left on Overnight Reportedly Burned User's Wrist

9/20/2022 - Loki's Eugene Cordero Will Be a Season 2 Regular

9/20/2022 - 16 Things You Can Do in iOS 16 That You Couldn’t Before

9/20/2022 - Elon Musk Wants to Sell Satellite Internet to Iran If He Can Get an Exemption From Sanctions

9/19/2022 - Journey to Miyazaki's Fantastic Worlds at Ghibli Park

9/19/2022 - Maybe Star Wars Should Stop Being Movies

9/19/2022 - NASA Wants Ideas for a New Lunar Lander

9/19/2022 - Judge Overturns Adnan Syed of 'Serial' Podcast's Murder Conviction After 23 Years Behind Bars

9/19/2022 - Ford Hopes People Will Download an App to Avoid Being Hit by Its Cars

9/19/2022 - 9 Books Featuring Queer Disaster Magicians

9/19/2022 - Uber Says It Was Likely Hacked by Teenage Hacker Gang LAPSUS$

9/19/2022 - Following 'Anal Bead Scandal,' Chess Master Rematch Ends in Resignation

9/19/2022 - Apple’s Quietly Funding an ‘Astroturf Lobbying Group’ Claiming to Represent App Developers

9/19/2022 - 10 Scary Movies to Stream Ahead of Spooky Season

9/19/2022 - The Pentagon Is Reportedly Auditing the U.S. Military's Own Pro-America Social Media Psyop

9/19/2022 - Prosecutors Enlist Interpol in Manhunt for Do Kwon, but the Terra Founder Says He’s ‘Not on the Run’

9/19/2022 - This Reusable Space Freighter Would 'Open the Door' to European Space Exploration

9/19/2022 - Want to Feel Old? the Emoticon Is 40 :-)

9/19/2022 - Horror Icon Don Mancini Explains the Timelessness of Chucky and Chucky

9/19/2022 - Judge Says Texas’ Bill to Stop Social Media From Curbing Hate Speech Will 'Cultivate Ideas'

9/19/2022 - Do Star Wars Directors Like Star Wars Too Much?

9/19/2022 - The Pandemic May Be Over, but Covid-19 Isn't

9/19/2022 - All the Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Films We're Excited About This Fall

9/19/2022 - Tom Brady's Microsoft Surface Outburst Is Not His First

9/19/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Images Mars for the First Time

9/19/2022 - Minneapolis Is Latest U.S. City to Demand Emissions-Free Shipping

9/19/2022 - Begun, the Clone Wars Have... on Your Tabletop

9/19/2022 - Brian Baumgartner’s Favorite Moments Filming The Office

9/19/2022 - Mobile Suit Gundam: Cucuruz Doan's Island Is a Slow But Sentimental Tribute

9/19/2022 - Hurricane Fiona Brings Island-Wide Blackout and Massive Floods to Puerto Rico

9/19/2022 - iPhone 14 Pro Max Users Experiencing Loud, Uncontrollable Camera Shaking When Using Social Media Apps

9/19/2022 - The New Quantum Leap Pays Faithful Homage to the Original

9/19/2022 - The Analogue Pocket Can Now Play Super Nintendo Games

9/19/2022 - Star Wars: Andor's Newest Teaser Reminds Us What's at Stake

9/19/2022 - Ethereum Plunges After SEC Chair Says ‘The Merge’ Could Make Crypto a Security

9/18/2022 - House of the Dragon Had a Wedding, So You Know What That Means

9/18/2022 - James Cameron Hopes Avatar's Theatrical Return Reenergizes the Moviegoing Experience

9/18/2022 - Spy x Family's Next Arc Has a Cute Dog Who's Even Weirder Than the Forgers

9/18/2022 - Keanu Reeves' Constantine Sequel Means JJ Abrams' Constantine Show is Dead, For Now

9/18/2022 - Squid Game's Future May Involve Leonardo DiCaprio, Which Feels Weird

9/18/2022 - Scott Bakula Confirms No Involvement with New Quantum Leap

9/17/2022 - Genshin Impact is Getting an Anime from Demon Slayer's Ufotable

9/17/2022 - Kingdom Hearts is the Alpha of IP Crossovers

9/17/2022 - The Owl House Finally Gets a Return Date for Its (Sadly) Last Season

9/17/2022 - The Acolyte's Cast Gets Even More Interesting with Russian Doll's Charlie Barnett

9/17/2022 - Henry Silva, Batman: The Animated Series' Bane, Passes Away at 95

9/17/2022 - How Easily Can You Turn a Pixel into an iPhone and Vice Versa?

9/17/2022 - Users Exploit a Twitter Remote Work Bot to Claim Responsibility for the Challenger Shuttle Disaster

9/16/2022 - This Week's Toy News Is a One-Way Ride to Hell

9/16/2022 - Coinbase Launches Pro-Crypto Politician Identifier After Banning Talk of Politics

9/16/2022 - Reginald the Vampire's Cast and Crew Explain How It Stands Out From the Bloodsucking Pack

9/16/2022 - The DC Film Universe Is Resurrecting Keanu Reeves in a Constantine Sequel

9/16/2022 - Nobody’s Really Watching Reels

9/16/2022 - Everything We Know About the Massive Uber Hack

9/16/2022 - DHS Awards Nearly $700,000 To Researchers Monitoring Extremism in Video Game Communities

9/16/2022 - The Original Karate Kid Movie Franchise Is Coming Back, Somehow [Updated]

9/16/2022 - Congresswoman Urges FTC to Investigate Newly Revealed Police Software Surveilling Americans' Movements

9/16/2022 - Rogue One's Gary Whitta Is Trying to Crack the Code of Original IP

9/16/2022 - A Look Back at Hurricane Maria's Destruction in the Caribbean

9/16/2022 - Pair a Steam Deck With a Samsung Tablet to Get the Ultimate Jumbo Nintendo 3DS

9/16/2022 - Inflatable Skeletons Boning and 9 Other Ways to Over-Decorate for Halloween

9/16/2022 - SpaceX Is Testing Out Starlink Internet in Antartica Using Space Lasers

9/16/2022 - An Old Moon of Saturn Might Have Put a Ring on It

9/16/2022 - She-Hulk Episode 5 Review

9/16/2022 - WiZ's Smart Lights Can Detect Your Presence Now—No Motion Sensor Required

9/16/2022 - The Best Free AI Art Generators, Ranked

9/16/2022 - Exclusive: Big Tech Spent Over $30 Billion Acquiring Companies While Regulators Tried to Reel Them In

9/16/2022 - Congress Requests More Transparency Into Probe of Blue Origin Rocket Mishap

9/16/2022 - This Buzz Lightyear Toy Has Big Chucky Vibes

9/16/2022 - Scientists Have Already Attributed Pakistan's Extreme 2022 Monsoon to Climate Change

9/16/2022 - Feds Raid Oil & Gas Polluter's Offices

9/16/2022 - See How Disney Princesses Have Evolved, From Snow White to Moana, in Beyond the Tiara

9/16/2022 - Don't Rush to Canonize Patagonia

9/16/2022 - China and the UAE Will Work Together on a Moon Rover Mission

9/16/2022 - Let Them Fight: Feud Breaks Out Between 8kun and Kiwi Farms Founders

9/16/2022 - Rings of Power Airs Out Its Secrets, So That Things Can Finally Happen

9/16/2022 - Daredevil's Charlie Cox Was Also Thrilled by the Yellow Suit

9/16/2022 - El Salvador’s Credit Tumbled Again, and Bitcoin Could Be Partly to Blame

9/16/2022 - Antivaxxers Are Using the Carrot Emoji to Disguise Talking About the Jab

9/16/2022 - Constipated Scorpions and the Best Way to Open a Door: The 2022 Ig Nobel Winners Are Here

9/16/2022 - Watch This Talented Artist Repaint Cheap Star Wars Halloween Masks to Look More Lifelike and Authentic

9/16/2022 - NASA’s DART Deploys Camera Probe Ahead of Asteroid Impact

9/16/2022 - She-Hulk's Jameela Jamil Talks Her Favorite MCU Characters

9/16/2022 - Mr. Harrington's Phone Sends Texts From Hell

9/16/2022 - Tropical Storm Fiona Is Bringing High Winds and Flood Threats to the Caribbean

9/16/2022 - Parler Enters the Cloud Service Business on an 'Uncancelable' Crusade

9/16/2022 - Biden's New Plan to Deal With Crypto Is More of the Same

9/16/2022 - Massachusetts’ Cranberry Harvest Is in Peril Due to Northeast Drought

9/16/2022 - Could Another New Marvel Animated Series Be on the Way?

9/16/2022 - U.S. Safety Agency Warns People to Stop Buying Male-to-Male Extension Cords on Amazon

9/16/2022 - Uber Investigating Massive Security Breach by Alleged Teen Hacker

9/16/2022 - First Andor Reactions Tease a New Type of Star Wars Show

9/15/2022 - Halloween, Jordan Peele's Nope, and the Weeknd Headline Best of Horror Nights Hollywood

9/15/2022 - Quantum Leap's Showrunner Explains How the New Series Updates the Sci-Fi Classic

9/15/2022 - Square-Enix's Final Fantasy VII NFT Toys Are Infuriating

9/15/2022 - NASA Requests Two More Private Missions to the ISS

9/15/2022 - YouTube's Updating Its Ad Format to Better Sell You Stuff on Vertical Videos

9/15/2022 - Pervasive ‘Dark Patterns’ Are Fooling People Into Signing Up for Services They Don’t Want

9/15/2022 - Fall 2022's New and Returning Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror TV Shows

9/15/2022 - NASA’s CAPSTONE Probe Is Still In Jeopardy, Despite Progress

9/15/2022 - Five People With Lupus Went Into Complete Remission After Immunotherapy

9/15/2022 - Archie Comics' Betty Will Fight the Thing, Just as God Intended

9/15/2022 - Apple's Satellite Emergency SOS Feature May Expand to Other Regions Sooner Than We Thought

9/15/2022 - Mississippi’s Water Crisis | Extreme Earth

9/15/2022 - Is Anyone Actually Learning Anything on Star Trek: Lower Decks?

9/15/2022 - Painless Tattoos Might One Day Be a Thing Thanks to These Ink Filled Microscopic Needles

9/15/2022 - She-Hulk Fights for Both Her Name and Some Sick Drip

9/15/2022 - See the Wreckage Left by California's Landslides

9/15/2022 - Absurdly Large Satellite Phones Home After Successful Launch

9/15/2022 - Coinbase Launches Pro-Crypto Politician Identifier After Banning Talk of Politics

9/15/2022 - Unagi Cancels Collision-Sensing E-Scooter Because Subscriptions Would Cost Too Much

9/15/2022 - The Next Star Wars Movie, Rogue Squadron, Has Been Removed From Disney's Schedule

9/15/2022 - Border Agents Are Grabbing Data From Americans' Phones Without Warrants and Storing It for 15 Years

9/15/2022 - The Acolyte Adds Manny Jacinto To Its Stellar Star Wars Ensemble

9/15/2022 - What to Expect from NASA’s DART Mission to Deflect an Asteroid

9/15/2022 - TikTok's Newest Feature Is a Brazen Copy of BeReal

9/15/2022 - Brian Baumgartner | First Fandoms

9/15/2022 - 6 Million People Tried to Track the Plane Carrying the Queen's Coffin the Minute It Came Online

9/15/2022 - How the Hidden Antivirus Tools Already Built Into Your Mac Work

9/15/2022 - Why Race Is Still A Problem In Dungeons & Dragons

9/15/2022 - School Messaging App Hacked to Spam Parents Nationwide With the Goatse Meme [UPDATE]

9/15/2022 - This Bullet Hell Shooter Works So Well With the Apple Watch's Digital Crown

9/15/2022 - Blade Runner's Universe Will Expand With New Prime Video Series

9/15/2022 - Korean Officials Try Revoking Terra Co-Founder's Passport One Day After Arrest Warrant

9/15/2022 - This Ancient Reptile Is Not a Lizard. Don’t Call It a Lizard

9/15/2022 - DC Celebrates Stan Lee's 'Just Imagine' Comics for His 100th Birthday

9/15/2022 - Freight Rail Workers Can Take Doctors Appointments Without Blowback Under Tentative Deal

9/15/2022 - See the Microscopic World in Motion Through These Winning Videos

9/15/2022 - Spooktacular Updates From Hocus Pocus 2, Scream 6, and More

9/15/2022 - Guess How Much Crypto's Been Stolen Lately? Part 2

9/15/2022 - Social Media Execs Submit to Time-Honored Public Lashing Before Congress

9/15/2022 - Ethereum 'Merge' Looks Successful Despite Dour Predictions of Short-Sellers

9/14/2022 - Disney Parks' Halloween Parties Scare Up Fun Tricks and Treats

9/14/2022 - Avengers: The Kang Dynasty Snags Ant-Man: Quantumania Writer

9/14/2022 - Amazon Stifles Competitors and Makes Lots of Stuff More Expensive, California Attorney General Alleges

9/14/2022 - Social Media Companies Now Have to Tell California What Their Hate Speech and Disinfo Policies Are

9/14/2022 - Lord of the Rings' Wizards, Explained

9/14/2022 - Samantha Cristoforetti Will Be the First European Woman to Command the ISS

9/14/2022 - Carnegie Mellon Professor Who Wished Queen Elizabeth II 'Excruciating' Death Says Her Job Is Safe

9/14/2022 - Avenue 5's Season 2 Trailer Promises Complete Anarchy in Outer Space

9/14/2022 - Charmin Tops List of Toilet Papers That Are Destroying Sensitive Forests

9/14/2022 - Flo Period-Tracking App Releases ‘Anonymous Mode,' but Users Should Still Be Cautious

9/14/2022 - A Virus That Can Cause Polio-Like Paralysis in Children Has Returned

9/14/2022 - Feds Accuse Hacking Trio Tied to Iranian Military of Hundreds of Ransomware Attacks on U.S.

9/14/2022 - Biden Announces $900 Million to Boost Electric Vehicle Charging

9/14/2022 - Google Assistant May Soon Allow Custom Quick Phrases

9/14/2022 - Thousands Still Without Stable Housing in Eastern Kentucky, and FEMA Aid Is Slow to Materialize

9/14/2022 - Rail Workers Authorize Strike That Could Upend Supply Chains

9/14/2022 - The Scarlet Witch Is Alive, Redeemed, and Ready to Help

9/14/2022 - The UK Government Is Directing Mourners to North Carolina to Stand in Line for Queen Elizabeth

9/14/2022 - The Bad Boy of Karate Speaks! We Chatted With Cobra Kai's Sean Kanan

9/14/2022 - FAA Grounds Bezos After New Shepard Booster Goes Up in Flames

9/14/2022 - The 'MVP of Serial Murder' Returns in Chucky's Season 2 Trailer

9/14/2022 - Chevron Is Using Captain Planet and Batman Returns to Deflect Blame for Its Climate Denial

9/14/2022 - Twitter Bans Weirdo Who Shared Racist Video Changing Halle Bailey's Ariel From Black to White

9/14/2022 - Arianespace Reaches Deal With OneWeb, Setting Stage for Resumption of Suspended Launches

9/14/2022 - An Unauthorized Joker Film Debuted Last Night and You May Never Get to See It [Updated]

9/14/2022 - Food Delivery Robot Crashed a Crime Scene

9/14/2022 - Amazon Is Giving Raises to Delivery Drivers (But Not the Ones Who Protested)

9/14/2022 - Guess How Much Crypto's Been Stolen Lately? Part 1

9/14/2022 - Thanko's Cup Noodle Machine Saves You the Hassle of *Checks Notes* Boiling Water

9/14/2022 - Mike Mignola Gets Seasonally Spooky for Not One, But 2 Holidays

9/14/2022 - Orbital Debris Threatens Our Future in Space, so NASA Is Seeking Solutions

9/14/2022 - Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Crypto CEO Do Kwon Following Implosion of TerraUSD

9/14/2022 - This Startup's Free Software Could Prevent Satellite Collisions

9/14/2022 - 12 Marvel Villains Who Should Have Been in Thunderbolts

9/14/2022 - South Korea Hits Google, Meta With Record-Setting Fines Over Privacy Violations

9/14/2022 - Then and Now: Our Earliest Close-Ups of the Planets Compared to Today's Best Shots

9/14/2022 - HP Made a Robot That Prints Blueprints Onto a Construction Site

9/14/2022 - Picasso Going on the Auction Block to Fund MoMA’s Potential Push Into NFTs

9/14/2022 - Joker: Folie à Deux Adds a Mystery Arkham Inmate

9/14/2022 - Goodbye to San Francisco, Self-Driving Cars, and Solitude

9/14/2022 - GoPro's Hero 11 Black is a Great Reintroduction to the Outdoors

9/14/2022 - Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Makes Ditching Android More Tempting Than Ever

9/14/2022 - DJI Returns to a Familiar Design for Its Third Action Camera

9/14/2022 - Northeastern Bomber Targeted Virtual Reality Club on Campus: Report [Update: Now Being Investigated as Hoax]

9/13/2022 - Jordan Peele's Nope Is Coming Home This Halloween—But You Can Watch It First on the Cloud

9/13/2022 - Dig Into Thor: Love and Thunder With These Exclusive Shot Breakdowns

9/13/2022 - Wizards of the Coast Wants to Shut Down TSR for Bigotry

9/13/2022 - Bankrupt Crypto Broker Celsius Has New Plan to Become Hot Again, Codenamed 'Kelvin'

9/13/2022 - The Eggplant Emoji Makes You Less Likable According to New Report

9/13/2022 - Get Your Hands on One of Elon Musk's Family Jewels

9/13/2022 - Meta's Combining Teams Responsible for Moderating Ads and User Content

9/13/2022 - Patreon Enacts Layoffs, Cutting 17% of Staff

9/13/2022 - How to Pack a Go Bag for Climate Disasters

9/13/2022 - 5 Things We Liked, and 3 We Didn't, About Cyberpunk Edgerunners

9/13/2022 - China Accuses the NSA of Hacking a Top University to Steal Data

9/13/2022 - No Such Thing as an 'Average Dog': How Pups Get Their Personalities

9/13/2022 - Barbarian Director Has Batman Fanfic Ready to Go, Like Anytime

9/13/2022 - Whistleblower Tells Congress: Twitter ‘Doesn’t Know What Data It Has, Where It Lives, or Where It Came From’

9/13/2022 - NASA Has a New Target Date to Launch SLS Megarocket

9/13/2022 - Alex Jones' Second Trial Over His Lies About Sandy Hook Attack Begins

9/13/2022 - Squid Game's Creator Has Some Thoughts on That Game Show Spin-off

9/13/2022 - Every Netflix Game, Ranked

9/13/2022 - Shocking Photos Show Spain's Punishing Drought

9/13/2022 - Whoopsies: Intel Self-Leaks Upcoming 13th Gen i5, i7, i9 CPU Specs

9/13/2022 - Twitter Shareholders Officially Vote in Favor of Embattled Elon Musk Deal

9/13/2022 - The 14 Best Reveals From the Obi-Wan Kenobi Documentary

9/13/2022 - In Major Win for Gig Workers, Uber Agrees to Pay New Jersey $100 Million for Mischaracterizing Drivers as Contractors

9/13/2022 - Man Who Sued Over Alleged 'Baby Shark' Torture Found Dead in Jail Cell

9/13/2022 - Rick and Morty's Season 6 Premiere Is Now Streaming Free on YouTube

9/13/2022 - What the Orion Nebula Looks Like to Webb Telescope Vs Hubble Telescope

9/13/2022 - Class Begins in the First School for Good and Evil Trailer

9/13/2022 - NASA’s CAPSTONE Moon Probe Is in More Trouble Than We Realized

9/13/2022 - Meta Dredges Sensitive Data for Over 100 Rival Companies While Still Claiming It Isn't a Monopoly

9/13/2022 - GoldenEye 007 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch With Online Multiplayer, Xbox Game Pass Gets Remaster

9/13/2022 - Internet Slang Becomes Legit

9/13/2022 - Squid Game Makes History (Again), This Time at the Emmys

9/13/2022 - Updates From Halloween Ends, Armor Wars, and More

9/13/2022 - Weird Hexagonal Diamonds Came From an Asteroid-Dwarf Planet Smashup

9/13/2022 - The Cheapest Kindle Is Now Less Cheap, but It’s Got a Better Screen

9/13/2022 - How To Set Up Guest Mode So Someone Else Can Use Your Android Phone

9/13/2022 - GM's Cruise to Launch Robotaxis in Austin and Phoenix by End of 2022

9/12/2022 - Speak No Evil's Director Explains Why He Made Such a Shocking Movie

9/12/2022 - Netflix's New Anime Exception Promises Sci-Fi Horror Galore

9/12/2022 - Batgirl's Brendan Fraser Wants to Work for Directors, Not Streamers

9/12/2022 - Biden Administration Seeks Global Ban on Anti-Satellite Weapons

9/12/2022 - Twitter's Servers Reportedly Went Down During Extreme Heat Wave

9/12/2022 - Disney Animation Marks 100 Years by Celebrating Its Own Wishing Star

9/12/2022 - Leaked Report From Instagram Claims 'Most Reels Users Have No Engagement Whatsoever'

9/12/2022 - Seattle Had the Worst Air Quality of Any Major City in the World This Weekend

9/12/2022 - Can Ford Catch-Up To Tesla on Hands-Free Driver Assist?

9/12/2022 - The Most Magical Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and more Cosplay at D23 Expo 2022

9/12/2022 - Hundreds of Students Sign Letter to Support Professor Who Wished Queen Elizabeth II ‘Excruciating Pain’

9/12/2022 - NASA Opts to Fix Megarocket Hydrogen Leak at the Launch Pad

9/12/2022 - Why Offshore Drilling Opponents Are Dismayed Over the Inflation Reduction Act

9/12/2022 - How Apple’s New iOS 16 Safety Features Work

9/12/2022 - Madelyne Pryor and Ben Reilly, Who've Never Done Anything Wrong, Are Teaming Up to Do Some Wrong

9/12/2022 - Here Are 10 Tinder Competitors You've Probably Never Heard Of

9/12/2022 - Clever Android App Uses Sound Waves to Let You Send Wireless Messages While Underwater

9/12/2022 - Will the Merge Really Make Crypto Greener?

9/12/2022 - Google's Upcoming Chromecast HD Doesn't Seem All That High-Def

9/12/2022 - All the Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney News Announced at D23 Expo

9/12/2022 - Starbucks Explains How Its Dumbass NFT Program Works

9/12/2022 - Disney Might Go All-in on Sports Betting App

9/12/2022 - Danny & Lucy Devito | First Fandoms

9/12/2022 - Blue Origin Booster Suffers Fiery Anomaly During Uncrewed Suborbital Launch

9/12/2022 - Nona the Ninth Is Too Much and Too Little

9/12/2022 - Chicago Neighborhoods Are Inundated After Worst Flooding in Two Years

9/12/2022 - Humans and Cockatoos Are Locked in an ‘Arms Race’ Over Trash

9/12/2022 - How to Watch Firefly's Second Attempt to Launch Its Alpha Rocket [Update]

9/12/2022 - 7 Things We Loved (and 4 We Didn't) About Cobra Kai Season 5

9/12/2022 - Chick-fil-A Says Tweet Was a 'Poor Choice of Words'

9/12/2022 - Freewrite's $350 Digital Typewriter Ditches E-Paper For a Tiny LCD Screen

9/12/2022 - NASA’s Moonbound CAPSTONE Probe Is Stuck in Safe Mode

9/12/2022 - Meta Quest Pro VR Leak Claims It Was Left Behind in a Hotel Room

9/12/2022 - Twitter Rejects Elon Musk's Third Try to Invalidate His Acquisition of the Company

9/12/2022 - Charlie Cox Teases Starting Over for Daredevil: Born Again

9/12/2022 - Japan to Fully Reopen to Tourists Despite Record Covid-19 Cases in August

9/11/2022 - House of the Dragon Gets Political and Real, Real Horny

9/11/2022 - Disney Theme Parks Reveals Hits Like Coco, Encanto, Moana and Zootopia For Walt Disney World Expansion Plans

9/11/2022 - Titans Returns in November, and It's Bringing Lex Luthor With It

9/11/2022 - Assassin's Creed's Japanese Adventure Can't Just Go Full Weeb

9/11/2022 - Marvel’s Multiverse Saga Comes to Life In New Disneyland Ride

9/11/2022 - Open Channel: Which Marvel Villain Do You Want to Come Back?

9/11/2022 - Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom is Coming Back in Graphic Novel Form

9/11/2022 - Percy Jackson's First Look Teases the Half-Blood's Heroic Journey

9/10/2022 - James Cameron Pushes 3D Boundaries With Avatar: The Way of Water's Spectacular Visuals

9/10/2022 - National Treasure, American Born Chinese, Santa Clauses, and More Just Got Trailers

9/10/2022 - The Marvels, Loki Season 2, Echo, and Ironheart Were All Unveiled at D23 Expo

9/10/2022 - Marvel Reveals Secret Invasion, Thunderbolts, and More

9/10/2022 - Marvel Reveals Its Thunderbolts Team

9/10/2022 - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Footage Lays Down the Law

9/10/2022 - Indiana Jones 5 Still Doesn't Have a Title, But We Saw the First Footage

9/10/2022 - The Mandalorian's Season 3 Trailer Is a Welcome Return

9/10/2022 - Get a New Look at the Fantastical World of Willow

9/10/2022 - Andor's Final Trailer Is the Awakening of a Revolutionary

9/10/2022 - Disney's New Haunted Mansion Movie Brought Friendly Frights and Familiar Faces to D23

9/10/2022 - It Chapter One Made Stephen King Worth Watching Again

9/10/2022 - Black Panther & Captain America Fight Nazis in Marvel's Next Game

9/10/2022 - These New iPhone 14 Features Were on Android First

9/10/2022 - A Short List of Texas' Wildest, Most Nonsensical Investigations and Laws Against Big Tech

9/10/2022 - Demand for Electric Cars Is Threatening Chile's Flamingos

9/10/2022 - Hendrick's Gin Wants You to Know It Saved These Rare and Near-Extinct Cucumbers for Capitalism

9/10/2022 - Biden Issues Another Vague Call to 'Reform' the Internet's Most Important Law

9/9/2022 - The Lion King Prequel, Mufasa, Isn't What You're Expecting

9/9/2022 - Inside Out 2 Leads Major Pixar News, Including First Disney+ Series

9/9/2022 - Disney's Live-Action Little Mermaid Shares Its First Teaser

9/9/2022 - Disney+ Shares New Trailers for 2 Big Sequels: Disenchanted and Hocus Pocus 2

9/9/2022 - This Week's Toy News Kneels Before Zurg

9/9/2022 - Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Showcases Its Spooky Original Haunts

9/9/2022 - She-Hulk Episode 4 Review

9/9/2022 - Dead End's Hamish Steele Lifts the Lid on Season 2

9/9/2022 - Enter the World of Willow With these Detailed Cast Costumes

9/9/2022 - Obnoxiously Large Satellite Could Mean Bad News for Astronomers Observing the Skies

9/9/2022 - On The Rings of Power, Everyone Just Needs to Get Along

9/9/2022 - Poor Dental Health Linked to Greater Dementia Risk, Large Review Finds

9/9/2022 - Snoozing Penguins and Urban Flamingos Win Bird Photographer of the Year Awards

9/9/2022 - CT Scans Reveal Gnarly, 1,000-Year-Old Mummies Were Murdered

9/9/2022 - NFT Feet Pics

9/9/2022 - Right-Wing Tweeters Melt Down Over White House's New Disease Control Daddy

9/9/2022 - Utterly Cursed Custom Xbox Controller Replaces All the Buttons With Analog Joysticks

9/9/2022 - There Are Storms Off Both U.S. Coasts After an Unusually Quiet Summer

9/9/2022 - The FCC Wants a 5-Year Deadline to Deorbit Defunct Satellites

9/9/2022 - Ahsoka Casts Eman Esfandi as Star Wars Rebels' Ezra Bridger

9/9/2022 - She-Hulk Can't Fight Every Battle in the Courtroom

9/9/2022 - Roomba Users Unable to Access Device Features as Server Issues Shut Down App

9/9/2022 - Indiana Jones 5's First Concept Art and Costumes Have Been Revealed

9/9/2022 - NASA's Asteroid-Smashing Spacecraft Snaps First Image of Its Target

9/9/2022 - U.S. Hits 1 Million Organ Transplants Since First in 1954

9/9/2022 - SpaceX Starship Prototype Belches Superhot Debris, Causes Literal Dumpster Fire

9/9/2022 - The Sandman Series Is Very Good, But The Sandman Comic Is Still Better

9/9/2022 - It's Been a Minute. Guess How Much Crypto's Been Stolen Lately?

9/9/2022 - The Best Note-Taking Apps for Back to School

9/9/2022 - The Guy Behind the GirlsDoPorn Site Is Now on the FBI's Most Wanted List

9/9/2022 - Patreon Cuts Its Security Team

9/9/2022 - Apple Watch Ultra Repairs Will Probably Cost More Than Buying a New Series 8

9/9/2022 - How Final Fantasy VII Changed the Gaming Landscape Forever

9/9/2022 - Rights Groups to FTC’s Lina Khan: Please Kill Amazon’s iRobot Acquisition

9/9/2022 - What Drew Danny & Lucy Devito Into Animation?

9/9/2022 - How Wikipedia’s ‘Deaditors’ Sprang Into Action on Queen Elizabeth II’s Page After Her Death

9/9/2022 - Cobra Kai's Creators on That Epic Season 5 Finale, Cameos, Cliffhanger and More

9/9/2022 - Tesla Wants You to Vote for New Charging Locations

9/9/2022 - The PocketStar Puts Retro Gaming Emulation in a Lego Minifig Sized Handheld

9/9/2022 - Andrew Yang Thinks More People Would Volunteer if You Give Them Crypto

9/9/2022 - 9 Iconic NASA Stamps Issued by the U.S. Postal Service

9/9/2022 - The Next Gundam Movie Is Finally Coming Stateside This Month

9/9/2022 - Major Climate 'Tipping Points' Are Just on the Horizon

9/9/2022 - The Crow Reboot Inches Steadily Closer to Actually Happening

9/9/2022 - Apple Versus Google: Who’s Winning the App War in 2022?

9/9/2022 - Google and Amazon Workers Fill Streets to Protest Israel's 'Project Nimbus'

9/9/2022 - What Is 'Fog Reveal,' the Police App Tracking Your Phone?

9/9/2022 - How Will Twitter's Birdwatch Community Debunking Actually Work? A VP Answers Our Questions.

9/9/2022 - Electronic Kids' Earmuffs Recalled Over Exploding Batteries

9/9/2022 - Christian Missionaries Are Turning to the Gospel of Bitcoin in Latin America

9/8/2022 - The New Black Adam Trailer Looks a Lot Like a Justice Society Trailer

9/8/2022 - Twitter Reportedly Agreed to a Confidential $7 Million Settlement With Whistleblower

9/8/2022 - NASA Needs Space Force’s Blessing for Late September Launch of Megarocket

9/8/2022 - An Influencer's Workout App May Have Exposed Users' Before and After Pics

9/8/2022 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Adds a Comedy Legend to Its Cast

9/8/2022 - Oil Companies Want You to Buy Their New 'Green' Image

9/8/2022 - Star Trek Will Release a Scripted Podcast Following Khan on Ceti Alpha V

9/8/2022 - Star Trek Day Brings a New Look at Star Trek: Prodigy

9/8/2022 - Cringe: Merriam-Webster Added a Bunch of Internet Slang to the Dictionary

9/8/2022 - Star Trek: Lower Decks Delivers a Sequel-Perfect Space Battle in a New Sneak Peek

9/8/2022 - Tour the Star Trek: Discovery Set With Wilson Cruz

9/8/2022 - Star Trek: Picard's First Season 3 Trailer Gives Us an Old Crew and a New Ship

9/8/2022 - Well, Maybe Lower Decks' Ensigns Are Heroes After All

9/8/2022 - Royal Websites Were Ready For Queen Elizabeth's Death

9/8/2022 - These Two 'Colliding' Galaxies Make a Gorgeous Double Portrait

9/8/2022 - The Pentagon Is Paying Private Rocket Firms for Ultra-Fast Cargo Deliveries Around the Globe

9/8/2022 - 7,000 Years Ago, Humans Tamed the Ass

9/8/2022 - LIGHTSPEED Presents: 'The CRISPR Cookbook: A Guide to Biohacking Your Own Abortion in a Post-Roe World' by MKRNYILGLD

9/8/2022 - Snapchat Removes Māori Tattoo Filter After Backlash

9/8/2022 - The Vespera Robotic Telescope Takes the Guesswork Out of Astronomy

9/8/2022 - She-Hulk Goes to Trial Over the Right to Magic

9/8/2022 - United's Busting Out the Big Bucks On Flying Taxis

9/8/2022 - NASA Selects Axiom Space to Build the First Moonwalking Spacesuits Since Apollo

9/8/2022 - Rian Johnson Reflects On His Star Wars Experience

9/8/2022 - Uber Petitions Cap on Commission From Drivers in Kenya

9/8/2022 - Star Wars Casts Squid Game Star Lee Jung-Jae in The Acolyte

9/8/2022 - This Hocus Pocus Fashion From Loungefly's Stitch Shoppe Will Put a Spell on You

9/8/2022 - Google’s Latest Android Update Lets You 'AirDrop' with Devices That Aren't Even Nearby

9/8/2022 - The Klingons Have Entered the Playmobil Universe

9/8/2022 - Bizarre Muzzle Microphone Keeps Your Mouth in the Metaverse

9/8/2022 - YouTube Viewers Flocked to Crypto Scam Livestreams After Apple's iPhone 14 Event

9/8/2022 - There Could Be Good News For Sandman's Future

9/8/2022 - Playing Quake On Your Wrist Is the Best Reason to Buy The Apple Watch Ultra's Big Screen

9/8/2022 - Razor's First Cargo Scooter Carries Groceries or Friends for $1,100

9/8/2022 - Disney's Bob Iger, Who Also Backed Out of Buying Twitter, Says Lots of Users Were Bots

9/8/2022 - Don't Let Fearmongering Derail a New Law That Has Real Teeth to Protect Kids’ Privacy

9/8/2022 - Apple iPhone 14, Watch Ultra, New AirPods Pro Hands-On: All You Need For Modern Life

9/8/2022 - Apple Datacenter Workers in China Banned From Seeing Family During Lockdown

9/7/2022 - Like Game of Thrones Before It, House of the Dragon Now Has Its Own VFX-Correctible Oopsie

9/7/2022 - Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II Are Already Taking on the New Airpods Pro

9/7/2022 - Okay, But Is Rings of Power's Middle-earth Flat Though?

9/7/2022 - You’ve Been Thinking of Australian Mammals All Wrong

9/7/2022 - Everything Apple Announced at its iPhone 14 Event Today

9/7/2022 - At Least 40 States Are All Investigating the Celsius Crypto Platform Over Fraud Allegations

9/7/2022 - Intense Course Teaches Astronauts How to Be Scientists on the Moon

9/7/2022 - Fake TV Town Locations: An Investigation

9/7/2022 - The iPhone 14 Is Here, and So Is Satellite Emergency SOS and the Dynamic Island

9/7/2022 - Kim Kardashian Has People to Worry About Climate Change for Her, Apparently

9/7/2022 - Black Adam's New Posters Show the Other Heroes Shifting the Balance in the DC Universe

9/7/2022 - The AirPods Pro 2nd Gen Are Finally Here—With No Price Increase

9/7/2022 - They Failed, Now They’re Trying Again in Web3

9/7/2022 - Hasbro's Next Wild Nerf Gun Is a Star Trek Phaser

9/7/2022 - The Guts of the Latest PS5 Look Completely Different From Earlier Versions

9/7/2022 - A Man Had His Foot Safely Amputated 31,000 Years Ago, Scientists Find

9/7/2022 - Better Late Than Never: Ring Adds End-to-End Encryption to Battery Powered Doorbells

9/7/2022 - SpaceX Rival Loses Hundreds of Millions Over Cancelled Russian Launches

9/7/2022 - What We Do in the Shadows' Colin Robinson on That Wild Season 4 Finale

9/7/2022 - The Apple Watch Series 8 Is Here, With a Super-Tough Ultra Version for Athletes and Explorers

9/7/2022 - Tom Cruise Champions the Power of Movies While Surfing the Sky

9/7/2022 - Twitter Is Expanding Its Birdwatch Community Debunking System to 50% of U.S. Users

9/7/2022 - Elon Musk Denied Trial Delay in Delaware Court

9/7/2022 - House of Hammer Docuseries to Remove Unsubstantiated Bite-Mark Photo

9/7/2022 - Disney's Haunted Mansion Comes to Life in These Boo-tiful Art Pieces

9/7/2022 - A New Lake Has Formed in Pakistan Amid a 'Monsoon on Steroids'

9/7/2022 - The Queen's Gambit Defamation Suit Settled Between Netflix and Chess Grandmaster

9/7/2022 - Rian Johnson on Putting All His Star Wars Dreams Into The Last Jedi

9/7/2022 - NASA Opts to Fix Megarocket Hydrogen Leak at the Launch Pad

9/7/2022 - Six Persian Gulf States Demand Netflix Remove 'Immoral' and 'Offensive' Content

9/7/2022 - Reddit Is Changing the Way You Navigate Your Feeds

9/7/2022 - Google's CEO Continues Hinting at Company Cuts

9/7/2022 - Adrift Online Cesspool Kiwi Farms Finds a New Port, but Its Struggles Are Far From Over

9/7/2022 - Lego's New 2,900+ Piece Life-Sized Black Panther Bust Is a Fitting Chadwick Boseman Tribute

9/7/2022 - Droughts Reveal Human Corpses

9/7/2022 - The Walking Dead Begins Teasing Its End

9/7/2022 - Your Ancestors Might Have Seen This Famous Red Star as Yellow

9/7/2022 - 11 Companies That Hoarded Customers’ Money as Crypto Crashed

9/7/2022 - Surveillance Is Getting Less, Not More, 'Orwellian'

9/7/2022 - Steve Bannon Says He's Being Indicted Again Because His Podcast Is Too Powerful

9/6/2022 - The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power's Harfoots Look Tiny Thanks to Camera Magic

9/6/2022 - Remember, the Brendan Fraser Renaissance Began With Doom Patrol

9/6/2022 - Inhaling Whippits Left a Man Unable to Walk

9/6/2022 - Star Wars: The Acolyte Adds After Yang's Jodie Turner-Smith

9/6/2022 - Daemon Targaryen, Westeros' John Wick

9/6/2022 - Climate Change Has Made Existing Flood Maps Outdated, Admits FEMA Director

9/6/2022 - 'I'm Not a Spy:' Israeli Defense Minister's Housekeeper Sentenced to Three Years For Offering to Load Computer With Malware for Iran-Linked Hackers

9/6/2022 - Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Requests a New Trial

9/6/2022 - The Gaming Shelf Travels Into the Cess and Citadel

9/6/2022 - Ether Plans to Lose Proof-of-Work While Crypto Miners Lose Their Minds

9/6/2022 - Scientists Are Working on New and Improved Hair Loss Treatments

9/6/2022 - CNN Hires Ex-Cop Accused of Lying About NYPD's Surveillance of Muslims

9/6/2022 - Terrifying Video Shows a Drop Tower Ride Malfunctioning at a Carnival in India

9/6/2022 - Warner Bros. and DC Films Are Still Looking for Their Kevin Feige [Updated]

9/6/2022 - Doomsday Glacier Is 'Holding on... by Its Fingernails'

9/6/2022 - Juul Agrees to Nearly $440 Million Settlement Over Marketing Vapes to Kids

9/6/2022 - Politician's Racist Selfie Video With Roma Woman Enflames Italian Social Media

9/6/2022 - Twitter's Rightfully Obsessed With the Don't Worry Darling Movie Premiere

9/6/2022 - The Solar Orbiter Spacecraft Just Got Hit by a Gigantic Outburst From the Sun

9/6/2022 - Signal Has a New President and She Has a Plan

9/6/2022 - Hackers Hide Malware in App Pretending to Be China-Repressed Uyghur Activist's Memoir

9/6/2022 - TikTok Is Denying It Was Hacked After a Cybercrime Gang Claimed to Leak Users' Data

9/6/2022 - What to Expect from Apple’s iPhone 14 Event Today (Updated)

9/6/2022 - The Team Behind the Hit Comic Monstress Team Tackles Modern Horror in The Night Eaters

9/6/2022 - YouTube Nearly Pulled Its Most Profitable Ads Over Freaky Elsagate Kids’ Vids, Book Says

9/6/2022 - Go Back in Time With These Rare Star Trek: The Motion Picture BTS Pictures

9/6/2022 - Webb Space Telescope Images the 'Spider Silk' of the Tarantula Nebula

9/6/2022 - Wendell & Wild Offers Up Stop-Motion Supernatural Hijinks

9/6/2022 - YouTuber's Laser-Powered Lawn Mower Looks Very Cool, Very Dangerous

9/6/2022 - Why Hydrogen Leaks Continue to Be a Major Headache for NASA Launches

9/6/2022 - The 2022 Hugo Award Winners Are Here

9/6/2022 - The Oilfield That Made the Ocean Burn Last Year Is Now Spewing Methane

9/6/2022 - Apple Ordered to Cease Selling iPhones Without Chargers in Brazil

9/6/2022 - Trump's Truth Social Deal Is Reportedly Falling Apart

9/6/2022 - California Is Super Hot, on Fire, and Expecting Blackouts

9/6/2022 - Instagram Fined $400 Million in EU Over Teenager's Data

9/6/2022 - Gundam: Witch From Mercury's New Trailer Takes Us All to Giant Robot School

9/6/2022 - Playful Lego-Compatible Mechanical Keyboard Works With Your Own Bricks

9/6/2022 - Binance Will Transform Users' Stablecoins to Its Own Brand of Coin, and They're Not Asking First

9/6/2022 - Updates From Andor, Shazam Fury of the Gods, and More

9/6/2022 - The PS4 and PS5's Chief Hardware Architect Is Leaving Sony Next Month

9/6/2022 - YouTuber Solves Mystery of Weird TV-Movie in 1990s Family Photo

9/5/2022 - Tatiana Maslany Twerking Behind the Scenes of She-Hulk Is a Delight

9/5/2022 - Harley Quinn Miraculously Retells Batman's Origin Story in a Fresh Way

9/5/2022 - Portal Your Taste Buds Across the Multiverse With Rick and Morty: The Official Cookbook

9/5/2022 - A Look Behind Arrival's Alien and Ship Designs

9/5/2022 - How House of the Dragon Did GRRM's Least Favorite Game of Thrones Scene Right

9/5/2022 - The Best Back To School Toys for Pissing Off Your Teacher

9/5/2022 - Saloum Tells a Wrenching Revenge Story With a Folk-Horror Twist

9/5/2022 - Twitter Circles Have Arrived, and Here’s How To Use Them

9/4/2022 - House of the Dragon Goes From Brooding to Badass

9/4/2022 - Arcane Wins an Emmy as Riot Games Releases Making Of Documentary

9/4/2022 - Spelljammer's Racist Hadozee Lore Removed, Wizards of the Coast Apologizes

9/4/2022 - Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Month: August 2022

9/4/2022 - Chadwick Boseman Receives Posthumous Emmy for Marvel's What If?

9/4/2022 - Amazon Suspends Lord of the Rings Reviews as It Becomes Prime's Biggest Premiere

9/3/2022 - NASA’s Megarocket Will Head Back to Garage After Second Failed Launch Attempt

9/3/2022 - My Hero Academia's New Trailer Goes All Out

9/3/2022 - DC Fandome, Unsurprisingly, Isn't Happening This Year

9/3/2022 - John Williams Debuts the First Music for Indiana Jones 5, and It's Great

9/3/2022 - 2007's Trick 'r Treat is Finally Coming to Theaters

9/3/2022 - Labor Day Heat Wave Out West

9/3/2022 - Scrubbed Again: NASA Calls Off Second SLS Launch Attempt Due to Hydrogen Leak

9/3/2022 - It Sure Must Sting for TikToks to Be Some of the Most Viewed Links on Facebook

9/3/2022 - What's Causing These Geological Formations on the Great Salt Lake?

9/3/2022 - SNAFU: The Air Force Just Survived a Reply-All Apocalypse

9/2/2022 - This Week's Toy News Is Inquisitive, Amazing, and Peckish

9/2/2022 - The New X-Men Animated Show Will, Of Course, Use the Original Theme Song

9/2/2022 - She-Hulk Episode 3 Review

9/2/2022 - The Next Gundam Show Is Taking Its Love of Child Soldiers to a Logical Conclusion

9/2/2022 - Norway Is Extending the Life of Its Last Arctic Coal Mine

9/2/2022 - Pharma Startup President Convicted in $77 Million Fake Covid Testing Scheme

9/2/2022 - Revisiting the '80s Cartoon Nightmare of Turbo Teen

9/2/2022 - Insulin in a Tab? Scientists in Canada Are a Step Closer

9/2/2022 - Did James Corden Just Accidentally Tell You How to Hack Your Tesla's Autopilot?

9/2/2022 - Our First Look at Rahul Kohli's Midnight Club Netflix Character Is Here, and: Daddy

9/2/2022 - Making Batteries Out of Crab Shells May Be a Great Idea

9/2/2022 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Extended Edition: All the Biggest Additions

9/2/2022 - Artemis 1: To Boldly Go Where Four RS-25 Engines Have Gone Many Times Before

9/2/2022 - How Cobra Kai Season 5 Recontextualizes Karate Kid Part III

9/2/2022 - New York Is NOT Banning Whipped Cream

9/2/2022 - Open Channel: What $3 Movie Are You Seeing Tomorrow?

9/2/2022 - Shopify Is Picking a Fight With Amazon

9/2/2022 - 'LUMA, Get Out': Puerto Ricans Clash With Police in Protests Against Power Company

9/2/2022 - Live Nation Wants to Bring High-Tech, Reusable Cups to Its Concerts

9/2/2022 - Meta’s Dragging Qualcomm Into Its Metaverse Hell for the Foreseeable Future

9/2/2022 - HBO Releases the First Episode of House of the Dragon for Free to Spite Amazon's Lord of the Rings

9/2/2022 - Hey Nerds: It's Time for the Annual Mineral Cup

9/2/2022 - Cobra Kai Could Spawn Its Own Karate Kid Cinematic Universe

9/2/2022 - Wild Research Concept Envisions an Inflatable Village on the Moon

9/2/2022 - Social Media Melts Down Over Biden's Blunt Speech on MAGA Fascism

9/2/2022 - Watch Live as Two Russian Cosmonauts Outfit a Robot Arm Outside the ISS

9/1/2022 - 10 Horror Docs You Should Watch Part 2

9/1/2022 - Gundam Timelines, Explained

9/1/2022 - Trump Went Through Twitter Withdrawal

9/1/2022 - How to Deal With Scammers on Dating Apps? Throw the Bots at 'Em

9/1/2022 - Pantheon Weaves a Sci-Fi Mystery About Grief and Morally Slippery Technology

9/1/2022 - The Hackers Who Breached Neopets Were Inside Its IT Systems for 18 Months

9/1/2022 - Bunnicula Is Back, in Graphic Novel Form

9/1/2022 - Reporters Claim Florida Court Shut Off Wifi During Trump Hearing to Prevent Live-Tweeting

9/1/2022 - What to Know About the Blue Light and Accelerated Aging Study

9/1/2022 - The New Philips Hue Lighting Portfolio Is Straight Up Tantalizing

9/1/2022 - On Lower Decks, Boimler and Mariner Have to Learn Each Other's Lessons

9/1/2022 - 8 TikTok Trends That Are Terrible for the Environment

9/1/2022 - See Webb Telescope's First Images of an Exoplanet

9/1/2022 - How Megan Thee Stallion Joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe

9/1/2022 - Documentary Director: Trump 'Looked Terrible' After Being Kicked Off Twitter

9/1/2022 - California Lawmakers Vote to Save State's Last Nuclear Plant

9/1/2022 - Behold the Giant List of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books Arriving in September

9/1/2022 - Another Heat Dome Is Roasting the West, Threatening California’s Grid

9/1/2022 - U.S. Bans Chipmakers From Sending AI Training Chips to China and Russia

9/1/2022 - She-Hulk's Latest Episode Proves Being an MCU Lawyer Is Hard Work

9/1/2022 - Europe's New Robotic Arm Completes Its First Task Outside the ISS

9/1/2022 - Black Panther 2's Tenoch Huerta Didn't Know How to Swim When He Became Namor

9/1/2022 - Cruise Recalled 80 Vehicles Following Software-Related Crash

9/1/2022 - The Winner of a Colorado Art Competition Used AI

9/1/2022 - After 15 Years, Twitter Is Giving Its Paid Users an Edit Button

9/1/2022 - 10 Horror Docs You Should Watch Part 1

9/1/2022 - SpaceX Signs Deal With NASA to Provide 5 More Crewed Trips to the ISS

9/1/2022 - The House of Mouse Is Considering Its Own Kind of 'Disney Prime' Membership

9/1/2022 - Upgrade Your Imperial Armory With These Star Wars: Andor Action Figures

9/1/2022 - Updates From Cobra Kai, Rick & Morty, and More

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9/1/2022 - These Just Might Be the Most Shocking and Awe-Inspiring Wildlife Photos of 2022

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9/1/2022 - Donald Trump Accidentally Admits to Crime in New Truth Social Post

9/1/2022 - Whoa, NASA Just Turned the First Webb Telescope Images Into Sounds

9/1/2022 - Kobo Finally Has a Worthy Budget Challenger to the Kindle Paperwhite 5